Breakingmikey's 2nd attempt at a quick Camp

Alrighty then, Welcome to my second quick camp. Last season, i witness Bread and Isaiah battle for the final spot. But, Bread won. So, he will be debuting into the 3rd challenge, as for Isaiah, he/she will battle with the 6 newbies this season. Here's a look on how Season 1 turned out:

Winner will move on to Season 3, the final showdown. 10 contestants, plus the winner and runner-up will compete. There will be 11 challenge. The R-U will debut Ch. 3 and Winner will debut in Ch. 6. Good Luck

Sign Ups (CLOSED)

1. Bread- First123 (debuts in Challenge 3)

2. Isaiah-Morg tdi

3. Holden Wes Holden (I'm back)

4. Bryan: Aimers

5.Mr. E as Himself.

6.D-Dog izzynsierrafan12



Elimination Chart (Please Don't Edit)

# Contestants 1 2 3 4 Season 3
1/2 Holden IN IN IN WIN PASS
3 Bread Debuts OUT FAIL
4/5 Bryan IN OUT FAIL
6/7/8 Isaiah OUT FAIL
6/7/8 David OUT FAIL
6/7/8 Roy OUT FAIL


Mikey: Chat, your first challenge won't be posted in 24 hours. I'll contact all of you to warn you when it starts. Also, invite users to join.

Mikey: 3 more people.

Mikey: Well, looks like some contestants from S1 want an 2nd chance. 2 more

Roy:were only in this for 1 dollar... rly thats it?

David: Roy. In this camp, you have to be fast. try not to lose first, okay.


David: Just watch this camp like a hawk. And avoid those dumb edit conflicts.


David: Bread and D-Dog are threats, but the others, not as much.


David: You see the first one? If not, you should.

Roy:ya i saw

David: Almost losing rocks!

(First123:David you are not suppose to know I debut yet I think.)

David: i saw last season. The host said the winner would debut.

(First123: Oh yeah.)

(Breakingmikey: OK, i will post up the challenge around 2:00 Eastern Pacific Time because i have School, i'll just post the 1st challenge on your user pages so you get a heads up, hows that. Plus, you of the eliminated contestants could return in challenge 5, but the remaining contestants gets to choose who they want back. I already have plans for season 3)

Challenge 1

Mikey: Like the first season, post your character's name and steriotype. I you competed in last season, not counting Isaiah and Bread, pick a different one. the last to do so is eliminated. I'll post this challenge on you user pages if noone got this message. Good Luck:

Mikey: Come on, Don't be Last.

Holden the scottish freak

Bryan: The clumsy one

Mr. E-The Mysterious Guy

Mikey: Challenge ends in 1 hour, whoever doesn't post anything will be in a vote.

D-Dog: The Rapper

Mikey: It's now down to David, Roy, and Isaiah. Who will get eliminated. Come On, it's a "quick camp". Man, i'm inpatient.

D-Dog: Just eliminate them

Mikey: OK, three elimination. No returns but Bread.

Holden: cool their all out

Challenge 2

Mikey: Your next challenge is a trivia question. Which contestant was eliminated before the merges twice?

D-Dog: Eva on TDI in No Pain No Game

Holden: izzy in TDa

Mikey: There was 1 contestant.

Holden: Izzy

Mikey: Eva returned to the merges. But not eliminated before the merges twice.

Mikey: It's Izzy, Bryan or Mr. E, put Izzy down or one of you is eliminated.


D-Dog: Hurry up guys!!!

Mikey: Know what, i like this more than one elimination thing, so.........Mr. E and Bryan are out.

Challenge 3

Mikey: Write down your here so i could get the final's down. Write "here" and why you think you should win.

D-Dog: "Here" I think I should win because I'm a strong friendly person and I also help the sick for free.

Mikey: D-Dog is in the final 2 and next season. Question is, who will D-Dog battle.

Holden: I'm here and i should win because I came back after amking a stupid mistake last season which got me elimanted

Mikey: Agree, final 2 and next season for the both of you.

Holden: Sweet

D-Dog: Prepare to lose!

Holden we'll see

D-Dog: It's a fifty fifty chance who will win!

Challenge 4

Mikey: D-Dog and Holden, one will win and debut in challenge 6 and runner-up will debut in challenge 3 next season. There will be 11 challenges and 12 contestants, including the both of you. Your Challenge, What is the name of the Total Drama fourth season, name 2 NEW contestants competing, and who out of the 25 old contestants do you want to see in the season.

Holden total drama reloaded, brick and staci and duncanin the season

D-Dog: total drama reloaded Staci and Mike..I want to see Izzy in the new season

Mikey: Nevermind.

D-Dog: Wat..he only said Total drama reloaded..then i said all of it..then he changed his after mine!

Mikey: OK, both got it in at the same time, so, Trivia question, In the finale of TDA, Courtney was thinking of a color, what was that color? Extra question, Who is the voice actor for Blaineley and Katie?

D-Dog: Uhh Purple..Carla Collins voices Blainely and Stephanie Ann Mills voices Katie

Mikey: voice actors, right, color, WRONG.

Holden: red , carla collins stepanie ann mills

Mikey: Same, what color?

Holden: beats me is it green

Mikey: i tell you the color, both tied for 1/2 place

Mikey: Burned Sieanna, got to Munity on the Soundstage, TDA Ep.25, she'll say it.

Holden: blue

Mikey: Burnt sienna, some type of Brown color. However, both of you tie for 1st/2nd. Both will debut in Challenge 5 Next Season, if you want.

Holden K

(First123:I was in school sorry.

(Alfan3000: Me, too.)

(breakingmikey: sorry, but Camp 3 is up, signs ups are in. Holden and D-Dog, are you in the next season?)

(D-Dog is in da next season(

(Yay! Isaiah shall return!

(breakingmikey: ok, it is up now. read because it will say "starts in 24 hours" becuase everyone is usually on at this time. ) D-Dog, Holden, you guys have the revered spots. Breakingmikey 01:35, December 10, 2010 (UTC)