Breakingmikey's first attempt at a Quick Camp

Hi, I'm Breakingmikey, and this is my very first camp. Actually, this is my first camp i create instead of the host leaving, leaving me in charge, it happened 7 time. Any way, 5 will compete. I per user. This camp is quick and easy. No difficult challenge, just easy. I'm not competing due to host these days, cheating in there own camps. The last 2 will compete in season 2. Runner-Up starts with everyone while the winner wait to debut in 3 challenge.

Sign Ups (CLOSED) 1 per user.


2.Holden- Wes Holden

3.Mr. E as himself


5.Isaiah-Morg tdi

Elimination Table (DON"T EDIT)

# Contestants 1 2 3 4 Season 2
2 Isaiah IN LAST LAST Runner-Up PASS
4 Holden IN OUT FAIL

Challenge 1

Mikey: I'm going to wait till everyone is in.

Mikey: Come on, 2 more people, you guys could invite if you want.

Mikey: alrighty then your first challenge, to place you name and your steriotype. the last to do this is eliminated.

Bread-Bread Lover

Isaiah-the Jock

Holden the irish jerk

D-Dog The Rapper

Mikey: OK. Mr. E is out. the next challenge will be posted in a minute.

Challenge 2

Mikey: Tell Me You favorite Total Drama Character, and tell me there rankings. Be right. Last is eliminated.

Holden: Duncan TDI 4th TDA1st TDWT 5th

D-Dog: Sierra,TDWT 4th

Bread:Cody who was 3rd in TDWT and 17th in TDI!

Mikey: Bread and Holden, tell me ALL there TD rankings so you could be safe.

Isaiah: Harold TDI 13th TDa 5th TDWT 17th

Mikey: Holden, sorry, but your out. Duncan ranked 19th and 5th in TDWT.

Isaiah: Phew. Harold rocks! Take that, Duncan!

Holden: that suck well goodbye *leaves*

Challenge 3

Mikey: Write why your character should of won TDWT.

Bread:Cody should have won because he is awesome and was the last good guy standing he even had to withstand stalkers and evil.He was tricked off and never fairly eliminated so thats why Cody should have won.

Isaiah: Harold is smart and did well in TDA! Plus, he is very funny.

Mikey: Sorry D-Dog, your out. The final 2, Bread and Isaiah

Isaiah:Yes! Second season!

Bread:*High fives Isaiah*

Mikey: Good job, season 2 for you guys. But, who will debut to next season and start like everyone else.

Isaiah: We shall see.

Bread:Good luck!

Isaiah: You, too.

Final Challenge

Mikey: Isaiah and Bread, your final challenge, write down ALL the Total Drama Elimination. That means TDI, TDA, and TDWT. they have to be correct. Make sections so i could read them. first to finish, wins. Good Luck.

Holden: go guys go

Mikey: BTW, i invted the eliminated contestant, but they can't help or your DQ.

Holden: they wouldn't ask me anyways becuase thats the reason I mgot sent home



TDA:Geoff and Bridgette,E-Scope(Izzy(1)),Trent,Gwen,DJ,Izzy(2),Owen(1),Heather,Leshawna,Justin,Lindsay,Harold,Courtney and Owen,Beth,Duncan(WINNER)

TDWT:Duncan(1),Zeke,Harold,Bridgette,Leshawna,Lindsay,Izzy,DJ,Noah,Tyler,Gwen,Owen,Courtney and Blaineley,Duncan,Sierra,Cody,Alejandro,Heather(WINNER)

Mikey: Bread wins.

Mikey: Isaiah, you played well, season 2. will be post tomarrow, around the same time. As for Bread, you debut into Challenge 3. I forgot to mention that there are 6, plus Isaiah, plus Bread in Challenge 3. I'll tell you guys when it starts. How's that.