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Welcome to the sixth season of My TD! This time, instead of focusing on the popular players, we figured it'd be right to bring back the underdogs so they can become superstars. All 13 of these players have not ever won. The interesting thing is that this time, one of them will. This is My Total Drama: Second Chance!

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  1. Owen - Sunsummer7 (WINNER)


  1. Heather - CoGreen2.0
  2. Lindsay - CoGreen2.0
  3. Izzy - CoGreen2.0
  4. Anne Maria - TrentFan


  1. Juan - Juantheawsome
  2. B - S321
  3. Jeanette - Franky494
  4. Staci - TrentFan
  5. Scott - S321
  6. Derek - S321
  7. Noah - TrentFan


  1. Johnny - Sunsummer7


  • a bus arrives, and everyone gets off*

Johnny: *sniffs the air, happy to be back* Ah... *trips on steps* OW!

Jeanette: Are you O.K, *Helps Johnny up* IDK if we've met, I'm Jeanette, Nice to meet you (Not dumb anymore but not smart either)

Johnny: I'm good, and we've met before. I'm Tommy's brother, who kinda voted you out last time. Yeah... sorry 'bout that.

Scott: *jumps off the bus* Hello world! I'm ready for my second oppurtunity to play!

B: *walks off slowly* My time to shine!

Derek: *flips off* This will be awesome!

Johnny: Hey guys.

B: Hello Johnny! (CONF) Without Brick holding me back this time, I can get a chance to form my own alliance and make some of my own decisions. This time, I initiate things! (NON-CONF) Johnny? *whispers* Wanna form an alliance?

Johnny: I don't really know. We might not be on the same team for all we know.

B: *whispers* If we are, would you like to?

Johnny: Hmm... let me think about it. (CONF) Me and B are kinda on the same page on being lackeys in the past. B was Brick's, I was Tommy's. I just down want to be a lackey again. This is my game now! *flexes muscles, pulls one* OW!

B: *whispers* We will be equals as alliance mates. I will assure you that. (CONF) I need to make sure that I can convince Johnny to join the alliance. I don't care if I have to butt kiss, act like a pig or even do the chicken dance. My intention is to win this competition.

Derek: (CONF) I definetely would like to join an alliance. If I do so, I probably will be safe from elimination for a while at least. It would be horrible if I got out early. There's so much to explore around here!

Scott: (CONF) I have not been known for being a vocal person, but I will set out to change that this season! I want to buy a dang' ol pickup truck when I get home.

Noah: *arrives, sarcastically* Oh great another season. This seems fun. ........Yeah.

Staci: My great great great-

Anne Maria: Sip it pasty. You need a tan.

Scott: Where in the h*** are we?!

Derek: I don't know! But this place looks awesome!

Noah: You're so optimistic..........I don't like it to be honest.

Derek: Well I don't like your pessimism!

Noah: *sarcastically* Oh sorry your highness.

Derek: Shut up you sarcastic prick!

Noah: *sarcastically* Yeah, sure I'm so scared of you, I'll do what you want. *non-sarcastically* It's called life, you'll meet people you don't like and you'll have to live with it.

Derek: Deal with this b****! *slaps Noah on the back hard, causing a red mark to form*

Noah: *a little hurt* Ow. How barbaric. Now if you're done wasting my time go form other enemies, *sarcastically* It'll get you so far. *walks away*

Derek: *sarcastically* Oh you're so smart! Maybe you should become a professor.......of FAILURE!

Owen: *steps out of bus* Guys, let's just chill out. No arguing, okay- *sees Staci* Wow... so beautiful! *fawns*

Derek: (CONF) I despise Noah and his sarcastic attitude.

Staci: So then my great great great grandma invented cookies.

Owen: *to Staci* That's very impressive! Check this out. *eats cookies and burps how to spell cookies*

Staci: Oh, that's cool! My great great great great great great great great great great great great great great uncle invented burping.

Owen: Well what about this? *burps "great" 14 times, the amount Staci said it*

Staci: Cool!

Johnny: *to Anne Maria* What's up?

Anne Maria: Just noticing how much ya need a tan.

Johnny: Oh, okay. *goes over to Noah* Hi, I'm Johnny.

Noah: .....Hi.

Johnny: What's wrong?

Noah: I'm not really a fan of people.

Juan:yo people

Episode 1

Team Picking

Chris: Johnny, you were the most social. It was planned pre-game that the most active person would join the teams. So Johnny, who do you pick for the teams? Exclude yourself.

Johnny: The first team will be B, Derek, Jeanette, Owen, Staci, and Noah. The second will be Scott, Juan, Heather, Lindsay, Izzy, and Anne Maria.

Chris: Okay. Johnny, you will go to a nifty place called Exile Island! You will get a clue to an idol. Since we have an odd number of players, you will get off scot free and not be the first out. You will go to the team that loses the first challenge.

Johnny: *goes to Exile Island*

Chris: Teams, name yourselves.

Staci: How about the Great Great Great Great Cookie.........Monsters?

Chris: Staci's team: The Cookie Monsters. How about the other team?

Anne Maria: The Jersey Shore Rejects.......and me.

Chris: Okay! The Cookie Monsters and the Jersey Shore Rejects!

Derek: (CONF) Cookies are a favorite snack of mine, and the Cookie Monster is really funny! I love whenever he gobbles up a cookie! (NON-CONF) COOKIE MONSTAHS FOR LIFE!

B: YEAH!!!!! DAD WOULD BE PROUD! (CONF) My dad is a rapper known as The Notorious B.I.G. He almost got gunned down when I was young, but he barely got away. I think he'll like the team name for sure!

Noah: *sarcastic* Yeah Cookie Monsters. Nothing is better than Sesame Street.

Episode 1

Cookie Monsters Camp (1)

B: *hikes into camp* Woah, this place is pretty sweet!

Derek: Yeah I know! *whispers* Hopefully Mr. Positive over there *points to Noah* won't ruin our time! *laughs*

B: *laughs* Yeah! I think it would actually kill him to smile!

Noah: *first sees Derek pointing at him, then hears B and walks over* Yeah and it'd kill you to lose weight.

B: *mockingly* Yeah, and it'd kill you to lose weight! *normal voice* And it would kill you to actually fight like a man toothpick! *punches his arm hard, bruising it* My dad taught me how to fight! This is muscle! He has a lot of friends, and if you don't shut your mouth, they'll give you a little visit! A visit you'll never forget! Now say one of your smarmy remarks again. I dare you!

Noah: *arm bruised but he's not really that hurt* For shame B, I thought you were better than that. Threatening people- what were you a bully in high school? And is that really muscle? Muscle would be thinner and bulkier that is just fat. Looks like your father didn't raise you right with how you've been acting. You should be ashamed. A threatening sidekick. *walks away*

B: I never have been a bully you little know-it-all punk! My dad told me to never take crap from anyone! He was with the greats! 2Pac! Puffy! You name it! You can't back up your intellect!

Noah: *stops and walks back* Oh, but I can. Sure I guess that's an excuse, but did your father really want you to be a SIDEKICK? A lackey to Brick? Answer me, B.

B: I was letting Brick dig his own grave you little motherf*****! That way, less people would target me! Name 5 strategical achievements of yours! My dad has been in business! He knows the ropes! If you insult him again, he'll send someone after you! I promise!

Noah: I wasn't insulting your father right now. I was telling you to be, you should be ashamed. And back to the strategical achievements, I have many outside Total Drama. I don't really care about Total Drama, I'm just here because my parents wanted me to do something physical- before you bring it up as a retort, I may be weak physically, but I'm strong mentally. Anyways B, if you were a real man, you would take the hits yourself. You should try doing that instead of just hiding behind someone like a coward.

B: Considering that you're supposedly a man of intellect, that's a bad call! I needed to coast by without calling attention to myself! Brick was attracting a lot of negative attention, and no one accused me of anything like they did with Brick. I also have brains as well! I am an expert engineer and great at Math! You may have brains, but I also have muscle and connections on my side! I may not take a lot of hits, but at least I'm smarter, stronger and more well acomplished!

Noah: You're not in any way smarter or well-accomplished B, but I'll give you the point that it was a smart, but cowardly move to let Brick take the bullets, and either ways you did horribly in Revenge of the Island without him, making me now question your statement of just USING Brick, because without him all you did was panic and look for idols.

B: Ah but I still made it to the merge, even if it was barely! Anyway, on the subjet of intellect, let's have an academic decatholon! If I win, you have to stop pestering me, and admit I'm smarter. We will also compete in an athletic decathalon! If I win, you must admit I'm stronger, and vice versa.

Noah: I already told you, I'm not strong or athletic, if you were listening. If you were smart you would have caught that B, therefore I'm done conversing with a dumb caveman with a bigger ego than Brick's. Just one flaw is what it takes. I'm resting my case- and before you call me a coward or chicken, recall the way you acted in Revenge of the Island, and besides in my intelligent mind I already won thanks to your flaw. Farewell. *leaves*

B: THAT'S IT! YOU HAD IT COMING TO YOU NOODLE BOY! *runs after Noah, jumps onto him and beats him up*

Noah: *manages to slip out before B does any major damage* That pretty much proves my point. B, you truly lost this battle though I may be slightly damaged. I proved you were dumb. Had an ego. Are a bully. You should be ashamed.

B: Oh yeah! You should be ashamed of this Einstein! *jumps onto Noah, holds him down and beats him senseless*

Noah: *slips out again with a black eye and sprained leg* Resorting to these tactics B? You must be dumber than I thought. Now if you excuse me, I'm going to go find ice for my eye. I'll admit you're strong, but that's it. Bye. *hops away from B to Owen* Hey, do you know where any ice is?

B: Oops! I forgot the finishing touch! *takes out a razor and shaves Noah's hair into a mohawk* Now I'm done dork! *walks away laughing*

Owen: *was watching Staci, so didn't hear Noah* What? Oh, sweet mohawk dude! *returns to watching Staci*

Noah: Whatever.

Staci: *walks over to Noah and Owen* Hi guys, did you know my great great great grandfather's best friend invented mohawks?

Owen: Really? That's great!

Staci: Ya!

Noah: So seriously, where's some ice or a- *a coconut out of nowhere falls on Noah's leg breaking it* Yeah. Typical day in my life.

Paramedic: Don't worry Noah! We'll treat your wonds! *An ambulance pulls up out of nowhere, and Noah is loaded in* *the ambulance is driven away, but Noah falls out the back and onto the beach*

Noah: It's official I'm one step closer to hating everything. *slowly crawls back to Owen and Staci and eventually gets there in 30 minutes* Can someone call Chris?

B: (CONF) I know that Brick always found idols, so maybe I can too! My dad will be proud of me, and I can rub it in Noah's face! (NON-CONF) *walks around in the jungle, secretely looking for the idol*

Derek: Noah, I know we haven't gotten along very well in the past, but I can help treat your wounds! *wraps Noah's wounds in palm leaves as a bandage*

B: *searches in the swamps for the idol* Nope!

Derek: (CONF) I hope Noah doesn't hate me as much now! Considering that I just bandaged him up, he should at least be somewhat thankful. But then again, it's Noah!

B: *checks on the ground* Not here!

Derek: *chops a coconut*

B: *sees a tree with a hole, sticks his hand in and gets it* *quietly* Wohoo! *reads* "Congrats. You found the Hidden Immunity Idol. Use this after the vote to save yourself or someone else" *stuffs it in his pants*

Jeanette: *To Noah and Derek* Wanna be in an alliance?

Derek: Ok.

B: *whispers* Can I join too?

Jeanette: O.K, It'll be me, Derek and you, B as Noah hasn't accepted

Jersey Shore Rejects Camp (1)

Scott: This place looks mighty fine! (CONF) Me and my pappy always went camping out in the boondies in the summer time! We would do it like real men! We'd pitch a tent, start a fire, roast marshmellows and swap manly stories, and in the morning, I'd make him waffles!

Anne Maria: Yeah whateva'. *continues to use hair spray*

Scott: I can start a mighty fine fire wit' my eyes closed! *collects a pile of fire wood, finds some rocks, closes his eyes, starts rubbing sticks together, and a fire starts forming* *opens his eyes* YEEEHAAWWW!!! I DID IT! I REALLY DID IT AGAIN! *starts dancing around in a circle*

Anne Maria: *Creeped out*

Scott: Time for mah daily swim! *throws off his wifebeater,slips off his shorts, revealing his swim trunks, and dives into the clear blue water, then spits it out* This is much better than that dang ol' pool down the corner in my neck of the woods!

Juan:hi guys 

Scott: (CONF) The water...was amazing! I'd kill to swim in it every single day! Usually, the water at my town's pool is filled with rat urine, and dog feces, so swimming in it ain't fun! This on the other hand is a great change!

Exile Island

(only Johnny)

Johnny: I can't believe I'm the first person to ever be on Exile Island! It's overwhelming! YAY! *passes out*


Chris: Welcome to your first challenge contestants! We are reusing a challenge from My TDRI! One gunner, one driver, three skiers, and a new feature, the controller. The controller goes to the basement of the boat, and operates it to keep it safe. The driver will drive the boat while the gunner will fire a seagull at the bells. There are ten bells and ten seagulls. Oh, and the three skiers will be skiing. For the Cookie Monsters, Owen is driving, Derek is gunning, B is controlling, and Jeanette, Noah, and Staci will be skiing. For the Jersey Shore Rejects, Anne Maria is driving, Scott is gunning, Juan is controlling, and Heather, Lindsay, and Izzy are skiing. GO!

  • the boats start traveling with the drivers and skiers, ready for the gunners and controllers*

Owen: *driving fast*

Scott: *gets his aim ready*

B: *steering the boat*

Derek: *gets his aim ready*

Owen: *starts going to first bell* Now!

Derek: *fires a seagull at the bell*

  • The Cookie Monsters score a the first point*

Scott: *turns the aimer around and aims, but it hits Anne Maria in the head* (CONF) I wanted to intentionally lose this challenge so that we could cut some of the dead weight loose! I think that Anne Maria ain't contributing enough, so this will ensure that she goes home!

  • With Anne Maria knocked out, the boat crashes into a rock, the shotgun is still intact*

Owen: *goes to another bell* Now!

Derek: *fires*

Scott: *"accidentally" knocks over the shtgun and it falls into the ocean*

Chris: Okay, the Cookie Monsters are the only team that scored and the Jersey Shore Rejects are disarmed, so the Monsters win!

B: WOHOO!!! *throws his cap into the air and catches it*

Derek: Cookie Monsters for life!

Scott: Son of a b****!

Noah: Yeah......Cookie Monsters........go team.

B: *to Scott, whispering* Here take my idol for the time being *hands him the idol* Tell everyone you have it, and they won't vote you out. Then give it back to me when my team loses.

Scott: *takes it* Ok

Pre Vote

The Cookie Monsters

The Jersey Shore Rejects

Scott: I tried so hard today! I don't know what overcame me!

Jersey Shore Rejects Vote (1)

Chris: Vote here. If anybody has an idol, play it after you've been voted out.

Anne Maria: (CONF) I vote Juan. He needs a tan.

Scott: (CONF) I vote Juan. I may have sucked at what I did, but at least I DID something!

Chris: Juan, you have been voted out. You have a chance to return to the game however, via Redemption Island.

Episode 2

Cookie Monsters Camp (2)

B: (CONF) I feel so alive this morning! We didn't have to eliminate someone, and hopefully Scott eliminated someone with his idol! (NON-CONF) *drinks some coconut juice*

Derek: (CONF) I'm definetely the muscle of this team! That always isn't the best role to have around the merge, but for now, I'm ok with that label.

Jeanette: (CONF) So My alliance is B and Derek. They seem very nice and I hope we get to the final 3 (NON-CONF) Hi Alliance (Sorry for inactivity, Please make challenges last longer as I'm from England - Franky)

Jersey Shore Rejects Camp (2)

Johnny: Finally, on a team. Hey guys.

Scott: Welcome to the team! (CONF) I'm going to use this idol *shows the idol the camera* to my advantage until it no longer can be used! If I didn't have it with me last night, I could have potentially been voted out. With it in my possession, I can keep the tribe under my control. Only a moron would try voting someone out when they have an idol in their possession! Well an idol with these rules at least. I've watched Survivor over the years and while he's not a great player, I think will try to use this idol like Russell did. (NON-CONF) I think I'm going to go catch some fish! *he takes out the fishing spear he brought with him, hurls his shirt off, and dives into the water*

Johnny: Good luck!

Scott: *swims around underwater, trying to spear a large fish*


Chris: Today's challenge is a race! The team with the most people across will win immunity for their team! GO!

Johnny: *running fast*

Owen: *trying to run, but not fast* COME ON! I CAN DO THIS!

Scott: *running, but then trips by "accident"* Whoops!

B: *charges at full speed*

Derek: Owen, I'll help you out! Hook onto my arm and I'll pull you along! *reaches his arm out to Owen*

Owen: *grabs onto Derek's arm*

Johnny: *running faster and faster*

Derek: *runs quickly, pulling Owen*

B: *runs faster*

Johnny: *runs past Scott* Come on, we can do this!

Owen: Thanks Derek!

Derek: *running faster* No problem!

B: *keeps running*

Scott: Ok! *gets up and falls again by "accident"* Man, I'm so clumsy today!

Johnny: *passes B*

Owen: *to Derek* Johnny's gaining on us!

B: *charges ahead of Johnny*

Derek: NOT ON MY WATCH! *charges faster into the lead*

Johnny: *crashes into a tree*

Owen: There we go! Almost at the finish!

Johnny: Oh yeah? *runs more, still a bit banged up by the crash*

B: *runs faster, and crosses the finish line* Wohoo!

Derek: *still dragging Owen along, and reahes the finish line, then steps over it with Owen* Hooray! We did it!

Chris: The Cookie Monsters win again!

Pre Vote

Johnny: (CONF) We lost. Oh well, we'll get them next time! Besides, I have an alliance with Scott and Anne Maria! (NON-CONF) *to Scott, whispers* Hey, is it gonna be Heather, Lindsay, or Izzy? Also, another thing concerns me. It's 3 of us, what if they are allied? Unless we have an idol...

Scott: *whispers* First off, it's going to be Heather. Second, I have the idol *shows it to him*

Johnny: Oh, okay.

Jersey Shore Rejects Vote (2)

Johnny: I vote for Heather. She isn't trustworthy.

Scott: I vote for Heather as well. She hasn't contributed to the team.

Anne Maria: Heather. She's too pasty.

Chris: Heather, you are voted out. You have a chance to return to the game however, via Redemption Island.

Episode 3

Cookie Monsters Camp (3)

Owen: *walks to Staci* Hey Staci! What's up?

B: *lounging in the sun* (CONF) Everything is going so well currently! I'm in the majority alliance, winning challenges, and no one is thinking of voting me out! Once we lose, that idol is mine again, and anyone who tries voting for me will pay the price!

Derek: *doing a dance*

Bird: *flying, poops on B, flies more* (XD)


Bird: *flies toward B, takes the hat, and flies off*

B: *his face drops, completely speechless, then he regains his composure* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bird: *drops the hat into a volcano, hat burns up*

B: *pounding the sand with his fists* I just realized! *pulls out his spare hat and puts it on* Much better! *realizes something* *pulls out a huge roll of double stick tape, and tapes the hat to his head* *lets out a cackling laugh* NO STUPID BIRD WILL STEAL MY HAT THIS TIME!

Stupid Bird: *poops on back-up hat*

B: So that's how you want to play this game huh?! Well I have an unstoppable strategy! *darts to the shelter and hides underneath it* TRY AND GET ME NOW!

Stupid Bird: *flies under shelter, poops on B's hat once more, flies away*

B: *his face turns red with anger, and steam comes out of his nose and ears* THAT'S IT BIRD! IT'S THE FINAL STRAW! YOU LEFT ME NO OTHER OPTION! I'LL HAVE TO TAKE YOU DOWN! *creates a bow and arrow kit and shoots an arrow at the bird* YAAAAH!!!

Stupid Bird: *catches arrow, throws it at B which stabs his hand, flies far, far away*

B: *yelps in pain and jumps off the ground, high in the air* YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!! *he lands on the ground with a thud*

Noah: *hops in the shelter* What's with the screaming? It's interrupting my reading.

Owen: B just passed out and ketchup is all over his hand! *to B* Are you on a growth spurt? 

B: NO! I just got my hand pierced when I was trying to shoot down a dumb bird! Get me medical attention!

Noah: I may not like you but I'll attempt to get medical attention. This death isn't cruel enough.

Medic: *injects anesthesia into B's hand, takes out the arrow and stitches his hand up*

B: Phew! That's much better! *to Noah* And you'll pay for that comment! *chases after him growling*

Derek: *gets out popcorn and watches* (CONF) This is awesome! I get free entertainment while I'm out here! It may sound sadistic, but this is AWESOME! I hope they keep trying to kill each other like Tom and Jerry!

Noah: *gets in the confessional and stays there*

B: *banging on the confessional door* WHEN I GET IN THERE, YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT COMMENT P****! CAUSE' YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE!!! *bangs harder*

Noah: (CONF) Well while I'm in here. I guess I'll say..........I'm not enjoying the competition. This has all been stupid.


Stupid Bird: *comes back with an army of birds*

  • The birds bust the confessional and take all of Noah's books*\

Derek: *sees what just happaned and starts laughing heavily* THAT WAS HILARIOUS!

B: *also laughing* YEAH I AGREE!!!

Birds: *take all of Derek's popcorn and all of B's spare hats*


Owen: I know you three aren't best friends, but please work together to save my LIFE! *is knocked off cliff* AH!!! *falls into water*

Derek: *gasps* Don't worry Owen! I'll save you! *rips off his shirt, and the William Tell Overture starts playing*

B: *playing it on a trumpet*

Derek: B!

B: Oops! *laughs nervously* Sorry!

Derek: *gets a head start, runs towards the cliff and dives off* FOR OWEN! AIAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! *he is headed towards a jagged rock and doesn't realize it, he lands on the rock with a giant bump on his head* OUCH!!!

B: *calling out from the top* DEREK! ARE YOU OKAY?!

Derek: *loopy* YES! I'M OKAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah: .......Okay any other ideas?


Derek: *weirded out face*

Noah: *scarred for life just by the line*

B: Come on! I'm so down for it! *actually gets in his underwear and starts doing it* YEAH! SEE ME GO!

Derek: Excuse me for one moment! *runs to the nearest bush and vomits violently* No, not done yet! *vomits more* Now I'm better!

Noah: I am now scarred for life and any afterlifes.

Faux Chris: Will Owen be saved from potential doom?! Will B and Noah finally start to get along?! And will Scott stop throwing challenges!? Find out all these exciting answers and more on TOTAL DRAMA SECOND CH-

B: Hey! You're not Chris! You're an imposter!

Faux Chris: Yes I am! See, I look just like him!

B: *Doesn't believe him* DEREK! *starts beating the Faux Chris up*

Derek: *joins in*

B: TH-TH-TH-TH-THAT'S ALL FOLKS! FOR TONIGHT! The crew needs to go to bed!

Derek: *turns his head towards the camera too* Yeah! *continues beating up the Fake Chris*

B: *to the camera* And while we're brutally beating up this phony, enjoy these messages!

  • commercials start*

Jeanette: Hi (Please Sun, TRY to make challenges last longer)

  • commercials end*

Faux Chris: *in a daze* Okay, after that commercial with begging to have something last longer, I present to you My Total Drama- *faints*

Owen: *walks up to B, Derek, and Noah* Hey guys. I heard you guys made two attempts to save my life. Thanks for that. I was deep in the water, but I'm very skilled at hearing. There was apparently a suicide attempt by Derek, and a disturbing dance by B. Great efforts guys! Eventually I floated right back up to the surface, and then I met you guys here. Anyway, lets do the chicken dance in our undies! *he, B, Derek, and Noah do the chicken dance* By the way Noah, that mohawk still looks good. *whistles*

Jersey Shore Rejects Camp (3)

Scott: There goes another one! (CONF) I'm not trying to sound delusional right now, but I really am the king of this tribe! Everyone is kissing my hands like I'm a god! Soon, I'm gonna make my next chess move, and hopefully, I'll KING ME!

Johnny: *walks to Scott* Hey dude, what's up?

Scott: Nothing really.*hangs his wifebeater up on the clothes line* That thing is completely waterlogged!


Chris: This challenge is to jump off a cliff into water.

Owen: AGAIN?!

Chris: Yep.

Jeanette: *Jumps* Yippee, this is fun, *Pauses in Mid-air* there are no sharks right

Sharks: *grinning in water*


Jeanette: Hi Sharky, I'll name you Biter, You Crunch, You Sierra as you stalk Billie *10 minutes later* and you're called Sunny-Bright. *Lands in water*

Derek: FOR THE TEAM AND OPRESSED MEN EVERYWHERE! *rips off his shirt, and the William Tell Overture plays* *hears B* B! NOT AGAIN!

B: *puts his trumpet away* Oops! *laughs nervously* Sorry!

Derek: *dives off the cliff and into the water* WOHOO!!! I ACTUALLY DID IT!

B: *runs off the cliff* CANNONBALL!!!!!!!!!

Derek: *sees B* AAAAAHHHH! *tries to swim away from him*

B: *lands in the water on top of Derek, and a huge tidal wave is formed* THAT WAS AWESOME!

Derek: *in the water, muffled* Get off me!

B: Oops! Sorry! *gets off Derek, pulls him up and he is flat as a pancake*

Derek: *glares at B*

B: Don't worry! I'll have you fixed in a jiffy! *Takes out a bag labeled "Assorted Bag of Junk" and pulls out a tire, a rubber chicken, a picture of himself, a balloon and finally, a bicycle pump* Hold still Derek! This won't hurt a bit! *puts the handle in his mouth, pumps air through it, and Derek is inflated like a balloon* Ahh! Much better! *suddenly, Derek starts to lose air and deflates around the island*

Derek: YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *he completely becomes deflated* Oh s***! *flaps his arms as hard as he can, trying to fly, but he falls down through the cliff, leaving an imprint of himself and into the water again* AHHHHHHHH!!!! *lands in the water with a splash, then spits it out* Remind me to NEVER jump before you again!

B: Can do captain! *salutes Derek*

Derek: *facepalms*

Owen: ... TIME TO CONQUER MY NEWEST FEAR! *jumps, notices Derek* Swim for your life, dude!

Derek: *sees Owen and his eyes bug out in fear* AAAAAHHH!!! B! HELP!

B: SAVE YOURSELF MAN! *swims away in time* Phew!

Derek: *swimming as fast as he can, but Owen lands on top of him, and a giant tidal wave forms*

Owen: Sorry man!

Derek: *muffled, underwater* Get off!

Scott: Cliff diving?! I love me some cliff diving! *runs to the cliff and jumps off* GERONIMO!!!!!

Derek: *hears Scott, muffled* Sometimes I wonder why I signed up for this show.

Scott: YAAAAAAHHH! *lands in the water on top of Derek* That got the adrenaline going! *shakes his hair dry*

Derek: *gets his head out of the water and straightens his back* YOUCH! First I get crushed by a fat guy, then I get crushed by ANOTHER fat guy, and now I'm crushed by a hillbilly! This day can't get any worse!

Scott: Uh Derek....your trunks fell off! They're over there! *points to them*

Derek: *his eyes become wide with horror, then he screams as loud as he can, and it zooms out to the universe* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK! THIS DAY OFFICIALLY GOT WORSE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scott: It's alright buddy! Just do whatever I do when I have problems! SCREAM AS LOUD AS YOU CAN!

Derek: *irritated* I'M DOING THAT ALREADY YOU MORON!!!!!

Scott: Oh right! But I'd LOVE to join in! *starts screaming loudly* AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Derek: *even more irritated* AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *he screams for 3 more minutes in a row*

B: Derek, what's going on?

Derek: WHAT'S GOING ON?! What kind of question is that?! I've been pummeled by you and Owen, inflated like a balloon, crushed by that redneck, lost my swim trunks, and now he's driving me completely insane! What should we do? *referring to Scott* Hit him with one of those objects in your bag?! Tackle him?! Steal all his clothes and throw them in the ocean?! I'm so down for the third option! Come on, join me! We can empty it all out by next week!

B: *restrains Derek* Get a grip on yourself man! As annoying as Scott is, let's just play along with him and make him feel superior! Then we can catch him by surprise later on!

Derek: Hmmm....interesting! I'm in!

B: But remember. No matter how much that guy makes you want to shoot someone in the face, just kiss his butt as much as you can, and he'll buy into it! His ego's larger than the state of Texas!

Derek: Fine! But if I am involuntarily admitted to the state funny farm, it's your fault!

B: Ok, I take full responsibility captain! *salutes Derek*

Derek: *facepalms* Do you REALLY have to call me Captain?!

B: What?! It suits you!

Derek: Whatever!

B: *whispers* I'll encourage Scott to make him feel even better! Watch this! *normal voice* Hey Scott! We all loved your screaming! Do it again!


Derek: *plugging his ears up, glaring at B* I hate you...

B: Hey Scott! That was awesome! But we all want it louder!

Scott: If you say so! *screams even louder* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (CONF) I can't believe people actually love my screaming! This is enough to make a man cry! *a tear comes out of his eye* But not this man! Get back in there tear! *the tear goes back into his eye* Anyway, I tried screaming for my school's talent show and I was booed off stage! People were throwing shoes, ketchup packets, even rocks at me! Since B loves it so much, I should do it every day!

Derek: *to B* Are you CRAZY?! I'm going to go prematurely deaf thanks to you! Then I'll have to buy a hearing aid, and need to shell out lots of money for it! I hope that you're willing to pay for all it Mr. Let's Stroke Scott's Ego!

B: Don't worry Derek! I assure you he'll stop eventually!

  • 5 hours later*

Derek: *glares at B*

B: Ok! Let's give it a week! I'm sure he'll forget all about this!

Derek: Yeah! Or else you're paying for my medical bills!

B: Aye aye Captain! *salutes Derek*

Derek: *facepalms* How many times are you going to say that?!

B: I dunno! Until it stops being funny! *chuckles*

Derek: *growls with anger*

Johnny: CANNONBALL! *jumps, lands on Derek* Sorry.

Derek: *in the water, muffled* OH COME ON!

Chris: Okay, the Cookie Monsters win for the third straight time!

B: Wohoo!!!!

Jersey Shore Rejects Vote (3)

Johnny: I vote for Lindsay.

Scott: (CONF) Lindsay, if you ain't first, you're last, but since you can't be last, you're whatever place you come in on Redemption Island.

Chris: Lindsay, time to go.

Episode 4

Cookie Monsters Camp (4)

Derek: *wakes up, and straightens his back* If Chris wants us to do anymore challenges that involve jumping from a high height, I have a few simple words to say to that! COUNT.ME.OUT!!!!!

B: Come on man, it wasn't that bad!

Derek: Don't make me even get started on how many bruises I have on my back!

Owen: Aw, I sure it isn't that bad- *looks* ALEXANDER THE FREAKING GREAT THAT'S BAD!

Derek: Tell me about it!

B: (CONF) Derek still is venting about what happaned yestarday and it's really getting on my nerves! He needs to chill out and realize we didn't mean to injure him! Even if it was kinda funny! *laughs*

Derek: *chopping wood with the machete*

B: I'm bored! *sees a gold coin on the beach* Hey what's that?! *goes over to it and grabs it* This looks shiny! *examines it* *reads it* "Worth $1,000". I'm rich! I'm really rich! Derek, I just found gold! *shows him the coin* It says it's worth $1,000!

Derek: *examines the coin* I hate to break it to you B, but this coin isn't worth $1,000. Read the back *hands it back to B*

B: *reads" "This is not actual tender" *hurls the coin onto the ground* I'VE BEEN RIPPED OFF!!!

Jersey Shore Rejects Camp (4)

Scott: *whistling* Another one bites the dust!

Johnny: Yep. (CONF) The more I've been thinking, the more I noticed I've been a lackey to Tommy. This time, I need to do some thinking on my own for once. This game should be mine if everything works out.

Scott: (CONF) I need to make sure that no one questions my authority. I can't let anyone suspect anything. If someone starts to become suspicious, I'll do what Russell did to Marissa and get them out!

Johnny: (CONF) Don't tell Scott this, but I starting to get the sense that he's not as honest as I think. I mean, he's been really suspicious by just "happening" to knock our shotgun down and keep falling down. I know the first part because I watched the episode before I was on a team. Well, I'm not gonna tell him that I don't trust him... yet.

Scott: *listens in on what Johnny's saying* That little drip! *screaming* JOHNNY! GET OVER HERE PRONTO!

Johnny: *mockingly* Yes, sir.

Scott: First off, shut up! Second, I heard you saying that I'm untrustworthy! How is that so?!

Johnny: You've been throwing challenges... *decides to mock again* sir.

Scott: I'm not sir! And that was to eliminate dead weight!

Johnny: Aha! You admit it... sir.

Scott: Yeah, but it wasn't to get you out!

Johnny: Well... I'll rejoin you if you tell me where you got your idol. *pulls out lie detector* And this will help me. It's always good to bring this on these shows. *tests Scott* Now where did you get your idol?

Scott: B gave it to me after the first challenge.

Lie Detector: *beeps TRUE*

Johnny: Good, I trust you.

Scott: Good, I trust you too.


Chris: Today's challenge is a talent show! I will judge. You have a bit to audition in front of your team. Get to it!

Derek: *to his team* I'll play my guitar and sing "School's Out" by Alice Cooper! *gets out his guitar and starts singing*  Well we got no choice All the girls and boys Makin all that noise 'Cause they found new toys Well we can't salute ya Can't find a flag If that don't suit ya That's a drag

School's out for summer School's out forever School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils No more books No more teacher's dirty looks

Well we got no class And we got no principles And we got no innocence We can't even think of a word that rhymes

School's out for summer School's out forever School's been blown to pieces

No more pencils No more books No more teacher's dirty looks

Out for summer Out till fall We might not go back at all

School's out forever School's out for summer School's out with fever School's out completely

Owen: Awesome! Anyone else?

B: Let's let Derek do his act.

Scott: I can play the banjo! *starts playing it horribly* Ain't I great?!

Johnny: *faking* Yeah, it's awesome! Anyway I guess we don't have any other choice but to add you, me, and Anne Maria. Izzy doesn't do too much... *refers to My Total Drama World Tour* again.

Owen: So B, you got a talent?

B: I can rap like my dad! *starts rapping "Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G*

(F*** all you h***) Get a grip motherf****r.

Yeah, this album is dedicated to all the teachers that told me I'd never amount to nothin', to all the people that lived above the buildings that I was hustlin' in front of that called the police on me when I was just tryin' to make some money to feed my daughters, and all the n***** in the struggle, you know what I'm sayin'?

Uh-ha, it's all good baby bay-bee, uh

[Verse One:]

It was all a dream I used to read Word Up magazine Salt'n'Pepa and Heavy D up in the limousine Hangin' pictures on my wall Every Saturday Rap Attack, Mr. Magic, Marley Marl I let my tape rock 'til my tape popped Smokin' weed and bamboo, sippin' on private stock Way back, when I had the red and black lumberjack With the hat to match Remember Rappin' Duke, duh-ha, duh-ha You never thought that hip hop would take it this far Now I'm in the limelight 'cause I rhyme tight Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade Born sinner, the opposite of a winner Remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner Peace to Ron G, Brucey B, Kid Capri Funkmaster Flex, Lovebug Starsky I'm blowin' up like you thought I would Call the crib, same number same hood It's all good

Uh, and if you don't know, now you know, n****, uh


You know very well who you are Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars You had a goal, but not that many 'cause you're the only one I'll give you good and plenty

[Verse Two:]

I made the change from a common thief To up close and personal with Robin Leach And I'm far from cheap, I smoke skunk with my peeps all day Spread love, it's the Brooklyn way The Moet and Alize keep me pissy Girls used to diss me Now they write letters 'cause they miss me I never thought it could happen, this rappin' stuff I was too used to packin' gats and stuff Now honies play me close like butter played toast From the Mississippi down to the east coast Condos in Queens, indo for weeks Sold out seats to hear Biggie Smalls speak Livin' life without fear Puttin' 5 karats in my baby girl's ears Lunches, brunches, interviews by the pool Considered a fool 'cause I dropped out of high school Stereotypes of a black male misunderstood And it's still all good

Uh...and if you don't know, now you know, n****

[Verse Three:]

Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this 50 inch screen, money green leather sofa Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur Phone bill about two G's flat No need to worry, my accountant handles that And my whole crew is loungin' Celebratin' every day, no more public housin' Thinkin' back on my one-room shack Now my mom pimps a Ac' with minks on her back And she loves to show me off, of course Smiles every time my face is up in The Source We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us Birthdays was the worst days Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay Uh, damn right I like the life I live 'Cause I went from negative to positive And it's all...

(It's all good)

...and if you don't know, now you know, n****, uh Uh, uh...and if you don't know, now you know, n**** Uh...and if you don't know, now you know, n****, uh

Representin' B-Town in the house, Junior Mafia, mad flavor, uh Uh, yeah, a-ight

Owen: Awesome! Check me out! *rides a unicycle while juggling 3 balls*

Derek: That's good Owen!

B: Yeah! It's really good!

Owen: So it's me, Derek, and B?

Derek: Yeah

Chris: Time for the talent contest! First up is B!

B: Ok everyone. I'm going to rap "Juicy" by my dad The Notorious B.I.G *does it*

Chris: Okay, I give it an 8. It was great, but had a lot of words that aren't allowed on this show. Next, Scott!

Scott: Hello everyone! I'm going to treat you to some music on my here banjo! *takes it out, and starts playing it*

Chris: *covering ears* This is awful! It's a 1! Next, Derek!

Derek: Hey everyone! I'm going to play "School's Out" by Alice Cooper on my guitar, and sing it! *starts playing and singing "School's Out"*

Chris: I give it a 9. Next, Anne Maria with her talent!

Anne Maria: *shows how to put make up on* So first you grab a mirror then- *it goes on*

Chris: Anyone can put make-up on. 3.

Owen: *juggles three balls while riding on a unicycle, it starts breaking after enduring so much weight*

Johnny: I think we'll catch a break.

Owen: *his unicycle breaks and he lands on the ground with a thud, the three balls fall on his head one by one*

Chris: That was awesome! Didn't work out, but hilarious! 9!

Johnny: (CONF) I needed to do a talent, and I needed to think it up quick. But what? (NON CONF) *starts singing like a legend*

Chris: *dazzled* 10!

Johnny: Yes!

Chris: However, the Cookie Monsters still win immunity in a result of 26-14.

Jersey Shore Rejects Vote (4)

Johnny: (CONF) Izzy. You've done nothing.

Scott: (CONF) Izzy, you aren't helping.

Anne Maria: (CONF) Izzy, you ain't worthy of being a Jersey Shore Reject.

Chris: Izzy, time to go.

Episode 5

Cookie Monsters Camp (5)

Owen: Another beautiful day!

Derek: You said it!

Owen: Things are going great! We just keep winning!

Jersey Shore Rejects Camp (5)

Johnny: Morning guy and gal.


Chris: Today's challenge is dodgeball! You know the rules!

Johnny: ... *"accidently" throws one at Scott* Oops.

Derek: *throws one at Johnny*

Johnny: *deflects it and it hits Scott*

Chef: Scott, out of the challenge.

Owen: I love dodgeball! GAME ON BABY! *hurls one speedily at Anne Maria, it hits her hair*

Chef: Doesn't count.

B: *throws it at Johnny*

Johnny: *"tries" to dodge but is hit*

Owen: YEAH! *hurls one at Anne Maria again, which hits her*

Chef: The Cookie Monsters win their fifth dang challenge in a row.

Jersey Shore Rejects Vote (5)

Johnny: (CONF) I've come to the conclusion that... Scott totally needs to get out of here. He's thrown challenges, and I decided to return the favor to flush his idol out. I've decided to go a little Tommy-style on him. Win or lose, I'm gonna go out with a BANG!

Scott: (CONF) Anne, your time here is up. I've had enough of you!

Anne Maria: (CONF) I pick Joh- *is handed some lip gloss through the confessional with a note that says "From Johnny"* Scott.

Chris: In a 2-1 vote it's Scott! Any last words?

Scott: Why yes Chris! I have a hidden immunity idol! *whips it out and gives it to Chris* I'm using it on myself!

Chris: Okay, the two votes for Scott, do not count. Anne Maria! Time to go!

Episode 6

Cookie Monsters Camp (6)

Owen: We are unbeatable!

B: You said it!

Derek: Hey, have you seen Staci and Noah? It seems like they've been gone all morning.

Owen: Don't worry, guys! I'll find Sta- I mean them! Staci... and Noah! *walking* There must be some sort of portal to another world that I'm not supposed to be in right now. *parodies Blue's Clues* *sees a picture with Staci and Noah, talks to no one in particular* "You ska-dooed, we can too!" *jumps in the "portal" (which is really just passing through the trees) and he swirls in mid-air, throws up in dizziness and falls next to Noah and Staci*

Johnny: Hey! I remember that song from my childhood- *a bear attacks him and throws him back to camp* AH!

Jersey Shore Rejects Camp (6)

Johnny: (CONF) Now that it's 6-2, I figured I might as well look for the idol now. After all, I do have a clue! (NON-CONF) *looking around* The clue says that it's in some sort of cave. *looks in a cave, but doesn't see anything*

  • 5 minutes later*

Johnny: Think, Johnny, think. (CONF) I was getting more and more frustrated, but then I noticed something. The clue doesn't tell you exactly where it is, but you gotta think outside the box. Notice how it said some sort. (NON-CONF) puts hand inside a hole in a rock, feels something and pulls it out* "Congratulations you have found the Hidden Immunity Idol".

Staci: *lost, obviously in the wrong chat, carrying Noah* Do you know where the Cookie Monsters Camp is? I need to tell someone some more stories, Noah's already worn out from their amazingness!

Noah: .......Help me.........

Johnny: *puts idol in pocket and sees Staci and Noah* Are you guys lost?

Staci: Yeah.

Noah: ..........Seriously, help me..............

Johnny: First let me talk to you. What are your relations with everybody in the team? Noah, if you tell me, I'll have Staci free you.

Noah: B is my enemy, Staci and maybe Owen consider me their friend, I guess I'm neutral with Jeanette. Not sure about Derek.

Johnny: *gets Noah out of Staci's arms* Well anyway, my team probably won't make the merge with the majority, and Scott told me he got an idol from B. I recall seeing you and Derek fight on the first day. They could possibly have a cross-tribal alliance at the merge, so I was thinking... *takes Noah to the forest and gives him the idol* Form an alliance with Staci and Owen with this. If B and Derek are allied with Jeanette, play the idol on one of your alliance members and Jeanette goes home. That will put you in the majority. For now, we vote together at the merge, okay?

Noah: Got it. You did your word with Staci, I'll do mine. *puts idol in pocket*

Johnny: No problem, I've always been a man of my word.


Chris: *randomly throws two trophies into a toxic mine* Get in there and get one of those. Since it's a mine, it's pitch-black. The only light sources are flashlights and fireflies. Race to an elevator and the first team there wins the flashlights. Then go down the elevator. You take it from there! GO!

Johnny: *runs in*

Owen: *running like a fat person, is slow*

Johnny: *gets to the elevator and gets Scott with him, closes gate* We got the flashlights! *they grab all of them and go down*

Owen: NO! The elevator isn't coming back up! The flashlights aren't ours!! We're gonna DIE! *elevator comes up* Oh, never mind. *his team goes down with the elevator, but not with the flashlights*

Jeanette: I eat lots of carrots *Walks into the wall*

Scott: *exploring*

Owen: We need to get some fireflies first! But with what?

Johnny: *whispers to Scott* There's a right path and a left path, what should we take?

Scott: *whispers to Johnny* You pick.

Derek: *to Owen, whispering* Which way should we go?

B: *also whispering to Owen* Yeah, which way?

Johnny: *goes left with Scott, light fades*

Owen: I don't know yet, but we gotta find light! *looks for fireflies, finds jar*

Scott: *goes left with Johnny*

B: Come on fireflies! Come to us!

Derek: Yeah! We have a nifty jar! *places it on Owen's head*

Owen: What the heck? Oh well, at least we have light... OW! They're biting me! *runs around*

Derek: Owen chill out!

B: I'm going where Scott and Johnny did! *runs after them*

Owen: Yeah! *goes with his team where B is*

Johnny: *riding mine carts with Scott* We're in the lead! Nothing can stop us! *sees the Cookie Monsters riding on a different track next to them* They're gaining on us!

Owen: WOOHOO! *his team's cart is next to the other mine cart with Johnny and Scott*  

Scott: *pushes onto the mine cart and the Rejects gain the lead* No need to worry now Johnny! We have the lead again, and a pretty significant one!

Owen: Oh yeah? *presses a button and speeds* YEEHAW!

Johnny: *does the same, except even faster* YAY!

  • the pedal for each mine cart breaks, and the teams are stuck riding at 400 mph*

Owen and Johnny: WE'RE GONNA DIE!!!


B and Derek: *due to the intense G force, the folds of skin by their mouths fly back, exposing their gums* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • both carts fall off of a cliff*

Owen: AH!

  • they land safely where trophies are hidden*

Scott: *runs over to a mound of dirt, and starts digging for the trophy*

  • the Rejects get the trophy*

Chris: The Jersey Shore Rejects win for a change!

Pre Vote

Owen: *walks to Staci* Hey Staci. I know we've only known each other for a short while and all, but... *is interrupted by Noah*

Noah: Hey guys, alliance?

Owen: Oh, sure Noah!

Staci: Ya! Me too!

Noah: Thanks.

Cookie Monsters Vote (1)

Owen: *votes Jeanette*

Derek: *votes Jeanette*

B: *Votes Jeanette*

Noah: *votes Jeanette*

Staci: *votes Jeanette*

Jeanette: *Votes Staci* (Damn Time Zones)

Chris: Jeanette, it's time to go to Redemption Island. If you win a duel against Juan, you get to return.

Episode 7

Merged Camp (1)

Johnny: Yes! MERGE!

Owen: Woohoo!

Scott: Yeehaw!

B: Yeah!

Derek: I did it!


Chris: After a long pre-merge, I thought you guys should have a break by having one of your friends and loved ones over. First up... Scott, here's your buddy Dan!

Scott: Dan!

Dan: Scott!

Scott: *hears something from Dan, and pretends to look depressed* How's Grandma?

Dan: *fake sad face*....She died dude.

Scott: *fake crying*

Chris: Man, sorry to hear that. Next, B's dad, the Notorious B.I.G!

Notorious B.I.G: *runs in* Son!

B: Dad! *the two hug*

Derek's brother: *hugs Derek*

Chris: Johnny we all know who's gonna visit you. *winks*

Tommy: *runs in* What's up, bro?

Johnny: Nothing much, I'm just playing the game like you, and I'm glad to see you-

Chris: Next!

Owen's Mom: Hey Owen!

Noah's Cousin: Hi Noah!

Jeanette's Sister: Hey Jeanette. Nice to see you.

Chris: Finally, Staci's family. Let's meet them!

Staci's entire living family: Hey!

Chris: So, is everything Staci said about you guys true?

Staci's family: Not really.

Chris: Okay. This challenge is simple. Talk with your loved one(s) and agree on a challenge idea. Best idea wins. Start.

Johnny: (CONF) I felt so bad for Scott... I decided to throw the challenge just this once.

Scott: For me and my buddy's idea, you will launch yourself into the air with a slingshot, and knock down as many targets as you can!

Chris: Nice one!

Johnny: *throws challenge, to Chris* A challenge to see who can bash you the best.

Chris: *glares*

Owen: An eating contest! The expired foods are the best kind...

B: A rapping contest!

Derek: You have to balance as many crayons on your nose as you can!

  • Randomly, the Stupid Bird from Episode 3 comes back after flying away to get help all over the world. The army of birds include Big Bird from Sesame Street, Rio from the movie of the same name, Tweetie from Looney Tunes, Mordecai from Regular Show, and some other birds attack the contestants*

Derek: AHHHHHHH!!! IT'S BIRD-AGEDDON! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! *runs away screaming*

B: AHHHH!!! *runs to find cover*

Scott: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! *runs around screaming*

Owen: AH!

Johnny: *runs with Tommy* AH!

Tommy: *perfectly calm*

B: What do we do?!

  • All of the birds come together with a net and captures the loved ones such as Dan, The Notorious B.I.G, Tommy, Staci's family, Noah's cousin, Owen's mom, Derek's brother, and Jeanette's sister are captured and taken away*

Scott: Where are they being taken to?

Chris: No idea. Lets wait until more people come up with challenge ideas, shall we? Okay then. *walks away*


Tommy: *being carried in net* So... what's up guys?

Notorious B.I.G: Maybe I could write a new song about this situation!

Tommy: Awesome.

Jeanette: I think we should have a mix of every previous challenge

Noah: Maybe we could have a superhero challenge were you create your own hero, act as them, and have to stay in character the whole time otherwise you lose? Just a suggestion.

Staci: Trivia, yah!

Chris: The winner is... oh hang on, I got a call. *picks up phone* Hello. Yeah. Oh, the family members were rescued?! That's lame- I mean fantastic! Okay, bye. *hangs up* Anyway, the winner is... Scott!

Merged Vote (1)

Scott: (CONF) I vote for Noah. Brainiac, your days are done!

B: (CONF) I vote for Noah. I'm sick of you and your snarky comments!

Derek: (CONF) Noah, I vote for you. You're history

Noah: (CONF) Time for B to go.

Staci: (CONF) B. He won't listen to my stories!

Owen: (CONF) Uh... B, Derek, and Scott told me that I had to help split the votes by voting Staci... the problem is... I like her! So, I have to vote... B.

Johnny: (CONF) I've decided to play like my bro now, I'm just tired of being a lackey. Later B.

Chris: And it's B! Time to go- 

Notorious B.I.G: STOP! Beverly, win as many Redemption Island duels as you can. Still, I am very proud of you for making the merge. *hugs him* Now lets go to Redemption Island! I'll be your spectator!

B: *hugs back* Ok dad. I hate Redemption Island, but I'll do it! *to everyone, excluding Derek, Scott and Notorious B.I.G* I hate all of you here!

Episode 8

Merged Camp (2)

Johnny: (CONF) I knew I could rock this game like my brother!

Staci: (CONF) My great great great uncle Francis invented confessions.

Owen: (CONF) I think it's time for me to tell Staci the truth. (NON-CONF) Staci, lets talk away from here for a bit. 

Staci: Okay! Want to hear my stories?

Owen: First... listen to me. So Staci... I uh... really like you. Kind of in the way of "like like". You catching on?

Staci: No.

Scott: (CONF) I'm getting revenge at them for voting B out! (NON-CONF) *while no one is looking, he hides the fishing gear and machete deep in the jungle, and throws the spear into the water*

Owen: *to Staci* Okay... I love you! That's what I wanted to tell you! So after the game, do you wanna go on a date?

Scott: *finds Noah and Johnny's socks and burns them when they can't see*

Derek: *sniffs* Is something burning?

Scott: *lets out an evil cackling laugh, then dumps the rest of the fishing supplies into the water*

Staci: *to Owen* Will you listen to my stories?

Owen: Yes. Will you date me?

Staci: Sure.

Scott: *hauls the rice off to the river, opens the container and dumps it all into the water* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!

Noah: *stops reading book* That was anti-climatic. *gets up and looks for socks*

Johnny: *sees Scott* What the heck are you doing?! *runs over to him* No, Scott! NO!

Noah: *can't find socks then hears yelling* What's going on now? *walks over to Johnny and Scott*

Scott: Now you can eat your rice out of the water! I have an extra case all for myself!

Johnny: *to Noah* Scott just dumped out our entire food source in the ocean!

Scott: (CONF) Now I'm gonna get it! Or maybe not! (NON-CONF) *runs to a tree, sticks his hand into a hole, and takes out an object covered in paper with a note "Congrats, you have found the hidden immunity idol" * Wohoo! *puts it in his pants*

Johnny: *to Noah* Should we get him out ASAP?

Noah: Yes.

Scott: Hey everyone! Watch this!

Derek: Oh great!

Scott: *pees in the beans* SUCKAHS!!!

Johnny: *to Noah* Scott just peed in what's left of our food.

Noah: That guy needs some therapy.


Chris: Today's challenge is to eat a mix of poop, expired chocolate, and expired milk. Eat all of it. (10 lines per character) GO!

Owen and Johnny: *pass out from the sight*

Scott: *runs over and starts eating*

Noah: *faints from smell*

Chris: Scott in the lead!

Staci: *blocked what the food was, starts eating*

Chris: Staci catching up on Scott!

Staci: *eats*

Scott: *eats faster*

Staci: *eats*

Scott: *eats faster*

Staci: *eats*

Scott: *throws up all over Staci and eats*

Chris: Staci's in the lead- OH! Great strategy by Scott!

Scott: *eats*

Staci: *eats, disgusted*

Scott: *eats*

Chris: Staci's a fighter!

Staci: *eats*

Scott: *eats*

Staci: *eats*

Chris: *biting nails*

Scott: *eats*

Staci: *eats*

Chris: *still doing it*

Scott: *eats* Done!

Chris: Scott wins immunity for the second time in a row!

Merged Vote (2)

Johnny: *votes Jeanette*

Owen: *votes Jeanette*

Derek: *votes Noah*

Scott: *votes Staci*

Noah: *votes Jeanette*

Staci: *votes Jeanette*

Chris: Jeanette time to go.

Scott: Stop! I have the idol! I'd like to use it on Jeanette! *gives it to Chris*

Noah: Wait, that means I'm going....*looks at Owen scared for Staci* Hmm..........

Chris: Okay. Now it's a tie between Noah and Staci.

Johnny: *to Noah* Can you play it?

Noah: I'll play the idol on myself...........sorry Staci............

Staci: Aw. It's okay Noah.

Owen: WAIT! Staci, I'm gonna miss you... *they kiss just a split second until Chef drags Staci away*

Staci: Bye Owen, bye Noah. You two were good people.

Episode 9

Merged Camp (3)

Owen: *crying* WAH! Staci got eliminated! NOOOOO!

Derek: It won't be that bad Owen.

Scott: *walks around in the jungle away from camp looking for the idol*

Owen: No, it stinks...

Johnny: It is what it is.

Owen: I hate that phrase.

Derek: Me too.

Scott: *looks around in the trees*

Owen: Well believe it or not, I'm gonna avenge her! *runs off*

Johnny: *shrugs*

Owen: *running fast but sees Scott too late and runs over him* Ouch! Sorry dude, I just- Hey what's that thing? *finds a tiki in the bashes that says "Congrats, you have the rehidden idol"* Cool! Thanks Scott! *runs off*

Scott: *trying to hold in his anger, but it bottles up, and he eventually snaps* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! *he pounds on the san repedeatly*

Noah: *sitting below a tree, thinking*

Scott: *to Owen* If I vote out Jeanette with you guys, can I have the idol?

Owen: Sure. Just let Jeanette go first so I can trust you.

Johnny: Hey Noah, what are you thinking about?

Noah: Nothing. For the first time ever I feel bad for someone. Namely Owen, because using the idol on myself seperated the two lovebirds. Oh well.

Jeanette: Thanks Scott (Still Damn Timezones)


Chris: Today's challenge is a race! GO! (10 lines)

Johnny: *runs* (1)

Owen: *runs* (1)

Noah: *runs* (1)

Johnny: *running, ahead of Owen and Noah* (2)

Owen: *running next to Noah* (2)

Noah: *runs* (2)

Johnny: *running, still in the lead* (3)

Owen: *faints from exhaustion* It burns... (3)

Noah: *runs* I'll try and win for you I guess? (3)

Johnny: *running in front of Noah* (4)

Noah: *runs* (4)

Owen: *a picture of Staci comes into his mind, he runs faster and faster* MOVE! *knocks over Noah* (4)

Johnny: *running away from Owen, still on course* (5)

Noah: *crawls* (5)

Owen: *neck and neck with Johnny* (5)

Noah: *crawls* (6)

Johnny: *sprints ahead* (6)

Owen: *darts* (6)

Noah: *crawling* I'll get there one day. (7)

Johnny: *runs* (7)

Owen: *runs* (7)

Noah: *crawls* (8)

Owen: *passes Johnny* FOR STACI! (8)

Johnny: FOR... I don't know... (8)

Noah: *crawling* FOR........My leg. (9)

Owen: *running* (9)

Johnny: *running* (9)

Noah: *crawls into a bear* Oh what? *Bear grabs him, rolls him in a ball and throws him RIGHT into the finish line* My burns. (10)

Chris: Noah wins immunity!

Merged Vote (3)

Chris: Time to vote.

Owen: *votes Jeanette*

Johnny: *votes Jeanette*

Noah: *votes Jeanette*

Derek: *votes Jeanette*

Scott: *votes Jeanette*

Chris: It's a unanimous decision against Jeanette!

Episode 10

Merged Camp (4)

Owen: Yes! (CONF) I never intended to give my idol to Scott. It was all a trick to outnumber himself after losing Jeanette. See Staci? I'm doing this for you!


Chris: This next challenge is to stand on a log for as long as you can. (post every 20 minutes)

Owen: *falls off*

Johnny: *falls off*

Noah: *stays on*

(20 minutes end, Scott and Derek fall off)

Chris: Noah wins the challenge!

Merged Vote (4)

Owen: (CONF) I vote for Derek.

Johnny: (CONF) Derek, your time is up. 

Noah: (CONF) Bye bye Derek.

Chris: Derek, time to go.

Episode 11

Merged Camp (5)

Johnny: I wonder who the second and final Redemption Island returnee will be. 

  • Derek returns*

Noah: Eh.......better than B.

Merged Vote (5)

Owen: (CONF) *votes Scott* This is what you get for getting Staci out!

Johnny: (CONF) *votes Scott* I've never liked you...

Derek: (CONF) *votes Johnny* I want you out

Scott: (CONF) *votes Johnny* You're a threat

Noah: (CONF) *votes Scott* You peed in the beans......

Chris: In a 3-2 vote it's Scott! Time to-

Scott's Grandma: STOP! *to Scott* YOU LIED ABOUT ME! I'M VERY DISAPPOINTED IN YOU! *beats him up* SCOTT, NO COOKIES FOR YOU! *hurls Scott away from the island and a splash is heard off-screen*

Episode 12

Merged Camp (6)

Owen: *walking and whistling*

Noah: Hey Owen, I'll trade you a cheeseburger for that idol?

Owen: *gives it and bites into the cheeseburger*

Noah: *grabs idol* Thanks. *walks to Derek* Here's the idol, now where's my Shakespeare Poetry Book?

Derek: *hands it to Noah* Here ya go! *puts the idol into his pocket*

Noah: *walks away and reads the Poetry Book under a tree*

Merged Vote (6)

Owen: *votes Derek*

Johnny: *votes Derek*

Derek: *votes Johnny*

Noah: *votes Derek*

Chris: Derek is out unanimously! Any final words?

Derek: Why yes Chris! I have the hidden immunity idol! *reveals it* I'd like to use it on myself! If I'm going to be eliminated, it will be when I don't have the idol!

Chris: Dude, the idol's time this season has expired. Sorry.

Noah: And I quit. I've had my revenge on the idiot and the other idiot for what happened in the beginning of the season. I'm keeping this though. *Grabs Shakespeare poetry book and walks away*


Jury Questions

Chris: The final two! Owen and Johnny! The following members of the jury will vote for one of you. *brings in the jury* So to begin the final elimination, you need to make opeining statements. I'll start with you Owen.

Owen: I had a wicked time! This place was awesome! And I fought to the end... for Staci! So, vote for Owen!

Johnny: I just wanna say that this time, I was more strategic by myself and played Tommy-style, except nicer.

Chris: Okay. One by one, we'll have the jury ask questions or make a speech. I'll start with you B.

B: Hello finalists. First off, I want to know why you two think you deserve my vote. Owen, you first, then Johnny.

Johnny: Well, I was less of a lackey this time and more of a strategist. I've been the brains of the person sitting next to me here, he was carried to the end.

Owen: I got competitive towards the end! I found the idol and washed away Derek and Scott's chances of a tie, which was Jeanette.

Chris: Thank you B. Next is Scott.

Scott: *to the two* Congratulations on reaching the F2 finalists. Johnny, I felt you played a very strategic game, which should rightfully be commended, but Owen, I think you were a more fun guy to be around. As a result, Owen, you earn my vote tonight!

Chris: Derek, you next.

Derek: *to the two* Owen and Johnny, congrats for your success at reaching this leg in the game. I feel that you tried too hard to be like your brother Johnny, and couldn't relax that much. As for you Owen, you were a lot of fun to be around, and you made my time on this island enoyable. You get my vote!

Chris: Noah, you're next.

Noah: *to the two* You both claimed you played a good game, correct? What were some sacrifices that were forced upon you, for example losing your socks, that made you stronger? And also do you believe I would have made a good finalist? What? Tommy got to ask that last season.

Johnny: I'd have to say that having to live with no rice, peed on beans, no socks, you name it. It could have hurt me physically or mentally, maybe even both. I was more determined to at least get Scott out then. And yeah, you do deserve to be a finalist. You were smart, and made it to the final three even.

Owen: Losing Staci might have been my power moment. I was so determined to fight for her that I ended up getting Scott and Derek out! WOOHOO!

Staci: My question is the question above all questions. Do you like my stories?

Johnny: Yeah! They were fantastic.

Owen: *eager* Agreed! Can you tell more right now?

Staci: Ya! There's this one about my great great great- *pushed into the voting place*

Voting (Only for people who have asked questions or commented)

Derek: (CONF) I vote Owen. Do good things with the money dude.

B: (CONF) I vote Owen. You're a cool dude

Scott: (CONF) My vote goes to Owen. You're the man

Noah: (CONF) Johnny. He actually answered my question- I mean, um he played a good strategic game. Yeah, that's it.

Staci: (CONF) Logic, ya! I'm gonna go out with Owen so I have to vote......Johnny- *whacked with a pan* OWEN! YA! I vote Owen.

The Winner Is...

Chris: I will reveal the winner by reading the votes. First vote... Owen.


Chris: Next vote... Owen. That's two votes Owen.

Owen: Place at the table!

Chris: Third vote... Johnny.

Johnny: Yes! I have a shot!

Chris: Owen.

Johnny: Well Owen needs just one more vote. There's still hope.

Chris: The winner of My Total Drama: Second Chance is... Owen!

Owen: YEAH!

Chris: *hands Owen the million*

Owen: Yeah! Who's the man! Also, another thing Chris. I'd like to split the money 50-50 with Staci!

Staci: Yay! Ya!

Owen: I'll use a third of it to make an awesome party for everyone this season! I'll use another third to buy my own cheesecake factory! I'll use the final one to pay for the education of my future kids of me and Staci!

Staci: I'll use my entire share for a national monument made to my family!