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This is My Total Drama World Tour.

(NOTE:Contestents do not know about Alejandro, Courtney, and Heather's tactics from the start.)

Elimination Table

Contestent Place 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 HvV
Alejandro 19th/2nd WIN OUT Returns in Episode 19 WIN IN WIN WIN IN IN IN RUNNER-UP PASS

NOTE:Aftermath episodes will be avialble by the end of the camp.



     - This contestant is on Team Amazon
     - This contestant is on Team Chris and Alejandro is Really Really Really Awesome
     - This contestant is on Team World Tour

Challenge wins/losses

     (WIN) - This contestant was on the team that got first for the challenge
     (SAFE) - This contestant was on neither the winning team or losing team
     (IN) - This contestant was on the losing team for the challenge, but was safe


     (OUT) - This contestant was eliminated from the competition

     (LOW) - This contestant was almost eliminated, receiving the second most amount of votes



LeShawna and Bridgette

Gwen and Courtney

Alejandro and LeShawna

Gwen and Harold

Cody and Harold

Cody and Alejandro


Bridgette and Gwen

Bridgette and Cody

Heather and LeShawna, Bridgette

Courtney and Alejandro

Alejandro and Duncan


Alejandro and Heather

Gwen and Cody


Gwen, Cody, Courtney, and Harold

Bridgette, LeShawna, and Alejandro

Sign Ups

Cody - Platypus09

Alejandro - Sunsummer7

Heather - Heather rocks

Bridgette - TDobsessed88

LeShawna - TDobsessed88



Courtney-Heather rocks



Tyler- EzekielTylerfan

Noah- Platypus09

Duncan- Platypus09

DJ- EzekielTylerfan





Team Alejandro and Chris Is Really Really Really Awesome






Team Amazon








Team World Tour






Chat 1

Chris:Yo! This Season we are plotting to take the contestents, all around the world, for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!! So let's meet our players.


Chris:Hey! And we have, Noah, Cody, and Duncan!

Noah: WHat fun. Traveling around the world in a death trap. *rolls eyes*
Cody: Sup Christer!
Duncan: Really? A world tour? Please say that it does not include singing.

Courtney:Around the world!

Chris:Yes, Courtney. And Duncan it includes singing.

DUncan: Sining? I'm out. *about to quit*

Chris:Not so fast. This paper makes it illegal to quit. So you're here to stay.

Duncan: Well, I'm not singing if that's what you're thinking.

Chris:I will let you off the hook this season Duncan. But you're not out. The rest of you have to sing.

Duncan: Whatever. Not singing.

Cody: When are the ladies arriving?

Chris:Soon Cody.

Cody: Nice! Cuz they all will fall to the Codemeister's charm.

Chris:*waits for more players*

Heather:Yeah and drool over....Alejandro*laughs*

Cody: Yourself included. *laughs*

Heather:How is that funny

Chris:Time for the tour!

  • cut to First Class*Chris: This is where every weeks winners will stay untill the next location.


Alejandro:(To Courtney)Maybe I could get you snacks from here.

  1. REDIRECT [[]]

Courtney:Not working

Alejandro:Fine. Enjoy. *walks away*

Courtney:Enjoy what?

Heather:I don't know

Alejandro:I meant first class.


  • cut to econemy class*Chris:This is where the losers stay.

Gwen:I'm so not a loser.

Chris:That's pretty much it. But, *bell dings* When you hear that bell, it means its time to sing. If you don't, you are eliminated.

Alejandro:Come fly with us, Come fly with us.

Lindsay:You will get free make up, if you come fly with us.

Gwen:Come fly with us, come crash with us.

Noah:You will die in an instant, duh.

Cody:Come fly with Gwen, she is the best.

Alejandro:(to Bridgette and LeShawna)It's a pleasure and an honer and a must.

Leshawna: Come fly with ale- HOTro

Bridgete: Come fly with Ale-HOTro

Both: Come fly with him

Duncan: Dudes, this is messed, singing is so lame.

All:Youre Right!

Challenge 1

(In Egypt)

Chris:Go ethier over or under the pyrimid.

Alejandro:*carries Bridgette and LeShawna up the pyrimid*

Leshawwna and Bridgette: Let's go alejandro!

Alejandro:It's to steap for me to carry you down.

Noah: *goes under* Wow, this sucks.

Cody: *under* Where do we go?

Gwen:*goes under*I don't know. But we better get a move on.

Cody: So, we're all alone Gwen...

Duncan: *under and shoves Cody* Right. *runs*

Gwen:*helps Cody up*

Cody: Thanks Gwen...(CONF) Ahhh....

Duncan: *sees mummy* Oh shoot!

Alejandro:*back at top*I have an idea. Bridgette you can surf down the pyrimid. Me and LeShawna will be in the back.

Bridgette: Good idea *gets on sign and goes down pyramid* wow that was easy we already finiashed

Courtney:*inside*I see light!

Chris:Alejandro, Bridgette, and LeShawna are on Team Victory.

Leshawna: hey Chris! i thought we are allowed to pick team names

Heather:*at top*How do I get down?

Alejandro:Lets keep the team name. It will make us sound victorious.

Leshawna: your hot and all but don't you know that if your team name is arrogant like ours is we will lose

Chris:Okay. Pick you're name.

Alejandro:Any ideas?

Heather:*trips and falls to ground*Oww

Bridgette: Oh i got one Team Alejandro and Chris is really really really Awesome

Heather:*prays*Not with those people!

Chris:Your with them Heather.

Alejandro:Ok. So we have a team name.

Heather:With him?*points at Alejandro*

Bridgete: Yep we do!

Chris:Yes, Heather.

Duncan: *finsishes*
Cody: *finishes*

Chris:Duncan is with Team 1. Cody, Team 2.

Courtney:*makes it*

Chris:Courtney is on Team 2.


Chris:Gwen, Team 2.

Cody: Yes!!!!!!


Heather:(CONF)I hate my team!

Cody: (CONF) Gwen....

Duncan: Team 1? That sucks.

Heather:I'll switch with Courtney!

Duncan: I'll switch with anyone. *rolls eyes*

Heather:I hate my team!

Chris:No switching!

Lindsay:*in pyrimid, walks in mummy room thinking its a fashion shop*

Lindsay:*walks out covered in bandages*

Chris:Lindsay, Team 2.

Chris:This is taking long so....Oh, INTERNS!

Interns:*drag all the people who haven't finished yet out of the pyrimid*

Chris:Noah and Sierra are on Team 2. The rest of you six are Team 3. Team 3, since you came in last, I choose your team name.....Team World Tour. Team 2, you can name yourself.

Gwen:How about Team Amazon?

Chris:So we have our teams. Team Alejandro and Chris is Really Really Really Awesome, You get a camel. Team Amazon wins, a goat. Team World Tour gets, a stick.

Challenge 2

(still in Egypt)

Chris:Now that the teams are formed, its time for, The Amazing Camel Race. Using your team reward from the last challenge, your will race to the nile. But first.

Chef:*tips over vase that lets scarabs out*

Chris:Sing and the scarabs won't kill you.

Alejandro:No need to get crazy, its Lovin' Time at last!

Cody: You don't wanna eat us up

Gwen and Lindsay:Lovin' Time, Lovin' Time.

Lindsay:Scarab mating season! Like my lip gloss!

Scarabs:*chase the cast*

All:*run with their rewards*

Alejandro:*running from scarabs* What do we do?!

Cody: It's running time.

Chris:The song ended.

Cody: Still...AH!!!!!!

Duncan: Come here, PUNY INSECTS.

Scarabs:*go all over Duncan*

Alejandro:*swings on a vine and gets scarabs off Duncan*

Duncan: *punches Alejandro* I can kill them myself, thank you very much.


Duncan: Dude, did you just faint? (CONF) I know he's faking it. He's good.

Bridgette: (CONF) I am going to act like i like alejandro but me and leshawna are playing him!

Duncan: *to Bridgette* WHo are you going to vote out first?

Bridgette: Alejandro or Heather, they both seem kinda sneaky to me!

Alejandro:But I do like you!

(Sunsummer7:It's true.)

Duncan: I know. They both have something up their sleeves..

(Sunsummer7:It's the remake remember?)

Duncan: (CONF) I do not like pretty boys. Justin tried to steal Courtney last season. Not trustworthy.

Chris:This sounds like a song! Alejandro and Bridgette have to sing.

Duncan: Yes! No Singing!!!!

Bridgette: Don't think you have me wrapped up

Alejandro:But girl, I truly love you, and now you will leave me, all alone.

Bridgette: I think you know I'm takin'

Alejandro:Now you say you're fakin'

Bridgette: But i knew you were sneaky from the staaarttt

Alejandro:Please Bridgette, you the one for me, please take me back.

Bridgette: Take you bacckk..... now that you think about it NO! because we were neeevvvverrrr toooooogethhhherrr

Alejandro:I wanted to take you to the finale, but now you leave my heart in pieces.

Bridgette: that's to bad because your of your faces (IDK what else to say)

Chris:Awesome song! Continue!

Cody: I wanna sing! *sings incredibly off tune* Gwen...I have an epipen...

Alejandro:NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*tree falls on him*Ummph!

Abulance:*comes and takes Alejandro*

Bridgette: Is he out of the competition

Chris:No. Was Owen out when his jaw broke?

Cody: Izzy was out when a plane fell on her.

Chris:He's not out.

  • Five Hours Later*

Alejandro:*returns and goes crazy*OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody: ...Uh, Alejandro? You alive?

Alejandro:*still crazy*EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody: Uh oh. I think he turned into Sierra. *runs*

Chris:Team Amazon won. Team World Tour is a close second.

Team Alejandro and Chris Is Really Really Really Awesome Elimination


Alejandro:*Votes for Bridgette*Sorry. I didn't want it to be this way.

Duncan: Alejandro. Don't trust him.

Bridgette: Alejandro *stamps hard*

Leshawna: Alejandro *stamps*

Heather:*stamps Bridgette*

Chris:The Barfbags go to.......Duncan, Heather, LeShawna. Bridgette and Alejandro, one of you will go home. It goes to................


Bridgette:: Yes! Ys! Yes!

Chris:Bye Alejandro.*kicks him off*


Duncan: (CONF) So...only guy on my team. *snickers*

Alejandro:*manages to hang on to the tail of the plane*This games mine! MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris:That wraps it up. See you next time, On, Total...Drama.....World Tour!

(Heather:Alejandro got a barfbag..)

(Sunsummer7:He was still voted off though 3/5)

Chat 3

First Class Amazon

Gwen:*lays down next to Cody*Ah, first class.

Cody: Gw-Gw-GWEN???? (CONF) I love her!!!

Courtney:This is AWESOME!

Lindsay:I know right?

Gwen:Yes Cody?

Cody: Oh, nothing. *blushes*

Gwen:More Chocolate!

Random Lady:*gives chocolate*

Cody: CHOCOLATE!!!! *eats a lot* Uh...sorry Gwen if I am a pig.

Gwen:It's okay. I've been working on a diet anyway.

Cody: Gwen...(CONF)She's the best!!! And she's paying attention to me!!! Not Trent!!

Gwen:Cody. You know how me and Trent broke up last season?

Cody: *smiles* YES?????

Gwen:Last night, I decided to give us a try.

Cody: Really???? You serious???


Cody: Can I hug you now?? *looks really happy*

Gwen:I guess, Sure.

Cody: YES!!! *hugs her* (CONf) Gwen....

Gwen:*is about to kiss Cody*

Chris:*threw loudspeaker*Everyone report to the cargo hold.

Ecomemy Class

Heather:I HATE this!

Bridgette: Why Heather.. you got your enemy Alejandro voted off! i was happy were you!


Duncan: Uh, yeah. You hated him.

bridgette: Atleast it looked like you hated him!

Duncan: Or did you like him?

Cargo Hold

Chris:We will land in Japan. But First...

Chef:*makes contestents fall out of the plane*

Cody: NO!!!! MY KISS!!!!!


Gwen:Were singing as were falling

Lindsay:While some are canon balling

Cody: Our lives begin to flash before our eyes

Duncan: I don't want to sing-y

Lindsay:It's worse if we get chewy.

All:There's tons we wanna do before we die!

Lindsay:Fashion Star

Gwen:Prom Destroyer

All:And many more! Cause there's still so much to do before we die yeah we said it! There's still so much to do, still so much to do, still so much to do before we die! Yeah!

All:*land in bowl of rice*

Cody: GWEN!!! You ok??

Gwen:I'm fine. But I'm allergic to rice. *sneezes*Ugh.

Cody: *carries Gwen in the air* Don't worry Gwen!! I've got ya!


Chris:Gwen and Cody, go in Team Amazon's Pinball.

Cody: *carries Gwen there* I got you Gwen!!!

Chris:Owen, go in for Team World Tour. Here is your Panda.

Chris:Bridgette, go in your team's Pinball with your Panda.

Chris:Now lets Pinball.

Pinballs:*set off*

Cody: OW!! Please don't hurt Gwen.

Gwen:*wakes up*How are we doing Cody?

Bridgette: There panda panda *sleepls in her hands* awwww your so cute.. yees you are..

Cody: I'll protect you Gwen! OW!! OW!!

Bridgette: this is too easy!

Duncan: Yea!!! We're not losing this time!!

Chris:Team Alejandro and Chris so far have 2000 points. Team Amazon has, 3000 points.

Cody: Gwen??? Can you see where we are going?

Gwen:Were going left!

Owen: *trips a sqiches cody*\

Bridgette: There there panda *hhits every pinball bouncer thing* *panda wakes up *Oh CRAP!!!!! AHHHHHH

Cody: Thanks Gwen!! AHHH!!! *gets hit in kiwis*

Bridgette's Panda:*attacks*

Duncan: Ooh. Stay in there Bridgette!

Chris:Ok. Stop. Bridgette scored 12000!

Cody: *finsishes* OW!!! THE KIWIS!!!

Chris:Team Amazon scores 8000!

Chris:Team World Tour scored 3000.


Gwen:*gives Cody an ice pack*

Cody: Thanks Gwen. You're amazing.


Chris:Second part of the challenge time! You will be making a commercial for Chef's new candy, Total Drama Yum-Yums. Bridgette's team picks props first due to winning.

Duncan: *gets chainsaw* Thi might help.

Chris:Team Amazon, pick while Duncan is.

Bridgette: Yeah Duncan it can be a horror movie. We can slash the bag of candy in half and go total total drama drama yum yum yum yum happy happy go go time time candy candy fishtail fishtail

Gwen:Cody, any ideas?

Cody: We could do a Japanese game show parody! People here would love that!

Harold: I'm with Cody on that.

Gwen:Your not on our team.

Cody: What do you think Gwen?

Gwen:Awesome. But what should it parody?

Cody: The one where you have to bend your body into differrent shapes to getpast the walls! Like Human Tetris!

Gwen:And the holes will be the shape of the candy!

Cody: Wow, Gwen, you're really smart. *works*

Gwen:Thank you.

Chris:Team World Tour, pick your props.

Owen: I got a shoe

Harold: I got denchures

Chris:Let me see Team Amazon's commercial.

Duncan: *shows horror themed commercial*

Chris:Wow this is pretty decent! Next commercial!

Gwen:*shows commercial*

Chris:Awesome! Team World Tour, lets hear from you.

Chris:Wait, I said that you would show the actual candy. Which makes Team Alejandro and Chris todays winners! Team Amazon will send someone home.

Team Amazon Elimination


Gwen:*votes for Sierra*This is for Cody's safety.

Cody: I vote Sierra. *shudders*

Lindsay:I vote Gretta(Gwen).

Courtney:*stamps Sierra*

Chris:The barfbags go to Cody, Lindsay, Noah, and Courtney. The final barfbag goes to..................


Chris:*pushes Sierra off the plane*

Chat 4

First Class Team Alejandro and Chris Is Really Really Really Awesome First Class

Duncan: Nice. First class. And now it's just me and three chicks since Alejerkface is gone.

Alejandro:*is hiding in first class behind the counter*

Econememy Class

Gwen:*shivers*It's cold in here. *tries to make body warmth*

Lindsay:This is horrible! My modeling will totally die if we be back here!

Cody: We could huddle for body warmth. *smiles*

Gwen:I know where you are going with this, but yeah, sure.*huddles with Cody*

Cody: *huddling* Ahhhh...much warmer.

Gwen:I hope we win. *sees through window*Were landing in the Yukon! No wonder it was so cold.

Cody: The Yukon? Hope we get sweaters. *shivers*


Chris:Todays challenge is ice flow jumping. The first person of the team to make the sled will become the dog. And will have to stop at every meeting point pole. The race begins , NOW!

Gwen;*jumps ice flows, but ice flow starts to crack*AH!!!!!!

Leshawna: come on bridgette let's go! *hops around and falls in*OH CRAP!!! *shivers*

Bridgettte: *chuckles* Leshawna your funny *hops around* Here you go *picks her up* Now Come On!

Duncan: Come on, let's go! *jumps*

Bridgette: *hops around* almost there *gets across* come on leshawna

Leshawna: This is hard! *out of breathe* ha it is impossible

Leshawna: i did it! Come on Duncan

Duncan: *gets to sled first* Are you kidding me?

Noah: What fun. Ice jumping. *rolls eyes*

Bridgette: Okay everyone meet at the finish line! so we don't have to make pitstops

Duncan: Ok, get on the sled! (Plat: Lol the irony of what Bridgette said XD)

Leshawna: Kay Bridgette you go to the finishe line with heather and I'll ride with Duncan

(Sunsummer7:What was wrong about that cameo?)

Bridgette: Okay (TDO88: I know right LOL)

(TDO88: Nothing it is just i don't want your character returning to the game because you are the host! And a lot of hosts do that)

(Sunsummer:He's not going to. He's going to be like Ezekiel)

(TDO88: Oh okay :))

Duncan: *carrrying sled* Ugh, this stinks.

(Sunsummer7:Is it okay if he appers in the volcano scene in the finale?)

(TDO88: only if he doesn't steal the money)

(Sunsummer:How is this. He trys to but ends up falling in the volcano with nothing.)

Gwen:Cody! Help! I'm about to fall in the freezing water!

Cody: GWEN!!! *jumps onto her iceberg* I'll help you!


Gwen and Cody:*reach end of iceflow*

Gwen:You saved me, so I pull the sled.

Cody: No, it'll be my honor. *tries to pull but epically fails XD*


Lindsay:*jumps an iceflow* My shoes will get wet!

Gwen:Cody! Hurry, or the other team wins!*thinks of something*That means Duncan wins! And he still likes me. You don't want that do you?

Gwen:*pushes sled and it goes off*

  • 30 minutes later*

Gwen:Do you see any of our team Cody?

Cody: WHAT??? *pulls sled faster*

Gwen:Never mind.*sees Lindsay next to a meeting pole* Cody! Stop!

Courtney:Who's on my team?(for realse who is..)

Heather:*makes iutt through the ice flow thing*

(Sunsummer7:Look at the teams section. Your Team name is Team Amazon.

Courtney:*makes it to a pole*Hey Gwen and Cody over here!

Gwen:*gets Courtney on the sled*

Noah: *at waypoint* Hey! Wait up!

Courtney:*kicks Noah*Is he on my team?

Heather:*runs to a pole*

Gwen:Noah is on the team Courtney.

Courteny:Ooops*gets him on*GO

Lindsay:Wait! Guys! *gets on sled*

Heather:*gets on her team's sled and whips Dunca*Mush!

Gwen:We have our team! To the finish line!

Heather:*going fast*MUSH*whips Duncan*

Bridgette: come on Heather and Duncan me and Leshawna are waiting for you at the finish line *yells*

Heather:What are you talking about I was here the whole time!

Bridgette: So we won?

Heather:MUSH*whips Bridgette*

Bridgette: OW! what the hell was that for!

Heather:*laughs*MUSH*whips Bridgette*


  • Team Amazon crosses*

Chris:Team Alejandro and Chris wins! Team World Tour loses. And for good stratigy, Team Alejandro gets to vote a World Tour off.

Team Alejandro and Chris votes for World Tour!

(Heather:Wait who is voting?)

Bridgette: Ezekiel

Leshawna: Owen

Heather:I vote Owen

Duncan: Owen.

Courtney:Did my team win?

Chris:Your team came in second place. And the barf bags go to....Izzy, Tyler, Harold, and DJ. The final barf bag goes to..........


Chris:See you around Owen! *throws him off but he gets stuck* Oh come on! *pushes him off and he goes but farts in Chris face* Ugh! Nasty!

Chat 5

Team Alejandro and Chris Is Really Really Really Awesome First Class

Bridgette: Are team is the bomb! *high fives Leshawna*

Heather:*rolls eyes*

Leshawna: Girl do you have a problem with me and my girl???

Heather:Oh no it's boring being in a almost all girl team and you guys are preppy and happy

Leshawna: Is that some kind of white girl sarcasm?

Heather:Oh be quiet big mouth

Leshawna: Hmmm Girl you went there now it is ON!!! *rips out hair* you call that hair! Honey Where I am from those are called extensions!

Random Lady:*gives LeShawna and Bridgette drinks*

Leshwna: yummy these are goooood!

Bridgette: Yeah! Too bad Heather doesnt get one!

Heather:I did*drinks*(CONF)She gave me SHORT HAIR

Bridgette: (CONF) I soo hope heather goes! She is really mean to Leshawna I mean she stood up for me when Alejandro was using me so I'll Stand up to Heather

Random Lady: Bridgette and LeShawna, need anything else? Like a facial? Or are you good for now?

Heather:(CONF)I know I'm really mean well that's becuase no one was ever nice to me in my life..*sad*

Alejandro:*is hiding in the freezer*

Chris:*walks in* I'm getting my drink from the freezer. *opens freezer, sees Alejandro* What the?! Is that Alejandro? (Remember, he's not returning)

Alejandro:*shivers from being in the freezer*

Heather:Hi Alejandro(Heather:Shouldn't he still be in it he's new!)

Alejandro:*while shivering* Hey.

Heather:Nice to see you here everybody else on my team is annoying!And Leshawna gave me short hair

Alejandro:*still shivering* I know. I wasn't using Bridgette and Leshawna! And they vote me off in return.

Heather:Wait don't you have "Latin warmth"

Alejandro:No one can last 2 or more days in a freezer without getting cold. Even me.

Heather:*rolls eyes*I still can't believe they voted you off

Duncan: Why do you care?

Chris:Tell you what. Alejandro will not compete, but will stay on the plane untill the end of the show. Chris. Out.*leaves*

Heather:I care becuase ALL OF YOU GUYS ARE FREAKS!

Duncan: OK then, dig your own grave. *carves picture of someone on chair*

Alejandro:I have been in the freezer for days. So I'm gonna have a nap. *starts sleeping*

Heather:Well you I don't know you that much and who is that?

Duncan: (CONF) Being in a team with all chicks is either a good thing...or a bad thing. Depends how they act.

Econemey Class

Gwen:I hate being back here!

Courtney:I know

Gwen:Next time, we have GOT to be back in first class.

Courtney:*sighs*I know

Lindsay:*is combing her hair, finishes, starts painting her nails*

Cody: Gwen, you ok?

Gwen:I'm fine. It's just that I'm sick of being back here.

Cody: Don't worry!! I'll pull harder next time!


Chris:First, you have to climb the statue of liberty on these ropes, while me and Alejandro wait for you at the top.

Alejandro and Chris:*get to the top using jetpacks*

Heather:*grabs on to it and climbs*

Courtney:*climbs but falls down*AHH

Cody: *climbing but gets hit by Courtney and falls* WOAH!!

Duncan: *climbing*

Gwen:*catches Cody*

Cody: Thanks Gwen!! We need to win this time! *climbs faster*

Courtney:*falls of Cody*Oww

Heather:*climbing and sticks tounge out*SUCKERs

Gwen:*starts reaching Heather* Think again.

Cody: *carrying Courtney* Heavy... *keeps climbing*

Duncan: Almost there...

Courtney:I AM NOT!

Heather:*kicks Gwen making her fall down*

Gwen:*falling* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gwen:*gets hold of rope* Ah...

Heather:*reaches top*YES

Lindsay:*is half way up*

Gwen:*is almost up*

Cody: *pushes Gwen upwards* We need to win!!!

Gwen:*reaches top*

Cody: *reaches top* Yes!!!

Lindsay:*also reaches top*

  • Five hours later*

Everyone:*reaches top*

Chris:Next, fireman pole anyone? It's only a 1,000 story drop!

Cody: Ok then.. *Drops* AHHH!!!!! *hits kiwis* UGH!!!!!!!

Chris:Alejandro, I gave a jet pack. Now you have to do this on your own.

Alejandro:*jumps, lands perfectly on a crate*

Gwen:*already at bottom*Wowie! Perfectly balenced!

Lindsay:I know!

Gwen and Lindsay:*sigh dreamily*

Alejandro (conf): Chris said I could use this. Anyway, charming Gwen and Lindsay, I could make them overconfident. And confidence is key in a game like this. Therefore, being overconfident can wipe out Bridgette, LeShawna, and Duncan. Ooo...revenge.

Cody: *kicks Alejandro* Don't distract team!!!

Gwen:*gasps* Alejandro! Are you ok?!*snaps out of it*C'mon Cody! *runs to second challenge set*

Cody: (CONF) I hate that guy!!! *rips a doll of Alejandro*

Alejandro:*as Bridgette and LeShawna slide down* Well. So we meet again.

Duncan: Why are you still here???

Alejandro:I'm the new staff member. And I will make you wish you never had voted me off.

Bridgette: ugggghhh Get the **** out of here!

Alejandro:*has Bridgette, LeShawna, and Duncan tied to liberty* Whatever.

Bridgette: you can't do that!

Alejandro:Okay fine. Sorry. It's just that you and LeShawna are my dream girls. And can't we at least be friends?

Bridgette: Since your out of the game yes! I thought you were going to manipulate me!

Alejandro:Here.*unties them and helps them down*

Alejandro:Want me to help you get back in first class? Because I think I got just the thing.

Duncan: I still don't trust him...

  • Meanwhile, all the teams reach the final NY challenge course*

Cody: Do we get chocolate yet?

Chris:No. The challenge is that you have to race your carraiges to Central Park! GO!

  • Later, Cody sees a chocolate stand*

Alejandro:*is dressed up as a chocolate salesman and Cody doesn't notice and has an accent*Would you like some chocolate? All you have to do is sign this paper over on the counter.

  • When Cody isn't looking, Alejandro switches the carraiges and Team Amazon does not notice*

Gwen:Cody! Let's Go! *gets the wrong carriage and no one notices*

Team Amazon:*arrives*

Chris:You have the wrong carriage!

Gwen:We have to go back! *goes back*

Team Alejandro:*arrives*

Team World Tour:*arrives*

Gwen:Guy's I got the- *sees everyone is there* Oh No!

Chris:That's right! Team Alejandro will go to first class!

Team Amazon Vote

Lindsay:I vote Carl (Cody)


Chris:It's a tie! So I will eliminate...........Ezekiel. As if I'm sending ethier one of you home when Alejandro just became my assistant!

Chat 6

Team Alejandro First Class

Alejandro:*prepares breakfast for Bridgette and LeShawna*

Alejandro:Morning girls. I made breakfast for you. *gives them the breakfast*

Duncan: Uh, I'm not a girl.

Alejandro:I was talking to Bridgette and LeShawna. I hear someone walking into first class. *turns around, sees Cody* Chris!

Chris:Yes? Cody go back to econemy!

Heather:(CONF)Ugh Alejandro is ignoring me..*nervously*not that Icare

Alejandro:Former teammates, if you need me, I'll be in the cargo hold doing push ups. *goes to cargo hold*

Econemy Class

Cody: (CONF) I can't believe I got tricked by him!!! Gwen is probably drooling all over him...

Gwen:*in her sleep* Oh, Alejandro, so...fabulous!

Cody: UGH!!! (CONF) I've got a plan... *sneaks into first class*

Noah: Uh, Gwen, I think your huge crusher is doing something.

Gwen:Cody, come over here!

Cargo Hold

Alejandro:*enters, starts doing push ups*

Heather:*looking and blushes*

Alejandro:*finishes, times self to make twenty push ups in one minute, succeeds*

Heather:*goes a little further and falls*AHH

Alejandro:*turns around, helps her up* Heather, what are you doing here?

Heather:*nervous*Nothing..nothing at all umm what are you doing

Alejandro:Doing push ups. I competed in the olympics once or twice.

Cody: *gets a parachute and a Heather doll*

Heather:Oh..*puts hand on Alejandro and then takes it off*

Cody: (CONF) I don't need to be evil...I'll just confront him myself.

Alejandro:*looks up* Cody, Gwen told me she would give you a suprise when you got back.

Cody: Yea...but she's drooling over you. Listen, the only girl you like is Heather...right?

Heather:*eyes widen and blushes*

Alejandro:Well, for now, the girls and me are just friends. Well maybe best friends...

Heather:I can';t HANDLE IT!*kisses Alejandro*

Alejandro: Okay this is moving a little fast.

Heather:Oh my gosh!*blushes runs to CONF*

Heather:(CONF)Ugh Alejandro is keeping me from the competion he distract me and he's soo hot*slpas self*


Chris: You're first challenge is to grind raw meat for the meat grinder, and make a sausage in these sausage cases to put the meat in,!

Heather:*starts putting meat in*

Courtney:*putting meat in the meat grinder*

Alejandro:I'll help. *helps them stuff half of the sausage case*
Heather:*rolls eyes*

Cody: *puts meat in*

Gwen:*starts grinding*

Heather:*starts grinding*

Harold: Owen wold love this.

Gwen:*is almost done grinding*

Heather:*grinding*Almost done

Gwen:*finishes* Done! Ride down the mountain! *team goes down*

Heather:What are you dong gothy he never said do that?*finishes*

Chris:Actully, you have to.

Gwen:*sled hits a branch, accidently crashes into other teams and they all go down the mountain*

Chris:The second part of the challenge is a German dance! You will have to kick or slap the opponent off the platform last one without getting slapped off wins it for the team! So first round is...

Duncan vs. Izzy

Courtney vs. Harold

Heather vs. Gwen

Cody vs. Bridgette

Gwen:*kicks Heather in the eye ten times*

Bridgette: *kicks Cody in nuts* Oh i am so sorry i was dancing!

Alejandro:Stay on the platform Bridgette!

Harold: *slaps courtney super hard*

Gwen:*slaps Heather in the face*

Alejandro:Go Bridgette! Go Bridgette!

Gwen:*kicks Heather off the platform*

Harold: *smacks Courtney off*

Chris:Gwen and Harold qualifie!

Chris:Hurry up!

Cody: *kicks Bridgette* Good players always hav protection!!

Duncan: *pushes Izzy off* Too easy.

Alejandro:*catches Bridgette*

Chris:Second Round Matchups are...

Gwen vs. Harold

Duncan vs. Cody


Harold: *Slaps Gwen*

Gwen:*kicks Harold in the groin a few times*

Harold: *kicks Gwen off*

Gwen:AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!*crash lands head first in snow*

Chris:Oh , ho, ho! Nice one! Duncan and Cody, lets throw some slaps! ... or fists.

Harold: Awsome

Bridgette: COME ON DUNCAN!!!!!

Cody: This is for Gwen!!! *punches Duncan and he falls off*

Duncan: What just happened??? *on ground*

Harold: Me and Cody?

Cody: *whispers* Please let me win! Duncan's team is the one voting someone out anyways.

Harold: I should win.

Cody: Please! Gwen is falling over Alejandro. I need to impress her! Why should you win???

Harold: Alejandro is gone? And for LeShawna

Cody: He's here as an intern!! Whatever, I'll win without your help!!!

Chris:Cody vs. Harold! GO!

Alejandro:*blows whistle*

Harold: *kicks Cody in the Kiwis*

Harold: *thens knocks him off*.

Chris:Team World Tour wins! They will go to first class. Team Amazon not total loser territory, and Team Alejandro and Chris votes someone off!

Harold: *smiles*

Gwen:Cody, we need to talk.

Cody: *sighs* What is it?

Gwen:Well, I don't know how to say this Cody but...*kisses Cody unexpectedly*

Cody: *shocked and excited* Really??? me???

Gwen:Of course I like you! I've liked you ever since the canoe challenge in season 1! And your really cute.

Cody: You think so??? *faints* (XD)


Cody: I promise I will win next time!!!




Duncan: Heather

Chris:The barfbags go to Bridgette, and LeShawna! The last one will go to...


Chris:Bye Heather! *throws Heather off*

Chat 7

Team World Tour First Class

Econemy Class

Cody: I don't wanna be here again!!!!

Gwen:Relax Cody, you promised me that next time we will win.

Cody: (CONF) I need to prove myself. If I fail, they might as well vote me out.


Chris:You're challenge is the Am-AH-Zon Race! Teams must race in the Amazon and spend the night there. You will meet me by the points of the challenge. I will tell you when, with these walky talkies!

Chris:Cody, we all know your allergies, so, Gwen, you will carry Cody's epipen for when he needs it.

Bridgette: Come on team! Let's go left!

Chris:Two more things. 1.Beware of the Zing Zings and don't make contact! 2.You will race to Machu Pichu. I will tell you what to do next. GO!

Cody: AHHH!!! *runs away from a fire ant*

Gwen:*steps on ant, countinues race, walks*

Cody: (CONF) Maybe being bit isn't too bad...

Gwen:*reaches changing path point* Guys, left or right?

Lindsay:Einy, Meny, Miny, ... left?


Team Amazon:*goes left*

Lindsay: Courtney? Remember Total Drama Action?

Harold: Lets go left *leads them left*

Team Alejandro and Chris: *goes right*

Zing Zing 1:*hears footsteps* We have GUESTS!

Zing Zings 2 + 3: Yes!

Zing Zings:*tie Team Alejandro and Chris to a tree*


Harold: Did you guys here Team Al and Chris went right and ran into Zing-Zings.

Cody: Oh, well. AHHH!!! ANT!!!!

  • Meanwhile, at the Zing Zings*

Alejandro:*comes to campsite, sees them tied* Zing Zings, you will let them go, now!

Zing Zings:NO!

Alejandro: I said, you will let them go.

Zing Zings:*untie them*

Duncan: *punches Zing Zings and runs* Bye!

Chris: *threw walkie talkie, to teams* Everyone, report to the T-Bar area. It is a part of the race!

Team Amazon:*gets there first*

Gwen:Wow! A big advantage! Everyone, grab on to my legs!*everyone grabs on*Okay! Go!*Team Amazon ziplines and continues the race*

Cody: Finally!!! We might be able to win!

Team Alejandro and Chris:*get there*

Alejandro:*takes off necklace* You can use this as a T-Bar. Don't worry. I have a spare back on the plane.

Bridgette: Why thanks you! *rides down*

Alejandro:*takes off shirt, rides down soon after*

Duncan: Sop messing with my team.

Alejandro:I'm not! I'm trying to help your team win!

LeShawna: Yeah Duncan! Chill out! He is helping us!

Duncan: *rolls eyes* I still don't trust him.

Alejandro:I will find food for you. You can find some where to sleep.

Bridgette: Cool!

Alejandro:*in a rainforest* Lets see... Bridgette's a vegetarian so have have to bring fruit or vegstebles. *sees a Banana Tree* This could be useful.

Cody: *sees finish* Go Team Amazon!!!

Chris:Cody, you are supposed to sleep at the Amazon.

Alejandro:*after picking lettece and bananas* All right. My former team's all set! *comes to his former team* Bridgette, LeShawna, Duncan. I brought fruit salad.

Duncan: *eating rocks* Nah...too healthy.

Courtney:*lost*Oh my gosh*slaps self*Where am I?

Bear: *comes and mauls Courtney*

Courtney:AHHH*running away until trips and lands where Team Alejandro is*Umm hello.

Bear:*is poking on Courtney with a stick*

Courtney:Stop doing that.

Bear:*mauls again*

Courtney:AH*puches the bear multiple times and throws him into the tree*

Lindsay:Courtney, wake up! It's time to go to Machu Pichu! (So it was a dream all along XD)

Alejandro:*wakes up* Wake up guys! We have to get to Macchu Picchu first! Vominos!

Courtney:*wakes up*What?*holds head*

Team Alejandro: *makes it*

Team Amazon: *makes it too*

Chris:Now you will look for golden treasure somewhere around here. GO!

Alejandro: Split up. We will cover more ground. Group 1 is me and Bridgette. Group 2 is Duncan and LeShawna.

Cody: *gets out metal detector* What? A good boy scout never leaves without his metal detector!!!

Duncan: *laughs* What a nerd!

Gwen: *pulls out Golden Treusure after finding it* YES!!!!!!!!! *sings in happyness* We are back in first class, and the Amazon's WIN!!!!!!!!!!!


Chris:That's right! Team Alejandro is second place and Team World Tour is spared, because this challenge is actully a reward challenge! Suprise!

Courtney:So not a surprise.

Chris:I know. But it's a relief the the World Tour's! See you next time on Total Drama WORLD TOUR!

Chat 8

Team Amazon First Class

Courtney:First class!*gets a cookie**eats it*

Gwen:We're finally back here!

Courtney:I know!

Gwen:Isn't it ironic that we won in the Amazon. And that's our team name!


Alejandro:*passes out chocolate to every Amazon*

Courtney:Thanks but why are you doing this?*eats it*

Alejandro:To welcome you back to first class.


Cody: Yes!!! We won!!!


Econemy Class

Alejandro:*walks in* I came to make you feel a little more comferble. *passes out first class cookies*


Chris: Here we are...PARIS!

Lindsay: EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Do we go shopping?

Chris: No.

Lindsay: NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: *chuckles* Anyway, we will be searching for statue pieces inside the Louvre. Then put together the statues! Team Alejandro and Chris Is Really Really Really Awesome, you get to find and build... The Statue of David! Team Amazon, you get... The Venus! And finally Team World Tour, you get The Thinker. I will give these pictures that show what the pieces look like so it will be kind of easy. But it will make up for it by this "little" distraction. *releases animal cage and the three animals get ready to chase the contestents* You might want to run now.

Contestents: *run inside the Louvre* AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: *laughs*

Bear: *chases Team Alejandro and Chris*

Sasquatchanakwa: *chases Team Amazon*

Snapping Turtles: *chase Team World Tour*

Gwen: I have an idea! Totally works on my lizards! *grabs a ball from an Egypt exibit* Sasquatchanakwa! Who wants the ball? You want it don't you? Go get it! *throws ball and Sasquatchanakwa chases it* Yes! Let's go find those pieces!

Courtney:Found one!*grabs one*Okay I'm collecting three only so don't expect me being your collector.

Lindsay: *mistakes laser beams for a piece XD* Found one!

Gwen: Lindsay! No!

Lindsay: *gets electricuted* OW!!!!!!!!

Gwen: That's where the head is. Behind the lasers. We will come back here last.

Courtney:I can do this!*backfliping and frontfilping and jumping thorugh the laser makes it past it and throws it to Gwen*I got it.*lasers go away and goes to them*

Gwen: Ok. We have the head, what was that piece you found earlier?

Courtney:i'll check*looks for it*Umm where is it?

Lindsay: *is holding the piece*

Gwen: *takes it* This is the the body. Cool! Only the arms and legs to go!

Courtney:Why is the arm tied on the Saquatchanakwa?

Lindsay: *has finished tying arm on Sasquatchanakwa* Oh. Is it supposed to be there?


Gwen: *unties* It's the right arm. Three body parts, three more to go.

Courtney:The other teams are going to lose.*looks around*(CONF)We stopped singing it's wierd/

Cody: Need any help?

Courtney:We need help finding an arm and two legs.

Chris: It's time to sing!

Gwen:Down, the other teams will go. Theyv'e had there go.

Lindsay:It's our turn!

Gwen and Lindsay:We will be back in first class!

Courtney:We'll find the arm laaast.

Gwen:*finds a leg* Found a leg!

Lindsay:*finds a shoe* Found a shoe!

Courtney:That's not what we are suppose to dooo.

Gwen and Lindsay:We will still make it through!

Courtney:Ooooooh what should we call this song

but let's think of it fast so it won't take looong.

Gwen:How about, back in first class?

Courtney:Okay but let's make sure we aren't last

Let's do it to be back in first claaas

Team Amazon:Yeah!

Gwen:We have a leg, an arm, the head, and the body.

Courtney:We need two more things.

Gwen:Split up. Me and Cody is the first group. You, Noah, and Lindsay will be group 2. We will meet at the stage to build the statue.

Courtney:*goes the other way*I found the leg!*climbs up a artifact and grabs it and falls down*OW!

Cody: Let's go. *runs*

Courtney:*at the stage with Lindsay and Noah*Let's wait for Gwen and Cody.

Gwen:*sees an Egyptian exibit* Maybe one of them is in here Cody!

Gwen and Cody: *walk in*

Gwen:*examines mummy scupture* Wait a sec, the arm on the statue is the arm to our Venus!

Courtney:This is boring..*puts all the parts together except the arm*

Gwen and Cody:*make it to the stage*

Gwen:I got the arm!

Courtney:Put it on the statue!

Gwen:*puts it on* We win!


Chris: Yes. And we are in the fashion capital of the world, so Alejandro will say who loses. Then, me and Alejandro will pick who goes home! That's because Alejandro is one of the hottest people here.

Alejandro: I'd have to chose Team World Tour.

Chris: Ok.

Team World Tour Elimination

Alejandro: Two letters. D and J.

Chris:He never did anything here. I agree. *shoves DJ out*

Chat 9

Team Amazon First Class

Gwen: *gets chocolate, gives it to Cody*

Cody: CHOCOLATE!!! *eats it all*

Courtney:That's so wierd.

Econemy Class

Alejandro:*sits next to Bridgette and LeShawna* How's it going amigas? Just to tell you, when you talk to woman, you say amigas.

Bridgette: *blushes* wowie! Thanks, Amiga sounds adorable amigo

Bridgette: (CONF) I really like Al now! If he ever comes in the game however, he will go home, he is much better without his game on!

LeShawna: (CONF) I dont know if I trust Al! He seems nice though... siiigggghh

Harold: Hi girls


Chris: *lands in the middle of an ocean near Newfoundland*

Gwen: Dude, seriously!? Why not just land on land?

Chris: Because the first part of the challenge will be rowing your boats to the Newfoundland shore. Go!

Duncan: *rolls eyes* This is so pointless.

Alejandro: *helps Duncan, Bridgette, and LeShawna into the boat*

Cody: *sighs* When I try to row, my arms always get fried...

Courtney:*gets on the boat**starts rowing*Too bad Cody!

Chris:One more thing. *rings bell* SING!

Alejandro: *plays accordion* We're heading down to Newfoundland, that rocky eastern shore!

Duncan: I'll hurt that jerkface if he messes with my team any more.

Bridgette: Now, Duncan don't be mean!

Cody: I can't row for my life or for my empty spleen

Gwen: We need to row quicker if we are gonna get there first.

Courtney:ROW,ROW,so then Cody's arm don't burst.

Harold: Or we could make you ROW, ROW to Newfoundlan.

Courtney:*kicks Harold*Why don't you just eat sand.

Harold: Ow Ow to Newfoundland

Courtney:To Nwfoundland,it's a sea shanty and darn catchy,..

Everyone: No you can't catch us with a sea shanty! (end song)

Harold: Team we need to win so ROW *makes his team row fast*

Courtney:*kicks Harold*Gwen can you row fast?

Gwen:I'm trying, but it's hard when Cody's arm is frozen solid.

(HR:No Youre your team weren't even rowing)

Gwen:*rows harder* Come on, come on...

Courtney:(CONF)If we lose I'm voting Noah off.

Harold: Row! Row!

Courtney:Hurry guys I see Nefoundland.

Harold: *rows his boat in to her's but they both brake*

Courtney:NO!*gets on a broken piece so she doesn't go into the water*

Harold: *starts to swim to Newfoundland*

Courtney:*starts to swim too*

Harold: Wait asec Chris said the boat had to get to the shore * tells his team all take peices with them*

Shark:*pushes broken boat pieces to shore*

(HR:You can't make them do that!)Courtney:Let's go!

  • it is neck and neck between Amazons and World Tours*

Courtney:*swims and gets tired*

Harold: *swims past her and makes it to land*

Gwen:*out of breath* I'm tired.

Courtney:*gets to the land*Come on guys Harold doesn't have his full team there.

Harold: Where is Tyler and Izzy!

Courtney:*sees Tyler and Izzy not doing anything*Hah!

Harold: *sees a huge pack of sharks coming to everyone*

Team Amazon:*make it*

Courtney:*hugs Team Amazon*Yes!

Haold: *BEEP*

Courtney:Watch your language.

Harold: *tosses a rope out to his team and pulls them in*

Team Alejandro:*comes in*

Alejandro:Last place?

Courtney:Hah,take that AleDorkoh.(CONF)The thing I don't get is why ALejandro is flirting with Bridgette,when she has a boyfriend.

Harold: Go Courteny tell him off.


Harold: I was cheering you on.

Courtney:Oh..*steps on Alejandro boots*

Alejandro:*doesn't react*

Team Alejandro vote

Bridgette: I vote for Duncan, LeShawna is my friend!

LeShawna: Duncan is mean! He needs to go!

Chris: No matter what Duncan's vote is, he's out. Buh-bye! *pushes him out*

Chat 10

First Class Amazon

Cody: Yes, Duncan's gone!!!! And we got first class!

Courtney:*sniffs*I liked Duncan..

Cody: Well, I don't really care...go Team Amazon!!!

Gwen:Cody? Courtney? I need to ask you something.


Cody: What is it?

Gwen: I'm thinking that together we can dominate the game. So you in for an alliance?

Courtney:Well we are they pnly ones working.*glares at Noah and Lindsay*

Cody: Sure, final three?

Gwen: Yes. We are aiming for the final three. But this has to be top secret or everyone will think we are threats.

Courtney:If we merge I want to vote off Bridgette.

Gwen: Sure. But who is our first victim?

Courtney:Bridgette or in our team Noah.

Gwen: Ok. Now we will vote who to eliminate. I vote Noah to go home.


Gwen:So Noah will go home. After him, Bridgette.


Cody: That'll be cool!


Harold: Duncan was totaly Alejandroed

Alejandro: *walks in* How's everyone back here?

Harold: .................................


Chris: *lands in Jamaica* Ah, Jamaica's glorious sea, the sandy land, the trees just flowing-

Gwen: Just get on with it!

Chris: Alright! Sheesh! We are in Jamaica as as you can see. The first challenge will involve water, so put on these bathing suits. *passes out bathing suits* *everyone puts them on* Now meet me at the cliff.

  • at cliff*

Chris: The first part of the challenge is diving to look for pirate treasure, aka: Chef's necklaces that he always uses on surfing nights. Whoever gets the gold first wins the advantage for their team! GO!

Gwen: I'll go first! *prepares to dive*

Courtney:No!I'll go!*dives in**swims and finds nothing**gets back up*

Gwen: *dives after Courtney's try* *starts swimming*

Cody: Tag me once you're done!

Courtney:*gets back at the cliff*I can barely see anything.

Harold: *jumps in and grabs a tire*

Gwen: *grabs an eel* Guys! I got the- *notices what she's holding* Ah, crap. *gets shocked*

Courtney:Tag Cody!

Cody: *tags Gwen* Woo-hoo! *hits kiwis at tire*

Courtney:What the heck CODY!

Gwen: Keep going Cody!

Courtney:Find something CODY!

Harold: Can I jump again?

Cody: *tags Courtney* Ugh...

Courtney:*dives in and swims**finds nothing and gets back to the cliff and tags Gwen*

Gwen: *dives* I see something sparkly!

Courtney:Grab it then!

Gwen: *gets it* We win the advantage!

Courtney:Yes!*hugs Gwen

Gwen: *accepts hug*

Chris: Now let me explain the next part of the challenge! This challenge will be bobsleding! Team Amazon won the advantage so they get helmets. You will be counted up with total time spent on the ride Team Amazon is first. Gwen and Cody.

Gwen: Ready! *has helmet on, bobsleds*

Courtney:(CONF)Yes,I'm not going first.

Chris: 45 seconds! Courtney and Lindsay up!

Gwen: Courtney, quick alliance meeting.

Courtney:Too late.*puts helmet on,bobsleds*

Chris: 1 minute. wow. Break chat.

Gwen: Here's the plan Courtney. I break the track and go off course. It will make us lose, but me, you, and Cody can vote Noah off! Is that good? It's the best we can get for now.

Cody: Don't we need numbers going into the merge?

Gwen: When we make the merge, we befriend and betray others.

Chris: Extra chat over. Gwen and Cody up!

Gwen: *puts helmets on her and Cody* Ready, Codester?

Courtney:Lose for us Gwen!I mean win..

Gwen: *bobsleds, then makes one track crooked* *deviously says "Uh oh."*


Chris: Team Amazon loses, Team World Tour wins.

Cody: *holds on to helmet* Am I alive?

Courtey:Yes!I mean oh no.(CONF)Wait no first clas..NOOOO!

Team Amazon

Noah: *quits*

Cody: Ok then...

Courtney:WE did this for nothing!URG.

Chat 11

First Class Team World Tour

Lindsay: *edits, makes a picture that looks like Cody was sleeping closely next to Lindsay* *walks toward Econemy*


Cody: I hope the merge is soon...

Courtney:I wish I was at First Class..

Alejandro: *gives everyone first class snacks*

Courtney:*eats cookie slowly*(CONF)I'm watching you Alejandro!

Lindsay:*walks out*

Courtney:Where are you going?

  • When Lindsay returned*Courtney:What were you doing?

Lindsay: Just walking.

Courtney:No,you went inside first class,and you have something behinf your back.

Gwen: *snatches it* Cody and Lindsay cuddled?

Courtney:I don't know you and Cody were sleeping next to eachother.

Gwen: Lindsay was on the other side of Cody!

Courtney:Maybe Lindsay cuddled with Cody or something.

Gwen: Not really. This pic shows Cody cuddling up to Lindsay.

Courtney:Well.he was sleeping,he might of have been dreaming about you ..

Gwen: True. I'll let you look. *gives photo to Courtney*

Courtney:Wow,they really are cuddling..

Gwen: *glares at Cody*

Courtney:Remember what I told you,he might be dreaming of you.

Gwen: Once again, true. (remember what I messeged you? Heather returns this episode.)

(HR:Yay!!)Courtney:Now don't get mad or anything.

(Sunsummer: Can Heather be Jack the Ripper?)


Cody: *wakes up* Hey ladies...


Cody: *sees evil glares from Gwen* Uh... *whispers to Courtney* Why is she glaring at me?

Gwen: *shows the photo to cody* I don't know. you ask me.


Chris: Today you will capture a well known criminal named Jack the Ripper. But be careful. He or she is also hunting you! You're first clue to find the Ripper is somewhere around the guard statue. So you need to strip him to his gitch, and find the clue. And to make it interesting, song time.

Gwen:It's creepy how they stand there, and don't even blink! I don't want to see his bum all naked and pink!

Courtney:Hey buddy can we bribe you to strip your self doown

LeShawna: Yum-Yum happy go time fish?

Bridgette: dont kill him you clowen

Lindsay: No way. I can't strip him, it will be too gross!

LeShawna: and i am allergic to ugliness

Courtney:*to Lindsay*I'll buy you some clothes..

Bridgette: *to courtney* now that is just weak

Courntey:We need someone to strip him down,but sorry Gwen that's you.

Gwen: *strips the guard* Yeah, we are gonna find that clue!

Courtney:And there's only one thing to doooo

force someone to strip him.And if we don't were's totally


Gwen: *finds clue in the guard's sock*

Courtney:What does it say?

LeShawna: I'll strip him *starts stripping* ill get bottom you get top

Bridgette: I'll start with the hat i guess *takes off hat* well that was easy I got the clue

LeShawna: okay! bye ugly guard!

Cody: My Grade 6 report was on London! This is gonna rock!


Gwen: *reads* Let a teammate be stretched on a rack, untill it totally pains their back.

Bridgette: *reads note*I'll do it LeShawna, lets go Alejandro, we might need your help

Cody: The prison?

Gwen: Yes.

Alejandro: *goes with Bridgette and LeShawna*

Courtney:That will be cheating!*to Gwen*Where is there a troture room around here?

Bridge:*in prison* where do we go now?

Alejandro: I think it's the rack.

Courtney:Let's go!*runs toward prison*

Gwen: I nominate Lindsay to be stretched!

Courtney:I second that.

LeShawna: Okay Bridgette, lets strap you

Bridgette: okay, * gets strapped to the rack* pull!

Alejandro: I don't want any of you to have pain, so i'll go.

Courtney:*streches Lindsay*You are such a cheater.

(Sunsummer7: When will Jack the Ripper come in.)

(HR:Now.)Jack the Ripper:*comes and steals Alejandro*Mwahaha.*dissapears.*

Cody: Why are you guys so mean to Lindsay? you want to get racked?

Bridgette: Where is alejandro? Oh well *gets stretched* not enough pull harder

LeShawna: Okay! *stretches harder* not yet! One more time! *stretches farther* okay! Pfeewf! we got the note

Bridgette: Owwww! that hurt! What does the note say?

Gwen: Take a look of this pic of you and Lindsay cuddling, cody!

Courtney:*streches Lindsay farther*There.*grabs the note**gives it to Gwen*

Gwen: *reads* If your teammate can still use her feet, bring her down for something to eat.

Courtney:Like where the food for the queen eats?

Leshanwa: Lets go to the dining room, Bridge

Bridge:Okay! *runs to dining room*

Gwen: Yes! The dining hall!

Courtney:Go run!!*run to the dinning hall*

LeShanwa: In dining room* look! FOOD! *starts eating*

Courtney:*at the dining hall*Where is this clue..?

Lindsay: Monster...puppies!

Guard Dogs: *growl*

Courtney:*brabs a golden sphere**the clue falls out of it.*

Bridgette: look, a golden easter egg! *looks at it and clue falls out8 who knew?

Jack The Ripper:*behing Lindsay and grabs her,then dissapears*

Gwen: *reads the clue* Capture Jack the Ripper you must, over at the double decker bus!

Bridgette: I know whree that place is! well go there

Courtney:Let's go!*running but get captured by Jack the Ripper.*

Gwen and Cody: *get there*

LeShawna and Bridgette: *get there too* Hey, Cody and Gwen, we should stay together and win together!

Jack The Ripper:*takes Bridgette*

LeShawna: uh, guys Bridgette is gone!

  • Bridgette gets locked in the drivers seat with Alejandro*

Alejandro: I got put in here when the Ripper captured me.

Jack:*in Jason's voice*Co co cah cah..*whispers to self in a familiar voice*That's not how it goes.

Gwen: *tackles Jack while when s/he is thinking*

Jack:Ugh.*pushes Gwen off and grabs Cody with a dagger*

LeShawna: *grabs Jack in a bag, and runs* yes! I love when people get disctracted

Jack:*gets out by using the dagger**runs toward Cody and he suddenly disapeard*

Chris: *reveals Jack in his arms* *unmasks Jack revealing Heather*

Heather:What the heck,oh hi.

Leshawna: i dealt with you a long time ago! Wait, so what team lost?

Heather:And what did I do Leshawna?

LeShawna: i dont know, I just want to get someone out and not come back in

Chris: Team Alejandro wins!

Heather:Which team am I?

Courtney:Who gets to vote off someone?

Chris: Team World Tour, Courtney. Team Alejandro, Heather.

Courtney:Wait please don't tell me I'm on Team World Tour.


Chris: You're not, Courtney.\

Courtney:Thank you.

Team World Tour Elimination

Chris: I eliminate Tyler. I get to do this because Team World Tour did nothing today!

Chat 12

Team Alejandro First Class

Heather:*sitting on a tree**eating a cookie*

LeShawna: This is the life (getting manicure*

Bridgette: Totally, Heather, you want to get manicures with us?


Alejandro: *gives breakfast to team*

Heather:*eating oatmeal*I wonder why old people like this so much.

LeShawna: I think becuz it is creamy and they can handle it with their old people teeth


Alejandro: Chris told me we're going to Athens, Greece.

Heather:Why did he tell you.

Alejandro: I'm an intern, remember?

Heather:Yeah,but why did you tell me.

Alejandro: I just wanted you to know.

Heather:Oh.*sighs*Don't you love how I'm back in the game.

Alejandro: Yeah, you were good at playing the Ripper.

Heather:Is that a compliment?

Alejandro: Yes.


Alejandro: *smiles back handsomely*

Heather:Now what?

Alejandro: Nothing.

Heather:Have a cookie.*gives him one*.

Alejandro: Gracias.

Heather:De nada..?

Alejandro: I can see you're on the right track.

Heather:What do you mean.

Alejandro: To learning Spanish. I can see your good at it.

Heather:Yeah,I was at Mexico when Chris found me.

Alejandro: *looks out window* We're almost at Greece.

Heather:*sips juice*This is so weird.


Courtney:My question is "Why did Team Alejandro win?"

Chris: *pops up* Because they were closer!


(Sunsummer7: HR, can you edit the elimination table for last times episode? I can't figure out how to put Heather and Tyler's place.)

Cody: Sorry I didnt help...I'm a bad teammate.

Courtney:It's okay,even though you did your 6th grade paper thing on London.

Gwen: Want to know why I was angry yesterday Cody?


Gwen: *shows Cody the picture of Cody and Lindsay cuddling*

Courtney:This is so boring.

Cody: Lindsay??? I've never even spoke to her before! Where'd you get the picture anyways?

Courtney:Lindsay had it.

Gwen: Then the only explanation is Lindsay set this up!

Courtney:You just figure that out?

Cody: Ooh...she is so gone next!!!

Courtney:Well DUH!

Lindsay: Ah, crap.


Chris: Welcome to Greece! Where the olympics was born! Today we are making our own! What do you think of that?

Bridgette: Whatever I like sportd

Chris: Good! Who volenteers to get a gold medal of a Boar Bear?

Leshawna: Me!

Lindsay: ME!

Chris: LeShawna and Lindsay and Harold will go. I just wanted to put him in. Who will fight in a ring? 4 people.

Gwen: I'll go.

Chris: Pick someone to go with you.

Gwen: Cody will come. Courtney will go in the next olympic sport.

Chris: Alright. Bridgette and Heather will fight against Gwen and Cody! This is gonna be awesome!

Fighting Area (Gwen, Cody, Bridgette, and Heather)

Chris: Welcome to the Fighting Olympics 2010! First in the ring, she's the queen bee, and queen of bossy, it's...HEATHER!

Gwen: This will be a piece of feather. Get it Cody???

Chris: Next, she's the sultan of surfing, the clutz of clumsy, it's....BRIDGETTE!

Chris: And he's the Codester, the Codemister, it's CODY!

Chris: Lastly, she's the girl of the goth, and the sane of the sane! It's GWEN!

Chris: Begin!

Gwen: I may need a little help Cody!\

  • The screen turns to widescreen*

Cody: Who do I fight???

Gwen: I fight Heather, you fight Bridgette!

Cody: But I can't hurt Bridgette....this is unfair...

Gwen: I thought it would be easy. Alright I fight Bridgette, you fight Heather.

Cody: Oh, Heather??? *starts beating her up*

Gwen: *sprays pepper spray in Bridgette's face, then punches her face* *then kicks her a few times*

Bridgette: Oh! It is on, like Donkey KONG!!!!! *starts tackling her, then she punches her face, and then spits on her face, and then puls out her extensions* don't mess with me

Alejandro:*from audience*That's my girl!

Cody: *knocks out Heather* Gwen, how're you doing?

Gwen: *has many bruses and bleeds from Bridgette* *groans in pain* Thanks to her, I'm now bald.

Bridgete: Oh, and *steps on her breasts* that

Cody: NOOO!!!! *eyes turn red and glares at Bridgette*

Bridgtette: Maybe yo shouldnt have let the jack ripper guy take mee....

Chris: We will give her medical treatment, if she's gonna be alive.

Cody: *starts running at Bridgette* You evil "thing"!

Bridgette: What? She puched me and gave pepper sprayed my eyes...what do you want me to do

Chris: She just wanted to win, pepper spray doesn't kill, like I said, Gwen could die.

Bridgette: Do I get a medal? I mean I feel bad, but I got mad, pepper spray made my mascara run, and it hurt my eyes and you dont like it when i am angry

Chris: *gives Bridgette half a medal* Cody, plot revenge for the shows ratings...and Gwen.

Boar Bear Area (LeShawna, Lindsay, Harold)

Chris: This is Boar Bear Olympics '10! First in the area, He's the king of the nerds, and the master of mathematics, he's HAROLD!

Chris: She's the dumbest of the blondest, and the fashionist of the...well...fashionist. It's LINDSAY!

Chris: And she's the queen of the knuckle sandwich! The dazzler of dancing! LESHAWNA!

Chris: Begin!

Harold: What do we do?

Chris: Take the medal off the bear.


Chris: Yeeeeaaaahhhhh.... I forgot. He's hungry!

Harold: I was In a bear talking camp *tries to speak bear*

Bear: *punches Harold*

Harold: If you want to eat anyone eat Lindsay!

Bear: *runs at Leshawna* ROAR!

Leshawna: You dont want to mess with me!!!! *starts to attack bear* Take that stupid bear!

Harold: *jumps on it's back*

Lindsay: *jumps on it's back in front of Harold* I'm almost at the medal!

Harold: *pushes her off and takes the medal*

Chris: Harold wins a gold medal.

Harold: Yes. *watches the bear chase the girls*

Lindsay: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bird Area

Chris: You will be flying up with these wings, get the medal, then come down. Cody, Bridgette, and Harold. GO!!!

Harold: *starts to flap*

Courtney:Go CODY!

Heather:Go Bridgette.

Harold: *finally lifts off the ground*

Bridgette: *starts flapping* this wont! work! *starts falpping harder and get off the ground* I got this!

Courtney:Do it Cody!

Harold: *knocks into Bridgette*

Cody: *starts flapping wings* This. Is. For. GWEN!!! *flies*

Courtney:Gwen will kiss you ig you win!

Cody: *about to reach medal* Let's go....

Courtney:*holds a picture of Gwen and Cody kissing*

Harold: *knocks him out of the way and gets the medal*


Heather:*throws a rock at him*

Harold: *falls to the ground with the medal around his neck*

Cody: *steals the medal* Yes!! (Stop godplaying)

Courtney:Yes!*hugs Cody*


Gwen:*arrives with a wheelchair, weakly says:*Did we win?

Harold: Chris I got the medal first so it is mine right?

Courtney:Pretty sure Gwen.

Chris: I said the first person to come down with it wins. The Amazons win, but it's a reward challenge!


Courtney:*hugs Cody and Gwen*

Harold: I crash landed with it.

Heather:Who cares at least you don't get voted off.

Harold: Gosh.............I'm the only one working on my team.

Heather:It's a shame.

Harold: And Izzy is my only team member and she hasn't talked in days.

Heather:Wait why am I talking to you?

Chat 13

Team Amazon First Class

Gwen: *uses wheelchair to get to Cody* What's up?

Cody: Don't worry, I'll get revenge!! *starts smashing a statue of Bridgette*

Gwen: Just be careful. You know how much Al loves Bridgette.

Cody: Fine then. *smashes an Al statue as well*

Gwen: I'll be fine, by tommorow I'll be out of the wheelchair. My concern is how I'm supposed to do the challenge in this.

Cody: Don't worry. Even if we do lose, you won't be gong home.

Gwen: So will Lindsay go next or Bridgette?


Gwen: Then, Lindsay will go. Let's come up with a plan to get Bridge out and her karma to come to her.

Courtney:Sine Lindsay will go..

Gwen: That's what I meant. Well I always use whatever i can get wisely. Alejandro should know where we are going and what the challenge is. So we can know the information first. That way, we know something the others don't. Courtney, you think you can persuade Al into giving us the information??

Courtney:Why me!?

Gwen: Because me going, he'd question why I'm in the wheelchair, which will be totally off topic. If Cody tried, Al might know somethings up. Think about it. You get to manipulate him!

Courtney:Why would he want me!?

Harold: *knocks on there door*

Gwen: I never said he did. I said that you're our only option.

Harold: *opens the door* I came to apologise for how I acted yesterday.


Gwen: It's all right Harold. Want to join us?

Harold: Sure.

Cody: Why is Al even here anyways??? Didn't he get booted?

Gwen: He's here as an intern. Courtney, go try to get the information from Alejandro.

  • Courtney comes in*


Harold: Gosh...........I should have won. I hope there is a team swap up.

  • Meanwhile, Courtney sneaks in and gets Al, and then tries to get the info*

Alejandro: What is it?

Courtney:*twirls hair*Hi.(CONF)This is so embarrasing.

Alejandro: Hey.

Courtney:*gets close to him*..So..

Alejandro: So what?\

Courtney:*thinks*Umm..(CONF)What am I suppose to say?

Bridgette: *listening* ohh wondere what they are gonna say...

(Sunsummer7: The drama is getting more boiled! XD)

Courtney:So do you know where we're going next?

Alejandro: Area 51. Why?

Courtney:The challenge?

Alejandro: You need to exit "Area 52", and break into Area 51. Once in, you need to find an alien life form, and bring it all the way back to "Area 52" in tact.

Courtney:Thanks.*kisses his cheek*(CONF)*throws up*Eww.

Alejandro: *stares at camera* *throws up* WHAT THE ****!


Chris: Break into Area 51, get an alien artifact, bring it here in tact. GO!

Cody: *starts running and sees squirrel get hurt by lasers* Uh...guys?

Harold: Chris since you are the best host ever can I swap teams?

Chris: You can be on Team Alejandro or Amazon when Izzy's gone.

Harold: I think we left her behind.

Chris: No. I put her in a cage for being more crazy than ever. Now try to win!

Harold: *starts to dig under the mines and lazers slowly*

Gwen: *follows team to Area 51 enterance*

Courtney:*running along with Gwen*That was the worst idea ever Gwen

Heather:Come on team!*runs toward Area 51*

Gwen: Maybe. But it will make something good eventully.

Harold: *yells* Team Amazon this way.

Courtney:Are you on my team,no.

Harold: I want my team to lose so I can join you team.

Courtney:We are going the right way.

Harold: Ok *continues to dig farther*

Gwen: Alright, we only have 2 miles to go. And- we're in a minefield!

Harold: *still digging* Did dig dig..............

Courtney:Say what?

Heather:*running*I see it!Yes!

Gwen: Yep. You heard me.

Harold: 8getting sorta close in digging*

Courntey:I know what you said..

Harold: *about 20 feet away*

Team Amazon: *is one mile closer*

Harold: *finally makes it* Cool

Aliens and UFOs: *gather around Harold*

UFOs: Surrender or die.

Harold: *jumps back in his hole and crawls the other way*

Aliens and UFOs: Where do you think you're going? Come back here! *follow him*

Harold: *getting closer to Chris*

Heather:Come here you brats.*grabs one of the aliens*

Harold: *gets out with the alian mob fallowing him*

Alien: *sticks to Harold*

Alien: *sticks to Heather*

Heather:Get off of me!'

Harold: *runs to Chris*

Cody: *kicks Harold so alien flies off*

Heather:*pulls the alien but hits mine and gets blowed up to Chris*Ow..

Harold: *the mob runs into him*

  • Everyone trips on the same mine due to the wildness, on everyone gets inside Area 51*

Harold: *lands kissing Courtney*


Harold: Eeep

Courtney:*throws up on Harold*

Harold: Sorry Courtney.

Courtney:*punches Harold*

Harold: *falls on a U.F.O.

Gwen: All right. Let's look for an alien life form. I go with Cody and Courtney. Lindsay goes by herself.

Harold: *takes the U.F.O and goes down his hole again*

Heather:*pours cement down the hole&*

Harold: *jumps on the U.F.O and starts to float faster then the cement*

Heather:*yells as hard she cans*CHRIS COVER THE WHOLE!

Harold: *gets out and gives the U.F.O to Chris*

Chris: Harold wins! Izzy is out. Who's team will Harold pick?

Heather:&gets back with an Alien*..Hi.

Chris: Harold and I made a deal. And because Harold wins the challenge due to coming here first, he gets to be on Team Amazon, and wins together. I would normally have Team Alejandro be in elimination, but now would be the time to make it two teams! So Izzy is out! How's that?

Courtney:Yes,we win!

Heather:We're not voting someone out,meaning i can't get out.Yes!

Chat 14

Team Amazon First Class

(Harold is with them due to joining the team)

Courtney:That was pretty useful of Harold.

Gwen: I know! *is no longer in wheelchair, but can't move as fast*

Courtney:We might as well all get in the final four.

Gwen: That shouldn't take long. The merge might come any day now.


Gwen: I think when this game is over, I'm gonna get a wig.


Gwen: Because I'm bald? Just look! It's Bridgette's fault. Ask Cody, he saw the whole thing.

Courtney:Yeah,but nevermind.

Harold: *wakes up from a nap*

Cody: I'll get Bridgette!!!! I promise!

Courtney:Everyone will..

Harold: We want Bridgette out.


Harold: How should I of known.

Gwen: Because Bridgette is a big idiot!


Harold: Then LeShawna?

Cody: I thought you liked LeSHawna...

Courtney";That's what I thought..

Harold: No..........She likes Alejando

Team Alejandro Econemy

Heather:At least no one gets voted off.

Alejandro: We're heading to Australia this time.

Heather:Wow,thanks.*hugs him*

Alejandro: De Nada.

Heather:So,what's up with you and Bridgette,doesn't she have a boyfriend?

Alejandro: Me and Bridgette are just friends as stated in New York.

Heather:Oh.So what should we do?

Alejandro: What do you mean by that?

Heather:I don't know,I'm just bored.

Alejandro: Well we're flying across New Zealand. So we're almost there.

Heather:Yes!Are we going to the Opera house..

Alejandro: The musical number might take place around there.

Heather:*sits next to him*

Alejandro: *gets bored, starts to read newspaper* Hmmm. Here is something interesting. *reads* Famous Austrailian Explorer Pete Mater has an animal attack from a kangeroo and an emu nearly bites off his head. Everyone exploring Australia must watch out. *snickers* Probly from Chris.



Chris: First, you will ride an emu untill you reach the cliff that has the soap opera near it. Our intern Alejandro will test it out.

Alejandro:*starts to get it to move, but falls off and emu farts in Al's face* Ugh. Chris? You are sick.

Heather:I am not riding on"That".

Harold: *laughs*

Heather:Why are you laughing?

Gwen: *gets on emu, makes emu run over Bridgette on purpose, laughs*

Courtney:*gets on a emu*Yes.

Heather;*trys to get an emu*Ugh!

Harold: *helps Heather on* Alejandro: *smells self* Ugh. I'm gonna take a shower. *walks away*

Heather:*kicks Harold)*Thanks.8sticks tounge out and leaves*

Harold: *gets on his Emu*

Alejandro: *helps Bridgette and LeShawna on the emus*

Bridgette: thank you! you are a good friend :)

LeShawna: thank you Alejandro! (Why does Harold hate LeShawna? That is not true she DOESNT Like Alejandro >.>)

Alejandro: All right. Here's the plan. You both will go together with Heather and me. That way we don't have to wait when one of us get there.

Bridgette: Okay, thanks, umm I wonder why Team Amazon hates me, I was trying to win, she put pepper spray in my eyes self defence is what i was doing, I mean I wonder why Gwen and Courtney don't hate eachother,I mean they are total opposites...>.>

Alejandro: I don't trust them eithier. This is when we get serious. The merge comes any time now, and Gwen has Courtney, Cody, and possibly Harold by her side.

Gwen: *rides emu with alliance and Harold* Harold, if we lose, will you help us vote Lindsay off?

Harold: Sure

Heather:*riding the Emu*This so wierd..

Gwen: I'm bored *rides emu a little faster*

Heather:Let's go..

Courtney:Go faster!

Harold: *can't controle his Emu and rams into Heather's*

Heather:Seriously,stop bothering me.

Harold: It's my emu *it pecks her face*

Heather:OW!*emu goes faster*

Harold: *to his Emu* Bad Carlos!

Courntey:*snikers8You named him Carlos..

Haold: Duh (He is based off a guy from my school)

Courtney:Your the wierdest thing on the show.

Harold: Oh.........................

Kangaroo: *growls at Gwen*

Gwen: Uh, guys? Kangaroo? I've already had one major injury!

Kangaroo: *beats up Gwen*


Kangaroo: *picks up Gwen, jams her in pouch, jumps away*

Gwen: AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

Harold: *sees her* Carlos attack.

Courtney:Are you okay!?

Gwen: I'm fine. But the kangaroo ate Harold's emu.

Kangaroo: *eats Harold's emu*



Gwen: Well look at it this way, Harold. Carlos is in a better place now.

Courtney:You mean Heaven.

Harold: *tries to kill it*

Gwen: Harold, ride the back of my emu. We still have a challenge to win.

Heather:*farther than all of them*This is tiring..

Cody: *stugglinh to get on* Stupid emu!!!

Team Amazon: *catches up with Heather*

Heather:How long is this?

Courtney:Move it Heather.

Harold: *running after them*

Team Amazon and Team Alejandro: *make it to cliff*

Chris: The next part is to hook yourself to a bungee jumper, grab a sheep in the pen, then shear it with a razor. First team to find your team's logo wins. Now, Heather, when your other teammates get here, explain it to them. GO!


Courtney:So..uummm who's going first.

Gwen: *jumps with bungee, grabs cactus by accident* OW!

Bridgette: *grabs rope from Gwen and jumps* Wooohooo! *grabs a sheep* Is this good? (Let Sunsummer answer as if you did it, it would be considered godplayin)

Alejandro:Bring it up Bridgette!

Bridgette: *flings back-up but grabs a praire dog in the process with the sheep* Kay Alejandroo back! Gwen, I have a surprise for you *throws dog at Gwen* that is for hating on me, if you didnt hate me I will be nice! Anyways, it is good? *starts schearing*

Alejandro: Nice one Bridgette! Want me to help you eliminate you-know-who?

Bridgette: Sure! So I have me, Leshawna and Heather!

Alejandro: So we let them think they win for now. By surrendering, by when we find the perfect opportonity to strike. When we do, we get rid of Gwen's sidekicks, Harold, Courtney, and Cody. Once her allies are down we crush Gwen for dessert!

Bridgette: Yes! good! I think I have Lindasy too! Hopefully merge is soon!

Alejandro: Yeah, but Lindsay is on the other team. And if we let them win, we lose a member. They lose, Gwen has the majority of her team by her. And they will probably vote her off anyway.

Bridgette: Is the next challenge the merge?

Harold: Cody truce

Cody: I don't care (TDO Why'd ya delete my line???)

Alejandro: The merge is two challenges away Bridgette.

Bridgette: Cool (I deleted the part where is says misses Gwen and hits alejandro)

(Sunsummer: Why did you delete it?)

Bridgette: *Starts shearing sheep* (Well, it was supposed to hit Gwen, which is what i wanted it to be)

  • Bridgette finds the symbol*

Alejandro: We win!

Team Amazon Vote

Gwen: I vote for Lindsiot.

Cody: *votes Lindsay* You're not in the alliance. Sorry.

Chris: Lindsay is out!

Chat 15

Team Alejandro First Class

Alejandro: Last team challenge guys.

Leshawna: I know! merge here we come! I really need the Amazons to lose, they are against me and Bridgette! (Can we make this an elimination challenge?)

Alejandro: Me and Bridgette agreed that me, her, you, and Heather would team up and take Gwen and her allies down. I think that the order should be Harold, Courtney, Cody, and then Gwen. (I can't really afford having elimination this episode. I still haven't found out who to have return in Niagara Brawls)

Bridgette: YEah! (Can you have someone debut as Blainely, I mean I signed up as two characters, while evryone else had 3)

(Sunsummer7: Well I can't figure out how to add someone to the elimination chart. And I desperately need a boy character. I'm seriously thinking about having Duncan back. I know for sure Duncan wouldn't be on Alejandro's side. And you said Al can't be back ethier.)

(TDO: Okay, Alejandro can come back, if you need a guy to come on the show, and I know how to add stuff to the elimination chart)

(Sunsummer7: Ok. And maybe you can add color to the chart when the game's over.)

Alejandro: We're heading to Sweden.

Bridgette: Sweden? Chris better have those jackets for us! (I can do it right now)

(Sunsummer7: Go ahead. :))

Heather:I know..*sighs*

Team Amazon Econemy Class

Gwen: *groans*

Cody: Gwen, are you ok? (I don't care if Al comes back as long as he's eliminated the ep after his debut (i.e.Blainely in TDWT)

Gwen: I feel so dead now. Team Alejandro seems to be plotting aganist us!

Courtney:I know..

Harold: *walks in* Hey fellow team mates


Chris; The jackets are here!


Chris: In six to eight weeks!

All: *groan*

Chris: First, you will build a ship for the viking challenge. GO!

Harold: Can the ship be used to kill?

Heather:*building the ship*

Courtney:Let's do this!

LeShawna: Hey baby boy, it can be whatever you want! *winks* (Your welcome for doing elimo table)

Alejandro: I will keep the other team busy.

Courtney:*starts builing ship*

Bridgette: Okay! *starts bulding ship* There way ahead so we've got to go!

Heather:Who said we have to sing?

Bridfgette: No one! *keeps buliding* Come on Heather!


Alejandro: *walks to other team* So odds are that we we will lose this battle so we surrender. After all, we would lose due to the amount of members on your side. Truce?

Harold: 8puts a spear on the end of the ship*

Courtney:Really go sit at the lake..

Alejandro: Fine. Just remember, we surrender. *walks away*

Harold: *helps build it*

Courtney:*rolls eyes*Why did he distract me from building.*keeps building*

Harold: He is trying to distract us. **puts a shild on the boat*

Gwen: *hammers in nails*

Cody: *gets wood* Hey, Courtney, can you distract them?


Harold: It is an all girl team.

Gwen: Excluding Alejandro.

Courtney:Cody you do it.

Gwen: We are almost done!


Gwen: Alright! *hammers in last few nails*\

Heather:*hammering last nail*

Bridgette: Lets go come on! *hammering in nails* Come on!
LeShawna: Calm down we are almost done! *Puts in last nails*

Cody: Come on, go Team Amazon!


Gwen: Done!

Team Alejandro:*finishes*

Chris: Now everyone must choose a viking captain!

Heather:Pick me.I'm a great captin

Courtney:Pick me guys!

Bridgette: Of course you can go Heatehr!

Heather:*puts the hat on*I told you.

Gwen; Courtney will be viking captain.

Courtney:Yes,Let's go!

Chris: Now race your boats to the flag. GO!

Heather:*steering*To Bridgette and LeShawna*Shoot the cannons once they get clost to us.

Alejandro: *loads cannons with cannon balls*

Gwen: I see the other team. They're ahead!

Courtney:*steers the boat*Ready Fire!

Harold: *fires it*

Bridgette: FIRE!!!!!! *dodges cannonballs* Leshawna! Shoot!

Leshawna: *starts to fire cannonballs* Okay!

Alejandro; *notices water leaking in* Uh, guys?

Bridgette: What! (Do you like the elimination table?)

Alejandro: Water's leaking in. (Yes! I love it! Thank you!)

Heather:Uh oh..

Leshawna: I'll sit on it! *sits on it* I think tht stopped the leaking! (Your welcome, it is orginized now)

Heather:LeShawna you made it WORST,...

Team Alejandro's Boat: *collapes*

Alejandro: *starts swimming to flag*

Bridgette: Still lets not give up! *starts shooting cannons* just gotta think postitive

Heather:*falls in the water*

Alejandro: *grabs flag* We win!

Chat 16

Team Alejandro First Class

Heather:*soaking wet and cold*I hate Sweden..

Alejandro: At least the merge starts now!

Bridgette: I wish you were a player, so we can get Harold out!

Team Amazon Econemy Class

Harold: Who are you voting for?

Gwen: Bridgette.



Chris: We are doing the honeymoon challenge, because we are visiting the honymoon capital.

Courtney:What,I am not going with Harold or Cody,no offense.

Cody: Are we merged yet?

Bridgette: Doesnt someone usually return at the merge? It is the merge, right Chris?

Heather:Hopefully I'm not stuck with a loser.

LeShawna: I hope i am stuck with Haold!

Chris: Now all the boys will be in the couple-nater. Gwen is first.

Gwen: *pulls lever, gets Cody*

Courtney:No one returns?

Bridgette: *pulls lever* I got.......*gets Alejandro* Yes!

Courtney:Who said it was your turn*puts Alejandro back*

Bridgette: HEY! *gets Alejadnro back*'

Courtney:*puts him back*

Bridgette: GIVE HIM BACK!!!! *takes back*

Courtney:*kicks her**puts him back*Let's fight!

Bridgette: I dont want to hate you, please I want to be friends with you! *takes him back*

Courtney:*puts him back and blocks it*You'll have to get through me first,and Bridge,It wasn't your turn.

Chris; bridge has al.

ridgette: I'm sorry, I just wanted to get Alejandro, friends *Sticks out hands*

Courtney:I'm so out..I don't want Harold!

Chris: Fine. Your with LeShawna. Heather is with Harold.

Leshawna: NO! I want to be with my sugar baby

Chris: LeShawna is with Harold. Courtney is with Heather.

LeShawna: Yay!

Courtney and Heather:I hate her!

Chris: Let me expLAIN THE CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Courtney:I quit,I don;t want to be with her!

(Sunsummer: *sarcasm* Gee, thanks.)

(TDO: I have an idea, we just say Heatehr is auto-immune, and then we have two winners, HEatehr and whoever wins)

(HR:What we have to many girls..)

(TDO: Oh and this is a double elimination and the next episode is single!)

Chris: Courtney is out! Now the challenge. The boys will give directions to thier girl partners. And they are blindfolded. GO!

Cody: Gwen, two paces right! three paces foward!

Courtney:*mumbling to self**goes to plane*

Heather:What do I do?

Chris; you are in first class. You get to pick one of the winning couple to join you.

Harold: *smiles*

\Heather:Hah!Now who's powerful

LeShawna: Sugar Baby, where do i go?

Harold: 10 paces forwed then 3 pases left

LeShawna: Thanks baby! *walks accordingly*

Alejandro: Bidgette, go two paces left, right, then straight.

Bridgette: Okay! thanks! *walks like he said*

Gwen: *walks like Cody said*

Bridgette: *walking towards wedding dress* got it! *grabs wedding dress*

Alejandro: We won!

Gwen: *gets dress* Yes!

LeShawna: Oh man! *slips in cream pool* I guess we didnt win

Chris: Alejandro and Bridgette won the first challenge so get a 20 second head start. On walking on a tightrope over Niagara Falls! GO!

Alejandro:*carries Bridgette*

Bridgette: Why, you are such a gentlllemen!go faster! I need to be safe!

Alejandro: I'm trying. *walks faster* Courtney quit, and Harold could be on our side with being paired with LeShawna. So we only have Gwen and Cody to deal with.

Bridgette: Okay, I also like winning!

Alejandro and Bridgette: *reach end*

Chef: Not so fast. Time for a little Canada trivia. What is Canada's capital?


Heather:Hurry it up..

Chef: What is on the Canadian flag?

Alejandro: Maple Leaf.

Chef: Canadian animal?

Alejandro: Beaver.

Chef: Got them all right. Ok, Heather, are you bringing Alejandro or Bridgette with you to the big leagues?

Heather:Enie meanie minie moh.*chooses Alejandro*(CONF)Yeah that's what you get Bridge for voting me out!

Cody: *arrives* Aw, we're too late!!!

Gwen: I'm dead!


Alejandro: Gwen.



Cody *votes Bridgette* (Only Heather and Al have immunity)

Gwen: Bridgette.

Harold: I vote Bridgette

Heather:I guess I'm the deciding vote..I vote Harold!Hah!

Chris: Bridgette was closer to immunity so Gwen is out! Any last words Gwen?

Gwen: Yes. You should get a mouthwash Chris! And Cody you're in charge! So Cody, beware of Bridgette. *kisses Cody goodbye, jumps with parachute*

Bridgette: Yes! (Dont touch the elimination table! I am going to do it)

Cody I'll miss you Gwen!!! (CONF) Bye bye Team Amazon....

Courtney:Hey can I jump off too?


Chris: Yes. *gives Courtney parachute, pushes her off* Cody, I'm sure you will see her at the finale.

Harold: That would be funny if Owen was still stuck.

Chat 17

Alejandro and Heather First Class

Heather:*wakes up*That was not a first class sleep..

Alejandro: I know. I could barely sleep.

Heather:Did they put rocks in the seats..?

Alejandro: Maybe. My seat felt more like knifes.

Heather:REally...*feels seat*Kinda does..

Alejandro: *makes breakfast* Pancakes?

Heather:Sure,thanks..*gets one**eating it*

Alejandro: Heather, we are eliminating Bridgette next.

Heather:*surprised*I thought you liked her..

Alejandro: Wait Bridgette told me just now that she's meaning something else.


Owen: *sneaks in* (The Zeke of the season)

Heather:*overhears and gasps*They want me out and you Alejandro!

Owen: Food?


Owen: Food?

Alejandro: Uh oh.

Owen: Will you guys please just give me some food like a cookie.

Owen: Gwen was bringing me scraps and now she is gone.


Bridgette: *overhears them* I didnt agreee to anything!

Econemy Class

Bridgette: (CONF) Heather doesnt like me anymore, I though we were friends, I am alone, except for LeShawna, she likes me!

Intern: Cody Anderson? You have mail, from Gwen.

  • Cody reads it. It says: Cody, I have made it to the aftermath studio. I will write you letters and guide you through the challenges. Befriend Harold and everyone you can get to take Bridge down. ,Gwen.*

Cody: *sighs* Awww...

Bridgette: Cody, can we be friends I hate it when people hate me, and when people go after me I get them down just like I did with Gwen! (TDO: This is sinsere!)

Harold: Um...........Guys I just found Owen in the cargo hold.

Cody: Bridgette, I'll only forgive you if you vote out Alejandro next.

Harold: What do I do with him?

Bridgette: *confers with LeShawna* Deal! Alejandro is out next!

Alejandro: *walks in* What? We had enough problems in Egypt. I don't want that again!

Harold: *brings Owen* Guys?

Cody: *shoves Owen back into compartment* Hey Harold, only fellow Amazoner, can you vote Al next?

Harold: But Gwen said Bridgette.

Alejandro: You think you know a person! *storms off*

Cody: Stop spying on us!!!

Owen: Food? *chases Alejandro*

Bridgette: Alejandro....WAIT! *runs up to him* *whispers* I am actually voting out Harold! I have to trick them to gain there trust! (TDO: How is Alejandro going to go, if they dont vote for him!)

Alejandro: All right false alarm.

Harold: I'm not turning agenst Gwen.

Cody: Fine...We'll vote Bridgette then...

Harold: I can probably get LeShawna on our side.

LeShawna: Hey sugar baby! What up!

Cody: Hey LeShawna...Harold and I want to talk with you.

LeShawna: Okay String bean!

Cody: Ok're good friends with it possible that you could convince her to vote Al???

LeShawna: I dont even want to vote Al! He is my friend!

Cody: But Al voted out my love he shall PAY

LeShawna: can we take down his sidekick Heather first?

Harold: *whispers* watch *to LeShawna They want me out.

LeShawna: No they dont, I know they don;t I want Heather out and you have yourselves a deal

Cody: Heather...then Al. Ok???

LeShawna: OK

Harold: I'm staying true to Gwen's alliance even if you don't!

Cody: (CONF) Sure Gwen wants Bridgette out...but Heather and Al are HUGE threats. Plus, they returned which is unfair to the rest of us.

Bridgette: Can we have a challenge?


Chris: First you will race to the end of the Great Wall of China using an object. GO!

Alejandro: *rides skateboard*

Bridgette: *rides horse carrige*

LeShawna: *goes with Bridgette* Come on Chef MOVE IT! Bridge this was smart to get Chef to pull us around


Cody: *rides on donkey* I'll call you Ace.

Alejandro: Want a bike Heather?

Heather:Yeah,thanks..*grabs the bike**gets on and starts riding it*

Harold: *takes a two-person bike*

Cody: Rapido Ace!!!

Harold: *calls Owen*

LeShawna: *riding* We are almost there Bridgette

Heather:*rides past them*

Alejandro: *is 25% there* LeShawna and Bridgette: We are almost there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 *ride past finish line* whhat do we win?

Heather:*gets past the finish line hits the gong*

Alejandro: Almost there...*makes it* Yes!

Bridgette: What now? Do we wait for Harold and Cody

Heather:(CONF)I need to win this or I'll get out..

Cody: *passes finish line* Yes!!!

Chris: *rings bell* Everyone but harold moves on!


Bridgette: Yes!

Cody: Woo-hoo!!! Go former Amazonians!!!

Chris: Now eat disgusting food. Puke or finish last: Loser bench.

Chris: "Manman chi" means enjoy your meal.

Everyone except Harold: "Manman chi" it's no raw deal.

Bridgette: Is it roasted veal?

Chris: It's donkey meat!

Owen: Can I have some?

Bridgette: no! NO! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will not eat this!

LeShawna: Yummy *eats*

Owen: I'll take it.

Cody: Ace!!! *secretly give his portion to Owen^

Bridgette: I have to do this! oh, I can't *pretends to drop fork* Oh I have to get something *goes under table and put food under her chair*

Alejandro: *finishes*

Chris: Heather. Loser bench.

Chris: "Manman chi" means bon apitite!

Alejandro, Cody, Bridgette, and LeShawna: "Manman chi" what do we have to eat?

Alejandro: It's still moving it's feet!

Chris: Eat worms!

Cody: *pretends it's pasta* Come on Cody... *eats it*

Alejandro: It's Aunt Maria's speggheti, it's Aunt Maria's speggheti! *eats*

Bridgette: No problem I ate worms all the time, they are good protein *eats*

LeShawna: Oh no! *barfs by watching Bridgette* Disgusting!

Chris: LeShawna, loser bench!

Chris: "Manman chi" means don't get the squirts!

Alejandro, Bridgette, and Cody: "Manman chi" we'd rather eat our shirts!

Alejandro: I think I'm getting the squirts.

Chris: Speggheti! Actully, it's worms, snail slime, and hair balls.

Alejandro: Not bad. It's just haiballs, snail slime, and worms! I can't take it! *pukes*

Chris: Loser bench Alejandro!

Cody and Bridgette: "Manman chi", "manman chi-i-i!

Chris: They like to eat on the Yangzite!

Chris: Disguting smoothee! Drink!

Bridgette: *gets a funnel and drinks smoothie out of it* I win!

Chris: Bridgette wins! Who's having immunity and first class with you?

Alejandro: *crosses fingers*

Bridgette: I pick my girl LeShawna! (I'll edit elimination table)


Bridgette: I vote for Harold

LeShawna: I vote for Harold

Alejandro: Bye Harold. *votes*

Chris: Bye Harold! *kicks him out with a parachute*

Chat 18

Bridgette and LeShawna First Class

Bridgette: This is the life!

LeShawna: You know it! Final 5 is good! Hopefully we can get final 2 together! :D

Bridgette: Yeah hopefully, I wonder who should go next, poor Cody he is the only one other than us in the Final 5 not to return!

Intern: *gives them drinks* If I were you, I would vote off Cody, then Heather, and let fate decide who to be in the final 2.

Bridgette: Yeah, your right! If it weren't for Alejandro, we wouldnt be here right now!

Intern: Especially in Niagara Falls. If he hadn't voted for Gwen, you would have gone.

Bridgette: I know, anyways can you ask Chris when the challenge is going to be?

Intern: I already know. Tanzania, Africa.

Bridgette: COol, but I asked if the challenge was going to be soon....

Intern: About 5 minutes.

Bridgette:Sweet! I hope me or LeShawna win, so we can take eachother to first calss again!


Econemy Class

Alejandro: *is sleeping*


Chris: Welcome. Do not laugh at me.

Alejandro: *laughs*

Chris: Anyway, your first challenge is Soc-It To Me! One by one, one of you will kick a soccer ball to a plum stand while the others pummel you with soccer balls. Grab as many plums as you can. Kick the soccer ball back, while others still pummel you. The number of plums you have will help you. Because, you will use a baseball bat to hit your gourd. First one to crack your gourd wins the advantage. Bridgette, GO!

Bridgette: I love socccer! *kicks soccer ball and hits plum* what now?

Chris; Keep on kicking it 'till you make it to the plum stand, grab as many as you can, then kick it back.

Bridgette: *keeps kicking plum stand*

Chris: Grab as many as you can, then kick the soccer ball to the finish line.

Bridgette: *grabs 15 plums* Oh yeah! *kicks ball to finish line*

Chris: Alejandro's turn!!!

Alejandro: *dodges soccer balls kicked at him, kicks ball to plum stand, grabs 3 plums, juggles them and kicks ball to finish line*

Alejandro: *CONF* My brother Carlos is a professenial soccer player. I'm a naturalist at juggling too.

Chris: Cody's turn!!!

Cody: *kicks ball and gets 17.5 plums* I NEED TO WIN!!!

  • LeShawna and Heather go. LeShawna has three plums, Heather has two.*

Chris: Now use a baseball bat to smack and crack your gourd. First one to do so wins an advantage. GO!

Alejandro: *bats first plum, misses* Come on...

Cody: *smacks plum* Dang it!!!

Alejandro: *smacks plum, gets crack* all right...

COdy: *smacks plum*

Alejandro: *smacks his final plum, plum slices gourd in half* Yes!

Chris: Alejandro wins the advantage. But still try to crack your gourds!

Cody: *Cracks gourd*

  • Heather, Bridgette, and LeShawna crack their gourds*

Chris: The next challenge is an African Safari! You will use tranquilizer balls to tranqulize a feral Chef Hatchet! Alejandro won the last challenge so he gets six balls. Cody cracked his gourd second so he gets three. And the rest of you, two each. GO!

Alejandro: Here Cheffy, cheffy, cheffy. It's nap time...

Cody: Chef...I have a picture of Justin right here...

Chef: *takes picture, only to have a lion eat it*

Lion: *chases Cody, growls*

(Sunsummer7: *what seems like one zillion, trillion, billion, million, thousand, hundred, ninety-nine years later* I'm bored. No one's editing. )=)

Cody: *runs away from lion while shooting in the general direction of Chef*

Chef: *dodges, runs off in the distance*

Bridgette: *hiding in tree* is he ever going to come out!

LeShawna: *running* where is he *finds Chef* Oh yeah! *starts shooting Chef, but misses* oh , Crap!

Chef: *runs away*

Alejandro: *walks to LeShawna and Bridgette* I say we team up to find Chef. There is strainth in numbers, and together, we can make the final 4.

Bridgette: okay!

Heather:*walking**sighs and sees Chef*Come and get it!*shoots him and misses*Dang it!

Cody: COme on... *shoots tranq ball at Chef* No!!! *trips so therefore is unable to claim he hit Chef*

Heather:This is so hard..

Chris: Alejandro has six tranq balls, Cody has one, LeShawna one, Bridgette two, Heather one. As of right now. Continue!

Lion: *approaches to Alejandro*


Lion: *beats up Alejandro*

Alejandro: AH! Oh, stop! Please! STOP! OW!!!!

Heather:*shoots the lion*You must bow split half of your tranq balls..for me..

Alejandro: Sure. I owe it. *gives Heather three tranq balls*

Heather:Just don't vote me out..want to find Chef together?

Alejandro: Sure. Where did you last see him?

Heather:*walking*That way..*points to the left*

Alejandro: *gasps* We're in quicksand! I never thought I'd die in quicksand.

Chef: *comes*

Alejandro: *grabs a stick* Chef... Here buddy, *Chef starts to pull* That's it, pull boy, pull! Quick, shoot Chef, Heather!

Heather:*shoots Chef*Yes!*hugs Alejandro*

Chris; who are you bringing to first class Heather?

Heather:Hmm...prove yourself..everybody..

Alejandro: I think I should because I have never voted for and never will vote for you. And I've been a help to you.

Heather:Hm.Anyone else*silence*I choose Alejandro,


Alejandro; cody.

Heather:I vote LeShawna

Bridgette: I vote Cody

LeShawna: I have to vote for pipsqueak Cody

(HR:That's no fair,TDo has both of his characters in the final four)

(TDO: You guys should have voted me out sooner!)

(HR:Make Brdgette vote for LeShawna)

Cody: LeShawna... (Plat: It's unfair...Sunsummer shouldn't make it this far and TDO shouldn't have two characters in the f4. I would've voted one of te characters out but the voting close befoore I have time to edit)

Chris: Cody is out! Or would be! Because this is a fake elimination!

Chat 19

Alejandro and Heather First Class

Heather:(CONF)The only reason why I keep chosing Alejandro is because he's the only person I trust

Alejandro: (CONF.) I'm expecting to go far. I'm close friends with everyone here. Except Cody. Cody's trying to get me out. But I guess I'm relieved Duncan's gone. That would be bad.

Econemy Class

Cody: *sighs* What's the point...I'm the only one playing fair...I never thought I'd get this far anyways...I need friends.

Bridette: Hey Cody, I'll be your friend! Me, you and LeShawna final 3? (TDO: I would make LeShawna lose 3rd place or else it would be fair, also Heather and Al can't win as they returned and that would be unfair, and how was I playing unfair, everybody had 3 characters except for me I had 2, and nobody decided to vote me out)

Owen: Do you guys have food?

Chris: Owen! Why are you... eh? What the heck. *gives Owen ten slices of pancakes*

Owen: Pancakes *eats them all in one bite*

Intern: Cody. Happy Birthday. You even have birthday mail from Gwen. (Gwen's letter says: "Cody, today is April 1st so I just wanted to say happy birthday! I hope your birthday luck comes to help you in the comptetition. If you look on the back, you will see a suprise, Gwen." Cody looks on the back. It shows that Gwen gave Cody 10$ in birthday money.)

Owen: So what do I do since I'm here.

Cody: *sighs* Gwen...*writes back* Thanks a lot, youre the only one who cares. Unfortunately, Alejandro wants me gone and I don't think I'm gonna get very far.

Owen: Happy B-Day little dude!


Chris: Welcome to Easter Island! Your challenge is to find easter eggs in these statues. Once you have three, you have to get to the statue with the condor nest on top. The only way to get there is through the cave. If you lose or break an egg, you have to go back to the statues to get replacements.

Alejandro: *raises hand*

Chris: No you can't get a back up egg. I almost forgot. The eggs will have colors. And only look for the eggs that have your color. Heather, your color is purple. Alejandro's is red. Cody's is green. Bridgette's is blue, LeShawna's is yellow. GO!

Alejandro: *walks with Heather, Bridgette, and LeShawna* These statues look like people's heads. *gasps* It's all the contestents that's been voted out!

Cody: *walking alone* If only... *looks in Gwen's head and sees blue egg* Whoops! *cracks it*

Alejandro: *starts climbing Duncan's head, tarantulas come out* AH!

Cody: *goes into Harold's head and finds red egg* What should I do...

Alejandro: *finds green egg in Duncan's mohawk, gives it to Cody*

Cody: Oh, thanks Alejandro! Here... *gives him red egg and searches through Lindsay*

Alejandro: No problem. *searches through Owen's statue*

Cody: *sees something bulging in Lindsay's shirt* Hey Al, can you see which color egg is under there?

Alejandro: Si. It's purple

Owen: Is there food in me?.

Alejandro: *throws a coconut to him, doesn't find any eggs, goes to Noah's statue* Hey, Cody. Want to team up for the challenge? Get to know each other?

Cody: Sure...I'm screwed anyways...*finds another red egg* Here ya go!

Alejandro: Thanks! And I saw another one of your eggs too! *gives green egg*

Cody: *looks in COurtney's head and finds a red and green egg* Let's go!!! *gives red to Alejandro*

Alejandro; *in cave* Oh, and Happy Birthday. Chris told me that it's your birthday, and I got you a present. It's a Wii. So when this game is over, a wii set will be at your doorstep.

Cody: parents dont even remember my birthday!!!

Alejandro: *bat blinds him, crashes into wall* Ow! (Sunsummer7: You think there should be a wiki about this series? I can't run the whole thing by myself.)

Bridgette: *finds her egg in Duncan's head* I knew he was useful for something! (Don't, then it will fall apart, you can run the whole thing by yourself, it is like a camp! You runit yourself)

Cody: *reaches top* Yes!!! *sees condor nest* Oh no!!! (Yeah, what TDO said)

Chris: Oh, yes! You will be climbing that thing to give back the eggs. The person that comes last is automaticly eliminated. Cody came out first, so he wins a baseball catcher's helmet for protection. Bridgette, LeShawna, and Heather have to catch up with the first challenge. GO!

Alejandro: *starts climbing with eggs*

Bridgette: *finds 2nd egg* YEs!

LeShawna: Bridgette here! *hands her bag*

Heather:*finds her eggs in Harold's head,Courtney's head**

Bridgette: *finds her last egg in Sierra;s head and find one for leshawna's in Lindsya's* (TDO: HR, that was godplaying)

LeShawna: *finds her second egg* YEs! *puts in bag* Bridgette go!

Bridgette: Okay!

Heather:*looking for her last egg*LeShawna you are going down!*climbs Owen**looks in his mouth*Found one!*grabs it and it's yellow*Meh.*throws it to the ground**goes to Sierra's head**finds one her hair**starts to go to the place the others are*

LeShawna: *catches egg* Thanks Heather! *runs past her* weew! this is hard! *starts slowing down but keeps going*

Bridgette: *climbing* I got to get these eggs in the nest!

Alejandro: *catches up to Bridgette* Oh, hey.

Bridgette: Hy..*steps onAlejandro and keeps going, but pushes him off*

Heather:*passes LeShawna and trips her and all of her eggs break**runs and gets there**pants*What do we..*pants*do?*pants*

Cody: *starts climbing* Come here condor...

Heather:Well..duh!*starts to climb*

Alejandro; What was that for, Bridgette?

Cody: *reaches top* Where's the condor???

Heather:*climbing*This is tiring!*climbs more*

Alejandro: *keeps climbing, reaches halfway mark*

Heather:*gets to the top**puts back her eggs*

Alejandro: *reaches the top, does the same*

Heather:Yes!*hugs Cody and Alejandro*We're safe!

Alejandro: Final 4!


Chris: Bridgette or LeShawna will be gone!

Bridgette: *climbing* I made it! Sorry LeShawna....

LeShawna: It's okay girl....5th place is good. I am proud of myself!

Chris: Cody and Heather were the first up here, so they win first class!

Chat 20

Cody and Heather First Class

Cody: Woo-hoo!! Final four! Only three more boots until I can finally accomplish something with my life!

Heather:Hey Cody,we need to be in the final two because Bridgette is a big threat to us,and Alejandro can make it to the final three with us.

Cody: Sure, that would be a good strategy. Bridgette did cut Gwen's hair off.

Alejandro and Bridgette Econemy Class

Alejandro: Why did you step on me and push me off yesterday, Bridgette? *gets no answer* Fine.


Chris: Welcome to Drumheller, Alberta! Your first challenge is to get props from the fort, and build a dinosaur. GO!

Cody: *grabs stuff from the plane* Glitter glue?

Gwen: *walks to Cody* Hey. I went here to look for dino bones, but I saw Total Drama was here. Can I help?

Cody: Gwen??? What are you doing in the middle of Drumheller?

Bridgette: Oh! I know!!!!! *gets dino bones* I am going to make a Chris-a-sarus! *starts making it*

Gwen: I came here to look for dino bones.

Alejandro: Bridgette, why did you step on me and kick me off the statue at Easter Island?

Cody: Hmmm... *starts to make an Alejan-Heath-Bridge-osaurus*

Gwen: Will these pictures of Al and Bridge help?

Cody: Sure!!! *continues making it*

Gwen: I recently got a wig. It's like my normal hair, except it's red.

Cody: *while building* It looks good on you.

Owen: *comes out of the plane* Gwen did you bring food?

Gwen: Thanks.

Alejandro: *starts building a T-Rex*

Everyone: *finish*

Chris: Alright. Cody, what did you make? Describe it.

Cody: Meet the Alejan-Heath-Bridge-osaurus!!! It combines all of the positive aspects of other contestants.

Chris: *interested* Like what?

Cody: It shows Alejandro's flirtatious abilities, Heather's determined spirit, and Bridgette's surfing abilities.

Chris: Cool! Next!

Alejandro: I built the T-Rex. The largest dinosaur ever to live on Earth.

Chris: Alright, Heather is next!

Heather:Umm..I built the Chrisasuaras...!*shpws him*

Chris: Cool. But Bridgette built that also. But time for a suprise. I'm not judging. Each and every one of you are! And take turns in the electric chair. Don't lie or you will get shocked. You will favorite what you like. And judge all of them. Heather is in first. *Heather gets put in*

Heather:Wow a lie decector..Great job Chris*gets shocked*Sarcasm doen't count as a lie!!

Chris: True. But the more the shockings, the higher the ratings!

Heather:*sighs*I liked Cody's..

Chris: And...?

Heather:And what!?

Chris: Rate Alejandro and Bridgette's dinosaurs.

Heather:Bridgette..*thumbs down*Alejandro..Pretty good..

Chris: Alright, you're good. Cody is next!

Cody: I would like to say Al's but...there was no creativity involved. I vote Heather and Bridgette tied for the best since they built the same thing...and then Alejandro. Sorry.

Chris: Al's turn.

Alejandro: Well, I think that Bridgette, Heather, and Cody's dinosaurs are winners. They were all creative.

Chris: Bridgette is next!

  • Bridgette supports Al's and Cody's*

Chris: Alright. There is some ties between Alejandro, Heather, and Bridgette's dinosaurs. So me and Gwen will vote!

Gwen: I have to support Cody's. He was very creative. Alejandro's wasn't. And Bridgette and Heather did the same thing so no.


Chris: My turn. I support everyone's but Al's. Now the rewards for part two. Cody gets a drill. Bridgette gets a prospector kit. Heather gets a shovel and pail. Alejandro gets nothing. The next part is to use your rewards to find oil cans underground. First person to bring it here wins. GO!

Heather:A shovel and a pail..ugh!*goes to a place*

Alejandro: *digs with hands*

Heather:(CONF)Wow no songs,he must have forgot.

Alejandro: *has dug about a foot into ground*

Cody: *starts drilling* Wow, this is easy! *hits something*


Cody: *starts digging up what he hit*

Heather:*has a big hole around her*I'm never going to find it!UGH!*throws the shovel hits an oil can*Yay!*a boulger wedges her in a hole*Ugh!HELLP

Cody: *digs up oil barrel* Hmmm...should I help her...

Heather:I'm wedge in a whole!HELP

Cody: Meh, I'll save the reference for Alejandro.

Heather:*sees Cody*Don't leave me here!

Alejandro: *runs over to her, lifts boulder* You alright?

Cody: *gives Chris barrel* YES!!!

Heather:Yes,now help me dig out thuis barrel*starts to dig it out*

Alejandro: Sure. *digs and gets two* Wow. There's two. Now come on! *runs to plane*

Heather:Yeah I do all the work..*pushes it*

  • Alejandro and Heather make it to the plane.*

Chris: Congrats! Bridgette ranked last place in the challenge, so she is automaticly out!

Gwen: Yes!

Chris: One more thing. *blows up the plane*

Heather:We're you planning that!?

Cody: *hugs Al and Heather* Woo-hoo! Final three!!!


Cody: (CONF) OKay, I'm the only one here to make it fairly. I mean, Heather and Alejandro both returned...but I guess I'm gonna lose. *sighs*

Race to hawaii Challenge

Chris: *recaps the season* It's been a long first season of My TD. With the exotic locations, lethal challenges, and intense rivalries, this season has kicked off a great series. It all started with the twist of three teams, each with their own story. Team Alejandro, one of the best teams of the season, went off to a shaky start. They had lost the first immunity challenge, and everyone was paranoid... except for the alliance of Bridgette and LeShawna. They had been close with Alejandro, but instead voted him out with Duncan's support, leaving Heather on the outs. They then went on a 3-challenge winning streak, but booted Heather and Duncan at the following eliminations for rudeness. The alliance of Bridgette and LeShawna was all that was left (they were soon joined by Heather, who returned to the game). Team Amazon, also a good team, won the first challenge. They then booted Sierra for inactivity and being very creepy. Later, a romantic alliance between Gwen and Cody formed and even brought in Courtney, leaving Noah and Lindsay on the outs, and they were eliminated in their team's next eliminations. Team World Tour was the worst team of the season, because their inactive members had dwindled down the entire team - except Harold, the only active person. In the mid-point in the game, the tribe controllers Bridgette and Gwen found themselves at war after Bridgette beat up Gwen in a challenge. At this point, Harold had a choice on which team to join, and chose Team Amazon, leaving Team World Tour abolished. There was Team Bridgette (Bridgette, LeShawna, Heather) and Team Gwen (Gwen, Cody, Courtney, Harold). The teams merged and Gwen's alliance had the upper-hand, until Alejandro returned after being an intern, who forgave Bridgette and served her. Any chance for Gwen quickly demolished, as Courtney quit the game, throwing Team Amazon under the bus. Bridgette now had the upper-hand, and voted out Gwen's alliance until only Cody remained. Heather was tired of Bridgette running the show, and in a sudden death challenge, she sabotaged LeShawna, and Bridgette's partner-in-crime was out. Bridgette betrayed Alejandro for Cody, and he joined Heather against his former ally. She brought in Cody, and Bridgette lost the game. Now we are down to three. Who will win? Cody, Al, or Heather? Find out!

  • commercial break*

Chris: Race to Hawaii. First go to the mexican border, and then travel across the sea to win the two spots in the final two. go!

Gwen: *to Cody* Maybe we can find some things in the remanings of the plane.

Heather:*starts to walk*

Cody: Hmmm...a chair...some helium...we could make a hot air balloon!

Owen: I'm going to the train station about a mile from here so I can get to the last episode before it is over.

Gwen: Great idea, Cody! *starts building*

Alejandro: *walks, but trips over train tracks* Trains! Yes! *runs to train station*

Cody: I inished if only I could find some sorta basket.

Gwen: I managed to retain my old wheelchair. Would that be good?

Cody: We could ride together to Mexico.

Gwen: Sure! *gets on ride, Cody and Gwen go into the air* I'm planning to give Bridgette some karma.

Cody: *starts to fly* Woo-hoo!!! We're way ahead!

Gwen: But not for long. Al is getting on a train.

Alejandro: *gets a seat on train*

Train Conductor: *through loudspeaker* All abord passengers. And welcome to this train ride to Mexico!

Alejandro: Yes!

Train: *starts riding to Mexico*

Cody: *continues flying* You know what would suck right now? Something random, like a hailstorm!

Gwen: You mean like that? *points to hailstorm, Cody and Gwen start screaming*

Cody: No!!! *dodges hail* I wonder where Heather is...

Gwen: I think we're crossing the border to Washington. I've heard that many storms like this happen there.

Cody: *sees a train* Is that....Owen???

Chris: *rings bell* Time to sing!

Cody: This show's in the air it's moving fast. You and I are meant to last. All I want is final two. So look out, here comes Cody-poo.

Gwen: You're gonna make it! They can't stop you now! Let them try! Our fortune's waiting. They can kiss it all, bye, bye, bye!

Alejandro and Heather: *on top of train* You are the best. We will make to the end. And if we don't, we say it's all pretend!

Cody, Alejandro, and Heather: I'm gonna make it. They can't stop me now. Let them try. My fortune's waiting. They can kiss it all bye, bye, bye!

Gwen: Cody! CODY! *hot air balloon crashes in telephone wire, it is destroyed* OH, COME ON!

Cody: *sighs* I'm doomed... Well,, I never expected to get this far...

Gwen: *sees fireworks shop, thinks*

Alejandro: *riding in train with Heather* We're going to make it! We're riding across California, and Cody's still in the middle of Oregon!

Gwen: *gets to fireworks shop* Excuse me. Me and my boyfriend, Cody, are kinda in a situation. So will you accept free fireworks. And if we can't get back in the air, Al and Heather will be the final two!

Firework Seller: Cody? From Total Drama? Up against Al and Heather? Right now?

Gwen: Yes! So can you- *seller gives Gwen fireworks* Thanks! Your the best! *runs to Cody*

Alejandro: *in train* Almost there...

Gwen: *approaches Cody* Get up! I got fireworks! *attaches fireworks to wheelchair* Come on! *gets on the hot air mobile*

Cody: Fine... *gets in*

Gwen and Cody: *blast through California, crash into Alejandro and Heather's train making them fly into the boats*

Chris: Welcome to Mexico! Now race your boats to Hawaii. First two to get there is the final two.

Alejandro: *starts boat*

Cody: *starts boat* Let's go!

  • Heather starts the boat*

Gwen: You might be in the final two!

Cody: *sees Hawaii* We're gonna get first!!!

Owen: Train guy do you have pie?

Cody: *reaches land* Oh my god!!! I actually did something! *faints*

Owen: *farts in Cody's face because he had got off the train and Cody landed on him*

Cody: (CONF) Final two??? *coughs gases* That is just...epic.

Owen: Win it Cody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alejandro: *makes it*

Cody: (CONF) I'm in the final two! Now there's only one massive thing in my way...Alejandro. *gulps*

Owen: Can I have my pie now?!??!?!?!?!

  • Heather makes it to Hawaii, only to see that she lost*


Chris: Now. Alejandro and Cody. Pick two of the eliminated compititors to be your helpers.

Alejandro: I choose Bridgette and Heather.

Cody: I choose Gwen and Owen.

Chris: Now your helpers will give you pineapples and driftwood to build dummies of eachother to dump in the volcano. And to make things interesting...*rings bell*

Alejandro: My ladies, please head straight. That's it. Your doing great. Search through that wood. Tout suite. Find me, some giant feet.

Cody: Come on guys, move it fast! I don't wanna be last! Grab some logs to match his frame, I don't wanna be called lame!

Alejandro and Cody: I'm gonna win it.

And you can't take it.

I'm right here in it.

But you just fake it!

Gwen: Is this thigh, fat enough?

Cody: Uh huh!

Alejandro: Hey!

Cody: Gosh, are these supplies enough? Woah!

Alejandro: That's it now, hurry back. I need arms weak and slack. His butt is scrawny and flat.

Cody: Al, what did you just say? I'm not Heather, ok? Oh, and get me some big fat knees. Can you do it please?

Alejandro and Cody: I'm gonna win it.

And you can't take it.

I'm right here in it.

But you just fake it.

Gwen: Arms so right. It's ill! Worth one fifth of the mill!

Cody: I'll pay you back somehow. Pineapple head me now! Alejandro and Cody: I'm gonna win it.

And you can't take it.

I'm right here in it.

But you just fake it!

I'm gonna cash it!

You'll never hit it.

You should trash it.

Cody: Cause I just did it.

Chris: Now you will race up the volcano! First person to dump your dummies in the volcano wins! Cody won the race to Hawaii. So he gets a wheelbarrow. And for winning the dummie building challenge, Cody gets a 20 second headstart. GO!

Heather:(CONF)I can't believe I lost!UGH.

  • Cody starts running up the volcano*

Heather:*at the top*Let's go!

Cody: *keeps running* COme on...

Heather:Oh gosh it is hot.

Cody: *reaches lava pit* Woah!!!

Heather:*on the other side*What do we use these swords for?

Alejandro: *gets there too*

Chris: You have to cross this! Your helpers can chop or block. But you have to be careful. Those ropes and trap the contestent. GO!

Alejandro: Chop away ladies!

Heather:*chops on of the traps*

Cody: Woah!!! *gets hit by bowling ball*

Gwen: *starts blocking Heather and Bridgette, gives Bridgette a black eye*

Cody: *makes it across and keeps running* Ow!!! *trips and sprains ankle* I'm doomed...

Heather:*takes Gwen's wheelchair away and throws it aside*

Gwen: Don't you know I don't need it anymore!?*throws Cody an ice pack* Hurry!

Heather:I will destro you!*starts attacking Gwen*

Alejandro: *crosses lava river, makes it to the top* Yes! So close! *is about to throw dummie in volcano*

Heather:*stops and goes to the top**pants*I'm here*pants*To..*pants**falls down*

Alejandro: *throws dummie in* Yes!

Chris: Nice! But isn't that your sacrifice at the lava river?

Alejandro: Huh?

Chris: It mustv'e gotten mixed up. Because you just threw Cody's dummie in the volcano. So he wins!

Alejandro: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you wanna..uh..kiss?

Alejandro: Yes. *Alejandro and Heather kiss*

Lindsay: Aw. That is so bueatyful!

Cody: *reaches top* Congrats Alejandro on winning... *sighs*

Heather:*stops kissing*You won Cody!

Cody: *sees he is carrying his own dummy* I did?? Woo-ow!!! My ankle!!

Chris: Wait. Cody is carrying his own dummy? Then Alejandro wins!

Cody: No...I'm carrying the dummy that looks like'd they get switched up?

Chris: I have no idea. But Cody wins! *gives him the million dollars*

Cody: Woo-hoo!!! *waits for some plot twisting event to happen*


Everyone: *cheers*

Hawaiian Man: You didn't throw any pineapples into the volcano did you?

Alejandro: Yeah.

Hawaiian Man: Don't you know what happens when pineapples meet lava? *volcano starts to erupt*

Gwen: *appears behind Bridgette* It's payback time. 

  • Bridgette looks back nervously*

Gwen: *rips Bridgette's hair out, kicks her in the gut, pushes her down the volcano on ice cube*

Volcano: *erupts*

Heather:AH!*starts to run down the volcano*AHH!*screams*

Everyone else: *follow* AH!

Chris and Chef: *run*

  • Bridgette reaches the bottom, only to get trampled by the contestents, she says: "Wait for me! *Chris and Chef run over her head* OW!", and charred by lava*

Chris: See you next season I guess! 

  • Bridgette runs by, screaming*

Chris: Well. It could have been worse. For example, next season we are replacing you guys with an all new cast! Haha! Until next time, I'm Chris McLean! And this has been Total...Drama- *ship sinks because of a boulder hitting it*

Everyone: *laugh*

Cody: Wait.... 

Heather:How are we getting out of here!?

  • meteors start falling towards the contestants* 

Everyone (except Bridgette): AH! *swims away*

  • screen goes static*

Bridgette Gets Placed In Drama Machine

*Scene opens with Bridgette on a medical bed, her new robot arms are placed on her*

Chris: We might get sued, but if she signs the release forms, we're golden. *body gets placed on Bridgette* Are you sure you know what you're doing, Chef?

Chef: *shrugs*

  • Bridgette's eyes widen when Drama Machine face is placed on her, she takes her first robot breath, the new Bridgette rises from the bed*

Chris: Bridge? Can you hear me? *Bridgette looks at him* We're gonna need you to sign this paperwork that legally absolves the show of your little "lava accident".

  • Bridgette asks how long she will be deformed by saying: "Chris. How long will I be in this?"*

Chris: You're gonna have to be in this machine for a while.

  • Bridgette shouts: "NO!!!!!!!!!!"*

Chris: *chuckles* Spaz.