Nr5 camp map

A map of the campsite!

The fifth camp is FINALLY here! Join us for roleplaying and art challenges, and prepare for the adventure of a lifetime!



  • Weird Al Yankovic as host - Nalyd Renrut

Screaming Badgers

  1. Nalyd - master strategist, kind of clumsy - Nalyd Renrut

Killer Raccoons

  1. Ravioli- antisocial ravioli pixie- Sunshineandravioli
  2. Kristi- A sweetie-pie, she is a little too caring and nice at times- Anonymos


  1. Dylan-From Total Drama Wilderness Rocky
  2. Tobi Linch-Matt's Anti-Social Flat-mate.-Ezekielguy
  3. Matt-Lovable, girl-crazy nerd.-Ezekielguy
  4. Christin- Kind, artistic girl; Sunshine's character- TDI19
  5. Xavier - mean kid, strong, sometimes insults people too much - Nalyd Renrut
  6. Tyra- Fashionable Model- TDI19
  7. Archie - An Athlete - Turnertang
  8. Hank - Inventor - Turnertang
  9. Mel- Creative, smart, music.... you know- TDI19
  10. Heather- Anonymos
  11. Duncan - Turnertang
  12. Tatiana- Drama queen, can be ditzy- Anonymos
  13. Sunshine- mentally unstable ravioli pixie- Sunshineandravioli
  14. Niles - intelligent, neat freak, is very weak - Nalyd Renrut
  15. Han- Completely insane Duncan-obsessed girl- Sunshineandravioli (Every time I enter her in a camp, it's cancelled... this time may be different...)
  16. Jack- Nice and cool skater musician, sometimes stupid Newly found genius Rocky
  17. Will- Tall kid, smart, friendly Rocky

Day One Chat


Weird Al: Welcome to the camp!

Nalyd: *walks off boat and trips*

Xavier: Spazz.

Niles: *looks around, disgusted at the filthy dock*

Nalyd: *stands up and brushes himself off*

Tatiana: (Steps off of the boat.) Hola, everybody! (Smiles, waves, then pauses to stare at a bird.)

Heather: Oh no! Not another summer here...

Han: *flips off the boat* WHAZZUUUUUUPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niles: *stares in fear*

Nalyd: *sighs sadly, wishing Ravioli was there*

Xavier: Great, another spazz....

Tatiana: (Nudges Xavier.) Come on, grumpy pants! Turn that frown upside-down!

Han: Yeah, like this! *grabs his face and yanks it into a smile* Mmm... actually, that's kinda creepy...

Sunshine: *randomly poofs into existance* HI GUYS!!!! I'm back!

Ravioli: *walks in behind her* Why did I sign up for this...?

Tatiana: SUNSHINE!!!!

Heather: (To Ravioli.) I'm with you.

Nalyd: *runs over to Ravioli* Ravioli!

Xavier: *trips him*

Nalyd: *lands face first on dock*

Niles: *jaw drops, walks away nonchalantly as not to attract attention to himself*

Xavier: Where are you going, nerd?

Niles: EEE! *runs behind Sunshine*

Ravioli: Nalyd? *thinks* Okay, maybe this won't be so bad...

Sunshine: *randomly dances*

Han: *grabs Xavier's face and yanks it into a smile* Smile!!! SMILE!!! I SAID SMILE DANGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *gets up* Glad you made it Ravioli.

(CONF) Nalyd: me and Ravioli being in the final two would be awesome.

Xavier: *shouts at Han* Get off of me!

Weird Al: Sttle down, weirdos!

Han: What'd you say to me?! *pulls out spork and charges at Weird Al*

Ravioli: Glad to be here... *stares at the chaos occuring behind them* ...sort of...

Sunshine: CANNONBAAAALLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! *does a belly flop off the dock*

Weird Al: *uses the magic of accordian music to stop Han*

Nalyd: Trust me, this'll be fun.

Han: *uncontrollably does the Duncan to the accordian music*

Sunshine: *climbs out of the lake, sees Han doing the Duncan, joins in*

Ravioli: I guess... so uh... what's with the accordian dude?

Nalyd: Thats the host, Weird Al. The king of parody. Remember that song I sang you in Owenguy's camp? It was a parody of one of his songs!

Heather: Weird Al is the host?! And I thought I had it bad with Chris! Boy, was I wrong...

Ravioli: Okay. So, uh... why is my sister and that brunette freak doing a disturbing dance to his accordian music!

Han: *still doing the Duncan* I HEARD THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *rolls his eyes* I got better moves than that! *dances like Trent in Beach Blanket Bogus*

(CONF) Xavier: Everyone here is a total dork!

(CONF) Niles: *maybe Xavier won't find me in here*

Kristi: (Arrives.) Hi, everyone! (Giggles.) It is sooo exciting to be here!

(Sunshine: o.O Um, is that supposed to be Christin, or is it a different character?)

(Anonymos: Mine, no. This is an upcoming character from season 2 of my fanfic. It just now dawned on me that they have the same name... I'll fix that.)

(Sunshine: LOL, sorry, it's just that the "practically spinless" thing also made me think of Christin. XD)

(Conf.) Ravioli: It's really cool that Nalyd's here... I just wish everyone else was somewhere else...

Nalyd: so when do we start, Al?

Weird Al: I dunno. When we have.. 27 people! (Anybody who gets the reference will officially be my homie, LOL)

(Anonymos: It said I had to put in some sort of flaw, and for someone like my character, it seemed to fit.)

Tatiana: 27! That is a cool number... (My friend is in the ensemble for I show that I am currently in, and so she named herself Ensemble Number 27!)

Kristi: Excuse me, Werid Al? What do you mean when you say it is in 3-D?

(Anonymos: I tweaked her personality a bit, now there should be no resemblance with her and Christin.)

Han: *randomly turns on the Cha-Cha Slide and starts dancing to it* TO THE LEFT! TAKE IT BACK NOW Y'ALL! FIVE HOPS THIS TIME!!!!!

Weird Al: *moves hand forward and back* 3-D!

Nalyd: Wow...

Kristi: Um, of... course...

Sunshine: *wearing 3D glasses* It looks better if you wear these.

Tatiana: COOL! (Randomly pulls a pair of glasses out of her pocket.) You're right!

Heather: How long have you had those in your pocket?

Tatiana: I never take them out! You never know when you will be whisked away into the middle of the ocean on a 3-D island!

Han: EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!!!!!!! *clapclapclapclapclap...*

Ravioli: *stares at Han* ...freak...

Jack: *skates down the dock* Hey what's up guys? I hope I win this year........

*A shadowy figure does a tripple flip off the boat and lands next to Ravioli. It's Matt*

Matt: Hey, what's up! *Sticks out tounge*

Tobi Linch: *Arrives on Motor Cycle and lifts down sun-glasses to look around.*

Weird Al: okay, I will divide you kids into two teams, and then our first challenge can start!

Nalyd: Wait! Ravioli and I aren't on the same team!

Xavier: Tough.

Ravioli: Oh, I'll show you tough, kid...


Sunshine: *gasps* No he's not! He's MINE!!!

Han: MINE!

Sunshine: MINE!


Sunshine: MMMMIIIIIIIINNNNNEEEEE!!!!!!!! *cat-fights with Han*

Challenge One

Weird Al: Okay, today is a picture challenge! (People with campers on separate teams, pick one team to make a pic for, or do multiple pics) You have to make a poster of Total Drama Action. It can be anything you want. Go! *brings everyone to Craft Cabin*

Archie: Here's mine!

Hank: And mine!

Duncan: I finished mine.

Tatiana: All done! Izzy's in a musical!

Heather: I don't know why I bothered to put Harold in my poster...

Kristi: (Sighs.) So romantic...

Weird Al: Tomorrow I am going to judge the pictures! *rocks out on accordian*

Jack:*is rocking the guitar with him* Can't you judge them now? I'm not very patient.

Will:I don't feel like making a poster. I'll just share yours Jack.

Jack OK.

Nalyd: Hey, jack, wanna have an alliance?

Jack: You know it dude!(Maybe since we got to the final two in my camp, and my best bro won, it'll happen here for me! Random:Jack and Nalyd's handshake is highfive, lowfive, then slap the other's face)

Nalyd: (LOL, wow XD) Sunshine, Mel, Heather, Duncan, you guys wanna join us?

Sunshine: *eyes Nalyd suspiciously* Well, Renrut, how do I know I can trust you after last season? *flashback to her and Nalyd's alliance in Camp 4*

Nalyd: We didn't have an alliance last season... If Duncan joins, will you join, Sunshine?

Han: *suddenly pops up behind Nalyd* SOMEONE MENTIONED DUNCAN!!!!!!

Sunshine: We did so have an alliance! The cross-team alliance which I ended after you voted off previously mentioned object of my affections!!!

Han: *gasps* YOU EVIL LITTLE- *slaps Nalyd across the face*

Ravioli: *strolls over* I don't know what's going on, and I'm not sure I want to...

Jack: Um guys? THe bush is on fire. (XD, that's like the best sentence ever)

Sunshine: I DIDN'T DO IT THIS TIME!!!!

Han: I... might or might not have... *eyes shift suspiciously* (LOL, it is XD)

Nalyd: Sunshine, think about the history we have together! We're practically brother and sister in law!

Xavier: *to Ravioli* Hey, sup?

Jack: This should help. *pours water on the fire, it turns out to be lighter fluid* OH ****! (I have my final 3 guess. It's pretty obvious.)

Ravioli: *bluntly* Don't talk to me.

Sunshine: And don't brothers and sisters do nothing but bug each other and fight? (LOL)

Han: WHOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(CONF) Xavier: I can win Ravioli. I will, too. Nalyd won't be here long, his whole team hates him!

Nalyd: Yes, Sunshine, but in-laws work together in mutual hatred of their parental inlaws!

Jack: Wait.... Can't the photos be judged now while everyone's on? (The final three will either be me, Ravioli and Nalyd or Nalyd Sunshine and me. That would be so..awesome!)

Weird Al: Only 11 people have a pic. 11 out of 20 isnt much...

(Rocky: PLZ judge them now tommorow's my birthday I'm goin surfing with my dad all day. I do have a life that's isn't TDI XD)

(Nalyd: Sorry, but it is too short a challenge time. HAPPY B-DAY!)

Nalyd: *smiles at Ravioli* Hows it going Ravioli?

(Rocky: OK. I'm getting a cell phone and possibly a youtube acccount with my RL best bud.)

Jack: *puts out the fire on the bush* Soooo.......*brings out guitar and plays it* Ahh... better. Did you guys know I'm afraid of fire?


Nalyd: Bummer...

Jack: Yeah. Fire's pretty creepy. Do you play anything Nalyd? You know, instruments?

Nalyd: I play the kazoo.

Xavier: Dork.

Weird Al: I can help you! *gives Naldy an accordian*

Nalyd: *breaks into hard core accordian solo*

Jack: *joins in on guitar*

Niles: *joins in on violin*

Han: *randomly joins in on electric guitar*

Sunshine: *joins in hitting water glasses with spoons* (LOL)

Ravioli: *stares at them all like the dorks they are* (LOL again)

Nalyd: Okay guys STOP! ..... HAMMER TIME! *sees Ravioli watching, goes over to her* Wanna go to the beach?

Ravioli: Sure...

Han: DA NA NA NA NA NA NAAAAAA CAN'T TOUCH THIS!!!!! *dances horribly*

Nalyd: *walking along the beach with Ravioli* This is nice.

Ravioli: It is... really nice... *pause* What do you think the catch is? (LOL)

Nalyd: *puts his arm around her shoulders* We're on different teams, thats the catch. *laughs*

Ravioli: Good point. *laughs*

Sunshine: *following them* Han, are you getting all this?

Han: *videotaping them* Oh yeah...

Ravioli: *to Nalyd* ...did you just get a feeling of forboding?

Nalyd: If forboding means like a seagull is planning an attack then yes. *looks away and sees a swarm of seasgulls circling around them* Spooky. What makes you say that, Ravi?

Ravioli: I don't know... just a feeling... *sees Sunshine and Han* WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING???

Sunshine: Oh crud.

Nalyd: I got this, Ravi. *runs at Sunshine and Han, but trips and rolls into the sand* I meant to do that...

Xavier: *shouts from far away* DORK!

Ravioli: *chucks a rock in Xavier's general direction*

Sunshine: FLEE, HAN!!!! FFFLLLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Han: Flea? Oh, wait, FLEE!!!! I get it. Heh. *runs away*

Niles: *was getting a wedgie from Xavier, rock hits Niles*

Nalyd: *spits out sand and gets up* See? I got this.

Ravioli: I knew you did. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to deal with a certain person whose name starts with an X. (LOL, just how many people is that? XD)

Nalyd: (Xavier... Xavyer, Xayviere, thats three, LOL) No! I can handle him. I'm not a Harold. Let's just hang out. I don't know how long I'm gonna last here...

Ravioli: Fine... And you'll last. Weren't you saying something about an alliance?

Nalyd: *winks* I'm trying. You just gotta make sure we're in the merge together. Then we'll be the final two.

Ravioli: Cool...

Sunshine: You getting this now???

Ravioli: I CAN HEAR YOU!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine: *runs away screaming*

Xavier: *in the craft tent writing a note*

Nalyd: What's wrong with them?

Ravioli: Dunno, but I heard Han's wanted by a few foreign governments...

Nalyd: *rolls eyes* I'm not surprised.

Xavier: *sneaks to outside the Racoons' cabin, with the note*

Ravioli: *sudden realization* Oh, crud, I still have to make my picture for the challenge...

Xavier: *sneaks into the girls' side of the racoon cabin, puts the note on Ravioli's bed, and runs out*

Nalyd: Ouch, that stinks. Don't worry, you've got Sunshine's art skills.

Ravioli: Actually, Sunshine's the only person in our family who got any creative skills... I can't draw at all... *sighs* I better get to work.

Nalyd: Just do better than Niles. (LOL, that pic stinks)

Ravioli: *laughs and goes to cabin, sees note on her bunk* What's with the random paper?

Note: *on the front* To Ravioli

Jack: Nalyd, how bout you, me and Ravioli, final three?

Nalyd: Okay, but if me or Ravioli get that last vote you know who will go, right?

Jack: Yeah..... but hey. Fifth last year, then third this year would equal first next year! Still, I always get real far in a camp but I never win...... :' (

Heather: Nalyd, I will be a part of your alliance, however don't expect me to trust you.

Nalyd: *laughs to self* I wouldn't trust you if my life depended on it.

Heather: Good, then we're on alike terms.

Tatiana: Who wants an alliance with Tatiana?

Duncan: Sure, why not?

Nalyd: You two should join me, Jack, and Heather. Then Sunshine and Han will join all of us, and we can vote out the other three people!

Tatiana: I seem to recall you voting me out last time... I'll think about it.

Duncan: Tatiana means we are joining your allaince.

Nalyd: Cool.

(CONF) Nalyd: I know the all want to stab me in the back. I need to make sure our team never loses!

(CONF) Duncan: Now that I'm in an alliance we have the mergerity vote for are team.

(CONF) Tatiana: Not quite what I meant...

Nalyd: *holds out a broken bowl* Duncan, spit in this. If you do so we can give it to Sunshine and tell her she'll get your DNA if she votes with us until the end. Deal?

Xavier: *waits for Ravioli to open the note*

Ravioli: Huh... might as well see what it says... *opens note*

Note: Dear Ravoli, I dont think its workin between us. Its time we see uther people. -Nalid Nalyd (Yes, spelling issues are intentional)

Xavier: *laughs to himself*

RaviolI: This person's spelling is horrible... I can't even tell what it says... *shrugs, chucks note away and starts working on poster* (LOL, fail XD)

Xavier: *curses, makes Niles write the note by holding a glue gun to his head* WRITE IT!

Niles: *starts crying while he writes it* (LOL, epic fail)

Mr. Pineapple: *yes he can talk* Can I join the alliance? (Dillweed: This is my first camp please don't vote me out first)

Nalyd: (Dilweed, no new contestants) *eats Mr. Pineapple* (Sorry, lol)

Ravioli: *accidentally glues her ponytail to the poster while making it* For the love of tomato sauce!!!

Nalyd: I liked your hair better the other way. *laughs* Want some help, Ravi?

Niles: *puts the new note on Ravioli's bed, runs away crying*

Xavier: *faking Sunshine's voice* Ravioli! Get to the cabin!

Ravioli: GO AWAY SUNSHINE!!!!! Sure, Nalyd...

Nalyd: *carefully cuts the poser out of his hair, faking a flamboyant voice* You look fabulous, darling! (LOL)

Ravioli: *laughs* Thanks. Let's see, I think it needs some more red...

Nalyd: I'll be right back. *goes to cabin, puts a picture of Ravioli, Nalyd, Amy, Elmo, Nanny Renrut, Sunshine, Sunny D, Matt and a random pizza guy on her night stand, returns*

Ravioli: *her hair is covered in glue and pictures from TDA episodes* I hate art. (LOL)

Nalyd: I can tell. Next time we'll get you a really really big hat... (LOL, afro!)

Duncan: (Spits in bowl) Here you go Nalyd.

Nalyd: Cool, dude. Sunshine! Look! Duncan DNA! You can have it if you vote with us.

Jack: *rocks out to Know Your Enemy on Guitar* (Nalyd, I gave one of my spots to Dillweed. That's why he's on.)

(Nalyd: You can't do that. 1. No fruit. 2. He isn't subscribed Sorry dude.)

(Rocky: OK.)

Sunshine: M-m-m-ust r-r-resist Dunc-c-can DN-N-NA.... OH FORGET IT. I'll vote with you, happy???

Han: MMMMIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dives for Duncan's DNA*

Ravioli: Finally, finished my poster...

Nalyd: No DNA until you vote with us three times! Awesome poster, Ravi.

Jack: Yeah Ravi. Nice! *puts hand out for knuckle bump*



  • Duncan - Pretty good. Not a lot of pictures though. 6.5/10
  • Archie and Hank - Again, just pretty good. By only getting pictures from the first three episodes, you missed out on some great artwork. 7.5/10
  • Nalyd - Lots of good pictures and captions. However, TDA is way too small on it. And I wish you planned better so there wasn't so much red background. 7.5/10
  • Heather - I'm sorry but that's actually pretty bad... Good job not cutting a pasting like the others, but not very good, sorry. 4/10
  • Kristi - Same reason as Heather. The bodies don't even look like Gwen and Trent. Sorry. 4/10
  • Tatiana - Again, the poor free draw was your ultimate downfall... Sorry! 4/10
  • Will and Jack - Very good pictures, however if you gave the Gwen and Heather picture a blue background, it would have looked even better. 7/10
  • Xavier - Very nice picture selection, and the black background compliments it nicely. However, you, like Nalyd, had text issues. 7.5/10
  • Niles - I couldn't review this one until I was done throwing up every time I looked at it! The best part of the pic is... Owen... And even he's kind of cruddy. 2/10
  • Sunshine and Han - AWESOME! Definitely one of the best posters. This could be an official TDA poster. 9/10
  • Ravioli - Very good picture. Total Drama Action takes up a lot of space, which is good. 8/10
  • Screaming Badgers = 37
  • Killer Raccoons = 30

Weird Al: Okay, the Screaming Badgers have won! Killer Raccoons, talk here to talk about voting.

Niles: I think we should vote for whoever didn't make a picture.

Xavier: Agreed.

Niles: So either Christin, Dylan, or Matt...

Xavier: Christin won alst season.

Niles: But Matt is a threat.

Hank: I say we vote Dylan.

Xavier: I agree, we need threats here until the merge

Kristi: I don't know, I wish that nobody had to leave, but I guess I would pick Dylan. He isn't very friendly.

Niles: So the four of us are going to vote together?

Xavier: I guess.

Niles: Then why not have an alliance?

Kristi: Um, okay... (Takes Niles aside.) But I don't really like Xavier... But don't tell him I said that.

First Vote

Weird Al: Welcome Raccoons.

Nile: *votes for Dylan*

Xavier: *votes for Dylan* If you aren't gonna help, beat it.

Rocky: *facepalm* Why did I put a silent guy? Man I'm stupid.)

Kristi: I am so sorry, but I have to vote for Dylan.

Hank: I'm gonna have to vote fo Dylan.

Archie: I'm voting Dylan

Weird Al: Dylan needs one more vote to go!

Dylan: *vots himself, walks down the dock of shame, misses the boat, swims home*

Weird Al: That was weird.

Day Two Chat


Nalyd: *sits in mess hall*

Niles: *sits disecitng his food*

Xavier: *sleeps in*

Jack: *trying to fix his broken guitar string*

(CONF)Jack: Some n00b broke my guitar string!

(Rocky: Why no Survivor format? Dang.)

(Anonymos: Sorry, Nalyd, I mean, this is great, but I liked the previous one better.)

Heather: So, Nalyd, who are we voting out today?

Jack: My opinion? Han. Craaaaaazy dude. (Rocky: Just checkin'. Is this Heather bald? I say we bring back Survivor format!)

Han: *chucks food at people* WHOO!!!!!!! FOOD FIGHT!!!

Sunshine: *jumps up onto a table and dances horribly*

Ravioli: *mutters to self* Make her stop...

Heather: (No, I like Heather better when she has hair...) Han! You don't get the Duncan DNA until you stop irritating everyone!

Tatiana: Han isn't being annoying! She's just expressing herself in an... irritating manner.

Jack: Sunshine and Han! If you guys stop, I'll write a song about Duncan! (Today's my b-day!)

Tatiana: Oh! I bet I could right one too! Ooooohhhhh... DUNCAN, DUNCAN, DUNCAN, DUNCAN.... I guess I can't... (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D)

Nalyd: Heather, Jack, we can't vote out Han! She's in our alliance. (What was great about last camps format?)

Han: *chucks a pancake at Nalyd's face* WOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flips off table*

Sunshine: *continues dancing, but falls off the table* Ow.

Ravioli: *headdesk*

Nalyd: *sits next to Ravioli* Sup, Ravi? (BTW Sunshine, don't you have some flags to grade?)

Ravioli: I'm surrounded by idiots, as usual... (And a TDAuthor story to start, LOL. I should be worried. XD)

Han: THERE'S WHITE STUFF IN MY MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The famed line! I had to do it eventually! XD)

Nalyd: You're just realizing it?

Niles: *to Han* Yes, rabid child. That stuff is somehting we normals call "milk." DO YOU UNDER STAND?

Heather: (CONF) Okay, so on our team we have, two mentally unstable people, the drama queen, a spazzy music nut, a slow-witted musician, and an ex-con... But, still, we could still win the next challenge... (Facepalm.)

Tatiana: Got it, Niles!

Han: NO! It's not milk! MILK is CLEAR!!!!! And THIS MILK has WHITE STUFF IN IT!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL XD)

Jack: I'm not the slow witted musician, I'm the "stupid skater musician." Cut me some slack! Hey Ravioli, since me and Nalyd are like Anthony and Ian, does that make us buds?

(Anonymos: I was in the confessional... You're not supposed to hear that... You were spying on Heather! O.o)

Heather: HAN! MILK IS WHITE!! Why can't you get it into your fat skull, that MILK IS WHITE!!!

Tatiana: Chocolate milk is brown...

(CONF) Nalyd: *holding a wooden head of Ravioli* Think Ravioli will like this? *eye twitches* (I want to do a story arch where Nalyd has a mental breakdown, FUN! XD)

Niles: Han, I suggest you see me for therapy. Come to my cabin at noon.

Heather: I may need it too if HAN KEEPS SCREAMING ABOUT HER MILK!!!!!!

Tatiana: (CONF) With this team... Maybe I'll get the 1:30! (Shrugs.) My team is SO incredibly... loud...

Niles: I can see you all for therapy in my cabin if you line up single file at noon.

(Rocky: Jack's not a peep. The fact that he said exactly what Heather said was for comedy.)

Jack: Um, so, uh... Who's in for milshakes?

Xavier: Wannabe.

Han: *bites Niles' arm randomly* I'M TELLING YOU THERE'S WHITE STUFF IN MY MILK!!!!!!!! *dumps it on Heather's head*

(Conf.) Han: I gotta admit, that was fun. I DON'T HAVE RABIES!!!!!!!!

(Conf.) Sunshine: That just gave me an idea for a story! (LOL)

Ravioli: Who and what, Jack?

Heather: (Slowly wipes the milk off of her face. Stands up and faces Han.) Han... If you know what's good for you... Stay out of my face!!! OR YOU'LL REGRET IT!!!!

Tatiana: (CONF) See! We have Heather and Han and Sunshine, but I don't really mind Sunshine. I better be first in line...

Jack: The smosh guys. More comfortable with, uh, I don't know, Batman and Robin? (XD, bet you anything Ravioli hates dumb skater musicians.)

(CONF) Nalyd: I'm not crazy... Wait, that's what crazy person would say!

Nalyd: No thanks dude, me and Ravi are just gonna chill.

Niles: *shrieks like a girl and passes out* (For anybody wondering, this is the Niles in TDAmazon)

Jack: OK.

(CONF)Jack: How they're a couple.... Anyway, this year no girl will get in my way. Unless it's Megan Fox!

Hank: (Backs away) This is very creepy.

Duncan: Your a wimp!

Sunshine and Han: *at same time* DDDUUUNNNCCCAAANNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *tacklehug him*

Ravioli: *to Nalyd* Wanna ditch the mental escapees and go for a walk?

Nalyd: Totally. *the leave*

Xavier: *to Duncan* They're all wimps.

Ravioli: *while walking out with Nalyd, "accidentally" hits Xavier in the gut*

(Conf.) Ravioli: I feel so much better now... (LOL)

Jack: *finishes building an insane skate ramp, jumps it, and he goes so high that the whole camp sees him* OH ****!

Xavier: *collapses*

Nalyd: *laughs* Wanna go to the beach? The river?

(CONF) Niles: *is seen screaming from all the bugs in the conf*

Ravioli: River, we went to the beach last time.

Sunshine: EEEEE DUNCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Han: EEEEE DUNCAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine: You copied me!

Han: No, you copied ME! *catfights with Sunshine*

Nalyd: Cool. *they start walking*

(CONF) Nalyd: *working on the wooden head with a kinfe until an intern reaches for it, Nalyd stabs at them* Get away! Get away! (LOL)

(Conf.) Ravioli: Is it just me, or is Nalyd acting a little... um... different...

Sunshine: *catfights with Han*

Han: *catfights with Sunshine, pauses, chucks eggs at Heather, then continues catfighting with Sunshine* (LOL)

Nalyd: So, already sick of the crazies? *they pass the forest*

Jack:*epically falls from the sky and into the lake*

Ravioli: Don't get me started. I'm SO glad neither of them are on my team. Not that it's much better being on a team with Xavier...

Nalyd: Go on, let out the anger. Just shout out your anger, trust me. I'm a good listener. *prepares to drown out Ravioli's ranting with accordian music, a skill he learned after befriending Sunshine* (LOL)

Ravioli: Actually, I think he was trying to hit on me... so annoying...

Sunshine: *chucks a table at Han, but misses and it hits Heather* Oops.

Han: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do that again!!!!

Nalyd: *angrily, but jokingly* I'll kill him. *they pass the swamp*

(CONF) Nalyd: What a jerk! *the producers fastforward* And come on! Duncan wannabe! *fast forward* And I just love the way *fastforward* And if you're going to break into my house, at leat have a plan! Okay, I'm done.

Ravioli: And then there was this note on my bunk the other day. I'm still not sure what it said, the spelling was AWFUL.

Nalyd: Hmm, that's odd...

Weird Al: *on loudspeaker* Challenge soon!

Nalyd: Did you hear something?

Challenge Two

Weird Al: Okay, today's challenge is a talent show! Three performers per team. Go rehearse!

Hank: I can do tricks on my hover board I built.

Archie: I can juggle soccer balls with my feet.

Xavier: You guys can perform then.

Niles: I can play Beethoven's fifth in C.

Xavier: *pushes Niles down*

Ravioli: I can juggle knives.


Sunshine: I can do yoga!

Xavier: Then it's settled. Hank, Archie, and Ravioli will perform.

Nalyd: Okay, Han can be in.

Jack: I play guiitar! *brings out his guitar ande plays some awesome acoustic song*

Nalyd: Ummm, maybe.

Jack: OK. *walks away sadly*

Niles: Whats wrong Jack?

Sunshine: I said I DO YOGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Han: WOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need a straightjacket...

Nalyd: Let's see if the yoga is any good.

Jack: So, you're letting her do yoga, but, I can't perform?

Nalyd: No, we're seeing how good the yoga is. We just want to put up the best performers with the most special or weird talents. Remember who the judge is here.

Sunshine: *does Sun-Salutations, Downward dog, and the Lotus, levitates in air, then comes back down and sticks her legs behind her head* Namaste. *falls over* Oh darn. (LOL)

Nalyd: Okay, if you can promise you won't fall on stage, you're in.

Sunshine: Yes sir, Rennie! I promise you, Rennie! Now can you help me up, Rennie? My legs are still stuck behind my head...

Jack: Please let me in! Just cuz playing guitar isn't weird doesn't mean I shouldn't perform!

Ravioli: *steals knives from kitchen*


Ravioli: *walking by Han* Wow, you're actually ASKING for one? You do have a problem... (LOL)

Weird Al: Time to perform soon!

Nalyd: I could play the accordian, Al loves the accordian!

Nalyd: Fine, Jack! Just stop begging!


Weird Al: Okay, the Badgers have Jack, Sunshine, and Han. The Raccoons have Ravioli, Archie and Hank! Perform whenever you are ready!

Jack: *amazingly plays guitar and sings a really awesome song, while standing on his head*

Weird Al: Well, pretty good, but I have no clue what song that was! NEXT!

Jack: It was an original.

Weird Al: Oh. NEXT!!!!!!

(Rocky: How come you just didn't go next?)

(Nalyd: I don't know what you mean*

(Rocky: Oh I thought you were in on accordian)

Han: I'm going to escape this straightjacket I randomly got my hands on! IN UNDER A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: Good luck Han!

Han: *drops on to ground, flails randomly, then jumps up out of the straightjacket* TA-DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Applause! Applause!!! APPLAUSE DANGIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weird Al: The movements were graceful, and you have truly mastered the art of escaping police captivity! NEXT!

Han: Speaking of which, if you hear any sirens or helicopters, they're totally not after me!!! *flees into woods*

Sunshine: I will be doing yoga stuffs! And I won't fall over this time!

Nalyd: Sunshine, if you fall you get no Duncan DNA!

Sunshine: I WON'T FALL!!!! *does Sun-Salutations, then goes into Downward Dog and the Cobra, then does lotus, levitates, spins in air, lands again, pulls legs behind head, then gets up without falling over* Hey, I didn't fall!!! *bows, causing herself to fall off the stage* (LOL fail)

Nalyd: *jaw drops*

Weird Al: Epic fail... NEXT!

(Conf.) Sunshine: B-b-but I wanted that DUNCAN DNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs*

Ravioli: *rides onstage on a unicycle juggling skeak knives*

Hank: (Rides his hover board and does three flips, a three-sixty turn and finishes with a loop.) How was that?

Archie: (Juggles five soccer balls on his feet four ten minutes) Was that good?

Weird Al: Raccoons win!


Nalyd: Okay, Badgers, I say we vote off Tobi. he isn't in the alliance, and hasn't been here.

Duncan: I say either Tobi or Will.

Heather: Well, I don't say it. I know it.

Tatiana: We may as well vote Tobi. He hasn't been here... at all....

Duncan: SO is it Tobi or Will because Will has also not been a help.

Nalyd: Will helped in the first challenge. So Tobi it is. Ready to go vote, guys?

Duncan: Actually he didn't. He said he was to lazy to make a picture so he would share with Jack.

Heather: I'm always ready to vote someone off, Nalyd. Almost anyone's elimination is like Christmast to me.

Tatiana: Ready, Freddy! I mean, Nalyd...

Second Vote

Nalyd: *votes for Tobi* Where have you been?

Tatiana: (Votes Tobi) It isn't personal. You just aren't an active member of the team. I hope you understand. (Blows a kiss to the cameras.)

Heather: (Votes Tobi.) Buh- bye! I'll miss you. Well, I might if I knew you... Actually, I probably wouldn't have missed you.

Duncan: (Votes Tobi) Bye bye.

Weird Al: Tired of waiting. Bye Tobi!

Day Three Chat


Nalyd: *eats breakfast*

Xavier: *breaks Niles' stuff*

Niles: *screeches*

Heather: Shut it, Niles! Could you be any louder?!!

Tatiana: Yes! He could be! See! (Screeches with Niles.)

Heather: SHUT IT, TATIANA!!!

Kristi: Let's all just get along!

Nalyd: Badgers, I have a good feeling about today's challenge!

Xavier: *Knocks Niles ot with a block of wood*

Tatiana: Why, Nalyd?

Heather: FINALLY! Thank you, Xavier. I would have shut him up myself, but it wasn't worth my time.

Xavier: No problem.

Nalyd: I dunno. We just gotta work really hard, especially in case we have to start voting out alliance members,

Tatiana: I see... Who would we vote out if we had to vote out an alliance member? Assuming that that person isn't me.

Nalyd: Too soon to say. We shouldn't be planning our own alliance members' eliminations yet. It ruins trust.

Tatiana: I guess so... It doesn't really look like any of us has that much trust in each other, though...

Nalyd: we may just have to suck it up and learn to trust each other so one of us can win.

Tatiana: Sure.

Tatiana: (CONF) I don't know how easy learning to trust each other will be...

Heather: So, Weird Al, when and what is the next challenge?

Weird Al: When I think of a challenge!

Nalyd: So Will or Mel wil be the next to go.

Heather: (CONF) Weird Al is the worst host ever. At least Chris knew what we were going to do next... Weird Al is confused, and most likely, alone.

Heather: There is no other choice.

Tatiana: Sure.

Nalyd: Totally.

Weird Al: Okay, challenge in ten minutes! So finish breakfast!

Tatiana: Okay. I haven't had any breakfast, but that's okay.

Challenge Three

Weird Al: Today you are going to free draw your favorite scene from TDI/TDA! Any questions? GO! (You can share pics again)\

Hank: Here's mine and Archie's!

Archie: Yeah!

Duncan: Mine's up too.

Hank: When does the challenge end?

Weird Al: Tomorrow! SO HURRY UP EVERYONE!



Hmm... Not many...

  • Nalyd - Pretty good, especially for a free-draw! 8/10
  • Hank and Archie - Her head is a different color from the rest of her, and the shorts are too bright green. Good attempt, but pretty bad. 5/10
  • Duncan - Very similar to the Heather picture, the character doesn't look like they are upside down. It looks like the ground was put on top of them and the camera was twisted upside down. So, yeah. Lots of work needs to be done. 5/10.

Well, the Screaming Badgers win!


Xavier: I say we pick one of the other people who didn't do the first challenge.

Niles: Agreed.

(Anonymos: NOOOOOO!!! I MADE ENTRIES!!! I just forgot to upload them...)

Hank: I vote for Matt.

Archie: Matt.

Heather: Um... You guys do realize the vote hasn't started yet?

Archie: ummm... we were practicing.

Xavier: Works for me.

Niles: Okay, Matt.

(Ezekielguy: I made entries too!!!!)

(Nalyd: But you've missed every challenge thus far.)

(Ezekielguy: I should have told you guys. I wasn't on for a couple days because of Vacation.)

(Nalyd: Oh, okay.)

Weird Al: Vote in ten minutes!

Kristi: Who are we voting out this time, guys?d

Xavier: Matt.

Third Vote

Xavier: *votes Matt* Too late.

Niles: *votes matt* Bye.

Matt: Kristi

Hank: Matt.

Archie: Matt.

Weird Al: Matt needs one more vote to go.

Kristi: I am so sorry... But Matt... You haven't done a whole lot to help our team... Sorry!

Weird Al: Matt is outta here!

Day Four Chat

Nalyd: Let's win again, guys!

(CONF) Nalyd: This is going great so far.

Han: I feel like doing something completely and incredibly random! *climbs onto roof of mess hall and tap dances*

Xavier: Wow... Glad she isn't on my team.

Nalyd: *waits for Ravioli*

(CONF) Niles: Nalyd seems to be obsessed with this Lasagna- I mean Ravioli girl. Perhaps I should offer my assistance.

Jack: Hey Nalyd, I need some advice. If I win the last immunity challenge, and if everything goes according to plan with me, you and Ravioli in the final three, who should I pick? I would pick you, but I know you wont pick me. WHat do I do?

Nalyd: Pick Ravioli. I couldn't live with myself if I knew she lost solely because of me.

Jack: An if I don't win the challenge, who will you pick? Your best friend or your girl friend? I have a feeling I know.......

Nalyd: My girlfriend. Sorry man, but girlfriend beats best friend any day.

Jack: that gives me a one out of three chance at the final, while you guys each have a two out of three chance.........What if we don't do that procedure? (Challenge soon?)

Nalyd: If we don't make it, we don't make it. (Challenge as soon as I think of it.)

Ravioli: *walks in* Hey, Nalyd. Hey, Nalyd's friend. What's up?

Sunshine: I FEEL LIKE PERFORMING ANOTHER MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL , TWI reference!)

Han: WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: Oh we were just talking. *sits with Ravioli at a different table* He thought I was gonna take him to the final two instead of you, Ravi. *laughs*

Challenge Four

Weird Al: *brings everyone to beach* There are three parts to this challenge. THIS CHALLENGE WILL BE OVER AND JUDGED ON THE NINETH!

Sand Castle Contest

Weird Al: Each team must make a sandcastle (draw it on Paint or other programs.)

Nalyd: Sunshine, how about you do it for our team?

Sunshine: Yeah!!! *grabs shovel, glue, and her handmade Duncan statue*

(CONF) Nalyd: If Sunshine messes this up, she's outta here!

Sunshine: Here's the castle, complete with seaweed and seagull-feather shrubbery, a rock walkway, flags, and seashell and sea-glass decor! I was gonna put my Duncan statue on top, but whenever I tried to Nalyd made this weird face like this! *poorly imitates Nalyd glaring at her*

Nalyd: *glares at her just like her imitation* I don't look like that... (great job!)

Heather: I have to admit, Sunshine, I'm impressed.

Kristi: Who will compete for our team?

Tatiana: Nice work, Sunshine! So pretty!

Jack: *comes back from makinghis sufboard* Sunshine dude, nice work!

Weird Al: Badgers win this!

Dance Contest

Weird Al: Here, one member from each team will participate in a dance off! (Roleplay)

Niles: I'll do it!

Will: I'll compete for us. *awesomely breakdances*

Niles: *performs ballet*

Nalyd: *jaw drops*

Xavier: *jaw drops*

(CONF) Xavier: What is wrong with that little nerd! BALLET? What the heck?

Ravioli: *stares* Seriously? Ballet?

Heather: (CONF) Ballet? So like that little priss. Oh well, so he'll lose for his team. Good for him!

Niles: Football players do ballet! *jumps five feet int he air and does a 720*

Tatiana: Since when?

Tatiana: (CONF) Football players don't usually do ballet...

Kristi: Yay, Niles! You're doing awesome! There's no way we can lose!

Kristi: (CONF) We are doomed.

Xavier: I'll be sure of it. *ties up Will*

Archie: I'm the captain of my football team and we do ballet as one of are warm ups.

Will:*cuts rope with pocketknife, does the dance that Trent does in Beach Blaknet Bogus*

Weird Al: *very scared* Badgers win...

Surfboard Design

Weird Al: And here, one member from each team will design a surfboard. (draw it on Paint or other programs.)

Nalyd: Any volunteers?

Xavier: I can make a rad board.

Jack: I'll do ours.

Xavier: Done.

Jack: Done!

Weird Al: Well, Jack's board outline was really bad. The background was a little better that Xavier's but this was a BOARD challenge! Raccoons get this one! Okay, but the Raccoons lose over all.



Xavier: Niles, I'm voting for you.

Niles: Hey! At least I competed!

Kristi: Don't vote him out! He's an active member of our team! Let's vote for... uh.... Christin?

Hank: I think Christin.

archie: I agree.

Xavier: Fine.

Niles: Thank you, Kristi.

Weird Al: By the way, Badgers, you guys get an EPIC DANCE PARTY!

Nalyd: Awesome!

Weird Al: And the Raccoons can come if you let them.

Nalyd: Ravi, wanna dance?

Ravioli: *shrugs* Sure.

Han: *randomly runs in, in a seagull costume, dancing horribly* WHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *dances badly, repeatedly stepping on Ravi's toes* My bad...

Ravioli: *laughs* I can see why you didn't volunteer for the dance-off...

Han: *randomly dances through, shoving them apart*

Sunshine: *runs through behind her, singing "Cheeseburger in Paradise"*

Nalyd: *glares at Sunshine and Han, then smiles at Ravioli* I'm glad you decided to come.

Weird Al: *blasts polka music*

Ravioli: It was either that or be stuck hanging out with Xavier and Niles... I wish I was on the Badgers...

Han: COME ON EVERYONE! Doooo the SEAGULL!!!! *does some weird dance that is apparently "the Seagull"*

Sunshine: *attempts to do the macerena to polka music, fails*

Nalyd: I would trade these two for you, any day.

Xavier: *with Niles behind him* Can we come in?

Nalyd: Short one is okay, you out.

Xavier: *scowls and walks away*

Niles: *runs over* Bless you!

Sunshine: OH MY CHEESE! IT'S THE SNEEZY NERD!!! OUT SNEEZY NERD OUT!!!! *chases Niles around with an inflatable palm tree*

Ravioli: ...I can't believe I'm related to her...

Han: *dancing horribly and singing* I DON'T KNOW! WHERE I'M GONNA GO! I DON'T KNOW WHERE I'M GONNA GO WHEN THE VOLCANO BLOWS! *pauses* I forget the rest... uh... EVERYBODY CLAP YOUR HANDS!!! *clapclapclapclap...*

Nalyd: I can't either. I'm glad I'm going out with the SANE twin.

Niles: *screams like a girl and trips into sand* Don't kill me!

Sunshine: SNEEZY NNNEEERRRDDD!!!!!!!!!!

Han: *randomly shows up next to Nalyd and hugs him* I love you toooo! (o.O IDK why I did that, I just felt like being random...)

Nalyd: *stares awkwardly at Han* This is sort of a bad time... Kind of with my girlfriend... I thought you loved Duncan. (Randomness achieved, LOL)

Niles: *runs away*

Xavier: Did you set the camera up?

Niles: Yes! Now leave me ALONE!

Sunshine: *still behind Niles with the fake palm tree* SNEEZY NNNEEEEERRRRRRDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Han: ...oh yeah... okay, bye, guy with weird name! *dances away* (LOL)

Ravioli: ...y'know, I probably wouldn't mind my sister being an idiot if she didn't attract MORE idiots...

Nalyd: Hey, who had to hang out with her ALL of first grade!

Niles: *runs into cabin and hides under bed*

Sunshine: YEAH, YOU BETTER RUN, SNEEZY NERD!!! *pauses and calmly eats ravioli, then stops and stares at Xavier* WHAT ARE YOU LOOKIN' AT??? *throws ravioli at him and runs away screaming something about coffee*

Ravioli: *laughs* Point taken, Nalyd.

Han: STAGE DIVE!!!!! *jumps off stage, crowd parts, leaving her to fall face-first into the sand*

Nalyd: Then we went to that protest together, then I thought I was finally done with her after we broke up and then she came back... *shivers with fear*

Ravioli: ...she just doesn't give up, does she...

Han: *muffled from sand in face* I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack: *takes out guitar and plays and sings 21 guns*

Fourth Vote

Niles: *votes for Christin* Farewell.

Xavier: *votes for Christin* You don't deserve to win again.

Ravioli: *votes for Xavier* I just don't like you.

Hank: (Votes Christin) Never here.

Archie: (Votes Christin) Bye bye.

Kristi: (Votes Christin.) Sorry, hun, wish you could stay.

Weird Al: Christin is out!

Day 5 Chat


Niles: *hides under table*

Jack: *is on top of the table, puts ketchup all over his face, takes out Will's pocketknife, jumps out and yell* AAH! *in front of Niles*

Niles: *screeches and wets himself*

Nalyd: Jack, not cool, dude.

Heather: Jack, quit it!

Heather: (CONF) I am surrounded by LOSERS!!

Tatiana: Niles, that's so gross!

Niles: *runs out*

Xavier: *trips him*

Niles: *falls out door, limps to cabin*

Nalyd: Jack, what's wrong with you?

(CONF) Nalyd: Jack's been kind of weird lately, but that was just mean!

Kristi: (Sighs.)

Kristi: (CONF) Why is everyone here so mean to each other? Well, mostly Xavier... But what Jack did this morning was mean! I wonder if there team will vote him off...

(CONF) Nalyd: Would I vote Jack out? Maybe, depends on the rest of the day.

(CONF) Niles: As if Xavier wasn't bad enough... Now Jack?

Jack:*bangs pots and pans together* Attention everyone! I have something to say. I have been acting weird lately becuse...............................I have a secret. And I will tell you guys if you promise not to vote me out an please forgive me. Do we have a deal?

Ravioli: I honestly don't care...


Sunshine: OMG!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *sits with Ravioli* Go on, Jack...

Tatiana: Please Jack, continue.

Heather: Jack, I could care less about what you have to say.

Niles: *sticks his head in to listen*

Heather: Wha- Wh- Would you get out of here?! (Sticks Niles in the eyes with her fingers.)

Niles: *runs away screaming*

Nalyd: *to heather* What was that for?

Heather: Why do you care?

Heather: (CONF) Niles is a nerd! It's like talking to a calculator!

Nalyd: I support anybody who hates Xavier.

Xavier: *glares at Nalyd*

Heather: I can understand that, Nalyd.

Nalyd: So, Jack, you gonna spill?

Jack: Yeah. Remeber last season when it was the first day of the merge? Well, after I won immunity, we went to the tribal council and before Sorrel got voted off, we hooked up. Well, she's not here now and I just miss her so much! And seeing Nalyd looking so happy with Ravioli is just making me miss her more.............*tears up* (Sorry it took so long! I was at the doctor!)

Nalyd: Sorry, dude. But there's plenty of fish in the *looks at Sunshine and Han* nevermind... (LOL.)

Jack: *sighs* We didn't break up, I just haven't seen her in so long........ I feel better now. Sorry for acting so weird lately guys. I'm really sorry Niles. So, am I still at risk of being voted out?

Heather: If you get over it! We're not here to make friends and relationships people, we're here to win!

Nalyd: I agree. She isn't here. I'm sorry, dude, but I guess you'll just have to deal with it...

Jack: *sighs* OK. Now, slap me in the face. I need a wake-up call.

Nalyd: *slaps Jack, but just hard enough that it wont hurt too badly* Better?

Jack: Yeah. Thanks man, *does his secret handshake with Nalyd* (Challenge soon? Can it be RP, every day has been art.)

Nalyd: Cool. (Yes, RP challenge soon.)

Jack: OK. So, Sunshine, are there any more ravioli pixies beside you and Ravioli?

Heather: I bet that they all got isolated on one planet.

Tatiana: I'm sure there are, Jack.

Jack: It would be really cool if we could meet them! I wonder if there's any guy ones. Amy, Ravioli, and Sunshine are all chicks.

Nalyd: Lots of pixies, dude... And dude, Amy's my daughter! Don't call her a "chick"....

Challenge Five

Weird Al: *in mess hall* Okay, both teams are gonna put on a play! Both teams must pick a writer, a director, two stage hands, and at least three actors.

Nalyd: I can act.

Xavier: I can be a stage hand.

Niles: I was in every play my school has ever produced!

Jack: Oh! I can do our music! I could also be a small role.

Nalyd: Okay, who wants to write?

Will: I'll be our writer/director.

(CONF) Will: After clinching our win on the last challenge, I'm beginning to become noticed in this game. I can just maybe win this! *an intern is heard laughing* Hey, I have a pocketknife!

Nalyd: Okay, what kind of play you wanna do? We have five people who can be actors.

Will: OK. We will be performing a forbidden love story. Nalyd is portraying a poor boy who falls in love with a rich girl from a high-class family, who will be played by Heather. Don't worry, he will be rejected, no kiss scene. Heather's clique will be played by Tatiana, Sunshine, and Han. Jack while not providing music will play Nalyd's high energy friend who is an aspiring musician. The fake names will be as follows: Nalyd will be Dylan Turner (XD), Heather will be Delilah May, Han will be Hannah Montana(XD), Sunshine will be Sunny Shine(XD), Jack will be Billie Joe Armstrong. Did I forget anyone?

Heather: I enjoy this play...

Tatiana: Ugh, Heather's clique... I'll do it for the team.

Kristi: So, what will we do for our team, guys? I could write. Unless someone else wants to.

Nalyd: Awesome! (LOL, how'd you come up with that name, LOL) Can I have a British accent?

(CONF) Nalyd: Thank God there is no kiss scene! Ravioli would kill me.

Tatiana: Wait, I wanna name!

Kristi: Niles, would you like to do something?

Niles: I would love to act. I've gotten grand praise for my role in Hamlet at my school.

(CONF) Niles: Kristi is so nice! I just feel bad that she has to be on a team with people like Ravioli and Xavier... She's the only person who's been nice to me here!

Kristi: So, what do the rest of you want to do?

Xavier: I'm a stage hand.

Kristi: Um, actually, I think Niles should write! I bet he writes well.

Niles: *trying to be cool* I can probably multitask! I'll write and act! Anybody have an idea for the plot?

Kristi: Nope. Can there be talking animals in it? Oh, and I'll act for you, Niles!

Niles: Okay, talking animals. Perhaps a musical?

Kristi: Yes! I love musicals!

Niles: It could be a musical about two teenagers who fall in love and live in a magical world of talking animals and they always sing! (LOL)

Kristi: Perfect! But wait, who falls in love with who?

Niles: *trying to sound manly* I can play the male lead. Any volunteers for the female lead?

Nalyd: Nice work, Will!

Will: Thank you. On crap! Who is gonna be our stage hands?

Nalyd: Duncan and Mel. *reads the whole script* Doesn't the end seem a bit... rushed...

Niles: *starts writing*

Will: Still, I like it.

Nalyd: *worried* Okay...

Ravioli: ...a musical? Seriously? Why can't we do something like Twilight, except instead of the vampire and human falling in love, the vampire eats the human like it's supposed to? (LOL. I'm a hardcore Twilight fan bashing Twilight. I do so much for my characters. XD)

Kristi: I would rather have a play without people eating each other. It's just a preference, if other people want to, though, then that's okay.

Ravioli: *stares at Kristi* STOP BEING NICE. Seriously, you're freaking me out... get angry or something!

Han: *bursts out randomly in a Hannah Montanna wig* YOU GET THE BEEEESSSTTTT OF BOTH WOOORRRRLLLDSSS!!!!!!!!!! *pauses* I HATE HANNAH MONTANNA!!!!!!!!! *chucks wig to the ground and stomps on it*

Tatiana: Uh... hu...

Kristi: Why would I get angry? I was always taught to be nice and friendly to everyone!

Kristi: (CONF) Why wouldn't somebody want to be nice? Ravioli should try it.

Ravioli: Yeah well, you're starting to remind me of my sister...

Sunshine: HUGS FOR ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ravioli: See my point?

(Conf.) Ravioli: If there's one thing I've learned over my life, it's this- if you look out for yourself, you don't get hurt. Sure, it sometimes means not being as happy-flowers-and-sunshine as you could be, but it only benefits you. Trust me.

(Conf.) Sunshine: HUUUGGGSSS!!!! *randomly hugs camera*

Kristi: I didn't think I was that over the top! Am I?

Ravioli: I reaaaaallllyyyy hope not...

Sunshine: I SAID HUGS DANGIT!!!!!

Han: HUUUGGGSSSS!!!!!!!!! *randomly hugs Sunshine*

Kristi: (CONF) What's wrong with HUUUUUGGGSSSS!! Oh, dear... There's only one thing left to do...

Kristi: Um, Ravioli, I need to ask you a favor. Can you teach me to be mean?

Ravioli: I'm glad you asked. We'll need six steak knives, some spray paint, a bottle of lighter fluid-

Sunshine and Han: *at same time* LIGHTER FLUID!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ravioli: GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and you need to learn to yell.

(Conf.) Ravioli: I've always wanted to teach someone to be mean. The opportunity never came up before, though, considering some of my only friends are Sunshine, who's an idiot, and Nalyd, who's already perfected the art. (LOL sorry Nalyd)

Kristi: (CONF) Yelling? Steak knives? I'm not so sure about this... But I'll try anything once!

Kristi: Um, yelling... Yelling... Um... Aarg? How was that?

Ravioli: ...this is gonna be harder than I thought...

Kristi: Well, help! You're the teacher! Help!

Ravioli: You've gotta put some breath into it, start at the very bottom of your chest and let it explode out of you!!! Like this... RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristi: (Starts weeping.) Wh- Wh- Why are you yelling at meee?!! WAAAAAAH!!!

Ravioli: *facepalm* NO! I'm giving a demonstration! Quit crying!!! *sighs and shakes head*

Kristi: Don't get so mad at me... You... You... You WITCH!! You are so incredibly mean to everyone!! And, furthermore... Oh, wait! I'm so sorry!! That was so incredibly... Mean of me!

Ravioli: SEE??? You're learning! ...sort of...

Kristi: I guess so... It doesn't feel right.

Ravioli: You'll learn... it takes time, don't rush it...

Kristi: (Sighs.) Uh, okay...

Ravioli: ...wonder when Niles is gonna finish our script...

Kristi: I hope soon.

(Nalyd: I was at a comedy show and family reunion all day yesterday. And yes, Sunshine, I have perfected the art of mean... XP)

(CONF) Niles: That little ghoul, Ravioli, is making Kristi mean! She's HORRIBLE!

Niles: *keeps typing* Like what we have so far, team?

Nalyd: *looks over at the Raccoons fighting* I hope Ravi is okay...

Kristi: It looks really good Niles! I mean, uh, you need to type faster, uh, (To Ravioli.) How was that?

Niles: *glares at Ravioli and gets back to typing* How about you two decide the cast...

Kristi: Kay! Um... I think that Niles and Ravioli should be Nick and Katie! I wanna be the beaver! Unless someone else wants it... I mean, I'm going to be the beaver!

Ravioli: NO. NOT HAPPENING. I'll be a set designer or something. And Kristi, you're getting much better. Just need to work on volume...

Kristi: Aw, why not Ravioli? It's just acting! It won't matter!

Ravioli: NOT HAPPENING. I just don't do cute and happy like that. NEVER. *notices villain with 'plum colored hair', looks at her purple hair, and grabs Niles* YOU TRYING TO START SOMETHING, KID??? HUH???

Kristi: (CONF) Maybe I should be giving Ravioli lessons on how to be nice...

Kristi: I should be Rachel! That would be good practice for me. Don't you think so, Ravioli?

Niles: I think Kristi should be Katie and Ravioli should be Rachel. And no Ravioli, I don't have the slightest idea what you mean...

Weird Al: Performances in ten minutes!

Kristi: Okay, Niles. What about the beaver? Oh, wait! I know! Xavier get over here!

Xavier: Fine, if it'll give us the win...

Weird Al: Any volunteers to go first?

Sunshine: OOOH!!!!! PICK US PICK US PICK UUUUSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristi: Thank you, Xavier! (Hugs him.) Oh, and you'll need these! (Shoves fake buck teeth in his mouth.)

(Conf.) Ravioli: Xavier looked SO rediculous!!! Fortunately, I was able to keep my cool in front of him.

Ravioli: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *collapses laughing*

Badgers' Script

*The title, Forbidden Rejection, is shown on a projector*

Scene 1

Setting: Dylan and Billie Joe's School, homeroom

Characters:Dylan/Nalyd and Billie Joe/Jack

Dylan: Man, you did awesome in that talent show!

*Billie Joe is about to thank him but is cut off when Dylan slams his gut*

Dylan: Man, look! There's gonna be a contest where we get to go to that rich kid school!

Billie Joe: *cocks head stupidly*

Dylan: I know, I know, this school's good but there's this girl who goes there. Delilah May....*drools*

*Billie Joe is about to say something but is cut off by Dylan*

Dylan: Don't make fun of her name.

*The last bell rings*

Scene 2

Setting: The "rich kid school", recess

Characters: Dylan, Delilah, Delilah's Cilque

*Dylan rushes to get next to Delilah, but bumps into Hannnah*

Hannah: YOU INTERRUPTED MY DOO CAN DAYDREAM!!!! Sunny: Chill... Watch me do yoga, new kid!

Dylan: That's nice guys, but, I just wanted to know if Delilah would...

Delilah: No. Not now. Not ever. Not if it was down to you and that guy from Fraiser. Sorry Dylan.

*The screen switches to Billie Joe, who is now the lead singer and guitarist for Green Day*

Billie Joe: And that is what happens when you slam you're friend's gut, and hit on a rich girl.

Scene 3: 5 years later

Characters: Billie Joe, Dylan

Setting: Dylan's Apartment

Dylan: *is holding the TV remote* So, how's Green Day going?

Billie Joe: Good. How's it going with that what's her name, uh, Ra-, Rav-, well, you get it.

Dylan: Good. Her sister put a picture of me and a packet of ravioli in a microwave and gave us a daughter. We also have this round kid named Elmo.

Billie Joe: Cool. Do you have a job?

Dylan: Heck yeah! I'm a unitard dancer! (XD!)

Raccoons' Script

Scene One: (A forest)

Nick: *walks through the woods*

Beaver: Hello?

Nick: *screams* Whose there?

Beaver: *walks out from dam* It's just me, kid.

Nick: Oh, okay. My bad.

Beaver: Where's whats her name, um, Katie?

Nick: *soberly* She's gone.

Beaver: Well what happened?

Nick: It all started yesterday... *curtain falls*

Scene Two: (A cafeteria)

Nick's voice: *from off stage* I was standing in line in the cafeteria, getting a bagel. I saw Katie sitting alone so I decided to sit with her.

Nick: *sits with Katie* Hey, what's up?

Katie: *looks up from the book she's reading* Not much, just reading.

Nick's voice: I knew that if I didn't make my move then, then I never would.

Nick: *quickly* Will you go out with me?

Katie: *surprised* Um, yeah, okay, sure!

Nick: Oh, I underst- Really?

Katie: Yeah! Let's go to that party tonight!

Nick: Okay, I'll pick you up at eight!

Nick's Voice: I was on top of the world.

Scene three: (The big party)

Nick's voice: And there Katie and I were, dancing the night away until... Rachel came. Rachel was a beastly, evil girl! With hair the color of moldy plums...

Rachel: *breaks the couch with a chainsaw*

Nick: Stop destroying the party!

Rachel: You wanna go?

Nick: Yes I do!

Katie: No, Nick! You know I hate violence! *runs away crying*

Scene Four: (the forest)

Nick: And I never saw her again...

Beaver: You loser! *laughs*

Badgers' Performance

(Nalyd: I switched over to my laptop so I'll be responding slower, sorry all)

Weird Al: Oaky, Badgers, you are up!

Dylan: Man, you did great in that talent show!

Billie Joe: *is about to respond but is slammed in the gut by Dylan*

Dylan: Look! A contest for the rich kid school!

Billie Joe: *cocks head stupidly*

Dylan: I know this school is good, but there is this girl at the rich kid school... Darcy.. er.. Delilah May!

A light from the ceiling: *shakes unsteadily*

Han: *grabs light and holds it still* See, I do have random touches of remaining sanity!!! ...sort of...

Xavier: *runs up and tries to take the light*

Dylan: *cuts Billie Joe off* Don't make fun of her name...

Heather: (Kicks Xavier.) Don't even think about it, nerd.

Dylan: *curtain opens up, runs into Hannah*

Jack: *in background takes out guitar and starts playing it*

Hannah: YOU INTERUPPTED MY DOO CAN DAYDREAM!!!!!! *attacks Nalyd*

Sunny: Chill... watch me do yoga, new kid!

Dylan: Thats great, guys. But I was just wondering if Delilah would...

Delilah: No. Not now. Not ever. Not if it was down to you and that guy from Fraiser. Sorry Dylan.

Hannah: *bites Nalyd's leg*

Nalyd: OUCH! Han! That isn't part of the script!

Hannah: YOU INTERUPPTED MY DOO CAN DAYDRRREEEEAAAAAMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: What is wrong with you?

Xavier: *drops a light on Nalyd*

Nalyd: *afterbeing hit* Mommy? Applesauce day... *collapses*

Sunshine: HOLY PASTA I THINK HE'S DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pokes Nalyd with a random stick*

Weird Al: Bravo! Amazing! Just when Dylan finally faces his fear and asks snobby girl out, he dies! Well done! Take a bow guys!

Han: Wait... seriously?

(Conf.) Han: I knew my complete and unbridled insanity would come in handy one day!!!

Weird Al: Eh, not a great ending but its okay. NEXT!

Ravioli: Come on Racoons, we're on!!!

Racoons' Performance

Kristi: (Pushes Xavier on the stage.) Break a leg, beaver boy.

Nick: *walks through woods*

Beaver: Yo! I mean, Hello!

Nick: *screams*

Beaver: It's just me... *climbs out form under tree, not wearing the teeth*

Nick: She's gone...

Beaver: Huh?

Nick's Voice: It all started yesterday, I was getting lunch...

Nick: *sits next to Katie* Hey, sup?

Katie: *looks up from the book she's reading* Not much, just reading. *Drops her book on Nile's foot.**Whispers.* Sorry!

Nick: *tries not to scream, thinks to self "Why did we give her a dictionary..."* Oh its okay... Would you like to go out with me?

Will: *pantses Xavier*

(CONF) Will: He deserved it. He's lucky a knife wasn't involved.

Katie: *surprised* Um, yeah, okay, sure!

Xavier: *is off stage, pulls up pants quickly* You're dead! *chases Will*

Nick: Oh, okay, I underst- Really?

Katie: Yeah! Let's go to that pizza place, er, I mean, party tonight!

Nick: Okay, I'll pick you up around 7! *walks off the stage and whispers* Close the curtain!

(CONF) Niles: I was really nervous in this scene...

Nick: *dances with Katie*

Katie: (Dances with Nick.)

Rachel: *bursts through wall with chainsaw, breaks couch in half* BWAHAHAHAHA!

(Conf.) Ravioli: Okay, I'll admit it... that was fun.

Nick: Stop destroying the party!

Will: *throws rabid cat at Xavier*

(Nalyd: Rocky, I thought Will was supposed to be friendly.)

Rachel: Oh, OH! You wanna go, kid? *revs up chainsaw*

Nick: Yes I do!

Rachel: *chucks chainsaw at Nick*

Niles: *barely ducks, whispers* What are you doing?!?

Katie: (Ducks so the chainsaw won't hit her.) No, Nick! You know I hate violence! *runs away crying*

Will: Wait! If you kill me Xavier, you'll never find the treasure!

Rachel: Wow, nice job, kid! You scared off your girlfriend AND nearly got hit by a chainsaw! *laughs and jumps back through hole in wall*

(Conf.) Ravioli: I'm an on-the-spot actress. If I feel a scene needs a little something, I give it that little something. In this case, I thought it needed a near-death situation. ...and I felt like throwing a chainsaw.

Nick: *back in woods* And I never saw her again...

Xavier: *is chasing Will around back stage* I ain't fallin' for it, dork!

Niles: *whispers* We need a beaver!

Kristi: Xavier! Get going! Put on your beaver teeth, get your rear in gear, get on stage, AND WIN US THE CHALLENGE!

Kristi: (CONF) I don't know what came over me...

Ravioli: *jaw drops* Well done, Kristi. VERY well done. *claps*

Kristi: Thank you. He had it coming to him.

Xavier: *runs over to Niles* LOSER! *pushes him down*

Weird Al: *starts laughing* Okay, the winning team is... The Badgers! BUT! Xavier is leaving.

Xavier: WHAT?

Weird Al: You sort of sent Nalyd to the hospital... Your team will now have a chance to save you. Raccoons, vote "stay" or "go." If Xavier stays, another one of you is going.

Niles: GO!

Ravioli: Definately go. Bye-bye, jerk.

Kristi: Go. I'm so sorry.

Weird Al: Nobody is gonna vote stay, so later Xavier!

Xavier: I'll be back! Just you wait!!!!

Day 6 Chat


Nalyd: *sits alone eating oatmeal*

Niles: *sits peacefully*

(CONF) Niles: Xavier is finally gone! YES!

(CONF) Weird Al: The doctors say Nalyd got amnesia. We had to sneak him out of the hospital...

Ravioli: *sits next to Nalyd* Hi, Nalyd. You feeling any better?


Nalyd: *awkwardly* Why wouldn't I be? And who are you?

Jack: That's Ravioli, your girlfriend. I'm Jack, your best friend.

Nalyd: *laughs* Am I actually supposed to believe I'd ever go out with her?????? And you as a best friend? Wow.

Jack: *slaps forehead* We went to summer camp last year. Remeber?

Nalyd: No...

Weird Al: *to Jack and Ravioli* Our buddy Nalyd here has a little bit of amnesia... Nalyd, sign these contracts, please.

Nalyd: Okay. *signs*

Jack: Umm, remeber the time when we were on that vacation show, and then I broke your jaw? And then we went to the final two together, and you won?

Nalyd: I don't remember anything before I woke up. I don't even know where I am!

Heather: We're all at this abandoned, old campsite where Weird Al Yancovick can torture us daily.

Nalyd: Weird Al Yancovik... Is that the creepy old guy wandering around with an accordion.

Heather: (Nods.)

Nalyd: Okay then...

(CONF) Nalyd: I can't believe I ever signed up for this...

Ravioli: *chuckles awkwardly* Come on Nalyd, you remember me... Ravioli? Your girlfriend? Twin sister of your ex-girlfriend? We have a daughter named Amy?

Sunshine: I KNOW! WE'LL HIT HIM IN THE HEAD REALLY HARD AGAIN!!! That always works in cartoons!

Heather: I'll do the hitting! (Slaps Nalyd across the face.)

Han: No, stupid! You have to do it with a giant wooden mallet!!!

Heather: I'm going to pretend you didn't just call me stupid. Where are we supposed to get a wooden mallet?!

Tatiana: Sunshine? Would you happen to have a wooden mallet on you?

Sunshine: No... I do have this anvil, though.

Han: eh, it'll do!


Heather: Look, moldy plum head, do you want your boyfriend back or what?

Ravioli: What'd you just call me, queen bee?!

Heather: Queen bee?! I happen to be popular!! At least I'm not a goth, pixie, she-beast!

Ravioli: I may be all those things, but at least I'm not some egotistical, manipulative, melodramatic, beauty-obsessed prom queen!!!

Han: FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! *continues chanting this*

Heather: At least I don't have an insane sister, you crazy, enemy making, mushy plum haired, ugly winged, vile woman! Oh, no wait, you're not a woman. You're an it! Oh, and don't even get me started on your putrid little, microwave made, "daughter!" Or should I say, "baby it!"

Ravioli: *jaw drops* OHHH, that does it, you scrawny little, no-good, rat-haired, BEAST!!!!! *tackles Heather*


Sunshine: Pass the popcorn!

Hank: This is going to get dirty.

Archie: Dirty fast.

Duncan: Cool.

Nalyd: Girls! Enough! I don't know who ANY of you are, so just leave me alone! *storms off*

Sunshine: *hits Nalyd on the head with a huge rock* IS YOUR MEMORY BACK NOW???

Nalyd: *collapses again*

Niles: I think he's dead.

Sunshine: Oops.


Ravioli: YOU IDIOTS!!!!!!!

Weird Al: That can't be good...

Niles: *leans his head against Nalyd's chest* He's breathing!

Medics: *put Nalyd on a stretcher and carry him away*

Weird Al: *glares at Sunshine*

Sunshine: What? It always works in the cartoons!

Heather: (Bares fangs and tackles Ravioli.) This is for being such a little vile pixie! (Pulls her ear.)

Tatiana: Sunshine, I don't think that cartoon physics typically apply in real life.

Niles: Girls! Stop! *shrugs* That's about all I can do...

Ravioli: And this is just 'cause I don't like you! *shoves Heather's face into the ground*

Sunshine: Well, if that was true, I, as a pixie, wouldn't exist.

Han: And I wouldn't be able to do this! *randomly floats into the sky*

Kristi: So is Nalyd out of the contest?

Heather: The feeling is mutual! (Takes some scissors and cuts off Ravioli's hair.) No more moldy plum hair for you!

Weird Al: We don't know how bad the damage is. He might be out...

Niles: The only sane person left....

Ravioli: *grabs razor and shaves off half of Heather's hair* Take that, baldy!!!

Han: *falls out of sky and lands flat on face* Ow.

Weird Al: The hospital called! It turns out, the "rock" was just some oatmeal. Other than amnesia, Nalyd will be okay, and back soon!

Niles: Oh thank god! (LOL, have the two ever talked? XD)

Sunshine: I thought it was kind of lumpy and squishy for a rock... (LOL)

Weird Al: *wheels Nalyd in in a wheelchair*

Niles: What happened?????

Weird Al: Oh, he insisted he sat down all the way here, and now he wont get out... Anybody wanna wheel him around?

Niles: I will if nobody else will...

Ravioli: *chucks Heather off of her* I've got it, Niles.

Niles: Okay.

Nalyd: Where are we going?

Ravioli: Away from Heather. You have anywhere in particular you wanna go?

Nalyd: Home, but that probably isn't a possibility. How about the beach... What happened to your hair?

Ravioli: Don't ask... *rolls Nalyd to the beach*

Heather: (Puts a wig on her head.)

Nalyd: So, what were you saying earlier... about a daughter...

Ravioli: You mean Amy? Geez, Nalyd, use that brain of yours, you'll remember.

Nalyd: Is there anything here that could help me remember? (Remember the pic Nalyd brought)

Ravioli: Hmmm... *remembers picture* I got it! *runs to cabin, grabs picture, runs back* See, here's you and me, and Amy, Elmo, Sunshine, Matt, Sunny D, and the only pizza guy still brave enough to venture to our house when we don't feel like ravioli! Remember?

Nalyd: Hey! It's nerdy-kid (Elmo), little punk (Amy), really hot guy (obviously Nalyd XD), clown face (Sunny D), Bill (Pizza guy), shorty (Sunshine), and ummm... whose purple afro girl... *looks at Ravioli* Oh.... Hey! I remember you guys! (lol, no offence to all that Nalyd, um, offended)

Ravioli: Yay! ...I think...

Sunshine: WHO'S THE SHORTY???

Han: I must be the really hot guy. *pause* Wait, I'M A GIRL!!!!!! GGGGRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: You know, Sam (he means Han), I don't remember you, and I am very glad about that. *turns to Ravioli* But I still don't remember anybody else or why I am here...

Ravioli: We're on a reality show, you're competing for money. Here, what can I show you for that... aha! *shows Nalyd his poster from the first challenge* See, you made this!

Nalyd: Wow I suck... but okay... and what friendships have I made here?

Jack: Well, there's me. The "slow witted musician" as some would say. Besides Ravioli, that's it. We go to summer camp contests together.

Duncan: And I'm the guy who Sunshine is obsessed with.

Hank: I'm on the other team.

Archie: Me too.

Nalyd: Wow...

Weird Al: Challenge (as) soon (as I think of it!)

Tatiana: O (K)

Weird Al: *gives Nalyd some medicine* Drink this. It should return your memory.

Nalyd: *drinks medicine* Ew... cherry flavor...

Weird Al: Okay, that should just take a few minutes to kick in... challenge time!

Challenge Six

Weird Al: You need to pick a theme songs for another contestant, and provide a link to it. The person who has theme songs picked for them, must judge which one is the best. (Any questions? I know it is a little confusing... so I will give an example.)

Niles: I think this song is perfect for Nalyd because of his relationship with Ravioli.

Nalyd: This song is Niles in a nutshell. And this is definitely Duncan's theme.

Sunshine: This song is definately Ravioli!!!!

Nalyd: Here is a good one for Archie.

(CONF) Nalyd: *referring to Niles' song* I am not cheap! And Ravioli and I don't eat Minute Rice... every night... (LOL)

Niles: I got Hank's theme.

Ravioli: Here's one for Jack.

Nalyd: Found Sunshine's song! And the classic Heather theme. (I tried to pick a song with no swears, but I think this is the best Heather song.)

Niles: Here is Han's song.

Han: Here's one for Duncan!!! DUNCAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine: DUNCAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Han: DUNCAAAAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine: D- wait, is that Shadow's theme? SHADOOOWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Weird Al: Challenge ends tonight! (I will not be on today) Then, the people who have songs picked for them will pick a winner.

Nalyd: *to teammates* Make sure to pick people on our team.

Jack: I don't get it. (Rocky: How does Jack pass for big the cat? 0_o)

(Sunshine: It wasn't the character, it was the song! I just thought the kind of laid back, happy lyrics would fit Jack. And I personally love the song. Oh it's a windy and sunny day...)

(Rocky: I know, it's just that "I don't get it." has sort of become Jack's catchphrase. No worries! "No worries" has become my catchphrase.)

Jack: This one seems like Will.

Will: This seems like Jack.

(CONF)Jack: Why do people always think I'm too laid back? *stares blanky* Hey, a butterfly! Nice butterfly!

(CONF) Nalyd: Jack is sort of different lately... I dunno, maybe when I had amnesia he changed for the worse....

Weird Al: Challenge closes in ten minutes!!!!

Intern: *drags a mechanical hippo*

Weird Al: Challenge over! Everyone pick who picked the best theme for them. If the person only has one theme song, the person who chose it gets the point by default.

Badgers: 5 Raccoons: 2

Nalyd: *whispers* Remember Badgers, only pick songs Badgers picked for you!

Weird Al: Oh, wait, the only point the Raccoons could get is from Ravioli's pick, so that is just ONE point... Badgers win! Vote in thirty minutes...

Niles: Let's vote for Hank. He's been gone for forever... (And the user is leaving soon...)

Sixth Vote

Niles: *votes Hank* Bye.

(Nalyd: Just a reminder, this camp will run slowly lately as this week I am in camp then the next week I am on vacation...)

Hank: (Votes Tyra) Never here.

Archie: (Votes Tyra) Sorry.

Weird Al: This could be a close one... *tired of waiting* Tyra is out!

Day Seven Chat


Nalyd: *eats toast*

Niles: *sips coffee*

Nalyd: How did you get coffee?

Niles: I brought it from home. I've been storing it in plastic bottles and having it sit in the sun.

Nalyd: Wow...

Sunshine: CAFFEINE!!!!


Han: ...never said anything about me!!! *dives for coffee*

Niles: *screams and runs*

Nalyd: *angrily* Han! Sunshine! Calm down!

(CONF) Nalyd: I sort of wish I still didn't remember Sunshine and Han....

Ravioli: Listen to the sane one.

Sunshine: NEVUH!!!!!!!

Han: EVERYBODY STOP! *pause* HAMMER TIME! (LOL sorry Nalyd, I stoled your line XD)

Nalyd: (LOL, that line made me famous in summer camp, and my moon walking skills) How's it going, Ravi?

(CONF) Niles: I'm sick of everyone picking on me! It's time to stand up for myself!

Niles: *charges into Badger Cabin and starts breaking stuff*

(CONF) Niles: *covered in garbage* That was great. *looks at finger* I think I'm bleeding... *passes out*

Ravioli: Pretty good, except for the fact that Sunshine and Han are still here, and thus, I have a raging headache...

Han: DA NA NA NA NAAA NAAA!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T TOUCH THIS!!!! *dances horribly*

Sunshine: *draws on walls* This is fun!

Nalyd: Hmmm... okay...

(CONF) Nalyd: So then I came up with this plan! Throw the challenge, and vote out either Han or Sunshine! That way I can help Ravi out! Genius, Nalyd, genius!

Niles: *walks back into mess hall smiling*

Nalyd: What's with you?

Niles: Oh, nothing.

Ravioli: I'm gonna get some asprin... *goes to cabin, can be heard screaming* WHO THE HECK TRASHED ALL MY STUFF?????

Nalyd: *runs in, jaw drops*

(CONF) Nalyd: Okay, Ravi definitely deserves some peace after this.

Nalyd: Sorry, Sunshine, but this will be your last day on the island.... Wait, I was supposed to say that in confessional... Never mind... *eyes shift evilly*

Sunshine: Izzat right? Then what are you gonna do about the alliance? Voting me out means not only you losing a vote, but you'll lose the trust of your alliance mates by voting out one of them. And you'll no longer have me to make ravioli when the food here is inedible!!!

Han: OOOH!

(Conf.) Sunshine: After hanging out with Nalyd for a while, you kinda pick up on the manipulative-ness. (LOL)

Nalyd: Ummm... Well, they'll understand where I am coming from and be fine with voting you out! And once the merge comes, Ravi will join the alliance..... Right, Ravi?

Niles: *is listening*

(CONF) Niles: So I need to make sure OUR team loses, so we can vote out Ravioli... That way Nalyd will be weaker! Wait, that's sort of mean... Maybe we should let Nalyd just weaken himself...

Ravioli: As long as I make it to the merge... geez my head hurts... and the MINUTE I find out who wrecked my stuff... *cracks knuckles*

Sunshine: You hesitated! You're worried, aren't you! You may be the king of the camps, Rennie, but I'm about to get a checkmate and you know it!!!

(Conf.) Sunshine: I'm actually much more of a threat than I seem. I make friends and allies easily, I'm peaceful so I don't make enemies, I have valuable skills that keep me in the game, and with a bit of Nalyd's manipulation skills rubbed off on me, I'm unstoppable! And I have semi-decent food. No one wants someone with semi-decent food to leave.

(Conf.) Han: I have no idea what's going on. I don't even know how I got on this show!!! *dances*

Jack: Way to go Niles! You stuck up for yourself! Look man, I'm really sorry about the day when I scared the crap out of you.... We cool? *holds out hand*

(CONF) Niles: How did Jack know it was me?

Niles: How... did... you ... know... it was... me?

Nalyd: *whispers* YOU did this?

Jack: Hey! Maybe I'm not stupid after all! Hooray! I'm back to my old self!

Ravioli: *picks up Niles by the collar of his shirt* YOU WRECKED ALL MY STUFF???

Han: *chants over and over* FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

Niles: I thought it was the Badger cabin... heh...

Interns: *drag Ravioli and Niles away form each other*

Jack: It's good to be not stupid anymore. So Nalyd, do you think the merge will be soon? The Raccoons are down four dudes.

Nalyd: Dunno.

Jack: I'd say we get Duncan, Heather, Ravioli, and Niles to vote with us, an then focus on taking out Mel, Han, if neccessary, Sunshine, Archie and Hank first. Sound like a plan?

Nalyd: If we lost tonight, I want Sunshine out. That way Ravioli will be happier.

Jack: OK. Then, how bout we pick off Mel, Archie, Hank, and Han, and then we'll make the final five you, me, Ravioli, Heather and Duncan, then we already decided who the final three will be.

Challenge Seven

Weird Al: Today, you will be participating in EXTREME TETHER BALL! *beat boxes*

Nalyd: That was wrong...

Weird Al: Both teams will pick three members to compete!!!!! *jams on accordion* My My My My My My WOOO! My my my my bologna!

Jack: I could do it for us.

Niles: I'll go first for us...

Weird Al: Jack vs. Niles! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niles: *serves ball*

Jack: *slams ball as hard as he can*

Niles: *is hit in face, collapses* Am I dead?

Weird Al: No, but your team just lost this round! Now each team pick another person!

Nalyd: I'll go.

Jack: Sorry Niles........

(CONF) Jack: *facepalm* I can't keep doing this to Niles! We need to get his vote for the merge! MAybe if I can get on his good side....

Niles: All good... *pushes Ravioli forward*

Weird Al: Excellent, Ravioli vs. Nalyd! GO!

Nalyd: *gently serves it*

(CONF) Nalyd: Okay, I don't think Ravi would want me to throw the challenge for her... but what if she wants Sunshine gone more than me being a wimp for her? Or what if? But what if....

Nalyd: *watches nervously as the ball circles the tether ball pole*

Jack: Nalyd! You're being stupid! Trust me, I would know! Ravioli would want you to win! To be strong! GRRR!!!

(CONF)Jack: Being a genius is fun!

Nalyd: Okay... *spikes ball, it goes around the pole*

Weird Al: This could be it!!!! (If Sunshine doesn't respond in 30 minutes, I will go ahead and win. I don't want to be unfair...)

Jack: Alright Nalyd! (30 minutes? That's a loooooooooooong time. How bout' we do chatango to kill some minutes?)

(Nalyd: Works for me. Come on Sunshine, type!!!!! You know you want to...)

Nalyd: I'm sorry... *spikes ball*

Weird Al: Badgers win again...

Niles: Ravioli, you and I need to vote together to prevent a tie. So who do you want to go?

Seventh Vote

Niles: *votes for Archie*

Weird Al: (With three of the characters on the team being away, its time to close votes...) Archie is out.

Day Eight


(CONF) Niles: We lost again....

Nalyd: *eats toast in mess hall*

Jack: Nalyd, way to go last night! (Shouldn't the merge be today, as the other team has only two active members and we have nine?)

Nalyd: Thanks dude. Hopefully Ravi isn't mad.... (Yeah, but there is still 13 people total, and that is a lot of people for a merge...

Jack: *secret handshake* No problem. If she is, tell her it was my fault. (But isn't it impossible for them to win 2 versus NINE?)

Nalyd: Okay, works for me. *gets up to leave mess hall* I think I'm gonna go for a walk. (Actually 2 active characters to 6 active characters so they have a chance.)

Jack: Something wrong man? (OK, if you say so.)

Nalyd: No I just need some alone time. *leaves mess hall*

Niles: *watches Nalyd leave* He doesn't seem okay...

Jack: Maybe you can be my back-up best friend. So, uh....what do you like to do? (ROTFLOL back-up best friend)

Niles: I like drinking coffee,listening to opera, and mocking the commoners. And you? (LOL)

Jack: Well, I like singing, playing guitar, skateboarding, girls, and new genius skills.

Nalyd: *wanders across island*

Will: Hello, Mr. Renrut. Something seems to be wrong. Dare I ask why?

Nalyd: No, no, everything is okay. *keeps walking at a faster pace, can see the swamp* I suggest you go back to camp.

Niles: *to Jack* This friendship isn't going to work....

Jack: Loosen up man! I can show you how to earn respect from other people. All you need to do for me is be my back up friend. Deal *happily holds out hand*

Will: *to Nalyd* Nalyd, tell me. Is something wrong? If you don't there will be consequenses.

Niles: Okay then... *shakes Jack's hand, then wipes off own hand with a handkerchief he carries around*

Nalyd: I can tell you aren't going to leave...

(CONF) Nalyd: I started by making up a problem so he'd leave. But then I started thinking it's a real problem.... (G2G, bbl, like 20 minutes or so)

Nalyd: Well, I don't know how I feel about Ravioli anymore... Especially after she flipped out yesterday... I don't know if I was just forced into this relationship by Sunshine and Amy. You know what I mean?

Will: Maybe. Have you ever thought you don't really like her, you just are too scared to say how you feel.

Nalyd: I like her. Just maybe not as much as I used to... I'm not that car breaking, teacher pestering kid anymore...

Will: I see, I see. Have you talked about this issue with a close trusted friend? If not, that is Dr.Will's reccommendation. If you don't feel comfortable with that, I'd say finish it with Ravioli.

Nalyd: By "finish it" do you mean break up with her?

Will: Take what I say as you will. Get it, "will"? (LOL Dr. Will)

Nalyd: Uh-huh... I'm gonna keep walking now... *keeps walking*

Will: See ya.

Nalyd: *starts climbing*

  • back at camp*

Jack: OK Niles. The first step was sticking up for yourself, which you have done. The next step: Let go of your fears. Don't worry about germs, but, if you have to worry about germs, don't make such a big deal about it.

Niles: You don't mean... Get rid of my handkerchief????

Jack: Not neccesseraly, just don't use it as often. OK, do you think you can do that?

Niles: I could try...

Jack: Good. Now, have you ever thought of getting on a sports team?

Niles: Oh, heavens, no.

Jack: Niles, if you don't wanna play sports, why don't you learn to play an instrument? Or, draw things?

Will: What are you guys doing?

Jack: *whispering* This is your chance Niles!

Niles: *whispers back* What am I supposed to say?

Jack: *whispering* Just stick up for yourself!

Niles: *whispers* But he's being nothing but nice!

Jack: *whispers* Ask if you wanna be friends? I don't know.

Niles: *sees Will watching them* What are you looking at?

Ravioli: *walks over* Jack, what's up?

Sunshine: *randomly appears, grabs Ravioli's arm, and squeals really high pitched*

Ravioli: ...what... the... heck... was... that...?!

Sunshine: I dunno.


Nalyd: *climbing mountain, gets into a fight with a goat, wins fight, sets goat free, continues climbing*

Niles: *to Ravioli* What are you looking at?

Ravioli: Excuse me???

Sunshine: OOH! This is getting good!

Han: I'll go make popcorn!!!

Nalyd: Ravi, calm down. Could we talk for a moment outside?

Jack: Hey Ravioli.

(CONF) Jack: I don't know if I should be scared or lucky that Ravioli considers me a friend. Oh well. (LOL)

Nalyd: *waits outside for Ravioli*

Ravioli: *walks outside* Hey, Nalyd. Y'know, I'll admit I thought your friend was weird at first, but I'm really warming up to him. *laughs* So, what's up with you?

Nalyd: We need to talk... Don't you think in every relationship there should be room for one irrational demand that the other has to do without question?

(CONF) Nalyd: Niles taught me the phrase "irrational demand."

Ravioli: *confused* Uh... yeah, sure, I guess... why?

Nalyd: I just think its a good thing for a relationship. So now any time from now until we die we can both ask each other to do one thing without question. *pauses* I thought of mine. I would like you to try to be nicer... *braces for an explosion*

Ravioli: Alright. (LOL whut? XD)

Nalyd: Yeah, it was a stupid idea.... Wait, alright? Really? You will honestly try to be nicer to people?

Ravioli: If that's what you want, then yeah, why not?

Will: *watching while eating popcorn* Awww. I just saved a relationship.

Nalyd: *hugs Ravioli and whispers to Will* You did nothing. You told me to break up with her.

Will: Ah. That's where you're wrong, Renrut. I said finish it which could be interpreteted any way, You did finsih her meanness, didn't you? Who's to say that isn't what I meant? My work is done.

Jack: Shut up Will. I'm happy for you Nalyd. *secter handshake* (Challenge soon?)

Nalyd: Whatever, Will. Thanks Jack. (When I get back on Thursday.)

Will: I was simply trying to help you Mr. Renrut. No need to be snappy.

Jack: *chuckles* You talk like a weirdo.

Niles: He most certainly does not talk like a 'weirdo.' In fact, I think he's the only one here other than me who can properly complete a sentence.

Nalyd: .... They're like twins....

Will: Come on Niles. We don't need these saps. Good day Mr. Renrut, Fire hair guy.

(CONF)Jack: Why did will call me Fire Hair Guy? Maybe it's my hair....

Niles: *leaves with Will*

(CONF) Niles: I made a friend!!!!!!!

Weird Al: Get ready kids! We're going BACK TO THE BEACH!

Ravioli: ...What do you mean "back"? There's a beach right on the island... (LOL)

Nalyd: She's got you there, Al.

Weird Al: That's WEIRD AL to you, small fry.

Nalyd: I'm not short.... *eyes water*

(CONF) Nalyd: *is holding a tape measure* I am like six feet tall! What's he talking about?

Jack: Umm, I know I'm not s'possed to say this anymore, but I don't get it. I was here all last season, and we never went to the beach. And Nalyd's not short! *takes a second look* Well, maybe I'm wrong.....

Weird Al: Back as in we were there earlier this season...

Intern: *on phone with doctor* Yeah, we were there like three days ago and nobody remembers... You SHOULD be worried....

Eighth Challenge

Weird Al: Now, you will be free drawing yourselves at the beach!

Nalyd: Awesome!

Niles: But then everyone will find out I have incredibly pale knees...

Nalyd: Wow, I've never seen myself without the hoodie... I'm really pale... o.O (LOL)

Sunshine: OMG NALYD'S A VAMPIRE!!!!!

Ravioli: For the hundreth time, HE'S NOT A VAMPIRE!!!!

Han: ...actually, now that you mention it... (LOL)

Nalyd: I'm not a vampire... *eyes shift evilly as he throws a bag of garlic away*

Niles: Ravioli, we need to put our differences aside and make sure to vote together, because there is no way they can win.

Weird Al: *shines a flashlight at Nalyd* Sparkle, vampire boy, sparkle!


Sunshine: Sparkle? OOH! I'LL GET GLITTER!!!

Ravioli: *about to say something mean to Niles, remembers her promise to Nalyd* Well, okay, though I'd like to think we won't lose...

(Conf.) Ravioli: This... feels... so... wrong...

Nalyd: Nice job Ravi. *smiles*

(CONF) Nalyd: Wow, she was actually nice... I owe camera guy #3 ten bucks...

Niles: Excellent.

Weird Al: The challenge ends *hard core accordion solo!* Monday morning! After I judge them tomorrow morning, part two of the challenge can begin! The winners of part one get a HUGE advantage in part two!

(CONF) Nalyd: Only me and Niles made a pic...

Weird Al: Only Nalyd and Niles did the challenge, so only they will do part two.

Niles: Can I forfeit now?

(Sunshine: Sorry guys, I started Ravioli's pic and got ideas for Sunshine and Han's, but I ran out of time...)

(Nalyd: Sorry, maybe we'll have a THIRD beach day! XD)

Nalyd: So what's the challenge?

Weird Al: A surf off! Who wants to go first?

Nalyd: Ummm Should I go first guys?

Jack:Go for it!

Sunshine: SURF! SURF! SURF!

Han: *chases seagulls LOL*

Nalyd: Okay. *winks at Ravioli* Check out these moves. *paddles out to surf*

Weird Al: RELEASE THE SHARKS! ... People from the other team can shoot these crab apples at Nalyd!

(CONF) Niles: I have terrible aim and Ravioli would never hurt Nalyd. We're doomed.

Ravioli: *shoots crab apple, it hits the shark* Oops. Oh no. I hit the shark instead of Nalyd. Silly me.

Niles: *tries to shoot the crab apple, some how it misfires and hits himself in the face*

Nalyd: *stands up* Hey! I'm surfing! I'm SURFING!!!!!

Ravioli: *"accidentally" hits Han with crab apple*

Han: HEY! *grabs seagull (o.O), chucks it at Ravioli*

Ravioli: Why you little- *chucks more crabapples at Han*

Han: *chucks more seagulls at Ravioli*

Sunshine: *watches crabapple/seagull fight* This is awesome!!!!

Jack: *cheering* Yeah! That's my best friend! Way to go Nalyd! *whispers to Ravioli* I owe you one. Thanks. Oh! *puts Han to sleep with a song about Duncan* There.

Nalyd: *is distracted, almost falls* Han! Cut it out!

Niles: *fires again, right at Nalyd*

Nalyd: Not in the face! *is hit in the face, falls off board*

Niles: WOW! I hit him!

Nalyd: A little help out here!

Sharks: *surround Nalyd*

Weird Al: That wasn't supposed to happen...

Jack: *runs to kitchen, grabs some fish and steak, throws it away form Naly so that the shraks leave* You OK, Nalyd?

Nalyd: *swims back to shore* Yeah... I'm okay... Thanks dude...

Niles: *paddles out*

(CONF) Nalyd: I can't risk Ravi getting out. I think I should throw the challenge.

Jack: *secret handshake* No problem! That's what friends are for! (We should give their handshake a bout...slowbutter! Genius!)

Niles: *stands up*

Nalyd: *grabs all the apples, "accidentally" drops them in the ocean* Oops...

Sharks: *eats apples*

Nalyd: Somebody do something to distract Niles!

Niles: I'm doing it! I'm doing it!

Weird Al: Niles needs to last ten more seconds to win! Ten! Nine! EIGHT!

Nalyd: What do we do????


Han: *chucks a seagull at Niles*


Niles: *is hit by seagull falls off board*

Weird Al:... Badgers win again...


Eighth Vote

Weird Al: Welcome back Raccoons...

Niles: I am voting for Hank.

Ravioli: Definately Hank.

(Sunshine: Uh, BTW, Nalyd? Wrong teams...)

(Nalyd: *fells like an idiot*)

Weird Al: *boots Hank out*

Day 9 Chat


(CONF) Niles: Now here's a problem... I can't vote out Ravioli without a tie occurring and I certainly can't vote out Kristi...

Nalyd: *tries to get into the mess hall* Hey! It's locked!

Will: *picks lock with pocketknife* There.

Jack: *to Nalyd* Look who I found! *picks up muskat* Can I keep him? Look how cute he is!

Muskrat: *licks Nalyd, cuddles on Jack's lap*

Jack: See?


Look! It's muskrat

Nalyd: Just keep it away from me... *goes inside Mess Hall* We have this in the bag guys.

Jack: Totally! (Merge soon?)

Weird Al: Time to go on a nature hike kiddies! *kicks everyone out and hands maps to everyone* (Merge at final ten, I decided no matter what it would be final ten.)

Nalyd: Okay. *starts walking* It looks like this hike will bring us all the way to the other side of the island...

Jack: Let's hit the road! *runs ahead of the group and is now out of sight*

Muskrat: *follows him*

Will: COME BACK!!!!!!!

Niles: *defiantly* Forget him.

Nalyd: I agree, the less people the better. *keeps walking, walks with Ravioli*

Jack: *comes back, has berries* Nalyd, check out what I found! There's a whole bunch of berry bushes just that way!

Muskrat: *goes and waits at the cabins*

Nalyd: *runs up to the berries with Jack, grabs a whole bunch of berries, runs back* Here, Ravioli. You'll need to keep your strength up. *the group is near the swamp*

Niles: It stinks out here!

Nalyd: *keeps walking* I wonder why we have to hike...

Will: Shut it, Renrut.

Jack: Don't listen to him. Maybe we're lookingfor an immunity idol?

Muskrat: *comes back, makes whatever sounds a muskrat makes* LOL

Nalyd: What's your problem, Will?

Niles: Will, I thought you were a polite gentleman?

Nalyd: I hope so Jack... (Did you know rabbits scream right before they die?)

Jack: Hey! I see something! *picks up a jar* Should we open it.

Will: Oh, sorry Niles. This heat is really getting to me, chap.

Nalyd: *takes jar, opens it* It says "Ha ha, you probably thought you could get an immunity idol. Keep going you slackers. Love, Weird Al. P.S. Don't come back until you make it all the way to the end." Thats cruel... *keeps walking, can see the mountain*

Niles: Very well, sir.

Will: Indubetebly. (LOL)

Jack: I know! *ties everyone to his waist, gets on skateboard, starts riding down to the mountain*

Niles: I concur. (How did he carry everyone to the mountain, up the mountain, then back down the mountain? o.O Anyway...)

Nalyd: *everyone is on the other side of the mountain* Are we almost there?

Jack: I see something! (He had them all tied like a chain, know what I mean? And I thought they were going downhill only..Oh well)

Muskrat: *makes more muskrat noises*


Nalyd: *they all reach the bridge* Wow, so tired...

Sunshine: I know! Let's sing to keep our spirits up!!! *sings horribly* NINTY-NINE BOWLS OF RAVIOLI ON THE WALL!!! NINTY-NINE BOWLS OF RAVIOLIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Han: *singing even worse* YOU TAKE ONE DOWN AND PASS IT AROUND, NINTY-EIGHT BOWLS OF RAVIOLI ON THE WALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ravioli: Make... them... shut... up...

Nalyd: *shouts* BOTH OF YOU BE QUIET FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *normal voice* You mean like that, Ravi?

Han: *karate chops Nalyd in the head* NEVUH!!!!! *sings horribly* YOU TAKE ONE DOWN AND PASS IT AROUND...

Ravioli: *covers ears* Yeah, except it'd be nice if they actually WOULD shut up...

Nalyd: *on ground unconscious*

Niles: Is he okay?


Niles: You gotta be kidding me...

Han: *starts dancing and singing horribly* I'M SSSIIIIINNNGGGIIIINNNGGGG IN THE RRRAAAIIIIIINNN--

Ravioli: FOR THE THOUSANDTH TIME SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *to Niles* Don't tell Nalyd about that, he had me promise I'd try to be nicer...

Niles: And what would he do if he found out you, his girlfriend, lied to him?

(CONF) Niles: I could use this to blackmail Ravioli to make sure Kristi can stay when we lose!

Ravioli: I dunno. The real question is, why would YOU tell him and betray ME when I've agreed to vote with you, and such a thing could change my mind?

(Conf.) Ravioli: Ah, blackmail. I do love it.

Niles: Because I want Kristi to stay more than you. So I will probably be voting for you tonight!

Ravioli: Well then, I guess it's obvious who I'LL be voting for, isn't it?

Niles: You will vote for who I tell you to vote for, or else I will tell Nalyd you were mean!

(CONF) Niles: I like this self-confidence business. I feel so alive! *looks at finger* Am I bleeding? *passes out* (LOL)

Ravioli: And I assume you'll tell me to vote for myself?

Niles: Exactly!

Weird Al: *over intercom* THUNDER AND LIGHTNING! JUST HEAD BACK TO CAMP AND STOP FIGHTING Maybe they should keep fighting for ratings....

Ravioli: Well then, go ahead and tell Nalyd whatever you want. I'll just let him know you conspired to vote me, his girlfriend, off, and I think you know what side he'll take.

Niles: He will take my side! I'M HIS BROTHER! (Soap Opera time!) Well, his half-brother. My father left his mother and then met my mother.


Niles: *starts running, runs like a limping baby deer*

Ravioli: *flies past him, goes twice as fast as him*


Han: NO TIME FOR THAT!!! *grabs Sunshine by the ponytail and drags her behind her as she runs back to camp*

Niles: *pauses, runs back to Nalyd, shakes him* Nalyd wake up!

Nalyd: Five more minutes... I was just about to find a pony... (o.O)

Niles: There's no time for that! Ravioli was mean!

Nalyd: *eyes open wide* WHAT????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

(CONF) Nalyd: She lied to me???? How could she? After I got her that skull necklace!

Niles: And we're half-brothers.

Nalyd: *passes out again* (LOL)

Ravioli: *realized she forgot Nalyd, runs over, shakes him awake* Nalyd, get up!!! We have to get back to camp!

Nalyd: *wakes up* Hi Ravi. Whats up? *remembers what's going on* Gotta get back to camp!!!!!! *lifts Ravioli over his head and starts running for camp, gets tired, puts Ravioli down, collapses to ground* Can't go on... *gets up and starts running with Ravioli* Is what Niles says true?

Niles: *realizes he's alone* WAIT UP! *starts running*

Ravioli: Did he tell you I was mean? I'll admit, I yelled at Han, but she was refusing to shut up...

Han: *from farther ahead* I NEVER SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *is silent, looks at the ground, keeps running*

Niles: *limping* Almost there... I'm catching up...

Jack: *to the camera* I thought it would be fun to go to another summercamp with my best friend. Did I see this coming? Heck no!

Will:EVERYBODY QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE GONNA GET BACK TO CAMP, AND YOU'RE GONNA LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs top-speed*

Ravioli: It's not like Niles was any better, he tried blackmailing me into voting myself off...

Jack: Yeah, but you could always beat him to a pulp and make him swear to never tell.

Nalyd: *looks at a tree in the distance, stops running, says nothing*

Niles: *runs past them*

Nalyd: *not looking at Niles, sticks leg out to trip Niles* (LOL, nothing like a little comedic relief)

(CONF) Nalyd: I don't know what to think at this point... I've never lied to Ravioli, except about the fact that one of my middle names is Sherbert... I told her it was Herbert... Man, I don't know... I'd talk to Will but I can't trust a friend of Niles...

Jack: Hey Nalyd, if Nalyd can't be nice to people, why don't you just keep her with people she likes? You know, just me and you. (XD, I hope I didn't miss anyone!)

Han: *halfway back to camp, still dragging Sunshine behind her*

Ravioli: *catching up to them*

Nalyd: *just stands there* I know what I have to do. *starts jogging back to camp*

Weird Al: Looks like Han is about to win it for her team! WAIT! Here comes a purple blur! It's Sonic the Hedgehog! No, it's just Ravioli... *cries a little* (LOL)

Jack: *hops on skateboard, goes really fast*

Weird Al: And here comes Nalyd's friend!

Ravioli: *catches up to Han, they enter camp at what looks like the exact same time* (GASP! Photo finish!!! :O)

Weird Al: Well... as a tiebreaker, Han had a second teammate with her... but since they've won all the others ones... Badgers, I say you lose!

Nalyd: *sulks, arrives at camp*

Bus: *has everyone else on bus brings them back to camp*

Weird Al: Badgers, go to the mess hall and talk about who you wanna vote out.

Han: I say Mel, Heather, or Tatiana.

Sunshine: Yeah! We can't vote out Duncan, he is THE PRECIOUS *drools*

Nalyd: *just nods, not saying who he agrees to vote out*

Sunshine: Awww, Rennie, why you look so down? Do we need to SING AGAIN??? I THINK WE DO!!!!! (LOL)

Nalyd: Please, not now Sunshine. (Only you would do that, Sunshine. Only you... LOL)

(CONF) Nalyd: Next time I see Ravioli I am telling her its over. It just isn't working out... I will probably get Elmo and move in with my mom after my show. Amy can stay with Ravioli during the week, but I'll get her Saturday and Sunday. I know this because my cousin is Judge Judy. (Evil runs in the family XD)

Sunshine: I THINK WE NEED A MUSICAAAALLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Han: HOORAY!!!!

Ravioli: *walks in, sits next to Nalyd* Hey, Nalyd, you okay?

(Conf.) Ravioli: I don't know how Nalyd feels about the whole "incident", but I know we've been through worse than this before and still stayed together. We can work it out.

Nalyd: Ravioli... I don't think this is working out. We've been having problems lately, and I shouldn't have tried to change you so... it's over. I'm sorry. It's just I think we're both looking for different types of people...

Niles: *gasps*

(CONF) Niles: I didn't think they'd actually break-up!

Ravioli: *stares at Nalyd, shocked* Wha- bu- ...FINE! SEE IF I CARE! *slaps Nalyd across the face and runs out of the mess hall*

Sunshine: ...musical time? (LOL, Sunny no get it XD)

Nalyd: *rubs face* That went better than expected... *to camera* Amy and Elmo, I'm sorry you had to see that... *to Sunshine* okay, let's vote for Mel.

Han: She's probably gonna set your cabin on fire while you're asleep or something, dude.

Sunshine: MUSICAAAALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: Nah, she wouldn't do that... Would she?

Han: I dunno, that's what I would do!

Ravioli: *chucks picture from Nalyd through window, it barely misses hitting Nalyd in the head* AND YOU CAN TAKE THIS BACK TOO, YOU JERK!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs away again*

(Conf.) Ravioli: I HATE EVERYTHING. *stabs wall of confessional with pocketknife*

Nalyd: I'm not a jerk. We both just want different things. I want a nicer girl, and she wants a bad boy.


Ninth Vote

Weird Al: Hola Badgers!

Nalyd: *votes for Mel*

Han: Mel!

Sunshine: I'm tempted to vote for Nalyd because of what he did to my sis, but instead I'll just vote Mel! (LOL, she finally figured out what happened)

Jack: Um, uh, I don't really know...Mel.

(CONF) Jack: I'm in a REALLY awkward spot now. Without Nalyd, I hate to say it, but I'm the closest thing Ravioli's got to a friend, and me and Nalyd are real tight. I hope Nalyd knows what he just did to me.

Weird Al: MEL IS OUT! *all dramatic-ish* Will Nalyd and Ravioli get back together? Will Jack be able to pick between his two BFFFLs? Will the Raccoons be able to survive one more day? Find out next time!

Day 10 Chat


Niles: *eats a tossed salad and some scrambled eggs*

Nalyd: *sits at the farthest end of the mess hall, alone*

Ravioli: *sits at the opposite end of the mess hall, alone*

Sunshine: *skips over to Ravioli* I think someone needs a huuuggg!!!!!!

Ravioli: *glares at her*

Sunshine: Or... not... *backs away*

(CONF) Nalyd: I was fine before Ravioli, and I'll be fine after her.

Nalyd: *takes small bites of oatmeal*

Niles: *whispers to Sunshine* It's so tense in here...

Sunshine: *whispers back* Who are you? (LOL, I don't think they've ever talked XD)

(Conf.) Ravioli: I'll feel better about the whole Nalyd thing soon... I put a stink bomb in his cabin.

(CONF) Nalyd: When I woke up this morning there was a nasty stink in the cabin. I think something might have died.

Niles: *whispers* I'm the pale one who you've yelled at on several occasions and doesn't get along with your sister...

Sunshine: *thinks then remembers* Oh yeah! You're the sneezy nerd! (LOL)

Han: *bursts in* 'SUP DUUUUDDDEEESSS!!!!!!!!!! *everyone glares at her* ...okay then...

Nalyd: *leaves mess hall, goes to cabin which is aired out and doesn't smell*

Niles: *whispers* I am not sneezy, I just have allergies! Wait... why am I still talking to you?

Weird Al: *bursts in* 'SUP DUUUUDDDEEESSS!!!!!!!!!! *everyone glares at him* ...okay then...(LOL, nostalgia win)

Han: YOU STOLE MY ENTRANCE!!!!!! *tackles Weird Al*

Ravioli: *runs to Nalyd's cabin, lights it on fire* (Han tried to warn you, but did you listen? NO!!!!!!!!!!! XD)

Nalyd: *looks around and sees the burning cabin* I know I'm hot but this is ridiculous... *can't open door* HELP! HELP! (Nice going, you just killed off my main character! LOL)

(Sunshine: Well how was I supposed to know the door would get stuck???)

Ravioli: *hears Nalyd screaming from cabin* Hmm... should I let him out, or just ignore him? Tough choice... *thinks for a while, starts to walk away, hears Nalyd screaming more, sighs, goes back and unlocks door*

Weird Al: *on phone* No, the pale kid is okay, we won't be needing any lawyers. (LOL)

Nalyd: *runs out and watches cabin completely collapse, sees a picture of Amy and Elmo and himself burn up* Aw man... *looks at Ravioli, turns away and walks to mess hall* bad news, Badgers. We'll all be sleeping outside tonight...

Han: I told you she was gonna set your cabin on fire, dude!!! But did you listen to me? NO! NO ONE EVER LISTENS TO THE PSYCHOPATH!!!!!!

Sunshine: I know, right???

Ravioli: *wanders aimlessly around camp*

Jack: *walks in very scared*

(CONF)Jack: *gulp* I wish I could've just stayed playing with Muskrat.....

Nalyd: *seriously* Sunshine, I think you should go talk to your sister.

Sunshine: *cocks head stupidly* Whyyy?

Nalyd: *sarcastic* Because she's just so darn pleasant to talk to. (LOL) *serious* Because she's upset, angry, burned a down a cabin, and the team has to sleep outside now.

Sunshine: I really don't care about sleeping outside, I can fall asleep anywhere! *falls asleep for a minute then wakes up again* Besides, you caused all this, it's YOUR problem!

Han: I've gotta agree. It's just plain logic! ...even though I hate logic... *shrugs*

Nalyd: It isn't my fault! I broke up with her after she lied to me! And we're just looking for different things! She wants a guy like... *is about to say Duncan, realizes Sunshine would explode* like I used to be and I want a girl like the kind I tried to turn her into...

Sunshine: Wait... so, you tried to make Ravioli nice, but I'm nice, and you broke up with me, but now you're trying to make your girlfriend nice, except she's not your girlfriend 'cause you broke up with her, and... I'M CONFUSED.

Nalyd: I tried to make Ravioli nice because of how vicious she was to people. I broke up with you because you were cheating on me with Duncan. I broke up with her because she lied to me and broke a promise. (LOL, so confusing.)

Sunshine: One, I didn't cheat on you, I just thought about it (LOL). Two, didn't she just promise she'd TRY to be nicer? She has a loophole, technically. And, three, when did she lie to you?

Han: *eats popcorn* This is just like watching a soap opera!!! (LOL)

Weird Al: *is video taping* CUT! Great job, but Nalyd how about you break out into tears this time, and wear this. *holds up Darth Vader costume* And Sunshine, we're changing your character to a hippie who knows that the true meaning of life is 27!

Nalyd: *ignoring Al* You didn't?... Hmm... then I guess breaking up with you was sort of pointless.... My bad... *awkward laugh* And yes she does have a loophole, but it still hurts. And she lied by breaking the promise.

Han: *steals Vader helmet from Al, puts it on, then runs up to Niles* *creepy Darth Vader voice* I AM YOUR FATHER.

Sunshine: *cocks head stupidly* I still don't get it.

Niles: Aaaah! *runs away*

Nalyd: Things between me and Ravioli just weren't working, okay?

Sunshine: Why?

Han: *pulls out lightsaber she takes everywhere and chases Niles around camp*

Niles: *runs past Ravioli several times, runs past burnt cabin, trips, cringes on ground* DON'T KILL ME HAN!

Nalyd: We were looking for different types of people. She just wasn't the girl for me.

Sunshine: Why? (LOL this is gonna go on a while XD)

Han: *still in creepy Darth Vader voice* JOIN ME, AND WE CAN RULE THE GALAXY AS FATHER AND SON.

Niles: *thinks she is offering an alliance* Deal. *holds out hand for a handshake*

Nalyd: Because I didn't like her as much as I used to, okay????????????? (LOL, I figured.)

Sunshine: Why? (LOL)

Han: *regular voice* No, no!!! This is the part where you say "I'll never join you!!!!" and then I cut off your hand and you fall to your apparent doom.

Niles: ...Why? (LOL)

Nalyd: *in head* I can either stay here with Sunshine or go outside and risk being sniped by Ravioli... *out loud* I am so tempted to walk outside..... *sees Sunshine looking at him* Ummm

(CONF) Nalyd: Eventually, I decided to lie.

Nalyd: I like somebody else Sunshine.

Sunshine: OOOOH!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!! WHO IS IT??? IS IT HAN??? It can't be Heather... IS IT TATIANA??? IS IT KRISTI??? IS IT ME??? WHO, RENRUT, WHO???

Han: BECAUSE I SAID SO THAT'S WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: No, you've got that right, no, and DEAR GOD NO! (LOL, JK, couldn't resist.) Why should I tell you? If I tell you in two seconds the girl will be over here and slap me right across my face!

Niles: I don't have to do what you say!

Sunshine: *holds up rabid weasel (LOL it's been a while since I've had to use him! XD)* WWWHHHOOO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Han: Oh yeah?! Well, I HAVE A LIGHTSABER! (LOL)

Nalyd: (I so wished you'd forgotten... LOL) I don't like any of the girls at this camp.

(CONF) Nalyd: Not the weasels! Maybe I'll make up a person...

Niles: What you are holding is a cheap piece of plastic...

Han: It's not a cheap piece of plastic!!! It's an AWESOME cheap piece of plastic!!! (LOL)

Sunshine: *shoves weasel into his face* WWWWHHHHOOOO?????????????????

Ravioli: *overhears, listens from outside the mess hall*

(Conf.) Ravioli: I want to know just who it is Nalyd dumped me for!!! Probably some tall, tan, blonde chick! Pale, purple haired pixies aren't good enough for him it seems... *grumbles to self*

Niles: Ok, you got me there...

Nalyd: I like a girl named Diane. (Named after the Cheers character, for anybody wondering)

Sunshine: *cocks head stupidly* Who?

Han: Ho yeah! *dances horribly*

Jack: *quietly sits down, trying not to draw attention*

Muskrat: *picks up ball*

Jack: Not now, Muskrat.

Will: Hey everyone! Look, it's JAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!

Ravioli: *wanders off towards woods*

Niles: *sees Ravioli near mess hall* Ravioli, what are you doing?

Nalyd: One of the interns here. She works in the mess hall.

Diane: *tall, tan, blonde chick walks out of kitchen* Okay, Al, I'm done for the day.

Weird Al: Bye, Diane!

Nalyd: Hiiiiiiiiii Diane.

Diane: Hey, Nate. *leaves mess hall*

(CONF)Jack: Maybe this won't be so bad after all....

Sunshine: Ha ha! She got your name wrong!!! (LOL, such a good friend XD)

Ravioli: Leaving. *continues walking towards woods, sees Diane leaving mess hall, is about to say something but doesn't, continues walking*

Nalyd: I told her my name was Nate by accident.

(CONF) Nalyd: I think I faked that pretty well!

Nalyd: Y'all wanna go do something now? Swimming? Fishing? Canoeing?

Jack: I don't know...maybe I'll just stay here and work on a song...

Sunshine: NATURE HIKE!!!! Maybe we'll find a bear again!!! *has flashback of them going on nature hike, finding bear, and Sunshine stupidly poking the bear until it tries to attack her*

Han: *suddenly bursts through window* DID SOMEONE SAY BEAR???

Ravioli: *walks through woods, stabs tree with pocketknife*

Nalyd: Okay. *the three start hiking*

(CONF) Nalyd: It was better than being alone...

(CONF) Niles: Weird Al gave me twenty bucks not to tell Nalyd Ravioli was in the woods too.

Ravioli: *sees Nalyd coming, hides in cave*

Bear: *is in cave, growls at Ravioli*

Ravioli: *growls back*

Bear: O.O *runs away*

Sunshine: Hey, look, I see a bea- *gets run over by bear* ...ow... (LOL)

Nalyd: *helps Sunshine up* Are you okay?

Sunshine: That was AWESOME!!!!! LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!!!! (LOL, only Sunshine XD)

Ravioli: *watches from cave, gasps*

(Conf.) Ravioli: Okay, not only does he now apparently have some tall blond girlfriend, but he's hanging out with SUNSHINE??? My incredibly annoying sister whom he already BROKE UP WITH ONCE??? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME, I ASK YOU??? WHAT THE HECK DID I DO?????

Nalyd: *drops Sunshine* Yup, you're okay. *hears gasp* Did you guys hear something? (LOL, Ravioli is spazzing out XD)

Han: Dunno, don't care. *chases bear screaming like an asylum escapee*

Sunshine: *lands on arm, it cracks* NOW I think I broke my arm. (LOL, again, only Sunshine. XD)

Ravioli: *glares at Nalyd from cave*

Nalyd: Oh no! Sunshine, we better get you back to camp! *thinks* Han, we better carry her back to camp...

Han: I've got a better idea! *stands in place, screams extremely loudly* AAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUNSHINE GOT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *back at camp, a window breaks LOL*

Interns: *put Sunshine on stretcher, carry her away*

Nalyd: Sorry, Sunshine!

Jack: *comes, holding Muskrat* Hey Nalyd, what's up? How's it going Ravioli?

(Nalyd: Dude, Ravioli and Nalyd aren't even near each other...)

Nalyd: *goes back to camp*

Weird Al: Good news, everyone! Sunshine will be returning tonight! So she has invincibility for today.

Ravioli: *goes back to mess hall, gets toast, imagines it as Nalyd, stabs it repeatedly with a fork*

Niles: *sees Ravioli stabbing toast* Ravioli, I think I can help you cope with the break-up.

Jack:*whispering so that only he can hear* So, Nalyd, we can hang out more now.....

Nalyd: Sure, totally. What do you wanna do?


Challenge Ten

Weird Al: Wow.. ten challenges... *moment of silence* Today, you will all be Skippers! *gives everyone safari hats and shirts* Both teams will be running a boat on the Jungle Cruise ride at Disney World!

(CONF) Nalyd: Okay, so the other team is angry Ravioli and pompous Niles. We have ME! The friendliest person on earth!

Weird Al: *everybody gets on a boat, families get on every boat* GO!

Nalyd: Hello, I am Skipper Nalyd. *boat starts* Did you know jaguars can jump 20 feet? But we are fifteen ft away from it, so the jaguar should miss us completely!

Niles: *immediately falls overboard* Oh dear...

Nalyd: *points at a fat guy in Han's boat* There's an african bull elephant...

(CONF)Jack: This is gonna be awesome! I'm like, perfectly nice enough to be a tour guide! I made friends with Niles, Nalyd, Ravioli, and lots of othr people! Too bad I've never to Disney World.....

(Conf.) Ravioli: I know everyone thinks the Racoons will lose, but I'm actually pretty knowlegeable about animals. Sunshine used to watch a lot of nature shows...

RaviolI: Over there you'll see a pygmy rhino. The birds around it help clean parasites from its skin. *points to Nalyd* And there you'll see a rare Grey-hood Heartbreaker. Careful, it's strike is deadly.

(Conf.) Ravioli: That made me feel better. (LOL sorry Nalyd)

Han: *grabs mike of her boat* YOOO! I have no clue what I'm doing... is this kareoke? *starts singing horribly*

Sunshine: And WAAAY over there you'll see an African Elephant! ...Or is it an Indian Elephant? I dunno... what's the differance anyway?

Nalyd: *the boat goes past a waterfall* And there is the backside of water!... What have I done with my life???????? (LOL)

Jack: Hey Nalyd, I think I see a bottlenose dolphin! Did you know that there's pink ones in the Amazon?

Nalyd: It would be so fun to go to the Amazon. Anyway folks, thanks for rider the Congo King, have a great day!

Weird Al: That's one point for the Badgers!

Han: *sings so horribly that the boat breaks down* ...dangit. Um, underneath your seats you'll find life jackets...

Nalyd: Han! What's wrong with you???

Han: Umm... seriously, or is that a retorical question?

Sunshine: And over there is a hippo... a lot of hippos... that look angry... HOLY RAVIOLI WE'RE BEING ATTACKED BY HIPPOS!!!!!!

Ravioli: *drives her boat by while the hippos are distracted by Sunshine* ...and to your right you'll see a pixie being attacked by hippos...

Jack: Han! Dude, not cool!

Han: I thought it was kareoke!!!

Nalyd: *slaps forehead*

Han: ABANDON SHIP!!!! *jumps out of boat, swims to shore* Oh, hey, I probably should've gotten the guests out of the boat first... oh well!

Ravioli: *gets to end* Thank you for joining us today, please do not exit the boat until it comes to a complete stop, and make sure you have all your personal belongings with you before you exit.

Sunshine: *throwing ravioli at the hippos* BACK!!!! BACK YOU HIPPOS!!!!!!!!!

Weird Al: Okay, because Han and Sunshine messed up that will be two points for the Raccoons, plus Ravioli's point, so 3 for the Raccoons, 1 for the Badgers.

Nalyd: Come on guys!

Niles: *still overboard*

Weird Al: That's another Badgers point... 2-3! Almost closing time, Skippers!

Will: *jumps in the water, saves Niles*

Jack: *shouts very loudly so the hippos go away*

Weird Al: Ten minutes left, still 2-3!

Niles: Will! Don't save me, help your team!

Nalyd: Listen to him Will!

Sunshine: *fends off hippos, gets to end* Thank you for- *boat starts sinking* ...I think the hippos tore a hole in the boat...

Weird Al: That's it... Raccoons win again.

Skipper Dan: *starts cleaning everything up*

Nalyd: *in mess hall* So who should we axe tonight, team?

Han: Either Tatiana or Heather...

Nalyd: *immediately after Han says Heather* Yes, definitely Heather.

Diane: *leaves for the day, unnoticed by Nalyd* Later, Al!

Weird Al: *jams out on accordion, can't hear her*

Tenth Vote

Nalyd: *votes for Heather* Later.

Jack: Totally Heather! She caused my elimination last time!

Will: Heather.

Weird Al: *launches Heather off island* Buh-bye Heather!

Day 11 Chat


Weird Al: TODAY IS THE MERGE! *dances* Boys go to the Raccoons cabin, girls go to the... er... location of the former Badger cabin.

Nalyd: Awesome!

Jack: Yeah! Slowbutter! (the new OFFICAIL name for Jack and Nalyd's handshake!!) So, Nalyd, now that you *whispering* not dating Ravioli *normal* can you promise that if either of us gets to pick who goes to the final two, we'll pick each other right?

Nalyd: Definitely.

Niles: Welcome to the Raccoons' cabin guys.

Ravioli: *stares at burnt remains of Badger cabin* ...

Han: ...wanna go steal the guy's cabin?

Ravioli: That's the smartest idea you've ever had.

Sunshine: CHAAARRRGGGEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dashes towards Racoon cabin*

Nalyd: *sees the girls coming* EVERYBODY INSIDE! *all the boys run inside*

Niles: *screams like a girl*

Nalyd: *slaps Niles* Get a grip, man! And help block the door! *pushes a dresser in front of the door, realizes Duncan is still outside* Uh oh...

Sunshine and Han: *are completely distracted by Duncan*

Ravioli: *stares at them, sighs and shakes head, knocks on door* Surrender, or I'll burn this one down too.

Nalyd: Do your worst! It just means NOBODY will be able to use the cabins!

Niles: You know, this cabin had a girls' side and boys' side before the merge...

Nalyd: .... SHUT UP NILES!

Ravioli: *in a sickeningly sweet voice* Nalyd, sweetie, open up the door or I'll let Han sic her bear on you.

(Conf.) Han: Yeah, I decided to take that bear we found the other day in as my pet! I have named him... George.

Nalyd: *has an idea* Okay... *opens the door, when Ravioli steps in a bucket of water falls on her head* Wow! It worked! *falls on floor laughing*

Niles: Oh dear... *realizes Ravioli is going to explode, runs into the former girls' half of the cabin, locks door*

Ravioli: *in slow quiet voice* Nalyd. I am going to count to ten, and unless you've gotten me a towel and let the girls in here by the time I finish, I will personally feed you to Sunshine's rabid weasel. One...

Niles: *hands her a towel*

Nalyd: *grabs towel and throws it on floor* No! We aren't going out anymore which means I don't have to do what you say! *sees the rabid weasel* The weasel, however, I will listen to. *hands her the towel* (LOL)

Ravioli: Thank you. C'mon in, girls. *grabs towel, dries off hair, hair poofs up like an afro* ...I hate my hair...

Han: WHOO!!!! WE GET A CABIN!!!!! *cartwheels in, sees Ravioli* ...who's the afro dude?

Ravioli: *growls*

Nalyd: Whoa, whoa, whoa, ladies. I guess we weren't clear. You get that half. *points to the side the Raccoons girls used to have* We stay here, you guys stay here. Got it?

(CONF) Nalyd: Wow! Standing up to Ravioli felt great! I rule! *does air guitar* Ummm, could you edit out that air guitar part? Really? Thanks!

Sunshine: *ignores Nalyd* I want this bunk! *flops down on Nalyd's bunk*

Ravioli: *attempts to straighten hair, fails*

Han: I AM SPIDER-MAN!!!!! *attempts to climb on wall, falls onto Niles* Ow.

Jack: Um Han, please don't set that bunk on fire. It's mine.

Niles: Ouch!

Nalyd: Yo! Sunshine! Outta my bed!!!! *realizes he's arguing with SUNSHINE* Come on boys, lets go to the other side. *boys to go other side, lock door behind them* Well, men, we need to get revenge.

Ravioli: I never thought I'd say this, but... nice work, sis. *high-fives Sunshine*

Sunshine: What'd I do?

Han: *puts duct-tape on hands, climbs wall* I LOVE DUCT-TAPE!!!!!!!!!! (LOL the power of duct tape)

Nalyd: Any ideas, men?

Niles: Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! I have an idea!

Nalyd: I said men... but go on Niles...

Niles: What if we cover their beds in mud?

Nalyd: I like it... Anything else, dudes?

Han: *randomly falls from ceiling* Ow... what are we talking about???

Weird Al: *opens door to girls' side* Hows it going guys- *sees all the girls* Oh no! All the guys turned into girls! *runs away screaming*

Ravioli: *facepalm*

Sunshine: I WAS A GUY??? WHEN??? (LOL)

Weird Al: *in Producer Trailer* We decided today's challenge who could win the guys vs. girls war!

Niles: *knocks on doors to girls' trailer dressed as Duncan*

Nalyd: *looking at Niles from window* This oughtta be good...

Han: *looks out window and sees "Duncan", mutters to Sunshine* What do you think?

Sunshine: Hmmm... he's exactly three centimeters shorter than Duncan! HE'S A FRAUD! GET 'IM!!!!!!!! (LOL)

Niles: *turns, trips on stairs leading to cabin door*

Nalyd: Uh oh...

Sunshine: *drops Bob the rabid weasel on Niles' face*

Niles: *throws it back at Sunshine and runs back into the boys' side*

Nalyd: Jack, do you have any ideas for a prank against the girls?

Han: Ravioli, I have an idea... *whispers to Ravioli*

Ravioli: Awesome! Let's do it.

Nalyd: *hears noise in the girls' side* Guys, hurry, think of something!!!

Sunshine: *knocks on door of guy's side* Nalyd? Niles? Jack? Jack's friend whose name escapes me? (LOL) Whoever else is there? I'm here to give a peace offering... no tricks, I promise... *holds up box of burgers* Ravi managed to swipe these from Al, we thought you'd like them!

Nalyd: *shrugs* Okay. *takes burgers* Thanks. *slams door* (XD) *loudly* Let us eat this delicious burgers now! *pretends to eat the burgers* DELICIOUS! *whipsers* How stupid do they think we are? *laughs*

Han: *outside cabin with her bear* Hey George, you smell the burgers? Huh? You smell 'em? GO GET 'EM!!!

George: *smashes through wall of guy's side, roars*

Nalyd: *screams and throws burgers at bear*

George: *gets hit in face with burgers, gets angry, tries to bite Nalyd*

Nalyd: *flinches out of direction of bear*

Niles: *hits bear over head with a frying pan*

Nalyd: Where'd you get the frying pan?

Niles: Under Ravioli's old bed. next to a beat up statue resembling you.

George: *roars at Niles*

Han: Should I call him off?

Ravioli: Hmm... one more minute. (LOL)

Nalyd: *opens door to girls' side of the cabin, makes line of burgers to lead the bear in there*

Bear: *runs into girls side eating burgers, runs over Niles in the process (LOL)*

Han: Good boy, George!!! *feeds him another burger and pats him on the head*

Ravioli: Ready to give up, Nalyd???

Niles: *on floor* I see a light!!!!

Nalyd: Never! *slams door between the two sides, goes back to boys' side* We need a new plan!!!!!!!


Nalyd: Aww man....

Ravioli: I've got this. *runs outside, sees open window in the guys side, tosses a lit stink bomb into the guy's cabin*

Niles: *runs out*

Nalyd: *coughs, gags, open door to girls' cabin making both stink* Take that!

Sunshine: *uses wings to fan the stink back into the guys cabin, then lets Bob the rabid weasel into the guy's cabin*

Bob: *sees Nalyd, growls, bites his leg*

Nalyd: OHMIGAWD ITS BOB THE RABID WEASEL!!!!!! *throws Bob far into the woods*

(CONF) Nalyd: So its only me doing anything for the boys, Duncan Will and Jack just had these blank looks on their faces...

Nalyd: *locks all the doors and windows* Nobody gets in, nobody gets out.

Ravioli: Han, you know what to do.

Han: RIGHT!!! *covers hands with duct tape, climbs up wall and over ceiling, drops into guys cabin* HEY NALYD!!!!!! *starts singing horribly* NINTY-NINE BOWLS OF RAVIOLI ON THE WALL, NINTY-NINE BOWLS OF RAVIOLIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *scream in pain* OUCH! MY EARS! *screams* HAN! Stop singing and get all the girls out of the cabin and I will let you hug Duncan!!!!

Han: Sorry, Ravioli already promised me some of his hair so I could clone him if I drove you insane. *continues singing* YOU TAKE ONE DOWN AND PASS IT AROUND...

Nalyd: I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!! *runs out of cabin with all the boys*

Weird Al: Girls win.

Eleventh Vote

Weird Al: Okay, boys, vote off one of your own.

Nalyd: Duncan, he hasn't been here in days.

Niles: *votes for Duncan*

Jack: Duncan.

(CONF) Jack: Just those girls wait.....They'll never know what hit em'. Heh heh.

Will: Duncan.

Weird Al: Duncan gets the axe! Now time for the real merge!

Day12 Chat


Nalyd: *is sleeping on a bench in the mess hall*

Niles: *is sleeping on a table in the mess hall*

Jack: *comes out of girls cabin, suspicious look on his face*

(CONF) Jack: I took all the nails off of the girls' bunks! And best thing is, they'll think it's Will!

Will: Hey, why are there nails in my pocket?

Nalyd: *still sleeping*

(CONF) Niles: I'm scared. What happens when Han find out we voted for Duncan????????

Sunshine: *randomly runs in and knocks over the bench Nalyd is sleeping on* MORNING SLEEPYHEAD!!!

Han: *cartwheeels in* YOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *long pause* ...where's Duncan?

(Conf.) Han: Oh no they di'in't!!! They did NOT vote of MY DUNCAN!!!!!

Niles: *brings Han outside* Nalyd voted for me, I voted for Nalyd, and Jack and Will voted for Duncan. So it's Jack and Will's faults.

(CONF) Niles: I hope she believes me...

Nalyd: *on floor* Sunshine... What did I ever do to you?

Sunshine: *shrugs* I dunno.

Ravioli: *walks in and grabs breakfast, then "accidentally" drops it on Nalyd's head* Oops.

(Conf.) Ravioli: I love revenge so much right now!!!

Han: ...and I should believe you... why?

Niles: Because I trust you, and I am a psychiatrist in training, so I don't lie.

Nalyd: *flicks oat meal into Ravioli's hair* How's the arm doing Sunshine?

Sunshine: Pretty good! Y'know, other than it hurting whenever I move it...

Ravioli: *glares at Nalyd, shoves a bowl of oatmeal into his face*

Han: Oh yeah? Well I'm a psychopath!!! And I have a bear!!!! *long pause* ...that had nothing to do with what we were talking about, did it? OH WELL!

Nalyd: *stands up and pours orange juice on Ravioli's head*

Weird Al: Cat Fight! (LOL XD)

Niles: Well, Han, I will take you to the final two.

Jack: Niles, we ALL voted for Duncan. Be a man for once and admit it. (Ooh, burn!)

Will: How could you do this to us, Niles?

Ravioli: *slaps Nalyd with a pancake*

Sunshine: *watches grinning like an idiot*

Han: *drifting into Star Wars mode* I'll never join you!!! You killed my father!!!

Nalyd: *cracks an egg on Ravioli's head* (LOL, I did that to somebody once IRL XD)

Niles: Jack, Will, what are you talking about? (Seriously dude, how do they hear Niles if he's alone with Han?) And Han I didn't kill you father. He's my uncle! We're cousins!

Han: *drops to knees* NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL)

Ravioli: *dumps some sort of batter onto Nalyd*

Nalyd: *tastes batter* Not bad. (LOL) *takes a bottle of chocolate syrup, gives Ravioli a unibrow, mustache, and goatee* (Could it be a mustachioed Duncan? o.O)

Niles: It's true, Han.

Jack: GUYS! Please, cut the crap! We're all on the same team now, we HAVE to get along!

Ravioli: Bleh... chocolate... *squirts Nalyd in the face with hot sauce*

Sunshine: This is even better than TV!!!

Han: No, this is the part where you say "Join me and we can rule the galaxy" or somethin' like that.

Nalyd: OW MY EYES!!!!! *runs into lake to wash off face*

Niles: Join me and we can rule the galaxy as cousins.

Sunshine: *holds up Ravioli's arms like in a boxing match* RAVIOLI IS THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!

Han: I'll never join you!!!

Nalyd: *walks back in to mess hall, falls asleep on another bench away from Sunshine and Ravioli*

Niles: *whiny* Oh come on!!!! Please!

Han: NO!!!! You idiot!!! This is where you chop off my hand and I fall to my apparent doom!!! GEEZ! Is it really that hard to understand???

Niles: *imagines Han without her hand, passes out*

Nalyd: *has a nightmare he's on a reality show, he dumped Ravioli, then there was a big fight, wakes up* You gotta be kidding me...

Han: *rolls eyes, walks back to mess hall* Niles would've never survived the Star Wars movies...

Ravioli: I don't want to know, do I?

Diane: *gives everybody spaghetti for lunch*

Ravioli: *glares at Diane, mutters something about "tall blonde chicks"*

Sunshine: Spaghetti? Why not ravioli???

Han: *makes a rope out of spaghetti (XD)*

Diane: Just eat it.

Weird Al: EAT IT! Eat it! EAT IT! Eat it! Don't you make me repeat it! after you eat the next challenge will begin.

Nalyd: *eats*

Niles: *eats*

Han: *ties it together so it's one huge string of spaghetti and eats it*

Sunshine: *eats*

Ravioli: *thinks about flinging it at Diane, decides against it and eats it*

Weird Al: *forces it down everyone's throat* Mwa ha ha ha ha!

Twelfth Challenge

Weird Al: That spaghetti had twelve herbs and spices. Whoever can cook another bowl and has the most right ingredients wins!

Nalyd: Well it was spicy... so... peppers! *starts chopping peppers*

Sunshine: *kicks her pasta brain into gear* Nutmeg! Definately nutmeg. *grabs nutmeg*

Ravioli: Maybe saffron... *grabs saffron*

Han: ... *grabs a bunch of herbs and spices and dumps them into a bowl* (LOL, it just seemed Han's style XD)

Niles: *chops rosemary, add a pinch of salt and a dash of pepper*

(CONF) Niles: I know exactly what was in that pasta...

Nalyd: *pours hot sauce in Ravioli's pasta* Oops, my bad.

Weird Al: 57 minutes!

Ravioli: *glares at Nalyd, dumps her pasta on Nalyd's head, starts over*

Han: *chucks pasta in the oven* Now I just wait for it to be done! (LOL, she has no clue what she's doing XD)

Sunshine: A bit of garlic, a touch of salt and pepper, some basil...

Nalyd: *rinses off head in sink, goes back to working on own pasta*

Weird Al: Fifty minutes!

Niles: *chopping* OH MY GOD I CUT OFF MY OWN FINGER!!!! Wait, its just a carrot, nevermind.

Sunshine: Maybe add a little saffron...

Han: *her stove catches on fire* ...hmm... maybe I should check the pasta... NAH! (LOL)

Ravioli: Tomato sauce, pepper, nutmeg, saffron, salt...

Nalyd: *adds chicken broth and salt*

Niles: *continues adding... other ingredients o.O*

Sunshine: *adds onions, rosemary and parmesan cheese*

Ravioli: Maybe a little basil...


Nalyd: *adds actual spaghetti*

Niles: What else? (G2G guys, when I come back challenge is over.)

Han: *sees entire stove consumed in flames* ...okay, NOW I should probably check it... how do I get to the door thingy?

Sunshine: Add the pasta and... should be good... I think...

Jack: Hmm, nutmeg, sage, rosemary, saffron, red peppers, uh, chili powder, black pepper, basil, onionsalt, tomato sauce, salt, and parmesean! *pust in all of the ingredients, puts the pasta on the stove*

Weird Al: *tastes all the dishes* Okay, the winner is (I randomly picked through eeny-meeny-miny-mo) Jack! Well done. Now all of you talk about who to vote off.

Nalyd: *in boys' cabin with boys* So who should we vote out?

Niles: I don't care. The four of us can totally dominate.

Nalyd: How abut we vote for Tatiana, guys?

Jack: Yeah, Tatiana. (Rocky: I just realized that Jack won invincibility on the frist day of the merge in the 4th camp also!)

Twelfth Vote

Nalyd: *votes for Tatiana* Its about time.

Niles: *votes Tatiana* Bye.

Jack: Um, yeah sorry, Tatiana.

Will: *votes Tatiana*

Weird Al: Bye, Tatiana!

Day 13 Chat


Nalyd: *sleeps on bench in mess hall again*

Niles: *sleep on table*

(CONF) Nalyd: If we eliminate all the girls, then us guys can have the cabin!

(CONF) Jack: I'm feeling really good today! It turns out I'm a really good cook!

Jack: Who wants breakfast?

Will: You cook?

Jack: I guess so.

Ravioli: *walks in looking angry, picks up Nalyd by the collar of his shirt* SOMEONE TOOK THE NAILS OUT OF OUR BEDS.

Han: I couldn't sleep at all because of it!!!

Sunshine: Really? I slept fine...

Nalyd: *wakes up and looks at camera man* You'd be amazed how frequently this happens... (LOL) *to Ravioli* I didn't do it. It was him. *points at scrawny intern with a guilty look on his face*

Intern: *start crying* I was born looking like this! *runs away* (LOL)

Ravioli: *sarcastically* Gee, for some reason, I don't believe you.

Han: *faceplants onto table and falls asleep*

Niles: *the force of her head hitting the table launches Niles into the air, and onto the floor*

Nalyd: You're lucky you're even hear, if I told the guys to vote you out they would have!

Ravioli: And YOU'RE lucky Sunshine won't let me borrow her weasel anymore, because if she did I would be letting it bite your face!!!

Sunshine: I told you, Bob's in the middle of his anger management courses. Supporting his rage would only undo the good the classes are doing him. (LOL)

Han: *snores*

Nalyd: Well YOU'RE lucky Sunshine told me how upset you were so I pitied you and decided not to vote you off!

Niles: *pours water on Han's head* Wake up, Han! (LOL, I am sensing a love-hate friendship between Niles and Han)

Han: *wakes up, gives Niles one of those glares usually only teachers can give XD*

Sunshine: *whispers to Nalyd* I told you how upset she was?

Nalyd: *whispers* I'll explain later. *to Ravioli* So if there is nothing else you need, I have stuff to do.

Ravioli: OH yes you have stuff to do. You and your friends are marching back down to the cabins and fixing our beds, or else I will make your time here very, very unplesant. Got it???

Nalyd: Today is your last day! Do your worst!

Weird Al: Challenge soon! *breaks out of handcuffs he is wearing*

Han: *faceplants back onto table and falls asleep again*

Ravioli: *holds out hammer* This, Nalyd, is a hammer. Very useful for either fixing things which need nails put back into place, or for shutting up annoying ex-boyfriends. Which will it be???

Nalyd: *takes hammer, throws it out window* Neither.

Thirteenth Challenge

Weird Al: *handcuffs people into pairs for the challenge*





Nalyd: You gotta be kidding me...

Ravioli: Let me guess, Al, you're hoping to up the ratings by adding more violence.

Han: *is still asleep XD*

Sunshine: EEEEE!!!!! I'm with that guy who likes Silver!!!

Weird Al: No, ratings are down since you two broke-up. So we thought this challenge would be able to bring you to back together!

Nalyd: *makes gagging sound* I'd rather spend the day sitting in a garbage can.

Ravioli: Oh, it's not like you're that desirable, vampire boy!!! (OOH!!! SHE WENT THERE!!!! :o)

Nalyd: Oh, because its so fun to hold hands with Clammy-Hands-Girl! (Oh snap!)

Ravioli: Said the guy who's afraid of birds!!! (LOL this is fun XD)

Nalyd: Coming from baldy that doesn't mean much! (LOL, when do they climax and make up? lol)

Ravioli: At least my hair doesn't look like a broom!!! (IDK, LOL. Is Al gonna start the challenge or just watch them fight? XD)

Nalyd: Well at least I'm human! (LOL, mayeb soon Nalyd will just hug her and admit he's made a terrible mistake. LOL. If you were Al, wouldn't you just watch?)

Ravioli: At least I have a heart!!! (Actually... okay, yeah, LOL)

Sunshine: Wow. This is getting good.

Han: *wakes up* Did I miss something?

Nalyd: Well... Well.... *suddenly hugs Ravioli* I've made a terrible mistake. *kisses her cheek* Will you take me back?

Weird Al and about a thousand interns: Awwwwww! (LOL)

Ravioli: Well you- ...wait... huh? Y-you want to get back together???

Sunshine: SOAP OPERA!!!!! (LOL)

Nalyd: I was wrong to try and change you and I found out I like you just the way you are! So will you go out with me again?

Weird Al: Hug! Hug!

Niles: They already hugged.

Weird Al: Oh.

Ravioli: Nalyd Renrut, I can't believe I'm saying this, but... alright.

Han: *sniffle* Reminds me of Duncan and I!

Sunshine: Uh, I think you mean Duncan and I!

Han: In your dreams!

Sunshine: OH YEAH? *tackles Han*

Jack: Hey Sunshine, we might make a good team! I'm cool and calm, and you're insane and Duncan-loving! Like Yin and Yang! Plus, we both read Sonic comics! Waaaaaaait, Nalyd, does this mean you're not taking me to the final 2?

Nalyd: *hugs Ravioli* AWESOME! I don't know Jack...

Jack: Oh....OK.....

Sunshine: Aw, c'mon guys, this is a HAPPY MOMENT!!!! HAPPY!!!!

Han: GROUP HUG!!! You too, nerdy guy I'm randomly chained to!!! (LOL)

Niles: *while people are group hugging* Germs. Germs. Germs.


Nalyd: So... challenge soon?

Jack: I hope so...

Ravioli: What IS the challenge?

Weird Al: Fixing Nalyd and Ravioli's relationship was the challenge! Mostly because we couldn't think of anything else... In other words, nobody wins. (Sorry guys, got nothing for a challenge... I promise one tomorrow though.)

Nalyd: *meets with guys alliance* So, guys, who are we voting out?

Niles: I say Sunshine.

Jack: Actually, why not Han?

Niles: But Han's my friend...

Ravioli: *meets with girls* I say we vote out Niles. He's just a hinderance to everyone else.

Han: Ho yeah! HE KILLED MY FATHER!!!!

Ravioli: ...what?

Sunshine: Goodbye to the sneezy nerd!!!

Nalyd: The four of us just need to agree! I sort of agree to voting out Sunshine.

Niles: Thank you.

Nalyd: Jack, Will, will you two vote for Sunshine with us?

Jack: I don't know, maybe.

Will: I will. Get it, Will?

Nalyd: Jack, you know I've always had your back! Why can't I know you have mine?

Jack: No, I do have your back. I'm voting for Sunshine.

Nalyd: And, Will, if you don't vote with us, pack your bags tomorrow morning.

Thirteenth Vote

Nalyd: *votes for Sunshine* You are one of my best friends and I'm sorry it had to go this way.

Niles: *votes for Sunshine* Now whose a sneezy nerd? *sneezes like a nerd* Never mind...

Jack: Um, sorry, but....oh man, now I can't pick between Niles and Sunshine.........Sunshine. Sorry about that.

Will: Sunshine.

Sunshine: Totally Niles!

Ravioli: Niles.

Han: Niles! BWAHAHA! REVENGE FOR KILLING MY FATHER!!! OMG I think I'm turning to the dark side... oh well, the dark side has cookies!!! (LOL)

Weird Al: *reads results* LIKE OMG LIKE OMG LIKE OMG!!!! The person eliminated is.... *looks at everyone in horror* Sunshine...

Nalyd: Speech! Speech! Speech!

Sunshine: *spotlight randomly turns on, she's suddenly in a fancy gown* This has been a wonderful experience. I fought with Han over Duncan, I watched Nalyd and Ravioli fight and get back together, I met a sneezy nerd, I played a hippie in a play, and I still have my Bob! *huggles rabid weasel* And to top it all off, the entire time, I still had this! *holds up immunity idol she still had from last season LOL* I just want to thank you all for making this camp a wonderful experience for me, and a great big thank you to Weird Al for writing the song "White and Nerdy"!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!! *showers ravioli down on everyone LOL*

Weird Al: Aww... FREE T-SHIRTS FOR EVERYONE! *launches t-shirts at everyone, one hits Sunshine on to the Boat of Losers*

Nalyd: *looking at t-shirt* I Survived a Nalyd Renrut Camp Vote Off? XD

Day 14 Chat


Nalyd: *is waiting in mess hall, as usual, for Ravioli*

Niles: Wow... its so quiet...

Ravioli: *walks in and sits next to Nalyd* It really is quiet without Sunshine around...

Han: *bursts in* NOT FOR LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: Maybe Jack was right... Maybe Han should've gone... (Wow that rhymed. XD Han=Gone!) So Ravioli... We still taking each other to final two?

Niles: *eats toast*

(CONF) Nalyd: The guys are probably voting out Kristi next.

Jack: Niles, if Nalyd takes Ravioli to the final two, how about we take each other?

Niles: Okay.

Nalyd: So, guys, which girl should we eliminate next?

Jack: Han. I can't take this Star Wars crap one more day.

Nalyd: I agree.

Niles: Same here.

(CONF) Niles: As long as they don't vote out Kristi...


Niles: How's it going, Kristi?

(CONF)Jack: I have a bad feeling taht Nalyd is going to bring Ravioli to the finals and break our promise.....Oh well! It was fun while it lasted! (And that's Jack for ya. XD)

Kristi: Pretty well, Niles! How about you?

Niles: Great. Could I see you outside for a second?

Weird Al: Are you guys ready for the challenge??? *everybody cheers* You'll have to wait. XD

(CONF) Nalyd: So Han is going then Kristi, then Will, then Niles. Then, either way, I am going to the final two!

Jack: *steps in front of Niles and Kristi* Did you guys ever meet Muskrat?

Muskrat: *Makes muskrat noises*

Kristi Um, sure! What is it Niles?

Niles: *alone with Kristi* I think you and I should stick together. Now, Will and I are pretty tight and if you are still allied with Ravioli and Han from your girls' alliance we could take over the game! What do you say?

Kristi: (Pauses to think.) Um.... Okay!

Niles: Splendid!

Nalyd: *sitting with Ravioli* So are you ready for us to win this thing?

Ravioli: Always have been, always will be. Especially now that Sunshine's gone. I'd forgotten what it was like to NOT have a migrane!!!

Han: *suddenly appears between Ravioli and Nalyd* HI GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: Don't worry, I have a feeling you'll remember again...

Niles: *returns*

Han: Remember what? Huh? Say, why'd you guys vote off Sunshie when we could've gotten rid of the nerdy guy?

Nalyd: Because the guys' alliance decided to stick together. You may wanna watch your back Han... *waits to see her actually try to watch her own back*

Han: I can do that! See? *attempts to turn head completely around, fails* Okay, so I can't... um... I HAVE A LIGHTSABER!!!!!

Nalyd: I swear if she mentions lightsabers one more time...

Niles: Han, could I see you outside for a second?

Han: *whips lighsaber around* LIIIIGGGHHHTTTSSSSAAAABBBBEEEEERRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *long pause* Sure, nerdy guy.

Niles: *outside* I think you and Ravioli should stay allied with Kristi. I am now allied with you guys, and that gives us the majority votes. Deal?

Han: Ravioli? I'm pretty sure she's with Nalyd now. *suddenly starts humming Star Wars music and whipping lightsaber around*

Niles: That's okay. We can get Will to join us. Then we can vote out Jack, Nalyd, And Ravioli. Deal? *holds out hand for handshake, hand is hit by lightsaber* OUCH!

Ravioli: I wonder what the challenge is...

Jack: Nalyd, I'm pretty sure you won't be taking me to the finals, who should I take?

Nalyd: If its you, me, and Ravioli in final three I will pick her. If she isn't in final 3 I will pick you.

Kristi: (Skips into the dining hall.) Hi, Ravioli!

Nalyd: *slams head on table* So much happy in one person...

Jack: Come on Nalyd! I'm a happy guy, and we're like those two dudes from Survivor!

Ravioli: Kristi... um... could I talk to you in private for a minute?

Nalyd: Jack, I migth pick you okay? Why not take, like, Niles? That way a dude will win. Well, maybe not a dude, but a male.

Jack: OK. (XD That was a classic Nalyd moment. "Well, maybe not a dude, but a male." ROTFLOL! BTW, the quote before this was about what you said about so much happy in one person, not picking him for the final.)

Muskrat: *purrs*

Jack: What? It's Muskrat migrating season?

Mukrat: *purrs*

Jack: *crying* B-bye Muskrat....

Muskrat: *crawls out of the room*

Jack: *suddenly stops crying* Whoa! Is that a platypus?

Platypus: *chatters*

Jack: Awesome! Nalyd, look at my new pet!

Nalyd: ...


Last one standing nalyd poster

Nalyd's Poster for Last One Standing

Fancy fancy movie

Niles' Poster for Fancy Fancy Movie

Fourteenth Challenge

Weird Al: Today's challenge is to design yourself in a poster for a movie! It can be any sort of movie!

Nalyd: I'm gonna do a scary movie!

Niles: I will do a classy movie.

Kristi: Um, what did you want to say Ravioli?

Weird Al: The challenge ends at noon today!

Chorus Line

Kristi's Poster

Kristi: Mine is based off of my favorite musical!

Weird Al: *plays accordion* OKAY CHALLENGE IS OVER!! Nalyd and Kristi have immunity.

Niles: What about me?

Weird Al: Your pic was terrible!

Nalyd: *gets Will and Jack with him* We have a problem guys. Niles left the alliance. He's with the girls now...

(Sunshine: NOOO I MISSED THE CHANCE TO MAKE MY TWILIGHT POSTER :( Oh well, I'll probably do it anyway just for the fun of it XD)

Ravioli: *goes over to Nalyd* What's with you guys?

Nalyd: Niles bailed on the... *has a moment of brilliance* Wanna join our alliance, Ravioli? We were thinking of voting out Han, but now we'll have to vote for Niles... (Do the pic! I wanna see it so bad XD)

Ravioli: Sure, I'm pretty sure Han and Kristi have ditched our girls alliance anyways...

Nalyd: Awesome!!

Niles: Han, Kristi, we need to vote out Jack. *pulls Will with them* Please vote Jack with us.

Kristi: Okay. Um, Ravioli, do we still have an alliance?

Kristi: (CONF) I've decided to have a look at whose left. I don't want to eliminate Niles or Ravioli. I guess if Will votes with us we won't vote for him. That leaves Jack, Han and Nalyd. Han is, well, interesting... Nalyd is sort of scary too, and Niles told me to vote Jack. So I guess next week I'd vote for Nalyd or Han. It depends on what Niles says, though...

Fourteenth Vote

Nalyd: *votes for Niles* You little traitor.

Niles: *votes for Jack* Farewell.

Ravioli: *votes Niles* Bye bye, nerd.

Han: *votes for Jack* The nerd told me to... BWAHAHA I HAS JOINED THE DARK SIDE.

Kristi: (Votes for Jack.) I am extremely sorry. There isn't much choice...

Jack: *votes Niles* Dude, you're such a traitor!

Will: *votes Niles* Even I think that was a bit uncalled for.

Weird Al: The last marshmallow goes to... me. *eats marshmallow, is very fat* I've eaten all the marshmallows! *realizes they just voted* Oh... Niles is out...

Niles: *stands up and starts leaving, pauses in front of boat of losers* Good bye all!

Nalyd: Later, dude.

Kristi: Bye, Niles! (Waves.)

Jack: Sorry it had to go down this way, but when you mess with me, you mess with the whole pack. *high fives Will and his alliance*

Han: I AM FREE FROM THE DARK SIDE!!! *pause* Dangit... I liked the dark side. (LOL)

Ravioli: ...okay then...

Niles: Good bye everyone! Kristi, you need to win this!

Weird Al: Niles! *points into the boat of losers* Look! An opera CD!

Niles: MINE! *jumps into the boat and it drives away* Hey! My handkerchief is still on the island! NO!!!!!!!!

Kristi: Um, okay, I'll try! Bye! (Turns to Ravioli.) Do we still have an alliance?

Day 15 Chat


Nalyd: Wow... everything seems a lot bigger without everyone here...

Jack: So, Han's out tonight?

Kristi: (Picks something up off of the ground.) I found Niles' handkerchief! (Pauses.) Ew! (Throws it down.) Hey, Ravioli, do we still have a girl's alliance?

Ravioli: Er... actually... I wanted to talk to you. You mind?

Kristi: Mind what?

Ravioli: If we talk.

Kristi: Oh, not at all! Go ahead!

(CONF)Jack: Wow, Final six.....I remember my elimination last time...*flashback* Bad times......Hopefully I'll get higher than fifth this time!

Ravioli: Well, uh... a lot has happened with me and Nalyd lately... and I've, uh... been thinking things over... and... well... *hesitates* I want you to teach me to be nicer.

(Conf.) Ravioli: That was actually painful to say...

Nalyd: Will has to go tonight. The fact that he didn't vote for you Jack makes it obvious he can't even be trusted by his best friend, Niles.

Jack: I thought we were voting out Han......

Will: If you guys don't vote me out, I'll vote for either of you if you get to the final two and I'm on the jury, and I'll pick wither of you for the final! I swear!

Nalyd: We have the votes to back us up. Jack, you're allied with me and Ravioli, right? The three of us in the final three. Will is too big of a threat after ditching one of his friends.

Jack: But, you turned on me in the last one.....

Will: I swear, I'll do anything! Just don't vote me out!

Nalyd: I didn't even know you back then... And we'll think about it Will.

Jack: OK, that's fair. Final three, here we come!

Will: *looks very nervous*

Nalyd: *turns for door, walks face first into door, falls onto floor* Ouch.

Kristi: Sure thing, Ravioli! But, what about our girls alliance?

Medics: *carry Nalyd out*

Jack: *flashback to when he broke Nalyd's jaw in TDV1* Not again......

Nalyd: *returns with a cast on his nose and voice like Steve Urkel* Hey everyone! I'm back!

Jack: *tries as hard as he can not to laugh* H-how you feel, bro?

Nalyd: Just great.

Medics: Mr. Renrut, you may need these too. *gives Nalyd huge glasses*

Nalyd: Okay, thanks. *puts on urkel glasses*

Ravioli: Well, er, the thing is, I've kinda joined Nalyd's alliance... but, if you teach me to be nice, I'll try to convince Nalyd not to eliminate you for as long as possible. Deal?

Medics: *return* Mr. Renrut. We've been told your pale skin color is causing a glare on the cameras. *spray him with ten bottles of fake tan*

Nalyd: *looks like a light skinned Steve Urkel* Great... (LOL)

Ravioli: *comes back in* Hey guys... where'd Nalyd go, and why is Steve Urkel here??? (LOL)

Nalyd: What are you talking about?... *looks in mirror* THIS ISN'T FUNNY ALL!!!! *glasses break, voice goes back to normal, becomes paler than ever* Thats better... (LOL)

Ravioli: you kinda look like Robert Pattinson, but shorter, and with better hair. (LOL #4, I feel like keeping count for some reason XD)

Nalyd: So then I should make teenage girls faint whenever I walk down the street... *considers it then sees his own violent death at the hands of Ravioli* Maybe not... (LOL)

Ravioli: Good call. (BTW... who's Steve Urkel? o_O)

Nalyd: I try. (A famous African-American Nerd. Google him.)

Weird Al: Tonight, we will all be watching the movie UHF starring me!!!!

Ravioli: *sarcastically* Yaaay...


Weird Al: *starts playing the movie*

Nalyd: *whispers to Ravioli* I hope this turns out better than our last date at the movies. So much popcorn wasted... All those poor employees.... (LOL)

Kristi: Um... I guess so Ravioli... But what if you can't convince him? Then I won't have time to make you nice... Oh, well, let's do what we can! We can start now! Lesson One: You see someone struggling with a heavy package. What do you do?

Ravioli: ...laugh? (LOL, I figured it would be in her personality to do that XD)


Nalyd: *lights projector on fire*

Weird Al: NO!!!!!!!! (Tomorrow morning we do the challenge, I g2g)

Kristi: No, silly! You help them! I don't think that we're going to make that much progress if you keep that attitude, missy!

Ravioli: Why? I don't even know them...

Kristi: Um... Let's pretend that Nalyd is struggling with a heavy package! What do you do?

Ravioli: Laugh. (LOL, Ravi... XD)

Kristi: Um... Okay...

Kristi: (CONF) This could be harder then I thought...

Kristi: Alright, the correct answer is, "Help them carry it." Lesson 2: You find a diamond necklace on the ground. You think it's the prettiest thing ever. Somebody comes up to you asks you if you've seen their lost diamond necklace. What do you do?

Ravioli: Hmm... *thinks* Chuck the necklace over a fence and laugh. (LOL, I think the mistake is in asking Ravioli what SHE would do XD)

Kristi: Um... Let me rephrase that... What would a nice person do?

Ravioli: Oh... probably give them the necklace back and give a creepy happy friendly smile.

Nalyd: *sees Ravioli and Kristi together*

(CONF) Nalyd: This can only mean one thing! Ravioli and Kristi are plotting to eliminate me! They all are! Even Han! *eye twitches* I'm not crazy... wait... THAT'S WHAT A CRAZY PERSON WOULD SAY!!!!!! (LOL)

Kristi: Very good, Ravioli! Well, sort of... You just have to act like that nice person! Next lesson: Somebody walks up to you wearing the ugliest shoes you've ever seen. She asks you if you like them. What would a nice person do?

Ravioli: Probably grin really big and tell them they're okay but something else would suit them even better, or that whatever makes them happy was fine, or something corny like that.

Kristi: Very good! Your catching on!

Fifteenth Challenge

Weird Al: Today you will all be hosting a television show and whichever I like best wins! And it will be made into a real show on channel U62!!

Nalyd: Al, there hasn't been a channel U62 for like ten years....

Weird Al: Just pick a show...

Nalyd: I'll do a kids show. Nalyd's Clues.... Nalyd the Explorer... Go, Nalyd, Go.... Ni-Hao Nalyd. (Chinese Nalyd XD) I'll do Nalyd's Clues... (LOL)

Kristi: I've decided to do my own fashion tv show! Kristi Knows Best! I'll show some cute outfits, I'll give fashion tips, I can have guests and help them with their wardrobes... (Continues with an endless list of fashion related things.)

Nalyd: Wait, I'll do a strange kids show designed for tweens!

(CONF) Nalyd: This'll be fun...

Nalyd: *opens door like in Blue's Clues* WAH! Stranger!!! *pushes imaginary viewer onto ground, sits in "Figuring Stuff Out Chair"* Don't ever let a stranger in your house, kids! *canned laughter*

Kristi: I'm gonna start now! (Kristi sits down in a nice chair, wearing a green woman's suit.) Hi, everyone! Welcome to Kristi Knows Best! And I'm Kristi! So, today's first topic, colors. For starters, it can partially depend on your hair color. If you have brown hair, I personally like dark greens, light blues, and pinks! If you have black hair, I think purples, reds, and pinks! For red-hair, use light greens, blacks, and pinks! For blondes, like yours truly, I would recommend dark blues, whites and pinks! So, that's what I would recommend for certain hair colors! You of course, can determine what looks best on you.

Nalyd: *a treasure chest behind him moves* Well lets see whose in here? *opens chest and an intern pops out* An unpaid intern?

Intern: Al stuffed me in there! He said I knew too much! Al is an evil man!!!!!!!

Weird Al: *drags intern away*

Intern: NO! Don't leave me with him!!!!!!!!!

Jack: I've got it! Jack & Platypus! (parody of Rob & Big, or Phineas and Ferb XD) Platypus, I know what were gonna do today! Let's go get a bulldog, and name him Meaty!

Platypus: *chatters*

Jack: And then, we'll go skateboarding!

Platypus: *chatters*

Will: Hmm, I'll do......Willaim on Deck! (XD)

Nalyd: Now today kids, we've gotta find three clues!

Audience Member: We do that everyday!

Nalyd: *shouts* Shut up! Just shut up! *calms down* Do you see a clue? You do? *looks around* Well I don't see a... *sees a photo of himself with a mustached and clown nose drawn on* REAL FUNNY!!!!!

Kristi: Alright, our second topic is accessories. To make a bland dress pop, you can use accessories. If you have a black dress, then I would take a ruby necklace, paired with a bright red leather bag and belt, as well as a pair of red italian pumps. With a white dress, you could use any color that you want. For me, I would choose a necklace with a pink stone on a thin silver chain. I would pair it with a pair of matching pink earrings, and with a pair of pink shoes. That outfit would be to die for!

Nalyd: *sees a blue paw print on the girls' cabin* Hmm... the girls' cabin is one of the clues...

Han: I will do HAN WARS: THE SANITY WARS!!!!! (LOL)

Ravioli: Hmm... maybe I should do a kids show to practice being nice... *imagines herself being cheerful and talking in a high-pitched baby voice, gags* On second thought, I'll just do a show with explosions... how about... RavioliBusters!

Weird Al: Kristi and Nalyd win invincibility because they are the only ones who actually did most of their show.

Nalyd: *alone with Ravioli, whispers* Ravioli, I think we need to vote Will, or Han out. Vote for Will.

Fifteenth Vote

Nalyd: *votes for Will* Later, dude.

Kristi: (Votes Will.) I'm so sorry, and you seem like a good person. I wish you the best of luck at... Wherever they keep the losers... Knowing Weird Al... Probably in a big cage...

Weird Al: *poking the losers locked in a cage with a stick* Wow, this is fun... (LOL)

Ravioli: *votes for Will* Sayonara.

Han: *votes for Nalyd* BECAUSE YOUR SANITY BUGS ME. (LOL)

Weird Al: *whispers* Han! Nalyd has invincibility!

Han: I DON'T CARE!!!! I HAVE RIGHTS AS A CITIZEN OF HANSVILLE!!!!!!! (LOL, she's off in her own little world XD)

Weird Al: If you don't change your vote, you will be automatically voted off. And no, you can't vote for Kristi either... (Of course, LOL)

Han: ...fine. I VOTE FOR WEIRD AL!!! BECAUSE I COPYRIGHTED WEIRD!!!!! (LOL, watch her get eliminated XD)

Kristi: Um, Han... I'm pretty sure that you can't vote for the host...


Kristi: Um... O... Kay... (Steps back.)

Weird Al: *snaps fingers*

Two Huge Security Guards: *pick up Han and drag her to boat of losers, tie her to it, drive away*

Nalyd: Wow....

Jack: *comes to the ceremony, wearing Green Day pajamas* *yawns* What'd I miss? (XD, Sorry about missing the vote.)


Ravioli: ...o... kay then...

Day 16 Chat


Weird Al: No challenge today!!!

Nalyd: Awesome!

Weird Al: *leaves in boat*

Jack: Sooooooo......What do you wanna do today? Hey, how about I teach you how to skateboard? Don't worry, Ravioli can learn too. And I have enough boards for all of you.

Platypus: *pulls down a zipper, is really the muskrat from before*

Jack: 0_o, so whaddya say?

Nalyd: No thanks... Hey where's Jerry?

Jerry the Intern: *waves at Nalyd*

Nalyd: Oh, okay then.

Jack: Oh.....OK! Well, how about you teach me something?

Nalyd: We could teach these poodles Al left behind how to fly... (LOL)

Jack: Nah, how about.................we...............*whispering* prank Weird Al?

Nalyd: *shrugs* Sure. *is suddenly holding super glue, a poodle, and twenty rubber bands*

Ravioli: I'll get some bricks and a stick of dinymite. Those always help.

Nalyd: *goes into Al's trailer, launches glues poodles all over* (LOL)

Ravioli: *throws a brick through the window* That never gets old...

Nalyd: *spray paints "Al is a fat, white, nerdy, Canadian, idiotic, Skipper wannabe, CNR fan"* That should leave a mark...

Ravioli: You're so cruel, Nalyd. At least I just deface his property. (XD)

Jack: Hah, young love. *takes a baseball bat to Al's windows*

Ravioli: *begins painting the trailer neon pink* Gah... so bright... it burns...

Nalyd: *draws "Al stinkz" on the walls*

Ravioli: *tosses glitter everywhere, writes on wall "Will wuz here"*

Nalyd: *awkwardly* Who's Will?

Ravioli: Just go with it. Maybe Al will eliminate him for this. *rips up pillow, uses a hair dryer to blow feathers everywhere*

Nalyd: Nice. *breaks Weird Al's prized ceramic pig*

Ravioli: You better hope he believes it, otherwhise, he's going to murder you... *uses Sunshine's sawdust cannon to blast a hole in the roof* I love this thing.

Jack: Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice, dude! *puts stink bomb in Al's bed*

Muskrat: *leaves droppings in Al's bed*

Ravioli: Okay, Jack, I officially love your muskrat.

  • tv turns on, the final five can see the losers vote*

Nalyd: *scared* What? They are voting me off? No!

Ravioli: Wow... no one's voted for me... weird.

Jack: *grabs Nalyd by the shoulders* I'M A GONNER, DUDE! IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristi: No votes for me yet!! (Keeps fingers crossed.)

Playa des Losers

Weird Al: How goes it, losers?

Xavier: I hate everyone her.

Niles: *tied to a flagpole* The feeling is mutual, Xavier.

Weird Al: Who do you guys want to win?

Xavier: Jack because I hate him the least.

Niles: Kristi because she's so nice!

Dylan: Nalyd, he's a good strategist.

Han: Me, because I pwn. (XD)

Niles: Han, we've been over this fifty-three times... You eliminated yourself...


Niles: Calm down, Han. You're making a scene... (LOL, Han says the darndest things, LOL)

Weird Al: My ceramic pig sense is tingling... Anyway, I have a surprise for you all!

Han: SURPRISE!!!!! Tell us dangit!!!!!!! (LOL, and the worst part is, she's based off one of my friends, and I barely had to exagerrate her personality XD)

Weird Al: You will vote off one of the final five!!! But first, they will all, in confessional, make pleas for why they should stay!

(CONF) Nalyd: Why should I be in the final four? Well, I've fought hard to get where I am. People can think that voting me off would get revenge, but wouldn't it be great for somebody who beat a lot of people to win? I think so.

(CONF) Jack: Why should I be in the final four? I've probably played one of the most honest and toughest games here. I haven't turned my back on anyone, I've done great in immunity challenges, I've been kind to everyone, I took in an animal, and I'm tight with my alliance with Nalyd and Ravioli. Plus, I've only gotten three votes, maybe four, the entire game. If you guys let me win, you won't regret it.

(CONF) Will: My reason for getting into the final four? Yes, I've betrayed, yes I've slipped under the radar, and yes I have enemies. But, isn't that was reality TV's all about? And don't forget when I stepped up and won my team two challenges. Niles, if you're seeing this, I'm very sorry I had to vote you out. Please consider picking me for the final four. Thank you.

(Conf.) Ravioli: I know all of you are probably gunning to vote me out. That would be incredibly stupid of you. First of all, look at how loyal I've been to those I consider friends. That's not something that you see every day. Secondly, I've participated in most if not every challenge, and done well. And, if that still doesn't convince you, think of it this way- if I somehow get to the final two, no one would vote for me to win. Keep me in, and whoever you want to win will probably win. Plus, if I get voted off, I'll end up wherever you guys are. Do you really want to be around me after I've been eliminated?

(CONF) Kristi: Why should I be in the final four? My goodness, well, I guess because I've made some friends and don't have a single enemy here! I've been nice to everyone, or at least I hope so... Well, I know that everyone deserves this more than me, but I'd love to stay in the game for a little while longer. I don't know if I'm ready to leave yet... Well, it's in your hands now, and if this is the last time I can use this confessional I'd love to say that I've had a great time, and that I wish the best of luck to everyone else.

Weird Al: Come cast your votes.


Xavier: *votes for Nalyd* When you come here I'm gonna twist your face inside out.

Niles: *votes for Will* Traitor.

Heather: (Votes for Jack.) I still haven't forgiven you for all the grief last season.

Tatiana: (Votes for Nalyd.) You haven't done much this season but... The last season makes me want to hate you...

Dylan: *votes Nalyd* Without him, Jack and Ravioli have no way of winning.

Sunshine: Will, because the rest of the final five are my homies!!!

Han: Me, because I pwn. Oh, wait, we're voting someone OFF? Okay... I vote Al, because I copyrighted weird. (LOL)

Weird Al: Han you may vote for Will, Jack, Nalyd, Ravioli, or Kristi.

Niles: Han, vote with me! It will be just like when we voted on the island!

Han: You mean when you got eliminated? *laughs at him*

Niles: You got eliminated the very next day!

Weird Al: So far its three votes for Nalyd, two for Will, and one for Jack. We still have nine losers who need to vote! *glares at them all*

Archie: I vote Jack.

Hank: (Votes Jack.)

Duncan (Votes Will.)

Weird Al: Okay, Nalyd, Will, and Jack each have three votes and six losers have to vote!

Tatiana: To break the tie, I'm switching my vote to Jack! Sorry, Jack, but that's the way it goes!

Weird Al: *re-counts votes, goes to island to get Jack*


Nalyd: So... I wonder who they voted off.

Weird Al: *returns and drags Jack away*

Nalyd: Whoa! They voted Jack off!!!!

Ravioli: ...WHY???

Weird Al: Dunno. *drops Jack in boat of losers, drives away*

Nalyd: *to Ravioli* At least you're still here.

Ravioli: Good point. Wonder when Al will notice his cabin...

Weird Al: *returns* WHAT HAPPENED??????

Nalyd: *starts laughing*

Weird Al: This is epic! You guys are the best!

Ravioli: ..........

Nalyd: You gotta be kidding me...

Day 17 Chat


(CONF) Nalyd: Okay, so today is day seventeen and seventeen is my lucky number. Which means I must survive today and go to the final three! It's epic!

Kristi: (Skips in, carrying a basket of wildflowers.) Good morning, everyone!

Ravioli: ...what's with the flowers...?

Muskrat: *goes next to Nalyd, has a note that says TO NALYD in bad handwriting in it's mouth*

(CONF)Will: I can't believe the losers voted out Jack...............I know who's next................. (ROcky: Don't worry the edits are mine. I forgot to log in as Rocky XD Stupid me)

Nalyd: Uh oh, it's a note from Jack. (LOL) *reads note*

Kristi: Well, Ravioli, I took a walk around the island. I needed to think some things out. I found a spot of the island I'd never seen before! It was the most beautiful field of wildflowers I'd ever seen, so I picked them! Would you like one?

(CONF) Nalyd: How can Kristi and Ravioli be friends?... They are polar opposites. But then again I have been "friends" with Matt and Sunshine for 15-or so years...

Ravioli: okay...

(Conf.) Ravioli: Okay, I actually hate flowers, but how do I tell Kristi that??? I can handle taking a flower from her, I guess...

Kristi: Okay, here! (Hands Ravioli a daisy.) Isn't it pretty?

Nalyd: *laughs to self*

Ravioli: sure! ...I guess...

Nalyd: *rolls on floor laughing*

(CONF) Nalyd: Aw, man. Just the thought of Ravioli thinking a flower is pretty... *laughs more*

Ravioli: *glares at Nalyd*

(Conf.) Ravioli: Okay, so I'm trying to be a bit nicer for Nalyd, and what does he do? HE LAUGHS AT ME!!! When we get back home after this, he is SO on dinner duty for the rest of the month... (LOL)

Nalyd: *sees Ravioli glaring, smiles awkwardly* What'cha got there, Ravi?

(CONF) Nalyd: She's trying to be nicer? Seriously? Cool! Let's hope this time it turns out better...

Ravioli: It's a flower, *is about to say "idiot", stops self*

Nalyd: Great... *stands up* I'm gonna go for a walk. Wanna come?

Ravioli: Sure.

Nalyd: *they walk to the beach* I'm so glad we're in the final four... We're gonna be the final two.

Ravioli: Yeah, then once we win, maybe we can finally pay Sunshine and Matt to move out of our attic...

Nalyd: If we win I say we kick them out. Did they win the money? Um............................................... Nope! *laughs* Why did we let them live with us in the first place?

Seventeenth Challenge

Nalyd dances thriller

Nalyd dances Thriller. XD

Kristi thriller2

Kristi dances to thriller. (Not my best work...)

Weird Al: All of you must draw yourself dancing Thriller!

Nalyd: *moon walks*

Kristi: Um... Okay...

Kristi: (CONF) Interesting idea....

Weird Al: Challenge ends in 5 hours! *five hours later* Kristi wins invincibility.

Nalyd: Kristi, Ravioli, I say we vote out Will.

Ravioli: Definately. (Sunshine: ...and I was just about to start on the pic too... ><;)

Nalyd: Awesome. *dramatic music plays while they wait for Kristi to agree* (LOL, sorry. I just wanna finish this camp soon. Tomorrow is the last day.)

Final Four Vote

Weird Al: Vote, final four, vote!

Nalyd: *votes Will* Sorry, that's just the way it goes.

Ravioli: *votes Will* You've already stayed much longer than you should have. Bye.

Weird Al: *launches Will to Playa des Losers*

Day 18 Chat


Weird Al: Greetings, finalists!

Nalyd: I believe you mean semi-finalists.

Weird Al: No... today the jury votes for a winner out of you three.

Nalyd: AWESOME!!! *dances Thriller* (LOL)

Ravioli: *sarcastically* Nalyd, you liar, you promised me final two. *laughs* This is awesome!

Nalyd: Don't worry, Ravi, you or me is going to win.

Weird Al: *leaves to get jury*

Ravioli: We better... I actually had a great idea. We use the money to buy Sunshine and Matt plane tickets to a far away, remote country... one-way tickets. (LOL, Ravi's so evil XD)

Nalyd: Better yet, we only use 100 dollars so they get stuck in a cruddy plane! *laughs evilly*

Weird Al: *returns with Heather, Duncan, Tatiana, Sunshine, Niles, Jack, and Will*

Nalyd: Where's Han?

Weird Al: We decided she was too dangerous to return.

Nalyd: Oh.

Jury Ask Questions

Weird Al: Nalyd, Ravioli, and Kristi, all of you must make an opening statement for why you should win.

Nalyd: Well, I am the last member of the Badgers so I think the Badgers should support me... I mean, we all worked together and I helped in every challenge when we were teams. I've worked hard. Kristi has missed challenge and Ravioli has missed challenges. Everyday I went and did the challenge and gave it my all. I did not lie to any of you. I think I played a very fair game, worked hard, and because tribe allegiance is very important.

Niles: *rolls eyes*

Ravioli: Why should I win? Well, I've changed over the competiton. I've actually made some friends, sort of *points to Kristi and Jack*, I've been a team player for the most part, and I'm actually trying to be nicer, which, by the way, is extremely difficult and painful. I've made some enemies, too, *glances at Heather and Niles* but in a way it wasn't really my fault, they provoked me when we argued. I know it sounds like an excuse, but it's the truth, and, if nothing else, I'm truthful.

Nalyd: *gives Ravioli thumbs up*

Niles: *coughs* No.

Ravioli: *glares at Niles*

Niles: *glares back*

Nalyd: *glares at funny looking intern*

Weird Al: *glares at Kristi until she makes her opening statement*

Kristi: Oops, sorry! Um... I think that I should win because I haven't made any enemies, or, at least I hope I haven't. I've had a wonderful time here, and it would be awesome to win! I've been nice to everyone, and tried to support my team as many times as I could. I guess I should just be thankful that I made it this far, I mean, that's something to be proud of in itself, but I think that it could be a bit of a disappointment to make it this far, and to walk away empty handed.

Sunshine: *stares blankly at Duncan, then snaps out of it* Could you guys give your opening statements again? I kinda wasn't listening...

Ravioli: *facepalm*

Han: *randomly jumps out of Niles' jacket pocket* GUESS WHO'S HHHEEEERRRREEEEE??????

Interns: *drag Han away* You had your chance, Han. (LOL)

Weird Al: *keeps glaring* Sorry, my face froze. Jury ask questions, but don't vote yet.

Niles: Nalyd, why doesn't Ravioli deserve to win? Ravioli, why doesn't Nalyd deserve to win. Kristi, out of all the jury members, who would you have voted for to win.

Nalyd: *whispers* Sorry, Ravioli. *normal voice* Ravioli doesn't deserve to win because she's been mean. I mean she's gotten nicer but she had been mean most of the season.

Ravioli: Oh yeah? Well, you haven't exactly been Mr. Nice either. You mercilessly dumped me on national television, plotted the downfall of your own alliance members, and when your so-called "best friend" Jack was eliminated two days ago, you didn't even seem sorry for him!

Nalyd: You lied to me! That's why I dumped you! But I forgave you and we got back together! And I never plotted for my own alliance members to be eliminated. I did feel bad for him, I didn't think he deserved to go that way. I know he didn't deserve to go that way! What do you want me to do, break down in tears and go into depression?

Ravioli: I never lied to you!!! I told you I'd try to be nicer, and when I wasn't, I admitted it to you! Sunshine was in your alliance, and you told her to her face she would be next to go at one point! And no, but you at least could've shown some emotion! You just went "Woah, they eliminated Jack?!" and then went back to the game! Like it was nothing!!!

Sunshine: Wow, this is getting good! *eats popcorn*

Han: *breaks free from interns, tries to run back, is caught in a net by the RCMP and taken away* (LOL)

Nalyd: I was gonna get Sunshine out for you! Is that such a bad thing?

Sunshine: STOP THE ARGUING I WANNA ASK A QUESTION!!!!! *long pause* ...nevermind, forgot what I was going to say, continue. (LOL)

Weird Al: Come on, dawgs, ask some questions!

Kristi: Um... I think that out of all of the jury members... I might pick Jack, because I think that he was eliminated unfairly. I guess that my vote could also go to you, Niles. You were nice and sweet, and I don't think that there was a real reason to eliminate you.

Niles: Thank you, that is all.

Weird Al: Other jury members, ask questions whenever you are ready...

Sunshine: OHH!!! I REMEMBERED MY QUESTION! All of you, if I were in your place, would you have voted for me to win?

Ravioli: ... *long pause* ...well, it'd depend on who you were up against.

Sunshine: Fair enough.

Nalyd: Like if it were you, Kristi, and Ravioli in the final three instead of me, Kristi, and Ravioli in the final three? I can't say I would. Ravioli is my girlfriend so not voting for her would be like you not voting for Duncan to win. (LOL, I translated that into Sunshine-ese, the language spoken by Sunshine and others who like to bother Nalyd. XD)

Sunshine: FINALLY, Renny says something that makes sense!!! (LOL)

Nalyd: It only took me thirteen years... (LOL)

Kristi: Um... Well... Sunshine... You are a special person... and I think that... Under very specific circumstances... I might've voted for you...

Weird Al: Heather, Tatiana, do you have anything to ask?

Tatiana: Alright, chiquito, let Tatiana think... Ah! What would your reaction be if I voted for you?

Kristi: I'd probably thank you and then give you a hug!

Heather: What, oh... Uh... If you won the money, and you had to buy me something, what would it be?

Kristi: Maybe a purse...

Nalyd: Tatiana, I'd feel so honored that you would vote to give me a million dollars. I don't know exactly what I'd do? What does any vampire- I mean person.... do when they win a million dollars? I'd have to find some way to make it up to you, and anybody else who voted for you. Maybe a part on a yacht. Heather, I think I'd buy you shoes because, if memory serves, you like shoes.

Jack: Uh.......Nalyd, I will vote for you if you're a vampire. A real one. If not, I'm voting for Ravioli.

Will: To try and repay a friend, Kristi, I will be voting for you. (Nerds gotta stick together. LOL)

Nalyd: *confused, slightly offended* Why wouldn't you vote for me? We were gong to be the final three together. If it were up to me you'd be up here. Come on guys, remember the guys alliance?

Heather: You're a vampire? Well, I can't say that I'm surprised....

Weird Al: Duncan, do you have a question?

Duncan: If I voted for you would you keep Sunshine away from me?

Kristi: Uh... Maybe... I don't know how though... Ravioli, what things easily distract your sister?

Ravioli: Duncan, if I win, I'm buying her a plane ticket to the middle of nowhere, so, yeah. Tatiana, I'd be thankful for your vote, but I don't really do hugs... Heather, if I won and had to buy you something, as an apology for shaving your head waaay back towards the middle of this camp, I would buy you a purple wig, so you could have hair as beautiful as mine. *laughs to self imagining it*

Sunshine: SEE GUYS? I TOLD YOU NALYD WAS A VAMPIRE!!!! I SAW HIM SPARKLING!!! Though that might've been the glitter I threw at him...

Heather: Ugh... I know who's not getting my vote.

Kristi: Duncan, I might... You know... Um... Make her some... Ravioli? I don't know....

Nalyd: Don't worry Duncan, I will be buying Sunshine a box to live in so she can keep herself occupied. And If she comes near you I'll get you a body guard.

Weird Al: Okay, final three, you may now make closing statements.

Nalyd: *thinks of something to say*

Kristi: Well, there isn't too much to say that hasn't been said, but please let me leave you with this. Nalyd and Ravioli are extremely deserving candidates, and I guess that they probably will win, but I just would like to say thank you for allowing me to make it this far into the game, and making it this far is a noteworthy accomplishment, but if I won, that would mean so much to me, and then, for once, I'd actually win something, unlike back home...

Nalyd: I think that the Badgers should stick together and have one of their own win. Same for the guys' alliance. I didn't turn my back on anybody. I could have sat here this whole final tribal council lying to you, saying what you wanted to hear. But I didn't. I told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

Weird Al: *glares at Ravioli to speak*

Ravioli: *glares back* Over the competiton, I feel I've evolved and changed without sacrificing my personality or beliefs. I've learned to be more social without letting other people's opinions change me. And I survived fifteen days either with Sunshine, Han, or both. I'm proud of what I've done over the last eighteen days, and I wouldn't change anything. I can't believe I'm saying this, but... I'd truly be honored if any of you would vote for me to win. I know I've done some things that would make you not want me to win, and if anyone were to still support me, well... thanks.

Jury Vote

Weird Al: Jury, time to vote!

Niles: *votes for Kristi* You deserve it.

Tatiana: (Votes for Kristi) The least hateable out of three.

Heather: (Votes for Nalyd) Kristi is too sweet and Ravioli is too... Ravioli.

Duncan: (Votes Ravioli) Sunshine won't be stalking me if when she's in the middle of nowhere.

Weird Al: Jack, Will, Sunshine, come vote!

Sunshine: *votes Kristi* 'Cause you're super nice! Besides, Nalyd's too much of a square and Ravioli's a MRS. GRUMP GRUMP!!!

Weird Al: *starts counting votes, re-writes Einstein's theory of relativity* We still need JACK and WILL to vote. *glares at them with that look only a TV host can give*

A Strange Van: *parks next to the mess hall*

Tatiana: (Gasps.) A strange van just parked next to the mess hall!

Heather: Point out the obvious much?

Two Men: *get out of van, go into mess hall*

Weird Al: Uh oh...

Tatiana: (Gasps again.) Two men just got out of the van and came into the mess hall!

Weird Al: Come on, Jack and Will! Hurry up and vote!!!!

Two Men: *talk amongst themselves*

Tatiana: (Gasps.) They're talking amongst themselves!

Heather: Shut it, Tatiana!!

Sunshine: *grabs a stick from the ground and randomly starts poking one of the two men* (LOL)

Kristi: Um, Sunshine, I think that you should respect these... um... van people! They are just as much people as we are!

Kristi: (CONF) Come to think of it... Sunshine's more of a pixie than a person. (Shrugs.)

Italian Man: *whispers* I think we should arrest this scary kid.

African Man: Agreed. *puts hand cuffs on Sunshine, puts her in van, drives away with her inside*

Italian Man: *watches Al*

Tatiana: (Gasps.) That man just whispered, then the other one put handcuffs-

Heather: Shut up!!!

Weird Al: Jack and Will, hurry up and vote!!!

Han: *randomly shows up dressed like Sunshine, says in a high-pitched voice* Hi guys! I'm back! (LOL)

Italian Man's tie: *transforms into an Asian man*

Asian Man: *handcuffs Han and drags her away*

Niles: I'd like to say I'm surprised.... (LOL)

Ravioli: ... (I has no characters X()

Nalyd: Well this is awkward... (Sorry, respect the law! Respect it! XD)

Italian Man: *handcuffs Al* Mr. Yankovic, you're under arrest for impersonating a TV host.

Everyone: WHAT???????????

Italian Man: Mr. Yankovic is not legally the host of this show.

Nalyd: So... what now?

Italian Man: Now you go home.

Nalyd: But who wins??

Italian Man: According to the votes cast, Kristi wins. But she can't get money because this whole contest was illegal. You will all be sent home in a few days.

  • awkward silence*

Italian Man: *leaves with Weird Al*

Weird Al: *sings* Weird Al, the TV host! Was illegal they say! He was made of snow, but the contestants know how he hosted them those days!!!!

Ravioli: ... *to Nalyd* ...well, it's probably better this way... if one of us won, we'd probably have to spend the money bailing Sunshine out of jail again anyways...

Nalyd: You mean like last Christmas, and the Thanksgiving before that... and the Hannukah before that... Wait, that was my Mom arrested during Hannukah...

Day 19 Chat

Playa des Losers

Nalyd: Can we go home now?

Italian Man: No, the real host is coming soon.

Asian Man: *drops off Sunshine and Han, both are asleep, all the agents leave*

Sunshine: *wakes up, looks around* Mommy? Where am I???

Han: *snores*

Ravioli: Great, we can't even leave...

Chris McLean: *arrives with a suitcase* Hey everyone! I was going to be your host, but Al tied me up and locked me in the cabin that didn't get burned down.

Nalyd: Wait... you were there the whole time?

Chris: Nalyd, I was sitting on the bed next to yours for like 17 days...

Nalyd: I don't remember you being there...

Chris: Anyway... guess what is in this case!!!

Ravioli: Knowing you, either Kristi's prize money, a million dollars you'll make us run around searching for, or your hair gel. (LOL)

Sunshine: Wait, I thought you got fired 'cause your niece won last season... good times, good times.

Han: *snores*

Chris: I was fired, but they let me back in after I sent Chef to eat them. No, its a BILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Intern: *hides case*

Chris: Whoever find it first wins it. GO!!

Special Reunion Challenge

Nalyd: Ravioli, let's team up.

Niles: Kristi, you you like to-

Xavier: *drags Niles* You're coming with me, nerd. But I get all the money.

Ravioli: We should split up so we can cover more ground, but we need some sort of signal for if one of us finds the case...

Sunshine: HOLY PASTA!!!! A BILLION DOLLARS!!!! Han, if we team up and find it, we could buy Duncan!!!

Han: AND THEN CLONE HIM SO WE EACH HAVE SEVEN AND A HALF OF HIM!!!!!! *high-fives Sunshine, they start running to random places on the island looking for the case*

Nalyd: Um.. okay. See ya later then... *walks away*

(CONF) Nalyd: Did I just get dissed? No, Ravioli's right, we can cover more ground! *goes into a paranoid rant I don't feeling like typing out*

Chris: *over loud speaker* Here is the first hint! It's in a castle!

Niles: *gasps* A sand castle!

Xavier: *pushes Niles down* I know! A sand castle! *angrily* Get off your lazy butt. We're going to the beach.

Kristi: (CONF) Can you believe that I didn't get any money?! What a gyp!

Tatiana: Who wants to be partners with... TATIANA?!!

Kristi: Does anyone want to be partners with me?

Ravioli: Castle... *finds Chris's EPIC trailer, says to camera guy* What, doesn't this count? I mean, it's HUGE, people! HUGE!

Sunshine: A castle... *runs to beach, builds a sand castle, looks inside* It's not in this one!

Han: I'll make another one and check in there! *starts making another castle*

Sunshine: Me too! *starts making another castle* (FAIL XD)

Niles: *points to case covered in sand* I see it! *grabs it*

Xavier: *grabs it from Niles* I'm bringing it to the dock!

Niles: *grabs it* No, I am.

Xavier: *grabs it* No, I am!!!!

Niles: *kicks Xavier in the shin, takes case, runs away*

Nalyd: *trips Niles, case goes flying towards the east* FOLLOW THAT CASE!!!!!

Nalyd, Niles, and Xavier: *run towards case*

Tatiana: (CONF) Maybe it's a castle in a chess set!! (Takes out a tiny chess set, and starts looking through the pieces.)

Ravioli: *walks out of Chris's trailer eating a sandwich* Well, he didn't have case, but he sure has some good food... *case suddenly hits her in the head, she's protected by her awesome afro-ish hair XD* What the... the case! THE CASE! Gotta signal Nalyd... *sees Nalyd, Niles, and Xavier charging towards her* Or not...

Nalyd, Xavier, and Niles: *tackle Ravioli, case flies into swamp*

Chris: *on loudspeaker* It's somewhere haunted!

Nalyd: *runs towards mountain*

(CONF) Nalyd: I mostly didn't wanna be near Ravioli since we kind tackled her....

Niles and Xavier: *run towards Al's old trailer*

Ravioli: *hovers over swamp looking for case* Those idiots, it just flew this way, it's bound to be somewhere in... *bumps into giant creepy swamp monster* aw crud.

Han: Haunted... I KNOW!!!! *drags Sunshine to burnt remains of the Badger cabin*

Interns: *bring elephants around*

Chris: What are you guys doing?

Intern: There is gonna be a circus here next week so we need to start setting up.

Chris: Oh...

Swamp Monster: *roars*

Nalyd: *keeps running, like Forrest Gump XD*

Ravioli: *screams, attempts to run away, Swamp Monster chases her, keeps running, catches up to Nalyd* Hi, no time to talk, RUN FOR YOUR LIIIIFFFFEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine: *still at wrecked cabin with Han* So why are we here?

Han: THIS is why we're here! *pulls a little plastic thing out of the cabin wreckage* It's the beak from that Furby I destroyed! I always have to have it with me for good luck! *long pause* ...what were we doing before this?

Sunshine: ...I forget...

Xavier: *in swamp, grabs case, run towards dock*

Niles: *follows* We're gonna win!

1000 elephants: *walk in front of Niles and Xavier*

Niles and Xavier: *wait for elephants to get out of the way*

Nalyd: *keeps running* Why? *turns around but keeps running* Oh.

Han: What's that, Mr. Furby Beak? *moves beak so it looks like it's talking* Oh! It says we should go over to where all those elephants are!

Sunshine: Okay! *they run to elephants, Sunshine flies over them, sees case* OMG!!!! IT'S SHINY!!!!! *attempts to pull it away from Xavier*

Heather: (Runs up to them, slaps Sunshine and kicks Xavier in the crotch.) Gimme that! (Starts tugging on the case.)

Niles and Xavier: *hold the case tightly*

(CONF) Xavier: Yeah, I was in pain. But not enough pain to give up all that money!

Nalyd: *still running* What do we do????

Monster: *picks them up*

Nalyd; I'm here for ya, Ravi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monster: *drops them in swamp*

Nalyd: I think there's a frog in my hoodie...

Tatiana: (Randomly starts singing.) WHY CAN'T WE BEEEEEE FRIENDS? WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIENDS?!!!!!!

Heather: Because we're fighting for money!

Tatiana: Oh, right! (Tackles Xavier.)

Niles: *starts sneezing on everyone*

Sunshine: EEEEEEKKKK!!!!! SNEEZY NERD GERMS!!!!!!! *somehow picks up an elephant and throws it at Niles* (XD)

Han: *sees Bob walking in woods from when Nalyd chucked him out there days ago, picks him up, chucks him at Xavier*

Ravioli: Can't... swim... drowning... in... swampwater... think... there's... a tadpole... in... my ear...

Nalyd: *brings Ravioli out of water, thinks she died* NO!! She was so young!!!! She had so much to live for!!! Now whose gonna cook dinner? *cries* (LOL)

Niles: *sneezes so hard elephant flies away*

Xavier: *grabs case, runs for dock, dragging everybody along*

Fat Man: *is carrying a giant sled, is at the to of the mountain* I'm gonna sled!!!

Han: *bites Xavier's leg* (I dunno why... XD)

Ravioli: *chokes, coughs up a tadpole* ...I think I'm gonna hurl.

Nalyd: You're alive! *drags her by the wrist* Come on, we've got a case to win!

Xavier: *some how pulls Matt, Tobi, Jack, Will, Archie, and Hank towards them, keeps walking*

Niles: *sneezes at people to get them away*

Han: *gets idea, chucks Furby beak at Niles' eye*

Nalyd: Ravioli, I see the others!!

Fat Man: *on sled, rides down mountain, hits everybody around the case into lake* Oops. *eats case*

Chris: *talking to Nalyd, Ravioli, Kristi, Tobi, Matt, Xavier, Archie, Hank, Heather, Sunshine, Jack, and Will whoa re all floating in the water* So... you lost the case... way to go!

Nalyd: Uh oh... you can't mean...

Chris: Yup... we have no choice but to have another season with the twelve of you!

Xavier: You gotta be kidding me...

Chris: Everybody who made it has to vote for somebody to come back with you though. The two people with the most votes will return!

Xavier: *votes for Niles*

Nalyd: *votes for Duncan*

Sunshine: *whispers to Ravioli* I'll watch Amy for a week for free if you vote for Duncan.

Ravioli: I can deal with that... *votes for Duncan*

Sunshine: *votes for Han*

Kristi: (Votes for Niles.)

Heather: (Votes for Duncan.)

Chris: Three votes for Duncan, one for Han, two for Niles.

Han: *whispers to Ravioli* If you change your vote to me, I promise to stop camping out on your porch...

Ravioli: *remembers the chaos that was caused the last three times Han did that, raises hand* Can we cange votes?

Chris: No.

Heather: (CONF) Another season?!! You've got to be kidding me!! Why do we have to have so many nerds come back?!!

Han: *pouts, sees Furby beak floating in the lake, grabs it, cheers up*

Hank: I vote for Tatiana.

Archie: I vote for Duncan.

Chris: Four votes for Duncan, one for Han, two for Niles, and one for Tatiana. Duncan is back in.

Sunshine: YYYYAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeals like Katie/Sadie*

(Nalyd: Vote closes in thirty minutes)

Chris: With two votes, Niles will also be coming back for season two! You will all stay in playa des losers for a week, then we will begin!

Intern: What should we do with the circus stuff?

Chris: Keep it. This will be hilarious.