That's right... another one! The most intense one ever! 19 teens are being brought out into the wilderness (Namely Gabon) (Have you ever seen Gabon? Amazing!) Mostly a combo of Survivor and TDI. 19 teens, two tribes, One Survivor! (Chris is still host, Nalyd is Chris)


Moskar (Green)

  1. Christin- Sunshineandravioli (shy artistic niece of Chris McClean)
  2. Heather - Anonymous


  1. Roger - Tdifan1234 (random guy)
  2. Trent-RockSK8R
  3. Duncan - turnertang
  4. Cody - tdifan1234
  5. Josh - turnertang - (he is a dancer)
  6. Emily- Ekaj Renrut (an average girl with a talent for fishing)
  7. Tater Tot- Ekaj Renrut (a boy with school and street smarts, but little skill
  8. Lindsay- TDI19


  1. Sorrel-sorreltail180-(a crazy insane girl)
  2. Sunshine- Sunshineandravioli (insane Duncan-obsessed ravioli pixie)
  3. Tatiana - anonymos - (A drama queen)
  4. Ben - Nalyd Renrut (ego-maniac)
  5. Noah - thebiggesttdifan
  6. Greg - thebiggesttdifan (musically inclined guy
  7. Jack-RockSK8R(cool musician)
  8. Tyra- TDI19 (from "Model")
  9. Nalyd - Nalyd Renrut (strategist nerd)

Voting History

Place Contestant 1* 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13* 14 Finals
1 Christin Heather/Heather Win Duncan Win Win Emily Tyra Win Win -- -- Tatiana Greg/Jack -- WIN
2 Heather --/Roger Win Nalyd Win Win Emily Tyra Win Win -- Sunshine -- Greg/Jack -- LOSE
3 Nalyd Noah/Roger Win Duncan Win Win Emily Tyra Win Win Sunshine Sunshine Tatiana Greg/Jack --** Christin
4 Tyra -- Trent Win Cody Josh Emily Greg Sunshine Sunshine -- Greg/Jack --** Christin
5 Jack Noah/-- Win Duncan Win Win Win Win Lindsay Lindsay Jack -- -- Greg/Nalyd --
6 Greg Ben -- Win Josh Josh Emily Tyra Win Win Ben -- Ben Nalyd Christin
7 Noah Roger Sunshine -- Ben** Christin
8 Ben Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine Tatiana** Heather
9 Tatiana -- Trent Win Greg -- Win Win Tater Tot Lindsay Ben Heather -- Christin
10 Sunshine Ben Cody Win Cody Josh Win Win -- -- -- -- Christin
11 Sorrel --/-- Win -- Win Win Win Win Tater Tot Lindsay --** --
12 Lindsay Noah/-- Win Nalyd Win Win Win Win Tater Tot Jack
13 Tater Tot Noah/-- Win Duncan Win Win Win Win Lindsay
14 Emily Sunshine -- Win Cody Josh Nalyd
15 Josh -- Trent Win Greg --
16 Cody -- -- Win Greg
17 Duncan --/Roger Win Nalyd
18 Trent -- Cody
19 Roger --/--

* Double vote

** Dropped out/Evacuated

Color Code:

  • Blue: Won challenge/Invincibility
  • Gray: Lost challenge/Moved on
  • Orange: Bottom two
  • Red: Eliminated

Castaway Relations


Nalyd and Sunshine

Nalyd, Sorrel, Jack and Christin

Greg and Tatiana

Tatiana and Sunshine and Sorrel

Nalyd and Christin


Heather vs. Christin

Nalyd vs. Heather

Nalyd vs. Sunshine

Jack vs. Heather

Nalyd, Christin, Heather, Greg vs. Emily

Nalyd, Christin, Heather vs. Tyra

Heather vs. Tatiana

Greg vs. Ben

Greg vs. Nalyd, Heather


Tyra and Sunshine

Sunshine and Nalyd

Heather, Nalyd, Sorrel, Christin, Jack (Possibly Tater Tot)

Nalyd, Christin, Sorrel, Jack, Tater Tot

Sorrel, Tatiana, Sunshine, Jack

Nalyd, Christin, Heather, Greg, Ben

Nalyd, Christin, Heather



Lindsay likes Jack (he doesn't like her)

Day 1 Chat

Chris: Welcome! The two tribes are Moku and Scar! Everyone go to camp except Sorrel... Sorrel you will go to the first team to lose. Sorrel, go to Ekile Island (Island far away from everyone else)

Scar's Camp

Ben: Well this seems like... an interesting group...

Tatiana: Yah-hu!

Trent: Uh, Ben? Was that a compliment or insult?

Ben: You can pick. Just know you are blessed to have me on your tribe.

Josh: I will dance us to victory!!

Moku's Camp

Nalyd: So should we start building a shelter?

Nalyd: Does somebody want to go get the tree-mail? (letters that say when the challenge is, whats going on, etc.)

Jack: I got it.

Nalyd: *reads it* Welcome to camp. Sorrel will join your tribe if you lose the immunity challenge. The challenge will be tomorrow love Chris. (G2G, bbl, don't break anything)

Noah: This is GREAT.

(sorreltail18-when and where should i talk)

(Nalyd Renrut: In the Exile Island section.)

(sorreltail18 ILl be bored than but OK)

(Nalyd Renrut: Maybe not *wink* )

Nalyd: So are you guys looking forward to starting tomorrow?

Exile Island

Producer: *brings Sorrel to Exile Island and points to two pots* One has a reward, one has a clue to an immunity idol. Pick one.

Sorrel: the reward *glares at pot*

Producer: *hands her a pot with a key to a small hut full of cloth, fruit, and other stuff*

Sorrel: Fruit?? anyway *laughs eviliy*

Day 2 Chat

Chris: Come to the challenge area in a couple hours. Big news.

Scar's Camp (2)

Ben: *walks to lake to fish* *walks to tree-mail statue, reads letter* "For the first time, you'll leave your home to go play, but for two of your tribemates, this will be their last day." *hides letter* I'll tell them later.

After Challenge

Sunshine: *arrives back at camp, looks around nervously, and looks around tree-mail statue* *finds something, looks around suspiciously, and sticks it in her reward pot*


Greg: Who took my keyboard?

Sunshine: For once, not me.

Trent: Naw wasn't me. G'nite Scars.

Moku's Camp (2)

Nalyd: *snores loudly in their small shelter* Hey guys, morning! I'm gonna go get tree-mail. *walks to tree-mail statue, reads letter* "For the first time, you'll leave your home to go play, but for two of your tribemates, this will be their last day." *runs back to camp* Guys, I think there is going to be a double elimination!

After Challenge


Nalyd: Welcome to our humble abode Sorrel.

Heather: Sorrel, can I talk to you?

Nalyd: Christin... Why didn't you vote Roger with the rest of us?

(CONF) Nalyd: What Christin did split her form our tribe. This could cause her demise...

Christin: *turns pale* I didn't feel like he deserved to be voted off... why did you guys vote him off?

Nalyd: With Sorrel AND Roger we would've had two random and impossible to work with people! No offence.

Heather: Christin, why did you vote me off, what did I do to you? If you let that happen again, then I can make your stay here very miserable.

Nalyd: Heather, calm down. Christin, just vote with the group next time, k?

Christin: *turns even more pale and nods slowly*

(Conf.) Christin: I don't see what I did wrong... Roger didn't deserve to be eliminated! He did nothing! But I'm scared they'll vote me off if I don't vote with them next time...

Nalyd: *sees how upset she seems* It's okay Christin... BTW guys, the shelter is all built, but there is barely enough room.

Heather: Christin, there's no need to be enemies with me, if you join an alliance with me, I'll see to it that you make it as far as your as heart desires.

Christin: Umm... *looks down nervously at feet* I dunno...

Duncan: I am so going all the way!!!

Heather: Come on, Christin, it'll be fun, we'll be like BFF's. We tell each other secrets and we can control this camp.

Nalyd: *gives Christin a cuatious look*

Christin: *looks around nervously* I... I just don't know... gimme some time to think about it...

Heather: Alright. Hey Sorrel, how would you like to get ahead in the game?

Christin: *sits down near shelter and doodles in sketchbook*

Nalyd: *steps in front of Sorrel* Hey Heather, I was wondering if you would like to come walk with me for a minute?

(CONF) Nalyd: Heather and I are OBVIOUSLY playing the same game, so why not be allies?

Sorrel: i wouldn't go in an allinace with you Heather unless you treat me with respect. I would like to start my own alliance with Nalyd and Christin.

Christin: *looks up from sketchbook*

Sorrel: uh... Hi anyway I would like to join or make my own aliance

Nalyd: How about me, sorrel, Christin, and Heather! Tater Tot might even vote with us! We'll RULE the tribe!

Christin: *quietly to self* I just want to get through the game without getting hurt...

Nalyd: *to Christin* If you want to get through without getting hurt, you need to trust. Do you trust me?

Sorrel: *is behind Nalyd* do you trust us? I trust all of you *in a quiet voice* except heather

Christin: ... *thinks* ...all right. I trust you guys.

Jack: can I join? I only lost today cuz of edit conflicts.

Nalyd: How about you vote with us just in case, k?

Sorrel: yep!

Heather: I'll join, but on one condition.

Nalyd: *fakes a smile* Yes?

Heather: Drop the fake smile, and if I was in an alliance with you guys, I'm in charge.

Sorrel: NO its either me or Nayld

Christin: *breathes quiet sigh of relief*

Nalyd: *whispers* Sorrel, let me handle this. Okay Heather. You can lead.

(CONF) Nalyd: If I let Heather lead, she'll dig her own grave. Rather her than me......

Heather: Good.

Heather: (CONF) Just cause I said I'd lead it, doesn't mean that I'll be faithful to it.

(CONF) Nalyd: I don't trust Heather as far as I can throw Owen. I guess I'm a hypocrite.

(Conf.) Christin: There goes my life... with Heather as leader, I'm doomed...

(conf.)SOrrel: i can't believe that My life is DOOMED!!!

Nalyd: I'm going to bed, night all. *lies down in hut* (G2G, bye guys!)

Heather: Anyway, I say that Tater Tot has got to go. He went under the radar and won that last camp, and I don't want that happening again.

Heather: (CONF) These alliance members could be useful, for now. And when I don't need them any more, I'll just get rid of them.

Sorrel: NO!!! we don't vote one anther because tator tot might join *glares at heather with her ice blue eyes*

Christin: *stares at them a second, then sits near tree-mail totem and draws in sketchbook*

Sorrel: *goes by Christin* we should become friends

Jack: * starts playing awesome song on his guitar*

Sorrel: sits on a nearby bench and writes in a journal*

Jack: *finishes song* Hey Sorrel what are you writing?

Sorrel: nothing uh... a story

Heather: Sorrel, I didn't say anything about eliminating you guys, but Tater Tot is a threat, and threats need to be dealt with and when you want to go stab me in the back, remember I'm not a threat, no one likes me, so I'm the last person people would want to win.

Jack: Can I see your story, Sorrel?

Sorrel: its not finished and its kinda like a secret

Jack: What's it about?

SOrrel: er... these 2 campers that fall in love and i think im not going to write about anymore *rips papers out and stuffs it in the trash*

Jack: Why did you do that? It sounded like a good story....

Sorrel: well not anymore

Jack: Why? Did I do anything?

Sorrel: no of course not

Jack: Are you sure? I kinda feel bad.

Sorrel: don't feel bad I just never liked it anyway!

Jack: OK. If you say so.

Sorrel: you stay here right?

Jack: Ya. Nite. ttyl.

Sorrel: ok nite for me *goes on a bed and lays there*

Exile Island (2)

Producer: Sorrel, we need you to come to the challenge field with us, okay?

After Challenge

Producer: Welcome Nalyd and Sunshine.

Nalyd: Awesome!

Producer: Both of you pick a pot.

Nalyd: You wanna pick Sunshine? *takes idol clue, walks away to read it, goes back to Sunshine* Sunshine, I think there is an idol at each camp, at the tree-mail totem. Do you want to have a cross-tribal alliance?

(sorrel: should i come here for now?)

Sunshine: *grabs pot* And I'll love it and feed it and name it... um... Mr. Pot. *stares at Nalyd* Well... if we have an alliance, something's gotta be in it for me...

Nalyd: (the rest of this will be BEFORE tribal council) We canhave a secret alliance nobody knows about! Both of us can get another person, and we could have a secret four-way alliance at the merge. Deal?

Sunshine: Well... *sticks pot on head* Tyra and I are already kinda allied...

Nalyd: I can get Tater Tot. Maybe even Sorrel. So what do ya say? Deal?

Sunshine: Well... *grabs pot off head* What do you think, Mr. Pot? *long pause* Okay, Mr. Pot thinks I should accept, so... deal.

Nalyd: Cool, and look around your tree-mail totem for an idol. Also, after each challenge we need to pick each other to come back here. *goes back to camp*

Sunshine: Right-o. *flies back to camp*

Challenge (2)

Chris: Come on in guys! *both tribes walk in, Sorrel is next to Chris* Y'all have gotten a chance to know each other, and both tribes will vote soembody out (just like last season)


Nalyd: I'm voting for Noah, because we'll need physical strength.

Ben: I am voting for Sunshine because she could ruin our chances with Duncan on the other team.

Chris: Voting closes at noon.

Emily: Well I'm expecting a twist (Like last season which I watched) so I'm vote Sunshine so she can be closer to Duncan.

Jack: I don't wanna make enemies, but Noah.

Tater Tot: Noah, sorry but well, you're better off without us.

Chris: So far it looks like Noah and Sunshine will be leaving.

Sunshine: *jaw drops* Well, fine! I vote Ben!

Christin: ...I don't really want to vote anyone off, but I have to, so I guess I'll vote Heather...

Chris: The current Claw vote is 2-1 and the Moku is 3-1. 9 more minutes.

Noah: I vote Roger. TERRIBLE guy.

Greg: Ben. Don't ask.

Lindsay: Norbert, not athletical at all.

Tyra: Sunshine is very artistic and fashionable. I am allying with her and voting off Ben.

Chris: Okay then, the two people voted off are Noah and Ben. Both of you will return to the game however. When the two tribes merge, you two will join them. Teams, time to regroup.

Nalyd: Let's win this guys.

First Challenge

Chris: Okay, the winner of the challenge will pick one person from the losing tribe to go to Exile Island, and search for a hidden immunity idol. Ready to play.

Nalyd: Yeah!

Chris: Okay, both tribes pick two people. One person on each team will throw a frisbee and the other one has a bow and arrow. The frisbee person will throw to their teammate and the teammate will try to hit the frisbee. Any questions? (And start picking)

Nalyd: I went to archery camp.

Jack: I have a pretty good arm.

Chris: Moku is all set. Scar?

Sunshine: Oooh! Oooh! Pick me! I wanna throw the circle thingy!!!

Emily: I'll shoot the arrow!

Sunshine: Yaaaaaay! *hugs Emily randomly*

Chris: Okay. *hands out stuff to everyone* First tribe to three points wins invincibility and material to make fire. GO!

Nalyd: *sets arrow in place*

Sunshine: *grabs frisbee* Get ready, Emily!!!

Emily: Ready!

Nalyd: Come on Jack!

Sunshine: *spins in a circle a couple times then chucks the frisbee high into the air*

Jack: STUPID EDITING CONFLICTS!!!! (throws frisbee)

Emily: *aims and fires* Yay! I hit it! *hugs Sunshine randomly*

Nalyd: *shoots at it, htis*

Chris: 1 to 1!

Sunshine: *grabs another frisbee* Let's g- *gets hit in the head with her first frisbee, causing her aim to be off when she throws the second one*

Jack: * throws 2nd frisbee*

Nalyd: *shoots, barely hits*

cHRIS: 2-1!

Sunshine: No!!!

Emily: *Shoots and hits with the tip of the arrow*

Chris: Next point wins it!

Sunshine: *grabs last frisbee, crosses fingers, and throws it* C'mon, Emily, you can get it!!!

Emily: *Aims carfully and shoots to Exil frisbee* We Won!

Chris: Scar wins. Now pick one memebr of Moku to goe Island.

(CONF) Nalyd: It would've been nice to win. I want to see Exile Island SO badly.

(Conf.) Sunshine: I can't believe I won! An hour ago I thought I might be leaving! I guess all those video games I played weren't so useless after all!

JAck: Inam sorry

Greg: I say we pick Christin. She's a threat.

Nalyd: Pick me! Pick me!

Chris: Have you come to a decision Scar? First person to say a name to send somebody will be the one to go!

Sorrel: *glares evily*

Chris: Sorrel, tonight you will join the Moku tribe. You can come to the production center with us until then.

Sorrel: ok!

Chris: Come on guys... picksomebody or I'll let Nalyd go.

Nalyd: Let me at that idol, pretty please!!!!!

Chris: (waited for 30 minutes) Okay, Nalyd can go. Pick one person for the other tribe to coem with you.

Nalyd: sunshine.

Chris: Okay. Nalyd you will return to camp tomorrow morning. Tomorrow night you guys will vote.

SOrrel: did you say sunshine to go? wait whats happening

Chris: Whoever is sent to exile picks one person from the other tribe to come with them.

Sorrel: so does that mean sunshine won't come back *eyes start watering*

Chris: Yeah, Exile Island is just where you go to find a hidden immunity idol or enjoy a reward.

Sorrel: so she will come back?

Chris: YEs, but you won't be on her team.

Sorrel: NO!!!!!! at least shes comeing back

Chris: You will be on Moku. You will join them day 4. (tribal council will be night 3)

Sorrel: day 4? ok but ill still be able to watch the challenges right and talk to others right?

Chris: You can't talk to others. Tonight they'll vote so you can join tomorrow morning, deal?


First Vote

(All Moku tribe walk in, Sorrel is waiting)

Chris: Does anybody have an immunity idol and want to play it? Okay, it's time to vote.

Nalyd: Roger, sorry but you haven't really been around...

Chris: Voting ends at 8:00.

Duncan: I guess Roger.

Heather: Who else but Roger?

Chris: 80 minutes left... (Dang, I thought this camp would be buzzing like the last one...)

Christin: I guess I'll vote off Heather...

Chris: The first person eliminated: Roger. Sorrel and all of you can go back to camp.

Heather: Christin, may I have a word with you?

Chris: GO talk at "Moku Camp (2)" under Night.

Jack: I'm sorry I made you guys lose the challenge

Sorrel: yah!.

Nalyd: It's all good... tomorrow day 3 will start... a new beginning for the tribe...

Day 3 Chat

Chris: Last time... The two tribes had their first challenge, with Scar barely scraping by for the win. Nalyd and Sunshine went to Exile Island where a cross tribal alliance was made. Roger was sent hom at tribal council and Sunshine might have found the idol! Nalyd has teamed up with the girls of his team.

Scar's Camp (3)


Trent: *yawns* Hey guys.

Cody: Hey, Trent.

Sunshine: *sits up and yawns* Morning already?

Cody: Hi, Sunshine.


Sunshine: I wonder when our challenge'll be...

Greg: I don't think we have a challenge. *plays song that Harold played on keyboard*

Sunshine: *dances to it* *after a minute she stops suddenly* I have the strangest feeling someone's plotting to vote off Duncan... *ponders*

Greg: *eats grapefruit* Wow, we have 3 days to sit back and relax, unlike Moku who needs to vote someone off.


Tatiana: Well, what do you guys want to do?

Greg: Go cook tacos and check the tree-mail. (goes to check, reads) "Chris will be on vacation in Florida from April 18 to some other date. Chef Hatchet will be in charge." What the heck?

Tatiana: (CONF) Chris really bugs me, and Chef freaks me out, so I don't really want either of them in charge.

(Conf.) Sunshine: CHEF in charge??? That can't be good... *shakes head slowly*

Tatiana: Sunshine, can I join your alliance with Tyra, please?

Tatiana: (CONF) I'm a sitting duck for elimination, unless i can join an alliance.

Sunshine: Wwwweeeellllllllllllllll... alright, I'll discuss it with Tyra.

Tatiana: Thanks, you're awesome!!! By the way, why are you WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEING?

Sunshine: Yer welcome, and I said well.

Tatiana: Oh, okay. Do you want to be friends?

Sunshine: Aww, sure! *pulls ravioli out of nowhere* Want some?

Tatiana: Omigosh, thanks!! I love ravioli!! (Eats a ravioli.)

Sunshine: Who doesn't? *eats a ravioli*

Tatiana: Losers.

Sunshine: Ha. Totally.

Moku's Camp (3)


Nalyd: *rusn to treemail statue, runs hands a long it, bag falls out, opens bag* The idol.... *hides it in pocket and runs back to camp, starts fishing*

Jack: Hey guys good morning. * plays song on guitar*

Christin: *asleep near tree-mail statue, wakes up* Did I fall asleep...?

Sorrel: yea christin... I think i fell asleep *looks for Journal* found it! *starts writing*

Jack: *ends song* So what do you think the challenge will be today?

SOrrel: i don't know... probably something wierd

Jack: Sorry guys G2G BBl

Sorrel: bye


Nalyd: *to alliance* Guys I think Lindsay should go next.

Christin: I guess...

Nalyd: Okay, I'm going to go take a walk. Christin, you wanna come?

(CONF) Nalyd: I think i might tell Christin about the cross tribal alliance.

Christin: Sure...

Nalyd: *walks with Christin far away, alone* Do you want to be part of the biggest upset in camp history?

Christin: Uuuhhmm...

(CONF) Nalyd: Why would Heather do that???? We're alliance members, tribemates, what's her deal?

(Conf.) Christin: Okay, honestly, not really, but I can't say that...

(CONF) Nalyd: As soon as I saw that look in her face I knew I was doomed...

Christin: ..... *smiles meekly* ...maybe...?

(CONF) Nalyd: I probably shouldn't have said anymore...

Nalyd: Hear me out. I have an alliance with Sunshine on the other tribe. You, me, Sunshine, and Tyra. What do you say? *pauses* You trust me, right?

Christin: *stares at Nalyd* Yeah, but... we can do that? The alliance with two tribes? And what about the other alliance, with Heather and Sorrel?

Nalyd: We can totally do that. A fourway secret alliance that will take down the merged tribe. We can have Sorrel in it. Do you want to be with Heather?

Christin: *turns pale* NO!!! I mean, uh, not really... *blushes*

(CONF) Nalyd: Again, probably should've stopped.

Nalyd: Here is the elimination order for our tribe: Lindsay, Heather, Jack, Tater Tot, Duncan. You me and Sorrel are last three!

Christin: Duncan? If you vote him off Sunshine'll destroy you...

Nalyd: That is why he is last. Hoepfully the merge will have come.

Christin: *sighs* I hope you know what you're doing...

Nalyd: Let Heather think she's in charge, then we cut her off. I need to show you something. *pulls out idol* Do you know what this is?

Christin: *gasps* That's- that's a- a- *jaw drops*

Nalyd: No, this is a fake one I made this morning while y'all were sleeping. I have the real one though. *takes out real one*

Christin: So... if you've got a real idol, why did you make a fake one?

Nalyd: Mostly to make a foll of Heather an dmake her play it. *laughs* but I want you to take the real one, but if I think I'm in danger give it back. The fake one I'll let people see if I think I'm a target. Deal?

Christin: Wha- you've gotta- me??? *passes out*

Nalyd: Uh oh... *shakes her* Christin! Christin!

Producer: Guys! Let's go get the medics!

(CONF) Nalyd: I really hope Christin, my greatest ally, isn't medically evacuated...

(Conf.) Christin: Sometimes I think I overreact to things...

Sorrel: *walks and finds a squirrel* come here little squirrel I-*gets bit by one

Medics: *check Christin's pulse, temp, other...stuff... I gues.... I dunno...*

Nalyd: *walks away whistling*

Christin: *goes to look for fruit (she's a vegetarian)*

Sorrel: *walks with the squirrel that bit her* hey nalyd and christin!

Christin: *stares at the squirrel biting Sorrel* Umm...

Medics: *walks away*

Nalyd: christin! You okay? *passes her real idol out of sorrel's view*

Sorrel: I know i have a squirrel! i thinks it has rabies

Medics: *take squirrel away*

Christin: Uhh... yeah... *grabs idol behind her back* Just a little worried about the challenge... when is that, by the way?

Nalyd: There wasn't any tree-mail. No challenge.

Sorrel: *sees fox* i ain't going that far but oh well

Nalyd: How about we all head back to camp?

Christin: You guys go on ahead. I'm gonna look for some food.

Nalyd: Okay. *walks back to camp*

Christin: *climbs up a tree and starts grabbing some fruit*

Sorrel:*walks back to camp with an orange*

Nalyd: *sits in shelter* (G2G)

sorrel *eats orange


Nalyd: Hey everyone, lets have a party!

Jack: I'll provide entertainment! *plays really cool song on guitar*

Nalyd: Sunshine gave me some food from Exile Island. *opens bag of fruit* Awesome, right?

Heather: (Silently takes the real idol out from behing Christin's back and puts it in her pocket.) So, Christin, what's new?

Duncan: What's up?

Josh: I'm dancing. (Does a dance)

Jack: This is so much fun! *plays soft, but good, song*

Nalyd: *break dances like Haorld in BEach Blanket Bogus*

Heather: I think Nalyd is having a seizure, MEDIC!!!! You should use lots of painful shots to make him stop having seizures.

Nalyd: whats your problem? (YEah, I went there)

Heather: I don't have a problem, you have a problem. MEDIC!!!!

Medic: Yes.

Heather: Nalyd is having a seizure, use painful shots to make him stop.

Medic: On it!! (Pulls out giant needle and stabs Nalyd.) Ooops, missed the vain. (Stabs.) Darn. (Stabs.) My aim is really off today. Try not to faint. (Stabs) There we go!

Nalyd: *faints*

Medics; Uh-oh. *carry him away*

Heather: He told you not to faint.

Jack*plays EXTREMELY loud heavy metal song*

Heather: (Looks at the stolen Idol) Hmmmm... (Grabs a bag of materiels for a fake idol.)

(CONF) Nalyd: Why would Heather call the medicals? We're tribemates, ALLIANCE PARTNERS!

Jack: (quietly) Hey, Nalyd? Can I take a spot in the alliance now?

Nalyd: *barely understandable* sure.

Jack: Cool. Thanks, bro. *continues playing guitar*

Heather: (CONF) I don't trust Nalyd, I stole an real immunity Idol out of Christin's pocket, while she wasn't looking, just in case I need it. Nalyd is clever, he's my competition. The Idol is just in case I sense that Nalyd and the alliance are going to turn on me. (Finishes making a fake idol.) I finished this fake idol so that I can lure Nalyd into a false sense of security. When the time is right, I'll give him the fake Idol.

(CONF) Chris: Dang this is an untrustworthy group! Nalyd has one fake idol, Christin's got squat, Heather has a fake and real idol, and Lindsay... well she's blonde.

Nalyd: Heather, could I see you for a minute? *points towards woods*

Jack: Hey, anyone know where Sorrel is?

Heather: Sure, in one second though. (Goes into the confessionals.)

Heather: (CONF) I don't trust Chris either, his hair is scented with EVIL!!!! And watermelon.... Anyway, I can sense something coming, not sure what, but Nalyd must have something really secret to tell me. And, if necessary, I'll give him the fake Idol. (Leaves.)

Heather: (Follows Nalyd.)

(CONF) Nalyd: I just needed to know that the alliance was still secure.

Nalyd: So who do you think should go next?

Heather: I was thinking Tater Tot.

(CONF) Nalyd: I decided to just tlel her the plan...

Nalyd: We were thinking Lindsay. Why Tater Tot?

Heather: Tater Tot is a huge threat, he won it all last time and I don't want a repeat of that. Lindsay, on the other hand, isn't a threat at all.

Heather: (CONF) Why Lindsay? She's dumber than an eggplant and not a threat at all.

Nalyd: I don't think we should start thinking threat until later on. Lindsay is one of the few people who haven't agreed to vote with us, so I think she should go. Perhaps we should base it off of tomorrow's challenge. Heck, I might be the one going home...

Heather: Well, we can't let that happen, (gives him the fake idol). You might need this.

Heather: (CONF) Just in case.

Heather: Anyway, we might not even lose.

Nalyd: *suprised* Is this what i think it is?

(CONF) Nalyd: I think it's a fake idol.

Lindsay: AHHH! I will vote with you guys!!!!!!!!

Heather: Yep, an immunity idol, I snagged from Christin. You probably need it more than she does.

Nalyd: Oh. Okay. Thanks.

(CONF) Nalyd: I have... two fake immunity idols.... (I can tell this isn't the real one) and Heather has the real one... Oh no... (G2G)

Heather: (CONF) I know how to play this game.

Jack: Anyone see Sorrel?

Christin: *sneaks off on her own, looks in her bag and gasps* My idol...!

Heather: Hey Christin, what's new? You look down.

Christin: Well, uh...

(Conf.) Christin: I can't tell Heather I lost my idol... she doesn't know I have an idol! Oh, man, how am I gonna tell Nalyd I lost the idol...???

Heather: You can tell me anything, you're my friend and I hope I'm yours.

Christin: Well...

(Conf.) Christin: I guess if I'm gonna be in an alliance with her, and I've lost the idol now, I might as well try to get in good with her... I'll just leave Nalyd out of the story... it's probably best...

Christin: When I was looking for fruit earlier today, I came across an immunity idol. I put it in my bag, but I just looked and it's gone... I don't know what to do...

Heather: Oh, I'm so sorry. That's terrible.

Christin: I know... what if I get voted off now? Plus, I was going to share it with the alliance... we're all at risk now, unless we find another idol... *sighs*

Jack: Hey Heather! You took her idol!

Heather: What are you talking about, no I didn't.

Nalyd: Christin, wanna go walk?

Christin: S-sure. *stands up* Bye Heather. It was nice talking to you. I feel a little better now.

Heather: Hey, I'll come with you guys!

Nalyd; No, that's okay Heather. *starts walking with Christin*

Christin: *whispers to Nalyd* It's gone missing...

Nalyd: *whispers back* I know.

Heather: Oh, alright... Bye. (Shakes Christin's hand.) Don't listen to a word he says about me.

Heather: (CONF) I bought a little listening bug before I came here and I slid it onto Christin's hand when we shook hands and the great thing is that it dissolves into ones skin so that I can hear everything they say, but whoever wears it can't feel a thing.

Nalyd: HEather stole your idol, made a fake one, and gave it to me. I have 2 fake idols and Heather has a real one. She hasn't seen the original fake one. Any ideas?

Christin: Wait... it was Heather? *turns pale*

(Conf.) Christin: I'm starting to wonder if I can trust anyone here... *sighs*

Heather: (CONF) He has a fake one....I'll have to watch out for them if he tries to give me one. Anyway, I have to keep my Idol in my underwear, where no one will ever dare to reach. (Drops it in her underpants.)

Nalyd: *very sternly, so she understands* I am the only person who has been honest to you. HEather's lying, Tater Tot's lying, everyone is lying. You need to trust nobody but me. From now on when we talk to each other, we'll be talking to our fellow finalist. Understand?

Christin: *turns very pale and nods slowly*

Heather: (CONF) Nalyd is definitely not trustworthy, I have to get on Christin's good side so she'll choose me over Nalyd.

(CONF) Nalyd: Christin's terrified. She doesn't want to get hurt. Unfortunately, she is being played by Heather who wants to hurt her.

Nalyd: You okay?

Heather: (CONF) Christin needs to follow me for her own good, if she follows Nalyd, she'll be out before she knows it.

Christin: ...I... guess... this is all just happening so fast... *sighs* case it's not obvious, I've never done this before...

Nalyd: I can tell. *laughs* Just stick with me, stay away from Heather, and keep the idol a secret, k?

Christin: Okay...

Nalyd: Let's go back to camp before Heather burns everything... *walks back to camp*

Christin: *laughs and follows Nalyd back to camp*

(CONF) Nalyd: Christin is probably the first person I've talked to this evtire game, I haven't been playing.

(Conf.) Christin: A day ago I thought Nalyd might vote me out. Now he's pretty much the only thing keeping me from being eliminated... so much can change so quickly...

Nalyd: I'm going to bed... night all... *lies down in hut and falls to sleep* (G2G, see you tomorrow for another dramatic day!)

Christin: G'night Nalyd... *sits under tree and draws in sketchbook*

Day 4 Chat

Chris: Last time, Nalyd revealed his whole plan to Christin. Heather, somehow, found out about the idol and took it. Nalyd now has two fake idols and heather has the real one!

Scar's Camp (4)


Tatiana: Good morning guys!

Greg: *makes apple turnovers* I just got a note that I'll be in another camp, although they called it a fanfiction.

After Challenge

Sunshine: Well guys, we're all staying here antoher day!

Moku's Camp (4)


Nalyd: *wakes up and sits by lake* (the challenge will be this afternoon)

Heather: (Feels for the idol in her pants.) Good, exactly where it should be.

Jack(CONF): I'm sure Heather took the idol.

Jack: Morning guys. (walks to tree mail statue) Oh my God! Another idol! I know where to hide it. (puts it in his guitar case)

Sorrel: morning come here buddy squirrel *a squirrel is behind her growling at heather*

Jack: Hey Sorrel.

Sorrel: hey did you join our allaince *squirrel starts growling at jack.*

Jack: Ya. Hey, look at this. (pulls out immunity idol)

Sorrel: the idol! *squirrel suspicously looks at the idol*

Jack: Actually, it's a new one. She won't admit it, but Heather has the other one.

Sorrel: time to attack Heather... ok buddy go attack Heather when she comes

Jack: So, do you think I should show Nalyd and Christin?

Sorrel: show it to both! they are in our alliance

Jack: Ok cool

SOrrel: no prob.

Jack: By the way, where is everyone?

(CONF) Nalyd: I put one of the fake idols in the tree-mail staue in case anybody else goes for it.

After Challenge

Heather: Christin, I hope you didn't listen to what Nalyd said, he's a dirty liar who just wants to use you to get ahead in the game. I feel bad for you. Stick with me, and I can help.


Nalyd: *shouts* That's it! *marks a line in the hut with sticks* Either you side with me, or you side with Heather! Heather, consider the alliance off! Everyone, she STOLE a hidden immunity idol!

Christin: *turns pale and hides head in sketchbook* Oh no...

(Conf.) Christin: What is Nalyd THINKING??? *bangs head on wall* Now I'm dead...

Nalyd: *looks at Christin*

(CONF) Nalyd: It kind of hurt Christin wouldn't side with me. I'm like the tribe's savior.

Jack: Why does the alliance have to be over? Can't we just kick Heather out?

Nalyd: Now there are two alliances. You can be in Heather's or mine.

Christin: *looks between Nalyd and Heather*

(Conf.) Christin: How was I supposed to choose? I wanted to side with Nalyd, but if I did, Heather... *sighs* I had to choose so...

Christin: *turns pale and walks over to Nalyd's side*

Nalyd: *whispers to Christin* You just took your first steps into final two.

(CONF) Nalyd: With somebody smart like Chrisitn standing next to me, I didn't look like a total idiot.

Heather: Christin, Nalyd is a dirty liar, I'm sure he promised you to go with him to the final 2, and I'm sure he's promised that to other people as well.

Nalyd: I haven't. I've given up the dirty lying. I'm not the one stealing idols.

Christin: Hold on, Nalyd. *looks at Heather* Can you say to me completely honestly that you haven't lied to me once over this entire time?

Heather: Christin, would you mind if we talked in private?

Nalyd: Go on Christin, don't let her scare you, though.

Heather: You're the creepy one.

Christin: *looks between Nalyd and Heather* Okay...

Heather: (Grabs Christin and takes her into the woods.) Honestly, Christin, no, I can't say I haven't lied to you the entire time. I lied about not stealing your Idol, but we can share it if you want. If you think you'll need it you'll use it, and if I think I need it, I'll use it. But, I need you on my side so that we can get further ahead in this game. I want more than anything to beat Nalyd at his own backstabbing game.

(CONF) Nalyd: The game sure is heating up... and its only day four...

Nalyd: *turns to everyone esle* Well?

Jack: I got your back, N-man. *gives Nalyd a knuckle bump*

Christin: *stares at Heather* Nalyd has been kind, helpful, and, to my knowledge, honest to me this entire time. You've hated me since day one and just admitted you stole my idol. Give me one good reason I should still trust you over Nalyd.

(CONF) Nalyd: Wow! Chrisitn stood up to Heather! Awesome! I don't know how I know this though, I wasn't there.

Nalyd: Sweet, dude.

Jack: Wait.. (pulls out idol) Is this real?

Nalyd: No. Heather has the real one. You and I have fake ones.

Jack: Oh....

(CONF) Nalyd: I hope more people join me. I have a great plan to vote out Heather!

Heather: (CONF) Okay, maybe Christin was to hard for me to use.

Heather: Christin, I know we haven't quite seen eye to eye...

Heather: (CONF) More like toe to eye...

Heather: But you and I both want to get ahead in this game so, why not take down Nalyd, he's the biggest threat to all of us...

Heather: (CONF) For now...

Heather: We can share the Idol like I proposed...

Heather: (CONF) Whenever I need it, we can share...

Heather: And then if Nalyd plans to eliminate you, you can use it...

Heather: (CONF) Or not...

Heather: And we can soar right through to the merge, with no Nalyd in our way.

Heather: (CONF) That would be great.

Heather: What do you say, Christin?

(CONF) Nalyd: I don't even know why everyone wants Chrisitn in their alliance! She's very quiet...

jACK: Can Sorrel be in our alliance?

Nalyd: All she has to do is step over to us, and away from Heather.

Heather: Christin, what do you say? Alliance?

(CONF) Nalyd: If Chrisitn joins Heather, she'll regret it for... Well, she won't be here too long to regret it then...

(Conf.) Christin: I don't know what came over me, but...

Christin: No way. Absolutely no way. I have no way of knowing you're being truthful to me and to be honest, I seriously doubt you are. Go find some other desprate idiot to con into an alliance, 'cause I. Will. Not. Join. You. *shivers a little and goes back to camp*

Heather: (CONF) Christin is now the first on my hate list. She is so leaving next.

(Conf.) Christin: I probably just dug my own grave standing up to Heather... so why do I feel so good?

Christin: *arrives back at camp, trembling and pale* Hey guys.

Heather: (CONF) Christin's got guts, but not too much, I'll give her props for that, but she's gonna pay.

Nalyd: *loudly* Oh my god you told off Heather!

Heather: Yes, she did.

Heather: (CONF) And she is going to regret it for the rest of her life. Or at least the rest of the time she spends here, which won't be much longer if I have anything to say about it.

Nalyd: *hi-fives Christin and holds up a water canteen* Drink this, you don't look so good... (G2G, I'll be back on in da mornin')

Christin: *takes canteen* Thanks...

Sorrel: hello!!!!! Ok nayld and Christen we should kick out heather!

Exile Island (4)

Nalyd: So Sunshine, anything interesting?

Sunshine: *pulls out pot from last time* Very interesting. *opens pot, revealing an immunity idol* I found it near the tree-mail statue. You're the first person to know about it.

Nalyd: I am about to be completely honest. Heather took the idol. I gave it to Christing, Hetaher stole it, now I have a fake idol, and I heard Jack has another fake one.

Sunshine: *jaw drops* How did she find out about the idol???

Nalyd: I don't know.

(Nalyd Renrut: It really isn't fair for Heather to take it when she shouldn't have even known there were idols.)

Nalyd: The tribe is pretty much dividing between heather suporters, and Nalyd supporters. Anything go on at your camp?

Sunshine: Greg made apple turnovers, but that's not important now. Why did you give Christin the idol??? She doesn't realize how these camps work. She's just honest and hopes people will be honest back.

Nalyd: I decided to trust her. She seemed scared and like a good alliance partner. Me, Sorrel, and Christin are a very tight alliance. Do you have any alliance partners for when the merge comes.

(Nalyd Renrut: For the record, in my fifth camp I will have a rule about stealing idols and fake idols)

Sunshine: Tyra, Tatina and I are voting together. Speaking of, who do you think we oughta eliminate today?

Nalyd: Maybe... Anybody who seems like they haven't bene pulling there weight or helping. Maybe Cody?

Sunshine: *nods* Cody.

Nalyd: *takes key from new reward pot and points toward a small, locked hut* Let's go get some fruit!

Sunshine: Oh yeah!!!!!

Nalyd: *opens hut* Awesome! *eats a mango and spits out the pit* Oh yeah!

Sunshine: *eats a bunch of fruit* Almost as good as ravioli!!!

Nalyd: I think when we go back, I'll tell Heather off. *swallows bite of food* Maybe we should have other people come to exile. How about you guys pick Christin, and we'll pick Tyra.

Sunshine: *swallows an orange whole* Sounds good.

Nalyd: Looks like we'll be going to the finals! *fist bumps* (G2G, BBL)

Sunshine: *fist bumps* To the final two!!!

Second Challenge

Chris: Come on in guys. Scar looking at the new Moku tribe. Today's challenge is running 100 yards, grabbing one of three bags, coming back, opening the bag, and solving a puzzle with peices in the bag. Go!

Nalyd: *starts running* *gets a puzzle bag and runs back*

(CONF) Nalyd: I hope we win. Me and Heather might end up dividing the tribe.

Christin: *also starts running*

Sunshine: *runs alongside Christin but falls behind* ARG! Curse my short pixie legs!!!

Tyra: Can't run in high heels!!!

Sunshine: *gets idea and hits head* Duh, Sunny! *flies to end, grabs two bags, tosses one to Tyra and starts flying back*

Christin: *arrives at end, grabs bag, and starts running back*

Nalyd: *grabs last bag, starts running back* Christin! Start opening the bags!

Christin: *starts opening the bags, then has realization* What if we mix up the pieces?

Sunshine: *arrives at beginning again* Too... much... flying... exhausted... bad... idea...

Nalyd: *arrives, pours all pieces out* Start fitting them together! I'm great at puzzles!

Christin: *starts with edges*

Sunshine: *dumps all peices out, stares blankly at them, then looks to Tyra* You any good at puzzles? 'Cause I'm not...

Chris: Moku has all the bags, Scar has one more!

Nalyd: *fits together a lot of puzzles*

(CONF) Nalyd: Yeah! Skillz!

Sunshine: *groans and flies off to get the last bag*

Christin: *fits together some pieces*

Nalyd: Three more pieces... *fits together one more*

Christin: *fits the last two together and puts them with the rest* We did it!!!

Sunshine: *flops down holding the last bag* Man...

Chris: *looks at puzzle* Moku wins invincibility!

Nalyd: *jumps up and down* We won!

Chris: Now pick one person from the other tribe to go to exile island.

Nalyd: How about Sunshine again? What do y'all say?

Christin: *nods* Yeah, Sunshine.

(Conf.) Christin: I can't believe we won! I'm staying here another day!!!

Chris: Sunshine, pick one member of the winning tribe to come with you.

Nalyd: *nods towards her, thinking* Pick me...

Sunshine: *points to Nalyd* Nayld!

Chris: Okay. Scar, come back at 6:00!

Second Vote

Chris: Does anybody want to play a hidden immunity idol?

Tatiana: Not me.

Chris: (play an idol later if you want) Time to vote! (BRB)

Tatiana: I'll go first. (Proceeds to booth.) I vote for Trent.

Sunshine: *goes into booth after Tatiana* Cody. Sorry dude...

Tyra: I vote off Trent! not here at all.

Trent: My computer broke down! (That explains why Jack and Trent didn't compete today.- RockSK8R) I pick Cody.

Josh: (Enters booth) I vote for Trent.

Trent: Come on guys! What if your computer broke right before a challenge?

Chris: Second person voted out... Trent. Sorry Trent, time to go, bro. (Head back to camp guys)

Day 5 Chat

Chris: Last time, Moku won the challenge and Scar voted out Trent (their first strategic move.) Nalyd divided the Moku tribe bewtween him, and Heather. Who will be voted off tonight?

Scar's Camp (5)


Greg: (From kitchen) BREAKFAST!

(CONF.) Greg: It's been weird thinking how we're just the laid-back, easy tribe, while Moku has been fighting for the last four days. We're trying to make this easy, but that really doesn't attract drama.

Greg: (walks around table) You know, I think we should step us our game a little.

Tatiana: Your right.

Sunshine: FOOD! *smacks into table* What do you mean by "step up our game"?

Greg: I mean, we need to care more about this game or we're gonna lose more challenges.

After Challenge

Sunshine: I have the strangest feeling my obsession with Duncan is being turned against me... *shrugs* Man, I'm bored now.

Greg: *chops up a fruit salad*

(CONF.) Greg: The one thing besides play music to be a leader here is cook. I went to the same culinary school as Nalyd, and he was TOUGH.

Sunshine: *eyes glow* I have a terrible Duncan forboding...


Sunshine: Sunny has a very bad feeling... WHAT HAPPENED TO DUNCAN???

Tatiana: I don't know...

Tatiana: (CONF) How on earth does she sense what happens to Duncan?

Sunshine: I'll have to ask him! *pulls out picture of Duncan* Duncan, what happened to you! *LONG PAUSE*

(Conf.) Sunshine: The pictures, they speaks to me. At least I think so.

Tatiana: (Finds Heather's airplane.) Sunshine! You need to see this note from Heather! It says that Jack, Sorrel, Nalyd and Tater Tot were the reason for (gasps) Duncan's elimination!!!

Sunshine: *eyes glow* ...RRREEEENNNNNRRRRRUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *eye twitches*

Tatiana: Sunshine, calm down! Have some ravioli, we can take care of that dork, Nalyd, when we get to the merge.

Sunshine: No. *pulls on ski mask* HE DIES NOW.

Tatiana: Or we could do that... (Puts on ski mask.) Let's do this!

Sunshine: Actually, now I'm depressed from lack of Duncan. *eyes water*

Tatiana: That's okay... we can kill him tomorrow. Do you want some ravioli?

Tatiana: (CONF) I feel awful for Sunshine, she must feel like I did after I lost my dog. Oh, Snuggles...Sorry I need a moment. (Starts weeping.)

Moku's Camp (5)


Nalyd: *wakes up and sits by the fire pit with no fire*

(CONF) Nalyd: I really hope I can get the whole tribe on my side. So far I have Jack, Sorrel, and Christin.

Heather: Duncan, Lindsay, Tater Tot, can i see you over here for a minute?

Duncan: Okay.

(conf.)Sorrel:NAyld's allaince is big so i have a strong feeling us umm... 4 people will be in the final four!

(Conf.) Christin: *looking exhausted* I didn't sleep at all last night... I'm so worried about Heather... what was I thinking???

Jack: Morning guys, except Heather. I kinda wish you slept badly.

Sorrel: I still can't believe heather is in OUR ALLINACE did i say out loud?

Christin: *yawns* You did, but the alliance is... *stares at sticks dividing hut* ...kinda broken up now...

(CONF)Jack: I wonder how the Scar's are doing.

(Conf) Christin: I really hope we win the next challenge, because if we don't, I'm probably going home... *sighs*

Sorrel: whaT!!! why!

Christin: Nalyd decided to tell off Heather and made the tribe choose between him and her...

SOrrel: ohh!!

Christin: Yeah... *yawns*

Sorrel: well we can restart our alliance again!

Christin: Yeah... all of us except Heather... probably better if you think about it...

Nalyd: All of us but Heather. We just need Tater Tot, and maybe even Lindsay to join us. BTW, treemail says challenge soon.

Jack: hey, where is Tater Tot?

Nalyd: He hasn't been on lately.. (BTW, he just said he was on my side!) Guys, alliance meeting! *alliance walks towards woods* Okay, I think we need to throw the challenge, then vote off Heather. If she plays the idol vote Duncan. Deal?

Duncan: (CONF) I hope Nalyd gets off because without him his dumb alliance is nothing.

(CONF) Nalyd: I think I might offer for Duncan to join us, then Lindsay would have to go.

Nalyd: (back at camp* So DUncan, who are you siding with.

Duncan: Right now I'm on no ones side.

After Challenge

Nalyd: *to alliance* We have to vote Heather. If she plays the idol, Duncan. Deal, guys? *turns to Duncan* Duncan, if you side with us we'll vote Lindsay out instead.

Duncan: Maybe.

Nalyd: Duncan I have an idea! Sunshine is obsessed with you! We can use that obsession to win challenges!

Duncan: How will that help us win?

Nalyd: You could shout compliments to her that would distract her, and maybe even ask her to lose the challenge!

Christin: Somehow, I doubt you'd even need to go that far... Sunshine's a little... umm...

Nalyd: *shrugs* Well just in case we seem doomed. (tribal council in 7 min)

Christin: *whispers to Nalyd* So is the plan still to vote off Duncan?

Nalyd: If Heather plays the idol.

Christin: *nods*

Heather: Lindsay, Duncan, Tater Tot, vote with me and we can take out the others one by one.


Nalyd: Lindsay, why'd you vote for me?

Lindsay: Wait. I voted for you?

Heather: Lindsay, can I talk to you in private?

Christin: *sits near tree-mail statue drawing in sketchbook*

Nalyd: Thanks for voting with me Christin.

Sorrel: you guys should totally be gf and bf just kidding!

Lindsay: OK, Heather!

Jack: Do you guys like anyone yet?

Nalyd: Pfft! No! Never! BTW, thanks for voting Duncan off you guys.

Sorrel: well you and chrsitin seems to get along VERY well!

Christin: *blushes*

Nalyd: *rolls eyes* We're just friends, right Christin?

Sorrel: i just playin duh!

Christin: *hears Sunshine screaming from the other camp* Oh great...

Nalyd: I sense a disturbance in the camps...

Sorrel: i bet hse's really upset about that duncan thing!

Jack: Do yuo like anyone, Sorrel?

Nalyd: Sunshine'll be a wreck tomorrow... Thats good for us...

Heather: (CONF) I have to tell Sunshine that Nalyd, Christin, Sorrel and Jack were responsible for Duncan's elimination, but how...

Heather: (Takes Lindsay and leads her into the forest.) Do you want to get ahead in the game and have a worthwhile friend, Lindsay?

Christin: *whispers to Nalyd* Somehow I think you just lost the cross-tribal alliance...

Sorrel: not really

Nalyd: *whispers back* You and Sunshine are going to Exile next. Who said that we were the ones who voted him off?

Jack: Hey, dude, can I go to Exile next?

Nalyd: The idol has already been found, and played. Why go back?

Jack: Oh, I'm not exactly na A student.

(Conf.) Christin: It's so ironic... an idol that was supposed to save me from Heather, saved Heather from me.

Nalyd: Don't worry about Heather... she has no power...

Christin: I guess...

Heather: (CONF) I've got it! (Makes paper airplane and writes who eliminated Duncan and throws it to Scar's camp.)

Christin: *hears scream from Scar camp* Umm... Nalyd? We may have a situation...

Nalyd: Good luck telling her Christin... (g2g)

Christin: Uhh... *grins sheepishly* You mean YOU'LL need good luck telling her... right?

Heather: Yes, Nalyd, good luck explaining it to Sunshine.

Heather: (CONF) I might be mistaken, but Sunshine probably knows already, so she'll totally kill him as soon as she sees him. Or he'll tell her and then she'll kill him.

Thrid Challenge

Chris: Come on in! Moku looking at the new Scar... today's challenge's reward is rice, beans, and invincibility! The challenge is a relay race. The runners for Scar are Emily, Greg, and Cody. For Moku its Nalyd, Tater Tot and Heather. Go!

Nalyd: *walks slowly*

(CONF)Jack: This is gonna be good.

(Conf) Tater Tot: I am totally going to try to win this race... Totally

Nalyd: *jogs a little but trips, lands on left hip, grabs right arm* My arm! My arm!

Greg: C'mon Emily!

Nalyd: *rolls on ground faking pain, realizes her grabbed wrong arm* My LEFT arm!

Emily: *Runs*

Greg (suspiciously): Hey, why is Nalyd so accident-prone all of the sudden?

Emily: *tags Greg*

Nalyd: *crawls slowly towards Tater Tot(

Chris: Nalyd, not even trying! Okay, Emily got to Greg so Scar wins (don't feel like waiting) No Exile, but Moku come back in 30 minutes.

Greg: Hey! I didn't even run!

(Nalyd Renrut: Nobody was responding.)

Third Vote

Chris: Anybody want to play an idol? (Anybody who votes for somebody using an idol, change your votes.)

Nalyd: *votes Duncan* It is beyond time for you to go.

Christin: Heather. It should have been you who went on day one. *pause* Um, no offense or anything.

Heather: Nalyd.

Duncan: (CONF) I'm still not sure who to vote for.

Tater Tot: (He told me to vote for him IRL) Duncan.

(Conf.) Christin: Please, please let Duncan vote with us...

Lindsay: Heather

Jack: Heather! No doubt!

Heather: I play my idol.

(CONF) Duncan: Now she plays her idol. I was just about to vote her out!!!

Chris: Okay, no votes count against Heather.

Nalyd: Sorry Duncan, but there is nobody else.

Duncan: Nalyd is going down!!!

Chris: Two votes for Nalyd, two for Duncan.

Christin: I'm sorry, Duncan... *sighs* Sunshine's gonna be mad...

(Turnertang: In real survivor you can't switch your vote.)

(Nalyd Renrut: I am aware of this. {Well, there have been cases of a re-vote} And that is how it is going to work. It was originally planned that people would play idols before people vote, but I realized that that would delay the voting.)

(Turnertang: I understand.)

(Nalyd Renrut: Trust me, there will be a huge twist about eliminated people later on...)

(Turnertang: Okay.)

(Nalyd Renrut: And if it gives any conselation, you still have Josh)

(Turnertang: I know. I was just saying you weren't doing exactly like survivor.)

(Nalyd Renrut: This season is a lot like beat version for season 5. brb 15 minutes)

Lindsay: Nalyd!

thebiggesttdifan: The votes for someone with idol just shouldn't count!

Jack: Duncan. Sorry, man it was you or Heather.

Chris: 4-3. Fourth person voted out: Duncan.

Nalyd: Later Dude.

Chris: Go back to camp.

Sorrel: did i miss anything!

Heather: Duncan go the boot.

Day 6 chat

Chris: Last time, Nalyd threw the challenge to eliminate Heather. She played her idol, so Duncan got the boot. The Scar camp attempted to do some strtegizing, but they still seem to be a bunch of happy goobers.

Scar's Camp (6)


Greg: *fries bacon while watching Chris's morning recap over and over again* See guys? We need to at least be more alert. Tyra, Emily, and Cody are barely ever here, which leaves me, Tatiana, and Sunshine.

Tatiana: That's true.

Tatiana: (CONF) We are not goobers! Time to step up our game!

Tatiana: Guys! We need to work harder if we want to win challenges. Last time, the other team just threw the challenge to eliminate Heather. They probably won't do that today so we need to get in their and win!

(Conf.) Sunshine: I'm not a happy goober! I'm n- oh, who am I kidding, that's a perfect description of me.

(CONF) Cody: What does he mean by "happy goober"?

(CONF) Chris: People who don't give a hoot about the game and don't have any sense of leadership.

(Conf.) Sunshine: I wonder if we get pancakes if we get to the final three...

After Challenge

Tatiana: We lost, so what? There tribe is completely filled with distrust and conflicts. We'll win next time.

Tatiana: (CONF) We are so doomed...

Sunshine: I NEEDS A RAVIOLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tatiana: So Sunshine, how was Exile Island with (Grimaces) Nalyd,

Moku's Camp (6)


Nalyd: Morning guys.

Heather: Good morning, Nalyd.

Heather: (CONF) I'm stuck between eliminating Christin or Nalyd. Nalyd probably because without Nalyd, Christin is powerless. She can't survive on her own.

Jack: Morning Mokus.

Christin: Morning.

Jack: When is the challenge?

(Nalyd Renrut: 10 minutes...)

Nalyd: Y'all wanna go fishing?

Christin: Sure...

Lindsay: Ooooh! I want to go fishing Nylad!!!!! That is when you eat fish, right?

After Challenge

Christin: I really hope Nalyd comes back alive...

Jack: Don't worry. I'm sure he will.

Heather: I hope he won't.

Lindsay: When do we get our fruit?

Heather: I hope soon, I'm starving.

Jack: What's your problem Heather?

Heather: He is discriminating against me, he is a byast, he want's me gone more than anyone, I want him gone more than anyone, and I just hate that little twerp, he's going down!

Jack: Cut it out, dude.

Heather: In case you haven't noticed, I'm a girl, not a "dude".

Heather: (CONF) "dude"...Am I saying that right? "dude"

Jack: You're a girl? Hadn't noticed.


Heather: I'm going to kill you!!!!!!

Christin: Woah, guys, calm down!!!

Jack: At least people like me, Heather.

Christin: Jack...!

Heather: I don't spend my time being nice!! I spend my time figuring out ways to get aheadd in the game.

Christin: Guys, break it up!

Heather: And you spend all your time acting all quiet and cutesy so that Nalyd can just manipulate you to do what he needs.

Christin: *turns pale then glares at Heather* At least I don't lie to people to get what I want!!!

(Conf.) Christin: Oh, man, why did I do that...?!

Jack: Right on, Christin!! *gives Christin a high-five*

Christin: Umm...

Jack: Don't worry about that cow.

Christin: *fights to hold back laughter*

Heather: Christin, Jack no words describe HOW MUCH I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather: (CONF) They're just digging they're own graves deeper and deeper.

Jck: Not my problem.

Christin: *is somehow able to hold back her laughter* Guys, seriously...

Jack: Just wait until Nalyd gets back. This is gonna be gooooooood.heh-heh.

Christin: *sighs and shakes head*


Nalyd: *returns* Sup guys! What'd I miss?

Chris: *puts fruit in tribe*

Heather: Food, finally. (Eats a mango.)

(Nalyd Renrut: I thought it was implied y'all had the fruit, my bad.)

Nalyd: So did I miss anything? *swallows a pineapple*

Jck: Why don't you tell him Heather?

Christin: Well, uh, Nalyd, we had a bit of a... disagreement...

Nalyd: *interested* Really? Color me intrigued.

Heather: You might not be the next person I'm set on eliminating. Jack just earned himself that title.

Heather: (CONF) Possibly.

Jack: It's not my fault you got poned.

Nalyd: WHat happened?

(CONF) Nalyd: I don't know why, I'm just very relaxed...

Christin: Things just kinda got heated... and verbal... it wasn't even anything big...

Nalyd: Well, I feel better without Heather's target on my back. *breaks out in luaghter*

Christin: I hate to play the pessimist, but I feel I should point out she said you "MIGHT" not be the next person she eliminates...

Nalyd: It was still funny. Think about it: Afraid of Heather?????? *laughs then get s acramp, falls to ground, cotninues laughing, gets up, eats another pineapple*

Christin: Ahaha... yeah. *blushes and peels an orange*

(Conf.) Christin: I don't see how Nalyd can laugh about this... maybe Sunshine knocked out some brain cells when she kicked him earlier...

Nalyd: We officially have more people on our tribe, lets keep it that way.

Christin: Sounds good to me.

Heather: Sure. I'd rather stay ahead of the other team, than lose you guys.

Heather: (CONF) No matter how happy that'd make me.

Nalyd: Sounds like a plan!

Heather: Yep.

Heather: (CONF) I have a feeling that they still may throw the challenge to eliminate me. But hey, if we lose, we could eliminate Lindsay. I don't think we ever technically broke up as an alliance.

Christin: Um... *looks around nervously* you want any fruit, Heather?

Nalyd: (G2G, survivor time!)

Heather: Sure, thanks Christin! I'll have a slice of papaya.

Heather: (CONF) Christin is starting to warm up to me a little because she's so sincere. (Pauses) Papaya is really good.

(Conf.) Christin: Heather and I have had our... differences... but we're in the same boat and nothing's going to change that. We might as well put up with each other.

Exile Island (6)

Nalyd: Sunshine! I can explain!

Sunshine: *has Nalyd in a headlock* GET EXPLAININ', THEN!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: Me, Christin, and Sorrel had an alliance. We got Duncan to join us. We voted for Heather, but she used her idol and Duncan got the boot!

Sunshine: Okay, that was weird. But anyway, if that's so true, why have I heard you voted out Duncan???

Nalyd: Heather's upset and wants me eliminated. I swear, I was against Duncan going.

Sunshine: Can you say that strapped to a ravioli lie detector?

(Nalyd Renrut: STOP WITH IZZY)

Nalyd: *strapped in* I wanted Heather to go so I threw the challenge, we planned for Heather to go, and she played an idol. As a result, Duncan went home.

Sunshine: And after Heather played her idol, did you or did you not vote off Duncan?

Nalyd: When Heather played her idol, only the votes against Duncan counted.

Sunshine: Answer the question- DID YOU or DID YOU NOT cast a vote for Duncan at any point in time??? You continue to stall, and I can easily rearrange your face!!!! (G2G. I'll maim you later. XD)

Nalyd: I voted for Heather, then she saved herself with the idol!

Sunshine: You're STALLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fourth Challenge

Chris: Today's reward is a small fruit garden and invincbility.

Lindsay: Oh! I love fruit, especially the kinds that are sweet!!!

Sunshine: I WILL WWWWWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christin: *stares fearfully at Sunshine*

Nalyd: *whispers* Guys, let's throw the challenge again to finish Heather.

Lindsay: What? I want fruit *cries, hugs Nalyd*

Christin: Uh... okay, Lindsay...


Nalyd: *looks at SUnshine* What are you talking about?

Sunshine: Oh, that does it. HOLD ME BACK, GUYS!!!!!!!!!!! *foams at mouth*

Tyra: Calm down!!!! You will dirty your clothes!

Sunshine: RRRRAAAAAWWWRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *eye twitches*

Nalyd: What's wrong???

Tyra: Sunshine! If you don't stop I am firing you from Next Top Model as Katie and Izzy's designer!

Sunshine: Okay, okay, yoga breaths.... *takes deep breaths* I will resolve the situation peacefully and without... MUCH pain.

Chris: The challenge is a hut raid. Both tribes have a hut (two huts are 100 yards apart) Which ever tribe can get more things form the other tribe in ten minutes wins. People can block others from stealing, but you can't take anything after its stolen. go!

Nalyd: *charges for can of water*

Sunshine: Oh, I've got this. *high-kicks Nalyd in the head* That felt good!

Chris: ... Only blocking people, no punching or kicking... just pushing...

Nalyd: Whats your problem?!?

Sunshine: I have several. Most recently, YOU ELIMINATED MY ONE TRUE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *mumbles to self* Oh who am I kidding, he's one of several, but that's beside the point...

Tyra; *throws high-heels at Nalyd*

Lindsay: I found a ravioli wand in the other hut!!!!

Nalyd: *catches them, throws them in a lake* NO! I was against Duncan going home! *dives at rice bag and runs to pile*

Chris: 5 minutes!

Tyra: I found someone's makeup! oooh, nice shading!

Nalyd: *grabs two bags of beans and puts them in pile*

Chris: 3 minutes!

Sunshine: I hate to break it to you, Renrut, but I was given a list of the votes against Duncan. And guess who was on it?

Christin: *in the midst of the chaos, she walks over to the Scar hut, grabs some stuff, and walks back unnoticed*

Lindsay: I NEED FRUIT *pulls whole hut over*

Christin: *stares in shock*

Nalyd: Guess who's lying? Heather!

Chris: Moku wins!

Nalyd: Yeah!

Chris: Now send one scar to exile island.

Nalyd: How about Sunshine, guys?

Christin: *gulps* S-sure.

(Conf.) Christin: Please, please, don't let her pick me to go to Exile...

Lindsay: Yeah, Shunsine!

Chris: So, Sunshine, who from Moku will come with you?

Lindsay: Can I have my fruit now please? I won the challenge for my team!

Sunshine: *glares at Nalyd* Renrut.

Christin: *breathes sigh of relief*

Chris: Okay, go back to camp everyone!

Lindsay: Ha-ha Nylad! You have to go to the creepy island with the crazy pixie. NO FRUIT FOR YOU!!! Also, Sunshine, I have your ravioli wand!

Fourth Vote

Chris: Okay Scar, time to vote! (Play an idol if you want...)

Tyra: Cody

Josh: Personally I think Greg should go.

Tatiana: Greg. Nothing personal, sorry.

Sunshine: Cody hasn't helped at all, and I'm not sure he could redeem himself. Sorry, dude.

Cody: Greg

Emily: Cody, I'm sorry, you haven't been here and Greg has. (just to clarify, I'm voting for Cody)

(Tdifan1234: What do we do in the case of a tie?)

(Nalyd Renrut: Well, I original;ly believed that since Greg had the deciding vote, it was implied he'd vote for Cody. HOWEVER, first I'll see if anybody is willing to change their votes.)

Chris: Looks like a tie... Previous votes will be read unless greg votes... Okay, Cody is OUT! (One previous vote)

Greg: I vote for Josh.

Day 7 Chat

Chris: Last time, Scar decided to do more gameplay, but did nothing. Moku won invincibility, and Scar sent Cody home.

Scar's Camp (7)


Sunshine: *sits on a log pouting*

(Conf.) Sunshine: This has NOT been a good time for me the past few days. Renrut betrayed me, my Duncan got voted off, and we're offically the smallest tribe. And to top it all off, Lindsay stole my ravioli wand. GRRRRRRR.

Emily: *walks over to sunshine* Sunshine, are you okay?

After Challenge

Chris: Hey, you guys are voting at 5 instead of 6. Special surprise.

Sunshine: Wait, we had a challenge? (Sorry guys, was gone during the challenge)


Jack: Hey Sorrel do you wanna make an alliance?

Moku's Camp (7)


Nalyd: *wakes up and walks around*

Jack: Hey, Nalyd, do you think making Heather mad last night was a mistake?

Christin: *opens mouth to speak, changes mind*

Sorrel: hey (sorry i wan't editing here... my computor was so..... slow!)

Nalyd: Okay guys, lets win some more challenges!

Sorel: im so glad i wasn't elimnated yet

(Conf.)Sorrel: im here to win!

Nalyd: No alliance member of Nalyd will go home.

Sorrel: cool!

After Challenge

Nalyd: We rule!


Nalyd: Guys, according to tree-mail, we have to go down to tribal council at 6:30.

Christin: Why us?

Nalyd: Here is the riddle, "As you grow more comfortable and bond with your tribe, a little mix up can bring some new vibes." I have no clue...

Christin: *turns pale* I think I might know what they're talking about... I just really kind of hope I'm wrong...

Jack: Even I know what they mean.....

Nalyd: You wanna tell me?

Christin: Well... after tonight we'll be two people ahead of the other tribe... what if they send one of our tribe members to the Scar tribe?

Nalyd: *ponders* Maybe there will be a tribe mix-up.

Christin: You should probably be more worried. What if you get put on the same tribe as Sunshine?

Nalyd: *turns paler than Christin* Uh-oh...

(CONF) Chris: Due to legal issues, Sunshine and Nalyd can't be on the same tribe.

Jack: What if the alliance gets broken up?

Nalyd: Make new allies with the other tribe.

Christin: *turns pale* Wh-what if they put ME on the other tribe?!

Nalyd: Just be helpful around the camp and try to make a new alliance.

Exile Island (7)

Sorrel: Emily? IM bored!

Fifth Challenge

Chris: Ready to get started?

Nalyd: Yeah!

Sorrel: of course!

Chris: Today's challenge's reward is fishing eqipment and a small boat. Sitting behind me is a pile of old fish and garbage. Inside in an imunity statue. FIrst team to reach it wins. Go!

Nalyd: *dives into fish*

Sorrel: *digging in the fish* eww! this is awesome

Nalyd: *throws fish at members of the other tribe*

Emily: *dodges fish* (Conf) This is something I know. If you don't think so, I do know.

Tater Tot: *climbs to the top of the fish pile and digs straight done* Ugh!

Sorrel: *finds a statue* LOOK!!! NAYLD I THINK I FOUND IT!!!

Emily: *jumps quickly into the bottom of the pile of fish*

Chris: *looks at it* Moku, wins immunity! Who do you want to send to Exile?

Nalyd: Emily, guys?

Sorrel: yah!

Tyra: Sure!

Chris: Emily, who is coming with you?

Emily: Sorrel, I hope it's fun!

Sorrel: i don't really remeber

(conf.)SOrrel: i don'tr emeber useless stuff!

Chris: Okay then, Scar come back at 6.

Greg: *sighs*

Fifth Vote

Chris: It is being held early because at 6:30 there is a surprise!

(sorreltail18-6:30 central time or eastern time?)

(Nalyd Renrut: Eastern. One hour left.)

(sorreltail18-thanks (im in central time)()

(Sunshine: Soo... do we vote now?)

(Nalyd Renrut: YEs. PLEASE vote now.)

Sunshine: I'm sorry, but... Josh. You're never here.

Tyra: josh

Emily: Josh

Greg: Josh

Chris: Fifth person voted out, Josh.

Tribe Switch

Chris: I am going to switch up the tribes, then go to your new camp for the night.

Sorrel: whaT and why

Heather: Nalyd, you don't have the majority vote anymore. Do you need a 3rd person to get you back on top?

Christin: *breaths sigh of relief*

Sunshine: SSSSSOOOOORRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorrel: SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!

(conf.)Sorrel: it would be sweet! if me and sunshine would be on the same team!!

Tatiana: TATIANA!!!!!

Sunshine: YES!!!!! *hugs Sorrel and Tatiana* We're all on the same team now!!!

Sorrel:omg really!!!!!! (Conf.)Sorrel: me and sunshine are like katie and sadie! we can't be seperated but we were in the beginning how rude Chris!

Tatiana: Yay!!! Do you guys want to be an alliance?

Sunshine: Totally! We can RULE THE WORLD!!!! AND GET POP-TARTS!!!!!!

Sorrel: oh yes!

Tatiana: I love pop-tarts!!!

Sunshine: POP-TARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Conf.) Sunshine: Everything was bad before, but things are looking up now! I don't know how, but things just kinda work out for me like that!

(Conf.) Christin: I'm glad I didn't have to change teams, but now I have to get used to a bunch of new people... and Nalyd and I have to rebuild the alliance...

Heather: Christin, I'm in the market for a new alliance, and from the looks of it so are you. You don't have the majority vote. You can see where I'm headed with this.

Christin: *turns a little pale* I'll... think about it...

(Conf.) Christin: I really, really don't want an alliance with Heather. But if no one in the tribe wants to join me and Nalyd...

Heather: Tyra, Greg, Emily! Welcome to the Moku tribe! If you need any help with anything just let me know.

Tatiana: Sunshine, Sorrel! I'm so glad we're friends!!!

Sunshine: Me tooo!!!! By the way, if you see Lindsay, can you ask her to give me my ravioli wand back?

Tatiana: She stole your wand? That's so mean.

Sunshine: Yes, well, it was during the challenge yesterday... the one where we all stole everything from each other trying to get fruit.

Tatiana: Oh no she di'int!!

Sunshine: Oh yes she di'id!!!

Tatiana: (CONF) Sunshine is so much fun!!

Tatiana: So Sunshine. Since we are an alliance, who do think should go first?

Sunshine: Maybe Lindsay... SHE TOOKED MEH WAND!

Lindsay: I gave it back.. sorry.

Sunshine: *grabs wand and checks super secret compartment* Okay, is all good, I forgives you! Although now I don't know who we should vote off... wow the Scar tribe has four girls and two guys! We could form a girl's alliance and ANNIHILATE THE DUDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Scar's Camp


Jack: You, uh, wanna make an alliance, Sorrel?

Sunshine: *singing horribly at the top of her lungs* MY BALONEY HAS A FIRST NAME, IT'S--

Sorrel: sure just add sunshine!

Sunshine: And Tatiana! ALLIANCE BUDDIES!!!!

Sorrel: we totally need to kick some moku butt!

Sunshine: I perfer headlocks, personally, but kicking Moku butt sounds fun too!

Tatiana: Either way, we need to win.

SOrrel: we need rules but good rules like we can't vote each other off!

Sunshine: And all pop-tarts found must be shared equally!

Sorrel: what kind of pop -tarts

Tatiana: I hope strawberry.

Sorrel: i love smores~

Tatiana: Oh, me too!

Sorrel: too bad we can't talk to other campers now

Sunshine: SUGAR!!!!!

Tatiana: What?

Sorrel: i thinks she's having a sugar rush!

Tatiana: Of course she is...

Sorrel: i should totally do this *inflates moon bounce

Sunshine: MOON BOUNCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bounces in it until she totally exhausts herself and passes out*

Sorrel: here drink this *gives her kool aid*

Tatiana: Wait? Wha- Where did you get that?!?!

Sorrel: im magic i gotta show you this *shakes her back and angel wings appear*

Tatiana: (Mouth is gaping open.)

Tatiana: (CONF) Is it just me or did that actually happen?

Sunshine: I knew there was a reason I liked you!!!

Jack: We should vote Lindsay off if we lose.

Sunshine: Maybe... there's also Tater Tot. He snuck through last season and won, what if he tries that again?

Jack: True, as long as we (the alliance of Tatiana, Sorrel, Sunshine, and me) vote together.

Lindsay: *eats fruit* Yum!

Sunshine: Hey, fruit! Cool, I want some!

Lindsay: Here, Sunshine! Do you want to have an alliance?

New Moku's Camp


Nalyd: Welcome to our humble abode.

Heather: Emily, Tyra, Greg! Welcome to the Moku tribe! If you need any help with anything just let me know.

Nalyd: *to Heather and Christine* Heather, I'd be willing to work with you if you can work with me. Lets get one of them to join us. I know we don't get along but we need each other.

(Conf.) Christin: Why do I get the feeling I'll be playing peacemaker now...?

Heather: (Sighs.) You're right Nalyd. We do need to work togethor for now. So what do you say? Friends? Well, at least for now.

Greg: Oh, great, I joined the tribe with all the drama. I join Heather's side.

Heather: Great. Now we need to decide to eliminate. (Takes Christin, Nalyd and Greg aside.) Emily or Tyra. I say Emily.

Christin: I guess...

Nalyd: Sunshine told me that Emily does nothing around camp, but Tyra has more connections. It might be safer to eliminate Tyra.

Greg: Emily. Tyra can be a useful member of this tribe.

Tyra: *over hears Nalyd* Oh really???? *Walks towards hut and trips over something* An immunity idol!

Nalyd: *shrugs* Okay then.

(CONF) Nalyd: And reality tv says goodbye to another model.

(Nalyd Renrut: Seriously, only one idol left and Sunshine has it...)

Heather: Alliance vote. I vote Emily. Nalyd, Greg and Christin, what do you think?

Tyra: Guys, lets all vote off Emily.

Heather: Okay.

Christin: I guess so...

Nalyd: Okay...

(CONF) Nalyd: Once Tyra is out of hearing range, we're going back to talking bout her elimiantion. (BRB)

Heather: Christin and Nalyd, I need to talk to you guys in private. It's former Moku business.

Christin: Okay...

Heather: (Goes to the woods.) Follow me, guys.

Christin: *reluctantly follows*

Nalyd: YEs, Heather?

Heather: Once the only non-alliance member is eliminated, we need to eliminate our alliance members. Therefore, being the only veteran Mokus, we should stick togethor.

Nalyd: Makes sense to me. Christin?

Christin: Yeah...

Heather: So it's agreed, we're an alliance within an alliance. Let's head back to camp, I'm getting sort of tired.

Christin: Same here...

Greg: Vote Emily.

Nalyd: I heard that she can fish well...

Christin: ...we might need the food...

Tyra: *pulls Christin aside* Look, Christin, I am desperate for some help. You are a really nice girl and fashionable and I hope we have an alliance. Please!

Christin: *stares at Tyra* ...alright, tell you what. If you promise to vote with us the next time we lose, I'll try to covince the alliance to vote of Emily instead of you. Deal?

Nalyd: How about a little fishing trip you guys? Get in the canoe?

Christin: I'll come...

Tyra: Sure, Christin. Sure, Nalyd!

Emily:*gets in canoe and pulls out hand-made fishing rod* Great! I'll start as we paddle.*puts bait on hook and casts*

Nalyd: *whistles TDI theme very badly, causing several birds to attack him, screams:* Na, na na na na, ow my face!

Emily: *catches fish and throws at birds* Leave him alone! *casts line again*

Christin: *trying to put bait on hook* How do you do this?

Tyra: *shockingly catches 6 fish* Eww... slimy.

Nalyd: *jumps into lake and swims* Here fishy fishy fishy...

Christin: I'm pretty sure that's not how you do it, Nalyd...

Tyra: *catches more fish*

Nalyd: *gets back into canoe* How about we paddle a little farther?

Christin: *shrugs* Sure, I don't mind.

Nalyd: *paddles out farther* Guys, we have a problem. *freezes* I see tribal people. *tribes people surround the boat*

Greg: We--we come in peace...*accidentally hooks a tribal dude*

Tribal Dude: RAHHHHHHHH!

GREG: AHHHHHHH! *runs around*

Christin: *turns pale* This... might... be... bad...

Nalyd: Take me and Greg, let the girls go.

Tribesperson: *sticks harpoon to Nalyd's throat*

Nalyd: We are not the teens you are looking for....

Christin: *turns white as a sheet* G-guys, m-m-maybe I could t-talk to th-them... s-see if they w-w-would negotiate peacefully with us... *is shivering*

Emily: Ahhhhhhhh! Tribes people! (sorry 15 edit conflicts!!!!!)

Nalyd: Let the girls go.

Tribesperson: *motions for girls to go*

(CONF) CHris: Tribespeople got here??? Quick! Get the crew out there! Whatever they do, they shouldn't be heroes!

Christin: *looks between boat and the guys* W-wait! *to tribesperson* Is there anything I could do that would convince you to let them go?

Tribesperson: *holds up a remote* Could you tell us what channel Total Drama Action is on?

Nalyd: Sorry, its only on in Canada.

Tribesperson: *runs away screaming* NOOOOOO!!!! Quick to the tdi wiki! (LOL)

(Sunshine: LOL!!!!!!! XD)

Christin: ...well... so much for that...

Nalyd: Let's go back to camp...

Heather: Did I miss anything?

Day 8 Chat

Chris: Last time, Scar lost the challenge again and sent Josh home. Later at the tribe switch, HEather and Nalyd put aside their differeces, and alliaed, along with Greg and Christin.

Scar's Camp (8)


Tatiana: Good morning everyone!

Tater Tot: Good morning Scar Tribe!

Tatiana: Morning!

Jack: (plays acoustic guitar) Hey guys.

Jack: (Is about to put away guitar, but finds an immunity idol, which is REAL)

(Nalyd Renrut: Really, there are NO MORE IDOLS)

(RockSK8R: Oh, sorry.)

Tatiana: Hey, who wants to get the tree-mail? I don't! Jack, you can go.

Jack: You got it. (gets tree mail) It says the challenge will be in the afternoon and that the idol I found was fake.

(Nalyd Renrut: 17 minutes til challenge)

Tatiana: Can we have the challenge now? I'll be off in 17 min.

(RockSK8R: Anyone wanna fill in for me? I have to go to a funeral.)

Tatiana: I'd rather not. But I'm so sorry!

After Challenge

Sunshine: *wakes up* Ahh, morning everybody! What'd I miss?

Jack: Not much. We won today. (plays really awesome song on acoustic guitar)

Sunshine: Wait... we had a challenge already? HOLY RAVIOLI I SLEPT THROUGH IT!!!!! *facepalm*

Jack: Don't worry I wasn't here either. (keeps playing guitar)

Sunshine: Alright. *falls asleep again o.O*

Tatiana: It doesn't matter that you guys weren't here, we kicked butt!

Jack: Thanks. (plays song that Sorrel liked on Day 2)


Sunshine: *finally wakes up* Mornin' everybody! *sees that it's night* ...or not...

Tatiana: You have the strangest sleep schedule.

Sunshine: I do. And I have the ability to sleep anywhere!

Tatiana: Of course you can............... Anyway, alliance meeting! Who's the next to go?

Jack: Nothing personal, but Tater Tot.

Tatiana: Not you! Me and Sunshine and Sorrel. Sunshine, what do you think?

Sunshine: I agree with the dude whose name escapes me.

Jack: Sorrel said I could join!

Tatiana: I don't remember that. But you're right Sunshine, I agree with him.

Jack: Ask her then. I'm serious, though, why can't I join?

Tater Tot: Why vote me out? I won us the last challenge. If you vote me out then......... I don't really know.

Tatiana: Uh-hu...

Tater Tot: Well.... what did Jack do?

(CONF) Chris: Day eight, Scar FINALLY starts strategizing!

Jack: Maybe we should vote off Lindsay....

Tater Tot: Yeah we should. We should have an alliance to vote off Lindsay. She is never on anyway. (I got to go)


Moku's Camp (8)


Nalyd: Morning guys.

Heather: Morning.

Emily: Good Morning Everyone! When's breakfast?

Nalyd: When we go find it. *starts fishing*

Heather: I'll go find some fruit. (Goes off into the forest.)

Nalyd: I think I got a bite! *reels in small tuna* Dang it! *tries again*

Emily: Nalyd I know a better fishing spot! Follow me! * grabs Nalyd's arm and my fishing rod and runs along lake*

Nalyd: *catches a big tuna* Thanks Emily! Anybody want to come get tree-mail with me?

Emily: *catches Northern Atlantic Pike that is 6 ft long* Sure Nalyd!

Nalyd: Anybody else?

Heather: (Comes back) I have bananas, oranges and pineapples! Do you guys want anything?

Emily: Great Job Heather! *grabs an Orange* I'll have an Orange thank you.

Heather: Your welcome Emily.

Heather: (CONF) I decided I have to sweeten up the non-veteran Mokus so that they won't expect it when we eliminate them.

Nalyd: Heather, coeme to tree-mail with me?

Emily: I'll come with you Nalyd!

Heather: Sure, Nalyd.

Nalyd: Emily, you stay and catch a few more fish. *walks away with Heather* So Tyra or Emily?

(Conf) Emily: We ex-Scar people need to stick together if we want to make it to the merge.

Heather: Emily, then Tyra, then Greg.

Nalyd: Assuming we lose that much.

Heather: Oh, of course, but if we do we'll need a plan to fall back on.

After Challenge

Emily: Well I better go get food! *walks off to get food*


Nalyd: And I live to see another day!

Christin: ...why is the food hut empty...?

Nalyd: Maybe it was Emily?

(CONF) Chris: Emily was gonna take the food, but she put it back. Then I took the food!

Nalyd: Christin you wanna go walk?

Chistin: Sure. We can look for more food.

Nalyd: *they walk away* We haven't really talked since the tribe switches. What are your thoughts on the game now?

Christin: Honestly, I'm just surprised I've made it this far...

Nalyd: I'm not, you're doing great! I think that with only 11 left, the merge might be soon...

Christin: I can only imagine what will happen at the merge...

Nalyd: At the merge, our old alliance reunites, we anhialate everybody, and you and me are final two! Deal?

Christin: *turns pale* M-me? Why would you take me to the final two???

Nalyd: Because you're the only one here who won't stab me in the back. Why not take you to final two?

Christin: I guess... but I'm not exactly the strongest competitor. I might get voted off!

Exile Island (8)

Nalyd: Sorrel, how is Scar camp?

Sixth Challenge

Chris: Ready to start?

Tater Tot: Yeah!

Emily: Just tell us the callenge!

Tatiana: You know it!

Heather: Sure. (RockSK8R: Can someone fill in for me? I have to go to a funeral.)

(Nalyd: Sorry! I will.)

Chris: Today's challenge will be that things Heather and LeShawna do in the TDA theme song where they are hitting each other (IDK what those things are called). Both tribes pick one warrior!

Nalyd: I'll do it.

Tater Tot: I'll face you!

Heather: Sure. TDA hasn't premiered where I live so I don't know what you mean. Is it like one of those things where people slap each other and flail their arms?

Tatiana: Good luck Tater Tot.

Chris: You know those giant earcleaners? Tater Tot and Nalyd will each get one and try to knock each other off a one hundred foot high balance beam.

Heather: Oh, I know what you mean.

Producers: *gets Nalyd and tater Tot ready*

Chris: Go!

Nalyd: *eats Tater Tot in the shin*

Tater Tot: *Falls backward onto balance beam and trips Nalyd with giant earcleaner* Ow!

Nalyd: *jumps up and wacks Tater Tot in the arm*

(CONF) Nalyd: I am the warrior in this game, I am the alpha male.

Heather: Nalyd! Go for his eyes!

Tater Tot: *dodges, jumps above Nalyd's head and hits him on the back of the head* Hyeee-yah!

Nalyd: *falls onto plank and lands on face*

(CONF) Nalyd: I wasn't going to any guy whose parents named him "Tater Tot"...

Nalyd: *hits Tater Tot's ear cleaner out of his hands*

Tater Tot: *swings under pole and grabs ear cleaner and hits Nalyd's mchest with it*

Nalyd: *trips Tater Tot, and while he is mid-air hits him down*

Chris: Did I neglect to mention that this challenge's reward is invincibility and furniture? *couches, sleeping bags, hammocks, pillows, etc.*

(CONF) Nalyd: And I thought to myself "Yes! Hammock! The greatest thing..... EVER!"

Tater Tot: *Dodges hit but still falls on to beam* YAHHHHHHH! *charges at Nalyd*

(Conf) Tater Tot: I am not going dow that easily!

Nalyd: *slams weapony-thingamabob on Tater Tot's fingers*

Tater Tot: *fingers get slamed so hard that it cracks the weapon thingy in half* AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!

Nalyd: *uses weapon like shovel to push Tater Tot over the edge*

Tater Tot:* uses force from shovel to do a backflip and starts flailing his arms with his weapons in hand and starts walking toward Nalyd*

Nalyd: *charges at Tater Tot* I'm gonna turn you to potato salad!

(CONF) Nalyd: I'm hilarious.

Tater Tot: *jabs at Nalyd*I won't Lose THIS CHALLENGE!!!!!! *charges*

Nalyd: *slips on puddle of sweat and falls to ground* Ow my spine!

Chris: Scar wins! Scar, who from Moku will go to exile?

Tatiana: Nalyd.

Tater Tot: Heather!

(Nalyd Renrut: Matt, you aint even IN this camp...)

Heather: Ummm...good to know...

Tatiana: Or Heather.

Chris: Heather or Nalyd?

Tatiana: Nalyd. (I have to leave soon so Heather won't say anything.)

Chris: Nalyd, who is going with you?

Nalyd: I pick.... Sorrel!

(Matt: Is it too late to join?)

(Nalyd Renrut: Yes)

Matt: That's okay.

Sixth Vote

Chris: We are starting early. It will close when I get home (leaving at 4:00) Play an idol... whenever...

Nalyd: *writes down Emily* SOrry, but it is your time to go, not mine.

Christin: *votes Emily* I wish it didn't have to be this way, but it's your time to go.

Tyra: *votes Emily* Sorry....

Emily: Well, they are probably writing down my name. *writes down Nalyd* No hard feelings! P.S They are probably going to starve. (I took all of the food!)

Heather: (Votes Emily.) Nothing personal, just strategy.

Greg: Emily. She's barely ever here in both camps.

(Conf) Emily: Of course I knew about their alliance. I didn't really take the food. I don't know why I said that.

Chris: Emily, you have been eliminated. Go back to camp (it is now night)

Day 9 Chat

Chris: Last time, Scar finaly won, and the Moku unanimously voted Emily off. Scar made plans for the future, and Tyra's holding on by a thread.

Scar's Camp (9)


Tatiana: Good morning everyone!

Tater Tot: Good Morning!

Tatiana: Morning. Do you, by any chance, know when the challenge is?

Jack: Can I please join the alliance?

Tatiana: We'll see. Could you please get the tree-mail?

Jack: It was empty.

After Challenge

Jack: (after washing mouth 900 times) I AM THE DARE MASTER!!! WOOOOOO!

Sunshine: *chugs milk*

Jack: NOW can I join the alliance? I won us a whole challenge!

SOrrel: hey wat?

Jack: I beat Nalyd in the dare contest! WOOOOO!

Sorrel: COol man!

Jack: Thanks! (smiles at her)

Sorrel: *smiles back and blushes*

(conf.)Sorrel: ok im sure I DON"T like JAck.... Its common for me to blush around guys and.....

Jack: (takes out guitar and starts to play a song)

Sorel: you play really good!

Sunshine: Guesswhatguesswhat??? I can scream like R2D2!!!!

Sorrel: lets here it but here *gives strawberry pop tart(

Sunshine: AWESOME!!!!!! *munches pop tart then screams really high pitched like R2D2* Here Sorrie, alliance rules. You get part of the pop tart and we give some to Tatiana when she gets back from Exile.

Sorrel: oh yes we shall.... question Sunshine do you like anyone here besides duncan?

Sunshine: Uhm..... uh... there are guys other than Duncan?

Sorrel: ya! duh! we have a guy in our allaince right?

Sunshine: *stares and tilts head stupidly*

Sorrel: never mind anyway i gotta fly to get our moon bounce *angel wings appear and she comes back with a moon bounce

Sunshine: YAY MOON BOUNCE!!!!!!!

Sorrel: he he he he *lightning stirks * ok bring in the moon bounce*


Lindsay: Yay! We won! *to Sunshine* Hey! Before she left, Tyra asked me to take her place in your alliance.

Tatiana: Sure, the merge is tomorrow so look alive! We gotta take our game to a whole new level and unite as the Scar Tribe members that we are!

Sunshine: Yeah! FOR THE POP TARTS!!!!

Tatiana: For the pop tarts!

Sorrel: excuse me i don't want lindsay in our alliance well maybe if shes smart!

Tatiana: Hold on now, Sorrel. We'll need all the votes we can get in the merge. If all 6 of our tribe members stick togethor, we can overpower the Mokus and win the game.

Lindsay: Yeah! I can be smart sometimes, Sorrel!

Tatiana: (CONF) That's a big sometimes though.

Moku's Camp (9)


Nalyd: Morning guys.

Heather: Good morning.

Nalyd: Y'all ready to win today?

Heather: As I'll ever be.

Nalyd: Wanna go get tree-mail waith me, Heather?

Heather: Sure. (Starts walking.)

Nalyd: So Tyra's next? (Sorry for the wait, I'm writing a chapter of TDW)

Heather: Yes. (That's okay, I was eating yogurt!)

Nalyd: *shrugs* She barely helps, a lot like Emily. Let's get rid of the weaker players before too long.

Heather: Right, then if we lose again, god forbid, we vote for Greg.

Nalyd: I'm guessing that with eleven people left today, tomorrow will be the merge.

Heather: Oh, okay. Then that means those two weirdoes, Ben and Noah are gonna come back tomorrow.

Nalyd: That wouldn't be so bad, actually. Noah has no chance at challenges, and Ben is, based on what I've heard, blinded by how awesome he thinks he is.

Greg: Plus, they've probably increased this while they're at some resort.

Heather: What the- Greg where did you come from?!?!!

Heather: (CONF) Nalyd and I were just talking, but then Greg came out of, out of nowhere!

Nalyd: Er, hi Greg...

Heather: Greg, would you get out of here?!?

Greg (nervously): Okay, okay, sheesh!

(CONF) Greg: I can't believe it. (slowly faints)

(CONF) Nalyd: We don't need Greg anymore. So if he crosses us, Heather, Christin, and I will boot him out and then Tyra.

Heather: Nalyd, do you think our alliance will continue into the merge?

Nalyd: Maybe. If the Moku tribe is bigger than the Scar, then we can have all Mokus ally, then take down Scar! *arrives at tree-mail* It says challenge in 18 minutes.

Heather: OK, but we'll see, the current Scar tribe is bigger than the current Moke tribe, so we'll see...

Nalyd: If the scar tribe is unstable, they might switch to our side.

Heather: I don't know, they seemed to get along pretty well yesterday at the challenge field.

Nalyd: When we go to Exile Island with them we could try to make cross-tribal alliances. (Challenge in 8 minutes)

Heather: Ok, that sounds cool, we could try to pull some Scar members into in our alliance.

Nalyd: LEts head back to camp. It's about time to go.

Heather: Ok.

After Challenge

Tyra: *to Nalyd* Listen, Nalyd! I really need your help. I know you are in an alliance to vote me off, but I am weaker than others here. Get rid of the threats first!

Nalyd: Do you want this? *pulls out the fake idol, but there is no way she could know, having never seen the real idols* Want it?

Tyra: Sure! *takes it*

Nalyd: Just play it and you'll be here. Whoever you vote for will go home.

Greg: Uhh..hey

Tyra: *stares at Heather*

Heather: What do you want Tyra?

Tyra: I-I just can't get over how beautiful you are. You have great hair, eyes, and fashion sense! I love your shoes! OMG, I will let you compete on America's Next Top Model after this competition!!!!

Heather: Ummm, thanks. I'll think about that.

Heather: (CONF) Wack-job.

Nalyd: (BTW, voting in seven minutes) I hope Christin is okay.

Tyra: *cries* I have tried my best to save myself but I know I am leaving tonight!

Heather: You never know.

Nalyd: Do you have an idol?

(CONF) Nalyd: I really hope she plays that idol. I'll pee my pants laughing.

Heather: (CONF) That would be funny if she plays that Idol, I can't wait to see that wack-job go home!

Greg: Guys, won't eliminate me, will you?


Nalyd: *sarcastically* Now who will be fabulous?

Heather: Greg will! (Puts sunglasses and feather boa on Greg.) Aren't you pretty?

Heathera: (CONF) Pretty ugly.

Nalyd: And tomorrow we merge. Let's stick together, maybe get some of them to join us.

Heather: You know, Nalyd... Ben and Noah are coming back tomorrow. They'll be completely lost. We could use that to our advantage.

Nalyd: Definitely. We'll get Noah with shameless flattery... actually that might work with both of them.

Heather: They'll proabably be like, "Oh, I know, I'm wonderful, aren't I? I guess I'll grace your quaint little alliance with my presence."

Heather: (CONF) Man, I do a good Noah impression.

Nalyd: *laughs* It's funny cause its true!

Christin: *chuckles akwardly*

Nalyd: So, Christin, have a nice chat with Tatiana?

Christin: Yeah, actually. She was really nice.

Heather: There are gonna be 12 people in the merge, and even with Ben and Noah, we won't have enough people for the majority vote. We'll have to convince someone from the other team to come over to our side.

Nalyd: Okay then.

(CONF) Nalyd: I was hoping Christin would make ties with the other tribe.

Christin: *lightbulb* Nalyd, I have an idea. I think Sunshine made an alliance on the Scar team. If we apologize about the whole Duncan thing, maybe we can combine the alliances!

Nalyd: Maybe.

(CONF) Nalyd: I really hope the merge is tomorrow. If not we're doomed.

(Conf.) Christin: I'm not sure if Sunshine will forgive Nalyd, but I've played peacemaker before. I can probably handle it again.

Greg: So, how does everyone feel now that we're all going to the merge?

Christin: ...really, really scared...

Heather: Confident.

Nalyd: Invincible. You, greg?

Greg: Yeah, whatev. I'm getting kinda tired, so, 'night everyone. There's some meat I cooked here.

Exile Island (9)

Christin: So, uh... Tatiana... I guess we haven't really met... hi, I'm Christin.

Tatiana: It's a pleasure to meet you Christin, I'm Tatiana, but I kinda guess you knew that already...... Anyway, it must be tough to do well with (Grimaces.) Heather on your team.

Christin: *laughs* Heather's actually okay. Once you kinda get used to her, that is...

Tatiana: Oh, I don't know if I could get used to her though. I heard that the merge will be soon.

Christin: That's what Nalyd thinks... final ten already. Can you believe it???

Tatiana: I never expected to make it this far. But I think I could make it to the top 10, with Sunshine and Sorrel and you!

Christin: *sighs* I have a bad feeling I'm going to get voted off once we merge... I'm not exactly the best at challenges...

Tatiana: Awwww... Does someone need a hug? (Hugs Christin.) You won't get eliminated, heck, you've got as good a shot as winning as me or Nalyd or Jack or Sushine or just about everyone here.

Christin: You really think so?

Tatiana: Totally! We all have a chance, except for the eliminated ones, that is. They have no chance.

Christin: *laughs* Yeah, except... *turns pale* Oh... Noah and Ben are coming back at the merge...

Tatiana: (Sarcastically.) Oh, wonderful.

Christin: Do you think they'll be mad at us for eliminating them?

Tatiana: Definetly, but my theory is everyone is just gonna eliminate them as soon as they return. Or that Greg guy, if we don't eliminate him before the merge. Greg is a humongous show-off.

Christin: I honestly can't tell how this is going to go... all the twists and loopholes...

Tatiana: I know what you mean, I'm scared just thinking about it. (Pauses.) When do you think we eat dinner?

Christin: *shrugs* Probably when we get back to the tribes...

Tatiana: Oh, okay then. So, how's it going with Nalyd and those other guys?

Christin: Pretty good. We don't fight as much anymore.

Tatiana: As much? Sounds like you guys have a lot of trust in one another.

Christin: *stares at ground* I guess...

Tatiana: Christin, you proabably stand a better chance of winning than anyone else on that Moku tribe.

Christin: R-really?

Tatiana: Of course! You deserve to win more than anyone else here at camp. You play the most honest game out of everyone here. You make friends, as everyone should, you only stick with your one alliance and you're the most sincere person here!

Seventh Challenge

Chris: Today's reward is... soda, milk, juice, clean water, and invincibility! Ready to start?

Nalyd: YEah!

Tatiana: Totally! I can't wait to have clean water again!

Jack: I'm ready to kick Moku butt! No offense Nalyd and Christin.

Chris: I won't tell you guys the challenge yet, but both tribes need to pick one person, other than those who competed yesterday.

Nalyd: Heather?

Heather: Sorry. (GTG I'll be back in a few min.)

Jack: I'll compete fo us guys. Is that okay?

Nalyd: Anyone else then?

Tater Tot: Yeah, that's good.

Jack: Hurry up Mokus.

Chris: Fine, ANY moku can do it.

Nalyd: I will!

Chris: Okay then! The other team will dare the person from the other tribe with a bunch of crazy dares! Either tribe can go first.

Jack: Nothing of this will be personal dude. I drae Nalyd to kiss Chris!

Chris: Oh come on dude!

Nalyd: *pictures Chris as Lindsay and kisses him, but throws up on him*

Chris: *gagging* Point for Moku!

Nalyd: I dare Jack to kiss Tater Tot! On the lips!

(Conf) Tater Tot: Aw ****

Jack: (imagines super model, does dare, chokes) I dare you to .....EAT TATER TOT'S SNOT!!!!

(Conf) Tater Tot: *barfs on camera* Why do these dares involve me?

Nalyd: *stares in horror at snot dripping down Tater Tot's lip, doe sit quickly, throws up on Tater Tot* Tickle a rabid grizzly bear! (G2G BBL)

Tater Tot: *barfs on Nalyd* Go *barfs more* Jack! *starts choking on barf*

Jack: (does dare, gets rabies, then a rabies shot) LICK TATER TOT"S BUTT! (G2G, BBl)

Nalyd: *turns to team* If I don't do it you guys won't eliminate me, right?

Christin: I honestly wouldn't blame you... *attempts not to puke*

Nalyd: *kicks tater Tot in the butt*

Chris: Scar wins! Scar, who is going to Exile?

Sunshine: Uhhh... Christin?

Chris: Christin, who is going with you?

Christin: Umm... maybe... Tatiana?

Chris: Christin, Tatiana, head over to Exile. Rest of you, go to camp Scar, here is your prize.

(CONF) Greg: (eyelids wobble sickly) Oh, I just KNOW that they're gonna vote me out! Starting with the accident with the tribal guy, they've been just WANTING to vote me out! (vomits) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Seventh Vote

Chris: (I'm leaving soo, again, that is why vote is early) Time to vote. Any idol players?

Nalyd: *writes down Tyra* Sorry, but we need strength on the tribe, not fabulous-ness...-ness...

Heather: (Votes Tyra.) Time for the wack-job model to say good-bye.

Christin: *votes Tyra* I'm so sorry. I wish there was another way, but there isn't. It was nice getting to know you.

Greg: Tyra definitely.

Tyra: *sighs* I am not even showing up tonight as I am out. *packs up and leaves*

(Nalyd Renrut: Could you vote anyway, please?)

Day 10 Chat

Chris: Last time, Nalyd let the Moku tribe down for the THRID TIME THIS SEASON but it was Tyra sent home! Everyone seems to be preparing for the merge.

Scar's Tribe (10)


Tater Tot: Good morning everyone!

Tatiana: Morning! There's no way the Mokus can win, they have 4 people and we have 6, we so are gonna win!

(RockSK8R: I will be away today so please don't vote me off if we los. PLEASE!)

Tater Tot: I will try my best. (okay RockSK8R)

After Challenge

Tatiana: It's alright that we lost! We'll win next time!

Sorrel: nooooooo!!!!!

Tatiana: It's okay, Sorrel. Sooooooo... Who are we gonna vote for?

Lindsay: How about Tater Tot?

Tatiana: I was thinking about either him, you or Jack.

Lindsay: What? Why me?

Tatiana: You ain't in my alliance, that's why girl! Mmm-hmm.

Lindsay: I would like to join, Tatile!

Tatiana: Okay. It'll be like a girl's alliance!

Lindsay: COOL! Do you want to borrow my limited edition raspberry nail polish, Tatile!?!?

Sorrel: im a skater girl here i don't were nailpolish and i don't shop that much either

Lindsay: I have a black and purple necklace!

Sorrel: the only jewelrey i wear is this bracelet *it says kicking cancer's bootie*

Lindsay: OK! I think we will still get along! Right?

Tatiana: Yeah!

Sorrel: totally

Tatiana: So, if we lose, it looks like the only person left to eliminate on our team is Jack.

Sorrel: we can't we gotta win!

Tatiana: We could... I never particularly liked Jack...

Tatiana: (CONF) He's a bit of a show-off...

Sorrel: but it will never happen... we will win i can taste it

Tatiana: Maybe they'll throw the challenge to eliminate Heather.

Sorel: they shall

(Conf.)Sorrel: if they did i will cry.... of happiness

Tatiana: We'll see, you never know.

Sorrel: yep


Tatiana: (Opens door.) Hello. Who is it?

Greg: Hey, I didn't really earn this meat, so, you can have it, guys.


Moku's Tribe (10)


Nalyd: Looks like the last two morning tribe.

(CONF.) Greg: We can't lose again. If we do, they're obviously gonna vote off me.

Heather: This is our last day as a tribe, so we have to win.

Nalyd: I think we'll merge before the chalenge...

After Challenge

Nalyd: *eats a whole steak* We win!

Greg: Yeah! Hmm..wonder who Scar'll vote off.

Nalyd: Well, Sunshine cost them the challenge, but they don't like Tater Tot... Maybe a big threat. The merge will probably be tomorrow.

Heather: Hoo-rah... The merge...

Nalyd: Well, now we have a better chance...

Heather: I guess so. One of the Mokus is proabably gonna win. The Scar tribe is just spending their time acting all cute for the camera. They don't strategize like us. They'll be gone before they know it.

Nalyd: Assuming Noah forgives us and allies with us, and Ben feels betrayed enoguh to join us, we'll win!

(CONF) Nalyd: Me or Christin will win.

Heather: Yes. Assuming that.

Heather: (CONF) Well, I'm not exactly here to come in first, but to cause the downfall of the other contestants. (Giggles.) That'll be fun...

(CONF) Nalyd: On one show there were sixteen of us. I eliminated eight of them, and brought the winner to final two.

Heather: (CONF) I love destroying other peoples dreams...

(CONF) Nalyd: If the teams are still sepearate tomorrow and we lose, Heather is going. I DO NOT want he ron the jury.

Heather: (CONF) Nalyd is a rat. I don't trust him at all. I doubt he'll keep me around if we lose again. He'll proabably keep, Greg, but you know, we'll see what happens.

Nalyd: *eats another steak*

Heather: Where did you get that?

Nalyd: The chal;lenge. We got tons of meat!

Greg: *eats a chicken drumstick* YES! I feel really bad for Scar.

Nalyd: I don't. *eats steaks*

Heather: (Eats chicken.) Oh, that's good. By the way, we need to win tomorrow, so that we'll be ahead when we get to the merge.

Nalyd: I think tomorrow is the merge.

Heather: Oh, good. Then the Moku tribe can dominate! We just need to flatter Noah and Ben and they'll be like putty in our hands! I WILL RULE THE WORLD!!! MUHAHAHA!!!!

Nalyd: *stares in fear*


Nalyd: Tomorrow we take over!

(CONF.) Greg: Heather's really going crazy. She's abusing her power. Christin's okay but she's somewhere else, and so I gotta talk to the only active sane one, Nalyd.

Greg: So..Nalyd, you think that Heather's like, abusing her power?

Nalyd: *walks away so nobody hears them* She has no power.

Eighth Challenge

Chris: Ready to start?

Nalyd: What about the merge, Chris?

Chris: *confused* What merge? Did you receive tree-mail about a merge?

Nalyd: *embarrased* No... but...

Chris: No merge today! Ready for the challenge? The prize is *lifts up a dome covering tray* Meat! Burgers, hot dogs, pork, steaks, turkey, its all there. The challenge is a canoe race! *teams get into their canoes* Go!

Nalyd: *paddle furiously*

(CONF) Nalyd: We better win...

Nalyd: *continues paddling* I could use some help here! (ANybody on? Heh... )

Christin: *randomly appears, swims to canoe, climbs in, and helps paddle* Sorry... I'm used to my alarm going off...

Sunshine: *stares stupidly at canoe* How do you work this thingy?

Nalyd: *moku tribe gets to one quarter mark* (BTW, all members are automatically in canoe)

Nalyd: *keeps paddling* We've got this in the bag!

Sunshine: *kicks canoe* Are the batteries out? *stares stupidly at Moku tribe paddling* ...OH! THAT'S how you do it!!! *starts paddling, gets about halfway to the one quarter mark*

Nalyd: *reaches halfway point* Anybody want to help???

(CONF) Nalyd: I was not about to miss out on steaks!

Christin: *having trouble paddling* I'm trying!

Sunshine: *paddles so hard she accidently chucks herself out of the canoe* NNNNOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *paddles furiously, but the current gets stronger* Try harder!

Christin: *paddles harder*

(Conf.) Christin: I was working myself to death for a reward of meat... and I'm a vegetarian. *sighs* For Moku!

Sunshine: *swims back to canoe, starts paddling again, but the current moves her off course, and she ends up alongside a canoe full of the natives* ...this is probably bad.

Nalyd: Try this. *shows Christin a more powerful paddling tactic, keeps paddling* I see the three quarter point!

Christin: *does a little better* What happened to the other team?

Sunshine: N-nice natives...

Chris: *comes in on helicopter, saves Scar* Moku wins by default!

Nalyd: The best kind of win!

Chris: So, Moku, who is going to Exile Island?

Nalyd: You guys, Sunshine?

(Sunshine: I get off in a few minutes...)

(Nalyd Renrut: Same here)

Chris: No Exile today. Head back to camp, Scar come back soon. (G2G, BBL)

Eighth Vote

Chris: (FOrgot to set this up!) Scar, time to vote!

Tatiana: (Votes for Tater Tot.) Nothing personal, sorry.

Lindsay: *votes Tater Tot* It is just that you won last season and are a threat.

Sorrel: i can't choose but Tater Tot im sorry buddy

Jack: Lindsay. Tater tot's cool.

Chris: If no more votes are cast Tater Tot will go.

Sorrel: by tater

Tater Tot: I vote lindsay! Come on guys! I won us a challenge!

Chris: Eighth person vote out.... Tater Tot.

Day 11 Chat

Chris: Last time, Moku won by default after Sunshine almost got her tribe killed! Tater Tot was sent home. Will the merge be today?

Scar's Camp (11)


After Challenge

Sorrel: so guys im gonna vote of lindsay because she was very confuzled

Lindsay: Oh no! Sorrel, please! At least I tried unlike some others, and what happened to the girls' alliance?

Sorrel: well Lindsay i don't know who else to vote off

Jack: Me too.

Lindsay: Think about it... I am not that big a threat to you guys anyway!

Sorrel: well i can't vote myself, sunshine, or tatiana

Lindsay: But... I am in your alliance. Please, oh please Sorrel!

Tatiana: I can't decide between Lindsay and Jack... It's nothing personal for either of you, but there's no other choice! I'm so sorry! I can't vote for Sunshine or Sorrel, because we're such good friends.

Sorrel: sorry lindsay

Tatiana: Sorrel, can we talk privately for a sec?

(Nalyd Renrut: Today when voting, which will start in a minute, please don't talk up here.)


Tatiana: The merge is tomorrow, so are we still staying together as an alliance?

Jack: Uh, guys? I will try harder and please don't vote me off.

Sorrel: we won't and lindsay had a crush on you?

Lindsay: *runs in screaming* I forgot my lip gloss!!!! *grabs it, leaves* BYE!

Sorrel: *exhances glances with Tatinan* ok than

Jack: Thanks BTW I like someone else... *looks away* (G2G, BBL)

Sorrel: who?

Tatiana: Lindsay was a bit weird. I'm kinda glad she's gone...

Sorrel: yea....

Moku's Camp (11)


Nalyd: This afternoon is definitely the merge.

Heather: Okay. Whatever you say, Nalyd.

Heather: (CONF) Nalyd's been wrong about the merge before.

Nalyd: *checks tree-mail* no merge.... *excitedl* But it confirmed that tomorrow is! It says "last challenge as two tribes!"

After Challenge

Nalyd: We've won the game!

Heather: Good! (Sorry I wasn't here for the challenge...)

Nalyd: I bet Jack's going!

Heather: Why? I mean, I would love that, but why?

Nalyd: Seems like a threat.


Nalyd: So, assuming Jack left, who do you think might flop to our alliance?

Lindsay: *runs through after getting her lip gloss, carrying bags* Bye guys!

Heather: Ummm, Lindsay, this is the wrong cabin. And it looks like Lindsay got out, so Jack is still in.

Nalyd: Maybe Jack would switch sides.

Heather: Maybe, but I just had a thought. The mail said "the last day as 2 tribes" so that means we could be split up in 3 teams, or 4 teams, or pairs. Or the merge.

Nalyd: Eight people means no three tribes.... four tribes of two... .probably not. Merge, most likely.

(CONF) Nalyd: I think I am in control of the Moku Four. Thats the name I gave us. I even made a song! *sings a parody of spider man song very badly*

Nineth Challenge

Chris: Ready for the final two tribe challenge?

Nlayd: Bring it!

Chris: The merged tribe will live at the winning tribe's camp, starting tomorrow.

Nalyd: Sweet! You Scars'll be coming to our side!

Chris: Today's challenge is an obstacle course! Over a rock wall, wing from a rope across ten feet wide and twenty feet deeps chocolate sauce, and dashing to the finish line being chased by dogs. Two members from each tribw must cross. GO!

Nalyd: *starts running*

Lindsay: Do I get to go shopping if I do this? Or make-up? Or a smoothie?

Nalyd: *starts climbing wall*

Chris: Umm... no...

Lindsay: Fine. I will run *runs as fast as she can, screaming for no reason*

Nalyd: *nearly falls off wall, but reaches top, freezes after looking down* Eep.

(CONF) Nalyd: I'm not letting my team down!

Nalyd: *grabs rope and swings across, starts running* DOGS!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *keeps running, get sbit in butt by dog, keeps running dragging dog* Almost there....

Chris: Okay, it is the usual voting time, and Nalyd is the farthest, so Moku wins! Now Scar, you have 30 minutes til tribal. Head back to camp.

Sorrel: NO!!!

(can we merge teams now?)

Nineth Vote

Chris: Well Scar, your final vote. Will you keep alliances, or eliminate a threat? Time to vote!

Sorrel: lindsay, im sorry

Jack: I agree with Sorrel (smiles) Lindsay.

Lindsay: I... I... *cries* J-j-jon. *cries*

Tatiana: I'm so sorry but.......... Lindsay.

Lindsay: OK *cries* I am out now. But before I go.... *kisses Jack*

Tatiana: What was that about?

Sorrel: *hugs lindsay* bye lindsay and uh

Jack: I never even talked to you....

Lindsay: I know, but you were really cute! Bye guys! Have fun! *group hug*

Tatiana: Bye, sorry it had to come to this!

Chris: Nineth person voted out, Lindsay. Lindsay, the tribe has spoken. The rest of you, head back to camp, big day tomorrow.

Lindsay: Thanks guys! Bye! *leaves*


(I don't want to keep y'all waiting, and I g2g soon)

Chris: *both tribes arrive at Moku camp* Welcome merged Tribe: Moskar. And welcome back, Ben and Noah.

Ben: *glares at everyone*

nalyd: *awkwardly* Welcome back.

Chris: One more surprise. You will all vote for one more person to come back.

Moskar's Camp (11)


Nalyd: We should all agree on one person.

Sorrel: who should we agree on?

Greg: I say Duncan, since he was voted out unfairly.

Nalyd: We should think of somebody stupid and not a threat. Duncan is a threat.

Sorrel: how about emily or tyra

Nalyd: I'm leaning towards Tyra. Emily had fishing skills, and if we're ever starving I don't want elimination being decided based on who can get us all dinner!

Sorrel: tyra it is?

(Conf.)Sorrel:i really want to meet tyra

Nalyd: Okay then!

Sorrel: 3 votes for tyra so far

Tatiana: I think that Tyra would be a good choice.

Heather: Nalyd, if we brought Duncan back, then Sunshine might forgive you, join us and help us win.

Nalyd: But if Duncan is still gone, Sunshine might be able to be convinced to leave to get back to him! (BTW, vote closes tomorrow at 6:00 am)

Heather: Good point. We need someone easily manipulated.

Nalyd: Hey Ben! Dude, congrats on coming back! Same to you Noah, smart people deserve to win.

Ben: Go on.

Heather: Oh, Ben, your so handsome, manly and good-looking.

Ben: When you're right you're right.

Nalyd: We'd be honored if you'd lead our alliance.

Ben: I'll do it!

Heather: Oh, Ben, we need you. We were lost without you. Now we know we can win.

Heather: (CONF) I assume we'll cut him when the time comes.

Nalyd: Noah! We need somebody with that massive brain to lead us, as well.

(CONF) Nalyd: Once our alliance is all that remains, Ben and Noah might go quickly.

Heather: Noah. Brains is something most of us don't have. Like Ben, who thinks only of himself. And Nalyd, who barely thinks at all. Just kidding, Nalyd. But we need someone smart to help us.

Nalyd: And Tyra, who thinks only of fabulous-ness-ness.

(CONF) Nalyd: Watch it Heather.

Ben: Hey!

Heather: Ooops. I'm sorry your fabulous-ness.

Ben: *nods in forgiveness* (G2G, bye!)

Return vote

Nalyd: Trya, welcome back! (G2G, vote closes in 1 hour, or tomorrow morning)

Sorrel: tyra=100%

Jack: Tyra

Greg: Duncan.

Noah: Cody. I can't be--Whatever.

Heather: Duncan.

Tatiana: Tyra.

Ben: Tyra-not cause she's worthy, nobody's worthy but me, but because she isn't a threat.

Day 12 Chat

Chris: Last time, Moku won again and Lindsay was voted out. The two tribes merged, and Ben, Noah, and Tyra returned.

Moskar's Camp (12)


Nalyd: Welcome back, Tyra.

(CONF.) Greg: I'm really starting to hate Nalyd.

Greg: Nalyd, what's with you all of the sudden? You're, like being all manipulative to Ben and Noah, and I can't WAIT to see what you'll do to Tyra.

Heather: (Takes Greg away from the others.) Keep your mouth shut, or I'll see to it that you get eliminated.

Nalyd: *with them, confused* Greg, the plan was to get them with us so they have majority. Then they go when nobody's left, then the four of us can battle it out!

Ben: *at camp* Would anybody like the honor of getting me some food?

After Challenge

Nalyd: *in private* Jack, why should Sorrel join us?

Jack: (also in private) I kinda like her. Do you think she likes me?

Nalyd: *shrugs* Maybe. I think we should vote Sunshine. She has an idol. *gets Christin, heather, Ben, Greg, and Tyra with them* LEt's vote Sunshine.

Jack: Okay. When's tribal?

Jack: Actually, I don't wanna vote off Sunshine cuz then Sorrel will be mad...

Nalyd: But then Sorrel will need somebody to comfort here. (4 minutes)

Jack: I don't know....

Tyra: Why do you want to vote Sunshine?

Nalyd: She has an idol!

(nald Renrut: Time to vote)


Jack: *cries* WHY!?!?!?

Nalyd: *shrugs* When you get voted out you two can hook up at Ponderosa.

Jack: Whaddya mean? You're voting me off?

Nalyd: No, but when you do get voted off later on. If soemthing happens to the alliance.

Jack: Oh.. (plays sad song on guitar)

Nalyd: Sunshine has to go. She has an idol!!!!

Tatiana: I don't think Sunshine should leave. That cow Heather, now she should leave.

Nalyd: *rolls eyes and brings alliance away from camp* Okay. I think Sunshine NEEDS to go!

Ben: I concure. It was my idea.

Heather: I think Tatiana should go!

Nalyd: *sternly* Heather, as soon as emotion comes into the game, it all goes haywire.

Tyra: I don't know who should go.

(CONF) Tyra: Remember my offer to Heather about being on "Model"? Complete lie.

Nalyd: Everybody! Sunshine has an idol! She showed it to me! She hasn't played it! We need to vote her off!

(CONF) Nalyd: Why don't they listen?

Heather: But anyway, what if Sunshine plays her idol? Then what do we do?

Jack: You mean this? (takes out idol) I stole it from her.

Tyra: Uhhh, Jack. That is fake.

Nalyd: Yeah. (Definitely in my next camp, no stealing idols)

Heather: Sorry, but it is.

Tenth Challenge

Chris: Unless said other wise, each challenge will be done individually. No more Exile Island. Ready to start?

Nalyd: Yeah!

Ben: Definitely.

(CONF) Ben: I'm not surprised that wereonly 3 original Scar's remaining when I got back, then Tyra returns. With out me, they were doomed.

Noah: Woo-hoo.

(CONF) Noah: Okay, I'm a cynical guy, so, don't take any of this personally.

Chris: Today's challenge is the classic Halloween corn maze! This maze is one square mile, with over 3000 wrong directions! Cutting through the corn will automaticall ymake you lose. First place wins invincibility. Look out for killers. Lots of random things happening. GO!

Nalyd: *starts running*

Ben: *follows Nalyd*

Intern: *jumps out and trips Ben*

Ben: *screams and falls*

Nalyd: *screams and runs away*

(CONF) Nalyd: I wasn't scared.

Nalyd: *sees light and keeps running*

Jack: *runs really fast without looking and finishes*

(Nalyd Renrut: Dude, you can't do that.... No finishing in one line)

(RockSK8R; Sorry.. this is kinda confusing)

Nalyd: *runs towards distant light*

Jack: *runs at equal pace with Nalyd, than gets ahead*

Nalyd: *reaches light* We can't crawl through that.... *there is a small hole in the corn* Umm.... *looks down and sees fire making materials* Cool! *tries to light fire*

Jack: *makes fire* Look, Nalyd, I'm sorry about the dare contest, its just that *name of his secret crush* was waching, so, do you think we can remake our alliance?

Nalyd: *supports the fire* You know, if we time it right we'll tie. Me, Heather (surprisingly), Christin, Greg (might leave), Ben, and Tyra (possibly) are allied. Join us so in case somebody leaves we have majority k? *holes burns big enough for both* Go through on three. One two three!

Jack: Cool! Can Sorrel join? Hey, we finished!

Chris: *looks at footage*

Nalyd: No. Why, was she helpful?

Chris: Jack crossed first by a thumbnail! *hands him nail clippers* You might want that.... Now go back to camp and make your decision.

Tenth Vote

Chris: Time to vote.

Nalyd: *write sunshine* Sorry, but when opportunity comes knocking you have to let him in. 'Cause opportunity's a scary dude and if you don't let him in he might burn down your house, or steal your car.

Jack: Um, please don't be mad at me guys but......Noah.

Ben: Sunshine, later.

(CONF) Nalyd: People who join the alliance but don't vote with us, go quickly.

Tyra: Sorry, but Sunshine.

Jack: Can I change my vote to myself?

Chris: YEah, but why?

Jack: Because I can't vote off Sunshine, if I do Sorrel will be mad, and if I don't with vote my alliance they will be mad.

Tatiana: Guys, let's vote for Ben. (Writes down Ben.)

Chris: Okay then. Jack's vote is for Jack!

Nalyd: We're voting Sunshine.

Noah: Sunshine. Hate the name.

Greg: Ben. Don't ask.

Jack: I'll vote with you next week I promise! I just don't want Sorrel to be mad! I'm sorry!

Sorrel: *walks in confused* uh whats happening now?

Jack: I'm not voting off Sunshine so you'll be happy... *blushes*

CHris: One more hour. If not more votes are cast Sunshine will go.

Sorrel: thats nice of you how about heather to go?

Jack: Maybe, but I already voted myself.

Sorrel: why?

Jack: If I voted Sunshine you wouldn't like me and if I didn't vote with the power alliance (I asked Nalyd if you cuold join he said no) they would vote me off, and you know what? (kisses her)

Sorrel:*blushes* ill go instead

(CONF) Nalyd: Me thinks me sees a new alliance forming.

Jack: No don't do that!

Sorrel: i will i like to see you move on

Jack: I'd rather you go on than me! (G2G)

Chris: So, Sorrel, are you dropping out?

Sorrel: i gues but i wanna say good bye

Jack: AW CRAP! *kisses her*

Sorrel: il miss you *kisses him*

Tatiana: Your dropping out? But why?

Nalyd: Don't leave! Sunshine will be leaving soon!

Sorrel: i don't know who to kick of becaus jack and sunshine andt atiana are my closes friends here

Heather: What difference does it make?

Heather: (CONF) That's one less person between me and the money.

Sorrel: i don't know why u guys can't kick off heather

nalyd: Heather is part of a six person alliance.

Heather: Yeah!

Heather: (CONF) My time will be up soon... but at least I can still make people miserable by being on the jury! You can't get rid of me that easy!

Sorrel: so you asked her instead of me! im much better than her!

Heather: Are not.

Tatiana: Is so! You're such a jerk!

Heather: Excuse me!

Tatiana: You think you're so cool with your alliance and everything! Well, you're not!

Heather: Well at least I have friends!

Tatiana: Like who?

Heather: Ummmm...

Tatiana: That's right, you don't have any friends! The only reason you're still in this is because Nalyd needs your vote so he can win! Better him than you!

Nalyd: I'm not using Heather and I am her friend!

(CONF) Nalyd: Thats the first lie I've told this entire game.

Tatiana: Sure you are. By the way, Heather, those are the ugliest shoes I've ever seen!

Heather: You.. you... Oh, I hate you!

Tyra: I think I am changing mine to Ben.

Heather: Too late. Sorrel dropped out.

Tyra: OK. Sticking with Sunshine!!

Chris: Sorrel, you have dropped. You are the first jury member. Rest of you, go abck to camp. (SOmebody make a night section, plz)

Day 13 Chat

Chris: Last time, Jack won invincibility, but the girl of his dreams left the contest after the most debated tribal council. With new conflicts and allies, its anyone's game!

Moskar's Camp (13)


Nalyd: Morning.

Greg: *cooks a breakfast burrito* Nalyd, I quit the alliance.

Heather: Okay. (Takes Nalyd away form the others.) We should vote for him next.

Tatiana: (To Greg.) Greg? Do you want to join up with me, Sushine and Jack?

Nalyd: *before Heather takes him* Why? *while with Heather* I still say Sunshine. She has an idol.

Sunshine: *spinning in circles* Spinning spinning spinning spinning spinning... *hits tree*

(Conf.) Sunshine: Strategy is overrated.

Christin: *wakes up and walks over to Nalyd and Heather* What's going on?

Nalyd: Heather want to vote Greg cause he bailed on the alliance, but Sunshine has an idol! Ben: *takes Greg's burrito* Thanks, Greg.

Christin: Personally, I'd say Greg. He's a pretty good strategist. And Sunshine's kind of...

Sunshine: I LIKE BUNNIES!!!!!!!!! *flails arms*

Christin: ...yeah.

Nalyd: She'd've been gone if Sorrel didn't drop out. Lets see what Ben thinks.

Ben: Totally Sunshine.

Nalyd: Ben, is your knee okay?

Ben: I cut it at the challenge.

Christin: I can bandage it if you want...

Ben: Naw, its just a little scrape.

Nalyd: We have me, heather, Jack, christin, and Ben. Five votes! *gives each of them fake idols* If they talk about voting you off, show those to them.

Nalyd: Oh, and Tyra! We don't need those....

After Challenge

Nalyd: So we're voting sunshine?

Tyra: I think so... but what if she uses her idol?

Heather: Than we vote for Greg.

Nalyd: Agreed.


Christin: I... still... feel... sick...

Tatiana: Here, have one of these. (Hands Christin a pill.)

Christin: *swallows it* Thanks... that was the scariest things I've ever done...

Tatiana: Don't mention it. You're lucky you didn't get your pole cut. Chris came to me and told me that I had to pay for it!

Christin: *sighs* That Chris...

Tyra: Hey Christin! Can I talk to you?

Christin: Sure...

Tyra: You know how we are currently allied with Nalyd?

Greg: *walks in* Hey guys. Sorry I missed the challenge.

Eleventh Challenge

Chris: Welcome final ten.

Tyra: Hello, Chris!

Sunshine: READY TO ROCK!!!!

Christin: F-final ten??? *starts hyperventilating*

Nalyd: *puts his hand on her shoulder* Its okay. I've got your back.

Chris: Today we will have you all hang onto to a fifty foot pole. You can use any body part to hold onto the pole. Last one on wins invincibility. GO!

Nalyd: *hangs on for dear life*

Tyra: *grabs suction cup gloves* Yay! *hangs on*

Sunshine: *hangs from pole just by her legs* I can see the camp from here! Hi, camp!

Christin: *clings to pole for dear life* I'm a-a-afraid o-of h-h-h-heights!!!!!

Nalyd: Christin! Don't look down. Look right at me.

Ben: *slips, and knee gets scraped on pole*

Chris: Ben is out int he first five minutes.

Ben: Stupid knee....

Sunshine: *stares at Ben* When'd he get back?

Christin: *stares at Nalyd, blushes a little*

(Conf.) Christin: That... was... extremely... awkward... *rocks on heels a little and stares at floor*

Nalyd: *realizes what he said was awkward* You know what I mean.... *blushes too* Just looka t some thing to distract yourself. *slowly slides down pole, regains footing*

Sunshine: *slides down pole a little and taps Greg on shoulder* Look, Greg, a distraction!!!

(Conf) Sunshine: *laughs to self* A distraction. Haha.

Christin: *stares at Moskar camp to distract herself, realizes how far away it is, gets dizzy and sways a little*

Nalyd: Look up! *points upward, slides down, regains grip*

Christin: *nods, clings to pole for dear life, and stares at sky*

(Conf.) Christin: I seriously felt like I was going to die, puke, or both...

Nalyd: *sneezes and falls* Good-bye cruel world!

Christin: Nalyd!! *almost falls, clings desperately to pole, hyperventilates a little*

Sunshine: *hanging upside down on pole* Why are all you dudes upside down?

Producers: Note to us: Play Nalyd falling in slow-motion....

Nalyd: *keeps falling* I see a light!

Producer: Its a production light...

Christin: *watches Nalyd falling, honestly scared to death*

Nalyd: *grabs pole, holding on by a finger, starts slipping*

Tatiana: (Grabs pole with legs and hands.)

Heather: (Starts to slip, but regains grip.)

Nalyd: *screams, falls*

(CONF) Nalyd: I was terrified!

Nalyd: *lands on butt, three feet from ground* Ow! My butt! (LOL! Bad ending!)

Sunshine: WIMP! *drops ravioli on him*

Christin: Mustnothavepanicattackmustnothavepanicattack...

Tatiana: (Clings.) Hey, Heather, your hair looks horrible today!

Heather: (Reaches to strangle Tatiana, but falls.) Owwww! Tatiana, you are so the next to go!

Sunshine: *laughs and high-fives Tatiana* Nice!!!

Christin: *clinging desperately to pole, hyperventilating*

Chris: Challenge going on for three hours.... You guys wanna make them fall off?

Nalyd: *Shakes people fall off who aren't playing, throws stuff at Tatiana and Sunshine*

Jack: *is still crying, but has no trouble hanging on the pole*

Nalyd: *launches oil at Sunshine and Tatiana*

Tatiana: (Drops a weight on Nalyd.) Save it, Renrut!

Tatiana: (CONF) I tend to get competitive when it gets down to the end of a competition.

Heather: (Throws a rock a Tatiana.) Hope you lose!

Tatiana: (Throws a rock at Heather, and dodges Heather's rock.) Hope you get voted out!

Chris: *realizes how long the challenge is taking and launches ducks at the contestants*

Chistin: *screams* I can't do this!!! I can't do this!!!

Heather: Yes you can, Christin!

Tatiana: (Dodges duck.) What the heck, Chris?!?!!

Heather: Fire more ducks!

Jack: *is STILL crying, but holds on tighter*

Christin: *clinging to pole and having major panic attack* I'm going to die!!! I'm going to die!!!

Sunshine: I like this game!!!

Heather: You're not gonna die Christin! Win it for the alliance!

Christin: I'm either going to die or throw up!!!

Sunshine: I like ice cream...

Chris: *hits everyone with ducks*

Tatiana: (Starts losing grip.)

Heather: Fall, cmon, fall!

Tatiana: (Regains grip.) YES!

Heather: NO!!

Jack: *stops crying* Hey a duckie! Momma!?!?

Duck: *attacks Sunshine, lookign for ravioli*

Chris: *hits them all with mud bombs*

Tatiana: Chris!! Knock it off!!

Heather: Chris!! Use more explosives!!

Sunshine: I like ducks!!!

Christin: *almost pukes from panic*

Sunshine: Woah, not on me!!!

Chris: *hands people on ground axes* Have at it!

Nalyd and Ben: *chop Sunshine's pole*

Sunshine: *drop ravioli on their heads* Nyah!

Christin: *hyperventilates and shivers*

Heather: (Starts chopping Tatiana's pole.)

Tatiana: (Drops a rock on Heather.)

Heather: (Gets knocked out.)

Nalyd: *continues chopping Tatiana's pole*

Ben: *catches any rocks*

Tatiana: (Spits in Nalyd's eye.)

Tatiana: (CONF) You do what you have to do in this game.

Jack: *breaks all of the rocks with his head* Why did she drop out!?!?!

(Nalyd Renrut: Okay challenge going on for a while... Would anybody be willing to drop out of challenge?)

(CONF) Nalyd: Sunshine is going next. If she plays her idol, Greg goes.

Nalyd: *cuts Sunshine's and Tatiana's poles*

(Nalyd Renrut: If nobody wins in 20 minutes, nobody wins)

Tatiana: (Falls.)

Nalyd: *knocks Jack off, but catches him*

Chris: Christin, win immunity! Head back to camp!

Eleventh Vote

Chris: You can't vote for Christin.

Nalyd: Sunshine.

Ben: Sunshine.

Tatiana: Heather!!

Heather: Sunshine. Although, I'd sooner keep you over Tatiana.

Tyra: Sunshine.

Chris: Second jury member: Sunshine. Please come to Nalyd's Fourth Camp's Ponderosa when you are jury. Head back to camp guys (and somebody make a nigth section).

Day 14 Chat

Chris: Last time, Christin got the second individual immunity with some help from her alliances-mates. Sunshine was sent home as our second jury member.

Moskar's Camp (14)


Nalyd: Final NINE!

Ben: ALliance meeting. *gets Heather, Chritisn, Nalyd, Tyra, and Jack together* So there is Noah, Tatiana, and Greg left. We have the nerd nobody's seen, the mean girl, and the traitor. I say Tatiana or Greg. Mostly Tatiana.

Nalyd: Agreed. *looks at Ben's knee* Dude, that looks really bad.

Ben: It hurts.

Greg: (makes a fruit salad and tosses it to Tatiana and Noah) Knock yourself out.

Noah: Fruit?

(CONF.) Noah: I actually have a severe allergy to strawberries. It makes my skin darker and if I touch one, I die.

Noah: thanks.

After Challenge

Nalyd: Yeah!

(CONF) Nalyd: Now we've got it in the bag!

Nalyd: So, alliance, Tatiana going?


Greg: Apparently he inhaled the smell of my strawberry and...oh...


Nalyd: *to alliance* Tomorrow night Greg goes.

Ben: Okay.

Nalyd: Christin, can we talk?

Noah: Duhhh...

Greg: Guys, Noah'll have to be leaving tomorrow 'cause of

Medics: Does he have to leave now?

Heather: Greg goes!

Christin: Poor Noah! Sure, Nalyd.

Nalyd: *alone with Christin* So how are you doing now? like, what are you thinking?

Medics: Noah, we need to run some tests. *see Ben's knee* You too....

Christin: Extremely terrified. Especially after yersterday's challenge. The farther I get, the more scared I am...

Nalyd: Don't be. Remember, you're the only one here not being played.

Medics: *in office, far away* It looks like Ben might need to be evacuated.... (Can thebiggesttdifan tell me if Noah needs to leave?)

Christin: I keep telling myself that, but... I'm really weak as a competitor. I could get eliminated. And what if there's an automatic elimiation challenge? There's no way I can get past that...

Nalyd: I've had your back through the whole game, am I gonna pick now to abandon my greatest, and only trustworthy, ally?

Christin: I guess, but... what if there's something like Lindsay back in TDI? That could be me!

(TBTDIF: Noah'll be leaving in the middle of the night.)

(CONF) Nalyd: Is Christin my best friend here, yes. Would i sacrifice myself for her to keep going......................... e..........................................

Nalyd: It won't. Trust me. You and me will be final two if I have to burn the entire camp down!

Chris: *comes to camp alone in the middle of the night*

Nalyd: *whispers* oh no...

Chris: Hey guys. Bad news. Ben and Noah are beign medically evacuated. They will be jury members.

Nalyd: Wow... the two people who came back....

Heather: Seriously?

Heather: (CONF) Two less people between me and victory!

Nalyd: *gathers Tyra, Heather, and Christin* So next is Greg, then Jack?

Heather: Yes, and if Greg wins invincibility, then we vote for Jack. (Takes Christin and Nalyd to the woods.) And if Greg or Jack wins immunity in the top 5, then we vote for Tyra.

Nalyd: Definitely.

(CONF) Nalyd: I think I have the game won. I sort of hope Christin wins, because that means two seasons in a row I've carried the winner to final two.

Heather: (CONF) I think that I have this game won. (Singing/ screeching... whichever you want to call it.) I'M GONNA WIIIIiiiiN!!!! I HAVE THE GAaAaAaaAME IN THE BAGGGGGG!!!!

(CONF) Nalyd: Jack and Greg hace no shot, Tyra is only here so we can use her for her vote, Heather will go by final three.... btu I won't throw Christin under the bus.

Heather: (CONF, still singing.) WHO'S GOooonAaaA WIiiiiIIIINN? MEEEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEeEEEEeee!!!!!!!! ME ME ME ME!!! MEEEEEEEE!!! (Hits a really high note and the glass in the confessional shatters.) YEAH!!!

Twelfth Challenge

Chris: Ready to-

Nalyd: Get on with it!

Chris: Today's challenge is paintball! GO!

Nalyd: *shoots Tatiana*


Greg: *opens fire on Ben* YES!

Ben: Dang it!

Nalyd: *snipes Noah and Tyra* Too easy.... *looks to Greg* How about we take out the others, let the best to fight it out?

Nalyd: *runs around, then hits Jack and Heather*

Nalyd: (Anyone on?) *shoots Christin* One more....

(Anonymos: I just got on, but then I discovered I was out *cough* Nalyd.)

(Nalyd Renrut: Sorry, I waited about seven minutes in between each line)

Nalyd: *hits Greg*

Chris: Nalyd, wins immunity! Head back to camp.

Twelfth Vote

Chris: Have fun!

Nalyd: *writes tatiana* Later.

Ben: *votes tatiana* Ha-ha.

Greg: *writes down Ben* Got any beef with this jerk?

*ba-doom crash*

Greg: Yeah, I don't get paid to make those.

Noah: *writes down Ben* Go against the guy who's eliminated with you.

(CONF) Ben: Why would people vote me off? *unaware he got votes* I mean, I'm injured and weak.

Christin: *writes down Tatiana* I'm so sorry, but at least you, Sunshine, and Sorrel will be together now...

Chris: Twelfth person voted out, third jury member: Tatiana.

Day 15 Chat

Chris: Last time, Nalyd won invincibility, Tatiana was voted out and Noah and Ben were evacuated.

Moskar's Camp (15)

Nalyd: Morning final six!

Heather: Morning.

Heather: (CONF) 5 more obstacles in my way between me and the money!

Nalyd: Anybody wanna go for a walk?

Jack: Hey guys! I can't beleive this thing's almost over!

Nalyd: Yeah, its awesome!

(CONF.) Greg: Wow, this really sucks. My only two half-friends here were eliminated yesterday, so I'm obviously the next to go.

Greg: *sighs sadly* Yeah, it'll be awesome.

Nalyd: *checks tree-mail* It looks like today's challenge is trivia quiz or something....

Heather: Oh! That sounds easy! I'm smart!

Heather: (CONF) No really, I excel at academics!

(CONF) Greg: Heather will not think she's smart until I'm eliminated. *laughs*

After Challenge

Nalyd: So, Greg is going?

Tyra: Well... Jack almost won today. Maybe we should get rid of him, but Greg is fine by all means.

Christin: Greg. He's more of a threat and I think we should take the chance to get rid of him.

Tyra: Cool. Jack tomorrow then?

(CONF) Tyra: I am worried about Nalyd. He might betray me. Well.... yeah, he probably will.

Nalyd: Sounds good.

(CONF) Nalyd: The jury should vote for me to win because I wasn't pointlessly mean, and palyed a good game.

(Conf.) Christin: People keep telling me I have a chance at the win, but I don't know... I'm not exactly a tough competitor, and I've just kind of been in the background for the entire camp... not to mention I'm a constant nervous wreck...

Nalyd: Heather, are you gonna open the bottle?

Christin: I wonder what's in it...

Nalyd: Maybe a clue to an idol!

Christin: I-I thought all the idols were gone?

Nalyd: They probably are.

Christin: That reminds me, what happened to that one Sunshine had?

Nalyd: She might have it with her at Ponderosa.

Christin: That gives me a bad feeling for some reason...

Nalyd: *sighs* You need to stop worrying.

Christin: I know... I can't help it...

Nalyd: Repeat after me. "I am going to final two with Nalyd"

Christin: *in shaky voice* I-I am going t-to the f-final two with Nalyd...

(Conf.) Christin: *facepalm* I'm doomed...!

Nalyd: "I am agoing to chill out because I know I'm safe."

Christin: I-I am g-going to chill out b-b-because I know I'm s-safe...

(Conf.) Christin: There's no way I can win! I'm weak, I'm a nervous wreck, I've done almost nothing this whole camp, I would've been the second voted out if it wasn't for Nalyd!!!

Heather: Hey guys! What do you suppose is in this bottle? I think I'll open it tomorrow. (Puts it in her undies.) I put it where no one will dare to reach!

Christin: *stares, looking kind of freaked out*

(Conf.) Christin: ...I really didn't need to see that...

Nalyd: *laughs a little* "Nalyd is so cool. His hair is awesome. He is the strongest dude ever."

(CONF) Nalyd: Ew, Heathe rput the bottle in her undies....

Christin: Nalyd is- *realizes and grins* Hey!

Nalyd: Oh, close one. Heather, what if thats a clue to an idol, and idols can't be played after tonight?

Heather: Idols can't be played tonight?

Christin: You never know what will happen here...

Nalyd: I mean tonight might be the last night to play idols.

Heather: Is that what the tree-mail said?

Greg: Why you voting me off everyone?

Christin: Umm...

Nalyd: You turned on us. *to Heather* I don't know, but if it is you will have wasted an idol.

Greg: Why don't we eliminate YOU, Nalyd? You've been a big threat this entire game.

Christin: Don't say that!!! *realizes what she said, turns pale, and backs up a couple steps*

Nalyd: *pulls out a fake idol Greg wouldn't know is fake* I have an idol!

Greg: Yeah. Well, what I was saying was, Sunshine and Sorrel hate you. Noah does too, and as for Ben and Tatiana, I dunno. But there's no way you'll win.

Nalyd: *smile viciously* I'm not here to win. Im here to make sure you lose!

Tyra: Christin! I Think it is time to back away slowly!!

Heather: I know what I'll do! I'll find Chris!!! (Goes of to hunt for him.)

Christin: G-guys, don't fight...!

Heather: (Returns, dragging Chris by the ear.) SPILL IT, CHRIS!!!! IS TONIGHT THE LAST NIGHT THAT IDOLS ARE PLAYABLE?!?!!

Chris: YES! *runs away*

Greg: Christin, the only thing I'll do is fight verbally.

Heather: Oh, okay then. (Takes bottle out of undies and opens it.) I can't read it, it's in weird script handwriting, Nalyd, you read it.

Greg: Nalyd, I can tell you've been tricking Christin.

Christin: *blushes a little* That's none of your buisness, Greg, and I really suggest you two stop this fight before it begins!

Nalyd: (Note says: Show this note to Chris at tribal council) I am not! Christin is the only one here I'm NOT playing! *pauses* I mean, umm, I uh....

Christin: *turns an unnatural shade of red and hides her face in her hands*

(Conf.) Christin: That... really... didn't... sound... right...

Tyra: WHAT?!?!?!?!?!

(CONF.) Tyra: I KNEW IT!!!

(Nalyd: What I mean is that Nalyd has't been lying to Christin. See? Thats not creepy. LOL.)

Jack: Dude what about me?

Heather: WHAT?!?!!

Heather: (CONF) I can't really say I'm all that surprised.

Nalyd: *stutters* I mean other than my allies.... *chuckles awkwardly*

Heather: Oh, yeah right. I have an idea. Jack, Greg, Tyra, why don't the four of us ally together and take down Nalyd.

Nalyd: But I've helped you all! Tyra, I rallied for you to come back! Heather, I kept you here! Jack, I helped you with Sorrel! Greg, I saved you too!

Christin: H-he's right. We all have Nalyd to thank for getting this far...

(CONF) Nalyd: I can deal with 1 person beating me, but not 5!!!!!!!!!

Heather: And this is coming from the one person that he hasn't used for his own nefarious purposes. If that's even true. I bet he's playing you to.

Nalyd: Hetaher if it wasn't for me you wouldn't be here! None of you would be! I've controlled the game, and still do! I will to at Ponderosa!

Jack: Nalyd, I'm with you as long as you don't turn on me.

Heather: (CONF) I'm a little afraid of playing this note from the bottle, what if it's an instant elimination?

Heather: You know what Nalyd? Fine. I'll stay allied with you.

Nalyd: Awesome! (Everyone's on. Wanna vote now you guys?)

Greg: *sighs* Tyra and Jack are the only ones who are with me. (Sure)

Tyra: *pulls Heather aside* If we don't take Nalyd down now... we will never get a chance. I am fine with staying with him, but I am just worried.

Heather: I know what you mean. I just want to see how things pan out.


Nalyd: And the alliance succeeds! Thanks, guys!

Tyra: Your welcome... so what happens now?

Nalyd: Tomorrow we keep going. (I will start the next day soon if y'all want. Maybe this camp will end this wekend!)

Heather: Yeah. (Oh, totally start the next day!)

(TDI19: Why don't we start now)

Tyra (CONF.): Maybe I will win immunity tomorrow! *giggles nervously*

Heather: (CONF) Three left between me and victory!!

Thirteenth Challenge (I'm losing count...)

Chris: Ready to test your knowledge?

Nalyd: Yes!

Heather: Aren't I always?

Chris: I will ask a TDI (not TDA) question, and I will give everyone a chance to answer! Everybody who is right gets a point! First to five wins! (Tying will result in multiple invincibilities.)

Heather: Let's start!

Jack: Ya let's go!

Chris: Okay. Jeez, talk about impatient.... (LOL) Who was the third female voted off the island?

Nalyd: *thinks* Beth!

Heather: Umm... Izzy!

Greg: Yeah, Izzy.

Chris: Wrong. Izzy left, not voted off. (Greg: NO FAIR! Well, she DID get voted a lot I can guarantee.) Nalyd gets a point. (Lots of more trick questions coming up) Who was the first person that was voted off because of Heather?

Nalyd: Eva.

Heather: Eva! That was so fun! Eva's so dumb!

Greg: Justin.

Jack: Eva

Nalyd: Eva is correct! Nalyd-2 Heather-1 Jack-1 Next question: Who is the only member of the guy alliance to never have a crush or relationship?

Heather: DJ.

Jack: DJ.

Nalyd: DJ

Chris: All correct-amundo! NExt: Who was the LAST person Heather caused the elimiantion of?

Heather: Geoff. Why are so many of these questions about me?

Jack: Geoff

Nalyd: DJ or Izzy.... DJ. How did you guys come up with Geoff? He caused his own elimination by being too nice.

Heather: I convinced everyone that the losers would vote him to win if he stayed on.

Jack I change mine to Izzy.

Chris: I'm sort of leaning towards both. Geoff was sort of responsible for his elimination by being too likable, but DJ was scared of Hetaher by accident. You ALL get points!

Nalyd-4 Heather-3 Jack-3

Nalyd: Cool.

Chris: Next question, if Nalyd gets this he wins invincibility.

(CONF) Nalyd: It doesn't matter who wins this challenge. Most of the alliance memberswill have invincibility!

Chris: Which to guys had the first man-man kiss.

Nalyd: Owen and Chris, if memory serves.


Heather: I could be mistaken, but Owen only hugged Chris. Cody and Noah had the first "man-kiss."

Chris: The scores are now tied 4-4-4!

Nalyd: Dang it...

Chris: Final question: How many different people have received the final marshmallow?

Nalyd: Eight!

Heather: Seven.

(Rredflare:Nalyd you lost a point Eva was the first female voted off. So Nalyd is one point behind. so pretty much he can't win because Greg and heather are doing the tiebreaker.)


(Nalyd Renrut: If you are referring to the first question, Eva was first, katie second, Izzy left, beth third.)

(Rredflare:No because it was eva, katie, then Izzy she was voted off you know it didn't look like iit but if they leave the game they are voted off, sorrt its a techinchality.)

(Nalyd: While it is possible that the last marshmallow was going to Lindsay and the RCMP were added for drama, it was never confirmed. We could have the other two decide if its fair for Nalyd to be in the tiebreaker. Guys, what are y'all's opinions?)

Heather: I don't really care all that much.... you can be in the tiebreaker if you like...

(RockSK8R: Its kinda not fair since you already know the answers, Dude)

Tyra: You should be in the tiebreaker, Nalyd!

(Nalyd: That's why I threw the last question abotu guys kissing. I will drop out, I'm feeling pretty confident I won't be following Ben and Noah to Ponderosa.)

Chris: Okay, the final marshmallows went to Courtney, Harold, Lindsay, Sadie, Heather, Duncan, Owen, and gwen. That is eight. So now we need another final question. How many campfire ceremonies did Duncan attend?

Tyra: Fifteen ceremonies.

Heather: Seventeen ceremonies.

Chris: Tyra is right!..... Next one............... Which camper was never bottom two, but left with no ceremony? Whoever gets it right first wins! (Heather and Jack)

Heather: There are two, Leshawna and DJ.

Tyra: Yeah.... Leshawna and DJ. Congrats, Heather!

Chris: Correct! (Not sure if y'all counted DJ as a ceremony) Heather, here is a bottle with a note in it. Open it today, or tomorrow.

Thirteenth Vote

Chris: Heather, did you open the note?

Heather: Yes. Here. (Gives Chris the note.) Now what does it mean? Am I out?

Chris: I'll reveal what it means after y'all vote. VOTING TIME!

Nalyd: *votes Greg* You're a traitor and this is what traitors get.

Greg: *votes Nalyd* You should've gone sooner.

Christin: *votes Greg* You're just too strong...

Heather: (Votes for Greg.) Buh-bye.

Tyra: *votes Greg* I-I- sorry, I just.... *sighs*

Jack: *writes Greg* I really never got to know you.

Christin: Is that all the votes?

Chris: Thirteenth person voted out and sixth jury member.... Greg. Surprise: You will now vote AGAIN! (greg is out, this is double elimination)

Nalyd: Jack, later dude.

Jack: Nalyd, I trusted you!

Christin: Jack... I'm reallly sorry... at least you'll see Sorrel again!

Jack: Guys no!

Nalyd: You can reunite with Sorrel!

Jack: But she dropped out to see me get farther!

Nalyd: And you did. Besides, you'rea threat. You automatically have a jury vote from her...

Jack: But...

Heather: (Votes Jack.) Adios, amigo! Well, not really amigo... how do you say enemy in Spanish? Anyway, Chris, what does the note mean?

Tyra: *sighs* I am sorry Jack, but that's it for you *votes him*

Chris: If the note was opened today there'd be two eliminations. If it was opened tomorrow it would've been delayed til tomorrow. Head back to amp, except Jack. You're out.

Nalyd; Sorry Jack...

Heather: Well, that's kinda stupid... I thought it would do something to an individual, not the group... you could've given the note to anyone, or just announced it at the ceremony.

Jack: *glares at everyone*

Tyra: Bye Jack! *whispers to him* Just remember you can keep Nalyd from winning on the jury.

Chris: Hetaher, it was your decision as immunity winner to open it.

Heather: Well... it's still kinda dumb....

Day 16 Chat

Chris: Last time, Heather won invincibility and Nalyd was targeted for lying (big surprise). Greg and Jack were booted.

Moskar's Camp (16)


Nalyd: Wow.... day 16...

Heather: We've made it pretty far.

Tyra: Hey guys. Does anyone want some juice I squeezed this morning?

Nalyd: Sure, please. (I'm thinking of a challenge, BTW)

Heather: Yes! Thanks.

Tyra: Is orange OK?

(CONF) Nalyd: I am finally the only man left! The alpha male!

Nalyd: I like orange.

Heather: Orange is fine.

Heather: (CONF) I prefer apple!!! She will pay!!!

Nalyd: *pulls Hetaher aside* So is it still you me and Christin in final three?

Heather: Yes. But what happens if Tyra wins invincibility?

Nalyd: *pauses*

(CONF) Nalyd: Well, duh. Then Heather goes.

Nalyd: Les get to that when we get to that.

Tyra: OK. I have orange and apple and grapefruit. *gives it out*

Nalyd: Gracias. (Would you guys be okay with no challenge and we just vote? I can't think of anything, and I don't want to do a recolor challenge....)


Nalyd: (Okay! Okay! I'll keep thinking!)

Tribesperson: *runs into camp*

Nalyd: Tribesperson! Run!

Tyra: *Runs and screams*

Heather: (Runs.) Why is there are tribesperson here? (Why not do a song selection challenge? Those are simple.)

Tribesperson: *burns huts and everything in them*

nalyd: *grabs pointy stick* 'll hold him off! Girls run! (Trust me)

Tyra: AHHHHH.... MY SHOES!!!!! *cries, runs, and screams*

tribesperson: *holds up a pair of shoes, captures Christin*

Tyra: No!!!!! Going too far there, tribesman!!!!! *screams and throws her high heels at the tribeguy's face*

Heather: I have an idea! (Kicks Tribeperson in the crotch.) Ha-ha! (I think I know what you're doing.)

Tribesperson: *eats shoes and high heels*

Nalyd: Girls, keep going! *attacks tribesperson*

Tribesperson: *grabs crotch and screams* Heather *wheezes* wins....

Nalyd: What???????????

Tyra: You still burnt my clothes *hits him with purse*

Heather: Knew it! It's like the psycho killer in TDI!!

Tyra: *phone rings, she talks* WHAT???? *hangs up* I have to drop out...

Heather: Oh, okay then, that was convenient.

Chris: Y'all will still vote.

Nalyd: Later Tyra.

Tyra: Yeah... they decided to change the Top Model auditions to today, so I have to leave.


Fourteenth Vote

Chris: Heather holds the only vote.

Nalyd: Wait!

Heather: We're still gonna vote?

Chris: Yeah. (I have to go soon) Heather vote...

Nalyd: Wait! I am sacrificing myself so that Chrisitn can stay.

Chris: umm okay.

Tyra: Ooohhh... this will be interesting. By the way, Heather, you have a little bald patch on your head! *laughs and leaves*

Day 17 Chat

Moskar's Camp (17)

Final Tribal Council

Chris: The jury members can ask questions. No voting yet.

Jack: *kissing Sorrel*

Nalyd: Heather, who would you have voted off if I didn't drop out. Christin, for my vote you need to yell, and shout and get mad and tell off Heather!

Tyra: Heather, for my vote I would LOVE if you shaved your head and dressed like a hobo.

Jack: Even though you already have my vote Christin, is it true that you like Nalyd?

Ben: christin, did you make any of your own decisions, or are you only there because Nalyd pitied you? Heather, who was in control of this game, you or Nalyd or other?

Heather: Nalyd, I would have kept you on over Christin, honestly. Tyra, only if I get really desperate for votes.

Tatiana: I already know who my vote is for.

Tyra: Well, Heather, we all know you will be desperate.

Heather: Are you sure?

Tyra: Well, I don't know. Do you like my hair?

Heather: I'm extremely jealous of your hair. It looks gorgeous.

Tyra: Thanks! Yours is nice too, forget my request before.

(CONF.) Tyra: Such a faker.

Heather: Aw, thanks! You're so nice! Where did you get those shoes? They're so cute!

Tyra: Sassy's! What about you?

Heather: Oh... well... I found my shoes on the street because my family can't afford store shoes... I entered this contest for the money so that my family could get out of debt...

Ben: Heather, who was in control of this game, you or Nalyd or other?

Heather: I regretfully admit that Nalyd pulled all of the strings in this game. And I mean all of them.

Ben: So you rode coattails the whole time?

Heather: Yes, but not as much or as many as Christin did! Christin was just piggy-backing on Nalyd the whole time!

Ben: So is Nalyd the one responsible for everything? The jury members, the final two, everything?

Heather: Pretty much.

Nalyd: *feels proud for being in control*

Ben: Okay, good luck.

Heather: Um, thanks.

Tatiana: How long is this going to go on for?

Chris: We will wait for Christin to answer soem questions, then vote!

Tatiana: Ugh... we could be here a while... (Takes out pack of cards.) Wait, does anyone know how to play solitaire?

(Sunshine: Geez, I'm off for a couple hours and it's final two!!!)

Christin: Here goes nothing... Ben, I was allied with Nalyd the whole time, but I made plenty of my own decisions. I could have joined Heather over the first few days, but I turned her down. Jack... um.. *blushes* m-maybe? For Nalyd... *turns reluctantly to Heather* I was not just piggy-backing the entire camp!!! I worked hard, did my best in challenges, and was honest with people! Which is more than I can say about you! You lied, manipulated, stole, and who knows what else!!! I was a little spineless, I'll admit, but at least I wasn't desprate and cruel like you!!! *practically passes out*

Sunshine: SUNNY HAS A QUESTION!!!! Heather, I couldn't get it out of Nalyd, so I'll ask you- who voted for Duncan the day he was eliminated? Christin, why did you join this camp and why are you more deserving to win?

Nalyd: *applauds*

Heather: Funny you should ask that question, Sunshine. I feel that you should know that I voted for Nalyd, and Nalyd voted for Duncan.

Sunshine: *glares at Nalyd* I thougth so... Christin?

Christin: Well, I joined because I've never actually done anything with kids my age. My mom's kinda overprotective, and I've just kind of been raised to be fearful around people. I figured being in this could help me open up, and, well, it kind of has. And I guess I'm more deserving because I've been honest through the whole game. I don't think I've lied even once during this. Plus, I've made lots of allies and played fair, I guess.

Chris: Christin needs one vote to win!

Nalyd: *whispers* Come on. You can do it.

Christin: *starts hyperventilating*

Nalyd: *gives her a look menaing: Calm down. You have this in the game. I promised you a win and thats what you'll get*

Christin: *takes a deep breath, calming herself down* ...first time I've been able to do that...!

Nalyd: Ooo! I have one more question for both of you! What will you do with the money?

Christin: Save up for art school, maybe...

Chris: *phone rings, answers it, turns pale, walks away*

Nalyd: Awesome.

Christin: What's with Uncle Chris? (LOL, a kajillion days of camp and NOW she calls him uncle XD)

Chris: *returns looking paler than Christin*

(CONF) Nalyd: Does her whole family do that???? (LOL)

(Sunshine: ROFLOL!!!!!!! XD)

Christin: Wh-what's wrong???

Final Vote

Chris: Vote for who you wan to win!

Nalyd: Christin, yuo deserve it.

Ben: Based on what I've heard Heather deserves it.

Sunshine: Christin. At least she was HONEST and NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *throws glares at Nalyd*

Tatiana: Christin, I stick to what I told you back at Exile.

Tyra: As much as Heather had style and poise, she does not even come close to the game Christin played. Christin was honest, humble, and kind. She played the game with dignity and integrity. She definitely found more of confidence, while still retaining her caring, loving self. Christin, you have my vote. See, I am not just fabulous! Mmmm-hmmm!!!

Greg: Christin. It isn't her fault she was so nervous.

Noah: Kcaj...

Greg: *sighs* He'll be better soon.

Christin Wins!!!!!!!

Chris: Christin wins!

Nalyd: *hugs her* You win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyra: Yay! Congrats Christin!!! *hugs her*

Christin: *not getting it* What... what???

Tyra: You won! You deserved it!

Noah: Kris wih? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Kcaj wanna win!

Greg: Whatever.

Chris: *hands her the million dollar check*

Christin: I... I won? I won??? *grins hugely* I WON!!!!!

Nalyd: You did it Christin! You did it! *stops hugging her and cheers*

Tyra: Oooh! Christin, wait one second! *runs off*

Christin: *stares after Tyra* Huh?

Tatiana: I knew you would win Christin!!! (Runs over and hugs her.) And you deserved it!

Heather: Hmph.

Nalyd: How about we all head over to Ponderosa to celebrate?

Ben: YEah!

Christin: *goes up to Heather* You played a good game. *holds out hand* What do you say? A clean slate?

Heather: (Holds nose in the air, then sighs and shakes Christin's hand.) So did you. Sure, clean slate.

Christin: *smiles* To the ponderosa!

Heather: To the ponderosa!