Owenguy101's TDI camp is a place where anyone can sign up and see who'll win.

Sign ups are officially closed. 

Note: This camp is closed. The rest of it will be at Owenguy101's Playa des losers.



Host - Owenguy101

Assistant - Ezekielguy (formally a contestant)


Nalyd Renrut WINNER

Codaa5 Runner-up


Usitgz Out Day 1

thebiggesttdifan Out Day 2

Tdi Out Day 5

Ezekielguy Out Day 7

Sunshine Out Day 8

TDI19 Out Day 9

sorreltail18 (call me sorrel) Out Day 10

Ekaj Renrut Out Day 11

Elimination chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Owenguy101's reason
1st Nalyd Renrut Safe WIN WIN Safe WIN WIN Safe Safe WIN Safe Safe WINNER Had the better picture.
2nd Codaa5 WIN WIN Safe WIN OUT WIN Safe WIN Runner-up Nalyd's picture was better.
3rd Ekaj Renrut Safe Safe Safe WIN Safe WIN Safe Safe Safe WIN OUT Never here.
4th Sorreltail Safe WIN WIN Safe WIN WIN Safe Safe Safe OUT Didn't put up a picture.
5th TDI19 Safe WIN WIN Safe WIN Safe Safe Safe OUT Too big of a threat.
6th Sunshineandravioli WIN WIN WIN Safe WIN WIN WIN OUT Losers voted her out.
7th Ezekielguy WIN Safe Safe WIN Safe Safe OUT Was seen as a big threat.
8th Tdi Safe Safe Safe WIN OUT Did not know a thing about science fiction and couldn't do the challenge.
9th thebiggesttdifan Safe OUT Some of us were a bit freaked out by his picture.
10th Usitgz OUT Came only once and didn't come back for the challenge.

Color Code

  • Pink = Sunshine's team
  • Dark Green = Ezekielguy's team
  • Blue = Blue team
  • Gold = Gold team
  • White = Wasn't assigned on a team
  • Yellow = Won the challenge
  • Light Green = Still conpeting
  • Red = Voted off / Red team
  • Grey = Not competing

Day 1

Owenguy101: Welcome to Owenguy101's TDI camp! Where 9 people will compete in challenges. for the next few weeks. And here comes Nalyd.

Nalyd: *arrives and looks around* This is it?

Owenguy101: Yep. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Nalyd: Sure.

Owenguy101: Okay. Go stand over there. And heres our next contestant. Sunshine the ravioli pixie!

Sunshine: 'Sup bro! Nice place you got here! *eats raviolis* THEY SO TASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

Owenguy101: Glad for you to be here. I hope you'll do well in this competition.

(CONF) Nalyd: Oh great, she's here! (Just kidding!)

Owenguy101: Okay Sunshine. Stand over there with Nalyd. Here comes our next contestant. TDI19!

TDI19: Hey, Owenguy! Thanks for letting me join your camp. Looking forward to it!

Owenguy101: Glad to hear that. I'll hope you'll have a good time here. 

(CONF) Nalyd: Good to see TDI19 made it.

Owenguy101: Our next contestant to arrive is Sorrel!

Sorrel: *pops out of nowhere* hey! i see owenguy wait was I supposed to wait?

Owenguy101: Nope. Now join you other fellow friends over there. More of our contestants are coming.

SOrrel: yes-a


Sorrel: SUUUUNNNNNSSSSHHHHIIIIINNNNEEE!!!!*runs and gives her a bear hug* he he he bff!

Owenguy101: Aww. What a sweet moment.

Sunshine: All my BEEESSSTTTEEESSSTTT FWIEEENNNDDDSSS *creepy smile* are here!!! Well, okay, not all of them, but maybe by the time signups are done everyone will be! RAVIOLI *eats some*  

Sorrel: aren't you and owenguy brothers and sisters idk anyway i hope i see my other bff!

Owenguy101: Well yes, but your other bffs will probably show up. We still got more people coming.

  • Usitgz arrives

Usitgz: Hey everyone!

Owenguy101: Welcome Usitgz! Glad you could make it.

Sorrel: uhhh hey usitgz

Usitgz: Hey Sorrel & Owenguy!

Sorrel: Im glad I know all of you guys

Usitgz: Too bad  I don't know Owenguy better.

Sorrel: me neither but I know most of you guys from Your Drama (i joined the new one)

Usitgz: I remember your drama, the original, good times!

Sorrel: Oh yes,! THat was my 1st rp camp ever I enjoyed being Izzy!

Trent: My first camp too, Trent was fun, too bad it had to die, it was extremely popular!

Owenguy101: Well everyone. You first challenge is starting in a few minutes. Come follow me. (Actually going to the bottom section.)

First challenge

(CONF) Nalyd: I don't know how I am going to do. Not a lot of friends here...

Nalyd: When do we start?

Owenguy101: Well I hope everyone is prepared because your first challenge is going to be an easy one.

(Ekaj Renrut: Is it too late to join?)

Owenguy101: Nope. Welcome to the camp.

Sunshine: I am ready to RRRRUUUMMMMBBBBBLLLLLEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *eats ravioli*

(CONF) Nalyd: I'm in it to win it!

Nalyd: Bring it!

Ekaj: Come on, hit me with your best shot.

Nalyd: Are we starting now?

Owenguy101: Your first challenge is to try and do a good picture of a TDI character. It'll be easy. You can recolor a picture, make a costume for the character, and so on.

Nalyd: Like this?

Owenguy101: Exactly. Just like that. Ready for some good news?

TDI19: Totally.

Nalyd: Sure...

Owenguy101: The two best pictures and the people that did them will become team captains and will choose people for their team. The losing people will eliminate someone.

Nalyd: Does the challenge have a deadline?

Owenguy101: This challenge will be over by friday.

Nalyd: Is mine good?

Owenguy101: Yes, yours is good.

Sorrel: ok dokey!

(conf. Sorrel: Im here to win and make friends... oh yea Im friends with nearly everyone here!

Ekaj: Mine is my custom character TATER TOT!!!!

Sorrel: mine is,,,, myself JK

(CONF) Nalyd: I guess TDI19 and Ekiaj would be on my side, and I'm on theirs.... This will end up very interesting I guess!

Owenguy101: Okay. We've got 2 up and only 6 more pictures to be made. Good luck.

Nalyd: Is there a due date?

Owenguy101: I've already said it. The due date is friday.

(Sunshineandravioli: Mine's finished but it won't let me put it in! Look at Image:Heather Redraw to see it.)

Tdi:I hope this is good

Sunshine: My picture was a hassle to upload and stick on here so all of you better like it!!! *eyetwitch*

Owenguy101: Okay. The challenge is finished. It's now time to announce the winners.

Nalyd: I think it'll be me and Sunshine.

Ezekielguy: B-b-b-b-but what about ME??!!!

Owenguy101: No arguing please. It's time to announce the first winner.

Ezeielguy: yayyy.

Owenguy101: The first winner is...(Drumrolling starts)...Sunshine!

Sunshine: Photoshop=happiness! *hugs her computer* XD

Nalyd: And... who else?

thebiggesttdifan: *slowly curls to the ground* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Owenguy101:  The other winner is...(Drumrolling and tense music starts)

(A few seconds pass)

Owenguy101: Ezekielguy!

Nalyd: So who leaves?

Owenguy101: That's the best part. The people who didn't win will decide who to vote off. But first. The runner-ups of this challenge. The runner-ups are TDI19 and Ekaj Renrut. And now it's time to vote the first person off.

First elimination cerrmony

Owenguy101: It's time to figure out who to vote off. You say who to vote off and I'll tally it up and see who'll leave. Remember. Sunshine and Ezekielguy have invincibility. Now do your votes.

Ezekielguy-Ugitz (I changed my mind)

Sunshine: Usitgz (sorry, but... you never showed up for the challenge...)

TDI19: Sorry, Ustigz. You did not do the challenge.

Owenguy101: Well I'm guessing that everyone might vote Usigtz and he didn't do the challenge so I guess he's out, but he was good joining this. Anyway. See you later for the next challenge.

Day 2

(Nalyd Renrut: Can we start now?)

(sorreltail18-anyone miss me! sorry i didn't do challnege i got VERY sick, am i still in?)

Ezekielguy: yuppers! I just came back from making my own TDI audition

Sorrel: hey

Ezekielguy: sorrie, have you aver made a TDI audition it's actually pretty easy! I think that should be our next challenge.

Owenguy101: Okay Sunshine and Ezekielguy. It's time to pick you teamates. Sunshine picks first.

(sorreltail18- sunshine ain't on so we have to wait!)

Sunshine: Uhh... I pick Sorrie! ^^

Sorrel: *gives sunshine a statue of duncan!*

Ezekielguy: Ekaj!

Sunshine: *huggles Duncan statue* Uhh... TDI19!

Ezekielguy: the biggesttdifan!


Sunshine: No clue. I pick Nayld!

Ezekielguy: ok. then I guess Tdi's on our team!

Tdi: YAY! ^^

Ezekiel: I hope the next challenge involves MS paint. ME WUFFLES MS PAINT!!! ^^

Sorrel: i don't have ms paint! and is there any more??

Ezekielguy: there isn't and are u sure you don't have MS paint???

Sorrel: JK JK JK JK wait i just have paint

Owenguy101: Sorry I'm late. I see the teams are set.

Ezekielguy: yuh.

Owenguy101: Ready for today's challenge?

Ezekielguy: yuh.

Nalyd: Let's rock and roll!

Sunshine: LET'S ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *air guitar*

Sorrel: BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!! he he he he he

(CONF) Nalyd: I hope that our team wins. Me and TDI19 will vote together, and Sunshine and Sorrel will vote together. Maybe they'll vote for me.

(conf.) sorrel: im really excited! I really hope i win this game! and-- car ears pop out* darn

(CONF) Nalyd: I guess if we lose we'll have a tie breaker for the vote.

(Conf.) Sunshine: Alliance? Strategy? Pfft. Who needs 'em? All I do is do my best in challenges and be nice to my team and competitors. It worked for Owen, it's worked for me. *eats raviolis*

(CONF) Nalyd: I guess I am sort of a villain. Or just a genius.

(conf.) Sorrel: look at me I have cat ears wait a minute IM CAT!!!!!! cat ears, paws, tail

(Conf.) Sunshine: Have you ever noticed that Duncan's eyes are the same color as his peircings? 'Cause I have. *eats ravioli*

(conf.) Sorrel: i hope my team doesn't mind me being cat right--- meow?

(CONF) Nalyd: I think I'm the only serious contestant here....

(Conf.) Sunshine: *stares blankly at camera then eats ravioli*

Sunshine: Hey Sorrie, have you seen my-- *blank stare* o_O Ichigo? (If anyone has any idea what I'm talking about I officially love you!!! XD)

(CONF) Nalyd: Oh well, make sit easier to dominate.

Sunshine: *bursts into Nalyd's confessional* DID SOMEONE SAY DOMINATE??? XD

(CONF) Nalyd: And why was I picked last for the team??????

Sorrel: sunshine i hope you didn't notice me in cat!

Sunshine: Ichigo? o_O

(Conf.) Sunshine: Doesn't ANYONE read manga??? Anyways, I'm glad I got who I did on the team. I think we all have a real trust thing going on. We can all support each other and stuff. ^^

(conf.) Sorrel: when sunshine mentioned ichigo i should've reposnded differently

Sorrel: I should know im half japanese come on click in stupid brain

(CONF) Nalyd: I don't trust my team. I trust TDI19 but Sunshine and I are a little rocky and I BARELY trust the cat-girl.

(Conf.) Sunshine: I'm especially glad I got Nayld on my team. He's a tough competitor, and with his help our team will be near invincible! I feel like I can really count on him to co-lead the team and be unbiased about eliminations. *grins stupidly*

(Sunshineandravioli: Being oblivious is fun! XD)

(CONF) Nalyd: Sunshine seems very happy about me being on the team. Maybe she'd even vote with me. not if we voted Sorrel though.

Sorrel: ichigo means strawberry

(conf.) sorrel: TDI19 and Sunshine i couldn't vote off because they are my BFF but Nalyd...

(CONF.) I love challeges! bring it on!!! yayyyy!!!

(CONF) Nalyd: Maybe TDI19 will go first...

(conf.) Sorrel: nalyd is ok, hes smart but... i just hope our team wins all the games!!!

(Conf.) Sunshine: I really hope we don't lose anytime soon, I don't want to vote off any of my friends. Hopefully I'll do well as team captain.

(CONF) Nalyd: For my own sake, I hope we win all the challenges. (I also hope we START soon!)

Sorrel: anyone want Acron cookies!

Nalyd: *looks up, then goes back to breaking sticks over his knee*

Sunshine: ACORN COOKIES!!!!! XD *eats some, then stares at Nalyd* Hey Naaalllyyyd, what'cha doing?

Nalyd: 'Dunno. Just breaking sticks. Letting out stress and anger.

Sunshine: Huh. Personally, I prefer yoga. *does her sun-salutations*

Sorrel:you guys stressed out, angry?

Nalyd: Yes. *turns around, and walks towards woods*

Sunshine: Nah, I just like yoga! Good for the body, good for the mind, good for the soul. Hey, I wonder where Nalyd's going.

Nalyd: *walks into woods and sits on a log near a lake*

Sorrel: *does lotus potion* uhh idk

Sunshine: *sticks her legs behind her head but falls over* I CAN'T GET UP!!!  x_X

Nalyd: *pulls out knife and angrily starts carving something in a tree*

Sunshine: *somehow gets up* That hurt! ^^ *eats ravioli and reads manga*

Nalyd: *continues to walk through woods*

(Conf.) Sunshine: *reading manga* Heheh... that Yuko... XD

Nalyd: *returns to camp and sits on a log, looking very bored/annoyed*

Sorrel*follows nalyd but nalyd doesn't know

Sunshine: *randomly falls out of tree* Ow.

Nalyd: *walks into boys' cabin, starts writing in journal*

Sorrel: *whispers* darn it........*

Nalyd: *realizes light is bad, walks back out to sit on log*

Sunshine: *walking on random tightrope* Hey guys! Lookit what I can do!!!

Ezekielguy: *is zoned out listening to the gorillaz on his ipod. He smiles stupidly*

Sunshine: *waves* HEY ZEKIE!!!!! *falls off tightrope and lands on Nalyd* Ow.

Ezekielguy: (chuckles and grins like a monkey)

Nalyd: *pencil breaks* Oh great! *anrgily walks back into woods*

Sorrel *runs into nalyd and quickly runs

Sunshine: *attempts to stand back up, hits head on a tree, and knocks self out*

Nalyd: *is writing in journal* One down... seven to go...

Sorrel: Sunshine.... uhh are you ok?

Sunshine: *wakes up* I'm not dead yet... *passes out*

Sorrel: *runs and gets water* come on drink drink

Nalyd: *writes soemthing in journal the hides it under pillow*

Sunshine: *chugs water* I'm ALIVE!!!!! ^^

(CONF) Nalyd: I REALLY hope nobody finds that journal. *blushes* It'd ruin everything.

(conf.) sorrel: bye looking at how nalyd hides his journel he has a secret!

Nalyd: *walks over to everyone awkwardly* Whats up?

Sunshine: *holding Nalyd's journal* Lookie Nalyd! I found a storybook!

Sorrel:READ IT!!

Ezekielguy: (frantically claps hands) HA HA!!!! MORE !!! ZEKEY WANT MORE!!!!

Nalyd: It's probably nothing you should put it back! Heh...


Sunshine: Sunny like storybooks! *starts to open Nalyd's journal...*

Nalyd: *jumps at Sunshine and grabs the book* Don't read that!


Sorrel: *grabs journal and tosses it to zekeyguy)

Zekeyguy: YAYYYY!!!! (runs out with journal)

Sunshine: ??? But I wanted a story. *eyes water*

Nalyd: *tackles zekeyguy* Give it. Now.

Zekeyguy: (crushes Nalyd) story time kiddies! find your space on the carpet!

Sorrel: yah zekey!!!

Nalyd: *growls* Don't you dare...

Zekeye: april 4th, 2009! today Zekey burped oranges in my face! it felt relaxing!

Sunshine: OOH...

Sorrel: OMG!

Nalyd: That isn't what it says.... *raises eyebrow*

(CONF.) TDI19: Voting off anyone on my team will be hard, because I am friends with all of them!

Sunshine: So what DOES it say? *stares at Nalyd*


Nalyd: *blushes* No!

Sunshine: ??? *has the mentality of a toddler*

Zekey: oh hey there's a song.... "Twinkle, Twinkle, Nalyd Renrut"

Sunshine: I LIKE SONGS!!! ^^

Nalyd: There isn't a song either (Zekeyguy, I sent you what it says...)

Sorrel: HES BLUSHING!!! he does like someone!

Nalyd: *stammers* No I don't!

Sunshine: ????? *still has the mentality of a toddler*

Sorrel: don't lie i can admit what i like and all that

Nalyd: I don't like anyone!

(CONF) Nalyd: I'm not good with talking about feelings....

Sunshine: ?????????? *is very confuzzled*

Sorrel: yeah ok...

(cionf.) SOREL:  NALYD likes someone

Nalyd: *grabs journal and walks back to woods*

Sorrel: *chases him and quickly snatches the journel*

Sunshine: Why is you guys fighting over my sketchbook? *is holding Nalyd's actual journal*

Nalyd: *jaw drops and grabs journal*

Sunshine: NUUUU!!!!!!!!!! Sunshine want story!!!! *takes journal back, kicks Nalyd in the head, and flies up to the top of a tall tree to read it*

Sorrel: chases sunshine*

Nalyd: *throws a rock and the book falls, catches it* Yes!!!! *RUNS AWAY*

Sunshine: *still holding Nalyd's journal* Seriously, why is everyone trying to steal my sketchbook today?

Sorrel: he he he

Nalyd: (G2G, gotta eat dinner ={ BBL)

(see ya!)

Sunshine: *starts reading journal*

Zekey: I just uploaded mah TDI audition to youtube!

Sorrel: mah?

Zekey: (nodds) uh huh.

Sorrel: who she?

Zekey: no I was abreatheating "my"

Sorrel: can i see it (post it on you userpage)

Zekey: it has'nt fully-uploaded yet. I will post it when it does.

Sorrel: ok!

Nalyd: *almost in tears* Give it BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorrel:then tell me what you wrote and ill give it back

Nalyd: Okay I'll tel- *lunges at Sorrel* Give it to me!!!!!!!!!! *grabs book and runs*

Sorrel: *Chases Nalyd and pins him down* TELL ME NOW BEFORE I BITE YOU! Jk but tell me!

Nalyd: *drops journal and it opens* No!

Sorrel: *luaghs* I have it NOW *takes it*

Nalyd: what do you want from me??????

Sorrel: you to tell me what is in your JOurnal and your free from me stealing your diary

Nalyd: *gives up* Whatever... read it... (You can come up with what it says if you want.)

Sorrel: *reads aloud* April 4th 2009, I can't believe im on a team with 2 weird girls,Sunshine, and sorrel!. ...... NOw you read it Nalyd

Nalyd: *sighs* I think I am next to go. Neither of them really like me. Whatever, I can make it through without them.... You can read the rest. *hands it back*

Sorrel: IM sorry Nalyd I just wanted ot read it. *gives back journal* And i hope you know you said it out loud and we work as a team nalyd!

Nalyd: I know that! But I'm going to be the winner of this!!!!

Sorrel: think again!

Nalyd: *tries to think of witty come back, but decides to storm off instead*

Sorrel: wait!!!

Nalyd: *stops but doesn't turn around* What.

Ezekielguy: (is bawling)

Sorrel: you don't have to storm like that! I mean your not going to have great alliances and p.s. i really hope you don't win because of what i said!

Ezekielguy: *sniff*

Random Person: aw, don't feel bad about the argument there having!

Ezekielguy: no. *sniff* I'm watching my soap opera! *Sniff, Tear*

Sorrel: *turns away* hey ezekielguy are you sad?

Ezekielguy: (is watching soap opera) NO BRUCE!!! Don't do it!!! it's not worth it! NOOOOO!!!!!

Sorrel *watches with Ezekielguy*

(on TV)

Bruce: Oh, Phylis!

Phylis: Oh, Bruce!

(smooch smooch)

(off TV)

Ezekielguy: *sniff* It's

(CONF) Nalyd: She's right... it took me a bit but she's right....

Sorrel: *tears are in her eyes* it was so...

Zekey Guy: TOUCHING!!! (gasp) No, Bruce! Don't do it! Don't....

(Bruce kisses Phyliss)


Sorrel: *stares with her big Green eyes*

Zekey Guy: uh oh! here comes Barbra!

Barbra: BRUCE! How could you? (slaps him)

Zekey guy: NOOOOOOOO

Sorrel: *laughs* GO BARBRA!!

Zekey Guy: BO-RING (Changes the channel) Ooh! Chicken Fights are on!

Sorrel: ahh ok

(On TV, The chickens have a strange ressembelance to Sorrel and Nalyd)

Chicken 1: I HATE YOU!!!

Chicken 2: I HATE YOU MORE!!!

Sorrel: wow!

Chicken 2: HEY YOU!! That's My journal!

Chicken 1: HEY LOOK!! a story book!!!

(A goofy-looking chicken that looks like Zekey stumbles in)

Chicken 3: YAHH!!! STORY!!!

Nalyd: *walks over* Sorrel, can I speak with you for a moment?

Sorrel: sure

Nalyd: I realize that you were right earlier and I'm sorry. And we need to sue that chicken show for using our likenesses.

Chicken 4 (Sunshine) and Chicken 3 (Zekey): STORY STORY!!! (there eyes water)

Second challenge

(Finally comes back)

Owenguy101: I hope you liked your break because it's time for your firstf second challenge.

Ezekielguy: (grabs Owenguy by the neck) now, listen here you ruddy fatso fan! waddya mean FIRST challenge? it's our second!!!!

Owenguy101: Sorry. Made an error. Your next challenge is to give Harold an extreme makeover. Now that's awesome.

Ezekielguy: heck YEAH! I'm great at Harold make overs!! Codaa5: What team am I on?

Ezekielguy: grrr.... you did that on PURPOSE!!!!!!

Owenguy101: You can be on any team Codaa5. It's your choice.

Nalyd: Yay! We have more people on our team! Nalyd: *walks into woods*

Zekey: (grins like a stupid gerbil) hee heee heee

Nalyd: *sits on a log and starts drawing* (BTW Ezekielguy, you need to vote in my camp as Matt.)

Ezekielguy: (who is up in a tree watching him) throws a shower of coconuts at his head and runs laughing.

Nalyd: *gets amnesia and starts walking through the woods*

Ezekielguy: (puts a snap trap in front of nalyd)

Nalyd: *gets caught and tsrats screaming*

Ezekielguy: (throws Harold's dirty underwear at him)

Nalyd: *throws up* What are you doing?

Ezekielguy: I'm pranking you! (pulls down nalyds pants just anough to see his butt) show your BUTT! it's your greatest ASSEST!!!!

Nalyd: *pulls 'em back up* What is WRONG with YOU???????????????????????

Ezekielguy (sprays him with hot sauce hose)

Nalyd: Who are you? Why are you doing this?

Codaa5: Time to get my "groove" on! *Walks over to sunshine and sorrel* (LOL)

Nalyd: *stares and raises an eyebrow*

Codaa5: Hello, ladies!

(CONF) Nalyd: I guess with two girls on the island some dude might be attracted to them. I'm stronger than that. *pause* Really!

Sunshine: My entry is seriously scaring me... o.O OMG IT'S CODAA5!!! *waves ravioli wand*

(Conf.) Sunshine: Wow. I just realized Sorrel and I are the only chicks on the island. Girl power!!! *eats ravioli*

Codaa5: *Snaps his fingers into a gun like figure at Sunshine* (Go along with it ^.^)

Sunshine: OMG DON'T SHOOT!!!! *puts her hands up*

(Conf.) Codaa5: Ok, she might have a few ticks, But hey! I can fix them!

(Conf.) Sunshine: *playing with toy horsies then realizes she's on camera* ...heheh... how long has this been recording?

Nalyd: *rolls his eyes at them*

Sunshine: *grabs Nalyd and holds him up like a sword* I have a weapon!!!

Nalyd: Please don't touch me.

(CONF) Nalyd: I don't do physical contact, emotion, or ditching my friends.

Sunshine: Quiet, weapon! *bashes Nalyd's head on the ground*

Nalyd: Son of a..... (whats this show rated?) GUN!!!!!

Sunshine: *finally realizes her "weapon" is Nalyd* Oh... heh... *puts him down and chuckles awkwardly*

(Conf.) Sunshine: *bashes head on wall*

(CONF) Nalyd: No i am not attracted to anyone here. Codaa5 is gonna get himself eliminated if he feels emotion...

Sunshine: *pokes head in from roof of confessional* You SUUURRREEE about that? XD

Nalyd: *stammers* Yes.


(Sunshineandravioli: I'll have you know I'm annoying to the point I can annoy any secret outta anyone... *sad attempt at evil cackle*)

Nalyd: Yes! *walks out and walsk around camp*


Codaa5: *Makes a bed in the conf, gets in and takes a nap*

Sunshine: Well, Nayld, since you insist on being stubborn, how about I make you a deal.

Nalyd: I'm listening.

Sunshine: We'll make a little trade. If you tell me who you like, I will not only keep my big mouth shut, but I also won't publish THIS... *holds up Nalyd's journal*

Nalyd: No! I'm going swimming, I don't need to take this. *walks into cabin*

Sunshine: Have it your way. *opens laptop*

Nalyd: Ha! *comes out with a rope, ties up sunshine, takes book, checks to make sure it is the journal, it is, runs* Ha!

Sunshine: *shrugs* I don't care. I made copies. LOTS of copies... *takes out photocopy of journal* How about I sweeten the deal, Nalyd. All the previously stated privilages, plus, I can assure you that you will NOT be the first voted off of our team.

(Conf.) Sunshine: Evil? Naaah. I just really wanna know who Nalyd likes. XD

Nalyd: Read the journal! Everything's in there! Do it! I dare you!

Sunshine: Y'see, I already did that. I know all about your plan. And I can assure you, if you don't agree to this deal, you WILL get voted off. *makes a pathetic attempt at an evil grin*

TDI19: What is going on here????

Nalyd: I can survive! I'll never tell!

Sunshine: *grins* You NEED TDI19's vote, don't you? Well... *goes up to TDI19* TDI19, let's talk. Writer to pixie.

Nalyd: I like somebody. She just isn't in the camp.

TDI19: K

Sunshine: *smiles triumphantly* Good enough for me! *pulls on detective outfit* I shall find out who it is, or die trying!!! *runs off but smacks into a tree and knocks herself out*

Ekaj: My entry is Harcan!

Zekey: (scoots over next to Sunshine) Hey, hey!

Sunshine: *still in detective outfit* Hey hey! *shifty eyes* Listen, you and Nalyd are buds, right? Sorta?

Zekey: uh huh. once, nalyd got this Gwen doll for me and *Insert boring rant about Gwen*

TDI19: Yeah, Sunshine

Sunshine: Okay, I need some help finding out who Nalyd likes. I shall not rest until I know!!!! So, who's in?

Zekey: MEEE!!!! I wonder if it's a user on wiki....

Nalyd: *goes swimming*


TDI19: eh... probably just someone in his high school.

Sunshine: *takes notes on a notepad (actually drawing ponies)*

Nalyd: *swims*

Ezekielguy: High School, huh? SUSPICIOUS!!! It's a good thing we don't have crushes in my elementary school!

TDI19: WAIT! Is Nalyd even in high school?

(Nalyd Renrut: No, eighth grade. Anyway, I am not going to bring real world crushes into this, i'll keep it all in-game)

(TDI19: Really? LOLZ, me too!)

(Ezek: me in third. no laugh in face, please.)

Nalyd: I'm not telling any of you who I like!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine: Time to bring out the big guns... *pokes eye, causing her eyes to water, stares at Nalyd with big watery puppy eyes* but wwwhhhhyyyy??? :(


(CONF) Nalyd: I was really thinking of saying Sunshine, just to freak her out. XD

Sunshine: *stares at Nalyd, cries a single tear*

(CONF.) Zeke: Cursh? If I had to choose one, Sunshine's kinda cute! ^^

(CONF) Nalyd: Maybe I will say Sunshine, see her reaction.

(Conf.) Sunshine: It's been scientifically proven that no one can resist the tears of a ravioli pixie. At least, it would be, if science were to recognize ravioli pixies exist. *pouts*

(CONF) Nalyd: Whatever....

Nalyd: You Sunshine! I like you! Happy?

Sunshine: Yes, as a matter o' fa-- wait, what? *has mentality of a 3-5 year old (it varies)*

(CONF) Nalyd: That was hilarious.

Sunshine: ??? *has not yet registered statement in brain*

(Conf.) Sunshine: I always seem to be surrounded by guys... I wonder why? *ponders*

Nalyd: Are you okay?

Sunshine: ??? *still has not registered in mind*

Nalyd: *splashes cold water in her face* Sunshine! You okay?

Ezekielguy: JAHH!!! (is now able to fly. picks up Sunshine and flies away with her)

Nalyd: *shouts* Sunshine! I was kidding! It's okay!

Sunshine: ????? *this confuses her even more*

Nalyd: What do you want from me????????

Zekey: Sunshine, can I tell you something? I really like you! (lol! CON-FUSING!)

(CONF) Nalyd: After Zekey was messing with me earlier I decided to emss with him...

Nalyd: I like you more!

Zekey: That's not true!!! I love you waaaay more! he's just being a fool!

Nalyd: Woah, love? You can have her man!

Zekey: yayyyyy <3 ^^ SUNNYYYYY

Nalyd: (G2G) Have fun you too!

Zekey: (huggles Sunny)

Sorrel: You guys love Sunshine?!? thats scary

(conf.) Sorrel: Sunshine is pretty famous here i mean she has a whole bunch of friends and 2 guys are crushing her LOL LOL LOL LOL

Nalyd: I don't love Sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I said that so she'd stop buggin' me!

Zeke: She's a cutie-pie!

Nalyd: Wow... *prays for more hot chicks*

Zeke: (shrugs) Hey Nalyd do you live up in the quarry? I LIVE UP IN THE QUARRY TOO, MAN! you know what we should do? We should go up to the quarry and throw stuff, man!

Nalyd: Huh? What quarry?

Zeke: A LAKE!! (points to quarry) LET'S THROW THINGS AT IT!!! (takes Tyra Banks out of his back pack and throws her at the quarry) YEAH, MAN!!! THE QUARRY!!!

Sunshine: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not Tyra! She still has to judge the Next Top Model entries!!! *dives into lake, saves Tyra, forgets to dry off and suddenly comes down with a fever*

Nalyd: Oh great! *brings over chicken soup* Feel better!

Ekaj: *skips stone across quarry* Ahhh.

Tyra: ow! my hair!!!!

(TDI19: Tyra is my custom character)

Nalyd: Feel better sunshine! We need you to lead the team!

Owenguy101: I see most of you had put up your pics so I guess I'll review them to see who's team wins.

Sunshine: Ch-chicken soup? But I'm a vegetarian...

Nalyd: *eats all the chicken bits and puts in brocoli* Better?

Sunshine: *chugs soup and passes out from eating/drinking the soup too fast*

Nalyd: *gets stretcher, carries her back to he rcabin, puts her in her bed, closes door slowly*

Sunshine: *becomes delusional in sleep, rants about having to finish Christin's Next Top Model entry* (True story...)

(CONF) Nalyd: I didn't help her because I like her, I DONT!!!!!!!!, I was being a good team mate. If she's down we might lose!

Sunshine: *still delusional, rants about Duncan ditching her for a more beautiful woman*

(CONF) Nalyd: I think Sunshine might be going crazy...

Sunshine: *fever is still making her delusional, she rants about how she better get a spot in Nalyd's fourth camp*

Na   Nalyd: *walks into check on her* Uh-oh! *puts an ice pack on her forehead*

Sunshine: *rants feverishly* Nalyd's gonna destroy us... take us down one by one... I go fourth-to-last... even TDI19... I'm gonna be destroyed... Harold's wearing lipstick...

Nalyd: *raises an eyebrow, but keeps listening*

Ezekielguy's shirt rips revealing huge muscles.

Nalyd: *waits for more rants*

Sunshine: *wakes up a little and looks at Zekie and Nalyd* Daddy, Mommy, 'zat you? Harold's blond... I don' feel good... make th' room stop spinning... *falls asleep again and tosses and turns feverishly*

Nalyd: *referring to her saying Mommy* I think she's talking to you zekey... *wakes her up* Sunshine! Wake up!

Sunshine: *still ranting feverishly* I'll be famous someday... then everyone can be happy... I won' let anyone be sad... won' let people down... *coughs and turns really pale*

Zeke: hold a sec. (walks out of the room and comes back looking like Duncan. kisses Sunshine.) all better.

Nalyd: *shakes her and screams* Sunshine wake up!!!

Zeke: hold a sec. (leaves room  and comes back shirtless in his jeans) Wazzup??

Nalyd: *angrily* Put some clothes on and help!!!!!

thebiggesttdifan: GEEZ!

Sunshine: *screams a little* No wanna... don' get ridda me... I can fixit... wuzzan accident... Chuck Norris'll get me... *screams then bursts into coughing fit*

Zeke (comes back in his "PINK RABBIT SAYS SHOOT TO ILL!" Tee-Shirt.) Wazza???

Nalyd: Matt. Get. Out. *yells to Sunshine* Sunshine! You need to wake up!

(Sorry, I ment to say Zeke)


Owenguy101: (after several edit conflicts.) AURRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zeke: ....

Sunshine: Izzat brother? *wakes up* Am I out? Mommy? *pulls Nalyd's sleeve* Makit better, mommy? *groans and falls back asleep, tossing and turning*

Owenguy101: I'm terribly sorry. It's now time to annouce the winner of the challenge.

Sunshine: *groans, tosses and turns, wakes up and attempts to get up* Gotta see who won... *gets dizzy and falls back down*

Zeke: so who one, owe?

Sunshine: *coughs* Tell us, bro, so I can sleep...

Owenguy101: Okay here's the winner. It's.....(drumrolling starts.)......Nalyd Renrut!

Zeke: second place?

Nalyd: Sunshine, you need to rest. Sh..... shhhh shhh

(CONF) Nalyd: How can I be happy with victory if Sunshine is sick.... I DON'T LIKE HER!!!!!!!!

Sunshine: *smiles at Nalyd and falls asleep*

(Conf.) Sunshine: For a little bit, I thought Nalyd was really out to get me, but... hey, I actually got him to show emotion... cool.

Nalyd: *makes sure she is asleep, gets everyone out, and quietly closes door*

Sunshine: *snores abnormally loudly o.O*

Nalyd: *screams like a little girl after hearing the snore, blushes, and continues walking to his own cabin*

Sunshine: *opens eyes and looks around, sits up and pulls out sketchbook*

Owenguy101: Now here's the runner-up. (Drumrolling starts.) Ekaj Renrut!

Zeke: (Claps)

(Conf) Ekaj: I've been a runner-up twice. I'll have to practice more.

(Conf.) Zeke: I'm loving these challenges! I wonder what the next one will be?

Zeke: what's the next challenge, owe?

Owenguy101: You'll see. The first thing is for your team to vote someone off.

Nalyd: Yay! We won!

Second elimination ceremony

Owenguy101: Okay Ezekielguy's team. Like before, you folks figure out who to kick out of your team and I'll figure out the votes. Okay. Now get started.

Zeke: I'm sorry but I gotta say, thebiggesttdifan. her  his entry grossed me out.

Owenguy101: Wait. HER!!!!!!!! *suffers a heart attack and faints*

Zeke: but, Owe, you can't VOTE!

Owenguy101: *climbs back up* I know. I just got surprised.

Zeke: about what???

Owenguy101: That thebiggesttdifan's a girl. Is that true?

Zeke: oh ur right it's a guy.

Ekaj: thebiggesttdifan

Owenguy101: Anymore votes?

Zeke: no one else is on.

Owenguy101: Then I guess thebiggesttdifan is going bye bye. See you next for your next challenge. By the way. I might move the pic at the top. It's creeping me out.

Day 3

Zeke: YAY!! I can't wait to hear the next challenge!

Nalyd: Owenguy101, I think Codaa5 should be on their team so that... 1) Teams are even 2) He came late...

Owenguy101: I told him to pick a team by his choice and he picked Sunshine's team. But if you feel unconfortable, I'll talk to him.


Nalyd: I'm just saying maybe he should go to the first losing team, ya know, keep it even.

Owenguy101: We'll see. In the meantime. Get ready. Your next challenge starts soon.

Nalyd: Cool. Ekaj is on but he just isn't typing. Is it another recolor?

Zeke: I hope it is!

Nalyd: *to Sunshine* Feeling better.

Sunshine: Yeah! I checked my temperature and it's like, 103 point something. That's good, right? :D

Nalyd: No, that's really bad! You should go get some sleep.


Nalyd: *to Ezekielguy* So do you actually like Sunshine?

Sunshine: *has fallen asleep standing up*

Nalyd: *rolls eyes, slings her over his shoulder, puts her in her bed, leaves* She really needs help...

(CONF) Nalyd: I hope we get a challenge soon...

(Conf.) Sunshine: I have mastered the arts of drawing, writing, sleeping in strange places, yoga, and annoying people. Whoo!!!

TDI19: *listening* you do yoga?

Sunshine: Totally! Good for the body, good for the mind, good for the soul. Namaste.

Nalyd: *to Sunshine and TDI19* Guys, I think Codaa5 has to go first. I promise I won't vote for wither of you.

Sunshine: *stares stupidly at Nalyd* Whhhyyyy?

Nalyd: Because we had such a hard time figuring out which of all of us to vote out, so with him it's easier.

Zeke: I had a problem with his Harold pic.

Sunshine: *stares at her brother* CHALLENGE SOON?????

Zeke: (stares at him) CHALLENGE NOW!!!!!!

TDI19: OK, Nalyd. *nods* (Sunshine, is your brother going to post the challenge???)

Nalyd: zEke, do you still like Sunshine?

Zeke: in camp? yes. in real life? no!! and I never did either.

(CONF) Nalyd: Sunshine and Ezekielguy sitting in a tree! K-I-S-S-I... What comes next?

Ezekielguy: (burst into CONF.) G!!! (slaps nalyd in the face)

Nalyd: Hey, Ezekielguy, want to make a wager? (not real stuff, don't worry)

Zeke: sure...

Nalyd: If you can't get Sunshine to like you by the end of the day, I get to tell you who to vote off next time your team loses. Deal?

Zeke: DEAL!

Nalyd: You can come up with what I have to do if you succeed.

Zeke: hmmm... If I suceed, you have to be me and sunshine's waiter on our first date!

Nalyd: Seriously? That's it?

Zeke: do you know how much the two of us order together? (smirks)

Nalyd: Okay... *smiles evily*

Zeke: you won't get away with this.

Nalyd: *explains to SUnshine about the bet* So whatever you do, don't give in!

a little later, Ezekielguy explains to Sunshine about the bet.

Zeke: and don't give in, ok?

(CONF) Nalyd: Oh no! I have to bring them food! I'm SO scared!

(CONF) Zeke: Bring. It. On.

(CONF) Nalyd: If I were him I would've picked something embarassing. Like reading my journal, dressing like a chicken, something funnier than waiter. But, whatever.

Third challenge

Owenguy101: Are you ready for your third challenge folks?

Zeke: yah.Nalyd: I g2g, bbl


matt: wazza challenge?

Owenguy101: Your next challenge is to make the best picture of a tdi crush or a favorite character.

Zeke: easy! wait draw it???

Nalyd: Do we draw it with our hands (well duh...) or computers?

Nalyd: This would be so much easier if you answered the questions!

Ezekielguy: I guess we'll have to ignore him and do one of our choice.

Nalyd: I'm gonan make one on the computer.   *rolls eyes* My program isn't working!

Tdi: Im doing it by computer

Ekaj: I can't complete this task with a lack of data such as this! o_0 SMART MOMENT!

Tdi: Mine :)

Ekaj: Mine is a Bridgette edit named Emily!

Sunshine: *is asleep on a tree branch*

(Conf.) Sunshine: It's almost kind of weird how I can sleep anywhere. Heck, when I was touring with the AlterEgos, I slept in the trunk of their jeep. It's a gift, I gu-- *falls asleep in confessional*

Nalyd: Ummm, all th epics got deleted...

Nalyd: I think we're going to win again! We have this in the BAG!

Sunshine: *rolls over, causing her to fall out of the tree*

Zekey: *flirtatiously* Hey Sunshine.

Nalyd: *telepathically* Sunshine, don;t fall for his charm.

Owenguy101: How come Sunshine doesn't have her pic up? She usually has it up first.

Nalyd: It probably got deleted with the others.

(Sunshine: Nah, the pic I want to upload is on a flash drive. I have to get it...)

Owenguy101: You should hurry. The challenge might end soon.

Nalyd: IMO (in my opinion) We should win. Tdi's pic is pretty bad (trent's pants are invisible...) and Ekaj's is very... the lines are just weird.

Owenguy101: You'll see soon. I might do the results in a few minutes.

Nalyd: Can't wait! (To win)

Zekeyguy: Hey Sunshine! I picked you flowers!Nalyd: *lights flowers on fire*

Sunshine: Aw, c'mon Renny, what was that for? (Yes, I just called you Renny. Roll with it.)

Nalyd: AWESOME PIC!!! Anyway, me and Zekey have a bet going. (How about "Naly", I used to hate it but its growing on me) If he can't win you over by the end of the day, I can tell him who to vote off. I am going to have him vote HIMSELF off. K?

Sunshine: Right after Gwen, his true love, did the same to herself in TDA? Oh, that's just cold, Ren-Ren. *is testing out stupid nicknames to see which one annoys him the most XD*

Zekey: We're no strangers to love!

Nalyd: Sunshine, resist! RESIST!

Sunshine: If I do, will you buy me a pony? :D

Owenguy101: Okay. Time to do the results.

Nalyd: Okay, and yes I'll buy you a pony! (okay, nobody talk so owen gets no conflicts)

Owenguy101: Okay. I've looked over them and the winner is.......(drumrolling starts.)........Nalyd Renrut! Again!

Nalyd: Yay!

Owenguy101: Some other good ones belonged to Sunshine and Ekaj.

Sunshine: Yay!!! Sunny's getting a pony!!! ^^

Owenguy101: Ezekielguy's team. Meet me at the ceremony and you'll vote someone off.

Nalyd: Zekey, you failed the bet. Vote for yourself.

(CONF) Zekey: I'm a man of my word... I failed... Bye Sunshine!

Third elimination ceremony

Ezekielguy: I vote for myself, as I am a man of my word.

Owenguy101: We'll see about that. Now everyone who's here, vote.

Owenguy101: Is anyone on?

(Nalyd Renrut: Ekaj just told me he is voting Tdi, and wants to know what the tie breaker is)

Owenguy101: I don't have a tie breaker in store, so I'll just say no one is getting voted off. Go have a free night and do stuff. And I'll see you later for the next challenge.

Nalyd: Have the other team vote. Or who ever has had the most previous votes goes.

Owenguy101: You'll find out tommorow. See you soon.

Nalyd: Fine....

(CONF) Nalyd: I think that when Zekey goes, his team is officially doomed... Anyway, I think Sunshine is my closest friend out here, which is soemwhat unfortunate because we don't even hang out that much... Oh well, maybe we'll bond and becoem best buddies!

(CONF) Tdi: Okay, I was off for a while and missed the ceremony. But why would anyone vote me off? I did the challenge. (sigh) Anyways, I would've voted off Zeke

(Conf) Ekaj: The only reason I voted for tdi is soit would be a test of skills to move on in the competion. Sorry if you took it the wrongway tdi.

Day 4

Nalyd: Hey guys.

Owenguy101: Hello Nalyd. Glad to see you're here. The next challenge will start soon.

(CONF) Nalyd: Zekey shouldn't be here. He is going down today once and for all.

(CONF) Zekey: I don't know why Nalyd doesn't like me. I might have offended him.

Nalyd: Start soon?

Tdi: Ya

Nalyd: Now? Now? Now? Now?????

Codaa5: Can we do a drawing of our fav tdi camper on like Paint or Paper? PLEASE? I got a AWESOME DUNCAN ONE!

Sorrel: hi guys im soooo sorry i wasn't here for 3 days I was SO busy like on Monday i was at some school thing and I played piano and on Tuesday I was sick and so forgive me!!!

Owenguy101: It's okay. Okay everyone. You're next challenge starts soon so get ready.

Sorrel: so anything happened? any secret crushes, alliances, enemies?

Owenguy101: Well I think Nalyd and Zekey are having a conflict.

Tdi: Yep

Sorrel: i can see codaa is on my team well sunshine's

Nalyd: Zekey likes sunshine, me Tdi19 and sunshine sort of have an alliance, Zekey has to vote himself out... you are now up to speed.

Sorrel: Well i can survive I hate my flu WHY !!!! anyway zekey likes sunshine thats cute!

Nalyd: But she isn;t allowed to like him.

Sorrel: why not? it isn't like sunshine likes him back!

Nalyd: Because of a bet. If Zekey could get sunshine by the end of yesterday, I had to be the waiter for their date. If he failed I could tell him who to vote off. He lost. Now I have to buy Sunshine a pony as reward for resisting.

Zekey: *glares at Nalyd*

Sorrel: to bad for zekey!

Zekey: Nalyd, let's make another bet!

Nalyd: Same as before?

Zekey: No, Sorrel, what should Nalyd do if I still can't get Sunshine.

(CONF) Zekey: Sorrel is sort of crazy. She would be perfect for this..

Sorrel: do something bad to you liek stick ice down your pants!

Zekey: Stuff ice down your pants!... And this crazed weasel!

Nalyd: *laughs* Deal! *sternly to Sunshine* For the love of great canadain cheese (yeah, I went there) don't fall for him!

(conf.) SOrrel: NAlyd and zekey totally hate each other but im on Nalyd's side

(CONF) Nalyd: A crazed weasel...  A CRAZED WEASEL???? If Sunshine messes this up... I have to stop betting, I have a gambling issue!

Sorrel: since i was gone did anyone miss me? Just playing but did you guys?

Zekey: *singing to sunshine* You're beautiful! what is love?

Nalyd: *breaks speakers, creating loud screech*

Tdi: *Covers ears* No offense, but she won't fall for you because of that

Zekey: I know. *growls angrily at Nalyd*

Sorrel: break up this fight!

Nalyd: I'm gonna go swimming, anybody want to come?

Sorrel: sure im buring out here

Nalyd: *goes into cabin, changes, jumps into lake*

Zekey: *gets an idea*

Sorrel: *dives in the lake* MAN! this feels good!

Zekey: *sneaks into cabin*

(CONF) Nalyd: I guess it was a bonding experience between me and sorrel... *in fake lisp* Oh boy! Bonding with the girls! (LOL)

Fourth challenge

Owenguy101: Your next challenge is to make the best picture of Duncan. You may draw it or use MS paint.

Sorrel; g2g

Owenguy101: This challenge will be over by friday just to let you know.

Owenguy101: Good job with the pic Codaa5!

Nalyd: *still swimming* Sounds good.

Zekey: *replaces Nalyd's clothes with pinkd resses and runs out*

Codaa5: I know right? I only had trouble with his chin, DANG it's pointy!

Sorrel: this will be hard!

(conf.)Sorrel: I guess Nalyd is a cool guy

Nalyd: *flips in water* Woo!

Sorrel: ok?

Nalyd: I'm part dolphin. *magically walks across water somehow like the dolphins do* Eee! Eee! Eee!

Sorrel: I love dolphins! <3

(CONF) Zekey: Once Nalyd is done in the lake, he'll have to wear pink dresses!Owenguy101: Eww. Sorrel's pic is a bit sloppy.

Sorrel: I know but i won't be on for a while again maybe till friday. Lets see

Nalyd: But so far our team is the only one with pics up!

Sorrel: true

Nalyd: I'm getting out. *gets out of lake, walk into cabin sees dresses* What the-

Zekey: *laughs far off in woods*

Owenguy101: Sorrel's pic shrunk and changed.

Nalyd: *come sback out, angry and still in bathing suit* Where's Zekey.

Zekey: *puts a turtle in Nalyd's bed*

Nalyd: *stuffs Zekey's shoes with made*

Zekey: *turns the hot water to cold water in the showers, then boiling*

Nalyd: *poors mud in Zekey's dresser drawers*

Codaa5: Owenguy, I wont be here for 10 days starting tommorrow.. so I dont know whats gonna happen.

Nalyd: Don't worry Codaa, we won't lose. *sees tdi's pic* At least I hope not...

Tdi: Will I be the only one on my team to do this?

Nalyd: Ekaj is going to. His isn;t so good though...

Sunshine: *whips out her entry* Still afraid we'll lose, Nalyd?

Nalyd: No way! *hifives Sunshine*

Zekey: Hey Sunshine...

Nalyd: *glares at him*

Sunshine: *drools over Duncan photos*

Zekey: *runs to cabin with idea*

Nalyd: sunshine, remember to resist him... *remembers weasels and ice...*

Sunshine: *stares at Nalyd* WHERE'S MY PONY???

Nalyd: When i win I'll get you a pony, K?

Zekey: *comes out dressed as Duncan, pushes Nalyd into mud* Hey Sunshine.

(CONF) Nalyd: Oh no....

Sunshine: O.O Do I still have that fever?

Zekey: *raises unibrow* No.. It's just me, SUnshine.

Nalyd: *glare sat Sunshine*

(CONF) Nalyd: Sunshine! Don't get in... and then....

Sunshine: *eye starts twitching and she starts foaming at the mouth*

(Conf.) Sunshine: Man, I had some weird dreams while I had that fever... like that one I shall have a flashback of now instead of describing...


Nalyd: *suddenly turns into Batman* TO THE BATCAVE!

Sorrel: *runs by dressed as Ichigo* STRAWBERRY BELL BELL!

Zekie: *burps oranges in Nalyd's face*

(End flashback)

Sunshine: Yyyyeeaaah... fever dreams are weird...

Zekey: *in Duncan's voice* Wanna hang out Sunshine?

Nalyd: *telepathically* Don't do it! Don't you dare!

Sunshine: *foams even more at mouth and blabbers something unintelligable*

(Conf.) Sunshine: And then there was that one I had about Duncan, Noah, Courtney, a toaster, a vat of butter, and the Kid's Choice Awards... o.O

Ekaj: My entry is a side by side comparison. Nalyd: Sunshine! Look! It's the real Duncan! *pushes Zekey in mud*

Zekey: Hey! *mohawk falls off*

Tdi: My team might win! *Looks at sunshines* Or not.....

Sunshine: *dives into mud and grabs mohawk* I GOT HIS MOHAAAAAWWWWWKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

(Conf.) Sunshine: Obsession? Totally. Unhealthy? ...well ...I don't think so...

Nalyd: I'm gonna take a nap. *yawns, stretches, hiccups, walks to cabin and falls asleep*

Sunshine: *gets bored and draws on Nalyd's face*

Zekey: *tapes Nalyd to dock* Duck tape!

(Zeke: I'm back!!)  

Nalyd: *wakes up taped to dock* What the heck?

Codaa5: Hey guys! *Untapes Nalyd*

Sunshine: *holding roll of duct tape* THE POWER OF DUCT TAPE!!!!!!!!!!

(Conf.) Sunshine: DUCT TAPE IS ALL POWERFUL!!! Tdi: BTW, Zeke. You were voted captain in TDR (Total Drama Random) Congrates

Nalyd: *looks at Zeke's* We are gonna win!

(CONF) Tdi: Since we are going to lose, there's no one else but Zeke

(CONF) Nalyd: I don't understand how Zeke is still here... Glad I won't have to do the bet punishment! Go Sunshine!

(Conf.) Sunshine: Two days in a row... Nalyd SO owes me! *giggles evilly*

Nalyd: I think Owenguy is judging.. *shrugs* SO Sunshine, i heard that you think i owe you despite the promise of a pony. What else do you  require?

(CONF) Tdi: I should get extra points for free-hand!

Sunshine: I made a list.

(Conf.) Sunshine: I have a motto when it comes to things like this... "When in doubt, blow it up and make it into ravioli!" Wait, that's not it...

Nalyd: Go on.....

Sunshine: Well, there's the pony THAT YOU HAVEN'T GOTTEN ME YET *glares* and it'd really be helpful if I had someone to build a little stable for him/her. Also, my ravioli-flower garden needs weeding, my room really needs cleaning, my Duncan needs kidnapping...

(Conf.) Sunshine: Oh yeah, I remember now! "It's not taking advantage until you ask for a mansion!"

Sunshine: ...and I guess it'd be nice if I could go out to dinner sometime. Makin' ravioli three times a day every day does get tiring.

Nalyd: I can get you pony, stable, and duncan when I win. I'll clean your room, weed your garden, and I'll make you dinner, okay?

(CONF) Nalyd: Great.....

Sunshine: Geez, if I'd known you'd cave that easy, I'd have asked for a car too...

(CONF) Tdi: Poor Nalyd.. oh well. Better him than me

Nalyd: So what do you want for the dinner?

Sunshine: Uhh... *grabs laptop and googles "food that isn't ravioli"*

Nalyd: Oh no...

Sunshine: Oooh... creme brulee... I wonder what that is...

Nalyd: How about Mac and Cheese?

Sunshine: ? *googles it*



(CONF) Nalyd: I would've done ANYTHING to keep the weasels and ice away...

Nalyd: Is the challenge almost over soon? (All but TDI19's is up). Sorrel: Im bored now

(conf.)Sorrel: i have afeeling at the end of the season Nalyd and Zekey are gonna be dust

Zeke: (burst in to the confession) WHY????

Nalyd: *stares at Zekey*

Sorrel: uhh ok than

Nalyd: Well Zekey, looks like you'll lose the second bet, too!

Sorrel: what 2nd bet??

Nalyd: If he can't get Sunshine (again) I tell him wh to vote for (again!) If not, I put ice and rabid weasels down my pants....

Sorrel: that ain't cool. I know how SUnshine is shes my best friend!!! anyway zekey won't get her

Nalyd: If she doesn't give in, I have to give her a pony at the end of the contest (and a whole list of stuff).

Sorrel: ha ha

Zeke runs off crying over to his room. He is mad at Nalyd and Sorrell.

Nalyd: *sees Zekey run off*

(CONF) Nalyd: It wouldn't surprise me if they hooked up after the show, though.

(CONF) Zeke: Why does nalyd have to be so evil? ALL I WANT IS TO BE FRIENDS, NALYD!!!!

(CONF) Nalyd: My one weakness: (well, actually one of many) Seeing people cry.

Nalyd: *walks into Zekey's cabin* Zekey? Is this a... good time?

Zeke: It's *Sniff* Fine...

(CONF) Nalyd: I don;t like admitting I was wrong. So it was a little wakward.

Nalyd: Listen... how about after today, I'll give you a fair shot with Sunshine, and no more bets. Deal?

Zeke: Deal! And, uh... Nalyd, how bout being friends?

Nalyd: Sure.

(CONF) Nalyd: Okay, now I have a friend on the other side. This is too easy... (oooh! A villain! =0 )

Zeke: (sees nalyd from a crack in the confessional and sighs sadly)

(CONF) Nalyd: *rants abotu being evil genius* Why would they keep me around after being able to get rid of me on day one? I'm grateful, but in one camp I single-handedly eliminated 8 different people! I didn't win but... Still, I'm a force to be reckoned with!

(CONF) Zeke: *Insert long rant about how all he wanted was to be friends with nalyd and be friends with everyone tears included*

Nalyd: Zekey, could I see you for a second? *motions towards woods, both walk out to woods* I think it would be awesome if we had a cross team alliance that nobody knows about, then when we get to the merge we could dominate. What do you say?

Ekaj: Zeke, your Duncan edit doesn't meet the expectations of the challenge.

Zeke: The Harold pic was for last week if that's what ur talking about. If ur thinkiing of my Duncan makeover Owenguy said I could do it so there.

Sunshine: *has been standing behind Nalyd the entire time* GASPETH!

(Conf.) Sunshine: I don't think Nalyd's realized yet I drew on his face while he was asleep to make him look like Duncan... *breaths sigh of relief*

Nalyd: *turns and sees SUnshine* Sunshine! *pulls Zekey away* So alliance?

Zekey: Nuh uh. I know ur kind!

Nalyd: *in deep,menacing voice* Join me Zekey, togetehr we can rule this camp as alliance partners.

Zekey: Fine. But you must give up ur evil ways! And if I find out ur up to something, I'm dropping out.

Nalyd: Agreed.... but Zekey, I am your fifth cousin twice removed!

Zekey: COUSIN???

Nalyd: No. Just kidding. Let's go dominate.

Sunshine: Wait Nalyd!!! *pulls out a marker and draws on his forehead* I forgot the unibrow. Silly me!

Nalyd: *growls angrily*

Sunshine: ...I should probably start running now, huh?

Nalyd: *cracks knuckles, remebers alliance, stops* No. It's okay. I'm gonna go swimming. *walks to cabin*

Sunshine: *stares after him* ...he let me go? Oh... my... pasta... IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs around camp screaming like a banshee*

Nalyd: *holds pillow to face and screams like Sunshine screaming like a banshee*

Sunshine: *splats into the window of Nalyd's cabin like a bug on a windshield*

Nalyd: *closes shades, changes, canonballs into lake*

Sunshine: *attempts to peel self off window, ends up breaking it and falling through it instead, gets bored and goes through Nalyd's stuff, too stupid to know she shouldn't do that*

(CONF) Nalyd: I just hope nobody finds my personal notes.

Nalyd: *gets bit in the foot by a turtle*

Sunshine: *pulls out big packet of paper* "Nalyd's Personal Notes, Do Not Read, Sunshine That Means You"... *shrugs* Sunny likes a good story! *flops down with notes and eats from secret stash of pretzels she found*

Zeke: (talks in Duncan's voice to Sunshine.) Hi, babe.

Sunshine: *gets surprised and chokes on a pretzel*

Zeke: (still talking in Duncan's voice) How bout a date?

Nalyd's Notes: Today Zekey said he liked Sunshine. Darn. I can definitely keep him away (scribble marks over some words)... My team is dominating. I think I am the only one playing the game to the fullest. Me and Zekey got into a prank war. I found all my clothes buried underground. TDI19 hasn't been here. I have to give Sunshine a pony... (big sribble out mark)

Sunshine: *coughs really hard, pretzel flies out of her mouth, through a window, and over the lake*

Nalyd: *screams* Flying pretzels! *turtle is still biting his toe*

Sunshine: Oooh, scribble marks. I shall read what's under them using TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!!!!! *pulls out eraser*

Nalyd: My "Sunshine is reading through my notes" sense is tingling... but that might be the turtle. Ow!

Owenguy101: Okay. Here's the results. (Sorry. I was off for a while.)

Zeke: Shoot, Owe.

Owenguy101: Okay. I hope most people are on because the winners are about to be heard.

Zeke: JUST GO!!!!

TDI19: Wait! I still have to scan my pic!

Nalyd: *growls* Tell us...

Owenguy101: The winner is.....(drumrolling starts)..... Ezekielguy with his first picture!

Zeke: EEE!!!! (Katie&Sadie moment we all have them!)

Nalyd: But that looks NOTHING like Duncan...

Zeke: It's a Duncan extreme makeover!

Owenguy101: Even though it doesn't look as close as Duncan, the picture is very detailed.

Nalyd: But the challenge was, " Your next challenge is to make the best picture of Duncan"... not most detailed pic...

Owenguy101: Yes but it does look like Duncan but with a Matt twist which is good.

Nalyd: It looks like Harold....

Zeke: no no no. That was my pic for LAST challenge! Owe's talking about the Duncan with the MUSTACHIO!

Nalyd: *gives up*

(CONF) Nalyd: *mutters soemthign about stubborn people* (ironic, isn't it?)

(CONF) Zeke: It's funny how people thought I would get sent home but I won.

(CONF) Nalyd: I think Owenguy101 and Zekey might have some sort of deal...

Nalyd: Fine, let's vote...

Owenguy101: I got confused. But you still win Zekey.

(CONF) Nalyd: I am torn between voting Codaa5, who is doing the challenges, Sorrel, who hasn't been here, and TDI19, who also hasn't been here...

(Conf.) Sunshine: I don't want to vote for anyone... everyone here is my friend... who knows, maybe they'll vote me off 'cause I'm annoying... *curls up in a ball and wimpers*

Nalyd: *rants to Sunhine about how she should've won* It doesn't make sense, he never said we could do a make-over... I think there should be like a re-do, cause only Zekey knew...

TDI19: Sunshine should have won. Please don't vote me off. I was going to do it earlier today but I had to go out!!

(CONF) Zeke: You know who I really like That guy, TDI19!

Nalyd: Sunshine, TDI19, I think it should be Codaa5 or Sorrel.

Owenguy101: No talking please. I need to do something important.

Fourth elimination ceremony

Owenguy101: Like before, you decide who to vote off and I'll tally up the votes. Okay? Now vote.

Nalyd: Guys, I think Sorrel because she won't be around for a few days, Codaa5 did way better at the challenge.

TDI19: Sorry Sorrel.

Owenguy101: I'll give you guys a few more minutes to vote.

Nalyd: I'm voting Sorrel. Sorry Sunshine but... Sorrel just won't be here and Codaa will.

Sunshine: *swallows hard and starts shaking*

(Conf.) Sunshine: Sorrel is my BFF. And BFF's can't just vote each other off like *snaps fingers* that! So what could I do but...

Sunshine: *with voice shaking* I vote for myself!

(CONF) Nalyd: That was brave of her. Luckily nobody else will vote for Sunshine.

TDI19: *gasps* That was so kind and honorable, Sunshine!

Sunshine: *hyperventilates from fear*

(Conf.) Sunshine: If Codaa5 comes and votes for me, the votes'll be tied and Sorrie'll be safe... *crosses fingers*

Sunshine: *while she's hyperventilating, Nalyd's personal notes fall out of the pocket of her apron*

Nalyd: My notes! *blushes, grabs notes, puts in pocket*

Sunshine: *tries saying something to Nalyd but passes out from hyperventilating too much*

Zeke: Sunshine can I talk to you?

Owenguy101: I'd say Sunshine stays so it's between Sorrel and Codaa5.

Nalyd: Sorrel has most votes, she should go....

Sunshine: *lying on ground unconcious*

Owenguy101: Sunshine would go in a coma if Sorrel goes.

Nalyd: *points into distance* Sunshine! Its Duncan!

Sunshine: *leaps up and pulls net out of her apron pocket* DUNCAN???

Nalyd: Sunshine! You went through my stuff!

Sunshine: Mmmmaaayyyyybbbbeeeee... an' I might've eaten your secret stash of pretzels... *chuckles awkwardly*

Nalyd: What Pretzels? I had a collection of salty wood... Why'd you take my notes! *blushes* How much did you read?

Sunshine: *belches out some woodchips* ...a lotta it...

Nalyd: Oh great... *runs away*

Sunshine: *grabs lasso out of apron pocket, ropes Nalyd with it, and pulls him back* I didn't get a lot of it though. Too many big words...

Nalyd: Oh.. *awkwardly* Okay, can you untie me now?

Sunshine: Hmm... nah! *yanks Nalyd-on-a-string around*

Nalyd: What do you want from me?????????????

Sunshine: I dunno yet. That's why I haven't untied you.

Nalyd: Don't say Pony, dinner, stable, garden and all that other stuff!

Owenguy101: Vote someone off!


Sunshine: *is suddenly reminded of why they're there, sniffles and eyes start watering*

Nalyd: I'd offer my shoulder to cry on but I'm a little tied up (LOL, not funny but still LOL)

Sunshine: *chucks tomato at Nalyd* Booooo. XD

Nalyd: I'm violently allergic to tomatos! (flashback to two days ago where I ate one and was perfectly fine XD) *breaks out in hives*

Owenguy101: I'm trying to say something!


Owenguy101: I guess I'll see you guys later.

Nalyd: That's it?

Owenguy101: For now.

Nalyd: That's what you had to say??? Doesn't Sorrel go???????

Owenguy101: Yes if you keep saying that.

Sunshine: *chucks Nalyd into lake* Are you better? :D

(Sunshine: Ssssooooooooo... who's out?)

(Sorrel: yah?)

Nalyd: Come on dude!

Sorrel: *yawns* im bored agina

Nalyd: Me too because this camp doesn't make sense anymore!

Tdi: Wait, my team won? YAY!

Sorrel: We need more people on

Nalyd: sunshine deserved to win, I think Owen's playing faves!

Owenguy101: Oh forget it.

Sorrel: forget what?

Nalyd: So who is going?

(conf.) sorrel: if i go OMG what about SUNSHINE!! *starts crying*

Nalyd: If by forget it you mean you want to stop the camp (probably due to my complaining) I am sorry and I will stop. Just please continue.

Sorrel: don't stop!

Nalyd: He might just mean that he (apparently) constantly gets edit conflicts. Lets all stop talking so Owenguy can respond starting.... NOW!

Sorrel: ok, I gotta work on my other camps anyway lets wait .

Owenguy101: Okay. I'm just going to let you go tonight.

Nalyd: You mean nobody goes again?

Owenguy101: No. You guys made everything crazy.

Nalyd: But the votes were still cast. 2-1.

Sorrel: so its a free night?

Day 5

Owenguy101: We've experienced a problem with Nalyd and everyone else, so if there's a problem between him or someone else. One of them will get eliminated. Okay folks.

Nalyd: *is about to say something, stops and walks off to cool down*

Owenguy101: You guys all relax while I calm down before next challenge.

Nalyd: *does meditation*

Sorrel: *swims in the lake*

Tdi:* Cronches nachos loudly*

Sorrel: so do you guys like anyone here yet?

Nalyd: Ummm... *unconvincingly* No. Hold on, I need to go see the medic... *walks away*

Tdi: I don't! Wait, mean like love? Or as friends?

Sorrel: err... I gues love

Tdi: No.....

Nalyd: *returns* Hey guys... remember the hives yesterday? It turned out it was a disease... I have to leave. Bye guys!

Sorrel: where?

Nalyd: *hugs everybody* Bye.

Sorrel: see ya nalyd!

(CONF) Nalyd: I guess it's karma... I made a fuss then got sick...

Tdi: Bye Bye! Miss you!

(conf.) sorrel: nayld was a strong player and one of my i gues best friends but he voted for me and almost got sunshine in a coma

(CONF) Tdi: Nalyd made it too easy!

(conf.)Sorrel: but he won't return!

Ekaj: When is the next challenge?

Nalyd: hey guys! I'm all better!

Sorrel: so you came back

Nalyd: It's a long story but I'm back for more drama!

SOrrel: anywho when is the challenge!

Owenguy101: Right now.

Sunshine: Whoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Challenge!!! *does the Duncan*

Sorrel: So what is the challenge! I am SO ready!

Zeke: (burst in) HUNKY DORRY!!!!

Sorrel: are you ok?

Fifth challenge

Owenguy101: Your next challenge is a cool one. Make a tdi character look like someone in a science fiction movie. How awesome is that?

Matt: AWE-SOME!!!!!

Nalyd: Sweet! So glad I stayed! Nalyd: LOL! Ekaj was doing Bridgette as leia! Man will he be mad!

TDI19: I call doing someone as either Gollum or Bilbo Bilkins!

Sorrel: great!

Nalyd: Let's win this team!

Ekaj: Well, Matt... great minds think alike! I was editing the page and noticed your picture. Mine is Bridgette as Princess Leia too!
Bridgette as Princess Leia

Ekaj's Entry: Bridgette as Princess Leia

Matt: AHH!!!! Nalyd: All the coll kids are doing Star Wars. XD

Owenguy101: Who did Sadie the Hutt?

Nalyd: Me.

Owenguy101: You should've said you did it.

Ekaj: Who wins?

Matt: the challengo is no overo (lol false spanish)

Ekaj: Quick question Zekey, want to have an alliance?

Matt: I'm already in an alliance sorry.

Ekaj: With who Nalyd? If so then I already have part in an alliance with you.

Matt: kewl. oh and are you and nalyd related?

Ekaj: Yea we are... but I'm not sayiing in which way.

Sorrel: i though you guys were cousin


Sorrel: Owen is R2D2

Sunshine: LOL!!!!! XD

Ekaj: Where did all of the pics go? I was kind of excited for Owen as R2-D2....

Sorrel: Oh my gawd is gone! plus owen looks bad I guess il repost it.

sorrel's entry owen is r2d2

Owenguy101: Arrgh! The pics are gone again and the rich text editor's diffrent again. I guess you have to repost you pictures.

Sadie the hutt

Nalyd Renrut's Sadie the Hut

Nalyd: Let's win this guys!

Sunshine: I found mine!

Nalyd: How much longer...

Sorrel: hopefully soon! I can taste the win!

Tdi: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I DON'T KNOW ANY SCIENCE FICTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: Bummer.

Sorrel: should we help her?

(conf.)Sorrel: why did i ask that.... she's on a seperate team from us!! I can't believe she doesn't know STar wars!

Han Solo Duncan

Sunshine's Entry- Duncan as Han Solo

Owenguy101: This challenge will end Wednesday just to remind you.

(CONF) Tdi: I'd really hate to burst peoples bubble, but I'm a dude

Sorrel: end it now! please!!!

Sunshine: *hands Tdi a toy lightsaber* This shall help you. I don't know how, but...

Sorrel: ohh.... a lightsaber!

Sunshine: I also have this. *pulls on Darth Vader helmet*

Sorrel: nah i like lightsabers better nobody did chewbacca!

Nalyd: Can we start now? Can we start now? Can we start now? Can we start now? Can we start now? Can we start now? Can we start now?

(conf.)sorrel: i think our team is totally going to win because most of us have our entrys up

Tdi: It will be okay if I lose, even though I thought I had a good shot at this camp. I will leave with my head held high (Of course, if we lose)

(CONF) Tdi: At least going home won't be so bad. I could always work at..... wait. I don't work. (Gets Nachos)

Owenguy101: Sorry I wasn't here for a while. It's time for the results.

Sunshine: FINALLY! *eats popcorn*

TDI19: Sorry I did not get my picture done. I was going to do Heather as Gollum, but I was really focused on TDAuthor this week! Sorry again!

Owenguy101: Okay. The winner of the challenge is.....(Drumrolling starts).....Sunshine!

Sunshine: Ho yeah! *hugs Duncan Solo pic*

Nalyd: INVINCIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *dances like Blinky the one-eyed penguin*

Sorrel: yah we won!

Ekaj: Who's runner up and when is the voting?

Sorrel: we have to wait for the host

Owenguy101: Okay Ezekielguy's team. I'll see you at the elimination ceremony.

Fifth elimination ceremony

Owenguy101: Like the other times, you decide who to vote off and I'll tally it up. Now vote.

Tdi: Even though I might leave, Zeke

Ezekielguy: Tdi definetly. Sorry, but you didn't bring in ur pic.

Owenguy101: One vote for each of you. But we need more. Where's Ekaj?

Zeke: Ejak no here.

Owenguy101: Uh oh. We have a tie vote. Would someone from the other team please break the tie vote?

Sunshine: I will. I regretfully vote... Tdi. Sorry, man. No hard feelings?

Owenguy101: Sorry Tdi. But it was nice to have you here. You'll have a good time at the losers place. See yah all later.

Zeek: Yeah, See yah all later.

Sunshine: WWWAAAAIIIIITTTT!!!!!!! Loser's place?!?!

Day 6

Owenguy101: Breakfast is served.

Sorrel: *comes in drinking soda* yummy in my tumy

Codaa5: *Arrives* Im back!

Sunshine: *eating ravioli* It's CODAA!!!!

Sorrel: right!

Owenguy101: More pancakes?

Sunshine: PANCAKES!!!!!!

Sorrel: *dumps a whole can of sugar* want some?

Sunshine: SUGAR!!!! *eye twitches*

Sorrel: have some (i get edit conflicts on alteragos!)

Sunshine: *eats sugar* NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM XD

Zeke: I wonder what the next challenge is.... (That's your cue, Owe!)

(Sunshine: Owe's not on. Sowwy!)

Sorrel: zeke you only have 2 players including youself on your team

Zeke: So that doesn't mean I don't have a chance of winning!

Nalyd: We will dominate in the merge.

Sunshine: *dressed like Nalyd and wearing a brown wig* Oh... Nalyd... you're here early...

Zeke: (Dresses up like Sunshine and stares at her) EAT OR BE EATEN!!!! (He begins to chase her.)

Ekaj: Okay I'm back! *starts eating piles and piles of raw pancake batter* Yummers!

Nalyd: Final 7!

Owenguy101: We're getting near a merge so we'll make a red team and a blue team. I'll pick the members.

Nalyd: Won't the teams be uneven?

Sunshine: *running away from Zeke screaming* He's dressed like a GGGIIIIIRRRRRLLLLL!!!!!

Zeke: Anyway CHALLENGE!!!!

Sunshine: *smacks into tree and wig falls of* Noo, my Nalyd wig!!!!

Owenguy101: Red team will be Sunshine, Sorreltail, Nalyd, and Ekaj. Blue team will be Ezekielguy, TDI19, and Codaa5.

Sunshine: RED TEAM RULES!!!!!!

Zeke: CHALLENGE. NOW. (Throws tantrum) I MISS MY GWEN DOLL!!!!!

Nalyd: 4 vs. 3, let's finish them!

Zeke: *Ties dynamite to a Trent doll's foot and fires* Trent go bye bye. (Waves)

Sunshine: *looking at watch* Explosion in three... two... one...

Zeke: (Hugs his Gwen plushie) Here, Sunny. (Hands her a Duncan plushie.)

Sunshine: *eyes glow and she froths at mouth* DDUUUNNNCCCCAAAANNNN

Nalyd: *stares in confusion, rolls eyes* Crushes on tv characters...

Sunshine: I quote: "There is one syllable for pure perfection..."

Nalyd: Actually, my name has two syllables. *laughs* Just kidding! XD So who said that quote?

Sunshine: o.O It was you, silly!!! *points to Nalyd's TDI wiki page XD*

Nalyd: I did?

Zeke: Come, Sunshine. We havent time to play with non-TDI character lovers. Let us go doodle in our matching friendship sketchbooks! Hmph!

Owenguy101: Time for the challenge.

Zeke: GOODY!!!!

Gwen Pig


Sixth challenge

Ekaj: What is the challenge?

Nalyd: LOL, yeah, what is it? (Seriously, this is getting annoying waiting for challenges)

Owenguy101: This one will be a fun one. Make a TDI character look like another cartoon character.

Ekaj: Of course.

Ekaj: My entry is Owen as Charlie Brown!
Owen as Charlie Brown

Ekaj's entry: Owen as Charlie Brown

Sunshine: And I did Cody as Jason from the FoxTrot comics!!! Zeke: I did Harold as Hobbs from Calvin and Hobbs!
Harold Hobbs

Zeke's entry: Harold as Hobbs!

Cody Jason

Cody as Jason Fox


Nalyd Renrut's LeSheather! (Too busy to make new picture... sorry.)

Katie Krabs

Katie as Mr. Krabs! Hope you guys like it!

TDI19: IDK who I will do. When is it due???

Sorrel: ill do one probabley

Owenguy101: This challenge is due by wednesday.

TDI19: OK, I will do someone as someone!

Sorrel: me bored

Nalyd: Red team will win, hands down.

Sorrel: ok

Nalyd: But just in case, who are we booting?

Sorrel: not me i would terribly miss you guys but i highly doubt that we would get in the elmination round

Nalyd: If we lose, I say we vote off a threat.

Sorrel: trust me we will not lose our whole team has our entries in!

Nalyd: Except you. *annoyed* Can we vote soon? PLEASE????

Owenguy101: TDI19 needs to do his pic.

Nalyd: Why? you said today was the deadline.

Owenguy101: He said he wanted to do it.

Nalyd: Is he working on it?

Owenguy101: Time's up. Time for results.

Nalyd: YES????

Owenguy101: The winner is.....Drumrolling starts.....The red team!

Nalyd: *cheers loudly and jumps up and down*

TDI19: Did you like mine at all?

Nalyd: TDI19, vote off a threat.

Owenguy101: Blue team go vote. And TDI19. I liked your picture.

Zeke: What about my piccy? (Puppy dog face.)

Owenguy101: Yours is good. Go vote

Nalyd: Who was Red Team's best?

Sixth elimination ceremony

Owenguy101: Like before...Ah screw it. You probably know what to do now. Please vote blue team.

TDI19: Can I vote off both members of my team?

Owenguy101: No. Only one person.

TDI19: Fine. Ezekielguy. Sorry, you are just a BIG threat.

Owenguy101: Zekie and Codaa5 need to vote.

Zekie: How am I a threat? Codaa5.

Owenguy101: We need Codaa5. Is he around?

Nalyd: No, He's at a spelling bee.

TDI19: You are a threat because you make great pics and have potential to win. Actually, I think the only reason we lost was because of Codaa5, so I change my vote to him.

Zeke: But, it's not like I try to be a threat....

Owenguy101: I don't think Ezekielguy's a threat. Now finish up so I can vote off someone.

TDI19: Codaa!

Owenguy101: Okay. Goodbye Codaa. Go away. See you next time.

Day 7

(to be done tomorrow)

Nalyd: *shocked* Zekey is still here????

Sunshine: *does a backflip over Nalyd's head* HIII RENNIE!!!!!

Nalyd: *whispers to her* Zekey goes next.

(a huge wave suddenly appears and Owenguy lands)

Owenguy101: Hello everyone!

Sunshine: SHARK!!!!! *throws a piece of ravioli at him*

SOrrel: so sunshine does zekey like you or does nalyd like you?

Owenguy101: It's time for the merge!

Ekaj: Woot Woot!

Nalyd: *reffering to Ekaj, coughing undrer his breath* Nerd, nerd.

Owenguy101: The maining six of you that are here are now officially the gold team.

Ekaj: Since you are on... CAN YOU POST THE CHALLENGE!! :l

Owenguy101: Sure.

Ekaj: Thank you. You need to be on this camp more.

Zeke: What do you mean "I'm still here"? I'm not a threat I told you.

Nalyd: Bigger threat than Codaa.

Zeke: WHY??? I'm doing nothing! It's not like I'm being MEAN!!!

Nalyd: Your pics are okay. Codaa's were terrible. I'd rather be up against him.


Nalyd: You're one of the better picture makers here! What answer are you looking for??????

Zeke: The answer I'm looking for DO YOU LIKE CHOCLATE MILK?????????????????????????????????

Nalyd: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I'm drinking it right now! LOL!) CHOCOLATE MILK FOR BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Zeke: YEAH!!! Oh... and Sunshine Nalyd and I found something very interesting. We have a question.

Sunshine: Trying to figure that out m'self... I like cake, do you like cake, cause I like cake!!!

Zeke: Well yeah I like cake but seriously what in the...

Seventh challenge

Duncan mugged beach

Nalyd's: Duncan gets a taster of his own medicine, ala Harold and LeShawna!

Owenguy101: AH! Get that pic away!

Zeke: Ok, but you're the one who made it.

Nalyd: Challenge soon?????????????

Sorrel: iok owenguy what are you talking about and i agree with nayld CHALLENGE

Ekaj: (chanting) Challenge, Challenge, Challenge!

Zeke: (Is bored, so throws things at the quarry) Ah, screw it we wanna challenge!

Nalyd: Owenguy is always on but doesn't post... *sighs sadly*

Owenguy101: The challenge is to show what a tdi character would look like on the beach. Since we're in the merge. There will be only one winner.

Sorrel: could we recolor the caracters?

Nalyd: Do we draw them or recolor?

Owenguy101: You decide.

Ekaj: Mine is Bridgette at the beach.
Bridgette at the beach

Ekaj's entry: Bridgette at the Beach

Nalyd: Okay. This'll be fun!

Owenguy101: Whatever you do Nalyd, don't show your pic to Sunshine. She'll go crazy.

Nalyd: LOL.

Sunshine: *behind Nalyd holding a spork menacingly* YOU DARE LOL AT SUCH AN EVIL THING???? *eyetwitch*

Nalyd: *rolls eyes* Yes, and all the Courtney fans feel like they have the rights to make fun of Harold, but we Harold fans have no rights to insult any campers!

Sunshine: You realize you just insulted me to my face, right? (LOL You'd think I'd hate Courtney since I'm obsessed with Duncan, but I like her!!! XD)

Nalyd: I mostly refer to soembody on the TDI wiki who personally attacked me due to my dislike of Courtney. (Seriously, its a CARTOON!!!!!! LOL!)

Sunshine: Boo! Give peace a chance!!! XD I can say something nice about every TDI character! Even Heather! ...though Heather's hard... (LOL, I like Courtney 'cause I live my Duncan obsessions through her... XD)

Nalyd: (I like Harold because he's the underdog who deserves a break) Same here, but for me its hardest for Courtney. I think its easy to be nice about Heather. "She played the most strategic game and not is ridculed by millions." LOL

Sunshine: (I find his pathetic attemtps to be cool hilarous XD) Whaddaya mean, "not ridiculed by millions"? She's BALD!!!! BALD!!!! *laughs*

Nalyd: Forget the not. I remember those earlier camps.... LOL, so easy compared to today's standards.

Sunshine: I missed out on those days... WAAAH!!! I feel like a n00b!!!

Nalyd: if I was as evil and played as hard as I do now, I'd have won them all, LOL.

Zeke: I made Tyler with the tether ball!
Tyler at beach

Tyler got into a tether ball match... with the tether ball!

Sunshine: I wouldn't say that, Nalyd... I just won your camp as CHRISTIN. Not exactly the image of evil and strength... XD

Nalyd: Yeah, but only cause I dropped out. I would've gotten all the vote sif I was against Heather. Nice Zeke.

Sunshine: Whatever... here's my pic!
Gwen &amp; Bridgette on the Beach

Gwen and Bridgette hanging out at the beach!

Nalyd: At the reunion we'll ask the jury who they would've voted oto if we had the rightful final two!

Sunshine: Honestly, I wouldn't have voted for you, SINCE YOU'RE A MEANIE-PANTS WHO VOTED OFF DUNCAN!!! (LOL)

Nalyd: I wouldn't have if Hetaher didn't play her idol! I think I'll take less of a leaderhsip role in the next camp.

Sunshine: Which means I CAN TAKE OVER!!!!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! *realizes people are staring awkwardly at her* Uh, I mean... ravioli?

TDI19: I am doing Heather and Lindsay at the beach.

Nalyd: You know, Sunshine. Some people thinky ou're a threat on this camp.

(CONF) Nalyd: If she doesn't win invincibility, I'll vote for Sunshine.

Sunshine: *stares at Nalyd like an idiot and cocks head stupidly* Eh? (LOL Ezekiel moment!!!! That's a new one!!! XD)

Nalyd: Well, you're very good with edits and re-colors. Some people might feel threatened.

(CONF) Nalyd: I'm not afraid of her. I'm doing this for everyone else.

Sunshine: *sighs* Is this still because of the caterpillars?

Nalyd: *sky turns to black* We will never speak of that again.

(CONF) Nalyd: Don't ask! That was during a dark time in my life...

Nalyd: *sky turns back to its usual shade of polluted gray/green* Who will you vote for Sunshine?

TDI19: Nalyd, are we still allied?

Sunshine: Fine, Ren-nie. I don't know yet. Depends on who wins. And if isn't because of the unspeakable thingy, is it because of what happened with us after you graduated from Harvard?

Nalyd: No, we will never speak of that either. People will be voting for you because you've got mad skillz.

Sunshine: Seriously though, is that why you still don't like Duncan?

Nalyd: No, i got over that a long time ago. I hate soembody else that stole soembody else from me.

Sunshine: You saw that episode, too? Seriously though, you were so CUTE when you were in a fit of jealous rage... XD

Nalyd: *fakes laughs* And you were just ADORABLE when you filed for a restraining order...... (LOL)

Sunshine: I told you, that was my sister. She said something about putting you in an a-sigh-luhm... dunno what that is. (LOL)

TDI19: Uhhh... Sunshine, you don't have a sister.

Nalyd: (True story coming up) My dad is in that! My mom called him and he says "Thank God you called. I'm going to jail." It turned out he got a job there as a guard! Anyway, really, you might get voted out.

Sunshine: Have you ever heard of RAVIOLI??? And I doubt it, considering I'M GONNA BEAT YOU!!!!!

Nalyd: *rolls eyes* Id liek to see you try.

Sunshine: Oh yeah? Bring it, string bean! (Quoting LeShawna is fun!)

Nalyd: Look at it the way I do: Ekaj and Zekey are allied, and TDI19 might be after going against the plan. You and Sorrel allied, which means I might be the swing vote. Besides, I'm gonna unleash my WICKED SKILLZ!

Sunshine: *holds up rabid weasel* I wouldn't, otherwhise I have a friend for you...

Nalyd: *turns paler than Christin* Eep.

Nalyd: TDI19, are you with Sorrel and Christin, or Zeke and Ekaj?

TDI19: I am not with any one.

Nalyd: If Sunshine doesn't win lets vote her off. TDI19, if you and me team up we could be the deciding factors for the rest of the game.

TDI19: OK.

Nalyd: See? Isn't it fun to be in charge?

TDI19: Yeah...

Nalyd: How about Sunshine, then Zekey go?

Zekey: No! Please, just because I do good, don't!

Nalyd: Sorry, dude. Vote Sunshien with us tonight and we'll vote off Ekaj first.

Zeke: Sure.

Nalyd: Cool.

Ekaj: Hey! throughout thiscompetition zekey has been more of a threat. I'll vote off sunshine tonight if zekey goes first. (man we could use an alliance zekey)

Zekey: That's not true, Sunshine's a huge threat! She has PHOTOSHOP!!!!

Sunshine: Y... y... YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF MEANIE PANTS!!!!!!!!!! *runs off, bawling*

Sorrel: did i miss anything? and u shouldn't vote of sunshine! she'll kill us all!

Zeke: Hey, hey here! I'm just trying to prevent elimination. Look, just let it go alright? This whole concept of voting of threats isn't good! I mean, If there that good, they deserve to win you know!

Nalyd: I don''t plan on changing my plans.

Sorrel: so if zeke votes of his... CRUSH SUNSHINE!!

Sunshine: *runs around the entire camp crying, runs into Nalyd* Oww... m-m-MEANIE PANTS!!!!! *runs off, crying even louder, in the opposite direction*

(Conf.) Sunshine: *through tears* Just when I thought I was really making a connection with everyone here, they go and turn on me!!! AAAAAHHHHHHWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *bawls like a baby*

(Zekey: Nalyd, I hate the evil character thing. It makes me feel like the Nalyd we knew and loved has gone.)

(CONF) Nalyd: Sunshine is too good. Gotta be honest, if she wins invincibility I could be going...

Sorrel: sunshine wait *punches zekey


(conf.)Sorrel: im sure im gonna vote of zekey cause what happened to sunshine

Zeke: *Burst into confession* It's okay, Sunny. Everything's fine. (Gives her friendship hug) Here, we'll write about it in our friendship journals!

Sunshine: B-b-b-BWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries* I haven't cried this much since- oh wait, Nalyd swore me to secrecy... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs insanely uncontrollably*

(CONF) Nalyd: If I go tonight, Sunshine will probably win. If I don't... maybe I will. *shrugs*

Sorrel: *glares at zekey

Nalyd: Sorrel, wanna go talk?

Sunshine: *runs into Nalyd* Y-y-y-YOU ARE A MEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First you quit my caterpillar rights movement, then you broke up with me, then you voted off Duncan, and now... y-YOU'RE MAKING ME SAADDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *collapses, crying uncontrollably*

Nalyd: *looks at SUnshine, unsure what to say*

(CONF) Nalyd: It was... sort of awkward...

(Conf.) Sunshine: Oh yeah, I was supposed to keep all that just between us... oh well. THE MEANIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine: *bawls like a baby*

(CONF) Nalyd: Do I comfort her? Do I leave? Throw me a bone! *producers throws chicken bone at him* Nice....

Nalyd: *kneels* Sunshine, I'm sorry. I was going through soem stuff I needed to deal with alone.

Sunshine: Bbbbbwwwwaaaaahhhhh... no get it... aaaaaawwwwwwwhhhhhhh *sniffle*

Nalyd: The truth is, somebody converted me to moth-ism. We worship Moths, so I couldn't support the caterpillars. I'm sorry...

Sunshine: *through tears* B-b-but caterpillars turn into moths... confuzzled... is this about the incident with the pancake batter? It came off the ceiling eventually... you said you got over it!!! I paid for it and e-e-everything... *bursts out crying again*

Nalyd: *eyes water a little* The real truth is; I was living a double life.

Sunshine: *holds up Hannah Montana wig* Is that why I found this in your closet? I was wondering about that... it had me worried for a while... (LOL!!!!)

Nalyd: Thats not a wig.... *wig flies away* Don't ask, science experiment gone wrong. No, I had my life witht eh caterpillars, but you know how I never saw you on the weekends? I was in brazil, saving the deserts of Jupiter.

Sunshine: *gasps* T-that was you??? *eyes water* You don't know how happy I am to hear that! I never told you this, but all that time I thought you might be cheating on me with Courtney... (ROFLOL!!!! Man, I'm on a roll here!!! XD)

Nalyd: Eww Courtney! No! She tried but I maced her. (LOL) I was on CNN wearing talkign about it, but my Darth Vader mask so you wouldn't recognize me.

Sunshine: Oh yeah... I remember that... it worked, for three years I thought Darth Vader was the one behind it.

Nalyd: There is something else I must confess..... I haven't eaten ravioli for thirty seven years.

Sunshine: *gasps* OH MY LINGUINI!!!!!!!!!!! No wonder you've become such a bitter person!!! *grabs Nalyd in a headlock* You, me, dining hall, now. We're fixing this. Struggle if you want, but I still have Mr. Weasel.

Nalyd: *pale, with high voice* I'm coming. I DO NOT LIKE RAVIOLI-AR, I DO NOT LIEK THEM, SUNSHINE-U-ARE. (lol)

Sunshine: Shut up, Dr. Nalyd. (XD) This is for your own good. *tosses him into a chair in the mess hall, whips up a bowl of ravioli, and gives it to him* Now, Rennie, you have a choice to make. You can refuse this and keep living your life the way it is now. Or you can eat it and let in the light you've lost. What's it gonna be?

Nalyd: I will not eat them in a box, I will not teat them with a fox, I will not eat the wearing shoes, I will not eat them when I'm forced by you! I will not eat them on a train I will not eat them in the rain.

Sunshine: *sticks Nalyd in a box, with a fox, wearing shoes, on a train, in the rain, while holding Mr. Weasel over his head* How 'bout now?

Nalyd: Anything but the weasel! *starts crying* Get it away! Get it away!!!

Sunshine: Fiiine. *puts Mr. Weasel in her apron* No comments about that. Now I highly suggest you eat that. It's going to get cold! (XD)

Nalyd: *eats it and smiles*

Producer: They say Nalyd's heart grew three sizes today, which turned out to be an infection which was later removed.

Nalyd: I will eat ravioli in all those scenarios I mentioned before!

Sunshine: YYYYAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!!! *hugs Nalyd, somehow realizes awkwardness, stops* Now that that's done with... we should figure out where this train's going, how to get off it, and where the heck camp is...

Nalyd: *heart starts hurting from infection but ignores it* We could jump off like we did on our way to the caterpillar rights rally?

Sunshine: Oh yeah! Isn't that how we got into all that in the first place? Hey, did I ever tell you before we got into the caterpillar rights, I traveled on top of subways with "the Hobo"? (XD!)

Nalyd: WOAH! I went to kindergarten with Christin and The Rat! (He stole meh crayons!)

Sunshine: I snuck into Christin's class when she was in third grade... while her mom was visiting the class... the next day, her mom announced they were moving. *Lindsay voice* It was SOOO random!

Nalyd: Christin used to be REALLY loud and fun and outgoing, until one day The rat pushed her down. She never spoke again...

Sunshine: *gasp* Really??? That's so... so... *eyes water* I vote we take this train to wherever the heck Christin is right now, kidnap her, bring her here, and make her fun and outgoing again!!! And if that doesn't work, we can take her money or something...

Nalyd: No! She's meh buddy! Besides, she's probably hanging out with her beloved Uncle Chris!

Sunshine: Or maybe her *sing-songy voice* BOY-FRIEND DEE-JAY!!!!!!!!!! *gets hit by shoe* Where the heck did this come from?

Nalyd: *looks outside, hears somebody running away and hyperventilating and turning pale* Sunshine... we have a serious problem with the train!!!! It wa snever moving. (LOL)

Sunshine: *looks outside, sees camp two feet away* ...oh. You'd think I'd notice that.

Nalyd: *gets off train* Umm, later. (G2G)

Ekaj: Zekey sunshine, follow me. *walks into forest* I think we should think about an alliance. They are gonna pluck us off 1 by 1.

Sorrel: *looks at nalyd* we should talk!

Nalyd: Okay Sorrel. IS THE CHALLENGE OVER?!? *walks with Sorrel* So I don't think we really connected but we need each other at this point. Who are you voting for?

(CONF) Nalyd: I've got this in the bag...

Sunshine: *sudden realization* WE'RE AT THE FINAL SIX!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

Nalyd: Can the challenge end, already?

(Sunshine: Owe's not on...)

Nalyd: Who want to go canoeing?

Sunshine: ME!!! I love canoing! Even though I've never gone...

Nalyd: *gets in canoe and starts paddling* So... Sunshine... What are you thinking about for the game?

Sunshine: WE'RE AT THE FINAL SIX!!!! *faints again*

Nalyd: *continues paddling* I mean who are you targeting?

Sunshine: Targeting? Pshaw. You think too much.

Nalyd: Well we need to. Sorrel needs to stay, she's not a threat. TDI19, Zekey, and somewhat Ekaj are possible threats.

Sunshine: *laughs* You think too much. Just relax, don't worry, go with the flow- oh, hey, is that a waterfall?

Nalyd: *canoe goes over falls, as they're falling* We're gonna die!

Sunshine: *sighs, grabs Nalyd, flies back up the waterfall* Not sure if you noticed, Rennie, but I'm a pixie... now, you were saying?

Nalyd: Our boat! *sneezes, moving too quickly and falsl into water* my spleen! (No anti-climactic endings! BRB)

Sorrel: ok nalyd we need to be in a allinace

Sunshine: I should probably help Nalyd... *stares at clouds* Hehehe, that one looks like Duncan...

Sorrel: *looks up* yea so anyway who do u like sunshine nalyd or zeke

Sunshine: Uhm, Duncan. Duh! XD

Sorrel: *slaps forehead* ok anyway im princess sorrel now JK but when do we vote of someon?

Nalyd: *before with Sorrel* Yeah, you me and TDI19. *in the present, is being pushed through river* Help! *cough* Help!

Sunshine: *groans, heroically saves Nalyd, only to slap him silly* YOU INTERUPTED MY DUNCAN FANTASY!!!

Nalyd: *spits water at her* I almost died!

Sorrel: yea! are you ok nalyd!

Nalyd: Yeah. *angrily, glaring at SUnshine* Thanks, Sorrel.

Sorrel: no prob. and sunshine you can go back to your duncan fantasy

Owenguy101: Time for judging.

Sorrel: i thought you already judged! just wait!

Owenguy101: The winner is...(drumrolling starts)...Sunshine!

Nalyd: So can we vote now?

(CONF) Nalyd: Next time Sunshien is going down.

TDI19: Really? I thought Nalyd should have won.

(CONF) TDI19: I am in BIG trouble tonight....

Owenguy101: The other five of you go vote.

Seventh elimination ceremony

TDI19: I vote Ezekielguy. THREATS AWAY!

Nalyd: *votes for Zekey* This week I was going to defeat the queen (referring to Sunshine), but it looks like I have to get into check before check mate. (Owenguy, next time you post a challenge could you be more specific about if its recolors, cut-paste, or free draw?)

Owenguy101: Maybe. We need more votes.

nalyd: its just that Sunshine did a cut and paste (which are easy) and me and Ekaj did redraws (which are hard) so please just tall us next time.

Owenguy101: Who are you voting for?

Nalyd: Me and TDI19 voted Zeke, so 2/6 votes are against him.

Sorrel: zeke ! no its 3/6!

Sunshine: I regretfully vote Zeke. Sorry buddy! And Nalyd, my pic was a cut-and-paste and partial recolor. I put Gwen in a swimsuit and made Bridgette's shirt sleeveless.

SOrrel: well thats 4/6 majority wins sorry zeke

Ekaj: Well Zeke you could've had an alliance with me. Besides... *forgets what he was going to say* Sunshine, can I have some ravioli?

Zeke: But no! All I wanted was to win a camp! I... You people are meanie-pantses! :( (I'm seriosly upset. I was so close to winning this!)

Nalyd: Sorry, dude. Somebody had to go. You played a good game.

Zeke: But *Sniff* This was the closest I've ever been to winning a camp! I've never felt so close in my life... and you had to do this to me!

Nalyd: You came closer in Turnertang's Mall, and my third camp (both of which you were eliminated only because you were offline). If a worse case scenario helps, Kenzen frequently gets voted out early... (No offence to Kenzen if he reads this)

(Ezekielguy: You people... Why? Why do you do this to me everytime!)

Owenguy101: Sorry dude. I tried helping you make it this far.

Sunshine: Besides, young padawan, there's still the Ravioli Academy! (LOL advertisement XD)

Zeke: Aw! Group hug!

Sorrel: well miss ya buddy!

Nalyd: *group hugs, checks watch after a while, hug continues, shrugs, keeps hugging*

Owenguy101: Well that's it. We're now at the final five!

Day 8

Nalyd: Final five baby!

(CONF) Nalyd: Okay, SUnshine is going next then Ekaj, then TDI19. Me and Sorrel are final two!

(Conf) Ekaj: Crud, so basically I need Sunshine, and either TDI19 or Sorrel in an alliance with me or else Sunshine and I are going. Aw come ON!... besides... wait Sunshine never gave me any RAVIOLI! I'm still hungry...

(Conf.) Sunshine: Wait... IT'S THE FINAL FIVE ALREADY??? *passes out*

Owenguy101: For making it to the final five. You get a special reward. No Challenge!

Nalyd: Oh no, are the losers voting us off???????????

Zeke: (Watches from Playa Des Losers) Mee hee hee.... EXCELLENT!!!

(CONF) Nalyd: I'd actually feel pretty safe. I was not responsible for any of the losers eliminations, only TDI19 and Ekaj are the people elft that were, except Ezekielguy, but thats one vote.

Owenguy101: You guys relax here while I'll visit the losers.

Nalyd: Can't we plead our cases to the losers?

Zeke: (From Playa Des Losers) You mean you're coffins, Renrut?

(CONF) Nalyd: If I go to Playa des losers, there'll be Heck to pay...

(PLAYA DES CONF) Zeke: When Nalyd comes, he's sooooo dead!

(CONF) Nalyd: I wonder if the losers are holding a grudge or if they moved on...

(PDC)Zekey: A GRUDGE??!!! HECK YEAH! It was wrong for him to do that! VERRRRY WRONG!!!

(conf.)Sorrel: ok so... ekaj will go, than sunshine because nayld is against her, tdi19, me and nalyd will be in the final 3

(CONF) Nalyd: If I lost, which I almsot never do, I'd want whoever beat me to win. If they were good enough to beat me, they got my vote.

(COnf.)Sorrel: but i highly doubt id be the next one to go though...

Nalyd: *sulks around camp sadly*

Sorrel: whats wrong Nalyd?

Nalyd: I think the losers are voting me out.... *looks at her with tears in eyes* I'm not ready to go...

Sorrel: dude, your not going to go... i predicted me you and tdi19 would be in the final 3 and my predictions will be right!

Nalyd: *blankly* You have no say in the matter. The losers decide, and Zekey's P.O.'d at me.

Sorrel: whatever...zekey isn't the only losers

Nalyd: The other losers are like NEVER on.

Sorrel: well i could tell zekey if there is away to loosen up on you!

Nalyd: I don't care... if this is my last day at camp I'm gonna enjoy myself!

Sorrel: fine nalyd... Im trying to help you geez!

(conf.)Sorrel: ok i should've acted more dramacted than that!

Nalyd: I get it but there's nothing you can do, is the point! SO what should I do on my last day?

Sorrel: make sure you tell everyone and make more closer friends!

Sunshine: *walks in eating a sandwich* Sup dudes, what's going on?

Nalyd: Zekey's voting me out...

Sunshine: *jaw pops open* Because of yesterday?

Sorrel: uh huh

Nalyd: And now I don't know what to do to make the most of my last day.

Sunshine: *kicks random pebble* It wasn't your fault Zekie went. If anything, it's mine. I was the deciding vote.

Nalyd: *mutters* His own fault for not winning immunity... *looks up* So y'all want to hang out while I'm still here. (G2G, BBL, LOL)

Sorrel: yes

Sunshine: Let's go set something on fire!!! XD

Sorrel: totally!


Nalyd: *sighs* I hope y'all realize that you're the four people I want to win. We could all just go for a walk... Not really in the mood for fire...

Sunshine: *sighs and chucks torch aside* Walking is good too...

Nalyd: *while walking* You know I'll never forget this past... week.... (Really? For like a month we'restartign the second week, LOL!) I hope you win Sunshine.

Sunshine: (LOL!!!) Really? I remember a few days ago you were plotting my doom...

Nalyd: Yes, but I want whoever beats me to win. Unfortunately, the person beating me (Zeke) I already ebat so its hard for me to sitll want them to win. (Wha?) *throws a rock into the lake* Really shows how much things can change over night.

Sunshine: *stares into distance* ...yeah... *skips rock across lake*

Nalyd: *sits down and throws another rock, attempting to skip but it sinks* Maybe this is karma for all the stuff I did here...

Sunshine: *looks down at rock* I dunno. Karma's weird. *under breath* I never did anything wrong, and look at what it did to me...

Nalyd: *fails again at skipping rock, looks up at her* What did karma do to you? You're always happy, and do nothing wrong. Its because of you I call people that are too happy "All sunshine and ravioli" (I Really do, LOL). What could karma possibly have done to you?

Sunshine: You're kidding, right? Karma GOT me here. I didn't leave the land of ravioli, I got banished. I haven't seen my parents or sister or brother in years. And all I can think is how happy that must make them. That I'm GONE.

Nalyd: *quietly* Wow... I'm so sorry. *stands up* You're the nicest person ever, why wouldn't they want you? (By the way I WAS kidding about calling peopel all sunshine and ravioli, LOL)

Sunshine: *sighs* Because I'm a freak. Even for a ravioli pixie. I had a family of prodigies and assets to society and all that. I was a goofball who couldn't do anything. And I forced myself to live through that, smiling all the way. Then one little idea... and I'm banished. (LOL, it's okay if you do. I asked my friend if "Renrut" was a word. XD)

Nalyd: (For the record ints pronounced Ren (like rental) and Rut like "I'm in a rut." I said it to ONE person, lol.) You can do so much. You can draw, and write, and (unfortunately) run academies, and make friends, and all sorts of things! (And Nalyd is pronounced Na (like, "Nah, I'll pass.) Lyd (Like lid, but with a y sound before the i))

Sunshine: (Mine's pronounced... well, do I have to explain? XD) I can. But I wasn't SUPPOSED to. I was supposed to make pasta and ship it to the world. I decided I wanted to do something more. And now... *stares out into space* ...I'm here.

Nalyd: Nobody can achieve what their parents expect from them. My family abandoned me on a road trip. When this cmap is over, I'mg oign back to my BOX with wi-fi connection. You have a gift Sunshine. DOn't lose it. Nobody will leave you again. (G2G, getting a haircut *cries, admiresa hair in mirror* BBL)

Sorrel: *walks in with a plate of milkshakes* hi guys one for you *gives one to sunshine* and one for you *gives one to nalyd*

Nalyd: Thanks...

Sorrel: its your last day supposvily so lets make it good@!

Nalyd: I'm trying...

Sunshine: *chugs milkshake* Mmm. Milk. And shake. XD

Nalyd: When I get to the resort Zekey's goin' down.... (LOL, I'm not scary.)

Sunshine: Uh huh... until then though, we might as well enjoy ourselves. What do you wanna do? (LOL XD)

Nalyd: Uh-un-uh. (I don't know) We could go canoeing. (ADVENTURE!!!!!!!)

Sunshine: Sure, I just hope we don't run into natives like last time. *insert flashback here (too lazy to actually write flashback XD)*

Zeke: NOOOO!!! Sunshine and Sorrel were MY best friends!!!! (Begins jealous rage)

Nalyd: *starts paddling* Which way was the waterfall from last time?

Sunshine: I think in the direction we're headed in now. Or was it the other way? Or maybe sideways... um... *starts singing Caramelldansen for no reason*

Zeke: NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Asking stupid questions? Singing the best songs? These were my friends... I even miss Nalyd... I wanna come backk! (Crys)

Nalyd: *paddles faster in direction of waterfalls, starts humming "Ball in a Bag." A heart warming tune about a bowlign bag in a bowling bag "One of those big ugly purses."*

Sunshine: *somehow sings a song with no lyrics XD*

Nalyd: *they approach the waterfall, laughs maniacally*

Sunshine: I suddenly have a bad feeling...

(Conf.) Sunshine: Okay, I know Nalyd ain't a Twilight fan, but this seems strangely similar to Bella in New Moon...

Nalyd: *as the canoe falls, head turns all the way around* Good-bye, Sunshine. *CRASH* Can't swim! Can't swim! *river pulls him away*

Sunshine: AAAWWWW PASTA!!!! *jumps into river and grabs Nalyd* We're safe! Oh, wait... I CAN'T SWIM!!! SORRIE!!! ZEKIE!!! OWE!!! SPONGEBOB!!!! SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *lying on the shore* I'm alive! E.... Where are we?

Zeke: OMIGOSH!!!! (Somehow, runs reall fast and rescues Sunshine!) Whew!

Sunshine: *coughs up water* Nalyd... you're... a... *passes out*

Zeke: Well, I'm here! I asked Owenguy if I could come back, but it's undecided! I'll just hang here till it is.

Nalyd: *doesn't know where they are* Hello????? Anybody? TDI19? Ekaj? Sorrel? Gulp.

(CONF) Nalyd: I think that stale ravioli I ate days ago kicke din ont he waterfall. I felt really dizzy.

Zeke: Heh heh... I've been attachted to you lot for a long time! *Has flashback to when they were in first grade. Shivers*

Sunshine: Seriously now. Where are we?

Zeke: I donno...

Nalyd: I smell BACON we must be near camp.

Zeke: Yay bacon!!!! (Does the swine flue dance)

Sunshine: *covers nose* Um... great...!

(Conf.) Sunshine: I'm a vegetarian, I can't stand even the smell of meat. The fact that I'd just been yanked out of a raging river didn't help, either...

Nalyd: *starts picking up sticks* We should probably build shelter until we're rescued.

Sunshine: Couldn't we just follow the river back to camp?

Nalyd: The waterfall is too high. (G2G, good luck getting back to camp!)

Sunshine: Well, I think I can handle it. *leaves for two minutes, comes back looking like she was gone for years* Shut up and make me a spot in that shelter.

Nalyd: (I have a funny story from when I was gone) *finishes shelter, but it collapses*

Zeke: What's the story, Renrut?

Sunshine: I LIKE STORIES!!!!

Nalyd: I went to my grandma's house with my mom, and brother. Cousin, uncle, lotta people there. We pull out the badmitton net. We used a lacrosse bat thing and a toy baseball (you know, one of the lighter plastic ones) and my cousin decides to use krokae malets! We use them like mallets, (no siwning in the air) but my cousin is a very violent golf player. He swings (these are old mallets) and the top goes flying off, and hits me in the nose. I scream "Holy!" and my brother laughs. I shout at him (almost cursing) and my cousin runs over. I got a pretty good swell and scratch in my cheek, but nobody'll notic my haircut now. XD Fine now though, almost knocked a tooth out. I'm gonan tell ey friends I got into a gang fight. XD

Sunshine: Niiice. I was spinning in a circle one day, but I lost my balence and fell flat on my face. In a room full of people. There was much laughter. XD

Nalyd: Hey, Zekey, if Owenguy won't let you compete again, he might let you hang out here. *rebuilds shelter* Its not very sturdy... I'll stay outside. (G2G)

Sunshine: Maybe we can just use this tent I have. *pulls out random tent* (LOL!!!)

Nalyd: Sunshine, you stay here. I'll get food. Zekey, you can go with either of us.

Sunshine: SEXIST!!!! (LOL, don't worry, I'm joking XD)

Nalyd: Would YOU like to come, Sunshine?

Sunshine: Yes, yes I would.

Nalyd: *they start walking* So you gonna go out with Zekey? He might still like you.

Sunshine: *stares at Nalyd and cocks head stupidly* (Remember, mentality of a toddler here! XD)

Nalyd: (I forgot) *has flashback of when Nalyd prevented Sunshine from going out with him* Remember? Now that he's out you can date him. *finds a bush with berries*

(CONF) Nalyd: See, if she goes out with him I don't have to get her a pony,. Zeke gets a girlfriend, I NEVER have to deal with Sunshine again!

Sunshine: *stares off into space* ...Well... the thing is... I sort of like a guy. Tall, handsome... my dream guy. But, the thing is... he likes someone else already. And the girl he likes is... a good friend of mine. So I can't really try to break them up... but I still like the guy...

Nalyd: Duncan? *pulls out microwave from the bush* I can take care of the girl...

Sunshine: *picks berries absentmindedly* Actually, someone else. And I don't think you could help either. The girl he likes is... a friend of yours too... *starts walking away* I've said too much already. We should head back before it gets dark.

Nalyd: Who? Who's the girl? It's Sorrel isn't it. Its okay, we're not that close friends. (Not sure if we're friends, maybe just acquaintances) Who is the guy? Is it TDI19? Kenzen? RockSK8R? Zekey? (LOL, is it Zekey, now?) Ummmmmmm *thinks of more guys* (Are Turnertang and Anonymos guys?)

TDI19: Yes they are. And I am sure it is NOT me.

Nalyd: (TDI19, as a recap we'r elost in the woods away from camp) It's definitely Usitgz!

Sunshine: *twitches a little, screams, and hits branch away* Okay, okay!!! It's DJ! I really like DJ! He's just so sweet and caring and handsome and my type of guy in every way!!! But... Christin's just been so... so HAPPY since she met him! I can't ruin that! I just can't!!! *sighs and sits on a stump* See what I told you about karma? No matter how nice I am, it just comes back to slap me in the face.

TDI19: *mouth literally hits the ground* Aww.... Sunshine! That is so nice of you!

Nalyd: DJ???????????????? *explodes in laughter, calms down, laughs again* Wow, its times like this I'm glad I have Maris. Anyway, I'm sure you can find somebody else. *points at Zekey* See? What does Zekey eat? Food. And what is meat? Animals. And what do animals use their eyes for? To see. What swims in the sea? Fish! Do you see where I'm going? (INSANE???) (LOL, just stole that from Frasier)

Sunshine: *stares off into space, ignoring Nalyd*

Nalyd: *breaks out in tears* Oh god, I miss Maris!

Sunshine: *turns and stares at Nalyd* Maris?

Nalyd: My girlfriend back home. She's rich. Very rich. And skinny. Very skinny. And caucasion. VERY caucasion. (translusent) She and I had a fight before I camp here but I'm sure she's over it!

(CONF) Nalyd: Right? RIGHT? MARIS! I'm sorry!

Sunshine: Ah. You know, you were my only boyfriend, other than that one time I bribed Ezekiel. Don't ask...

Nalyd: *pauses awkwardly, decides to change subject* Maris and I foguth because she thought I was cheating on her with a british girl named Daphne.

(CONF) Nalyd: I think I miss Daphne more. Don't tell Maris! Or Daphne! Or anybody!


Sunshine: Wait, where did you come from? o.O

Nalyd: WTR? (What the ravioli?)

(Sunshine: *dies laughing*)

Nalyd: So, Sunshine, I think I could help you win DJ. You go out with DJ, Christin goes out with *thinks hard* Tater Tot! (Just kidding, wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy) TDI19!

Sunshine: No, no... *sighs* Look, I'm gonna tell you something kind of personal. Christin is one of my best friends. But she's always been so quiet, so fearful. She never spoke to me, just let me talk. Then when she met DJ, she just... opened up. Then when you told me about what happened to her with The Rat... *shakes head* I've long since given up. I couldn't bear to do that to Christin.

TDI19: I like Christin! She is really nice.

Nalyd: *shrugs* Sorry Sunshine... What about Duncan? Christin's awesome, dude.

Sunshine: We've been a little... off since this... incident... *shudders* I don't wish to say anything more.

Nalyd: Sorry, I don't knwo what to tell you if you don't want to talk. *looks up and sees fruit and tree* Hold on. *starts climbing*

Sunshine: *shouts up to Nalyd* Try not to fall this time!!!

Nalyd: *mumbles* Worse than when we were dating... *pulls a pineapple and falls* My spine!!!

(conf.)Sorrel: Nalyd and Sunshine are together?!? this is tasty

Sorrel: uh sunshine did you mean that nalyd is your boyfriend?

Nalyd: *through pain in back* Years ago...

(CONF) Zeke: I don't like Sunshine anymore. Ten year old boys falling for Ravioli pixies is wrong. Were still REALLY CLOSE friends though.

Sorrel: now you hate her

(Conf.)Sorrel: i don't like anyone i just make friends thats all

<poll> Who should return to camp? Ezekielguy Tdi Uzgitz Codaa5 Thebiggesttdifan</poll>

Zeke: Me hope people vote for me! Keep them votes coming!

(conf.)Sorrel: i still can't believe Sunshine and zeke broke up!

Zeke: We were never actually dating!

Sorrel: soo you guys liked each other though!

Zeke: Naah, Duncan was the Veronica in that one. Ughh... (Pictures Duncan dressed like Veronica)

Sorrel: admit it zeke!

(CONF) Nalyd: Why are people voting to keep Zeke?

Nalyd: *faking a smile* So Zeke, looks like you'll be replacing me...

Sorrel: dude nalyd you won't be voted off! ill talk to zeke for you gee!

Nalyd: Owenguy, just through me on the boat and take me away.

(CONF) Nalyd: If I go, Zekey's going next.

Nalyd: TDI19, Sorrel, when I leave and Zeke returns, you two need to ally with Ekaj. You three are final three, Sunshien and Zekey, (in either order) follow me on the boat, understand?

Sunshine: *stomps on Nalyd's foot REALLY HARD* YOU. ARE. NOT. LEAVING.

Nalyd: Yeah I am! He's having the losers (and whoever else goes to the page and take the poll) vote me out then everyone here is voting for Zeke to come back! (A method of bringing people back I am completely against)

Nalyd: Owenguy! I was right about the polls beign unfair! There are only five people left, but six votes have been cast!

TDI19: Make that 7.

(CONF) Nalyd: This is essentially the worst case scenario. Soembody who I already beat comign back and reaplcing me!

Nalyd: So, TDI19 and Sorrel, you guys'll ally with Ekaj in place as me.

TDI19: Yeah, sure!

Zeke: Nalyd, I've changed my mind! I'm sorry I rebelled against you... Can I join your alliance? (Irresistible Puppy Dog Face)

Nalyd: Zeke, I wish it was the simple. But because of you voting at playa des losers I'm leaving. The three I leave here will be final three.

Sorrel: K! and zeke i don't think youll be in our allaince after that grudge with nalyd!

(CONF) Nalyd: So Sorrel, TDI19, and Ekaj will eliminate Zeke and Sunshine, then Ekaj will go. My two allies will be final two!

Nalyd: So y'all know the plan?

Sorrel: oh yea i can read minds... you want me and tdi19 to be in the final 2!

nalyd: Yeah, Ekaj is liek never on because he doesnt liek the wiki, but he'll get on to vote I bet.

Sorrel: i think he'll go next dude!

(Conf.) Sunshine: I know for a fact Nalyd is not leaving next. Somehow, the few remaining brain cells in my little pixie brain have hatched up a master plan...

Nalyd: I'm gonan go pack my stuff. *goes to cabin*

Sorrel: Sunshine what are we gonna do and sunshine i dare you to kiss nayld!

Nalyd: *hears Sorrel, has flashback of 17 years ago and runs away screaming* NO! Never again!

Sunshine: *laughs* Nalyd still has issues about that. *shouts after him* DON'T BOTHER PACKING!!!! YOU'RE NOT GOING HOME!!!

SOrrel: do it sunshine do it!!!! for me sorrie than you can dare me something to do sunshine!

Nalyd; We could play dare or... dare...

Sunshine: YEAH!!!!!!!! One last fling before one of us is eliminated!!! WWWWWHHHHOOOOO!!!!!!

Sorrel: ok sunshine you gota do my dare!

Nalyd: Sunshine, why am I staying? Zeke had the losers vote me out because I got him out! And somebody dare me!

Sunshine: You'll see. And I dare you to sing something by the Gorillaz with Bob here! *holds up Bob the Rabid Weasel*

Nalyd: *sings the Ghost Train song* Easy. I dare you to put the weasel down YOUR pants! (Ultimate revenge! XD)

Sorrel: dare me someone!

Sunshine: *shoves Bob down her pants* *nothing happens* Bob wouldn't do anything to me! He's meh friend! *Bob bites her wing* See, he loves m-- *passes out*

Nalyd: I dare sorrel to jump into a pool of ice water! Now somebody dare me!

Sorrel: NAlyd i dare you to stuff a rabid squirrel down your shirt!

Sunshine: And I dare you to dress up like Lindsay and act like her in front of the camp!

Sorrel: ^^


Nalyd: *puts squirrel in shirt, it eats through his shirt, dresses like Lindsay and says dumb blonde things, then goes back to normal*

(CONF) Nalyd: I was really hot as Lindsay. (LOL)

Nalyd: Sunshine! I dare you to... burn all your Duncan stuff! (The most evil dare-er!)

Sunshine: *punches Nalyd REALLY HARD in the gut*

Nalyd: *falls to ground* Right... too much... (LOL)

Sorrel: i dare sunshine and nalyd to hug each other!

Nalyd: *hugs Sunshine* Is that the best you got?

(CONF) Nalyd: I probably shouldn't have said that.

Sorrel: fine kiss her kiss her now! *snikers more*

Nalyd: What happens if we refuse?

Sunshine: *sighs* Nalyd, don't let your head explode like last time...

Nalyd: Fine... *leans in slowly, one eye open in case Sunshine pulls out a weasel or ravioli or explosive*

Sorrel: come on you guys can do it

Sunshine: *groans, pulls Bob the weasel, ravioli, Ravioli (the pixie), explosives, a cat, and some tomatoes out of her apron and chucks them aside* Happy now?

Sorrel: it isn't hard ill show you if you guys can't do it!

Nalyd: *sighs with relief* Yes. *kisses her quickly* Sorrel, go make out with Ekaj.

Sunshine: *randomly gags* Sorry. Knee-jerk reaction. *starts singing* I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag, I'm useless, but not for long, my future is comin' on...

Sorrel: *eye twitches* er... ok *makes out with ekaj and runs to the confessional cneter*

(conf.)Sorrel: with ekaj?

Nalyd: Sunshine, I dare you to worship lasagna instead of ravioli! Then give me a really hard dare!

Sorrel: Nalyd i dare you to make out with a fish... a rotton fish

Sunshine: *bows to lasagna then pauses* I don't even like lasagna!!! Um... I dare you to... dress up like Godzilla, make out with Bob the rabid weasel, then sing and dance to "Barbie Girl"!!!! (Pure torture!!!)

Sorrel: and add the fish!

Nalyd: *does the dare, but throws up, can't stop throwing up*

(CONF) Nalyd: *throws up even more*

Nalyd: *dresses like Godzilla, kisses the weasel, it bites him on the face, sings and dances, i.q. drops 134 points*

Sunshine: *laughs and claps* Hahaha!!!! Now give me a dare!!!

Sorrel: i want the dare first!

Nalyd: *goes on the TDI wiki and looks at pranks DUncan did* Sorrel, eat a sanwhich with Harold's chewed gum in it! (Underwear was really creepy) Sunshine, drink a bottle of hot sauce!

Sorrel: I want to drinks hot sause *drinks it and eats the sandichs and pukes* eww the sandwhich stinks!

Sunshine: *chugs hot sauce* *belches fire at Nalyd*

Nalyd: Dare me! No wimpy dares!

Sorrel: make out with a guy no err... i don't know but i want another dare!

Nalyd: How about we all come up with really hard dares, we don't have to do them, and we agree the best dare-er, we don't vote them off tomorrow, deal?

Sunshine: But it's so fun watching each other struggle! *belches more fire*

Nalyd: Guys give me a dare so bad, I'd rather quit than do it! Sorrel, I dare you to jump into a pool of ice water.

Sorrel: again?

Nalyd: With angry walruses in it!

Sunshine: I dare you to... listen to the song "Best Friend" (so insanely happy yet disturbing even I'm afraid of it), admit your TDI crush to the world, wax your eyebrows, wear makeup, dress up like Sam (from TDP), eat ravioli, kiss an angry walrus, write a praiseful poem for Duncan, flirt with Courtney, drink hot sauce, and do the Duncan dance!!! Then lick your elbow.

Nalyd: *listens to the song, brain melts a little* I love Beth! *waxes eyebrows, screams, wears makeup, dresses liek Sam, looks in a mirror for thirty minutes, eats ravioli, heart problem increases, kisses walrus* Duncan. He has piercings. He's strong. He's friends with a hot goth girl. Don;t mess with him. *to courtney* Sup, hotty? *is slapped, attacke dby Duncan, drinks hot sauce, throws up, does the Duncan dance, attempts to like elbow, hears neck snap, falls to ground screaming*

Sunshine: *sticks neck brace on Nalyd* You're fine. I'm impressed! (Did you seriously listen to the song??? o.O)

Nalyd: (Yeah, my friend thinks its mine and her's theme song (she's creepy)) Nalyd: Is that all you got? (So now he has a heart condition, serious scars from a certain weasel, and a broken neck... here's a dare for me "go drown in a lake....")

Sorrel: So nalyd and sunshine who do you guys like here?

Sunshine: ...MAKE OUT WITH COURTNEY!!!!! (You coulda refused... :P)

Sorrel: YES!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *makes out with Courtney, sees Duncan coming for him, hides* *previously, when talking with Sorrel* Why are you so interested in who everyone likes?

Sorrel: just wondering because im the matchmaker *laughs* you and sunshine can get back together though sunshine won't like it (my power may go out soon its lightning crazy!)

Sunshine: *sings off-key* Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch... *mumbles* perferably Duncan...

Nalyd: o.O So you plan for me and Sunshine to date even though neither of us want to after.... the incident. (Just go along with it, theres about to be a whole lotta random!)

Sorrel: k and yea im here to make stuff a whole better (OMG IM SCARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Nalyd: *looks at Sunshine, remembering that horrible day that was March 14, 1972*

Sunshine: *moans* I told you, it was totally an accident. How was I supposed to know? I hadn't met Murdoc yet!!! (Be brave, Sorrie!!!)


Nalyd: You know you did that on purpose! You know about The Gopher and his ways! You thought the plastic surgery would give you a disguise.... (WHOA)

Sorrel: come on guys i can feel the realtionship right now (IM SO SCARED EHEE)

Sunshine: *gasps* I'll have you know this is one hundred precent natural!!! And it wasn't The Gopher, it was The Pelican!!! And he told me all about you!!! (Sorrie, if you end up in Oz, will you say hi to the munchkins for me? JK, be careful!!!)

Sorrel: a gopher (I will ma ma sunshine (i call you that because your like a mother to me!) i think it got better)

Nalyd: He told me about the lies! The humiliation! The sunscreen explosions!

Sorrel: you broke it you guys just had a relationships!

Nalyd: Sorrel, we broke up. I don't see anything between us in the future.

Sorrel: I do you never question the angel matchmaker!

Nalyd: *rolls eyes* Good luck with that.

Sunshine: It's funny in a way. Seventeen years after you and I broke up, you get together with my twin sister!

Nalyd: Ravioli? Nah, I got over her.

Sorrel: yah do that Nalyd get back together *shakes him* WITH SUNSHINE!!! (my power went out yesterday)

Nalyd: *checks loser vote, nods quietly*

Sorrel: what! am i going HUH???????????

Nalyd: No, Sunshine.... it would appear...

Sorrel: WHAT!!! nalyd we can't do that shes my sister like friend!

Nalyd: We had no say in it. It was the losers. We'll get revenge. Whoever comes back will go next, to avenge our fallen friend.

Sorrel: *tears a welling up in her eyes* yea ok

Zeke: (Tears) But... I love this place! Also, guess what? I looked back in the old days of Owenguy101's camp... AND THAT'S WHEN I SAW IT!!! I joined Nalyd's alliance! I actually did! We just forgot aboyt it!

Nalyd: I changed the alliance. Me, Sorrel and TDI19. Sunshine had invincibility, I ain't voting out my brother, you were the only one left. (And it looks like Codaa5 is coming back, and Sunshine is going. Owenguy might wait until there are more "favorable" results, but I hope he doesn't play faves.)

Zeke: N-N-No! You can't do that without me knowing! (I'm seriously getting mad now, Nalyd! Do you people hate me?)

Nalyd: Can't do what without you knowing? (What are you getting mad about? Not returning? Presumably, if Owenguy didn't have the polls and only let people still competing vote soembody back, you'd be returning. Clearly other people have voted. Same opinion has the poll at playa des losers.)

Zeke: You can't change you're alliance without me knowing!

Nalyd: Why not? You were on the other team, and Ekaj offered for you to be in his alliance.

Sunshine: *eye twitches* Y... you're... over... Ravioli? *attempts to smile, fails* Er... well... Nalyd... we... need... to talk... ALONE...

Nalyd: okay. *follows her, glad to be away from the others* So whats up?

Sunshine: Well. erm... *attempts to smile, fails epically* so... you're really over Ravioli? Like, absolutely, totally, never-turning-back over her?

Nalyd: We were never really dating. Just some pranks. So, yeah. Over her. Why? Is she over me?

Sunshine: *grins awkwardly, then sighs* She will kill me if she finds out I told you this... no. She hasn't said so, but I know. Nalyd, you were the first person she ever really TALKED to. Even me, she never really TALKED to. She just spoke when she needed to. She actually had CONVERSATIONS with you. She wouldn't say it, but she really, really liked you. That, and I found a bunch of my chocolate missing, so I know she's upset about SOMETHING. And... *shuffles feet awkwardly* ...there's something else...

(CONF) Nalyd: *referring to Ravioli confidently* No girl can resist the Nalyd charm! *female interns laugh at him off screen* Hey! Come on, ladies!

Nalyd: Yes? What is it?

Sunshine: *looking around nervously* Er.... well... umm... *shuffles feet and grins awkwardly* ...this is really awkward... umm... *chuckles awkwardly*

(Conf.) Sunshine: *headwall* What was I thinking??? How am I supposed to explain THIS to him??? Ravioli's gonna kill me...

Nalyd: Come on, out with it then...

(CONF) Nalyd: She seemed really nervous. Not Christin nervous, just nervous.

Sunshine: *turns paler than Christin* W-well... look, don't judge me on this, don't even react 'till I'm done explaining, okay? *sweats a little* Haha, is it hot in here or is it just me? *glances around nervously and swallows*

Nalyd: *cluelessly puts hand in air* No, I'd guess only 60 degrees. We are in Canada. Go on. (CLUELESS!!!)

Sunshine: Erm... uh... well... *shudders a little then says really fast* Hername'sAmy.

Nalyd: What was that? Herman Samy? (LOL)

Sunshine: *takes really deep breath* Amy. H-her name's Amy. *struggles to not pass out*

Nalyd: Yeah, and what is so speacial about Amy?

(CONF) Nalyd: Maybe I'll start dropping names on Sunshine. See how she likes it! (LOL)

Sunshine: Well... uhm... she's like Sunny D... except... a little... different...

(Conf.) Sunshine: I have no clue how Nalyd's gonna react to this...

(Redflare: O.o Sunshine you stole m'love)

Nalyd: And why do I care about "Amy"?

(Sunshine: o.O Okay then...)

Sunshine: Well... *gulps* ...I had this picture of you and Ravioli after you vandilized that car... and I was wondering what would happen... so I stuck it in the microwave with some ravioli... and... Amy came out...

Nalyd: *gets really scared* You mean she's.... my....

(CONF) Nalyd: I can't be a father! I haven't won enough reality shows! Only.... *counts* Two, I think. Heh heh, I forget.

Sunshine: Hey, calm down, only TECHNICALLY. It's alright, you can go back and pretend you didn't know. Ravi's been doing fine on her own. She adores little Amy. She's really cute, she's got your eyes and hair- oh, wow, I guess I'm not making it any easier talking like that, huh? Anyway, it's okay. It's like me and Sunny D. There's TECHNICALLY no relation. Try not to pass out, you look kind of blue. o.O

Nalyd: Do you have a picture of her? Anything?

Sunshine: I'll text Ravioli and have her send one. *pulls out cell phone, texts Ravioli* (I have pictures I drew but they're of her when she's, like, sixteen. XD)

Nalyd: (Ravioli traveled into the future and takes a picture when Amy is sixteen, LOL)

(CONF) Nalyd: I was surprised I cared. I feel somewhat responsible for the child. Maybe I'll settle down after the show. Raise a family, get a job, move out of my old place. (A cardboard box with wi-fi connectivity)

Sunshine: *gets text back* Aww, here she is! Ain't she a doll? (Pic on your talk page. Too lazy to post again. :P)

Nalyd: *in awe* She's beautiful... she's got my.... um.. abnormally large head. Other than that she looks liek Ravioli. Thank you for showing me this Sunshine.

Zeke: *Comes out with an old man dressed like a peice of ravioli* Herbert, the ravioli grandpa.

Nalyd: *just keeps looking at the pic of Amy*

(CONF) Nalyd: It put everything in perspective. When I win, I'm using the money to make sure that little girl's dreams come true. Now matter how many! I'll make sure she grows up happy and healthy.

TDI19: Wait, who is still in now?

(CONF) TDI19: I think it is SO nice that Nalyd wants to help Amy..... as long as he does not seek her.

Nalyd: Me, Sunshine, Sorrel, Ekaj, and you. Codaa5 will come back when Owenguy gets on (and comes to his camp....) and Sunshine will go.

TDI19: WHAT????? NO SUNSHINE GO! NO SUNSHINE GO!!!!!!! *squeezes Sunshine and screams*

Nalyd: She said that she was going to save me.

TDI19: Oh..... OK. Don't seek Amy, Nalyd. Bad stuff.... uh-huh!

Codaa5: Hi?

Nalyd: Dude, I'm like... her father... sort of.... Maybe...

Codaa5: Nalyd's a dad? Dang, so much musta happened when I left...

Nalyd: Sunshine put a picture of me and her sister Ravioli in a microwave with a piece of ravioli and a little girl named Amy came!

TDI19: I want a baby pixie! *Cries*

Nalyd: So, TDI19, you know the plan? You me and Sorrel are final three? With Sunshien gone no threats but us!

Codaa5: *Stares at the three, kind of scared*

(CONF)Codaa5: No doubt they'll vote me out again... If I return that is.

(CONF) Nalyd: I was against Codaa5 going. He was part of Sunshine's team, and Sunshine's team said we were secure. Then TDI19 went and voted Codaa out...

(CONF) Codaa5: I wonder if anyone here is truly my friend...

(CONF) Nalyd: I don't know where I stand with Codaa...

Nalyd: Glad you're coming back, Codaa.

Codaa5: Thanks Nalyd...

(CONF) Codaa5: I would consider Nalyd as a kinda-friend, we really haven't reacted much... (If we do have another art challenge I wont suck as bad, that homer was a last second project, and anyways... I HAVE GIMP NOW ^^)

Owenguy101: Okay. I guess Codaa5 is the loser that's returning, but I'll say something special to Ezekielguy.

Codaa5: *Listens closely*

Nalyd: (Yay! Results!) *nervously* So is Sunshine going?

(CONF) Nalyd: I'm glad Codaa's returned. He'll probably vote with me if I need him.

(CONF) Codaa5: I just hope to make it to the final four or three or whatever, I don't expect to get to the final two or whatever, cause only one person here is my friend... Sorrel!!! ^^

(CONF) Nalyd: Me, Sorrel, and TDI19 are in control of the game. But, I think I want Sorrel and Codaa in final three with me.

Codaa5: *Breaks out into random dancing*

Nalyd: *watches, scared* (LOL)

Codaa5: So, the big bad man has a wife? Eh? (:P)

Nalyd: Who?

Codaa5: *Slaps forehead* YOU! Hello? Amy? (Did you know what TDI19 ment by seeking her? Kinda funny actually)

Nalyd: (Not really, not good with lots of terms, liek Ezekiel, lol) No, its a long story....

Codaa5: (Ever heard the Brittany Spears song "If You Seek Amy" or whatever? that's what he ment) I'd love to hear it ^.^ *Takes a seat on the ground*

Nalyd: (Oh! LOL! Thats really funny!) Sunshien put a picture of me and her sister Ravioli into a microwave with a piece of ravioli and out came Amy!

Codaa5: Uhh... O.K then... kinda freaky but, eh who cares... (If I don't respond in a while It means i'm normally in GIMP)

(CONF) Codaa5: *Big eyes, silence*

Nalyd: *sees Sunshine on the dock of shame and runs to her* Sunshine. I promise you, I'm dedicating the rest of my gameplay here to Amy. Do you think I could meet her after the show?

Codaa5: *Almost cries* It's so... so... BEAUTIFUL!!!

Day 9

Owenguy101: For today's challenge. You must make a tdi character look like a character from a horror movie.

Jack harold ton

Nalyd's Harold as Jack Skellington!

Nalyd: I've never seena horror movie. This is gonna be fun...

Zeke: *Screams from the boat of losers* Can I be a host??!!! Like Chef? I demand a recount!!!!

(CONF) Nalyd: Well you can't say he give sup....

zeke: Aw, what the heck! I'll miss you guys! Bye!

Nalyd: *waves* Later, dude.

(CONF) Nalyd: *thinks of scary movies*

Nalyd: Can I do Nightmare before Christmas? That TERRIFIED my neighbors! (They are ten)

Zeke: (Rides back on a surf board) I'm back! Owe, intro please?

Codaa5: Cya man.
Kill Bill

Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill) Codaa5's Entry!

Nalyd: Okay, I'm gonna do Harold as Jack Skellington!

Codaa5: Nalyd, do ya think my picture is GOOO-D'?

Nalyd: You are definitely in the running for immunity.

Sorrel: i never seen a horror movie ever can we do something else

(conf.)Sorrel: *cries* I CAN"T BELIEVE SUNSHINE WAS KICKED OFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! now im the only chick WHY WHY WHY

Sorrel: *sits by the tree crying *

Zeke: (Goes to comfort her) Dont' worry Sorrel. I'm a host here now. Green Day? I got a pocket radio.

Sorrel: you don't understand zeke ok sunshine is my sister... the closest friend i ever had well nalyd come in 2nd

Zeke: I thought I came in second!

Sorrel: fine you guys tie!

Codaa5: Hey, you got us atleast, were your friends.

(CONF) Nalyd: I feel very safe with Codaa here. And Sorrel. And TDI19. And Ekaj. Surrounded by people WHO LOVE ME!

Zekey: (In Confession with Nalyd) I love ye too, Renny!

Sorrel: i know *looks down is kinda depressed*

Zeke: (Gives her a kiss on the cheek like DJ does with Bridgette in TDA Aftermath)

Sorrel: *puts head down in arms and sobs*

Nalyd: *sees how sad Sorrel is* Its okay, Sorrel. Sunshine is rooting for you!

Random Mailman: *shows up* I have a letter for the final five from a Sunshine Pasti and a letter for Nalyd Renrut from a Ravioli Pasti.

Nalyd: *grabs letter and tears it open* (You wanna write what it says?)

Sorrel: *cheers up* thanks Nalyd you cheered me up IM GONNA WIN FOR YOU SUNSHINE!

(Letter from Ravioli) Dear Nalyd,

I was going to write you earlier, but with all that happened, I wasn't sure if I should. Of course, Sunshine's told you everything that's happened now. I'm glad she told you. I'm still going to bop her on the head when I see her again, but I'm glad she told you. About Amy especially.

I was afraid for a while that you wouldn't react well to Amy. I was really surprised when you reacted well. Happy, of course, but surprised. I think you'll really like her when you meet here. She's the most adorable thing I've ever seen. She's really smart for her age, and she loves books and stories. She likes to dress up and act out her own stories. It's absolutely adorable. And of course, she can't wait to meet her "Papa Nalyd" and have him tell her stories.

The next time I write, I'll send you a picture of her. We'll come to see you when you win this camp (notice I said WHEN). Little Amy can't wait, so win soon.

Love Sincerely,


Nalyd: *tears roll down his face, as he reads "Do I make You Proud" starts playing in the background*

(CONF) Nalyd: I almost thought about quitting so I can go to Amy, but I need to get the money before I can go to them.

Nalyd: This is great. *sniffle* I gotta win this, for Amy.

Codaa5: *Goes infront of the camera* Show us the letter to the 5 of us!

Sorrel: oh yes we need to see it!

(Letter from Sunshine) Wuzzup peeps?

I just got to the loser resort, and I thought I might as well send you guys a message! I just wanted to wish you all good luck in this game, even if I'm not still in it with ya! Sorrie, my BFFFL, keep strong! You'll go far, I know it! Codaa5, my friend and occasional co-author, enjoy your second chance! You deserve it! Nalyd, who I guess is technically my brother-in-law or something like that now, do it for little Amy! TDI19, my bud, best of luck to you! You've been doing great throughout the camp! And Ekaj... um, I don't really know you that well, but good luck anyways!!! And my bro, Owe (hey that rhymed!), start dancing to the rythym of Gorillaz in a happy mood! GET THE COOL SHOESHINE!!! Sorry, Gorillaz moment. So... yeah! GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU! HAVE FUN WITHOUT ME!

-The Great Ravioli Pixie

Nalyd: Sunshine, we'll miss toy. (g2g)

Codaa5: *Takes the message and flips it to the opposite side* Who say's we should send her a message back? I do!

Sorrel: *tears well up in her eyes* iii d-d-d-do

Codaa5: *Starts to write*

Dear Sunshine,

Thanks for the message you sent us, I really don't deserve the chance. You should have been to the final two with nalyd. I hope you'r havin' fun at the loser's resort! Sorrel wants to write something for ya...I MISS YOU SO MUCH MA MA SUNSHINE!!! THE ONLY ONE WHO COMFORTED ME AND YOUR LIKE MY SISTER i will win for both of us and i know i will... I MISS YOU REALLY MISS YOU, I also wanted to tell you, well... I didn't but I guess I will, me and Sorrie are kinda dating now...

Regards from Sorrel and I (Codaa) Cya!

(conf.)Sorrel: i surely hope sunshine recieves that letter! can't wait!

(CONF) Nalyd: I can't wait to win! Amy, if you're watching, I'm lookin' forward to meeting you!

SOrrel: don't know what to do

(conf.)Sorrel: I like i said I DON"T KNOW ANY SCAWEE MOVIES!

Codaa5: Why not use... Chuckie? Make the BOOGIE MAN!

Nalyd: So who are you guys gonna vote for?

Owenguy101: Where'd everyone go?

Codaa5: I'M HERE! PICK ME! MEEE!!!!!!

Nalyd: When does the challenge close?

Codaa5: Owen, I think me and Nalyd should both get invincibility because were the only two that did it.

Owenguy101: Okay. You guys win. Everyone else vote someone off.

Codaa5: Yea Nalyd! *goes to highfive him*

(Conf) Codaa: I wanna win, and If I do happen to, I will give the money to Nalyd... but if he does vote me off or something... I wont talk to him EVER AGAIN!

Sunshine: *watching from PDL* Well, that was fast... seems I make camps long...

Codaa: (LOL Sunshine) DO THE HELEN KELER! AND TOP WITH YOUR HIPS! *Randomly dances*


Owenguy101: Who's going home? Anyone can vote. Competing only.

<poll> Who is going home? Sorreltail TDI19 Ekaj </poll>

Nalyd: Codaa, we could vote TDI19 (biggest threat left) or Ekaj (doesn't play much) I am leaning towards voting for TDI19 (Ekaj being my brother....) OWenguy, you shouldn't do polls. Then ANYBODY can vote! (THats why Sunshien was elimianted, thats why Codaa camee back....)

Codaa: *Shrugs* TDI19, then Ejak, then *gulps* sorrel? That how you wanna go Nalyd?

Nalyd: Okay.

(Conf) Codaa: I don't feel right voting off Sorrel later, but...

Owenguy101: Polls seem easier. Few minutes left for the votes.

(CONF) Nalyd: When it comes to me vs. Codaa vs. Sorrel in the final 3 challenge, I will win. Same as tomorrow.

TDI19: I am out! It's been fun guys! Adios! *leaves*

Codaa: ....?

TDI19: I already received the majority of votes... bye!

Nalyd: *waves and whispers* I'm sorry.

(CONF) Nalyd: Do I want Codaa and Sorrel against me, if I don't have immunity? No they'll team up.

Sorrel: wait tdi19 its a tie

(conf.)Sorrel: so if ekaj leaves then that would be me and my 3 friends left... tdi19 will go and probably NAlyd or Codaa.... idk

Nalyd: TDI19 is out. Me, Codaa, and Ekaj voted for him. Non players can't vote (which is why polls don't work for this camp....)

SOrrel: right i voted ekaj (agree with nalyd)

Nalyd: Sorrel, can I talk with you for a minute?

Zeke: *Crys like a baby* I MISS SUNNY!!!! I hope she sends me a letter!

Sorrel: sure Nalyd

(Conf.)Sorrel: ma ma sunshine if you are watching this I REALLY MISS YOU!

Nalyd: *walks with Sorrel into woods* Okay, here's what we're doing. Codaa5 is going tomorrow, then Ekaj. Okay?

Sorrel:err... Ekaj is never here thought....

Nalyd: *somwhat irritated* Do you see where I'm going with this?

Sorrel:uhhuh got it!

Day 10

Punk rock cody

Nalyd's Entry (final three!)

Owenguy101: Very awesome challenge today. Make a TDI character look like a rockstar.

Sunshine: *suddenly bursts in* YEAH!!! PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!!!!! *gets dragged away by security* NNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: It'd be too easy to do Duncan. Maybe Cody.
Trent Rockstar

Codaa's Entry (Trent is rockin' the shirtless style!)

Codaa: Yay! Mines up.

Nalyd: I'm almost done.

(CONF) Nalyd: Done, and ready to win!

Owenguy101: I think Nalyd and Codaa win again. Ejak and Sorrel didn't do theirs.

Nalyd: WAIT! Ekaj is doing his right now! Just wait for his, then you can pick one of us for invincibility. (Two having invincibility at final four is too much, IMO)

Owenguy101: Okay.

Nalyd: Out of me and Codaa, who would win invincibility?

Owenguy101: Don't know yet.

Goth Bridgette

Ekaj's Entry

Ekaj: Here's my pic! Sorry I haven't been on, I got third degree burns.

Random mailman: *shows up* I have letters from Sunshine and Ravioli Pasti.

Zeke: Ooh, any for me? I heart getting letters from the Pasti Family! That's a great family, I tell ye!

Random mailman: *checks letters* Well, the one from Sunshine says "to all of y'all". The other one just says "Nalyd".

Zeke: *Sees giant ape smashng building.* OMG! A larger then life primate! *Gves the ape a karate kick in the face, causing it to sling out of the universe. He then acts like nothing happened.* Let's see the letters.

(CONF) Nalyd: *looking at Eka's picture* Ekaj has this one won.

Nalyd: *grabs the letter and tears it open*

Zeke: *Sees giant ape smashng building.* OMG! A larger then life primate! *Gves the ape a karate kick in the face, causing it to sling out of the universe. He then acts like nothing happened.* Let's see the letters.

Letter from Ravioli: Dear Nalyd, final three already. Looks like it's only a few more days until we see you. Amy's going nuts with anticipation already. You can't imagine what I have to do every day to calm her down enough for her to go to sleep. Thankfully I've had Sunny D around. Usually, he takes her to the park or someplace while I catch some z's. Today, after my nap, I went to go see them at the park and was astounded. It looks like Amy might have some architecture in her future, she made a sandcastle like I couldn't believe! Oh, and as promised, here's that picture of her. It won't be long until you're seeing the real thing. By the way, Sunshine stopped by for a bit not too long ago, then she left pretty quickly. She was muttering something about a pony... Sincerely, Ravioli.


Little Amy.

Nalyd: *holds the picture and is silent* (Great picture btw!)

(Sunshine: Thanks. I doodled it as I was finishing my TDI's Next Top Model entries. XD)

(CONF) Nalyd: *holding the picture* I have got to win for her!

Zeke: Aw, Amy's so cute! Wait, if Amy's a cute li'l girl, and I'm a cute little boy... Sunny, can you do that picture microwave thing again? *Hands picture of himself* Here.

(Sunshine: Uhm, 1) Sunshine's not there, and 2) Amy's, like... four...)

Nalyd: *angrily* Back off dude, that's my daughter, sort of.

(1. O.o 4? Can you make a 10 year old? (2. I was writing back to Sunshine.

(Conf) Ekaj: *writing letter* Dear Sunshine, when do I get my ravioli. I asked for it a while ago. I think that you a Nalyd should go out sometime. I will be taking a break from this wikia for a while. Well I will see you soon, Bye!

Nalyd: (Okay then zeke) So what does the letter from Sunshine say?

(Sorrel: PLEASE DON"T VOTE ME OFF i won't be here for a week so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't vote me off!!!!!!!!!!! (im grounded right now) STILL PLEASE DONT!)

Owenguy101: All these pictures are good but I'd say the winner is Ekaj.

Nalyd: I agree. May we vote now?

Nalyd wants to vote

Owenguy101: Yes. Go vote.

Nalyd: I'm going to vote for... *writes down Sorrel* Sorry but you are the only thing standing between me and victory. Peace out.

Codaa5: *Writes down Sorrel* Sorry... but I'm afraid to vote off someone else.

Nalyd: Ekaj told me in real life he's voting Sorrel. Guess she's out. *waves to her* Later. *turns to the others* FINAL THREE!!!!!

(CONF) Nalyd: I didn't wnana do that. That was for Amy.

Ekaj: I am cofirming my vote for sorrel and good bye. It was either you, or codaa.

Sorrel: *going to the dock of shame* see ya guys its time for me to go just wait! *takes a smoke bomb and magically dissapeers (like izzy in her 2nd elmination)

Zeke: Bye. *Waves awkwardly*

Sorrel: *comes back* i forgoted my contacts theres something that makes me forget stuff

Zeke: *Gets into the boat to drive Sorrel to Playa des Losers* Shut up, and push this peddal to the meddal!

Nalyd: Day 11 yet??

Day 11

Zeke: Hi, guys! Owe's not here, so I'm taking over! Owe and I discussed the challenge over and over and decided we'd use it! First let's read Sunshine's letter!

Sunshine's letter: Ello All! Things are cool down here at Playa des Losers. Seems I was more of a fan favorite than I thought! I've been getting fanmail and stuff for days! (Of course, a lot of stuff is asking about Amy...) You'll never believe what happened! Yesterday, I got a package, and inside was NOODLE! She mailed herself to PDA to see me! So, we've been hangin' out. Here's a picture of us! Anyway, good luck to you all, I'll see you soon, and Nalyd, YOU BETTER WIN SO I CAN GET MY PONY!!! <3, Sunshine
Sunshine and Noodle


Nalyd: She remembered the pony.... great...

Zeke: The challenge is to make a TDI character into a gorilaz character! Like this here!

Cody as 2D by Zeke

Now I understand some of you have never heard of the gorillaz. They look like this:
Gorillaz 2

Here! Now get to work, maggots!

Zeke: Come on! Any entries? *Sobs* Sunshine...

Nalyd: I'm not going to bother. I bet Codaa will win adn he;ll bring me to final two. Thats the plan. Me and him final two.

Codaa5: (Stares at him... thinking hard)

Codaa5: My entry's up!

Trent as 2-D! by Codaa5

Ekaj: So is mine!

Codaa5: Results time?
Bridgette as a Gorilla

Ekaj's Entry

Nalyd: Codaa, you'd bring me to the finals right?

Owenguy101: I have to say. The winner is Codaa.

(CONF) Nalyd: If Codaa eliminates me, I won't be able to go to Amy or Ravioli!

  • somewhere, far, far away, a scream is heard*

Nalyd: *runs in direction of scream* (I might not respond quickly. Working on school work.)

Codaa5: So... do I pick who I want to go with me?

Sunshine: *suddenly flies in, talking on a cell phone* All right, all right! I'll talk to him!!! Geez! *looks around* Codaa! Have you seen Nalyd? I need to talk to him before the vote starts!!!

Codaa5: Uhh, he ran into the woods randomly...

Sunshine: Oh, for the love of tomato sauce! Thanks Codaa! *chases after Nalyd* RRREEENNNRRRUUUTTT!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: Huh? Sunshine what are you doing here?

Sunshine: Looking for you! *shouting from phone* Yeah, yeah, I found him! Keep your wings on! *to Nalyd* I don't know what you did, but whatever it was, Ravioli's pretty mad about it. She called my cell and started screaming, and she wouldn't shut up until I let her talk to you. So, yeah. *holds out phone*

Nalyd: *takes phone* Ahoi hoi. (hello)

Ravioli: (on phone) Save the jokes, Renrut, this is serious. I'm watching TV right now, and I cannot put into words how annoyed and angry and confused I am, so instead, I'll just make sure I'm not hearing things- you're NOT COMING HOME unless you WIN??? You're not coming back to Amy and me unless you're coming with the prize??? What is WRONG with you?!?!

Nalyd: *is silent for a moment* I couldn't face her, or you. I would've let you down. *looks at the picture of Amy* The day I let Amy down is the day I die. *looks at Codaa* I have to go, anything else?

(CONF) Nalyd: I was thinking, as soon as I'm off the phone I'm telling Codaa exactly why I need to be in the finals.

(CONF)Codaa: I don't know if I want Nalyd with me in the finals... he's a hard competitor...

Nalyd: Codaa, I am going to tell you exactly why you should vote for him to go. I would've kept you if I won. Ekaj has won individual immunity, I only did because you and me did the challenge. I need to be in the finals so I can have a shot at helping Amy. Please. I'm begging.

Codaa: But, your a strong competitor, and Ejak isn't here half the time. If I do win, I promise to give you the money, it's no need to me.

Sunshine: *still on phone with Ravioli* Whazzat? *to Nalyd* She wants to know if you're done talking so she can chew you out.

Nalyd: *to Codaa* Okay. *holds up picture of Amy and letters from Ravioli* Just please look at these before you vote. *takes phone* Yes?

Ravioli: (on phone) I really hope you realize that if I were there right now, I would be punching you as hard as I could. Do you seriously think that, Nalyd?!

Codaa: I've made my decision, Ejak is coming with me. (Please dont be mad!)

Nalyd: *to codaa* Okay. *nods, but tears start to swell his eyes* I understand. *on phone* Ravioli, I'm coming. *drops phone and slowly makes his way towards the dock*

Owenguy101: Stop! Nalyd can't leave.

Sunshine: What?

Ravioli: *on phone* What?

Noodle: *randomly there* What?

Codaa: I was thinking that too, CAN I CHANGE MY MIND???

Nalyd: *turns, confused* (Darn, and I jst updated the table! LOL!)

Owenguy101: I'm voting off Ejak. He's never here and Codaa and Nalyd had made it this far. Welcome final 2!

Codaa: (I really didn't want to get you off Nalyd, but you'r a really good competitor and I got it this far, and I don't wanna lose to you again just like NR's Camp #2)

Nalyd: SERIOSULY!?!?!? You can do that? (Maybe, so Ekaj has a chance, we have a poll and anybody can vote.)

Sunshine: Well, duh! Not only is he the host, but he's the brother of a pixie! HE CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

Owenguy101: Time for the thing you've all been waiting for. The Finale!

Ravioli: *on phone* Amy and I will be there ASAP.

Sunshine: I'm already here!

Noodle: I might as well watch too!

Sunshine: Wait, why are you here, Nood?

Noodle: *eyes water* Because you LEFT ME ALONE!

Sunshine: *eyes water* Sorry! *holds up ravioli* Ravioli?

Noodle: YEAH!!!!! *eats ravioli*

Codaa: *to self* of course, he's got people to support him...

Sunshine: I'm supporting both of you! GO TEAM CODRUT!!! (LOL)

Noodle: Mmm... ravioli.

Nalyd: *runs to cabin to get dressed up* (Sunshine, you wanan be Amy? Please?)

(Sunshine: Sure. Owe, start the finale day! Or are we just doing the finale in this day?)

Codaa: *Goes to cabin and grabs a new shirt*

Owen nalyd

Nalyd's final entry. Hope I did this right!


(Owen's fart is heard)

Owenguy101: Welcome to the final challenge of the camp. It's been a long time but it's finally coming to an end. Go get a snack, go pee if you have to, and get ready for the final challenge.

Codaa: Challenge? I thought we were doing a vote.

Nalyd: *gets good pants and a nice shirt on*

(CONF) Nalyd: What if I lose and Amy doesn't want me as her dad anymore? What if I let everyone down? I'll have to live in a box!

Nalyd: I think a vote would work better. So we are equally matched.

Owenguy101: Also, we have the losers to watch the final challenge. Sunshine's suprisenly is here already with, NOODLE?!

TDI19: Ooohhh..... I like both competitors! Nice final 2! (XD)

Noodle: Ohayo!

Sunshine: We be friends... hey, here come the rest of the Pastis! Well, you know, minus my parents and sister and brother and uncle sam and... IT'S RAVIOLI AND AMY AND SUNNY D OKAY???

Nanny Renrut: *walks and takes a seat* Go Nalyd, darling!

Nalyd: *hears hits mother outside and freezes*


Ravioli: *walks over* Yeah... she showed up at our place the other day... *grins a little* Good to see you, Nalyd.

Nanny Renrut: Are you TDI19? I thought you'd be taller... (LOL! Inside joke!)

TDI19: Hey! Aren't you the crabby cafeteria worker at Ravioli Academy??

Nalyd: *nods to Ravioli* You too. *scans group for Amy, doesn't see her*

Ravioli: It's okay, she's with Sunny D. You meet her AFTER you win, you need a little incentive. *laughs a little, shuffles feet awkwardly, then sighs* Okay, it sounds really sappy, but I guess I kind of missed you, Renrut.

Stephen: So... are you two gonna kiss now or wait till it's all over?


Nalyd: I missed you too. *smiles*

Nanny Renrut: So when does this all start, darling?

Nalyd: MOM! I told you to stay in the retirment home!

Nanny Renrut: I left. I was bored one night so I moved in with your.... Ravioli.

Ravioli: *whispers to Nalyd* Freaked the heck outta Amy and Sunshine...

Nalyd: *rolls eyes* Mom, as soon as this is all over you're going back!

Nanny Renrut: You don't want me in your life because you're ashamed!

Nalyd: What do I have to be ashamed of? I'm a multi-millionaire with a (what is Ravioli and Nalyd's relationship at?) and a kid!

Nanny Renrut: You know what I mean.

Nalyd: *has sudden realization*

Nanny Renrut: He never loved you and you always let him down!

Nalyd: *has a flashback of his angry father*

Codaa: *Walks into the cabin, and slams the door behind him for a unexplainable reason*

Sunshine: What's with the Codaaster?

Ravioli: (...I thought you knew... XD) *a little TO'd, grabs Nalyd by the shoulders and says quietly* Nalyd, you got the easy end of the stick. My parents named me and that was it. They gave me to a woman a couple neighborhoods away and I grew up Lasagni Ramen instead of Lasagni Pasti. I had to become "Ravioli" just to escape that. Think of the good points. Think of the stuff you got that I couldn't, and can never, have.

Murdoc: Where's Noodle?!

Nalyd: (Acquaintances? Maybe Nalyd could ask her out after the show?) *soberly* I'm sorry. I didn't know.

Ravioli: (Works for me. Add a little drama!) *shrugs casually* I've gotten over it. Things have gotten better now that I'm here. I've actually got a family for once. *smiles* And Amy, of course.

TDI19: YOU ARE SATANIC!!! *pounces Murdoc*

Nalyd: Do you think Amy is watching right now?

Nanny Renrut: *wanders off into woods*

Codaa: *Watches everybody out of the window* Great time they're havin'.

Ravioli: Of course! You should've seen her, I practically had to tie her to Sunny D to keep her from running off to meet you. *looks after Nanny Renrut* Uh, is that normal?

Sunshine: AND YOU GIVE ME NIGHTMARES!!! *punches Murdoc in the nose*

Noodle: *watches, laughing*

Sunshine: *runs into Codaa's cabin* Codaa, c'mon! We're beating up Murdoc!!!

Nalyd: I'd rather have her out there than here.

Nanny Renrut: *encounters a bear* Darling, you are very short!

Nalyd: *to camera* Amy! If you're watchign I wann let you know I'm gonna win this for you!

Sunshine: *bites Murdoc's leg*

TDI19: *shaves Murdoc bald*

Murdoc: YOUCH! My **** leg! And my hair!

Owenguy101: He just swore!

Nanny Renrut: *ends up in producer station* Oh my.

Nalyd: SO when do we start Owenguy?

Codaa: *Walks out, with a kind of wet face*

Nalyd: Codaa, whats wrong?

Sunshine: *kicks Murdoc in the gut* Yeah, Codaa, what's wrong? We saved you a couple hits...

Codaa: *Shrugs, and kicks Murdoc straight in the groin*

Nalyd: Okay then... Can we start Owenguy?

Owenguy101: The final challenge is to make the best picture of Owen and Gwen. You may only do one of them so chose which one you'll do.

Codaa: Buh-buh-buh... ahh what-ever. I choose Gwen.

Ravioli: *crosses fingers*

Sunshine: I wonder where Nanny went? *punches Murdoc in the nose again*

Nalyd: Several questions: Are we recoloring them, or free-drawing them? What do you want in the picture? "Best" is really vague. *waits impatiently for answer*

(Nalyd: Seriously Owenguy, now is not the time to ignore questions!)

Nalyd: Ravioli, did you bring the phone? Can we call Amy?

Sorrel:*appears from the smoke from a random smoke bomb* anyone miss me? first what did i miss the FINALE! (ill see you guys hopefully on friday i have hardly no time right now)

Sunshine: HEY SORRIE! Eh, you didn't miss much. We beat up Murdoc, though. *kicks Murdoc in the shin* You want a shot?

Ravioli: Sure, Nalyd. I just hope she's not napping...

Nalyd: *dials the phone and waits nervously* (you guys like my picture?)

thebiggesttdifan: Hey guys. I hope you all know what happened to me, so--

Mombiggesttdifan: Vote for Nalyd, James. Although I don't exactly know who Nalyd is, I say vote for him.

thebiggesttdifan: *chokes up* M-mom?

Mombiggesttdifan: Yes, it's me. And it looks like Nalyd has the better vote.

thebiggesttdifan: *stares for a few seconds, then cheers* Mom! I can talk to you again! Mom!

Codaa: *sigh* Here's my sucky entry.
Owenguy101&#039;s Gwen entry

Gwen presenting the trophy.

Nalyd: Owenguy, I want to let you know how long it took me to remove everybody else from the picture to leave Owen and Nalyd, before you make the decision. *waits for Amy to pick up again*

Owenguy101: Final results. Both pictures are good, but the grand winner is........Nalyd! Congragulations!

Nalyd: *shouts* I WIN!!!!!!!!! *high fives Codaa, hugs Ravioli*

Nanny Renrut: *wanders back* Did he lose yet?

Nalyd: I won!

Nanny Renrut: Oy vey.

Nalyd: *seriosuly* Ravioli, will you go out with me?

Nanny Renrut: *mutters* she's gonna say no...

(2-D and Russel arrive)

2-D: We heard something about a finale.

Russel: We missed it!

(Sunshine: Nalyd, you just asked AMY out... o.O)

(Nalyd: WOOPS!!!!!!)

Nalyd: Ravioli, will you go out with me? (Heh, I forgit.)

Ravioli: *blushes a little and looks away* Well... *after a second, she laughs and actually smiles* Of course, you idiot!!!

Nalyd: Awesome! *hears a boat off in the distance, hears a small voice screaming "Papa! Papa!"* (You're gonna be Amy, right?)

Sunshine: (Yeah) Congrats, brother-in-law-sort-of! Nice job, Codaa, you did great too!!!

Amy: *jumps out of boat and runs to Nalyd and Ravioli* PAPA!!!!!!

Sunny D: *falls out of boat into the water* Ow.

Sunshine: Sunny D!!! *pulls him out of the water and hugs him*

Noodle: 2-D, Russel, you guys missed the finale! It was awesome!!!

2-D: Did you at least get it on tape?

Nalyd: *hugs Amy really tightly and tears roll down his face* Amy!

Nanny Renrut: Now she chooses to be pleasant....

Ravioli: *sarcastic* I'm sorry, did you say something?

Amy: Papa Nalyd!!!

Sunshine: *randomly jumps into the hug, effectively ruining the moment* So, where's my pony?

Noodle: Of course I taped it! *holds up camera but accidentally drops it in the lake, short-circuting it* Crud.

Nalyd: *clenching his teeth* The pony's in the mail, Sunshine. *happily* Amy, I'm coming home with you guys! *even happier* Mom! I'm getting you your very own box to live in!

TDI19: CONGRATS NALYD!! Hi, Amy! You are so cute!!

Amy: *screams extremely loudly* Papa's coming home!!!!!

Ravioli: *smiles at the thought of Nanny Renrut living in a box*

Sunshine: WANT PONY NOW!!!!!!

Sunny D: Wait, you got her a pony? What'd I miss? I feel confused...

Zeke: Hee hee hee!

Noodle: Zekie-kun!!! Konnichi wa!!!

Zekie: NOODLE? NOODLE!!! *Chases Noodle* MINE! MINE!

Noodle: Eep! Help me Sunshine! *jumps into Sunshine's arms*

Sunshine: *is crushed by Noodle* STUPID PIXIE-NESS!

Award's ceremony

Owenguy101: Here we are. The last ceremony ever. I'd like to announce the winner of Owenguy101's TDI camp...Nalyd!

Zeke Yeah! Show them what not only Nalyd, but the other campers get as they're little "prize"! (Evil laugh)

Nalyd: What? WHAT??????!?!?!?!

Zeke: A.... BRAND...NEW...CAMP!!!!

Amy: YAAAY PAPA!!!!!

Noodle: *claps* Congratualtions, Nalyd! Yay!!! *leans over and whispers to Sunshine* Which one's Nalyd?

Sunshine: The tall one.

Noodle: Ohh. *claps more* Yay, Nalyd!!!

Nalyd: And now we all have to come back?

Owenguy101: If you want. Nalyd. Here's your reward!
Gilded Owester Award


Zeke: YAY! More drama! Now give us the link to the new camp!

Nalyd: I might join...

Sunshine: Wait, we got a shiny thing if we won? ARRG!!! WHY DID I SACRIFICE MYSELF??? I COULDA GOTTEN A SHINY THING!!!! *pouts*

Noodle: Oooohh... shiny...

Owenguy101: We'll do sign ups for the camp. In the meantime, party at Playa des losers!

Sorrel: good job nalyd