Welcome to the return of the Rating Game series!

The Raters!

Elimination Table

Rank Raters 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
19th Laugh in the Haze! HOH WIN WIN SAFE WIN SAFE OUT
20th LindsayxJustin SAFE WIN WIN LOW WIN OUT
21st Miguelcamino SAFE SAFE SAFE WIN OUT
22nd DerpyandDawn SAFE WIN WIN OUT
23rd EnderEmerald46 SAFE LOW OUT
24th GamingProphecy SAFE OUT
25th WinstonMacdonald SAFE QUIT
26th CaptainSparklez13 OUT

01: The Resolution Revolution!

Liam: You can chat here until the challenge later!


Liam: Welcome to Rating Game 6! The first rating is.................New Years Resolutions! Create the most wacky, funky n fresh new years resolution you can think of! The winner of this challenge will win a reward that could effect the entire game :O!

Surfer: Learning the ukulele!

Blake: Tolerating insufferable losers.

Amber-J: Become Quadri-Lingual!

Don: Be even more fantabulous then I was those year! And like something about world hunger 

Dark: Harnessing my powers of future-feeling!

Race: Begin my plan of world domination starting with Italy, with no major defeats. :3

Blake Megido Mega Fan: OMG BLAKE *gives blake a hug* 

Orange: Bringing Tupac back 

LxJ: kill Lady Gaga. 

Blake Megido Mega Fan: My new years resolution is to make the world a better place by no longer fighting with my enemies and be a better friend to my friends.

TF: Make everyone hail sliced bread

Amber: Dancing all of the time and drinking ofcourse <3.

Miguel: Become stronger and then open a bottle of water without help!

Dylan: Make sure to devote all of my attention to Liam and send him a free copy of BWET (Deluxe Edition) the second it comes out. (:

Zac: Get my own Zactastic Talk-Show. Where I interview the worlds funnest people. (Jordan would be my foot stool, just saying.) 

Chase: Paint the entire world GREEN!

Zanna: Be yourself and don't let anything get you down. :)

Emerald: This may sound weird, but every year for the last three years (2013-2015), my resolution is to have the first word I say and the last word I say be the exact same word...this year the magic word is "What".

Jordan: My new years resolution is to cut back on Domestos, since that stuff us good amirite

Emerald: Wait, imm supposed make a good resolution, not use my own, okay, Idd go with...Become a Game Show Host

Blaze: put some kind of mask on that's not flammable, and actually set my head on fire so i really am a BLAZE HEAD. XD

Dianted: "I'm going to make sure I lose that last two pounds to make my weight finally under 200!" *Over 600 by March*

Gwopher: appreciate eric burdon and love urself

Mike: Help other's find happiness that need it!

Mabel: 00ps not get drunk again on New Years Eve while on Facebook, because that lead to some questoinable conversations. 

Liam: Wow all of these (apart from Dylan's) are gr8. However, the winner is.......................................................................Orange! Now the power you have is....HoH! You're head of household! Nominate two fellow raters for elimination, then we'll go to the vote off.

Orange: *pulls all but Mike and Dianted's keys* gg m8

Liam: Christ ok. 

Elimination #0 - Heaven and Hell

Liam: Vote in the (CONF) for your loser tonite.

Blake: (CONF) Bye. @Mike

Amber-J: CONF) I vote Mike

Chase: (CONF: Aww I love both of them :O but, I'll vote Mike...)

Dylan: Mike, sorry. </3

Zanna: (CONF) I vote Mike.

Don: (CONF: I vote to evict the sore loser, Mike. I honestly hope we get a better challenge next time. The host is so unoriginal he makes All Stars challenges look like gold.)

Mabel: Dianted, you cast yourself as the motherly figure, however, fans of classic literary fiction will see through very quickly who your true character was, which is the wicked step-mother, really, of the tribe. It’s the eccentric woman who comes in and makes demands of everyone for the things of which she feels so entitled. You know, she spoils her children by perhaps giving them more rice at dinner, or the best places to sleep at night in the shelter. Um, she takes things that she’s— you’re not entitled to or didn’t earn herself, which was always evidenced by the fact that you got more gimme’s in this game than anyone and performed the worst out of anyone at challenges. Lastly, you made the quintessential wicked step-mother move by abusing the help. Which in this case was the minority alliances throughout the game. You always made sure they felt inferior, you always kept them in their place, and you always made it eminently clear that they weren’t coming to the ball that is the tribal council here this evening with you. So, that to me feels like your fatal flaw in your whole plan because unlike life, in the game of Survivor, the outcasts are the one who get the final say. So in a sweeping moment of poetic justice, the people to which you were so rude and terrible to before relegating them to the jury with the help of your alliance, are going to decide your fate this evening. This is why I love fairy tales because they always have a happy ending and the wicked step-mother never wins.

Mike, good luck.

Dark: (CONF) Byeeeee Mikey!

Emerald: While I would follow everyone else, I'm not risking sharing the spotlight with him again. Bye-Bye Dianted

Amber: i'm voting with my twin, bestie and bae: Don. so i vote Mike sorry

Surfer: Let's get this over with. Mike.

Blake Megido Mega Fan: (CONF) I vote together with my idol! I vote off Mike sowwy 

Miguel: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Who should I vote for? Oh, I know! CONF MIKE END CONF 

Jordan: (CONF) Yeah I vote Mike I guess :0

Linsday: (CONF) i don't know but i liked Mike's rating more than Dianted, so i'm voting Dianted, nothing personally

TF: (CONF) I don't want to vote, sorry :(

Race: (CONF) Dianted is a threat to the Italians, so him.

Zac: (CONF) I prayed to the Zactastic overlords and they said... *the lights flicker* Dianted. 

Liam: And in a vote of 13-5, Mike, you are the first eliminated rater from Rating Game: Heaven vs. Hell. Any final words?

Gwopher: i vote daunte.

02: Heaven or Hell?


Blake Megido Mega Fan: *knocks on Blake's door* Blake, open the door, blake, blake, I know you're here Blake

Zac: Where's my mega fan? *Sits in a corner and cries* 

Blake Megido Mega Fan: *sees Zac* that's sad.. *continue's kocking on blakes door* Open up Blake so I can smell you and hug you! \

Blake: Zac, um, you can have my mega fan.

Blake Megido Mega Fan: *sees blake* BLAKE *runs to him and tackles him to the ground* I used mean look, You can't escape!

Amber: Yay!

Orange: :')

Blake: Get off of me, freak. *goes in his room and locks the door tbh*

Blake Megido Mega Fan:  Blake *runs to the and tries to open* Blake, Blake open the door please! I am your mega fan and I will wait untill you get out of there. You can't escape me trust me! I will always love you! *kisses the door* I will stay here untill the end of time or untill you exits the room!

TF: gg Blake, happy new mega fan

Blake: I have food. You don't. Starve.

Blake Megido Mega Fan: I don't need food while I can feed on your aura being near! I feed of your present! 

Blake: To be honest, you should be Zac's superfan. Oh wait, Zac has Dylan and Dra and stuff oops.

Amber: oohh blake, you have a fan XD

Blake Megido Mega Fan: Really you need to deserve fans and you don't deserve them if you ask for them! But you, you are my julliet, my yang, my better halve. 

Dark: Um... I support this #Blake x Blake's Fan <3

Blake: I don't want fans. Die.

Dianted: Well that was fun. Now it is time to slowly kill everyone who voted me... and Orange. #sorrynotsorry

Amber: /(.)_(.)\

LxJ: .......oh god no ahah

Dianted: Yeah, some will get death and some will get pancakes I just made, yay.

LxJ: no please forgive me i will never vote you again

Liam: Gather round all! You may be wondering when the team stage is going to kick in, and that's right now! Let's see here....Heaven: TrentFan, MRace2010, Surferdude1219, Conker511, DarkKid99, Blondieee, Gwopher, Miguelcamino, GamingProphecy, Fyrexx, EnderEmerald46 and um...Blake Megido? 

Liam: Next we have Hell: WinstonMacdonald, GalaxyRemixZ, Loenev, Dianted, Zannabanna, SolarEclipse, BlazeHead 51, LindsayxJustin, WelshGirlAmber, DerpyandDawn, Chase555 and Laugh in the Haze! Good luck new teams, you'll need it.

Conker: *in a coma* ... *wakes up* WoW! GUYS! Ei ammey wake aftur liek ages ant tut cooooolieo!? OMGey I'm a HAROE! OMG THAT IS So COOLIO RIGGGGGGGHT!?

Amber: Hell? Omg!

Chase: I'm on the Hell Team? Yay! I loving being the bad guy! :D

Amber: we are in the same team, chase! *hugs him*

Conker: Whet thjjeke Fuji, Chaise?! Baed guis are evile liek the evil Josh!

Chase: OMG I didn't even realize that! Yay! *hugs back*

Blake: Die. @Liam You're going to hell. Why am I a BORING hero? Why is LUCINA a villain? She's a g.oddess.

Amber: Hahaha, I'm glad I'm in your team. But we are team hell. That doesn't mean something nice, I guess ;o.

Surfer: Lmao @blake being a hero.

TF: I actually thought I was Lucifer's incarnate. Oh well, OK.

Blake: ^ This is true wtf

Gwopher: chill af

Blaze: (CONF) Hell?...meh, it was expected. (laughs)

Don: *Rolls eyes* Whatever, I could think the host would give us the decency of having teams that make sense, Chase and Amber on villains? Blake on the heroes?

Emerald: I'm confused too, I mean I always do better in these camps when I turn out to be the bad guy! Look at Battle of the Heroes to Brawl of the Villains, that game where I was Not-So-Grump, I dontt remember it...and if the next challenge is about comedians or movie genres, I have a good one

Miguel: Time for the miguel song: Miguel is my name and Total Drama is my game. I'm like a flame cause I have some fame!

Chase: It's all fine guys! I like how the teams are a little mixed up! Makes things more interesting! (CONF: At least I'm on a team with a lot of people I like!)

Dark: Why am I not on the Hell team? I guess I need to be more evil... *kicks a puppy* Is that enough?

Dianted: Noooooooo! I named him Nemo! He was all I cared about! NOOOOOOOO! *Cradles Nemo in his arms* Everything will be all right...  it'll be just fine! *Cries*

Gwopher: @dark wtf?? u suck for doing that

Challenge: (4PM UTC, 10AM EST)

Liam: Welcome raters! The rating today is....cartoon characters! You answer has to be television exclusive (ex: no II or BFDI-esque characters). You have until January 5th! Good luck!

Amber: Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls <3

Race: I want to pick Timmy Turner, so I will yeah. *eats Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza* :3

Blake: Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Jordan: Pam Poovey from Archer (ofc) <3333333

Dianted: Squidward Tennisballs-- err, Tentacles. <3

Delilio: These teams are really random, ohwell uhm...Zoey, Total Drama revenge of the island/ All stars

Dark: I pick Mojo Jojo from the power puff girls!

Chase: Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb!

Zanna: Scooby-Doo

Miguel: Hades from Disney's Hercules! I just love him!

Delilio: I guess movies air on tv aswell. 

Amber-J: Ummmmm.... Uh..........? O I freaking love Frankie from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. So, her.

Zac: Marshal Lee ~ Adventure time. 

Surfer: Patrick from spongebob (you know whats funnier than 24? 25!!!)

Orange: Courage from Courage the Cowardly Dog

TF: Samurai Jack from....Samurai Jack, eh.

Don: Elmo.

LxJ: Finn from advenutre time *-*

Gwopher: probably jasmine from tdpi yo cool nice

Emerald: Kirby, there was actually a Kirby cartoon...Right Back At Ya, it was called

Delilio: I don't know what the host is waiting for but I don't have the time to wait, I leave bye 

Blaze: uhh...i'll go with Luigi from Super Mario World the cartoon, i wonder if he realised that that football was a stone all along... 

Liam: I like a lot of these, but the winners overall are...The Hells! How anti-climatic! Anyways time for the Heavens' elimination!

Elimination #1 - Heaven

Liam: Winston may have quit, but you guys still suck so you're sending someone home! Vote in the (CONF) to register your vote!

Race: (CONF) Gaming Prophecy? That sounds a bit too cheesy for my tastes. Mmm...Rooster Teeth Podcast Pizza. But alas, they are not the pizza I desire. So, them. :3

Blake: (CONF) Gaming, soz. Even though your avatar is Henry and he's bae <3

TF: (CONF) Eh I'll vote off Gaming I guess

Zac: (CONF) Race. 

Surfer: (CONF) I vote off EE cuz who? And gaming is mah bro

Emerald: (CONF) I'm not gonna vote for Surfer because he voted for me, so I vote for Gwopher.

Miguel CONF : I should vote Gaming Prophecy cause he didn't participate in the challenege END CONF

Dylan: (CONF) Gaming I guess.

Dark (CONF) EE

Liam: Bye Gaming!

03: Superzeroes

Chat: Heaven

Emerald: Okay, letss try to not lose. Dark, why did you vote for me?

Dark: Because Gaming was my friend?

Blake: I don't understand why I'm still in heaven.

Dark: Same ^ We should be extra evil now.

Race: I mean, TF is Lucifer's descendant or something and he's still here. I don't think you guys would switch either if he wouldn't. :3

Dark: Um.. EE how did you see my vote?

Miguel: I'll miss Gaming!

Emerald: *Flashback to listening to votes, back to now* ...I...have my methods, I dont knoww how imm on Heaven either

Gwopher: wow brian jones sure is cool!

Surfer: I think I'm an angel! :D

TF: Yeah, Race is right. Don't if you don't want to die or something :)

Emerald: I wonder how the challenge is gonna work, since it's me B-Day! :3

Chat: Hell

Blaze: (sighs) another day in Rating Game...

Amber: Yeahh ahahah

Blaze: (whistles) bored, bored, bored...

Amber: Ahw, Blaze! Let's talk! :D

Blaze: sure!, what should we talk about?

Amber: uhh, what do you think about Harry Potter? :p

Dianted: HP is da bae. J.K. Rowling. <3

Amber: omggg dianted i love uuuuu! *hugs*

Blaze: wait till my father hears about this! (sneers)

Challenge: Jan 10th 2015 @6PM UTC (12PM EST)

Liam: Welcome to this weeks rating! You'll be ranking Superheroes!

Blake: Raven tbh

Amber-J: Black Widow <3

Chase: Green Lantern! <3

Surfer: Uh, does Rocket count?

Dianted: Groot. I wish I was him. :(

Emerald: Deadpool!

Blaze: Wolverine gg.

Amber: Emma Frost aka The White Queen <3


Gwopher: George Harrison :) actually dm ill get voted out 4 that, hey! how about starfire shes cool!

Miguel: Beast Boy! Go!

Jordan: Baymax the bae :'D

Mabel: Wonder Woman.

TF: supaidaman Spiderman OK?

Zanna: Hawkgirl

Race: Liam Let's go with...Iron Man?

LxJ: katniss everdeen she is a Superhero.

Liam: And the winner is Dianted for Hell! Heaven are going to elimination again. :[

Elimination #2 - Heaven

Liam: Good luck!

Emerald: Well, since LxJ is on the other team...I guess Gwopher, she did say she would get voted out if she said George Harrison. I'be been eliminated far too many times to know that these kinds of jokes will get you out quick.

Dark: (CONF) I vote Emerald because he got Gaming out!

Emerald: *Outside of Dark's conf* I didnt even vote for Gaming, you dingus!

Blake: (CONF) Still don't know why I'm on this team. Anyways, bye Emerald.

Surfer: (CONF SO EE CAN'T HEAR) I vote Emerald.

Conker: (CONF) ILL v0te Emareld because hi's weird. Unliek me, amrit?! *gets hit by complaints from* Wow, I'm suddenly normal... Ahw...

Blondie: (CONF) I forgot I was in this, but Emerald.

Miguel: CONF Bye Gwopher *stamps her passport* END CONF

TF: (CONF) Umm... I have no idea on who to I'm going to vote Gwopher because idk he asked for it because of the joke or something..

Race: (CONF) I vote Liam- I mean Ender. Aren't they the same person?

gwopher: wTF GUYS I SAID STARFIRE, I SAID GEORGE HARRISON AS A JOKE THEN I CHANGED MY THING, honestly..... i vote for emerald or ill get voted out lmao... but lol thanks TF for using correct pronunss uNLIKE miguel, whoever they are anyway...lmao....

Liam: In a 7-3 vote, Emerald is eliminated. Cheerio. 

04: Stupid Soundtracks

Chat: Heaven

Surfer: Wow. We need to actually win!

Miguel: I don't like that gwopher.

gwopher: dude chill, i didntt do anything wrong...

Miguel: What ever *goes to his room and eats a hamburger*

Gwopher: whoa... ok... bit rude :(

Blake: Instead of being stupid trash and insulting another person you know literally nothing about, guys, we could actually win >.>.

Gwopher: who are u talking to? I didntt insult anyone??

Miguel: I'm sorry gwoph.

Gwopher: ok me 2 buddy, btw I like your game soundtrack :P

Miguel: Thanks...

Gwopher: No prob!

Chat: Hell

Challenge: 23/01/15

Liam: Today's rating is... Video Game Soundtracks! I do love a lot of music based on video games, so hit me with your best shot!

Blake: Zinnia's Sorrow from Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (

Race: Tomorrow is Mine from Bayonetta 2. :3

Blaze: Cipher Peon's theme from Pokemon Colosseum. i was torn between choosing this and Miror. B's theme from Pokemon XD tbh. (

Gwopher: i dont knoww any game soundtracks apart from im so sorry

Amber: Mount Wario from Mario Kart 8

TF: lmao yes

Jordan: Ye I couldn't think of anything :'D

Dianted: mario theme song - YouTube same tbh

Don: I don't know, I have better things to do then video games.

Chase: This is really all I can think of :/

Miguel: I like club penguin's song.


Surfer: Da bes!

Mabel: idk


Liam: me irl @don. Anyway the winners are finally the Heavens, thanks to Race! Hell are facing their first elimination.

Elimination #3 - Hell

Liam: gl @all

Dianted: Don was the only one to not submit an actual song/soundtrack. I vote him. By the way: *hoping intensifies*!

Jordan: Don I guess.

Amber-J: Um... Bandwagon? *votes Don* Sorry ily 


Amber: go mabel <3

Zanna: I vote Don.

Blaze: actually i was going to say Don as well but instead i've changed my mind, i'll vote for LxJ.

Don: WTF At least I said something. LxJ said nothing so bye. *Votes LxJ*

Ornge: I vote Don

Chase: Sorry LxJ :( but you haven't spoken in a while so... *votes LxJ*

Liam: Don is eliminated. sorry :L

05: Chocotastic

Chat: Heaven

Surfer: We finally won! But we gotta win again. We cannot get set in our ways.

Gwopher: Yeah!!!

Surfer: Well, that was more of a warning than a celebration, but yeah! Let's go with that!

Dark: Eventually we all will lose.

Surfer: Hey, don't try to recreate my life quote! >:(

Gwopher: lose what, the game, life? You're being a little vague here pal

Miguel: Gwoph and Surfer are right! You're really negative!

Dianted: *Cuts Miguel despite not being on Heaven's team (oops) #sorrynotsorry*

Mabel: *teleports* You gotta' risk it to get the biscuit. *strangles Dianted with a box of cookies and force feeds him Dark's entire body*

Surfer: *feels left out so he kicks gwopher*

Dianted: Tasty.

Surfer: *kicks Gwopher again*

Gwopher: why this....

Miguel: Why is every one acting crazy?

Chat: Hell

Amber: Guys, I'm feeling bad for Don. But I'm also happy LxJ is still in <3.

Chase: I miss Don already :(

Dianted: "Moo," said the cow. "Good, good," said the farmer.

Amber: Ehh... lol XD

Challenge: 29/1/15

Liam: Welcome to the latest rating everbody! The task today is chocolate! This can range from chocolate bars, to chocolate oranges and the like! Good luck!

Blake: Chocolate strawberries, of course.

Gwopher: chocolate uhh cake? :O

Dark: Those Chocolate fountain thingys!!!!

Surfer: The chocolate ice cream half of a hoodsie!

Blaze: chocolate eclair.

Chase: Brownies! <3

Miguel: King Chocolate (massive chocolates)

Dianted: Chocolate covered chocolate covered chocolate, obviously...!

Amber: Chocolate pie with cream! <3


Jordan: White Chocolate :0

Miguel: Actually no! It's Kit Kat! (kinda wafer u know)

Zanna: Mint chocolate <3

Orange: Twix/Raider bars

Mabel: Reece's Peanut Butter Cups

Amber-J: Crunchie bars <333

Race: Hmm, as future dictator of Italy, I must think outside the box...err, chocolate chocolate chip cookies?

Dianted: *vibrates*

Liam: No one knows me ffs. TOBLERONE PEOPLE, TOBLERONE. Nontheless my fav is Chase/Amber J so Hell wins again! 

Elimination #4 - Heaven

Liam: Vote in (CONF) rn irl

Dark: (CONF) Miguel is on our team? is he even a user anymore?

Blake: (CONF) Bandwagon! Yay! Miguel.

TF: (CONF) How do you even DENY CHOCOLATE FROM SPONGEBOB?!?!?! Miguel because bandwagon I think

Miguel CONF: Why is everyone mad at me? Meh, Blake. END CONF

Race: (CONF) Don't worry, Miguel- if you just agree to the alliance I proposed for the nations of Spain and Italy- wait, what do you mean you don't rule Spain? I wasted all this time making cool alliance names and World War III, you're paying for this- I vote false Spanish leader.

Surfer: (CONF) Why y'all poopin' on Miguel? I vote TF bcuz not bandwagon XD

Dylan: (CONF) Meh I'll just go with Miguel. Sorry. :(

Miguel: Guys, you should vote for Fyrexx - he didn't do anything in the challenge! *trying to save himself*

Gwopher: Miguel Ma Belle

Liam: And with the most votes against him Miguel is eliminated. Sorry bruh.

06: Riddle My Diddle Fiddle Do Dah!

Chat: Heaven

Liam: Notice, the idol for your team has been hidden. To find it solve this riddle:  I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old. What am I? Good luck Raters! (PM me the answer on chat)

Chat: Hell

Liam: Notice, the idol for your team has been hidden. To find it solve this riddle: What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in one thousand years? Good look Raters! (PM me the answer on chat)

Dianted: You're... so... silly! *Vibrates*


Liam: Todays challenge is Ridonculous Race! I want you to suggest an imaginary pairing using already existing TD characters (ex: zoey and mike) and your reason for doing so! I'll rank on individuality! Good luck!

Blake: Courtney and Scarlett. Two cray betches who are one of my favorite characters. Sure.

Dianted: Noah and Owen. Reasoning should be obvious. (Also thanks for not being specific at first, Laim. Loser. >_>)

Amber: As much as I love Lindsay and Ella I have to say Katie and Sadie because they need to be in the TDRR cast!!

Conker: DJ and DJ's mom. :3 (Tee, hee.)

Mabel: Leshaniqua and Jasmine (Leshawna's TDI Video Message from Home Jasmine). Two of Leshawna's fame seeking friends who both want those deniros even though one of them is married to Barack Obama. Both are fantabulous and seeing them both on screen at the same time would be like yas.

Jordan: Sierra and Chris :0

Dark: Obviously Sugar and Justin which is kinda a stretch bc look at ugly Justin and beautiful Sugar!

Blaze: uhh...i'll go with Ezekiel and Eva, mainly cause i think these two in particular didn't get much of a chance on Total Drama, so why not give them a chance on RR?, am i right? (silence) umm...but anyway, i'll go with them.

Surfer: Cameron and Cody. Two of the biggest nerds on TD, they would be perfect for each other.

Chase: I would love to see Ella and Dawn! Two "weird girls" competing together would be so fun!

Gwopher: How awesome would Jasmine and Dawn be?!

Amber-J: Sadie and Lindsay because of Phobia Factor idk 

Zannabanna: Izzy and Owen because they were a good couple and could probably work together good.

TF: Justin & Alejandro as rivals. The rivalry between the two over who looks best would probably cause their downfall, but why not?

Liam: Well this is awkward. Somehow Heaven has clenched victory because Blake's is my fave! Yas! Hell time for elimination gg.

Elimination #6 - Hell

Liam: Vote for your favourite loser in the (CONF)!

Dianted: LxJ is inactive so good-bye; I'm sorry. :(

Jordan: ur rite^^^ I vote LxJ too

Amber: LxJ didn't left the wikia, WelshGirlAmber did. So I'm voting Welsh and giving LxJ a change to return because she didn't left.

Amber-J: LxJ. Lol @amber

Chase: Sorry LxJ. You haven't edited in a while hard feelings <3

Blaze: gotta agree with the others, sorry LXJ, i vote for you too.

Mabel: I vote for Welsh!

Liam: LxJ is eliminated! Sorry gurl </3

07: Burn the Pages

Chat: Heaven

Chat: Hell

Amber: Lily :(

Challenge: 14/02/15.

Liam: Happy Valentines! Your challenge is to either create or use a valentines poem! It can range from corny-ness to romantic to anything! As long as it relates to Valentines. Good luck!

Amber: Valentine treasures are people who have often crossed your mind, family, friends and others, too, who in your life have shined the warmth of love or a spark of light that makes you remember them; no matter how long since you've actually met, each one is a luminous gem, who gleams and glows in your memory, bringing special pleasures, and that's why this Valentine comes to you: You're one of those sparkling treasures!

Blake: "Hey, baby, can I scramble your eggs?" - Barbara Dunkelman

Dianted: "I love you... more than I love chocolate." :)

Amber-J: I love you. And no matter what the future holds, I'm going to cherish every moment.

Blaze: Love is more time to share, It’s really when you care, It’s two people joined, I was in love with you, before you could drop a coin, It’s a sense of trust but not enough lust, It’s a commitment to be there, but would you always be there to share and care?

TF: My dear, you know who I am? You might say "my love" but that's not the correct answer. I am nobody. I am a bit of dust in a mansion; I'm a small rock inside the depths of the forest; I'm a particle of our endless universe. I am nobody. A puny mortal in a sea of scandals and miracles; the one that of important has nothing, the nothing indeed. And are my savior. I remember the day we met, inside four walls, when everything looked normal, simple, quiet. That day a loud explosion was heard, I remember it. But nobody heard it aside from you...and me. And from that day I discovered my angel I've waited for months, years, decades, even more. And so I say to you: I am nobody. But then I found you and I still was nobody...but I was happy. Merci, mon amour.

Jordan: "Roses are red, manure is brown, get out of ma' face!" ~ Sugar

Chase: "I-I love you like a love song, baby. And I keep hitting...repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat." ~ Selena Gomez

Zanna: "The heart wants what it wants" - Selena Gomez

Race: Please, don't forget...from the bottom of my heart...I am truly in love with the hope that sleeps inside you. Now that I'm on the verge of death, I've finally realized what I wanted all along: Somebody's love.

Liam: Thanks for the entries...and I'd like to say... #DROPYOURBUFFS.

Jordan: Woah :0

Liam: We've merged! Everyone who participated this challenge is immune congrats. The elimination tonight is very special. Follow me to the elimination room.

Elimination #7 - Losers

Liam: Tonight we have a very special twist. Tonight at 6PM EST we will have a LIVE VOTE! In chat. Be there or be triangle.

Amber: Exciting... :O

Blaze: exciting, but also a little worrying as well...not really sure why tbh. XD

Surfer: is it over?

Liam: Orange and Zac are eliminated!

08: Double Dash to the Finish Line



Liam: Today you're all rating Mario Kart racers! You can use any from any of the games ever! If you need to know what the characters are just google it tbh.

Amber: Toadetteeeeeeeee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💕💕

TF: Funky Kong because he's fast and sexy tbh

Amber-J: Birdo. <3 <3 <3 xoxo

Jordan: Honey Queen goddessa

Dark: Princess Daisy!!!

Dylan: Rosalina g.oddess 

Blake: Toooooad.

Blaze: Waluigi...seriously, did you think i'd go with anyone else?

Dianted: Yoshi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zanna: King Boo <3

Chase: Koopa Troopa!<3

Surfer: Wario!

Race: Wiggler. :3

Liam: The winner is Zanna! King Boo is gr8. But because I also really like Wiggler MRace is immune too. GG both.

Elimination #8: Everyone but Zanna/Race

Liam: Vote!

Amber: I love you bae but you are too much inactive. Still love u. My vote goes to Conker :(

Dianted: Conker... *lights dim* ... shall no longer be in the house.

Race: I pity the fool who is Conker. That means I vote Conker, gg.

Jordan: I vote Conker 2

Mabel: Conker's Bad Fur Day

Chase: Conker, cause he's a little too inactive :(

Amber-J: Conker.

Blake: Conker. Hanamura >>>>>> Nano >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> You

ACTN: Crud! I missed it and Mario Kart is my fave D:. Anyway I vote Conker.

Gwopher: i missed that sorry! and also yeah sorry conker :(

Dark: I'm not a bandwaggoner so Amber!

Blaze: Conker i guess, sorry mate.

Dylan: w/e I vote Conker.

Liam: Bye Conker!

09: Gotta Go Fast



Liam: Today's rating is Sonic characters! If everyone misses my favourite i'll cri

Surfer: (CONF) I know nothing about Sonic! And I was gonna pick King Boo last week. *hurt* (END CONF) ...Sonic?

Amber: Amyyyyy Roseee <3

Dylan: Blaze <3

Amber-J: Rogue <3

Jordan: Punjabi Prince I mean Omochao, legit gross @sonic

TF: Throwing a guess. Tails?

Blaze: well since he's been my profile picture for many years, i'm gonna go with Shadow.

Race: Espio, why not?

Dianted: Doctor Eggman. :)

Blake: Cream g.oddess

Mabel: sonic is garbage but uh silver?

Chase: Imma go with Charmy the Bee :)

Dianted: tbh @mabel

Zanna: Vector the Crocodile

Liam: Rouge <333333. Amber-J wins immunity this week! But I love a lot of Sonic characters. So Blaze, Chase and Amber are also safe this week! Time to vote!

Elimination #9: Everyone but Amber-J, Amber, Blaze and Chase.

Liam: Vote!

Surfer: (CONF) You are a huge threat so I vote Zanna

Amber: (CONF) Sorry Zanna but I have to do it. (END CONF)

Dianted: (CONF) I vote Surfer. You can try and cover it up all you want but you voted my wifey. And no one votes for my wifey. <3 (END CONF)

Blake: (CONF) ok bye zanna.

Dylan: (CONF) Zanna !

Surfer: How come Dianted can hear confessionals and I cant?

Dianted: cus u dont no how to use apostrophes tbf

Surfer: die #deaththreats4life

Dianted: *hits surfer like surfer's brother, sarfer, does to him but in own pancake-like way*

Jordan: (CONF) I vote Zanna 2

Chase: (CONF: I vote Zanna! Sorry, I still luv you tho <3)

Race: (CONF) It's Surfer's time to suffer. :3

Zanna: (CONF) I vote Surfer.

Dark: (CONF) I vote Jordan bc I don't bandwagon

Blaze: (CONF) Zanna or Surfer?...Surfer or Zanna?...Zurfer or Sanna?...i'll go for Zurfer...i mean Zanna.

Mabel: I vote Surfer :) no conf for me! 

ACTN: (CONF) I vote Zanna.

Dianted: lol. *eats peice of guN slewly*

Liam: And Zanna is eliminated!

10: The Daring Game


Surfer: *under breath* B****es


Liam: Today I'll be rating dares! Below please come up with the most interesting and unique dare possible! 

Dark: I Dare you to go somewhere public and sing an musical all by yourself.

TF: I dare you to trap all the students of your school, dress as Monokuma and bring despair to the table by making them kill eachother. Also I dare you to dress as Junko Enoshima when you get out of Monokuma.

Surfer: I dare you to ask Michael out on a date

Dylan: I dare you to sit through the entirety of The Feeding of the 5000 by Crass. (:

Amber: I dare you to put whipped cream on your face, making a picture of it and posting it on the wikia.

Blake: I dare you to buy an island and bring ten people there before killing them one by one according to a riddle.

Chase: I dare you to start a twerk-quake at your school.

Dianted: I dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me... to dare you.

Jordan: I dare you to move to Bradford!!!

Amber-J: I dare you to read 50 shades of grey and post a review praising its' imagination, innovation and just how great it is~ <3

Mabel: I dare you to read the Bee Movie script. :) 

Blaze: i dare you to create a blog saying how amazing The Super Mario Bros Movie was. 

Race: I dare you to give your adminship to Wes.

Liam: I have three winners! The first because of this being literal torture...Mabel! And Dylan for the same reason! Now a fun one, the final immunity goes to Blaze! Three very underdog worthy winners, now time to vote!

Elimination #10 - Everyone but Mabel, Dylan and Blaze.

Liam: Vote!

Mabel: (CONF) I vote Race (TF) since his name confuses me

Blake: (CONF) lol bye Race (TF)

Dianted: (CONF) You win or make it far and quit in literally every camp, Race (TF). So... get out. plus irl @name being confusing *Throws him*

Surfer: (conf) Lol bandwagon @race (TF)


Amber-J: I hate you all, I vote TF (MRace2010) with no conf  yas

Dark: I vote for Loenev #NoConfSisters

Blaze: no bandwagon for me, i vote Blonde. #Geekbrotherofconfsisters

Jordan: I vote for MRace 3

Amber: Ohh I forgott I was in this. Well, I'm just voting randomly for uhh Dark I guess????

TF (Race): I'll throw dic I guess I'll follow the nonbandwagon journey so yeah I'll vote for Blonde too

Mabel: why do yall get so salty over bandwagoning like what we all supposed to vote for randomly different people???? whats wrong with people following a vote bcuz they dont oppose it

Jordan: Dylan's immune >.> @Race/Blaze

Blaze: meh, in that case, i'll vote for Race (TF) as well, i guess it's the bandwagon for me. XD

TF (Race): Since Dylan is immune I'll vote for Race (TF) too I guess

Dylan: Race (TF). Forget you, go home, GOODBYE!! >:(

Race (TF): I vote myself lol. *chews gun slewly*

ACTN: (CONF) I'll vote for Race (TF) whoever that is ;/

Chase: I vote Racey (TF)! Not sure who that is, it's either Race or TF...but I gotta hop on the bandwagon.

Liam: and Race (TF) is eliminated! We're not done here though! Challenge Part Two!

TF (Race): Wait no there has to be a mistake *gets booted out* noooooooooooooooooooooooo......

Challenge Pt. II

Liam: Now you have to complete your dares! It takes five lines, and the last person to do so is automatically eliminated! (if you didn't post a dare before just make up one and do it -- if you're immune you still have to do this)

Amber: *makes picture and post it* (1)

Jordan: *packs boxes* (1)

Surfer: *asks Michael out*

Jordan: *packs boxes* (2)

Surfer: *asks Michael out*

Jordan: *packs boxes* (3)

Amber: *makes picture and post it* (2)

Jordan: *packs boxes* (4)

Amber-J: *posts glowing review of 50SOG*

Jordan: *Leaves for Bradford* (5)

Amber-J: *posts glowing review of 50SOG*

Surfer: *asks Michael out*

Amber-J: *posts glowing review of 50SOG*

Blake: *brings ten people to an island*

Surfer: *asks Michael out*

Blake: *kills two of them*

Amber-J: *posts glowing review of 50SOG*

Blake: *kills three more*

Surfer: *is rejected*

Blake: *kills two more*

Amber-J: *review is uploaded* #shame

Blake: *kills three more* brb washing blood off hands

Amber: *makes picture and post it* (3)

ACTN: *loses to Blake in Mario Kart*

Amber: *makes picture and post it* (4)

ACTN: *loses to Blake in Mario Kart*

Amber: *makes picture and post it* (5) Yay safe! <3

ACTN: *loses to Blake in Mario Kart*

Amber: Go Matt! <3

ACTN: *loses to Blake in Mario Kart* I'm almost done! 

Amber: *Cheers for Matt*

ACTN: *loses to Blake in Mario Kart* Done! Thanks Amber! *hugs*

Chase: Dammit... *drives to school* (1)

Amber: Go Chase :D

Dianted: *Dares you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me... to dare you* (1)

Amber: I'm just going to post to help everyone, hope it will work. Go Dianted :D

Dianted: Thank you, Amber! :) *Dares you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me... to dare you* (2)

Amber: No prob <3

Chase: *continues to drive to school* (2)

Blaze: (writing a good blog about Mario Bros Movie on

Dianted: *Dares you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me... to dare you* (3)

Amber: Lalalalala

Blaze: (writing a good blog about Mario Bros Movie on (2)

Chase: *still drives to school* (3)

Dianted: *Dares you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me... to dare you* (4)

Amber: Come on guys <3333

Chase: *walks into gymnasium* (4)

Blaze: (writing a good blog about Mario Bros Movie on (3)

Chase: *stars twerk-quake* (5) Done! I picked the wrong dare tho...

Blaze: (writing a good blog about Mario Bros Movie on (4)

Dianted: *Dares you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me to dare you to dare me... to dare you* (5)

Blaze: (writing a good blog about Mario Bros Movie on (5) OK..i'm done.

Mabel: *reads Bee Movie script* (1)

Amber-J: Rock it Mabel kaween

Mabel: *reads Bee Movie script* (2)

Amber-J: ye

Mabel: *reads Bee Movie script and holds gun to head* (3)

Amber-J: let's hoping for win this

Mabel: *reads Bee Movie script and fires* (4)

Amber-J: you didn't wanted to be.

Mabel: *reads Bee Movie script and dies* (5)

Dark: *preforms* (1)

Dylan: *listens to The Feeding of the 5000* (1)

Dark *preforms* (2)

Dylan: *listens to The Feeding of the 5000* (2)

Dark: *preforms* (3)

Dylan: *listens to The Feeding of the 5000* (3)

Dark: *preforms* (4)

Dylan: *listens to The Feeding of the 5000 and contemplates suicide after suffering through Women* (4)

Dark: *preforms* (5)

Dylan: *finishes The Feeding of the 5000 and cries tears of joy* (5) 

Liam: You losers are gone @Gwopher/Race

11: I Drink Soda-Soda



Liam: Your next challenge is kinds of sodas! (or fizzy drinks). Good luck!

Jordan: Dr. Pepper

Amber: Vimto <3

Blake: Fanta.

Dylan: Cream soda. <3

Blaze: uhh..i guess i'll go with the 100 year old drink known as Coke.

Dianted: Sprite. <3

surfer: soda water <3

Chase: ^WTF is that? Umm...Pepsi! Cause thanks for choosing Coke Blaze...

ACTN: Barq's Root Beer.

Dark: I choose you go Mountain Dew (gross)

Amber-J: 7up

Mabel: i cant drink soda so this is offensive, but Diet Coke. :) You don't want to lose that perfect beach bod, do ya liam?

Liam: Amber-J wins since 7up is bae, along with Mountain Dew tbh. Stop stalking my twitter.

Elimination: Everyone but Amber-J and Dark

Liam: Go!

Amber-J: Ily liam, I vote surfer #oops

Blake: Suffer/Surfer.

Dylan: I guess I'll just get this over with quick and vote Surfer too. Sorry and gl xx

Chase: Surfer! Sorry boo, I'm a bandwagon-er <3

Dianted: Bye, Surfer. lol!!!!!

Mabel: Surfer!!!!! 

Blaze: meh, i'm gonna go with a random vote and say Mabel. gg. 

ACTN: I'll go with Surfer. 

Amber: Sorry Surfer :(

Liam: RIP Surfer.

12: Farts and Crafts



Liam: Your challenge this week is to create a logo for the season! You have to use the avatars of all 26 contestants and it has to say "Rating Game: Heaven vs. Hell". You have until Thursday!


add here when you're done:

Liam: My favourite of the entered ones is Chase's! But because you put so much effort into making them, whoever didn't is up for this elimination. Sucks to suck.

Elimination #12: Mabel, Dark, Dianted, ACTN

Liam: Good luck losers!

Jordan: ha bai Carolyn Mabel

Blake: lol bye mabel

Blaze: yeah i'm gonna for Mabel as well, sorry.

ACTN: Sorry Mabel

Amber-J: MAble

Chase: Mabel! Love you boo, but you're just too fabulous...

Liam: Mabel is eliminated!

13: Friday the 13th...



Liam: Your rating today is horror movies! Pick the best horror movie you know and I'll rank them!

Blake: The Conjuring.

Jordan: The Cabin in the Woods :0

Blaze: urgh, i was gonna say The Conjuring...i guess i'll go for As Above, So Below.

Chase: Grave Encounters II! Recently saw it and fell in love <3

Dylan: The Babadook

Amber: Ohh I wanted to say the conjuring either XDDDD anyway one of my favorites is Paranomal Activity 1. So that's my entry :D

Dianted: Insidious.

ACTN: The Exorcist

Amber-J: I don't watch horror films :)

Liam: The winners are Jordna and Blake! Twist tho! We're having teams again! Blake was first so he can pick first, and then Jordan. It works through a school-yard pick. Gl!

Blake: Lucina.

Jordan: Dylan.

Blake: Chase.

Jordan: Dianted.

Blake: ACTN.

Jordan: Amber.

Blake: Blaze.

Jordan: Dark.

Liam: Blake was first so his team is safe! Everyone who Jordan picked are up for elimination, including himself! :)

Elimination #13: Team Jordan

Liam: Vote in the Confessional. Also you should pick a team name.

Dylan: Dark's inactive so yeah.

Jordan: (CONF) Dark is a little bit inactive so she has my vote.

Amber: I know I'm getting a lot of hate now but I'm voting Dark. She didn't said anything this episode or did the challenge and she was picked as last. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry your also my biggest rival because we almost vote for each other. Sorry Dark :(

Liam: Bye Dark!

14: Exalts Versus YEE

Chat: Team Exalts

Liam: Come up with a Name!

Blake: The Exalts, tbh

Amber-J: Yeah^

Chase: Yass! @Exalts

ACTN: Alright Exalts! 

Blaze: Team Exalts it is then. :) 

Chat: Team YEE

Liam: Come up with a Name!

Amber: What about The Unbeatable Friends? :)

Dylan: YEE(nation) thnx


Jordan: Kween @YEEnation

Amber: Hahahaha, I'm going with you guys XD

Dianted: fer y


Liam: Your challenge today is dream Super Smash Bros. characters! Which character would you have loved to have seen in Smash? That's your rating!

Dylan: Krystal queen

Blake: bayonetta robbed.

Chase: Princess Daisy! She would've been a better choice than Dr. Mario :/

ACTN: In Smash Bros Wii U/3DS Ice Climbers. Why couldn't they get them to work on the 3DS :(. In general I'd say Banjo & Kazooie or Rayman. That'd be cool

Dianted: what's that but um peach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jordan: Birdo :c

Amber-J: Chrom

Blaze: i think i'm gonna go for King K.Rool, i think he deserves a spot in Smash Bros personally.

Liam: The winner is Blake for the Exalts! 

Elimination #14: YEE

Liam: As a twist, the winning team will vote off someone from the losing team! Consider that your gift for winning.

Amber: wait wait wait! I quit, I didn't said something on the challenge the others did so yeah... my team don't deserve to be eliminated or something. So guys, goodluck on F8, I don't deserve that place <333 and Liam I can't wait for next season :D

Dylan: omg Amber. :(

Chase: Awwww Amber :( Do we still get to kick off another player then?

Blake: I was actually going to vote Amber anyways but ok

Blaze: well that's a shame Amber, but i guess if you're sure you want to do this then i guess it's you're choice, even if some people are upset about it. :/

Liam: Amber's quit to save everyone else, how sweet. We're at the final eight then people. How odd, both of the Netherlands reps have quit during this season.

15: Things Are Heating Up

Chat: YEE

Chat: Exalts


Liam: Welcome to the Final 8! Your challenge today is elements! Say an element (like water, fire etc) and I'll rank 'em!

ACTN: Earth

Dylan: Fire.

Amber-J: Air <3

Blaze: Water m8.

Blake: quintessence aka energy :)

Chase: Nature <3

Dianted: aren't they like all gone now um lemme see uh um hmm... void <3

Liam: The winner is Energy! Exalts win again!

Elimination #15: YEE

Liam: Vote in Confessional!

Dylan (CONF): I'll vote Jordan since he's been inactive for like three days and didn't participate in the challenge at all. Sorry, I love you and I'm so sad to have to do this but oh well. :(

Dianted (CONF): I'll vote Jordan since he's been inactive for like three days and didn't participate in the challenge at all. Sorry, I love you and I'm so sad to have to do this but oh well. :(

Dylan: (:

Dianted: (:

Dylan: :)

Dianted: :)

Dylan: :(

Dylan: lol what are we doing

Dylan: I'll change if you do!!!

Dianted: :(

Dianted: lol what are we doing

Dianted: I'll change if you do!!!

Liam: Twist! The person with the least votes is eliminated! Sorry Jordan but you have been eliminated!

16: Totally Dramatic Rating


Liam: Your rating today is Total Drama Island contestants! Good luck!

Dylan: Lindsay <3

Blake: Heather <3

ACTN: DJ. The only season he was good in. 

Lucina: Izzy.

Chase: Gwen!

Blaze: Tyler i guess...ha!, thought i'd go for Duncan didn't you!?, well you thought wrong!....but anyway i'll go for Tyler.

Dianted: All the good ones have been taken! :( I call rigged. :) Okay, uh... Leshawna! She was excellent in TDI.

Liam: My favourite is Heather! She was gr8 in TDI so Exalts win again! Time for elimination YEE!

Elimination #16: YEE

Liam: Winners will vote on this one! Vote for either Dianted or Dylan Exalts!

Blake: Dylan, so I can be the last hero standing!!!!!

Chase: I'll vote Dylan, cause bandwagon! <3

ACTN: I'll vote for Dylan too

Dylan: Blake that was a dumb move because they're just going to vote you out next but w.e I didn't even expect to make it half as far as I did. ^_^

Blake: who cares I'm the last hero standing which proves I'm the most heroic person here!!!

Liam: RIP Dylan.

17: Final Six, Bag of Tricks.


Liam: Welcome final six! Your rating today is Tricks. What was the best trick someone did to you? Or what is the best trick you know of? Post it below!

Chase: Lending someone an invisible ink pen during Finals.

Dianted: Boiling an egg, coating it in dirt/mud/another dark brown substance, and then place the Cadbury-Creme-Egg-Whole-&-Split.jpg (3140×1320) wrapper around it. Hope you have a nice snack. :)

Blake: my friends and I totally didn't make shortcuts on our friend's phone to turn them into totally appropriate texts :)

Blaze: actually, while we're on the subject of eggs, a friend of mine pulled an awesome trick where he smashed an egg, but instead of is breaking like it normally would, it didn't actually break!, this was a relatively weak egg, it hadn't been boiled or anything and was quite close to melting, he hit that egg will the full force of his fist and it didn't break!, then he put his hand on it, waited for a couple of seconds, and then suddenly he broke it with his hand!, it might not sound like it's that great, but if you saw it like i did, you're mind would be blown. XD

Amber-J: I like, don't talk to people so idk lol

ACTN: Love this trick

Liam: My favourite prank was........Dianted! Rest of you are up for vote!

Elimination #17: Exalts

Liam: Time to vote!

Blake: Blaze.

Amber-J: Blaze, sorry. D:

Chase: Sorry Blazey, luv U...but I vote 4 juu :(

ACTN: Blaze

Liam: Sorry Blaze! But you're out!

18: Easter Island


Liam: Your challenge today is Easter Eggs! Say one below and I'll rate 'em!

Blake: missy's crutch-stick-thing that she used in sjds being used as part of the Escamesca tribe flag.

ACTN: Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Level specific CODECs. Smash Bros. is built upon a mountain of clever secrets for fans to find, but none were had as high production values as these Easter Eggs. If you played as Solid Snake in the Shadow Moses stage and continually hit down on the d-pad you’ll hear Snake have a lengthy radio conversation about his current opponent, all with new dialogue recorded by the voice cast. The same happens for the Star Fox crew on their stage.

Dianted: I know you wuv, wuv Mortal Kombat so--! In Mortal Kombat: Deception, characters in the Netherrealm and Chaosrealm speak backwards to the main protagonist. Some of their dialogue is as follows: "I am talking backwards. Spooky, isn't it?" / "If you have decoded this, you have way too much time on your hands, my friend." / "Reiko is not Shao Kahn, though sometimes, he secretly wears the emperor's helmet." The last one refers to (the controversy of) Reiko's ending in Mortal Kombat 4 which I only know about because of the wiki (mhm, qurl). Okay! R-I-P-I-C-I-T! That spells everything but 'respect'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chase: I was sure as hell going to say what Matt said...but I'll find a way around it. In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, there was Palutena's guidance and some of them were amazing!

Amber-J: The secret shops in Fire Emblem games are always awesome. They're really helpful, albeit expensive, but still a fun secret to find :D

Liam: I literally meant Chocolate Easter Eggs but okay then. Um...Dianted's is my favourite! Time for the rest of you to vote!

Elimination #18: Exalts

Note: This was a live vote and therefore this is a transcript of the events that happened in chat. Liam: Okay vote! This was a live vote! These are the votes in turn:

ACTN: Chase

Blake: Chase

Chase: Blake

Lucina: Chase

Liam: You may think at the final five there is nothing more up Rating Game's sleeve, but you would be terribly mistaken. Chase you have a choice to make, you have to drag someone down with you.

Chase: Heck yeah

Liam: You have to pick one of your three backstabbers to drag down with you! They can plead their cases if they wish.

So basically i have been dominating this season winning challenges for our team and if i went home now it would be really sad i'm aiming to make it to the finale to avenge you too bc ily also i am the last hero standing i must prove that i am the most heroic! development amirite -- Blake

I should stay because since i have joined i have really worked to make sure i stay and it sucks that i had to vote you off, but other than that i have been loyal to our team so that's why i believe i should stay: because of my work ethic and loyalty -- ACTN

Um I'd like to stay in because I am a fair competitor, I have got through 20 eliminations and I'd really like to go to the final three, it'd be amazing. I made it this far with all my friends, but a few got lost along the way and I'd like to avenge them. I will compete hard for the win if I do make it farther so rest assured I'll be a fun one to watch :3 So, I ask of you Chasey, please don't eliminate me D: ily <3 -- Lucina

Chase: I choose ACTN.

Liam: Another twist! You have to now complete a 50 piece puzzle.

Chase: Yatdongg.png Yay!

Liam: Yatdongg indeed. Chase is the winner! Congratulations you re-enter the competition! Sorry ACTN but you've been eliminated.

19: The Personality Factor


Liam: Today's rating is Personality! What do you like most in a person? Post below a character trait or personality! (Clear examples of these would be in Stereotypes.)

Blake: Intelligence.

Amber-J: A good sense of humor.

Chase: Happiness! Cause happiness always brings out beauty! <3

Dianted: Realism; aka being yourself and/or looking at life in a positive, but realistic way.

Liam: This is a very tough decision...but I'm going to have to pick...Chase!

Elimination #19: Everybody but Chase.

Note: This was a live vote! Everything written here is a transcript.

Liam: Time to vote!

Blake: I vote Dianted!

Dianted: I vote Blake!

Amber-J: I vote Dianted!

Liam: Adios Dionne.

20: The Grande Finale

Note: This entire episode was a live episode and this is a summarized transcript.


Liam: The challenge to decide the final 2 is a quiz on Rating Game trivia! Chase came in first and Blake came in second, eliminating Amber-J.

The Final Challenge:

Liam: The FInal Challenge is a Jigsaw puzzle. You have to complete a 120 piece jigsaw and the first person to do so wins Rating Game: Heaven vs, Hell!

Chase: Done!

Liam: Chase is the winner of Rating Game: Heaven vs. Hell! Congratulations! That's all from us here at Rating Game, goodnight!