Liam: "What's up folks?! It's me Liam, back and ready for the long awaited, Rating Game All Stars! This season, 14 of the most beloved and expert players this game has ever seen are returning for their final shot at the mysterious and unrevealed prize."

"We're back in the first setting of the game, an uncharted and forgotten island in the middle of Indonesia, where these hopeless 14 will compete in the ratings that they remember from past seasons, they will be split into two teams and will be competing alongside one another until the dreaded merge. Most of them will fumble, 13 will crumble and 1 will beat the rumble and win the prize." He continues and takes a deep breathe in. "Oh look here come the `all stars` now!!" 


  • The host is the only one allowed to talk in bold. (This will be so important things are highlighted)
  • Follow standard wiki rules which you can find here.
  • No sign ups, this is all stars which were chosen by me, sorry.
  • Have fun, or else! >:(.

The All Stars:

Please put a nickname in brackets next to your name :)

  1. Soundandimage`(Zach)
  2. MRace2010 (Race)
  3. Franky494
  4. LindsayxJustin (LxJ)
  5. Ifraid
  6. TrentFan (TF)
  7. XrosHearts (Johnny)
  8. GalaxyRemixZ (Jordan)
  9. BlazeHead 51 (Derek/Blaze)
  10. SkullKidX (Mike) (WINNER)
  11. Tikkibikki
  12. Sunsummer7 (Sun)
  13. OrangeBirdMaster2
  14. XxSolarEclipsexX (Mabel)




Alliances: (Fill in after the alliance is done)


Liam: Welcome to the game you all know and love. Please chat here until everyone has arrived...

Zach: Back for another season. great!!

Blaze: totally!, it's great that Rating Game has returned!, i'm really looking forward to this!

Sunsummer7: Wow... never expected for me to be an all-star. Glad to be here.

Race: Great to be back >:)

Orange: It's awesome to be back! Its been awhile!

Johnny: Hello! I'm back!

Episode 01 - Starting From The Bottom:

Liam: Welcome back you freaky 13! We will now select teams. The captains are the previous winners. MRace and TF, Please start picking your teams.

Race: I start first? Soundandimage, he's the previous runner-up, so....we have to stick togheter?

Zach: Maybe.

TF: I pick Sun I guess then, because.........why not?

Franky: Like Hi, Plz pick me :D (When will you reveal the mystery person)

Blaze: uhhh...pick me?

Orange: Please pick me!!!!!

Race: Sorry guys, but i choose LxJ!

Liam: Okay well this is taking I guess Blaze, Ifraid, Xros and Mike join MRace's team. And the rest are on TF's team. Anyways, the first rating is......Episodes! A new topic, you will select an episode of Total Drama and I will decide each teams fate :3

Zach: Uhm what about "Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan"? 

Race: The Brunch Of Disgustiness, maybe?

Sun: I choose Million Dollar Babies.

Blaze: The EX Files for me.

Orange: "Not So Happy Campers - Part 1"

Franky: I was gonna pick what orange said but now I pick Walk like an egyptian (Part 1) *Starts Walking like an egyptian*

Johnny: "I Triple Dog Dare You!"

Ifraid: Dodgebrawl.

Liam: Well, alot of great episodes but my favourite is "Hook, Link, Screamer!" So no one got that, however my runner up and winner of this rating is...........Orange! For team TF! Okay these names are not working...anyways the elimination awaits team MRace. uh.

Elimination: Team MRace.

[MRace, Blaze, Ifraid, Johnny, Mike, Sound, LxJ]

Liam: We will remain the voting through PM on the chat to keep the secrets! While we wait for these votes, decide among yourselves for a team name :L

Race: >.<

Liam: Well I got three votes -.- the person who is eliminated is.....not MRace, Sound, Mike, Ifraid, Blaze and Johnny. LxJ you are the first eliminated user. You will exit by the raft of shame. *puts LxJ on a raft which floats down a waterfall, all you can hear is a scream.* All right then...return back to camp the rest of you.

Episode 02: Drama Rama Rama

Camp MRace:

Zach: we need to win the next challenge, would not like to be in the elimination twice in a row at the beginning.

Camp TF:


Liam: Okay teams, the next rating is.......Music! Please leave a link to a sing and i'll rate them when I got over half of entries :3

Zach: Hey Brother , what's your problem? This challenge would be more interesting if you limited it to a gerne, like Jpop

Sun: Total Drama Island Opening: I Wanna Be Famous. (I can't post a link)

Franky: Roar by Katy Perry

Franky: Ummm Is anyone else gonna compete (Not godplaying; been a day or two)

Ifraid: I got nothing.

Orange: Demons

Race: Short, but awesome :D

Blaze: this song is great, and i haven't known it for very long!

Mike: I change my mind:   (Found out how to copy paste :D)


Tikki: (didnt realise it started and you could use an for voting)

Liam: Okay, a nice mix of songs here but the one i am going with is.........Hey Brother. MRace's team are safe. Also I have the new team names. Team Global X and Team Cosmic X as shout outs to our previous season! :D 

Team Cosmic X Elimination: (Team TF)

Liam: Team Cosmic, it was an unanimous vote against Jordan. Sorry dude.

Tikki: Jordans a girl....

Episode 03: Painting The Town Blue

Liam: Okay today's rating is Animals! 

Orange: Polar Bears!

TF: Pandas.

Sun: Grizzly Bears. 

Ifraid: Black Bears, wait what? (No racism was intended btw)

Liam: So far 4 answers. The challenge ends tomorrow 8PM (UTC) or 2PM (EST)

Race: Lack of originality >.<. I say.....Komodo Dragons, because of their name ^^

Zach: Unicorn.

Blaze: Lions.

Franky: Dolphins :D

Mike: Liger's (Mix of a lion and a tiger) It's pretty much my favoirite animal of all time.

Tikki: Reindeer (its christmas after all)

Liam: I have decided. The winner is....MRace, and his team! Team Cosmic X will be facing elimination once again.

Elimination: Cosmic X:

Liam: The good thing is that since Johnny didn't do the challenge out of everyone, he is eliminated today. The rest of you are safe. 

Episode 04: Anti-Climatic


Liam: Okay today's rating is.... Pokemon. Because there is like hundreds of them this category will be interesting. 

Orange: Arceus, the god of all pokemon!

Zach: I'm going for the evil type, Umbreon 

Mike: I don't play pokemon, I don't know nothing about it, I know like 7 so I choose Toxicroak xD

Derek: i say Darkrai.

Tikki: Gliscor

TF: Garchomp.

Sun: Pikachu.

Race: Froakie or however it's spelt <3

Franky: ... Magikarp ... So OP

Ifraid: the sarcasm, Mewtwo btw.

Mike: Who's the mystery guest!!!

Liam: Lol you spoiler. The debuter is joining at this elimination... anyways. The winner of the challenge this time is... Franky! no the real winner is Derek. I couldn't possibly like Magikarp :) 

Team Cosmic X Elimination:

Liam: Yeah just vote already.

Sun: *votes Franky*

Franky: *Votes TF* Nothing Personal, Sorry TF

TF: *votes Franky*

Orange: *votes Franky* That should be enough!

Tikki: *votes Franky*

Liam: Okay since you three have voted and the only possible way for Franky to avoid elimination tonight is if Orange and Tikki vote by 10PM UTC (4PM EST) Good luck until then I guess. kk leave @Franky

Episode 5 - Christmas Yay


Liam: Ho ho ho merry christmas lol. You have to rate christmas'y food. oh btw Jordan and Mabel are here yay. Jordan rejoins his team and mabel goes to the other one. I am such a professional. gg me.

Zach: Uhm Soato Soup* with Pom* and rice with a cocos ice and cocktale ice.  (the one with a * behind it are Surinamish dishes not very well known in the world)

Jordan: I'm back cause yolo;) and Macaroons

Orange: Welcome back Jordan! I really love Peppermint Bark, so I choose that!

Derek: about...Candy Canes?

Mike: Egg Nog.... Just Egg Nog.... and ham...

Race: Spiced Pork Sausage?.....idk.....this is hard :|

Tikki: Stuffing :D

Ifraid: Oreos winter edition.


TF: LOTSA SPAGHETTI- *Shot* Uh. Gingerbread Cookies?

Ifraid: what just happened?

Liam: I hate you all because you made me hungry >:( I decided that Gingerbread Cookies are my fave so TF and his team wins. TF, as the winner of this challenge you get a special new power available in this new stage in the game. You may select one person from your team to go to elimination with the others :O.

Race: You're favorizing his team, aren't you? >:(. (lol, jk)

TF: Uh, this is hard...........No hard feelings, but I'll pick Tikki to go to elimination. Sorry.

Mabel: *snaps fingers* Ooooh.

Liam: Damn that must hurt lol. Anyways elimination time.


Liam: Vote here....yeh

Derek: Tikki i guess.

Zach: Tikki

Mike: Tikki.

Mabel: Tikki.

Liam: 4/7 votes for Tikki, you're eliminated...

Episode 06:


Liam: This week's rating is...... Total Drama Island Contestants. You pick the best competitor in just Season one, without any relations to future seasons

Jordan: Lindsay :)

Zach: LeShawna!

Mabel: Gwen, duh. It was her season.

Mike: Jordan took mine! :P I'm going with Tyler.

Ifraid: I HAS SISCAHZ- uhh wait I mean Heather. (CONF) wtf happened out there? (END CONF)

Orange: Mr. Coconut

Blaze: who else but the winner himself? Owen.

Liam: Okay I got enough, My favourite in Total Drama Island was.........Ezekiel um Gwen. Mabel wins for her team. Who will you send to Elimination from your team?

Mabel: I choose Mike. He called me fat. 3: JOKING I NOMINATE SOUND!

Liam: Alright elimination time.

Zach: WHAT!! baby why?!?


Liam: Go ahead and vote.

Jordan: Orange tbh :/

Zach: I don't know if I can vote but I vote off Orange, he knows why.

Liam: Well thats two votes for orange, however one more vote for him will eliminate him from the game...

Sun: I vote Jordan.

Orange: I vote Jordan! Jordan was kidding, he voted Sound

Liam: Okay it looks like TF will be the deciding vote, so no time to get votes in...

TF: I vote Sound, no hard feelings to Sound, for an epic tiebreaker.

Liam: Okay a tie, Which season of RG is your fave and why?

Orange: I think the first one is the best, it has a place in our heart as the start of the series, and, is probably the best season we have had! I loved that season, I didn't win, but I think it was pretty cool!

Jordan: My favourite season of Rating Game has to be the Big Brother edition since I personally did my best by finishing in 3rd and because the majority of the challenges and ratings were amazing and it is at the moment the only camp I like, because its obvious Orange will write an essay and I'll lose so yeah. Thank you for your time :) 

Jordan: Lol maybe not :3

Liam: Okay I have the results.......The person who is safe for another day is....................................................................


Neither. You will be sent to Redemption Island! :o, An previously eliminated contestant will meet you there. Bye freaks.

Episode 07:

Liam: Chat if you're still alive :)

Derek: I'm alive and living! ;)

Liam: Derek gets an advantage in the challenge for talking :)  Time for the challenge


Liam: This week's rating is....Camps! To reconise that we're on camps, select your favourite camp on the wiki. I can see many people picking they're own :)

Race: Rating Game <3

Sun: Same here, Rating Game, If not that, then TDN. 

TF: After the Island.

Mike: Total Drama Clash Of The Digital Video Games! (Rating game was taken :( 

Zach: Td after the (island/action/tour/island again)

Ifraid: uhhh Wiki Battle.

Derek: Big Family.

Mabel: T.D. Metro - City of Drama. While a lot of you might not know what it is, and I didn't compete in it but read along with it, it was incredibly unique for a camp and was great for thinking, especially with the money stuff and keeping it in budget. Definitely a camp you don't see everyday. 

Liam: I'm going to check out the camps and post the results tomorrow :3

Mike: NOOO, NOW! D: (CONF) I'm too impatient with this! I need to know!

Race: Soo...happy new year :D. WHO WINS?!

Liam: The winners of this rating are.... Team MRace, but since its new years, there will be no one eliminated this week! Now we will go to the redemption island rating duel :o

Zach: Hey what was the challenge for? Let us atleast have a price, like, the winner of Redemption island will be on our team.

Liam: Shush you kill the twists >.> :)

Redemption Island:

You may chat here until the duel this evening.

Liam: Welcome to Redemption Island, you rating duel is to pick a random number 1-3. I will the numbers and post a screenshot to prove who is eliminated.


Orange: 1

Jordan: 3 den ;3

Liam: Well according to the results no one is to be eliminated due to the number 2 being selected, which means someone is guaranteed to be eliminated next >:)

Episode 08: Some more things happen

Liam: Welcome to the middle of the season! Now get ready we're............creating new teams! The team captains are Sound and MRace, you may begin picking in that order :o

Zach: My se.... Mabel can be on my team.

Race: -.- Well, since I have to pick...I say my old nemesis TF .-.

Zach:  Mike.

Race: Blaze.

Zach: Ifraid

Race: So, do I get Sun?

Zach: I guess

Mike: Let's do something before I cut you!

Ifraid: now what?

Liam: Time for the rating I guess. The topic is........ Video games. Good luck.

Ifraid: Pokemon X and Y

Race: God, this is COLIN MCRAE RALLY 2.0! Best rally game ever :D....srsly

Zach: I want to say a game that is awesome and shouldn't be disliked!! But since you do I choose something else, Paper Mario!!

Derek: i say....Super. Smash. Bros!!

Sun: Sonic the Hedgehog.

TF: Hmm, tough choice. But I shall stay by my guns and pick...Animal Crossing: New Leaf?

Mike: Mario Kart for sure!

Mabel: I was going to say Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but SOMEONE had to steal it, but I'll go with Skullgirls. <3

Liam: Tbh I love most of these games, except skullgirls since i have no idea what that is .-. But the one I like the most out of the suggested is .................................................. Animal Crossing: New Leaf! MRace, TF, Sun and Blaze are safe, now lets see the newest Redemption Islandie.


Liam: Time for the vote, also for winning the challenge for his team, TF, you may vote with them :o

Zach: Well sorry Ifraid nothing personal but I vote you off.

TF: Alright, I guess I vote Ifraid. Bandwagoning is everything in life.

Mike: I vote Ifraid... It's nothing pursonal just bersnus.

Derek: Ifraid, i guess.

Race: I say Ifraid.....because everyone else is voting him <-<

Ifraid: Nothing personal and everyone else is still voting me. Very funny.

Mike: I still love you... 

Liam: okay ifraid gtfo

Episode 9:

Liam: due to budget cutz, redemption island is cancelled. We will just have a returnee comp sometime soon. Anyways the next rating is........ to come up with your own rating! You decide a topic and the best one wins immunity for their team!

Zach: A singing rating, everyone has to record themself singing and Liam rates who has hte best voice

Race: Best hypercar ^^

Blaze: favourite season of Rating Game.

Mike: Movie.

Sun: Best Survivor season. 

TF: Most shocking elimination in Total Drama?

Liam: Blaze's was kinda already done .-. anyways, the winner of immunity for their team is.....................................................................................not Race, TF, Blaze, Mike, or...........Sun, Zach wins for his team yay. 


Liam: Okay vote everyone who isnt on Zach's team :0

Race: WTF I lost my mic D:........and I'll guess...I'll vote for....Blaze. I don't know who to vote for, really...

Blaze: uhh.. i vote for...Mabel

Zach: I vote for.... Blaze

Mike: Am I allowed to vote or what's going on here?

Blaze: I think it means only TF and Sun are allowed to vote as they are the only two who aren't on Zach's team. :/

Liam: Well the votes are in and Blaze is eliminated D: Sorry, dude.

Episode 10: Merging All Day Long

Liam: We are now officially merged! Today's challenge is........TV Shows. Because that is a new fresh idea....

Mabel: Bad Girls Club.  I DON'T UNDERSTAND

Zach: Uhm.. I wanted to do something else but since you probally don't know it I choose, The X factor.

Mike: Why not... Big Brother.

Race: Dang, my secret downfall :C. Good Luck Charlie? ;.;

Liam: Mike wins immunity! Time for the elimination...


Liam: Vote inn CONF on who you want to eliminate!

Zach: Hmm let's wait for a moment.

Zach: This moment takes way too long!! Sorry Mrace, buddy but I really want to outlive you for once so sorry I vote you.

TF: MRace. Sorry, but I'm your apparent nemesis and we're rivaled for most episodes in Rating Game and those are the only reasons I have to vote someone off right now.

Sun: MRace. 

Mike: Sorry, but I'm going with my gut, MRace, you've won before, and you're a huge threat in this game, so I vote for you. 

Liam: and in 6th place, MRace!

Episode 11: Nearing The Finale

Liam: This week's challenge is....... New Year's Revolutions! State your new years revolution and I'll rate them :3 (I know it's February shut up :3)

Mike: Because of being a little wimpy, my resolution was to lift weights 3 times a week, taking weight training :)

Mabel: My new years resolution? To have a perfect town status in New Leaf.

Zach: My resolution is to enjoy myself nomatter what is happening. is there a tornado go stand outside and enjoy the wind is there a earthquack just stand on the street and dance the with movement of the earth, harmonize with everything that life has to offer. #ISOUNDLIKEAHIPPY

TF: My resolution is to keep my grades up for my future transcripts so I can have a good life that isn't just 99 in Mario.

Liam: wow the variation. I pick...............Mabel. Since his is so true :'). Rest of you vote off someone. 


Mabel: Sun for the lolz. Do u evan exist

Mike: I vote for sun, sorry dude. oh AND LOL MABEL SO FUNNY nvm you changed...

TF: Sun, you're a great guy, but you haven't exactly been active...sorry man, I vote you. No hard feelings?

Zach: Sun, why do you never shine in the chat anymore *start crying* it's so painfull we never see you anymore. But we are running low in vitamin D or C IDK which one comes from the sun but maybe this will bring you back *votes Sun*

Liam: And Sun has been eliminated, in 5th place.

Episode 12: Semi Finals Time

Liam: Time for the semi finals! The rating this week is.....a whole 3 course meal! pick the best dishes and serve them to me. I will mark them out of 10, and the person with the highest combined score wins immunity!


Mike: Let's go with the appatizer: Ceaser salad, with a cup of sparkly apple cider 

Entree: Carmalized pears, with a roast of lamb and braised pork loin 

Desert: Tulipes with Raspbery Sorbert (Favoirte foods in one scentence)


TF: Appetizers: Cheese Sticks with Ranch

Entree: Grilled Chicken with a Biscuit and Gravy

Dessert: New York Cheesecake


Zach: Time to get a Jamie Oliver up in this kitchen! WOOF WOOF! 

My appatizer is Mushroom soup! With some baked unions and crotouns (or however you write that #never really had French) over it .

The main course is a self made pasta with bolognese sauce and a alcohol free Spanish wine! 

And as desert a bole of selfmade Italian vanille and strawberry ice with  chocolate sauce and a biscuit!


Mabel: Alright, let's just boss these simple @$$ kitchen b****es and show them how this is done. I also provided links to pictures to show how it would look.

The appetizer (i don't know how you spell it) consists of a deliciously scrumptious bacon and zucchini quiche, and yes, quiche has cheese. It is to die for, have you not had quiche in your life?

The main course, and I'm not the cooking type, is a great meat and cheese lasagne, also topped with some fresh herbs, and a side of peta bread toasted with cheese. <3

The dessert... is... Strawberry Mille feuille, with the dish surrounded in chocolate sauce, but it is not evident in the picture but would be there.


Mike, 5/10 on the starter, it seemed a little too basic for my liking. 8/10 for the main course, and 6/10 for the desert, since I'm not a big sorbet fan D: That overall gives you a 19/30!

TF, 8/10 on the starter, I love Mozzerella sticks<3, 5/10 on the main, since I am not a big gravy fan, and 9/10 on the desert! Cheesecake<3 giving you an overall score of 22/30! 

Zach, 5/10 on the starter, since I don't like onions D: 9/10 for the main course, Spagetti<3 and 6/10 for the desert since it was basic. Giving you an overall score of 20/30!

Mabel, 6/10 on the starter, since quiche isn't my favourite thing in the world. 8/10 on the main course, and an 8/10 on the desert, giving you an overall score of 22/30!

Liam: Now for the elimination, however, this elimination has two stages, the two with the lowest scores in this rating have a duel to see who the winner is. Then the final 3 will have to face the vote of the eliminated contestants! Now Zach, Mike, you two will face the duel. So Mabel and TF you two can relax, you're in the final 3!

Mabel: I'm offended at the fact that the quiche got a low score.


Liam: You have to write a speech on why you should stay in the competition. You have until Sunday 16th to complete this task!

Mike's Speech

Now with past experiacnces we all know I have never been much of a speaker. Which is why this is going to be a little tricky for me. I think the reason I should advance in this game is because of my dedication and time put into this game. Breaking the 4th wall here, but I think I'm the reason most of these challenges even happned because I had to pesture the host to post it ^.^ Aside from outside the game, my game has been crystal clear on how it's been turning out, until now. I always knew what was going to happen I always knew what my position was in the game. You can't say I wasen't trustworthy. Like I said speeches have never been my thing so just remember that. My past appearances on the show also can prove why I should advance, I've made finals, blindsided many of people, but in the end I was respected on my actions and chioces in those games. I'm just here to show you why I should move on, but it's not my desicion. Either way Sound deserves it too. I don't belive in insulting and telling people what's wrong with the other player, it was a good game to all of you and I'm proud I made it this far. So it's going to be a close one :) Good luck Sound :)

(Won't be on until sunday) 

Zach's Speech

Let me just say it  right here whoever goes, he doesn't deserved to go, yep even if TF and Mabel were the bottom 2.We all did amazing. I'm a guy of few words but now I  to convince you why I should stay in longer term . Well let's first take a look back at my game so far, it was pretty decent I have one vote against me so far(!!). My choices in this game are always well calculated not trying to go for the obviouse yet not going for the stupid. Being a trustworthy competitor who sometimes like to keep everyone on their toes so the competition stays heated. Being in this show technically speaking for 32 epsiodes in a row which is the second longest streak in this competition which I can hopefully continue, in the final 3.  

Liam: And after carefully consideration, the last person in the final 3 and moves onto the finale is..................................

























...Mike! Sound is eliminated in 4th place. *he leaves*

Welcome to the Final 3!

Episode 13: Is This Game Over Yet?

Liam: The previous contestants will have questions to ask you. Then they will cast their vote via PM on chat, or to my email: Good luck Final 3!

Mabel: Nice email. Also, they're voting one of us out...? Psst, vote out the guy who already won. *points to TF*

Mike: I'm open to answer honestly to anything :) Goodluck Mabel and TF :)

Liam: And the votes are in.

The person eliminated is...











...Not Mabel.






















......Not Mike. TF Is eliminated D: 

Episode 14: GIMME MY MONEY

Liam: The finale will take place Friday 21st Februrary 2014!!!!

Mike: So Mabel, who do you think will win? The challenge is in a few days...

Mabel: Me... Duh.

Mike: But mabel do you really want the money? Is it about the money, what you have to understand, it is merely a title who is forced into this game time after time again and is that something you would want?

Mabel: Don't talk to me. :)

Mike: Alright fine, such mean, many attitude, wow.

Mike: *Walks up to Mabel again* You should quit the game...

Mabel: Why? Because you know you'll lose?

Liam: What time is good for both of you since this'll only happen if you're both online tonight :3

Mabel: Right. Now.


In a 6-4 win, Mike won the trivia challenge, I announced that was part one of the challenge but Mabel quit and screwed up the plan >_> wd Mike.

Mabel: Whoa, I would have continued if his advantage wasn't going to score him the win.

Mike: But I did win, so good game... not... I knew I was going to win from the start easy peasy. All those time you joked about voting me off is KARMA

Elimination Table:

Gonna update soon :3

Place Contestant Merge Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
2nd Mabel Debuts IN WIN WIN IN WIN IN WIN WIN IN Runner-up
10th/9th Jordan WIN OUT Returns WIN OUT
10th/9th Orange WIN IN IN IN WIN OUT
11th Tikki WIN IN IN IN OUT
12th Franky WIN IN IN OUT
13th Johnny IN WIN OUT
14th LxJ OUT