This will be the first ever TDI's Next Top Model Camp!!!

Sign your username next to the girl you would like to compete as. Remember that you will be uploading photos of the girls for as long as you stay in the competition.

For any questions, contact TDI19, who will be "Tyra".

I give credit to YouTube's TheSkiingCow, who created this idea and does and amazing job with his videos.

<poll> Who will be the first ever winner of TDI's Next Top Model? Gwen Katie Lindsay </poll>

A Blast from the Past

<poll> Who's elimination was the most shocking? Izzy Heather Bridgette Beth Leshawna Courtney Eva Sadie </poll> <poll> Which theme was your fave? Makeovers Rainbow Connection Prom Swimsuits Holidays Mermaids Black and White Headshots Freestyle Elements Summer Dress Group Shot Magazine Cover Pic w/ Tyra Runway shot </poll> <poll> Which of these top pictures was your favorite? Katie's School Time Makeover Shot Gwen's Makeover Shot Katie's Orange Umbrella Shot Heather's Black Dress Shot Lindsay's Prom Shot Izzy's Swimsuit Shot Lindsay's Klutzy Fourth of July Shot Heather's Queen Mermaid Shot Katie's Freestyle Shot Gwen's Freestyle Shot Izzy's Freestyle Shot Katie's Earth Shot Gwen's Water Shot Izzy's Fire Shot </poll> <poll> Who was your fave? Mr. Sharky Smiley Face Alien Mr. Lederhosen, the Schnitzel man </poll> A Look to the Future <poll> Are you excited for Cycle 2? Yes! This camp is awesome!!! Yes! I can't wait to compete! Sort of... I like it.. but I don't know... No... this camp was boring. </poll> <poll> Are the right 19 girls in Cycle 2? YES! Perfect Picks! For the most part... a few of my faves did not make the cut. No... tons of them are wrong! </poll>

The Models


  • Gwen- Tdifan1234
  • Katie- sunshineandravioli
  • Lindsay- Anonymos


  • 4) Izzy- Sorreltail18 sunshineandravioli
  • 5) Heather- Anonymos
  • 6) Bridgette- Turnertang
  • 7) Beth- Ezekielguy
  • 8) Leshawna-thebiggesttdifan
  • 9) Courtney- Codaa5
  • 10) Eva-Ricky490 Usitgz
  • 11) Sadie- Ezekielguy

Week 1: Hair, Makeup, and.... Blueberries? ("OMG I LOOK SOO YUMMY!" ~Sadie)


Tyra: Hello, girls.

Lindsay: Hi, Tara! When do we start the first challenge?

Tyra: As soon as all the girls arrive. (I am sending out a memo)

Lindsay: Okay.

Bridgette: I look fabulous

Beth: *does geeky dance* I'm gonna win!

Izzy: what are we gonna do??? do make up on bear or something

Lindsay: What's a model?

Bridgette: I 'm fabulous

Katie: Where's Sadie? You said Sadie would be here! *cries*

Gwen: Hey, guys.

Leshawna: What's up y'all, pretty Leshawna in the house!

Beth: I feel so new! so me! so... whoa good job, Leshawna! U look sooo koolio!

Lindsay: Sooooo... Who loves my outfit?

Beth: ooh ooh! I DO!! what do you think of mine?

Tyra: I think both of you girls' makeovers were a success!!!

Beth: YAY

Lindsay: Thank you Tara. Yours looks pretty, Beth.

Beth: thank you Lindsay!

Bridgette: Do I look fabulous?

Lindsay: *gasps* Totally!

Beth: I totally LUV ur new look Bridgette! amazing! do I look fabulous? becuz you my friend look F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S!


Beth: uhhh....uhhhh....uhhhh....uhhh....ummm....well....

Sadie: thanx,Beth! what do you think of my new look, Tyra?

Bridgette: I love it, Beth! Sadie... you look... kind of like... a blueberry...

Lindsay: OMG, Sadie! That is so... so... so... AMAZING!!!

Katie: I'm so cute now! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gwen: Hey, Katie. You look awesome!



Beth: umm OK good.

Sadie:OMG I LOOK SOO YUMMY! what do u think, Tyra?

Beth: well, I for one think....

Sadie: I ASKED TYRA NOT YOU!!!!*&&%%

Tyra: Well, Sadie, your look is interesting. *softer* which ever stylist did her is so fired!

Beth: ok then. I got my retainer out! the stylist said next time we might even take off the glasses.

Sadie: OMG congradge beth!

Beth: (blush) thank you!

Sadie: eeee! UUR soooo welcome!

tyra: wonderful, beth!

Ezekielguy: gtg

Leshawna: This is a little confusing. How can Beth and Sadie be played by the same person! What's up Tyra, how do I look?

Katie: OMG SADIE'S HERE! Hi Sadie! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay: Katie, you look ADORABLE!!!! Do you think I look lovely?

Katie: Omigosh, TOTALLY! It's so totally FETCH!

Gwen: So, what do you think? Do I look good?

Tyra: Great, Gwen!

Katie: OMG, Gwen, it's so YOU!

Izzy: I'M A PIRATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *waves sword around*

Heather: Who likes my outfit?

Lindsay: It's kinda nice...I guess

Heather: What was that?!?

Lindsay: Nothing.

Izzy: OMG HEATHER THAT'S SO COOL YOU'RE RANDOMLY BLOND AND THERE'S A DOGGIE ON YOUR SKIRT!!!!!!!! This one time I had a doggie on my skirt but it was because the neighbor's dog was trying to eat it since I spilled steak sauce on it! IT WAS SO RANDOM!!!!!

Heather: Uh-hu...

Beth: nice look, Heather!

Heather: Thanks, Beth.

Lindsay: OMIGOSH! Izzy! Your a pirate!

Izzy: I know, right??? This short lady with wings did it and she said it was probably a bad idea to give me a weapon but then I almost stabbed her so she totally freaked out and threw ravioli at me for some reason!!! It was the craziest thing!!!! *eye twitches*

Heather: Uh-hu...

Lindsay: Isn't day 1 over? Who won?

Heather: Me, I bet.

Gwen: *gives Heather evil stare*

Heather: (Glares at Gwen.)

Eva: This place sucks!

Beth: not really! we all look fabulous! except for a certain um... blueberry.

Gwen: When does someone get kicked off?

Tyra: In a little.

Gwen:Good. I know exactly who I want to kick off...*glares at Heather*

Tyra: OK, girls, it is time. *dramatic music starts* Gwen, Heather, and Eva, please step forward.


Heather: (Steps forward.) Is that bad or good? To step forward, I mean. I bet it's good.

Gwen: *steps forward and glares at Heather*

Heather: (Glares back at Gwen.) Hurry up.

Saddie: HURRY!!!! NOW!!! (bites Beth's arm)

Beth: Sadie, calm down! UR not Eva you know!

Tyra: Heather, I think blond actually suits you well! Gwen, the outfit is really cool and your hair is too! Eva, I like blond on you as well, and your dress is fun and exciting! Girls, please step back. Beth, Katie, Izzy, and Lindsay, please step forward for your critiques.

Beth:(steps forward)

Sadie: (steps forward)

Tyra: Uhhh... Sadie, I did not call you yet.

Sadie: I DON'T CARE!!! fine. (steps back)

Beth: wow.....

Gwen: o.O

Beth: all right, let's hurry it up.

Katie: Omigosh, omigosh... (steps foward)

Izzy: (does a cartwheel foward)

Tyra: Sadie, chill out!!! Beth, I am love your transformation. You look wonderful with some facial surgery and longer hair, although, you may want to try new clothes next time, too. If you are here next time. Katie, your outfit and hair looks amazing. It is so you! Izzy, you posed the best out of everyone this week, and the clothes are cool. However, your hair is the same, and I feel kind of threatened by that weapon! Lindsay, you look good with the nice dress! Thank you girls, you may step back. Sadie, now you may come up, along with Ms. CIT and Ms. Fabulous.

Tyra: OK, Sadie, all I can say is o.O. For the love of crap, you are blue!!!! Step back, we beg you! Bridgette, I like your dress, but you only dyed your hair brunette. Is it enough? Step back. Courtney, I think red works on you, but I really do NOT like the short hair style on you at all!!! Please, step back also. OK, girls, I will deliberate, and someone is going home soon.

Katie: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy: Me like pointy things!!! *waves sword around*

Tyra: OK girls. I have made my decision. Here's how the elimination will work. If I call your name, that means you are safe. Come up to me, and get your photo. If you do not receive a photo, I am sorry to say that you are not TDI's Next Top Model. Alright, the first photo goes to the best model this week......


Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Katie photo*

Katie: Ohmigosh! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyra: OK, congrats Katie. The next photo is for..... Gwen. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Gwen her photo*

The next photo is for..... Lindsay. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Lindsay her photo*

The next photo is for..... Eva. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Eva her photo*

The next photo is for..... Beth. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Beth her photo*

The next photo is for..... Heather. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Heather her photo*

The next photo is for..... Bridgette. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Bridgette her photo*

OK, 4 girls left.

The next photo is for..........

Izzy. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Izzy her photo*

Alright, you three had the worst photos. Courtney, Sadie, and Leshawna, you are the bottom 3. Girls, please step forward. Courtney, I really don't like your new hair. Leshawna, I realize I forgot to give you a comment before. I do not know for sure if you have what it takes to win, although your make-over was OK. And then there is Sadie. Sadie, Sadie, Sadie.... WOW! You look like you were in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and never came out!!! For heaven's sake, you are blue!!!

The next photo is....... Courtney's. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Courtney her photo*

Sadie and Leshawna.... one of you is out.

The final photo is for....................

Leshawna. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Leshawna her photo*

Sadie, I am sorry. You are not TDI's Next Top Model *hugs Sadie* Is there anything you would like to say before you leave?


Tyra: There are no marshamllows here!!!! Anyways, you may proceed here, Sadie. Goodbye. The rest of you, congratulations, you are the FINAL 10!!!

Gwen: Cool! When's the next challenge?

Izzy: Can I keep my pointy-shiny thing?

Katie: S-Sadie is gone??? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU ALREADY SADIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sobs*


When all the 11 girls have been chosen, the first challenge will start officially. You can start work on it now. I would greatly appreciate if you could help me get more people to join the camp!

The first challenge is makeovers!!! Give your girl a makeover. If you are Izzy, give Izzy a new look! I want to see new hairstyles, new clothes, new makeup, etc. Maybe even new poses!!! You can use anything: Paint, Photobucket, PhotoShop, or just markers, white out, and pencils.


Here is an example makeover (Don't use): Lets say you had Eva. You could give her a long blond style, with a pink dress, and nice lipstick. IDK. Just do your best, and good luck!!!

Since we are still getting people to join, this picture will be due in by March 1, 2009.

PLEASE DO NOT JUST DO A RECOLOR!!!!!! A recolor of a photo is when you just change the hair color or the clothes color, but leave everything the same.



The Top 11 Gallery

Week 2: The Rainbow Connection ("I make the Schnitzels, jah." ~Mr. Lederhosen, the Schnitzel man)


Tyra: Hey girls. Welcome to the Top 10!!! The challenge will be posted soon, and this week will likely be very colorful!

Katie: Ohmigosh!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy: *walks in with a bear on a leash* WUZZUP???

Heather: Izzy, you have a BEAR?!?

Lindsay: O my gosh!! It's so cute!!!


Lindsay: ADORABLE!!!!!

Izzy: AND LOOK!!!!! He does tricks!!!! *pulls a frisbee out of thin air and tosses it into the sky, the bear jumps up and eats the frisbee* TA-DAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Gwen: O_o

Beth: what do you think?

Lindsay: You look pretty!! Don't I look so cute!!?!

Heather: You look alright, but not as good as me.

Beth: I think both of you look awesome!

Heather: Thanks Beth.

Lindsay: Yeah, thanks Beth!!

Beth: I feel amazing. I got my glasses of my braces and retainer out, I quit girl scouts and I even SHOCKED Justin. I feel like a normal girl!

Lindsay: (Gasps.) You QUIT the girl scouts!!!

Beth: I wasn't enjoying it anyway.
Justin: (Walks in and looks at Beth and whistles at her)

Beth: (makes out with Justin)

Justin: (runs out the door) WHOOPIE!!

Heather: Justin what are you doing here?

Beth: he came to visit. were dating you know.

Lindsay: Awwww...That's sooo CUTE!!!

Heather: Since when?

Lindsay: But the cookies are so GOOD!!! I LOVE the thin mints!!! So yummy!!

Beth: that's true but I'm pretty and popular now. everyone likes me. I'm cool now.

Lindsay: Me too. I'm cool! WORD!!

Beth: What I'm trying to say, Lindsay, is that I'm better now. I'm prettier now. I'm the new Beth.

Lindsay: Oooooh. The new Beth...

Bridgette: You look great Beth, what about me?

Beth: you look spectacular, Bridgette! I love ur hair! Courtnye, you... OH MY GOD! COURTNEY!!

Heather: You look like a vampire queen. It's amazing!

Lindsay: (Gasps.)

Beth: who is ur plastic surgeon?

Lindsay: (Gasps.)

Courtney: What about me?

Beth: you litterally look like you have a plastic dress, plastic hair and plastic shoes! IT'S...IT'S.....IT'S AMAZING!!!!

Lindsay: You look like you're going to catch on fire, Leshawna!!

Heather: Well, she's still not as hot as me.

Beth: that was mean but... still funny.

Heather: Thanks Beth.

Beth: (Ezekielguy: this is the part where you get all suspicious) I'm gonna go try on some make up! bye! THE NEW BETH!!

Heather: The NEW Beth?! I don't like the sound of that.

Lindsay: She couldn't upstage us could she?

Heather: No, of course not. Hey, Beth I have this new hairspray, do you want to try it? (Whispers to Lindsay.) It makes hair turn green.

Lindsay: Ooooo, that's mean.

Beth: umm... no thanx Heather. I'm better off with my ULTRA KLUTZ!! (lol I know you like that play) THE NEW BETH!!

Heather: I also got you this new lipstick, take it, it's a gift. (To Lindsay.) It's loaded up with all sorts of sour stuff, her lips will pucker SO much.

Lindsay: Oooooo, that's meaner.

Beth: no thnx, Heather. I'm much better off with this awesome lip stick that tyra gave me! (puts on lipstick)

Lindsay: Well, that is one TRASHY shade. Use Heather's. (Grabs it and puts it on.)

Heather: Lindsay that's the sour one.

Lindsay: It IS!! (Her lips pucker up.)

Heather: You look like a fish.

Beth: yes, lindsay a very pretty fish though! :)

Heather: I guess. Lindsay, it'll wear off in a couple of days.

Lindsay: (Lips pucker even more.) Okay...

Beth: all though both of you are extremely pretty, I don't think you can compete with me.

Heather: Yeah, right! I look WAY prettier than you AND Lindsay combined.

Lindsay: Nu-uh!

Heather: Uh-hu!

Lindsay: Nu-uh!

(Ezekielguy: OK now let's have Heather send Lindsay to spy on Beth)

Beth: I'm going to my make up room! bye!

Heather: Lindsay, go spy on her.

Lindsay: What's in it for me?

Heather: You can use that lipstick and the hairspray whenever you want.

Lindsay: Okay! (Starts to follow Beth, but trips on a loose floorboard and knocks over a vase, which brakes and crashes.) Ooops...

Beth: OMG!! what was that sound?! it must be a mouse! (catches a peak of Lindsay's hair) IT IS A MOUSE!!! (takes out a knife and cuts all of Lindsay's hair) MUWAHAHAHA!! bye, mousey!

Lindsay: Oh no you di'int!!! That's my beautiful, beautiful hair!! WAAAAAAHHHH!!! (One of her teardrops lands on her scalp and her hair grows back instantly.)

Heather: That was really weird...

Beth: Oh no! some water got on the dead mousey! better clean it up before it comes back to life like in that movie! (cleans up the tear and Lindsay's hair disapears again)

Heather: What have you got against Lindsay's hair? (Plants a seed on her head, waters it and hair grows.)

Beth: (catches a glimpse of Heather's hair) hey! a black mousie! (takes a hammer and hits Heather on the head)

Heather: (Grabs Beth and tosses her into a closet and locks the door.) There, let's go.

Beth: HEATHER???!!! is that your voice? GET ME OUT OF HERE!! hey why is it so dark why.....

Heather: Fine! (Grabs Lindsay and uses her like a battering ram on the closet door.) There, all better.

Lindsay: Owww!

Beth: thank you. (drops dynamite on Heather's leg) oops. (whispers to lindsay) let's whatch the fun!

Heather: (Dynamite explodes and she goes flying and lands on the roof.) So NOT funny.

Lindsay: From down here, it was pretty funny.

Beth: oh, no! heather I'm so sorry! (takes bucket of cold water and throws it on Heather. the bucket is on her head and her make up is running. Beth attached a fire cracker to bucket!)

Heather: (Gets blasted to Mars.) When I get back, Beth is so DEAD!

Izzy: *getting fitted by Sunshine* My love of bears is SO gonna help me in this challenge!!! *pets bear*

Lindsay: That helps me too! (Hugs her Teddy Bear.) I love you Snuggles!

Heather: (Returns on space shuttle.) Thanks guys! Those people at NASA are very nice.

Beth: (ties bombs to Heather's shoes) bye bye!

Heather: I don't think so. (Rips off shoes and shoves them down Beth's pants.) Ha!

Beth: GAHH! (takes shoes and throws them in Izzy's mouth)

Lindsay: Ooops, sorry Izzy.

Beth: don't worry! I knew she would like it! (points to Izzy.) see?

Heather: She eats SHOES?!?!

Beth: nope! she eats things that explode! then she spits them out on the meanest person in the room!

Heather: (Hides behind Beth.)

Beth: uh oh! that won't help! if you wanna get away from the exploding thingy, you should go back to mars!

NASA: (Shuttle comes and picks up Heather.)

Heather: So long, suckers!!

Smiley Face Alien: HI I'm from planet happy! you look grumpy! let me show you what us happy alliens do to grumpy people! (takes out phaser and beams heather)

Heather: (Takes out the pucker lip stick and uses it on every smily alien and encases them in the green hairspray.) HA! HA!


Lindsay: (Suddenly appears on Mars.) You got that right. (Vanishes.)

Heather: Wow...

(Ezekielguy: lol that was so random!)

(Anonymous: I know!)

Lindsay: (Reappears on Mars.) That was a little random. (Disappears.)


Tyra: Wow! Drama. Randomess. Rainbows. We got it all here!!! Even Willy Wonka. How are the Oompa-Loompas?

Willy Wonka: I think you mean the employees at Dunder Mifflin!

Michale: I am Michale Scott! Regional Mangaer of Dunder Mifflin Scranton!

Katie: Ohmigosh it's WILLY WONKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pam: no, it's my boss, michael dressed like willy wonka.

Michael: OH! but I am not michael! I am WILLY WONKAAA!!!

Lindsay: (Reappears.) I am soooo confused. Where are the Oompa Loompas again? Whose Michael? What happened to Heather?

Heather: (Is battling monsters with various hair care and makeup products.) I'm over here.

Beth: don't you whatch the office?

Lindsay: No way. Too many words. I barely understood that last sentence. However, I speak fluent German. Gueten tag! Schnitzel! Lederhosen! Gaatenhimel!

Beth: I mean the TV show on NBC

Lindsay: Didn't you hear me, I said Schnitel! Let's just leave it at that.

Heather: Isn't Schnitzel a German sausage.

Lindsay: Yes, they're pretty good.

Beth: ???

Lindsay: ????

Heather: ?????

Happy Face Alien: ??????

Mr. Lederhosen the Schnitzel Man: (Randomly grows out of the ground.) ???????

Heather: Wait, where did you come from?

Mr. Lederhosen: I make the Schnitzels, jah.

Lindsay: Yay!!! (Runs over to him and eats the schnitzel.)


Lindsay: JAH!! IT VAS GOOD!!!

Heather: This just gets weirder and weirder.

Mr. Lederhosen Jr: Jah, das goood!

Mr. Lederhosen: This is mein child, Mr. Lederhosem Jr.

Heather: Uh-hu...

Lindsay: Does he make the schnitzel too?

Mr. Lederhosen: JAH!!

Lindsay: (Eats Mr. Lederhosen Jr.'s schnitzel.) JAH, DAS GOOD SCHNITZEL!!

Mr. Lederhosem: JAH!!

Lindsay: JAH!!

Heather: JAH!!

Mr. Lederhosen: JAH!!

Lindsay: JAH!!

Heather: JAH!! Wait, what am I saying?

Mr. Lederhosen: You're saying JAH!!

Lindsay: JAH!!!

Mr. Lederhosen: JAH!!

Heather: This is so weird.

Mr. Lederhosen jr: JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! (this goes on for 8 years) Jah das goooood schnitzle!!

Izzy: JAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *her bear eats the schnitzel*

Mr. Lederhosen jr: JAH! you ate mein SHINITZEL!!! WAHHHHH!!!

Lindsay: Jah, your schnitzel vas good!

Mr. Lederhosen jr.: JAH! it vas! (makes schnitzle for lindsay) for you!

Braidy: I am german! OmPAH OomPAH OomPAHPAH!!!

Izzy: *rides in on bear* ME IS AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

(Ezekielguy: XD!)

Lindsay: Izzy, that is such a cute bear!! Mine is too!! (Holds up her Teddy Bear.) Isn't Snuggles cute!!!?!?

Heather: Sure....I don't think I like the idea of Izzy having a bear.

Mr. Lederhosen: The Schnitzel does!!!

Heather: You're schnitzel talked to you?!?

Mr. Lederhosen: JAH!! DAS GOOD!! If it talks to you das good!! Means GOOD SCHNITZEL!!! JAH!!

Lindsay: JAH!!

Mr. Lederhosen: JAH!!!

Izzy: JAH!!!!!! *her bear steals some schnitzel*

Katie: *runs in* Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, I hope I'm not late!!!

Bridgette: No, your right on time.

Lindsay: Katie!! You look so CUTE and you look so BEAUTIFUL!!! You're totally going to win this challenge!!

Beth: you DO look amazing Sadie would be proud!

Leshawna: *mutters* Beth, Lindsay or Heather is going home on my watch.

Heather: (Whispers to Lindsay.) If you want my opinion...

Lindsay: Well, I don't!!!

Heather: Too bad! Leshawna or Beth is on their way out this week.

Lindsay: Well I was thinking YOU were.

Heather: Oh please Lindsay. You're not fooling anyone. You know I'm right.

Leshawna: Hey, where's Tyra? The challenge was due yesterday.

Lindsay: I know, I noticed that too.

Tyra: Sorry, I took so long. I wanted to give everyone a chance to hand in their photo, but Eva's player has not even been on the wiki for a while. It is now elimination time. CHALLENGE CLOSED!!! *dramatic music plays*

Heather: Well, hurry up, I haven't got all day. Who's out?

Tyra: Heather, don't be sassy or I could get rid of you. Got it? Step forward NOW. Also... ahh, Beth and Leshawna. Ha!

Heather: Ummmm, okay.

Tyra: Beth, your new look is very interesting... and geometric. I am speechless! Step Back. Leshawna, an improvement from last week, but I honestly find my self a little bored with your photos. Try an interesting pose next week... something I think EVERYONE WHO HAS NOT should do. Heather. Excellent Job. You followed the directions perfectly, i.e. you kept your blond makeover from last time. Also, the dress looks stunning, sophisticated, and is a perfect look! Love the white belt, it just all looks great this week!

OK.... Katie, Izzy, Bridgette, and Courtney step forward.

Katie, so cute. So creative. So AMAZING!!! You have what it takes to be on top!!!! EEEEEEE!!!! Izzy, I liked it. The bear was cool and cute. Good job!!! Bridgette loved the dress, hated the hair. Courtney, you are scaring me. Your hair is disturbing, your dress is creepy, your ankles are different colored skin then the rest of you. Please fix yourself!!!!!!! Step back.

And lastly, Lindsay, Eva, and Gwen please step forward. Lindsay, hair was a little long, and the dress was a little boring. OK job. Eva, you refused to participate. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Gwen, I liked it, although it was very similar to last week, just different colors. Overall very good. Will it be good enough? I will choose a girl to send home soon.

Tyra: It is finally time. The decision making is done. Come up and get your photo, when you are called. If you do not receive a photo, it is good bye. The first photo goes to........


By far, the best photo this week. You have won immunity ONCE AGAIN for next week

Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Katie photo*

Tyra: The next photo is for..... Heather. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Heather her photo*

The next photo is for..........

Izzy. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Izzy her photo*

The next photo is for..... Bridgette. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Bridgette her photo*

The next photo is for..... Lindsay. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Lindsay her photo*

The next photo is for..... Gwen. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Gwen her photo*

The next photo is for..... Leshawna. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Leshawna her photo*

Bottom 3 Time.

The two worst photos this week were you two, Beth and Courtney. Beth, you look very boxy and robotic. Courtney, you look like a fat, pink, disformed hobo.

However, I think should realize that I have photos for both of you, because somebody didn't do the challenge. Hmmmmm.... *stares at Eva angrily*

Beth.... Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Beth her photo*

Courtney.... Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Courtney her photo*

Eva, I am disappointed you are leaving, because I thought you may have had potential, but I guess you decided you were not interested in winning. So, bye. Sorry *hugs Eva* Would you like to say anything before you leave and go here??


This week's challenge is the rainbow connection challenge!!! XD!

Each girl will be assigned a different color. Your job is to make the photo of your girl wearing that color. I want to see the girls with their color of clothes, hair or hair highlights, makeup. JUST MAKE SURE THAT THE COLOR I HAVE ASSIGNED TO YOU IS THE MAIN COLOR OF THE PALETTE!!! You may use other colors as accent colors ONLY if they work with the look. You will be judged on creativity, if you used the color well, and if the photo looks good all around! This challenge is due in by March 22, 2009.


Here are the color assignments:

  • Courtney- Pink
  • Leshawna- Red
  • Katie- Orange
  • Bridgette- Yellow
  • Beth- Green
  • Eva- Blue
  • Lindsay- Purple
  • Izzy- Brown
  • Heather- Black
  • Gwen- White

The Top 10 Gallery

Week 3: Prom Night! ("Your hair kinda looks like palm trees!" ~Izzy)


Tyra: Alright, we are now in the Top 9!!! Congrats to the remaining girls!!!

Katie: *skips in* EEEEEEE!

Lindsay: Katie!! You're so cute!!!

Katie: Ohmigosh THANKS!!! You look FABULOUS! Wait 'till you see Izzy! I caught a glimpse at her design and it's AMAZING! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay: I can't wait!! EEEEEEEEE!!!

Heather: You look fine Lindsay, but not as good as me.

Bridgette: I think Katie is Amazing!!! and Lindsay is also Amazing!!!!

Izzy: PROM QUEEN-NESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *break dances*

Gwen: Izzy, you look awesome!

Izzy: Thanks! Your hair kinda looks like palm trees!

Katie: *covers Izzy's mouth and chuckles awkwardly* Well I think your hair looks awesome, Gwen!

Gwen:*laughs* Thanks, Katie.(Wow, this challenge is almost due and 2 people need their pics...)

(Sunshine: I know... every week less and less people finish the challenge... the other day I woke up in a panic because I dreamt I was controlling a custom character in this and I hadn't finished her drawing, then I remembered and I was just like "")

Izzy: Lookit what I've got! *pulls out her sword from week one*

Katie: Oh em gee no.

Heather: You're right, I feel bad for Beth and Courtney, but not really, actually not much at all.

Lindsay: Guess I won't be going home this week.

Izzy: *leaps at Heather with the sword* THINK FAST!!!

Heather: (Punches Izzy in the nose.) I did.

Leshawna: Courtney and Beth really haven't been so good. Beth was apparently styled by the same person who styled Sadie, and Courtney's been Bottom 3 and Bottom 2 in two rounds.

Katie: I have a feeling Courtney's gonna go. I mean, no offense to her or anything, but her outfit last week... *shudders* SOOO WRONG!

Gwen: Is this challenge over now? Its April 8th today.

Lindsay: Omigosh, you're right!! Tara!! We kind of need to eliminate someone!

Beth! Ready and Super-Cute!

Tyra: OK guys. Here we go *dramatic music begins* Where are Courtney and Beth???? Anyway, Heather, Izzy, and Lindsay. Step forward please.

Heather, this week you showed intensity and drama in your photo. It kind of looked like you had been dumped at the prom *laughs*. I hate your hair like it was this week. Keep in long blond like you have.

Izzy, I like your pose. You do some of the best of all the girls. The dress was fun and crazy like you. BUT! It is time to tell you that.... you need a new hairstyle. I love your hair like it is, and it fits your personality so well. However, we need to see how well you can be a chameleon, and next week, if you are here, I would like to see: A brown, just longer than shoulder length style, with bangs brushed off to one side.

Lindsay, I loved you this week. The pose was so you and was cool. It was great to see a prop used this week, and a good choice. I loved the outfit, and I beg you, please keep your hait long and brown like you have done this week. That is, if you are here next time. Step back, girls. Katie, Courtney, and Leshawna, step forward please!

Katie, as always spectacular. All I can say this week.

Courtney, no photo. Possibly a good thing for us.

Leshawna, good dress, unique pose. HATE YOUR HAIR. o.O Could you explain that choice. Anyway, step back. Last three: Bridgette, Beth, and Gwen!

Bridgette, nice dress. Still a boring pose, and I hate the hairstyle this week. You have to find something that works for you better.

Beth, thanks for entering at least. This week was better than before. I am kinda sad we did not see a pose, and it was black and white. But, it was OK.

Gwen. Quick: Love the dress, love the hair! Great!

Now we will choose someone to get rid of. I promise I will do so tomorrow.

Tyra: Elimination time. Name called.... get a photo. Name not called..... leave. The first photo goes to........


You really did an amazing job this week!!!!

Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Lindsay photo*

The next photo goes to, of course.... Katie. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Katie photo*

The next photo goes to.... Gwen. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Gwen photo*

The next photo goes to.... Izzy. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Izzy photo*

The next photo goes to, of course.... Katie. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Heather photo*

The next photo goes to.... Beth. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Beth photo*

Bottom 3 time. We have Courtney and Leshawna. Welcome back girls. New addition this week: Bridgette, because it was not to fabulous.

The next photo goes to.... Bridgette. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Bridgette photo*

Leshawna, Courtney. One of you has to leave......

The last photo goes to....

Leshawna. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Leshawna photo*

Courtney, what can I say. No photo, bye-bye.


This week's challenge is..... PROM DRESSES!!!

Give your girl a nice dress. What would she wear to her prom? I want to see nice dresses, hairstyles, and accessories. I also am now looking for more interesting POSES!!! This challenge will be due by April 8, 2009.

The Top 9 Gallery

Week 4: Fast-Forward to Summer! ("MR. SHARKY SQUEAKS!" ~Izzy)


Tyra: Hello, Top 8!!!!

Izzy: Omigosh I LOVE the beach! I like chasing the sharks!!!

Leshawna: Ummm...Izzy...(flashback to beginning)


(end flashback)

Leshawna: You might get disqualified.

Tyra: From now on, I am allowing different backgrounds if they work with the theme and look good.

Katie: How do I look?

Lindsay: You look great Katie!!!

Katie: Ohmigosh, so do you!!! You look so cute in purple!!!

Izzy: Mister Sharky says let's go swimming!!!

Lindsay: Thanks Katie!! Izzy, that's a great idea let's go swimming, do you want to come, Katie?

Katie: Ohmigosh, sure!!!

Lindsay: (Dives into the water.)

Katie: *dives in and floats on the waves*

Izzy: *rides on top of her inflatable shark* Faster, Mister Sharky! Faster!!!

Lindsay: Awwwwwww, he's sooooooooo cute, Izzy!!

Izzy: I know!!!! And he makes a funny noise when you squeeze 'im!!! *squeezes shark and it squeeks*

Bridgette: I think you look amazing Izzy!!!

Lindsay: I make a funny sound when I squeeze myself. (Pushes on her head and she squeaks.)

Izzy: That is so awesome!!!! *repeatedly pokes Lindsay's head*

Katie: Ohmigosh, Bridgette! You look soooo cute!!!

Bridgette: Thank you!!! You look amazing too Katie!!!!

Katie: EEEE! Thank you!

Bridgette: Lets go swimming!! (Dives into water)

Lindsay: Everyone here looks so cute!!

Katie: I know!!! If I were Tyra, I wouldn't be able to decide the winner!

Lindsay: I know, right!!!

Izzy: *leaps out of water like a shark* RAWR!!!!!


Izzy: It's just me, silly! *giggles and snorts*

Katie: Izzy, don't scare us like that!!!

Izzy: Why? It's so much fun!

Katie: *sighs*

Lindsay: It's not fun.

Izzy: Mister Sharky is fun!

Bridgette: (Is swimming) I love to swim!!!

Tyra: I love Mr. Sharky!!!

Gwen: *laughs* Yeah, that's awesome!

Izzy: And he squeaks!!! *squeak squeak squeak*

Tyra: Oooh, I am sensing a twist this week!

Katie: Ohmigosh!!!!

Gwen: a good twist or a bad one?

Tyra: One good one bad

Lindsay: I'm scared! Heather, hold me! (jumps into Heather's arms.)

Heather: Get out! (Pushes Lindsay out of her arms.)

Katie: Ohmigosh, Heather, you're blonde again!


Heather: Tyra told me to keep using the blonde look and "Mister Sharky" creeps me out.

Katie: I thought you looked good as a redhead, but I guess the blonde is better.

Izzy: MISTER SHARKY SQUEAKS!!!! *squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak*

Heather: Thanks, Katie. That's great Izzy...


Katie: O... kay...

Heather: Of course you are Izzy...

Gwen: mmm-hmmm....

Izzy: *grins crazily*

Lindsay: Izzy is scaring me...

Katie: Totally...

Bethina: I changed my name!

Heather: To what?

Leshawna: I can't find my bathing suit that I was wearing so I can't post a photo this week. It wasn't very good anyway...

Tyra: It is elimination time! I will review the photos quickly.

Katie, nice pose, nice beach, nice suit, all good!

Heather, hair better, ok pose, strange legs

Lindsay, love the surfboard, pose, all good here too!

Leshawna, no picture, no suit, NO CONFIDENCE. Shame

Izzy, EXCELLENT HAIR! good pose, good beach, cute shark

Bridgette, love the pose, hair, and starfish! Best photo of yours this season!

and Gwen, nice idea for sitting, nice all around

Tyra: Time for someone to leave. The first photo goes to........


Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Izzy photo*

The next photo goes to.... Bridgette. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Bridgette photo*

The next photo goes to.... Gwen. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Gwen photo*

The next photo goes to.... Katie. Honey, don't start letting your game down. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Katie photo*

The next photo goes to.... Lindsay. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Lindsay photo*

The bottom 3 are.... Heather, Leshawna, and Beth.

Heather, it was good, but a little weird looking.

Beth, good, but boring.

However, both of you are safe.

Congrats, to both of you, you are both still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Beth photo*

  • hands Heather photo*

Leshawna, you lacked grace, style, confidence, but most importantly, a photo. Good-bye. Any last words?


Time to go to beach for bathing suits.

I want to see intricate yet nice looking bathing suits. Use good colors and accessories. I want to see nice poses and you may do a beachy background if you want. Please keep the photo appropriate. I do not care if you do one-piece or two-piece bathing suits. Challenge is due on April 21, 2009.

Top 8 Gallery

Week 5: Holiday Spirit! ("Next Stop, Harvard!" ~Lindsay)


Tyra: Hello! There are only 7 girls left and the competition is getting intense!!!

(Tdifan1234: Wow! These are all really awesome!)

Bridgette: Wow. Everyone looks so great!

Gwen: Yeah, you look awesome, Bridg!

Bridgette: You look awesome too!

Lindsay: Gwen, you look awesome!! I can't wait to see Izzy and Katie!

Heather: The entries are due tomorrow, so if they don't submit photos, we say good-bye to one of them!

Gwen: Thanks!

Katie: *suddenly dashes in* Eeee! I just barely made it!


(Sunshine: Phew! Just barely made it!!!! I was scared I wouldn't have time to upload, but I made it in time!!!)

Tyra: OK, girls it is time for elimination! I will reveal the challenge winner, and tonight, the TWIST!!!! One good, one bad. Remember?

Heather: Yes. So can we hurry this up, I have a dentist appointment in half an hour. (Whispers to Tyra.) I getting them whitened.

Tyra: OK, Heather. Anyway, this week's elimination will BE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!!!! Except for the winner. And that girl is....

Lindsay: (Eyes widen.)

Tyra: Lindsay!!!

Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Lindsay photo*

Alright. As I said, the rest of these results are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!

The next photo is for..... Gwen. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Gwen her photo*

The next photo is for..... Heather. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Heather her photo*

The next photo is for..... Beth. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Beth her photo*

The next photo is for..... Bridgette. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Bridgette her photo*

Izzy and Katie....... one of you is safe. Since you won invincibility last week, Izzy, you are moving on!

Izzy, congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Izzy her photo*

Katie, Katie, Katie... this week was not your best.

Lindsay: Tough luck, Katie.....

Heather: So, what's the other twist?

Tyra: What OTHER twist? I have not even gotten through one yet.

Heather: I thought that Katie just got out.

Lindsay: Wait, is nobody going home this week?

Tyra: *sigh* Lindsay! You choose NOW to be smart????

Lindsay: I was right about something?

Heather: She was right about something?

Lindsay: Next stop, Harvard!!! (Puts on graduation cap and starts to leave, but trips.)

Heather: Not quite there yet, Lindsay....

Tyra: YES! That is right! All the picture were SO AMAZING this week, that I could not send anyone home. That was the good twist. The bad twist is that next week.... one person will go home, but that person will be voted off... by the winner of this week... LINDSAY!!!!

Lindsay: (Gasps.) I am so Harvard materiel!!!! I get to decide who goes home!!!!!

Heather: So ya'll should be nice to her.


This week's challenge is holiday-themed. Each of you girls will be modeling different holidays! I want to see interesting and fitting clothes and hair. It should be fun and quirky! Also, I would love to see some backgrounds. Simple is perfect, just a solid pastel color, preferably related to your palette. This challenge is due May 6, 2009. (AFTER MY B-DAY!!! XD)


  • Beth/Bethina- St. Patrick's Day
  • Bridgette-Valentine's Day
  • Gwen- Easter
  • Heather- Thanksgiving or New Year's Day (both are kind of hard so I am letting you choose)
  • Izzy- Christmas
  • Katie- Halloween
  • Lindsay- Fourth of July

Top 7 (i) Gallery

Week 6: Under the sea! ("EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Wait what am I doing?" ~Izzy)


Tyra: Girls! Welcome back to the final 7! This week Lindsay and I will be kicking someone off!

Heather: Mermaids?!?!!

Lindsay: Ooo! I love mermaids!

Lindsay: Oh, Heather, your hair looks great!

Heather: Uh, thanks, Lindsay. (Cringes) Y-yours l-lo-looks g-g-good t-too.

Lindsay: Aw, thanks Heather. Bridgette, you look great!

Katie: I'm not late this week! EEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Katie's Dolphin: EEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait, what am I doing? *laughs insanely*

Tyra: OK! It is now elimination time. Lindsay will help me out once we have the bottom 2.


Katie. Cute. Hot. Awesome. What else can I say! Another great photo from you!! (Sunshine, I loved the dolphin reference! I loved using those guys in TDAuthor!)

Lindsay. Loved the concept! It was funny and a fair photo overall!

Beth. Boring. Not your best work, sorry dear.

Bridgette. It was one of my least faves from you actually. It just did not feel and look right to me. The pose was good though.



Gwen. I liked it! The pose was simple, but good, and you looked great too!!

Tyra: OK, The winner of this week's challenge is......... someone who has never been on top yet! ....... HEATHER!

Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Heather photo*

The next photo is for..... Katie. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Katie her photo* EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

The next photo is for..... Izzy. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Izzy her photo*

The next photo is for..... Lindsay. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Lindsay her photo*

Lindsay: Yay!!!

Heather: Well, it's about time.

Beth: I guess this is goodbye, guys.

Tyra: The next photo is for..... Gwen. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Gwen her photo*

Lindsay, let us discuss which of the girls in the bottom 2, Bridgette and Beth, will be leaving.

Lindsay: Um, what do you think? I'm not sure...

Tyra: *comes out from back room with Lindsay* OK, we have deliberated, and...... Beth.....

I am sorry, you are leaving tonight. *hugs Beth*

The last photo is for Bridgette. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Bridgette her photo*

You have done very well in this competition Beth! Good luck and good bye!

Lindsay: Sorry, Beth. I'll miss you.

Heather: Buh-bye.


This week's challenge is MERMAIDS! You will make your girl into a mermaid. I ask for you to use this underwater scene, or make your own. You may use the seaweed as a prop. Be creative! This challenge is due on May 15, 2009!

Top 7 (ii) Gallery

Week 7: Simplicity! ("I HAS A GREYSCALE!" ~Izzy)


Tyra: Hello and welcome to the FINAL 6!

Bridgette: Yay! I'm in the final 6!

Lindsay: Oh my gosh, I look so pale in this picture!

Heather: That's cause it's in black and white, Lindsay...

Lindsay: Ewww! It looks like I haven't been in the sun for ages!

Katie: Aww, I think you look fine!


Katie: ...that's... nice... omigosh, all the entries are in already!

Lindsay: Maybe we can get the judging done early!

Heather: And get someone's sorry butt out of here! Not me, I'm invincible!

Katie: It feels like forever ago I was invincible...

Izzy: EX-SQUEEZE ME??? Izzy's not getting enough attention here! ATTENTION NOWS!!!!!!!!

Lindsay: HI IZZY!!

Heather: Well, I'm invincible now, so I'm happy.

Tyra: OK. It is elimination time.... 4 DAYS EARLY!!!

This Beyonce photo is what I was looking for.... and none of you delivered this week! This was one of the worst so far.

Katie..... cute but I did not like your hair. It covered your face too much.

Izzy..... This was just OK. It was kind of funny.... one of the better ones.

Gwen..... This was cute, but I did not like this photo for some reason.

Bridgette..... I did not like your hair at all. It looked really weird and outfit was boring.

Heather...... you are lucky you have immunity.... it was too angry.

Lindsay.... I liked it! You looked cute and it was good!

Elimination after deliberation soon!

Tyra: OK. Since this week was so poor... there are NO winners.

This first three will be in NO PARTICULAR ORDER!

The first photo is for..... Lindsay. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Lindsay her photo*

The next photo is for..... Izzy. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Izzy her photo*

The next photo is for..... Katie. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Katie her photo*

The fourth photo is for, due to invincibility..... Heather. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Heather her photo*

That means the bottom 2 are Bridgette and Gwen.

Bridgette, this week was your worst in a while.

Gwen, this is your worst EVER, although it is truly your only bad one.

Who stays and who goes?

The final photo goes to.............................................

Gwen! Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Gwen her photo*

Bridgette, I am sorry, but it is the end of the road for you! You did great here and will be missed!! *hugs Bridgette* Any last words?


After tons of twists and turns, this week is keeping it simple! The theme is head shots. The photo should be a simple shot looking straight ahead. It MUST be black and white. Keep the model's hair pulled back and out of their face. Lastly, NO MAKEUP OR JEWELRY. So, all in all, this is a very simple shot..... it is due on May 25, 2009! Good luck!

Top 6 Gallery

Week 8: Freestyle!! ("MISTER SHARKY HAT!!!!!!!!" ~Izzy)



Lindsay: Top 5? Top 5? That'll definitely get me a spot in Harvard for sure!!!

Heather: Everyone knew that I was going to make it this far.

Lindsay: I didn't.

Heather: Since when do you know things?

Lindsay: Since I got my Harvard scholarship! (Pulls out scholarship.)

Heather: ....

Katie: I can't believe it! I'm in the final five! EEEEEE!!!!!!


Katie: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with Izzy, what's the challenge this week?

Heather: Seriously! I want to win this thing already.

Lindsay: (Singing.) Harvard, Harvard, Harvard. YEAH!!!!

Katie: Ohmigosh, Lindsay, you got into Harvard?

Lindsay: Totally! See! (Pulls out acceptance letter.)

Heather: Is that real?!

Lindsay: Oh, totally! (Gives it to Katie.)

Katie: That is sooo awesome!

Izzy: GUYS! Look who I found! *holds up Mr. Sharky* 'Member him???

Heather: OH, NO!!!

Lindsay: (Gasps.) Not him!!!

Gwen: You know, the whole "Lindsay gets accepted to Harvard" story reminds me of some movie. *thinks about Legally Blonde*

Lindsay: Omigosh! I love that movie! (I didn't even think of that! That's so weird!)

Tyra: *sarcastic* You got into a Harvard, Leanna??

Lindsay: Who's Leanna? I bet she didn't get into Harvard like me!

Tyra: *rolls eyes* Good photos so far girls!

Lindsay: Thanks, Tara!

Gwen: Thanks

Izzy: Mister Sharky hat!!! Ahahahaha!!!

(Sunshine: Any of Izzy's clothes look familiar? XD)

Lindsay: You look great, Izzy! (I think I can get most of them: Pirate Pants, Bear Shirt, Prom Shoes, Mermaid Chair, Mr. Sharky Hat. I think that's most of them!

(Sunshine: Nice! You only missed the greyscale shirt and Santa belt!)

Lindsay: See, I deserve to go to Harvard! (I wasn't sure if the shirt was new, or the grayscale, I thought about that though. The Santa belt didn't cross my mind though! Awesome job with the pic, anyway!)

Katie: Ohmigosh, I'm the last one!!!

Izzy: *bops her on the head* SHAME ON YOU FOR YOUR LATENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie: Ow, Izzy... wait, what is that on your head?

Izzy: MISTER SHARKY HAT!!!!!!!! *eye twitches a little*

Katie: ...that's... nice...

Tyra: Alright!!! It is judgement time!!

Katie: Great! EEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

Izzy: Sharky Sharky Sharky... *eye twitches*

Tyra: Izzy.... your creativity in this shot is incredible!! I completely loved it!!!!!!!!! Mash up of all the weeks? Fabulous!

Katie.... so cute!! Great pose. I LOVED THE OUTFIT! It was so awesome!!! You are back!

Heather: Well? Tyra? Hurry up.

Lindsay: Harvard, AWAY! (Leaves.)

Heather: Lindsay? The results?

Lindsay: (Returns.) Oh, right, the results...

Tyra: Hey Heather!! Your photo was pretty creative. I don't know if it was truly one of a "Top Model", though!

Heather: Gee, thanks... I guess...

Lindsay... I liked the rainbow streaks! However, your photo seemed very juvenile, while your clothes seemed very old. So you definitely did not act your age, which detracts from it.

Gwen. Going in to this week, you were definitely pegged to leave. Your photo, however, proves otherwise. It was cooky and crazy and preppy and fun. Great!

Lindsay: Well, Tyra. THEY'LL ACCEPT ME AT HARVARD!! (Jumps out the window.)

Heather: (Stares blankly at the shattered window.)

Tyra: Katie, guess what?

Katie: Ohmigosh, what?

Tyra: YOU ARE BACK ON TOP!!!!!!!

The first photo is for Katie!! Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Katie her photo*

The next photo is for..... Gwen. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Gwen her photo*

The next photo is for..... Izzy. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Izzy her photo*

Lindsay and Heather, both of your pictures were great, but they did not match up to the other three. You are the bottom 2, and one of you is leaving tonight.

The final photo is for...................

Lindsay. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Lindsay her photo*

I am sorry, Heather, but you are heading home. *hugs Heather* You have done very well in this competition and have evolved during the course of it. Anything you want to say before you leave?


Lindsay: Bye, Hannah!


This week is freestyle! You get to do crazy, cooky, mismatch clothes. They should be colorful, exciting, and fun!! Crazy jewelry and hairstyles, although I would suggest keeping the makeup regular! Have fun and be creative!! ! This challenge is due on..... May 28, 2009!

Top 5 Gallery

Week 9: Earth. Water. Fire. Air. ("I DIDN'T STEAL 'EM!!!!!!!" ~Izzy)


Tyra: Hello! You girls have stuck out until nearly the end! Gwen! Izzy! Katie! Lindsay! The TDI's Next Top Model Cycle 1 TOP 4!!

Lindsay: YAY!! Tyra? When are we gonna get the new challenge? I'm so ready!

Izzy: *randomly dresses up as Zuko* HONOOOORRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie: Um, great Izzy. I can't wait for the challenge!!!

Tyra: You girls ready to do TWO PICTURES this week???

Katie: Ohmigosh!!!

Izzy: Can me be a squirrel?

Katie: ...what?

Gwen: ...ummmm......ok...

Lindsay: Tyra, there is no quote for last week!

Izzy: NO QUOTE??? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie: ...I don't think it's that bad, Izzy...

Lindsay: When are you to gonna post photos?

Izzy: SQUIRREL!!!!!!

Katie: *stares at Izzy* Well, I have to find my headband before I can post mine!

Izzy: Oh, I fed that to Mr. Bear from week two!

Katie: YOU WHAT???

Lindsay: Where does Izzy get all these animals?!

Izzy: I DIDN'T STEAL 'EM!!!!!!! *looks around suspiciously*

Lindsay: O-kay... Do you guys like my summer dress?

Katie: Ohmigosh, totally! Do you like mine?

Izzy: *sprays hose* MWAHAHA!!!

Sunshine: GROUP SHOT TIME!!!!! *pulls up photoshop*

Lindsay: Katie, YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!

Katie: EEEEE!!!!! Thanks!!!

Sunshine: I finished the shot! EEEEEE!!!! Wait, what the heck am I doing?! *shakes head and walks out*

Gwen: Yeah, I like your outfit, too!

Lindsay: Oh, my gosh! Today is elimination day! I'm gonna miss you guys...

(Sunshine: I apologize for the delay! I was busy yesterday and didn't get a chance to finish the pictures until today... am I forgiven???)

(Tdifan1234: Since everyone has their picture up, when is elimination?)

Lindsay: I think it'll be another day or two.

Tyra: This week was extremely hard! The photos were amazing this week!! Ready for the results, girls??

Lindsay: Oh, my gosh, yes! I have my failure cap on! (Puts on hideous hat.)


Lindsay: Yeah, I wear at the results time, just in case I get out! Do you want one? There really cute! Aren't they cute?!

Gwen: uhhh...sure...

Lindsay: (Slams a hat on Gwen's head.) There! You look sooooo pretty!! (Pauses.) Hey, Tyra? What about the results?

Gwen: thanks?

Lindsay: Your welcome!

Gwen: heh heh *smiles awkwardly*

Lindsay: (Whines.) Tyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyra!!! I want the results!! Nooooowwww!!!

Tyra: (sorry for the delay, guys!)

OK... results time!!!!!

Lindsay: FAILURE FACE: GO!! (Scrunches up face so much that it resembles a monkey.)

Tyra: Let us start with..... Katie!!

Katie, your photo in the summer dress theme was utterly incredible! The dress was gorgeous, the pose was awesome, your hair was great, and it was so cute!! YOU ARE A MODEL!!

At first glance, I did not like your Earth photo. When I looked at the detail, I loved it!! Your dress was gorgeous once again, I loved the laid back pose, and the animals too!! A very Avatar inspired picture! It looks great!! You killed this once again, girl!!

Next up, Lindsay!

Your summer dress was very cute, and so was your pose! Great job!!

However, you died on the air themed one. I thought it was rather artificial, unlike air is. The bending was not exciting. I would loved to see more fun and action in the pose and the photo in general.


Your summer dress was very nice! Like you said, preppy yet goth at the same time. I do love how you keep yourself in the photos, as you adjust to the themes! The only thing, which was evident with this photo, is that you still have to work on your poses.

In your water themed picture, you pulled out a nice pose!! I loved the dress!! It was really nice. Good job!!

Lindsay: (Sighs.) Oh, well, it's been fun... Bye, guys...

Tyra: Lastly, Izzy.

Your summer dress was not a dress. You had your fun, but, you know, now, it is starting to become a bit immature. Your frame looked a little bulky, as well.

In your fire themed photo, you destroyed it!! The dress was amazing!!! The fire was great, and so was the pose!!!!

Results..... coming soon.......

The first photo is for.... Katie! Once again, you have rocked the competition! Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Katie her photo*

The next photo is for..... Gwen. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Gwen her photo*

The final photo is for...................


Lindsay. Congratulations, you are still in the running towards TDI's Next Top Model. *hands Lindsay her photo*

Izzy, you have done an incredible job in this competition. We will miss you a ton!! In the end, you just were not as much a model as the other 3, and that is why we had to get rid of you. I am sorry..... goodbye! Long live Mr. Sharky!!!!!!

Lindsay: (Cries.) I'LL MISS YOU IZZY!!! (Runs over and hugs her.) AND MR. SHARKY!! And whatever other random animals you brought here!!!


Are ya'll ready for a twist?? This week you are going to be busy making not one, but two pictures!! The first theme is the elements. Each girl will be assigned an element (fire, earth, air, and water) and the picture must represent that element. I would suggest a mix of colors and poses that act and look like the element and also some "bending" or controlling of the element like in "Avatar" or "W.I.T.C.H."!!! I have been looking forward to these pictures for a long time because they are going to be fierce and awesome!! This picture is due in by June 9, 2009!


  • Gwen- Water! I picked this for Gwen because she is very loose and free and willing to express herself! Also because blue and green are her colors!! She'll do great if she personifies the water in her pose. We want movement and color!!
  • Izzy- Fire! She is very unpredictable like fire and fun and playful! Her hair is also like a flaming fire!! She will do well if she keeps up her irresistible charm and craziness!
  • Katie- Earth! Katie has shown to handle every different style, and can do serious very well, like a professional model! She can kill this one with a great pose and outfit!
  • Lindsay- Air! Lindsay is carefree and lovable like air. She loves just living life and having fun!! She can do well if she throws her cares to the wind (no pun intended) and takes a great shot!

I would stick with colors similar to the element as the main bases (Water- blue, green; Fire- orange, red; Earth- green, brown; Air- blue, purple, silver)!! Use other colors that complement them for the accents!

The second challenge should be fairly easy. I want each of you to put your girls in a summery sun dress with nice hair and a cute pose. Very innocent, nice, fun, and simple!! Now between the 3 of you, (Anonymos, Sunshine, and Tdifan) I want you to chat and pick someone to pull these photos together into a group shot with a nice, sunny, and natural background. This group photo is due on June 7, 2009!!

Have fun this week and good luck!!

Top 4 Gallery

Week 10: FINALE!


Tyra: Welcome, girls, to the Total Drama Island Next Top Model.... FINALE!!!!

Lindsay: Finale? I thought there was gonna be another round.

Tyra: No, Lindsay! This is it!!

Lindsay: I made it!!!!

Katie: OHMIGOSH!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *passes out*

Izzy: YOU'LL NEVER GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!! *long pause* Aw, forget it, bye guys! *leaves* (LOL I'm late XD)

Gwen: Wow, Never in my life did I think that I would be in the finale of a modeling competition...

Katie: Ohmigosh!!! Three pictures???

(Tdifan1234: Wow, Sunshine. You actually got lucky with izzy's elimination! If she were still in the competition, you'd have to make six!)

Lindsay: Seventeen Magazine puts headshots on the cover, not full body poses. I looked it up.

(Tdifan1234: really? 'cuz I've seen a couple of full bodies on Seventeen. Maybe it's a different mag I'm thinking of...)

Lindsay: Check Google Images, all I saw was headshots. Maybe I was wrong, but I saw what I saw....

(Tdifan1234: Do they have to wear a dress? "Cuz I already started my design and it's not a dress. If they have to, It's ok. I'll just start over...)

Gwen:Wow, Lindsay. I really like your pics!

Lindsay: Thank you Gwen!! I love yours too!!! I don't really like mine that much... (I made Tyra look like a hobo...)

Gwen: I think you look cute!(LOL. I actually think it looks pretty good!)

Lindsay: Thank you! (I HATE Tyra's hair, but I cant really do much better. I like the outfits though.)

Katie: OHMIGOSH!!! I'm on the cover of SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gwen: I like your outfit, Katie!

Tyra: OK... tomorrow we will find out the winner of TDI's Next Top Model... Cycle 1!! Yay! So... until then, all of the other aspiring models are back! Here are... Sadie, Eva, Courtney, Leshawna, Beth, Bridgette, Heather, and Izzy! And special guests... MISTER SHARKY! MR. LEDERHOSEN! and THE SMILEY FACE ALIEN!


Katie: *sighs* We know, Izzy...

Mr. Lederhosen: JAH!! I VAS INVITED TO DA FINALE!!!!

Heather: We all knew who SHOULD have won...

Mr. Lederhosen: ME!!

Lindsay: JAH!!

Mr. Lederhosen: JAH!!!

sorrel: *jumps from the ceiling* oh my gosh its Lindsay, Gwen , and Katie and Tyra how cool is this!

Lindsay: Omigosh! Hi, um, whoever you are! Hi!!!

Sorrel: Sorrel here LOL

Jamie: ONG!! I'm here!!! EEE!!!!

Lindsay: Omigosh! More people I don't know!

Nalyd: *arrives in a limo and walks out* Do I have the right address?

Lindsay: Oh, I don't think so. The Star Trek convention is two buildings down.

Tatiana: (Walks in.) Hi, everyone! I am so thrilled to meet the three finalists!! (Goes over to Katie.) Katie, I have been a huge fan all along! I think you should win!

Elaine: (Comes in.) This is so exciting! I think I might... (Faints.)

Alexa: (Comes in.) IT'S TYRA!! Oh, wait, I've already met you...

Katie: Alright, I'm finished. I guess now Tyra can pick the winner!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Katie: Um, Izzy... you were eliminated...

Izzy: Oh yeah.

Nalyd: No, this is the top model finale, right?

Lindsay: Yes. I just assumed... You look like the kind of person who would go to the Star Trek convention and not a modeling competition.

Alyssa: I'm so excited! It's good to be prepared for what it'll be like when I win.

Nalyd: I'm here because of a lawsuit. My client, Justin McGourgessness, is suing Tyra for not allowing him on the show!

Lindsay: Why would he get a Star Trek nerd to be his lawyer?

Alexa: You mean, if you win, Alyssa.

Sunshine: *randomly pops up from behind Nalyd* HI NALYD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elaine: You two know each other?

Lindsay: Awww, the Star Trek nerd and the pixie!

Nalyd: I am not a star trek nerd, and we are not together!!! *eye twitches* And I am a trained lawyer.

Lindsay: Wait, but I thought you were looking for the Star Trek convention... (Ponders.)

Bridgette: I'm back!

Alyssa: It's too bad you're not a nerd. Nerds are hot.

Lindsay: Since when?

Tatiana: Seriously!

Sunshine: Nalyd's dating my sister Ravioli! And I'm his ex-girlfriend! I LIKE RAVIOLI!!!!!!

Izzy: ME TOO!!!!! AND I HAS A MISTER SHARKY!!!!! MISTER SHARKY SQUEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: *looks at Izzy and thinks* Is that the scary girl Mr. McGorgeossness is always screaming about?

Izzy: *randomly bites Nalyd's head* His head tastes funny!!!

Sunshine: Doesn't it?

Katie: know this how?

Nalyd: (LOL) *calls animal control* Yes, I think I might have just gotten rabies. What bit me? I'm still trying to figure that out. (LOL)

Tatiana: Omigosh!! It's Katie!! (Runs up.) Katie, I been a big fan of yours since the very beginning! Can I have your autograph? (Holds out a piece of stationary covered with pictures of Tatiana.)


Sunshine: Yeah Nalyd, I'm the one who has rabies!

Katie: *backs away slowly from Sunshine then turns to Tatiana* Sure, Tatiana!!! EEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel famous!!!!!!!!!!! *signs autograph*

Nalyd: *on phone* Okay, I don't have rabies, but there is still a wild animal here!

Animal control homie: *arrives* Where is it? *Nalyd points to Izzy, animal control homie runs at Izzy*

Tatiana: YAY!!!! I got an autograph!! (Goes off to find someone else to get an autograph from.)

Izzy: *whacks animal control homie with Mr. Sharky* YOU'LL NEVER GET ME ALIIIIIVVVVVEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *flees by jumping out window*

Katie: ...

Sunshine: ...RANDOM DANCING!!! *dances randomly*

Alexa: Um... Okay...

Elaine: Sure...

Animal control Homie: *tranqualizes Sunshine, and put her in the truck, drives away*

Nalyd: *sarcastically waves goodbye* (LOL)

Sunshine: RENRUT!!! I WILL DESTROY Y-uuuhhhggg tranquilizer... *passes out*

Bridgette: That was not nice!!!! Apologize to her Nalyd! APOLOGIZE!!!!


Tatiana: Really? Time passes quickly when you're getting celebrities to give you autographs. (Has Ben Stiller over a vat of toxic dangling by a string.) You will sign this autograph or I dip you!

Alexa: Tatiana! Instruments of torture get put away! Its finale time!

Tatiana: Aw... (Releases Ben Stiller.) You win this round, Stiller.

Ben Stiller: (Kneels in front of Alexa.) You saved me from that murderous maniac! (Points to Tatiana.)

Tatiana: What?

Elaine: Wha- Why are you here?! Get out! This is a private affair for contestants, hosts, and special guests only! (Throws Ben Stiller out the window.)

Tyra: OK girls. It is time. I have reviewed ALL of your photos... and is now time to find out who is TDI's Next Top Model!

Lindsay: (Crosses fingers, but in the wrong way.) Ouch... Wait, aren't you supposed to cross your fingers at weddings?

Elaine: I don't think so, Lindsay...

Tatiana: Good luck, Katie!


Katie: *waits nervously*

Izzy: I'M GONNA WIN!!!!

Sunshine: *randomly back* You were eliminated!


Tyra: So, I am sure you girls are wondering! What do you win??? I have not told you yet.

Katie: Wow, you haven't... ohmigosh, that's so weird! I didn't even think of that!

Tyra: Well... for starters, all THREE of you will return to mentor next cycle!!!

Lindsay: No way!! Awesomeness!!

Katie: EEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maria: Muy bein!

Lindsay: So, Tyra, what does the winner get?

Tyra: Well... the 3rd and 2nd place winners get $10,000 and $50,000, respectively. Plus, this show has definitely gotten modeling companies to look at you, so I would predict a good career ahead. The winner receives a $100,000 contract with CoverGirl, a contract for management with Elite Model Management, one of the most famous in the industry, a spread in Seventeen magazine and your pic on the cover, AND the title "TDI's Next Top Model"!!!

Katie: Oh! My! GOSH!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyra: So, after reviewing your work in this competition one last time... it is now time to find out the winner.

Three beautiful girls standing before me.... but only one can be TDI's Next Top Model.

Lindsay: (Crosses fingers and holds breath.)

Katie: *holds breath and waits nervously*

Mr. Sharky: *squeaks*

Izzy: Wait... I didn't squeeze him... *stares nervously at Mr. Sharky*

Tyra: Each of you has done fabulously in this competition, and have improved up until today. I can now announce that.... the third place winner of TDI's Next Top Model's first cycle is...................

Lindsay. Lindsay, you have done well throughout this competition, and in the end, you are not the winner... but you still are a model. Anything you want to say? *hugs Lindsay*

Lindsay: I just wanted to say that I have had an enormous amount of fun during this competition, and I am looking forward to mentoring the nineteen aspiring models for next season. Tyra, you have been a wonderful host and judge, and I understand why I am not the winner. I also am looking forward to working with you once more on Cycle 2. Next, I would just like to say a few words to the eight girls that didn't make the finals. You were all amazing and deserve this title way more than I do. Lastly, I would like to say some words about Katie and Gwen. You two have made it through to the end and deserve the number one and two spots more than I. You both have done an amazing job. The two of you have made it to the end, and I think you both should be TDI's Next, well first, Top Model.

Tatiana: Wait, can you say that again? I wasn't listening...

Alexa: That sounded a lot more intellectual than what you usually say.

Lindsay: My mom wrote the speech for me!

Alexa: That would explain it...

Tyra: Thank you for that empowering and lovely speech, Lindsay! You may stay here until the winner is announced.

OK girls... ready?

Katie and Gwen... good luck.

Lindsay: I would've stayed even if I wasn't allowed!

Gwen: nice speech, Lindsay. Good luck, Katie!

Maria: Good luck Katie and Gwen!

Kenzen:Who wins who loses who will eat the last dounut the suspense is killing me into a potatoe

Tdifan:*eats the last donut* :-D

Natasha: ......???

Tdifan: *mouth full*What?!? I'm not a model yet!

Natasha: *rolls eyes* Anyway, Good luck Katie and Gwen! You both deserve it!

Tyra: Congratulations to both of you girls. Gwen and Katie, the two of you have done fabulously in this competition. However, only one person can win. The two of you are great models. Gwen, you have offered great photos and a very down to earth personality throughout the whole competition. Katie, you have done exquisitely through day one, and have always been ready to take on whatever. Both of you are great, but only one of you is TDI’s Next Top Model. Now, the winner’s picture will flash onto that screen *points to screen* when the announcement takes place. Again, congrats to both of you. After ten hard weeks of competition, the first ever winner of TDI’s Next Top Model is……….

  • picture flashes onto screen*

Congratulations to TDI’s Next Top Model!!!!!

Kenzen:Yay Congrat *Throws hand full of confetti on katie*


This week is going to be an extremely hard challenge!! You will be doing THREE PICTURES!!!!!

The first theme is....... Seventeen Magazine Cover!! Your girl will pose on the cover of Seventeen magazine. Put them with a nice dress, hot pose, nice hair, and makeup!! Put them on the cover, somehow..... (Figure it out! XD). Have fun!! ETA: Seventeen and ANTM in the past have only used upper body shots. Please do that, but still with a nice pose! Kenzen has made a sample cover for use!!

The next theme is..... a photo with, TYRA!! Make your own drawing of Tyra Banks. Put her in your photo with your aspiring model! This photo must be dramatic and unique. The pose must be intriguing. Good luck!

The last theme is........ a runway! This will be a shot of your model walking on a runway. They must be wearing a dress or cool outfit worthy of the catwalk. This one should be glamorous and interesting. I want details, also, like lighting, and audience members. This will probably be the hardest shot this cycle.

All 3 of these photos are due in 2 weeks from now, on June 25, 2009. Good luck!! End the season with a bang, guys!!

Finale Gallery

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5* 6 7 8 9 10
TBA Gwen Top 2 Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Btm 2 Top 2 Top 2 TBA
TBA Katie Win Win Top 2 Safe Safe Top 2 Safe Win Win TBA
3 Lindsay Safe Safe Win Safe Win Safe Safe Btm 2 Btm 2 Elim
4 Izzy Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Elim
5 Heather Safe Top 2 Safe Btm 2 Safe Win Safe Elim
6 Bridgette Safe Safe Btm 3 Top 2 Safe Btm 2 Elim
7 Beth Safe Btm 3 Safe Btm 3 Safe Elim
8 Leshawna Btm 2 Safe Btm 2 Elim
9 Courtney Btm 3 Btm 2 Elim
10 Eva Safe Elim
11 Sadie Elim


  • LIME BACKGROUND: Winner (TDI's Next Top Model!)
  • LIGHT GREEN BACKGROUND: Covergirl of the Week (Won challenge and immunity)
  • AQUA BACKGROUND: Top 2 (Received second photo, and almost won)
  • YELLOW BACKGROUND: Immune (Won immunity for last challenge)
  • LIGHT BLUE BACKGROUND: Safe (Moved on)
  • LAVENDER BACKGROUND: Bottom 3 (Poor photo, almost eliminated)
  • ORANGE BACKGROUND: Bottom 2 (Photo almost worthy of elimination)
  • RED BACKGROUND: Eliminated (Worst photo of the week)

* *No one was eliminated in Week 5 as all of the photos were so great!