TDI Camps is a Wiki where anyone with a Wikia account can create and join fun competitions based on the Canadian cartoon known as "Total Drama." Created in January 2009, the TDI Camps Wiki has been home to many fans of the show for years. In 2015, the Wiki briefly moved to Wawanakwa Central, but now it's back and better than ever! We hope that many more users will join, and that we can create a large community of TD fans!

What's a Camp?

A camp is a RP based on the Total Drama series. People can chat, compete in challenges, and vote people out.

What's Total Drama?

Total Drama, a Cartoon TV series that came out in 2007, is based on the CBS reality show Survivor, with elements of other series mixed in. Characters based on archetypes compete against each other for $1,000,000. They compete in challenges, with the winning team winning safety, and the losing team being forced to vote someone out of the game. At a certain point, the teams merge, with only one person being safe from each vote. This continues until only one remains.