Chris McClean: Welcome to Cartoon Battle! Where famous cartoons go head-to-head to see who comes out on top! So tune in, team up, and knock-out when you start! Right here... on... CARTOON BATTLE!

Hotel Le Loser

Vegeta: *lands here* Those insolent fools. I'll show them one day... *looks around* Hey! This isn't Capsule Corp.! Where am I?

The second loser is Angelica, who quit the game. The third and fourth are Tommy and Chuckie, the unfortunate pair who Angelica took with her.

Angelica: Stupid contest. *plans to file a lawsuit against Chris* First I need a loophole... *sees rulebook* Page 7 Section 98 says that the person with the most votes is voted out. I never got any votes, and neither did Tommy and Chuckie. Vegeta recieved 6 votes against him. If I hack the votes so that me, Chuckie, and Tommy all got 2 votes, then Vegeta would have no votes, and by loophole would be allowed back in the game. My parents bought a lawyer before the show, so I'll tell Chris with an e-mail before taking legal action. *hacks into TD computer and absorbs Vegeta's votes to her, Tommy, and Chuckie* Okay, now for the e-mail.


From Angelica

To Chris

Topic: Vegeta's Return

Dear Chris,

This is Angelica Pickles, daughter of Drew and Charlotte Pickles. Just to set the record straight, lets get down to business, shall we?

For starters, you were required by law to show the contestants the rulebook. You should know that Page 7 Section 98 discusses the topic of which explains the process of elimination. The rules say that the contestant who rallies up the most votes in one ceremony is eliminated from the competition. This may seem absurd, but if you would see TCB website on, Vegeta recieved no votes, and me, Tommy, and Chuckie all recieved two. As the person with the most votes is eliminated, and Vegeta recieved none, you have no choice but to let him back in the game.

The CN website's rules said that if you were going to post your show there, then you had to agree with everything the votes and rulebook says. Don't believe me, see for yourself. Also, my parents have a very powerful lawyer, and my family is extremely rich. If you do not wish to be sued for 10,000,000,000 dollars (10,000 times more of the prize money), you will let Vegeta back in. You will see that you are in a lose-lose situation. Don't let Vegeta in the game, you get sued by me AND the Cartoon Network Company, and CN gets your show off their website. Let him back in, you don't get sued, and all is forgiven. Besides, Vegeta is the perfect tool to torture the contestants. Perhaps he could return at the merge, or something.

From Angelica.

Angelica: *sends, deletes history so Chris doesn't know, and never will, that she hacked* Hey, Vegeta. Read this e-mail I sent to Chris! *sends anti-spider sugar to Spiderman*

Vegeta: How do you know I didn't get any votes? Were you spying on the confessonals?

Angelica: You want to get back in or not? Besides, if you torture the contestants when you return, I'll pay you 5,000,000 dollars, five times the prize money.

Vegeta: I like you. Your smart. *smiles* (CONF) To smart. She's planning something....I won't torture the contestants, but I will go back.

Nickel: I got dynamite sticks when we lost so we need to plan escape.

Vegeta: We don't need that. Don't worry, but the end of this, we'll all be out of here. (CONF) Well, by "all" I mean, me.

Angelica: *gets e-mail back from Chris* Finally! *views*


From Chris

To Angelica

Topic: Re: Vegeta's Return


Angelica: Darn it!

Vegeta: I knew it wouldn't work. You, coin thing, what's your plan. If I can't get back into the competition, the least I could do is get back home.

Nickel: go back in time and fix our mistakes.

Vicky: *lands there* Umpf, that twerp. I hate Leafy, I hate Chris, BUT MOSTLY IMPORTANT I HATE THE TWERP!!!!! *notices others* how life's going...and i have a plan

Nickel: we are building a time machine and trying to get this annoying orange.

Orange: hey orange hair. *laughes*

Vicky: We just need a bomb to destroy these walls and i think i have one >:)

Nickel: do you not read signs? The wall is made out of obsidian.

Orange: yeah apple *laughs*

Gohan: No! Not Nickel and Vegeta!



Vegeta and Everyone, especally Aang and Gohan

Timmy and Vicky

Robin and Team Grapes. Especally Leafy and Gohan

Nickel and Gohan

Vicky and Leafy



Mordecai and Rigby

Ben and Gohan

Spiderman and Mac

Timmy and Leafy


Heroes alliance- Mordecai, Rigby, and Aang (to get rid of villians, such as Vegeta, Vicky and Angelica)

Angelica's alliance- Angelica, Tommy, and Chuckie

Leafy's alliance- Leafy, Orange (to defeat team awesome)



Vegeta - 22st

Angelica - 21th

Chuckie - 20th

Tommy - 19th

Nickel - 18th

Orange - 17th

Vicky - 16th

Gumball - 15th

Gohan - 14th

Aang - 13th

Mac - 12th

Mordecai - 11th

Paper - 10th

OJ - 9th










Elimination Table

Place Name Episode Eliminated Episode Winner
22nd Vegeta Dream World Devastation Grapes
21st Angelica Yummy, Yum Yum... Awesome
20th Tommy Yummy, Yum Yum... Awesome
19th Chuckie Yummy, Yum Yum... Awesome
18th Nickel Yummy, Yum Yum... Awesome
17th Orange Zombies! AH YAH! Awesome
16th Vicky Count 2 One Hundred Grapes
15th Gumball Gameshow Goofs Miners
14th Gohan Shift Leafy and OJ
13th Aang Shift Leafy and OJ
12th Mac Shift Leafy and OJ
11th Mordecai Shift Leafy and OJ
10th  Paper  It's Been a Hard Day's Night Timmy

Signing Up

(Sign Up as any cartoon, your choice, even youtube cartoons count, up to three, and make sure to include what cartoon it is from)

1. OJ - Inanimate Insanity - OJ InanimateInsanity

2. Gumball - The Amazing World of Gumball - OJ InanimateInsanity

3. Mordicai - Regular Show - Scienceboy0

4. Vegeta - Dragonball Series - Scienceboy0

5.Rigby-regular show-juantheawsome

6. Leafy - Battle for Dream Island - User:IfraidGryphLW160BSF

7. Nickel - Inanimate Insanity - IfraidGryphLW160BSF

8. Tommy - Rugrats - Sunsummer7

9. Chuckie - Rugrats - Sunsummer7

10. Angelica - Rugrats - Sunsummer7

11. Aang - Avatar The Last Airbender - Scienceboy0

12. Gohan -Dragonball Series- Nickinor21

13. Ben- Ben 10- Nickinor21

14. Robin- Teen Titans- Nickinor21

15. Orange - Annoying Orange - Ifraid

16. Paper - Inanimate Insanity - TrentFan

17. Zim - Invader Zim - TrentFan

18. Mac - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - TrentFan

19. Spiderman - Spiderman - ParaGoomba348

20. Timmy - Fairy Odd Parents - MRace2010

21. Vicky - Fairy Odd Parents


Tommy: *exploring the camp* I wonder where the sandbox is.

Chuckie: We're lost, Tommy! This isn't good. I need to take my afternoon nap!

Mordecai: Woah, this place is sweet!

Tommy: A birdie! *pulls on him*

Chuckie: *runs away in fear*

OJ: *arrives* This place is intresting in a way. At least they have a mini-fridge.

Chuckie: *runs into OJ* Hey, they brought me something to remind me of home! *chuckles, starts drinking OJ*

Mordecai: *pushes tommy off of him* What are you doing you little? *sees he's a baby* Oh man, I am so sorry.

Vegeta: *flies in and looks around* Hm, two babies, a bird, and a glass of orange juice. This won't be to hard.

OJ: *pushes Chuckie off* Is that necessary?!

Chuckie: AH! HE TALKED!

Tommy: *after Mordecai pushed him, cries*

Mordecai: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. You can pull on me again, okay. Just don't pluck any feathers.

Tommy: *pulls on him, but soon loses interest and crawls to Chuckie*

OJ: *walks away* *under breath* ....Wow....

Angelica: *arrives, sees Tommy and Chuckie, grins to self* (CONF) I knew I'd be the first to use this. Anyway, when I came here, I knew the only way to ensure a spot farther in the competition would be to form an alliance. (end CONF) Hey Tommy, Chuckie!

Tommy: Uh, hey... Angelica.

Angelica: I was thinking, that the people who know each other have to stick together. How about an alliance? *blinks eyelashes*

Tommy: What's an alliance, Angelica?

Angelica: An alliance is a group that votes together in the contest.

Chuckie: Are they good or bad?

Angelica: Good.

Tommy and Chuckie: *nod*

OJ: ..?

Vegeta: And a little girl! Are you just TRYING to make it easy?

Chris: Nope

Angelica: *to Vegeta* Listen up, Cocky Anime. I'm more than just a little girl, but what do you think of yourself? My show lasted for about ten years, your show bores me.

Mordecai: You just got owned by a girl! OOOOOOOHHHH!!!!!!

Vegeta: *shoots a small blast at Mordecai* You think I'm boring? I'LL SHOW YOU BORING! *flies up into the air and holds at his hand, aiming for the ground*

Mordecai: We've gotta stop him! He's gonna blow the whole place!

Vegeta: *gets knocked to the ground* What the?

Aang: *comes down from sky* You better not try that again.

Vegeta: YOU did that? To ME?

Aang: Yeah, I was most powerful in my show, and, oh yeah, your number two. Looks like it carries over to here.

Vegeta: NO!!!!!!!!!

Nickel: well I just know I'm going to win.

Leafy: no....

Gohan: Hello guys! Hey Vegeta!

Ben/XLR8: *Arrives* What's up?

Robin: Hello...

Gumball: *arrives* I just know I'M going to lose!

Nickel: hey that's my line! *slaps*

Gumball: Wh- Hey! *slaps*

Leafy: stop fighting nickle and cat

Nickel: don't call me nickle

Vegeta: *to gohan* Your Kakorot's kid, aren't you? Well, Gohan, Aang, I think I accept your challenge.

Aang: We didn't challenge you.

Vegeta: Your power already challenged me. And I will win.

Orange: hey guy with black hair and leaf guy

Leafy: I'm a girl

Tommy: *crawls to Aang*

Chuckie: *holds Orange*

Spiderman: *Climbing on the mountains with web* Hey guys! I'm Spiderman. I have an epic theme song! *Senses Things* Spidey Senses Tingling! This is weeeeeeird!

Vicky: *arrives* Hi twerps,it's me,Vicky *evil grin* The soon-to-be ruler of the WORLD! MWAHAHAHAHA *stops* Urr.. i mean i'm so happy to be there :)

Timmy: *arrives* Hey hi ever- *notices Vicky* AAAH NOT HER!

Angelica: *to Vicky* Now you seem to be my kind of woman.

Tommy: *chews on Timmy's pink hat, giggles*

Timmy:Umm...ok i think i'm doomed.

Vicky:Yes you are >:3 *pushes Timmy at ground* Hehehe...*stops* Umm i mean you will be fine with me :)

Angelica: Hey, Vicky. This guy *points to Vegeta* thinks he's the best, why don't we both get him out?

Vicky:Ha,I am the best,everyone knows it >:) *stops* Umm...i mean as a babysitter *groans*

Vicky:*CONF* Anyway I AM the best and I will win this...and RULE THE WORLD HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Angelica: So, you're in?

Vicky: You mean we have to make an alliance,BUT YOU'RE A BABY (Question to sunsummer. Are the Rugrats finally adults or they're still babies?)

(Tommy and Chuckie are babies, but keep in mind, Angelica is a step ahead, and isn't a baby.)

Angelica: Nah, I'm not a baby and that's that. And if you form an alliance with me, I'll make you a very rich woman. I'll get Tommy and Chuckie, and as Timmy's babysitter, you could get him.

Vicky: You said VERY RICH WOMAN? I accept :)

Timmy:*gets up from ground* Oh man.

Timmy: *CONF* I think Vicky felt for it,she's going to be o- WAIT. I said out. ANGELICA! WOOHOO!

Angelica: *to Tommy and Chuckie* Guess what, babies? Our alliance will vote out Vegeta, case closed. Got it?

Tommy and Chuckie: Okay.

Orange: hammer

Nickel: what? NOOOO- *gets smashed and comes back from nickel recovery center*

Gumball: Ha! Hahaha!

Orange: hey catman

Aang: *to Mordecai* There are some pretty shady people around here. *points to Angelica, Vicky and Vegeta* And you and me seem to be a few of the only good ones. I say we get together.

Mordecai: Let's do it. I'll see if Rigby wants to join. *walks over to Rigby* Hey dude.

Aang: *walks over to Timmy* Hey, I saw what Vicky did to you back there.

Tommy and Chuckie: *chew on Aang's staff*

1 - Mix Up!

Chris: Welcome to The Cartoon Battle! The first challenge is to run all the way to the hotel you will be staying at! (6 lines) Go!

Nickel: *runs*

Leafy: *runs*

Orange: *shuffles*

Tommy: Look, Chuckie! An orange!

Chuckie: *runs after it, but trips and rolls around*

Tommy: Chuckie! Hold on! *comes after him*

Angelica: *runs ahead, trips over Tommy and Chuckie, they all roll downhill*

Chuckie: We're doomed.

Angelica: No we're not.

(Sun: I'm waiting a few minutes between each line, I hope it's fair.)

Rigby: *runs* hey Mordecai lets fly all the way to the hotel by that i mean fly me there

Tommy: Chuckie don't be scared!

  • they fly off a huge ramp*

Chuckie: AH!

Angelica: *covers ears*

Gumball: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

  • Tommy, Chuckie, and Angelica fly off a bigger ramp*

Tommy: AH!!!

Chuckie: AH!!!

Angelica: AH!!!

Leafy: *runs*

Nickel: *gets smashed*

Orange: *shuffles*

Tommy: *falling* I never got to be a filmmaker!

Chuckie: *falling* I never fell in love!

Angelica: *falling* I want my mommy!

Mordecai: *runs* Sorry, Rigby, but I can't fly remember?

Aang: *flies*

Vegeta: *flies*

Tommy: *falls* AH! *lands by hotel*

Chuckie: *falls* AH! *lands second by hotel*

Angelica: *falls* AH! *lands third by hotel*

Mordecai: *keeps running, getting in front of Rigby* Come on, dude catch up!

Aang: *goes faster*

Vegata: *sees aang go faster, he goes faster too*

Nickel and leafy: :3 *gets on vegeta and aang*

Orange: *throws a rock at nickel*

OJ: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

Aang: *goes faster*

Vegeta: Oh, no you don't. *slams into Aang, nickel and leafy fall off*

Mordacia: Rigby! Hop on! *brings Rigby on his back*

OJ: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

Mordecai: *runs with Rigby*

Aang: *dodges* What's your problem? *flies further away from him*

Vegeta: YOU MY PROBLEM! *shoots a blast at aang*

Leafy: *grabs aang's legs and kicks nickel into the sky*


Orange: *shuffles*

Aang: *keeps flying* Almost there. I need a snack. *pulls snaack dispenser on staff, some nuts knock leafy off*

Vegeta: YOU WON'T BEAT ME! *fires a blast at Aang*

Mordecai: *sees Vegeta's blast* We gotta get to the hotel. Fast. *runs*

Leafy: ow ow ow *bites aang's leg*

Nickel: *lands on vegeta's face*

Orange: just few more shuffles

Vegeta: *is about to fire another blast at aang, but it is accidently aimed at the ground because of Nickel* What the?

Aang: OW! *falls on vegeta and the four of them crash into the hotel*

Blast: *lands on the ground, exploading*

Mordecai: *makes an epic dive away from the explosion and lands in the hotel* Rigby, we made it.

Leafy: yes

Orange: I'm already there

Mordecai and Rigby: oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh

Paper: *runs* I may be a bit late, but I still want to participate.

Mac: *running* Same!


Chuckie: *terrorfied of Vegeta*

Vegeta: *looks at Chuckie* Stop that. I won't harm you. Your just a child. *hugs Chuckie* I'm only in it for the challenge.

Spiderman: Hey guys! (Swinging from web to web) I'm gonna make it first! (Spidey Senses Tingle) Spidey... Senses... Tingling... Hey! Stop frightening kids, Vegeta! (Kicks Vegeta in the head, and then continues on)

Timmy: *wakes up from random coma* Uh,what happened. WHAT CHALLENGE ALREADY STARTED? Oh my *tries to run,but Vicky pushes him away*

Vicky: Hah,i will win this,twerp *runs to hotel* (1)

Timmy: Oh no,Vicky won't win this *runs* (1)

Vicky: *runs* (2)

Timmy: *runs* (2)

Vicky: *runs,while random meteor makes her fly away (still in same direction)* AAAH! (3)

Timmy: Oh yes thats cool :) *runs* (3)

Timmy: *runs* (4)

Vicky: *still flies* AAAAH! (4)

Tommy: *bored, crawls away and accidently runs into Vicky, destroying the meteor, but accidently bruises her from impact* Sorry.

Vicky: No problem *ouch* but i have to defeat that Twerp. *start to run again,but more faster* (5)

Timmy: *still running* Oh no it's getting me. *runs faster* (5)

Timmy: *runs and gets to hotel* Yay i'm safe *gets squished from Vicky's hammer*

Vicky: *gets to hotel and squishes Timmy with an hammer* Yes you arrived,twerp. And even smashed >:)

Tommy: *crawls back*

(Can you put elimination table?)

Chris: Well... Leafy & Rigby are team captains. So due to arrival, Leafy goes first.

Leafy: I chose Timmy.

Rigby: I choose Mordecai

Leafy: I chose Tommy.

Rigby: I choose Gumball

Mordecai: *whispers to Rigby* Choose Aang next. We were talking before and he'll help us. *looks over at Vegeta* And we need some protection.

Rigby: *whispers back ok

Leafy: I chose Chuckie.

Rigby: I choose Aang

Leafy: I chose Angelica

Rigby: I choose Zim

Leafy: hey I was gonna chose him. I'll chose paper.

Spiderman: Choose me, choose me, choose me, choose me, choose me, choose me...

Rigby: ugh fine I choose Spiderman

Vicky: *with angry face* You know if i will be against you,you're going to DIE?! *shows spike hammer and evil face* (Vicky is evil and greedy,so you can understand her want to win,right?)


Chuckie: She's scary!

Leafy: I chose Ben.

Rigby: I choose Mac

Leafy: I chose OJ

Rigby: I choose Robin

Leafy: I chose Orange

Rigby: I choose Vegta

Leafy: I chose-

Orange: chose nickle *laugh*

Leafy: ok I'll chose him

Rigby: last 2 who to choose who vto choose I choose Vicky

Chris: Okay, let us see who can name their team the fastest.

Rigby: team awsome

Leafy: team Squashy Grapes

Nickel: *facepalm*

Timmy: Wait i'm not a grape

Chris: Rigby gets a half-off votes coupon. Who can name their team colour?

Rigby: red

Leafy: Green

Chris: Rigby gets an immunity idol. Who can name everyone on their team?

Timmy: Leafy,Tommy,Angelica,Chucky,Paper,Ben,OJ,Orange,Nickel and Gohan i guess

Chris: Timmy! Nice! He get's to chose someone from the other team to go on his team.

Timmy: I guess.......................................................................................................Gumball

Leafy: aw man I wanted zim

Chris: And there are the teams. So head up to your Hotel rooms. *throws team room key to Rigby and Leafy*

Hotel Grapes

OJ: *walks in* Eh, it's better than any regular hotel.

Gumball: *walks in* Way cool! Better than at home

Leafy: I wish zim was on my team. *secretly plans to eliminate gumball*

Orange: hey nickel

Nickel: what?

Orange: hammer

OJ: Isn't that like for, five-year olds?

Tommy and Chuckie: *eating grapes in hotel* (Can you make a teams section OJ? It's confusing.)

OJ: >_> (Where?)

Orange: hey OJ

OJ: Shut up, just shut up!

Orange: knif

Leafy: O_o

Gohan: *Trains*

Ben: Dude you're gonna kill yourself training.

Gohan: Shut up.

Leafy: hey orange wanna be in an alliance to take down team not so awesome?

Orange: sure *laugh*

Timmy: Well,this is way better than home,and without Vicky is EVEN better

Gohan: I know right. At least I will be away from my mom a few weeks. Hey why don't we make and alliance with me and Ben?

Ben: Well I'm in.

Robin: Ow! *Runs into the room and punches Leafy*

Gohan: Hey! *Punches Robin*

Leafy: *my arm goes to other room and rips robin's hair of and throws it in fire*

Hotel Awezom

Rigby: this is way better then at the park

Mordecai: Yeah. Dude, we should work at a hotel!

OJ: *from other room* Can you please turn that crappy summer music off?

Mordecai: We didn't put any music on...

"It's Summertime luh-uh-loving. It's loving in the Summertime. It's Summertime luh-uh-loving. Oh baby, why can't you be mine?"

Mordecai: Rigby, it's back.

Rigby: ahhhhhhhhh im running remember what happend last time

Mordecai: We've gotta think of a catchier song fast!

"It's the summertime luh-uh-loving. It's loving in the Summertime. It's Summertime luh-uh-loving. Oh baby, why can't you be mine?"

Robin: *Punches Rigby* Does that help?

Mordecai: Hey, why'd you do that to my friend?

Robin: Sorry. Hey can I join your alliance with Anng and Rigby. I hate Vegeta.

Spiderman: Yes! I'm on the team! Thanks for putting me on the team! (Swinging around like a boss)

Vicky:*to robin* You're against Vegeta? I made a non-existent alliance with Angelica to eliminate him. I don't like him too...and I'm the best here,not him. So can in your alliance?

Robin: Let me think. *Walks to Mordoecai and whispers* Hey mordoecai if I join Vicky's alliance I will be able to recive all their information to destroy them.

Leafy: *from other room* I can here you thanks to my whisper hearer

Robin: *Throws a disk outaide the door of Team Grapes an directly hits Leafy's Whisper Hearer*

Leafy: *from other room dodges and throws OJ at Robin*

Rigby: sure why not to Robin

Mordecai: No! Vicky just talked to Robin. They'er probably planning something. Sorry Robin, but your offer is turned down.

Robin: What are they planning then?

2 - Dream World Devastation

Chris: Welcome to today's challenge, while we get the dream world scanners set up, chat it up.

Gohan: Wait, what do we do?

OJ: Wait around and chat it up.

Gumball: Apparently.

Ben: Lets talk about losers.

OJ: Yea, Orange is one of them.

Rigby: hears them talk

Mac: So what do you guys think the challenge is?

Gohan: Hey guys do you ever have the feeling someone is listening to you?

Zim: (CONF) The world will be mine! Wait, this isn't a contest to take over the world? Oh.

Spiderman: Whoo-hoo! Challenge time! (Swinging around like a boss again) Can't wait! Spidey's gonna win!

Timmy: Dream World? Cool. I can finally

Vicky:*squishes Timmy* RULE THE WORLD! HAHAHAHAHAH! *stares worried at others* Uuh i mean *grabs back Timmy and hugs him* dream for World Peace *groans*

Orange: hey Vicky.

Leafy: i hope robin looks funny being bald XD

Nickel: *comes out from the earth's mantle* I'm back

Robin: *Growls*

Ben/Four Arms: Wow! Someone got a close shave!

Gohan: *Laughs* Nice one Leafy!

Leafy: *takes Robin's mask off and burns it*

Nickel: am I the only grape who isn't in this fight..

Robin: *Punches Leafy* LEAVE ME ALONE! *Kicks Leafy*

Orange: *comes out from a portal and lands on robin's left eye*

Robin:OW! *Squezzes Orange*

Gohan: Guys lets stop this.

Ben/Four Arms: Count on it. *Pushes Robin and Orange away from each other* *Omnitrix times out*

Leafy: Robin started it.

Gohan: Remember guys I am the stroongest person here. No one else.

Nickel: no I am *lifts the hotel with my feet*

Leafy: orly?

Gohan: *Goes Super Saiyin 2* Wanna bet? *Instally punches Nickel without being seen* Remember Goku is my father.

Nickel: oh yeah? *goes shoop da whoop* IMA FIREN MAH LAZOR *shoots laser at Gotham without being seen* who cares?


Ben/Feedback: Break it Up!

Nickel: *goes asdf movie* I like trains

Ben/Feedback: You know what guys lets all agree that Gohan is...

Gohan: SPECIAL BEAM CANNON! *Goes through Nickel*

Nickel: *summons a train that runs over gohan with no problem*

Gohan: Didn't fell anything! *Destroys the Train with a Kamehameha Wave*

Nickel: but it's opposite day

Leafy: O-o

Gohan: KA ME HA ME HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*Hits Nickel*

Nickel: *my mind of opposite day makes the kamehameha laser go back*

Vegeta: *chuckles* This will me easier than I thought. Your no stronger than a stupid Nickel.

Mordecai: Well, you got beaten by some wind.

Vegeta: *gets angry* DON'T PUSH ME!

Gohan: Vegeta! I thought you were a good guy now! *Doesn't do a Kamehameha but in a Oppisite Day related way*

Vegeta: Me? I don't consider myself a "good guy" I helped you defeat Frieza and Cell, but that was it. You must be crazy.

Aang: Or....

Vegeta: Or what?

Aang: Vegeta? What year is it for you?

Vegeta: Age 773.

Aang: And Gohan?

Gohan: Vegeta you are the idiot who also helped us fight Garlic Junior! Besides remember the love of your dreams Bulma!

Ben: Wait... for a grouchy saiyin marrying a Human?

Nickel: what was that? *turns Vegeta Aang Gohan and Ben into a nickel* haha!

Leafy: RUUUN

Spiderman: A dream world challenge? This is awesome! Go Spidey! (Still swinging around like a boss) Wait. Spidey Senses Tingling... again. (Looks at Nickel) Seriously? How do you do that?

Nickel: my N. Trio sensor that's turns people into nickels *turns spiderman into one*

Leafy: crash bandicoot reference.

Spiderman: What the-? I'M A NICKEL!!!! (Tries to shoot web) It's not working! (Tries to swing around) I can't do it! Turn me back, as well as the ones on my team you turned into nickels!

Nickel: never unless you say Nickel is cool 50 times.

Spiderman: Never! (Jumps on top of Nickel and starts jumping up and down on him, attempting to hurt him) How does it feel to be a dented nickel?! Think those guys you turned into nickels deserved it?! What'd I do to you?! Or what did those guys do to you?! (Keeps trying to hurt Nickel)

Leafy: grr *grabs the N Trio sensor thingy and makes everyone normal* if we lose your eliminated nickel.

Timmy: Nope Nickel you're not cool. I prefer Coiny 50 times better.

Chris: *setsw up final scanner* OK! Go ahead and step in the dream scanner! You will be telported to your Dream World Base. (Instrucions: after stepping in the scanner post in your team base. While your in your base you cannot be attacked. You can only be in your base for three lines, after you leave your base post on the Battlefield. It takes two lines to kill somebody. After you have been killed report back to the Loser Lounge. Each person gets a pistol. You cannot attack someone if they are in their base. Good luck. First team with five eliminations loses) And the Grapes take the win! Awesome, your up for elimination!

Loser Lounge

Leafy: *drops robin and leaves*

Angelica: *runs in, fires at robin to make sure, leaves quickly, after being killed, shows up*

Paper: *drops Mac, Zim, and Angelica, and leaves*

Leafy: *drops vegeta*

Grape's Base

Timmy: *steps in dream scanner and teleport there* Oh cool thats nice

Leafy: *steps in dream scanner and teleports there*

Orange: *steps in scanner and teleports*

Nickel: *doesnt step in*

Tommy and Chuckie: *eat grapes* (What can I say? They love em. xD)

Gumball: *steps in teleporter and gets teleported* Cool!

OJ: *steps in teleporter and gets teleported* Wow, where does he get that?

Gohan: *Steps in the dream scanner and Teleports*

Ben: *Steps in the dream scanner and teleports*

Tommy: *comes in*

Chuckie: *comes in*

Gohan:*Comes in with Robin* Babies beat him up.

Leafy *comes and grabs robin's gadgets and throws them at nickel when he enteres*

Nickel: *enters and gets hit*

Gohan: Nickel do not mess around ok? Make sure you bring robin to the loser base.*Teleports back to the battlefield*

Nickel: ne- *explodes into 100 bits*

Leafy: *brings robin to loser lounge

Tommy: Angelica's not in the battle! We have to save her!

Chuckie: Oh... *reluctantly follows*

Gohan: *Enters* Guys! We have won!

Ben/XLR8:* Enters*Yep!

Paper: Yeah! High fives all around! *High fives Ben and Gohan*

Gohan: Ha! Ha! Nickel learna a lesson!

Leafy: I used his N Trio sensor in 100 bits mode and used it when he was about to say never? (nickel won't be alive till challenge 4)

(Will he still be voted off?)

(yes because one of his bits has a leg)

Gohan: Well looks like we can hangout *Calls the Pizza dilevery man*

Ben: 10 hot chesse pizzas!

Awesome's Base

Vicky: *steps in dream scanner and teleport there* Oh well i will win this. No one can defeat me. Team Awesome just WON!

Robin: *Steps in the dream scanner and teleports*........

Rigby: walks in

Aang: *steps in dream scanner*

Vegeta: *steps in dream scanner*

Mordecai: *steps in dream scanner*

Mac: *steps in dream scanner:*

Zim: *steps in dream scanner*


Leafy: *gets ready to shoot*

Timmy: *gets ready* Hey maybe we can win this

Angelica: *gets with team* What's the war strategy?

Leafy: 1. Don't let uncool nickel shoot 2. Get vegeta 3. Get everyone else

Timmy: So we're here with no one else (none of team awesome is in the battlefield,i think. And i'm keeping Vicky in the base just for waiting others)

OJ: *walks onto Battlefield* So how does this exactly work?

Gumball: *walks onto Battlefield* Like he explained.

Tommy: *crawls in*

Chuckie: *crawls in*

Angelica: *runs in*

OJ: Can't believe we have babies on our team... pathetic.

( you need to let Vicky step in first.)

Ben: *Says Nickel softly 50 times and gets ready to fire*

Gohan: *Gets ready to fire and says Nickel 50 times* Nickel you are sooooo dead.

Angelica: He's on our team. Babies, go back to base.

Gohan: Hey may turn us all into nickels.

Ben/Four Arms: Good thing I have four guns for four arms!

Angelica: *sees Robin* FIRE! *shoots hard*

Robin: *Ducks and takes cover* Uh. *Fires at Leafy*

Leafy: *aims at robin*

Gohan: Angelica you are in charge! *Flies at robin and knocks him in the head* Ha! *Brings him as prisoner to base*

Timmy: Good job!

Angelica: From now on, we fire against the same person at the same time.

Gohan: Commander Angelica how are we doing?

( you have to wait unbtil the person posts on the battlefield to attack them.)

Angelica: *hides like WW1 soldiers*

Rigby: sees Mordacai he whispers to him who is gonna be firs one to leave

Angelica: *while Mordecai and Rigby are talking, fires at them both, hides again*

Leafy: *gets nickel and throws him into team awesome base*

Angelica: *fires at Rigby, hides*

Rigby: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh come on team we could win this

Angelica: *fires at Rigby again again, hides so he doesn't know*

Mac: *comes on battlefield*

Zim: *Comes on battlefield*

Paper: *behind Angelica*

Angelica: *fires at Zim*

Paper: *fires at Zim*

Mac: *fires at Angelica*

Angelica: *fires at Mac*

Mac: *fires at Angelica*

Paper: *fires at Mac* Oh no! I'll bring these guys to the loser's lounge. *grabs Zim's, Mac's, and Angelica's body and walks to Loser's Lounge struggling*

Tommy: Angelica, where are you? *trips on trigger of gun*

Chuckie: *trips over Tommy, Aang is shot*

Tommy: Oh no! We we have to save them!

Chuckie: *accidently trips over trigger again, firing at Vegeta, it is up to paper for the final blow*

Paper: *shoots Vegeta*

Ben: *Fires at Rigby*

Gohan: *Fires at Rigby*

Ben: Come on guys! We have won!*Goes to the base*

Gohan: *Goes to the base*

Paper: Yes! That's great! *goes to base*

Timmy: Yeah we won! *goes back to the base*

Tommy: *sees everyone come back after their team won the challenge* We did it! We brought everyone back! (Happy ending, but just TDI-Rugrat style. xD)

Grape's Hotel

Leafy: we one

Orange that was easy *laugh*

Timmy: Yeah! We made it! And possibly Vicky is going home,i think, WOOHOO!

Awezom Hotel

1A - Awesome's Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Welcome Awesome! I'm not suprised by your ceremony, most of you weren't even participating! So go ahead and vote.


Vicky: I have to vote for Vegeta. 1st. Im in an alliance with Angelica to eliminate him,though we're not in same team. 2nd. I AM the best. 3rd. He was killed in challenge. Anyway Timmy will be my next target *taps Vegeta's pic*

Vegeta: I vote Aang.

Aang: Vegeta.

Mordecai: Vegeta.

Robin: Vegeta. He barley helped fight while Gohan did. What a stupid Sayin!

Spiderman: Vegeta. Seriously, that guy is really messed up. NO VILLAINS ALLOWED!

Rigby: Vegta he didint even do anything


Chris: Well, with more than five votes against him, VEGETA! Is eliminated. Any words before we shoot you off into the distance on the canon-o-shooter?

Vegeta: I saw....EAT THIS! *shoots a KI blast at Aang* So long suckers! *flies away*

Aang: *gets hit in the arm* AH! What did he do? *feels arm* I think it's broken!

Gohan: *Comes in* Say hi to Bulma for me Vegeta! I asure your love will be so happy!

Leafy: *gets a sayain catcher 9001 and catches vegeta*

Vegeta: What the? IDIOTIC LEAF! LET ME OUT!

Leafy: *puts sayain Cather 9001 down* shoot it.

Spiderman: Well, Vegeta, I bet the number of votes you had was OVER 9000!

Leafy: according to every dictionary in the universe, yes.

Vicky:Well,it seems i became the best of the team

Gohan: Vegeta. If you just were good people will like you.

3 - Yummy, Yum, Yum, In My Tummy, Tum Tum!

Chris: Welcome to today's challenge, Vegeta has recently been voted off! Anyhow, today's challenge is to make a three course meal! First up: appetizers!

Grape's Appetizer

Gumball: Wha'dya suppose we make?

Leafy: I dunno

Angelica: We should make fancy, fancy chocolate, fresh from the oven. Not too cold, not too hot, though.

OJ: It is an APPETIZER retard.

Angelica: Fine. If you know this so well, what should we make?

OJ: Shrimp? I don't know, I'm not the master.

Angelica: Well, then you're not one to talk after callikng me a retard for my suggestion. *to self* What a hypocrite... *to everyone* So, shrimp it is?

Gumball: *shrugs* Sure.

Angelica: What should I preheat the stove to?

Gumball: I dunno'. 340?

Angelica: *preheats*

Gohan: Guys. Do you even know who Chris is?

Ben: He's a real picky eater!

Angelica: Soy sauce? We can't have just shrimp.

Paper: Yeah, sure! I like the idea of soy sauce.

Gohan: Alright it is done preheating. *Puts Soy Sauce on the Shrimp and stirs it* Done....

Ben: I hope we get a good score.

Timmy: Are you Chris is going to like Soy Sauce?

Gohan: I don't know? If the dosen't the blame is on Angelica.

Angelica: Hey! If we lose, how about Nickel?

Gohan: Yeah he's useless!

Leafy: I know right? He claims to be stronger than the strongest one on our team, Gohan and did not do anything good in the dream world challenge.

Awesome's Appetizer

Rigby: Ah, yeah, hey Mordicai, *whispers* If we lose, who is leaving?

Mordecai: Not now, I'm sure the grapes are WAY ahead of us. What could we make for an appetizer? A salad?

Rigby: how about something simple

Robin: Like.... seafood cassorole?

Rigby; sure why not

Mordecai: So, we need some seafood.

Aang: I'm right on it! *flies away*

Mordecai: Now, some noodles.

Robin: I know a guy that makes noodles. *Calls Beast Boy* Can you come over?

Beast Boy: Sure!

Rigby: ahh yeah hey Mordecai i think we should vote Spiderman hes just not doin anything

Mordecai: Rigby, maybe we won't HAVE to vote anyone out if you get to work. Get some pots and pans, okay?

Aang: I've got fresh seafood! *comes back empty handed*

Mordecai: Well, where is it?

Aang: *points up* Right there. Caught it myself. *a blob or water is suspended in air featuring fish, shrimp, and crab* Advantage of being the avatar, you can waterbend!

Zim: THIS SEAFOOD SEEMS LIKE IT WANTS TO RUIN ME! Good job Aang, I like you catch. *looks at crab* You look the most greedy and evil. (Get it? XD)

Robin: Freash noodles coming right up. Here Mordo.

Mac: Anyway I can help?

Spiderman: Let me help. (Pulls out bottle of mysterious sauce) Have no idea where I got this, but it might work. (Puts finger in bottle, and then licks his finger) Huh, it kinda tastes like- (Stops) Uh... (Starts jumping off the walls and bouncing up and down) DON'T USE IT!!!!! VENOM'S FIGURED OUT MY WEAKNESS! SPIDER SUGAR!!!! IT TASTES AWESOME, BUT IT MAKES YOU GO CRAZY!!!! (Jumping up and down all over the place)

Mac: Spiderman calm down! Um, try eating, something, um, sugarless?


Robin: Alright! The Seafood Cassorole is done!

Rigby: yes were done

Appetizer Judging


Angelica: It's been over an hour ago.

Chris: *comes back eating a candy bar* Mm, mm.... sorry I got lost in this candy bar. okay bring you food to the table!

Aang: For Team Awesome, we have made a seafood cassorole. *hands Chris the cassorole*

Chris: *eats* Mmmmmmmmmmmm........ delish! 9.5/10!

Angelica: *presents food* To rival Team Not-So-Awesome, we made delicious shrimp with soy sauce.

Chris: Bleh! *throws up* Terrible! 0/10! Who's idea was that?

Angelica: *points to Nickel* It was him.

Chris: That was terrible! Well onto Main!

Timmy: You had the idea,Angelica,dont lie!

Grape's Main

Timmy:Guys let's do something simple. Team Awesome is ahead of 9.5 points and we need 2 tens...i guess. We can make spaghetti with tomato sauce...i think

Angelica: Great idea. *preheats to appropriate temperature*

Timmy: Yes! We're going to win this round :D

Angelica: *talks to Timmy in private* Hey, I noticed your problems with Vicky. I'll help you with her if you vote with me in the ceremonies we face. Deal?

Gohan: Guys how about roast beef with rice?

Ben: And steaksauce?

Gumball: Yeah! *gets out roast beef stuff*

Ben: *Gets the steaksauce* Alright!

Gohan: *Turns Super Saiyin 2 and heats th beef with his powers and pours the steaksauce*

Paper: Want me to grab the forks so it's all ready by the time Chris gets it?

Ben: Sure!

Gohan: *Finishes* Done!

Paper: *grabs a fork and places it by roast beef* Here!

Angelica: *turns off oven*

Timmy: Wait a second. This dish is for the next meal,i think.

Angelica: *talks to Timmy in private* Hey, I noticed your problems with Vicky. I have a deal. If you vote with me, I'd be more than happy help you with her.

Timmy: Ehm...*conf* Should i trust her? I mean,i saw her doing an alliance with Vicky. She could vote me i miss my go-....uuh i mean gophers. Nothing special. Hehe. Nothing.*end conf*...I'm not sure,maybe later

Angelica: Sure.

Awesome's Main

Vicky: Ok i'm short in ideas but what about fish and chips?

Robin: How about Macoroni and Cheese?

Zim: *grabs Mac* I got the macaroni!

Mac: I'm Mac not macaroni!

Zim: *let's go* Oh.

Mac: Well, I like your idea Robin. I think we should make it.

Robin: Good! *Get Macoroni and begins to boil it* Yes! *Puts butter and cheese on it* Ok it's almost done.

Aang: I wonder if I can cheesebend...*sharts moving the cheese* This is awesome! *cheese exploades on everything* Okay, maybe not.

Mordecai: You just ruined our whole dish!

Aang: I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!

Mordecai: Well, we need something else. And I've got a plan. Start cooking some vegetables! *runs out*

Aang: *prepares vegetables*

Mordecai: *comes back* I've got it! *comes back with a pig* Here, bow we need to cook it.

Aang: But we only have five minutes! I'll have to do it the fast way. *throws a bunch of sauces on it and sets it on fire, then imediately puts it out*

Mordecai: *sicks an apple in it's mouth* I hope this thing will be good.

Mac: I'm not sure this will work, but let's try. Want me to season it?

Robin: Well does it taste good Mordo?

Mordecai: Sure, Mac. You cna season it. And Ribin....I just hope it does.

Robin: Here Mac. *Seasons the food* Did you here a expolsion?

Mac: *adds one more pinch of salt* What? We need to be as careful as we can. And yes, Aang caused the Mac & Cheese explosion earlier.

Aang: No, I thought I heard something from the Grapes' place. Must be my imagination.

Spiderman: WATCH THIS!!!! (Takes some cheese, melts it in a pan, and adds flavoring from a crate in it) IT'S PROVEN TO WORK!!!! AND VENOM'S NOT BEHIND THIS ONE!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!! (Keeps jumping around and backflipping and doing crazy things involuntarily)

Rigby: we dont got time somebody just fly to Burgerking or Mcdonalds

Main Judging

Chris: Five minutes left! BRING THE FOOD TO THE TABLE!

Angelica: *brings food* We made roast beef with rice.

Chris: *eats* *coughs* Where is the A1 sauce? But the rice was good 3/10.

Angelica: *has a huge amount of money in her hand* Up the score, all this is yours.

Chris: If the benjamin's WEREN'T stickmen I might up it, but seriously?

Angelica: *has money with benjamin's which aren't stickman* Up it, I'll double this money.

Chris: Listen princess, this is my show, you can't bribe me, and for that, I'm LOWERING your score, 0/10.

Angelica: Whatever, at least I tried. *to OJ and Gumball* Is it still Nickel?

Leafy: Nope, we save him for next time and eliminate you.

Nickel: I need an alliance.

Angelica: Wah- FINE! But this, is violating. To have the host be picky, and lower our score because he can, shows this is not FAIR! It was violating, humiliating, and totally wrong, CHRIS! This isn't fair, CHRIS! I wish the worst to you Chris, and I'm done with this game!

(OJ, none of this is sincere, just acting. xD)

Angelica: You too, babies! *deep breath, high fives team* Good luck guys. *takes a boat with Tommy & Chuckie to Hotel de Loers*

Tommy: *snags a few more grapes* (xD)

OJ: ...And that means.....? What?

Angelica: I quit, because Leafy is a traitor and Chris is a b****. *leaves on boat* (xD, jk)

Chris: Your losing out on one million dollars. So that is up to you. And where is Awesome's dish?

Nickel: *grabs Awesome's dish and secretly puts salt and spice with leg* here.

Chris: Mmm...... pretty good 8/10. NOW DESERTS

Grape's Desert

Timmy: Guys,though i think we wont win,we have to do a decent dessert. How about a chocolate cake with candies on it? I think Chris will like it.

Gumball: Carrot cake, Chris' favorite.

OJ: Ya' know, that actually sounds like a good idea.

Timmy: Sure let's do it! *prepares carrot cake material*

Gumball: *pre-heats oven*

Nickel: *pre makes desert secretly with salt limes lemons spice spikes wood salad and chocolate icing around all of the stuff*

Timmy: *notices Nickel doing the dessert* Hey Nickel,what are you doing?

Nickel: Making a bad desert for team Not Awesome.

Timmy: Umm...ok...i'll continue the carrot cake *conf* If Nickel is going to try to make Chris to subtract points from Team Awesome,we still have a chance to win...though we need a ten. In this case.. *end conf*

Gohan: Guys. Look.

Robin: AH HA! *Runs to chris*

Nickel: *adds blood bubbles lightbulbs and poison secretly and puts whip cream around it and puts in near team awesome that no one knows*

Paper: Wait, people love whipped cream. Let's put some more on. *puts a little whip cream on cake*

Ben: Hey Nickel!? What are you doing?

Gohan: Yeah dude. Wouldn't it be a little suspisous if Chris tasted team awesome's cake? Thier food was good through out the challange.

Awesome's Desert

Rigby: come on team let make a choclate cake


Aang: Chocolate cake seems good. *gets chocolate*

Mordecai: *finds flour*

Rigby: *gets milk*

Robin: *Gets the eggs*

( i giveup my role as mike any takers im done - TDM13)

(i will have it)-Juantheawsome

Rigby: gets the frossting hey i should put Chris is the best

Mac: I think a chocolate cake sounds good! I think Chris will like it.

Rigby: lets do it puts cake in oven now just wait 30 min later done then rigs put on frosting that said Chris you are the best

Robin: Guys that cake is poisoned by Nickel!*Makes a new cake and hides it* Keep this cake out.

Mac: *grabs old cake and throws it away* Well, that's solved. Thanks for the info, Robin.

Zim: *uses laser to burn the cake* BURN!

Robin: Alright guys lock all doors so Nickel won't come in. *Looks a door*

Mac: *shuts windows*

Zim: *Locks a door*

Final Judging

Robin: Chris Nickel tried to poison you...

Gohan: *Punches Robin* Oh nothing. *Leaves*

Spiderman: (Still bouncing off the walls and jumping and doing crazy stuff involuntarily) DON'T WORRY CHRIS!!! YOU DIDN'T GET ANY SPIDER SUGAR!!!!


Mac: *brings Chocolate Cake* I present Team Awesome's Chocolate Cake. Not the poisoned one.

Chris: Eh... not bad not better than bad either, 2/10. Now for the Grapes.

Gohan: *Brings Carrot Cake* Here is your Carrot Cake.

Chris: Mmm.... delish! 10/10. But so close, looks like Team Awesome wins! So now, Grapes are voting someone off!

Grape's Hotel

Awesome's Hotel

Robin: Yes! We Won!

Mac: Yeah! *high fives Robin*

Zim: Victory!

Spiderman: (Still bouncing around) WE WON!!!!

Mac: Spiderman, I feel your pain. The same thing happens to me except with sugar.


Rigby: ahh yeah


Mac: Sure, I'll be your friend.

Rigby: because you werent active if you are dont worry


Mac: Hmm, maybe going to sleep will work?


Robin: Can we sing you a song to get you asleep?

Bottle of Anti-Spider Sugar: *shows up, has note that says "From Angelica"*

Robin: Hey guys there is a note inside the bootle. *Reads the note*

Mac: It looks like Anti-Spider Sugar! Hey Spiderman, I think you should try it!

Spiderman: ANTI-SPIDER SUGAR?!?? (Opens bottle, completely engulfs its contents) Whoa. I feel so calm. Wow... (Falls asleep)

Aang: *feels arm* Ah! I don't know what Vegeta did, but this arm is hurting more every day. Soon, I might not even be able to bend with it.

Mac: Maybe he broke or sprained your arm?

Vicky:*conf* Vegeta's strong,just see what he did to Aang.....if he comes back,he will be with me. *end conf*

Aang: Yeah. Until I get back to my world, I won't be able to heal it. Unless any of you have some ancient air bender remedies, but I doubt that.

Mordecai: Wait, you won't be able to do that moving water, and earth, and wind stuff?

Aang: It's air, but yeah.

Mordecai: But, that stuff has helped the team SO much! How long?

Aang: It'll probably be gone in like...I don't know, a week?

Spiderman: (Still knocked out) Does Venom have a secret cheese compartment...?

Mordecai: *puts spiderman in bed* That should be better. I wonder...*takes spiderman's mask off*

Rigby: what are you doin here

1G - Grape's Rooftop Elimination


Gohan: Nickel.

Ben: Nickel.

Timmy: Sorry Nickel i vote you off.


Chris: Well it is plainly obvious that Nickel is eliminated. Any last words before we shoot you off to the hotel?

Nickel: yes I secretly replaced team not Awesome's cake with my cake that had salt lemons lines blood bubble and other bad stuff

Chris: Ya' now, the thing about that, I don't care. The first two dishes tasted s bad, that I took some medicine to was down the taste. So, nice try. *shoots Nickel off canon to Hotel Le Loser*

Leafy: finally no more dumb-el.

4 - Zombies! AH YAH!

Chris: Welcome to today's challenge! Wait till we get the dream world scanners set up, and whiler we're are doing that, chat it up.

Gohan: Why is this show similar to II and BFDI?

Ben: I have no idea.

Zim: Well, the world will soon be mine. So bring the challenge on! An mighty irken like me should be able to handle it!

Leafy: dream world. AGAIN? This should be easy since we won the other dream world challenge

Aang: Well, you've gotta watch your back, because I'm trying this time.

Rigby: well this is gonna be fun and easy me and Mordacai have already foght zombies

Leafy: yeah we know in like that episode with the 3D movie.

Orange: I also fought zombies.

Mordecai: Woah, is it weird that zombies are so common in cartoons?

Spiderman: (Wakes up) Well, that was a weird dream about aliens and microwaves and cupcakes. Wait a minute... (Feels face) Wh-where's my mask? ...Uh-oh. (Covers face) I'M NOT PETER PARKER!!!!! Wait a minute... ACTUALLY, I AM!!!! Wait, you weren't supposed to hear that... I SWEAR, I'M NOT PETER PARKER!!! (CONF) You don't think they ACTUALLY think I'm Peter Parker, do you? You don't count. ...I told you, I'm NOT Peter Parker!

Mac: Um, okay? Here, maybe we can find you a temporary mask until your regular one is found?

Spiderman: You've gotta help me! My identity's on the line!

Random Intern: Wait... YOU'RE Peter Parker?!!?

Spiderman: ...Oops. I guess everyone knows now. Well, I do like my mask. We need to find my old one! And use a temporary one until my first one's found. (CONF) Mac is a great friend. I'm glad he's here to support me! I swear, though, Venom's out to get me...

Timmy: Dream World again? Oh man...

Vicky: That doesnt matter twerp *throws Timmy away* Oh well that's going to be easy

Leafy: *gets spiderman's old mask* here it is.

Chris: Okay guys! The scanners are up! (Rules: as soon as the challenge starts, the entire team has 12 lines to repair their car, after 13 lines 'overall' ZOMBIES will attack, and they will pick people off one by one, after you rebuild your car, at most 5 people have to get in, the rest that are left will get killed by ZOMBIES. The first team to escape win.) So go ahead and wait in the Dream Lounge until the challenge starts! Make sure to take the scanners! (seriously, like 5 people didn't)

Loser Lounge

Dream Lounge

Leafy: *steps in scanner and teleports* uh oh

Orange: *steps in scanner and teleports*

Rigby: *steps in* and teleports

Gohan: *Steps in the scanner and teleports*

Ben: *Steps in the scanner and teleports*

Robin: *Steps in the scanner and teleports*

Aang: Okay, here we go! *steps in scanner and teleports*

Mordecai: *looks at spiderman, steps in the scanner and teleports* (CONF) Oh, man. I was going to put Spiderman's mask back on, but the challenge was going to start! If he finds out it was me....

Mac: *hands Spiderman a "glasses and mustache" mask* Try this for now. And maybe a hat? It could work......I think. *steps in scanner and teleports*

Spiderman: Thanks! (Steps in scanner and teleports) Don't kill me, zombies...

Timmy: *steps in scanner and teleports* So it's going to be a zombie surival contest? Vicky is enough scary.

Vicky: *steps in and teleports* Hey! *throws him away*


  • Everyone is teleported to the challenge

​Chris: GET READY TO- uh, GET ATTACKED BY ZOMBIES. And........... GO!

Vicky: So i have to fix a car? Uff,well ok. *builds car*

Timmy: FASTER THAN VICKY *builds car faster* Umm yeah im 10 old but i don't care. THESE ARE CARTOONS (4th wall breaker :D)

Rigby: we have to build a car

Vicky: Uff,help building *builds car* [2]

Timmy: *builds car* [2]

Mordecai: *rrbuilds car*

Aang: *rebuilds car*

Vicky: Thanks for helping *rebuilds car*

Timmy: *rebuilds car* Where are the others...

Rigby: *rebuilds car*

Vicky: *rebuilds car* Yeah we're winning!

Timmy: Guys help me! *rebuilds car*

Mordecai: *rebuilds car* Sorry, Timmy. I'd help you if I could, but we'er on different teams.

Aang: *rebuilds car* The zombies should be comming now.

Mac: *rebuilds car* Come on guys!

Zim: *rebuilds car*

Paper: *rebuilds car* Let's hurry before the zombies arrive!

Rigby: screw this this is gonna take forever Rigby walks to Mordecai want help you know what the say 2 is better then 1

Gohan: *Rebuilds the car*

Ben/Four Arms: *Rebuilds the car*

Robin: Oh No! Zombies are coming! *Rebuilds the car*

Mac: *rebuilds car*


Paper: *rebuilds car*

  • ZOMBIES start attacking

Vicky: *finishes rebuilding car* Oh finally *hops in* C'mon twerps get in!

Timmy: WHAT? THEY ALREADY FINISHED? *rebuilds car*

Rigby: yes were done Mordecai come on hop in

Timmy: *rebuilds car* C'mon we're close!

  • A zombie grabs bites and kills Rigby
  • A zombie grabs bites and kills Zim

Timmy: WHAT?!? *rebuilds car faster*

Timmy: Almost there.. *rebuilds car*

Vicky: Uff, seriously? No one is getting the car? What whimps.

Gohan: *Turns Super Saiyan* Oh no! *Rebuilds the car*

Ben/Four Arms: *Rebuilds the Car*

Robin: Rigby NO! *Rebuilds the Car*

Timmy:*finishes rebuilding car* Done. We still have a chance for winning *hops in car*

Gohan: Hey Timmy can me and Ben join you? I can help kill the zombies!

Timmy: Sure why not? Get in,we're a team!

Vicky:.....seriously. Robin,car is already done. *conf* Where i am i? In the paradise of twerps? *end conf*

Robin: *Hops in the car* I added extra boosters! Everyone get in!

Gohan: *Hops in the car* Ben uuh..

Ben: *Omnitrix times out* What?

Timmy: Ok.....should we start or wait for others because zombies are getting closer.

Gohan: Yeah everyone is inside

Robin: Ok Mordo hang tight! *Drives the Car*

Timmy: So...we're going. Can you drive cause i can't

Vicky: Yeah,to the win!

  • Zombies attack and bite Vicky and kill her

Gohan: *Drives Fast*

Mordecai: *rides the car*

Aang: *rides the car*

Mac: Uh-oh! The zombies are here! Wait up Robin! *runs after car*

Spiderman: No zombies are getting me! (Starts web-slinging towards car) See ya!

Mac: SpiderMan, could you give me a hand? *running beside Spiderman*

Spiderman: You've helped me out a lot, kid, I'll help you out! (Grabs Mac and heads toward the car) Almost there! (Crashes into a tree and Mac goes flying into the car) Go... get 'em.... (Falls flat on face)

Mac: *in car* Wait Spiderman! You can do it! Don't let the zombies get you!

Spiderman: I... won't... (Shoots web, it doesn't connect and hits Spiderman's head) I'll get that later...

Mac: *riding in car* Poor Spiderman.......I'd save him if there was something I could use from my backpack.

Timmy: *riding in car* ...WHAT? VICKY DIED? WOOHOO *rides and dances in car*

  • Zombies bite and kill Spiderman
  • Awesome wins :D


Sweetie Belle: AW CMON!

Timmy: What are you doing there SB you're not in the show.

Sweetie Belle: What? *gets teleported back to equestria* (sorry i had to do it XD)

Grapes Hotel

 Timmy: Wow...actually,we didn't deserve to lose.

Awesome Hotel

Rigby: yeah we rock isint that right team

Spiderman: Yeah! (Sees mask on the ground) Oh hey, that Leafy chick gave me this. I thank her! (Puts mask on) Yes! I am now SPIDERMAN!!!! (Jumps over a table, and then hits his head on the wall) Ouch.

Mordecai: No villians could have seen you, right?

Vicky: No,why? I have to see something?

Spiderman: I hope not. I wonder who took it in the first place...?

Mac: I don't know, but I was wondering the same thing.

1G - Grape's Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Pffffttt. Five eliminated contestants ina row?! You guys suck!

Timmy: Just a thing. Why we lost?! I mean,four awesomes were killed included Vicky and none of the grapes we're killed. That's unfair.

Gumball. Yeah! It is!

Chris: They excapted first!

OJ: Oh.. pft. Wow.


Gumball: Hm.... Gohan.

OJ: Gotta' go with Gohan.

Timmy: least Gohan got in the i'm voting for Orange. He didn't help us...and it's quite annoying

Gohan: Maybe.... Orange

Ben: Orange didn't help so Orange.

Paper: Sorry Orange, but I am voting you. You are kind of annoying.


Chris: With four votes against them.... ORANGE is eliminated. Any last words?

Bloo: *ducks his head out of the ground* Can't I just be co-host?! I don't want to actually compete, just be the challenge designer!

Timmy: WAH?! Who are you?!?!?!

Chris: I dunno, who ever it is ISN'T going to be the challenge designer, but I WILL let them be a co-host. If they can prove themself to it. Anyhow, I guess Orange has no words so heh, LATER! *shoots Orange off to Hotel Le Loser*

Bloo: Why I'm none other than Blooregard Q. Kazoo! Defender of the universe! Destroyer of evil!!!! Coolest friend at Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends! And..........Mac's best friend!

Chris: Okay... I've still said what your going to do though >_>

Bloo: Well I have an idea set up for next round that will potentially shift the power in this game.

Chris: What is it? <_< (I am not going to let anyone see the idea XD) I was already going to do that.

(OJ, come to the chat with me)

(Ifraid: i couldnt do the challenge because of huricane sandy)

(juantheawsome: when is the chall)

(MR: inactive :( ...let's hope for a revival)

5 - Count 2 One Hundred

Chris: Sorry for the inactivity. Anyhow, the next challenge is to work as a team to count to one hundred, remember, one person can't do the same number twice. There has to be a different number for each person. Good luck! First team to get to One Hundred wins! GO!

Spiderman: Uh, 1?

Timmy: Oh my god....1

Vicky: Geez...2

Leafy: 2. And I think you broke the fourth wall.

Timmy: Do you think so? 3.

Leafy: I have a felling. 4

Timmy: Well, i don't know. 5.

Vicky: 3.......boring. I will do something cooler *knocks out Timmy and he flies away*

Leafy: hey that was mean , 6 *throws Vicky into lava*

Vicky: AAAAAAAH *floods in lava*

Timmy: Oh no! I have to get there *runs in the counting zone*

Leafy: *teleports Timmy back*

Timmy: Thanks Leafy :D, 7



Leafy: 9 Ikr? Our teammates are so lazy.

Timmy: 10....and we aren't even at halfway -_-

Leafy:11, if the other teammates don't count, they all have a chance for elimination, and you promoted to rank 2.

Spiderman: Are we seriously only on 4? 5.

Leafy: uh yeah, 12

Mordecai: 6. Sorry I was late. Overslept.

Aang: Same. 7.

Leafy: *yawn* 13... I'm tired.

Spiderman: Me too. 8.

Timmy: Wait that's not 14? (i said it :P)

Leafy: 1...5...(change what you said by replacing the 3 with 4 caus I'm changing mine)

Mordecai: Well, looks like you broke that only rule in this challenge! 9.

Aang: 10.

Leafy: 16

Timmy: C'mon Leafy *gives some coffee* Don't get asleep. 17..........BUT WHERE ARE OUR TEAMMATES?

Leafy: *wakes up* 18. Yeah there prob so lazy that they don't know how to count to 100

Spiderman: This is so lame. 11.

Mac: 12.

Zim: 13!

Paper: 17.

Spiderman: 14. Seriously, why?

Timmy: 19

Leafy: finally someone else helps us count. 20


Leafy: 21.

Timmy: 22 T_T

Paper: 23.

Leafy: 24.

Spiderman: Watch this guys! (Web-slings around the place) Whoo hoo! 16! (Falls on face) Ouch.

Timmy: 25. Can we say 100 directly?

Morcdecai: 17.

Aang: 18. *feels arm* I think this is actually getting better. But I definatly can't bend now.

Timmy: 26.............................*yawn*

Mac: 17.

Zim: 18.

Paper: 27.

Timmy:28....WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?!?!?!?!

Aang: 19.

Mordicai: 20. At least we'er catching up.

Leafy: 2...9...

Gohan: 30....

Ben/Greymatter: 31......

Robin: 21.

Timmy: 32

Gohan: 33

Ben: 34

Timmy: 35 and a pudding to the "i"...

Leafy: 36. Well I guess Ben and gohan won't be eliminated the next time we lose.

Gohan: 37

Ben: 38. Man this is boring.

Leafy: Ikr? 39.

Timmy: 40. Host, can we stop at 50?

Leafy: yeah 100 too long. 41.

Gohan: I don't want to be back in kintergarden again. 42.

Ben: 43

Leafy: 44

Timmy: 45 Yeah we're going to win...can you declare winners?

Leafy: I hope we finally win since the first dream world thing challenge. 46.

Spiderman: 22.

Ben: 47. Guys is like only four of us are doing this. 47

Gohan: Yeah we could a=have went a lot more faster. 48.

Robin: 23

Spiderman: 24.

Leafy: 49. If those three kids were still here, we would have been on 100, it's all my fault :(

Timmy: 50. Halfway or done?!?!?!

Leafy: idk. 51.

Ben: 52

Gohan: 53

Robin: 25.

Spiderman: 26.

Timmy: This better stop. 54

Leafy: yeah this should stop and we win. 55

Timmy: We already won. Vicky will get out

  • something gets up the lava*

Vicky: I'm back *evil grins* *runs at Timmy and throws him to the lava* So where we are we? -_-. I guess it's 27

Leafy: hey I though I killed you. *gets Timmy before he falls into lava and throws Vicky into a volcano* 56

Chris: Well, since some of you can't count to 100, the team that got the farthest has won. Grapes, you have taken the win, and Team Awesome, I will see you guys at elimination.

Grapes Hotel

Leafy: yes victory is us once again! We better keep this up and we will shut down team not awesome.

Timmy: Well, finally! I'm waiting for Vicky to get out :D

Awesome Hotel

Awesome's Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Since some of you can't count to one, two, three and above, you find yourselves here. Anyhow, VOTE!


Vicky: Spiderman is weird, but i'll vote Rigby cause he didn't do anything if comparing me. I don't know how i am back to life, but i will kill Leafy someday...AND ALSO THE TWERP!!!!

Spiderman: Vicky barely did anything! You're out of here!

Leafy: if I were vote I'd vote vickey


Chris: If I call your name come get a hamburger for DonaldsMc. Everyone except Vicky. Vicky, you have been eliminated, any last words?

Vicky: WHAT?!

Timmy: WOOHOO!

Vicky: SHUT UP TWERP! *kicks him off and check votes* HEY! JUST 2 VOTED AND I JUST GOT A VOTE. WHY I SHOULD BE ELIMINATED?! (plus, Vicky is angry, not me :P)

Chris: I randomed it on It was between you and Rigby. So, A-BUHBAI! *shoots Vicky to Hotel Le Loser* Vicky: NOOOOOOO *breaks in air, goes back to the camp and kills both Timmy and Leafy* I will kill you forever someday and yes...where i were? *flies again* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (It's a cartoon XD)

Leafy: *comes back and throws Vicky and the Vicky recovery center into the coldest dimension and brings Timmy back to life*

Vicky: Well, at least im back.....*flies again* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *disappears*

6 - Gameshow Goofs

Chris: Welcome to today' challenge. Vicky was last voted off. Anyhow, the challenge today will be a Gameshow. Somewhat like family fued, except quizing. But first off, there will no longer be two teams... THERE WILL BE THREE! Two teams of five, and one team of four. Please stand by while I make the teams.

One Hour Later...

Chris: Okay, here are the teams:

Team 1 = Gumball, Mordecai, Zim, Ben, Aang

Team 2 = Rigby, Mac, Gohan, OJ, Leafy

Team 3 = Paper, Timmy, Robin, Spiderman

Leafy: total drama aftermath season 5 reference?

Chris: ... ANYHOW! Team 1 will henceforth be known as: The Xenial Thieves. Team 2 will henceforth be know as: The Unorthodox Miners. And Team 3 will be henceforth known as: The Balloons! Team 1's color is Aqua, Team 2's color is Magenta, and Team 3's color is orange.

Leafy: ok can we go to the challenge?

Timmy: Uh ok

Chris: Okay, each team, I want the Thieves on the left, Miners on the right, and Balloons in the middle.

Leafy: *in right* ok ready.

Timmy: *gets in the middle*

Question 1

Chris: Okay, I need one person from each team.

Leafy: ill go.

Chris: Now from the two other teams.

Leafy: it may take long. Just go on and chose according to it.

Chris: Okay.... Mordecai and Timmy!

Leafy: now the question?

Timmy: I'm here :D

Chris: Okay, whoever buzzes first gets to answer first, if you are wrong, you have to wait for the other two contestants to go before you can buzz again, whoever has the most points after the five questions wins. Question One: The Slow Cow Jumped Over The Lazy Fox. Does this sentence use each word at least once?

Timmy: Nope. B, G, I, K, N, P, Q aren't used

Chris: You didn't buzz.

Leafy: *buzzes* yes

Timmy: *buzzes* i said before *electrocutes himself randomly*

Chris: Timmy takes it, the answer was no. Now teams pick ANOTHER person to come up. And now I switch 5 rounds to 3 rounds.

Question 2

Chris: Okay, teams, pick another person.

Leafy: I'm still going since no one is active now.

Chris: Now for the otehr two teams. ** Ben and Robin.

Leafy: ok I'm ready.

Chris: Here is the question: Yo' mama so fat that when she stepped on a scale it showed her ____________

A. Social Security Number

B. Phone Number

C. Year of birth

D. Time of day

Leafy: uhh social security number?

Chris: Incorrect! Guess again since Ben and Robin are inactive.

Leafy: year of birth?

Chris: NOPE! One more guess....

Leafy: phone number?

Chris: CORRECT! Now at this point... LEAFY'S TEAM WINS!

Thieves Hotel

Miners Hotel

Leafy: we won team so inactive ever since the challenge before this one.

Balloons Hotel

Timmy: least i got something for our team

Thieves & Balloons Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Wow, you guys are SO inactive. So go ahead and vote, Balloons you can vote for the Thieves AND your team. And Thieves you can vote for the Balloons AND your team. And Miners, you can vote ANYONE. Voting ends tommorow at 7:00 P.M. and a DOUBLE elimination is tommorow as well.


leafy: I vote Gumball

Gumball: I vote OJ

OJ: I vote Gumball

Timmy: So happy that Vicky is gone FOREVUR! But Robin could've i vote...Gumball :P


Chris: Well, votings over, and Gumball, you have been eliminated. Any last words?

Gumball: Well a few actually-

Chris: *shoots Gumball off to Hotel Le Loser*


Leafy: looks like the thieves will be robbed to that hotel over there *points to Hotel le Loser*

7 - Shift

Chris: Welcome contestants! Just as a heads up we will be holding a recommended character contest! One recommended character will debut, out of 15 hand-picked out. Anyhow, those three teams wouldn't last for long, so WELCOME TO THE MERGE! We will now be installing a point system! But while the system is updating, please stand by. (Also, here is the link to the recommended character contest: Right here, this is the recommended character contest link.)

Contestant Points
Mordecai 0
Zim 0
Ben 0
Aang 0
Rigby 0
Mac 0
Gohan 0
OJ 0
Leafy 0
Paper 0
Timmy 0
Robin 0
Spiderman 0

There is the point system!

Timmy: So what we have to do?

Chris: To get points? Win challenges, get immunity, doing stuff in challenges that result in different amounts of points, prizes, ya' know.

Leafy: does it work the same way it does in BFDI?

Chris: In a way, yes. The first challenge is a race, a race to MY repaired airplane. (6 lines) GO!

Leafy: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Leafy: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Leafy: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Leafy: *runs*

Timmy: *runs* (sleeping times -_-)

Leafy: *runs*

Timmy: *runs*

Leafy: *finishes* YES! YESS!! YESS!!!

Chris: Leafy takes first, and wins immunity. Now to make things MORE interesting, pick someone to be safe, AND tonight, there will be a DOUBLE ELIMINATION!

Leafy what would the world be without *randomnizes* that's OJ.

Mergers's Hotel

OJ: *walks back from ceremony* Thanks for having my back out there Leafy. Well technically you didn't since you randomized it, but still.

Ben: Well Timmy looks like Gohan didn't make it.

Leafy: and team grapes have more members in the merge than the so called team awesome.

Timmy: Yeah, final 9. I almost there (Conf) Finally by go...go....gorillas can say that i am the best ever (end conf)

Mergers's Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Welcome to the first Merge elimination. OJ and Leafy have immunity, so voting for them is off limits!

Contestant Points
OJ 30
Leafy 30
Paper 20
Timmy 15
Zim 1
Ben 0
Rigby 0
Robin 0
Spiderman 0

also, Leafy and OJ for getting immunity you get 30 points, and Timmy gets 15 for participating. And the random jackpot of the day goes to Paper, he gets 20 points. So, as of now, Mac, Goha, Robin, and Spiderman are now in the bottom four, you can only vote for them.


(You can only vote for Mac, Gohan, Robin, or Spiderman.

Leafy: Gohan could be a threat so I vote him.

Timmy: Uh...Mac? (and this became SO inactive)


Chris: Hmm... the votes are tied. I'll use *randoms* Gohan, you are OUT! *shoots Gohan to Hotel Le Loser* And Aang, since he is inactive. *shoots Aang to Hotel Le Loser* And since there was a double elimination- which I didn't forgot, heh.- Mac, is also out! *shoots Mac to Hotel Le Loser* And for Zim and Mordecai not being in the red, they each get 1 point.

Leafy: wow 3 for the price of one. Now all that is left is Mordacai to be gone.

Chris: Lucky for you Leafy, Mordecai quit! Now we were going to keep the point system going after four people were eliminated, and I guess four people have been eliminated, so the point system is gone. From now on we will have a song at the beginning of each elimination ceremony.

Leafy: so get zim, robin, Spider-Man and rigby out and it's just the squashy grapes.

Juantheawsome-sorry for the unavtiveity i went for vac

Spiderman: Let me tell you one thing, Leafy! Until Venom strikes back, I am not losing this game! I will avenge Mac! (CONF: Sorry you lost, buddy! You were a good friend... and I won't lose!)

8 - It's Been a Hard Day's Night

Chris: Today's challenge will be testing your song skills! Who ever can submit the best song from YouTube wins. Oh, and remember how I talked about a Recommended character contest? Well, no-one joined, so I took a handful of people from Internet stuff to T.V., randomed it, and... the winner.... was.... FIREY! Firey placed ONE above Dawn from Pokemon. (Anyone can claim Firey if they wish but for now, I will play as Firey). Challenge Ends @ 9:00 PM tommorow, EST.

Everybody Needs Somebody by the Blues Brothers (suggested by Timmy)

Chris: Wow, thanks for everyone being so active, since Timmy was the only one who suggested a video, TIMMY WINS IMMUNTIY!

Merge Hotel

Firey: Hey Leafy, how have you been doing?

Leafy: pretty good. Except that hurricane sandy blew me away not being able to do the second dream world challenge.

Firey: That's O.K., you made it this far though!

Merge Rooftop Elimination

Chris: You guys are LaAAaaaAAAzy.


OJ: (CONF) Paper. I Don't trust him

Leafy: (CONF) spider-man must go.

Firey: (CONF) Zim.

Spiderman: (CONF) Sorry Paper! You've got to go!


Paper: (CONF) Sorry but Firey is kind of dangerous.


Chris: Okay, the votes are in! *throws a cookie to everyone else but Firey and Paper. You two both recieved to votes, and only one of you is staying, so, I'll let... ** Leafy be the judge of that. Leafy, decide who should stay, Firey, or Paper.

Leafy: I think Firey should stay 'cuz he's my friend.

Chris: That settles it! *shoots Paper to Hotel Le Loser*

8 - Randomizer be Gone

MePhone: Welcome to today's challenge, what we will be doing is, using to determine who will go home. So please wait....

Timmy: Omg..Really?


The Cartoon Battle's 8th Challenge!

The Cartoon Battle's 8th Challenge!

Chris: You will see who is eliminated in: ------^ AND NO SPOILERS

Merger's Rooftop Elimination

Chris: O.J., you lost, you have been eliminated.

OJ: *sighs* Well-

Chris: *shoots O.J. to Hotel Le Loser*

Spiderman: (Looking at sky) I will get even farther for you, Mac! I swear upon it! But with great power comes great responsibility... I will avenge you! I will win this game, or at least get farther than anyone expected me to!

Leafy: too much silence.

Chef: LISTEN CHUMPS! I'm Chef Hatchet! I'll be taking over for a few and this will be the hardest time of your life..............YOU HEAR ME?!

Leafy: ok hurry up.

Chef: I like you. Being able to stand up to me. KEEP IT UP AND YOU'RE IN TROUBLE!

Leafy: I mean when is the challenge?

Chef: ...........Hmm, maybe tomorrow. Go get some rest you punks! Or stay here and talk........just don't disturb me. Or I will make your life a living nightmare.

9 - 9 Lives

Chris: Well, I'm back for this challenge you will be throwing cats at each other, and be competing in a tournament. So chat while we get the tournament ready.

Spiderman: I'll get even farther for you, Mac!

Timmy: Ok, what we have to do?

Ben: I don't know.

Timmy: Let's.....just start this. (OJ is back now, so he can start the challenge)

Leafy: Yeah!

Coiny: Hey people guess what?

Leafy: You are not in the game.

Coiny: I know but this camp is inactive so I'm crashing the party.

Leafy: *Gets a coin catcher capsule and traps Coiny inside of it, then sends it to another dimension*

Ben: Man. How long was I sick? What happended?