Chris: Welcome to this season of The Cartoon Battle, last season, Zim won the big bucks. But this time we're heading back to the hotels, but I sold it to an army for a war against the Irkens. Anyhow, the place is pretty much destroyed, that's why I decided to send contestants in! *maniacal laugh* *wipes a tear from his eye* Anyhow, we're taking sixteen contestants from the previous season, who will win one million dollars? Who will lose? Who will simply lose their ability to walk? Find out right here; ON THE CARTOON BATTLE: RETURN TO MAYHEM

Resort of the Losers

Orange: *teleports here* What....

Chris: Yeah, we didn't want to take you back to your home. So enjoy!


Orange: well it's not that bad *jumps into pool and it turns orange* wow orange I glad I'm not at the kitchen *laughs then sees tommy teleport to above the pool* O-o


Orange's Hotel Room

Orange: bore b-b-bored, if I were more bored I'd be made of wood *laughs*

Vicky's Hotel Room

Tommy's Hotel Room

Timmy's Hotel Room

Timmy: *lands here*................................Wait...was I eliminated? How i didn't even notice that. Gee, stupid sleepingthingthang.

OJ's Hotel Room

Paper's Hotel Room

Mordecai's Hotel Room

Rigby's Hotel Room

Nickel's Hotel Room

Leafy's Hotel Room

Angelica's Hotel Room

Aang's Hotel Room

Zim's Hotel Room

Mac's Hotel Room



Hot Tub

Elimination Table

Place Name 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 FINALE
7th Angelica Debuts Episode 4 IN WIN WIN WIN IN LOW OUT
12th Mordecai IN WIN WIN WIN IN OUT
15th Vicky WIN IN OUT
16th Tommy WIN OUT
17th Orange OUT

Sign Ups

(Up to 3 per person, starts when 16 peopls are signed up, the rest are not competing)

OJ - Inanimate Insanity - No-Pressure ELIMINATED

Gumball - The Amazing World of Gumball - SunSummer7 Third Place

Mordecai - Regular Show - RR44 ELIMINATED

Vegeta - Dragonball Series -

Rigby - Regular Show - RR44 ELIMINATED

Leafy - Battle for Dream Island - IfraidGryphLW160BSF ELIMINATED

Coiny (Nickel) - Inanimate Insanity (Battle for Dream Island) - IfraidGryphLW160BSF ELIMINATED

Tommy - Rugrats - Luckybrandon100 ELIMINATED

Chuckie - Rugrats -

Angelica - Rugrats -

Aang - Avatar the Last Airbender - Soundandimage ELIMINATED

Gohan - Dragonball Series -

Ben - Ben 10 - 

Robin - Teen Titans - TrentFan Runner-up

Orange - Annoying Orange - IfraidGryphLW160BSF ELIMINATED

Paper - Inanimate Insanity - Luckybrandon100  ELIMINATED

Zim - Invader Zim - TrentFan ELIMINATED

Mac - Foster's Home to Imaginary Friends - TrentFan ELIMINATED

Spiderman - Spiderman -

Timmy - Fairly Odd Parents - MRace2010 ELIMNATED

Vicky - Fairly Odd Parents - Luckybrandon100 ELIMINATED

Firey - Battle for Dream Island - No-Pressure Winner

Angelica - Rugrats - Sunsummer7 Debuts ELIMINATED


Firey: *arrives* *sees a destroyed hotel* We're staying there?

OJ: *arrives* Yep, sadly.

Chris: Welcome OJ and Firey!

Leafy: well in the aftermath last time there was a accident with something *points to hotel* a Theif stoled the money and bought a bomb and it destroyed the hotel.

Chris: ...Where did you hear that? I sold the hotels to an army for war against the Irkens.

Nickel: war against Irkens? I only heard about war against time changers *switches into coiny* Coiny: *tries to slap Firey but after a change hand goes through him and slaps myself* OW!

Orange: *laughs*

Firey: Oh, great, so I'm gonna' have to deal with that now? *sigh*

Leafy: don't worry I tricked him into learning physics so now he can't slap you anymore.

Mac: *arrives and looks at the hotel* ................I'm not sure that's safe. Is it safe?

Robin: *arrives* Of course it isn't. But it's Chris. So yeah.

Firey: Hey, Mac. Hey, Robin. And thanks Leafy, but I still don't forgive you from when you betrayed me last season. You broke our friendship. *walks away*

Leafy: sorry about that :(

Coiny: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA NOW I CAN EASLIY GET FIREY OUT *switches to Nickel* Wow *sarcacticly* you are so not annoying I'm happy *kicks copper half*

Orange: wow orange ya glad you are not him *laughs*

Zim: *arrives, to self* Looks like the invasion is working it's magic.........

Orange: You're looking fresh Zim-pple *laughs*


Rigby: YEAH-EAH!


Mordecai: Crap.

Timmy: This time i brought my goldfishes ^^....wait....Vicky's here too? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

1 - Let's Go!

Chris: You see that hotel over there? You're staying but one lucky person gets to stay in a prefectly fine penthouse at the top of the hotel, AND get's to pick someone to go home. The first person to the penthouse is the winner. Ready? GO! (8 lines to the penthouse)

Robin: *runs*

Mac: *runs*

Zim: *runs*

Firey: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Zim: *runs*

Mac: *runs*

Robin: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

Firey: *runs*

Mac: *runs*

Robin: *runs*

Zim: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

Firey: *runs*

Zim: *runs*

Robin: *runs*

Mac: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

Firey: *runs*

Robin: *runs*

Zim: *runs*

Mac: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

Firey: *runs*

Mac: *runs*

Robin: *runs*

Zim: *runs*

Mordecai: *runs*

Rigby: *runs*

Aang: *flying to the place*

OJ: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

Firey: *runs*

Mac: *runs*

Robin: *runs*

Zim: *runs*

OJ: *runs*

Firey: *runs*

Gumball: *runs* (CONF) I went home last season early, I'm winning this season for sure, but... I don't know It'll be difficult the people from the final three are here this season too, I just placed a lousy 15th. But I'm aiming for the merge... at least.

Aang: *flying to the place*

Timmy: D: I was sleeping again *runs* (1)

Aang: *flying to the place*

Timmy: *runs* (2)

Leafy: *runs*

Orange: *rolls*

Nickel/Coiny: *runs*

Firey: *gets in the elevator to the penthouse*

Leafy: *runs*

Orange: *rolls*

Nickel/Coiny: *runs*

Firey: *arrives at the penthouse* Yes! Wooo! The penhouse is mine!

Chris: *on a helicopter* That place is rigged with explosives! *flies away*

Firey: What?

-The penthouse blows up-

Firey: *falls of the hotel and lands on the ground* Ow...

Chris: Good job, the now real prize is the ability to pick 8 people on your team, the rest are on the other team.

Firey: Okay... I pick, Zim, Timmy, Mac, Vicky, Aang, and Tommy.

Chris: Okay, the rest are on another team, what is your team name, Firey?

Firey: Uh...

Chris: Okay, Uh... is your team name! What do you want the other team name to be.

FIrey: Wait, I want-

Chris: Okay! The other team name is Wait I Want.

Rooftop Elimination

Chris: You guys lost the first challenge, that's low. Vote.




Chros: If I call your name you're safe. Mordecai, OJ, Gumball, Leafy, Firey, and Nickel or Coiny or whatever.... Rigby, Orange. one of you is going home and it is.
































Rigby, you are safe, Orange! YOU ARE ELIMINATED. And this time we have a new way of eliminating people.

Scientists: *come out with a teleporter gun*

Chris: This gun will shoot you and you will be teleported back to your home. Say goodbye, Orange!

Scientists: *shoots Orange and teleports him*

Chris: And with that, one is out. Who will go home next? Will alliances be formed? Will losers lose? Find out next time right here, ON THE CARTOON BATTLE: RETURN TO MAYHEM.

Uh Hotel

Wait I Want Hotel

Leafy: why does Chris not know to let others finish talking.

Gumball: He's Chris.

2 - Too Much to Handle.

Chris: Welcome to this weeks challenge. It is an obstacle course with four parts! Each team has four people to compete. Wait I Want has OJ, Gumball, Rigby and Paper competing. Uh has Zim, Robin, Firey and Tommy. First up is the cannon dodger, dodging and running (<- HINT, 2 lines). Next is the Hardcore hopscotch (3 lines). Then the rope swing, getting a lot of momentum then jumping (<- HINT, 4 lines). Then the underwater swimming with air pockets to get to the end. (<- HINT, 5 lines). The order is: OJ and Zim, cannon dodger. Firey and Gumball, Hardcore hopscotch. Paper and Tommy, rope swing over spikes. Robin and Rigby, underwater swimming. Oh, by the way, you each have to pass a flag to the end of the course to put in a sandbag to win!

Cannon Dodger

OJ: *runs*

Chris: *shoots cannon at OJ*

OJ: *dodges*

Zim: *runs*

OJ: *gets to the end*

Chris: *shoots cannon at Zim*

Zim: *dodges and runs*

Cannon Dodger Transition

OJ: *hands flag to Gumball* Go! Go! GO!

Zim: *hands flag to Firey

Hardcore Hopscotch

Gumball: *jumps onto a platform*

Firey: *jumps onto a platform* I don't want to fall into the spikes... Wait.... SPIKES?!

Gumball: Uh oh! *jumps onto a platform*

Firey: *jumps onto a platform*

Gumball: *gets to the end*

Hardcore Hopscotch Transition

Gumball: *hands flag to Paper*

Firey: *hands flag to Tommy*

Rope Swing

Rope Swing Transition

Underwater Swimming


Ending Result

Chris: Gumball and Firey both made it to the transition, but Gumball made it first, so team Wait I Want is safe! Team Uh is up for elimination!

Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Well, you guys were a tad bit slow, so you're up for elimination!


Firey: (CONF) I vote for.... *puts piece of paper with Zim's name on it into the voting box* Zim.

Timmy: (CON- i didn't knew there was the challenge already D:, plus how could I've partecipate?! :I -F) Tommy, and not because he's ripping my name. He just, did nothing.

Aang: (CONF) I vote Tommy.


Chris: Voting is up, if I call your name, you are safe. Timmy, Firey, Aang, Robin, Mac, and Vicky. *throws them marshmallows*. Zim, Tommy, once of you is going home tonight and it is....................................

...............................................................................Tommy. Zim you are safe. *throws marshmallows* Tommy you are eliminated

Scientists: *comes out and shoots Tommy*

Chris: Tommy is out! Who will lose? Who will be eliminated? How will I be able to injure them before hand? Find out next time, right here, ON THE CARTOON BATTLE: RETURN TO MAYHEM!

Wait I Wants' Hotel Room

OJ: Good, we won a challenge. And in my opinion, the better team is up for elimination. We have an advantage here.

Leafy: I wondering if our team may lose the next then win after the next, probably not.

OJ: I think the order will go- from right now-: Lose, Lose, Win, Lose, Win Win, Merge.

Leafy: well if we lose the next one lets vote the one that did the least out of all.

(some weird coding messed up the chat I had to delete stuff)

Coiny: wow what kind of coding?

Leafy: Coiny! don't break the *a wall crumbles into the hotel destroying it more* fourth wall -_-

OJ: Are you kidding me? Wow. Great. HALF OF OUR HOTEL IS GONE *looks to the right side of the hotel room and there's nothing there and you can see the battlefield* (XD?)

Gumball: What fourth wall? The fourth wall is right here! *points to the opposite wall, which falls over*

OJ: Our room is so destroyed.

Firey: *walks over to Wait I Want Hotel* Hey- WOW WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HOTEL?!

Leafy: Coiny broke the fourth wall

Coiny: It's my chance *poors water of firey but due to a gravity shift it hits me instead and sends me to Uh's hotel taking half of it gone*

Aang: *meditating*

Firey: You guys need to fix it, like seriously. What happens when it rains?

Aang: Let's find out! *get's into the avatar state and start water bending*

Firey: Uh.... no thanks. I'm made of fire and all and- *runs away*

OJ: Whats that all about?

Aang: *creats a waves*

OJ: Wanna' go chase him with that?

Leafy: I watched the news and it said today all fires will have a invisible shield that deflects any liquids.

OJ: I don't know what kind of news you were watching but I know for a fact that is physically impossible.

Leafy: OJ, this is the cartoon world since when did things have to be possible?

Uhs' Hotel Room

-After Elimination-

Firey: Great.

(read the Wait I Want message)


Firey: *runs onto the battlefield* AAAAAH! DON'T HURT ME!

Uhs' Hotel Rooftop

Wait I Wants' Hotel Rooftop

3 - With You, and Without Me

Chris: Welcome to today's challenge. And before we start, I'll like to tell you that our producers have made a inactivity strike rule. Miss three challenges and your bon voyage! Starting now. Anyhow today's challenge is to find out the four-digit code from this message: "I was on cloud nine visiting the pool house by shooting my lucky number into the hole. I decided to go to DonaldsMc to get something cheap. Then finally, I picked up the burger with my fingers." Good luck figuring it out! McClean OUT!

Gumball: I think it's 9995.

Chris: 2 out of those 4 digits are correct.

Leafy: uhh 9785?

Nickel: 9885

Chris: Both of you have 3 out of 4 digits correct.

Aang: 9685

Mac: 9285?

Robin: 9385?

Zim: 9185?

Chris: All correct numbers, two are in the wrong spot, Zim.

Leafy: can someone go more than once?

Chris: Sure can.

Leafy: k 9815

Zim: 9851?

Robin: 9581?

Aang: 1918

Chris: Leafy takes it! Uh is up for elimination!

Rooftop Elimination

Chris: If I was the leader of a secret agency, I would not want you guys as my codecrackers.


Firey: (CONF) Robin, I suppose.

Zim: (CONF) Vicky. Those flowers still burn. STILL.

Mac: (CONF) Vicky.

Robin: (CONF) Uh. Vicky.

Aang: (CONF) Vicky


Chris: With a vote of 4-1. VICKY IS ELIMINATED!

Scientists: *run out and shoot Vicky*

Chris: You guys are one teammate down from WIW! Hurry up guys. You're losing. I have money on you guys. 100 big ones to be exact.

Wait I Want Hotel Room

Leafy: wow we win again seems like OJ's prediction was reversed.

OJ: It was just a guess. I didn't have the time to go through the calculations.

Leafy: oh I get it now, an I'd ordered something that can fix the hotel entirely it will take about 2 more challenges.

Chris: *flies in on a hot air balloon* Let's just say they won't be making it HAHAHA! *flies away*

Leafy: lol so you even know how are they ordering it?

Chris: It's a T.V. show, there are cameras EVERYWHERE.

Coiny: *slips and hits a button that disables the cameras* uhh it was firey!

Chris: He's at elimination. >.>


Chris: Good, Chef got the cameras back on.

Coiny: I wonder what this button does? *presses the eliminate Coiny button and is sent to where orange was and gets detached from nickel*

Leafy: *comes here from roof* what is going in here?

OJ: Weird stuff.

Firey: *back from elimination* My hotel sucks.


Wait I Want Hotel Rooftop

Leafy: *looks at elimination* And Vicky is out.

Timmy: YES, PARTY, YES, PARTY, YES, PARTY...again :D (At times I hate being in this wikia and at the same time being italian. I want to do the challenges, but I'm so damn sleepy + waiting tables doesn't let me be here for a longer time -_-)

Uh Hotel Room

Uh Hotel Rooftop


Chris: Welcome to today's ch-

Angelica: *arriving in a limo* HOLD ON MCCLEAN! I'M COMPETING IN THIS SEASON!

Chris: No you'r- *gets a phonecall* Hold on. *answers call* Hello? Yes well- HOW MUCH MONEY?! Yeah. Promise. *hangs up* Angelica you're in!

Angelica: Yes!

Chris: On the losing team!


Chris: Yep. Why don't you go join Team Uh, over there.

Angelica: Fine. *walks over to where Firey is standing*

Firey: *sarcastically* Great.

Chris: Anyhow, today's challenge requires you to go find a team immunity idol hidden somewhere on the Battlefield. But beware, Chef will come at you with his Cereal Miniugun and shoot you until you give up. Unless you can take him down. But I don't see that happening. And.... GO! (18 lines as a team) (4 lines as a team to hold off Chef)

Team Uh's Part of the Battlefield

Angelica: *looking* Where could it be...

Firey: *frustrated sigh* (Conf) My team is done for.

Timmy: *looking* Dum de dum...

Firey: *looks* What are you doing?

Timmy: *looking* I'm searching the thing?

Firey: No I meant by when you said: "Dum de dum"... *searches*

Angelica: *looking, pulls Firey aside and whispers* Listen, I know you may not like me, but we share a common goal. The million dollars.

Firey: *searches* Yeah, I'm not falling for that again. *glares at Timmy*

Timmy: Can't I pass the time by singing? :( *searches*

Firey: Yeah. *searches*

Timmy: Ok I guess :| *searches*

Firey: *searches*

Angelica: *whispers to Firey* I promise I won't betray our future alliance. Besides, we can vote off Timmy. If he's gone, that means I voted him off with you and you can trust me. *searches*

Team Wait I Want's Part of the Battlefield

Gumball: Great, Angelica's back. *looking*

OJ: *looks* I'm glad she's not on our team.

Gumball: *looking*

OJ: *searches*

Gumball: *looking more*

OJ: *searches*

Leafy: *searches*

Nickel: *searches*

OJ: *searches*

Leafy: *searches*

Nickel: *searches*

OJ: *searches*

Leafy: *searches*

Nickel: *searches*

Gumball: *searches*

Leafy: *searches*

Nickel: *searches*

Gumball: *searches*

Leafy: gumball you found it ill hold chef off *grabs chef*

Nickel: I'll help *kicks Chef's face*

Gumball: *headbutts Chef*

Nickel: *finishes Chef and sends him to the other battlefield* we win!

Gumball: Yeah!


Chris: And Team Wait I Want takes another win! Uh, you guys are up for elimination... again.

Rooftop Elimination

Chris: You guys are up for elimination for the third time in a row! Since Angelica's lawyer gave me so much money, I gave her immunity.


Firey: (Conf) I vote for... Timmy. *places slip in voting box*

Angelica: (CONF) Timmy, see you.

Mac: (CONF) Firey. Sorry.

Robin: (CONF) Firey.

Zim: (CONF) FIREY. Why? I don't know. His name's the most fun to shout.

Aang (CONF) Timmy

Leafy: *comes here* well that's all of this team so I guess it's tiebreaker.


Chris: Everyone has voted, and it's a tie between Firey and Timmy. Because Angelica has immunity, decide who goes home, Timmy or Firey.

Angelica: Firey. I don't keep reluctant people.

Firey: OH WHAT I-

OJ: *walks over to rooftop* Wait, I got stuff to do back at home. And I'm not that involved in life-threatening challenges.

Chris: Okay, I was really interested in my ability to not get burned.

Scientists: *run out and shoot OJ*

Chris: Weird.

Wait I Want's Hotel Room

Wait I Want's Hotel Rooftop


Uh Hotel Room

Firey: Oh, Angelica is so out of this game.

Angelica: Good luck with that.

Firey: Oh-ho. This is gonna' be fun.

Angelica: (CONF) I don't lay down and die during a fight. I have to stay on my feet. (NON-CONF) *to Zim, Mac, and Robin* Hey guys. If we work together and get Firey out, I'm sure that we can go far in the game.

Firey: *opens a book and reads it*

Aang: *earthbending the wall of the hotelroom* Oops.

Firey: NO! Don't! We don't want our hotel to end up like Wait I Want's.

-The walls fall over, and the hotel is now like Wait I Want's-

Firey: Great. Thanks a lot.

Uh Hotel Rooftop

Firey: *walks to Hotel Rooftop* Great. (Conf) I'm so dead. *sighs*

Aang: I'm bored... I am gonna create a tornado *start creating a tornado*

5 - The Art of War

Chris: Welcome to today's challenge! The first part of this challenge is to find keys to unlock chests with forms of transportation, each faster than the other, with the tricycle at the bottom of the pack. Anyhow, keys are hidden inside the Diner right across the street. *points to the Diner* Inside there are keys for both of you teams' chest. But only 6 total people are competing. Zim, Firey, and Angelica vs. Coiny, Leafy, and Gumball. The challenge starts... NOW! (6 lines to find a key)


Zim: *looks for key*

Angelica: *looks for key*

Gumball: *looks for key*

Firey: *looks for a key*

Gumball: *looks for a key*

Firey: *looks*

Gumball: *looks*

Leafy: *looks*

Gumball: *looks*

Leafy: *looks*

Gumball: *looks*

Firey: *looks*

Gumball: *finds a key*

Firey: *looks*

Chris: Gumball found the key to the Skateboard, the third fastest vehicle, let's wait on others.

Leafy: *looks*

Firey: *looks*

Leafy: *trips in search*

Firey: *searches* Hey, Leafy, find anything?

Leafy: no but this weird orange juice on the floor, it keeps turning blue every time I talk.

Firey: O....kay? *finds key* Nice!

Chris: That's the key to the Go-Kart the fastest of them all! (I'm dead serious, I'd that.)

Leafy: *finds key* I think it's gonna be slow since this key is rusty.

Chris: Not really, you got the Bicycle key, that is the second fastest form of transportation.

Zim: *looks*

Firey: *walks over to Leafy* Listen, I'm sorry about me being mean. I've been having trouble staying in the game. So, I apologize.

Zim: *looks*

Chris: Wow, Firey, that's sad. As in loser sad. Not boo-hoo sad.

Leafy; I accept.

Firey: Thanks. :D Oh and there is a key right there. *points to a key under a table*

Leafy: well I did get one already but maybe we should give it to someone.

Firey: How about, Coiny? I don't want to give it to anyone else.

Leafy: well I gues- wait do you mean Nickel? Coiny got sent to home and was detached from nickel. Oh well *gives key to Nickel*

Firey: Okay.

Chris: That's the key to the Rollerblades, that fourth fastest form of transportation.

Leafy: so now what? *sees a key* wow this getting weird what should I do with it?

Timmy: Stupid timezones -_- *looks for key*

Chris: Okay, then time is up and Timmy gets the Scooter, the second slowest of the forms of transportation, and Zim gets a wheelchair, a decently slow form of transportation. Angelica gets the slowest of all.... a tricycle. Pretty fitting huh?

Main Challenge

Chris: Okay today's challenge is to tag three specific landmarks around the Hotels, the Cliff above the hotels, the random house across the street and a totem poll, in the middle of some grass, Firey, you have the color purple for you paintcan, Leafy, yellow, Gumball, orange, Nickel, black, Timmy, blue, Zim, green, Angelica, pink. GO! (Firey = 3 lines, Leafy = 4, Gumball = 5, Nickel = 6, Timmy = 7, Zim = 8, Angelica = 9 to each landmark. Also you need to draw a picture of the tag. If you can't draw a picture four lines.)

Gumball: *rides*

Firey: My first time behind the wheel! *drives*

Gumball: *rides*

Firey: *drives*

Gumball: *rides*

Firey: *arrives at the cliff* (Sun it takes 5 lines to get to a landmark. O_o)

Gumball: *rides*

Firey: *drives*

Leafy: *drivex*

Nickel: *drives*

Firey: *drives*

Leafy: *drives*

Nickel: *drives*

Firey: *drives*

Leafy: *drives*

Nickel: *drives*

Firey: *drives*

Leafy: *tags landmark*

Nickel: *drives*

Firey: *drives* (Just as a heads up you have to tag a different symbol then X, but if you have already made your pictures I will let you not have to redo the pictures.)

Leafy: *drives* (I changed the nickel one so it shows a 5 instead and I didn't do all)

Nickel: *drives*

Timmy: Asleep as usual -_- *drives* (1/7)

Leafy: *drives*


Nickel tagging landmark

Nickel: *tags landmark* YES

Timmy: *drives* (2/7)

Leafy: *drives* I can see the house

Timmy: *drives* (3/7)

Leafy: *tags landmark* Yes just one more

Nickel: *drives*

Firey: *drives*

Leafy: *drives*

Nickel: *drives* oh no!

Firey: *drives*

Leafy: *droves*


Firey: *tags*


Chris: Since Firey made it the farthest, Firey's team wins. Wait I Want is on the choppinh block!

Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Nickel and Leafy are the only poeple who competed, but anyhow, you guys, it is time to vote!


Leafy: well Mordecai Rigby and paper didn't do anything so well I say Rigby

Nickel: Rigby


Chris: *throws everyone but Paper a marshmallow* It's time to bite the dust, Paper! Our producers said you are bad for the show.

Scientists: *shoots Paper*

Uh Hotel

Angelica: *resting*

Firey: ...

OJ: *taps on Hotel Window* Psst, Angelica.

Angelica: *goes over to OJ* What?

OJ: Chris let me come back as a drama starter. *hands Firey's Journal* Use that against him. Later. *ziplines away*

Angelica: Hmm... this should be useful. *looks*

Firey: *reading a book* *looks over at Angelica* Hey, what's that?

Angelica: *finds Firey's secret, closes book and whispers* Yes! *to Firey* This happens to be your journal. It says here that you are attracted to Leafy. 

Firey: WHAT? You can't tell anybody about that, please I'm begging you!

Angelica: Tell me why I shouldn't. You've been wanting me out.

Firey: Just please don't tell her about it, I'll do anything, please!

Angelica: Hmm... I guess I could let this slide, if you do whatever I say.

Firey: Yes, yes, please! Don't tell her! (CONF) Angelica, of all poeple to find out. Maybe I should just tell Leafy. I mean- she's cool, right? RIGHT?

Angelica: Task one, you will vote whoever I say. Task two, you will throw the challenge. I will do the same. 

Firey: *sighs* Ugh, okay.

Angelica: Good. (CONF) I can't afford to lose like last season. I'll do whatever it takes to win this. 

Uh Hotel Rooftop


Wait I Want Hotel

Leafy: so should we kick Mordecai and Rigby out for being lazy?

Nickel: I agree.

Gumball: Me too. Let's vote them off.

OJ: *ziplines to window* Mordecai and Rigby are getting kicked tommorow so there is not elimination on this team, but it will only be you three guys, so be prepared.

Nickel: OJ! Go back to your Loser resort *kicks him to where he went after elimination*

OJ: *ziplines back* Chris hired me to make drama. -_-

Leafy: so what are you doing here.

Wait I Want Hotel Rooftop

6 - The Water of Drama

Chris: Welcome to today's challenge! Thing... anyhow, Mordecai and Rigby are both kicked out due to reasons I can't explain. Anyhow, we are on a boardwalk and there is a hidden immunity idol somewhere on this boardwalk, find it and it's yours! (15 lines)


Angelica: *looks for the immunity idol* (CONF) I won't throw this one, but I will make sure Firey won't look for it. I need power.


Leafy: *searches*

Food Stands

Nickel: this looks to easy.


Firey: *searches for immunity idol*

Angelica: *walks over to Boardwalk, whispers* Here's the deal, you throw this challenge for youraself and I won't tell Leafy about you know what. 

Firey: So, what you want me to search for you?

Angelica: Yep. 

Firey: Fine. *searches*

Angelica: *searches*

Firey: *searches*

Angelica: *searches under things*

Firey: *searches*

Nickel: *searches*

Angelica: *opens a sewage tank* Ew. It might be in here though... Firey, come search in here for me.

Firey: Do it yourself. *searches*

Angelica: Oh Leafy...

Firey: *sighs* Fine. *walks over and searches* Ew..... gross.

Angelica: Keep searching, I'm looking another place not too far from here. This is too gross to watch. *looks*

Firey: *searches*

Angelica: *searches*

Firey: *searches*

Angelica: *checks on Firey* Found anything?

Firey: *searches* Nope. Go away, I'm busy. Ew... *throws up*

Angelica: Okay. Have fun. *searches*

Firey: (Conf) I hate her... so much. (End) *searches*

Nickel: *searches*

Angelica: *searches*

Nickel: *searches*

FIrey: *searches*

Angelica: *searches*

Gumball: *searching and finds Firey* Dude, why are you in the sewers?

Nickel: *searches*

Firey: *throws up* Can't... *throws up* talk. *searches*

Nickel: *searches*

Angelica: *searches*

Firey: *searches*

Angelica: *finds idol*

Nickel: ack *tackles Angelica and steals idol*

Chris: Finders immunity idol-ers. *takes idol and gives it to Angelica*

Angelica: YES!

Nickel: NO! (CONF): When I touched the idol a mini bomb a secretly planted into it.

Uh Hotel

Firey: *kicks hotel room door open* I, am so DONE. Not quitting though.

Angelica: *walks in with idol* 

Firey: You...

Angelica: Yes Firey, I know the alphabet.

Firey: Ugh, whatever. Just- don't tell Leafy, alright?

Chris: *flies in* you better dunk that Idol in water, trust me.

Angelica: Why? And lose what I worked hard at finding? It's not like there's a bomb or something- *explosion in idol burns her* Ow! At least this is still intact. *walks off*

Firey: You got everything you deserved.

Angelica: Don't make me tell you know who. 

Firey: Nononono, please. I'm sorry/

Angelica: It's fine, just don't do it again.

Nickel: *walks in* wow I can't be- OH MY GOD WHY IS EVERYTHING ON FIRE wow that is (sarcasm ahead) so great (CONF): my plan is completed.

Angelica: Go away. I really should dip you in this fire but I'm feeling nice today. So I'll take it easy on you. *throws Nickel out the window*

Firey: *sighs*

Nickel: *comes back* I'm fire proof Dummy and your Immunity Idol disintegrated into ashes.

-It starts to rain-

Angelica: *starts laughing at the timing*

Firey: *hides under a bed* Angelica, help!

Angelica: What's wrong?

Firey: It's raining and we don't have a roof! Stupid Chris...

Angelica: How am I supposed to control weather? Besides, you're under a bed.

Firey: It'll start leaking!

Angelica: Regardless I still can't control this.

Firey: Find something to block the roof!

Nickel: *comes in with paper disguise on*

Firey: Who's that? Whatever, to busy.

Angelica: I can't find anything big enough.

Nickel: *in paper disguise and accent* Package for Angelica.

Firey: Use that package the exact size of the roof. Convienient.

Angelica: This box seems rather heavy. Oh well. *puts Nickel in the box and stuffs it for a roof*

-the bomb explodes and Nickel flies away-

Firey: Woah... weird.

Uh Hotel Rooftop

Timmy: Um, it's weird. We don't have a roof and still there's a roofto- WOAH *falls at the bottom of the hotel


Leafy: *gets the package which is 2 inches wider and taller than the average basketball and pays 245,645,686,234$* thanks

Wait I Want Hotel 


Nickel: Leafy Ik you have a secret and I will tell everyone it if you listen to me K?

Leafy: uh oh *starsy sweating* fine what do you want?

Nickel: get me a bomb.

Gumball: Shut up Nickel. Just accept that Angelica has an idol.

Leafy: *gets bomb and puts it in package* ready.

Nickel: ok *puts paper disguise and carries package and goes to Uh hotel*

Leafy: wow nickel is immature wait is that a real nickel or another disguise.

Wait I Want Hotel Rooftop

Leafy: *sighs* so boring here wait *sees a drill car come from the ground* Hey it's the package I ordered *comes down*

Aang: *airbending* 

Leafy: Aang your on the other team.

Aang: Uhm on what team?

Leafy: Team Uh. So now to install this so step one put it on roof *puts machine on roof* step two put a nickel on it *puts Nickel on it* step 3 put a human girl on its O-o *stretches arm to Angelica,grabs her and puts her on machine* final step is to make the arrow point east *makes it point east and the hotel is being rebuilded8*

Angelica: *climbs out of machine and walks back to Uh's hotel*

Leafy: *sees Wait I want hotel looks like it was brand new* YES it worked I hope there isn't a side effect (foreshadowing)

OJ: *ziplines to Leafy* hey, I've been taking notes, what's your secret. Chris said to give you immunity for one elimination if you tell.

Leafy: uhh well uhh i- wait does it look like I really care about immunity?

OJ: The teams are gonna' merge soon and you better have the chance to be safe. The other team has an alliance.

Leafy: Zim and Angelica formed an alliance O-o uh oh fine here it is *reads diary* I have been studying every cartoon's characteristics so I can gain an advantage.

OJ: That isn't a secret, those are notes. >.>

Leafy: fine it's th-

Nickel: She's in love with someone that can kill her.

OJ: Uh.... beats me. *takes note* PEACE. *ziplines away*

7 - Money For Your Thoughts?

Chris: Blah, blah, blah. ANYHOW, today's challenge is to hold up 50 pounds of apples. The last person to drop it wins immunity for their team. (Each time somebody holds it up by saying a line, at a 2.5 minute mark whoever hasn't posted will drop their apples)


Firey: *holds up apples* So.... heavy... *grunt*

Angelica: *holds and whispers to Firey* Let's throw this challenge. We need to cut some dead weight.

Gumball: *holds*

Robin: *holds apples* It's not that heavy.

Mac: *holds apples* Because you're a superhero.........I wish I had Spiderman's strength.

Zim: *holds apples* Eh.

Firey: *whispers* What? Why? And who?

Angelica: *holds and whispers* So we can get Aang or Timmy out.

Gumball: *holds* My poor arm.

Chris: Coiny, Timmy, Aang, and Leafy are out! (Next 1 minute limit)

Round 2

Firey: *holds up apples* Ughhhhh............

Angelica: *holding, to Firey* Deal?

Gumball: *holds*

Chris: Times up! Zim, Robin, and Mac are out!

Round 3

Chris: Round 3 isn't really round three. Let's share some secrets, shall we? I'll judge, and my cameo, The Drama!

The Drama: *comes out in a straightjacket* Eat dirt, McClean!

Chris: That's your job!

Firey: (CONF) Um.... I like black licorice?

Angelica: (CONF) I refuse to embarrass myself on TV.

Gumball: (CONF) I... uh... admit it. One time I wet my pants at a public place.

Chris: *reviews secrets* Okay, of course, here they are:

Firey: (CONF) Um.... I like black licorice?'

Angelica: (CONF) I refuse to embarrass myself on TV.'

Gumball: (CONF) I... uh... admit it. One time I wet my pants at a public place.

Chris: I like Angelica's 9/10, Gumball, everyone has been there. 5/10, Firey just... EW! 1/10 The Drama: I agree with Chris, about everything. Chris: Okay, your cameo is done, The Drama! Chef: *comes and unties The Drama* The Drama: *runs away* CHECK THIS OUT MCCLEAN! *blows up both Hotels* HAHAHA! *runs away* Chris: Great. Well, at least I get insurance money! Looks like you guys are staying in the Diner! Anyhow, Uh wins ANOTHER challenge, and one of the three people are going home on Wait I Want!

Diner's Rooftop Elimination

Chris: There are three people left on this team. Psst, vote Nickel!


Chris: We had to cut voting short, and with a vote of 1, NICKEL. IS. OUT!

Scientists: *come out and shoot Nickel*

Chris: 2 People are left on Wait I Want, who will be the last man standing? Who will be the first person in the hospital? Find out next time on THE CARTOON BATTLE: RETURN TO MAYHEM!

Hotel Rubbel

Uh's Side of the Diner

Firey: Great! We're in the lead on the teammates ratio. But I worry about Leafy...

Angelica: Speaking of that... *pulls Firey aside* We need to throw the challenge before Timmy and Aang get too strong. Deal?

Firey: Uh... yeah sure, anything to keep Leafy in the game. But what if the challenge gets us an immunity idol?

Angelica: Lets just put it this way. If we lose, your love life Leafy wouldn't have to go to a tiebreaker challenge. If you want to win and she loses, it'll be because we didn't lose. Do you really want to be responsible for that?

Firey: No! Of course not!

Angelica: Then we should vote off some contestants. I have a strong alliance, and Leafy will be safe. It works out. Unless, oh don't tell me! You stopped loving Leafy!

Firey: Probably won't. Fine we'll throw the next challenge.

Angelica: Good. We vote off Timmy next. The merge should happen any day and he's a bigger threat than Aang.

Firey: *sighs* Okay.

Wait I Want's Side of the Diner

Middle of the Diner


8 - Another One Bites the Dust

Chris does anyone remember the amazing challenge from last season? The one with food? Yeah, we're replicating that this season! And since there are only two people on Wait I Want, Firey is moving over there to help out Leafy and Gumball for the day, but can help on both teams. If Uh wins he will not be up for elimination! Anyhow... appetizers!

Uh Appetizer

Angelica: (CONF) Ah... cooking. The one I was eliminated in. This time I'm trying to lose. I'm gonna make the meals very bad. (NON-CONF) We will be making Banana Bread. Back home it's delicious! Let's get to work. *starts making it*

OJ: *ziplines in* Chris hates banana bread! *ziplines away*

Firey: *runs over* *grabs olives*

Robin: *helps cook* 

Mac: *helps cook* This doesn't feel right......

Zim: *helps cook* THIS IS LEFT, THAT'S WHY!

Angelica: *walks over to them* Wow! You guys really know your way in the kitchen.

Robin: *helps cook* Well, I do dabble in cooking when I'm not fighting villains or doing other hero stuff.

Angelica: So do you know what I was thinking? Us four and Firey could form a really powerful alliance.


Robin: Sounds fishy........

Mac: Yeah.......(CONF) What would Spiderman do? ..........He'd do anything that isn't illegal to get far to avenge me, and I'll do the same for him. (Non-CONF) I'm in.

Robin: Alright, fine, just no villain type activites, please.

Angelica: Cool. And the banana bread is done. *about to serve it to Chris*

Wait I Want Appetizer

Firey: How about a salad?

Gumball: Sounds good.

Firey: *pours lettuce in* Got any dressing?

Gumball: I have ranch and bleu cheese.

Firey: Ranch. *pours olives in*

Gumball: *pours ranch*

Firey: *pours croutons (is that how it is spelled? XD)* Done.

Gumball: Yeah! We can do this!

Firey: I'm pretty confident.


Chris: Bring the food to the table!

Angelica: We made banana bread! *serves*

Firey: Salad! *serves*

Chris: *eats Banana bread* Blech! That's awful, I hate that! -1/10 *eats salad* Pretty standard, 7/10. Main time!

Uh's Main

OJ: *ziplines in* He hates Mashed Potatoes. *ziplines away*

Angelica: *grabs three potatoes, puts them in a bowl, starts mashing them*

Firey: *runs over and grabs A1 sauce*

Angelica: *finishes mashing them, microwaves it* That should be good.

Robin: *helps Angelica*

Zim: *helps Angelica*

Mac: *helps Angelica*

Firey: *runs over to grab a plate and runs back*

Wait I Want's Main

Firey: How about a steak?

Gumball: That'd be good. I remember from last season that Chris liked A1 sauce, so we could add that.

Firey: *grabs meat and starts chopping it*

Gumball: *microwaves it*

Firey: You microwave it? Put it in the oven, it's better. *takes the steak out and puts it in the oven*

-The steak is done.-

Firey: Okay! Ready to serve!


Chris: You know the drill! *puts napkin in shirt*

Firey: *serves*

Chris: Pretty good. 9/10.

Angelica: *serves mashed potatoes*

Chris: *eats* Not good. Not absolutely terrible. 3/10. Finally the desert!

Uh's Desert

OJ: *ziplines in* Uh... I got nothing. *ziplines out*

Angelica: Let's make cake with lots of icing! *starts making it*

Firey: *runs over and grabs a knife*

Angelica: *finishes making cake, when no one is looking adds "We Hate Chris" with icing*

Firey: *runs over and grabs stuff*

Wait I Want's Desert

Firey: Banana pudding?

Gumball: Sure.

Firey: *grabs bananas and starts chopping them into a bowl*

Gumball: You think you'll need more bananas?

Firey: Yeah. *grabs bananas*

Gumball: *helps*

Firey: *adds stuff (XD)*

Gumball: *finishes* There! We've got this in the bag.


Chris: Since there is no possible way Uh can come back, let's do this for fun!

Gumball: *brings banana pudding*

Chris: *eats* Mediocre. 7.5/10

Angelica: *brings the cake*

Chris: *reads iciing* I like the decoratiin. *eats* Pretty good! 9/10. Never the less Uh loses and Wait I Want is safe! So Uh, it's time to eliminate.

Diner's Rooftop Elimination

Chris: You guys lost for the first time in a while, but are one step closer to getting tied with Wait I Want.


Angelica: (CONF) I vote Timmy. It was between you and Aang but you are more of a threat.

Firey: (CONF) Timmy. He'll make our team lose.


Robin: (CONF) Timmy, sorry.

Mac: (CONF) Hmmm..........Timmy, I guess.


Chris: Witha  5-0 vote, Timmy, is OUT!

Scientists: *come out and shoot Timmy*

Chris: And with that, Wait I Want is finally down a teammate!


Firey: Uh.. Leafy...

Leafy: yes?

Firey: I-

OJ: *ziplines and kicks Firey outside of the diner* No time for chit-chat! *ziplines away*

Leafy: hey! *throws a rock at OJ and he breaks*

Real OJ: *ziplines in* Dopplegangers are cool. *ziplines away*

Outside the Diner

Leafy: so uh what was it that you were going to tell me

Firey: It was that- *gets blown away by a C4* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Hotel Rubble


9 - Frou, Frou, La Dee-Da

Chris: *over loudspeaker* Just a quick announcement, there are no more teams! Everyone man, woman, and Angelica for themselves. McClean out!

Firey: The merge, nice!

Angelica: (CONF) Aang would be next, but I keep seeing Firey and Leafy together for some reason. I have Zim, Robin, and Mac for sure, but if Firey and Leafy end up together, they could pull in Gumball and Aang and rebel against my empire. I need to separate them, and FAST. Time for Plan A. (NON-CONF) *whispers to Firey* So, alliance buddy. I knew it would come down to this, but it's time we cut her. Leafy is next.

Firey: WHAT?! No. We can't do Zim, or Aang?

Angelica: Nope. I've seen Leafy last season, and she is a big threat. You in or not?

Firey: What if I decilne?

Angelica: Not a good option. It's either her... *pulls out idol* or you.

Firey: Oh. (CONF) What am I supposed to do? I don't want to be eliminated but nor do I- *sigh* Either way I'm done for.

Angelica: I'll give you time to think about it. *puts idol in pocket and leaves*

Gumball: *walks over to Firey* Dude, what happened? You look like you just found out your dog died or something.

Firey: *in shock* Nothing much. (CONF) This game, it's confusing, friendship ruining, just like, what?

Gumball: Why are you in shock then? It doesn't seem like "nothing." Did Angelica do something?

Firey: She has an idol, and I'm on the chopping block. Does that sum it up?

Aang: Good

Gumball: Did you help her get it or something? You seem like you feel guilty.

Firey: Just- WHATEVER. *walks away*

Gumball: Sorry. If it makes you feel better I could try to change her mind.

Firey: Sure go ahead. Won't matter in the long run.

Robin: *appears right next to Firey* Hey Firey, I have a favor to ask of you.

Firey: What the- whatever, what is it?

Robin: I want to practice my endurance, so I was wondering if I could put set me on fire and see how long I can last before I burn to death. That and it's an excuse to get away from Zim's ramblings.

Firey: His ramblings? *looks at Zim*


Mac: ..........

Gumball: *walks to Angelica* Hey Angelica.

Angelica: Oh hey Gumball.

Gumball: I heard from Firey that you have the idol and you want him out.

Angelica: That last part isn't true. I want Leafy out because she's a threat. Also, Firey wouldn't budge because he LIKES her.

Gumball: How do YOU know that?

Angelica: He told me. And if Firey and Leafy get together, they'd be able to take you out.

Gumball: Wah- really?

Angelica: Yes. And if you get Leafy out with me, you'd be safe.

Gumball: I'll think about it. *walks away*

Firey: *to Robin* Oh those, ramblings. Okay. *sets Robin on fire*

Robin: *burning* Still better than that. You counting?

Firey: *not paying attention* What?

Robin: *on fire* .........Nevermind. Anyways, I'm gonna go put out this fire. *pours bucket of water on self*

Firey: Oh, sorry.


Chris: Hello mergers! Today's challenge is to get with a partner and create a romantic movie! (The movie has to have at least 12 lines from any of the characters)

Aang: Angelica want to make a romantic movie?

Firey: Um... I have no idea how to make a movie.

Angelica: Sorry Aang, but I've already got a partner. *with Firey* Now let's win this. *whispers* And if you don't partner up with me, I'll idol you out.

Firey: *sighs* Fine.

Aang: Uhm Gumball?

Gumball: I was thinking of going with Leafy. *goes with her*

Aang: Okay *looking around* (CONF) There are only guys left yeah and a alien, geez what's wrong with Angelica and Gumball they seem to be forgetting I am the master of all four elements and can bend them all, there for can make perfect filmset's, I can make it rain, make it snow, let the sun shine brighter can create mountains make mountains disappear and make perfect beach wind. Ohwell. I guess I go with Zim since I am not sure if he's a man or a girl (END CON) So uhm Zim should we make a movie?

Zim: ...........ROBIN, LET'S GO! I SHALL TAKE OVER THE WORLD, IT'S ALREADY IN PROGRESS! *Leaves with Robin shedding tears behind him*

Aang: I guess we are stuck with each other Mac..

Mac: Yep. So let's get filming and try to find a way to not make this awkward.

Firey and Angelica's Movie

Firey: It's got a be a decent sized movie.

Angelica: Alright, any ideas?

Firey: It starts off in a house and some guy is like: "We got to get to the Eiffel Tower!". Wait, that's action.

Angelica: What other ideas?

Firey: A french couple in Paris?

Angelica: Actually, I have a better idea. Just follow my lead. We can start whenever you're ready.

Firey: Okay... so are we ready?

Angelica: *nods and turns on camera and strats climbing a mountain set* Oh crap, oh crap. Why must the almighty Chris lock away Firey? WHY- *trips and stumbles down the set* OW! OW!

Prop Mountain Goats: *charge at Angelica*

Angelica: *starts climbing up the mountain in fear*

  • Meanwhile, Firey is stranded on the top

Firey: Uh... oh right-right. Oh, shall anyone come help me?

Mountain Goat: *busts through the window and knocks over water*


Angelica: *yelling* No, it's not real water! I think. *keeps running up*

Firey: Oh that's reassuring!

Angelica: I know! I think I have an idea for me to reach you better! Fetch! *throws treats in the window*

Mountain Goats: *run up to Firey*

Angelica: *runs*

Firey: *gets out of the way of the goat*

Mountain Goats: *chase Firey around the room*

Angelica: I need another goat to take me up there... *takes bag of snacks and shakes it*

Mountain Goat: *runs up and Angelica gets on*

Angelica: *shakes bag and the mountain goat runs in chase of it, rides up*

Firey: *running around the room* Hurry up, will you?!

Angelica: *riding goat with heroic music in the background*

Mountain Goat: *jumps in the room*

Angelica: *falls off and lands in the room* OW!

Firey: *still running around the room* DO SOMETHING!

Mountain Goats: *back Firey and Angelica into a corner*

Angelica: *with Firey* I'm gonna die, but to be honest Firey I did sort of like you...

Firey: Yeah. *reading script* Where is it, where is it, where is it, oh there. *puts script away* Uh... ditto?

Angelica: Forget the script, I mean that.

Firey: So now what?

Angelica: I don't know, this? *passes a copy of Chris McLean's autobiography*

Mountain Goats: *fall in love with Chris' picture, leave with it*

-end movie-

Firey: This is going to be awful.

Angelica: Probably not considering we faced real mountain goats. Yeah, that wasn't really planned. So we could have died.

Firey: Yeah, thanks a lot for that. *walks off*

Zim and Robin's Movie

Zim: SO-

Robin: Hold on- before you make me have to be a woman are there any other options?

Zim: No.

Robin: Look. Just no. I don't take commands from the man who might take over the world, as if that isn't evil enough.


Robin: That's it?

Zim: Yeah, pretty much.

Robin: I have an idea. *whispers it quietly*


Robin: What?

Zim: Nothing. But fine.

-The Movie-

Zim: *on a rooftop with a pineapple with a girl face* OH, HOW I LOVE YOU!

Pineapple: *smiling*

Robin: I am your waiter, what can I get you?

Zim: How about some spaghetti, DARLING?

Pineapple: *smiling*

Robin: *hands spaghetti* Enjoy, you lovebirds.

Zim: *does the spaghetti scene, almost falling over because he has to do all the work* OH WHOOPSY! YEAH! AHA!

  • Time freezes except for Robin*

Robin: And then they got married. The End.

-End of Movie-

Leafy and Gumball's Movie

Gumball: So Leafy... any ideas?

Leafy: idk.

Gumball: Me neither.

(Ifraid is letting me take over during vacation. - Sun)

Leafy: Alright, lets think about it. *thinks for a play idea* I got it! We could do Romeo and Juliet! Or something along those lines.

Gumball: Alright, but I've never read the book or seen the play. What happens?

Leafy: Um... how about we're in the middle of the desert and we need to survive together?

Gumball: (CONF) I can't let Leafy win. Angelica stated to me how Leafy and Firey could be a killer pair. (NON-CONF) I like beans.

Leafy: Ugh. *starts working on the movie by herself* I think that this will do this... *moves to figurines* *takes a picture* *moves the figurines* *takes a picture*

-1 hour later-

Leafy: *takes a picture* Done. Now to let Chris judge it. *puts film in the film box*

Gumball: NOOOOOO! BAD FILM! *breaks the tape in pieces and throws it away, steps on figurines*

Mac and Aang's Movie

Aang: What kinda set should we use?

Mac: We can use an old theme, like black and white and have it in a point of History?

Aang: I mean do we have to film it at a beach a mountain top or somewhere else?

Mac: How about a plain field?

Aang: Really okay, *earth bending making everything flat* what kinda of weather does it have to be?

Mac: Stormy?

Aang: uhm okay how stormy, like this *get's into the avatar state and creates 3 tornado's cloudy sky, ice block falling from the sky and multiple thunderbolt's skrikes at once*

Mac: Sure. Okay so how about for the scene, the wife is running away due to not feeling loved and the husband chased after her and they eventually make up and run back to the house because it's stormy?

Aang: Sure, but who is the wife? You or me? I say you!

Mac: The lines would be a bit more awkward for you though, you sure?

Aang: Too bad Katara isn't here, she can bloodbend and there for also bend human DNA and change you into a Girl. But anyway what are the lines.

Mac: .........Okay. Anyways, you have to say basically a lot of "I love yous, please come back, and I'm sorry". That's about it. Ready?

Aang: Before that I really gotta do some business *air runs to the bathroom*

Mac: *waits*

Aang: *air runs back with outfits* Here are our outfits, I have a jeans and t-shirt while you have this wig these fakes 'girls' and this dress.

Mac: This is back in time, you can't be wearing a t-shirt, it has to be something more fancy or plain.

Aang: Oh well I don't know if they have something fancy, I only have my Munk clothes and I found that T-shirt.

Mac: Okay then, then you'll have to play the girl.

Aang: Ohwell I guess, I mean was a woman 2 generation before ago.

Mac: *Hands back the Women Outfit to Aang* Okay, let's get dressed. *takes out tuxedo from backpack* I guess I should be glad Bloo junked in random stuff into my backpack. *goes somewhere else to change into it*

Aang: Okay *change into the woman outfit* Ugh this is too big,

Mac: *in tuxedo* Let's get this done quickly, so we can pretend this never happened. Alright?

Aang: Wait, before we start maybe I can Connect with a female Avatar that I can take the form of, so than it's less akward for you. *start meditating*


Chris: Time is up! Since Mac and Aang haven't finished and Leafy and Gumball's-

Leafy: WAIT! I made copies. *hands Chris a copy*

Chris: Nevermind. Anyhow, let's watch these films!

Firey and Angelica's Film:

Prop Mountain Goats: *charge at Angelica*

Angelica: *starts climbing up the mountain in fear*

  • Meanwhile, Firey is stranded on the top

Firey: Uh... oh right-right. Oh, shall anyone come help me?

Mountain Goat: *busts through the window and knocks over water*


Angelica: *yelling* No, it's not real water! I think. *keeps running up*

Firey: Oh that's reassuring!

Angelica: I know! I think I have an idea for me to reach you better! Fetch! *throws treats in the window*

Mountain Goats: *run up to Firey*

Angelica: *runs*

Firey: *gets out of the way of the goat*

Mountain Goats: *chase Firey around the room*

Angelica: I need another goat to take me up there... *takes bag of snacks and shakes it*

Mountain Goat: *runs up and Angelica gets on*

Angelica: *shakes bag and the mountain goat runs in chase of it, rides up*

Firey: *running around the room* Hurry up, will you?!

Angelica: *riding goat with heroic music in the background*

Mountain Goat: *jumps in the room*

Angelica: *falls off and lands in the room* OW!

Firey: *still running around the room* DO SOMETHING!

Mountain Goats: *back Firey and Angelica into a corner*

Angelica: *with Firey* I'm gonna die, but to be honest Firey I did sort of like you...

Firey: Yeah. *reading script* Where is it, where is it, where is it, oh there. *puts script away* Uh... ditto?

Angelica: Forget the script, I mean that.

Firey: So now what?

Angelica: I don't know, this? *passes a copy of Chris McLean's autobiography*

Mountain Goats: *fall in love with Chris' picture, leave with it*


Chris: Okay, I don't like how the girl saved the boy. But otherwise, alright. 5/10

Jamie: No action, whatsoever. 3/10

Lydia: Good. 'Nuff said. 7/10

Chris: And with a score of 15, your film is exactly average!

Zim and Robin's Movie:

Zim: *on a rooftop with a pineapple with a girl face* OH, HOW I LOVE YOU!

Pineapple: *smiling*

Robin: I am your waiter, what can I get you?

Zim: How about some spaghetti, DARLING?

Pineapple: *smiling*

Robin: *hands spaghetti* Enjoy, you lovebirds.

Zim: *does the spaghetti scene, almost falling over because he has to do all the work* OH WHOOPSY! YEAH! AHA!

  • Time freezes except for Robin*

Robin: And then they got married. The End.

Chris: Really short, good acting though. And a good looking woman. So... 6/10?

Jamie: I didn't have to sit through the thing, so 5/10

Lydia: I like the woman actor as well. 6/10

Chris: That adds up to a collective score of 17/30! So that means Firey and Angelica are automatically up for elimination! Next.

Leafy and Gumball's Movie:

Figurine: *does a triple backflip and lands on a skateboard and starts skateboarding* *does an ollie 420 and lands into a manual* *50-50 grinds and lands on a surfboard and falls off*


Chris: That, was amazing! 10/10!

Jamie: Perfect amount of action. 9.5/10

Lydia: I hate you. I like this film though. 8/10!

Chris: ANd with a score of an astounding 27.5/30, LEAFY AND GUMBALL TAKE IMMUNITY!

Leafy: Yes!

Diner Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Leafy and Gumball have immunity and are safe!


Leafy: (CONF) I vote Robin.

Firey: (CONF) Robin for days. And Leafy is safe, and I'm happy. *smiles*

Angelica: (CONF) This was supposed to be Leafy, but I suppose Firey will do. I vote Firey.

Gumball: (CONF) Firey. Leafy/Firey must be separated.

Robin: (CONF) Firey.

Mac: (CONF) Firey.

Zim: (CONF) FIREY! BECAUSE...........You're getting Cuba anyways.

Aang: (CONF) I vote off uhm..... R..*camera battery got empty*  (END CONF)

Quick Update

Chris: Quick update, if you want to change your votes now is the time. Due to unexpected errors, Leafy and Gumball no longer have immunity, Zim and Robin do! So if you want to change your votes, now is the time!

Voting II

Firey: (CONF) Weird... anyhow, I vote... Angelica, even though she has an immunity idol.

Leafy: (CONF) No one else to vote for other than Angelica I guess.

Angelica: (CONF) I am voting off Leafy for 3 reasons. 1: She betrayed me last season. 2: She is a threat. 3: Firey needs to be weakened. See you Leafy.

Gumball: (CONF) Leafy. Angelica's right, they are dangerous.

Aang: (CONF) I hope this time the camera battery doesn't go empty okay I vote Ange.... *camera explodes* (END CONF)


Robin: (CONF) Leafy.

Mac: (CONF) Sorry Leafy.


Chris: With five votes against them, Leafy has been eliminated from The Cartoon Battle: Return to Mayhem.

Firey: What?! *leans to Angelica* You better use your immunity idol on her. Right. Now.

Angelica: She betrayed me last season so no. My work here is done. If I recall correctly, you helped get me the idol in the first place.

Firey: *sighs* *walks over to Leafy* I'm sorry, that you've been eliminated, and all, and before you leave, I just wanted to tell you that... I like you, a lot. So I have feelings for you to sum it up.

Leafy: Yeah... me too.

Firey: Really, well I-

Scientists: *come out and shoot Leafy*

Firey: *sighs* (CONF) Great. Just great. Angelica. Is. Gone.

Chris: And with our first elimination of the merge, Leafy is out. How will Firey be able to keep up with the loss of Leafy? Who will be the next to leave? Find out next time on, THE CARTOON BATTLE: RETURN TO MAYHEM!

Hotel Rubble

Outside the Diner


Angelica: *walking back from elimination*

Firey: *walks up to Angelica* You.

Angelica: V, W, X, Y, Z. There. I hope you know the alphabet now. *walks away*

Firey: You are so gone from this game. I hope you know that.

Angelica: And I hope you know that you are delusional. You are the one gone from this game. I still have my lucky charm here. *shows idol and puts it back in pocket* Also, thanks for taking a dive in the sewers to cover ground. I never would have been able to have such an advantage without it. Thanks Firey. :D *walks away*

Robin: *comes out from the shadows*

Firey: *follows Angelica* That idol is your lifeline, without that, you're just a scared little girl.

Angelica: We'll just have to see then. Besides, Leafy betrayed me last season, and now I got her out. Fair's fair. I was simply evening things. What's wrong with that?

Firey: You're going to want your popularity evened out after I'm done with you.

Angelica: (CONF) I have a four-way alliance with myself, Zim, Mac, and Robin. Gumball is also affiliated. I control about two thirds of the vote. Firey might have Aang, but that's it.

Gumball: *walks to Firey* What is her deal...

Firey: Why don't you back off? You caused this.

Gumball: It's not exactly my fault. She tricked me. She said how you and Leafy were powerful enough to take me out...

Firey: Two people against five. Do the percentages.

Gumball: Okay, so I was a bit dumb. What happened to confident you like 3 minutes ago? Is it still possible to bring her down?


Gumball: ... I've never been an A-Student. Sorry I wanted to help. *glares and walks away*

Firey: Whatever. *walks away* (CONF) Aang and I are on the chopping block, unless something spectacular happens, I'm gone.

Angelica: *relaxing in a seat*

10 - Sudden Death

Chris: Welcome to today's challenge. And before we start... *grabs Angelica's immunity idol and puts it in a safe* those are not allowed in this challenge, BUT if anyone decides to eliminate Angelica if they win, they get it! Let me say this pre-challenge, The winner of this challenge decides who bites the dust this episode. This challenge requires you to try and take OJ's phone, which is actually mine, because he stole it, and hid it. The first person who finds it wins! (8 lines)

Robin: *looks for phone*

Mac: *looks for phone*

Zim: *looks for phone*

Firey: *looks*

Angelica: *looks*

Firey: *looks*

Robin: *looks for phone*

Mac: *looks for phone*

Zim: *looks for phone*

Firey: *looks*

Gumball: *looks*

Angelica: *looks*

Firey: *looks*

Robin: *looks for phone*

Mac: *looks for phone*

Zim: *looks for phone*

Firey: *looks for phone*

Robin: *looks for phone*

Mac: *looks for phone*

Zim: *looks for phone*

Firey: *looks*

Aang: What is a phone oh well I guess *looks around for a phone and picks up earings* Are these things called "phone" ?

Firey: *looks*

Aang: I guess not *looks around for a phone*

Firey: *finds phone* YES! This is like a dream!

Aang: AAAAHHH FIRE!!! *waterbends water on Firey*

Firey: AAAAAAH! IT BURNS! *runs away*

-5 Minutes Later-

Firey: ..Ow.

Chris: Okay... anyhow... Firey you now have the ability to eliminate anyone of your choice.

Firey: Eeny, Meeny, miney, mo. Who's the biggest loser-o? It's Angelica!

Chris: Angelica is out! And guess what? Since you eliminated Angelica and she had an immunity idol, it's yours now!

Firey: I think I'll pass, to show Angelica how far I can get without and immunity idol.

Diner Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Well campers, everyone competed today for the ability to eliminate anyone of their choice, Firey won and eliminated Angelica. Any last words until you get obliterated?

Angelica: *CENSORED*

Firey: O....kay.

Scientists: *comes out and shoot Angelica*

Chris: Weird, anyhow. The final six remain! Who will make it to the final five? Who will make sure the others go home in a wheel chair? Find out next time on THE CARTOON BATTLE: RETURN TO MAYHEM!


Firey: *dancing* Alright, yeah, yeah! Uh-huh! Angelica's gone! Best day of  my life.

Gumball: Bragger. *pours a big bucket of hot water on Firey*

Firey: Silly, it's hot water. *walks to the challenge*

Outside the Diner

Hotel Rubble

11 - Double Down and Back Around

(The challenge is at 8:30 P.M. EST, 8/27/2013. If that doesn't go through then the challenge will be moved. So chat for now I guess.)

Firey: I wonder what this challenge is about...

Mac: Hmm.


Robin: I doubt it's that.

Chris: (late XD) Okay, so today's challenge is to grab coins and bring them back to your bucket. The person who has the most coins by the end or when time is up wins! GO! (2 lines to run to the coin collector, everytime you post *collects coins* you get one coin. The more times you do that is the more coins you get! 2 lines to run back)

Mac: *runs to coin collector*

Robin: *runs to coin collector*

Zim: *runs to coin collector*

Gumball: *runs to coin collector*

Firey: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

Firey: *arrives*

Mac: *runs*

Robin: *runs*

Zim: *runs*

Gumball: *runs*

Mac: *arrives*

Robin: *arrives*

Zim: *arrives*

Firey: *collects*

Mac: *collects*

Firey: *collects*

Mac: *collects*

Firey: *collects*

Mac: *runs back with 1st coin*

Firey: *collects*

Mac: *gets back with 1st coin*

Firey: *collects*

Mac: *runs back*

Firey: *runs back*

Mac: *runs back*

Firey: *runs back*

Mac: *arrives*

Firey: *drops off coins*

Gumball: *collects*

Mac: *collects*

Chris: STOP! We will now count the points...

Mac = 1

Firey = 5

Gumball = 0

Everyone else = 0

Firey wins with 5 coins!

Angelica: *riding in on hanglider* STOP! I want to be your intern McLean! I can come up with dangerous challenges. *looks at Firey*

Chris: Whatever, fine, my interns are useless anyhow.

Intern: *runs by on fire* AAAAH! AAAAAAAAAAH!

Angelica: YES!

Diner Rooftop Elimination

Chris: Firey has immunity, so he is safe for this elimination.


Firey: (CONF) I vote for Gumball. *shrugs*

Gumball: (CONF) I vote Aang.

Robin: (CONF) Aang.


Mac: (CONF) Uh, sorry, Aang. Sorry.


Chris: With four votes against them, Aang. Is. OUT!

Scientists: *come out and shoot Aang*

Chris: 5 remain, who will make it to the final four? Who will be a loseOR. Find out next time on THE CARTOON BATTLE: RETURN TO MAYHEM!


Outside the Diner

Hotel Rubble


12 - My, My, How the Tables Have Turned

Chris: Guess what....! RANDOM.ORG! YAY!

Immunity Giving

Chris: So today the person who gets immunity is going to the final three, yes today is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION! So the person moving on to the final three is.... GUMBALL! Congrats. I guess, whatever.

The First Elimination

Chris: The first person who is not making it to the final three is.... ZIM! Sorry, dude.

The Second Elimination

Chris: The second person who is not making it is.... MAC! Sorry, buddy you guys are gone!

Last Diner Elimination Ceremony

Chris: This is the last elimination ceremony. Mac and Zim have been chosen to be eliminated, any last words? TOO LATE!

Scientists: *come out and shoot Zim and Mac*

Chris: And the final three remain, Robin, Gumball, and Firey! Who will win? Find out next time on THE CARTOON BATTLE: RETURN TO MAYHEM!

Final Three Zepplin

Chris: As a reward, you guys get to stay up in the Chris McClean Zepplin for the night! With room service, an indoor pool, a buffet, a game room, and lots of other nifty thrifties!

Zepplin Chat

Robin: *Comes out from the shadows* Hey Firey, can I have a word with you?

Firey: Yeah, sure. Go ahead.

Robin: Okay, so previously you hated Angelica, right?

Firey: Correct.

Robin: Did she do anything villainous to get you upset- because if so I'll call the Teen Titans to deal with her?

Firey: Uh, blackmailed me with a secret of mine, does that count?

Robin: No..........but I feel you at least.

Firey: Oh. That one person blew up our hotels though, The Drama I think it was?

Robin: Yeah, I'll have to track her down later. But for now, I'll let Cyborg take charge because I don't trust Beast Boy with it- don't tell him I said that.

Firey: Who?

Robin: A few fellow Teen Titans from my base. Beast Boy.......transforms into beasts and a Cyborg. Yeah.

Firey: That's pretty self-explanitory. So, what's the deal with the question? Just trying to stop crime, I suppose?

Robin: That and I was just curious to why you two were in a heated conflict. You seem like a nice guy so I thought she might have done something villainous to you which is why you got upset.

Firey: Oh, yeah, I guess that happened, huh? I really hate the fact that she has lawyers. I mean who under the age of 10 has lawyers?

Robin: No idea.

Firey: I don't- I just- I don't get it at all.

Robin: Yeah, it's pretty strange.

Firey: Where is Gumball? He's gone missing or something.

Robin: He might be in the Game Room?

Gumball: No, i'm right next to you guys. The Game Room does sound nice though. Later! *heads to games*

Indoor Pool

Hot Tub

Game Room

Gumball: *in game room* Beat that ghost, beat it!

Firey: *walks in* I've seen better.

Gumball: Yeah, okay. So... Final 3. 

Firey: Yeah, that happened. *puts in a coin for Pac-Man*



Pool Tables

Water Slide

Buffet Tables

Main Hall

Dessert Buffet




Shooting Range

13 - More Than Under Pressure

Gumball: *waiting for challenge*

Chris: Welcome Final Three, you will go under challenges- five of them- like you've never seen before! Who ever has the least ammount of points from each challenge afterwards, is gone, the way not to get points is to finish last. Searching through the Hotel Rubble to find a point coin, which gives you one point. Just kidding! That's too easy. You will be put into a room where you will jump platform to platform, OVER LAVA! Enjoy. HAHAHA! (7 lines)

First Challenge

Chris: GO!

Robin: *jumps across lava* (1)

Firey: *jumps across the lava*

Robin: *jumps across lava* (2)

Firey: *jumps across the lava*

Robin: *jumps across lava* (3)

Firey: *jumps across the lava*

Robin: *jumps across lava* (4)

Firey: *jumps*

Robin: *jumps across lava* (5)

Firey: *jumps*

Robin: *jumps across lava* (6)

Firey: *jumps*

Robin: *finishes getting across lava* (7)

Firey: *finishes*

Chris: Firey and Robin finish and get one point!

Second Challenge

Chris: The first two people to grab balloons off the ceiling! (3 lines)

Robin: *tries to grab balloons* (1)

Firey: *attempts to grab ballons*

Robin: *tries to grab balloons* (2)

Firey: *attempts to grab balloons*

Robin: *grabs balloons, finishing* (3)

Firey: *grabs a ballon, finishing*

Chris: More points go to Firey and Robin! If they win the next challenge, Gumball has no chance of winning and is automatically out!

Third Challenge

Chris: The first two people to go and buy a puppy from a store win! GO! (4 lines, if you want to be specific, 1 to run to the store, 2 to buy, 1 to run back)

Robin: *goes to buy puppy* (1)

Firey: *runs to buy a puppy*

Robin: *picks out puppy* (2)

Firey: *picks out a puppy*

Robin: *buys puppy* (3)

Firey: *buys a puppy*

Robin: *gets back and gives puppy to Chris* (4)

Firey: *runs back and gives Chris a puppy*

Chris: Firey and Robin win once more, GUMBALL. IS. OUT!

Zepplin Elimination

Chris: Well, Robin and Firey DESTROYED Gumball, and he is now eliminated. Any last words to your "friends" before you get pushed out of the Zepplin? Heh.

Gumball: Yeah. I hope you win, Robin!

Firey: Oh, thanks a lot!

Chris: *pushes Gumball off the plane and throws a parachute with him*


Chris: The final two remain! Firey and Robin! Who will win the big bucks? Who will go home without anything! Find out next time right here on....


Zepplin Room

Firey: So... final two, huh?

Robin: Yeah. Never expected to actually make it this far.

Firey: Me neither, so agreed not to cause to much injury to each other in the next challenge?

Robin: Yeah, agreed.

OJ: *walks in with a lei on and a smoothie in his hand* Oh, people are here? Heh. *looks at Firey* OH! You. *nervous laugh*

Game Room

Hot Tub

Indoor Pool



Pool Tables

Water Slide

Buffet Tables

Main Hall

Dessert Buffet




Shooting Ranges

Finale - Fighter vs. Fire

Chris: *on a hot air balloon* Welcome to the finale of The Cartoon Battle: Return to Mayhem. As you can see it's rainy and we're pretty high up! Both of our coontestants will be lowered onto the top of the Zepplin. The challenge is to knock each other off. The last man standing wins one million dollars! And if you're wondering we gave Firey a special injection to have him not be affected by water. Just for now though. 

The Fight

Chef: *lowers Firey and Robin onto the top of the zepplin*

Wind: *picks up speed*

Chris: I also forgot, you can get sideline help from the past people who were eliminated! They are floating up in our Multi-Person balloon!

Firey: Woah... this is sketchy. I guess the agreement is off, huh?

Robin: Don't worry, I'll call the Titans to come rescue me quickly if anything happens. *Shakes Firey's hand* Good luck.

Firey: Same.

Chris: Enough of the lovey-dovey. Just fight already!

Hail: *falls*

Firey: C'mon!

Robin: *sighs* Whatever. Good luck. *puts on fireproof gloves and shoves Firey*

Firey: Ow- hey! *kicks Robin's shin*

Robin: *grabs Firey, backflips, and throws him onto the ground as hard as he can*

Firey: Ow! Where did you learn that? *swipes Robin*

Angelica: Go Robin! KILL THE JERK!

Firey: *glares at Angelica*

Robin: Uh, thanks? *grabs Firey and twists his arm*

Gumball: Go Robin! Firey, I tried to befriend you and you pushed me away.

Robin: *trips Firey, then grabs him and juggles him in the air*

Firey: Ow-ow-ow. *hip tosses Robin* (At about 0:30)

Angelica: *laughing at Firey*

Robin: *uses fire extinguisher on Firey*

Angelica: *laughing harder*

Firey: Injections rock! *tackles Robin*

Robin: Ugh. *uppercuts Firey*

Angelica: Can me and Gumball help Robin?

Firey: *wipes blood from his mouth* *grabs hail that is falling and pegs it at Robin's forehead*

Chris: *to Angelica* Nope, sorry.

Robin: Ow. *grabs Firey, tosses him into the air, then punches him repeatedly in the face as he's falling*

Firey: *lands* If I thought that wasn't a lot of blood. *wipes mouth again* *then dive kicks Robin towards the side of the Zepplin*

Robin: Ugh. *sweep kicks Firey, resisting the burn, then picks him up, and slaps him in the face, repeatedly*

Firey: *grabs Robin's hand and breaks his finger*

Robin: Alright, that's it! *spin kicks Firey, then grabs Firey's arm/hand and makes Firey punch himself numerous times*

Firey: OW- OW- OW- OW. *kicks Robin in the... yeah*

Robin: OW. Learn to respect that place, sheesh. *kicks Firey up into the air, then comes up into the air, and chops Firey down with his good hand*

Firey: Yeah, 'cause I can take a superhero. *slides under Robin and grabs his bo-staff, then opens it, and hits him in the back of the head with it*

Angelica; Robin, if you win I will pay you a hundred additional dollars.

Firey: *sweeps Robin with his bo-staff and then curb-stomps his stomach*

Robin: OW. You're getting near my final straw, Firey! *grabs Firey, throws him to the other side of the zepplin, then while Firey is down, stomps on Firey's face*

Angelica: I'm enjoying every minute of this.

Robin: *steals back his own bo-staff, then hits Firey in the face repeatedly with it*

Firey: Ow. Ow. *grabs the staff and then uses it to swing him closer to the edge of the zepplin*

Robin: *quickly steps back, then grabs Firey, throws him up into the air, and kicks him to the side of the zepplin*

Firey: Oof... *sucker punches Robin in the face, then sweeps him, and while he is down repeadetly punches him in his face*

Mac: They're both going to end up hurt, aren't they?


Robin: Ouch. *gets up, then steals back bo-staff, and uses it to twirl Firey into the air, making him go up* Hmph. *jumps up into the air and basically aethers Firey but with a bo-staff* - Aether)

Firey: *in pain on the floor* Worst. Challenge. Ever. *gets up*

Chris: Everyone shut up! I want to watch this. (No audience, please.)

Robin: *kicks Firey up into the air*

Firey: *lands* Oh, world of pain. *tries getting up*

Robin: *helps Firey up with his good arm, then uses that same arm/hand to grab Firey and fling him across the zepplin*

Firey: *lands* Psych, much? *attempts to get up, again*

Robin: Don't worry, if I win, I'll give you some of the money. Half of it will probably go to the hospitals we have to go to though. *uppercuts Firey, then uses good arm to punch him down*

Firey: *can't get up, due to injuries*

Robin: Sorry about this. *tightens fire-proof gloves and uppercuts Firey then jumps up and uses bo staff to hit Firey in the gut, shoving him further*

Firey: *rolls onto the side of the zepplin, then grabs onto the edge* Ah! Help!

Leafy: oh no *helps firey*

Chris: *grabs Leafy with a claw* No help from the audience.

Leafy: what does sideline help mean then?

Chris: No letting me not get ratings. Helping people equals low ratings.

Firey: *hanging on to the side* A little help here!

Robin: *knowing he'll probably be tricked, but then remembers he's a superhero beyond all else* Alright. *grabs Firey's hand* Hang on! *pulls Firey up*

Firey: Thanks. *pushes Robin off* That's actually pretty mean. *tries to grab Robin*

Mac: Firey, you're falling too! Hold on. *pushes Chris aside and hangs on to Firey's leg, not letting him fall in* A little help, any one?

Zim: ................FINE. *uses laser to shoot Chris backward, then hangs on to Firey's leg, not letting him fall in* ANYONE ELSE- No? Fine. FIREY, REEL THE BIRD IN!

Firey: *helps Robin up* Sorry about that.

Robin: It's fine. Superhero codes go against any greed, so I guess I'm glad I lost if that injection was about to wear off. No hard feelings, right?

Firey: Yeah.

Chris: *flying down on a jetpack* Since Firey pushed Robin off the edge. And that was how to decide the winner, FIREY WINS THE CARTOON BATTLE: RETURN TO MAYHEM!

Robin: Congrats, Firey. I'm gonna go into the shadows like Batman would...........see you around. *disappears into the shadows*


Angelica: Darn it. Firey won... my life is over. Unless... I CONTACT MY LAWYERS!

  • just as Angelica is about to contact them, her parents come*

Angelica's Parents: We traded our lawyers for a chocolate bar. It was a good buy.


Angelica's Parents: ...Want a bite?

Angelica: *grabs it and throws it* NO!

  • the chocalate bar lands on Leafy, and she starts trembling toward Firey, about to be burned*

Angelica: Wait... Leafy's gonna die? WHAT HAVE I DONE! *running to block Leafy but ends up getting burned* Ow.

Leafy: so uh what are you gonna spend the million on Firey?

Firey: Yeah, life insurance, and I'll throw an AWESOME party. And everyone's invited, except Angelica.


Alternate Ending

Firey: *hanging on to the side* A little help, here?

Angelica: Meh, you eliminated me.

Aang: *waterbanding a icecream* Delicious!

Robin: *knowing he'll probably be tricked, but then remembers he's a superhero beyond all else* Alright. *grabs Firey's hand* Hang on! *tries pulling Firey up, but accidentally loses grip*

Angelica: See ya sucker!

Gumball: Ditto.

Aang: This is boring you need some atmosphere *start airbending*

Firey: Aah! *starts falling* AAAAAAH!

Robin: *sees Firey fall* Hang on! *grabs a random vine and swings, grabbing Firey JUST before he hits the water, then swings back onto the zepplin with a backflip and lets Firey go* There.

Firey: *exhales* Thanks, I owe you one.

Chris: And Robin wins! Since Firey fell and that would determine the winner, Robin takes home one, million, DOLLARS!

Angelica: Oh yeah! Mm mm. Firey lost. Robin kicked his butt and he lost, haha- *falls in Firey, runs around burning* AGH!

Robin: Firey, you can have the money. Except 10,000 from it. *hands money to scientist that works for the Teen Titans*

Scientist: *gives Robin a secret weapon*

Robin: Let's see if this work. *uses it to get rid of every irken but Zim*


Mac: So, everything's back to normal now?

Robin: I guess.