ASVU7 cast

After a successful season, ASVU was picked up for a seventh season. This time we are taking the Pahkitew Island cast and putting them up against a bunch of noobs. There is a reason for this which you'll find out soon enough *winks* This season is taking place in a city! There will be many changes and added elements to make this the toughest ASVU season yet! So get your popcorn because things are about to be interesting here on Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 7!

Sign Ups (Closed) 

All Stars 

  1. Amy-Dawny  Voted Out in "Don't Be A Troll" (20th)
  2. Beardo-Usitgz Voted Out in "Give Me Shelter!" (8th)
  3. Dave-Phy Vote Out In "King Of The City" (2nd)
  4. Ella-Amber Voted Out in "The Power of Science" (16th) 
  5. Jasmine-SSoH DQ'd in "True Colors" (4th/5th)
  6. Leonard-Lynn Voted Out in "Loving The City Life" (30th)
  7. Max-Usitgz Voted Out in "ASVU's Greatest Hits" (7th)
  8. Rodney-Creator  Voted Out in "The Art of Mustache" (21st)
  9. Samey-Amber Cheated Out in "Obstacle Course of Terror" (12th)
  10. Scarlett-Ifraid Quit in "As Wicked as Can Be" (18th)   
  11. Shawn-Blaze Voted Out in "Why You Gotta Be So Rude?" (22nd)
  12. Sky-Chase Cheated Out in "Surfin' Bird" (11th) 
  13. Sugar-Mildred Left in "Pound the Alarm" (27th)
  14. Topher-Blake  Voted Out In "ASVU's Next Top Model" (19th)


  1. Lamey-Dawny Voted Out In "As Wicked As Can Be" (17th)    
  2. Clucky-Blake  Voted Out In "That Gaming Life" (15th)
  3. Taylor-SSoH DQ'd in "True Colors" (4th/5th)
  4. Dann-Ifraid Voted Out In "What's in a Name? (24th)
  5. Marcus-TF Quit in "King of the City" (3rd)
  6. Chimaroj-Sound Left In "Advertising Is Key" (28th/29th)
  7. Azuna-Sound Left In "Advertising Is Key" (28th/29th)
  8. Lana-ChaseLeft in "A Fairytale Merger" (10th)
  9. Lavender-Rosenbottom Voted Out In "Pound The Alarm" (26th)
  10. Leo-BBGUNSTUDIOS  Voted Out in "The Hunt is On" (23rd)
  11. Raspucia-Creator Voted Out in "A Fairytale Merger" (9th)
  13. Andrew-Qngff Voted Out In "Monster Hunt" (25th)
  14. Thomas-CaptainSparklez   Voted Out In Sports-O-Rama (13th)
  15. Faith-Dianted Voted Out In So, Uh, Who Was Eliminated? (6th)
  16. Trey-Dianted  Voted Out In Who Loves Cody? (14th)

Interactions (You May Edit)


Raspucia and Rodney

Taylor and Raspucia

Andrew and Raspucia

Amy and Lamey

Amy and Chimaroj

Chimaroj and Raspucia

Raspucia and Dave

Jasmine and Raspucia

Thomas and Dave

Samey and Azuna

Samey and Amy

Ella and The Animals

Amy and Dave

Ella and Topher

Ella and Lamey


Amy and Azuna

Chimaroj and Azuna

Andrew and Lamey

Samey and Lamey


Lamey and Topher (Currently One-Sided)

Max and The Evil (Currently One-Sided)


Amy, Marcus, and Thomas


<poll> Who's gonna win? DAVE YEAH GO DAVE! AUSTRALIA FTW! (Jasmine) MARCUS MARCUS HE'S OUR MAN! BET ON RHETT, BET ON RHETT! Where should you go to shop? Lord & TAYLORs! </poll>


<poll> Who shouldn't have gotten eliminated? Amy got screwed by that Switcheroo Card man! Clucky got discriminated for being a chicken! Thomas didn't deserve to be voted off! Samey's too nice to get the boot! </poll>

<poll> What's your take on this season? It's been a blast! The store changed the way the game was played It was alright. Some good times here, some bad times there I don't care. Since I got eliminated I'm just waiting for my next chance to compete! </poll>

Elimination Ceremonies (Pictures)

Elimination Table 

Place Contestant Team 1 2 3 4 5 6* 7 8 9 10 11 12* 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 (M) 21 22 23 24 25
14 Trey Californians Debuts in Episode 3 WIN IN WIN IN SAFE WIN SAFE WIN SAFE IN LOW SAFE WIN OUT
23 Leo  City Folk IN IN WIN IN WIN IN OUT
24 Dann Crime Stoppers SAFE WIN SAFE WIN OUT
25 Andrew Big Apples WIN LOW WIN OUT
26 Lavender Crime Stoppers SAFE WIN OUT
27 Sugar Big Apples WIN LOW LEFT
28/29 Azuna  City Folk IN LEFT
28/29 Chimaroj Crime Stoppers SAFE LEFT
30 Leonard Crime Stoppers OUT

* This episode was an Aftermath

ASVU Store

Object Description Price

McLean Brand Chris Head

Allows you to save yourself from elimination


Switcheroo Card

Switches the losing team and winning team 

ex) If the City Folk loses and the Liberty Lovers win and Amy has this card then the City Folk win and the Liberty Lovers lose.  (Valid ony if your team loses)


Swap Ticket

Allows you to swap one player on your team with someone else's


When you have enough money and would like to purchase an item, you must go here or here All purchases will remain private. I will only edit when a purchase has been made, letting you know how many items are left in stock (the number in the parenthesis). 

Money Table

Contestant  Amount of $
Beardo $875
Dave $1125
Faith $825
Jasmine $725
Marcus $1100
Max $925
Rhett $1025
Taylor $1075
Raspucia $725
Lana $125
Sky $900
Samey $775
Thomas $1025
Trey $575
Clucky $675
Ella $600
Lamey $600
Scarlett $725
Topher $600
Amy $425
Rodney $375
Shawn $300
Leo $275
Dann $200
Andrew $325
Lavender $150
Sugar $200
Azuna $150
Chimaroj $150
Leonard $100

Episode 1: Loving the City Life 


Chef: *on intercom* Listen up fruitcakes! We shall be arriving at this season's location shortly! Now Chris told me to tell you to sit tight and interact while he gets things ready. 

Ella: *arrives* What a amazing idea to bring us all back. *sings* It's time for a new season with fun, 10 weeks with animals, friendly people and sun!

Dave: Why did I agree to do this again? *sighs*

Leo:Probably the money! Anyone want a picture?

Lamey: Total Rama!

Amy: It's Total Drama and Remember Stick To The Plan!\

Lamey: Yeah Yeah Whatever *Fake Laughs* Ahahahahahahahaha *Yawna* Amy Your just SOOOO funny *Starts Applying Nail Polish*

Dann: *looks for Rex* WHERE HE? And hurry up I'm getting impatient.

Leo: Nobody wants a picture? :CONF *Cries

Azuna: Great another season another pile of s**t people to hang around.

Dann: Yay picture I want one :D

Leo: That will be 100 dollars

Chimaroj: It's been a long time I've been on one of these shows *sees Azuna* Wow what are the odds..

Dann: K. *pays 100 dollars*

Leo: *Paints perfect picture of Dann* :CONF I'm 100 dollars ahead of everyone 

Rodney: Another season! Great!

Raspucia: Hey, y'all! Raspucia-baby here! Nice to meet ya all!

Jasmine: We're in a helicopter piloted by Chef. This can't be good.

Taylor: *sarcasm* Oh, boy. This season should be "great".

Chris: *hologram Chris* You got that right Jasmine. Since you guys are in route to our location for this season, I'll start giving you some info on the new things we have planned for this season. First off, we have our own store where you can purchase items that will benefit you or your team. However these items cost money. You can get money by winning a challenge. You all start off with $100 bucks. Hopefully this will make you want to win challenges. When you want to buy an item you must private message me so that no one else will know you bought an item. This will protect you from immediately being a target. That's all the info for now. Any questions?

Lana: *raises hand* I do! Um, when will we be landing? This copter is a little too cramped!

Chris: All in good time Lana. All in good time. (CONF) *laughs hysterically*

Raspucia (CONF): I am actually very happy to be on the show, I mean...I'm just some random gurl from the hood who was lucky enough to be chosen! *Laughs* I'd love to win this show so I could move my Momma out of that cramped apartment of hers!

Rodney (CONF): Maybe I'll do better this season. Last time I think I let my vulnerability to love get in my way a little. Who knows? Maybe my true love is among the newbie people!

Taylor: Faaantastic. *rolls eyes* (CONF) Well at least a bonus incentive of being put through torture will be the ability to go shopping. Heh.

Raspucia: *To Taylor* Hey there, gurl! I'm Raspucia! What's yo name? :)

Taylor: I'm Taylor. Nice to meet you. *holds hand out for a hand-shake*

Chris: I like your attitude Taylor.

Raspucia: *Shakes Taylor's hand* It's nice to meet you, too, gurl! ^-^

Taylor: Thanks, Chris...

Chris: Your sarcastic tone and the way you roll your eyes reminds me of Courtney.

Taylor: Yeah, I'm gonna' take that as an insult because Courtney is not an inidvidual I'm dying to be.

Dann: Then who are you trying to be?

Raspucia: Duh! She's obviously being herself! .3.

Taylor: *sarcastically* No, I'm trying to be someone else.

Chris: (CONF) Wow that girl's stereotype should be The Confusing Girl cause I have no idea what she just said.

Beardo: *womp* *womp* *womp*

Max: (CONF) $100! I'm already umm... one second... *pulls out a calculator* Multiply by 2... Carry the 1... divide by the coefficient... Alright, let's try tha again. $100! I'm already 1/654 of the way to one million dollars! And 1/1435.56 of the way to taking over the world! Muhahahahahaha! 

Dave: (CONF) You know...I can't really get a read off of these newcomers. They appear too be normal...but I once thought Sky was normal and cool...and that was my big mistake. From now on I'm not letting my heart rule over my head!

Raspucia: *To Rodney* Hey there! Name's Raspucia, baby!

Rodney: Uh, hi! My name's Rodney! It's nice to meet you.

Raspucia: *Fist bumps Rodney* We cool, dude.

Rodney: Okay! :)

Raspucia: *To Dave* Hey! Nice ta meet ya! I'm Raspucia! ^-^

Dave: Um...yeah nice to say hello...I am Dave.

Jasmine: *whispers to Raspucia* Watch 'em, he still might be a bit off his rocker from last season.

Raspucia: *Listens to Jasmine and whispers so that Dave can't hear* Gotcha, gurl. *To Dave* Well, I sure hope that we can become friends! Who knows? Maybe we'll even be on the same team. :)

Raspucia (CONF): Yeah, I saw last season. Jasmine's right, Dave might still be a bit uneasy about what happened. Anyway, I don't judge people until I get to know them, or until they insult me. Then they lose their chances at friendship. Dave's cool, though.

Dave: We might it all depends on what Chris wants.. After that season...I spent a lot of time thinking and now I want nothing to do with... You-No-Who.

Taylor: Hm. If I had to take a guess, the back of this helicopter will explode and we'll all be sucked out. Seems like something Chris would do.

(Just a question, which user is running this camp? And also which one is Andrew in the promo?)

(Me ACTN and Andrew is right next to Lamey the girl that looks like Amy and Samey :P)

Chris: Taylor, you know me so well. You either have watched this show or we just have a mental thing goin' on *blows up the helicopter* 

Chef: ABANDON SHIP! *skydives* 

Andrew: *grabs parachute* WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!!!! *jumps*

Taylor: I knew it- *gets sucked out of the helicopter* AAAAAAAAAH!

Jasmine: As usual. *grabs parachute and jumps out of helicopter*

Dave: *sighs* Here we go again. *grabs a parachute and leaps out of the helicopter*

Lamey: Yo! Ames we Should Prob Get Goin' *Grabs Parachute and Jumps Out*

Raspucia: *Grabs parachute* Come on, everyone! We can survive this...most likely! *Jumps out*.

Amy: See Samey! I Am Hanging Out With My Cooler and Better Sis- *Jumps With Parachute* Teerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Marcus: Huh? Oh, woah! *grabs parachute* I should probably check this just in case, you never know when you could be pranked into a parachute not working. Or maybe- *sucked out of the helicopter* Maybe I talked too much!

Max: *grabs a parachute* I'm too young to die! There's still plenty of evil I have to do! *jumps out*

Beardo: *whish* *whir* *jumps out with parachute* 

Exploring the City

Chris: Now that you all have landed safely, welcome to ASVU City! This is our location for the season so I'll let you explore and talk for a little bit more before we get to the fun stuff like teams and challenges and my favorite part the elimination ceremony! (CONF) I can't wait to see their faces when they see how they get eliminated.

Taylor: *lands* (CONF) It's easy to tell what the form of elimination is. *sarcasm* Exciting.

Jasmine: *lands What is it, Chris?

Max: This city doesn't look evil enough to be worthy of my all-mighty geniusness!

Beardo: *rolls his eyes* *click* *click* *BOOM!*

Dave: Ah Beardo... It's good to say hi too you again...

Marcus: *dusts himself off* What a bad landing...Hmm, I've seen better.

Andrew: Can I get a bandage? I scraped my arm real bad on landing.

Lamey: *Parachute Does Not Work* INCOMING B****'S! *Lands On Andrew* Oh Sorry? Next Time Watch Your Step K Short Stuff?

Beardo: *waves to Dave* *chicky* *fricky* *POW*

Taylor: I'm assuming we're in Toronto, Chris?

Amy: *Lands On Beardo* Sorry! Not Really But Anyway LAMEY! We Were Supposed To Stick Together!

Dave: So...what is there to do here at "ASVU City"?

Taylor: A city showdown is what it is.

Chris: Correct Taylor and good question Dave. Your question will be answered a little bit later.


Dave: (CONF) Character Development? What is that guy talking about? I think he may have a few screws loose...

Amy: (CONF: What Are With These Crazy People? They Keep On Being Crazy! Seriously!)

Taylor: Excuse me?

Jasmine: That was very weird, mate.

Dann: Wait umm what was I just saying? (CONF) I think I went a bit cookoo, screw the person who killed me.

Beardo: *cookoo *cookoo* cookoo*

Dave: Well I think I'm going to take a walk. Anyone interested in going for a simple walk?

Taylor: Sure, I'm down. We're not doing anything, so.

Dave: Anyone else?

Amy: Sure! Lamey will Come Too!

Lamey: I Will?

Amy: Yes You Will

Lamey: Ok?

Dave: Okay. Let's go check this city out!

Thomas: *Lands* Ow, I calculated for a better landing... *Rubs elbow* So this is the place were staying? Seems kinda run down but it'll do.

Azuna: *lands* Chris you're really starting to become a softy! 

Chimaroj: *lands* Well atleast he didn't dropped us out of the sky!

Azuna: Oh please that would be.. *sees Chimaroj* OH MY GOD are you? (CONF) Oh no my little brother is here, *looks around the confessional* this place is nice, Chris is really loosing his touch anyway my little brother being here make mad, I don't want him being here!! (END CONF)

Raspucia: *Lands and runs to join Taylor, Dave, Amy and Lamey* Hey, y'all. Thought I'd join you all on your walk! ^-^

Rodney: *Lands* Ouch! Hurt my arm. Whatever, the pain's gone now. 

Azuna: Ugh chicken!

Amy: Azuna! Yur Just Like Coutney a Whiny [Censored] *Helps Rodney Up*

Azuna: Courtney is a nasty wh*** I am nothing like her. and besides Amu go and bother your sister. That's what you're good at.

Amy: Go Annoy Your Brother! Who Has Done Nothing To You and You Still Disrespect Him!

Raspucia (CONF): So, I was just walking along and everything was fine, when all of a sudden Azuna appears and she and Amy get into it! I mean, like, why?! Those gurls need some control.

Rodney: *To Amy* Thanks, Amy. :)

Chimaroj: Oh trust me she ain't gonna annoy me *glares at Azuna*

Azuna: Whatever, also Chimaroj since when do you wear normal clothes, I thought you were a monk.

Chimaroj: I was untill I got banished for life thanks to you! 

Azuna: What do I have to do with that.

Chimaroj: After I broke up with Lara, what is your fault cause she was giving me the blame of your behavour, I got banished from the monks since a monk is not allowed to break up with someone.

Azuna: Geez what a stupid rule!

Amy: Well Chimaroj I Am Sorry For You Chimaroj You Can Join Us For Our Walk *Walks With Dave*

Chimaroj: thanks Amy but not now I am gonna look around the city if there is a gym of some kind. 

Raspucia: *Hums quietly* Today is the start of a brand new adventure for all of us! I wonder what kinds of friendships will spark because of it.

Amy: *Walks Up To Dave* so are You Ever Going To Apologize?

Azuna: *follows Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *noticing Azuna and starts to walk faster*

Lamey: *By The Gym* Hmm, Wonder If They have Some Protein :D

Dave: *To Amy* I don't know? Why does it matter too you? Besides has Samey apologized to you for get you booted off Pahkitew Island?

Azuna: HEY CHIM!!

Chimaroj: grr (CONF) hasn't see learned that I hate to be called that, what's wrong with her *takes a deep breath* calm Chimaroj (END CONF)

Amy: *To Dave* No! I Am Talking About ASvUD! were We Were Dating and You Voted Me Off Instead of Izumi or Rosalina!

Leo:*Secretly runs to hidden bunker* Great it's still here.

Thomas: *Checks out a cool building* I am loving this structure of this thing! Chris how did you manage a fine city? 

Chris: Lots of money and me of course. Thank you Thomas. Now here are your teams 

Amy, Azuna, Beardo, Clucky, Leo, Rodney and Samey. You guys are the City Folk (Kihci-otenaw Avisieniwak)

Andrew, Ella, Lamey, Marcus, Sky, Sugar and Topher. You guys are the Big Apples (Kisci Picikiwas)

Chimaoj, Dann, Jasmine, Lavender, Leonard, Raspucia and Shawn. You guys are the Crime Stoppers (Tipeyimisowin Nitawapamis)

Dave, Lana, Max, Rhett, Scarlett, Taylor and Thomas. You guys are the Liberty Lovers (Wakaks Kinapewoisjiak)

Enjoy your teams or don't. I really couldn't care less.

Thomas: (CONF) In order to survive, you need to make allies, and to make allies you want to show them that you want them to win too, not only yourself. (NON CONF) *Pulls Rhett aside* Hey buddy look's like were teammates, hey how's about me and you become allies? (CONF) I don't care if allainces are predictable.... you gotta do what you gotta do.

Leo:(CON)This can't happen (CON END)

Rodney: *To his team* Yeah! We're gonna do great! :D

Raspucia: *To the rest of her team* Hey, teamies! I just know that we'll all do our best! (CONF) I think that my team is pretty good overall. I just hope that we don't lose anyone!

Topher: Oh my gosh, Chris!!!! These teams are a-m-a-z-i-n-g.

Clucky: Bawk bawk! Bawk bawk.

Chris: Thank you Topher. 

Lamey: Wow.... (CONF: Can You Spell Hottie?! His Hair! His Everything He Is Perfect! Why Is He Kissing Up To Chris? Well It's not Like Topher has A Chris Obsession *Laughs* That Would Be Crazy! Topher is Perfect! And We Are On The Same Team! He Is Mine!)

Topher: Though, it seems like you're pretty tired from planning out these teams. 

Amy: Dave Are You Gonna Awnswer?

Lamey: Hey Tophy! I Agree! With Whatever You Just Said :)

Topher: Um...okay... (CONF) Why is the mean twin agreeing with me? I thought she was supposed to be mean. I guess not...

Dave: Well Amy. Yes I am sorry for my actions. As that was in the past and I know you will need more time to accept my apology, but again I am deeply sorry.

Raspucia: *Sees Dave and Amy interacting* (CONF) Good for Dave. Maybe those two can patch things up. ^-^

Chris: Watch it Topher. 

Rodney: Hey, this city is pretty big. :O

Marcus: Yeah, I guess that's something, though size doesn't mean quality, my friend. Judging by team names, this is supposed to be New York or something like that. I'll just watch my back- even if this isn't New York...

Raspucia: If this is supposed to be like New York, does that mean we Crime Stoppers are supposed to be the NYPD or something? .3.

Amy: Mmmmm......(CONF: Should I Trust Him? I Don't Know I Will Have To Find out Later)

Challenge 1

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 7/27/14 at 6pm EST

(I will be an hour and 15 minutes late :( Sorry - ThomasA.K.A SkullKidX)

Ella and Samey will be inactive in this challenge. Im going home tomorrow, still on holiday. Sorry guys! X Amber !

Dann: Ummm it's past 6:00 PM EST?

Chris: Okay your first challenge is to come up with a way to generate profits for the city! You must come up with a business/company that can provide the city with income. You must give it a name, a description of what the product or service is and how it can provide the city with money! The best business will win! Good luck!  

Chris: Well you guys look like you're done so here are the results. I gotta say first place goes to both the Liberty Lovers and the Big Apples for Taylor and Marcus' idea! The City Folk are also safe which means Crime Stoppers go to elimination. Liberty Lovers and Big Apples get $100 for winning , the City Folk get $25 for third and Crime Stoppers get nothing.

City Folk Idea

Leo:Hmm... how about this huge art store!It can be called Wallart! It could have expensive paintings created by the best painters (Me) you could hang them on the walls of your house.

Clucky: Bawk, bawk bawk! (Nope.avi. How about something people actually need? Food...and stuff...)

Amy: Oh My Gag! Are People Really This Clueless?! Obviously a Ultra Mall! Everyone Needs Resources I Mean There Can Be Food! Clothes! and Everything! Also A Car Place! People Need Cars To Buy! And A School! For Them Educational B****'s :)

Rodney: You can get anything from a mall! :D

Clucky: BAWK BAWK >:( (It's supposed to be ONE business!!!!)

Amy: Let's Go With The Mall Idea :)

Samey: *looks to Amy and nodds her head* (CONF) I think i have to deal it with Amy. We dont talk that much .. but she's still my sister? (END CONF)

Azuna: we can also add a music store! f

Samey: A music store in the mall? That sounds great.

Big Apples Idea

Sky: Let's see? Oh! How about a Gymnastics trampoline park? IT would be called Jump-N-Jive! It allows everyone to jump around and have fun! Great idea, right?

Andrew: It can't be that simple though, there should be a foam pit, a basketball dunk, and trampoline dodgeball. The name might need a bit of work. As far as price, I think it should be $5 per hour or $20 for an entire day.

Topher: What about a Chris merchandise store? :D

Marcus: Sky's idea isn't that bad. Although, maybe we should be thinking of something with more profit? Something like...hold on, let me think a minute. Maybe we could open up a small Amusement Park? Just make sure everything is safe and secure and then, just pick the price. People will pay an arm and a leg for amusement park rides. It's crazy. And then just name it something after Chris, and presto, all done.

Lamey: I Agree With Topher! But Shouldn't We Do Something Else! Something That EVERYONE Needs To Survive? Like a Grocery Store!

Topher: Chris' Supermarket! Obviously.

Andrew: Fun is a necessary part of life. The amusement park is a really good idea. We could charge $60 for kids and $80 for adults. With other discounts for students, elders, military, etc. A theme park brings amazing profit.

Lamey: Sure Whatever, But Andre If We Lose You Will Be Eliminated Got That?

Andrew: Honestly Lamey, what is your problem with me? First you land straight on top of me, then you threaten to get me eliminated! At least get my name right. It's ANDREW! NOT ANDRE!

Lamey: Whatever Audre If You Are So Confident On Your Plan You Would be Confident To Know that You Won't Be Eliminated, I Landed On You By Accident

Ella: *sings* Let's do a perfect musical, it's nice, funny and fun for all! *sings*

Topher: Amy, just give up.

Lamey: Topher Dear I Am Lamey The Triplet Sister I Have Lighter Hair Freckles and a Pink Skirt OK?

Topher: Right, Amy. Nice joke. ;)

Ella: *looks to her teammates* Well, shall we do a musical thing or something? *smiles*

Crime Stoppers Idea

Jasmine: Perhaps like some sort of bodyguard service? It's a city, and there is some danger with all the crimes and what not.

Raspucia: How 'bout the Crime Stoppin' Crime Stoppers Bodyguard Service? Charge a reasonable price, and in exchange, we give you Grade-A protection from any unforeseen danger.

Jasmine: Sounds like a great idea Raspucia! I'm in, mate.

Dann: Excellent. Imagine how life would be with such thing. It would be much safer!

Jasmine: You bet'cha!

Raspucia: And how about half of the profit goes to helping with the city's hospitals, clinics, stuff like that to like get better equipment to help save lives?

Jasmine: That's a nice idea.

Shawn: and maybe offer better training to more young doctors, cause you never know, those walkers could be round the corner at anytime.

Lavender: Life has to be safe and pink. Only pink can safe the world, doahh.

Chimaroj: Nice one Raspucia, that is your name right? We can also start a martial art school to keep the body guards in shape. 

Raspucia: *Hi-fives Chimaroj* Great idea!

Chimaroj: Yes I know right, eventhough I am kicked out of the monks I still have tons of experience in martial arts and a ton of skill so I would be a teacher if we can't find anyone else!

Liberty Lovers Idea

Lana: Maybe, we could open a huge gaming store! I mean, who doesn't love video games? It would be called Gamer's Ground! It sells all sorts of games and it even allows you to try out games WITHIN the store!

Taylor: I thought this was Total Drama not law school. Anyhow, the best buisness is easily a taxi buisness. If you're new to the city, you have no way to get around. Just make sure you're the only taxi cab, otherwise you may have competition. The taxi cab company would be Taylor's Taxi Cabs for Tourists, obviously. They money can go directly to the city, and with a minimum pay of $5 per trip, you could easily make about $5,000~ per day. Minimum.

Thomas: How about a ice cream joint! You can pick 2 flavors and mix them with all the toppings in the world related to ice cream! And maybe a bunch of like TV's and stuff to make people stay to pay mroe money! "Chris's fabulous ice cream" 

Dave: My thought is a mall. There would be a variety of shops and restaurants that could attract visitors. You could even have like a indoor amusement park or an aquarium. Just think about how much a mall could earn in a day and it could be called something like... the Great Chris Mall. But personally I like Taylor's idea.

Taylor: Dave you idea isn't that bad either. As long as the profit is directly to you. Easliy $50,000 dollars can be made in a day. But for my idea, the name would have to change. It would be called like Chris' Cabs for Confused Customers. That alliteration though.

Scarlett: ... (CONF) Ok so after what I did during TDPI, I'm probably the most disliked here according to calculations. Should have thought twice about that, maybe thrice. (END CONF) I guess that would work.

Rhett: i think we need a name that will really catch the attention of the public Chris' Cabs sounds to ordinary, Confused Customers sounds OK, but not perfect, how about....The Mighty Mall of McLean?

Elimination Ceremony 1: Crime Stoppers 

Chris: Welcome to your first elimination ceremony! Go ahead and vote and comment when you have voted! 

Raspucia: I voted...Sorry my idea made us lose, guys... :(

Chimaroj: Doesn't matter Raspucia, atleast you came up with soemthing . I voted too. 

Jasmine: One person didn't participate at all. And don't worry, Raspucia. It was my idea too, mate.

Lavender: I vote for the one that made us lose..

Raspucia (CONF): I feel really bad...I know the others aren't upset with me much, but I feel terrible that I helped our team lose instead of win.

Dann: (CONF) Its pretty obvious who's going home.

Chris: Alrighty! Now if you don't receive a key to your apartment complex, you'll be forced to take the Taxi of Shame! Now keys go to.....






and Raspucia! 

Leonard, you didn't help in the challenge so it's no surprise that you're going home! 

Episode 2: Advertising Is Key 

City Folk Apartment

Big Apples Apartment 

Ella: Wonderful! It's perfect, but there is something i miss here.. animals.

Crime Stoppers Apartment

Dann: I knew Leonard was useless but seriously, not helping at all? He is insane!

Raspucia: *To her team* Again, guys, I am SO sorry that I kind of doomed us last episode. :( I am going to try my best to help us win! :)

Dann: Don't worry, it wasn't your fault we lost. You did do the most out of everyone.

Liberty Lovers Apartment

Dave: (CONF) It's satisfying that the "wizard" is gone. *sighs happily* (End-CONF) So good job with the challenge guys.

Max: Why, thank you. You did almost as good as me, too. (CONF) Muhahahahaha! 1 down! only 24 more to go! An evil victory is in the works!

Challenge 2

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 7/28/14 at 8pm EST

Chris: Sorry for the delay, but your challenge is to create an ad for your business from the last challenge! It can be an poster/billboard or commercial. You must give a description of what is happening, people in it, etc. The teams with the best ads will win.

Chris: Time's up! I gotta say the Liberty Lovers place first and get $100. Theirs was very detailed and descriptive. The Crime Stoppers place second and get $50 and the City Folk third and get $25. Big Apples are heading to elimination!

City Folk Ad

Chris: You guys are doing Amy's mall idea.

Rodney: How about we do something like, there's this girl who can't find anything anywhere, so her friend tells her to go to the mall because they have everything there, and they're so impressed with everything!

Clucky: Cluck cluck. (Bawk bawk) ((Obv))

Leo: I guess that could work

Rodney: If this is what we're doing, Amy, would you want to be the girl's friend. The girl could be Azuna or Samey, or, heck, it could even be a guy. It's fine if you don't want to be the star.

Beardo: *gives Rodney a thumbs up* *ching* *ching* 

Azuna: The idea is awesome Rodney. (CONF) I was lying we need to do something wierd but I roll with this as long as I wil not be voted out! (END CONF) I will play the girl who doesn't know anything about the mall that's about as big as the entire city. 

Samey: Ehh.. *looks to Amy* I think Rodney's idea can work.

Amy: No Way! i Am NOT Doing Something With Azuna She Isn't Even Pretty! How Is She Supposed To Be A "Clueless Girl" Me and Samey Are Doing This *Points to Rodney* Got It Mumbles! Of Course You Do I Came Up With It

Samey: But what are we doing now, Amy?

Rodney (CONF): *Laughs* Amy's so smart...and pretty. I'm glad I'm on her team.

Azuna: Amy are you jelouse or something, I honestly don't care if I'm "the pretiest". but you're right Samey can do the clueless girl. 

Samey: *nodds her head* I think i can play the girl, but .. i think Amy wants the lead role? (CONF) She will hate me if i get a more important role then she get (END CONF)

Azuna: Actually I think the "pretty twin" needs to get the lead role as in you Samey I mean Amy has an disgusting moll above her lip. (CONF) I honestly don't care who plays who I am just annoying Amy (END CONF)

Samey: Thanks, Azuna right? .. *blushes*

Amy: Samey Isn't Cluless! Neither Of Us Are! If I Made It Up I Represent! Samey Doesn't Mind Being The Friend! (CONF: I Am Not Gonna Play Tug O' WarWith Azuna How Immature Is She? She Is Just Annoying Me Because She Wants To)

Samey: *looks to Amy* No it is fine, Amy. *smiles* I will play the friend..

Azuna: Amy you're boring go ahead with whatever your plan is, if we loose you go. 

Amy: Say That To Yourself Courtney #2!

Samey: *looks to the two girls* (CONF) This will ending bad.. (END CONF)

Azuna: If I was really Courtney two I would've demanted the lead by now but I didn't, you're still in charge. 

Amy: Oh? Who Demanded That Samey Is  The Clueless Girl? YOU! *Pushes and throws Glass at Azuna* YOU SRUPID LITTLE B****! *Coughs* Thank You Now We Should Start Shooting the Comercial Right?

Samey: Are you okay ? *looks to Azuna* And Amy will play the clueless girl, i will play the friend are we done guys?

Azuna: *catch the glass* whatever Amy. 

Big Apples Ad

Chris: You guys are doing Marcus' amusement park idea. 

Sky: Okay, since we're doing Marcus' idea, how about we make a commerical with a lot of clowns and other stuff?

Andrew: Clowns might not be the best idea but a commercial is fantastic! We give the park lots of hype and say how fun, clean, and worth the price it is!

Topher: ...clowns. In an amusement park. Couldn't we just have Chris be on every ride? D:

Andrew: Celebrity endorsement. Good idea, Topher!

Sky: Celebrity endorsement? Which celebrity do you have in mind?

Andrew: Well, Chris...


Ella: We can give our amusement park a little bit flair with a musical with lovely songs for people! I think they will love it.

Lamey: Music Good! But Topher I Don't think Chris Would Do The Ad Not Questioning Your Genius Or Something

Ella: *smiles and walks around and sees a bird* Come here little bird! *sings* Hmmhmmmhmmm *sings*

Marcus: I highly doubt Chris wouldn't jump on the chance to be in an ad. He seems like a screenhog type of person to me.

Lamey: Eh Ok *Stands By Topher* (CONF: He Still Thinks I Am Amy! UGH! I Need Proof.....)

Ella: What are we going to do now, guys? *looks to her bird and he flies away* Bye little bird! Go to your mother, take care of yourself!

Sky: We need to think guys. What do people usually go to amusment parks for?

Topher: The celebrity endorsement! :D

Crime Stoppers Ad

Raspucia: What do you all want to do? :P

Dann: How about for the ad, one of us plays a robber and someone plays a victim. The robber is breaking into the victim's house, stealing stuff. The victim is worried and has no idea what to do, runs around, and accidentally hits a wall revealing a phone number for our business, calls it, and 2 people come and capture the robber.

Raspucia: That sounds great! What do the rest of you think?

Dann: Uhh hello? Are you guys there?

Shawn: uhh, I'm here.

Chimaroj: that's.. weird but still great. 

Jasmine: That's a great idea, Dann. Maybe we could even hire stunt actors for the scene, and set up a stage to break into the window and everything.

Shawn: and maybe even bring in REAL weapons so it looks even more realistic!, obviously the actors would have to wear bullet proof vests, but if they're brave enough to take a bullet, then...well..forget the vests;

Raspucia: Uh...okay. That's alright! :D

Chimaroj: That actually doesn't sound like a good idea. We need to be safe. let's say we use folders instead of real bullets 

Raspucia: Well, we need the majority to agree, and if no one else has any input on the situation, I'll agree with Chimaroj and say that we use the folders instead of actually using REAL firearms.

Liberty Lovers Ad

Dave: Okay...does anyone have any ideas? Preferably ones that don't involve Evil...

Lana: I kinda have something in mind. But, just to confirm. We are doing the Mall idea, correct?

Chris: You guys are doing Taylor's taxi idea.

Max: How about we make a billboard that says "Taylor's Taxi Cabs for Tourists - EVIL taxi, all EVIL welcomed! FREE COOKIES for all as long as you're evil

Scarlett: No we something that would make the people wanna go on it. Not everyone is evil.

Thomas: To get more customers we have to get most of the populations attention, therefore we televise or comercialize our advertizement thus getting us more focus from the people. So how about for this taxi thing, we have Dave pull up to Lana who is hoping for a ride, the door opens and we add affects with rainbows and pretty music, thus making it look safe travel, Dave has a huge smile on his face, than everyone is happy, the Lana pays (A good ammount of money) And than Someone appears and explains the perks of using our taxi unit! TAYLORS TAXI CABS FOR TOURISTS! Wanna ride? You'll pay the price! The good way! *Thumbs up*

Max: Your idea needs more evil, but besides that, it's okay.

Dave: Sure...that idea could work.

Thomas: And if Max insists we could take evil people to evil places... *Fake evil laugh*

Max: Excellent! Muhahahahaha!

Taylor: That's excellent Thomas. And we may have to consider changing the name to Chris' Cabs for Confused Customers. But yeah, overall 10/10.

Rhett: ugh, i said this last time, Chris' Cabs sounds to bland, we something that will make people go oh wow!, that name sounds awesome, i SOOOO need to take a taxi ride there!, something that people don't see Craziest Cabs of Chris McLean?

(Rhett, we won for our idea on taxis... thas why were doing it because Chris said so)

Dave: So we are all in agreement. We're going with Thomas's plan?

Lana: Yep!

Max: I'm in agreeance! Evil agreeance! (CONF) They should've went with my plan of pure evil! But, Thomas' is okay, too, I guess.

Thomas: (CONF) I think it's cool  how I'm leading this challenge and what not... I've always been in the behind being the follower... it feels cool!

Elimination Ceremony 2: Big Apples

Chris: Welcome to your first elimination ceremony. You guys vote here and be sure to comment when you voted!

Sky: (CONF: *sigh* Well, our team did horrible. We all pretty much had terrible ideas. But at this point in the competition, you have to get rid of the one who didn't participate...) I voted!

(Shouldn't Mabel be excused because he's moving? Blake Megido Writer Actor Critic 21:19, July 29, 2014 (UTC))

Topher: Voted.

Lamey: Sugar Didn't Participate Bye Bye

Ella: (CONF)  *looks to the deer, birds and bunnies in her confessional* I have voted! But it wasnt a easy choice. (END CONF)

Andrew: It's pretty clear who needs to go. *votes*

Marcus: Hmm, I'm not feeling safe at all...but I have voted.

Chris: Well if you're safe you get an apartment key. Keys go to 





and Marcus!

Sugar, Andrew you both got 3 votes each and one of you would have to leave, but I have been given notice that Azuna and Chimaroj must leave the game for unknown reasons so your both safe...for now. 

Episode 3: Pound the Alarm

Apartment Lobby

Sky: (CONF: Well, I guess our team got lucky? But, I hope we can win our next challenge!)

Jasmine: What a shame that Azuna and Chimaroj had to leave, they looked like tough competitors!

Raspucia: Man...we're already down two players! (CONF) Why did they have to leave? Chimaroj was an awesome competitor, and, as far as I could tell, an awesome friend.

Taylor: They said they had reasons, I guess.

Dave: Meh. I didn't get the chance to get to really know them. It's sad that their gone...I think.

Clucky: Bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk bawk cluck. (Azuna and Chimaroj were too fantastic for this show...or they just had something going on with family) :|

Max: (CONF) Those two quitters were way too wimpy to stand up to my sheer evilness! Muhahahahaha!

Thomas: (CONF) It feels good to be the one who won the challenge because of his ideas! Usually... it's just a wad of paper shot out of an empty pen shell to the neck meaning 'shut up' ....

Ella: *looks to the bunnies that are stay with her* Hi there little bunny. *sings* With a smile and a song, life is just a bright sunny day, your cares fade away, and your heart is young. *sings*

Amy: (CONF: Yes! Azuna Is Gone! Chimaroj was Nice Though.........)

Lamey: Hey Amy *Pushes Samey Away* How are You Sis?

Amy: Good! It's Grest To See My Wayyyy Better Sister!

Lamey: Yeah...

Samey: *looks to Lamey* (CONF) I hate her even more then Amy! (END CONF) Ehh .. Amy.. can i talk to you please?

Lamey: Sorry Amy Doesn't Talk To Losers!

Amy: Yeah! I Talk To Winners *Smirks* But Whatever

Samey: *looks to both and walks then away* (CONF) It's happening again. A time ago we where at a party and she taked all girls to her side and pushed me in the pool. She said the same what she said a few seconds ago. She is soo annoying. I dont know if i'm so sweet to her again, cause i hate it when she acts like this. (END CONF)

Thomas: *Walks up to Samey* Hey, you look upset, is there something wrong?

Amy: Don't Talk To My Sister! 

Samey: Everything is fine, thanks for asking. *smiles*

Thomas: *Looks to Amy* Can it brat! *Back to Samey* You know you don't have to take this crap from Amy, fight back! show her who the actual power sister is! Lamey and Amy are just worse versions of you. (CONF) I've about had it with this sister rivalry thing.

Beardo: *fweet* *fweet* *fwoo* *watches Thomas, Amy, Samey, and Lamey* Hmm...

Chris: Oooo tension my fave!

Thomas: Not mine! I'm leaving *Walks out door to explore the city*

Samey: *looks to Thomas and blushes*

Amy: You Can Be The Zoey to His Mike, Or You Could Be My Sister!

Exploring the City

Challenge 3

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 7/30/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Callenge time! But first some announcements. Sugar is leaving the competition (wiki) so the Big Apples are down a player. We also have two new contestants to take Azuna and Chimaroj's places. Meet Faith and Trey. Faith is on the Crime Stoppers and Trey is on the City Folk. Now for your challenge, you must race to the Statue of Chris (4 lines) and push the alarm button (1 line). You must have 3 people on your team complete the challenge to get immunity. Ready? GO! 

Ella: *races to the statue of Chris* (1)

Samey: *races to the statue of Chris* (1)

Leo: *races to statue of Chris* (1)

Raspucia: *Races to statue of Chris* (1)

Rodney: *Races to statue of Chris* (1)

Dave: *Races to statue of Chris* (1)

Leo: *Races to statue of Chris* (2)

Dave: *Races to statue of Chris* (2)

Topher: *races to the statue of Chris* (1)

Clucky: *races to the statue of Chris* (1)

Dave: *Races to statue of Chris* (3)

Raspucia: *Races to the statue* (2)

Rodney: *Races to the statue* (2)

Dave: *Races to statue of Chris* (4)

Ella: *races to statue of Chris* (2)

Samey: *races to statue of Chris* (2)

Dave: *pushes the alarm button* Done Chris. (1)

Ella: *races to statue of Chris* (3)

Samey: *races to statue of Chris* (3)

Raspucia: *Races to the statue* (3)

Rodney: *Races to the statue* (3)

Sky: *races to the statue of Chris* (1)

Lana: *races to the statue of Chris* (1)

Ella: *races to statue of Chris* (4)

Samey: *races to statue of Chris* (4)

Sky: *races to the statue of Chris* (2)

Lana: *races to the statue of Chris* (2)

Ella: *sings* Its red and big, and is small little bit. But maybe we will win, when i push on it. *sings and pushes the alarm button*

Samey: *pushes the alarm button*

Sky: *races to the statue of Chris* (3)

Lana: *races to the statue of Chris* (3)

Raspucia: *Races to the statue* (4)

Rodney: *Races to the statue* (4)

Amy: *races to the statue of Chris* (1)

Lamey: *races to the statue of Chris* (1)

Raspucia: *Pushes button* Done

Rodney: *Pushes button* I'm done! :D

Amy: *races to the statue of Chris* (2)

Lamey: *races to the statue of Chris* (2)

Sky: *races to the statue of Chris* (4)

Lana: *races to the statue of Chris* (4)

Topher: *races to the statue of Chris* (2)

Clucky: *races to the statue of Chris* (2)

Sky: *pushes button* Done!

Lana: *pushes button* Yes! I'm finished!

Topher: *races to the statue of Chris* (3)

Clucky: *races to the statue of Chris* (3)

Marcus: *races to the statue of Chris* Wow, I'm really behind... (1)

Topher: *races to the statue of Chris* (4)

Clucky: *races to the statue of Chris* (4)

Marcus: *races to the statue of Chris* I think I see Topher up ahead, I hope he gets there fast. (2)

Topher: *pushes the alarm button* (1)

Clucky: *pushes the alarm button* (1)

Marcus: *races to the statue of Chris* (3)

Chris: Big Apples win and get $100. City Folk in second and get $50.

Marcus: *pushes button anyway* Oh, so I ran for nothing? (1)

Rhett: *runs to statue) (1)

Shawn: (runs to statue) (1)

Chris: I'm afraid so Marcus.

Dave: Come on team. You can do it!

Jasmine: *Races* (1)

Taylor: *Races* (1)

Lamey: *Rushes To Topher and hugs Him* Looks Like We Won Topher! Good Job!

Taylor: *races* (2)

Dave: Your almost done Taylor!

Topher: Uh...good job to you too, Amy. (CONF) I have a feeling that Amy...might like me o_o

Taylor: *Races* (3)

Dave: *cheers Taylor on*

Taylor: *races* (4)

Lamey: TOPHER! I Am Lamey! Not Amy!

Amy: She Wishes She Could Be Me *Pushes Lamey*

Dave: *dances*

Taylor: *pushes button* Donezo.

Dann: *races*

Scarlett: *races*

Chris: The Liberty Lovers place third and get $25. Crime Stoppers I'll see you at elimination.

Dann: NOO! (I had to go somewhere which is why I didn't do much, sorry)

Lamey: *Pushes Amy* (CONF: She Is Getting On My Last Nerve! Poisinous Apples Won't Compare)

Amy: *Falls By Dave* GAH!

Dave: *stops dancing* Uh...I'll help you up. *Helps Amy up*

Amy: *Gets Up* Oh Gee *Blushes* Thanks.... (CONF: Things with Dave Are Weird It's Like We Can't Have A Friendship Because We Had A Relationship!)

Elimination Ceremony 3: Crime Stoppers

Chris: You lost again. Don't vote for Faith since she just got here. [1]

Raspucia (CONF): We lost hurts to see another one of us go home. I just wish that we could have done more in the challenge today. I know the others are pulling their own weight, aren't they? If they're not, well...I just wouldn't know what to say. :(

Lavender: (CONF) Damn i was too late for the challenge. I wanted to vote Faith cause she isnt one of us !!!!

Shawn: (CONF) well i was either gonna vote for Lavender or Jasmine, and i've decided to vote for Lavender, sorry. 

Chris: Apartment keys go to





and Jasmine

Sorry Lavender but you've been voted off! 

Episode 4: Monster Hunt

Apartment Lobby

Chris: I thought I'd let you know that Marcus and Max are switching teams!

Sky: (CONF: Whoa! People are already buying stuff from the store?) 

Lamey: Not Fair! Me and Topher Bought Tickets To! *Grabs Chris By The Collor* Listen To Me If My Topher Wants Something HE GETS IT

Samey: (CONF) Ehhhh.. she is soooooo annoying! (END CONF)

Thomas: Hey Samey! I want to talk to you for a bit! (CONF) For some reason I feel really connected to her, my only problem is those 2 annoying BRATS. I think it's cool to help her a bit.

Amy: *Grabs Samey* Hey!

Samey: Amy! Stop! I think you found your best sister Lamey. I'm tired about this. For now i'm going to have my own life without you Amy! *walks to Thomas* (CONF) Oh my gosh, if my primary school teachers watch this show, they will be proud on me (END CONF)

Thomas: Come with me *Grabs her arm and walks her outside* (CONF) I've devised a plan to get rid of the twins once and for all! I think it would make Samey a little happier (NON CONF) Hey Samey, so instead of taking this nonsense from tweedle dumb and tweedle stupider, I say I use my money to switcaroo you onto my team, get you away from her and stuff. What do you think?

Samey: *turns to Amy and looks. Then she turns back to Thomas* That would be awesome. *smiles and blushes*

Amy: *Glares at Thomas* (CONF: Joke Is On Him Lamey, Topher, and Marcus Bought The Only Tickets There Is No Way That They Can Switch Now! *Sighs* The Reason For Lamey to Come Here Was To Get Samey Closer! But Now It's Driving Her Away!)

(Oh... )

Thomas: *To Samey* Well I guess your stuck here for a while since I can't buy one there all out. But, once the merge happens I'll do anything in my power to get your sisters out of here.

Samey: Ahw thanks for tryin' ! *smiles and walks back and looks to Amy* (CONF) I'm ready for it.. (END CONF)

Amy: *Hugs Samey* Oh Thank Goodness You Can't Switch! What Did He Tell You!

Samey: Ehm Amy, do i have to bring Chris to you? You hugged me.. and he wanted me to another team. Your acting mean again, same as always and i'm getting tired of it.

Amy: I Am Sorry! I Hope You Can Forgive Me?

Trey: 'Ey, mates. Sorry I haven't been doin' much lately, even though I just got here, I was sicker than a dingo with rabies during the winter for a while. But, now I'm all betta' and I'll do what I can to help us win. (CONF) First confessional? So many things to say... I think I'll go with this: Hi. *Waves* (END CONF)

Faith: ... (CONF) I'm afraid to talk to them because, I'm afraid they won't like me. But, what if the people watching don't like me because I'm speaking to them too much? I'm sorry! I'll get out! Wait, would me getting out upset you? I don't want you to be upset! Please, don't! Don't cry! Wait, what if you're not crying and you find that rude... or offensive? I'm sorry for that too! I swear I'll do better from now on! But, what if I don't in anyone's eyes? What will I do? ... I'm sorry! *Cries* (END CONF)

Ella: Look there! Two fresh faces! *smiles*

Samey: I'll forgive you Amy. *huggs* (CONF) Finally, i got my sister back. (END CONF)

Amy: *Shakes Trey's hand* Nice To Meet You! Looks Like Your On My Team

Trey: I... guess so? Nice to meet you. *Shakes her hand back agrressively, not even realizing it*

Max: (CONF) My new better be prepared for the sheer amount of evil that has been brought upon them! Muhahahahahaha!!!

Beardo: *ping* *ping* POW!* *waves to Trey*

Trey: (CONF) I think I'm gonna' do just fine.... (END CONF)

Marcus: (CONF) The Liberty Lovers...seems like a decent enough team. I should probably go out and meet them. Or maybe they already know me. Well- oh, nevermind. I'll just continue planning out my day after challenges. (Non-CONF) *writing on notepad*

Taylor: *Walks over to Marcus* Hey, welcome to the Liberty Lovers, dude. 

Marcus: Thanks for the welcome. I'm sure we'll get along fine and win some challenges at the least.

Taylor: Yeah, as long as no-one on our team don't make us lose the challenge.

Marcus: Well, from analyzing our fellow teammates, I think we'll do just fine. Or at least, good enough to barely not go to elimination. Or, that's just what I think. There might be a major upset or- Oh, sorry, sometimes I just go blathering on. I'll stop talking, as I don't want to get on anyone's bad side so early. Thanks for the welcome.

Taylor: Anytime. *walks off to grab snack out of that one room in every apartment that has a lot of snacks to buy for no reason*

Dave: Yes welcome Marcus to the team. *sniffs the air around Marcus* You seem that's good.

Taylor: *walks back with Eesees Peecees* And you're not? You did go a little off the handle last season. No offense.

Marcus: *to Dave* Err, that's...nice?

Taylor: Well do you want an abnormal or a normal teammate? Question of the day.

Marcus: Hmm, what do you mean?

Taylor: What I mean is what provides a greater asset to your team? An abnormal teammate or a normal one, ya' know? They both have their advantages. For example, normal teammates are easier to cooperate with, an abnormal teammates may have their advantages in specific challenges. But the best teammates are the ones that can carry their team if they need to in the long run.

Marcus: I suppose I see what you're saying. It was a very in-depth explanation. To answer your question, I'd take either, as long as they could help the team.

Taylor: Yeah, man.

Thomas: (CONF) Okay so Samey and Amy made up... I'm happy for her... but something doesnt smell right...

Exploring the City

Challenge 4

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 7/31/14 at 8pm EST

(In case you didint see my mo mento, I'm going to be absent due to a goodbye party for my brother who is leaving tomarrow, sorry :( - CaptainSparklez13 (Thomas))

(Can't make the challenge, sorry. Out with my parents. -NP, OJ, SSoH)

Chris: Today's challenge is...

Monster: *takes Chris to the Empire Chris Building* 

Chef: CHRIS! Okay new challenge, come up with a way to save Chris! Best will win immunity! 

Chef: Alright we'll try it the Liberty Lovers' way! 

Monster: *releases Chris* 

Chris: You guys win! Crime stoppers place second and the City Folk third which means the Big Apples are going to elimination. 

City Folk Idea

Leo: One of my inventions can work!

Samey: Amy do you have any idea's?

Amy: Yeah Duh! Do The Responsible Call The Police and They Will Get Them Easy!

Clucky: Bawk bawk bawk >:( (there are no police here you prissy blonde mole-face cheerleader!!!!!)

Amy: *Calls America's Police Station (idk tbh)* Yeah Chris Is Stuck On A Tower Save Him Thank You

Samey: Are they gonna save him, Amy?

Trey: We could just tranquilize the monster. It worked on a family of rabid squirrels who were trying to eat my entire family, so it should work for this thing.

Amy: I Like It! Let's Go With Trey's Idea!

Clucky: BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK ALERT BAWK BAWK BAWK (screams @tranquilizer)

Big Apples Idea

Ella: I can sing a song! *smiles*

Sky: That could possibly work, Ella! Maybe, it'll calm the monster down!

Topher: Um...I don't think the monster is real...and it might not have emotions to enjoy Ella's singing...

Lamey: *Hugs Topher* Exactly what He Said! But We Should Think Bigger....Like WAIT I GOT IT! Remember That Monster Episode From TDA? Owen Couldn't Get Captured Because He Is A Fat Cow! If We Get Owen, Owen Can Way Him Down!

Topher: ...Where are we going to get Owen, Amy?

Ella: Shall i ask the birds where we can find Chris?

Lamey: Ahh Topher You So Smart! What We Need Is A Heavy Object!

Topher: Maybe the birds can carry the heavy object! Plus some other animals. Right, Ella?

Lamey: Yeah! Ella Can Your Animals Do It!? (CONF: I Actually Have Nothing Bad To Say About Ella She Is Actually Pretty Nice!)

Ella: Ofcourse i will! *sings* Hmmmhmmm come here sweet animals, and help us please! I hope you will help us and i dont get on my knees! You have to find the host, he is caught by a monster! If you lovely animals can help us that will be super! *the birds flies away and the deers runs away and ends with singing* I think they will help us.

Topher: Awesome. Great thinking, Amy.

Lamey: Great Job Ella! Topher! I Am Lamey! Not Amy!

Crime Stoppers Idea

Raspucia: How about we put our Crime Stoppin' Crime Stoppers Bodyguards to the test? They could save Chris! What do ya think?

Dann: We should also equip them with a spiked shield to block and hurt the monster's attacks at the same time.

Jasmine: How about we just gather a bunch of gunpowder and blow the monster up? Pretty simple.

Faith: Whatever works for you all is fine. And if not, sorry. 

Liberty Lovers Idea

Marcus: Well, this is an unfortunate predicament. Any ideas, new teammates?

Dave: What if we distracted the monster with something that it likes? We could offer it to trade Chris for something else? I dunno...

Marcus: That works just fine. But, the problem is... what would a Monster like?

Dave: Well...monsters tend to like having a damsel in distress?

Marcus: Yes, would we get the damsel in distress back? And who would fill the role?

Lana: Ehh! (CONF: If Princess Peach taught me anything, it's to be captured by a giant turtle-monster! I can do this part!) I'll do it!

Marcus: Hmm, you sure? It's a risky job.

Lana: Totally! I'm not scared of some monster! 

Marcus: Great. It seems we have our plan. Just be careful, okay? We don't know what this monster is like, it could try to eat you, or it could be nice. So be prepared. Like maybe we could give Lana something before she goes to take down the monster or are we just good with what we've got?

Dave: *thinks* Well what if we made her even more pretty. You know like with a dress and make up?

(Apparently the dinner party isint for another hour so i can poarticipate) 

Thomas: It's the best plan, I mean we could get a catapult, and launch someone up there and hit the monster to drop chris, we will have a tramploline or something to break his fall, and a make up crew... knowing chris... But if you guys dont want this plan we could go with your guys.

Taylor: What about sort of like a bait and switch? Lana goes in as Princess Peach, who can hopefully divert a monster, and then someone could perhaps sneak up and swap out Chris with a dummy? Just brainstorming here.

Marcus: That's a nice addition to the plan. Who here thinks they could sneak up on the monster? Anyone?

Dave: I guess I'll do it. (CONF) I once was captured by a bear...this shouldn't be any different.

Marcus: So, are we all set?

Scarlett: Hold on, is this a real monster, a robot, or an intern in a costume?

Taylor: I would assume the last two.

Thomas: So correct me if I'm wrong, were going to send Lana up to the monster to distract the monster as a princess, than Dave is going to sneak up on the monster and switch Chris out with the dummy...? Sounds good to me.

Elimination Ceremony 4: Big Apples

Chris: What can I say? You tried your best and it was terrible. Now go vote someone off [2]

Ella: Ahw! *the birds flies to Ella* It's not a problem at all, sweet, sweet birds! Take care of yourself, and go to your mother! *blows a kiss to the birds and votes*

Topher: I have voted, Chris. Though, I would've thought our idea was better. (CONF) Maybe he's just too old...wait...too old! I have an idea. :D

Max: Muhahahaha! Time to eliminate one of these not-so-evil people!


Lamey: (CONF: [Censored] Andrew) Don't Worry You Will Be Safe (CONF: On Eh T'now)

Sky: I voted!

Chris: Well this was a fast vote. Apartment keys go to 





and Max.

Sorry Andrew but you gotta go

Episode 5: What's in a Name?

Apartment Lobby

Amy: Hey Lamey! How Are You!

Lamey: *Reading Magazine* Oh Just, Splendid

Amy: Can You Go Get Me Food?

Lamey: No Way! (CONF: Today I Had The Most Wonderful Dream! Me And Topher Were Making Out The Dream Happened 2 Days In A Row! It Must Mean Something!)

Amy: Let Me Rephrase, Get Me Some Food NOW! (CONF: I May Be A Little Hard On Her But I Am Hungry!)

Lamey: *Scowls* (CONF: [Censored])

Samey: *looks to Amy and Lamey*

Lamey: Topher, Wanna Come?

Topher: Where?

Ella: *looks interested and smiles to Lamey and Topher and walks around*

Lamey: Too Get Food!

Chris: By the way, Amy and Taylor are switching teams. There are NO MORE Swap Tickets by the way

Samey: Oh my gosh, Amy!!! No !! (CONF) Did i say that. I thought i just wanted Amy gone. But it feels .. different. (END CONF)

Amy: Sorry! *Goes By Liberty Lovers* (CONF: Yes That Was A Crazy Choice But I Need To Patch Things Up With Dave And THis Team Is On A Winning Streak! Bonus!)

Samey: (CONF) Well, i have to do it now on myself. No sister, no friends. A whole new start i think. (END CONF)

Lamey: *Sits Down*

Faith: *Runs in, breathing heavily* I made it here as fast as I could! I'm sorry, for... And I-- Mhm. So... Sorry! Eh, what? *Drops*

Beardo: *helps her up* *wrerp* *flerp* *querp*

Dave: *eats a cookie*

Thomas: (CONF) So Amy is on my team now... look I care about Samey, and this her sister, so it would make sense to befriend her! (NON - CONF) Hey Amy! Hope you enjoy our team! 

Amy: Um Yeah Thanks........(CONF: He Likes My Sister! And He Is Going Down!) Hey Dave! Where Did You Get That Cookie?

Dave: *points at a closest* There is an entire jar full of cookies in there. *eats another cookie*

Thomas: (CONF) Juding by her questioning tone I can tell she doesnt like or trust me (NON-CONF) Look I can tell you don't like me, so whats the problem?

Amy: *Grabs Cookie And Sits Down By Dave* 

Thomas: Forget it. (CONF) I can tell her heart hasnt changed! She's drawing me  and Samey away from each other... not like what we had was ever there... (NON - CONF) *walks outside, sulking*

Thomas: Hey Dave can I talk to you for a sec?

Exploring the City

Leo: *Goes to secret hideout* Now it's time to find the perfect person to be my sidekick! *Looks up all the Pahkitew Island Contestants on the computer* (CON) Found her! (CON END)

Trey: Wow. I've never seen buildings like this.

Faith: Hi, Trey. Wait, you didn't want me to say "hi," did you? I'm sorry.

Trey: Err, what?

Faith: I'm so sorry for speaking! It wasn't my turn! I ruined your time alone!

Trey: It's fine... I think.

Faith: I upset you! *Cries while running off* (CONF) Now someone already hates me. It won't be long until everyone else does too. But, wait, what if they already do? What if there's a secret club named "I Hate Faith!" What do I do? I already walked around the city because I knew they didn't like me. Wait, what if they need me to stay and they think lesser of me now? ... *Bolts out of the confessional* (END CONF)

Trey: (CONF) She's weird. (END CONF)

Max: Hmmm... I wonder what in this city can be used for evil?

Thomas: *Sits on a building and stares at the sun* (CONF) I can't sulk forever I guess... Amy will probably stop at nothing to get me kicked off if I continue to like her sister, time to get my head in the game! I came on this show for the money, not the relationships... and the amazing girls... who talk to you... *Slaps self* Focus! Million dollars > Girls

Amy: What Are You Doing Trying To Get Blind

Thomas: No, trying to forget your sister, I think you don't like me because I kinda liked her. So I'm trying to get over her. I can't come between your guy's sisterhood, it's what she wants.

Amy: Thank You!

Thomas: No problem? (CONF) That was easy, but remember I can't have any targets on my back! (NON - CONF) Anything to make sure no one hates me!

Amy: Yeah Ok Listen *Sits Down* I Will Let You Date Samey If You Help Me With Something

Thomas: Really!! Wait... depends... (CONF) Focus.

Amy: I Want To Be Friends With Dave Again Will You Talk To Him?

Marcus: *walks over to Thomas & Amy* Sorry if I'm interrupting anything, but I wished to welcome you to the team, Amy. I'm not much of a veteran to be a welcomer, but I want you to feel right at home at the team. It will improve our team morale.

Amy: Oh Hi! Very Nice To Meet You! (CONF: Nice Equals Gullible Obvious Alliance!) Hey Would You Like To Be In A Alliance?

Marcis: Um, an alliance? I suppose it would be beneficial, but-, sure. Why not? (CONF) An alliance would be very helpful for the Pre-Merge stage, it's like someone watching your back and stuff. You never know when someone's plotting against you...

Max: *finds a warehouse* This looks like an excellent place to evil! *walks into it*

Amy: Great!

Thomas: Amy, can I join the allaince? (CONF) Getting into an allaince is just what I need now, Marcus is expendable.... but Amy might be helpful!

Challenge 5

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 8/2/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Your challenge is to come up with a new name for this city. Apparently the producers said that the name doesn't attract people and is selfish and blah blah blah. The name cannot have anything to do with me. Good luck.

Chris: Well I gotta say the Liberty Lovers win again. City Folk, not my first choice for a name but it works. Big Apples third place and Crime Stoppers... *sigh* you guys lose again! 

City Folk Idea

Samey: Well, team .. what about Falls Hill?

Clucky: Bawk bawk. (Townsville City!!!!)

Beardo: *chi-ching* *gives a thumbs up to Samey*

Clucky: Bawk... (Fine... D:)

Leo: Sure

Taylor: Chris County? Wait, no. It's gotta' be attracting. How about "Low Taxes and Low Crime Rate"?

Clucky: Bawk bawk bawk???? bawk bawk cluck bawk cluck!!! caw. (Are you dense???? It can't have anything to do with Chris!!!!! And the second name is horrible ugh.

Taylor: O...kay? I'll go with Samey's idea.

Big Apples Idea

Ella: Sweet! We could do Town Square, Oriënt York ?

Topher: We should do Topherton, because I'm the second best thing after Chris.

Ella: I love it, Topher! And it sounds really nice. *sings* Welcome in Topherton, the city for everyone! Hmmmmmhmmmmm *sings*

Lamey: Magnificent Idea Topher! But Oriënt York Fits In With The Season's Theme!

Max: Topherton? Seriously? That name is not even close to amazing my name... Insidious City! Everyone should love that name... if they're worth an ounce of evil!!! 

Topher: (CONF) I figured if Amy liked me, she would agree with everything I say. Why isn't she??? (END) But...Topherton D:

Sky: How about The Total Drama Mound Town! (CONF: It may not be the best name, but at least it's something!)

Lamey: Yes Tophertown! Great! (CONF: I Need To Prove To Him I Am Not Amy!)

Max: *facepalms, then throws his hands up in the air* I'm on a team of goody-two-shoes! (CONF) I'll never be able to accomplish any evil with these inferior beings on my team! If only I could switch back teams! Then maybe someone there would appreciate my geniusness!

Ella: Wait a minute ... you are Grumpy! *walks to Max and kneels and starts to sing* A bad look makes people afraid for you, but i'm not scared at all but i dont get the clue. Are you mad, angry or just wanna have lunch? Well, keep focus and let's win this challenge! *sings*

Max: *looks frustrated, growls at Ella* You dare call me grumpy! Do you know who I am? I AM EVILLLLL!!!!!! Muhahaahaha! And Evil always wins... That's why we're picking Insidious City as this city's new name! (CONF) If my team doesn't go with my name, they're not worth my time... my EVIL time! 

Crime Stoppers Idea

Shawn: i got a totally awesome, but strange name...i say we call the city.... CRIME SHINE CITY!!

Liberty Lovers Idea 

Rhett:'s about Paradise Boulevard?

Dave: *shrugs* The name works for me.

Lana: Yeah, I like it! Fits in perfectly!

Thomas: I like the name Stone Whakaari, it translates in maori for Dramatic stone, the stone representing the buildings and the drama representing the show

Marcus: I think Paradise Boulevard works better at attracting people, personally.

Thomas: Picky picky picky! Alright than!

Amy: The Name Works Perfect!

Rhett: hehe, thanks guys, hopefully this will make up for not helping out as much.

Elimination Ceremony 5: Crime Stoppers

Chris: You guys lost so you gotta vote. Raspucia cannot be voted for so go vote! [3]

Dann: There was a challenge? Why didn't anyone tell me? (I had to go somewhere with my sister so I couldn't do it.)

Chris: Well enough time has passed so apartment keys go to




and Faith

Sorry Dann but you're leaving. 

Episode 6: Aftermath I



Rosalina: Hello! I Am Coming Live from The Aftermath Studio! Last Time You Saw us Mariah was going against [A Name that Shall Not Be Mentioned] And Mariah Won! Good For Her! Anyway we Are Here To Dish The Dirt On Everything ASVUD! So Stay Tuned! *Calls security* Take Care Of Manuel Anyway Lets Talk About What Happened so Far!

Lindsay: Well, Rosalina. So much drama, relationships, conflicts oh my gosh! Like the Samey, Amy, Lamey plot! And Topher is kinda cute.

Rosalina: Exactly! Well I Think it's Time to Release A Guest Here Is SUGAR!

Sugar: *Walks in waving and gives air kisses* Hello Rosalina!

Rosalina: *Holds Back Vomit and Coughs* Well,.... here is *Gagging* the BEAUTIFUL SUGAR! Hello! How are you!

Sugar: Beautiful, normally! 

Rosalina; Anyway, you were an All Star This Year, but You did not Live Up to the Name What do You Feel About Your place in The Competition?

Sugar: Well I lost out a million smackaroo's! But I GOT MAH OWN TVAH SHOW! SUGAR BEE BEE! 

Rosalina: Wow.....Much Sugar Such Bee...................Um Cool! Who did you consider your best friend?

Sugar: Duh, the wizard.... or my beauty!

Rosalina: Um, Of Courssse Who Was Your Biggest Enemy?

Sugar: That nasty Ella had it out for me.

Rosalina: Oh Definatley Ok So If You Could Choose The Next Person To Go Who Would It Be?

Sugar: All of them! I should be the only one ON THAT SHOW!

Rosalina: Ok! Any Last Words?

Sugar: Where's the food at?

Rosalina: -.- On The 3rd Floor One Door to The Left

Jason: *walks on stage* I just came from the 3rd floor and there's not much food I suggest you hurry Sugar before it's all gone!

Audience: *Claps Like Crazy*

Crazy Fan Girl: JASON OMG OMG *Tries to Grab Him*

Rosalina: SECURITY!

LeShaniqua: *Throws Fan Girl In the Trash*

Rosalina: Let's Welscome....................JASON! Hey Jason!

Jason: Thanks for having me on the show Rosalina.

Rosalina: No Problem! Your Fangirls Would Freak! If You Did Not Appear, The Last Time We Saw You it Was "Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underogs 5" You Were Very Popular! What Do You Think About Your Popularity

Jason: Well to be honest I never really understood my popularity...especially due to my similarities to that scoundrel Scott. But to be honest I think the secret to my popularity is my personality...and Stachy.

Audience: *Ahws and Claps*

Rosalina: So Humble! Anyway With Popularity......Comes Other Things, Like Being a Threat You Were Eliminated 2 Times For Being a Threat do You Really Understand That?

Jason: Well I never did understand that. The first time I was betrayed by my ex-friend Noah who I was loyal with for over half the game. And the second time I was against some big name threats like Duncan. I mean you know what a power player he is and yet they chose to target me. But I am doing fine and have moved on with my life.

Rosalina: So Nice! Who Is Your Favorite Team This Season!

Jason: Well I prefer to root for the underdogs so I like the Crime Stoppers. Although the Liberty Lovers deserve a shout out for dominating so far.

Rosalina: Nice, Who Do You Think Is The Nicest Player Here?

Jason: From what I've seen, I'd say Raspucia is very friendly to everyone whom she has interacted with.

Rosalina: I Know right! Raspucia is A Great Friend! Who Do You Think Is Mean?

Jason: Oh I think that answer is obvious Rosalina. There is only one person in that cast who is so despicable, so nasty, so...Evil. I'm starting to think that Max is evil incarnate! *shivers at the thought of Max*

Rosalina: Ooh Professer Evil Huh? well Who Do You Think Has The Hots for Eachother? A.K.A Crushes

Jason: I admire Lamey's attempts to get Topher to notice her...but I think Toph not bright enough to notice that she's not Amy.

Rosalina: And I Thought Lindsay Was D- Lindsay What Does Dumb Mean

Lindsay: Teacup?

Rosalina: And I Thought Lindsay Was Dumb!

Jason: *laughs nervously as he strokes his stache*

Rosalina: Jason, is there Something Wrong?

Jason: No. It's just I didn't know how to react to that?

Rosalina: Oh It's Fine, Who do You Think Will Go Next?

Jason: well I think that Scarlett might be on the chopping block. She hasn't helped her team out compared to everyone else.

Rosalina: Hmmmm, Very Nice Who do You Want to Go?

Jason: Max. He's evil! <.<

Rosalina: Ok Last Question Do You Think You Will Ever Return To ASVUD?

Jason: If the fans demand it, then I shall make a reappearance.

Rosalina: *Hugs Jason* It Has Been Fun Interviewing You, I Hope You Make An Appearance Soon! Bye!

Jason: Goodbye Rosalina. *waves to the crowd and leaves the stage*

Rosalina: Next We Will Interview................DANN!

Dann: Finally! Why did it have to take for- *trips* OW what the? How did I? SAKURAI!

Rosalina: Kill Me Now, Dann How Are You? You Were Recently Just Eliminated How Does It Feel?

Dann: I feel cheated off. I was sleeping and then all of a sudden, challenge is over.

Lindsay: Yeah i totally understand! But, i thought Dee was a capital?

Rosalina: Anyway How Do You Think About Your Fellow Participants?

Dann: I guess they are ok. Except Leonard. hecangodieinahole He was more useless than he was in TDPI.


Dann: But what about the rest of the questions :( I barely get to do anything.

Lindsay: *looks to Rosalina* Wait.. who is Azuna?

Rosalina: She was a contestant on TDASVUD7.....

Lindsay: Really? Nice! What was her name again.. *thinks*

Rosalina: Azuna? Chimaroj? You Out There? Guess not I Am Tired So AFTERMATH END!

Andrew: I'm here.


Sugar: I should still be in the game, not in this farm dump!

WinMac the flying rainbow puking unicorn: F*ck this aftermath *pukes rainbow and flies off*

Chimaroj: What was that?

Azuna: Good question.

Sugar: *Gasps* Rainbaws! 

Azuna: *eats a couple cashewnuts* 

Suagr: So what the heck am I doing here?

Chimaroj: This feels kinda pointless actually *drinks some water*

Azuna: *eating some pistachio's* they do have great snacks though.  

Previous ASVU Contestants

Manuel: Hey, gals!

LeShaniqua: OH HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL NO *Throws Manuel Outside* Ok I'll Tell Y'all When Your Up!

Manuel *stands up and sits next to Staci and Leshawniqua.*

Staci: Oh, gosh! Are you OK?

Manuel: Yeah, maybe! I know her - she is very sassy.

LeShaniqua: I AM SECURITY YOU B***** GTFO *Throws Staci and Manuel in a trash can*

Jason: *strokes his stache*

LeShaniqua: You'll Be After Sugar K' Jason Baby?

Jason: Sounds good to me.

Manuel: Than can I be after Dann?

Episode 7: The Hunt Is On

Apartment Lobby

Exploring the City

Challenge 7

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 8/8/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Okay! So we ordered some new gold keys but they're scattered all over the city after we scattered them. You must pick a number 1-24. That number represents a spot where a key is. There are gold (3 points) silver (2 points) and a bronze (1 point). You obviously want to find the gold key to earn the most points for your team. To make things fair, each team will only have 4 players to compete in the challenge, which means some will sit out, but Crime Stoppers you will have all members of your team in the challenge. The team with the most points will win. Good luck you'll need it (literally). 

Ella: *looks to her team* It doesnt matter for me who is going, we are a team and i will be happy with everyone! *smiles*

Topher: I think Max should sit out >.>

Taylor: I'll go for my team.

Jasmine: I'll do this challenge, mates!

Dave: I will volunteer myself to sit out of this challenge.

Samey: Ehm, i'm gonna sit. So i cant do anything wrong, okay guys? (CONF) Well, i thought i said it better then i thought. Gosh i need Amy (END CONF)

Rhett: i'd like to say i'd do it, but i think i'd end up forgetting what was happening and stuff, so i think i'll sit this one out to be on the safe side.

Shawn: well i'm prepered to go for it if my team wants me to, if not then yeah, i'll sit out to.

Raspucia: Um, Shawn, I think you, me and Jasmine have to do it because we're all that's left for our team. :P

Shawn: oh yeah...alright then, let's do this!

Faith: I pick number 3, if that's okay with everyone. I'm so sorry if it isn't! Well, if anyone else wants the number, I'll gladly give it up and let someone else have it. Uh, sorry if that's not good enough for you. *Sighs* ... Oh, and, um, sorry if my sigh was too loud. Or too out of place. ... I'm sorry! *Hides face in hands*

Trey: Err, anyway. So, team, who's gonna' go for us?

Raspucia: I pick number 7. I just have a strange feeling about it.

Scarlett: Let's see Ummm 6!

Shawn: (in Patrick Star voice) uhh....24!

Thomas: I'll go! 13 for sure!

Lamey: I PICK NUMBER 2! D:<

Amy: I pick 23 i guess

Max: You cannot force evil to sit out, pretty boy! I say whoever doesn't say a number sits out! I pick the number 22, because it is 1 less then the most evil number! *whines* And someone else just picked it.

Beardo: *shrugs* *sits down next to Samey* *chi-ching* *gives a thumbs up to his teammates*

Marcus: Mmm...19?

Ella: Number 4, that sounds lovely! *smiles*

Topher: I guess Sky is sitting out, then. I pick sixteen >.>

Clucky: BAWK BAWK (I guess the people who don't pick in time sit out. I PICK ONE.)

Samey: *stands up* I guess, i have to pick a number.. so i pick 17!

Rodney: 11.

Beardo: *stands up* *shrugs* *ca-chow!* *holds up 5 fingers*

Taylor: Why not 1?

Jasmine: Lucky number 8... mate!

Chris: And finally the Crime Stoppers place first with 6 points. Liberty Lovers and Big Apples tie with 5 points and City Folk is going to their first official elimination ceremony with 4 points. 

Elimination Ceremony 7: City Folk

Chris: Well you guys lost so its time to vote [4]

Samey: Voted! (CONF) I had to sit down.. (END CONF)

Clucky: Bawk :( (Voted.)

Rodney: I voted.

Trey: Voted, mate.

Chris: This is probably the most unified vote yet. Everyone that voted wants Leo to take the taxi cab of shame and don't forget to take your stupid art with you!

Episode 8: Why You Gotta Be So Rude?

Apartment Lobby

Jasmine: *jumping from chandelier to chandelier*

Taylor: *looks up* Can you not?

Thomas: What the heck? 

Jasmine: *does a triple backflip off of a chandelier lands and then runs out of the apartment*

Taylor: O..kay?

Raspucia: *Stretches arms* Oh, Raspucia's tired, baby...

Rodney: *Yawns* Hey, everyone.

Samey: (CONF) Time to spend time with lovely people! (END CONF) *claps* Go Jasmine! And hey, Rodney!

Taylor: Hey, Rodney.

Jasmine: *rides a horse through the apartment lobby and out the back door*

Taylor: Where'd... where'd she get that?

Thomas: Okay than?

Taylor: So... Anyone want to play Go Fish? *pulls out a deck of cards*

Thomas: I'll join in this action!

Jasmine: I'm in, mate!

Scarlett: I'll join.

Taylor: Okay, all these people are good enough. *deals cards* Uh... I'll go first. Thomas, do you have any 3s?

Thomas: Go fish (CONF) It's nice to just chill while we wait for challenges! This is fun!

Taylor: Aw, man. *draws card*

Jasmine: O..kay. (You can go next, Mike. XD) Taylor, do you have any 3s? *smirks*

Taylor: *rolls her eyes and hands Jasmine a card*

Exploring the City

Thomas: (CONF) Have 7 episode really gone by? It's been so quick!

Challenge 8

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 8/11/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Challenge time! So I came up with the idea of making challenges based on past ASVU rejects I mean contestants! Today's challenge is based on Mack. Now clearly based on last seasons finale, Mack was not well liked and people said things that weren't so nice. Your challenge is to compliment Mack. The team with the best compliments will win. Now I realize that coming up with compliments can be repetitive so I will be taking the best compliment from each team when it comes to deciding a winner. Good luck.

Ella: What about a song for Mack? *smiles*

Sky: Well, Mack was a very unique, cheerful and awesome competitor!

Lana: Why was Mack so hated! He was sooo adorable! He was so timid and soft, but boy did he know how to play the game!

Dave: Mack was an...interesting lad. He was special in his own unique way.

Taylor: Alright Mack, first off, nice purple shirt. Pretty sweet, I gotta' say. But- hold on. *pulls out her phone and googles Mack from last season* My sincerest apologies, I had no idea who you were. But despite that, upon further examination, you actually seem like a cool guy. And upon FURTHER examination, I absolutely don't see a reason why people would hate you, to be quite frank. If anything you should be liked by some individuals. Wow, it's really hard to give true compliments. But all in all, you seem like a cool individual. But here's a little song if I couldn't get my point across.

Yo', what up my man Mack.

Your the coolest guy here and that's a fact.

I'm not sure what's up with all the hate.

But I'm going to try and put people straight.

Why oh why can't people be so kind?

Why must they be mean everytime?

Why can't everyone just have some fun?

It's unbelievable this hasn't begun.

But all in all, you should've won.

But you lost and now that's done.

It's a shame that you weren't a winner.

The people who didn't vote you are all sinners.

But anyhow, GG. *drops mic and walks off* (Went the extra mile here)

Thomas: Well Mack, I don't know you... But I do think anybody who is disliked deserved love and care, I think you are probably a great man, hopefully not beaten up by the hate. I hope life brings you more joy... (beat this)

Trey: Mack was able to make the finale despite being hated by half of the galaxy, you have to admit that's talent.

Amy: Mack is Cool, Mack was probablly the biggest underdog *Vomits* OKAY I JUST CANNOT DO THIS CHALLENGE *Starts Vomitting everywhere* EWWWWW!

Lamey: I do npt knw who this "Mack" is but he sounds like a wimp anyway I saw hs photo he looked pretty hot he is probablly hated for a stupid reason and i think people should stop making fun of him and actually give him a chance, and i mean this from the bottom of my heart

Raspucia: Mack, you 'da man, aight? You will always be 'da man, aight, so don't let them get to you. You is awesome!

Max: Well, this "Mack" has a similiar name to mine. I guess I can compliment him by saying that his name is almost the same as PURE EVIL's!!!!!!! Muahhahahahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!

Beardo: *break dances in slow mo* Uhhhh... *clears throat* 

Mack is the whack

He should be on all the 8-track

The dude was so chilll

He gave everyone the thrill

Check it! *EEEERRRRRKKK* *realizes what he's doing* *covers his face, then runs off*

Topher: (CONF) L-O-L! AMY LIKES MACK? Yep, she's dead to me. (END) is...a very hated underdog that almost won, so I congratulate him on that. (CONF) *vomits*

Clucky: BAWK BAWK CLUCK O BAWK BAWK UH HUH BAWK BAWK, BAWK BAWK BAWK BAWK...Bawk bawk...bawk bawk bawk...bawk bawk (CONF) BAWK BAWK :O (I REFUSE TO COMPLIMENT THAT WORTHLESS PIECE OF CRAP KNOWN AS MACKLEMORE -- I MEAN MACK, BECAUSE MACKLEMORE IS GR8. But if I HAVE to, Mack looks...good???? He's not handsome or anything. (CONF) I...I need a worm... *chicken vomits* (END)

Ella: *sings* Macks first season, was a shame, but he fixed very fast! He didnt left something that lies on the ground, not even the mast! He laught, smiled and wanted to crie. And at the end of his season he had to say goodbye. My dear Mack, you played well and was strong. And the idea to win wasnt wrong! Goodluck in the future you will shine above a deck, i hope you will get luck in your life my best Mack! *sings*

Samey: Ehm, well .. Mack you are great i guess. Actually, i dont know who you are.. but i think you are sweet and nice. *looks to Amy* And he is the best .. underdog. Go .. Mack! ?

Rhett: well i watched quite a bit of last season, and i personally felt a little sorry for Mack, he seemed like a nice guy and i think everyone just misunderstood the guy, i hope he hasn't been like....traumatised by what happened, but regardless, (looks at camera) if you're watching this Mack, then don't listen to it!, i don't mean to sound like John Cena but rise above it!, prove you're the better man!, because from what i've seen, you definately are, the better man.

Lamey: *Whispers to Topher* This challenge was really hard, But luckily I am a great actress! I hope our team wins!

Chris: Well the best from each team was Taylor/Beardo, Ella, Rhett and Raspucia and coincidentally those are the winners for this challenge! City Folk place first and get $100, Big Apples place second and get $50, Liberty Lovers place third and get $25. Crime Stoppers have another elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 8: Crime Stoppers

Chris: Well you've done this before so do it again

Jasmine: Faith didn't do the challenge at all! She's gone.

Raspucia: I voted.

Faith: Jasmine, need I remind you that Shawn didn't either? *Twitches* Errr.... Sorry! Augh! *Covers face with hands* (Voted, by the way)

Chris: Well this was a fast vote. There were three votes against Shawn! Sorry zombie boy but later!

Jasmine: Bye, Shawn! *Gives Shawna hug and then walks back to her seat*

Episode 9: The Art of Mustache

Apartment Lobby

Scarlett: Let's continue our game.

Thomas: Nah, I'm gonna go rest. *Walks to the bed rooms*

Amy: *Goes into Thomas's room and pours water on his head* Wake up! We need to discuss alliance's *Drops Marcus* We need to make a target! And possibly another member!

Thomas: *Pushes hand against forehead and moves it across and flicks off a bunch of water* (CONF) Yay, i'ts locker room all over again. (NON-CONF) *Dries off and follows Amy*

Ella: *draws* A little bit pink here, and blue on the right side!

Exploring the City

Marcus: *exploring the city* Well, then.

Dave: *reads a book*

Topher: *pops up behind Marcus* Hey! I heard there's a total blooming romance between you and Faith behind the scenes! :3 Tell Topher all about it :D

Amy: *Grabs Marcus and Drags him away* Ugh! Stop being your own person! We need to have an alliance meeting with Thomas, Let's go.

Max: *resides in his evil lair* What kind of evil can I cast upon the city today? Hmmm.....

Rhett: is there a cafe around here or something? (searches the town)

Samey: I dont know, can i help you to find it? *smiles and blushes*

Rhett: (thinks) you're sweet for asking to help, but i think i'm good, thanks again! (leaves)

Samey: Ok.. (CONF) And again i cant make friends without Amy. It's so difficult. Amy doesnt want me right now.. she is too busy with her stupid alliance. *almost cries* (END CONF)

Rhett: (overhears Samey's confessional) wow....she really wanted to be friends?, i thought she was...hmm..i guess i better talk to her later. (walks away)

Trey: (CONF) This mornin' I was taking one of my few daily strolls, when I overheard a few different things. All very curious. Wonder if they mean somethin'... and if so... what? (END CONF)

Faith: *Walks silently through the streets, occasionally twitching and moaning*

Lamey: *Walks by Topher looking at Faith* (CONF: That Faith girl is not right, She seems nice....But there is something about her.......)

Challenge 9

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 8/13/14 at 6pm EST

(Thomas might be gone for today's challenge, depends on what happens, I'll do my best to particpate - CS13)

Chris: Today's challenge is based on Jason. Seriously the love that this dude got is real! So naturally we have a challenge based on him. All you have to do is post a picture of a mustache. The crazier the better! The team with the best pics will win! 

Amy: Ew! Gross!

Chris: Lots of great staches but I gotta say the Big Apples win thanks to Topher and Max. You guys get $100. Amy's stache gets second place for the Liberty Lovers and $50. This last one was a tough choice. City Folk you guys have some good and some bad and some creepy so I think third place goes to the Crime Stoppers. You guys get $25. City Folk its elimination time 

Elimination Ceremony 9: City Folk

Chris: You guys know the drill. [5]

Samey: Voted.

Clucky: Bawk. (Voted.)

Beardo: *chi-chick* *gives a thumbs up*

Chris: Well apartment keys go to





and Trey!

Sorry Rodney but your time is up

Episode 10: Don't Be A Troll

Apartment Lobby

Dave: *sleeps on a bed*

Thomas: *Sits on a couch* (CONF) I think my odds are good at this point! My team hasn't had to vote anybody out! Were the power team! Let's just hope we don't get a team swap... That would suck.

Dave: *gets up and eats a cookie*

Thomas: *gets up and eats ramen noodles*

Dave: *leaves to get fresh air...and more cookies*

Marcus: *sarcastically* Well, aren't we lively today? I guess I could use a snack though. *gets up and grabs a muffin to go*

Ella: *walks after Dave*

Exploring the City

Topher: Amy [Lamey]. I need to talk to you.

Lamey: *Blushes* YES?

Topher: Why are you all red? Anyways, we need to get Marcus and Faith together ASAP. They look so cute together! Do you want to help me? :3

Lamey: Oh....Of course.....And it's Lamey! Not Amy! (CONF: Seriously that is a TERRIBLE couple! I don't wanna make another Zoke! The Shy Girl dating the nice guy is SO overdone *Sighs* I am getting a little tired with growing his ego Whatever)

Dave: *walks down the street whistling a happy tune*

Topher: Right...Samey... (CONF) I'm soooo confused. Amy says  she's Lamey but Lamey doesn't exist so Amy who says she's Lamey must be Samey! (END) Let's go, then!

Lamey: *Sighs* Ok 

Marcus: *walks while eating muffin*

Dave: Hello Marcus. How are we doing on this fine normal day?

Marcus: I'm fine. Although this day appears to be too normal. And you?

Topher: *whispers to Amy* There he is! Get him! Bring him to the hotel where Faith is and shove him in her room. (CONF) I have the total perfect plan. Topher is the matchmaker...and a good host, don't you think? :3

Dave: I am normal. Do you want a cookie? *pulls out a cookie*

Amy: UGH! MARCUS! Get Here We Need To Talk! *Notices Dave* Um can i uh....borrow Marcus for a bit?

Dave: As soon as he takes the cookie. If he wants it.

Marcus: I'll take it. *takes the cookie* Thanks. *to Amy* So, what do you need this time?

Dave: (CONF) Marcus's been a good friend to me. That means something.

Amy: *drags Marcus away and smiles at Dave* Ok i have been thinking and i say we open up the alliance to Dave! Thoughts?!

Marcus: Dave's a good guy. I guess I'll agree. Also gives us a upper-hand in numbers.

Amy: Also he is dreamy...I mean cool! Yeah! I meant cool let's go!

Ella: *walks to Dave* Hi Dave! *blushes*

Samey: *walks to Amy* Eh, Amy... can i talk to you?

Topher: *to Amy* Are you done with him? We're going to need him for just one tiny second. *drags Marcus away*

Rhett: (CONF) damn it!, i should have been here for the challenge!, i'm seriously riding on purely luck right now, cause i know for sure my team will be itching to get rid of me if i keep this up, which i won't!, i swear i won't!

Thomas: *Walks around eating his ramen with chopsticks* (I don't even know anymore)

Amy: Actually I DO have a problem *Grabs Marcus and drags Him away* Grrrr *Notices Ell and Gasps*

Chris: I have some news there are new teams! 

Team 1 

Amy, Beardo, Clucky, Dave, Faith, Lana, Marcus, Samey, Taylor, Thomas

Team 2 

Ella, Jasmine, Lamey, Max, Raspucia, Rhett, Scarlett, Sky, Topher, Trey

Team 1 is now the New Yorkers and Team 2 is now the Californians. 

Thomas: (CONF) I'm starting to think the definiation of convience is having the people you want to be on your team.... on your team!

Amy: (CONF: YES! My alliance is doing great! Me and my alliance need to ask Dave about an alliance)

Challenge 10

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 8/15/14 at 6pm EST

Thomas; I wonder where Chris is, he's late!

Chris: Sorry for the delay. Today's challenge is based on Nemo. He's trolled/godplayed a bit so find a picture of a troll. It can be a meme, a literally troll whatever just make it good.

Chris: Well you all had good trolls, but I gotta say the New Yorkers win since I couldn't even understand Dave's troll. You guys get $100. Californians you get nada. Another reason you should want to win. Anyway its vote time! 

Elimination Ceremony 10: New Yorkers

Chris: Well you've all done this before so do it again! [6]

Raspucia: I voted. :P

Scarlett: Wait a minute, I thought I bought a Switch-a-roo card?

Chris: Oh snap! You're right! The Californians win! New Yorkers gotta vote someone off!

Dave: Well this stinks and I voted.

Thomas: Crap! Voted!

Amy: UGH!

Samey: Ehh.. i guess i have to vote for someone then? *looks to Amy*

Marcus: Voted a while ago. This is not the best situation we could be under at the moment...

Clucky: BAWK. (VOTED.)

Samey: Voted

Lana: Awww :( I voted

Chris: Well the votes are in! Apartment keys go to those who got no votes against them








and Clucky

Amy, Taylor you both received votes, but the person with 6 votes against is Amy. Taylor you're safe for now.

Episode 11: ASVU's Next Top Model

Apartment Lobby

Dave: (CONF) I can't believe my team voted Amy off...she wasn't that bad. We never really had a chance to patch things up... *he gets depress and pulls out a giant cookie jar and starts eating*

Thomas: (CONF) Though I thought Amy was cool, I did vote for her... She was too powerful, and that much power can be hard to beat later in the game... Though now I can relax and hopefully win until than! (NON - CONF) *eats some of Dave's cookies*

Taylor: (CONF) Me... the final 2..? I have to step up my game. (CONF) S-sorry team, for whatever I may have done. I didn't mean to do anything that terrible to be put in the bottom 2... sorry. *sighs and walks off*

Raspucia (CONF) I saw Taylor walk-away all sad. I'm gonna go talk 2 that gurl. (END CONF) *To Taylor* Hey, gurl, what's wrong? :(

Taylor: I... I just... *scratches the back of her head* I don't understand what I did. I mean, I may have done something but... I don't understand why I made the bottom two.

Thomas: *Joins Conversation* Well, I'm pretty sure it was Amy or something, I didn't vote for you, don't worry... We got you!

Dave: (CONF) *resorts to eating the cookie jar since there are no more cookies*

Samey: *walks in* Hey guys

Taylor: Thanks, Thomas. Hey, Samey!

Thomas: No problem! Hey Samey!

Clucky: Bawk. (Hi, Samey.)

Thomas: (CONF) Being here has been great! I've met lot's of people and befrieneded them... I havent really been distracted by any girls yet... but I really think Taylor is cool and stuff.. Perhaps... maybe.... (NON-CONF) Hey Taylor, I know you're unconforatable with the whole bottom 2 thing, just consider me your pal! 

Taylor: Thanks, Thomas. I appreciate it.

Thomas: Anytime *Smiles* So how is your day?

Taylor: Swell, I guess. How is your day?

Thomas: Wonderful now that I'm talking to y- ... Darn it! *Smacks forehead*

Taylor: Eh... excuse me?

Thomas: Nothing *sits down*  

Taylor: Ah. Okay. So, anything new happening?

Thomas: Just beating myself up on the inside currently.

Taylor: That's dangerous for your health. I recommend you don't do that.

Thomas: *Laughs* Maybe I won't *smiles* 

Taylor: Cool. *smiles* I'm going to go check out the rest of the city. Later! *walks off*

Thomas: *Smile turns into frown* (CONF) What was that? I usually can charm anybody.. I don't feel myself around her....

Rhett: (sets down newspaper) dude...were you trying to sweet talk her?

Exploring the City

Topher: Now that Amy's gone, we can FINALLY start Marcus and Faith. YAAAAAAAAAAAS.

Jasmine: Wot, mate?

Faith: *Overhears Topher and runs* No one... can see me... at a time like this-- *looks back, but accidentally slams into a building* Uhh... Euh! *Continues to run, but trips and falls to the ground*

Jasmine: *helps Faith up* You okay, mate?

Marcus: Dave's been a good friend to me. That means something. *eats a cookie while walking and notices Faith* Hmm?

Jasmine: I dunno, mate.

Faith: *She seems to be unconscious*

Marcus: Hmm, she seems to be unconscious. (gg) If I recall correctly, you're a survivalist, correct? Do you know any techiniques on how to wake someone from their unconsciousness?

Jasmine: (SQUARE UP, HOLMES) Um.... oh yeah, right! We'll need to gather some bees, a cup, and some honey. Can you get the bees?

Marcus: Bees in a city would be hard to find...maybe waving a freshly-made cookie in her face would work? The aroma is delightful.

Lamey: UGH, Topher seriously when can we stop this is getting tiring!

Marcus: No? *eats cookie* Fine, I'll go look for the bees. I can't guarantee success though.

Trey: *Enters a building, but then closes it a second later* (CONF) Why would anyone want to have a shop that sells honey? There were so many bees all over the place... well, it was quite a sight and proved amazing, but still... (END CONF) *Starts to head back to the apartment*

Marcus: Hey, Trey. *walks up to him* You're an adventurer right? So I'm guessing you're good with animals? How about a trade? If you could tell me where to find honey and bees, I'll give you this freshly-made cookie?

Thomas: *Takes Cookie and eats it* I like cookies

Trey: Err, I'm sure that trade can't be made now. Heh, heh. Uh, anyway, what do you need bees and honey for?

Thomas: *eats all bees and honey in world* I like bees and honey *pukes*

Marcus: Jasmine's technique of waking an unconscious girl up. Someone just fainted a while ago, so we're trying to make them conscious again. Fairly sure the bees are supposed to sting her and the honey goes on her face, but I got nothing better, so...yeah. If I had something better, I'd contribute it, though.

Trey: Get her to a damn hospital! Where is she?

Marcus: *leads Trey to Faith* Over here. I thought of that option,'s Chris. He wouldn't let us unless we paid something.

Dave: *walks down the street with a gigantic belly since he ate too much cookies*

Thomas: I can help Dave! *Punches Dave's stomach and he pukes all the cookies and Thomas takes them and runs*

Dave: K thanks. *walks away and eats more cookies*

Trey: You may be right. But, we can't just let her... sit there and be unconscious! Hmm... I got it! *Runs away, and comes back with some honey from the one place* The aroma should bring her back. *Waves it around in front of Faith*

Faith: *mouths 'no'*

Dave: She needs a cookie since for some reason everyone has developed an obsession with them!

Jasmine: Ah! The bees are coming! *grabs honey and drinks it* Ah... that's all I needed. *the bees come and she captures them in a cup*

Marcus: *watching intently* Hmm...nice to see experts at work. Do you think this is working? If not, do we have anything to bribe Chris with to let us take her to the hospital?

Faith: *Moans*

Jasmine: Get up! *uncups the cup of bees and shakes it on to Faith*

Marcus: ...What- is that even safe? Or legal?

Jasmine: It is back in Australia, mate!

Marcus: But that is- why on earth is it- Nevermind. This is giving me a headache. I'll just continue watching...

Faith: *Tears roll down her face*

Jasmine: Erm... you okay, mate?

Topher: Move out of the way, losers. OBVIOUSLY, she needs a kiss. It's one of these fairytale movie things- cliches- whatever. *cough* Marcus *cough* *cough*

Marcus: I doubt something as cheesy as that would work.

Topher: JUST DO IT. >:(

Marcus: Fine. *kisses her* There. If it didn't work, I refuse to speak to you again. :)

Topher: Same. It's not like I would stoop down to talk to your level anyways.

Jasmine: That's colder than a freezer for hunted animals back in the Aussie. (IDK)

Challenge 11

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 8/17/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Today's challenge is based on Lindsay. You must design an outfit of your own design. Everything you need to make your design is here. The team with the best idea will win! 

Chris: Well it looks like you guys have decided and I declare the New Yorkers the winners! I do not need to look like Topher. If anything he stole my look. Californians it's elimination time. New Yorkers enjoy your $100

New Yorkers Design

Taylor: So I'm thinking of something sort of hipster, maybe? Like a beanie, and some of those glasses or something, I don't know.

Marcus: Hmm...I'm pretty sure Chris is in the "mainstream" group, so do we know anything that's popular right now?

Taylor: Um... "swag"?

Samey: Do you know the adidas thing? Maybe we can do something with that.

Taylor: Well we're not sponsored by them, so... Is it legal to show on television?

Samey: I dont know, but we have to come up with a idea or we will lose again.

Taylor: Sure, I guess we can do that. It's worth a shot. So are we going full Adidas or just sorta' based on it?

Dave: What if we make something that represents his homeland? You know Newfoundland. Fashion isn't my forte.

Clucky: Bawk BAWK BAWK. Bawk bawk cluck. (We can call it SWAGidas. And make a Newfoundland-based outfit.)

Thomas: swag? Um I don't think so. But I do like the adidas  thing. Or the Chris thing.

Samey: Something shiney.

Taylor: So like... something to do with rain prevention that is sponsored by Adidas?

Thomas: Sounds like a great idea Taylor! *smiles at Taylor*

Taylor: Thanks, Thomas. Alright, so I'm thinking... maybe a black hoodie, with the Adidas logo in the middle, and it's red. Just some regular black baggy jeans. Of course, trademark Adidas shoes, they're grey with the logo black. Maybe... a black flat cap? And throw the logo on the back of it, very small-like. Anyone with me, or..?

Beardo: *pa-show* *gives Dave a thumbs up*

Lana: I actually like the idea! Let's go with Taylor's idea for sure!

Californians Design

Jasmine: Maybe something western! Not being biased, but y'know, mate. Maybe just a ranch hat, some over-alls, and maybe some cowboy boots. Maybe, I dunno, mate.

Topher: Obviously not. I mean, Chris would wear what I'm wearing to look younger. Y'know? He looks too old anyways :3

Ella: We can put something of Disney figures in it! I think it will work! *smiles*

Rhett: maybe we should make something bright, energetic and appealing to a lot of people.

Ella: Bright. Energic. Wonderful! *dances with Rhett and sings* We are making some fashion, i hope we will win! To wake up with a smile next morning! Nananana!

Rhett: woah!, uhh...i mean.....Nanananana!

Topher: Um...okay...but...I think my outfit would work better :3

Rhett: alright dude, if you're absolutely sure it will help us win, then i support you.

Ella: Me too! I hope Topher's idea will win! *smiles*

Scarlett: Maybe a shirt that says "Number 1 Host" could work.

Max: How about some kind of evil design, like what I'm wearing?

Trey: I don't do fashion. I find something I like and I put it on... What's the point in caring? Heh, heh.

Raspucia: Um...well...I'm fine with whateva you all want to do, as long as you all think it's what would help us win. 

Topher: Oh, wait! (CONF) I don't want Chris stealing my style and keeping his role as host :/ (END) Let's go's...or Scarlett's...:3 

Lamey: Yeah i agree with Topher........

Sky: Topher's was a pretty good idea, but does anyone else have an idea?

Elimination Ceremony 11: Californians

Chris: Well it's time to vote someone off!

Scarlett: voted.

Max: Evil has voted! (CONF) They should have went with my evil plans, then we'd never even be here!

Topher: Voted, but JUST SAYING, we should've won. 

Chris: Well apartment keys go to








and Trey.

Scarlett, Topher, the last key go to you Scarlett. Good bye Topher! 

Episode 12: Aftermath II 



Lindsay: O my gosh yay! *hugs Rosalina* Welcome to the second aftermath everyonee!

Rosalina: Ok everyone lets welcome Topher

Lindsay: *claps in her hands* Yayyyy!

Topher: Hi. >.>

Lindsay: So Topher, what was the reason that you was voted off? Nobody saw that coming!

Topher: Well, Chris was being TOTES unfair and when I said not to use my idea, he used it anyways. That show how desperate he is not to have his job taken away, to be honest. I CALL RIGGED.

Rosalina; Uh huh....What did you think about the contestants in the game?

Topher: Samey was the LAMEST helper. I should've called her Lamey. >.> Yeah, that's a better name for her. Marcus and Faith should still happen. 

Lindsay: Yeah but i think not everyone voted for you at your elimination ceremony. About who are you sure they didnt voted for you?

Topher: NO ONE. Nobody here is worth trusting. 

Lindsay: Okay.... Rosalina who is our next guest? *fake smiles*

Rosalina: Amy?

Amy: Die! 

Rosalina: Shawn?

Lindsay: I guess he isnt here? What About a show about me! Yay. *runs to backstage*

Shawn: but i'm he-nevermind... (sighs)

Rosalina: Um Yeah Ok! Aftermath Done...


Previous ASVU Contestants

Leshaniqua: EW a Rat! Get that thing out of here! *Sprays rat*

Jimmy: I'm back! Now where's Rosalina... (CONF) All I have to do is wait for my turn to go on stage and then I'll have time to talk to Rosalina!!!

(Jimmy is not getting interviewed, I would appreciate if anyone who did not get an invite, does not immediately assume they're apart of the aftermath)

Jimmy: Oops! *falls off cliff* (sorry, thought it was all contestants)

Shawn: woah! did that dude just fall of a cliff?

Lindsay: Is Shawn here? *looks around*

Shawn: uh...i'm here.

Episode 13: As Wicked As Can Be

Apartment Lobby

Thomas: *Sits on couch reading celebrity manhunt magazine*

Exploring the City

Dave: I wonder what there is too? *looks for something to do*

Thomas: You could eat cookies! *Shoves some in his mouth* (CONF) Like my mom always said.... wait... I don't have a mom....

Dave: *spits cookies out* Please leave me alone. *wanders off*

Challenge 13

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 8/27/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Challenge time! So Cindy from ASVU3 was pretty wicked. Find the most wicked picture you can find and as always it can be anything.

Rhett: wicked ay? how bout this? MWAHAHAHAHA!

Chris: Oh right. Evil wicked. Thanks Rhett.

Lamey: *Sighs* I wonder if Topher would like this-

Scarlett: I quit. I have better things to do. *leaves*

Chris: Well even though Scarlett quit someone else will still go home! 

Taylor: I guess the Joker is pretty wicked.

Max: I am pretty wicked.


Dave: I guess this is wicked...since it's Wicked...

Ella: She hurts Snowwhite! *looks depressed*

Samey: Did you guys watched Bugs Bunny? *blushes*

(Creator: My brother posted Raspucia's pic. Sorry about that.)

Trey: A Scarecrow can be wicked... Heh-heh.

Faith: *Walks in slowly, holding her head with both hands* Uhhh....

Rhett: uh...are you OK?

Chris: Well I gotta say the New Yorkers win! 

Elimination Ceremony 13: Californians

Chris: Well your team is going to lose yet another member so go ahead and vote  [7]

Max: Evil has voted for the most useless member of this team.

Rhett: (CONF) i hope he doesn't mean me...does he mean me?...i think he means me....gosh the paranoia is incredible!!

Chris: So there's lots of hate going on on this team. These votes are pretty random but someone will be elimianted by only 3 votes! 

Apartment keys go to people with no votes! 




and Raspucia! 

People received one vote but are still safe include 


and Jasmine.

The last key goes to Trey! Sorry Lamey but you're out! 

Episode 14: The Power of Science

Apartment Lobby

Taylor: *plays Sudoko*

Thomas: *walks up to Taylor* Hi Taylor! How are you? *smiles*

Faith: Outta' my way! *Shoves Thomas and exits*

Taylor: Wow, *sarcastically* your niceness is something I believe everyone should have.

Thomas: *gets up looks at Taylor and leaves*

Ella: Hmmmmhmmmm *dances*

Thomas: *Runs up to Taylor* Look Taylor, I havnt had the coruage to say this, maybe because I'm a coward, but right now with the whole compitiion, I've noticed the bonus prize, and that is the other 1 million dollars and that is you, I know we havnt had the time to talk, but I just came to let you know that you are amazing, and was wondering... if you think the same way..

Taylor: *scratches the back of her head* Erm... well yeah, I think you're a cool guy, intelligent and what not. but- not to hold it against you- you're a cool guy, but I've never really been interested in having a relationship. Like, ever. But, until you or I get eliminated, let's see where this takes us, okay? Later. *walks away*

Thomas: *Fakes a half smile and walks away* (CONF) I'm not sure where to go with this... But I think I'll just leave it at that... I'm cool and intelligent *giggles*

Exploring the City

Faith: I was so tired of sitting there, feeling weak. Now, I'm out of hiding, and I'll show no mercy. *Chuckles* This... is gonna be fun.

Thomas: *Walks and sits on the roof of a building* (CONF) I can't take it! If I'm going to go out with this girl I'm going to have to tell her how I feel! (NON - CONF) *runs to the appatment*

Challenge 14

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 8/31/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Dedicated to Rosalina, you must race to our city's science lab (3 lines). You must have 4 people complete the challenge to win. GO! 

Taylor: *runs*

Jasmine: *runs*

Dave: *runs*

Thomas: *Runs* (1)

Trey: Alrighty, mate! *Runs* (1)

Faith: A science lab, eh? Fantastic. *Runs* (1)

Thomas: *Runs* (2)

Taylor: *runs*

Thomas: *Makes it to the Science lab* (3) Yes! First place! (CONF) I wonder if Taylor saw that!

Taylor: *gets to the science lab* Ugh... *takes a sip of water*

Max: *runs to the science lab* (1)  There is plenty of instruments of evil in science labs...

Beardo: *runs to the science lab* (1) *FA SHAW*

Dave: *runs*

Clucky: *waddles/runs*

Trey: *Runs* (2)

Faith: *Runs* (2)

Dave: *gets to the Science Lab* Meh...*eats some cookies to celebrate*

Max: *runs to the science lab* (2)  

Beardo: *runs to the science lab* (2) *FA SHOO*

Trey: *Runs* (3) If I would've only started just a little bit soona'....

Faith: *Runs* (3) Finally. *Slowly backs up towards the doors, and slips inside*

Ella: oops! *runs with birds* (1)

Samey: Sorry team! *runs* (1)

Chris: Well the New Yorkers win again! 

Elimination Ceremony 14: Californians

Chris: Wow you guys gotta step it up, but whatev go vote [8]

Max: I have voted for another weak member, who is not worth my evil time.

Chris: Well apartment keys go to






and Jasmine! 

Sorry Ella, but you've been voted off

Ella: *sings* It hurts so much to be voted out by my teammates! I did so much, played the game and had much dates. This night will be horribel cause i have to leave you all so. I can say one thing i have to go! I will miss everyone, from him to her. But what did i do to you all, did i weird or stare? I will never know i wasnt even low, cause now i have to goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *sings*

Episode 15: That Gaming Life 

Apartment Lobby

Rhett: (CONF) i got seriously lucky with that last elimination, i need to be more active or else i'm gonna be out of here sooner then i think...

Exploring the City

Challenge 15

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 9/2/14 at 6pm EST 

Chris: Based on Mariah and her love of video games, post a picture of your favorite video game. The team with the best video games will win.

Chris: This is a tough call cause I love all your games, but this victory goes to the Californians. I enjoyed how these games are nice and match your personalities as well. New Yorkers its elimination time.

Elimination Ceremony 15: New Yorkers 

Chris: You know what to do [9]

Dave: I have voted.

Thomas: I hate losing... Voted.

'Chris: Okay the votes have been cast! 'Apartment keys go to 








and Thomas! 

Sorry Clucky, but your teammates think that this is a game for teens and you well *laughs* Just go.

Episode 16: Who Loves Cody? 

 Apartment Lobby

Taylor: *chatting with someone on the web with her laptop*

Faith: (CONF) The chicken!? Why would anyone vote for the chicken, when there are actual threats out there! Ugh! Stupid, annoying, nasty little-- Ugh! (END CONF) I'm leaving this dump. Hopefully something interesting will be waiting for me out in the city.... *Smirks as she exits*

Beardo: *relaxes on a chair* *hon-chu-chu-chu* *hon-chu-chu-chu*

Rhett: (CONF) so Clucky's left us...seriously though, letting a chicken be a contestant on a show specifically made for forehead)'s just crazy.

Exploring the City

Faith: *Sneaks around until she finds and enters the science lab*

Thomas: *Notices Faith entering science lab* (CONF) What is she doing in there?

Max: *in evil lair* What evils shall I do, today? *reads calender* Well, today is Tuesday.. so, today I shall not pet any bunny rabbits!! Muhahahaahahaha!!!

Faith: *Tinkering with items*

Challenge 16

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 9/4/14 at 6pm EST 

Chris: Dedicated to Sierra and her love for Cody, all you have to do is make a statue of Cody (5 lines). The first team with 3 statues of Cody wins the challenge.

Faith: Uhhhhh... uhhh... augh! *Holds head* I... I... *Sighs, stumbling around* (CONF) I woke up in a science lab and I couldn't even figure out where I was... or what I was doing in there. Sorry, if you don't care, it's just so... *Moans* (END CONF) S-Sure.... *Builds* (1)

Trey: One statue of whoever-that-is comin' up in a jiffy! *Builds* (1)

Dave: Why must we build a statue of someone so unimportant? *builds* (1)

Faith: *Moans while building* (2)

Trey: *Whistles while building* (2)

Beardo: *CHING* *POW* *ERRR* (1)

Max: How can I make this statue evil? *Builds* (1)

Dave: *builds* (2)

Beardo: *BRRR* *BANG* *DING DING* (2)

Max: *plots while building* (2)

Faith: This... it's wrong. Uh! I better... better hurry.... *Builds* (3)

Trey: Err, this guy is lookin'... quite odd. *Shrugs* Oh, well! *Builds* (3)

Dave: *eats a cookie as he builds* (3)

Beardo: *ERRK* *BERRK* *CHA POW* (3)

Max: *schemes while building* (3)

Dave: *builds* (4)

Thomas: *BUilds Cody* (1)

Faith: Sorry... sorry... sorry... Uhhhh. *Builds* (4)

Trey: He's turnin' out... not very good, but he's turnin'. *Builds* (4)

Dave: *finishes building the statue of Cody* I am done. (5)

Beardo: *BUZ* *PING* *BRRRR* (4)

Max: *chuckles evilly while building* (4)

Faith: *Builds* (5)

Trey: *Builds* Done, mates! (5)

Max: *finishes building* (5) Now for the final evil touches! *draws a mustache and angry eyebrows on the statue with a marker* (CONF) So... much.... EVIL!!!!! Muhahahaahahahah!

Beardo: *REK* *CHING* *ENUN* (5) *Da Da Da Da DA* *victory poses*

Taylor: *starts building*

Jasmine: *starts building*

Thomas: *Builds* (2)

Dave: Finish strong guys.

Samey: *makes statue of Cody* (1)

Lana: *makes statue of Cody* 

Sky: *makes statue of Cody*

Thomas: *Builds* (3)

Taylor: *builds*

Samey: *makes statue of Cody* (2)

Taylor: *builds* Man... There should be a law against this physical labor.

Thomas: *Builds* (4)

Chris: The New Yorkers win again!

Elimination Ceremony 16: Californians

Chris: Wow you guys lost again. Anyways go vote [10]

Max: Evil does not tolerate incompetence!

Chris: Well apartment keys go to 





and Raspucia!

Sorry Trey but you gotta go.

Episode 17: Sports-O-Rama

Apartment Lobby

Rhett: (CONF) (slaps his head) come on Rhett!, you've gotta be more active!, i know the others want to get rid of me, i'm slowly turning into!, no i'm not!, i swear i'll be more active!!, if i don't deliver then i'll walk out!, yeah!, walk out!, it's better then being voted out...i guess?

Thomas: *Shuffling deck of cards* Who's up for poker?

Samey: *writes a letter about her lonely life* I have no one .... i'm alone..

Exploring the City

Dave: *goes for a jog*

Faith: *Walking, constantly looking around herself* (CONF) I got to know what I was doing in there... Oh, and um, sorry if you don't care. And, sorry if I'm talking to much. Err, sorry. (END CONF) *Enters the science lab*

Taylor: *to Faith* Dude, what are you doing? You've been in there like every other day.

Faith: Euh! I-- I didn't know anyone else came in here. Um, well, I... have to go! Sorry! *Attempts to run out, but when she reaches the door she gets sprayed in the face with gas and collapses*

Taylor: W- okay... *walks over to Faith and helps her up* Yo' dude, you okay?

Faith: Uh. *Stumbles* S... sorry? *Falls on her knees*

Taylor: O...kay... But seriously, what awere you doing here, man?

Faith: *Lifts her self up, and walks to Taylor* Don't question me. *Budges Taylor out of the way as she exits*

Challenge 17

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 9/7/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: So this is based on Lightning and Skylar. Those two really loved sports so find a picture of something dealing with sports (i.e. famous athletes, injuries etc) The team with the best pictures will win. 

Chris: I gotta give this win to the Californians for Rhett, Sky and Max's pictures. For the record I only picked yours Max because of the caption. 

Elimination Ceremony 17: New Yorkers

Chris: You know what we doin' here so go get it done [11]

Dave: I have voted.

Beardo: *chi-shick* *gives a thumbs up*

Thomas: I have voted, I'm tired of this elimination ceromony.. I've only been here like 3 times but still..

Samey: Voted for someone who dont deserves it to be still here..

Dave: *coughs*

Thomas: Bless you.

Dave: Thank you.

Chris: Apartment keys go to 







and Lana! 

Sorry Thomas but you gotta bounce! 

Taylor: Wait, what? That's clearly a mistake, right?

(I kinda bought immunity but whatever, by the time you see this I'll have left the wiki read the blog... school sucks)

Episode 18: Obstacle Course of Terror

Apartment Lobby

Exploring the City

Challenge 18

Chris: Challenge starts 9/14/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Okay so based on commando Zoey I want you to create your very own obstacle course. The team with the best obstacle course will win. Make sure to make them dangerous to my liking. 

Dave: *to his team* Okay guys...let's do this! My idea is swinging from vines to reach the other side of the pond while alligators and Scuba Bear try to thwart your progress. Any other ideas?

Samey: We can do something with the challenge of All Stars episode obsta kill course or something?

Lana: How about an extreme deadly course that is like...Mario themed? Yeah! It would be a massive obstacle course with all sorts f deadly objects coming at you, killer plants the must jump over an avoid, and Chef would be dressed up as Bowser with a flame thrower at the end!

Sky: Maybe a course with that takes placed over a giant volcano and you must complete it over barbed wire, dangerous swings, and projectiles being thrown?

Taylor: That's actually probably a good idea, Lana. Chris likes dressing up Chef in ridiculous costumes and using mutated plants.

Samey: Let's do Lana's idea?

Beardo: *shrugs*

Max: You! *points at Sky* Your idea sounds excellent... excellently evil! Muhahahahahaha!

Faith: Lana's idea works... sounds quite painful! Just add in a few booby traps and maybe a chainsaw or two and we'll definitely win! (CONF) So this is the confessional? Seems plain. Whatever. Now that Faith... or the other half of me is gone, or whatever, I can finally take over for good now. Faith... or the other half of me, is such an imbecile. *Chuckles* (END CONF)

Rhett: (CONF) Mario themed?, i'm not too sure if that idea will work, but it's not like i've got any better ideas right now, i guess i'll just go with the team. it shouldn't be too bad......right?

Chris: I gotta say that the New Yorkers theme was impressive, but the Californians was more dangerous so they win. New Yorkers its vote time!

Elimination Ceremony 18: New Yorkers

Chris: You guys know what to do [12]

(Wow, those challenge throws for the Calis tho'.)

Beardo: *cha-chow bow* *gives a thumbs up*

Samey: This is soo difficult. *votes*

Chris: Well apartment keys go to 





and Faith

Samey and Lana, you both received the same amount of votes so tell me why you should stay. 

Dave: *coughs*

Taylor: Bless you.

Dave: Thank You. *eats a cookie*

Faith: ... Ugh! Can't you just eliminate them both and get this over with... already!? You know what, forget it! I'm safe, so I'm done! *Stands up, stomps her foot and exits angrily*

Samey: Oh my gosh.. why did someone vote for me? I did nothing wrong. I worked so hard for a place in this, defeated my two evil sisters and i made enemies who arent my sister! I think i deserve it, i'm so much confident now and i'm not longer the annoying SHADOW! Understood everyone? I'm not Samey but SAMMY.

Chris: Hold up Lana bought an immunity idol which means Samey is gone! 

Episode 19: Surfin' Bird 

Apartment Lobby

Exploring the City

Challenge 19

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 10/5/14 at 7pm EST

Chris: Alrighty based off of Bridgette, find me a picture of either the coolest surfboard you can find or a video of the sickest wipeout while surfing. The team with the best will win. GO! 

Chris: I gotta give this win to the New Yorkers! Californians, I'll see you at elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 19: Californians 

'Chris: Well you guys know what to do. Go vote' [13]

Rhett: (CONF) to be honest, i don't think we need you anymore, no hard feelings? (votes)

Max: Evil will not stand for uselessness! Muhahahahaahahahaha!!!!

Chris: Apartment keys go to Rhett, Max and Jasmine! Sky and Raspucia both received 1 vote and instead of doing a tiebreaker, Raspucia has an idol (here) so Sky you are eliminated! Welcome to the merge people! 

Episode 20: A Fairytale Merger

Apartment Lobby

Exploring the City

Challenge 20

Chris: Welcome to the merge! For your challenge, dedicated to Ella, all you have to do is name a fairytale. The last 2 people to do so will be eliminated! Good luck! 

Faith: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Great fairytale, Snow White practically dying. Too bad it didn't end that way.... But, the witch still died, so that death keeps me happy.

Marcus: Um- err...not really big on fairy tales...Sleeping Beauty?

Dave: What a very hard challenge...Cinderella.

Rhett: uhh...i'll go with...Beauty and the Beast.

Max: What's the most evil fairy tale? Rapunzel! Muhahahaha!!

Beardo: *rolls his eyes* *frip* *zip* *zap* *points to a Little Mermaid* *shrugs*

Chris: Time's up! Faith, Marcus, Dave, Rhett, Max and Beardo are safe. I have been given notice that Lana is no longer with us. Now you must vote someone off.

Elimination Ceremony 20

Chris: Time to vote. Vote for Jasmine, Raspucia or Taylor.

Dave: I have voted. *eats a cookie*

Rhett: i've voted as well. (eats another cookie)

Max: Evil has voiced it's opinion! *steals a cookie from Dave* Muhahahahaha! *eats cookis, but starts choking* Curses! Foiled by my esophagus, again!

Beardo: *chi-chick* *eats another cookie*

Chris: Well you all have voted! Apartment keys go to







and Jasmine!

The person eliminated with 3 votes to 2 is Raspucia! We're down to 8!

Episode 21: Give Me Shelter!

Apartment Lobby

Rhett: (sat reading a newspaper) (CONF) this place seems a lot more quiet nowadays, but then again, that's probably because it doesn't have 30 people living here anymore. (sighs) it's definately a lot more boring though...oh well, i can't think about that now, what matters now is winning the competition, and hopefully i can do that, but it's gonna be tough, i just know it.

Exploring the City

Challenge 21

Chris: Challenge starts tomorrow 11/7/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Challenge time! You must build a shelter to protect you from zombies in an ode to Shawn. It will take 4 lines to build. The first 3 people to do so will be safe from elimination!

Dave: *starts to build a shelter* (1)

Taylor: *starts*

Jasmine: *starts*

Faith: *Starts to build her shelter* (1)

Dave: *builds shelter* (2)

Faith: *Continues to build her shelter* (2)

Dave: *works on shelter* (3)

​Faith: *Builds her shelter* (3)

Dave: *finishes building shelter* Done. (4)

Faith: *Finishes her shelter* Ha! I win... again! Not that I tend to receive competition, but I still have immunity, so.... *Smiles* (4)

Marcus: *builds shelter* (1)

Dave: *eats some cookies*

Marcus: *builds shelter* Keep eating those cookies, Dave! (2)

Dave: *eats a cookie jar*

Marcus: *builds shelter* Wait did you eat the cookies in a cookie jar or-? Nevermind. (3)

Dave: *gets food poisoning due to eating the cookie jar*

Marcus: *finishes building shelter* Well, that's all done...what kind of challenge was this- *sees Dave* Well, seeing as how Dave is the Cookie Monster in human form, it's best to be prepared...*shoves cookies down Dave's throat*  This might work...

Dave: *eats cookies*

Rhett: (starts building shelter) why am i not suprised i'm so far behind?

Chris: Well Faith, Dave and Marcus win!

Elimination Ceremony 21

Chris: Vote for anyone besides Faith, Dave or Marcus.

Rhett: i've placed my vote. (sits down and eats another cookie)

Max: Evil has striked, I mean struck! Muhahahahaah!!!

Beardo: *bi-bing* *gives a thumbs up*

Dave: Voted. *eats a cookie that is shaped like the person who he voted for*

Marcus: Voted. (CONF) Cookies have been good friends to Dave. That means something.

Chris: You all have voted, but let's read the votes together shall we?

"I vote for Taylor"

"Jasmine doesn't conform to my evil standards"



"Beardo is a weirdo and I don't like weirdos *eats cookies*"


Well in a 3-2-1 vote Beardo is eliminated. Sorry buddy but you gotta go.

Episode 22: ASVU's Greatest Hits

Apartment Lobby

Exploring the City

Challenge 22

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 11/8/14 at 7pm EST

Chris: Okay for your challenge I want you to tell me one of the greatest moment in ASVU. It can literally be anything from any season. Just give a description of it and why you think it's a great moment. Only 1 person will win this challenge so good luck!

Faith: When Cindy finally broke down, rampaged, and screwed up everything.

Dave: What I think could be considered on of the greatest moments was when Noah eliminated Jason in All Stars vs. Underdogs 3. I think it's great because it was very unexpected twist that no one saw coming.

Rhett: i think the one of the greatest moments in my opinion is when Cindy quit All Stars vs. Underdogs 3 in Hollywood, i really thought she would have finished a bit more higher up in the rankings, i mean, i was watching and as soon as she yelled she was quitting i nearly choked from my food!, it was crazy!

Marcus: It's hard to pick...every moment with Jason, honestly...though if I had to pick one alone, it would be when Topher had the plan to bring Lightning to the finale instead of Lindsay, thinking Lightning would be too dumb to win, but Lightning ended up completely dominant in the finale, leaving Topher to cry. It was one of the best backfires in ASvU history, I think, anyway.

Max: When that idiot Lightning was eliminated second in All-Stars Vs. Underdogs 3! That jerk kept hitting me in the face throughout the entire previous season, and he even eliminated me! It was only fair that the curse I placed on him after being eliminated successfully panned out! For, I am truly evil! It was quite the satisfaction watching him plummet from my evil lair... that is until my mom told me I had to leave the basement so she could knit there. Curse you, knitting, I will always remember the troubles you've caused, and I will get my evil revenge!

Chris: Well I think it comes down to Marcus and Dave, but immunity goes to Marcus!

Elimination Ceremony 22

Chris: You all know what to do. Vote for anyone besides Marcus

Dave: I have voted.

Max: Hopefully evil will eliminate someone. It's been a while...

Rhett: I've voted as well.

Chris: Well let's read the votes...

"I'm a goner but I'll vote for Max"

"Was Max EVIL enough to predict this vote- don't know how that makes sense, but, I vote Max."

"Jasmine! Jasmine! Jasmine! Muhahaahahahahahaha!!!!"

"I vote for Taylor"

Chris: Well with 2 votes Max is eliminated!

Episode 23: So, Uh, Who Was Eliminated?

Apartment Lobby

Dave: *eats celery*

Exploring the City

Challenge 23

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 11/9/14 at 6pm EST

Chris: Easy challenge. You must tell me an elimination that really surprised you and you didn't see coming. You CANNOT use ANY of Jason's eliminations. Yeah I know some of you that would go that route *coughs* Dave and Marcus *coughs* Good luck. Only 1 of you can win.

Dave: Meh. Id have to say Cindy's elimination in season 3. She practically ran the game and then she randomly decided to quit. It was very surprising.

Marcus: Eva's elimination in the first camp. Why? It was the one that started it all.

Rhett: to be honest, i think Shawn's elimination in season 3 shocked me, mainly because he was part of that strong alliance with Noah, Anne Maria and Dave, he thought he was pretty close with Noah and all of a sudden BLAM!, Noah's betrayed him and got him eliminated!, that was pretty shocking for me personally.

Chris: I think it's been long enough. I gotta give immunity to Rhett. Nice job.

Elimination Ceremony 23

Chris: Vote anybody but Rhett blah blah blah

Rhett: i've voted! (sits down and twiddles his thumbs...literally)

Dave: I have voted as well.

Marcus: Same here. So, Rhett, Dave...cookies? *holds up three cookies*

Chris: Well apartment keys go to 





and Jasmine

Sorry Faith but you've been voted off.

Episode 24: True Colors

Apartment Lobby

Exploring the City

Challenge 24

Chris: Challenge starts tonight 11/11/14 at 5pm EST

Chris: Alright guys you've made it this far, but now I want you to analyze your competition. Meaning I want you to tell me who should go home next and why. The person(s) with the best explanation will win AND the person who you think should go home WILL be going home. Good luck. 

Chris: On second thought just meet me at elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 24

Chris: I think it's obvious that you all would've argued that Jasmine or Taylor should go home.  Dave, Marcus and Rhett, the three of you actually WORKED to get here so you know what? You're going to the finale! Jazz and Tay what can I say? You don't contribute to ratings you don't get the million dollar paying. I know that doesn't make sense but whatever buh bye you two. 

WE HAVE OUR FINALISTS! Look's like this season our winner will be a king and not a queen. (The third male winner for the series!). Who will triumph in the finale? Stay tuned for the season finale!

Episode 25: King of the City  

Past Contestants

Lamey: Hey Topher

Amy: Yeah! Dave deserves to win this Season!

Marcus: *walks over, eating a cookie and sits with the others*

Leo: None of you deserve to win this season!

B: *writes "Are you ok Leo?" on a piece of paper and shows it to Leo*

Leo: *rips up paper* What do you think! ?

B: *shrugs, then walks away*

Chris: So ASVU7 contestants who would you like to see win and why?

Amy: Can we cut this fast amd just vote? I vote Dave

Dann: Gotta go with Rhett. Wasn't much of a fan of Dave.

Thomas: Rhett for sure! I think Dave was behind my elimination, they both played great games! BUt Rhett gets my vote.

Samey: *looks to Amy and tries to be confident* I vote .. Rhett!

Ella: *sings* My little lovely Dave, didnt wanted to live with me. So i have to vote for my dear Rhett, i see.

Amy: *Scoffs* Excuse me Sammy? You vote Dave not Rhett

Marcus: They both deserve to win...though, I do owe Dave something. I vote Dave.

Samey: *walks to Amy* Listen, i'm not doing anything for you. You can do it by yourself. Goodluck with your vote for Dave. *laughs and walks away*

Chimaroj: *walks onto the scene* Well that is long ago I have been here. But I vote Rhett as winner!

Azuna: Me too *Azuna grabs grapes and eat them.* I also vote Rhett as winner!

Leo: Rhett!


Chris: Welcome finalists! In order to get down to the final 2 would you rather have a vote or a challenge? 

Marcus: Before we do that, I have something to say...I'm quitting. It really shouldn't come as a suprise to anyone, Dave and Rhett deserve it far more than I do. Rhett has set a new passway for all underdogs, while Dave and his cookies have worked hard to get here. They've been good friends to me. That means something. I withdraw from the competition and wish you two luck. I think third place was a good placing for me- especially considering I was quiet for a quarter of the season due to an almost broken arm. But, before I go. *gives Dave and Rhett two cookies* Not that they mean much, but who doesn't love cookies? Alright, then I guess it's time to go. Farewell, everyone and good luck and good game to both the future winner and runner-up.

Chris: Well okay then. I didn't see that coming. Looks like we have our final 2 everybody! Dave, Rhett why don't you tell everyone how you feel before we get started? 

Marcus: Oh, right- so do I walk over to the Past Contestants section and go cheer someone on?

Rhett: i-i'm shellshocked, is this actually happening?

Marcus: It is. *pats Rhett on the shoulder* Good luck, man. *leaves for the Past Contestants section*

Rhett: wow...this is crazy!...i-i always thought i'd be out early but...the final two of All Stars vs. Underdogs...m-me!...i'm not watching it this t-time!...i'm actually i-in it! an amazing feeling...

Dave: O_O. This sudden event went by so fast before I could even process it. I feel very honored to have made it this far. Also congrats to Rhett, another sane person here, on making it to the Final 2 with me....even though I am still confused on how I managed to make it here in the first place.

Rhett: trust me, i'm just as confused as you are, it just all happened so fast!

Elimination Ceremony 25 

Chris: Well it looks like we have a winner! Congratulations Rhett! Tell us how you feel and what you'll do with the money!

Rhett: wait?...i-i won??, YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!, i can't believe it!, i actually won!!, me!! guess i'll use the money to buy myself a sweet new sports car, pay off a few bills and get an awesome luxury house!!, oh man this is amazing!!

Chris: Well there you have it folks! The winner of ASVU7! We'll see you next season where we take 14 contestants and split them into Heroes and Villains. I'm Chris McLean and this has been Total Drama: All Stars vs. Underdogs 7!