ft Chris: We've had TDN, TDN2, TDN4, TDN5, and TDM! And we're back to the Neighborhood! Some new and some old contestants competing and stuff. But who will win, you ask? Well, stay tuned and find out! I'm sure it'll be loads of fun! AGAIN, thanks to NZ Man123 for the name. He wins a cupcake.

Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

  1. Charlie - the dark one - NZ Man123
  2. Dante (Returning) - The Nerd - NZ Man123
  3. Lynna - The hot one - Blaineley
  4. Iris: The crazy one - Blaineley
  5. Lili(Returning)-Daddy's little angel-Bakura13
  6. Don - The Stuttering Talker - TrentFan
  7. Miles - The Too Cool To Do Stuff Guy - TrentFan
  8. Hwoarang-Blood Talon-Bakura13
  9. Bob -worshipper of evil daarkness and hatred- Eros123
  10. Alex (Returning)- Dante's Angry Wall of Meat - Eros123
  11. Taybina-Gunner*TG*-The Hunteress-OMGDP
  12. Jennifer( the hot pretty popular girl)- TotalDramaFan11
  13. Jim- The Cynical One- S321
  14. Rick- The Wild One- S321
  15. Tyker - The Game Junkie - Vick0971
  16. Tati - The Fame Monger - Vick0971
  17. Crystal-The Shy, Nice girl- Simmers2393
  18. Alexis-The Hot Nerd- Simmers2393
  19. Jo- Scienceboy0
  20. The Doctor- (returning) The Time Traveling Alien- Scienceboy0
  21. Paisley- The pretty girl-Ashley125
  22. Aaron (Returning because I hate Cyrus XD Plus a boy now O_o)- The Determined Bada***- TaygenTeagan
  23. Piper- The Attractive Prodigy- TaygenTeagen
  24. Nina-The Backstabber- TDFCH
  25. Nathan - (Returning) The Strategist - XrisHearts
  26. Kimberly (Kim for short) - The Female athelete - XrosHearts

If you are inactive, you may be replaced.

Elimination Table

25 Jennifer IN IN WIN IN OUT
26 Zoey LOW QUIT
27 Alexis IN WIN OUT
28 Nina IN QUIT
29 Kimberly OUT
30 Paisley OUT
  • Means that Christie took the place of Aaron this episode.
    • Means that Cheesy and Poison took the place of Don and Lili after they left.


Chris: Welcome, returnees, newbies, Doctor, to Total Drama: BACK TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

Doctor: It looks like I'm the first one.

Jo: It's great to be back in total drama. haven't been here for what? 6 seasons? I only had Revenge of the Island.

Rick: *smoking a cigar* I can't wait to do this! This will be AWESOME!!!

Tyker:*arrives with his 3DS* Its great to be here.

Chris: Doctor, Jo, Rick, and Tyker, welcome to the show, hope you enjoy yourselves!

Jo: Thanks.

Doctor: *sees Tyker's 3DS* Nice! Can I have that? It would be amazing for my collection.

Jim: *hops off the boat* Woah, this place sucks. Hi, I'm Jim.

Chris: Sucks? This place is supposed to be nice.

Tyker: NO! Its mine you can't have it

Tati: *arrives* Hello, losers

Crystal: *arrives* nice to be here *blushes*

Jim: Nice for a peasant

Rick: *smoking weed* TIME FOR SOME WILD PARTIES!!!

Chris: Meanwhlie in TDM, Chris-Bot is taking over and we'll see whether Mike, OJ, or Lili wins.

Jo: Great! Can we watch?

Doctor: *to Tyker* I'll give you my 5DS! *shows him the ultimate gamng device from the future*

Chris: Sure, we'll be showing the challenge tonight :)

Jo: Nice. Will it be the finale? Or will be going down to 2?

Chris: You'll find out when you watch it.

Aaron: GO LILI!!!!!!!!!!!!

TG: Hi I'm Taybina Gunner and I like too hunt *Shows everyone her Bow and arrows*

Tyker: I think about it

Doctor: I'll turn it on for you. *game suddenly turns on* It connects to your mind.

TG: *Rolls eyes* Hmm *Aims her Bow and arrow at Somebody* (You can take away her bow and arrows if you like XD)

Piper: Whoa, whoa whoa! *Takes TG's bow and arrows and Shoots It At Random Tree* No firing unless Chris says so!

TG: But I need Blood! I'm no Vampire from the twilight zone I had a bow and arrows since Birth I even injured my sister's Arm!

Don: H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-H-Hi Chris.

Chris: ......DON'T STUTTER!

Don: But I-I-I can't stop it.

Chris: Whatever, welcome Don, TG, and Piper!

Tyker: I made up my mind, Doc I rather keep my 3DS

Piper: *To TG* I won 30 Olympic gold medals!

Alexis:*arrives* Woah is that the new 3D handheld console with custom PICA200 graphics, with a top screen of 3.53 inches, and a resolution of 800x240 pixels? (to Tyker)

Don: H-h-h-h-h-hi everybody.

Tyker: Umm yes it is *blushes*

TG:(CONF) Wow most guys are soo Scawny here...

Don: (CONF) S-s-s-stupid s-s-s-stutering, hopefully it doesn't effect me in t-t-the game.

Alexis: Nice, can I watch over your shoulder akwardly while you play?

Jo: Way more people than there usually are. Why so many contestants, Mclean?

Piper: *To Don* Are you okay?

Don: Y-y-y-y-yes, why? U-u-unless, you mean the stuttering.

Tati: (CONF) *admiring herself* Ok I didn't sign up to this show to win, I really sign up to show America how sexy I am.

Tyker: Umm ok *plays 3ds while Alexis watch*

Doctor: I'm not in it for the money either. I just want to have fun! I don't have much of a use for money.

Don: T-t-t-t-that's cool.

Piper: Me too. I am a billionaress already.

Alexis:*To Don* I'd like to know more about your disorder, may I disect your brain?

Doctor: No need. Just use this. *pulls out sonic screwdriver* Ues sonic waves. It's harmless!

Don: N-n-n-n-no, please.

Piper: Guys, you don't have the right nor commen sense to know more about Don's stuttering.

TG: Piper Can I have my Bow and Arrows back?!

Alexis: Fine *To Don* Sorry if my actions harmed you

Piper: *Gives The Best Arrows In The World To TG* Those are rare.

Don: *to Alexis* I-I-I-I-It's okay.

TG: Wow...There soo Pretty....How can I repay you!

Doctor: These are rarer. *shows TG more arrows* These are made from Dalekanuim. Virtually indestructable!

Piper: *Frowns* No, they're plastic.

Doctor: No! They were forged as a prototype for the Dalek exoskeleton, by Davros.

Don: C-c-c-c-cool, I think.

TG: Well then *Breaks Plastic Arrows and thorws them too Piper*

Crystal: That wasn't very nice

Piper: *Uses Arrows And Hits random Target And Gets Bulls Eye*

TG: Can I have Back my Arrows! *Too Crystal* *Rolls Eyes then Glares at her* Don't tell me what too do!

Piper: Sorry.

Tati: Stop the madness! And start looking at me.

TG: *Too Piper* I'm sorry Too You can Have them if you like...*Looks at Tati and Barfs a little*

Piper: *To Tati* Stop being selfish, b***h, and learn some manners, will ya?

Tati: You better get your wanna-be a** out of here before I snap your neck.

Doctor: What? Well, I guess it wasn't dalekanium.

Piper: For weak s**t, you sure give some threats.

TG: I Argee with Piper.

Piper: (CONF) Tati should get her little f****** prissy a** and hit the road because she needs a brain to respect people.

Don: *to Doctor* W-w-w-w-well, it looked nice.

Tati: (CONF) Ok Piper needs to go, ugh can't stand that b***h

Tyker: (CONF) Finally a girl who know games like I do, all this time I thought that was a myth.

Don: S-S-S-So, is anybody excited t-t-to be here, kind of?

Tyker: I am, Don this place is so awesome.

Don: Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah, so far.

Crystal:(Conf) Maybe getting involved isint the best option

Don: *to Crystal* W-w-w-w-w-what about you? W-w-w-what do you think about this place so far?

Crystal: Oh its um......nice

Don: I-I-I-I-I-I-Is something wrong?

Hwoarang:*Arrives on his motorbike*

Crystal: No I'm just not good at talking

Jo: The finale is comming on! *live streaming of Total Drama Motel turns on*

Don: *to Crystal* I-I-I-I-I-I'm not good at talking either, I keep on stuttering *to Jo* C-c-c-cool.

Doctor: *watches* Lightsaber battle over a volcano of jelly! Sounds like last tuesday.

Crystal:*to Don* Maybe we can be friends *smiles*

Don: S-S-S-S-S-Sure.

Hwoarang:*Watches* That blondie's kinda cute!

Jo: I heard she's comming back. *OJ's lightsaber falls* Well, he's done.

Hwoarang: sweet!

Tyker: Come on OJ!

Doctor: Wait, that doens't look like jelly.

Hwoarang: Your right! It looks like JELL-O!

Jo: IT'S LAVA! *OJ sinks and dies* O_O

Doctor: O_O

Hwoarang: THE HOT CHICK WINS!!!!! :D

Doctor: I could have saved him! I will avenge him! AND WIN!

Don: P-P-Poor OJ.

Hwo: Poor coca-cola....

Jo: Dude, his name was OJ.

Hwo: Whatevs.

Tyker:RIP OJ

Jo: *watches* Wait! He's alive!

Doctor: YES!!!!!!!! *Yomby die*


TG: *Watches* This is too good.


Doctor: *sees Harold congragulate Lili* I remember him. He was nice.

Hwo: *sees Leo* THAT S*** IS HOT!

Don: I-I-I-I feel bad for OJ.

Hwo: Yeah.

Tyker: Ok When do we get to start?

Chris: When the last two arrive.

TG: Poor Orange Juice or OJ (CONF) OJ=Orange Juice

Doctor: It was weird. I couldn't find any info on Harold after today.

Hwo: I forgot he existed.

Jo: Weak.

Hwo: What? He barely did anything!

Aaron: I'm just glad Lili won.

Doctor: *harold dies* NO!!!!!!!! I WILL AVENGE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

TG: I thought I was the WERID one and Harold came in 17th place.

Doctor: And he died for it.

Tyker: Zombie OJ!!

TG: Oh my!

Jo: Maybe he was made of orange juice. *laughs*

Don: U-U-Um, I hope no one dies h-h-here.

TG:*Steals Arrows back from Pipper but leaves her one* It's not going too be me I kill for Living not people animals!

Jo: Well, now we just wait until it's time to start.

Lili:*Arrives from TDM, crying*

Doctor: I feel your pain.

Don: S-S-S-Sorry about what h-h-h-happened.


Aaron: Yeah, sorry. *Gives Lili Quick Hug*


Jo: What happened with the money? Did OJ take it?

Lili: No, I have it.

Piper: Good. Having a REAL million dollars is lucky.


Hwo:Wait, she's here?*Runs up to Lili* Hi!


Aaron: *Pats Lili's Back* You'll get used to it.

Lili: YAY

Tyker: Hey Chris do you think 27 is enough?

Hwo:Just start.

Aaron: (CONF) I have a monster crush on Lili. And I'll try to be her best friend. I am NOT going to be Sierra.


Hwo:*Riding his motorbike*

Tyker: *playing Super Mario 3D Land on his 3DS*

Miles: Hey guys! Nobody's a loser here, though, right? That would be lame!

Lili: Well, I just won last season, so I'm not!

Miles: Well, that's cool, I think.

Chris: So here's Miles! We're just waiting on one person!

Lili: And who might that be?

Chris: Um, nevermind. Miles and Lili get to pick the teams for being the last two to talk! Whoever talks next will also get to pick the teams that isn't Hwo or Don.

Rick: Yay!!!!

Nathan: Wait what?

Chris: Yeah, Miles, Lili, and Rick in that order. If you don't respond it will be randomly chosen by me or be chosen by the next person who posts. Miles?

Miles: I'll take The Doctor, he seems cool.

Chris: Lili?

Lili:Hwoarang seems cool. Welcome to the team.

Chris: Rick?

Piper: Ricky?


Aaron: (CONF) God, Lili is f****** beautiful.

Piper: RICHIE RICH! Oh shoot, Ricky. Not Richie.

Lili: Answer! I will not be humiliated this way!

Chris: And Rick gets Piper, Piper will now choose until Rick gets back. So, Miles goes again.

Miles: I guess I choose Don, he doesn't seem TOO bad.

Chris: Lili?

Lili: Aaron, definatly!

Chris: Okay, now, to Piper/Rick!

Piper: TG for the win!

Chris: Miles?

Miles: Lynna, I guess.

Chris: Lili?

Lili: Oh my gosh, DANTE IS SO CUTE! I WANT HIM!

Chris: Back to Piper/Rick.

Piper: If he's not here until we finish voting for members, I should be team captain. Um, Tyker.

Chris: Sure, and Miles?

Miles: Tati, I guess.....

Chris: Lili?

Tyker: Yay for once Im not geting pick last

Lili: Jeniffer, your in.

Chris: Um, Piper?

Piper: Nathan looks promising.

Chris: Miles?

Miles: I choose Charlie.

Chris: Lili?


Chris: Piper?

Piper: Crystal.

Chris: Miles?

Miles: Alexis.

Chris: Lili?

Lili: Iris, get your hota** over here!

Chris: Piper?

Piper: Jo.

Chris: Miles?

Miles: Nina.....I think.

Chris: Lili?

Lili: Bob, JOIN THE DARK SIDE! We have sex!

Chris: And Piper, your last choice, remember it's TD, there MIGHT be a twist >:)

Piper: Jim?

Tyker: (CONF) I'm kinda scared of Lili but yet kinda attracted to her.

Chris: And in AN AMAZING TWIST, Kimberly and Paisley are sent home! Everyone else is safe for today. Miles' team, your team name is The Chilling Penguins(orange), Lili's team you are The Super Tigers(maroon), and Piper's team is the Jumping Dolphins.(grey).

Alex: Nice twist Chris

Lili: Now we have dance party?

Chris: No.

The Penguins Chat

Miles: I think I chose a pretty cool team, right?

Charlie: I guess. I know this place like the back of my hand/

Miles: That's cool.

Don: Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

Charlie: Wait. Why is Chirs goning into my house?

Miles: You know the house, key thing. We live in a house here until we're eliminated and stuff.

Charlie: Well I see no reasson for him to use my house as one.

Miles: I don't know, but hey look at the bright side, that house may be yours.

Don: Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah, I-I-I-I-I-I watched you on TDM, t-t-t-that was a sad story.

Alexis: *brings out cooler* Who wants a beer?

Don: W-W-W-W-What? N-N-N-N-No thanks.

Alexis: *hands one to Don anyways*

Don: U-u-u-u-um, no thanks, y-y-y-y-you can take it back.

Charlie: Hand me a cold one.

Alexis: *throws Charlie a beer*

Don: S-S-S-S-So what do you guys think of the team?

Miles: I think it's cool.

Alexis: I thin- *throws up* I'm so freaking wasted! *laughs*

Charlie: I don;t get drunk.

Don: U-U-U-U-Um, okay then.

Alexis:*to Don* Stop manhandling me with those eyes!

Don: W-W-W-W-What?

Alexis:*drunk* You think you're so sexy don't you, well I'm not falling for it!

Don: I-I-I-I-I'm g-g-g-g-going to walk away *walks away*

Alexis:*drunk* Go ahead walk away from your dreams!

Don: (CONF) I-I-I-I-I guess, that was an i-i-i-interesting time, with the team.

Alexis: *walks into Don in the confesional* Oh there you are I've been looking all over for you Mr. Cuddles!

Charlie: (CONF) Wait. This is my cousins bathroom.

Aaron: *Lands On Feet* Uh...

Alexis: *to Aaron* Where did you come from? Are you my grandma?!

Aaron: What? No! Can I stay here for a while?

Alexis:*drunk* We have a no clothes policy, so if you want to stay you'll have to undress yourself *laughs*

Don: (CONF) H-h-h-hopefully we win next time.

Aaron: Um...want me to kiss you? Cuz I know that works.

Alexis: I ain't no w*****! *blacks out and falls on the floor*

Aaron: Nobody rape her.

Miles: *to Charlie* Which one's your house?

Charlie: *points at big three sotry one* That one. I had to pay for it.

Miles: It looks awesome. Nicely spent. WAIT, did you pay for it yourself?

Charlie: *nods*

Miles: Well, don't you still live with your parents, shouldn't they have helped pay?

Charlie: Well my parents moved in one day after I buy the house. And they are so lazy to do anything.

Miles: That sucks. If I win, I'll give you half the money, is that cool?

Charlie: OK. But knowing Chris it's cheese.

Miles: Well, cheese is still cool, I'll still give you some if you want.

Charlie: *shrugs*

Miles: Yeah.

Charlie: *puts in key* Chris f***ing changed the locks. What a d***

Miles: That sucks.

Charlie: *kicks door down and fixes it when inside*

Aaron: I'm gonna leave now, okay? *Pushes Button And Transports To Lili >:D*

Don: O-O-O-Okay.

Miles: *to Charlie* Awesome, can I come in, and see how it looks?

Charlie: *brings Miles in and shows him TV and linving rooom*

Miles: This place looks cool.

Charlie: Guess who payed for it?


Charlie: Got it in one.

Miles: I see, that sucks, that your parents don't do anything and you have to buy everything on your own.

Charlie: The sucky part is they use everything I buy.

Miles: Yeah, that sucks. Well if you win, hopefully it will somehow change.

Charlie: Yes. I hope so.

Miles: Yeah, you're pretty cool. So don't worry if I win, you'll get half the money/cheese. That way you can have a better life.....or something.

Charlie: *nods*

Miles: ....It would be awesome if there was an Ice Cream Shop somewhere here.

Aaron: *Appears* Sorry. I had to get out an awkward emergency.

Don: O-O-O-O-O-O-Okay.

Charlie: *walks to an ice cream shop*

Miles: Whoa, that's cool.

Lynna: Hi... *Flips hair*

Miles: Um, hi?

Don: H-H-H-H-H-H-H-Hi.

Lynna: Lookin' for a good time boys?

Doctor: Of course! That's the only reason I'm here! *dances*

Alexis:*wakes up* Oh god it feels like someone is slamming me in the head with a hammer

Doctor: *is slamming Alexis in the head with a hammer*

Alexis: I need some coffee

Lyna: Then kiss me, baby. *kisses Doctor*

Aaron: O_o *PUshes Button and Teleports To Dolphins*

Doctor: That was amazing! (CONF) I never thought I would find someone like that again! Ever since Rose...

Tati: (CONF) At least I'm not on Piper's team.

Don: G-G-G-G-G-Go team?

Lynna: *kisses Doctor* Time of your life, huh?

Miles: *brings back ice cream* Me and Charlie found some, anyone want some?

Alexis: I'll have some

Don: M-M-M-Me too.

Miles: Sure *hands one to Alexis and Don* Trust me, it tastes great!

Alexis: *eats ice cream* Thats delicous! Where did you aquire this?

Miles: There was a hidden ice cream shop around here, and we found it. Cool, right?

Alexis: Awsome *starts chocking on spoon*

Don: Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah, it's c-c-cool.

Alexis: *gets laptop out and starts playing video games*

Miles: Hopefully we win this next challenge, so we can become a cool team and stuff.

Alexis: Aren't we already a cool team? *continues playing video games*

Miles: Yeah, but so we can become EVEN cooler.

Alexis: I don't see how thats possible we're already badasses

Miles: Yeah, I guess, but if we lose and eliminate someone first from the teams, that will be uncool.

Alexis: Yes it's almost challange time!

Miles: We're going to do an awesome job, you know, because we're cool.

The Tigers Chat

Dante: *hides*


Aaron: ME!

Dante: *hides*

Aaron: Oh and, *Pulls Dante Out* Do you want him?

Lili:*Gives Aaron,Hwo, and Aaron smoothies*

Dante: *says something scientific*

Lili: Um, ok.

Aaron: Dante, will you do my homework?

Hwo: Mine too?


Aaron: Translate this; Lili pense que tu es adorable et veut vous donner un retour.

Bob: please stop i cant here my own dark thoughts

Lili: Ugh you remind me of Goth Boy from Mysims.

Bob: i have a dagger of black glass be careful

Lili: O_O

Dante: *finishes Alex's homework* OK big fellow. WIll you be my angry wall of meat again?

Aaron: Bob, give me that dagger.

Bob: no


Lili:*Takes dagger and hives it to aaron*

Aaron: *Slits (Cuts) In Arm That Says "I'm A Useless B****"*


Aaron: *Smiles*Don't worry, I do it all the time.

Lili: O_O

Bob: *takes dagger and kicks Aaron in the chin* dont touch my spirit dagger ever

Aaron: *Gets Shotgun* I'm a emo too, b****. Don't control me.

Bob: im not emo

Alex: pulls out bunny* this is blossom

Dante: OK Alex break up the fight.


Alex:*takes shotgun and breaks it like a tooth pick* GGGGGGRRRRRRRRR

Lili: Oh my.

AlexandBob: WE are powerful so becareful (in unision)

Aaron: And when did I care?

Dante: Calm down angry wall of meat.

LIli: Please dont fight.

Alex: since i broke your shot gun

Bob: since i stole this (holds up bluck gem necklace)


Dante: *hides*

Hwo:Guys chill!

Dante: *hides*

Aaron; *Picks Up Random Watch* Cool! *Pushes Button And Accidentally Teleports To Penguins*


bOB(conf) I hope they dont know that Alex and i are twins (sigh) may the evil spirits be with us

Lili:(IN CONF with Bob) O_O

Dante: Did Aaron just take my watch?

Bob(CONF) walks away without noticing lili*

Lili: I have a watch you can have Dante!

Alex(CONG) hi im gonna protect dante

Dante: It took me years to amek the teleporter watch!

Lili: I have one!*Gives Dante hers*

Alex: yea i love u blossom

Blossom (squek)



Hwo: O_O your frickin weird man.


Hwo:Your dead!*Kicks Alex in the neck*

Bob: hey*kicks hwo in the jaw*

Lili:*Sees Dante* Its not that bad, come on out!

Dante: *hides*

Alex:*stops fight o.k o.k lets just take care of blossom and thorn

Bob:fine c'mon thorn

Lili:*Pulls Dante out* Dont worry, I'll protect you.

Bob *pulls dante alex and lili outside * alliance

Lili: Can Hwoarang join too?

Boband Alex (in unision ) sure .... stop it ... alex: yea bob:grr


Dante: Alex. Please calm Hwroang down.

Lili:*Slaps Hwo*

Bob: *injects hwo with sedative* done he will be out cold for 12 hours

Lili: Do we really have to be that cruel about it?

Bob: *still emotionless* i could be crueler


Aaron: *Appears In Front Of Dante, Lili, Bob, and Alex* Hi, guys!

Lili:*Seductvly* Hi there!

Bob(CONF) Aaron is going down first

Lili: So Aaron, what do you do for a living?

Aaron: *Shrugs* Being a teenager.

Lili: Thats nice.

Alex: (CXONF) (SIGH) ever since mum died bob has been trying so hard to be different hopefully they dont find out we are twins *walks out*

Lili: *Dancing*

Aaron: *Gets Idea* You guys in alliance?

Lili: Perhaps.

Aaron: Can I join? :D Sorry to bother you, though. >.>

Lili: Why should someone like you join?

Aaron: *Sarcastic* Thanks, I appreciate it.

Lili: *Chuckles and practices fighing style*

Aaron: Um, having fun there?

Lili: Yes. Got a problem with that? *Continues*

Aaron: No actual girl offense but your fighting style is....................very different.....

Lili: It's self taught, and created.

Aaron: By?

Lili: ME!

Aaron: O_o

Lili: What? Is it that hard to believe?

Dante: *hides*


Dante: *hides*

Aaron: Thsi watch is so useful. *Pushes Button And Transports*

Lili:*Stabs Dante*

Dante: *dodges and hides*


Iris:*Jumps around the room* YAYAYA

Hwo: Um.........ok....

Lili: *braiding her hair*

The Dolphins Chat

TG: Why Hello everyone....Is anyone here...

Rick: I am!

Jo: So am I. Sheesh, are you blind?

Jim: Yeah, what she said.

Crystal:*sits in a corner and starts writing on notebook*

Tyker:C'mon lets be the best team ever

Jo: Your glad you have me then!

Piper: ........

Aaron: *Appears* Hi!

Jo: What are you doing? Your not on our team, are you?

Cystal: *continues to write on notebook* (CONF) I'm happy with my team and all, but TG kind of scares me....a bit....okay a lot

Aaron: I have a teleporting watch, Jo.

Piper: (CONF) I'm stupid.

Challenge 1 - Platform Standing

Chris: Welcome contestants, to your first offical challenge!

Jo: great. I'm ready for anything.

Nina: Yay. *rolls eyes*

Chris: First, choose two people from each team to sit out, your team captains will confirm the choice. If they don't respond, we'll just say yes, okay?

Miles: Hmm, how about Tati and Lynna sit out, is that cool? *to Penguins*

Doctor: I'm happy to be in the challenge!

Miles: Alright, for the Penguins, Tati and Lynna will sit out.

'C'hris: What about the Dolphins and Tigers?

Piper: Crystal and Tyker should sit out.

Chris: Tigers?

Lili: Iris and Jen are sitting out!

Chris: Alright: Tati, Lynna, Crystal, Tyker, Iris, and Jennifer won't be in the challenge, don't post while I post the instructions, anyways, you each are now on a platform, which some rocks. Throw them at the others to make them fall off, we'll keep going until only one team's members are left. It takes three rocks to knock them off(one post per user, so if I was Sam and Bob, I would only throw AS ONE), if they dodge then you have to start over back from one post line (So if Sam dodges Bob's throw, who already threw two at him, he now only counts as one at him) got it? Well you may begin!

Penguins: Miles, Don, Nina, Doctor, Charlie, Alexis

Tigers: Lili, Hwo, Aaron, Dante, Bob, Alex

Dolphins: Piper, Rick, Jim, Jo, TG, Nathan


Alexis:*throws rock at Bob*

Lili:*Throws rock at Piper*

Miles: *throws rock at Bob*

Lili:*Throws rock at Piper*

Aaron: *Throws Rock At Hwo*

Hwo:*Thorws at Piper*

Alexis:*throws rock at bob*

Aaron: *Throws Rock At Lili*


Don: *throws rock at Hwo*

Lili:*throws rock at Don*

Piper: *throws at lili*

Don: *throws rock at Lili*

Alexis:*throws rock at lili*

(Piper is out)

Hwo:*throws at Alexis*


Miles: *throws rock at Hwo*

Alexis:*throws rock at Hwo*

Don: *throws rock at Alex*

Aaron: *throws at doctor*

Miles: *throws rock at Alex*

Alexis:*throws rock at Alex*

Aaron: *throws at Alex*

Miles: *throws rock at Dante*

Aaron: *Throws At Nathan*

Don: *throws rock at Dante*

Alexis:*throws rock at Dante*

Don: *throws at Aaron*

Aaron: *Dodges*

Miles: *throws at Aaron*

Alexis:*throws at Aaron*

Don: *throws at Aaron*

Alexis:*throws rock at Jo*

Nina: *throws rock at Lili*

Chris: AND THE TIGERS ARE OUT! Only Dolphins and Penguins remain!

Alexis:*throws rock at Jo* (I tougth Crystal wasn't competing)


Don: *throws rock at Jo*

Alexis:*throws rock at Jo*

Miles: *throws rock at Nathan*

Alexis:*throws rock at Nathan*

Don: *throws rock at TG*

Alexis:*throws rock at TG*

Miles: *throws rock at TG*

Chris: The penguins are dominating!

Alexis: *throws rock at Jim*

{C}Don: *throws rock at Jim*

TG:*Thorws rock at Alexis*


Miles: *throws rock at Jim*

Alexis:*throws rock at Rick*

Miles: *throws rock at Rick*

Alexis:*throws rock at Rick*

Chris: And the Dolphins place 2nd! Penguins win! Tigers will be going to elimination tonight >:)

Elimination Ceremony 1 - Super Tigers

Chris: One of you will be going home today, so vote who in the confessional!

(I love you too guys :p)


Chris: Our symbol of immunity are now muffins! Yay! Anyways, when I give you a muffin you are safe: Jennifer *passes*, Lili *passes*, Alex, *passes*, Iris *passes* and Hwo *passes*. Bob, Aaron, and Dante you each received at least one vote, but Bob only received one vote so he is safe *passes*, Aaron and Dante one of you is going home today and it's..................Aaron *Passes Dante a muffin* Any last words Aaron?

Aaron: I love you too, guys. (XD) And thanks for the watch, Dante. *Pushes Button and Disappears*

Lili: Not Aaron! GRRRRR

Hwo:(CONF) I dont get why Aaron got out. at least he actually participated! Oh, well. With him gone it'll be easier to charm Lili >:)

Chris: And with that, you guys are down one compared to the others, so, um, yeah. Your chat will be up in a sec.

(I don't ship Lili and Hwo. I ship Aaron and Lili. XD)

Nina: Wait, Chris! Although I am on the Penguins, I quit so Aaron comes back. *walks away*

Chris: Alright, Aaron can stay, but.......*eating muffin, with dramatic music playing*

Aaron: *Appears, Eating A Muffin*

Chris: *Dramatic music plays* There will be a twist, kind of, thingy, maybe..........

Aaron: Oh, I picked up a million dollars and a....*Pulls Card in Pocket* A Walmart card from some girl named Cyrus?

Chris: *takes the million dollars* No money allowed on the show or something, I just want the money, *puts the money in his house/place*

Aaron: How about a Walmart card?

Chris: *Breaks card* No! Target FTW! Anyways, Aaron you will come back.....on the dolphins, and a debuter will join the penguins, or something.

Tati: Who is the debuter?

Chris: Please welcome............Zoey!

Zoey: *rolls out of brown bag* Seriously Chris?! On my walk home from school you kidnap me?! That is low.

Chris: What that's too low even for me and two: now you're just making stuff up.

Zoey: Then who kidnapped me?! I swear if it was Aaron...

Chris: Well, just go be with your team >.>

(Whoa, whoa, whoa. AARON DID NOT kidnap her. Some random dude did for Chris.)


Zoey: *walks over* Hey guys! *nervous laugh*

Chris: Wrong team, your team are the penguins, they're over there *points at Penguin's Chat*

Zoey: I just got here, and someone hitting me upside the head with a baseball bat can mess. Someone. Up.

Penguins Chat

Alexis: Yay, we won :D

Miles: Yeah, we did the best.

Don: Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

Alexis: Would any of you like to be in an alliance with me?

Nina: I will be in an aliiance with you Alexis.

Alexis: Good anymore takers?

Miles: I can too, I guess, if Don and Charlie join. They're awesome!

Alexis: Don?

Don: S-S-S-S-Sure.

Tati: Can I join too?

Alexis: I don't know we already have more than half of the team

Tati: Oh ok, just wanna know

Don: (CONF) W-W-W-We did good in the challenge, I-I-I-I-I hope we can keep it up.

Doctor: We dominated!

Miles: Yeah, it was awesome

Tati: You got that right *hi fives Miles* Ow! broke a nail *goes inside the confessional*

Miles: Um, okay? If it was my fault, um sorry about that. But yeah, we should keep up the awesome job!

Tati: Oh no it wasn't your fault, cutie (CONF) Haha where I came from I was a flirter.

Miles: Okay then. Anyways, what do you guys think the next challenge will be?

Tati: I hope its a fashion show or something

Miles: Maybe, well it's Chris, so it could be anything.

Tati: Yay. Well I'm going to bed see you guys 2morrow.

Miles: Alright, see you tomorrow. Anyways, I hope it's a cool one!

Don: H-H-H-Hopefully we win again.

Charlie: *nods*

Miles: Yeah, exactly.

Lynna: Darling that was amazing! *Kisses Doctor*

Charlie: *talking to Docter* If you're a time traveler. What's my future? I'm way to confused right now to figure it out myself.

Tati: *To Docter* Am I gonna be a actresses or a singer or a model

Alexis:*To Doctor* Am I going to become a world-reknowned surgeon?

Miles: I, um, don't want to know what my future is going to be, but I bet it will be amazing!

Doctor: Hey! If I'm a time traveler, do you think I'm really going to go around and examine eveyone's history? My time machine, the TARDIS, can go anywhere in time and SPACE. Although, I love your human history, I don't know everyone's life.

Miles: That's cool, I think.

Alexis: Interesting, how did you build this time machine?

Doctor: Well, on my home planet, Gallifrey, we don't really build them, we grow them from TARDIS coral. Then, we tech it up to fly.

Miles: That sounds awesome.

Doctor: It's also bigger on the inside.

Miles: That's cool. It must be awesome having a TARDIS or whatever.

Charlie: *shrugs*

Zoey: *walks over* Hey guys! *nervous laugh*

Don: H-H-H-H-Hey, welcome.

Charlie: Hello.

Zoey: Hi! What is your guys' names?

Don: I-I-I-I-I'm Don.

Miles: Miles is my name, and it's awesome!

Alexis: Hello my name is Alexis

Charlie: That is not important personality matters more than names.

Zoey: Hi I'm Zoey!

Tati: Hi Zoey I'm Tati and your hair looks pretty. Oh we gonna be such BFF but touch my stuff I cut you.

Alexis: Well that's a nice welcome

Charlie: (CONF) Does no one listen to me?

Miles: *to Charlie* Personalities are AWESOME!

Zoey: I agree.

Alexis: So you want us to tell Zoey about ourselfs?

Charlie: I am a man who had to clean up after each Neighborhood series cause this is my house.

Alexis: Well good luck with that

Zoey: Weird...

Alexis: Well anyways, welcome to the team Zoey

Miles: Yeah, wait if we're introducing ourselves like Charlie, I'll just say I'm awesome!

Alexis: I'm intellegent

Zoey: Aweomse, know what the square root of Pi is?

Alexis: 1.77245

Zoey: Nice one!

Alexis: Thanks, so tell us about yourself

Zoey: Well I competed in TDM, but other than that I.. I... don't have many friends *sigh*

Don: W-W-W-Well, the TDM thing is cool. H-H-H-Hopefully, you'll make friends here.

Alexis: You seem like a pretty cool girl, maybe we could become friends

Zoey: Thanks guys... I just wish that were the case...

Don: D-D-D-Don't worry, I b-b-bet you'll make at least o-o-one friend.

Zoey: Keep on dreaming...

Charlie: How would you define your relationship status with Mike?

Alexis: It's almost challange time!

Miles: That's awesome!

Alexis: We'll do amazing!

Dolphins Chat

TG: Second place not bad *Shoots an Arrow at a tree*

Tyker: I like your arrow it reminds me of Katniss

TG: Thanks....

Tyker: (CONF) *plays Mario Kart 7 then the 3DS died* Carp, where did I leave my changer?

Cystal: *writes on notebook* (CONF) I'm glad we got second place and don't have to go to elimination

Nathan: Um?

Jo: I'm as confused as you are.


TG: Oh don't mind me I'm shooting some Arrows with my bow at a tree *Rolls eyes*

Tyker: *Watching the elimination ceremony from here* Wow Dante is a goner

Nathan: So Tyker do you want to race in the game *points at 3DS*

Tyker: Ok sure.

Piper: O.O *Watches Elimiantion ceremony From Camera* Aaron sure is weird.

Tyker: I wonder when the next challenge gonna start, I hope its a game related challenge.

Piper: If he comes back, I'm taking his watch. Yes!

Aaron: O.o

Piper: *steals Watch*

Tyker: Welcome to the team, Aaron

Piper: Let's use this puppy! *Pushes Button And Teleports To Tigers*

Aaron: Aww, what!


Aaron: Oh shoot. *Sees teleporting Watch And Presses Button, teleporting to Tigers*

TG: meh..I hope the next challenge involves Blood or Knifes.

Tigers Chat

Lili: Why did Aaron have to leave! At least he participated >.>*Glares at everyone but Hwo*

Hwo: Its allr right, well win next time!(CONF) But I'm doubtful T_T

Dante: *walks up to Lilli* I know one of you betrayed me. My brain is not gullble. An IQ of 220 will not be decieved.

Piper: *Appears* I stole Aaron's watch.

Dante: *takes it back* OK. This. Is. A. Watch. I. Invented. Do you uinderstand?

Piper: I invented it too, dumbo. *Shows Other Watch* I have a million of these puppies, and I built it when I was 3 years old.

Dante: I don't particuarly give a s***.

Piper: Thanks, I hate you too, f****** s***** b****.

Dante: I finished Latin, French, Spanish and Chinese by third grade.

Tyker: Ok lets all friends here

Piper. >.> Not kindergarten, Dante? Such a pity.

Dante: I didn't go to kindergarten I'm to smart.

Piper: I think you're just a f****** a******.

Lili:*Kicks Piper in the head* LANGUAGE!!!

Piper: *dodges* Who cares? Leo used it. Dante used it. Cyrus used it.

Dante: Te potest nutrientibus causat ego nutrientibus nihil

Hwo: What?

Zoey: *from across the chat* Hey! Keep it down please or I'll go Commando on you guys!

Piper:Forte si clausit f *** usque, maybe Lorem dare af *** ad te, sed a ******* sicut te potest nutrientibus mea (non wanan dicere. XD)


Zoey: *from across the chat* Well... back'atchya!

Lili: Zoey, just stop.

Piper: That was for Dante, Zoey. O.O

Dante: Vous décidez donc de se cacher derrière plusieurs cultures qui parlent la langue au lieu de me confronter en anglais? Qu'est-ce qu'un débile.

Hwo:*Accidentally runs over Piper*

Zoey: Ok well... if anyone of you mess with me I'll personally rearange your face! *steps away from Dolphin window*

Alexand blossom: *jump around the room*

Bobandthorn:*readin evil book*

Lili:*Practices her fighting style*

Piper: *dodges Hwo* Au moins, je ne cache pas comme af ****** un ***** qui est à peu près un chat effrayé. Et dire que je suis un crétin ne signifie pas que vous êtes plus intelligent que n'importe qui ici. Nous avons tous la même taille du cerveau, et vous devez arrêter de te vanter.

Hwo:*Runs over Piper*

Piper: *dodges whenever Hwo tries to run over her*


Dante: La taille du cerveau n'est pas pertinent. Ce qui importe est de savoir comment vous utilisez votre cerveau et vous l'utilisez pour insulter des hommes innocents. Honte à vous.

Lili: Is that French?

alex: GRRRRR*Breaks motor bike*

Hwo:*Grabs a spare*

Piper:Je ne suis pas insulter innocents "les hommes", même si vous êtes seulement un adolescent. Je suis juste me défendre contre les insultes, je suis super sensible, que vous ne le savez pas. Et comment ne française d'aide?!?!?


(French Fight FTW XD)


Bob: *stands up* palavoi englai

Hwo:*Walks away, confuesed*

Dante: I invented the watch. I said it was mine. You said I invented more as an insult to my intellegince. I responded. You insulted. I retorted.


Bob: "piper*너희가 최대 IM 아픈 F의 ***를 종료합니다 * 검은색 단검에게 *를 꺼내서


Piper: Regardez, vous avez besoin de se taire et respecter handicaps des personnes et des capacités, je pense que vous besoin d'un coeur, Dante. (Désolé pour le français. J'ai été EditConficted.)

Lili: Ok F*** this!*Rides with Hwo on motorbike*

Alex: *injects piper with sedative he will be out for 2 hours*

Piper: *Recovers Quickly*

(Piper is a girl. XD)

Dante: I got my PhD, Master's Degree, and numerous other degrees you won't understand, when I was 10.

Piper: I'm really serious, I had those at 9 and taught college students at 10.

Bob:내가 한 말에시

Dante: I would have but I was too busy in France and China and Spain learning of their scienitsts.

Piper: Would you-

Aaron: *falls* Oh, s***.

Challenge 2 - Pizza Pizza

Chris: Welcome contestants, today the challenge is MAKING A GIANT PIZZA! I will judge your pizza, along with 5th- I mean Josh! Anyways all the ingredients you need are there, the team with the worst pizza is sent to elimination, okay? Good, now make some pizza! TIME'S UP! TIME FOR THE JUDGING! Tigers go first :)

Lili: Hope you like it ^-^

Chris: First tell me what it is and what's there and stuff.

Alex: it five star gourmet thincrust pizza with wedges on side and spider drink

Chris: Toppings?

Dante: Ribs, beef, squireel, 20 types of cheese and ices cream, sardines mayonase.

Josh: Nice

Chris: *takes bite* Too much mayonase and sardines, but the cheese makes up for it, 6/10. What about you, Josh?

Josh: Well it was ok. I like the squirell. 8/10

Chris: Overall it's a 14/20, next up are the Dolphins!

Piper: Pepperoni and cheese pizza alongside with sides and smoothies. And apparently..

Aaron: Hot tub from Target!

Chris: *Bites it* Delicious! And Target is awesome so, I have to give it a 9/10! Josh?

(Eros has to deal with it. =.=)

Josh: To much stuff. Why does it need a hot tub? It is pizza guys. *eats* 5/10

Chris: 14/20 again! Now for the Penguins!

Alexis: Well its a cheese pizza, with sausage, pepperoni, ham, pepper, mushrooms, and tomatoes, with coke

Chris: *Takes a bite* Ham, Mushrooms, and Pepper, bleh *shivers* I'm sorry but a 2/10, Josh?

Josh: I can't change it but I would give it a 10/10, I love everything on there.

Chris: 12/20! Which means the Penguins send someone home tonight!

Zoey: [Conf] I am going to vote for Alexis, he added the toppings that Chris hated [No Conf]

Penguins Pizza

Don: W-W-W-What type of pizza should w-w-we make?

Alexis: Maybe pepperoni, ham, and sausage?

Miles: No offense, but I hate ham, how about sausage and pepperoni, then?

Alexis: Yeah me to I just tougth Chris would like it

Charlie: *starts making Peporoni and Cheese Pizza*

Miles: Let's just roll with whatever comes along *helps Charlie*

Don: *helps Charlie and Miles*

Alexis: *starts making dough*

Don: *starts making tomato sauce*

Miles: *helps Charlie*

Alexis: *flatens dough* What about mushrooms?

Charlie: No. *adds topings*

Zoey: Here use this! *pulls out aragano*

Alexis: Well the dough is done now I have to bake it

Zoey: Make sure you bake it at the right temeprature!

Alexis: Should we add the cheese, the sauce, and the toppings first, or after the dough bakes?

Zoey: Do it now, and use this aragano!

CHarlie: Now.

Alexis:*puts cheese and sauce on the dough* Were are the toppings?

Zoey: Aragano! *hands Alexis aragano*

Alexis: Are you sure about this?

Zoey: Yeah. And add cheese before you do.

Alexis: *adds cheese and sprinkles aragano around the pizza*

Zoey: Nice, now bake it to 109 Farenheit.

Alexis: *puts pepperoni and sausage on* So no more toppings?

Zoey: Parmasian Cheese?

Alexis: I think you put that on your pizza after it bakes *puts pizza in oven and bakes it at 109 Farenheit*

Oven: *ding!*

Alexis: *gets pizza out*

Don: I-I-I-It looks great!

Zoey: Yeah, add the Parmasian! Also add a drink, just incase he starts to choke!

Alexis: Are you sure?

Zoey: I don't really know *sigh*

Miles: I think just a plain pizza is good! Good meaning awesome!

Zoey: We should add a drink. Hey! I got it! How about we just bring toppings to him! Ya' know? In a small bottle. Lets let Chris pick what he wants.

Alexis: Great idea Zoey

Miles: Wait, I think that's over-doing it, knowing Chris he would put toppings he hates to send us to elimination.

Alexis: Well we should make some bread sticks

Zoey: Yeah. And Miles, I think we should take the chance.

Miles: Fine but if he does, I'm not held responsible.

Zoey: I'll be held responsible. I don't want to make you guys lose because of me, it won't help my friend problem.

Alexis: *makes breadsticks* These are done *sets plate of breadsticks down*

Zoey: Okay, get some toppings and make some Ice Cold Coca-Cola.

Alexis: *pours coca cola in a cup* Do toppings have to be baked? *cooks bacon and chops, chops peppers, ham, mushrooms, and tomatoes, and puts them in small plates*

Doctor: We'er down to the wire! *puts toppings on pizza*

Alexis: Don't put those on! *looks at pizza* Thanks doctor now we have a pizza with a motherlode of toppings T.T

Dolphins Pizza

TG: Ok! guys! we need Too make A pizza soo what kind of Pizza!

Piper: Pepperoni?

Crystal: Maybe we three chesses?

TG: Great Idea Now I'll make the dough *Starts making Dough*

Piper: *Helps TG*

Aaron: *Gets Ingredients*

Crystal: *cuts pepperoni*

Piper: *Flattens Dough*

Aaron: *Makes Tomato Sauce*

TG: *Gets Three Cheeses*

Crystal: Are we adding anymore toppings?

TG: What about Bacon?

Crystal: Okay *starts cooking bacon*

Piper: Should we put the dough in now or put on the toppings and sauce?

Crystal: Maybe we the toppings, the sauce, and the cheese on so they can cook evenly

TG: We Should Do the dough and add the sauce..

Aaron: Now?

Piper: *Shrugs* The dough is okay. Let's bake it. *Puts Doguh in Oven And Puts To Right Temperature*

Crystal: *sets bowl of toppings on the table*

TG: Wait we need too add the Saunce and the toppings first.

Crystal: I think the dough is baking already

Piper: When the dough is ready, give me the toppings.

  • Oven makes sound.

Aaron: Dough's ready. *Pulls Out Doguh and Pours Sauce*

TG:*Gives her Toppings*

Piper: *Sets Toppings Like A Picture Of Chris* Looks tasty.

Aaron: *Puts Fries As A Side* :3

Crystal: Maybe we should make a smoothie?

TG: Yeah what Crystal said.

Aaron: *Makes Delicious Smoothies*

TG: Now for the Flower Shaped rolls *Gets Knife and starts Craving The rolls into Flowers*

Aaron: i actually got a hot tub from Target. Maybe they cant eat it in the hot tub.

TG: Ok What's Target (She lived in the Woods most of her life so she does not know XD)

Piper: Chris' favorite place to buy things.

TG: Ok.


Jo: I think we'er next.

Tigers Pizza

Alex:*starts making dough*

Bob:*starts cutting spaggeti*

Alex: dante start making ribs

Bob: Someone make pasta sauce

Blossom*makes pasta sauce*

Dante: *makes ribs*

Bob: adds 25 different cheeeses to pot*

Dante: What now?

Alex: well im felleting the squirlle you go and grind the beef

Dante: *grinds beef*

Bob: *adds peanut butter to beef*

Dante: *grinds sardines' pickeles, ice cream and mayonase*

Alex: *adds marmite*

Bob:*adds peparoni and all ingrediants on dough then starts cooking at 500000 degrees celcius*

Dante: What is this meant to taste like?

Bob: you will see

Alex yea bob and i made this at hom>>

Bob:*hits alex*


Lili: This pizza looks great! Good job Bob!

Hwo:(CONF) This challenge reminds me of H**l's Kitchen!

Bob: alex and i did it (CONF) She knows something

Lili: And you too Alex!

Alex:it done*takes out pizza it look like thincrust five star gourmet poizza* ta da

Lili: Holy S*** YOU MAKE ME WANNA FEEL AGAIN!!!*Tears*

Bob: adds sides of wedges with melted cheese and canadian bacon and drink of diet spider (in nz it coke cola with scoop of ice cream in it)

Hwo: Wait, why a spider?

Alex: wait what im not even gonna dignify that with an answer

(i think spider like root beer float only no root beer and it any fizzy drink)

Hwo: Okay that makes sense random voice!

Lili: If we win Im installing a hot tub!

(you are welcome hwo waaaaaaaaa)

Hwo: I'm scared of the voice >.<

Lili: What voice?



Bob: evil spirits i told you dont show yourself to them

Hwo:*runs away screaming*


BOB AND ALEX:l dont worry he wnt hurt you

Elimination Ceremony 2 - Chilling Penguins

Chris: Cast your votes in the confessional! NO ONE IS IMMUNE! >:)

Chris: Muffins for......Miles *passes*, Charlie *passes*, Don *passes*, and Lynna *passes* The Doctor, Zoey, Tati, and Alexis have all received at least a vote but The Doctor is safe at one vote! And same with Tati! *passes* Zoey and Alexis one of you is going home.........Alexis, you added the toppings losing for your team, Zoey, you really irked some team members today. However, you each received a tie in votes, so we'll have a tiebreak. Say I when you're ready for it :)

Alexis: I'm ready

Zoey: I when you're ready for it :)

Chris: Tell me, why you should stay. Best speech wins.

Alexis: Well I should win because I see myself as a strong player, me, Don, and Miles beasted that first challange and I don't think I deserve to lose, but if I do I'll keep my head up high, and leave with dignity.

Zoey: I should stay because, and... Mike broke up with me because my stupid dad hated because of Vito, again! And I have no friends... the best I could do is try... even if I did I would be hated by everyone *holding back tears* because I am confident everyone hates me.

Doctor: *cries*

Chris: Um, tough one. I liked Alexis' because she was confident. I liked Zoey because it's like she's hating on herself, *quietly* yes I finally broke someone's will! *Talking*'s hard.

Alexis:....I'll quit for Zoey

Chris: Alright, you sure? Why do people quit every episode?

Zoey: Don't it isn't worth it...

Alexis: It's what friend do *gives Zoey number* Text me kay?

Chris: And Alexis is eliminated, Zoey you're still in!

Doctor: *gives Zoey his number* When you get eliminated, call me. I can take you to a destination of your choice.

Alexis: See you later guys *waves goodbye*

(Vick: Carp I miss the challenge I only gone for a few hours)

Zoey: Bye Alexis! I hope you return!

Doctor: *Alexis leaves* Oh! And I'll give you this back some time. *Holds up 3DS*

Tyker: Wait is that my 3DS. Give it back you jerk

Doctor: *sees Tyker's name on it and gives it back* Oh! Then why did I find it in Alexis's room? Did you give it to her? You liked her didn't you.

Tyker: Umm *blushes* maybe so none of your business *go to his team*

Dolphins Chat


Tyker: (CONF) So what that I like Alexis oh I mean I don't like Alexis *plays 3DS* I don't

Piper: Anybody want something? *Eats Chips*

Aaron: .... (CONF) Tough crowd. XD

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Tigers Chat

Dante: *hides*

Lili: Congrats on winning team, and sorry that me and Hwo couldnt help much.

Hwo: Yeah I was passing a kidneystone in the CONF

Lili:.........Anyways, as promised, WE GOT A HOT TUB!!!

Dabte: *hides*

Lili:.......of corse....

Hwo:*gets in Hot Tub*

Lili:*Joins Hwo*

Hwo:*To Lili* So, do you come here often?



~Lili has kicked Hwo from the hot tub~

Dante: *gets in hot tub*

Lili:oh, hi Dante.

Dante: Hello.

Lili: So, hows the hot tub?

Dante: It seems to be a Toshiba brand.

Lili: Yes, yes it is.

Hwo:(CONF) F*** my life......

Dante: *gets a book*

Hwo:*Gets back in hot tub*


Dante: *continues readin*



Dante: *is unable to pull Hwoarang out of the water due to haveing no strength at all*

Lili:*Watching Dante*...........Ugh.........*Pulls Hwo out with her Iron Woman strengh*

Dante: I was just about to do that.


Lili:*Kicks Hwo so hard that he crashes into the wall* Oh sorry, I tought you were Asuka

Dante: *keeps reading*

Hwo:(CONF) Now thats a woman!


Dante: *reading*


Dante: *reading*


Dante: *reading*

(I wonder what will happen next?)


Dante: *reading*



Dante: *finishes book*


Lili:*Gets out of hot tub and dries herslef off*

Dante: *gets out new book*


Lili:*Practices fighting style*


Dante: *gets out of hotub and dries himself

Lili:*Kicks Dante on accident while practicing*

Alex:*chants less evil spells)

Dante: *falls onto ground and hits his head and is K.O'd*


Dante: *gwts up* Who am I?

LiliL Oh S***

Dante: Who are you? >.>

BOB: I can fix that *chants and restores dantes memory

(well done bob)

Penguins Chat

Miles: Well, that ceremony wasn't cool. I was hoping we'd win.

Charlie: *glartes a Chris*

Miles: Anyways, let's try harder to win next time, so we can be the awesome team again!

Charlie; *nods*

Don: Y-Y-Y-Yeah. S-S-S-So, what's up guys?

Zoey: Ugh... admitting to everybody I have NO friends...

Challenge 3 - Talents and Mallets

Chris: Hi contestants :D

Dante: Who?

Lili: You.

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Hwo: Will the challenge involve biking?

Bob and alex (in unision) : does it involve knowledge of magic greek spells or magic?

Lili: I am also curious about that.

Chris: All will be explained soon, but anyone care to guess the challenge?

Crystal: Will it be a life threatening challange?

Chris: No, it's a talent show!

Lili: Finally!

Crystal: ._. (CONF) I'm not good with audiences

Lili(CONF) This will be a great time to show off my talent and charm!

Don: O-O-O-Oh no.

Chris: Each team must pick three to participate(NZ told me if I could control Dante and Charlie), now go! Well since the Penguins and Tigers are finished I'll grade them now in their deciders chat.

Chris: Congrats to the Penguins who got 1st! Tigers are safe in 2nd, meaning Dolphins eliminate someone >:) *Throws a mallet at Marshmellow*

Dante: I feel like it's in my instincts to- *hides* Rocky! Help me! I'm getting beat up by this dust bunny!

Hwo:^-^*Saves Dante*

Dante: You're the best rock in the world. And I'm Morgan Freeman and I approve this message. Must.....resist.....hiding.

Lili: NO! You must hide!

Dante: Are you sure Dante?

Lili: Yes! Hide and it might bring back the Morgan Freeman I know!

Dante: What do you mean? I am Morgan Freeman.


Dante: *hides and reads a book*

Hwo: You okay?

Lili: Yes, I'm fine.

Chris: *Praising his Target Gift Card*

OJ: *Somehow runs by quickly and steals i*

Chris: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Goes on knees* But yeah Dolphins go to elimination today!

Lili:OJ?*Chases after OJ*

OJ: *throws a knife back at Lili and disappears*

Chris: DARN IT!

Lili:*knife hits Lili's shoulder, causing her to fall down*

Hwo: S***! Hey!*Sprints after OJ* OH F*** NO!!!

Charlie: *glares at Chris* (CONF) My dad loaned out the house I paid for to him >.>

Don: I-I-I-I don't want to know what happened.

OJ: *Grabs knife and throws it at Hwo, then somehow disappears to China*

Hwo:*Dodges* Where'd he go?

Lili:*Gets up*

Hwo: Sorry, you alright?

Lili:*Tears* I'll be fine.*Walks away*

Tigers Deciding

Lili: Ok guys, each one tell me their talent!

Dante: Where am I? Who are you?

Lili: S***! This is gonna be a lot harder than I thought....

Dante: Who am I?

Lili:Hmmmmmm.......*Kicks Dante again*

Dante: Ow! Am I a punching bag?

Lili: So your memories back?

Dante: I don't have a memory. But am I?

Lili: Ugh.....*Kicks Dante in the head*

Dante: Why do you keep kicking me? Are we enemies? Am I an evil person?

Lili: YOU WILL GET YOUR MEMORY BACK ONE WAY OR THE NEXT!*Kicks Dante in the head repeatedly*

Dante: Wait, I'm getting my memory back. My name is Lili, right? And you're Dante, and that's *points to Hwo* Rocky?


Hwo:*Whacks Dante in the head with a crowbar*

Dante: *dizzy* Rocky, I want eggs for breakfast *KO'd*

Lili:S***! Now we dont have enough people!

Hwo:Now what?

Dante: *KO'd*


Lili: Than I guess until Dante gets his memory its gotta be up to us!

Dante: *wakes up* I'm Morgan Freeman from the galaxy of the Milky Way- *dizzy*


Hwo:I could do some tricks on my motorbike?

Lili: Thats fine.

Dante: Non-sense Rocky, you big piece of rock! I'm Morgan Freeman and I'll act the best scene ever! *dizzy*

Lili:*Practices her dance moves*

hwo:*Sets up stunts*

Dante: *acting a scene, british accent* No, I don't want to leave, this is my home *cries dramatically* You can't force me to leave, I-I'd rather die, staying here!

Lili:Wait, use that in the talent show Dante!

Dante: The name's Morgan Freeman, Dante! Anyways, how did I get the name Morgan Freeman?

Hwo: By being a f*****g A-Hole.

Dante: Is that good, Rocky?


Dante: I'm now sad, Rocky, BUT MY SCENE IN THE THEATRE NEVER LETS ME DOWN! So how did I join the theatre?

Hwo: I DONT KNOW!!!!


Dante: Okay! I'm sorry Rocky and Dante! *british accent* No I don't want to leave! You can't make me! I have lived in this town my whole life! I really don't want to go, *falls on his knees, begging* Please, let me stay! I can't live in exile for something I was framed for!

Lili: Good. Hwoarang, how is the stunts doing?


Dante: Hey Rocky! Can I see, your bicycle riding? I've always wanted to see a rock ride a bicycle.

Hwo:Fine.*Practices his stunts*

Dante: Rocky is awesome at bike things. What are you doing Dante?

Lili: Dancing.

Dante: Why do I feel like hiding?

Lili: Dont. Please.

Dante: Okay, Dante.

Lili:*Continues dancing*

Chris: *walks in* Alright, you guys sent in who's doing what.....first up is Rocky?

Hwo:*Does his motorbike stunts*YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*Finishes without a scratch*

'Chris: 8/10'. Next is Dante with dancing? O_O

Lili:*Dancing* And now the main even!*Leaps in the air and at the same time kixks Hwo high into the air*


Lili:*Leaps and catches him* Tadaaaa!

Hwo:WTF wasthat for?

Lili: I had to put in some pizzazz.

Chris: I've seen better, but meh......6/10. Now with Morgan Freema- WHO WROTE THIS LIST?

Dante: *British Accent* Please, no, I can't live in exile! I'm your son! I didn't even steal anything! Please give me one more chance or find proof that I did at least! I have a family here, friiends here, a home here, my favorite dogs: Willis, and Rocky *points at Hwo* You can't do this! Father? Please! PLEASE! FATHER! *begs on knees* I beg of you, please look at me, do I look like I would steal? I wouldn't! Father? FATHER!!!!! *Cries, uncontrollably for a minute and stops* Scene.

Chris: What the? 8.5/10, because you freaked me out, but good act?

Lili: Good job guys!*Glares at Bob, Alex, Jen, and Iris* Next time at least talk a little? >.>

Dante: I am Morgan Freeman and I approve this message. Why do I feel like reading a book about science?

Chris: You guys scored a 22.5/30!

Penguins Deciding

Charlie: I can not blink for an hour....

Miles: Cool, anyone else?

Zoey: I can make an entire boat out of one leaf.

Miles: Awesome! I can play Jingle Bells on the flute? I'd just need a flute.

Zoey: I can weave a flute with a single leaf.

Miles: Well, then I guess we have our three talents?

Don: Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

Chris: Alright, let's start! First up is Charlie who won't blink for an hour.

Charlie: *stays, wide-eyed for an hour without blinking*

Chris: O_o, 6.5/10. Zoey?

Zoey: *goes Commando and grabs a single palm leaf and quickly weaves it into a boat* *goes back to normal* Done!

Chris: 7.5/10, Miles?

Miles: *plays jingle bells on the grass flute*

Chris: 9/10. Which is 23/30! Good job!

Dolphins Deciding

Piper: Me?

Aaron: How about meh? :D I can drink the most about 9,000 every 2 seconds. I'll go on for 10 seconds. Then I wanna go pee.

Piper: Alright, I can eat a snowcone, while painting Chris' face beautifully on a wall, by walking on a tightrope with those long stick things while keeping a hamster on my head and hula-hooping. :)

Aaron: You can use Furball, my new hamster. :) He's definitely trained.

Chris: Well, um, since it's only the two of you I'll either dock points, *grabs this marshmallow* count this marshmellow, or have you each score out of 15?

Piper: Count that?

Chris: Alright this marshmellow has to perform a talent, anyways it'll go last. Piper, you're up.

Piper: *Puts Furball on Head, Eats Snowcone, Hula Hoops, Walks On Long Sticks On Tightrope, Draws Chris' Face On Wall*

Chris: 9/10. Aaron?

Aaron: *Drinks 9,00 water bottles every 2 seconds, goes on for 10 seconds while, also, hula-hooping*

Chris: One word: Owen. 3/10, now for the Marshmallow.....

  • Marshmellow does fabulous talents enough for a 10/10 or 30/10.

Chris: O_O, 9/10. Which means you have a 21/30!

Elimination Ceremony 3 - The Dolphins

Chris: Vote in the confessional. Good luck >:)

Chris: Muffins for: Piper *passes*, Tyker *passes*, TG *passes*, Nathan *passes*, Jim *passes*, Aaron *passes*, and Rick *passes* Which leaves Jo and Crystal..........and the person NOT going home is.........Crystal *passes* I'm sorry Jo but you have been eliminated, any last words? Also Zoey decided to quit. (Her user quit the wiki), so um yeah.

Jo: Since Zoey quit, we don't need an elimination? Right? And if you keep me in, the show can last longer, and um, get more ratings! (Jo is desperate now. XD)

Chris: Hmm, this is true.......Fine you can stay, because Zoey quit, but you owe me a target gift card (XD), case closed.

Jo: *gets out target giftcard and hands it to Chris* Thanks, Mclean.

Penguins Chat

Charlie: *is attempting to break his notblinking record*

Miles: Come on, you're close, Charlie! It'll be awesome when you break the record.

Charlie: *not blinking at all*

Miles: You're five seconds away.

Charlie: So close

Tati: I'm so hungry hey Chris wheres the food?

Doctor: Well, if it's Chef cooking, I would rather not eat.

Charlie: *not blinking*

Tati: Yeah you right *grabs her cell phone* Daddy, I'm hungry send me something to eat NOW! *a large cart drop from the sky* Thank you Daddy *opens cart* Yes, Feta Cheese Foldovers Feta Cheese Foldovers and Tex-Mex Lasagna also with Apple Cranberry Stuffed Pork Roast and for and for dessert, White Chocolate-Key Lime Pie, I should hide this.

Miles: Come on Charlie, you already passed it, let's just see how far you can make it!

Charlie: *starining not to blink*

Don: C-C-C-Come on, Charlie!

Tati: Whats the point to this?

Miles: To see how long he can't blink, and he beat his record, that's awesome!

Charlie: How long has it been?

Miles: It's been an hour and 5 minutes.

Charlie: Ow.

Miles: Now an hour and 7 minutes.

Tati: I heard the longest time without blinking is 62 days 2 hours and 56 minutes. Held by Fister McAllistar of Scotland.

Miles: That sounds cool.

Tyker: I broke the world record of playing video games for 127 hours.

Miles: That's awesome! How did you not get bored though?

Tyker: *In a deep voice* I never get bored when it comes to games

Miles: Yeah but what if you beat the game, what do you do to keep on playing?

Tyker: Yes.

Miles: Well that's cool.

Tyker: *plays 3DS and go to his team*

Doctor: Well, this place is boring. You guys are just left watching some guy stare. Not like some of the adventures I've had. Wanna hear some?

Charlie: Not really.

Miles: It depends if they're cool.

Doctor: Cool? They'll blow your mind! Just tell me if you want a story from the past, future, or present.

Don: P-P-Past?

Doctor: Well, one day, me and my companion, Rose. Were deciding where to go, when the TARDIS detected a large metal cylander in the time vortex, displaying a mauve alert. Mauve is the universal color of danger. So, I followed it. Then, it fell out of the time vortex and crashed right in the middle of the London Blitz. I'm going to go get some food. I'll be back.

Miles: Alright. Oh, by the way, the story is cool.

Doctor: *gets back and is munching on a cookie with jelly in the middle* I love these jammy dodgers! Anyway, back to my story. So, then the TARDIS materialized in a narrow ally at night. Rose and I stepped out in search of the of the object, only to find that we were about a month after it landed.

Miles: Cool, I think.....I'll just say it's cool.

Doctor: I told Rose to wait by the TARDIS while I inspected the area. I went into the next building to try and find it. Meanwhile, Rose saw a small kid on a roof saying, "Are you my Mummy?" So, she climbed up a rope to try and get there. But, stupid Rose didn't notice the rope was hanging from a Barrage Ballon. The alarm sounded, and she went up into the sky. By the time I came back, she was gone. Then, the TARDIS phone rang. But, the outside TARDIS phone never rings, it's not connected to anything. A girl came up to me, and told me not to answer it. The next thing I know, she's gone. I answered it, and it was a child saying, "Mummy? Are you my Mummy?" Then, the line went dead again. I looked over the wall, and I saw a family running into a bomb shelter, and the girl from before heading into the house. She started raidning the cubbards. The rest of the story will be in videos.
Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 9 The Empty Child Part 4

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 9 The Empty Child Part 4

Video 3

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 9 The Empty Child Part 5

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 9 The Empty Child Part 5

Video 4

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 9 The Empty Child Part 3

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 9 The Empty Child Part 3

Video 2

*finishes talking* Well, I think that's enough for now. Time for the challenge!
Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 9 The Empty Child Part 2

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 9 The Empty Child Part 2

Video 1: Doctor: Man with Leather Jacket (Not man with Binoculars. He is new.) Rose: Blonde Haired girl hanging form barrage balloon. (duh) Girl: First person shown

Tigers Chat

Lili:*Bleeding from her shoulder*

hwoarang:..........*CONF* That B****! Lili loved him and now hes throwin knives at her. I'm gonna kill that A-Hole the next chance I get!

Dante: So Dante that was good dancing.

Bob: lili who hurt you i can kill them with my throwing knifes

Alex : i can put a hex on them

Lili: Dont kill him, hell get out of it.

Bob:*takes out obsidien spiritual dagger* o.k but let me see the wound

Lili:*shows Bob the wound*

Dante: Why do I want to hide?

Hwo: Because your instincts tell you to.

Dante: Can I borrow your motorbike Rocky?

Hwo: If you even get a scratch on it I'll beat the S*** out of you!

Dante: *starts riding without a helmet* Thanks Rocky

Hwo: oh boy....

Dante: *approachs a hairpin bend*


Dante: Don't worry Rocky. *turns and bike scrapes wall and explodes* AHHHHHHHH

Hwo:O_O YOU PIECE OF S***!!!

BOB:*STabs lili in wound to make deeper*


Bob: o.k alex now

Alex(comes with book and chants while applying bandage) done *looks exhausted*

Bob: she will be better soon cmon

Alex: kk

Dante: I am Dante Lucas Adams and I know what I must do! *hides*

Morgan Freeman: I'm Morgan Freeman and I approve this message *thumbs up*

Hwo:*Grabs identical motorbike*


Dante: *hiding*

Lili:*Wakes up, eyes glowing red*

Bob: termo weta netria

Lili:*skin glows black, clothes, purple, hair glows, white, eyes glow red*

Alex:*glows white*

Bob: *glows dark purple*

both: wema tuma wetas quenda

Lili:AAAAAAAGHHHHHH!!!!!*Punches Alex and Bob into the walll*

  • alex and bob appear either side of her and grab her with glowing hands twist mata fetsu*

Lili:*Breaks free and punches them repeatedly*

Bob: oh for crying out loud tuma peetack unibrea *raps lili in glowing chains*

Dante: *hides*

Lili:*Breaks free* YOU WILL NOT TAKE ME ALIVE!!!! DEATH IS INEVITABLE!!!!!*Breaks through wall*

Morgan Freeman: I'm Morgan Freeman and I approve this message *thumbs up*

Lili: *kills Morgan Freeman*

Morgan Freeman: NOOOOO- *Dies for a second then comes back* Mario Lives FTW!

Hwo: Lili snap out of it!

Lili:*Runs towards

Alex: I got this *traps lili in pentagramLili stops glowing* I TAKE YOUR POWER AND MAKE IT MY OWN USING EARTH WATER FIRE AIR AND SPIRIT IN THIS SEAL

Lili:*Grins and just starts glowing again, then escapes*

Alex: I took some of her power but that aint magic

Bob: what is it

OJ: *Runs in with Chris' gift cards*

Lili:*Sees OJ* You..........*Punches OJ with incredible strengh*

Dante: *throws a frisbee that curves and hits Lilli in the temple K'Oing her*

Lili:*Awakens and and kicks Dante into the air*

OJ: *Stabs Lili*

Lili:*Knife just simply goes through her*

OJ: *Sets a TNT on the ground and runs a little far to a

Alex/Bob:*fires dark purple and a light blue beam at lili* we cant contain you with magic but we can hurt you with magic *beam actually hurts lili*

Lili:Ugh..........*Kicks Alex and Bob high into the air*

OJ's TNT: *Explodes*

Dante: *has gun* I beat every Call of Duty game.

Lili:*Slams OJ to the ground*

OJ: *Throws numerous knives at her, despite them not working*

Lili: I LOVE YOU YOU TRY TO KILL ME!!! WELL HERE!!!!*Kicks OJ high into the air*

OJ: *Stops being psycho* How am I in the air? Wasn't I dying in lava a few seconds ago? Oh, wait, I see what happened >.> *hits the ground* Stupid nanochips.

Lili:*About to give OJ the final blow*

OJ: Well I had half of a good life, bye world, for whatever I did >.>

Lili: GRRRRRRRRRR! *Slams OJ to the ground*

OJ: Before I die, can I be told an exact summary of why I'm being killed? Anyone?

Lili:*turns back to normal* You may have broken my heart, but I cant hurt you....*Cres*

OJ: Wait what? I'm confused....

Lili:......You remember noting, do yu?

OJ: Yeah, I don't remember anything up before I fell into the lava.

Lili: You killedso many of us, and this(Shows OJ the wound on her shoulder*

OJ: Oh, I know what happened. Stupid nanochips.

Lili: So, can yo ever forgive me?

OJ: Um, sure, I think, besides I bet it was just my psycho counterpart.

Lili;YAY!*Hugs OJ*

Hwo:*Stares in envy*

OJ: Anyways, sorry if I injured, hurt, or anything to anyone. I'm glad I got out of this situation alive o_o, well bye guys *leaves*


Chris: No.


Hwo:Its all right Lili. You got us ^-^

Morgan Freeman: Yeah *smiles creepily*

Lili:*sees Morgan and runs away screaming*

Morgan Freeman: My work here is done, now for coffee and some Mario *leaves*

Hwo:All's well it ends swell.

Chris: Yeah.

Hwo:So, HOT TUB PARTY!*Gets in hot tub*


Dante: *joins*

Hwo: So, is everyone fine after all that?

Dante: Yeah I guess.

Lili: That was a lot of bullsh**!

Hwo:Yes, yes it was.

Dante: *shrugs*

Iris: ...........

Bob: *sharpens throwing knives and shuriken*

Alex: is this a drama of weird?

( And that is how lili saved christmas.... wait what WHO WRITES THIS STUFF)

Morgan Freeman: I'm Morgan Freeman and I approve this message *high fives Voice Over Guy*

  • morgan freeman disappears*



MF: Mario lives FTW! *Leaves*

(hwo im not in your head every one can here me duh)

Dante: *hides*

Dolphins Chat

Jo: (CONF) I got lucky. I just hope I don't miss ANOTHER challenge. Then, I would be gone for sure.

TG:(CONF) I Need Blood I need too shoot an Arrow at a bird! (NON CONF) *Tries too Shoot an Arrow at a Bird but misses* NO! I wasted an Arrow!

Jo: I'll get if for you! *runs to get arrow* (CONF) I need to prove to the team that I'm worth staying. Basically, be a kiss-up.

TG: YOU MEATHEAD NOBODY TOUCHES MY ARROWS *Gets Arrow out of her Quiver* Now I wanna have an Arrow fight!

Piper: *Has Archery Arrows Used In Olympics* Can I join the fight?

TG: OKay! but I maybe get a Little bit bloody.

Piper: Only if you're accurate. *Gets Mirror, Puts It On Shoulder* Watch the bird. *Stares At Mirror, Shoots Arrow At Bird* I trained myself to do that.

TG: Wow...That's Awesome...

Piper: Don't worry, you're as trained as me!

TG: Really...

Jo: I can do that! Give me a quiver.

TG: No It's a arrow and Arrow Fight, it's Stabbing! *hands Jo an Arrow*

Jo: I can win this no problem. (CONF) *is covered with bandages* Okay, so maybe I got a little cocky.

TG: *Smirks* Wow that was Weak! (CONF) My Momma told when I was Young too not Play with Weapons...But I do anyways!

Jo: I have much to learn. Can you teach me?

TG: Ok...Sure!

Jo: Thank you!

TG: Ok First you need Too be Bloodthisty then Choke an animal and then Don't Trust Old man They Hit me in the head with a cane!

Jo: ...

TG: Get it Got it Good! did you *Shows one of her Bloodshot eye* GOT IT! YOU BETTER! OR I'LL PUT YOUR HEAD OVER THE MANTEL OVER MY STINKIN FIRE PLACE..

Jo: I got it! (CONF) Maybe this wasn't the best idea.

Tyker: *plays 3DS*

Jo; What's with you? You don't do anything but play on that game of yours.

Tyker: So, whats your point Man-Lady

Jo: My point is, you don't do anything to help the team. You just sit there, playing your game.

Tyker: Fine I help the team with the next challenge from now on I won't play my 3DS for the entire daY

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Aaron: O.o

Piper: Entire day? You need a YEAR off the consoles!

Jo: Okay, that's a little much. One day and helping in the challenge should be good.

Tyker: No no no not a whole year I die I do a entire day (CONF) That was a lie the longest I stay without games was 5 minutes I know thats sad

TG: *Is about too Shoot an Arrow at The 3DS but doesn't* I Argee and what's a Console? (Once Again TG lived in the woods almost all her life so she does not know)

Challenge 4 - Fall Asleep, My Story Will Weep

Chris: Hello contestants, do you like your current team, so far? Do you like the game, so far?

TG: I love the game but where is all the blood fighting and Drama? And my teammies are ok!

Crystal: *nods*

Don: Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

TG: Ok! what's the CHALLEGE! I wanna know :D ( I have too go in ten minutes)

Jo: I love my team and hope to be a HUGE part of it in the future.

Doctor: My team is great! And they don't get bored with my storries!

Chris: Well, we're having a team swap! So, um, yeah, pack your bags! (DON'T POST)

Chris: The Killer Ferrets consist of: Miles, The Doctor, Charlie, Don, Lili, Lynna, Tyker, Crystal, Piper, Jo, and Rick. The Screaming Crabs are the rest of them.

Doctor: Come on! I was right in the middle of telling my story! Whatever, at least I still have Lynna

TG: I think my team will be great (I have too go know I wouldn't be back for awhile soo Good luck everyone)

Tyker: Whats the challege?

Miles: My team seems awesome!

Jo: (CONF) A new team is just what I need! Now they won't vote me out! Right?

Chris: So, who likes stories? And who likes examining brains?

Jo: Neither.

Doctor; BOTH!

Chris: Well, today, we're doing one of them. Care to guess which Doctor?

Doctor: Well, I hope it's stories, because most of these people might kill someone.

Hwo: God I hate my team!

Jo: You can always quit.

Hwo: NO! >.>

Tati: Than shut it

Lili:*Kicks Tati in the head*

Tati: Ow! What was that for?

Chris: Tati, for posting, you're out of the challenge, I said no posting (it was deleted). Anyways, the challenge is to find an animal in the woods(3 lines there and finding an animal, 1 line back), and then have someone in your team, tell it a story to let it sleep. Then you must answer a question and find a rock with a smiley face in a pile of rocks (3 lines), the first team to do so wins. Good luck.

Doctor: I will have the story. You guys get the animal.

Jo: Okay! *runs to get animal*

Miles: Got it! *runs to get animal*

Don: O-O-Okay *runs to get animal*

Hwo:*looks for sheep*

Lili:*Looks for sheep*

Don: *looks for animal*

Miles: *looks for animal*

Tyker: Yes sure *runs to get a animal*

Don: *finds an animal*

Miles: *helps Don bring it back*

Crystal: *runs to animal*

Doctor: Okay! Now that we have a sheep, don't say anything so I can tell my story! Once apon a time, in a land far far away, there was a man. A man with a heart of gold. He looked around, and saw the two suns of the land rise as the moon fell, and he felt the orange grass. So, so soft, and he looked in the distance, and saw his land at peace, and everyone was calm, quite, asleep.

Sheep: *Falls asleep*

Miles: Awesome, now we need the question!

Chris: Good job Ferrets, here's the question: Did OJ ever forgive Yomby? Answer incorrectly, and you must answer another question.

Jo: No. He killed him.

Chris: Incorrect, OJ forgave Yomby once in normal form, but when he went psycho he killed Yomby. The next question is: In what episode of Motel was Sally "fake" eliminated in?

Lili:Ep 15.

Chris: CORRECT! You may now search for the rock!

Jo: *searches for rock* Come on Ferrets!

Lili:*Looks for rock*

Jo: *keeps looking*

Miles: *looks for rock*

Don: *looks for rock*

Lili:*looks for rock*

Jo: *finds rock* Yes! We win!

Chris: And the Ferrets win! Sorry, Crabs, you're going to elimination!

Lili:(CONF) I hate how all my friends are on the crabs, *Sigh*

Chris: Also, Ferrets, as a reward, you can pick to swap someone on your team for someone else, IF you want. At least 2 others must agree. So, do you choose to or not to?

Lili:Can we volunteer to swap ourselves?

Chris: Yeah, but for who?

Lili: Dante.

Chris: Do you guys agree or disagree?

Miles: I agree, I guess, if she really wants to.

Don: I-I-I-I-I'm sorry, I d-d-disagree.

Jo: I agree!

Chris: Alright, you sure?

Lili: Actually, never mind.

Jo: yeah, our team is perfect. We don't need anyone else!

Don: A-A-Actually, how about Tyker for Dante?

Lili:I agree

Miles: Same.

Chris: Well Dante is now on your team and Tyker is now on the other team, but Tyker is immune. Okay?

Elimination Ceremony 4 - The Crabs

Chris: Muffins for: Tyker *passes*, Aaron *passes*, Alex *passes, Tati *passes*, Iris *passes*, Nathan *passes*, Jim *passes*, Hwoarang *passes*, Rick *passes*, and TG *passes*, which leaves Bob and Jennifer, and one of you is going home..........* jennifer looks nervously, while Bob thinks about life at the final muffin* and it's.............not Bob! Sorry Jennifer, you have been voted off! *passes Bob the last muffin*

Ferrets Chat

Dante: (CONF) I am so lucky.

Charlie: (CONF) *not blinking*

Bob and Alex: *break open door*

Alex: We forgot some things *goes to old bed and gets book*

Bob: Me two *gets his book looks at chrlie and punches him in the face swelling one eye closed*

Charlie: (CONF) I had been not blinknign for 2 whole days.

Dante: *slaps Alex on the back* See ya at the merge buddy. *muttering* Ow my hand/

Tyker: Yes we are so lucky

Piper: O.o

Lili:*Braids hair*

Miles: Our team is awesome!

Lili:Please tell me this chat has a hot tub.

Don: U-U-U-U-Um, Chris r-r-removed the hot tubs from all chats.

Tyker: Aww man

Blossom: *holding message gives to lili* squeeeeeeeekk (alex and bob want to see you)

Thorn *comes from under pillow gives same message to dante*

Lili:Alex and Bob? Oh yeah, wait...........Who are they again?

Piper: *Points To The Two Boys* Apparently them.

Lili: Ugh, guess I have to go talk to them*Leaves*

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Piper: Bye. Lili?

Don: O-O-O-Okay, then.


Crystal: ^.^ *continues to write on notebook*

Lili:*Practices fighting style*

Don: W-W-W-W-W-Welcome back.

Crystal: *watches Lili with amazment*

Dante: *reading a book suppsoedly titled Neuro Psyics*

Blossom: squeek(im lost in these room with people idk and im like)

Thorn: squeek *whos who o o o)

Miles: Hopefully we can pull another awesome win today! Right?

Charlie: *nods*

Dante: *reading*

B;ossom: squek

Piper: ( ._.)

Dante: *reading*

Thorn: squeek*blossom gone im here takes out lil knife grr*

Miles: Hopefully next challenge we can dominate awesomely.

Jo: Yeah.

Doctor: Wanna hear the rest of my story?

Miles: Sure.

Don: Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

Doctor: So, there we were, cornered by the gas masks, and Nacy cornered by the child himself. Then, I acted quick, noticing they were all acting like children> I commanded them to go to their room. Then, they went into their beds, and the child walked away from Nacy. I was pretty grateful it worked. Those would have been horrible last words. Then, Jack explained how his con was suposed to work. He would find some space junk, throw it through time, convince a Time Agent that it was worth something and get fifty percent of the payment before a German bomb would land and erase all evidence of the swindle before the buyer could claim it. He says the London Blitz is particularly good for this, as bombs fall all the time, and recommends Pompeii as another suitable location that can double as a "vacation". It was an empty, burnt out medical transport. He said he had nothing to do with the gask masks. Even though I didn't approve, we headed out together to the room the child used to be cared for in. We found it a wreak. There was a tape recorder also. It was Dr Constantine asking the child a few questions. All he said back was, "Are you my Mummy?" As the tape continued to play, I walked around the room, thinking out loud. The homeless children I encountered earlier were living around the bombsite. Suppose one of them wandered near the crashed ship and was somehow altered. The child would be incredibly powerful. Back to the videos.
Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 10 The Doctor Dances Part 2

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 10 The Doctor Dances Part 2

Video 1

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 10 The Doctor Dances Part 3

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 10 The Doctor Dances Part 3

Video 2

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 10 The Doctor Dances Part 4

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 10 The Doctor Dances Part 4

Video 3

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 10 The Doctor Dances Part 5

Doctor Who Series 1 Episode 10 The Doctor Dances Part 5

Video 4 (last)

Dante: *staring at Lill*

Lili:*Notices Dante* Something wrong?

Thorn:*gives lili note with <3 from Bob*

Dante: *quickly looks away*

Lili:*Sees note* O_O

Thorn: *humming kissing* walks away

Lili:Um, ok then.(CONF)..............

Dante: *reading books with fake cover neuro biology*


Jo: Good story doctor. Your relly good at making them up.

Doctor: What do you mean? That REALLY happened to me.

Jo: 0.o

Blossom and thorn *enter room*

Blossom: squeek (we like it here)

Thorn: squeek (we are staying)

Dante: *hides* (From hiding spo) *reading*

Crystal: *accidentally hides where Dante is hiding and writes on notebook*

Doctor: Wait, what?

Jo: Yeah, you two must have the wrong place, this is Total Drama.

Crabs Chat

Bob: were is she (CONF) She is the only one i dont hate here

Lili:Ok I'm here!

hwo:*Finds drugs*...........*Takes them*

Alex: perfect at merge we team again?

Bob: *blushing* yea we need lil i mean you two

Lili:Yeah sure. Hwo what are you doing?



Bob: hwo are you smoking my poisin Ivy collection?

Alex: yea we saw you pick it up

Lili:Wait, what?

Hwo:*Layng on the ground, hugging a pillow* GOVERMENT CAME AND TOOK MEH BABY!!!! >.<

Tyker: Hello new team mates (I just realize I'm on this team now silly me)

Lili:*Runs away screming*

Alex: ahhh *punches tyker in nose and knocks him out* ohhh god

Tyker: *knocked out with a broken nose*

TG;(CONF) Its funny how some people are scared of me im only Seven!

Bob: you know he is on your team?

Alex: yes i just wanted to punch somethging

TG: *shoots an Arrow* CRAP I MISSED!

Bob: *throws knife and cuts bow in half* hit

Aaron: O.o The fuck? (CONF) If my team gets weirder, I'm staying here.

Alex: *crahes trew CONF on rocket* hi

Aaron: God, I wish I had that watch now. *Looks At Rocket* O.O

Blossom: *picks up rocket and leaves*

Aaron: The fuck?

Tyker: *wakes up* ugh What happen?

Aaron: Alex punched you.


Tyker: Oh why Alex?

Aaron: He needed to punch something.

TG: *Thorws Arrows Around* Grrr....Revenge...Revenge..

Aaron: I want to try shooting arrows. :3 *Shoots Arrow And Kills 10 birds*

Tyker: Go get Bob he did it

TG: Thats what im doing but i need a knife Arrows are not good for close combat anyways..

Tyker: *finds a knife* here you go

TG; Thanks *Takes Knife*

Aaron: *Accidentally Shoots 5 Arrows At Bob* Oops!.

TG: NUUU!!!!!! I was about too Stab him! D:

Aaron: He is not actually dead...20 arrows kills a person. 5 just bruises.

TG: Ok...:3 *collects Arrows from the Ground*

Bob: *disappears and reppears next to them with black dagger* becareful *disappears again*

Thorn *stabs TG in the foot* *runs*

Alex: follows Bob by jumping from tree to tree*

Blossom:*follows in the trees*

TG: Ouch! *Removes Knife from foot* He is soo going too pay *Gets her Knife and arrows Ready*

Aaron: O.o (CONF) BOB IS A GHOST. D: Or a ventus.

TG: *Holds Foot* IT HURTS CURSE YOU BOB! *Holds Knife that Tyker gave her* (CONF) It Hurts I need too Fight Hard and Seven Years too live is Way too short

Bob: *to alex* Did i just here Aaron call me a ghost or a ventus

Alex:yes why?

Bob:just wondering

Thorn: squeek (i lost my lil knife)

Bob:*gives thorn new knife

Blossom: squeek (TG is angry)

Alex: i could take her easily (just releised TG is a girl XD)

Tyker: (CONF) What is going on with everybody

TG: Come on! Bob *Holds knife* (XD)

Hwo:*still hugging pillow*

TG:*Stabs Tree*

Blossom:*jumps and kicks TG in the face with incredible strength* GGGGGRRRRRRR

TG: YOU BEAST YOUR MONSTER LEADER NAME BOB Broke My Bow Now All I have left Is my barbie one OUCH! NOW THAT THIS CREATURE *Thorws an Arrow at Blossom* Grrr

Hwo:*smokes marijuana int the CONF*

Thorn: *blokes arrow with lil knife*

Alex: wow our pets are beating you

TG: Quiet Meat *Charges Alex with a Knife*

Tyker: (CONF) Why is so smokey in here and what is that smell?

Alex:*takes out nunchucks and knife* *smashes TG around the head* up close combat against me pft please

TG: Ow! Oh Please Alex Even know I'm only seven it does not mean I'm weak...*Now Takes out her Quiver of arrows are her Barbie styled bow* Don't Ask about the bow Your Brother broke my Bow soo *Shoots an Arrow at Alex's Leg*

Aaron: *About To Go To CONF, Meets Hwo* Um, hi, Hwo?

Alex: *jumps into the trees hidden in the leaves*

Bob: *sends <3 note to Lili*

Aaron: *Walks Away, Finding Shotgun* Hmm...

Tyker: Hey Chris, is the challenge start anytime soon?

Challenge 5 - The Boat Ride of a Lifetime

Chris: Say I, when you're here and able to do the challenge please :)

Miles: I.

Don: I.

Tyker: I.

Tati: I.

Doctor: I.

Jo: I.

Nathan: I!

Chris: .....Good enough. So, contestants, that are here, how's the competition been. (Small talk, while I think of another challenge XD)

Doctor; It's been great! I've ever even had a vote for me, or at least I think I don't. But that's only because my team keeps winning! We'er awesome!

Miles: *high fives Doctor*

Don: Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

Nathan: Let's just get on with this

Chris: Alright, then.

Tati: I know right

Tyker: If the other team win will Tati, Nathan and I will get immunity

Chris: Sure, why not? Also I recommend you bring towels for this next challenge. You have ten minutes of chatting, while I get supplies ready.

Tyker: Yes! *To Nathand and Tati* Can I get a thank you

Tati: Whatever loser *goes to the bathroom for a towel*

Tyker: Ahh *looks for a towel*

Doctor: *pulls towels out of pockets for everyone* Here you go!

Jo: How big are those pocket?

Doctor: Timelord technology. Bigger on the inside.

Jo: You get weirder every day.

Crystal: *arrives* (CONF) I arrived just in time

Miles: *grabs towel* Thanks.

Don: *grabs towel from the Doctor* T-T-T-Thanks.

Crystal: *grabs towel* Thank you

Tyker: *Gets towel from Doctor* Thank you Doc

Tati: *Gets towel from Doctor*

Doctor: Your welcome!

Jo: *gets towel* (CONF) He's WAY smarter than I thought he would be. I'll have to vote him out first chance I get.

Chris: Hey, you guys know how it's hot out, now in the Neighborhood, kind of?

Jo: yeah. It's scorching.

Doctor: Not for me. A timelord can handle extream heat and freeze.

Tyker: Well I'm burning up

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Chris: Well, we're having a challenge on the ocean! Which will involve water guns and water balloons for fun, kind of. How does that sound? We'll need to go on a bus ride though.

Tyker: Oh my blob yes yes yes

Doctor: Yes! (CONF) I fought off lava people with a water pistol once. My companion Donna was pretty amazed.

Chris: There is a price though, there will be a DOUBLE elimination!

Tyker: Carp.

Jo: So, where's the bus?

Doctor: I flew a duble decker bus once! It had some magnetic flying devices on it.

Chris: I got a bus for each team. So yeah, it'll take a while to get there, so chat in the bus which is here now! *bus arrives and everyone goes in their team bus*

Ferrets Bus

Crystal: *sits in the bus quietly*

Don: T-T-T-T-T-T-The challenge sounds nice, h-h-h-hopefully we can win.

Doctor: Don't worry, with my water pistol skills, we won't lose.

Miles: Yeah, we'll be awesome once more!

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Jo; Well, I'm a champion swimmer!

Miles: I think we're almost there! Let's win for no double elimination!

(Scienceboy0, Sorry, have to go for tonight! Be back tommorrow for the challenge!)

Crabs Bus

Tyker: C'mon lets win this game!! (CONF) Why I'm the only one talking

Tati: *texting*

Tyker: *palys 3DS*


Chris: We're here!

Tyker: *gets out of the bus* Wow that bus was hot in there

Piper: Yay?

Crystal: Its nice in here

Thorn:*goes to Lili with ice tea chocolates and a rose with a note <3 from bob*

Lili:*Eats and drinks tea and chocolates but doesnt notice the note*

Thorn: throws note in form of paper plane and lands in lilis hands*\

Dante: *hides*

Lili:*Reads note*

Hwo:What is it?

Lili:Nothing,*Puts note in pocket*

Dante: *walks up to Lilli* Can I have an ice cube?

BobL: hi i got you this *gives Lili grey furred rabbit bye *leaves*

Lili:Its thoughtful, but I'm more of a cat person.

Hwo:*Is high*

Bob: mon arata *rabbit turnsa into cat*

Tyker: Well since we at the beach *starts to make a sandcastle*


Lili:*Cradles cat in her amrs*

Bob:*turns Hwo into cat*

Hwo:*Turns back* MY MARIJUANA POWES MAKES ME INVULNERABLE TO MAGIC* Face plants in the sand*

Bob: um hwo no i just missed ur face the rest of you still cat

Crystal: *starts drawing on sand*

Hwo:*Turns back fully*

Lili:*Strips off her dress, revealing a bikini*

Tyker: *whispers to himself* Weirdos *almost finish with his sandcastle*

Hwo:*Sees Lili* BING-BONG-HELLO!!!

Chris: Well, who's left on the beach, because I know for a fact some people went to take a nap on the bus.

Crystal: *To Tyker* Nice sand castle

Lili:*Posing, while Leo takes pictures of her*

Tyker: *done making his sandcastle and takes a picture with his 3DS* Thank you

Chris: In ten minutes the challenge starts, sorry for the earlier delay.

Crystal: Also cool 3DS, I have a pink one myself

Hwo:*Smoking marijuana*

Chris: TIME FOR THE CHALLENGE! Each team has a boat/canoe/kayak whatever, and have to race to the finish (10 lines, continue from you teammate's previous count), your arsenal are these long range water guns and water balloons, first team to reach the finish wins! You may now begin!

Lili:*Gets water gun and gets in boat*

Hwo:*Sames, but gets in his teams boat*

Crystal: *Gets water gun and gets in boat*

Miles: *gets water gun and gets in boat*

Don: *gets water balloons and gets in boat*

Lili:*Starts rowing*

Crystal: *helps Lili row*

Miles: *starts rowing*

Don: *starts rowing*

Hwo:*Rows* ROW ROW ROW YOU-*Faints, then comes too* I'm ok!*rows*

Crystal: *rows*

Miles: *rows*

Don: *rows*



Crystal: *rows*

Lili:*rows* WE WON!!!


Miles: We did awesome! *high fives team*

Don: Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

Crystal: That was pretty easy *smiles*

Lili:*walks up to camera* Hello Im Lili. This episode is about the dangers of drug usage and why you should never take them, even when it seems like a good Idea at the time, trust me. For more information about drug use, visit your local libraray. Thers probably soembody there who sells drugs. GOOD NIGHT EVERYBODY!!!

Miles: Wait, what?

Hwo:Yeah I'm done with the drugs now, the evil voice still haunts me T_T

Lili: YAY!!!!

Chris: THE FERRETS WIN! By a lot. Sorry Crabs, you lose, Hwo is immune though for being the ONLY one to help out, Tyker is immune for talking the most before the challenge. The rest of you are up for elimination though.

The Crabs Vote

Chris: Vote anyone but Hwo and Tyker.

Chris: Muffins for: Hwo! *passes* Tyker! *passes* Aaron! *passes* Bob! *passes* Rick! *passes*, Nathan! *passes*, Iris *passes* and Jim! *passes* TG, Tati, and Alex, only one more of you will be safe and it is.................Alex *passes (I went by original votes) Sorry TG and Tati, you have been eliminated, any last words?

Tati: Whatever like I need the money

(Vick: I'm sorry Im gonna inactive for while I'm having a road trip)

(TrentFan: Okay)

Ferrets Chat

Miles: We did awesome!

Charlie: Yep.


Blossom: squeek (im here)

Thorn: squeek (me two)

Dante: *hides*

Charlie: *walks into house*

Lili:*Practices fighting style*

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Jo: Yeah! We won!

Don: Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

Lili:*Suffering from hot tub withdrawal*

Crabs Chat

Hwo:Why am I the only one who does ANYTHING during the challenges? -.- (CONF) The only time when there not being lazy a***** is during chats

Tyker: Is me and Hwo are the active people in this time (I was gonna do the challenge but my dad told me to at the last minute)

(sorry but the others in NZ have school)

Bob: yes

Alex: *flying around the room trying to catch blossom) comke back

Challenge 6- A Taste of Losing

Chris: Hi :)


Hwo:Lets get this over with.

Tyker: Sup

Chris: Well, this will really shock you guys, hopefully, but BOTH TEAMS ARE GOING TO ELIMINATION TONIGHT!

Miles: What?

Don: .....



Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Tyker: Why??

Chris: Because, there is, but don't worry you can still get immunity :)

Lili:Oh, well thats okay then.

Tyker: Oh good

Crystal: Um, how do we get immunity?

Chris: The first four people who talk after this sentence win immunity. (Only one character per user)


Crystal: Grapes


Miles: Potatoes.

Chris: You four win :D, any happy thoughts about that?

Lili: I'm always happy, except for when Im not. Which I am never except for when I am.

Tyker: Now I want pizza

Crystal: I kind of write all my thoughts on this notebook

Lili: I noticed.

Don: W-W-W-Well, that's c-c-cool.

Miles: Yeah, it's cool.

Lili: Why do you think that everything is cool?

Crystal: Because he's a cool person

Miles: That and because mostly everything is cool.

Lili: Do you think Im cool? ^-^

Miles: Well, yeah, I said mostly everything is cool, and you're in that category so yeah, why not?

Lili: YAY!*Hugs Miles*

Miles: Um, okay.

Tyker: (CONF) So I'm the only one in my team got immunity thats makes me feel happy

Don: G-G-G-Good job, guys.


Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Tyker: *plays 3DS*

Dante: (CONF) Using the power of deduction and logical reassoning I have concluded Lilli "likes" Miles.

Ferrets Voting

Chris: Vote anyone but Lili, Miles, or Crystal.

Chris: Muffins for: Lili *passes*, Miles *passes*, Crystal *passes*, Don *passes* and The Doctor. Charlie, Jo, Piper, and Iris, you're in the bottom four, despite only two of you getting votes(kind of), anyways Jo is safe *passes*, which leaves Piper, Lynna, and Charlie and this next muffin is for-

Miles: It's got to be Charlie. He's awesome!

Chris: Oh, um, yeah, Charlie *passes* Piper, Iris, one of you is going home tonight..................but it's not Piper!*passes* Lynna, you have been eliminated! Farewell!

Crabs Voting

Chris: Vote anyone but Tyker.

Alex(conf) oh no Bob will kill miles if he finds out about dantes theory this is bad really bad

Chris: Muffins for: Tyker *passes*, Alex *passes*, Aaron *passes*, Jim *passes*, and Nathan *passes*, leaving Hwo, Rick, and Iris in the bottom three. Hwo, you are safe *passes*, which leaves Rick and Iris and the person who isn't eliminated is.............Rick! *passes* Bye bye Iris!

Ferrets Chat

Lili: Lynna was only sex appeal for Docter. Im glad shes gone!

Miles: Well, we'll win next time, unless it's another vote.

Lili:I hope not.

Thorn:*gives Lili message that says *u are light you r beuty you r amazing here is a rose and chocolate with milk <3

From Bob


Don: C-C-C-Crabs aren't d-d-doing too well.

Tyker: Hey are you gonna eat that chocolate?

Lili:You can have them.

Tyker: Thank you *eats the chocolate*

Crystal: *plugs xbox to TV and starts playing*

Dante: *joins Xbox game*

Tyker: *joins too*

Don: *joins also*

Crystal: *plays Left 4 Dead*

Thorn: gives lili rose and neclace wit emerald diamond and saphire orbs from bob

Dante: *drops controllers* I GOT IT!

Don: W-W-W-What?

Tyker: (CONF) Is Lili a sex symbol in this show?

Alex: weres dante i need to talk to him outside

Dante: *comes*

Alex: Lili likes miles right

Charlie: *hiding on roof*

Dante: Yes.

Alex: OH GOD Bob is physically unstable he finds out about this oh glob we have to break them up

Tyker: *stop playing te Xbox and start playing his 3DS*

Miles: *reading book called "Records of Awesomeness"* The title is AWESOME!

Crystal: *turns xbox off and starts writing on notebook*

Miles: *reads Records of Awesomeness book*

Crystal: What you reading there?

Miles: The Records of Awesomeness Book.

Crystal: Cool *goes back to playing Left 4 Dead*

Alex: Dante

Dante: I know buddy.

Charlie: *still listening*

Alex: if bob finds out he will be so enraged he could be thrown into the air and start bouncing back and forth due to gravity and because of his power cause a blackhole that will rip apart the very fabric of the UNIVERSE

Charlie: *does not make a sound*

Dante: *writes down notes*

Alex: If your conclusion involves me using my powers i might be able to

Dante: I need a graphite spheare and powers.

Charlie: *glows red* S***

Miles: *reads book* The Best Meme: Weegee.

Alex: wait Dante i cant give you powers but i have orbs and talismans and charms and cepters and other stuff of and spell books

Dante: I have no powers. *looks at Charlie* He might,


Alex: Or i couyld take his powers and give them to you

Charlie: *jumps off roof*

Piper: O.O (CONF) Suddenly, it becomes Star Wars. -.-'

Alex: *walks threw wall like a gfhost* this is not starwars *at piper durin (CONF)*

Dante: *pulls out lightsabre*



Charlie: *smashes into the ground*

Lili: HOLY S***!

Crystal: Oh my god *runs over to help Charlie* Are you okay?

Lili: *Carries Charlie to informory*

Charlie: Sadly I'm fine.

Lili: Um, ok then.

Charlie: *gets up and walks into the CONF*

Crystal: *walks into kitchen*

Charlie: (CONF) I am a fire demon.

Crystal: *puts on apron and starts making cake*

Alex:*creats tornado and hurricans*

Bob:*fires dark lightning bolts to counter*

Charlie: *glares*

Bob and Alex: *glare @ charlie* what are you looking at demon

Doctor: (CONF) *crying* NOT AGAIN! I DIDN'T EVEN GET HER NUMBER! Well. at least thisone didn't end up in another universe.

Charlie: (CONF) I am going to win this (NONCONF) So whats up Miles?

Crystal: *finishes cake and sets it on the counter*

Miles: *to Charlie* Reading this book about records of awesomeness.

Doctor: *comes out of confessional* I think I've finnaly gotten over Rose, I mean Lynna!

Don: *pats Doctor's shoulder* W-W-W-Well, that's good. S-S-Sorry, she was eliminated.

Doctor: I'm not usually this sensetive. Must be the new regeneration. I actually came here right after season 5.

Don: I-I-I-I-I see. W-W-W-Well, you'll feel better soon.

Doctor: Okay, okay. maybe telling a story will cheer me up.

Don: O-O-O-Okay.

Dante: Well I have a fun story!

Alex: so do i

Dante: Shhh, Wall of meat.

Alex: er NO anyway Well you see once a boy called iles kissed a girl called Ili (stares at dante hopefully) but only a boy called ob was sooo enraged he was thrown into the air and started bouncing back and forth due to gravity untill he created a black hole that destroyed the universe there by only if you were able to travel outside the universe you would be safe but everything else would be destroyedand turned into nothing

Miles: *reads book*

Alex:*knoicks out miles and drags his body into a closet*

  • alex walks away and transforms to look like miles*

Alex disguised as mile: I am sorry Lili but I am just to awsome for you i never want you to touch me again (saying to lili)

Don: *watching the whole thing from afar*

Charlie: *neaks up behind Don* What ya doing?

Don: A-A-A-Alex knocked out Miles and i-i-i-i-is disguised as Miles.

Charlie: S*** *flys through the air and tackles Alex*

Miles: *wakes up in closet* Where am- Oh right Alex knocked me out and- *looks that there is no book* Took my book? That's it, he's in my uncool category.


Alex:*teleports away with miles book*

Miles: *gets out of closet* Where's Alex? He stole my book!

Dante: *punches Charlie in the face*

Miles: *runs to Charlie and Dante*

Charlie: *throws Dante into a wall*

Alex: NOBODY MOVE OR THE BOOK GETS IT*Holds book ofver fire in his palm*

Charlie: *flys through the air and tackles Alex*

Alex: GET OFF OF MMMMMMMMEEEE *Traps charlie in raging tornadoe*

Charlie: What a weakling. *breaks free*

Alex: Oh honey u cant use fire i deprived your flame I put you out and im a ventus i would never waste power on you

Charlie: I don't care. *walks off*

Alex:*smirks and destroys Miles book* (CONF) I am putting charlie and miles out

Miles: *shrugs* Well, while I may not be able to get payback on you, I know someone I can get payback on for that book *looks at Dante, then leaves*

Jo: Yeah! Me! *punches Alex in the face* (CONF) Yes! I'm toatally getting some repect on this team.

Alex:*runs to Dante* here *puts charm on him* this will increase your natural abilities by ten fold

Dante: *still can't lift 10 kgs*

Miles: *goes back in* Nevermind about the payback thing, I don't think that's cool, so yeah. *leaves again*

Dante: *still trying to lift 10 kg*

Crabs Chat

Tyker: (CONF) This team is a disappointment


Chris: Wow, you guys lose so many times.......that's just sad *laughs* But, it MAY change soon, if you try harder.


Bob and Alex: we are active now lets do a challenge

(and its the weekends i can be more active for two more days)

Challenge 7 - Back to the Motel!

Miles: *finds a list* Let's see: a Challenge Rule List for TD:BttN, well, let me see. Rule 1: Remaining Contestants must die. Wait, what?

Everyone: *screams as Psycho OJ comes with a knife*

Miles: Wait, it was a typo, Remaining Contestants must compete in death-defying challenges. Oh, yeah, that's better. Wait, what?

OJ: *Disappears*

Everyone: *screams*

Miles: Okay then, Rule 2: Don't insult Chris while he's having the day off, this means you too Miles, who I bet is reading this......I see. Rule 3: Go on the buses we have provided for each team and try to talk in them as much as possible, you'll see why, the driver will take you to the set of TDM where I am. Don't go on yet, there's more.

Dante: Well this is actually pretty easy when you contemplate it.

Miles: Rule 4: Zoey will re-enter the contest, she'll join whatever team she wants to, don't force her. Rule 5: The Doctor, Jo, RIck, and Jim won't be here for it, don't say they didn't do anything. Rule 6: Don't complain but you will spend the night in the Motel.

Dante: Dibs Steves old room!

Miles: Rule 7: We will be eating Fried Dante tonight, wait what?

Everyone: *screams*

Miles: Oh, wait, another typo, Fried Chicken, and I quote what this says "I'm sorry I confused Dante with a chicken", anyways, it will take an hour to get there, and pack any needed things now.

Dante: *packs lightsabre and clothes and psyics book*

Charlie: *packs knife and clothes*

Don: *packs clothes, a bottle of water, and an old Game Boy* D-D-Done.

Miles: *packs clothes, and other awesome things too awesome to be mentioned*

Bob and Alex: mosto*bags magically pack them selves* done

Bob and Alex:*walk into bus*

Charlie: *gets on bus*

Miles: *gets on bus and pulls out a puppy* It was too awesome to be mentioned.

Don: *gets on bus*

Ferrets Bus Chat

Charlie: *thinking*

Miles: *petting puppy*

Don: S-S-S-S-So, are you guys excited t-t-to see the Neighborhood?

Dante: Don't you mena the Motel?

Don: Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

Dante: *looks smug*

Miles: Well, I guess I'm excited.

Charlie: I'm not.

Miles: Why not? Just curious.

Charlie: Family stuff.

Miles: I see, well let's hope it turns out for the best.

Charlie: *nods*

Miles: So want to pet this puppy?

Charlie: *takes puppy and puppy begins to sweat* What the?

Puppy: *frowns*

Miles: Um....why is it sweating?

Charlie: *hands it back and puppy is surprisingly hot*

Miles: What the? *pats puppy* There, there, it's probably the bus?

Charlie: Um...Yeah that's it.

Miles: Well, whatever. *pats puppy* Anyways, do you think we'll win the challenge again?

Charlie: No idea.

Miles: Yeah, maybe....

Charlie:*starts glowing red*

Dante: *hides*


Miles: Um, you alright Charlie?

Dante: *walks up to Lilli* I know you like Miles.

Lili: meh, its only a fling. My true love is Christie Monteiro. Mmmmmmmmm......Christie....

Dante: Well you need to like Bob.

Lili: Ew no, we only friends, and its gonna stay that way.

Miles: *to Charlie* Are you alright?

Charlie: *faints*

Dante: hey that's my job! *faints*

Miles: .....Wait who's driving this bus?

Lili: I think its leo.

Josh: Me why?

Lili:No, Leo.

Miles: Two people just fainted.

Josh: *shrugs*

Miles: ......Well, I guess all we can do is wait for them to wake up by themselves.


Miles: Um, sure, like that?

Charlie: *bus floor starts melting*

Miles: .......Charlie! Wake up!

Charlie: *gets up* Oh s***

Miles: Um, yeah.....

Crystal: *reads Harry Potter*

Charlie: *is glowing red* Why now? Why not later?

Miles: *shrugs*

Charlie: I'll be right back. *jumps out the window*

Miles: Okay then........

Charlie: *comes back as if nothing happened* So whats up?

Miles: Um, not much. *pets puppy* I just still have this puppy.

Charlie: Cool, *pets puppy and nothing happens*

Miles: Yeah. *pets puppy*

Dante: *is rolling towards hole in the bus*

  • Dante is teleported to Crabs Bus

Miles: Strange.....whatever.

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Crabs Bus Chat

Alex:*holding mini tornado*

Bob:*holging mini lightning cloud*

Blossom: bounces

Thorn: bounces

Blossom bonces

Thorn bounces {C}Alex:*holding mini tornado*

Bob:*holging mini lightning cloud* {C}Alex:*holding mini tornado*

Bob:*holging mini lightning cloud*

(i wonder what will happen nextt)

Alex:*tornado breaks*

Bob: *holding mini lightning cloud*

Alex:*makes new one*

Bob:*holding mini lightning cloud*

Alex:I am eating my pie :) *eats pie

Bob:I am eating my turkey *eats turkey*

(Please don't double post)


OJ: *With mask on, holding knife*, Just kidding *rips off mask to reveal Samuel* Just kidding *rips off mask to reveal OJ again, cycle continues*

Bob:*blasts persone out the window and takes the wheel* HOLD ON

OJ/Samuel: *Hangs on and gets back in and pushes Bob out of the way* This seat is for driver's only, I will report Chris if you want me to so your team gets a penalty.

Alex: OH I KNOW! *Dante is teleported to the Crabs bus*

Dante: *is still knocked out*

Alex:*wakes up dante*


Chris: It's time for a challenge!

Lili and hwo: YAY!

Chris: Well, remember the Mini-Hunger Games from last season? Well, we're using the capsules and sending you into a virtual world with a psycho killer who placed third last season. You will all probably die but it won't be real. The OJ is real, he's been in there for one day. Yeah, we're messed up. We'll keep on going until the psycho killer turns back sane, which is a surprise. Zoey, since you haven't decided you will be on the Crabs. The team who has the most people left when OJ is sane, wins! And the Crabs are at a natural disadvantage AND to make things worse: The Crabs also lost the chat count so one person sits out, making it another disadvantage, Tyker is sitting out of the challenge and it will still count as he was in and dead. So yeah, *everyone gets into capsules* I recommend you hide and stick in a group, so at least one of you will survive. Anyways, you may begin! Good luck!

Dante: *hides*

Miles: *hides in a tree*

Don: *hides in the bushes*

Lili:*Hides underground*

Hwo:*Hides with Lili*


OJ: *Starts looking for everyone* You will all die.

Hwo and Lili: S***

Charlie: *runs*

OJ: *Looks around, laughing evily*

Bob:*hides with Lili*

OJ: *Goes underground*

Crystal: *climbs tree*

Alex:*flies* hmmmm

Lili:*Kicks Bob out*

Bob:*flies* hmmm

Hwo:*Digging deep underground*

Dante: Virtual world. *jumps 200ft into the air*

Lili:That isnt godplay at all......

Alex:*catches dante* Yay *blast beam int ground*

OJ: *Spots Hwo and Lili* DIE!


Hwo:Come at me b*****

Crystal: *climbs to top of tree and sits on branch*

OJ: Okay, *slits Hwo's neck* MUAHAHAHA!


OJ: *Goes back on ground and searches*

Dante: ROCKY!!!!!!!!!!!

OJ: *Spots Piper*

Bob:*flies and picks up lili* Hi there *blushes*

OJ: *Cuts off Piper's head*

Charlie: *runs*

Lili: Um, hi.....

OJ: *Spots Nathan*

Alex: idea *throws dante at OJ*

OJ: *Smiles evily and slits Dante's head off*

Bob;*gives Lili a black rose* it is a weopan

Alex:Grrrrrrrrrrr *kicks OJ in face then flies away*

Lili:Um, ok then.

OJ: ......*Throws knife at Alex's head, killing him*

Bob:*throws Lili at OJ* USE IT

OJ: *Cuts off Lili's head* >:)

Bob: GRRRRRRRAAAAA *Steals knifes and cuts off ojs head*

OJ: *Head grows back and snaps Bob's neck*

Dante: *regenarates* Extra lives.

OJ: .....*Steals knife from dead Bob and stabs Dante*

(You can't)

Charlie: OJ! Stop this!

OJ: No! *punches Charlie and spots Miles*

Miles: Allow me. *grabs OJ's knife and stabs self*

Thorn: squeek (help) *runs

Crystal: *spots Don* Pshhhh Don up here!

Charlie: Don't mess with me OJ

Don: *gets to where Crystal is* T-T-T-Thanks.

OJ: *Laughs and slits Charlie's head*

Charlie: I cut my neck all the time.

OJ: .........*Stabs Charlie's heart, killing him*

Crystal: *whispers* Here *gives Don rock and branch* Sharpen it so you can have a weapon

Don: *grabs it* T-T-Thanks......but e-e-everyone else's attempted, didn't turn out so well, fighting back.

Crystal: It might not kill him, but it will slow him down

Don: I-I-I-I-I-I guess.

OJ: *Looks around*

Crystal: *whispers* Be as quiet as you can be, he's looking around

OJ: *Looking around, starting to twitch*

Crystal: *whispers* Why is he doing that?

Don: *whispers back* I-I-I-I-I don't know

OJ: *Stops being psycho* ......Why am I in the woods?

Chris: *through intercom* Congrats, if you got to this point, OJ is normal again. Congrats! And the winners are..........The Crabs! Sorry Ferrets but only Don and Crystal survived for you.

Crystal: >.>

Chris: So, um yeah, you may step into your capsules survivors and sent back into the real world. *Everyone left steps into their capsules* Good job on surviving: Zoey, Aaron, Nathan, Don, and Crystal, but sadly Don and Crystal are still going to elimination.

Don: R-R-R-Really......Oh well.

Aaron: I swear if OJ DID kill me in that virtual world thing, in real life, I'll actually kill him. :)

Chris: We'll take out OJ later, so yeah, voting will be up soon for the Ferrets, good job Crabs.


Dante: *punches Hwo. in the face*

Hwo:*snaps Dante's neck*

Crystal: 0_0

Dante: *lying on the floor* I can't feel my arms. Or anything.

Lili: ok then.

Crystal: *walks over to Dante* Um Chris....we need medical help here

Chris: *shrugs*

Elimination Ceremony 7 - Ferrets

Chris: Vote in the confession

Chris: Muffins for: Don *passes*, Crystal *passes*, Charlie *passes*, Miles *passes*, Doctor *passes*, Piper *passes, and Lili *passes* Which leaves Jo and Dante, either brain or brawn is going home and it's...........*both look at the last muffin, nervously*.........not Dante! *passes* Sorry Jo, you have been eliminated, Dante only received one vote from Lili, but yeah, Jo racked up the rest of the votes, so Jo is gone!

Jo: Well, I guess I saw this comming when I punched someone in the face. Bye!

Ferrets Motel Chat

Dante: *in a wheelchair*

???: Don't worry, I'll get revenge for you. C;

Miles: Well, that was our first loss. Well, hopefully it will be our last too.

Dante: DO I have a shot?

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Don: *To Miles* W-W-W-W-Well, hopefully it is.

Dante: *nods*

Crystal: Do we have a kitchen in here?

Don: Y-Y-Y-Y-Yeah. *points to the left*

Crystal: Oh okay, thanks Don *enters kitchen and starts making cookies*

Don: N-N-No problem.

Miles: It's kind of awesome being in the motel, an old team used to be in.

Crystal: *comes out of the kitchen with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies* Anyone want some?

Don: T-T-T-That was quick. U-U-U-Um, can I have o-o-o-one?

Crystal: *hands Don chocolate chip cookie*

Charlie: I'm going for a walk.

Dante: *rolls to Steves old motel room*

Don: *to Crystal* T-T-T-Thanks.

Crystal: No problem *lays down in bed and reads a book*

Don: *takes a bite from the cookie* I-I-I-It's tasty.

Crystal: Thank you

Charlie: *bursts into flames*

Don: *Eats cookie*


Thorn:*gives Lili sack of diamonds* from bob

Doctor: Diamonds? Okay, that guy is going TO far.

Lili: *Keeps diamonds* That does it! *Marches to Crab chat*

Dante: Ok. We're dead.

Charlie: Son of a b**** that girl is gonna kill us all.


Thorn:*drives threw a wall in a limousine* from Bob

Dante: *attempts to roll limo out of room*

Charlie: *glares at Thorn*

Thorn:*runs over charlie*

Charlie: *throws Limo through a wall*

Dante: *is hit by a limo that comes flying throguh a wall*

Thorn: *drives limo into charlie and sends him threw wall and puts limo in park* squeek (it has diamonds in the trunk)

Doctor: Stop this insanity! Your going to kill each other!

Lili:*Grabs Thorn by the neck* Tell Bob to stop this, or I will kick him in his speciall place* Throws him back to the crabs chat*

Doctor: Why do you do this!?! Humans, it's always humans. They NEVER listen. Never.

Thorn:*drops emerald ring and an amythest heart necklace at Lilis feet and runs*

Lili: Grrrrrrrrrrr*Marches to the Crabs chat*

Charlie: *follows*


Lili: We should be safe here.

Thorn;*gives Lili diamond necklace then runs away*


Dante: None of these gifts fall under the catergory of "sh****" They can cost up to millions of dollars.

Lili: *Hides*

Miles: *confused to what's happening* ..........What?

Lili: Bob wont stop giving me gifts, And I already love Hwoarang, now they wont leave me alone!

Blossom: squeek *gives lili desighner hand bag with 10 000 dollars in it with a note saying (from bob blossom doing this cause thorn afraid)


Charlie: Stupid girl. You could pawn these off for millions of dollars. Why are you acting like this is terrible?

Alex: LILI you stupid girl hasent Dante told you why you have to love Bob OH YEA *gives Lili diamonds saphires emeralds diamonds and a 100 000 000 000 tiara covered with 50 carrot diamonds from Bob*


Dante: No you don't.

Lili:*Slaps Dante* I KNOW WHAT I KNOW!

Dante: *runs off*

Alex: Fine *for once getting annoyed* but *whispers to dante and Lili we at the merge can vote off everyone first crystal then all others and i will talk to Bob deal?


Dante: *still running with tears in his eyes*

Lili: Ugh.....

Crystal: *overhears*

Dnate: (CONF) I am going to destroy them all.

Miles: *Looking for something to do* Now I can't read about awesome records.

Dante: *watching star wars episode 3*

Alex:(with dante) I have all of the conf tapes here

Dante: thank you my padawan.

Lili: Sorry Dante. Hugglez?

Dante: Soon you will feel the power of the dark side.

Crystal:(CONF) *sigh* What did I do?

Lili:*Hugs Dante*

Dante: *kisses Lilli*

Don: *helping Miles find something to do*


Alex:*gives Dante marbles*

Crystal: Hey Um, Miles and Don could I talk to you two?

Don: S-S-S-Sure.

Miles: Yeah, sure.

Charlie: *locks Lilli and Dante in a closet*

Lili:*Destroys closet* F*** no!

Dante: *breaks down*

Lili:Look, I'm sorry, But I love Hwo. Do you understand?

Crystal: *walks into an empty room with Don and Miles*

Dante: no not really.


Crystal: *To Don and Miles* So I found out people are trying to eliminate me....

Miles: Really? Why you?

Dante: No still confuused.

Crystal: I have no idea, but could you guys help me eliminate Lili

Miles: Why Lili?

Crystal: I'm guessing she's the leader in the alliance

Dante: *kisses Lilli again*

Lili:*Slaps Dante and goes to Crabs chat angrily*

Dante: *falls and hits his head*

Crystal: So are you guys in?

Miles: Well, I'm not sure if I want to vote off Lili as she's active and helps the team, so how about Piper or The Doctor first?

Crystal: Well what about Alex? I'm trying to vote off people in the alliance

Don: A-A-A-Alex is on the other t-t-team.

Crystal: Oh sorry, nevermind thanks for listening anyways guys

Don: N-N-N-No problem.

Miles: Yeah.

Crystal: *leaves room and enters kitchen*

Dante: Lilli, Thou art but a heartless b****

Doctor: I meet some headless people once! The also carried electric swords.

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Dante: *watches all 6 Star Wars movie* Go Obi Wan avenge Quii Gon Jinn.

Leo:*Shows up and watches*

Dante: *at episode 2* Oh s*** Yoda's gonna pwn.

Leo: ok then.

Dante: *turns and looks to Leo and then faints*

leo:*Does CPR*

Dante: *gets up and pulls out lightsabre* Get away from me you Sith Lo



Dante: *falls over* Ok then. *watches episode 3* Oh no Padme!

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Leo:*Leaves*(CONF) Well that couldve gone better.

Dante: *watches episode 4* BEN NO!

Doctor: I remember the live renactment of this. It wasn't as good.

Dante: *watching Episode 5* Luke. I am your Farther.

Blossom and Thorn:*eating episode 6* NOM NOM NOM

Dante: *gets out replacement* Darth Vader vs Luke! Farther against Son,

Doctor: It's so predictable.

Dante: >.>

Doctor: Kidding! I never saw it comming!

Lili:*Arrives* Both me and Hwo have come to a point of deep soreness, so we're taking a break.

Dante: *nods* Oh No. Darth Sidious.


Dante: *shakes head disapprovingly* Wow.

Lili: Is it Star Trek?

Piper: Maybe Star Wars..

Dante: It's Star Wars.

Lili: Oh, I dont know much of it.

Charlie: Neither. Pretty lame.

Lili: Agreed.

Dante: >.> Leave now.

Lili: I think not.

Dante: I think so.

Lili:*Kicks Dante to wall* I THINK NOT!

Dante: *gets up calming* I think so.

Lili:*Smashes Dante's head to the ground*

Dante: *gets up* Shouldn't you be making out with your little Boy Toy?

Lili: WE ARE SORE!**Smashes his head through the wall*

Dante: It never stopped Leo. You must be weak.


Leo: its true.

Lili:HADOKEN!*Hadokens Dante*

Dante: Resorting to violence proves you are unable to come up with a counter that is as resonable as mine therefore forfeiting the match.

Lili: WTF?

Leo: If anyone wants more steak its not there fault. I cant get a f*****g word in edgewise around here >.>

Dante: You seem to be weaker than me Lilli. I am dissapointed. Leo would have killed me by now.

Lili: Grrrrrrr............*Starts glowing*

Leo:*Holds up hand and shakes head*

Lili:*calms down*

Dante: *was never angry is just awesome with comebacks*

Lili:*F*** you*

Dante: *Feel free*

Leo:*Since when could humans do this?*


Leo:*I'll just watch then*

Dante: *So Leo whats up?*

Leo:*I had sex with your father about 9 months before you were born, just thought you should know*

Dante: *Yeah my Dad was a male prostitiue.*

Leo:*He was fun. Well, see you later son*

Dante: *Bye Mom*

Crabs Motel Chat

Bob: *fills sack with diamonds* o.k thorn take this to lili

Alex: Hey Bob Lili is coming over here and she looks angry

Bob: *turnhs into cactus* tell me what she says

Lili:*Shows up mad* Look Bob, I appreciate it, But I dont like you that way. I'm in love with someone else. NOW STOP SLWOWING ME DOWN WITH YOUR GIFTS!*Walks away*

Bob:*changes back* hmmm maybe i should send her more gifts?

Alex: yes yes you should

Hwo:Are you kidding? She hates you man! Get that through your head!

Thorn:(lili wants you to stop or she will kick you in your special place)

Bob: So I should get her more gifts.

Blossom, Thorn and Alex: Yes

Bob: *Sends emerald ring with an amythest heart*

Hwo:WTF is wrong with you?

Lili:*Shows up* Bob, stop this! Your acting like a psycho b***h!

Hwo: I agree!

Lili: Thanks, Hwoarang! Your the best friend ever!

Hwo:No, you are!

Lili:No, you are!

Hwo:*Angry* NO YOU ARE!



Lili: DITTO!

(Lili and Hwoarang start making out)

Bob:*comes out of bathroom when they finish making out* what I miss

Alex: Nothing nothing hey look pain *pushes Bob outside

Hwo:*Still making out with Lili*

Alex:*blasts them apart with wind* LILI DIDNT DANT TELL YOU WHY YOU HAD TO LIKE BOB AND NOT THIS NEANDERTHAL*points at hwo*

Lili: Bob is gross, plus he's the reason I died last episode. So no, I will never love him.

Alex: Fine I'll just destroy hwo and give you this *holds pink vile of liquid*

Lili: I'm not drinking this!

Alex: fine I can just inject it into you after I kill Hwo

Charlie: hi guys. *punches Bob in the face*

Hwo: I'm confuzzled >.<

Alex:*traps Charlie in tornado depriving him of oxygen and suffocating his flame* no

Charlie: *walks away*

(Lili and Hwo run away to the Ferrets chat)

Charlie: *walks to Ferrets chat*

Alex: Bob Lili said that after the game u can be together just send her lil regular things k?

Bob: kk

Alex: Hwo we vote crystal off at merge k?

Hwo: Yeah I guess.

Lili:Hey babe!*Makes out with Hwo*

Alex: hm (CONF) I know bob wont do anything...yet and crystal thinks lilis the master HA they think B ob can be Evil wait till they see me >:)

Lili: Uh, Hwo, Dante kissed me twice......


Dante: Hey Hwo. *punches him in the face*

Lili and Hwo:Grrrrr..........*Both punch Dante in the face*

Dante: *dodges* You can't beat me I'm Chukc Mrris.


Aaron: Chuck Morris never spells his name incorrect.

Lili:*Slaps Dante repeatedly*

Dante: *dodges and punches Hwo.*

???: *Shoots Hwo and Dante Repeatedly* (CHUCK NORRIS DOESN'T COUNT)



Dante: *lieing on floor not breathing*

(Lili and hwo kick Dante repeatdly)

Dante: *not breathing*

???: *Gets Out Long, Sharp Knife* Stop. IT. Lili and Hwo, get a room. Bob fuck off. Alex, shut up. Dante's gonna be dead anyway

Bob and Alex put magic bubble around dante that cant be broken by anything

Lili and Hwo: Awwwwwwwww

???: *Throws Dante To China*

Dante: *will falls out of pocket*

???: (Grabs Will, Runs Away)

Dante: is not breathign*

Chris: *Takes Dante to the infirmary*

???: *Puts Spell On Dante, Dante Will Come When Challenge Is Up* Shut up. I'm a ventus too. *Takes Chris Away*

Chris: Wait, why are you taking me away? I'm the host >.>

???: Go fuck Josh or something.

Chris: That's it! Bodyguard!

Josh: *throws out ??? buy stabbing it*


???: *Disappears And Appears* The f***? I'M A VENTUS! Plus I'm a girl! And Josh....*Pokes Josh And Josh Disappears*


Christie: My name is f***** Christie. I don't give a f***, nor I don't let people f*** with my a***. You be nice to me, I'll let you off the hook. (If she ever debuts, she gonna be sexayyyy. XD)

Dante: *hides*

Hwo: :I

Leo:*Sees Hwo* You in college yet?

Lili: TAKEN!

Christie: you, Lili?

Lili and Hwo: Yep ^-^

Dante: *to Christie* If i gave you $50000 will you help me take my mind off of things?

Alex:soo christie (who is mortal) CAN I SEE YOUR DANCING FIGHTING STYLE

Christie: What style? (I WILL NEVER FOLLOW TEKKEN, SORRY.) *To Dante* Um....what things?

DanteL Well I was going ot pay you to listen to me seeing as noone wants to hear what I have to say.

Christie: I don't want money...but....*Shrugs* I can listen....

Alex:*smiley* Hey Dante come with me *takes Dante away* (CONF) What the hell *grumpy* I aint letting some two faced b**** come in and mess with my plane GRRRRRRR

Lili and Hwo:*proceed to make out*

Alex: hmmm (CONF) I need to becareful I know this is cliche but true loves kiss I cant touch them when they smooch hmmm

Hwo and Lili:*Still.......Making out......*

Bob: *creates lil lightning storm cloud*

Hwo and Lili:*Doing their Geoff and Bridgette impressions XD*

Alex:*locks door* listen you guys u need to vote off crystal as soon as possible she gonna eliminate lili


Hwo: But I cant vote. She aint on my team.

Alex: simple I am done playing nice Lili seduce

Lili: O_O what?

Alex: seduce bvy being luciouse and shaking your booty to the guys make them vote for you promise them luciouse lips or what eves just do it

Lili: You want me to seduce you?

Aaron: Okay, can I be eliminated!? Christie could take my place!

Chris: Sure, I didn't like you anyways *throws Aaron in closet of losers*

Leo: Can I "Rough him up"?

Aaron: O.O

Christie: Sure!

Leo: OK!*Rapes Aaron*

Christie: *Takes Video Of Raping*

Aaron: HELP ME!

Leo:*Finishes* The twins will be out in 9 months, c ya!

Alex:NO seduce the ferrets to vote with you and here*hands lili vile full of glowing bluish greenstuff* it is a vile of eternal beuty it will make you irresistable for 1 hour : lILI

Lili: gross no! We could just convince them to vote her off.

Alex: Fine but if you fail then can we use my love potion or my spells?

Lili: Maybe. I will not reveal myself to anyone like that except for Hwo.

Alex:Fine but keep the eternal beuty just in case Hwo slips away

Lili:Ugh, fine.

Hwo:O'd never leave you!*makes out with Lili*

Alex: Grrr *throws them in a closet* stay

Christie: O.o

Leo: Ah, young love, I remember when I had my first love. I was 3 and a half.

Christie: I'm only like, 18, and I never had a crush on boys nor....*Referring to Leo* rape any boys.

Leo: Im only 19.

Lili and Hwo:*Get out of the closet* That.Was.AWESOME!*Make out*

Christie: *Shoves Two in closet* Coem on when you're not smooching.

Lili: Ok we're done!

Christie: o.o Okay, then.


Lili: Its ok Hwo already is!


Hwo:Um, I havent been pregnant, ever.

Tyker: *wakes up from his hypersleep* Wow I missed out from alot.

Christie: Good morning!

Lili: Hi Tyker!

Tyker: Hi Lili and who is this girl?

Hwo: Some chick who just debuted.

Tyker: Oh so whats new? What did I miss?

Christie: Hwo and Lili are together. Bla, bla, bla.

Lili and Hwo: ^

Tyker: (CONF) Well I can cross Lili out of my *Would Like Go Out List*

(Lili and Hwo are making out still)

Christie: *Locks Both In Closet, Plants Locked Spell On Door So They Won't Get Out* Tell me when you're done.

(2 Hours LAter)

Lili: K we're done!

Christie: Anybody pregnant?

Hwo:Um, I still am,

Christie: OH, SHOOT! SOMEBODY GOT A BABY! Is it coming now, or we have to wait 9 months?

Hwo:Um, wait 9 months.

Christie:Alright. *Waits For 9 Months* (XD)

Hwo: Um, its been 9 seconds XD

Christie: *Plants Silence Spell On Hwo* Shut up. I wait when I wait.

Hwo: um, okay then.

Tyker: I never knew guys can get pregnat now I'm starting to wish to never skip Sex Ed class.

Christie *Erases Lock Spell* Guys never get pregnant. Only women can. Plus, I'm glad I skipped sex ed class.

Hwo:I'm just as confused as you all are.

Lili: Well its a camp, anything can happen.

Leo:Well, looks like I missed my chance -.-

Tyker: So did I

Leo: Its alright she would have crushed your scrotum with her iron woman strengh! ^-^

Dante: I seem to have missed out also,.

Christie: I don't see how Lili is that strong.

Leo: Well, she practices her street fighting constantly, shes actually pretty strong.

Lili:HIYA!*Kicks Tyker into a wall*

Christie: Okay. COME AT MEH, LILI!

Tyker: *hits the wall really hard* Oww here I go again *unconscious*

Hwo: Thats my gal!

Bob:*sigh* I'll go scrape Tyker off the wall blossom get the spatula

Blossom:*gets giant spatula*

Alex: WOH WOH WOH Christie Lili and I want you on our aliance deal

Challenge 8 - Temporary Teams are Temporarily Temporary

Chris: Hey contestants, today we will be in temporary teams of 4, but one will have three, please look at these teams now:

Team 1: Lili, Zoey, Rick

Team 2: Bob, Tyker, Nathan

Team 3: Don, Crystal, Alex, Charlie

Team 4: The Doctor, Miles, Dante, Hwo

Team 5: Piper, Christie, Jim

Chris: Isn't this a good team pairing? Well except Team 1. I don't think you guys will win.

Dante: Why isn't team three written in bold?


Hwo: I like mine.

Miles: My team is AWESOME!

Don: M-m-m-my team is g-g-good.

Alex: ummmm bob is still scraping tyker off the wall

Bob: No i got him right tyker?

Lili: F*** F*** F*** F*****y F**** F***!

Charlie: My team is good

Dante: My team is ok except for one.

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Hwo: So, what are we doing?

Chris: The challenge is simple, you each must participate and work together, but before you get there, two people must confess something from your team and I'll give you the next instruction for the next part, I want drama people! Not something lame like: "I'm a fire demon" I mean seriously, who cares? >.>, so yeah two people confess something, then you will walk across this long stairway (four lines/five lines for teams 3 and 4), grab a golden(first team), silver(second team), bronze(third team) egg, or white egg(second last) which should only be one line, and jump back down, there's a trampoline and I'm talking about places not team numbers for the eggs the last team to finish will have a unique vote off >:) Also for confessions, they must pass my rating, to count as one.

Bob: This is my natural hair colour

Crystal: *blushes* I think Miles is hot

Lili: I killed my mother.

Bob: I have tonnes lets see well I am soo not gonna say Alex is my twin but this star on my eye isnt makeup it a birthmark and thorn that is not his natural fur and i have size 17 feet but yae soo

Hwo: I work out to a topless poster of Chris Mclean.

Dante: I got kicked out of the army for sucking

Charlie: I'm a fan of One Direction.

Chris: Lili, Dante, and Bob's confessions don't pass, Crystal: wow, Charlie: You aren't so dark, Hwo: I don't blame you. I'm not surprised for Dante's and Lili's and Bob's didn't cause enough drama.

Lili: This one time I found Christie asleep and fondled her in her sleep.

Dante: I put up spy cameras in every girls room except Pipers. By the way Lilli you may want to start sleeping on your side.

Lili: O_O


Bob: I will kill Hwo after the game

Crystal:......what did I do to be a b*****?

Chris: Lili, Dante, and Alex's confessions pass, Bob, it's really predictable. Team 3 and 4 can now run the stairway

Charlie: *tuns*

Dante: *attempts to run*


Crystal: *runs*

Miles: Let's do an awesome job! *runs*

Don: C-C-Come on t-t-team! *runs*

Crystal: Look Alex I'm sorry for your loss, I know how you feel *runs*

Miles: *runs*

Don: *runs*

Crystal: *runs*


Miles: *runs*

Don: *runs*

bOB: I am trying to ressurect mum from the dead please let me threw

Don: *runs*

Miles: *runs*

Alex:*falls from sky and runs*

Chris: Okay Bob, you may pass.

Alex: runs almost there

Crystal: *runs*


Miles: *grabs gold egg*

Don: *grabs silver egg*

Alex: runs

Miles: *jumps*

Don: *jumps*

Chris: Team 4 placed first, Team 3 placed second.


Chris: Well, since the others teams are taking so long for effort, Bob's team placed third. Team 4 choose the last team to be safe.

Crystal: *To Alex* I.....I lost my parents in a car crash....I know how you feel....

Alex: My mum died of unnatuaral causes lets leave it at that


Dante: I go iwth Team 1.

Chris: Which means team 5 goes to elimination, and the old teams are also back! The EC will be tomorrow!

Elimination Ceremony 8 - Christie, Piper, Jim

Chris: Team 4 for winning you get to vote one of these people off, so yeah, Dante is up first for voting, pat their head if you vote for them.

Dante: *walks up to Christie and...............................pats Jim's head*

Christie: -.-

Chris: Miles, you're up.

Miles: *about to pat Piper's head* Oh, wait, *walks to Jim and pats his head*

Chris: Hwo?

Hwo: *Pats Jim's head* LIKE A BOSS!

Chris: That's majority! Jim you have been eliminated *passes muffin to Christie and Piper* You are safe.....for now.

Christie: *Eats Muffin Happily*

Ferret Chat

Lili: YAY! I'm still alive!

Dante: Um. I hope I will be.

Charlie: *laughs*

Lili: I'm gonna go visit Hwo, cya later!*leaves*

Miles: It was nice being on the temporary teams but it's cool being back on the ferrets.

Blossom:*reading book of awsome records*

Dante: I don't thiknk the giurls like me much here...

Charlie: No s*** Sherlock

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Blossom: yes why i always take things for my possesion like once there was a baby in a stroller with a women shouting at a man infront of her so I took the baby but I gave it back.

Dante: -brofist-

Charlie: I'll be right back.

Miles: Anyways, let's keep up being an AWESOME team!

Charlie: *singing in his room* ya don't know ow ow! You don't know your beatiful!

Dante: What are you doing?

Doctor: Hes singing one direction I think. It's amazing how they broke up, right? Wait, is it August or November? ( It seems I'm never around when the chellenge is up.)

Dante: I can see that.

Charlie: *glares*

Crystal: *laughs*

Crabs Chat

Alex:*sobbing and crying on his bed* why....why...why?*over and over*

Bob:*coforting Alex* there ther she wont be gone forever ther there

Hwo:*Relaxing on couch*

Lili:*Shows up and starts making out with Hwo.......again*

Leo: Um, please keep it PG please. Its hot, but still.

Josh: Yep. So Keep it clean and *takes drugs*

Alex:*gets up not cryingf* I am going to go for a shower*takes a towel and leaves

Leo: Drugs are nice ^-^

Christie: *Gets Razor* Anybody would like to try?

Leo: Sure.

Christie: It's very, very fun. Always do it if you have stress.

  • Disclaimer: Never try cutting, kids. It's severely bad for you. Just be proud of who you are.


Josh: I liked it better when you were dead.

Leo: THATS HURTFUL! And I was never dead.

Josh: You were presumed dead. ^-^

Christie: I thought you were dead, Josh


Josh: Cool Story Eleonora.

Leo: Do not call me that. Ever.

Josh: Why not Eleonora?

Leo: Because-

(A black hole appears)




Christie: *Closes Black Hole*

Bob: will you guys stop you are making my powers go nuts and there is something powerful about leo hmmmm

Christie: Learn some punctuation and grammar, please.

(NO TO GRAMMA OH HI Hwo whasst up)

Christie: >.> Shut up, voice. Nobody exactly wants you here now.


Christie: Calm down, Hwo. The creepy voice is just being an a****** right now. No need to be scared.

Lili: To be honest I dont hear it at all.

Christie: Well, the voice is actually scaring your boyfriend.


Lili:............Still dont hear it.....

Christie: (CONF) Seems like a wonderful relationship right there... (NON-CONF) >.> Hwo, can you shut up, please? It's alright....

Hwo:*Crying out of frustration*

Lili:*Comforts Hwo*


Christie: I agree with you.


Christie: Well, b*****, your fault for a dating a scared a*****.

Lili: OH IT IS ON LIKE THAT ONE VIDEO GAME THINGY!!!*Kicks Christie into the air*

Christie: *Dodges, Touches Lili's Pressure Points, Lili Faints (SHE FAINTS, ALRIGHT? GOT IT? xD)* I chi-blocked you. I do not want to harm you.

Alex:I wanna see were this is going *puts charm on Lili and she gets up* have fun

Lili:*Punches Christie repeatedly until she falls to the ground*

Christie: *Dodges Lili's Every Attempt To Hurt Her*

Lili: Grrrrr*Crashes Christie through the wall*

Christie: *Dodges*

  • Lili and Christie's clothes change into biknis


Christie: Must be a pleasure to the guys..

Hwo:*Making out with Lili again....*

Josh: ^-^

Leo: THAT S*** IS HOT!

Christie: While they're making love, I'm changing to some decent clothes..

Leo:K you do that.

Alex:Let me *turns bikinis into miniskirt and small top*

Lili: Um, ok then.......*makes out with hwo*

Christie: *Is in Daisy Duke* ....Okay, then....

(Daisey dukes bikinis ontop sun care skin sooo hot they'll melt your popsicle oh oh oh oh oh ohhhohhhhh)


(loser *forms ghostly letters that form L-O-S-E-R Above Hwo*)

Lili: Ok now I hear it. F*** off foul being!



Christie: *Shakes Head* (CONF) And that's why I be with these people.

Challenge 9 - Acting Like Idiots

Chris: Today's challenge will be funny.......for me. You will all be given an acting role and must act it in chat, you HAVE to do it or you get a MAJOR penalty, got it, the best actor wins for their team and also a prize. Anyways here are everyone's roles:

Charlie: The Uber Belieber

Christie: The New Leo

Lili: Archenemy of Hwo who wants to kill him

Hwo: Archenemy of Lili who wants to kill her, nicknamed Rocky

Don: A Take Charge Man

The Doctor: A Depressed Man who Seeks Vengence

Crystal: A Hopeless Romantic

Dante: The Biggest Idiot Ever

Bob: The Guy who loves Life, Ponies, and Unicorns

Alex: The Scaredy Cat who doesn't believe in magic

Rick: A Fancy, Sophisticated Person

Nathan: A Chris McLean Fan

Zoey: A Goth

Miles: A Failure at Life

Tyker: A Jock

Piper: An Un-Confident Loser

Chris: So yeah, I'm evil >:D, any comments about your role before we start?

Don: I-I-I-I don't take charge?

Chris: Name one time you did on this camp.

Don: G-G-G-Good point.

Chris: Any others?

Lili and Hwo: F*** you Chris.

Christie: Leo is awesome, but how am I suppsoed to act like her!?!?

Chris: Answer that Leo.

Leo: Just rape any guy you see and you'll be fine.

Crystal: 0_0

Christie: But I dont wanna lose my virginity. D:

Steve: I picked the wrong day to visit...

Christie: Shut up. You should f*** Josh by now. Or maybe even Steve.

Leo:*Has threeway with Steve and Josh*

Bob: *gulp* *still looks emotionless*

Alex: *gives dant chrms wand and spell book* Hold these I will be too tempted

Chris: Let's begin! And you'll talk in these new team chats, for less edit conflicts.

Challenge Chat - Ferrets

Crystal: So Miles you come here often? ;)

Lili:*beats up a cardboard hwo*

Miles: Wait, what? Now what would Dante do? Oh, got it! *hides*

Dante: Um. Lilli you know more about bieng stupid then anyone. How do I do it?

Lili: F*** off!

Don: N-N-N-Now to win the c-c-c-challenge for the t-t-t-t- forget it >.>

Crystal: *finds Miles* There you are! *starts kissing Miles*

Lili: *Marches to Crbs chat with shotgun*

Charlie: I love Just- I love Just-.

Miles: .......I know what Dante would do *runs away screaming*

Don: T-T-T-Time to save the t-t-t-t-t-t-*five minutes later* team.

Dante: I CAN'T TAKE IT Pi - 3.14159265359

Crystal: *tackles Miles* Well isin't this romantic!

Miles: Hold on while I think of what Dante would do......*fake cries* DON'T HURT ME!

Crystal: *makes out with Miles*

Miles: ........(CONF) I'm running out of things I think Dante would do >.>

Don: C-C-C-Charlie, c-c-continue a-a-acting!

Crystal:(CONF) Well that was something else hehe.....

DanteL I know what an idiot would do! *Kisses Lilli*

Miles: Star Wars is.......*hesitating* the best movie ever, as Obi-Wan avenges what's-his-face and saves everything and stuff........

Crystal: Why yes it is ;)

Blossom:*gives miles book of awsome records and a skateboard* WOW LOOK AT THIS AWSOME STUFF

Miles: Obi-Wan is the guy who becomes evil, right?

Crystal: *starts to tango with Miles*

Miles: *Fails to dance* What Dante would do.


Crystal: *smack Miles butt*

Miles: it. *falls to the ground and faints*

Dante: *kisses Crystal*

Crystal: *slaps Dante* My only true love is Miles

Dante: I knwo I was acting dumb.

Crystal: *kisses Miles*

Challenge Chat - Crabs

Hwo:*Beats up a cardboard Lili*


Bob: *kisses unicorn poster trying to smile but can't* I lo - lo - li-li-like life

Hwo:*Destroys a Lili bobblehead*

Lili*shoots Hwo*


Bob: *plays Lili and Hwos fav love song eating ur brains* I lo-love life


Christie: *Bites Lip And Rapes Bob*

Lili:*Shoots Hwo in the groin*

Hwo:S****Falls to the ground*


Lili: This is why I dont love you >.>

Hwo:*In pain*


End of Challenge

Chris: Good job guys, the best actor is..........Crystal! The Ferrets win! You also get Iris on your team! Also, Alex for actually placing 2nd you are immune! Dante and Bob, you both have a penalty >:)

Crystal: *smiles*

Dante: *cries in corner*

Miles: Never acting like a failure again, it was really UNCOOL.

Crystal: *giggles*

Chris: Dante, your penalty is joining the crabs, Bob, two-auto votes against you! >:D, to the vote!

Elimination Ceremony 9 - Crabs

Chris: Muffins for: Alex *passes*, Tyker *passes*, Dante *passes*, Rick *passes*, and Christie *passes*, which leaves: Hwo, Bob, Nathan, and Zoey, but Nathan is also safe! *passes* Hwo, Bob, and Zoey, you have each received at least one vote, anyone care to say their last words in case it's them?

Hwo: Meh, not really.

Chris: Pathetic. Hwo is safe at one vote *passes*, which leaves Bob and Zoey, one got four votes, one got two, the person safe with two is..........................Bob! Zoey, you have been eliminated once more!

Hwo: YAY I mean awwwwwww

Ferrets Chat

Miles: Finally back to being awesome and able to react without thinking what Dante would do, well, that was an interesting day, that's all I'll say.

Crystal:(CONF) Yes and interesting day....and hey it was all acting.....well most of it...

Charlie: Oh no.

Miles: What's wrong?

Charlie: If Dante is an 18 year old nerd boy filled with neglect and is roughly 168cm tall and was rejected by a girl with blonde hair then....Oh no Dante's gonna kill hinself.

Miles: Woah! Dante's way too smart for suicide, right?

Don: Y-Y-Y-Yeah?

Charlie:No He is commiting suicide because he is to smart therefore driving others away

Miles: Well, then, shouldn't just try to be more social or something? Suicide ISN'T cool.

Charlie: Dante isn't cool either! The process would have not happened for another 12 years and by then he might have found love but being moved to the crabs speeds up the process due to painful memories of Hwo. breaking his neck a while ago.

Miles: Well, then, is there anyway to stop it?


Charlie: *glares ar Lilli* No. But we can stop him though/

Miles: How?

Charlie: *rolls eyes* Take away his suicide tool.

Don: W-W-W-Which is?

Charlie: It could be a gun or a knife or who the f*** knows?

Miles: Well....should we go stop him now?

Charlie; *glares* No we should wait for the pizza OF COURSE WE SHOULD GO NOW!

Miles: Well, let's stop talking and go. *goes to Crab's Chat*

Don: *follows*

Charlie: *follows*

Doctor: well, I guess it's just you and me Lili.

Lili: Great....

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Don: *comes back from Crabs Chat*

Miles: *behind Don* Um, we're back.

Don: Y-Y-Y-Yeah.

Crystal: Hey guys *writes on notebook*

Miles: Hi. *Walks to room, to look for something to do*

Don: H-h-hello.*walks to room*

Charlie: Hello. *walks up to Lilli and shoves her into a coffee table*

Lili: WTF?

Charlie: Don't ask you f***ing prick!

Lili:*Stabs Charlie* YOU SO MEAN!

Charlie: You think a knife is going to hurt me?. You don't know anything you d***!


Charlie: Well good for you because it sems anyone in a conflict with you tires to commit suicide!

Lili: AKA like one person.

Charlie: Yes but he's the only one who actually has a conflict with you!

Lili: Ugh. Give it a rest will ya? Love will find him someday.

Charlie: I can't f****** beleive you. IT'S LIKE YOU DON'T EVEN GIVE A S***!

Lili: Thats because I dont.

Charlie: Exactly Lilli. You don't. You don't give a s*** about ANYTHING except for making out with your orange headed boy toy.

Lili: He is a RED-HEAD! and I also f*** Leo too!

Leo: O_O

Charlie: He Lilli. Guess what?

Lili: I dont care!*Walks to crabs chat*

Charlie: *pulls Lilli back* You are a heartless prick you can't be bothered pulling her own weight and doesn't giv a s*** about anyone but herself and Hwo. If you disagree with me then fine but I'm sure everyone else agrees with me because. Unlike you. I care about people other than myself. I've carried the weight on my shoulders of everyone around me for the past 10 years. So you can go f*** yourself.

Leo: Thats Josh in a Lili costume. Lili left a while ago.

Charlie: Well gyess what. I stil voiced my opinion on Lilli in front of millions of viewers who will watch and think she is a prick

(Cameras didnt even catch it)

Piper: I agree. She's a selfish, little, blonde-devilish, b***** a****** who should shut up and rot in h*ll. I'm surprised Hwo, as a scared a***, even likes her.

Charlie: *nods* I'm gonna go work out.

Piper: >.> Okay, then..

Charlie: *locks himself in bedroom and turns on One Direction*

Christie *Barges In Charlie's Bedroom* :DDDDD

Charlie: Ummmm

Christie: *Loudly Sings One Direction's Songs* BABY, YOU LIGHT UP MY WORLD LIKE NOBODY ELSE!!!

Charlie: *shrugs* The way that you flip you hair get;s me overwhlemed.

Christie & Charlie: But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know
Oh Oh
You don't know you're beautiful

If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful
Oh oh
That what makes you beautiful

So c-come on
You got it wrong
To prove I'm right I put it in a song
I don't know why
You're being shy
And turn away when I look into your eyes

Everyone else in the room can see it
Everyone else but you {C}
Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful

If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful
Oh oh
That's what makes you beautiful {C}
Nana Nana Nana Nana
Nana Nana Nana Nana
Nana Nana Nana Nana

Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know
Oh Oh
You don't know you're beautiful {C}
Baby you light up my world like nobody else
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell
You don't know
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful

If only you saw what I can see
You'll understand why I want you so desperately
Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe
You don't know
Oh Oh
You don't know you're beautiful
Oh oh
You don't know you're beautiful
Oh oh
That's what makes you beautiful

Crystal: *bakes cookies*

Blossom: :( *throws boom box out window* no

Iris: O.o

Charlie: I'll be right back. *goes to crabs chat* *comes back* Ok I'm back

Crystal: *eats cookie*

Doctor: *is sitting, tapping his foot with anticipation*

Blossom:*does the robot*

Charlie: Yeah. No.

Blossom: *Sarts writing "Help me I'm stuck in"*

Charlie: *shoots Blossom and hits her*

Blossom:*wound heals* *starts writing again "help i stuck in this...."*

Charlie: *shoots Blossom repeatadly with an AK-47*

Blossom:*jumps away but leaves note on crystals bed* *goes toi crabs chat*

Crystal: *reads note*....I'm confused

Doctor: I'm SO BORED! I'm not used to being in one place so long.

Charlie: Bro. I know this Neighborhood so well that I can find something exciting.

Crabs Chat

Dante: *picks up backpack and locks himself in bathroom*

Alex: Dante I need my magic charms,spellbook and wand they are extrmely dangerouse in the hands of mere mortals....Dante Dante .... DANT I AM COMING * breaks open door with magic power and also broke down part of the wall* DANTE ARE YOU OKAY?

Dante: *hands back charms and stuff and loocks himsef in different bathroom*

Alex:Dante Blossom and I want to play a game with you it is called the dangers of hydrogen divided by pi and then exploding it to that strength okay please come out

Dante: *puls out gun* No I did that yesterday!

Alex:*takes away gun* NO BAD BOY


Miles: *walks in* Guys, have you seen Dante?

Alex:*Holding gun with saftey off pointed at the bathroom* He is in the bathroom.

Miles: Well, come on then, let's stop him from commiting suicide >.> *runs into bathroom*

Don: *follows*

(a gunshot is heard)

Alex: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH *Rips door and some of wall surronding it off* DANTE!!!!!!!!!!

Dante: *lying on ground*

Charlie: He;s not dead.

Alex: Well duh he still has my life charm it can ressurect you and keeps you from killing yourself and he is a bad shot

Miles: Well, that was lucky, that he isn't dead. No uncool suicide today.

Charlie: *picks up Dante* He won't be in any challenge today. The bullet hit him in the ribs

Don: W-W-W-Well, t-t-that's unfortunate, but better than h-h-him d-d-dead.

Charlie: And to think this could have all been avoided if it weren't for every girl on the planet finding him idiotic.

Miles: Yeah, well let's get back to our own chat and tell Chris. *walks back to Ferrets Chat*

Don: *follows*

Hwo: Hey team I'm back! I went to Sendick's!........I'm not even gonna ask.....

Lili: Poor Dante tride to kill himself....

Hwo: Awwwwww

Christie: (CONF) Poor Lili should rot in h*ll... *Hears One Direction* OH MY GOSH! *Runs Out*

Lili: Do you think we should visit him in the hospital?

Hwo: Sure why not?

Lili: Wait, whers the hospital agin?


Lili: *Sees Dante in hospital* hey buddy, whats up?

Hwo:Um, I'll go in the other room.*Leaves*

Dante: Lilli. P**s off.

Lili: What did I do? So I dont like Star Wars. That gives you any right to be an a**hole?

Dante: No Lilli That's not it.

Lili: Oh.....Look, I'm sorry that I rejected you, but I love Hwoarang. Maybe if things dont work out I'll give you a call.*Leaves*

Dante: *phone rings* Oh hi Lilli.

Lili: Oh wrong number. I meant to call Alisa.*Hangs up*

Alex: Christie listen we can vote off lili if you want then we can help dante we can take Hwo along with us (Conf) hmm I might backstab Lili but I might backstab Christie hmm I dont know but we will find out

Lili:*Overhears* S***

Chris: You have a debuter! Channel!

Channel: (walks off boat) Just making myself clear; If any of you even try to mess with me just 'cause I am new to the season, I will smack you into next year!

Alex:*walks up to channel* mmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhmmmmmm figures you aint so tough *walks away* (CONF) mmmmmhhhhhhhmmmmmm figures

Christie: Smack you into next year? Nice threat. First I met these people, I started shooting people with a shotgun. Not so tough after all, b****. Rot in h*ll when you try to act so tough again, Miss "Bad-a**" (CONF) Okay, I don't hate anybody here except Lili, but damn, she IS getting on my nerves. Like Tati and Piper.



Channel: Okay, maybe I came off a little too aggressive. Sorry, my uncle always taught me to be tough. I wasn't trying to get on y'alls bad side, I just wanted to make sure nobody thought they could mess with me just 'cause I just came on the scene. Nobody needs to be getting in my face, we are on the same team!

Hwo:*To Christie*

Lili: OH F*** NO!*Slams Chrsistie into the wall*

Channel (Confessional) This is going to be a looonnnnngg competition. (facepalms)

Christie: *Flips Out Of the Way* Tell ALEX, please.

Lili:*Giets a metal bat and beats Christie repeatedly*

Christie: *Builds Force Field Around*

Lili:*Destroys force field and lights Christie with a lighter*

Christie: *Flips And Runs On The Wall*


Christie: *Dodges* Thanks .>.>

Hwo:*Kicks his Bike To Lili*

Lili: *Crushes Christie with the motorbike*

Alex: CALM *Lili calms but she is still glowing* Okay Lili all we need is to find out what makes this glowing stuff

Lili: I was never glowing Alex, and it wont happen again.

Dante: *makes out with Lilli*

Lili:*Pushes Dante off her* No! Bad!

Alex: Damn well back to the drawing board *lifts motor bike off of christie and throws it and it lands on Dante*

Hwo: Good thing I have over a billion identical motorbikes!


Hwo: Thats it! *Kills random voice thingy*

(I don't have a body doofus I am 10 000 years old as well OOOOOOOHHHHH)

Hwo: Go f*** yourself!

Dante: Hey Lilli. *shoot Hwo. in the ribs with a shotgun*

Lili: Please dont talk to me for the rest of the episode, thanks.

Charlie: Hey Hwo. *to Lilli* Hi Heartless b****

Lili: I told him that if things didnt work out with Hwo I'd date him. GIVE IT A REST!

Alex: a rest Okay *puts dant and charlie into coma with magic* happy?

Charlie: It doesn;t work bro.

Alex:*smashes chair over charlies head and is knocked out for real no mgetting back up or anything and so is Dante*

Hwo: My a** hurts........stupid hemriods....

Bob:*freezes hwos left arm*

Hwo: Well this is not good....

Bob: must be freezer burn>

Hwo: Shut up Bob I knew it was you >.>

Bob: Prove it *hides ice spell book*

Hwo:*Finds spell book* Well, looky here!*Whacks Bob with book*

Bob: TOE TREYA EL TIGREA WHAN SHIN TOPU *turns hwo into lion* not my best transformation spell

Hwo:*Transforms back* WTF?

Bob: O.O *turns into cactus

Hwo:*Chops up Bob the cactus*

Bob: *regenerates* Hwo you really need to get that frozen arm checked out it might be seriouse freezer burn *makes ice spread to inside pants* see

Hwo:..........Seriously Bob I know it was you. I saw you cast the spell on me.

Bob: Not after I erase your memory

Hwo: I have nothing in this brain, Bob, it aint gonna make a difference.

Bob: *fires lightning at hwo* ZAP

Hwo:...................ok you can do it now.............I dont feel any different........Hi Lili!*makes out with Lili*

Alex: *chanting and hand glowing white pointing at Lili* hmm why is it not working? maybe i could use my wand *takes out wand and does same but still nothing* Why? grr

Lili: Alex the awful power that I have isnt magic, you want be able to control it.

Alex: what makes youthink I was using magic on you

Lili: I assumed you were trying to make that........happen......agin......

Alex: Even if I wanted to I can't something or.....someone is blocking my magic it is weak now

Lili: WEll actually you cant do it because my awful power isnt magic

Alex: I KNOW THAT YOU ARGG listen I just need to find what is weakining my powers

Lili: Perhaps Christie is stealing or absorbing your powers. I believe she practices magic as well.

Alex:I know but my charms *shows five charms on necklace* could make even a mere mortal a master wizard/ventus and it gives me amazing power so she cant

Lili: oh, well any other ideas?

Alex: Well *looks at Lili*

Lili:......what? Why are you staring at me like that?

Alex:Well I thought you were stealing them

Lili: I cant. I dont posees magical abilities.

Alex: so? mortals have been doing that for years stealing from us taking our powers for themselves

Lili: I dont even know how to do that.

Alex: sure but still new plane get out inactives nathan first

(NZ Man: TF. I will be absent today untill roughly from 12.30pm to 3.30 pm your time.)

Christie: *Comes Back With Bag Of Chips In Hand* What'd I miss?

Alex: Something is blocking my powers you know what it could be please do you know what could do this

Christie; Your enemies? *Munches Chips* I don't actually use my powers often, so. *Eats More Chips* I don't know.

Alex: Well now I have to use my charms for my magic but you two strong aliance to get to the final 5 or higher deal


Alex: Greeat now then gotta fly *flies out window* (CONF) Main priority my freinds winning

Lili:(CONF) Its a little weird that I'm in an alliance outside of my team.......I hope this doesnt affect my game!

Challenge 10 - Drama Time

Chris: Hi campers, today is your last day in your current team, you will be put into another team after the elimination ceremony! So yeah, say your good byes, once I finish telling you what the challenge will be, then you have a few minutes to say good bye. Anyways the challenge is to see who can win a 2 out of 3 event of challenges that will cause drama, so yeah your rep may be ruined but it's worth it, definitely! So, you can now say your good byes as you may leave your team.

Lili: See ya lame a**es!


Charlie: *is silent*

Hwo: Hopefully I'm with Lili.*Makes out with Lili*

Alex: Heyo

Bob: *cuts his arm* perfect demon blood


Miles: I don't mind, you know unless my team isn't cool.

Challenge 1 out of 3 - Confessions

Chris: The classic and unique challenge that is to confess something. The juiciest one wins for their team, the most stale doesn't compete in the next one.

Lili: I am cursed with a dark power known as Pandora, remember what happened when Oj came back?

Hwo: I did this one chcik for literally two days straight, then I found out it was John Travolta.

Thorn:*starts writing Help I am trapped in this form*

Alex: I am trying to control Lilis power

Dante: I know Lilli's bra size.

Crystal: My dreams usally consist of me marrying Miles, and Lili getting eaten by a shark....sorry

Bob: I am now in love with Crystal

Charlie: I had to sell my body to supply for my family. Hungry women who thought I was cute would lure me into bed with promises of money. I'm even a farther because of it.

Leo: Welcome to the club, kid.

Charlie: Leo. You were one of the people who payed to sleep with me.


Charlie: Twas the night before Christmas and the wind was on top. I was standing on my corner with my T-Shirt torn off. You came out a bar, drunk with your friends. Look to me and winked then said "You're next" Thirty minutes later I was payed a hefty price. And bought myself an apartment without any mice.

Leo: O_O

Lili: I sorta liked it better when your clothes were not always covered in semen. Allow me!*Kicks leo in the back of the head*


Charlie: Thanks god.

Lili: Now we wait.

Leo:*Wakes up* huh? *Remembers everything that happened to her before she became a w**** in TDM* WHaT HAVE I BECOME!?

Alex: Are you okay

Leo: No....No im not......*Gets a letter* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Alex: what does it say

Leo: I'm not readin it....thanks to those letters I became what I was 2 seconds ago.

Alex:*gives leo enchanted glasses* This will protect you rmind NOW POP OPEN THAT LETTER

Leo: No. I lost my life, my friends, my-*Stutters* I have to see Josh!

Miles: I used to be a failure, uncool, pathetic, sucky, loser, failure, like Dante. But luckily, I'm who I am today- no offense Dante. But if I can become cool, you can too. *Advertisement* Once you buy Miles' Cool Potion, you will turn to cool in no time! And it's cheap! Side effects include headache, loss of intelligence, obliviousness, and the urge to be cool. Take it for two whole month and you'll be as cool as that guy *points at a cardboard cutout of himself* So yeah, buy today. Call the Total Drama show and ask for your Miles' Cool Potion today!

Josh: *mumbling to himself* I still can;t beleive I spent time with Leo....

Leo: Josh....

Josh: I know what you're gonna say and I'm not wasting anymore time with it. I do not love you.

Leo: .......*walks away*

Josh: And now I can finnaly move on in my life.

Lili: And there goes my fave couple in this series.

Chris: Wait did Miles just advertise a produc- nevermind, I'm hallucinating >.>

Leo:*Crying in the CONF*

Josh: *sees Leo* I leave you alone for one seasson. And I can't even do that. But why do I still love you?

Leo: *Turns* Do you........Really mean that?

Josh: If I give you one more chance do you promise not to cheat on me again?

Leo: yes.

Josh: *kisses Leo* I love you.

Chris: Aw, it's so cute, it's so- lame >.>, in the bottom is Alex! And the winner is Crystal/Charlie tied! So the Ferrets win a round!

Lili: Well it seems you two arent completely hopeless.

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Channel: CHEF HATCHET IS MY UNCLE. (hangs her head in shame)

Challenge 2 - Haters Gonna Hate

Chris: Who do you hate the most/who do you like the most in this camp. Give reasons. Best reason wins.

Lili: I hate Charlie the most here because he hates me and threw me into a table. And everyone knows I love Hwo.

Hwo: I hate Bob because he gave me f****N hemroids. And yeah, I love Lili for obvious reasons.

Charlie; I hate Lilli because she does not care about the beatiful essence of life and does not appreciate little things that make everyone happy. I like Miles the most because he has agreed to help me out after the challenge. He actually feels like a friend.

Dante: Well I hate Miles. He has no care in the world and thinks being cool is everything. What a d***. Meanwhile Alex is my favourite person. I mean how many nerds are lucky enough to get a caring angry wall of meat as their best friend?

Miles: My favorite person here is Charlie, with Don at a close second. He's awesome! A true friend, nice, and never gives up! An AWESOME friend! Meanwhile, my least favorite person is Alex, because he burned my book for NO REASON! Really uncool. I mean seriously is it that hard to apologize? Although his hamster Blossom isn't too bad.

Don: M-M-M-My favorite p-p-person here is Miles, because h-h-he's a good friend, and Charlie i-i-is r-r-right behind. My least f-f-favorite is N-N-Nathan, all he has done h-h-here is say I once. He d-d-doesn't do anything.

Crystal: My least favorite person is Lill, she's really mean, and tries to beat everyone up, meanwhile the person I like the most is Miles, he's just so cool, and nice, and I love his positive outlook on the world!

Bob: I like Crystal because she seems innocent but can also be evil and I hate Blossom for the non-obviouse reasons

Crystal: I'm not evil, I just don't like certain people

Iris: BLARGH! Amyhoo, I like Blosoom, she seems cool, calm, and not crazy. Plus she has a COOLNESS name! I hate... Lili. What a weirdo 0_0

Tyker: To be honest I hate no one here :)

Chris: People who like/hate Blossom........she isn't a contestant. And um, the person with the most hate's is: Lili! *hands her a "I suck" medal* Wear it with pride. The person with the most likes is: Miles! *hands him a painted gold quarter wrapped around toilet paper medal* Wear it with pride. And the person with the best reasons is: Charlie! Which means the Ferrets win the 2/3 contest! ..........No surprise. The next challenge was supposed to be another dramatic challenge but whatever.

Lili:*Throws out medal*

hwo: once again, we lose -.-

Miles: *takes out the toilet paper and puts painted gold quarter in pocket and shrugs*

Tyker: Yep

Hwo:*Whispers to Tyker* We're the only ones on our team thats active, lets say you and me make an alliance.

Tyker: *Whispers back* Great idea.

Elimination Ceremony 10 - Crabs

Chris: You know the drill, vote in the confessional, blah blah.

Chris: Muffins for: Hwo! *passes* Alex! *passes* Nathan! *passes*, Channel *passes*, and Bob! *passes* Dante, Christie, Rick, and Tyker you're the bottom four! But you're safe Dante *passes* Christie, Rick, and noticed I only have one muffin on the plate? That's right DOUBLE elimination. And the final muffin is for...............*Christie, Rick, and Tyker look nervously at the muffin*....................Christie! Rick you have been eliminated with 5 votes and Tyker with one vote(I was told by Survivor he didn't care who so I asked someone else who they would vote for, sorry), any last words?

Tyker: Aw man this is bull sh**

Chris: Well.....leave now. Don't worry you'll be treated at the Closet of Losers. Which I will put up later today for the losers. And stuff..........but yeah, leave.

Tyker: Well goodbye everybody *leaves*

Hwo: -.-

Chris: Anyways, we're going back to three teams! The new teams are here:

Banana Fireworks: Miles, Don, Charlie, Crystal, Christie

Toxic Lasers: Iris, Dante, Lili, Piper, Bob

The Leftover Orange Static Electric Rabbits Squad(The L.O.S.E.R. Squad): Doctor, Nathan, Channel, Alex, Hwo

Chris: So we have the BF Team, The TL Team, and The L.O.S.E.R. Squad! Have fun in your teams!



Banana Fireworks Chat

Charlie: I have a good feeling about this.....

Don: Hey Charlie and Miles- Hey I didn't stutter! IT'S A MIRACLE! *Kisses the ground*

Miles: .....Anyways, my advertisement sold a good amount of Cool Potions.

Charlie: Cool.

Miles: So yeah, I got 500 bucks, want half?

Don: *dances in the background*

Charlie: Just another day in the life of the Charlie.

Miles: Seriously, do you want half?

Charlie: Yeah sure.

Miles: *hands 250 bucks to Charlie* Here you go.

Don: *dances to the Best Day Ever*

Crystal: *claps* Yay Don!

Christie: Why am I here? T.T

Charlie: Because life sucks.

Crystal:(CONF) I love my team

Miles: *Counting money out of boredom* 221.....222.....223.

Don: Let's see if I push my luck- YES! I still haven't stuttered!

Crystal: Congratulations Don

Don: Thanks!

Crystal: *makes Don a cake*

Charlie: *helps*

Crystal: *brings congratulations cake out and gives it to Don*

Christie: *Hiccups* Aww! Why do I- *Hiccups* have the hiccups when-*Hiccups* I see a cake?

Toxic Lasers Chat

Lili: I'm the only girl? I feel like TT when shes the only girl on chat -.-

TT: Shut up. That's why you suck and you should rot in hell, b****. I wonder why Hwo picked you. And one of my characters.

Lili: WAit, what the-

Leo: I got it. Mam I would like to ask to le- you know what nvm.*Drags TT to China*

TT: *Dodges* I hate you for betraying Cassidy.

Piper: Meanwhile, my creator and a presumed-dead contestant fights...

Dante: >.>


Alex:Perfect this is awsome we can stay as an aliance all of us even piper for the merge

Lili: yeah I guess.

Bob:Leo you never rapped me should I be offended

leo: Uh, yes. But I've sworn loyalty to Josh now.

Josh: Touch her. You're dead.

Lili: And I am going to visit Hwo again (Goes to L.O.S.E.R.S chat)

bOB: I aint scared of some survivor wannabe

Josh: *glares*

Leo: F*** off Bob!

Bob:*holds out palm and both glow with a black aura and are pushed away*

Leo: Wait. WTF?

Bob:You can't beat me *launches leo into the air and holds her there while keeping josh restrained with the other hand*

Leo: No! *slime engulfs her*

Lili:*comes back and Gasps*

Bob:*creats black sheild around him*

Lili: Where have I seen this before?


Alex:I DONT KNOW BUT HELP *puts sheild around Alex and Lili*

Leo:*Violently slams Alex into the wall*

Alex: Boiling skin that is hot to touch power of slime can not be lust to the power of the sun that is a must*Fires giant fireballs at leo*

Leo: *Strangles Alex so hard that the slime begins to cover his neck, choking him*

Alex:*pushes leo off with ease* OH HELL NO I AINT BEING KILLED TONIGHT


Alex:*stays floating in the Air* HELLO I AM A CREATURE OF THE AIR DUH :P

(Slime engulfs the entire chat)

Lili: dafuq?

Hwo:*Arrives on bike* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Crashes into wall* f***

Lili: Oh no! *Treast Hwo's wounds*

Piper: Yes! >:) *Jumps On Motorcycle And* See you later, motherf******! *Drives Away, Speeding Away From Hwo*

Lili: *Leaps and Kicks Piper off the bike*

Hwo:*gets back on and runs over Piper and Leo*(No dodge >.> XD)


Josh: *snaps Hwo. neck NO DODGE*

Dante: *brofist*

Bob and Alex:hmmmm why is Alex put twice up there?

Leo:*Wakes up* Thank you Hwo, I needed that. Josh! Bad! Stop!

Josh: >.<

Leo:*Kisses Josh* Its ok.

Hwo:........It hurts.......

Dante: No s***?

Lili: I got it. *Snaps Hwo's head back to normal* Hows that?

Hwo: Wow thats much better!

Dante: *goes on Minecraft*


Dante: *listens to TNT by Captain Sparklez*

Lili: *Dances to it*

Hwo: Well, back to my team! *Rides back to his team's chat*

Bob:Hey Piper could you help us vote off Dante?

The Leftover Orange Static Electic Rabbits Squad

Doctor: Well, I hope we can win! Right guys!

Hwo: Sure. (CONF) I'm alright with this team, whatever. But it would be nice if Nathan and Channel werent around.

Hwo:*Looks up* This chat is quiet compared to the others. *Looks up at the Lasers chat* OMG! I GOTTA GET OVER THERE!*Rides his bike there*

Doctor: Great. Alone again.


Doctor: They WOULD have gotten rid of me, but our team never lost.

Hwo:*Arrives on bike* I'm back! *Crashes* DAMMITT!!!!

Challenge 13 - Chocolate Dips and Saving Fund

Chris: Yes, the title, doesn't make too much sense......sue me. Anyways today's challenge is simple! You each know two people from your team are missing: Miles and Christie for the Fireworks, Dante and Bob for the Lasers, and Doctor and Alex for The L.O.S.E.R. Squad! (Part of the challenge) Have you noticed?

Lili and Hwo: No not really.

Charlie: Yes.

Don: Yeah, I noticed Miles, but I didn't notice Christie......she just doesn't stick out to me, no offense.

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Chris: Anyways: you have to save them! It'll take 4 lines! You can only save one, then bring them back and climb up this ladder, which is 1 line! Then you go into this giant pit of chocolate and throw them(person you saved) in to retrieve a key, which is 2 lines! The first team to do so can choose which other team is safe, the loser team goes to elimination! Before you start saving, discuss who you'll save, then you can begin! (Going back takes 2 lines)

Crystal: I think we should save Miles

Don: I agree, Miles is a better choice..........Christie, I don't think we should put up with her comments, plus I don't think many of us like/know her too well.

Lili: We should save Bob.

Hwo: Alex.

Crystal: *starts saving*

Don: I think we have decided on Miles. Let's go. Just trying to help the team go along. *starts saving Miles*

Crystal: *saving Miles* (You need one more line)

Lili:*Starts saving Bob*

Hwo:*Starts saving Alex*

Crystal: *saves Miles*



Don: Let's start going back *starts going back*



Crystal: *goes back*

Don: *gets back* Alright it's up to you Miles.

Miles: Got it! *climbs ladder*

Lili:*Saves Bob*

hwo:*Saves Alex*

Miles: *goes into chocolate pit* Ugh, what?

Lili:*Starts going back*

Hwo:*Starts going back*

Miles: *retrieves key* Got it!

Chris: And the Fireworks win! Who else is safe?

Crystal: Any of you guys want to decide?

Charlie: I say Toxic Lasers. Any disagreemens?

Alex:Crystal please my team full inactives

Crystal: You want to win or lose?

Alex: Win please

Crystal: *sigh* Maybe we should let the L.O.S.E.R. Squad win

Charlie: No. The L,O,S,E.R Squad is full of inactives who shouldn't be in.

(Science: I don't care is you vote for the the losers or not. These challenges are to late at night for me to compete in. They come up at like, 1:00 in the mornning here on the east coast.)


Alex:Crystal please


Alex:we need this please let us win

Leo:*Checks her watch*

Chris: Fine, the L.O.S.E.R. Squad is safe! But, seriously, stop begging, you look pathetic.

Hwo: Thats what she said

Leo: You arent using that right.

Hwo: Thats what she said.


Elimination Ceremony 11 - Toxic Lasers

Chris: Welcome to the EC. Vote in the confessional, blah blah blah, vote.

Chris: Muffins for: Lili *passes*, Piper *passes*, and Bob *passes* Dante and Iris, one of you is going home and it's.............Dante! Sorry bro *hands muffin to Iris* However, you guys just voted out one of your most active team members, also Iris will be immune until August 24th. So, yeah, you guys......are probably doomed. Good luck with that. *eats muffin* ......Mmm......Blueberry.

Dante: Well guys. Revenge is a b**ch and I hope it comes to bite you in the butt. That means you Lilli.

Lili: Hmph! Dont think your the only one with a plan in your head! Tata!

Dante: Oh Lilli. This is why I got eliminated. You are to rash, You didn't think ahead to the consequences. Iris is immune. If you guys lose three more times it will only be Iris left.

Banana Fireworks Chat

Alex;*walks in* Crystal Christie come over here *walks outside*

Charlie: Dantes gone.

Don: Yeah. Poor Dante.

Miles: Yeah, he may have hated me, but still.

Christie: i'd rather stay here, Alex.

Charlie: This is simple guys, We win. Lasers lose.

Miles: Well, let's try our hardest to win!

Charlie: *nods*

Alex: Christie crystal please come to the loser chat when u r ready *leaves*

Charlie: So who is in?

Crystal: *arrives* Hey guys

Charlie: Hello,

The L.O.S.E.R. Squad Chat

Lili:*Shows up and whispers into Hwo's ear*


Lili: *Smiles and leaves*

Hwo:Wait! *Follows*

Doctor: Well, I got lucky again.

Alex: Hey Doc wanna join an aliance with me and a few others to help out

Crystal: *shows up* um....Hi

Alex;Crystal aliance please

Hwo:*Comes back and grabs ham* Oh hi Crystal. JOIN! plz?

Crystal: First of all Hwo I dont't even know you and Alex you hate me

Alex:Please I can give you magic and power

Hwo: Wait you can do that?

Crystal: Why do you want me in this aliance anyways?

Hwo: Well, apparantly theres another alliance by Charlie that is targeting Bob and Lili, if you dont help by voting him, You might be next.

Alex:First of all Hwo I could give you all the power in the world and crystal you are an amazing player I do not want to face you but aliy with you

Crystal: Yeah I'm gonna have to reject your offer *leaves*

Hwo: Ugh, that failed.

Alex; Don't worry about it okay we can still handle this

Hwo: You better think of something, cause I'm starting to have doubts.

Alex;I know but I think charlie out smarted me if you want it would be safer to un aline with me

Hwo: yeah. I'll tell Lili.

Alex: *Sigh* (CONF) well poor Blossom she already picked out a lil house oh well I am not giving up but keeping lili and Hwo in the gam is more important they can't lose because of me....I hope

Doctor: *to Alex* Yeah, an alliance sounds good. (CONF) Yes! I might actually be able to role right into the merge with this thing.

Alex;WOW the aliance is over till further notice just vote with us

Toxic Lasers Chat

Lili:*Arrives with hwo* PIPER! Can you please come over here? ^-^

Piper: *Eats Chips* What the f*** you want?

Lili: Me and a few others are rounding everyone but a select few to align together to stop an aliiance. You in?

Hwo: You persuade I'm gonna go get some ham in my chat ^-^ *Goes back to his chat*

Hwo:*Whispers to Lili*

Lili:*Nods* nvm Piper.*heads back to her chat*

Challenge 14 - Something

Chris: Hi!

Lili: Hi!

Hwo: Best.Title.Eva!

Charlie: I am ok. No worse than yesterday, No better than tomorrow.

Lili: I am in a super mood now that Daniel is gone! *Trollface*

Chris: The challenge is to come up with a challenge for next time! Best one wins for their team and chooses who else is safe, okay? Miles and Don won't compete for obvious reasons, now go!

Alex: We need to grab a key from the septic tanks and then wrestl an aligator for a map to the immunioty pass

Lili: How about see eliminated contestants from previous seasons and try to fight them all?

Hwo: We have a challenge where we ride on unicorns to the finish! (CONF) Sorry thats my user talking........>.>

Charlie: We are in a pitch black room 27m by 45m and we need to find our way around land mines and laser's and flying swords. Team with the most people out in twenty minutes wins.

Bob: We combine Alex's and Lili's ideas but throw in a bear aswell

Crystl: We must fight each other in a gladiator type arena using swords, shields, and our fists, while being surrounded by vicious animals

Bob:Sooo the hunger games

Crystal: >.>

Lili: The Hunger Games isnt gladiators. The arena in HG is more of a forest. And instead of fighting off animals, we are killing one another.

Chris: Well, in last place is Hwo.....for obvious reasons and in 5th is Bob for just combining people's ideas. The rest, I liked.

hwo: I hate my user.


hwo: But Lili, we have the same user.

Lili: Doesnt that mean that were f*****g ourselves?

Chris: Charlie and Alex, your challenges might kill and I don't want you dead.......for lawsuits, so yeah. Lili and Crystal's remain.

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Lili: Its obvious.

Chris: The winner is Crystal, but we'll use both ideas, so get this surprise token, you can use it any time and the effect it has changes every elimination, it could be good, bad, blah. So Fireworks choose who is safe.

Charlie: I think the Loser squad

Lili: I saw this coming....*Cries*

hwo:*Hugs Lili*

Lili: We dont have any other choice do we?

Hwo:*Shakes head*

Crystal:*to Charlie* I agree

Bob:I quit if it means no elimination

Christie: Too late, but...climb a big a** mountain, try to get a small statue from my pet Scruffy *Huge Dog Roars* climb down the mountain, dodging spitballs from my other pet, Lulu. *Huge Dog Roars*


Chris: Alright Bob, you have been eliminated.....since you quit, so why don't you put on this explorer shirt and explore the Closet of Losers *pushes him in*

Lili: Bob you didnt have to do that! We were gonna vote you out anyway!

Chris: And with that we're finally at the final 12.

Bob: *from closet* GET ME OUT!

Hwo: How is Nathan still here? O_O

Chris: No, you have to stay there @Bob, and I have no idea @Hwo.

Banana Fireworks Chat

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Miles: Good job on the challenge idea Crystal.

Don: Yeah.

Crystal: Thanks guys

Charlie: Right. Whatever. *walks away*

???: *grabs Charlie around the neck and silently drags him off*

Charlie: Ya know Dad you really need to get better disguises.

Charlies Dad: *takes off Batman mask*

Charlie: I swear you keep getting more and more stupid,

Charlies Dad: Shut Up and give me your f***ing money!

Charlie: *pulls out knife*

Charlies Dad: *pulls our gun*


Charlies Dad: *shoots Charlie in the kneecap*

Charlie: *falls over* Son of a b****

Charlie: Now give me the money!

Charlie: *throws knife that spirals and hits his Dad in the arm*

Charlies Dad: *drops gun*

Charlie: *picks it up*

Alex:*comes out of no where* trepo humo yaktrum *Charlies dad turns into snail*

Charlie: *shoots Dad repeatadly* Thanks Alex. But it will wear off.

Alex:Then just do this *stands on the snail dad*

Leo: O_O Im not even gonna ask....

The L.O.S.E.R. Squad Chat

Alex:Great *sends blossom with message to Lili*

Doctor: (CONF) If I'm making it this far, I just hope I can get to the final 6 or something. That's when Chris would start saying things like, "Okay, when all of you are ready, we will start the challenge!" Then I won't miss it.

Toxic Lasers Chat


Hwo:*For some reason in the chat, comforting her*

Piper: *Hugs Lili* There, there. It's alright.

Blossom:*gives lili message that says* Lili if we are on the chopping block I will try and help

Piper: *Crumbles Message And Throws All the Way To Alex's Face WIth Blossom*

Alex:*walks in* OH PLEASE THIS MESSAGE *waves crumpled peice of paper* wasn't for you so MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS YOU LIL ****** ******** ********* ************ ***** ********* ********** ************************** ******** *****

Piper: You need to calm down. Lili is crying. I will not like to fight you because you are a ventus and there is no way hurting, injuring or killing you. You need not to be involved and please go back to your chat.

Alex:First of all I am here wondering what is wrong with Lili she hated Bob

Piper: Bob is still a friend too. She's still a b****, but still has a heart.

Alex:You are really angry for no reason

Blossom;*gets Alex spell book*

Alex:Thank you

Lili: WHY!? *Crying still*

Hwo: Aw come on, I know! If one of our teams win you'll save the other, that way we can better take out da Fireworks. Deal? *Holds out hand*

Lili:*Shakes hand* Ok...

Hwo: Cool.

Challenge Whatever - Cliff Divers


Chris: ......What was that?

Charlie: No idea.

Chris: Okay then........Anyways Lili, Crystal your ideas will be used- but when I want to use them, or IF I do *smiles evily* so yeah, we're having another challenge.

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

hwo: All right!

Doctor: It's about time.

Charlie: *calling Cheesey* Can I have the flamethrower?

Alex:I am so confused

Charlie: Thanks bro. *hangs up*

Cheesy: I'm a girl! Or a guy! I don't know. *sends over flamethrower through phone* THANKS FOR BUYING!

Charlie: OK. Here's 20 dollars.

Doctor: Can we get on with the challenge already?

Chris: Yeah, sure, why not? Anyways the challenge is to dive off this cliff and land in a circle......because we are just SO Original. It will take three lines then when you land confess a confession and you're done. The teams with the most jumpers win. The other team goes to elimination. ALTERNATING Lines.

Doctor: *jumps*

Miles: *jumps*

Don: *jumps*

Doctor: *falls* Woo Hoo!

Don: *falls*

Miles: *falls*

Doctor: *lands in water*

Don: *lands*

Miles: *lands* That was awesome!


Chris: Okay guys, you landed, now say a confession, to score a point.

Doctor: I am actually kicked out of the UK, US, and UN.

Charlie: *jumps*

Don: If you couldn't tell by the Chocolate Dips challenge, I am not particularly fond of Christie. Putting that in the nicest way possible.

Charlie: *falls*

Miles: Me and Cheesy, you know that random ad person are related. Cousins, to be spot on. But yeah.

Charlie: *lands*

Chris: Confession, Charlie?

Charlie: My real name isn't Charlie and I changed it ot escape a past life.



Chris: ....*yawns as Lili and Hwo jump* Come on people! We don't got all day!



Chris: >.>



Chris: Hurry up and say your confession >.>

Hwo: This one time I was sitting next to this guy on the bus, and he had this bucket of fried chicken with him. It kinda got to me, and so I just started going at it. It was so tasty! But it wasnt fried chicken.....It was a baby......*Cries* IT WAS A BABY!!!!!!!!

Lili: O_O well, This one time I was sleep walking. And I strted driving this tractor for some reason. (2 hours later) And thats why they call it the Jun Kazama memorial Wishing well

Chris: Well, since only Lili jumped for the Lasers, the lasers lose! L.O.S.E.R. Squad and Fireworks, you're safe!

Elimination Ceremony 15 - Toxic Lasers

Chris: This time the VIEWERS vote! Viewers vote off either: Piper, Lili, or Iris. First to four is out. Or if it's been too long, whichever comes first.

Veiwer One: I vote Lilli.

Viewer two: Well since I'm a Viewer I see that people are starting hate Seven year old Hunters with bows and Arrows I vote for Iris.

Veiwer three: I vote Iris

Veiwer Four: I HATE Lilli. She doesn't deserve to win, so I vote her.

(NZ : I have school XD)

Viewer Five: I vote for Iris. *plays 3DS XL*


Chris: *Runs to AB and pours water on her* Haha........anyways, Piper is safe with 0 votes. *tosses muffin* Lili, Iris, you both got some votes, but one only got two out of six and that is.................*both look nervously at the marshmallow, wide eyed*.................Lili! *passes muffin* have been eliminated.

Lili: YEAEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! IN YOUR F***** FACE, D***WAD!!!!!!! Um.......Im sorry about that.....

Challenge 16 - A Taste of Loyal Nostalgia

Chris: WE SKIPPED THE TEAM CHATS! Due to budget cuts. So yeah, anyways you can talk here until the challenge starts.

Hwo:*Runs up to Lili* your safe!*Makes out with Lili*

Chris: No drama............challenge time! Remember Loyalty from TDN5? Well this is the challenge! So yeah. Let's start with Hwo. Will you give up your team's immunity for a slice of pizza?

Hwo: Hell no.

Chris: Well, enough with that, we'll start giving better bargains! Lili will you give up immunity for an immunity idol which works through the final 6 or 7.........still hasn't been decided.

Lili: Oh god.....................(I seriously had a major brain f*** trying to decide so thisll backfire on my a** later XD) Sure, whatever.

Chris: That was quick.

Miles: *high fives Don and Charlie* Cool, they never got to us!

Don: Yeah!

Chris: Well *hands idol* Lasers lose. Yeah........nothing new.

Elimination Ceremony 16 - Toxic Lasers

Chris: >.>, what do you have to say for yourselves?

Lili: Dont blame me, Im the only one here that gives a f***!

Chris: Yeah, whatever. >.>, anyways the tiebreaker since there's only two left is to answer this question: What is once in time and twice in a moment? You have two tries.

Lili: Dang it.............



Hwo:*In flashback* I have these lumps on the back of groin, I want to get them checked but Im afraid of what there gonna tell me.

Lili: OF COURSE! The letter m.

Chris: Correct! *hands muffin* Bye bye Piper! *throws her in Closet of Losers* The final ten! Who will lose? Nathan is still here? And what will happen? Find out next time on TOTAL DRAMA: BACK TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

Banana Fireworks Chat

Miles: Well, I think the merge will be soon, since not too many people are left.

Don: Yeah. Well, this team had a good streak.

Charlie: What happens if Lilli is the only one left on the team and she uses the idol but she can't because no one else can be voted off her team Chris?

Don: *walks to Toxic Lasers Chat with cookies*

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

(Bomb foes off, destroying the chat)

Charlie: *gets blown into a sign post* AHHHHHh

Miles: *Hits a damaged wall, making it collaspe* Ow! What the?

Charlie: *pulls out rifle*

Miles: *trying to get up, but can't move right arm* That's really uncool >.>

Charlie: I can fix it but I will hurt.

Crystal:*some how ends up ends up at Bannana Fireworks chat* Ow my head *hair turns into ash*

Miles: *knocked out, having many thoughts, over loading him*

The L.O.S.E.R. Squad Chat

Hwo: God I feel awful for Lili.....

Doctor: (CONF) I've been gone for a long time havn't I.

hwo:*goes to lasers chat*

(Bomb goes off, destroying the chat)

Toxic Laser Chat

Lili: Im all thats left?................*Crying on floor, then sees Don* Oh, hi Don.

Don: Hi Lili. How are you? *Eats cookie*

Lili: Terrible, I think I should just quit. I had my time when I won last season, but now I realise that most of the peeps dont like me here, and I'd feel guilty if I won again, what with all the gold bars that I make just for breating and all.

Don: I see, but how will you make your way back to your house? Isn't the Neighborhood in a mostly secluded part of the city?

Lili: Ive got my ways. I can make my way back via my private helicoptor. With that I'll be able to make it back to Monaco within just a few hours.

Don: ............Take me with you until I'm in another city, then kick me off, please? PLEASE?

Lili: Sure, why not?

hwo: Your leaving?

Lili: Yeah, sorry. Win for me, k?*Kisses Hwo on the cheek*

leo:*Holds back tears*

Don: Bye bye Neighborhood!

Crystal: *shows up* Don you can't leave your such an awsome person

Lili:*Gets on helicopter with Don* BTW, I planted small but very powerful nuclear bombs in all your chats. They will go off in about......3 seconds, BAI! :D *Flies away*

leo: O_O wai-

(Bomb goes off, destroying the chat and somehow making it skyrocket into the air)


Intern: *goes to get replacements*

Poison: *Walks in with a steel baton* I'm here! *Looks around* What the hell!? What happened to this place!?

Josh: An evil b**** decided to blow everything up resulting in severe injuries to a competiter.

leo:*Under a bunch of rubble*

Cheesy: *walks in, using a flamethrower on the ground* THIS IS FUN! YAY!

Poison: *Whacks Cheesy in the head with her steel baton* No!

Cheesy: Aw. OOOH! A FLAMETHROWER *Keeps using flamethrower on ground, forgetting she/he wasn't supposed to*

Poison: *Kicks the flamethrower out of Cheesy's hands*

Cheesy: .......Aw.........

Chris: Meet: Cheesy, The Random One, and Poison, Crazy Leo's Replacement! They'll be joining a team in a sec.

Poison: The show has only just begun! *Poses and winks*

Cheesy: Yay! (People, to alert you, Cheesy is a human NOT cheese.)

Hwo: Shes.......gone.......

Cheesy: Hurray! Wait aw. Wait, cheese! Wait, who?

Hwo: Lili.

Doctor: *walks in* Well, a bobm just went off in our room, so I came here.

leo:Ugh, what the heck? Did we get attacked by terrorists?

Cheesy: No we got attacked by Lili! Yay! *Hands brownie* Brownie?

Leo:.....You are oficially my best friend! *takes brownie and hugs Cheesy*

Cheesy: Yay!

Cody: I'm also one of your best friends, right?

Leo: No, you go to hell! >.>

Cheesy: YAY!

leo: YAY! *Hugs Cheesy* BFF's!

Cheesy: Yay! BFF'S! Brownie Funny Friends!


Cheesy: YAY! *Hands another brownie* BROWNIES!

leo: BROWNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: O_O, also Cheesy, Poison, your team won't be decided yet, because this next challenge has temporary teams. Your permanent team will be decided later.

Josh: (CONF) I'm going to KILL Cheesy if Chessy is a boy. If not then shes fine.

Poison: *Posing for camera*

Josh: *unfazed*

Hwo: Can we just start the f***** challenge? Its been like 3 days!

Chris: Sure...........wait hold on, we need the Banana Fireworks and L.O.S.E.R. Squad here, you go get them.

hwo: Ugh.....fine, Leo can you go get the Fireworks?

leo: yeah sure whatever.

(3 seconds later)

Hwo:*Drags LOSERS to chat)

Leo:*Drags Fireworks to chat*

Miles: *knocked out*

Chris: I guess the Fireworks had the most injuries in the explosion, whatever.

leo: I got a mild concussion and I think the explosion was an unintended abortion for me.

Chris: K then. Miles is obviously out. Crystal, Charlie you guys good? (CONF) Yeah I'm using the with it. If they say no, I DON'T WANT LAWSUITS!

Poison: JUST START IT!!!

Charlie: No but I'm not going to elimination tonight.

Alex: I am on this team right I have been in a comma

Crystal: *shows up* Yeah I'm fine, it's Miles I'm worried about

Doctor: Okay, so It's time to start the challenge.

Crystal: *puts on wig*

Poison:......What are you doing?

Crystal: Oh well hair got burnt off, so I have to put this wig on....

Poison: Hah!

Crystal:.... (CONF) *sigh* I miss my hair

Miles: *wakes up* ...............

Crystal: :D MILES! *hugs Miles* Thank god you're okay

Miles: ...............'Ello mate, do I know you? Wasn't I just exploring for the Lost Temple of Lansure? I know I must be on the right track!

Chris: (CONF) Dang it Lili! That's the, like, 70th MPD on this stupid show! Oh come on >.>

Crystal: Um.....Chris something is wrong with Miles

Miles: Who's Miles? The name is Lochlan the Explorer! I have my eyes set on the Lost Temple of Lansure, mate! And inside there's a great treasure, which will have you in for a treat!

Crystal: Um......your name is actually Miles, you're not a expoler, and I love yo-GURT!

Miles: Okay mate! *turns back into Miles* Huh? What? Hey I'm awake. Man those bricks hurt.

Crystal: :D MILES! *hugs Miles

Miles: Oh hi Crystal. (CONF) Those bombs were uncool and *turns into Dante(recommended by NZ)* Way more enhanced than most regular bombs, having a higher blast *turns back into Miles* What?

Crystal: (CONF) Isin't Miles awsome, I think he's awsome, I just hope he didin't get any mental problems from that explosion....

Miles: Hmm..................I feel like something's wrong with my brain? Probably nothing. Anyways, will the challenge make up for the explosion by being awesome?

Chris: You'll just have to see >:)

Miles: Well, I hope it is. Hey, my arm's better! Cool!

Crystal: *kisses Miles*

Miles: What?

Cheesy: YAY FOR BEING OKAY! Anyone want a celebration brownie? :D

Miles: Um, hi? Wait, who are you? O_o

Cheesy: CHEESY!

Miles: Oh, well hi? I guess.

Crystal: *hides in secret place*

Doctor: Well, I can fix Miles, but it will take time. Can we be on the same team?

Miles: *Confused* I have no idea of what's happening anymore but okay then. Anyways, I just find it cool that I wasn't injured bythat brick wall falling on me from a bomb explosion.

Doctor: You were, but you idn;t notice because it's in your mind. You've gotten multiple personality disorder.

Miles: Wait, seriously?

Doctor: Yes, but I can coupe it out of you, if SOMEONE lets me!

Miles: Well that explosion affected me in a different way, that's uncool.

Doctor: So, Chris. Can I be with him?

Chris: Well we're having temporary teams next time, for now just try to see what triggers his personalities and blah.

Doctor: *scans brain* Well, it looks like when your hurt, you turn into Lochlan, whenever you are explaining something, you turn into Dante, when you feel loved, you turn into....*scanning device explodes* Well, I guess we'll have to find out the rest through trial and error.

Miles: Um, okay, let's try out the trial and error thing.

Doctor: Okay, Crystal, make Miles feel loved.

Charlie: *slaps Miles*

Doctor: Or you can do that.

Challenge 17 - Play the Character, Be the Character

Chris: Team 1: Miles, Cheesy, Hwo, Doctor, and Christie

Team 2: Poison, Alex, Crystal, Channel, Charlie and Nathan, sorry the teams are uneven. Okay these are your temporary teams, now choose a character to potray: (Write your name next to who you want to potray, only one person can potray whoever)

Chowder (Chowder) - A Food Lover (Another Owen, kind of) - Hwo

Taco (Inanimate Insanity) - A Random Taco that screams "SOURCREAM" a whole bunch. - Cheesy

Wario (Super Mario Bros.) - A fat, greedy, gross partner of Waluigi

Golf Ball (Battle for Dream Island) - A Bossybot (XD) - Poison

Waluigi (Super Mario Bros.) - An Annoyed Voice, Long-Legged, Short-Tempered, partner of Wario

Kick Buttowski (Kick Buttowski) - A Daredevil

Bomb (Inanimate Insanity) - The Backstabbing, Speech Disorder Bomb

Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) - A Really Short-Tempered Turtle, who supports strength over strategy - Miles

Odd (Code Lyoko) - An Odd, Enthusiastic, fighter against XANA-Alex

Rocky (Battle for Dream Island) - A Barfing, Smiling Rock

Wilt (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) - The Pushover, Basketball Playing, Friendly, Nice Imaginary Friend who's really tall and only has one arm

Princess Daisy (Super Mario Bros.) - The Tomboy Princess that can Stand Up for Herself


Angry Bird (Angry Birds) - An Angry Bird who hates Pigs

Best Actor wins for their team. Have your own team chat for less edit conflicts.

Team 1 Acting

(Bakura told me his lines)

Hwo: PIE!

Cheesy: SOUR CREAM! *Sees fly* FINLAND!

Miles: So how do I do this? *Sees a wasp and runs into a tree* Ow! *turns into Lochlan* Time to take down the enemy, bare-handed, no plans, mates! *Kicks the wasp and has it under his shoe dead* Looks like another save for Lochlan, the explorer!

Chris: You guys get lose! Sorry but Hwo's wasn't specific enough and Alex and Poison put up a good show.

Team 2 Acting

(Bakura told me his lines)


Alex: Man I am starving UhOh XANA put monsters here LASER ARROW *fires actual dart at tree*


Tree(s):*fire leaaves at alex*

Alex:SHEILD*holds up arm and purple nergy sheild appears* LASER ARROW *fires dart tips from both arms and devirtualises tree(s)

Tree(s) *devirtualise*

Chris: Congrats, thanks to Alex and Poison, you win!

Elimination Ceremony 17 - Team 1

Chris: Thanks to Bakura leaving a PM with his vote before he left, we already have majority (my votes and his votes), and I shall now pass out the cakes! The first cake is for..........Cheesy *passes*, Doctor *passes*, and Miles *passes*, that leaves both: Christie and Hwo. There's only one cake left and ironically both are from Tekken, and the last slice of cake is for....................*Hwo looks sadly at the cake, while Christie, a combination of nervous and not caring* Rocky. *Passes cake to Hwo* Christie, you have been E-L-I-M-I-N-A-T-E-D! I've been waiting for this day ever since you joined after trying to drag me and shutting me up. I also have a Jack in the Box for you *hands Jack in the Box to Christie which a punch comes out, sending her to the closet of losers* FINALLY! Well, Christie is out and the teams are dissolving NEXT EPISODE, AKA, the merge! *Loud so everyone can hear* So yeah: Cheesy, Miles, Poison, Hwo, Alex, Charlie, Channel, Crystal, The Doctor, and Nathan remain! But who will emerge victorious, find out next time on Total Drama: Back to the Neighborhood! Oh and, we're still having one last team chat for the heck of it.

Team 1 Chat

Miles: Cool, we all made it this far!

Cheesy: YAY!

Doctor: Yeah, I would never believe I'd ever get here.

Hwo: Im surprised Nathan is still here O_O

Miles: Who is Nathan? Anyways I'm going to watch the news *turns on random TV to find out about Don and Lili* Woah...........sorry about your girlfriend, Hwo.

Hwo:*Looks at TV* MOTHER F***!!!!!!

Doctor: Oh, the oil spill of 2012. Destroyed half of Europe before I stopped it. Don't worry, it'll be okay.

Cheesy: *hands Hwo a brownie* BROWNIES WILL TAKE AWAY ALL BAD THOUGHTS! Or cookies!

Hwo: YAY BROWNIES! But Im still upset >.<

Cheesy: Aw, sadness :(, M&M Cookie? *hands Cookie*

Hwo:*Eats cookie* Still upset ;(

Cheesy: Motorcycle Model made of cheese? :D *Hands Motorcycle Model of Cheese*

Hwo: YAY!!!!!!!! Thanks, but she was my gal, I wont be able to ever get over it.

Cheesy: Okay! *Walks away to eat a cookie* (CONF) Cookies, YAY!

Hwo:*Crying in the CONF*

Cheesy: (CONF) ......Water? YAY! Wait..........

Hwo:(CONF) Wait when'd you get here? O_O

Cheesy: (CONF) When I said, COOKIES, YAY! YAY!

Crystal: Um yeah can drive me to the hospital or something?

Miles: I could call an ambulence?

Crystal: Yeah that would be great... *goes unconscious over loss of blood*

Miles: *calls 911* Someone's unconscious on the floor due to lack of blood. No I don't want fries with that, they are so uncool! 5 hours? Okay.

Crystal: *starts to lose more blood*

Leo: Oh god! *Talks through walkie-talkie* SOMEBODY GET THE F**** PARAMEDICS!

Medics: *Having the day off* YAY!

Leo: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OVER THERE! *Marches to medics and shoots them all with a musket* ok do we have any else with mediacl experience?

Mr. Chuck Norris: I want fries. Chuck Norris doesn't need to wait for fries.

Crystal: *starts to lose alot of blood, and starts to turn pale*

Leo: Oh s***! This is bad! I guess I gotta do it >.> *heals Crystal's wounds*

Crystal: *wakes up* How did you do that? You saved my life :D Thank You!

Miles: That hospital service stunk. Next time I'm calling Ghostbusters >.>

Leo: GHOSTBUSTERS! I dated 2 of them

TG: *Follows* I'm sorry I got Crazy I guess I don't need this I'm going too give up my live as Hunting. (CONF) Yeah right Ill hunt when ever I want DEAL WITH IT OR I'LL RIP YOUR LADYPARTS OUT AND YOU KNOW! (Trentfan let me Camo for this episode)

Josh: *goes fishing* Ya know they don't feed us hear >.<

Doctor: (CONF) Okay, things are getting really weird.

Team 2 Chat

Poison: Really? We're splitting up? AFTER ALL WEVE BEEN THROUGH!? >.<

leo: Youve only been here for a day.*Reads the daily Tekken* OMG! Toxic Lasers chat has crushed Lili and her family as well as Don. It destroyed the entire oil company and set off explosions and fires to the point that Monaco has been destroyed! It is now continuing through various parts of Europe! We are gonna get sued >.<

Charlie: *shooting dummies* Hey Leo I think you have the same amount of brains as the thing I'm shooting.

Alex:Do not listen to him leo you are smart

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Leo: Does the oil spill mean I have to stay with grandma and grandpa?

Poison: No leo, it doesnt. That doesnt even make any sense.

TG: Hi guys remember me ! *Holds a knife* Chris said I can stay for camo NOW DONt MESS WITH ME OR YOUR HEAD WILL BE ON TOP OF THE FIREPLACE!

Crystal: O_o *runs*

TG: *Runs after Crystal with a knife* HAHA! I just wanna play Barbies! (XD)

Crystal: >.< Help a kid is trying to kill me!

TG: *Jumps* On Crystal I want too play !

Crystal: >.< *hides under table*

TG: UGH! *Calls Chris* Hi Chris can I go creep out Team chat 1 Crystal is borning!

Crystal: *throws teapot at TG's head*

TG: Ha that did not hurt *Shoots an arrow at Crystals leg* Ha!

Cyrstal: OW! WTF! *kicks TG in the gutt, and grabs shovel and start smashing it on TG's head*

TG: *Fake cries* Waaa! I'm a little girl Wa! Crystal is trying too kill me!

Crystal: I'm sorry, but you were trying to kill me first...

TG: No I like running with knifes I wanted too play Barbies now I want too kill you!

Crystal: Well isin't that nice? *pats TG's head*

TG: Don't Touch me lady *Stabs Crystals Hand*

Crystal: Aghh! >.> thanks for that TG *bloods drips to the floor*

TG: Now! Want another stab Ok! *Stabs Crystal at her other hand*

Crystal: Owww! Stop stabing me! *slips in her own blood*

TG: Now let's play Barbies *Takes out a headless Barbie and another barbie with out any legs*

Crystal: *takes out barbie from childhood and starts hugging it*

TG: Awww...

Crystal: *crys a bit* Oh sorry...this barbie just brings back memories...

TG: it's alright I wouldn't kill you your not worth it Barbies brings me back Memories too.

Crystal: *starts to play barbies with TG* So yeah I'm gonna leave so I can get this checked out... *goes to hospital*

Charlie: Don't ve a wimp. A little knife doesn't hurt. *shooting targets*

Crystal: *writes on notebook*

Challenge 18 - Candy Horror Racing (Thanks to Scienceboy0)

Chris: Who likes candy? You know besides that weird Cody.........

Cody: I'm really offended right now......*leaves*

Chris: So yeah, who likes candy?

Doctor: I don't really care for candy much.

Chris: You are a strange man.........anyways, we're having a debuter! Meet Taylor, Total Drama's Bow!

Doctor: YOU!?!

Taylor: Who?

Chris: ............That's Taylor's introduction: Who? It's so hip! So- yeah, whatever, let's move on. Anyways today you will be racing in the dark, in a Halloweenish challenge, to collect candy. There are stuff lurking around that could take away some candy from you. The person with the most candy wins. It takes 1 line for a piece of candy. So yeah.......good luck, you have twenty minutes.

Taylor: *grabs piece of candy*

Cheesy: *grabs piece of candy*

Miles: *grabs piece of candy*

Taylor: *grabs candy*

Cheesy: *grabs a piece of candy*

Miles: *grabs a piece of candy*

Taylor: *gets candy*

Doctor: *gets candy*

Miles: *gets candy*

Cheesy: *gets candy*

Doctor: *gets candy*

Miles: *gets candy*

Cheesy: *gets candy*

Doctor: *gets candy*

Cheesy: *gets candy*

Miles: *gets candy*

Doctor: *gets more candy*

Hobo: *steals one piece of candy from everyone*

Chris: Everyone is down one piece of candy who collected one! Whoever didn't is in the negatives!

Miles: I need to make up for lost candy *gets candy*

Cheesy: YAY! HOBO! *Gets candy*

Doctor: *gets another peice of candy* Is doesn't matter if we ALL lost one.

Miles: True *gets candy*

Cheesy: *gets candy*

Doctor: *gets candy*

Cheesy: *gets candy*

Miles: *gets candy* Ugh, black licorice? Really uncool. Whatever.

Taylor: *candy*

Miles: *gets candy*

Cheesy: *gets candy*

Doctor; *gets candy* at this rate I won't get anywhere. *steals candy from cheesy*

Cheesy: *gets candy*

Miles: Hmm............*gets candy*

Doctor: *steals peice of candy from Miles*

Miles: Hey! Really uncool. *Steals back* Seriously >.> *punched out by Hobo*


Cheesy: HOBO! YAY! *Grabs candy*

Chris: The results will be in when Leo counts them. Wait, she's suffering from Brownie Overload, so I'll show the results:

Taylor: 4

Doctor: 6

Cheesy: 10

Miles: 10

Everyone Else: - 1

Chris: So Cheesy and Miles tie, but............Miles is knocked out, so I'll just give Cheesy the win. Time to vote. Today there will be a double twist!

Elimination Ceremony 18

Chris: Welcome everyone. Before we get started, would anyone like to say anything?


Doctor: Well, I hope I'm not going out. Nathan is gone for sure.

Chris: Okay, well today is a double elimination! Also today: the winner, Cheesy will choose who to save in this letter *hands letter* and if they're about to be eliminated they're safe. The person with the second amount of votes will go. Anyways, no one will know until after the elimination, so yeah, vote TWO PEOPLE.

Taylor: Am I immune?

Chris: .............Um, sure? But only for today because you joined.

Leo: I learned how to count today! ^-^

Taylor: B-b--b-b--b-b-b-b-b--b-b-b-b--b *spaz attack* I wish I could have sweet tea. -_-

Chris: Okay, voting's over! With 0 votes: Charlie, Hwo, Poison, Taylor, Cheesy, Crystal, and Channel! *Passes cake to all of them* With 1 Vote: Miles, CHAIRS, and Sour Cream are safe..........wait, what? Nevermind about the chairs and sour cream *hands cake to Miles* Alex, Doctor, and Nathan, only one more of you is safe. But I'll tell you who is not safe! With 6 votes against him, The Doctor is at stake. With 3 votes against him, Alex is at stake. Let's see who Cheesy chose to be safe in her letter. If it's Doctor or Alex, you're safe.

Cheesy: *hands letter* I hate sadness :(, Anti-YAY!

Chris: The person in the safety letter to be safe is: .........................Hwoarang. That isn't Doctor or Alex are both eliminated! *Passes cake to Nathan*

Hwoarang: O_O

Chris: Yeah.........Nathan's still in O_O

Doctor: Okay. THAT makes no sense at all. You are all idiots! *leaves*

Merged Chat

Cheesy: YAY I won earlier! YAY!

Miles: *Awakes as Lochlan* I feel like someone was asking for an Australian Tussle, mates!

Poison:What the? I got it! *Whacks Miles really hard across the face with her steel baton*

Miles: *falls to the ground for five seconds then gets up* It'll take more than a steel baton, to take on Lochlan the explorer.

Cheesy: YAY! Wait. YAY! Wait, YAY! Wait. YAY!

Poison: Hmmmmm..............*Whacks Miles off a cliff with her steel baton*

Miles: *Falls into a spiked cliff and dies*

Chris: O_O

Leo: Tehee! ^-^

Chrisl Now what do I do? >.>

Leo: You could let me debut in his-*Shot* >.> Um, in Hwo's place?

hwo: Wait wha-

leo: *Shoves hwo off a cliff and he dies* Pwease

Chris: ...........*holding shotgun* I don't know.........let me think about it, in the meanwhile I'll try to find a way to revive Miles or Hwo or do something else.

Ghosts of Hwo and Lili:*making out* Nah, just let her dubut

Chris: ...............We'll see. We'll see. And then we'd have the Miles issue >.>, *Takes away Poison's steel baton* This is your punishment *somehow destroys it and all other steel batons she may have*

Poison: That steel baton was my sister! *Cries*


Cheesy: YAY!

Crystal: *cries*

Miles' Ghost: *Turns back into Miles* Wait.................I'm dead? Oh come on >.>

Leo: YAYZ!

Crystal: :D Miles you're alive!

Miles' Ghost: ...........I'm a ghost, that doesn't count as alive >.>, how did I die?

Chris: Poison.

Miles' Ghost: Uncool >.>

Poison: I just wanted to get your memory back. >.<

Leo: He....She........was only trying to hel- what are you exactly?

Poison: Im a tranny.

leo: i see. Shes just trying to help.


Crystal: Is there anyway Miles can be revived?

Leo: No hes dead! >.>

Crystal: Can't he....can't he.....oh f*** it *cries*

Leo: :P

Chris: Well, he might............if this guy really sucks. Meet Storm! Lightning's younger brother! He's highly underappreciated, overshadowed and yeah............if you fail, Miles is back, I'll get working on it, just in case >.>

Poison: Woah! That guy is SEXY!!!!!


Leo: Does this mean I can debut in hwo's place too?

Chris: ...............I don't really care anymore. PEOPLE KEEP DYING, I'M GOING TO GET SUED, NO ONE CARES! DOES ANYONE THINK ABOUT MY LIFE!? We've lost Miles, Lili, Don, Hwo- I mean, what the? Seriously?

Crystal: Stop b****ing, and start finding a way to revive Miles, or else I'm going to murder you *pushes Chris*

Storm: Just because Storm is Lightning's brother, doesn't mean Storm has his IQ Level. And Storm is a better basketball player. Nice to meet you guys, maybe Storm won't be a nobody here!

Chris: What was that voice? Anyways, Crystal, we'll see what we can do, *somehow drags Miles' and Hwo's ghosts to try and revive the*

Crystal: *growls*

Miles' Ghosts: *being dragged* >.>

Rufus: *to Storm* That's Ken Masters! *Takes him away*

Chris: O_O, well..........we had a back-up, back-up, named Dean.........who's Ken Masters? O_o

Leo: I dated that guy once, hes an american fighter ^-^

Chris: Okay then.

Dean: Um...........hi.


Crystal: *starts writing in notebook violently*

Poison:*Rapes Dean* >:D

Dean: That's a Josh in a Costume, it's very useful :) *walks to CONF and locks door, alone* I joined this game for a reason, I would tell the confessional, but yeah.

Poison:*Breaks down door* SLEEP WITH ME!!! >.>

Dean: ............How about I give you a teddy bear *Hands a teddy bear and then runs to Leo* Help and I'll, um, give you a box of cookies?

Poison: *Rips head off teddy bear*

leo: Um, sure?*Pushes Dean into a bush*

Poison: WHERE IS HE!?

leo: IDK.

Poison: Dran! Guess I lost him. I suppose you'll have to do.

Leo: .......Ima girl...


Cheesy: *reading a book called the Origin of YAY* YAY!

Leo: YAY!

Crystal: Boo! >:(

Leo: BOO YOU >.>


Leo: YAY!

Crystal: GRRRR!!! *eyes turn blood red* WHAT THE F*** DID YOU SAY TO ME! *picks up tree and throws it at Cheesy and Leo*

Morgan Freeman: ...........I'm back! I'm Morgan Freeman and I approve this message!

Cheesy: YAY! Wait........tree.............YAY! ...............Wait.

Leo:*Gets up* WTF is you deal? Prissy b****?

Crystal: GRRRR!!!! *grows devil horns*


Cheesy: Tekken, YAY!

Crystal: *horns disappear out of no where for some wierd reason* (XD sorry forgot about that)

leo: Whew, good. That got outta hand, anyone remember Jun?

Crystal: *eyes turn back to normal* Woah what happend, why is there a tree on the ground?

Leo: You were being a b**** and tried to kill us, b****!

Crystal: I did.....sorry

Leo: YOUR A MEANIE! *Cries*

Cheesy: *Comforting Leo*

Crystal: I'm so sorry, I don't remember trying to kill you....will this cookie make you feel better? *shows giant cookie*

Leo: I love you so much right now! *Hugs Cheesy and Crystal* ^-^


Poison: What about your sexy friend? >.<

Dean: *stealthly hands Leo box of cookies*

Challenge 19 - I is Back

Chris: Say I to win immunity, the first person to say I wins and chooses two other people to be safe, go!

Leo: I

Chris: Congrats, who else is safe- *shot*

Morgan Freeman: I'm the new host now *trollface* now give me a muffin before you get immunity >.>

Leo: What the hell has this show come too? >.> *Gives muffin*

Morgan Freeman: You winn, who else is immune? Only two more people and it can't be your other character, yup, I'm breaking the fourth wall. But I'm Morgan Freeman, so all'sgood.

Leo: Damn! Well........I guess Charlie and Cheesy are immune with me too ^-^

Cheesy: YAY!

Dean: Good job guys!

Elimination Ceremony 19

Morgan Freeman: Well since Leo's user left, I'm Morgan Freeman and I approve breaking the fourth law, so that old mechanic won't be used tonight. Anyways vote in the confessional and hope to get a slice of cake.

Morgan Freeman: Cake for: Leo *passes*, Cheesy *passes*, Charlie *passes*, Dean *passes*, Nathan *passes*, Poison *passes* and Crystal *passes* with 0 votes! Channel and Taylor, you have both gotten between 2-3 votes, however I will allow for the people who haven't voted to continue voting overnight. That means Taylor, Charlie, Channel, and Nathan may still vote, but they only got until tomorrow. You two stay here. The rest of you may chat AFTER you have voted, but it may only be Channel or Taylor. Alright, I've waited enough. We have a tie! So,we have a tiebreaker. Break this tie and you're safe. *hands one tie to both of them*

Taylor: *breaks tie*

Morgan Freeman: Good ol' Taylor is safe. *Passes cake* Channel, you've been eliminated. Now leave.

Taylor: Wooh! Cake! *Throws it against wall and licks it off their* :3 It was clean.

Merged Chat

Dean: Good job on staying safe Taylor!

Taylor: AYE K. ARR!

Dean: O_O

Leo: Your a weirdo >.<

Dean: What do you think it means?

Leo: No idea. *Sees something in the distance* Hmm?

Crystal: *finishes making cookies* ^.^ who wants some?

Leo:*Whatever it was she saw dissapaears* Huh? Oh, sure.

Crystal: *hands cookies to Leo* What were you staring at?

Leo:*Looks again* Its nothing......Thanks for da cookies! ^-^

Dean: You sure it was nothing?

Crystal: Your welcome :D *to Dean* Want some?

Dean: Um, no thanks.

Dean's Backpack: *silently so only Dean hears* Get some.

Dean: Um........actually, could I have one?

Crystal: Sure *hands cookie to Dean*

Poison:*Posing for paparazzi*

Crystal: *looks at Poison with anger* So is Morgan Freeman still trying to bring Miles back to life?

Poison: Who knows? Either way theres no way that leo is gonna leave if they come back

Crystal: *eye twitches and starts slamming the plate of cookies in her face*

Cheesy: YAY!

Dean: Thanks for the cookie, Crystal, it looks delicious. *walks to confessional* (CONF) *Feeds cookie to backpack*

Backpack: (CONF) Thanks, *eats cookie* Anyone being bad? Villain? Macho Bad? Use the Bionic Blaster!

Dean: (CONF)Um no thanks, not right now. *puts on backpack and goes outside of confessional and back to the others*

Charlie: *goes outside* What the f*** is wrong with these people?

Leo:*Randomly appears beside Charlie* Everything. You should know that by now

Taylor: Guys! I have more pictures of my eyes close than like, skin cells.

Charlie: I'm gonna go somewhere where Leo ISN'T a giant moron.

Charlies Dad: *shoots Charlie in the leg*

Charlie: Dad? Chris I need some help here!

Chris: Shut up >.>


Challenge 19 - Personalities! YAY!

Chris: ...........Hi.

Charlie: I've got to go Chris. *runs off*

Josh: I'll take his place!

Crystal: So, whats the challange? :D

Chris: Okay for the first part of the challenge, tell me three words that describe your personality, go!

Josh: Wait does that include me?

Crystal: Shy, calm, and nice :)

Chris: Depends, Josh, is Charlie dead or crippled badly?

Charlie: *falls off a cliff and dies*

Josh: I say Dead

Chris: You're hired, now do the challenge.

Leo: Sexy. Beautuful. CG.

Josh: Smart. Fit. Strong.

Poison: Sexy. Awesome. Tranny.

Dean: Nice. Un-noticed. Trustworthy.

Cheesy: YAY! Wait.......oh. Fun. YAY. Nice.

Chris: Okay! The challenge is a personality swap! Doesn't it sound fun?


Crystal: Come on Leo it will be fun :D

(Warning: No posting after this)

Chris: You have to act like the person I give you, you bail, you're eliminated, got it? Here are the people:

Crystal will play Poison and Vice Versa

Dean will play Josh and Vice Versa

Leo will play Cheesy and Vice Versa

Chris: Best one wins, GO!


Josh: *talks to backpack*

Josh's Backpack: *talks*

Crystal: *poses for cameras*

Poison:*Writes in notebook*

Dean: I'm 5th! *swings on vine*

Josh: Um...........hi.

Cheesy: *sees letter* AH! *Runs off screaming*

Josh: That's a Josh in a Costume, it's very useful :) *walks to CONF and locks door, alone* I joined this game for a reason, I would tell the confessional, but yeah.


Dean: *lands from vine and starts hunting fish in a pond*

Josh: ............How about I give you a teddy bear *Hands a teddy bear and then runs to Leo* Help and I'll, um, give you a box of cookies?

Crystal: Dean your so SEXY! *rapes Dean with attachible male part*

Leo:*To Josh* NO >.> YAY

Dean: ......*knocks out Crystal with a hammer* I'M THE STRONG PERSON IN THE WORLD, I'M 5TH!

Cheesy: LETTER! NO! *Cries hysterically*

Josh: *stealthly hands Leo box of cookies*

Crystal: *wakes up and hits Dean in the face with a steel baton*

Leo:*Punches Josh in the face* YAY!

Chris: Actually Crystal, Poison's steel batons were no more a while ago.

Josh: Thanks for the cookie, Crystal, it looks delicious. *walks to confessional* (CONF) *Feeds cookie to backpack*

Josh's Backpack: (CONF) Thanks, *eats cookie* Anyone being bad? Villain? Macho Bad? Use the Bionic Blaster!

Josh: (CONF)Um no thanks, not right now. *puts on backpack and goes outside of confessional and back to the others*

Crystal: >.> *hits Chris with a steel baton*


Josh: Good job on staying safe Taylor!

Crystal: >:D Now it's time to rape you! *rapes Chris*

Chris: Josh in a costume. Anyways. The obvious losers are: Nathan, Taylor - for not doing anything, Josh - for copy/pasting lines, and Crystal - Steel Baton incident. Dean you played Josh.......meh and Poison had one line.

Cheesy and Leo, one of you has one, Leo...........congrats you won the challenge! Choose one person to also be safe!

leo: Cheesy.

Cheesy: YAY! Thanks!

Chris: Okay, Leo and Cheesy are safe and remember the safety letter thing? It'll be randomized out of 3. And blah, blah, let's get voting!

Elimination Ceremony 19

Chris: Vote in confessionals.

'Chris: With 6 votes, Nathan is at stake. But guess what? 'The safety letter has chosen Nathan. THAT'S BU- *Is taken away*

Morgan Freeman: Okay, I'm back. We have to have a re-vote because the safety letter chose Nathan. Good luck voting.

Morgan Freean: Okay. Time to pass out cake. With 0 votes and the safety letter: Josh, Nathan, Leo, Dean, Taylor, and Cheesy are safe *passes cake* Crystal, Poison one of you is going home. Poison.....sorry but, you won't be seeing Crystal again, you're safe with one vote! *passes cake* Any last words Crystal?

Crystal: *throws notebook away* Well this was fun you guys, bye

Merged Chat

Dean: Well, it looks like Nathan's still here.

leo: Who?

Dean: That guy. *points at Nathan*

Leo: O_O

Dean: Yeah.

Josh: F*** it.


Challenge 20 - A Messed Up Opposite Day



Chris: Wow.....didn't you look at the title, Leo? That's just Wow. Wo-

Dean: Could we please get on with it?

Backpack: YEA-

Dean: Shhh......

Chris: *high fives Leo* You're eliminated! It's opposite day, of course it was a lie.

Josh: Well I guess I won't have as much time for this as I thought *kisses Leo*

Chris: I already pushed her into the COL. That's a Wang-In-A-Costume.

Josh: At least it's not a Josh-In-A-Costume. Whatever. (CONF) *brushing mouth out with Toothbrush and mouthwash*


Morgan Freeman: And I'm back again.

Doctor: *pops in* I told you it was rigged!

Dante: This amount of not thinking it through is the reason why I was eliminated. Just like Lilli Leo did not think it through.

Chris: Shut up Doctor and Dante >.>

Morgan Freeman: Don't mind him. He's just angry due to some childhood memory.

Lili: Hi guys!

Poison: Wait, what the O.O Arent you dead?

Lili: NO, I just had a cold ^-^

Poison: Oh ok, NOW OUT! >.> *Whacks Lili with her steel baton repeatedly*

Josh: *reading Newspaper* Well Charlies Father has been charged on 17 different charges involving drunkness and armed shootings. Charlies Mother has been charged with r*pe and murder. What a nice family. Charlie the son has been found not dead but had a serverly broken arm, leg, numerous ribs, ruptured splean and is needed to testify against his parents. He has recieved a $1 000 000 cheque to componsate on having to be removed from Total Drama.

Leo: WAIT! Before I go, SHES BACK!!!!

Poison: What? Who?

Leo: HER!!!!

Lili: O_o

Leo:*A hand reaches out for her and drags her way* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH

Lili: Did she mean-*Hand takes her away*

Poison: ok BAI! ^-^

???*I a bush, stroking Cheesy's hair*


???:*begins to choke Cheesy*

Dean: *sigh* That's really obvious. Anyways, *walks to confessional* (CONF) *Puts on Backpack and turns into The Green Goblin* Shapeshifting is amazing! (Non-CONF) *Shoots exploding pumpkins at ???*

???:*Escapes into the shadows and dissapears*

Poison: Just who on Earth was that?

Dean: *walks back to confessional* (CONF) *Uses backpack to turn back to self* Cool! It worked great! (Non-CONF) *Walks outside* Hey guys.

Poison: Hi Green Goblin ^-^

Josh: *pulls out knife*

Dean: Green Goblin?

Poison: Did you not see him turn into the Green Goblin when he entered the CONF >.> (CONF) I have footage of all CONF's ^-^

Doctor: I just came back for the LOLs of randomness.

???:*till in the shadows, creepingon Doctor*

Josh: *stabs at ???*

???:*Giggles and punches slams Josh into the shadows*

Poison: I'LL SAVE YOU!*Whacks ??? with her steel baton*

Josh: This ones for Leo. *tackles ???*

???:*screams and escapes into the shadows*

Poison: Just what the hell was that thing? And why cant Bakura tell us who it is? >.>

Josh: Knowing Bakura it's someone off of Tekken like the one who keeps sending Leo letters in Tekken 6. Or maybe it's the final boss in one of the games like Ogre, True Ogre, Jinpachi or someone like that. Why are we breaking the 4th wall?

Doctor: I'll fix it. Who is Bakura? And what is Tekken 6?

Josh: This is one messed up opposite day.....

Doctor: So, that means it's NOT a messed up opposite day!

Taylor: *doesn't do cartwheels* CHRIS YOU SUCK ::D AND THE DOCTOR DOESN'T SUCK ::D

Josh: Screw it. *dives into lake* (CONF) I miss you Leo!

Taylor: Don't say wha'? O_O *doesn't eat chocolate chip bag of chocolate chips* YUCK I HATE CHOCOLATE!

Doctor: I love you Taylor. *The Doctor storms out*

Taylor: *throws knife at Doctor* :3

Doctor: *catches knife in the air* Oh, you do NOT want to do that to me. Or anyone while I'm around. I've already seen to many deaths here, for no reason at all, AND I WILL NOT WITNESS ANOTHER ONE!

Josh: Hey Docter. If your such a time travelling genius why didn't you stop me from beating the s*** out of you in season 5?

Doctor: One cannot change his own, or anone else's timeline.

Challenge 21 - A Wise Man Named Wang

Wang: *trollface*

Josh: *punches Wang in the fae* *TROLLFACE*

Dean: Oh, this challenge is already going to be horrible.

Wang: WHOEVER MASSAGES ME, GANYRU, SEBASTIAN, DR.B, AND BOB, GIVES US A SPONGE BATH, AND GIVE US A TROLL FACE COOKIE WINS. (2 lines for each task, one for the cookie, just choose on person to do it for)

Josh: *massages Sebastion*

Dean: *massages Dr. B*

Cheesy: *massages Bob*

Poison: *massages Wang* YEAH! WANG IS HOT! >:D

Josh: *finish's Massage* OK now for the SB

Dean: *finishes massage* Alright.........I'll go get the sponge *sigh*

Cheesy: *finishes massage* YAY!

Poison: *finishes massage* >:D

Josh: *sponging Sebastion*

Dean: *sponging Dr. B*

Cheesy: *sponging Bob* YAY!

Poison: *sponging Wang* Giving sponge baths are fun. I'M GOING TO WIN!

Josh: *finishes Sponging* OK now to bake.

Dean: *finishes sponge bath* Okay, time for the cookie.

Cheesy: *finishes sponge bath* TROLL FACE! YAY!

Poison: *finishes sponge bath* Aw, it's over :(

Josh: *baking* I AM GONNA WIN!

Dean: *baking* ..........I wonder if he'll like it.............hmm............

Cheesy: *baking*

Poison: *baking like a mad person* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Josh: *finishes* DONE!. Here is your TrollFace Cookie' Sebastion *gives cookie* Share them/

Dean: *finishes* Well, I may have gotten second, but I worked hard on this cookie so have it anyways. *Hands over cookie*

Cheesy: *finishes* Aw, third! YAY! 3! *Hands cookie*

Poison: I lost? Oh well, cookie time ^-^ *eats cookie*

Wang: Josh wins, but first some words of wisdom for the three that handed over their cookies..........DINNER. That is all.

Elimination Ceremony 21

Morgan Freeman: Vote Cheesy, Dean, Poison, Nathan, or Taylor.

Morgan Freeman: Today we have COOKIES! Cookies for: Josh, Dean, Cheesy, and Nathan *passes* Taylor and Poison, you each got one assumed vote, but're safe with one assumed vote. Taylor has been eliminated with the rest of the votes against him. *Hands chocolate chip cookies to everyone*

???:*in the shadows, extends hand and grabs Taylor and disappears with him*

Dean: ..........Okay then.

Merged Chat

Cheesy: FINAL 5! YAY!

Josh: *faints*

Dean: Woah, Josh! Um, Morgan Freeman, Josh just fainted.

MF: Let him have his rest.

Poison: WTF!? I would never like Wang >.> *Kills TF* >:D

Doctor: You four better vote Nathan out. If you don't, well, then just go f*** yourselves.

Josh: *muttering in his sleep* Five. Fifth. Final 5. Returnee? No? Noooooo! Final 5....

Dean: *comforting Josh's unconscious self* There, there, it'll be fine.

MF: Poison, that was a Wang-in-a-Costume, now watch out before I make it a Lars in a Costume you kill.


Doctor: *sighs* Well, anyway I'm just going to be hanging out here for a while. Haven't been doing much since I dropped off Amy and Rory.

Cheesy: YAY! DOCTOR! Wait, who's Amy and Rory?

Doctor: Long story. They were my companions, but they asked to leave. Well, only for a short while they said.

Cheesy: Aw :(, cookies? *hands a cookie*

Doctor: *picks up cookie with jelly in the middle* Aw! I love jammy dodgers! *eats*

Cheesy: YAY!

Josh: Never......Never............never..........

Dean: There, there Josh. There, there.

Josh: *still muttering* Leo......Leo are you safe? Where? WANG LEAVE HER!.........\

Leo: Im right here, calm down >.>

Dante: He is having sleep trauma possibly related to always coming 5th and the fact that the last time there was a Final 5 challenge he had to break up wit you. He cares.

???:*Hiding behind a bush, tears on leo's head, revealing her to be just hwo in a costume*

hwo: Aw! *Rides away on motorbike*

Josh: *wakes up breathing heavily* Oh my god......

Miles: Hey guys! I'm finally revived- *looks around* O_o

Dante: Hey Dean. I need your help.

Dean: Yeah, Dante?

Dante: I need you to help me test my transporter. But due to the wealth involved in this game I will give you 50 bucks to help me. If it works we will be rich. If not then oh well we still have next season. What do ya say?

Dean: Sure, I really didn't like this game anyway. *glares at Poison* Alright, let's go.

Miles: So, um, can I come back?

Dante: C'mon Dean.

Dean: *follows Dante off*

Morgan Freeman: ..........Miles, you're back in.

Miles: Cool!

Challenge 22 - Five Squares

MF:Welcome back Miles. Now this challenge will have two winners and three losers. The challenge is to eat this cake I baked called the devil square. It's really chocolatey. And good. And yum. The first two to finish win. This challenge is a break from all the stress this game gives you. So eat the Devil Square please. It has triple chocolate chip in a chocolate cake, squared, with chocolate frosting, and chocolating syrup on it. (2 lines)

Josh: *eats* (CONF) My abs will remain intact...

Miles: *eats*

Cheesy: *eats* YAY!

Josh; *finishes and still has perfect rock hard abs* Knew it.

Miles: *finishes* Awesome cake!

MF: Josh and Miles win, that was fast. Cheesy, Poison, and Nathan are up for elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 22

Josh: (CONF) FINAL 5 and I'n NOT going home. Only ever been this happy when I'm with Leo. Miss you babe.

MF: Brownies for.........Josh *passes* Miles *Passes* Cheesy *passes* and.............Nathan *passes* Poison, you've been eliminated, so..........*throws her into COL*

Merged Chat - Final Four

Miles: Hey Josh, congrats on not being 5th. That's cool!

Josh: Morgan Freeman please do not have any debuters....Please.

Miles: I doubt he will. There's been enough people already. We even had Charlie and Don replaced, and almost me. I'm glad Dante got Dean to help him. It's cool, that I'm back from being replaced.

Bridget: What? Oh darn. *leaves*

Josh: Well at least I'm not 5th. Wait Nathan? I haven't seen you since I voted you out in TDN4 how have ya been? *5 hours later* Why is he not responding?

Miles: Oh, he never does anything, he just stands there blanky. It's really uncool.

Josh: OK then......Whatever. So why do you need the money Miles?

Miles: Well, I was going to use it to help Charlie, but he's not here. Then I was going to help Don, but he's not here either. So, well I don't know yet. But it's cool, I'd still have time to think about it, if I win.

Josh: Well I need it majorly. *letter falls from the sky* What the? Be right back.

Letter: Dear Joshua we're doing fine

You guy are on our minds We asked you what you wanted to be

And now we think the answer is plain to see

You wanna be famous​

You wanna live close to the sun

We packed our bags cause you've already won

Everything to prove nothing in your way

You'll get there someday

Cause you wanna be famous.

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

You wanna be

You wanna be

You wanna be famous.

Josh: What the f***?

Doctor: I'm going to tell you three very slowly so you all know what I'm saying. Vote. Nathan. OUT!

Josh: OK. Docter. I. Will..

Miles: Yeah, Nathan's uncool. I'll vote him out.

Cheesy: YAY!

Josh: (CONF) This day can only get better.

Leo:*In CONF with Josh* Hi Josh Im back! I went to Sendiks!

Josh: Hey Leo. How was Sendiks?

Leo: It was great! ^-^

Josh: Great. *kisses Leo*

???:*Takes off leo costume and attacks Josh*

Josh: *flips it over and holds knife to its throat* Stay Down!!!!!!!!!!!

???:*Summons huge hand which slams Josh to the ground* hmph. *Grabs knife*

Josh: *gets up* You know you can't beat me. *tackles ??? and punchs it in the face*

???:*Kicks Josh off it and and multiple wolves tackle him*

Josh: I've lived in the wilderness for 17 years. *defeats wolves*

???:*Sighs and attacks Cheesy instead*

Josh: Oh f** no!

Dante: Hi Cheesy how are you?

Cheesy: *not noticing attack on her* Good. YAY!

Dante: That's good. Me and Dean are doing OK on the transporter but it's not going well.

???: O_o *Punches Cheesy into the air*

Dante: Must not hide or faint. *pulls out lazer gun*

???:*Roars and smacks laser gun out of Dante's hands*

Cheesy: *in the air* WHEEEEEEEEEEE! YAY!


Dante: *faints*


Josh: *tackles ???* Why the f*** won't you stay down?

(Cause it doesnt wanna >.> XD)

Doctor: What the hell is going on?

Challenge Whatever - Troll

Wang: *trolls everyone*

Narrator: What do you do?

Miles: What's going on? WHY ARE WE IN SPRITES!?!

Josh: *kicks Wang in the face*

Wang: *one hit KO's Josh*

Miles: ..........What the? (Remember everyone has three lives in this troll game XD)

Josh: What the f***. *Gives Wang a cake* Here you go ^-^

Wang: *one hit KO's everyone but Nathan*

Miles: ..........This is uncool and stupid >.>

Josh: *one Hit KO's Nathan* Now it's even.

Cheesy: YAY!

Wang: DINNER!!!!!!

Josh: Can I have some?

Wang: NO! MAH DINNER! *Kills everyone*


Creeper: YOU. WILL. DIE.

Miles: Since when do Creepers talk?

Creeper: *explodes killing everyone but Wang*

Wang: *trollface*

Josh: Wait if I'm dead than why am I here? *trollface*

Cheesy: *Has trollface cookies* YAY!

Challenge 23 - Seizures


Josh: *raises his foot*

Cheesy: *raises hand*

Chris: I'll take that as a yes, Josh.

Josh: If it's a yes and I win then it's a Yes. If it's a yes and I lose then it's a no.

Chris: Stop being a troll >.>

Josh: I'm not trolling it's legit.

Chris: .........>.>

Josh: I don't want to lose though!

Chris: *shows video* First person to have a seizure, about this banned Pokemon Porygon episode wins. (3 lines)

Miles: *watches* IT BURNS!

Cheesy: *watches* YAY!

Josh: *watches* Meh.

Miles: *watches* AGH MY EYES!

Cheesy: *watches* YAY!

Josh: *watches*

Miles: *has a seizure*

Chris: MILES WINS! And also gets to go to the hospital. Josh, Cheesy, and Nathan are up for elimination. AND AT STAKE!

Elimination Ceremony 23

Chris: TODAY WE HAVE.................ROCKS! Rocks for Miles and Cheesy! *passes* Josh and Nathan one of you is going home and it's...............................................................Nathan! *passes rock to Josh* IT'S ABOUT TIME! *Dances*

Josh: (CONF) I'm so close. And when I win I'm taking Leo and Duke to the fanciest resturant in town. And Cheesy if she wants.

Doctor: My work here is done. *leaves*

Challenge Whatever 2 - Trolling, Shuffling, Dying

Wang, Xiaoyu, and Zafina: *trollface*

Miles: We're in sprites again.

Josh: Why the f*** am I shuffling? *shuffling cards*

Cheesy: *baking troll face cookies* YAY!

Miles: Wait, does that mean I'm the guy who starts dying? *starts dying* Aw.

Josh: *still shuffling the cards* So anyone wanna play BlackJack?

Wang: *kills everyone and laughs x 3 (all lives)*

Josh: F*** YOU!

Wang: *repeatedly kills Josh, trolling*

Josh: *repeatadly wins in BlackJack,* Is something hitting me>

Dante: Chris wanted me to hold something for him?

Cheesy: YAY!

Miles: *leaves game from troll challenge frustration*

Final 2 Chat

Chris: Dante, could you hold this 1 pound Barf Bag of TMNT Ooze?

Dante: Um I hope so. *grabs it and starts straining with effort*

Chris: You better not drop it >.>

Dante: Can I spill it?

Josh: I don't think so bro.


Dante: *spills some of the bag on Wang and Zafina and then drops it* S***!

Josh: *climbs up a tree*

Zafina:*screams and runs away*

Josh: *grabs Dante, Cheesy and Chris and pull them up the tree* F***! Dante you IDIOT!

Chris: *Pushes Dante off the tree*

Dante: Wait am I a noob or veteran next season. Wow this is a high tree. *still falling like a kilometre left.*

???:*catches Dante*

Dante: *uses watch to teleport to next season* So long b****! Thanks for catching Lilli for me. ^-^

???:.....................*Leaves ina huff*

Josh: *grabs closet of losers* Want me to take this to the Motel Chris?

Dante: *teleports to Cheesy* Hey normally I use cheesy pick up lines but this time the person I'm talking to IS Cheesy, So what do ya say?

Cricket: *chirps*

Dante: FINE BE LIKE THAT!!! *teleports back to next season*

Josh: If I give you 500 000 dollars worth of Yogurt will you quit Cheesy? *has 500 000 dollars worth of yogurt behind his back*

Cheesy: Yes. YAY! *Dives in pile of yogurt*

Chris: AND JOSH WINS! *Opens remaining money in case* Wait who took the 500, 000 dollars?

Josh: I won? I won. I WON! YES! NUMERO UNO BABY! I WON TOTAL DRAMA BACK TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD! YES YES YES YES!!!! I'm coming BACK next time to show these punks how it's DONE! I WON!!!!!!!

Chris: *hands a box of money and opens it* YOU WIN.............5 BUCKS! *Hands 5 bucks to Josh* Good job, 5.

Josh: *finds 499 995 dollars.* OK I found it! *runs away*

Chris: All but 45 dollars were fake.............SUCKER! *Dances*