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Welcome to the exiting first season of Total Drama: The Movie! Here, you will do movie themed challenges based on popular films in particular film genres, all set in Hollywood, California. You can have up to three characters, no more. SIGN UPS ARE CLOSED. When this season is over and you want to be in season two, search for Total Drama: The Sequel (Not made yet, since the season isn't over). If you want to know the episode list for TDTS, go to my blog.




Hschweinlin as Chris McClean


Izzy, The Psycho Hose Beast - Sorrie

Bridgette, The Surfer Girl - Usitgz (What the heck?)  

Courtney, The Type A - NIzzy

Heather, The Queen Bee - D-scope(I don't know why)  

Lindsay, The Dumb Princess - JasonAlexande08

Gwen -NIzzy

Owen-Benthegame(i made a new account)



Trent- Tdafan123

Geoff- Tyedye0126

Cody-Benthegame(i made a new account)

  • Tyler - COKEMAN11

Contestants: Custom (No More Room)

Chimmy, a friendly pyro-chimchar2356025

Joe, the antagonist-KoopaKidJr.

Dimitri, the other antagonist-KoopaKidJr.

Harley, the drunk guy-KoopaKidJr.

  • Amy Smith, the sweetie-pie-chimchar2356025

James the jock-Tdafan123

Tye-The hippi, and evil strategist-Tyedye0126

Sorrel-the random girl-sorrie

Violet-D-scope's older,gothic sister-D-scope

Matt-Girl Crazy Dude-Ezekielguy

Talon- The Klutz- Usitgz

Coco - The team player -Chimchar2356025



  • Izzy: OUT
  • Sorrel: OUT
  • Bridgette: OUT
  • Talon: OUT
  • Courtney: OUT
  • Chimmy: OUT
  • James: OUT
  • Matt: OUT
  • Trent: OUT
  • Cody: OUT
  • Geoff: OUT
  • Tye: OUT


  • Lindsay: OUT
  • Joe: OUT
  • Owen: OUT
  • Dimitri: OUT
  • Duncan: OUT
  • Harley: OUT
  • DJ: OUT
  • Tyler: RUNNER-UP
  • Gwen: OUT
  • Amy: WINNER
  • Heather: OUT
  • Violet: OUT
  • Coco: OUT

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Ep 1 Ep 2 Ep 3 Ep 4 Ep 5 Ep 6 Ep 7 Ep 8 Ep 9 Ep 10 Ep 11 Ep 12 Ep 13 Ep 14 Ep 15 Ep 16 Ep 17 Ep 18 Ep 19 Ep 20 Ep 21 Ep 22 Ep 23
7th Joe IN IN HIGH IN HIGH HIGH LOW HIGH IN LOW HIGH OUT Returns in "All I Want for Chris-Mas" P/O
23rd Sorrel HIGH HIGH OUT
24th Dimitri IN OUT
25th Owen OUT
     OUT This character was voted off regularly
     QUIT This character quit TDTM
     HIGH This character/team won the challenge
     IN This characterteam did not win, but wasn't in the bottom two
     LOW This character was the last to receive a Gilded Marshmallow
     P/O This character got partial immunity, but was still eliminated.
     This character is on the Killer Cameras
     This character is on the Screaming Editors
     This character made it to the merge
     This character won first place and got the Gold Medal
     This character won second place and got the Silver Medal
     This character won third place and got the Bronze Medal
     This character won fourth place and got the Ruby Medal (lol making stuff up)

Week 1: Yo Ho!

Chris: Welcome new and old campers to Total Drama: The Movie! Since 12 people were custom, Beth and LeShawna will not be playing. Oh well, who cares? Now, since everyone has signed up, I will assign you your very first movie challenge: pirate movies! Arrg! You guys will have to dress up in a pirate suit (draw a picture of your character in a pirate costume) and destroy the other team's boat (roleplay).

Chris: Look above Day One to see what team you're on.

Chris: As a bonus, the person with the most points gets to have Coco on their team (you can play Coco as well as your other characters).

Chris: Post your challenges here, at Total Drama: The Movie Challenges.

Chris: The pictures are due by next Saturday morning (9/26), and the pirate war will begin later that day. The elimination round is Sunday night (9/27).

Courtney: Ungh I look so...

Gwen: You think you got it bad?

Courtney: Hmph

Amy:I'm actually dreading the boat part of the challenge. I wouldn't wanna harm a fly! Litteraly! I;ve never harmed a fly in my life! *headdesks* I'm doomed.

(Tye: dont grade the pic of me yet, I just looked at it, and realized how fail it was, I'm gonna fix it now)(its fixed now, thanks for the good score anyways =D)

Chris: Okay everyone, I'm ending the first challenge a little early... ALL PICTURES ARE DUE TOMORROW BY 6PM! Muhahaha! After 6PM tomorrow, the second challenge will begin on my whistle, so stay tuned. The second challenge will end Saturday night, and the Gilded Marshmallow ceremony will begin Sunday morning from 9AM to 1PM.

(Chimmy:Wow...Amy's still ranked as the top score...this surprises me so much since I didn't think I did it to well.)

Chris: Oh, and just an FYI campers... if the Screaming Editors don't get more than 35.5, they will loose the first challenge! That means you guys need to start working or else!

Chris: Hey campers! The picture challenge is officially over now, and the Killer Cameras win! Now, on my whistle, you guys will fight to destroy the other team's boat!

Chris: If you are hit by a 'cannonball', you are out.

Chimmy;ARR, LADS AND LASSIES! FEAR MY PIRATE SWORD OF DOOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!! *pulls out rubber sword out of back pocket* Ok, who took the real sword? (XD)

Tye: umm... wasnt me *pulls hands from behind his back, sword clangs to ground* hehe... MEH CANNON! *lights cannon, points to other ship*

Tye: hey wait a minute, the wistle hasn't blown yet, is it ok to launch this?

Chris: Oh yeah... *TWEEEEEET*!

Chimmy:*uses pyroness to light cannons* BOO-YAH!!!

Amy:I can't do this! *switches cannons around, realizes that they were facing towards her teams origanlally* Oopies.

Trent:*steps back*

James:Guys! Stay calm just cause...AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH WERE SINKING!!!!!!!!

Duncan:Dude, that's just a puddle around your feet. (XD EPIC FAIL!)

James:Puddle!!!*jumps in it and laughs weirdly* XD

Trent:Ok then

Duncan:Ah, forget it. * points cannon at other ship, realizes he doesn't have cannonball * Uh...hey James, there's a donut in the cannon! Come and get it! (XD)

James:Ok!*gets in*Donut?

Trent:Duncan No!

Duncan:*in slow motion while Trent dives at him screaming Nooooooooo!!!, fires, slow motion stops and Trent falls flat on face* Loser.

Trent:Uh oh

James:WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*lands on a rock*Ow!

Tye: *Launches cannon* Ok now... *realizes theres no more ammo* uhh... Chris, where's the rest of the ammo?

Chris: I'll give you the ammo, but only if you answer this trivia right! First one to guess it gets the ammo for their team, the others have to use anything they find.

Chris: Here is the trivia: In Total Drama Action, what is the title of the 16th episode?

Tyler: Dial M for Merger.

Tye: WRONG SIR! No, wait, thats right. Nevermind.

Chimmy:Uh...I've got an idea! *pulls Mario out of nowhere, gets stares* What? He's fat, round, and has a weird mustache! Pretty much the same qualities as a cannonball! (XD) *fires, Mario hits side of ship, pumps fist* YES!!! BULLSEYE!

Tye: Oooh! I'll launch Luigi! *attaches spike to Luigi's head to make sure there's a puncture in the ship* BOOM! hehe, I'm evil. Now let's see... let's launch... Leshawna! That's ok with you, right Harold? (i just realized there's no Harold XD)

Chimmy:UH...let's, George Jetson! He's just like a missile! *launches, hits ship* OH YA! *fist-bumps with tye*

Tye: Hmm... who else could we launch... Harold! He might snap when he hits the boat (XD) instead of breaking it, but its worth a try!

Chimmy:OK, you launch Harold, I'll launch...uh...hold on a sec. *brings out cell phone* Uh huh. OK. See ya there! Bye. *hangs up*

Shadow:*arrives* OK, the only reason I'm doing this is because I have nothing else to do. *climbs into cannon*

Chimmy:FIYA!! *fires cannon, Shadow Chaos Spears the ship as he hits it, breaks large hole in it, he teleports back* YES!

Shadow:*teleports back, where he is chased by Sunshine*

Tye: Ooh! Could we launch sunshine? all we gotta do is say there's Shadow's hair somewhere on it and she'll tear the whole ship apart!

Geoff: Hey Izz, you got your... friend... alterego...whatever... Explosivo here? Because we could use his help!

Chimmy:But Shadow has quills, not hair...anyways, I don't think that she'd do it. Oooh, let's fire me! *jumps in cannon, fires self* WEEEEEEEEE!! *blasts ship with flames as she hits it, swims back to her ship* That was TIGHT! (XD, random Sonic refrence)

Tye: (XD) ok, well now their ship's on fire, and I bet Sunshine would do it, or maybe Han 'cuz Duncan's there. Or maybe Sunshine would do it 'cuz of Duncan? Either way, I want to launch someone (XD)

Chimmy:*stuffs tye in cannon, fires him at ship, he bounces off each of the ships, knocking him out* (XD) Oh, CRAP!! *swims back, gets tye, swims back to ship, gives tye CPR*

Tye: *Coughs up fish* huh... that's new *Shrugs, stuffs fish in cannon, fires* muahaha. I'm evil, even after regaining conciousness

Chimmy:So...bored...I KNOW!!!! *stuffs TNT in cannon, fires* Me and Explosvio are BOOM BUDDIES!! EEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Tye: You'd think their ship would be sunk by now... especially after lighting it on fire AND launching TNT at it... (XD)

Chimmy:Uh, maybe beuatiful singing will cause it to sink! *sings beautifly* And who knows what of the future...we can all try to change the past...(XD Silver's theme song)

Talon: *pulls out real sword* Cool, eh, lets board that ship! *Grabs rope, slips on puddle of water, sword flies up, and lands right next to Talon*

Bridgette: *Jumps off ship with surf board and surfs around, leaving the challenge field*

Chimmy:I feel bored...I wanna be fired again! *fires self, blasts ships again, swims back* YES!

Chris: Everyone! The challenge ends tonight at 6PM. The ceremony lasts from 6PM to noon tomorrow.

Chimmy:*is bored, decides to "borrow" Sonic's shoes, runs on water* YYEEEEEEEEEE-HHAAHHH! *crashes hole in other team's ship, comes out other side, runs back to own ship, mails shoes back to Sonic* (XD)

Tyler: *grabs Duncan, puts in cannon, Duncan hits side of ship* Wait...we have our own ammo... *finds Mario in water, tracks down Bowser, fires Bob-Ombs at the other ship, followed with Bowser himself, they all hit* Wait...where'd the cannonballs go?

Chimmy: OH...IT IS ON NOW!!! *fires Big the Cat, Big practically destroys one side of the ship, fires Cheese, hits Tyler, he faints* TAKE THAT, YOU *****!!!! (XD)

Tye:Umm... *launches Bowser Jr.* Ok, now where's Yoshi?

James:*sees cannonball coming toward their ship*Oh no!*throws Tye in front of cannonball and he faints*Were ok!

(CONF) Tye: *With bag of ice on head* Ok, that was not cool, but at least he knows that when you're under attack, you use someone else as a shield... so I'm not too mad at him (XD)

Chimmy:*giant boulder from nowhere is heading staraight for her, runs in random circles* CRAP SOMEBODY SAVE ME!!! (XD)

Tye: I've seen no attempts from the other team to launch these, is Chris doing this?...Fine. *Throws James in front of boulder* (XD)

(CONF) Tye: What? Now we're even.

Chimmy:Phew! *realizes she is still running in random circles*...I guess a little of Sonic rubbed off on me...*uses chaos blast on other ship*...And apparently Shadow as well...(XD)

Tye: well, you're dating Shadow. Also, does me and James being hit by cannon balls mean we're (unfortunatley) out? If so, shouldn't that mean Tyler's out, too?

Chimmy:Good point...I hope it doesn't mean you're out, though. *has fun teleporting directly in front of people and scaring the living daylights out of them* (XD)

Tye: Chris? any "official" ruling on this?

James:*is sitting in wheelchair*That hurt!!!........Im impressed(XD)

Chris: *TWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET*! The challenge is over! The Killer Cameras win by just a little bit! Without the picture challenge, they would of lost. Now, the Screaming Editors are to go vote someone off.

Chris: By the way, Amy wins Coco!

James:Yes!!!*kisses Izzy*

Trent:We won!!!*walks over to Gwen*I hope you`ll be safe*kisses her cheek*

Tye: Yes! We won the first challenge!

(CONF) Geoff: I hope DJ stays in, we had some good times back in TDI. *Flashbacks to pranking Harold* Man, I wish that was a montage, those are awesome.

James:*sits  down and waits to make fun of the loser* XD

Trent*plays guitar*

Tye: *Stuffs cannon with fireworks, lights*

Geoff: uh, dude, do you think that's safe?

Tye: Not really.

Geoff: Ok, just checking. (XD)

Trent:Gwen`s gonna be safe...right?

James:*torments Trent*

Tye: Don't worry, I'm firing it up, not at anyone

James(CONF):Whatever Tye is doing...its gonna end in a bang...a big,firey one

Chimmy:*calls Shadow*

Shadow:*comes* All right, it's been forever since we've done this! *charges Chaos Blast, Chimmy breathes flames from mouth, releases Chaos Blast, Chaos blast transforms into firework of Chimmy's head* Any requests?

Trent:James,should i remind you of that room you go in with the lamp and police?

James:*Schrunches into a ball*NOT THE ROOM!!!

Tye: O_O well then...

(CONF) Tye: Ok, well I now know that James has been arrested. Probably more than once. And he hates the interrogation room.

James:*yells*OK IT WAS ME!!! I KILLED DR. JENKINS!!!*realizes hes on TV*Time to go into hiding...for the 7th time...XD

Chimmy:*runs by screaming* THE LLAMAS MURDERED MR.FLOPPYTON! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

James:*holds head down and removes hat* XD

Tye: I'm surrounded by loons! (yay Izzy quote! XD)


James:I love birds!

Tye: Ya, that's great (btw Chimmy, shouldn't Amy and Duncan be voting someone off now?)

James:*slips on ice and lands on a plank*YEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

Goeff: Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

James(CONF):Why do us guys always get hit...down there

Points (Out of 10)


  • Chimmy: 8 (Great job designing Lindsay as a pirate! My only problem was that you had colored outside the lines slightly, but it's okay. I wouldn't be surprised if the Killer Cameras win the challenge!)
  • Courtney: 8 (This Courtney picture really surprised me. It looks like you did it from scratch, which I always enjoy.)
  • Gwen: 7.5 (I like this picture the same I like Courtney, but it is hard to tell that it's Gwen. If you added her highlights, it would make her more recognizable, but other than that it is a nice picture. Good job!
  • Amy: 9 (Nice job! I like this picture a lot, mostly because you can barely tell which TDI character you edited. It took me about 5 minutes before I realized it was Bridgette. I think. That is good, by the way.)
  • Geoff: 8 (Good job Geoff! A fantastic picture, no doubt. He seriously looks like an actual pirate. Nice!)
  • Tye: 8 (This picture is a very nice drawing of Geoff. When I saw the cannon, I have the distinct feeling that you're aiming at me...)
  • Bridgette: 8 (This picture is good. I like how it makes Bridgette seem different, but you didn't do a lot to change it. Still, you got an 8, so don't cry about it.)
  • TOTAL: 56.5


  • Duncan: 7 (I like this picture of Duncan, but there are two things that threw me off. This doesn't mean its a bad picture, by the way, its really good. One, it's very similar to Chimmy's picture and I'm suspicious... and Two, it looks like Duncan has breasts. Hehehe, thats kind of funny. Either way, you have high points, and if the others do just as good your team may just win.)
  • Tyler: 6 (Wow. This is really odd. If you don't look at the eye-patch, it's hard to tell he's a pirate. Why does he have a green pepper pinned to his shirt? I'm afraid that the screaming editors may loose the first half of the challenge. But don't worry, because you might just come one day and post a marvelous picture, so don't get your hopes down for Total Drama: The Movie.)
  • TOTAL: 13

Elimination - Screaming Editors

Chris: Okay guys, who do you want to go home?

Amy:Duncan. He's just so mean!

Duncan:Heather. No reason, but...

Tyler: *votes Owen* We should have fired HIM, but he was a no-show.

Chris: Welcome to the first ever Gilded Marshmallow Ceremony! Here are your awards.

  • Lindsay
  • Joe
  • Dimitri
  • Harley
  • DJ
  • Tyler
  • Gwen
  • Amy
  • Violet

Chris: There are only two marshmallows left. The first goes to...


Chris: And the last marshmallow of the day goes to...


Chris: Sorry, Owen. You're going home.

Week 2: The Wild Wild Western America

Chris: Welcome survivors to the second week of Total Drama: The Movie! This week is a western themed challenge. Your first challenge is to draw yourself as a cowboy/cowgirl (next week is not a drawing challenge, so make it good!). You have until Thursday at 4PM (10/1/09). Then, a plane will drop you off in southern British Colombia and you must ride your horse all the way back to here in California. If you don't make it by Sunday (10/4) a plane will pick you up. Now, get moving!

Tye: Wait a second... we're supposed to ride a horse from Canada back to Hollywood? Ok. (XD)

Chris: Okay guys, I gave you a few more days for the drawing challenge (which you didn't use), so now you guys go get on this plane, which will take you to British Colombia. To pass the border between BC and Washington, Washington and Oregon, and Oregon and California, you'll need to answer some trivia right. Tomorrow, if you made it to the border by noon, I will give you the first question. Post your answer on my talk page so no one can cheat. Okay? Now... go!

Geoff: Woohoo! Lets do this!

Tye: I'm with Geoff, we need to maintain our winning streak!

Chimmy:OK! Let's do this! *runs, trips on bug, falls flat on face* Did I mention I'm not very coordinated? (XD, EPIC FAIL!)

Tye: You better be more coordinated on a horse, 'cuz we're gonna be riding them for a while.

James:*is already 1/2 of the way to Washington*

Chimmy:OOH!!! HORSIES!!! *gets on white horse, bursts out in song* CAUSE IT'S TOO LATE FOR YOU AND YOUR WHITE come around! I'll call you MagicWhistle! *rides* (XD)

James:*trips on rock and comes flying off horse*OW! Hey,Im at the border

Tye: James is already at Washington! oh, wait, he's on our team. GO JAMES! *Jumps on horse, horse starts running in the wrong direction* no! go the other way! please? *horse turns around, starts running again* Thank you. (XD)

Geoff: *Rides off into the sunset (XD)*

Trent:*is being dragged by horse*AAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! HELP!!! *gets hit by a rock*OW!

Chimmy: *rides horse, horse trips on bug, goes flying* WEEEE!!!!!!!!!! *horse transforms in pegasus* OK, this is TOO COOL!!!

James:*waits for question*Sooooo...*gets attacked by a racoon that steals his pants*AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!*runs away to find pants*

Geoff: aww, lucky. (XD)

Tye: *Is halfway to Washington, sees the rock that tripped James* You will not trip me, rock! *Stopps horse, gets off, walks to rock to pick it up and throw it somewhere else, trips over it (XD)* F***. I guess you will trip me. *Gets back on horse, continues riding*

James:*calls Tye*Do you have an extra pair of pants?


Trent:*passses up tye all bruised*Hey Tye can you help me...PLEASE

Tye: (To James)Not with me, but hold on a sec. *calls 1-800-NOP-ANTS (XD)* Hello? I need a delivery at at the border of BC and Washington. Ok, thanks. *Calls James* Pants are on the way! (To Trent) Ok, hold on. *unhooks Trent from wherever he was caught on horse* There you go.

  • Pants fall from helicopter and land next to James*

James:Im ok!

Trent:Now to get moving!*horse goes wrong way*No! wait! Stop!

Chimmy:*more pants fall in front of pegasas, causing it to fall* Thank you for flying Air Pegasas! *crashes, making large crater directly next to border* (XD)

James:Chimmy,tye,Trent,Geoff,we should form an alliance,not like Heathers alliance,more like a nice friendly alliance

Chimmy:*climbs out of crater completley unscathed* (XD) Hey, I'm OK! *trips on bug* (XD) An alliance, you say? Why not!

Trent:Well sure

James:Any elimination thoughts?

Chris: *talks over walky talky* Oh yeah, I forgot... all of your questions will be told to you by my good friend Mr. Mackey, who I met in South Park, Colorado the other day.

Mr. Mackey: It's good to see you guys mmkay.

Chris: Okay, since a bunch of people are already at the border ANYWAY... Mr. Mackey tell them your question.

Mr Mackey: Which TDI episode does Izzy and Eva return mmkay?

Tye: *is about 10 feet from border, horse abruptly stops, and Tye goes sliding on his feet until he reaches the border* An alliance, I like that idea. But what happened to Geoff?

Geoff: *is at a random party hosted by someone he doesn't know, further away from the border than when he started* Wooohoo! Oh shoot! the challenge! *Jumps on horse, rides towards the border this time*

Tye: *Sees Mr. Mackey* OH MY GOD ITS YOU!

Mr. Mackey: Bum bum buuuuuuuum! (mmkay)

James:Again,elimination thoughts?

Trent:Talon,hes never on

  • an explosion is heard*

James:This just isn`t my day XD

Chris: Who wants to know the correct answer to move on?

James:*Is already 1/4 of the way there*

Trent:Ok,I know we had a bad start...*horse drags him along...again XD*

Tye: I say Talon, too (lol, I had a minor setback in a camp involving Talon... lets just say it didn't end too well, XD) Oh, and I suggest we try to keep Harley in until the merge, because he's probably going to be so drunk he'll destroy the other team.

Geoff: *gets halfway to border* I'm coming, guys!

James:Like your strategy

Trent:*is severly injured*

Geoff: *arrives at the border* I'm here! What'd I miss?

Tye: An alliance meeting. we're voting out Talon, ok?

(CONF) Geoff: Since when was I in an alliance? (XD)

Trent:I think I need a medic

Medic:You are out of the challenge

James:Yay! Next border!


Geoff: *still slightly confused* uhh... ok?

James;Next Question Please

Tye: *Is halfway there* WHOA-OH, WE'RE HALFWAY THERE


Chimmy:I wonder...*uses pyro powers to blast new horse 3/4 of the way there* Woah, that worked better than I expected!

James:*sings along*(Edit conflicts suck)

Chris: I think I've tortured you enough. The correct answer is... No Pain, No Game! Tdafan, Chimmy, and Tyedye may move along with a free coffee, the rest of you can move along WITHOUT a free coffee.

Mr. Mackey: Tell me when you're ready mmkay


Tye: *is about 4/5 of the way there* WOO HOO!

Geoff: *Horse trips over a rock, skids to about the border*

James:*hears sirens*THE POLICE!!!THEYVE FOUND ME!!!!!

Tye: *arrives at the border, holding an ipod playing a siren noise* What are you talking about? (XD)

James:Oh Im ok! So,I guess you know a little bit about me

Tye: Well I gained a bit of a hint when you were talking about "the room"

James:*covers ears*LA LA LA LA LA IM NOT LISTENING!

Tye: yah... that's great... what's the question?

Geoff: ya, seriously

James:I can answer a lot of questions!!!*suddenky pukes*Yuck!*flashback of Chefs "food" crawling*Oh that B-*gets hit by a horse*

Tye: uhh... whose horse was that?

James*is in the conf. covered in bandages and dirt*(CONF):This isnt my day XD

Mr. Mackey: Here's the second question mmkay. Which character in TDI resembles Lindsay Lohan mmkay?

James:Now,for the last one*shoves coffee down horses throat*NOW RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:*arrives, immediatly uses pyro powers to blast horse half of way there*

James:*gets caught by tree and loses pants*Crap! Not again!

Tye: *Rides by James* Just call the number I did earlier! (Because I have skype, that actually showed up as a number that you can click on and call, and I don't know whether to call it or not XD)

James:*gets pants*Man,thats convienient!

Tye: I know! and its free! or at least, for us *points at Chris and snickers, whispers* He's paying for the whole thing

James;Now lets win this challenge*gets 3/4 of the way there*

Tye: *Rides, gets about 4/5, horse stops* uhh... I think my horse is broken! (XD)

Mr. Mackey: Here comes the answer mmkay? It's Gwen, because she has the same voice tone, additude, and body, mmkay? No one gets any coffee mmkay.

James*his horse slips and James flies across the border*

Trent:*comes out in stretcher*YES!!!

James:*hits a pole*OW!

Chris: Okay guys, last border. After this it's home free! YEEHA! Whoever answers it right first wins the challenge!

Mr. Mackey: Here's the last question, mmkay? Mmkay. Which episode poked fun at a Michael Jackson song, and what song was it, mmkay?

Chris: And the winner of this challenge is...

... Trent! The Killer Cameras win this weeks challenge! Now, for elimination!

Trent:I thought James won,cause ive been on a stretcher since after border 1

James:*kisses Izzy*


It's too hard to do descriptions, so I'll just give you a letter grade. Killer Cameras

  • Geoff: A
  • Chimmy: A-
  • Total Grade: A

Screaming Editors

  • You didn't turn anything in, so your grade is F.

Elimination - Screaming Editors

Okay people, vote!

<poll> Who should go home this week? Lindsay Joe Dimitri Duncan Harley DJ Tyler Gwen Amy Heather Violet </poll>

(Tye: I don't think you should have a poll, because then people who aren't in the camp can vote)

Good point. I'll keep the polls until we have a better plan.

Just let the contestants vote off somebody

(Tye: ok)

Chris: Okay everyone, here come the gilded marshmallows!

  • Lindsay
  • Joe
  • Harley
  • DJ
  • Tyler
  • Amy
  • Heather
  • Violet

The next marshmallow goes to...

... Gwen.

The final marshmallow goes to...

... Duncan. Sorry Dimitri, your going home.

Week 3: The Day After Yesterday

Chris: Welcome to another exiting week of Total Drama: The Movie! This week is the last drawing challenge for a while: you must draw Lady Liberty's head lying in the street. You have until next Saturday at noon (10/10). Then, you guys need to dodge a tornado (Twister), a hyper-freeze (The Day After Tomorrow), and a flood (Flood). Now. go draw some pictures!

Chris: Since it looks like no one else is going to enter their picture, the next challenge is up.

Chris: For winning, the Screaming Editors get an umbrella.

Chris: Now, lets go! A tornado is coming, and you guys need to survive! GO!

Amy:*is sucked up by tornado* Duncan, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore! Oh yeah, we never were in Kansas...(XD)

Trent:Theres no place like home theres-*is taken by tornado and lands in ocean*

James:Well atleast we know something,we have won both times before and we can do it again

Chimmy:*tornado approaches her, blasts tornado with flames* MUAHAHAHAH!!!!



Chimmy:Um...wasn't me! *runs away* (XD)

Trent:Help!I`m stranded in the ocean!!!


James:I think thats wait thats...nah its Trent

Chimmy:I've got this! *jumps in ocean* Um...what do I do now? (XD)

Joe: (laughs) I'm back baby!!!

Tye: Since when were you gone? Oh, wait, you're on the other team, I don't care. And about the challenge guys, has anyone actually seen Twister? (I fell asleep during it XD) You just gotta tie yourself to something that's firmly planted in the ground, like the pole James chrashed into in the last challenge. *pole gets sucked up by twister* or not... (XD)

Chimmy:I GOT A IDEA! *swims, gets Trent, swims back to land* So...if we somehow get the tornado to move over water, it should become a cyclone, therefore we survive the tornado! It's foolproof!

Tye: yes, that would take care of our tornado problem, but then we'd have a cyclone problem! and isn't the tornado fake? I mean, we are in Hollywood, the land of the fakers. (I made that up, so don't go searching for it like a quote. unless it is a quote, then I'd be like psychic or something! XD)

Chimmy:Yes, but technically, any tornado, fake or not, can be changed into a cyclone! And besides, once we've survived the tornado, we should be able move right on to the hyperfreeze! And I have a plan for that one!

Tye: Survivng a hyper-freeze is easy, and I would like to hear your idea when we get to it, but, real tornado or not, if we change it into a cyclone, it'll still be there.

Chimmy:Yes, so my solution is when it comes back, RUN LIKE HE**!! And if that doesn't work, I can use my pyroness to turn it into steam! (XD)

Tye: Now that is a good idea. Bring the tornado to the water! or the water to the tornado, whichever's easier. (XD)

Chimmy:Hm...if I'm right, I should have picked up some things from Shadow...*runs over to tornado, allows self to be sucked up* Chaos...Control! *teleports self and tornado to ocean, tornado becomes cyclone* Now for the easy part! *pyros the cyclone into steam, teleports back to teammates* Yes! It worked!

Tye: Yes! *high-fives Chimmy* Hey Chris, what do we do now?

Geoff: aww, man, what'd I miss? (XD)

Chimmy: Oh, nothing much...just some EPIC PYRONESS!!! *burns down a nearby village* Um...wasn't me! (XD)

Tye: Ok, in case we lose, which we won't, but just in case, we're voting out Talon, right?

(CONF) Geoff: Ok, I obviously missed something very important, I still have no clue when I got in this alliance! I'm glad to be in it, but I don't know when I got in it. (XD)

Chimmy:So...let's move on to the hyperfreeze!

Joe: (CONF.) I missed stuff too. Also, if I have any shot at winning this, I'm gonna have to start my own alliance and send everyone else down the drain., they all go down!!!

James:Joe,you think youre so cool?Well here`s what I think of you!*grabs joe by his underwear and throws him into tornado*

Joe: Oh, so its war is it? Fine! (grabs James and Amy into the tornado)

Tye: Ok, 2 things, one, since when was the tornado back? and two, Amy's on your team, dude.

Joe: Do I look like I care?

Joe: (CONF.) I don't care if they are or not on my team, their all my enemies and their all going down!!!

Chimmy:Oh come on, sourpuss! *dances* I'M BLUE! DA BOO DE DA BOO DA!! (XD)

(CONF)Tye: I don't think Joe can last much longer if he keeps acting like that. just sayin.

Tye: Joe, I don't think you're gonna last very long here if you keep acting like that. Just sayin. (XD)


Tye: You ready Steve?


Tye: Andy?

Andy: Yeah

Tye: Mick?


Tye: Alright fellas, let's goooooooo!

  • Guitar*

Tye: Oh, it's been getting so hard, livin' with the things you do to me. Oh, its been getting so strange, I'd like to tell you everything I see.

Chimmy:I'M BLUE! DA BOO DE DA BOO DA! DA BOO DE DA BOO DA!!! *gets o___o stares* What? (XD)

Tye: Oh there's a man at the back, as a matter of fact, his eyes are as red as the sun, and there's a girl in the corner let no one ignore her 'cuz she thinks she's the passionate one!


Tye: Oh, yeah, it was like lightning! and everybody was fighting! and the music was soothing! and they all started grooving!


Tye: And the man at the back said "everyone attack!" and it turned into a ballroom blitz! and the girl in the corner said "boy, I'm warning ya, it'll turn into a ballroom blitz!"


Joe: Tyler, Heather, Harley, Violet. Can I talk to you guys for a moment?

Harley: For what?

Joe: I have a plan to get me and 4 other people into the Final 5 and I chose you guys.

Harley: Sweet.

Joe: But first thing I need to tell you guys is that Amy is trying to vote us all off one by one, and your the first to go Harley.

Harley: Why?

Joe: I don't know why. The point is, we need to get rid of Amy and fast!!!

Tye: *pops up behind Joe* Hey, what's shaking? (XD)

Amy:*pops up behind Joe* Wait, who's trying to vote us all off one by one?

Geoff: *pops up behind Harley* Hey dude. (XD)

Chimmy:*pops up behind Amy* I heard that it's you. Is it true?

Amy:What? No! Who told you that?

Chimmy:I overheard Joe say it.

Amy:Joezy...and I thought he was cute...*runs away crying* (XD, GTG)

James:You really are mean Joe

Tye: Are we all eavesdropping? 'Cuz I know I am.

(CONF) Tye: What? Its the other team! It's not like they're gonna convince everyone on my team to vote me off.

Geoff: Am I the only one that came here 'cuz I thought it was a party?

Tye: Pretty much.

Joe: Like you should you talk Amy! I heard you crushing on Chimmy in the confessional.

Amy:What? I never even DID a confessional! *cries, runs off far, far away*

Joe: Oh really?! Do you know where your standing? (Has Amy look down and pulls a lever, opening a trap door)

Tye: Now, supposed-to-be-faithful-to-Joe alliance members. Think about what happens when you get to the final five, if you do make it. Now think about if you are dishonest or unloyal to Joe. This is just like Heather's alliance, people.

(CONF)Tye: Doesn't take a mastermind to figure out if someone's making an alliance and even mentions the promise of a final amount, you don't trust them, or else you get a bunch of rules that if you break, you're out. Plus, the "leader" can dispose of you whenever they want! They turn you into a Lindsay! Except you're probably smarter.

Chimmy:(CONF) I can't believe what Joe did. I mean, Amy has a crush on him, he accuses her of trying to vote everyone out and crushing on me? That's just wrong, dude. Hm...I wonder who Amy's voting for tonight?

James(to his alliance):I think we should keep Joe in so that their team crumbles and we keep winning.Oppose or support?

Chimmy:I'm a loyal alliance member, but I have to oppose. If we keep Joe in, who knows what he'll do to us! And even though Amy's on the opposite team, she doesn't deserve torture....

James:Im fine with that,and I accept your opinion

Chimmy:Great! Now back to the kareoke! I'M BLUE! DA BOO DE DA BOO DA! DA BOO DEE DA BOO DA!!!

James:MY EARS!!!

Courtney: ARGGHH!!!!

James:Go away Courtney you annoying-

Chimmy:Oops...sorry! *moves back 100 feet so they can't hear her as well* I'M BLUE! DA BOO DE DA BOO DA! DA BOO DE DA BOO DA!!

Courtney: *kicks James where it hurts*


Amy:*runs back to James* Are you okay?

Gwen: Courtney!

Courtney: What I didn’t do anything.


James:*is crying*

Amy:Oh, you poor thing! Courtney did this, didn't she? *gets 0__o stares* What? I never said I wasn't psychic...

James:The pain!


Courtney: *walks off*

Gwen: O-kay

Trent:Gwen!*kisses Gwen*

Joe: Courtney, can I get you to do something for me?

Tye: NEVER! Oh, you weren't talking to me. Oh well. NEVER!

Harley: Hey Tye? Who do you like on the show?

Trent:*is surprised Harley isnt drunk*You ok?(XD)

Chimmy:Um...anybody wanna move onto the hyperfreeze?

Tye: Me!

Geoff: Sure.

Chimmy:Let's go! *while running to hyperfreeze, talks to team* So...anybody wanna hear my plan? But first, I'm gonna need to know some details about the hyperfreeze...

Tye: Well, I think we should wait for Chris to start the hyperfreeze, but, sure. What's your plan?

Chimmy:Well, in case anything goes wrong....I can use my pyroness to warm us up a bit!

Tye: That works... but its a hyperfreeze. if you warm us back up, the frozen Earth will freeze us again.

Joe: (talks to his alliance somewhere everyone doesn't hear them) Did you hear what I just heard?

Harley: (drunk) I don't wanna feed apples to wolves on Thursdays.

Joe: Okay, your drunk. Your really, really drunk.

Tye: I sense a disturbance... like someone is trying to scheme, but no one on the other team will believe him! Ok, crazy moment over.(XD)

(Sorrel: sorry i didnt edit the last 2 days but i wasnt able to edit here as well (wow a lot) LOL)

Challenge over! Say *raises hand* if your not dead or hurt! Be honest, or you will be eliminated automatically!

Chimmy:*raises hand* I'm fine!

Amy:I'm alive, but I'm definetley hurt...

Joe: I'm fine and I should be invincible since Harley and I just came into the competition.

Harley: Fine too and Joe's right about the whole invincibility thing.

Chris: I don't believe in free invincibility, but since Amy was the only one to do the last picture challenge, the Screaming Editors win!

Harley: Hey guys on the Cameras team! I got a deal for you. If you vote Tye or James, I'll take 4 of the biggest allies on my side to the Final 5 with me. Just vote off Tye or James and don't tell this to anyone else.

Tyler: Hey, Editors! Vote off Chimmy. It's for the good of the competition.


Killer Cameras

  • NONE

Screaming Editors

  • Amy: B+ (Wow, this rules! It's so silly that it's good!)

Elimination - Killer Cameras

<poll> Who's going home this week? Izzy Sorrel Bridgette Talon Courtney Chimmy James Matt Trent Cody Geoff Tye </poll> Voting deadline 6PM tomorrow

Chris: And now... the gilded marshmallow ceremony. The 'mellows go to...

  • Izzy
  • Courtney
  • James
  • Matt
  • Trent
  • Cody
  • Geoff
  • Tye

The next 2 go to...

  • Bridgette
  • Talon

And the final marshmallow goes to...

...Chimmy. Sorry Sorrel, your going home.

Week 4: 2009: A Space Challenge

Chris: Welcome to yet another episode of TD:TM! I can't believe that THE Sorrel actually went home last night! Whoa!

Chris: Anyway, this week you guys are going to have to find your team's alien and kill it. Who here has seen Alien?

Chris: On that note, lets go! First team to kill their alien notify me in my User talk!

Tye and Geoff: *raise hands* We're good. (XD epic late)

Tye: Oh. New challenge. Chris, do we get any weapons?

Chris: Uh, sure. Here's a rubber chicken.

Tye: Better than nothing. *Takes chicken* Thanks. Now to find that alien! *Runs in a random direction screaming "FOR NARNIA!" (XD)*

Geoff: O_O

Chimmy:*grabs her own chicken, runs off in random direction screaming "FOR SHADOW!!!!!"* (XD)

Amy:*halfheartedley grabs chicken, walks off in random direction*

Tye: WAIT! First, alliance meeting, guys. *Pulls Trent, James, Chimmy, and Geoff somewhere away from everyone* Ok, we need a way to make Joe seem absolutely evil to his team, and have him voted off. Simple right? Then vote Talon off if needed.

Chimmy:Hm...since Amy cries pretty easily, we just need him to do something horrid to her in front of his teammates!

Tye: Ok! Now back to the alien hunting!

Chimmy:OK! *blasts self away using pyroness*

Tyler: *grabs Violet, Amy and Lindsay* Alliance. Must eliminate Chimmy. Affirmative? Good. Now act like this never happened. And if I don't see 4 votes for Chimmy next time we win... *hisses*

Amy:*gulps* No, Tyler. Chimmy's done nothing wrong. She's been a friend to each and every one of us, and I'm not eliminating her. I'm not even joining your alliance. Good bye. *walks away, thinks "Why do I feel like a nerdy girl with a nonexistant boyfriend?*(XD)

Tyler: Whatever. *grabs Heather* REPLACEMENTS! *gets Rubber Chicken* There it is! In the set for the last episode! *crams rubber chicken down alien's throat, ad it suffocates* Easy.

Tye: *Walks over to everyone holding half of an alien* Oh hey guys, I see Tyler killed an alien. I suggest you don't ask about this one, *shudders* it's not pretty.

Geoff: I couldn't find one stupid alien! *Sees Tye's half of an alien and Tylers suffocated one* AW, COME ON!

Chris: Uh, that wasn't a real alien. That was an intern in an alien costume. Hopefully he's not dead.

Chris: Anyway, the Editors only need to find one more alien/intern to win. And I only need a few million dollars to cover the dead intern's lawsuit.

Chris: Oh, and NEWS FLASH! If you've been eliminated, you can go to B-Movie Island.

Chimmy:*runs over holding a dead alien* Hi! I thought this was a pickle...but it had a heart attack once I put it in my mouth...(XD)


Chimmy:OK! *runs off, bumps into alien* Oh, hi, Mr! *gets in Chef/Izzy style fight*

Cody: Oooooooooooooooooooh an Alien......................RUNAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Confessional*

Cody: just playing it for the ladies(alien appears) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Static*

Chimmy:*kicks alien in chest, alien falls, opens one eye, hops back up* I thought you were dead!

Alien:Ya, I get that a lot. (XD)

Tyler: *grabs non-dead alien/intern, throws it to Chris* I never knew I was that tough...

Chimmy:Uh-oh! *dives for Chris in slow-motion, grabs alien in mid-air reaches Chris* Here, Chris! *holds up alive alien/intern*

James:*is mauled by an alien*

Trent:*captures an alien*

Lindsay: *To the alien* Your really uglier in person then in the movies.

Trent:*shoves Lindsay into a freezer and locks it*

James:uh oh

Lindsay: *banging on the door* I was just kidding aliens! Your beautiful on the inside!

Alien:*shrugs and throws in a rabid squirel*

James:*is on the ground laughing*

Lindsay: Jamie! Stop laughing!

James:*is still laughing*

Trent:*lets Lindsay out*

Lindsay: *Cheers* I'm finally out! *The alien thows her back in* Aw man!

Lindsay: *Gets out and captures a NON-DEAD alien* 

Chris: Sorry I didn't stop that earlier that was really funny. Anyway, the Killer Cameras win yet again. Editors, time to vote someone off.

Elimination - Screaming Editors

Everyone, go here to post your votes.

Chimmy:*runs back, points in other direction when in front of Lindsay* Look, a mall! *while Lindsay isn't looking, takes non-dead alien, runs back to Chris*

Joe: I got you now Chimchar! (shoots dart at Chimmy and steals and kills alien)

Chimmy:*eye twitches* CCCCCOOOOOOFFFFFFFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *said extremley fast* I'M BLUE! DA BOO DE DA BOO DA! DA BOO DEE DA BOO DA! *runs off at 5000 mph*

Gwen: Wow...

Joe: Wow is right. But look on MY bright side, I got his alien and its dead, which means he can't give it to Chris. I still won!!! (evil laughter)

Gwen: More wow... (XD)

Chimmy:*runs back, teleports to nearby McDonalds, gets take-out, runs back* ANYBODY WANNA WHOPPER? (Oh ,and I'm a she...awkward....XD)

Chris: You do know the challenge is over, right?

Tye: Yes. or at least I do.

Chris: Okay guys, keep voting. You have until 2:30 unless something happens. I'll be writing my fanfic now.

Chris: Okay everyone, the ceremony shall begin! The first gilded marshmallows go to...

  • Lindsay
  • Joe
  • Duncan
  • Harley
  • DJ
  • Gwen
  • Heather
  • Violet

Chris: Two campers, one marshmallow. The final marshmallow of the day goes to...

... Tyler. Amy is now officially out of the game. See you at the dock of shame, bra.

Week 5: Kung Fu Camper

Chris: Good morning everyone! Rise and shine! A new challenge awaits! The first person to bring me the Japanese Toy Sword gets a special boost in their coffee and their next challenge.

Tyler: (conf) *tears Amy's photo* Yesss....

Tyler: *gets 5 Japanese Toy Swords and brings them to Chris* COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE

Tye: ... Was it that rubber one I replaced Chimmy's with in the first challenge?


Tyler: *grabs the Rubber sword and gives it to chris also* I SHOULD WIN, I NEED COFFEE

(CONF)Tye: Is it just me, or is Tyler not acting like... Tyler?

Tyler: (conf) While not here or at TDI, I went to reformatory school and they totally BRAINWASHED me. I miss my old personality, but this is fun, too.

Chris: Hold on campers. You need a Japanese Toy Sword... from Japan itself! Mr. Mackey will be flying you to Japan, where you will get the sword and bring it back to me. McClean out.

Mr. Mackey: Mmkay campers get in the plane mmkay.

Tyler: But I imported it from Japan!

Tye: That's a lie and you know it. *Gets in plane*


Tyler: You mean, like the cake? Whatever. *gets in plane, takes out notepad* Master strategy planning time...hold on. *grabs Violet, Heather and Lindsay and gets them in plane* We're not eliminating Chimmy anymore, we're eliminating Coco now. Now go and act normal. *gets back to work*

Tye: Meh. Boredom strikes and we haven't even taken off yet. And yes, Tyler, like the cake.

Joe: Tye, are you supposed an evil strategist, or not?! Thankfully, Tyler is on my side!!!

Mr. Mackey: Time to lift off now mmkay? Here we go!

Tye: Yes, I'm an evil strategist when needed, but I don't think much strategy is needed when we don't even know the challenge. Plus, we've only lost one member of our team, not much to worry about yet. But at the merge... *Evil laugh*

Joe: That is if you make it to the merge. (evil laughter)

Chimmy:Well, at least Amy won't have to suffer anymore...and at least I don't have to worry!

Joe: Yeah, too bad your gonna be the next to go Chimchar!

Chimmy:Even so, I'm still gonna have fun, even if this is the last challenge I'll experience!

Mr. Mackey: We've arrived mmkay.

Chris: Welcome to Tokyo, Japan! Now, go find that single toy sword!

Chimmy:*runs out of plane, drinks coffee, gets even more hyper, runs off at 600 mph*

Tye: Seriously? There's only one of those swords in the whole country of Japan?

Chris: Yeah, they've all been accidently imported to Canada. I promised them back in exchange for this one. Now come one guys, swords don't find themselves!

Joe: It is now! (takes out the sword)

James:*beats Joe in swordfight*

Chimmy:*runs back* Oh, come on! Joe's found it alreayd? *pokes sword, pulls finger back* Ouch! I think that might be real! *gets band-aid*

James:*is randomly captured by ninjas*

Chimmy:*drinks more coffee, runs off in other direction at 2000 mph*

Trent:Wheres James?

Chimmy:Probably battling Dr.Doofensmirtz! (Couldn't resist! XD)

James:Help!Get these Ninjas away from me!


Chris: Since James beat Joe, he gets to use the sword in Challenge 2: A HEAD TO HEAD KUNG FU NINJA COMBAT FIGHT! Here are your pairs:

  • Izzy and Lindsay
  • James and Joe
  • Talon and Duncan
  • Courtney and Harley
  • Chimmy and DJ
  • Tye and Tyler
  • Matt and Geoff
  • Trent and Heather
  • Cody and Violet

Gwen and Bridgette will be sitting out. Now, you have until next Monday. If you win, tell me in my User talk.

James:Do I still fight Joe?

Tye: Tyler, you're going down.

Chimmy:Okay,'s on! *pulls out nunchucks randomly, pyros them so they're on fire, get into combat stance*

Trent:*kicks Heathers sword from her hands*

Tye: Hate to break it to ya, Chimmy, but you're not facing Bridgette, you're facing DJ.

James:*is epically fighting against Joe*

Chimmy:Oops! *does epic kung fu move, just before hitting DJ, trips, uses pyroness to break fall* Oh, it's on now! *whips nunchucks around*

Chris: Oookaaay... First of all, only James has a sword. Second of all, where the heck did you get flaming nunchucks? Meh, whatever. Just keep fighting like in the kung fu movies.

James:Do I still fight Joe?

Chimmy:Don't don't wanna know...*fights against DJ*

Trent:*dances like in Beach Blanket Bogus to beat Heather*

Chimmy:*is epically distracted by Sonic and the Secret Rings* (XD)

James:*wacks Joe in his crotch*Thats for being mean to my friends!

Chimmy:*knocks DJ out by beating the game* Ooh! Me wanna do it too! *whacks Joe repeatedly in crotch with Wii Remote*

James:*is laughing*Joe deserved that!

Chimmy:*stops* OK, that's enough. You may have been mean, but I know when I've done enough...

Chris: Looks like James, Chimmy, and Trent won, so the score is 3-0 in favor of the Cameras. Come on Directors, fight back or one of you is going home!

Duncan:*grabs Chimmy's nunchucks, whacks Talon in the crotch multiple times* Done.

Chimmy:*tackles Duncan for stealing her nunchucks*

James:*whispers to Tye*We`re always voting for Talon until he leaves,tell the alliance,k?

Joe: James! We have some unfinished business to take care of! I just graduated from ninja school and now I'm an offical ninja master now. That toy isn't gonna protect you now. (throws ninja stars at James)

James:2 things.1.I beat you and 2.You should have ice on that crotch

Chimmy:Uh-oh! *dives in front of James, ninja stars pin her to wall* Phew! *looks at Joe* And just so you know, James and I do NOT love each other. I've already got a boyfriend!

James:Yeah,I have a girlfriend

Chimmy:And my boyfriend is the most wonderful person in the world! So...anybody gonna help me down from here?

Trent:*helps Chimmy*

James:*walks away*

Chimmy:Thank, Trent. Now...what do I do now?

Trent:*watches Duncan prank Joe and Harley*

Joe: Its quite a shame. I heard from Talon that he's gonna vote Chimmy or you off next. By the way, Talon's on my side now! Try getting through us now Jamie and Chimchar!

Tye: Jamie? And also, can I borrow those ninja stars, Trent?

Duncan:HEY LOOK, AN INSANE RAVIOLI PIXIE! *while the two aren't looking, stuffs cheeseburgers down Joe and Harley's pants*

James:My name is James and I have an alliance of cool people,right guys?(Shows his alliance playing hungry Hippos XD)

Tye: What? it's better than nothig, seeing as Tyler's not here right now.

Trent:*gives Tye the ninja stars*(CONF)I highly regret giving him thos ninja stars(LOL)

Joe: Yeah...right! Harley, can I borrow that? (smashes beer bottles and puts it near Duncan's throat)

Duncan:Eep!*somehow manages to use the force to push back Joe* (OH dear..)

James:*grabs Joe*Go back to your mom`s house where you belong!

Joe: Why don't you? (knocks James unconscious and throws him in a guillotine at the medieval movie set)

James:We aren`t supposed to be at the medieval movie yet!

Trent:Joe go away we all hate you!

Chimmy:No matter, we have to save James! *runs over to medieval movie set, grabs James just before the gillotine does its thing* Phew!

James:I am alive!

Trent:For now...


Chimmy:O____________________________________________________________________________0 (XD)

Trent:I was kidding

James:Ok good

Joe: For now is right. I need to change. (changes into monster controlling clothes that Chef uses in TDA) Hey Godzilla. Those guys are Tokyo. Smash! Trash! Crash! Destroy!!!

James:Uhhh guys

Joe: You might wanna look up there first. (sees James' girlfriend in the monster's fist)

James:*gasps*You monster!

Trent:Of course he`s a monster

Tye: Uhh... Chris, I think we should end the challenge now before there's bloodshed. *Cuts self with ninja stars* Ow! Nobody makes me bleed my own blood (XD Dodgeball reference), you will pay ninja stars! *Throws ninja stars, they hit the wall dangerously close to Tyler, Joe, Harley, and Geoff*

Chris: So far the score is 3-1, and if I didn't check the page Duncan wouldn't of got his point. MAIL ME!!!

James:*turns on THriller*

Monster:*uncontrollably dances Thriller*(XD)

Joe: (turns off Thriller) I hope you know, your gal can get thrown 3000 miles if the monster dances to that song which might cause you your girlfriend's life, or a break-up and as for you, Trent, my friend! Before you get hurt like the wuss you are, let me show you something. (throws Trent in a unbreakable cell)

James:You are so evil*climbs up monster and takes girlfriend out of his hand*

(CONF) Tye: Not even a whimper! I cut my finger so I could see Joe scream like a little girl, and he didn't even seem phased by it! I need to try harder for this whole public humiliation thing.

Joe: Who's the ugly and stupid principal that made you the jock of your school?

Chimmy:Uh-oh! *runs over to Trent's cell* How am I gonna get him out of there....

James:Is there a key?

James`s girlfriend:Hi!

Izzy: i like MUFFINS~!!!

Chimmy:EVERYBODY'S KUNG FU FIGHTING! THOSE KICKS WERE FAST AS LIGHTNING! *knocks Joe out with roundhouse kick to the jaw* Oops...


Trent:Hello,still trapped!

Chimmy:Oops, sorry! *inspects cage* Hmm...not even Monica could break this, and she can bench-press 500 pounds!

Cody: Violet....Babe, ill go easy on ya

Joe: I'm not finished yet! What's 1 spin + James equals? Let's find out. (makes monster spin so fast it throws James really far)


Trent:Guys!I see a key pick it up!

Chris: This is getting very confusing, so say I if you want the challenge to be over.



Chimmy:Yes! *picks up key, fits it in lock, key gets stuck* Crap! *karate kicks key, breaking it* DANG!! Oh , and I.(XD)

Cody: I I I

Joe: (makes monster grab Chris) Give me solo immunity for the next 2 challenges and I'll spare you and James' girlfriend's lives.

Tye: I think you could get booted for that, Joe. I.

Geoff: I. 


Joe: Don't you worry Tye. Cause Chris isn't standing on that ground until he gives me what I want. So Chris, is it a deal?

Chimmy:Um...*randomly jumps up, saves Chris*

James:*lands in China*

Joe: Oh no you don't! (makes monster step on Chimmy and Chris)

Trent:NNNNNNNOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*drops on knees*

Tye: *starts taking ninja stars back out of the wall* Not a smart move, Joe.

Cody:*hacks monster and makes it throw him in the a riptide.... with sharks* The ladies have nothing to fear.*Gets Crushed By Monster*

Chris: Joe, even though you are evil and cruel, I'll give your team the win, but only because you guys are getting your ***es kicked.

Joe: Yes!!! Too bad for Chimmy, he's now useless in challenges!!!

Tye: *Facepalms* Chimmy is a girl. We've said this before, dude.

Chimmy:*suddenly appears in front of Trent* Hi, Trent! Good thing I know Chaos Control!

Joe: Your'e walking?! But I squashed you along with Jeff Probst over there.

Tye: I bet I can name more reality show hosts than you.

Chimmy:Thankfully, I picked up a few things from my boyfriend! I also went to my doctor's office to fix my sprained wrist.

Joe: Tye, cut the crap! Why don't you just admit that your'e evil, your gonna betray all of your "friends", and your gonna cheat your way to the finals when you make to the merge. If you make it to the merge that is. (Everyone gasps and glares angrily at Tye)

Chimmy:I don't believe it! Tye would never do that! *glares angrily at Joe, with fire in her eyes, literally*

Joe: You want proof? (shows recording of Tye saying the stuff he said earlier)

Chimmy:I still won't believe it! *walks away*

Tye: 3/4 of your past statement is the largest crap I've heard in years. The only part that's true is that I'll make it to the merge. I would never betray friends, I am not evil, and I will not cheat my way to the finals. I will make it there fair and square, unlike you.

Joe: Well you are supposed to be an EVIL strategist and when you said you'll make it to the merge you laughed evilly, which means you'll cheat and betray your friends. You sound like a really good friend and teammate. (evil laughter)

Cody: Yo Joe, Me you alliance huh?

  • Confessional*

Cody: Don't mean to be the bad guy. Just need someone to help me make my way to the last episode

  • Static*

James:(To alliance)Ok,were voting off Talon

Joe: Talon, over here. You need to vote off Chimmy. She doesn't know it but I broke her knee in 2 places, so in a matter of time, she'll be useless in challenges. So put Chimchar out of her unsuspecting (to her) misery.

Tye: Now, I agree with me being an evil strategist. That does not make me evil. When I laughed evilly about making it to the merge, I was talking about what would happen when I get to the merge, not how I'll get to the merge. I never once mentioned cheating and betraying my friends. In fact, I hope they all make it to the merge with me, and I hope you don't.

Cody: Owch Joe you gonna take that

  • Confessional

Cody: Ok maby he wont join an alliance but i know who will

  • Static

Cody: Trent...Buddy wanna join my alliance

Trent:I have an alliance

Cody: ooooo

  • Confessional

Cody: S**T

  • Static

Cody: Got it. Courtney!!!!!! Lets form an alliance.

Joe: You can join mine Cody.

(CONF)Trent:Cody is such an idiot,he`s gotta go

Cody: Thxs man. Ok this is secret ok. I think Chimmy is going tonight.

Joe: (CONF.) I hope James knows he forgot to save his girlfriend. Good thing I put her in an unbreakable cell like Trent's and I put it under Trent's covers. So f**king sweet!!!

James:*listening in on Joe`s confessional*I ALREADY SAVED HER!!!SHES HOME!!!

Joe: Actually you didn't because before you got her out, I got the monster to throw you off very far, sending on a long, long trip. (evil laugh)

Chris: Okay guys, it really late and I'm signing off. So, McClean out! P.S. NO ONE TOUCH MY ELIMINATION TABLE! It make me unhappy :(

(CONF) Lindsay: I think Trent is really cute. I don't know if thats bad since I'm dating Tyson...

Chimmy:*falls asleep*

James:*is beating up Joe*

(CONF) Tye: Joe is getting really annoying. I don't think he's gonna make it much farther, and even if he does somehow make it to the merge, there's the whole Cameras team against him! Let's just say that Joe isn't going to win this season.

Lindsay: Why are you beating up Joe?

Joe: (CONF.) Sure I made alot of enemies, but I still have Heather, Harley, Tyler, Violet, and now Talon and Cody under my wing. It won't be long now. (evil laughter)

Lindsay: *To Joe* Hi!

Joe: Hey Lindsay! Do you wanna join my alliance? It will be fun and we get to go to the mall if we do everything without f**king up. What do you say?

Lindsay: I dunno...maybe I guess. My dad can give me money to go shopping with Beth.

Joe: Perfect. (evil laughter)

Lindsay: Whats with the evil laughter?

Joe: I do it to boost ratings.

James:All you do is make people stop watching

Joe: I know I said this before but, who's the ugly and stupid principal that made you the jock of your school?

James:Actually,my principal is the coolest principal ever,and next time,be realistic,dweeb

Lindsay: Your funny *giggles*

James:I have a girlfriend

Lindsay: Oh. I don't care

Joe: Bull! Besides, you think you can be a hero as long as you want, but I'm still gonna win this, then use the money to rule the world!!! (evil laughter)

Lindsay: Joe, If you win can I get some of the prize money?

James:Atleast I have friends

Lindsay: *Raises hand* Oooh ooh! I do too!

James:Good for you

Lindsay: I wish my bestie, Beth was here! I really miss her.

James:Yeah,I am a little bit of a fan of her

Joe: Alrighty then. Oh and Lindsay, if you want money, go ask JockeyHero McDoGooder because he'll be so generous to do so hence his "name."

Lindsay: What about me? Don't I get something for being in this Alliance?

James:Lindsay,don`t join him,he`s like Heather,only worse

Lindsay: *Gasps* Heather could get worser!?


Joe: Lindsay if you side with JockeyHero, your as good as dead.

Lindsay: I'm good as dead?

James:Don`t listen to him,remeber,worse than Heather

Joe: Hey James, guess what? You lose!!! Oh and your girlfriend is in an unbreakable cell. Just to let you know.

James:No,she`s at her home,I saved her

Joe: Actually you didn't because before you got her out, I got the monster to throw you off very far, sending on a long, long trip. And I know I said that a while ago. (evil laugh)

Lindsay: I'm so confused!

James:if you don`t want th same thing that happened in season 1 to happen,pick me

Joe: If you want to rule France, as well as the entire world as Queen Lindsay, the Hot, pick me!

Lindsay: What if I choose niether of you?

James:You will be eliminated quickly by Joe

Lindsay: Uh. I'll go with James...But if you backstab me...I swear!

Joe: Fine, see if i care! I still have Valerie AKA your gal.


Lindsay: Aw! Valerie is a pretty name!

James:Her name is Natalie

Lindsay: Natalie's a pretty name too. Who else is in out alliance?

James:Geoff,Chimmy,Trent,and Tye

Joe: Fine! I'm out!!! (trips over a meteor) What the heck is this? AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What's going on? A letter, from who?

Satan: I see your doing a good job with your evilness, so I decided to give you this psycho meteor. It just granted you psychic and telekinetic abilities. Hope you like it and I hope you win. From, The Prince of Darkness AKA Satan.

Joe: Weird, but useful. Now I'm gonna turn this contest up to 11 and noone is gonna stand in my way! (evil laughter)

James:*plays guitar and sings"Fireflies"by Owl City*

Lindsay: I love Trent! And Whens the next challenge?


Trent:I`m sorry lindsay but I have Gwen

Joe: (uses psychic abilities to levitate and fly in the sky) That's all f**ks!!! (screen fades out while Looney Tunes theme plays)

James:*still playing guitar and singing*

Lindsay: So. *Hugs Trent and kisses him on his cheek*


Lindsay: Fine. I hate Gwen!

Trent:We can be friends,just not dating

James(CONF):If you`re watching Natalie,I hope you`re rooting for me

Lindsay: Gwen's so goth...You shouldn't be dating her...

Trent:Hey!Stop it!She`s the girl I love!

James:Lindsay,can you please stop,I don`t want to lose you guys

(CONF)Lindsay: Trent was so hot! Until he started dating Gwen...UGH!

Joe: (CONF.) I'm really getting used to these psychic and telekinetic abilities, and Natalie, whereever you here, you will soon be mine!

James:*plays a sad song*I MISS NATALIE!!!

(CONF)Lindsay: Who cares about Natalie? Apparently James and Joe. Seriously, stop fighting. Fight over a girl who's worth it. Like me!

James:I wish Natalie was in the competition

Natalie: Hey Jamesypoo.

Joe: What are you!?!?! NATALIE!!!!!!!

James:*kisses Natalie*

Natalie:I missed you

James: How did you get here?

Natalie: Your little friend sent me here.


Joe: This is your foxy girlfriend JockeyHero?

James:Yeah,and shes mine

Natalie:*is kissing James*

Natalie: *A second girl named Natalie appears*

Natalie(James GF):Who are you?

Natalie: I'm James' girlfriend? Who the heck are you?

Natalie(James GF):Oh yeah...and im*removes suit*MIKE MYERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James:Oh God!!!*pukes*

Joe: My villainess, Natalia! How are you? What have you been doing?

Natalia: Hey Joe!

Joe: Natalia, great to see you (kisses Natalia)

Natalia: Still being evil?

Joe: Evil as always! (both laugh evilly)

Natalie:This is awkward(GTG c ya tommorrow)

Cody: honeynut cherrios

Natalie: Thanks for saving my life back there James. (kisses James on the cheek)

  • Confessional

Cody: So James has Natalie but all the ladies are after me still...............

  • Static

Cody: When is the bonfire

Elimination - Killer Cameras

Like last time, you guys will go here to post your votes. Now vote, dang it! VOTE!!!

Chris: Sorry about the really freaking late vote... I was grounded yesterday. Anyway, here are the results!


  • Izzy
  • Bridgette
  • Courtney
  • James
  • Matt
  • Trent
  • Cody
  • Geoff
  • Tye

Chris: One marshmallow, two campers. The final marshmallow goes to...

... Chimmy. Talon, you're out. Now get your kung fu butt outta here!

Week 6: McClean, M.D.

Chris: Welcome campers to the medical mystery of the season! I have your two campers (Chimmy and Joe) here with me, sick as a germ. You guys need to find out what their problems are. First, some medical trivia. The first person to guess all three right gets a super special secret item to use anytime in the series. Now, go do that trivia!

Question 1: Name one symptom of the [cold common cold].

Question 2: What year did [ebola] first emerge?

Question 3: What Genus is [rabies]?

Now, go guess the answers! When your done, check this out.

Chimmy:*coughs* I feel like ****....

Joe: I'm dying over here. (coughs) CURE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:For once, I agree with Joe. Please cure us! *sparkly anime eyes*

Cody:*listens to for whom the bell tolls* what*remembers*oh yeah.

James:*is running around in circles*WHAT SHOULD WE DO!!!??WHA-*runs into a pole*(Fail LOL)

Joe: (CONF.) I completely forgot that I have psychic powers. But, once I'm (coughs) cured, I'll take over (coughs) this competition. (laughs evilly, but coughs again)

Cody: A sympton of the common cold is sore throat

Harley: Common cold sympton, runny nose. Ebola emerged in 1976. The Genus for Rabies is Lyssavirus.

Chimmy:*cough* Please be right...

Joe: If that's correct, we BETTER get that item!!!

Chimmy:*cough* Must...retain...conciousness...*faints*

Joe: Your such a drama queen Chimchar!

Chris: No doubt. Anyway, Harley is correct for everything, so Joe's team gets the special secret prize... a trip to a real hospital! Now, lets get back down to buisness. Joe and Chimmy have different diseases, so you can't copy off the other team. Here are their symptoms:

Joe: fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Chimmy: paralysis, cerebral dysfunction, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, agitation, abnormal behavior, paranoia, terror, and hallucinations.

Chris: If you absolutely suck at researching, I'll give you a hint. Now, save your teammates!

Chimmy:*is passed out*

Harley: Joe has the...H1N1 VIRUS?!?!?!

Cody: Ok i need an alliance.

  • Confessional

Cody: the guys are out numbered.

  • static

Chimmy:I think I *cough* know what I have...

Cody: You have weird atitus. *gives her a medicine that makes her a normal human*there. So uhh Courtney and Geoff how bout an alliance?

Chimmy:No, that's not it! *pyros* Phew...anyways, I know what I have, thanks to a laptop, but I can't tell you...

Cody: Here just take all these pills. (can the challenge be over yet)

Chimmy:I can't give you any hints...and you have to know what I have before I take the pills...sorry...

Cody: *blocks all cameras that can see the room* well then*force feeds Chimmy all pills to the point where she can no longer talk* ha

  • Confessional

Cody: It can't be that bad.

  • Static

Chimmy:MMF!!! (Translation:Wait! These pills are for the H1N1 virus! I don't have THAT!)

Chris: You all think that Harley won the challenge, don't you? Well, he didn't. Keep guessing.

Chris: Anyway, here are your hints. For Joe: Tweet Tweet. For Chimmy: Whipped Cream.

Chimmy:I knew it! I do have--*puts hands over mouth*

Chris: Tell me in my talk Ill delete it once I look at it

Harley: Joe has the bird flu!!!


Chris: Tell me the scientific name everyone! Now, Chimmy and Joe can answer for themselves! THE FASTEST TYPER WINS!

Chimmy:I have rabies!


Joe: I have avian influenza!!!


Joe: H5N1

Chris: Correct! Joe wins! Now for elimination.

Joe: James! Trent! Vote off Matt, Bridgette, or Cody! Their useless!!!

James:I`m not listening to you,but I am voting for Cody

Joe: Fine JockeyHero McDoGooder!!! Don't listen to me!!!

Joe: (CONF.) James is starting to seriously crease me.

Cody: I hope i don't get voted off.

Chimmy:I think I'm almost cured! I've had rabies since the 5th grade, though...I'm fine! *foams at mouth, grinning creepily*

Joe: That's major. Harley is starting to hate you Cody.

Cody: Sorry about earlier Chimmy here are some flowers and 10 bucks:)

Chimmy:Normally I wouldn't trust you,'ve gained my trust back. *accepts flowers and money*

Cody: Friends*offers Hand*

Joe: Chimmychonga, your such a kiss-up!

Chimmy:*checks Cody's hand for joy-buzzer, sees none* Friends. *shakes hands* Oh, and Joe, I don't care if I'm a kissup!

Joe: I'm so calling you Chimmychonga for now on Chimmychonga.

Cody: So how bout an alliance

Joe: There he goes again.

Cody: NOt with u JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:IDK...I'm already in one, but I'll vote with you once in a while. I just won't be in an official alliance.

Joe: If you want my advice, I suggest you take out Courtney or Matt. They don't do anything at all. Their useless! Their worthless! Their s**t!!!

Cody: that's cool so who do u think is leaving

  • Confessional

Cody: It's gotta be Courtney

  • Static

Natalie:i love camping

Chimmy:IDK, probably Courtney or Bridgette...

Cody: Speaking of which when is the bonfire

Joe: Natalie, James wants to see you.

Joe: (CONF.) I hate pretty much everyone here. Its just so easy, its so boring. Almost.

Chimmy:(CONF) I like pretty much everyone here! It's just so fun, it's never boring! (XD)


Joe: (CONF.) Chimmychonga is a wuss!!!

Elimination - Killer Cameras

Do it the same as last time. Go here. You have until after my dinner, or sometime else if I change it. I'm hungry, so bye for now.

Chris: Okay kiddies, time for elimination! The first marshmallows go to...

  • Izzy
  • Chimmy
  • James
  • Matt
  • Trent
  • Geoff
  • Tye

Chris: Two marshmallows left. The first goes to...

... Bridgette. And the final marshmallow goes to...

... Cody. Courtney, you're out. Remind me not to trust you if I break my ribs or something.

Week 7: Monster Smash

Chris: Campers! Its time for yet another challenge! This week's genre... monster movies! Pick one person on your team to be a monster. Tell me in my talk when you're done.

Chimmy:Ooh! Pick me! I can use my fire to enhance the experience!

  • Confessional

Cody: that was close last night.

  • Static

Cody: Hi Chimmy

Chimmy:Hi! Cast your vote for the pyro!

Cody: Ok Chimmy for the monster :D:D:D:D

Joe: After 2 weeks ago, I'm definitely the monster. No questions asked!

Chris: Okay, so Chimmy and Joe are the monsters. Joe, you'll be Deityzilla and Chimmy, you'll be Emporer Gnok. You guys are going to try and destroy the other team's city while they plummet you with all sorts of fancy guns and such. The monsters are robots and you guys will be wearing those neat suits that Chef used in TDA so you don't get hurt. Once you're dead, let me know. Otherwise you'll be out for lying.

Cody:oooooooooooooo*grabs rocket launcher* DIE JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe: Chimmychonga won't make a dent!!! And as for Cody...(fires psychic blast at Cody) Thought you got rid of my psychic powers Cody? Well, think again!!!

Duncan:*grabs giant cheeseburger, stuffs it down Deityzilla's wires*

Chimmy:*amkes monster step on random house* THIS IS FOR YOU, SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!


Joe: Run, Juvie Boy! RUN!!! (fires psychic blast at Duncan)

Duncan:*somehow manages to use the force the flip the monster into the psychic blast* How the heck am I doing this?

Chimmy:*steps on another random building*

Joe: (fires psychic blasts at many random buildings and kills an intern)

Chimmy:*pyros at least 5 buildings to the ground*

Duncan: *kicks Deityzilla in the kiwis*

Joe: (sends Duncan and Cody into a hypnotic trance)

Chimmy:*steps on even more buildings*

Joe: (fires more psychic buildings at many more random buildings and kills 3 intern in the process) I'm so gonna win this!!!

Chimmy:*pyros hundereds of buildings into dust, and drops banana in front of Joe's monster*

Joe: (throws banana in front of Chimmy's monster) Take that Chimmychonga!!!

Chimmy:*uses banana's traction to burn another 1000 buildings, pyros to break fall, stands up*

Joe: I didn't want to come to this but...(fires a psychic nuke on the Cameras' city)

Duncan: I can't let Joe win, even if he is on my team! But I can't take that nuke...I've got it! *uses force lightning to neurtalize the psychic nuke*

Joe: Sorry! Psychic nukes are impervious to force-related attacks. Time to take down Chimmychonga!!!

Chimmy:Not so fast! *somehow manages to redirect the force lightning to destroy the rest of her city*

Cody: No your supposed to burn their city

Chimmy:Oops! *ressurects Killer Camera's city, redirect force lightning and destroys the Screaming Editors city*

Joe: Take this!!! (resurrects Screaming Editors' city, puts force field over Editors' city, and re-destroys Killer Cameras' city)

Cody:*really has to pee*ooh behind the editors monster*Pees there and monster breaks down*yays

Chimmy:Um...this is my last resort...GO PINK PANTHER!! *unleashes pink panther, who epically fails at deactivating the forcefield* (XD)

Joe: HAHAHA!!!!!! I WIN!!!

Cody: how i peed on ur monster

Joe: Actually you didn't.

Harley: When's this challenge gonna end? And where's Chris?

Chris: Hurray! Challenge over! Winner is Chimmy, since She destroyed the city first. I never said you had to burn the city, I just said destroy it. Nice try Cody. Editors, go to your elimination ceremony.

Chimmy:YES!!! I mena...arg! FOR THE LAST TIME, I'M A GIRL!!!!

Joe: (CONF.) Like I said before, Chimmychonga's a wuss! A big, fat wuss!

Cody: Yayz i won

Joe: How did we lose?

Cody: because the bully stinks*hi fives chimmy*

Joe: (CONF.) Chimmychonga needs to stop being a wuss! She's too soft and too nice to everybody! If we make it to the merge, I'll make sure she's the first to go when that happens.

Chimmy:Something tells me that Joe doesn't think I'm competitive enough...but if I make it to the horror movie challenge...just you wait!

Joe: (CONF.) I hate everybody here. James is a saint. Tye's irritating. Chimmy's a wuss. Geoff's stupid, along with Lindsay. Duncan thinks he's a bad boy, but he's really a wuss just like Chimmy. I could go on and on, but I'll do that when I make it to the finale.

Cody:*overhears* If he makes it past the elimination. Everyone VOTE JOE OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe: (hears Cody from confessional) What the hell? (sees Cody) YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (captures Cody and takes him back to the pirate movie set)

Cody: Oh  Crap*remembers he has knock out gas*take this*put it on Joe*

Joe: (blocks gas with force field) Psychic force fields FTW!!!

(CONF) Tye: I like everyone here, they're all awesome. James is nice, Chimmy's awesome, Geoff likes to party, Lindsay's kinda cute, and Duncan... well... he's Duncan. Joe's pretty much the only person that irritates me. (XD I love contradicting confs)

Joe: (CONF.) Let me tell you something about Tye. He doesn't know which side he's on. Good or Evil pal, not that hard to choose. He's also a smelly, smoking hippie. I HATE HIPPIES!!!!!!!!! He also doesn't know when to shut his mouth.

(CONF) Tye: Joe, is an idiot. He thinks that just because two sides exsist, you have to choose one. You can be a good person, but an evil strategist. And this whole "powers from the devil" crap? Don't get me started. (XD, StrategistFlicting at its finest)

Joe: (CONF.) Tye thinks he's so smart. (impersonating Tye poorly XD) "I'm gonna make it to the merge and your not!" Please. My cousin's 3-month old brother can make it to the merge faster than that dips**t!!!

(CONF) Tye: Joe thinks he's so powerful with his "powers". If he makes it to the merge, the whole Cameras team will vote him off in a flash. (bad, unintentional pun =D) He can't, and won't, win.

Joe: (CONF.) I have my ways of winning: blackmailing, deception, trickery, cheating, manipulation, persuasion, and perserverance. I can care less who's against me. All I know is that I have my ways. (evil laughter)

Cody: Hey tye since we both hate Joe we should form an alliance

Chimmy:(CONF)...I'm not in here to comment, I just dropped my ice cream in here! (XD)

Joe: (overhearing Cody talking to Tye) What was that Codemesster?

Tye: Nothing of importance to you. (XD nice interruption Chimmy)

Joe: Do I have to smack all 3 of you until your faces turn bloody red like my sanity here. (XD)

Tye: 3? In case you haven't noticed, it's just us two here. Chimmy went to go look for her ice cream. (XD)

Chimmy:(Thanks! I just couldn't take it! I just HAD to interrupt all the seriousness! XD) *runs up randomly, licking ice cream* So, what's new with you guys?

Joe: Why did I even sign up for this? I'm already f**king rich! I live in a mansion by the Vancouver beaches, have 2 summer homes, 1 in San Fransisco and 1 in the Bahamas, have over 30 decillion dollars, and I have my own school. (BTW, decillion means 33 0's)

Tye: Then quit! (XD)

Chimmy:Oh yeah, Joe? Well, back when I was in the orphanage, I took psychic lessons! I predict you're gonna get eliminated next!

Joe: I predict that your gonna get robbed of your most prized possession after tonight's elimination. Oh and nice try Tye, but I'm not going down that easily.

Tye: *Mumbling* Was worth a try... (XD)

Chimmy:Oh yeah? What IS my most prized possesion?

Joe: Like that's hard to know. Anything that has Shadow on it pretty much. But the 2 most prized Shadow-related things you have are the life-sized limited edition glow in the dark Shadow plushie and Shadow himself!!!

Cody: I feel invisible.......IM GOING TO MY CABIN SO DROP THE F***ING ICE CREAM AND WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:NEVA!!! *clutches ice cream*

(CONF) Tye: I kinda feel bad for Cody, I mean, none of the ladies like him (XD) and he has no alliance. I think he should be in ours.

Cody:*overhears Tye* hey the ladies are all over me*no girls around* theyll come

Joe: (CONF.) How come Cody will never learn that no girl will fall for him? Look at him, he's a f**king dork!!! Come to think of it, I should get one of those life-sized limited edition glow in the dark Shadow plushies for myself. Or I can steal Chimmychonga's!

Chimmy:*overhears* NEVA!!!! *clutches Shadow plushie, curls into ball, twitches* (Something tells me the rabies isn't quite gone...XD)

Joe: (CONF.) Talk about lack of personal space and privacy on the show. These guys can hear better than Batman.

(CONF) Tye: I personally think it's hilarious how everyone eavesdrops on Joe. It gets him really peeved.

Chimmy:*pets Shadow plushie* THE PRECIOUS.... (XD)

Joe: Duncan I need to talk to you. Its about Courtney and Coco.

Everyone: 0.o

Duncan:No. *walks away*

Joe: I don't think so. (creates force field which prevents Duncan from leaving)

Duncan:Whatever. *sits down, starts carving wooden head*

Joe: Chocolate?

Duncan:No. *finishes carving Courtney head, starts carving another*

Joe: I need to talk to you. Its about Courtney's heave ho off the show. It was Coco who told everyone on the Cameras to vote her off. I had nothing to do it. In fact, here is what happened. (puts video on his iPhone and shows Duncan)

Coco: Cody, you need to convince the others to vote off Courtney. She's useless and I know it will leave Duncan in shock.

Cody: Got it! I'll tell the others. (video ends)

Joe: Do you agree with me that you need to do something to avenge her, like oh say, eliminating the mastermind behind it, Coco?

Duncan:Whatever. *finishes carving Chimmy head, sighs* I think I have a crush on Chimmy, anyways...(LE GASP!! XD)

Joe: Okay then! Here's a better idea! If you don't vote off Coco, I'll tell Dimitri to tell Courtney that your cheating on her! Then we'll see who has a crush on who?

Duncan:I never said I was dating Chimmy, I said I had a crush on her. But knowing how evil you've been, I predict that once you are voted off tonight, you'll tell Dimitri, and once Courtney get there, he or you'll tell her. Besides, I like Courtney WAY more than Chimmy.

Joe: Okay, better idea, again! I'm prepared to give you $200 in cash if you vote off Coco. And if I get eliminated, I'm gonna have Harley take the $200 away from you and bring it back to me. So, if I give you $200, will you vote off Coco?

Duncan:No. I don't take bribes.

Joe: (really, really angry) THAT'S IT!!!!! I TRIED EVERYTHING ON YOU!!!!! I DIDN'T WANT TO DO THIS BUT...(sends Duncan into a hypnotic trance) Now repeat after me. I will vote off Coco. I will vote off Coco. (repeats 10x)

Lindsay: Uh, James?

Duncan:*falls asleep*

Tye: *Pokes Duncan repeatedly* (Sunshine moment, everyone has one XD)

Joe: Now when I clap, you will awake and switch your vote to Coco. (claps)

Duncan standee:*falls over*

Duncan:*borrows Sonic's shoes, runs away*

Joe: Hey Lindsay, if I give you $200 in cash, will you switch your vote to Coco?

Lindsay: Uh, I'm in an alliance with Jamie...

Joe: C'mon. James doesn't know about this. Its $200 and you buy alot more stuff at the mall. Its all yours if you vote out Coco with me and Harley. Deal?

Lindsay: What if I don't vote for Coco?

Joe: Then you will be forced to watch the most boring films of mankind. And I will make sure you watch every single one of them.

Lindsay: *Gasps then realizes that your sorta evil xD* I'm not dumb.

Joe: Your smart Lindsay. You were the one that cut the right wire in the TDA spy challenge, and you figured out the "murder" yesterday in the TDA mystery challenge. So, do you want $200 in cash, or not? And all you need to get $200 in cash is to vote off Coco.

Lindsay: No thanks. I'd rather watch boring movies all day.

Joe: That can be arranged. (throws Lindsay into a cage and takes her to a haunted theather)

Chimmy:*runs out of confessional completley coverd in blue paint* I'M BLUE! DA BA DEE DA BA DEE! DA BA DEE DA BA DEE DA BA DEE! (XD)


Joe: I'm gonna give you one last chance Lindsay. If you vote out Coco, you will get $200, a trip to the mall, and you won't have to watch boring movies for the rest of the night. Your choice!

Chimmy:*just as Lindsay is about to answer, pops up in front of her face* I HAVE A BLUE HOUSE WITH A BLUE WINDOW!!

Joe: You wanna watch boring movies too? Well why didn't you say so? (ties up Chimmy and puts her in a force field) Now Lindsay, all I need from you is a vote for Coco. Only if you say yes, I'll set Chimmychonga free. So you pretty much have a forced answer! Just vote for Coco so we can be done with this!!!

Tye: *walks up behind Joe* Hey, what's up? (Lol, I like how Tye can hate Joe at times, and not care later)

Lindsay: Uhm, Joe, two-hundred dollars is nothing, my dads rich.


Tye: *walks over to TV, turns it off*

Joe: (turns it back on and puts on AMW)

John Walsh: Tonight on America's Most Wanted, the proud owner of a theather and many art gallerys was robbed yesterday. Mr. Hugh Belonde (Lindsay's dad) was robbed yesterday at his mansion yesterday when he was sleeping. The thief stole about $10,000,000 of Mr. Belonde's fortune. The thief got away in a black limo. There are no clear shots at the thief, but take a look at the scar on his chin. Notice how there's a bit of dried blood on it. He was also wearing everything black, so you can't much of him. But if you know anyone with dried blood on their scarred chin and brown hair died red as seen in this shot. If you know ANYTHING about the robbery of Mr. Belonde, please call 1-800-CRIME-TV, and remember, you can remain anomynous.


Tye: *Dials number* Uh, yes, I think I might have a possible suspect here, you might want to come check this out.

Joe: In conclusion, your not rich anymore Lindsay. But this $200 can change that. All you need to do is VOTE OFF COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And give me that thing! (throws Tye's cell phone and breaks it before Tye can finish the call)

Chimmy:*while dialing number on her iPod*I WALK A LONLEY ROAD! THE ONLY ONE THAT I HAVE EVER KNOWN!

Tye: They're already on thier way. I wasn't even calling about you, but when they get here, it will be.

Joe: (fires psychic blast at Chimmy's iPod) Now I think we all understand eachother. Nobody leaves until we vote off COCO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:*stands up, random stage appears, grabs microphone,sings to everybody* I'VE DONE EVERYTHING THAT YOU SAY! I'VE FOLLOWED YOUR RULES WITHOUT QUESTION! (XD, I'm just randomly belting out songs on my iPod*

Coco: (appears out of nowhere) Okay! If I vote myself off, will you all shut up?!?!?!

Tye: *walks away listening to iPod and singing "One After 909"*


(Chimmy:Wait, I control Coco! You can't make her quit!)

(Tye: Problem solved.)

Joe: Just vote for Coco! Her name isn't even called at ceremonies. She never talks. She's useless! She's a complete waste!!!

Tye: Move over once, move over twice, come on baby don't be cold as ice, she said you're drivin on the one after 909...

Coco:*walks up to Joe* What did you just say?


Joe: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tye: *takes out headphones* What? Seriously? *puts headphones back in* She said you're drivin on the one after 909... (=D Beatles)

Joe: (CONF.) I HATE EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY DRIVE ME F**KING INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST WANT TO KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THEM ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(CONF) Tye: *Listens to "Toys in the Attic"* What? this is the only place it's actually quiet once in a while.

Joe: (overhearing) SHUT UP TYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (kicks the confessional so hard, it falls)

(CONF) Tye: *Is totally oblivious, still listening to music* (GTG)



Coco:*headbangs* (Sorry I haven't been here, it's just kinda hard to control 3 characters and have them all be active. That's why Duncan didn't talk much until recently)

Cody:*burps*(nuff said)

Chimmy:I feel like I'm spinning out of control! Try to focus but everything's twisted! And all along I thought you would be there.... (Thought you would be there) To let me know I'm not alone! But in fact that's exactly what I was!

Joe: (CONF.) Chimmychonga has issues. Big, f**king issues. Someone needs to giver her some damn therapy.

Chimmy:(CONF) IZ DON'T HV IZzus! *rolls around in ball clutching Shadow doll, foams at mouth*

Chimmy:I'm spinning out of control! Out of control! I'm spinning out of control! Out of control! Where should I go? What should I do? I don't understand what you want from me! Cause I don't know! If I can trust you! All of the things you've said to me!

Elimination - Screaming Editors

You know the drill. Go here and vote you peoples!

Chris: Okay guys, time for the elimination ceremony! First marshmallows go to...

  • Lindsay
  • Duncan
  • Harley
  • DJ
  • Tyler
  • Gwen
  • Heather
  • Violet

Chris: Two marshamallow left. Who will get it? Joe... or Coco? The last marshmallow of the day goes to...

... Joe. Coco, you lost by ONE VOTE! Too bad... I guess you just weren't monster material. Oh well. I'll see the surviving 18 campers next time for an exiting new challenge!

Week 8: My Great Big American Geek Wedding

Okay campers! Time for this week's challenge! A ROMANCE! I'll give you details in a moment.

Chimmy:(CONF) Ooh! I LOVE romance! *mutters* I just don't want to be paired up with Joe...I have to make sure the Editors lose!

Cody: Ladies it's your lucky day.

DJ:I Can't wait i'll Blow up.*Farts aciddently*Excuse me.

Joe: (CONF.) I HATE romance! (vomits (I smell a running gag) XD) I gotta make sure the Cameras lose! I'm not going down that easily!!!

Chimmy:(CONF) Why do I want the Editors to lose? He's about yay tall, demon red eyes, and red hair.

Cody: So who wants a piece of the Codemeister first?*NO ONE* 0.o

Joe: No one's gonna fall for you Cody. When will you ever learn?

Tyler: *smiles at Lindsay*

DJ:I wonder who I'm with.

Chris: Each of you will be paired with someone on your team. Here are the pairs:

  • Izzy and James
  • Bridgette and Geoff
  • Chimmy and Cody
  • Lindsay and Joe
  • Duncan and Heather
  • Tyler and Violet

Chris: Trent, Matt, Tye, Harley, DJ, and Gwen will be sitting out, since we don't have an even amount of boys and girls.

Chris: Anyway, the first challenge is simple... kiss your partner. And not just a peck, a full blown kiss!

Chris (CONF.): I love this show!

DJ:I may enjoy this.

Chimmy:Hold on. *pulls out cell phone, calls Shadow* Hey, babe! So...the challenge is to give your partner a OK with that?...OK, thanks!...Oh, thanks, babe, I hope I win too! Bye! *hangs up* All right, I'm in!

Joe: (CONF.) Big deal! At least I don't have to kiss Chimmychonga.

Chris: That can be arranged. Chimmy, switch with Lindsay. You'll get your partner back after this part of the challenge.

Tyler: *grabs Violet, makes out for 15 seconds* *runs away and almost vomits*

Chris: Score is 1-0!

Joe: Nope! No way! I would rather die!

DJ:C'mon Joe it's for the win.

Tye: That can easily be arranged. (XD)

Chimmy:*gulps, takes deep breath, makes out with Joe for almost a full minute, runs away to blow chunks*


Gwen: *laughs*

Joe: (CONF.) I never thought I would say this about Chimchar, but that WAS HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!! (vomits) Except for the vomiting! She's gotta stop eating that fire! (vomits again)

Chris: Score is 2-1, Editors in the lead! (The kiss counted for both of them)

Duncan:No, no and NO!

Joe: Then in that case! (grabs Lindsay and makes out with her a full minute) This better count for something!!! (vomits)

Chris: Actually, no.

Duncan:I am NOT making out with Heather EVER again!

Chris: If you do, your team will win the first part of the challenge...

Duncan:Not for 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 bucks!

Chris: Okay, just hope that Lindsay, Bridgette, Geoff, Cody, Izzy, and James don't beat you by tomorrow at noon!

Joe: Well that was worth nothing! And as payback...(vomits all over Chris XD)

Chris: You want to be eliminated? Then stop barfing!

Chimmy:*finally finishes barfing* I WALK ALONE! I WALK ALONE!

Joe: Hey!!! (in Cartman voice) You try controlling if you were me!!!

Cody: Come here Lindsey*Kisses Her*

  • Confessional

Cody: Score

  • Static

Chimmy:*to Cody* Chris switched me and Lindsay for the kiss challenge. *To Joe* Just you wait! (BTW, I'm gonna stop trying to vote off Joe until someone returns. I want Joe to be there if Amy returns.)

Cody: What is the score

Joe: *to Chimmy* Listen here you fire-breathing buttface, Dimitri is the one who's coming back to whoop your butt into submission!!! You really think she's coming back? Dream, a better dream!!! But my dream is gonna be reality when Dimitri returns!!!!!! (evil laughter)

Lindsay: Joe, what are we supposed to do?

Joe: Your supposed to kiss Co...I mean your supposed to kiss Tyler.

Joe: (CONF.) This is elementary. If I play matchmaker, Lindsay and Tyler will HAVE to vote with me and Harley the next time we lose. I just have to keep them a couple.

Lindsay: But I don't like him anymore? I like Trent!

Joe: (CONF.) Does everyone like to piss me off? Because their doing a better job than my cousin!

Lindsay: (CONF.) Trent is soooooooo cute! I just want to makeout with him!

Lindsay: *Makes out with Trent* Okay, I'm done!

Joe: I wonder what JockeyHero McDoGooder would say about this?

Lindsay: Whos JockeyHero McDoGooder? Is he cute?!

Joe: (facepalms, XD) James? And BTW, he's ugly!!!


Joe: *to Chimmy* You have issues! No ands, ifs, or buts!!!


Joe: Will you shut your fire-breathing mouth?!?!?!

Chimmy:OK! *lip-syncs*

Joe: (CONF.) After seeing the footage from B-Movie Island, I think I want Amy back now too. If she comes back, I found a way to get to the Final 4 with ease.

Joe: (starts singing I Don't Care with Harley)

James:*kisses Izzy and holds down puke*

Joe: *to James* Well, well, well! Look who decided to finally show up?!

Chris: The score is 2-2! Either Bridgette and Geoff have to kiss or Heather and Duncan! Who will win?

Duncan:I. Am. Not. Kissing. That Bi***

Joe: YES YOU ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay: *Pushes Duncan into Heather making them kiss* There!

Joe: WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hugs Lindsay) YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE WIN AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan:*quickly pulls away* Blech! I'd rather kiss my school principal! My mother! Leshawna! (XD, Million Dollar Babies Refrence)

Heather: Okay. That's really low.

Chris: Good job guys. Now for the second part of the challenge... the Editor pairs (Joe's back with Lindsay) are going to get a triple-marrage! The other team, the Cameras, have to destroy the wedding before all three of them are officially married! (Since you aren't all 18, I'm going to rip up the documents during the next challenge). Now, go get married or go destroy a marrage!

Joe: Who's the third guy?

Chris: Joe, Chimmy, Duncan, Heather, Tyler, and Violet all kissed.

Chimmy:Sweet! *runs to reception, sits down*

Joe: I don't get this at all.

Chris: Chimmy, you and your team need to destroy the weddings from the inside. You can use whatever you want that IS NOT lethal. Or floral.

Chimmy:Dangit! *throws away flower print machine gun* (XD)

Joe: So which side am I on?

Chimmy:*sneaks up to cake, chows down* Mm...chocolate, my favorite!

Chris: Since you're on the Editors, you'll be getting married to Lindsay. All the people who didn't compete in the last part of the challenge can sit back and relax.

Lindsay: Get over it Heather! I know if I wouldn't have done that, our team would have never won, and you can't stand to lose!

Chimmy:*pushes over ivory statue*

Joe: Hey Trent! You wanna watch me marry your new lover? Well enjoy the show!!! GET ON WITH IT PRIEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:*puts Groucho Marx glasses on priest*

Chimmy:HEY LOOK! A DISTRACION! *while Joe isn't looking, tapes sign saying "Punch me in the kiwis" to Joe's chest

Lindsay: I do! I do!

Joe: What the f**k? (fires psychic blast at Chimmy)

Priest: Were gathered here to marry these 2 people. Both of you say I do and kiss.

Joe and Lindsay: I DO!!!!! (both kiss and vomit on eachother)

Priest: Your now husband and wife!!!!!

Chimmy:*recovers from psychic blast, punches joe in the kiwis, runs away as fast as humanly possible*

Chimmy: (CONF) I'll show that ba***** I can be vicious!

Lindsay *Jumps up and down* We win! We win!

Joe: YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! (now goes and chases after Chimmy)

Chimmy:*still running, quickly stops at McDonalds to use bathroom, (XD) continues running*

Joe: See you in hell Chimmy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fires psychic nuke at Chimmy)

Chimmy:*gulps, does matrix, barely avoids psychic nuke, falls over*


Joe: It doesn't matter!!! My team won the challenge!!!

Chimmy:*is about to point out that 3 couples need to get married, stops* Oh, right! *runs*

Lindsay: Joe, can I be in your alliance? I don't really like Jimmy's anymore...

Joe: (CONF.) Finally! I've been for that question for so long!!!

Joe: Yes! Yes of course!

Lindsay: Your not gonna play me right?

Lindsay: (CONF.) Wow, I think Joe's an amazing person and all, but I don't think I can trust him...

Joe: Oh, of course I'm not gonna play you.

Lindsay: (CONF.) I really hope he doesn't. I would be so mad! So then near the finals I'll beat him over!

Joe: (CONF.) Oh this is gonna be good. I'll be pissed if she actually betrays mwa. So then near the Final 7, I'll dump her.

Lindsay: (CONF.) But I can't do this alone...I need people...What about Tyler? Or Gwen. Yeah. Gwen.

Harley: Is this challenge over?

Chris: No, you only destroyed one wedding. You still have to destroy Tyler and Violet's plus Heather and Duncan's. You have until at most Wednesday.

Chimmy:*runs to Tyler and Violet's wedding, sneaks around*

James:*is holding flamethrower*Let`s do this

Trent:Run away from James!!!!!!


Priest: Were gathered here to marry these next 2 people. Both of you say I do and kiss.

Tyler and Violet: I DO!!!!! (both kiss and vomit on eachother)

Priest: Your now husband and wife!!!!!

Cody: *Eats all the food and throws pies at the Couple*


Priest: Were gathered here to marry these next 2 people. Both of you say I do and kiss.

Cody: Die!!!!!!!!*throws stinkbomb in their*

Chimmy:*punches Heather and Duncan in the gut, throws cake at Heather, dunks Duncan in the toilet*

Joe: (fires psychic blasts at Cody and Chimmy)

Chimmy:*ducks, psychic blast hits Heather in the face*

Joe: Will you 2 lovebirds just say I do and kiss?

Heather: I'm not kissing that delinquent!!!

Duncan: *while being dunked in the toilet* That...blub...makes two...glug...of us!

Joe: THAT'S IT!!! WERE NOT LOSING THIS!!! (gets Duncan and puts him beside Heather and leaves them in a force field until they kiss)

Duncan:Still not kissing her.

Chimmy:*caramelldanses in front of force field*


Joe: Fine! Then let's make this interesting!!! (leaves trail of dynamite to the force field) LET'S LIGHT THIS CANDLE!!!!!! (lights fuse) I'LL ONLY STOP IT WHEN YOU TWO KISS!!!!!!

Chimmy:*trips, falls in front of fuse thingy* Oh, hello, Mr- *is caught in center of explosion* I'm OK!

Joe: No biggy! I'll just light another one!!! (lights another fuse)

Chimmy:*trips, caught in center of explosion, repeat 8 times*

Joe: NOW I MEAN BUSINESS!!!!!! (ties up Chimmy and lights another fuse)

Chimmy:*picks up Joe doll with her mouth, tosses it in the path of the fuse, hops away*

Joe: (destroys force field and pushes Duncan into heather, making them kiss)

Priest: Now I FINALLY pronounce you husband and wife!!!

James:*burns the cake and destroys the church*

Joe: REVENGE!!! REVENGE!!! (fires psychic nuke at James)

James:*does matrix*

Trent: *whispers to James* You can get sued for that


Chris: Awesome wedding! Now, here are your official papers *rips up official papers* and now here are your official scraps. Cameras, head to the ceremony!

Cody: Aw man i was so close to winning

James:We lost? Crap! (CONF.) My vote is for Cody

Joe: Look on the bright side, I won't have to vote off Gwen.

Cody:*overhears* why are you voting me off? I helped during the past few challenges.

Harley: Spread the word to everyone to vote off Matt!

James:Cody,you HAVEN`T helped us much at all

Harley: James, tell your team to vote off Matt instead.

James:Too bad,already voted for Cody

Harley: Can't you just switch your vote?

James:No,cause you`re friends with Joe

Chris: Guys, you have to vote in the blog or it won't be counted, you know.

Harley: James, I'm actually helping you. Matt hasn't done anything since he got here. Lose him!!!

James:Maybe next week

Harley: Listen to me James! Who would you rather have? A guy who does something or a guy who doesn't do s**t?

James:Well,Cody makes me less focused in challenges so leave me alone 

Joe: Forget it Harley! Its his own team's loss. (laughs)

Harley: Tye! Tell everyone on your team to vote off Matt.

Joe: I don't think he wants to. Like I said, his own team's loss. (laughs)

James:*sits down*

Joe: What have you gotten yourself into?

Tye: OH MY GOD I JUST MISSED LIKE TWO CHALLENGES IN A ROW! ......... *Listens to Aerosmith* (XD)

Harley: Your missing out Tye. BIG TIME!!!

Tye: On what? I have no votes against me and I have Aerosmith. Sure, I might have missed out on the challenges, but we lost those. Maybe it was me not being there that made us lose... I dunno.

James:Tye,next week,we`re voting for Cody,I can`t STAND him

Joe: We would have voted off Gwen if we lost. But who did you vote for this week?

Cody: James your no different than Joe. I haven't done anything to you.

Joe: So your saying he's turning into a mini-me?

Cody: More like an a twin.

Joe: I'm so proud of you James!

Harley: (drunk) Where's the confessional? I gotta confess my sins.

Joe: Harley! Go tell Chimmy to vote off Matt and go tell Cody to vote off James.

Harley: Chimmy? Hey Chimmy?

Chimmy:*sleeptalking* Today I ate a cheese puff. The cheese puff smiled at me! (o_____________0)

Harley: (slaps Chimmy) Chimmy?!

Chimmy:*groans* 5 more minutes, Mom... (XD)

Harley: CHIMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:*suddenly wakes up* Wah! Oops!

Harley: Vote for Bridgette next week! Vote off Matt this week!

Joe: (CONF.) This better work!

Harley: Cody? Hey Cody? Don't vote for Bridgette this week, vote off James instead!

(CONF) Tye: Whatever Joe and Harley are trying to do, it's not gonna work.

Joe: (CONF.) Alot of people in my high school call me cute and innocent. Do you think I use those 2 traits to my advantage? Do you think I use my cute charm to get whatever I want? (chuckles) Duh?

Harley: (CONF.) (drunk) (singing) 29 bottles of beer on the wall, 44 bottles in here, take 42 down, throw them around, 1 bottle of beer on the wall. (XD)

(CONF) Tye: I think drunk Harley is hilarious, but I have no idea how he became Joe's friend.

James: Tye, next week it's gonna be Cody, ok?

Joe: (CONF.) If James survives Cody's wrath, I have a plan to get 1 of those dips**ts onto my side. What an ironic twist, since tomorrow's war movie day!

James (CONF): Cody's wrath? And also I'm NOTHING like Joe. Ask my friends, I'm not evil, unless you get me mad.

Joe: (CONF.) James doesn't know what's coming to him. I don't even know how he became a whiney little jock!

DJ: (CONF) I think James is not gonna make much further in this game.

Joe: (CONF.) James is NEVER gonna make it to the merge!!! NEVER!!!!!!

DJ: (CONF) Actually I predict James will get eliminated in this episode.

Joe: (overhearing DJ) I never thought DJ would side with me on this. Sweet!!!

Cody: Look james im sorry for whatever i did to u. Tell me what i did and i will stop. I really don't want to be enemies.

Joe: I think he wants to be enemies.

Harley: When's the bonfire?

Elimination - Killer Cameras

You know what to do.

Okay guys, time for the Elimination Ceremony. When I call your name, you're safe.

  • Izzy
  • Chimmy
  • James
  • Trent
  • Geoff
  • Tye

Next person is...

... Cody. And the final marshmallow goes to...

...Matt. Bridgette, time to go. How come almost no one voted?

Week 9: War Without Peace

Chris: Ah... another beautiful day... a perfect time to GO TO WAR!!!

Chris: That's right, today's challenge is a total war! The two teams will be fighting each other with paintball guns. If your out, tell me in my talk.

  • Confessional

Cody: I need to step it up. Bottom three last night.

  • Static

Cody: I am very good at war video games.

DJ:Will this include injury/death?

Joe: So DJ, you think James will get eliminated soon?

James*ignores Joe* DJ,forget him  

Trent:Sup guys?

Joe: You are so lucky we didn't lose yesterday!

DJ:Probably after the merge episode 15.

Joe: Swell! But I need you to do something for me!


Joe: Come with me. (takes DJ to a room where noone can hear what they are saying) I need you to pit James and Tye against eachother.

Cody: *Confronts James* Listen we may be enemies but today we work together because this is war.

DJ:What does that mean?

Joe: It will cause distractions for the other team and it will wreck their friendship, which will cause them to gang up on eachother. Aren't I such an evil genius?

DJ:I'll do it.I already have a plan.

Joe: What was it?

Chimmy:*grabs Princess Beth dolls* PRINCESSES...ATTACK! *stuffs doll in paintball gun, fires*

DJ:I say something fake that James didn't say about Tye.Then BAM!!! They're enemies. Good idea. Right?

Joe: Perfect! (Joe and DJ laugh evilly together)

Harley: (drunk) Hey, its war! I gonna buy a 12-pack, a general's hat, and become the team's captain! GENIUS!!! (vomits XD)

Joe: What are you doing Harley? And what are you doing Chimmychonga?

DJ:So Tye. James said some bad things about you.

Joe: (CONF.) I always thought DJ was a softie, I never knew he could be so vile. I like vile. I like it alot.


Joe: (CONF.) Note to self, vote Chimmychonga off after the merge happens.

DJ:(CONF)I never thought it would feel so nice to be evil!MWHA MWHAHAHAHA!!!! (XD)

Joe: (CONF.) DJ's on my side now!!! How do you like me now Chimmy, James, and Tye?!?!?!

Chimmy:*continus firing dolls with her paintball gun*

Joe: I'll show you Chimmy. (shows up in a tank filled with paint missiles) FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fires paint missile at Chimmy)

Chimmy:*curls into a ball, rolls away* Woah...I think I've learned a LOT of things from Shadow...*continues firing dolls at Joe*

Joe: Try rolling from this! (fires heatseeking paint missile at Joe)

James*repeatedly shoots Joe and Harley and they`re out*

Harley: Were not finished yet!!! (straps bomb to mini-bot's chest) 30 seconds until arty destruction!!!

Joe: (fires another heatseeking missile at James, Chimmy, and Tye) IT ENDS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ:*lays 5 paint bombs*Set for 20 seconds!!!

DJ:*runs away* 5......4......3..........2............1.............

Chimmy:*teleports herself, Tye, James, Geoff, Duncan, Trent and Cody away from the explosion* guys OK?

Harley: I hope your all safe, because you won't be for long! (tanks surround them)

Chimmy:*looks back at her friends* Guys, run! I'll handle Harley.

Joe: Quit wasting your time! DJ! (DJ ties up Chimmy's friends, but James and Tye escape)

DJ:I'll get you two!Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! (XD)

DJ:*turns to Chimmy and takes out bomb*Fire in the hole!*Throws bomb*

Chimmy:*ducks, bomb hits Gwen in the face* Um...wasn't me! *runs away*

DJ: BOOYAH! Gwen is OUT!

Joe: Harley! DJ! You go after James and Tye!!! I got a little score to settle with Chimmychonga!!!

DJ: I got Tye tied up here! *shoots Tye* Tye is OUT!

Harley: I got James tied up!!! James is OUT!

Joe: Its just you and me Chimmychonga!!!

Cody:*gets him and James out of ropes* Joe your going down*shoots Joe in the eye*

Joe: NOW ITS WAR!!! No pun intended. (XD) (grabs a rocket launcher and shoots heatseeking missiles at James and Cody)


Joe: Chris? Can you eliminate Matt? He hasn't done anything since he came here.

Harley: Joe? Don't you have to defeat Chimmy, James, and Cody?

Joe: Oh yeah.

Joe: (CONF.) Harley's too weak to be team captain. Its time that I started to take charge!

Chimmy:*camera switches views between Chimmy and Joe, the two get into a showdown*

Joe: So Chimmychonga, it all ends here.

Chimmy:So it will...*the two get into a Sonic-style showdown*

Joe: And so it will. NOW LET"S HAVE AT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fires psychic nuke at Chimmy)

Chimmy:*counters nuke with massive inferno of blue flames* It's on!

Joe: I'll destroy you!!! It ends here!!! (makes a undodgeable tsunami)

James:Joe,I got you out

Chimmy:*quickly grabs Izzy, uses her as a surfboard* WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! (XD)

James:*leaves paint bomb by all the Editors and it blows up*

Duncan:Crap, these are new piercings!

Joe: Yeah, but DJ and Harley got you out, but Cody saved you. Besides, I wanted to destroy Chimchar for a while, and this is a perfect oppurtunity for me and her to dish it out.

James:Ok then

Chimmy:*looks back at Joe* I shall defeat you! *jumps off wave, pyros the water into steam, making Joe unable to see*

Joe: So that's how its gonna be!!! (levitates steam and throws it Chimmy, making her unable to see)

James:Joe,you`re out!

Chimmy:(CONF) I was always told when someone's playing dirty, you play dirtier!

Chimmy:*caramelldanses* (XD)

Joe: (picks up Chimmy and throws her into an oil drum)

Chimmy: *spins around in oil drum rapidly*

Joe: So James? Tye? Cody? Feel like you wanna do something?! (laughs)

Izzy: whats happening?

Joe: Chimmy's done for! James, Cody, and Tye want to save her for no reason.


Cody: Chimmy is our friend HOBOJOE

Joe: Yeah...Right. (beats up Cody and shoots him with a paintball gun)

DJ:*dances*Cody is out! Cody is out!

Joe: YES!!!!!!!! NOW TO FINISH OFF CHIMMYCHONGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cody: You know what Joe i can guaruntee you will be eliminated tonight. Because 1. Your a loser and bully 2. Because our team will win for sure So you might as well drop out now!!!!!!!!!!!You got that Joey boy huh*holds gun to JOEs eye and shoots him bout 334 times*

Joe: You think your such a big hero, but I got a few words to say to you...DJ, HARLEY!!! ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (DJ and Harley attack in paintproof gear shooting at Cody and the other Cameras)

DJ:*enters plane*Take this!*shoots 5,000 missiles*

DJ:(CONF)Once I get voted off I might start a band.

DJ:*throws another bomb*Garamamole (XD)

Harley: (enters helicopter) NO MERCY!!!!!! (shoots 100,000 missiles)


  • Confessional

Cody: Doctor says ill be better tommorow

  • Static

Cody: Here!!! *gives James Joe's dark rock* Take it and throw it in his gun!!!

Joe: Cody, how much do you wanna bet that you'll be leaving because of your injury? Well, you know what they say? You fell in the line of duty!!! (evil laughter)

Tye: "They?" Who is "they?" We need to bring them into the present, whoever they are.

Joe: Harley? (Harley shoots Tye) I was gonna say your out, but that works too. Oh and Tye, DJ wants to talk to you.

Harley: Aw man!!! I just drank my 6-pack. I might as well go buy a 12-pack. (drops gun and goes to the nearest mini-mart and buys a 12-pack)

Tye: Uhh, much to my misfortune, you already got me out. And where is DJ anyways?

Cody: Joe I hate you.

Joe: And I hate you too.

Cody: You and your alliance almost killed me. My team should win because of that and you should be eliminated.

Joe: Yeah, but do you make the rules? No you don't, so shut up!!!

DJ:*takes Tye somewhere private*So Tye,James said stuff bout you.

Tye: This stuff would be what, and I would care why? (XD Care-free personality, hard to piss off)

DJ:He said"Tye think's he's evil but I think he's a clown".Also he said"Tye goes prancing around saying "I'm evil.I'm evil."I think that's so stupid.

Harley: (drunk) Which one of you fellers stole my 12-pack? I just had it.

Tye: I never said that, therefore James never said that.

DJ:Tye you are excused.*walks to Joe*The plan yeah it didn't work.

Joe: Can any person be naive once in this game? Did I just break the 4th wall? (XD) I guess the only thing we can do is, 1, win the challenge, but you'll have to do that alone. And 2, convince Cody to quit because of his body injury.

Tye: *Listens to more Aerosmith* I hope the challenge ends soon...

DJ:I'm taking Chimmy down.*gets in Jet with bombs,missiles and a Chimmy locator*So where's Chimmy.Ahh the easiest place to hit someone on the east side.*goes to east side and finds Chimmy*Chimmy.Bye-Bye.*shoots everything and finally hits Chimmy*YEAH!!

Izzy: and me explosevo will take DJ done *does a ninja kick* yah IZZY WILL WIN!!! HAHAHAHHA (think i went off the bridge...)

Chris: Challenge over! Say "I" if you've been "killed". If you lie and I find out, you will automatically be eliminated, no questions asked. So be truthful. You don't want to miss tomorrow's challenge...

Joe: I

Harley: I

Chimmy:I.... (MEANWHILE)

Joe: (Joe, Harley, and Tyler were playing Rock Band and Joe was singing Poker Face) Can't read my, Can't read my, No he can't read my poker face. (she's got to love nobody) Can't read my, Can't read my, No he can't read my poker face. (she's got to love nobody) P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face (Mum mum mum mah) P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face. (CARTMAN FTW!!!)

Cody: I

Chris: Well, it looks like the teams are tied. But, that's not true. Since Tyler was playing Rock Band with Joe and Harley, that means he wasn't in the competition, so the Cameras win. Editors, pick someone to get out of here.

Izzy:voting already?

Joe: Prepare to lose your woman Trent.

Joe: (CONF.) Do you wanna know why I want Gwen kicked off? It will cause Trent to go crazy, which will cause a lot of his team's loses, which will get his team to vote him off. I never know how smart I was until now.

Heather: When's this stupid bonfire?

Trent:*sniff*Gwen goodbye,I guess

Joe: YAY!!! I WIN!!!

Chris: Ignoring, Joe's strange outburst, it's time for elimination.

Elimination - Screaming Editors

Here's the link, knock yourself out.

Chris: When I call your name, your safe, person with none is out, blah blah blah.

  • Lindsay
  • Joe
  • Duncan
  • Harley
  • DJ
  • Heather
  • Violet

There's only one marshmallow left on my plate. It goes to...

... Tyler. Gwen, your out of the war.

Week 10: Saturday the 31st

Chris: Happy halloween, kiddies! This horror movie challenge is going to be the best so far! First, you all are going to draw your character wearing their halloween costume. Then, you will escape from Jackson Mitchell Kroger! But first things first, draw your halloween costume. You have until November 2nd.

Joe: (CONF.) Who's the easiest person to scare around here?

Chimmy:*walks up to Trent* Hey.

Joe: Yeah. How's are little wuss who just lost his girlfriend last night.

Chimmy:*in Rouge the Bat-like voice* Oh, shut up. Let him recover.

Joe: (real Joe comes up from behind and scares Chimmy and Trent) So how do you like my Joe dummy?

Chimmy:In a word? Suckish.

Chris: Why does it look so much like me?

Joe: How should I know?!

Harley: I got a rock.

Joe: I don't care. Who wants to TP and egg Chef's mess hall.

DJ:I do!!

Tyler: Joe, Harley. *grabs Joe and Harley* Wanna form an alliance?

Lindsay: (Points to the blood running down the wall) Where is that blood coming from?

Tyler: Chef's kitchen. *tastes this "ketchup" and vomits* Nope... that's real blood.... Luckily, I didn't eat that much.

Lindsay: (Runs out) AHH!

Tyler: Heh. Chicks are so easy to trick. ... ... ... OH CRAP, THAT WAS LINDSAY

Joe: Sure! DJ, Lindsay? Joining?!

DJ:I WILL JOIN!!DUH!!!I'm not stupid!!!

Tyler: Of course, Lindsay will join. I'm in it! Anyway, I've got plans. But they'll only be announced until we find out the winner of this challenge. Then we vote together if we lose.

Joe: Agreed!!! Harley?

Harley: Yeah?

Joe: You need to draw yourself in your Halloween Costume.

Harley: Oh yeah. Almost forgot. Be right back.

Joe: Well, well, well! If it isn't the wuss of the hour himself, Trent!!!


Cameras: Chimmy: B

Average: B

Editors: Joe - C

Duncan - B

Tyler - C

Lindsay - B

Average - B-

The Cameras barely win the challenge! You guys get a special Shout mask to help you scare the other team. Meanwhile, you guys need to fend off Mitchell Jackson Kroger. Beware! Oh, and here's $5. GO!

Chimmy:*randomly pulls out a loaf of bread, laugh evily* (XD)

Joe: Why can't they fend off the killer guy while we avoid them?

Cody: Because we are epic*puts shout mask on and gets giant chainsaw*HAHAHJAHJAHAH

Joe: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it too late to bring in Bat-Harley?

James:*is knocked out by Mitchell and isn`t moving*

Joe: I have food Mitchy!!! (points to an unconscious James)

Trent:Uhhh James isn`t moving,we should get him to a docter

Joe: No, let's not!!! I finally win!!! In your face Dead Boy!!! (evil laughter) Mitchy, here's food!!!!!!!!

Trent:Joe,if you give him to Mitch I will KILL you

Joe: Try me!!! (grabs James' body) See ya Gwen-losing wuss!!! (evil laughter)

Trent:*sniff*Shut up!

Chimmy:*walks up to Trent, comforts him* Don't let him get to you. It won't help.

Trent:*rolls up sleeve*Joe get back here!

Joe: Catch me if you can Gwen-loving, Gwen-losing, s**tface!!!!!! (evil laughter) (starts running with unconsicous James from Trent)

Chimmy:*chases after Joe*

Joe: Get her Bat-Harley!!!

Harley: (drunk) Da-da-da-da-da-Bat-Harley! Bat-Harley! (attacks Chimmy)

Chimmy:If you're Bat-Harley...then I must be Cat Pyro! *rips clothing away to reveal black jumpsuit, attacks Harley*

Harley: (still drunk XD) Bat-Harley SMASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (attacks Chimmy and sends her flying)

Chimmy:*turns into Pyro Women, uses Rope of Fire on Harley*

Harley: (back to normal) Where am I? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT BURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:Oops! *uses rope of wetness on Harley* (XD I have a rope for everything)

Matt: I hate to interupt, but shouldn't you be rescuing a jock from a demon child?

Cody: *Scares the other team*

Cody: I am just too good

  • Static

Matt: Cody? Shouldn't you help Chimmy save James from a demon child?

Cody: I think i have to scare the other team though.......but*rescues James from demon child*

Joe: What the hell are you doing Codemesser?

Harley: (CONF.) I think Joe's the one who's on drugs right now.

Lindsay: By any chance, is Mitchell Jackson related to Michael Jackson?

Harley: I think so. Look. (points to Mitchell Jackson doing the Thriller dance XD)

Lindsay: Oh I can do that too! *tries to copy Thriller dance* See I'm Mitchel Jackson too!

Cody: I think we win

Joe: No you don't!!! If they win, I'll KILL somebody!!!

Mitchell: No, I will. *supposedly kills Joe, Cody, Lindsay, and Geoff*

Chris: Holy cow! He's on a rampage!

Mitchell: Cuz this is THRILLER *kills Duncan and Matt* THRILLER NIGHT! *kills pretty much everyone except Chimmy, James, Trent, and Harley*

Chris: The score is 3-1. Who will end this nightmare?!

Harley: (drunk...again XD) Bat-Harley Kiwi Kick!!! (kicks Mitchell in the kiwis so hard, it sends him flying)

Cody: *Kills Mitchell* Is that it..

James:*wakes up*What?*shoves Mitch down a hole and hears a boom*


James:Do we win?

Joe: Can I stop playing dead?

Harley: I beat him up the most! I should win!!!

Trent:Who wins?

Joe: WE SHOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James:ask Chris,just to be sure

Chimmy:*comes back with a fork* I've got the solution to our problem! (XD)

Joe: No you don't!!! I should win!!!

James:*copies Chimmy and is foaming from the mouth*


James:Ok,I`m not doing that part(XD)

Joe: Chris? Can my team win? Their all acting stupid by carameldancing!!!

Chimmy:*stabs floor with fork*

Joe: What the hell woman?!?!?!

Chimmy:*giggles* I have a juice pouch!

Joe: Whatever.

Chris: Cody wins for the Killer Cameras! Everyone else kind of just kicked around his "dead" body.

Joe: (CONF.) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get you for this Cody if its the last thing I do!!!

Tyler: (CONF.) I formed that alliance to get rid of Duncan. Then to eliminate whoever comes back tomorrow. And Chimmy, before the merge. THEY'RE OUT TO GET ME. Hmm, I'm really not myself anymore, am I? *take sout football, starts crying* WHY, DAD? WHY DID YOU SEND ME TO REFORMATORY SCHOOL?

Joe: (CONF.) With Tyler, Harley, DJ, and Lindsay under my wing, I'm sure we'll make it to the merge, and noone can stop me!!! (evil laughter)

Cody: I won YAYZ

Joe: Not for long Codemesser!!!

Harley: When's the bonfire?

Matt: (CONF.) I admire Cody, Trent, and Chimmy for rescuing James from Joe, but they are all SO dead now!

Cody: We won we're awesome OH YEAH!


Cody: AAAAAAAAAAAAHH Caramelldancing

  • Confessional

Cody: I hate Caramelldancing

  • Static

Joe: ENOUGH WITH THE CARAMELDANCING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll get you Chimmy and Cody and Trent too!!! (evil laughter)

Chimmy:*numa numa dances*


Chimmy:*takes nap*

Joe: I'm surrounded by morons!!!

Cody: Really how many mirrors do you have..

Joe: Alot, and if Chimmy carmeldances again, she's going down, literally.


Joe: (Joe beats up Cody) Wanna burp more?

Elimination - Screaming Editors

Chris: Okay guys, go vote your butts off. You've got until tomorrow at 4. Don't forget, in the next episode someone returns!

Chris: Editors, the time has come for one of you to go home. When you're name is called, you are yet again safe from elimination.

  • Lindsay
  • Duncan
  • Harley
  • DJ
  • Tyler
  • Heather

This is it, the final marshmallow. Will it go to Joe or Violet?

It goes to Joe. Sorry Violet, your time on TDTM is over.

Week 11: The Longest Fall

Chris: Hello campers! How would you like to meet a returning contestant?! The person returning to Total Drama: The Movie is...

... Amy!!!

Joe: AMY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Amy:That's right, Joe. I'm back! And I'm gonna make your life miserable!

Joe: We'll see about that Emo Queen? (evil laughter)

Harley: Amy's back?

Amy:He just said that, bi***!

Harley: I just got outta bed.

Joe: (CONF.) Amy won't be lasting long, this competition is gonna be mine!!!

Amy:*rolls eyes*

Joe: Uh, why did Chris pick you again? Oh yeah, that's right, BECAUSE YOUR A B***H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should've seen the look on your face when you were drowning back on B-Movie Island!!! (psychotic laughter)


Tyler: *walks over to Amy* How about a secret alliance to get him *points to Joe* out of here? No one has to know about it... *kisses Amy*

Tyler: (CONF.) *Clutching football, crying*

Joe: What was that Superstar? Are you trying to vote me out, and don't lie?

Amy:(CONF) I actually think Tyler's se**. But everybody knows a girl has to play hard-to-get.

Amy:Honestly, I can vote off Joe on my own. *walks away*

Chris: Okay guys, here is your first sport movie challenge: create a team flag and mascot. All entries are due by tomorrow at 4.

Joe: I have the perfect plant to get Amy or Duncan outta here!!! (evil laughter)

Tye: Congratulations...

Joe: Why thank...why are you encouraging me?

Tye: I never said I was. When was it implied that I was encouraging you?

Joe: So you want to help me vote off Amy? Thank you Tye!

Tye: What? I never said that! (XD)

Cody: Joe your just admitting you want your team to lose. YOU Don't need to do the challenge though because we will win anyway LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joe: Do you want a girl Cody?

Joe: (CONF.) I can use Cody's love to my advantage. If I get Cody into my alliance before the merge, then I'm sure I'll make it to the Final 3. (chuckles evilly)

Cody:*overhears* NO way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe im not joining your crappy alliance.

Tyler: *gasps*

Tyler: (conf) CRAPPY ALLIANCE?

Tyler: *punches Cody and knocks him out*

Amy:*to Tyler* Stop that! He didn't deserve that. He was only stating his opionion!

Tyler: *confused* Huh?

Tyler (conf): What happened to Emo Amy? ...I like a nice girl.

Amy:*trying to explain* Opinion, something stated by someone that can't be proven true.

Tyler: Incorrect. An opinion can be true. Say a guy named Bobby's opinion of something was that someone put his toe on it. Then someone comes in and says he put his toe on it. He even has footage. WHAT NOW, EMO GIRL?

Joe: (to Cody) Cody? Do you really want to have a girlfriend?

Amy:...and I was about to trust you...*walks away slowly*

Joe: Is it me or did Tyler just suck the emo right out of Amy?


Harley: (drunk) Hey Shirley Temple! Wanna go out with me to Antarctica?

Chris: Oh crap! I completely forgot about this weeks challenge! The Editors win!

Cody: Guys vote off Geoff he is a no show

Joe: Cody! I finally caught you. I just wanted to ask you want a girlfriend?

Cody: *Walks away* Fat loser

Joe: (Joe beats up Cody) Never call me fat again!!! I'm not even fat!!! (continues to beat up Cody)

Lindsay: *Gasps* Niether of you are fat!

James:Were voting off Cody

Joe: Be my guest JockeyHero McDoGooder.

Elimination - Killer Cameras

Cameras, vote off anyone you want. You have until 5 tonight.

Chris: Okay, since it's so late, I'm just going to say the bottom two: Cody and Matt. The one staying is...

... Cody. Matt, you're out. Someone please edit the table for me please. I'm tired. You'll have your challenge tomorrow morning.

James:*gives Matt a high five as he leaves*

Joe: Aww...Too bad you had to go so soon Matt! (to James) Next time...GET CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James:Ok,Joe can I say something,I can teach you how to be nice and then people will want you longer in the game

Joe: (hesitates until a lightbulb lit up in his brain) can teach me. You can teach me! (winks to the camera)

James:On second thought,forget it

Joe: (CONF.) I was just gonna pretend to be nice just to get further in the game. Looks like Jamie got the wrong message.

James:*sits down*Whens the next day or week,whatever

Joe: Jeff Probst said tomorrow morning. If were doing something stupid, I'm gonna deck him.

Joe: (CONF.) Like I said, i would play pretend nice to get everybody to trust me, but when the times would be right, I would crush them.

James:*steals a challenge sheet*Hmm prehistoric movie....*puts on loincloth*TA DA!

Joe: Words cannot describe how STUPID you look in that!!! I wonder what Natalie would say. (laughs)

James:Like you can look any better little scrawny geek

Joe: Did I ever say I was gonna wear one?

James:You will next week

Joe: No I won't, and if anyone has a problem with it, I'll get that Monster guy from 6 episodes ago.

James:*thinks about monster,shivers*

Joe: That was definitely the highlight of my time here, Episode 5. The memories!!! (evil laughter)


Joe: It was me VS. you, Chimmy, Tye, and Trent. I locked up Trent, kidnapped your girlfriend, and took you on a long, long ride. Then I was defeated by God knows what!!!

James:Whens the next week?

Joe: I don't know. Tell Chris that! But seriously, what was I defeated by when I hijacked that monster?

James: Me!

Joe: How?

James:Its a long story

Natalie: Tell me Jamesypoo.

Joe: Jamesypoo? But seriously, tell us! I like a good story!

James:I snuck from behind you when you were busy fighting Trent and used a beaver to break the cage

Joe: But I still want to know how you saved Natalie, just as took you for a ride?

Natalie: Yeah, tell the nice kid how you saved me.

James:I used a beaver as a chainsaw to break the bars

Tyler: ... I believe you for now. JOE! ALLIANCE MEETING!

Joe: Coming! Later Jamesypoo! (laughs)

James:Grrrrrrrrrr(CONF)If Joe isn`t voted out by the final 5,I`m gonna scream

Joe: (CONF.) We already who's gonna win this thing? I am. Imagine what the world would be like if I won!!!

James:*sits down and sighs*

Natalie: So how are you gonna beat that kid Jamesypoo?

James:I`m not sure*sigh*

Natalie: You gotta think of something fast, or he's gonna wipe everyone off on this show.

James:You`re right,I`m the only hope,the protagonist!

Joe: Who's the protagonist?


Joe: How can you be the protagonist? And if your a protagonist, what does that make me?

James:The antagonist

Joe: 2 things. One, what's an antagonist? And two, how on this green goddamn earth can you be a protagonist?

James:The antagonist is the bad person and I`m your worst enemy so...yeah

Joe: How do I know your a protagonist? Give me some proof that you are.

Cody: Yeah!!! I'm still in the game.

Joe: For now, next time your butt is outta here.

James:I`m the nice guy and I`m the anatgonists` aka you,worst enemy here

Tyler: Kay, alliance, if we lose this challenge, Duncan has got to go.

James:Ok....I should go

Harley: Why?

James:Not like that,I mean leave so you can have an alliance meeting

Tyler: Duncan's out to get me. So is Chimmy. If we eliminate Duncan, that's one vote against me in the merge. Besides the possible Amy. *goes over to Amy* Hey, Amy. I'm sorry about before. Who cares what an opinion is, anyway?

James:*walks away*

Harley: When's the next challenge?

Trent:I don`t know

Joe: What's wrong with James? He's acting like he's the hero and I'm the villain. What the hell?

James:Well,aren`t you evil?

Joe: Yes! But what did I do again that was bad?

James:You got Trent`s girlfriend voted off to make him depressed

Joe: Anything else? (coughs...Monster!...)

James:*reads a long list*Whew!That took a while!

Joe: Read it again! I wanna hear EVERY SINGLE THING!!!

James:*reads it again*I`m tired

Heather: LET'S START THIS CHALLENGE ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ: Chris let's start the challenge already.


Joe: This is really starting to irritate me!!!

James:It`s getting on everyone`s last nerve

Tyler: Including mine. Thank goodness Courtney isn't here, she could sue.


Tyler: *to amy* I said I was sorry!

James:*wacks Tyler*SHUT UP!

Amy:*walks up to James* What did Tyler ever do to you?

James:I was just having fun(LOL)

Tyler (conf): Amy's standing up for me! YES! ONE STEP CLOSER!

Tyler: *to Amy* Hey, thanks for standing up for me.


Tyler: Yes, thanks. Is there some sort of... *stops abruptly*

Amy:What is it?

Tyler: Your eyes... They're pretty...

James:You`re cheating on Lindsay!

Tyler: That reminds me... Lindsay, we're through. Friends? *forces her head to nod* Good. *turns back to Amy*

James:You cold little toad...that rhymed!

Joe: Tyler? Alliance Meeting? NOW?!?!?!

Tyler: Cold. Toad. Loser. *to Joe* What now?

Joe: (takes Tyler to secret room) Your supposed to be dumping the chic! Not falling in love with her!!!

DJ: Dude I'll go.

Tyler: I know, but... she's cute... and nice...

Joe: Where's the reformaty in you? Now go and tell her off!!!

Tyler: ... ... Do I have to?

Joe: Looks like I have to become the leader of this alliance now!!! Do I?!

Tyler: *sighs and goes over to Amy* Amy, I have to... ...invite you into my alliance!

Tyler (conf): *facepalm*


Amy:Really, Tyler? Thanks...

Tyler: Let's eliminate Joe, shall we? *goes to entire team except Joe and repeats sentence*

Joe: What are you doing this time Tyler?

Chimmy:*comes up with idea to cover up act* He's telling us to vote of James.

James:*walks away*

Chimmy:James, wait up! *follow him*


Tyler: *successfully and skillfully lying* James is going down!

Chimmy:*whispers in James's ear* Don't worry, it's a trick to keep Joe from getting suspicious. We're actually voting him off. *skips off, continues lying* James is going dddoooowwwwnnnn!!!!

Joe: (captures Chimmy with a rope) You need to join my alliance!

Chimmy:Depends. Who're we voting for?

Joe: Well I hate almost everybody here. So who do you wanna vote for?


Joe: Chimmy! This can be the start of a BEAUTIFUL friendship. (both laugh evilly)

Chimmy:*begins coughing* (LOL couldn't resist)

Joe: Here's the deal. I'll take you to the Final 2 if you get Amy, James, and Duncan to join this alliance, and other than those guys, you can't tell another living soul about this. Got that?

Chimmy:*is still lying about alliance* OK...

Joe: (lies about Chimmy in Final 2 deal) Alrighty then.

Chimmy:*walks away to alliance members* Alright, according to Joe, we're allied. Not.

Joe: (talking to his alliance members) Alright guys! Today's the day I get Chimmy's Shadow-loving butt outta here!!!

James:*over hears*Uh oh

Joe: What the hell are you doing James?!?!?!


Joe: (captures James with rope) Your mine now JockeyHero McJamesypoo!!!!!!

James:*cries*I don`t wanna die!I`m too beutiful!

Joe: I won't kill you, but I'll need a small favor in return.

James:If it`s an alliance then never!

Chimmy:*runs up to Joe* What the fu** are you doing to James?

Joe: I was just about to have him visit his old friend...the guillotine!!!

James:Atleast it`s not the interrogation room

Joe: Change of plans. Chimmy, your going to the guillotine. James! To the interrogation room with you!!!


Trent:I won`t ask

Joe: So...James? I'm soon gonna free reign over this joint and you can't do anything to stop me! Nice guys DO finish last! Only the power-hungry can conquer the world!!!

James:*in interrogation room*GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!

Chimmy:*is chained to gillotine, triying to break free* Someone help!

Amy:*overhears* Tyler, Chimmy's in trouble! *runs to gillotine*

Joe: We might want to test this first! Let's use this guinea pig, or should I say hedgehog!!! (shows Shadow doll to Chimmy)

Chimmy:NO! *closes eyes, chaos emeralds appear around body*

Joe: I'll take those!!! (confiscates Chaos Emeralds)

Chimmy:*body is glowing, blinding white light erupts from body*

Joe: Forget the testing!!! Flip the switch Harley!!!

(Harley flips the switch and the guillotine activates)

*after the gillotine has done it's thing...

Dark Chimmy(No pupils or anything, navy hair the floats):*appears next to the gillotine*

Joe: So this is how you want it? Huh? Good thing I had a spare dark rock just in case this would happen. (fires psychic blast at Dark Chimmy)

Dark Chimmy:*teleports out of the way, fires white flames at Joe*


Joe: You would hit me, but would you hit James and Amy? (levitates James and Amy and uses them as shields)

Dark Chimmy:*teleports flames, making them hit Joe in the back*

Joe: Cheap girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fires multiple homing super psychic nukes at Dark Chimmy, James, and Amy)

Chimmy:*shares power with Amy and James, transforming them into their super forms, ducks behind Joe*

Joe: CHEAPER GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! (transforms into Ridley from the Metroid games) Now I'm Joedley!!!

Joedley: (CONF.) Chimmy is going down!!!!!!

Harley: That's cool, can I try it?

Joedley: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fires plasma blasts at Dark Chimmy, Super James, and Super Amy)

Super Amy:*puts up force field around self, Dark Chimmy, and Super James*

Joedley: Looks like I'll need help!!! (creates 4 Mini-Joedleys to attack) (Joedley and Mini-Joedleys fire elemental beam at the super teens)

Dark Chimmy:*slashes dark energy at the Mini-Joedleys*

Joedley: (has Mini-Joedleys dodge dark slash attacks) (fires Super Ultra Mega Undodgeable Beam at the super teens)

Dark Chimmy:*closes eyes, eyes turn red, fires ginormous sustained blast of dark energy at the Super Ultra Mega Whatever* (XD)

Joedley: (fires another unavoidable Super Ultra Mega Homing Undodgeable Beam at the super teens that can't be avoided) I'm gonna win!!!

Dark Chimmy:*winces, envisions Shadow, random rings pop off body* I AM CHIMMY! CHIMMY, PYRO! (XD)

Joedley: Now that she's gone, my work here is done!!!

Plain old regular Chimmy:*walks out of smoke* I don't go down that easily.

Joedley: You just did.


Amy:*walks out of smoke, still has some glowing aura around her hands* Point is, we're gonna fight to the end.

Week 12: B.C. Before Chris

Chris: Good morning strange, random creatures we call kids! Today's challenge is a super awesome BC challenge! The first person to find the word "fire" on my user page and tell me where it is in my talk gets the boost in Challenge 2! You have until TOMORROW AT 5:30!!! Now, go find some FIRE!

Chris: Wow, Tye already won. For the next challenge, you guys are going to take down a wholly mammoth. Tye's team gets a bunch of giant rocks to throw at it. You have until Wednesday at about 4:00, maybe later.

Chimmy:Yay! *chucks rocks at mammoth, gives it nuggie*

Joe: This will be easy. (kicks mammoth in the kiwis)

Chimmy:*watches Men in Black while giving the mammoth a wet willy*

DJ:*uses flamethrower* FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:IMMA FIRIN MA LAZA! ...well, not really...

Joe: I win. I'm awesome.

DJ: *climbs on Mammouth and uses shotgun* BOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:*pulls out AK-47 out of back pocket, laugh evilly*

DJ:*starts randomly dancing and starts radio* I still have a groove move.

*several large explosions are heard*

Chimmy:*laughs evily*

Cody:*gets out a rocket launcher* DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:*gets Were-Sonic's spiky cleats, jumps up and down on the mammoth's eyeballs*

James:*in loincloth*I look good

Joe: You still look stupid Jamesypoo.

James:Shut up,and atleast I ain`t as scrawny as you

Joe: Oh really now? (pulls out a giant bone with rusty nails all over it and wacks James with it)

James:Ow! That hurt

Joe: Its supposed to hurt.

Trent:*wacks Joe*How did that feel?

Joe: (wacks Trent) You tell me?

Amy:*chucks Joe at the mammoth* No, you tell the mammoth!

James:*explodes in laughter*


Joe: (wacks mammoth in the kiwis, killing him) Now its your turn Emo Queen!!! (chases Amy with giant bone)

Tyler: *fires lazar at mammoth* Nice hole in your stomach, mammoth. *realizes it's dead, backs away slowly*

Amy:*runs from Joe*Crap!

Joe: Noone's protecting you now Emo Queen!!!

Tyler: *fires lazar at Joe's bone which disintegrates*

Joe: Good thing I always keep a spare indestructible bone with rusty nails with me at all times during prehistoric challenges. But this one, has a mini-guillotine on its edge. (continues to chase Amy)

Amy:*runs as fast as she can* HELP ME!!!!

Tyler: NO! AMY! Sure , it's good I coaxed Joe's bone out, but... I WON'T REST UNTIL I KNOW AMY'S SAFE! *runs after Amy but falls asleep a second later* (Chimmy reference!)

James:*wacks mammoth unconcious*

Chimmy:*shakes Tyler awake* Hurry! He's gaining!

Tyler: *screams like a girl*

Tyler (conf): *confused* Chimmy... cares?

James:We won!

Joe: Welcome to the corner of pay and back Amy!!!

James:Uh oh...

Amy:*still running*

Chimmy:Tyler, hurry! *sighs* Fine, I'll help! *chases after Joe with her AK-47*

Joe: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler: *running after Joe* CLICHE INTIMIDATOR! (XD)

Joe: (wacks Chimmy with giant indestructible guillobone) Now its your turn! TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler: *trips Joe and takes guillobone, whacks him with it*

James:Don`t the Killer Cameras win?

Tyler: Don't the Screaming Editors win?

Chimmy:*falls to ground*

Amy:*runs over to Chimmy, helps her up* You OK?

Chimmy:You care?

Amy:Yeah, one good turn deserves another.

Tyler: *faints*

Harley: Tyler! You saved Amy's life!

Amy:Tyler?*runs up to Tyler* TYLER?

Joe: What happened?

Harley: Tyler saved Amy from you and he's a hero now.

Joe: Tell him he's also a double-crossing d****e too!!!

Amy:*gives Tyler mouth-to-mouth*

Tyler: *is breathing again* *grabs and kisses Amy*

Joe: (CONF.) If Tyler and Amy fall in love, I'll be ruined!!! I'm gonna have to deal with this myself!!!

Tyler: Amy... Will you go out with me?

Joe: NO...SHE...WON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy:Oh quiet Joe. *kisses Tyler*

Joe: That's it!!! I'm taking over this alliance and if we lose, your HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler: So it's a yes? Oh, and Joe, you were OUT of the alliance a long time ago...which was about 26 hours.

Joe: Oh really now? Its MY alliance now!!! I'm taking MY alliance now!!! Now I say YOUR OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we lose, YOU...ARE...HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy:Don't worry, Tyler, I'l make sure they don't vote you out...

Joe: Then MY alliance will take YOU out!!! What do you think of that Emo B***h?!?!?!

Amy:Fine. Better me than him.

Harley: Even though I'm in Joe's Alliance, can I be your friends?

Amy:Depends. I don't really know you too well...

Harley: Tyler really saved you. Huh, Amy?


Tyler: You can be my friend if you vote off Joe.

Harley: But...Joe has bigger anger issues than Eva, and if he finds out I vote for him, he will KILL me!!! Tyler, Amy told me your her hero. I'm super serial!!! (South Park FTW!!! XD)

Amy:Tyler, it's true. Please don't pressure him. (TIMMAY! XD)

Tyler: You're probably right.

Harley: Truth is...I don't even like Joe!!! He's evil! He's not one of those normal antagonists on these shows, he's PURE EVIL!!!!!! You guys agree with me?

Tyler: Yes. Then... can you vote with us? You don't have to, and I understand if you're afraid.

Harley: He scares me, he treats everyone like crap, and he told me that if he won, he would become a world dictator. But he still scares me. You saw how he tried to kill you, Amy, and Chimmy with that bone. I just can't. I'm too young to die, or to stop drinking. (cries)

Amy:It's OK, we're not gonna force you to vote for Joe. You have the right to make your own decisions. (GTG soon)

Tyler: *hands pills that reduce the craving for alcohol* Take these tonight, 'kay? They make people hotter. (XD)

Harley: You can't let Joe win!!! He's a monster!!! If he wins, he will become a world dictator and enslave us all. We gotta stop him!!!

Tyler: Exactly.

Harley: He will rule the world if he wins. We will become his slaves.

Tyler: Not me, I'll be there for Season Two, get the money and we'll be consuls (XD)

Harley: Your a brave man Tyler. You saved Amy and Chimmy, got Amy to become your GF, and you want to rebel against Joe. This is DEFINITELY your highlight on the show.

Tyler: Probably. But Amy, Me, Duncan, Chimmy, *names everyone else on the show but Joe and Harley* will stop Joe.

Harley: What about me? Even though I'm in his alliance, I still hate him as much as anyone here. I wanna beat him and save TD: TM too.

Chimmy:*randomly there XD* Of course!

Duncan:*randomly there as wellXD* You got that right.

Amy:So...if some of us make it to the merge, we know who we're voting for?

Joe: Who are you voting for Amy? WHO?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Tyler: *locks Joe in soundproof cage* We vote off Joe.

Harley: Guys? Wait? I have a plan. Let's keep Joe until the Final 10, that way it will be easier to vote him off.

Amy:*nods, extends arm out*

Chimmy and Duncan:*place their hands on top of Amy's

Tyler: I'll bet $10 that one of us won't be there. JUST CONTINUOUSLY ATTEMPT TO ELIMINATE HIM. *puts hand in*

Joe: (screams so loud, the cage breaks) If I were able to...I WOULD MURDER YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HARLEY, GET OVER HERE, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler: *looks at Harley* Don't do it. Be a Lindsay.

Harley: No.

Joe: What did you say?

Harley: No.

Joe: (starts strangling Harley)

Harley: (struggling to break free) Somebody...HELP ME!!!

Duncan:*falcon punches Joe in the face*

DJ:*helps Harley and kicks Joe in the kiwis*AH HA!!

Cody:*Realizes* this is a stone age challenge!!!!!!!! We gotta kill the mammoth like cavemen*Lites fire with wood* araraagaggagah

James:Cody I already killed it

Joe: Actually, I killed it before you. (rolls flashback to when Joe killed the mammoth with his giant indestructible bone) You see?

Chimmy:*listens to random stone iPod*

Joe: DJ! Lindsay! Alliance Meeting!!!

Chimmy:*sings wonderfully* Once upon a time there was a girl. You wouldn't really call her typical. Had her own definition of cool, she lived in her own world!

Joe: YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (starts throwing tomatoes at Chimmy) Okay guys, let's go!!!

(Joe, DJ, and Lindsay head to the secret room for an alliance meeting)

Joe: Okay guys, here's the rundown. Most of these guys are against us, so were gonna get them to come to our side. Here's the plan, Lindsay, wear this. (gives Lindsay sexy devil outfit) This will get the guys to crawl all over you. Just tell them to join if they wanna see more, if you know what I mean. DJ, you blackmail the female campers with this. (gives DJ really disgusting photo) Tell them that if they on't vote with us, you'll force them to look at gross picture of Chef Hatchet during his surgery. Alright guys, let's do this!!!

Harley: Hey Duncan. What's up?

Duncan:*shrugs* I just feel a bit out of it...

Harley: What do you think of Joe?

Duncan:In several curse words? *********************************************************************************************************.

Harley: I got a plan. Tell everybody to keep Joe in until the Final 10. That way, he will be easier to vote off. Is it a plan?

Lindsay: Why so I have this costume? * holds it up*

Joe: (facepalms) Your supposed to wear it! (puts costume on Lindsay) Great, and attractive. Now go manipulate those boys!!!

(Harley, Duncan, Tyler, and Amy were discussing their plan on how to eliminate Joe)

Harley: So its agreed? We wait until the Final 10, and then we vote him off!!! What do you think?

Duncan:IDK...I just hate him so much...

Harley: But who knows what he has in mind? He's one of those people you'll never know what he's thinking about. Duncan, just curious, what did he do to you that caused you to hate him alot with a burning passion?

Chris: Time's up since I feel like it! The Killer Cameras win! Now remember Screaming Editors, next episode is the merge, so vote off the person who'll probably kick your donkey.

Joe: But I killed the mammoth before James did!!! My team should've won!!!

Chimmy:*shrugs, begins listening to iPod*

Harley: Duncan! Amy! Switch your votes to Heather!!! I have another idea, if we lower his alliance down, he will be a much easier target!!! Trust me on this!!!

Lindsay: *goes up to Trent* Hey cutie!

Amy:I'm not sure...if we vote out one of his alliance members, he'll get even MORE pi**ed...

Harley: Don't worry Amy. James, Chimmy, Tye, Cody, and Tyler are here to save us. Just please trust me on this, vote off Heather!!!

Harley: (CONF.) I need to get Joe off the show, but he can't go that quick. His alliance is too strong.

Harley: Duncan! You need to vote off Heather!!! Trust me!!! We can't take Joe down this easily. His alliance is too strong. Take down Heather instead!!!

Joe: (CONF.) Did Harley just defy me earlier back there? He's so gonna get it!!!

James:Editors,hurry while you can VOTE FOR JOE!

Joe: What are you doing JockeyHero McDoGooder?!?!?!

James:Just trying to help your team


Trent:You ok?

Cody: I made it to the merge!!!!!!!!!!*Focuses* Alright hey Trent have you ever thought about an alliance

Trent:No Cody I`m NOT Alligning with you

James:*sits down*I guess I`m stuck with Joe

Joe: Yes you are my friend. Yes you are. But you'll see more of me on Tdafans TDA Camp. (evil laughter)

(Harley was still talking to Duncan and Amy)

Harley: Duncan! Amy! Trust me on this. Vote off Heather!!! She will become a threat later on and she's already one of the most hated here, aside from Joe. Just trust me!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

Amy:I want to...but something's nawing at me. I mean, what would Joe do to us if he won immunity during the merge?

Harley: Oh sorry. That was me. Your leg smelled like fudge. (XD)

Amy:*sweatdrop* (XD)

Joe: DJ!!! Why are you voting for me?!?!?!

Cody: I can't believe im doing this but Joe, let's form an alliance.

Joe: Its about time you saw my way Cody. As long as you never tell another living soul about this, you got a deal.

Cody: You have a deal.

Joe: I just hope Heather goes. DJ and Tyler are traitors now.

DJ: (CONF) Duncan should go. He is a threat already.

Cody: Guys vote off Duncan

Joe: (CONF.) Since I'm such a generous person, I'll forgive DJ this time, since he switched his vote to Duncan.

DJ:(CONF) With Joe on my side I can get pretty far in this.

Elimination - Screaming Editors

Vote off your worst enemy, editors. Results are tomorrow.

Chris: Sorry about the wait, peoples. School sucks. Anyway, here are the results:

  • Lindsay
  • Duncan
  • Harley
  • DJ
  • Tyler
  • Amy

Chris: Only two more marshmallows left. The final marshmallow goes to...

... Heather. Joe, your out. If you hadn't of changed your vote to Duncan, you would of still been in the game. Sorry. Merge challenge is tomorrow.

Joe: BUT HEATHER WANTED TO QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE SAID IT ON THE VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS ISN'T FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:Sorry, Joe. *is holding back laughter*

Joe: You think I'm done with you Chimmy? You still gotta deal back at Tdafan's new camp! You haven't seen the last of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy:Oh, just get out of here already!

Joe: Fine! But you'll be hearing from my lawyers!!!

Amy:*runs over to alliance* All right, Joe's out!

Duncan:Let's party! (GTG)

Joe: YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James:As much as it pains me,you played a good game Joe

Harley: So Joe's gone!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to tell the others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (tells everybody else) JOE"S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! JOE"S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Harley: Why is Joe calling me? (answers cell phone and talks to Joe) Hello?

Joe via Phone: I'm sueing this show and I'm gonna do everything in my power to make you all pay!!!

Harley: Guys? Joe says he's gonna sue the show!!!

Trent:Whatever,he can`t sue,he was voted out fairly

Harley: He says that he's fileing a lawsuit for false information. If he wins the lawsuit, he returns to the show.

James:Let`s hope he loses

Cody: Well lets look on the brighter side...we made it to the merge

Amy:Yeah! So...who're we gonna vote out next?

DJ: I hated that jerk!! And vote out Cody

James:*to Chimmy,Tye,Geoff,and Trent*We vote for Cody tommorow,ok?

DJ:(CONF) I going to vote for Cody no matter what tomorrow.


Amy:I was thinking someone else, but...OK.

Harley: We did it guys! Joe is gone and we saved TD: TM!!!

Chimmy:Ya! But...something's nagging at me, and it's not you...(LOL)

Harley: What's the matter Chimmy?

Chimmy:I don't know...some kids at the orphanage said I was psychic, and I've got a bad feeling...

Harley: What bad feeling? we're all doomed to a life of suffering....

Harley: So your saying Joe might return?

Chimmy:I'm not positive, but it might happen, so...keep on your toes.

Harley: What would happen if Joe ruled the world?

Chimmy:You and Duncan would be hung, Amy and Tyler would be stabbed in the throat, and James and I would be in a drainage ditch...IDK about the others.

Harley: You and James are the only ones who can save us!!!

Chimmy:Exactly. So we better be prepared in case I am psychic.

Harley: But he's psychic too and is just as powerful as you are!!! I'm gonna have to hone my strengh when a challenge isn't going I have to go, for obvious reasons. *leaves, goes to practice pyro skills*

Cody: James your acting like such a badger telling everyone to vote me off just because YOU don't like so I have THis to Say to YOU..........................F*** YOU*Goes through endless line of curse words*

Harley: Its kinda sad to see James having more respect to Joe, then to you.


Harley: How long were you training for?

Chimmy:I'm gonna train in one hour sessions...

Tyler: *walks over to Harley* Joe's gone, so would you like to join my alliance? *walks to Amy, Chimmy and Duncan* Let's get rid of... um... Cody or James tomorrow. One of us should try to win invincibility. Deal? *walks back to Harley*

James:*stares dumbly at Cody*

DJ: Can I join your alliance Tyler? PLEASE!!!

Harley: I'll join.

James:Tyler cant lead an alliance

Harley: James? Do you want Joe back?

Tyler: Harley and DJ are in! And yes, I can, lead an alliance.

Harley: Tyler, guess what? JOE'S OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James:(CONF)I stick with my alliance

Tyler: I know you're drunk and all, but... I KNOW THAT!

DJ: Maybe we should boot Cody next.

Week 13: Middle School Musical - Merge

Chris: Hurray! Merge time! For this week's first challenge, you guys will be giving the eliminated campers a theme song! Pick a camper, pick a song, mix 'um together in Total Drama: The Movie Challenges and you win a challenge! You have until tomorrow at 5:30.

DJ: I do Gwen!

Tyler: I do Joe. Simple.

Tyler (conf): YES! JOE'S OUT!


DJ: Done already!

Harley: I'm doing Bridgette.

DJ: So Chris how's my song?

Cody: I got heather?

Tyler: Actually, I'll do Violet.

Harley: Who's doing Joe?

Amy:I'll do Courtney!

Harley: Chimmy or Duncan? You guys doing Joe's song?

Duncan:I think Tyler's doing it.

Harley: He's doing Violet.

Chimmy:I don't think anyone's doing him, then. You can have him if you want...let's see, Coco's impossible to do...pretty much the same with Talon...

Harley: I did Bridgette. You should do Joe. Your one of his mortal enemies.

DJ: Nobody's doing that jerk. And one thing hopefully he doesn't return!

Chimmy:Yeah...but I can't think of anything that hasn't been done!

Chris: More than one person can do the same guy, you know.

Harley: Chris? What songs would fit Joe the best?

Chimmy:I know! I'll do Sorrel!

Harley: Who are you gonna do Duncan?

Duncan:I guess Owen...

Tyler: Are you and Courtney still together? If so, do her! Or Gwen!

Duncan:I don't know...I love Courtney, but I can't think of anything for her...but Gwen, maybe...

Harley: Tyler, try doing Joe. You took him down, you should know the most about him.

Tyler: Already did Violet...sorry! I should have done Joe, but there were no songs I could find to fit him. OF course, I looked for about 45 seconds. XD

Harley: Didn't Chris say you can do more than 1 camper?

Tyler: No, he said that two people can do the same one.

Chris: Everyone go to this link!

Tyler: Why?

Harley: James? Wanna do Joe's theme song?

Harley: (CONF.) Wanna know why I want someone else to do Joe? I wanna see if THEY can find a song for him that THEY would think match his personality.

Duncan:*slams head against wall* Can't...think...of anything...

Harley: Like I said before, DO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HE'S EASY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tye, you do Joe. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan:ARRGGGHH!!! WHY CAN'T I THINK OF ANYTHING!??!?! *gets idea* Wait...would Amy count, since she was eliminated once?

Harley: WHY WON'T ANYONE DO JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan:I can't do Joe cause there have been too many attempts to get a theme song for him, and I can't copy anyone! *gets idea for Joe's theme song* Heh, it's crappy, but I have to do it...

Harley: If I were to guess, you got the idea from Joe's demanding personality?


Harley: Chris? Can we do more than 1 camper?

James:I cant get mine in time :(

Harley: Why?

(Tdafan:My computer screwed up,my dad is getting it fixed on Sunday,though)

(Koops: If your computer's broken, then how the hell are you typing?)

(Tdafan:Its not broken,I just cant upload videos and pictures for a while)

(Tye: You're not uploading any videos, just posting a link to one)


Harley: Is it more peaceful without Joe around?

Tye: You got that right.

Harley: Its kinda boring without a villain around. Don't you agree?

Tye: A bit. But I do like the quiet-ness of it.

Chimmy:*stubs toe*YYYYYYEEEEEOOOOOWWWW!!!! (XD, so much for quiet!)

Lindsay: *Sings really really badly and won't shutup*


James*To Tye,Geoff,Trent,and Chimmy*We vote for Cody tonight,ok?

Harley: I think we should vote for Izzy. The girl's crazy!!!

Cody: You guys don't to listen to this F*GHOT. Vote off Geoff he is the no show

DJ: Geoff should go Cody. (CONF) Tryin' to make friends so they don't vote me off and then I get far.

DJ: When the h*ll is the elimination!

Cody: Yo James you forgot this. Chimmy and Tye are my friends and Geoff is a no show so that would only mean two votes against me and i could convince them to vote you off

James(CONF):Cody is such a f****** a**hole

Harley: You know James? I could help you vote out Cody. Also, you don't have to upload videos, your just copying the URL, and pasting it to the song you chose for the eliminated camper.

Cody: *HEARS**WHISPERS* We will see about that*runs off and finds DJ*What's up buddy.

DJ: Hey Cody!

Harley: Hey guys, I just got this box from Chris, but he says I can't open it.

Trent:Harley,vote for Cody

Harley: Trent, what do you think is in this box?

Cody: I'll tell you Harley but you will have to vote with me tonight.

Chris: Okay guys! Judging time! The best song goes to... Tye! The rest of you, vote someone off.

Tyler: I lost... Oh, well. Alliance, we vote ... .... ...... Cody.

Lindsay: I forget whos in my alliance...was it you, Tyler?

Cody: Chimmy don't vote me off....don't listen to james. Lindsey and Chimmy and Tye vote off IZZYs

Tyler: Lindsay, you were in my alliance. Which means you need to vote Cody.

Lindsay: I voted for Izzy!

Tyler: You can change it. I promise, that the week after next week, Izzy will be the alliance's target.


Time to vote!!! Voting ends tonight at 6.

Chris: Sorry for the delay, campers. Life is stressful! Anyway, here are the safe people:

  • Chimmy
  • James
  • Trent
  • Geoff
  • Tye
  • Lindsay
  • Duncan
  • Harley
  • DJ
  • Tyler
  • Amy

Chris: One more marshmallow. It goes to... Cody. Bye Crazy- er... Izzy!!!

James:*high fives Izzy*

Trent:See ya later,Izz

Week 14: The La Bamba Code

Chris: Good morning campers! Todays challenge is a mystery! Well, what I mean is it's a mystery challenge. Anyway, you guys are going to crack a code, then use that info to find out who killed Chef Hatchet! Here's you code:

110 111 / 1 111 / 0111 111 0 000 / 0110 01 110 0 / 111 10 / 1 100 00 / 0010 01 10 0010 00 1010

Hint: Mr. Morse says one dash, zero dot.

Chimmy:Um...4? (XD)

Tye: All I know is that the message says "Go to Joes page on TDI Fanfic". Does that mean he did it? Because there's nothing else there. (The first time I tried to decode this, I didn't see the Morse part, so I used binary. It didn't work XD)

Harley: How do you this stuff?

Tye: It's morse code, you know, dots and dashes.

Cody: *Behind Trailers*Yo DJ did you ever think about an ALLIANCE.

Harley: Why does it say to go to Joe's fanfic page?

Amy:Beats me.

Cody: Yo amy thanks for convincing Chimmy and Duncan to change votes or i would be out of here.

Tye: Chris? Does the message saying "go to Joes page on TDI Fanfic" mean Joe killed Chef? Or is there more to it than that?

Harley: Joe's a murderer?!

Tye: T_T

Duncan:Well, remember when he found out we were gonna vote him off?


Joe:If I were able to...I WOULD MURDER YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Harley: What the hell was that for?

Chris: Joe's page isn't the end of it, look deeper!

Cody: What do you mean by Joe's page

Tye: Now it says "Benthegame killed Chef". Do I win now? (XD impatience)

Chris: Yup! Everyone, attack Benthegame! More mystery challenges are coming up!


Chimmy:How could Cody do that? Oh well...*makes fire erupt from her hands*

Harley: I can't believe Joe's innocent? Or is he? Maybe Cody got falsely accused!!!

Amy:Wether it's Cody or not, we have to find the-

Chimmy:*poor accent* MURDER!!!! (XD)


Tye: You think I'm going to attack someone for a prize?

Geoff: I know I am.

Tye: Well, that's you. I'm staying here.

Geoff: Ok, dude. *Runs to find Cody*

Cody: *STill in UBer hideout*

Amy:*looking for Cody* Now where is that little...*bumps into wall* What the...


Harley: What happened Amy?

Amy:I bumped into something...*feels wall*

Harley: This ain't no wall!!!

Amy:Then what is it?

Tyler: *comes late* Benthegame killed Chef!

Duncan:We know that already!

Chimmy:Amy bumped into something, though....

Harley: Its a secret door. Help me push.




Chimmy:*rams door XD*

James:Cody tonight,ok?

Chimmy:OK! *rams wall again* (LOL, I just realized something...The La Bamba Code, Cody...)


Trent:*opens it*Yes!

Duncan:Woah...what is this place?

James:Aw man!Theres no lambriguini!(...)

Harley: What is this room? (Creepy music starts playing)

Chris: This is Set X. Technically, Set X does not exist, but if it did, it'd be comprised of the top men and women from the top military units in the world, the alpha dog's. When all else fails, we don't. (XP G.I. Joe reference) Here, you guys are going to find the real killer using clues I'll give you later.

Cody: MAJOR PROBLEM MAN they wanna vote me off so you need to vote James off tonight.

(Tdafan:Cody,you aren`t supposed to hear us)

Chimmy:*looks behind her, stops playing the organ* (XD)

James:Chimmy?What are you doing(LOL)

Chimmy:What? Just because we're searching for a *bad accent* murderer...*end accent*, that means I can't play music? (XD)

James:Good point


Trent:I bet it was Joe

James:No doub

Cody: Chimmy plz vote off James

Harley: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tye: Need I remind you that Joe isn't here anymore? I bet it was Chris. There's plenty of reasons for him to kill Chef.

James:True that,Tye,Cody tonight,ok?

Cody: Tye, Not Cody tonight, ok. James is an A**hole who wants me out for no reason. VOte HIM OUT!

James:I have reasons

Cody: Name 5`re annoying are a nerd3.I hate think you`re cool5.You didn`t help our team

Harley: Is that Chef's head, or am I just seeing things?

(CONF) Tye: All I know is that the only way to get them to stop argueing is to present a reasonable median.

Tye: Hey guys, how about we vote off people from the other team?

Chris: There ARE no more teams

Tye: You think I don't know that? I meant the people that were originally on the other team

Cody:1 yes i can be annoying 2. im not a nerd i just look it. 3. IDK 4. Im not that im just making friends. 5. I helped the team plenty of times.

Harley: Wait, what's that? (spots a note from Joe)

Harley: (reads Joe's note) I killed Chef Hatchet! That will teach you not to f**k with me! -Joe WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James:Not surprised

Harley: So Joe killed Chef and framed Cody for it!!! Am I right?

Chimmy:*plays dramatic music on her organ XD*

Tye: Where'd you even get that?

Geoff: *Is pushing on wall looking for another secret passageway* (XD)

Chimmy:Um...I found it? (XD)

Harley: JOE'S THE KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler: *randomly comes out of ground with Violet holding Chef's head* Violet killed Chef! She even admitted it! *takes out lie detector and uses it* See?


Harley: I'm confused now.

Tyler: So am I. Let me see that note from Joe. ...Hey, this is Chris's handwriting! And Joe's signature is a...sticker!

(Chimmy:LOL sticker)

Joe (from B-Movie Island): HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyler: *finds elephant housing* That's random... *pushes it over revealing Chris producing fake notes from "Joe"* A-ha! *runs to Chris and finds out that this image is not a poster, it's the real Chris*

Harley: I always hated Joe's laugh! Its like if the Joker smoked helium and weed at the same time! Weird, huh? (Randomness FTW!!!)

Cody*goes to cabin and watches south park* Stan: O my god they killed Kenny! Kyle: You B**st**ds. Cody: XD

James:Home,home on the range...

Trent:*stares weirdly*

Lindsay: *Stares at Trent admirely*

Harley: So let me get this straight, Chris wrote in binary to frame Cody, which caused to find a note that framed Joe, and Tyler's story which framed Violet. So who's the culprit? Joe? Cody? Violet? Chris? I say its Chris!!!

Tye: No, he used Morse code. I think it's Chris, too. But anyone else can believe what they want.

Tyler: It's not a story! Violet's right over there! *points* And I have a lie detector! *gets violet, proves she is the murderer* See? No lie! Plus, she has the head of Chef! *shows evidence*

Harley: So who won?


Lindsay: Tie won. I don't know how things win though...

Harley: (to James' Alliance) We vote out Cody tonight.

Cody:*to Tye, Chimmy, Geoff and DJ* tonight we vote off James

Harley: Is the challenge over?

Tyler: I'll go get Chris.

Amy:Good call.

Chris: Here's your final clue. Whoever gets this post it on my talk.

0101010001001000010001010100101101001100010100100100100101010011010000110100100001000101 010001100100100001001101010100110100110001000110

Hint: This time, it's obvious

Harley: The killer is Chef himself!!!

Chris: Nice Job! Harley *holds up Harley's arm* is the WINNAH! Everyone else, go vote someone off.

Harley: (in Cartman voice) Sweet!

Chris: Really freakin' bored with nothing to do? Go to chatango, it's good for you!

Cody: Don't vote me off please.

Tyler: Why should we not? You're kind of annoying, and you can't even run an alliance. They don't even listen to you!


Chris: Time for someone to go home! Here are the safe peoples:

  • Chimmy
  • James
  • Trent
  • Geoff
  • Tye
  • Lindsay
  • Harley
  • DJ
  • Tyler
  • Amy

Chris: Only one marshmallow left... will it go to Duncan or Cody? It goes to...

... Duncan. Bye 01000011011011110110010001111001!!!!!

Week 15: Chris's 11

Chris: Welcome survivors to another exiting episode of Total Drama: The Movie! This week, it's a crime movie! You guys are going to write a plan (do this on tdi fanfic) about how you are going to get the cash from a billion dollar casino. The person with the most elaborate plan wins! Oh, and let me know the title of your plan so I can find it.

(Chimmy:I'm confused. Do we post it on your talk there?)

(CK11: What she said.)

(Schwine: No, just write it on tdifanfic and go to my talk and say "Hey, I posted it here")

DJ: Mine's done already and it rocks!

Harley: My elaborate scheme is finished!!!

Chris: Times up! The winner will be revealed momentarily!!!

Chris: And the winner is... Harley again! DJ's plan was pretty good to, so I suggest not voting him off. You can, but shouldn't. Now go vote.

Tyler: DARN! I had the perfect plan, but I never wrote it on paper. Alliance...James goes home tonight.

DJ:(CONF) I'm safe I know. I've never been in the bottom 2 yet!

Duncan:You sure?...OK, I guess....

Tyler: DJ, Lindsay, Amy, Chimmy, Duncan, Harley, Trent, vote with me tonight?

DJ: Yep.(CONF) Now that Tyler and me are buddies. We'll get far. I hope.

Tyler (conf): Another one joins the power. Soon, this gang of mine will be the final... *counts people worth taking to finals* ...six.

Harley: (CONF.) 2 challenges in a row!!! Everybody better watch out!!!

Tyler (conf): I hate to say it, but if Harley wins too many challenges, we'll have to vote him out.

Tyler: Harley, my man, nice one!

Harley: Thanks!!!

Harley: (CONF.) As much as I hate to admit it, I better watch out for Chimmy, Tye, Amy, and Tyler. Their my biggest competition. If Joe comes back, those 2 lovebirds better watch out!!!

Tyler: I hope Joe never comes back...

Chimmy:If he does, I'd be psychic, but I don't want to be this time...

Harley: I just got this from Joe. He gave it to Chris, and then he gave it to me.

Chimmy:Well, THAT can't be good...

Tyler: What is it?

Harley: Its a letter.

Tyler: Oh, no!

Amy: Oh....crap...

Tyler: Amy, I love you!

Tyler (conf): I was panicking! Joe could come back and break us up at any second!

Amy: I know...the feeling's mutual...

Harley: This is terrible!!! I can't read what it says!!! Can someone else read what it says? (XD)

Tyler: Read it to me. It might be upside down, or you're just too drunk.

Harley: Read it out loud.


Tyler: It says...

  • Dear Morons of Total Drama: The Movie,
  • I hope your all enjoying yourselves, because you won't be for long! You'll face my wrath, each and every one of you who got me eliminated! Tyler and Amy, I hope your happy together, cause you'll be broken up into tiny pieces soon enough! If I return and you vote me off again, I'll be using your heads as my footstools!
  • With Great Hate,
  • Joe

Amy:Crap infinity. (XD)

Chimmy:You got that right.

Tyler: *rips up note* Let's just hope he doesn't return.

Amy:*nods head*

Tyler: *to Amy* We won't be torn up. Ever.

Amy:I know...I'm just worried...

Joe via B-Movie Island: At least I'm nice enough to keep in touch with you morons!!!

Harley: Why don't you just shut up Joe?

Joe via B-Movie Island: Make me Drunky!!!

DJ: Seriously SHUT IT!!!

Joe via B-Movie Island: Why don't round up your stupid friends and we can have a "little chat" together?

DJ:*walks away*

Joe via B-Movie Island: Looks like DJ is back to his stupid, ugly weenie self!!!

DJ: I heard that you f*ckin' jerk!

Joe via B-Movie Island: No s**t Sherlock!!!

DJ: Here's one thing about you Joe! You are a ***************************************************************** and that is you Joe.

Joe via B-Movie Island: Whatever you say...TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ: Harley shut it off!

Harley: (drinking beer continuously) What?

DJ: Shut it off!

Harley: Okay. (turns machine off)

DJ: Thank you!

DJ:(CONF) Today should be the next challenge!

DJ: When's the elimination? I'll get Chris.


Chris: Sorry about the delay, I went to a thanksgiving party. Anyway, here are the bottom 2:

  • Lindsay
  • James

Chris: Who will make it to the next episode? It is...

... Lindsay. James, you are the weakest link. Goodbye.

James:*in straight jacket and being dragged away by 4 interns*What!!!????!No!!!This can`t be!!!I`ll be back I-*gets shot by a trainquilizer dart*

Trent:See ya James*waves*

Joe (at the Boat of Losers): What do we have here? James...losing! (evil laughter)

Tyler: *gasps*

Joe (at the Boat of Losers): You!

Tyler: *wakes up from dream* At least James is gone...

Joe: (in Freddy Kreuger clothes) This ain't no dream Tyler!!!

Tyler: *wakes up again*

Harley: What happened to you Tyler?

Tyler: I had dreams...with JOE in them... *shudders* (XD)

Harley: Eww...More like nightmares. Why are you having nightmares about him?

Tyler: It had something to do with a puppet master somewhere named "KoopaKidJr." (XD)

Harley: What did he say in your dream? Anything referring to the letter he gave to me earlier?

Tyler: He was on the boat of losers and pointed at me with the middle finger and said "you."

Harley: Not to freak you out, but while you were sleeping, Joe was actually here taunting James after his elimination.

Tyler: OH MY GOD *goes back to sleep*

Harley: I heard him say he's gonna get revenge on the one Tyler loves.

Tyler: *snoring*

Harley: TYLER!!!!! (wakes Tyler up) You should protect Amy at all costs!

Tyler: already... *snores* am... *falls back asleep*

Harley: From what? (wakes up Tyler again XD)

Week 16: The Lion, the Chris, and the Drama

Chris: Good morning everyone! This week's challenge is a fantasy movie! For your challenge, you guys are going to find the door to Narnya. The other three doors lead to Hell, Tokyo, and the Mushroom Kingdom, so be careful which you choose. Once you're there, pick a partner and the two of you will try to kill the evil Dragon of Darkness. If you end up killing him, both of you are safe from elimination. Now, GO SAVE NARNYA!

Tyler: *finds X-ray glasses on ground* Ooh! *goes through correct door* I choose Amy when she gets here!

Amy:*randomly chooses right door, steps through* Hey, Tyler!

Chimmy:*goes through door to Tokyo* Ooh! PRETTY FLASHY LIGHTS!!!!

Duncan:*goes through door to Mushroom Kingdom* WHAT...THE...HE**...

DJ:*goes through the Hell door and finds the dragon* I knew it!

Chris: Close your eyes DJ! That's the Angel of Death for Bad People!

Tyler: Let's find the dragon! FOR NARNIA! ...Oh, and Amy, too. *runs into forest with Amy* I see a cave!

Harley: Mushrooms? (runs through Mushroom Kingdom door) MUSHROOMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy:Yeah! Let's go! *walks into cave, screams*

Harley: How we've been separated for so long? (eats mushrooms and grows larger) What the hell is happening to me? Hey, isn't that Duncan?

Duncan:*eats fire flower, torches Courtney photo he had under his pillow*

Tyler: It's okay, Amy... *sees fire* EEP! I think it's the dragon...

Lindsay: *Goes though Mushroom kingdoms door* OOOOOH!

DJ: *beats up the angel of death for bad people* TO EASY!! * another angel comes* (XD)

Lindsay: *Finds Harley* Hi Harley!

Harley: (touches a star and turns invincible) NOW WHY THE HELL AM I GLOWING?!?!?!

Amy:*grabs stick* (You'll see where I;m going with this later. XD)

Duncan:*touches the thing that turns you into Bee Mario and flies around*

Lindsay: *Pokes Harley* Pretty colors....!

Harley: Hi Lindsay! Hi Duncan! (starts running faster and starts to glow more) HOW DOES MARIO PUT UP WITH THIS CRAP?!?!?!


Geoff: Ok, dude.

Tye: Umm... which door do I go through?

Geoff: The one that says "Narnia" on it?

Tye: Sure. *enters Narnia*

Amy:*the stick transforms into a black lightsaber* DIE DRAGON!!!!! *dives at it*

DJ: *enters Narnia* Yes! *sees Amy fighting the dragon and starts  killing it*

Dragon: *dies and roars*

DJ: I rock! 5 points for .............. ME!!!

Amy:*pulls out her lightsaber, begins epic battle with DJ*

Harley: (exits the Mushroom Kingdom) Glad that's over. What the... (sees dragon) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ: Amy, STOP!!! I need to talk to you and Tyler!

Harley: Is anyone gonna help me? Oh well, good thing I brought this mega mushroom for an emergency like this. (turns giant and kills the dragon) I'm outta here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (stomps away)

Lindsay: *Runs after Harley* Wait up! Aren't we partners?

Chris: Harley and Lindsay win a boost for the next challenge! A stick! The challenge will be posted tomorrow. See ya then!

Tyler: *stealthily takes the reward* Here, Amy, you'll need this.

Amy:No, Tyler. They deserve it. Please give it back.

Tyler: Okay, Amy, Anything for you. *sighs, returns it*

Tyler: (conf) This is the life. Nearly winning a challenge. With my girlfriend. But it was a stick...but a special stick...hmm...

Lindsay: *jumps up and down* Yay!

Chris: Remember those magic sticks I gave out? Those were WANDS! For the next challenge, you guys are going to fight Hammy Plotter style! The rest of you have to MAKE your own wands, so get started! The last one standing wins!

Amy:Crapola! ...wait! *walks over to Duncan*

Duncan:Yeah...fine. *hands Amy some powerups from the mushroom kingdom*

Chimmy:*skips away with Tokyo magic XD*

Harley: I love this game!!! (poofs up a beer and drinks it) Life is good!!!

DJ: *poofs up Joe and strats punching him*

Joe: Where am I? (sees DJ) I'm at Total Drama: The Movie? Your so stupid DJ!!! (shoots a tranquilizer at DJ)

DJ: *poofs Joe back to B-Movie Island*  TAKE THAT!!!

Amy:Let's test this out! *poofs up cookie* It works!

Chimmy:COOKIE!!! *foams at mouth*


Harley: You do know you almost brought Joe back into the game, right?

DJ: Yeah. That's why I confused him.

Chris: Stop messing around, guys! FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

DJ: Oh well. *hits Lindsay and Geoff* YEAH!!!

Chris: Oh, and anyone interested in joining Total Survivor Island can do so now.

DJ:*hits Tye and Trent while doing tricks*

DJ: *hits Chimmy,Amy,Tyler and Duncan* I so good! (CONF) To easy!

DJ:*uses super power and hits everyone even Chris* Ahh! I'm going crazy! But did I win? *spins in circles randomly*

Amy:Alakamoozle! *summons monster from TDA to destroy everyone*

Duncan:Alakomakes! *summons boulder from Indiana Jones*

Chimmy:Magic wordy thingies! (XD) *summons Fan Boy and Chum Chum XD*

DJ: I destroyed everyone. Guys! Guys! GUYS!!!!

Chris: Uhh... I'm gonna go WAY out on a limb here to suggest that DJ won. Everyone else, go vote someone off who isn't DJ. Voting ends tomorrow at 6.

DJ: (CONF.) Yes! Free ticket to the final eight!

Harley: Why are you guys voting me off?

DJ: We don't know. *winks*

Harley: Why are you winking at me?

DJ: Uhhhh........ I didn't wink. *runs away*

DJ:(CONF) If I didn't win this challenge, I be eliminated today.


Chris: It's uber late elimination time!!!

Chris: The people eliminated tonight are... Harley and Trent! Goodbye guys, have an unimaginably good time at B-Movie Island!

Chimmy:OMG!, eight, I think? (XD)

Harley: This ain't fair!!! Just because I won 2 challenges in a row doesn't make me a threat!!! If anyone's a threat its DJ, vote him off next!!!

Tyler: *runs to Harley* I'm sorry I voted you off. I just really want to win. *faces everyone* I'm here because my family's poor. We're homeless. I used a computer at my former neighbor's house to email my audition. I'm just focused on voting out the people who win invincibility. So 784 they don't do it again. Harley, tell everyone who I voted out at that place you go to that I'm sorry.

Harley: Don't take this the wrong way, but why does it sound like your lieing? Also, if your focusing on invincible people, vote out DJ.

Tyler: I'm LYING? I'm not lying! I thought you trusted me! *stomps* Our friendship is SO over. No wonder you're drunk... *goes off grumbling*

Tyler (conf): The diva thing was an act. My reason to be here is not.

Harley: I told you I didn't mean it that way! Its just the way stuff like that sounds like a lie! Trust me, I met lots of con artists back at the many bars I went to!

Tyler: *comes back* Sorry...I just got carried away. When people don't believe true stuff that changes my life, I get mad.

DJ: *walks to Harley* Sorry I voted for you. They forced me into it. It was Chimmy who started it. I think.

Chimmy:No, I just didn't know who to vote for! Duncan started, I just followed!


DJ: Well Duncan forced me into it.

Duncan:*smirks, walks away*

DJ: *walks to Duncan* Duncan, dude! Noone wants revenge on you well maybe Joe but he's out. So you're fine. So do you want to start an alliance now that we're friends.


DJ: Good. Next we boot Tye also get Chimmy and Amy in this alliance?

Duncan:On it. Chimmy will join on the spot, and once I convince Amy, Tyler will probably come too.

DJ:(CONF) I'm making this to get Joe out if he returns.

Duncan:(CONF) One by one, they'll all go down.

Tyler: *listening in on confessional* *gasps*

Tyler (conf): I thought I could TRUST him... I was wrong.

Tyler: Amy, DJ's forming an alliance, but eventually everyone's gonna be in it. So let's join for now.

DJ: Tyler and Amy, you guys can join. If you want to. Do you?

Amy:I guess...

Duncan:(CONF) I mean, going down is the point of the game. Might as well make it happen faster.

Chimmy:(CONF)...I'm only in here cause I lost my Shadow doll! (XD)

DJ: Chimmy, do you want to join my alliance?


Tyler: I'll do almost anything to get a house for my family. Sure. This should be the "Get Tye and eventually Geoff alliance."

Harley: Well, its been fun guys!!! (high fives everyone) See ya guys later! I'm heading to B-Movie Bar! (leaves on the Boat of Losers)

Week 17: 17 Weeks Later...

Chris: Good morning final eight! Welcome to Week 17 of Total Drama: The Movie! Unfortunately, you will not have a party or anything because there was a breach in Set X, and a virus called Human L-ascorbic acid-Deficiency Virus, or Anger Virus. This plague has spread throughout a northern city named Landy, and your job is to get in the city, find a test tube with the liquid form of LAADV, and return to the studio WITHOUT being infected by its 0.9 million people. Be careful, because once you have the virus, you're stuck with it. If you can make it back alive, I'll tell you what to do next. I'm going to watch New Moon if you need me.

Chimmy:OK!! *runs off in wrong direction XD*

Duncan:*jaw drops*

Amy:Holy censored...

Tyler: *plays America from West Side Story on boombox* This is gonna be fun. *equips gas mask, sneaks into city*

Amy:*tiptoes in* Hello....Mr. Deadly Virus...are you here? *sees giant shadow of someone, screams*

Chimmy:*pops up behind Amy* HIYA!! (XD)

DJ: * gets in the city* Where's the test tube? I want to win!!!

Chimymy:*finds test tube* Wait...this is the one for swine flu...oh, well! *uncaps it XD*

DJ: *finds the correct test tube* Okay LAADV. *finds liquid form* Okay now I........... I don't know. (XD)

Chimmy:*points in opposite direction* Hey, a giant pig!

DJ: Who me? *thing just finishes and starts heading back to camp* GOOD BYE!!!

Tyler" *gets test tube* BANZAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs back to chris* I got it!

Amy:*is still looking around* Hello.....mister virus thingy?? (XD)

DJ:*gets to Chris* I............ came in second!

Tyler: I hope Amy's okay...DJ, let's vote out Tye then geoff after him.

DJ: Okay. (CONF) I guess he'll be a good alliance member.

Amy:*is running screaming from the giant pig XD*

Tyler: *eating bacon* There was a pig in the city, and I killed it and cooked it and stuff. I BROUGHT THE DINNER TO THE TABLE AND THEN ATE IT! YEAH!

Tyler (conf): *clutching football, crying*

Amy:Cool, Tyler! ^^

Tyler: Thanks, Amy. *kisses her on the cheek*


Tyler: *blushes*

Amy:*passionatly kisses Tyler*

DJ: You seem to make a great relationship.

Tyler: We should stop this. One of us could have gotten the disease. *glances at test tube, realizes he is still holding full test tube*

DJ: THE DISEASE!!!!*still is holding test tube*

Tyler: Amy, can you do a blood test for me? *takes out pricker*

Amy:OK....*pricks finger*


DJ:*runs far far away*

Amy:Uh, Chris? That's not us...

Chimmy:IT'S ME!!!! AND DUNKY!!!

DJ: You all creep me out!

Duncan:*chases after DJ*

DJ: *turns into The Thing* ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!*punches Tye and Geoff*

Duncan:*jumps onto DJ*

DJ: ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*punches Duncan*

Duncan:*is sent flying*

Chimmy:*dives onto DJ* NOBODY!!!!! HURTS!!! DUNKY!!!


DJ: *turns into Shadow the Hegdehog* Chaos Control!

Chimmy:*stares and drools* Shad....

Duncan and Amy:-.-;;

DJ: Hello, Chimmy.

Chris: Amy! Ignore him! Find out what L-ascorbic acid is! it! Vitamin c!

Chimmy:*huggles Shadow*

DJ: Chimmy, vote yourself out today to spend time with me!

Chimmy:OK!!! *continues hugging, snaps out of trance* WAIT...YOU AREN'T SHADOW!!! *flames erupt from her hands*

Chris: That's it! Vitamin C deficiency! GET DJ, DUNCAN, AND CHIMMY SOME VITAMIN C!

Amy:Got it! *grabs jug of orange juice from mess hall, forces 1/3 it down Duncan's throat*

DJ: He sent it from his cell phone to mine. Here's proof!*gives Chimmy Cell phone and puts on video*

Chimmy:*in deep demonic voice* I don't care. I'm still gonna destroy you!

Amy:Crap! *runs over to Chimmy*

Duncan*snaps out of it* Huh? What?

DJ: Chimmy, I cross my heart it was him!

Chimmy:*still in demonic voice* Well, why should I trust you...*turns completley black* when you've lied to me before?


DJ: He put me in a trance I know it. I was in the trance during the not so happy moment.*is on the edge of a cliff and falls off* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan:*runs up do DJ, dives towards his hand and grabs it, but ends up falling off*

Amy:*dives towards Duncan, grabs his leg* Guys...a little help?

Chimmy:*randomly chugs orange juice*

DJ: *lets go of Duncan's hand* It's water not land. Don't worry. *gets hit by orange juice* MY EYES!!!

Amy:*slips* ACK!!!

DJ: *grabs a branch and Duncan and Amy* Don't let go!

Chris: I think Amy won (even though she is hanging off a cliff)! Thus ends the fastest challenge this season! Now, start voting! AND SHUT UP WHEN I'M TRYING TO TALK (XD Editing conflicts)

DJ: Alliance vote off Tye.*is still on cliff* I can't hang much longer!*gets up with Duncan and Amy*


Chris: Now THAT was a fast episode! Here are the results. These people are safe...

  • Chimmy
  • Geoff
  • Lindsay
  • DJ
  • Tyler
  • Amy

Chris: And the last marshmallow goes to... Duncan. Tye, you're out of the competition. See ya!

Tye: alrighty, bye everyone! I had fun!

Final 7 Party

Chris: Woohoo! Party! This party will last until Saturday... thats THREE WHOLE DAYS!!! Have fun!

DJ: Yeah! Final 7! *starts eating cake and ice cream* Yummy!

Tyler: *to the tune of the True Jackson VP theme* F, I, N, A, L, S, E, V, E, N! Let's go, yeah!

Amy:Yeah! *dances*

Duncan:*looms around*


Tyler: *brings in pop, hands one bottle to Amy*

DJ: *eats fudge pie* YUMMY!!! *eats all the fudge pies*

Tyler: *wheels in new batch of fudge pies but is tackled by DJ* (XD)

Amy:*punches DJ* Get off of him! (I chose this place to get my getting-on-the-sidebar edit! ^^)

Tyler: You don't need to do that, Amy...


Chimmy:*switches to Rokugo*

Duncan:*still looming*

Tyler: Duncan? Wanna throw a football around?


Duncan:(CONF)I'm just torn up a bit...I need a chick...

Tyler (conf): If only they hadn't voted out Courtney, I could have some fun with someone male. Amy's really fun to hang and chat with, but I feel like I need more guy time. Amy, don't take this the wrong way!

Duncan:You wouldn't mind if I told you something, would you?

Tyler: No, not at all. Bring the dinner to the table, man.

Duncan:...I need a girlfriend. And no one here is interested....well, Chimmy's nice, but she has a boyfriend. I just don't know what to do.

Tyler: Why don't you go ask Lindsay out? *wheels in smartboard and plays video*250px|The video Tyler plays.

Duncan:...I have to admit, that kinda reflects me right now. But I don't like Lindsay. How about we go through the eliminated people?

Tyler: Courtney.

Duncan:No offense, but don't you watch TDA? We're done...

Tyler: Speaking of TDA, aren't you supposed to be there for the Red Carpet Rivalry? And what about Sorrel? Or Talon? Or Gwen?

Duncan:Chris is holding it up for Thanksgiving. No, WAY too random, I think he's a guy, and no.

Tyler: But it makes no sense that you do an episode, get a week break and go back. I bet the finale already happened and you signed a contract not to tell. and if Talon IS a guy, I got my numbers wrong.

Duncan:*smirks* You're smarter than I thought. Who else?

Dimitri via B-Movie Island: Hey bros! You should do a rundown of the eliminated contestants! Just saying!

Chimmy:Depends. What's a rundown?

Tyler: Umm...Bridgette? Izzy? Violet? Violet would be perfect... No, Heather!

Duncan:No, no, I'll consider it, and NO WAY!!! Next?

Tyler: That's all.

Dimitri via B-Movie Island: You talk about the eliminated contestants starting from the first person to get kicked off, to the last person who got kicked off. Also, you give a reason on why each of them got eliminated.

Chimmy:Oh! I guess...

Duncan:You forgot Coco, and I'll consider it's either Violet or Coco.

Tyler: You can do some sort of aftermath thing in the special.

Duncan:Thanks, dude.

Tyler: No prob. (GTG)

Dimitri via B-Movie Island: So can you do a rundown starting with Owen and ending with Tye?


Tyler: Owen...not much to say. Eliminated because of my reason for casting a vote against him.

DJ: Hey I'm back! And what are we doing?

Tyler: Doing a rundown of the eliminated contestants.

Chimmy:Dimitri, pretty much nothing. Eliminated randomly.

Tyler: I voted for him!

Amy:Me too.

DJ: Me three! And Sorrel random and a threat!

Duncan:Talon. Eliminated because he was a target of Tye's alliance.

DJ: Courtney. Became a threat and gave Duncan a 32 page letter! (XD)

Amy:Coco. Eliminated because she wasn't doing anything.

DJ: Bridgette. Became a threat later on and got eliminated from the team.


DJ: Gwen. A useless girl that became nothing during her elimination.

DJ: Violet. Someone who was useful in the beginning but became a threat into the game.

DJ: Matt. A person who barely spoke and got voted out by Joe forcing the Cameras to.

DJ: Joe. The pure evil one got eliminated by changing his vote to Duncan if he didn't change his vote he'd make it further in the game. (G2G)

Tyler: Heather. She quit. Izzy, she didn't do anything. Cody was eliminated because he was annoying.

DJ: James. Very useful in the beginning then became annoying and a threat.

DJ: Trent. Never spoke in the game but made it pretty far.

DJ: Harley. Useful during teams but after the merge became a threat by winning to many challenges.

DJ: Tye. Tye was a threat in the beginning by only speaking and in the merge started to play and sooner in the game never showed up. That is the rundown.

Amy:Now...let's party!

DJ: *eats fudge pie again* I NEED MORE!!!

Chimmy:*is frantically bbaking fudge pies* I'm going as fast as I can!!


DJ: Good Chimmy. What's you're favorite party food?

Chimmy:It's either cake or....NACHOS!!! (XD)

DJ: *starts making cake and nachos* Which kind of cake? Ice cream or pudding? *finishes the nachos* Here's the nachos. *gives the nachos to Chimmy*

Chimmy:Ice cream, please! *eats nachos*

DJ: *puts cake in the oven and takes it out and puts ice cream on it and in it* Here Chimmy! *gives Chimmy ice cream cake*

Chimmy:Yum! *gets hyper from cake XD*

DJ: *eats fudge pie once more*

Tyler: *wheels in pumpkin pie and eats it on the spot*

DJ: *brings in a Thanksgiving feast* The feast is at 4:30.

Chimmy:*bounces aronud room*

DJ: *bounces out the door* (XD)

DJ: Time for the feast! *hands out stuffing,turkey and mashed potatoes*

DJ: *finishes eating and hands out fudge pie* (XD)


Chris: Okay Final 7, this is the last day of the party. Race to Speed Valley starts tomorrow, so get your race faces on! (That's Chris for ya, full of bad puns)

Geoff: *runs in, out of breath* Dudes, what'd I miss? I was still looking for Narnia!

Lindsay: Were doing ANOTHER race?

Tyler: *facepalm*

Lindsay: Tyson! Stop making fun of me!

Tyler: Tyson! Lindsay wants you to stop making fun of her!

Lindsay: Wait, isn't your name Tyler?

Tyler: Yeah. I was just telling "Tyson" to stop making fun of you.

Lindsay: Who's Tyler?

Tyler: You... are... hopeless...

Lindsay: IS that a insult?

Chris: *in Tyler voice* Yes

Lindsay: *GAsps dramaticly* You wouldn't!

Tyler: Yes. I would. We've been broken up since caveman day. Amy and I are together...I'm sorry, Lindsay.

Harley via B-Movie Island: Yeah. Tyler and Amy have been going out ever since Tyler rescued Amy from Joe. Remember that Tyler, or Amy?

Tyler: Yes... *has flashback*

DJ: Lindsay, don't feel bad. It's not to bad. Is it?

Lindsay: I thought I was dating...Trent?

DJ: Trent? Him? He dates Gwen. Until they broke up.

Tyler: You can date DJ! Yes, perfect!

Katie via Lindsay's cell phone: Dj, aren't we dating?

Tyler: *listening* Since WHEN?

Katie via Lindsay's cell phone: Not you, DJ.

Tyler: I know that, you human dolphin.

DJ: Yeah. We're dating.

Tyler": We're back to square one; SINCE WHEN?

Katie via Lindsay's cell phone: I'm not a dolphin! Sadie's the dolphin. Me and DJ began dating after Total Drama Action. Thank you very much.

Tyler: Riiiight.

Week 18: Race to Speed Valley

Chris: Kon'nichiwa! Hey campers, this week's challenge is an eiga rēsu, or a racing movie! You guys are going to build your own race cars (drawing challenge), and once they're all graded, you're going to race for immunity! But first thing first, draw your race car.

DJ: I'm done already! (It's terrible. Is this getting rated?)

Tyler: I'm done! I think mine's pretty good. (I think they are.)

Chris: They are!

Tyler: Yes! A minus! (What happens to all of the people who don't turn in the racecar? And does the highest grade get some kind of advantage?)

Chris: Wow... Only DJ and Tyler turned in a picture. SHUN ON YOU ALL! (XD) Anyway, you guys are going to race to Speed Valley via your new race cars. Since Tyler did the best and DJ actually did his, they both get a 20 minute head start. Remember, this is a 6 hour drive (at 50 mph), so feed yourself before hand. Happy racing! See you at the finish line!

DJ: *starts racing and stepson the pedal as hard as possible* AHHH!!!!!!!! *but ends up going 50 mph* (XD)

Tyler: *zooms ahead of DJ at 80 mph* WA-HOO! *turns on autopilot, takes out turkey* So what? Leftovers FOR THE WIN! (XD)

(GM: You're only aloud to go 50 mph.)

DJ: *zooms past Tyler and gets a mile ahead of everyone* YEAH!!

Tyler: *reveals hidden bazooka which fires at DJ and hits* YES! *zooms ahead of DJ*

DJ: *gets his machine gun and shoots Tyler* MWHAA!! Tyler I thought we had an alliance? *is neck n neck with Tyler*

Tyler: We did...I forgot...tie game? *crosses finish line at exact same time as DJ*

(Chimmy:Curse my inpeccable abillity to miss things XD)

DJ: *walks to Chris with Tyler* We tied. Do we both get invincibitly?

Tyler: *stares at Chris with quivering lip* (XD)

Chris: Yup, and since you're probably going to be the only ones voting, just tell me who right here.

DJ: Lindsay.

Chimmy, Amy, and Duncan:Lindsay.

Tyler: Linds.

Lindsay: WHY ME?! Anyway, Tyler. Because HE voted for me!

Tyler: I'm invincible. *sticks tongue out at Lindsay*

Chris: Sorry Lindsay, you're going home.

Chris: Guys! Tomorrow, I have a super uber awesome epic win surprise tomorrow!

Tyler: It's not Joe, is it? It's hopefully a holiday challenge...

Amy:Oh, darn...

Duncan:Oh well, might as well listen to as much emo music as I can before my life is ruined even more!

Chimmy:I'm with Duncan! *pulls out iPod*

Tyler: *watches himself fail on TDI*

Tyler (conf): There are TWO things I'm afraid of: Joe. And...chickens.

Duncan: (CONF) There are 3 things I'm afraid of: Joe, Celene Dion, and...Courtney. (XD)

Chimmy:*listens to Linkin Park and Three Days Grace*

Tyler: *watches Courtney's elimination and Duncan's biggest fails during TDA*

DJ: *watches DJ quit TDA* Good times. (XD)

Tyler: *watches "Worst of Tyler" on* (XD)

DJ: *plays "New Super Mario Bros. Wii"*

(Koops: Attention everyone, Schwine has been blocked, until December 9th. For the time being, I'll temporarily take over as host as Chef Hatchet. Carry on!!!)

(Chimmy:Oh no! Poor Schwine! :()

Tyler: Chris was arrested? *waits, then parties* (XD)

DJ: *parties with Tyler* Geoff goes next.

Amy:Unless Joe returns, then him, right?

DJ: Yeah, if he returns. Bye-bye right away.

(Hamshow: Psst! Everyone! I'm Schwine's other account! DON'T TELL RENRUT OR ELSE YOU WILL BE ELIMINATED AND BANNED FROM EVERY SEASON!!!)

Chris: Back everyone! The December secret is... TOTAL DRAMA: THE CLIFFHANGER!!! Go to the TD:TC section of Total Drama: The Sequel to learn more. Tell the eliminated peoplez!

(Chimmy: Sorry, Schwine. I had too. It's my duty. I hated doing it, but it had to be done.)

Results (Picture)

  • DJ: D
  • Tyler: A-
  • Everyone Else: F

Hiatus Chat & Another Surprise

Chef Hatchet: Listen up you little maggots, since Chris got arrested again for DUI, I'm taking over as temporary host!!! Also, Chris told me to unveil your old rival. Joe will be returning to compete, so have fun while you can!!!

Joe: Your all dead!!!

Chimmy:*screams like a 4 year old, faints* (XD)

Amy:We meet again, Joe.


Joe: Ah Chimmy, see you like my return. Amy, you must be astonished. And Duncan, still the same jack*** you still were back then aren't you? I'll make sure to get each and every one of you, and especially you Amy!!!

Amy:Honestly, I'm not really worried.

Duncan:*nods XD*

Joe: Oh, so if I decided to carelessly rip up this picture of you and Tyler together, you wouldn't worry Amy?

Amy:Just because I like Tyler doesn't mean I'm gonna spaz out if you rip up a picture.

Joe: You may have come this far Amy, but I assure you, your plane crashes here today!!! You and Tyler will be no more after today!!!

Amy:We'll just see about that.

Amy:(CONF) See, I know Christmas movies. It always turns out with a happy ending, and everybody cheerful and merry. AKA, Joe will go down in flames.

Joe: (CONF.) This ain't gonna be no cheerful Christmas flick this time. This one's gonna end with the separation of a military man and an old lady with a superiority complex.

Duncan:(CONF) No matter what, Joe's going down.

Chimmy:*groans, begins to wake up*

Joe: Your snoring Chimmy.

Chimmy:OMG! It's true! You ARE BACK! I predicted this! *screams in fear*

Joe: Now to see what Duncan is up to. And your coming with me Psycho Chimmychonga!!!

Chimmy:No way! *is dragged by Joe to Duncan XD*

Duncan:*sits on tree stump, thinking about something*

Joe: Gee, I wonder Duncan's thinking about: Courtney, Gwen, or both. Some punk you are!!!

Duncan:Coco or Violet, Coco or Violet...(GTG)

DJ: *walks in and sees Joe* What the f*ck is he doing here?

Chimmy:Apparently, I'm psychic, cause he's back.

DJ:(CONF) I gotta get Joe back to where he belongs. B-Movie Island.

Joe: (CONF.) I'm not going back to that smelly island ever again!

Joe: I bet your surprised I'm back DJ? Am I right?

Chimmy:*stares at her Shadow doll and sighs*

Joe: This is too priceless! I always wanted to Chimmy act emo!

Chimmy:You're way hot, Shadow....

Amy:There's so much wrong with her...

Joe: Your both insane!!!



Unregistered Chris: I'm going to be able to do stuff again on December 9th, so stay tuned! And ignore Schwine's wiki!

DJ: Okay. Joe, let's just stay normal and stay friends.

Joe: Are you trying to form an alliance with me DJ?

DJ: No. I just want to stay friends.

Joe: I guess we can work things out.

Amy:(CONF) I THINK I know what DJ's doing, but I'm not certain.

DJ: (CONF) This is my trick.

Joe: (CONF.) This will be too easy!!! He didn't even know I had my fingers crossed!!! Forget taking down Amy, it's DJ's time to go!!!

Amy:(CONF) Knowing Joe, though, he's lying too, so I better be on my toes.

Joe: (CONF.) It's my first day back, and I'm not even welcomed the slightest. But they don't my little secret...yet.

Tyler: *sighs*

Tyler (conf): Joe' back...

Joe: I see your doing well with girlfriend Tyler. It won't be long when you guys are apart.

Amy:*walks over to Joe* Listen well, Joe, cause I'm only gonna say this once.

Tyler: *kicks Joe in...a place that should never be kicked XD*

Amy:Joe, you are nothing more than an **************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************with no social life. You'll never have one real friend, and I almost pity you. Almost. *walks away*

Tyler: What she said. *kicks Joe again*

Joe: Do I care if I have no friends? No, I don't! But you know what I do care about? You and Tyler's heads my footstools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or maybe my coffee mugs, or possibly my cereal bowl, or better yet, balloons.

(Joe starts to choke Amy)



DJ: *gasps and puts on metal boots* (CONF) Just to come in handy.

Joe: (talking to choking Amy) Don't you just wish Tyler was here right now? (evil laughter)

Duncan:*runs over and falcon punches Joe in the crotch*

Joe: (throws Amy and screams in pain)

Chimmy:I GOT 'ER!! *Amy lands one centemeter away from Chimmy XD*

Amy:I'm OK! (XD)

Joe: You guys are such a**es!!! This is why I wish to see you all suffer!!!

Duncan:*cough* Looks who's talking! *cough*


Joe: Hey Duncan? Do you remember Celine Dion? (pulls out Celine Dion standee and ties up Duncan next to it)

Duncan:*screams like a girl*


Joe: STOP LAUGHING AND START SUFFERING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ties Chimmy and Amy up with snakes)

Chimmy:Pretty! (XD)

Amy:*narrowly avoids being bitten*

Joe: You guys just love this game, or what?

DJ: *runs to Joe and does Falcon Kick with his metal boots* Take this Devalles!!

Chris: Guys, you really need to to the challenges in Total Drama: The Cliffhanger. It's over on the 25th.

(Chimmy:I'm working on it. All of the character's I'm doing are free draw, though, so it'll take a while.)

Chris: Hurray! Hiatus is over!

Chris: Hey everyone! Don't forget to do the challenges of Total Drama: The Cliffhanger The best 10 will go to season 2, and so will the final 2 of TD:TM! Now, go do your challenges! You only have until December 25th!

Chris: Since no one participated in TD:TC, the people of season two will be drawn from a hat. Nice going, guys. Just chat or do whatever until Christmas.

Chimmy:*sings* There's only 13 days till CRISTMAS! 13 days till Christmas! (XD)

Week 18.5

Chris: Hey everyone! You made it to Week 18.5! Woohoo! During this week's challenge, no one will be eliminated, so don't worry. You guys get to write a short, detailed paragraph of what you think Week 19 (Christmas Episode)'s challenge should be. It will be graded on awesomeness. The person who does the best job gets their idea used for the challenge and a Christmas surprise! (It's not immunity, so don't ask. I won't tell you, anyway.) Good luck! GO!

Amy:Wow, AMAZING challenge idea, Tyler!

Tyler: Thanks. *blushes and hugs Amy*

Amy:*blushes* It's MUCH better than I came up with...all Chimmy could think of was machine guns! (XD)

Tyler: Aw, no, yours is way better than mine...except the machine gun part. But still.

Amy:Honestly? *blushes even more* Thanks.

Tyler: *blushes more than ever before* You're welcome. *stops blushing, notices Joe listening in and taking notes XD*

Amy:...come on, let's go to the confessional for a bit. I need to talk.

Tyler: ...Kay. *goes to conf with Amy*

Amy:So...*makes sure no one can hear them* We need to mislead Joe.

Tyler: We could pull a Kendall and Fiona,but you never know, Joe could be outside of here right now... and plus, a PuppyShipping could get one of us eliminated if people take it the wrong way...

Joe: (overhears) I'm so gonna pull a Missy on them.

Tyler: *overhears* WELL, I'LL PULL A QUINTIN ON YOU, JOE! ...Sorry, Amy, back to the conversation.

Amy:K, so...we need a way to fool Joe without arousing suspicion.

Joe: (CONF.) Tyler or Amy? Who should suffer my wrath first? Now that I'm back, I'm now in it, to win it!

Amy:*whispers in Tyler's ear so quietly that no one else can hear it* How about we have him overhear us muttering sommething, and have him go insane trying to figure out what it is?

Tyler: *does the same* cool. (Koops, don't make Joe hear that. It just ruins the fun overall.)

Amy:*dittos* Cool. Let's start now. *makes voice audible, begins muttering*

Tyler: So...I was thinking that we should pull a Katrina, because if Joe's gonna pull a Missy, he's gonna be "popular" and "make it to the final two" and then we'll be all "we're popular too, so if someone endangers our popularity, they've gotta go" Okay?

Joe: (CONF.) This is gonna make my day way more fun!!! VOODOO DOLLS!!! (sticks needle through Tyler doll XD)

Amy:Got it. *pulls out home-made Joe voo-doo doll* You wanna go first? *pulls out stick XD*

Joe: (CONF.) Ouch! Now its war!!! (sticks needle through Amy doll XD)

Tyler: *sticks needle through head of Joe doll*

Amy:*pokes Joe doll in eye with stick*

DJ: *gets out a Elmo voodoo doll* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (XD)

DJ: This is for not sponsoring the letter D and J!! *pokes the Elmo voodoo doll* (XD)

Elmo: *during the show* Today's program is sponsored by the letter.........OW!!! (XD)

Kid: That's a letter?

Dad: I think so. (XD)

DJ: *pokes Elmo's leg*

Elmo: And the number.......EEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! (XD)

Kid: E's a number?

Dad: It's comes after 7. (XD)

Amy:*gets devious idea of what to do with Joe doll, whispers it into Tyler's ear*

Tyler: *gasps*

DJ: *throws Elmo doll off a cliff*

Elmo: *falls off a random cliff* (XD)

Amy:So should we do it?

Joe: How fun will this be? (dunks Amy doll in water XD)

Amy:*spits out water randomly XD* Something tells me Joe has a voodoo doll of me...*slits Joe doll's wrists XD*

Joe: (slits Amy doll's throat XD)

Amy:ACK! *gets band-aid, places it on throat, rips Joe doll in half XD*

Chimmy and Amy's Challenge

We think the Christmas challenge should have 2 parts. The first part should have a toy making challenge, in which the best toy gets an advantage in the 2nd part of the challenge. Speaking of which, the second challenge would be to decorate a house with Christmas decorations-via machine gun!

Geoff's Challenge

Go along with the title name. Have peple "wish" for something and they recieve it. I think it's pretty self-explanitory (is that how you spell it? XD)

Duncan's Challenge

For the Christmas challenge, I think that we should have a Secret Santa. The contestants would have to find “gifts” around the studio, and give them to a randomly picked contestant. The giver of the gift that got the most positive feedback wins.

DJ's Challenge

I think we should have a sled race around the world and it's electric!! Then we would ask the kids what they want for Christmas, then make three toys you give us. Then we will stamp naughty and nice. The contestant that gets the least points is eliminated.

Tyler's Challenge

I think the challenge should be four-fold - one, we draw ourselves as Santa, then roleplay as we deliver gifts around the world. As Santa. Then write a short letter to "Santa" explaining what we "want." (Like, something your character would want.) Then, finally, choose an eliminated contestant and state the perfect gift for them. All of them can get up to five points. Best score out of all four gets immunity.

Joe's Challenge

This will be a 2-part challenge, and a tiebreaker if necessary. The first challenge is to have Joe AKA Scrooge go around stealing everyone's presents. Everyone else has to give it to Santa, before Scrooge steals your present. The second challenge is to climb the world's largest Christmas tree, and place a giant, gold star on top. Whoever puts it up first wins immunity. The tiebreaker, which really isn't a tiebreaker, but either way. It's a choice between a Christmas pageant, and a kissing contest underneath the mistletoe. Whoever tells the true meaning of Christmas the best, or whoever kisses the best wins immunity as well.

Week 19: All I Want For Chris-Mas

Chris: The wait is finally over! LET WEEK 19 BEGIN! Okay guys, here's the winner to pick the challenge... TYLER AND JOE! The first part will be a drawing challenge: dress your character up as Santa. Next, you need to climb the world's largest Christmas tree and take the presents up top to the correct eliminated camper (tell me when you get to the top and i'll have a pre-drawn present in your talk). Finally, you guys will use special presents to save Santa from evil zombies (I love this show!). Speaking of which, here are your presents:

Chimmy: A flame thrower

Amy: A Utility Belt Barbie

Geoff: A cool slicing hat like in James Bond

Duncan: A kitchen knife

DJ: A sled

Tyler: An invincibility star (Mario!!!)

Joe: A Princess Beth doll

Tyler: *looks at Joe's gift, laughs*

Joe: Screw this, I'm joing the evil zombies!!! (throws gift at Tyler)

Tyler: *rips Beth doll in half*

Beth (somewhere): *dies XD*

Amy:Dear god, Chimmy's gonna kill us all! (XD)

Chimmy:*laughs evily*


Joe: Just for the record, who wants me to win Total Drama: Heroes Vs. Villains?

DJ: *walks in with Santa clothes* Ho ho ho!! *to Chimmy* What do you want little girl? (XD)

Chimmy:*looks innocent* An AK-47, a pet hampster, and a Sonic video game! (XD)

DJ: Okay! *gets an AK-47 , a hamster and Shadow the Hedgehog* Here you go! *gives Chimmy everything*

Chimmy:EEEEEEEEEEE!!! *pets hamster* I'll call you Cookie! (XD)

Chris: Oops! Forgot to tell you... putting your character in a Santa suit is a drawing challenge. Post it on TD:TM Challenges. They're due today at 4:00.

Chris: Oops again! I suck! I'm going to pretend that everyone made it up the tree. Chimmy won the drawing challenge, so she gets a chicken pot pie. Next to your name is a hint, and you have to give your present to the right eliminated person. Tomorrow at noon is the deadline! If I forget to come on at noon, do the Santa challenge by yourself. Remember: you can only use your presents to save St. Nick.

Chimmy: Was eliminated the most in the original Total Drama series (i.e. TDI or TDA)

Amy: Is a sober minion of Joe.

Geoff: The most evil character on TD (as of season 2)

Duncan: Tyler's old GF

DJ: Quit TD:TM

Tyler: Owns a pig

Joe: Is a hippy

Joe: (puts present next to Tye's spot)

DJ: *starts climbing up the tree*

Amy:*puts present next to Harley's spot*

Duncan:*puts present next to Lindsay's spot*

DJ: *comes down and puts present next to Heather's spot*

(Chimmy:LOL, at first I thought you were describing the characters giving out presents, XD. I was like:"Huh, Chimmy hasn't been eliminated! Amy's never had a drink in her life, and Duncan's straight!" XD)

Chimmy:Wait, no-one's been eliminated more than once!

Tyler: *gives present to Matt* No one remembers this dude...

Chris: Come on guys! You only have until 4:00! After that it's elimination, so hurry!

Chimmy:Ohhhhh! *puts present next to Izzy's spot*

Geoff: *puts present next to Courtneys spot* (I didn't like her too much in TDA... then again... I didn't like most people in TDA. TDI was much better, IMO)

Chris: Times up! The people who gave the presents to the right people were: Chimmy, Duncan, DJ, Joe, and Tyler! Amy, sober means 'not drunk', and Harley was uber drunk all the time. And the first person to get it right was... (Chimmy I moved you up a spot because I didn't give you enough information) Joe! But wait, there's more! Since he didn't submit a picture, he only gets half elimination (I made this up). This means that if five or more people vote for him, he's safe, but if four or less do it counts. So he's pretty much golden anyway. Good luck voting!

Chris: Mah new catch phrase: DR. OCTAGONAPUS BLARGH!


Chris: Here is the final score from last night's vote:

Chimmy, Tyler, and Amy... you three are safe. Next marshmallows goes to... DJ and Geoff. And the final marshmallow of the Christmas Episode goes to...

... Duncan! Sorry Joe, I tried. These people are just too smart to be tricked. Uh... oops... I NEVER SAID THAT!

Week 20: The Termination

Chris: *In the Californian governor’s accent* Welcome to Week 20 everyone. This week is the thriller movie. In Part One, you guys will have to defeat the evil Dr. Octagonapus. In Part 2, you will make your character look like me in my hit movie The Termination. Finally, you will have to go forward to the year 2029 and defeat ME in awesome robotic futuristic combat! Good luck... you'll need it.

Dr. Octagonapus


Chimmy:*brings out chicken pot pie from previous episode* You're going down, Docta'!

(CK11: Wait...Geoff and Joe were both eliminated? Because Duncan got 2 marshmallows. XD)

Tyler: *throws wrecking ball at the doctor, followed with a football*

Duncan:(CONF) I really dodged a bullet last week....

Duncan:Amy, could you help me for a second?

Amy:Sure, what do you want me to do?

Tyler: *takes out notepad* *writing, not speaking* Duncan might be trying to steal Amy's heart. I should probably investigate. (XD MySims Agents reference)

Duncan:Could you give me a boost?

Amy:Sure, I guess. *cups hands*

Duncan:*uses Amy's hands as a springboard, grabs onto Dr. Octagona-whatever XD*

Tyler: *takes out notepad and writes (anything I do in italics is writing for this episode)* So Duncan just wanted Amy to help him win the challenge. But why is Amy agreeing...? *throws basketball and "accidentally" hits Duncan* Oops! Sorry!

Duncan:*falls flat on his face*

Amy:*holds back laughter* I am SUCH a sadist...


Tyler: *feels a little guilty and takes out notepad* NEW CLUE! Amy just helped Duncan as an act of kindness. Laughing at his fall proves that she's not in love with him. *random thing appears and says "Is Amy falling in love with someone else?" and there are two green fingerprints (MySims Agents reference!)* Amy, let's do this together. *takes out 2 paintball guns*

Amy:Got it! *locks and loads paintball gun*

Chimmy:*looks at Tyler* Tyler might be trying to limit Duncan's chances of winning. Why? (XDDDD)

MySims Agents Protagonist: *in the game* I feel a disturbance... (XDDDDDDDDD)

Chimmy:*goes over to Duncan to interrogate him XD*

Tyler: *looks at a dead DR. Octogonapus, covered in paint* Hmm... Chimmy's going over to chat with Duncan. She has a look on her face that just screams "interrogation." I should wait and then hack into that random security camera to hear what they're saying! Or I could walk over there and eavesdrop. Yeah, that sounds better. Wait, why am I writing this? I should be thinking this! GAH! (XDDDDD)

Chimmy:Duncan, what do you think caused your fall?

Duncan:IDK...probably that basketball that hit me in the back of the head.

Tyler: *listening in* Knowing Chimmy, she'll recognize that I love sports and track it back to me! Now to find Chris... *uses Super Detector to find where Chris went*

Chimmy:Tyler likes sports! Maybe he'll know something...

Tyler: *follows footprints to studio exit* Chris must have gone out of the studio! Did anyone see him? *goes to interrogate Duncan about what he saw*

Chimmy:*bumps into Tyler* Tyler...did you happen to lose your basketball recently?

Tyler: Basketball...? Man, I haven't seen that thing since my TDI audition! Nor have I used one!

Chimmy:Oh, really? Bye! *walks away, uses phone* Hello, Sylvia? I need you to analyze this ball, tell me the genetic signatures of whoever touched it. (XDD)

Tyler: *takes out the basketball he threw! I've got so many spares.. Chimmy's on to me! I've got to do something!

Sylvia:*via phone* Well, other than looks like Tyler's!

Chimmy:Hmmm...will Tyler crack under the pressure? *goes to Tyler*

Tyler: I DID IT! IT WAS ALL ME! *cries* WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? I'M BANKRUPT! DIDN'T YOU HEAR THE SPEECH? *cries and runs away* (-_-")

Chimmy:I..just wanted some confidence...

Amy:*walks over and slaps Chimmy, runs over to Tyler*

Chimmy:(CONF) *cries*

Tyler: *sees Amy* Hi Amy...I think I'm's just being here...and being reformed and all...and I just keep trying a little too hard to win...and then people hate me..,.and...well...yeah.

Amy:Tyler, people do NOT hate you. Chimmy was just making sure no one was being sabatouged.

Tyler: *stops crying* You're rught, Amy. Thanks. *kisses Amy on the cheek* Now let's notify Chris about this paint covered Dr. Octogonapus.


(Chris: Just by the way, Geoff is not eliminated. Why did I give Duncan 2? BTW, can someone movie the Doctor Octagonapus picture up to the Doctor Octagonapus section? Thanks.)

Chris: So, you two killed the doctor, eh? Good job. You should get a cookie or something, but I'm too lazy to get it. Anyway, good job. This goes toward your score. Now, start on the drawing challenge.

Tyler: so...what exactly do we draw you as?

Duncan:Yeah, I'm confused.

DJ: Sorry, I couldn't do the first part of the challenge yesterday. I saw two movies and had a party!

Chris: Draw yourself as the Terminationizer (Terminator in non-copyright talk)

Chris: Come on, guys! Only one more day!

Chris: And the winners are... Chimmy and Amy! So don't vote them off!


Chris: Here are the results of the voting. Chimmy and Amy are safe, obviously, so they get the first marshmallows. Now its down to Geoff, Duncan, DJ, and Tyler. The final three marshmallows go to...




Tyler. Geoff, you're out of here. Hasta la vista, camper.

Week 21: Quiet on Set!

Chris: Hello campers! Welcome to the final 5. This week, you're going to write a short, comedic story based on the characters of this season, eliminated campers included. Make sure it has proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Also, make it long enough, like it was an entire episode of Total Drama: The Movie (which, in fact, aren't that long). Good luck. Upload them in Total Drama: The Movie Challenges, by the way.

DJ: Do we make our own episode?

Tyler: Yeah, I'm confused.


(CK11: Not valid?)

(Chimmy:Yeah, the dang file won't open...)

Chris: The challenge is to make a comedic story long enough to be a episode using the characters this season.

Chris: Really? You didn't do ANYTHING?!?! Nice job, guys. DO THE CHALLENGE!!! *eye twitches*

Chris: Today's the last day of the challenge. Tonight at 4 is the elimination, so hurry up. If you see a duck don't touch it, because it'll bite your finger. 13:39, January 8, 2010 (UTC)

Tyler: Chris? The challenge is over.

Chris: Okay, I gave you extra time. The winner of this week's challenge is... TYLER!!! That means tonight you can't vote him off. Also, since this challenge took to much time, I'm erasing Funnybones and replacing it with a DOUBLE ELIMINATION!!! Hahahaha!!! Everyone be careful who you vote for, because on Wednesday it's the final three!!! Good luck!!!


Chris: Final three! Final three! Final tree! Final th- oops, I said tree. Anyway, Start voting!

Chris: Here are the results: the people with marshmallows are...

Tyler and Amy!

Chris: And the last marshmallow of the night goes to...

... Chimmy! DJ and Duncan, I sorry to say that you have been eliminated. I hope you had a great time, but it doesn't madder now, does it? (jk lol) Now its the final three!!! Chimmy, Tyler, and Amy! Which of these three will be eliminated Saturday? WHO KNOWS?!

Week 22: Live Three or Die Hard

Chris: Challenge Wednesday!!!

Chimmy:EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I made it to the final 3! EEE!!!

Amy:Cool, final three, and with Tyler!

Tyler: Now when is my football Chia pet getting here... (XD)

Chimmy:Guys! Now that we've made it to this point, let's confess our sins! (XD, oh god)

Tyler: I lied to a bunch of people, got Amy eliminated the first time, got Owen eliminated, got Dimitri eliminated, helped get Coco eliminated, tried (and clearly failed XD) many times to get Chimmy eliminated, got Lindsay eliminated, *goes thorough list of people which he either got eliminated or helped eliminate* ...and that's it for the competition alone.

Amy:I overreacted when Joe tried to vote me off, tried to vote Tyler off, acted like a total sl** from B-Movie Island to the episode I came back, got tons of people eliminated...and, yeah.

Chimmy:...once, when I was five, I swallowed some chewing gum. (XDD)

Tyler: *facepalms*

Chimmy:But also...when I was 10, I put a thumbtack on my teacher's chair. It was SO AWESOME!!!...whoops, sorry Mr. Smillton! (XDD)

Chris: Can you all make it tomorrow at 4? The challenge requires all of you to be here at the same time.

Chimmy and Amy:*nod*

Tyler: Can we make it Saturday? I'm busy, like, every day. Sometimes even Friday. So...Saturday? (-_-")

Chris: Let's try the day of the Wednes and see what happens?

Tyler: I'll try.

Chris: Welcome one and all to this week's challenge, final three! As you know, there are three elements in all action movies: car chases, explosions, and shootouts. This week, you'll be involved in all three! First, you're going to race to The Tower in an action like style, which means you can drive crazy and shoot each other with paintballs! Next, you'll be drawing a picture of The Tower exploding! Please, no blood! And finally, you'll be in a paintball fight against each other! Good luck, and try not to die! >=)

Chimmy:*starts running*


Chris: *screams EERRTT!! really load* Guys, you have to race in cars!!! (and please be fair to Tyler since he's not here yet :P)

Chimmy:Oops! *runs back and gets in car*

Amy:*gets in car, drives off*

Tyler: *huff puff* I'm here! *gets in car, drives away, shoots Chimmy with paintball* I think I see a shortcut, but I dunno...

Amy:*drives onto path*

Chimmy:*recovers, begins driving*

Tyler: *shoots another paintball at Chimmy, but crashes into a tree* OW! I'm stuck!

Amy:*goes back helps Tyler out, smiles*

Tyler: Thanks, Amy. *waits until she is safely back in her car and then drives away, shoots yet ANOTHER paintball at Chimmy*

Chimmy:*car flips over*

Amy:*winces, but drives on*

Tyler: *yells to Chimmy* Sorry, Chimmy! *drives on and puts more weight on pedal*

Chris: *puts explosive in path of Amy's car, hopes for epic boom*

Amy:*swerves out of way*

Chimmy:*drives straight into explosive, is propelled forward* WEEEEE!!!!!!!!

Chris: Uh... that works too... anyway, looks like Chimmy's in the lead! And The Tower is only a few more blocks ahead!

Amy:*falls into a pothole*

Chimmy:*keeps driving*

Tyler: *helps Amy, then does what Chimmy did* WHAT NOW?

Chimmy:*presses down HARD on the gas pedal*

Amy:*is catching up*

TYler: *runs over Chimmy's car XD*

Chimmy:*flails around randomly*

Amy:*passes Chimmy*

Tyler: *is just yards away from tower* YEE-HAW! *stomps foot on gas pedal and reaches tower*

Amy:*reaches tower*

Chimmy:*mangages to get there just after Amy*

Tyler: I guess we draw the tower now...

Chris: Tonight at 6 is the last chance for pictures! You can move along to the fighting now, btw.

Tyler: *shoots Chimmy and hides behind rock*

Tyler (conf): BEing the only MALE in the final three, I'm trying to fend for myself. I'll try to pull an Owen here.

Amy:*shoots Chimmy and ducks behind tree*

Chimmy:Darn this gun! *grabs her AK-47 from the Christmas challenge*

Tyler: She's got an AK-47! *shoots the AK-47 out of her hand* Get her now, Amy!

Amy:*shoots Chimmy repeatedly*

Chimmy:*falls to the ground, but finds her gun*

Tyler: *shoots Chimmy in the head*

Chris: Tyler's won two challenges so far, so no madder whoever wins this, he gets immunity. UNLESS... one of you two girls can find the Mama Mia Mushroom hidden deep inside the tower, where Princess Peach will be waiting for you. Remember, if one of the girls finds the mushroom, the other WILL be eliminated! Good luck! The challenge ends tomorrow!

Chimmy:*falls to the ground, but crawls away to tower without anybody noticing*

Tyler: I'm safe, no matter what...? *breaks down crying*

Amy:*notices Chimmy is gone* OH, SH**!!! *runs to tower*

Chimmy:*arrives* Hmm....

Tyler: It's still a paintball fight, right? *shoots Chimmy but hits Amy by accident*

Amy:*falls over, but discovers she is at the tower, begins running up*

Chimmy:*begins to make her way up the stairs*

Tyler (conf): The only way to ensure what I think is needed is to get the mushroom myself!

Tyler: *begins running into the tower*

Amy:*shoots Chimmy*

Chimmy:*stumbles a bit*

Tyler: *goes up stairs*

Amy and Chimmy:*are neck and neck*

Tyler: *shoots Chimmy and Amy down* Sorry, Amy! I'll make it right, I promise! *runs past them*

Amy:*lands directly on her ankle*

Chimmy:*Gets up, charges at Tyler*

Tyler: *keeps running* Ack! *sees a blonde girl in a pink dress, dives at her hands*

Chimmy:*sees blond girl, leaps at her*

Amy:*is back at the tower stairs, clutching her ankle*

Tyler: *hears a cry from Amy who is in pain* Amy! *takes mushroom from blond girl and runs to help Amy*

Chimmy:*tackles Tyler* You're not leaving! (I'm currently having a very difficult time deciding which of my girls should move on XD)

Tyler: *gives mushroom to Chimmy* I'm safe anyway! *runs farther* (I'm trying to get Amy out so that Tyler doesn't have to face her in the finals XD)

(Chimmy:I've made my decision...)

Chimmy:Yes! *begins to walk down stairs, but trips and drops her mushroom* Noo!

Amy:*mushroom lands in her hands* Huh? (Just so you know, that had NOTHING to do with the comment you posted. I just wanted to win a camp with somebody other than my main character. XD at the irony, though)

(CK11: Are you implying you'll win? XD) Tyler: Amy, this will be like Total Drama Insanity all over again if you turn in the 'shroom.

(Chimmy:No, but I'd like to XD)

Amy:Well...a while ago, I made a decision.

Tyler: Please don't tell me that it's what I think it is...

(Chimmy:Depends, what do you think it is? XD)

(CK11: The Gwen and Trent thing. XD)

Amy:Right when you announced your family situation...I decided that...(*purposly builds up suspense XDDD*)

Tyler: Decided what? (This sounds like a soap opera XD)

Amy:*sighs* That if I won, I'd give the money to you. *smiles*

Chris: Aw! How nice! Now turn in the mushroom or you'll all be eliminated (XD just like Chris to ruin a love scene)

Tyler: Thanks, Amy...*hugs Amy* Now let's turn in the mushroom! *runs down stairs holding Amy*

Chimmy:*charges after them*

Tyler: *runs faster down the stairs*

Chimmy:*dives at Tyler*

Mushroom: AH! *flies from Amy's hands into Chris's*

Chris: Looks like we have a winner! Since Amy and Tyler are both safe, I'm sorry to say that Chimmy is out. I really thought she'd win, too! Anyway, for getting in the final three, he's a spa vacation to Hawaii! Yay! And now, the final episode of TOTAL DRAMA: THE MOVIE!!!

Week 23: Raiders of the Last Episode

Chris: Hello everyone and welcome to the season finale! In the final two are... Amy and Tyler! Who will win? Who will fail? Who will eat this delicious donut? Find out on TOTAL! DRAMA! THE MOVIE!

Chris: This week, there will be three challenges. First, the eliminated campers will choose a final twosian to vote for. Next, you'll go into a deep and scary temple to find the Golden Chris. Finally, you'll take the Golden Chris and run through the set of each episode! Here are your sets, by the way:

  • Pirate Ship
  • Rodeo
  • Destroyed City
  • Space Station
  • Kung Fu Arena
  • Hospital
  • Monster's Nest
  • Wedding Party
  • War Zone
  • Haunted Camp
  • Football Field
  • Land Before Time
  • Middle School
  • Mysterious Museum
  • Bank
  • Land of Wonder
  • Zombie Town
  • Race Track
  • North Pole
  • Robot Land
  • Library
  • The Tower

Chris: On your mark, get set, GO!

Amy:Don't we need the losers to vote first?

Tyler: Who cares about the losers? Amy, we need to get going! *sprints to temple*

Amy:*shrugs, sprints to temple*

Chris: Hold up, you guys! We have to wait for the vote before you start running. But it's over tomorrow afternoon, so it shouldn't be too long.

Tyler I won't be here tomorrow afternoon, but I'll probably be there in the evening. So I kinda need to be waited on...and what is the importance of the vote?


Voting: Who do you want to win?

Chris: Vote here who you want to win!

Coco:I vote...Tyler.

Chimmy:Amy! ^^


Trent:Tyler,he deserves it


James:(CONF)I missed this place...

Trent:I wish I was in season two

Tye: *Eats delicious donut* I win! (XD) I vote for Amy.

Geoff: Ditto.

Joe: I hate both of them, so I'll flip a coin; heads for Amy and tails for Tyler. (flips a coin and lands on tails) Tyler it is, I guess.

Harley: I vote Amy, now I'm going back to drinking.

Dimitri: I vote for Tyler too.

Lindsay: Oooh! Ooh! I vote for Tyson!

James:She means Tyler, apparantly...

Trent:*waves to Gwen*

Joe: I can't believe I'm voted out! I should be in the Final 2, I was going to get rid of Amy, then Tyler, then DJ, Duncan, then beat Chimmy and win! CURSE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris: Looks like Tyler wins this part! Amy needs to win the next part if she wants to be the winner of Total Drama: The Movie!

Talon: Tyler!

Bridgette: Tyler, please win.

Commercials XD

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Golden Chris

Chris: Ready, set, ACTION!


Tyler: *sprints...a little faster than Amy XD*

Amy:*somehow passes Tyler at one point, is 1/6 of the way to temple thingy*

Tyler: *sprints past Amy and "accidentally" trips her*

Amy:*gets up, continues running*

Tyler: *is halfway there, sprints even faster then he's ever sprinted*

Amy:*gets halfway there, leans head forward*

James:Go Tyler!

Amy:*chucks banana peel right in front of Tyler* Sorry!

Tyler: *jumps over peel, keeps running and gets the lead...that is, if he lost it, which I'm pretty sure he didn't XD*

Amy:*slips on banana peel, but slides forward rapidly*

Tyler: *throws footballs, therefore blocking Amy from continuing on sliding, keeps running*

Amy:*traction causes her to fly forward, landing just ahead of Tyler, gets up and runs quickly*

(CK11: This is boring, I just want to get to the trivia questions part...I think...there is trivia, right? XD)

Tyler: *runs ahead of Amy* I see the temple! *runs to temple*

Amy:*gets to temple at roughly the same time as Tyler*

Chris: Now that you both are at the temple, here is a riddle. If you get it right, you can grab the Golden Chris. If you don't, you get chased by the Really Big Boulder! Here is your riddle:

What walks on four legs in the morning, two legs midday, and three legs in the evening? 0.o what could it be? Oh, by the way, challenge ends tomorrow!

Amy:The answer is man!


Tyler: *runs down same path as Amy, runs over her* Sorry! *gets to Pirate Ship*

Amy:*grabs golden chris, runs as fast as she can, gets to Pirate Ship*

Tyler: *runs through Pirate ship and Rodeo* Hey, a horse! *gets in horse, therefore doubling speed*

Amy:*runs through Pirate Ship and Rodeo, jumps on a horse* Yee-haw! *spins lasso, latches it onto Tyler's horse* Sorry! *rides on to destroyed city*

Tyler: *turns off hologram with lasso around it (XD) and is going through destroyed city*

Amy:*rides through Space Station, is nearly to Kung Fu Arena*

Tyler: *finds shortcut inside space space station and ends up near the end of the Kung Fu Arena*

Amy:*passes Tyler, is well into the Hospital*

Tyler: *goes through hospital extremely fast and pushes Amy off of her horse* Amy, listen! *yelling because he is getting really far away* I think we should break up until this is over! I feel like I need to hold nothing back! *has gone though monster's nest and is well into war zone*

Amy:*is shocked and depressed, slowly walks through the monster's nest crying*

Tyler: *hears crying* What have I done...? *gets out phone and texts Amy with the message "im rly srry, when this show is ovr we can get back 2gether", goes through haunted camp and onward to football field*

Amy:*frowns* ...*notices monster, catches ride, moving past the war zone and haunted camp, looks down and sees Tyler*

Tyler: *is crying, moves through Land Before Time and is well through middle school*

Amy:*is dropped off at the mysterious mueseum, runs while talking to Tyler* Hey, I'm not mad. Go all out, alright? *sprints*

Tyler: *smiles, sprints through bank*

Amy:*sprints through bank and is almost through the Land of Wonder*

Tyler: *trips Amy in the land of wonder and runs through Zombie Town*

Amy:*trips, but gets back up quickly, and runs through Zombie Town* Hey...*notices car in Race Track, hops in and floors the gas pedal*

Tyler: *dittos, runs over Amy's car but misses Amy somehow and gets through north pole*

Amy:*gets up and sprints through the North Pole and onto Robot Land, hops onto a robot and rides through the area*

Tyler: *drives on through robot land and library*

Amy:*drives through libary and 3/4 through the library*....*looks at Tyler, smiles, jams on the brakes, sending herself flying just behind the finish line*

Tyler: *drives through finish line completely oblivious to the fact that Amy is right behind the finish line* I...won? I won! *runs and hugs amy*

Amy:*smiles* (There goes my plan XD. AND I WAS SOOOOO CLOSE!!! JK)

(CK11: ...plan? XD)

(Chimmy:I was hoping you would go to the bathroom or notice Amy or something, and then she would reach her hand past the finish line XD)

(CK11: Doesn't make too much sense, but I understand for the most part. XD)


(CK11: It was actually well thought out XD)

(Chimmy:Just my luck, of course XD. GTG)

(CK11: Same. Nice competin' with ya XD)

(Chimmy:And now....we wait.)

James:*while everyone is silent*YEAH!!! THAT WAS AWESOME! GO TYLER!!!(XD)*hoists him on shoulders*

Joe: I still hate everyone. Luckily, I'm going take a more direct approach when I make it to Total Drama: The Sequel.

"Tyrant": I should be in the sequel.

Chimmy:*pats Amy on the back, but eyes go wide* Wait....knowing Chris...

Duncan:He's probably gonna come in and announce something while we're celebrating.

Harley: (drunk) Whose the biggest loser?

Joe: Thank god Harley's not coming back!

Chimmy:*yawns, eats popcorn XD*

Joe: I'm not celebrating, I'm strategizing for Season 2!

Chimmy:*shrugs, continues eating popcorn*

Chris: Tyler has crossed the finish line first, followed by Amy! So you all think Tyler won, huh? Well YOU'RE WRONG! Amy was the one holding the Golden Chris, so she was the first one to pass the finish line holding the Golden Chris! So, in all actuallity, AMY IS THE WINNER OF TOTAL DRAMA: THE MOVIE!!!!!


James:But that isn't fair, because she returned what a waste of a season...

Chris: If Chimchar picked Chimmy to be the person in the final 2, then she would of won. Nothing would change, except all of the text would say Chimmy. If you're unhappy, beat her next season! (If you're not in season 2, you'll probably be in season 3)

Trent:wahtever, I'm ready to finally leave this place

James:*sighs*And I have to stick with a second season...

Chris: Amy, for winning TD:TM, you get the grand prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! And Tyler, since you were runner up and almost won, you get the second place prize of A LIFE AND A HALF'S SUPPLY OF CANDY!!!!!

James:Let's get to season two, already

Amy:*looks at Tyler* You remember my promise, right? ....Well, you could probably get some money from all of that candy, too.

Chris: And as we conclude the first season, let me be the first to say... this season is being concluded. See you Saturday on TOTAL DRAMA: THE SEQUEL!!!!!

Episode/Challenge List

Title Number Campers Left at End of Episode Genre Winning Team/Camper Notes Air-date (Every Sat. and Wed.)
Yo Ho! 1 24 Pirate Killer Cameras Coco joins the Screaming Editors September 19
The Wild, Wild, Western America 2 23 Western Killer Cameras October 3
The Day After Yesterday 3 22 Disaster Screaming Editors October 8
2009: A Space Challenge 4 21 Space Killer Cameras October 17
Kung Fu Camper 5 20 Martial Arts Screaming Editors October 18
McClean, M.D. 6 19 Medical Screaming Editors October 20
Monster Smash 7 18 Monster Killer Cameras October 22
My Great Big American Geek Wedding 8 17 Romance Screaming Editors October 24
War Without Peace 9 16 War Killer Cameras October 28
Saturday the 31st 10 15 Horror Killer Cameras Halloween Special October 31
The Longest Fall 11 15 Sports Screaming Editors Amy returns November 4
BC: Before Chris 12 13 Lost Time Killer Cameras Heather quits November 9
Middle School Musical 13 12 Musical Tye The teams are merged November 11
The La Bamba Code 14 11 Mystery Harley November 15
Chris's 11 15 10 Crime Harley November 18
The Lion, The Chris, and the Drama 16 8 Fantasy DJ Double Elimination November 22
  17 Weeks Later... 17 7 Infection Amy November 25
Race to Speed Valley 18 6 Auto Racing Tyler and DJ November 28
All I Want For Chris-mas... 19 6 Christmas Joe (Half) Christmas Special December 24
The Termination 20 5 Thriller Chimmy and Amy December 30
Quiet on Set! 21 4 Documentary Tyler Double Elimination January 2
Live Three or Die Hard 22 2 Action Tyler and Amy January 13
Raiders of the Last Episode 23 1 Adventure Amy Amy wins Total Drama: The Movie

January 17, 2010

Season 2: TD:TS ONE YEAR LATER... January 19, 2011