Chris: That's right! After the success of our previous season i couldn't leave the fans without something
Film set

New logo

to have fun with and without my handsome look! Whatever, this time we're getting 16 contestants fighting eachother in this filmlot...yeah you know the deal...doing what the previous contestants had to do! Sleeping in uncomfortable sleeps...a bit more comfortable, eating disgusting food and seeing friends, relatives and fairygodparents leaving the game! Also, challenges will be EVEN HARDER than before, so the spectators will have MORE fun, it will have MORE audience and i will earn MORE money! Their prize? 1 MILLION DOLLARS to spend in fresh water!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding. Let's see, shall we start? Ok. Welcome to TOTAL..........DRAMA...........AFTER THE ACTION!!!!!

Main Part

Again, i'm cool at making intros

Made by /\/\|2/\C£2010

How it works

It works mainly like previous season. We're having a pre-chat, then after this a challenge which will see a winner and a loser. The losers are going up for elimination and will send home (No Death Chamber anymore) some of the contestants! It's quite simple, right?


Just make it sure to be active and you won't have problems..


  1. Do not godplay (meaning, winning in a single line, cheating in challenge or....corrupting Chris)
  2. Harassament is just possible by camp's characters, not camp's users
  3. Unless you're an intern, you can't talk in bold. Just the camp creator, or Chris, can!
  4. You can't be other people. The only expection is when you're substituting some character!
  5. If you're going to be eliminated you can't quit. I know you're angry, but please..
  6. This wikia got more rules. Check them
  7. Something is unfair? Feel free to tell me in my user page
  8. Don't rage at your elimination, or i ban you!
  10. Have fun, or this camp is useless!

Contestants (CLOSED)

The contestants can be veterans or newbies. The only characters you can't sign up are the final 2 of previous season (Lily and Andrew).

Boys (closed)

- Justin-Jake - Vet (If intern counts) - The Popular Kid - Liamliamliam 8th Place - 10th Voted Off

- Eric - Vet - The Mistery man,The Doctor and The Stupid boy - TDSchool

- Ivan - Newb - The Footballer - TDSchool 7th Place - 11th Voted Off

- Chimaroj - Newb - Martial art and spiritual Master - Unknown 4th place - Insta Elimintion 

- Wayne - Debut/Newb - The Protective Friend - BlazeHead 51 6th Place - 12th Voted Off

- Linda - Newb - The girly boy - Unknown  13th place -  5th Voted Off

-Zach- Newb- The Master Strategist-AlejandroCodyTylerNoah (ACTN) 17th Place - 1st Voted Off

-Chandler-Newb- The Heroic Friend-AlejandroCodyTylerNoah (ACTN) 14th Place - 4th Voted Off

-Dante-Vet-The Smart Jock-OrangeBirdMaster2 15th Place - 3rd Voted Off

Girls (closed)

- Chyna -  Newb -The Mystery of life - Franky494 11th Place - 7th Voted Off

- Cami Q - Newb - The (Insane) Girl of Hope - Franky494 10th Place - 8th Voted Off

- Marry - Vet - The Hot Girl - LxJ

- Lara - Newb - The Nice Girl - LxJ 3rd Place - 14th Voted Off

- Inca - Newb - The Girl Who Everyone Likes (Old Stereotype) The Dispaired & Slient Girl (New) - Liamliamliam 5th Place - 13th Voted Off

- Abigail - Vet - The Naive Daydreamer - CoGreen2.0 12th Place - 6th Voted Off

- Vanessa - Newb - The Drama Queen - CoGreen2.0 9th Place - 9th Voted Off

- Lyn - Vet - The Ninja Girl - ParaGoomba348 16th Place - 2nd Voted Off

Debutters (closed)

It's far too late to join. It was already choosen

- Mary - Newb - The Popular girl - Gwenny98 4th

- Juan-noob-thesneaky-juantheawsome 3rd

- Graham - Vet - Ninja, Dancing, Michael Jackson Impersonator, Rugby Player - Ashgraham2 4th

- Wayne - Newb - The Protective Friend - BlazeHead 51 1st (DEBUTTED)

- Raven - Newb - The Cocky Physic - Zannabanna 3rd

- Logan - Vet - The Not So Not Funny - OrangeBirdMaster2 3rd

- Philip - Vet - The Traveller - MRace2010 (so what? I'm not in the game...and i want to give it a try to see what's the feeling :P) 2nd

- Sarah - Newb - The Crazy Girl - Stella



Lara & Linda

Lyn and Abigail

Zach & Inca

JJ & Inca 

Inca & Chyna (One sided on Inca's side)

Chandler & Inca

Lara & Chimaroj

Lara & Eric

Linda & Chimaroj

Lara & Vanessa

Lara & Everyone

Chimaroj & Cami Q

Andrew (intern) & Abigail

Chimaroj & Inca (one sided on Chimaroj's side)


Lara and Chimaroj 

Ivan > Inca (Crush)

Chandler > Inca (Crush)

Wayne > Inca (Crush)


Chyna - Cami Q - Marry - JJ - Inca

Chimaroj - Lara - Marry - Vanessa


Chyna and Cami Q

Chyna and Justin-Jake

Everyone and Chyna

Linda & Vanessa

Chimaroj & Eric

Inca & Team Weird

Eric & Inca

Eric & Everyone

Users Still In

It is back, but with veterans and newbies too!

1st. LindsayxJustin [VET] (1)

2nd. TDSchool [VET] (0)

3rd. Misterunknown [NEWBIE] (0)

4th. Liamliamliam [VET] (0)

5th. BlazeHead 51 [NEWBIE] (0)

6th. CoGreen2.0 [VET] (0)

7th. Franky494 [VET] (0)

8th. ACTN [NEWBIE] (0)

9th. OrangeBirdMaster2 [VET] (0) (still an intern)

10th. Paragoomba348 [VET] (0)

Now a little question.......

<poll> Do you like this camp so far? Yeah, it's awesome Can be better, but it's still good Meh Quite bad. Make it better! IT'S HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! </poll>

<poll> Team Unleash sucks HEY! Ok, but they're not the worst Yup THIS POLL WASN'T MEAN TO BE OFFENSIVE! IF I OFFENDED YOU, SORRY! </poll>

<poll> Ok, for me, this season wasn't that good. And for you I agree with you You're wrong. It was better You're wrong. It was worse </poll>

Elimination Table

Rank Contestants Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Alive Again
6th Wayne WRD Debuts in Episode 11 JOIN WIN WIN IN WIN OUT
17th Zach UNL SAFE OUT
Sign Meaning Sign Meaning
[name] This contestant is a boy [name] This contestant is a girl
None This contestant is in no team UNL This contestant is in Team Unleash
WRD This contestant is in Team Weirdo UNL/WRD This contestant was in both teams
Sign Meaning Sign Meaning
WIN This contestant won for itself or for the team WIN This contestant was in the winner team
SAFE This contestant wasn't up for elimination IN This contestant was safe from elimination
LOW This contestant was the last safe from elimination OUT This contestant was eliminated
QUIT This contestant quit IND This contestant was immune from elimination
WIN This contestant got to be the captain SWC This contestant switched team in the ceremony
##th This contestant was eliminated before the merge ##th This contestant was eliminated after the merge

Episode 1 Chat

Chris: So...once again...let's meet the con- *phone rings* again this phone? It's the same thing happening? Uff *answers*

Cami Q: I wanna be a BUTTERFLY

Chyna: SHUT UP, You've said you wanna be an author, a Caterpillar, a Pokemon, Simon Cowell, Chris MacLean, a chef, my dad *10 Minutes later* and even a SKELETON

Lara: hi 

Marry: yay i'm back !!! hey girls :D

Cami Q: I wanna be a BRAIN SURGEON, Hey Lara You're my first patient *Insert evil laugh*

Chyna: SHUT DA HELL UP, I hope you explode *Cami Q explodes* YAY

Inca: Hello everyone!

Justin-Jake: Remember Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Puffball(Cameo): We are currently building a Cami Q Recovery centre creator which will create a Cami Q recovery centre 

Chyna: GO EXPLODE *Puffball Explodes*

Inca: *Builds a people recovery center* GO EXPLODE *Chyna Explodes* YAY


Chyna: *Somehow alive* **** You,

Cami Q: I wanna be a MURDERER JK I wanna be Cheryl Cole

Lara: ehy !! waht ?? (CONF) Cami is little crazy !!

JJ: *Gives Chyna the finger*

Inca: TOO FAR... GO EXPLODE *Chyna and JJ explode* (CONF): HOW DOES THAT WORK!!!!!!!!n:!

Ivan: Hey Guys !! 

Eric: ....................................

Chandler: Hey guys the name's Chandler!

Zach: Nice to meet you guys. I'm Zach

Chimaroj: *inhale air* The smell of the city I still can't get used to it.


Chris: Omg *freezes everyone and then unfreezes everyone* calm down everyone! Also, hi!

Linda *looks in a mirror* OH NOO OMG MY MAKE UP RUNS NOOOOO!!!!

Lara: Wow Linda is very wired

Linda: I heard that!!!

Lara: ahhh...sorry Linda 

Chimaroj: *meditating* Well You are right she is kinda weird.

Dante: Hey Guys! I am back!

Andrew: Hey guys! I can't believe I returned.

Chimaroj: *still meditating* hi.

Linda: Wow a second chance I hope I will get that too OMG!!!!

[ Lily: hi guys, i can't compete in this season but i wish you good luck :DD ]

Abigail: Yay! I'm back! It's great to be here! OH MY GOSH! NEW PEOPLE! I love new people! *skakes hands*

Vanessa: *glares at everyone* Hello everyone. I can only hope we'll get along. No promises. *smirks*

Lyn: (Emerges from shadows) I have returned to you all.

Vanessa: And I should care for what reason?

Abigail: LYN! YAY! Lyn's back! This is the coolest surprise ever!

Lyn: Abigail, you've returned. You, Andrew, Lily, and Dante were my favorites form last season. I'm glad you're back.

Abigail: Me too!! I wonder what kind of challenges we'll be put through?

Lyn: Whatever it may bring... Oh, you know the rest by now.

Chimaroj: *still meditating*

Linda: OMG LYN AAAAAAHHH *faints again*

Chris: Ok then.....let's start?

Challenge 1 - Yay!!! Teams!!! Uh...

Chris: The challenge is not occurring now, but later. Instead, i will tell you about the camp.

This time teams won't be decided from me, but FULLY from you. There will be 8 members for each team...and this time we might do secondary teams after some time...whatever.

'This challenge is not about captainship, but about making teams in the most complete chaos possible. Make 2 teams of 8, decide their team name and then call me. It will be a reward challenge, the only of the season....possibly...well start now *zzz* (You technically have to divide yourself in the teams. Then these teams decide their team name and they're done. Nobody goes home, don't worry)' (Also, Lily and Andrew, which were the top 2 of the previous season, will be interns)

(Orange: Uhhhh I want to compete with 2 characters so Logan is competing!)

Marry: oso now we must make the teams ?

(MR: You could've get a spot for that girl. Since Paragoomba joined, you can't get another one. Very sorry)


Chimaroj: Sooo, we should do what?

(Mr. U. I don't really get the challenge)

JJ: Just pick anyone to be a team but i wanna be with Chyna and Inca!

Linda: EEEE I want Lyn and Eric on my team EEEE!

Chris: Ok, i found out that this may be confusing, so JJ and Linda, since they're the only ones which are trying to choose someone, will be the captains. Teams so far!

JJ's team: JJ, Chyna, Inca

Linda's team: Linda, Eric, Lyn

So far each team haves to get 5 more contestants. Hurry up, since there's no order of choosing, and you can get em all.

Linda: YAY!!!! Well let me choose first!!! Venessa and Lara YAY EEE!!!!

Zach: I am so confused

Chandler: me too...

Linda: Hmm okay Chandler your on my team EEE!!!

Abigail: *crosses fingers* Please pick me. Please pick me. 

Vanessa: Pick you? Ew. Why would anyone pick a little runt like you?

[Members were already picked. Mister deleted it for some reason, but whatever. If someone can retrieve the lines, i would thank him]

Team Name Choosing you have to choose a team name and also a team colour! GO!

JJ's team:

JJ: Before any one asks NO TEAM VICTORY

Inca: I dont want that name anyway!

JJ: Team Unleash???

Marry: yess this is a origninal name :D i like it ! Team Unleash !

Chris: Ok, this is the name, but what's the colour?

Marry: mm....the lightblue ?

JJ: Indigo Or Skyblue?

Marry: Skyblue is perfect !

Zach: Sounds good

Vanessa: We'd better win this game. I do not feel like losing already. 

Chris: Ok then!

Linda's team

Linda: EEEEEE TEAM!!!!

Chimaroj: No Just no!

Eric: EE Team 

Chimaroj: What about the Meditating champs?

Linda: EWW that is a bad name!!

Lara: ....what about the Wired Team ?

Linda: Why would we call our team that?

Chimaroj: Hmm maybe the color orange?

Lara: mm..beacuse our capitain is Weird xD [ sorry for my bad english xD ]

Chimaroj:I think you mean weird and not wired XD *start meditating*

Linda: I am not wierd!! I am sassy!!

Lara: okok but plz !!! this name is very beautiful !!

Chimaroj: I am okay with everything.

Linda: Okay but I want the colour pink!

Chris: Ok then? Youre now Team Weirdo with pink colour (uh)

Lara: yess!! ....Team Weird :D with my favourite colur !! yess :D thanks Linda *Hugs Linda*

Linda: *hugs Lara back* Your welcome.

Abigail: I assume I'm on Team Weird? LOVE IT! 


Chris: We've got the 2 teams and the colours. Now, which one will be the winner? Will Linda change name or genre and will I get paid more? You'll find out in TOTAL....DRAMA...AFTER THE WEENI- oh darn i forgot it again :(

(Orange: I demand to get another contestant in the game. I couldn't have that girl spot because I DON'T HAVE A GIRL OC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Orange: I can't do nothing, unless Paragoomba quits the camp and leaves you a spot. Also Andrew can't get in)

(Ash (the guy who was late for sign ups) - I got a girl OC!)

Episode 2 Chat

Team Unleash Chat

Vanessa: So, you're my new team, huh?

[Has Vanessa and Abigail switched teams caus eon the elim table Abigail is on my team? - LLL]

Team Weirdo Chat

Lyn: Team Weirdo, huh? Well. I will do my best to serve you. (Bows)

Abigail: (sighs) I love being weird. I like our team. We're tough already!

Linda: EEEE I am so happy with OUR TEAM EEE!!!!

Chimaroj: *meditating* Our team is indeed really good!

Lara: yeah we are the Team Weird !! :D 

Challenge 2 - [NARRATIVE] Baby, Baby, Baby, OOOOOH

Chris: Welcome everyone! This will be your first challenge, which is Narrative! I know, i fail at finding genres in my own. It's not like last time...whatever. Your challenge is quite simple. It's just somehow travelling in time and then coming back here for saving the world from a future apocalypse...ok i just want to see a baby of my times! First of all, get in this time machine (1 line) then start searching the baby (5 lines). Once you found it (1 line) come back (5 lines) and get through the time portal to get back here (1 line). The team with the most babies here will win the challenge and won't be up for elimination. You can even try to find me!!! (instead of 5 lines you'll have to post 10. It takes more). NOW GO! I want to see a baby, they're so cute! (Also, you can get just one baby, with this making this challenge a teamwork one)

JJ: *Gets in time machiene*

Inca: *Does the same*

Lara: *Gets in time machiene*

Marry: *Gets in time machiene*

Linda: O.k Team Weird se what you are worth *Gets in time machiene*

Chimaroj: *Jumps over everybody and Gets in time machiene*

Lara: *search the baby*

Marry: *search the baby*

JJ: *Searches for baby*

Inca: *Searches for baby*

Lara: *Searches the baby*

Marry: *Searches the baby*


Chimaroj:*searches baby*

JJ: *Searches for baby*

Inca: *Searches for baby*

Lara: *Searches the baby*

Marry: *Searhces the baby

JJ: *Searches for baby*

Inca: *Searches for baby*

Lara: *Searches the baby*

Marry: *Searches the baby*

Chandler: *gets in time machine*

Zach: *gets in time machine*

JJ: *Searches for baby*

Inca: *Searches for baby*

Marry: *Searches the baby*

Lara: *Serches the baby*

Chandler: *searches for baby*

Zach: *searches for baby*

JJ: *Searches for baby*

Inca: *Searches for baby*

Linda: *searches baby*

Chimaroj:*searches baby*

Chandler: *searches for baby*

Zach: *searches for baby*

Linda: *searches baby*

Chimaroj:*searches baby*

Lara: *Find the baby and take he back*

Chandler: *searches for baby*

Zach: *searches for baby*

JJ: *Finds Baby*

Inca: *Finds Baby*

Marry: *Finds baby*

Chandler: *searches for baby*

Zach: *searches for baby*

Inca: *Geting Back* 

JJ: *Getting back*

Chandler: *searches for baby*

Zach: *searches for baby*

Lara: *Getting Back*

Marry: *Getting Back*

Chandler: *finds baby*

Zach: *finds baby*

Inca: *Geting Back* 

JJ: *Getting back*

Chandler: *getting back*

Zach: *getting back*

Inca: *Geting Back* 

JJ: *Getting back*

Chandler: *getting back*

Zach: *getting back*

Inca: *Geting Back* 

JJ: *Getting back*

Chandler: *getting back*

Zach: *getting back*

Inca: *Geting Back* 

JJ: *Getting back*

Chandler: *getting back*

Zach: *getting back*

Lyn: (Gets in time machine) Sorry for being so late...

JJ: *Goes through Portal*

Inca: *Goes Through Portal*

Chandler: *getting back*

Zach: *getting back*

Lyn: (Searches for baby)

Chandler: *goes through portal*

Zach: *goes through portal*

Lyn: (Searches for baby)

Linda: *searches baby*

Chimaroj:*searches baby*

Lara: *Goes through portal*

Marry: *goes through portal*

Ivan: OH NO !! *Gets in time machiene*

Eric: *Gets in the time machiene*

Lyn: (Searches for baby)

Linda: *searches baby*

Chimaroj:*searches baby*

Chris: So far, Chandler, Zach, Lara, Marry, JJ and Inca managed to get the baby. Score: 4-2 for Team Unleash

Eric: *Searches baby*

Ivan: *Serches baby*

Lara: *Serches the baby*

Marry: *Serches the baby*

Ivan: *Serches baby*

Eric: *Serches baby*

Lara: *Serches the baby*

Marry: *Serches the baby* 

Eric: *Serches baby*

Ivan: *Serches baby*

Marry: *Serches the baby*

Lara: *Serches the baby*

Ivan: *Serches baby*

Eric: *Serches baby*

Lara: *Serches baby*

Marry: *Serches baby*

Eric: *Finds baby*

Ivan: *Finds baby* YAY !!!

Lara: *Finds baby*

Marry: *Finds baby*

Eric: *Getting Back*

Ivan: *Getting Back*

Chimaroj: *finds the baby* *smells* eww seriously?

Linda:*finds the baby* Aww aren't you a cute little thingy.

Abigail: *Leaps into portal*

Vanessa: *leaps into portal*

Chimaroj: *Getting back*

Linda: *Getting back*

Abigail: *searches for baby* (1)

Vanessa: *searches for baby (1)

Cami Q & Chyna: *Get in Time Machine* (Sorry for inactivity, I had a broken laptop, got caught up in homework and had 3 birthdays)

Chimaroj: *Getting back* How long does it take to get back I mean the smell is getting worse

Linda: *Getting back* 

Lara: *Getting back* COME ON TEAM WIRED !!

Chimaroj: *Getting back*

Linda: *Getting back*

Lara: *Getting back*

Chimaroj: *Getting back*

Linda: *Getting back*

Lara: *Getting back*

Chimaroj: *Getting back* 

Linda: *Getting back* I'm almost at the time gate I hope my hair will not be messed up again!

Lara: *Getting back*

Linda: *traveling back in the time machine* NO MY HAIR!!!

Chimaroj: *traveling back in the time machine* Hope this thing kills that smell cause I don't know how long I can stand it!

Abigail: *searches for baby* Here Baby baby baby! I love babies! (2)

Vanessa: *searches for baby* Ugh...disgusting! (2)

Chris: Teams are now tied 4-4. We'll wait for one more baby so that we can declare the winner! Aww they're so cute

Chimaroj: *finding chris* Chris where are you, you really need to take this baby away from me, where did you get all these baby's from in the first place it's not like they grow in tree's?

Linda: Chim why are you complaining they are so cute this little *baby voice* woody loody cuty puwuh! *finding Chris*

Cami Q & Chyna: *Searches* (1)

Chimaroj: *finding Chris*

Linda: *finding Chris*

Cami Q & Chyna: *Searches* (2)

Abigail: *searches for baby* (3)

Vanessa: *searches for baby (3) 

Chimaroj: *finding Chris*

Linda: *finding Chris*

Abigail: *searches for baby* (4) 

Vanessa: *searches for baby (4) 

Chimaroj: *finding Chris*

Linda: *finding Chris*

Chris: I am there. If your trying to find me as a baby at least get in the portal (you forgot it :P)

Marry: *Getting back*

Lara: *Getting back*

Chris: Marry, Lara, these babies are from this time. Did you go into the portal? No?! THEN GO NOW! Omg they even miss the portal (its just 1 line, but it messes everything). 4-4 is the current score, still...

Lara: traveling back in the time machine* ( HEY !!!!!!! - LxJ )

Abigail: *searches for baby* (5) Found a baby! *picks up baby* You so cute!

Vanessa: *searches for baby (5) Ugh! Get over here you runt! *grabs baby*

Cami Q and Chyna: *Search* (3)

Abigail: I got the baby! (1)

Vanessa: Ugh. Found one. (1)

Cami Q & Chyna: *Search* (4)

Abigail: *runs back* (1)

Vanessa: *runs back* (1)

Cami Q and Chyna: *Finds Baby* UGH *Grabs Baby*

Abigail: *runs back* (2)

Vanessa: *runs back* (2)

Chimaroj: *finding Chris*

Linda: *finding Chris*

Cami Q and Chyna: *Runs back*

Lara: *Gets in time machiene*

Abigail: *runs back* (3)

Vanessa: *runs back* (3)

Chyna and Cami Q: *runs back* (2)

Abigail: *runs back* (4)

Vanessa: *runs back* (4)

Chimaroj: *finding Chris*

Linda: *finding Chris*

Lara: *Serches baby*

Abigail: *runs back* (5)

Vanessa: *runs back* (5)

Lara: *Serches baby*

Chimaroj: *finding Chris*

Linda: *finding Chris*

Abigail: *leaps in the time machine. warps back* (1)

Vanessa: *steps in the time machine. Warps back* (1)

Lara: *serches baby*

Vanessa: *pushes Abigail and gives the baby to the host* Weirdo's win! 

Chimaroj: *finding Chris*

Linda: *finding Chris*

Lara: *Serches baby*

>Chimaroj: *finding Chris*

Linda: *finding Chris*

Lara: *Serches baby*

Chimaroj: *finding Chris*

Linda: *finding Chris*

Chris: Ok then! 5 babies for Team Weirdo are enough for them TO WIN!!! Enjoy your first win and if you want spectate the elimination of Team Unleash


Chimaroj: *start to medititate*

Vanessa: Watch one of those unleashed get shoved in the lame-o-sine. Of course I'll watch that.

Chimaroj: I need to shower *takes off his shirt* need to wash off that smell I see you'll later.

Elimination 1 - Team Unleash

Chris: Is not that you were bad. You got 4 babies, but it wasn't enough. Your prize is losing 1 contestant. Whoever is safe will get this Gold Chris! OF CHOCOLATE! Vote now! Also, for random reasons (because he haves just one contestant) Dante's safe!


Chyna: Zach

Cami Q: Zach (Just because Orange has 1 character its still unfair as his team lost Fair and square, He wasn't very active either)

(Well, he wanted 2 characters and this is the only thing i can do)

Zach: Marry

JJ: Abigail (I dont know who to vote since evryone but Dante did the challenge)

Inca: Zach, since i know you wont get anymore votes than this. Please stay as a friend!!!

(Its still unfair, He can't get everything he wants, Plus he didn't do the challenge, If he was active then yeah its fair but he wasn't)

(That's right, and it's just for this time. Also, Lyn got this advantage. Thanks for making me thinking about that)

Abigail: I vote for... Zach. He didn't really help out much. (Sorry for the past vote, forgot who Marry was XD )

Marry: WHAT ????!!!! I HELP YOU FOR WIN !!! AND YOU VOTES ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  i vote for Zach :( 

( Franky we are in alliances !!!!!!!! - LxJ )

(Sorry, Forgot who you were playing as - Franky)


Chris: Ok, you failed first challenge and soon you're going to lose a contestant. Which one? You'll know by seeing the results!

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Cami Q

Chris: Very sorry Zach, but you're the first eliminated of the season! Any last words?

Zach: I don't understand how everyone changed their vote plus Dante should've been eliminated!

(IKR - Franky494)

Episode 3 Chat

Team Unleash Chat

Abigail: Sorry for being slow, guys. I should eat some sugar!

JJ: Its ok Abigail, Dante needs to keep up

Inca: I'm afriad but i totally agree! If we need to pick someone from the other team we should take Chandler (CONF): Chandler is a very very very good friend to have! *Blushes, Then stops and notices that she blushed* GIVE ME THE TAPE!!!!!!!, GIVE ME THE TAPE!!!!! OH, HOW DO YOU OPEN THIS THING!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Team Weirdo Chat

Chimaroj: *coming out of the shower* Can I borrow someone's t-shirt for a day? That baby puke on mine yesterday and I need one only for today, otherwise I need to wear my trainings costume and it's kinda cold for that!

Linda: Sorry Chim but I only have pink clothes and I don't think you'll like that.

Chimaroj: No I indeed don't like pink clothes does anyone else have a t-shirt?

Challenge 3 - Zo (is) talentuous

Chris: New challenge and new pain!!!! This time it's a talent show! Pick the 3 contestants who can do something good and make them show it here! Me, chef and a baby will rate it. You better win this challenge, because every 2 challenges with teams will feature a contestant switching from the loser team to the winner team. This is one of these challenges, and it's the first one, so go! You've got 1 day to choose who does what.

Team Unleash deciding

Chyna: HEY Guys, Can I do it, I'm ... like ... a muscial epic person, I CAN PLAY EVERYTHING even a trumpet through a piano through a harmonica

Cami Q: I can sing REALLY well *Sings Maroon 5 - Payphone*

JJ: I can play Guitar and Drums! And i can sing! *Sings Train - Driveby*

Inca: You guys arent the only ones who can sing! *Sings Taylor Swift - I Knew You Were Trouble* And i can RAP!!! *Raps 50 Cent - My Life, And then sings Nicki Minaj - Starships/Va Va Voom* I CAN SING ANYTHING WELL!!!!


Chyna: Me, Justin-Jake and either Inca or Cami Q will currently compete BUT we can't decide yet

Marry: Inca and Chyna can compete

Abigail: Listen! I can rap! Listen! (raps) I got the moves, and that just proves, that a girl with some flare can bust a groove! I have the flare and power to take us to the top! We'll win and beat em, it'll never stop! I'm a rapper, the best, capeesh? The winner is me, and I'm on Team Unleash! (smiles)

Dante: Nice job everyone!

Chyna: So Who's doing it

Cami Q: I say Alexandria (Abigail), Carly (Chyna) and Joseph-Jack (Justin-Jake), everyone agree

Abigail: When will the show start? I won't let you guys down! I have a plan. (smiles) 

Chris: If you're not done, then move! The talent show will start soon

Cami Q: How 'bout this as the order JJ, Chyna then Abigail

Abigail: Sounds good! Can't wait to get started!

Team Weirdo deciding

Linda: I can sing very well *start singing out of tune* NOOOooOoO I CaN'T TakE AnoTHeR SteP To yOU!!

Chimaroj: Please stop with that. Before I show my talent I want to borrow a t-shirt. Please anyone ?

Lara: yeah Chimaroj, you can take my t-shirt :) i can sign: This girl is on fire,This girl is on fire, she's walking on fire !! 

Eric: mmm....Lara your t-shirt is a girl t-shirt.......Chima take mine.....*strips* 

Ivan: hey hye !! i can cook !!! 

Chimaroj: Well thank for your offer but your t-shirts are too small for me, you know what I'm gonna wear my training clothes (look at bit like this) since I need to wear that to show my talent

Lara: (CONF) wow Eric and Chimaroj are very sexy without clothes !!! *blushes*

Chimaroj: I'm good at martial arts, check out this action. *put a apple on Eirc's head* Don't move *does a triple backflip and kicks the apple of Eric's head*

Lara: WOW Chimaroj !!! you are very good !! ok you can compete !! 

Chandler: I agree with Lara :)

Inca: YEAH!!!!! GO CHANDLER!!!!!!!!!!! *everyone stars at her* Uhhhh *runs away in embarrasment*

Eric: yes chimaroj are very good ! great ! ??

Ivan : HEY i can cook !!! *cook a delicious dessert* do you like it ?

Lara: mmm.....ok i'ts ok he can compete ?

Chimaroj: (CONF) Well that's 8 years training with the munks, was worth it.

Linda: Yeah.... Great (CONF) *pukes*, what was that? *keeps on puking*

Lara: okay.....we need one more contestant...who??

Linda: Well unless you call singing out of tune call a talent other wise I don't have anything

Ivan: yeah !! i'm a professional chef ....... !!! (CONF) obvious i'm a great chef !! (END CONF) so....Lara you can sing quite you want compete ?

Lara: yess i love sing: !!

Chimaroj: Well it sounded good you can compete if you want to.

Lara: yesss thanks !! *Hugs Chimaroj*

Chandler: Well i guess we have our three :)

Linda: In which order should we go up? I suggest from the least awesome to the most awesome and I suggest we start with our... chef Ivan.

Vanessa: Cook something huge! Bedazzle them! Don't let us down.

Vanessa: (CONF) My team can be, what's the word? CLUTTERED! Someone needs to step up. 

Vanessa: Okay! Lara! (grabs Lara) You're singing! Blow their minds! And you'd better sound good! (turns to Chimaroj) Chimaha! Or whatever, do your martial kung foo thing. (grabs Ivan) Ivan! Start cooking! Make sure your food is ready for the talent show! Oh! and record yourself cooking so we know YOU made it.  The rest of us are doing special effects! 

Chimaroj: WHOAH turn it down a bit Vanessa, I need to meditate before I am gonna do my routine. *starts meditating*  (CONF) Walking in this clothes feels kinda akward sometime.

Linda: Stop pretending you are out captain Vanessa cause you're not. (CONF) Vanessa is so annoying.

Vanessa: Oh, and I suppose you see value in yourself? (CONF) Linda is so annoying. 

Chris: You have your three? Ok, but decide the order quickly because the talent show will start soon

Ivan: YEAH !! ok i start cook *starts cook a big cheesecake for the show* guys i'm the first who is the second ?

Linda: I say Lara, martial art are a bit more wow-ish then singin.

Lara: ok at the talent show i sing "Girl on Fire* okay ?

Talent Show

Chris: I don't really care if you're not ready. You have to do the talent show NOW! We'll start with the members of Team Weirdo, since they won last time. Their total score will be the goal for Team Unleash. Now, what did you make for us? I'm curious

Chef Ivan: ok, for you i cook a deliciuos: Big Cheesecake......*starts cook it and finishes it* ok chris you can eat it !!

Linda: (CONF) I hope he made it good this time, cause last time I puked! (END CONF) GO IVAN!!!!

Chris: Um...not a fan of cheesecake, but it's fine. 8/10

Chef: Actually i would've done better. 7/10

Baby: *barfs on cheesecake* *laughs* *randomly writes a 892839309482390 which in his language means 5*

Chris: Ok, you got a score of 20. Next one!

Lara: today i sing my favourite song: Girls on Fire....*stars sing* : Girls on fire,Girls on fire.....


Lara: thanks Linda *Hugs Linda*

Chris: Niiice singing! 9/10

Chef: I really hate this song! IT'S NOT ROCK! 5/10

Baby: Gugugugu *randomly writes 1 which in his language means 5*

Chris: A few not better than Ivan's cooking, but you get a 19. Also, your total score is 39. Want more? Then the last one must be PERFECT!

Eric: yeah !! Great Lara and good job Ivan !! 

Chimaroj: Okay Linda hold this. *gives Linda a plank* Don't move *does a 6 time 180 backflip and kicks the plank in 2 pieces. Okay I have more, I want Eric, Linda and Vanessa to stand right befind each other and I want Linda to hold a Hula hoop above your head. *put a apple on Vanessa's head* Don't move. *start running and jump through  the Hula hoop and catches the apple*.

Chris: Wow! The new karate kid! 8 points. Very impressive

Chef: I SAW YOU HURT THE HULA HOOP OF 1 PIXEL. 0 POINTS....but since i'm gentle i'll give a 7/10

Baby: *barfs on everything* Gugugugug *writes a monkey which in his language is a 5*

Chris: That's it. You got another 20 which sends you to a total score of....59! It's a good amount, but still can be defeated. Now, Team Unleash. It's your turn! You have at least to get a total score of 60! You better get it or your losing 2 contestant, getting at 5. You don't want it, right? Then MOVE! Also, the baby is SOOO ADORABLE!

Vanessa: I'd like to see those losers beat us! (laughs) 

Abigail: Ladies and gentleman! I will perform a rap for Chris, Chef, and baby! Ahem...

Chris McLean is the greatest and the best...When it comes to other hosts, he's better than the rest</p>

He's smart, he's cool, and over all, really fun....On my favorite hosts list, he comes out number 1! 

If you want the very best host, you know who to dial!...Chris McLean is the one and only, just check out his smile! 

Nobody can host reality shows like he can....Step back folks, because Chris McLeans' the man!

Chef Hatchet, coolest dude in the book!....Awesome hat, awesome smile, and a better cook. 

Working it up, in the kitchen all day.....Making food for kids, baking away. 

But Chef Hatchet's food is the way to go!....Try the soup, try the dishes, try the sloppy joe!

He may be cranky and he may be on fire.....But he loves his job, to make our lives dire! 

Baby is the best, for him I root!...With charm like his, he's too darn CUTE!

Chef and Chris! Chef and Chris!...Chris and Chef! Chris and Chef!

More Chris and Chef, no need for a llama!

Chef and Chris! Chef and Chris!...Chris and Chef! Chris and Chef!

Getting real up in here, here on TOTAL DRAMA! (drops the microphone and walks away) 


Chef: Uuuh when did i bake for kids? Anyway, very nice rapping. 8/10

Baby: *tries to imitate Abigail* Eguga! *writes "chris sucz" which in his language means 5*

Chris: I DON'T SUCK, STUPID BABY. Also, you got a score of 23, which is very nice! Next one please?

Marry: wow very good Abigail !!! JJ it's your turn ?!

JJ: I will be singing and playin the guitar! *Sings Driveby* .... YEAH *Pulls out a DJ Set* *Starts Singing Drinking from the Bottle!* EVERYTHING IS ON YOU!... EVERYTHING IS ON ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Drops the mic and walks off stage*

Inca: WTF WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O_O


- Redo! -

Chris: Oh...what was that.......................................i guess it's not a talentuous talent, but i'll give a...7?

Chef: Awesome singing while drinking, but i really didn't understand that...6/10

Baby: Gegegegege *draws the world being eaten by the baby which in his language means 5*

Chris: Very weird......but you got 18. Fewer than the other ones...sadly. Well, Team Unleash, if you really want to win, you need at least a 19! Go with the last one!

Chyna: *Backstage* I can do this, I know I can, But I'll always be the winner *Walks on stage* My name is Chyna, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Athens, Greece, I'll be singing Impossible and doing Contempary Dancing

I remember years ago

Someone told me I should take

Caution when It comes to love

I did

And you were strong and I was not

My Illusion, My Mistake,

I was careless, I forgot

I did

Chyna: Thank you, (Dance Routine Link - Here)

Chris: Uh...ok....nice dancing and singing, but let's say i'll give you an 8/10

Chef: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhm....................................................................7/10

Baby: Eguguegueguegugugeugueguguuegueugguugug............................................5/10 SUCKERS HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA *runs away from police*.

Chris: Woah! Was he a criminal? Whatever....with Chyna's performance, your total score is.......






















61!!!!!!!!!It means that the winners are TEAM UNLEASH! Congratulations. Very sorry Team Weirdo. Over to losing a contestant, you will even see one of you switching to the other team...</p>

Elimination 2 + Switch 1 - Team Weirdo

Chris: Yeah, you won first challenge, but now you're getting in minorance. You have to vote for 2 things. Vote for you want out the game and vote for the one you want to leave your team! Go!


Lara: i vote Lyn sorry :(

Chimaroj:  I think I got a cold *Sneezing* Sorry Lyn I vote you off.

Linda: I still don't get how that rap beat Lara's singing she was amazing anyway I vote off Lyn, you came for last season plus you don't do much this season so it's bye bye for you!


Chimaroj: I don't who has to switch teams I guess Chandler.

Linda: Venessa go to the other team, no questions.

Lara: Chandler....he is very strong but he is a threat for our team sorry :(

Eric: for Elimination i vote Lyn sorry girl.....and for change team i vote Chandler

Ivan: i vote Chandler for elimination......and i vote Lyn for change the team 

Chandker: I vote Lyn to be eliminated and I'll switch teams


Chris: Ok, almost everyone voted. The person eliminated and the one who won't get a chris statue is.........

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chris: Lyn!!!!! Well, bye bye. You were 3rd last time, but now you're dead! Also, Chandler, since you got 7 votes for that, you're going to join the other team! Say bye, one to the competition, one to your fellow teammates!

Linda: (CONF) Great now we went from the biggest team to the smallest team and once you think it can't get worse, Chimaroj has a fever. So that basicly means my team only have 5,5 teammates left while the other team has 8.  *re doing eyeliner* (END CONF) Bye Lyn!!

Chimaroj: (CONF) Great I think I start to have a fever *sneezing* the timing couldn't get any worse. But I won't quit! Like the munks said "if you gonna get a drink for a guest you never give them a halve glass" which means you don't stop if you can get more.(END CONF) I'm sorry Lyn.

Vanessa: (CONF) *is applying her make up* I don't get why everyone is boo-hooing over last night's ceremony. Grow up, people. 

Abigail: (CONF) Lyn! NO! I'll miss you! I can't believe she's gone! She's like my BLFF! My "Best Lyn Friend Forever" (sighs) 

Andrew: *appears* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY LYN!

Episode 4 Chat

Abigail: Hello Unleash! It's so cool how we won last time, huh? I bet we'll do even greater this time. 

Linda: (in the guys trailer) Chim are you alright? You look even worse than last night.

Chimaroj: (in the guys trailer) I have a fever, I'm not sure I can participate this time.

Lara: wow....sorry Lyn :( .....Hi Guys...

Marry: yess abigail you were GREAT !!!! *Hugs Abigail*

Abigail: (pokes her head into the guys trailer) Is Chima feeling okay? I know we're not on the same team, but is he okay? 

Vanessa: (overhears) He'll be fine. 

Linda: Well I hope so cause other wise we have a big problem

Andrew: *still at the elimination place* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Vanessa: I'm sure our team will be just fine, with or without him. And if we lose, we can vote him off. If he gets better and competes, great. 

Linda: aha..... (CONF) I really hope Chim is getting better and Vanessa get's voted off soon she's bugging me!!(END CONF)

Chimaroj: (CONF) First I have to get a baby which puked on my only t-shirt *coughing* because of that I have to wear my munk outfit and now *coughing* I caught a fever and *coughing* Vanessa want's to vote me off because of that. *coughing* (END CONF)

Vanessa: (CONF) I don't wanna lose. Chimaroj better get better. 

Lara: (CONF): i really don't wanna lose, Linda is my firiend,Chimaorj is very strong, HE IS VERY COOL,Ivan is very nice and Vanessa is a great capitain for our team !! so i don't wanna voted off anyone !! so come on TEAM WEIRD !!!!

Linda: (in the guys trailer) Here Chim I made you chicken soup, my granny say that that cures everything.

Chimaroj: (in the guys trailer) Thank you.


Inca: I suppose, I'll go see Chandler and welcome him to the team!

Linda: Chim do you think you're able to compete?

Chimaroj: Well I have to even though I'm still sick.

Challenge 4 - Eliminated Contestants Theory

Chris: Hey there! New challenge! Ok, both teams got a member eliminated, Zach and Lyn. Now you have to find a way to make them back using.....SCIENCE!!!! Whatever. They're at home now. Find the most creative way to bring them back! The most creative one wins, by making the winner's team winning and the other team losing. None of the eliminated contestant will come back, though, but they can be interns. Nobody will switch teams this time, there will be just an elimination. Now go!

Linda: Okay team weird how can we bring them back?

JJ: *Creates a potion that make a volcano erupt which hits Lyn's house. She floats So far until she reach an island and she fly]ies on a seagull to camp. She jumps off them and miss camp, therefore she swims. But then she found out that she is in a giant test tube which is full of water, It Apperes that JJ shrunk her, She climbs out of the test tube and runs away for Big JJ. Then she rides on an ant to camp and somehow get bigger again*

Inca: O_O *Faints*

Chris: Almost forgot. You have to save the eliminated contestant which WAS in your team. Not the other one. If you do both is a tie :P

Lara: ......!!?

Linda: *breeds a unicorn, stuff it with Nintendo wifi senders, slaughter the unicorn and use it flesh to make spagetti send to to Lyn's home let Lyn eat it, then use a wii controler to control her back to the film lot*

Vanessa: We could call her on a cell phone? I mean, that's science, and not completely ridiculous. 

Abigail: Oh! We could breed a mix between a hunting dog and a messenger bird. It would be a tracking, messenger, hound bird! We would place a remote controller in its brain and send it to Lyn's house! Lyn would have eaten a breakfeast with lots of proteins and metals! The Messenger, hunting hound bird would have a giant magnet with it, Lyn would get stuck to the dog, and fly back here! 

Chimaroj: It's time you did something Vanessa *coughing* besides wifi is also science *coughing* maybe someone can built a time machine and *coughing* just kidnap Lyn!

Vanessa: We don't need to build a time machine! (smirks) Not two challenges ago did we just have a whole bunch of them. We take one, get Lyn and BOOM! Science. (CONF) No need to tell me I'm brilliant, it's apparent. 

Chimaroj:(CONF) Vanessa isn't very bright is she? *coughing* (CONF)

Vanessa: You're missing my point Chimaroj. We just did a challenge based on time machines, we snag one of the time machines.

Chimaroj: I understand that, but we also need to be creative *coughing* and what is more creative then making a time machine *coughing*.

Linda: OR we can do my thing what is completely random and weird like our team.

Dante: Team Unleash, I think our idea should use catapults. We catapult Lyn through a portal that leads her to another catapult and that repeats 5 times. At the end she lands on a pillow just to be safe.

Vanessa: Ugh! You mean we actually have to BUILD a time machine? And somebody get him some more coffee, already! His cough is getting loud!

Linda: Coffee make people even cough more you better give him water or chickensoup.

Chris: I've got the ones i actually like!

Abigail's one was incredibly FUNNY! Just love it. The problem if that she haves another breakfast then that won't work. Very sorry

JJ's one is creative, but sadly there's no machine which makes you bigger :(

Linda's one is GREAT, but i like unicorns :(.

Dante's one wasn't the best, and the catapult is quite repetitive

Vanessa one is the simpliest ever (the phone one), but sure that works :D.

So far the winner is........................................................Vanessa. Not very creative, i know, but sure that works. I mean, who doesn't like getting back in a show with a chance of a million dollars. Because, i didn't say that, that you have to make your theory apparently WORKING! Since Abigail's one could fail because of breakfast, JJ because of nonexistance of some things, Linda because i like animals  and Dante's because the cataupult is quite repetitive you win for that :D. But since he got the most creative one, JJ is safe from elimination :D!!!!

Elimination 3 - Team Unleash

Chris: Decide! Or you get to be the loser team or you get to be the winner team! Luckily you won the previous challenge so you're still being the majorance after this....but with one contestant gone. Little twist. Lyn can vote for one of you since the other team won. Also, she gets back as an intern. Happy Andrew? Whatever, remember that JJ is safe and VOTE!


Inca: (CONF): I vote Dante, You arent always around (now change your Votes)

JJ: (CONF): Dante isnt always competing in challenges, the only challenge he did was the one today! I vote Dante

Cami Q: (CONF - I vote Dante)

Chyna: (CONF - Dante *Dante Explodes* YAY!) 

Marry: !!!?? WHAT ?! INCA !!! ehy why you vote Cami Q ?? she is in our alliances !!! I Vote Dante...sorry but you are very incative !! Inca i don't vote you only beacuse Dante is very incative....( pleas change your votes guys !! LxJ )

Chandler: (CONF): I vote Dante. We need people who will be here bud

Dante: Inca

(Orange: I have been B-U-S-Y doing BOBFDI and I can't always do the challenge)

Abigail: I don't remember Dante very much from last season. All I know is that he's...strecthy? I vote Dante. 


Chris: Hehohoh! Whatever, one of you will be sent out the game? The one who haves the disgrace of leaving is....

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cami Q

......Dante! Very sorry, but your absence in the game messed you up. Also, you're the 2nd veteran to leave. Quite weird uh? Any last words (I won't accept your excuse, since you said it AFTER the challenge.)

Episode 5 Chat

Chimaroj: (CONF) *Coughing* It's great we won last time *coughing* but I'm still sick and it wasn't better then last time *coughing*(END CONF)

Linda: (CONF) *Doing his makeup* Eventhough Vanessa won for us last time I still don't like her, she is a big B... (END CONF)

Lara: (CONF) yes ! we win !! Vanessa is a great capitain she is fantastic....but linda hate vanessa...i hope we win the next challenge (END)

Vanessa: Thank you everyone! (glares at Linda) (CONF) Linda can try to dent me all she wants, but it won't do her any good. But Lara......she's definite alliance material. 

Linda: SO since you're so smart VANESSA do you have a cure for Chimaroj cause he's still sick *glares at Vanessa*

Vanessa: I don't know. If there was a cure, wouldn't YOU have found it by now?

Linda: NO CAUSE I'M NOT A DOCTER *glares even more at Vanessa* besides the only cure I knew didn't work.

Chimaroj: *peaks out of the guys trailer listening to Vanessa and Linda* (CONF) What's up between *coughing* those two? *coughing*(END CONF)

Eric: wow xD hey chimaroj take this medicine i make it for you...i'm a doctor...(CONF) yes, i'm a doctor, in the college i studied medicine....(END CONF) 

Chimaroj: *coughing* what is it? *coughing*

Eric: this is a's for the cough !! (CONF) mmm...okay i was rejected at the college 

Chimaroj: *coughing* I hope so *takes the medicine* *faints*


Eric: oh **** !!! Chima !!!! are you ok ??!

Chimaroj doesn't react

Linda *feeling his wrist* His heart is still beating so you didn't kill him what should we do now? EEEE my make up is running again!!!

Lara: OMG !!! Chima !!! ...okay..............*Kisses Chimaroj*

Linda: I didn't know you are into Chimaroj, but I think he's not gonna wake up soon thought it's just a halve hour ago when he took that unknown medicine.

Challenge 5 - Medicine Tossed

Chris: Ok! Calm down! Chim is going to be fine soon......well, with your help. You have to make a medicine which cures everything, but it takes 50 hours to make. Still, working together should help. This is medic films genre, and if you want to complete your medicine sooner you have to work together (50 lines for the team. If 2 of the same team posts that counts as 2 lines in total). The first team to complete the medicine and give it to Chim (1 line) wins the challenge, won't face elimination and will get a contestant from the other team. Yes, this is a switch challenge. NOW GO, before he dies >.<

Linda: Okay Vanessa, Lana, Ivan and the one who is responible for this ERIC we need to win so let's work together.

Eric: !!!! OKAY IT'S MY TURN !!! I SAVE YOU CHIMA !!! *Starts make the medicine*

Linda: Uhm I get some water and tell me what you need *water*

Chris:  Chim can't be revived unless you make the medicine. Other things are useless

Eric: we need: Water,Chive,Hair of Chim,Hair of Animal,Urine,Friuts,Weeds,Glucose,Milk,Potion,Saliva of Chim.

Linda: Maybe we should make another medicine....

Chyna: *Makes medicine* (1 out of 50)

Cami Q: *Makes Medicine* (2 out of 50)

Eric: no this is perfect ! *Put the water on the medicine*

Linda: If you say so *makes medicine* (CONF) Eric turned completely insane. *doing his make up* (END CONF)

(MR: I won't count the *put on water lines* so you better use the *makes medicine*. This because i'm a lazy checker...also please do that, not other things)

Eric: *makes medicine*

Linda: *making the medicine*

Eric: *makes medicine*

Ivan: *makes medicine*

Lara: *makes medicine* COME ON TEAM WEIRDO !!

Linda: *making the medicine* Come on team save Lara's boyfriend!!

Eric: *makes medicine* (CONF) what ?! Lara's boyfriend ?! i'm more nice then Chima !!

Ivan: *Makes medicine

Lara: come on Chima i'll save you !!! *Makes medicine*

Linda: *making the medicine*

Lara: *making the medicine*

Linda: *making the medicine*

Eric: *makes medicine*

Ivan: *makes medicine* 

Linda: *making the medicine*

Lara: *making medicine* ( 19 ) 

Linda: *making the medicine* (20)

Eric: *makes medicine* (CONF) I'M CRAZY AHAHAH !!!!!

Ivan: *makes medicine* (CONF) ...emm...Linda ??? you MUST GO !! you are usless fot the team...Lara...she is quite weird...she is so bored....(END CONF)

Lara: *making medicine*

Linda: *making the medicine*

Lara: *making medicine* (CONF) wow...eric is very insane...i'm afraid !!

Linda: *making the medicine*

Lara: *making medicine* 

Eric: *makes medicine*

Ivan: *makes medicine*

Lara: *making medicine* (30)

Linda: *making the medicine*

Linda: *making the medicine*

Lara: *making medicine*

Eric: *makes medicine*

Ivan: *makes medicine*

Lara: *making medicine* COME ON COME ON !!!!!

Linda: *making the medicine*

Eric: *makes medicine*

Ivan: *makes medicine*

Lara: *making medicine* (40)

Linda: *making the medicine*

Lara: *making medicine* 

Linda: *making the medicine*

Lara: *making medicine*

Eric: *makes medicine*

Ivan: *makes medicine*

Lara: *making medicine* 

Linda: *making the medicine* (48)

Ivan: *makes medicine*

Eric: *finishes medicine*  (50) !!!!! YEAH !!!!!

Lara: *gives the medicine to Chimaroj*

Chris: Ok, Chim will get better soon, and you guys won, so you'll get a contestant in your team :D. Whatever, Team Unleash, elimination!

Elimination 4 + Switch 2 - Team Unleash

Chris: Shameful, VERY SHAMEFUL. I thought guys you were going to do something, but instead nothing happened with you. Now you're losing two contestants, being sent at 5 and being the minorance again. Now vote for who you want out and who you want to switch the teams


Marry: i vote Abigail for the elimination sorry :( really you are my friend but i have an alliances...and for pass at the team weirdo i vote Chandler

Inca: i agree with Marry, But not Chandler!!!

JJ: its the only choice! Anyway he isnt leaving just swapping! And i agree with Marry too.

Abigail: (CONF) Chyna is a little wacky. I vote her. I vote switching Chandler. Love my team!

(CoGreen2.0: I keep missing challenges. When are they always happening?)

Chandler: I vote for Abigail and I volunteer to switch teams. (Yeah I miss them too)

Chyna: (CONF - Abigail *Abigail Explodes* and Chandler to switch *Chandler teleports to the other team*

Cami Q: Abigail Eliminated, Chandler switch


Chris: Since the challenge was to save Chimaroj which is not even in your team there won't be an elimination. Just think that in the future there will be a double elimination. Still you have to lose a contestant, which is going to the other team, which is...

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Cami Q

.....Chandler. Again you're switching? Very weird. Whatever, Chandler, you return to your original team. So now it's a 6 vs 7? You're in a minorance even without an elimination... (i'm going to make a challenge which is possible for everyone nextly)

Episode 6 Chat

Chimaroj: *wakes up* Wow what happend?

Lara: CHIMA !!! are you okay ?? (CONF) i hope chima don't remeber my kiss (END CONF)

Chimaroj: I'm fine better than before actually so do we have to vote someone off?

Lara: yes we are safe !!! you remeber something ??

Chimaroj: Last thing I remember is that Linda and Vanessa fighting over a cure for me, that was kinda weird.

Lara: ohhhh luckly......

Chimaroj: Lucky?

Linda: (CONF) EEEE Lara has a  crush on Chimaroj EEE that is so cool only Eric seems to not be happy with that hmm interesting, and what's up with Ivan he's acting really weird (END CONF)

Eric: ehmmm......Lara ?? do you want talk with Chimaroj ?? (CONF) AHH...CHIM is not nice !!!!! i'm NICE !!! 

Ivan: (CONF) ....Lara and Chimaroj, Lara and Eric ?? what ?! puff !! Ivan and Lara...oh yess this is a cool couple...the sexy girl and the footballer !

Chimaroj: Hi Eric how are you?

Eric: good thanks, see ? i'm a fantastic doctor

Lara: (CONF) ehy ?! Eric is weird !! 

Chimaroj: I guess *start meditating*

Lara: (CONF) ahhh....i love Chimaroj when he meditated *blushes*

Linda: EEEE Lara!!!!

Chimaroj: (CONF) Why do I have lipstick on my face? Must have been Linda try to prank me.(END CONF) *Still meditating*

Lara: oh **** !! *try to clean chimaroj* 

Vanessa: (hands Lara a towel) Use this. And congratulations! (CONF) To get Lara into an alliance is perfect, maybe I can even drag Chimaroj into it too. 

Linda: *glares at Vanessa* (CONF) What is she trying to do being all nice to Lara, I don't trust it. (END CONF)

Chimaroj: Oh ha if that isn't the girl who wanted to vote me off because I was having a fever.

Vanessa: (fake smiles) Oh Chimaroj. You know I was kidding. I totally value you as not only a teammate, but as a friend. What do ya say? 

Linda: I wouldn't trust her Chim she'll pretending to be a friend one time and when you're not looking she'll stab a knife in your back. *glares at Vanessa*

Vanessa: What about Linda? Maybe SHE'S the one trying the stab you in the back. She doesn't want us to be friends. That's because she wants you to herself so she can mess with you. (smirks at Linda) Isn't that right?

Linda: *Low voice* First of all I am a guy, *normal voice* And second the last time I checked I tried to help him recover from his fever while you just wanted to vote him off.

Vanessa: Linda, dear. You have me all wrong. I simply suggested, if Chimaroj was too ill for the competition, than he needed to leave and get to a real hospital. I care for him. And I didn't know you were a boy. It...wasn't apparent at first. 

Vanessa: (CONF) He's a GUY!? (falls over in laughter) I.. (laughs) HAHA Had NO idea!!! (laughing hysterically) 

Linda: That is a lie you just wanted to eliminate him cause you see him as a threat and you thought since he had a fever you could get rid of him.

Chimaroj: Maybe you two need to get on agreement cause I try to meditate. *Walkes away*

Vanessa: Okay, okay. As much as I hate admitting it, maybe he's right. We really got off on the wrong foot. Start over? (smiles)

Linda: Okay let's do that (fake smile) (CONF) She can't manipulate me I see right through her, all I need to do is telling Chim and Lara to not fall for her nasty games (END CONF)

Vanessa: (CONF) Frankly, as fun as it would be to eliminate Linda, there are other people on this team who deserve to go. I mean, at least Linda contributes. That doesn't mean I like him, just that he's not expendable...yet.

Andrew: Hey guys! I built another Human Recovery Center since Abigail exploded last night. *Abigail is alive now* BTW, Chyna, GO EXPLODE *Chyna explodes* *destroys the HRC*

Chimaroj: *looks angry at Andrew (CONF) What happend last episode, I can't remember anything. And everyone has gone insane, Eric Andrew. Lara get's a bit touchy with me. And the fight between Vanessa and Linda is also getting  worse. Well I guess I have to find a new place to meditate. (END CONF)

Cami Q: Hey Chima, Wanna come to my secret meditating place, follow me if you do *Leaves*

Chimaroj: How did you know? *follows Cami Q*

Andrew: Uhhhh China isn't alive right now. I exploded her.

Lara: ??.....*follows Chimaroj*

Cami Q: Oh, My actual dream is to be an AURA READER (Dawn Moment) so yeah *Gets to secret place - Paridise* Here it is

Chimaroj: Well if you really want to be a aura reader you should go to the munks the women munks are all aura readers even some men are. They can teach you. And this place is good enough to meditate *starts meditating*

Cami Q: Yeah, Maybe after I win or get eliminated *Meditates*

Chimaroj: (CONF) I didn't knew taht Cami and I had so many thing in common. (END CONF)

Abigail: 'm alive! Woohoo! Revenge time! (laughs and then runs up to Chyna. Abigail wet willies her) 

Vanessa: I'm surrounded by imbeciles. (Abigail wet willies Vanessa) AUGH!

Andrew: GO EXPLODE *Vanessa explodes* YAY!

Lara: (CONF) what ?!! Chimaroj and Cami Q are flirting ?!!

Linda: Lara what is going on you look so sad.

Andrew: ALMOST FORGOT *builds another HRC*

Challenge 6 - Quiz failers, hoping not.

Chris: Ok everyone. Time for a new challenge. Do you remember our previous season? You should veterans. However, the second challenge was a quiz....well we're having it now! The rules are simple. You just have to answer the question i'll give you. If you manage to answer it or to get the closest out of everyone you will earn a point for your team! The first team to reach 3 points wins the challenge and won't go up for elimination! Since the previous cast was made of quiz failers, let's REALLY hope you won't fail this time. Ok, GO!


Questions UNL WRD
1 X
2 X
3 X

Question 1 - Just to see if you're interested in Italy facts, what did Monte Paschi Siena (THE BANK) this year?(There's in online journals, so your job is to find what they've done. If it's too hard...well i'll give an hint. Who manages to answer it will get a reward, which you'll know later)

Team Unleash

Cami Q: Mens Sana Basket, also known as Montepaschi Siena is an Italian basketball squad, Its sponsor is the Siena banking company. Some players include Darren Daye, David Vanterpool and Vladmir Boisa as well as many others

Chyna: O_O

Team Weirdo

Linda: *Checking on his Iphone looks on google* Here it say's that it is a Basket ball team. *redoing his make-up*

Lara: i'm italian guys !! ..Monte Paschi siena is a city ?! and the ex-president is Mussari but is also a Basketball team.

Chimaroj: It is indeed a Basketball team but that's all I know.

Eric: i don't like italy but it's a basketball team, they win a cup i guess

Ivan: it's a basketball team


Chris:'s not possible. I know it's even a basketball team, and i was talking of the bank!!! Whatever, the answer to the question was that they invested the money which people gave to the bank as a investiment....uh. I guess it was far too hard, so i won't consider it as an hard question. The one who got the closest is..............nobody? Oh wow.....since she mentioned it, Cami Q gets the point...

Question 2 - Which contestant from the previous season is mentioned in the english circuit of Brands Hatch? (You've got 21 choices, so this is easier, i guess)

Team Unleash

JJ: Yeah, I know the contestants from ATI! Its not Abigail/Phillip So i will go with.....Melbourne??

Inca: I guess Drake?

Cami Q: ???, Bruno

Chyna: Errr Graham

Marry: mmm.....Ashley ?

Abigail: it Dante?

Team Weirdo

Linda: EEEEEE I have no idea just a random guess Eric?

Chimaroj: Uhm Slenderman?

Lara: no it isn't Eric !! i guess Melbourne 

Vanessa: Was it Lyn? 


Chris: YES! Someone got it! Chyna gives a point to her team. Why Graham? Never heard about the "Graham Hill" of Brands Hatch? :). Whatever, next question.

Question 3 - It's so far the state with the lowest human developement in Asia? Of which state i'm talking about ( I MAY BE WRONG )

Team Unleash

Cami Q: IDK, I honestly don't know 

Chyna: Is it Vanatu? (Yay Cami got No.1 and Chyna got No.2)

Abigail: Afghanastan? Maybe?

Inca: Uzbekistan?

JJ: Sri Lanka?

Team Weirdo

Linda: North Korea that one was to simple

Chimaroj: I went to the munks in Japan so it must be North Korea.

Lara: Linda say Korea so i try to say Pakistan 

Eric: i guess Libano

Ivan: Syria ?

Chandler: North Korea?

Vanessa: Obviously North Korea. Duh


Chris: Yay, another question was achieved....the answer was..............AFGHANISTAN!!! Abigail said it, even if mispelt, so Team Unleash gets their final point....AND THEY WIN! Team Weirdo, you need an elimination

Elimination 5 - Team Weirdo

Chris: Another elimination, another contestant lost. Who else noticed that Chandler is up for elimination for 4 times in a row? Very weird. Still, vote!


Chimaroj: I vote off Chandler.

Linda: There must be a reason that you've been tossed around the teams, I vote Chandler.

Inca: NO!!!!!!

Eric: i vote off Chandler

Ivan: Chandler sorry :(

Lara: i vote Chandler,you are inactive and useless for the team


Vanessa: I missed the voting, didn't I? Oh well. I would have voted Chandler anyway.


Chris: Yeah, i have to say. I think this elimination was unfair.......and i think it's even my fault. Well, very sorry...

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5

Chris:......Chandler! I'm very sorry, so i will give you something to do. You can vote next time....for who switchs and who gets out....Any last words?

Linda: (CONF) You should've seen it happen, you swapped teams twice. (END CONF).

Vanessa: (CONF) Can't have a player bouncing back and forth between teams. Bye bye. (END CONF) 

Chandler: I guess I deserve it. I couldn't keep up with the challenges.

Episode 7 Chat

Chimaroj: *meditating in the place that Cami Q showed him*

Inca: *Sighs*

Linda: What is going on Inca?

Lara: Chandler and she is friends..i guess....but i don't understand why chirs say: this elimination was unfair ??

Linda: Have you seen Chimaroj?

Lara: !!!! .....ehrrr (CONF) i'm angry with Chimaroj, he and Cami Q are FRIEND.....VERY FRIEND....FRIEND TOO MUCH !!! (END CONF)

Linda: *looking strange a Lara* Okay there is obviously something going on with you spit it out already.

Lara: O_O what ?! ehy !!!? what's wrong ?

Linda: Well you're acting really strange since that Chimaroj is hanging out with Cami Q.. do you think that he is cheating on you?

Lara: n...o...?? hey do not intrude !!! *slaps Linda* (CONF) LINDA ?!! stay away form me !!! (END CONF)

Linda: (CONF) What was that for, I just want to help her (END CONF)

Lara: okay...I exaggerated i'm apologize Linda....but i'm so sad *cries*

Linda: I accept you apology, but why are you sad you can tell me?

Lara: because chimaroj not even look at me to make me feel good......not interested in him...he mediates all day !!! but he is a stupid !!! i love he !

Linda: He does care, he cares about everyone.

Andrew: *builds another HRC* GO EXPLODE *he explodes* *comes back alive from the HRC* Why did I do that!

Vanessa: Lara? You okay, girl? You can talk to me if you want. (smiles sweetly) 

Chyna: Hey Lara, Cami Q was my friend who ditches me now 

Cami Q: *Still at "Secret" Place* *Meditating* 

Linda: Mind your own business Vanessa!!

Inca: *Sighs Again*

JJ: Inca...

Lara: ahhh.....*cries* *Hugs Vanessa* ahhhh are the only who can understand me !!! i have a problema with Chimaroj and Cami Q !!

Linda: *Glares at Vanessa*

Challenge 7 - Never visited Ireland

Chris: New challenge everyone! This time we're having a challenge themed to these weird films inspired to Ireland.....with Since they like luck and the teams are equal we'll have a luck contest! There are 12 cards, with under it a number. Here they are













Chris: What's your job? To pick one! The team with the highest score wins the challenge, but this time, instead of voting who switchs teams we'll do like this. The member of the team which picked the lowest card will switch. That guy is going to be safe from elimination still..........well. The eliminated contestant is going to be choosen via vote. And since both teams are made of six, one of them will be made of 4 right after this elimination...............well. Point to the +100 and try to miss the -50! Anyway, one of you will get it. GO! (Just put the name of the contestant in the space with the number) [6 cards left]

Card Contestant Points Team Total Points
1 Marry 60 Team Unleash +410
2 Cami Q 90 Team Weirdo +90
3 Linda 20
4 Lara 30
5 Chimaroj 40
6 Justin-Jake 70
7 Eric 0
8 Abigail 80
9 Inca 10
10 Vanessa -50
11 Chyna 100
12 Ivan 50

Chris: Woah....*checks table* so it's it. The winner is TEAM UNLEASH!!!!! Congratulations for winning. You'll get a contestant moving at 7...and that one is Vanessa, since she got -50 (lol). Also, Team Weirdo, you have to vote someone off the game, getting at 4..........really?

(OMG, I got 100 by Chyna and 90 by Cami Q, O_O - Franky)

Elimination 6 - Team Weirdo

Chris: Vanessa leaved the team, so she's safe from this elimination....yeah she's in the other team. The battle for the best team is still going on, but Team Unleash gets the pole with 7 contestants on it O.o . Just one of you is NOT surviving in the team, and you can vote for who needs to get out. Also, Chandler can vote for who needs to be eliminated!


Lara: I'M FURIOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ??!!! WE LOSE !!!!!! ****** !!!! ******* !!! *****!!!! **********!!!! AHHH !! vanessa is going to the team unleash !!?? AND NOW ??!!! okay i vote Ivan....BUT *******!!!!

Ivan: NO !! you can't vote me !!! pleas !!! i really want stay in the camp !! i love this camp !!! i vote Linda sorry

Eric: poor Ivan......i vote Linda

Linda: ARG, I can't vote off that b**** Vanessa well Eric ought to do it he's creepy.

Chimaroj: *sigh* Up for Elimination again.. I guess it could be worse, like mine sister Azuna isn't here she's pure evil, anyway I vote off Ivan I'm sorry but your jock behaviour is getting old.

Lara: NO WAIT !! (CONF) i vote Chimaroj......sorry boy but i'm angry with you (END CONF)


Chris: Voting was quite messy.........let's see the votes? I guess. Also, 4 members! Get better in next  and next switch challenge so you can get back to majorance. It's the only way!

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5

Chris: This was probally the CLOSEST voting ever....but at the end the team captain leaves! Any last words?

Lara: ...............*Cries*

Chimaroj: LARA WAIT!!! *runs to Lara and kisses her*

Linda: aww so sweet!!!

Lara: *faints*

Chimaroj: LARA!! *catches her*

JJ: Lol

Inca: Its not Funny... *Runs off crying*

Linda: *Low Voice* WHAT!! I am eliminated? *normal voice* Oh well just make sure you eliminate Vanessa before the merge. Bye *waves*

Inca: (CONF): *Cries*

Ivan: NO.....Linda you are great !!! if i win i win for you man...*Hugs Linda* You are the best man in this camp !!! GO LINDA !!

Episode 8 Chat

Chimaroj: Lara are you okay?

Inca: ...

JJ: Inca?

Lara: NO !!!! i'm not ok !!i'm a stupid **** i'm a ***** *Cires*

Chimaroj: Why Lara?

Lara: *Hugs Chimaroj* it's my fault.....i want Linda here *Cries* !!!! I WANT HE HERE !!! 

Chimaroj: Me too but he doesn't want us to be sad about it he wants us to win!!

Vanessa: *packs her bags and moves to Team Unleash* Hello teamies. My name is Vanessa, if you didn't know already. I hope that we'll all make great friends. 

Abigail: It's the WITCH! (points at Vanessa and runs)

Vanessa: (approaches Inca) Hi Inca. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Inca: ... (CONF): ... 

Chimaroj: Lara there is someting I want to say for a very long time.

Andrew: GO EXPLODE! *Vanessa explodes* Wow this is fun

Lara: ehy ANDREW STOP NOW !!! 

Chimaroj: I really like you since we are on each others team Lara, but I want to know, do you like me too?

Lara: emmm...*blushes* omg *faints*

Chimaroj: Lara, are you okay?


Chimaroj: Okay, well I have to go meditate. *hugs Lara* *start meditating*

Lara: (CONF) wow chimaroj is very nice.......but i want Linda back !!! >.< (END CONF)

Chimaroj: (CONF) I think Lara doesn't LIKE like me, she just like me as a friend oh well (END CONF) Lara come with me *grabs her hand*

Lara: oh okay :) *follows Chimaroj*

Chimaroj *at secret meditating spot*  I made a breakfast for us too right here. *lighting the candels*

Lara: (CONF) there is something strange....why Chimaroj now is very nice with me ? (END CONF) wow !! Chimaroj you do this only for me !!? 

Chimaroj: Yes ofcourse do you like it?

Lara: *Hugs Chimaroj* aww you are very nice...chimaroj...hey can i call you Chimy ?

Chimaroj: Well... I thing you can call me anything but that, my sister calls me that and she.. how can I say it nicely....  is pure evil.

Lara: wow you have a sister evil and you are the nice,wise and most beautiful boy of the camp (CONF) oh crap !! i told it !! 

Chimaroj: Well you look good too, Azuna, my sister, isn't just evil she's the reason why I meditate.

Chyna: *Shuts down "Secret" Place due to it recieving Copyright issues from Firey* Larria and Chimy, GET THE HELL OUT OR EXPLODE *Lara and Chimaroj explode* YAY :)

Lara: HEY !!! *runs to Chyna* That's a awesom moment !!! HOW DARE YOU RUIN IT ?!!!!!! *Slaps Chyna* 

Chimaroj: Why would you do that we were having.... a breakfirst there!!!

Lara: NOW IT'S WARRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Hits Chyna* stupid ******** !!!! you are a **** !! 

Chimaroj: Lara come with me, fighting is not the awser!!

Lara: ok Chimy.....*follows Chimaroj* (CONF) ahhh...i love his wisdom.....

Chimaroj: *in th dinerhal* Okay Lara I don't mean to be rude but please don't call me Chimy.

Lara: oh no problem Chimaroj...:) 

Chimaroj: Well you can call me Chim :)

Lara: ok..but now don't talk..........*kisses Chimaroj*....*whispers*.....i-love-you

Chimaroj: *blushes* You know what *Kisses Lara* I love you too.

Eric: ehhhh ! what's happening here ??! 

Lara: HEY !!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE !!!!????? *Slaps Eric*

Chimaroj: Lara is right can't we just have a conversation in peace without anyone interupting us!!

Inca: ...

Eric: NO !!! *Grabs Lara and Kisses Lara*

Chimaroj: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? *pushes Eric out of the way*

Lara: *shouts*!!!! hey !!!

Eric: ahahahahahah !!!!! *runs away*

Chimaroj: YOU BETTER RUN! (CONF) what was he thinking? He better watch out if he does it again he won't be pretty.(END CONF)

Lara: (CONF) wow i never see Chima angry 

Chimaroj: Are you alright?

Lara: oh yeah....never let me....*Hugs Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: I will always be there for you. *kisses Lara*

Vanessa: Oh great for you guys! (CONF) If only I was still on their team! UGH! Why did it have to be ME who gets swapped?

Abigail: Awww! You two are so cute together!

Challenge 8 - Aww, cute carz!

Chris: Uhuhuhuh! New challenge everyone! (Redoing cause last one didn't got so much success). This time i really want to see if you got taste for something a random guy in the earth, named MRace2010, likes so much. The cars! What's your job? Find one of them! It's simple? Because i want to have fun the cars must be made BEFORE 1960!!! They have to be old.........yeah it's quite doomish. (Just find a link for a car, post it there and you're done. You can take from google images, if you want). The contestant who got the best car wins for the team. Also, Team Unleash, since you're in 7 you can send just 4 entries in total, while Team Weirdo got all of their members posting something. Go!

Chimaroj: Where the munks life are no cars, they life deep in the mountains so I haven't seen much cars but I looked on the internet I saw this red car!!


Inca: ...

JJ: Inca, Help us by doing the challenge!!!

Inca: ...the nice...inca who you...once...knew is....dead...


Chyna: O_O, Anyways here my car [1]


Lara: wow.....i want show you the beautiful Italian Car.....

Chimaroj: That's a beautiful car Lara. (CONF) I really love her, she so amazing but I must not forget to medititate *starts meditating* (END CONF)

Abigail" Here is MY CAR! WEEEEE!!!

Vanessa: Ugh. It's ugly! Unlike MY CAR!

Marry: this is my car!/image/3187210578.JPG_gen/derivatives/landscape_490/3187210578.JPG

Eric: nahh my car is the most beautiful [3]

Ivan: wow i love this challenge !!!! Car

Inca: ...*Laughs*...


Ivan: xD (CONF) wow Inca is a cool girl,she is ok !! now i go to confession (END CONF) 

Chimaroj: (CONF) *Meditates* If Chris want team Weird to die he should let Inca switch teams, man what is wrong with her? (END CONF)

Chris: Well..........................not all the cars were good, just some. I really liked JJ and Eric's ones but the win goes to..................................................Eric! I was going to assign the victory to Team Unleash but Eric's car got something more! Whatever. Team Unleash, elimination!!!

Chimaroj: (CONF) YES we are safe!!! (END CONF)

Elimination 7 - Team Unleash

Chris: Alright! It's a battle for deciding which is the best team. It's true you got more members than Team Weirdo, but you also got the highest numbers of challenge losing. Uh, with this elimination, you can win the next challenges but at least a member of Team Weirdo is making it to the merge! Now vote........and wisely. Your choice may damage the team and make you lose in the next challenge.......


JJ: Can i not get immunity for getting 2nd? I vote Abigail to leave

Inca: ...Abigail leave....

Chyna: Abigail to leave

Cami Q: Vanessa to leave, 

Chris: Why the hell are you voting for switching? THERE'S NO SWITCH! IT'S NEXT EPISODE!

Marry: i vote Abigail


Chris: You voted, and it took some time. Let's reveal who's eliminated

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5
Cami Q

Chris: Well.......sorry Abigail. Another veteran goes off. Any last words?

Abigail: Sure! I'm not bummed. I had fun last season, it's time for other people to have fun as well. Peace! 

Episode 9 Chat

Chimaroj: (CONF) FINAL 4!!! of my team I hope we win the next challenge too (END CONF)

Eric: ah i WON !!! yesss....sincerely i'm the best in this team....

Chimaroj: Sure Jelly Head. (CONF) I am so mad at him, he kissed Lara right in front of me while he knows she is my girlfriend. Luckly Lara was as mad as I was (END CONF)


Chimaroj: *meditating* Where are you so happy about? Don't mean to be rude but your team lost last time. *Still meditating*

Lara: good, we win :) *Hugs Chimaroj* your car was the most beautiful :)

Chimaroj: Thanks I thought yours was beautiful too *kisses Lara*

Vanessa: Ugh whatever. 

(CoGreen2.0 - can we please have times for when the challenges are happening. I'm here often but the challenges always happen when I'm not here. Times would be nice, please)

(MRace2010 - Aww, it's just that i'm not here in your afternoons, because i'm asleep. I think so. I'll try to do something in next challenge. Still, you're excused for this one, unless you partecipate)

Challenge 9 - River of Doom

Chris: New challenge! This will be a difficult one for some. You have to teamwork,why? Ok, see this river? Is soon going to flood the fake city. What you have to do? Just put the most sandbags over the wall so that the river will flood later (or something). Particularity >:). We will have a pattern. Since it's quite hard to fullfill the wall, you have to transport them with this system. For Team Weirdo, Lily haves to get the sandbag and passes it to Ivan (1 line). Ivan then haves to pass it to Chimaroj (1 line) and then Chim passes it to Eric (1 line). Then Eric puts it on the wall (1 line). Team Unleash, since you're in 6, you can decide your own pattern, but just remember. The two that won't compete will be immune. Ya very sorry. Go! (For Team Unleash, the first four to post haves to do the whole cycle

Chyna: *Passes to Cami Q*

Cami Q: *Passes to JJ*

JJ: *Passes to Marry* (So Inca is Immune???)

(Alright, i forgot that Liam haves 2 too. In this case, Liam haves to use just one character. Another user will then post. This is because the challenge would be SOOO EASY)

Ivan: *passes to Eric*

Eric: *passes to Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *passes to Lara*

Lara: *puts it on the wall*

Marry: *puts it to the wall* (you're the last of the pattern, so you have to put it in the wall)

Chris: It means that Inca and Vanessa can be safe at next elimination

Chimaroj: Come on Ivan we need to win!!

(You need to continue. I said who had the most sandbags wins. Both teams are at 1, so challenge didn't end)

Chyna: *Passes to Cami Q*

Cami Q: *Passes to JJ*

JJ: *Passes to Marry*

Vanessa: Anybody gonna pass to me, or am I immune? 

Chris: I guess you're immune ( Aww, sorry for that. I really need to organize with times in next challenge cause it's getting bad. Sorry if you can't partecipate)

Ivan: *passes to Eric*

Eric: *Passes to Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *Passes to Lara*

Lara: *Puts it on the wall*

Marry: *Puts it on the wall*

Chyna: *Passes to Cami*

Cami Q: *Passes to JJ*

JJ: *Passes to Marry*

Ivan: *Passes to Eric*

Eric: *Passes to Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *Passes to Lara*

Lara: *Puts it on the wall*

Ivan: *Passes to Eric*

Eric: *Passes to Chiamroj*

Chimaroj: *Passes to Lara*

Lara: *Puts it on the wall* (3)

Marry: *Puts it on the wall* (2)

Ivan: *Passes to Eric*

Eric: *Passes to Chima*

Chimaroj: *Passes to Lara*

Lara: *Puts it on the wall* (4) YES !!

Ivan: *Passes to Eric*

Eric: *Passes to Chima*

Chimaroj: *Passes to Lara*

Lara: *Puts it on the wall* (5)

Ivan: *Passes to Eric*

Eric: *Passes to Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *Passes to Lara*

Lara: *Puts it on the wall* (6) COME ON !!! WE WIN !!!

Ivan: *Passes to Eric*

Eric: *Passes to Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *Passes to Lara*

Lara: *Puts it on the wall* (7) it's boring :(

Chyna: *Passes to Cami*

Cami: *Passes to Chyna*

Ivan: *Passes to Eric*

Eric: *Passes to Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *Passes to Lara*

Lara: *Puts in on the wall* (8)

Ivan: *Passes to Eric*

Eric: *Passes to Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *Passes to Lara*

Chris: WOAH! Stop. I think it's enough. Team Weirdo wins with 8 sandbags. Team Unleash, you're losing 2 contestants this time! One switchs and one is out!

Chimaroj: YAY we won again Lara!! *hugs Lara*

Elimination 8 + Switch 4 - Team Unleash

Chris: Ok, let's just skip your teamwork. Inca and Vanessa can't be voted for being eliminated, though you can vote one of them to switch. VOTE!


Marry: now ??! i don't know who i can vote !!!?? 

Chyna: Vanessa to Switch, Marry to leave

Cami Q: Vanessa ... Switch, Marry ... Leave (Sorry LxJ you won last season with Lily)

Marry: i vote Chyna and for Switch i vote myself  ( yes i know xD )

JJ: Marry to switch, Chyna leave

Inca: Marry switch... Cami Q leave


Chris: Ok! Ok! Let's show the votes. Sorry if you're getting at 4, but, it was a switch challenge....whatever.

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5
Cami Q

Chris: WOAH! It's the first tie i see in this series! Either Marry or Chyna is leaving, but since Marry got 3 votes for switching and Chyna didn't got one Chyna is eliminated. Sorry. Any last words? Also you Marry, you're going to other team!

Chyna: This is unfair, Their should I be a tie, Or Marry should of been eliminated with her two votes first

Chris: Um. Actually, a tie would've happen. Marry got 3 votes for switching teams, and since she also got 2 votes, i had to do something. (Really, a tie between a supposed switcher and a non-switcher. I didn't know what to do. Sorry). So let's do that. Marry is not safe, and the other ones haves to vote if we have to do a tiebreaker or not.

Marry: This isn't unfair, so now ? what we do ?

JJ: I think if i tiebraker was done, Loser eliminated, winner switches.

Chris: No one votes so Bye Chyna. Marry, say hello to your new team!

Marry: yesss !! sorry Chyna you are Great.....

Episode 10 Chat

Chimaroj: *drags Lara to a secret place* Lara we need to form a alliance and we need the new teammate to be in it too.


Chimaroj: Cause if we loose Ivan and Eric are going to vote one of us off and they will try to get's the new once vote with them, so are you in?

Lara: ....but if Vanessa or Marry entry we are safe....

Chimaroj: Still we have to make sure we make it through cause I don't want to see you sad because one of us goes home.

Lara: okii Chima *Hugs Chimaroj* don't worry :)

Chimaroj: *kisses Lara* You can always count on me :)

Lara: and you also *Kisses Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: (CONF) I am so happy, the monks were right the best feeling in the world is love and with Lara I found love, I still have to meditate though. *start meditating*

Inca: *To herself* *starts tearing up* No...That...old Inca...Let me go now you evil spirit!! Ughhh!!!!! You...are control...Please...don't fight... your destiny!!

Chimaroj: *drags Marry to a secret place* Okay Marry Lara and me are in a alliance and do you want to join it? We need 3 votes to have the majority of the votes.

Marry: oh...yes, only if i safe xD

Chimaroj: Ofcourse.

JJ: (CONF): There is somethig really messed up in the air or something!!! I mean where the heck is Inca, The love triangle with Lara & Eric & Chim. I really dont get whats going on!

Chimaroj: So Lara what do you think what the next challenge is?

Lara: i don't know maybe a question ? xD....i hope we win, and Welcome Marry :)

Marry: Hey Team Weird , Thanks Lara :D

Chimaroj: Hi Marry.

Marry: Hello Chimaroj......I love you and Lara are very nice....(CONF) yes ! i'm in the Team Weird !!! i love Chimaroj and Lara together !!!! 

Chimaroj: Thanks.

Chimaroj: Lara come with me please I made something special!

Lara: okay *Follows Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: Here I made you a necklace *give it to Lara*.

Challenge 10 - Chrissy Snow is awesome!

Chris: Today's challenge IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS..........another teamwork one -_-. This challenge will be simple for some. You have to act a sitcom situation. Here's what's happening. Technically you have to pay the pay the rent, but you didn't got the money. The landlord is here to take the money, but you have to find the excuses to not pay him. Well. One of the members of a team will be the landlord, while the others will be the tenants. Whoever makes the funniest scene wins the challenge! Me, Lily and Andrew will judge the scenes. Make sure it's good or you're screwed? I think. Well, start! (Also, you can give the roles to each user)

Team Unleash Scene:

JJ: I will be the Landlord, everyone else can be the tenants

Inca: ...Fine....

Cami Q: YAY TENNANTS ARE AWESOME, I wanna be a tenant

Inca: Oh...No...Here....Is...The....Landlord!!!

Cami Q: Like, Landlords are so like like like scary, Scarier than Justin Bieber :O

Inca: ...ikr...

JJ: Hello, I am the landlord...NOW GIVE ME THE RENT!!!!

Inca: ...Umm... We dont have the rent because i need to go to the hospital!! *Trips over and breakes leg*

JJ: OMG, Okay. We need to get this girl to hospital! (CONF): Finally Inca is starting to get better again!! Its about time i mean, how many weeks is that now??? (END CONF)

Inca: (CONF): BTW, I havent really broke my leg :D

JJ: *At hospital* Is there anything else i could do for your leg?

Inca: Nahhh, I am fine, But you could get me my laptop i wanna play a game

JJ: Sure!

Inca: *On Game* Yeahhhh completed level 3 of scary maze! *Completes level 4* AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *Punches the screen* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JJ: u have rent?

Inca: Nope...

JJ: *Turns into hulk* AHHHH *Punches floor*

Inca: AHHHHHHH!!!! YAY, completed level 5 of scary maze -.-

Vanessa: (rushes into the hospital room. She is wearing blind glasses) Am I in the right hospital?

Cami Q: You Know like Scary Dude, I like got the rent ready but then died, IDK How 

Team Weirdo Scene

Chimaroj: Who want to play the Landlord?

Lara: do you want do it Chimaroj ?

Chimaroj: hmm no sorry Lara I am not good at acting, but you can do it if you want to or Marry she might be a good actress.

Marry: really ? thanks...ok i'll do 

Chimaroj: There is the Landlord go and hide!!

(Unknown well the challenge isn't that hard but it becomes hard if no one is posting.)

Eric: ??

Ivan: i Want do the LandLord !!

Chimaroj: Well we gave the role already to Marry.

Eric: no i'll do.....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -   - - -

Eric: ehm.....Hello sir. i'm the Landlord.....can you give me the rent ?

Chimaro: Uhm yes sir... if you just wait a minute *slams the door and runs away*

  • one hour ago*

Eric: ehm.....Sir. ? where are you ? EHY !!!*Truns into a Hefty* FUC* Y*U !!!! BAST**D !!!! COME HERE !! COWARD !!!  *Chaese Chimaroj* 

Chimaroj: *runs to a tree and climb it* YOU WILL NEVER GET ME ALIVE WHAHAHAHA (littile Izzy moment)

Eric: *Kills Chiamroj and Takes the rent*.......*Retunrs a LandLord* ehm....sir. thanks you


(MR: Ok, it's taking a ridicolous time for doing this challenge. Should i change it to a simplier one?)

Lily: okay i can start Chirs ?

Chris: Sure. It's taking far too time. Both sucked sorry. My vote still goes to.........Team Unleash. Killing it's not amazing, though the door slam was my fav.

Lily: vote goes to Team Unleash, sorry Team Weirdo but you performance is quite bad and bored :( so the vote of orange is useless no ?

Andrew: Yeah I agree with Chris and Lily, Team Unleash was the best

Inca: Yes!!

JJ: *Smiles* (CONF): YES!!!! Well done to Inca for being better!!

Inca: (CONF): For some reson i feel ALOT better now! I dont know why, Was it about someone??? I can't remember...

Chris: So yeah, it's a chain or what? Team Weirdo. You're being sent at 4, happy? No. Elimination!

Elimination 9 - Team Weirdo

Chris: We're almost at final 8, and the prize is incoming. Now you have to consider who's a threat and eliminate him, so voting now will be more interesting :P. You know what to do, unless you forgot that


Lara: i vote Ivan sorry guy you are fantastic but you are usless for the team sorry :(

Marry: i don't know this team but i vote Ivan 

Chimaroj: (CONF) I think Ivan and Eric are voting for me but I vote Ivan (END CONF)

Ivan: ahh !! i'm quite angry Lara you know chimaroj is a theart why you vote me ??! i vote Chimaroj but i know today i goes,but i can do more :(

Eric: WHAT ?!! WE LOSE !!! EHY !! My Face is beautiful and my performance also !!!  so i vote chimaroj becuase he is a big theart 


Chris: WOAH! I was taking a drink! Fastest voting in history! Well, let's show the votes

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5

Chris: Aww, sorry Ivan. You're leaving the game, even though you were a great chef. Any last words?I

Ivan: goodbye guys i love you !!! i hope see Lara or Marry in the final and good luck JJ...and i love you Inca !!!!!!! 

Inca: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Faints*

JJ: Thanks Ivan!

Chimaroj: (CONF) Final 8! And Lara is still here, I hope she will not go anywhere! *Start Meditating* (END CONF)

Ivan: yes Inca i love you...and i alway will love you !! *Kisses Inca* bye guys !! 

Lara: (CONF) wow ! Ivan love Inca ?? What a beautiful couple !! (END CONF)

Inca: (CONF) Now that means 2 boys who loved me and said at bonfire and then got eliminated....

Episode 11 Chat

Lara: *Hugs Chimaroj* Chima we are in 8 !!!! *Kisses Chimaroj* i'm so happy :) !!

Chimaroj: I'm also so happy we made it together. *kisses Lara*.

Lara: Yes....i love you chiamroj...i want see you in the final 2

Chimaroj: I love you too, more than you can imagine. *kisses Lara again*

Lara: *Laughs* you are too soft Chima i love you *closes chima in a closet* *making out with Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: (CONF) *takes his t-shirt on* I feel better than ever and I am so glad that my sister isn's here to ruin it! Lara is the best thing that ever happend to me. Like I said the monks were right, Love is the best feeling ever. (END CONF)

Inca: (CONF): THIS IS SO ANNOYING, NOW I HAVE TO PICK!!!!! ****!!!!!!!!!!!!

JJ: So...

Chimaroj: Isn't it a wonderful day JJ? *start meditating*

Lara: (CONF) sweet Chimaroj.....he's just for me (END CONF) 

Vanessa: Hey Lara! Congrats on getting in the final 8. You too Chimaroj. Lara. Mind if I borrow Chimaroj for a second? (pulls Chimaroj aside) Hey buddy. Listen, I was thinking, You, Lara and I, are such a trio, how does an alliance sound?

Chimaroj: Well..... we..... I still have to think about that and ask her.

Vanessa: Oh, of course. I wouldn't want to come between you two. That's a good idea. Please ask her. 

Chimaroj: (CONF) Why is it that Vanessa always wants to be in a alliance with us? I don't want to be in a alliance with her, I thinks she's nice and all but there is something strange about her. And Linda also always said to never trust her. But he didn't like her. I guess I can give her a chance (END CONF) Lara I want to ask you something.

Lara: yes chimaroj ?

Chimaroj: Well Vanessa asked me if we want to be in a alliance with her, but I don't know if that's a good idea what do you think?

Lara:mmmm i don't know.....she is my firend but alliance ?.....okay.....

Chimaroj: Really? What about Marry?

Lara: oh Marry is better....she is active an ? (CONF) ....i don't like very well Vanessa she is mistery...she is my firend but..... there is something wrong with her.....(END CONF)

Eric: hey congrats at all !! hello Chimaroj, Mind if I borrow Lara for a second ? thanks *pulls Lara aside* Hey !!! what are you doing ?? you are an idiot ??!! *Slaps Lara* Back to you !!!! stop with Chimaroj ! he is using you !!! we need to vote he !! His love is fake as my name is Bartholomew Diaz !!!!!!!!

Chimaroj: Sorry Vanessa we've decided to not go in an alliance with you.

Lara: what are you saying !! you are mad !! (CONF) if Eric is right ??!! if Chimaroj don't love me really ? if Chimaroj is a fake ??!! (END CONF) ...emm....really ?? 

Chimaroj: Lara I thing you were right turning down Vanessa's offer to be in a alliance *kisses Lara*

Chimaroj: (CONF) Arcording to the monks love is a sacred so to me it is too. I would never ever hurt Lara and if I ever accidentally hurt her I would never forgive myself. (END CONF)

Eric: (CONF) if convinced lara is made to leave Chimaroj !!! ahaha i'm cool and diabolic !!! ahaha!!!!  (END CONF) Ehy chimaroj do you know the favourite colour of Lara or "Girlfirend" ?

Chimaroj: Why do you ask me?

Eric: nothing i'm curious so ?

Chimaroj: Her favorite colour is pink.

Eric: (CONF) DAMN !! how he does know it !!! (END CONF) wow you know she very well

Chimaroj: What is your plan? There is obviously another reason why you asked me that.

Eric: no no there isn't any plan i asked you only for see if you really know lara....

Chimaroj: (CONF) Eric is acting really weird, REALLY WEIRD. (END CONF)

Lara: yes my chima know me well :) *Hugs Chimaroj* (CONF) I'll be more careful to chimaroj but I do not think he's cheating on me (END CONF) 

Chimaroj: *kisses Lara* I knew you'd know that Lara.

Vanessa: Lara, I heard you let me join. Thank you so much. I promise we'll be like. BFFS! You too Chimaroj. You're really cool. (CONF) By the time I'm done with this competition, (laughs) Let's say it won't be pretty. 

Vanessa: Gee Eric. Why are you having so much interest in Lara? 

Chimaroj: I wonder who is returning this episode.

Vanessa: I have no idea. (CONF) Hopefully an idiot who will listen to everything I say. 

Twistie Time comeback :D

Chris: Hello everyone. This time we're not having a challenge. Instead you'll see TWO contestants joining. One will be a returnee and one a debutter. Now, we'll do that in a single thing. Vote for a returnee and a debutter to join the game


Chimaroj: I vote Logan to debutte and Ivan to return I shouldn't have voted him off  .

JJ: I want Juan & Ivan for being a good sport about elimination

Inca: Wayne.  And i dont know between Ivan & Chandler???

Lara: for return i vote Ivan and for debuttei vote Philippe

Marry: i vote Ivan and philippe xD

Eric: okay i vote Raven and Ivan for return

Vanessa: Hmm. I vote Wayne, and Ivan. Why not?

Chris: We need 2 more voters and we're done with voting!


Chris: I've waited for Cami Q to vote, but she didn't, so yeah. Votes are up. The rejoiner is.......

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6

Chris: It would've been painful to see a girl rejoining, with just 3 boys, but still Ivan saves them. You're the new Abigail of ATI :D. Less chit-chat. Now for the debutters. Who's going to join?

Chimaroj: Welcome back Ivan.

Debutter 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chris: Oh no! Another tie?! Seriously? That means i have to do a tiebreaker. Mary and Graham are not safe because they didn't even get a vote, while Juan, Raven and Logan are not joining cause they got just 1 vote. Philip and Wayne are the only remaining. Since Cami Q didn't vote, i will give her a choice. She can choose who between Philip, a veteran, or Wayne, a newbie, is going to join the game. Fast as possible or i'm random.orging

Cami Q: Sorry, Delayed due to budget cuts (Me asleep as I'm from England) I'll go with Wayne as he's a newb and I'm a newbie to

Ivan: hello back guys !! I'M HERE !!!! ehy chris can i go in the team Unleash and Wayne go in the team Team Weirdo ?

Chris: Ok then! Wayne joins while Philip doesnt. Now, there should be merge...ehehehe, IT'S NOT HAPPENING TODAY. Teams are still going on for some time! Also, both teams gets a contestant. If we had a challenge, this was supposed to be a switch challlenge, so Ivan gets to Team Unleash, while Team Weirdo gets Wayne!

Lara: welcome Wayne and welcome back Ivan :) 

Chimaroj: Welcome Wayne .

Episode 12 Chat (previous one was 11)

Chris: From now on there's an elimination, so you better move on and get better!

Chimaroj: Welcome to team weird Wayne. *start meditating*

Challenge 12 - Stay in Green Hell for a day!

Chris: Alright. Now this challenge! The challenge's theme is racing, but did you knew that theres a competition which dures a day which features 190 racers racing in Nurburgring? Alright, not the one you know, but the....






Your job? To reach the furthest point on this VERY LONG TRACK! The member of the team who gets the furthest will win for the team, and the other one will face an elimination. I have a surprise for who manages to do a lap (which is impossible, because a lap of the Nordschleife is 150 lines, but you don't have to reach that goal. Just post the most)

RANDOM TRIVIA: This camp features the challenge with the most lines to be used. Oh wait, that's facoltative? Nevermind. GO! (Epilogue: You have to post the most. If you manage to get at the 150th line, which is a record, you will have a little surprise. It's facoltative still)

Chimaroj: *drives* (1)

(Post *drives*)

Lara: *Drives*

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (2)

Lara: *Drives*

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (3)

Lara: *Drives*

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (4)


Chimaroj: *drives* (5)

Lara: *Drives*

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (6)

Lara: *Drives* 

Marry: *Drives* come on chimaroj !!

Chimaroj: *drives* (7)

Inca: *Drives*

JJ: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (8)

(Cami Q doesn't quit. There should be a particular reason. Also, i'm not stopping this challenge like i did previous time in ATI [with Racey)

Lara: *Drives*

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (9)

Lara: *Drives*

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (10)

Lara: *Drives* 

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (11)

Lara: *Drives*

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (12)

Lara: *Drives* uff...

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (13) (CONF) Luckly the monk learned me how to hold my breath for over a halve a hour. (END CONF)

Lara: *Drives*

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj: *drives* (14) Lara everything okay?

Lara: *Drives* ...yes but i'm quite tired...

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj *dives* (15)  Just take it easy if you have too.

Eric: *Drives* 

Ivan: *Drives*

Lara: *Drives* 

Marry: *Drives*

Chris: So in the lead we see Chimaroj, Lara and Marry! Will Team Weirdo win?

Inca: I think so.. *sighs*

Chimaroj *dives* (16)

Lara: *Drives* (14)

Marry: *Drives*

Chimaroj *dives* (17)

Lara: *Drives* (15)

Marry: *Drives* 

Chimaroj *dives* (18)

Vanessa: *drives*

Chimaroj: *Dives* (19)

Vanessa: *drives*

Chimaroj *dives* (20)

Vanessa: *drives* 

Wayne: (drives) (1) (you could have told me i was debuting. - Blaze)

Chimaroj *dives* (21)

Lara: *Drives*

Marry: *Drives*

Chris: Ok, got enough. It's taking far too time. Nobody reached the 150 lines...obviously, so no surprise. The winners are..............Team Weirdo, thanks to Chimaroj. So they are safe, and Team Unleash, you're definitively the loser team (lol i predicted that), so another elimination awaits you.

Chimaroj: WE WON!! *kisses Lara*

Elimination 11 - Team Unleash (of losing)

Chris: Guys, seriously, you lost 3 times. You were safe previous time, ok, but for you want eliminated. And try to not lose next time!!!!!


Inca: Cami Q, Since you want to go

JJ: Cami Q, You want to leave so i want you to get your wish

Vanessa: I guess my vote goes to the Q kid. Cam? Was it? 

(CoGreen2.0: If there is a challenge tonight that happens from now to 9:30..I can't be there.)

Ivan: aw, i vote Cami Q she want to go sorry :(


Chris: Ok, you voted, but 1. Let's reveal the votes!!!!!!!!!!1

Contestant 1 2 3 4
Cami Q

Chris: So, you wanted to quit for budget cuts, but i didn't acceot it. Now you leave for true with no comeback :D. Any last words?

Episode 13

Chimaroj: That was a intens challenge, come with me Lara *takes Lara into the guys trailer* No one is here *start making out with Lara*

Lara: (CONF) chimaroj is !! (END CONF)

Chimaroj: (CONF) *takes his t-shirt back on* Lara is just amazing, I hope we stay long in this game (END CONF)

Vanessa: (hears them from outside) I'd tell them to "get a room" ..but it appears they already have.

Challenge 13 - Bu

Chris: Mwahahahah. I really wanted to see who had a the braveness to post in the :( thingy. Well, creepy challenge! You're in this huge graveyard. Your goal is to hide'll know why....well. You've got many places to hide in. There are 7

- In the Church

- Behind A Grave

- Up a Tree

- In a Bush

- Underground

- In the Ruins

- On the Church's roof.

Chris: You better hide somewhere, cause the last standing wins the challenge. Wait a second. Who's the seeker?'ll find later.....

(The graveyard is very foggy, so it's very hard to see. Somehow there's a dull noise in the air)

JJ: I am hiding in.... A bush! *Goes in the bush* (Can people hide together?)

Inca: I am hiding in the Church


Chimroj: (CONF) Arcording to the monks a graveyard is a sacred place, they say that the voices of the past can tell you thinks about the future and you should respect their last rest place, so I don't know if it is such a smart idea to play. (END CONF) Chris do we really have to do this cause I have a major problem with this.

Chris: Yes, and you better do that

(Dull noise is stronger)

Vanessa: You can be a chicken if you want, I'm out of here! (hides underground) Ugh! The dirt is in my nails!!

Chimaroj: It's not so much that I'm scared but a graveyard is a sacred place. But then I think hiding a tree is not bodering them. *hide in the tree*

Vanessa: (turns over and sees a skelton) AAAAUUUUGGGHHHH (leaps out of the ground and runs into the ruins)


(Dull noise is even stronger)  [hide or you're out]

Eric: i'm so nice for hides !!! *hides in the ruins*

Ivan: *hides on the church's roof* pfff...shut up Eric 

Lara: Chimaroj wait me !! *Follows chimaroj* *Hides in the tree*

Marry: mmm....*Hides behinde a grave*

Chimaroj: *takes Lara's hand* I'll help you up. 

Vanessa: (Eric runs into the ruins) Eric! This is MY hiding place! At least hide on THAT side of the ruins. (hears the noise and leaps into Eric's arms) HOLD ME!!!

Eric: don't worry Vanessa, i'm here (CONF) pff i'm so nice i'm cool and I am the most beautiful, Which woman does not jump in my arms (END CONF)

Vanessa: (CONF) Eric and I? PFFT! As if..I mean......Maybe? Did I just say that out loud? (grabs the camera) GIVE ME THE TAPE !! NOW!! (END CONF)

(Dull noise stops. You hear a scream and a laugh after that)

(Chris died)

Eric: OMG !!! Chirs??

(Something gets in a bush. Dull noise is stronger. Suddenly, a scream can be heard.)

(JJ died) [He can't post anymore, and you can't hide in the bushes. It already got them]

Ivan: *sees inca died* noooo !!! INCA !!! 

Chimaroj: *holds Lara tight* Don't let go!!

Lara: !!!aahhh !!! what was it ?!

Chimaroj: I don't know!!

Vanessa: Oh my gosh! What's happening out there!? (clings to Eric) Can we lock the ruins? CAN WE!?!? (is freaking out)

(A falling noise can be heard. Later, if you move from an hiding place to another, you'll see blood)

(Wayne died)

Vanessa: (hides behind Eric) You'll protect me, right? (CONF) Is shoving someone in front of me an option? (END CONF)

Chimaroj: Lara are you fine?

Inca: I am not even scared

(The ruins starts to rumble, they fall and they squish whoever was there)

Vanessa: Oh my GOSH(gets crushed)

(Vanessa and Eric died)

Chimaroj: As long as there is no fire I am fine. (CONF) I'm afraid of fire. (END CONF)

Inca: Back in a minute, John break!

Chimaroj: I wonder when he, she or it or whatever it is strikes next. *holds Lara tight*

Lara: ahh !!! Crap !!! ( Race can we change our location ? - LxJ )


Chimaroj: We need to go Lara *grabs her hand and runs to the Church*.


Lara: no JJ was died there,we can go to the Church roof !!

Chimaroj: Okay that is a good idea *climbs to the roof*.

(The Underground starts to suck in whoever is there)

(Nobody died)

(The church's roof suddenly falls, squishing whoever was inside it)

(Inca dies)

.................................1 more left.......................

(Marry was the only one left, chim and Lara later moved to the church)

Elimination 12 - Team ???

Chris: Which is never going to be eliminated cause of nobody posts! Still Team Unleash loses because they got more deaths. Vote and let's just get over!


Inca: I have to vote....Vanessa. 

JJ: Vanessa, Sorry girl

Ivan: I vote Vanessa, sorry 


Chris: Um, ok. You should be happy that i'm alive, but you didn't, SO I HATE YOU!!!!! Results

Contestant 1 2 3

Chris: Sorry Vanessa. You're leaving. Any last words? (AND THIS TIME PARTECIPATE IN THE CHALLENGES!!!!!!1)

Vanessa: NOOOO You brats! I'll get you! Even if it's the last thing I do!! (I'm not really mad ;)

Episode 14

Andrew: Woah, didn't see Vanessa's elimination coming.

Lara: (CONF) okay......we are only in 8 !!!! yesss !!!! i'm so happy but now STOP WITH CHIMAROJ !!! it's time to fight !!! the merdge is comes !!I can only count on me (END CONF) congrats guys :)

Chris: I hate you Lara, cause you spoilered the merge. Ok everyone, NO MORE TEAMS! Now you're all fact *closes every contestant in a different room which is incredibly dark and you can't see anything* Enjoy it.


Andrew: Chris, was that really necessary?

Inca: Let me out!! Whats going on??

???: YOUR DESTINY INCA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Inca: What

Andrew: *takes off his shadow cloak* Haha, I scared you didn't I?

JJ: Uhh, Andrew...Inca's not in there... She has gone!!!

Andrew: WHAT? There really must've been a mystery man in there! were blameful

Lara: i'm afraid of the dark !!! ahhh !!! Andrew let me out plz !!

Andrew: Sure thing! *opens Lara's door but she isn't in there* WHAT!?!? *checks Inca's door and sees Lara* Lara, why are you in there?

Chris: I've got her *takes Inca and Andrew and throws them in the dark room* hehehehe


Andrew: I got a key! *unlocks the door* 

Chimaroj: Luckly I have good eye side, (CONF) The monks ofter gave us carrots (END CONF)


Chris: Ok, you may quit, but you better not...

Andrew: Fine I won't quit

JJ: Yay!

Chimaroj: Lara where are you?

Wayne: (from room) uhh...guys?, little help?

Challenge 14 - Boulder Dash?

Chris: Welcome to your first individual challenge! No more teams. Maybe alliances. Just think about that, now you play for yourself. The first challenge is quite simple, since i didn't had a good idea. You pratically have to run away from this boulder which i'm throwing you........and yes, today's genre is adventure. The exit is 10 lines away from you, and the boulder will be released soon. Run now or your dead. The first 2 will win immunity!

Chef: C'mon Chris. I almost did nothing in previous season. Let me start it

Chris: Ok then.

Chef:...........RUN OR I'LL KILL YOU (10 lines for escaping)

Chimaroj: *runs* (1)

Wayne: (runs) (1)

Chimaroj: *runs* (2)

(Oh god no. Don't forget about this camp, please)

Lara: *runs* (1)

Chimaroj: *runs* (3)

Lara: *runs* (2)

Chimaroj: *runs* (4)

Lara: *runs* (3)

Chimaroj: *runs* Lara are you alright? (5)

Lara: *runs* oh yes chimaroj.....(CONF) .......ahhh

Chimaroj: *runs* (6) Okay (CONF) Lara is acting strange since we made it to the merge but I don't have any worries (END CONF)

Eric: *runs* (CONF) ahahah....good lara, you are a little pawn !! ahaah !!

Ivan: *runs* easy i'm a footballer !!

Chimaroj: *runs* (7)

Ivan: *runs* (2)

Eric: *runs*

Lara: *runs* (4)

Marry: *runs*

Chimaroj: *runs* (8)

Ivan: *runs*

Eric: i'm very beautiful for run, okay stop

Chimaroj: *runs* (9)

Ivan: *runs* (3)

Chimaroj: *runs* (10)

Ivan: *runs* (4)

Lara: *runs* (5)

Chimaroj *catching his breath* Lara you can do it. *start meditating*

Ivan: *runs* (5)

Marry *runs* 

Ivan: *runs* (6)

Marry: *runs* 

Ivan: *runs* (7)

Lara: *runs* !!!!! (6)

Ivan: *runs* (8)

Eric: come on Lara !!!

Inca: *Runs* (1)

JJ: *Runs* (1)

Ivan: *runs* (9)

Lara: *runs* (7)

Ivan: *runs* (10) done !!!!

Chris: Okie dokie then *smash everyone else with a boulder* I told ya it was coming, Well. Ivan and Chimaroj won the first challenge of the merge. Now, everyone else, elimination

Elimination 13 - Everyone but Ivan and Chimaroj

Chris: From now one you have to eliminate the strongest or who just doesn't partecipate, unless you want him as a finalist for an easy win. Ivan and Chimaroj are safe. Vote!


Ivan: i vote JJ, he is very strong and he is a big threat 

Eric: i vote Justin-Jake 

Chimaroj: Sorry JJ but I gotta vote you off.

Lara: i vote JJ sorry :(

Marry: i vote Justin-J he is strong 

Wayne: well that was a quick challenge, anyway i vote for JJ sorry.


Chris: Suspensful vote. The first merger is leaving. That one is.........

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6

.........JJ. Very sorry, you were my intern last time, but i won't save you for that. Any last words?

JJ: Yes, I hope that all of you do great in this place, and never give up!

Inca: (CONF): There goes a great guy...

Chimaroj: *meditating* nice knowing you JJ you were a nice guy.

JJ: At least i wasn't hated i guess...

Episode 15 Chat

Inca: (CONF): I know i am gone next, it was a great run i guess...

Chimaroj: Lara I am so happy we made it through *give lara a kiss*

Inca: Why are you to always kissing & Hugging?? 

Wayne: hey, there just showing their affection towards one another

Inca: I know, its very sweet and all but didnt you see what happened to me before, I WENT PHSYCO!

Wayne: ......that's sexy. (CONF: she is a cutie Inca....i wonder...)

Ivan: ehhhmmmm, Hey Inca, I brought these chocolates made ​​by me, i hope you like it :)

Inca: Thanks Ivan :)

Chimaroj: (CONF) The new guy is nice and all but also kinda weird... (END CONF)

Lara: Hey Wayne, wow only in 7 guys !!

Chimaroj: he Lara I've something special for you!

Lara: emm....okay (CONF) Still ??!! i'm a girl i want more i don't want always a luch or a breakfast !!!

Chimaroj: Here *give her a necklace* this is a special necklace, the monks gave me 5 of these they said I should give them to the people I trust and care about and if they feel that same way too me. I give this to you because I trust you even though we are in million dollar game. *gives Lara a kiss*

Lara: wow !! Thanks chimaroj *Kisses Chimaroj* :) (CONF)' beautiful, I hoped it was a dress...

Chimaroj: Thanks, I'm glad you like it. 

Lara: emmm....Chimaroj, wait, Take the ncaklace *Gives the nacklace at Chimaroj* sorry 

Chimaroj: Why do you give it back I gave it to you to keep.

Lara: sorry Chimaroj but it is over, we break up....

Chimaroj: What? Why?

Lara: can't work it, we are too different, it was better if you were with Cami Q, i'm sick of you...*goes away*

Wayne: umm...i'm going for a walk...(walks off)

Chimaroj: Okay, I understand *looking sad to the ground* (CONF) I should've seen it coming I mean Eric always had a eye for her and I think Lara also for him *whipes a tear away* but I won't let it get in my way!! *start meditating* (END CONF)

Inca: Sorry Chimaroj.

Chimaroj: Doesn't matter *a tear rolling down from his eye*.

Challenge 15 - The Final Challenge!?

Chris: Alright everyone. This is the last episode ever! Surprise hehehehe. The camp will end after this challenge and who will be eliminated WON'T get the millions. Happyface, your last challenge is to prepare (or better, just put the name of it down here) a dish which i like. Be careful still (Saying "spaghetti" will give you a low score. "spaghetti with sauce" will give you an higher one). The 2 with the highest score will win the challenge and will already win the million. (Guys, this is NOT the end of the camp. There's a surprise after this challenge, and you'll discover it JUST if you do it)

Ivan; Lasagne with tomatoes and a dirnk of coca-cola and for dessert a beautiful tart 

Lara: Pizza with Mozzarella and tomato with rocket and chips and a Cheesecake with strawberries

Marry: Spaghetti with Pesto and cheese

Chimaroj: Spaghetty with I don't know.... salad sauce?

Inca: Crab & egg fried rice with sweet and sour sauce. Also homeade apple pie and whipp cream for desert.

Wayne: for the starter, garlic bread topped off with butter and a glass of wine, for the main course a delicious course of pizza topped off with mozzarella and for desert...uhh...a medium-ish cake topped off with chocolate sauce.

Eric: okay, Rice with Tomato suce, courgettes and wisky, for dessert a Cake of apple and pear with panna and chocolate 

Chris: Already done? Ok. Score is from 0 to 50

Ivan: Um, alrgith, i like lasagne, but you should've put meat tomato sauce. I don't even like coca-cola, so 25 points

Lara: One dish is enough. You've got my favourite dish, but pizza penalizes it. um, 39?

Marry: Aww, la cuisine italienne, wait this is french. Like your dish. 42

Chimaroj: Um, seriously, never saw spaghetti with salad sauce. 21

Inca: Uuurgh. Crab penalized yours. The egg fried rice is fine and so is the applepie. 36 is good for you?

Wayne: Wow! Many things....but i don't like garlic bread. Pizza is fine and cake is too. 47?

Eric: Umm, nice dishes. I like it. 45

Chris: It means that today's winners are Wayne and Eric! Marry will get -1 vote for getting 3rd. Also, voting is up!

Elimination 14 - Whoever didn't win

Chris: Is the "final vote" today. Who doesn't deserve "to win the millions". You can vote that guy now, but remember. Wayne and Eric "already won".


Eric: i vote Chimaroj

Ivan: i vote Chimaroj off :(

Chimaroj: hmm... I don't know.. I vote off Ivan

Lara: i don't want anyone goes but i vote..............................................Marry XP

Marry: i vote Ivan 

Inca: I am gunna vote......... Ivan.

Wayne: i vote for....Chimaroj.


Chris: Peekabu! Who's eliminated is not going "to get the million". Who is that unlucky guy?

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chris:.....a tie? Seriously? Wow. Needs a tiebreaker. Well, one of this cards says you're eliminated. Pick one and let's see if you're lucky

Chimaroj: hmmm *picks card 2*...

Chris: So Ivan picks card 1. Now read what's written....

*Ivan reads....NOT SAFE*

*Chimaroj reads....SAFE*

Chris: Awww, very sorry Ivan but you didn't "win the million". The rest, you have "won it" so now "party" for it. Nice one, they have won, i'm busy, Chef's Kitchen will air soon and someone will pay me. Goodbye everyone. Seeing you again in TOTAL.........DRAMA..........AFTER THE ACTION

Off Air Chat 1

Chris: Hey guys. Total Drama After The Action is not over yet. Meet you in some minutes, now i have to answer some guys. Finalists, keep chatting

Inca: So i am part winner?!?!!

Chimaroj: hmm...

Chimaroj: (CONF) As a monk I am supose to accept the fact that she broke up with me but I just can't I still have feelings for her, alot of feelings. Now I have the feeling that she just used me to get far. LOVE SUPOSE TO BE SACRED, not to everyone I guess. *whipe away tears* (END CONF) *tries to meditate*

Inca: (CONF): I wish that guy was here. OMG, What was his name !!!! (NON-CONF) Its ok Chimaroj, You will be fine without Lara...

Chimaroj: I don't know Inca, I mean I can't even focus enough to meditate.

Inca: Just think to yourself, You in a candy shop with the girl of your dreams, eating chocolate and strawberrys together.

Chimaroj: Haha, you are funny Inca, but that won't work Lara was my dream girl, untill Eric talked to her. Your the only one left I see as friend Inca, Eric is a jerk. I think Lara just pretended to love me, I don't really know much about Marry and Wayne. I am so glad I can trust you. Arcording to the monks trust is the key to great things. 

Eric: Hey guys, woah chimaroj you aren't very okay, i know you and Lara are borke up, good, emm i wanted to say i'm sorry (CONF) ahaaahahaha xD yesss !!! bye bye Chimaroj and Lara !!! (END-CONF) *Talking in private with lara* good Lara, i see you are very inteligence, good, now it's time to send at home chimaroj okay ?

Inca: YOU LITTLE SNEAK! *Grabs Eric* How do you think you are!?!?!

Eric: EHY !!! i'm too nice you can't grab me in this way !!  (CONF) bed thing the madness inca.

Chimaroj: Waoh! You too don't need to fight!! Eventhough Eric is a jerk.

Eric: EHY !! how dare you, it isn't my fault if you are ugly and i'm nice, Lara don't want you because you are a silly nerd ah and poor inca, you are crazy what man wants you ?? Chandler ?? ahahaha xDxD


Eric: owww...ahhh....Fu*k y*o, stupid girl !!! 

Lara hey guys,aw, Calm down, what's up ??! Eric? Inca?

Chimaroj: Inca it's no use, save your energy for the challenge, he's not worth it!

Marry: come on guys !! we can't be everyone firneds ? *Hugs everyone* No violence and No Swearing !!

Inca: Grrrr!! Fine!!

Chimaroj: Sure... Marry let's hug eachother to death.

Lara: (CONF) What did I do, I feel guilty, now all hate each other and hate me *cries* (END-CONF)

Chimaroj: (CONF) How can Lara fall for Eric, Eric doesn't even care about her.!!! (END CONF)

Wayne: (CONF: ...............where is the love?)

Alive Again - An Apocalyctic Zombie Invasion (In every cinema)

Chris: Ok guys! You can see that we're in a movie fact, i needed free cast, for what? I'm directing A NEW FILM OF MINE *confetti*. I was bored of Total Drama After The Action so i ended it, but it's still going on. Every part of the film is a challenge of it. Just one wins. We'll have jury too, so don't worry. The film's genre are...zombies! Ya, sorry. Its just, Total Drama After The Action became SOO GOOD that i wanted a moneymaking film, and with famousy like you sure i will get the success. Here it goes the plot. You are the only survivors from a very huge boom which contained some weird poison and killed who inhaled it. Sadly they transformed into zombies. There's no way to fix it, meaning that you have to escape to a place which is incredibly safe. That one is....Heaven. In fact, from America, you have to travel to China to get at the top of Temple Of Heaven, so that you're safe with the souls that are up here. The path to the Temple Of Heaven is still hard, and you'll need to sacrifice some friends at some part of the journey. What this haves to do with ATA? Who is sacrificed is eliminated, who gets to Temple of Heaven it's the winner and that guy/girl will get the million!!! *shows it*. To decide who to sacrifice you have just to vote for who you think can be sacrificed. Now you're just ONE TEAM: The Survivors. Ready to got? Because here we start

Pt 1 - Zombie Battlefield

Chris: The first part/challenge is to run to the underwater base before the zombies gets you. They will usually try to attack you. To run just post *runs to base*. If a zombie attacks you, you have to shoot him with *runs and shoot zombie*. The base is 15 lines ahead from you! Want the million? Then fight for your life. The first to get here will win immunity, so that he won't be sacrificed. You'll understand anything at the base. Lights, Camera, ACTION (which means GO!)

Lara: awww !!! *runs to base*

Marry: yay !! i love this !! *runs to base*

*zombies attacks everyone but Inca*

Lara: ahh !! *Runs and shoot zombie*

Marry: *Runs and shoot zombie*

Chimaroj: I can shoot right through his head *shoots right through a zombie's head*

Andrew: CHRIS! WHY ARE THEY COMING FOR ME! *Andrew dies*

Chimaroj: *jumps upone a zombie runs over them and jumps into a tree* Yeah baby!! Whahaha. (CONF) look finally a challenge I can train my garden run moves (END CONF)

Lara: *Runs*

Marry: *runs* (3)

Chimaroj: *jumps out of a tree and kick a zombie's head off and start running to the base* (1)

Lara: *runs to base*

Marry: *runs to base*

Chimaroj: *runs to the base* (2) (CONF) hmmm It's still dificult that break up thing but one thing is better, I can focus myself better in the challenges. hmm (END CONF)

Lara: *runs to base* (CONF) it't very happy without Chimaroj........*fake smile*

Marry: *RUns to base* (5)

Chimaroj: *runs to the base* (3)

Lara: *Runs to base* (6)

Marry: *Runs to Base* (6)

Chimaroj: *zombie appears infront of him* WOAH!! *shoot's zombie's and runs to the base* (4)

Lara: *Runs to base* (7)

Marry: *Runs to base* wow no Zombie eheheh !!

Eric: i hate runs ! *Runs to base* (1)

Lara: *Runs to base*

Marry: *Runs to base*

Chimaroj: ofcourse you hate runs you jerk you have everything and everyone (run's to base) (5)

Lara: *Runs to base* (9)

Marry: *Runs to base* (9)

Chimaroj: *runs to base* (6)

Lara: *Runs to base* (10) lalalala what beautiful day....(CONF) for goes home Chimaroj !! (END CONF)

Marry: *Runs to base*

Eric: *Runs to base* shut up sh*t boy !!!

Lara: *Runs to base*

Marry: *Runs to base*

Chimaroj: *runs to base ignoring Eric* (7)

Lara: *Runs to base*'s very difficult....i can't continue....ah....*falls*

Marry: *Runs to base* are you ok Lara ? (12)

Chimaroj: (runs to the base) (8) Oh no LA.... nevermind (CONF) Why is it so hard to accept that she doesn't like me anymore (END CONF)

Eric: *RUns to base* Lara !! *Helps lara* are you okay?

Marry: *Runs to base*

Lara: ah.....oh thanks Chim....emm....Eric *Runs to base* (13)

Chimaroj: *sees Eric helping Lara* *runs to base* (9) (CONF) Why does she let him suck up to her like that? *getting angry* Why?!? *getting calm again* I should not get angry about. The monks always said anger is the emotion that can break anything. which is not good. (END CONF)

Marry: *Runs to base* (14)

Lara: *Runs to base* (14)

Chimaroj: *runs to base* (10)

Lara: *Arrive at the base* wow !! WIN !!

Marry: *Arrive at the base*

Chimaroj: *Runs to base* (11) Congrats Lara!!

*everyone manages to get in the underwater base*

Sacrifice 1

Chris: *while off-air* Ok, that's it. You discover that the underwater base elevator can contain JUST 5 persons, which means one of you haves to quit. Decide who needs to be sacrificed so that you continue your journey. Lara can't be sacrificed,so sorry *on air*

Marry: i vote Wayne sorry you aren't very acitve

Lara: i vote Wayne off

Chimaroj: I vote off Wayne I am sorry dude!

Eric: i want vote Chimaroj or Inca but not now, i vote off Wayne

Wayne: oh come on!, i just joined!, oh well...i vote Marry.

*Lara. Chimaroj, Eric, Inca and...........Marry gets in the elevator. Wayne is left alone and is eaten from the zombies*

Underwater Base Chat (Off Air Chat 2)

Chris: Just talk here, the next part of the film will be recorded soon

Chimaroj: Lara.... I want to talk with you!

Lara: emm....yes....?

Chimaroj: Not here with Eric hearing us, *walks into a room*

Lara: *follows Chimaroj* okay 

Chimaroj: please tell me is there another reason why you broke up with me? Maybe something Eric said?

Lara: ehy no ! why you said Eric ! he don't do anything ! (CONF) Crap !

Chimaroj: You're lying Lara I can see it in your eyes. What did he said?

Lara: emm..emm....No he didn't said anything !! I Swear !! and what interestes you ??!

Inca: (CONF) Wow, Final 5! I really want to win.

Chimaroj: Because he did say something!!! I just want to know what!!!

Lara: NO !! Begone plz now !! i don't want talk with you !

Chimaroj: I'm sorry Lara *walks off* (CONF) What's wrong with me!?! I just don't know what to do about it! *breaks a stick* I need to calm down. *start meditating* (END CONF)

Alive Again pt. 2 - Getting Through

Chris: Fine. Here's the plot. You're in the base and you found a tunnel which leads directly to Bejiing (or whatever it's spelt, to lazy to check it). Well, to get through, you need to solve, sadly for you, some puzzles. Some are easy? Well, try your best, i may give you hints. You have to do them all (to 1st to 3rd), so NO LAZYNESS! Whatever, here they are. Lights, Camera, ACTION!

'Puzzle 1 - 'Word Scramble :D [EASY?]

Words for everyone

- Marry : elicpo

- Inca : ysntlea (Already got it: Stanley)

- Eric : dolosne

- Chimaroj : raglyle (Already got it: Gallery)

- Lara : wrpeive (Already got it: Preview)

Chimaroj: Do I need to use every letter?

(MR: Yeah, they compone a word)

Chimaroj: Gallery?

*Chimaroj gets through*

Lara: Preview

*Lara gets through*

Inca: After so many attempts is it........Stanley -_-

*Inca gets through*

Puzzle 2 - There's a door, a switch and the ocarina from Majora Mask. You're lonely, so none can get in the switch for saving you. Find a way to get out that room [MEDIUM]

Chimaroj: *stands on the switch* *plays the Elegy of Emtiness on the ocarina* 

(lol this isn't fair I am a Marjora's Mask nerd)

*Chimaroj summons Elegy of Emptiness, but instead of opening door floor opens and Chim falls on lava* (RETRY (what? that wasn't that easy. Find another way :P)

Chimaroj: Hmm *picks up a box and place it onto the switch*.

*Actually, there's no box*

Chimaroj: Why do see things that aren't real. I guess I needed the eye of truth... *plays the 'Song of Soaring'* on the ocarina of time.

*Chimaroj the zombies* (REDO)

Chimaroj: hmm *plays the 'Song of time' on the ocarina of time*

*Chimaroj gets back in time.....too much. He's at the start of After The Island :P* (REDO)

Chimaroj: hmm.. *plays the 'song of double time'.

*Chimaroj travels in the future....and notices that the door was a time lock door, so he gets through. Still, he's eaten from the zomb...nah joking, he can go past*

Lara: OMG !!? now ? emm....*Crushes the switch* ??

*What happeneed to Chimaroj happens to Lara* (REDO)

Inca: *Plays the 'song of Soaring'*

*Inca manages to teleport over the door* (alright, it's different for everyone)

Puzzle 3 - A cube has been inserted in a container in the shape of a Parallelepid with the basic dimensions (width and length) long, 30cm and 45cm. Adding the cube, the liquid rises of 2.5 cm as a result of 'immersion. Calculate the volume and the side of the cube (there's a pic of the figure, also, if you don't understand something, blame google translator. I will give helps within the time or if you don't understand. Just sayin that if you know what to do this problem is VERY EASY) [HARD/EASY for who knows how to do it]

Figure for ATA

This figure SUCKS! It's helpful still

Chimaroj: The monks didn't really tought us this kinda stuff. *thinking hard*

Chimaroj: 2,5x2,5x2,5 = 15.625 cm3? (NO)

Lara: 34,6x34,6x34,6=414 cm3 (NO)

Chimaroj: 2,5x45x30= 3375 cm3? (YES)

Chimaroj: Each side is 15 cm

(Ok ok, it's getting far too hard. The blue part, which is the increase of the liquid, is equivalent to the cube's volume. Tikki got it, so he's already accepted on next season :)

*everyone else manages to get in a room with a switch*

Sacrifice 2

Chris: Ok, in this scene you're in a room with a switch. Sadly, there's no boxes, ocarinas or other things that can help you. It means that one haves to stay in that switch and let the others go. So, who's that going to be? Action! Oh ya, Chimaroj can't be voted

Chimaroj: I vote off Marry, I just can't vote off Lara, eventhough she lied to me.

Lara: i want vote chimaroj but he has got the immunity ahh !!so i vote off Inca

Marry: i vote off Inca sorry girl you are fantastic ;)

Inca: Marry

Eric: ah, who i can vote ?? Inca ?? ahaah!!! obvious i vote Inca (CONF) yess, and Inca bye bye

Inca: Ok then, bye everyone *Leaves*

*Inca gets in the switch and everyone passes to other rooms* (Lxj, you're not going to win this time....) [Yeah, now i'm quite against you. You have 2 characters and you have already won a season. Sorry for that <.<]

(I can win, it's not my fault I came up here, you can't eliminate me only because i win the last season !!!!! >.< !!!! - LxJ)

(Sorry for that. It happens when someone haves 2 characters in final 4. It happened even with Orange last season. Sorry. -MR)

(Yeah, and Dante didn't go to the final 3 last season because I chose bad songs on purpose ~Orange)

Hallway Chat (Off Air Chat 3)

Chimaroj: (CONF) I lost the only one I can trust *sigh* atleast I made it to the final 4 (END CONF). *meditates*

Chimaroj: Congrats Lara for making it to the final 4

Lara: emm....thanks

*something heavy falls down*

Chimaroj: WATCH OUT!! *pushes Lara away and protect her*

Lara: aw, wow thanks Chimaroj.....*blushes*

Chimaroj: You're welcome.

Lara & Chimaroj: *try to kiss*

Lara: *turn her head* ......emm....okay....*goes away*

Chimaroj: *watches Lara walk away* *blushes*

Alive Again pt 3 - Survival Climbers

Chris: Alright! Today's challenge will be climb? Alright. In fact, you're now under China :D. This wall seems unclimbable. What you have to do? You find a super-magical-thingy which materializes your things. Draw a thing and it will appear. The top of the climbing wall is 12 lines, but watch out for spikes. Also, zombies managed to get in the elevator and may reach you sooner or later (so, who doesn't do the challenge WILL BE ELIMINATED). Lights, Camera, Action

Lara: *find a super-magical-thingy* 

Marry : *find a super-magical-thingy*

Chimaroj:  *find a super-magical-thingy* Ah my feet (CONF) I think something fell on my feet cause it really hurts (END CONF)

(Ok, once you find it, start to climb. Materialize objects :D)

Lara: *draws a rope *Climbs* 

Marry: *draws a elevator* *Climbs*

Chimaroj: *draws a stair* *tries to climb*

Lara: *Climbs*

Marry: *Climbs*

Chimaroj: *tries to climb*

Lara: *Climbs*

Marry: *Climbs*

Chimaroj: *tries to climb*

Lara: *climbs* very difficult !!

Marry: *Climbs* 

Chimaroj *takes a rest* Why does my feet hurt so bad? 

Lara: *Climbs*

Marry: *climbs*

Chimaroj: *tries to climb again*

Lara: *Climbs* *see Chimaroj* *blushes*

Marry: mm....Chimaroj is all ok ?

Chimaroj: *tries to climb* Yeah it's okay, thanks for asking Marry. 

Eric: *find a super-magically-thingy* 

Lara: *climbs*

Marry: *cimbs* your welcom :)

Chimaroj: *tries to climb*

Lara: *climbs*

Marry: *Climbs*

Eric: *draws a stair* *tires to climb*

Lara: *Climbs*

Marry: *climbs*

Chimaroj: *sees Lara* *blushes and losses his concentration* *loses his grip and falls down to the ground* WOAH!!!

Lara: ahhhh !!! Chi.....ehmm.......nevermind *Climbs*

Marry: woah !! *shouts* CHIMAROJ, IS ALL OKAY ?? E

Eirc: *climbs* *sees Chimaroj fall* ahahaha Idiot

Chimaroj: *hits the ground* *shouts*  MY ARM!!!!

*spike balls on Eric, Lara And Marry, and they retrocede of 2 lines* (I'm your enemy now >:)

Lara: *Climbs* ahhh !!! NO !!!! F*** y** CHirs !!!!!! (CONF) THREE WORDS.....I HATE CHIRS 

Marry: *Climbs* aw....sorry Chimaroj......

Eirc: *climbs*

Lara: *Climbs* (10)

Marry: *Climbs* (10)

Chimaroj: *tries to get up* I can't get up

*spike balls on Marry and Chimaroj, RANDOM.ORGED* (Almost forgot to say. THE LAST ONE IS AUTO-ELIMINATED)

Lara: *Climbs (11)

Marry: ahh....*Climbs* (9)

Chimaroj: *get's up*

*Blame, but spike balls on Eric and Marry (SERIOUSLY, it ended that to me)*

Lara: *finsh Climbs* DONE !!!!!!!!!

Eirc: *climbs* nahh !!!

*Omg, Eric and Marry are hit from a spike ball*

Marry: Help mee !!!

Chimaroj: I'll try *tries to walk*

*It's far too late. Chimaroj is eaten from zombies :(. Eric, Lara and Marry manages to get through*

Chimaroj: *screams* HELP!!!

Top of the climbing wall (Off Air Chat 4)

Chris: Congrats you 3. You're the final 3 and one of you will win. The challenge and the next part of the film will start shortly...

Lara: no...!!!! Chimaroj !!????!!!!! he was ate ????!!! NO !!! 

Eric: (CONF) yeahhh !!! and Chimaroj....bye bye....ahaahahaha !!!!! LARA IT'S YOU TIME NOW !!!!! (END CONF) *Hugs Lara* ehy Lara how are you ?

Lara: *Hears Eric in the confessional* (CONF) ah !!! ERIC IS EVIL ????!!!! no !!! i don't belive it !!! i'm an idiot !! *cries* poor Chimaroj !!! (END CONF) !!!! I HATE YOU ERIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *slaps eric* !! CHIMROJ I LOVE YOUUUUUU!!!!!


Alive Again pt. 4 - A Spirit's decision

Chris: Today we will have jury vote, which means the eliminated contestants, which in this film are spirits, will vote off a contestant. Yes, one of you. But before that, we're having a luck challenge! There are 3 doors, pick one, differently for users

Eric: *Picks the first door*

Lara: *Picks the Third door*

Marry: *Picks the Seconf dorr*

Chris: Ok. Eric (WHAT?!) is safe from this elimination. Now the whole jury will vote between Marry or Lara to be eliminated. Who's that goin to be?

Eric: who is the Jury ??

Lara: Jury, i want talk....plz vote me off, i'm a stupid i'm an idiot ! i want you vote me off, Marry deserve the Final, GO MARRY WIN FOR ME AND FOR CHIMAROJ !!!! F*** Y** Eric !!!!!

Eric: ahahahah....i'm in the Final !!!!! poor Lara, eh.....

Chimaroj: Lara do you really want to do that?

Linda *screaming* EEEEEE!!! SPIDER!!!!

Chimaroj: Linda... That's a fake spider....

Lara: LINDA !!!!! CHIMAROJ !!!! *cries* yes Chimaroj, i want this :D *Hugs Chimaroj*

Ivan: hello dear, *Hugs Lara* *Hugs Marry* congrats girls, okay Lara if you want this okay I Vote Marry for goes to the final.

Chimaroj: Watch out! My arm is broken and two ribs are bruised! Okay than I'll vote you out.*votes Lara out*

Linda: AW you two are so sweet!! I actually wanted to vote pro team weird but if you really want that I'll vote you out. *votes Lara out*

(EVERYONE CAN VOTE. And also, the contestant who haves 8 votes first will be eliminated)

JJ: Lara eliminated

Inca: I also vote Lara!

Dante: I will vote.............. LARA

Chris: Ok so bye Lara *feds her to zombies*

Overworld Base (Off Air Chat 5) [Also called AS THE LAST EPISODE]

Alive Again pt 5 - The Beginning Of The End pt. 2

Chris: That's it. It's the final scene, and it's a very hard challenge. Eric, Marry, one of you will win the camp and the million dollars :D. Whatever, this challenge will be very long.......cause it's an all-star challenge. You'll face every challenge we had in this camp before the film! So here comes the list...............*takes breath*

  1. You have to find a baby (3 lines for doing so) [DONE FROM BOTH]
  2. Do something very impressive. If it's ok, you can pass [DONE FROM BOTH]
  3. Save an eliminated contestant by using the working method (You can find it on challenge 4) [DONE FROM BOTH]
  4. Make a medicine for healing yourself (6 lines for doing so) [DONE FROM BOTH]
  5. Guess this question. The contestant who was mentioned the least was... [DONE FROM MARRY]
  6. Pick one of the 3 cards, if there's a 3 you give 3 more lines to your opponent. If there's a 0 nothing happens. If there's a -3 you can go over 3 lines. [DONE FROM BOTH]
  7. Post the link of the car which i gave the win in the cute carz challenge [DONE FROM BOTH]
  8. Throw the most sandbags to the zombies (5 lines)
  9. Make a random line, just like Chrissy does. If it's good enough, you can pass
  10. Drive to get the furthest to the zombies and the nearest to Temple Of Heaven (10 lines)
  11. Get through the place where Eric and Vanessa died (3 lines)
  12. Run from a random boulder (6 lines)
  13. Throw the best dish you can imaginate at a zombie. If it's good enough, you can pass
  14. And finally, run 5 lines to the Temple Of Heaven

This challenge is really long. The first to know. (Since there are just 2 users playing, if the other one doesn't post, you can after 20 minutes) NOW GO! YOU'RE DOING THIS FOR THE MILLION

Marry: *finds a baby* (1)

Eric: *finds a baby* (1)

Marry: *Finds a baby* (2) 

Eric: *Finds a baby* (2) blah....i hate the baby....

Marry: *Finds a baby* (3) 

Eirc: *Finds a baby* 

Marry: okay....mmm.....*dance while eating a pizza with ice cream*

(Marry doesn't pass)

Eirc: ahaahahaha.......*Kill chef*

Marry: emm.....*Kiss Eric*

(Chefs get back alive. Eric and Marry passes XD)

Marry: " Vanessa: We could call her on a cell phone? I mean, that's science, and not completely ridiculous "

(Marry passes)

Marry: *makes a medicinal*

Eric: ( Vanessa: we could call her on a cell phone? i mean, that's science )

Marry: *makes a medicinal* (2)

(Eric passes)

Marry: *Makes a medicinal* (3)

Eric: this is my challenge !!! *Makes the medicinal* (1)

Marry: *Makes a medicinal* (4)

Eric: *Makes the medicinal* (2) 

Marry: *Makes a medicinal* (5)

Eric: *Makes the medicinal (3)

Marry: *Makes a medicinal* (6) Done ! 

Eric:*Makes the medicinal* (4)

Marry:  Lyn !!!!

Eric: *Makes the medicinal* (5)

(Marry passes)

Marry: i pick....mmm....the card 1

Eric: *Makes the medicinal* (6)

(Thanks to Marry, Eric can post 3 lines in a row when he wants)

Marry: DAMN !!! Eric's car:

(Marry passes [Just to say you, my lines are not true lines, meaning you can't post)

Marry: *throws sandbags to the zombie* (1)

Marry: *Throws sandbags to the zombie* (2)

Eirc: i pick the card 3

Marry: *Throws sandbags to the zombie* (3)

[Eric card doesn't have an effect, so he can pass [remember that you can post 3 lines in a row]

Eric:*Throws sandbags to the zombie* (1) ................*Throws sandbags to the zombie* (2)

[Eric passes]

(Oh right, TDSchool. You forgot the question. It's the only step you haven't done. Answer it as a single line, then continue the sandbags, please)


Chris: Is far taking too time. Well, the first finalist to post "i won :D" is the winner of ATA. More simple than this...sigh

Chris: Nobody posts :(. That means that, since Marry got further than Eric, Marry is the winner of Total Drama After The Action *confetti*. So, we had THE WORST FINALS EVER. I'll try to avoid that in the future. You watched this, you maybe enjoyed it, it was fun. Whatever, see ya next time, on Total Drama After The.....................Something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ernie: *appears* Total Drama After the Tour! *Smiles creepily, then vanishes*