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Camp Wawanakwa2

New logo

Chris:Hi Everyone.Chris is there. You maybe asked yourself "Oh,but will the fascinous,irresistible Chris McLean make a new season of Total Drama?"....well...your wish CAME TRUE! 24 contestants will be there for everyone's fun. They will face crazy,riskious and deadly challenges just because i need audience,they will eat disgusting food,they will sleep in the most uncomfortable beds ever...and the bathroom may be....TOXIC? Hehehe. But why these crazy dudes are going to get here? Simple. For the 100.000 Dollars....*gets call* Umm what? Ok *hangs call* I mean....1...MILLION...DOLLARS. Only one of them can get it. Which one: a boy, a girl, an alien, a pokemon...or even A YETI? You will discover everything if you keep watching the new season of TOTAL.....DRAMA....AFTER THE ISLAND

Main Part

Cool Intro Right?

Camp made by /\/\|2/\C£2010 (talk)

How it works

Before the challenge,there will be always a pre-chat,so you can talk about previous challenge or...random talk. After the pre-chat,theres the challenge. Follow it's rules and the team/contestant who wins the challenge will not be up for elimination...the other team/contestants for you want out,ceremony,someone gets out and then it starts again.


  1. No godplaying/cheating (meaning you can't win in a single line...or corrupting Chris)
  2. Swearing is allowed,but only with * and _ 's
  3. Being a villain means you can personal attack CONTESTANTS, NOT USERS!
  4. Obey Wikia Rules
  5. Only Chris can talk with bold text (that means that i'm the only one that can do that)
  6. NO CHANGING OF ELIMINATION TABLE...unless you have to fix a mistake or you have permission
  7. Unless you're allowed (Liamliamliam case for getting Lily),you can't be other players
  8. Being eliminated doesn't mean you have to rage's just a game...and the good is that IT'S NOT REAL!
  9. Umpf...techincally,respect this wikia rules.
  10. Try to be active the most....inactive guys WON'T win the camps. Be sure for that!
  11. Don't double post (meaning you post every 5 mins, hour, 2 hours,ecc.) You're just allowed to doublepost if no one posts in one day. Post something after someone else does
  12. Don't accuse me INFAIRLY of rigging. I try to put fair challenges for everyone and if they're some that i know the answer then i give others the chance.


2 per users please. You can be 2 girls/boys or 1 boy and 1 girl

Boys (closed)

- Philip - The traveller - MRace2010 5th Place - 18th Voted Off

- Steven - The Wise Guy - TDSchool 16th Place - 7th Voted Off

- Eric - The dark boy - TDSchool 19th Place - 4th Voted Off

- Rio - The Australian Stalker (Old Stereotype), The BFDI MPD Guy (New stereotype) - Franky494 7th Place - Quit

- Slenderman - The Scary Guy - ParaGoomba348 15th/14th Place - 8th/9th Voted Off

- Andrew - crazy, yet smart (old stereotype), The Good To Get Along With (new stereotype) - OrangeBirdMaster2 

- Dante - Flexible and Smart - OrangeBirdMaster2  4th Place - 20th Quit

- Logan (debutter) - The Funniest - OrangeBirdMaster2 9th Place - 15th Voted Off

- Graham - The ninja, dancing, rugby player - Ashgraham2 11th Place - Quit

- Drake - Rocker - Liamliamliam 20th Place - 3rd Voted Off

- Bruno - Washed up movie star - Liamliamliam 21st Place - 1st Voted Off

Girls (CLOSED)

- Melbourne - The artist - MRace2010 10th Place - 14th Voted Off

- Lily - The Sweet girl - LxJ 

- Marry - The Hot Girl - LxJ 18th Place - 5th Voted Off

- Marida - The Scottish Dangerous Stunt artist - Franky494 6th Place - 17th Voted Off

- Lyn - The Ninja Girl - ParaGoomba348

- Abigail - The Naive Daydreamer - CoGreen2.0 8th Place - 16th Voted Off

- Charlotte - The Polite Peacekeeper - CoGreen2.0 15th/14th Place - 8th/9th Voted Off

- Brandi- The Coldblooded Strategist-PeaceLoveGir 17th Place - 6th Voted Off

- Meloinei- The Mean Society girl- PeaceLoveGir 13th Place - 11th Voted Off

- Ashley - The mean girl, who everyone thinks is nice - Ashgraham2 12th Place - 12th Voted Off

Debutters (possibly)

It was already choosen. Welcome to Logan *derp*

Users Still In

Doing this cause i'm bored. The number in the () is the contestant this user is playing now that are still in

1st. LindsayxJustin (1)

2nd. OrangeBirdMaster2 (0)

3rd. Paragoomba348 (0)

4th. MRace2010 (0) [HOST]

5th. Franky494 (0)

6th. CoGreen2.0 (0)

7th. Ashgraham2 (0)

8th. PeaceLoveGir (0)

9th. TDSchool (0)

10th. Liamliamliam (0)


1st Section

Screaming Gophers X
Team Place Contestant O. Place Challenge Eliminated Votes at E. Votes Overall
1st Lily 1st NEVER! WINNER 8
2nd Andrew 2nd The Beginning Of The End RUNNER-UP 0
3rd Lyn 3rd The Beginning Of The End THIRD 6


8th Power Of Three Again Insta-Out 5
5th Ashley 12th Guess-It-Greta 5 5
6th Charlotte 15/14th Six Flags A.T.I. 4 4
7th Steven 16th Whimpychefs 10 10
8th Brandi 17th Boulder Run Re-Do 9 9
9th Drake 20th In dah house 5 5
Killer Bass X
Team Place Contestant Place Challenge Eliminated Votes at E. Votes Overall
1st Dante 4th Music On Air Quit 3
2nd Philip  5th Aaaayaaa 4 7
3rd Marida 6th Island Six-O 4 4
4th Rio 7th Power Of Three Again Quit 8
5th Melbourne 10th CCCCC 3 6
6th Graham 11th Teams Again?! 8 9
7th Melonei 13th Died by Drown 6 8
8th Slenderman 15/14th Six Flags A.T.I. 5 5
9th Marry 18th Justice Striked 7 7
10th Eric 19th Rapmania 5 5
11th Bruno 21st A Balance Board Kills you 5 5
1st Logan 9th Power Of Three Again Insta-Out 1

2nd Section

Team Place Contestant Place Challenge Eliminated Votes At E. Votes Overall
1st Philip 5th Aaaaayaaaaa... 4 7
2nd Melbourne 10th CCCCC 3 6
3rd Graham 11th Teams Again?! 8 9
4th Melonei 13th Died by Drown 6 8
5th Brandi 17th Boulder Run Re-Do 9 9
Team Place Contestant Place Challenge Eliminated Votes At E. Votes Overall
1st Lily 1st NEVER WINNER 8
2nd Dante 4th Music On Air Quit 3
3rd Abigail 8th Power Of Three Again Insta-Out 5
4th Ashley 12th Guess-It-Greta 5 5
5th Slenderman 15/14th Six Flags A.T.I. 5 5
Team Place Contestant Place Challenge Eliminated Votes At E. Votes Overall
1st Andrew 2nd Beginning Of The End RUNNER-UP 0
2nd Lyn 3rd Beginning Of The End THIRD 6
3rd Marida 6th Island Six-O 4 4
4th Charlotte 15/14th Six Flags A.T.I. 4 4
5th Steven 16th Whimpychefs 10 10



Andrew and Dante

Bruno And Drake

Melbourne and Marry

Graham and Melbourne

Dante and Charlotte

Abigail and Lyn

Abigail and Slenderman

Andrew and Lyn

Andrew and Charlotte

Dante and Logan

Andrew and Logan

Andrew and Abigail

Andrew and Lily


Melbourne and Rio

Dante and Bruno

Graham and Bruno

Lyn and Slenderman

Graham and Logan

Ashley and Logan

Dante and Graham

Drake and Abigail

Everyone and Bruno 


Graham and Ashley 

Marida and Rio (Most Likely but still Unknown)

Lyn and Andrew


Bruno and Drake Started in Episode 1 and Ended with Bruno's elimination

Graham, Ashley, Dante, Andrew (The Secret Alliance) Started in Episode 2 (?) and ended with Dante's quit

Elimination Table

NO Changing rules.

Place Contestants Team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
9th Logan Debuts in Episode 11 IN WIN IN LOW WIN OUT
21st Bruno KBX SAFE OUT
Gender & Teams
Sign Meaning Sign Meaning
[name] This contestant is a boy None This contestant is no team
[name] This contestant is a girl SGX This contestant is in The Screaming Gophers X
KBX This contestant is in The Killer Bass X MAD This contestant is in It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad Team
SLN This contestant is in Team Slender LST This contestant is in Team Lightning Strikers
##th This contestant was eliminated before the merge ##th This contestant was eliminated after the merge
Camp's Going
Sign Meaning Sign Meaning
WIN This contestant won for his team SAFE This contestant wasn't up for elimination
WIN This contestant was in winner team IN This contestant was up for elimination,but was safe
WIN This contestant won for him/herself LOW This contestant got the last marshmellow
QUIT This contestant quit OUT This contestant was eliminated by vote
IND This contestant got individual immunity OUT

This contestant was eliminated for Chris decision

IT This contestant used his/her immunity ticket

If a contestants haves a * near their name in the elimination table, that means they got an immunity token

Information about Immunity Tickets

These tickets can give you the chance of undo the votes against you in a ceremony. You can use it at the end if you want. This makes the other contestant which haves to 2nd most votes eliminated.

Immunity Tickets are given in tiebreakers, so it means that every challenge that features a tiebreaker will (mostly) feature an immunity tickets. They will give you a special opportunity if you make it to the merge and you still have some.

Having 2 immunity tickets means you can partecipate the master challenge. It's a mix of creativity, athletic and logic challenges. Completing it means DIRECT ACCESS TO THE MERGE! Because of this opportunity, the challenge is hard and it will lose strenght if played just like 1 episode near the merge.

Use them wise, because they can be handy!


Chris:So...i think i have nothing to d- Hey! I see the contestants!

Lily : *Arrive* Hey ^-^

Marry : *Arrive*

Melbourne: *Arrives* Hi,whats up?

Lily: Hi,Good thanks *Hugs Melbourne*

Melbourne: Thanks :D *Hugs Lily*

Philip:*Arrives*...girls. Anyway,hi

Chris:Lily,Melbourne,Philip,Marry; Welcome to the is- *gets call* Umpf...i have to answer this sorry *answers call*

Steven: *Arrives* Hey .. What's up ?

Eric: *Arrives* ..........

Philip:Um..hi Steven. I'm good,thanks *whistles and walks around*

Marida: *On Horse shooting at a target* Bullseye

Rio: *Stalking Marida*

Marida: Go Away Stalker

Chris:*ends call* Uff...Oh! Welcome to the island,Rio and Marida

Rio: *Stalking Chris* *On Paper* So He's 128. Is From Japan. Had 12 Wifes and 2 Husbands. Very Strange

Marida: *On Bike above 100 foot cliff* Ye-Ha *Jumps off forgetting Parachute* I'm Having a Blast (Mother: Marida Stop) Cool it Mother *Realizes no Parachute* Uh-Oh

Chris:Rio,dont stalk me -_-

Rio: *Still Stalking* A Quater English, Half Japanese, 1/8 Chinese and 1/8 Australian. Really aged 456. Has had 2012 wifes and 98 Husbands. Wants to be a Girl. Won a Female beauty Paegent and is from a family of 3 Triplets, Chris, Cathy and Craig, Mom Catherine, Dad Callum, Step Mom Caitlin and Sister Caroline

Chris: You're near the definitive elimination. You should stop...or...STALK SOME OF THE CONTESTANTS :3

Rio: *Stalks Melbourne*

Melbourne:*Kicks Rio in the "jewels*

Rio: *Slaps Melbourne* ****** *Pounces on her* ******

Philip:*alert mode* Wait a min...ARE YOU PUNCHING A GIRL?

Rio: No, I'm punching a *****

Lyn: *arrives, angry at Rio for what he said to Melbourne* Do you wish to be executed at once? *Draws her sword, and holds it to Rio's neck*

Slenderman: *arrives* ...

Lyn: *Puts sword away, looks at Slenderman, and becomes frightened* Wh-Who- *Shakes head and gives serious expression* State your name.

Slenderman: Slen... der... man...

Chris: *notices Lyn sword and Slenderman,by creeping out* Oh man....Hi Slenderm*glip*an and hi Lyn *gloms*. Anyway,Rio,i said to stalk,not to swear :|

Abigail and Charlotte arrive.

Charlotte: Hello everybody. It's so nice to meet you all.I'm Charlotte. This is Abigail.

Abigail: Huh? Oh Hi!

Lyn: Hello. State your names.

Slenderman: Names... they... need?

Lyn: Okay, that is seriously creepy- (Shakes head) I will not be frightened by your juvenile horror act.

Philip: *frightened* Umm....i-i think yo-you can-an't be n-not fri-frightned

Melbourne *frightened too* T-Thats Sc-Scary

Charlotte: *frightened* I'm sure he's a very ..heart?

Abigail: *walks up to Slenderman* Wow! You have long arms! Do you give hugs?

Slenderman: Hugs... give... *Walks up to Abigail*

Lyn: Don't trust him, Abigail! (Pushes Slenderman out of the way) I still think that guy's scary...

Abigail: So hugs are...bad?

Philip: Nope,i think.

Charlotte: Well it's great that we are all getting to know eachother.

Chris: Yeah,and it would be better if someone else comes there...*gets call* uff not again *answers*

Dante - Hey everyone *gets looked at suspiciously*

Andrew - HEY ME CAN PLAY A RABID MONKEY *scares Dante*

Meloinei: Hey losers! (CONF) I'm Meloinei I'm the most poplaur girl in school I have the best clique in school! Maybe ill make a clique here I need one cool girl and two guys so we can go too the end!

Charlotte: Pleasure to meet you Melonei. I'm Charlotte. I'm sure by the end of the day we'll all be good friends.

Abigail: Woah! Are you one of those popular girls at school? (CONF) Popular girls really like me. They give me fun nicknames, borrow my stuff, and they even let me sit in the trash can!

Dante: Abigail, it sounds like they popular girls are going to, um hurt you!

Chris: *closes call* Umpf,who cares! Welcome Dante,Andrew and Melonei!

Melonei: Yeah I'm popular Abigail! wanna be my BFF! (CONF) I'm so faking it..

Brandi: Everyone looks so weak!

Abigail: (gasps) Of COURSE I want to be your BFF! (hugs Melonei) (CONF) I've never seen someone become my BFF so fast! She is really friendly!

Meloinei: Get your ha...That's ehh good! *Gives a fake smile*

Lyn: I am not weak! (Draws sword) Take back what you said. Now.

Slenderman: ....

Lyn: Okay, Slender, you win. You ARE creepy. You can stop with that now.

Abigail: I'm sure he's not that bad. (waves at Slender)

Lyn: (Gulps) Abigail, I worry about you.

Andrew: Who is scarier, me or Slenderman *makes the scariest face on earth*

Charlotte: I'm sure Slender here has mastered the art of scar*sees Andrew's face* AAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHH *passes out*

Abigail: Heh heh! That's adorable! *tries imitating Andrew's face*

Dante: I wonder when more people are going to get here

Abigail: That would be nice to know. Is anyone here psychic?

Chris: Nope. Hi Dante and An- *girly scream* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *runs away faster than sound*

Melbourne:.........can i consider that normal?!

Abigail: There is a lot of people here!

Charlotte: *wakes up from passing out* Ugh...I think there's enough to start?

Philip: No,we need just 2 contestants...c'mon is taking long,and Chris went away like a girl. What's worse?

  • starts raining*


Slenderman: r...A....i.....N....

Lyn: That is too scary...

Dante: If a bear comes near us, who do we throw first

  • bear appears*


Graham: *Arrives* Where is everyone?

Ashley: *Arrives* Hello?

  • The Bear Appears

Ashley: *Screams, and jumps into Graham's arms*

Graham: *Runs away carrying her*

Challenge 1.1 - The Leader is just behind the corner!

Chris: *comes back with a jet pack,bear disappears and it stops raining*. Well done contestants! You're finally all here! Well let me explain your challenge! This time people will choose teams...but the leaders will be decided with a challenge. If you want to be leader,you have to run to the other side of the island (thats 10 lines). The first 2 to get over there will win the leadership and decide their teams...NOW GO! *flies away with jetpack*

Philip: YEAH FINALLY! *runs* [1]

Melbourne: Finally we start :D *runs [1]

Rio: *Runs*

Marida: *Runs*

Drake: *Runs* [1]

Abigail: *runs*

Charlotte: *runs*

Philip: *runs* [2]

Melbourne: *runs* [2]

Slenderman: (Walks slowly and creepily)

Lyn: Uh... (Runs REALLY fast, away from Slenderman) (CONF) That guy is creepy... (shivers, then shakes head) No! I'm a ninja! I'm scared of nothing!

Drake: *Runs* [2]

Bruno: *Runs* [1]

Marida: *Runs* (2)

Rio: *Runs* (2)

Drake: *Runs Quickly* [3]

Bruno: *Runs* [2]

Rio: *Runs* (3)

Marida: *Sprints* (3)

Drake: *Still Runs* [4]

Bruno: *Runs* [3]

Rio: *Walks* (4)

Marida: *Walks* (4)

Drake: *Walks* [5]

Bruno: *Walks* [4]

Graham: *Sprints* [4]

Ashley: *Runs* [2]

Philip: *Runs* [3]

Melbourne: *Runs* [3]

Chris: Current statistics: At First Place we have Drake,who might be a captain. He's followed by Graham,Bruno: this means that they're involved in a battle. The Rest are all behind of them.

(Keep going)

Dante: Im a gymnast *runs super fast and surpasses graham* (1)

Andrew: Ok *sprints* (1)

[Sorry Orange, you can't post more than a time,perhaps your previous line were removed. Sorry about that but it's the rules (you did double-posting)]

Slenderman: (Continues walking) [2]

Lyn: (Keeps running) [2]

Drake: runs (6)

Bruno: runs (5)

[Sorry Liam, you can't post more than a time,perhaps your previous line were removed. Sorry about that but it's the rules (you did double-posting)]

Philip: *Runs* [4]

Melbourne: *Runs* [4]

  • boulder rolls to opposite way*

Chris: Oh oh! That's going to be crazy (Addition: Now this boulder will rolling towards you. If you want to avoid it,over to *run* thing,you have to add "and avoids the boulder*. Who doesnt avoid it is out of the competition. For example,if Philip haves 4 lines and the boulder reached the line 4,for getting to line 5 Philip has to avoid the boulder too,or unless he will be knocked out and he won't be the captain. The boulder ends when he reachs line 1)

  • BOULDER CURRENT POSITION: Line 10 (avoid it at line 11)*

​Rio: *Runs* (5)

Marida: *Sprints* (5)

Drake: * Runs* (7)

Bruno:*Runs* (6)

  • BOULDER CURRENT POSITION: Line 9 (avoid it at line 10)*

Philip: *Runs* [5]

Melbourne: *Runs* [5]

Drake: *Runs* (8)

Bruno: *Runs* (7)

  • BOULDER CURRENT POSITION: Line 8 (avoid it at line 9)

(In Drake's case,line nine must be *Runs and avoids boulder*)

Philip: *Runs* [6]

Melbourne: *Runs* [6]

Dante: Well this stinks *sprints* (2)

Andrew *runs* (2)

Abigail: *runs*

Charlotte: *runs*

Slenderman: (Continues creepy walk) (3)

Lyn: (Continues her ninja-like run) (3)

Abigail: *runs*

Charlotte: *runs*

Slenderman: (Walks) (4)

Lyn: (Runs) (4)

Abigail: *runs* (4)

Charlotte: *runs* (4)

Slenderman: (Walks) (5)

Lyn: He's walking so slowly! He'll never catch up! (Runs) (5)

Drake: dodges boulder and runs (9)

Graham: *Runs* (7)

Ashley *Slows Down* (4)

  • BOULDER CURRENT POSITION: Line 7 (avoid it at line 8)

Philip: *Runs and dodges boulder* Wow...that was close [7]

Melbourne: *Runs and dodges boulder* [7]

Drake: Finishs (10)

Slenderman: (Walks) (6)

Lyn: (Runs) (6)

Chris: And Drake is the captain of the first team! Let's see who is getting there next!

  • BOULDER CURRENT POSITION: Line 6 (avoid it at line 7)

Melbourne: CLOSER! *Runs*[8]

Philip: *Runs* [8]

Dante: *Sprints* (3)

Andrew *runs* (3)

Dante: *runs* (4)

Abigail: *runs* (5)

Charlotte: *runs* (5)

Slenderman: (Walks and somehow avoids boulder) (7)

Lyn: (Runs and swiftly dodges boulder) It's- (pant) so- (pant) creepy how he (pant pant) can walk and dodge (pant pant pant) that quickly- (pant) (7)

Graham: *Runs* (8)

Ashley: *Walks* (5)

Melbourne: *Runs* [9]

Philip: *Walks* Puff....i can't do it....[9]

BOULDER CURRENT POSITION: Line 5 (avoid it at line 6)

Abigail:*runs dodges the boulder* (6)

Charlotte:: *runs dodges the boulder* (6)

Melbourne: *FINISHES* [10]

Charlotte: *runs* (7) *stops* Congratulations Melbourne. *offers handshake*

Abigail: *runs* (7) *stops* YAY! Team captains! I can't wait!

Chris: TIME'S UP! *boulder disappears* And Melbourne is the second captain! Well...we can pass to the teams. Please captains. Decide who will be in your team. Drake starts first as he reached first the end.

Dante and Andrew: Good job Melbourne and Drake!

Slenderman: You... winners... pick... me...

Lyn: Uh, don't put me on the same team as him.

Graham: So close! *faints* (10)

Drake (Sorry had school) umm... i pick Abigail

Melbourne: Graham was good! I pick him :D

Drake: Charlotte had a great run. So i pick her

Graham: Thanks for picking me, Melbourne, now that is a wise choice!

Melbourne: Well,i'll pick Philip

Chris: STOP! I was joking before (hehe)! You could've choose just 2 contestants each. I will decide the rest. Steven,Andrew,Lily,Lyn,Brandi and Ashley are in Drake's team,while Eric,Rio,Slenderman (uuh),Dante,Marry,Marida and Melonei will be in Melbourne's team. Now decide your names.

Team 1 deciding (Drake's team)

Drake: Were the Screaming Gophers X

Andrew: Nice name, but I would have gone with Team Andrew is Really Really Really hot

Chris: STOP! It's official. Your team will be the Screaming Gophers X

Team 2 deciding (Melbourne's team)

Melbourne: Umm...what about the Killer Bass. You know,just for respecting the previous season :)

Graham: I don't really like the name, but I will go with it.

Melbourne: That's it :D

Chris: STOP! It's official. Your team will be the Killer Bass know,just for going with Drake's team name!

Challenge 1.2 - A Balance Board kills you

Chris: Here's the second challenge! This decides who will be the loser team. Your job is to knock off this balance board your enemies. Wins the team who doesn't have any teammates in the balance board.

(HOW IT WORKS: It takes 2 lines to knock off someone. If you attack an enemy at the first line,he can dodge it if no one postes. If it's the second line of the same enemy,he will be out. You can post after someone else be careful)

Chris: 3,2,1, GO!

Melbourne: Let's do this! *knocks off Drake*

Philip: *knocks off Steven*

Drake: *dodges*

Dante: *knocks off Steven*

Andrew: *knocks off Slenderman*

Melbourne: *knocks off Lily*

Philip: *knocks off Brandi*


Current Status: 8 Screaming Gophers X, 9 Killer Bass X

Drake: They cannot win guys * Knocks Off Slenderman* Yeah and he is gone

Melbourne: *knocks off Lily*

Philip: *knocks off Brandi*

Current Status: 6 Screaming Gophers X, 8 Killer Bass X. Killer Bass X is in first!

Drake: Knocks off melborne

Bruno: *Knocks off Philip* Whoops sorry Philip (CONF: Im working with Drake to eliminate my team, they all hate me so i'm taking them down 1 by 1.)

Melbourne: *dodges*

Philip: What? Uh oh! *slips and falls in the water* AAAAAH!

Current Status: 6 Screaming Gophers X, 7 Killer Bass X

Drake: uhh I HAVE HAD ENOUGH * Pushes Melborne into the water so hard*

Bruno: *pushes Melonei* Sorry Slipped

Andrew (is surprised that he's balencing): (CONF: I am glad to be part of this competition, but im afraid somebody is in an alliance.)

Dante: (knocks off Slenderman)

Lyn: I'm the best ninja! (Knocks off Dante)

Bruno: *Pushes Melonei Off*

Graham: This will be easy!

Ashley: *Knocks of Graham* Yeah, Whatever!

Drake: *shouts to ashley* Knock him off

Bruno: * Shoves off Graham* Sorry i thought you were on the other team. (CONF: These losers are going down, i have a list of people to elininate next *shows list * Number 1: Drake, 2nd : Melborne then Dante and Andrew pure genius.)

Melbourne: *try to dodge,but actually hurts Bruno and make him slip* Uuh,sorry!

Current Status: Remaining LIST:

Screaming Gophers X: 6 Drake,Abigail,Lyn, Charlotte, Ashley, Andrew. ---IN THE LEAD---

Killer Bass X: 4 Melbourne,Marry, Marida,Bruno.

Chris: So boring. Let's make things FUNNIER! *presses a button and an huge hammer leads to 3 contestants....Drake,Lyn and Abigail* (Now this hammer is heading to you. You have to dodge it the soonest possible. It won't hurt you until someone else postes. If I POST and these targets didnt dodge it,they're all felling in water) [If you noticed,these are all SGX...this because this is the team in the lead]

Drake: *Dodges* Easy!

*Hammer Knocks Out Lyn and Abigail*

Chris: You really think so *hammer heads back*

Melbourne: Oh well...while he dares with the hammer i will *accidentaly knocks Bruno...again* Oh man! Sorry dude *CONF* Actually,i didnt knock him off accidentaly...its just because almost all of the contestant risked to fell because of him. I need to check him *END CONF*

Current Status: REMAINING LIST:

Screaming Gophers X: 4 Drake, Charlotte, Ashley, Andrew

Killer Bass X: 3 Melbourne; Marry, Marida.

Chris: With 7 remaining,this is the most competitive part of the challenge!

Charlotte: *knocks off Melbourne*

Ashley: *Dives for Marry, but misses and falls straight off*

Andrew: *Knocks Marida off and dodges* Whoooa (conf: I don't know who to vote for at the elimination, I haven't known these guys long enough to know *end conf*)

Melbourne: *dodges*

*Hammer goes straight to Drake (dodge it soon,or this will knock you out*

Drake:' *''''Dodges'''' and pushes Marida off*'


Chris: So...Let's see who's standing.

Drake,Charlotte and Andrew for the Screaming Gophers X

Melbourne and Marry for the Killer Bass X.

So the winners of the challenge are THE SCREAMING GOPHERS X!


Chris: However, Marry and Melbourne are getting immunity so they can't be voted up.

Melbourne: YEAH!

Philip: Seriously?

Elimination 1 - Killer Bass X

Chris: lost the first challenge. Quite sad. However,you have to vote who you want to eliminate ( You have 2 days or sorta. After that i will count the votes and cancel the votes it will have more suspanse...possibly ).

Voting Section

VOTING ENDED! Check the ceremony


Chris:Well,you decided who to get off...and it's too late to change idea.

First of all,Melbourne and Marry got immunity. However,i don't know who voted for Melbourne even if she was immune. Screw that.

Of the 11 members, just 7 voted...let's see who's eliminated

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Sorry Bruno...but you're eliminated! Any last words?

Bruno: Urm. Yes. I hope you crash and burn Melbourne. Also, Drake? Never talk to me again.

Episode 2 Chat

Screaming Gophers X

Andrew: Nice job guys on the first challenge, we all did great and we will dominate

Charlotte: We sure did. I'm sure we can continue winning.

Abigail: Huh? Oh yeah! Winning!

Lyn: We possess the power of ninja.

Drake: We need to keep on playing like this and send them bass home

Andrew: If we act stronger then strong, then we will win the next challenge for sure

Brandi: Lyn may I talk too you for a minute you too Andrew and Drake and also Abigal..

Abigail: Wuh? Sure!

Andrew: Ok, but if it's an alliance request, then I won't join.

Brandi: *Too Andrew* ..... *Too Abigal* Ill tell you later.. After the challenge.

Abigail: After the challenge! That's a long long is that?

Charlotte: It depends on how fast it begins and how fast we breeze through it.

Andrew: Fine, tell me after the challenge

Killer Bass X

Dante: I am so calm after Bruno left, he was a jerk

Philip: Yeah you're right -_-

Meloinei: I know he is *Texts friends*

Slenderman: We... Are... Winners....

Challenge 2 - Quiz Masters...or not

Chris: Well guys! Welcome to the second challenge. Congratulations to the Screaming Gophers X from winning the previous challenge!

Melbourne: Yeah,we know. Let's go straight!

Chris: Umm...ok! The next challenge will be a QUIZ. You will get 5 questions and you have to answer them. If the answer is right you will get a point. If it's not...nevermind. If both answers right,the team which gets a point its the one who did it first. Wins the team who reaches first the 3 points


(You have 1 day to answer each question. If none gets it,i will give a point to the team whom member got it closer)


Question SGX KBX
1 X
2 X
3 X
4 X
5 X

1st Question - It's possible to see the other moon's face? Why/Why not?

Screaming Gophers X -1-

Andrew - Yes, because Earth and the Moon both turn, which causes us too see other sides, yet its not noticeable

Brandi: Could be but don't not from the earth maybe when your in a spaceship..

Charlotte: Because of rotation and the fact that the moon revolves, yes.

Abigail: I agree with Brandi! I love spaceships!

Ashley: Because the question didn't say to see it from from earth!

Lyn: The moon's face is easy to see. In the right light, it leads us ninjas! Because it's in the right light, and it's facing us!

Killer Bass X -1-

Melbourne: Astrology? I'm not good at this.

Philip: Well,i'm good in geography so we are screwed...i think

Meloinei: I never learned this!

Dante - Yes, the Earth and Moon turn, so we can see it when its rotated facing us

Graham: That's good enough for me!

Slenderman: If.... it's.... in.... the.... earth's.... rotation....


Chris: Well,no one got it. The true answer was no, the reason was because both revolution and rotation motion haves the same duration (27 days, 4 hours and 45 mins....well i don't remember that,but it's something like that). Charlotte got more closer, as she talked about rotation and revolution motion, unlike other who talked about the TRANSLATION motion, so i guess it's a point for the Screaming Gophers X. (I know, i checked wikipedia and i didn't found it. However, this question was in my science book whom said that.)

Question 2 - What is the musical genre that has furthered modern music

Screaming Gophers X -2-

Brandi: It has too be like Pop or techno..

Lyn: I don't know! I don't listen to music... Rap, maybe?

Charlotte: I would guess Pop.

Abigail: NO! Techno! Lots and lots of techno!

Killer Bass X -2-

Melbourne: Hey,i know this...but i don't remember it!

Dante: Electronic Music! Music that uses devices.

Meloinei: It has too be like pop..

Slenderman: mu...sic...?

Graham: Meloinei is correct, it is Electronic, Wait! or is it Pop?

Rio: I think Pop

Dante: Uh Graham, I said Electronic.


Chris: Once again. You didn't got it. More than quiz masters,you are quiz failers. The true answer was THE BLUES! This is the genre whom started the modern music,not electronic. In fact, Rock is modern today, right?. Strangely, the weirdo named Slenderman got it closer (rock music is the derivate of Blues), so that's a point for the Killer Bass X. As both teams haves 1 point, question 4 is unlocked.

Question 3 - Norway should not be a living place because of cold....but instead there are cities in it's coast. Why?

Screaming Gophers X

Charlotte: Coastlines are naturally humid. Therefore, less cold and better living conditions.

Abigail: Because everyone loves beaches!

Andrew: I agree with Charlotte

Lyn: The people have adapted themselves for the conditions. People have adjusted the place to make it easier to live in.

Ashley: I'm not trying to sound lazy, but I don't know anything about Norway or where it is.

Killer Bass X

Philip: DAH! No capitals! Wait... i went in was something about the ocean...i don't remember

Melbourne: C'mon Philip. We may guess that!

Dante: Because coastlines are naturally warm, so they are a little cooler!

Slenderman: I... agree... with.... Dante....


Chris: That's official. You fail. This time 2 guys got closer,but they're in different teams. Yeah,the coastlines haves to do something with this question,but just a part. Norway (in my point of view)'s sea is too cold to get warm back between the day and the night. Actually this is not wrong, but i preferred that you would answer me with "Because of the Gulf Stream!". This is the fact why Norway haves life. For giving the point,i will see your questions.


SGX = 3 KBX = 1


SGX = 1 KBX = 1

As more partecipated in the Screaming Gophers X, i should give it a point. However, Abigail's answer was so nonsense-ish that i decided to give the points to the Killer Bass X.

Question 4 - Write down there the REVERSED elimination order of Total Drama Island

Chris: As you fail badly i decided to make a little easy memory question. By not getting're a complete fail.

Screaming Gophers X

Drake: Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, Geoff, Izzy (Again), DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva (Again), Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Izzy, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Eva and Ezekiel

Killer Bass X

Melbourne: Wait....i remember just the first.....inversed right? Then Owen,Gwen,Heather,Duncan,Leshawna.....then i don't know it.

Rio: Duh, Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy (Again), DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Eva (Again), Eva and Izzy return), Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Izzy (1st time), Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Eva (1st time), Ezekiel,


Chris: FINALLY YOU GOT I- oh wait. That was so easy that you're still a fail in the quizzes. The last question is decisive,because it decides who goes home and who doesn't. And guys,who gets closer on this is going to win a big me.

FINAL QUESTION - Explain the meaning of the life!

Chris: This is so hard that the prize for who haves the best answer is an immunity ticket! You can use it if you have the most votes against you! Good luck.

Screaming Gophers X

Andrew: To be smart and have a healthy lifestyle

Brandi: Here is what i got.... The condition that distinguishes animals and plants from inorganic matter and including the capacity for growth and we were all born too die right we cant all live forever.... So we were born too die.

Lyn: The meaning of life is to accomplish your goals and do what you need before you die. It's so you can die with no regrets.

Killer Bass X

Melbourne: Life is something simple!

Philip: Umm....Life is a thing which you can use just one time!

Dante: To learn and make most of your life because you only have one!

Meloinei: My clique says its Yolo that's how they knowable and I know.

Slenderman: Life... what... you... make... of... it...


Chris: Meh, guys you made me learn things i never know before. Thanks so much. However, Melonei's explaining is quite boring and Andrew's is sorta of hard to accomplish to some guy. Lyn, instead, made me happy so once again the winner are THE SCREAMING GOPHERS X. Congratulations Lyn, over to winning you also get an immunity ticket. Use it wise!

Elimination 2 - Killer Bass X

Chris: Well,you lost the first challenges, and you were in the majorance. Sad enough, you have to vote for someone to get off. This time no one gets vote!


THEY SHA-VOTED! Check the Ceremony


Chris: Ok. Once again you voted and there's no back-in-time thingy. None got immunity so everyoune would've vote themselves. Out of the 10 contestants, 7 voted. Let's reveal the votes!

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chris: Sorry Rio,but you're eliminated. Any last words?

Episode 3 Chat

Screaming Gophers X

Andrew: Good job guys!

Killer Bass X

Dante: Finally Rio's gone! I think he raided my underwear....

Philip: Uhh! However, we have to win this. We lost 2 times!

Meloinei: Guys I promise Ill try my best!

Dante: Melonei, I don't know why 2 people voted for you last elimination

Melonei: Maybe they were just jelsous...

Graham: It wasn't me, anywho who voted for me?..............oh wait! I did..........stupid!

Challenge 3 - In dah house!

Chris: The next challenge is starting soon. Please gets in this house *shows door* I'll explain it inside,so move on..

Philip: *enters*

Melbourne: *enters*

Andrew: *enters*

Dante: *enters*

Charlotte: *enters*

Abigail: *enters*

  • everyone else enters*


  • door locks up*

Melbourne: Ok...i'm lea- *tries to open door* Wait. It doesn't open! WE ARE LOCKED HERE!

Abigail: Try biting the door! That's what my cat does!

Chris: *in a tv screen* MWAHAHAHA! I TRICKED YOU! Now you're all trapped in this house FOREVER!!!! MWAHAHAHA....well there's a way to escape. When i made the teams, i just noticed the Killer Bass X were more than the Screaming Gophers X. As 2 of the KBX were eliminated, it means that the real competition STARTS NOW! I'm very sorry for Bruno and Rio that didnt made it to the real competition,but whatever. It's a game. However,for your challenge, you have to escape from there solving some mazes. First of all *devides the teams* here. You won't follow others. For escaping,you must solve 3 riddles in order to get out of this house. Every riddle is distant 5 lines (From start to 1st riddle = 5 lines). When you're there,i'll ask you it. If you solve it,then you can pass....if not,then you have to guess it until you get it. Ready, because from now things gets more harder. 3,2,1, GO!

Oh yeah, the first team where 4 teammates escape wins. GO!

Screaming Gophers X Section

Andrew: *runs to riddle 1* [1]

Charlotte: *runs to riddle 1* (1)

Abigail: *runs to riddle 1* (1)

Brandi: *runs too riddle 1* [1]

Andrew: We now have a numbers advantage in lines!!! *runs to riddle 1* [2]

Lyn: (Runs to riddle) (1)

Brandi: Yup! *Runs too riddle1* [2]

Lyn: (Runs to riddle 1) (2) We are of ninjas. We shall win.

Brandi: *Runs too riddle one* Haha I bet we will the other team are weak losers even that Melonei chick... [3]

Andrew: Wow! I'm fast! *runs to riddle 1* [3]

Lyn: (Runs to riddle 1) (3)

Brandi: *Runs too riddle 1* [4]?

Ashley: *Runs to riddle* [1]

Andrew: *runs to riddle 1* [4]

Ashley: *Runs to riddle* [2]

Andrew: Guys! Start running to riddle 2! *runs to riddle 2* [1]

Charlotte: *runs to riddle 1* (2)

Abigail: *runs to riddle 1 (2)

Brandi: *Runs too Riddle 2* [1]

Andrew: *runs to riddle 2* [2]

Brandi: *Runs to riddle 2* [2]

Andrew: *runs to riddle 2* [3]

Brandi: *runs too Riddle 2* [3]

Ashley: *Slows down* [3]

Andrew: *runs to riddle 2* [4]

Brandi: *runs to riddle 2* [4]

Charlotte: *runs to riddle 1* (3)

Abigail: *runs to riddle 1* (3)

Lyn: (Runs to riddle 1) (4)

Ashley: *Almost faints* [4]

Lyn: Wow... I'm too slow... (Runs to riddle 1) (5)

Ashley: *Runs to riddle 2 [1]

[You have still to get to line 5 in riddle 1 if you want to do the 5 lines to riddle 2]

Andrew: *runs to riddle 3* [1]

Lyn: (Runs to riddle 2) (1)

Andrew: Sorry guys. But isn't it better if I do these so you can just pass? *runs to riddle 3* [2]

Lyn: (Runs to riddle 2 (2)

Andrew: *runs to riddle 3* [3]

Lyn: (Runs to riddle 2) (3)

Andrew *runs to riddle 3* [4]

Ashley: *Runs to Riddle 2* [2]

Lyn: (Runs to riddle 2) (4)

Ashley: *Runs to Riddle 2* [3]

Lyn: (Makes it to Riddle 2)

Riddle 1


Andrew: (nobody has posted this section besides me today so I'm gonna do this) *reaches riddle 1* [5]

Brandi: *gets to riddle 1* [5]

Riddle: In SOME? you can find secret numbers. Consider every letter as a number, then write down there the number you got from this word. Watch out for italic text.

Andrew: 1915135

Right. Every teammate of yours can pass (run 5 lines to riddle 2)

Lyn: Darn. Already answered.

Ashley: NOW WHAT! [5]

Riddle 2


Andrew: YES IM HERE! *gets to riddle 2* [5]

Riddle: Guess the object! You're in it,but you can't see it. What is it?

Andrew: Air!

Well now you have to deal with it! *suddenly, Andrew flies in the air and no stops* [New test for you. As SGX are going fast,i want to see if you can pass this test. Now you have to post 5 lines to get out of the tornado twist before running to Riddle 3,the last one. Others can pass,so this may be a penalty for you. If you manage to escape either from the air and from the house, you will get a prize which i'll reveal later]

Andrew: *tries to escape* [1]

Brandi: *Makes it too riddle 2* It's about time... [5]

Andrew *tries to escape* [2]

Brandi: Come on Anderw you can do this were way ahead!

Andrew: *tries to escape* [3]

Brandi: Wow your getting closer :3!

Andrew: Thanks for the support, Brandi *tries to escape* [4]

Andrew: *escapes* [5]

Lyn: (Makes it) Darn. Am I late?

Riddle 3

Line 5 here yadda yadda.

Andrew: *GETS TO RIDDLE 3* FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Riddle: Just one try! Guess a number from 1 to 10 (if you fail then you need to wait another one to unlock the door)

Andrew: Uhhhhhh 8

Riddle: Nope (You can't try to guess it anymore. This is a team challenge, so you have to wait for others) 9 numbers left.

(orangebirdmaster2: MRace, KBX have to get a different challenge because Philip and Melbourne are the characters you are playing and you are the host so you will just say the right number)

(Not Exactly :3)

Killer Bass X Section

Melbourne: *runs to riddle 1* [1]

Philip: *runs to riddle 1* [1]

Dante: *runs to riddle 1* [1]

Melonei: *runs to riddle 1* [1]

Slenderman: (Walks to riddle) (1)

Melonei: *Runs too riddle 1* Oh my gosh you guys are Sooo slow... [2]

Dante: *runs to riddle 1* [2]

Slenderman: (Walks to riddle 1) (2)

Meloinei: *Runs too riddle 1* [3]

Graham: *Sprints to riddle* [1]

Dante: *runs to riddle 1* [3]

Melbourne: *runs to riddle 1* [2]

Philip: *runs to riddle 1* [2]

Dante: *runs to riddle 1* [4]

Philip: *runs to riddle 1* [3]

Melbourne: *runs to riddle 1* [3]

Graham: *Still sprinting* [2]

Philip: *runs to riddle 1* [4]

Melbourne: *runs to riddle 1* [4]

Meloinei:*Runs too to riddle 1* [4]

Dante: *runs to riddle 2* [1]

Graham: *Speeds up* [3]

Melbourne: *runs to riddle 2* [1]

Philip: *runs to riddle 2* [1]

Melonei: *runs too riddle 2* [1]

Dante: *runs to riddle 2* [2]

Philip: *runs to riddle 2* [2]

Melbourne: *runs to riddle 2* [2]

Slenderman: (Runs to riddle 1) (3)

Graham: *Still sprinting* [4]

Dante: *runs to riddle 2* [3]

Philip: *runs to riddle 2* [3]

Melborune: *runs to riddle 2* [3]

Slenderman: (Walks to riddle 1) (4)

Philip: *runs to riddle 2* [4]

Melbourne: *runs to riddle 2* [4]

Slenderman: (Makes it to riddle 1)

Dante: *runs to riddle 2* [4]

Slenderman: (Walks to riddle 2) (1)

Graham: *Sprints to riddle 2* [1]

Slenderman: (Walks to Riddle 2) (2)

Graham: *Sprints to riddle 2* [2]

Melbourne: WE HAVE TO WIN THIS OR WE WILL BE TOTAL LOSERS *sprints to riddle 3* [1]

Philip: *sprints to riddle 3* [1]

Slenderman: (Walks to riddle 2) (3)

Graham: *Sprints to riddle 2* [3]

Dante: *runs to riddle 3* [1]

Melbourne: *sprints to riddle 3* [2]

Philip: *runs to riddle 3* [2]

Slenderman: (Walks to riddle 2) (4)

Graham: *Sprints to Riddle 2* [4]

Melbourne: *sprints to riddle 3* [3]

Philip: *runs to riddle 3* [3]

Dante: *runs to riddle 3* [2]

Graham: *Runs to Riddle 3* [1]

Melbourne: *Sprints to riddle 3* [4]

Philip: *runs to riddle 3* [4]

Graham: *Runs to Riddle 3* [2]

Slenderman: (Walks to riddle 2) (5)

Dante:*sprints to riddle 3* [3]

Graham: *Sprints to Riddle 3* [3]

Dante: *runs to riddle 3* [4]

Slenderman: (Walks to riddle 3) (1)

Riddle 1


Dante: *gets to riddle 1* [5]

Riddle: *Just for got to line 5* In every number,even the ones you could find later, there's a secret one which is obtained by adding to themselves these numbers. Find the secret number hidden there if you want to get through and get to riddle 2.

*In the code door, there's a number " 526 x 911 "

Dante: 486?

[This may be hard] Consider the digit numbers (like 5 in 526) and then try to get something from the riddle

(OrangeBirdMaster2: I don't understand this)

Philip: *gets there* Umm let's see the is 8?

Correct team can pass [ consider 5, 2 and 6 and do this = 5+2+6= 13...then 1+3 = 4. Then consider 911 and do this = 9+1+1=11 then 1+1 = 2. Do 4x2 and you get 8. Sorry if you didnt understand]

Melbourne: *gets there* Already solved? Wow.

Meloinei: *Gets there too* I guess I was too slow.

Slenderman: Too... slow...

Graham: *Reaches riddle 1* [5]

Riddle 2


Melbourne: *gets there* [5]

Philip: *gets there* [5]

Riddle: Guess the object! It controls the time, but that's not the clock.

Philip: Uuh... OH YEAH! It's the chronometre!

Riddle: Right! You can pass yadda yadda...

Dante: *gets to riddle 2* Aww man!

Graham: *Arrives at Riddle 2* Do we have to go to the next one?!?!

Slenderman: Again... too... slow....

Riddle 3

Line 5 here yadda yadda.

Melbourne: *gets there* Ok. Now what's the riddle?

Philip: *gets there*

Riddle: Guess the number i am thinking. You have only one try. If you fail you need to wait other contestants.

Melbourne: Uuh...2?

Philip: 5

Riddle: Both wrong. Wait for next contestants

Duh, the end.

Chris: This challenge became to boring. As 2 of the KBX made it to riddle 3 and just 1 made it to riddle 3 in SGX, The Killer Bass X wins for their first time. Sorry Gophers, but you lost the first challenge of the competitive part. You're up for elimination, except for Andrew as he was in riddle 3. As you even escaped the hurricane, Andrew, you will get a prize....but in next episode, just if you make a good play.

Elimination 3 - Screaming Gophers X

Chris: You lost the first challenge. And this challenge was a team one. You didn't work well. Your prize is seeing a contestant leaving. Vote for everyone but Andrew.


Scroll down! I'm SLEEPING!


Chris: Ok you voted and theres no more time blah blah blah. This is the first time that every voter voted for just one contestant. There was just 5 however of 9. Let's show the votes!

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5

Aaaand the team captain is OFF THE SHORE! Any last words, Drake?

Episode 4 Chat

Screaming Gophers X

Lyn: At least we tried our best. Ninja know that every defeat is a step closer to victory.

Andrew: I think we all did great! I hope I get the prize!

Charlotte: The next challenge is sure to be a victory for us. I believe we can!

Ashley: *Finds letter on bed and opens it, then runs to dock* 

Killer Bass X

Melbourne: Yeah! We won the challenge. This time we will show to Gophers who's the best!

Slenderman: Best... we... are...

Meloinei: It's about time we won now let's try too win two in a row.

Philip: We have to continue like this!

Dante: I know! And if the next challenge involves running laps or something, we could win since we have less players!

Graham: *Waiting at dock*

Challenge 4 - RapMania!

Chris: Ok guys! Here's the fourth challenge! First we had an athletic one, then a brain one and then these challenges mixed up somehow! We forgot one thing, THE CREATIVITY! This time, 4 for each team are going to have a rap battle. These are 1 vs 1, so teamwork (activity) also is present here! I will judge the score for each line in 3 factors. The first is originality, the second is flow and third is....a lucky dice. The contestant who gets the best score in the 1 vs 1 will win a point for its team. Tiebreaker is involved there. Here's the point assignement. Oh yeah! There are also bonuses.

Originality: 1 to 10

Flow: 1 to 10

Dice: 1 to 6

Bonus 1: Not using censored words: +0,5 points

Bonus 2: Not using harmful words of any type: +1 point

Bonus 3: Saying the secret word: +5 points

The secret word is secret, so you may try to guess it, but it's hard, trust me.

Now, 4 members of each teams haves to sign up. Go!

Screaming Gophers X (closed) (3 points)

Andrew (Battle 3) [18.5]

- Abigail (Battle 4) [20.5]

- Ashley (Battle 1) [N/A]

- Charlotte (Battle 2) [20.5]

Killer Bass X (closed) (1 point)

Dante (Battle 4) [19.5]

- Slenderman (Battle 3) [17.5]

- Graham (Battle 2) [N/A]

- Marida`(Battle 1) [18.5]

Abigail's rap corner.


Abigail: Dante, man, you ain't so smart!

You bought your skills at a Wal-Mart!

Slenderman, in the shadows you lurk!

Step aside, I'm doing my work!

Graham! BLAM! I'm ready to mock!

I'm better and stronger cause baby, I rock!

Marida, I see you and go "Um what?"

Your walk is a slunk and mine's a strut!

Get out of my way you Killer Bass! 

I'm just full of too much sass!

Cause I'm gonna kick your.....class? 

Abigail: *drops microphone and moonwalks offstage*

Chris: Umm yeah. Nice one, but you should've wait for the challenge to start

Abigail: (looks at Chris blankly) So does that mean I lose?

Chris: Nope, but now everyone knows how you rap and they may fear you

Abigail: Excellent!

Ashley: Ok we've established Abigail is a good rapper, so now what?

Rap Battle 1 - Marida VS Ashley.

Chris: FINALLY WE START! Rap battle yourself. You can use 8 lines in a strophe (or whatever it's spelt). Who gets the best score wins a point for it's team. Remember that who doesn't do that will get 0 points. Go!

Marida: Ashley, Ashley, Get over it

You're so lame, you might as well quit

Silent B, Has a better chance

Audience bonds with me, its like romance

Chris: Marida wins as Ashley can't find the rhymes (Not active). Marida, here's your score

Originality: 7

Flow: 7

Dice: 4

No Bad Words: +0.5

Total Score: 18.5

Rap Battle 2 - Graham VS Charlotte

Chris: Remember, 8 lines per strophe

Charlotte: An athlete, oh please, is that what you are?

Your face looks bent up, took a hit from a car.

Your not gonna win, it's all your loss

Sorry if I'm rude, but I have to be cross. 

Chris: Another non-rapper. Ashley and Graham. You're chickens? Whatever, Charlotte, here's your score, and you already gained a point for your team

Originality: 8

Flow: 9

Dice: 3

No Bad Words: +0.5

Total Score: 20.5

Rap Battle 3 - Andrew VS Slenderman

The weirdo VS the other weirdo. 8 lines per strophe! And this time, RAP!

Andrew: Oh hey little weirdo got anything to say?

Of course you don't that is much dismay.

You just creep everybody out but not me.

Who will win we will just see!

Slenderman: Shut up this minute, or I'll kill you right away.

You're a pathetic loser, people I know would say!

I've had my own game, you're just super lame.

I'm the star of everything, I've got internet fame!

Chris: HE TALKED! Scores here:

For Andrew...

Originality: 8

Flow: 7

Dice: 3

No Bad Words Bonus: +0.5

Total Score: 18.5

For Slenderman (WTF?)

Originality: 8

Flow: 8

Dice: 1 (uuh)

No Bad Words Bonus: +0.5

Total Score: 17.5

Chris: Sorry Slenderman, but Dice is decisive, so the winner is Andrew and he gains a point for his team. Also, as a reward for doing well the challenge from the last time, you get an immunity ticket, but there is a total of 2 IT that will be given today. The next? You will find it after Battle 4

Battle 4 - Abigail VS Dante

Chris: The champ VS The non-champ. The winner of this will see if the Screaming Gophers X will win or there will be the tiebreaker (WHICH INVOLVES IMMUNITY TICKET)

Dante: You are good at rhyming!

But do you have good timing!

I know just what I am doing!

When this is done you will be boohooing!

Abigail: So you think you are cool and smart?

Not anymore cause I'll tear you apart!

I don't care at all if you say you're a jock!

Cause it's me who'll be laughing when you walk the Dock!

Chris: Woah Woah Woah! Let's see the results!

Dante's score:

Originality: 8

Flow: 7

Dice: 4

No bad words bonus: +0.5

Total Score: 19.5

Abigail's score:

Originality: 9

Flow: 8

Dice: 3

No bad words bonus: +0.5

Total Score: 20.5

Chris: Can't believe it, but just of one point, the Screaming Gophers X are the winners! Sorry Killer Bass X, but you have to face your third elimination. It should be the first with the competitive era, so stay calm. It's like the first time. Also, the secret word was "pickle" XP

Elimination 4 - Killer Bass X (once again)

Chris: Wow, you started with 11 members, more than the other team, and then you felt down to 9. Now it's turn to lose another contestant. Because they rapped, Dante, Marida and Slenderman are safe. Because Graham didn't he won't get immunity. Now vote, possible losers!


Scroll down for cookies!


Chris: Here's the votes. Too late to come back. And once again, just one contestant got all the votes. Let's show them, shall we?

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5

Chris: Sorry Eric, but your absence got you off. Any last words?

Episode 5-6 Chat

Screaming Gophers X Chat

Charlotte: Well, That was a fun challenge. Was I too rude?

Abigail: Naw, you did great.

Ashley: Sorry guys for not rapping!

Lyn: Great job, all of you. We are closer to the ninja than ever before.

Abigail: A ninja!? I wanna be a ninja!

Lyn: You can be a ninja if you train hard enough and free your mind.

Abigail (CONF) Lyn is so cool! I wanna be a ninja like her!

Ashley: (CONF) I get the feeling my team doesn't like me, they never listen to me, I need to make friends.......

Charlotte: (CONF) Sometimes I feel that I'm ignoring some people. I must seem crude or snide. 

Ashley: *laying on bed* I'm a loner.......*sobs*

After Justice Strikes

Ashley: *Making Out with Graham*

Killer Bass X Chat

Melbourne: Cool, we lost again -_-

Graham: I thought I would've gone home, I didn't rap, why didn't you guys vote me?

Slenderman: I... survived... one... more... elimination...

Melbourne: Well, Graham, Eric didn't do anything, while you did previous times, so i didn't vote you for that.

Graham: Thanks!

After Justice Strikes

Melbourne: Awwww, my friend got out :(

Dante: Now we are a five person team. I hope the merge is soon!

Philip: We're not in seven? We still have a chance, they're in eight

Graham: *Making out with Ashley*

Elimination 5 - Inactivities (JUSTICE STRIKES)

Chris: I've got enough! Many people didn't do some challenges, and Lily, Steven and Marry didn't do anything at ALL! For this, now you have to vote off one of these. Because many males were eliminated, Steven is safe. NOW VOTE BETWEEN LILY OR MARRY, cause i got enough.

Oh yeah, you will choose between 2 cards. In these there are the names of one of these two contestants. Good luck, because you may even vote off your member. (Oh yes, i don't know the girls between the 2 cards, so this is pure luck)


Melbourne: Uh, so i have to vote for cards? Well, i'll pick Card 1

Philip: I'll pick Card 2

Marida: *Jumping off cliff* (Through Megaphone) Hi Chris, I Pick card 2

Charlotte: I guess I'll take card 2.

Abigail: Card # 1. Woo! Number 1!

Dante: Card 1#

Andrew: *riding his bike* Card 2#

Brandi: Card 1# .

Lyn: Card 1.

Slenderman: Card... 2...

Ashley: *Kissing Graham* card 1!

Graham: *Kissing Ashley* I pick card 2, now shoo!


'Chris: Wow....everyone voted but the inactivity guys (and a guy)! I will take care of Steven someday. But now it's between Lily and Marry. One of them will be the first girl to get out. So here's the results'. There was a tie, so i'll vote for the first card...

Card 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Who were behind the 1st card is out and that one is.... Marry! Lily is safe. Sorry Killer Bass X, but you lose another contestant...again. (This time i don't delete voting cause it was all about luck.)

Twistie Time :D

Chris: Congratulations everyone (but Lily and Steven). You got at halfway of the pre-merge. There are 5 challenges before it, so you better get even more competitive than before! Also, i will make a twist

Our teams, the Screaming Gophers X and the Killer Bass X are shutting down! Yes, new teams. There will be 3 and 3 of you will be the captains of them. The teams will be made of 5 contestants each. Here's the captains

As the third one who arrived in the first challenge was Graham, he's the first captain.

For random reasons, Abigail is the second one

As he got a good performance in the first part, Andrew is the third.

Congratulations you 3. You're now the captains. Choose your teammates in this order : Graham -> Abigail -> Andrew

The quickiest as possible, please. Also choose your colour of the team! (Different from Green and Red)

Graham: I'm Yellow, it is my favourite colour! 

Abigail: Okay, how about Purple? Since pink may be too girly for the guys.

Andrew: I chose Orange (I chose on Total Drama Wiki chat before so its already up on the elimination table)

Graham: I pick Melbourne!

Abigail: I'll go with......Dante!

Andrew: I'll go with................ CHARLOTTE (I chose Charlotte as 2.0 chose Dante :D)

(That's okay OrangeBird, it wouldn't be any fun if one controls two people on the same team)

(Orange: No problem, BTW don't chose Lyn, I want her on my team)

Graham: I guess Phillip?

Abigail: Ashley! Join our team?

Andrew: Lyn you can be on my team!

Graham: Meloinei, come on our team!

Lyn: I humbly accept your partnership. (Kneels in front of Andrew) Master.

Abigail: YAY! I get Slenderman! Sup Buddy!

Slenderman: You... have... chosen... me...

Lyn: Abigail! You chose him?! You fool!

Slenderman: Leave... Abigail... ALONE!!

Lyn: (Fear is in her eyes) Okay... Sorry Abigail...

Andrew: Lyn, don't think of me as your master, but I respect it greatly. Anyways I chose Marida!

Lyn: You made the right choice choosing me. As a ninja, I will bring your team to victory.

Abigail: (CONF) Slenderman is so cool! He's like that tall, blank faced, creeper friend I always wanted!...Is that too weird?

Chris: I guess your done. Graham gets Brandi, Abigail gets Lily and Andrew gets Steven. Now choose your team name so that we can start the challenge!


Due to Lily and Steven being inactive, feel free to replace them. The requirements are: You must not be a contestant already present in the game. If the original owners comes back, then they will re-gain their character.

Write down here if you're interested to that (Also, i will consider if you have a spot as a debutter)

Lily offers

Steven offers

Graham's Team

Philip: Umm...what about The Eastsiderz? (NFSU reference lol)

Graham: It's a mad mad mad mad team!

Abigail's Team

Slenderman: The... team... name... team... Slender...

Abigail: Team Slender......AHA! It fits perfect! Okay, we are Team Slender!

Slenderman: That... works... too...

Chris: No oppositions? Well, you're now Team Slender!

Dante: Slenderman is a wonderful teammate! Its nice that he is on our team!

Slenderman: Me... wonderful... teammate...?

Dante: Yes, if you weren't this team wouldn't be named Team Slender.

Abigail: It's an awesome name for an awesome team!

Andrew's Team

Andrew: We are the Lightning Strikers!

Lyn: Whatever you say, Master.

Charlotte: I'm confident that we can win this. Lead us, Andrew.

Lyn: He is my master is well as yours, Charlotte. With Andrew in charge and my ninja skills in play, we can't lose.

Charlotte: (CONF) Lyn is so talented and Andrew is such an esteemed leader. I feel left out on the "talent" field. I need to find a hobby that can help my new team.

Chris: No oppositions? Well, you're now the Lightning Strikers

Andrew: I can't wait for the challenge. I wonder what it is?

Lyn: Whatever the challenge requires... I'll bring it.

Marida: Hmmm, We could of been called the Wiki Warriors, BUT the Lightning Strikers is great too

Charlotte: Lightning strikers is a very nice name in my opinion.

Challenge 6 - Boulder Run Re-Do

Chris: We can even wait Graham choosing a name. The goal of this challenge is to reach the top of the hill, just like the first challenge we did. This time the winner teams will be the ones who haves the most contestants at the top. The one with the least is up for elimination. If there's a tie between 2 losers, there will be a tiebreaker. If there's a tie between everyone, then there will be a little tiebreaker tournament. NOW GO! (Oh yeah, unlike previous time, it's 6 lines till top. This is to make it faster)

Melbourne: I won this already. *runs* (1)

Philip: Let's go! *runs* (1)

Andrew: *runs* [1]

Dante: *runs* [1]

Abigail: Yay, challenge! *runs* [1]

Charlotte: *runs* [1]

Graham: *Runs* [1]

Ashley: *Runs* [1]

Slenderman: (Walks) (1)

Lyn: (Runs) (1)

Graham: *Runs* [2]

Andrew: *runs* [2]

Dante: *runs* [2]

Abigail: *runs* (2)

Charlotte: *runs* (2)

Chris: I need some fun! Ok, let's play Chris says!!! Chris says run backwards (just put *runs backwards*)

Melbourne: WHAT?! *runs backwards* (2)

Philip: *runs backwards*

Marida: *Runs Backwards* 

Slenderman: (Walks backwards) (2)

Lyn: (Runs backwards) (2)

Abigail: WEEEE! *runs backwards*

Charlotte: Ugh OH! *runs backwards*

Slenderman: Good... running... Abigail... (walks backwards) (3)

Lyn: (Gestures at Abigail hinting that Slenderman is dangerous, and continues running backwards) (3)

Abigail: Umm....(runs backwards) (4)

Charlotte: *trips, gets back up and and backwards* (4)

Abigail: (CONF) Slenderman is cool...I mean, what's so dangerous about him?

Andrew: *runs backwards*  [3]

Dante: *runs backwards* [3]

Chris: Chris says run while dancing to gangnam style!

Melbourne: Seriously?! *runs while dancing to gangnam style* (3)

Philip: -_- *runs while dancing to gangnam style* (3)

Andrew: *runs while dancing to gangnam style* [4]

Dante: *runs while dancing to gangnam style* [4]

Slenderman: Gangnam... style...? (runs while dancing to gangnam style) (4)

Lyn: (runs while dancing to gangnam style) (4)

Graham: *Runs While doing Gangnam Style* [3]

Ashley: *Runs While doing Gangnam Style* [2]

Dante: *runs while still doing gangnam style* [5]

Andrew: *runs while still doing gangnam style* [5]

Graham: *Runs while doing Gangnam Style* [4]

Ashley: *Runs While doing Gangnam Style* [3]

Andrew: *runs while still doing the gangnam style and makes it to the end* [6] Whoo Hoo!

Dante: *runs while still doing the gangnam style and makes it to the end* [6] YES!

Graham: *Runs while doing Gangnam Style* [5]

Ashley: *Runs While doing Gangnam Style* [4]

Abigail: *runs to gagnam style* (5)

Charlotte: *runs while doing gagnam style* (5)

Slenderman: (walks while doing Gangnam style) (5)

Lyn: (runs while doing Gangnam style) (5)

Abigail: *runs past finish line while doing gangnam style* WOOHOOO!

Charlotte: *does gangnam style past finish line* 

Slenderman: (walks past finish line while doing Gangnam Style) I... made... it...

Lyn: (runs past finish line while doing Gangnam Style) How did you make it here so quickly, Slender?! You just walked!

Andrew: Maybe walking the gangnam style changes a person! :3

Dante: I wonder which team will win?

Abigail: YAY! Slender made it! Dante's here too!

Graham: *Finishes while doing Gangnam Style* [6]

Ashley: *Runs while doing Gangnam Style* [5]

Abigail: You can do it, Ashley! She's so close!

Andrew: My team and Team Slender might tie :O

Ashley: *Gets tired, and collapses over finish line* [6] I Fini-*Faints*

Graham: Where is my team? Hurry up guys!

Abigail: Yay! That's our whole team...except for Lily.

Melbourne: OMG THEY ALREADY GOT THERE?! *runs while dancing GS* (4)

Philip: *same as Melbourne* (4)

Chris: [Yeah, sorry for inactivity. Damn time zones] Well duh. Winner team is TEAM SLENDER :D. Second place for Team Lightning Strikes. Sorry Team Mad, but you need an elimination RIGHT NOW!

Elimination 6 - Team Mad

Chris: You terribly sucked. Melbourne, even you. You won previous time and now YOU FAIL?! Weird. Whatever, new twist. Now EVERYONE can vote, even who won. As Graham made it, he's immune. Now vote! (Remember, everyone can vote from now on)





Chris: Ok, time for the eliminations. No one got immunity tickets so no one is safe. Even the others voted and these are the results

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Chris: With all the votes, Brandi is out. Sorry but you should've interact with others. Any last words?

Episode 7 Chat

Team Mad

Team Slender

Abigail: Yay. We won! 

Slenderman: Yes... we... won...

Dante: I know! Wait, wasn't yesterday Christmas!

Abigail: Merry Post Christmas!

Chris: Merry Post-Post Christmas! I forgot that you were the winners, so you get a prize *gives candy canes to every team slender members* Enjoy them :)

Dante: I never thought I would say this but thanks Chris! Candy-Canes are awesome!

Team Lightning Strikes

Challenge 7 - Whimpychefs!

Chris: Fine, new challenge! Team Mad lost last time, but this time may not. We'll see....whatever. This challenge will be a cooking one. You have to make 3 dishes (Appetizer, Main and Dessert) for me. I will judge them by assigning a score. The team with the highest score wins while the one with the lowest good luck and be quick! I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!

Team Mad Appetizer

Melbourne: So...i'm not an expert cook....but what we should make?

Philip: I don't know? Duh, let's make a simple appetizer......some little sandwich pieces with cheese and ham?

Melbourne: What do you say about some salami instead of the ham?

Philip: I guess it's fine *tries to make it*

Graham: Drop Everything!!! We need a theme...uh...Italy?.....good.......our appetizer will be Garlicbread with soup! *Gives Phillip and Melonei 2 cloves of garlic and a loaf of bread* Phillip! Melonei! Make the Garlic Bread!, Melbourne! Help me with the soup! *Gives Melbourne A jar of Parsley and Basil, Canned Tomato Sauce, 2 cloves of Garlic,  Cabbage and Celery, Then grabs Tomatoes, Onion, Beef and Carrots, Then chops them up and throws them in the pot* LETS DO THIS!!! (CONF: I think I've got this under control! *Hears smoke alarm, Then runs back to kitchen*) 

Team Slender Appetizer

Abigail: Let's make the most delicious salad ever! Along with a roasted turkey! And as desert....cupcakes! Allright..I'm team captain so I'll do this a bossyless as possible.. Slenderman! You know the forest like the back of your hand. Can you catch a nice turkey? Dante, you're strong, can you beat this flour and dough up until they're ready to be molded? Ashley, you're pretty, you probably eat salad and healthy all the time. Can you get the ingrediants for a healthy salad? Lily...if you show up, can you help Slenderman, he doesn't bite...often. I'll help with the cupcakes.

Abigail(CONF) I like being Captain. I've never got to be bossy before.....I'm not too bossy am I?

Chris: Just to make you know that you have just to make the appetizer <.< but if you're getting ready for the next dishes, then ok.

Abigail: Hmm. Can we try and knock out all three at once? I'm sure we can.

Dante: *beats up the flower and it gets doughy* Yes!

Ashley: *Runs into the freezer several times getting Carrots, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Beetroots and Avacadoes, then starts cutting them up and throwing them into the bowl* Woo Hoo!

Team Lightning Strikes Appetizer

Marida: I say we make triple choc brownies with a small amount of sugar on top

Andrew: Ok! I have a recipe for that.

Chris assigns scores while eating the appetizer!!!

Chris: Yay, now i'm assigning scores (because they're in vacation, i'm saving Slenderman and Lyn from elimination.)

Team Mad: I like soup, not that much, and also bread, but i don't like garlic. Though the idea is original, but a bit outhemed from the you get 6 point

Team Slender: Well, i liked your salad, but i usually eat it in the main. I'll give 8 points though, as i like salad, not that much though

Team LS: You made a dessert, COMPLETELY OUTTHEMED FROM WHAT I ASKED. I like chocolate, but i'll give you 3 points because of that.

So here's the scores

Team Mad: 6

Team Slender: 8

Team LS: 3


Team Mad Main

Melbourne: We didn't get much points, but we're still, how about some maccaroni and cheese?

Graham: *Finishes Spaghetti Pizza* So we're not doing italian *gets angry, throws away the pizza and walks into the freezer instead of the front door and gets locked* OH NO! I'M CLAUSTRAPHOBIC!!! *Bangs on door*

Graham: (CONF: I worked so hard to make our theme and all, but it was a waste)

(Ash: Can I stay locked in here for the rest of the challenge for fun purposes?)

(MR: If you really want XD)

(Ash: Thanks :D)

Melbourne: *trys to open* OH NO! I CAN'T OPEN THE i'll guess we will make maccaroni and cheese

Philip: Fine *prepares it*

Graham: *Bangs his head on door and passes out* 

Philip: Done! Now what about opening the freezer door?

Melbourne: It's locked *both Melbourne and Philip tries to open it*

Team Slender Main

Ashley: So what should our main course be? Sushi? I am a part time sushi ninja/chef *Grabs two sushi knives and does the coolest knife tricks ever, then cuts the sushi in two seconds* 

Dante: Ok!

Abigail: Works for us. Let's do this!

Abigail: (CONF) That was smart of Ashley. Chris might like sushi because it's healthy.

Abigail: (cuts up fish and lettuce. Weaves them together in a seaweed wrap)

Team Lightning Strikes Main

Andrew: Crap! We lost the appetizer part but we can still win! I had an idea for fried chicken but I'm not sure

Marida: I think we should Fried Chicken with BBQ sauce as a side *Begins to prepare Fried Chicken  and BBQ Sauce* (O.K, Is it only me and Andrew or will the others show their faces and help us win)

(There's only Charlotte that can help you too. Paragoomba is gone for some time while TDSchool...duh you know)

Andrew: *finds a fryer* Here! *gives fryer to Marida*

Charlotte: Let me help. *starts cooking the fried chicken*

Chris assign scores while eating the main!!!

Chris: So here i score again.

Team Mad: I liked your maccaroni and cheese. It was good, though it was cooked a bit too much. However, you still gain 8 points

Team Slender: Not a fan of sushi, but the way it was made is perfect. 7 points.

Team LS: I liked your fried chicken....MORE THAN OTHER DISHES! You get 9 points.

Here's dah scores

Team Mad: 14 points

Team Slender: 15 points

Team LS: 12 points.

So i guess the dessert will decide everything. Also, i will judge it's creativity!

Team Mad Dessert

Melbourne: Chocolate cake!!! But first....Graham! We need some chocolate!!! It's in the freezer!!!

Graham: *Wakes up* Ok! *Grabs the chocolate and runs straight into the door* ow! *grabs broom a breaks the glass window on the door and throws the chocolate through* NOW HELP ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Philip: Well, i'm making the cake *makes it*

Graham: *Sticks his arm through the broken window and pulls the cake through the window and decorates it. He puts M&M's around the cake and a small edible chocolate statue of Chris on top, then puts it back on the bench* (CONF:This one time I took an art/cooking class and we learnt how to make and decorate cakes.) *Starts going crazy, for being in the freezer for too long* And we became fairies and flew on unicorns to the princess's pink castle for tea with the dolls *laughs crazily and then curls up tight* Gets me out of here.........*Bangs on the door*

Team Slender Dessert

Ashley: Sorry Guys, I didn't know Chris wasn't a fan of sushi, my bad! Maybe he likes waffles? I'll try that! *Make waffles and puts them on a plate, covered with golden syrup and two strawberries on top* Should I add butter? I'll leave a small block on the side. *Places a small block of butter on the side* Looks amazing!

Team LS Dessert

Andrew: We need to make something that isn't brownies. How about some gelatin? *cooks the gelatin mix* *refrigerates the mix*

10 minutes later

Andrew: Finally it is ready! It felt like 5 seconds though

Marida: *Makes half-strawberry half-vanilla ice cream* I will taste them like all professional chefs *Tastes small amount of gelatin + ice cream (Not at once)* Hmmmmmm Yummy, Fantastic, Miraculous

Marida: *In dining Hall* Yes, My masterpiece is done *Shows table fully decorated with Chris-shaped chandulere, 20 Candles, Folded Napkins, Tinfoil Swans and Chris bobble heads* (Please don't count this as godplatinf 

Chris assign scores while eating the desserts!!!

Chris: Ok, let's judge them. You got your chance and now it's time to kill your lifes >:)....joking.

Team Mad: Niiiice Cake.....well, for the Chris statue. I'm not a cake fan, but i am a chocolate cake liker. Well not so creative. I will give you 8 points

Team Slender: Nice presentation. I like the golden syrup and the strawberries *eats it*....and it's fine too. 9 points!

Team LS: Well...let's see... 3 things?! Nice one...well duh i'll divide the scores. First, the Gelatin. I never tasted something like that, and it's delicious. Also, the icecream got my favourite flavours :D. Also love the decoration of the table......but i won't consider that. It's still 9 points.

Chris: So here's the scores

Team Mad: 22 points

Team Slender: 24 points

Team LS: 22 points.

Chris: So, once again, the winners are Team SLENDER!!!! Team Mad got in 2nd and Team LS got in 3rd...just for a point. Well duh, ELIMINATION!

Elimination 7 - Team Lightning Strikes

Chris: One thing, you played well. If it wasn't for the out themed appetizer you woul've been the winners and then Team Mad would be the losers once again. Second thing, this elimination is unique, cause it's the first for Andrew *claps*. Also *frees Graham* he got stuck in there....somehow. Whatever, still remember that EVERYONE can vote. Also, for random reasons (cause he's away for holidays) Lyn is safe.




Chris: of you is leaving. Once again, just a person got all the let's see...

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chris: And Steven is last words i guess, so BYE BYE!

Episode 8 Chat

Team Mad

Melbourne: Yay, we have a chance for not being the worst team ever :D

Graham: YEAH!

Lily: Sorry Guys for not doing much, but can we still be friends?

Abigail: Lily's here! YAY! (hugs Lily)

Dante: Oh hi Lily, long time no see!

Team Lightning Strikes

Andrew: Ok when is the challenge, Chris!

Challenge 8 - Lucky Random Doors plus 8

Chris: Well duh, we're starting the next challenge. We had 3 genres: Athletic, Logic and Creative. We'll had another one...LUCK! This challenge is FULLY BASED ON LUCK! The challenge is simple. Just pick a door of the ones you can see. Whoever picks the door who leads to a lava pool (yeah) it's eliminated from the game. The rest can go through next round and can repeat the game. (Because i will base the results in, in this challenge godplaying or rigging is impossible). Also, i was planning to do this challenge after the merge, but i couldn't wait :3. There are 13 doors. Pick one (just put the name in the space under the number, just like i did). Also, the winner team will be the one which haves as the last member remaining it's teammate. GO! CHOOSE A DOOR! (if some dudes doesn't post where they are then i will use to choose their position)

Round 1

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Melonei Graham Abigail Slenderman Andrew Melbourne Lily Dante Lyn Philip Charlotte Ashley Marida

Round 2

For all the rounds there will be double eliminations, starting from round 1. The 2 guys eliminated for this round are Melbourne and Lyn. Let's continue.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Andrew Graham Philip Charlotte Melonei Abigail Lily Marida Ashley Slenderman Dante

Round 3

Chris: Lily picked 7 door and she was eliminated....weird. Also, bye bye Andrew. Now post here!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Melonei Abigail Marida Philip Dante Charlotte Ashley Slenderman Graham

Round 4

Chris: O.o 2 teammates are eliminated at same time. Bye bye Graham and Philip. The challenge is still on, though, and Melonei is the only Mad member remaining. One of this doors contains an immunity ticket. Whoever finds it wins it. And since Lyn and Andrew are out, there will not be a master challenge :(. Still 2 eliminations.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Dante Slenderman Melonei Abigail Marida Ashley Charlotte

Round 5

Chris: Melonei is still surviving, and this time Slenderman and Charlotte were eliminated. Marida is now the only for the Lightning Strikes. The winner of the immunity ticket is Dante, congratulations *confetti* Anyway, it gets harder. 5 doors to choose, just 3 are safe. Now pick!

1 2 3 4 5
Marida Abigail Dante Ashley Melonei

Round 6 (Results)

Chris: Oh...Marida and Dante were eliminated, but since Marida was the last of the Lightning Strikers they lose. Team Mad gets in 2nd and Team Slender wins AGAIN! This team is the best ever....duh

Elimination 8 - Team Lightning Strikes

Chris: This challenge was based on luck, so it's the elimination. Marida is safe, so she won't be eliminated. Also, pick one of these 3 cards. The contestant behind the card with the most votes is out, like elimination 5. Sorry for who will be eliminated, but i was bored. Now vote! Plus, if Lyn or Andrew is the one behind the card with the most votes he/she can use the immunity ticket he got in this challenge....see? They're VERY useful!


*closed for budget cuts*


Chris: So yeah. Almost everyone voted (Yay, this camp is stil active) and these are the results....

Card 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chris: Whoever is behind card 3 is eliminated...and that one is...Charlotte! Any last words.....before discovering that this WAS A REWARD CHALLENGE? Haha, i pranked you. This was a reward challenge, so no one gets out :D. Charlotte, you're safe, like your other teammates. Now get off here!

Episode 9 Chat

Team Mad

(At Midnight)

Graham: *On the dock with Ashley*

Team Slender

(At Midnight)

Ashley: *On the dock with Graham*

Team Lightning Strikes

Challenge 9 - Six Flags After The Island

Chris: So, i decided to make a challenge which is based on theme parks just like Six Flags!!! Your goal? Make an amusement park!!! This challenge will possibly be the hardest of the whole season, and also you will have 3 days to make it. No money, stay calm. From a blank flat terrain made of grass, you have to create a magnificent amusement park, full of rides and with high ratings. I will judge your parks, and the best wins...The other 2....well...DOUBLE ELIMINATION. The 2 loser teams will go up for elimination and will vote off one of its members! Also, you will add rollercoasters, gentle or thrill rides, many food/drink stalls, facilities, staff, paths, benchs, bins, queue lines, exit paths and can even put landscape, trees, flowers......You will be a god.

Now some info: For rollercoasters, specificate their type and also their track (or try to).

Bad Example: *puts rollercoaster, then adds queue line and exit path* (This is nothing at all and i will judge it as nothing)

Good Example: *puts looping coaster which is named Fireloop* It goes up with a chain lift and then goes down very fast through a tunnel full of fire, then there's an huge loop after the tunnel and then it goes back to the station *after building that, puts a queue line and exit line* (This is a small example, but it works. This is how you should make your rollercoaster, explaining the track)

For gentle/thrill rides, specificate what ride you will put (like, if you want to put a Merry Go-Round, say *puts Merry Go Round, then adds a queue line and exit path*).

Also, remember that you have to put queue lines and exit paths, or the ride will be unrideable :S.

For shops/facilities just say *puts [shop/facility]*. Quite simple.

For paths, say *puts a system of paths* and if you want to add benches/bins say *puts benches/bins in the park*

For staff, say *hire [number] handymen/mechanic/security guard/entertainer]. Also, the max for the number is 10. If you need more, then you can get them later.

For landscape just describe how is the terrain of your park. [Example: *landscape is hilly*, *landscape is sandy and flat*, *landscape is mountainous and snowy*. Also, if you want to put water, just say *adds water*.

If you want to add a forest, then say *adds forest*. I will consider how they're made. You can even put trees near a ride [Example: *puts trees/cactus/forest/whatever near [ride name]*]

If you don't understand something, just ask me by just clicking this link and posting a message

If you need more info about the stalls, the coasters and whatever, visit this wikia. Is useful

Also, you can put themes (just like mine theme, egyptian theme, space theme and whatever].

How i will rank the park? I will use the park rating. It goes from 0 to 999. I will score the amount of the rides, the amount and variety of the shops and stalls, happy guests (i will be the guests also), the number of the toilets/information kiosks, the tidyness of the park....and many things.

There are also penalties. This is also a teamwork challenge, that means that everyone have to work. If a team had someone who didn't work at all i will decrease the score of 50 points per person. If a contestant worked a bit, i will remove 10 points to its team. If everyone works, there will be a small bonus of +5 points.

Chris: Good luck, and may the best win....also, how the hell I typed so much? I don't put this effort at school and in fanfictions :S. Whatever.........OH YEAH! I forgot something. If someone BUILDS ALL THE PARK IN ONE LINE then it will be considered as godplay and the team will auto-lose by auto-eliminating the member who godplayed. Sorry but i'm serious this time.....NOW GO! I forgot, this terrain is so blank that THERE'S NO ENTRANCE! Remember to put it...and also toilets. Now go! Plus, you have to wait others to post, but if they don't, you can post after 10 minutes. Also, you can put one ride/shop/stall in a post, not 2

A mad, mad, mad theme park (Team Mad's Park)

Melbourne:*puts a path system*

Philip: Uh....duh....*puts entrance*

Melbourne: *landscape is hilly and it haves a forest*

Philip: *puts benches in the main path*

Melbourne: I ALMOST FORGOT *puts waiting lines, ticket booths and a sigh with written Six Flags Mad Experience in black text and yellow background (duh...copy?)*

Philip: And here's the first ride *puts a merry go-round, then adds queue line and exit path*

Graham: *Adds section, puts up sign saying 'Water world' then adds a water slide and wave pool* I almost forgot! *Adds beach chairs and snack and towel booths* good!

Melbourne: *puts toilets* Nice one Graham!

Philip: *puts bins in the main path*

Graham: *Adds McDonalds stall, seating area, queue and exit paths* Yum! I prefer the name 'A mad, mad, mad, mad theme park' Can we change it?

Philip: *puts information kiosk in the entrance*

Melbourne: *puts a ferris wheel and adds queue and exit paths*

Philip: *puts a swinging ship, then adds queue and exit paths* Perfect!

Melbourne: *puts a looping coaster named Forest Rush* It goes up the hill through the forest, then it goes down underground and after a large helix it goes up and off the ground in a 60° slope. It goes back and enters in the forest with some helix and 60° hills. Then it haves a loop with water in the sides and it goes back to the station after the block brakes *adds queue and exit paths* And this is the first roller coaster! (Better example...and Team Mad is in advantage)

Melonei: *Puts a Funnel cake shop*

Melbourne: *puts a lemonade shop* We almost forgot drinks

Philip: *puts a first aid in the exit path of Forest Rush*

Graham: *Adds a haunted house plus queue lines and exit paths* Ooh Scary!

Melbourne: *puts a dodgem* Yay, cars!

Philip: *puts an A.T.M at the entrance*

Graham: *Places aqua loop (a water slide that drops into a loop) and giant drop. with queue lines and exits* Great!

Philip: *hires 6 handymans*

Melbourne: *hires 6 mechanics* So rides won't broke :D

Philip: I guess my work here is done...oh wait *hires 3 security guards*

Melbourne: *puts a go-kart ride going through the forest and adds queue and exit paths*

Six Flags Slender Mania (Team Slender's Park)

Lily: *Makes Enterance, waiting lines and ticket booths* Ok that is the basics cleared... Sorta. Wait we need a sign *Builds a sign saying Slender Mania* Guys, what colours should i use?

Ashley: Let's have some fun! *Adds a petting zoo, horse stable and waitng queues* (CONF:I love animals!)

Lily: *Builds the Sweet Treats candy store*

Ashley: *Adds Merry-Go-Round, queue and exit paths* Great!

Lily: I know!... *Builds a Chocolate Loveseat relaxing area* Very creative thinking! Ashley, Could you build another

Ashley" *Adds chair swing ride, queue lines and exit paths*

Lily: *Makes the Whirling Bird Rollercoaster*

Six Flags Lightning Strikes (Team Lightning Strikes' Park)

Marida: *Builds entrance* *Hires 6 workers to work at the ticket booths* *Then adds Waiting lines* *Paints on sign in Yellow/Black Lightning Strikes (The name of park) in big letters*

Andrew: *puts fast motion coaster which is named Need for Speed* It goes down a hill and gets a burst of speed through a splash zone, then there is a surprising loop after the splash zone and then goes back to the station *after building that, puts a queue line and exit line*

Marida: *Builds Toilet and a Gift shop near entrance/exit and towels for water rides*

Andrew: *puts spinning ride, then adds a queue line and exit path*

Marida: *Adds ride called Double D (Danger Danger), In a boat their is a conveyer belt leading them up high, Then after about 5 seconds of going across their is a sudden spin and then a drop followed by them getting in a cart which has a loop with a lava fall at the top, puts a queue line and exit path* (Thats right, I said Lava Fall)

Chris assign scores while eating judging the parks!!!

Chris: Fine. Let's end this now.

Team Mad: I loved your park. I liked the fact it was built on a hilly forest. There was a good choice of rides too and there was all types of stalls (food/drink/information...blablabla). There were also toilets :D and i loved the water park. The only thing i have to complain for is that is not very big and space is a bit crammed, but it was a very good park for being built in just 3 days :D.

Team Slender: Not so bad park, but you forgot many things. First of all, THE TOILETS! Second, the drink stalls and a good information kiosk. Whatever. The Merry Go Round and the Chair Swing were ok, but seriously....the Whirling Bird Rollercoaster was too short (you forgot to explain how it was made). You can't win this time, sorry.

Team LS: Better than Team Slender...but still there's something to complain about..You forgot to put food/drink stalls D: and also, like Team Slender, you didn't put any staff, unlike Team Mad. The coaster were possibly the best ever, especially Double D. It was crazy!!! The gift shop was a good idea, but still your park needs improvement


Team Mad: 795-10 (Melonei partecipated a bit) = 785

Team Slender: 532-150 (Dante, Abigail and Slenderman didn't partecipate) = 382 (uuh)

Team LS: 601-100 (Lyn and Charlotte didn't partecipate) = 501.

So it's clear. The winners are Team Mad, for their first time *confetti*. LS got in 2nd and Team Slender....OMG....IT GOT LAST *dramatic music*. However, just one team is safe, and that's Team Mad so Team Slender, Lightning Strikes, get at elimination!

Elimination 9 - Team Slender (o.o) and Team Lightning Strikes

Chris: So, yeah, i'm sorry that you didn't have the chance of making a good park like the Mad's one. You can't always win, Team Slender. Also, a member of each team is leaving (i said that this was a double elimination) so vote off a member of the Lightning Strikes and a member of Team Slender. (Plus, i'm NOT sparing Paragoomba from elimination. That's ok for a challenge, but not all the time. Sorry Paragoomba)


Which member of Team Slender (yay, rhyme) haves to get out?

They get icecreams....

Which member of the Lightning Strikes haves to get out? they hide this


Chris: Enough with waiting. Let's show who is off. And yeah, it's sad to see someone leaving...but it's a game...

Team Slender
Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Team Lightning Strikes

Chris: Here it is. Let's say bye to Slenderman, the mascotte of his team and Charlotte, one of the best contestants that this time didn't partecipate. Any last word, you two?

Episode 10 Chat

Team Mad

Graham: *Sleeping*

Team Slender

Lily: (CONF): OMG, i am in the top 11, the merge is proberly coming soon. I am so exited for the next challenge. Shame about Slenderman, i mean he was the reason how we are team Slender. *Sighs* 

Team Lightning Strikes

Challenge 10 - Racing never been so beautiful

Chris: First of all, i am eliminating Lily for random reasons *Lily randomly disappears* then i'm bringing back an eliminated contestant *Lily re-appears* oh duh....Hey, you're back. Hi. Whatever, the challenge of today is a race...WITH CARS :D. Your job is to complete this racetrack which is quite long (15 lines...that should be 5 lines per lap). The first who completes the racetrack for it's team wins. But now, since not everyone is active, there will be 2 racers per team. Sign up!

Team Mad

- Melbourne

- Graham

Team Slender

- Dante


Team Lightning Strikes

- Marida (Please inform me/Franky494, when it starts)

- Andrew

Racey (coming soon)

Chris: Wow.....Team Slender....IT TAKES SO MUCH TME TO FIND A SIGN-UP?! Because i'm unpatient, this challenge is cancelled and you're up for elimination...again!

Elimination 10 - Team Slender

Chris: I was going to plan a good challenge, but all was ruined for you, and that's why you're up for elimination...and since he was the only one to sign up, Dante is safe. Now vote...and next time be prepared


Melbourne: Abigail...sorry

Philip: I'll go with Abigail, since she's the weirdo of the offence (actually, i love Abigail, but her absence made me vote her)

Lily: Abigail.....

Ashley: Abigail

Graham: Abigail


Episode 11 Chat

Chris: All right! Whoever is in the game MADE IT TO THE MERGE! Congrats. We will have a little twist, though...

Merged Chat

Lyn: Well... whatever the challenge may bring... I'll bring better!

Lily: YES the team are merdge :) !!

Graham: Hey Melbourne, Phillip, Dante and Ashley! Can I talk to you for a second?

Ashley: Sure.

Dante: Sure! (CONF: Please no alliance... please no alliance! (END CONF)

Andrew: I'm glad that the teams have merged! I hope there is a returnee or debuter!

Another Twistie Time :D

Chris: First of all, since you made it to the merge, you get a bomb *bomb explodes*

Chris: Ok, fine, no bomb. Whatever. we have a surprise! Since you made it to the merge no one will be eliminated...INSTEAD there will be not 1, not 2 but 3 CONTESTANTS GETTING IN THE GAME. 2 will be returnees and 1 will be a debutter. So today no one loses! Happy?

Competitive Era Returnee.

Chris: So, mergers, vote for who you would like to see to come back. The choice goes from Drake to Abigail. Vote fast!




Chris: So yeah. Everyone voted :D. Let's see who's getting back!

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chris: So yeah, she was eliminated before, but now she gets back! Welcome back, Abigail!

Non-Competitive Era Returnee

Chris: I said that 3 contestants were joining the game, but the 2 returnee wasn't from the same era. Now, it's an hard choice, since you have to vote either for Bruno or Rio, the ones who didn't make to the competitive era, back! The one who doesn't rejoin haves the shame of being the first eliminated ever...


Melborune: Rio getting back?! NO! I want Bruno back!

Philip: I don't want the clumsy Bruno back in the game, so i'll vote Rio..

Marida: Hmmm, I didn't bond with either but Rio was more useful so I vote Rio from Rio De Janiro

Lily: I do not know either of them but I would prefer Rio back

Andrew: RIO! I CAN'T STAND BRUNO! Oops, I just freak out when people say Bruno

Dante: Rio, despite him raiding my underwear. Rio is such a perv!

Melonei: BRUNO IS SOOO boring I vote for Rio if he tries too creep on me ill Throw my High-heels at his crouch..

Abigail: I'm back? Woah! That's so cool! Anyway, I vote Rio because that's a cool name. 

(FYI Guys, After Rio's elimination he realised and stopped stalking ~ Franky494)

(I kinda liked his stalking but ok~Emma)

(I meant he doesn't always stalk now ~ Franky) (And he's still mad at Melbourne)


Chris: Wowie! Almost everyone voted. We're revealing the 2nd returnee...which is...

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chris....RIO! Let's hope you don't stalk, but anyways welcome back!


Newee Debutter!

Chris: So, 9 more victims dudes wanted to join our game, though just one will join....whatever. Since the boys are just in 5 and the girls in 7 i want to make things fairlier so no girl will join...that means that Monroe and Chyna can't join *they randomly die* Whatever. Vote...and since you don't know them that's going to be funny!


Melbourne: I like sandwichs so i vote for Justin/Jake/Whatever

Philip: If they call him the funniest, i really want to see Logan in action :P

Melonei: Justin-Jake he sounds cool...

Dante: Logan, I actually know him and he is awesome

Andrew: Logan!

Lily: i vote Justin-Jake

Marida: Logan

Rio: *Slaps Melbourne* I vote Logan (Since Rio Doesn't stalk now can I change his stereotype)

Graham: Anyone but my twin brother Ernie! OK? Logan? Good I Vote Logam

Ashley: Logan


Chris: Since there was a stupid light breakdown i can't air the table of votes and neither cancel votes cronology <.>. So yeah. Just 7 can join! So...just 2 of you got at least a vote! Axel and're not one of these 2 guys *catapults them* and neither is Shin or Jacob *catapults them*. 3 peeps left...and the one who didn't got a vote is.....Jim *catapults him*. Justin-Jake and Logan. You got at least 1 vote and just one of you can join.....and that one is.....

Logan got 5 votes

Justin-Jake got 3 votes


Chris: Sorry Justin-Jake, but today you're not joining at all the game *catapults him* yeah, Logan, welcome to the game....and annoy everyone :P.

Episode 12 Chat

Melbourne: *slaps Rio* (conf) He's back! I will crush him to DEATH!

Philip: we go again...

Lily: Welcome Logan and hi Rio :)

Lyn: Well, this is going to get interesting.

Lily: (CONF) WoW i'm in the final 13 !!!! i'm so happy and congrats at the all competitors :)

Logan: Guys why did the hipster burn his tongue! *everyone stares at him* He drank coffee before it was cool!

Andrew: Oh hi Logan! Dante has told me about you.

Dante: Yep I sure have!

Rio: *Turns into Coiny* *Slaps Melbourne* OMG Melbourne You're so easy to slap *Slaps repeatbly* *Turns into Golf Ball* My chances of winning went to 0.000000% to 6.3333recurring%

Andrew: Ummmmmm ok.

Abigail: He's funny! I like him! 

Dante: Me too!

Melonei: Rio are you ok.. *Pours water on him* (CONF) I wanna see if he will turn into Firey..

Logan: (CONF: I wonder what would happen if he became Bomby? (END CONF)

Abigail: (CONF: I wonder what would happen if he becomes a yoylecake?

Lyn: I'm ready for whatever comes my way.

Abigail: Cool! I love challenges! 

Lyn: I missed your presence, Abigail.

Andrew: I still feel bad for leading the worst team ever. Team Lightning Strikes never won.

Dante: Team Slender won alot

Logan: Cool!

Challenge 12 - Died by drown

Chris: Yay, we're having a challenge related to water!!!! First of all, welcome mergers. 2nd, here's the challenge. You're standing in this little platform and you have so many water balloons...which are overpowered :P. Your job is to knock off all your other enemies. Since this is the final 13 we'll have 4 winners, which means 9 guys will go to elimination. Also, if you want to consider teams, you're actually boys vs girls, but you're still merged. Now go (This challenge is similar to "A Balance Board kills you". You can knock out other players with 2 lines by throwing balloons. Still remember that if someone attacks you you can dodge. Watch out if someone else posts after you! Also, since some users have more than 1 contestant in the game, you can knock out a different contestant per character)

Melbourne: DIE! *throws balloon at Rio*

Philip: I lost last yeah...*throws balloon at Melonei*

Lily: *throws balloon at Abigail*

Lyn: Be prepared. (Throws balloon at Melbourne)

Lily: *throws ballons at Logan*

Melbourne: *dodges* HEY!

Philip: *throws balloon at Melonei* You know what? I'm outta here *dives in water*

Chris: Philip and Melonei are OUT! 7 more eliminations to go

Lyn: Better dodge it this time, Melbourne. A true ninja would dodge! (Throws balloon at Melbourne)

Melbourne: SERIOUSLY WHAT I DONE TO YOU?! *dodges and throws balloon at Lyn* (From now on you can dodge and throw a balloon at same time*

Lily: hey chris i can throws ballons again ?

Chris: Uh, yeah!

Melbourne: *throws balloon at Lyn* YEAH! AND SHE'S OUT!

Chris: And Lyn is out...sadly. 6 more to go!

Rio: *As Pin* She deserves the punishment of death *Chucks at Melbourne*

Marida: *Chucks as Melbourne* WOO, I KNOCKED HER OFF

Lily: *Throws balloon at Abigail*

Chris: Woah. Bye bye to Melbourne and Abigail. 4 more to go!

Marida: LETS GO RIO *Chucks at Lily*

Rio: *As E.Leafy* *Teleports Behind Lily* *Pushes her off*

Lily: *Dodges and throws balloon at Rio* HEY !

Marida: *Catapults Balloon at Lily making her faint and fall off

Rio: *Falls off*

Abigail: *falls off* WAH! *splashes*

Lily: *Dodges the ballon* !!! ehy! !!!! *Throws the ballon at Marida* 

Logan: *throws balloon at lily*

Andrew: *throws balloon at Rio*

Dante: *throws a balloon at Marida*

Lily: *Dodges* ahhhh....why all throws me ?? *cry*

Logan: *throws a balloon at Rio*

Andrew: *accidently throws a balloon at Marida* Oops! So sorry D:

Dante: *throws balloon at Melonei*

Graham: *Throws balloon at Melonei*

Ashley: *Throws balloon at Andrew*

Andrew: *throws balloon at Ashley*

Dante: *throws balloon at Graham*

Logan: *throws balloon at Lily*

Graham: *Dodges* Come on Ashley! *Throws balloon at Dante, but misses*

Ashley: *Dodges and Throws balloon at Dante* YEAH!

(Ashgraham, you can't have both of your characters throw at the same person, thats cheating ~Orange)

(Sorry, I changed it - Ash)

Dante: *dodges* Ha!

Andrew: *throws balloon at Graham* 

Logan: *throws balloon at Ashley*

Graham: *Backflip dodges* Skill!

Ashley: *Dodges* In ya face!

Andrew: Ok this is going to take forever, ok, where was I! *throws balloon at Graham*

Logan: *throws balloon at Ashley

Dante: *throws balloon at Lily* Well, I knocked her off. Sorry Lily!

Ashley: *Gets knocked off* AHHHHHH!!!!!

Graham: NOBODY HITS MY GIRLFRIEND! *Goes Crazy and throws balloons at Logan* YES! HE'S HISTORY!!!

Logan: *dodges* 

Andrew: *throws balloon at Graham*

Dante: *throws balloon at Marida*

Graham: Aw Man! *Triple Backflip dodges* Woo Hoo! 

Dante: *throws balloon at Marida* She's gone.

Andrew: *throws balloon at Graham*

Logan: Uh its only the 4 of us. Marida is gone!

Abigail: 4? Didn't the host say 4 winners? (gasps) YOU DID IT!!! I think...

Graham: YES! *Dances just like Michael Jackson, then does a triple backflip* WOO HOO!

Logan: Yes! Uh Graham, sorry about making Ashley fall down, I didn't know that she was your girlfriend, my bad.

Andrew: Woohooo! I did it.

Dante: *highfives Andrew and Logan*

Graham: *Tackles Logan into the water* (CONF: Dang it!, He's Immune! Logan aka the funniest? what's so funny about him anyway!)

Chris: Uh what? I slept. Whatever. Graham, Logan, Andrew and Dante are all safe (i knew that Orange would've be winning) so yeah. You get immunity. Rio and're the only boys up.. so yeah. Voting :D

Elimination 12 - Non-Winners

Chris: So, since we had a safe cut i can't get back the votes table, though i can cancel cronology >:). Also, you can vote for Rio, Philip, Melbourne, Lily, Marida, Lyn, Abigail, Melonei and Ashley... so yeah. (Also, Orange, i will tell this to you. Since you're playing as 3 CONTESTANTS, you will have a little will see...)


*was cancelled due to being slapped from Coiny Rio*


Chris: So voted. The first merger will leave!

Whoever is safe will get this petit marshmallow! You should like it, cause it's your ticket to next episode.

Of you 13 just 3 got the votes...and these are not Logan, Andrew, Dante, Graham, Ashley, Abigail, Melbourne, Marida, Lyn and Lily *throws them marshmallow* yeah. You 3....Rio, Philip and Melonei at least got a vote.

So let's reveal who's safe first! Rio, you just got 1 vote...guess from you're safe and you're not going home...also since you have a BFDI disturb i'll give you an immaginary cake *throws him that*.

Philip, Melonei, you're the bottom two. While Melonei did a bit in the whole season, Philip quit the challenge, by making him quite non-respected....and the one that's safe is...........................Philip! You just got 3 votes, while Melonei got 6 votes *throws Philip marshmallow*. So yeah, bye bye Melonei *catapults her*. It's been a while that i didn't do my usual epilogue at the end of the episode. Will Philip cancel the fact he quit the challenge, will Rio stop getting votes from i-know-who and will I torture to death these contestants? You'll find out on Total...Drama............oh man i fogot the name..........whatever...

Episode 13 Chat

Lily: wow i'm in the final tewelve !!! i'm so happy :)

Logan: What do you call a monkey in a minefield? A baboom

Dante: Cool joke. I'm not much of a joke person but I have one. What do you call a Easter Bunny with braces? An Eether Bunny.

Andrew: Awesome jokes you two.

Lily: ahaha xD you two are very funny 

Philip: Duh, sorry about quitting, but i was bored by the challenge. Also NICE JOKES XD

Melbourne: Yeah they're awesome

Lily: Don't worry philip :) (CONF) is so cool he is very nice....

Find the Last Immunity Ticket!!!! Chris: Since there's no more teams, but i've got just one immunity ticket, i will give you the chance to get the last one. For the next episodes (till one which you don't know) you can search in this building with 100 boxes. One of them contains the ticket. Once it's found, no one can get another! (Also, you can open just one box a-time. If you already opened one, for opening next you have to wait next episode!).

100 boxes avaiable

Melbourne: I pick box 79

Philip: Box 54, please.

Lily: Box 28 

Marida: (HARD CHALLENGE) I pick box 82

Rio: *As GB* I Have a 6.777777777recurring purrsent chance of winning so pick box 7

Chris: Oh yeah. This is a minigame, Not a challenge 

(Can It be whoever is the closest if no-one gets exact ~ Franky, 

P.S: A note from Marida


(This minigame is optional, and also dures for over 3 episodes at least. If no one wins the IT, then whatever...)

Graham: I choose box 50!

Challenge 13 - Guess-it-Greta!

Chris: Welcome to the new challenge, final 12! We've just got a quiz, which was between teams. We're doing it again, but differently...and also without teams! I will give you 10 questions. Each of these gives some points. Feel free to answer them, since it's optional...though you're going to try to answer one. It's all based on trivia...and some may be hard. Consider checking sources (wikias) if you need help! The 3 contestants that at the end haves the best score wins immunity. The other 9 will be up for elimination! I guess you did understand, so now get on the fair of the quizzes....also, Logan, since your new, PROVE ME THAT YOU'RE BETTER THAN THESE QUIZ FAILERS (lol challenge 2 reference)! (Also, all of your characters must answer differently. This to prevent a single user winning...possibly *stares at Orange*)

Question 1 - 1 point

Chrissy Snow, from Three's Company, was interpreted from who?

Lily: Suzanne Somers

Logan: Suzanne Somers.

Dante: Suzette Bummers!

Andrew: Samantha Stutters

Question 2 - 1 point

I know you hate art, but how you find a complementar color?

Melbourne: I know this! It was...oh damn it i forgot it!

Lily: Red and Yellow make Orange...then Blue is the complemenary of Orange because orange don't contain Blue

Lyn: If I remember correctly, it's to find the an intermediate color which does not include the primary color. For example, Red and Blue make Purple. Purple does not contain Yellow. Yellow is the complementary color to Purple. Or, you could say, make the color a negative so that the two colors are opposite each other, as parallels.

Question 3 - 3 points

Is unknown how Bella Goth from The Sims 2 got abucted from aliens. Could you explain how? Also, try to make hypotesis!

Philip: Uh, ok, she was abucted by aliens while watching into a telescophe (however it is said). Also, i think that guy, Don Lothario, wanted her gone >:(

Logan: She was abducted while looking through I telescope I think

Andrew: She was minding her own business when she was abducted

Dante: She was drinking soup and she got abducted!

Question 4 - 1 point

Of Need For Speed series, which era is the most liked between fans? (Consider it's games..and there are 3 eras).

Philip: Uuuuh................3rd?

Melbourne: I don't know....2nd?

Lily: i really don't know ...3rd

Question 5 - 10 points (this is epic)

Weirdly enough, if you get in Egypt from another state you won't see the classic "Welcome to..." text, but you will see another text. What is it? (Sources gave from my french teacher...and yes this is the question which gives you the most points)

Melbourne: Say hi to Egypt? derp

Question 6 - 1 point

In Inanimate Insanity, if i say "rubber ball" of which contestant i am talking about?

Lily: it's a simply joy object of Nichel

Logan: Nickel

Andrew: Paper

Dante: OJ

Question 7 - 3 points

Which REAL scenario of Roller Coaster Tycoon series features an easter egg?

Logan: I think it was which allowed a user to use up to two custom theme tracks in game

Andrew: It where where you could only have 5 tracks

Dante: It was where you could play in 3D?

Question 8 - 2 points

Which is the hottest thing on the world (derp, goin to love this)

Melbourne: The FIRE!

Philip: Lava....everyone knows that

Lily: ...mmm....Lava

Dante: Lava

Logan: Technically, the core of the earth

Andrew: Fire

Lyn: The rage which boils inside of oneself after he has been defeated by an adversary.

Question 9 - 1 point

Which is the secret message of BFDI (goin to be easy for someone)

Melbourne: Battle For Dream Island

Philip: *facepalm*

Lily: i think,the message is "Yeah, what is it now, I see you are taking the word with the place of the episode number, this is it, message no coincedence."

(By easy to someone, do you mean me XD ~Orange)

Andrew: "Yeah, what is it now? I see you are taking the word with the place of the episode number. This is it. Message, no coincidence." is the message

Logan: "Yeah, what is it now? I see you are taking the word with the place of the episode number. Well knock it off." is the message

Dante: "Eraser sent you to do this." is the message

Question 10 - 1 point

Say some other manner to say 3+3+3; 5+5+5+5+5 and 12+12+12+12+12+12+12+12+12+12+12+12.

Lily: 3x2+5x4+3,5 and 12x12

Logan: 9, 25, and 144

Andrew: 3 x 3, 25, and 72 x 2

Dante: 3 x 3, 25 x 1, and 16 x 9

Lyn: 3 Squared, 5 Squared, 12 Squared.

Abigail: Ugh...9, 25, and 143! Er...144! Right?

Marida: 3 x 3, 5 x 5 and 12 x 12

Rio: 6 + 3, 20 + 5 and 132 + 12

Melbourne: 10-1; 50-25; 12x2x6.

Philip: 6+6-3; 24+1; 145-1.

Duh, the end came again.

Chris: So yeah, i got bored and i wanted this to stop. Let's assign scores. The 3 best will get immuniteh!

Lily, Logan, Andrew, Dante, Melbourne, Philip, Lyn, Abigail, Marida and Rio answered at least once. Let's show the scores!

Question 1 answer was Suzanne Somers. Lily and Logan got a point!

Question 2 answer was the one that Lyn said, so she gets a point!

Question 3 answer was by telescophe (OR WHATEVER), but since only Philip gave me an hypotesis he gets 3 points!

Question 4 answer was 2nd era...just Melbourne got it, so i'll give her 1 point

Question 5 answer was....believe it or not...Allah is great! Seriously! No one got it still.

Question 6 answer was Rubber Ball. It was a trap and i knew that everyone could've fell on it!

Question 7 answer was Blackpool Pleasure Beach, no one got it

'Question 8 (my fav) answer was...Chris :P. Surprised that you didn't know it. 'Since she was near it, Lyn gets 2 points!

Question 9 answer was the one that Lily and Andrew said. They get 1 point each.

Question 10 had multiple answers, so i counted the contestant who talked first and got it right, which was Logan. He gets a point.

So far, here's the scores

Lily: 2

Logan: 2

Andrew: 1

Philip: 3

Melbourne: 1

Lyn: 3

Rest: 0.

There should be a tie, but i'm counting the fact that Lily answered

It means that Lily, Philip and Lyn are safe from elimination!!! *confetti* Still all of you are quiz failers.

Elimination 13 - Everyone But Lily, Philip and Lyn

Melbourne, Logan and Andrew did something, but i won't give immunity for that. Vote for someone to knock out!


Melbourne: Rio, as always....i'm getting bored of this. Can't we just be friends?

Philip: I vote Ashley, i just found out that she's mean (lol)

Rio: *As IC* No *As Bubble* I vote Moibourne (Melbourne)

Marida: Hmmmm Melbourne's a threat so I vote her

Lily: wow i'm safe :) mmm......i vote Ashley she did not do the challenge i'm sorry :(

Dante: Ashley

Logan: I hope Graham doesn't pelt water balloons again at me for this but I vote Ashley

Andrew: Ashley

Lyn: Ashley, I'm afraid that clinging to Graham will get you nowhere as a ninja.


Chris: I'm very sad that one of you haves to leave, but i'm not :P. So yeah, whoever gets this petit marshmallow is safe! Lily, Philip and Lyn gets it since they're safe *throws them* and also Marida, Dante, Logan, Lyn, Andrew, Graham and Abigail *throws them marshmallow* So Melbourne, Rio (ONCE AGAIN) and Ashley got at least a vote. Rio is not eliminated since he got a vote from THE SAME PERSON *throws him imaginary cake*. Another girl is leaving, and that could be Melbourne or Ashley. Let's count the votes.

Melbourne got 2 votes

Ashley got 5 votes

Chris: Melbourne, despite your habit at voting against Rio, you're safe! While Ashley, sorry, but you're eliminated. Also, i discovered you're mean! So...epilogue! What will do Graham without his girlfriend? Will Melbourne FINALLY stop to vote against Rio and will my money double? You'll find out on Total Drama......................Tennis Ball! UH DUH I FORGOT IT AGAIN!

Episode 14 Chat (Once again)

Today is not inverse day!

Abigail: Does that mean it IS inverse day? (gasp) FUN!

Lyn: I'm going to take what you said and see if I can make it out... (CONF: If it's inverse day, then I'm gonna have to talk as if it is...) I'm not ready for today. I'm relaxing my guard. Whatever today may bring, I won't bring better. I'm not a ninja.

Graham: (CONF: I will get my revenge on Logan! I will win for both of us, Ashley! I can do this! *Ninja kicks the door and walks through*) (NON-CONF: *Punches Logan in the face*)

Challenge 14 - Teams Again?!

Chris: Before we start the challenge, i want you to make alliances with 1/2/# contestants. Whoever doesn't make it will be alone. You will discover why later.


  • Melbourne-Philip
  • Marida-Rio
  • Abigail- Andrew
  • Lily- Logan
  • Graham (i'll let you to be alone)
  • Dante- Lyn

Make an Alliance section

Melbourne: Hey Philip. You won last time, so we can be togheter?

Philip: Yeah sure.

Lily: i need an alliances...Lyn do you want make an alliances with me ??

Marida: Hey Rio wanna be in an alliance

Rio: Sure

Marida: *Jumping off cliff* *Through Megaphone* RANDOM TRIVIA, I can't be bothered finding out Trivia (Plz don't count this as godplaying as It is dialogue not a challenge)

(Just love it. Try to do it again sometimes :P - MR)

Abigail: Lyn? You tried saving me from Slender. Friends? Alliance? Maybe?

Andrew: Abigail, can we have an Alliance?

Dante: Hey Melbourne and Phillip. Can I be in your alliance?

Logan: Lily I will be in an alliance with you.

Graham: *Punches Logan in the stomach* HA! (CONF: I will go on my own! Since I dislike everyone)

Dante: Jerk! *slaps Graham in the face*

Abigail: Sure Andrew! Sorry Lyn, you can go with Lily if you want. I alliance with Andrew! We can be called the A-team! 

Lily: sure Logan :) sorry lyn you can go with Abigail :)

Logan: *still hurting from Graham punching him* Tttttthhhhhannnnkkkks!

Graham: Backflips away, then spins really fast, comes out as a ninja* Bring it on! *Punches Logan in the stomach ten times, then kicks Logan's face*  

Dante: HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hits Graham in the kiwi's 100 times*

Logan: *no longer hurting* Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *hits graham in the face 100 times and knocks teeth out*

Abigail: WOAH! Violence!

Graham: Sorr- *passes out*

Chris: CALM DOWN YOU TWO! *hammers them* So, i guess we're ready, since this is taking long. The couples are these. Philip is with Melbourne; Marida is with Rio; Abigail is with Andrew; Dante is with Lyn (since they didn't join an alliance) and Lily and Logan are with....GRAHAM! Mwahahahaha. Joking, he's forever alone (you said so :|)


Chris: So, your challenge is a world conquer contest. You have to capture terrain. The alliance with the largest territory wins the game (There is no limit line. Just say *takes terrain* and that will count as you got a terrain). Go now. (Challenge will end tomorrow, and this is a co-working challenge)

Melbourne: *takes terrain* [1]

Philip: *takes terrain* [2]

Marida: *Takes Terrain* (1)

Rio: *Takes Terrain* (2)

Dante: makes terrain* [1]

Andrew: *makes terrain* [1]

Marida: *Takes Terrain* (3)

Rio: *Takes Terrain* (4)

Logan: *makes terrain* [1]

Melbourne: *takes terrain* [3]

Philip: *takes terrain* [4] Yeah we're getting terrains fast :)

Graham: *Takes terrain* [1] (CONF: I'm probably going home next, nobody likes me, maybe i should quit, I'll wait and see) 

Mairda: *Takes Terrain* (5)

Rio: *Takes Terrain* (6)

Graham: *Takes Terrain* [2]

Melbourne: *takes terrain* [5]

Philip: *takes terrain* [6]

Lily: *Takes terrain* [2]

Dante: *takes terrain* [2]

Andrew: *takes terrain* [2]

Melbourne: *takes terrain* [7]

Philip: *takes terrain* [8] Wow we're getting better

Lily: *takes terrain* 

Rio: *Takes Terrain* (7)

Marida; *Takes Terrain* (8), (Why'd you delete my lines)

Melbourne: *takes terrain* [9] (You doubleposted, i think) 

Philip: *takes terrain* [10]

Abigail: *takes terrain*(1)

Marida&Rio: *Take a terrain each* (9 & 10) (I didn't one was after you're 7th and 8th and one was before Graham's Second terrain)

Lily: *takes terrain* (3)

Marida: *Takes Terrain* (11)

Rio: *Takes Terrain*(12)

Melbourne: *takes terrain* (11)

Philip: *takes terrain* (12)

Abigail: *takes terrain*

Lily: *takes terrain* [4] 

Graham: *takes terrain* [3]

Lily: *takes terrain* [5]

Chris: Let's stop this challenge. It's getting way boring. Also, the winner is....weird....Both M&P and M&R alliances got to 12 tiles yeah, they win!

Elimination 14 - Whoever didn't win

Chris: First, we managed to get back the table of votes :D. Second, remember Justin-Jake? Well, he's our new intern :D. Third, vote for you want out. It can't be Melbourne,Philip,Rio or Marida.


Melbourne: Well, Lily was inactive for so much long time, so yeah, i guess i'll vote her off.

Philip: Logan or Graham must get off. I'll pick Logan since i'm not sure about who to pick

Lily: ahhh...what ?? i'm not inactive !!!!! so....i vote Graham..sorry :(

(MR: I meant the first part)

(LxJ: yes i know but Abigail did only one linee xDxD )

Logan: Well, I vote Graham, I am hurting a little and I can't take much more.

Dante: GRAHAM!

Andrew: Well, Abigail and I are in an alliance so I have to vote off Graham.

Abigail: Graham was really violent to some people. There are good times to punch someone and bad times. Now was definitely a bad time...I think. I vote Graham.

(Sorry I was innactive. I had a busy week. Busies are done so now I have more time. One lines won't happen again)

Justin-Jake: (CONF): If it counts i think Graham needs to leave, he has been down since Ashley left it would make everything right again! (I know it dosnt count but i wanted to vote anyway :P)

Marida & Rio: WE SAY GRAHAM


Graham: I have something to say! Melbourne: You were really nice, and a great friend, Phillip: You are Great at the Game, really smart as well, Lilly: Nice to everyone and fun to be around, Abigail: Gone and returning in a flash, back with more fun, Marida: I didn't get to know you, but you and Rio are a great team!, Rio: Changed completly when you returned, as i said you and Marida are great together! Lyn: You are the first, nicest, fastest and most smartest ninja I have ever met, Andrew: You were nice, but when you started talking to Dante and Logan, I didn't think were could be friends, Dante: I thought you were nice, you are! Sorry for the madness that happened after the Ashley left! and Logan: Sorry about everything! I messed up and you are nice! So everyone this is goodbye, because I QUIT! Good Luck Everyone!!! Goodbye Chris! *Catapults himself* AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

Lily: ...bye Graham you are great !! sorry for your elimination ç_ç bye bye 

Andrew: Bye Graham, sorry for your elimination!

Chris: Uuh...i was going to say that Graham is safe since it was inverse day (no elimination) but ok. Bye Graham. It was nice to have you (actually, you would've been eliminated eventually)

Graham: *Screaming from a distance* I KNOW, BUT I DID WHAT HAD TO E DONE!!! BYE!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Episode 15 Chat (Yay so far)

Abigail: YAY! Final 9! 9 is a good number....right?

Lyn: I made it to the final 9... I've only 8 more eliminations to go until I fulfill my destiny as a ninja.

Lily: no Abigail we are in 10 xD i hope to get at the final 9 xD

Lyn: Final 10, then... I'm not going to lose yet. I didn't come all this way to lose.

Lily: don't worry Lyn you are very strong have a good chances to win ;)

Abigail: Yay for ninjas! (CONF) IS the final 10. That's a good number too...right?

Challenge 15 - Cette Colours Colors Cette Colours

Chris: Congratulations! You're the final 10!!! You should be proud of yourself, cause you made it to the halfway!!! Little trivia! Andrew and Marida are THE ONLY ONES to never get a vote, so consider that on your next voting :P. Also, for making at at halfway you're getting a reward *throws everyone lollipop* Enjoy it, it's the only meal we're giving you today :3. Also, this challenge is INCREDIBLY SIMPLE. Since there are 5 boys and 5 girls, there will be teams for now (Boys vs Girls). Your challenge is to give me a colour (just put it under your name on the table). I will rate them and then make a ranking from the best to the worst. There are points for each ranking:

1st. +20 points

2nd. +15 points

3rd. +10 points

4th. +8 points

5th. +6 points

6th. +4 points

7th. +3 points

8th. +2 points

9th. +1 point

10th. 0 points.

Chris: IT IS POSSIBLE to manage the defeat who got 20 points. The gender which had the lowest score is going up for elimination, and will say bye bye to a contestant. Also, just to tell you, i like ALL the colours (and my interests from Wiki Battle ARE changed [to Orange]). Now go and good luck. Oh, and also, who doesn't do the challenge will be up for elimination anyways :\.

Philip Andrew Rio Dante Logan Melbourne Lyn Abigail Lily Marida
Yellow Orange Red Green Teal Pink Black Magenta Indigo Blue

Rankings are here!

10th. I guess Teal, i'm not a fan of it..

9th. Uuuh...Pink! Get it away from me!

8th. Indigo, yah, indigo.

7th. Black is a colour which gives me sadness, though is cool on dresses.

6th. Magenta is not my fav

5th. Green is not my fav, sorry.

4th. Orange is a cool colour, but not for me.

3rd. Red :D

2nd. Blue, it's actually GREAT!

1st. Yellow!!!!!

There was a colour better than yellow, and it was skyblue. Whatever, let's do the scores

Boys: 44

Girls: 25

Chris: Well, it seems that the girls are going up...sorry, you had to knew my interests.

Elimination 15 (so far) - Girls

Chris: In this season you managed to be more than the boys...till now. History will be made, since BOYS WILL BE MORE THAN THE GIRLS. You're 5, i've got 4 marshmallows and one will be eliminated. Since Boys and Girls were apparent teams just girls can vote (if they can...)


Melbourne: I was the last of the team, so i think i'll get out. I think i'll pick...Lyn?

Lily: ...i vote Lyn sorry !! i'm so sorry Lyn..but you are still a grat Ninja !!

Marida: Melbourne

Lyn: Do you consider me too powerful to be here? I must be too strong. Well then, I vote for you, Melbourne. I'm sorry.

Abigail:...Melbourne is kind of strong too. Plus, I like Lyn! 

Lyn: Thank you Abigail. I know I'm leaving tonight, but I will credit you as well as Andrew for being the best people I met here.

Abigail: You're leaving!? (gasp) 

Lyn: Well, everyone seems to be voting me off. So it's inevitable. I'm sorry I couldn't be around longer. Wait... (Sees immunity ticket) I forgot I had this... I guess I'm not leaving.

Marida: Lyn, I like Rio and Rio hates Melbourne so I'm voting her

Lily: Lyn are you safe....*Hugs Lyn* ok i vote melbourn...she is very strong ! and she had voted me in the last episode ! 


Chris: So, here are the votes. I have to notice that we got 6 votes and not 5 as supposed :o. Whatever. It's pretty clear who's out?

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6

Chris: Sorry Melbourne...but i think you may be safe. First of all, Lily voted 2 times, which is not permitted (that should be obvious?) so i'm subtracting you a vote and adding one to Lily. 2nd, Lyn decided to quit, but then regret weird enough. Whatever, you know what? Melbourne, you get vot-

Melbourne: I'LL BE AN INTERN :D *joins Justin-Jake*

Chris: But we don't nee-


Chris: Ok....i guess Melbourne is eliminated but staying as an intern. Very sorry Rio. Also, goodbye Melbourne * one* Sigh....that will never end...

Episode 16 (OMG I GOT VOTED OFF *cries*) 

Philip: Well, finally Melbourne is out. I didn't support her anymore T_T

Lily: i'm really sorry to the Melbourn's elimination but she is strong..sorry malbourn, (CONF) I'm sorry that I voted lyn but I never know who to nominate,they are all my friends :(

Andrew: (CONF: Wow, I haven't been to the confessional in a long time. I'm sorry that Melbourne is gone but Lyn shouldn't have gone home.(END CONF)

Dante: I can't believe Melbourne is gone! So far we have 3/5 old team captains left! Andrew and Abigail are the only old team captains left!

Logan: What Dante said.

Challenge 16 - Power Of Three Again

Chris: So yeah. New challenge everyone. Even if there is easy challenge, it will be your doom since not 1, not 2 but 3 CONTESTANTS WILL BE ELIMINATED THIS TIME. Since i have 2 interns me, Justin-Jake and Melbourne will make the challenge you're facing. They're 3, and who does the worst is eliminated. Yeah, no voting this time. Is all based on activity! So let's start with the first challenge!!!

Challenge 16.1 - Dat Trivia!

Chris: My challenge is to find the best trivia you can find in the journey we had till now (or in simplier words, this camp). Whoever gets the best one won't be eliminated and won't risk in next challenge, while who does the worst is automatically out! Also, if one doesn't do the challenge, he's out! Another thing. If there are 2, i'm considering the activity of both. The one with the least is off (which means that if Lily doesn't do the challenge could be eliminated!). Same rules even in the other challenges. Now GO!

Marida: Currently Me and Andrew have not recieved any votes for the entire 16 episodrs

Rio: I have a conflict with the majority of the contestants, (ESPECIALLY MELBOURNE, WHO NEEDS TO TAKE A SHOWER AS SHE IS SMELLING OF DOGGY POO)

Lily: WHAT !!?? why ?? ehy i think i'm very active !! NO I'M THE MOST ACITVE !!!! ok ?? *Cries*

Melbourne: *slaps Rio* I HATE YOU! (can i say? I love the conflict between Rio and Melbourne)

Philip: Lol, i just noticed that Drake got 20th and Melbourne got 10th...and they are the team captains :P

Lily: ok: i'm the contestant active who has the most votes.. :( oh and also rio ( 8 votes ) 

Rio: *As Evil Leafy* *Murders Melbourne* (Yep its came to that, the moment you've been waiting for)

Drake: I have somehow returned, and i want to say that i hope Lyn, Andrew and Abigal leave because they are JERKS. I didnt do anything wrong and they voted me off over 2 people that NEVER said anything at that time! I hope you lose and go home, you dont deserve to be here! I want Lily or Phillip to win, also Melborne was a great team captain and also shouldnt havebeen voted off. And Justin-Jake... Who on earth are you!!!

Rio: *As Firey* *Sets Fire to Drake* JERK! Oh Sorry Drake, I thought you were coiny *Kills Drake as he is set on fire*

Chris: Melbourne is getting back to live since she's my intern and a OC (Fourth wall break lol) plus Rio is A MURDURED *runs away like a girl*

Melbourne: Ok, i don't really know what to do...but this *slaps Rio and runs away along with Chris*

Justin-Jake: i guess i will revive Drake? *Revives Him*

Lily: OMG rio is a killer !! 

Abigail; RIO! How could you!? SOMEBODY APREHEND THAT GUY! (tackles Rio then points to Drake) You lost, deal with it, get over yourself. (smiles and runs away from Rio)

Andrew: I am not a jerk! Drake is the one that had an alliance with Bruno than he PLANNED the elimination order and I was on it! DRAKE IS THE JERK! I also found some cool trivia. I was the first boy with an immunity ticket.

Dante: 3/5 of all of the team captains have been eliminated. Abigail is the only team captain to return.

Logan: If I didn't debut, there would be gender equality.

Abigail: OOH! Team Slender is the first team named after a player. 

Lyn: I'm not a jerk. I do what's best for everyone. Here's one: Slenderman was the only contestant not to be human and to have internet popularity.

Abigail: OOOH! Good one Lyn! 

Lyn: Thank you, Abigail. (CONF: I had a close brush with elimination last night. If I lose... I'll have to leave. And then I'll tell Abigail and Andrew everything I've wanted to tell them.)

Rio: *Shakes Head* Wha?, What happened

Chris: *gets back somehow* It happened that madness came on just because of you. Let's see who's going home! Well...the best trivia is possibly....................Lyn's one :P. Philip got close, but i didn't find the...oh...too late. I guess Lyn is safe for all the 2 next rounds. Also, the worst trivia a got was from..........................................................Logan. Very sorry dude, but your trivia was not so interesting. Andrew was 2nd last yeah. Bye Logan, it was nice to have you as a debutter.....

Challenge 16.2 - Justin-Jake apparent revenge!

Chris: Wanna some cool trivia? Well, teams and genders are equal again with Logan's elimination. Graham is the only one to quit and Rio/Melbourne's conflict is WAY annoying. Your next challenge will be planned from Justin-Jake. Let's hope he doesn't hate you all :P

Lily: yess xD Justin-Jake is my friend !! .... xD .... (CONF) i'm really sorry for the Logan's Elimination !! *Sigh* 

Andrew: *cries* Why did Logan have to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dante: *to Andrew* Stay strong dude

Lily: i'm sorry andrew *Hugs Andrew*

Justin-Jake: Which elimination was the most unfair? but for example if Lily picks Melbourne then no-one else can pick melbourne. Then whoever picked the lamest person gets eliminated. I will rank the eliminated people 9th place goes home!

Heres the votes so far:

Phillip > Drake

Dante > Charlotte

Andrew > Melbourne

Lily > Bruno

Marida > Slenderman

Rio > No One

Abigail > Eric

Philip: Uh, I guess Drake. I still don't understand why he's out

Dante: Charlotte, because her user (2.0 and forth wall break) was on vacation when she was eliminated.

Andrew: It actually was Melbourne, because Lily voted twice.

Lily: Bruno his was an injustice elimination !! ( i change my vote because lyn has the Immunity ! - LxJ)

Rio: No-One's; everyone's was fair, (E.g: Melbourne would still of been out even if Lily didn't vote twice)

Marida: I choose Slenderman as he was usually active but a little creepy

Lily: thanks Rio, you're the only one who understands !! 

Abigail: My elimination. Nah. It was a fair elimination. I have not a lot of regrets. 

Justin-Jake: You cant pick no-one cause Rio already did!

Abigail: OKay. I guess um..... I have to say Eric was doing just fine and his elimination was unexpected. 

Justin-Jake: Ok then, Here is the order:

1st: ???

2nd: Phillip

3rd: Andrew


5th: Dante

6th: Rio

7th: ???

Justin-Jake: Neutral place goes to.............Lily! And the winner of this challenge is.................................... Marida! That means Abigail is eliminated (This is not because of what Drake said, Eric didnt do much, it is coincidental and is not against you (CoGreen2.0))

1st: Marida

4th: Lily

7th: Abigail (Again, completly coincidental)

Rio: I was worried

Marida: Do I get Immunity as I won

Chris: Actually no, but since you won, here's a fake immunity ticket. Use it and you're insta-out :P.

Abigail: (pause) So the challenge was based on luck? *gets shoved onto the catapult*

Dante & Andrew: *wave byebye to Abigail, sadly*

Abigail: Aw well. Twice the charm! Elimination wise. Bye everyone! (to the host) LAUNCH ME! (smiles)

Challenge 16.3 - Melbourne haves to host?!

Chris: You're the final 7, but soon you're going to be final 6. Very sorry that Abigail is out. Next challenge is hosted by Melbourne! Go on.

Melbourne: Thanks, your job is simple. You have to vote to the one you hate the most. The 2 contestants with the most dislikes will go up for elimination and I WILL DECIDE who to eliminate *evil grins*. Also, if just one got votes that one will be insta-out. Now go!

Philip: Alright, i really hated Melbourne in Rio's conflict, and now she's gone. I don't know who to dislike but i guess that's going to be Andrew, since he's quite a threat to me :s (no offence)

Rio: *As Himself* I Choose Andrew cause he's a threat

Marida: Hmmm, Andrew's a threat, Also; I use my fake idol on Andrew; so he's insta-out

Lily:'s difficult......Rio he is a big threat for me sorry :(

Chris: You don't have to worry on voting, because Marida used her fake immunity ticket. That means that she is insta-out....but since i want this challenge to go further, she will stay, but she's up for elimination like Andrew. Challenge for you two! You have to convince Melbourne to not vote you for being eliminated with a speech. She will then decide. Also, this is weird, cause the elimination is up for the two who never got a vote! Well...Andrew got dislikes which counts as votes, which means that if Andrew is eliminated Marida will be the only one to never get a vote. Now make your speech

Andrew: I have an immunity ticket so I can actually just use it if I am out. Anyways, I deserve to stay because I have made sooooo many friends here, even if my friends vote me :)

Marida: (I used my Idol on Andrew, not on myself) Melbourne, Please pick me, I used to not be active but not am Super-Active. Please get past the fact, I'm friends with Rio. Andrew has always been active and also never recieved a vote either. It has been my dream since I purchased a TDATI DVD from Wal-Mart. I am very friendly and since I got this far, can't back down on my dream. I Believed it was superior for all us seven to get this part. I apologise to you, Melbourne, If I ever done anything mean to youIts the cycle of TDATIGetting eliminated, returning, debuting, victory, losses. Everyone eliminated has reasons including you, Slenderman, Rio. Just like Rio returned; everyone had their reasons to vote him. So as you can hopefully see, I am a worthy player that has a shot of winning. I never returnednever recieved a vote & never ignored voting (except once). I will understand if I'm eliminated even though Its my biggest dream to win. Thank You Melbourne for listening, I hope you pick me 

  • Bows* Also Wal-Mart is my sponsor. (Sorry Dang Edit Conflict)

Melbourne: (You can't use idols on others...) Pass the thing of being friends with Rio... *slaps him*, and yeah, i appreciate your speech. Andrew did nothing on the speech, so i'm voting him off, even if he has an immunity ticket.

Chris: So BYE BYE ANDREW....unless you're going to use your immunity ticket (if i post and Andrew didn't use it, he's out!)

Andrew: I use my immunity ticket!

Dante: (CONF: I am finding something wrong about this competition. All of the nice people are leaving. Atleast I have some nice people left (END CONF)

Rio: *As a Velociraptor* *Steals Idol* YOUR NOT USING THE IDOL *Gives It to Marida* *Marida Locks it in a lock with 348374327407388467326421482147124720193471204732945672386532784612784621983471290470 numbers in the combination* 

Marida: Sorry Andrew but you should of seen this coming, I USE THE IMMUNITY IDOL I TOOK FROM ANDREW *Gives the safe to Chris* *Tells him the combination*

Chris: Wow *opens it* You know what? We need a reorganization. Marida, you stole an immunity ticket, and you NEVER won it. It means that you can stay..................................................................
















Along with Andrew.

NO ONE is going home this time. However, because of that madness happened before i decided to re-take all the immunity tickets *stoles them* Very sorry. NOW, if you're voted off, you can't be safe.

Melbourne: No wait! Marida should be eliminated!

Chris: Ok then. We're having a final challenge between you two (Andrew and Marida). The one who finds for me the best video will be safe and won't go out. The other one immunity tickets anymore.

Marida: Does it need to be Funny, Cool or Stupid, Basically What Genre is it, AND Rio took the ticket and gave it to me (I realised either me or Orange is going to have 2 characters in the final 6 as we each have 2 characters now)

Chris: The funniest please :P

Andrew: I literally FOUND a joke video (you said funny) :

Marida: Youtube Poop YTP: Gotye's Somebody that I used to know

Andrew: I still am safe, I did use my immunity ticket! Soooooo technically you can't use that ticket anymore

Marida: Immunity tickets won't work *Glares at Rio who just shrugs* Chris took them away

Andrew: I used it BEFORE Chris took them away!

Rio: WAIT!! I Quit so Andrew & Marida can both stay

Andrew: Wow Rio, thanks!

Chris: Then bye R-

Melbourne: LEMME DO IT! Goodbye, Rio that i hated so much and now is finally eliminated cause i don't like him a bit and i really hate him and

Philip: SHUT UP!

Melbourne: Ok then...*catapults him*

Chris: Omg. It was an incredibly messy day. Bye Rio. And our last comeback is out. Very weird. Anyway, final 6!

Episode 17 Chat

Chris: Wow! Final 6! All of you managed to get SO FAR! Anyway, five of you will lose while one will win the so-called million dollars!!! *shows them* This is a proof that i'm not lying like i do always :P....not that i did now...and challenge is coming soon. Also, for immunity tickets, Dante is the only one to possess it, since Andrew was already safe and Rio quit for her true love Marida. Also, we're taking Logan as an intern!!!

Philip: Wow, i'd never thought to get so far...

Lily: !! rio is out ??!! wow xD (CONF) yessss....FINAL 6 !!! congrats at all :)

Logan: Hey guys! I am back after I swam back to the island and begged to be an intern!

Dante: Uhhh how did you swim back so fast

Andrew: Where did you land!

Lily: yesss Logan is the intern !! hi logan :)

Philip: Welcome back Logan.

Marida: Can you tell us who won out of me & Andrew *Goes to Wal-Mart* *Brings a pony for Melbourne, A Poopy Mayonaise sandwich for Chris & a Udder Hat for Justin-Jake*

Chris: Andrew, since he used his immunity ticket way before....but since Rio stole that, well, i don't really know. Also, this sandwich is PERFECT!

Marida: Erm Chris, its not poopy mayonaise, Its just poop

Chris: Still Perfect!

Challenge 17 - Island Six-O

Chris: Welcome final 6. Next challenge is starting NOW! See that part of sea full of rubber ducks? Well, that's your goal. There are just 15, and your goal is to get the most out of everyone. The one who collects the most ducks wins a spot for FINAL 5! Oh yeah, i was too lazy to buy boats that i decided to make you to build them. Now go, lazy! (5 lines for building a boat, 3 lines for paddling and 1 for getting the duck. There are 15, so challenge won't end until all of these 15 are collected. Also, once you're done with the boats, you don't have to rebuild them anymore).

Philip: Oh really Chris? *builds boat*

Andrew: *builds boat*

Dante: *builds boat*

Philip: *builds boat*

Andrew: *builds boat*

Dante: *builds boat*

Philip: *builds boat*

Andrew: *builds boat*

Dante: *builds boat*

Marida: *Builds* (1)

Andrew: *builds boat*

Dante: *builds boat*

Marida: Builds* (2)

Andrew: *finishes boat*

Dante: *finishes boat*

Marida: *Builds* (3)

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Marida: *Builds* (4)

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Marida; *Finishes* (5)

Andrew: *gets there*

Dante: *gets there*

Philip: OMG *builds boat*

Andrew: *gets duck*

Dante: *gets duck*

Marida: *Paddles* (Need to go to sleep as I in England)

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Philip: *finishes boat*

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Philip: *paddles*

Andrew: *gets there*

Dante: *gets there*

Philip: *paddles*

Andrew: *gets duck*

Dante: *gets duck*

Philip: *gets there*

Chris: Soon to be 10 ducks left! Andrew and Dante are at 2 while Philip is going to be at 1. Hurry up!

Marida: *Paddles* (2)

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Marida: *Gets Their* (3)

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Marida: *Gets Duck* (1)

Philip: *gets duck*

Chris: 9 ducks left!

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Philip: *paddles*

Marida: *Paddles*

Andrew: *gets duck*

Dante: *gets duck*

Philip: *paddles*

Marida: *Paddles*

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Marida: *Gets 2nd Duck*

Philip: *gets here*

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Philip: *gets duck*

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Lily: *Builds Boat*

Andrew: *gets duck*

Dante: *gets duck*

Lyn: I'm so late! (Builds boat) (1)

Marida: *Paddles*

Philip: *paddles*

Chris: 3 ducks left!!!

Lily: oh noo !!! *Builds Boat*

Philip: *paddles and screams* C'mon Lily. You can make it in time

Lily: ahh....*Cries* ok *Builds Boat* (CONF) maybe today i go to home....*Cries*

Philip: *gets there*

Lily: *Builds Boat*

Philip: *gets duck*

Lily: *Builds Boat*

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Lily: *Builds Boat* 

Philip: *paddles*

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Philip: *paddles*

Andrew: *paddles*

Dante: *paddles*

Lily: *Paddles*

Andrew: *gets duck*

Dante: *gets duck*

Chris: 0 DUCKS LEFT!!!! Let's see who won this challenge!

Andrew: 5

Philip: 3

Dante: 5

Marida: 2

Chris: Andrew and Dante both got 5 ducks!!! But since there's only one winner, you'll get immunity by rock, paper and scissor!

Andrew: Scissors!

Dante: Paper!

Chris: And Andrew wins the challenge! Sorry Dante, but paper won't help you.

Elimination 17 - Non-Andrews

Chris: Dante, Philip and Marida got at least one duck, but not for that they're getting immunity. Also, we're shutdowning immunity tickets in next episode. For this, now immunity tickets will reset half of the votes, meaning you can still be eliminated. We had to do something. You know what to do...


Philip: Uh, i don't know who to vote, but i'll go with Lyn?

Dante: I have to vote Marida because she put Andrew in danger last episode.

Andrew: I vote Marida aswell!

Lily: i vote Marida, she is a very strong :( 

Justin-Jake: Haha, no Rio to protect you this time Marida!

Lyn: I'd like to stay in. Goodbye, Marida.


Chris: So yeah. Almost everyone voted. I had to go to bathroom because of that sandwich that Marida gave's true...the best things are always unhealthy..moving on. Here's the votes!

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6

Chris: So goodbye Marida! Your Rio is waiting :D *catapults her* And another girl is out. Will the boys finally get their revenge? Will KBX lose all of it's contestants remaining? Will Andrew win again? But most important, will i punish somehow Marida for making me going to the BATHROOM? You will know here on TOTAL...DRAMA........AFTER THE....NOOO I FORGOT IT!

Episode 18 (Oh, wait, we're near camp end :D)

Chris: NO MORE IMMUNITY TICKETS! Also, Lyn will get a little advantage for being last safe in next challenge!

Lyn: I truly feel like a ninja now. Even though I knew I'd get somewhere... I didn't expect to get this far. And... I still want Andrew to know... but at the same time... I don't... I might end up having to tell him now.

Lily: yesss Final 5 !! Congrats at all :) 

Andrew: Good job everyone. I don't know how I won the challenge with my noodle arms.

Dante: *showing off muscles* Maybe you are getting stronger, like me!

Lyn: Good job, Dante, Lily, Philip... and... (CONF: Oh no. Here we go. I hope he doesn't get any ideas... But at the same time, I do...) (blushes) Andrew. You... were fantastic... like a ninja... like one should be...

Andrew: *blushes* Awwwww..... thanks.

Dante: Ooooohhhhh, another couple

Andrew: Dante, please shut up, no offence

Lily: yess new couple...i love the couple !! Go Lyn !

Lyn: (Blushes again) Dante! Lily! (Draws sword) Did you seriously think that- (Puts sword away) Sorry. Shouldn't have done that.

Lily: aw..okay...come on Dante, Let's go away

Lyn: It's fine, really. But thank you.

Dante: *freaked out* Aaaaaa sharp sword. I am gonna have nightmares.

Andrew: (CONF: I like Lyn, alot.)

Challenge 18 - Aaaaaaaayaaaaa........

Chris: Your next challenge is going to survive the hide and seek....of doom. This mad scientist *locks him in a room with a chainsaw* will later try to kill you and you have to hide the fastest you can! Once he's free, he will try to find you and kill you. Your challenge is to not die and don't worry. Somehow you will be alive later...moving on. There are 6 rooms. The scientist will check just 5 of them. Whoever doesn't die or dies last wins the immunity and will be in final 4! You can get in one of these rooms or move from a room to another one. Just know that he will try to find you randomly (using :P). Be fast, because he's going to free soon *escapes the doom chamber and locks 125123123 times the door, by making it undestructable* Good luck...if you have it! MWHAHAHAHAHA!

Scientist: Heeeey....i wanna get out heeeerre....

Philip: OH CRAP! *hides in room 4* (also, you don't have to be alone in a room. You can be with other ones*

Andrew: *hides in room 1*

Dant: *hides in room 6*

Lily: ahhh OMG !!! *hides in room 2* 

Justin-Jake: Oh GOD, Um shouldn't i be in the SAFE CHAMBER!!!

Chris: Wow, Justin-Jake, you're so dumb... YOU'RE IN THE DEATH CHAMBER!!!!!!

Scientist: *tries to knock out door* IT'S LOCKED! LEMME OUT! I WANT TO KILL YOU

Philip: *moves on room 3*

Lily: omg i'm afraid !!

Justin-Jake: CRAP!!!!! *Moves to door 2*

Lily: Justin ?! YOU SCARED ME !!

Andrew: *moves to door 6*

Dante: *moves to door 1*

Justin-Jake: Sorry Lily....!

Lily: no problem Justin I am happy you're here with me :) 

Scientist: *tries to knock out door* COME TO ME! I'm not so evil....I WANT YOUR SOUL *still knocks out* (yeah it's getting quite scary)

Philip: Omg, idk where to hide...

J-J: What would happen if everyone hid in the same chamber?

Andrew: *moves to door 3*


( Oh yeah, Lyn's advantage is that she can be in 2 rooms at same time)

Scientist: *suddenly stops knocking door*...................................

Philip: Could he finally stop? *moves to door 5*

Andrew: *moves to door 1*

Dante: *moves to door 6*

Justin-Jake: Anyone else want to come to room 2???

*suddenly scientist starts to wreck the door with the chainsaw*

Chamber's Speaker: Chris here! The scientist is going to be free very soon! You better move or you're going to die...

Andrew: *moves to door 2*

Dante: *moves to door 4*

Lily: *moves to door 4*

Lyn: (Hides in door 2 and 3) This is where I'm hiding...

Scentist: *frees himself* HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *starts checking room 4,3,5,2 and 1 and kills whoever was there*

Chris: Aww, no survivors *kills scientist somehow* Well, everyone died, but since Andrew and Lyn were the last to be killed they are safe...almost forgot *revives everyone but scientist*. Finally. Whatever, the so-sweet-newy-couple is safe. So either Lily, Philip or Dante is going home!

Elimination 18 - Everyone but the Crazy Ninja couple (like the name?)

Chris: You can't blame yourself. That scientist is mad. Luckily he's dead. Now you have to vote for who do you want off........and sincerely, that guy is going to be SERIOUSLY doomed after this...actually not. You'll know why


Philip: I can't vote Lily, she's my friend! Dante is my only choice...

Lyn: Well... I guess my vote goes to Philip, since Lily and Dante are my friends.

Lily: i hate vote !!! mm...Philip is my friend, Dante is my friend.....!!! ahhh...okay....i vote......Philip

Justin-Jake: no-one noticed but i also won... I WAS IN DOOR 2 BUT NO RECOGNITION FOR THE INTERN!!!!!!!

Marida: Hi, I'm being an assistant host or I'll *Gets bow and arrow* Shoot Chris; Anyways their are 5 audience members watching, Lucario Recommended by Franky494, Blueberry Cake by Franky, Ke$ha by Franky, Dynamite by Franky and Choir of U.S.A by Franky494's mom. (CONF: Also this won't count but I vote Dante)

Chris: Ok, you can clean toilets. They're quite weird after that sandwich. Also *gives Marida sandwich*

Andrew: I guess I vote Phillip

Dante: Well my ONLY choice is Phillip if I want to be safe. I'm sorry but I vote Phillip

Marida: Hey, Assistant HOST not cleaner  *Chucks sandwich at Dante who swallows it*

Dante: YOU IDIOT! *spits the sandwich at Marida*


Chris: So, here's know what? I'm so tired about elimination. *falls asleep*






zzz- Philip is eliminated- zzz

Philip: WAH!? No,really, you're not goin to..

Chris: zzzz

Philip: Uh, ok *catapults himself*

Chris: zzzz

Marida; *Catapults Chris* REVENGE for those months of torture, I'm hosting now!

Chris: *somehow still in ground* zzzz...uh. Where i am? Hi Marida, but you shouldn't be eliminated?...........*catapults everyone* The next challenge is going to be on air :D

Episode 19 Chat (2nd last episode :D)

*while everyone is on air*

Philip: Uff, stupid Chris and his show *notices everyone flying* Uh, hi there. Why are you flying? :s

JJ: whats going on?!?!?!

Andrew: Phillip, shouldn't you be eliminated?

Dante: I am so confused

Lyn: Wait a minute, we voted you off! (CONF: I made it to the Final Four! I can't believe it!) You know, there's no one I'd rather be in the Final Four with than you guys... except maybe Abigail.

Andrew: So Lyn.............. uhhhhhhhh gotta run (CONF: I froze up out there. I never have liked a girl this much.)

Philip: Are you kidding me? I mean, i catapulted myself from just some seconds. I am eliminated, that's true, BUT I'm still flying to that damn playa of losers T_T

Challenge 19 - Music On Air!!!!

Chris: Welcome to the new challenge. For random causes we had to throw everyone in the air, including myself! *somehow everyone is appeneded at a balloon* Since i'm so bored, the elimination is instant and i will be the judge. We're just up playa of losers *reveals to be a sorta-of death chamber*....almost. It's not a paradise. Marida! Philip! What are you doin here? You should be eliminated *pops their balloon*. Saw them? Whoever is eliminated is going to end where they're getting. Anyway, your challenge is to find MUSIC....easy enough eh? Well, since i'm cruel, the timeline in which you have to find the songs is....

Big Bang-2004

Chris: That's it. No more Try or Scream and Shout. Your job is to find a song which is made before 2005! The 3 best wins and manage to get in the finals...the 1 who gets the worst is...eliminated. So yeah, the past ceremony we had IS THE LAST OF THIS CAMP :D. Anyway, ready? START! (Also, i will eventually check when the songs were made.)

Melbourne: Uh, alright. And what we do?

Chris: Oh yeah, you will pop the balloons. Happy?

Melbourne: Ok then...

Lily: Let's Get It Started - Black Eyed Peas it's ok ??

Lyn: (Remembers Dave, who's huge on 80's rock) Well, that's easy enough... how about "Livin' on a Prayer" by Bon Jovi? (CONF: In this one game I was in, there was this guy named Dave who was known as the "Glam Rocker". He was obsessed with 80's rock music and played a double-neck guitar... who has time for that?) [1]

JJ: I cant wait to pop someones balloon!!!

(Also, put link for the music)



Dante: *trollface*


Chris: Well well...all the songs are quite good. Lily got close in the max limit while Lyn sent the oldest song....i like them all...almost..there's one i didn't appreciate at all!

Lily sent the best song, so she's the winner and gets a spot to final 3 :D.

Lyn's song was worth second place, which means that or Andrew and Dante are getting out.

Sorry Dante....but you're safe. I just got rickrolled...and i don't like that song. So Andrew, YOU ARE ELIMINATED!

Melbourne: Finally *pops Andrew's balloon*

Chris: And FINALLY! We got to final 3 and final episode. Who will win? Lily, the sweet girl; Lyn, the ninja or Dante, the jock. Also, just to say, Dante and Lyn are the only remaining of their team. WE'RE GETTING BACK TO EARTH TO DO THE SO FAMOUS LAST CHALLENGE IN TOTAL...DRAMA....AFTER THE ISLAND. YEAH, i got it!

Dante: No, I quit for Andrew, so he can stay. If he can't stay even if I quit, then I will not quit

(CoGreen. Can the losers return to cheer the winners on?)

Chris: Ok *JJ pops Dante's balloon and somehow Andrew is back* You're lucky. Now the final 3 is made from the Screaming Gophers X :P

Final Episode Chat

Chris: Since you made it here so far, here's a prize! You won't get to playa of losers, meaning no torture :).

Challenge 20 - The Beginning of the end! Pt. 1

Chris: Well well well. You three managed to get to the final 3...and weirdly you're from the same team!! Well, do you remember about your journey? You have to, since it's the next challenge. You get to answer some questions which will give you some points. The 2 with the fewest score will be up for elimination...alright this is the last one. The one who won can decide who to take in the EPIC FINAL 2! Whatever....let's go!

1. Say the team with the biggest winning streak, the one with the biggest losing streak and the one with the biggest contestant loss team! (0.3 for getting one, 0.6 for getting two, 1 point for getting all three)

Andrew: Lightning Strikes worst. Slender for best. Mad for biggest loss

Lily: Team Slender is the best, Team Mad is the worst,Team Mad is the team with the biggest contestant loss

Lyn: I believe The Killer Bass X are the biggest losers, and Team Slender is the best. Lightning Strikers were the worst.

2. Say the first voter of Rio and Graham (i've forgot Dante's first voter :\) (0.5 points if you get one and 1 point if you get both)

Andrew: Graham was his first voter. Melbourne was Rio's

Lily: ...Melbourn was vote Rio and Graham his first voter was rio

Lyn: I believe Melbourne was the first to vote Rio?

3. Say the contestant who was mentioned the least (i don't know if that will be right). (1 point if you get it)

Andrew: I think Eric

Lily: Eric and Steven 

Lyn: Eric and Steven, probably.

4. What's the mess-up i did for the teams in the first episode? (1 point)

Andrew: Uhhhhh you made them unequal

Lyn: Inequality?

5. This character never been mentioned, but it should've (1 point)

Andrew: Eric

Lily: mm....Eric ?

Lyn: Eric maybe?

6. Say something quite not understandable like Chrissy does (1 point to the best)

Andrew: I just drank air!

Lily: Pizza is a drink ?

Lyn: The pine cactus lobstered the fire mouse.

7. It's the last contestant to appear in the 1st pre-chat ever (1 point)

Andrew: Dante

Lily: Ashley

Lyn: Dante.

8. These 2 challenges have been particular for a reason. Say which ones and why (0.25 if you get one without reason; 0.5 if you get both without reason; 0.4 if you get one with reason; 0.75 if you get both with one having a reason and 1 point if you get both with both of them having a reason...and why i'm posting so much?)

9. Why do you think you have to win? (1 point to best)

Andrew: Because I will share with everyone

Lily: beacuse i'm friendly,nice,active and competitive and i love this camps so i really want win ;)

Lyn: It is because through thick and thin, through strong and weak, through tough and easy, I was always there. I am a true ninja.

10. Do you love tennis balls? Also, do not doodle here! (1 point if you answer. 0.5 points if you also doodle) [lol wtf?]

Andrew: I like That Clumsy Tennis Ball

Lily: mmm...yes ? xDxD

Lyn: I do like tennis balls.


Chris: Well done! Everyone answered. Not all the question, ok, but still you removed your title of quiz failers!! Let's see the results!

Question 1. Team Slender was the best, LS was the worst and the biggest loss was from KILLER BASS X. NOT TEAM MAD! Oh dear..

Question 2. Rio received his first vote from Melbourne (obviously) and Graham voted...himself!

Question 3. Eric. +0.1 points for who said Steven too

Question 4. KBX were 11, SGX were 9. Teams were inequal!

Question 5. <.< The so-loved Chef Hatchet didn't even appear in this camp. He's goin to be mad at you

Question 6. I would've like to see a line of Chrissy, but whatever. Lily made the best.

Question 7. Ashley, not Dante (even though Ashgraham2 posted way after)

Question 8. Racey and Power Of Three Again. Racey because the challenge didn't even start and we saw Team Slender up for elimination and Power Of Three Again because it featured a triple instant elimination...

Question 9. Uh, Lyn was my favourite? I guess...

Question 10. I said "Do you LOVE  tennis balls?". I never said "like". It was a trick question. Lily said yes, but others said like :P.

Chris: So here's the scores!

Andrew: 3,6

Lily: 4,9

Lyn: 4,6

Chris: Awww, so close. Whatever. The winner of this last challenge and also the one who manages to get in final 2 is LILY! Now you need to make a choice...

Elimination 20 special - Lily haves to choose

Chris: I know this hurts, but you have to choose between Lyn or Andrew to be eliminated and not make it to final 2. It's all up to you, but just remember. Both are your friends. Also, with this choice, you're eliminating a member of a choose. Lyn or Andrew. Who is worth being your adversary in the final 2?

Lily: yess !! :) okay...Andrew is my best and only friend in this camp, but he is very active and stronge...:( he can win this want Andrew in final 2 sorry Lyn :(

Andrew: Thanks Lily, *to Lyn* I'm sorry that you couldn't make it this far *hugs Lyn*

Lyn: It's fine, Lily, Andrew. Having gotten this far is accomplishment enough. Do your best, Andrew. (Hugs Andrew)

Lily: *cries* i'm sorry Lyn :( are you angry with me ?

Lyn: Of course not. When one is faced with a tough decision, he or she must face the consequences of either one. There was no way to satisfy both of us, and you had to choose. I respect your decision, and I consider you my friend. Don't cry. You have a final challenge to win.

Lily: okay lyn I will try to win for you and for me *Hugs Lyn* and now i want see you and andrew kiss !!

(Orange: MRace, whenever you start the challenges I am at school, and I wanted you to start the challenge when I get home at 5:00 PM EST but LxJ is asleep then, so can we start the challenge over the weekend)

Chris: And that's it. Sorry Lyn, but you will have to stick with 3rd place! AND WE GOT OUR FINAL 2!!!

The Final Jury Vote!!!

Chris: Instead of having a challenge, we'll stick with a jury! It means that every contestant who was eliminated will have the chance of choosing who haves to win! We'll start from Bruno, the first eliminated ever, to Lyn, the previously eliminated. If you want to win, you need to get their votes! Let's start from Bruno!

Lily: WHAT ??!!

Bruno: I dont need this you know i got a movie deal!!!! Not Washed up anymore!!! I vote Lily as she needs to win more than Andrew does! *Leaves to shoot movie scripts*

Chris: I don't really have to announce everyone. Drake, your turn (Rio rejoined)

Drake: Andrew (Want to be fair to both of them :) )

Eric: Lily she need win :)

Marry: i vote Lily to win, she is very nice :)

(Emma did quit? If so, then i'm doing this)

Chris: Since Brandi and Melonei are not present they won't vote. Let's go over..Steven's turn!

Steven: okay....Lily !

Drake: Isnt that like your first line this season !?!?!?!?!?!?!

Chris: Did i mention? Since there are 17 voters the first to get at 9 votes will win the season. Lily needs 5 more votes while Andrew needs 8 more!

Marida: No-One else is voting so can we vote now; actually don't say - I don't care about your */Censored\* Opinion, Keep it to yourself, I vote Lily (She's turned mouthy)

Rio: *As Spongy* WHAT ABOUT MEH *As David* AW SERIOUSLY *Turns into Lily Look-a-Like*

Charlotte: I think Lily doesn't really deserve to win. After all, she skipped most of the game. My apologies to Lily, but it's true. 

Abigail: WOOOHOOO! Andrew! I vote Andrew! He's like my BNF! My best non-female friend! YAY!

Justin-Jake: I just have to like totally vote!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about it Chris? Please!!!

Chris: Since everyone is taking SO MUCH TIME at voting, there will be no particular order. Lily needs 2 more votes and Andrew needs.....7? Lily seems the possible winner!!

JJ: Can i vote?

Melonei: Lily :D ( I vist this wikia sometimes :3)

Brandi: Lily there needs to be a girl winner.

Dante: I vote Andrew

Lyn: I vote Andrew, the only boy I've ever loved.

Slenderman: I... vote... Andrew...

Rio: YAY, Lily's won in a vote of 9 - 7 (If you count Charlotte's non-clear vote)

Chris: OKIE DOKIE! LILY IS THE FIRST WINNER EVER....which was unexpected since she was so inactive in the first part....but i guess her niceness saved her! Very sorry Andrew, but 2nd place it's not so bad! Lily, HERE'S YOUR MILLION DOLLAR!!!!! *throws at her* Whatever. Lily has won! Andrew has lost! Bruno has been eliminated first and i sold the million cause of budget cuts! Whatever, see ya next time!!!

(Is there going to be a season two, with some of the active contetants? - Ash)

Lyn: Congratulations, Lily. I'm sorry you didn't win, Andrew. But hey... there's something we both got out of this.

Lily: REALLY ???! wow !!!! thanks at all really :) i'm happy !! yes i'm not very acitve in the first past charlotte but i'm very active in the second and I think they deserve the victory !! so pleas don't offend !! and Andrew congrats you are Great :)) *Hugs Andrew* and congrats at all :))

Charlotte: *shrugs* I'm still happy for you. Great job, Lily!

Abigail: PARTAY! Lily totally rocked our socks off! WOO! Go Lily!

Andrew: We got a competition of fun times, and Lyn this is for you *gives Lyn a brand new diamond sword*

Dante: Well that was a waste of time since CHRIS SPENT THE MONEY AND LILY DESERVED IT! *throws Chris off a cliff*

Marry: yeaah GO LILY ! YOU ARE THE WINNER !!

Lily: ahaha xD thanks guy and good luck for the second season :DDD 

Ashley: *Arrives with Graham* Sorry we're late! who won, oh, GO LILY!!!!!!!

Graham: Yay! Lily wins! Sorry Andrew, maybe next time. *Shakes Andrew's and Lily's hand*

Ernie: *walks creepily up behind Graham* Hi!!!!!!

Graham: AHHHH!!!!! *Passes out*

Abigail: (laughs) You got him good!!

Erine: Yes I did, so goodbye everyone, this season was fun, cause I saw every bit of it*smirks* See ya on the next season, this was TOTAL DRAMA AFTER THE ISLAND *vanishes*