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Camp Wawanakwa

Logo of this season. The coolest so far!

Chris: BU! Ha, scareprank...uhm, to a new season of Total Drama! It's been a while from the previous one, which consisted in a world tour around many countries with very hard challenge and whatsoever, but since I'm running out of ideas, I decided to bring the contestants back to a location they always knew....


She was so sad without us, so we decided to bring the whole drama-thing to a classic of reality shows! We'll see contestants from anywhere: Veterans, Newbies, Debutters, Returnees, Aliens, and I swear, there will be a possession ghost ;). So, making it short, this is Chris McLean, the recipe it's the same, the pain will be HIGHER, the challenges HARDER and the deaths MORE FREQUE- ok not that. Well, anyway, if you can't resist, be sure of watching this, because we're going. This is TOTAL...........DRAMA..........AFTER THE ISLAND..........AGAIN!!

Main Part

Since the Before The Island plot was boring and After The Revenge would've been too obvious, I decided this name.

Yeah it's dull but whatever, I needed one D:

Camp made by MRace2010

How it works?

Aw, I have to explain it again? Meh, IDC, it's fun after all

So, we'll have that classic pre-chat for each episode, then after it there will be a challenge. Follow the rules and rest. The winner team won't be up for elimination, while the loser one will. Then you have to vote for someone of your team to get sent out of this camp and this goes on again....until merge where you have to change "team" with "contestant".



  1. No godplaying/cheating (You can't post every 5 minutes, be a Mary-Sue or....corrupt Chris, yeah)
  2. Swearing is allowed, but use *'s and _'s
  3. Personal attack CONTESTANTS, not USERS
  4. Obey Wikia Rules
  5. Only Chris can talk with bold text. (which means MRace2010 can only do that)
  6. DO NOT EDIT THE ELIMINATION TABLE. The only expection is error-fixing
  7. Unless you're replacing someone, you can't post as other users, or pretend to be them
  8. If you're eliminated, deal with it, don't rage and be fair, OR ELSE...
  9. Try to be active the most. I do long challenges just for making everyone able to do please, PARTECIPATE
  10. The only time you can doublepost is when someone does not in 1 day
  11. I'll be competing in this camp, so if you think I'm cheating in my own camp, tell me....however DON'T ACCUSE ME OF RIGGING. Challenges are meant to be for everyone, ya know?
  12. Have fun, or this camp is useless (Omg, 12 rules, like in the first season of this series :D)

Contestants (CLOSED)

And since we're sort-of back to the old season, 2 per user (again) please. (You can sign up either as a veteran or a newbie, so don't worry). 2 boys/girls or 1 boy and 1 girl, remember.


- Phillip - The Tireless Traveller - MRace2010 22nd Place - 1st Eliminated

- Robin- The misunderstood small town reject - Sound

- Bruno ~ The Ex Movie Star ~ Liam 14th Place - 8th Eliminated

-  Daniel - The Average Dude - NanoPower512


- Mickey - The Lucky One - ACTN 11th Place - 11th Insta-Out

- Chandler - The Heroic Friend - ACTN 15th Place - 7th Eliminated

- Mark - The Bad Boy - Sunsummer7 19/18th Place - 4th Quit

Max - The Calmed one - IfraidGryphLW160BSF 8th Place - 14th Eliminated

-Kaelan - The Sarcastic Gamer. -KaelanTheGamer 20th Place - 3rd Eliminated

- Trey - The Nature Expert - Dianted 7th Place - 15th Eliminated


- Melbourne - The Impatient Artist - MRace2010 (lol, same characters of ATI :P) 6th Place - 16th Quit

- Azuna - Pure Evil - Sound 5th Place - 17th Quit

Tamara ~ The Urban Wonder ~ Liam 19th Place - 5th Eliminated

Lily - The Sweet Girl - LxJ  9th Place - 13th Eliminated

Lara - The Ex-Girlfriend - LxJ 13th Place - 9th Eliminated

Dorothy - The Naive Girl - Sunsummer7 19/18th Place - 4th Quit

- Amber - The dummy princess - Loenev 12th Place - 10th Eliminated

- Luna - The next Heather - Loenev

-Gryph - The Fiery Fighter - IfraidGryphLW160BSF 16th Place - 6th Eliminated

- Veronica - The big Momma - LWashingtonn 21st Place - 2nd Eliminated

- (Debutter) Elle - The Organized Leader - Blake Megido 10th place - 12th Eliminated

Debutters (closed) [told ya to be fast]

You're not in the camp? You're interested. Tada, the section which helps you! You can sign up for having a chance on debutting later in the game. 1 per user, and you can sign up if you're not in the camp or all your characters are eliminated. Sign in fast, cause THE DEBUTTER WON'T ENTER BY VOTE!

- Andrew - The Awesome Nice Epic Friend Maker - OrangeBirdMaster2 Failed - 6th Place

- Melany - The sister from Veronica, that will make a wrath - LWashingtonn Failed - 5th Place

- Elle - The Organized Leader - Blake Megido Joined - 1st/2nd Place

- Harry - The Youngest Trouble Maker ( new character :D ) - Conker511 Failed - 3rd Place

- Erik - The Cool American Dude - BlazeHead 51 (my new character as well :D) Failed - 4th Place

-Dusk :the cookie obbsessed freak -dawntdrotifan Failed - 7th Place

- Trey - The Nature Expert - Dianted Joined - 1st/2nd Place

- Stella - The Hot Chick - Stella

Season Teams

Team # Contestant Overall # Episode Eliminated Votes at Elim. Votes Overall
The Heavenly Heroes
/ Mickey / SWITCHED / /
/ Gryph / SWITCHED / /
3rd Kaelan 20th Losers Re-Venge 4,5 5
4th Veronica 21st

The SO-renewed quiz failers

5 6
5th Phillip 22nd A Balance Board dooms you 7 7
The Reality Stars
3rd Azuna 5th The Power of th.. two! 0 0
4th Max 9th More fun style, yes. 8 12
5th Mickey 11th RapMania Rebooted! 0 4
6th Bruno 14th Ran out of ideas 4 4
7th Mark 19/18th Tales of a Weirdo Unleash QUIT 0
The Breaking Flowers
/ Daniel / SWITCHED / /
2nd Amber 12th Season's Finale 1 1
3rd Lara 13th Expecting the Unexpected 6 8
4th Chandler 15th It just felt from the sky 3 3
5th Tamara 17th Three's Madness 7,5 7,5
The Smoking Hot-Headeds
3rd Melbourne 6th The Power of th.. two! 0 0
4th Lily 8th Cute Carz vl. 2 5 5
5th Gryph 16th What is this I don't even... 2 4,5
6th Dorothy 19/18th Tales of a Weirdo Unleash QUIT 0
1st Trey TBA TBA TBA 0
2nd Elle 10th Haaaarrryy.... 7 7

Users Still In

Aw, it's back :D

2nd. MRace2010 (1/2) [HOST]

1st. Soundandimage (2/2)

1st. NanoPower512 (2/2)

2nd. Loenev (1/2)

2nd. Dianted (1/1)

6th. Ifraid (0/2)

7th. LindsayxJustin (0/2) [PREVIOUS ATI/ATA WINNER]

8th. Blake Megido (0/1)

9th. AlejandroCodyTylerNoah (0/2)

10th. SoaringSpirits (A.K.A LiamLiamLiam) (0/2)

11th. Sunsummer7 (0/2)

12th. KaelanTheGamer (0/1)

13th. LWashingtonn (0/1)



Azuna, Daniel and Robin

Robin and Lilly (it's difficult(XD)) 

Kaelan and Freddy

Daniel and Lara

Luna and Amber

Lily and Luna

Daniel and Everyone

Amber and Everyone

Robin and Freddy (one sided on Freddy's side)

Azuna and Luna


Luna and Azuna

Azuna and Max

Azuna and Lara

Phillip and Everyone

Robin and Freddy (one sided on Robin's side)

Chef Hatched and Freddy

Chef Hatched and Azuna

Lily and Azuna 

Lily and Luna

Azuna and Harry

Harry and everyone


Azuna x Daniel (fake)

Azuna x Robin

Robin x Lily 

Kaelan x Lilly (One-Sided Kaelan' s Side)


Lily x Luna

  • First relationship starts in: Episode 3. Ends in Episode 5.
  • Second relationship starts in: Episode 7


Melbourne x Freddy (thanks Lily <.<)

Luna x Amber (One-Sided Luna's Side)

Daniel x Amber


Lily & Luna

Luna & Azuna

Mickey Victims

Soon, these guys will get something bad towards them..................(striked ones means they were eliminated or didn't receive their "punishement")

  • Freddy
  • Lily
  • Lara
  • Azuna
  • Robin

Elimination Table

Place Contestant Team SWT 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
7th Trey Debuts Episode 13 IN WIN WIN OUT
10th Elle Debuts Episode 13 OUT
20th Kaelan HVH IN IN OUT
21st Veronica HVH LOW OUT
22nd Phillip HVH OUT
Debutter Progress below this line
Place Debutter Ep. 7 Ep. 8 Ep. 9 Ep. 10 Ep. 11 Ep. 12
5th Melany GOOD GOOD BAD
6th Andrew GOOD BAD
7th Dusk BAD
Key Meaning Key Meaning Key Meaning
[name] This contestant is a boy HVH This contestant is in the Heavenly Heroes WIN This contestant won for him/herself or for it's team
[name] This contestant is a girl RLS This contestant is in the Reality Stars WIN This contestant was in the winner team
BKF This contestant is in the Breaking Flowers SAFE This contestant was in the 2nd placed team

This contestant is in the Smoking Hot-Headeds (formerly Team Smoking)

SAFE This contestant was in the 3rd placed team/got 2nd
IND This contestant won individual immunity
GREAT This debutter was the best of the episode/joined the game IN This contestant was up for elimination, but wasn't eliminated
GOOD This debutter didn't do bad and was safe LOW This contestant was up for elimination, but was nearly eliminated
MEH This debutter was close to getting eliminated OUT This contestant was up for elimination and GOT eliminated
BAD This debutter got eliminated for his performance QUIT This contestant quit the competition

Polls C:

<poll> Which contestant, in your opinion, should win? Melbourne Trey Robin Azuna Daniel Freddy Luna Harry even though he's not in </poll>

<poll> A little season opinion, maybe? :3 OMG IT WAS THE GREATEST SEASON EVUR!!!!! Good season! You made a great work Meh, it's fine I....could've done better, def. FUSILLI YOU! YOU MADE ME WASTE LOADS OF MY FREE TIME! I HATE THIS SEASON! </poll>

<poll> Breaking Flowers, y u do this to me? ;.; It wasn't us! The reason were THESE STUPID LOADS OF MISFORTUNE. -.- Who cares, they lost and I won :D Wait, what did the Breaking Flowers again? </poll>


Chris: Aw, it's like being at home. Let's welcome some contestants, shall we?

Phillip: YEAH! Finally I got to partecipate in that world tour seas- what? We're at the island

Melbourne: Oh no, really Chris?

Chris: Call it "lack-of-ideas". Still, welcome Phillip and Melbo- *phone rings* Um...sorry *answers it*

Tamara: OMG! I am on the very dock Inca once walked on! *Faints*

Bruno: Look whos back B*tches! :D

Azuna:  Who are you?

Robin: hi everyone. 

Chandler: What's up everyone!!

Mickey: How's everyone doing?

Robin: Hi yeah I am doing fine what about you.

Lily: *Arrives* OMG OMG OMG !!!!! I'M HERE !!!! YESSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Second After The Island !!!!

Lara: God.....-.-

Daniel: ROBIN! HI! AZUNA! Not as happy to see you again but HI!

Freddy: Hi guys

Mickey: I'm pretty good Robin thanks for asking

Melbourne: *notices Lily* Hey Lily, what's up? It's been a long time :D

Lily: Melbourne !!!! *Hugs Melbourne* i know ^-^ i followed ATA and ATT and now i'm here for the ATI 2! wow ^-^ 

Azuna: *sees Lara* hmm *walks up to her* hey I have something for you *gives Lara a picture of Chimaroj* He asked me to give it to you.

Mickey: Wow I didn't realize how well you all know each other

Daniel: I know two of them....


Lara: (CONF) I'm Going to be Nice with the newbies they are so stupid......i need them you know what i mean ahhaha...Azuna ? my fans asked me about Azuna and this is my answer Fu*k u (END CONF) Oh i don't need it dear Azuna give it to Lily 

Lily: Hai Freddy i'm Lily the Winner of the Original ATI ^-^ and you ?

Azuna: Just take it *pushes it into Lara's hands and walks off to Daniel* ugh you are here too. 

Robin: Azuna, *scratching his head* how are you?

Lara: ah ?! Hey ?! ah *Throws it away*

Lily: Freddy ?! uhh..*Sees Robin* OH GOD ?!! ROBIN ??? ROBIN !!! 

Mickey: Haha Daniel I don't know anybody... 

Freddy: Freddy Kallaban, My... Friend was a fan of JB but She Left without me... I'm not that good with "people skills" from my tim- I mean town... is that your friend robin? ...go talk to him *feels a hand touch his side* AHH *hides* 

Daniel: Azuna? Aren't we friends?

Robin: Hai Lilly! *gives her a hug* how are you?

Azuna: *glares at Robin and Lilly* (CONF) I thought he liked me! Oh I can play that game too! (END CONF) Ah I am just messing with you, how are you?

Lily: *Hugs Robin and ignores Azuna* How are you Robin ? ^-^

Daniel: *gives a confuses look* O..k... Anyway I'm fine, How are you

Freddy: *silently cries*

Mickry: (CONF) Wow the way these guys are interacting the newbies will be the first ones eliminated!

Robin: I am fine, so glad to see you, hey Azuna come here I want you to meet a friend of mine.

Azuna: Sorry Robin I am bussy, Daniel I am fine nice that you are here.

Robin: Okay.

Lily: Azuna ? oh i didn't see her sorry xD anyways what's going on with Somoking ?

Robin: Uhm yes I still smoke but I hope you won't.

Daniel: Lets talk with Robin and .... whatshername 

Chandler: Robin you smoke?

Robin: yes I do.

Azuna: No let's not talk with them.

Luna: Out of my way, bigs. I don't want some annoying kids. *pushes Daniel away*

Amber: Hi there! *Looks beautifull*

Chandler: What you can't talk to me because I'm new Azuna?

Daniel: it's not you, she doesn't want me and her to talk to Robin and Lily

Azuna: That is right.

Robin: *lights up a cigarette and start smoking*

Lily: *Walks to Daniel* Hey Daniel do you remember me ? ^-^ why you don't have to talk with me ?

Amber: I want a panda.

Chandler: *gasps* Well then (CONF) Well isn't Azuna a real saint....

Lily: *Ignores Daniel and sees Luna* oh wow you are so cute, nice to meet you i'm Lily and you ?

Daniel: Why does everyone blank ME?

Azuna: Daniel don't, how far we will get in this season?

Robin: *continues smoke* Azuna, what is wrong?

Lara: Welcome to the nerd World Boy 

Luna: Who i am? I am the girl, that win this stupid game. I take this dollars. (CONF) I don't wanna make friends with that Lily-girl. But maybe i can play with her, and dumps her in a episode. - So .. I'm Luna. Nice name, Lily. *smiles*

Amber: And still i want a panda.

Lily: thanks Luna i'm the winner of the Original ATI ^-^ your name is so beautiful *-*

Daniel: Hi robin *walks up to Robin*


Luna: Winner .. nice. (CONF) Winner? I win this competition with my eyes closed. - Lily, can you come. A little walk, and talk .. about something.

Lily: Yes *Follows Luna* (CONF) god Luna is so nice.....yeah...ahm she....never mind (END CONF)

Luna: Lily, listen. You are pretty, i am pretty. We can get the final with us eyes closed. We need a alliance with another stupid girl. *see's Amber* we can get final in a second. You, Amber and I? To the final? Deal?

Lily: emm.....wait.....are you meaning that i'm a stupid girl ? you know i won the first season of this competition so....i'm not so stupid but okay we can win this ^-^

Max: carful she may be tricking you.

Gryph: wait aren't you the first one out in the original ATI or second Bruno?

Luna: Did I say that? I didn't mean that! (CONF: Actually, I think so.)

Mickey: Wow I definitely feel out of the loop since I don't know any of you


Luna: (CONF: Why would anyone here be friends? What have you obtained? I'm here to win, and that I will do.) (secretly this is quote from the month, no just kidding)

Lily: okay Luna ^-^ oh there is a thing on your face....*Caress Luna Face and what intensly her* okay removed it ^-^ see you later *Walks to Robin*

Daniel: *walks over to Lily with Freddy * Hi, How are you and Robin?

Amber: *hops around* Lalala

Robin: *Is still smoking* Why doesn't she wanna talk with me?

Daniel: Maybe, She just doesn't like Lily... But she likes me more now.... do you think it's playing hard to get? XD

Freddy: D: 

Luna: We are going to talk a month, or we're going to play a game?

Lily: I'm confusing......emm...i'm good thanks Daniel and Robin you were talking about me ?

Daniel: Azuna! He was talking about Azuna!

Freddy: What's that? A MONSTER! *Jumps into Lily' s Arms* KILL IT! * points at a bug*

Veronica: Yo babes! Veronica in tha house!

Lily: What's going on here i'm so confusing ?! and Freddy you are so heavy !! *Throws Freddy away*..ah....Hai Veronica nice to meet you 

Luna: So 1 boy and we can start this game .. ?

Freddy: that was harsh

Azuna: *Pulls Daniel away from Robin* Anyway hopefully we end up on eachothers team.

Robin: *sign* (CONF) I am so stupid, I admit I have feelings for Azuna but also for Lilly and I didn't expected her to come back, wow a little while ago I wouldn't even think of going into a relation and now I have feeling for two girls! (END CONF) So Lilly I wonder if we end up in eachothers team.

Daniel: Yeah, Robin, *whispering so Lily and Azuna won't hear* Do you know what's up with Azuna? I think she's jealous of Lily for some reason.

Robin: *whispers back* I don't know man what's wrong with Azuna, maybe or maybe she likes you.

Daniel: *whispers back* dude, obviously not, at least I'm not in your Little Love Triangle , LUCKY ME! :)

Robin: *whispers back* Listen I am not gonna fight you are my friends and  I had enough of fighting in my 16 years of life, If she want's to be with you let it be, I am not some kinda Courtney who explodes over someone who kissed with a person I broke up with before the season even started.

Daniel: *whispers back* listen...listen? I don't like her like that, she is more like my older sister, but I want to help you because you are my friend but can you tell me ever


Robin: *still whispering* There is one problem, that girl Lilly, she likes me.

Kaelan: Heyyy Whad'I miss?

Daniel: *still whispering* Um.... Do you Like her back?

Kaelan: ... Okay, it's clear to see I'm not welcome.

Freddy: You are, they're talking that's all

Lily: Hey emm.....guys ? Robin ? Daniel ? What's going on ? (CONF) ah Robin ? it was an error he is just me friend yes i know i made it with him i kissed him but it was a joke  ^-^ 

Kaelan: Could I get an interduction? There is waay to many people here.

Daniel: (CONF) I've watched that... Sweet Dream show I think... TDSD... total Drama sweet dream... watever it's just SHE REALLY likes him, she can't deny it for long

Robin: *still whispering* yeah a little but I have much more feeling for Azuna but I don't want to hurt her.

Lily: (CONF) i know that you are still thinking that i love Robin but it's not ture cause i'm mad about Lu---- *Coughs* ahhh......i mean Drew.....yes Fu*k ! (END CONF)

Kaelan: Screw it. *pulls out 3DS*  

Daniel: *still whispering* Just let her down easy, find a way to make her see she could like someone else, just make sure your soft 

Freddy: (Sneaks into Lilys CONF) Who is this Lu- guy?

Lily: *Sees Freddy* AHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO OUT !!!!! *Punches Freddy*

Amber: I want to be a cheerleader.

Lara: Amber shut up the Fu*k you are so annoying ! -.-  

Freddy: (Inside Still) didn't have to punch :) ok *leaves...* AND BACK IN *in again* OUT *out* and... Hey Kaelan!

Lily: so Robin are you okay ? ^-^ can i call you my best male friend ? ^-^

Daniel: *chuckles* best male friend? How long have you two known each other? 

Lily: i know him from along time ^-^ Robin i have to tell you something.....but not here...and not now 

Daniel: :) o..k, anyway, what place do you think you'll get?

Robin: Yeah I think so Lil.

Azuna: Daniel *gives him a hug and speaks with a sweet voice* I hope we both get into the final 2. *still hugging him mean time glaring at Lilly*

Daniel: (CONF) I don't think her glaring at Lily, Hugging me and speaking sweetly would normally happen, she is obviously... angry *facepalm* I'm an idiot sometimes

Kaelan:*puts 3DS away* Hey Freddy!

Freddy: What's up?

Kaelan: Nothing, *points to others* you know any of these people?

Chris: Ohmigosh! They all arrived :D. So.....let's start this already, shall we? You so want to :D.

Alright, you are twenty contestants, but after some months only ONE will remain, and be declared the winner of 1...MILLION.....DOLLAR! Minus 1 penny cause Ned's Maldive trip was too expensive. So, in the previous season, I divided the contestants in 2 teams of 10. But since this is Season 4 of this series, the teams will be 4! Exactly, 4 with 5 contestants each. It's going to be crazee! So, here's the team setting and everything. Yup, I decide like previous time...sorta.

Team 1 features: Phillip, Kaelan, Mickey, Gryph and Veronica (This is the serious/hero team)

Team 2 features: Azuna, Luna, Max, Mark and Bruno (This is the villanous team...except Max :P)

Team 3 features: Chandler, Tamara, Daniel, Amber and Lara (This is the anti-hero team :\)

Team 4 features: Lily, Dorothy, Freddy, Robin and Melbourne. (Well...IDK)

(Ok, I tried to make these the most equal possible. There are early users and late users in each one, and I'll try to make durature challenges, so we'll see :P)

Chris: All right! Now that you're divided, let's get into the first challenge. (FYI, THIS IS NOT AN ALL-STAR SEASON. THE HEROvsVILLANS THING SORTA OF GOES THERE, BUT IT'S NOT AN ALL-STAR LIKE)

Challenge 1.1 - IMAGINATiON

Chris: So, the previous season I did pick the names, but since the first season had the contestants to choose them, I'm doing that thing. So, I know, I promised VERYHARDLICIOUS challenges, but...I ran out of ideas for team names, so this challenge is about MAKING NAMES *confetti*. Basically, each team haves to decide on which name to use, but unlike previous times I'll judge each one and give a score. Whoever gets 1st place is going to get an amazing prize for next challenge. Whoever gets 4th...ehm...well, sad for them.

2nd and 3rd place are going to get a little advantage and a little disadvantage respectively, so you better get 1st place! Now we head on. Best team name wins, 2nd best one wins too, 3rd best one...doesn't technically win and worst one loses. We're not having an elimination after this, so don't worry. GO! (Challenge ends in 2 days, but I'd like it to be ended before)

Chris: Oh yeah, when you're done at least 3 peeps for your team haves to say "I vote for [teamname]". This is for letting me understand which name ya'll use :)

Team 1 Discussion

Phillip: Ok, what are we going to use?

Mickey: I don't know we are the heroes so we must come up with a heroic team name

Chris: Oh yeah, when you're done at least 3 peeps for your team haves to say "I vote for [teamname]". This is for letting me understand which name ya'll use :)

Phillip: Maybe......The Tireless Travellers?

Mickey: How about the Heavenly Heroes?

Kaelan: The Greased-Up lazer giraffe muffins!

Mickey: I don't think so man

Kaelan: Aww man *crosses arms and pouts*

Kaelan: Fiiiine, how about the winged crusaders. Winged as in like angles and junk.

Phillip: ....I am going with Heavenly Heroes

Mickey: I vote for Heavenly Heroes

Kaelan:Fine, Heavenly heroes

Gryph: I vote for Heavenly Heroes (CONF) must be super carful. I saw TD Aftermath season 5, everyone got Mickey out in the merge like he is the main antagonist or something.

Chris: I see you agreed......the Heavenly Heroes? OMG, awesome name :D. I give it a 86/100! This is your official name, so no changing, plus your colour is royal blue :)

Mickey: Sweet! GO TEAM!!

Phillip: This is SO awesome!

Team 2 Discussion

Luna: Did we call it the winners or.. Luna the winner? You can vote.

Azuna: No, we give it a cool name not a stupid name.

Luna: So you call me name, a stupid name? *walks to Azuna*

Azuna: Yeah as a team name it's stupid! 

Bruno: Teh Reality Stars! :3

Luna: I am a star, so it can.

Chris: Oh yeah, when you're done at least 3 peeps for your team haves to say "I vote for [teamname]". This is for letting me understand which name ya'll use :)

Azuna: Sure whatever, Reality Stars is fine (CONF) our "star" is really annoying I hope the rest of the team also think that so we can get rid of her as soon as possible. (END CONF)

Luna: (CONF: That Azuna girl-boy whatever, is a really annoying thing. I think I have my first enemy.)

Max: How about team... Umm idk all that's in my mind for a team name is team no-name which is used for teams that can't think of a name or compromise when deciding a team name.

Azuna: uhm (CONF) I could've grabed Max by his t-shirt and make him pee his pants, but that way I only make enemies and since I want Luna gone I need alies so yeah I wanted to punch him in the face but instead I did (End Conf.) *start talking sweet* Oh Max that is such a great idea of you. yeah you can come up with the name of the team

Max: I know you are just luring me into a trap Azuna don't try it. (CONF) why was I ever in a team if villains?

Azuna: Why, just because I we are team villain? Haha, no I just agree with you. 

Luna: Keep your mouth shut, Azuna. Go away, ksst. (CONF: That Azuna thing, is be really annoying. Azuna must be voted out in episode 1 !). So, Max.. what do you think about a walk? You and I.. about this team? Maybe we get a nice teamname, during the walk?

Azuna: I will not shut my mouth for anyone and if you two go I'll walk along we need three people to agree on the name, (CONF) As if I let that Heather clone make deals to vote me off.(END CONF)

Luna: You wish, you never sad that. *walks away with Max*

Azuna: *runs after Luna and Max* 

Luna: I think, you can better go away, before i push you. (CONF: I can't hold me cool, i hate that Azuna thing.)

Azuna: Push me? Whahaha I am not itimitated by you, *throws a rock at Luna's head*

Chris: Thanks for audience increase :D. Now, have you got your name yet?

Lara: AHAHAHAH !!! *Punches Azuna* YOU DIRTY B**CH !!!!! YOU HAVE TO DIE !!!!! 

Robin: Azuna! *walks over to her. Are you alright?

Azuna: I am not made of glass and Lara will not be alive if I get her!  

Daniel:*runs up to them* LARA! Please stop! .... Uh...Um... You don't want to be elimanated first! Azuna isn't that bad, please don't hate me but revenge isn't the answer!

Lara: AH !!!!!! I REMEMBER WHAT YOU DID !!!!!! YOU ARE A SH*T !!!!!!! GO TO HELL !!!! *tries to slaps Azuna*

Daniel: Robin, Help!

Lara: *Sees Daniel*..........ah......okay.........*Calms Down and Walks away*

Daniel: :) thank you Lara! Sorry, Azuna! *goes to his team*

Chris: Aw, why did it have to end? .-. Also, little news team 2.......YOU'RE THE LAST TEAM WHICH NEEDS A NAME, so hurry up z.z

Azuna: Ugh that Lara is gonna die this season I promise you.

Robin: You don't have to I know she is... not the nicest girl alive but you should let her go. 

Azuna: I guess you're right. (CONF) What is Lara's problem anyway, is it because she thinks it my fault my little brother broke up with her, she should know he didn't get away with it. Anyway she will die. (END CONF) anyway our team have to be called  the Reality stars!

Luna: AND NOW SHUT UP! Team name is the Reality Stars! Understood?

Azuna: *pushes Luna in the mud* shut up yourself Heather clone.

Luna: Excuse me? *gives her a bitchclap* Don't push me, again if you want your eye 's not blue.

Azuna: *get itimidating close to Lune* If you want to burn in flames for the last minutes of your life that you should continue with what you are doing, if not leave me the f**k alone! *walks off*

Luna: *acts as a chicken* Bye see you at the elimination from the REALITY STARS. *walks away with Max*

Azuna: *runs back to Luna and Max and steals away Max from Luna* And don't even think about making deals.

Luna: *Steals Max back* Leave us alone, b**ch. *pushes her in the incentive bushes* Bye. *runs away with Max in the forest*

Azuna: Oh you are gonna get it *start running after Luna and set's her hair at fire and steals Max back again* You better think twice.

Luna: O my gosh! My hair. Your died. *slaps her K.O* Goodnight, b**ch. *jumps on her and walks away with Max*

Azuna: *grabs Luna's feet and let her fall and set's her clothes on fire* You just couldn't leave it with that huh? 

Luna: *Azuna's dreams that action, because she's K.O, max and I are in the forest where nobody us see* Max, we are alone here. My hair is okay, yeah. But i need talk to you.

Max: umm ok? (CONF) I hope it's not a you know what.

Azuna: *walks to where Luna and Max are* In case you don't notice Luna you're clothes are on fire. *grabs Max by the arm and runs away* 

Max :*pushes Azuna into a bottomless pit with spikes at the bottom (paradox)* (CONF) Why do theese 2 weirdos treat me like a pinball? I need to get them eliminated ASAP but I need to gain Mark and Bruno's trust first. (END CONF) *walks back to Luna* so what were you gonna say?

Azuna: Holding on on the edge of the pot and climb up. (CONF.) I thought Max was the only "hero" on this team. Ohwell I guess I am gonna make a deal with Bruno and Mark, than we can get rid of both Luna and Max, Heather I mean Luna first though. (END CONF) *walks to Bruno and Mark. And whispers so only they can hear her.* Hey guys listen as the only not copied villains of this team we should make sure we stay in the game.

Luna: Right. Do you wanna get the final with me? Listen then, I want vote for Azuna by the first elimination ceremony what we have. If that Azuna thing is be eliminated we can chilled out. Do you wanna join the alliance? *smiles to him* You are friends with the others from this team? We need everyone, except Azuna. He/She's the first that will be eliminated in this game..

Chris: Ooooh, drama!'re officially the Reality Stars! And, you know....since reality starts are so famous for they continue arguing.....I'M GIVING YOU A 86/100.....oh wait, it ties. Well, you get 2nd place as you were the last ones to decide :\

Max: first of all. The smile is too suspicious so no. Second of all. If you are referring to the Heavenly Heroes no I'm not friends with anyone but I do know Mickey from the canceled Total Drama Aftermath season.

Luna: HAHAHA. Right. But look out, you can eliminated now. *walks away and pushes him away* And leave me alone, loser.

Team 3 Discussion

Daniel: I'm usually nice but.... ANTI-HERO MAKES ME SOUND COOL!

Amber: I want as name, team Flower! That's sounds good.

Daniel: How about... Team Anti- Flower :)

Amber: Yaayyy!

Daniel: *hi-fives Amber* YEAH WE'RE SO GONNA WIN (Famous last words)

Chandler: Why Anti-Flower?

Daniel: Unless... you have an idea?

Chandler: I'm still thinking but I'm just curious as to where the flower part came from haha

Daniel: Amber wanted to name it Team Flower so it was a compromise

Chandler: Hey I'm cool with that too. I want this to be a team decision :)

Daniel: Any Good Ideas, Chandler?

Tamara: Team Breaking Point? :)

Oscar: *comes in randomly and slaps Tamara* No. *walks out* (I HAD TO DO IT :P)

Chris: Oh yeah, when you're done at least 3 peeps for your team haves to say "I vote for [teamname]". This is for letting me understand which name ya'll use :)

Amber: I want team Breaking Flower!

Chandler: How about Master Disasters?

Amber: I get it! I get it! Master Flowers!

Chandler: I like it

Tamara: Team Soaring Spirits! :) (omg i just had to :P)

Amber: Let we do the Villian Flowers? That sounds really cool!

Daniel: what about  The Anti-Hero, Villain, Breaking, Soaring, Flower Disasters? :)

Lara: oh Godness.....i hate the all name that you proposed so we can call this Team Lara

Daniel: Team Lara is Really Really Really Really Self-Centered! Can you consider our feelings and opinions?

Lara: ah Okay we can be the Breaking Flower 

Daniel: Yeah, Breaking Flower! *smiles*

Lara: (CONF) oh wow no one smiled at a person smiled at me...Chima- *Cries*

Daniel: (CONF) my team is nice, Amber is nice, she likes flowers alot I guess, Chandler seems like a nice guy, he really helped pick the name and with team building, Tamara is nice I think, she hasn't done much but she seems like a likeable person, Lara may have been a bit self centered but she seems nice and I'm think she'll try hard, but I'm afraid of being elimanated 1ST or 2ND *shivers* that wouldn't be fun... but also, that means one the upside my friends would stay!

Lara: *Wipes her eyes* so.....we are a team and we have to be united (CONF) in this season i'll try to be nice with my team cause i don't want enemy how Azuna....and no love story.......Chima- *Cries*

Chandler: I vote Breaking Flower too!

Daniel: That means are team name is Breaking Flower, Yeah! *high fives Chandler* wait *looks at Lara* have you been crying?

Lara: no ! ah....yeah so we are the Breaking Flower ! 

Daniel: Um....Yeah you are, what's wrong? We're a team, Trust me?

Chandler: yeah we're a team!! Don't cry!

Daniel: Please, Tell us?

Lara: oh yeah yeah we are a team *Smiles and high five to Daniel and Chandler* (CONF) oh wow i smiled to a remember when i was always funny when....Chima- *Cries*

Daniel: we won't make you tell us, or even try to persuade you further more, but if you're comfortable, please tell us

Lara: oh please no......okay.....ah....did you follow the second and the third season of this competition After the Action and After the Tour ? 

Daniel: Some episodes, what happened?

Lara: so okay i don't you know who is Chimaroj ? he is the Azuna's Brother......on After the Action i knew him, i was a nice and sweet girl and i was in love with Chimaroj, he become my boyfriend and we were mad at each other, but in the third season, After the Tour, arrived a terrible girl AZUNA THAT MAKES ME HATE HER AND CHIMAROJ !!! AHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!! *Runs to Azuna*

Chris:.....................yeah. Was sleeping. I guess you're the Breaking Flowers! Not bad for a team name, but I would've gone with something better. 73/100 is the score, and your current place is 2nd, so you avoid the bad penalty :D. Still, you'd like a likeable advantage, so hope you're 2nd for true

Team 4 Discussion

Melbourne: Ok! I already got the I didn't, it's dumb

Robin: The smoking new team. something I don't know *lights up a cigarette* (CONF) It sucks that I am not on Azuna and Daniel are not on this team. Ohwell atleast I still have Lilly. (END CONF)  

Freddy: ........... Team 4 should be our name :)

Robin: Don't wanna burn you idea down but that is now a good name.

Freddy: .........  TEAM NO NAME! :|

Melbourne: Maybe we should go with Gatherers Ahoy...

Robin: Uhm.. I don't know..

Chris: Oh yeah, when you're done at least 3 peeps for your team haves to say "I vote for [teamname]". This is for letting me understand which name ya'll use :)

Robin: *smoking* I say Team Smoking New!!

Freddy: "I Vote For TEAM SMOKING NEW!!" :|

Melbourne:...........NO WAY WE'RE AGREEING WITH THAT. It sucks....

Robin: Well what do you suggest than.

Freddy: The Energetic Emitters

Lily: NO TEAM SMOKING NO !!! we can be the.....umm........okay i'm gonna vote for Team Smoking

Robin: Well come to think about it, maybe it's not a smart idea to call our team than concidering I am on your team.

Chris: And you decided your name!

Melbourne: WHAT?! NO, I CAN'T STAND I-

Chris: 3 already voted. Ahem, Team Smoking.................................really? I said IMAGINATioN, not dullness.........gee, I give it a 45/100 z.z

Melbourne: REALLY?! Oh, thank you very much, Robin! *walks away from him*

Robin: (CONF) I didn't got the memo. *sigh* hopefully I don't get cut first (END CONF)

Freddy: Melbourne, Sarcasm is illegal where i come from! It is the lowest form of comedy!

Lily: -.- it's not Robin fault Melbourne......don't worry Robin *Hugs Robin* 

Robin: Thank you Lilly. 


Chris: Ahem! Challenge ended everyone :D. So, these are the team names

Team 1 named itself "The Heavenly Heroes"

Team 2 named itself "The Reality Stars"

Team 3 named itself "The Breaking Flowers"

Team 4 named itself "Team Smoking"

So.....the winners are....THE HEAVENLY HEROES, WITH A SCORE OF 86/100! Same for the Reality Stars, but they get 2nd place as they chose this name later. 3rd place goes for The Breaking Flowers and Team obviously gets last! And since the name doesn't really fit with the other ones, I'm going to rename it!

"The Smoking Hot-Headeds"

Much better :P. So now we know who gets the advantage, who doesn't and who is possibly going to lose the challenge. Hang on, I'm preparing it!

Robin: oh this wasn't the immunity challenge? (CONF) I really need to pay attention to what Chris says (END CONF)

Luna: Okay and now?

Lily: (CONF) i'm not in the Luna's team...ah......! (END CONF)  

Lara: we got third ?! 

Daniel: Its ok Lara, We may have an disadvantage, but not the biggest and besides we can still win this! :D

Lara: Yeah you are right 

Lily: oh you are so sweet Daniel ^-^

Daniel: Why Thank You, Lily! :)

Robin: I am sorry that I blew it.

Kaelan: Yes we won! *Raises hand up for Hi-Five*

Daniel: *hi fives Kaelan* good for you

Challenge 1.2 - A balance board dooms you!

Chris: Welcome to the first elimination challenge! This is a reprise of the 2nd challenge we had back ago......THE BALANCE ONE!

It's like last time, you have to stay in this platform without falling. The others will try to send you off the platform by throwing at you balls. When you get tot. hits, you're out! Last team standing wins, first one going out loses, the other 2 are safe. Gotta say that the challenge end won't end when the loser team is determined, as who gets 3rd gets a disadvantage in next challenge, 2nd gets and advantage and 1st gets to stay in this LUXURIOUS MANSION I'VE BUILT ONE SECOND AGO! :D.

Anyhow, for sending someone out, you have to post *throws ball at [bohidk]*. Here the advantages and disadvantages.

Nothing goes for 2nd and 3rd. They can take out someone with 3 hits

1st place, A.K.A. the Heavenly Heroes, get to use the metal balls. They're very heavy, and they knock out people faster, which is FANTASTIC. They take 2 hits

4th place, A.K.A. the Smoking Hot-Headeds, get to use the....light balls. They suck, as they take 4 lines to knock out someone...

2nd place still get free t-shirts *forces every Reality Star member to wear a t-shirt with written "Hit Me!"* Here we go! Are you ready? You can dodge whenever you want (but that only nulls 1 line for you).

3,2,1, GO! (Oh yeah, if 2 different teams want to knock someone out, but they have different lines, the max lines is the one considered. For example, if Phillip throws at Melbourne an heavy ball, then Lara hits Melbourne with a normal ball, there haves to be another line to claim Melbourne officially out)

Phillip: Well, seems easy *throws ball at Melbourne*

Melbourne: HEY! *dodges* (this nulls Phillip's line) What was that for?

Phillip: Meh, sorry, you were annoying previous season, so yeah.. (REMEMBER, YOU CAN'T DODGE AND THROW AT THE SAME TIME. This officially starts :D)

Daniel: Go Team Breaking Flower! *Throws at Luna*

Azuna: Hey Chris how is this a second prize? 

Robin: Here we go *sigh* *throws at Kaelan* (CONF) I hope we don't loose because of this(END CONF)

Daniel: *Throws at Kaelan* Heavenly hereos have to go down for having an advantage!

Freddy: I ain't losing *Throws at Kaelan* ATTACK!

(RIIIGHT...I forgot about it. You're allowed to attack the same person twice, BUT you can't at the third time. Here you have to throw at different people)

Chris: Aw, Kaelan is out

Phillip: Hey! You shouldn't have done that! *throws at Daniel*

Melbourne: Robin! What if we stay away from attacking the Heavenly Heroes and focus on hitting the others? Anyway, *throws at Azuna*

Robin: Why did you throw at Azuna *throws at Luna* 

Azuna: *throw a ball at Melbourne*

Melbourne: Oh gosh *dodges* know....she's the strongest out of that team......and you know....she's tremendly villanous....

Phillip: Whatever *throws at Daniel* He's off for good

Chris: Daniel is out. 4vs5vs5vs4!

Robin: Yeah she might be but still, we should throw out the boys first *throws a ball at Max*

Azuna: *throw at Kaelan*

Freddy: Kaelan is out! *Throws at Luna*

Gryph: *throws ball at Azuna*

Max: +throws ball at Freddy*

Azuna: *thows at Gryph*

Robin: *throws a ball at Max*

Freddy: How dare you, this early. *Throws at Max*

Azuna: *thows at Gryph*

Robin: *throws a ball at Phillip*

Freddy: *Throws at Gryph*

Azuna: *thows at Phillip* 

Robin: *throws a ball at Veronica*

Freddy: *Throws At Phillip*

Gryph: *throws ball at Azuna* and that's that.

Max: *throws ball at Freddy*

Mickey: *throws ball at Freddy*

Chandler: *throws ball at Max*

Max: *throws ball at Freddy* bye bye.

Gryph: *throws ball at Chandler*

Azuna: *throws at Gryph*

Robin: *throws at Phillip*

Lara: *Throws at Azuna*

Lily: *Throws ball at Max*

Robin: *throws at veronica*

Gryph: *throws ball at Chandler* (Azuna is out already Gryph knocked Azuna out quick since Gryph had an advantage)

Max: *throws ball at Lily*

Chandler: *throws ball at Gryph*

Mickey: *throws ball at Melbourne*

Gryph: *throws ball at Micky* (Chandler I got you out already)

Max: *throws ball at Lily*

Robin: *throws ball at Gryph*

Mickey: *throws ball at Gryph* (how are you not out yet?)

Robin: *throw ball at Max*

Mickey: *throws ball at Robin*

Gryph: *throws ball at Robin* (umm we just did friendly fire)

Max: *throws ball at Lily* there we go.

Robin: *throws at Mikey* (both Max and Gryph are out actually)

Mickey: *throws ball at Robin*

Kaelan: Well this sucks...

Daniel: It does.... Oh well, I had fun.... 

Chris: Can't keep count D:. Oh well, Kaelan, Daniel, Luna, Max (300), Chandler, Gryph, Phillip, Azuna, Freddy, Lily, Mickey, Robin are all out. Bruno, Mark, Melbourne, Tamara, Lara, Dorothy, Amber and Veronica are still in

1 member of Heavenly Heroes

2 members left for Reality Stars

3 members left for Breaking Flowers

2 members left for Smoking Hot-Headeds

Well, I guess we can stop here. Heavenly Heroes are going to face elimination! *confetti*. Reality Stars and Smoking Hot-Headeds are tied, but I'm giving 2nd place to SHH as HS lost a member of them before the other team...AND BREAKING FLOWERS WIN THIS CHALLENGE! Awesomey doodley! Ok, well....sorry HH, but you need an elimination

Elimination 1 - Heavenly Heroes (1)

Chris: Aw, it's been a long time from my previous ceremony. So, you won the challenge thanks to Mickey, yet you lost this one. That's true, the biggest targets are the one who own the most. Well, you didn't teamwork that much, which is very sad. So, little twist....EVERYONE CAN VOTE. However, this teams vote will count 1 vote, while the others will count 0.5! Aye, Mickey gets immunity as he gave this team an awesome name, and for being the only one still up (weirdly), Veronica gets -1 vote. Now vote, lazies


Phillip: Yet she's the one who stood the most....I'm voting for Veronica. She did anything at all.

Melbourne: *votes Phillip* 1 ball thrown at me = 0.5 vote for you!..............wait a second, am I really acting...terribly mean? NAH.

Veronica: I vote for Phillip. I don't know why, but yeah. I'm sorry.

Gryph: I vote for Phillip.

Max: Phillip.

Azuna: I throw Melbourne.

Robin: I am sorry Phillip

Daniel: Philip! He wanted me gone for NO apparent reason... Wait... MY TEAM WON! SEE LARA! THE POWER OF OPTIMISM!

Mickey: Sorry Phillip but I vote you

Kaelan: Let's Get a deadbolt of our team, Veronica.

Freddy: Smart Strategy! But I'm voting For Philip, Only one of us can be from the future... or is he from the past? Doesn't Matter, still smart

Luna: Hmm, i think Philip will be voted out, so I vote for him.

Amber: I vote for Luna, she's mean.

Luna: Amber, you can't vote for me, but for someone from an another team. Say Philip.

Amber: Philip.

Daniel: That wasn't very nice! Or... was it? Amber was that nice?

Amber: No *looks sad* I'm not a mean girl! *slaps herself* I vote for myself!

Luna: (CONF: I want push that girl for her dumb face)

Daniel: Amber, 1. We won the CHALLANGE, 2. It wasn't YOU 3. Why did you slap yourself?

Robin: uhm what's going on Daniel.

Azuna: ugh if it isn't my teammate Luna..


Chris: Oh well, we got 16 votes! That's a record...but it's mostly because of the plusteamthingy. Oh well, guess what we're reintroducing....THE VOTING TABLE :D. Here we go...the person eliminated is......

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chris: Wowie, with 7 votes, Phillip is OUT!


Chris: Any last words.....before knowing the twist?

Phillip: AAAAAAA- !. Wait, it means I'm still in the game?

Chris: No, I didn't mean that.....I'll nominate you the ReVENGER


Chris: Ok, I'll explain. Melbourne, Mickey, Veronica, Gryph, Max, Azuna (I consider she voted for him), Robin, Daniel, Mickey, Freddy, Luna and Amber all voted for you...and it's a lot. Now you can ruin their lives by making them suffer, one by one! You can send them to hospital, give them unfair disadvantages, double it's votes........everything. Just, one at time for episode.

Phillip: Really?!

Chris: Yup. Only one con....there will be a rejoin someday, and you could rejoin. The con is the hatred of the other contestants, so go easy.

Phillip: ........I WON'T! So, all of you, you voted for me? Very well, too bad for you. Just like you did for me, I'll contribute on your elimination, and I swear NONE OF THESE SHALL SURVIVE, MWAHAHAHAHA

Chris: *bonks Phillip's head* Ok, he went nuts. Anyhow, recrap! Phillip insanity just rose, and it's going to strike on the poor voters of him. Who will be the victim? Will the Heavenly Heroes lose again and the Breaking Flowers win will be the only one of the whole season? Find it out here, on Total.....Drama.....After theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee................Island........AGAIN! YES, I GOT IT!

Episode 2 Chat ( I WAS ELIMINATED ;.;)

Luxury Mansion (Breaking Flowers)

Chris: Hello, winners! Since you had the most contestants standing in the balance board, you shall get the best of the awards.......staying in the LUXURY MANSION! Here you'll get anything you want! ANYTHING! It's the paradise on the earth....but for that you're giving out the advantage on the next challenge......heh, duh. Bye!

Daniel: Amazing! I wonder How The heavenly hereos are doing! OH NO! PHILIP MUST HATE ME! GUILT SINKING IN! *crawls into corner in Fetus position* POOR POOR PHILIP!

Phillip: *notices Daniel, actually misunderstanding, from the window, then walks away by being annoyed* (CONF) Daniel is taking joke of me. Too bad, he shouldn't. I have the revenge power now...or whatever it is. I swear I won't go easy with it..........prepare to see the fireworks, maybe! (END CONF)


Amber: I want strawberry's with a choclate mascahhh.

Chandler: Calm down Daniel

Daniel: Ok... I am... C-calm... I was just so sorry about votin' him out

Cabins 1 (Smoking Hot-Headeds)

Chris: Hey there Team Name-which-sucks! You're staying in the cabins, BUT you'll get an advantage in the next challenge, so yeah...bye

Melbourne: Well, it wont be the Luxury Mansion.......but stilll.........we're getting an advantage next episode! That's great. (CONF) Ok, I think everyone is getting against me because of my bad.....attitude. I better change it.....but how? Rio really sends me nuts after thinking about him......god, he's so annoying. (END CONF)

Robin: *standing near a window and light's a cigarette* I am glad we didn't loose the last challenge.

Freddy: Have you learned from your mistakes Melbourne? No sarcasm, it annoys me because it's illegal where I come from.

Robin: *smoking* Wait, where are you from.

Freddy: No where in particular, go back to smoking

Robin: No I just wanna know where the hack is sarcasm illegal? *continue's smoking*

Melboune: I'm asking myself the same thing. How it can be illegal?  

Freddy: N-nowhere important! ABORT! ABORT! FISSION FAILED! *hides*

Robin: *smoking* Okay, oh wait Melbourne if you mind that I smoke I will go outside.

Cabins 2 (Reality Stars)

Chris: The most unfitting team I've ever seen........AWESOME! Last time you placed 3rd, which means cabins+disadvantage next episode.........yeah, this is a sort-of last place

Azuna: ugh Stuck in this Cabin sucks.

Luna: Azuna.. If we want, this game is fun we ended us conflict. We're better with eatch other, then without we, together.

Azuna: Are you kidding me, it's called total drama, but we can make a deal. Making sure we will not loose.

Luna: I don't kidding. I needed time to think, and this is the right choice. *smiles to her*

Azuna:sure *smiles*

Boney Island (Heavenly Heroes)

Chris: have to stay here...technicall you don't have food and no chance to communicate with the others. I SAID ANY (do not godplay plz :C). Good luck for your survival. Chef will help you

Chef: >:) can run away if you want...

Gryph: So anyone wanna catch fish?

Challenge 2 - The SO-renewed quiz failers

Chris: First of all, I decided to not let Phillip avenge himself, cause it's too bore-ing

Phillip: WHAT? *gets blowed up*

Chris: Yeah, this is your new way of elimination. Like it, or else.........sorry. Well, challenge time. We're bringing back another classic, someone that EVERYONE failed........the quiz! Yeah, we're bringing fun questions and you gotta answer them. Simple...or not for ya. As this time we got 4 teams, we're going to apply these rules. For each question, the team who got it right (FIRST) or was the closest will get a point, and when a team reaches 3 points, it will win. So, since we have 4 teams, the max number of questions we'll have it's 11...that's pretty much, and we could reach that. Going on, START!


Question HH RS BF SH
1 X
2 X
3 X
4 X
5 X
6 X
7 X
8 X
9 X
10 X

Question 1 - Who made the first PARANOiA song on DDR series? (You're free to search in the internet)

Heavenly Heroes


Reality Stars


Breaking Flower

​​​Daniel: It was made by 180 or otherwise known as Naoki Maeda? Please be right! D:

Smoking Hot-Headeds

Melbourne:...........what? (just post a line with your answer. 1st question ends tomorrow)

Robin: What I found was 180, whatever that means.


Chris: Wait, someone got it? O.o....oh wait, you had the chance to search in the internet, so yeah. Daniel gives a point to the Breaking Flowers, how happy :D

Question 2 - (SUPERHARD QUESTION, MAYBE). In which geological era did the continents assume their actual form........... >:) (Chris made this question z.z)

Heavenly Heroes

Mickey: Paleozic era?

Kaelan: ICE AGE!

Veronica: Hmm ..

Reality Stars

Azuna: Who the what the hey now?

Luna: I don't know ..

Breaking Flower

​​​​​​​​​​​Daniel: Cenozoic!? I think it's that?

Chandler: Mesozoic era?

Lara: i'm pretty sure that was on the Mesozoic Era

Daniel: OK! Mesozoic is our guess! You two are smart! :3 *smiles at Chandler and Lara*

Amber: It's a nailstudio!

Smoking Hot-Headeds

Melbourne: Phillip would've knew this. Anyway.......I say archeozoic.

Robin: I don't get the question

Freddy: From traveling back in ti- nothing.... I think it's. Neoproterozoic Era! :)

Lily: Parlo italiano che faccio prima, si sono formati nell'era Mesozoica più precisamente nel Giurassico e ancora più precisamente nel Giruassico superiore,circa 150 milioni di anni fa, i studied for the exam of this summer u.u 


Chris: You went to wikipedia, didn't you? -.- cheaters. You suck still. Very well, I've seen many guessed it. It was CENOZOIC! Yeah, quarternary to be specific (io la conoscevo come era neozoica :|). Daniel was the only one to guess, another point thanks to him. The boy is smart!

Question 3 - The nearest star to our planet, please.

Heavenly Heroes

Mickey: I'm gonna go with the North Star?

Reality Stars

Breaking Flower

​​​​​​​​​​​Daniel: I covered this in science -.-  it is Proxima Centauri! I think.... again...

Chandler: The sun! Obviously!!!

Daniel: Counting the sun, yes Chandler is Right :) the next one is Proxima Centauri! But I'll pick Proxima Centauri just in case! Chandler ,however, picks The Sun!

Tamara: Yeah I think its the Sun too. But since Pluto has been deemed a star I will say Pluto as a reserve :)

Daniel: It's definitely not Pluto! XD but... OK... and My one isn't counting the sun but it is probably the sun

Lara: okay so yeah i think it's Proxima Centauri but the sun too so good job guys ^-^

Daniel: Thanks for being a nice, cooperative friend Lara :)

Lara: no no Daniel thanks to you, you are the only one in this earth that make me nice so thanks to you Daniel 

Daniel: You don't need to thank, you're nice all on your own! :) I should thank you

Smoking Hot-Headeds

Melbourne: Does....someone have an idea? Maybe....I DON'T KNOW THE COSMOS ;.;

Lily: ah it was the Mesozoic Era !!!! and.......i was thinking about the moon but the moon isn't a star so it's the Sun the nearest Star 


Chris: Oh, well, another dude got it..................and this was easy z.z. Chandler gives a point for the Breaking Flowers.....WHICH MEANS THEY WIN AGAIN! Wow, winner team ahead :D. Moving on, next question. 3 teams in the game still.

Questions 4 - I have a matchstick, and I need to light either a fireplace, a lamp oil or a candle. Which is the most convenient to light first?

Heavenly Heroes

Mickey: The matchstick because you can't light anything else until you light the matchstick!!

Reality Stars

Luna: No a fireplace!

Max: It depends which is closer to you but first you need to light the matchstick, then you light whatever is closer but if there all in the same distance from you I'd light the fireplace since it would bring better light right?

Bruno: The oil Lamp, the candle and fireplace will eventually run out of timber and wax making the lamp the most useful, also it can be transported unlike a fireplace :)

Luna: I don't know it anymore, sorry guys!

Smoking Hot-Headeds

Melbourne: I'm going with lamp oil, seriously. A

Lily: The Matchstick 

Freddy: I guess.... But I pick the candle, if it's dark, I need a candle to find my way to the fireplace or lamp oil! :)


Chris: Who said the matchstick was in the answers? Sillies, you thought this was a trick question? The most convenient is the......................CANDLE! It's because you need paper and wood to make a proper fire in a fireplace and for the oil lamp you need...oil. Candle needs anything, so yeah :D. Freddy gets it for the Smoking Hot-Headeds! Ok, let's just not to the same thing of before, k?

Question 5 - French Tonic Pronoms, please :3 (Yeah, easy questions....for now :3)

Heavenly Heroes (Phillip hates you)

Reality Stars (Awkward team couple FTW)

Smoking Hot-Headeds (boom)

Melbourne: French! Oui, je know le fra....ok, I don't. I just know....Moi and Toi......

Freddy: Do you mean pronouns? If so, it's moi, toi, lui / elle / soi; nous, vous, eux / elles :) I have been time traveling to more than one place to figure out where.... Nothin lives..... I mean... those are the pronouns D:


Chris: Stop going translateing! Freddy gets another point for it's team..............................another smart dude, I see...

Question 6 - [Healing-D-Vision hard part starts NOW] Which is the track that most of the F1 old drivers liked the most? [mwahahahaha, nobody can know this]

Heavenly Heroes

Mickey: (CONF) Welp we're gonna lose this challenge.These questions don't even make sense and I'm the only one participating'

Kaelan: Sorry Mickey, I never payed attention in school, But if theres anything nerd culture related I'M YOUR MAN!

Gryph: who's idea was this? I'm gonna say the 4th track to exist in F1 history idk why I'm saying this though.

Kaelan: Hey, Atleast if we lose we'll only lose Veronica!

Kaelan: *Falls asleep*

Kaelan's Dream--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dream Chris: Kaelan you just won a million dollars!

Dream Lilly:*Kisses him*

Dream Kaelan: Wooooo *Rides on a Giant Pancake Robot*

Kaelan: *Still sleeping*

Mickey: I'm totally taking a guess here but is it Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg in Germany?

Kaelan: *wakes up*

Kaelan: Where are we? Where's my money?

Reality Stars

Azuna: Ask questions I know!

Max: Azuna if this was easy stuff we'd have to be extremely quick.

Azuna: Find the answer or shut up Max

Luna: I'm really bad in this game. (CONF: If Azuna and Max have a fight, are one of those guys eliminated. So who's gonna take with me)

Smoking Hot-Headeds

Melbourne: Seriously, Chris?

Chris: Yup! It's now the hardest questions you gotta answer :3

Melbourne:.......Laguna Seca?!

Freddy: REALLY CHRIS! Fine um.... for TV figures it is Montreal and for attendance:Silverstone, Montreal and Melbourne...  one of THEESE -.-

Lily: are you kidding me ?! i don't know the answer....i'm going with Freddy so i think it's Montreal 

Freddy: Honestly I'm hoping it's Silverstone but one of those will do..... I hope... D:]

Robin: I hope you're right.


Chris: Hahaha, you're so dum- omg, this was hard anyway, I don't know it D:. *checks Top Gear* Yeah, I definitively remember it was written in here..........................aha! The answer was Circuit de Charade, but obviously you're too dumb to answer, yeah. So, nobody got it. Let's get for who got closer.

'Circuit de Charade is in France...........nobody said' a french circuit <.<

France's nearest country is Germany, but also Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and...Great Britain, techincally. Only Mickey and Freddy got it.........but here the Smoking Hot-Headeds advantage comes! The advantage consisted on either taking a point from the Reality Stars (they guessing=SHH getting the point) or in ties getting the point, without the other thing ever happening. Well, as Reality Stars haven't guessed something yet, Smoking Hot-Headeds gets the point! WOOHOO (and I apologize for the question. I was uberly mad at you using the internet :3) Wait! It also means that Smoking Hot-Headeds GOT IN 2nd AGAIN! Congrats, you're out the battle for loserdom. Now it's Reality Stars vs Heavenly Heroes only!

Question 7 - Which is the european country which got the worst......politics..........EVER?!

Heavenly Heroes

Mickey: I'm gonna go with Great Britain

Reality Stars

Azuna: Sorry for everyone in this country but it's Greece.

Luna: No, Cyprus ..


Chris: Ok, I guess the only quiz masters were Daniel and Freddy.............. meh. I knew you were quiz failers, after all. The answer was.......ITALY! Yeah, seriously, nice place, worst politics (maybe for Greece you meant it's economical status, but I didn't mean that). Well....who got closer?...............Azuna did, cause Greece is closer to Italy. Reality Stars gets a point

Question 8 - Free thought thing! Explain the meaning of life without using the letter "c"

Heavenly Heroes

Mickey: The meaning of life is to live with no regrets. To live life to the fullest and do things that make you happy and also to make the world a better spot to live in by getting jobs to improve the lives of others. Lastly, the meaning of life is to die knowing that you have done everything that you have wanted to do in life.

Kaelan:(CONF) I had a dream earlier and I learned 2 things from it, 1. Pancakes should not mix with robots and 2. that I'm really into Lilly. I'm gonna do something after the challenge.

Reality Stars

Azuna: It's simple, there is no meaning in life, it's what you make of it, that will be the meaning of life!


Chris: Wow, I was going to give the point to the Heavenly Heroes....but that last line ruined everything D:. 2nd point for Reality Stars. FINAL QUESTION, MAYBE

Question 9 - 4 + 2 x 4 result (9-4 is not counted z.z)

Heavenly Heroes

Kaelan: Four!

Lily:'s really easy !!!!!!  

Daniel : *pops in* Can I answer?

Mickey: The answer is 4

Reality Stars

Results! HOW THE HECK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE 4?! GUYS, COUNT, IT'S 12!! 12! NOT 4! ;.;. Heavenly Heroes get the point as they were the only even....attempt.........oh my god O.o

Question 10 - Darn it.............I ran out of is my favourite character? (who answers first gets the point :D)

Heavenly Heroes

Mickey: Your favorite character is DJ

Reality Stars

​Daniel: Chris, I'm bored, Can I answer this? I'm not on the team but YOLO PLEASE

Azuna: DJ.

Luna: Owen ...


Chris: And finally, at the 10th question, THE REALITY STARS GET 3RD PLACE! *confetti*. Reality Stars, you suck, I see. Time to vote someone off.........and, to tell everyone, I'M NEVER GOING TO MERGE A TEAM INTO ANOTHER TEAM MAKING A 2 VS 2!

Elimination 2 - Heavenly Heroes

Chris: Wow, 2nd elimination in a row. It sucks, guys. You better get 1st place next time, because 3 contestants isn't that.....great. Well, everyone does vote, 0.5 value for whoever is in another team, yadda. Votey......+ Mickey's immune, again, as he did the best....seriously


Melbourne: Last time I did vote for, why not making him happy this time? *votes Veronica*

Daniel: If I vote Veronica, Maybe Phillip will forgive me!? *votes Veronica*

Freddy: Pfft, I'll waste my vote on Mickey anyway, this way it won't elimanate anyone!

Veronica: *votes for Gryph* I think, i will be eliminated .. but i dont care.

Azuna: *votes for Veronica* ha sucks to be you and ps, Melbourne is on the other team, just saying.

Robin: hmmm *votes Kaelan*

Mickey: I vote for Veronica

Chandler: I too vote for Veronica

Amber: I don't vote, it's sad!

Luna: Official, i will vote for Veronica. But i would like make the game exciting. I vote for Gryph.

Freddy: Vote Mickey! Then you don't cause an elimination!

Lara: i'm not an hero but i think that Gryph have to go cause he never said anything in this competition *Votes Gryph*

Lily: emm....i'm sorry guys but i have to vote *Votes Gryph*

Kaelan: Veronica

Gryph: Veronica (You can't vote for Mickey, Freddy user. btw Lara user Gryph is female)


Chris: Haha, one if you is going to be eliminated and.......well, except Kaelan, face the wrath of Phillip, which is our new way of torture here at the chamber in that other island :3. Did I say that.....loud? Ehm....let's go to the voting already.

Contestant Votes
Kaelan 0.5
Gryph 2.5
Veronica 5

Chris: .5 votes are quite hard to put in a table, so I decided to go on the easy way. Well, with 5 votes, Veronica is OUT! *blows her up* And yes, I'm never going to do the last words again........hehe. So, um........recap............will the Heavenly Heroes lose once again? Will Azuna marr- ehm, be a friend to Robin, and am I SO TREMENDLY AWESOME? Well, find it out on the next coolio episode of Total Drama............................After The ALL-STA- Island Again!

Episode 3 Chat

Breaking Flowers (Luxury Mansion)

Chris: Aloha, winners. The Luxury Mansion is yours, again. Enjoy :D *locks the team in the mansion*

​Daniel: If we keep winning, it will be unfair..... but..... I still want to win..... but...... THEY WANT THE MANSION TOO   :(

Lara: Sorry ? why it's unfair ?

Amber: We are so the winners! I'm so happy with you guysss! *huggs her team*


Lara: ah don't worry ! we MUST win every challenge okay ? 

Daniel: Since you put it like that..... Ok :) *hugs Lara* Thanks

Lara: ...........ahm........*Fake Smiles and Moves Away* (CONF) OH HE DARED TO HUG ME ?!!!!!!! NO ONE CAN HUG ME !!!!!!!! (END CONF)

Daniel: *smiles and yawns* I'm bored.... *Gets out a 5-STAR BREAKFAST* YAY!

Amber: We need to win every challenge.

Daniel: Ok *hugs Amber*

Lara: You are right sister ! (CONF) Amber and Daniel are good person i like them....they are my.....f-friends....i think

Amber: Yayyy! (CONF) O my gosh! My team are so nice! I love them.

Smoking Hot-Headeds (Cabin 1)

Chris: Hello, 2nd placeds.....want a surprise? HERE WE GO! *locks the team in the cabin*

Robin: this cabin is okay *lights up a cigarette* I am wondering how Azuna is doing.

Lily: yeah this cabin is okay ^-^..............................................w-what ? why are you wondering how azuna is doing ?

Robin: Oh nothing *smiles, hugs Lilly and continue smoking* everything okay with you?

Lily: mh....yeah it's everything ok- no it's not okay........Robin i have to say to you a thing....

Robin: What is it? 

Lily:'s difficult to say but i'm in l**e.....i l**e...........emm......nothing *Laughs* 

Robin: What *looks at Lily weird and continue smoking*

Melbourne: C'mon girl, don't be shy. Just say it

Freddy: Aww :D that's cute ROBILY ROBILY ROBILY ROBILY!

Robin: *smoking* WHAT? 

Freddy: *holding up a sign that says "Robily" * Or do you prefer Robuna?

Robin: what is that even suppose to mean? *finishing his cigarette*


Robin: *getting annoyed* You better stop that. *throws the cigarette out of the window*

Freddy: Ahh! You threw a cigarette out the window! THAT'S BAD LUCK WHEN I COME FROM! *starts chucking salt at Robin* ELIMANATE THE BAD LUCK!

Robin: Hey! What are you doing!?

Freddy: BEING OBNOXIOUSLY ANNOYING! *Throws Some More* Done, You can thank me later!

Robin: *throw some salt into Freddy's face* 


Lily: *Turns back* ah the cabin of the Reality Stars is closed :( 

Robin: oh that's weird, *whispers in Lily's ear* I am glad you're back I can't stand Freddy.

Lily: *Ignores Robin and Dreams*........ah...i love you ****......wait....Robin ? oh sorry.......emm....what did you say ?

Freddy: He was saying " I can't Stand freddy, Glad your back"

Robin: *get's a little bit angry* Why are you over hearing me?!? 

Freddy: Well, Your not far away... at all...

Lily: *Walks Aways and Dreams*

Robin: URHH!! *walks away to Lily* yohoooo!! *waves his hand in front of Lily's face* Someone there?

Freddy: Lily? You OK?

Lily: *Ignores Robin and Dreams* ahhh you are so sweet i love you

Freddy: Is she on drugs?

Robin: NO! Lil common!

Freddy: You're acting like her boyfriend, I was just asking! Anyway, Lily..... are you ok

Lily: *Dreams* oh....WHAT?! FREDDY ?! FREDDY LIKES WHO ?!!!!!!!!! OH NO *Cries while she is dreaming*

Robin: Listen I am just worried about her, she is my friend and our teammate. Lil, what is wrong? Please tell me.

Freddy: *gently shakes Lily* Lily? Are you ok? And I like who now?

Azuna: *kicks in the door* man I really have strong leg, anyway, did someone from this cabin went to ours?

Lily: *Hears the door of the cabin open and wakes up* THE DOOR ! THE DOOR IS OPEN *runs to the Cabin of the reality stars* YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!

Freddy: I wonder what that was about?

Robin *scratching his head* hey Azuna. 

Azuna: I guess she was the one who knocked at our door. Cya later Robin *walks back to cobin 2*

Freddy: I wonder where "Cobin 2" is.... ok only know where Cabin 2 is 

'Robin: Well I am gonna take a look WITHOUT YOU! *goes to cabin 2*

Freddy: (CONF) I have made some awesome friends today...  but I have a strange feeling that..... Lily Doesn't like me.... Robin? He can't hate me, we are OBVIOUSLY best bros!

Lily: *Tunrs back* la la la ^-^ i'm so happy i did it ^-^ YAYY.....oh god no i did it ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (CONF) WHAT I'VE DONE !!!!??!!!....ahh it felt so good...luna is so nice and no wait......*Slaps herself* 

Freddy: I saw what you did! AAAAANNNNND... AWESOME! FINNALY, Someone on this show is Awesome! 

Lily: O.O.....................................................................................................*Smiles* ahahahah *Takes Freddy on the CONF* (CONF with Freddy) WHAT DID YOU SEE ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin: I am back, *looking at Lilly and Freddy* there is a strange vibe here..

Lily: ah....y-no no...why are you saying so ?....emm....where were you ?

Robin: I went to the cabin to see what was going on but the only one who was there was Azuna. 

Freddy: Not Much.....EXCEPT ALOT!

Robin: Like what?

Freddy: Well, It went whole Lion King and "Can you feel the love tonight?" And then, BAM, BAM-ITY BAM BAM BAM!

Robin: uhm... what. (CONF) I have no idea what it ment but if I have to translate it I think he ment that they had a room and Lily could be pregnant now. But that cannot be true. hmm *thinking* (END CONF)

Lily: (CONF) there's a postitive thing that i love a girl.....that i won't never be pregant ahah xD (END CONF) *Slaps Feddy* he is a stupid boy emm......good night *goes to sleep*

Lily: *Wakes up*.......i have to talk with Luna........

Reality Stars (Cabin 2)

Chris: Look at what we got! Semi-losers.........fine. It is ok if I lock you inside the cabin? *does it anyway*

Luna: Ha Chris! Verry funny ..

Azuna: Chris there is no way you are gonna let me locked up here *tries to open the window*

Luna: So, Azuna ... still in the game! We doing great.

Azuna: yeah.. well it's not hard we haven't lost yet.

Luna: Lets keep it, i like this game ..

Lily: *Knocks the door* uhh can you open the door ?

Azuna: I wish I could but Chris locked the door...

Luna: (CONF) When the Heavenly Heroes, all of the team members be eliminated .. we have three teams. So, we need to win the competitions.

Azuna: *kicks in the locked door* Finale! I'll be right back.

Lily: Luna Luna Luna !!!!!!!

Luna: Lily? Hi babe, whats up??

Lily: *Takes Luna on the CONF*

Lily (CONF with Luna): Okay Luna.........i'm mad.........*Kisses Luna and Walks away*

Freddy: *just came In* D: ....... Did Lily just..... EW! (CONF) Girl x Girl......... YAY! SOME ACTION!

Azuna: *comes back* where is Luna ohwell.

Robin: *reaches this cabin* this took me way too long, wait where is everone.

Azuna: I don't know, what are you doing here.

Robin: Yeah Azuna I was wondering what is going on, just a question, do you still l...

Azuna: *kisses Robin* Don't worry, we are fine, just don't forget to play the game.

Robin: Yeah *blushes* I'll go back.

Azuna: That's alright, *gives him a kiss again*

Robin: *smiles and goes back to cabin 1*

Luna: *walks back and is in love with Lily and realises she's an lesbian chick* Eh ... hey guys .

Azuna: Where did you came from?

Luna: Toilet ..

Azuna: That long? You know what I don't even wanna know.. 

Lily: *Gets on the Cabin 2* Luna...Luna !

Luna: Lily! Whats up?

Heavenly Heroes (Boney Island)

Chef: Having fun? Hehe, whatever. Next challenge features YOU.......meh, Chris told me so, what should I do?

Challenge 3 - Losers Re-Venge!

Chris: *everyone else finds out to be in a super big room* Hello, contestants......or better, HH victims! Today's challenge is going to be simple......AND DEADLY! Haha, guess what? Since they lost two times already, the Heavenly Heroes are going against you, and if you don't want to be up for elimination, you better be ready to SURVIVE! Ok, basically, the Heavenly Heroes are going to knock out all of you, and if they manage to do so, they'll be safe from elimination. The team which goes out first is facing elimination. Anyway, in this room, we have 10 spots, all with barricades......or sorta. These are protecting you (their value is 2 lines). If you want to be secured in your spot, you have to upgrade the barricade (1 line) of that spot, but warning: the cannon theyre going to use.......hehe, yeah, a cannon, takes out 2 LINES! That's not very good, so you have to work good. Also, first you have to reach a spot first if you want to get in a safety spot. Heavenly Heroes are coming later, so decide a strategy and START BUILDING! 3,2,1, GO! (I'll explain HH rules later, but now, you have to get in a spot *gets in spot 1, for example* and then, later, start build, which is worth 1 line.)

Melbourne: Wait, I think Mickey is pretty strong.........MEEP *goes to spot 4* (Teams can stay togheter, divide into different spots, and even reunite with other teams. Building lines only go for the spot you are in, and yes, you have to go to a spot first, you don't start from one.)

Luna: So what we must do, is eh ... run?

Daniel: Robin, Azuna Lets hide together! *hides in Spot 8*

Luna: *hides in Spot 7*

Chandler: *hides in Spot 5*

Lara: soo.....ah....-.- *Hides in spot 2*

Lily: wow this challenge is so awsome !! *Hides in Spot 7* 

Freddy: *teleports to Spot 7* NO ONE WILL FIND ME HERE!

Amber: *hides in spot 2* No one can find me. Hihi.

Freddy: Oh..... I hid with Luna and Lily..... How convenient since I seen them...... ew

Luna: *whispers to Lily* Lily!

Freddy: Yay!

Lily: *Blushes* yes Luna ?

Luna: You said my name, this morning!

Lily: emm...yes i wanted to talk with you for yesterday on the confessional when i.....emm....

Luna: *she laughs* Hihi .. it was fun.

Lily: ..emm....r-reeallyy ? ah...hahah *Laughs*.....ah...(CONF) oh wow she...she accepted it !!

Luna: *see's Freddy don't looks to us and kisses Lily* I love you *blushes*

Lily: w-wow....*Laughs* i love you too

Melbourne: Oh....wait....A CANNON?! *builds barricade* (THAT'S WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO z.z)

Lily: *Builds barricade* 

Max: *hides in spot 7* umm hi.

Chandler: *builds barricade*

Azuna: *hides in spot 5* 

Robin: *hides in spot 5*

Daniel: *builds Barricade*

Robin: let's go to hide stop 8!

Azuna: Why that?

Robin: than we can hide together with Daniel.

Azuna: We are all on different teams and I stay here, if you want to go sure be my guest.

Robin: Okay *go hides in spot 8*

Azuna: *building a baracade* (CONF) I told him to play the game! He should not loose because we feel stuff for eachother and ps we are NOT a official couple.. yet or ever!. Sure I like him but in this game I am only playing for me! (END CONF)

Chris: Hehehehe! *brings in the HH* Ok, guys. Here's your job. You have a cannon, and you have to wipe out all the other contestants. Each one of you can use it, and you have to shoot at the barricades, eventually trying to destroy them. The cannon is worth 2 lines, so it's going to be GREAT (post *shoots cannon at # spot barricade). If there isn't a barricade and there are persons on it, just shoot at these poor victims, sending them out, and moving some steps near your victory! FYI, here's the spots

Spot 1:

Spot 2: Amber, Lara (2 lines barricade)

Spot 3:

Spot 4: Melbourne (3 lines barricade)

Spot 5: Azuna, Chandler (4 lines barricade)

Spot 6:

Spot 7: Max, Lily, Freddy, Luna (3 lines barricade)

Spot 8: Robin, Daniel (3 lines barricade)

Spot 9:

Spot 10: Everyone else as the didn't want to move and eventual no-moving would be considered as godplay (A.K.A Bruno, Tamara, Dorothy and Mark) (2 lines barricade)

Chris: Ready to pwn? GO!

Melbourne: :s *builds barricade* (4)

Lara: *Builds Barricade* 

Lily: *Builds barricade* (2)

Daniel: *builds up Baricade*

Gryph: *shoots spot 10*

Max: *builds Barricade*

Melbourne: *builds barricade*

Daniel: *builds Barricade 2*

Lily: *Builds Barricade* (3)

Lara: *Builds Barricade* (2)

Daniel: *Builds Barricade* Done, You should help

Lily: *Builds Barricade* (4)

Lara: *Builds Barricace* (3)

Melbourne: *builds barricade* (barricade building never ends)  

Daniel: *Builds Barricade, Realizing Robin won't help at the moment 4* La-La-La!

Freddy: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: *Builds Barricade* (5)

Lara: *Builds Barricade* (4)

Freddy: *Builds Barricade 2*

Daniel: *Builds Barricade 5*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: Great Luna ^-^ *Builds Barricade*

Lara: *Builds Barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade* Thankyou hon!

Amber: *Looks weird and builds barricade*

Lily: ^-^ *Builds Barricade*

Lara: *Builds Barricade* 

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Gryph: *shoots spot 10* revenge is sweet.

Max: *builds barricade* umm guys hate to break it to ya but Gryph is gonna knock 2 members of our team Luna.

Chandler: *builds barricade*

Mickey: *shoots spot 7*

Chris: Aw, it's a 3vs4vs4 situation now!

Melbourne: *builds barricade* FASTER D:

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Robin: *building a barricade*

Azuna: wait what happend..*building barricade*

Lily: *Builds barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Chandler: *builds barricade*

Mickey: *shoots spot 8*

Azuna: *building a barricade*

Robin: *building a barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Gryph: *shooys spot 8*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Chandler: *builds barricade*

Mickey: *shoots spot 7*

Lily: *Builds barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Azuna: *building a barricade*

Robin: *building a barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: *Builds Barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Azuna: We can easily outlast these loosers * building a barricade*

Robin: Daniel help. *building a barricade*

Lily: *Builds barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Daniel: *builds barricade*

Freddy: *builds barricade*

Robin: *bulds Barricade*

Azuna: *bulds Barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Lily: *Builds barricade* c'mon Luna we can win this !

Robin: *bulds Barricade*

Azuna: *bulds Barricade*  *shouts to Lily* You mean me and Luna, she is on my team not yours!

Daniel: *builds barricade* *sigh* REALLY!? REALLY GUYS!?

Amber: *Builds Barricade and screams* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH. *everyone is be silent*

Luna: *Builds Barricade and looks to Amber*

Lily: emm...yeah..yeah..i know i meant Freddy....ah.....*Fake Smiles and Builds barricade* Robin: What? *builds barricde*

Azuna: *building barricade* Who is that girl who screamed that loud?

Luna: Its Amber ..

Lara: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: *Builds Barricade* 

Freddy: Amber is the name of the 49th President of the USA in the future..... before she nuked the country and USA went into hiding for 3 years

Azuna: Who the f*** is Amber? Robin: *Builds barricade* how big is this thing suppose to be?

Freddy: #Liluna! :3 *begins texting*

Daniel : As big as.... never ending -.-

Luna: Azuna, Amber is the dumb blonde from this season.

Amber: O MY GOSH! I BROKE A NAIL. Lily: FREDDY ?!!!!!! *Builds Barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: *Builds barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Robin: Isn't that Lindsay?

Azuna: What He said

Lily: *Builds Barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade* She looks as Lindsay, but yeah ..

Azuna: hmmm *with a evil smile on her face* *building a barricade* (CONF) a easy to be manipulated person. this way I can get rid of the biggest threat out of the game.(END CONF)

Chris: Woah! It seems like the HH are going to lose again.......*activates a breaking ball which knocks Max and Freddy, sending them to spot 10, which is knocked out* Hey, you two, if you don't want to get out, BE QUICK! And also......*spot 7 gets demolished a bit, losing 6 lines barricades, same for spot 8, 2 and 5* Hey, don't blame me, it would've been too easy! And soon, cannons will power up >:)

Melbourne: Meh *builds barricade* [6] (Can you try to count the amount of lines for your barricade, cause it's getting confusing. Anyhow, spot 7 haves 15 lines, while spot 8 haves 8 lines. SPOT 2 HAVES 23 LINES. Spot 5 haves 10 lines. My spot haves 6 lines and the other spots, but spot 10 which haves 0 lines, got 2 lines only. Seriously, HH, by teamworking you can destroy the other ones.)

Robin: I will keep on building *building the barricade*

Azuna: *building the barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: *Builds Barricade* 

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Robin: *building the barricade*

Azuna: *building the barricade*

Lily: *Building the barricade*

Lara: *Building the barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: *Builds Barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Azuna: Chris can you just let team HH lost *building a barricade*

Robin: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: *Builds barricade*

Lara: this is the first time of my life that i'm agree with Azuna *Building barricade*

Chandler: *builds barricade*

Mickey: *shoots spot 2*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Lily: *Builds barricade*

Melbourne: *builds barricade*

Chris: Ok, I guess *powers up the cannons* NOT! Now the cannon take out 3 lines! Enjoy >:)

Chandler: *builds barricade* (5)

Mickey: *shoots spot 2*

Azuna: *building Barricade*

Robin: *building barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: *Builds barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Chandler: *builds barricade* (6)

Mickey: *shoots spot 8*

Daniel: *builds Barricade 7* Ahh! WHY MICKEY!?

Freddy: Ahhhhhhh *builds Barricade 1* INACTIVES! HELP! I'M DOOMED!

Chris: *cough*HHsucks*cough* I'm soon going to end this challenge, so this is the final help z.z *all barricades, and I say, everyone, loses 5 lines*

Melbourne: CHRIS, WHY?! *builds barricade*

Luna: Damn i'm tired. *Builds Barricade*

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Freddy: I HATE YOU CHRIS!! *builds barricade 1*

Daniel: *builds barricade 3* Grr

Amber: *Builds Barricade*

Luna: *Builds Barricade*

Lily: *Builds barricade*

Lara: *Builds barricade*

Chris:.........................................Stop...................HH.......................again.......................elimination.................why?...............................................................anyhow, Reality Stars gets 3rd place, again, winner. Yeah, about that.......................BOTH SHH AND BKF WIN! Yeah, cause that's possible. And now, Heavenly Heroes, another elimination awaits you

=Elimination 3 - Heavenly.....Heroes.....SERIOUSLY?!

Chris: How much I'd like to see one member immune, I don't want to. Everybody is up for elimination in your team. Yes, Mickey, you're too. Anyhow, everyone votes, you know the rules


Melbourne: At least it's not me...but still *votes for Kaelan* You did nothing....really...

Daniel: Um.... Mickey? Because he's too strong, Kaelan? Because not active..... Yeah Kaelan *votes kaelan*

Freddy: FRIENDS STICK TO TOGETHER!! *votes Mickey* Too strong, we need the HH to keep losing! *starts whispering* and so Kaelan isn't voted off

Amber: *votes for Kaelan*

Luna: *Votes for Kaelan*

Lily: i guess Kaelan is nice so i will vote for the strongest of this team *Votes Mickey* 

Lara: Gryph,Mickey,'s the same *Votes Mickey*

Azuna: You've been safe for two times so you're a threat! *votes Mickey*

Robin: I don't know how this happend or didn't happend. *votes Mickey*

Mickey: *votes Kaelan* (CONF) My team is going to crumble with or without me

Chandler: *votes Kaelan*


Chris: Aw, the closest ceremony for now. Anyhow, I'm going to show only the 2 who got the most votes, and guess what? Gryph is safe! *throws at her a knife, she avoids luckily* You can't proclaim yourself safe, anyway :P. Anyhow, Kaelan, Mickey, what we got here? Kaelan, you're on the boot for doing anything in the challenge.'re a threat. What to say? Anyhow, here we reveal the votes

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5

Chris: Booh, so sad! Kaelan, with 4,5 votes, you're eliminated! Bah-bye! *blows him up with a mine, cause he can*. So, Mickey, I'm surprised about you getting votes, so.....why not spicing up the things? Hehe, remember Phillip revenger thing, anyone? Well, the same thing now GOES FOR MICKEY! *confetti*. Haha, whoever voted for him (Freddy, Lily, Lara, Azuna, Robin) is not going to have a nice stay. Mickey, here's what you can do: during the season, you'll be able to mess up the contestants by having so much fun things to do! You can disband their performance, making it not counting, double the votes at their elimination, make him work for another team and if they lose they'll be INSTA-eliminated....EVERYTHING :D. You can do that only once per person, still. Once it's done, you can't do it anymore. Ready for getting your sweet revenge? I guess so. Anyhow, will Amber and Lara duo strike and get in the finale? Will Robin stop getting trolled for *shouting* LOVING AZUNA? And who will lose the next challenge? Find it out here, on TOTAL.............DRAMA..................AFTER THE ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...........I'm pretty sure I'm missing a word...

Episode 4 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Smoking Hot-Headeds and Breaking Flowers)

Chris: Hello, luckies. You're the best teams of this season, ain't it right? Duh, whatever. Freddy, stop seeking for your things, I've sent them to Boney Island! Why?.............YOU'RE SWITCHING TEAMS! Yeah, you're going to the Heavenly Lose- Heroes because Gryph is lazy, while Gryph is switching to the Smoking Hot-Headeds! Isn't that fun? Anyhow, have a nice stay!

Melbourne: WAIT! I ACTUALLY LIKED FRE- um............hey Gryph, how it's going?

Amber: Oh .. hi there.

Robin: *lights up a cigarette and start smoking* Hi Gryph, welcome to the team. *shakes her hand*

Lily: *Cries* oh no Freddy !!!!......(CONF) *Cries* i want freddy back !!!!!

Daniel: Not to be rude, but you slapped Freddy across the face, ignored him and your crying he's on the other team?

Lily: ah you can't understand !!!!! *Walks away*

Lara: ahahaha you are right Daniel xD

Lily: and you shut up !!....


Amber: *looks to Daniel* Your hair is awesome.

Lily: your hair is awesome Amber ^-^

Robin: *continue smoking* I am glad he is gone, or on the other team, he annoyed me..

Daniel: Oh..... Thanks? And that's Kind of rude...... but it's your opinion

Amber: *Smiles to Lily* Ahw thankyou so much! That's sweet. You are the girl from Luna, right?

Lily: *Smiles to Amber* eh yes you're right ^-^ 

Amber: Ahw cute! But sometimes.. she is a devil!

Robin: I usualy don't say that about people but he really annoyed me to the point I almost wanted to punch him.

Amber: Who do you want to push?

Lily: he is talking about Freddy -.- *Cries*

Melbourne: Well, he was a cool gu- annoying dude, annoying dude, yeah (CONF) GOSH, WHY DID HE LEFT? Ok, he was annoying...but he was so cute. I'll miss him....

Amber: Ahw! *Hugs Lily* It will be fine, you have a nice team with Gryph!

Robin: I am sorry Lily, but I just can't stand if people throw something in my face. (CONF) My father used to do that when we were fighting he also cut me with a broken beer bottle *shows a scare near his neck* if it was hit a little higher I might have died! (END CONF)

Lily: thanks Amber you are so nice ^-^ anyways i have to go *Leaves and goes to cabin 1*

Daniel: What did he throw? Why is Lily crying? Why is Melbourne calling Freddy Cool? UNANSWERED QUESTIONS AAH

Amber: I want a pink horse.

Robin: Salt, I know it's not bad but it makes me angry, and if I get angry I start to look like my father when he is sober and angry, I don't want that to happen.

Lara: *Gets bored* (CONF) ah....this is so boring....

Amber: I think there will be fight at the Reality Stars cabin! *runs to cabin Reality Stars*

Daniel: Eh... me too *Runs to Cabin 1*

Robin: I come along *continue smoking and walks to cabin 1*

Lily: *Cries*

Freddy: WAIT!!! *gives Lily a Luna and Lily Doll* These are to celebrate your relationship!

Robin: *comes back and walk up to Lily and ignores Freddy* I heard what happend. are you okay?

Freddy: Do you like them? *smiles expectantly*

Gryph: Uh hi there BTW it's best if you don't shake my hand because I don't have the fire proof gloves on and it will burn your hand.

Freddy: *gives Gryph fire proof gloves* there mandatory in the future, invented by a great girl named Gryph!

Gryph: 1. I already had fire proof gloves I am not wearing them though. 2. Aren't you suppose to be on Boney Island? 3. Gryph is my name, and 4. What do you mean mandatory in the future? Wait a second, you are from the future!

Freddy: *scared* N-noooo.... o-of course not.... 1. Sorry *takes mine back* 2. I can escape [you shouldn't have done that] 3. Pure coincidence 4........ H-heh h-heh h-heh...... *gulp* Um.. I Geuss there is, hypothetically, in theory, possibly ,in retro aspect a small, eency weency chance I am..... *avoids eye contact*

Chef: *breaks in, angry* THAT'S IT, YOU'RE GETTING BACK TO BONEY ISLAND, BRAT *grabs Freddy and brings him away, AND THERE'S NO WAY OF ESCAPE >:(*

Cabin 1 (Reality Stars)

Chris: Please, just don't tell me you're going to be the new Poached Class. JUST DON'T SAY IT! Anyhow, you're pretty weak. You better recover. Bye

Luna: OK Chris.

Azuna: I am not gonna be like that d**k that is my brother GET IT!!

Luna: I misses Lily .. *thinks on her*

Azuna: Say what now? You miss... Lily, Why?

Lily: *Walks in* you were talking about me ? 

Luna: Well, Azuna .. she's my girlfriend. *runs to Lily and hugs her*

Azuna: Wait what, girlfriend? I thought she liked Robin.

Luna: You said what now?

Lily: Robin ? ahaha no she was joking ! ahaha right Azuna ?!! 

Luna: *Looks to Lily* If you play a game with me, you get know my other side, you know?

Azuna: I said, I thought she likes Robin, you know that guy on her team. That smokes and talks sh** about his dad. And if I am not wrong, Daniel has proof you pretty much almost kissed him in Sweet dreams or something.

Amber: *walks in* Hi there!

Lily: WHAT ?! THIS IS NOT TRUE !!!!  

Daniel: *walks in* my name was mentioned

Azuna: That's what Daniel said, I am just the one bringing it up.

Luna: *Have tears in her eyes*

Lily: no no wait calm down belive in her ?!

Daniel: It was in a Kiss and Hug competition, It was probably nothing * looks guilty*

Robin: *arives* What is nothing? 

Luna: *gets crazy and walks outside*

Amber: *runs behind her*

Robin: What's wrong? *continue smoking*

Amber: *walks with Luna* What's going on?

Daniel: You and Lilys kiss!!

Freddy: *arrives* Hiya!! *starts chucking salt around*

Lily: *Sees Robin and Cries*

Robin: Lily are you alright? *glares at Freddy*

Lily: *Walks away*

Luna: I think .. i will quit with this game .. *cries*

Amber: NO ! Luna!  

Freddy: *hands Lily a Luna Doll*  There! I thought your mad at me so I made you something! :)

Azuna: Way to go Robin.

Robin: What is going on.

Azuna: Well Luna likes Lilly but I said she pretty much almost kissed you and now they are both sad.

Robin: What? She did kiss me but that was one sided, she liked me but I didn't felt anything for her.

Azuna: Not my fault I don't watch TD I am only in it. Blame Dan for that.

Daniel: *punches self* WHY!? * Punches his own stomach* HOW COULD YOU!? *gives self a black eye*

Robin: What are you doing? Let's go back, Azuna are you coming with us?

Azuna: Nope I have got used to this place.

Robin: Okay *goes back*

Luna: Leave me alone Amber!

Amber: *walks back to mansion*

Boney Island (Heavenly Heroes)

*Mickey is alone*

Chef: Hey Mickey, guess what! Gryph is not in the team anymore! You're going to be ALONE. MWAHAHAHA- joking. Chris made a switch. Now you're with Freddy, which I....don't even know why he is in this team, he's an antagonist. Duh, enjo- oh yeah, 500+1 PUSH-UPS, NOW!

Freddy: Sorry for voting you.... I'm a dead man -.- anyway.... Antagonist? I ain't no antagonist!

Mickey: It's cool Freddy. You gotta do what you gotta do. I don't hold grudges

Freddy: I forgot Gryph was there, XD



Challenge 4 - Tales of a Weirdo Unleash

Chris: *loud* HI CONTESTANTS. So, I have an announcement to make. The season we're partecipating in....IS THE ALL-STAR ONE *confetti*. Nah, just for the challenges, not the contestants. Why now? Well, because next season will be SO different that there will be no way of COMING BACK......or there will be? ;). Anyhow, we're switching to the good ol' Total Drama After The Action. Today I'm splitting to the two teams of that season which sucked badly. That's right: Team Unleash and Team Weirdo. 2 teams per one.....or, sort-of. The Heavenly Heroes are in 2, shame on them, so each team will feature 4 contestants partecipating.....AND THE REST WILL BE IMMUNE :D. Nah, it wont :P. The Heavenly Heroes and the Reality Stars are the Team Unleash, while The Breaking Flowers and The Smoking Hot-Headeds are the Team Weirdo (cause they are). HH guys are partecipating for sure. I need 2 from the RS, from the BF and from the SH before we start!

Melbourne: I'll go for my team! (CONF) If I manage to win for the team, they won't consider me a...waste! I don't know, but still. I hope we don't lose! (END CONF)

Daniel: I'll Go for the Braking Flower!

Freddy: Aw.... I have to go...

Chef: YOU STAY HERE, BRAT! *takes some dogs which wants to kill Freddy or something*

Freddy: BY THAT I MEANT COMPETE FOR THE TEAM!! ..... I LOVE DOGS *turns them into Puppys* restored their youth

Chef: Aw, so cute *turns them back to ferocious dogs*

Freddy: Ahh! Why, Chris!?

Amber: Shall i do anything?

Daniel: Me and You!

Chris: Uh, hurry up, you have just to say "I offer myself!". It isn't hard. I need 1 more for SHH and 2 more for RS z.z

Azuna: Ugh, team unleas was the bad one right, that is not good.

Daniel: YAY!! Me and Amber will be with Melbourne and...... Anyone?

Freddy: Aw.... I hate getting transferred

Robin: Team weirdo, idk if that's good who else is on this team? 

Daniel: WAIT.. Team Weirdo? That's MEAN! oh.... and I'm On team Weirdo

Freddy: And I'm on Team Unleash…………  Better than Team Weirdo :)

Gryph: Carful what you say your team may end up being renamed Team Leashed or something.

Max: I offer myself.

Chris: So, uh, Mickey, Freddy, Azuna, Max vs Daniel, Amber, Melbourne and Robin? DECIDE PLEASE, IN 3 SECONDS

​Daniel: Ok

Chris: COOL! Finally.....oh well. Anyone do remember the film we had in Total Drama Action? *gets out of the building immediately and locks the door 1982451782937189237198x1849024810923809128310925+1 times* THE ZOMBIES ARE ATTACKING YOU! WHICH TEAM SURVIVES WINS! *zombies start to attack* (You have technically to organize yourself, avoiding the death of your teammates. You can do anything, just do not godplay :)

Melbourne: WHAT?! *hides behind a wall* (Oh yeah, and whoever is not partecipating is INSIDE THE BUILDING AND IS DEAD :)*

Freddy: Must PROTECT FUTURE!!!!! *hides behind Melbourne* Tommorow.... Protect tommorow

Daniel: *cries and runs away* This is not what I had in mind

Azuna: *get's Daniel and use him as shield*

Robin: *breaks off a stick* I CAN HANDLE YOU!

*zombie grabs the stick and throws it away*

Daniel: *hides behind Robin* Ahh... Azuna I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!

Freddy: I KNOW *goes to the future and comes back with a sandwich* Yum

Robin: *hit's zombie's with the stick*

Azuna: We are on different teams!!


Azuna: Well we have to survive to win so yeah it's kinda the challenge to get the other killed.

Robin: CAN YOU BOTH PLEASE SHUT THE F*CK UP (CONF) wow I need to stop acting like dad ugh!!! *hit's himself with a stick* (END CONF)

Daniel: *starts getting really sad* Oh.... *hides*

Lara: so i don't have to do anything

Mickey: Oh no what are we gonna do?!?!

Azuna: But don't worry I would rather throw Freddy in the zombie hands but he is on my team.

Robin: AHHH!!! *walks off while hitting zombies*

Azuna: What's with him?


Azuna: Uhm no, I am just wanna use you as shield.

Robin: What is going on with me? (CONF) I feel so confused (END CONF)

Daniel: *whimpers and hides more* ...still...

Azuna: See it like you're my guarding angel you fight off all the evil people and keep me safe.

Robin: *walking around with his hand on his head*

Daniel: R-robin? *whimpers* What's wrong?

Robin: I don't know I feel so sad and mad inside. (CONF) It's the same way I feel after I fought with my dad, I don't get it (END CONF)

Azuna: Usually I don't do this *grabs Robin's hand* just sit down.

Daniel: Maybe you just don't like loud noises? *hides farther*

*zombies bite Daniel and Melbourne head*

Melbourne: NO WAY! *takes a random gun and shoots at a single zombie* WHY THERE ARE SO MANY?! D:

Azuna: DANIEL!! *kicks a zombie in the face*

Robin: *hand on his forehead* Ugh *sits down*.

Max: Well guess I will try to survive. *gets a pistol from the ground* this thing is out of ammo.

  • zombies take out Melbourne's shotgun and head for her*

Melbourne: D: *runs away and hides behind Max*

Daniel :*cries* Bye guys, I don't know where I was bitten *hides behind Melbourne*

Mickey: We should probably....RUN!! *runs*

Robin: *holds his head and sees a knife* hmm this could be usefull *picks up the knife*

Azuna: Well Dan, you could've atleast say thank you..

Daniel: Thank You.... *checks to see where bite is*

Max: hmm *sees ammo in the ground, picks it up, and puts it in the gun* ok ready. *shoots the zombie in the head*

Daniel: *patches wound* O-ok, I'll be safe for 30-60 minutes

*or not...zombies bite Daniel again*

Daniel: *Runs away from them* Ok, Time to write my will: I leave my mom; all my money, I leave MY dad; My house (lives on his own), I leave Chris; My gold video game I leave my friend Jared; NOTHING! HE DIDN'T TURN UP TO ANY OF MY BIRTHDAYS!

*REVELATION: It takes 3 lines for zombies to kill you, 1 line for killing a zombie (a single one)....and needd to know the rest. 3 zombies are attacking Daniel, and if they succeed, he's gone for good.*

Melbourne: HEY, HE'S FROM OUR TEAM *shoots at zombie*

Daniel: *knocks off zombies head* Ahhh!

Freddy: SAVE EVERYONE!! EVEN FROM OTHER TEAM!! *teleports zombies head into the future*

Melbourne: *shoots at zombie* Yeah! They're gone. Thanks Fred-

  • 4 zombies attack Melbourne, and she can't help*

Melbourne: D: NO

Freddy: *grabs Melbourne's hand and runs* LETS GO!!

Robin: ARGH!! *cuts off the head of a zombie*

Azuna: *looks confused at Robin8 (CONF) wait did I just see that? He just cut of a zombie head.. I have the coolest boyfrien.... I mean pff I could've done that too. (END CONF)

Freddy: *teleports a sword into the zombie' s skull* YEAH! REVENGE!

Max: *shoots a zombie* Freddy how did you teleport a sword into a zombie? Just curious.


Max: What's with the ums?


  • 6 zombies are attacking Max, 4 are attacking Freddy, and Melbourne got bit 1 time* + *1 zombies bites Freddy nomatterwhat*

Azuna: *picks up a bazuka* How do these things work?

Robin: *pulls a zombie to the ground by it's head and cut's it's head of it's body*

Freddy: *Gets bitten on arm then cuts off the zombies head* Grr

Azuna: *shoots a zombie behind her with the bazoka* Whoops.

Max: *shoots a zombie* umm a little help here?

Chris: *yawns* This is SO BORING! Well, I have to announce....part 1 of 3 is DONE! Yeah, offprogram thing. Verywell, this challenge wasn't about having the most survivors, but instead HAVING THE BEST PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!! Well, it seems that HH+RS got the best teamwork here, so THEY WIN PART 1 :D. Next challenge *everyone is magically alive and out that chamber* Remember the point challenge we had in that season? Well, here we got 17 cards, which goes from 1 point to 17. Team couple which got the biggest score wins.....and since HH are in only 2, HH+RS gets 3 points as an advantage.

Melbourne: Luck challenge....oh no, I suck at these -.- *picks card 12*

Lara: ahh i don't understand ! I HAVE TO COMPETE OR NOT ?!

Robin: *stabs card 17*

Azuna: Robin are you okay *picks card 6*?

Max: *picks card 12*

Daniel: Robin... Are you ok..? *picks card 4*


Mickey: *picks card 7*

Gryph: Daniel... did you have to repeat Azuna's line? *picks card 8*

Chris: Urgh, was sleeping....wait, ONLY 8 CARDS WERE PICKED?! WHY?! ,., you guys suck so much even at THIS SIMPLE THING. Whatever, score time!

RS+HH got...............................

















15 POINTS! SHH+BF got....


















44 POINTS! THEY WIN. And yeah, Lara everyone could've compete. Now, tiebreaker challenge ;.;. EVERYONE PARTECIPATES, REALLY! So, um, the first team couple to have 7 people do the flop win the challenge.

Melbourne: Really? What is tha- *flops randomly* (1 point for us :D)

Azuna: What the hack is the flop? *does what she thinks the flop is*

Robin: *does the flop*

Daniel: FLOP!! *does the flop, but lands on his face, breaking his nose!* uh..

Amber: Sorry, currently inactive. But i'm back. *does the flop*

Gryph: it's when you fall to the ground and hit your face with it. Sorry if I'm explaining it horribly but oh well *does the flop*

Max: *does the flop*

Daniel: *cries* My nose is broke

Freddy: *flips*

Mickey: *does the flop*

Azuna: Chris, announce a winner already!

Chris: Sure *slaps Azuna* Anyhow, ONLY 11 POSTED? BUT WE'RE IN THE FINAL 17!!!! These 6 are going to pay someday .-. Anyhow, 6 points for BF+SHH and.....4 points for HH+RS...which means THEY LOSE! D:, you suck. Well, we're going into the elimination! Say bye to someone....

Elimination 4 - Reality Stars + Heavenly Heroes

....actually someTWO! This is a double elimination everyone! And what's the bad of it...*stares at HH* well. I will make a challenge for both of you, heroes, but Reality Stars is having a normal elimination. Only that team can vote, cause, you know, eliminating threats ruins the fun z.z

Voting (for Reality Stars)

Azuna: (CONF) Bye bye Max *draw a cross on his picture*  NO ONE PUSHES ME IN A PIT AND DOESN'T GET ELIMINATED, besides you have been useless to us. (END CONF)

Robin: (CONF) Why am I here I don't even need to vote, anyway I do have something to say. I feel terrible how I acted today *sigh* I hope Azuna isn't mad.(END CONF)

Luna: (CONF) I think this is the right choice to do. *draw a cross to Max his picture* I'm in a alliance with Azuna, so yeah ...

Survival (for Heavenly Heroes)

Freddy: Well, I'm out... obviously

Chris: Oh yeah, your show-off.....state why you should stay!


Amber: *runs to Freddy* NO, STAY! PLEASE ?!?  *cries and runs away*

Lily: O.O okayy.......emm Freddy after this you should go out but i can't live without you so CHRIS YOU HAVE TO GET MICEY OUT AND FREDDY IN (CONF) yeah i think Mickey is out 

Freddy: What did I do? (CONF) in my time, that's what happens after a while into the season... true fact, it's on WikiPedia - The world's biggest rip off (END CONF) Thanks Lily and Amber

Mickey: Well I should stay because I have done every single challenge so far and I've made this show interesting with people always trying to vote me off. My team would've crumbled without me and this show would be less entertaining with the Heavenly Heroes losing every challenge with no one participating. You wouldn't want somebody who doesn't participate and doesn't cause drama would you Chris? I cause drama by just participating in challenges, which is why everyone is now against me. If I were to go home now, I wouldn't think of it as 17th place, but as 1st place for the Heavenly Heroes and honestly Freddy doesn't cause drama, he's just crazy. Just read his plead to stay. Would you want someone who is crazy and friends with everybody and risk having a friendship finale? Or would you want someone who is sane and has a lot of people against them for no reason at all and have an enemy finale where the final 2 are enemies and will stop at nothing to win. Think about who will contribute to the ratings Chris and like I said, if I have to go, I have to go.

Lily: w-wow Mickey you did your best *-*


Chris: Ok, everyone, it is time for the ceremony. Let's suck. Yeah, truly, you do! Anyway, first we have the Heavenly Heroes match. Here's my ratings


---Mickey: That's a worth reason. You're also the one which needs revenge, so...---

which means FREDDY IS THE FIRST OUT! And now, for the elimination of the Reality Stars. No table cause I'm lazy. First marshmallow goes to......Azuna! 2nd one goes to.....Luna! 3 more. Bruno is next, and now it's down to Mark and Max.............the boot-off dude is...................























MARK! Along with Dorothy. Bye *blows them up and they're sent to the tortutre chamber*. Yeah, they told me they would've quit.....what? Yeah, so this whole thing was useless, but it caused drama. Drama increased rankings, everyone is happy, lalalala. Oh yeah, Luna the dumb villain revealed she has an alliance with Azuna *trollface*, Good luck...oh yeah, Freddy and Max are safe. Go on.

Episode 5 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Breaking Flower and Smoking Hot-Headeds)

Chris: Nice winner teams we got here! Congrats, you're pretty strong....and yes, a little announcement. THE HEAVENLY HEROES ARE DISBANDED. Which means the Smoking Hot-Headeds are regetting Freddy back! Happy doomsday *locks the door (for fun this time) and shuts of the lights, takes out the windows and....something else, idk*

Melbourne: I don't care about that. YAY, FREDDY IS BACK WITH US, I LOVE Y- how it's going?

Amber: Freddy is nice!

Freddy: I don't know why Mickey was being mean to me by calling me crazy, I have an IQ of 506 - about over average for my tim- I mean town... town, Oh And HIIIII! Melbourne! Daniel! Robin! Lily! Amber! Everyone else! Hi!

Daniel: He's Back? Oh... YAY!!

Robin: *playing guitar and singing a song *

Freddy: Well, if Chris won't mind, I'm going to watch my DVD!

Daniel: Do we even have a t-

Freddy: *pulls out a tv and watches Chris's Cooking Show* this guy is SUPER ugly

Robin: *finishes his song* So what do yall think about that? Dan?

Daniel: It's Great! I never knew you liked singing! (CONF) Most people I know always play the guitar... I honestly hardly know what a guitar is ... but he sounds great.

Robin: Thanks, Azuna re-taught me playing guitar, not that I "unlearned" it, it's just that I haven't played guitar for 5 years and Azuna plays pretty much every instruments and sings very good too. So yeah she is a great teacher. What did you do after TD hotel?

Daniel: Well, I took my dad's job at being a policeman but then quit because I don't like hurting people. Then I took a designer exam course but my friend wanted me to stay with him as he auditioned for a role in a tv show, He signed me up too, I WON my audition and so did he and we play two of the main roles in that show "Behind The Scenes" , It got world wide acclaim but I'm skipping this current season, Season 8, to play on this show. I also won Big Family Season 3, so I've been good.... yet paparazzi is weird... what is your job?

Robin: wow you did alot, well first I recovered from that wound, than Azuna wanted to meet my dad and you know how I feel about that but he did supricingly nice, atleast if Azuna was around that was I am still finishing school and Azuna is with me most of the time, she moved from Japan to where I live which is awesome she let my mother life with her so I see her more often but so far so great, the wound still hurts abit though. Were you bothered how I acted yesterday during the challenge, cause I wasn't acting like my usual self.

Daniel: No, you're my friend and I respect how you fell, if you get angry or not, I don't have any friends except Liam in Toronto, Canada... it's rather cold... So I'm fine with yesterday

Robin: Thanks buddy, yeah I didn't knew what was came over me yesterday, 

Daniel: It's ok, people get frustrated like one time my dad started yelling at me and my sister for going down to the Market Place and said locked my older sister in her room and sent me to bed.... I wish my dad was still alive... and one time Liam punched me in the arm for ripping up his test accidentally. We all get frustrated.

Robin: I am sorry Dan, how old was he?

Daniel: 31... he married at the age of 18, I was born when he was a 17 year old and my sister was at 15, he had to take a protection program for early children! I tried to get enough money to pay my dad back for raising me... h-he died 5 weeks ago, 5 days before his birthday when I was going to surprise him with the money..

Amber: *hugs Daniel*

Daniel: *hugs back* Its o-ok..

Amber: *looks hot in this outfit* You know, if you have a problem .. i'm here for you! *blows a air kiss*

Daniel: o-ok... Anyway, H-how are you, r-Robin

Robin: I am sorry, *put's his hand on Daniels shoulder* it's okay, he was a great person eventhough I don't know him. I can say that because you're a great friend. 

Amber: *Walks back*

Daniel: T-thanks, Robin. Y-your a great friend too! Your the best friend I've ever had *smiles* 

Robin: Thanks, umh can I do anything for you?

Lara: yeah you can do something for me Robin...shut the f*ck up !!!!!!!!!! i'm trying to sleep !!!!!! 

Robin: Sorry Lara, but why are you sleeping in the boys room, there is a girl's room right?

Daniel: Uhm.....  I-I'm ok...

Lara: oh F*ck !!!!! *Escapes*

Boney Island (Reality Stars)

Chef: Suckers. You're getting Mickey as the Heavenly Heroes are disbanded. NOW DO THE PUSHUPS, 5000 THIS TIME!

Luna: Me eather?

Chef: YEAH!

Azuna: I AM NOT GONNA DO ANYTHING FOR YOU CHEF!! YOU CAN STICK THOSE PUSH UPS IN YOUR A*** I AM GONNA *looking around* uhm eat these blue berries *eating something that looks like blue berries*

Chef: Boney Island never haves blueberries, and *forces Azuna to do the push-ups* DO THEM!

Azuna: YOU DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO AND YOU CAN'T FORCE ME TOO!!!! YOU WANNA PAIN!!! *kicks Chef in his kiwi's*

Luna: Nice work! I don't do that stupid pushups.

Max: *does push ups* I do not think that was a good idea.

Luna: *Realises, if she don't do it she will maybe out of total drama: after the island .. again*. Eh yeah *does push ups*

Azuna: *looking at Luna and Max and sighs* (CONF) How comes that this confesional is much better than the one on the other island? Anyway, I don't wanna get eliminated but I still want to take revange! (END CONF) *pushes Max into the water* MOVE D***HE *goes push ups*

Max: wai- *starts to drown* (CONF) the water is very rough for me, dunno why (END CONF)

Chef: *in pain* If you don't do the pushups, you're automatically elimi-nat....gosh...(that's so true)

Max: *tries to swim back to land* (CONF) What is with Azuna? (END CONF)

Mickey: *does pushups*

Azuna: 4996, 4997, 4998, 4999, 5000!! *get's up and falls down on her knees* my arms are like noodles!! (CONF) Check this out, *moving her arms in weird ways* (END CONF) Chef you need to give me coffee NOW!!!

Challenge 5 - Three's Madness

Chris: Ok guys! We're having another ATA themed challenge! Remember that seasons where we had a sort of comedy acting which then failed? Very well, we are re-trying! This time you're going to make a comedy/horror/action movie/whatever yo want and the 2 teams which does the best win! The biggest losers faces elimination! I'll give you a day for making the plot and giving the roles, then tomorrow you have to start the comedy. The better it is, the higher chances of winning you'll have. AND DON'T BE INACTIVE. PLEASE, JUST DON'T. Oh, yeah, penalties to whoever doesn't partecipate (*cough*Bruno*cough*Tamara*cough*), so GO!

Reality Stars Discussion

Mickey: Okay guys lets start planning. Anyone have any suggestions?

Azuna: Well I have no idea, horror movie or some sort of Julia and Romeo but now we do Julet and Julet. I will sing in the songs!

Bruno: Azuna, your singing is horrible, so it could be a comedy...

Azuna: Whahaha *pushes Bruno to the ground* your face is horrible and my singing is the best of anyone in on this island. Anyway a comedy is so predictable. do a horror movie or something. (CONF) I really need to be nicer to people if I want to stay longer and ever being able to spend time with Robin. (END CONF) *helps Bruno back up* Sorry Bruno I am just kinda sensitve sometimes.

Luna: Stop this bull shit. Okay i have a plan. We do a DRAMATIC movie!

Azuna: Well we are the claimed villain team of the show.

Chris: We're starting in a few. Don't tell me you didn't deccided yet -.-

Mickey: It needs to be a comedy! Lets think of something funny!

Azuna: Sure let's do that we don't have much time Okay!!!

Mickey: The reason being is that everyone else is probably going to do a horror movie. Can anyone think of something funny?

Azuna: Uhm well you ask it the girl who finds most horror film comedy. But I can try, uhm what about... some girl who tries to find a man but she use incrideble funny but constandly fails but then she meets a girl and they get along well and she realized that she is lasbian and they end up together!

Max: I am with Azuna's idea.

Azuna: Great, I suggest Luna plays they girl who dates all the guys and they girl and we play the rest and I guess I can be a lesbian for 90 minutes... 

Breaking Flowers Discussion

Chandler: Alright guys lets try and have another team victory!! Lets open the floor to ideas.

Daniel: OOH OOH! I'm in a show called "Behind The Scenes" As Papercut; the nice guy! After TD Hotel! Maybe a Comedy!?

Tamara: That sounds underwheling to say the least. What about a slasher film where the good guy gets eaten by a man with a chainsaw and a hook! *Scares everyone*

Daniel: Ok! If you say so!

Amber: So we do ..?

Gryph: What do you mean by team victory? Do you mean let's win again or let's have a different team be Team "Victory" 2.0?

Daniel: He was saying " Lets have another victory, team" 

Lara: uh we have to do an Horror !!!!!

Chris: We're starting in a few. Don't tell me you didn't deccided yet -.-

Chandler: I'm cool with Tamara's idea

Daniel: Can it be a horror comedy? And can I not be the eaten guy or the eater guy?

Smoking Hot-Headeds Discussion

Melbourne: Uhm....I have no idea on what to do....but...what about a comedy like Three's Company? :|

Robin: Uhm me a comedy doesn't go along so if we are doing that I am not usefull as actor, I can be a camera man.

Melbourne: There are already cameramen. We could do something else...

Robin: No it's okay, I can do anything that is needed. 

Lily: uh i can be the actress of this comedy ^-^ 

Robin: Yeah that's a great idea!! 

Lily: yeah thanks Robin ^-^ so me,Robin and......Freddy ? (CONF) i'm trying to forget about Luna so i'm trying to laugh.......*Smiles* (END CONF)

Robin: Uhm maybe you and Freddy, me and acting in general is not a good idea. (CONF) also is me and Freddy not a good combination, that is what I could've said but I didn't want to hurt her feelings (END CONF) Maybe you Melbourne and Freddy

Freddy: Aww.. Ok! I had a role in a play once.... Chair-Setter, I was so good. They wanted me to do an encore.... by doing the opposite, it was hard but worth it! (CONF) I have the feeling I'm not well liked but that's just me *smiles idioticly*

Chris: We're starting in a few. Don't tell me you didn't deccided yet -.-

Robin: Common guys whar are we gonna do?!?

Freddy: A drama! How about a pizza man selling food to a girl across the street, played by Lily, and he does this for quite a while until one day he falls in love with her, but then he finds her eating pizza from another pizza man called Bob. After that he suffers from severe depression untill one day a girl, played by Melbourne, buys him coffee at a cafe... and the fall in love and invite the pizza man and Lily to the wedding. Since this also has to be a comedy we can put funny jokes and gags in!


Chris: Too bad it starts now. Whatever is your idea, show it! You need to be safe from elimination! First up is the team which wants to be the first up :)

Amber: Breaking Flowers, shall we do us comedy show as first? *smiles*

Daniel: Yes, ours can be like the Muppets

Azuna: Dan Your team still has to discuss about it? wow!!

Daniel: *whimpers* Oh...

Lara: so ? that's an Horror Comedy ? 

Chris: z.z I guess the Reality Stars will start

Azuna: Well we do have a idea, our idea was a comedy movie about Nicole a girl a normal girl who is kinda akward around guys and everytimes she goes on a date it's ether a d**chebag or something goes wrong, for example she accidentally kicks them in their, you know where! But than she meets a girl named Lily (XD) who is lesbian and they end up spending alot of time together, Nocole relizes that she is falls for girl and she needs to tell her parents and surounding, and she needs to handle with everything that comes her way because of it!! Nicole is played by Luna she also plays her mother, the guy are is played by Max and Bruno they also play some other roles. And I play Lilly!

Luna: *plays as Nicole and walks* Oh boys .. don't look to me! JEZUS.

Lily: uh so in the history there is my !....and i'm in love with Nicole ? i like this comedy ^-^ (CONF) i wish i have never arguied with Luna.....

Robin: Uhm, do you two kiss? 

Azuna: I don't wanna spoile anything but *whispers in Robin's ear* don't worry even if we are gonna kiss it doesn't mean anything *give Robin a kiss*

Robin: I know *gives Azuna a kiss* do your best!

Lily: *Watches Robin and Azuna* ahah..ah...ah.....(CONF) OMG I JUST WATCHED ROBIN KISSES AZUNA ?!!! 

Robin: *walks up to Lily* Hey Lily, what's up, uhm I want to do something for you, but what can I do to fix the friendship between you and Luna?

Daniel: *walks up to them with Freddy* Can I help?

Freddy: I, Freddy Almore the 3rd, will help too

Luna: (CONF) For my feeling it is still broke up with Lily, and i don't want her anymore as friend or something.

Robin: Well, Dan you can help but Freddy uhm maybe it's better if you prepair everything for our film. 

Lily: ....*walks away*

Freddy: O-Kay! *walks away like an idiot*

Daniel: *walks up to Robin* Should we follow her?

Robin: I don't think that is a good idea. *sigh*

Daniel: So... What do you wanna do? *bored sigh*


Robin: Okay! (CONF) Ah I like that of her, she is always so clear about everything, *sigh* I really want to make it up to Lily, I feel like it's my fault the friendship between her and Luna ended. (END CONF)

Daniel: U-u-um........... O-OK! *runs and hides in confessional alone* (CONF) ....She scares me sometimes....

Mickey: I think we did a good job Azuna!

Chris: Really...let's start. NO MORE TIME FOR DISCUTING, BUT YOU CAN DO IT ABOVE THIS! Duh. Teams, go!

Reality Stars

Chris: Lesbian love...what?! Start

Azuna: Uhm, Luna what are you waiting for?

Luna: *Walks then and see's "Lily"*

Azuna: *face palms* No you first meet the guys for a akward date then you meet me!!

Luna: I trought this was based on the real relationship? Argh. *walks to the boys* Hi there.

Max: Hi there!

Mickey: Hey Luna!

Breaking Flowers

Chris: .....I have no idea on what you want to make, but just go on

Amber: What are we gonna do, friends? *smiles*

Lara: .....*Takes the chainsaw and Kills Amber in the show*.........*Walks* (CONF) this is an horror so i will do the killer (END CONF)

Chandler: I believe we are going with the horror idea Amber

Smoking Hot-Headeds

Chris: You have the love story....impress me!

Freddy (Dressed up like a Pizza Man, with a British accent): 'Ello, Girly Buyer. I 'eard you want... A Pizza Deluxe! *pulls out a Pizza Small, the wrong pizza*

Lily: oh,sorry but this is not the pizza that i asked ^-^ (CONF) sorry but Freddy is really ugly...blah !!! *Vomits* (END CONF)


Chris: THIS IS GETTING TOO LONG! *head blows up* So, let's see who did the tremend worst! Ahem, the Reality Stars GETS FIRST PLACE as they did post more lines and also they did the most. Between the Smoking Hot-Headeds and the Breaking Smoking Hot-Headeds get 2nd place because they were in theme after all! Breaking Flowers....uh, the winner team. Have your elimination.

Azuna: YES *hugs Robin* WE WON.

Robin: uhm your team won. congrats *smiles*

Azuna: Oh yeah. sorry. 

Elimination 5 - Breaking Flowers (lol I predicted that)

Chris: Well, after a winning streak there always have to be a loss of a contestant. It always happened! Everyone, vote for the one you want out


Melbourne: Guh, I'm safe. *votes for Tamara* Apparently, you did nothing at all previously, so...

Daniel: Sorry, Tamara... your the least active and I hope you forgive me... *votes*

Freddy: TTTAAAAAMMMMAAAAARA! Don't know why, but there! *votes*

Lara: idea of the horror failed and my team didn't do anything -.- *votes Tamara* 

Chandler: Sorry Tamara but I vote for you. *votes*

Amber: Sorry .. *votes Tamara*

Azuna: Lara, you should know that I have something special for you *gives a picture of Chimaroj* He asked me to give you. Anyway *votes Tamara* we don't need a ghetto girl!!

Robin: I am sorry girl but *votes Tamara* you haven't been really active. Who is that on that picture

Azuna: Robin don't be so nice *give him a kiss* the person on the picture is my little brother.

Luna: *Votes Tamara*

Daniel : Isn't that Lara' s Friend?

Luna: Who's Lara ?

Daniel: Um.... I don't remember well...Uh.... Chim.. Chim something

Lara: No he is not my friend !!!! HE WAS MY BOYFIREND....he was........right Azuna ? and Luna you are so pathetic -.- i'm Lara 

Daniel: Um.... Sorry

Azuna: Well how do YOU feel about him *looks at Lara*

Robin: Who was your boyfriend? 

Luna: Pathetic? Sorry ?

Daniel: Chim...........aro...jig.....blah I DON'T REMEMBER!

Lara: f*ck you Azuna and Robin...Chimaroj was my boyfriend and Luna yes you are pathetic and infant

Daniel: it's ok, Lara

Azuna: Well he sure still has feelings for you. (CONF) Honistly I don't know, I haven't seen him since Total drama Hotel and that season was 1 mounth after total drama after the tour he did came how from the monks for a vacation, atleast that's what he said, or whatever he said, I didn't really listen. But I am pretty sure he still likes her. (END CONF)


Chris: Hello winners. Today someone will be so lucky to get in Winner City, a.k.a. being eliminated.....that doesn't have a sense. That's a weird way of saying that.....

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

.....Tamara is eliminated! I guess nobody worries about that, so bye *blows her up*. Chyna needs to come back as an intern. Another recap time. I don't know anything about the contestants, but will they ever manage to stop sucking? Find it out here, on TOTAL..........DRAMA..................AFTER  THE MABELJOINTHISCAMPPLEASEIDAREYOU ISLAND AGAIN

Episode 6 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Reality Stars)

Chris: FINALLY you get here. Losers redemption. Let's hope that you keep this streak

Azuna: *takes some food* I am going to the cabins *walks out of the mansion*

Luna: This is so awesome. *jumps on bed* LOVELY!

Mickey: Great job team!!

Luna: Indeed.

Cabin (Smoking Hot-Headeds)

Chris: ;.; new Poached Class. Well, enjoy your cabins, I guess.....*every bed gets destroyed* Good night :D


Robin: That suck, I am gonna go to the guys side okay.

Lily: uh when i was 12 years old i sleeped in the floor so it's not a problem for me ^-^ (CONF) i want Luna *Cries*

Gryph: aw man I miss the mansion. Atleast this isn't as bad as you know where.

Azuna:*knocks on the door* Is Robin there?

Robin: *changing clothes* Ugh I wonder what today's challenge will be.

Azuna: *knocks on the door* IS SOMEONE THERE??

Freddy: *starts throwing salt at the door* Nope, no one is here Azuna, go away now ^.^

Azuna: *kicks in the door* HERE SOME FOOD FROM THE HOTEL! uhm where is Robin?

Freddy: *Throws salt at Robin* There! *takes some food and hides it before she sees* NOW RUN TO YOUR LOVE!

Azuna: *grabs Freddy by his throat* Give me that food back!!

Freddy: Over reacting *gives her the salt* There!

Robin: Hey Azuna I didn't noticed you there *puts on new t-shirt on*

Azuna: *laughing* is that the best you have. Get out of here *throws him out of the Cabin and locks the door* Hey you!

Freddy: *teleports back in, with food on face* That was tasty! 'Ello you two!

Azuna: What? How did you get in?

Robin: Don't worry about him.

Azuna: Yes cause I want to *get's kissed by Robin*

Freddy: *singing* You never ever leave my mind, my sweet sweet Madeline, every time I look into your eyes, I feel like I'm alive


Freddy: Don't yell, it may annoy you're boyfriend... Or maybe I will *chuckles* but I was only singing!

Robin: Freddy just leave!! Please for our friendship. I would leave you alone if you wanted to.

Freddy: It feels like a trick.... but... *Throws salt at Azuna and Robin as a goodbye gift as he teleports to others*

Robin: Ugh it's in my shirt *takes off his shirt* 

Azuna: *takes off her jacket and t-shirt*

Robin: Azuna easy on, there are camera's here!

Azuna: Sorry it's just that Freddy messed up my *get's kissed by Robin again* was that just to shut me up?

Robin: Kinda.

Azuna and Robin:*continue's kissing.* 

Boney Island (Breaking Flowers)


Amber: That is so cool! *does push ups*

Lara: -.-.................*Does push ups*

Daniel: I'm sorry for not being good at push ups *does 1*

Challenge 6 - What is this I don't even...

*before the challenge goes on, every team receives a letter*

Breaking Flowers: If the Reality Stars win, you're up for elimination. Make sure THEY DON'T.

Reality Stars: If the Smoking Hot-Headeds win, you're up for elimination. Make sure THEY DON'T

Smoking Hot-Headeds: If the Breaking Flowers win, you're up for elimination. Make sure THEY DON'T

*at the challenge*

Chris: Welcome, contestants! Today's challenge is about.....making a CITY! That's right, an entire city! Make sure to adds buildings and the rest, and mostly, be the dominant team! I've sent you some letters before this challenge, this because YOU CAN SABOTAGE THE OTHER TEAMS ^^. You can do everything to their city, just not delete it entirely and prevent the team making it. This is going to twist my mind so I've hired some.....brainzillas to understand it! The team which wins sends to elimination the team they've got. Hurry up, let's make this city (So, about this, you have to make your city with teamwork, but you can also sabotage other team's cities posting in their section. Best city wins, and no matter if the other team made the worst city, the team which I paired you up with (to sabotage) is sent to elimination. Go!)

Reality Stars City

Azuna: A low budget music instrument for the poor!

Luna: Uh .. yeah. *builds* Guys, come on!

Azuna: If we loose today, i am gonna rip someone apart today!!! *building roads*

Luna: And that 'someone' is? *building houses*

Azuna: Well anyone who doesn't help *building more roads*

Luna: Sounds as a great plan. *builds a shopping street*

Azuna: Well if you do the left part I do the right part. *building a  powerplant*

Luna: *nodds her head and build a circus*

Azuna: *building a skyscraper* (CONF) Who knew me and Luna could get along, I hope we stay longer (END CONF)

Luna: *builds a hotel*

Mickey: *builds schools*

Azuna: *building a rocket system*

Luna: Hi Mickey! *helps with schools*

Mickey: Hey Luna! *builds more schools*

Azuna: *building a rocket system* Mickey are you willing to go villain!

Mickey: I'm not so sure Azuna. I'm nice! *builds town hall*

Azuna: What do you mean "I'm not sure"? You should be we are somewhat of a villains team.And I have a plan you have to be in on it! *building army facilities*

Mickey: Depends on what this plan is and who it affects *builds amusement park*

Luna: Keep concentrate. We need to win this. Mickey, look by the other teams how far they are. *builds central park*

Mickey: I am! We must win! *builds waterpark*

Azuna: Just wait *building a war fleet* (CONF) Well Chris did said we could sabotage the other team, but I have a better plan, WHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! (END CONF)

Luna: *building a Lily & Luna statue* (CONF) IIIII WAAAANT LILYYYYYYY BACK! *cries*

Mickey: *builds a bank*

Azuna: Why the f**k did you build a statue of you and Lily? *Building a park in the form of a heart with the letter A and R in it*

Luna: *looks angry and pissed* Because it can. (CONF) Keep calm, Luna.. Keep calm.

Azuna: Oh sorry, talking about Lily what happend between you two, we are friends right so you can tell me. *setting up some rockets in the park*

Luna: I'm sorry tooo! It hurts so much when they told me, she kissed another boy. I want her back, i was so happy with her .. *puts tree's*

Azuna: Wait what? Uhm you mean you were in love with her? I thought she, you know fell for guys, hack even if I remeber right from watching a season she had a relationship with one. *building a army*

Max: *builds a museum* If only you-know-who would help more.

Azuna: *building a underground maze*

Luna: Azuna, is that true? Maybe she ... she ... SHE PLAYED WITH ME. (CONF) If it is true, Lily .. i hate you.

Azuna: Well I didn't watched the whole season, I never do but I saw her kissing some guy,n I don't really know how it ended up though anyway I have a plan *talks quitely towards the team* you might wonder why I placed these rockets here, well what if we launch those to the other cities and destroy them! .

Melbourne: Uh....*makes the rockets blow in the wrong direction, a.k.a. the museum D:*

Azuna: *puts Melbourne in a rocket launcher and shoot her back to the smoking hot heads city's buildings together with some rockes* Move b**ch!!

Breaking Flowers City

Daniel: HOSPITALS FOR THE POOR *makes hospitals*

Amber: *Haves a brilliant plan* If 2 people messes with the city from the Reallity stars, we going not to the elimination ceremony. The other 2 builds?

Daniel: Chandler, you and um..... the other person... go sabotage, me and Amber will build, ok?

Lara: emm yes i can help with messe the city of the Reality Stars *Adds roads* (CONF) Azuna is goign to lose ahahhaha 

Amber: Yay! I like this so much (CONF) I feel myself evil .. rawr!

Daniel: *adds a Chris monument* sadly, I have one of these in my town

Lara: *Builds a park*

Amber: *makes a nail boutique* Yeah for myself

Daniel: *adds a casino as big as Chris's ego, that's big* YAY!

Amber: *builds a university* For the smart nerds! Yay!

Daniel: I love it! *makes a school*

Lara: *Puts tree on the park*

Amber: Hmm .. *Puts a shopping street with baker, butcher and hair salon*

Daniel: *makes a mall with everything* Yes!

Amber: *builds a cinema*

Daniel: *builds  a human rights meeting place* :)

Amber: *builds a zoo* Animalssss

Daniel: *makes a hotel*

Amber: *makes a castle*

Lara: *Builds a supermarket*

Amber: *builds a beach*

Chandler: *builds an airport*

Amber: *builds train rails*

Daniel: *makes giant buildings and skyscrapers* YAY!

Lara: *Builds a resturant*

Amber: *Builds train station*

Lara: *Builds Houses*

Amber: *builds road*

Chandler: We are so gonna win! *builds schools*

Amber: *builds more roads* Yeahh!

Daniel: YES! *builds air station*

Chandler: *builds amusement park*

Daniel: *builds a sport stadium*

Amber: *builds a ice paradise*

Chandler: *builds a mall*

Amber: *builds houses*

Lara: *Puts streetlights*

Smoking Hot-Headeds City

Melbourne: Uuh....I guess...let's do this! *adds the roads* (You have to add EVERY fondamental component of the city or else you'll get a bad score :)

Robin: uhm a house for kids with hard home situations.

Lily: oh please for now we have to the the fondamental of the city and then the house for kids *Builds Houses*

Robin: Lily can we please talk *meanwhile building houses*

Lily: uh we need a bar *Builds a bar* sure Robin 

Robin: *helping Lily* Look I feel really guilty because of what happend between you and Luna.

Lily: um ? what ? no *Builds a swimming pool*

Robin: *building a gym* Yes I should, I don't know why Azuna brought that what happend between us up, she didn't had any reason.

Freddy: Yeah, that was harsh -.- *builds star wars convention*

Robin: Freddy, can you please uhm, continue bilding your whatever you were building waaay over there!! *points away and continue building the gym*

Freddy: Why do you always try and get rid of me? *builds a lie detector*

Robin: Alright do whatever you want, just don't bother me please. *building a restaurant*

Freddy: When do I ever *laughs* Ok! *makes a salt store*

Lily: *Builds a post office*

Robin: Anyway Lilly, the reason why I want to make it up to you is because I have a girlfriend and I feel really bad that Azuna made Luna think that you were still into me.*building a prison*

Freddy: Yeah, that was really harsh <.<

Robin: Freddy what did I ask you please mind you own business! *building another prison*

Gryph: Freddy why and how are you building a lie detector? *builds powerplant*

Robin: *building a hospital*

Freddy : By stealing from the futu-  I'm talented *makes a omelette store*

Lily: *Builds a museum of chirs* Robin, you have a girlfriend ? you didn't say it to me, i-i thought we were best firend, and you don't have to talk about luna, who is your girlfirend (CONF) me and Luna ? ah ! she broke up with me without a reason....ehy you are not the princess dear Luna, who are you for broke up with me ? (END CONF)

Robin: *helping Lily* I hope you are not gonna be mad but it is.. Azuna. 

Lily: oh....ahahahahah...oh no....oh no you can't...........god no....*Slaps Robin* shame on you, robin (CONF) Robin...Azuna...ahahahhahahaah oh my god, Lara have to know this xDDDDD (END CONF) *Builds a car park*

Robin: What was that for? Listen she helped me through a hard time the couple months before this show, I just fell for her. *helpin Lily* (CONF) So much for a best friend. (END CONF)


Chris: STOP! This has gone too far, maybe. I'm rating the cities, so DON'T POST! Any last words before your elimination?

Chris: Uh......I saw the whole thing...and the BREAKING FLOWERS WIN! WOOHOO! YEAHnot actually. Even though Reality Stars did the worst, the Smoking Hot-Headeds have to face their first elimination. I'm SO disappointed that nobody did some sabotage still. You're not evil, at all. BUH

Elimination 6 - Smoking Hot-Headeds

Chris: So, I'm stating one thing. Since the only one who sabotaged was Melbourne...

Melbourne: Yeah?

Chris:...and nobody helped her....

Melbourne: YEAH?

Chris:........she's also up for elimination :P

Melbourne: :|

Chris: Whatever, vote.


Robin: (CONF) Why was Lily so mean about me loving Azuna, anyway I don't know who to vote, I'll wait for a little moment. (END CONF)

Freddy: (CONF) Gryph, I wish it wasn't so but sorry, you are lazy and must suffer the consequences of moving teams for inactiveness and then doing it again!

Robin: (CONF) I think I am gonna vote off Gryph, sorry girl (END CONF)

Gryph: (CONF) Uhh Melbroune I guess?


Chris: YOU'RE TAKING SO LONG! GOD. We just had 3 votes, and it's sad! JEE. Anyway, the only 2 who got votes are Gryph and Melbourne

Melbourne: WHAT? NO!

Chris: Eh, I won't care if you leave. Let's see in the table who is going out!

Contestants 1 2

Chris: And with the WORLD RECORD OF 2 VOTES....just kidding....Melbourne is safe. Gryph, time to go. We will miss you.....actually not! *blows her up* Ok! Another day has passed. Mickey is the only Heavenly Hero remaining in the game: will he survive? Melbourne will soon get out of this game and how much do I like Luliny? Hehehehehe. Find it out here on TOTAL................DRAMA.............AFTER THE ISLAND FOR THE SECOND TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cough!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode 7 Chat

Outside the Luxury Mansion (Breaking Flowers)

Chris: I hate your winning streak. It takes away so much drama, so you're sleeping on the ground, DUH.

Daniel: Well, if you insist, I respect your decision and will do as you say, Chris. *smiles*

Amber: I love the mansion!

Daniel: we are outside it :|

Amber: Yay! *gives him a hugg* You are so hot ..

Daniel: Nice to know, I respect your opinion :)

Amber: And .. have you a .. girlfriend?

Daniel: No....

Amber: Do you want to have one .. ?

Daniel: Um... I don't know :)

Amber: *kisses him* Do you know it, now? *laughs*

Daniel: *blushes a bit* M-maybe

Amber: Well. we'll see.. *blows a kiss and walks away*

Daniel: W-what just happened?

Cabins (Reality Stars)

Chris: I predict that you'll lose the next challenge. You can still shine, just do so!

Luna: Yeahhh .. *cries* (CONF) I want Lily back. It was nice, she and me .. but we come never back again. I think..

Azuna: Uhm what is wrong Luna, common don't cry. 

Luna: I'm sorry ..

Azuna: You don't have to be sorry for anything you can tell me what's wrong.

Luna: Lily .. i want her back.

Azuna: Oh.... yeah that.... If you really want her, I might be able to help you. (CONF) I still think it's weird, I never felt anything for a girl. Not even my mom, ohwell. I can still help her. (END CONF)

Luna: That's nice, Azuna! (CONF) In the begin of this season me and Azuna are fightning and have a discussion about everything, and now .. we are good friends! I'm fine with her.

Azuna: Don't worry I'll try to talk to Robin, when he is back from boney island.

Luna: *huggs her*

Azuna: uhm no need for hugs, but I'm glad that you're happy.

Luna: *laughs* Yeah, get it .....

Max: *thinks about what Azuna saying "are you willing to be a villian" last challenge* I wonder if I- maybe not. *sigh*

Azuna: *drinking water*

Boney Island (Smoking Hot-Headeds)

Chef: *is tired* You don't much time....I...passed.....for the next challenge

Melbourne: What is that about?

Chef: Dead.....chefs....don'! *faints*

Melbourne: Uh, he's weird. So, um, Freddy, how it's going?

Freddy: I'm good! We don't talk much, Melbo?

Melbourne: Call me Mel only......... (CONF) He's awkward, but something makes me attracted to him....he remembers my ex-boyfriend so CONF)

Freddy: Ok, Mel only! That's a weird name, but since the future has a dif..... my town has a DIFFRENT way naming!

Melbourne: I believe it's actually good :|

Freddy: "Mel only" is that really your name?

Melbourne:........*facepalm* It's MEL

Freddy: I thought your name was Melbourne? I'm dumb -.-

Melbourne: *another facepalm* It is Melbourne, but just call me Mel! For short...

Freddy: Eh? OH! Sorry Mel! 

Melbourne: No problem, Freddy. (CONF) ....but maybe he's dumber than him.... (END CONF)

Freddy: So how are you?

Robin: Wow Chef is really loosing his edge. Anyway does anyone know where I can get something to drink?

Freddy: We are on Boney Island! :( don't think there is one!

Melbourne: Eh, I guess we have to drink the sea water .-.

Freddy: Sea Water is bad for you, Mel! I don't want you to get poisoned!

Robin: *put's his hand in the sea water and than out again, red spotes appear on his hand* What, this water is not good. no it itches *scratching his hand*

Freddy: Is that even Sea Water? D: things must be different in the future

Robin: *meanwhile scratching his hand* Why do you talk about the future so much? I am actually worried about what I gonna happen. 

Freddy: *accidentally* Well, it's because my native time is in the future, I went back in time to get a signature of Justin Beiber for a girl I liked, but it turns out she ment Justin Timberlake and I lost all love for her, went back in time again so I wouldn't see her again and joined a tv...s-sho- FORGET WHAT I SAID!

Robin: *scratching his hands* Time travel, would be great, that way I could undo my childhood. *still scratching*

Freddy: That would be a paradox!

Robin: A what? *scratching his hands*

Freddy: A Paradox :)

Robin: Uhm what is that? *scratching his hand*

Freddy: Well,  A paradox in time travel, is a situation in which the effect of an incident contradicts or eliminates the cause of that same incident,

Robin: ah.. okay.. *sigh* I wish I could spend time with Azuna. *scratching his hands*

Freddy: I know an Azuna... she's on the other team, what a coincidence :)

Robin: Yeah that's the one I mean, I have to talk with her.


Robin: Because I want to help Lily and Luna become friends again.


Robin: Uhm what? who's girlfriend? mine? I already have one. I just hope Lily finds a boyfriend so Azuna can stop suspecting her.  

Freddy: Lily? Boyfriend? I thought she was going out with Luna? They did kiss

Robin: Yeah boyfr.... what they it somehow make more sense..

Freddy: What? I was gonna make them a couple present!

Robin: What I mean is that it makes sense now why Luna was so sad when she heard me and Lily kissed, or actually she kissed me.

Freddy: You kissed Lily!?

Robin: *scratching his hand* uhm no she kissed me and it was a long time ago, I have a girlfriend.

Freddy: Who? Who? Who? Who?  WHO? WHO!? It's Azuna!

Robin: *scratching his hand* Okay, okay I see you want to know it bad, it is Azuna, she is a great person, atleast to me she is. 

Freddy: That is nice..... SALT! *Throws imaginary salt in the air* Not the same :(

Robin: *scratching his hand* haha, what's up with you and the salt? 

Freddy: It's a sign of friendship where I live.... but it usually ends up with me with a black eye when I visit other countries.

Robin: Oh so that's why you threw salt in my face, I am sorry the way I reacted, I just don't like if people throw things in my face.

Freddy: You reacted badly? *looks dumb* Oh well! *Throws imaginary salt in his own sky*

Chris' tent (Debutters wanna-be)

Chris: Welcome debutters. It is finally the time for you to have the chance on getting in the game. You'll work as my interns for now, and at each episode who did the worst is eliminated. Be sure to be active, or else you won't satisfy your dream....or whatever reason you want to join this camp.

Harry: What!? I'm surpposed to be a contestant, Not have an unpaid internship

Chris: Ok, or you get to be an intern for me or you can go home already. Decide :)

Harry: ***k you, I'll intern, ok


Chris: The contestants, easy

Elle: Uh. I guess.

Andrew: Hi everyone! Oh hey Chris, I'm back for another season. WAIT, WE HAVE TO BE INTERNS!!!!?!?!?! (CONF: *random swears* Well I might as well stay, because there is still a chance to debut!)

Trey: Working for Chris? Not my forte, but money, that works for me!

Challenge 7 - It just felt from the sky

Chris: Hi there! I FINALLY GOT A NEW IDEA ABOUT A CHALLENGE :D! First of all, you still are in teams, but in this challenge you will teamwork! That's right! The team which does the most will win immunity, so consider giving your help. Second, this behind me is an airship. Third, your challenge: from here you must travel to that........unneccessary incredibly tall cliff over there *points it, and it's veryveryverytall*. You have to set everything, flight till that point and when you'll land on there, challenge will be over (I will consider when it's over, don't worry). Fourth, there are pirates D:. They're going to make you land, and if they attempt to, YOU'RE ALL UP FOR ELIMINATION! Be sure to repair things. Anyhow, go! *blows horn* (Just do things that you would do for making a flying ship going)

[For the debutters]

Chris: DEBUTTERS! This is your first challenge to have an opportunity to compete in the competition. You simply have to destroy that ship *points at the one he prepared for the normal cast*. You have to spice up things, or else you will be the reason of this challenge being sucky, and I don't want to. Who does the best will have an advantage in the next challenge of you guys, while wo does the worst will di- simply waste his opportunity. I'm going to explain the challenge to the cast. When you'll hear me blowing a horn, that's the signal of your go! Ok? Bye *heads to the other cast* (Just try your best to sink the cast ship, also, this one flies too :D)

Elle: *throws sharp stuff at the flying ship to make it sink*

Daniel: What now?

Freddy: Pfft! Pirates are worth nuthin'

Melbourne: >.< *fixes the holes made from the sharp stuff* There we go, we can still go (IT'S NOT THAT EASY, SO DO NOT GODPLAY. I CONSIDER THAT, DEBUTTERS (and contestants))


Melbourne: I'll take care of this then .-. *gets to driving thing* Never drived you do that?

Azuna: *jumps behind the wheel* you'll fix the wholes in the ship, I'll drive this air... How does this work anyway...

Robin:  Aright *fixing wholes in the ships*

Daniel: I'll help! *fixes holes*

Freddy: *stands behind Azuna* GO WEST-EAST!

Lily: W-What i have to do ?!

Luna: *see's Lily and cries*

Amber: Hi everyone!

Lily: *sees luna and ingores her* so Freddy what we have to do ?

Amber: *sees this and walks to Lily* Why are you so mean to her?

Freddy: UM.....* to Amber* A solution! *to Lily* Fix the boat with Luna!

Azuna: WHAAAA *punches Freddy in his face* DON'T EVER SCARE ME AGAIN!!!

Robin: Hey Lily you could help me *fixing the wholes in the ship*

Amber: Lily, you are so mean! If you are in my team i voted for you. *looks to Freddy* See Ya! *walks to Luna*

Luna: No thanks .. she hates me.

Daniel: *smiles cutely and turns to Robin* Why is everyone being so... dram-a-t....ic?

Robin: I don't know, ugh I just hope my hand stop itching *get's his hand out of a glove and sees it's swollen up*  WHA what is this *scratching his hand*

Amber: Daniel! *huggs him* Yay!

Daniel: YOUR HAND!!!

Amber: Ieuw.

Robin: This morning there were just spots on it, what did Chris do to that water on Boney Island? *scratching his hand*

Azuna: Robin we need to t *sees his hand* OH.... MY.... GAWD...

Melbourne: *drives the plane somehow* Well....this is getting bo-

*meteors (eh, what?) attack the plane*



Amber: And what are we gonna do, teaaaam?

Azuna: Robin maybe you should show it your hand, it would die instandly..

Robin: Haha *shows his swollen hand*

Daniel: Rude-ish!

Amber: I like panda's.

Harry: *ties Freddy and Melbourne together* only I can release you when you two socialize

Freddy: Why?

Lily: ehy sorry Amber but she broke up with me without a reason -.- *Fixes the boat*

Daniel: Would you like to talk about it? *to Lily*

Azuna: Robin *whispers in his ear* Listen I have a request for you I want Luna and Lily try to become uhm.. good friends again. Can you help me making that happen, I am not Lily's best friend you know.

Robin: *whispering in her ear* I've been trying to do that too I will help you with that. *gives Azuna a kiss* I am glad you want to help.

Harry: cause you two have no friends, NOW SOCIALIZE

Melbourne: Uh.....hi Harry. OK WE'RE DONE *tries to lead the ship away from the meteors*

Lily: Ehy you all, now stop this, Luna belived Azuna that i kissed Robin, she belived her instead of ME ! *Cries*

Daniel: It's ok

Robin: *walks Lily and helps her* hey don't cry, I want to help you set things right.

Azuna: HEY LUNA!! *helping her* I talked to Robin and he may could help you.

Lily: oh Robin, you don't understand, Luna never loved me, if she really loved me she could belived in me not in your girlfriend azuna !!!

Harry: I want 5 lines each

Daniel: Sorry, L-Lily but I'm t-the one who t-told her!

Elle: *tries to catch up to ship with more stuff to throw*

Luna: *cries* Everyone said she loves boys ..

Amber: Who want a panda?

Daniel: She doesn't! She loves you!

Lily: no i don't, it's finish Luna

Daniel: WAIT! DON'T!

Luna: *is be angry and want to push Lily*

Daniel: Anger doesn't solve anything!

Luna: She was in love with one other guy and she are angry on me ? .....

Daniel: She wasn't, and now she feels betrayed!

Luna: I feel that to! With anry feelings.

Daniel: As long as you suppress your angry emotions, we are good

Azuna: *talk to Luna* girl you want her back right? Tell her you're sorry for whatever she thinks you did wrong.

Robin: *talk to Lily* Listen uhm, Azuna told me she was wrong and she shouldn't have said it.

Elle: *tries to chuck objects but fails* Ugh.

Luna: *walks to Lily* Hi Robin .. Lily can we talk?

Daniel: Great, communication

Chandler: What are we supposed to be doing?

Amber: Kiss Daniel. *kisses him* Do you like a relationship? *looks really hot*

Daniel: U-um... *blushes*

Amber: *blows a kiss* Your so cute!

Daniel: C-cute? (CONF) a bunch of girls say that at school... is it an insult or something?

Elle: *tries to chuck object at Melbourne*

Harry: *locks Daniel and Amber in cell* communicate , 5 lines each

Amber: Hihi, you don't answer yet! (CONF) I want him!

Daniel: W-w-what?

Amber: Do you want to my boyfriend?

Daniel: *starts murmuring* ....well... Ok.

Amber: Yay! *walks to camera* SO SEE YOU THAT AMY! I AM MUCH BETTER THAN YOU! YAY!

Daniel: Huh?

Robin: I'll leave you two alone Luna and Lily.

Amber: Oh she's my sister. We love you! We know you from the other shows.

Luna: *Looks to Lily* Do you want to talk with me?

Daniel: So are we dating? *blushes*

Lily: okay Luna


Luna: Look, you know i love you so much. When they told me you love guys .. i can't think anymore. Is it true? Or not. You told me, you don't, so when i want you back you hurt me with feelings and other things ... i want you back Lily. We had a nice time together. I broke up with you, because i was crazy in my head. I was confused and cant think. I'm so sorry. *cries*

Freddy: Um... *turns to Mel* Mel, why is everyone falling in love? 25% of TV relationships work

Azuna: So Robin did it work?

Robin: I don't know, did you convince Luna to walk to Lily?

Lily: shut up luna....*Kisses her*

Melbourne: O.o *drives the plane*

*an alien swarm is attacking the ship. Defeat them D:*

Freddy: *sends them into the future by 99999999999999 billion years into the future* hopefully the future people are prepared for battle

Robin: *sees Lily and Luna kiss* I guess it worked. Let's defeat those Ali....

Azuna: *holds Robins good hand and kisses him* Go and defeat those Alien monster thingies!

Lara: oh my god *sees Azuna and Robin and vomits

Daniel: Lara! I have a girlfriend!

Max: Freddy how did you do that?

Trey: *Throws a few small boulders at the ship* That's cool!

Freddy: U-um... I didn't?! S:

*in fact some aliens are still here, and AVOID THE BOULDERS*

Melbourne: *tries to avoid the boulders* A LITTLE HELP HERE?

Luna: *kisses Lily* I want to do this, for a long time.

Trey: *Sends birds up to attack aliens*

Max: *runs to cannon awhile avoiding boulders*

(Orange: Don't start these challenges when I'm at school!)

Andrew: I guess I post here *throws a tree at the ship* Hehe!

Harry: *throws cage that amber and Daniel are in at ship* throw more

Trey: *Throws rock at ship* Bulls-eye!

Max: Not so fast. *shoots a bomb with cannon at the tree*

Trey: *Sends a hawk to attach aliens then throws more boulders* Yes!

Max: So that is how you wanna play* *loads 11 bombs in cannon and shoots 5 at boulders, then 5 at aliens, and finally 1 at the rock*

Trey: So, that's how you wanna play!? *Sends deer, hawks, and other small animals to attack him* Not to hard animals now! *Throws more boulders*

Andrew: Bringing in the stink! *shoots a boulder and a bottle of fart disease*

Trey: Eeeeewwww! *Throws boulder*

Max: Ok I have no choice but. *gets a shield like bomb, shoots it and it's makes a giant shield that deflects the bottle and boulders back, then blows a wistle which makes the animals go back to the wild*

Trey: *Whistles and animals come back to him* Fine! *Grabs rock and throws it at Max, then throws boulders at ship and aliens*

Max: Ok I will use this then. *grabs a giant boxing glove and throws it at the rock, boulders, and aliens* where do we get this stuff?

Azuna: WHAAA *does a high jump kick in the aliens face*

Robin: *hitting them with iron stick* Get off this ship!

Daniel: AHHHH

*eventually, the airship reaches the cliff I've mentioned

Chris: Stop! You're done! Can you please give me a second to see who did the best?

Chris: Well, I saw the whole thing...and the Smoking Hot-Headeds did the best! CONGRATS *confetti*. Now we got the Reality Stars and the Breaking's say the Reality Stars, because I think the only thing the Breaking Flowers did was flirting. Duh, we'll see ya for elimination!

Elimination 7 - Breaking Flowers (Downfall z.z)

Chris: Can't help your future loss. Guys, winning many times doesn't mean you have to stop! Ok, it brings away drama, but STILL TRY YOUR BEST. Well, you know what to do.


Lara: don't worry team even if we just filirted how Chirs said, we are a good team (CONF) i can't vote fore Daniel and Amber they are my firends, so bye bye Chandler *Votes Chandler*

Daniel: Ok... Thanks Lara! (CONF) All of them... are... my.. friends... but... Chandler didn't do much so sorry! *votes Chandler*

Azuna: let's hope that you hand will get normal again.

Robin: I hope too, this is really ichy. Let's vote.

Azuna: (CONF) It's pretty easy who to vote, *votes Lara* Last season she came way to far. (END CONF)

Robin: (CONF) It's so hard, I know Lara isn't my best friend but she seems to be friends with Daniel,  I vote Chandler sorry dude, *votes Chandler* (END CONF) 

Melbourne: *votes Lara* Ehm....sorry girl?

Max: *votes Lara* I don't know any more.

Lily: (CONF) *Votes Chandler*...yes me and luna are in love again ^-^


Chris: Well....I gotta say...this was a close one. The ones who received votes are Chandler and Lara. Tonight, who's going is...

Contestant 1 2 3 4

Chris: WHY VOTES ARE ONLY 9? Well, sorry Chandler, but it is your time. BYE! *blows him up*. So, another day, another sucky challenge, another fallen. Who is going to win next challenge, and will Robin discover that I did cover his hand with poison ivy during the night? Hehe, find it out here, on TOTAL..............DRAMA....................AFTER THE ISLAND AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Finally I got it

Debutter Ceremony

Chris: Ok....I guess you gave them a pain. They still managed to get here, though. Trey is obviously safe, as he did the most out of everyone! Ella is 2nd place....and the others are safe, but Erik and Dusk did nothing at all, so one of them is out. But since I can't decide....say why you should stay!

Andrew: What about me?

Chris: You're okay, but Trey did way more.

Chris: Really? No speech? Sad. Well....since I have to decide.....Dusk. Your time is up. You could've done very well here, but I guess you were lazy! Bye *blows him up*

Episode 8 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Smoking Hot-Headeds)

Melbourne: Wow! This is so great

Chef: *pants* Guys, have you seen Chris?

Melbourne: No...why?

Chef: He's gone! I can't find him anymore! *runs off*

Melbourne: What?

Robin: *wakes up and scratching his head* Who is gone?

Freddy: Chris, but no one really cares

Robin: oh Chris, ohwell I'll go back to sleep than *gets back in his room and go sleeping*

Lily: Chirs is gone ? oh i don't care...i just want to kiss another one time my Luna <333

Robin: *wakes up* Ah, that was a great sleep *walks to the bathroom and takes a shower and washes sees his hand* AAAAAAAHHHHH!!! (CONF only wearing a towel) Luckly this confesion is right next to the shower, anyway, LOOK AT THIS *shows his hand*, My hand is even bigger than before , it doesn't itches anymore but still. (END CONF)  

Freddy: Um... Why did Robin scream? Someone else check because I'm not going into the bathroom!

Robin: *drying off and put on his clothes* why does this happen to me, because of this hand I can't zip up the fly of my jeans, akward...

Azuna: *Knocking on the front door* *screaming desperitly*  HEY OPEN THE DOOR!! AAAAH (CONF) I am a genius if it comes down in faking emotions... Don't get me wrong the emotions and feelings I have for Robin are 100% real. *facepalm* Azuna keep your head in the game..(END CONF)

Luna: *Walks behind her*

Freddy: *looks through window* Oh Hey Azuna, sorry Robin just got out the shower and his hand is huge, he'll be back to normal in 2 days, BYE!

Azuna: GRR, you know we have something for you.

Freddy: Me or Robin? Or Anyone else?

Azuna: For.... no one actaully, JUST LET US IN!!!

Freddy: ....Well since you asked nicely... *opens door* Hi, robin is in .... there!

Azuna: Actaully I am not looking for him, *looks in the fridge*

Freddy: So.... you came to raid are fridge? *sarcasm* Wow, We are so lucky....

Azuna: No... but where was Robin again?

Freddy: Shower.... I think... Can his hand fit through the door? Hmm.... And HAH! I knew you were here for Robin!

Azuna: No, not only for him.. *knocks on the door* Robin everything alright?

Robin: *opens the door* Well not totally come in I have something to ask, without Freddy.

Azuna: Sure, *comes in* what is i.... WHAT HAPPEND TO YOUR HAND, IT'S EVEN WORSE THAN YESTERDAY!

Robin: I don't know. Anyway, I feel really akward asking you this, but because of my hand I can't zip up the fly of my jeans. So uhm.. do you want to do that.

Azuna: *looks weird at Robin and than start laughing* OH MY GOD WHAHA TO GOOD, okay, only because it's you. *zip up the fly of Robin's jeans* good luck going to the toilet. *gives him a kiss* 

Freddy: *from other room* HAAHAAAHAAA! Good joke!

Azuna: *smashing the door in Freddy's face* Since you like to spy on people, come in. Freddy.

Freddy: *comes in* I wasn't spying, you two just speak really loud.

Azuna: Anyway *talk quitly* we need to vote out Lara if the breaking flowers loose next.

Robin: *talks quitly* Why?

Freddy: *talks quietly* Because.......Why?

Azuna: *talks quietly* Why.. is that a serious question? She made it to the merge two times already in this serries, she is a threat and she need to go. Only if breaking flowers loose again that is. Cause otherwise we can't vote her off.

Robin: *talks quietly* Hmm, you got a point.

Freddy: *talks quietly*  Hm...

Azuna: *talks quietly* Hm What are you in Freddy?

Freddy: *talks quietly* ....fine...

Azuna: *talks quietly* Good. You Robin.

Robin: *talks quietly* fine. 

Luna: *walks in* Azuna??

Freddy: *talks quietly* Over here!

Azuna: Hey Luna, what's up girl.

Luna: *walks to them and talks quitetly* And .. are you going vote for Lara, guys?

Robin: *talks quietly* well I am.

Azuna: *talks quietly* I hope your hand is gonna be okay Robin.

Freddy: *loudly* I will also vote! :D

Azuna: *punches Freddy in his stomach* SUSH!!

Freddy: *Loudly* OWW! AHHHH! *quietly* I'm ok

Luna: Where's Lily?

Robin: I haven't seen her today.

Azuna: That doesn't say much since you have been stuck trying to zip your jeans..

Freddy: *starts laughing* Yeah

Lily: are you talking about me ? Hey Luna ^-^ *Hugs Luna*

Azuna: Well Luna was looking for you.

Lily: mm...well...what are you doing here -.- ?

Azuna: Well we were searching Chris, but I think it's a trap and now I want to search a cure for Robin's hand.

Lily: ah, turn back to your team b**ch (CONF) i can't forgive Azuna for what she did, she let me borke up with Luna, she is a bad girl (END CONF)

Azuna: haha, I'm not going because you say so!

Luna: Lily! *huggs her* You look great!

Lily: you are really annoying azuna -.- Thanks luna <3 *Kisses her*

Luna: *kisses her and looks to Azuna* Oh .. maybe we can better go back to the cabin?

Azuna: Well you can go if you want but I want to find a cure for Robin's hand. *turn toward Freddy* since you claim to be from the future, maybe you know what happend to Robin's hand.

Luna: Oh nevermind, then i would stay with Lily!

Freddy: Azuna, Chris covered it in Poison Ivy!

Robin: What really? But how did it become this big, I touched poison ivy before but I never remeber it to become like this.

Azuna: That's right, so do you happen to know a cure Freddy?

Lily: *walks over with Luna* soo...we are here ^-^ we are still dating and i hope we are going to make it to the merge and to the Top 5 why no ? *Smiles to luna*

Freddy: Well, Ohhh... I am VERY allergic to Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, and Poison Sumac, To make it stop itching... Im NOT kidding about his,,, You mix, Baking Soda, Listerine, and Salt,,,, You mix that together, and it will maybe take a couple seconds or minutes, but it will kinda have like a little burn to it maybe, and it will stop itching, and on your arm or wherever you put it, there will be a white, hard kinda powder, and if you put it in the light it will shine lite glitter, DON'T rub the white stuff off, It helps it, keep it on there over night and then just wash it off with water,,, What you do is get a bowl of some sort, we use a container that had icing in it, it works pretty good, You put about 1 TBS of Baking Soda, and then pour the Listerine in the container in it, and just pour enough to cover all of the Baking Soda,, and then just add,,, about 1/2 TBS of salt, and mix till theres no more baking soda, then wash your arm with warm water and soap, any kinda of soap, then gently dry, and then pour and rub alcohol on it, and then on top of the alcohol put the baking soda, Listerine, and salt liquid, Now when you put this back in the cabinet to keep till next time, the baking soda will settle to the bottom, and next time you use it, you will have to stir it, and make sure there is no more baking soda on the bottom, and stirred good, Then just add it. You can keep this stuff for a very long time, but when you run out, just make you some more *@ Azuna and Robin*

Azuna: Uhm is there also something that doesn't kill the person who makes it.

Robin: Maybe just wraped my hand in bandage and put tigerbalm on my hand.

Azuna: Isn't that gonna burn?

Freddy: At least you'd know it's working :)

Robin: I don't know it works, but we can try it.

Azuna: Okay *gives Robin tigerbalm* put it on yourself, I don't want to get burned. I will help you with the bandage.

Robin: *takes a deep breath* here we go *puts tigerbalm on his hand* 

Azuna: *puts  bandage on Robin's hand* Does it feel uhm.. better.

Robin: It... burns...

Freddy: Um... What is Tigerbalsam in English? Tiger Balm?

Robin: But let's hope it works. and yeah it's Tiger Balm.

Azuna: Yeah, *kisses Robin* anyway Luna, let's go and find Chris!

Robin: Can I go with you.

Azuna: Uhm no, we are still on other teams my baseball glove hand. *goes with her hands through Robin's hair*

Robin: Haha, *smiles*.

Freddy: Stop flirting and start leaving

Robin: *goes with his good hand through Azuna's hair

Azuna: *turn to Freddy* Just because you are such a killbuzz I'll stay for a few minutes, * turns to Robina and gives him a kiss* hey let's go for it!!

Freddy: How lucky -.-

Robin: Let's go for what? 

Azuna: You're so clueless sometimes. Luna let's go!!

Freddy: Bye Azuna!

Azuna: I'm not going yet!

Freddy: Awww

Azuna: Aww what?

Freddy: Awww... I-I can't believe Robins hand so big! That's it! (CONF) I wonder if she was a man once D:

Azuna: yeah right. Luna where are you waiting for!!

Luna: *kisses Lily* See ya, lovely ! *walks to Azuna* I'm here!

Freddy: Yay.

Azuna: Let's go and find Chris.

Cabins (Reality Stars)

Chef: Hey there! Can someone help me finding Chris? He's gone!

Azuna: uhm let me think for a second *looks at the clock on the wall*  no. *eating chips*

Luna: Yeah i will help you Chef. Where will we find him, do you think? His camera room? ^_^

Azuna: Camera Room? ah I like to spy on my R... someone.. 

Luna: It will be likefull, or something.

Azuna: I don't care for Chr.... crackers, let's find Chris.

Luna: *walks around* CHRISSS!!!

Azuna: CHRIISSS!! WHERE ARE YOU!!! (CONF) I don't want to search for Chris but I hope this way my team get a advantage in the challenge and we win, I want to get rid of someone but I will not spoile it yet. (END CONF)

Luna: Hmm ...

Azuna: I guess he is not here, Luna I have to ask you something *whispering is her ear* Okay if we win and the breaking flowers loose again we should love out Lara. She made it to the merge twice in this series and she should not be the first one to make it so far for a third time, she is a threat, can I count on you for voting her?

Luna: *nodds her head* (CONF) Only because .. Amber feels like a sister for my and Daniel is her boyfriend. I have not a friendship with Lara, so yeah.

Azuna: *whisper in her ear* Don't ask anyone else this question, just for our savety. Let's go to the smoking hot heads.

Luna: OK! I follow you.

Boney Island (Breaking Flowers)

-*they're alone, for the first time*

Daniel: B-but shouldn't Chris be here!

Lara: uh, god i'm safe. yeah he should be here

Daniel: Well... I got a girlfriend...

Amber: And that's .. meeeee !

Daniel: *blushes* Yeah

Lara: oh..w-wow i'm happy for you two :D....(CONF) *Cries* i-i remeber and C-chimar-roj.....*Cries*

Daniel: Thank you! :)

Amber: Thanks! *huggs Lara* (CONF) A nice friend and my boyfriend on the same team! Yayyy!

Lara: Y-yeah ^-^ *Hugs Amber* (CONF) i just found two person that really love me,not Chimaroj, Amber and Daniel are the only two people that love me *Smiles*

Amber: So, we are alone. Maybe we can make a little house or something? Its really cold here outsite.

Daniel: I don't want any of us leaving so when we play be prepared! Any OK Amber! (CONF) I don't want Lara or Amber leaving D:

Lara: yeah, guys i think if we lose again i'm going home, so this can be the last time that we are together, right ?

Daniel: You can't leave, you never leave early! D:

Lara: i know but this isn't my luckly camp, you know,Azuna hate me and she has many firend, so i think that i'm going home the next week *Hugs Daniel*

Daniel: B-but B-but B-but!

Lara: i know, but just be funny with Amber, you deserve her ;) and if you don't want let me go so we must win the next challenge xD

Daniel: Funny with Amber? *innocent confused frown* What does that mean?

Lara: oh xD i meant be happy with her....hey i'm not a perv !

Daniel: *still confused* What did I say?...... what does "perv" mean?

Lara: *facepalm* never mind.....

Daniel: *really confused* O...k... I'll look it up in the dictionary later then

Amber: It will be fine, Lara! *huggs her* We must win next challenge.

Challenge 8 - Ran out of ideas

Chef: Urgh, I can't find's find a way to bring him back already. Best one makes that contestant teammate win, while the other 2 will face a particular elimination. Meh, go! (remember the Eliminated Contestants Theory in ATA? That's the same challenge. Go check it and you'll be fine)


Luna: *thinks maybe he is in Playa Del Losers?* Azuna! *whispers* Maybe he's in Playa Del Losers?

Azuna: We have to find away to bring him back so I doubt he is on the island. 

Luna: The toilets?

Azuna: Well if he isn't on the island than he's also not in the toilets.

Daniel: *starts writing a letter and reads what he reads* Dear Chris, Please come here!

Lara: i really don't care where is him....but if this is the challenge -.-.....Daniel please throw this letter and let's find chirs

Azuna: What if we just build a  five star cottage, and call him and say he get's it, which he does than. 

Daniel: *phones Chris* PICK UP PICK UP PICK UP!

Freddy: Who cares? It's Chris!

Azuna: *thows a rock to Daniel* Come up with your own idea *making a cottage*

Robin: We should... make a cake for Chris.. I think.

Amber: Maybe he want a massage resort or something

Daniel: *starts painting a bill board* There; "Chris Come Here!"

Azuna: *building a cottage* Luna do you get Chris's phone number?

Melany: I have hos phone number, but you voted for my sister Veronica. So you cant have it.

Daniel: *waiting* it's not working.....

Freddy: *calls pizza hut* Can I have a large pizza with marcorni and barbecue sauce? Oh, and please send one of your employees called Chris please

Mickey: So what exactly are we supposed to be doing?

Melany: *looks angry*


Azuna: LUNA where are you and the rest of my team. *thinking of a new idea since everyone is stealing Azuna's idea's* (CONF) How are we ever gonna win if they are not here! (END CONF)

Freddy: *looks up Chris in the dictionary* I wonder if this counts...

Luna: I'm still here. And yes i have Chris phone number. *331-450* ANSWER!

Melbourne: Tell him that we're leaving the competition! That will work!


Azuna: Luna if you can't reach him yet please get 12 kartboard cut outs of Lindsay in bikini. 

Robin: Uhm but he know if we leave the compitition he get's all the money so he wouldn't feel all bad about it.

Luna: But, if everyone leaves he doesnt have a show? *calls Chris*

Robin: Yeah.. that is true.

Azuna: Grrr... (CONF) one team can win why is everyone working with each other ONE FREAKING TEAM can win and it's gonna be us!! (END CONF) Luna, can you please get those 12 Lindsay standies. 

Lara: ..w-what ? sorry guys but you have to know that at the end of this challenge two of the team will go to elimination so why are you working together ?

Daniel: Yeah, but....

Freddy: just relax Daniel! (CONF) Then you'll lose :)

Amber: Lara, Daniel work together and win for yourself. Lara, when you arent safe .. you will be voted out. So, you must be safe. (CONF) I don't want Lara go home or Daniel my boyfriend.

Lily: guys i have an idea ! Luna give me the phone ! 

Luna: *looks to Azuna and gives Lily the phone*

Lily: Thanks Luna *Gives a kiss to luna and Calls Chirs*

Azuna: HEY!! *walks to Lilly and takes the phone out of her hands* GET YOU OWN PHONE!! *walks away with the phone* 

Robin: Lily what is your idea?

Luna: Azuna! Wait, she can help us!

Azuna: She can only get us on boney island, are you still gonna get those 12 Lindsay standies?

Luna: Yeah, i'll gonna get them. (CONF) I hope the time comes fast..

Lily: w-what ?! HEY YOU CAN'T !!! (CONF) ah...Keep calm lily, it's for Luna *Fake smiles* (END CONF) Robin my idea was to call chris and say to him that you could kiss me and...yeah other else things....

Robin: Why do you want to kiss me, won't that cause trouble again between you and Luna?

Freddy: You've kissed enough people, Lily. And you're in an relationship

Lily: wait ! i was talking about Chirs, that he could.....ah okay never mind (CONF) Hey i just kissed....six people ? or seven ? i don't remeber.....

Freddy: Check and mate, Lily -.- Anyway, What should we do?


Luna: I don't care who she kissed or who not, she's my girlfriend and i'm proud of it. *kisses her*

Freddy: Shhhh! ARGUE! The drama will bring Chris back!

Lily: oh...thanks Luna you are the only person that understand me ;( *Kisses her*

Lara: oh please you two just disgust me....(CONF) ...ahhh....

Azuna: Luna!! 12 Lindsay standies!! 

Robin: *looks strange at Lily* I don't know maybe we can.. pretent someone is drouning and there is no camera unless Chris brings one. 

Freddy: Drama! Robin, Kiss Lily!

Robin: No, I have a girlfriend and you know that. 

Lily: no i don't think this is a good idea....and why you are wathcing me strangely ? and excuese me *Slaps Azuna* just shut up you fu*king b**ch, you sick me, Luna isn't your serve !!! FREDDY SHUT THE F*CK UP !!! I'M NOT KISSING ANYONE !!!!!!

Luna: Leave Lily alone, please guys. And Azuna, i do it in a moment for you.

Freddy: Fine..... Azuna, Kiss Someone.... but Robin..

Harry: *makes Freddy and lily kiss* Ooh, Luna will be pissed

Lily: O.O......GOD !!!!!!! WHO ARE YOU AND WHY YOU MADE THAT ?!!!! 

Azuna: *ignores Freddy*  OH YOU!!! know what I think you and Luna make a cute couple. (CONF) If it wasn't for Luna I would've beheaded her by now! (END CONF)

Robin: Hey Lily, stop you do know she actaully helped you huh!!

Freddy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo you ruined my first kiss!

Lily: AHHHHH !!!!! WHAT ?!!!! YOU.....YOU JUST LET ME BORKE UP WITH HER !!!!!!!! AND ROBIN YOU ARE.....AHHHH *Cries and walks away*

Luna: This people make me sick ... kids. And Azuna, do this in your one .. *walks away*

Freddy: *cries* Why!? Why was it Lily!? Wash it off! *runs to sink*


Azuna: What the f*** happend.

Robin: I have no clue...

Melany: (CONF) Amber didn't vote for Veronica... (END CONF) Let me help you, girl. *screams* YOOOOOOO CHRIS, FIGHT!!!! NICE FOR DRAMA !!!

Lara: ahh...poor me...welcome to my world Azuna 

Amber: *walks around* CHRISSSSS???? CHRISSSS????

Freddy: Kill....Me.....I....Kissed..... L- *pukes everywhere*


Amber: *search for Chris* HEY! HEY! *looks to the camera room from Chris and walks in ...* O MY GOSH! Harry: Get a room *gets out video of kiss of Freddy and lily* the internet will love this!

Azuna: Lara, shut your mouth. *trying to call Chris*  

Freddy: .......I want to die, I HAVE LILY GERMS! Lara: okay Azuna i just can't fight with you now................................................*Punches Azuna* DIIEEEEE !!!! 

Lily: Ehy Melbourne, for that kiss, just let me tell you

Freddy: *starts crying* WHY ME!? WHY COULDN'T IT BE DANIEL!? I DON'T LIKE HIM!

Daniel: What's wrong with me?

Azuna: AGH Lara if it wasn't for me not wanting to waste time, you would be underwater now! *get's Luna* Girl put yourself together we need to win this challenge! I didn't do anything, Lily blames everything on me because I'm a person who you can blame things on and people would believe it! So are you still in it!!

Melbourne: YOU, LILY, YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE THAT *cries and runs away from the others*

Harry: be quiet lily, don't act like you don't love kissing *shows montage of kisses lily gave* that's a lot

Luna: Yeah, Azuna. But she's my girlfriend ... and you are my friend, its hard for me you know? So what can i do?

Lily: you know ?....*Kisses Harry*........and F*ck you ! *Runs to Melbourne* MELBOURNE PLESE JUST LISTEN TO ME PLEASE !

Luna: *looks to Lily and Harry*

Azuna: Well *whispering in Luna's ear* We are going to his cottage and steal a few paintings of himself and threat him if he doesn't come here, we will burn them. 

Melany: *runs around* YO CHRIS BABE WHERE ARE U

Luna: *nodds her head* Azuna, what can i do.

Azuna: *whispers in Luna's ear* well there are alot of paintings in his cottage, I can't carry all of them myself so if you want to help me with that.

Lara: uh...Chirs ? i just have found your 500$ i can bring them cause YOU AREN'T HERE !!!! ..

Chris: Shut u- ops, cover revealed...hehe.....well...challenge is over, I guess. We didn't have a challenge for the debutters yet, so their job is to JUDGE WHO DID THE BEST! Who receives the most votes wins...and different votes please, cause I'll decide who wins.

Azuna: WHAT, COULDN'T YOU WAIT *holding painting from Chris's cottage* 

Lara: *Brings the 500$ of chirs* !!!! *Escapes*

Melany: *smiles* Amber, she was the only girl who search on every place.

Amber: Ahw! Thankyou so much!

Harry: Another reason why lily is a w***e for kisses

Lily: mh.....i'm sure that you never kissed a girl like me...........(CONF) hey what i'm saying ?! i have a relationship with Luna...and....ah

Harry: I think Freddy did the best, he can read

Robin: Lily, you should quit talking about kissing. (CONF) I lost all respect for her, I thought she was a girl who respected herself and not just kiss anyone and let anyone kiss her. I guess I was wrong (END CONF)

Lily: yeah....(CONF) i feeling so bed.....*Starts smocking* i stoled this from Robin....

Trey: The one who did the best? I guess Azuna.

Elle: Azuna definitely tried the best. She sounded like she was actually trying to win for herself.

Freddy: (CONF) I......hate.....HARRY! Stupid intern!

Harry: Silly Freddy, your not the only victim of lily, but a victim of time travel *shows all scenes Freddy was futuristic*


Chris: (I see you voted for your relatives z.z......abusers). We had 2 votes for Azuna, 1 for Freddy and 1 for Amber....well, the winner is...............none of these. You weren't creative at all know what? Everyone is up for elimination, because y'all sucked.

Elimination 8 - Everyone? O.o

Chris: Well, for this challenge...everyone is up, but it's not a triple elimination! It's a normal elimination, but whoever is supposed to be eliminated will partecipate in a showdown and whoever does the worst goes home :D. Happy? Everyone has a chance to lose but Azuna, Freddy and Amber, who did Urgh, I didn't think so. Whatever, this time each team votes for itself, while the others can't vote another member of another team. So yeah, good luck

Reality Stars Vote

Mickey: Max and Bruno never do anything for the team so I'm just gonna randomly pick Max. *votes Max*

Max: You are the only one I can vote. *votes Bruno* (MRace Why you do a challenge when I am at school.) (Because I didn't knew you were at school. Duh, I suck at planning times)

Azuna: Why are we up, me and Luna actually tried!! We didn't made this a bad parody of bold and the beautiful, anyway all the boys were useless *votes Bruno*

Luna: *Votes Bruno* (CONF) You are useless

Mickey: (CONF) I literally just realized I'm the last member of the previous Heavenly Heroes still in the game XD

Harry: MICKY! *whispers to Mickey* luna wants you eliminated, i saw her confestional

Azuna: *throws a rock at Harry* go bug the other teams we don't care about your inside information!

Breaking Flowers Vote

Daniel: B-b-but! I.... I.... don' *cries* LARA DESERVES TO STAY AS MUCH AS I DO! WHY CHRIS!? WHY!? *votes Lara* L-lara, vote for Me!

Lara: nah don't worry Daniel ^-^ *Hugs Daniel*.....soo.....i have to vote someone ? Chirs i hate you !!! the only person that really loved me even if i'm so evil it's Daniel and now i have to vote him....i hate this stupid game -.- Daniel,Amber just win for me ! *Votes Daniel* (CONF) i know i'm going home so FU*K YOU AZUNA !!!!!!

Daniel: You are NOT going home... Uh... Bruno is going home or maybe Max! We just have to beat them *tries to smile*

Lara: you are so sweet Daniel :D *Hugs him* (CONF) i think Daniel and Amber are the only two that deserve to win...but if Azuna is going to be in the final 4.....ahh i will kill myself !!!!!!!!

Daniel: *smiles* Aww Thanks *hugs Lara* 

Harry: Lara, daniel is so fake *shows montage of scenes from behind the scenes of "Behind the scenes" Showing daniel as a jerk* (to himself) I Hope she doesn't notice this is 45 seconds long

Lara: .......................................................*Ingores Harry* 

Daniel: Did I do something wrong?

Harry: Just that you trust one of the biggest villians of sweet dreams, who played people

Daniel: No... Lara is sweet

Harry: Than watch this *gets out Lara's best hits dvd from TD:SD*

Daniel: She is *eyes look furious* NOT playing us!

Harry: Your.... PROOF! >:D

Lara: okay just go away form here Harry, i don't want have other problem, i have enough problem now

Daniel: I-I can tell she is a good person

Harry: For everyone, your the problem, just leave so you don't hurt you *sarcasm ahead* FRIENDS! And daniel, if you watch this season, you can see all she care about is that chim loser

Amber: (CONF) It's on me .. do i vote for my bestfriend or my boyfriend ... *votes Lara* I'm so .. so sorry.

Daniel: ....I....I....I...

Harry: You should think daniel, she is using you

Daniel: *covers ears* LALALALALAAALALA!

Harry: *shows sign saying "She's Using You" *


Harry: YAYA! How would you know i have a sign *shows sign saying "How would you know i have a sign "*

Smoking Hot-Headeds Vote

Melbourne: I admit I did a very few....but Freddy really shouldn't have done that. Sigh...*votes Robin*

Freddy: Well............................................ It wasn't me! Lily tried, Mel is my friend, Robin doesn'like me... I'll decide now.... *votes Lily* Now Mel hates me >.>!

Robin: (CONF) our team got dismentaled because of that kiss, but I give Lily a second chance *votes Melbourne* sorry but you have been pretty useless (END CONF)

Lily: (CONF) before this challenge i thought that my team was great....i'm going to vote Melbourne cause she hates me now....*Votes Melbourne*

Harry: HELLO LILY! I See you are getting rid of mel to have Freddy all to yourself, and as an intern i can see the votes

Lily: emmm...? Chirs...? Don't you think that your interns are really annoying ?! THEY ARE HERE FOR HELP YOU OR FOR DESTROY MY LIFE ?!!!!!

Harry: I am only being evil so i join, so i can be evil, so i can win >:D! besides, like you didn't deserve it, your a joke!

Freddy: *pours a bucket of water on Harry* GO AWAY YOU FREAK!

Lily: i'm a joke ?!!!!!! AHHH i'm getting furios !!!!!!!!! Keep calm lily.....

Harry: I recall you being the nice girl. NICE GIRLS DON'T SMOKE *shows Earlier conf of lily smoking* (you didn't see this coming) and freddy, your the freak *shows montage of freddy throwing salt at peoples faces*

Robin: I am pretty sure that is fake, how did she get cigarettes? I mean, I am the only one who has them and I haven't smoked in a long time and I hid them really well.

Lily: ah this is the biggest fake of this planet, sorry Harry but i have never smocked....right Robin ?

Harry: Exactly, have you checked where they are? And she says she took them from you in conf *shows confestional again* (Lily: yeah....(CONF) i feeling so bed.....*Starts smocking* i stoled this from Robin....)

Robin: I still don't belief you Harry, I hid my cigarettes pretty well and if she did stole them out of my back pocket than she still didn't smoke, cause those are fake chocolate cigarettes, I got them during td hotel.

Harry: Did lily know that? NO! she just tried to, and besides i JUST STARTED being mean, i couldn't have time to make a fake!

Robin: Listen I am not gonna believe you, you get that. It is fake unless you have proof you didn't messed with the video.

Harry: I'm pretty sure i'd be kicked off for tampering with Video, and besides, have you seen lily's eyes latly, BAGS!


Chris: Let's just get over with this. No table. The ones who are up for elimination are.........







Melbourne: WHAT?!



and Lara! Well, now it's the time for staying in the game! Say why you should stay, blahblablah...

Melbourne: First of all, I DIDN'T AVENGE MYSELF *cough*Lily*cough*. Second, c'mon. I haven't got ideas for bringing you back! Geez. Third.....I think I deserve to stay. Bruno did a real few, so eliminate him already

Harry: Why? and besides, you should know lily smokes

Lara: i just think that if i will stay,i can change, cause i met two great person so i would like to stay with them a little more, and cause i want to so Azuna out xD and really guys Bruno never talked....

Chris: Since you both think Bruno did nothing at all *kicks him out* He's out, the others are safe. Happy day :D. No recap this time, as I am lazy

Debutters Ceremony

Chris: Heya! The best today, between Harry, Melany, Trey and Elle was.......Elle! Why? Between the guys you have chosen, Azuna did the best, but Elle gave the reason, so yeah, she's the best today. The bottom two is..........Erik, again, and Andrew. Again, have your speechs

Harry: *gets out sign saying eliminate both* you know you want to

Melany: Ok.

Andrew: Im sorry that I didn't do anything, but I have a good reason. I was sleeping, I had school, and I am busy at the moment

Melany: Why do you sign up for this season then, Andrew? And sleeping can you do in the night, you know?

Erik: and i have a good reason, my laptop was broken for the whole of last week, i hardly any internet access at all.

Andrew: Melany, have you heard of time zones?

Chris: Well, let's see. Erik did nothing at all, but I saw your reason and it's acceptable. Andrew, the only reason the previous time you were on the "good" ones it's because you talked, plus there seems to be no reason behind this. I see that you're busy at the moment, so I'll let you complete your business first. Sorry, but your out. saved yourself again? O.o. Well, if you don't compete next time consider yourself out...

Episode 9 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Nobody, lol)

'Chris: *sleeping* Harry: *sneaks in and reads everyones files* >:D

Cabins (Chris told the debutters that they had to "experience" a day in the contestants cabin)

Melany: *walks around* Hmm ... *smells Veronica's deo* Veronica ..... She was here ...

Trey: *Walks around in cabin* Not the best place ever. But, oh well!

Harry: *to himself* I have an oppertunity to cause chaos, im not staying here! *runs away to Boney Island*

Boney Island (Everyone, lol)



Luna: That was a really horrible episode ..

Robin: *sigh* let's hope this team will end up good.

Lily: *Walks to luna* Hey...Luna ? are you ok ?

Azuna: Lily!! (CONF) stay away from this team before you toxicate us with your lip virus that you have that making you kiss everyone!! Is what I would've said if it wasn't for Luna being her girlfriend so instead what I did (END CONF) I'll leave you two alone, you need to talk with eachother. *walks to away*

Luna: Yes, and you Lily? *kisses her*

Lily: yeah i'm okay *kisses Luna*, for the kiss of me and Freddy, you know it was Harry not me....

Luna: Everything is allright, i'm not mad or something. I hope the merge starts, then can we spend time for a wile together!

Freddy: *washing* WASH IT OFF! WASH IT OFF!

Azuna: So baseball hand glove, did it work with you hand? 

Robin: My hand is looking normal. *taking off the bandage* yeah it is normal again. 

Azuna: What's wrong Robin?

Robin: I don't know, *hugs Azuna and seeing Freddy washing his lips* did that the same water got my hand that that itchy? 


Robin: Oh okay, *sigh* (CONF) What if that Harry guy, Hanry.. whatever that name of the interner is was right and Lily does smoke? Is that my fault? *sigh* But I am pretty sure it's fake (END CONF)

Azuna: Are you sure Freddy?

Daniel: What's wrong, Robin?

Freddy: I'm sure as sure can be sure if sure was a person that was sure as sure as sure could possibly surely can be, I am being sure when I say that!

Harry: MUWAHAHH! *arrives to island on boat* Chris said do the obstakill cource *gets out whip and whips Azuna* Dance for me girl!

Lily: god he is here -.- i have to ingore him rigth Luna ^-^ *Kisses her* (CONF) ahhh Luna is so so so nice.......<33

Azuna: *kicks Harry's teeth in* Go and bother Lara! 

Robin: Azuna I'll be right back *walks to Lily* Lil, can we talk? 

Harry: You wouldn't want to do that again, or robin's past with his dad is uploaded onto the internet, ALL OF IT! *Whips Azuna*

Azuna: listen *Looks at his name tag* Haryr? What is that for a name, anyway this is a reality show all of this will be uploaded to the Internet.

Harry: Duh, I'm not an idiot, I mean ALL of robin's past relations with his father, not just the ones already said, including some illegal stuff in there too, robin's dad is a ABUSIVE dude >:)

Azuna: Listen, Haryr  is that really your name? Anyway, stop bothering me with your none sense, I know Robin's relationship with his dad wasn't the best but there is no footage of that so go and bother Lara like I said before. 

Lily: sure Robin ^-^

Robin: Uhm, I want a honist answer of you, the confesional that that intern showed us where you were smoking, is that real? 

Lily: -.- if you belive in Harry it means that you aren't my best friend *Slaps Robin*

Freddy: *looks at Lily and Robin* Um... (CONF) As much as I hate her, I can't afford her to be hated by Robin, since he already hates me... I will- (END CONF) *runs to them* The video is fake! I edited it because I was angry you all tried to vote Mel off!

Robin: Lily, stop slapping me, tell me honist cause I feel like you're lying to me!

Harry: Freddy, did not make the video *shows confestional (CONF) As much as I hate her, I can't afford her to be hated by Robin, since he already hates me... I will- (END CONF) 

  • runs to them* The video is fake! I edited it because I was angry you all tried to vote Mel off!) Ok, >:D and lily, robin caring about you doesn't NOT make him your best friend

Lily: .............-.-..............okay now you are getting boring can't stay here cause this is the boney island and your cabin is there not here, *Punches Harry to him cabin* and Robin I DIDN'T SMOCKED !!!!!! AHHH !!! ah......yeah i ate Chocolate, yeah i stoled them from you sorry, but that chocolate was really good 

Harry: Sure wat ever *dodges punch So, i'm here to mess you up, and i thought you were the nice girl, SMOKER! Nice girls don't steal cigaretes

Lily: i stoled chocolate not cigaretes Harry

Daniel: S-stealing is wrong

Lily: oh god i stoled some chocolate from my best firend, he knows that i love chocolate 

Harry: Oh shut up, Your "Friend" Azuna is tried to play Luna, you defentaly "Won't" Be next

Lily: W-what ? 

Daniel: W-what... as well!?

Harry: Azuna had aplan to use Luna and turn her against LILY! Tricking Luna into thinking Lily played her, by telling her You (lily) kissed robin

Chef: GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE ALREADY! *kicks Harry far far away*

Lily: ohhh chef thanks ;(((( *Hugs Chef* you are my hero (CONF) and if harry is right ? AZUNA IS USING LUNA !!!!!! 

Freddy: Um.... *walks over to Mel* What's going on?

Daniel: ...... Wait... Why do you have Choco-Cigarettes?

Azuna:  *walks to Robin* Don't listen to that pathatic intern Haryr. Harry Harir, whatever his name is, he is talking bull-sh**

Harry: (CONF) Stupid Chef! I will win! I Have to make azuna an enemy, well, she DID try to play Luna, but i am ok with trying to play LILY! (END CONF) *throws video of Azuna trying to play luna at Robin* CAAAAAAAAATCH *crashes into hotel*


Lara: (CONF) i don't knwo why but i like Harry.......he is evil and he is putting everyone in trouble 

Daniel: Lara... Why is Harry being so mean?

Lara: What are you talking about ?

Melbourne:....Lily just kissed you...

Daniel: H-he is framing Azuna, trying to get Lily and Freddy in trouble and made Melbourne hate people

​ Freddy: So? It was an *shivers* accident.. caused by Harry

Azuna: *catches the video* Whahaha nice try Haryr.. *breaks the disk*

Robin: ugh that Harry guy is annoying, godplayery.. if that even excist anyway Azuna are you okay. 

Lara: ah Daniel just ingore him, he is here for make trouble but we have to ingore him okay ? 

Lily: *Walks to Mel* listen to me, i didn't kiss Freddy on puropse, you know i'm in love with Luna and i'm lesbian so why i should have kissed Freddy ?

Azuna: *walks to Mel* Lily is right she didn't do it on purpose, the Haryr guy set it all up jerk.

Lily: oh Thanks Azuna ^-^ yeah Harry is a Jerk -.-

Freddy: Yeah!

Azuna: *drags Lily into the confessional* (another CONF) Alright you hate me and you are not my best friend ether but we have to stop fighting okay, Not for me cause really I don't care but for Luna and we must both keep our head clear so we can take down that Intern Haryr or whatever his name is. (END CONF)

Lily: (another CONF) o-okay, you are right, for Luna

Harry's Bomb:(CONF) *is bomb in confetional planted by harry* 3-2-1 *EXPLODES CONF* 

Azuna: (another CONF) Isn't it weird that this confesional is better looking than the one on the other island? (ENDCONF)

Challenge 9 - Expecting the unexpected

Chris: Welcome to the 9th challenge of this season, final 10! Yes, you'e now the final 10....or 11? Too busy to check. This challenge is relatively simple, but it requires activity. You simply have to reach the top of the cliff (11 lines) and then jump off (1 lines). The 2 teams who features the most contestants at the end wins....and I'm considering percentages, as this is a 4 vs 3 vs 4. The first team who reaches the 100% will get a BIG advantage next challenge, so GO!

[For the debutters]

Uh....the same thing....go!

Melbourne: Oh well, let's go *runs to the top of the cliff* (1)

Harry: I have to win! *runs to top of cliff*

Azuna: A running challenge, really? *running to the top of the cliff* (1)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (1)

Harry: Azuna, I'd reveal your "great" quote from earlier if i didn't blow that confestional up, it had my IPad with every confestional on it! *facepalms runs to top of cliff*

Melbourne: *glares at Harry and runs to the top of the cliff* (2)

Harry: Oh stop looking at me mel, my crush never kissed someone when i liked her! *runs up to cliff* (3)

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (2)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (2)

Harry: HA! i'm winning *runs to top of cliff* (4)

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (3)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (3)

Harry: *runs to top of cliff*(5)

Melbourne: *runs to top* (3)


  • runs to top of cliff*(6) SUCKERS!

Erik: here goes everything! (runs to top of cliff) 

Melbourne: *runs to top* (4)

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* Chris, why is f**king annoying intern doing this challenge? (4)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (4)


  • runs to top of cliff*(7)

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff*  (5)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (5)

*lol, expect the unexpected. The terrain is now slippery and every line counts x0.5 from now on*

Melbourne: WHAT? *runs to the top* (4.5)

Harry: *runs to top of cliff*

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* How does this work? (5.5)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* I have no clue (5.5)

Harry: *runs to top of cliff*(8)

Melbourne: *runs to the top* (5)

Harry: *runs to top of cliff* stupid chris (8.5)

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (6)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (6)

Melbourne: *runs to the top* (5.5)

Daniel: *Runs to the top 0.5* Run!

Freddy: *Runs to top (0.5)*

Harry: *runs to top of cliff*

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Harry: *runs to top of cliff*

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (6.5)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (6.5)

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Harry: *runs to top of cliff*

Daniel: *Runs to the top* Run!

Freddy: *Runs to top*

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Harry: *runs to top of cliff*

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Erik : (runs to top of cliff) (1)

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (7)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (7)

Melbourne: *runs to top*

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Melbourne: *runs to top*

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

No more ice, but whoever is above line 5 drops down of 2 lines

Melbourne: UFF! *runs to top* (5.5?)

Mickey: *runs to cliff*


Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Melbourne: *runs to top*

Daniel: *Runs to the top* Run!

Freddy: *Runs to top*

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Daniel: *Runs to the top* Run!

Freddy: *Runs to top*

Melbourne: *runs to top*

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Daniel: *Runs to the top* Run!

Freddy: *Runs to top*

Mickey: *runs to cliff*

Melbourne: *runs to top*

Mickey: *runs to cliff* (11)

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (6)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (6)

Mickey: *jumps off the cliff* YES!

Daniel: *Runs to the top* Run!

Freddy: *Runs to top*

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (7)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (7)

Melbourne: *runs to top*

Daniel: *Runs to the top* Run!

Freddy: *Runs to top*

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (8)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (8)

Daniel: *Runs to the top* Run!

Freddy: *Runs to top*

Melbourne: *runs to top*

Daniel: *Runs to the top* Run!

Freddy: *Runs to top*

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (9)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (9)

Melbourne: *runs to top*

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (10)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (10)

Melbourne: *runs to top*

Azuna *running to the top of the cliff* (11)

Robin: *running to the top of the cliff* (11)


Melbourne: *jumps off*

Azuna Alright Let's jump

Robin: Aright *picks up Azuna*

Azuna What do you think you're AAAAAHH! *Robin jumps off the cliff with her in his hands*

Robin: *jumps of the cliff*

Daniel: *Runs up*

Freddy: *Runs up*

Azuna: What was that fo... *get kissed by Robin*

Robin: *kissing Azuna* You always told me to chill and just go for it right? *continue kissing Azuna*

Harry: *sarcasm* well i think you will enjoy this *no more sarcasm* Espascially ME! *throws bomb at Azuna and robin*

Azuna: *sees the bomb and pushes Robin and Herself underwater*

Daniel: *Runs up*

Freddy: *Runs up*

Harry's Bomb: *hits Mickey* 3-2-

Harry: I't Attached on him, MICKEY R-

Harry's Bomb: *explodes on Mickey* :O

Daniel: *Runs up* Top!

Freddy: *Runs up* Lol Yay!

Robin: *come above the water* *coughing* What was that for?

Azuna: That intern was throwing something at us.


Daniel: *Jumps* Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Freddy: *Jumps* Booooring...

Trey: *Runs to top of the cliff* (1)

Azuna: Robin I need to tell you something *whispers in Robin's ear* you know that time I'm not really myself. It haven't happend in a month and a week.

Robin: what, but when was the last time we, you know.

Azuna: about three weeks ago, one week before this show.

Robin: oh no you don't mean *start hyperventilating*

Azuna: ROBIN CALM DOWN!! *takes Robin out of the water*

Daniel: What's wrong!?

Azuna: I doesn't matter, do you want to keep his back straight? Than I'll get a bag he can breath into.

Robin: *hyperventilating*

Harry: SCREW THE BAG, MICKEY NEEDS FIRST AID! D: *runs to Mickeys aid*

Daniel: *helps keep Robins back straight* Uhh

Azuna: okay I am back fast *goes to the craft service tent to get a back*

Robin: *hyperventilating and trying to talk* da.. Da... Daniel... thank you... *hyperventilating*

Daniel: *still helping* Its Ok Robin, no thanks necessary... Azuna should be back soon.

Robin: *hyperventilating and trying to talk* i... it is cr.... crazy h... how we ha...haven't spo.... spoke to ea... each other for so long... *hyperventilating*

Daniel: *still helping* The problem when we are put on teams..

Robin: *hypercentilating and trying to talk* how... Is it be.... Between you an... and Am.. Amber? You two see... you seem to her. *hyperventilating*

Daniel: *you guessed it, still helping* Y-yeah... We are dating and it is fine, but why are you hyperventilating anyway? If you don't mind...

Azuna: *from the service tent* JUST GIVE ME A BAG HOW HARD CAN IT BE CHEF!!!

Robin: *hyperventilating* we.. well it's that Az...Azuna cou...could be p... p... *hyperventilates even faster*

Daniel: *still helping, a bit nervous* P- ? Azuna could be....... REALLY!? She could be...

Harry: WAIT! *drops Mickey* could she b-be p-p-p- p

Azuna: *throws Chef out of the tent* that's what you get if you being a b*tch about me getting a paper bag!! *runs back to Robin* breath into this.

Robin: *hyperventilates into the paper bag slowly calming down*

Daniel: There...

Robin: *calming down*

Azuna: I am sorry Robin.

Daniel: *smiles nervously* uh

Robin: *completely calmed down*

Azuna: there you go *seeing Daniel smile weird* what's up with you?

Daniel: Are you.....

Azuna: *sigh* So Robin told you, well better you than anyone else. Well maybe, there is still chance that I am not but it's very small.

Daniel: Well, if it works out, congratulations... *smiles cheerfully*

Azuna: I hope it doesn't, I am not ready for it *hold her hand on her stomach*

Robin: *hold Azuna*

Daniel: (CONF) Do I tell about abortions or adoptions?

Azuna: Anyway let's hope on the small chance it's not true. (CONF) Really has this to happen to me.. to us me and Robin. But there is a chance the monthly thing is still gonna happen. Hopefully *sigh* (END CONF)

Robin: So Daniel, it looks like your team is pretty stable. *holding Azuna*

Luna: OMG! Sorry i was sleeping! What must we do, Azuna?

Amber: *looks around*

Azuna: Run up the hill (11 lines) Jump into the water (1 line)

Robin: I wonder how long this challenge takes..

Chris: z.z. YOU'RE SO LAZY AT RUNNING! C'MON! Well, let me calculate this whole thing now!

Daniel: *puts hand up* I finished!


Azuna & Robin: We are finished., that team lost his status. The Smoking Hot-Headeds WINS! Reality Stars are in 2nd place and....the Breaking 2.......seriously? I ALREADY HAD BUSINESS WITH THE HEAVENLY HEROES! Gee, let's go on

Elimination 9 - Breaking Flowers (Such a winner team z.z)

Chris: And I thought you were the winner team. You are such losers now. Bring up the old glory, because being at 2 is the worst thing ever. Everyone can vote, sillies


Melbourne: Uhm....sorry girl? *votes Lara*. It's not Lily, though....

Azuna: YES SHE'S FINALLY GOING HOME!! *vote Lara* 

Robin: I'm so nervouse and I'm not even up for elimination ugh. Anyway *vote Lara* I promised Azuna so yeah.

Freddy: I sense.... that you are shameful *throws pepper on Lara and votes for her* THE PEPPER OF SHAME!!

Daniel: Sorry Lara..... I wish we were second or first... *votes Lara and slightly cries* Poor... Lara..

Lara: -.- i can't vote Amber and Daniel so *Votes Herself* i just hope Azuna will not get to the Top 4

Lily: *Votes Lara* uh bye bye girl 

Azuna: So Lara how does it feel?

Lara: ahah....i'm feeling good azuna :D

Azuna: Oh really.. didn't expected that. (CONF) she is up to something *puts her hand on her stomach* (END CONF)

Lara: (CONF) i don't know why but i'm not angry :D

Robin: *nervously walking around*

Azuna: Robin I know it's hard but please calm down.

Amber: *Votes Lara* Lara, i know you going home .. and i'm sick about that. I wasn't active this day, but I will do my best for you sweetie! You are my bestfriend

Luna: Yeah, i don't know you. Sorry. *votes Lara* :c

Azuna: Come sit next to me. *go sit on the ground*

Robin: Alright, you're right Azuna *gonna sit next to Azuna and embraces her* 

Luna: *walks to Lily* Is Lara a friend of you ... ?

Mickey: I guess I'll go with the majority...*votes Lara*

Max: Can I quit?

Azuna: NO YOU CAN'T!!!

Robin: Azuna! Calm down *puts his hand on her stomach*

Luna: Why are you so angry, Azuna?

Azuna: Max want's to quit.. He is on our team we can't loose another team member..

Luna: Why not, Azuna? *whispers* When he quits we have still 3 members. When we must go to the next elimination we can vote him out and can we go to the Merge.

Azuna: That's a good idea. *putting her hand on her stomach* 

Luna: *smiles* Chris, Max wants to quit!

Azuna: Wait don't say that yet!! 

Robin: What are you two planning.

Azuna: yeah like I tell you.

Daniel: It's going to be hard with only 2 members.... Chris, Please say this doesn't mean me and Amber get split through different teams!?

Robin: Well knowing Chris I don't think it's gonna happen. Especially if you ask.

Daniel: Oh... So ME and AMBER will still be on the same team? *smiles hopefully*

Robin: *still embared Azuna* I guess.

Azuna: What is between you two anyway? 

Daniel: I'm dating Amber!

Luna: Ok..

Amber: Yeah we dooo! And i want be still in your team, Daniel!

Azuna: Didn't saw that one comming...

Daniel: Me Too, Amber!

Azuna: Let's hope something else is not comming *hold her hand on her stomach*

Daniel: Uh...

Azuna: You know what I am talking about! 

Daniel: I know...

Luna: *looks to Daniel and Azuna* Uhh .. u_u

Daniel: *smiles nervously*

Robin: Haha no that's not what they mean Luna haha.


Chris: I'm too lazy to make a table, so we'll go on with the votes already. Everyone is safe but...........




Lara! Too bad girl, you're out! See ya *blows her up* And....that's it with another ep- *gets call* Yes? What you want?........AZUNA IS PREG- Are you kidding me?...........Oh my god, what do I do then?...........Ok, thanks. *ends call* Hehe.....urgh.....will.....all of this.......go right? Find it

Azuna:  *throws a rock at Chris* HEY!! it's not sure yet, the monthly thing can still happen! But that would be very late.

Debutters thing

Chris: So, since Harry has done the best out of everyone, he's the total winner of this challenge! Trey, Erik are also safe, because they did something. Melany, Elle, you're the one who risk to get at home. Speech time!

Harry: Well, Elle is annoying so eliminate her, and Melany has a cool name, so eliminate Elle ok

Melany: Thankyou bro! *smiles* (CONF) If i can choose who i want in the final, i choose defintely Harry. He's nice (END CONF)

Elle: (CONF) I deserve to be in the season, because, well, I try hard, and I actually do stuff, unlike my opponent. If I can't, then that's alright, but I'm just saying, I do more than most of you half the time. (END)

Harry: Thanks Melany (CONF) *trying to fix IPAD* WHY! (END CONF) why did i blow this up *tries to fix IPAD*

Chris: Uhm.............Melany, you're out. I SAID TO MAKE A SPEECH, AND YOU DIDN'T. See? That IS useful. Too bad, you could've save yourself and avenge your sis Veronica. Bye *blows her up*

Episode 10 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Smoking Hot-Headeds)


Robin: *walks nervously around and lights a cigarette* (CONF) Does this really have to happen, I'm not ready and Azuna is still in school herself AAARGH!! (END CONF)

Freddy: *chucks pepper at pictures of Lara* SHAMEFUL! SHAMEFUL!

Robin: *walks around Nervously and smoking* Freddy what are you doing?

Freddy: Shaming Lara! *continues shaming*

Robin: Okay *smoking* (CONF) Freddy is a odd guy, but I guess it's better to be a odd guy than a underage father *sigh* (END CONF)

Freddy: *walks over to Mel* Mel, are you ok? Do you wanna shame Lara with me?

Melbourne: Eh? Why do you have to do that?

Freddy: It's either that or talk :

Robin: *smoking and get's a glass water* 

Freddy: *getting bored*

Robin: So.. Freddy how's between you and Mel. 

Freddy:  I can't tell *throws vinegar in air* The vinegar of confusion. 

Robin: Okay... uhm... *finishes his cigarette* I... go.... somewhere.... else.. *goes outside*

Freddy: *Finds a pregatest* What the? *walks to Robin* What's this? Eh, whatever *Throws it into fire*

Robin: What where did you find that? 

Freddy: *picks up a suitcase* It says "Blainley' s stuff, do not touch*

Robin: okay *takes it to the cabins*

Freddy: *keeps looking through suitcase*

Robin: Freddy! Where did you find that suitcase?

Freddy: Near the door to Chris and Chef's Rooms! Why?

Robin: Just wondering.

Freddy: Ok...

Robin: So *drinking water* ah that is better. 

Azuna: What are you drinking! 

Robin: Water.. 

Azuna: Good *gives Robin a hug* 

Luna: *walks in* Hi everyone!

Freddy: *shames Azuna* Shameful! And *Shames Luna* You too? two? To? Tu? Whatever, YOU AS WELL!

Luna: What do you mean .. ?

Freddy: I need a reason? Um... You sunked your vicious evil killer to kiss me! And you didn't say hi too!?

Azuna: What are you doing?!?

Robin: Seriously Freddy what are you doing?

Freddy: .......... *Throws pepper at Azuna and whispers* shame on you....

Azuna:  *sneezes* What are you doing?

Robin: Let's go upstairs. 

Freddy: *waits an hour, gets bored and asks* Are you going to leave yet? SHOO SHOO!

Luna: And what about me? Must i stay with this weirdo?

Azuna: You can come with us! Right Robin.

Robin: uhm... okay.

Luna: You two can go, i go back to the cabins!

Freddy: Then everyone's happy, mainly ME!

Azuna: Okay Luna, see you in a moment. *goes into the room with Robin* So what do you want to talk about?

Robin: Well, how's looking so far did you find out if you are or aren't. 

Azuna: *sigh* No I don't, I'm sorry I made this happend. 

Robin: *kisses Azuna* No Azuna, we did it together, eventhough we didn't wanted it. I'm not gonna be a d**che bag like alot of guys, I will be the best dad I can be for him or her. If you're really pregnant. 

Azuna: *tearing up* I love you Robin *hugs him* There is still a chance I'm not but it's very small, but now I know if I am I have a good person who I have him or her with. 

Robin: *gives Azuna a kiss* I love you too.

Cabins (Reality Stars)


Azuna: *searching in Chris's secret lock under the cabins* I am sure he doesn't have it since he's a guy but maybe there is a chance he has it. (CONF) Great, why has this to happen ugh, I guess we should've waited with you know what untill after marriage ugh, I wished I listen. (END CONF)

Luna: *sits and says nothing*

Azuna: Can you help me find. (CONF) Should I tell her or not.. (END CONF) Uhm.

Luna: Eh, sure. What must we find?

Azuna: Uhm well, (CONF) I guess I have to tell her about it if she has to search with me. (END CONF) Okay well I first have to talk with you inside the GIRL cabin *goes to the girls cabin*

Luna: *walks with Azuna in girls cabin* Yeah .. ?

Azuna: Well.. uhm.. you know me and Robin are a couple right?

Luna: Sort of .. i felt it.

Azuna: Well we spend time with eachother even before this season.

Luna: Oeeeewww ! :3

Azuna: And I think there is a chance I am pregnant.. but there is still a chance I am not but I am searching for a test that can determent that I am or am not pregnant.

Luna: O my gosh ... that's so .... NICE! I want a baby to! But, you need go to a doctor or something, isnt it?

Azuna: ah.. Anyway you want to help me find the Pregatest?

Luna: Sure i will! But where we can find that?

Azuna: well underneath the cabins is a room where Chris has some stuff maybe it's there. 

Luna: Well, let's go !

Azuna: thanks *goes to the secret Chris thing and search through it*

Luna: *follows Azuna*

Azuna: *seaching in Chris's secret locker* A hair spray, make up a picture of Lindsay in Bikini? What does he even do with this stuff?

Luna: *looks in a locker* Hmm .. ILGHHH!!! a dead rat!

Azuna: That's a fake rat okay if you search left I search right *searches right* 

Luna: *searches left* Nothing, nothing oh a golden neckless. *takes them.* nothing, nothing.

Azuna: Nope not here ether, kinda expected what the hack is thing *picks up a stone with dates on them* this looks like a calender.

Robin: He Azuna, what are you doing?

Azuna: Searching for a pregnant test.

Robin: well freddy found one in Blaineley's stuff.

Azuna: *looks at it* Yeah it would be great but this one is already used.

Robin: WHAT? EW *Throws it on the ground and digs a hole and puts it in there*

Azuna: haha, thanks for helping.

Luna: *laughs* Hahaha.

Robin: So are you okay? Do I need to do anything for you?

Azuna: Robin, I'm not helpless, go back to the mansion maybe we'll be there later too.

Robin: Okay *goes back to the mansion*

Azuna: So Luna want to go to the mansion?

Luna: Sure.

Azuna: Alright *goes to teh mansion* 

Boney Island (Breaking Flowers <.<)

Chef: Well, since this is soon over, I guess you can relax.

Daniel: Huh?

Amber: Soon .. over ?

Daniel: Well... We're alone...

Amber: Yeah .. what's with thay then?

Daniel: *sits next to Amber* What are we going to do?

Amber: Talking about the future? What are we going to do after this season?

Daniel: Well.... What do you mean?

Amber: Are we together after this camp, Daniel? Or is it only this time that we have a relationship?

Daniel: For as long as you want, I'm not leaving you... *kisses her*

Amber: *kisses him*

Daniel: *continues kissing*

Chris' Tent (Debutters)


Harry: *in corner* haven't.... caused... evil... in.... 13 hours, hehehehehehehheh *looks creeped out*

Trey: Creepy little fella he is.

Elle: Yep. He's psycho.

Trey: Definitely.

Harry: Shut up, I'm the only one to deserve to win , now shut up or I'll bomb you *gets out bomb*

Challenge 10 - Season's Finale

Chris: the end....................simply the end..............thank you, very much. *leaves*

Chef: Sorry guys, but this season is soon going to e- screw this. I'm just acting. He's acting. He's causing drama! ONLY THAT! Well, I'll tell you everything. Since you're the final 10, Chris planned to make a party. There are lots of things near the Chris Tent.....destroy them. That's what you have to do. The team which does the most wins, so I can get revenge on Chris for not giving me my paycheck <.< (simply ruin whatever you can ruin)

Melbourne: I have to do that? *flips the tables* (just be mad, and post mad things that ruin things :D)

Freddy: *sends Chris's favourite shoe into the future* Um... Hah?

Azuna: Oh yeah a challenge I like!! Sorry Robin you would be a great dad but for now we are enemies !

Robin: Haha, yeah but still watch out!!

Amber: *hits some lipsticks* Yeah! Yeah!

Luna: What is the point from this challenge?

Azuna: Well pretty much just destroy chris's party tent.

Freddy: *spits on picture of Chris* HAVE FUN WASHING THAT OFF!

Melbourne: *flips the tables* This is fun :D

Robin: *kicks in a window* Yeah it is !!

Azuna: So Luna should we go for it or not?

Mickey: *burns Chris' hairgel*

Daniel: *accidentally burns down roof* Ah! I'm so sorry!

Robin: *set the kitchen on fire* Yeah this feel really good!

Daniel: *parts of the kitchen Fire catches Fire to Daniels flammable shirt* Huh? AHHHH! *runs around, the fire burning the entire room*

Azuna: This is not looking good I go in to see if Robin is okay *walks into the burning tent*

Robin: *walks out of the back of the tent and stabs the invladable pool*

Melbourne: *throws food at the trailers* THis is really fun :DD

Daniel: *trips and falls unconscious on fire*

Freddy: D: DON'T WORRY! *pours oil onto Daniel* I sa- *sees Daniel burn more* Uh.... *walks away*

Melbourne: THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER *throws table at the trailer* (she's goin crazy D:)

Azuna: * inside the burnin tent* *thows a egg agains the picture of Chris* Robin where are you *the burning roof comes falling down* Woah *jumps away* HEEEEELLLLPP *having a flash back to when she was younger and her house was on fire* HEEEEEELLLLPPP!

Robin: *walks to the font* I guess everything inside there is done *looks around* wait... Where is Azuna? 

Daniel: *still unconscious* ....

Freddy: *digs a hole with a shovel and shoves Daniel in there* No one will ever no... WAIT THIS IS ON TV!

Mickey: *smashes Chris' Gemmy awards*

Azuna: *inside the burning tent* HEEEEELLLP!! *start tearing up and having flashbacks* 

Robin: *seeing Freddy trying to put Daniel underground* FREDDY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Go and break some pots or break Chris's car or something!

Melbourne: *banging some tables at the trailer* HAHAHAHA- Wait....urgh.....I must be calm....WHAT ARE YOU DOING FREDDY?!

Freddy: He's probably dead anyway.... you didn't see anything!

Daniel: I'm Awa-

Freddy: *knocks Daniel out* DON'T SUE! D: HIDE HIM! *chucks Daniel at Robin and Melbourne and runs* 

Robin: DANIEL!!! 


Daniel: *barely wakes up and points at Azuna* S-she n-needs h-he*coughs alot* Help!

Robin: WHAT *sees that Daniel points at the burning tent and runs to it* AZUNA ARE YOU THERE!!

Azuna: *from inside the burning tent* HEEEEELLLLPPP *tearing up* 

Melbourne: I'm going to save you! *heads in, but then immediately runs away* HELP, IT BURNS!

Robin: Melbourne you should help Daniel I go and get Azuna out *goes into the burning tent* Azuna where are you.

Azuna: HEEEELLLPP *tearing up*

Daniel: *cough* HURRY!

Freddy: *chucks Robin a funeral list* These are the places you can give her a funeral at!

Mickey: *destroys Chris' statues*

Melbourne: FREDDY! *takes his list, sets it on fire and throws it at the trailer* We need to save Daniel and Azuna, not plan their funeral already! <.<

Robin: *finds Azuna* there you are *picks her up* Okay now we have to find a way out!

Azuna: *tearing up* 

Freddy: *gives Daniel a note pad* Write down who you want at your funeral :)

Robin: *searches a exit and coughing* Where is the exit.

Azuna: Robin, please don't cough.

Harry: **** you Azuna *throws bomb at her*

Luna: Leave her alone .. *punches him on the face*

Robin: *gets Azuna and himself out of the tent and falls down on his knees and have trouble breathing*

Azuna: ROBIN SIT UP *puts him on a chair* *whiping the tears out of her eyes* 

Harry: *makes luna kiss freddy oh* shut up

Freddy: KILL ME! *starts writing own funeral*

Robin: *coughing havin troubles with breathing*

Azuna: What am I suppose to do? (CONF) WHY does this need to happend? (END CONF)

Luna: *runs to Harry and jumps on him. punches him 10 times on the face* Sleepwell.

Harry : like a baby *tazes luna* i stole that from a policemen

Elle: *watches as the contestants destroy Chris's tent* You guys are sad. *kicks over table of gemmies*

Trey: *Whistles and a bear comes in and breaks the bed in half* Haha! *Smashes a tv with a statue of Chris* Awesome!

Max: *brings in a barrel of toxic waste* look what I foun- *trips and spills the toxic and some lands on the bear, a random contestant, and gemmies.* uh oh. (CONF) looks like we are gonna have a new Dakota. (END CONF)

Trey: My bear! *Runs up to him and takes him out and washes him in the river* Oh, thank goodness! *Takes the bear back to the tent and the bear goes berserk and starts attacking contestants and destroying furniture* You go beary buddy!

Elle: *draws on portraits of Chris*

Trey: *Breaks a table in half*

Robin: *coughing and has a hard time to breath throw a rock into Harry's head* 


Melbourne: Break things *throws ducks at the trailers*

Trey: Hehe. *Destroys a portrait*

Robin: *points at the bucket*

Azuna: What?

Robin: *points at the bucket and towel*

Azuna: I get it for you *get's the bucket and the towel* 

Trey: *Smashes another tv*

Daniel: *Coughing* Uh...

Freddy: It lives! *about to knock out Daniel again*

Azuna: *breaks a chair over Freddy's head* Leave him alone, eventhough he is a pain in the a**!

Luna: *grabs a tv and smash it to Harry's head*

Daniel: *sad, coughing* I-I heard t-that a-Azuna :(

Azuna: You know me, I don't mean that, atleast not if it's about you *smashes a door in Freddy's face*

Robin: *throws the hairdryer that is connected to the electricity into the bubble bath* 

Freddy: *burns all of Chris's clothes with a match* MWUAHAH!

Mickey: *defaces all of Chris' portraits*

Trey: *Whistles and some bears start to rip some of Chris' clothes in half*


Chef: I did the whole thing. No paycheck = this mess. It was the challenge!

Chris: Oh.....right....about that hasn't been received yet....

Chef: Screw this >.< *leaves*

Chris:.....................................................URGH! So...the team who made the biggest mess wins? ;-; I guess.

Azuna: SAY IT NOW!!! *holding Robin*

Daniel: P-please do...

Freddy: *slowly walks away*

Harry: I HATE YOU ALL! *tases Freddy*

MailMan: Are you Harry?

Harry: Yes?

Mailman: *gives him Package* you got sent this!

Harry: *opens package* AN IPAD, i can be evil again >:D *tases Azuna* MUWAHaahhaHAH*

Chris: Shut up! Well, the winners of this challenge are the....Smoking Hot-Headeds? AGAIN? Wow, winner team! Anyhow, the loser team is.............................the....Reality.....Stars?!......................NOT AGAIN! Wow, you suck. You're heading for your last elimination, then....meh. Also, WHY DID YOU RUIN MY TRAILER TOO, DEBUTTERS? <.<

Elimination 10 - BREAKING FLOWERS?!

Ceremony (already?)

Chris: Well, since you're in two, we're going to have a tiebreaker challenge already. Your job is to bring me the thing I love the most. Who does the best work wins and stays in the game :D

Daniel: *leaves and brings back a l00% gold statue of Chris* I'm sorry it's not good enough for your standard but I couldn't find anything else... I'm gone... :(

Azuna: Chris we need to talk! 

Robin: What, haha what do you need to talk wit him about.

Azuna: *whispering in Robins ear* He's the only one who can get out of this game to get a pregnant test for me, so that is what I want to ask. 

Robin: Oh, yeah it's the only option.

Chris: What do you have to ask? And nice one Daniel. Let's wait for Amber though

Azuna: Well since you know everything about us you also probally know what I could be *whispering in Chris's ear* the people who don't know don't need to know this but  my question is could you get me a pregnant test for me? I need one. You're the only one I can ask.

Chris:.....Sure I'll do. Chef! Go to *whispers in his hear*

Chef: *laughs* You're going to do it!

Chris: No, you're going to...

Chef: Didn't get the paycheck yet, so no!

Chris: >.< FINE! Amber?

Azuna: *glares at Chris and Chef* Ugh I can't stand those too at time! 

Robin: Don't worry atleast they are getting it, right?

Azuna: Chris said yes! (CONF) I can't stand this waiting for knowing if there is something growing inside me or not. (END CONF)

Amber: *gives him her phone, with calling her rich dad* " Yo Chris McLean! If you want it, i can give you a new show! (After this show) With 1 million dollars, a new cast and ... more then 1.000 vieuwers per week! Do you like that? I will pay everything, for my little Amber! Keep your head up, and live your life sweetheart. I will always proud on you. " *hangs on*

Robin: Azuna, I can see you're nervous let's sit down *sit on a bance* 

Azuna: *Gonna sit on Robin's lap* I am, I want Chris to get that test as soon as possible so we know what we are up too.

Robin: *put his arms around Azuna* I know it's hard, but I might not be ready but I am wanting to be ready for it.

Chris: I gotta say......both of your things sucks. First of all, I have tons of golden Chris statues at home, and the call for a new season....................really? He didn't talk about paying ME! Uh, since both prizes sucks, I say that the others decide what is the best prize. Go on!

Melbourne: Well, I would like to host a season with everything paid. I'm voting for that :D (And this is my vote. You don't need to follow my vote if you don't want to)

Daniel: Oh.... Ok.... :(

Freddy: As an apology, I pick the statue...

Luna: I pick the new season that will paid.

Amber: *huggs Daniel* O my gosh ..

Azuna: At this moment I don't care!! Daniel can stay for me. But than again I would make him sad since Amber goes and since I care more about Daniels feeling than that of Amber's, so I guess I vote Amber to STAY, it's also saver for you to be away from Freddy. 

Robin: I will always support my buddy Dan, sorry Amber but I vote you off. 

Lily: i vote the new season with everything paid, so i vote Daniel off

Daniel: Well, looks like I'm going even though I WON most of my team challenges... but oh well ^.^

Freddy: Um... He said new show, not new season :) 

Harry: *comes out of no where* and she said new cast, none of you'll be on tv again! >:D

Azuna: Go back to no where unless you want to feel pain Haryr!!  

Harry: I called my Lawers and they say if you ever hit me again, you will lose your house and everything you have, but unfourtaatly it doesn't work on lily! :(

Azuna: *throws a shoe in Harry's face* LEAVE!!!

Amber: Oh my dad will paid everything Chris want, but yeah .. thanks for voting for me! It's so nice from you guys! <'3

Harry: Pre-Pare to lose a car Azuna, *walks off calling lawyers* and amber, your prize was to OP, Daniel has no chance thanks to you,

Azuna: Amber if your dad is so rich, why are you here? Couldn't he just paid some company to write a song for you and make a video.

Amber: I watch this show since season 1! Everyone is so nice and i want to play this, you know? Nobody likes me, but here i have friends!

Daniel: Its highly unlikely that Amber has no friends and that she'll be elimanated....

Amber: Excuse me? What did you say?

Daniel: How do you have no friends? You are the nicest person and when I'm elimanated I'll root for you..

Azuna: You look like the popular girl in town, especially with such a rich dad.

Amber: Daniel, you are such a asshole. Really. And i have friends. Luna, Lily and Lara who's eliminated. And i though you was my friend and more, but it isn't. I breaking up with you Daniel, bye.

Luna: Amber, calm down.

Azuna: That happend fast... 

Robin: *put's his are around Azuna and his hands on Azuna's stomach* What happend? 

Harry: *comes back* Da Heck? Daneil oly complemented you, he said "How do you have NO friends You are the nicest person and when I'm elimanated I'll root for you."

Daniel: *hurt* W-what d-did I s-say? I w-was wondering how you have no friends because you are such a good person and friend! *cries*

Amber: What when you say that? *looks to Luna* You said to me, he wants me out of this game!!

Luna: I'm sorry i though i heard that?


Amber: Oh i'm so so sorry, Daniel! *huggs him* Luna, why do you this?

Luna: I want the best for you, Amber.

Azuna: *sigh* (CONF) Great the only reason I voted Daniel off is because I didn't want to hurt him by letting his "girlfriend" getting the boot, I guess Amber made it clear how much she loved him, wow. Listen I might be a b**ch but I would not be like that to Robin over a stupid misunderstanding, the second reason I voted him out is to safe him from getting injured even more. Freddy is still here so that reason still stands.(END CONF) 

Harry: Even i wouldn't go THIS far *tases luna* ***hole

Azuna: HARYR, get the f*** away from here, what are you doing here anyway. 

Chris: So...Amber should've won, but she's a bi- uh, you know, so........Last chance.....Say why you should stay + adulate me :)

Amber: It's not difficult for me to say why i will stay here. Previously, I and my father often traveled from capital to capital. When I had friends, I had been going to another city. In secondary schools, I was never accepted. My father never had time for me, so I was often alone. I often watched this show, and now I'm in there! I thought I had friends, I am so happy here, I also think Chris awesome! Luna, Lara and Lily are good friends of mine. And Daniel is very special to me. I love him. I do not want to go home, I would love to stay! Everyone is great. I want do challenges, elimination ceremonies. This adventure is my dream, a dream of my life! That's why i want to stay. And Chris, you are so nice! To me and everyone, you are the best hot evahh! I hope this was good for to stay. I will be so happy. But Daniel, i love you so much. *kisses him* I never let you go.

Daniel: I am the most active on my team, I have won the most challanges for my team, I have made so many friends and acquaintances and the best host I've ever seen, and what I thought was the best girlfriend but I geuss I was wrong, I have competed in every episode of the season and vote regularly, I'm a season regular and was in some drama... untill Amber put me in alot of it. Chris is the best host I know, I don't need to be here any longer to know he is the risky and very lovely host, and he has hosted my favourite show in television history which wouldn't be so original without him, The fact you let Chef be Chef and introduce all us contestants to the best experience ever invented, you have a handsome voice and have GREAT style, even though I won't be here much longer because I'm definitely elimanated but thanks for the best time I have ever had, that is all... *sniffs and cries a bit* I love you too, Amber but... I  think we should to take a break, because of what you said... if you love me, we will coke back together... 

Chris: So....I won't miss any of you. Your speechs are both good, and it's hard to pick between who to send off.....let me say.....Amber's reason of being there for friends is actually a nice factor, but it's true that Daniel cause the 5 wins that are going to be missed forever <.<. Daniel worked the most, Amber did fewer things. Daniel was going to die, Amber never helped him and dumped him now....I THINK? Seasons regulars are boring. Honestly, the most deserving is.















































Daniel. The Breaking Flowers are now disbanded, but the previous winning streak was mostly his work. Amber, you did great too, but honestly Daniel did the most. Also, I can't see this whole dramatic thing. First you break with him, then you love him....WHAT?! Very sorry, but this is my decision. Rmember, it was hard to choose between you. So.....farewell girl *blows her up*. Is this my first time I care for someone? Wow, I should take a break........checking for that thing, EW. Well, Daniel, first of all, you're the outlast of the Breaking Flowers.....and you'll join the Reality Stars, as they were the loser team and need some help. Smoking Hot-Headeds, I know you won this challenge......and that's why I'm not giving you Daniel. So, what is going to happen? From 4 teams we went to 2 teams still in the game, and the merge is soon to happen. Who will win out of the 3 debutters? Will the contestants recover from today's episode and will Azuna be p......PRETTY. Pretty! Yeah, pretty....uh. Find it out here, on TOTAL...............DRAMA...................AFTER THE ISLAND..............AGAIN!!!!

Debutters Ceremony

Chris: Who said you had to ruin my trailer too? z.z Your challenge goes on NOW! Adulate me, and who does the worst adulation goes home. GO!

Harry:  Wel, uh, *to himself* being nice ain't my fourte, *to chris* Well, you are the most independent Host ever, you didn't rage when Chef told everyone yo break your stuff, and you let Chef do his weird dress thing, you are amazing, and like a good movie , UNPREDICTABLE! :D *to himself* god, URG!

Trey: Well, you're... amazing! Your... uh... sense of style and fashion... uh.... you awesome! Chef doesn't deserve you, your way too good and independent to need him. Uh....... did I mention you were cool? Yeah, your cool. *Whispers* That was awful.

Harry: I Know right trey xD ha ha ha ha, i mean i know Chris is awesome o.o

Elle: Chris, McClean, the best host of the television world. You're going to end up in a Hall of Fame one day, you know. You can take charge easily, so why not boss Chef around and show him who is boss? You make this show what it is today with your looks, your smile, and your sense of clothing. You're definitely the best!

Chris: And since Erik was the only one to haven't done something, he's out! *blows him out* Also, the best one was............................ELLE! Even though Harry's was a close one. Trey, you were the worst one, so watch out!

Episode 11 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Smoking Hot-Headeds)

Chris: Have fun, cause you're the final 9! For you we have a special lunch.....EVERYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE :D. See ya

Robin: *eating one boiled egg* I should bring Azuna some food.

Freddy: The more the merrier... when there gone, BYE! *points to door*

Robin: Right *gets some soup and orange juice* I'm gonna bring this to Azuna.

Freddy: O.....k? Don't care much, I have to find a way not to be sued by Daniel!

Robin: Well you should be sued, you really injured him. *get's come more food for Azuna and Daniel goes to the cabins*

Freddy: Hmm...

Lily: Robin ? aw he is gone :( Hey Freddy ^-^ *Gives to him a pizza* do you like Pizza ? ^-^

Freddy: Um.... Yeeaaaaah *fake smiles* (CONF) I've never had pizza before :| it's condemned in the future for causing World War 63, which pizza topping is better

Robin: *comes back* Hi Lily, are you okay?

Lily: i love Pizza Freddy *__* !!! *Smiles to Freddy*....Hey Robin !!!! *Hugs Robin* i don't know why but i've missed you :D

Freddy: I-I just don't like pizza! .... do you wanna know your job in the future if you go down your current path?

Lily: umm Sure :D

Freddy: What is your last name? Any brother and sisters and last question, What is your favourite career?

Lily: so, i'm Lily Allison, i have two brothers and my favourite career's difficult xD emm.....the Doctor !

Melbourne: *notices Lily and Freddy talking* ........ (CONF) Ok, they told me that it was all Harry's job, but what if they lied to me? It seems like they're getting closer...sigh... (END CONF) *joins their conversation* Sup?

Lily: Hey Melbourne ! so Freddy what is my future ?!


Lily: oh god....wait that's a good thing !! ^-^ thanks Freddy so i leave you two alone ^-^ *walks away*

Freddy: Melbourne, tell me your last name, umm... Last boyfriend and your parents middles names

Melbourne: Um......I'm Melbourne Shanewood, my parents are Josh and Amanda and.................*sighs* Can't tell about my boyfriend....

Freddy: Well, from what I've gathered....  You are famous for having 890 boyfriends each year, always the dumpee except when you briefly dated Phillip but he dumped you to go to an UN FOUND country and become famous himself...


Freddy: But at least you are given the Nobel peace prize, you stoped the 54th war... by sleeping with all of their men... but also caused the 55th world war too, because they all fought over who gets you, I remember how Phillip bravely... died with a spear to the stomach..

Lily: i want Luna......ufff...........................

Robin: *drinking a energy drink* So Lily did you heard the news?

Lily: mh ? no tell me what's a good news right ?! :D

Robin: Well, it's kinda weird news and it's not sure if it's really gonna happen but *whispers in Lily's ear* I could become a dad. 

Freddy: You still talk too loud *smirks*

Lily: o-oh oh.............oh my god that's A GREAT NEWS :D !!!! i don't belive it :DDD it's a great news ^__^ congarts Robin :D

Robin: Well thanks, I guess. 

Lily: ...........................(CONF) ahm.....i-i....i-i can't get pregant ? ah i love Luna and she's a girl....i will never get pregnant...? oh my god.......

Freddy: *reads book*

Lily: so Robin, who is the luckly Mom ? *fake smiles*

Robin: Uhm.. well Azuna is my girlfriend so..

Lily: ahahah....right...sorry..........(CONF) AZUNA GET PREGANT AND I CAN'T GET PREGNAT ?!! (END CONF) excuse me guys i will go to the cabin of the Reality Stars ^-^

Robin: Okay... *drinks some ice thee*

Freddy: *looking out of window* Well, Lily' s just went nuts, and I'm not a scientist or anything but can't she just adopt?

Robin: Wait? Why would she want to adopt someone?

Cabins (Reality Stars)

Chris: This is the last time I'm going to use cabins anyway. Final 9, so you need to work hard :)

Luna: *looks angry to Daniel* I don't see you as my teammate. Azuna can i talk to you?

Daniel: *confused* Why? What did I do?

Harry: Does anyone know where the debuters shed is, i can't find it, it's nowhere in the Forrest and it's been repaced by a pile of dust, some one moved it.

Azuna: Ugh Chris, when are you gonna get the test and get your freaking interns out of our cabins!!

Harry: Fine, i'll leave with ONE MILLION DOLARS! >:D

Azuna: *pick Harry up and throws him out of the window of the cabin* DON'T COME IN HERE!!

Daniel: *winces* T-that looked painful!

Harry: *doesn't go out window, but does hit windowsile* ouch!

Azuna: I don't care he is stressing me out and I shouldn't be stressing at all. *kicks Harry out of the window*

Harry: Comes back in and walks away from azua*

Azuna: Haryr GET OUT OF HERE!! What are you doing here anyway? 

Harry: My name is HARRY! Not Haryr, but i'm looking for the debuters cabin, it disapeared out of nowhere

Daniel: *points at Luxury Mansion* Um... Over there? (CONF) I lie pretty good :)

Azuna: I don't care  *picks Harry up runs out of the cabins to the lake and throw him in the lake* STAY AWAY!! *walks back to the cabin* I hope he stays away.

Robin: Hey Azuna and Daniel I brought you some food and orange juice.

Harry: *comes back* oh wait, if you throw me one more time i'll show a confestioal.


Daniel: YAY! Thanks! *walks over to Robin* Cool! Except I'm.... kinda allergic to orange juice, *takes some food* But Thanks :)

Harry: *looks for debuter cabin*

Azuna: *walsk over to Robin and gives him a kiss* oh a bag of chips *takes it*

Robin: So. Azuna did Chris already brought you the uhm test?

Harry: *continues looking*

Azuna: No he didn't and I didn't had my mounthly character change, so I guess it's almost 100% sure there is a mini me or you growing. 

Robin: I don't mind anymore *gives Azuna a kiss* but I am going back to the mansion, maybe you could come to.

Azuna: No sorry I am staying here today.

Robin: That's okay *gives her another kiss* I see you at the challenge *goes back to the mansion*

Luna: Well. then no answer Azuna... *walks away*

Chris: Ehm...I forgot. Azuna......gotta tell you something....

Azuna: Sorry Luna in a moment and what do you gotta tell me Chris?

Lily: *Walks to Luna* Hey Luna ! i'm so happy to see you ^-^ *Kisses her*


Luna: Lily, finally! *kisses Lily* My friend Amber is voted out last night. Horrible.

Azuna: UGH THAT GUY, anyway Luna what did you wanted to talk about?

Lily: yeah i knew :( she was nice i'm sorry for her D: anyways i just was thinking that....we will never get pregant.....

Azuna: Wait you know it, I guess you can you are Robin are still friends. Ugh I am so stressed I need a pregnant test so bad but no one has one and Chris "forgot" to buy one for me AH!

Chris: The results are that you're...........................*whispers it in her ear....she's IS PREGNANT :O*

Azuna: Chris.. have you never had a girlfriend. Or had love with a girl, she has to take the test herself PRIVATLY. So you can't shock me with this, eventhough there is a really big chance you're right.

Lily: uhh Congrats Azuna ^-^ *Hugs her* (CONF) i want to get pregnant :(

Azuna: Well not much to congratualate me for, IF I'm pregnant I ruined mine and Robins next 18 years.

Lily: so........if you don't want the children give him to me !!!! cause you are lucky because you can get pregant i can't !!!!!!!!!!

Harry O.o *walking away*

Azuna: *looks weird at Lily* Listen, if I'm really pregnant there is still a little chance I am not. We have to take care o it  we uhm.. did the fun part and than we also have to handle the uhm.. long aftermath of it. 

Lily: *Looks Azuna* amm........Azuna, i didn't understand what you said.....

Harry: You are an idiot lily, she ment she will keep the baby dofus

Lily: ...........O.O Dofus ?

Azuna: Haryr leave! Anyway yeah I will keep the baby if I she or he is really growing inside me.

Harry: it means idiot, stupid, ignoramous and you! *at Lily* and Azua, beware

Azuna: Beware of what?

Harry: Beware of- *sips into darkness* MUWAHAHAHAH!

Azuna: Haryr do you really think I'm that easy to scare.

Harry: *in air vents* >:D MUWAHAHAHAH *gets out IPAD* Beware... All... Of... YOU! >:D MUWAHAHHAH!

Azuna: Oh almost forgot *drinks the orange juice and eats the chips* 

Harry: *in air vents* MUWAHAHAH! *checking IPAD for confestionals*

Max: Let me handle this. *gets in air vents, gets IPAD and throws it out the window with the thing Harry used to find confessions deleted*

Harry: (YOU SHOULD'T KNOW HE'S IN AIR VENTS, MAX!! ) *is prepared from last time and has copies* get lost *throws max out and sips into darkness*

Daniel: Um... If Harry wants to join, if he does, wouldn't everyone vote him out for messing with their stuff? And other things?

Azuna: Yep *eating chips* Want some chips?

Daniel: Ok! :]

Chris Tent (debutters)

Chris: Final 3! Final 3! Soon this thing will end! You need to be competitive this time :)

Harry: A TENT! What happend to the cabin, :O and why was there black dust in the forest


Harry: Your the host -.- of course i'd remember you

Trey: But I'm sure we all wish we didn't, Chris.

Elle: Agreed with both of them. How many people will debut?

Elimination 11 - Debutters

Chris: That's right. This time we're voting for who joins the game :D. Nobody goes home, none of you...but one of the debutters will. Now it's your time to send off the least liked from ya! Also, yeah there's going to be a debutter. Vote for who you think has done the worst! Trey, Harry or Elle?


Melbourne: Wait....HARRY WAS THE ONE WHO MADE THAT MESS....or was it Lily. Idk, but I'll vote him off *votes Harry*

Daniel: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, Harry *votes Elle*

Harry: Just so you know, i am the most active, except elle wins because most challenges don't need to be active for debuters, and elle is a huge threat for all of you, and if i debut, my IPAD wil be taken off of me :(

Azuna: Voting off Haryr is the obviouse choice but I vote someone else off, nah just kidding  *votes Haryr*

Robin: *votes Harry* you almost hurt all of us!!

Harry: well this show is going to lose ratings :(

Freddy: Um... Well, wouldn't want that *votes Elle* Ok?

Luna: You are so annoying *votes Harry*

Lily: i'm going to send home Trey..................joke ahahha xD it's sure that i vote off Harry *Votes Harry* bye bye ^-^

Harry: Who new i'd have my commupense 

Daniel: Everyone?

Azuna: You kinda brought it on yourself, CHRIS are you gonna get my test?

Harry: OH SHUT UP AZUNA! You are just as bad as me! You tried to vot off daniel, you are not even heping your robin, *shows confestional on IPAD: Azuna: *building a baracade* (CONF) I told him to play the game! He should not loose because we feel stuff for eachother and ps we are NOT a official couple.. yet or ever!. Sure I like him but in this game I am only playing for me! (END CONF) * AND YOU HAVE GAVE ME CONSTANT ABUSE! You never be a good person unless robin is aroud, Jack-***

Azuna: *grabs Harry by his t-shirt* Listen Robin know's the reason why I want him to play the game instead of helping me and the only reason why I voted Daniel off is because that Freddy guy was pretty much killing him!

Harry:  *with smug face* oh really, so  it was to protect him from a guy who doesn't bother him,*sarcasm* so helpful

Azuna: *smashing Harry with his back against the wall* Listen Haryr what's wrong I thought you were the one who knew everything, Daniel got almost smashed to death by Freddy during the destroy Chris's stuff challenge!

Harry: HA! I don't know everything, but i do know they are '​FRIEN'DS , So what a friend YOU are? + he wants to win just as much as you do, idiot!

Azuna: *slaps Harry*  I'm a friend who cares about my friends safety not someone who almost kill him. 

Freddy: That would be a terrible friend

Harry: Really, you've done more stuff to him then Freddy, TD Hotel! Perhaps!

Freddy: *confused* Yeeeah... (CONF) What's that?

Azuna: *spit's Harry in his face* Those were little things, Freddy almost killed him, almost killing someone is worse!!

Harry: *calls cops* after this show, you can go to jail for abuse, and i have about 4 episodes of PROOF!

Azuna: I had it with you *about to hit Harry's had agains a side of a brick wall*

Robin: *getting back from somewhere* *closing his belt and Sees Azuna about hit  Harry's head against the side of a brickwall* Azuna! DON'T *stops Azuna*

Harry: You don't want your baby to spend 5 years without a mother do you? >:D, *gets a car rented* it will be cool to arrive home in that!

Daniel: Lets calm down? Ok?

Azuna: LISTEN YOU'VE GONE TO FAR *put's up a scissor and about to attack Harry* 

Robin: Azuna don't *her by her arm* it's not worth it! 

Lily: Harry you are angry cause you are going home and this is just pathetic -.-

Daniel: Years of jail isn't worth it, Azuna.

Azuna: *still angry and a bit crying* I hope you burn Harry, burn at the end of your existence! There is one thing calling me a liar and a bad person, cause sometimes I am, but another thing to say something about me not gonna be a good mother for my child that is probally growing in me. I might be a b**ch but I will give my child all the attention she or he needs unlike my mother she only cared about my little brother and my father was the only one who cared about me but he died in a fire when I was young!

Robin: Azuna it's okay *takes her in his arms and glares at Harry*

Harry: Your pathetic Lily *takes cigarettes out of her pocket* >:(, and Azuna, Boohoo , no one really gives a ****, even if they say they do, dumb***, and you are an unfit mother

Azuna: *get's angrier* I would be a better parent than you'll ever be!! And be happy you're going today, cause if you stayed here you should watch your back! 

Robin: Azuna, it's not worth it, I believe you're going to be a great mom, you should not listen to Harry.

Harry: She's going to be a great mom, SPENDING 5 YEARS IN PRISON! >:D

Azuna: *get's even angrier* AAAH!! *breaks loose from Robin and is about to punch Harry but Robin hold her back again* 

Robin: *puts his hand around Azuna and holds her back* AZUNA, think of our baby, he and she needs you and you're not going to jail, he is just trying to get you do something you'll regret! 

Harry: Autually,  i can send her to jail, but even though your azuna is a *****, she can do WAY BETTER! Because your just like your "waste of space" of a dad >:D

Robin: *get's angry* what did you just say?

Harry: I said "Autually,  i can send her to jail, but even though your azuna is a *****, she can do WAY BETTER! Because your just like your "waste of space" of a dad >:D" Duh, are you drunk ike your daddy? >:I

Robin: *grabs Harry by his throat* Never, ever compaire me to that horrible man!!

Azuna: *looking at Robin shock*

Harry: Your going to be a great dad, JUST LIKE YOURS! >:D

Robin: *tightning the grib* I am NOTHING like him!!

Harry: This Ager is coming from your father, think it through ROBIN!

Robin: *tightning the grip* Do not compair me to him!!

Daniel: *frightened* U-uh.. violence never solved nothing, R-robin...

Azuna: Daniel is right Robin, I know I should not say something about that but this is not you. 

Robin: *look at Azuna and let Harry go but does punch him a blood nose* I'm sorry Azuna and Dan. *gives Azuna a hug*

Daniel: *winces* Poor Harry....

Robin: Daniel, are you okay? 

Daniel: *still a bit shocked* Y-yeah, but you really shouldn't have done that, it's just encouraging him :(

Robin: I scared you didn't I? I'm really sorry and I don't get this angry often, this as actually the first time. *put's his hand on Daniel shoulder*

Azuna: (CONF) What.... if he does get that angry more often... NO He won't *looks worried in the camera* !! (END CONF) *looks at Robin scared* 

Daniel: *looks at Azuna* Are you feeling OK?

Azuna: Yeah, ofcourse why not? *looking at Daniel*

Daniel: You look.... you can't be.... scared, are you?

Luna: Where are you talking about? *smiles*

Daniel: Robin got angry and almost killed Harry, but Azuna looks scared of something, she's NEVER scared :|

Azuna: I'm scared pff no way for what.

Robin: *sit's next to Azuna and holds her*

Daniel: Never mind :)

Azuna: please Robin don't touch me, *looking scared and worried away from him*

Robin: Wh... Okay *let's Azuna go* (CONF) But why? Is it because I got that angry *sigh* I hate if I'm angry, it scares away the people I love, my friends and I guess my girlfriend. *sigh* (END CONF)

Daniel: *looks at the scene* -.- (CONF) OH COME ON! He didn't even do anything wrong or THAT scary...

Robin: *stares ahead of him*

Azuna: *Looks at Robin* (CONF) What am I doing, Harry just wants built a wall between me and Robin! That is not gonna happen! (END CONF) 

Daniel: *yawn* I'm...... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORED! (CONF) I am slightly bored

Robin: Ah I have to pee really bad again I'm right back *goes to the bushes out of the reach of the camera's and the rest of the characters*

Azuna: Okay, *when Robin is gone* Daniel can we talk? 

Daniel: Ok! :)

Azuna: What you said earlier was right, I am scared, scared of Robin. It got me worried. What if he ever get that angry at me? 

Daniel: He loves you, he'd never do that, he would never hurt you, and he always will, through thick and thin.... and 911 are always a call away if his personality changes but it is HIGHLY unlikely he will...

Azuna: Are you sure, I mean I haven't really looked out for him this season due to being on different teams and maybe Harry is right I am a terrible girlfriend and friend.

Lily: (CONF) i don't know what is happening with Robin and Azuna, i sorry for them, do you think that i will be a mom...with Luna ? (END CONF)

Daniel: You are *a bit angry* a good person, do not let Harry get to you, he is just doing all this to get himself into Chris's books, you are a good girlfriend! Who cares separate teams? Amber and I were same team and look how we turned out, she didn't trust me :(, just believe in each other and it will be alright :)

Azuna: Don't lie, I know I'm not a good person to everyone, but I try to be the best I can do to my friends. I guess you're right, maybe it's better to be separated. Thanks Daniel *gives him a friend like hug and let him go* This doesn't mean anything. 

Lily: so..where is Robin ?

Daniel: Um....................... "Going"...

Azuna: He's somewhere in the bushes taking a leak. 

Lily: do you think that i can talk with him ?

Azuna: Well I don't think so, he had to go really bad. But I think you can talk with him now cause there he is coming *points at Robin who is returning* 

Robin: *tightning his belt and retuning* 

Lily: Hey Robin ! Are you okay ? ^-^

Robin: Uhm yeah why not and what about you?

Lily: gooood :D *Hugs him* soo i'm sure you and Azuna are going to be great parents for you children ^-^ right ?

Azuna: *looks strange at Lily* Yeah we are... if I'm pregnant cause there is still a chance i'm not but why you're asking?

Lily: why are you looking me strangely ? and i'm asking cause Robin is my best firend

Mickey: *votes Harry*

Robin: Yeah we will be great parents *gonna sit next to Azuna* but how is it between you can Luna?

Lily: yeah it's going good with Luna but i can't get Pregant >.>.

Azuna: Uhm yes you can.. you just uhm have a  different way of getting pregnant.

Lily: NO! i want the normal way of getting pregnant !!

Azuna: It's like getting pregnant the normal way except the uhm... part that is needed wouldn't be from Luna but from some guy.

Lily: OH GOD DON'T SAY IT !!! i don't want a childern from an other guy ! i want a children from Luna ;(

Azuna: Well than you're out of luck *puts her hand on Robins upper leg*

Robin: *looks at Azuna*

Lily: *looks at Robin and Azuna* ahm.........if you want do that please don't do here ;(

Azuna: uhm no sorry *takes her hand back*

Lily: no problem ! :D *Hugs Azuna and Robin* :D ahm, if you don't want the children.......emm.....nothing :D

Azuna: We've already talked about this. IF I'm really pregnant we keep the child. 

Lily: okay okay you're right sorry :(


Chris: SHUT UP! This whole talking is loud and useless. Let's go on with the voting.....very fast. Because I have to announce twists :).'re the only one who hasn't received a vote, which means Harry and Elle are in the chopping block.......well...........Harry is eliminated with the majority of the votes .-. . Elle, you're safe, and you have 50% chances of getting in the finale :D. Harry, you're STAYING AS AN INTERN :D. Audience will be always high ^^. Trey, meet your enemy Elle. One of you will join eventually and be part of the real cast. Anyhow, as I said, there are twists. *kills the cops which were coming to take away Azuna* This is one. Second *erases memory of every audience member about the cop killing* and that's two. Third, Azuna pregnancy is killing me. And that's all the twists of today! What is going to happen? Which debutter will join the game, and will Mickey FINALLY GET REVENGE ON SOMEONE?! Find it out here on TOTAL.....DRAMA......AFTER THE ISLAND AGAIN!

Episode 12 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Everyone :D)

Chris: I promise that in this episode we'll have an elimination. If you're interested, there are not going to be returnees this time. Sad :(. Well, have fun.

Melbourne: (CONF) Final 9! This is awesome! I never got this far....I mean, the other ones got me out at about 10th place. Let's hope I can survive this... (END CONF) So....Freddy...sup?

Harry: I'm ****ing sick of you all, I'M TAKING MY POLL! *edit's confestional of mels to say:  Final 9! This is awesome! I never got this far....I mean, i'm not suprised, the other ones in here are all ***holes, that deserve to lose i 3 seconds* OKAY! *shows CONF*

Robin: *sleeping together with Azuna on the couch*

Luna: *kisses with Lily* Final 9!

Harry: No one gives a f***, and i haven't signed a contract so i'm leaving, FINALLY! *starts to exit *

Azuna: *talking while half sleeping* Please just.. shut up Harry. 

Harry: Shouldn't you be in jail?

Azuna: *doesn't hear Harry and hold Robin tighter*

Daniel: *sleeping in a basket* A mansion and I don't even get a bed :|

Freddy: Mel, HI!

Harry: *gets in boat* bye -.-

Chris: ............damnit. Oh well, he was a great audition increaser ;(

Freddy: Just call, Trey, an audition decreaser :)

Robin: *wakes up and sees Azuna still sleeping and quitely stand up and goes to the kitchen in his boxers* Good morning, *takes some thee* (CONF) I'm not gonna wake up Azuna she had a hard time yesterday with that Harry guy, And now he's gone, he should be glad, NOBODY compares me to my dad NOBODY!(END CONF)

Freddy: .............SAAAAAAAAAAAAALT! *loudly in Daniel's ear* 

Daniel: *wakes up and falls over* A- *sees azuna sleeping and says quietly* o..w

Robin: *drinks the thee and talks quietly* Hi Daniel good morning why do you have sal... wait let me guess Freddy woke you up?

Daniel: *quietly* yes...

Robin: *quietly* I see. *gonna lay next to Azuna again and put the blanked over him*

Azuna: *while sleeping stealing Robin's blanked and push him of the couch*

Daniel: *quietly* Violent even during her sleep :|

Robin: *quietly* Lol no I think she's just cold. 

Daniel: *quietly* ok, so how are you? :)

Robin: *quietly* I'm okay, eventhough I realized that Harry is kinda right,

Lily: *Kisses with Luna* Yess Luna !!! We're in the Final 9 !!! (CONF) wow Final 9 and me and Luna are still dating !! YAY ^-^ 

Daniel: *quietly* Robin, don't say that, you are hardly EVER angry and you were technically standing up for your self :)

Robin: *quitely* I know but I still grabed hun by his throat and my dad did that once and I know how scary that is..

Azuna: *still sleeping*

Boney Island (Debutters)

Chef: If you're going to join the game, this is what you'll face when you'll lose a challenge. Remember that, so that you'll fear this place :)

Trey: Fear this place? I run this place! You may not have noticed, but animals love me. And I'm a very keen survivor, there's NO chance of me being destroyed. (CONF) The sad thing is, if I go through, I KNOW I'm gonna have a target on my back if I enter the game. But, I'm gonna have to deal with it. I have a really good chance at winnin' this... possibly. (END CONF)

Elle: It can't be that bad. (CONF) I could just follow Trey and throw him into a bear when I need to. Every debutter has a target on their back, so why not just have two debutters? That way I have a 50% chance of having a target on my back. Oh well. We'll see how this ends. (END) Hey, Trey, could I come with you? Just in case, y'know.

Trey: Huh? Oh.... ummmmm, I guess so.

Elle: (CONF) Wow. That was easier than expected. (END) Thanks! *hugs Trey*

Trey: *Hugging Elle* Sure! (CONF) I'm not trying to be mean, but I have to be the one debutting, not her. (END CONF) 

Challenge 12 - RapMania Rebooted!

Chris: Here we get back with After The Island! This challenge was the fourth of the entire series, and now it's going to be the twelfth of this season! Welcome to RapMania! This challenge won't feature an ending elimiation....because that will be IMMEDIATE. First of all, a little twist. BOTH OF THE DEBUTTERS ARE JOINING :D. This will mean that after this we'll have our final 10! Second, this challenge announces THE MERGE! Yeah, since this challenge is going to be everyman for himself, the merge technically starts now. The rules! What you have to do is to rap 8 lines (all in one post.) and if that's good enough, you'll be safe. The worst one is worth the instant boot, so prepare your brain and give your best lines! Debutters will compete next episode, by the way. Ready? Set? SING!

Freddy:Like this? I came from the future and I am here to win; But it kinda contradicts the spacetimecontinu-um, I don't like rapping because it's boring and takes long however shortening words is just wrong, Chris is a host and Chef is a loser; seriously Chef, did the producers REALLY choose ya? Merge isn't even worthy of being praised, and all these twists leave the viewers unphased. Those rhymes are about...Um... 5 lines, do I have to continue? Shameful, *throws salt at Chef* perhaps that'll cure you! That is only 6, isn't it? Rapping' s too primitive! That is it! I'm DONE RAPPING,IT IS DUMB, WHOSE IDEA DID IT COME FROM!? Dammit, it was my eighth rhyme!

Max: 8 things. 1. Do I have to do this? 2. I do not understand Freddy's rap. 3. Could you think of something better caus this is not my thing. 4. Where did I put that suicide button thing? 5. How did I even do that rh- wait what? 6. I have no idea what I and even doing now. 7. I think I found it, now... 8. Bye bye *presses it and temporarily dies* X-X

Robin: Uhm sure I hope this work *trying to rap* 

I guess I can try it atleast.

Walking over there is a beast. 

Attacking evenone in his reach. 

Oh God you I preach. 

Hoping this stupidity stops. 

Hold on no one should call the cops. 

Azuna one day I will die.

And if that is before you I'll look at you from that place in the sky!

Daniel: Nice poem, Robin! *smiles*..... Freddy, your poem was adequate-ish... what's a rap? A poem?

Luna: In the begin, i don't wanna make friends! I thought they are creepy, annoying, useless but it was GREAT! I met them in the strate on friday night i love it or was it a fright. Today my friend is Azuna, she's pretty, cute and lovely as a beast! I have a big love for my girl Lily, she's nice, and her second name is Lovely. I love her with my hole heart, but i'm sad that Amber leaves. She's out by Daniel, and that's why i dont like him. So, i want to win this game for me, Lily, my dad, my mom and Amber! Why? Cause they are special to me! And this rap are out! Love you all!

Freddy: You do know it wasn't his fault, right? And when did you and Amber ACTUALLY speak nicely to each other?

Daniel:   I'm very sorry, Luna, but it wasn't my fault

You tried to turn her against me, tried to change her thoughts

Chris said he didn't get, and you were the one who caused it

You lied to her and I'm the one you hate, why don't you just check it?

I'm sorry if you liked her, I really am!

But I'm not the one to blame, Is there anything I can do? I'll try if I can!

I don't want to be a bother, I just want to be your friend.

I know you'll always hate me, I don't want this to be the end. *sad*

Azuna: Geez Robin, trying to make emotional before the rap? Nice try but I keep my mind in the game! Okay I can't rap but I can talk sing so I hope that is good for you. Okay here I go

  • talks singing*

Everyone seems to forget that Rap is like all music about telling stories. 

Not just some clever rhymes that make other people drool 

But tales about dreams, fantasies and worries.

Using words like b**ch, sl*t or wh**e doesn't make you cool. 

But being honest and tell true stories about people that are in you heart.

Friends, Boyfriends and even your possible unborn children will do.

To describe the way I feel I have to perfect it like art.

But since I'm out of time I keep it short and say I love you. 

Lily: this is my Rap song ! 

  • Azuna is a bi*ch ! she has a kids ! if you don't give it to me, you know what i mean
  • Robin was a friend but now he is a dad
  • i'm not a smocker, Luna is my drugs, she makes me fun she makes me happy
  • i kissed Freddy but i love girls, this is crazy sorry *gurl *( Refered to Melbourne )
  • Daniel is good, he is a god but amber is gone, you aren't so good
  • Chef is funny but Chirs is more
  • i won a camp but i'm here for a second chanche !
  • i h-a-t-e rap and i forgot the song ! 

Melbourne: ....first time, first success.

  • I see Lily, but I don't care!
  • You kissed Freddy and I'll be your nightmare.
  • Also Freddy, why did you let that?
  • Don't make me hit you with my bat.
  • This is my first rap, but it hits the pikes.
  • Listen the flow o-o-of my rhymes.
  • I won't get home, not now and never,
  • I will win this both here and in the nether.
  • (9th unnecessary line) *flames surrounds Melbourne* yeah.

Chris: I love the flowing raps of awesomeness. One is missing, though.....where's Mickey?

Azuna: I love how you and Lily both do exactly what I said music is not abo... AAAH *holding her stomach* 

Robin: *runs to Azuna* Azuna what's wrong!

Daniel: What, Azuna? What's wrong?

Freddy: I didn't let her, She just did it! :|

Azuna: My stomach hurts out of nowhere, never had it that bad. *hold her stomach and gonna lay on the ground* 

Robin: Can we do something.

Daniel: And How?

Azuna: I don't know how you can help me. I'm dying from the pain and you ask me? Figure it out! *holding stomach and lay on the ground*

Robin: Well... Daniel do you know something

Daniel: Um...uhh... maybe...uh...well... do you have any ideas?

Robin: Well if you get a blanket than I'll get some thee. Azuna I'm back in a moment *goes to get some thee*

Daniel: *finds a blanket next to him* Um... That was surprisingly easy :)

Azuna: Dan why do I have to feel this pain? *laying on the ground holding her stomach*

Daniel: Um... May be your hungry? Cold even?

Luna: Whats going on with Azuna?

Freddy: Eh! don't know, it'll be over in a minute though! -.-

Azuna: I am not hungry I eat the most out of everyone and if I get a cold I get a headach first and I never have such a stomach ache out of nowhere. *laying on the ground holding her stomach*

Daniel: ..... *gives her the Blanket* We'll wait for robin...

Azuna: I hope he is fast *puts the blanket over her and laying on the ground and holding her stomach*

Robin: *from the craft services tent* Can't I just get some calming thee for Azuna she's dying from the pain!

Daniel: Come on robin.....

Robin: *runs out of the craft services tent with a water cooker with thee and a glas to Azuna and Daniel* *puts thee in the cup* Here Azuna, *gonna sit down next to Azuna* 

Azuna: *gonna sit back up and gonna sit with Robin and drink thee* Thanks Azuna and Daniel. 

Daniel: You welcome, Azuna! Even though I didn't do much *smiles happily*

Azuna: I don't care I am just happy to have you, Daniel as my friend and Robin as my boyfrie.. AAH *holding her stomach*

Daniel: What's Wrong!?

Azuna: My stomach again *holding her stomach*

Daniel: Um....

Chris:................SIGH. He was the revenger and now he's out ;.;. Since Mickey didn't post, he's out >.<

Elimination 12 - Mickey

Chris: So....everyone is safe, but Mickey. Bye bye guy *blows him up* This is the shortest section I've ever made >.<

Episode 13 Chat

Boney Island (Everyone)

Chef: Sorry guys, but Chris needs relax....or that's what he said. I ALSO WANT TO RELAX. >.<. Need. An. Entertainement. Source. ALL OF YOU, OVER 9000 SITUPS, NOW!

Melbourne: But...I don't want t-

Chef: NOW!

Melbourne: Urgh...fine *starts doing situps* this is boring <.<

Azuna: CHEF GET ME A FREAKING PREGNANT TEST!! *holding her stomach*

Chef: ARE YOU DUMB? WE ALREADY MADE IT. >.< (Actually Chris lied to everyone so that he didn't have to make that pregnant test :P)

Azuna: *pushes Chef* In case you don't know I have to do the test not Chris or you since you both are first of all guys and second of all can't  do a test that I have to do myself.

Robin: Azuna calm down!

Chef: OK, DECIDE! You LEAVE this competition FOREVER or you keep yourself in for the million?!

Azuna: *glares at Chef* Okay I keep myself in. Ah *holding her stomach* 

Robin: Chef why can't Chris just get her a test?

Daniel: Because Chris likes to make plots complicated for fun?

Azuna: *holding her stomach* Wait we have to do push up's too!?

Robin: What? Chef are you crazy, I have no problem with it but letting a pregnant girl do push up's can be dangerous.

Daniel: I believe she should sit down :)

Chef:.......Oh, I see......AZUNA, 100 LAPS OF THIS ISLAND, NOW! While the rest of you, CONTINUE!

Melbourne: I'm kinda did Azuna get pregnant? O.o

Azuna: Ugh, I'll just do it before I'll get eliminated *go and sit down and do push up's*

Robin: I still think you shouldn't do it.

Daniel: *does 1 push up* I can't do SPORTS!

Freddy: *teleports back* Boo! I went to the future and did 1, but 9000 years into the future! It counts right, I can't believe Chris is still alive then D:

Luna: *does push ups* Daniel, can i talk to you for a moment?

Daniel: *does half one and then walks over to Luna* Um... Ok? You don't hate me anymore, right?

Azuna: 250, 251, 25... ahh *hold her stomach*

Luna: No, i know you love Amber, she is your girlfriend. So, maybe we can be friends? It's so better then be enemies, you know? *does push ups* (CONF) I like Daniel a bit, as a friend, you know? I want more friends in the game, it begins boring without Amber .. and Azuna are bussy with another things. I need Daniel and my Lily for talk et cetera.

Daniel: Aww, Thanks, Ok! :)

Azuna: (CONF) Why does Chris just buy me a pregnant test? Ah *holding her stomach* and this pain is so bad! (END CONF)

Robin: *doing push ups* 

Daniel: *does half a push up*

Elle: Well, if it hurts that bad, then she must be around 8 months pregnant already.  Or it's just a really bad stomach ache.

Trey: I doubt it's a stomach ache, but being pregnant? Here? Now? Just... come on. Seriously? Pregnant?

Azuna: Hey I can hear you and no I can't be that long pregnant, IF I am pregnant cause that's now known yet ether,so if I'm pregnant it is just about a month. *holding her stomach*

Trey: Either way, you should probably get a doctor... just in case.

Azuna: All I need is a pregnant test that Chris don't want to give me for some reason.

Trey: Or that... I guess. Well either way... I hope everything gets better as soon as possible.

Azuna: Me too AH *holding her stomach* 

Robin: *doing push up* 749 75.... ugh I can't do it anymore. 

Chris: *comes in a boat* They told me that you can't do a pregnant test for other people -.- (lol I'm dumb.) WHATEVER, AZUNA. MAKE THIS STUPID PREGNANT TEST *leaves*

Azuna: Finally! And it's not used.

Robin: *laying on the ground because he can't moves his arm* are you sure?

Azuna: Yes this is a new package *goes somewhere where no one can see her doing the test* 

Daniel: Uh...

Robin: Dan can you help me up my arms are like noodles and I am really nervous. 

Daniel: Ok! *helps Robin up* It's Ok!

Robin: Thanks *trying to get a cigarette and lighter out of his pocket and picks the cigarette with his mouth* Dan one more favour can you please light my cigarette?

Daniel: *laughs a little* Sure, Robin! *takes cigarette and lights it* Done!

Robin: Thanks buddy *smoking* is Azuna returning yet?

Azuna: *walking back*

Daniel: I see her ! *points to Azuna coming back*

Robin: So.. what is the result? *smoking

Azuna: *get's back to where Robin is and sit's down* Here look for yourself. *shows Robin*

Robin: I see a plus... what does that mean. 

Azuna: That means possitive that means I am pregnant. *sigh*

Melbourne: WOAH! O_O

Chef: SHOCKER O_O. SO AZUNA IS REALLY PREGNANT!....what we do now? o.o

Daniel: Throw a baby shower?


Robin: Daniel not the right moment to say that *looks at Azuna*

Azuna: *sigh and a tear is slowly running across her cheek*

Robin: *smoking* Azuna.. I wish I could hug you but my arms are noodles at the mome.. *azuna already waked away* AZUNA.. *sigh*

Daniel: ……………I-I.........

Melbourne: Ok...that was...unneccesary

Robin: *smoking* I know you ment it in a good way but not the moment buddy *sigh and notice his arms are working a little bit*

Azuna: (CONF) So... I guess that's it. My next eighteen years are ruined. *sigh* I'm just gonna stay here I don't feel like talking to anyone. (END CONF)

Freddy: *comes back with rhubarb pie* So what did I miss?

Trey: Azuna is pregnant, Robin still has some-what un-working arms, if that makes sense, and... well, that's pretty much it.

Robin: *arms are working again and finish his cigarette and get's up* Should I search Azuna? Maybe she wants to be left alone.

Azuna: (CONF) And even worse I ruined Robins future too, sure we done it together but I just had to get the morning after pil and than we weren't in this possition. (END CONF)

Daniel: I think the best thing to do is, sadly, wait... it's better than nothing :(

Robin: I guess you're right. *sigh* I just want to be there for her. 

Azuna: (CONF) And now Chris is probally gonna send me away AAHH *hold her stomach* I really need to know what these stomach aches are! (END CONF)

Daniel: I know, but it's best she should be alone for now...

Robin: I guess you right, Daniel am I being a good person for her, sometimes I feel so, wrong. I did this too her and now we're stuck..

Daniel: I repeat this many times, You are one of the most responsible and good people I know, it may look bleak now but it'll get better, it just happened, it's no one's fault, you and Azuna deserve each other and just cause it happened doesn't mean it's your fault, you and Azuna started this as a couple and you are going to finish this as a couple! It may hurt now, making you believe it's your fault, but, in reality, there is no one to blame, pal! *pats Robin on the back*

Luna: *walks to Daniel, Robin and Azuna* Everything all right?

Robin: Uhm yeah, Azuna is officially pregnant now and I am officially gonna be a dad. 

Azuna: *returns from hiding in the confesionals*

Luna: Congrats! *hugs Azuna and Robin*

Melbourne: Wait, how are you that sure that you're the father?

Robin: I'm her first boyfriend in four years and that was our first time.

Azuna: Robin!! No need to tell her that. *sit on Robins lap*

Daniel: *glares at Melbourne* Did you really just ask that anyway?

Azuna: Doesn't matter if she doubts that, atleast we know i.. AAH *holds her stomach*

Robin: Azuna! Is that your stomach again *holding her stomach*

Azuna: YES!! *holding her stomach in pain*

Melbourne: OK...does someone know how to deal with these things?

Chef: NO! *escapes with a boat*

Melbourne: .-.

Azuna: Don't worry about m... AH! *holding her stomach*

Robin: Yes I do!

Challenge 13 - Haaaaaarryyyyyyy.......

Chris: *everyone is trapped in a chamber* Hi soon-to-be victims! Yeah, that's right. Victims. Our challenge comes from After The Island....again...and you won't like it. Remember Harry? Yeah, our famous intern...*traps him in a room 45123125123123 times* He's the new doctor of Aya's challenge ^^. Rules are simple: get in a room and hope he doesn't find you, or else....BAM. You're dead. Get in one of these 10 rooms and hide. After a while I'll let Harry free and he'll search you. Here's the rooms you can pick

  • Kitchen 3
  • Dining Room 9
  • Living Room 5
  • Bedroom 1
  • Bathroom 2
  • Garage 10
  • Courtyard 6
  • Ceiling 4
  • Roof 8
  • Tree 7

Chris: Harry won't know where you're hidden (as the only thing he can do is to post *kills room 1,2,3,yadda*), but 8 of the rooms are going to be explored...hehe. GO!

Melbourne: I SAW THIS, AND IT WASN'T GOOD D: *hides in the bedroom*

Freddy: FLEE THE SCENE! *hides on ceiling*

Daniel: *hides in bathroom* I'm gonna die!

Robin: Azuna let's hide together! 

Azuna: What if he finds us atleast one of us has to win.

Robin: Baby, I don't care about winning, all I care about is that you're safe and our baby is safe.

Azuna: For this time let's work together. *kisses Robin* 

Azuna & Robin: *hiding in the kitchen*

Max: *goes on roof* I don't know.

Luna: *climbs on Tree* Please, don't fall..

Elle: *hides in garage*

Trey: *Hides in Tree* Oh no...

Melbourne: Ok, being alone gives you better chances....maybe....:s

Azuna: I'm gonna get some food out of the fridge *goes to the fridge* AAH *hold her stomach and gonna sit on the ground* 

Robin: This not good, when did you start getting them Azuna.

Azuna: A few days ago *gets some chocolate out of the fridge and walk back to Robin and sit against him*

Robin: *holds Azuna* we really need to look up what those are!

Lily: ohhh !! *Hides in the kitchen*

Azuna: *eating chocolade and sees Lily comes into the Kitchen* hi Lily!

Lily: Azuna ! Hi !!

Luna: *looks to Trey* Eh .. you are the debutter, right? *smiles*

Azuna: *whispers* Don't talk to lo.. *feel the pain again and holds her stomach and talks loud* AAH!

Lily: lo...? oh so you're pregant ! do you know that i'm studying medicine ?! and i'm specalized about childbirth ?!

Azuna: *whispering* Please Lily not the time *holding her stomach* 

Robin: *whispering* Lily shhh  we should not be heard by Harry

Lily: AHH *whispers* robin ?! what the hell are you doing here, you scared me! okay azuna sorry

Robin: *whispers* What did you expect I need to stay with my girl and baby in case Harry come here.

Chris: Uh...*frees Harry* You can seek now ^^ (Harry, search for 8 different rooms...and remember, you can only do Room 1, Room 2, Room 3, ecc..)

Azuna: *whispering* Is the jerk still gonna search us or what?

Harry: I HRD THAT! Azuna, btw where are you O.O *kills room 10*

Chris:...........and the other 7 rooms? Wow .-. *kills Harry* Incredibly lazy. Well, I still have the doctor from Aya's challenge....even though he was dead...and yeah...he's a zombie :D *he eats people's brain who are on room 10, 8, 9, 7, 1, 4, 3 and..............5!*Ok, I guess *kills zombie in the head* So....many people are dead, let's see who standed. Not Lily, Azuna, Robin, Max, Luna, Trey, Melbourne....and Freddy, along with Elle who didn't post. Daniel is the winner of this challenge, so he's safe. The rest is up for elimination...too bad.

Elimination 13 - Everyone but Daniel

Chris: Really sorry, you have to vote. Be quick, or else he eats you...hehe....wait, he's dead. -.- I better remind myself of not killing zombies on their head....whatever. Just go on


Luna: I'm sorry but i don't know you, Elle. I vote for you.

Daniel: Sorry *votes Elle*

Freddy: *votes Elle* Eh

Azuna: *votes Elle* not sorr... AH! *holds her stomach*

Robin: Sorry Elle *votes Elle*

Trey: *Votes Elle* Sorry, girl, but there's only room for one debuter.

Melbourne: Well, she's the only one who did nothing...and that's yeah *votes Elle*


Chris: Ok, seriously, this is really getting inactive. I hope things will get better soon....I hope. Well, let's reveal the votes....

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chris:.......I love how the debutters leave the episode after their debut. That's ironic. Oh well, adios Elle! *blows her up*

Episode 14 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Daniel)

Chris: So, since you're mostly going to be lonely here....and that would be awesome, you have the right of picking 3 people to stay with you here. Pick wisely :D

Daniel: WHY AM I ALONE!? And I want Melbourne, Robin and Azuna here, cause they're nice :)

Melbourne: Wow...thanks Daniel, I'm not that deserving but whatever :D

Daniel: Your welcome!! *smiles*

Robin: *walked in the mansion* Hi Daniel sorry I'm late, had a little problem, can we talk please *lights up another cigarette* 

Daniel: Um...... Sure! What is up? What's....up.... What is up with- this sounds weird when you say it out loud, but What's wrong?

Robin: *smoking* we'll me and Azuna have been fighting, not really serious but I am really stressed about this whole situation, Azuna's stomach aches, me becoming a dad.

Daniel: I know it'll be hard, but it happens to alot of people, although the stomach aches are different but probably came from lack of nutritions to go to both the child and her, most people will go through this, it will turn out ok, your just stressed and that's normal.

Robin: *smoking* I'm glad I can talk to you Daniel. Everyone else seems to be afraid to talk with me. Uhm Dan can I ask you something? I tried to ask Freddy but he gave a BS answer, but how was your dad growing up?

Daniel: He was great! I'd come home from school and he already made dinner, and then we'd all play board games which he usually won at! My dad always came home with a snack for my little sister and he'd always say terrible jokes! He was always happy yet his work took half the day on the computer!

Robin: I hope my kids will say that about me, that I have been a great dad. 

Daniel: I'm sure they will! :)

Robin: Let's hope it, I'm so happy with you Daniel, atleast I can talk to you. *smoking* I really have no clue what I can do to help Azuna, she has so much pain in her stomach.

Daniel: I wish I was a doctor, but I'm not, I sometimes accidentally fall asleep during biology or something.

Robin: And ofcourse Chris wouldn't happen to have anyone who is a doctor other than Chef in dreg.  *throws away the cigarette*

Azuna: *holding her stomach and walks in* AHH, hi boys *walks to the couch and lay down*

Daniel: Hi Azuna! How are you? Are you ok? 

Azuna: Well except for the terrible pain in my stomach I am okay *picks up a apple and eats it*

Robin: *walks to Azuna and gives her a kiss* I'm sorry for earlier I'm just a little stressed and I kept myself calm for you the last couple of days but I just couldn't hold it in.

Azuna: I understand Robin and I thought about what you said earlier but you're right, I have to be happy to have this kid with you and not one of those guys who runaway from their responsibility. And Daniel I honesty still don't get why Amber broke up with you.

Daniel: Neither do I...

Azuna: Come sit on this couch it's kinda annoying hearing someone without seeing them. Robin come sit down to.

Robin: *gonna sit down* What actually happend between you too?

Daniel: Nothing much, but I did like her, but I complemented her, then she turned round, swore at me and said we were no longer a couple...

Robin: Maybe she misunderstood you? 

Azuna: *started singing really beautiful out of nowhere* I know we are young.... But we'll take care of you....  We may make mistakes and you might not like it.... But you will see with did it all for you.... 

Daniel: *listening* Nice :)

Azuna: *still singing* You will never be forgotten or ignored... you'll be the center of our lives and even if it doesn't look like it, you'll always be on our minds. 

Daniel: *still listening* :)

Azuna: *singing* Just know we will always love you... hmmmmm... *finishes her singing* oh sorry were you two talking about something?

Melourne: ....what a nice voice

Azuna: Thanks AAHH *holds her stomach* 

Robin: *gives Azuna a kiss* It sounded great. *put's his hand on Azuna's stomach* if your pain stays we need a doctor. As far as I know this is not normal. 

Daniel: That was great! :)

Azuna: Thanks Dan. Let's watch a movie.

Robin: Well I'm just want to have some information about your stomach pains, so we know how bad it actually is. CHRIS IS THERE A INTERNET CONNECTION HERE SO YEAH WHERE CAN I USE IT!!!

Daniel: I hope there is  :)

Robin: I really hope so, I go pee I'll be right back *goes to the toilet* 

Daniel: Bye, *yawn* I'm hungry *eats a chocolate bar*

Azuna: Dan, why are you so speechless today?

Daniel: I don't know

Azuna: Dan, can you get a chocolade bar for me? 

Daniel: *Runs to get one out of the cupboard* OK! :D

Azuna: thanks *eating the chocolate bar* you know you're right what you said about Robin. 

Daniel: :) your welcome and thanks

Azuna: Come on talks more Dan. *eating the chocolate bar* 

Robin: *returns and tighting his belt* Hey Azuna *puts his hand on her stomach*

Daniel: Ok, Azuna *eating*

Azuna: Okay if you don't wanna talk I will give Robin some stress releave *finish her chocolate bar and sits up* Hey Robin I know how I can releave your stress go and sit down.

Robin: *sits down* Uhm wha.. *Azuna starts kissing Robin and put's her hand on his lap but Robin pushes it away* Azuna not here, giving me a kiss is enough.

Azuna: Sorry I thought you may wanted that. Gees. 

Daniel: *takes out a bunch of movies and board games* Does anybody have the time to watch a movie with me, if you don't mind?

Azuna: Sure since Robin doesn't want me to releave his stress I guess a movie is good,

Robin: Oh please Azuna you know that I am really not into that right now, a movie seems fine by the way. 

Azuna: You're a guy, isn't that where guys always talk about. 

Robin: Yeah but those guys who talk about that all the time leave their girlfriend when they get them pregnant. 

Azuna: ... sure. What movie's do we get. 

Daniel: Toy Story 3, Nightmare on El- That's my mom's, Epic, Turbo ands stuff that scares me... Oh, And... Kick..... A word

Azuna: Kick a** sonds good *gonna lay with her head on Robins lap* 

Daniel: OK! Kick..... IT IS! *Runs over to tv and puts in movie and runs back and sits on sofa* Time to watch! :3 wait, do any of you want snacks like popcorn?

Azuna: yeah *puts her hand on Robin's lap again*

Robin: Nah not for me I would like something to drink though let's say water.

Daniel: Um... ok! Azuna, what would you like?

Azuna: Some chocolate covered Popcorn. *keeps her hand on Robin's lap* 

Daniel: *Runs to get them and comes back with a bag full* This is all they have, I couldn't find anymore.

Azuna: thanks Daniel *get's a little closer to Robin* 

Robin: Please Azuna I am not in the mood.

Daniel: *plays movie while eating hamburger* :)

Azuna: *puts her hand on Robins belt*

Robin: *pushes her hand away* Azuna NO! I really don't want to now.

Azuna: Why not I just want to make it up to you.

Robin: You don't have to and I really don't feel like having make up.. love and besides I'm pretty sure Daniel don't want to see that. 

Daniel: *too busy laughing and watching* Huh?

Azuna: Sorry Dan did we are quiet now *eating the popcorn*

Robin: *drinking the water and watching the tv*

Daniel: *eating* ... :)

Azuna: AAAHH *drops the popcorn and holding her stomach* AAAAAAHHHHHH!! 

Robin: Azuna!!! *Holds her up* are the stomach aches really that bad?

Azuna: They keep omn getting worse. *holding her stomach* 

Daniel: *movies so loud, Daniel could only hear Robin say Azuna* ....

Cabins (Others)

Chris: It's sad, but Boney Island won't be used anymore, which is a shame. I'm going to miss her ;(...well, have fun.

Luna: No it's good. I like the cabins more. Lily where are you honn?

Azuna: *laying on her bed holding her stomach in pain*

Robin: Azuna, I am gonna make some food, just take it easy. *lights up a cigarette and smokes*

Trey: Not tryin' to be mean, but I'm pretty sure it isn't a good idea to smoke around a pregnant woman. Just sayin'.

Robin: Sorry I'm kinda stressed.

Azuna: *still laying on her bed* you're stressed? I'm here laying on a bed having pain in my stomach the same place where our baby is growing. How can you be in stress?

Robin: well maybe because I am worried about you and our baby?! *goes outside*

Trey: *Sighs* I'll go talk to him... *Goes outside with Robin* You know, I can't say I know what you're are going through, but, I'll help you throughout all of this. I can't even begin to think how much stress and pressure you could be going through. But, don't worry, things will eventually make sense, and everything will be okay. *Smiles*

Robin: *smoking* I hope it does, I know so little about the pregnancy, I know women can have stomach aches but that only happens when the baby is almost popping out, but Azuna is just pregnant for 1 month so that can't be what is happening.

Trey: Well, I wish I knew what was up. I want to help you and her, but I don't know how.

Robin: How can you help me if I don't even know how to help myself and Azuna. I hate to have this feeling, I feel like my father than and I hate that.

Trey: Okay then. Well... ummm... that's pretty much all I can do, or say then. So... I'm just gonna... *Walks backwards slowly, then after a little bit he bolts*

Robin: *smoking* *sigh and a bit frustrated and mumbling* yeah right here for me and Azuna maybe to get us home.

Freddy: Why don't you take an online test like... "How to tell if your a good dad?" Or "Are you good enough to raise a child?" *smiles crazily about his idea, even though they don't have internet connection*

Robin: We don't have a internet connection *finishes his cigaret* Freddy since you're from the future how did your dad raise you up?

Freddy: Dads are overrated, l was given the opportunity of a better life; O rphanage myself! I am now old enough to leave! :)

Robin: Wow that was helpfull... Where is Daniel, he actaully had good experience with his dad.  *get's some food and brings it to Azuna*

Azuna: *laying on her bed eating the food* Didn't Daniel ask us to the mension?

Luna: *sits lonely here.* Pff ...

Azuna: *laying on her bad holding her stomach* Luna, what's wrong?  

Robin: I think she misses Lilly. 

Azuna: She can talk for herself.

Robin: I was just thinking along!! And can you please stop being like that to me, what did I do wrong!

Azuna: I'm not acting different you are! What is wrong. 

Robin: Can't I be stressed, listen you might feel the pain but it's also mu baby who is in your stomach!! And people seem to forget that the father is also nervouse and that I am also just 16, most teens who are my age who have this problem runaway and leave their girlfriend. 

Trey: *Comes back, but hides behind bush to not interrupt*

Azuna: I understand Robin but you don't have to react like that to me!!

Robin: I am also full of all this!! I... I am going to Daniel in the mension if you want to come too come. *leaves to the mension*

Azuna: *laying on her bed holding her stomach* *too late* Robin wait I... nevermind.

Trey: *Comes out of bush and goes inside with Azuna* Wow. I... I'm sorry. I know both of you guys are stressed and... um... nervous, maybe even a bit scared. But, remember: I will always be here to help. Maybe not always, because I might be eliminated, but still. I can help you for now.

Azuna: And who are you again?

Trey: *Sighs* Should have seen that comin' eventually. I'm Trey, one of the two debutters. I know who you are... you should me. You' are... Ariel? No, Azule... no... that's not it. You are... Avairy? Avery? Avarly? No... *Scratches head*

Azuna: Don't try to be funny cause I heard you saying my name when you were talking to Robin, anyway really want to be helpfull? Bring me some food, no spices just rice and get me something to drink, nothing with caffeine but it has to be warm, that would be great if you'll do that Trey!

Trey: I said her. Just a little correction there. But, okay. I guess. *Scratches head* (CONF) If I could get on Azuna's good side yeah, Azuna, and then I could get on Robin's too. Then I could have two possible allies. Plus, she's pregnant, don't wanna get one of them riled up. (END CONF) Alright, Azuna? Yeah! Azuna! *Runs out, and comes back with rice, hot tea, and a bunch of other stuff I don't feel like listing* There you go, Azuna. *Puts all of the food and drinks beside Azuna

Azuna: Thanks Trey and yes Azuna is my name. *eats it*

Trey: Yes! I got it right! Now I feel like the pregnant one................................ not pregnant! Special! I meant special! Not pregnant, special!

Azuna: You're almost as akward as Daniel, (CONF) Which is awefull cause their can be only one Daniel!! Just saying he's still my buddy (END CONF) 

Trey: Ugh! (CONF) Awkward? Am I really that bad? *Sighs* I feel like I'm more stressed than they are. (END CONF)

Freddy: For someone who is a nature expert, you rarely do anything involving plant life, other than hiding in that Bush and listening in on Robin and Azuna' s fight, GET ME A PIXIE TREE WITH LIVING FAIRIES INSIDE IT, NOW PLEASE!! *at Trey*

Azuna: *get's up and walks to the door* You're all boring me to death. *goes to the mansion*

Luna: Well Azuna, i wanna help you. But you have Robin, Daniel and i feel ... yeah .. shut out..

Trey: Freddy... seriously? I can do this, *Whistles and a bear walks up to him and Trey pets him* and this. *Waves his arms and birds fly down and they land on his shoulder and fly around him* But, pixie trees? Fairies? You're just being idiotic.

Freddy: Um...... I'm from the future and they're real, Mr. E found them during an animal protest :D 

Trey: They may be real in the future, but right now, they don't exist. (CONF) He's an odd little fella. (END CONF)

Freddy: Its probably because your negativity is scaring them away! (CONF) He's an odd little fella. (END CONF)

Trey: My negativity? I don't have any... besides my thoughts that I wish you were NOT here, which are pretty much out in the clear now.

Freddy: Well, aren't you a ray of sunshine? -.- At least TRY and be nice to me, I haven't even done anything wrong yet, negativity isn't even an insult, what did I do to you, again?

Trey: Not done anything wrong yet? Have you been listenin' to the words comin' out of your mouth!?

Freddy: Name what I have done that's so bad, I talked about pixies which you cruelly told me I was being idiotic, but I concluded your negativity by saying they don't exist would scare them away before you relentlessly noted how you wished I wasn't here for NO reason, now what did I do wrong? Please explain in FULL detail!

Trey: First of all, you acted like I was all fake. You acted like I was being all fictional, and lying about my power to talk to animals. And then you insulted me once again, by asking me to give you... SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T EXIST! AND WILL NEVER EXIST!

Freddy: 1. I didn't 2. No I didn't again 3. That's not an insult and also can you use proof about what I said to make you believe this

Trey: 1. Yes you did. 2. Yes you did. 3. COME ON! PIXIES!? HOW DO WE EVEN KNOW YOUR ACTUALLY FROM THE FUTURE!?

Luna: Guys, what's going on?

Freddy: He's freaking out 1. Give proof 2. Give proof 3. It's understandable, not everyone can steal time machines

Trey: You're the one freaking out. 1 and 2. You said I barely ever do anything with plant life. You said ALL I DID was hide behind that bush and listen to Robin and Azuna's fight! When I did that, to not interrupt! And 3. Yeah, it's definitely possible... TO STEAL TIME MACHINES EVERYWHERE! Now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure my grandma, BOUGHT 6 OF 'EM LAST WEEK! 

Freddy: 1 and 2. That has nothing to do with disbelief, I just said that you really should do some planting and stuff, and I really don't care about Robin and Azunas fight cause neither like me 3. She did? That's awesome! Me and Her can have a space time continuum battle, there fun!


Freddy: You mentioned it, not me, remember? And rude, I've not wished bad thoughts upon you!

Trey: Last time I checked, YOU ARE THE ONE THAT BROUGHT UP THE FIGHT ORIGINALLY! And... like I'm going to believe you! You haven't thought one bad thought about me? Yeah, that's makes sense.

Freddy: At first I thought it was a misunderstanding, but now it turns out you can't stop yelling for 2 minutes, your acting like your better than me, like your smarter and your right, well, heads up, SHUT THE F*** UP! I don't care Trey! No one does! I was trying to get a conversation going but then you started being mean! 


Freddy: Two words; Anger Management and I didn't say you were stalking anyone, I said you were listening and I wanted you to help me find some :( I guess I should've asked someone nicer……

Trey: Help you find some... what? Make sense! Asked someone nicer? I was doing perfectly fine! Until you, started talking, and insulting me!

Freddy: *sighs* If it seems I insulted you, I didn't mean it, I wasn't even aware of it, I'm sorry if that's the case, because I don't care to talk about this argument with you anymore

Trey: *Sighs* I guess, not all of the blame can be put on you. Well, I got... some planting to do. *Walks off into the woods*

Freddy: (CONF) I don't need to get angry, it's in the past... Well technically it's AGES in the past because I'm from the ... Yeah..

Trey: (CONF) I don't know what got over me. I.............................................. still don't know. (END CONF)

Luna: Keep it cool guys, Freddy do you want to have a walk with me? *smiles*

Freddy: :) ok

Luna: *walks with him* So we don't know each other from personality. Maybe we can know each eather better? *smiles*

Freddy: I am from the future and I hate it! Nothing is wrong with it, it's just I'm not rich - ____-

Challenge 14 - Cute Carz vl. 2

Chris: Hey everyone! Challenge time. I hope you know something about cars....because today your job is to MAKE ONE :D. Since a certain guy named.....MRace2010...wait, it's the same of the previous time. The coincidences. Anyhow, since this guy loves cars, your job is to BUILD YOUR PERSONAL CAR :D. Now, this won't be easy, but it will be kindly hard. First: you have to describe how your car is (red, blue, squared, sexy..) and which type of car is it (4x4, coupe, supercar, ecc...). Second, you have to specify it's status :D. I'm giving you....50 customizing points and you have to balance them on these 4 status I'm giving you: Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Braking. Then we're going to have different tests. The person  who will receive the most points by them is going to be the winner. Ok, I know this challenge is going to be hard, but try at least. GO, AND MAY THE BEST CAR WIN :D!

Melbourne's Garage

Melbourne: Ok, so my car is going to be....(here you put the description of the car you want to make :)

Speed 10/25
Acceleration 19/25
Handling 12/25
Braking 9/25

(Basically, you have to put black squares as I did. The more there are, the better that stat will be. For example, 25 squares of speed will make your car incredibly fast, 25 squares of acceleration will make it reach it's max speed in the fewest time, 25 squares of handling will make it incredibly easy to control and 25 squares of braking makes the car being easy to stop if you're going to crash soon. THE TOTAL MUST NOT EXCEED 50!)

Trey's Garage

Speed 14/25
Acceleration 12/25
Handling 14/25
Braking 10/25

Trey: My outstanding car, is 4x4, and it's a beauty. It's a glamourous red, and it will get you where you want in no time due to it's high mileage, and fascinating acceleration. Brakes aren't the best, but, the car's outstanding feautures, and all of the other stats increased, make it better than any other car out there!

Azuna's Garage

Speed 12/25
Acceleration 10/25
Handling 13/25
Braking 15/25

I have no clue what I'm making and it's awesome. It will change color depending on how I feel which will most likely be black and blue cause my stomach is killing me It has voice starter and it get controled by my voice so yeah that's pretty much it/

Robin's Garage

Speed 24/25
Acceleration 24/25
Handling 1/25
Braking 1/25

Soo, uhm I make a 4 x 4 car with a motor.. and IDK *put's some random stuff together* It's a red car with 6 wheels IDK how I did that but hey I did. it has 6 breaks and 2 speed up thingies. I guess that makes sense and hey it's eco friendly it runs on chickensoup

Freddy's Garage

Speed 15/25
Acceleration 15/25
Handling 10/25
Braking 10/25

Freddy: Well, It's a Ferrari but I ripped out the ability to brake as easily, it's red and glows orange when it hits's shaped like a cool thing...

Daniel's Garage

Speed 5/25
Acceleration 5/25
Handling 15/25
Braking 25/25

Daniel: It is a car that is average speed, it's a family/buisness car, specifically an RV! The braking is great so you'll never break the brakes and it is shiny... shiny ruby-coloured! Great to impress friends while staying safe!

Lily's Garage

Speed 0/25
Acceleration 0/25
Handling 0/25
Braking 0/25

Max's Garage

So my car looks like an average random silver car. I tried to balence the stats out btw. That's all.

Speed 12/25
Acceleration 12/25
Handling 13/25
Braking 13/25

Luna's Garage

Speed 10/25
Acceleration 20/25
Handling 15/25
Braking 5/25

Luna: Well, acceleration is big. Braking not so big, this car have speed and have everything a bit.


Chris: So, we're doing many tests now :D........wait...Lily didn't make her car. Well, I guess she's the next boot <.<. Well, since I'm lazy (I wanted to do something more complicate but without Lily's partecipation, it won't be that cool D:) I'm going to announce the overall winner......IT IS between Luna and Trey. Luna because of her stats but the lack of a description and Trey because of the description but the stupid non-creative averaged stats. I say they both win :D.

Elimination 14 - Everyone but Luna and Trey

Chris: You should know the rules. Vote someone off and that guy/girl will be history...and our 9th placed.


Melbourne: Was it Harry? Was it Lily? Idk, but in any case *votes Lily* so my doubt is gone.

Daniel: *votes Lily* You were the only one not to participate

Freddy: *votes Lily* Inactive for the days AND a threat? Your doing this to yourself girl, and you kissed me >.> Harry or not, your still paying for that

Azuna: (CONF) I know we settled it down but you're still kinda scary, *votes Lily* you can't have myaaahh! *holding her stomach*

Robin: (CONF) Why are you still here in the first place *votes Max*

Trey: *Votes Lily* Sorry, but you didn't complete the challenge.

Max *votes myself off* why am I still here?


Chris: Ok, we got 7 votes...which is ALMOST what I wanted. Lily is so inactive now...whatever. It's pretty obvious on who's going today, so here we go. Show the votes, table of awesomeness :D

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chris: Mhm...I thought every vote would've been for Lily. Anyhow, bye former winner! *blows her up* I forgot to do the recap OMG NO D:. *clears throat* Will Azuna's baby be a girl? Will...uh, IDK? And how much times will I forget to do the recap? Find it out here on TOTAL.........DRAMA..........AFTER THE..............after the......wait, what it was?! GOD I FORGOT D:

Episode 15 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Trey, Luna and 2 guests of their choice)

Chris: Isn't it awesome that you made to the final 8? No, it isn't, because after this I'll have to give away 1 million dollar and 1 penny just for that dumb luck guy. Sighness.

Trey: Wait... Do I get to choose two people, or do we each get to choose one?

Chris: Duh, thanks for reminding me. Each picks one :)

Trey: That does make more sense. But... who to pick? Umm.......... I think I'll have Freddy. (CONF) I need to patch things up with him, plus... I don't like smokers, Azuna kinda scares me, and I don't really know anyone else. *Shrugs* (END CONF) Yeah, Freddy will be my guest.

Freddy: *comes in* I'M HERE! :D

Trey: Hey Freddy.

Freddy: Hey Trey, PROOF! *picture of a guy named Trey, not this one, a middle aged man* SEE! This is you in the future! Your both named Trey and its from the future, IT'S TOTALLY YOU! LEGIT! :D

Trey: Hmm... that's something. I guess... at least I know I live to be... however old I was there. (CONF) How do I know his name is Trey too? Or... that's even really me? I won't say something, 'cause I'm tryin' to be nice... but... I'm not 100% about that picture. (END CONF) Thanks Freddy. For giving me proof, that time travel exists.

Freddy: I'm glad I have enlightened you! *shows him a picture of a girl* THIS IS YOUR FUTURE FIRST WIFE! I think.....

Trey: You think? And what do you mean by... FIRST? I have a second!? 

Freddy: Pfft, no.... more than that like 4 :D, Sandra Delilah Quinn and Jell! I believe that's there names...

Trey: Uhhh... ooooooooooookaaaaayyyyyyyy. Ummmmmmmm........ Delilah!? Is that even a name? And Jell!? What!?

Freddy: Well, I geuss when Delilah researches these clips up, she'll be p*****, Probably why she divorced you... Name Harassment...

Trey: Okay? (CONF) Maybe inviting him up here wasn't the best idea. (END CONF) Could we stop talking about my possible future... and about something else?

Luna: Damn .. Lily .. *cries* I want Azuna here.

Azuna: *opens the door and goes in* hi Luna thanks for letting me be here. What is wrong

Luna: Azuna! No thanks, i miss Lily. She's voted out .. *looks to a window* (CONF) I want her back!!

Azuna: Don't worry, she will be rooting for you wherever she is. *eating a piece bread*

Luna: Well, you right as always. *laughs to her*

Freddy: Well, one day I had dinner but I found a toe in my soup and I asked Chef "Why do I have a toe in my soup?" And he said "It's a secret ingredient!" And I said"But I know it's a toe" and then he said, "ACHOO" into my soup and said "Have fun finding out what It is!" But Max looked more hungry than me so I switched his small meal for my big one, I'm so helpful! ^-^

Azuna: *eating alot of salade* I am so happy my stomach aches are gone and Freddy what are you talking about?

Luna: *laughs* Hihi.

Cabins (Everyone else minus 2 guests of winners choice)

Chris: Boney Island isn't ready yet ;.;. You're so lucky guys <.<

Melbourne: (CONF) FINAL8FINAL8FINAL8!!!!!!!! It's the first time I make it SO FAR, and I hope I can continue in the greatest of the ways! Now that Lily and Harry are gone, my revenge is surely it means I can finally get Freddy in my heart ^^ (END CONF) So, Freddy....wanna talk a little?

Azuna: Hey Melbourne isn't it a great day? *eating some bread*

Robin: Azuna are your stomach pains away?

Azuna: *kisses Robin* Yeah and I feel better than before. 

Melbourne: Well, that's great.............................guys, can you give me some tips for crushing on....Freddy?

Azuna: Well I don't he is kinda weird but than again, Robin is just my second boyfriend so in that way I am not very experienced.

Daniel: You like Freddy? I don't know, we never talk, we interacted when he beat me but then again.... does he like violence?

Robin: Well Freddy is out there he even claims he's from the future. I honesly don't know.

Melbourne: Soo...if I talk about the thing he likes in the future....maybe...he will....

Azuna: Maybe, I honestly don't know *gonna sit next to Robin and put her hand on his lap*

Daniel: :S maybe...

Robin: Azuna you really have been trying that for a couple days now, okay *gives Azuna a kiss*

Azuna: that sweet of you Robin, but I'll be in de mansion, bye.

Robin: Chris? Do you happen to have computer I want to look something up?

Challenge 15 - More fun style, yes.

Chris: Hello everyone! I apologize for being late but I was raging out at my interns who can't even finish preparing Boney Island ^^. Whatever, next challenge! It's something pretty simple, and if you're in an alliance it will help. Here I give you 25 lines required for competing in these different line challenges. Each of these will give you a certain reward, only if you beat the challenge first! The prizes range from 3 days permanence in the Luxury Mansion, immunity for the episode (3 of these everyone :D) and THE IMMUNITY TICKET! There are other prizes, but I'm too lazy to mention them. You won't be able to partecipate to them all, so once you finish your lines you CAN'T POST ANYMORE! Be sure to wisely use your precious source. NOW GO!

Challenge 1

Chris: In this challenge you'll have to mention 3 (1 counts 1 line <.<) different types of food. Whoever gets the best ones wins!

Trey: Uhhh... chicken, pizza, and maccaroni?

Luna: frite, spaghetti and cheese.

Challenge 2

Chris: It's the first challenge all over again! Run 5 lines to the top of this cliff :)

Melbourne: I CAN DO THIS :D *runs to the top*

Trey: *Runs to top* (1)

Luna: *runs to top* (1)

Melbourne: *runs to top* (2)

Trey: *Runs to top* (2)

Melbourne: *runs to top* (3)

Trey: *Runs to rop* (3)

Luna: *runs to top* (2)

Trey: *Runs to top* (4)

Luna: *runs to top* (3)

Trey: *Runs to top* (5) Yes! Done!

Challenge 3

Chris: Since this river is soon going to flood the island, your job is to find 4 different materials and stack them to prevent this disaster! The most stable barricade wins!

Max: hmm *gets some wood*

Trey: *Collects rocks*

Melbourne: Uh..... *piles sand*

Trey: *Collects wood*

Melbourne: *collects metal*

Trey: *Collects plastic*

Melbourne: *collects rubber*

Trey: *Collects sand then places the materials*

Max: sand? Really? *collects some steel*

Melbourne: *collects some steel and places the materials*

Challenge 4

Chris: This is a big thing for you! Shoot 1 arrow at a contestant of your choice and if the arrow hits this contestant WILL GET A DISADVANTAGE IN THE NEXT CHALLENGE :D.

Melbourne: Why not? :D *shoots arrow at Max's target*

Chris: missed <.< (this is how it works :)

Luns: *shoots arrow Max*

Challenge 5

Chris: Auctions! Post 2 lines first so that you can get a reward of a certain kind :D. One of these is actually good.

Trey: *Posts line* (1)

Freddy: *posts line (1)* YOLO?

Trey: *Posts line* (2) Yes! Done! I think...

Chris: CONGRATULATIONS TREY! YOU GOT....NOTHING! :D (You pratically wasted 2 lines :P, but keep going)

Freddy: *posts lines* Can you fit nothing in your pocket, per say?

Luna: *posts line* (1)

Chris: Oh lol, the irony. Freddy got nothing :D

Freddy: I hate you, Chris >.> *posts line*

Luna: *posts line* (2)

Challenge 6

Chris: If you want the spot for this, be sure to be the last poster!

Trey: *Posts* (1)

Challenge 7

Chris: Rowing race! The first to get to the other side (15 lines) wins!

Luna: *races*

Challenge 8

Chris: Finally, the last challenge! Bring me find? WHAT IS A SKYLANDER BTW?! Let's change it, screw you MRace2010. Find me the best picture of me :D (3 lines)

Daniel: *finds (1)*

Trey: *Finds* (1)

Daniel: *finds (2)* :) 

Luna: *finds* (1)

Daniel: *finds* (3)

Luna: *finds* (2)


Chris: Stupid lazy guys because you're so lazy >.< The winners are 3: Daniel as he got a photo of myself first, Trey as he reached the top and Melbourne as she made the most solid barricade! The others are doomed to their elimination :D

Elimination 15 - Everyone but Trey, Melbourne and Daniel

Chris: *admiring his photo* I'm so handsome :D.......uh. You're free to vote for whoever you want which is up :)


Melbourne: (CONF) Um....again....why is he here? *votes Max*

Daniel: (CONF) You did nothing for more than half of the game so sorry but .... sorry *votes Max*

Freddy: HEY! Chris, me too, I was one of the people who DID the challenge!

Daniel: You didn't win any of them...

Freddy: >.> SHHHH! (CONF) Fine, I hate you so much Chris....*votes Max* Why did I vote Max off? Because that food I gave him probably poisoned and that's why he's inactive, THEORY!! So, I feel guilty so I'll vote him off so he can go to a paramedic!

Azuna: (CONF) *votes Max*

Robin:  (CONF) *votes Max*

Trey: (CONF) *Votes Max*

Max: I'm out I guess. *blows myself up*


Chris: So...yeah..Max is out. Nothing much to say

Episode 16 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Trey, Melbourne and Daniel)

Chris: And since you're 3, there are not going to be guests with ya >:D. Have fun with eachother.

Melbourne: Yes! I love this :D

Daniel: Me Too!

Trey: It is pretty cool.

Daniel: But I've been here a few times now and I'm getting bored :(

Trey: Just be glad you're not out on Boney Island.

Daniel: Yeah, wouldn't want to be somewhere... so... scary.... for too long..

Melbourne: Well, we are in the luxury mansion now, not in the Boney Island. Let' :D

Daniel: I don't know! But I still have those movies from last time I was here! *brings movies out* :D

Boney Island (Everyone else)

Chris: IT'S BACK :D! Have a nice stay with Chef..hehe *leaves island*

Chef: ...........I actually ran out of ideas on what to do for making you suffer :s

Azuna: Ugh Boney Island, can I atleast get  some normal food! I am pregnant and I can't eat these poisoned fish!

Chef: No, or else would want it. I'm not dumb.....Chris is. He doesn't even know what to do with a pregnant test <.<

Azuna: UUUGGAAAHHH!! (CONF) Chris I know you see this, give aeast me some normal food, my baby needs to grow and without food it may die and than I'll sue you into prison!! (END CONF)

Robin: Please Chef, only Azuna she has a baby inside her!

Chef: Um...*takes walkie talkie* Chris. Azuna says that she wants normal food instead of the poisoned one. Should we give her it or not?

Chris: *on walkie talkie* Hang on...WHY?

Chef: *on walkie talkie* ...........she's pregnant?

Chris: *on walkie talkie* Yes, I know, but rules APPLY for everyone! No exceptions...

Chef: *shuts contact*.......I tried.

Azuna: *takes the walkie talkie out of chef's hands* Chris! You wouldn't wanted to have a dead baby on your hands do you! Cause the food on this island will kill it. Please just send normal food!

Robin: Please Azuna don't talk like that!

Chris: *on walkie talkie* Can't you shut up and find a freaking coconut already? At least make Robin do it for you. <.<

Azuna: *talks through the walkie talkie* I am not gonna eat anything of this island, you dumbed the last remaining toxic waste here, can I please get some normal food!

Luna: Can i get something for you, Azuna? *smiles*

Azuna: *throws walkie talkie to the ground* UGH! *turns to Luna* uhm well if you want to.

Luna: Sure, bring it on.

Robin: well I can get the coconuts that Chris was talking about.

Azuna:  Ugh sure.

Robin: *climbs up the palm tree and throws 5 coconuts out of the tree* 

Azuna: Great. wait who are those two for? 

Robin: *climbs down* Two for you, I want our baby to have enough food too, one for Luna one for Freddy and one for me.

Azuna: I know but.. wait Freddy... where is he? I haven't seen him here.

Robin: He did got onto the boat to here.

Freddy:  *in a tree, asleep* .....

Robin: *breaks open the coconuts somehow* here you go. *Drinking the coconut milk*

Azuna: are you sure it's not poisoned.

Robin: I don't know but it tastes normal.

Luna: Ow! thanks, Robin. *smiles*

Challenge 16 - Reality against humanity

Chris: Hello lamoes contestos :D!'re going to jail! Not directly, but after this challenge! Maybe someone remembers Fill the Blanks, right? Well, unleash your creativity again....cause this is a tribute <3. I'm going to give you 6 different phrases and whoever finds out the best solution wins a point! Whoever gets the most points wins AND gets to choose 3 people that are going up for elimination. This is also known as being a public enemy :D. Now go!

Round 1

The first thing I'll do when I'll ______________ will be ____________

Freddy: The first thing I'll do when I (cause I can't find a single sentence that's correct using "I'll" there) die in a car accident on the way to Mexico will be reanimating me and my fellow dead brethren! MWUHAHAHAHAH! Then, I'd go get plastic surgery! MWUAHAHA!

Daniel: The first thing I'll do when I get elimanated will be to try to understand why Chef wears a dress 60% of his freetime, I mean, WHY CHEF!?

Robin: The first thing I'll do when I'll...... see my kid will be.... crying from happyness, honestly I don't know.

Azuna: Eww, you're such a softy sometimes Robin. *kisses him on his cheek* The first thing I'll do when I'll have enough money will be sueing Chris for not bringing us, or atleast me some "not Boney Island" food.

Trey: The first thing I'll do when I'll get enough money, hopefully from this competition, is buy as many islands and sanctuaries for animals and plants everywhere!

Luna: The first thing I'll do when I'll be the queen of the USA will be free money for everyone, more money for Chris and more Total Drama Seaons in the whole world. And ofcourse give money to poor countries like India, China etc.

Freddy: I thought you were OK.... but you'll provide Chris with a season, that should be illegal >~>

Luna: Thanks Freddy. *smiles*

Melbourne: The first thing I'll do when I'll kill...Rio will be....kill him again? I'm out of ideas .-.

Chris: I guess you all suck z.z. The first thing I'll do when I'll announce who's the winner will be slapping everyone faces..........but Daniel's! That's awesome :D.

Round 2

Chris: This round is about making me laugh....again :D

OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE. IT'S ________________________________.



Azuna: Well it's not that close. five people still have to go. 

Robin: Yeah but still.

Freddy: OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE, IT'S POSSIBLE CHRIS STILL HASN'T BEEN JAILED FOR KILLING ALL THOSE COPS IN A PREVIOUS EPISODDE! I mean, at least someone must've paused it before he erased their minds.... no one? Whatever...

Daniel: OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S.... the least inspiring challange in ages... OMG! :D


Luna: I can't believe. It's true that i am an lesbian. And miss Lily !


Chris: Uuurgh......can't you make funny quotes actually? <.<. WEll...the winner is....Melbourne? Uh, yeah. 1 point for Trey and Melbourne

Round 3

Chris: I'm sick of quotes, thanks. What I want you to do now is giving me the EPICEST character in universe. Best one wins ^^

Trey: Um... what?

Chris: Give me a link of a character which you think is epic. Wikia, image, whatever

Trey: Now, that makes sense. Uhhh.... I'm guessing you can use cartoon characters... [1]

Luna: This character is really epic Click here ! :3

Azuna: Ugh seriously.. well if Anime character count too this character is epic, Light Yagami from death note if really cartoon let's go with Azula for the Avatar the Last airbender.

Robin: Stewie from family guy always makes me laugh of his epicness!

Freddy: Here! WORTH IT!

Daniel: Noah I loved him season 3! </3

Melbourne: I say G-

Chris: Time's up.'s a close one....between Robin's and Daniel's. I guess the winner is.............Stewie, though <3.

Round 4

Chris: Find the best song which fits in a boss battle....and yes, the song MUST NOT be a boss song itself (which means...find a song which is not a boss battle theme and fits in being a boss battle theme).

Daniel: I couldn't find anything better, Sorry!


Trey: [2] This should work. Hopefully.

Azuna: Beath of Life should work (lol I love how I can totally see what you searched on youtube since you both searched the same XD)

Luna: This is epic and means really much for me Click here ! :3

Robin: Hopefully this will work. 

Melbourne: This one :D [3]

Chris: FREDDY SHOULD BE DISQUALIFIED D:<. There's not a rule for that, though. Well...I like them all............and the winner, I guess, it's........................URGH. It's hard D:. Robin's great, but the start is meh. Trey's a good one...but I'm not that convinced. Melbourne's is too catchy and doesn't fit for some bosses (ice bosses <3), Azuna's....meh, FREDDY DIES, Luna's great put there are empty parts and Daniel's got that kick that ruins it a bit :C.....................................I guess the winner is.....................Robin's because after that empty start it's actually cool. I'm penalizing whoever searched for epic things now :3.

Round 5

Chris: Let's get back to quotes, shall we?

Chef: NO!

Chris: Ok ;.;.....I guess......MAKE THE BEST SIGNATURE YOU CAN MAKE. Whoever searched for epic songs (Everyone but Melbourne, Freddy and Azuna) mustn't use colors...hehe...

Trey: Sometimes, You Just Want To Stab People With A Fork... It's Normal, Trust Me. 21:04, January 25, 2014 (UTC) There, I didn't really know...

Azuna: People may say your life is pointless other people say your love won't last but the challenge is to prove those people wrong and make their jaw drop. 22:06, January 25, 2014 (UTC)

Robin: I could put a line under it, I could put a line over it, I could put a line through it, I could make it bold, I could make it italic, I could make it really big, I could place it on a strange place, but I like to keep it simple. 12:11, January 26, 2014 (UTC)

Daniel: "EEW! NEXT TIME MAKE ME A SANDWICH WITHOUT MAYO!"... I'm sorry, I didn't count on you stealing my sandwich 7:08, January 27, 2014 (UTC)

Freddy: Oh, you're so silly dude, I can't become a Zombie! I'm a vegan! 7:08, January 27, 2014 (UTC)

Melbourne: Doctor, I think I'm homosexual! How can you tell?RAINBOW 19:10, January 27, 2014 (UTC)

Chris: They all suck :D. I don't know.........this round winner is........either Azuna because of the format, Daniel because of the funneyfun Well, the winner is..................................................................DANIEL! I didn't got Melbourne's jo- oh, I did now. Shame on me :3

Round 6

Chris: Le final round. Find the way to end this challenge the best way possible :D

Robin: End it with a big bonfire with marshmellows and a big firework show that celebrates you, Chris!

Trey: I suggest....uhhh.... I guess just have the one that received the most points, gets a five second party with food and stuff... or something... I don't know.

Azuna: We could have a big celebration with alot of food and drinks and a life-sized Chris cake!

Daniel: Um..... We can all be locked up on Boney Island, being succumbed to watching every single episode of TDAS and eating food Chef threw away even the winner! D: ……… You did say worst way, right?

Freddy: We can replace Chef with Blainley as she is more tolerable and less likely to scare fans :D …… just saying!

Luna: The winner can choose who's going home.

Melbourne: Le-

Chris: Shut up, because Freddy already won this >:D. He's the winner...but since this game ended and Daniel got 2 points....HE'S THE WINNER! YAYAYAY. Now, pick 3 contestants to go up for elimination D:


Melbourne: I SEE <.<

Chris: I guess. Trey, Luna and Melbourne are up :D

Elimination 16 - Trey, Luna and Melbourne

Chris: Ouch. You three are up for elimination.......and one of you is going out. Everyone's going to vote. See ya


Melbourne: Sorry have to vote for you..........sorry........sorry *votes Luna*

Azuna: (CONF) Luna is okay and Melbourne need time to finally get to her boyfriend from the future so that only leaves Trey, bye bye guy. *votes Trey* (END CONF)

Robin: (CONF) It's a hard choice but Trey it is, he sneaked around in the bushes and just listen to other people, that is really annoying and when you talk directly to him he runs away. *votes Trey* (END CONF)

Daniel: (CONF) I like everyone here! But…… Trey, he is a SUPER threat! He's extremely great and wins challenges alot! He survived the entire debut competition! And, he's the only one I haven't really... talked to much *votes Trey* (END CONF)

Freddy: (CONF) I can see right through your little act! Lying and tricking me! You…… ok, I lie sometimes, he isn't a bad guy! But, here's how I see it; You argue with me... it's ok... You argue with me about Time Travel... YOUR GOING DOWN! DOWN, DOWN DOWN! *votes Trey* (END CONF)

Luna: *votes Trey* (CONF) I vote for you cause i have a connection or something with the others except you and Melbourne, but Melbourne deserves a place in the final six.

Trey: (CONF) *Votes Luna* Considering the others are probably threatened by me, I'm most likely going home. But, there's no way to stop that, so... oh well. (END CONF)

Azuna: Chris how long are you gonna let us wait here? It's not like 200 people have to vote! 

Robin: Azuna! Let Chris take his time with whatever his.. plans.. are


Chris: Laziness FTW. Trey is out :D

Episode 17 Chat

Luxury Mansion (Daniel + guest)

Chris: Enjoy your permanence, because you made it here :D.

Daniel: Um.... Azuna or Robin?……… Azuna, we don't talk that much and I believe we should :D

Azuna: So Dan whatcha wanna talk about?

Robin: I get some food. *goes to the kichen* 

Daniel: Well.... what's your favourite movie? Favourite Colour? What was it like after TDH?

Azuna: Lol I like any horror flick, Blue is my favorite colour and it's pretty much well know what happends after TDH. 

Robin: *comes back from the kitchen* here I found some pre made sandwitches, they are amazing. *eat one*

Azuna: *taste one* OMG these are great, anyway still great you invited us here. Anyway who should we boot of next?

Daniel: I-i don't know, I don't plan my voting, I just go along with it :S

Azuna: Daniel have you even seen a 2 months pregnant woman before, anyone but me? 

Daniel:………Um.... No..... don't think so....

Azuna: Hmm okay, I feel like my stomach is too small for someone who is almost 2 months pregnant.

Robin: Azuna you know what I said earlier today.*finishes a sandwitch*

Azuna: Yeah but you also don't know how my stomach is supose to grow. 

Daniel: ……………It is kinda small but does it matter that much? *doesn't get it*

Azuna: Yeah, well I think it does, well I don't know actually. *gonna sit down and lay down on Robin's lap*

Robin: Well don't worry, *gives Azuna a kiss* if you just take it easy it's alright. 

Azuna: I hope so..

Cabins (Everyone but..)

Chris: You made your way till here...WOW. I'm surprised actually <.<

Robin: *kisses Azuna* What do you want to eat?

Azuna: I don't know, hey I just came to know that I am almost 2 months pregnent. Actually tomorrow it's 2 months.  

Robin: Already that long? Time really goes fast. But what do you want to eat?

Azuna: But you know what is strange, my belly is growing slower than I thought it would. 

Robin: Well maybe it groes faster in a later stage, kinda like you grow faster when you're a teenage than when you were younger. 

Boney Island (Luna and Melbourne)

Chris: Too bad one of you is not going to survive. That's right. Today we're having a double elimination and one of you is going out. Too bad <.<

Melbourne: WHAT?! Oh o.o

Luna: Good luck, Melbourne!

Challenge 17 - Power Of Thr- TWO!

Chris: Sup everybody! You're the final 6, but guess what! You'll soon be the final 4! That's right, today we're going to have a double elimination. The fact is that one of who wasn't up for elimination previous time is going with another one that was up for elimination! Yes, we'll have 2 different competitions today. This is the challenge for whoever is safe. Remember the duck challenge back in ATI? That's it, we're doing it again! You have to build a boat (5 lines), sail (1 line), rowing to get near a duck (3 lines) and getting a duck (1 line). There are 30 ducks in this lake and whoever gets the most is safe from the challenge...and from a special vote-off! Hehe. Luna and Melbourne. You, instead, will do a challenge......PROPOSED FROM OUR WINNER DANIEL! Yes, he will give you a challenge to do and the first to complete it is the winner of the losers and will stay in the game. Let's go, shall we? GO!

Robin: *get's stuff and builts a boat* 

Azuna: Now we are getting all duck dinesty over here, that programm sucks anyway *builts a boat*

Daniel: *builds a boat* Cool!

Freddy: *builds a boat*

Robin:  *builds a boat* (2)

Azuna: *builds a boat* (2)

Daniel: *builds a boat* Eh, building a boat is hard :/

Freddy: LET THE FUTURE REIN FREE! *Builds a boat*

Robin:  *builds a boat* (3)

Azuna: *builds a boat* (3)

Daniel: *builds boat*

Freddy: *builds boat*

Robin:  *builds a boat* (4)

Azuna: *builds a boat* (4)

Daniel: *builds boat*

Freddy: *builds boat*

Robin:  *builds a boat* (5) Done!!

Azuna: *builds a boat* (5) Ugh...

Daniel: *builds boat* WOO! Finished!

Freddy: *builds boat*

Robin: *sails* (1)

Azuna: *sails* (1)

Daniel: *sails* Yay!

Freddy: *sails* TO THE SEA OF THE FUTURE!

Robin: *rowing to the ducks*

Azuna: *rowing to the ducks* I feel so stupid

Daniel: *rowing to ducks* YAY!

Freddy: *rowing* Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream! Merrily catching up towards the ducks, and DJ' s fish; Irene!

Robin: *rowing to the ducks*

Azuna: *rowing to the ducks* let's hope this is done soon

Freddy: Come on little duckies, come on *rowing*

Daniel: *rowing* Almost there!

Robin: *Rowing to the ducks* Hey ducky ducky!

Azuna: *rowing to the ducks* time to go all duckdinesty on your a** Ducks.

Freddy: *rowing* IT'S FREDDY! >:D

Daniel: *rowing* Hello Ducks, we're going on a little trip, I promise I'll return you ^-^

Robin: *getting the ducks* This is harder than it looks.

Azuna: *getting the ducks* the way you do it already looks hard! 

Daniel: *getting ducks, as they jump into his hands gently* Aww, who's a cute duck?

Freddy: *getting ducks* EW! This one looks like my mom!

Robin: *getting the ducks* (2) This is so akward.

Azuna: *getting the ducks* (2)

Daniel: *Gets the ducks* ………

Freddy: *Gets ducks* dumb ducks!

Robin: *getting the ducks* (3)

Azuna: *getting the ducks* (3) AAAHHH! I am gonna kill one of you one of these days!

Daniel: *getting ducks* Aww :3

Freddy: *getting ducks* this one's staring at me! D:

Robin: *getting ducks* (4) my 4th one pfew.

Azuna: *getting ducks (4)

Daniel: *getting ducks* Lalala

Freddy: Ew *getting ducks*

Robin: *getting ducks* five!

Azuna: *getting ducks and the duck bites her* AAAHHH *about to kick the duck but sees tiny ducks joining it.* Ok.. 

Daniel* getting ducks*

Freddy: *getting ducks* Girls like a guy who can handle a duck :P

Robin: *getting ducks* (6)

Azuna: *getting ducks* (6)

Daniel: *getting ducks* 

Freddy: *getting ducks*

Robin: *getting ducks* (7) Woah there are just a few left!

Azuna: *getting ducks* (7)

Daniel: *getting ducks*

Freddy: *getting ducks*

Robin: *getting ducks* (8)

Azuna: *getting ducks* (8)

Chris: I've got very sad news D:. I'm telling them in the elimination ceremony, but still Robin wins this challenge :D.

Elimination 17 - Chris and Luna/Melbourne and others

Chris: I am going to leave this camp because I have to go in Terranova for a family reunion. That's sad, because I won't be able to host this D:. Luckily, I have backups. My friend Cross called me and told me that he will come shortly to take my place, so this is not ending :D. Btw, everyone, vote for whoever who isn't Azuna and you, Luna and Melbourne, wil-

Melbourne: I have to quit this for no reason

Chris: Wait, why? D:

Melbourne: Cause...this is getting boring <.<


Melbourne: I dare, buh-bye *disappears*

Chris:......uh. Well, just vote. can be voted off too :D. VOTE NOW


Azuna: I vote off Freddy!

Robin: I am sorry but it's Freddy!!

Daniel: *votes off.... Freddy* He beat me up in like, ages ago but..  yeah

Freddy: *votes off Azuna* HAHA! Karma is catching up to you! :D 


Chris: Alrighty then! Since I'm leaving there won't be a voting table :C. Well, we got 4 is enough?'s a 3-1 situation. Robin, Daniel and Luna are safe.........the one going out, between Azuna and Freddy the way, before I is Azuna baby? I'm curious. I have a x-ray we can party FREDDY's elimination by seeing that thing in her belly. Yes, you're the boot-off. Stay here and enjoy <.<

Azuna: Uhm *grabs Robins hand and drags him with her* You have to see this too *gives him a kiss and gonna lay on the hospital bed*  

Robin: Okay. *looks around* where is the doctor?


Chef: I am not a-

Chris: Pretend you are. Roleplaying power.

Chef: Uh...ok. I am a doctor. Lady, I am going to x-ray you so that we can see your baby that is CAUSING US A MESS <-<. *does X-Ray*

Azuna: *looks at the screen* Look at that!! That is our baby 

Robin: Wow *gives Azuna a kiss*

Chef: That is your mess....there's something wrong...I think...

Azuna: What do you mean?

Chris: Hey, why there's a dead baby in your bel-

Chef: NOT THAT HARSH, idiot <.<


Robin: Chris that is really messed up!

Daniel: *angry* CHRIS, SHUT THE HELL UP.... please....

Freddy: What!? You guys voted for me!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Might as well say goodbye to Mel-

Daniel: That's not important, Freddy! Besides, she already left! *looks at Chef, Azuna, Robin and Chris scared*


Chris: What you want from me? .-. I just said that there's a dead baby in your bell-

Chef: SHUT UP, YOU CAN ALREADY GO! Grr....uh....well....Azuna....I may not be a real doctor, but I once saw a situation like this one.....and god, that was sad. I'm....sorry, Azuna. Your baby is..............not going to see the light of Sorry <:(

Azuna: How do you know that?

Chef: The heart is not...beating. It's not moving, at all...

Azuna: What *tears start running down her face and punches Chef* YOU'RE LYING!!! YOU ARE! 

Robin: Azuna calm down *looks at Chef* are you sure it isn't?

Chris:..DO YOU WANT THE PROOF? Here *revives the doctor of Aya challenge* Dude, I brought you back to life because you need to tell this girl her baby is dead.

Doctor: What? First you bring me to mads and then this? I want a better payche-

Chris: SHUT UP! Check.

Doctor: Uh....let's're the mother?..................urgh. That's not good. That's not........................................................well....what Chris says is true. It seems that your baby's heart stopped beating and because of that, he won't get out alive. I'm really sorry, ma'am *tries to comfort her*

Azuna: *start crying out loud* Why is this suppose to happen! *holds Robin*

Robin: *holds Azuna and tries not to cry* I don't know Azuna. 

Azuna: I am gonna leave this competition than. *whipes away tears* so I can prepare for the surgary. Chris I vote off myself.

Robin: *gives Azuna a kiss and whipes her tears away* I think that is the best you can do. 

Chris: means you quit? The second time someone does? IN THE SAME ELIMINATION?....I'M OUT, BYE *leaves*

Chef: means that Melbourne and Azuna are the booted off this time. Freddy, you're safe....because IDK. It means that we got our final 4. Robin, Freddy, Daniel and....Luna? Well, everything is unexpected. Now, how you do the recap.....oh yeah! Our final 4 is revealed! Will Robin survive without her girlfriend? Will Freddy stop being annoying? Will Daniel...uh? Will Luna survive another elimination? And WHO THE HECK IS CROSS? Find it out here on Total.....Drama.....AFTER THE ISLAND AGAIN

Episode 18 Chat

Cross: Sorry I'm late, was looking for my personal mirror. Magnificent looks like mine need to be looked at, you know?

Luna: Well, i don't see this was coming. I'm in the final 4.

Robin: *talking very optomistic* Congrats Luna you're the last girl left. 

Cross: Oh, right...there are competitors- I knew thinking the whole remainder of the show about me would be good...

Freddy: If it was all about you, I'd hang myself by next episode :/

Daniel: Hi mister! And besides, wouldn't you get like 2/3 episodes or something?

Robin: Hey Daniel! is Cross? Fantarastic .-.

Luna: I'm the last girl! That's really nice. *smiles to everyone*

Robin: *very optimistic* Hey Dan how are you!

Daniel: I'm fine! How are you? Um... are you ok after... yesterday?

Freddy: SALT! SALT! FOUND MY SALT! I'VE MISSED YOU, SALT! *chucking salt everywhere*

Robin: *chocking on the salt* I though you forgot that Freddy! Dan to be honest I feel like crying but I want to keep strong for Azuna I know she is watching. 

Daniel: Good for you! I'm proud of you and don't worry, everything will turn out ok! :)

Freddy: HAH HAH! FREDDY NEVER FORGETS! *Chucking salt at Daniel* 

Daniel: My eyes! OW! I'm.... ok *squinting*

Robin: Freddy you are better than throwing salt at people. I believe it.

Freddy: Yeah.... I probably am.... *throwing paprika and ketchup everywhere* THIS IS MUCH BETTER! YAAAY!

Challenge 18 - Criss Cross

Cross: I love myself so much I'm naming this challenge after me...anyhow, the challenge you have tonight is to write me a 200 word essay on a particular, former Total Drama contestant I select. Well, I will accept 199, but nothing less than that! Freddy, you get Noah. Robin, you get Trent. Daniel, you get Sierra. And finally, Luna, you get Beth. You have two ever so fabulous days to complete it. Fabulous because I'm in it! So at 11:00 PST time, Saturday, is when this challenge ends! Best two win and basically choose who goes to the final three with them! While this may not seem fun at first, it might teach you a few intriguing things about the contestant, that you didn't know. It must be in your own words! No copying off of other's works, such as wikipedia!

Daniel's Essay (Sierra)

Robin's Essay (Trent)

Trent, the cool guitar guy, he is a character on the cartoon show Total Drama, he has been a major character for 1 season and a minor character for 2 seasons. He is one of the original 22 characters of Total Drama and debuted in Total Drama Island, he was a "normal guy" of the group. His role in season 1 was to be the love intrest of one of the main character, Gwen, and his role was to be the main "punching bag" of the season, he was injured for 3 episode in a row. In season 1 he was eliminated episode 16, in that episode he kissed Gwen for the first time but also got kissed by Heather (the main antagonist) in front of Gwen, what made people think he was just a player and got voted off. 

Trent returned in season 2, Total drama Action and his personality change from the cool white guy with guitar to the crazy creepy overly attached boyfriend, he was trying his best to impress his girlfriend by throwing challenges, but keep on messing up and that ends up costing him his relationship. He was eliminated in episode 5, he was eliminated because Justin (the main antagonist of season 2) over heard Gwen and Trent talking and Trent say he made their team loose on purpose. 

In season 3 Trent wasn't qualified for the season so he didn't had much of a role. He was mainly the guitarist and the singer of the aftermath band.

Nreddy's Essay (Noah)

Freddy: Well, the seemingly dreaded contestant was not that well liked in season one because of his lack of popularity and sarcastic attitude towards everything, giving him the pleasure of being booted off third and first off his team, the episode after the Total Drama infamous Cody-Ear kiss, which has tortured him for ages on end! In WT, He and Owen created this HILLARIOUS friendship and a friendship with Izzy, his sarcasm got him much popularity as he came up with brilliant one liners that were amazing! He advanced kinda far but was elimanated too soon again when his conflict with Alejandro caused Alejandro to convince people to vote him out... but ironically, he was still first out on his team so he has never received a symbol of immunity. Weird. True facts include he has a dog that he has referenced in a number of episodes so he's a dog fan and he has a tendency to snuggle with Cody accidentally... weird. He has only competed in 2 seasons overall but is a character people remember significantly, he is also friends with the psychopathic sporty Eva, whom was in an alliance with Noah and Izzy in the Total Drama Drama- a few more dramas- Island in which they briefly held the case of money before Justin's good looks hypnotized Izzy to hand over the case, to which when Noah tried to retrieve it back, Eva tripped him up purposely due to also being under control of his hotness

Luna's Essay (Beth)



Elimination Ceremony 18 - Daniel vs. Luna

Cross: OK, Daniel and Luna are up for elimination. Freddy, Robin, who will you lads take with you to the final 3?

  • Robin and Freddy discussing* 

Robin: Okay I'll say it, I'm really really sorry but the person who we decide to send home is... L.... 

Freddy: HA HA! *throws salt in Robin's eyes so he can't finish* We pick Daniel to be elimanated! He's a bigger threat!

Daniel: What? Awww....

Robin: *coughing* Wa.... *coughing really bad*

Cross: Works for me! *tosses a chocolate coin to everyone but Daniel* Daniel! You have been eliminated! Any last words?

Daniel: Yes.... Robin, are you ok?

Luna: I'm really sorry Daniel, i hope you arent mad on me !

Robin: *coughing* Well kind.. *coughing* *drinks a little bit of water* I'm sorry to see you leave buddy **puts his arm on shoulder*  

Cross: AND THUS, ROBIN, FREDDY, AND LUNA ARE OUR NOT-SO-FABULOUS FINAL THREE! MIXED WITH THE FABULOUS ME, WHO WILL MAKE THE FINALE? And who shall fall? Find out next time! *camera closes in on his face* Yes, I know I'm beautiful. K thanks bye.

Pre-Chat 18

Robin: (CONF) Final 3 and so close to the final 2 but I don't have any friends left, sure Luna is Azuna's friend but it's really akward to become friends with your girlfriends friend. Atleast Azuna doesn't have to worry since Luna is lesbian. (END CONF)

Chris: *gets out boat* Aloha! I came back :D. The family meeting was way shorter than I tho- WHO THE HECK IS THIS GUY? IT'S NOT MY FRIEND CROSS >:I

Cross: *shifty eyes* Uh...I deserve this! *grabs Chris' hair gel and runs away*

Chris: O_o YOU DIDN'T *starts chasing Cross enraged like a...deer?*

Chef:.........he's back, uh. Well, since this is the final ep- IT IS NOT. 1 is still missing, I forgot -.-. Well, final 3, have a chit-chat

Cross: *tries to escape the island by swimming* I'm a natural at swiming, like my ever-so gorgeous self! I WILL ESCAPE! *Sharks come up behind him* ...*turns around* ...Get the other guy! No? Aw.

Freddy: I KNEW I WAS POPULAR! *chucking salt everywhere* YEAH!

Robin: *drinking some drink that Chef made* This is good *drinks some more*

Luna: But what are we gonna do now? I really want a manicure.

Robin: *drinking chef's drink* I don't really know.. ah... what is the drink Chef? that went right through me!

Luna: I think coffee or something, it seems like coffee anyway (CONF) Boyfriend from Azuna and Freddy. Freddy is nice, but i like Robin a little bit more. But maybe i need more talk to Freddy. He's a good friend from Lily... Lily ... *cries*

Challenge 18 - That freaky icy song

Chris: Back in charge for more doom! You're the final 3, and this is the final challenge before the final 2 :o. And this challenge will be so easy that it will be so hard :D. You simply have to write a little story that fits with the background music I'll give you. The most creative ones will be worth the final 2 spot. The worst BAIBAI! The more creative you are, the more chances you have to be a finalist. If you manage to put a fight story making it fit with the music....YOU'LL GET AN ADVANTAGE IN THE FINALE! Now go, and make me smile. This is the song :3

Icy song of DOOM!



Freddy: Um... This is my lovely story! </3 WARNING; BASED ON A TRUE STROY!

It was all down to me... a dodgeball game with only one person left per side and I was the last one on my team, all the balls were on my side and I picked up the ball, there was no way I could miss... I chucked the ball and.. I missed! Maybe it was my angle, so I tried again, as I picked up another ball and chucked it higher this time.. but again, the guy wouldn't be hit by my projectile! I tried upwards, downwards, spinning, leaning, ducking, rocking, jumping, hurling and even pushing the ball in his direction, but it never got near him, not even in the slightest way!

So I picked up the last ball.... walked closer... ran even closer, did an epic leap with the ball high in the air and... it hit him! Well, that's what I until I realise I hit his twin who was sitting out, so as a penalty he was put into the game, and then I was hit both upwards and downwards, crazily and calmly, cautiously and grudgingly, stunningly and the opposite of stunningly and even, if it may, accidentally and intentionally. Let's just say my team didn't take it very well... so I was hurt in more than one way after that game.


​*before the music starts* 

A small kid see one guys running by and he drops a wallet and another guy runs after him, the small kid picks it up and the two guys who were chasing each other stand in front of him and the guy starts running and the other two start chasing him

  • music starts* 

the kids runs into a fine china shop and throws all the fine china on the ground, the other tries to avoid it but get hit a couple of times. The kid runs up the starts and runs through the corridor and jumps out of the window upon a giant truck with pillows and the other guys followed the kid but jumped over the truck and fell on their kiwi's. The kid jumped out of the truck and start running to the harbor the guys start to run after him. The kid arives at the harbor and runs to a leaving boat and jump onto it and the guys and both just made it on. The kid is runnin on board but got tackled by the the guys. The kid dropped the wallet into the water, the two guys jumps into the water and the music stops.


.. *runs of stairs* So I have to run away to my grandmother. She want my cookies. She is very fast and therefore I must run faster. But I can not be .. * fall * NOOO! *grandmother jumps on me and we fight a lot together* " Give me that stupid cookies you b**ch" - Grandmother. Then I kicked her away from the stairs. toing. I never liked my grandmother. I hated her. She lay there dead and I jumped on her. I threw a cookie in her mouth and calmly walked down the stairs.


Chris: Oh......I shouldn't have done this challenge D:. Your stories are....damn god...creepy :s. I'm going to have nightmares from now on...ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THAT MUSIC >.<. Whatever, the winner of this challenge is...

















LUNA! This because the song weirdly fits with her story...uh. Robin and Freddy....your stories....are not that great, but still. The winner and the final finalist for the finals is............














Robin's.......yeah, sorry Freddy. It's because....I can't see the whole of your story with that song. Robin's, apart from the finale which could've been easily replaced with a loop of the same story, was more fitting. You're getting 3rd and you won't get the autograph from Justin Bieber >:) *blows him up*. AND THAT'S IT FOR ANOTHER TIMELY TIME. We discovered our final 2...and it' similar to ATI's! Robin, the finalist husband that saw the elimination of his wife and Luna, which is the counterpart of Lily.......weird.....they're a couple too. Whatever. We'll see ya in the next episode of TOTAL..................DRAMA.............................AFTER THE ISLAND AGAIN!!!!!

Episode 19 Chat

Chris: And since you guys are the final 2, I brought you some friends to talk with :D *reveals to be the ENTIRE cast of the Timeline series*

Phillip:..........why I am here anyway?

Chris: Even if you were last, you MUST stay here because.

Phillip: Great. Now I have to resist to killer temptations -.-

Melbourne: I actually wanted to be in Sidney now but still.....congratulations you two :D

Harry: Why have i returned? I am not even a contestant, but i am apart of the cast -.-

Linda: EEEEEEEEE!! I'm back for some reason!! EEEEE!!!

Azuna: Ugh (CONF) I don't know what she is but I'm glad I've never been in her season.

Robin: Hey Azuna *kisses her* are you alright?

Azuna: Yes I am, the treatment is planned next week so don't worry and keep your head in the game *give a kiss on Robins cheek* 


Harry: Well i know who i am supporting.... ROBIN! No-one has ever released such fury at me!

Robin: yeah that's great harry.

Linda: *slaps Harry* You were the worse and you didn't even compete. 

Chimaroj: *watching the scene unfold* (CONF) I don't know what is more disgusting, the fact that Azuna has a boyfriend or the fact that she has been pregnant and showed it of on a reality show, she didn't even mentioned mom once, she was stressing so bad. (END CONF)

Harry: *gets out Cake* Congrats on making it to the finale, Robin and Luna, you've earned this cake (CONF) My Mum made me bring a cake >:/

Max: So what do you think the final challenge is gonna be?

Gryph: I don't know.

Linda: OH NO DON'T EVEN! DON'T TRUST IT FAB FINAL 2, BE TEE DOUBLE U Robin you fashion is aweful you look like a poor farmer!

Harry: *gives Final 2 cake* (CONF) Being nice is horrible

Linda: Like ew poor farmer style is soo 1700.

Robin: It's not that bad and it's just clothes! *takes the cake and puts it on the table* 


Harry: *gets out bombs* I can't hep myself >:)

Amber: Luna! You are in the final! Where's Daniel?

Luna: Amber ! *huggs* i dont know. (CONF) Omg .. i'm in the final 2. I really wanna win this.

(Luna and Robin! The challenge is going to start Sunday evening, so prepare! Eventually, if you can't make it, tell me ^^)

Harry: You mean the guy you dumped for giving a complement? He got the Kaboom of Shame with everyone else... Except me and... Azuna *in an unfriendly tone*  we took a boat -.-

Linda: EEEE LUNA AND AMBER!!! *gives them a hug* EEEEE YOU TWO ARE SO FAB!!!

Azuna: *to Robin* She really finds everyone "fab" discusting.

Robin: May she really means that. 

Azuna: ugh really I can see right through her, ohwell atleast she doesn't compete against you *give Robin a kiss*

Harry: I am pretty sure she will make a return next season. Or maybe Chimaroj, They are pretty popular on the voting site :I

Azuna: No way, it's gonna be me and my Robin who will return next season, we don't need her in a season she'll be voted out early and Chimaroj, I really don't hope he really doesn't return. *stares at Chimaroj without knowing it's Chimaroj* *sigh* (CONF) That guy over there really look like my dad, it's weird it's like I know him. (END CONF)

Harry: Azuna! The fans decide, and Roin isn't that popular because of his smoking habit! >:)Chimaroj and you have enough to join!

Azuna:  Listen in case you didn't see Robin hasn't been smoking alot lately and he is much more fun that Chimaroj my idiot brother and his monk bulls**t.

Harry: For once I totally agree with you, but you should remeber how judgemental people are, TDH episode 1 pergaps?

Azuna: What are you talking about?

Harry: Oh nevermind! But just so you know i am Team Robin! >:I (CONF) GRR! I was cheated out of 1 million bucks! And now i have to support a finalist! Well, atleast because i didn't join the game, my contestant contract didn't activate, meaning he can't bring me back for challenge demonstrations and such unless i volenteer!

Challenge 19 - Beginning Of The End pt.FINAL

Chris: Welcome, Luna and Robin. Today is the great day, you know. One if you is going to be claimed as the winner of the season and will be rewarded with 1 million dollars! Isn't that awesome? You made it through lots of difficulties and, nonetheless, you got out of these. People turned on you, but you defeated them. Challenges were you trouble, but you completed them. You won, you lost, you cried, you did whatever......but now, it's the ending point! This challenge was once thought for the finals of After The Tour, but was scrapped because of concept problems......and here we repropose it! Remember Six Flags After The Island challenge? Well, this is SIMILAR! You have to build YOUR OWN CITY. That's right, an entire city. You can put whatever you want here: mansions, hotels, fountains, mountains, rally tracks, ANYTHING. The real goal of your finale is to make the best city and defeat your opponent.......but there are twists on the road :). After this day, tourists will arrive to visit your town and will adulate it, criticize it and order you to change things. Tourists here will be an advantage or a disadvantage. If they're happy, you have greater chances of winning, even if the city is small and doesn't feature much. If they're unhappy, you lose even if your city's the best in terms of buildings. Remeber to put the essentials (roads, signs, whatever makes a city) and unleash your creativity. We'll also give you the chance to name your town. So what you're waiting. THIS IS THE SEASON FINALE! GO! (You can post everytime I/TF posts, everytime your opponent posts and after 30 minutes if nobody posts).

[City to the sky]

(Tourists will be played from MRace2010 here, good luck.)

Robin: *Building roads*

Robin: *building a hospital* 

Robin: *building a farm just outside of the city*

Robin: *Building a couple skyscraper* 

Robin: *builds a shopping center*

Robin: *building hotels* 

Robin: *building a really tall building*

Robin: *continue building a really tall building*

Robin: *continue building a really tall building*

Robin: *continue building a really tall building* finally done with this building 

Robin: *building a police station*

Robin: *building a "wonderland" for kids* 

Robin: *building a trainstation*

Robin: *building a giant statue of a bird*

Robin: *builds a music bar* 

Robin: *builds a museum*

Robin: *building a gate at every enterance of the city*

Robin: *building a all in ice sport hall*

Robin: *building a tv studio where they can record the finale results of Tdatia*

Robin: *builds a highschool*

Robin: *builds a tendest*

Robin: *Builds a candy factory just outside the town*

Robin: *builds a welcome sign and place them on all the gates*

Robin: *builds a recordstore*

Robin: *builds a restaurant* how do we win this anyway?

Robin: *builds a indoor and outdoor swimming pool*

Robin: *builds a gaming hall*

Robin: *builds a emergancy home for teens with problems at home*

Robin: *building a fire department*

Robin: *bulding a big diamand on top of the giant building*

[Luna City]

(Tourists will be played from TrentFan here....possibly, good luck.)

Luna: *builds a bord that named: Luna City*

Luna: *builds road for cars*

Luna: *builds central park*

Luna: *builds a shopping street*

Luna: *builds McDonalds*

Luna: *builds hospital*

Luna: *builds a police station with prison.*

Luna: *builds a cinema*

Luna: *builds a school*

Luna: *builds a chocolate factory* Everyone loves chocolate!!

Luna: *builds starbucks coffee station*

Luna: *builds a soccer station*

Tourist #1: *strokes beard* This will just not do. Where's a statue of my beard...? :(

Luna: *builds a place to build your own statue* Here it is.

Luna: *builds a forest*

Luna: *builds houses*

Luna: *builds a trainstation with rails*

Luna: *builds dentist*

Luna: *builds carnaval*

Luna: *builds a cafetaria*

Luna: *builds a carpark*

Luna: *builds a airport* The tourists must like us city, Robin.

Luna: *builds the "Luna eye"*

Luna: *builds a big casino*


Chris: OH, STOP IT! This is getting boring, for me and for you. I'm planning another challenge, so hang on....

Luna: Ow okay .. cool ?

Robin: *walks to Luna and Chris* Atleast tell me we did this for a reason and I didn't just build an entire city for nothing cause my back hurts.

Harry: *planning secret plan* >:D

Luna: You had a great city! *smiles to Robin*

Robin: Thanks Luna yours is great too

Linda: *slaps Harry in the face and pulls him away by his hair* there is a challenge going on you're not gonna mess with it! 

Robin: *watches Linda pulling Harry away by his haie* Wow that's random.. 

Harry: OW! STOP THAT! My plans isn't about the challenge or the milion... it is... about... REVENGE ON! OW! I said STOP!

Linda: YOU DO NOT INTERUPT REALITY TV *still is pulling him away by his hair*

Daniel: *wearing a shirt that says "Team Robin"* I printed this myself! :D

Freddy: Screw that, go Phillip! :)

Harry: Don't worry, I won't... let's just say that C- AAOW! >:3  

Amber: *wearing a shirt that says "Team Luna"* Mine is better.

Linda *slaps Harry in his face again and grabs Freddy and Daniel by their ears with one hand somehow* I SAID NO INTERRUPTION DURING REALITY TV GET OFF SET!! And gurl eventhough I totes love your t shirt get off the set!!

Harry: We are aloud! WE ARE GEUSTS!

Daniel: D: Hey! Mine is better, it's blue! :)

Harry: Your both dorks, so i geuss you both win! >:I

Amber: Mine is pink.

Daniel: Mine is aqua blue, so it's adorable :D

Linda: Oh I'm totes sorry I thought you were all interns like Harry and ps Blue any Blue is so 2013 it's 2014 honey!! *Kicks Harry into the boat of loosers*

Daniel: W-w-what? It is- I think its adorable </3! It's not ALL about fashion :|

Amber: Yay ! *huggs Linda* We are like sisters! But Daniel, i love blue tooooo and you! *kisses him and group hugg with Luna, Linda and Daniel*

Daniel: *blushes* Thanks, Amber! *hugs back*

Freddy: DAMMIT! I thought you two broke up! >->

Linda: I know but you're on TV you don't want ot looked lik a pancake that has been puked out do you? And what do you mean we are all sisters?

Azuna: Well I guess you two are back together.

Amber: Never! Danber is still here. We meet each others parents! And Linda we are sisters, you are so nice.

Linda: Yeah but aren't you suppose to be a girl to be called sister.

Amber: OOOOOPS! I mean you are my .. brother. Yay. (CONF) Oops.

Linda: couldn't you tell I was a guy

Azuna:  no! *start laughing*

Amber: I'm really sorry, now i'm feeling bad.

Luna: Azuna, how are you?

Azuna: Well I'm ok I guess the baby is still inside me I wanted Robin to be with me when they remove it I can't do it alone.

Luna: You know you kill a baby then. Maybe me and Lily want him / her..

Azuna: Uhm what?

Luna: .... Nevermind !!

Azuna: ... I guess.

Harry: *gets back* Linda, Chris said cast members! Not contestants, EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER BEEN ON THE SHOW CAN COME BACK! INCLUDING ME! >:I

Gryph: Hold on. *sets Harry on fire with fire sword* you are so annoying it's not even funny.

Challenge 19 - The REAL Beginning of the End

Chris: Omg :o. I found the real challenge for ya guys! Here it's a multi challenge!!! Yes, just like ATA. What do you have to do? Simple.

  • You're going to make a team of your own. Name it. (1 line, has to be accepted)
  • Shoot down 3 people of the eliminated contestants from the platform. They will be your teammates ^^ (3 lines)
  • Out of the teammates you shot down, pick the one you think I love the most (1 line, has to be accepted)
  • You need to be a winner. Shoot down your weakness (fableness, dumbness, uncreativity and misfortune. 4 lines)
  • Throw a zombie at your enemy. If it hits, you can post 4 free lines (OPTIONAL) (1 line)
  • The Ropers in Three's Comany <3. Pick either Helen or Stanley. This will be required in the future (1 line)
  • Destroy the opponent's city (15 for Luna, 12 for Robin...because this depended on the previous challenge :D)
  • PICK A SKYLANDER :O (1 line, it should be from the main series, and you can do this multiple times) [HINT: The skylanders you pick should be from different elements ;)]
  • Jump over a black hole (1 line)
  • PUT YOUR SKYLANDER ON THE PORTAL OF POWER (1 line, has to be accepted..hehe, because it will require a certain element. If that's wrong, you have to jump over the cliff and pick again)
  • Send in an idea for a future challenge! If it's good, I will give you the chance to post 3 lines in a single post :o (OPTIONAL) (1 line)
  • Run up the cliff (6 lines)
  • Get the flag for the first part (1 line). Who does it first gets an advantage for the 2nd part..hehe, there are 2 parts


  • Rap about the contestants you picked and your enemy (4 lines in total. 1 strophe per line)
  • Kill Harry (if you manage to capture him...luck contest ,-,)
  • Grab a car you like (1 line) and run in the racetrack (lines go from 4 to 8, depending on the car!)
  • Have fun and be crazy! If you do something crazy enough, you'll get a 4 line in 1 post bonus :O (OPTIONAL) (1 line, has to be accepted)
  • Offend your opponent D: (if the offense is good enough, you'll pass....or else, YOU'LL GO BACK TO THE START OF PART 2...mwahaha) (3 lines)
  • Remember the contestants you picked before? Well, if you shoot a duck at the right one (I'll pick randomly between the 3), you'll get a 2 line in 1 post bonus...or else you'll give your opponent the chance to. (2 line, 1 for preparing and another 1 for throwing) (OPTIONAL)
  • Kill Cross (if you manage to hit him 2 times....luck contest again ,-,)
  • FREEZE EVERYONE (the longest of the missions...and the most risky.). Shoot an icy bolt at each contestant of the game (2 per line, A.K.A 10 lines). BE CAREFUL, some of the icy bolts will backfire and you'll give the opponent the chance to post 2 lines in one <.<
  • FINAL BOSS BATTLE. Kill Phillip, which offered for being the final boss! If you manage to hit him 4 times (luck power) first, you'll win THIS ENTIRE THING. If he manages to hit you 3 times'll go back to the PART 2 START O.O.

Chris: And this is our wacky final challenge. Start now, because it's crazy as heck. (If the opponent doesn't post in 12 hours, you can :D). Oh yeah. The contestants you'll pick need to pick a number from 1 to 5. You'll understand why later ;)





Robin: The Smoking Hot-Headeds

Harry: I am not a contestant, but 4 I geuss

Chris: I meant a team name of your own. No <.<

Robin: Oh okay. uhm, team flame bird

Azuna: *balancing on the platform* Harry stop bothering Robin!

Chris: Uhm...close, I say, but not enough.


Robin: Team flaming hot Chris?

Chris: Not the right direction. Try again

Luna: Team Epic

Robin: Team flaming eagle

Harry: HAHHAHAHAHHAhAHAHA! PATHETIC! *laughs at Robin, while being stared at by the rest of the competitors*

Chris: don't pass, you don't. Robin............Flaming Eagles.....I like it. You go :D

Robin: YEAH!! *shoot Freddy down*

Luna: STOP THIS. STOP, STOP, STOP. I quit. And why? Reason 1: Robin and Azuna has a baby. They need money for the child. Surgery, everything. They need it. Reason 2: I don't need money. I did everything in this season, i made friends, made enemies. Maybe you think i'm a loser, but i'm a loser if i take this money and spend on shoes, dresses. Robin, you need this money. And please win this money for yourself. Azuna, you are my best friend and you will be a amazing mother. Do everything with this money for your child. I'm sorry Chris, i know you want a nice ending but i need to do this. Thanks for everything. *walks away*

Chris: *stops Luna* You don't need the money? Too bad, you're staying. This is the final challenge, where I get the most audience. YOU DON'T GET TO LEAVE. Now go, scaredycat (actually, Loenev, if you don't want to partecipate it's fine, but the challenge is not going to end here. Your sister can take the place or you can contine. Nobody is allowed to take Luna, as if she wins...well, that would be unfair.)

Luna: *thinks and begins to cry when she sees Azuna* Team Forever Money

Chris: Sorry about it, but this has to be done. Forever doesn't sound great, but I want to give you a little chance....only for now. Go on and pick your teammates before they go out

Robin: The game is on! *shoot Phillip down*

Harry: YOU CALL THAT A THROW!? You couldn't hit a barn if it was right in front of you! >:)

Luna: Yes, Robin. The game is on. *shoot Melbourne down.*

Harry: WOW! LUNA IS A BETTER THROWER THAN YOU! (CONF) I learned my choahing from my P.E choach)

Robin: Sorry Dan *shoot Daniel down and than helps him up* 

Azuna: *throws a rock a Harry* Shut up Harry he almost killed you and if you don't want to happen that again stop bugging him!


Luna: *shoots Tamara down*

Robin: Uhm Chris I think you like Freddy the most out of my team members

Chris: Indeed he is. GO ON :D

Luna: *shoots Harry down* Is this avaible?

Harry: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *falls on Daniel* HEY!

Robin: Uhm *shoots down Fableness*

Luna: Chris loves .. Harry i think.

Chris: Indeed I love him...even though he has to die for no reason. GO ON :D

Harry: Well, He won't love me for long, hehehehehehwuAHahhahaahWUAHAHMUWHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! *lightning in background lashes as the sky goes black and the clouds go dark and circle his location* 

Luna: *shoots fableness*

bin: Uhm *shoots down dumbness*

Melbourne: I guess I'll pick....number 3?

Phillip: I go with number 2.

Tamara: 1.

Luna: *shoots dumbness*

Robin: *shoots uncreativity*

Luna: *shoots uncreativity*

Robin: *shoots misfortune*

Luna: *shoots misfortune*

Robin: I'm really sorry Luna I do this only because I have to *throws a zombie*

Harry: I alreay picked 4 so...

*zombie hits* FREE 4 LINES FOR ROBIN :D

Freddy: 5?

Daniel: 6? WHY ARE WE PICKING NUMBERS!? :( I feel so left out and confused

Luna: *throws zombie to Robin*

*zombie hits* FREE 4 LINES FOR LUNA :D

Luna: Great. *picks Helen*

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Robin: *picks Stanley*

Robin: *destroy Luna city*

Robin: *destroy Luna city*

Robin: *destroy Luna city*

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Robin: *destroy Luna city*

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Robin: *destroy Luna city*

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Robin: *destroy Luna city*

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Robin: *destroy Luna city*

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Robin: *destroy Luna city*(8)

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Robin: *destroy Luna city* (9)

Luna: *destroy City to the sky*

Robin: *destroy Luna city* (10)

Luna: *destroy city to the sky*

Robin: *destroy Luna city* (11)

Luna: *destroy city to the sky*

Robin: *destroy Luna City* done! (12)

Luna: *destroy city to the sky* Damn.

Robin: I pick Spyro I guess.

Luna: *destroy city to the sky*

Robin: And I guess I pick Gill Grunt, who came up with these stupid names..

Luna: *destroy city to the sky* Finally.

Robin: Uhm I guess I pick Eruptor also!

Luna: I pick Dark Stealth Elf.

Robin: *jumps over the black hole* Woah!! *almost falls back*

Luna: Just trust yourself Luna, you can it. *jumps over the black hole and don't know how*

Robin: I choose Spyro for that Power thing!

Luna: *puts Dark Stealth Elf in the portal of power* Please, please, please be good.

*the portal rejects your picks, try again :P*

Luna: *jumps over the cliff and picks Fryno*

Robin: this one *puts Eruptor on the Portal of power*

Luna: *puts Fryno on the portal of power.*

*OMG IT didn't work for both, again <.<*

Luna: *jumps off cliff and picks Hex*

Robin: well third time is charm they say *put Gill Grunt on the portal of power*

Nah. Despite I love Gill Grunt he doesn't pass </3 + Hex doesn't pass too, yay -.-

Robin: Well ok *jumps off cliff and picks Stealth Elf*

Luna: *jumps off cliff and picks Blast Zone*

Robin: *places Stealth Elf on the portal of power*

Luna: *places Blast Zone on the portal of power.*'re SO unlucky. None of these were actually right -.- [Hint: DON'T PICK SKYLANDERS OF AN ELEMENT THAT WAS DECLINED BEFORE :c]

Luna: *jumps off cliff and picks Scratch*

Robin: *jumps back and picks Wind-Up*

Luna: *places Scratch in the portal of power*

Harry: BORING! I AM GOING TO GET KILLED SOON! *following Luna*


Helen: Ooh, but I wanted a bird instead :C

....YOU'RE KIDDING ME?! You need a bird of the air element to pass ;.; [Go back, pick a whatever bird and pass after my line]

Luna: *picks Jet-Vac*

Robin: *puts Wind-up on Portal of power*

Luna: *places Jet-Vac on the portal of power* Please..

Both pass FINALLY :D

Robin: *runs over clif*

Luna: Let's see, next challenge. So .. a future challenge. I really like a detective challenge. Like: The campers wake up. Everyone walks around, cause .. where's Chris? Then, everyone hears a scream. Chris is death. But how and who killed him? The contestants need to play as a detective. They need to find out who kills Chris. (but Chris is ofcourse fake death). It's nice cause you can do this challenge as a team or for yourself. It's exciting and fun!

Robin: *runs over clif*

Luna: *runs over clif*

Robin: *runs over clif*

Luna: *runs over clif*

MESSAGE FOR LUNA:'s not that bad, but it kinda rips off Action </3. Sorry darling, but no bonus :c

Robin: *runs over clif*

Luna: Sure -.- *runs over clif*

Robin: *runs over clif*

Luna: *runs over clif*

Robin: *runs over clif* (6)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND no more posting, seriously? Luna, I gave you a chance, but sorry <.<. Because of this.............................................ROBIN IS THE OFFICIAL WINNER OF THE FOURTH SEASON OF THE TIMELINE SERIES *confetti*...........and it ended in the worst of the ways. Fantastic...but it hasn't ended yet. Everyone, I wanted all of you here because twist. This was Total Drama, After The Island (Again), but the new thing starts! Stay tuned for the all-star season everyone!!!! This is going to be TOTAL DRAMA, TIME MASTERS CHALLENGE

Robin: Yes well played Luna.

Azuna: *runs to Robin and kisses him* You did great, but seriously Chris All-stars, who are qualified?

Linda: YAY ALL STARS!!!!! I'll probably not be qualified but it's okay I can still watch the awesomeness!!

Chimaroj: Don't worry Linda there are just a few that are qualified.

Azuna: Why do you look so familiar?