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Chris: Ok, my film wasn't a success after all. Instead, it sucked! Since i didn't got any money, this could

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be my worst fail....whatever. Many people liked After The Action better, so yeah. New season everyone! The rules aren't changed of much. This time we will have 18 contestants, fighting eachother in tour? Yes, our airplane is BACK! These contestant will peril have fun with us....not really! We'll fly country to country, seeing teams winning and contestants being pushed off the plane. Their goal is not different....well, we added something to make it more interesting. We'll have THE CLASSIC MILLION DOLLARS and.....................A FREE TRIP TICKET TO MALDIVE!!!!! They're already here, so no more spots. Welcome to the newy season of Total.........Drama..........AFTER THE TOUR

Main Part

Proclame me the king of intros :P

Camp made by MRace2010

How it works? works like the previous times, but if you're new to this wikia or camp...well..we'll have first a challenge to decide teams. THIS TIME i will get to name them, cause i have epic names. The teams will then face a challenge. Whoever loses goes to elimination and will vote a contestant off. Nothing happens to 2nd and 1st place. This goes on until merge. Here things don't change of much. Whoever wins the challenge is safe, while the others have to vote someone off. Quite simple, isn't it?


  1. Do not godplay (that means do not corrupt Chris or play with 2 users at same time)
  2. Do not insult other users. You can insult contestants, still
  3. If you want to swear, use the *'s. Crap and Damn can be said normally
  4. Unless you have permission, do not edit the elimination table.
  5. This wikia has got more rules. Check them
  6. If you want to be an intern, consider that you must not be in the game, neither have a spot in the debutters
  7. Don't rage at me, unless i did a mistake. This is for who wasn't accepted in ATT
  8. If you're starting a friendship, a conflict, a relationship and an alliance (if you made it in the camp's chat), please put it in the interactions section
  9. Try to be active the most. I'll try to do durature challenges, still, but that doesn't mean you have to wait a day
  10. Have fun, or this camp is useless

Contestants (CLOSED)


  • Dale - The Suck Up - Newbie - Tikkibikki 5th Place - 16th Insta-out
  • Ned - The Kid Who Can't Say No - Newbie - Tikkibikki
  • Matthew - The Unpredictable One - Newbie - Stars&Straps20 15th Place - 6th Voted Off
  • Chimaroj - The Martial Art and Spiritual Master - Veteran (ATA) - Misterunknown 4th Place - 17th Insta-out
  • Adam - The Competitor - Newbie - Phyneo 19th Place - 2nd Quit
  • Aichi - The Determined One - Newbie - XrosHearts 10th Place - 11th EJECTED
  • Andrew - The Fun To Get Along - Veteran (ATI) - OrangeBirdMaster2 14th Place - 7th Voted Off
  • Eddie - The Daredevil - Newbie - OrangeBirdMaster2 7th Place - 14th Voted Off
  • Patrick - The "Not Right In The Head" Guy - Newbie - LightningandDakotaFan6 20th Place - 1st Voted Off
  • Shelby - The Bookworm - Newbie (Debutter) - Berryleaf 11th Place - 10th Voted Off


  • Maisie - The Entusiastic Gal - Newbie - Franky494 9th Place - 12th Voted Off
  • Dalhia - The Not-So-Naughty Scheamer - Franky494 16th Place - 5th Voted Off
  • Cassie - The Model - Newbie - Stars&Straps20 12th Place - 9th Voted Off
  • Azuna - Pure Evil - Newbie - Misterunknown
  • Marie - The Gossip Girl - Newbie - Phyneo 18th Place - 3rd Quit
  • Misaki - The Perfect Memory - Newbie - XrosHearts 13th Place - 8th Voted Off
  • Inca - Pro Mother Nature - Veteran (ATA) - Liamliamliam
  • Venice - The Italian Champion - Newbie - Liamliamliam 6th Place -  15th Voted Off
  • Chao-Xing - The Breath Of Fresh Air - Newbie - LightningandDakotaFan6 17th Place - 4th Voted Off
  • Lara - The Nice Girl - Veteran (ATA) (Debutter) - LxJ 8th Place - 13th Voted Off

Debutters (CLOSED)

You're not in the camp, but you want to? Put a contestant in. 1 per user, and you must not be in the camp (or at least, your characters must be eliminated)

  •  Lara - The Nice girl - Vet (ATA) - LxJ JOINED (1st in Voting)
  • Sonic - The Opposite Hero - Newb - BlazeHead 51 DIDN'T JOIN (No votes)
  • Raven, the Cocky Physic - Newb - Zannabanna DIDN'T JOIN (No votes)
  • Dusk - The One Who Is Loyal For Himself - Newb - ReisenMoon DIDN'T JOIN (5th in Voting)
  • Graham - Ninja, Gamer, NFL and NRL player - Vet (ATI) Ashgraham2  DIDN'T JOIN (No votes)
  • Shelby - The bookwrom - Newb - Berryleaf JOINED (2nd in Voting)  10th place - 10th voted out  
  • Philip - The Tireless Traveler - Vet (ATI) - MRace2010 an intern :P (4th in Voting)
  • Abigail - The Naive Daydreamer - Vet - CoGreen2.0 DIDN'T JOIN (3rd in Voting)
  • Bianca - The Indian Hipster - Vet - Stella

Season Teams

Patched Class
T. Place Contestant O. Place Challenge Eliminated Votes at Elimination Votes Overall
1st Azuna 3rd Beginning of The End pt. 3 / 5
2nd Dale 5th :D Insta-Out 1
3rd Eddie 7th Your Triviesty 6 20
4th Maisie 9th Paper pwns it ALL! 4 4
5th Andrew


White Messhouse 3 3
6th Matthew 15th Carramba, el carnaval 4 4
Poached Class
T. Place Contestant O. Place Challenge Eliminated Votes at Elimination Votes Overall
1st Inca 2nd Beginning of The End pt. 3 / 1
2nd Chimaroj 4th A Bloody Final 4 Insta-Out 0
3rd Venice 6th Do you like waffles? 3 3
4th Shelby 11th Nightmare after the coconuts 3 3
5th Marie 18th Dance is not that good Quit 0
6th Adam 19th Dance is not that good Quit 0
7th Patrick 20th Pyramid Climb, featuring hot sun 4 4
Pinched Class
T. Place Contestant O. Place Challenge Eliminated Votes at Elimination Votes Overall
1st Ned 1st NEVER! / 3
2nd Lara 8th Now you're frozen :) 4 7
3rd Aichi 10th Paper Pwns it ALL EJECTED 0
4th Cassie 12th There's even the Leaf 6 6
5th Misaki 13th The Chrislympics 9 9
6th Dalhia 16th Finn Land plays dodgeball 3 4
7th Chao-Xing 17th Dance is not that good 4 4

Users Still In

1st. Tikkibikki [NEWBIE] (1)

2nd. Liamliamliam [VETERAN] (0)

3rd. Misterunknown [VETERAN] (0)

4th. OrangeBirdMaster2 [VETERAN] (0)

5th. LindsayxJustin [VETERAN, or, WINNER OF PREVIOUS SEASONS] (0)

6th. Franky494 [VETERAN] (0)

7th. XrosHearts [NEWBIE] (0)

8th. Berryleaf [NEWBIE] (0)

9th. Stars&Straps [NEWBIE] (0)

10th. LightningandDakotaFan6 [NEWBIE] (0)

11th. Phyneo [NEWBIE] (0) QUIT



Andrew and Eddie

Chimaroj & Inca

Azuna and Dale

Venice & Inca

Cassie & Inca

Venice & Chimaroj


Ned has a crush on Cassie

Lara and Chimaroj  Broke up

Azuna thinks Eddie is hot but hates him at the same time.


Azuna & Chimaroj

Azuna & Cassie

Azuna & Andrew

Eddie & Azuna

Matthew & Chimaroj

Dale & Chimaroj

Lara & Azuna

Julie (intern) & Azuna


Matthew and Azuna

Misaki, Ned, Aichi & Cassie

Elimination Table

Destination Canada Egypt Russia Finland Brazil Washington London Plane Canada R. Island Australia Japan Italy Iceland Plane Kenya Sweden Moon Transilvania Canada
Place Contestants Class 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
8th Lara Pinched Joins in Episode 8 JOIN IN WIN WIN LOW WIN OUT
11th Shelby Poached Joins in Episode 8 JOIN SAFE OUT
13th Misaki Pinched WIN SAFE IN IN WIN WIN OUT
14th Andrew Poached SAFE WIN WIN WIN IN OUT
15th Matthew Patched WIN WIN WIN WIN OUT
16th Dalhia Pinched SAFE SAFE LOW OUT
17th Chao-Xing Pinched SAFE SAFE OUT
18th Marie Poached SAFE IN QUIT
19th Adam Poached SAFE IN QUIT
20th Patrick Poached SAFE OUT
Gender/Teams/Merge Camp's going
Sign Meaning Sign Meaning
[name] This contestant is a male WIN This contestant won a challenge for itself or its class
[name] This contestant is a female WIN This contestant won a challenge
Patched This contestant is in Patched Class SAFE/IND This contestant wasn't up for elimination(, but didn't win)
Poached This contestant is in Poached Class IN This contestant was up for elimination, but was safe
Pinched This contestant is in Pinched Class LOW This contestant got the 2nd most votes, but was safe
##th This contestant didn't make it to the merge OUT This contestant was eliminated from the competition
##th This contestant made it to the merge QUIT

This contestant quit

IT This contestant used his/her immunity ticket (not used)

Chris Cash Status

This mostly gives spoilers for who's new and checks this page without reading it first. Chris Cash starts from Episode 13

Contestant Cash
Dale 524
Ned 287
Chimaroj 208
Azuna 413
Inca 479
Venice 212
Below this line lies the eliminated contestants
Eddie 85
Lara 530

Episode 1 Chat

Chris: Um...the contestant will come shortly, right *sees the bus* Oh right! They're coming!

Chimaroj: I am back for another season eventhough my ribs still hurts a bit my arm is all okay again!

Inca: Yes! Season 3!!!

Andrew: Guess who is back here! Its meee!

Eddie: Guess who is glad to meet you all!

Chimaroj: Nice to see you back Inca, and nice to meet you.

JJ: (cameo) Whaaaa? I am not in this season!!

Venice: um, who are you?

Inca: Has been, anywys...

Azuna: *glares at everyone* *puch Chimaroj away*

Chimaroj: AH I am still hurt from last season. *looks angry at Azuna*

Dale: you guys are AWESOME so lucky to be here

Ned: Hi guys how are you

Adam: I am fine!

Eddie: *gets out a skateboard and tries to skateboard down a TREE and fails* Im HuRTinG.......*passes out*

Andrew: OMG somebody get a doctor!

Matthew: *Steps out* Hello people of the world!

Cassie: *Walks out* Cassie is here! Wait, where is the runway?! Airports Always have runways!

Matthew: I think you have a fashion runway and airport runway confused.

Cassie: Uh... I don't think so.

Chimaroj: Chris, where is the plane?

Azuna: *painting her nails*

Cassie: *Sees Azuna's Nails* Wow that is a nice color of nail polish!

Azuna: *looks at Cassie* Save the nonsence for on the plane. *walks away*

Dale: Wow Cassie you have great fashion sense and i love how honest you are Azuna

Cassie: Thanks Dale! *Glares at Azuna and crosses her arms* I hope we visit Paris first! I so would die to go shopping there!

Matthew: Seeing Chris from past seasons, I doubt he would let us do fun stuff.

Azuna: Paris is boring...

Dale: it doesnt matter when I am with amazing people like you.

Azuna: ....Right.....

Chimaroj: Chris, where is the plane?

Chris: Right over your head...joking. It's right here. The first challenge will start soon..

Cassie: Um, before I do the challenge I need a massage to ease my tension in my back. I'm sure you understand right?

Chimaroj: Okay I'll be right back, *go in the plane* (CONF) Last season I kinda lost the monk way of living *shaving his head* That is why I am shaving my head, if you're bald your spirit had more room to grow *does a band around his head* (END CONF) *comes out of the plane*

Challenge 1 - Passport please

Chris: Alright, you all 18 are facing the first challenge of the camp. You're not happy? You should be, cause you're doing so for the million dollars and the free holiday to Maldive. Whatever, since you'll fly in an airplane, you'll need passports, but since i (Chef) don't have time to make some, you have to do them. Here's your passport. Put your name and drawing, because we forgot the camera in Bermuda Triangle. The challenge won't end until there will be at least 3 entries. Why? There are going to be three teams!!! Well, the first 3 gets a prize, but the 1st and'll know. Here's your passport!

Misaki: Here. Dale: Done

Cassie: I'm finished too. Oh no! Does my hair look messed up?

Matthew: *Rolls eyes* Done too.

Ned: Done.

Chimaroj: Done *starts meditating*

Azuna: *doing her make up* Done..

Aichi: I'm Done!

Azuna: (CONF) HMM I am thinking who I can use as my personal puppet, I am thinking to use Dale, he's really Naïve and when he get's to annoying I will push him off the plane, hmm.. (END CONF)

Eddie: (CONF: Wow I am short, thats why you can barely see me on my passport *??? knocks on the door* *Eddie steps back, then a guy with a scary face (it's really a mask) comes in and scares Eddie*


(Message to Phyneo. This challenge is to draw, not to use a program for doing the characters. You can keep them, but the captainship can't be yours. I'm sorry. If you want to change them, do it)

Venice: DONE !!! :D 

Inca: Done :P 

Azuna: I am bored *start playing her yukalaylee* *huming a melodie*

Chris: I guess the challenge is done (LightningandDakotaFan6 is excused since he couldn't edit). So here's the captains!

  • Well, i think it's the best passport out of everyone. Matthew is the captain of the first team
  • The other one i like is......Inca. Nice one, you're the captain of the second team
  • And finally, the third captain is..............Misaki! Nice one, you're the captain of third team

Team Members Choosing

Ok, here's the plan. We'll have a picking order. We'll go like this. Matthew is first, Inca is 2nd and Misaki is 3rd.

Chimaroj: *starts meditating*

Azuna *playing the yukalaylee* *singing* Even though I will never feel it Doesn't mean it isn't there.

Matthew: Hmm.... Azuna seems strong. I pick her.

Azuna: That is a smart choice ... Matthew is your name? *kisses his cheek*

Inca: Marie

Matthew: *Blushes* Uhh, Thanks....

Misaki: I pick Cassie

Matthew: Andrew.

Inca: Adam

Misaki: Aichi

Azuna: *wisper to Matthew* Choose Dale.

Matthew: *Whispers back* Him? OK. I choose Dale.

Inca: Chim

Chimaroj: Thanks..

Azuna: *massaging Matthew's shoulders* Wow you have big muscles Matthew! (CONF) Great plan one worked!! (END CONF)

Misaki: Chao-Xing

Matthew: Eddie.

Inca: Venice

Misaki: Ned

Chris: Ok let's end this. Maise gets in Team 1, Patrick gets in Team 2 and Dalhia gets in Team 3. Here's the epic team names!!!

  • Matthew's team, which is the winner one, gets to be the Patched Class
  • Inca's team, which came 2nd, gets to be the Poached Class
  • Misaki's team, which got last, gets to be the Pinched Class

You should enjoy this name epicly. Also, since the Pinched Class's captain got last they'll get in the Cargo Room, which is the suckiest part of the plane, and will get the worst type of food! Since the Poached's Class's captain got 2nd, they will be in the Passenger Area, which is a normal airplane zone with normal foods given. Finally, the Patched Class gets to be in the V.I.P. Area, which is possibly the best part of the plane, with incredibly delicious foods! I think that's the end for today. Get in the plane and stay here, cause we're heading for our first location!

Episode 2 Chat

Speaker: Chris is here! Our next location will be Egypt, respecting Total Drama World Tour! Today you'll have an egyptian menu to eat. We'll reach the location in some hours!

V. I. P. Area (Patched Class)

Chef: For you we have Ful Medames and very fresh water from the cleanest part of Nile! Enjoy!

Matthew: Cool... Thanks Chef. *Drinks Water*

Azuna: Matthew!! our hero!! *gonna sit on his lap* *hugs him* It's all thanks to you. 

Matthew: Thanks! *Whispers* Say, want to be in an alliance and work together throughout the season till' the final 2?

Azuna: *whispers* yes that's a good idea. *give Matthew a  kiss on the cheek*

Matthew: *Smiles* Cool.

Azuna: (CONF) Now it's time to make Chim look like the worst person ever .(END CONF)

Azuna: *whispers To Matthew* You know that guy called Chimaro or something? 

Matthew: Yeah, what about him?

Azuna: *starts fake crying* He hurted me, I wanted to help him but he puched me to the ground. He pretent to be a monk but he's just a terrible liar!!

Matthew: *gasps*

Azuna: *fake crying* You're the only one I can trust, do you feel the same way?

Dale: Wow i cant believe i was picked for such an awesome team!!!! wait... the nile is full of poisonous slugs DONT TOUCH THE WATER YOU COULD RUIN YOUR AWESOMENESS 

Matthew: I guess I do, yeah.

Azuna: Thanks Matthew, I knew you do *kisses Matthew on his cheek*

Dale: *didnt hear conversation* I think we can be best friends .....even if i end up as the third wheel *pulls them around him*

Azuna: Oh Dale my little buddy I am sure we would go along fine.

Andrew: ....

Eddie: (CONF: I don't trust Azuna, did you see her passport?)

Dale: Im the youngest here.... but i can try my best even with great competitors like you guys! 

Azuna: aw you're so sweet Dale. (CONF) Andrew made it to the final 2 in ATI, so he seems to be a big threat! (END CONF)

Azuna: *playing the piano* *singing Clown *

Dale: O_O    Wow Azuna you are really good at the piano

Azuna: Aw you're so sweet Dale I sometimes wish more people were so sweet.

Dale: i really dont know why your brother doesnt like you you are so nice and friendly i would love a sister like you.

Azuna: *shocked* My brother? Who are you talking about?

Dale: Isnt Chimaroj your brother?

Azuna: *drags Dale to a secret place* How ever you know that you wouldn't mind keeping that a secret, right and just call him Chimy, pernouncing his full name is such a waste of breath.

Dale: ok then chimy it is

Passengers Area (Poached Class)

Chef: For you we have some fried Falafels and not very fresh water. Enjoy

Chimaroj: Is there meat in that food? (CONF) I can't stand that Azuna is here, why did she even sign up? Just to bug me? Also I miss Lara... (End CONF)

Inca: (CONF) I really hope i can make my team win!

Venice: Urm, I guess i will eat this Cookie!

Inca: Where did you get that!?

Venice: Urm... (CONF) I have a box full of treats for this season! No one can find this (END CONF) I found it in the Confessional..

Inca: (CONF) *Looking around, Then finds a Candy Cane* YAY!!

Chimaroj: (CONF) *looking in the box* Is there only candy in this box...

Chimaroj: *Meditating* 

Cargo Room (Pinched Class)

Chef: For you we have some pyramid rocks and hot water. Enjoy....if you're crazy

Cassie: Umm... No salad? No energy drinks? Umm.... Anybody here?

Ned: (CONF) i need help if someone tells me to do something i cant say no no matter how bad i even may vote out my closest friend if told to (CONF)

Misaki: We need to win.

Cassie: No kidding. *Sees a rat* Ahhh!

Ned: Agreed

Misaki: *Pulls Aichi, Cassie and Ned aside behind a few boxes* Listen I think we should form an alliance.

Ned: Yes

Aichi: Um, sure.

Cassie: Sure.

Misaki: Great!

Challenge 2 - Pyramid Climb, featuring hot sun!

Chris: Ok, welcome to the first locality of the season, Egypt. The challenge is very simple...or i think it is. You technically have to climb this pyramid (which is 7 lines) and then climb it down. This challenge will have 2 parts. When a team will get at the end, it will win immunity! The first challenge is for who gets 1st. Now GO!

Matthew: C'mon team! *Climbs* (1)

Cassie: Eww! I hate climbing! *Climbs anyways* (1)

Dale: *Climbs* (1)

Ned: *Climbs* (1)

Maisie: *Climbs* (1)

Dahlia: *Climbs* (1)

Matthew: *Climbs* (2)

Cassie: *Climbs* (2)

Dale: *Climbs* (2)

Ned: *Climbs* (2)

Azuna: *climbs* Matthew you're doing awesome!

Chimaroj: *climbs* *looks strange at Azuna* (CONF) Azuna usually breaks everyone's confidence so what is her plan? (END CONF)

Matthew: *Climbs* Thanks! (3)

Cassie: *Climbs* (3)

Azuna: *climbs (2)

Misaki: *climbs* (1) 

Aichi: *climbs* (1)

Dale: *Climbs* (3)

Ned: *Climbs* (3)  

Azuna: *climbs* (3)

Chimaroj *climbs* (2) (CONF) But Azuna is a quick climber (END CONF)

Matthew: *Climbs* (4)

Cassie: *Climbs* (4)

Adam: *Climbs* (1)

Marie: *Climbs* (1)

Dale: *Climbs* (4)

Ned: *Climbs* (4)  

Azuna: *climbs* (4)

Chimaroj *climbs (3)

Matthew: *Climbs* (5)

Cassie: *Climbs* (5)

Misaki: *climbs* (2) 

Aichi: *climbs* (2

Dahlia: *Climbs* (2)

Maisie: *Climbs* (2)

Azuna: *climbs* (5)

Chimaroj *climbs (4)

Matthew: *Climbs* (6)

Cassie: *Climbs* (6)

Azuna: *climbs* (6)

Chimaroj *climbs* (5)

Misaki: *climbs* (3) 

Aichi: *climbs* (3)

Matthew: *Finishes* (7)

Cassie: *finishes* (7)

Azuna: *Finishes* (7) YAY BABY

Chimaroj *climbs* (6)

Dale: *Climbs* (5)

Ned: *Climbs* (5)

Azuna: Come on Little buddy you can do it!!

Chimaroj *finishes* (7)

Dale: *Climbs* (6) you have to climb down

Ned: *Climbs* (6)

Azuna: Okay I believe in you *climbs down*

Chimaroj *climb down*

Matthew: *Climbs down*

Cassie: *Climbs down*

Misaki: *climbs* (4)  Aichi: *climbs* (4)

Dale: *Climbs* (7)

Ned: *Climbs* (7)

Adam: *climbs* (2)

Marie: *climbs* (2)

Azuna: *climb down* (2)

Chimaroj: *climb down* (2)

Dale: *Climbs down* (1)

Ned: *Climbs down* (1)

Matthew: *Climbs down* (2)

Cassie: *Climbs down* (2)

Dale: *Climbs down* (2)

Ned: *Climbs down* (2)

Matthew: *Climbs down* (3)

Cassie: *Climbs down* (3)

Dale: *Climbs down* (3)

Ned: *Climbs down* (3)

Matthew: *Climbs down* (4)

Cassie: *Climbs down* (4)

Dale: *Climbs down* (4)

Ned: *Climbs down* (4)

Matthew: *Climbs down* (5)

Cassie: *Climbs down* (5)

Dale: *Climbs down* (5)

Ned: *Climbs down* (5)

Matthew: *Climbs down* (6)

Cassie: *Climbs down* (6)

Azuna: *climb down*

Chimaroj *climb down*

Matthew: *Climbs down* (7)

Cassie: *Climbs down* (7)

(Oh right, climb down lines are 7 too. forgot that. Matthew And Cassie are already here)

Andrew: *climbs up* (1)

Eddie: *climbs up* (1)

Azuna: *climb down*

Chimaroj *climb down*

Andrew: *climbs up* (2)

Eddie: *climbs up* (2)

Maisie & Dahlia: *Climb* (3)

Azuna: *climb down*

Chimaroj *climb down*

Chris: So Matthew and Cassie got here. 1 member for Patched Class and 1 for Pinched Class. Nobody for Poached Class. The challenge is still going on

Azuna: *climb down*

Chimaroj *climb down*

Misaki & Aichi: *climb* (5)

Chimaroj *climb down* Finally with my feet back on the ground.

Azuna: *climb down* *lands on top of Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: HEY *puches Azuna off him* WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!

Chris: And Azuna and Chimaroj gets here. 2 for Patched Class, 1 for Poached Class and 1 for Pinched Class. Still going

Azuna: it was a accident!

Chimaroj: YEAH RIGHT *throws rock at Azuna*

Azuna: Matthew do you see what a awful person he is!!

Matthew: I sure do. *Glares at Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *sigh* (conf) Azuna brings the worse out of me (END CONF)

Andrew: *climbs up* [3]

Eddie: *climbs up* [3]

Misaki & Aichi: *climb* (6)

Dale: *Climbs down* (6)

Ned: *Climbs down* (6)

Matthew: Go Dale!

Dale: *Climbs down* (7) Done!

Ned: *Climbs down* (7) Done!

Azuna: *gives Matthew a shoulder rub* Well done  buddy!

Chimaroj: *starts meditating*

Inca: *Climbs up* (1)

Venice: *Climbs up* (1)

Chris: Dale and Ned got here. If nothing happens in the next minutes, i may declare the winner of the first challenge. Also, 3 for Patched, 1 for Poached, 2 for Pinched

2nd Part

Chris: Well, nobody is doing anything, or at least, nobody else arrived, so the Patched Class got first and gets to be in 1st class and not up for elimination. Now it's between Poached and Pinched Class. The first member of one of your teams to get through the pyramid (5 lines) wins for the team. Go!

Cassie: *Runs* (1)

Ned: *Runs* (1)

Chimaroj: *runs* (1)

Misaki: *runs* (1)

Aichi: *runs* (1)

Ned: *Runs* (2)

Misaki: *runs* (2)

Aichi: *runs* (2)

Cassie: *Runs* (2)

Misaki: *runs* (3)

Aichi: *runs* (3)

Cassie: *Runs* (3)

Misaki: *runs* (4)

Aichi: *runs* (4)

Ned: *Runs* (3)  

Misaki: *runs* (5)

Aichi: *runs* (5)

Chimaroj: *runs* (2)

Ned: *Runs just in case* (4) Em chris misaki already won 

Chris: Stop! I saw that Misaki got before Aichi, and sad to say, Poached Class loses, while Pinched Class is safe from elimination, but won't get in V.I.P. Area! Whatever, Poached Class, i'm sorry to say that you're facing the first elimination of the camp

Elimination 1 - Poached Class

Chris: I think you were destined to lose this challenge, since in the 1st part just one got at the end. Well, you may get your revenge later, but not now. Now you have to vote for you want off.


Inca: (CONF) Patrick *Stamps Patrick*

Venice: (CONF) Patrick *Stamps Patrick*

Adam: (CONF) Patrick *Stamps Patrick*

Marie: (CONF) Patrick *Stamps Patrick*

Chimaroj: (CONF) This is so a bad picture of mine... Anyway I vote off Patrick *Stamps Patrick* 


Chris: Ok everyone. I'm very sad that one of you will be the first eliminated of the season. If you get a bag of plastic nuts, so that you can't eat them later, is safe from elimination. These persons are Inca, Venice, Adam, Marie and.............................Chimaroj. I'm very sorry Patrick, but you're the first eliminated of the season. And this time, no last words *kicks him out the plane*

Episode 3 Chat

Speaker: Chris is here! Our next location is Russia, so today Russian dishes :D

V.I.P. Area (Patched Class)

Chef: For the winners we have Rassol'nik and Kvas!

Matthew: What exactly is this?

Chef: You sure are ignorants! Rassol'nik is a soup, while Kvas is a drink

Dale: Mmmmm Great food chef can i have seconds!

Azuna: *gives Matthew a kiss on the cheek* Well done and you too Dale! 

Azuna: *takes some Rassol'nik and Kvas* I'll be right back.

Azuna: *playing the piano*

Maisie: Wow Azuna, You're really good at piano.

Azuna: I can play almost every instrument.

Maisie: Oh, Cool, I play guitar *Plays Rihanna's Stay*. 

Passenger Area (Pinched Class)

Chef: For the 2nd placed we have Pel'meni and mineral water. That's not much. Enjoy

Cassie: It's better than what we got last time. *Drinks water*

Misaki: It is better than pyramid rocks.

Ned: Im happy not having to vote someone off :)

Misaki: *whispers to Ned* Yes because if we have to vote someone off it would be Chao-Xing.

Chao-Xing: Thats very nice of you Misaki *She stares angrily at her*

Cargo Room (Poached Class)

Chef: Eh, you got to eat snow. Enjoy?

Chimaroj: That was a intense challenge *sits down*, hmm I am not gonna eat that snow *checking his bag and finds a letter* hmm why is this in my bag? (CONF) *reads letter* Dear Chimaroj, I wonder if we can get into a secret alliance, I want to keep it top secret, ~Andrew~. Why is he writing a letter he can just ask me. (END CONF)

Azuna: Hi everyone, I brought some food from the V.I.P., so you don't have to eat that... yellow snow? Ew I don't even want to know.. but here is some real food.

Chimaroj: *glares at Azuna* I am not gonna eat that..

Azuna: *glares at Chimaroj* suit yourslef, it taste good. But I am going now *walkes back to the V.I.P. class*

Venice: This stinks!

Inca: I have to agree...

Chimaroj: Here Azuna brought some food from the V.I.P. room, I am not gonna eat it so dig in I guess. *start meditating*

Challenge 2 - Dance is not that good

Chris: Welcome to Russia, the biggest state in the whole world. I will go straight. Your challenge is to create the best dance ever, since in Russia there's....that dance...yeah...i don't know. Whatever. Me, Chef and, since she annoyed so much, Melbourne will judge the dances. Oh right, you all have to dance the same dance that your team choosed (so, in easier words, every team will have their dance). The best dance wins, while the 2nd is not up for elimination. The 3rd...well, you know. Start!

Patched Class decision

Azuna: I am not a good dancer, even russian dances are hard for me so I hope there is someone who can dance..?

Dale: I cant do cosak dancing but is this ok *dances a perfectly to thriller* Im not very good but i know the moves.

Azuna: WOW you can dance little buddy, I wonder what Matthew thinks of it but if you ask me you can do it.

Dale: Really! Cool! *jumps with joy* you are really nice Chimy is obviously Jealous of you.

Azuna: I wouldn't be supriced if he is.

Chimaroj: *glares at Azuna* Dale have you seen where Andrew is?

Dale: No? (whispers to Azuna) Whys he here and whys he looking for Andrew?

Maisie: Dale, You're an amazing dancer :D, I wish I could dance ;( But thats O.K cause I can't do everything :)

Chimaroj: oh okay, *walkes back to the poached class* *drops letter*

Azuna: *whispers to Dale* I don't known *sees the letter and picks it up* but I think we will get to know it. *reads the letter* *fake gasps*

Azuna: DALE look at this letter, this is why Chimy was looking for Andrew! (check the pre chat first comment of Chimaroj)

Dale: Hes cool and all but thats not on!

Andrew: *runs back IM HERE!

Azuna: Show me your dance moves Andrew!!

Andrew: Ok! *starts breakdancing awesomely, and does a backflip perfectly*

Azuna: *yawn's loud* Anything better than that?

Eddie: *starts doing flips on and off his skateboard, then does the Gangnam Style*

Azuna: Don't do the Gangnam style, it's clear that Dale is the best out of the 3 so far, now we are waiting for Matthew.

Matthew: Hmmm... Now I really wished I paid attention in my dance lessons. *Spins around 3 times and does one backflip after*

Azuna: Hmm Matthew you know you're amazing but check out Dale's routine. By the way check this *gives letter to Matthew. (check chimaroj's first comment on the prechat to see what's on the letter)

Chris: Even you didn't decide yet? Fine, Dale's the dancer for you

Poached Class decision

Venice: What bout this? *Dances like LeShawna*

Inca: O_O

Chimaroj: O_O

Chimaroj: I can't dance, really.. I'll be right back. *walks to Patched Class*

Chimaroj: Okay, Inca can you dance? 

Inca: Nope.... 

Chimaroj: *sigh*... *starts talking loud* Okay it's time for someone to take charge!! We are all gonna dance even if you can't dance!!

Inca: Where is Adam & Marie...

Chimaroj: There is no time to wait for them, the other teams are probally almost done.

Venice: *Dances past them again* 

Inca: O_o Um...

Chimaroj: VINCE STOP DANCING, we need to come up with a dance geography. Inca do you have any idea's?

Venice: *Continues* 

Inca: O_O *Faints* 

Chimaroj: *sigh* Do you want our team to be like team Victory?

Inca: *Wakes up* NOPE!!! *Starts praticing a Cheer routine*

Venice: *Dances terribly*

Chimaroj: That's better, I am sorry. Inca and Venice

Adam and Marie: We quit. *Leave*

Chris: YES! My secret plans will be wo- uh, i mean, sadly Adam and Marie quits, so today's elimination will be a triple elimination O.o. Also, Inca's dance will be used, since Chimaroj sort of agreed it z.z

Pinched Class decision

Misaki: How about ... I have no idea.

Ned: I have an idea! Cassie on the catwalk probably looks awesome if we got her to do that it could work as a dance

Dahlia: I'm not a dancer. *Plans a scheme on how to make cake*

Cassie: *To Ned* I would LOVE to do that!

Ned: Then we are settled! Any disagreements?

Chris: I see that you didn't you're dancing for Pinched Class

Dance now here!


Patched Class : 21 (1st)

Poached Class : 20 (2nd)

Pinched Class : 19 (3rd)

Chris: Ok, so we have Dale for Patched Class, Inca for Poached Class and Cassie for Pinched Class. I'm very sorry to Marie and Adam though. Show your skills! First is Ned, then Inca and finally Cassie. Wins who haves the best score. Go!

Ned: *Dances perfectly to to thriller*

Chris: Wow, nice dance, but it was a bit too perfect. Now, please, transform back into an human (now you're a werewolf :P). I give it a 8/10

Chef: I've seen this dance so many times, and some perfect moves weren't perfect. Next time find something more original. 6/10

Melbourne: You had to show Rio killed! Whatever...uh...ok...since i'm judge....well....7 for ya!

Chris: And the Patched Class gets a nice 21! Next is Inca for Poached Class! Surprise us

Chimaroj: You can do it !

Inca: Here goes nothing... *Does a cheer routine perfectly* Give me a C-H-R-I-S!!!! What does that spell!! *Does the splits perfectly, then does a forward and backward flip and lands with grace*

Venice: ._.

Chimaroj: YAY You rule Inca!! (CONF) We are dead.... (END CONF)

Chris:.....hey- Nice cheer routine, cheer to me more times! 9/10

Chef: I'm sorry, but your routine wasn't that good after all. 5/10

Melbourne: I quite agree with Chef. i give it a 6

Chris: Owch, 1 point less. You got a 20, Poached Class. And now Cassie for Pinched Class :)

Chimaroj: *sigh*

(Interns bring out a runway)

Cassie: Let's do this! *She struts her hips as she walks down the runway* Time for my dance! *She spins around 3 times, does the shuffle, then the splits and ends it with a pose*

Chris: Oh....ok....this was the dance? It was quite short, right? I liked it still. 8/10

Chef: Sorry, it was far too short. 5/10

Chris: You need an 8 for being safe and sending Poached Class to elimination, or to win, just a 9. What'ya think Melbourne?

Melbourne:.....................OMG. That dance was sooo cool, i give it a....
















wait, i agree, it was VERY short. I give it a 7/10

Chris: Owch. You guys get a 19, the lowest of the three, which're up for elimination. Poached and Patched Class, you're safe, but Patched Class will go in V.I.P. Area...again. Also, switching tickets are being given out now. What are they? Check the section. Anyway, since he made the team win, Dale gets the switching ticket. Use it wise

Elimination 2 - Pinched Class

Chris: Ok, it was really close, so you don't have to fully blame yourself. Calm down and whatsoever. Now, vote for you want off


Ned: *Votes Chao-Xing* I thought cassie did amazingly she looked great *sighs in content*

Chao-Xing: *Votes Dalhia* I don't know who too vote for... (Please keep me in I'm more active now ~Jordan)

Dahlia: *Votes Chao-Xing* I agree with Ned, Cassie done great *Schemes a love tester machine*

Misaki: *Votes Chao-Xing* Why keep someone you know won't be here.

Aichi: *votes Chao-Xing* Cassie.


Chris: all voted, and we're revealing the 2nd eliminated of this season. That is...

Contestants 1 2 3 4 5

Chris:......Chao-Xing. Sorry for your low permanence, but byebye *kicks her out*

Episode 4 Chat

Chris: The next location we're visiting is situed in Finland. So today you have a nice Finland themed menu

V.I.P. Area (Patched Class...again)

Chef: For you we have Kalakukko...which is...well, check wikipedia and we have also hot chocolate for the cold climate

Azuna: DALE my little buddy and our hero from the last episode!! 

Dale: *blushes* Thanks

Azuna: No, you thanks *give him a kiss on the cheek* you won for us.

Andrew: That is the most disturbing thing I have seen ever. But good job Dale

Dale: What?

Passenger Area (Poached Class)

Chef: For you we have Finland wurstels, but not the best. We have also sink water for ya.

Chimaroj: *walks nervously around* (CONF) *talking nervously* we are in the third episode and our team has only 3 members left, *takes a deep breath* I need to stay calm *starts meditating* (END CONF)

Chimaroj: Uhm.. Inca, we need to win the upcomming challenge!! 

Cargo Room (Pinched Class)

Chef: You can eat some Finland leaves. Find the rest for yourself.

Ned: I hate voting people off cassie was awesome we shouldnt have lost

Challenge 4 - Finn Land plays dodgeball

Chris: Ok everyone, we're taking back a challenge which in the first season was amazing and i think many tried to copy it (in fact, this challenge was used from many ones). In fact, that's dodgeball. What haves to do with Finland? Nothing at all, but we're playing with Finland leaves balls, so it haves something to do....right? Whatever. The challenge is quite simple. You have to knock out the other teams by not getting out. To knock out someone there are 3 lines (not 2, like last time) and you can dodge, but this time just 3 times. Also, since teams are not equal at all, we'll add lifes for certain teams. Well, Patched Class doesn't really need it, but Dale can lose his switching ticket for an extra life. Before revealing everything, Dale, wanna use your switching ticket right now or trade it for an extra life. Think about it

Dale: Nah! *Throws at chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *does a double backflip and dodge it*

Azuna: Let's make this intresting. *sets the ball on fire and throws at Cassie*

Chris: Brake! Whatever, challenge didn't start yet. Ok, so, every Poached Class member haves 2 life, while Cassie will have 2 for Pinched Team. Ok? 3,2,1, FINLAND!

Dale: *Throws at chimaroj*

Chimaroj: Dude again? what did I do to you. *does a double backflip and dodge it*

Azuna: Let's make this intresting... again WAHAHAHA *sets the ball on fire and throws at Cassie*

Dale: you are mean to Azuna*Throws at chimaroj*

Ned: *Throws at chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *dodges one and get's hit by one* What do you mean I am mean to her?

Andrew: *throws at Aichi*

Eddie: *throws at Dalhia*

Dale: *Throws at chimaroj*

Ned: *Throws at chimaroj*

Andrew: *throws at Aichi*

Eddie: *throws at Dalhia*

Chris: Let's make this interesting. Here's a free fresh bonus dodge. If you want it collect it, but you can't throw or dodge

Andrew: Can I have it?

Eddie: *throws at Dahlia*

Azuna: So Andrew what are you plans to get our team to win. *throws at Aichi

Chimaroj: *dodges one and get's hit by one at his bruised rib* AHH My bruised rib is still not recovered *throws at Dale*

Andrew: Eddie and I are taking out the Pinched Class right now. *throws at Aichi* We already got Dahlia out.

Dale: *Dodges*

Ned: *Throws at chimaroj*

Azuna: K... interesting.. well anything else.. like a alliance? *throws at Dahila*

Chris: New rule. Now your 2 characters MUST throw at different people. That would be abuse...quite impossible to destroy. Also, Chimaroj, when you'll lose a life, you'll regain one with also 3 dodges. This is in act for whoever haves 1 more life

Dale: *Throws at chimaroj*

Ned: *Throws at Inca*

Azuna: Okay Dale ANDREWS idea is to take out Pinched class first, those are the biggest threat. *set the ball on fire and throws at Dahila

Dale: k *Throws at Aichi*

Ned: *Throws at Chimaroj*

Azuna: *throws at Aichi*

(unknown: I don't get it is chim still in?)

(MR: Yes, now you can't dodge, so once you're out you get back again with one more life)

(unkown: okay i'll get it) 

Chimaroj: *throws at Dale* What in the world did I ever did to you? 

Dale: *Doges*Be mean to Azuna! *Throws at Aichi*

Ned: *Throws at Chimaroj*

Azuna: *throws at Cassie* You know what Cassie you're a fashion trainwrack!

Andrew: *throws at Cassie*

Eddie: *throws at Misaki*

Dale: *Throws at Misaki*

Ned: *Throws at Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *thows at Ned* 

Azuna: *throws at Misaki*

Dale: *Throws at Cassie*

Ned: *Throws at Chimaroj*

Azuna: *throws at Ned*

Chimaroj *throws at Dale* If I were you I won't let Azu suck up to you like that!!

Dale: leave me alone*Throws at Cassie*

Ned: *Throws at Chimaroj*

Chimaroj (I don't know I can still throw but okay) *throws at Dale* I am just trying to protect you, she always does that, suck up to people and make them hate me!

Azuna: *throws at Misaki* *runs to Dale and get's hit by the ball that ment to be for Dale*

Dale: go away you are out!*Throws at Cassie*

Ned: *Throws at Inca*

Azuna: Dale does Chimy bother you, don't pay attention to  him he's not worth it. *throws at Ned* 

Chimaroj: Dale listen to me Azu is not the one she want you to belief who she is!!

Dale: *Throws at Venice*

Ned: *Throws at Inca*

Chimaroj: Dale listen it's for you're own good.. 

Azuna: *cuts Chimaroj off* he just want to put us up against eachother don't listen *throws at Ned*

Dale: *Throws at Venice*

Ned: *Throws at Inca*

Azuna: *throws at Ned* (who are still in cause it kinda looks like most of the character are out by now)

Dale: *Throws at Inca*

Azuna: So... who are left except from us?

Dale: *Throws at Inca* only venice now (4 more hits)

Azuna: Dale do never listen to Chimy you can't trust him *throws at Venice

Dale: *Throws at Venice*

Maisie: *Throws at Venice* (Sorry, Damn Time Zones)

Dale: *Throws at Venice* We win!

Chris: Oh well, Poached Class went out first, so they're up. Pinched Class is 2nd while...omg....Patched Class is first...again.......well, plan ruiner. Nobody trust Azuna, she's evil as demon *laughs*

Azuna: haha funny joke Chris.

Elimination 3 - Pinched Class

Chris: By losing, you surely became the loser team. At the end of this you're going to be 4...but i have a secret twist incoming....whatever. Vote...sigh...


Ned: Alliance will vote dahlia then what. *votes dahlia*

Aichi: *votes Dahlia*

Misaki: *votes Dahlia*


Chris: I've decided that previous time was the last time for the table. I like to have suspanse more....whatever. Who is safe will get a bag of plastic nuts. So, who voted (which are JUST 3) are safe...and they're Ned, Aichi and Misaki. It means that or Dalhia or Cassie gets out....and sadly to say...that's.......................................Dalhia. Time to go, and no comebacks *kicks her out the plane*

Episode 5 Chat

Speaker: Carramba! Our next location is Brazil. Enjoy your travel while we make our way to Rio de Janeiro.

V.I.P. Area (Patched Class)

Chef: Here's the favourite dish of brazilians for you, Feijoada. Enjoy, and as a drink you have Guaranà.

Azuna: YAY we won again!! (CONF) Chimy has to watch out what he does, I might hurt him if he keeps getting in my way. (END CONF)

Dale: Yay Im so lucky!

Azuna: We are the best team ever!! *drinking Guaranà* OH MY GOD THIS IS GOOD!!! *drinks ten more*

Passenger Area (Poached Class)

Chef: A lesser nice dish for you is the Açai fruit. Also, here's an Açai juice. Enjoy

Chimaroj: *sigh* (CONF) I miss Lara..... she made me feel good and happy but now I feel alone.. The only one who likes me is Inca, I don't even know about Venice. Patched class hates me because of my sister.. and Pinched class... I don't really know much about them. (END CONF) *starts meditating* 

Maisie: *Whispers to Chimaroj* I don't hate you, I hate Azuna *Realises* Oh Yeah, Bye, Gotta go to my actual team

Chimaroj: *looks strange at Maisie* uhm your team won last time so you should be in the VIP area, but thanks for cheering me up.

Inca: Lara won last season O_O

Venice: Duh... 


Cargo Room (Pinched Class)

Chef: I know your frustation, but you got the skin (it's said like that, right?) of the ananas. No drinks for ya.

Ned: God i hate voting people out it makes me feel awful....

Challenge 5 - Carramba, el carnaval

Chris: Amigos, bienvenidos a la siguiente ubicación, brasil. Sorry, praticizing my spanish. Since we're in the city of the most famous carneval of the whole world, Rio de Janeiro, your challenge will be to find the best costume. I'm giving 3 different themes for every team, and then i'll decide which one is the best. The one who didn't win will have to find another costume, but of the same theme. The best of them makes the team safe, while the other gets at elimination. Ahora, vamos a empezar! (which means go!)

Patched Class

Chris: You have to find me a costume which has olympics as theme

Maisie: OMG OMG OMG, The olympics YAY, This is what meh mum does, boxing, she went to the 2012 OLYMPICS IN LONDON AND WORE THIS AMAZING OUTFIT :)

Azuna: *drinking Guaranà* hmm that outfit is okay...

Dale: One of us should dress as one of the mascots like winning wenlock 


Azuna: Aslong I don't have to wear it *drinking Guaranà*

Poached Class

Chris: You have to find me a costume which has hospital as theme

Chimaroj: I used to wear this during Helloween, the good old days, only that guys is way bigger then I was when I was 4.

Venice: Okay, we will use your costume *Dances like LeShawna again*

Inca: O_O

Chimaroj: Inca why did you always look like that when she dances I like it.

Pinched Class

Chris: You have to find me a costume which has fast-food as theme

Ned: Dress as a hot dog!


Chris: Ok, you got the costumes, and now is where i rate the best.....well...the Poached Class costume is nice, but not that much, is quite,,,boring? I like Patched Class costume, but that single eye creeps me. Also, Pinched Class hot dog......scary. Whatever....the winner is..........................Pinched Class :D. Why? Well, because that hot dog is nice and he wants to hug me :D. Whatever, now there's a tiebreaker between Poached Class and Patched Class, meaning one of them is up for elimination.


Chris: Find me the best brazilian costume, since we're in Brasil. The best one is safe from elimination and gets in Passenger Area, while the other faces elimination and gets in Cargo Room....yeah, no more luxury for you Patched Class.!

Patched Class

Chimaroj:  Is Andrew here?

Azuna: No Chimy! *glares at Chim*

Chimaroj: *glares at Azuna* did you see him Dale?

Maisie: IDK Weather this is good enought but I found this in Chris's Closet *Whispers to Azuna* How horrendous would he of looked in that

Azuna: PFF... I don't care what wears aslong as I don't have to wear it.

Andrew: I found this

Eddie: Andrew and I found it in Chris' closet!

Azuna: No kidding, I didn't expect anything less from such creepers as you especially you Andrew.

Poached Class

Chimaroj: *find a letter in his bag* Again? (CONF) *reads the letter* Chimaroj, I haven't heard your awser to my offer, do you want to be in a aliance with me? Andrew. Seriously why does he want to be in a alliance I am not even on his team. (END CONF) *goes to Patched class*

Chimaroj: I found this is Chef's closet, I don't even want to know why.

(Oh right, you have to find the brazilian costume ,and that's 1. Second, Chimaroj, Orange complained to me that Andrew NEVER sent you as letter, so that there's no alliances. You're breaking the impersonating rule, so please, stop it - MRace2010)

(Unknown: Orange could've just said it to me...)


Chris: Ok...i saw them...and both were scary O.o . Let's just say, i'll rate the best one in my opinion. Wait, i was going to do that. Whatever. Le Poached Class lost.......the elimination! Meaning that Patched Class is FINALLY up for elimination *confetti*. Um..yeah sorry, no luxury for ya.

Elimination 4 - Patched Class

Chris: Ok, the olympic mascot could've had a chance, in fact it was 2nd, but you ruined yourself with the brazilian costume...which is sort of....FAR TOO FANCY. Everyone is happy.....and with everyone, i mean the other teams. You know what to do :)


Azuna: (CONF) How did we loose, okay screw that letter I wrote to Chimy and pretended it was from Andrew, I vote off Matthew, you really thought I liked you? haha stupid idiot (END CONF)

Andrew: (CONF) How the freak did we lose? Well I vote Matthew!

Eddie: (CONF) Matthew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dale: (CONF)I think Andrew is a threat but sorry Matthew(END CONF)


Chris: Ok................screw the nuts. Now they're alergic to everyone and i'm giving them to ya >:D. Whatever. The safe's are Eddie, Dale, Azuna...what the hell...,Maise and finally..........Andrew. So the captain gets the boo- WHAT? Well, sure you won 3 times, but you lost the captain O.o *kicks out Matthew*

Episode 6 Chat

Speaker: Chris is here. Guess we're getting....well...we're getting to U.S.A, more precisely Washington D.C. No telling the challenge, cause it's a top secret!

V.I.P. Area (Pinched Class)

Chef: Nice you got here after that many Cargo Rooms. Whatever, you got hotdogs, hamburgers, fries and coca cola! Enjoy

Ned: Thank god no elimination! mmmmm! tasty food!

Passenger Area (Poached Class)

Chef: Again you got here, you 3? Very weird...but you got some McDonalds meat and mineral water. It's not that bad...cmon

Chimaroj: *sleeping*

Chimaroj: *talking in his sleep* help, help me...

Chimaroj: *talking in his sleep* help me... it's after me...

Chimaroj: *talking in his sleep* it almost has me!! *wakes up screaming* AHHHHHHH!!!! (CONF) *shoked* I haven't had this terrible dream ever since my sister Azu stoped playing that song...  (END CONF)

Cargo Room (Patched Class)

Chef: HOW THE HELL YOU GOT HERE?! Sad to say, but you got to eat White House blocks....don't even ask me how i got them. Have an awful meal

Dale: Dont worry guys we will get back were you deserve!

Azuna: *playing the song of healing* (CONF) people say if someone you fear play the song of healing while you're sleeping you'll get nightmares. I don't believe it (END CONF)

Challenge 6 - White Messhouse

Chris: Hey everybody, welcome to Washington, home of the epic White House and, if i'm right, of the federals, or also called FBI :D.........yeah, i don't really know. Too busy to check. Anyhow, this challenge will be particular....why? Oh well. There's a sort of criminal between you, and i've chose him someday in the plane. He knows everything. Anyhow, your job is to find that criminal by killing him. Just to mind, i will tell you an hint about the person i'm talking about, starting from none at all. The winner team is the one who manages to "kill" the killer first. (So, i've chose the killer already, so don't mind to be it. It's one line to kill your target...with the only fact...that if it's wrong you just lost an enemy or something else. If a team's out, it will win......that's the good of this challenge. You can't murder the other team, and random killing can just waste your life.) Oh right. No suicides. The first person's hint is coming RIGHT NOW!

Hint 1: The following contestant didn't partecipate the passport challenge OR it wasn't the winner of it

(Little announcement: I changed the person i it could be a Patched Class member, but it's not sure)

Dale: Didnt he say you cant kill the other team?

Ned: I dont think its anyone on my team.

Azuna: I kill Andrew..

Chimaroj: I don't kill anyone... I mean I can trust Venice and Inca.

Chris: Screw that. Now, i've chosen the killer. Sorry for that. Let's do this. You can't kill yourself, and thats one. It can also be anyone. Nobody knows who's who...and since you can't kill yourself...this challenge is goin to be real mad. Also, reminder. The first person to kill the killer wins for it's team, if it wasn't clear

Hint 2: (Not including Alliances) This contestant doesn't have a relationship with anyone (Crushes counts)

Chimaroj: I don't know if you are the killer or not but sorry I kill Dale.

Ned: Ive narrowed it down to 3 so...I kill Aichi

Azuna: I kill Misaki.

Ned:I kill Maise now

Chris: I see you want to kill. If you want to, post *kills [name]*. I'll tell you if it's the killer or not :)

Ned: *kills Aichi*

Dale: *kills Maise*

Chris:'re so intelligent. Ned! It was Aichi, meaning that your team won :D. Whatever, i have another one. Try to find it, and it's between Patched Class and Poached Class. Oh right, who were killed (in this case Aichi and Maise) are revived

Dale: *kills Maise*

Chimaroj: Sorry *kills Venice*

Chris: Aww, both Maise and Venice died. The killer wasn't caught.

Hint 3: This contestant haves a friendship

Chimaroj: *kills Dale*

Chris: Still didn't got it, and it's far too early for another hint. Suddenly, Maise, Venice and Dale can't suggest anymore, How joily. If you want to win, kill the right one. As my calculation says, you have just 5 targets

Chimaroj: I am sorry Azu *kills Azuna*

Chris: And Chimaroj got it :D. So, i'm sorry to say, but Patched Class. From winner team you lost 2 times. Be careful next time :s

Elimination 5 - Patched Class

Chris: Can i say? The only who did something here was Dale, but he was killed. Whatever, consider the pro and cons of that, but it's time for one of you to be kicked out the plane


Azuna: (CONF) My stupid brother won because he shot me!! But I am gonna vote off Andrew, you made it to the final 2 in season 1.. (END CONF)

Dale: Andrew

Maisie: One I am not Maise I am Maisie with an I between S and E, Two, I vote Andrew

Andrew: :( Well you guys are making the bad choice! I vote that evil person Azuna!

Eddie: AZUNA!


Chris: Ok, i'm going to do votes quite more amplied. From now on, everyone can vote :D. Well, the only ones who didn't got a vote were Dale, obviously, Eddie and Maise! Andrew or Azuna, one of you is out, and in a result of a 3vs2 vote, i'm sorry Andrew, but you're safe..........................from not being eliminated. It means that YOU'RE OUT! *kicks him out the plane*

Episode 7 Chat

Speaker: Chris is here. The next location we're getting to is London! There's a particular reason for that, but ain't gonna tell ya. Enjoy the Great Britain menu while we make our way here

V.I.P. Area (Pinched Class)

Chef: Uh, we didn't get to make the best dishes cause of the destination, but you got Fish and Chips with tea, Lipton tea, obviously

Ned: Yes! no vote

Cassie: I love Lipton Tea! *Steals some, and puts it in her purse* (CONF) What? A girl's gotta drink.

Passenger Area (Poached Class)

Chef:'re the eternal seconds? When the loser team will die, you have to win for sure. Anyhow, you got nothing much but a soup.

Chimaroj: Finally someting I can eat I haven't eat anything all season *tries the soup* Yuk what kinda soup is it? Chef?

Venice: That is Lental Soup...

Inca: Eh, I will eat out of my "Stash"

Chimaroj: Great, again nothing to eat, *Stomach growls* Oh well my stomach is calling , *eating the soup*

Cargo Room (Patched Class)

Chris: While the other times we gave something to losers, even if it was awful, this time we don't. You starve for today, k?

Dale: Its ok guys we can do this!

Eddie: (CONF) Azuna I will get my revenge. I just have to switch teams and I will be safe from that she-devil.

Azuna: Soo Eddie, any plans on how we have to get out of our loosing streak (CONF) Andrew had to see it comming, I don't know if that letter thing worked or not but what does it matter he's out. *stomach growls* Ah I miss first class (END CONF) 

Eddie: Sorry, no clue

Maisie: Hey Eddie (CONF) My strategy is to act like I'm with Azuna but really vote her out (NON-CONF) Wanna be in an alliance called the Anti-Azuna Alliance/The Triple A *Walks over to Azuna* Lets vote out Eddie at elimination

Eddie: *walks to Maisie* *whispers* Sure

Azuna: No Maisie we shouldn't vote off Eddie... I mean look at him. He looks like a lost puppy, A really bad looking lost puppy.  

Eddie: *slaps Azuna* Hey!

Azuna: How dare you slep a girl *grab Eddie by his arm and put his arm on his back* the next time you slap me I'll break your arm! *pushes him to the ground* (CONF) Eddie is gonna get it, I am aware the he wants me gone I mean he and Andrew were friends, Maybe I should get into Maisie's offering. (END CONF)

Azuna: Maisie I okay, I'll go with you, we vote out Eddie. (CONF) If he's gone we finally have no more complaining about eliminations. (END CONF) And by the way he want you gone, just so you know it.

Challenge 7 - The Chrislympics

Chris: Sorry for the waiting, it's quite hard to get to London with this fog. Anyhow, since UK had the nice olympic games, we're copying them. WE'RE HAVING THE CHRISLYMPICS. It's made of just one thing :D....i mean, many things in one. This challenge is to complete all the trials in the fastest time, and the member of the team which manages to complete the track first wins it. Here's what we're doin (discipline,number of lines and what you have to write)

  • 100 metres run (1 line) (runs 100 metres)
  • Obstacles (another line) (jumps obstacle)
  • Long Jump (another line) (long-jumps)
  • Archery (another line) (throws an arrow)
  • Dive (another line) (dive)
  • 100 metres swimming (another line) (swims 100 metres)
  • Bike Run (2 lines) (goes on bike)
  • Final Run to goal (2 lines) (runs to goal)

Are you ready? From now on, EVERYONE VOTES. It means that you have more risk to be eliminated :D. Whatever, switching tickets now give a twist.....cause they they became IMMUNITY TICKETS! Yeah, we're bringing them back, but with a little twist...but you'll know it later...if Patched Class loses again. Now, where we were? Oh yeah, START!

Eddie: *runs 100 meters*

Azuna: *runs 100 meter*

Chimaroj: *runs 100 meter*

Eddie: *jumps obstacle*

Azuna: *jumps obstacle*

Chimaroj: *jumps obstacle*

Eddie: *long jumps*

Azuna: *long jumps*

Chimaroj: *long jumps*

Eddie: *throws an arrow*

Azuna: *throws an arrow* Way to go Eddie WHOOHOO

Chimaroj: *throws arrow*

Eddie: *dives*

Chimaroj: *dives*

Azuna: *takes off her shoes and dives*

Eddie: *swims 100 meters*

Chimaroj: *swims 100 meters*

Azuna: *swims 100 meters*

Eddie: *goes on bike*

Chimaroj: *jumps on a bike*

Azuna: *goes on a bike*

Eddie: *rides bike*

Chimaroj: *rides bike*

Azuna: *rides bike*

Eddie: *runs to goal*

Chimaroj: *runs to Goal*

Azuna: *runs to goal*

Eddie: *goes past goal* YAY!

Chimaroj: *goes past goal* Silver!!

Azuna: *goes past goal* Well done Eddie.

Chris: Woahie! Eddie re-won for Patched Class, which means today Dale is not goin to use his ticket :(. Whatever, now we'll have the tiebreaker challenge with Poached and Pinched Class....and if Poached Class is lucky enough, it will be 2nd.....AGAIN! Whatever, this challenge is going to be fun, cause you have to hit the target.....althrough you're not seeing anything. You'll have the 20% of the chance of hitting the target, and the first one who does so makes his/her team safe and make other go to elimination. Whatevery. If you're ready, here we go *everyone can't see for some reason now*

Chimaroj: I am lucky because the monks always told us to not be afraid if you can't see, you still have your ears. *tries to hit's the target*

*Chimaroj arrow misses of much, it almost hits an intern* (this DOESN'T count as a line)

Inca: *Tries to hit the target*

Venice: *Also tries*

*Inca's arrow misses the board and hits the ground, while Venice's arrow HIT IT....just kidding, it was really close*

Chimaroj: *tries to hit the target*

*Chimaroj's arrow is off the board, and it ends on the supports*

Inca: *Tries to hit the target*

Venice: *Also tries*

*Inca's arrow is not that close to the target, while Venice's one hit the ground*

Chimaroj: *tries to hit the target*

Inca: *Tries to hit the target*

Venice: *Also tries*

*All arrows backflips and hits everyone's knee...oh wait, kidding, Chimaroj and Inca's arrows misses, but Venice hits the target!!!*

Chris: Alright. Venice hit the target first, which means that....oh god...Pinched Team is facing elimination. No immunity tickets, so none of you are safe. Also, Venice gets the immunity ticket since she hit the target first

Elimination 6 - Pinched Team

Chris: Really guys, you were in a winning streak. It's sad on how you lost, and you're going to 3, like Poached Class right now. Their being in 2nd is awesome, but not that much. Everyone got to vote this time, so...yeah, you know what to do


Inca: (CONF) I vote Misaki.

Venice: (CONF) I will vote Misaki

Cassie: (CONF) Miskai. (I promise to be more active for now on.)

Chimaroj: (CONF) First time voting since Egypt... anyway I vote off Misaki

Azuna: (CONF) *Yawn* What a boring day was it today, *doing make up and knock over the nail polish on Misaki's pasport* Oh shhh... whatever I wanted to vote her out anyway.

Eddie: (CONF) I vote Misaki!!!!!!

Maisie: (CONF) Sorry Misaki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dale: Misaki you are awesome but a huge threat

Ned: I refuse to vote *crosses arms*


Chris: Ok...almost everyone voted but some, but today i'm not caring about it. Well, today's safeys are Ned....Cassie and...................................................................Aichi. Very sorry to say, but the team captain, Misaki, got off. No last words, so BYE *kicks her out*

Episode 8 Chat

Speaker: Chris is here! While the others time i revealed the location, this time i wont. I even obscured the windows so that you won't see where we are going. Today's menu is everything...or almost

V.I.P. Area (Patched Class)

Chef: Welcome back to the first class. As a prize you get to take all the food you want!

Azuna: AH I missed you first class *hugs a pillow*

Dale: Yay go team you are awesome!

Azuna: That's right my little buddy *gives him a kiss on his cheek*

Eddie: I can't believe I earned this back for us!

Azuna: Yeah Eddie you're amazing *hugs Eddie*

Passenger Area (Poached Class)

Chef: I don't know if it's you, but it's the 5TH time you're here. Anyway, you can take what you want as a food, but just one thing

Chimaroj: I take this salade *eating the salade* 

Venice: Can i have some Pasta?

Inca: I'll Take the Sushi. Chim, Lets keep up the 2nd places! xD

Cargo Room (Pinched Class)

Chef: You were doing so good and now you lost. The life...anyhow, you got to eat nothing but air :D

Ned: *trying to calm breathing*

Cassie: Well... This sucks.

Ned: (CONF) Almost alone with cassie! but i still wont throw  the challenge (END CONF) I guess but its not to bad...

The Super-Secret Twistie Time

Chris: Welcome everyone to the elimination room...YOU'RE ALL ELIMINATED. XD joking calm down. We're having a special thingy which was SOOOO unexpected (it's true, nobody asked me). First of all, all of you are going to reside in the Passenger Area for a lot of time. 2nd, while in the first season we had 2 returnees, this time we're having 1....but later. We're having 2 DEBUTTERS. So what's your job? Just vote for you want to join the game between the debutters. They can't vote obviously, but now, who're you voting for?


Dale: Lara and Shelby

Ned: Lara and Shelby

Chimaroj: (CONF) I want Lara!! I miss her.. and I guess Phillip (END CONF)

Azuna: (CONF) I vote Lara to debute, ofcourse I know she is the girlfriend of Chimy but that's why I let her debute. So if she get's voted out he will be devastated and I guess Phillip (END CONF)

Maisie: (CONF) I want Lara and Dusk

Inca: (CONF) Abigail needs to come back! And i guess Lara. But don't get 3rd again!!! Jk :P

Venice: (CONF) Shelby & Abigail 

Eddie: (CONF) Shelby and Abigail!


Chris: Ok everyone. The time of voting ended...and as always, SOMEONE DIDN'T VOTE ç-ç. I will care about that later. Anyhow, of the 8 volunteers,which are waiting for an answer at home, just some didn't receive votes, and they're Sonic, Raven and no joining for them. So the ones who got a vote are Philip, Abigail, Dusk, Shelby and Lara. Remember that 2 joins the game...and also. Let's go by order. The one who got the least votes is......Dusk. I'm sorry, but he won't join :P. Then the 2nd last is.....Philip? Very weird, but anyhow, let's continue. Between Abigail, Shelby and Lara, just one doesn't make it to the competition, and that is...............................................................................Abigail. Aw, we're going to miss the fun. Less chat, say welcome to Shelby and Lara :D....*facepalms* Forgot they're not here. The next weeks will be about getting on board Shelby and Lara, and also, they will end in the teams that haves 3 members only, meaning that Shelby will get in Poached Class, while Lara will get in Pinched Class. Now every team haves 4 members :D

Episode 9 Chat

*Shelby and Lara were collected, and somehow Philip is now an intern of the season*

Chris: Welcome everyone and the debutters. You almost made it to the half of the season...but not the merge. Announcing officially, after 2 eliminations there will be the merge, meaning there's still a chance for Shelby or Lara to be eliminated XD. Anyhow, the next location is Canada! We're going here because of the Niagara Falls...and another thing, but i don't want to say that, cause it's the challenge. Anyhow, enjoy Chef's kitchen, cause today you're all eating :D.

Passenger Area (Patched, Poached and Pinched Class)

Chef: I had to cook for everyone -_-. Anyhow, Enjoy this meal, cause the last you're having >:D. Joking, enjoy the so famous pancakes with maple syrup. Here we go!

Lara: yesss !!! I'm Here !!!! i'm very happy !! thanks guys !! CHIMAROJ !!!! *Hugs Chimaroj*!!!!

Philip: At least i can travel free as an intern. Hey... Lara, nice you got back. Hi everyone else

Lara: oww !! i remember you !! you are the fifth finalist of ATI !! nice to meet you :D

Inca: Jk :P

Philip: At least i'm known or what. Nice to meet you. I'm Philip

Bruno: And i'm Bruno

Venice: *Hits him on the head. with a hammer*

Lara: hi Bruno, and inca yes i remember you (CONF) too bad for me....Inca is here (END CONF)

Chimaroj: LARA!! I missed you *gives her a kiss* (CONF) I am so happy that Lara is back, I don't even care if she is on the other team I am glad that she is here. (END CONF)

Azuna: *eating a pancake* (CONF) Okay that sucks, WE WON LAST TIME!! We desirve a extra team mate!! Not that Pinched Class, And what's up with our strange team names, I keep on forgetting them. (END CONF)

Chimaroj: Lara I am so happy you're here. *hold her hands*

Inca: (CONF) This better not depress me again... (END CONF)

Lara: *kiss Chimaroj* i'm so happy, i'm here with you !! 

Inca: So, Venice, Whats up?

Venice: Nothing much, Just watching the clouds. 

Inca: We're on a plane...

Chimaroj: *kiss Lara* But it sucks that you're on the other team. And if we make it to the merge do you promise me that it's not gonna be as last season?

Lara: no no don't worry there isn't any Eric here xD  

Chimaroj: Okay.. I love you *start making out with Lara*

Azuna: EWW can you two do that somewhere else. (CONF) I don't have to see my brother making out with someone else (END CONF)

Dale: Oh my God Lara and Shelby you are so awesome cant believe i get to compete with such an awesome cast!

Shelby: Hey all and thanks!

Dusk: (cameo) I would of had done something to Azuna if I did get debuted.

Azuna: You don't even know me, you never been in this show and you already annoys me. Get outa here you're not even in the game *puches Dusk out of the plane* ehat a annoying person was that.

Inca: Who was that?!?

Bruno: Hehehehehehe

Venice: You too! *Throws Bruno off the plane* Stupid Wannabe!

Chimaroj: (CONF) Dusk... what is wrong with that guy, you're not supose to hurt a girl, even if it is Azu (END CONF)

Inca: (CONF) I hope Chandler returns for S4 :D

Venice: (CONF) I really need a tan :\ (END CONF)

Azuna: *opens the confessonal doors while Venice is in it* Someone broke the lock, *looks at Venice* No offence but you can really use a tan..

Venice: Urm, Thanks.....

Inca: (CONF) is Chandler gonna debut? Or is Ivan coming in? Or Wayne? I NEED ATTENTION!!!

Venice: *opens the confessonal doors while Inca is in it* Someone broke the lock, *looks at Inca awkwardly* No offence but you have some attention problems... *Leaves*

Challenge 9 - There's even the leaf

Chris: Welcome to Canada! Home of Ottawa, Toronto, maple syrup, Niagara Falls and other dump. Today challenge may be familiar to the After The Island veterans, i think so, but here it is. What you have to do is to get in the National Pencil Museum, and your goal is to shape a pencil from the sacred silver pencil sharpener. How it is the challenge? Run from the start to other riddles, answer them and then progress. (Lines below)

(From start to first riddle - 3 lines)

(Answer first riddle then 3 lines to next)

(Answer second riddle then 3 lines to next)

(Answer third riddle, and if you want to win, post *shapes a pencil*)

You got it? The riddles will be pencil-themed, and i'm not going to be so active, so you may wait thousand years before i'll let you pass. Ready? Set? GO!

Patched Class Section

Azuna: *runs*

Maisie: *Runs* (1)

Azuna: *runs* (2)

Dale: *runs*

Maisie: *Runs* (2)

Azuna: *runs* (3)

Dale: *runs* (2)

Eddie: *runs* [1]

Dale: *runs* (3)

Eddie: *runs* [2]

Maisie: *Runs* (3)

Azuna: *runs* (1)

Dale: *runs* (1)

Maisie: *Runs* (1)

Dale: *runs* (2)

Maisie: *Runs* (2)

Dale: *runs* (3)

Maisie: *Runs* (3)

Azuna: *runs* 2

Dale: *runs* (1)

Azuna: *runs* 3

Dale: *runs* (2)

Riddle 1

Post here after the 3 lines

Riddle: Since Dale's here. The 3 colours of pencils, or at least, the ones i know for indicating the sharpeness of a pencil.

Azuna: Hey! I am here too!! Anyway, if I understand the question right, the colours are, Yellow, Blue and Red.

Maisie: IDK, I think its Yellow, Blue and Red, So what Azuna said

Riddle: Awww, sadly. You got 2, but not 1 (Azuna and Maise are sent back of 1 line)

Riddle: My bad, i meant the colours on the top of the pencil. There are 3 categories of sharpeness. H, HB, B. Find the colours of each one :D

Dale: If I understand it right then its red,blue and purple

Riddle: Again, 2 right but 1 wrong z.z *sends Dale to start*

Dale: Back...em how about Red yellow and purple?

Maisie: Back, Erm Blue, Orange and Red (Our Question's to hard, The other ones are much easier *Insert Angry/Annoyed/Irritated face here*)

Riddle: (Yeah, i know. Fixing it). Little hint. Red and Blue are alright, but i'll leave you a little chance. The other colour i wanted was Black, and the one i want now is a secondary colour...still *Dale and Maise are sent back at start*

Azuna: I guess red and blue and... Green?

Riddle: FINALLY! Every Patched Class can pass through now. Little information. You're 2nd

Azuna: *runs* (1) This is gonna be a long challenge isn't it.

Dale: *runs* (1)

Azuna: *runs* (2)

Dale: *runs* (2)

Azuna: *runs* (3) Please don't let it be a riddle like the last one, I mean I just guessed that one. In Japan all pencils have the same colour no matter the hardness of the pencil.

Dale: *runs* (3)

Eddie: *runs* [1]

Maisie: *Runs* (1)

Riddle 2

Post here after passing from first riddle and the 3 lines

Dale: Ok riddle please

Riddle: You got two choices. Or you make a drawing of a pencil (and i'll judge if is good...and one thing. You must photographe it, cause YOU'RE DOING THAT IN REAL PAPER) or you answer this quite impossible riddle. I make the missing, but it shorts.

Azuna: Here 
IMG 0342

Azuna, I can't make it in colour, I am sorry

Riddle: No trying to guess the riddle, uh? Well, i'll propone that to another team. Anyhow, you can pass, but the last challenge won't be that easy >:D

 Riddle 3

Post here after passing from second riddle and the 3 lines. If it's right, post *shapes a pencil*

Azuna: *runs* (1) (CONF) How is this my challenge? So far I am the only one of my team who got the riddles right. (END CONF

Maisie: *Runs*

Azuna: *runs* (2)

Maisie: *Runs* (2)

Azuna: *runs* (3)

Riddle: You got to answer the riddle of before, BUT this time i want everyone in this team to answer >:)

Maisie: *Runs* (3)

Azuna: Uhm.. A pencil?

Riddle: Are you kidding me?! And anyway, who gets it first let the whole team pass *Azuna is sent back to the start :D* Reminder, the riddle is "I make the missing, but it shorts it"

Azuna: *runs* (1)

(Azuna haves to post 9 lines cause she's at start)

Dale: *runs* (1) I know!

Azuna: *runs* (2)

Dale: *runs* (2)  

Azuna: *runs (3) WHY DO I NEED TO RUN THE WHOLE TIME?!?!?!?

Dale: *runs* (3) Sharpener? 

Azuna: I am so tired of running *runs* (4)

Dale: Go on Azuna and Eddie You can do it!

Riddle: I'm not going to kick you Dale, because i'm waiting for another answer, then i'll kick who got the wrong one, and you'll see the fun :D

Azuna: *runs* (5) did we won? 

Eddie: *runs* (1) 

Azuna: *runs* (6)

Eddie: *runs* [1]

Azuna: *runs* (7) Eddie why are you running in place, this way we don't win XD

Maisie: Uhhh, Led (IDK If i spelt that right)

Azuna: *runs* (8)

Riddle: Dale got it right, but now everyone haves to answer this to open the door, but since Maise got it wrong *sends Maise to start* Pray for here to come here in time

Poached Class Section

Inca: *Runs*

Venice: *Runs*

Chimaroj: *runs*

Inca: *Runs*

Venice: *Runs*

Chimaroj: *runs*

Inca: *Runs*

Venice: *Runs*

Chimaroj: *runs*

Shelby: *runs*

Riddle 1

Post here after the 3 lines

Inca: *Arrives* Riddle 1 Please!

Venice: Whats the riddle?

Riddle: What is it made of the tip of the pencil?

Chimaroj: Dalton Ghetti?

WRONG (some wind knocks out Chimaroj to start) [little complication. If you lose, you get back at the start :D]

Inca: Graphite

Riddle: The first to answer = Immunity ticket :D. Congrats, you all can pass

Chimaroj: *runs* 1

Inca: *Runs* 

Venice: *Runs*

Chimaroj: *runs* 2

Inca: *Runs*

Venice: *Runs*

Chimaroj: *runs* 3

Inca: *Runs*

Venice: *Runs*

Shelby: Can I contnue running here? *runs* (2)

Riddle 2

Post here after passing from first riddle and the 3 lines

Chimaroj: Can we have our riddle?

Venice: GIVE US THE F****** RIDDLE *Throws Chimaroj at Chris*

Inca: Woah, Calm down


Inca: O.o

Chimaroj: aw, that hurt..

Chimaroj: I guess the awser to the riddle is Pencil Sharpener

Riddle: Great, i've forgot this stupid team which always gets 2nd....yeaahh....enough. Say a company of pencil makers and we're done.

Chimaroj: Bruynzeel.

Riddle: Nice that you didn't fall in the trap. If you said an obvious maker to me i would've kick you off to start, but you didn't :D. You pass :D

'Chimaroj: Yes *runs'* (1) (Bruynzeel is the only pencil company I know XD)

Inca: *Runs*

Venice: *Runs*

Chimaroj: *runs* (2)

Riddle 3

Post here after passing from second riddle and the 3 lines. If it's right, post *shapes a pencil*

Pinched Class Section

Lara: *runs*

Ned: *runs*

Lara: *runs*

Ned: *runs*

Lara: *runs*

Ned: *runs*

Aichi: *runs*

Ned: *runs*

Riddle 1

Post here after the 3 lines

Ned: riddle please!

Riddle: What was pencil "ancestor". I mean, the writing instrument which inspired Pencil?

Lara: riddle plz

Riddle: This is the riddle (the one up here) z.z

Ned: The Quill? (feather)

Riddle:'s more of the pen, cause there's no ink in the pencil. Whatever *sends Ned back*

Riddle 2

Post here after passing from first riddle and the 3 lines

Riddle 3

Post here after passing from second riddle and the 3 lines. If it's right, post *shapes a pencil*


Chris: The bomb blowed up. Ooh, didn't i told you there was the bomb? My mistake >:). You all blowed up, and sadly, guess who goes up for elimination. Pinched Class, cause Patched Class managed to get at riddle 3 and even answer it, while Poached Class got the 2nd riddle and was going to 3rd one. You didn't even try to answer your question, which was "Stylus". Anyhow, elimination time!

Elimination 8 - Pinched Class

Chris: And with this you're the loser team. Deal with it. Anyhow, whoever will be eliminate will be throw to the souls...i mean, waters of Niagara Falls. You're going to hate them if you're the one :D. Now, everyone, vote for who has to die...i mean be eliminated


Ned: *cries* Cassie you have to go *cries harder*

Venice: Ned

Inca: I vote Ned

Azuna: (conf)We are in first class again, thanks to me and Dale!! Go figure that little guy really knows how to play the game. Anyway I vote off Cassie, that annoying 'Fashion girl gotta go. (end conf)

Chimaroj: (conf)I don't care if we came in second, all I care about is that my Lara don't get voted out I do everything to protect my Lara from elimination, I vote off Cassie. (end conf)

Eddie: My team is so awesome. I have to vote Cassie, really sorry

Dale: Cassie you seemed cool but you get my vote

Lara: (conf) i can't vote ned because he is active and almost he try yo do the challenge so my vote goes to Cassie sorry girl :( (end conf)

The Throw Ceremony

Chris: >.< My bad guys. I really forgot about this thing that it went over 1 day. And no one remembers as always z.z . Also, excuse me, was playing an awesome game named Paper Mario...and that will....nah. Let's reveal the votes. It is revealed that we have 0 votes for everyone! Philip, you've got to go cause you killed the Lava Pira- WHAT THE HELL I'M SAYING?! *slaps himself* Sorry guys, quite addicted now. The one who didn't got any vote are everyone but Ned and Cassie. And of the two, guess who goes home..........................................................Ya got to the guess, cause it's not Ned...duh...yeah, bye Cassie, BYE *kicks her out* So, it's been a while from my last review. Ehmehm. Will the Patched Class win again. Will the Pinched Class escape the owner of the "Worst Team" trophy? Sorry guys. BUT MUST IMPORTANT. Will FINALLY Poached Class go up for elimination AND EVADE 2nd place AT LEAST ONE TIME? Nobody knows, but the day of the answers is incoming in next episode...i mean the one of Total......Drama........................................................................Toursomething :D

Episode 10

Speaker: Chris is here! Guess where we are going!!!! Yeah, we're going to Australia! It's so awesome that *plane starts to fall and crashes in a remote island of the pacific* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO my plane :(. I've still got my Paper Mario copy though :D. Anyhow guys, i have to ideate a challenge for this occasion, and you're all trapped here, so yeah. I'm too, but we'll get out of here somehow. Wait a sec

The Remote Island (Every Class)

Chef: You got to......chill out. We got no food, since it was...blowed up? Yeah i guess so *giggles*.

Ned: guys we got to stick together this seems suspicious

Shelby: Um okay.

Julie: Hello everyone. My name is Julie, and I will be your intern for the rest of the season. I am here for vacation. If you want food, you have to buy food I geuss *gives everyone 20 rupes* My Lapras will take you guys to diffrent places for now on. Sorry about the plance crush :(.

Aichi: Um, okay.

Mimi: *steals all rupees and Laprases* MIMIMIMIMIMIMIMIMIMIM *disappears* (Yeaaah...)

(Orange: *correcting Mimi* You mean Lapri.........)

Shelby: *pulls out bazooka and shoots at mimi*

*A bazooka in a island. Are you rambo or what? Target misses cause, well, she's gone*

Julie: You will not get away with this! MIMI!

Shelby: *steals maxwell's notebook and makes fighter jets* Man this is so limited. Come on guys. Pre Challenge - Teleport and Stop Mimi Julie: Chris went to go do something so I am going to host in the Pre Challenge. There are portals here, Try do find where Mimi The Devil went. Please bring back the stuff that he stole and please be my hero.

Eddie: *goes in portal*

Julie: Also it takes 6 lines to encort Mimi, do that after you go into the portal.

Shelby: No need. *shoots mimi out of the sky*

Julie: Shelby is disqualified from the challenge!

(Orange: Can you take a joke -______-)

(Berry: Yeah Moon you aren't making this very fun)

Maisie: *Goes into portal*

Eddie: *tries to encort Mimi* (1)

Chris: Hey wait! Oh the hell you found portals, lapri and rupees here? Also, in Super Paper Mario (in my theory), their value is zero coins. So yeah, this is much a fun challenge. Anyhow, chase Chef and you'll get a........................coconut. Still, Shelby is in the battle with his bazooka :D. (Ok, this is a fun zone of the pre-chat. I think i'm going to have more, and credits to the moon which turns Wolfdragonrex in a werewolf :D) (Oh yeah, sorry Moon. Find the way you like to get Mimi, or chef)

Shelby: *shoots chef with bazooka* Puma shirt puma shirt puuummmmaaaa shirt!

Julie: Ok. Then no portals, do it the way you like it. Also I have Ufensants. If you win the take down both Mimi & Chef, If your a boy, you get a pool party after the elimanation ceremony, If you a girl, you get makeovers with me instead. Also, you will get immunty this episode.

Challenge 10 - Nightmare after the coconuts

Chris: Nope. If you really want immunity, you better surive this demonic machine >:D *reveals to be a coconut spinner*...yeah it's not that....demonic, and don't ask me how i managed to do it,cause i don't even know. Anyhow your job is to jump before the spinner takes you. It will be harder once the time passes and the team who remains is the winner. The team who is eliminated first will face you better jump. (Oh right, here's the jumping order: Dale-Chimaroj-Ned-Eddie-Inca-Aichi-Maise-Venice-Lara-Azuna-Shelby. If you don't post after some time, you'll be out of the challenge. Also, I can end the challenge if it's taking too long, and i'll do that in percentual. In the case Poached Class and Pinched Class will have 1 contestant remaining, the one who wins is Pinched Class, because 33% of the team is remaining, while for Poached Class just the 25% remains) GO and DIE! *starts spinner*

Dale: *jumps*

Chris: *everybody is been kicked out* Uurgh. That's it.  Find me some tribal music. The best wins for the team and else (yeah, many are not doing this challenge cause of the order :( )

Eddie: Does this count:



Chris: And since almost nobody is posting, guess who wins.....PINCHED CLASS. I liked it and it was better than others. However, since Poached Class didn't even submit something, THEY ARE FINALLY UP FOR ELIMINATION *confetti* Also, plane is magically repaired *plane is now fixed* Let's go on, and who's eliminated today will be eaten from the sharks!

Elimination 9 - Poached Class (FINALLY)

Chris: After the 2nd place everytime period, YOU FINALLY LOST. I was waiting so much for it, cause it was getting really annoying. The other teams get a payback, almost? Anyhow, one of you is history. Everyone, vote!


Venice: Shelby

Inca: Shelby

Shelby: Venice.

Chimaroj: Shelby, sorry girl but you gotta go. 


Chris: 3 words: Shelby Is Out. Just because just the team voted....i mean...uh screw it. You know the deal, BYE *kicks him/her/whatever out*

Shelby: Because the team voted stupidly? Yeah I know. Bye.

Episode 11

Speaker: Guess what! YOU ALL MADE IT TO THE MERGE. Now we'll have just 2 areas: The V.I.P. Area and the Cargo Room. All the losers will get in cargo room, while who gets in V.I.P. Area can invite one or two more persons in it. Anyhow, next destination is Australia, i mean, i told you even previous time, that should've been obvious, right?

V.I.P. Area (Ex-Pinched Class)

Chef: Well, for you we have........*checks fridge*............nothing at all? Man, we forgot to take the food. It means that for today you eat nothing.

Ned: Yay! *hugs the others* we made the merge!

Julie: Good for you. I'll give you some chocolate. *gives Ned chocolate*

Lara: YESSS !!! I LOVE YOU NED !!! *Hugs ned* thanks !!!! i'm very happy :DD

Graham: *enters* Hey guys! I'm back! But not for the season, I am just a cameo for today along with Ashley!

Ashley: Hi everyone!

Chimaroj: Lara *gives her a kiss* I am so glad we made it so far.

Lara: are you here !!! *Hugs Chimaroj* !! i'm very happy, i hope i or you don't be eliminated now...

Ned: Can we invite others in then?

Cargo Room (Ex-Patched Class and Ex-Pinched Class)

Chef: No food for ya, i checked the fridge and there's nothing but the air. So sorry. The meal would've still been awful.

Azuna: *sleeping*

Pinastina: *pushes Azuna off the bed and takes Vanice away* TINATINATINATIN. *disappears with her*

Azuna: I will kill you... where did she go? *goes back to sleep*

Chimaroj: *sees Azuna sleeping* (CONF) She is still my sister, so I try to be nice to her. Eventhought she will never be nice to me.(END CONF) *gives Azuna a blanket* 

Graham: *Comes out from behind box* Woah! This is better than television, hey guys!

Ashley: *steps in* Hi, Graham and I are back for your next destination, I know Chris told you, Australia!

Eddie: Hi guys! Can you believe Andrew already got voted out? I thought for sure he would get to the merge with me

Ashley: I know! Well I think Graham and I better get back to Chris, I don' think you were meant to know we were here until later, like a suprise, bye! *Grabs Graham's arma and pulls him out*

Graham: *Waving* Bye!

Julie: *shoots Pinastina and brings Venice back*

Azuna: *wakes up* *Yawn* *looks at the blanket* Who gave me this! *looks at Eddie* you did it hah!... Thanks *smiles*

Linda (cameo): EEEE what a disgusting room.

Azuna: *Asking Dale*, isn't she that girl from last season?  

Chris: What is everyone doing here? *kicks all intruses out of the plane*

Dale: Yes he is that girl from last season

Azuna: He? Oh I thought she was Marry...

Challenge 11 - Jump, bad cricket

'Chris: Welcome to AUSTRALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, enough with the madness. You're the mergers now, and you should congratulate yourself, cause you made it here BY YOUR OWN....or that's the situation of some. Now it starts the real survival thing. Since it's the merge, at every elimination just a few will be safe, so if you really want to win this season, you better fight fact today you will...but'll know. Today's challenge is special, cause you're kangaroos :D....without the costume, what you thought?! Anyhow, you got to reach the goal (which is 15 lines ahead). Just watch out for the other kangaroos, that can kick you back (every "when-i'-want" minutes, i will a contestant. This guy is either going back of 1,2,3,5 or in the worst cases all lines. Watch out for it). Ready for getting your ass kicked? GO!

Azuna: *pushes Eddie away* That is what you get for trying to eliminate me. *runs like a kangaroo* (1)

Chimaroj: *takes Lara's hand* let's do this together. *runs like a kangaroo* (1)

Eddie: *runs like a kangaroo* (1)

Lara: okay Chima *runs like a kangaroo* (1)

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* (CONF) Eddie is sooo hot... I mean annoyin... and ugly AH *smashes the camera* (END CONF) (2)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (CONF) *only sound* what happend to this camera? anyway,  What is going on between Azu and that other guy. Eddie is it? If I am not wrong it looks like Azu likes him  go figure. (END CONF) (2)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (2)

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* (3)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (3)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (3)

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* (4)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (4)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (4)

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* (5)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (5)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (5)

*Chimaroj meets a little kangaroo, and that.....kicker kicks him! He got back of 1 line :(*

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* awww sorry Chima :( (6)

Azuna: *looks at Chimaroj* (conf) He got it comming I mean why would you run hand in hand with your girlfriend while doing a challenge (END CONF) *runs like a kangaroo* (6)

Chimaroj: I am alright. *runs like a kangaroo* (5)

Lara: okay Chima i love you, *runs like a kangaroo* (7) (CONF) mmhh...i don't like Azuna she is devil, i hope she leaves me alone with Chimaroj (END CONF )

Azuna: *sarcastic tone* Aw do you hear that Chimy she loves you *runs like a kangaroo* (7)

Chimaroj: Don't call me that sis you know.. oops (Conf) I didn't meant to say that Azu is my sis Ah I am stupid sometimes (END CONF) *runs like a kangaroo (6)

*OMG. THE MASTER OF KUNG-FU MADE AS A KANGAROO o.o . Sadly to say, Chimaroj is far too weak for him, and is sent at the start (don't blame me, i random orged and it exited "Chimaroj" and "all". Sorry :( )*

Chimaroj: Since where are there Kung-fu Kangaroo's? *runs like a kangaroo* (1)

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* (8)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (8) do you talk with me azuna *false laughs*

Azuna: No actually I was talking to Chimy *runs like a kangaroo* (9)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (2)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (9) oh okay (CONF) no i don't like Azuna,I HATE AZUNA,she is false (END CONF)

*Another little kangaroo....yeah....Azuna is kicked and she's back of 1 line*

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (10) (COFN) uh...bye bye Azuna

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* I am gonna kill you kangaroo!!(9) (CONF) That girlfriend of Chimy is really annoying.(END CONF)

Chimaroj: Lara are you alright? *runs like a kangaroo* (3)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (11)

*Hey, the strongest baby kangaroo kicked Lara's ass :(...but still, she went back of 2 lines. Is not that bad, right?*

Azuna: Haha *runs like a kangaroo* (10)

Chimaroj: Why not? *runs like a kangaroo* (4)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (9) do you laughs ah !!!!!!!! (CONF) I WANNA KILL SHE !!!!!!

Azuna: Haha *runs like a kangaroo* (11)

Chimaroj: Lara, just ignore Azu she want to make yoyu mad *runs like a kangaroo* (5)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (10) NEVER !!!!!!

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* (12)

Chimaroj: *sigh* (CONF) I hate to see Lara like this, I love her and I want her to be happy and not angry like she is right now. (END CONF) *runs like a kangaroo* (6)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (11)

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* (13)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (7)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (12)

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* (14)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (8)

Dale: *runs like a kangaroo* (1)

Ned: *runs like a kangaroo* (1)

Azuna: *runs like a kangaroo* I made it!!(15)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (7)

Dale: *runs like a kangaroo* (2)

Ned: *runs like a kangaroo* (2)

Chris: Congrats to Azuna, but did you know that today safees are 3? Hehe, the game is still on

*Meanwhile, everyone is kicked back of 1 line*

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (7)

Azuna: *playing the piano* Haha Lara I thought you would win this.

Graham: *Laughs at contestants* This is too good!

Ashley: So Chris, why did you want us here for the show anyway?

Azuna: *puches Graham into a kangaroo* There you go feel the pain!

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (8)

Graham: *pulls out pocket knife and stabs kangaroo in the head* That is how the Aussies do it! *Then looks in the pouch* Want some slippers? For your little baby feet!

Ashley: You just got told, Aussie style! *High-fives Graham* What!

Azuna: You're not evil enough... you should've burned it down *evil laugh*

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* I am so tired.. (9)

Graham: Oh Thanks for reminding me! *Pulls out a lighter from his back pocket and lights kangaroo on fire* There! Who's hungry?

Azuna: Hmm no thanks I am tired.

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (10)

Ashley: Yum! *Takes the right arm*

Azuna: *singing how this is gonna end really good*

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (11)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (11)

Chimaroj: Lara we can win this! *runs like a kangaroo* (12)

Lara: yes,we can !! *runs like a kangaroo* (12)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (13)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (13)

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* (14)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* (14)

Azuna: Ashley don't you know that Kangaroo meat give you a rash?

Chimaroj: *runs like a kangaroo* I...Made it.. (15)

Lara: *runs like a kangaroo* yess ! i'm here *hugs Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: *hugs Lara* Yes we made it. I love you Lara. *Kisses Lara*

Chris: So this challenge ended! The kangaroos didn't manage to win, while Chimaroj, Azuna and Lara (which are the only two users who actually DID something) are safe :D *confetti* The others are history, and one of them is going to be eliminated

Elimination 10 - Not Chimaroj, Azuna and Lara

Chris: One thing to say: You were the ones who actually did nothing or a few. SHAME ON YOU, seriously. Anyhow, you got to vote off someone...and I'm NOT going to end votes without at least 5 votes. That's all, now let's do this


Lara: (CONF) i vote Eddie beacuse he is a threat for me and for Chimaroj...and becuase Azuna like him xD

Inca: (CONF) Eddie

Venice: (CONF) Eddie

Chimaroj: (CONF) I am a good brother eventhought my sister would never be really nice to me so that's why I am not voting out Eddie, I vote out Aichi. (END CONF)

Azuna: (CONF) Eddie is hot, he distracts me so I better vote him off before he get's me off the show. (END CONF)

(Orange: See, this is why you shouldn't vote in the camp, but instead in the chat or by email. The first vote ALWAYS DECIDES IT!) (I believe a rule in the wiki is not to complain about your elimination!)

Dale: Eddie

Ned: Eddie


Chris: Ok, one of you is going out. That one is never going to win the million.....if i'm right. That guy or girl will be also the first out of the mergers....and let's say it, in previous challenges you were more active. Ok, everyone but Lara, Azuna and Chimaroj can be eliminated. Actually, just two got the votes, and these are Aichi and Eddie. We had 7 votes in total and sadly Aichi with 1 vote only. Eddie, with 6 votes, GOOD-A-BYE....not fact...i have a surprise :D

(Orange: What do you mean "Not Really")

(Race: There's the rejoining ceremony, so you can re-join)

(Orange: Nobody is voting me)


Chris: One of the eliminated contestants will get back in the game, isn't that great? :D. Now, i'm waiting for at least 5 votes, and you got to let back in the game someone! Vote now (oh yeah, little rule. If a character of yours was eliminated, you can't vote him :)


Inca: Patrick

Venice: Patrick, since we saw not much of him :(

Chimaroj: like I said in the last elimination I try to be a good brother and that's why I vote Eddie back.

Azuna: Like I am gonna vote Eddie, there is no way he is returning.. right? That's why I am voting Eddie back.

Lara: i don't know the eliminate so i'm going to vote Eddie because my Chima vote he :)

(Not Chao-Xing?)

Ned: Eddie he earned his spot to this stage

Dale: Eddie we were friends

(Orange: Thanks Tikki and MU! Yes I am stalking this camp :D MUAHAHAHAHAHA loljk)

Rejoin Ceremony

Chris: SO............looking at the votes......................nobody got votes....except for 2, which are Patrick and Eddie! It was ok to prevent Eddie going...i guess? Whatever, enough chit-chat. Patrick is joining with 3 votes of 7, which means that Eddie is bye bye *kicks Patrick*...............Fooled ya! You're still in the game, like nothing happened. Good luck next time

Episode 12 Chat

Speaker: Chris is here! Guess we're going this time! It's an asian country in the sea. If you don't know what I am talking about it's JAPAN :D. Because of that, you'll have japanese food :D. Winners of previous challenge, if you want take someone in V.I.P. Area if you want, BUT NOT would ruin it all...

V.I.P. Area (Chimaroj, Azuna and Lara)

Chef: Konnichiwa......if that's hi in japanese. You got 1st quality japanese sushi today, so enjoy guys!

Chimaroj: *sleeping together with Lara*

Azuna: *eating sushi* (CONF) Great... we are going to Japan the land of sushi, Nintendo and oh yeah, my home town. I hope we are not going there, everyone there hates me because they think I set fire to Chimy's bed. That didn't happen, well it did happen but not the way they think it happend. Anyway talking about my much loved little brother. It looks like Lara really loves him. They sleep holding each other I'm okay with it aslong as it doesn't go a step further. Talking about annoying people I can't stand Eddie is back he annoys me with his hot body and pretty face... uhm I mean ugly face and disgusting body. ARG *smash the camera* (END CONF)

Julie: Thank Godness! JAPAN IS MY FAVORITE COUNTRY!!!! I would like to take some sushi for me and the cargo roomers. *takes some sushi*

Azuna: I don't think so..*takes Julie's sushi away* that is mine.... well ours actually but they are sleeping so for now it's mine. *eat's all the sushi that she took from Julie*

Julie: Actually that Sushi is From leftovers. Why should I even talk to you? You're evil. I'd rather talk to the good people in this room.

Azuna: Too bad but the 'good' people are sleeping and you are a bad person if you wake them up.

Julie: SERIOUSLY? My common voice is extra soft.

Azuna: Whatever go before I kick you out of here.

Julie: Fine. I'd rather talk to Ned, not you. *goes to Cargo Room with her sushi*

Azuna: *sneeks behind Julie and set's her hair on fire and then runs back to the V.I.P room*

Julie: *does the same thing to Azuna and puts snakes on her body* Payback *snake bites Azuna*

Azuna: OH well I was wearing a second skin anyway. That absorb all the poison stings and bites from animals. Did you really thought I was this fat.

Julie: Ask Chimaroj.

Chimaroj: *wakes up* can you stop screaming like that *points at Julie* we try to sleep *goes back to sleep*

Azuna: *whispering* haha I told you you would wake them up. 

*A waiter with a trolley of food walks in. He stops, and a hand sticks out holding a twenty dollar note. The waiter puts it in his pocket and keeps walking, revealing Graham and Ashley. They jump up and stand quietly.

Ashley: Hi*Pushes Graham forward and steps behind him*

Graham: Oh...uh....hi! Sorry, it was either this or back to boarding school,  so Japan, huh! *Walks off*

Ashley: Ooh Sushi! *Grabs four plates of sushi and walks off* See Ya!

Lara: *wakes up* .....what's happened ??!!! *sees Chimaroj* i love you when you sleep :) *goes back to sleep*

Azuna: *come back* *lovely voice* ha *sees Chim and Lara sleeping* Are they still sleeping? Ohwell more sushi for me *eating sushi*

Lara: *wakes up for the second time* (CONF) ahhh....i love sleep with chimaroj.... (END CONF ) *sees Azuna* (CONF) ahhh but i hate wake up and see azuna.....(END CONF) Hi Azuna,you know, get fat if you eat too much sushi (CONF) are already fat ahahahahaha xDxDxD (END CONF)

Azuna: Nah I loose weight the upcomming challenge, Ps talking about being fat, you need a work out.

Lara: DO YOU TALKING ABOUT ME !!!!!???? i'm the most beautiful in this season in fact i have the most beautiful boyfriend and i'm the most slim.....

Chimaroj: *wakes up* good morning everyone.

Azuna: Talking about your BF he just woke up because of you.

Chimaroj: *tired* what?

Lara: okay you can talk about me but you can't talk about Chimaroj *slaps Azuna* !!!

Azuna: Oh it's on *punches Lara*

Chimaroj: Oh no STOP YOU TWO!! *try to keep Azuna and Lara from fighting* You don't need to do that. Just ignore each other.

Cargo Room (Other ones)

Chef: Do you know how to make sushi? It's a sure no, so here you got a fish for all of you. Do what you want with it

Dale: Welcome back Eddie! *hugs him*

Julie: *enters* I would like to talk to Ned, not Azuna.

Ned: Em.... Julie you are supposed to wait on VIP

Eddie: Thanks Dale! Man it is nice to be back, even if I just left.

Azuna: *enters glares at Julie* Hi Eddie I am so happy you're back. Can I borrow you for a minute. *takes Eddie to the confessional* (CONF) Okay no funny busniss now we need to get rid of Maise okay! 

Eddie: (CONF: Azuna I am not so sure if I want to get rid of Maisie)

Azuna: (CONF) Alright be ignorant, just so you know she will blow your head off if you don't get rid of her first. Dicide for yourself then. *give Eddie two kisses on his cheeck* (END CONF) 

Challenge 12 - Paper Pwns It ALL!

Chris: Welcome to Japan! The home of one of you, a rich country and home of Nintendo company. Why I am talking about it? The next challenge will be based in a game which is awesome and that i'm playing. I'M TALKING ABOUT PAPER MARIO :D.............*cricket noise*..............ok let's just go through it. You should know about it's fighting style, cause this challenge will be a fighting tournament :D. Pratically, each of you will face another one, and your job is to defeat the other one, so that you can pass to next round. There are a total of 9 matches and 4 rounds, so think what you want. You'll start from these things!

  • Boots (permits a normal jump attack, which doesn't use FP, and deals 2+2 damage) [From round 3, it deals 3+3 damage]
  • Hammer (permits a normal hammer attack, which doesn't use FP, and deals 4 damage) [From round 3, it deals 6 damage]
  • 20 HP (though it increases of 10 every round) They let you live longer
  • 15 FP (though it increases of 10 every round) They let you use attack abilities
  • 15 BP (though it increases of 5 every round) They give you abilities
  • 30 coins (though every time you win you get 20 more) They let you buy items

In this tournament there will be a sole winner, meaning that today JUST ONE is safe, and the others will be up for elimination, and because of the 9 matches, this day is GOING TO BE LONG :D. We don't start it yet. Now check the lists below. The first is the one with all attack abilities and the 2nd is the one with all items. Consider getting the most useful for ya, cause you can't get them all, and when your BP exaurises, you can't get more. When FP exaurises you won't be able to do any attack ability and when your HP reaches's game over for ya. So, now head to buy them, and after some time we'll start the thingy. Oh yeah, if you don't do anything for a day, i'll throw you a shell which damages you of 10 HP!

Badge BP Effects
HP Plus 3 Increases Max HP of 5
FP Plus 3 Increases Max FP of 5
Power Plus 6 Increases Attack of 1
Defense Plus 6 Increases Defense of 1
P Down-D Up 3 Increases Defense of 1, but decreases Attack of 1
P Up-D Down 3 Increases Attack of 1, but decreases Defense of 1
Power Jump 2 Deals a single jump with lots of attack power (This move will deal 6 damage, but the 10% of the cases, it will deal just 3 damage) Uses 2 FP
Mega Jump 4 A powered-up version of Power Jump (This move will deal 10 damage, but the 20% of the cases it will deal just 3 damage) Uses 6 FP
D-Down Jump 2 It's a normal jump-attack, but it ignores defense. Uses 2 FP
Power Bounce 3 It multi-hits the target, with a decreasing power (Attack power starts from 3. The number of stomps is from 1 to 6, decided randomly) Uses 3 FP
Dizzy Stomp 1 It's a normal jump attack, but the 50% of the cases makes dizzy the target for 2 turns. Uses 2 FP
Shrink Stomp 1 It's a normal jump attack, but the 50% of the cases decreases of 3 the opponent's attack power for 2 turns. Uses 2 FP
Sleepy Stomp 1 It's a normal jump attack, but the 50% of the cases puts the target to sleep for 2 turns. Uses 2 FP
Frost Jump 2 It's like a normal attack, but can paralyze for 3 turns the enemies in the 30% of the cases. Uses 3 FP
Mighty Jump 6 Deals 30 (5%), 20 (20%),10 (30%) or 1 damage (45%) Damage to the target, regardless of the defense. Uses 10 FP
Jump Charge 1 Increases jump attack power of 2. Uses 1 FP
Super Jump Charge 2 Increases jump attack power of 3. Uses 4 FP
Power Smash 2 Deals an hammer smash with lots of attack power (This move will deal 7 damage, but the 20% of the cases, it deals 2 damage). Uses 2 FP
Mega Smash 4 Deals an hammer smash with lots of attack power (This move will deal 10/11 damage, but the 20% of the cases, it deals 1 damage). Uses 6 FP
D-Down Pound 2 It's a normal hammer attack, but it ignores defense, for 2 FP
Spin Smash 1 It's a spinning hammer attack, and the 50% of the cases makes dizzy the opponent. Uses 2 FP
Spiny Smash 1 It's a normal hammer attack, but the 50% of the cases poisons the opponent. Uses 2 FP
Quake Hammer 1 Deals a quake which flips shell enemies and deals 2 damage. Uses 2 FP
Power Quake 2 Deals a quake which flips shell enemies and deals 4 damage. Uses 4 FP
Mega Quake 3 Deals a quake which flips shell enemies and deals 6 damage. Uses 7 FP
Hammer Throw 2 Regardless of target's position, throws your hammer like a normal attack. Uses 2 FP
Burnhammer 2 It's like a normal attack, but burns the target. Uses 3 FP
Mighty Smash 6 Deals 30 (5%), 20 (20%), 10(30%) or 1(45%) Damage to the target, regardless of the defense. Uses 10 FP
Smash Charge 1 Increases hammer attack power of 2. Uses 1 FP
Super Smash Charge 2 Increases hammer attack power of 3. Uses 4 FP
All or Nothing 4 Increases attack of 1 if attack is succesfull. If it isn't, it won't deal any damage
Close Call 1 When you're in danger, chances of missing increases of 25%
Double Dip 1 Lets you use 2 items in same turn for 3 FP
Feeling Fine 3 Protects from dizziness and poison
Fire Shield 2 Every fire damage won't hurt the player, neither burn him
Flower Saver 6 All abilities FP cost decreases of 1, except the 1 FP abilities
Happy Heart 3 Every turn, you're healed of 2 HP
Happy Flower 3 Every turn, you're healed of 2 FP
HP Drain 3 Every succesfull hit will heal you 1 HP, but decreases attack of 1
Last Stand 1 When you'll be in danger, you'll get 1/2 damage
Power Rush 1 When you'll be in danger, your attack power increases of 2
Mega Rush 1 When you'll be in peril, your attack power increases of 4
Spike Shield 2 Jumping on spike enemies will no longer hurt ya
Triple Dip 3 Allows you to use 3 items in same turn for 6 FP
Zap Tap 4 Whoever directly attacks you will be harmed of 1 damage, and it will stop it's attack

Chris: Now here's the item list! They're just for healing you...though....yeah...

Item Coins Effect
Mushroom 5 Heals you 5 HP
Super Mushroom 15 Heals you 10 HP
Ultra Mushroom 45 Heals you 50 HP
Honey Syrup 5 Heals you 5 FP
Maple Syrup 15 Heals you 10 FP
Jammin Jelly 45 Heals you 50 FP
Honey Shroom 10 Heals you 5 HP and 5 FP
Maple Super 30 Heals you 10 HP and 10 FP
Jelly Ultra 90 Heals you 50 HP and 50 FP
Tasty Tonic 10 Cures poison and shrinking
Super Soda 15 Heals 5 FP and cures poison and shrinking
The things below there are avaiable after Round 2
Spike Punch 20 Increases attack of 2 for 3 turns
Steel Punch 20 Increases defense of 2 for 3 turns
Steelspike Punch 40 Increases attack and defense of 2 for 3 turns
Spike Helmet 25 Whoever jump attacks to you won't deal any damage and will get 2 damage. This for 5 turns
Parawings 25 Every hammer attack will fail. This for 5 turns
Spikey Wings 50 Whoever jumps on you will fail and will be dealt 2 damage. Also, hammer attacks (except Hammer Throw) will fail. This for 3 turns
Baasweet 20 Puts to sleep the target with no chance of surviving. Lasts for 2 turns
Boo Sheet 30 User won't take any damage, but can attack. Lasts for 2 turns

BP Status

Dale: 0/25

  • Happy Flower
  • Happy Heart
  • Sleepy Stomp
  • Mega Smash
  • Flower Saver
  • Bunrhammer
  • Super Jump Charge
  • Super Smash Charge
  • Fire Shield

Ned: 0/25

  • Happy Flower
  • Happy Heart
  • Sleepy Stomp
  • Mega Smash
  • Flower Saver
  • Burnhammer
  • Super Jump Charge
  • Super Smash Charge
  • Fire Shield

Chimaroj: 3/15

  • HP Plus
  • Defense Plus
  • Happy Heart

Eddie: 3/20

  • HP Plus
  • Power Bounce
  • Power Smash
  • Happy Heart
  • Defense Plus

Maise: 4/15

  • Defense Plus
  • HP Plus
  • Power Quake

Azuna: 0/20

  • HP Plus
  • Attack Plus
  • P Up-D Down
  • Happy Heart
  • Sleepy Stomp
  • Mega Smash

Inca: 10/15

  • HP Plus
  • Power Jump

Venice: 4/20

  • HP Plus
  • Happy Heart
  • Mega Jump
  • Defense Plus
  • Power Smash

Lara: 7/15

  • HP Plus
  • Happy Heart
  • Power Quake

Coins Status

Dale: 0/70

  • Spikey Wings (remember you have to wear them)
  • Spike Punch

Ned: 5/70

  • Ultra Mushroom
  • Super Mushroom

Chimaroj: 20/30

  • Honey Shroom

Eddie: 35/50

  • Super Mushroom

Maise: 5/30

  • Tasty Tonic
  • Super Mushroom

Azuna: 50/50

Inca: 30/30

Venice: 50/50

Lara: 30/30


Chris: Here you buy things

Chimaroj: I take the HP plus and Defence plus badge and the Honey shroom.

Chris: You can only take one. The badges you can take more than 1 time are the red coloured ones

Ned: Mega smash and Happy Flower

Dale: Same

Ned: I'll add a defense up and a D-down jump

Dale: I'll add FP plus and Zap Tap

Maisie: Defence Plus, HP Plus &  Power Quake (BP) and Tasty Tonic & Super Mushroom (Coins) (Thanks for keeping me in while I was on vacation)

Inca: HP Plus and a Power Jump!

Venice: Same for me!

Chimaroj: I will take happy heart too if it is possible.

Azuna: I want HP plus, Power plus and P Up- D Down badge and happy heart.

Dale: I'll have power rush too

Lara: okay mmm....i take the HP plus and Happy Heart

Chris: Sorry guys, but for random reasons (ejected because of inactivity), Aichi is OUTTA HERE *kicks him out a waterfall*. Now continue your thingies. Tournament starts tomorrow!!!

Lara: oh and i want Power Quake

Eddie: *runs in* Sorry I am late! I want HP Plus, Power Bounce, Power Smash, Happy Heart, and Super Mushroom.

Dale: I'll add Happy Flower, Double Dip and Close Call

Ned: Im gonna remove the D-down pound and add the Happy Flower, FP plus and Power rush

Dale: I'm actually gonna remove the zap tap,double dip and close call and adding the defense plus

Eddie: I'll take Defence Plus and Super Mushroom!

Azuna: I add a sleepy stomp, I add mega smash

Venice: For round 2 i want: Happy Heart, HP Plus, Mega Jump, Defence Plus and Power Smash.

Ned: Im replacing power rush with sleepy stomp

Dale: I will too

Ned: ok im gonna remove mega smash,defense plus and FP plus and adding 3 Power Plusses

Chris: Time to mess up!!!!!! Now all the red badges are FORBIDDEN :D. You gotta play with the other ones, sillies. Also, they're not coming back. This is the twist for who gets in round 3. Have fun, saying that to me >:D

Dale: Happy Flower, Happy Heart, Sleepy Stomp,Mega Smash,Flower Saver, Burnhammer, Super Smash Charge, Super Hammer Charge and Fire Shield will be my badges

Ned: Mine too

Dale: Im buying spiky wings and spike punch

Ned: I am buying super mushroom and ultra mushroom

Request Shop

Chris: What's this? Well, if you want a certain ability in the list, ask me, and i will put it in if it's good enough. Just consider it will consume more FP and BP than other abilities :)

Chimaroj: Don't we get partners?

Chris: This time you fight alone, though if 3 wants them i can add them...but my ones :)

Philip: Can i make a request since i can? Can we put attack increasing attack/defense items?! I's boring to see one which is going to lose anyway.

Chris: Um, it could work? Should we put it here?


Chris: This is the first round zone. No match is going on actually, and they don't even have partecipants in.

Example Match

Chris: Welcome everyone! Here the tournaments starts :D. Whoever wants to do an upgrade and is still not set up for a battle can get their items or BP, but who's up can't do anything anymore :D. So, now me an chef explain how's a battle. Get in your position chef! Here it is. We have both 5 HP, 5 BP, some random abilities, some boots which give 1 damage and an hammer which deals 2 damage. So, the thing you see here is called STATUS BAR


Chris: Now, when you have to attack, just post either *jumps on Chef*

---Chris dealt 1+1 damage to Chef---

Chef:.....or post *smashes Chris*

---Chef dealt 2 damage to Chef---

Chris: Now, you can see that the status bar changed. Here it is (the upgraded version)


Chris: Sometimes, however, attacks won't work perfectly, and they will deal less damage, like now *jumps on Chef*

---Chris missed the action command and dealt 1 damage to Chef---

Chef: Also, sometimes you can deal more damage than normal, but that's a rare case, like now *smashes Chris*

---Chef dealt 3 damage, but Chris guarded---

Chris: As you seen, i didn't die. If you manage to guard (50% of the cases), the damage will be decreased of 2. Now, if i get one more hit, I will die, and there items get useful. Let's use a mushroom *uses mushroom*

---Chris regained 5 HP---

Chef: Now, umpf, his HP is back to normal. You also can heal your FP with the syrups *uses honey syrup*

---Chef regained 5 FP---

Chris: And here comes back the table. Look it now


Chris: You can even use abilities at cost of FP, and for the amount for each attack is shown in the abilities table. Let's try the Shrink Stomp *shrink stomps Chef*

---Chris dealt 1+1 damage to Chef, but he guarded 1 time. He got shrinked too---

Chris: So, now he's Mini Chef :D. Now, since he's shrinked, his attack decreases of 3, meaning that few a very few attacks will strike on me >:D. There's also more status. When you're sleepy, you can't move for the amount of turns specified in the A. table. When you're poisoned, you'll lose 1 Hp every turn. And finally when you're Dizzy sometimes your attack will or backfire or just miss. Watch out for these, though they can be cured

Chef: Yeah, just some of them *uses tasty tonic*

---Chef is no more shrinked---

Chef: Time to kick ya out Chris!

Chris: Now, some abilities can help you in battle without spending any FP...but they're actually special status. For example, Chris haves the Mega Rush what happens when he gets at 1 HP? *smashes Chef*

---Chris dealt 2 damage to Chef, but he guarded---



Chef: Some abilities can help you in certain occurances. This one, Mega Rush, increases your attack of 4 when you have 1 HP only >:D. TIME TO END THIS *smashes Chris*

---Chef dealt 8 damage to Chris---

---Chris was been defeated---

Chris: OOOOWCH..................well.......when....the's game.....over for......ya and.....the other oppo....nent.....................won *faints*

Chef: See? Now, we had a simple test with a very few HP and useless boots and hammer. The next fights however will be more harder and powerful for ya....cause...who knows who will win. Here's something: you're in danger when your HP reaches 5 and you're in perril when your HP reaches 1. This can be really good if you

 Match 1 (Maise vs Azuna)

Chef: The first duel will be a girly fight! Now, unleash your fury right in the set! GO! (Oh yeah, for all the status, this is the table, and i won't post more than one)

Maisie Attack: 2 Defense: 1 /
Azuna Attack: 4 Defense: -1 Happy Heart

Maisie: *jumps into Azuna*

Azuna: *hit's Maisie with the hammer*

---Maise deals 3+3 damage to Azuna---

---Azuna deals 7 damage to Maise---

---Azuna restores 2 HP because of Happy Heart---

Maisie: *Hits Azuna with hammer*

Azuna: *Hit's Maisie with hammer* 

---Maise deals 5 damage to Azuna---

---Azuna deals 7 damage to Maise---

---Azuna restores 2 HP because of Happy Heart---


Chef:...........................WHY ARE YOU STUCK HERE? *smashes Maisie with the hammer*

---Chef deals 10 damage to Maisie because of her inactivity--- (and i told ya so)

Maisie: *Uses Super Mushroom* (You can do just one thing a-time, and it wasn't unfair. You took over 1 day, and it was your turn, not Azuna's)

Azuna: *jumps on Maisie*

---Maisie restores 10 HP---

---Azuna deals 3+3 (6) damage to Maisie---

---Azuna restores 2 HP cause of Happy Heart---

Azuna: Can't I just smash her head off she doesn't do anything *smashes Maisie with hammer*

---Uh, sure, since Maisie doesn't do anything. Azuna deals 4 damage to Maisie*

Maisie: *Uses Power Quake on Azuna* 

Azuna: *Jumps on maisie*

---Maisie deals 4 damage to Azuna---

---Azuna deals 3+3 damage to Maisie---

---Azuna restores 2 HP cause of Happy Heart---

Maisie: *Smashes Azuna's head with 1,000,000,000kg hammer*

---Maisie...oh my...dealt....5 damage to Azuna *trollface*---

Azuna: *kicks Maisie in her face and jumps on her* (You used two moves  Franky)

Maisie: *Roundhouse kicks Azuna in her face*

---Azuna deals 6 damage to Maisie---

---Maisie deals (since i consider it an hammer) 5 damage to Azuna---

---Azuna recovers 2 HP---

Azuna: *jumps on Maisie*

(Well...Maisie haves no chance of

Chef: And Azuna is the LAST WINNER!!!!!! She gets +10 HP, +10 FP, +5 BP and +20 coins. With that everything ended. Request and buy, cause we're having the 2nd round soon!

Match 2 (Dale vs Inca)

Chef: You two fight in this match

Dale Attack: 2 Defense: 0 Z.T/P.R./H.H
Inca Attack: 2 Defense: 0 /

Dale: *Uses Mega Smash*

---Dale deals 10 damage to Inca O.o---

Inca: *Uses Hammer?"

---Inca deals 4 damage to Dale---

---Dale restores 2 HP because of H.H---

Dale: *Uses Mega Smash*

Inca: *Hammer*

---Dale deals, because of huge unluck, 1 damage to Inca---

---Inca deals 4 damage to Dale---

---Dale restores 2 HP because of H.H.---

Dale: *Uses Mega Smash*

Inca: *Uses Power Jump*

---Dale deals 10 damage to Inca O.o---

---Inca deals 6 damage to Dale, but gets zapped cause of Zap Tap, and is harmed of 1 HP---

---Dale is healed of 2 HP because of Happy Heart---

Inca: *Uses Mega Jump*

Dale: *Uses Hammer*

---Inca deals 6 damage to Dale, but gets zapped cause of Zap Tap---

---Dale deals 4 damage, but she guards, dealing 3 damage. Still, Inca was defeated :D *confetti---

Chef: And so we have our FIRST winner! Congrats Dale, now you got 10 more HP, 10 more FP, 5 more BP and 20 more coins. Spend them at the shop. Anyhow, Inca, YOU ARE ELIMINATED....from the challenge :P

Match 3 (Eddie vs Lara)

Chef: You two fight in this match

Eddie Attack: 2 Defense: 0 Happy Heart
Lara Attack: 2 Defense: 0 Happy Heart

Eddie: *hammers Lara*

---Eddie deals 4 damage to Lara---

Lara: *Uses Power Quake to Eddie*

---Lara deals 4 damage to Eddie---

---Both recover 2 HP because of Happy Heart---

Eddie: *jumps on Lara*

---Eddie deals 2+2 damage, but she guards one time [total: 3 damage]---

Lara: *Hammers Eddie*

---Lara deals 4 damage to Eddie---

---Both heal 2 HP cause of Happy Heart---

Eddie: *power jumps on lara*

Lara: *Jumps on Eddie*

---Eddie deals 6 damage to Lara---

---Lara deals 2+1 damage to Eddie (he guarded)---

--Both recover 2 HP---

Lara: *Uses Power Quake to Eddie*

(Orange: You can't go twice)

(LxJ: i can xP )

---Lara should go after Eddie, uh, but she deals 4 damage to Eddie---

Eddie: *power jumps on lara*

---Eddie deals 6 damage to Lara---

---Both recover 2 HP---

Lara: *Power jumps on lara*

---Lara wastes her turn since she was attacking with an ability she doesn't own and for the fact she was attacking herself (The abilities you can use are JUST THE ONES YOU BOUGHT. This is the prize for "cheating")

( i don't knew, ecco perchè mi piace questo gioco perchè non ho capito niente xDxD )

(I cant read Spanish :P @above ~Orange)

Eddie: *uses Power Bounce on Lara*

---Eddie power bounces on Lara, dealing 2+1+1 damage. Total of 4---

---Both recover 2 HP---

Eddie: *uses Power Jump on Lara* (If I don't have Power Jump, I'll just plain Jump)

(Orange: BTW, LxJ has been banned for about a week, so don't I win the match anyway?)

---Admins deals MAX damage to Lara because she was banned, uh---

Chef: And it means that the 3rd winner of ours is DAH EDDIE!!!! You got +10 HP, +10 FP, +5 BP and +20 coins! Good-a-luck for next matches

Match 4 (Ned vs Chimaroj)

Chef: You two fight in this match

Ned Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Happy Heart
Chimaroj Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Happy Heart

Ned: Uses Mega Smash

---Ned deals 9 damage to Chimaroj---

Chimaroj: *Jump on ned*

---Chimaroj deals 1+1 (2) damage to Ned---

---Both heal 2 HP cause of Happy Heart---

Ned: Uses Mega Smash

---Ned deals 9 damage to Chimaroj---

Chimaroj: uses hammer*

---Chimaroj deals 4 damage to Ned---

---Both heal 2 HP cause of Happy Heart---

Ned: Uses hammer (look we are both just going to use hammers from now on so can we just simulate it?)

(After much time [Ned will win, since Chimaroj doesn't have any special powerful abilities])

Chef: And since Chimaroj is down, Ned wins the challenge! He gets +10 HP, +10 FP, +5 BP and +20 coins. Enjoy

Got a Bye (Venice)

Chef: The luck! Congrats Venice, now you got 30 HP, 25 FP and 20 BP, and you directly pass to ROUND 2 :D

Ashley: *In Shock* That was only round one!

Graham: *Faints*


Chris: I...came back...yeah...also here...we have who won...round 1....ya got it..

Match 1 (Azuna vs Dale)

Chris: Look at this! These guys were powerful in the first part. Now let's see if they'll prevail

Azuna Attack: 4 Defense: -1 Happy Heart
HP 0/35 Sleepy Stomp
FP 10/25 Mega Smash
Dale Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Happy Heart
HP 6/30 Sleepy Stomp
FP 22/30 Happy Flower

Azuna: Really? why do I meed to fight my little buddy I would've loved to fight Eddie, *sleepy stomp*

Dale: *uses sleepy stomp*

---Azuna deals 6 damage to Dale, but he doesn't get to sleep---

---Dale deals 6 damage to Azuna, but she doesn't get to sleep---

---Both recover 2 HP, but Dale also recovers 2 FP---

Azuna: Sorry little buddy *mega smash*

---WOAH! Azuna dealt 11 damage to Dale---

Dale: *mega smash* I can do it back (I have one defense so isnt it only 9/10 damage?)

(She haves 4 attack)

---Dale deals 11 damage to Azuna---

---Both recover 2 HP, but Dale recovers 2 FP---

Azuna: *mega smash*

Dale: *sleepy stomp*

---Azuna deals 11 damage to Dale---

---Dale deals 6 damage to Azuna and puts her to sleep (so, she can't attack for 2 turns)---

---Both recover 2 HP, Dale recovers 2 FP and Azuna, since she's sleeping, recovers 1 HP---

(Oh yeah, when you sleep you re-gain some HP)

Azuna: *sleeping* 

Dale: *mega smash*

---Azuna is sleeping---

---Dale deals 11 damage to Azuna---

---Azuna recovers 3 HP, Dale recovers 2 HP and 2 FP---

Azuna: *sleeping*

Dale: *mega smash*

---I'm sorry to say, but Azuna gets 11 damage she's defeated O.o---

Chris: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT an epic challenge guys! Dale vs Azuna, one of the most powerful battles ever! You sure rocked hard in here! Anyhow congrats Dale! You get in semifinals with +10 HP, +10 FP, +5 BP, +20 coins, 3-attack Boots and 6-attack hammer :D. You still can fail though...

Azuna: Dale, hit Eddie in the kiwi's for me if he has to battle you.. (CONF) I hate Eddie he's so hot uh I mean not and ugly and buff and handsome ARG! (END CONF)

Match 2 (Venice vs Eddie)

Chris: These are possibly the underdogs of this round? I think so. Whatever, it's time to fight!

Venice Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Happy Heart
HP 32/35 Mega Jump
FP 17/25 Power Sm.
Eddie Attack: 2 Defense: 1 Happy Heart
HP 25/35 Power Bounce
FP 20/25 Power Smash

Venice: *Uses Power Smash* 

---Venice deals 5 damage to Eddie---

Eddie: *uses Power Bounce* Rawr!

---Eddie does 1+1 (2) damage to Venice---

---Both recover 2 HP---

Venice: Mega Jump

---Venice does 9 damage to Eddie---

Eddie: Power smash!

---Eddie does 5 damage to Venice---

---Both recover 2 HP---

Eddie: *uses Super Mushroom*

Got a bye (Ned)

Chef: Woah! Lucky dude over here! Congrats, by doing nothing you got +10 HP, +10 FP, +5 BP and +20 coins. Also, since who gets to round 3 gets an attack upgrade, your boots now does 3 damage per hit and your hammer does 6 damage!!!!

Phillip: Can we fight for a test, please?

Chef: If ya want....but Ned, what ya say?

Ned: Yeah sure as long as if i lose i stay in

Duh, the end

Chris: I decided that this HAVES TO END! It's taking too long and it's boring too :(. Aw, too bad, i thought it was a good challenge or something, but whatever. MERGE VOTE EVERYONE!

Elimination 11 - Everyone but the immunes

Chris: Guess who got immunity!!! Since we didn't manage to end, the ones who get immunity are the ones who made it past and went in round 2/3. These are Dale, Ned, Venice and Eddie....wait, Venice and Eddie can still be voted out, but they get -2 votes because the winner wasn't decided yet. Anyhow, the 2 boys are safe and they can't be voted out. Tomorrow we leave Japan, so vote fast, cause we'll get to fly soon!


Dale: Maisie

Ned: Maisie

Azuna: (CONF) I am gonna make my little brother worse dream come true I vote off Lara (END CONF)

Chimaroj: (CONF)I am sure Lara will be safe I vote off Maise (END CONF)

Eddie: Lara

Inca: Azuna

Venice: Maise

Chris: Oh yeah, no more changing votes or you're eliminated :)

Maisie; LARA


Chris: So...yeah, it's too late for voting anymore....and the decision was made. Now, one of you, final 9, will be eliminated, and the remain will continue as the final 8. You know that just one remains yadda yadda yadda.

Anyhow just 3 guys got votes out of 8 (Lara couldn't vote since LxJ was banned). So, what we got here. Oh, they're Azuna, Maisie and Lara. HOW NICE >:). Well, that's not Azuna the one who gets kicked off, cause she got 1 vote. 7 vote remains, and sadly, Lara is leaving since she got 3 votes. I'm really sorry, but NO LAST WORDS, SO BYE *kicks Maisie out the plane*.......i make far too confusion these days. Anyhow, Lara, you're staying here. Maisie was eliminated. So, recap time. Who will be the next one to be kicked off from my special shoes? Who will win the next challenge? Most important: WILL THEY DO IT?! We'll find it out here on Total..................Drama......................After The AFTER!!!!!!!

Episode 13 Chat

Speaker: Chef is here, for one time! We're heading to Italy, the home of the best cooking EVAR! Yeah, this was my pick, and so is the challenge, which i'm not goin to tell ya. Also, if you got some wounds from the last challenge, please don't even TRY to complain about it, WAS I CLEAR?!

V.I.P. Area (Dale and Ned [+ guest if they want])

Chris: For you we got sweet-a dishes...and what? I'm doing Chef for one day! Also, we got Fusilli, some mediterrean salad, the Sbrisolona, which is a cake, and the thing they love here so much...SPAGHETTI! Water is also included if you pay 300$ >:D

Eddie: Thanks for inviting me!

Azuna: So what is your plan for the episode Eddie?

Ned: *waves* Hi guys!

Azuna: Oh hi N.... what is your name again? (CONF)  I keep on forgetting his name, nah I guess because he is boring, unlike Eddie he is handsome, ARG why do I keep on picturing him without t-shirt ARG *kick out the door* (END CONF)

Dale: How are you guys?

Azuna: I am fine Dale what about you? *staring at Eddie*

Dale: (oblivious) What are you staring at?

Azuna: *snapes out of her dreamworld* Uhm what I was staring at nothing!

Dale: Oh sorry looked like you were

Azuna: *bit annoyed* finish your sentence!!

Dale: I did what did i do wrong?

Ned: So how are you Eddie?

Azuna: *looks at Dale* I am sorry buddy I just a little bit sad it's not your fault *hugs Dale*

Dale: Yay!

Eddie: *is sleeping*

Azuna:*eating spagetti*

In a couple of seats away Ashley and Graham are having a italian feast.

Graham: Delicious!

Ashley: I know!

Eddie; Ned I had a dream that you were asking me how I was! Well, I am doing fine, just very tired from the challenge.

Azuna: *rubbing Eddie's shoulders* so.. what is your plan for this episode?

Eddie: *is creeped out* Uhh, don't have any yet

Azuna: Hmm are you sure?

Cargo Room (Everyone else)

Chris: Doing Chef for one day if you ask! We got a water container only, so satisfate yourself in a way.....but i won't care if you starve, so yeah bye.

Dale: I want Azuna and Ned wants Eddie with us in VIP!

Azuna: Thank you my little buddy! *gives Dale a hug*

Chimaroj: *drinking water*

Eddie: Thanks! *goes to VIP*

Venice: Can i go to VIP since i didnt lose? :(

Chimaroj: Lara are you fine?

Lara: mmm.....yes...(CONF) i'm sure that Azuna vote for my elimination but i'm here !! (END CONF)

Chimaroj: *hugs Lara* I was so worried you would go last time..

Lara: oh Chima you are very sweet *Hugs Chimaroj*

Chimaroj:*kisses Lara* I hope you can stay much longer.

Lara: for my it isn't a problem but i want stay only for you *Kisses deeply chimaroj*....................................................wait....we are going to italy ??!! Really ??! yesss :DDD my country !!! Chirs can we go to visit my family ??

Chimaroj: We are going to italy? Great... (CONF) One time our family went to Italy and Azuna puched me off a edge  and I broke my leg. I don't know if she did that on purpose or not. (END CONF) 

Chimaroj: I would like  to meet your family Lara.

Challenge 13 - Chefs are whimpy

Chris: Welcome to Italy, home of the BEEEEEEEEEEST CUISIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE EVEEEEEEEEEEEEEER! You got it, uh? Nevermind. Today's challenge is a re-take from After The Island....and it's TO COOK :D. Yeah, you have to do an appetizer, a main and a dessert and i'll rate them. The 3 best will earn immunity! So, prepare your cooking hands, and prepare something worth it!

Appetizer Zone

Eddie: Well I can make my special garlic knots for the appetizer!

Azuna: I hate cooking.. ARG anyway I am gonna make the same thing as Eddie, just kidding I am gonna make a pumpkin soup as appertizer.

Chimaroj: I am gonna make as appertizer a garlic baguette

(Race: Uh yeah, make some drama or action or whatever to make this more interesting, please :P)

Chimaroj: *get's flower and butter*

Azuna: *get's everything* *bumb into Chimaroj* *everything fals on the ground* Seriously Chimy?

Eddie: *gets some bread* Ok, now I need garlic

Azuna: *get's everything again* 

Azuna: *gasp* Eddie are you okay?

Chimaroj: *staring weird at Azuna while getting all the ingredients* (CONF) Since when does Azu care about people (END CONF)

Ned: Im Making Bruschette

Dale: Garlic Bread!

Chimaroj: Dale I am making that *put's the garlic baguette in the oven*

Dale: Oh sorry! Im making Pumpkin soup then!

Azuna: You known I like you little buddy but I am making that. *making the pumpkin soup*

Eddie: *preheats the oven* *turns on final jeopardy music while waiting* Nananananananananana

Lara: OHHH I LOVE COOK :D mm...for appetizer i will we are in italy so i cook Caprese Fingerfood but i want to call it Chimaroj Fingerfood :DD *starts cook*

Azuna: *throws a glass of boiling water over Lara's hand* Oops haha.

Chimaroj: *puches Azuna* What is your problem?

Azuna: *glares at Chimaroj* How dare you puch a girl away? *light up a stick* Chimy I am gonna burn you with this *points the stick at Chim*

Chimaroj: Get that away from me. You know I am scared of fire.

Lara: EHI !!! Chimaroj say something to she !! 

Chimaroj: Are you alright Lara *checking Lara's hand* They are burned *gives Lara a bucked with water* Put your hand here in your burn will cure. *look angry at Azuna*

Azuna: *start making special tortellini with spinach, melted spiced butter, mushrooms, bacon and chickenfilet*

Lara: ohhh i love you Chimaroj *Kisses Chimaroj* .....oh Azuna.....i hate you *Slaps Azuna* (CONF) Azuna and Malice is the same thing (END CONF) *Prepare the Cream of zucchini and basil for the Chimaroj Fingerfood*

Chimaroj: I love you too *give Lara a kiss* *start making the vegetable pie*

Azuna: *finishes add some salt to the tortellini*

Lara: *finishes prepare the Cream of zucchini and basil*

Chimaroj: *smels Lara's food* Lara that smells good. 

Azuna: *finishes the tortellini* *taste it* awesome like always.

Lara: obvious,it smells of you :D this is the Chimaroj Fingerfood :D okay...*Prepare the cream of tomatoes*

Chimaroj: Aw that is so sweet Lara *gives Lara a hug* Oh almost forgot to take the vegetable pie out of the oven. *takes the vegetable*

Azuna: *start making the brownie cake*

Lara: *Finishes prepare the cream of tomatoes* thanks chimaroj :D

Azuna: *put's the brownie cake in the oven*

Chimaroj: *making my special ice cream dessert* 

Lara: * Takes a Hair of Chimaroj and puts it in the Chimaroj Fingerfood* Finish my Fingerfood :DDDD i hurt you chimaroj ?

Chimaroj: Nah, *finishes his dessert* Look at my banana flavoured ice with chocolade souce and strawberrie. Do you want to taste it.

Azuna: *sees Lara put Chimaroj's hair in her food* *puked inside her mouth* (CONF) Being in love with my brother is one thing, but she goes too far... (END CONF)

Lara: sure chimaroj, uh i love banana :D *taste it* i love it wow chimaroj you are a great Chef !!!!!  (CONF) pft...Azuna don't know what is the love.....(END CONF) 

Azuna: *get's the brownie cake out of the oven*

Chimaroj: Thank you Lara *give a kiss* I really love you.

Inca: Itailan theme! *Makes Garlic Bread with Mozarella Sticks*

Venice: THAT WAS MY IDEA. Eh i will just go with a French theme. *Makes a Coissant* 

Azuna: so it became time you two did something.. seriously I am supriced no one voted you off well maybe because you don't do that much.


Azuna: What? I wasn't talking to you I was talking to Inca and that girl who dance like Leshawna. So just go and lick the inside of my broth... I mean Chimy's mouth..

Inca: Can Andrea become an intern please Chris?

Chris: Who the hell is Andrea?

Andrea: I AM ANDREA, First. WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!?!? And second. I should like be on this show since i am meaner and louder then 4 Azuna's.

Chris judges the appetizer by eating it!!!!!

Chris: Alright, i judge :3

Eddie:You're giving me garlic knots? Ok..*tastes it*..............ok...i really didn't enjoy it, since i'm not a fan of garlic.....6/10

Azuna:You're giving me pumpkin soup? Fine..*tastes it*............pretty nice, it isn't too complex, but it's a light appetizer, so it's fine. 7/10

Chimaroj: What you got with garlic, seriously?! Anyhow, garlic bread is far too few.....5/10

Ned: Bruschette :D! You're taking the italian theme, uh? Anyhow, you sort-of copied Chimaroj, so instead of 7 i give you 6/10

Dale: Uh, copied from Azuna. 6/10

Lara: I liked your "Chimaroj's Fingerfood" They were tasty too :D. 8/10

Inca: Again, copied, but you got something you get 5/10 :s

Venice: The only dish which was different from the others. Delicious, BUT IT WAS OUTHTEMED DX. 6/10

Chris: Is really THIS what you got? C'mon, you gotta impress me with the got it...

Main zone

Dale: Spaghetti Carbonara!

Ned: Pizza with Peppers, Chicken and Red Onions!

Inca: *Makes Pasta with Bacon and Cheese*

Venice: *Makes A Chesse Omlette*

Chimaroj: The vegetable pie. 

Azuna: Tortellini with spinach, melted spiced butter, mushrooms, bacon and chickenfilet

Lara: uh...volevo farli io gli spaghetti alla problem xD (CONF) i love talk italy xD (END CONF) beh....i will prepare... Gli Arancini di riso....but i will call them the Azuna of rise....*prepare the Arancini* 

Eddie: Lasagna is my main *gets the noodles*

Lara: *finishes prepare the arancini* okay now i have to do the rise and i finish my Azuna of rise

Chris judges the mains while eating them!!!!

Chris: Ok, i guess everyone's done, so hoping that the mains are something DECENT!

Dale: OH YEAH. I so like this dish, is just awesome, and it's tasty too! 9/10

Ned: I sure like pizza, but not peppers and red onions...or i still haven't tried them. 8/10

Inca: It wasn't the best pasta, but it was really tasty! 8/10

Venice: Gnam, omlette du fromage, omlette du fromage, omlette du fromage! 8/10

Chimaroj: Ok....i thought this would've come as a dessert, honestly. It's fine still? 7/10

Azuna: LOVE THIS DISH! It's sooooo elaborated! 9/10

Lara: Nice dish, i liked it......but not that much, got it. 8/10

Eddie: Yeah,'s a fine dish, but you should've put something more to them. 7/10

Chris: See guys? When i say something, that occurs! The mains were really good...but now prepare the desserts. This should be the cheerie of your performance in this challenge, so make sure it's good and you may win....i don't know scores yet...i have to calculate, uh, what ya thought?!

Dessert Zone

Azuna: *serves the brownie cake* chocolate is my specialty. My dad used to be a chocolatier.

Chimaroj: Really?

Azuna: Shut up Chimy!!

Chimaroj: Okay than. Here is my special I always make at the monks for dessert. *banana flavoured ice with chocolade souce and strawberrie* They always called it Chim's ice heaven.

Lara: i want prepare my specilally italian Dessert the MilleFoglie croccanti allo zabaione i called it the Crispy Lara with Love :) *Prepare the zabaione and the millefoglie*

Inca: *Makes Devil's Chocolate Sponge Cake*

Venice: *Makes Brownies with italian flags on cocktail sticks point out of the top* Aww! They're cute and so awesome!

Dale: Im making Tirimasu

Ned: Im Making a Vanilla and White Chocolate Fondue with strawberries and marshmallows to dip 

Lara: *finishes prepare the Zabaione and the millefoglie* this is my Crispy Lara with Love ( MilleFoglie Croccanti allo Zabaione ) 

Azuna: *sitting and playing the ukulele*

Chimaroj: *looking at Lara's dessert* looks good. Lara. 

Chris judges the desserts while DIVORATING them!!!!!!

Chris: And with this it ends :D! Um...all the dishes seem tasty...try time :D

Azuna: BROWNIES!!!!!!!!!! Yayayayayayayayay! That's a sure 9/10!!!

Chimaroj: Um....did ya know that....i don't really like bananas? 8/10 still

Lara: Aww...................delicious...................9/10

Inca: Ok....seriously....i didn't got your giving a 7/10

Venice: Nice that you decorated them...but they're copied -_- 8/10

Dale: Oh yeah, an italian classic. I don't really understand what's inside in, but that's an 8/10

Ned: Delicious! It was a really tasty dish....but it's 8/10 because yes

Eddie: dish....ok. 0/10

Chris: So, i'm announcing the score, HOWEVER. Here's something you haven't seen. I'm subracting a point for whoever did an....obvious thing in both Main and Dessert. These are pasta and chocolate!'s the final score. Also, if ya want to know.....Green is the appetizer, yellow is the main and red is the dessert. HERE IT IS

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Place
Eddie 8th
Azuna 2nd
Chimaroj 6th
Ned 4th
Dale 3rd
Lara 1st
Inca 7th
Venice 4th

Chris: So HERE ARE THE THREE BESTS!!! Lara, Azuna and Dale. Congratulations. You're not whimpychefs!!! The rest are though >:D. Anyhow, i'm introducing something! Immunity tickets disappear, but they are still worthy.....cause these are worth 100 CHRIS CASH!!!! What are they? Oh...simply an help for the final challenge......well.....if you want to have a big help in that, you need these. At each challenge i'll distribuite these CC to contestants, considering their placing in the challenge....and yeah, done. You'll discover what's their use in final challenge! Anyhow, i was going to add them in previous one, but i decided to do it NOW! The amount of coins you had in the fightning challenge will be your CC! Also, considering this challenge, here's how much CC you get

Lara gets 500 CC for winning

Azuna gets 250 CC for getting 2nd

Dale gets 150 CC for getting 3rd

Venice and Ned gets 62 CC each for getting 4th

Chimaroj gets 25 CC for getting 6th

Inca gets 10 CC for getting 7th

Eddie gets nothing for getting last

Chris: Your CC balance can be found in the first part of this page :D. Anyhow, let's go to elimination!

Elimination 12 - Everyone but Lara, Azuna and Dale

Chris: Well, whoever is up is a whimpychef, sadly for them.......uh....well, you should know very well the vote someone off, he's kicked off this airplane and whatever. Also, i wonder where's that intern...i!


Inca: I vote for Eddie

Venice: I vote for Eddie

Chimaroj: I vote out Eddie

Azuna: It sucks that Lara is save, she needs a slap in her face and get kicked out off this plane... anyway I vote out Nedy... Neddayaio, Ned... something I can't remember his name.

Lara: ah azuna is problem i will vote her in the next episode is a big threat but he is nice so i vote Eddie

Dale: Eddie

Ned: Eddie


Chris: Guess what! We're bringing back the VOTING TABLE :D! I was so missing it, i mean, it added some colour to this know what i mean. Anyhow, almost all of you voted (yay) and it's turn to kick someone out! Guess who is it...

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chris:'s turn to Eddie to leave this airplane.....but not today! Ahaha, you didn't even see this, uh? Chris Cash thingy just started, and i want everyone to try it more. Also, competition is better with 8 contestants, not 7. Anyhow, little announcement! From now on no more episodes will be a reward one, so pray for being the winner, Eddie! Meeting is off :D

Episode 14 Chat

Speaker: Chris is here! It's great to see these 8 guys with the common desire of winning, uh? Well, i guess you want to know where we are going, and i'm revealing it. We're heading to today ice for everyone :D

V.I.P. Area (Dale, Azuna, Lara and a guest of their choice)

Chef: Everyone gets ice, that's true, but since you won i'll give you....strawberry flavour ice. Enjoy.

Azuna: *glares at Lara* (CONF) How can she still be here? I don't understand and what does Chim see in her eventhough I hate my little brother he can do so much better.(END CONF)

Lara: uh thanks chef *laughs and take the ice* (CONF) i want to try to be friend of azuna...only for chimaroj (END CONF) hi azuna, do you want my ice ?

Azuna: No thanks I don't like ice *take some water and glares at Lara.* 

Dale: OMG Strawberry! (CONF) I sometimes feel really young around these guys especially around Lara and Chimaroj the probably... *giggles* (END CONF) 

Lara: uh...okay (CONF) no i can't stand her....okay i want be friend of Dale (END CONF) do you like strawberries Dale ? i love it :)

Dale: Mmmmm! *wolfs it down* Who doesnt love candy!

Lara: ahah *smiles* right....Azuna,do you like strawberries ?

Azuna: I will take my own food *takes some ice cream and eat it* Why don't you invite that disgusting boyfriend of you now you still can?

Azuna: *playingfarwell king hyrule on the piano repeatedly* Dale why don't you ask anyone up were like Eddie or someone else?

Cargo Room (Everyone else)

Chef: Here's your ice. You should think about eating it fast, or it will melt!

Chimaroj: Here again, I hope Lara and Azuna doesn't kill each other.. 

Inca: (CONF: I REALLY need to win a challenge -_-)

Venice: (CONF: I Need a challenge win also!)

Ned: *rocking in the corner* (Conf) Ive had to vote out all my closest allies (End Conf)

Eddie: *runs in* I was kidnapped by the Summertime Song from Regular Show! Skips saved me though! I was really looking forward to the Desert part of the last challenge though.

Venice: Can we have the next challenge please?

Inca: I agree with Venice.

Chimaroj: Just relax seriously. *meditates*

Ned: Chimaroj can you teach me to meditate?

Chimaroj: Sure, first you have to sit cross-legged.

Ned: *sits cross-legged* ok

Chimaroj: Sit straight up, don't bend you back, that can cause bad energy.

Ned: *does so* ok.

Chimaroj: Okay now close you eyes, breath in through you nose and breath out through you mouth, and try to make your mind empty don't think about anything. all there is about Meditating it to train it. It took most of the monks like 30 years of training to became masters of it. The first time I did it I was distracted within the first 10 seconds *start meditating*

Ned: (before he finishes speaking) done *starts meditating* (Conf) that was relaxing im ok now (End Conf)

Challenge 13 - Now you're frozen :)

Chris: Hi guys, welcome to Iceland, which is a really cold land. I've forgot to get the coats, so you're not going to stay hot...hehe...well. Your next challenge will be quite doomish. You have to get through this maze the quickiest you can, because over to having the risk to die because of coldness, just 2 guys will be safe from elimination today! The maze is pretty big, so it's hard to find the exit. Anyway, calm down. You can earn some CC, since some of the caves got some of them (5-50). Hope you manage to reach the goal, cause i'm at the exit of that. Now GO! (Ok, there's the 25/50 probabilty of finding CC, 24/50 of finding nothing and 1/50 of finding the exit. Going to be a long challenge, i think)

Venice: *Goes through maze*

Inca: *Goes through maze*

Chimaroj: Lara let's go together and keep each  other warm.*goes through maze*

Azuna: EW keep your nasty games to yourself *goes through maze*

Eddie: *goes through maze*

(LOL, Venice finds exit at first shot so she's safe, Inca doesn't find anything, same for Chimaroj, Azuna and Eddie)

Chris: Wow....that was fast....well.....Venice is the first safe of this challenge...

Lara: uh i love the iceland.....this challenge is difficult.....i don't know,

Azuna: *goes through maze* WHY IS IT SO F*&^%NG COLD Greenland supose to be cold not Iceland

(Azuna doesn't find exit, but finds 29 CC)

Chimaroj: (CONF) I don't know how I got here, anyways the monks told me to focus on energy flow than you can find the exit of mazes (END CONF) *goes through the exit*

(The exit is actually a fake, since it was instead a room with a bear inside. Nothing else)

Lara: *goes through maze*

(Lara doesn't find exit, but finds 23 CC)

Azuna: *goes through the maze* Col....d.d.

Chimaroj: *goes through the maze* (CONF) I was never good at it... (END CONF) 

(Azuna doesn't find anything, same for Chimaroj)

Inca: *goes through the maze*

(Inca found 6 CC)

Azuna: *goes through the maze*

Chimaroj: *goes through the maze*

(Azuna doesn't find anythings, same for Chimaroj)

Lara: *goes through the maze*

Azuna: *goes through the maze*

Chimaroj: *goes through the maze*

(Lara finds nothing, same for Azuna and Chimaroj)

Dale: *Goes through maze*

Ned: *Goes through maze*

Azuna: *goes through the maze*

Chimaroj: *goes through the maze*

Inca: *Goes through maze*

(Dale finds 40 CC, Ned finds nothing, Azuna finds 26 CC, Chimaroj finds 6 CC, Inca finds 30 CC)

Dale: *Goes through maze*

Ned: *Goes through maze*

Azuna: *goes through the maze*

Chimaroj: *goes through the maze*

(Dale finds a whoppin' 47 CC, Ned finds nothing, Azuna finds nothing while Chimaroj finds 43 CC)

Azuna: *goes through the maze*

Chimaroj: *goes through the maze*

Dale: *Goes through maze*

Ned: *Goes through maze*

(Azuna finds 33 CC, Chimaroj finds nothing, Dale finds 40 CC while Ned finds 39 CC)

Inca: *Goes through maze*

Dale: *Goes through maze*

Ned: *Goes through maze*

Azuna: *goes through the maze* What are these coint for anyway?

Chimaroj: *goes through the maze*

(Inca finds 46 CC, Dale finds 42 CC, Ned finds nothing, Azuna finds 23 CC and Chimaroj finds 14 CC)

Inca: *Goes through maze*

Azuna: *goes through the maze* 

Chimaroj: *goes through the maze*

Dale: *Goes through maze*

Ned: *Goes through maze*

(Inca finds 7 CC, Azuna finds nothing, Chimaroj finds nothing, Dale finds 13 CC and Ned finds 31 CC)

Inca: *Goes through maze*

Dale: *Goes through maze*

Ned: *Goes through maze*

Azuna: *goes through the maze* seriously, I think Chris want's us dead..

Chimaroj: *goes through the maze*

Chris: OK, I'LL MAKE THIS EASIER. HAPPY CHEF?! (5/50 for finding exit, 20/50 for finding nothing, 25/50 for finding CC)

(Inca finds....the exit, Dale finds 42 CC, same for Ned, Azuna finds nothing and Chimaroj finds nothing too)

Chris: Yay, another one is there. Now let's wait for the other ones....

---after 1 day---

Chris: Uff.....when they'll come....i'm ti- oh here they are *sees everyone coming out of maze* Congratulations everyone, you made it out here, but just the first 2 are safe, and these are Inca and Venice. They can't be voted out, so....yeah, they're safe! Voting time! Also, Inca and Venice both get +100 CC for winning

Elimination 12 - Everyone but Inca and Venice

Chris: This was a luck challenge, because it was impossible to know where the exit was. You got lucky to exit safely....but're still up for elimination. If you manage to survive in this ceremony, you'll keep the CC you earnt in this challenge. So, time to leave someone in the freezy Iceland


Inca: Eddie can go and die in a well

Venice: Bye Eddie

Ned: Lara

Dale: Lara

Chimaroj: (CONF) I hope Lara is safe cause Azuna could be up for something evil, anyway I vote out Dale he is such a big threat.. (END CONF)

Azuna: (CONF) YEAS!! That B*&^%$CH is going home, with Ned's Dale's and probally Eddie's vote means she is gone YEAH AND OFCOUSE I vote her out Lara.. (END CONF)

Eddie: Lara


Chris: Wow, i'm just surprised on how fast you voted O.o but now we have to reveal who's voted off. Please stand by while i'm preparing the voting table.....

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Chris: Oh wow....well...we got to say bye-bye to Lara! Very sorry, you played a good game, but it's time to go OFF! *kicks her off the plane" Uh...ok....go to your cabins. Sleep time. Also, we forgot the sheets and the radiators are broken >:)

Episode 15 Chat

Speaker: Chris is here! The next challenge will approach soon, since were going to.......OUR PLANE!!!! We're not going anywhere this time, we'll just stay here, with Chef's dolly flying the jet. I wont reveal it until when i decide, so relax, TAKE IT EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASY......

V.I.P. Area (Inca, Venice and a guest of their choice)

Chef: Everything to eat, shalala


Inca: MY FIRST WIN SINCE DAY 1!!!! (CONF: I am happy :D)

Venice: Who should come up to VIP?

Inca: I have no idea. Maybe.......Chim?

Venice: Ugh, Fine.

Chimaroj: Hi Inca, first time we sit in V.I.P. area together.

Cargo Room (Everyone else)

Chef: Nothing to eat, shalala

Eddie: Hai

Chimaroj: *sigh* (CONF) I can't believe she is gone.... I miss you Lara... (END CONF)

Azuna: *whispering* How is ur day today Eddie?

Ned: can we meditate together chimaroj?

Venice: Chim, Inca says you can come to VIP. *Goes to VIP*

Chimaroj: Sure, *goes to VIP*

Ned: *meditates*

Azuna: Why do you wanna meditate with him Nedio? 

Ned: I get really stressed voting people out and its nice to have someone to teach me.

Azuna: *start rubbing Ned's shoulders* You know what really helps, taking revenge on the people who really stress you.

Ned: What stresses me is voting my friends out

Azuna: *whispering* Than you should vote the person you hate, like Eddie, think of how much you hate that guy.

Ned: Yes...

Azuna: *whispering* And you should make his last minuts as miserable as possible.

Ned: Yes...

Azuna: *whipering* So where are you waitng for, take.... him.... down.... 

Ned: *attacks Eddie*

Azuna: O_O, *laughing* (CONF) WHAHAHA He actually attacked Eddie, lol, why didn't I noticed it earlier.. he is so easy to manipulate. And Eddie desirves what comming to him he  didn't understand my signs and now he lost his shot.(END CONF)

Challenge 14 - Your triviesty...

Chris: Hi there. Welcome to...........the plane. We're having the challenge here because it won't have something to do with countries, because it's a TRIVIA QUIZ!!!! *confetti*. Well, what's the matter? You don't want to do it? TOO BAD! Well, here is how it works. The challenge consists on earning the most points by answering the 10 questions about the world + these seasons. The 2 who gets the most points wins immunity and don't go up for elimination. These guys won't earn bonus CC, since each point is worth 50 CC already. The more you get, the nearest you get to immunity and the more help you'll receive in the finale! Well, first question is down here....i mean, i got to prepare it, hang on

Of you remaining contestants, who posted the most lines in the first 2 line challenges?


Azuna: I say Dale.

(This answer won't be revealed till at least 4 will answer :)

Chimaroj: I don't know... Azuna?

Dale: Me!

Ned: Dale

Venice: Um. Matthew

Chris: Nobody got it yet!

Ned: Me!

Dale: Ned

Azuna: My discusting little brother.

Chimaroj: I say Ned..

Chris: Ned,Dale and Chimaroj got it, so 1 point for them. Now, next question!

Who said the following quote on After The Island: Uhhh how did you swim back so fast

Ned: Dante

Dale: Dante

Eddie: Dante (Orange: I was the one who said it!)

Chimaroj: Dante

Azuna: The tall creepy guy? (Slenderman)

Venice: Dante

Inca: Dante

Chris: Uh, everyone gets the point but Azuna -_-. Next question

How much counting votes were given in TOTAL?

Azuna: Well depents if voting for returning is also counted in and voting two people is counted as 2 votes than there are  92 votes. if voting 2 people counts as one vote than there are 84 votes if voting someone back in doesn't count than there are 70 votes.

Chimaroj: Well what Azu said 92, 84 or 70. 

Pardon me, i meant, in all 3 seasons >.<

Venice: 246

Azuna: I comes on 321..

Chimaroj: I say 246..

Dale: 246

Ned: 246


Chris: Um.....are you kidding me? With counting votes, i meant ALL votes which counted (the ones on elimination, debutting/rejoining contest, but not the fake elimination ones). Well, the answer was 311, and all of you missed it. Now, since Azuna got the nearest with a difference of 10, she gets the point (and maybe you were right since i didn't count this season debutting XD) Next question

Which contestant of this season gives me creeps?

Chimaroj: Uhm Shelby? Since I thought he was a girl (Linda rip off XD)

Azuna: I would say Lara since I hate her, but I gotta say me..

Dale: Shelby?

Ned: Azuna?

Chris: Since no one is answering, uff....uh, duh, well, i gotta say that all of you are WRONG! That was Venice with her creepy dance O.o. Whatever, next question

Give me at least 2 team names of my prototype of Total Drama After The Island

Azuna: Team creepy long guy (team Slender) Killer Bass X and Lightning Strikes.

Chimaroj: Team Slender Screaming Gophers X and Team Mad. (isn't it smarter to let everyone give the answers in the chat couse everyone is gonna copy each other.

Chris: C'mon, i want more answers!

Venice: Killer Bass X, Lightning Strikes, Team Slender

Inca: Slender, Screaming Gophers X, Team Mad

Ned: The Shining Armours and the Goblins

Dale: Me too

Chris: Um, not much to say. Ned and Dale got it, so they get 1 point. Next know what? It's getting boring...too next question is actually a best-image gimme-link challenge!!! Give me the best image link, and whoever gets the best gets 3 points. the 2nd best 2 points and the 3rd best 1 point. Then challenge ends :D

Ned: ;D

Dale: This

Venice: AHHHH! Tornado!

Inca: I'm stuck too!

Azuna: Look this is what happens if you are talking picture on the right time.

Chimaroj: This happens to popstars..

Chris: Results time!!!!!

-Dale got a dirty image z.z

-Ned got an unfunny meme thingy...

-Venice likes Lindsay being hit from a tornado :o

-I didn't got Inca's one...

-What's Azuna one? I don't really know :s

-Chimaroj thingy just sucks :s..-

-Eddie is lazy

Well, the points are for Venice for 1st place, Dale for 2nd place and....i don't really know...let's say Well, score below there

Ned: 3

Dale: 3

Chimaroj: 2

Azuna: 1

Venice: 4

Inca: 1

Eddie: 1

Chris: So the winners are Venice and....Dale or Ned? Fantastic, tiebreaker....wait, NO! The one who got the best image wins, and that's Dale, so Ned is up for elimination. Also, the points you got are transformed in CC and now are yours

Elimination 13 - Everyone but Dale and Venice

Chris: Today i'm lazy, just vote


Venice: (CONF) Eddie, you need to go for once!

Inca: (CONF) Eddie, You just cant keep surviving.

Azuna: (CONF) I gave you so much hints but you still didn't realised, you lost your chance, good bye Eddie.

Chimaroj: (CONF) Could Venice be right, no she can't. Why do I doubt that is what Eric did to Lara I don't want it to happen, I want to vote out Venice. But she is safe I vote out Eddie,

Ned: Eddie

Dale: Eddie


Chris: I'm still lazy. Table is here.

Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6

Chris: Time is over for you, Eddie. Bye *kicks him off the plane*

Episode 16 Chat

Speaker: Chris is here! Next time we're having a brutal challenge, you'll discover why. Anyhow, we're heading to Kenya, so today we have an african menu

V.I.P. Area (Dale and Venice + one they want)

Chef: For you we have sukuma, yeah, weird name....enjoy

Dale: Can we bring Azuna

Cargo Room (Everyone else - the one Dale and Venice wants in V.I.P. Area)

Chef: Guess what, you got poison berries, and if you don't want to starve, you got to eat them.

Azuna: (CONF) Final 6, that is a great considering that Eddie, Maisie, Andrew and Lara all wanted me gone.. And look now THEY are gone and I am still here, it's stupid that Eddie didn't picked up my signs, I may had saved him for.. a 10th time.. but that is his lost. Only big threat left is my little buddy Dale and my little brother Chimy, Dale is just gonna win this season I am sure, Chimy will not vote me off because I'm his sister, pff weak. We are going to Africa finally a place I never been before.. it's hot right there. (END CONF)  *checking the berries* Ew Chef did you put them in the toilet or something?

Chef: Yeah, i couldn't not do that >:D

Azuna: I hope Dale asks me to first class because I am not eating this.

Chimaroj: Than you should ask him.

Azuna: *kick Chimaroj in his kiwi's* I was talking to the dry air in the cargo room!! *walks away*

Chimaroj: *laying on the ground in pain mumbling* 

Challenge 15 - Or you run, or you're OUT!

Chris: Hello guys! We're in Kenya, the first african country we're visiting. Today....well....someone of you will be sad, as you know. The reason? Um, the challenge of today is a running marathon....with the only fact that who comes last is ELIMINATED INSTANTANEALY! I'm not kidding, INSTANTANEALY. So, what you got to do? You have to get through this forest :D (that's 15 lines, consider if that's hard or not)....but that isn't so simple. Watch out for whatever appears in your road....cause, it can mess you u- GO!

Azuna: *runs*

Chimaroj: *runs*

Inca: *Runs*

Venice: *Runs*

Azuna: *runs*

Chimaroj: *runs*

Dale: *runs* (1)

Ned: *runs* (1)

Azuna: *runs*

Chimaroj: *runs*

Dale: *runs* (2)

Ned: *runs* (2)

Azuna: *runs*

Chimaroj: *runs*

Dale: *runs* (3)

Ned: *runs* (3)

Azuna: *runs*

Chimaroj: *runs*

Dale: *runs* (4)

Ned: *runs* (4)

Azuna: *runs*

Chimaroj: *runs*

(WOAH! A BOULDER STORM IS GOING TOWARDS DALE, NED, AZUNA AND CHIMAROJ!!! They have to run away [3 lines] then they can proceed (from the same point you reached). If you don't avoid...well, you're squishy and out D:)

Azuna: DALE RUN!! *run away*

Chimaroj: *run away*

Dale: *runs away*

Ned: *runs away*

Azuna: *run away*

Chimaroj: *run away*

Dale: *runs away*

Ned: *runs away*

Azuna: *run away*

Chimaroj: *run away*

Dale: *runs away*

Ned: *runs away*

Azuna: *runs* (7)

Chimaroj: *runs* (7)

Dale: *runs* (5)

Ned: *runs* (5)

Azuna: *runs* (8)

Chimaroj: *runs* (8)

Dale: *runs* (6)

Ned: *runs* (6)

Chris: So, either Inca or Venice are going home? Seriously, they're SO slow... whatever, tikki tribe attack for everyone :D (you're basically trapped in the point you are. You need 3 lines to free yourself, then continue your line journey. Also, EVERYONE is trapped)

Venice: I have to quit!

Inca: omg. k...Bye Venice.

Chimaroj: I am glad you quit..

Chris: Um, no quitting at all, girl. (I don't see why you have to quit and remain with one character only, so sorry but i can't make you quit unless you give me a reason :\)

Chris: *slaps Azuna and Chimaroj* GUYS, YOU HAVE TO FREE YOURSELF, YOU CAN'T RUN. IT'S AGAINST THE RULES OF NORMAL LIFE (It's 3 lines to free yourself, then you can post true line 9)

Azuna: Freeing myself for what *try's to run but falls* seriously. *freeing herself*

Chimaroj: *freeing himself*

Dale: *freeing himself* 

Ned: *freeing himself* 

Azuna: *freeing herself*

Chimaroj: *freeing himself*

Dale: *freeing himself* 

Ned: *freeing himself* 

Azuna: Finally. *freeing herself*

Chimaroj: *freeing himself*

Dale: *freeing himself* 

Ned: *freeing himself* 

Azuna: *runs* (9)

Chimaroj: *runs* (9)

Dale: *runs* (7)

Ned: *runs* (7)

Azuna:  *runs* (10)

Chimaroj: *runs* (10)

Dale: *runs* (8)

Ned: *runs* (8)

Azuna:  *runs* (11)

Chimaroj: *runs* (11)

Dale: *runs* (9)

Ned: *runs* (9)

Azuna:  *runs* (12)

Chimaroj: *runs* (12)

Dale: *runs* (10)

Ned: *runs* (10)

Azuna:  *runs* (13)

Chimaroj: *runs* (13)

Dale: *runs* (11)

Ned: *runs* (11)

Azuna:  *runs* (14)

Chimaroj: *runs* (14)

Dale: *runs* (12)

Ned: *runs* (12)

Azuna:  *runs* Done! (15)

Chimaroj: *runs*  Finished (15)

Dale: *runs* (13)

Ned: *runs* (13)

Chimaroj: Okay Azu why did you kicked me in my kiwi's this morning, it still hurts.

Azuna: If you don't watch out you can say goodbye to you and Lara's kids for good.

Dale: *runs* (14)

Ned: *runs* (14)

Chimaroj: Why do you hate me so!?

Azuna: You Mean you don't remember, you accused me of something I didn't do that is why!!

Ned: *runs* (15) Done!

Dale: *runs* (15) Done!

Chimaroj: I don't know what your are talking about!

Azuna: You do know what I am talking about *puches Chimaroj on the ground*

Inca: *After an hour Inca crosses the goal and Venice just stands at the starting line* (This isnt godplay since Its between my characters, also the challenge would take more time to complete so this is just a simple way of making the challenge finish :))

Azuna: *picks up a iron stick* you better know what I am talking about.

Chimaroj: Sis please don't *almost start crying*

Chris: Woah, woah, woah! Calm down're creeping me down O.o. Well, sorry Venice, but it's time for you to go...........NOWHERE! Lol, this wasn't an elimination challenge, surprise *confetti*. First of all, you are all idiots in guessing. Second, AZUNA IS RIO THE KILLER!!!!!..........Anyhow, you're all safe, but Venice sadly will be the only one residing in the Cargo Room. Shame on you girl. Whatever, see ya next day, losers.

Episode 17 Chat (Yay it's almost over, then i can go with next season :D)

Speaker: Chris is here! The next challenge will have a little twist, but that's really little, seriously. Anyhow, we're reaching Sweden. It's the next location of this season, yup. Have fun

V.I.P. Area (Everyone but Venice)

Chef: You'll eat these things for sure, cause they are awesome and for you! Swedish meatballs with cream sauce, mashed potatoes, pickeld gherkin and lingonberry sauce. Bon appetit. Oh yeah, this time no guests in V.I.P. Area, meaning that Venice is lonely

Inca: I am gonna go see Venice in Cargo.

Chimaroj: *sleeping*

Azuna: *looks at Chimaroj* (CONF) Chimy got to go seriously he has been in this game almost for 2 whole seasons. But I want someone to that the blame for it. Oh wait I have a idea (END CONF) Hey Ned I have to ask you something.

Ned: yeah?

Azuna: *whispers in Ned's ear* you wanna know who your real enemy is? Chimaroj, and since you wanna make sure he does home this time you're gonna hit him in the head with this iron stick you found in Kenya. Go and do it.

Chimaroj *still sleeping*

Ned: *hits chimaroj with stick then backs away in horror*

Azuna: (CONF) Okay I might went to far there, but there is a reason why mose people label me pure evil... gosh what do you expect? (END CONF)

Chimaroj: *wakes up* Why do I have such a head ache (CONF) What happend I never have head aches, plus I feel so light headed.. (END CONF)

Cargo Room (Venice -_-)

Chef: Sorry girl, but you're lonely. You can't even get invited from the other guys. For you we have a bad pea soup, sorry....

Venice: *Sighs*

Inca: Hey Venice...

Challenge 17 - Do you like waffles?

Chris: Welcome guys!!! This is Sweden! It's so cold here, isn't it? Well, guess what. The challenge WON't be themed with this country....because we're having a RATING CONTEST *confetti*. Pratically, for this challenge, you'll be divided in two teams: The Girls made from the boys and The Boys made from the girls. They are wonderful names. Anyhow, you have to give me something that i can rate, since i'll make a request, and then i'll rate it. There will be 3 rounds if you ask. At the end of this challenge the team who made the most points wins, and the amount of points they got transforms into CC moltiplicated per 10 :D. What a wonderful prize! So, let's go. First rating!

Request 1 - Send me the best boss battle ever made. Try to, at least. No same entries :)

Team Girls (the boys actually)

Ned: Giant Baby

Chimaroj: I have such a head ache *pukes* uhm I only know this one . (5:13)

Dale: This boss is a bit cheesy

Chimaroj: Dale have you seen someone hitting me in the back of my head?

Dale: No?

Ned: *trying to meditate in the corner but is hyperventilating*

Chimaroj: *pukes* What happend seriously.

Team Boys (the girls actually)

Azuna: Never knew tennis could be so deadly .


Inca: Lol


Chris: Ok, here are the scores for each team. But, here's a lil twist: i'm not revealing the scores for each contestant. So, here they are...oh yeah, max score you can get individually it's 10

From Team Girls we got 6, 3 and 7 points

From Team Boys we got 7, 8 and....because they're many bosses and i don't understand which was proposed, 1 point. Sorry dude...

Scores for now are 16 points for Team Girls and 16 points for Team Boys...wait, already a tie? O.o. Next request

Request 2 - Send me the cutest.......ball image you can find :\

Team Girls

Ned: here

Chimaroj: Uhm.. Here  *faints and falls on the ground.

Dale: this?

Team Boys

Azuna: Look how cute only baby animals can be cute.


Chris: Okie dokie. Well, here are your balls....and i see...that Inca and Venice didn't send one. IT'S SO HARD TO FIND A BALL?! Wow, the laziness....well

Team Girls gets 7,8 and 6 points

Team Boys, or Azuna, gets 3 points because it's....unthemed...i said BALL, not DOG

Next reques-....oh yeah i forgot. Max rounds now are 5 because i want more fun :P

So the score it's 37-19 for Team Girls?! Wow, seriously, the girls need a really huge remount

Request 3 - Gimme the worst song you can find! There's one which gives you 10 points directly :D (i'll put link of that after this request)

Team Girls

Chimaroj: Don't even ask me. 

Ned: Famous for being a terrible song

Dale: Ugh boring

Team Boys

Azuna: This is about white chocolate .


Inca: Ugh! This guy can like.. die.


Chris: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAI see you don't know anything about the bad songs. They yeah. Some were terrible but.....yeah, this time everyone posted :D

Team Girls gets 5, 6 and 3 points....

Team Boys gets 5, 3 and 7 points...

Well, score is 51-34 for Team Girls....well, Team Boys: You need 3 tens for the next rounds if you want to win. Oh right, the worst song ever (for me) link! Check this... [1]. It's just me....yeah truly catchy :P

Request 4 - This is a pairing rating. Get me a video, whatever you want, then put another link with an UNFITTING song for it. Having fun soon....please? :D

Team Girls

Chimaroj: This and this

Ned: Thisand this

Team Boys

Azuna: I guess this video with this music

Venice: I am so sorry, But I really can't find anything for this.....I'll keep trying :P

Inca: ^ sames.


Chris: Woah...just, 3 entries? You know what? Since i hate inactivities, i'm resetting the points. Everything is on in the next request, umpf.

Request 5 - Give me the best youtube musical video you can find...lazy guys

Team Girls

Ned: this

Chimaroj: I hope this count's.

Dale: any yugioh abridged fans? (skip 30 seconds)

Team Boys


Inca: Thinking....Please count....

Azuna: Obviously this 


Chris: Pray in terror, because this decides everything, and let's leave everything in the mystery....i'm not revealing the scores, just the total ones! Mwahahaha...

Team Girls got 22 points........

Team Boys got....



















8 points? ONLY?! Well, I could even stop this challenge way before. Team Girls wins, while Team Boys loses. If you want to know the scores of each then wait the elimination

Elimination 16 - True one this time, and Team Boys

Chris: Hahahahahahawell someone's going off for true this time. Either Azuna, Inca and Venice are leaving, meaning that the boys will mostly take over this season....well, finally. Everyone can vote!


Chimaroj: My head hurts so bad.

Azuna: You wanna know what happens?

Chimaroj: Uhm you put something in the water that I drank?

Azuna: Well good guess but actually Ned hit you with a iron stick.

Chimaroj: Like I belief you.

Azuna: alright don't belief me but check this *show footage from the VIP class this morning*


Azuna: I don't know (CONF) I deleted the part where I whisper in Ned's ear. Anyway I vote off Venice (END CONF)

Venice: (CONF) I vote Azuna

Inca: (CONF) Azuna's rain of terror is over!

Dale: (CONF) Venice

Ned: (Venice)

Chimaroj: (CONF) My head it really is still hurting *pukes* I can't go on like this plus I mis Lara, I vote myself off, I made it last season to the final 4 I think a new group should make it that far (END CONF)


Chris: If you need someone to eliminate, Chimaroj is next because he voted himself even if he couldnt! Haha, so nice. Well, sadly to tell, i'm too lazy to make a voting table because i have to go right now, and the eliminated of today, if Chimaroj wanted to quit, what've got it. Venice, you should get eliminated right now, but since Chimaroj has quitting desires i guess we'll have a tiebreaker. There are 10 cards here, each having a different score. Now, both of you need to pick 3. Whoever gets the lowest score is out. And yeah, if you would've admit your quitting right now i wouldn't do this tiebreaker, and it's too late for getting out now. Sorry, but you had to tell so later, and you can't quit now >:D. Pick your card, cowardish girl and pessimistic monk!

*after 3 hours* (Reason: contestants are not picking -_-)

Chris: ......Are you lazy or WHAT?! Well, Venice goes off then. You could've save your butt, but it's too late now. Bye-bye, italian-a girl *kicks her off the plane* So, hello final 5! Have fun while we reach the next destination....and with have fun i mean play with this lion *releases it and then escapes to the other room by locking it 18905281092843109235860912904x99999 times*

(I was at school :( I couldnt post - LLL)

Episode 18 Chat (FINAL 5!!!)

Speaker: Another contestant eliminated, another challenge incoming. We're heading to........hehe....MOON! This jet is also a spaceship, so we'll head to moon right NOW! *jet transforms into a spaceship then flies up in the sky and passes atmosphere*. Haha, we're now in the space! How's gravity absence? Enjoy it, because the next challenge is quite brutal >:D.

V.I.P. Area (Boys)

Chef: Here we have a little twist. For our winners, there is.....NOTHING!!! Today's inverse day, so we'll give the "food" to Girls instead. Aw, i so waited this moment...

Chimaroj: My head is still achs, *start meditating for two hours* (CONF: If I want to stay in this I have to form a alliance with Inca and get rid of Dale.) I'll be right back.

Graham: Hey Chimaroj!! Anywho! How's it goin' see Ashley and I got left in Kenya, so....I'm Hungry, See ya gotta go speak to Chris!

Cargo Room (Girls)

Chef: Want to get revenge on the boys? Oh well, don't need to worry on making a plan. Today they get nothing to eat, while you get the "food"!!!! Haha, enjoy.

Azuna: *Check's the food* Ew What is this, oh wait, *smells it* it's rotten spaghetti EEEWW *throws it in Chefs face* Well what song sould I play today oh I know I'll play f*&^ you by Maria Mena. *start play the keyboard and start singing good*.

Ashley: ANYONE?! Oh Azuna Hi! Me and Graham are back from Kenya where we werre bye!

Challenge 18 - :D

Chris: Aha, guess what guys, we are in the moon!!! It feels does

Chef: remember last time, right? Going into the moon made you damn

Chris: Shuttie! I'm having beautifulness. WeeeeeeeeeEEEEEE *goes crazy somehow*

Chef: I so hate moon......and this is the reason. Guys, i guess the challenge that was in plan is not avaiable anymore. I have to stop Chris before he goes far too crazy to ruin the whole world, because the last time it almost happened. In lower words, find a way to put him back to normal

Chris: Jabijiji. I love moon ducks. hahaha :D


(So, the challenge is to find a way to stop Chris. Challenge stops when i'll find a decent way. It's similar to the challenge i've took in ATA....but this time Chris can change O.o*)

Ned: Dig a hole and cover it with a grey carpet then use hairspray as bait to catch him

Dale: Build a time machine to go back and stop him from ever going to the moon 

Chris: Yeeeeeeeeeeee (eats the hole somehow)

Ned: Cover yourself in chicken grease and lure him to the ship and bring him home to an insane asylum?

Azuna: *throws Chimaroj at Chris.*

Chris: TELETUBBY ATTACK!!! *teletubbies now attack the contestants* (New thing to find: How to defeat teletubbies? :3)

Ned: throw black paint on them

Dale: Point out that Tinky Winky is a girl (true) [1]

Tinky Winky: WAAAAAAAAAH *runs away crying*

Chef: 3 left....i guess....nice one

Ned: Point out Po is short

Dale: Take Dipsys fave hat and throw it far away :P [2]

Po: I'm not short! *Assasults Ned*

Dipsys: NOO, MY HAT. But i'll be back *runs off chasing the hat*

Chef: And that's another one? 2 left. Lala is sleeping while Po is brutally attacking Ned...poor guy

Chris: Papapapappapapapapapapappapapapapapapa *randomly shoots lasers everywhere, and these hits every contestant + chef*

Inca: *Takes Chris to a mental hospital* There. See him in 2 weeks tops :)

Ned: Uses Falcon Punch on Po [1]

Dale: Tells La-La about a party

Azuna: *Set everything one fire.*

Chimaroj: *gives a calming thee*

*Po flies away* Fatality

*Inca is thrown away somehow from Chris and she flies back to the moon*

La-La: Yeeeh a party!!! :D *dances around without stopping*

*Everything burns and La-la summons a rain dance, so fire stops, also calming thees are USELESS*

Chef: have just to knock o-

Chris: I HAZ POWARRRRR *summons 10 koopas + Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart*

Chef: Ok.....1 teletubby, 10 koopas and 1 Mozart left (New thing to find: Find a way to get rid of the koopas and WAM)

Mozart: *plays K437* :D

Inca: *Gets off of the moon* Fine. Mental Insitution.

Ned: Jumps on one koopa and uses his shell to kill the others [2]

Dale: Plays techno music

Chimaroj: *dresses himself as bowser and roars* [1]

Azuna: What the fu... *picks up Inca and throws her at Mozart* Shut up Mozart I am better than you..

Inca died because of atmosphere, Ned got 2-ups :D (koopas are out), Dale is having fun, Chimaroj scared Lala and she escaped, Azuna makes Mozart kill Inca again and then fights Azuna with....notes?

Chef: Wow....Mozart left? (Oh yeah, the goal of this? Make sure to have 5 succesfull thingies, then you can try to knock out Chris

Chris: I am error, bebopalula *summons a duck + 1000 Sporoos (cells from Spore :D)

Ned: makes a trail of breadcrumbs to a duck trap [3]

Dale: summons hippo who likes eating sporoos

But....Sporoos are cells....AN HIPPO EATS THEM? Also, duck is trapped :D

Ned: Summons a virus to infect sporoos

Dale: Builds the sporoos their own spaceship to get back to their planet [3]

Sporoos got infected and almost died, but with their spaceship they visited the whole universe. Now you're truely lonely :D

Chef: Well, everything ended.....get Chr- *gets infected from the sporoos and becomes a zombie, also Dipsy comes back after he got the hat* (Find a way to get rid of Chef and Dipsy again :s + Dale and Ned are at 3, Chimaroj is at 1, others are at 0

Azuna: *pickes up a swords and cut's Dipsy in a 1000 pieces and than fry her* And for Chef *dresses up as Izzy* HAJAH!!!! *goes in a ninja fight with him and wins and than drag him away and set's him* So that clean it all up.. [1]

Ned: Throws a pokeball that releases a sunkern who tackles dipsy making him cry and run away

Dale: *gives chef a week off*

Chimaroj: *gives Cheff a masage* em both, but since she couldn't do both things she gets one point. Chef thing doesn't work for anyone

Chris: BEHOLD, I HAVE CHEESE *Cheesey and King Boo appear, while Chef's still in and bites Chimaroj*

Ned: Keeps saying Cheesy jokes till he breaks his hands and runs off to the hospital

Dale: Makes Chef a Gourmet Meal

Azuna: Make macarony and melt's cheesy over it. [2]

Chimaroj: get's a powerstar and run into king boo. [2]

Ned doesn't make Cheesy break his arm, but he got melt from Azuna O,o. King Boo is defeated and Chef's thing is useless. Dale and Ned are at three, while Azuna and Chimaroj are at two. Only Inca is at 0.

Chris: Uh i sad :( *summons a clock and another clock. Both are brown :1*

Azuna: *makes a rocket and tapes the clock on it and launch it to the moon* [3]

Chimaroj: *throws the clock underneath the upcomming train and the clock breaks in pieces..*

Ned: Paints them purple muahahahaha

Dale: Summons an army of grandfathers to break it [4]

(NOW LIMIT IS 4. I can't wait for 5)

Azuna and Dale managed to get rid of the clocks....somehow.

Chris: YOU CAN'T STOP ME, YOU HEAR, BANANAS? *summons....King Kong* (Dale can now try to knock out Chris)

Ned: summons a skyscraper for him to climb

Dale: Blow dries chrs's hair to perfection again

Azuna: *kisses king kong*

Chimaroj: *uses a anesthetic arrow* I am sorryù [3]

Climbing a skycraper never caused death or defeatness, Chris hair were already perfect, King Kong gets in love with Azuna but actually Chimaroj's anestetic arrow makes him fall from the skycraper, therefore dieing.


Ned: jumps on koopas

Dale: ignores chris

Chimaroj: *jumps on a koopa and used his shield and throw it at all the other koopas* [4]

Azuna: *get's a flower powerup and throws fireballs at the koopas*

'Chimaroj defeats the kopas first.....and seriously Dale?-

Dale: *tells chris blaineley is a better host*

Chris: Um, no I am a better host *kicks Dale*

Chimaroj: *takes off Chris's wig*

Azuna: Can I challenge you too?

Chris:............AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *faints*

Chef: *somehow back to normal* Congratulations Chimaroj! You stopped the idiot mean the psyco Chris from being that mad, yay..hehe...well. I guess he'll say. "TIME FOR ELIMINATION TIME, WHIMPS"

Elimination 17 - Everyone but Chimaroj

Chef: Well, you're supposed to vote someone off, and with that one, i honestly think Inca should, BUT....this time WE'LL decide who goes off. That's right, we're going to be the judges.....and once Chris recovered we will proceed with elimination. You may want to say something to convince us to not eliminate you, contestants. Chimaroj, you don't need to worry. Since you're safe, you get a free spot in final 4.


Azuna: Why I shouldn't go, well there are a couple or reasons, I can create drama unlike other people like Ned I mean seriously  it's called total drama not total boringness.. You should save Dale though he is my little buddy and I don't want him to go anywhere if he goes I will be really sad and mad at my little brother! I don't care about all the others. So I hope you guys safe me otherwise this game is gonna be boring..

Ned: Im the quiet achiever and made it far as the last on my team i may not create much drama but i didnt as it kept me from harm im kinda surprised only Azuna took advantage of my obeying nature so i voted hw i wanted

Dale: Can i swap chris cash with Ned and leave? Ive accomplished a lot and made a great friend in Azuna and cant stand seeing any more Awesome people get sent home

Azuna: No don't leave Dale!!!  


Chef: Uh, Dale. I see you want to quit...hen...WHATEVER. Because you wanted to, you're out. Also, did you know that CC is useless? HEHEHE...Bye dude *kicks Dale out the plane*

Episode 19 Chat (FINAL 4, Fi-Final 4!!!!)

Speaker: Chris here! I managed to get back to normal, so expect me to host next challenge. For our finalicious 4 we're heading to Romania, buh! Haha, today we got a sinfle meal for ya'll

Cargo Room (Everyone)

Sorry but from today you'll stay in the famigerate cargo room. Even me and Chris need some relax. Anyhow, garlic is your....delicious meal, uh.

Azuna: *looking at a picture* 

Chimaroj: *checking the food* Ugh.. (CONF) Final 4.. Again it's time to focus *start meditating* (END CONF)

Ned: (to azuna) whats that?

Challenge 19 - A Bloody Final 4

Chris: Welcome final 4, or even better, victims of mine >:D. We're in Transilvania, region of Romania, unfamous for the fact that the stories of the famousest vampire we know, Dracula, takes place RIGHT HERE! Well, today your challenge is to kill the vampire that resides in this mansion. Since it's impossible to kill a vampire with your bare hands, you first need to search something inside the house before doing so, then massacre him. To make that easier, one of our interns put 5 weapons inside the mansion. It's weird that he didnt come back...uh....well. You can find garlic, a nailed pole, a tanning panel, another nailed pole and...a bazooka. The first one of you 4 to bring me of the vampire gets one of the three spots avaiable for the precious final 3, which features the last challenge. Ok, here's a map of the mansion, now GO! (This is actually a line challenge. From the foyer, you can go in every room. The number of lines required depends from the number of the rooms which separates your target. Be sure that the max you'll post is 8. When you found a weapon try to find the vampire, which is also in a room. If you found him with a weapon, try to kill him. If you found him without a weapon, run away, as if he catchs you he will knock you out from the challenge) The number of lines required for killing the vampire depends from the weapon

Garlic requires 10 lines

Nailed poles requires 4 lines

Tanning pale goes from 2 to 5 lines. decides

Bazooka is...1 line, yeah, quite godplayful

Once you killed him, run outside the mansion. The main door is situated at the foyer, so first you need to reach it. When you're there, post *exits mansion with head* and you won the is below this) [A little example: If you want to go to the Kitchen and you're in the foyer, post 2 lines; if you're in the study and you want to go in the main bedroom, post 5 lines...]

(Oh wait, another thing. Some weapons are hidden. If you think that a room hides something, post *searches better*. If you were right, you'll find one of the 5 weapons)


Azuna: Tanning Panel (2-5 lines to kill)

Chimaroj: Nothing

Inca: Nothing

Ned: Nothing

Inca: *Goes to closet* [1/3]

Azuna: *goes to the kitchen* [1/2]

Inca: *Goes To Closet* [2/3]

Azuna: *goes to the kitchen* [2/2]

Ned: *goes to graveyard* (1/3)

Azuna: *searches better*

GAME STATUS: Azuna found the garlic

Ned: *goes to graveyard* (2/3) 

Chimaroj: *goes to the graveyard [1/3]

Ned: *goes to graveyard* (3/3) 

Azuna: *goes to hallway 5* (1/4)

Ned: *searches better*

GAME STATUS: Ned found nothing at all

Chimaroj: *goes to the grave yard [2/3]

Inca: *Goes to closet* [3/3]

GAME STATUS: Inca finds a pole in the floor, but not a nailed pole

Azuna: *get's to halway 5* (2/4)

Ned: *goes to anteroom* (1/3)

Azuna: *get's to halway 5* (3/4)

Ned: *goes to anteroom* (2/3) 

Azuna: *get's to halway 5* (4/4)

GAME STATUS: Azuna found nothing

Ned: *goes to anteroom* (3/3) 

Azuna: *goes to the graveyard (1/1)

Inca: "Goes to Laundry" [1/6]

Azuna: Goes to Laundry [1/3]

GAME STATUS: Ned found....the vampire. Now he's chasing him O.o, while Azuna found nothing

Ned: *searches better*

GAME STATUS: Ned found nothing z.z

Vampire: *bites Ned* (1/3) [Watch out: the vampire can take you out in 3 lines if you stay in the same room with him inside for 2 lines. You better run away]

Azuna: Where is that stupid vampire *Goes to Laundry* [2/3]

Chimaroj: This place is so creepy *sitting in a corner

Ned: *runs to bathroom* (1/2)

Azuna: And what now? *Goes to Laundry [3/3]

Ned: *runs to bathroom* (2/2)

GAME STATUS: Ned could find something, Azuna found the tanning panel (because it was used for drying clothes :3)

Vampire: *gets in the Hallway 4*

Azuna: Goodbye garlic hi tanning panel and let's go to hallway 4 *throw away the garlic and picks up the tanning panel and goes to hallway 4 (1/3)

Vampire: *gets in ?* (Because i've seen Azuna can get in the same room as vampire, now his movements can't be seen. The only hint are the nearest rooms) Azuna: *hears something* *thows a pair of Eddie's socks she stole from him*

Chimaroj: Why do you throw them to me.

Azuna: What are you sitting in the corner?

Chimaroj: I am scared.

Azuna: Oh *Azuna get's a flash back* Let's walk together than.

Chimaroj: oh uh okay (CONF) The last time Azuna said that was during the fire in out house in LA. (END CONF)

Azuna: (CONF) Chimaroj might be the one who falsly acuesed me for setting fire to his bed but he is still my little brother besides I used to calm him when he was scared and so I am doing the same now. (END CONF) Let's go to Hallway 2

Chimaroj and Azuna: *Going to hallway 2* (1/4) 

Inca: *Goes to Laundry Room* [2/6]

Chimaroj and Azuna: *goes to hallway 2* (2/4)

Vampire: *bites Ned, again* (2/3) [The vampire is in the bathroom, and you can't get in here until you reached the room you need to go. Also, Ned, you have to find a weapon quickly :s

Ned: *searches better*

Chimaroj and Azuna: *goes to hallway 2* (3/4)

GAME STATUS: Ned found nothing, and since the vampire bit him the 3rd time, he's out of the challenge! (Azuna, Inca and Chimaroj are the only remaining, and the vampire is still in the Bathroom)

Chimaroj and Azuna: *goes to hallway 2* (4/4) 

Azuna: What now?

GAME STATUS: Chimaroj and Azuna found nothing :P

Vampire: *moves elsewhere from the bathroom*

Azuna: Let's go to the Study.

Chimaroj: Okay.

Azuna & Chimaroj: Goes to the study (1/3)

Chris: Stop this stupid challenge. The Vampire was the intern anyway......and since nobody's posting the challenge ends RIGHT NAO. Nobody's safe, happy day

Dracula Mansion map

Vampire's Mansion Map

Elimination 18 - Everybody

Chris: I'm sorry to tell, but this time we'll decide who goes out....again. Please next time COMPETE IN THE DAMN CHALLENGES *blows up*. I'm tired of being afriad of this camp dieing AT THE END. Well, maybe it will be the same of previous time, but have your speech


Azuna: Again a speech seriously? anyway. I desirve to be in the final 3, I had searched the most in this challenge and let's face it without me it is gonna be really boring here, Inca doesn't do anything and Ned is *yawn* boring and my little brother is my little brother. Anyway those are the reasons why I should stay and someone else should go.

Inca: Hello audience or to who this may concern. I think I deserve to be in the final because I am a hard worker and I do try my best in challenges. I havent heard much from my fellow competitors exept from the ever vain miss perfect over there. *Points towards Azuna* Anyways, I deserve this. Thank you and good night.

Ned: I cant believe i made it this far and I want to prove all those people wrong who said i wouldnt hack it ive been on my own since the team imploded and i lost Chao Xing, Dahlia, Misaki, Sweet Cassie <3 and Aichi and i was quickly the last survivor but i have kept going and ive persevered and i hope this isnt the end of the glorious Pinched Class.

Chimaroj: *looking at a picture of Lara* I miss you Lara *takes a deep breath*


Chris: Well, you're the final 4, but soon you'll be the final 3. One of you will have the shame of being eliminated right before the finals....well, here' i'll rate the speeches, um yeah.

Azuna, you're actually the only one to have collected a weapon, and even if you didn't kill the vampire, i guess you did the most....or you were the luckiest, so take this marshmallow, and yes we're bringing them back *throws at Azuna a Marshmallow*

Inca, your speech was ok, but do i need to remember you that you were inactive for the previous challenges? Nice that you got active in previous one, but no marshmallow for you.....yet.

Ned, you've been present to the challenges, and your speech was the best as you didn't said it boringly like Azuna. You're safe, meaning that you'll compete in finals *throws at Ned a Marshmallow*

Chimaroj, you've been great here, but somehow you lost interest in the last challenge, you wanted to quit previously and you didn't do a speech, and that's why you and Inca are the bottom two. No worries. The last marshmallow goes to....
















Inca. I'm sorry Chimaroj, but i think you wanted to leave way before than today. No last words, so bye *kicks him out the plane*. Rare recap time! And here we got our final 3, the only ones who managed to get through without getting eliminated or whatsoever. Now bet for one of them. Who's going to be the winner of this long, but amazing season? It will be Ned, the "survivor" of the loser team, the Pinched Class? It will be Azuna, which from what i think is the villain of this season? pft....or will it be Inca, the only team captain remaining? The way to find it out is staying tuned here on Total.....Drama....AFTER THE..................after the..................after the....GOSH! I always forgot the name :(

Episode 20 Chat (FINAL EPISODE, BABY!)

(*the plane ends into Toronto's airport. The final 3 drops off it and goes to the airport's parking*

Chris: Hey, final 3! How is the feeling of being the highest ranking contestants out of everyone? I guess they'll be damn jealous....and in fact we have them right here! Say hi to the eliminated contestants, cause they'll have something to do in the final challenge....and yup, it's jury. Meet them and then yadda :D

Ned: hey guys!

Lara: -.- *looks at Ned* you voted me out i see the all confessional.....

Azuna: Seriously? A Jury -_- lame..

Chimaroj: Hi Lara *hugs Lara*

Lara: .....*Rejects Chimaroj*

Chimaroj: What's wrong?

Ned: Im sorry Lara, Azuna told me to....

Azuna: Hey don't lie the only thing I asked you to do is to vote out Eddie, you voted her out all by yourself.

Lara: i don't belive in you Ned you voted me before Azuna so shut up >.> !! anyway Sister like Brother

Chimaroj: I always threated you as my queen and now because my sister is a .... not that nice you reflect that on me?

Azuna: I told you brother she never liked you. She only used you!

Chimaroj: Shut up Azu!


Lara: *ignores Azuna and Chimaroj* INCA !! YESSSS !! *Hugs Inca* i knew that you can win!! 

Chimaroj: You know what Lara, this is not working I never wanted to do this and this is bad for my karma but we need to break up. If you judge me on the actions of my sister doesn't make any sense. You need to judge me on me and not on what someone else does. I am sorry. *walks away angry*

Ned: Its ok if you dont vote for me Lara I just want to stay friends

Lara: (CONF) pff....Chimaroj is boring me....and i need other boys not always Chimaroj so bye bye Chima *Smile* (END CONF) i will never vote you for win Ned by the way yes we can be friends *Hugs Ned*

Chimaroj: (CONF) *sigh* I guess it's better.. I think.. She only holds me back.. *sigh* (END CONF) Hi Inca well done.

Inca: Thanks Chim! *Hugs Chim* And Thanks Lara! *Hugs Lara* OMG VENICE!!!!

Venice: OMG HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Dances*

Azuna OMG I want to dance with you!! *start dancing with Venice*

Chimaroj: oh no (CONF) My sister and dancing is like me and Lara it just does go together *sigh* (END CONF)

Ned: Final 3 dance together :P *joins in*

Inca: Hey Cassie! Join us! *Dances With them*

Lara: me too ! *Dances*

Chimaroj: *watching Lara dance*

Lara: Yay ! *Laughs and Dances*

Chimaroj: *sigh* *starts Meditating*

Eddie: Hi guys!

Andrew: Nice job Azuna, Ned, and Inca

Lara: Thanks Andrew but the third is Inca not me xD

Azuna: Thank you Andrew but don't just stand there like a redead come on and dance *keeps on dancing*

Lara: *Dances with Azuna*

Andrew: HAMMER TIME! *does the Hammer Dance*

Eddie: *hammer dances*

Chef: *dances* Why I can't stop dancing? D:

Chris: OMG! Venice is contagiating everyone! TO THE ESCAPE PODS! *gets in one*

Eddie: *gets in an escape pod*

Andrew: *jumps into an escape pod*

Ned: we are only having some fun *grabs Pinched class and gets them to dance*

Azuna: Let's make this offical the last episode party!! *get's Chris's party speaker and turns on music really loud* EVERYONE DANCE!!!! *start dancing again*

Chimaroj: *get's annoyed and get's an escape pod*

Jury 20 - Beginning of the End pt. 3

Chris: *destroys the stereo and uses an anti-dancer potion on everyone* Um, ok, i've got thousands of them anyway.....Ok guys! It's finally the time. Decide who you want for winning Total Drama After The Tour!!!!

Venice: Inca is the nicest one here. I vote for her to win! Plus she always joined in my dancing.

Eddie: Inca and Ned are both cool. Weeeelllllll, I vote Ned!

Andrew: Eddie makes a point, so I vote Ned!

Lara: i absolutley vote Inca to win.....GO INCA !!!!!

Chris: We're in a 2-2-0 situation. We need more 13 voters

Chimaroj: My sister was right all the time, Lara is just using me to get far in the game. Plus she helped me out in that scary mansion, it felt like old time so I vote Azuna. 

Lara: Obvious -.-....*Slaps Chimaroj* F*** you !! did you forget the all time that we passed together with love,hugs and kisses !??!! *Cries* the last season,this seasono i always loved you only cause i wanted to borke with you now you say that i only used you !!! YOU ARE A PIECE OF SH*T !!!! *Cries*

Chimaroj: You are the one who is a terrible judge of character, you judge me for the acts of my sister sorry Lara that is just terrible. And yes maybe I shouldn't have said you used cause you didn't, people say terrible things when they are mad that are not true, but you wanted to break up with me because my sister act's terrible towards you. Sorry Lara it doesn't work that way. *go and sit down and start meditating*

Maisie: YIPPEE, Well done Ned, Azuna and Inca, Sorry Inca and Azuna, But I vote Ned

Dahlia: *Takes off Disguise* *Reaveales self to be Rihanna* Hi, Guys I'm Rihanna, and you guys voted me out but who cares, I vote Ned because I dunno, I can (XD, Felt like being random :P)

Chris: Well, now we're in a 4-2-1 situation. 10 votes left!

Chao-Xing: I give my vote to Ned tbh.

Patrick: I second that as well ^^^

Matthew: Hmm... I say Ned.

Cassie: Ned is my friend, so it's obvious I pick him. Now, can we hurry this up, I need to be in a photo shoot at Alaska in 2 hours.

Dale: I vote Ned well done dude

Chris: Uh, well, so it is declared. The winner of all of this is.....NED! Pinched Class, the loser one, wins...yeah. So this was everything from our season. Stay tuned for next one (not BTI), because, i'll promise you, it will be one of the most exciting EVER! Bye from Chris, Ned and the others, and thanks for being tuned and watching TOTAL......DRAMA......AFTER THE TOUR!!!!!!!!!