A lot of people think that they are great authors. Over half of these people are only okay-good. This is not only a camp where people are getting their writing skills improved but they are competing to be the best author. (For anybody wondering, this should be on the fanfiction wiki, but Redflare won't let me.) Ask any questions on the talk page.

How it works

1. First I'll construct two teams.

2. The teams compete in challenges. i.e. Write a fan-fiction where Heather mauls a bear. OR Write a romantic story with Ezekiel invovled.

3. The winning team gets INVINCIBILITY!!!!!

4. The losing team will have a BoW (Best of the worst) that will nominate two people for elimination. The BoW will explain their choices.

5. The two people will say why they deserve to stay, and answer any questions Nalyd has for them.

6. Somebody is eliminated.

7. Repeat steps 2-6.

8. When there are five people left, there will be one team. (The Best-Sellers)

9. There will be a BoB (Best of the Best) that will nominate two people.

10. It is also possible that nobody will be BoW or BoB and the team will have to all agree on who to nominate.



TDI19 (Hey guys, you have not seen me write anything yet, so I may be a dark horse in this competition!)

tdifan1234(I wrote the dock of shame stories for Noah and Courtney on the tdi fanfic wiki and I can edit stuff. English is my fave subject in school, so I love doing this type of stuff)


(In no particular order)

Usitgz(I've either been sick or at basketball for the past 5 days hopefully I can write)

Ricky490 (Bring the challenges on, I am born to be a great author and I'm determined to win it)

Tdi( Im good at writing on paper, but the computer is a whole other story. At least I dont stink, so I might do good)

Zakkoroen (I'll give it a try.)

thebiggesttdifan (I once transcripted the dodgeball episode of TDI. I really love writing!)

sorreltail18(i enjoy to write stories. I wrote many comics and stories (realted to the warrior series and TDI) i have a great imagination and i will write anything about tdi if you want me  !!!! i also resecently won an essay contest!!)

Ezekielguy (I really like to write. I became famous at my school for writing a class comic book about a college student who had super mutant mustard powers.)

Codaa5 (I haven't written much but when I do it will be off the HOOK!)

Progress Table

Place Author 1 2 3 4 5 6 7** 8 9 10 11 Nalyd Renrut's reason
1 TDI19 10 10 9.7 10 0* 8 9 9 9.5 9.5 WIN "TDI19 described himself as a dark horse in the contest. He really was, being in the top authors every week."
2 Tdifan1234 9 9 9.5 6.5 7.5 10 7 7 0 10 LOSE "Tdifan1234 came into this week an underdog. He really excelled, but TDI19 has almost always been head and shoulders above him. "
3 Zakkoroen 9 9.5 9.8 10 7.5 8 8.5 9 9 8.5 "Zakkoroen was one of the best authors here. I just felt that a small bit of him was ready to go."
4 Codaa5 9 9.5 5 7.5 5.5 7 8 0 (First) "Codaa5 was a great author. I would've loved to see him go farther, but it was just his time."(Second) "I thought Codaa5 would excel after a week off. Unfortunately, it was same old, same old."
5 Ricky490 8.5 9.5 7.5 9.3 9 8.5 5.5 6.8 "Ricky490 was a good author. Not great. Just good. He got plenty of chances, and now it's his time."
6 Thebiggesttdifan 3 8 7 8 10 9.5 6.5 "Thebiggesttdifan really improved during his stay. Unfortunately, he just couldn't meet the standards of the Best-Sellers."
7 Sorreltail18 8.5 9 3 6 5.5 4.3 7 "Sorreltail18 was very middle of the road. She didn't do poorly, but she never excelled."
8 Usitgz 9.3 9.8 8 0.5 0 "Usitgz might have seen his elimination coming. That is why he used his chance to stay as a threat."
9 Tdi 0 0 6 0 "Tdi missed the first two weeks. And he finally showed up a week late and a story short."
10 Ezekielguy 0 * 0* 6 "Ezekielguy was a no-show. He talked a big game, but played a little one."

Color Code (Two Teams):

  • Green: Winning Team
  • Gray: Losing Team
  • Blue: Best of Worst
  • Purple: Best of the week
  • Dark green: Switched teams
  • Orange: Nominated by BoW
  • Pink: Nominated by Nalyd Renrut
  • Magenta: Nominated and eliminated by Nalyd Renrut
  • Red: Eliminated

Color Code (One Team):

  • Green: Best of the Best
  • Blue: Moved on
  • Orange: Nominated by BoB
  • Magenta: Nominated and eliminated by Nalyd Renrut
  • Red: Eliminated
  • Yellow: Returned to Total Drama Author


  • *User was sick this week, and thus could not post a story.
  • **This week, the five eliminated contestants were offered a chance to return to Total Drama Author. They had to post a story, following the same theme as the active competitors, and the person with the best score, Codaa5, returned.

Week 1 Chat

Nalyd Renrut: Welcome to Total Drama Author!

Usitgz: Hey guys!

Tdifan1234: This is a really good idea!

Nalyd Renrut: Good stories so far!

Ricky490: What does thebiggesttdifan's story have anything to do with Playa Des Loser theme?

Tdifan1234: Idk but, Happy Super Bowl! :-D

thebiggesttdifan: Sorry...I forgot to read the part about Playa De Losers. It's amazing how much four words can change the setting of a story.

Nalyd Renrut: I will allow you to change your story. If you don't that story will receive no points.

Nalyd Renrut: It's Tuesday, people. Hurry!

Nalyd Renrut: Tomorrow morning I will lock the page and score the stories.

Codaa5: Got mine done right on time!

Nalyd Renrut: Good job guys, I hope the last two people write stories, then I can judge all ten stories!

Zakkoroen:I hope my team can pull through!

Ricky490: TDI19 and TDI, come and make your stories or our team will lose.

Zakkoroen:Is.. is my team WINNING?!?

Nalyd Renrut: I can't wait to see who wins and who CRACKS UNDER THE PRESSURE! (Sorry, Chris/Izzy moment....)

Tdifan1234: wooo! go bass

Sorreltail18- GOOD LUCK AND GO BASS !!!!!

TDI19: Hey guys, my story is almost done. I think it is amazing how some stories you really have to think about, and some just flow right out of you!

Zakkoroen:I think that I'm one of my team's best players. I am also a good debater, which might help me if I am a target for elimination. GO BASS! WE ARE WINNING!

Nalyd Renrut: Zak, you're skills to debate may save you. (Not saying you are a target) Some people with the lowest score might stay, while a higher scorer might go because of a bad reason to stay.

Srorreltail18: do you guys like my story

Tdifan1234: yeah! its good! Do you guys like mine?

Sorreltail18: I love yours! I had to think the heather getting mauled by a bear

Zakkoroen:If I had to vote for anyone, unfortunately, I'd vote for Ezekielguy, since his story's still not up.

Nalyd Renrut: I hope he posts it, but chances are he won't.

TDI19: I really hope you guys like my story. I worked really hard on it. For as long as I stay in the game, I will probably write novel-length stories. LOL!!! XD!!!

Nalyd Renrut: I have locked the page and I am starting the judging. The page is unlocked. Please only edit the chat section. I will do the winning team thing later. Bye!

Who won challenge one? I hope the Bass did!

Zakkoroen:Ezekielguy had better come up with a miracle or he's out...

Nalyd Renrut: I hope he's okay.

Zakkoroen:When do we assume he's not gonna answer?

Ricky490: Can we eliminated Ezekielguy already? He's not going to respond.

Nalyd Renrut: Important info: Sunday through Thursday is writing days. No stories after Thursday. Friday I will decide elimination, and Saturday is for teams to prepare.

Ricky490: What's the theme? And will Ezekielguy (whose not responding for being the final 2 elimination) be eliminated already?

Nalyd Renrut: Fine! I will make the decision but the new week won't start until Sunday.

Challenge 1

This week's challenge is a playa des losers story. You must write about one or more characters at playa des losers. They have to be from the original TDI, and it can't be written as a script. You will be judged on grammar, and creativity. The stoires are due by February 5.

Ricky490's Story

Cody Wants a Girlfriend!

Cody was at Playa Des Losers, he was as good as new after getting mauled by the bear in the paintball deer episode. Cody was looking at Geoff and Bridgette making out and then looking at Trent and Lindsay and then Harold and Leshawna. "Oh, why I wish I have a girlfriend?" Cody replied in grief. Cody asked Harold to come here, "Hey, Harold, could you come here for a second?" Harold came to Cody, "You know you got your girlfriend, Leshawna there right" Cody replied. "Yeah" Harold replied. "Well, how do you get a girlfriend" Cody replied wanting to know badly. "Well, I got my Leshawna by writing a great poem. Maybe you should try making a poem to a girl and maybe she will like it" Harold replied. "OK" Cody replied, it was 1 hour later it here is what he got:

Hey Girl

You Make my Heart Curl

You know you are sweet

From your head to your feet

Your light as a dove

And I feel like I'm in love



Cody handed it to every girl on Playa Des Losers and every girl rejected it (every girl except one.) It was Beth, she thought it was sweet. "Ah, Cody" she replied. And Cody blushed and soon maked out. "My job is done" Harold replied leaving the scene.

Review: I enjoyed reading this one. You based it at Playa des Losers, and it was quite creative. You're constant use of the word "replied" was your only issue. You're score is 8.5/10

TDI19's Story

It is very long- 3 pages on Microsoft Word!!!

The Zoo Comes To Wawanakwa


Owen uses his money to go to the zoo, and then Harold brings it to Playa Des Losers!


The day after the finale of Total Drama Island, 21 of the campers were hanging out at Playa Des Losers. Gwen, Trent, and Leshawna were just hanging out and talking. Heather was meeting with a salesman from a company that has a hair care line to help grow hair back. Katie and Sadie were admiring Justin, and Noah was trying to read, but was being annoyed about the constant “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”ing that was continuously going on next to him.

Izzy went on and on about the alien planet she was once brought to after being abducted. “Yeah, these little green and brown creatures with long blue ears and big feet abducted me and took me to their planet, SCHANOOGWART. There they harvest lime green marshmallows. Yeah. Uh-huh! Pretty crazy,” she said while giggling. Eva and Cody, who were listening, just stared at her with confusion. Duncan was playing basketball with Tyler and DJ, and Courtney was strangling Harold with his own underwear. Geoff and Bridgette were, surprisingly, making out in the hot tub. Ezekiel had just gotten in, and was watching the couple rather sadly, obviously hoping that he could have a girlfriend.

Lindsay was explaining directions to Beth, who was getting a facial from a Chef, much to his dismay. “Beth, north is nice because it starts with “N”, and also because Santa lives there, and he is really nice. He makes toys for everyone!!!”

“Thank you for telling me that, Lindsay,” said Beth.

Owen had decided to go off to the zoo, to spend some of his prize money there looking at the animals. Once free from Courtney’s grasp, Harold wanted to bring the zoo to Playa Des Losers. He e-mailed them, and they quickly responded, saying, “yes.”

Overnight, Owen did not return, and the others were getting concerned. The next day, the zoo arrived. The zoo was full of animals, and all of the campers actually wanted to see them. Lindsay remarked, “There are lions, and tigers, and bears!” “Oh my!” Beth finished. Katie and Sadie actually spent more time looking at the animals than Justin for a change.

“EEEEEE!!!” Sadie said. “I love, love, LOVE dolphins”

“Oh yeah, me too!!!” Katie replied. “EEEEEEEEE!!!!”

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” the two of them screeched in unison.

“Oh will you ever just SHUT UP!!!!” Noah screamed. “Are you guys like deaf? Have you ever actually heard yourself ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!’?”

“Yes we have, know-it-all,” said Sadie.

“Well, it is no shock you two love dolphins,” Noah retorted.

Leshawna was walking to the back of the cages and saw Owen locked up in one. “Uhhh…. Owen. What are you doin’ in that cage?”

“Well,” Owen said, “It is a long story. You see, I brought Mr. Coconut’s cousin’s roommate’s best friend’s other best friend’s uncle’s pets, Coco and Nutzo to the zoo. I accidently dropped Coco into the penguin pool, so Nutzo and I jumped in to save him. The three of us had such a great time in there that we stayed for a whole seven hours, thirty-seven minutes, and three point one four two six eight five seconds. We played a lot of “Duck, Duck, Penguin”!!! Anyway, we spent so long in there that the zoo guards had to extract us, and thinking that we were wild animals, they put the three of us into this cage. Then we were brought here!”

“Wait, does that mean that you are still talking to coconuts?” asked Leshawna.

“Yes, here is Coco,” said Owen, as he held up a light brown coconut with long green hair. “Here is Nutzo.” Owen held up a dark brown coconut with no hair, and a face made out of pineapple. “He is piney!” “Great for you, Owen,” said Leshawna, who was looking like she regretted asking the question.

Lindsay was going around thinking how horrible it must be to these animals that they are always locked up. So, she quickly went, from cage to cage, opening them, except for the dolphins, with whom Katie and Sadie were communicating with.

The animals stampeded out into Playa Des Losers. They trampled over half the campers, and the other ones climbed into the trees.

Lindsay, realizing what horror she had just unveiled onto the Wawanakwa region of Canada (somewhere in Muskoka, Ontario), screamed and chased after a tiger, to grab it by its’ tail. She did successfully, but the result was that the tiger was chasing her.

After the plethora of zoo animals ran through the whole island, Chris finally intervened. He brought in the RCMP to help capture all the animals, and they got most of them. All that was left was the tiger. The only unscathed campers were Harold, Leshawna, Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, Geoff, Lindsay (who managed to escape from the tiger before), and Owen (who was still locked up in the cage).

Katie and Sadie were no use as they just kept admiring the dolphins. Neither were Bridgette and Geoff; all they did was make out. Obviously, Owen would not be that helpful either. So, it was down to Lindsay, Leshawna, and Harold. Leshawna seemed to be the only one who could get this tiger back to its’ cage. Lindsay was still a little scared of it, and Harold was still Harold.

The three went out to search for it. Leshawna climbed into a tree to get an aerial view of the scene. Unfortunately for her, the branch she was on broke, and she fell right on to the tiger’s back. The tiger was now very mad, and started running like crazy, all the while trying to throw Leshawna off its’ back.

And it did.

Leshawna went flying into the lake. When she came back up from the water, she screamed, “OHHHH! That tiger has messed with the wrong sister, and it better be ready for a world of pain!”

Harold found the tiger, and started using his wilderness skills to capture it. It did not go so well. Harold was found unconscious near the campfire pit two hours later.

Lindsay was sitting in the woods, painting her nails, with her new replacement limited edition nail polish. She was sitting on a rock, painting her nails. She was exhausted from all of the running and screaming she had done recently. She then remembered how all of this chaos was her fault, and she stood up, saying, “I am responsible for this, and I’ll fix this problem!”

Lindsay spent one hour searching the island, and finally found the tiger at the top of the cliff. She got up there and called to it, “Here, doggy ⎯ uhh, kitty, kitty!” The tiger looked at her with its’ teeth bared, and Lindsay suddenly felt a shockwave of tension and nervous energy surge through her body⎯like getting a huge static shock. She thought carefully about what to do, backing away very slowly. She finally said, “Drawing a blank!” She got closer to the edge of the cliff, and had an idea. She showed the tiger her bright pink nails, and those captured the feline’s attention. It roared softly and hapily. Lindsay then realized it was a girl tiger, and went over to it, and started painting its’ nails. The tiger easily let her, and the two of them spent some girl time together.

Finally the RCMP swooped in, and was able to take the tiger to the zoo, and Lindsay back to Playa Des Losers. Thankfully, the rampaging animals did not do any damage, and were all taken back to the zoo. Lindsay was commended for her efforts in making the tiger happy, as it turns out that she was a very sad, lonely tiger. Her reward was that she got to keep the tiger, who was named “Jenna”, as a pet, after Total Drama Action. Everyone admired Lindsay for her bravery, and were all very shocked that she managed to do what she had done. Even Leshawna was happy for her, and forgiving to Jenna. Everyone was glad the drama was over for the day, and they went to sleep. The only thing was this strange feeling that everyone had that they had forgotten something. Let’s just say, that night, Owen slept in a cage outside, and was very cold, even with Mr. Coconut’s cousin’s roommate’s best friend’s other best friend’s uncle’s pets, Coco and Nutzo. (Don’t worry, they were all released the next morning.)


Review: Katie and Sadie are descendants of dolphins??? 10/10!!!!!!!!

Codaa5's Story

(May be short, did this at last second!)

DJ's First Kiss
DJ had just stepped off the boat and onto the nice concrete of Playa Des Losers. Katie was staring at him for some time, DJ wasn't paying attention as he was talking to Justin. "Sadie, I don't think I like Justin anymore." Said Katie. Sadie gasp's. "How can you not like him, He's soooo.... dreamy!". "Cause I just don't! I like DJ. And that's that!" whispered Katie. "But..." Sadie replied. Katie got off her seat and walked up to DJ and Justin. "Hey DJ, can I talk to you?" said Katie. "Yea, one moment J-Dog" replied DJ. "No problemo man!" said Justin. Katie had led DJ away from the group and started to talk to him. "I'm kind of afraid to say this but I like you DJ..." said Katie with a small frown on her face. DJ stood at her with his eyes opened wide. "I kinda like you too." replied DJ. They both smiled and started to kiss. "Way to go love-couple." Said Noah, Katie and DJ began pelting him with coconuts. DJ and Katie lived happily ever after.

The End!

Review: Oh Noah, will you ever learn? Anyway, very well done. 9/10

Usitgz's Story

A Love Renewed

When Duncan stepped of the boat and onto Playa Des Losers, he wasn't expecting what came next. He said, "Wow, what a nice little place you guys got here."

"I know right, dude," Geoff said.

Duncan saw Cody playing frisbee with Tyler, Leshawna and Trent talking to each other, and Ezekiel in the hot tub with Geoff and Bridgette. He saw Noah, Justin, Izzy, Katie and Sadie swimming in the pool. He saw Courtney and asked, "What's up Hottie."

"I still don't like you, you know," Courtney replied

"Yeah right, wanna make out in the bushes," Duncan answered

"Ewwwwww, gross!" Courtney said

"What do you mean by gross?" Duncan asked

"Not in a gay way, Ewwwwwwwwwww!" Courtney answered

Duncan & Courtney started to make out and lived happily for the rest of the Playa Des Losers stay.

The End!

Review: Nice story, excellent grammar. 9.3/10

Tdi's Story

Heathers Rage

(Under construction)

Review: I was looking forward to this story. 0/10

Sorreltail18's Story

Izzy and her new Friend

(the introduction)

Even though Izzy never came of the island (1st time- the RCMP chased her and the 2nd time- she threw some smoke bomb) she still went to Playa des loser (whatever that place is called). "Hey everybody!", she announced as she went to the loser place. Some "ex-campers" gasped while some said, "oh no!" because they new she was going to be insane!

(now the story!)

Izzy was gone for quite awhile. Some campers got very worried. "Where did Izzy go?" asked Leshawna. Campers searched but in the distance Cody spotted her. "Hey, I see Izzy... with...uhh....", he said but he looked closely and he ran and hid. Katie looked also. " Izzy has a bear?!?"Katie exclaimed. Izzy ran down with her bear near the pool where Bridgette and Geoff were making out. " You guys gotta check out my new friend... Fuzzy", Izzy said. "A b-b-bear" stammered Leshawna. "Duh... why did you think it was a wolf or a penguin or something?" Izzy joked. "You are really insane Izzy" Duncan said.

Before the Finals for TDI Izzy spent a lot of time with "Fuzzy". Cody spent lots of time hiding and many campers minded their own buisness. One night, Izzy forgotted to give her bear some fish before she went to bed. Her bear was really cranky that night. As Heather walked to go use the bathroom Izzy's bear attacked her, pulling out the "non-shaved"hair parts of her head. The results was Heather got a wig while Izzy had to give up the bear.


Review: Nice story. I don't think "forgotted" is a word, however. 8.5/10

Zakkoroen's Story

===The First One Off: Ezekiel's Tale===

Ezekiel stepped off the rickitty boat that belched smoke into the air. He looked around at the fabulous resort that greeted him. He was confused. "This doesn't look like my house, eh," he said, rubbing the stumps of facial hair on his chin. "Of course it ain't!" Yelled the scowling man that drove the boat. "This is Playa Des Losers, where you and all the other LOSERS will be stayin' 'till the contest ends!" Ezekiel contemplated this. "And right now, I have it all to myself?" He asked Chef Hatchet. "Yeah, sure, whatever," Chef grumbled as the Boat o Losers pulled away. "Sweet! I've never been to a resort, eh!" Ezekiel yelled at the top of his lungs. "What should I do first? Oh! I know! The POOL!" Ezekiel changed into his bathing suit as quick as he could. He stayed in the pool for five entire hours. Subsequently, he found a great room and broke in his possessions. He spent the next two days playing and romping around on the resort. One day, Chris came to him and took him into a theater room that Ezekiel had never seen before. "This is where the losers will watch the latest episodes of TDI," Chris explained. "Right now, you're going to watch episode three! I'm thinking of calling it 'The Big Sleep,' " Chris chuckled. Ezekiel watched. He saw, with dismay, that his team lost. Again. He watched with horror as Eva walked down the Dock of Shame. "Oh, please, no. Anyone but her. ANYONE BUT HER!!!!" Ezekiel screamed, remembering how Eva had strangled him for making sexist comments. As the Boat of Losers pulled into the dock of Playa des Losers, Ezekiel dreaded what was to come.

The End.

Review: Nice, witty and funny. 9/10

Ezekielguy's Story

this is a story about what happened to the cast of TDI and TDA five years after the series.

Review: Bummer, no story = no points. 0/10

Tdifan1234's Story

(it's kinda short, but get over it.)

Courtney attempts to kill Harold

Courtney was waiting for Harold to arrive at Playas Des Losers. The other night, she found out that Harold switched the votes and she was furious. When Harold got off of the Boat of Losers, Courtney was waiting for him with a baseball bat in her hand. “I was waiting for you…,” she said. Harold was scared and sorry at the same time. He said “I’m sorry, Courtney! Forgive me before I die!” She said “I’ll never forgive you! I could have won this thing!” “You’re here! You lost! Get over it!” Noah said to Courtney. She then knocked Noah out with the baseball bat. Courtney then chased Harold around Playas De Losers with a baseball bat until the episode No pain, No game aired. When Duncan said, “I miss you, babe,” in the confessional, Courtney then stopped and said, “Awwww, he does care! I miss you, too!” Noah said to Harold, “She does realize she’s talking to a Television set, right?” Harold said, “Don’t spoil it. She stopped chasing me!” After that, Courtney was never seen trying to kill Harold until the episode. Haute-Campture. The End.

Review: Nice one. Muy bueno grammar! 9/10

thebiggesttdifan's Story

The Yo-Yo: A story of Tyler, Lindsay, and Justin

One day Tyler was walking in Playa De Losers, long after Total Drama Island, bouncing a yo-yo when he saw Lindsay talking to someone. That’s unusual, he thought. I thought Lindsay moved. But Tyler tried to keep walking casually. Soon he saw who Lindsay was talking to. He grew into a deep rage and got so angry he nearly tied himself up in the yo-yo. It was the person who Lindsay had liked in Total Drama Action. Justin.

Jus-tin. The name made Tyler cringe. It brought back a memory of the 1,000,000 dollar case quest. Then Lindsay brought back a memory of the talent show, the episode Justin got voted off. He kept thinking about his interactions with Justin and Lindsay until he got so angry with himself that he tied himself up in the yo-yo for real this time. He looked down at the yo-yo and fell down on the sidewalk.

It wasn’t till then that Lindsay noticed him. She ran over to him, saying “Taylor!” Great, she doesn’t even remember MY name, thought Tyler.“Taylor! Did you meet my new boyfriend, Justin?” Justin glared at the no-skill jock, unsure what to think of him. “Justin! Uh, yeah, I remember him,” said Tyler, flopping around like a fish out of water. He didn’t think it could get much worse.

But it could. Lindsay was still the dumbest girl ever. “Hey, Justin, this is my ex-boyfriend, Taylor,” she said. Justin gave a long, hard stare at Tyler, which spoiled his gorgeousness, then glanced down at Tyler’s yo-yo, clearly uncomfortable, and inquired, “Uh…mind if I untie your yo-yo?”

Lindsay also glanced down at Tyler’s yo-yo, and asked, “Isn’t that the yo-yo we made out in?”

Tyler quickly said, or tried to say, “Yes. Now, Justin, pretty-boy, whatever you want to be called, let me talk to Lindsay, or I’ll mess you up!”Justin tried with all his might to seem as beautiful as he could, and calmly said, “No.

Tyler started biting the yo-yo, which Lindsay quickly screamed for him not to do. “Why?” asked Tyler. “I thought you didn’t care.”

Lindsay smiled. “Dude, if I remembered that, would I not care?”

Justin stood there, dumbfounded. “Well, I guess you would care,” answered Tyler.

“Here, I’ll untie it for you,” offered Lindsay.

“But—“ Justin protested, but he knew it wouldn’t work. Lindsay untied the yo-yo, and Tyler kissed her. Justin walked away, muttering to himself, “Well, I’d better go try and use my powers on Beth.” THE END

Review: Unfortunately, this great story didn't follow the instructions. At least you wrote a story so.... 3/10 (Take it or leave it)

And the winner is...

The Writing Gophers got an average score of 7.36

The Typing Bass got an average of 5.9

Zakkoroen's Nomination

Nalyd Renrut: Zakkoroen, please pcik two people on your team to nominate, and why.

Zakkoroen: I vote Ezekielguy, because he never got his story up, and thebiggesttdifan, because he got the least points out of all the Bass.

Nalyd Renurt: (Please don't do signature.) Okay then. Each one can say why they should stay. Guys, why should each of you stay?

Ezekiel Guy


Okay, I understand why you thought I should be eliminated. But the thing is, I probably got the least points just because I didn't write the Playa Des Losers thing. It was just one little slip up, and I promise that I'll fix it next time.

Also, I'd really like to stay here. I'm really looking forward to getting to write these TDI stories and sharing them publicly. Please keep me in this game!

The Decision

Nalyd Renrut: (Feel free to discuss this in this subcategory) My decision is.... Thebiggesttdifan wil stay and so will Ezekielguy. I fear that because this was only the frist week, I might not make the right decision based on what I've seen so far. Ezekielguy, count your blessings. You dodged a bullet.

Week 2 Chat

Thebiggesttdifan: Will there be a double elimination this round?

Nalyd Renrut: Maybe.

Usitgz: We won!

Zakkoroen:Hey guys, tell me what you think of my story on my talk page!

Tdifan1234: Darn! Do I have to write another story 'cuz mine is basically just like Usitgz's.

Nalyd Renrut: Great stories so far!

Nalyd Renrut: Tomorrow I will judge.

Zakkoroen:Ekekielguy is once again the only one on my team who doesn't have his story up.

Nalyd Renrut: I will start judging now. (BTW, it's my birthday!)

Ricky490: Happy birthday, Nalyd. You know tommorow is Friday the 13th, and it will be an unlucky day for one camper. Oh, did I saw happy birthday, Nalyd.

Nalyd Renrut: Lol, it was. It is my bffl's birthday today.

Tdifan1234: When will you post the next challenge?

Challenge 2

This week's challenge is called Total Drama Fairytale. Take a fairy tale (i.e. 3 little pigs) and put TDI characters into it. You'll be judged on grammar, creativity, and if you were able to tell the story while using TDI character's personalities. Stories are due by Thursday,

Ricky490's Story

The Princess and the Pea

In a village far, far, far, away, a long, long, long, long, long ago, there was a prince named Trent was looking for a princess, so her invited every girl to come to the palace and show there the perfect princess. All the girls (the 11 girls campers) came to the palace to prove they were the true princess. But there was one girl that caught Trent's eye, she was out of the ordinary, her name was Gwen. Trent treated all the girl to a feast, one girl named Heather was looking at Gwen and said, "What is that girl doing here the prince will never choose her?" Gwen heard this and felt that was the truth. And soon, almost left, then Trent went to Gwen and said, "Wait, it's night-time and all of you should have your sleep...." Everyone went to there bedrooms, "So I can prepare the test." Later, everyone went on there bed which had 100 mattress, when everyone was sleeping, Trent put a pea on the very bottom of every mattress, knowing that a princess can only sleep on a bed with no-lumps and so the girl who has trouble sleeping will be the one. Everyone was sleeping through the night (except for Gwen) who was having trouble sleeping at all, the pea in the mattress caused a lump that made Gwen unable to sleep. Later, that morning, Trent asked all the girls to wake up and tell how they slept, most of them said "Good", "The Best Night I've Ever Had Sleeping" or "Just Grand" but Gwen said she couldn't sleep at all, then Trent said that they found the true princess and soon, Gwen was the princess to Trent and they lived happily ever after. THE END!

Review: Great story. Only issue was minor gramar. 9.5/10

TDI19's Story

Snow White and The Seven Dwarves (I changed mine)


  • Snow White- Bridgette
  • The Queen- Heather
  • The Magic Mirror on the Wall- Justin
  • The Prince- Geoff
  • Grumpy- Eva
  • Dopey- Lindsay
  • Sneezy- Cody
  • Doc- Noah
  • Happy- Katie
  • Sleepy- Owen
  • Bashful- Sadie
  • The Huntsman- Duncan


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess, named Snow Bridgette. She was the prettiest and fairest maiden in the land. Everyone loved the princess, everyone except the evil queen, Heather.

Queen Heather was assured that she was the fairest in the land, and every day, she asked her magic mirror.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?”

Now, the mirror, nicknamed Justin, was fairly conceded and obsessed with his floating face and hair.

“Of course, I am, Your Majesty. Duh!” said the Mirror.

“I am talking about humans, moron!” Queen Heather shouted at the Mirror.

“Fine. I am still hot though. There is another who is the fairest in the land,” continued the Mirror, “and her name is Snow Bridgette. She has elegance, graciousness, and beauty.”

“WHAT!!!!!” Queen Heather screamed in outrage.

“Hey, I am just the talking mirror in the room,” said the Mirror, sarcastically.

“I have an idea!!!” said the Queen, who started rushing off.

Now, Snow Bridgette was spending a normal day in her castle tower, hoping and waiting for her one true prince to come to her.

She went outside, and started nose whistling her favorite song. On his noble steed a short distance away, Prince Geoff, headed to the sound of the lovely nose whistling. Snow Bridgette attracted many animals to her with her beautiful song, and tripped over a deer, almost falling into the well.

Once she regained her balance, she saw a reflection of a man behind her. She turned around, and she saw an evil looking man, with a green mohawk, and a knife. She screamed and ran. However, Duncan the Huntsman was faster. He cornered her at the edge of the forest, and was about to perform the dastardly deed, but could not.

“Listen! The queen is looking for ways to kill you, because you are the fairest in the land,” said Duncan, “You should go to the woods, and hide somewhere secret, so she will never find you.

Snow Bridgette ran and ran and ran, all through the night. She finally came to a small cottage, and headed inside. As there were seven small chairs, she assumed this was the house of seven young children. She noticed that the place was a mess, and started cleaning up. After hours of cleaning, she went upstairs to the bedroom, where she fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the Prince was still searching for her, and the owners of this cottage were coming home.

The supposed “children” were actually dwarves who worked in a nearby mine. There was Sneezy Cody, Dopey Lindsay, Happy Katie, Bashful Sadie, Sleepy Owen, Noah the Doc, and Grumpy Eva.

When they arrived home, they were shocked to see their house so clean. They went upstairs to sleep, and found the princess in some of their beds. Grumpy Eva screamed, “WHAT!!!!! I hate intruders!” and started lunging for Snow Bridgette. Noah the Doc was able to quickly calm her down.

When she woke up, Snow Bridgette was surprised to see the seven dwarves, and quickly accepted them as friends.

Happy Katie was even happier to have a new friend. “EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!” she exclaimed. “Aren’t you excited, Bashful Sadie?” Bashful Sadie said shyly, “I guess. EEEEE!!!”

After a few days, all the dwarves, with the exception of Grumpy Eva were used to and loved Snow Bridgette. She cooked, cleaned, and was a great friend. Unfortunately, Queen Heather found out where the princess was.

She made a magic potion, and transformed into an old hag. She grabbed some Italian meatballs, and went to the cottage of the dwarves when they were out mining.

She came to the small house, just when Snow White was just dusting the kitchen with the help of her animal friends. She proceeded to the window and said, in an old, creaky voice, “Hello, my darling.” Snow Bridgette was taken by surprise, and gasped. After her initial shock, she said, “Hello.”

Queen Heather then asked her if she would like a meatball, which one had been injected with a poison. The princess, taken aback, said, “B-b-but, animals are our friends. I am a vegetarian! I can’t eat that!!!”

The animals knew something was up, and ran to get help from the dwarves.

Queen Heather then muttered to her self, “Oh, I forgot she didn’t eat meat.” She then saw an apple at her feet, picked it up, and rubbed the poisonous meatball all over it, and offered it to the princess. She said yes, and took one bite.

That was her last bite.

Snow Bridgette fell on the floor, asleep forever.

All the dwarves arrived and found her asleep, and saw the Queen, still disguised as an old hag, running away from the scene of the crime. All of them ran after her, except for Dopey Lindsay, who was too busy petting a squirrel.

Grumpy Eva charged forward, extremely mad with the queen, as the princess had finally attained friendship with her.

Sleepy Owen fell asleep on the way there, and Sneezy Cody had a sneeze attack and was sidelined. Bashful Sadie was too shy to do anything and stopped.

Happy Katie would not go on without her. “We are BFDFFL. Best Female Dwarf Friends For Life!!! We can’t go on without each other,” Happy Katie cried. So they sat there talking about some cute male dwarf that looked kind of like The Magic Mirror, Justin.

A storm was brewing, and Noah the Doc was freaked out. He stopped and hid in a cave, leaving Grumpy Eva alone. The queen had reached the mountaintop, and was sure that she was safe from the dwarves.

She was wrong.

Grumpy Eva climbed to the tip of the mountain with a special weapon. She aimed at the queen, when lightning struck the rock, and she toppled down onto the queen with the weapon, which was an electric razor.

Queen Heather was pushed off of the mountain, shaved bald, and was never heard from again.

The dwarves rushed home, and put Snow Bridgette in a glass coffin to keep from having to bury her.

Prince Geoff was riding one day, still searching for his princess, and he saw the dwarves mourning over the glass coffin. He went over there and saw the fair maiden, and realizing she was his true love, open the coffin up, and kissed her.

Snow Bridgette then came alive again, as the sleep could only be broken by true love’s kiss. She then got on Prince Geoff’s horse, and they made out the whole way to his castle.


Review: I am really ready to stop the contest and make you the winner. 10/10

Codaa5's Story

(Im making this look like it was on camera)

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel- Duncan
Gretel- Courtney
Father- Geoff
Mother- Bridgette
The Witch- Heather
Neighbor- Harold
Bunny- DJ's Bunny
Arguing Producer- Chris Maclean

Hansel and Gretel were outside cutting wood into brooms for their father who had been picking berry's all day for food. "Oh, when will father be back" said Hansel. "I'm so hungry I could eat this broom! Wait, is this broom edible?". "No you dweeb!" replied Gretel. "Sheesh! Take a berry (pill)" said Hansel "When will father be home! I'm realllllyyyy hungry!" said Gretel, then Bridgette, the mother came out. "Are you done yet?" said Mother. "Yes Mother, Can we eat now?" said Gretel. "Now kids, you know when Father gets home we'll eat!" replied Mother. The next you know the producer came on set. "Cut!" said Chris. "Chris!!!" shouted the entire cast (except for bunny). "You know what, Im not good when it comes to fairy tales. I quit!" said Chris again. He walked off set, moments later everyone went off stage.


Review: Witty and creative. 9.5/10

Usitgz's Story

Little Blonde Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lindsay traveling to her grandmas Katie and Sadie's house to give then some honey. On her way to the house she met the Big Bad Duncan who was carving a skull in a tree.

""Who are you?" asked Lindsay.

"I'm the Big Bad Duncan, and where are you heading to little girl?" replied the Big Bad Duncan.

"I'm going to my Grandmas' house," Lindsay said.

"Very interesting," replied the Big Bad Duncan.

Lindsay took the long way to her Grandmas' house, but the Big Bad Duncan took the short cut. When the Big Bad Duncan reached Gandmas' house he saw Grandma Katie in her bed and tied her up in the closet and layed in her bed. Grandma Sadie came in Katie's room and saw the Big Bad Duncan sitting in her bed.

"OMG Katie look at my shoes!" Sadie said.

"So fetch," said the Big Bad Duncan trying to imitate Katie.


"Eeee," said the Big Bad Duncan.

"Why didn't you EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE with me?" questioned Sadie.

"Ummmmmmmmmm... because," answered the Big Bad Duncan.

"And why do you have a unibrow and green hair?" asked a puzzled Sadie.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nothing," answered the Big Bad Duncan.

Then Grandma Sadie started pelting the Big Bad Duncan with apples (lol). Then it broke out into a fist fight. When Lindsay walked in the door carrying the honey she saw the Big Bad Duncan and Grandma Sadie on the floor, both dripping blood.

"Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Where is Grandma Katie?" Screamed and questioned Lindsay.

Lindsay searched the bedroom and finally came to the closet. She opened it up and saw Grandma Katie in there and untied her and then gave her the honey.

"OMG your OK grandma Sadie," said Lindsay.

"Ummm.. I'm Katie and why is Sadie lying on the floor bleeding?" said Katie.

They took Sadie and the Big Bad Duncan to the hospital. While there they met the receptionist Cody, and Katie and him started flirting. When Sadie and the Big Bad Duncan were healed they took Sadie home and lived happily ever after.


Review: Another great fanfic. Only problem is some grammar stuff. 9.8/10

Tdi's Story

Review: If your team loses, I can almost guarentee you will go home. 0/10

Sorreltail18's Story

CINDERELLA but this is kinda like Revenge to heather but enjoy!


stepsister 1-lindsey

stepsister 2- beth

fairy- leshawna


Long ago there was a ratty big house belonging to the stepsisters and Cinderella (aka Heather). Heather worked day and night and was bossed around by Lindsey and Beth. "Give me red nailpolish please.", Lindsey said. "Give me some cupcakes please!" Beth added. Heather was about to say some bad things but if she did she'd be shocked by her eletric collor. When a letter came saying that the prince was asking for a wife the stepsisters wanted to go. "I will be the prince's wife because im soooooo pretty", Lindsey happily said. "I know!" agreed Beth. " Can I have a break and come?" asked Heather. "Umm... I don't know." Lindsey said. 'NO!" Beth quickly said. They left and Heather cried. "I can't believe im doing this for a backstabbing...I mean 'Hello is anybody there?'", complained Leshawna the fairy. "Can you help me er... i don't need help." Heather said. "This is my job and you want to go to the ball... you and the prince have less of a chance to be together but whatever." Leshawna commeted. She told Heather all things that the fairy for Cinderella told and Heather went. When Prince Justin walked out he saw Lindsey. "That will be my wife.." he said proudly. "Wait... Im supposed to be your wife...' Heather pleaded. 'OK" Justin said but it was midnight and Heather left and dropped her glass slipper. "Oh my gosh!" Heather said but left anyway. Than Justin went out to find who lost her glass slipper and Heather was chosen but... he chose Lindsey to be his wife.


Review: Wonderfully witty with a TDI twist. 9/10

Zakkoroen's Story

===Lindsay and the three Bears===

One day, a girl named Lindsay was walking through the forest. Now, this was not a wise thing to do, as she was previously warned not to do so, but I never said she was the sharpest tack in the box. Anyway, she was walking through the forest, which as I said, was not very good idea, when she came upon a small house. This house was inhabited by three Bears, but they had gone into town to buy some magazines while their steaks cooled. As you know, one must never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever go into the house of someone you do not know. Lindsay, of course, walked right in. She came upon a table with three steaks on it. She had not eaten breakfast, and so decided to eat the steaks. She tried the largest steak. "EW, this one's too rare," Lindsay shrieked. The next steak was no better. "This one's to well done!" The final steak, however.......... "MMMMMMMM, this one's just right." All these steaks made Lindsay want to sit down. She tried three chairs. One was too lumpy, one was too soft, and the one that was just right broke apart. All this made Lindsay quite tired, so she went upstairs and curled in a bed that was just right..........

Lindsay faintly heard a voice. "........Someone's been sleeping in my bed, an' she's still here!" Lindsay awoke to find three Bears holding magazines standing above her. Lindsay screamed, jumped out the window, and ran home. Lindsay never went into the forest alone again.

"What was that?" Asked Papa Bear. "I don't know," replied Teenage Bear. "I was just going to offer her my extra copy of Teen Vogue..."

Review: Creative and a joy to read. 9.5/10

Ezekielguy's Story

Review: Dang, you really needed a story to redeem yourself to your team. 0/10

Thebiggesttdifan's Story


A few years ago there was a rich, single woman named Heather who had an adopted daughter named Lindsay who had unusually long blonde hair. They lived in an apartment complex with a broken elevator and no stairs. The other people in the apartments climbed down, but Heather used her daughter’s hair to get down. Lindsay hated this because every time her mother would comment how messy her hair was, but she pretended not to be bothered by this.

One day she was gazing down from the balcony and saw a boy in a red shirt and red pants who looked sort of…beautiful. Lindsay tried climbing down to meet him, but she was caught hanging over the outside of her balcony railing.

Her mother dragged her back in the house and told her she should never do that again. “Seriously, Lindsay, why were you trying to climb when you didn’t even know HOW?”

“Will you teach me?” Lindsay asked eagerly.

“Uh…no.” That was the brief reply from Heather as she went to comb her hair. But neither she nor Lindsay knew what would come next.

The beautiful boy was watching Lindsay interact with Heather and Heather climb down Lindsay’s hair…and he decided to do a very brave thing.

He called to Lindsay. “Lindsay, Lindsay, let down your hair!” Lindsay was taken aback by this statement, but she obeyed. The beautiful boy finally climbed Lindsay’s hair, but only after several failures.

It was then when they introduced themselves. The boy called himself Tyler, and he was apparently living the same, sad life as Lindsay. His mother Courtney had kept him locked up in his bedroom by his father’s orders, not that he ever got to see his father. They were talking a lot until Heather came along.

“Lindsay! What did I tell you? DON’T CLIMB! And let down your hair, NOW!” Heather commanded.

Lindsay felt very brave at the moment. She used all the brains she had at the moment, and screamed, “NO! I’m tired of being here! I’m gonna get this dude to fix the elevator so I can have a new, non-slave life!” She then whispered to Tyler, “I can’t believe I just said that.”

Tyler did end up forcing the elevator up by pushing it from under—after several times trying to do so, of course. The elevator ended up actually working, though, when Tyler’s friend Noah fixed it. The two ran away from their homes, found a place next to a lot of Tyler’s friends, and lived there happily ever after.

'Review': Interesting. Kind of confusing at parts. 8/10

Tdifan1234's Story

Little Red Riding Courtney (with side comments brought to you by Tdifan1234!)


Little Red Riding Hood--Courtney


Big, Bad Wolf--Duncan



One day, Courtney decided to visit her good friend, Geoff in the Hospital. He had 17 broken bones in his body from hanging out with Bridgette too much ( lol, ‘cuz she’s the klutz.). What should I wear? She thought. She decided to wear her red sweat jacket (hence, Little red riding Courtney). She made some chocolate chip cookies for Geoff and headed to the St.Wawanakwa hospital (lol). When she was walking, she ran into Duncan. “Hey, princess. Are those for me?” He said with a smirk on his face. “No, they’re for Geoff.” Courtney replied. Then Duncan said in a jealous tone, “What’s so special about Geoff, huh? YOU’RE CHEATING ON ME AREN’T YOU!” “ No, Geoff’s in the Hospital. He broke 17 of his bones.” Courtney said in a matter-of-fact way. Duncan said, “ Well, since I’m your boyfriend, I should get cookies, too, ya know!” While Duncan was talking Courtney managed to sneak away and run down to the hospital. Hse then saw Geoff lying in bed with several casts, but he looked strangely different. He beared a strange resemblance to Duncan. No, that couldn’t be Duncan. He must just be really sick, that’s all. Courtney thought. “Hey, dude! Thanks for stopping by!” said “Geoff”. Courtney thought his voice sounded odd. She said, “Wow, Geoff. Your voice sounds different.” He then said, “Yeah, must be allergies. I think I’m allergic to the flowers people keep sending me.” Courtney then said, “You also look quite different today.” “Ummm….That’s because I uhhh… broke my face!” “Geoff” said, unsure. Then Noah the surgeon came in the room and said, “ Geoff, time for your X-rays and painful tests!” “Geoff” then said, “AAHHHH! I can’t take it anymore!” He then took off the disguise and it ended up that it was Duncan. Courtney said, “If you wanted cookies, then you shoulda just asked…” Then they all lived happily ever after. The End

Review: Rotflol! 9/10

And the winner is...

The Writing Gophers get an average of 7.76.

The Typing Bass get 5.5, and lose again.

Zakkoroen's nomination

Nalyd Renrut: Zakkoroen, you are the BoW. Who are you nominating and why? (pick 2)

Zakkoroen:I'll pick Ezekielguy, as for the other... sorry, thebiggesttdifan, but you got a relatively low score compared to the others. Nothing personal.

Nalyd Renrut: Now both will say why they should stay. (Decision will be made on Friday, no matter how much people beg.)

Ezekielguy's reason

I vote for myself becuz I did not write my storie. I was feeling deppressed becuz I had a viruis of some sort.

Thebiggesttdifan's reason

OK, I think I should stay because at least I got a...well, a pretty good score this time, and Ezekielguy hasn't even posted a story yet, out of the 2 times.

The Decision

Nalyd Renrut: My decision is.... Thebiggesttdifan, say good-bye to Ezekielguy. Ezekeilguy, hand in your paprer. you have been eliminated.

Reason: (this is what I say as I burn the paper) "Ezekielguy was a no-show. He talked a big game, but played a little one."

Meaning: (Explination of the reason) Ezekielguy's description of him self sounded very good, but he never wrote anything.

Week 3 Chat

Nalyd Renrut: Can the Typing Bass turn it around???????????

Tdifan1234: I don't know if I can write a story this week. My parents took away the computer for a week and I'm really busy. Can I be off the hook on this one, please?

Nalyd Renurt: Don't give up on your team! They might win!

thebiggesttdifan: Crap! I was doing Sadie and Harold. Oh well, I'll just do Sadie and Harold because hopefully Tdi's story won't be EXACTLY the same.

Nalyd Renrut: Two people are allowed to do the same couple.

thebiggesttdifan: Do you like my story?

Nalyd Renrut: Well this certainly is an.... interesting week for everybody.......

thebiggesttdifan: LOL the Bob cheated at checkers then broke up the fight thing was funny.

Nalyd Renrut: Yeah, lol. I think people are going to have a better time with the next three weeks. (well, maybe not next week....)

Usitgz: Thanks guys and I hope next challenge is like the Heather mauls a bear. OR Write a romantic story with Ezekiel invovled. tou know more prercise.

Nalyd Renrut: Next week will be really hard. Oh by the way, I forgot I don't have school so my alarm won't go off, so the stories might not be graded at 6:10. Probably by 8:00, though.

thebiggesttdifan: YES! Dabedubedabudubeda! Neooowwww! Peoooow! Neooowpeeeowneeeow! (Cody moment, sorry) Well, I'm pretty confident I won't be nominated this week if my team loses.

Nalyd Renrut: *holds out a gummy bear* Take this gummy bear and you should be fine.

thebiggesttdifan: *puts gummy bear in pocket* Well, I took it. I guess I'll just stray from this wiki a while since tommorow's nomination day.

Nalyd Renrut: May the corn syrup be with you. *floats away on a pancake* (I'm having a special moment. LOL)

Nalyd Renrut: Locking time! IMPORTANT: ALL GOPHER SCORES WILL COUNT! DUE TO POPULAR DEMAND (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)!!! And this wasn't the best week, so expect low scores.

thebiggesttdifan: Hmmm...will Ricky or Codaa5 get eliminated today?

Nalyd Renrut: I can guarentee that somebody will be going home...

Nalyd Renrut: The results will be in at 5:00 isntead of 6:00, I'm going out tonight...

Challenge 3

This week is a romantic contest based on couples in TDI that aren\'t confirmed/real. Like you couldn\'t do gwen and trent or duncan and courtney. Any questions about couples that also aren\'t allowed can be asked on the talk page. It will be judged on if the relationship is made to be believable, creativity, and grammar. The lowest score on the Writing Gophers won\'t count, as they have one extra person. JUDGING WILL START ON THURSDAY (PAGE WILL BE LOCKED 6:10 AM EST TIME) AND A PERSON WILL BE ELIMINATED FRIDAY (6:00 PM EST TIME)!!!!!!!!!!

Ricky490's Story

Ezekiel and Bridgette- Love Not Meant To Be

When Bridgette was eliminated, Ezekiel had a little crush on her. Later, when DJ was eliminated, Ezekiel decided to actually talk to her. "Hey, Bridgette,eh" Ezekiel said. "Hey, Ezekiel" Bridgette said who looked very depressed. "What's the matter, eh?" Ezekiel said trying to cheer Bridgette up and Bridgette then said, "I missed Geoff, we had a relationship, as soon as he's eliminated or wins it, I'll make out with him and never stop" Bridgette said "Thanks for listening, you made me a little bit more better." Bridgette then came close to Ezekiel and gave him a big hug, "Score, eh" Ezekiel whispered while still giving Bridgette a big hug. Later at the Haut Camp-ture episode, Ezekiel tried to make a move on Bridgette, TWICE!, but was stopped twice and she and Geoff were still making out. After that, Ezekiel knew that his love for Bridgette will never be, and so Ezekiel never showed affection to Bridgette (or not much anyone, for that matter) ever again. THE END!

Review: Oh, poor home school! Very creative, good job! (This might be a low score but this wasn't the best week for anyone.) 7.5/10

TDI19's Story

KJ: The Story of Katie and DJ's First Date

After Total Drama Action, there was a reunion.

All 22 of the original campers went. Katie and Sadie were looking forward to seeing Justin again. That was, until he arrived with an Italian girlfriend.

Katie and Sadie were both shocked and dismayed. They went to the party, but were upset.

During the party, Katie danced with DJ, and fell head over heels for him.

“Hey, DJ, would you like to go out with me?” asked Katie.

“Sure,” DJ replied.

A few weeks later, they had their date at Chef’s Roadkill Café.

Katie was in a nice white dress and DJ wore a tuxedo.

However, there was a third person on their date. It was Bunny.

Bunny sat on the table, and hopped about when the drinks and appetizers arrived.

Katie thought that his was adorable and picked Bunny up and started to pet him.

“Awwwww! He is so cute!” Katie said, “and really soft too!”

Now, DJ did not want to be rude, or make Katie upset, so he stayed quiet throughout the appetizers and salad.

During the meal, he tried to talk to Katie, and asked her about her likes, but she just kept her attention on Bunny.

He was just too cute.

Finally, after dinner, DJ could not take it anymore. He got up aggressively right when Chef got to their table with the dessert.

He accidently knocked the dessert out of Chef’s hands, and onto Katie.

“OMG! DJ! Why did you throw cake at me?” Katie screamed.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” DJ said, “Are you okay?”

“I guess I am alright,” Katie replied.

The two shared the remaining slice, after Katie cleaned up. They realized they really did like each other, and kissed.

Later, Katie picked up Sadie from her date.

“So, how was your date with Owen?” Katie inquired.

“You know, I don’t seem to remember Owen as much as his ADORABLE pet coconut,” Sadie said, “How was your date?”

“Well, at first DJ was less engaging then the salad, but he turned out to be really sweet and nice,” Katie said.

“How was the dessert?” Sadie questioned.

“Great. I had two helpings of it!” Katie giggled.

“OOOOOH! What did you have?” Sadie asked.

“Coconut cream cake,” Katie said.

Sadie gasped and shouted, “How could you be such a cannibal???”


Review: Always a pleasure reading your work! Four great couples in one story! OwenXSadie Mr.CoconutXSadie KatieXDJ KatieXDJ's attention hogging bunny! Just a few grammar issues. 9.7/10

Codaa5's Story

Trent Hawk: The Story of Trent and Heather

One day after Total Drama Action. Trent was skateboarding at the local skate park. When Heather and Gwen were watching him. Gwen accidently made a sign at Trent which was supposed to go to Heather, and when Trent saw it he made a break-up sign to Gwen, And then Trent fell off his skateboard and went flying into the side-ramp. Heather gasped and went over to him, Trent stared at Heather for a moment and they started to make out. When Gwen saw it she ran away. "You got a real nice smile" said Trent. Heather giggled. "I know" replied Heather. Years later they married and had 10 Children, all named Bob, Chuck, Larry, Mary, Allyson, Jarelyz, Briana, Jacob, Matt and Joshua. Even though all of their fussing and fighting, it actually made a pretty good relationship. And about Gwen, Oh. You don't even want to know about her right now!

The End!

Review: I assume the gesture is the *dun dun dun* finger??? I am sorry to say it but I don't think that it really still had their personalities. Heather, I would have thought, would laugh at him. 5/10

Usitgz's Story

Lindsay and Cody- The Couple no one Expected

After Total Drama Action ended Lindsay and Tyler were together thinking of how there relationship would go on. In the middle of the talk Cody came in and eavesdropped. He heard the words; Bob, cheated, broke, up, and finally. Cody decided to try to make his move.

"I heard what happened between you and Tyler," Cody said.

"You did?" Lindsay inquired.

"Yep heard you broke up," Cody said.

"Yeah, the big fight between Tyler and Bob," Lindsay replied.

"Wait, what just happened?" Cody asked.

"Well Tyler got in a fight with bob who cheated at checkers, so I broke up the fight, that finally ended their competitive checkers league," Lindsay said.

"Wow, akward," Cody said

Katie and Sadie came and heard between, did, broke, fight, just, checkers, and wow.

Sadie said, "OMG Katie, Justin sat between Duncan and Courtney, and broke them up. They started to fight just before they saw Bob and Tyler fighting over checkers, whom stopped fighting and said wow!"

The End, or is it...!

Review: ROTFLOL! Checkers? Nice! Not a lot of actual couple-ness, but still good. 8/10

Tdi's Story

Sadie and Harold

After Total Drama Action, Harold asked Leshawna if they would be BF/GF again. "Didn't you hear me fool? I'm not ready for that!" she said. That broke Harold's heart. Sadie went up to him and asked him what's wrong. "She says she isn't ready, but I don't like her anymore." "Awwwwww, that's sad. Harold, I think you're nice." "Really?" "Ya, wanna be my boyfriend?" "Okay, let's make Leshawna jealous." But Sadie wasnt joking. They went out, Leshawna called him and was mad at him. "I really like you, Harold." Sadie said. "Really, well I kinda like you." he replied. They became real BF/GF.

The End!

This sucks, I know. I cant do romantic

Review: Sort of confusing. Still oaky. Grammar issues, though. Good to see you finally posted a story, however. 6/10

Sorreltail18's Story

Ezekiel and Izzy

Ezekiel is a home schooled sexist and all the girls hate him for his commets about girls. Izzy on the other hand is a crazy! So Ezekiel liked Bridgette but she doesn;t like him. Ezekiel thought about Izzy and Izzy was to busy thinking about bears. " Maybe i can get Izzy to like me!",Ezekeili thought. Izzy went by Ezekeil and said..."You know girls don;t like you becasuse of you comments"she said. Poor Ezekiel.


-im not good at romantic stories

Review: Confusing, and didn't make much sense to me. Why did Izzy randomly remind Ezekiel about girls? Did he try to make her like him? 3/10

Zakkoroen's Story

Noah and Eva- the unlikely couple

Noah stepped off of the Boat of Losers and onto the dock of Playa Des Losers. He surveyed his surroundings, which included the biggest water slide he had ever seen, and Eva strangling a very distressed-looking Ezekiel. "Hey, help a brother out, eh?" squeaked Ezekiel as Noah passed. "Oh, but you seem to be doing a perfectly good job yourself,"replied Noah sarcastically. Noah found himself a room, and went to sleep.

Over the next few days, something extraordinary happened to Noah. He agreed to help Eva in her anger management, and they soon found themselves growing closer and closer, culminating in a kiss at the end of one session. This grabbed the attention of most of the other losers, particuarly Katie and Sadie. Noah bade a tearful goodbye when Eva returned to the contest, but was overjoyed when she returned that very evening. They continued their relationship, but their differences drove them apart shortly after Total Drama Action. They would get back together years later, and eventually married with one child, a son named Phineas.

The End

Review: Great story. Another example of capturing the essence of the challenge. 9.8/10

Thebiggesttdifan's Story

Cody and Beth-maybe they're cousins

(Yes, it's short, but COME ON!)

Cody and Beth never really interacted with each other in season 1. Their only real reaction was in Paintball Deer Hunter, but in TDA and so on it was a whole different story.

Cody returned to Total Drama Action about episode 10. He, Beth, and Lindsay formed an alliance. Cody acted as the brains of this group, and took a liking to both Beth and Lindsay. When Beth was voted off, Cody moaned (similar to Geoff moaning Bridgette's elimination) till the next challenge. When Cody was finally eliminated in the final 5, he went up and hugged Beth as he got onto TDA Aftermath. Beth responded by kissing him, and Cody fell backward in Noah's face, causing him to make the first non-sarcastic expression on TDA.

Review: Moaning? I think you mean mourning. Maybe their cousins made me laugh, though! Little confusing though, like the part about Noah's face. 7/10

Tdifan1234's Story

Gwen and Cody--The Couple even Gwen didn't expect

One day after the competition, on Playas Des Losers, Gwen woke up early, just like she usually did. She found a note on the floor, picked it up, and read it. It said:


When we first met, it was no surprise.

I knew that you were special when you looked in my eyes.

You're really smart, pretty, and cool.

So, if you can, come and meet me by the pool.

I hope you come over 'cuz I don't want you to miss,

I really want to share one...last...kiss.


Your Secret Admirer

Gwen immediately thought of Trent. Who else could write such a sweet poem? she thought. She got dressed quickly, anticipating to meet her secret admirer, who she was pretty confident was Trent. When she finally arrived at the pool, the one and only Cody was waiting. Its probably just a coincidence. Cody couldn't have wrote that. Or could he? These were some of the thoughts running through her head. Cody said, "Hey Gwen. So you got the poem?" Gwen was shocked. "You wrote that?" she said. Cody said, "Yeah. Did you like it?" "Yeah. I did. I loved it." Gwen said. She was touched and gave Cody a hug. Cody gave a thumbs up to Noah and Harold, who were watching from afar. Then Cody said, with a gleam of hope,"So, you wanna go out sometime? How does next saturday sound?" Gwen said, "Yeah, that sounds great." Gwen gave Cody a kiss on the cheek and left. Cody then sighed and fainted after she left.

The End.

Review: Gee, Cody seems to be a player this week! 9.5/10

And the winner is...

The Writing Gophers got a score of 7.24.

The Typing Bass scored 7.325. The Typing Bass win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TDI19's Nomination

Nalyd Renrut: TDI19, pleas enominate two people from your team for elimination, and explain why.

TDI19: I was on vaca for a little. I nominate Codaa5 because he got only a "5" and Ricky490 because he has been having grammar issues throughout the competition.

Ricky490's Reason

I know I have been having grammar problems during these last few weeks, but trust me I'll improve, at least I got a better score, Tdi and Codaac5 did worse, than me. Let me stay and I'll write and edit my story before putting it on this website. Please, I'll improve, just don't eliminated me.

Codaa5's Reason

I know I got the lowest score this time. But it was only 1 point under TDI's, and he hasn't written a story for the past two weeks, Please keep me and I'll give my best to redeem myself to the team.

Something that has never happened before

Nalyd Renrut: (Codaa5, you can still post a reason) I need to hear for somebody else. I need to hear from Tdi. Tdi is now nominated by Nalyd Renrut.

Tdi's Reason

The Decision

Nalyd Renrut: My decision is.... Tdi, hand in your paprer. you have been eliminated.

Reason: "Tdi missed the first two weeks. And he finally showed up a week late and a story short.

Meaning: Tdi didn't do much and his story didn't make up for the weeks he was gone.

Week 4 Chat

Nalyd Renrut: People! This week you get to vote on the challenge!

Challenge 1: You will write a story using somebody else's fan-fiction characters! Grading will be on grammar, and if the original author (granted we can reach them) thinks you used their characters well.

Challenge 2: You will write about Heather's transformation to being a good person. It will be judged on grammar and actuall possibility of happening.

Vote now! Results posted tomorrow.

TDI19: Challenge 1 (changed my vote)

Ricky490: Challenge 1 (I mean Heather will never be nice and I like the idea for Challenge 1)

Tdifan1234: Challenge 1

thebiggesttdifan: Challenge 1 (it sounds awesome plus Challenge 2 is way too specific and we need creativity)

Codaa5: Challenge 1

Usitgz: Challenge 1 (Can it include other characters to?)

Nalyd Renrut: You can use any characters not in TDI and not in your own fics. Well, it is unanimous for challenge one.

Zakkoroen:Uh-oh. I just might flop this week. If I do, don't vote me off, I am not good at using others' characters!
Codaa5: Well Zakk, if Challenge 1 is the challenge, just plan ahead of time. Plan the campers your using. Learn their personality's on their camper pages, (If they have one) and then hopefully your ready!

Nalyd Renrut: For anybody wondering I'm working on a prize that could change somebody's life (well, at least their popularity on the wiki)

Tdifan1234: So can we incorporate campers from our own camps, for example, could Natasha and Roger be in my story along with someone else's characters?

Nalyd Renrut: You can not use any characters you made, that is what makes it hard.

Nalyd Renrut: Is it just me, or is there huge gaps in between the scores and stories up above?

thebiggesttdifan: *sniff* *sniff* *cries* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I had just written a story and someone deleted it with an edit conflict! And now I have to write that stupid story all over again and I can't trace it! *continues crying* Go ahead, vote me off--wait a minute. I guess my story didn't even follow the requirements, so what do I care if it's dead and gone? *feels better*
Ricky490: When is this challenge over?

Sorreltail18: probably this thursaday (ask nalyd renrut)

Nalyd Renrut: It will ALWAYS be Thursday. Sorry biggesttdifan, maybe you should write it in word.

thebiggesttdifan: Word doesn't seem to work for me. I tried it last week and it all went up in a different format. I couldn't get it to work. *gets a good idea* Of COURSE!

thebiggesttdifan: So it looks like we're just waiting on our past Best of the Week and BoW, TDI19. I really hope he posts his story.

TDI19: I am working on the story now. I am confident it will be one of my best yet!!!

How is it possiblew to top your previous efforts, future alliance-mate?

Ricky490: TDI19 going to win this week, he's the ultimate weapon for our team

thebiggesttdifan: Again, I really hope TDI19 posts their story. It's the last day before the deadline!

Zakkoroen:I'd be surprised if they don't come through!

thebiggesttdifan: Oh no, it's 7:48 ET! Unless TDI19 pulls out a miracle at the last minute, the Gophers are toast! (I feel like being an extremely friendly competitor this week)

TDI19: I am a boy. After American Idol, I shall post the story. Maybe 10:30ish so dont worry people!!! I also think I will top my previous efforts because there is a twist in the story.

Nalyd Renrut: A twist? Intriguing!

Usitgz: I mean by wiki central people (not you Nalyd, I was trying to lead it away from you by saying that) that whoever or whatever locked me out of all the wikis starting at 10:45 and ending 2:00 the next day.

Nalyd Renrut: Dang. A misunderstanding lead to elimination... Sorry *chuckles awakdly then looks at shoes* Want some chocolate milk?

Challenge 4

Nalyd Renrut: (That's right! posted early!) You will write a story using somebody else's fan-fiction characters! Grading will be on grammar, and if the original author (granted we can reach them) thinks you used their characters well.

Ricky490's Story

Chat With Ricky490: Guest Starring Competitors From Total Drama Paradise

“Hello, people, I am Ricky490 and this is Chat with Ricky490, in this special episode, I’m going to show you some special guests, who are really glad to be here. You know it has been 3 months since Total Drama Paradise was over and today some of the competitors who entered that teen-reality show will guest star in this episode” Ricky490 said “From TDP, he’s greasy, he’s nasty, he’s a bum…ladies and gentlemen, it’s ‘The Hobo’.” The Audience applauded as “The Hobo” went on the set. “Thanks, Ricky490, it’s great to be here” The Hobo said. “Now, ‘The Hobo’, what was life for you after TDP” Ricky490 said. “Well, it’s been great, actually, I became popular and people are giving me money for being on the show (or just because they felt sorry for him), I’ve earned $2.50, that’s more than I get in 3 years” The Hobo said “I was able to buy socks.” “OK…” Ricky490 said “Well, that’s it for the Hobo, now let’s see another one of our guests, he’s a cheater, a liar and a backstabbing B#$%*, he's ‘The Rat’, come on kid” Ricky490 said as "The Rat" come to the set being booed at and having food thrown at him. "Well, 'The Rat'" Ricky490 said "Everyone seems to hate you, now tell us how your life was after TDP." "HORRIBLE!" The Rat said "Because I was a jerk and a cheater, everyone seems to beat me up for being so mean and everyone in my school hates me (Not like that didn't hated him, before) and you know that everyday I try to sue Nalyd (or is that even his name) for this...YOU HEAR ME, NALYD, I'LL GET YOU!" The Rat was forced off the set by two bodyguards. "Now, here's someone who won our hearts and then broken them, here's Jaz" Ricky490 said as Jaz came hearing some applause and some Boos. "Well, Jaz, tell us people here watching, what was your life like after TDP" said Ricky490, "Well, it was great, I had a great relationship with Josh and we had 10 dates total, also 50% of my school likes me. Life was great after TDP, thanks for asking" Jaz said as she left the set. "Now, finally, he was the winner of TDP, was a fan-favorite to most people and looks very good in black...DYL!" Ricky490 said as Dyl came to the set. Everyone was applauding for him. "So, Dyl was your life good after TDP?" Ricky490 said as Dyl just nodded. "The silent treatment, hey, well, that's good because we ran out of time anyway, see you tomorrow, people" Ricky490 said as the show was over.

Review: Good use of characters, but some grammar issues. 9.3/10

TDI19's Story

Elian at the Olympics

A few years after Total Drama Paradise, the runner-up, Elian qualified and was invited to take part in the Summer Olympics in London, England. She was to compete for the United States of America in the categories of weightlifting and swimming. Elian was glad to be competing, because she knew that she had a great chance of winning for her country, and achieving something that she dreamed of ever since she was a little girl.

Her first event was the 400 metre individual medley swim. The male competition was right before hers. The announcer had shouted out the first of the male competitors.

“For Guatemala, Jose Philippe. For Italy, Georgio Santinelli. For Canada, Simon Dorkson.”

Elian froze. “Where have I heard that name?” she mumbled quietly.

The men’s race began, and Georgio Santinelli took the lead. However, at the first turning point, his foot got stuck to the wall. The Chinese and French swimmers moved ahead. Unfortunately, it was not long until everybody was stuck to a wall, strangled in a rope, or sucked into a whirlpool.

The only two competitors remaining were Jose and Simon. Jose was well ahead of Simon, but the latter knew that he would win.

Elian watched from the sidelines, contemplating whom Simon Dorkson was. Did she know him from high school? Did he live near her?

“No,” she muttered to herself, “He lives in Canada, I would not have gone to school with him or lived near him.”

Jose was nearing the finishing point, when suddenly the water started to bubble, and then rise and grew. Within fifteen seconds, a huge wave rose up and toppled over Jose, breaking his concentration and stamina. Simon quickly caught up to where Jose was, and almost made it to the finishing line. Unfortunately for him, the force of the wave had pushed Jose to victory.

Simon left the pool, immensely ticked off and frustrated.

Elian thought about all the strange things that had just happened, and it hit her. “The Rat,” she said, with hatred in her voice.

Elian started the swimming event in the lead, and everything was going very well, until the whirlpool started up again, and she was sucked in.

From behind the scenes, Simon, better known as “The Rat”, was controlling this whirlpool, making sure that Elian did not win.

“The Rat” always hated Elian, and thought that she did not deserve anything that he did not get, especially a medal in The Olympics. So, he decided to try out, to make sure that he kept her from winning.

Elian knew that her loss was “The Rat’s” fault, and she went to find him, looking for revenge.

“The Rat” was able to get away from her and back to his hotel.

The next day, Elian went to her weightlifting event. She knew this would be a piece of cake, because the challenge was to lift 500 pounds, which she could do in a heartbeat. However, she kept a keen eye out for “The Rat”.

When it was Elian’s turn, “The Rat” snuck up on the banisters above her, and pulled out a feather from his pocket. He knew from “Total Drama Paradise” that Elian could not lift more than 500 pounds, and he dropped it onto her weights.

Elian was doing incredibly well, and looked like a shoo-in to win for America, but that was when the feather it. It was too much for Elian to bear, and she collapsed under the massive weights.

She was rushed to a hospital in London, and was treated for injuries. Elian turned out to be fine, and it turned out that she still won the weightlifting challenge, as she held those 500 pounds for over ten minutes, about double as long as any other female could have done.

Elian received her medal, and was interviewed many times.

“This whole experience is completely and utterly surreal. I am just so happy to have qualified to receive this medal, take it home to my country, and be an official Olympic champion!” was what she would say.

However, before she left London, there was one more business matter to take care of. She got out her cell phone, and made a very important, special call.

Back home, in Canada, “The Rat” was lounging at his home, upset that Elian still won a competition.

Suddenly, he heard sirens and a whole bunch of noises just outside. There was a knock at the door, he opened it, and found FBI, RCMP, and Olympic officials glaring at him.

“You are a triple offender young man,” said the FBI agent.

“You cheated thrice in the Olympics,” said the man from the RCMP.

“You are under arrest for cheating and fraud,” shouted the Olympics official, who yanked “The Rat’s” medal off his neck with sheer force.

“The Rat’s” face blanched, and he attempted to make a run for it, but was caught by the RCMP and FBI agents. They dragged him to a helicopter in handcuffs, and standing by it was Elian, with a smug look on her face.

As he passed by her, “The Rat” said, “I hate you so much.”

Elian said, “I honestly could care less.”

“The Rat” was taken to a deserted island to a cold, small prison for a ten-year sentence, and Elian was happy that she finally won something. Actually, two “somethings”.


Review:Your stories take so long to read but it's always worth it! I was actually expecting Jacob to appear. Anyway, good use of character and grammar. 10/10

Codaa5's Story

Lucas' Unlucky Day!

(may be a bit short!)

Shortly after the TDP reunion. Dyl and Belle were sitting on a bench, Lucas was in the middle of them playing a gameboy, Dyl put his arm around Lucas to reach Belle, Belle did too, Lucas felt them doing so and twitched a little, then they let go and he went back to playing his game, a couple minutes later Dyl and Belle hugged eachother over Lucas, Lucas twitched even more. "Will you guy's STOP it!" shouted Lucas. "Fine!" replied a angry Belle. Dyl shook his head at Belle, then they started to make out over Lucas. Lucas jumped up and fell over the bench, with it falling on him. Belle and Dyl rolled over him, still kissing. "Why Me!" whispered Lucas, he jumped up and ran away from the two, who STILL were making out!


Special thanks to Nalyd Renrut for letting me use his characters!

Review: Good use of the charcters, but grammar was it could've been better. 7.5/10

Usitgz's Story


Simon a.k.a. "The Rat" got stuck on amard after the competion because of him trying to steal some "souvenirs" from Nalyd's resort. "The Hobo" could not afford to get off the island, (Just doing the rest for fun do not count it) and Veronica because she did not want to do her job. They were walking through the forest talking about how there adnventures where on TDP, when Cindy popped out.

"Hi guys!" Cindy exclaimed

"Hi Cindy got any food or money?" asked "The Hobo".

"Nope, any of you guys want to go to my tribe" asked Cindy.

"Count me out," answered Veronica.

"Yeah, Me Neither," said "The Rat".

"Most definitley," answered "The Hobo".

"The Hobo" and Cindy left for the tribe, while "The Rat" and Veronica went twords the cabins. On the way there they saw Bob the Leprachaun huddled in a corner.

"You'll never get me lucky charms!" yelled Bob

"What's he talking about?" wispered "The Rat"

The next thing they saw was a tranqualizer gun shoot Bob, then Nalyd dragging him off.

"Ok, then," said Veronica and "The Rat"

They met back up with "The Hobo" and Cindy. The three (excluding Cindy) then hijacked a plane and never went back there again.


Review: So... is that it? 0.5/10

Sorreltail18's Story

Total Drama Whatever story: when preschoolers came

So Izzy was tired after chasing well... bears but a blinding light flashed and a bunch or 4 and years olds (some happy some

grumps) ran. 'where are?"asked one. Izzy was confused and saw a kid named Doug. "HI"he said really happily. "Why are you here and where is your parents?"Izzy asked. Gwen came along. "whats this"she said. "oh its just the preschoolers."Izzy said. "Hi" a couple kids said. A girl name stiches came up. "Wheres mommy and daddy." she asked. "Ahh what happened to you?"gwen shreiked. Izzy started giggling. Stiches turned at stared at izzy. "WHERES MY MOMMY!"she screamed. Izzy notice how she looked liked courtny. "er.. gwen call courtny."whispered izzy and gwen called Courtney and she got stiches and took her home.


Review: For this challenge you were supposed to use other characters and not TDI characters (I believed it was implied.) So congrats, you are nowthe proud owner of 6/10

Zakkoroen's Story

Total! Drama! Middle School!: A Total Drama Preschool Tale

"Why the heck have we been called here?" Asked Doug as he and his friends walked up yet another abandoned hallway. "I don't know, but this is getting creepy," replied Zachary, tugging the green hat that adorned his head. "I think that we should go home," suggested Evany, not that anyone listened. Evany was always credited as Zachary's sister, and nothing else. Hans laughed. "What is it?" asked Teddy. Teddy, along with Stiches, had become enamored with a rock band called the Ratz. The both wore Ratz T-shirts, though they were forbidden to get Ratz haircuts. "Nothing," said Hans, still chuckling. "It's just that it's been nine years since we competed in a Total Drama show, and now we are again." The others were confused. Hans pointed to a door approaching. A sign hung in the window said, "Pricipal McClean's office and headquateres of Total Drama Middle School. The preteens gasped. "Not again!" cried Kyle. The door opened and a tall, muscular man in a lunch lady uniform that did not suit him ushered them in. The children looked at each other, and became terrified of what was to come.

Review: Always a pleasure to view the best of the Bass. 10/10

Thebiggesttdifan's Story

Total Drama EXCLUSIVE! Jacob meets Philip

After Total Drama Paradise and cameos in several other Total Drama shows, Jacob became a police officer. One day he was bringing a criminal into the Amard prison when he spotted his old castmate from TDP, the first guy on the bus--Philip.

Philip had seemingly five straightjackets on, each one stronger than the outer one. "Yo, my man," he called to Jacob. "How's it goin'? Visiting hours today?"

Jacob turned red. "N-no, I'm a police off-officer n-n-now," he stuttered.

"Don't be shy," Philip grinned slyly. "I'm not gonna hurt you, kid. OW!" He yelped in pain suddenly. "Stupid lie detector!" He fell down on the floor.

"Mind if I help you get up?" Jacob asked.

"Nah, I can get my straightjackets off easily," Philip said, picking a strap with his teeth. "Better get that guy in his cell before he regains consciousness and beats you up."

"Good idea," Jacob said quickly, running up to the bad guy's cell on the second floor. He thought he felt something brush his pocket, but he ran off anyway. He didn't want to mess with Philip.

Elian emerged from behind Philip. "Are you in this with me?" Philip asked. Elian nodded and began to pick a lock with the item in Jacob's pocket...THE END

'Review: It was a little confusing at the end. Use of characters was a little strange, but grammar was great. 8'''''/10

Tdifan1234's Story

Dyl and Belle--A TDP story

(I know its short and it sux bad, but it was a last minute thing,k?)

One day, Dyl was sleeping peacfully without an interuption. When he woke up, Belle was right there, watching him sleep. He tried to get away as fast as he could, but it wasn't fast enough. Belle then said, "Hi, Dyl." She was trying to be flirtatious, but miserably failing. Dyl silently waved back to her, wishing that she would just get up, walk away, and leave. Belle closed her eyes and tried to lean in for a kiss, but Dyl stood up and Belle fell on the ground. Will she ever stop following me? Dyl thought. While he thought that, Belle was thinking, I bet he likes me back! Dyl tried to run away from her, but she grabbed on to the back of his shirt and pulled him back. Belle then said, "Where are you going, Dyl?" Dyl eventually wriggled free, and ran back somewhere far away enough that Belle couldn't find him.

The End.

Review: I really hope this took place on Amard, becauase it worried me a little that Belle was there when Dyl woke up. Good grammar, but a bit confusing. 6.5/10

And the winner is...

The Writing Gophers scored 6.825.

The Typing Bass scored 7.625! The Typing Bass win!

TDI19's nomination

Nalyd Renrut: TDI19, who are your nominees, and why?

I nominate Codaa5, because his score was low compared to Ricky, and there was some poor grammar usage, no offense.

I also nominate Ustigz. I mean come on people, he got a 0.5, wrote one sentence, and it is definitely bye bye to him.

Codaa5's Reason

My score may have been low, But it was way higher then Usitgz, I've never gotten close to 0. Atleast I wrote more then 4/5 sentences! I also have been off my game lately so I understand if I go home.

Usitgz's Reason

I think I should stay because I helped the gophers majorly in the first two challenges, and I got jipped by the wiki people (There was this thing that popped up when I hit the save page button (after I finished the story), that said this wiki is closed due to being under constuction and will not be funtioning to 2\26 at 2:00). If I get voted out it will be OK but I'll never trust the wiki central people ever!

Nalyd Renrut: What do you mean in that last line about wiki central people?

The Decision

Nalyd Renrut: The person going home is..... Usitgz. Usitgz, hand in your paprer. You have been eliminated.

Reason: "Usitgz might have seen his elimination coming. That is why he used his chance to stay as a threat."

Meaning: Nalyd Renrut was offended by Usitgz saying, "If I get voted out it will be OK but I'll never trust the wiki central people ever!"

Week 5 Chat

thebiggesttdifan: This thing'll be AWESOME!


Nalyd Renrut: LOL! Tdifan1234: "I couldn't choose so I just voted for Harold." I love it!

Tdifan1234: Thanks, Nalyd. That was my favorite part of the story.

thebiggesttdifan: Your story was great, Tdifan1234! Only you're 190 words off from 400 words.

Ricky490: Does TDA count as 3 words or one word?

Tdifan1234: Thanks for all the nice comments, guys. I seriously didn't think it was that good. It was also the first TDI character story that I didn't use Noah. (mainly because I couldn't)

Tdifan1234: Ricky, I think that TDA would count as one word.

Naldy Renrut: If it will help people, I will count the title words and TDA as 3 words. If it hurts them, then I won't. Deal?

thebiggesttdifan: It'll definitely hurt me. I got exactly 400 words and no title, but several instances of TDA. Could you please count TDA as one word for me?

Nalyd Renrut: Sure.

Tdifan1234: Rick490, your story was lol

Nalyd Renrut: I don't understand the "you know the rest" part.

Zakkoroen:My story may not be up to par since I'm recovering from a bogus grounding.

Tdifan1234: I thought your story was pretty cool, Zakko. Wow, all these stories are awesome! I don't know who's gonna get eliminated!

Codaa5: probably me, this was a pretty hard challenge and im not good with story-writing.

thebiggesttdifan: Hey, TDI19, if you post your story today, we'll get to nominate a day early!

Nalyd Renrut: OKay, I've begun scoring.

Challenge 5

Nalyd Renrut: This week, you can write any kind of story you want! You only have to ONLY use TDA characters, (sigh, counting Courtney) and it can only be less than or equal to 400 words. I will rate it on grammar, and how close you get to 400, but the 400 will no longer count if you go over.

Ricky490's Story

Revenge is a Two-Way Street: The Story of Harold and Duncan

In the movie set of Total Drama Action, Harold found pairs of his underwear spread all over the set. Harold knew it was all the delinquent's fault. Harold was Duncan's victim of pranks for the last time and decided to give Duncan, a taste of his own medicine. As you all knew, revenge was a two-way street, one road was the road where you get away with the revenge you did and don't die. The other road is the road where you get caught and you end up dead, that was the road Harold was about to take. Harold was thinking about his plan to humiliate and get his revenge on Duncan. "Send him to the moon...Nope! Make him jump a shark...Not a chance! Turn him into a frog...How? Frame him for a murder...I'm not that mean!" Harold said in his trailer going through his ideas until he had the perfect plan. "OK, my plan, give Duncan...the ultimate wedgie" Harold said. "OK, first I put this hook rope over the flag pole" Harold said as he did, "Then, I'll get the hook and attach it to Duncan's underwear, without him noticing" Harold did that as well. "Finally, I will go back at the end of the hook rope and PULL!" Harold did that as well. Harold gave Duncan the ultimate wedgie of a life time. "Harold, when this is over, you are so dead" Duncan said. Of course, Harold never thought of how he would get away with this and well, he didn't! Soon, Harold noticed this and run off the movie set and was never seen, again.


It was 2 years after this incident and Duncan still wanted revenge on Harold, so Duncan broke out of jail, located Harold's house and saw Harold sleeping in his bed. "Time for some pay back" Duncan said, and know the rest!?!

Review: 323 words. Good grammar, but the ending was confusing. 9/10

TDI19's Story

IMPORTANT: I will not be able to post a story this week, as I have come down with the flu, and need rest. I sincerely apologize to my teammates, and if I am eliminated this week, I will take it with humility and understanding. I have had a lot of fun in this competition, and expect to see me back in Season 2!!!

Review: Thanks for telling us. I hope you get better. 0/10

Codaa5's Story

The Story of Harold, Heather and LeShawna

One day, on the TDA set. Harold was sitting in a chair. LeShawna and Heather seemed to be on both sides of him. But a couple of feet away. Heather went up to Harold and tapped his shoulder, He looked up but felt another tap on his other shoulder and saw LeShawna. "Back off! He's mine!" said Heather, who really didn't care. But needed a alliance. "Don't go saying stuff in MY face!" replied a angry LeShawna. The next thing you know Harold was in mid-air being grabbed by two angry girls. Until LeShawna dropped him and tackled Heather. Harold just ran into one of the house set's and hid under a couch. Until night time that is, and was scared. He could of sworn he heard Duncan walking onto the set. Until the couch was lifted by Chef. Chef picked up Harold by his ear. "Why aint you in your cabin?" asked Chef. Harold shrugged. and so did Chef. Harold got out of the hold and ran away, until he fell down the huge mountain. And rolled right into his cabin, Where once again Heather and LeShawna were arguing.

The End

Review: 202 words. This story was ripe with grammar issues. 5.5/10

Sorreltail18's Story

1 day before TDA started many campers were either mad, happy, or didn't care. Courtney was mad. THe campers decided to pack up, well it would start tomorrow.

Girl SIde

Heather wanted to win this competition to get a wig so she was excited. All the TDA girls got together (surprisingly heather was there)"You are gonna get another mop there Heather?", Leshawna joked around. "Im here to win to get better wigs!"Heather said. "You should shave of your leg hair and make a small wig!"suggested Izzy. "Ha ha ha very funny crazy girl!"Heather said. "You could do that!", Gwen said. "YEA"agreed all the other girls. "Hannah you also can just go bald on the show and not win that money"LIndsey requested. Beth just giggled. Heather was about say something but Leshawna intruppted. "MAybe Courtney deserved to be here i mean EVA should've been here." "Yea Eva actually has friends" Gwen quickly said. "Well, Heather could just be kicked of the 1st episode and never return and never get a new wig!" Bridgette said. "What would you do with a million dolllars? I would spend it on pet bears!" Izzy said. "i ll spend it on colloge!" Gwen said. "Ill spend it on-actually ill donate it to a local animal center." Bridgette answered. "I'd have a party" Leshawna replied. "I'd have a big shopping spree with Beth!" Lindsey happily answered. Beth jumped and squealed with Lindsey. Heather didn;t care and said. "But ill stay but i will prove you guys WRONG"

Review: 254 words. Lots of spelling and grammar issues. 5.5/10

Zakkoroen's Story

Gwen and Trent get back together and beat up Justin

(Sorry if it's more than 400 words)

Gwen was eliminated from Total Drama Action. She arrived at the set of the TDA Aftermath, where Trent was waiting for her, arms crossed. "I've been meaning to ask you," he said, "Why you double-crossed me and made my team vote me off!" Tears welled in Gwen's eyes. She explained everything- how Justin had tricked her, how bad she had felt after seeing the first TDA Aftermath, and how she had gotten herself voted off. As she spun her tale, Trent's face softened, and in no time they were kissing as never before, once again intertwined in a beautiful relationship. This was all caught on tape and shown at the nextTDA Aftermath.

Days later, Justin arrived. Gwen, Trent, and others that Justin had tricked off glowered over him menacingly. "Mommy," Justin whimpered as they all fell upon him, kicking, scratching, and biting with unholy fury.

After the finale, Gwen got one last bit of revenge on Justin. Justin was in a body cast, and if he fell over, he couldn't get back up on his own. She tipped him over and laughewd as he struggled to get back on his feet.

The End

Review: 209 words. Great grammar. 7.5/10

Thebiggesttdifan's Story

(I know it isn't really sequenced great, but it has 400 words and good grammar)

Out of all the contestants on Total Drama Island, Courtney had always been the angriest competitor about anything—Duncan, losing challenges, the cruelty of the show—you get the picture. Eventually one thing lead to another and it was the last straw for Courtney. By early June, she had built her own camp and invited all the TDI but not TDA competitors to get TDI fans hooked onto her camp and eventually cancel TDI. “We’re gonna cancel the pants off this show, Michael!” Courtney had said victoriously on her cell phone earlier.

“Whatever,” her lawyer, Michael, had said.

In July, Courtney announced the grand opening of her camp and was ready for the 7 competitors not in TDA rushing in. The problem is, not a single one showed up.

“Look at that!” Courtney said in disgust. “No one came.”

“I did,” Duncan said, grinning.

“What the—how did you get here?” Courtney was bewildered.

“They needed me to tell you that you’re on the show.”

“I am? Oh, thank you, thank you Duncan!” Courtney hugged him. “Ew, why did I just do that?”

“They aren’t taping the rest of the show for a while, so I think I’ll just sit back and stay here for a while, princess. I brought Geoff and DJ here, too.”

“Are they pranking Harold?” Courtney asked.

“Yup. We sure are. We squirted blueberry spray-paint on his skin. Made him think he had a breathing problem.” Geoff laughed. “It was SO funny!” He changed the subject. “What’s at this camp?”

“Oh, there’s a football field inside a dome, an indoor swimming pool, a luxurious resting room, a café, a…” Courtney continued on about the good points.

After trying the camp out for four days and four nights, the trio packed up. DJ reviewed the camp. “That was awesome!”

The camp attracted several other TDA contestants. Gwen, Trent, Geoff and Bridgette all came at the same time and had very positive reviews. Justin, Lindsay, and Beth all liked the camp—even though there wasn’t any kind of fashion room. By this time, the TDI ratings were sailing above. Courtney was thinking about advertising it for the summer.

Owen and Izzy came. They both said they liked the café. Leshawna came and said she loved it. Even Heather the menace couldn’t find a bad review.

There was only one person left who could. Harold.

“Oh no!” Courtney shouted.

Review: 400 words exactly and superb grammar. 10/10

Tdifan1234's Story

Who will he choose?---A story about Gwen, Duncan, and Courtney

When Courtney returns to TDA, Duncan has a decision to make. Who will he choose-Courtney or Gwen? Find out.

Duncan had a hard decision. Would he break up with Courtney and go out with Gwen, or stay with Courtney? After all, he didn't have to worry about Trent anymore, and he had a lot in common with Gwen. Then he remembered the great time he had with Courtney in TDI. He was split in two directions, One being pulled by his uptight, goody-goody girlfriend and the other being pulled by his best friend's ex. While he was deciding, Gwen and Courtney got into a fight over which girl should go out with Duncan. They both formed alliances to vote the other girl off (let's just say that the teams were dissolved). Everyone belonged to one alliance or the other, all except for Duncan. The alliances were split completely in half. Duncan would be the deciding vote. When it came time for the bonfire ceremony, there was a tie in votes, so both girls were voted off. "Then who did you end up voting for?" They both said. "I couldn't choose so I just voted for Harold." Duncan said in reply. He didn't have to make a choice after all. He just waved goodbye to the girls, who were fighting all the way to the Lame-o-sine.


Review: 242 words. Good grammar. I love the ending. 7.5

And the winner is...

The Writing Gophers scored 4.83

The Typing Bass scored 7.625 and win again.

Ricky490's Decision

Nalyd Renrut: Ricky, I am going to do something I have never done before. Who should I eliminate? Which one do you think think should go? TDI19 or Codaa5?

redflare: ricky I think you should say Tdi19, you have to get the bigger threat out first. Nothing against TDI19, but I think they have a chance of winning.

Ricky490: OK, I choose TDI19, she was an ultimate weapon at first, but her lose costed her elimination

TDI19: I am a boy!!!!!!! Also, it is just because Redflare is still mad at me for that whole thing last month.

Ricky490: Awkard!

Codaa5: TDI19, you deserved to win. Ill be rooting for you in season two!

Nalyd Renrut: You picked TDI19? You have another week as teams, so you get rid of your best player??????? Holy... (oops, lets keep it rated G) Cow. I am going to keep thinking this over. I just really can't believe anybody would pick TDI19....

The Decision

Nalyd Renrut: The person leaving is... Codaa5. Codaa5, please hand in your paper.

Reason: "Codaa5 was a great author. I would've loved to see him go farther, but it was just his time."

Meaning: Nalyd thought Codaa was very good (and hopes to see him next season) but it was his time to go.

Team Switch

Nalyd Renrut: Four against two, huh? Well, Thebiggesttdifan (best of the week) pick somebody from your team for the other team.

Thebiggesttdifan's Decision

I pick...tdifan1234. No offense man, I just think you would make a great addition to the Gophers.

Tdifan1234: K no hard feelings. Its the equivalent to Noah's team so I'm happy! The gophers could also use my awesomeness!

Week 6 Chat

thebiggesttdifan: Yup, that's probably how Noah would describe himself...

Sorreltail18-I LOVE POETRY!!

Nalyd Renrut - The bass are set, can the gophers FINALLY turn it around?

Tdifan1234: I hope so!

Tdifan1234: I found a website that tells about different types of poetry. You can find it at:

thebiggesttdifan: And it's down to the final two acts of the week. Can Ricky490 and TDI19 turn it around? I seriously think so. Let's find out!

Tdifan1234: Do I need to fix anything in mine?

Tdifan1234: Whoa Ricky, You're beast at poetry! (in the good way)

Nalyd Renrut: TDI19 is the only one... Dang, if his team lsoes (AGAIN) he will most likely be going home...

thebiggesttdifan: Hey Nalyd, could you score a day early since everyone's done?

Nalyd Renrut: No, but there will be a change for the merge team weeks.

Challenge 6

Nalyd Renrut: This week's challenge is to write poetry. It can be free verse, haiku, rhyming, or pretty much any kind. You must specify the kind of poem, and it must use Total Drama Island locations, objects, and/or characters. It will be judged on if you manage to correctly write that kind of poem, imagery used, and grammar. Good luck!

Ricky490's Story

A Harold Limerick

Harold is a scrawny, tall geek

Who was gross, annoying and weak

Bullied by the rest

They thought he was a pest

And also thought he was a freak!

(Not one to brag, but I am pretty good at poems)

Review: You succesfully did a limerick, but the grammar could've been better. Imagery.... you described Harold very well! 8.5/10

TDI19's Story

It is basic, but I hope you guys like it!


Heather, you’re so very mean.

We all wanted you to leave.

You kept advancing, which made us sad,

But now you are bald, and we’re all glad.

Review: I am trying to figure out what poem this is, so I assume two couplets. If so, well done! Good grammar, and decent imagery. 8/10

Tdifan1234's Story

Playas des Losers Quatrain

There is a place where all the losers go,

Where the sun shines and the wind blows.

Where they relieve their sorrows and surf on the beach,

While Courtney hits Harold in the head with a peach.

Review: Overall, well done. Good imagery, quatrain was done correctly and the grammar was amazing. You deserve all these points. 10/10

thebiggesttdifan: Actually, WAS the quatrain proper? The second and FOURTH lines rhyme in a quatrain.

Sorreltail18's Story

IZZY HAIKU (japense poetry)

Izzy is crazy

She sure loves to chase brown bears

That is Izzy

Izzy came in 7th (tdi)

Izzy was chased by the RCMP

That is Izzy

Review: Which one are you entering, because they both have issues. The first one has 4 syllables in line three, and RCMP is four syllables. Other than that, it works. No grammar. Moderately good imagery, so you get... 4.3/10

Zakkoroen's Story

A Noah Haiku (From Noah's point of view)

Noah is so cool.

He is very awesome, yeah.

He is great and cool

Review: A little repetitive with two uses of 'cool.' Some grammar. Good haiku. Imagery was okay. 8/10

Thebiggesttdifan's Story

(It was all I could think of!!!)

A TDI limerick for Ezekiel

Zeke was the first voted off,

For making the girls have enough.

One fault is his "eh's"

That's why he's not in TDA

Now he sits back, too sexist to cough.

Review: Little strange about the cough line. Good limerick, good imagery, and good grammar. 9.5/10

And the winner is...

Writing Gophers scored 8.83.

Typing Bass scored 2.67, so the Writing Gophers win! (Took 'em long enough!)

Thebiggesttdifan's Decision

Nalyd Renrut: Thebiggesttdifan... who should be sent home? (For the record, this is your opinion, and is meant to influence who goes, and might not be the decision.)

Thebiggesttdifan: Hmmm...I'm not seriously sure. I mean, Zakkoroen is a bigger threat, but he's done pretty well and I'd like him to stay. As for Sorreltail...she isn't the bigger threat, but could easily sneak away a win. My opinion is..................


Sorreltail18- just send me home Nalyd. I wasn't that good for the last couple challenges and I been a loss for my team especially this week. 4.3 is horrible for me!

Nalyd Renrut: I will think about it, but the final decision will be made at 6:00.

Zakkoroen's reason for staying

I just decided to put this here. Like thebiggesttdifan said, I am a threat, but I hope to stay on for at least a while.

The Decision

Nalyd Renrut: The person leaving tonight is... Sorreltail18. Hand in your papers, you've been eliminated. *Looks her in the eyes as she leaves* Don't give up. You've got talent.

Reason: "Sorreltail18 was very middle of the road. She didn't do poorly, but she never excelled."

Meaning: Sorreltail18 was a good author, but not great.

Week 7 Chat

Nalyd Renrut: Could everybody say here when their stories are done?

TDI19: I knew tdifan1234 would do Dodgeball for the sake of Noah!!!

Ricky490: Question! What do you mean when you say "and then do a little bit of next's week's episode as a result" what does it mean? Also, do we write all of the episode or just the alternate ending.

Nalyd Renrut: You are supposed to do like ending (i.e. different person goes) and then tell a little bit about what happened as a result of them going. Just re-write the ending.


Tdifan1234: Am I really that predictable? But anyways, Is mine good? What do I need to change on it?

thebiggesttdifan: Is my story okay? I know it isn't really an alternate ending, but it's more of an extended ending! Will it do?

thebiggesttdifan: Zakkoroen, something tells me you don't like Justin...

Challenge 7

Nalyd Renrut: OKay, let me go over the new rules for final five: The stories will be graded when all of them are up, and people say in the week chat that they are ready. The best score will nominate two people, and one will go. If some stories aren't confirmed to be ready by Thursday, then I will grade Thursday. This week's challenge is to write an alternate ending to an episode of TDI, and then do a little bit of the next week's episode as a result. No scripts, just paragraphs. It will be judged on grammar, and if the writer made it make sense.

Ricky490's Story

Not-So-Happy Campers pt. 2: Alternate Ending

At the lunchroom, Ezekiel said that "girls were not as strong compared to guys." "Hey, give the guy, a break, at least he didn't say girls were smarter" Geoff said trying to save Ezekiel's life (don't ask why?) "Yeah, that is true, girls are smarter compared to guys' dim-headed behavior, but there is nothing wrong with either types of gender in the world" Ezekiel said leaving the lunchroom.

It was dark outside and the Killer Bass were taking TDI's first marshmallow ceremony, it was up to the final 2 people, Ezekiel, the guy who almost get himself on the girls' most hated list and Courtney, the one that cost the team's 1st lose because of her "condition." And it was time for Chris to give someone the final marshmallow, "........Ezekiel!" Chris said. Ezekiel got his first marshmallow and an outraged CIT was forced to be dragged to the Boat of Losers.

After Ezekiel got the final marshmallow, Ezekiel became the most liked person on TDI, and because of being most-liked, he ended up being the winner of TDI. And because of Courtney leaving first, Duncan and Courtney never had a relationship, Harold was never Courtney's #1 enemy, Duncan doesn't have a reason to continue bullying Harold and Courtney was picked on and bullied by everyone at Playa Des Losers.

Review: Well, I didn't really understand the beginning. Grammar suffered quite a bit. 5.5/10

TDI19's Story

Hope you guys like it!!!


As the teams were finishing up cooking their meals in the kitchen, the drama was cooking even more. Heather had been locked in the fridge, Trent was unconscious, Geoff, DJ, and Duncan did nothing but prank Harold, and Owen was stung by hundreds of bees.

It was not looking good for the Screaming Gophers, but they still attempted to finish their meal. Owen and Beth were basting the ribs, Gwen and Lindsay were working on the dessert, and Leshawna was making her “pineapple chunky”. All this was going on while Trent was receiving medical care, and Heather was cursing and screaming through the thick steel refrigerator doors.

Back over with the Killer Bass, Geoff had come up with a new way of pranking Harold: an underwear smoothie. He blended Harold’s underwear, and poured the concoction into a glass.

“Hey, Harold,” Geoff called, “You look pretty parched. Have some of this delicious smoothie I made.”

“OK,” Harold said, as he walked over to Geoff.

Geoff handed Harold the drink, which had pieces of his underwear floating around it.

Harold drank a little, then, realizing what it was, he shouted, “Oh! Gross!!!”

He angrily slammed down the cup on the counter, and stormed off, all while Geoff, DJ, and Duncan were snickering.

Back over at the Gophers, the ribs and “chunky” were ready, and the dessert was having the finishing touches put on. The campers on that team were looking impressed with their job, especially after dealing with so many hardships earlier.

Chris then entered the dining room and sat down at the table.

Bridgette called out to her team, “Guys! Chris is here. Let’s hurry!”

Courtney, Sadie, and Duncan quickly added all the finishing touches to the dessert and appetizer, while Bridgette and Geoff set the table. Harold was just standing there, and accidently bumped into the table, unknowingly knocking the glass of underwear smoothie into the tomato sauce for their pasta. DJ then poured the sauce onto the pasta, and the Bass served their meal to Chris.

Beth ran to the cabin, hoping to put her tiki doll on the table for décor, but after searching everywhere, she could not find it.

The antipasto was fine for Chris, but when he got to the pasta, he felt the chewy bits of underwear in his mouth. He pulled it out and shouted, “OH!!! What is this? Underwear?!” He then proceeded to throw up.

“That was disgusting! I don’t even want dessert from you guys!” Chris shouted.

“OK, Owen watch the ribs,” Leshawna said, “Bring out the pineapple chunky!!! Oh yeah, baby!”

Chris loved the “chunky”, and Leshawna went back into the kitchen to get the plate of ribs, which, of course, Owen had devoured.


“Sorry,” said Owen, “We can just skip to dessert.”

Right then, something clicked in Lindsay’s head, “Oh my gosh! We forgot to let Heather out of the fridge!!!”

Lindsay ran to the fridge, and let Heather out, much to everyone else’s annoyance.

“Why did you do that to me, you freaks,” Heather screamed.

“Because you were being a bossy, manipulative queen bee,” said Leshawna, as she brought out the dessert.

“Hey! That dessert was my idea. I should serve it to Chris,” Heather said.

“Uh-uh. I can handle it,” retorted Leshawna.

“It’s mine! Give it to me!” shouted Heather, as she started pulling on the dessert.

Leshawna fought back, and it was a game of tug-of-war for a minute, until the dessert went flying- right onto to Chris’ head.

“OK!!! That is it. Both teams lose tonight,” Chris announced.

Everyone looked stunned.

“There will also be a new way of voting tonight,” Chris said, “Lindsay and Duncan, please come with me.”

Lindsay and Duncan followed Chris into another room, and he explained to them what was going on.

Later, at the bonfire ceremony, Chris said, “Tonight, both Lindsay and Duncan have chosen one member from their team to eliminate. We will start with marshmallows for the Killer Bass. Duncan, Bridgette, DJ, Geoff.”

“Sadie and….” Chris continued, “…..Courtney. Good-bye Harold.”

No one on the Killer Bass looked surprised about Duncan’s choice.

“Now for the Gophers,” Chris said, “The first marshmallow is for Lindsay. Leshawna. Trent and Gwen.”

“Alright, only two left,” continued Chris, “Owen.”

“The final marshmallow is for……… Beth.”

“What???” Heather shrieked, “Lindsay, why did you vote me off???”

“Well, I realized you were being really mean, so I decided to get rid of you! Bye!” answered Lindsay.

Heather screamed louder than humanly possible, and had to be dragged to the Boat of Losers by Chef and Chris. Harold went also, slightly upset, and everyone went to bed.

Epilogue As a result, Beth’s cursed tiki caused the Gophers to lose the next two challenges, and Owen was voted off. Beth was finally voted off after her teammates found out about the tiki. Since Harold was voted off, Courtney was never unfairly eliminated, and annoyed everyone until the final 8, where Gwen switched the votes against her, because she could not take anymore of Courtney. Since Heather was voted off, Trent and Izzy’s stays on the island were both prolonged, and Gwen and Trent’s relationship was less dramatic.

Review: I think that the grammar was, as usual with your stories, great. Making sense... the only thing was both teams losing, but I suppose that you somewhat made it work. 9/10

Zakkoroen's Story

Alternate Ending: 3:10 to Crazytown

This story picks off after Gwen told the Grips to vote Trent off.

Gwen turned away, and huddled all of the members of the Killer Grips, excluding Justin. "Okay, guys, I think I may have been a little hard on Trent..." she began. "You THINK?" yelped Beth. Gwen held up her hand. "And Justin helped me realize that! I now know that Justin is a JERK! It happened when he said that I owe him! I realized-- I don't owe him anything! He's as bad as Heather! No-- scratch that-- he's WORSE than Heather! So now, I don't want you to vote off Trent. Vote- off- JUSTIN." They were hesitent, but Gwen won Lindsay over with a reminder that she had a boyfriend ("Oh, yeah1 Tyson!" exclaimed Lindsay), and Owen was simple- Gwen gave him a piece of cake. Beth stood by Justin, but Gwen had all the votes she needed.

At the Gilded Chris Ceremony, Chris held up the tally. Lindsay and Beth had received awards. It came down to Owen, Trent, and Justin. "Owen!" shouted chris. "And the final Gilded Chris goes to..." Justin leaned forward, a smirk on his face... "TRENT!" cried Chris. Justin was shocked. "I demand a recount!" he shouted as he was dragged to the Lame-O-Sine. "I do not concede! I do not concede!!!!!" Gwen approached Trent. He looked angrily at her, but his expression softened as she explained what a fool she had been to him. Trent agreed to give them another try, and they watched the stars together.

Review: I wish you had given an epilogue, oh well. Okay grammar, and it made sense (for the most part). 8.5/10

Thebiggesttdifan's Story

I Triple Dog Dare You! (extended and from Chris's point of view)

Heather had just spun the wheel for Lindsay’s dare. “It’s just Lindsay,” she muttered. “How hard can it be?”

“Umm…pretty hard,” I commented. I just LOVE sarcastic remarks like that. “Lindsay’s dare is to get your head shaved by Chef.”

Heather gasped. “No way!”

Gwen chuckled. “Yes way.”

One thing lead to another, and Heather was sitting in a barber chair. Chef was holding a razor, and Gwen and Owen were snickering. I was in the communal washrooms, puking.

When I came back, Chef was screaming like a girl and Gwen was shaving her own head. I was thinking, what the heck is going on here?

Heather was standing next to Owen defiantly. I mean, I know I’m not a camper, but I join the mutual hate for Heather. Man, if the host had the power in these kind of reality shows, I would take out Heather, Noah, Justin, and Ezekiel right away. I basically hate those four. And to see Heather standing there like that, well…I went back to the communal washrooms again.

“Aren’t you going to help me?” asked Gwen. She was standing there, cringing. Clumps of blue and black hair were falling out.

“This is all Heather’s fault!” shouted Owen. “She should’ve been eliminated at the beginning of the show!”

Man, can the fat guy just read my mind sometimes.

It was hard to confirm a result, since my only true witness was gone. “Okay, er…since Heather still has a broken part of a freebie, and one of the new dares was to shave your own head…we shall continue!” There were some groans from Gwen and Owen.

“What happens if we run out of dares?” challenged Heather.

“We won’t,” I explained. “We have packs and packs of dares from the 19 eliminated contestants.” Heather joined the groan parade.

Owen received some more freebies from Justin’s dare to jump in a pool full of sharks, Duncan’s to fast, and Courtney’s to lose weight. He did them reluctantly, but every single freebie he gave to Gwen. I saw it.

Then the Gwen era came along. Gwen laid off every single freebie, and then got Owen to give her some more, eventually trapping Heather. I later reviewed this strategy, calling it “wicked”. I think Geoff and Bridgette used a similar strategy in the special.

Gwen kept laying off every freebie and eventually daring Heather. Realizing she was trapped, I think Heather prayed she would get something good.

She did, but that was just pure luck. She got a "wild card", an extra spot at the end of the wheel. The "wild card" allowed her to pick a person to dare, and choose any person. She chose Noah to make a dare, and Gwen to DO it.

I read the card for Gwen. "Wrestle a yeti."

Gwen laughed. “Where are you going to get a yeti?”

“We have one right here.” I’m pretty good at making comebacks.

And there it was, a five hundred pound yeti. Not available in stores, guys. “When we release this chain, get ready to WRESTLE!”

And she actually tried. I mean it. But I think she nearly killed herself because judging from the way Owen looked, I can tell it wasn’t pretty. We all think we saw a silhouette of a bald, naked girl flying through the air, but it must have just been a reflection.

Now that I think about it, we saw her ripped-up bra and pants on the ground. But that’s it. No trace of her has been seen by any of the contestants. None. And I actually feel a little bad for her.

For the next episode, I had everything prepared. The eliminated players would vote for the winner, and the loser would receive painful torture. There was one user on a TDI fanfiction wiki, though, who knew I was up to something and he sent in a complaint. I got fired that day.

Now I really have no idea how Chef's gonna work out Total Drama Action. Who will be picked? Who will bite the dust? Who will get the money on Total Drama Action? Don't ask me. That's one thing you can't do for once.

Review: Incredibly confusing, starting with Gwen shaving her own head and Chef screaming. Grammar was good. 6.5/10

Tdifan1234's Story

Dodgebrawl Alternate Ending (coming soon!)

After Owen threw the ball with all his might, it hit Harold and the impact of the ball caused him to fall. "The Screaming Gophers win for the third time in a row!" Chris exclaimed. The Screaming Gophers all celebrated their third win while the Killer Bass were discouraged yet again. Then Heather came over to the Bass to ridicule them. She said, "I think it's time for you all to give up! Your third loss? That's sad." In return to the nasty comments, They all picked up dodgeballs and chucked them at her. Gwen and LeShawna were watching from the sidelines and laughing at her. Courtney then walked over to the confessional and said, " I hope we can win at least one challenge and give that Heather a taste of her own medicine."

The Bass then came to the Bonfire ceremony for the third time. Chris said, "Wow, the third time I've seen you guys here. You guys need to get your act together! Work as a team!" "I have marshmallows for everyone but one. The one who does not receive a marshallow wil immediately walk the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers, and go home," Chris said with suspense. He then announced who received marshmallows: "I have marshmallows for Duncan, Geoff, Katie, Sadie, Bridgette, DJ, and Courtney. OK, I have one more marshmallow left. The finalMarshmallow goes to.......Harold. I'm sorry,Tyler, but you are leaving." Tyler then left, depressed. At least I made it this far. Awww, who am I kidding? I was voted off third! He thought.

"Can the Bass turn it around? Will Noah actually participate in the next challenge? Can Chef's food get any worse?" "HEY! WE HEARD THAT!" yelled Noah and Chef from off screen. Chris then closed the show by saying,"Tune in next week for the most dramatic bonfire ceremony yet on Total...Drama...Island!"

The End


The next week, The Killer Bass did much better and actually won. Lindsay was too depressed that Tyler was gone and that was one reason the Screaming Gophers lost . Her talent was reciting the alphabet while hopping on one foot, but she didn't do very well since Tyler wasn't there. But the Killer Bass mainly won because Noah's dry recitiation of pi lost them a couple of points. The Gophers voted off Lindsay, since she missed Tyler so much and also due to the fact that she was dumber than a paper towel roll.

The End(I'm serious this time!) :)

Review: Well, I guess it makes sense to vote out Tyler. Okay grammar. ''7/10

TDI19's nomination

Nalyd Renrut: Nominate any two people, please.

TDI19: Hey guys!!! I hate being in this position because everyone is so talented at writing, and it is so hard to make a choice, because I don't want anyone to leave. I also don't want to hurt anyone's feelings with my nomination. Unfortunately, I have to. I have chosen....

Ricky490. You are a great author, but I think you are starting to falter, no offense.

I have also decided to nominate.....

thebiggesttdifan. Not really an ALTERNATE ending this week, but interesting. Again, no offense with my nomination, but you are a BIG threat. There you go, Nalyd!

Ricky490's Reason

Thebiggesttdifan's Reason

Honestly, I'm not sure whether to sacrifice myself or Ricky. He's a great author, but I overheard wise guy Zakkoroen saying he's gonna take Ricky out. Ugh...I'm caught up here. Just take me home. Please! (hyperventilates) Okay, I'm overreacting.

Zakkoroen:"Wise guy?" Well, I am wise, and I am a guy, but... anyway, Thebiggesttdifan, you are a great author. You should stay for a while yet.

Nalyd Renrut: I am a bit confused with that...

Zakkoroen:With what?

Nalyd Renrut: His reason to stay... *to tbtdif* Are you saying Zak should go?

Zakkoroen:Ah. It does sound more like a raeson he wants to leave.... no offense.

The Decision

Nalyd Renrut: The person leaving Total Drama Author is... Thebiggesttdifan. *takes papers and throws them in fire* I'm sorry, but you've gone as far as you can.

Reason: "Thebiggesttdifan really improved during his stay. Unfortunately, he just couldn't meet the standards of the Best-Sellers."

Meaning: Thebiggesttdifan improved during the contest, but didn't have as much ability as the others.

Week 8 Chat

Codaa5: Anything wrong with my story?

Nalyd Renrut: Just some grammar issues.

Codaa5: Like what? The word replied? Cause I get confused at points like that.

Nalyd Renrut: Well, some tense issues. Like, you at first had stuff like "Chris said" and then you had "Noah grabs his flag" and then back to "Chris replied." Get it?

Tdifan1234: Is mine good?

Nalyd Renrut: It's great!

Tdifan1234: Thanks! Is there anything I should change grammatically?

Nalyd Renrut: I didn't see anything you needed to change.

Tdifan1234: cool.

Zakkoroen:The Z-man strikes again!

Challenge 8

Nalyd Renrut: Okay, this challenge is going to be similar to last week's challenge. Alternate endings. Write a new version of The Very Last Episode, Really. It can be any two people from TDI as the final two, but same challenges. It will be judged on originality, (Like if it isn't the usual final two people pick liek Harold and Duncan) grammar, and creativity.

Ricky490's Story

"Hello, this is an important episode of Total Drama Island, because in this episode of Total Drama Island, we will decide the winner out of all 2 lucky campers, Ezekiel, the home-schooled, and Harold, the geek, and see who will stand in...The Last Episode, Really" Chris said as the theme song started. After the theme song was over, we see Ezekiel and Harold, ready to win the $100,000. "OK, before we get the challenge started, we will see what our 2 campers have to say about being in the Final 2. "Cool, I'm in the final 2, I can't wait to win and donate all of the money to my school, eh" Ezekiel said in the confessional stall. "Well, it's nice, I knew I was the best one on the Killer Bass and I knew my strategy made we win, I mean I got everything a girlfriend, a sight of girl's breasts and soon...$100,000" Harold said in the confessional. "OK, now that we heard from the Final 2, it's time for the challenge" Chris said, "And seeing it from the peanut gallery of losers, is the 20 campers that didn't make it to the Final 2" Chris said as the 20 losers came to the field, Duncan and Courtney immediately were mauling Harold, while, Eva and other girls were mauling Ezekiel. The guards had to separate the losers from the Final 2. "OK, Losers, sit down to who you want to win" Chris said as all of the boys, Courtney and Heather went to Ezekiel's peanut gallery, while the rest of the girls went to Harold's gallery. "OK, now let's see what the Final 2 would do with the $100,000" Chris said "First is Ezekiel." "OK, here's what I would do, eh, I would donate it to my school for being so kind and educationally to me" Ezekiel said as the audience felt that Ezekiel was a kind man doing that. The girls from Harold's side went to Ezekiel's side. "Wait, he's home-schooled, so he's just keeping it to himself" Harold reminded as the girls went back to Ezekiel's side. "Now, what would you do Harold if you won the $100,000" said Chris. "I would put it in my savings account until college" Harold said as everything was silent (except for a cricket noise.) "OK, the final challenge is our own 1st annul Reject Olympics" Chris said. "First you will have to climb your way to the flag on top of the flagpole, then you will be carrying an egg across the cliff-to-cliffside and finally run back to the finish line, you get it" Chris said as the Ezekiel and Harold nodded. "OK, go" Chris said as Ezekiel and Harold went off. Harold easily went to the flag with his Possum Scout talents while Ezekiel had trouble getting up. In only a few minutes, Harold got the flag and went down to the next part. Ezekiel still had trouble getting to the flag. (To Be Continued...)

Review: Darn, I was looking forward to seeing who was going to win. Some grammar problems... creative though, and original pairing. 6.8/10

TDI19's Story

The Very Last Episode, Really! Rewrite: Lindsay vs. DJ

“Hello,” Chris announced, “and welcome to the finale of Total Drama ISLAND!!!”

“Over the past eight weeks, twenty-two teens fought to win this excruciating, adrenaline inducing, spine-tingling competition,” Chris continued, “One by one they were sent packing: Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Cody, Harold, Heather, Owen, Beth, Eva again, Sadie, Bridgette, Trent, Courtney, Geoff, Izzy (again), Leshawna, Duncan, and Gwen. Now only two campers are left: Lindsay, the lovable hot girl, and DJ, the kind, strong dude.”

Chris proceeded over to the campgrounds. “OK, Lindsay and DJ, congrats to making the final two. Here all the campers who were voted off.”

All the eliminated teens walked into the camp, and took sides. Then, Chris asked the contestants what they would do with the one hundred grand.

“Well, I would help my mom move back to Jamaica, and put the rest of it into my college funds,” DJ responded.

“OK, and you Lindsay?” Chris asked.

“Oh my gosh!!! I would totally go on a shopping spree, and throw a huge party, and then, I guess, save the rest, Chip,” Lindsay answered.

“It’s Chris!!!!” Chris shouted, “For the last challenge you must climb up a pole to grab a flag, walk across a trench with an vulture egg, and finally sprint all the way back here to the finish line.”

“Ready, campers? On your marks, get set, GO!” Chris screamed.

DJ took off as fast as he could, but Lindsay just stood there, pondering something.

“What does ‘sprint’ mean?” she asked.

“A fast run,” answered Chris, “now GO!”

“OH!” Lindsay realized, and started running and catching up to DJ.

DJ used his strength to reach the top of his flagpole quickly, and Lindsay was just reaching the base of hers. She tried to climb as fast as she could, and got her flag, but DJ was already at the next leg of the race.

Lindsay got to the “trench-cross”, when DJ was almost finished. She grabbed her egg, and carefully navigated her log, while being cheered on by her friends.

DJ had reached the other side, but not before being attacked by an angry mother vulture. This gave Lindsay enough time to reach the end of the log.

It was now neck-and-neck. That was, until DJ ran extremely quickly towards the finish line. Lindsay struggled to keep up with him, and it looked like it was clear who would win.

Just then, however, some random guy, with a magazine walked into the campgrounds, right by the finish line.

“I have a new issue of Teen Vogue for Lindsay…” he started, but before he could continue, he was tackled by Lindsay, who had jumped for her magazine⎯ right over the finish line. “Yay!!!! Teen Vogue!” Lindsay shrieked, while everyone, especially the delivery guy, looked stunned.

“Uhhh…. Lindsay wins!” Chris announced, and everyone cheered happily for her.

Later, at the final campfire ceremony, Chris presented Lindsay with the final marshmallow, which had been colored pink and purple in her honor.

“Thank you, Chris!” Lindsay said.

“You FINALLY got my name right!” Chris exclaimed.

With that Total Drama Island concluded, and afterwards, Lindsay read MANY issues of Teen Vogue.

The End!!!

Review: Nice work. Very orginal, good grammar (few issues), and creative ending. 9/10

Codaa5's Story

"Hello viewers! And thank you for watching the last episode of TOTAL (echo) DRAMA (echo) ISLAND! (echo)" said Chris, who was doing his original intro on the Dock of Shame. "We have our two final competitiors, Duncan and Noah!", the camera points to Noah, who is reading a book and Duncan, who is carving a skull into a nearby tree. "Here are our 20 returning campers who didn't make it to the finale!" says Chris, who is giggling a bit. Harold, Ezekiel, Heather, Bridgette, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Sadie were on Noah's side. DJ, Leshawna, Lindsay, Owen, Courtney, Izzy, Geoff, DJ, Eva, Beth, Cody, Trent, LeShawna and Gwen were on Duncan's side. "Ok! Time for question's. Noah, what would you do with the money if you won?" asked Chris. Noah scratched his head and wondered. "I'd probably buy a whole bunch of books and a bookcase to go with it." said Noah in reply. "Ok... boring, but intelligent? Who cares, lets move onto Duncan, what would you do with the money?" asked Chris. "I'd probably bail myself out of juvie, if I could and then maybe re-build my life and go to college." said Duncan. "Now that's what I would do!" Chris said, commenting Duncan's choice. Duncan' side cheered while Noah's side booed. "Ok, moving onto our FINAL! Challenge!" said Chris. "We will be doing a rejected olympic race! Duncan, you wear this!" Chris says, handing Duncan a chicken hat, "Are you kidding me?" said Duncan who was putting on the chicken hat. "And you Noah get this one!" said Chris, who was handing Noah a cow hat. "Atleast it's better then `the chicken one." said Noah. Duncan grabbed Noah and picked him up by his shirt. "Listen, pipsqueak, you better watch it!" threatened Duncan. "Uhh, can you put me down?" asked Noah. Duncan let go of him and Noah almost fell over. "Enough fighting! Your first step is to climb the pole on your way down the trail and get the flag, then you must walk across a pole, without getting eating by sharks, avoiding the birds AND holding a bird egg. Then, in the end, you must run across the finish line to win. Ready? Go!" shouted Chris. Duncan was already running with Noah right behind him, Duncan then looked behind him for a second, big mistake. Duncan ended up falling over and Noah stepped on his head, bouncing off of it right onto his flag pole. Noah then reaches for the flag and yanks it off, he then slides down slowly. Duncan is climbing his own. As Noah is at the small pole that reaches across one cliff to another. Duncan had just recently gotten his flag and is running to his pole. They both take a egg and start walking across, Noah looks down and ends up barfing in his mouth, he swallows it and starts to walk a little bit more, Duncan is trying his best to get across while the teams are on the other side rooting them on. Noah suddenly loses his balance and almost falls, but throws his hand on the ledge and starts to shimmey across with the egg in his lap. On Duncan's side, he suddenly gets across and blast through the campers, Noah's team goes over to the pole and helps him up. Noah catches up to Duncan as they are both running, sweating, and a bit of spitting, but in the end Duncan jumps through the finish line. During the campfire ceremony. Everyone is seated on the stoops. "Congratulations to our winner, Duncan! Who gets the final marshmallow of the summer." Duncan is celebrating and everyone on his team is cheering. "Honey you won!" shouted Courtney, who started to make out with Duncan, Noah was sitting there, reading his book as usual. That's when Duncan went over to him and handed him 500 dollars. "Hope thats enough!" said Duncan. Noah took it. "Thanks." he said. and shook Duncan's hand. "Well thats it folks! Goodbye!" said Chris, shortly before the camera turned off.

Review: Original pairing. Decent grammar. Creative. 8/10

Zakkoroen's Story

Final Two- Izzy and Lindsay The supporters had been chosen. The challenge was nearly done. Izzy and Lindsay were neck and neck, sprinting toward the finish line with beads of sweat flying off of them. Lindsay turned to Izzy and said (between panting, mind you) "I am soooooo gonna win, Irma!" Izzy smiled and replied, "Oh, that's what you think, chicken!" Izzy began running faster than ever. But Lindsay was gaining- nay, had passed Izzy! "I have to do something!" cried Owen from Izzy's side. He grabbed Heather's purse ("Hey! That's designer snakeskin!" protested Heather) and called "Lindsay! Look what I have!" Lindsay harked and said "Duh-duh-designer?" She stopped to admire it, and was whirled around as Izzy crossed the finish line. "Izzy wins" yelled Chris. As Izzy walked by a disoriented Lindsay, she said, "Say goodnight, Gracie." "Good night, Gracie," slurred Lindsay before she fainted. The End.

Review: Interesting approach at this, starting at the end. Orignal pairing. I liked the reverse of the brownie scenario (Imagine using Justin XD) Good grammar, and creative. 9/10

Tdifan1234's Story

“Last time on Total Drama Island, The final three, Cody, Duncan, and Noah participated in a challenge I like to call I triple-dog dare you! It ended when Duncan’s challenge was to dye his hair pink. Unfortunately, He kicked the dye away but it still landed on his hair. Since he technically did not accept the challenge, he was sent to the Dock of Shame with a pink Mohawk. See which nerd ends up on top on TOTAL…DRAMA…ISLAND!!” said Chris, as he would start every beginning of the show. The losers then arrived from Playas Des Losers. Chris said, “Ok, sit on the side for the camper you want to win! We will hear what they will do with the money and then start the final challenge.” Gwen, Bridgette, LeShawna, Duncan, Trent, DJ, Geoff, Heather, Lindsay, and Beth sat on Cody’s side. Harold, Ezekiel, Justin, Tyler, Eva, Izzy, Owen, Courtney, Katie, and Sadie sat on Noah’s side. “Now that we’re all set, what would you do with the money if you won, Noah?” Chris asked. Noah said, “I would probably use the money to go to college and fulfill my lifetime goal of earning 17 doctorates.” Chris replied with, “Wow. That’s really sweet. Boring, but still sweet. Ok then, Cody, what about you?” Chris said. Cody replied, “I would spend half on my new prototype for an Mp3 player. I would call it the Mp4 player! Awesome name, huh? With the other half, I would throw a huge after-party for the show and everyone here is invited!” Justin, Tyler, Owen, and Courtney then walked over to Cody’s side. “Well, now I see who my real friends are.” Noah said in a sarcastic tone. Chris then started, “And with that being said, Let’s start the challenge. The final challenge of the show is THE REJECTED OLYMPIC RELAY RACE! Each of you has to wear one of these hats.” Chris then gave a chicken hat to Cody and a cow hat to Noah. “Nice…” Noah said, sarcastically. “Dressed as a cow and a chicken, run to the two poles with the blue flag and the red flag. Climb up the pole to retrieve your flag. If you don’t get the flag, you shouldn’t bother continuing. The second part of the relay is to cross a 1-kilometer beam across the gorge and below waiting are our friends the vicious, man-eating sharks from episode 1! The third and final part of the relay is a long distance run to the finish line!” Chris continued. The people rooting for Noah lost hope when they heard the words long distance run. They all knew Noah couldn’t even run 1 meter without passing out. Chris said, “On that note, let’s begin! On your mark…. get set…GO!!!” Noah and Cody ran to the poles and started to climb. Since they are nerds, they aren’t the strongest people in the world. It took the both of them about 20 minutes to even start climbing the pole. Cody got to the flag first and moved on to the second part with Gwen and Beth running along with him. Noah shortly followed with Izzy and Eva running by his side. “HURRY UP, NOAH!” Izzy shouted. Eva insulted him by saying, “YEAH! YOU RUN LIKE A GIRL!” Both Noah and Cody made their way across the 1-kilometer beam without falling into the gorge. “It’s all down to this. Which nerd will take it home?” Chris added to build the suspense. This upset Cody and Noah and they both said, “HEY!” Eva then said to Noah, “Don’t get distracted! You can win this!” Noah kept running and Cody followed. Katie, Sadie, Harold, and Ezekiel then had a great idea. They held Noah’s book and his calculator up in the air and caught his attention. Noah then ran as fast as he could to the finish line. “NOAH WINS!” Chris shouted. The Noah section all cheered. Cody then sat on a rock depressed. Gwen came over and asked, “You ok?” “I guess. I’m happy for Noah…” Cody said. “Anything I can do to cheer you up?” Cody picked Gwen up and said, “Just say you’ll go out with me.” Gwen laughed and said, “Ok! I’ll go out with you!” Cody put Gwen down. Even though he lost, Cody was still happy after all.

Review: The ending was sweet. Predictable, but sweet. Original pairing, good grammar, but I noticed that a lot of this was similar to the real version. 7/10

Zakkoroen's Nomination

Zakkoroen:Tdifan1234 and Ricky490. Ricky got a low score, and Tdifan's score is 7.

Ricky490's Reason

Please. let me stay, I had the flu, I know I can do better, please let me stay. I am getting better and I promise I will bring in all of my stories, fresh and completed. Please! I'll try my best to get it in. Next time, I will do the whole thing. Just let me stay here one more little day. Plz. I will bring my stories in complete, I swore.

Tdifan1234's Reason

I think I should stay because I got a pretty good score and I really enjoy writing these stories. This camp has really helped me open up and improve as a writer. I used to be very shy when it came to writing stories and this camp has helped my writing immensly. If I leave, I won't be mad but I'd really love to stay. I enjoy this camp so much and I hope you let me stay. :-)

The Decison

Nalyd Renrut: I really wish you both could stay... but one will go. My decision is... Tdifan1234. It is time for you to say good-bye... but only to Ricky490. Ricky, it's time to go.

Reason: "Ricky490 was a good author. Not great. Just good. He got plenty of chances, and now it's his time."

Meaning: Ricky490 didn't surpass expectations, and had been nominated many times.

Week 9 Chat

Nalyd Renrut: Greetings final four!

Nalyd Renrut: Wow, only one story on Sunday...

Nalyd Renrut: Come on guys! Tuesday and ONE story is up! Come on final four!

Nalyd Renrut: It's Wednesday... 1.1 stories are up.... -.-

Challenge 9

Nalyd Renrut: This week's theme is "How did that happen?" Below is a list of unexplained things in TDI. Pick one and make a "deleted scene" to explain it. It will be judged on if you explained it well, grammar, and if it makes sense (lots of random moments in these stories...) LEt me know if another unexplained thing should be on the list. (TDI moments only, no TDA).


  • Ezekiel going with only five girls on his team.
  • Katie going before Sadie.
  • Tyler going, when it seemed like he was facing his fear.
  • Owen, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, and Trent enjoying their stay at the resort.
  • Eva and Izzy being chosen to come back.
  • Gwen going back and forth being mad at Trent (being buried, and kissing Heather).
  • Who voted for who when Bridgette went.
  • Geoff becoming a target for elimination.
  • What losers that didn't talk (Tyler, Justin, characters who only shared a little information) thought about the finalists.
  • Who voted for Mr. Coconut.
  • Eight people not getting to the dock for the million bucks.

TDI19's Story

Hope you guys like it!

Eva and Izzy Being Chosen to Come Back


Toronto, Canada.

3 o’clock in the morning.

A dark production studio.

Inside, one dim light is flickering on and off.

In the small room are two men.

One is dark-skinned, muscular, bald, and wears a chef outfit.

The other is light-skinned, somewhat weak, has black hair, and wears a casual shirt and pants.

The two men are discussing something secret, something no one can know about yet.

Story- The Deleted Scene

“OK, Chef,” said Chris McClean, “It is time to finish up the big twist on Total Drama Island.”

“Yup, Chris,” said Chef, who looked fatigued and annoyed. “I seriously do not get paid enough for this,” muttered Chef.

“Alright,” Chris continued, “The big twist is that two campers are returning to the competition, mostly to annoy the oth.......”

“Oh, for the love of all things good!!! You have told me this hundreds of times! Let’s just get on with pickin’ the dang returning campers, and go to bed!” shouted Chef, who looked like he was ready to explode.

“Sheesh,” Chris said.

“Anyway, I can’t wait to see the remaining campers reaction to when the two campers return!” Chris laughed, as Chef started banging his head on the table.

“OK, can we start?” inquired Chef.

“Alright, what do you think about Ezekiel,” asked Chris.

“Weird kid. Sexist too. I say maybe,” Chef said.

“I agree,” said Chris, as he put Ezekiel’s picture in the ‘maybe’ pile.

“Eva?” asked Chris.

“Lots of drama. Good idea to put her back in,” Chef said.

Chris agreed, and put her in the pile Ezekiel was in for the moment.

“Noah?” questioned Chris.

“More boring than a sack of potatoes,” said Chef.

Chris completely agreed, and threw Noah’s picture away.

“Justin?” asked Chris.

“So gorge….” Chef stopped himself, “I mean, he was kind of boring and did not really do anything.”

“Ditto,” Chris said, and threw Justin’s photo away, but with hesitation.

Chef flinched to grab the picture before it went into the trash, but pulled himself back before Chris got any ideas and would taunt him about it forever.

“Either one of the ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!’ twins?” Chef inquired.

“They were sometimes funny to watch, and had some drama created. They also did well in some challenges,” Chris said, “However, I think we have better candidates in this group.”

“Still, I think we should think about them coming back,” said Chef, and he put them in the ‘maybe’ pile, on top of Ezekiel and Eva.

“Tyler?” Chef continued.

“As dull as dishwater,” Chris said.

“Pretty suckish at sports too,” Chef said, as he put him in the trash.

“Izzy?” Chris then asked.

“She would be a really good choice,” Chef said, as he grabbed her photo, and put it with the others in the ‘maybe’ pile.

“Since we all know what the answer will be to both of them, I’ll say them at the same time. Should we bring back Beth or Cody?” Chris asked.

“Definitely not,” Chef said.

“Courtney?” Chef then questioned.

“She was very rude, bossy, and dramatic. Plus, her relationship with Duncan was a ratings winner!” Chris said, as he put the photo of Courtney in the ‘maybe’ pile.

“Harold?” Chris asked, as he started having flashbacks of him.

“Weird. Just plain weird. No way!” Chef quickly said. He then ripped the photo, and dropped the little shreds into the garbage.

“OK, so we are down to Ezekiel, Eva, Katie, Sadie, Izzy, and Courtney,” Chris said.

“Looking at the other choices, take out Katie and Sadie, and also Ezekiel,” Chef said.

Chris obliged, and tossed those photos in the trash.

“OK, we are down to three. This one is hard, because they are all pretty crazy and dramatic,” Chris said.

Chef thought to himself, wondering which two should be brought back, and also that he had a coffee with him right now.

A few minutes later, after thinking, Chef said, “I think that Izzy is the best of these three to have back on the show.”

“I agree, Chef,” Chris said, and put her photo next to the ten campers who were also in the game.

“It is a hard choice, but I think we should probably choose Eva over Courtney,” Chris continued, “I mean she is also a psycho and is really violent, aggressive, and mean⎯ exactly what we need to torture the other campers.

“I think that is an accurate statement,” Chef said, “OK, so it is settled. Eva and Izzy are returning to the island?”

“Yes, those are the two!” Chris said, “I think these two will turn out to be great choices!”

“OK, I am glad that is done.” Chef said, sleepily, “I am going home to bed, finally!”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Chris complained, “Just remember we have to be back on the set early tomorrow morning, at 6 AM.”

“Cool with me,” Chef said, “what time is it now?”

“5:20,” Chris answered.

Chef groaned, and left the studio angrily, all while Chris kept snickering at him.

The End!!!

Review: That makes sense, good grammar, and you explained it well. 9.5/10

Codaa5's Story

Review: No story at this point could cost you. 0/10

Zakkoroen's Story

Ezekiel's Elimination

Ezekiel shuddered. Dang, I might be a target now! Oh, papa, why'd you have to teach me to be such a sexist? he thought as he filed up with the other Killer Bass to the campfire ceremony. "When I call your name," Chris said when everyone was seated, "Take a slip of paper, go to the confessional, and write down who you're voting for. Remember to say that person's name into the camera. DJ." DJ wrote down a name and said, "Courtney. I don't think I want you bossin' me around." Next up was Duncan. "Courtney." Third was Tyler. "Ezekiel, he said. "You're givin' us guys a bad rap!" Next in the confessional was Geoff, who said, "Ezekiel. You screwed up, dude." Fifth was Eva. "EZEKIEL!" she screamed. Hearing this all the way at the campfire, Ezekiel gulped. Katie and Sadie voted together. "Ezekiel!" they said simultaniously. All of the rest also voted for Ezekiel. When Ezekiel's turn came, he said, "Courtney, eh?" Chris made the announcement, and soon Ezekiel was walking down the Dock of Shame. Oh, why, Papa, why? he thought.

Review: Well, you explained some of the votes (others were obvious reasons), good grammar, and it makes sense. 9/10

Tdifan1234's Story

Katie going before Sadie

When Chris gave the last marshmallow to Sadie, Katie was wondering why they picked her to leave. She cried the whole way to the Dock of Shame. She would be spending her first couple days without her BFFFL.

(Tdifan1234: This isn't all of my story. I tried to paste it from Word, but this is all it came up with. Can I post it on the talk or something?)

(Nalyd Renrut: Re-type it here)

Review: No story at this point could cost you. 0/10

TDI19's nomination

Nalyd Renrut: Well, TDI19, it seems like you have an easier choice this time...

TDI19: No offense to either one of them, but 'hmmm... I wonder who I am going to nominate'! Codaa5 and tdifan1234, sorry guys.

Codaa5's Reason

Nalyd Renrut: Why should I keep you again, despite already eliminating you?

Codaa5: I think I should stay because alot has been going on this week and I couldn't do it, On Sunday I spent the night at my friend's house. On monday after school I went to the doctor's and had to stay on the couch for a bit, Thursday I went to school and I had a afterschool club that's called Camp Ceal, and I got back on 4:15. After that at 5:00 I went to a birthday party and got back at 8:00. On Wednesday the April Fool's virus (conficker) attacked and my mother said I couldn't get on the computer that day. And it look's like I was too late today. (Because of Camp Ceal).

Tdifan1234's Reason

Nalyd Renrut: Please don't tell me its the computer's fault. Stick to telling me about your previous work.

I think I've been doing pretty good through the past several weeks. I had a story written, and I thought it might have been my best work so far. I'm pretty disappointed that it didn't show up. If I stay, like I said last week, I hope to improve my writing skills.

Even though its too late, I'll still post my story up just for the fun of it:

As the Killer Bass sadly trudged back to their cabins, they knew that either Katie or Sadie would leave the island tonight. Courtney then stepped into the confessional and cast her vote: "Uhhh...Sadie? NO! WAIT! Katie...I think..." Tyler stepped in after Courtney: " Well, they're Katie and Sadie so I guess Katie..." Duncan's turn was next: Wait, Which is which again? Ah, skip it. (Cartoon Network censorship! XD ) I guess Katie." Geoff went after Duncan: "Why are their names so similar, dude? This is too confusing. I guess....Sadie?" DJ came in to vote after Geoff: "Well, I think they're both pretty scary so I'll choose Katie..." Katie and Sadie then went into the confessional and voted together: (Katie) "Oh, I hope they don't vote one of us off!" (Sadie) "Yeah, I'd be, like, soooooo totally crushed if they voted off one of us." (Both) "We choose Duncan." Bridgette came after Katie and Sadie: "This is confusing. Which one is which? They're so alike I forgot! I'll just vote for Katie. Finally, Harold voted: "Well, I don't really know them by name so I'll just choose...Katie."

When Chris gave the last marshmallow to Sadie, Katie was wondering why they picked her to leave. She cried the whole way to the Dock of Shame. She would be spending her first couple days without her BFFFL.

Hope you liked it!


The Decision

Nalyd Renrut: After much thought.... the person unworthy of final three is.... Codaa5. Turn in your papers, it is time to go.

Reason: "I thought Codaa5 would excel after a week off. Unfortunately, it was same old, same old."

Meaning: Codaa5 did just as good after being eliminated as after.

Week 10 Chat

Nalyd Renrut: Welcome to Final three!

Tdifan1234: Yay!!! Do we get pancakes?

Nalyd Renrut: Sure, why not? *brings out huge buffet* I gotta say, Tdifan1234, you weren't in my final three bets. You proved me wrong!

Tdifan1234:*sings like Owen did* Pancakes, pancakes, pancakes! *eats pancakes* Thanks, Nalyd! Did you like my story that I posted?

Nalyd Renrut: Yeah, it saved you!

Tdifan1234: Yay! I didn't think I'd make it this far either!

Nalyd Renrut: I'm thinking of a challenge... dang it's hard.... Ummm maybe another one that can only take place at a certain location.... gi'mme a minute! =(

Zakkoroen: what about one where the losers present challenge ideas, and the Final 3 each have to pick one and do it. Kinda like I Triple Dog Dare You!

Tdifan1234: Yay! My story's up! :-)

Nalyd Renrut: Okay, I guess I'll score now!

Challenge 10

Nalyd Renrut: Okay, so this will be another deleted scene challenge. This time just write about something that we didn't see. I.E. Gwen and Trent in the deer hunt episode, the final five during Haute Camp-ture. It can't change the results of any episodes though. It will be judged on grammar, creativity, and if it goes witht he flow of the episode. (Like if you do the first example and Gwen and Trent get shot, that wouldn't go with the flow.) Due Thursday! Best score automatically gets into final two!!!!!!!

TDI19's Story

The Losers Pick Their Dares

It was one of the nicest days on Total Drama Island. There were only three campers left: Heather, Gwen, and Owen. There were now nineteen losers, as Duncan had arrived the night before.

All the losers were hanging out at Playa Des Losers like they had done every day. However, this day was a little different. Chris’ jet skis were heard coming towards the resort. The ex-campers all groaned, because they really did not want to have to deal with Chris right now.

Chris got to the resort, and stepped onto the island. He walked to where everybody could see him, and explained to them the special thing they were doing.

“The next challenge for the three remaining campers will be ‘I Triple Dog Dare You!’ They will be dared extreme things and if they don’t do their dare they are automatically eliminated!” Chris announced, “Now I could not think of any more insane tasks for them to do, so, I decided to let you come up with the dares!!!"

The losers looked less then thrilled.

“Come on!” Chris groaned, “It is your first part in creating the show! It will be fun!”

Everyone was unresponsive.

“You signed a contract, so do it!” Chris yelled.

“NO!!!” all nineteen of them shouted at him simultaneously.

Chris sighed. “Heather is still in the game. You can come up with ways to torture her.”

At that, everyone bee lined over to Chris, who explained what would happen. “You will all go inside the new confessional cam set up at Playa Des Losers. When in there, think up a good dare, and write it down on the slip of paper I am giving you. Keep it secret. I don’t want any ‘dare-stealing’, just all original, TORTUREOUS ideas!!!!”

The first one to go into the confessional was Noah. “Wow. Another mentally challenging task. This show is idiotic. Anyway, my dare is to wrestle an alligator.”

After Noah left, it was Trent’s turn. “As an artist, I like to draw inspiration from past experiences and situations….”

Trent then started talking about all of his different songs. Chris, who was watching on camera, groaned, “Ahhhh! Does this dude ever shut up!?!?”

Trent then explained how he disliked hard-boiled eggs, and had to be force-fed them. “So my dare is to get forced to eat a bunch of hard-boiled eggs!”

Eva stepped in and laughed about how Ezekiel was stung by bees. She obviously still held a grudge against him. “My dare is to wear a beard of bees!” she laughed.

Eva pushed in Harold to the confessional. “Hmmmm….” he said, “I got to think about it.”

After a few minutes, Harold screamed, “Oh my gosh! I just had a disgusting thought. Licking Owen’s toe jam! That shall be my dare!”

Harold wrote his dare down, and traded places with Bridgette. “You know what would be funny?” she laughed. “Seeing one of the final three dressed up as a baby, pacifier and all!”

The next ones in the confessional were Katie and Sadie. “EEEEEEE!” Katie shrieked, “We get to pick a dare!!!!”

“EEEEEEE!!!” Sadie screeched.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!” they both screamed together.

Just then, Noah, who had completely had it with the incessant “EEEEEEEEE”ing, threw a cold, dead fish at them. It landed on Sadie’s lap, and both screamed.

“Oh my gosh! A fish,” Sadie said.

“Why don’t you kiss it?” Katie giggled, and then said, “Wait! That could be a great dare! Kiss a dead fish!!!”

“EEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!” Sadie agreed, “I love, love, LOVE that idea!!!!”

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” they both screamed louder than humanly possible. Noah then ran away as far as he could from the two girls.

Both stopped, and then Katie said, “Ya know, fish are kind of like dolphins!”

Sadie said, “Oh my gosh! I love, love LOVE dolphins!!!”

Both started ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ing and clicking like dolphins. Just then, three dolphins swam up to the island and called them. They heard this and ran out ‘EEEEEEE’ing and clicking even louder. They passed by Chris, who just fainted from the insane screeching. They ran past Noah, who was, at this point, looking like he was ready to kill himself. The girls chatted with the dolphins and then took a short ride around the lake on them, all the while ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’ing with them.

After the girls left, Justin and DJ gave their dares. Then, Leshawna came in. “Ooooh! It is now time to give that skinny little backstabbing toothpick a taste of her own medicine!!! My dare is to walk on a tightrope over shark-infested waters, all while wearing a lot of raw meat!”

Chris watched on the camera, then commented, “Ooooh! Good one!”

Izzy was the next person to come up with a dare. “Oh my gosh! My dare is to give a sleeping bear a purple-nurple! I love giving purple-nurples to people and animals and your occasional alien!” She then reached out and gave a purple-nurple to Tyler, who was walking by outside. He screamed and she grinned. “Anyways, I also am obsessed with stalking bears now! It is so much fun! I love bears! I am totally going to get one as a pet!!! OK, bye!” Izzy ran from the confessional, screaming, and then jumped into the pool, which she had filled fruit punch. It splashed all over Geoff, who was next in line.

Geoff walked in, covered in fruit punch. He looked fairly angry, and said, “That girl is nuts! I guess my dare is… to drink fruit punch from the communal washroom’s toilet!”

Tyler, Beth, and Cody all submitted their dares. Chris loved the ideas. “These kids are almost as good at torturing the campers as I am! ALMOST!” he laughed.

Ezekiel, who apparently had a bad experience with toenails, dared someone to chew their own toenail slowly. Courtney’s dare was to drink a blended puree of Chef Hatchet’s mystery meat. Duncan decided his dare would be to lick Owen’s armpit, which he threw up at the thought of.

The last camper to submit their dare was Lindsay. Lindsay looked ready for revenge.

“I am ready for revenge! On Heather!!!” Lindsay announced.

“I came up with a horrible dare for her. She will completely break down. She will be snapped like a twig, stomped on like a bug, and cry for her mommy!” Lindsay laughed manically.

Chris was glued to the screen he was watching. “Yes? Yes???”

“My dare is to paint each of your nails a different color!” Lindsay shouted triumphantly.

Chris immediately fell back into his chair and screamed. His face turned red and he looked he was about to explode from fury at hearing Lindsay’s “amazing” dare.

“You know, Heather was always so mean to me,” Lindsay said, “Like the times she double crossed me, the times she called me an idiot, and that time she threatened to cut off my hair….”

Lindsay stopped right there, and smiled evilly. “I changed my mind!” Lindsay said.

Chris looked up, eyes wide.

“My dare is to have your head shaved by Chef!!!!”

Chris screamed YES loud enough for everyone to look at him strangely. Even Katie and Sadie stopped ‘EEEEEEEEEE’ing with their dolphin friends, or possibly family.

“Well,” Chris announced, “Thanks for all your dares, guys! I know this will be a great episode,” Chris laughed, knowing that Heather would meet her end in a very “hairy” situation.

“Here, Chris!” Sadie said, as she hoisted him up onto a dolphin. “They’ll give you a ride back to the island!”

Before Chris had time to protest, the girls told the dolphins in their language to take Chris back to the other island. The dolphins zoomed off, as Sadie and Katie ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE’d good-bye.

The End!!!

Review: Very creative! Great grammar. Goes with the flow nicely. I think I would've liked more descriptions for some people. 9.5/10

Zakkoroen's Story

Playa Des Losers-- BEFORE the Final Five

Ezekiel looked around. A few weeks had passed since he had arrived here, but nothing had worsened- except, maybe, the presence of Eva. Ezekiel HATED Eva with a passion, and the feeling was mutual. Ezekiel spotted Eva in the hot tub, making out with Noah. They giggled and sunk under the bubbles. Ezekiel rubbed his eyes, then shrugged. Izzy had recently arrived, and like all others who came here, was surprised to find herself in a fabulous resort (She had been in the executive cabin afgter her first elimination). Just then, the Boat of Losers chugged in, and out stepped Geoff, smiling. Bridgette sprang up and kissed Geoff full on the lips. Geoff was initially startled, but soon returned the favor. Ezekiel frowned. Everyone had a crush but him. He was attracted to Bridgette, of course- not that she cared, or noticed.He had made out with every female herea t least once, excluding Bridgette and Eva, trying to find "the one." each "one" had slapped him thrice. Ezekiel groaned. The search goes on, he thought as he approached Bridgette....

Review: Unique, definitely creative. Somewhat goes with flow, as Noah and Eva never atucally become a couple, and it seem sunlikely Ezekiel would go around kissing people. Good grammar though. 8.5/10

Tdifan1234's Story

The Final Five's Day off

As Chris and Chef left on the boat of losers to record the next episode, The Final Five, Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, and LeShawna, were left all alone on the boring Camp Wawanakwa. Gwen and LeShawna soon thought of something fun to do on their day off. They decided to pull a prank on their worst enemy, Heather. LeShawna said, "Who wants to get something to eat out of the kitchen? Chef's not here, so we can get into there without being seen." Heather was feeling a little hungry. "Whatever, but don't talk to me on the way," she said. "FOOD? I'LL COME, TOO!" Owen said, in a cheeful mood as always. Duncan said, "Sure, I like doing stuff I'm not supposed to do." The final five then sneaked in Chef's kitchen. Duncan remarked, "If Chef's not here, Why are we sneaking?" Gwen said, "I don't really know." They then just walked normally to the kitchen door. They all saw a fresh plate of brownies waiting. "YES! BROWNIES!" Owen said. LeShawna then said to Heather, "Hey, what's that over there?", pointing in the general vicinity of a refridgerator. Heather then said, "It's a refridgerator, stupid." As Heather was insulting LeShawna, Gwen snuck a spider into Heather's brownie. Gwen then gave a thumbs-up to LeShawna to signal that the prank was all set. She couldn't wait to see the look on Heather's face when she bit into that brownie. Heather then said with a nasty attitude,"Ok, now that LeShawna knows what a refridgerator is, can I have my brownie? I'm starving!" Gwen gave her a sly smile and said, "Ok, here you go, Heather..." As Heather sunk her teeth into the brownie, Gwen and LeShawna were about to burst out laughing. She saw something in the brownie that wasn't usually there. She had found the spider. Heather screamed louly and fainted. After she fainted, Owen took her brownie, not seeing the spider, and said "Why'd she faint? There's nothing wrong with it.Oh well, more for me!" and ate the brownie and the spider. Gwen and Leshawna were grossed out, but glad to see their prank worked.

The End.

Note: No spiders(or Heathers) were harmed in the making of this story. (Teehee! XD )

Review: Wow... That actually fit every qualification... I must be honest, I came into this week thinking "*sarcastic* Wow, is Tdifan1234 going home?" and now... This meets every standard... 10/10

TDI19's reason

Nalyd Renrut: Okay, TDI19, why should you stay? Why is Zak unworthy? Why are you unworthy?

I think that I should stay because I really love writing and sharing my stories with all of you here. My lowest score on a week I COMPETED was an 8, and my average story is a 9.4. I always try to do something creative and interesting. Zak is completely worthy to move on. He is a great, creative author, and was nice enough to even bow out of the competition for me. I have loved being here and if I am eliminated, I will take it with my deepest and most sincere understanding.

Zakkoroen's Reason

Nalyd Renrut: Okay, Zakkoroen, why should you stay? Why is TDI19 unworthy? Why are you unworthy?

Zakkoroen:Well... TDI19 and I have been talking and... TDI19 says he wants to go... BUT. I think I should go. He is a much better author, and I can always come back in season. two. Seriously. Take me out, unless TDI19 says otherwise.

The Decision

Nalyd Renrut: This is thr worst case scenario... give me a few minutes please... Okay. I made my decision. This person has put in a lot of effort. This person deserves the final two position, just less than the other one. This person... TDI19, it's time to say good-bye to Zak. Zakkoreon, it is you. You are an amazing author, I really wish both of you could be final two. Unfortunately, Tdifan1234 pushed a little more. (It pains me to say this, as TDI19 and you usually were better). I really want to let you stay, but it is time to hand in your papers. You've been elimianted.

Reason: "Zakkoroen was one of the best authors here. I just felt that a small bit of him was ready to go."

Week 11 Chat

Nalyd Renrut: Greetings final two.

TDI19: What? Zakkoroen is out? Not me? I think my heart literally skipped a beat.

Nalyd Renrut: Tdifan1234, you should consider yourself INCREDIBLY lucky to have passed a great author like Zak. He was definitely one of the most worthy to be where you are. Losers, pick a side! Only past contestants please!

TDI19: Awww... no one likes me. :(

Nalyd Renrut: Maybe they're just upset that you beat them .

Tdifan1234: Is it supposed to be the last episode of Tda? Also, When is this due?

Nalyd Renrut: Yes, like the season finale (final two contestants) and it is due thursday (not this upcoming one, the one after)

thebiggesttdifan: Can the eliminated authors actually chat?

Nalyd: sure.

Nalyd: Three more days! Will there be any stories posted????

thebiggesttdifan: So, Nalyd, favoring players, eh? You said you didn't want Zakkoroen to be out! Oh yeah, and I honestly think that I should've passed instead of Ricky.

Nalyd: Some what. I see a lot more effort in TDI19's work than Tdifan1234's. You can come to season two if you want. Season two will probably focus more on the numbers.

TDI19: Thanks so much Nalyd! Good luck Tdifan1234!!!

Tdifan1234: Thanks, TDI19! Good luck to you, too! And Nalyd, I'm really putting my all in this story. You won't be disappointed.

Sorrel: good luck!

Zakkoroen:Tch. It doesn't HAVE to be a Twilight-based challenge. It could be JUST a vampire challenge. I hate Twilight. It ruined the evil image of vampires. Dracula forever!

Sorrel: i love twilight!

Zakkoroen:Well, to each his own. I just hate how it presents vampires as goody-goodies.

Tdifan1234: Yeah, I'm anti-twilight, too. I do agree that it ruined the image of vampires. The worst part is that my sister's totally obsessed and so are the rest of the girls in my class at school. I can't have good conversation with them anymore without hearing the name Edward Cullen.

Zakkoroen:Same here.

Sorrel: i dont like bella or edward... i like jacob!

Tdifan1234: One of my friends, the only guy that read twilight in my class, is on team joacb. The other girls are all like "OMG how could you be on team jacob? EDWARD FOREVER!!!" and stuff like that. I join team jacob to get on their nerves. Teehee! XD

TDI19: Two of my friends are obsessed with Edward and Taylor Lautner, the actor. Also, the book was banned from my school.

Zakkoroen:I'm homescholled, so the only fangasms I get are from my older sis... my mom bought the DVD, unfortunately. I begged her not to.

TDI19: I go to a Catholic school, and the teachers were opposed to the series. One of my friends bought a fake book cover, and put it over Twilight while reading it during class! LOL!!!!

Zakkoroen:I s your story coming soon?

TDI19: Yup, tonight!

Tdifan1234: Good story, TDI19!

TDI19: Yours is good too! Good luck 2MORO!!!!

Tdifan1234: Congrats, dude! You did awesome. If I lost to anyone, It would've been you.

TDI19: Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! Oh my God, I can't believe I won!!! I am so glad I proved myself to be a great author and I had a really great time here! Congrats to Tdifan1234! You were an excellent author too!!! Everyone else was AMAZING!!!! I am just so thankful and happy right now!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

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TDI19's Supporters

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Final Challenge

Nalyd Renrut: Okay. Hopefully, both final two know at least a little information about TDA, because that is what the challenge is about. Write your own TDA episode (but it has ot be in paragraphs). For confessionals please put things like "said in the confessional" or "confessed" as opposed to "(CONF)". Pick your own final two, your own way the winner will be decided, everything! Also, (it might help if you) provide a sumary of the season (you can re-make the way the show went). If you have any questions let me know. Oh yeah! It has to be AT LEAST 500 WORDS!!!! TDA counts as three, but only when written out Total Drama Action. It will be judged on at least 500 words, grammar (as always), SPELLING, and... creativity!

TDI19's Final Story

Harry Potter Challenge: Justin vs. Beth

It begins...

Summary of the Season

  • Episodes 1-8: The same as the actual TDA.
  • Episode 9: Gaffers lose due to DJ; he is voted off.
  • Episode 10: Grips lose; Owen voted off for farting.
  • Episode 11: Reward challenge; Leshawna wins again.
  • Episode 12: TDA Aftermath
  • Episode 13: Courtney arrives; Gaffers lose; studio is accidently blown up; no elimination
  • Episode 14: Grips lose; Izzy voted off again for acting like a chipmunk constantly
  • Episode 15: Reward challenge; Lindsay wins it; Leshawna and Duncan become boyfriend and girlfriend (shocker right!)
  • Episode 16: Gaffers lose; Duncan voted off for obsessing over Leshawna
  • Episode 17: TDA Aftermath
  • Episode 18: Merge; Leshawna forms alliance with Heather just as strategy (shocker again right!) and Harold; Justin allies with Lindsay and Beth to get to the Final 3; Courtney voted off for being bossy.
  • Episode 19: Heather wins invincibility; Leshawna gets everyone to vote off Justin, but he uses the new invincibility award, and Harold is voted off.
  • Episode 20: Leshawna is upset about Harold leaving; Reward challenge; Justin wins; No one voted off
  • Episode 21: TDA Aftermath
  • Episode 22: A Playa des Losers like special; Leshawna is again accidentally voted off.
  • Episode 23: The Final 3 alliance takes down Heather, and does so successfully.
  • Episode 24: TDA Aftermath
  • Episode 25: Final 3 alliance of Lindsay, Beth, and Justin competes. Justin back-stabs the girls and Lindsay is eliminated.
  • Episode 26: Below
  • Episode 27: Final TDA Aftermath; Chris comes on and reveals there will be a season 3.

The Very Last Episode, Maybe!

“Hello!” Chris announced. “Welcome to the epic finale of Total Drama Action! We went from twenty-two stereotypical teenagers, to fourteen, then to fifteen, and now we are down to our final two!!! In one corner, we have Beth, the geeky, awkward farm girl who has a pet pig. She is rather smart and down-to-earth, well, sometimes. In the other corner, we have the gorgeous,” Chris stopped to stare at Justin for a second, “statuesque model, Justin. He is rather maniacal, evil, and… could be described by “R” rated language. But, this is a “PG” show, so I can’t say it. Justin back-stabbed Beth in the last challenge, when her best friend, Lindsay, was eliminated due to his trickery. Who will win it all? Find out tonight, on Total Drama Action!”

“OK!” Chris continued. “Welcome Justin and Beth! All the other original twenty campers have returned to take sides!”

Katie, Sadie, and Owen were on Justin’s side, and the other seventeen chose to stick with Beth.

“Alright!” Chris said. “Now it is time for today’s challenge! It is themed off of Harry Potter! Both of you will head into this gigantic maze behind me. You must somehow navigate yourself to the center of it where all of us will waiting for you.”

As he said that, a bus picked up all the other teens and drove them into the maze.

“Inside, you will face horrific creatures from the Harry Potter series. There will be dragons, basilisks, werewolves, and a… surprise,” Chris laughed. “Anyway, as you go through the maze you will have to collect some Potter-themed items. Justin, you must find a black diary, a stone, and something that was stolen from you. Beth, you must find a wand, the Marauder’s Map, and an invisibility cloak.”

“How am I supposed to find an invisible cloak?” Beth asked.

“Carefully,” Chris answered, “No, I’m just joking. It is a prop.”

He handed the two maps of the maze. “Your props have been marked on the map. The first one to get to the center where the Total Drama Action Triwizard Cup is waiting for you! Whoever touches it first wins! So, with that, on your mark, get set, GO!!!”

A helicopter picked Chris up and drove off into the maze. Justin and Beth took off, as dusk arrived.

Beth was ready for revenge on Justin, who had been lying and cheating on her the whole course of Total Drama Action. He had backstabbed her and she hated him for it. She quickly navigated the course and came across a firm, wooden wand. She picked it up and ran off.

Justin was having less luck, because he had gotten to the first mark on his map, and nothing was there. He then realized that he was holding the map upside down, and headed off quickly. Then, he heard something behind him. He turned and saw a HUGE, animatronic werewolf behind him, with its large metal teeth bared. He ran off as fast as he could. However, the werewolf was able to stay right on top of him.

He ran and ran until he found a stone. He threw it at the werewolf, and it hit it at a loose bolt. The werewolf fell apart. Justin approached the remaining metal scrap, and picked up the stone. He then sprinted off towards his next object.

Beth was facing off with an animatronic dragon, and could not think of a way to beat it. She decided all she could do was run, and she did- faster then she ever had before. She was able to hide behind one of the hedge walls of the maze. As the dragon passed by her, she let out a sigh of relief. She looked down and saw the Marauder’s Map, one of her props.

“Well, that was a lucky break,” she said, as she picked up the map. “Only one more thing to go!” She headed off to find the cloak.

Justin had just found the black diary, and was trying to find his last object, something that had been stolen from him. He headed toward that direction, but unfortunately for him, he encountered a basilisk, which was a giant, in this case, robotic, snake. He quickly ran, while screaming, but the basilisk just quickly slithered right behind him.

Beth heard the screaming, and realized that Justin was near her. Then she realized that if she ran into him, she would be running into one of the animatronic obstacles. She smiled at the fact that Justin was in trouble, and went off towards her last item.

Justin ran and ran through the maze, and eventually was able to turn a corner, and shake the basilisk from his tail. He then went to get the thing that was stolen from him, which turned out to be a mirror. He grabbed it, excited, and slowly walked toward the center of the maze, gazing longingly at his reflection.

Beth had finally found the cloak, and ran towards the center also. However, behind her she heard heavy breathing, and the swish of a black cloak. She turned, and saw a shadowy, large figure behind her. It seemed to swallow up any of the light left in the evening. She ran and screamed toward the center as fast as humanly possible. She then realized she had ditched the figure, and had an idea.

She started climbing up the hedges with her objects. She thought, “this will keep me safe from anything harmful, and also give me a better view of the maze.” She was completely correct. The view was perfect on the top of the maze, and she could easily see the center. She carefully made her way towards the light of the center.

Justin then remembered he was still playing the game, and looked away from the mirror. He started running, only to run straight into the shadowy, cloaked figure. He screamed as the figure tried to grab him. It hesitated, and then said, “I can’t do this. You are just to beautiful.” He took his hood off. It was Chef Hatchet. “I seriously need a higher-paying job,” he muttered as he walked away. Justin stared for a second, smiled evilly, and then ran toward the center. He saw the lights of the center, and ran faster.

Beth made it to the center studio. She was climbing down into the studio. Everyone on her side was cheering, and even Owen, Katie, and Sadie were.

Then, she fell.

She had lost her footing, and fell right on top of the trophy. Everyone gasped and ran towards her. Justin had just arrived, and saw that Beth was touching the cup. “NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” he screamed. He did not even care Beth was hurt.

Beth was unconscious. Nothing could wake her up, not even Owen’s stench.

“Chris!” Courtney yelled shrilly, “You see! This is what happens when you force people to do stupid, death-defying challenges!!!”

“Well, you all signed a contract for it!” Chris yelled.

Lindsay started bawling. “Beth! Beth!!!! Please wake up!”

But she didn’t.

Justin was crying, but only because he had lost.

Chris called 9-1-1.

Not one eye, except Chris’, who really did not have a heart, was dry. Even Heather was upset.

Then, suddenly, Beth’s eyes opened. “Uhhh…” she said. “Where am I?”

“On Total Drama Action,” Chris answered.

“Ohhh.. right.”

“Beth! I am so glad you are OK!!!!” Lindsay shrieked. Katie and Sadie “EEEEEEEEEE”d and everyone cheered, except Justin who was still crying. Beth then realized she had won, and shouted, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh my gosh, I am so happy! This is so incredulous!!!”

Lindsay hugged her and cheered. “Congrats Beth! Now, lets go to France!!!!”

The two of them and their families headed out for a vacation in France, and Chris concluded the season. “Well, you saw all the drama unfold here, on Total Drama Action!!! Thanks for watching the very last episode… well, maybe!”

The End!!!!

Review: Incredibly well written. Very good way to end the season. Good luck!

Tdifan1234's Final Story

Vampire, Romancey, Science Fiction challenge: Duncan vs. Trent

Chris was shown on the Red Carpet of Shame and started the show as he always did: "On last week's episode of Total Drama Action, our final 3 contestants participated in the annual I triple dog dare you! challenge. In the end, it was Courtney who was sent packing after refusing to kiss Harold (I don't blame her...). Our final 2, Duncan and Trent, are facing of for the money, the glory, and the girl. Stay tuned for the finale of Total...Drama...Action!" After the theme song played Chris showed up at the location of the final challenge.

He then summarized the entire season: "Before we start the final challenge, let's give a recap of the season so far. Harold was eliminated in the first episode when Duncan told everone to vote him off. The next challenge was an acting challenge, where LeShawna la-bomb-a'ed that challenge, causing her to be voted off. During the next challenge, no one was technically voted off beause the RCMP caught up with Izzy...again. The next person to ride the lame-o-sine was Geoff, for his excessive making-out with Bridgette. Then when Beth and Lindsay's friendship started to get like Katie and Sadie's, the contestants sent Beth packing. The next episode was when our good friend Courtney returned, and Heather got what she deserved and was sent home. In the next episode, Bridgette missed Geoff so much it started to annoy everyone and she was voted off, but she reunited with Geoff. Then the guys were sick of Justin getting all of the girls (and Owen), and they voted him off (except for Owen). When Gwen's strained relationship with Trent annoyed the other campers, they voted her off. The next challenge was a horror movie genre, Which led to DJ getting kicked off (I wonder why...). Owen was an easy target for elimination, so he was the next to go. Lindsay was the last to complete the challenge, which led to immdeiate elimination, ...again. The final 3 challenge was another I triple dog dare you! challenge. When Courtney was dared to kiss Harold, she refued and left. This leads up to our final challenge: an obstacle course! Now before I explain this challenge, let's see our final 2 conestants: Duncan and Trent!

Duncan and Trent came in and saw the eliminated TDA contestants and Chris waiting for them. "And all of the former TDA contestants are here, too! Each contestant is going to choose which side to root for: Team Duncan or Team Trent," Chris said. Izzy, Lindsay, Courtney, Beth Bridgette, and Geoff joined Team Duncan. Harold, LeShawna, Heather, Owen, DJ, and Justin were on Team Trent. Since Gwen couldn't decide, she just stood in the middle of the two bleachers.

Chris said, "Alright, no that everyone's chosen teams, I'll explain the challenge. Today's genre challenge is...Vampire, Romancey, Science Fiction!" "Oh joy! My favorite!" Duncan said, sarcastically. Chris started to explain the challenge: "The challenge is an obstacle course! Duncan will be the vampire and wear this vampire cape and these fangs!" "Are you serious?" Duncan said, flatly. Chris then said, ignoring Duncan's comment, "And Trent will be the werewolf and wear this werewolf hat and these claws!" Trent put on the Hat and claws with no problem.

Chris told more about the challenge: "The challenge consists of 3 obstacles: a rockwall, a swim across the lake, and a run to the finish. Each competitor must climb a rock wall with a few minor distractions, like explosives--" Trent interrupted by asking, "What??" Chris replied, "Explosives. Anyways, then you swim across the lake. Don't get caught by the man-eating sharks tho--" Duncan interrupted again, "What??" Chris replied, "The man-eating sharks. Remember, from Total Drama Island? Now, If you let me finish, you then run back here, but don't get distracted by the losers. Each side will send someone to distract you guys. ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!!!!" Duncan and Trent just looked around, not paying attention to him. Chris and the eliminated campers shouted, "GO!!!!"

They Both realized the race had begun and they ran.Trent reached the rock wall first and he started to climb. "Go Trent!!" said LeShawna. Duncan then reached the rock wall and climbed as fast as Trent. "Go Duncan! Yeah, dude!" cheered Geoff. Trent cannon-balled into the pool and started swim as fast as he could, but the man-eating sharks caught up with him. Meanwhile Duncan swam through quickly. He then stared to run. Trent was way behind him when he started running. Heather, with a devious plan to distract Duncan, walked over to Justin. She whispered in Justin’s ear, “Go flirt with Courtney to distract Duncan.” Justin, who was afraid of Heather, went to flirt with Courtney. Duncan looked up while he was swimming and saw Justin flirting with Courtney. Duncan said, jealsouly, “What?! Courtney!” Courtney replied, “As if you don’t flirt with Gwen! I see you!” The two of them argued, while Trent ran past Duncan.

Meanwhile at the Team Duncan bleachers, Bridgette walked over to Lindsay and said, "Oh no! Trent's winning! What should we do? I know Gwen doesn't like Trent, and if he wins, He'll just spend all of the money on her!" Lindsay said, "Too bad we don't have anyone on Team Duncan that's crazy enough to distract Trent..." "Lindsay, I can't believe I'm saying this, but you're a genius!" Lindsay asked, "I am?" Bridgette replied, "Izzy! We can get Izzy to distract him!" "How could she distract him? It's not like she knows any psycho dance or anything." Lindsay said, confused. Bridgette said, "The Dance of the Rattlesnake!" "Yeah...Too bad she doesn't know that..." Lindsay said, sadly. Bridgette dragged Lindsay over to Izzy and said, "Come on!"

They ran over to Izzy and Bridgette said, "Izzy We need you to distract Trent with the dance of the rattle snake so Duncan can win!" "OK!" Izzy said excitedly. She ran over to Trent and jumped in front of him. "Izzy! What are you doing?" Trent shouted. She started to do the dance of the rattlesnake. As he was distracted, Duncan crossed the finish line. "And Duncan is our big winner!" Chris said.

Duncan ran over to Gwen and picked her up off her feet. Duncan said, "So, do you want to go somewhere now that I'm a...MILLIONAIRE!!" "Oh Duncan!" Gwen said. Duncan leaned in to kiss her as she pushed him back. "Let me finish," she said. "Oh Duncan, this is so sappy. Let's just spend the money." After she said that, Trent crossed the finish line and saw Duncan with Gwen in his arms. "What?!" Trent said. Duncan showed no sympathy and just smirked at him. He stared at them both, dumbfounded. He couldn't believe he just lost one million dollars and his girlfriend all in the same day. Courtney then came over and said, "Duncan! What are you doing?!?!" "Sorry Princess, It's over." Duncan said. Courtney started stammering and crying when Trent walked over to Courtney and asked, "Wanna make out?" "Okay!" Courtney said. They started to make out when Chris said, "Well, that concludes another awesome-ly dramatic season. Stay tuned for Next season. Total Drama, the musical!" All of the contestants heard and shouted, "A NEW SEASON?!?!?!?!" Chris then gave a signal to the camera to shut off.

The End!!!!! (Hope ya liked it!)

Review: Very well written. Your best work of the season. I wish you'd had things like this each week.

And the winner of Total Drama Author is...

Nalyd Renrut: If this was a normal week, both of you would receive a ten! Now I'm deciding this with 50% of the final stories, 25% the other weeks scores, and 25% of the kinds of comments I write about your stories. You are both very skilled. came into this week thinking "Is the right final two here?" But I think there is. The winner of TDA... for all the right reasons...


Congratulations TDI19!

Reason: "Tdifan1234 came into this week an underdog. She really excelled, but TDI19 has almost always been head and shoulders above her.

"TDI19 described himself as a dark horse in the contest. He really was, being in the top authors every week."

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