A lot of people think that they are great authors. Over half of these people are only okay-good. This is not only a camp where people are getting their writing skills improved but they are competing to be the best author.... Who will prove that they have the skills? Who will crumble under the pressure? Who will rise to the occasion?

Check out all the TDA2 stories here!!

How it Works

  1. Two teams will be constructed.
  2. The teams compete in challenges. (i.e. Write a fan-fiction where Lindsay takes a hard test OR write a story with Noah attempting to play basketball.)
  3. Nalyd Renrut and TDI19 will read the stories and the decide the winning team.
  4. The winning team gets INVINCIBILITY!!!!!
  5. People (competing or non-competing) will vote for who should go home from the losing team (like American Idol).
  6. The judges can save them, but only once, before the merge.
  7. Repeat steps 2 through 5/6.
  8. When there are ? people left, there will be one team. (The Best-Sellers)
  9. More challenges, more stories, more eliminations.

Sign up


Sunshine- The whole reason I joined wikia was to improve my writing skills... it'd be dumb if I didn't join!

Sprinklemist - I didn't play the orig, but I'll give this a shot. My only story is Total Drama: Boney Island on Total Drama Fanfiction Wiki...


  1. TDIMan7 - Always Awesome!
  2. RockSK8R- My teacher says I am a great writer, so what the heck.
  3. Ricky490- I'm back and badder than ever and ready to go farther than I did last season.
  4. Codaa5- I guess I'll join, im a pretty average writer.
  5. Redflare- I will fail or at least fail with 'STYLE'
  6. Tdi - I hope I will make it farther!
  7. Ezekielguy- I'm gonna do my best!
  8. Fadingsilverstar16- Hey, all! I've finally decided to give this a try. Hope I'll have a lot of fun!
  9. Zakkoroen-I'm baaaaaaack!
  10. Sorreltail18 (Sorrel) - *yah i can't wait! hopefully ill do better!*
  11. Thebiggesttdifan- YES! It is so on! (Cody moment) Feel like competing again.
  12. Kenzen11-I will try my best
  13. Owenguy101- Hi everyone! I decided to join the sequel. I'm a good story writter.
  14. Usitgz: - Hopefully no laziness and wiki blockage get in my way this time
  15. Tdifan1234- Ready to rock season 2!
  16. Turnertang - I can write short stories pretty well.
  17. Anonymos- I'm good in English, so why wouldn't I do it?

Elimination Table

Main Competition

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Total Votes
8 Kenzen11 OUT SAFE OUT 26
9 Thebiggesttdifan SAFE WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN SAFE OUT 8
12 Fadingsilverstar16 WIN WIN WIN WIN LEFT 0
15 Redflare SAFE WIN WIN LEFT 0
16 Codaa5 LOW LOW OUT 13
17 Ricky490 LOW OUT 15
18 RockSK8R OUT 6
19 TDIMan7 OUT 17

Top 10 Tournament

Place Contestant Preliminaries Semi-Finals Finals
1 Anonymos Advanced
(vs. Usitgz)
(vs. Sunshine)
2 Thebiggesttdifan Advanced
(vs. Tdifan)
(vs. Sorrel)
3 Usitgz Eliminated
(vs. Anonymos)
Wildcard Advanced
(vs. Sprinklemist)
Third Place
4-6 Sorreltail18 Advanced
(vs. Zakkoroen)
(vs. TBTDIF)
4-6 Sunshine Advanced
(vs. Turnertang)
(vs. Anonymos)
4-6 Sprinklemist Advanced
(vs. Owenguy)
(vs. Usitgz)
7-10 Zakkoroen Eliminated
(vs. Sorrel)
Withdrew from

7-10 Turnertang Eliminated
(vs. Sunshine)
7-10 Tdifan1234 Eliminated
(vs. TBTDIF)
7-10 Owenguy101 Eliminated
(vs. Sprinklemist)

Week One

Nalyd: Welcome all, to TDA2!

Owenguy101: Hiya Nalyd!

Sunshine: I really got in! I really got in!!!! *hyperventilates*

Turnertang: This is going to be awesome!

Fadingsilverstar: Ready to rock, guys!

Anonymos: Good luck all! (To self) You're gonna need it.

Fadingsilverstar: *stands on a mountain while triumphant music plays* THIS. IS. TOTAL. DRAMA. AUTHOR!

TDI19: Hey guys! Good luck on Season 2!!! Isn't it ironic? There are 19 competitors this season!!!

Anonymos: That is weird.

Sunshine: Ccrrreeeepppyyyy... OMG Fadingsilverstar! You did join! Yay, I just lost all chances of winning!!!

Fadingsilverstar: Awww, c'mon! You're a great author! I'll really have to be on my toes if I wanna compete with all of the talent here!

Zeke: Hope I make it farther.

Turnertang: I think you will do fine.

Sunshine: I can't wait for the first challenge! *bounces off walls*

Anonymos: Oh me either!

Fadingsilverstar: Bring it on!

Nalyd: I think you all shoul dno that the teams will be formed NEXT week. This week, three people will be eliminated. TDI19 and I will pick the eight worst stories, and then everybody (competing or not) will vote for three people, and the three people with the most votes will go home!

Sunshine: HOLY RAVIOLIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: Who will rise to the occasion? Who will set the bar? Who will go home after one week??? I dunno.

Zekey: Did you bring Sunny D with you, Sunshine?

Sunshine: Of course! Little Sunny D is my own personal cheerleader!

Sunny D: *waves ravioli pom-poms* Go Sunshine!!!

Zekey: You know what? NALYD HATES HIM!!!! (Sticks tounge out at Nalyd) BOO!!!!

Tdi: Three people will be eliminated? Dang

TDI19: Well, it will surely be interesting. Nalyd, will I come up with some themes and twists?

Turnertang: Yes!! Paragraph form. Thanks Nalyd!

Nalyd: I HATE script form! TDI19, we'll discuss it when we're both on, okey dokey?

Turnertang: I love using paragraph form!

thebiggesttdifan: You guys like my story? I love how Owen doesn't say anything.

Sunshine: I like it! XD Is mine alright, do you think?

Anonymos: I loved your story, Sunshine! What did you guys think of mine?

TDI19: Sunshine, you are like me. You write a lot!!!

Anonymos: Yeah, it was really long... but I finished it and loved it! Soooo, what did you guys think of mine?

TDI19: I can't say anything yet! Nalyd, do you think we will still rank the stories best to worst?

Anonymos: Gosh, TDI19, I wasn't talking to you! I was talking to the other people!

Sorrel: its amaing every one who did theres is amazing

Sunshine: I agree! It'll be tough to decide the losers!

TDI19: I have some people pegged to lose. I won't say who though!

Anonymos: Almost everyone so far has put Owen, Izzy and Lindsay in their stories so far.

Sunshine: I think I was the first to use Lindsay, and I'm the only one to use Heather so far...

thebiggesttdifan: I'm the only one to use Justin, Duncan, and Harold so far. I guess mine is a littl e creative...

Anonymos: I'm so boring!! (Sobs.)

Sunshine: *pats Anonymos on head* I liked yours! Still LOLing at it! XD

Anonymos: Thanks, Sunshine! My favorite part is at the end where everyone beats each other up. I feel bad for Bridgette, the only sane one there...

Turnertang: Yours is good Anonymos and Sunshine what about mine.

SOrrel:what abotu me

Anonymos: You were good Turnertang and Sorrel.

Turnertang: Thanks.

Tdi: My favorites so far are Anonymous' and Sunshine's! But, everyone else has done good too.

thebiggesttdifan: What's with everyone starting to use Justin? But Sprinklemist, I love that. "What? It was the sexiest name on there." That made me crack up.

Sprinklemist: It's interesting how different each story is despite being in similar confines.

TDI19: I think that is a great thing! It shows so many different styles and everyone's originality and creativity. One great thing about this competition is that it really shows all the colors of all of us, and blends them together into a wiki rainbow! I felt like being nice and metaphoric!

Sprinklemist: I can see why you won the first one.

TDI19: That is supposed to be a compliment... *laughs nervously* right?

Sprinklemist: Of coooourse.

TDI19: Suggestion to anyone who is really serious in this competition: Check out some of the best work last season and see what you have to do to help make Nalyd, and now me, happy!

Nalyd: *sighs* I miss being the sole decider of elimination... TDI19 has a say and all the voters...

TDI19: But... but... I have good comments. *bursts into tears*

Nalyd: Okay, but be witty! No boring comments.

TDI19: Oh, after some of this week's stories, I think I will be very witty. Although, I don't know if this voting thing is gonna work out.

Sorrel: hello....agina

Sprinklemist: Of course, Fadingsilverstar does awesome. Good job.

Fadingsilverstar: Aww, thanks Sprinkle! Everyone's doing great!

Nalyd: Tomorrow the page will be locked, and throughout the day me and TDI19 will read and decide the bottom eight.

Owenguy101: Okay. I'm almost done with my story.

TDI19: Is it OK if I review EVERY story, Nalyd?

Nalyd: We will both review every story. Then we will make bottom eight lists, and compromis on eight. The BEST story gets a reward!

Fadingsilverstar: *der gaspen* Oooooh! I wonder who will get the reward! There are so many great authors!

Nalyd: *laughs* Not that many....

TDI19: *laughs* Ditto on some.

Redflare: my story sucks! I hate it, but I have writers block. DX

Nalyd: IMO, there are stories that are much worse.

TDI19: There are two I am ready to critique.

Fadingsilverstar: *gulp* Hopefully I'll manage to get a decent score.

Sprinklemist: I think you'll do good (and a few others that I liked, too), I think I'll be safe but not on top... Unless the judges like my humor (I'm doomed).

Fadingsilverstar: Thanks! I think you'll do well too!

thebiggesttdifan: Fadingsilverstar, it's amazing how you make every movement so slow and dramatic.

Zakkoroen:I totally understand if I get voted off. I hope I don't, though.

Kenzen11:I really want to stay too.

Fadingsilverstar: All this suspense is making a nervous, hollow ache in the pit of my stomach...

Sunshine: Like you have anything to worry about... you're one of my favorites to win!!!

Kenzen11:I do i didn't have alot of time to write

Fadingsilverstar: Thanks! *chews nails* I don't think you have anything to worry about, Sunshine! I might decide to escape to the recesses of my mind where there's still a shred of hope that I'll do a little better than average...

Sunshine: You realize I count your writing among my favorite published novels, right? And Kenzen, if you don't mind me saying, I think your problem is mostly grammar stuff. Remember, punctuation is your friend! ^^

Kenzen11:I suck at grammer.

Fadingsilverstar: Sunshine! You got in the Final Four! Congratulations! And thank you so much for the compliment! Seriously, huh? I'm only 13! What novels do you read?

TDI19: I am 13 next week, and I won season 1.

Fadingsilverstar: Ooooh! Cool! Happy Early Birthday, TDI!

TDI19: Thanks, Gigi!

Owenguy101: Is the judging going to finish?


Nalyd: Fadingsilverstar16! You win first place! On Saturday, after three people go home, you get to pick your seven teammates!

Anonymos: (To self.) I should have won. (Out loud.) Nice job, Fadingsilverstar16, your story was great!

Fadingsilverstar: Yay! Thank you all so much! Oooooh, I'll have to think about who I'll pick.

thebiggesttdifan: feels so good to be safe!

Sprinklemist: Good job, FSS16. I knew it would be you. Hopefully I can give you more competition in the future.

Kenzen11:Save me :*(

Fadingsilverstar: Thanks, Sprinkle! I'm really gonna have to be at my absolute best!

Zak:Wait, who's the other team captain? Is it Sunshine?

Nalyd: No, Fadingsilverstar16 (who needs a shorter name for lazy typers who surprisingly have time to write in parenthesis) pick their team, then the left overs are a team.

Fadingsilverstar: You can call me Gigi, Nalyd!

Challenge One

This first challenge will be writing a TDA Aftermath show! For those who don't know, TDA Aftermath is a special TDA episode where eliminated (from TDA) and non-competing characters talk about their experiences. Too avoid a lot of spoilers, you can pick any two contestants to host the show, and pick two TDA contestants to be the guests (meaning that they were eliminated.) The stories MUST be written in paragraph format. The stories will be judged on originality, gramamr, and spelling. Worst eight stories will be put up for elimination and three of those eight will be eliminated. Stories due by Thursday morning, 6:00 eastern.


(For hosts only, but other people can read. You guys can talk about this on the week one chat.)

Nalyd: TDI19, my bottom eight are Zakkoroen, Ricky490, Owenguy101, Tdifan1234, Codaa5, Kenzen11, TDIMan7, and RockSK8R. What about you? I also think that

TDI19: Here are my reviews.

  • Sorreltail18- Uhhh... the grammar was OK at best. I want to see more effort in your story next week, if you are still here.
  • Zakkoroen- I hope that even though you were not able to write a story this week, that the voters see your talent and keep you on. Bottom 8
  • RockSK8R- It was not creative at all. Grammar was better than I expected. Also, there were tense problems. Overall, it just did not work. Bottom 8
  • Sunshine- I completely hated it.... if this was opposite world. Grammar was fabulous, story line was great, and the hosts were a PERFECT choice. I loved Lindsay finding Tyler. BOB THE LEPRECHAUN!!!!! I am calling it now.... FINAL 4!
  • Thebiggesttdifan- I liked it! Good grammar, good plot. Loved the end!
  • Ezekielguy- Ummmmm.... I don't feel like this was finished. Overall, a fair job. I think you should have made it farther last season.
  • Anonymos- HILARIOUS, CLEVER, AND CREATIVE! You got skills. I can't wait to see your evolution in this competition.
  • Turnertang- Meh. This story was just alright for me. A little boring, except for Eva. "It's probably just the wind!" LOVED THAT! Remember, you punctuate sentences AND you DON'T capitalize asked, said, etc. Bottom 8
  • Tdi- You used the same hosts. WHY? Overall, good.
  • Ricky490- I am upset you did not put up a story, as I think you have a knack for writing. Bottom 8
  • Owenguy101- Overall good. Next time, I want to see you go out of the box, because I think your choices were a little safe. Remember, DON'T capitalize asked, said, etc. Loved the Gilded Chris Candies! XD!
  • Sprinklemist- LOVE IT!!!!! Great, great job. You are very creative and clever and I loved how you created so many different random situations and tied them all together!!!
  • Tdifan1234- Same as Ricky490, I really wanted to see yours. I hope you can make it past this little blunder. Bottom 8
  • Codaa5- Where's the story? Awwwww.... I think you do have potential after looking back at last season. Bottom 8
  • Redflare- Ummmmm... I thought the grammar could have been better, but overall a fair job.
  • Kenzen11- I am going to start with the positives. Katie and Sadie hosting was a good idea and I liked having DJ's mom come out. Now, the negatives, and there are a lot. Your grammar is, PLEASE NO OFFENSE, horrible. Your sentences run into each other. You don't use capitalization correctly. You don't use punctuation at all. Your spelling is poor too. You used script form when asked not to (in parts). STORIES NEED GOOD GRAMMAR TO MAKE THEM WORK!!! Lastly, I saw little effort in this story. I think you are out. I am sorry this was very mean, but honesty is the best policy. I can't sugar it up and say this was better than everyone else's, because it wasn't. I can't sugar it up and say it was just OK. If you want to learn to be a good writer, I need to give constructive criticism, which tends to be harsh. Bottom 8
  • Fadingsilverstar16- Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. FRONT RUNNER! WHOO!!! I think that you are better than me. Good luck, great job!
  • Usitgz- Intersting. Crazy twist, but intriguing. Good job.
  • TDIMan7- More tough love here. Honestly, I think a turkey sandwich can write better than you, basing it on this story. Horrible grammar, and THE MOST BORING STORY LINE of the 19. Most importantly, I saw NO EFFORT AT ALL in this story. So, bye-bye. Bottom 8

Okay, so we agree on Zak, RockSK8R, TDIMan7, Kenzen11, Ricky490, Codaa5, and Tdifan1234. I agree with the Turnertang nomination. So how about Fadingsilverstar16 as best? --

Did you not read my comment to Gigi, Nalyd??? XD [/wiki/user:TDI19 ~Hi, it is TDI19!!!] [/wiki/user_talk:TDI19 ...To...][/wiki/special:Contributions/TDI19 ...From...] 23:22, 30 April 2009 (UTC)

I apologize for any offensive critiques I made above! [/wiki/user:TDI19 ~Hi, it is TDI19!!!] [/wiki/user_talk:TDI19 ...To...][/wiki/special:Contributions/TDI19 ...From...] 19:19, 1 May 2009 (UTC)

Bottom Eight- Voting Closed!

Please vote three times for who should go from this. ANYBODY CAN VOTE! (Competing or not)

Voting closed!!!

Zakkoroen: | |

RockSK8R: | | | | |l

TDIMan7: | | | |||| | | | | | | | | l |

Kenzen11: | | | || | | | | III

Ricky490: | | |

Codaa5: |




Nalyd: TDIMan7, RockSK8R and Kenzen11 are outta here!

Owenguy101: Goodbye you guys.

Team picking

Nalyd: Fadingsilver16, pick seven other peopel to be on your team.

Fadingsilverstar16: Alright, I pick Sprinklemist, Sunshineandravioli, thebiggesttdifan, Anonymos, Zakkoreon, Redflare, and Owenguy101!

Nalyd: You are the writing Gophers!

Fadingsilverstar16: Yay! So Nalyd, when's the next challenge gonna be up?

Nalyd: SUnday! BTW, good picks. Smart moves.

Gigi (Fadingsilverstar): Thanks. There was really no hesitation in picking Sprinkle and Sunshine!

Nalyd: I will be shocked when this team loses.

TDI19: me too! Didn't you knoew

Zeke: I bet'll get picked last 'cause of what happened last season.

Tdifan:Hey, guys. Sorry I didn't write a story last time. I was pretty busy last week, but I'll try my best to on my story this week. : )

Sprinklemist: I'm a Gopher! Woohoo! Thanks for the praise, Gigi.

Owenguy101: Me is a gopher!

Zeke: Zeky the loser...

Tdi: Wow. The other team has the best writers, no offense to my team. At least we have the runner up from last season

Zeke: Exscuse me? I'm a perfectly good writer! I'm GREAT!

Tdi: I'm not saying everyone sucks on this team. I think that we can win challenges

Zeke: OK but I'm warning ya, yer talkin' to the guy who wrote "My Totally Dramatic Life!"

Tdi: K

Turnertang: We are still going to win team!

thebiggesttdifan: I think we should redo the teams. It doesn't seem fair since there was no other captain.

Nalyd: If one team constantly wins there will be a switch.

Turnertang: Well they are going to win cause Fadingsilverstar picked the best authors so that means they are kind of going to win.

Usitgz: All the members of my team are friends, that makes ke happy.

Tdi: Team! We can win!

Turnertang: Yeah, we can do it!

Week Two Chat

Nalyd: Challenge soon.

Owenguy101: Oh boy!

Sunshine: HO YEAH! I have an AWESOME IDEA!!!!!! *does the happy-pixie dance*

Turnertang: I hope I do better this week.

Sunshine: I thought your's was good! Is my story this week alright? Writing as Justin is strangely enjoyable...

Turnertang: Your an amazing author Sunshine.

Sunshine: Thanks!!! I can't wait to see yours! ^^

Turnertang: I'm working on it right now.

thebiggesttdifan: Ya like my story?

Nalyd: The three stories up now are awesome! Gophers have it in the bag!

Anonymos: Thanks!

Gigi: Great stories, guys! I knew I made fantastic choices! Thursday is the due date like last time, Nalyd?

Nalyd: Unless stated otherwise, always thursday.

Gigi: Great. I've already started on mine.

thebiggesttdifan: Sunshine, your story really makes sense! I love it!

Turnertang: Everyone's story is so much better than mine!

thebiggesttdifan: I think Sunshine's the second to use first-person view, the first being me.

Nalyd: This group of authors is awesome!

TDI19: I completely agree. Each of you has your own individual style and all of them are turning out to be incredible. A good majority of you would have ANNIHILATED me if I was in this season! Great job and keep it up!! :)

Redflare: My story is horrible again DX.

TDI19: OK.... this is kind of predictable. Now, after a season of third-person stories, someone switches it up to a first-person piece. Now.... a lot of people are using the first person..... hmmmm. Just goes to show that when someone sees something they like, they pounce on it and take it for themself...

Anonymos: I didn't!

thebiggesttdifan: I hope maybe we get some *GREAT IDEA DELETED*...ooh la la that would be AWESOME!

Sunshine: Mine was the first story up, so I guess it's pretty obvious mine isn't copied... XD

Turnertang: Also your story is great Sunshine!

Sunshine: I'm blown away by everyone's writing ability!

Turnertang: I know. There are many great authors here.

Sunshine: Before this started, I was kinda hoping to make it to the finals. Now, I think I'll be lucky to make it to the merge. A lot of the people here are a lot better than me.

Turnertang: I still think you can make it to the finals.

Sunshine: Haha, no way. If I'm extremely lucky, and Nalyd and TDI19 pity me greatly, I might make it to fifth or so...

Turnertang: Someone doesn't believe in there selves.

Sunshine: LOL... nah, I just think there's plenty of people here who have more skill and are more deserving of the win.

Turnertang: You defiantly are a front runner in this competition.

Sunshine: I guess... I was actually pretty confident until Sprinklemist and Fadingsilverstar joined. XD

Turnertang: You're just as good as them.

Sunshine: No, they trump me big time. Just watch, Fadingsilverstar's gonna post her story and I'm going to drop to the ground crying at it's awesomeness... XD

Turnertang: If you believe you can win then you will! (Starts flying) WEEEEEEEEEE!

Anonymos: I don't stand a chance against you and the two of them... Turnertang what are you doing?!?!!

Turnertang: (Holdind coffee) I was hungry so I flew to Starbucks and bought some coffee. Here you and Sunshine can each have one. (Hands them coffee)

Anonymos: Uh, thanks...

Turnertang: (Fly's away) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Sunshine: *chugs coffee* CAFFEINE!!!!!!!!!!!!! *laughs insanely*

Anonymos: (Shivers.) Scary...

Turnertang: (Comes back with a Mickey Mouse Hat) I went to Disney Land. I brought you guys presents. (Pulls out the real Goofy and Pluto) Here you go.

Sunshine: GOOFY!!!! I missed you, man!!!

Goofy: Garsh!

Anonymos: (Kicks Goofy.)

Sunshine: What was that for, Nonny? (LOL, boredom-fueled nickname XD)

Turnertang: (Fly's away)

Anonymos: Nonny? Goofy is so annoying!!!

Goofy: Well, garsh, Nonny, I didn't know you felt that way. Why don't we go get some coffee?

Anonymos: (Sighs) Fine, Goofy, let's get some coffee... you coming Sunshine?

Sunshine: CAFFEINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Turnertang: (Fly's back) Where did they go? I brought them sourvineirs from my trip to American Idol. (Pulls out Adam Lamber, Danny Gokey, Simon Cowell, and Paula Abduel)

Sunshine: It's Simon!!! *chucks a bowl of ravioli at him XD*

Goofy: Garsh, I'm scared!!! HOLD ME, NONNY!!!! (Jumps into Anonymos' arms.)

Anonymos: (Drops him.) Get out, Goofy!!! Let's go get coffee...

Turnertang: See ya later. (Fly's away)


thebiggesttdifan: I hate Disney. Anydarnway, what's the next challenge TDI19?

Sunshine: Geesh, TBTDIF, it's only Tuesday! This challenge doesn't close 'till Thursday!

Goofy: Garsh!!!! Disney is amazing!!! That's what made me, hu-yuck!!!!

Anonymos: Uh-hu....

Turnertang: (Fly's back) i brought you guys stuff from the natural history museum. (Pulls out full tyrannosaurus rex fossil)

Gigi: Guys? I have some bad news... I think I actually may have to resign if my current case of the flu gets any worse. Also, I have final exams this week and this cold is not making it any better... I really, really don't want to quit, so I may just have to come up with a quick ending for my submission and just post it.

Sprinklemist: I hope you get better. I hope you can keep competing, and submit your story (no matter what format).

Gigi: *holds up hands in defeat* Alright guys, please know that the story I just posted I am not too satisfied with. I had no idea what to do with it so I just decided to wing it. Let's hope the judges take pity on me are a bit more satisfied with it than I am. Actually, that's one of the darkest stories I've written yet. Hm...

Sprinklemist: It's still a great story, Gigi. If not vaguely familiar... I;m sure you'll be safe.

Nalyd: Don't quit! Your team may be able to win and save you! If not, the audience loves you. (And me and TDI19 can save somebody)

Sunshine: *cries at awesomness of Gigi's apparently "bad" story* We ARE in the same boat... I posted my Justin story thinking "everyone's going to hate this"...

Gigi: Aww, Sunshine! I don't hate your story! Actually, yours is one of the best I've seen so far! (And Sprinklemist's, although I haven't read his or anyone else's yet because of time, I know will be great!)

Sprinklemist: I think you might find mine to be... Similar to yours in some respects. I'm a guy by the way.

Sunshine: They are kind of alike... weird... was mine really all right?

Sprinklemist: I heart yours. It makes Justin's personality change make sense.

Gigi: Oops. Sorry, Sprinkle. *edits* 0.o Ours are similar. I like yours alot better, though, especially the end. Fiendish smirk? Heather, you little devil you. xD And by the way, did mine really come off as dark and depressing, or is that just me? (Whether that's a good thing or not is for you guys to decide.) Also, yours was awesome, Sunshine! How you wrote about Justin finally realizing that he has "powers" was great!

Tdi: Mine sucks. I hope I'll make it to next week

TBTDIF: Fading, you're really good at writing drama, but we haven't seen you with comedy yet. And I don't think drama can...JUST KIDDING! A good drama story is exactly the same as a good comedy one.

Gigi: Thanks tbtdif! Yours was great too! Thanks for the praise, Nalyd! Man, it's good to be safe!

TBTDIF (why is this nickname so long?): Yeah, it sure is. When will someone be eliminated, guys (Nalyd and TDI19)

Anonymos: I'm sorry my story was so bad! I'll redeem myself when the next challenge comes out!

Sunshine: *attempts and fails to figure out why people liked hers* (What happened to the stories??? o.O)

Gigi: Are you kidding me, Sunshine? Yours was so awesome! Totally gives insight into Justin's personality. I think they remove the stories after the judging is done. I posted my story about Heather on my account and my deviantart account. Is that okay, Nalyd and TDI19?

Redflare: Mine suck every week.

Anonymos: Sunshine, Nalyd puts the stories here to prevent lag.

Sunshine: Oh... probably shoulda figured that out. Redflare, yours was pretty good! And I still don't get the appeal of my writing... all I do know is I like writing in first person best...

Anonymos: My story got such a bad review!!!! I shall redeem myself when the new challenge has been posted!! So tomorrow I shall redeem myself!!

Gigi: Sunshine, I already told you yours didn't suck like mine! The only think I really had to focus on was deliberately not saying Heather's name until the very end. I hope the people on don't slaughter me. ;_;

Anonymos: I'm sure they won't! Your story was awesome!

Usitgz:It's too bad half of my team didn't write a story :(.

Challenge Two

Nalyd: Okay, this week's challenge is a Playa Des Losers theme. Here's the catch: It has to be about either Justin, Katie, Sadie, Tyler, Beth, LeShawna, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, or Owen. All the people we heard little-nothing from at Playa des losers. Again, paragraph form ONLY. It will be judged on grammar, spelling, and if it makes sense.

Judging (2)

Nalyd: Time to judge!

Nalyd's Reviews

===== Writing Gophers =====1. Zakkoroen- Great! Good to see you back to your old writing standards!

2. Sunshine - Way to book out a great story! Loved it!

3. Thebiggesttdifan - An average story, pretty good. Little confusing...

4. Anonymos - Dance? Hotel des Losers? Very confusing. Good spelling and grammar however.

5. Owenguy - Makes sense, not very good grammar, and only decent spelling.

6. Sprinklemist - Definitely one of the best stories! Great everything!

7. Redflare - Moving story about LeShawna being accepted in playa des losers.

8. Fadingsilverstar16 - Beautiful story. Truly the best. I felt myself pity Heather (Who I always soemwhat pitied.) Even Heather Haters would be moved...

TDI19's Reviews

Typing Bass
  • Sorrel- I actually kind of found myself bored with the storyline, as it was basic. Anyways, it was just OK. It was kind of like ordering a sandwich, but with no meat in the middle; just the bread. You should definitely watch your spelling though. sepARATe.
  • Ezekielguy- Awwww.... just when I thought you had a shot at redeeming yourself this season, you post nothing week 2... :(
  • Turnertang- I liked the idea and the randomness... but you need to work on your punctuation.


Nalyd: I say the Bass lose, and none of them should be safe from elimination. TDI19, agree?

TDI19: I agree completely!

Bass Voting - Closed

Nalyd: Just like last time, anyone can vote and anyone can go home.

Nalyd: Ricky clearly got the most votes (12)

Week Three Chat

Nalyd: Challenge coming today!

Turnertang: I don't get the challenge. What are we supposed to do?

Anonymos: Will we be scored on the conflicts? Because the conflicts involving Heather are the most numerable and the biggest, so are we also going to be scored by the originality of the conflict? I know it has to be real, but if they are not as common, will they get better scores?

Owenguy101: Ricky's gone. I'm kind of glad he's gone. He did not post anything.

Sprinklemist: I tried something completely different. I hope you guys like it.

Nalyd: LOL Sprinklemist! Great job! In one fo my facs Courtney got rabies, LOL. Me and Sadie think alike, I suppose.

Sprinklemist: Was it in the Horrible Misadventures of Courtney? I read that, but forgot about. I forgot how much you don't like Courtney. I totally wasn't trying to pander the story toward you. Haha!

Gigi: Perfect! I've had an idea swimming around in my head that would totally fit in with this prompt. *grins evilly* And by the way, yours was very creative, Sprinklemist! Great job.

Anonymos: Did you guys like my story?

Tdifan1234: uhhh...who's Gigi? Anyway, You guys like meh story?

Gigi: I'm Fadingsilverstar16!

Turnertang: I'm glad you finally have a story Tdifan and its really good.

TBTDIF: Hey, guys...I might have to miss the next challenge.

Tdi: I hope my story is good

Gigi: *biiiig sigh of relief* So glad I was able to get mine done before the deadline.

Tdi: I look at the elimination chart and I'm the only person to not get any votes! Well, on my team, anyways

Challenge Three

Nalyd: Okay, this week's challenge is to put an end to a conflict. Take any people who hate each other, and make them forgive and forget. Like, for example, take Heather and Gwen (or a conflict where the people don't hate each other so much) and write about them eventually forgiving each other. It will be judged on believability, how major the conflict was, grammar, and spelling.

Judging (3)

Nalyd: TDI19, how about I get the Typing Bass, you get the Writing Gophers.

Writing Gophers

  • Zakkoroen- Lol! Short but good! Loved the end! It had everything needed: tacos, frozen pizza, and simultaneous ascension into heaven.
  • Sunshine- Uh-huh! Woo-hoo! *dances* Sunshine is in the ZONE!!!!! Great imagery, great grammar! Top NOTCH ALL AROUND! Calling it again: FINAL FOUR!!!
  • Thebiggesttdifan- You know, this one was just OK for me. There was something confusing about it. IDK, but good grammar. THANK YOU! You used quotations inside a quotation! Yay!
  • Anonymos- LOL! LOVE THIS STORY! CLEAR!!!!!! Yay! Good storyline and grammar! :)
  • Owenguy101- I liked it. You kept switching the tense you were writing in a lot though. Also, the epilogue was good. That Heather!
  • Sprinklemist- Wow! Thank you! The moral was incredible!!!!!! THE STORY WAS AMAZING! You are like a the $20 bill in the wallet surrounded by singles!
  • Redflare- You made this a very easy review to write. Ummmm.... good luck fixing your computer.
  • Gigi- You know that amazing book? YOU COULD BE THE AUTHOR OF IT!!!!!! That is it.

Typing Bass

  • Soreltail18 - Ummm... Good conflict, okay spelling and grammar... believability, however, not very. LeShawana and Duncan have frequently shown signs of disliking each other,so I don't understand why she'd want them together.
  • Ezekielguy - Dang, No story. I had high hopes for Courdy. (Courtney+Cody) No story = No points. NO STORY TWO WEEKS IN A ROW.
  • Turnertang - No periods, luckily only a few spelling issues. I think it makes a lot of sense for LeShawna and Heather to bond over a common hared, maybe not Gwen. Great conflict though. Good luck.
  • Tdi - Not a very strong conflict to resolve (but better than many others). Sort of awkward throughout. Good grammar and spelling. You definitely have a chance here.
  • Tdifan1234 - Really funny. I don't think they really had a conflict, more like love-hate. The conflict in the story isn't even resolved; Noah still hates them.
  • Codaa5 - Where be the story?
  • Usitgz - Weak conflict. Couples spelling errors.

Results (3)

Nalyd: You can keep judging TDI19. I think its safe to say which team loses, however. Can I PLEASE score Gophers next time?

TDI19: Yeah, yeah....

Bass Voting - Closed

Nalyd: No Bass are safe!

Nalyd: Y'all can chat here until Week three starts. Codaa5 is clearly out with nine votes against him.

TBTDIF: I might not be able to compete this week...but if I can find time, I will.

Gigi: Hope you can find time, TBTDIF. I'm not supposed to be too busy next week, and hopefully I'll be able to crank out a story before Wednesday. I wonder what the challenge will be this time....

Usitgz: I made it past the third week this time! I'm sad that everyone votes for me, I have afeeling I'll be voted out next |:(

Week Four Chat

Nalyd: Final fifteen!

Owenguy101: Uh. It's week four. Not three.

Anonymos: And we're the final 14 not 15...

Sprinklemist: I already know what I'm doing for this challenge.

Anonymos: I'm having trouble selecting a movie...

Nalyd: My bad. XD

Owenguy101: I know so many movies that this challenge will be a snap.

Sprinklemist: I know a lot, too... It's just that the movies I really like, people probably haven't heard of...

Sunshine: Can we do an episode of a TV show too or is that stretching it? (I'm dying to do a parody of an Avatar episode with TDI characters... Duncan Zuko! <3)

Gigi: I love Avatar! Yeah, I think and episode of a TV show would be good. If not, I'll pick a scene from a movie I like.

Nalyd: Sure, tv shows too. I think the Gophers are gonna win again.

Gigi: Yay! that I think about it, a Disney movie might be the safest bet. After all, I do own like twenty of them. xD

Sunshine: Woohoo! Workin' on my entry right now! I'm doing one of my favorite episodes of Avatar... it's in season 2... I wonder if you can guess it!

Gigi: it the episode where we meet Toph and she joins the Gaang?

Sunshine: Nah, though I do love that episode. TOPH IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!!!!! And I'm not sure which character would be Toph... hmm...

Turnertang: In my story am I supposed to call the characters by their real name or the person their playing?

Anonymos: MY STORY STINKS!!!! (Cries.)

TDI19: Well, for my story of "Snow White" last season, I called the characters a mix of both names. (i.e. Snow Bridgette, Grumpy Eva, Prince Geoff, etc....)

Gigi: Aw man, it looks like I'm gonna have to brush up on my tragedy for this challenge. *puts on sad music*

Sprinklemist: I think I have to change my story idea. It will take forever, and I can't figure out how to make it different from the actual movie... Fortunately, I have another idea.

Nalyd: Guys, If Redflare quits I think we'll still have an elimination. He'll place fourteenth. Okay?

Redflare: Ooh I love Greese. We do go together like wm bam boo just like my brother its shama lama- oh forget it.

Sprinklemist: Sigh, all done. That took a long time.

Nalyd: Sprinklemist! I started readin yours and I exploded laughing!

Anonymos: O MY GOSH!! TDIFAN'S DOING HAIRSPRAY!!! I had the idea, but I did Grease instead. (Very poorly, might I add.) You put in all the leads, but (this is an optional character) you could put in Prudy Pingleton, Penny's mom.

Sprinklemist: I love her name for it, Hair Gel. Lol! (Thanks Nalyd)

Tdifan: Thanks. Hopefully during the summer, I'll make a tdi cameo movie saga, including Hair gel(Hairspray), Goth(Wicked), Cody and the Chipmunks(Alivn and the Chipmunks), and others!

Tdi: That sound cool! I would like to do a TV show one! Like, The Very Oddparents, iGwen, Cody and Noah (Phineas and Ferb), and others!

Sprinklemist: We're allowed to do tv shows for this challenge. I like the Powerpuff idea.

Tdi: Thanks. I'll change it to an episode so it will be easier

Sprinklemist : I just noticed that my story says Sprinklemist's Song above it. O_O

Nalyd: IDK how it got liek that. You may change it (I figured you did that...)

Sprinklemist: I didn't. I checked the history of this page, but it was like that before I added my story. I think I'll leave it, it's unique.

Sunshine: Must... finish... story... so... long... only... half... hour... TV... episode... (me + editing = epic fail XD)

Sprinklemist: You edited my song (it's okay). Sunshine... I know how it feels. I'm so glad I didn't pick a movie...

Owenguy101: I cannot figure out a idea! *cries*

Redflare; I have decided to leave.

Nalyd: You sure Redflare?

TBTDIF: Sorry I haven't been on, guys. One of my family members has passed away and I'm at a place with little internet access. Can you give me extra time?

Gigi: I'm so sorry to hear that TBTDIF. I know how you feel. My sister's unborn baby passed away yesterday.

Sprinklemist: Oh no, guys! I'm really sorry to hear that.

Challenge Four

Nalyd: Okay, this week y'all have to write a parody of a movie or story using TDI characters. Please include a cast list. This will be judged on if the TDI characters fit the roles assigned to them, grammar, and spelling.

Judging (4)

Nalyd: Okay, I got Gophers this time, TDI19 you got Bass.

Writing Gophers

  • Zakkoroen - Other than Geoff as Luke Skywalker, great picks! I just don't see Geoff serious enough to do that. Is this finished?
  • Sunshine - First of all, great picks. Second, you definitely captured the essence of perhaps the greatest Avatar episode ever! (They could have a spin-off: Zuko - One of many, many firbeenders. LOL!) Great as always Sunshine.
  • Thebiggesttdifan - I'm very sorry about the hardships you've faced lately.Maybe if the Gophers lose we'll save you. Your cast was great. Too bad you couldn't finish it.
  • Anonymos - Anonymos, you did great overall this week. Keep this up and I can see you in final six.
  • Owenguy101 - Your cast was okay. Your biggest problem was frequently switching between present and past tense. "He comes up." "He said."
  • Sprinklemist - This story is great. I kept laughing at it. Poor Owen. XD You're doing great!
  • Fadingsilverstar16 - AWESOME! You are consistantly great every week, and I think this is my favorite story of your's.
Nalyd: Okay, the Gophers are doing awesome. Nobody didn't post a story, but even with Redflare gone I think they've got it in the bag.

Typing Bass

TDI19: Well.... at first glance... it looks like I have a pretty easy job ahead of me!

  • Sorrel- *sigh* I thought you might have been able to rally with this story... but, I think you are in trouble tonight.
  • Ezekielguy- OK. Just OK. You put the story together well and it was definitely the TDI characters! It felt rushed, and was too short, though.
  • Turnertang- You need to work on your punctuation a lot, because it was constantly missing! The storyline was alright! I saw a reference to Spaceballs in there, am I right?
  • Tdi- I feel you let your team down. You were doing well before this, and this is a bummer.... The only problem with the beginning was the tense. You would say "are seen" which is present tense, and then switch to something like "said", which is in the past tense later in the sentence. I did love the cast though!
  • Tdifan1234- The casting was AMAZING! Unfortunately, that is all I can say. I was looking forward to "Hair Gel".
  • Ustigz- Uh...... weirded out by this one. At least you wrote a story! It was OK overall.

Well, I guess the Bass lose, and ANY of them could leave. Nalyd, what about you?

Bass Voting - Closed

Nalyd: Again, nobody is safe.

<poll> Okay, who has spent their last week here? Sorrel Ezekielguy Turnertang Tdi Tdifan1234 Usitgz </poll>

Nalyd: Will the Bass EVER win? Voting closes tomorrow afternoon, or in the morning if somebody has more than ten votes.

Nalyd: With ten votes, Tdi is out! Y'all can talk here. Next Week will start today since I'll be on vacation this weekend.

TBTDIF: Really, this is unfair. The team picking was really mean, and I suggest at least maybe...teams merging earlier?

Tdifan: I sort of agree. Maybe we could do a team switch or something?

Gigi: Yeah, I think it's time to do something. When were you planning to dissolve the teams anyway, Nalyd?

Nalyd: i was thinking merge, final nine/ten/seven. It will most likely be ten, so two more weeks. Y'all will be fine!

TDI19: I would like to say to Tdi, that I think you are the first really surprising elimination so far this season. I think you should have outlasted half of your team. Goodbye!

Anonymos: Yeah, Nalyd. I think the teams should be switched.

Owenguy101: Nah. I don't think the teams should be switched. It's as good as it is.

TBTDIF: That's because you've been standing in our shadow, Owenguy. I don't want teams to be switched, but merged would be easier.

Week Five Chat

Nalyd: Yo final 12!

Anonymos: (Pretending to be a gangster in an awful.) Yo, homie dawg! In the crib, yo.......... Foshizzle.

Sunshine: I... I can't go on like this. I'm overwelmed by the guilt. I-I... I LEFT OUT A BIG PART OF THE EPISODE WHEN I WROTE THAT PARODY!!! *cries* (Ha, I'm overreacting again, I think. I left out the flashback of Fire Lord Azulon's/Hatchet's funeral for time reasons, which may have been a bad idea as it explains how Ozai/Justin became fire lord...)

Anonymos: Don't feel bad, Sunshine. I left out a lot of my story... That's why my story was so bad.

Gigi: That's not nearly as bad as my story! I had to condense the three illusions that the Little Match Girl had into one hallucination scene! And I also screwed up with the italics in one sentence... ;_;

Sunshine: I think my story last week broke the record for longest TDAuthor story entry... it was SIXTEEN pages long on MS word!!!

TDI19: Yes, Sunshine, it definitely did! My longest story was at least 3 pages, maybe 4!

Nalyd: Y'all like the challenge? ;)

TDI19: Yeah! This would have been easy as pie for me! :) Anyway, I have the challenge for next week, if that is OK, Nalyd!

Nalyd: Tell me on my talk page.

Tdifan: I don't think I can go on. You see, I'm graduating my school this week and I don't have time to write an 1000 word story. I'll be waaaaaaaaayyyyy too busy. Sorry.

Usitgz: Hmmm... this week will be interesting.

Sunshine: 1,000 words? Is that all? Pshaw. XD

Owenguy101: 1000 words! *faints*

Anonymos: I'm writing my story now, I'm already over 1,000.

Anonymos: Okay, my story is up!

Turnertang: I put up my story!

TDI19: OK. Happy Graduation Tdifan!!! I agree with you Sunshine.... pshaw! Owenguy, it is not that hard..... well, for me! Anonymos and Turnertang, thanks for putting the word count up!! Can everyone do that please!!??

TBTDIF: I can handle this. Word accuracy is my skill.

Zeke: A thousand words? I can't. Sorry, I'm dropping out.

Turnertang: Why isn't anyone doing this challenge?

TDI19: Wait? Are you just not posting a story this week or are you officially leaving? It is only Saturday Turnertang, they have until Wednesday!

Turnertang: I know but everyone is saying "1 thousand words! I can't do it."

Anonymos: Why are so many people dropping out?

Turnertang: I can't believe people would drop out of this awesome camp.

Sunshine: I got my story up! Whoo! *does the Duncan* So, uh, is it any good?

Owenguy101: I didn't want Zekie to go. Please come back.

Sunshine: Did anyone like my story? No one's answering... :(

Gigi: It was fantastic, Sunshine! And the way it's coming out, it looks like your story's gonna leave mine in the dust.

Sunshine: *laughs hystarically* No, seriously. XD

Gigi: I am serious. That was totally great! So much better than mine. *kicks writing skills*

Sunshine: *kicks Gigi kicking writing skills* You could be, I dunno, Stephenie Meyer or something! *awaits everyone laughing at her being a Twilight fan*

Gigi: Ah...the good old days of being a Twilight fan. *nods fondly* I'll take that as a compliment. *huggle* But seriously, your story reminds me of my Heather one in that Playa Des Losers challenge. You do a really good job at bringing the drama. Great minds thing alike, I suppose!

Sunshine: I'm just waiting for a challenge where I can let my insane humor run free! XD

Gigi: Yay, humor! I'm waiting for a challenge that's open ended enough for me to be able to write some nice tragedy. Can you believe it? I actually cried while writing my submission for the last challenge. Aren't I sad? xD

Sunshine: I cried during Trent's song in the first TDA Aftermath... and at the end of the 6teen episode where Nebula and Jude broke up... *sigh*

Gigi: I shed a tear sometimes when I watch the fireworks at Disneyland (I'm goin' there tomorrow! Yay!). Especially Christmas. That song is so pretty. ♥

TDI19: You live near Disneyland?? Have fun 2MORO!

Gigi: About thirty minutes away, which is great for me since I'm a huge Disney nerd even though I'm 13. xD Today we went to go see that "A Christmas Carol" train thing at LA Union Station. The exhibit itself was okay and the train is pretty, but the three hour wait left both me and my mom extremely dissatisfied. Thanks, TDI19!

TDI19: That is so cool!

Gigi: Thank you! I'll think of you all when I'm dropping on Tower of Terror tomorrow. xD

TDI19: LOLZ! Please do!!! XD

TBTDIF: I cry whenever I see part of some SpongeBob episode (Chocolate with Nuts) where this guy is extremely injured. And then he turns out to be a fake...hmm...sounds like Heather.

TDI19: I get the Gophers this week Nalyd! You get the two stories on the Bass. Easy job for you!!

TBTDIF: Now I KNOW that the teams are unfair. Anyway, my story's done. My favorite part is the end, where I altered Noah and Duncan's quote from Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island.

Gigi: Sigh. I may not be able to get a story up this week. My family's going through some hard times and I'm most likely going to be gone all day today and tomorrow to support my sister and her children. You guys can vote me off if we lose. I'll try the best I can, but if the Gophers lose, you can go ahead and kick me to the curb. Sorry, guys. It's been fun. ;_;

TBTDIF: Does this sound familiar?

Gigi: Like Redflare, yeah. Hopefully, I can think up an ending to this fast.

TBTDIF: Redflare won't get into this. No one can hold a grudge to you for more than a good six minutes. (Bridgette moment)

Owenguy101: Anonymos. I fixed your link to the story storage. It's not an external link. It's an interal link.

TBTDIF: You guys like my story?

Sunshine: Yeah!!! Murder mystery!!! (Why are my stories always so long?!)

Usitgz: Does the title count in the word count?

Sprinklemist: I'm not sure how to do a word count, but I'm pretty sure I have enough.

TDI19: Title does NOT count. Sprinkle, on Word at the bottom of your document there should be the word count.

TBTDIF: Lots of crying going around in our stories...Courtney, Duncan, Noah...Sprinkle, your story is amazing! So it looks like there will be 3 tragedies and 3 comedies...hmm.

Sprinklemist: Thanks, TBTDIF. I had that story in my head for a while, now. I'd call it a black comedy. I don't have Word, but I Googled 'word count' and a bunch of programs appeared that did it. I had enough words. I can't believe we both have Joey in our story. LOL!

TBTDIF: Only I called him Joe. :)

TBTDIF: Today was my school's talent show. I was in it, and me and my friend sang a song that we wrote.

TDI19: Well.... what looked to be a very reliable, strong Top 12, turned out 6 stories, one withdrawal, four "can't do its", and one important circumstance.

Challenge Five

Nalyd: Okay, this week is all about length. The stories each have to be at least.... ONE THOUSAND WORDS!!! That's right! Any stories under 1,000 words will be immediately disqualified from the challenge. TDI/TDA must be written out. But what good is quantity if there is no quality? You can write any type of story, but it must be TDI characters. This will be judged on if you reach 1,000 words, spelling, grammar, and creativity.

Writing Gophers

  • Zak- No story.... could be in trouble.
  • Anonymos- Happy Birthday! Love it!! The idea of recreating the challenge was fantabulous! XD. I thought the end was unexpected! I actually thought you were gonna send both home, kind of like I had both teams lose in one of my stories last season! Great job! Your best work so far!!
  • Sunshine- Love it pixie!! Full of feeling, emotion, visuals! Descriptives were great!! "Abuse of Random Rocks!" LOL! One thing. Capitalize the word God. That is it! Fabulous job once again!!
  • TBTDIF- Wow!! This is an excellent story! I loved the Rachel Wilson thing (Heather's voice actress). I loved the references. It was clever, funny, and well-written!! Great!
  • Owenguy101- No story, no review.
  • Sprinklemist- I completely applaud you for this work of master-class. This was incredible! You mixed everything in: conflict, morals, humor, twists, tragedy, emotions, thoughts, actions. It was the whole package. And so are you!!!
  • Gigi- Thanks for telling us about what came up. I am glad your family is doing better!!

Typing Bass

  • Sorreltail18 - Fail.
  • Turnertang - Great. Very well written.
  • Tdifan1234 - FAIL.
  • Usitgz - Cutting it a little close with word count, huh? Definitely creative.

Nalyd Renrut: TDI19, if Bass lose I say Usitgz and Turnertang are invincible.

TDI19: I think that the Bass are losing again.

Typing Bass Vote for the umpteenth time

<poll> Who from the Bass are going home? Sorreltail18 Tdifan1234 </poll>


Nalyd: Okay, Tdifan1234 got all the votes (nine) BUT Fadingsilverstar16 is eliminated! Gigi is quitting due to time issues.

TBTDIF: I guess it's not right to complain, but there are too many quitters. Oh well, at least we still have Sprinkle and Sunshine, who do as much work combined as Fading did.

Nalyd: I try to stop them from quitting.

TDI19: Gigi, we wish you the best with your situation! Good luck!

TBTDIF: At least it's getting closer to fair now. I guess we'll have a few Typing Bass in the merge. It's weird--last time the Typing Bass were for a while, the superior...and now they're DEFINITELY the inferior.

Zak:So.... who's the new captain of the Gophers?

Nalyd: As this isn't really a roleplay camp, I don't think that captains are needed. And guess what everyone! Starting tomorrow, you will be competing individually!... Sort of!

Sunshine: Already? Wow, this season is going so much more quickly... o.O

Nalyd: Well, three people dropped out, and week one three people left, so yeah.

Sunshine: And to think when this started we were all freaking out about having the highest number of individual signups... XD

TDI19: Lol!! XD

Owenguy101: We haven't lost any challenges but we've lost Redflare and Gigi. BTW. Is this the merge?

Nalyd: You are all competing individually sort of.

Sunshine: All right... CHALLENGESOONPLZKTHX. (LOL, can anyone read that?! XD)

Week 6 Chat

Nalyd: This week's challenge will be nearly impossible! Posting a new story EVERY DAY!

Owenguy101: New story every day? This will be tough.

Sunshine: Do they have to be LONG stories, or just little short ones? I can do a bunch of little short stories, but if it's a full-length one everyday, there goes me. XD

Nalyd: They gotta be good.

Anonymos: New story EVERY DAY?!?!! Are you serious?!

Sunshine: Good I can do (well, there's better writers here, but I guess I'm holding my own) but is length an issue? And do we start today?

Anonymos: Maybe I could do a sentence every day... Or a word...

TDI19: I don't even think I could've done this!! Anyway, we are gonna see who truly deserves to win this week!!

Sunshine: Sorry, Turnertang, but I'm gonna have to beat you!!! *pause* Um, no offense or anything, and good luck! (I don't have a mean bone in my body... XD)

Turnertang: Meanie! (Runs away)

Sunshine: *cries* I'm sowwy!!!! *cries more*

Turnertang: It okay. See I even brought you a gift (Holds out Goofy)

Sunshine: Yaaaaay!!!!! XD

Goofy: Garsh Sunshine, its great to meet you!

Anonymos: NOT HIM AGAIN!! (Runs away.)

Sunshine: What's with Nonnie?

Anonymos: Goofy frightens me! (Shivers.) He's creepy...

Sunshine: That was the shortest story I've ever written. Ever. And I had to cut out a bunch of words to make it fit. XD

TBTDIF: 700 words comes naturally to me...I had to even cut it close with the 400-word challenge in TDAuthor. So THIS was a real challenge to me, but it's 200 words exactly. I feel like I'll win unfairly, because I don't think tdifan1234 will post a story. I have a feeling 4 Writing Gophers will win, too, because the best are all paired up against Typing Bass. We should switch it around and have 2 Typing Bass face each other.

TBTDIF (again): It's impossible to tell a writer's persoality with 200 words or less...

Nalyd: Then this is gonna get a lot harder.

TBTDIF: What's the next challenge gonna be? A story in second-person?

TBTDIF: And why are the stories due June 1st and not TODAY? I still have school on Jube 1st.

Nalyd: So that people have enough time. One day wouldn't be enough. Round two entries due Wednesday, and finals are due Friday.

Usitgz: Thank you Nalyd! It would be tough to do it one per day for me!

TBTDIF: I think I'll get to the semifinals, but if I can beat Sunshine, it'll be a real challenge. Well, I could face Usitgz or Sorrel.

Sprinklemist: I apologize if my story is too dark...

TBTDIF: *worries* Are the four people eliminated from the tournament now eliminated from the competition all together?

Zak:I can't believe I'm saying this, but.... I drop out. I'll be on vacay for two weeks, and it wouldn't be fair if I tayed on during that time. So, sorry, but I quit.

Sprinklemist: I'm personally sorry to see another good competitor drop out. Have fun on vacation, though.

TDI19: Sorry you have to leave Zak.... we will miss you!

Sunshine: First DJ now Zak... the competitors are dropping like flies!!! Well, not me! I'm staying in for the whole thing!!!

Challenge 6

Nalyd: Here's your challenge, and its a doozey. A tournament! We will pair you up with another person, and best story movies on. The winner wins invincibility for their team.

Round One

Nalyd: Okay, this week is another length one. The stories can only be UP TO 200 words. Here are the match ups: Sorreltail18 vs. Zakkoroen; Sunshine vs. Turnertang; Thebiggesttdifan vs. Tdifan1234; Anonymos vs. Usitgz; and Owenguy101 vs. Sprinklemist. TDA and TDI must be spelled out as three words. The stories will be judged on grammar and spelling. Round One stories are due June 1st. (In the morning)


TDI19: The winner is, for me, Sorrel!!!

TDI19: My vote goes to.... Sunshine!!!

Nalyd: Yes. Sunshine.

TDI19: I vote for Thebiggesttdifan!! Crackalakin!

TDI19: I thought both of you did pretty well, but one was way better. My vote is for Anonymos!!

Nalyd: Yeah. Good job.

TBTDIF: I don't agree! Just because Anony has topped Usitgz every time doesn't mean he can't win now.

TDI19: I thought Anonymos' story was better. Just wait for it.

Anonymos: Thanks, TDI19!

TBTDIF: I still say Usitgz was better.

Usitgz: Thanks TBTDIF.

TDI19: My vote is for...... Sprinklemist!!

Round Two

Nalyd: Sorrel, Sunshine, Anonymos, Sprinklemist and Thebiggesttdifan wins! The new match-ups are...Sorrel vs. TBTDIF and Sunshine vs. Anonymos vs. Sprinklemist. Challenge will be posted soon.

TDI19: Before we get all set, there is a twist!! Usitgz is coming back as a wildcard!!!!!!

TDI19: The new matchups will be Sorrel vs. TBTDIF, Sunshine vs. Anonymos, and Sprinklemist vs. Usitgz!!!

Nalyd: The challenge is the same as the first, only it's just 100 words! If the Gophers are in the finals, Gophers win by default. It's due Wednesday morning.

Owenguy101: Good luck everyone. Hey. Where do I go?

Dprinklemist: You missed the first part of the tournament which was yesterday and the day before. Sorry.

Owenguy101: I didn't miss it. I just couldn't finish my story in time.

Sprinklemist: Oh.

Anonymos: I'd like to see Sunshine top that! Although, I know she will...

Sprinklemist: I'm glad I wasn't up against it. I loved it, Anonymos.

Anonymos: Thanks, Sprinkle! Loved yours too!

TBTDIF: It's one thing for Nalyd to be the only judge. But it's another for him and TDI19 to be cohosting. TDI19's a WAY better player than a judge. These length challenges are seriosuly scarring my habits! 700 words in a story comes naturally!

TDI19: OK Then! You know what? If I am such a horrible judge, how about I enter the competition then TBTDIF???? Thanks for the insult! Also, Nalyd has come up with EVERY CHALLENGE until next week's one! So thanks again.

Nalyd: ... Dude, we'd still be on week one if it weren't for TDI19. I'm too lazy to read 19 stories a week. I came up with this challenge, so if you've got something to say, say it to me. TDI19 has mostly been helping judge and fix my errors.

TDI19: Nalyd, it's OK. Maybe I am a really bad judge.

Nalyd: *rolls eyes* You are NOT a bad judge, you're great. IDK what TBTDIF is going on about.

TDI19: It is because I picked Anonymos over Usitgz, probably! But he is back as a wildcard now!

TBTDIF: Sorry, but I'm just fighting the urge to quit. It's just that you've...well...I'm sorry. I may think bad things about you, but you're still a great guy, TDI19. You are an amazing player, that is true.

TDI19: OK, sorry for getting upset. Thanks. I will try harder.

Sprinklemist: I don't think it's a bad challenge or that TDI19's a bad judge. The challenge is hard because it puts a limit on our words, but our creativity should be able to shine through no matter how many words there are. It's only one challenge out of many (and there were a few challenges that I felt my creativity suffer, but I tried to move passed it and make it work).

Sunshine: I can honestly say my story is horrible... the reason my stories are any good is 'cause I use lots of different descriptive words, and with such a small word limit I can't do that... X( For the love of tomato sauce, Nalyd, no more length challenges!!! I beseech thee! (Whatever that means! XD) Or at least make it, like, 400 words!!!

Usitgz: Thanks for putting me back in TDI19, you aren't a bad judge no matter what anyone tells you. The challenge I'm OK, with I actually liked two hundred words since I can't go on the computer much.

TBTDIF: The reason MY stories are any good is because I use voice. A LOT of voice. The writing sounds like me. And with 100 words I had so many quotations that I couldn't use much voice. But Sunshine, your writing DEFINITELY sounds like you. You're the best author of us left. Then Sprinkle, then Anonymous, then maybe me. But you're the best.

TBTDIF: And to the judges, I'm sorry. But I liked Total Drama Author better...mainly because of the format. Random-picked teams, and it's not really a popularity contest...I'm more criticizing American Idol and whatever other shows use that besides Total Drama Island.

Nalyd: Next season, me and the winner will probably go back to the original format. Juding time!

Sunshine: Me the best? Yeah right. Sprinklemist's writing kicks my writing's butt any day. And of course, Gigi... *sniffle* I MISS YOU GIGI!!!!!!

Sprinklemist: Your writing has a butt? O_O I miss Gigi, too, but at least we can still read Life After Lies.

Round Three

Nalyd: Okay, the three people moving on are... Obviously TBTDIF... and...

TDI19: Agreed...

Nalyd: And I'm going with... Anonymos.

TDI19: Yeah... the perfect "don't judge a book by its' cover" theme! Loved it!!

Nalyd: After much debate, we've decided.... SPRINKLEMIST will not be moving on. Usitgz is the third finalist. Usitgz, the bass's first win is all up to you..

Anonymos: YEAH! Final round! Whoo! Let's do the wave! (Starts wave, but then realizes no one is doing it.) Or not...

Sprinklemist: *starts wave with Anonymos* Wait... I didn't move on? *stops the wave and begins crying*

Sunshine: *break dances for some reason* Oh wait, I don't know how to break da- *spins into wall* I'm okay!!!

Nalyd: The challenge is.... FIFTY WORDS!!!!!!! XD Remember Ustigz, your team is counting on you.

Sprinklemist: *stops crying* I'm glad I was eliminated in a way. 100 words was hard enough. When is this one due?

Sunshine: I really can't believe I'm saying this, but... WOOHOO!!!! I GOT ELIMINATED!!! XD (If I had to do this, I think my head probably would've exploded...)

Nalyd: Friday. It's due Friday.

Sunshine: Once this is over, Renrut, you owe us for all the torture this challenge put everyone through. XD


TBTDIF: I was talking to my friend and he said "Fifty words is hard?" He doesn't know how hard 50 words can be.

Turnertang: 50 words is really hard Nalyd!

Sprinklemist: It could have been 2 words, I guess.

Nalyd: Limited words is the ultimate test for an author. TBTDIF, we had the challenges planned so complainging will change nothing. No, only the finals for this challenge. Still got 8 weeks!

TBTDIF: Yer goin' down, Anonymos...yer goin' down. *suddenly changes personality* If I win this competition, will you get me a pass to be on a reality TV show, Nalyd?

Sprinklemist: I find very little funny... Anonymos story is on the list. *dies laughing... figuratively*

Nalyd: What do you mean "a pass to be on a reality TV show?" Also, you and Anonymos are on the same team... o.O

Anonymos: NO WAY!! I WON!!! :D

Sprinklemist: Thanks for winning! Yay!

Usitgz: Good job, Anonymos.

Anonymos: Thanks! Your story was awesome too!

And the winner is....

Nalyd: ANOYNMOS! You were great even with fifty words. You told a whole atory, I think.

Typing Bass - Last Vote

Usitgz is safe for being int he finals.

    Who will be the last Bass to be eliminated before next week's merge?

Nalyd: Tdifan1234 is out, receiving more total votes than ANYONE else! Final eight, I dub thee... THE BEST SELLERS!!!!!!!

Week Seven Chat

TDI19: Congrats to the Bestsellers!! I remember when I got this far, I felt so accomplished!! How do you guys feel about the competition?

Turnertang: Well, I didn't think I would make it this far because so many authors are better than me here but since I made it I'm gonna have to try even harder!

TDI19: Good luck!!

Turnertang: Thanks!

Sunshine: I have a good one for Izzy! Spending a day in law school! (Meaning she'd have to not be insane!!! :o)

TDI19: Perfect!!! I was thinking something along those lines, but could not think of one for sure!! Do it!!

Sunshine: *goes to look up random law stuffs*

TBTDIF: I'm working on one about Trent and Geoff.

(Tdifan1234: DX I could have done this challenge so well!)

Owenguy101: I can do a good story with Owen, Geoff, Duncan, Trent, or even Ezekiel. BTW. When's the challenge due?

TDI19: Pick only one please, and it is due Thursday, as always.

Sprinklemist: Nalyd gave me permission to do "Chris hosting a children's program". Yay!

TBTDIF: My story's finally done. I think I made the ending a little too epic, but at least it's technically happy. Also Dylan, Matt, Stephen and Greg are a parody of the Jets from West Side Story.

Usitgz: Barely finished the challenge this week, phew!

Challenge Seven

This week's challenge will involve you writing about the TDI characters doing things that are very hard for them or you would never see them doing. Here are your choices:

  • Owen- Fasting for a week.
  • Gwen- Being a cheerleader.
  • Heather- Donating time to a charity.
  • Duncan- Being a police officer for a day.
  • Leshawna- Giving up her cell phone for a week.
  • Geoff- Not going to the biggest, most fun party of the year
  • Lindsay- Taking a very hard test.
  • Trent- Giving up guitar.
  • Eva- Taking anger management classes.
  • Courtney- Dating Harold.
  • Beth- Become a model.
  • Katie and Sadie- Moving away from one another. (Tell the story of both.)
  • Justin- Being ugly.
  • Noah- Playing sports.
  • Ezekiel- Going to public school.
  • Chef Hatchet- Owning a gourmet restaurant.

If you come up with a great idea for Izzy, DJ, Bridgette, Harold, Cody, or Chris, and want to use it, just let either host/judge know. You will be judge on creativity, spelling, grammar, and the skill of emphasizing the conflict and stress of the situation the character is dealing with. Good luck guys!!

Judging (7)

Nalyd: TDI19, I'll get the first five people, k? (I'll do some more later, TDI19 if you finish your three and have extra time could you score Turnertang or Anonymos?)

  • Sorrel-No story. Sad.
  • Sunshine-Very well done. This is classic Sunshine.
  • TBTDIF- I was definitely shocked by this touching drama. Excellent. Just excellent.
  • Anonymos- This story was awesome!! It was hilarious!! When I came up with the Eva and Anger Management Classes theme, I knew it would be good, but not this great!!
  • Turnertang- Pretty funny, yet sort of predictable. Real potential here. Definitely good.
  • Owenguy- No story, could be in trouble.
  • Sprinklemist- OK, it was funny! You kept present tense the whole time! You emphasized the conflict! However, for me, this was very, very unbelievable, and don't kill me for this. It was because the kids were way too old for the activities that you had in the story, and it was kind of awkward for me to picture that. You should have done like 6 or 7 year olds.
  • Usitgz- Okay... some grammar/spelling issues. Seemed more like a TDA episode than Justin struggling with uglyness.

Nalyd: Okay, i think SUnshien wins invincibility.

TDI19: I agree. I believe Anonymos does as well!

Best Sellers vote

Nalyd: Okay, Sunshine and Anonymos are invincible.

TDI19: OK.... and with 7 votes, we say goodbye to Sorrel!! Congratulations to this season's TOP 7!!! Thebiggesttdifan, Anonymos, Turnertang, Sunshine, Owenguy, Sprinklemist, and Usitgz!! However, there is always a twist with Nalyd, isn't there? We are welcoming back TWO competitors, last season's runner-up to me, Tdifan1234, and one of this season's most controversial contestants, Kenzen11!!! They are being brought back due to writing new stories at Playa des Authors 2, and qualifying to return!!

Anonymos: Welcome back, guys!

Nalyd: *laughs* Welcome back, dudes. hope you enjoyed your time *hold up fingers in an L shape* as losers! *sees everyone staring* Welcome back...

Tdifan1234: :-P Well, It's good to be back! Even tough I've only been gone for a week...

Sprinklemist: Welcome back.

TBTDIF: I can't wait to see another one of Kenzen's humiliating stories...but at least I'm in the Top 9!

Sprinklemist: There's no reason to say something mean like that.

Nalyd: Yeah, stop being pointlessly unkind or it will result in a ban.

TBTDIF: *looks down guiltily* Sorry, guys, I've just been stressed. Maybe I should just shut my mouth or something and only post stories. No, that would be even worse...I'm sorry Kenzen.

Sunshine: *pats TBTDIF on the back* Top Nine! Awesome! Welcome back, guys! Personally, I think it's great that you came back, Kenzen. Your big chance to redeem yourself!!! I know this sounds corny, but I think it's great to be surrounded by so many awesome authors!!! *scoops everyone up into a big group hug*

Nalyd: *heads over to playa des authors to record episode one of TDAuthor Aftermath!* (Check it out!)

TBTDIF: Turnertang and Usitgz have really improved here. I expect to see them in the final five. I bet I'll come in, like, 5th or 6th or something.

Sunshine: You've actually really surprised me. No offense, but when I joined, I didn't see you as a big threat. Then you started writing and your skill just blew me away. I think you're better than me! I can see you as fourth place, if not even further!

TBTDIF: Thanks. But Turnertang especially really has the potential now to be someone in the final 5. He certainly has great ideas. I remember in Total Drama Author when I lost--to Ricky490! Turnertang is like Ricky, only Ricky had a bit less potential than Turnertang.

Sunshine: Whatever happened to Ricky...?

Sprinklemist: I feel like I started strong, but these last two challenges have been way too hard to wrap my mind around... This camp is really helping you guys to improve, though. That's what it's for.

Turnertang: What I want to know is why I have low on the chart for this week when TBTDIF has more votes than me.

TDI19: You had the second most votes when the vote actually closed. Those votes are extra and don't count against anyone.

Turnertang: Thank you for explaining, Chief TDI19.

TDI19: De nada!! BTW... besides TBTDIF, who already voiced his opinion, how I am doing as a judge?

Turnertang: I think you are a great judge! When you review my stories you give me construction criticism which helps me do better in my next story.

TDI19: Thanks dude!

Turnertang: Your welcome! Is the challenge tomorrow?

TDI19: I assume so.... Nalyd actually has not told be anything.

Turnertang: Oooooh, a mystery. Don't worry Detective Turnertang is on the case! (Pulls out a Sherlock Holmes hat)

TBTDIF: Okay...NOW LET'S SING ALL STAR FOR MAKING IT THIS FAR! Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me...

Kenzen:I hope i do alot better

Sprinklemist: I think you've improved times a million from your first judging, TDI19. The only thing I don't love is when you guys declare a winner for the whole thing(of course I hate it when American Idol does it, but Adam lost. Woo!)... What was I talking about?

Turnertang: Yeah, TDI19 you are a great judge!

TDI19: Thanks guys!! I will not declare a winner, Nalyd is, though. I HATE WHEN IDOL DOES THAT!!!!!!!

TBTDIF: Is the second challenge today?

Week Eight Chat

Nalyd: I'll post the challenge soon!

TBTDIF: Sorry, but I'm a bit eager and impatient to get the challenge going. So what do you mean by "soon?" Sorry I'm annoying you, Nalyd.

Sprinklemist: My biggest weakness... Poetry...

TBTDIF: Man, haikus I never do. Limericks are occasional. Maybe I should go with the Shakespeare Sonnet...what is that anyway?

TDI19: A Shakespearean sonnet is a classical poem written in the form ABAB CDCD EFEF GG, with the two G's being a rhyming couplet.

TBTDIF: Sounds interesting. May I do two poems?

Nalyd: Yes, but we'll only judge one.

Sunshine: ...and I realize as I try to write this that I am only good at writing free-verse poetry... and sort of haikus... MUST THINK OF HAIKU!!! *headdesk*

Sunshine: Okay, here's my haiku... wow that's bad... XD

Owenguy101: Need to think of a poem. I'm going to fail.

Sprinklemist: *edits it a bit*

Sprinklemist: Your poem doesn't fit any of the criteria, owenguy. A haiku is made up of three lines. The first line has five syllables, the second has seven syllables, and the third had five syllables.

TBTDIF: *is about to say something bad about Owenguy's poem but decides against it* Your poem is just free verse, Owenguy. Might as well do a Shakespeare sonnet.

TDI19: And we are just waitin' for Tdifan1234.

Nalyd: First of all, TBTDIF, there is no need to imply that you want to say something bad! Its a good poem! However, Owenguy, the poem you did does not match the requirement for the challenge and will result in a bad review.

TBTDIF: And it's OVAHHHHHHHHH! Tdifan, you did pretty good!

Sprinklemist: Guys, just because TDIBF made comments that may have offended you, doesn't mean he should be voted out. This is a writing competition not a popularity contest. P.S. I really wanted to do a sonnet, but like I said, poetry is my weakness. I tried to figure out how to write one by doing extra research, but I just couldn't understand the ab bc... whatever. Sorry.

Anonymos: Nalyd and TDI19, I don't want to be offensive or like, questioning your power or anything, but out of a limerick, a haiku, or a Shakespearean sonnet, which would you have picked to do?

TBTDIF: Thanks, Sprinklemist. But I don't think it'll convince anyone. Guess I have to head home...(gets suitcases)...GOODBYE! *sobs*

Nalyd: Anonymos, I don't see how you're questioning our power. I would've dove a sonnet, because a limmerick and haiku are too short.

TDI19: Yeah... that question is fine. Like I told you before, I probably would not have, but I am just telling you never let yourself get lazy in this competition. Sonnets do sound interesting though....

Sunshine: One, I feel I should point out that I'm randomly not on the voting poll, and two, I was going to write a sonnet, but when I started 1) I just couldn't find any good rhymes, and 2) it just plain started sounding stupid... so I gave up and wrote a haiku... *headkeyboard*

TBTDIF: Well, school's over. Gone. For seventy days. Soon they're probably gonna lock the doors and not let anyone in. *sighs* I need TDA2.

TDI19: Lol, Sunshine, I think it is just because Nalyd is so used to you being invincible.

Nalyd: My bad... heh.... if they voted for Sunshine we would've saved her anyway.

Anonymos: I thought you couldn't save after we got to the merge.

Nalyd: I guess not. I forgot then...

Sprinklemist: I don't think she was in any danger.

Anonymos: Even so.

Sprinklemist: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Challenge Eight

Nalyd: Another classic from last season; Total Drama Poems! You must write a haiku, limmerick, or Shakespearean sonnet. (Any questions ask me) They will be judged on if you worte that kind of poem correctly, how the poem relates to TDI; and spelling and grammar will count based on which poem you choose.

Nalyd Renrut's Reviews

Nalyd: TDI19 and I are both writing reviews for each story. FIRST of all. I'm disappointed in ALL OF YOU. No Shakespearean Sonnets? None of you pushed yourselves! You may have made it to the merge, but if you think its time to get lazy, drop out now.

  • Sunshine - This was a good one. I liked it.
  • TBTDIF - You technically wrote it correctly, but I'm pretty sure limericks are supposed to be funny.
  • Anonoymos - Nice. I liked how it rhymed.
  • Turnetang - You misspelled enemies. pretty good, but I'm pretty sure the lines need a relatively close amount of syllables.
  • Owenguy - You completely failed this week. You didn't do any of the poems required.
  • Sprinklemist - It might be because I'm a sucker for Cody stuff, but it was good.
  • Usitgz - Good, but I feel like you wasted the last line.
  • Tdifan1234 - Funny. Great poem.
  • Kenzen11 - Seriously? in the whole week you couldn't finish a haiku???????????
Nalyd: Well, my vote for invincibility goes to.... Tdifan1234.

TDI19's Reviews

TDI19: Hey guys! From the top 9, it will only get harder from here. Be ready for the unexpected. You still have nearly two months of competition left! I do completely agree with Nalyd that you can not let your cares down this far in to the competition. We saw what happened when that happens in the earlier weeks.

  • Sunshine- Hey Sunshine! Your poem... for me, was just fair. I mean, you rock at stories. Your haiku was very simple, but still good.
  • TBTDIF- It was pretty well written, but, I checked Wikipedia, and it says that limericks are supposed to be "witty and humorous", which, in essence, it was not.
  • Anonymos- Not bad, not bad..... You got lucky with the rhyming! :)
  • Turnertang- Well done! This one definitely had the humorous quality a limerick needs. The only problem was that the lines were not similar amounts of syllables the whole way through. This is what it was: 11, 6, 13, 7, 9. All of them were different from each other, which kind of messed up the poem's flow.
  • Owenguy- No offense, but you need to learn a little more about poetry. The standard verse for a haiku is a three-line poem with the form 5, 7, 5. You did a free-verse poem... which was not really that good, and was not allowed.
  • Sprinklemist- Nice job. Sweet, well-written.
  • Ustigz- I loved the first two lines. They were witty and good. The last line was just sort of there, though. It was kind of like a giant stain on what could have been a wonderful haiku silk blanket.
  • Tdifan- I remember last season.... you came out of the blue in poetry week, and knocked everyone's socks off! It was great! I hate to put down your poem this season.......

and I'M NOT GOING TO!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was clever, witty, rhymed, fun to read! It just had everything!! Why were you eliminated?? I think after you start to write more and more, no one will even remember your blunders earlier, and your way to early elimination!

  • Kenzen11- Hey.... um, I feel kind of awkward here. Last time... this was pretty bad when I reviewed you. I am going to be nice this time. The start of your haiku looked very good. However, you couldn't come up with a last line? Awww... that makes me sad. That makes the poem rather confusing.


Everyone else, good luck on the vote this week. :)

Best Sellers Vote 2

Nalyd: With Tdifan invincible, who will go?

Nalyd: With eight votes, TBTDIF is out! The first Gopher to go not by choice... Y'all can talk here.

Turnertang: I can't believe I'm in the final 8!

Nalyd: Good job, you deserve it.

Turnertang: Thank you!

Usitgz: same here, after being the third one out last season I was afraid I wouldn't even make it to the final 13!

Sunshine: FINAL EIGHT??? *passes out, then randomly wakes up* So, uh, when's the next challenge? I WANT TO WWWRRRIIITTTEEE!!!! (LOL watch a kajillion people come yell at me saying if I want to write I should work on my fanfics...)

Week Nine Chat

Nalyd: We're nearing the end people! From now on, when all the stories are done we will judge.

Owenguy101: Thank goodness. A challenge that's not poetry.

Tdifan1234: So, We make an adution tape for a TDI character for another reality show?

Nalyd: Yes, exactly!

Tdifan1234: ok. Thanks!

Tdifan1234: LOL, Nonny! LOVE IT!!!! XD

Anonymos: Thank you! I can't wait to read yours!

Nalyd: I hope this week is better than last week...

Anonymos: Isn't it better already?

Tdifan1234: I really liked last week's challenge. We should have poetry challenges more often... XD JK

Sprinklemist: Your poetry rocks. There should be a poetry camp... Just not this camp.

Tdifan1234: Thanks. Hey, that would actually be a good idea!

Sprinklemist: Only you shouldn't start the camp, you should compete, and I can't judge poetry very well.

Owenguy101: When does the judging start?

Sunshine: Fear my somewhat bad story about a show I don't even watch. FEAR IT. XD

Sprinklemist *eyes bug out at current poll results* Anyway, I realize now that my story was pretty self-indulgent, as funny as it was, and could be only fully understood by a big ANTM fan. I'm just glad that I'm safe this week. Thanks judges!

Usitgz: I have a bad feeling about tonight.

Challenge Nine

Nalyd: Sorry for the delay but I thought TDI19 was gonna update... heh... OKAY! This week you are writing an audition tape for a TDI character, if they were to audition for another show, after TDI, but before TDA. It will eb judged on creativity, originality, spelling and grammar. GO AUTHORS! GO!

Sunshine's Story

The camera turns on and reveals Heather seated in front of her vanity mirror, dozens of beauty products lined up in front of it. She is wearing a simple yet attractive red dress, obviously rare and expensive. She looks to the camera with her usual haughty, makeup-covered expression. Her appearance is that of a perfect, professional model- that is, except for her sloppily shaved head.

“Hello,” she opens snobbishly, “I’m Heather. And I KNOW I have what it takes to be America’s Next Top Model.”

“First of all, I’ve had experience in the field.” She explains. “I was the winner of the local child modeling competition for three years when I was young. Secondly, I have impeccable fashion sense.” She gestures to her outfit as proof. “Thirdly, I’ve loyally watched the last twelve cycles of the show. I know what’s coming to me. And finally, I have the beauty of a professional model; from my makeup to my-”

She seems about to say ‘my hair’, but realizes that she no longer has her flowing black locks. She runs a hand over the thin, patchy remains of her hair, looking regretful.

“D-don’t let my hair stop you from picking me!” She declares, embarrassed. “It’s growing back!” She sits in silence for a minute, then whines, “It IS!” With an annoyed sigh, she moves forward and flicks the camera off.

Anonymos's Story

Lindsay's Audition for Iron Chef

Lindsay is pictured in a hot tub, as the camera zooms in to her upper body only. She is sipping a drink, and she accidentally spills it in the hot tub. “Oh, oops! That wasn’t supposed to happen!” She climbs out of the hot tub, and wraps herself in a towel. “I think I should be on America’s Next Top Model because I am friendly, sweet and pretty!”

Lindsay is interrupted by her mother, and she says, “Lindsay, you’re auditioning for Iron Chef, remember?”

“I am?” Lindsay asks, in her usual ditzy way. Her mother nods, “Oh, well, then I should be on Iron Chef because I am such a good chef! Well, chef-ette! That is the correct term for a female chef, isn’t it?”

“Lindsay,” Lindsay’s mother says, “There is no term for a female chef.”

“Oh, okay then,” Lindsay smiles, “I’ll just show you some of my cooking skills!”

She starts walking off to her kitchen. Her mother stops her and says, “Lindsay, the kitchen is the other way.”

“Oh, right!” Lindsay nods.

The camera cuts to Lindsay, smiling, waving and standing on a runway.

“Lindsay,” Her mother sighs, “For the last time, you are NOT auditioning for America’s Next Top Model. You are auditioning for Iron Chef.”

“Right!” Lindsay says.

The camera cuts to Lindsay’s kitchen.

“I am going to show you how I cook!” Lindsay smiles, “Today Chef-ette Lindsay will be making lobster!” She picks up a tank and puts it on the table. She struggles with the weight. “Before I start to cook these guys, I want you to meet them all. First we have Lucy,” She points to lobster, “This one is Ferdinand,” She points to a lobster with a mustache, “And this one is Helen,” She points to another creature in the tank. She looks at it hard for a minute, “Wait a second, that one is dead!” She pokes it and it hisses at her. “Well, I know which one of you is going in the pot first!” The camera zooms out to reveal a pot of boiling water next to her. She drops Ferdinand into the pot of water, and some of it splashes onto her arm. She screams and starts running in aimless circles around her kitchen. She calms down and reaches for another lobster. She takes it out of the pot. “How are you doing, Lucy?” Lucy takes her claw and pinches Lindsay’s nose. She screams and resumes running around the kitchen in aimless circles, this time with a lobster dangling from her nose. Lindsay eventually thrusts the lobster into the pot. She looks at the last lobster in the tank, reaches for it, then decides against it.

She checks a clock, then realizes she can’t read it. She sighs then says, “This is taking to long!” She turns the heat up to the highest it can go. The fire blazes, and kitchen towel catches on fire. Lindsay runs away to get a fire extinguisher. She returns to realize that the fire has encased the entire kitchen. She starts spraying the kitchen madly with the fire extinguisher, but it is too strong. She runs out of the kitchen.

The camera cuts to her parents waiting in the dining room. “So, Lindsay, where is our meal?” Her father asks.

“Hey, I have a great idea!” Lindsay brightens up.

“You do?!” Her parents are shocked.

“Yeah!” Lindsay smiles, “Let’s get out of the house, and go out to dinner!”

“Um, okay!” Her parents say.

The camera cuts to the restaurant, and it is burned down.

Lindsay’s father turns to the camera, “They let her cook a little. She chopped some carrots. HOW DOES THAT RESULT IN A FIRE?!!”

“Calm down, dear…” Lindsay’s mother sighs.

Lindsay turns to the camera and says, “And that’s why I should be on America’s Next Top Model!”

“IRON CHEF!!!” Her mother screams.

“I mean Iron Chef!” Lindsay giggles.

The camera shuts off.

Turnertang's Story

Leshawna's audition for American Idol

“So, you think you have what it takes to be the next American Idol?” asked Simon “I don’t think I know.” Leshawna replied confidently “Lets hear what you got, dawg.” Randy replied “Don’t cha with your girlfriend was hot like me. Don’t cha-“ Leshawna sang, “That’s enough singing.” Simon said as he interrupted Leshawna “Wasn’t it great?” Leshawna asked, “My ears will never be the same.” Simon replied “Yo, that was one of the worst performances of the season.” Randy commented, “Well, no one asked you two to answer me.” Leshawna replied rudely “You tell them, girl!” Paula yelled, “It’s a no from me.” Simon said “Its obviously a no.” Randy said, “Yes! Yes, yes, yes. You go girl!” Paula screamed “Your not going to Hollywood.” Simon commented, “I’ll show you!” Leshawna yelled as she charged at him and started punching him “Security!” Simon yelled as two men came and grabbed Leshawna “I got fifth place on Total Drama Island!” Leshawna yelled as she was dragged away “Isn’t she delightful.” Simon said sarcastically “Where are you taking me?” Leshawna asked as the two men kept dragging here “Right here.” one of the men said as he threw Leshawna into a dungeon “You can’t leave me here!” Leshawna yelled “Yes we can.” said the other man as they walked away “I’ll be back next season!” Leshawna screamed, “A chill just went down my spine.” Simon commented as he drank some soda “Why?” Randy asked, “I think that the weird girl is auditioning again.” Simon replied, “I’ll bust out of here!” Leshawna screamed as she threw herself against the bars “Well, it looks like Leshawna was thrown in the dungeon.” Ryan said outside the auditioning room “The what?” Leshawna’s Mother asked “Nothing.” Ryan replied, “I will bust out! They need me for Total Drama Action!” Leshawna screamed

Owenguy's Story

Owens auditions for the biggest loser

Owen sets up his video camera on him. “Hey there folks!” said Owen “I’m so fat that I think most of you think I’m a biggest loser! The reason I’m this fat is that I eat a whole lot. Anyway, I sure hope I’ll do well in this. See yah!” Owen finishes up by burping and the tape finishes. A few weeks later Owen is talking with Alison Sweeney about his audition. “Well. Do you like it?” asked Owen. “Yes, but you forgot one thing.” Alison Sweeney said. “What?” asked Owen. “It’s just not about being fat. It also means losing weight.” she said. “What?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Owen. Later, Owen is having lunch with the boys from TDI. “So you didn’t join because you’re going to lose weight.” said Duncan. “Yeah. I thought I was going to get a heart attack.” said Owen. “Loser.” said Duncan.


Sprinklemist's Story

Justin Auditions for America's Next Top Model


Tyra Banks, Retired top model (She isn't the main character but she demanded top billing)

Justin, Arrogant, alleged hot guy

Miss J. Alexander, Flamboyant runway diva coach extraordinaire

Mr. Jay Manuel, Less flamboyant, but still flamboyant, art director

Tyra Banks and her two fellow judges are sitting at a desk in front of a runway. Tyra is wearing a strange dress with a dramatic hood. Mr. Jay is wearing a pink shirt that is unbuttoned to reveal his pectoral implants. Miss J. is wearing a baggy black dress, and an unexplained Mickey Mouse ear hat. Tyra looks at a photo of the previous contestant. She says, "This girl is great. Her face is stunning, and she photographs well. Her left pinky toe looks fat, though."

Miss J. says, "She'll never make it in the modeling world. Mmm hmm."

"Let's meet the next auditionee," Mr. Jay says, "Her name is Justin."

Tyra looks confused, which is hard to distinguish on a model, and says, "Justin... That's a weird name for a girl."

Mr. Jay sarcastically says, "Right, Tyra." He then proceeds to make a fake cough.

"Boy, you betta see a doctah for that cough!" Miss J. says flamboyantly.

Justin walks in and the judges gasp. "What?" He asks. "Oh yeah, my stunning beauty has left you all speechless. I get that all the time. So can I be on your show?"

Tyra says in an over dramatic way, "You are gorgeous. You have marvelous bone structure, but this is a modeling competition for female contestants."

Justin frowns and Mr. Jay says, "Don't frown! You'll wrinkle your beautiful face!"

Miss J. slaps Mr. Jay and says, "Don't even put that in the realm of possibilities."

"You only audition girls?" Justin says. "That's extremely sexist."

Tyra randomly snaps and yells, "Until you are paraded down a runway in nothing but a bikini, and treated like a piece of meat, don't you ever, ever, call me sexist!" The Jays applaud the dramatic speech.

Justin says, "Believe me, I know your pain. These looks are a blessing and a curse." Justin removes his shirt and flexes in front of the judges.

Tyra says, "Forget this competition. I'm giving you the $100,000 Gluteus Maximus modeling contract without even competing. Competition over, y'all!" The Jays nod in agreement. Tyra continues, "Let's do the photo shoot for '6teen Magazine', together." Tyra quickly rips off her hooded black dress, revealing a sequined gold dress.

"My eyes!" Miss J. exclaims at seeing the glimmering dress.

Justin says, "Oh please, like I would pose with a has-been like you." Justin makes his hands resemble a frame around his face. "This face is fresh. I don't want your old, creepiness to rub off on me."

Tyra says, "I can understand that. Hi, Janice!"

Mr. Jay says, "He has a point."

"Besides," Justin says, "I'm contractually obligated to appear on the next season of Total Drama Whatever. So I'll have to pursue modeling, afterward. I'll take that contract, though."

"Sure," Tyra says, "Take the keys to my Corvette, too." Tyra hands Justin the contract. He signs it and leaves the runway.

Tyra says, "That was the best five minutes of my life." The Jays nod in agreement.

Usitgz's Story

Katie and Sadie audition for The Amazing Race!

Katie turned on the camera while Sadie stood in her own room. Katie walked next to her and they started EEEEEEEEEEEing.

"Sorry, about that, we are just so excited aboutthis aution," Sadie explained.

"Yeah, THE AMAZING RACE!" said Katie.

"We've never got lost ever," stated Sadie.

"Yeah never, we'll stay on track and win THE AMAZING RACE!" said Katie.

"Okay, that is seriously weird Katie, stop it," Sadie told Katie.

"Well anyways, We never get lost ever!" said Katie.

"I already said that Katie," said Sadie.

"Girls remember when got lost at the mall that one time, and when got lost on that one reality show, and wh..." interupted Sadie's mom.

"Shut up, Mother!" screamed Sadie.

The doorbell rang, and they heard it open. They heard Sadie's mom talking to another person who sounded familiar.

"Girls, it's your friend from umm... Total Drama Island umm... Lindsay!" yelled Sadie's mother.

"Hi, Sam and Kate!" said Lindsay.

"It's Sadie and Katie, Lindsay," said Katie.

"Well, I hope you pick us, amazing race people, Bye!" exclamed Sadie.

The End!

Tdifan1234's Story

Heather's Audition for Survivor

"Hi. I'm Heather. Well, you probably already know that," Heather said arrogantly. She had a weird looking wig on, which didn't look real at all. "I belong on Survivor because I will bring the drama and I can play those losers like a piano!" Then, Heather's brother snuck up behind her and pulled off her wig, revealing her bald head, and ran away. "DAMIEN! YOU COME BACK HERE!" Heather yelled. She ran off screen. After about 30 seconds of hearing threatening phrases like, " This is important! Gimme back my hair!" and "You are SO gonna pay for this later!" Heather comes back with a bad wig and an innocent smile. She says, "I hope you pick me for Survivor!" She then loses her fake facade and says, "If you don't you'll pay..." She regains it and ends with, "Thank you!"

The End! (I know it's short...I'll possibly add more later)

Kenzen11's Story

Harold's Audition for How to Survive a Japanese Game Show

. *Camera turns on and Harold is seen in his room*

"I have awesome skills"Harold says looking at the camera. "I mean, I have been signing autographs ever since I got home " he says holding a first edition star wars pen with a Yoda bobble head on top. "I have perfected my awesome signature" he says showing the camera a very dorky signature with a little picture of a wookiee in the bottom right on the paper in his notebook. "You should pick me for How to Survive a Japanese Game Show because I can handle anything" wheezes Harold . "I put up with Duncan!" he said, out rolls onto screen a montage of every prank Duncan ever pulled on him. "Harold honey, dinner"Harold's mother yells. "Okay mom" Harold yells back. "Okay and I need another signature, honey" she yells back. "Gosh"he replies to his mom and turns away from the camera. He then turns back to the camera and says "Okay well got to go" Harold says in Japanese but he actually said I have watermelons in my pants.

. *Camera goes to static*

Two days later as he rides the bus heading to total drama action. He reads a letter from How to Survive a Japanese Game Show and, as he reads Duncan sneaks up behind him. Duncan then gives him a mega wedgie. After which, Harold stops groaning and he finishes the letter. They have denied him because Star Wars creeps Japanese people out and the bobble head reminds them of the much feared Godzilla. And he said his famous "Gosh".

Nalyd Renrut's Reviews

  • Sunshine - Hilarious! Well done in all categories.
  • Anonymos - Just like Sunshine's, perfect!
  • Turnertang - Not very good. LeShawna seemed more Eva like. Lots of grammar and spelling issues.
  • Owenguy - That was hilarious! Very original with Owen not realizing you had to lose weight. I've been quoting this all week. "It's not just about being fat."
  • Sprinklemist - Hilarious! I got a little confused at the end, though. Overall, well done.
  • Usitgz - Okay, it was great until Sadie's mom. I had to re-read her first line a few times to understand because, well, you forgot pronouns!
  • Tdifan1234 - It could have been better. It was just okay.
  • Kenzen11 - First of all, you are lucky if we don't kick you out now, and luckier if you survive the week. The story was okay, I liked the line about the watermelons. That made me LOL. BUT, the grammar was atrocious! You definitely should have re-read this at least twice. A whole lot of problems.

TDI19's Reviews


  • Sunshine- You don't watch the show, and you do a fic about it! That's Ok... I don't watch either, and I have a camp about it! LOL! Anyway this was great. It was funny, and just worked all around. Don't doubt your amazing writing skills!
  • Anonymos- LOVED IT!!! HIlarious! Classic Lindsay, and classic you!! Great job!
  • Turnertang- This was a jumbled mess. Leshawna was WAY too agressive... not your best, sorry.
  • Owenguy- YAY! Hilarious! You were definitely at risk this week... but I think otherwise now! Great!!
  • Sprinklemist- LOL! This was hilarious! Tyra was really funny! Great! I loved how you sampled the fight with that girl in Cycle 7! LOL! For some reason, though, I hate Justin more now... "Don't you ever, ever, EVER mess with my character, Justin!"
  • Usitgz- It was pretty funny! Loved Katie's annoyance! LOL! Anyway, you still have to work on pronoun use and capitalization.
  • Tdifan- Not your best, but I still think you are here to compete and are in it to win it! Good luck!
  • Kenzen- Your grammar has improved since week 1... but it is still poor at best. Umm.... the story line was clever-ish, and the watermelons thing was so funny!! Good luck... you are going to need it.


TDI19: Nalyd and I have decided that we will be picking a bottom 3 from now on, and the person with the most votes will be eliminated. My picks for the bottom 3 are... Usitgz, Kenzen, and Turnertang. My pick for the winner is between... Sunshine, Anonymos, and Owenguy! Nalyd?

Nalyd: I agree with the bottom three. And I gotta pick... anonymos as the winner! Now, the winner has invincibility just like everybody else, but it just shows that they were the best!

TDI19: Cool! I agree with Nonny as the winner!

Nalyd: With 11 votes, Kenzen11 (how ironic) is eliminated. He has the most total votes EVER, by the way. You guys can talk here, final SEVEN!

Owenguy101: Yes! Made it to the final seven!

Sunshine: WHOO!!! LUCKY SEVEN!!! *dances* So uh... challenge soon? Maybe? Please?

Nalyd: When I say "challenge time" okay?

Sunshine: Okay...

Tdifan: Yay! I don't have the most votes now! XD

Week 10 Chat

Tdifan1234: O.O I've never seen an episode of Survivor in my life.....

Redflare: I'm sure you can have Nalyd coach you a little or i can tommorrow.

Nalyd: *puts redflare back on boat of losers* Redflare, you can't talk here anymore.

Sprinklemist: I obviously wasn't counting on him getting on the show, but I have a good idea for it. It doesn't have to tie in with our audition story, right? Just the same character and the same show?

Nalyd: It'd be good, but you don't have to connect.

Turnertang: This is a great challenge!

Anonymos: Now I get to write a story about a reality tv show that I know nothing about... Aside from three paragraphs I read on Wikipedia...

Nalyd: Sorry guys!

Anonymos: It's okay....

Sprinklemist: I know this isn't an art competition, but I feel like a photo is essential for the story (and books have illustrations). Don't judge the photo, I just felt it was important to put in. Turnertang, I honestly love your story this week. I love how you wrapped up everything.

Sunshine: Hm... not so lucky seven... I know absolutely zero about NTM...

Sprinklemist: I suggest watching an episode on Youtube.

Anonymos: I know how you feel, Sunshine....

Turnertang: Thank you, Sprinklemist! Your story is amazing, like always!

Sunshine: Yay, I finished my story... here's to hoping it's not TOO bad... XD

Anonymos: Mine is soooooo bad....

Usitgz: Nalyd, I'm not gonna be here for the next 2 weeks starting tomorrow just to give you a heads up for a blank story next week.

Challenge 10

Nalyd: Okay, for being late, this story is due FRIDAY. This week, the show your contestant auditioned for last week, has made it onto the show! Now write about them being there. It will be judged on if you correctly copied the format of the show, spelling, grammar, and creativity!

Sunshine's Story

Heather On Next Top Model

“I knew I’d get on!” Heather brags as she walks to the Next Top Model filming studio with the other nine girls who had gotten on the show. “Even without my hair, there wasn’t any doubt my beauty and personality would shine through!”

“Ten girls auditioned for fourteen spots…” one of her competitors reminds her. Heather gives the girl a glare, and she is silent. Tyra Banks suddenly steps out of the studio to greet the girls.

“Welcome, all of you, to Cycle 13 of America’s Next Top Model!” she greets them warmly. The reactions between the ten girls vary from excitement to awe to, in Heather’s case, an unimpressed eye roll. “Now, all of you mentioned seeing the show in your auditions, so I don’t think I need to explain the format to you. Now, your first challenge will be a makeover. I’m letting you do whatever you want for this first challenge. Each of you will have a dressing room where you can put together an outfit, cut or dye your hair-” Heather’s eyes narrow at the mention of ‘hair’- “and of course, do your makeup. Once you’re done, our photographers will take your picture and deliver the photo to us. Then, at 9:00 tonight, we will have our elimination ceremony!”

“Sorry, girls, but one of you is going home.” Heather taunts, heading inside to begin her makeover. The girls slowly walk in after her, followed by Tyra, and the competition officially begins.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T HAVE ANY WIGS?!” Heather screams at the three unfortunate interns that had been assigned to assist her. The shortest and, apparently, meekest one begins crying and flees the room, blubbering out something that sounds like ‘please don’t kill me’.

“Well, miss,” one of the interns nervously explains, “models do typically have hair, so it wasn’t thought to be necessary to get any…”

“UGH! I specifically requested in my audition form that they buy wigs!!! The IDIOTS!!! Both of you, OUT! I can do my makeover myself!!!” The two remaining interns gratefully run out of the room, one screaming for their mother.

“Now what am I supposed to do?!” Heather hisses to herself. She paces the dressing room, trying desperately to think of a plan. An hour later, she still has no plan. With a frustrated sigh, she turns to the rack of clothing. “I guess I’ll think of it later, and just work on the rest… maybe it won’t be so bad without the hair.”

By 7:00, Heather has put together an attractive outfit and done her makeup with a professional excellence. However, she still examines herself in the mirror, unsatisfied. As she turns, examining every angle of her makeover, her bald head shines in the vanity lighting. “I’ve got to do SOMETHING about this hair…” She groans, running her manicured fingers over her hairless scalp. “But, no wigs, no hair weaves, nothing!” She scans the room once more, thinking, searching for something she can use. After a moment, her eyes rest on a bottle of mascara mixed among the various beauty products. She picks it up and stares at it, thinking.

“I am either a lunatic or a genius,” she mutters to herself, popping open the bottle and raising the mascara-soaked wand.

9:00 finally rolls around, and the girls line up in front of Tyra Banks, Miss J. Alexander, and Nigel Barker for the judging. One by one, the judges critique the girls.

“Heather, step forward.” Tyra instructs. Heather does so nervously.

“You did amazing with your outfit and makeup.” Nigel comments, looking away from Heather awkwardly.

“Yes, truly incredible and professional. I wish you had smiled, though, your expression looked so angry!” Miss J. adds.

“I agree.” Tyra nods. There is an awkward pause. “However, your hair…”

Heather grimaces, and the girls behind her giggle.

“It was just horrible, and incredibly messy!” Tyra admits. “It looked like you painted it on with mascara! What did you do to it?!”

Heather hesitates to answer, then admits through clenched teeth, “I painted it on with mascara…” The other contestants uncontrollably burst into laughter, doubling over and clutching their stomachs.

“Step back.” Tyra sighs, motioning for the next girl to come forward.

After the judging, it was time for none other than the first elimination. Unsurprisingly, photos were handed out to nine girls, leaving one bald girl to leave. Or, more appropriately, to be dragged out by security.

“I WON’T LEAVE!!!!” She screamed as the two burly security guards dragged her out of the studio. “I’LL SUE THIS SHOW FOR ALL IT’S WORTH!!! I’LL MAKE YOUR LIVES MISRIBLE!!! THAT GOES FOR YOU, TOO!!!!” She adds, jabbing a finger in the direction of the nine remaining girls.

“Thank you for joining us for this… rather different… episode of America’s Next Top Model!” Tyra laughs, smiling at the camera. “Tune in next time to see which of our final nine will not be the Next Top Model!”

“I’M NOT THROUGH WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!!” Heather screams one more time before the camera fades into black.


Anonymos's Story

Lindsay on Iron Chef (With Special Guest Star Wolfgang Puck.)

Lindsay wandered onto a dark stage, completely unaware of what was going to happen next. Suddenly, a bright light shined on her, as it slowly grew to reveal that she was on a stage, with an audience. The audience applauded, and Lindsay bowed, despite the fact that she didn’t know why she was bowing.

An announcer walked out onto the stage, “Welcome to Iron Chef!”

“Wait, I thought I was on America’s Next Top Model,” Lindsay wondered aloud.

“IRON CHEF!!!!” Lindsay’s mother shrieked from offstage, as she fainted from frustration.

“Bye, mom!!” Lindsay waved, as her mother was lifted onto a cot and carted off by some medics.

“And with that,” The announcer said, “Let’s meet our challenger, that battling blonde, Lindsay!!”

Lindsay waved, and giggled, while she was rocking back and forth on her heels. She rocked so far that she fell over, but kept waving and giggling.

“And now, our Iron Chef… Our very own, WOLFGANG PUCK!!!” The announcer yelled, as Wolfgang walked onto the stage, as the audience roared.

“Are you…” Lindsay paused, “Tyler?” She stared at Wolfgang with a empty expression in her eyes.

“Um… No…” Wolfgang replied, “I’m…. WOLFGANG PUCK!!!!” The audience exploded with applause.

“Let’s start!” The announcer declared, “Today, our episode is called, “That’s Peachy.” Lindsay, do you have a guess of what you might be cooking with today?”

“Um…” Lindsay thought long and hard, then her eyes lit up, and she exclaimed, “Zucchini!”

“Oooh…. Close, Lindsay,” The announcer faked a smile, “Today, you are cooking with PEACHES!” The audience roared with applause.

A fan who had painted his chest and stood up and shouted, “PEACHES!! YEAH!!! WHOO!!!!!” He was dragged out of the studio by a pair of muscular guards, all the while yelling about peaches.

“Now, there are tables of ingredients in front of you,” The announcer explained, “Use these ingredients to make a peach themed dish.”

“Ooh! I wanna make peach salsa!” Lindsay exclaimed.

“Good, that’s good, honey,” Lindsay’s father said from the wings, “That recipe doesn’t involve the oven.”

“Mmm-hmm! And they have child friendly knives!!” Lindsay chirped. Her father gave her a thumbs up.

“Of course,” Wolfgang stated, “The amateur chooses the simple recipe. The professional, otherwise known as me, chooses an advanced recipe, such as peach ice cream.”

“Good luck, Tyler!” Lindsay bubbled.

“I’m WOLFGANG!!” Wolfgang yelled.

“Oh, right!” Lindsay lit up. Lindsay walked to her station and picked up a knife. She stabbed the peach, which squirted her, and she started running around in circles, and ran into Wolfgang.

“LINDSAY!!!!” Wolfgang bellowed, as he threw her out of his way, and stormed over to his cooking station.

“Sorry, Tyler!” Lindsay said. Wolfgang screamed in frustration. Wolfgang proceeded to cook. He pureed his peaches in a blender, setting some aside to mash them, which he did. He whisked all of the other ice cream ingredients together, aside from the milk and cream. He poured the milk and cream into a saucepan and heated it up. He poured all the other ingredients except for the peaches into a saucepan, and mixed it all up over the heat. He then added the peaches and put the mess of ingredients, and stirred it together. He put everything into an ice cream maker, and started churning it.

Lindsay was also cooking while Wolfgang was. She chopped some onions, and started to cry. She took a box of tissues from her purse, and started weeping. Every sob grated on Wolfgang’s nerves. She then squeezed some limes, and put the juice into a bowl, she tasted some of it, and her face completely puckered. Wolfgang looked at her and started to laugh, which caused him to choke. The next thing she did was cut up some jalapeno peppers, which she subsequently tasted. The heat of it caused her to cry on him. Every tear that rolled down her cheek made Wolfgang more and more irritated. She also took out some cilantro, minced garlic, and sugar. She mixed everything together. Lindsay had finished her dish, and went over to talk with Wolfgang.

“Ooh, Wolfie, is that a cement mixer?” Lindsay asked.

“My name is WOLFGANG!! And this is an ice cream mixer,” Wolfgang explained.

“I don’t know, it looks a lot like a cement mixer, and I mean a lot!” Lindsay bubbled.

“It… Is…. For ice cream…” Wolfgang was desperately trying not to blow up in anger.

“But-“ Lindsay started to say.

“I KNOW!! It looks like a cement mixer… So I’ve heard…” Wolfgang muttered.

“So, what flavor ice cream are you making, Wolfie?” Lindsay questioned.

“… WOLFGANG!” Wolfgang roared, “I am making PEACH ice cream!! PEACH is the theme!!! PEACH!!!” Wolfgang’s eye started to twitch.

“Oh, right, peach,” Lindsay agreed, “Chocolate is my favorite. Why aren’t you allowed to make that?”

“THE THEME IS PEACH!!!” Wolfgang yelled.

“But, Wolfie-“ Lindsay was beginning to speak, most likely about chocolate ice cream or cement mixers.

“AAAUUGGH!!!!!” Wolfgang screamed, and walked over to the announcer, “I… QUIT!!! I can’t do this anymore!!!” He pointed to Lindsay, “Not with THAT ignoramus of a girl over there!!” He began to leave.

“Bye, Wolfie!” Lindsay waved.

“MY NAME IS WOLFGANG!!!!!!” He yelled as he stormed out the door in a rage.

The audience was quiet, until the announcer spoke, “So… It looks like Lindsay wins by default!” The audience cheered.

“I guess I would have to dedicate this to Wolfie! He helped me so much!” Lindsay bubbled.

“Bye, guys!” The announcer waved to the audience, as did Lindsay.

Over the credits, the announcer spoke about next week’s episode, “Next time, on Iron Chef! We are having a double cook off! Two challengers named Katie and Sadie, two girls that are joined at the hip. They will be challenging two chefs to double cook-off. Here is a quick preview our contestants.”

A video began to play:

“EEEEEEE!!! Sadie, we’re gonna be on Iron Chef! EEEEEE!!!” Katie squealed.

“EEEEEE!!! I know, right!! What if we meet Wolfgang Puck?” Sadie inquired.

“That would be so awesome, Sadie!!! EEEEEE!!!” Katie squeaked.

“EEEEEEEEE!!!!” Sadie shrieked. The two of them EEEEEEEEEEE-ed together for like, four straight minutes, never pausing to breathe. The video ended.

“Aren’t they charming?” The announcer asked, sarcastically, as the credits came to a close.

Turnertang's Story

Part 1 - The Top 24 Performances

“These twelve contestants have been through the auditions, Hollywood, and now they’ve finally made it to the top twenty-four and here they are!” Ryan yelled as twenty-four contestants walk onto the stage including Leshawna “I still don’t know how she got here.” Simon commented “First, we let her into Hollywood because we could get into big trouble for locking her in a cage. Then, she started singing better and we decided to give her a chance to be the next American Idol.” Paula explained, “First up we have… Leshawna.” Ryan announced as a video played showing what song Leshawna picked “I picked “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga because I thought it would show everyone how funky I was.” Leshawna explained in the video “Here she is! Put your hands together for Leshawna!” Ryan yelled as Leshawna came onto the stage and started singing

“A Red One, Konvict, GaGa, ohohoh eh

I've had a little bit too much (much oh ohoo) All of the people start to rush (Start to rush by) How does he twist that dance, Can't find my drink oh man Where are my keys, I lost my phone (phone ohoo)

What's going on on the floor? I love this record baby But I can’t see straight anymore Keep it cool; what's the name of this club? I can't remember but it's alright, alright

Just dance, gonna be okay Da-doo-du-um-m Just dance, spin that record babe Da-doo-du-um-m Just dance, gonna be okay J, J, Just Dance, dance, dance Ju-ju-ju-just dance

Wish I could shut my playboy mouth (shut it right up) How'd I turn my shirt inside out? (Inside out right) Control your poison babe, Roses with thorns they say And we're all gettin' hosed tonight

What's going on on the floor? I love this record baby But I can’t see straight anymore Keep it cool; what's the name of this club? I can't remember but it's alright, alright

Just dance, gonna be okay Da-doo-du-um-m Just dance, spin that record babe Da-doo-du-um-m Just dance, gonna be okay J, J, Just Dance, dance, dance Ju-ju-ju-just dance

When I come through on the dance floor checkin' out that catalogue Can’t believe my eyes so many women without a flaw And I ain’t gonn' give it up, steady tryna pick it up like the car I'mma hit it, I'mma hit it and flex until the 'til done until tomorr' yeah

Show me I can see that you got so much energy The way you twirling up them hips round and round There’s no reason, I know why you can’t leave here with me In the meantime stand, let me watch you break it down

Just dance, gonna be okay Da-doo-du-um-m Just dance, spin that record babe Da-doo-du-um-m Just dance, gonna be okay J,J just Dance, dance, dance Ju-ju-ju-just dance

I’m psychotic sync hypnotic I got my blue burners and phonic I’m psychotic sync hypnotic I got my brand electronic I’m psychotic sync hypnotic I got my blue burners and phonic I’m psychotic sync hypnotic I got my brand electronic

Go, use your muscle comin' out work it hustle I got it; just stay close enough to get it Go slow, drive it, clean it Like so clean it’s been molesto I got it, and your popped coll'

Just dance, gonna be okay Da-doo-du-um-m Just dance, spin that record babe Da-doo-du-um-m Just dance, gonna be okay J, J, Just Dance, dance, dance Ju-ju-ju-just dance” Leshawna sang as the audience started applauding “I know we didn’t like each other from the beginning but I thought that performance was okay. You did much better in Hollywood.” Simon critiqued “Oh no you didn’t!” Leshawna remarked “Boooooooo!” the audience screamed “I’m sorry, but it wasn’t that good.” Simon apologized to the audience “I thought you came up here and showed your funk and performed amazingly!” Paula cheered as the audience started clapping “Thank you.” Leshawna replied “Yo dawg, you came up here and put in a lot of energy into your performance and started off the night with a good performance. Way to go!” Randy cheered as the audience gave Leshawna a standing ovation “Thank you. Leshawna is in the house!” Leshawna cheered as Ryan walked next to Leshawna if you want to vote for Leshawna call this number… 1-866-IDOLS-01. That’s 866 436 5701 or text 5701 to vote for Leshawna.” Ryan explained as Leshawna was making the number one with her fingers “Vote for number one.” Leshawna said as she walked off the stage for the next performer

Part 2 - The Results Show

“You saw the twenty four contestants perform Tuesday and Wednesday but was their performance enough to keep them on the show? Find out tonight on American Idol!” Ryan yelled as he opened the show and the twenty-four contestants came on the stage and performed “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz “That was the top twenty four, America!” Ryan yelled as the song finished and the contestants took a seat “Today two girls and two boys will be eliminated so lets start by finding out who the first boy and girl going are.” Ryan explained as he walked up to three contestants Sally, Lisa, and Mary “Mary, you sang “Womanizer” by Britney Spears and the judges thought you could do you better than that. Lisa, you sang “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and the judge thought that was one of the best performances of the night. Finally, Sally, you sang, “Don’t Stop the Music” by Rihanna and the judges thought it was okay. The person leaving us tonight is… Sally.” Ryan announced as Sally grabbed the microphone “First of all, I can’t believe I made it to the top twenty four. Secondly, I would like to thank the judges for helping make my dream come true.” Sally said almost as she started crying “Lets hear her one more time!” Ryan yelled as Sally started singing Don’t Stop the Music “Bye everyone.” Sally said as she walked off stage as the song finished and Ryan walked over to three boys Kevin, Michael, and Herbert “Kevin, you sang “Know Your Enemy” by Green Day and the judges though that it was an okay performance. Michael, you sang, “Don’t Trust Me” by 3oh!3 and the judges thought you were amazing. Finally, Herbert, you sang “Right Round” by Flo Rida and the judges thought that it was a strange song choice but that it was good performance. The one leaving us tonight is… Kevin.” Ryan announced as Kevin stood up and grabbed the microphone “I would like to say thank you to all my fans and that this is just the start of my career!” Kevin announced as he started singing Right Round “Instead of calling everyone up one at a time, I am just going to choose the bottom two and then say who’s going.” Ryan explained, “Leshawna and June are the bottom two and Carl and James are the other bottom two.” Ryan announced as the four contestants stood up and walked onto the stage “The two people leaving us are June and James.” Ryan announced as June and James each grabbed a microphone “I would like to say thank to all my fans.” James said as he started singing his song “I would like to thank the judges for picking me to go into the top twenty four.” June said as James finished singing and then she started singing “Next week on American Idol the top twenty will have to do songs fro the seventies.” Ryan said as the credits started


Leshawna made it all the way to the top twelve and finished with seventh. The week she got out was Beatle’s day and she sang, “Here Comes the Sun”. She got a contract deal and released her first single which made it to number 24 on the top 100 list.

Owenguy's Story

Sprinklemist's Story

After seeing Justin appear on America's Next Top Model, fans demanded that Justin be able to compete on an entire cycle. After Total Drama Action was done filming, Tyra Banks invited Justin to appear on the next cycle of America's Next Top Model. Here are some excerpts from a very dramatic episode.

Tyra Banks is sitting at the center of the judge's table. Nigel Barker, Twiggy, Miss J. Alexander, and a random photographer are seated beside her. They are reviewing Justin's photo while the contestants are currently not present.

Madeover Justin's photo, close-up

Miss J. says, flamboyantly, "I love, love, love, love, love, love, love this picture."

"I agree," Nigel says in his English accent, "There's a hint of subtlety to it, but it's a fantastic photo."

Twiggy says in her English accent, "I think Justin photographs beautifully. He's in, in my book."

"Ya'll are speaking too much British," Tyra says, "But I agree with you. This... photo... is... stunning. Let's call in the contestants. One of them will be on the curb with tomorrow's trash."

The scene now changes to show the models back in the judging room. Tyra Banks is standing in front of the judge's table. Nigel, Twiggy, Miss J., and the random photographer are seated behind her. Tyra, dressed in a strange white dress that resembles a cliched nurse's costume, says, "I have seven beautiful girls and one handsome young man standing before me, but I only have seven photos in my hands and those photos represent the seven of you that will still be in the running towards becoming America's next top model." The seven girls look nervous, Justin looks as confident as ever. "The name I call first, is the best photo of the week. That honor goes to..." Tyra holds out a close up picture of Justin. "Justin," Tyra announces. Justin smiles and retrieves his picture. He tries to take it from Tyra, but she doesn't let go before theatrically saying, "Justin, this photo is amazing."

"I know," Justin says.

Tyra continues, "The other judges and I love the way you smile with your eyes. You seem to do it naturally, which is extremely rare."

Justin says, "Yeah, I'm one of a kind." Tyra now allows Justin to take his photo, and he stands on the side to watch who else is safe, though he visibly doesn't seem to care.

Tyra now announces that Toccarra, Celia, Yaya, and Caridee are safe, and hands them there photos. Tyra says, "Will the two remaining girls please step forward." The girls comply, looking nervous. Tyra continues, "One of you is no longer in the running to be America's Next Top Model. I will announce one name. That name represents the girl that will remain in the competition." Tyra now addresses one of the girls, "You, Jade, take some of the best photos this show has ever seen. You're nowhere near as good as Justin, but who can be? Anyway, your attitude when you come into panel, Jade, it's very off-putting." Tyra now faces the other girl, "Then we have you, Sarah. You're a beautiful girl. Your photos are great. The judges all love your personality. But there is one problem that keeps glaring at us. That is... your name. It is far too plain for a top model." Tyra now reaches for the girl who is still competing's photo. "So who goes home?" Tyra reveals the photo and says, "Jade, you're still in the competition."

Jade walks up to Tyra and takes her photo and says, "Thank you for believing in me, Tyra." She takes her place next to the safe contestants. Justin is seen looking at his fingernails, showing his disinterest in everything going on around him.

Celia now returns to the catwalk in front of the judges. She nervously says, "If it's alright with the judges, I have something to say."

Without consulting the other judges, Tyra says, "Go ahead."

"In my opinion," Celia says, "It is unfair for Justin to be in this competition. This is a competition for female models. Justin is not a female."

Tyra looks fairly annoyed as she says, "You know what I think is unfair? That you are saying this to me as if you have any say in the matter. What's truly unfair is that you feel so threatened by Justin's hotness that you're trying to using your sexism in order for him to be eliminated."

"I apologize," Celia says.

Tyra says, "Now go stand by the other models before I show you how unfair I can be." Celia, who is now blushing, returns to the sidelines. Justin angrily glares at her. Tyra says farewell to Sarah.

Usitgz's Story

The Amazing Race 17- Episode 1

"I'm standing below the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri, from this landmark to the west were eleven teams will embark around the world for two million dollars!" Phil, the host of the show said, "The teams are now being raced to the arch in SUVs. Each team is consisted of two people with an existing, or previous relationship. The eleven teams are Katie and Sadie lifelong friends from Toronto..."

Katie and Sadie step out of their SUV and interupt Phil

"Me and Katie just love to check boys out. We always were the same clothes, and are total girly girls. We are fearless we're tough and we are ready to compete," sid Sadie.

"Noah and Cody, boyfriends from Quebec..." Phil continued.

Noah and Cody hopped out of their SUV, and tried to talk but were stopped by Phil.

"Why are you all interrupting me? Get that intern, and bring him to me!" Phil screamed.

"Here, sir!" reported the intern.

"Your Fired! Bring me the back up," demanded Phil.

"Here, sir!" reported the new intern.

"Tell the SUV drivers to tell the contestants to shut up, it really annoys me!" yelled Phil, "Are we rolling, what? Ohh.. we are umm.... sorry about that outburst folks. Umm.... Oh Owen and Izzy met on Total Drama Island and are now engaged, and DJ and Ezekiel, two random people we put together."

"I can flip my eyelids want to see huh... do you guys," said Izzy

"Umm... Izzy remember the rule," said Owen

"Okay, these teams will race to San Deigo, California in there SUVs, which will be there first checkpoint for tonight. Last team there will be eliminated from the Amazing race!" explained Phil

Each team jumped into there SUV and started there engines. They raced each other all the way to Colorado where they had to fuel up. A the gas station Katie and Sadie started to fight about if they want to get something from the gas station.

"I say we should get some slurpees to drink," said Katie.

"No we should get soft drinks because they're cheaper, and we're low on cash," Sadie Retorted.

By this time the other contestant had cleared Colorado and were starting to go through Utah, Noah and Cody where in the lead followed by Owen and Izzy then DJ and Ezekiel. Ten hours later the three leading teams were almost to San Deigo were Phil was waiting at the first check point. Owen and Izzy walked up to the checkpoint.

"We might not make it, I saw some other team's cars," said Owen

"Owen, and Izzy you are... safe, and the third team to make it here, causing Katie and Sadie to be knocked out of the competition," Phil explained, "now we just have to wait for them to make it here and break the bad news to them."

After ten hours Phil gave up on them. He sent out a search party to find them, and twenty hours later they found them still at the store arguing.


Tdifan1234's Story

Nalyd Renrut's Reviews

  • Sunshine - Very well done! Very creative. As usual, excellent grammar and spelling.
  • Anonymos - LOL! Hilarious! I love this story! Go post it on the Fan-Fic wiki.
  • Turnertang - I think this was pretty good. You have to work on spacing though, the wiki-format makes your stories look clumpy and unpleasant to read.
  • Owenguy101 - Bottom three for you!
  • Sprinklemist - Another great story. Very creative having Justin appear!
  • Usitgz - Few spelling issues, but overall okay.
  • Tdifan1234 - No story, no score.
Nalyd: I say Anonymos wins, and the bottom three are Owenguy, Tdifan1234 and.... Usitgz.

Nalyd: Okay, TDI19 has been gone for days so I'll just do this.

TDI19's Reviews

Final Seven Vote

Nalyd: Owenguy is out.

Owenguy101: Well. It's been fun. (Leaves with suitcases)

Week 11 Chat

Nalyd: The final Six!

Anonymos: Hooray... FOR ME!!!

Nalyd: Sprinklemist, great job. I was looking forward to a NoahXCody moment though, LOL.

Sprinklemist: You were looking forward to one? Sorry to disappoint. I didn't want to stray too far from canon, though.

Tdifan1234: I loved your story, Sprinklemist! :-D I was actually about to write about Dodgebrawl, but I decided to do Up The Creek.

Sprinklemist: Thanks! I thought Up the Creek was a good choice. I didn't want to do another Noah story, but the fact that he walked to the left after his elimination always perplexed me, so I had to do this one.

Turnertang: Here's my story.

Tdifan1234: Good story, Turnertang! and Sprinklemist, I always wondered that, too. You would think that since Noah's so smart he would know which way the Boat of Losers is, LOL.

Sprinklemist: Wow, Turnertang. I'm really impressed by your story, again. Way to break away from the blocky paragraphs.

Nalyd: Well done Turnertang. However, none of your sentences end with a period. That will most likely put you in bottom three. I suggest you change it.

Sprinklemist: I didn't even notice that.

Sunshine: Yaay I explained how Zeke got the cut! :D

Anonymos: I'm almost done with my story. It is really bad...

Turnertang: Thank you Nalyd and I tried added periods if it makes it better. Also, thank you Sprinklemist and I love your story!

Anonymos: Finished! Too bad it stinks...

Anonymos: Really, Nalyd? Me win? Never in a million years!

Tdifan1234: :-( I was just about to post up the rest.....

Challenge 11

Nalyd: Okay, this week's challenge is late again because I keep getting confused with time. Once again, due by Friday. (If everybody's is up before hand they will be judged early. This doesn't include Usitgz who announced his absence this week. This week, you will be writing extended endings to episodes. Write about what happens AFTER the campfire/gilded Chris ceremony. (You cannot do an extended ending for The Sucky Outdoors.) Wherever the episode ends, just write what happens next, up until the next episode starts. It will be judged on creativity, grammar, spelling, and if it works with what happens later on in the episode.

Sunshine's Story

Extended Ending to “Not So Happy Campers- Part 2”

“The final marshmallow goes to…”

The two remaining Killer Bass stare fearfully at the tenth and last marshmallow the host holds in his hand. A simple sweet treat to some, to those in this game, a marshmallow represents safety, security, and the fact that you’re not as hated as someone else on your team.

One of the remaining Bass is a girl with shoulder-length brown hair, tan skin, and freckles. She is wearing a chicken hat, and her right eye seems to be swelling up. Her stubborn, A-type personality and strong desire to be a leader was a major reason why her team ended up at the campfire that night.

The other Bass is a pale, brown-haired boy, wearing a green sweatshirt, jeans, and a blue toque. Though he neither excelled nor failed during the challenge, after the team’s loss, he had made a few sexist comments that had sent the five girls on his team into an enraged frenzy.

Five votes were nearly reserved for each of them. But it was the sixth vote that would determine the loser.

After what seemed an eternity of suspenseful waiting, Chris finally spoke.


Courtney gratefully accepts her marshmallow, leaving a defeated Ezekiel to slump over in his seat.

“Can’t say I’m surprised. I saw you picking your nose, dude.” Chris comments to the home-schooled loser. “Not cool.”

Without another word, Ezekiel stands and walks down the Dock of Shame, the Boat of Losers pulling up just as he reached the end. He stepped on, and the run-down boat accelerated into the horizon.

“The rest of you are safe. For now.” Chris congratulated the rest of the Bass, leaving them to appreciate their temporary sense of security.

“Thanks for changing your mind, guys.” Courtney, obviously relieved, thanks the six boys on her team, whose votes seemed to be set for her. The six look between each other, with a ‘what’s she talking about?’ expression on their faces.

“You didn’t change your minds?” She sighs, her question becoming more of a statement as her mood visibly deflates.

“ONE OF US obviously did.” Duncan, a tough looking (and acting) boy with a mohawk and several facial peircings growls, looking amongst his fellow men in an attempt to scope out which one was the betrayer.

“We all voted for THAT LITTLE SEXIST!!!” A strong, angry girl named Eva shouts, obviously referring to herself, Courtney, and the other three Bass girls.

“That’s only five votes, and I don’t think even home-school would vote for himself.” Geoff, a blond boy in a pink shirt and cowboy hat, rationalizes. “One of us voted for him.”

Duncan quickly grabs Harold, a scrawny, nerdy boy, by the collar of his shirt. “WAS IT YOU, NERD???”

“No.” Harold chokes out, looking close to wetting himself. “I swear it it wasn’t me.” Looking suspicious, but accepting his answer for now, Duncan drops him.

“Whatever,” Duncan mumbles, not seeming to have enough enthusiasm to continue the search. “I’m going to bed.” He turns and walks away, a few other Bass following him.

A confessional pops onto the screen then, of a muscular Jamaican boy with a beard and chicken hat. “I didn’t want to admit it to the team…” he admits, seeming fearful, almost as if he expects Duncan to break in and find him. “…but I actually voted for that home-schooled kid. What he was saying to the girls, it just wasn’t right. My momma taught me better than that.”

The scene shifts back to the rest of the team, who are now slowly leaking back to their cabins to rest. As they do, they pass the other team, who are enjoying their reward for winning the challenge- a hot tub party. They cheer and chant “Go Gophers, Go Gophers!” as they celebrate, all eleven members of the team still present. Courtney eyes them enviously as she passes, then turns to the nearby cameraman.

“Are you recording this?”

The camera focuses on Courtney, who has a determined expression in her narrowed… eye; one is still swelled shut.

“You listen.” She hisses, her voice low and serious. “They can enjoy their little reward, but I am WINNING this competition, and don’t you forget it!”

Having stated this and apparently believing every word, she turns and walks back to her cabin to wait for the next grueling challenge- and, to her, one step closer to assured victory.

Anonymos's Story

Extended Ending To: Wawanakwa Gone Wild

“Just give it to Gwen, already!” Heather interrupted, despite the fact that she was still paralyzed.

“Ehh…” Chris muttered. Gwen had a nervous look, but Izzy looked obliviously happy. Chris tossed the marshmallow to Gwen.

“Ah, well we all gotta go sometime, right?” Izzy asked, rhetorically.

“You could make out with me first,” Owen offered, “If that would cushion the blow.”

“Good night everybody!” Izzy exclaimed, “Thanks for coming out!” Izzy threw a small ball to the ground and it exploded in a flash of smoke and Izzy was gone.

“And being the loser,” Chris said to Heather, as he waved some of the smoke away, “You do realize that you have some unfinished business.”

“Duncan,” Heather said, “I require your services.” Duncan grabbed a toothbrush and wheeled Heather to the communal washrooms.

The other four contestants could hear Duncan’s screams of horror as he was cleaning the bathroom.

“So…” Gwen began, “Do you guys want to get rid of Heather as much as I do?”

“No,” Geoff said, “It’s such a bummer that anyone has to get voted off of these shows, dude…”

“I know, man,” Owen replied, “I don’t think that anyone should go. But if anyone had to go-“

“Which someone will,” Gwen interrupted.

“I guess I’d like it to be Heather,” Owen muttered.

“Hold up, ya’ll,” Leshawna said, “Who says Heather won’t win invincibility like she has since we got to this crazy merge.”

“Then we vote out Duncan,” Gwen stated.

“No way, man,” Geoff disagreed, “That dude is tough, man! He’s awesome, dude!”


“Duncan, hurry up in there!” Heather demanded.

“I’m going as fast as I can go, your majesty!” Duncan replied, with sarcasm.

“Your majesty…” Heather thought, “I like! You may now refer to me as ‘your majesty’.”

“Doesn’t mean I’m going to!” Duncan exclaimed.

“Look,” Heather stated, “You need me if you want to stay on this island any longer. I could convince everyone to vote you off tomorrow. It would be a big mistake.”

“I think joining this alliance was a big mistake!” Duncan retorted.

“Well,” Heather said, “You still have to clean the toilets!”

“No, I don’t!” Duncan shouted.

“Yes, you do,” Heather retorted, “As long as I have my paralysis nobody can make me clean these toilets!” Heather took a file out of her pocket and began work on her nails.

Duncan stuck his head outside the bathrooms, “What happened to your paralysis?” He asked suspiciously.

“Uh,” Heather said, “It’s coming back… in bits…” Heather lied.

“… Fine…” Duncan reluctantly chose to give Heather the benefit of the doubt.


“Well what’s wrong with voting off that juvenile wannabe?!” Leshawna screamed.

“He’s hard core!” Owen replied, “We can’t vote him off!”

“Guys,” Geoff said, “Let’s all just chill out.”

“Oh, now you’re gonna get all chill on us!” Leshawna shouted.

“Just take a deep breath,” Geoff soothed.

“Leshawna, seriously,” Gwen said, “Just calm down.”

“Alright,” Leshawna agreed, “I guess I did overreact a little.”

“Good,” Geoff sighed, “Don’t you feel better, now?”

“Yeah, yeah, I guess I do,” Leshawna nodded.

“So we’re cool?” Geoff asked. Leshawna nodded.

“I don’t even remember what we were fighting about,” Gwen stated.

“Oh!” Owen exclaimed, “I remember! Geoff doesn’t wanna vote out Duncan, but Gwen and Leshawna do!”

“Oh, yeah,” Leshawna said, “That’s right… And why don’t you wanna vote him out?!”

“He’s hard core!” Geoff said, “He might help us out later, dudes!”

“No, he won’t!” Leshawna screamed, “A punk from juvie is only gonna think of himself!”

“Well, I think all dudes and dudettes can show compassion for all of the world’s creatures!” Geoff shouted.

“I don’t think he will!” Leshawna retorted.

“You gotta give him a chance, bra!” Geoff said.

“I think I’ve seen enough of him to know what he’ll do!” Leshawna screamed.

“Okay, you know what,” Geoff breathed, “Let’s all just chill out.”


“Look, Heather,” Duncan shouted, “I know you’re faking it! You’ve gotta clean these stalls!”

“Duncan,” Heather stated, “Whether I am or whether I’m not, you’d better clean this bathroom!”

“Well, what if I don’t want to?!” Duncan shouted.

“Well what if you don’t?!” Heather retorted, “I’m in charge of this alliance, so what I say goes!”

“Since when have you been in charge, sister?!” Duncan screamed, “The way I remember it, I was in charge!”

“Then you remembered wrong!” Heather shouted, “Whenever I make an alliance, I’m in charge!”

“And whenever I end up with a snobby, bossy chick,” Duncan retorted, “I do this!” He shoved the toothbrush that he had been cleaning the bathrooms with into Heather’s mouth, “Get to work, ‘your majesty!” Duncan laughed as he walked away from her.

“That’s it!” Heather screamed, “You are so out of the alliance! You can’t survive without me!” Duncan walked away, satisfied.


“Well I say that Duncan is a crook!” Leshawna shouted.

“I say that Duncan can become a better person, dude!” Geoff yelled back. Owen had long since gone to bed, as he grew tired of the fighting. Gwen left because she got sick of Geoff trying to get everyone to "chill out."

“Duncan has got to go!” Leshawna retorted.

“No!” Duncan walked by the campfire, “Heather, the she-beast, needs to go!”

“Don’t interrupt!” Leshawna shouted.

“I’ll interrupt if I want to!” Duncan yelled, “You can’t tell me how to live my life!”

“I can if I want to, scrawny chicken boy!” Leshawna shouted. Geoff silently snuck away to the cabins.

“Oh,” Duncan bellowed, “Now you’re going to make fun of bodies! I can do that! At least I don’t weigh as much as King Kong!”

“Oh, you are gonna wish you didn’t just go there!” Leshawna said, as she waved her finger in his face.

“Get your fat finger out of my face!” Duncan demanded.

“I’ll keep my finger in your face for as long as I want, jailbird!” Leshawna said.

“Rap star wannabe!” Duncan yelled.

“Punk nerd!” Leshawna shouted.

“Cappuccino sipping, mall shopping, enormous, Godzilla girl!” Duncan bellowed.

“Oooh!” Leshawna screamed, “That is it! Scrawny punk boy is getting a drink!” Leshawna grabbed Duncan and threw him into the lake. Heather just walked by, and smirked at him, then burst out laughing.

“I knew it! You faker!” Duncan pointed at Heather.

“So?” Heather asked, “I got you to clean the bathroom, didn’t I?”

Heather left laughing, and was followed by Leshawna, who was also laughing. They went to bed.

Duncan climbed out of the water and wiped his face. He trudged off to bed.


Chris paired Duncan and Leshawna together for the challenge the next day based on their huge conflict from that night. Based on the way Gwen was irritated by Geoff they were paired together. Heather and Owen were leftovers, however they turned out to be one of the most argumentative pairings of all.

Turnertang's Story

Extended Ending to Basic Straining

“I was your only hope! I was a counselor in training!” Courtney screamed as she was dragged onto the Boat of Losers.

“Courtney, wait! I made this for you!” Duncan yelled as he threw a small wooden object to her.

“Okay, this is really weird and creepy, but I love it” Courtney yelled back as she waved good bye to Duncan “I’ll never forget you!” She yelled again as she went out of sight.

“Yess.” Harold said sinisterly as he blew his marshmallow out.

“How did she get voted out?” Duncan asked as he walked back to the cabin.

“I voted for Harold.” Geoff replied.

“I also voted for Harold.” DJ replied.

“Harold probably voted for Courtney and maybe Bridgette did too. That’s only two votes.” Duncan thought aloud.

“Maybe, someone voted for Courtney.” Geoff said.

“So you are DJ voted for Courtney!” Duncan said loudly.

“I didn’t!” Geoff replied.

“Both of you had to vote for her to get out.” Duncan said.

“I told you we didn’t vote out Courtney!” DJ yelled

“Yeah, right!” Duncan yelled as they started fighting.

“Switching the vote was kind of harsh.” Harold said to himself “But Duncan is the biggest jerk I’ve ever met!” He said madly.

“Are we going to fight all night?” DJ asked after breaking up the fight.

“Yeah.” Geoff replied.

“Probably.” Duncan replied.

“If we keep fighting none of us will probably win.” DJ commented.

“Yeah, your right. A girl isn’t worth one hundred thousand dollars.” Duncan said.

“Sorry about that, dude.” Geoff apologized.

“Sorry.” Duncan and DJ apologized.

“Hey guys. What’s up?” Harold asked as he walked into the cabin.

“You.” Duncan replied as he gave Harold a wedgie and hung him on top of the cabin.

“Good night guys.” DJ said.

“Good night.” Duncan and Geoff replied.

“Gosh!” Harold screamed as he fell off the cabin roof and limped inside the cabin.

Sprinklemist's Story

Chris McClean says, "The final marshmallow goes to..." Lindsay looks nervous. Noah looks very confident with his arms folded. Chris announces, "Lindsay."

Lindsay jumps up and shouts, "Woohoo! Yeah!"

"What?" Noah says, "Are you kidding me?"

Lindsay takes her marshmallow from the tray Chris is holding and let's out another, "Woohoo!" She proceeds to kiss her marshmallow, showing her relief that she's still in the competition. She joins the other safe campers who are standing toward the right of the site of the campfire ceremony.

Noah says, "Alright. See if I care! Good luck, because you just voted out the only one with any brains on this team." Noah is now hit with several marshmallows. "Ow!" He says as the marshmallows hit his face.

Leshawna is seen looking peeved. She says, "You need to learn a little thing called respect, turkey." The remaining Screaming Gophers cheer at Leshawna's words.

"Whatever," Noah says, "I'm out of here." Noah proceeds to walk to the left, the opposite direction of the Boat of Losers.

Noah makes his way back to his cabin. He says to himself, "I can't believe they voted me out. Me! The smartest player to set foot on this island. They knew I would be useless in a stupid, athletics competition." Noah begins packing his luggage.

Some of the other Screaming Gophers return to look on at Noah as he packs his belongings. Heather says, "Oh, look at that, Lindsay. Noah was so sure that he was staying, that he didn't even bother packing. See you, Noah. Or should I say, Losah?" Heather looks at Lindsay and Beth who are standing beside her. Heather says, "Why aren't you two laughing?" Lindsay and Beth start laughing.

Beth says, "Uh, that was a good one, Heather."

Heather says, "Come on, you two. It's getting late. I need you to clean out my hairbrush, and clip my toenails."

Lindsay says, "But I won't have time to apply my tanning cream before morning."

"I said, come on!" Heather says forcefully.

"Yes, Heather," The girls say in unison as they follow Heather to the girl's cabin.

Leshawna now looks in on Noah packing. "Aren't you gone, yet?" She says.

Noah says, "I'm sorry I'm taking up your air. I'll be out of your way, soon. Go be pushy, somewhere else, 'sistah friend'."

"Why, you little, scrawny..." Leshawna begins to say. Gwen holds Leshawna back.

"Come on, Leshawna," Gwen says. "Try not to let him get to you. Save your violence for Heather."

Leshawna smiles and says, "I like the way you think, girl. Let's get out of here." The two girls walk out as Izzy runs by with her arms full of rolls of toilet paper.

Owen, Cody, Trent, and Justin now enter the cabin with Noah. Noah says, "Hi, traitors."

Trent rolls his eyes and says, "Oh, please. You had it coming."

Noah says, "I guess I did, since this game is for mindless people. Any dweeb can play sports. I thought this show was for smart people. I was wrong."

Trent says, "Leshawna was right. You are a disrespectful turkey."

"Excuse me for not coming to the show to find a girlfriend," Noah says.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Trent says.

Noah says, "I'd spell it out for you, but I don't think you could keep up."

Owen farts. "Excuse me," He says after giggling.

"Way to 'clear the air', Owen," Noah says. "I was just leaving."

Noah exits the cabin and Cody follows after him. Cody says, "Uh, if it makes you feel any better, I didn't vote for you."

Noah says, "Woo. A lot of good that did."

Cody says, "Well... I thought I should tell you. Bye, Noah."

Noah says, "Yeah, whatever." Noah takes his luggage to the Boat of Losers and leaves Total Drama Island.

Usitgz's Story

Tdifan1234's Story

Extended ending to--"Search and Do Not Destroy"

"And now the moment we've all been waiting for. The moment of truth: Marshmallow Time!" Chris said,with a dramatic yet somewhat funny effect.

"You know the routine, the one who doesn't get a marshmallow, It's curtains for you!"

The campers were nervous, except Heather, who smiled confidently. Chirs paused for dramatic effect. He brought his hand slowly to the plate, reaching for a marshmallow.

"Izzy, Geoff, Gwen, LeShawna, Lindsay, Bridgette, DJ, Duncan, Owen. Marshmallows for the lot of ya!" Chris exclaimed.

Trent looked at the empty plate, shocked.

"Sorry, dude," Chris said, sadly. "You're out."

Trent gasped. He couldn't believe he was voted out.

"Yeah, that's right! Take yo two-timin' ways back to where you came from!" LeShawna gloated.

"What?!? But I thought I was getting along so well with everybody!" Trent said.

"I guess you were wrong!" Heather remarked.

Gwen gasped. "You don't even care, do you!?!" she asked.

"Hey! Just playing the game!" Heather replied as Bridgette glared at her.

"Why should you care?! You think I'm a cliche!" Trent said

"Where'd you get that from?" Gwen asked.

"Her!" Trent said, pointing to Heather.

Heather grinned and waved at Gwen. Gwen just rolled her eyes.

"You know, Even after all this, I still didn't vote you off!!" Gwen said.

"Then how'd I get the boot?!?" asked Trent.

"My bad," LeShawna confessed. "I jumped the gun on that one. Told everyone to turf etiher you or Heather,"

"But tonight, I'm invincible." Heather said. "So that leves poor, old, Trent here!"

"Looks like we've got played," LeShawna said. "Sorry, hun..."

"Oh no!" Gwen cried.

"It's ok," Trent said. "Whatever happened, happened. At least we both know that we're still ok. We're still ok...right?"

"Yes." Gwen replied.

"I want you to be tough and fight to the end, for both of us. I'll be watching and cheering for you back home." Trent reassured.

They both started to lean in for a kiss, but the moment was rudely interrupted by Chris.

"Trent, you have an appointment at the Dock of Shame, and a ticket for the Boat of Losers!" Chris cut in.

Trent boarded the Boat of Losers and waved good bye to Gwen. She sadly waved back.


Judging (Nalyd)

Okay, I dunno where TDI19 is. So I guess he won't be judging this week.

  • Sunshine - Very well done. You hit every required criteria! The DJ moment was nice.
  • Anonymos - Great story this week! I don't know why you think you are so bad! I think this one might even win!
  • Turnertang - Pretty good. You are really improving. Keep up the spacing, your stories were unpleasant to read before because of the huge block of a story.
  • Sprinklemist - Really good. I like this story, but was really hoping for a NoahXCody moment... Nah, it was really good, anyway!
  • Usitgz - Bottom three.
  • Tdifan1234 - Bottom three.
Nalyd: Okay, the winners is... Anonymos! AND Sunshine! AND Sprinklemist! That's right, in this last week of doing a bottom three, these three are safe, the other three of you are up for elimination!


<poll> Who will not move on to the final five? Turnertang Usitgz Tdifan1234 </poll>

Usitgz is out!

Week 12 Chat

Nalyd: Yo Final five! In four weeks one of you will be the winner, and new admin!


Nalyd: *shows them a video of Sunshine's life up until this point* That's how you got here... (LOL)

Anonymos: Wow. That video had more ravioli than I ever needed to see...

Sunshine: OH YEAH! NOW I REMEMBER! XD *waits for challenge*

Spirnklemist: Bye Usitgz...

Nalyd: Challenge soon... sorry guys I got to sleep around one a.m. last night so I keep spacing out....

Tdifan: That happens to me about twice a week...LOL

Sprinklemist: *deletes former post* Never mind. I understand the challenge now, and know how to incorporate my idea.

Sunshine: Can I add to what I have of Sunshine's time on TDI or should I write something new?

Nalyd: Sunshine, please write something new.

Anonymos: I am having trouble with the final six in my story...

Nalyd: OMG, these are so long...

Sprinklemist: This challenge is so exhausting... I'm glad I started early. Have fun reading them all, Nalyd...

Anonymos: Nalyd, this is probably one of my favorite challenges so far.

Sprinklemist: *jaw drops* How did you write that so fast?!

Anonymos: It was really easy.... I don't know how you guys are taking so long...

Sprinklemist: I thought it was a little hard... I'm glad that I finished, and I'm even satisfied with my story... Nalyd never said anything about our character having to be likable...

Sunshine: Yay I have part of mine up! ^^ Nalyd, can we mention what happens in episodes after the character is eliminated (if they're eliminated before the final 2/3), and do we do the special too?

Anonymos: Sadie won meh story!!!! :B

Sunshine: I has no clue who's gonna win mine... I'm making it up as I go along...

Anonymos: Tis what I did. That's how Sadie ended up winning...

Turnertang: My story took me so long.

Nalyd: No, the special is not required. I bet Duncan wins Sunshine's... No, you don't need to discuss the episodes you don't appear in. Good luck guys! Also, TDI19 won't be here this week... again...

Sprinklemist: Aw... You'll miss the part of my story where Courtney's leg gets crushed. :(

Sunshine: Aww, that means you'll miss the Nalyd cameo in mine!!! :( And that also makes me sad because I wrote the last half of the story with only a day left, after being out and about for the entire day, and having a headache, and now you won't even read it... :(

Nalyd: Sorry, guys. But I am really tired from camp all week. If you point out extra episodes you really want me to check out, I will. I am also trying to finish TDAmazon chapter one tonight...

Sunshine: It's cool, I feel ya. I'm trying to finish up Total Sonic Island chapter one...

Nalyd: Chapter one of TDAmazon will be online... in two minutes!!!!!!!! Also, where is the Nalyd cameo in your story? (Too lazy to read, LOL)

Sunshine: Awesome!!! Total Sonic Island in... um... maybe fifteen or twenty minutes? (Nalyd is referenced in "That's Off The Chain", mentioned in "Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon", and heard from in "The Very Last Episode, Really!")

Nalyd: Yay! Honorable mention! XD I'll review the rest tomorrow, WAY too tired...

Sprinklemist: You must be having a long week... I can't isolate any episodes, because I put a lot of work in making practically every one special. The ones I especially like only make sense if the rest of the story is read... Maybe you can hire someone from the wiki to judge the stories this week. If everyone put as much effort in as I did this week, I'm sure they would like their stories fully reviewed... Another option I can think of is putting up the poll without reviews, and making everyone vulnerable. That way, the followers of this camp can decide which stories are best after reading them (hopefully). My only other suggestion is postponing the judging until you aren't tired or busy (Hopefully I'm not overstepping my bounds as a contestant by making these suggestions).

Nalyd: Yes, no judging, just voting. I am so sorry guys.

Sunshine: S-someone voted for me? *rocks back and forth in the fetal position*

Sunshine: ...and now the vote's gone... odd... o.O

Challenge 12

Nalyd: This week, you guys will be doing fictional times on TDI. If you don't know how, look [1]. Pick a person on TDI, replace them, join a team, etc. You can change whose eliminated, which team loses, and whose on which team. This will be judged on originality, grammar, and spelling. Bonus points if you go to at least final six. Stories are due Friday.

Sunshine's Story

Ravioli’s Time on TDI

(Note that, in this, Ravioli replaces Eva. In the theme song, Ravioli is seen practicing martial arts with Tyler, and she knocks him out.)

The Not So Happy Campers – Part 1: Ravioli promptly avoided everyone when she arrived on the island, ignoring Chris’s greeting and looking away when her fellow competitors tried to introduce themselves. Cody tried to hit on her, but she glared at him, causing him to backtrack and apologize for bothering her. She was assigned to the Killer Bass, much to the relief of the Gophers. She seemed impressed when Duncan killed the cockroach in the Gopher’s cabin. Much to the surprise of her fellow competitors, she actually stood up to Chef and refused to eat his food, claiming she was “on a strict no-junk diet.” Surprised that she did not back down, Chef gave her one of the more edible burgers. She did not seem to have an extremely shocked expression while up on the cliff, instead seeming to roll her eyes as if expecting such an insane task.

The Not So Happy Campers – Part 2: During the challenge, Ravioli used her pixie wings to safely hover into the safe zone. Though the Gophers complained, Chris allowed it, claiming “it doesn’t break any rules, especially considering there ARE no rules!” She was unhappy to allow Courtney to lead the Bass in making the hot tub, but allowed it, sarcastically claiming that she “won’t DARE mess with the CIT.” She was all for voting off Courtney when the team lost, but once Ezekiel made his sexist comments, she became enraged and had to be held back from attacking him. This burst of rage also put her up as a candidate for elimination. However, she allied the Bass girls and DJ to vote out Ezekiel instead.

The Big Sleep: Ravioli was generally in the middle during the race, and quickly began stuffing her face with ravioli at the buffet. Duncan teased her about her food preference also being her name, but this resulted in her shoving the pasta into his face. Courtney tried to talk with her during the Awake-A-Thon, in gratitude for the pixie keeping her safe from elimination, but Ravioli did not speak to her and moved away, mentioning in the confessional that she dislikes speaking to people and that she believes it is merely a waste of time. She fell asleep somewhere in between the end of the third day and the beginning of the fourth day. She was once again a target for elimination when the Bass lost, along with Duncan (ultimately lost the challenge), Courtney (annoying), and Tyler (unskilled and a hinderance to the team). The vote was three votes Tyler, three votes Courtney, and three votes Ravioli, with the pixie as the deciding vote. She had voted Tyler (much to Courtney’s surprise, as her earlier interaction with the pixie made her believe she would vote her off), and thus, he was eliminated.

Dodgebrawl: The Bass quickly turned to Ravioli when the challenge was announced, believing, based on her personality and actions, that she would be an excellent dodge ball player. Much to their dismay, she admitted she had never heard of the game before. Thus, Courtney had her sit out the first round. She claimed in the confessional that the game “wasn’t a game, it was watching my teammates go down one by one.” She insisted she be put in during the second round rather than Harold, and Courtney, exasperated with the nerd, allowed it. Ravioli ended up being a skilled player once she learned the game, however, she was taken out at the last second by Cody’s static dodge ball. When Duncan took over the game, she was a major part of the team’s two wins, scoping out people they should hit and directing the heavy hitters there. She was one of the last people taken out in the final round, being knocked out by three balls to the head. Thanks to Harold, the Bass won, and when Ravioli reawakened, she thought her teammates were joking when they claimed Harold won them the game. Though Noah was a target for elimination on the Gophers, he allied the Bass boys to vote out Justin instead, and since Heather’s alliance voted for Gwen while the rest of the girls voted Noah, Justin was eliminated.

Not Quite Famous: Ravioli claims she can use duel swords; however, before she can display her talent, the team puts her down as a “maybe”, fearful of her. She sulks about this, going off on her own and avoiding her teammates. In the confessional, she claims that she does not fear her team will vote her off, even though she has been in the bottom three twice. In her own words, “I may be antisocial and a little tempermental at times, but I’ve got skills that the Bass need and I put a hundred and ten percent into every challenge, which is more than I can say for some of my teammates. If they vote me off, they really are idiots.” When Geoff is unable to perform due to breaking his board, she quickly steps up and impresses everyone with a beautiful swords-play performance, getting a perfect score and winning the challenge for the Bass. The Gophers eliminate Cody due to his annoying nature and lack of actual skills during challenges.

The Sucky Outdoors: A few of Ravioli’s teammates, particularly Courtney and Bridgette, continue their attempt to socialize with Ravioli, only for her to ignore them once again. She remarks in the confessional that they are being “foolish” for continuing to try and make friends, rather than focusing on challenges. When Duncan wonders where “Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Idiot” are, she simply states “I haven’t seen them and I’m kinda happy about that.” After Duncan’s horror story, she simply rolls her eyes and declares it “lame”. She voted for Sadie at random after they lost, commenting that “[Katie and Sadie] are practically the same person anyways.” Sadie was ultimately eliminated, much to Katie’s dismay.

Phobia Factor: Ravioli seemed annoyed about the sudden “share-fest” around the fire, and tried to leave, but was pressured by her team into staying. She reluctantly admitted that she is afraid of crossing bridges (which caused Duncan to laugh at her until he was asked his fear). The next day, she barely managed to conquer her fear, but it was ultimately not enough; the Bass lost again. After the challenge, she got into an argument with Duncan over whether or not Courtney, who cost the team the challenge, should be eliminated. Ravioli and Katie voted for Courtney, Courtney and Duncan voted for Katie, while Geoff, Bridgette, and DJ voted for Katie so she could be reunited with Sadie. She was eliminated, and happily reunited with her BFFFL.

Up the Creek: Ravioli was in a canoe with Duncan and Harold during the challenge, though she refused to speak with either of them. In the confessional, Harold complained about this, calling Ravioli “depressing”, “antisocial”, “selfish”, and “strangely attractive”. When the Bass encountered some wooly beavers, she suggested sacrificing Harold to them. Though helpful during the fire-making challenge, it was ultimately Izzy who won that part for the Gophers. She was enraged at Harold after he burned their oars, nearly more so than Courtney. Though the Bass thought they had won the challenge when they crash-landed on the beach, little did they know, Ravioli had fallen out of the canoe while they were moving due to the high speed they were moving at and her small stature. She was able to swim back to the island in the exact same time all the Gophers arrived; thus, the game was declared a tie and the teams would be temporarily merged so anyone could be voted out. Ravioli was in the bottom three along with Lindsay and Izzy, and was thought to be the one sent home. However, at the last second, the RCMP arrived and Izzy ran off, so Chris allowed both Lindsay and Ravioli to stay.

Paintball Deer Hunter: Ravioli, along with Duncan, Courtney, and DJ, was a deer during the challenge. Noah attempted to shoot Ravioli, but she managed to turn the tables, get her hands on Noah’s paintball gun, and pelt him with paint. Duncan, who was watching nearby, commended her for the act. No Bass deer ended up being hit, and thus, they won the challenge. After hearing the story of Noah’s epic failure, the Gophers voted him out.

If You Can’t Take the Heat…: Ravioli was all for the Italian theme during the challenge, due to her nature as a ravioli pixie. Duncan once again made a crack about the connection between her name and the food, resulting in her kicking him in the shin. She worked with DJ on the pasta, and noted his kindness and great personality, mentioning in the confessional that “he’s incredibly well mannered, kind, and he’s an all-around good person… I dislike him.” Her pasta was given nine out of ten points, contributing to the Bass win. The Gophers eliminated Owen for eating the team’s ribs.
Who Can You Trust?: Ravioli showed disapproval for Heather’s actions when she pulled off Gwen’s skirt on the cliff, commenting in the confessional that she was “more of a jerk than [herself].” She was the jumper during the blind trapeze challenge, and barely avoided landing in the jellyfish pool. Bridgette was the blind shooter during the reverse William Tell challenge, and knocked her out, which amused Ravioli. Ravioli voted for Geoff that night, claiming his happiness got on her nerve, but it was ultimately klutzy Bridgette who got the boot.

Basic Straining: Ravioli did extremely well during the challenges, unfazed by whatever she was put through. Thus, Chef made her do various extra excersizes that she performed without complaint. In the confessional, she rationalized that “[she] can pick a fight with the cook when a challenge isn’t on the line.” She showed no concern for Duncan when he was placed in solitary confinement, which irritated Courtney. She, Duncan, and Courtney were in the finals of the challenge, and she ended up being the last one standing for her team. In the end, she edged out Gwen by a fraction of a second to win for the Bass. The Gophers voted off Lindsay in an attempt to dissolve Heather’s alliance.

X-Treme Torture: Gwen talked with Ravioli that morning, and was the first person to successfully start a conversation with her, due to the two girl’s similarities. The two discovered the haiku in the mess hall, and initially thought it was by Duncan for Courtney. However, they reconsidered after remembering his rather course personality. Gwen admitted her crush on Trent to Ravioli, and the pixie set out to prove Trent the writer of the haiku. Of course, she was unsuccessful. Ravioli was picked to grab the flags for the Bass. Though she did well, Heather cut the rope, sending the pixie into one of the rocks. Though Chris was about to declare the Gophers the winners, further investigation showed Heather’s cheating, and thus, the Bass were declared the winners. The Gophers, knowing the merge would most likely be soon and taking the opportunity, voted out an enraged Heather.
Brunch of Disgustingness: Ravioli finally showed her weakness during this challenge- a weak stomach. She especially had trouble with the meat dishes, admitting in the confessional that, though she was not vegetarian, she usually ate very little meat. She ultimately refused to eat the dolphin wieners, declaring that she had hurled enough that day. This led to the tiebreaker round and the girls’ ultimate loss.
No Pain, No Game: Izzy and Noah returned in this episode, to Ravioli’s surprise (she questioned in the confessional “Why bring back the big-brained big-head?!”) She did extremely well in the challenge, even being able to beat the Saskwatchinakwa. In the end, however, she fell into the water mere seconds before LeShawna during the log-rolling challenge. She voted for Noah that night, and he was eliminated once again.
Search & Do Not Destroy: Ravioli’s key was held by the bear, which she was not worried about. The bear attempted to maul her, but she shouted at it, which scared it into submission. She was somewhat happy, if a bit envious, of Gwen and Trent’s new relationship. In the confessional, she commented that “it’s nice to see at least HER get a guy,” implying she has had a troubled relationship or unrequited crush in the past. She did not end up getting invincibility; her prize was a pair of chopsticks, much to her dismay. She voted off Geoff that night, claiming he was “too happy” and that his yearning for Bridgette was getting on her nerves. Geoff was voted out for his cheerful personality and for being a threat to the other campers should he get to the finals.
Hide & Be Sneaky: Ravioli’s involvement with the bear in the previous episode aided her in this challenge; she was able to threaten the bear into letting her hide in its cave. Courtney, after being found, discovered Ravioli there and was about to turn her in for invincibility before being chased by the bear. Ravioli was annoyed at Courtney for this, claiming in the confessional that she thought Courtney was her friend, though she quickly covered up this comment, saying, “Not that I care.” With the bear out chasing Courtney, however, Chef was able to find and spray Ravioli, rendering her a soggy splat on the wall of the cave. That night, she voted Courtney due to her previous actions. Other campers, fearful that her relationship with Duncan would take her too far, also voted for her, sending the CIT off the island.
That’s Off the Chain!: Ravioli felt somewhat alienated from Gwen due to her increasingly close relationship with Trent. This caused her to rant in the confessional about how relationships “only get in your way and throw you off your game”, that “guys are just idiots that need your attention and eat a lot, like dogs, except less hairy,” and that “one minute you have a nice guy that acts like he likes you, the next thing you know he’s off on some reality show avoiding you for all you’re worth and forgetting you even existed!!!” This further implies that she had a failed relationship in the past. Though she does well in building a bike, she does not end up getting to the second round, due to being on DJ’s bike. Gwen was eliminated because, though she was the second person to cross the finish line (after Duncan), no one else made it to the finish, and thus, she was last.
Hook, Line, and Screamer!: Ravioli was incredibly annoyed at Gwen’s elimination, complaining in the confessional that, had Trent been eliminated instead, she could at least resume her friendship with Gwen. However, just after finishing that confession, she made another claiming that she did not NEED, nor really care about, friendship, just that the situation would have been better than her current one. She was shown to enjoy horror movies, and claimed that the one they watched was “juvenile and lame”. Her passion for horror films made her somewhat more friendly to Duncan. Though she warned people not to go into the woods, she did not seem to care about protecting them, commenting “hey, it’s your neck.” She was one of the last few people left while the “psycho killer” ran about, along with Duncan and LeShawna. However, LeShawna was taken out when she went to get food, and Ravioli saw the killer and confronted him. In the meantime, Duncan took down the real Escaped Psycho Killer with a Chainsaw and a Hook. DJ, for freaking out without seeing the killer (Izzy had jumped in front of him and shouted “BOO!”, scaring him), was eliminated.
Wawanakwa Gone Wild!: Ravioli won invincibility and a feast in this episode, once again for her reign over the bear, being able to find and capture it without a problem when assigned it. However, her feast was destroyed thanks to Harold’s “skills”, and, further adding to her bad luck, Izzy hit her with a tranquilizer dart. She voted off Izzy that night thanks to the incident, and various others, in fear she would shoot them as well, voted her off, leading to her elimination.
Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon: Ravioli was paired with Harold in this challenge, to her dismay. She force-fed him the gross food in spite of his protests, claiming in the confessional that she actually enjoyed it somewhat, thanks to being able to torture Harold. Thus, their team won the challenge. While on Boney Island, Harold informed her that her antisocial behavior was putting off to everyone. In the resulting argument, Ravioli let it slip that she had once liked a guy, Nalyd, who ended up competing in reality shows instead of asking her out and ultimately forgot she existed. Harold comforted her about this, and the pixie opened up somewhat. By the end of the third challenge, she was smiling and talking to people. However, that night, she found a shock- she had been voted out by the four other than Harold, since, with her skills in challenges and new social skills, she was a huge threat if she got to the finals. However, she thanked her competitors for a good time and for helping to change her before walking the dock.
Haut Camp-Ture: Ravioli was mostly seen hanging out with Gwen at the resort. She was rooting for Duncan or Beth to win and hoped Trent would be voted out next, merely so he could reunite with Gwen. She admitted that she would root for Harold to win if he got to the finals in gratitude for helping her open up. She had little opinion on LeShawna, claiming they did not interact much. That night, Chris asked each loser to vote for someone to win, and the majority of the losers voted Duncan. Shockingly, Chris revealed that they had not voted him to win- they had voted him OUT.
I Triple Dog Dare You!: The final three, LeShawna, Harold, and Beth, had to take loser dares in this episode. Ravioli’s dare was to bite the bear’s ear, which an unfortunate Harold performed. When LeShawna’s ponytail was accidentally cut off even after she refused the dare and eliminated herself, Ravioli was seen at Playa Des Losers hearing the scream. The Very Last Episode, Really!: True to her word, Ravioli supported Harold in the finale as thanks for him helping her open up. However, she told Beth she would be happy if she won as well. In the end, Beth won by mere seconds, much to Ravioli’s delight. After the final marshmallow ceremony, she received a call on her cell phone from Nalyd, who wanted to meet up with her once more after seeing her on TDI. She happily accepted, and then proceeded to watch the guys chuck Chris into the lake. She was able to happily end her time on the island by tripping Chef as he ran away from the guys, sending him into the water.

Anonymos' Story

Nonny's Time on TDI (Please note, Nonny replaces Noah in this story.)

In The Not So Happy Campers- Part 1, Nonny was the twelfth one to arrive. He immediately began talking to Gwen. Gwen acted mean to him at first, but Gwen warmed up to Nonny. He also became friends with Geoff. Chris put Nonny on the Screaming Gophers, and was happy to be on the same team as Gwen, but unhappy that Geoff was on the other team. At lunch, he sat with Gwen, and Trent seemed a little mad about this.

In The Not So Happy Campers- Part 2, the Screaming Gophers had to jump second. Katie and Sadie wouldn’t jump without each other, so Bridgette offered to switch places with Katie, putting Bridgette on the Screaming Gophers. Nonny witnessed the fight that took place between Leshawna and Heather, and offered to jump with Heather. Heather pushed him off the cliff. He shared a pushcart with Justin, although Beth wanted to share with him. She seemed rather clingy, so Justin shared with Nonny. The Killer Bass lost the challenge, and Courtney was voted out for not jumping the cliff.

In The Big Sleep, the run was mixed between teams, so Nonny ran with Geoff. They arrived at the cafeteria within the first hour. Nonny didn’t eat much at the banquet, partly because he didn’t especially like the foods there, and partly because Owen ate most of it. During the challenge, Nonny was asleep after three days. He was thrilled when Gwen won the Awake-a-Thon for the Screaming Gophers. The Killer Bass voted out Eva for obvious reasons.

In Dodgebrawl, Nonny was put in the first game with Leshawna, Justin, Cody, and Lindsay. Nonny was out because Leshawna threw a ball at him, and Harold ducked, which made the ball bounced off the wall and hit Nonny. The Killer Bass won that game. It wasn’t a technical out, but Chris counted it anyway. Nonny didn’t participate in games two or three. Game two went to the Screaming Gophers, and game three went to the Killer Bass. In game four, he was able to outwit Duncan’s strategy, and win the game for the Screaming Gophers. In game five it was down to Katie, Sadie and DJ versus Cody and Bridgette. Nonny distracted Katie and Sadie by removing Justin’s shirt, and Cody threw them out. It was down to DJ got Cody out. DJ stuck to his manners and didn’t hit Bridgette because DJ doesn’t hit girls. Bridgette eventually got DJ out and the Screaming Gophers won again. The Killer Bass voted out DJ for not hitting Bridgette.

In Not Quite Famous, Nonny auditioned with a song, but was trashed by Heather in favor of Trent. Most of the team disagreed with Heather, but Heather was “in charge,” so what she says goes. Along with Trent, they selected Justin and Heather. During the talent show, Nonny was unhappy to see Trent get so many points, which could have been his. Harold won with his beat boxing, and took the victory for the Killer Bass. The Screaming Gophers wanted to vote out Heather, Justin or Trent, but they defended themselves by stating, “At least we were in the talent show!” They seemed to be okay with that response, and turned to the most useless member of the team, Cody. Cody was voted out that night.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Nonny walked with Justin, Gwen and Leshawna. They became separated from the rest of the team. Nonny tried to get everyone to get them to look for the rest of the team with him, but Justin refused, so they left him there. Leshawna, Gwen and Nonny eventually found the rest of the team. Izzy came to their campground dressed as a bear, but they saw through her disguise, mostly because the bear sounded a lot like her. They reminded Izzy that she was on the Killer Bass, and she eventually left to go back to her team. The next morning, the Screaming Gophers arrived first, then the Killer Bass, then Katie and Sadie, and finally Justin. The Screaming Gophers lost again and they voted Justin out, including Nonny and Gwen, who had befriended him.

In Phobia Factor, Nonny shared the same fear as Leshawna, namely giant spiders, but neither of them could conquer their fear. The Screaming Gophers had Gwen, Trent, Owen, Heather, Lindsay and Beth conquer their fears. The Killer Bass had Izzy, DJ, Duncan, Sadie and Katie conquer their fears. It was close, but the Screaming Gophers won. The Killer Bass sent Harold home for not conquering his fear of ninjas.

In Up the Creek, Nonny shared a canoe with Lindsay and Cody, and found himself befriending both. At the island, he almost stepped in quicksand, but went around because he thought the ground around that area “looked gross” and didn’t want to walk through it. Bridgette was able to save Trent and Lindsay from the quicksand. At the fire building part, Nonny stayed away from the fire for fear that his hair will get singed. The Screaming Gophers won because nobody wanted to kick the canoes back. The final marshmallow would go to either Geoff or Sadie, but the RCMP came and took chased Izzy away.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Nonny refused to be a deer because he didn’t want to get covered in paint, so Bridgette switched places with him, and let Nonny be a hunter. Nonny wasn’t able to shoot anyone. Heather, Beth and Leshawna all shot each other. The Killer Bass won the challenge because Heather, Beth and Leshawna were all soaked in paint. The Screaming Gophers voted Beth out, due to some manipulative tricks from Heather.

In If You Can’t Take The Heat… Nonny worked with Leshawna to make chocolate mousse, due to a French theme, thought up by head chef Trent. Nonny attempted to help Lindsay and Heather make the escargot, he couldn’t bring himself to touch the escargot. The Killer Bass managed to win, not because of Nonny, Heather, Lindsay and Leshawna, but because of Bridgette, Owen and Gwen’s dish. Nonny managed to keep the Screaming Gophers from voting out Gwen. It came down to Bridgette and Owen, and Bridgette was voted out.

In Who Can You Trust? Nonny was in the fugu blowfish challenge with Heather. Nonny didn’t trust Heather enough to let her cook. Nonny cooked, and managed to give Heather food poisoning, although Sadie gave Tyler food poisoning too. Chris called it a tie. In the first challenge Gwen and Leshawna lost it for the Screaming Gophers, against Katie and Geoff. In the final challenge, Katie and Sadie won the first blindfolded challenge against Lindsay and Owen. The second one ended with Trent and Gwen losing to Duncan and Ezekiel. The third one was lost by Nonny and Leshawna against Geoff and Sadie. The Killer Bass won every challenge, giving Screaming Gophers their third loss in a row. They voted out Heather.

In Basic Straining, Nonny was able to hold up the canoe for a while, although his wrists started to hurt. Tyler was out during the canoe challenge. During the essay writing challenge, Nonny was eliminated for writing only 299 words, along with Trent, Duncan and Sadie. During the obstacle course, Katie, Gwen, Lindsay, and Owen were eliminated. That left Geoff, Ezekiel, and Leshawna. During the tree challenge, Ezekiel fell almost immediately. Leshawna beat out Geoff in the end. The Killer Bass voted out Ezekiel for not being much help in anything.

In X-Treme Torture, Lindsay and Tyler were selected to jump. Tyler landed face first on the ground, while Lindsay was about to land face first, but Nonny dove to catch her, succeeding. Lindsay kissed Nonny on the cheek. During the second challenge, Owen and Sadie were selected to ride the moose. Owen was bucked off in less than two seconds. Sadie amazingly stayed on the moose. During the waterskiing challenge, Gwen and Duncan were selected. Gwen lost the challenge, while Duncan won. Leshawna drove Duncan, and Katie drove for Gwen. The Screaming Gophers wanted to send home Gwen, but Nonny was able to convince them otherwise. They sent home Owen for getting bucked off the moose.

In The Brunch of Disgustingness, when Chris announced a battle of the sexes, Nonny was glad to be reunited with Geoff again. Geoff introduced him to Duncan and Tyler. Nonny became friends with Duncan, but found Tyler annoying. Nonny introduced Geoff and Duncan to Trent, and they all became friends, excluding Tyler. During the challenge, Nonny refused a great number of the courses, making Tyler, Duncan and Trent angry with him. Geoff was able to calm them down, and remained loyal to Nonny. The girls won the challenge, and were sent on the vacation.

In No Pain, No Game, Lindsay brought Nonny back several of the nice foods they had enjoyed at the hotel. Nonny was grateful for this. Chris revealed that there were no longer teams, and that he had brought back Bridgette and Cody. Nonny seemed neutral about their return. During the challenge, Nonny sat with Geoff, Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna and Lindsay. Nonny was given the task of getting his hair cut by Chef. He ran away as soon as Chef stepped within a five-foot radius. Nonny was unhappy to see his friends Duncan and Gwen harmed by their tasks, but was overjoyed that no harm had come to him. Sadie won the challenge, and Nonny congratulated her for it. Nonny had his friends vote out Tyler for irritating everyone.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Nonny was given the task of retrieving his key from Chef’s fridge. He employed Cody as help by distracting Chef for him, as he got the key. After this, he helped Katie and Sadie get their keys from a beehive and from a flaming hoop, respectively. Nonny opened his chest and was found a lamp inside. Katie’s chest had the invincibility pass. Leshawna was removed from the game because she had to retrieve her key from a python, and the python bit her, poisoning her.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Chris first informed them that Leshawna was okay, however she was too weak to return to the game. Nonny hid inside a large tree. Chef found him very late into the game. He found Geoff in his hiding place, but allowed Geoff to get to the chair. Geoff, Sadie and Lindsay won invincibility. Nonny was offered to join the guys alliance, but Nonny formed a different alliance with Duncan, Geoff, Lindsay, Gwen, Katie and Sadie. They voted for Trent and he was out.

In That’s Off the Chain, Nonny had help from Gwen building his bike. However, his and Gwen’s bikes were destroyed in the first race. Cody, Bridgette, Geoff and Katie advanced. Bridgette crossed the line first, and Katie crossed last. Katie was eliminated in a sudden death elimination.

In Hook, Line and Screamer, Nonny hated the movie, saying how much he hated horror movies. He walked around with Lindsay, Geoff and Sadie, comforting Sadie after Katie’s departure. Geoff had to go to the bathroom, and so Nonny waited outside with Sadie and Lindsay. The Killer chased Geoff out of the bathroom, and Nonny, Sadie and Lindsay saw him. They ran in the opposite direction. Geoff ended up with Cody, and Gwen in the eliminated tent. Sadie, Nonny and Lindsay ran into the Killer and he chased Sadie away, and into the tent. Nonny and Lindsay ran into Duncan and Bridgette. The Killer found them, and Nonny threw a rock at him, and then proceeded to run to the eliminated tent. Bridgette and Duncan were soon brought there too. Lindsay won the challenge, and Gwen had a sudden death elimination. Nonny had a sorrowful night, due to his first friend being eliminated.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild, Nonny was assigned to capture a raccoon. He succeeded to do so, after Duncan and Bridgette brought their animals in. Duncan admitted to Nonny that he had a crush on Bridgette. Nonny said that he would attempt to get them together. Nonny then proceeded to Lindsay capture her animal, namely a deer. She brought hers in second to last. Cody was the loser and had to clean the bathrooms. Nonny brought up Duncan with Bridgette and she admitted that he was kind of cute. At the campfire, Cody was sent home.

In Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon, Nonny was paired with Sadie. During the eat-off, Sadie was the eater. Sadie managed to eat all of it within two minutes. Nonny and Sadie won that challenge. Duncan and Bridgette were a pair, and Nonny told Duncan that this was a perfect opportunity to get Bridgette to like him. During the second challenge, Sadie and Nonny were the second group to arrive at Boney Island, Sadie piggybacked Nonny, but they couldn’t reach the cave in time. Duncan and Bridgette won that challenge. During the final challenge, Sadie and Nonny were in the lead, but they got to Katie’s wooden head, and Sadie burst into tears. Duncan and Bridgette won that one too, taking invincibility. Nonny attempted to get Duncan to vote with him, but he succeeded with Bridgette, and wanted to vote with her. Duncan and Nonny both wanted Geoff to vote with them. Due to unknown reasons, Lindsay was voted out. Nonny admitted that he loved Lindsay, and they kissed before she left.

In Haut Camp-ture, most of the campers, especially Gwen, and Lindsay, all expressed missing Nonny. The losers didn’t vote out Nonny, but they accidentally voted out Geoff. There was sorrow when Geoff left because the final five had all grown very close.

In Camp Castaways, Nonny was abandoned with Bridgette and Sadie. Duncan aimlessly wandered throughout the island and eventually found Sadie. Sadie mistook Duncan for a turtle with a mohawk for some reason. Sadie brought him back to Bridgette and Nonny. The four of them teamed up and discovered the production crew’s campground. Chris sent Chef because there wasn’t an official challenge that day.

In Are We There Yeti? Nonny was paired with Bridgette for the challenge. They found ways to steal Sadie and Duncan’s supplies, but Duncan’s criminal mind helped him and Sadie take it back. On the night before they arrived back at camp, Nonny and Bridgette took all of their stuff. The following morning, it became a race to get to the camp. However, Sadie and Bridgette stopped running during the race. Duncan outran Nonny. Nonny felt that he was safe at the campfire, but he was sent home. He sighed, and hugged Bridgette and Sadie good-bye. Duncan and Nonny said good-bye as well.

In I Triple Dog Dare You! Nonny’s dare was to massage a tiger. Duncan took this dare, and the tiger clawed off his shirt. Duncan did get a freebee for it, though. Bridgette was eliminated, ala Heather’s dare of diving into a leech filled pond.

In The Very Last Episode, Really! Nonny couldn’t quite decide whether to support Sadie or Duncan, both of which being close friends of his. He eventually chose to support Sadie. Nonny, Gwen, Lindsay, Katie, Leshawna, Owen, Trent, Cody, Harold, Izzy and Beth all supported Sadie. Everyone else supported Duncan. During the challenge, Sadie got help from Nonny, Lindsay and Katie, while Duncan got help from Geoff, Bridgette and Tyler. Geoff and Nonny had made a bet the previous night on the winner. Lindsay accidentally made Duncan lose by knocking Owen onto him. Owen’s weight sprained Duncan’s ankle. Sadie won, but mostly by default. That night, Geoff paid Nonny a hundred bucks.

Turnertang's Story

Turnertang replaces Ezekiel in this story.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 - Turnertang was the thirteenth person to arrive and he walked off the boat juggling soccer balls and he then threw them at Chris and then Chris yelled at him for messing up his hair. He first became friend with Tyler immediately because they both loved to play sports. Turnertang was put on the Killer Bass with Tyler, Duncan, Courtney, Lindsay, Eva, Noah, Katie, Justin, Beth, and Geoff. The Screaming Gophers were Bridgette, Heather, Owen, Harold, Sadie, Izzy, DJ, Trent, Gwen, Leshawna and Cody. Then Chris showed them the first challenge.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2 - Katie and Sadie kept whining about being on the same team so Bridgette switched Katie so they could be on the same team. When Turnertang's turn came up he jumped and landed in the safe zone. Since Courtney didn't jump for his team the Screaming Gophers needed everyone to jump. When DJ didn’t jump Leshawna pushed him in and then pushed Heather too. The other team got the wheel barrows and got a big lead Turnertang pushed his crate but he got lost from the group but came back just in time. When Courtney asked where Geoff and Bridgette were making out in the bushes and they had their crates too. Since Turnertang got lost and Geoff and Bridgette didn't help, they were all up for elimination. Tuurnertang convinced Tyler and Duncan to vote out Geoff and it ended up Geoff walked down the Dock of Shame.

The Big Sleep - Turnertang completed the lap around the lake but had to go back to help Tyler finish which made him extra tired. He ate a ton of food and started feeling sick and when Chris announced the challenge he got so mad. Turnertang hung out with Tyler and the passed a football back and forth. When he took a break from football he saw heather take Eva's music player and he tackled Heather and took it back to Eva. Since Eva had her music she was able to calm down. Turnertang couldn't stay awake anymore and was the twelfth person to fall asleep. The final five people awake were Duncan, Gwen, Tyler, Eva, and Heather. Tyler fell asleep eventually and so did heather, leaving Duncan, Gwen, and Eva. Duncan went to sleep on the toilet and Gwen finally fell asleep and the Killer Bass won. Heather's alliance with Owen and Harold, voted for Cody and he was the second person eliminated.

Dodgebrawl - Harold's snoring kept the whole Screaming Gophers up and most of them were to tired to play dodge ball. The Killer Bass easily won the first two rounds without Noah's help. Tyler was horrible at dodge ball and cost his team a round and then he took Lindsay away to some place. Heather didn't want to lose so she did something horrible which was she went up to Duncan and kissed him on the lips. Duncan in shock became very still and got out and then Owen won the round. Turnertang was mad at Heather and pegged the ball right at her face and got her out. Then Duncan got out again and so did Harold and Izzy. Trent got out and Turnertang did too. Finally it was down to Owen and Courtney and Owen threw the ball at Courtney but she dodged it and hit Owen and t Killer Bass won again. Heather's alliance voted for DJ and he ended up getting out.

Not Quite Famous - Turnertang auditioned for the show by juggling his soccer balls with his feet and he got in with Beth's fire twirling and Justin's modeling. When the show came Beth got a zero for not knowing how to catch and went got a five for his burp. Duncan tried flirting with Heather because of last round and Heather pretended to like it. When Lindsay was admiring Justin, she knocked over a light and hit Justin and he couldn't perform. Turnertang juggled his soccer balls and got a three for being boring which made him go mad and Leshawna got a negative ten for her dancing. Eva replaced Justin in the contest and she did nothing but lift weights and she got a zero. Heather read Gwen's diary to make her upset and weak. Trent went to go comfort her and the made an alliance. Since the Screaming Gophers won the Killer Bass ended up giving Lindsay the boot.

The Sucky Outdoors - When the Killer Bass made it to the campsite Turnertang went out for food Tyler and they came back empty handed. Duncan told a scary story that scared the whole bass and Turnertang couldn't fall asleep because of the story. He got up but burned the tent down by accident and everyone was mad at him. Bridgette tried to calm everyone down and they thought that she had a crush on Turnertang because of that. Turnertang slept away from the group and Bridgette came over to help him and make him feel better. Then it started raining and Duncan came up to Turnertang and yelled at him for not having a tent thanks to him. Courtney also yelled at him and Bridgette got them to back off eventually. Turnertang then ran away and all the way back to camp and spent the night in his cabin. His team lost thanks to Beth who tripped and got caught in a tree branch and Turnertang and Tyler voted for Bridgette because Turnertang didn't want Bridgette because he didn't want her there because she might fall in love with him and ruin the game for him. In the end Turnertang got the last marshmallow and Beth was sent packing.

Phobia Factor - When everyone went back to camp and started telling everyone their fears Turnertang told them he was afraid of tightrope walking and when Tyler said he was afraid of chickens Turnertang backed him up. When the challenge came and Turnertang had to tightrope walk across the two cabins he didn't do it and Tyler and Bridgette also failed. Courtney did jump into the jelly because she tripped and fell into it. The Bass lost again even though their score was tripled they still lost because the Screaming Gophers had eight points and the Killer Bass ended up with six points. Heather called Duncan over and told him to get everyone to vote out Courtney and then she kissed him. When Duncan came to Turnertang he decided not to and he became really mad and they became enemies. Turnertang got Tyler and Courtney to vote for Duncan and in the end Duncan walked the Dock of Shame

Up the Creek - Turnertang partnered up with Tyler and they started rowing smoothly. Justin fell overboard and Bridgette jumped into save him and when she got out, the Screaming Gophers were way ahead. Justin decided to use Bridgette and got her in an alliance with him. The Screaming Gophers reached landed and Izzy grabbed a vine and started swinging away. The Killer bass finally reached land and they started sprinting across land until Tyler sprained his ankle and he couldn't run anymore. When both teams reached the end of the island they started working on the second part of the challenge, which was to build a fire. Bridgette then broke up wit Turnertang even thought they weren't in a relationship and they then she went to Justin. Izzy came back with this weird ball of stuff and threw it into the fire pit and the Screaming Gophers won the fire challenge. Before they left the island Turnertang grabbed some strange rock that looked cool even thought Chris warned him not to. The Killer Bass got Turnertang to kick everyone back to land after Izzy told them about this idea she had and the Screaming Gophers ended up giving Izzy the boot. Actually she got chased away by the RMCP.

Paintball Deer Hunter - Chris came and announced the challenge and Turnertang became one of the Deer with Justin and Bridgette. The Screaming Gophers hunters were Trent, Katie, Sadie, Owen, and Leshawna and their deer were Gwen, Heather, Trent, and Harold. Turnertang ran away from everyone and went to his cabin and decided to take a nap. Heather bossed around Harold too much and he went crazy and shot Heather and Owen gave heather her gun and she shot Harold. Trent and Gwen were just talking when Tyler and Eva found them and shot them with paint balls. Leshawna found Justin but didn't shoot because he was too gorgeous. Katie and Sadie found Bridgette and shot her and then Chris called them all back and the Screaming Gophers lost. Heather and Owen decided to vote Harold but Leshawna heard that and got everyone else to vote Heather or Owen. In the end Owen was walking down the Dock of Shame.

If You Can't Take The Heat... - Justin was put in charge of the food because he was the best cook out of everyone there. Turnertang and Tyler were on desert and made a chocolate cake. When they put it in the oven they went outside to play football and Tyler missed every pass. When they came back the cake was all burnt but the covered it with frosting. On the Screaming Gopher side Heather bossed everyone around and she ended up locked in the fridge. Trent got a concussion when Leshawna hit him with a big crate by accident. Noah and Eva did the pasta and the also failed but Justin and Courtney succeeded on the pizza. When Chris judged the food Turnertang put his cool rock on the table. Chris hated the pasta but he like the Screaming Gopher's shrimp. Chris liked the pizza and the Screaming Gopher's lobster. Chris almost died on Tyler and Turnertang's desert but Leshawna saved him. When the Killer Bass saw the rock they wanted to know who put it there and Turnertang blamed Bridgette and said he saw her take it from Boney Island. Bridgette tried to object but it didn't matter. Justin and Bridgette voted Tyler but still Bridgette was the one walking down the Dock of Shame.

Who Can You Trust? - Turnertang was paired with Justin for the mountain climbing but Justin let go of the rope and he fell down the mountain while Katie and Trent won the challenge for their team while Turnertang was taking to the Medical Hut. Tyler and Courtney did the fish challenge against Leshawna and Katie. Courtney made the fish right and Tyler survived while Katie failed and Leshawna was taken to the Medical Hut. Courtney told Tyler how brave he was and they snuck off to some place. The blindfold challenge was the William Tell and Eva shot Justin with apples while Harold shot Gwen with apples. Harold couldn't even reach Gwen with his slingshot while Eva got a bull’s eye and Justin flew far away because of the impact. The trapeze was Heather and Sadie against Tyler and Turnertang. Since Tyler disappeared the challenge went to the Screaming Gophers and it came down to a sled race. Turnertang and Eva against Katie and Sadie. Eva directed Turnertang to victory while Katie directed Sadie right into a tree. Turnertang found Courtney and Tyler making out behind a bush in the forest. Heather made and alliance with Katie and Sadie but Katie was voted off.

Basic Straining - When everyone had to hold up a canoe it lasted for seven hours until eventually Noah gave up and rang the bell and Chef yelled at him. When everyone had to write an essay about Chef Turnertang and Tyler teamed up and though up an essay together and they wrote the same things. Courtney, Harold, Leshawna, and Sadie all fell asleep and were eliminated. In the obstacle course Trent and Justin were eliminated and Eva was sent to the fish room for punishment of being rude. At the tree contest Tyler and Turnertang were hanging on and Trent and Gwen were also hanging on. Tyler fell down because he was weak and Courtney grabbed him and they ran away. Trent also fell down and so did Gwen who made the Killer Bass win. Everyone was going to vote out Harold but somehow Heather was the one eliminated. In the confessional it showed that Harold switched the votes because Harold didn't like Heather and Heather was really mean.

X-Treme Torture - Gwen and Courtney found a haiku letter and they made a bet about whom it’s from. Turnertang and Harold had to jump out of a plane but Harold fell out and broke pretty much every bone in his body while Turnertang landed safely on the mattress bed. In the bull-riding contest Courtney came up to a Tyler before he went and asked him if he liked haiku and Tyler had no idea what that was and when Gwen asked Trent that question Trent told her he didn't like poetry. Trent one the bull-riding contest even though the both ended up in the socks Trent lasted longer. Justin driving the boat for Sadie in the water skiing contest and Sadie was catching all the flags so Justin stood up and tried to cut the rope but his shirt got caught on a branch and ripped off revealing his chest and Sadie kept staring at it and crashed and dropped all the flags. Trent was driving the boat while Eva was skiing and Eva got every flag and in the end the Screaming Gophers sent Trent packing but Gwen ran up and asked who the letter came from and Chris told her that it was just a prank and that it meant nothing.

Brunch of Disgustingness - The teams were split up boys against girls. Turnertang refused to eat the first three dishes, which made his team mad since the girls were winning three to zero so Turnertang started eating the dishes. It was tied four to four when the dolphin dogs came up. Everyone started eating the hot dogs until Leshawna barfed which made all the girls barf while the guys ignored it and won the challenge. In the end the guys went away for a two-day trip to a resort and all the girls became mad and upset, mostly at Leshawna for starting the barfing.

No Pain, No Game - When the guys came back from their trip Chris announced that two more contestants were coming back. First, Lindsay came back by audience demand. Then, Duncan returned because the producers liked him. Everyone was mad at Chris for letting them return and Duncan came up to Turnertang and hung him on a flagpole. When the challenge came Turnertang went up and had to listen to some music, which made him, fall asleep but he still made it to the next round. Soon it was down to four people, Tyler, Turnertang, Duncan, and Leshawna. Leshawna had to do go in a cage with the Sasquatchanakwa but she chickened out and failed and next Tyler failed to do the snapping turtle challenge. Turnertang had to do the log rolling challenge against the bear but didn't do it because of the piranhas. Duncan won invincibility and in the end it was Harold who walked down the Dock of Shame because he was annoying people.

Search and Do Not Destroy - Turnertang's key was in a ring of fire so he just reached through and grabbed it and then he helped Tyler get it from the bear. Turnertang grabbed the key but the bear grabbed him so Tyler kicked the bear and when it woke up Turnertang ran away with Tyler's key. When Turnertang saw Courtney sneak into Chef's kitchen he woke Chef up and he chased Courtney away. Courtney told Turnertang that he was going down. When time was up Turnertang got a bag of chips but Tyler got the invincibility pass and he gave it to Turnertang. In the end the end Noah was walking down the Dock of Shame.

Hide and Be Sneaky - Turnertang chose to hide in a trashcan and was found first for being to noisy. Duncan, Justin and Tyler who kept their distance since he smelled bad then pulled him into a cave. They offered Turnertang to be in an alliance since they were outnumbered six to four and he accepted. Turnertang then found Courtney hiding on top of a cabin and reported her to Chef, which mad her even madder at Turnertang. Chef then found Leshawna and Lindsay hiding in the bathroom followed by Tyler hiding in a tree. Chef was headed near Duncan's hiding spot and he told Turnertang to distract Chef so Turnertang went up to Chef and told him to spay himself s he wouldn't smell bad and Chef did and Duncan ran away while that happened. Duncan made it to victory and so did Justin because Chef couldn't shoot him since he was so gorgeous. Courtney found Eva so she won invincibility and Chef shot Sadie while she was running to freedom. The guys’ alliance voted for Sadie and she was walking the Dock of Shame.

That's Off the Chain! - In the morning Duncan found Tyler and Courtney making out in the forest and the guys’ alliance voted if Tyler should be kicked out for making out with Courtney. Justin and Duncan voted yes while Turnertang voted no. So Tyler was booted from the alliance. When the challenge started the guys helped each other build their bikes and then talked about their first bike rides, which mad Justin really scared because he didn't want to mess up his body and hair. Turnertang's bike was pretty plain except for a football that he drew on it and Lindsay was picked to ride it. In the first round Turnertang was riding Duncan's bike and he succeeded in the race and so did Tyler, Leshawna, Eva, Courtney, and Duncan. While Justin failed because he didn't ride and Lindsay and took Gwen for a ride and they got lost in the forest. In the second race in a sudden death elimination Turnertang wiped out on the bombs with Tyler and then Leshawna and Eva failed on the oil slick. Duncan jumped over Courtney's bike and won the race with Courtney in second. Before Courtney left Tyler made out with her and while she was dragged onto the Boat of Losers she was yelling about how she was going to sew them.

Hook, Line, and Screamer - Turnertang was bored during the movie because eh thought it was unoriginal. Justin was terrified and so was Tyler but Gwen and Duncan loved it. When they all saw Chris and Chef leave and read about the killer Gwen took charge but Turnertang suggested that everyone do what they want and so everyone did. Turnertang and Tyler played football and the "killer" spotted them Turnertang threw the football at him witch hit him in the coconuts and they ran away. The "killer" then found Justin cuddled up in a ball in a cabin and he took him away and on the way to the captured tent he found Leshawna in the Mess Hall and he grabbed her too. They were so mad when the found out the "killer" was Chef and then they watched the "killer" go out and find more people. The "killer then found Turnertang and Tyler hiding in bathroom stalls and they joined in the fun of watching Chef capture campers. Duncan then got in a fight with the "killer" and lost and was dragged to the tent. Next, the "killer" spotted Lindsay and Gwen in different areas and e took them back to the tent. Eva was walking around and then the real psycho killer popped out and everyone warned Eva and then she beat him up and the real killer ran away crying. In the end Justin was sent home for being a big baby.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild! - When Turnertang here's the challenge he refuses to do it even though the penalty is horrible because he loves animals. Then Chris adds that they have to be unharmed so he agrees to do it and he is sent to get a duck and he grabs a fly swatter and a small bag as items from the shack. When he sees the duck run really fast he tries to run after him but he is to slow. The he puts some food on his fly swatter and the duck comes to eat it and then he puts the duck in a bag. While he is walking back to camp he sees Tyler getting chased by a bunch of raccoons formed into a giant raccoon but he decides not to help because he wants the reward. When he gets back to camp Leshawna already brought her chipmunk back so she gets the meal. Duncan came next with a frog and then Tyler with a raccoon. Eva comes back and throws a bear in a cage but the bear hits Leshawna's table of food before it goes into the cage. Lindsay fails to find a deer and Gwen fails to catch a beaver. In the end Lindsay got voted off and Gwen has to clean the bathroom.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon - Turnertang is paired with Eva and they don't get along at all. In the eating challenge Eva feeds Turnertang but she does it so fast he can't swallow any of the food and at the end Tyler fed Leshawna the food and they finished first. In the next part Duncan and Gwen reach the island first and then Turnertang and Eva and Eva put Turnertang on her back and sprinted to the cave. Finally, Tyler and Leshawna arrive because they had trouble paddling and then they got into a fight about who carries who. Eva passes Duncan and Gwen and Turnertang throws the totem statue into the cave and they win round two. In round three Eva keeps yelling at Turnertang for which head next but Turnertang gets annoyed he starts going to Chris for the key. Duncan and Gwen finish first so anyone is up for elimination. In the end Gwen was sent packing for no apparent reason.

Haut Camp-ture - At the Playa Des Losers everyone tells whom they want to win and Courtney and Heather want Turnertang to lose while Justin and Bridgette want him to win. When Chris reveals that they get to vote someone out they all accidentally vote out Tyler and he joined the other losers at the Playa Des Losers.

Camp Castaways - When the flood comes all the campers are separated and Turnertang ends up in a big tree house. Duncan finds Turnertang and he lets him into the tree house. Later Eva and Leshawna also find them and they let them up too. Since everyone was bored Turnertang suggest they go fishing and they do but then everyone tries to get back to camp. Leshawna built a raft and Eva went with for trade with her giant egg. The a giant spider comes to take back its egg and Leshawna panics and runs away because she is scared of giant spiders. Turnertang and Duncan make a fire and cook the fish and eat them. The next day the final four find each other again and they see some strange smoke so they attack but it turns out it was the staff's headquarter and no one was eliminated because it wasn't a challenge.

Are We There Yeti? - Chef take over and makes it girls against boys and leave them stranded and they have to find their way out by themselves. Duncan steals Chef's night vision goggles and then they built a raft and head up on the river and the girls run after them. The girls then prank the boys and take their items so the boys prank the girls and take their items. Eva fins the Sasquatchanakwa but she beats him up. The girls end up with all the items but the boys get them all back by trapping them in a hole. Eva climbs out of the hole and pulls Leshawna out and then Eva grabs Leshawna and sprints back to camp. Eva catches up t the boys and knocks them over and touches the totem pole first. In the end Turnertang is sent home and he said good-bye to everyone and left on the Boat of losers.

I Triple Dog Dare You! - Leshawna landed on Turnertang's dare, which was to where a tutu while walking across a tightrope with sharks underneath you. Leshawna gave it to Duncan who used a freebie. Finally, Leshawna got out when Eva gave her Justin's dare that was to swim in a pool filled with toilet water and put some jellyfish in it too.

The Very Last Episode, Really! - When the twenty eliminated campers return Eva told them that she would spend the money on her own gym and give each of them a membership card an Duncan told everyone that he would use the money to buy his prison and turn it into a home for him and have everyone come to a party at his new house. Turnertang decides to sit on Duncan's bleacher with Owen, Courtney, Geoff, Tyler, DJ, Heather, Trent, Justin, and Leshawna while Bridgette, Beth, Cody, Gwen, Harold, Izzy, Noah, Lindsay, Sadie, and Katie sat on Eva's side. For the first part Eva grabs her flag and Duncan grabbed his flag right after. To help Duncan Turnertang and Tyler took away Eva's board to cross so Duncan could win. Duncan crossed easily but then the eagle came and attacked him. Eva took a couple steps back and leaped across the to the other side and pegged the egg at the eagle making it fall out of the sky and Turnertang rushed to help the eagle. Justin takes off his shirt to distract Eva but Izzy throws dung on him so he doesn't look beautiful. They were neck and neck until Tyler came and tried to trip Eva but accidentally tripped Duncan and Eva won the giant check and ate the final marshmallow.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island - Turnertang teamed up with Tyler and stole the case from Owen, DJ, and Cody. Turnertang and Tyler ran back to the Dock of Shame when Izzy crashed into them from a vine and ran away with Leshawna and Lindsay. Turnertang and Tyler got the case back and almost made to the Dock of Shame but Justin, Katie, and Sadie took it and they started running to the Dock of Shame. Finally, Bridgette, Beth, and Gwen made it to the Dock of Shame with the suitcase and got to keep the money.

Sprinklemist's Story

Gary replaced Ezekiel. The teams were unchanged, otherwise. Gary is labeled as The Advocate for Justice.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Gary arrived on the island following Beth. At his arrival he reminded Chris McClean of the lawsuits against him for his last reality show. Chris sarcastically thanked Gary for the reminder of his legal woes. The sarcasm is lost on Gary as he completely lacks the ability to detect sarcasm. Upon Noah's arrival, Gary demanded that his list of allergies be taken seriously. When Duncan arrived, Gary asked Chris if a cell was prepared for him. Duncan menacingly threatened Gary, and Gary apologized quickly for his comment. When the campers got to see their living quarters, Gary gave Duncan a lecture about harming one of God's living creatures, a cockroach. Duncan pretended to pay attention while Gary was looking, but mocked the speech when Gary wasn't looking. After seeing what the first challenge would be, Gary gulped nervously.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

When Katie and Sadie refused to do the challenge without each other, and Izzy volunteered to switch teams with Katie, Gary demanded that the switch not take place saying that it would be unfair to cater to their wishes, and if Katie and Sadie were allowed to switch teams, everyone should be able. Chris did not allow Katie and Izzy to trade teams because of this. Gary did mention that it would be completely fair for them to do the challenge together, Sadie as the last camper to dive for the Killer Bass and Katie as the first camper to jump for the Screaming Gophers. Out of Courtney and DJ's refusal to complete the challenge, Duncan mentioned how DJ would be more useful in challenges than Courtney. Gary felt that Duncan was being unfair to women in general and banded the girls together in order to vote out Duncan. Courtney was the last to receive a marshmallow and Duncan was the first camper to be eliminated.

The Big Sleep

During the challenge Gary overheard Heather offer an alliance to Beth, Lindsay, and Katie. The girls all agreed, Katie agreed on the condition that Heather keep Sadie safe throughout the game. Katie, however, felt bad that Heather stole Eva's MP3 player in order to eliminate her. She asked Gary, as he had been opposed to rule breaking before, what she should do. He told her to tell Heather to give the MP3 player back to Eva, and to tell her that if Heather didn't, she would inform Eva of the incident. Heather gave the MP3 player back to Eva, saying that she had found it on the ground. Gary fell asleep finishing in sixth place during the challenge. Being able to listen to her favorite music helped Eva win the challenge for her team. Owen was voted out for doing the worst in the challenge.


At the beginning of the challenge, Gary told his team that he was hopeless at throwing, but could catch pretty well. His claims were confirmed as he won the first two matches for his team. In the third match, however, Gary was teamed up on by the other team, making it impossible for him to catch the oncoming dodge balls. His team lost two matches in a row against the Screaming Gopher's tactic. He scolded Courtney for yelling at Sadie for not throwing a dodge ball at Katie. He also successfully convinced Courtney to allow Harold to compete in the game and Harold took Geoff's place. Thanks to Harold, the team won the third match up, and the Screaming Gophers had to eliminate another camper. Heather convinced Noah, Katie, Beth, Justin, and Lindsay to vote out her enemy, Leshawna.

Not Quite Famous

Courtney decided that Gary's talent of bending his fingers backward was not worthy of a talent show. Gary tried to convince Bridgette to not walk on her hands, because she might get injured. Bridgette denied it, and stood on her hands anyway. Her foot got tangled in a rope that was holding up a light. Seeing it fall, Gary tried to push Courtney out of the way. Courtney fell to the ground, but her leg was broken by the falling light. She screamed in pain, and yelled at Gary. He was very sorry, but said that it could have been worse. Courtney now turned her attention to Bridgette, and said that if they lost, Bridgette would be eliminated. Courtney was then escorted to the medical tent by Chef. Courtney was unable to play her violin routine for the talent show. Eva took her place by demonstrating a self defense class with Harold in a padded suit. The team lost, because Chef liked Trent's song best. Courtney returned after the challenge in a wheelchair with a cast on her leg. Gary convinced his team that they shouldn't discriminate against a handicapped person, which Courtney viewed as an insult. The team eliminated Bridgette for causing the accident.

The Sucky Outdoors

Gary comforted Sadie when she was missing Katie on the team's hike. He reassured her that she would be reunited with her after the challenge was over. Gary said in confessional that he felt responsible for Courtney's injury, and would push her for the remainder of the game. The Killer Bass spent a relatively easy night in the woods. The only bad part of their night was Izzy scaring the team in a bear costume. Gary scolded Izzy for scaring her teammates and she apologized before biting him on the arm. The Killer Bass arrived completely intact at the meeting spot with Chris in the morning. They arrived before the other team and won invincibility. Heather got her alliance to vote out her other enemy, Gwen.

Phobia Factor

The teens discussed their worst fears after the previous nights campfire ceremony. Gary revealed that his worst fear was knives. Coincidentally, Gary was put in a room full of knives for the next day's challenge. He was unable to complete his challenge, but neither did Courtney, who had to eat a bowl of green jelly, Harold, who had to defeat a group of ninjas, and Tyler who was unable to face his fear of chickens. Gary agreed to allow his team to vote out Courtney, as she let the team down in another challenge that didn't have anything to do with her being in a wheelchair. Courtney was voted out.

Up the Creek

The teams were informed that they would be taking a canoe ride to Boney Island. Beth returned too late to hear Chris' instruction to take nothing from the island. Gary felt bad for Beth and informed her to not take anything from the island. Eva and Geoff punched Gary in the arm for revealing that information to her. Gary shared a canoe with DJ and Izzy. They made it to the island in time with their other teammates. Izzy started a fire quickly, and the team headed back to Total Drama Island. They were way ahead of the other team and won the challenge. Cody was eliminated for doing poorly in the challenges. The RCMP searched for Izzy, but she was able to hide in a cabin.

Paintball Deer Hunter

Gary was selected as a hunter for his team. He asked Chris if he could switch with Geoff who was a deer. Heather said that it would be unfair for Chris to make the change and that if he let Gary change roles, he should let everyone switch. Gary glared at Heather. When the game began, Gary told his team's hunters that he was against hunting. Harold told Gary that Heather was one of the deer, but this did not change Gary's mind on the matter. Gary was able to go through the entire challenge without shooting, anyone. Because of a feud on the other team, Harold and Eva were able to shoot members of the other team, but mostly Heather. The Killer Bass won the challenge. Beth was sent home.

If You Can't Take the Heat

Gary was reluctant about this challenge as he has very little experience with cooking. Geoff led the Killer Bass and paired Gary with Izzy in making an antipasto. They got to know each other better, and Izzy proceeded to tell Gary several unbelievable stories about herself, all of which were fully believed by Gary. The two followed Geoff's directions very well, but Izzy decided to wear the dish on her head in order to look like Darth Vader, ruining it. Chris scored the two teams, and because of their main course of succulent ribs, the Screaming Gophers won the challenge. Izzy was unanimously voted out by her team. The RCMP came back to look for her, but she ran off into the woods.

Who Can You Trust?

In an attempt to keep Katie in her alliance, Heather asked Gary not to vote out Sadie after she repeatedly pelted Geoff with apples during their challenge, even after their challenge was over. Gary told Heather that he would vote out whoever did the worst in the challenge. During the final challenge, while Gary was guiding DJ when he was blindfolded in a sledding challenge, Heather yelled out that DJ's beloved bunny was being attacked by land sharks. DJ removed his blindfold in order to see what was happening with bunny, losing the challenge for his team. Heather said that she simply made a mistake. She then told Gary, privately, that DJ really messed the challenge up far more than Sadie did. Gary, and the other Killer Bass, voted out DJ after losing the challenge.

Basic Straining

Gary was very compliant with Chef throughout the several challenges, but had no lines in this episode. Tyler and Harold did very poorly in the challenge. The Killer Bass lost invincibility. Harold was voted out.

X-Treme Torture

Trent and Geoff were supposed to jump out of an airplane. Gary ran in circles trying to avoid being hit by Trent, whose parachute wouldn't open. Trent landed on Gary. Geoff successfully completed his part of the challenge. Gary was to ride a wild moose. Noah was supposed to for the other team. Gary only lasted for 0.01 seconds. Noah thought that time was to hard to beat, so he didn't even try. The Killer Bass won the challenge. Noah was voted out of the Screaming Gophers.

Brunch of Disgustingness

The teams were disbanded in the episode, and the teens were divided by gender. Gary refused to take part in the challenge, as he was a strict vegetarian. He assured his team that their loss wouldn't matter since it was only a reward challenge. They were still pretty peeved that Gary refused to eat any of the food. This ultimately cost the team the win. To take revenge on him, Justin, Tyler, and Geoff tied him to a tree and the guys pelted tomatoes at him.

No Pain, No Game

The girls came back from their reward to see some of the guys throwing tomatoes at Gary. Chris soon arrived and announced that the most popular eliminated contestants would return to the game. Gary said that that wasn't fair, because Chris said that the eliminated contestants couldn't come back, ever. Chris said that he lied. Gary said that he wasn't surprised, knowing Chris. Chris glared at Gary. A boat arrived carrying Leshawna. Izzy also returned swinging on a vine. She hit Gary and knocked him over. Chris then revealed what the challenge would be, a challenge of extreme dares. Gary was the first to be targeted by Geoff. He had to eat ice cream until he got brain freeze without running away, screaming. Gary successfully passed this challenge. Heather whispered to her alliance members, and Gary, to target Leshawna. Gary said that he didn't feel like it was very nice to target a specific person. Heather glared at Gary. Leshawna successfully faced three challenges, eliminating Sadie, Katie, and Lindsay from the competition. But on her challenge to face Sasquatchanakwa, she chickened out. Gary was soon targeted by Heather, and refused to face a barrel of leeches. Eva won the challenge. Heather threatened to vote Gary off if he didn't help her vote out Leshawna. Leshawna was the next contestant eliminated.

Search and Do Not Destroy

The campers were each given a task to retrieve a key for a treasure chest from a wild animal. Gary's task was to retrieve his key from a bunny. Gary calmly approached the adorable rabbit. When he got close to taking the key, the bunny roared at him. Gary roared back at the bunny, and it ran away from him, dropping the key. Gary received the key and used it to open his treasure chest. He received a pair of fuzzy dice and a coupon for a smoothie from the Smoothie Princess chain restaurant. Tyler then approached Gary, Justin, Trent, and Geoff about forming a guys' alliance before the girls teamed up against them. The conversation bothered Gary as he didn't want to vote anyone out because of their gender. He told Eva about the plan, and this enraged her. She informed the other girls of the plan, and Tyler was voted out.

Hide and Be Sneaky

The campers were involved in a game of hide and seek. A camper would gain invincibility if they helped Chef Hatchet find another camper, or successfully hid from Chef and made it to the safe spot after being chased by Chef. Gary hid behind a tree and was quickly spotted and hit by Chef's water gun. Gary helped Chef find Katie and Sadie who were hiding together under the girls' cabin's beds, Gary was rewarded with invincibility. Gary spotted Lindsay and Heather hiding together, and had Katie report Heather to Chef, and Sadie report Lindsay to Chef. The girls both earned invincibility, but the fact that Gary, Katie, and Sadie revealed her hiding spot angered Heather. Heather then spotted Geoff and Trent hiding near each other. Lindsay suggested that she get to turn on of them in in order to earn invincibility, too. Heather told her she couldn't, but Gary told Lindsay not to listen to Heather. She ran ahead of Heather and reported on Trent, in order to earn immunity for herself. Heather was still able to earn invincibility for herself by exposing Geoff's position. Geoff and Trent earned invincibility by revealing Izzy's location to Chef Hatchet, together. Izzy revealed Eva's location to Chef, earning invincibility. Justin was the only camper to earn invincibility by not being discovered by Chef. Eva was the only contestant to not earn invincibility. She was eliminated by default.

That's Off the Chain!

After Heather hit Lindsay with a fly swatter as revenge for Lindsay doing the same, Heather proceeded to slap Gary with the fly swatter instead. Chris now came to announce the next challenge. Gary was disappointed at hearing what the challenge was, as he never learned how to ride a bicycle. Izzy offered to team up with him, as long as he promised not to do any back seat riding. He agreed after not recalling any rules that didn't allow a team up. He also demanded that Lindsay worry about her own bike, instead of Heather's. Heather was upset by this, and promised to vote Gary out at the next challenge. Gary rode with Izzy before the challenge began, and they roamed the countryside while the challenge took place. Gary screamed the entire time and told Izzy to look out for obstacles. She yelled at him to not direct her like he promised. By the time the two got back they saw Katie and Sadie 's bicycle built for two cross the finish line. It was revealed that Lindsay won invincibility, and Katie and Sadie came in last. Since Sadie was riding on the back of the bike, she technically finished last, and was eliminated by default. Gary, and the other campers hugged Katie as Sadie left the island. Sadie made them promise to look out for Katie while she was away.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

The teens were sitting and watching a horror movie. Gary expressed that he didn't want to watch such a violent movie. He left the area with Katie, who also did not want to watch the movie. She told him that she missed Sadie immensely, but he reassured her that she would see her soon. Katie then said that she couldn't handle being away from Sadie and wanted to quit. Gary reminded Katie of the way she felt when Sadie left the island. He then said that he, and the others campers, would feel the same way if she left the island. She hugged him and said that she wouldn't quit. Just then a psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook appeared and interrupted the sweet moment. Gary said that that's what happens when people watch horror movies, they get ideas. Gary fled with Katie and told her to run the other direction as he stalled the psycho killer. His attempt to thwart him was unsuccessful and he was brought to the control room. It was revealed that Chef was only disguised as a psycho killer. Gary told Chef that he should be ashamed for lying. Chris told him it was okay, because Chef was only pretending. Trent was eliminated in this challenge for fainting at the sight of Chef. Chef was wearing a mime costume only when confronting Trent.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild

The campers were each given an animal to catch as an assignment. Gary had to catch a frog. He promised the frog that he would release him back into the wild, immediately. He was the third camper to complete his assignment. Izzy was eliminated for hitting Heather with a tranquilizer dart.

Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon

In this challenge, Gary was paired with Geoff. Gary kept feeding Geoff the food. The two boys won the first part of the three part challenge. The second part of the challenge was a canoe race to Boney Island and back. Gary accidentally dropped his oar into the lake. Geoff was upset with Gary, and refused to talk to Gary for the rest of the challenge. Gary profusely apologized to Geoff. Justin and Katie won the second part of the challenge. Gary was making good progress without Geoff's support. Katie and Justin won this part of the as well, and were invincible from the vote. Geoff tried to get Gary voted out, but Heather reluctantly told her alliance to vote out Geoff instead, saying that Gary would be easier to beat in case the game was decided by a jury vote. Geoff was voted out.

Haut Camp-Ture

When discussing who they would like to see win the game, Noah, Eva, and Izzy said that they wanted Gary to win. When it was revealed that the next eliminated contestant would be decided by the eliminated contestants, five people quickly voted for Heather. Leshawna reminded them that Heather would stay with the campers at Playa des Losers. They decided to vote for the lesser of two evils and voted out Gary, instead. Gary was stunned by his loss, and was escorted off of Total Drama Island by Chef Hatchet and Chris.

I Triple Dog Dare You!

Lindsay spun the wheel containing dares from the eliminated campers. She landed on Gary's challenge, which was for the camper who landed on it to eat a tofu steak. Lindsay asked what it was made of, and Heather told her that it was made of toenails, worms, and caterpillars. Lindsay was unaware of what was really in the food item, and refused to eat it. She was automatically eliminated.

The Very Last Episode, Really

The eliminated campers returned to support the final two in an obstacle course. Everyone sat on the bleachers designated for Katie. After sitting down, Gary felt bad that no one sat on Heather's bleachers, and moved to sit down on them. Everyone gasped. Katie's feelings were hurt. Gary tried to console her, but she wouldn't listen to him. The fact that she was sad the entire time made her unable to believe in herself. Despite the other campers attempts to slow Heather down, she was able to win. After Heather was presented with the $100,000 check, Duncan, Tyler, and Geoff threw Gary into Lake Wawanakwa.

Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island

Gary was being picked on by Geoff, Duncan, and Tyler. Chris announced that the campers could compete for $1,000,000 by finding a case and bringing it to the Dock of Shame. Everyone eventually agreed to do it. Gary tried to talk to Katie but she, along with Sadie, ignored him. No one wanted to team up with Gary or Heather so they teamed up with each other. They were the first to find the case hanging in a tree. Gary let Heather stand on his back so she could retrieve it. She then proceeded to run off to the dock of shame. Izzy swung by on a vine and snatched the case from Heather. Gary told her that she deserved it and stuck his tongue out at her. They proceeded to argue. They both stormed off in opposite directions. Gary thought that whoever had the case would eventually make their way back to the dock of shame, so he headed there. Leshawna drove an ATV toward him with the case in her possession. Gary tried to outrun her but she ran him over in order to win. Gary was seriously injured. Leshawna ultimately won the $1,000,000 prize.


After the show, Gary sued Leshawna for everything she had. He won his reckless endangerment lawsuit against her, and was ultimately awarded the money she won after taxes were taken.

Tdifan's Story

NOTE: Tdifan replaces Beth in the series. So instead of Beth twirling the fire batons in the theme song, Tdifan is showing off her mad dancing skills (LOL).

(side comments brought to you by Tdifan1234!)

Not So Happy Campers--Part 1

Tdifan was the last to arrive on the island. She rode her skateboard to the end of the dock, but she fell in the lake. Courtney, Cody, and Trent helped her out of the water. She bacame friends with Cody, Noah, Eva, Lindsay, Harold, and Tyler. Tdifan was put on the Screaming Gophers with Heather, Lindsay, Bridgette, Izzy, Duncan, Cody, LeShawna, Harold, Noah, and Geoff.

Not So Happy Campers--Part 2

Tdifan was the first to jump off the cliff for the Screaming Gophers, which she had no problem doing so. The Gophers won, since they had no chickens. In the end, the Gophers had the better hot tub, and they won. Tdifan celebrated the win by breaking out her mad dance skills. Everyone was impressed. The Killer Bass voted off Ezekiel since he made the sexist comments and picked his nose(LOL).

The Big Sleep

Tdifan finished the race sixth, being a generally fast runner. She ate almost all of the sushi. She had a fight over the last piece with Owen. It was obvious that Owen won, him weighing 296 pounds and Tdifan only weighing 90(lol, I'm serious XD). Heather asked Tdifan to be in the alliance with her and Lindsay. She accepted the offer because she thought it would get her farther in the game. In the end, it was Tdifan vs. Gwen. Gwen threw a coconut at Tdifan's head, rendering her unconcious. The Killer Bass won and Heather decided that the alliance should vote out Geoff. Tdifan was sad about Heather's decision, but voted for him anyway. That night, Geoff walked the Dock of Shame.


Tdifan was still quite tired from the last challenge and swore vengance on Gwen. Even though she was still tired, Tdifan still participated in the dodgeball game. She and Eva teamed up and threw the balls at Gwen every chance they had. Later on, she actually got Noah to participate in the game, saying that she would try to get him to the final two with her(this was a lie, considering that Tdifan was in Heather's alliance). The Screaming Gophers won and the Bass voted off Tyler since he's one of their weakest players.

Not Quite Famous

The Gophers already knew about Tdifan's wicked dance skills, so they chose her dancing, Lindsay's gymnastics tricks, and Bridgette's handstanding over Heather. Heather purposely broke Tdifan's leg after this, by pushing her off the Dock of Shame. Forced to choose someone else, the Gophers chose Heather. She ended up reading Tdifan's diary, which made her extremely angry at Heather. The reading confirmed that she liked someone on her team. She almost quit the alliance, but decided stay(only to get farther in the competition). The Gophers lost, voting out Eva.

The Sucky Outdoors

Cody volunteered to wheel Tdifan around for the rest of her time on the island. Heather made fun of Tdifan's being in a wheelchair, which everyone else thought was extremely wrong, even Lindsay(considering that Heather was the one that caused the accident makes it even worse). She called her names like "Klutzy" and "Wheely" and mocked her by saying things like, 'Not the best dancer on the team now, huh?'. Izzy decided to dress up as a bear to scare the Killer Bass for a practical joke. The Bass thought she was a real bear, and blamed Owen for making bear noises. The Gophers ended up winning(heh heh...notice a pattern here?), and the Bass voted out Owen. They later found out that the bear was Izzy, and the entire Bass team swore vengance on Izzy.

Phobia Factor

At the bonfire, the campers revealed their worst fears. After Duncan confessed he was afraid of Celine Dion music store standees, Tdifan comforted him revealing that she was afraid of the mannequins at Old Navy(don't judge me! DX). Tdifan's challenge the next day was to survive an hour in a room filled with Old Navy mannequins. She passed, and The Screaming Gophers won(haha! broke the pattern!) and the Bass voted out Courtney for refusing to jump in the pool of green jelly.

Up the Creek

Tdifan paired up with Cody to be paddling partners to Boney Island. Cody asked Tdifan who it was she liked, but she wouldn't tell him. Luckily, The Gophers had Duncan on their team, so the fire was lit in no time. The Gophers won again(wow, we're on a winning streak! :-D) and the Bass voted out Sadie. Katie was extremely sad about this and stayed at the Dock of Shame all night crying.

Paintball Deer Hunter

Tdifan was chosen to be a hunter with Cody, Duncan, Izzy, and Harold. The deer were Heather, Lindsay, Noah, and Bridgette. The Killer Bass Hunters were LeShawna, Katie, and Justin. DJ, Trent, and Gwen were the deer. At first, the game was going pretty well. That was until Heather followed Tdifan around, telling her who to shoot and who not to shoot. She was even telling her to shoot the deer on her team! This got annoying after a while and Tdifan stood up to Heather and quit the alliance. She started a new alliance with Cody, Harold, and Noah. Cody, Tdifan, and Harold teamed up to get back at Heather. They snuck up on her and shot paint balls at her. The Bass won since the Gophers got into a paint war with their own teammates. Heather tried to get Tdifan voted off, but Izzy got booted instead.

If you can't take the Heat...

The Gophers decided to have a tropical theme for contest. Heather called head chef, which no one but herself was happy about. Heather assigned Noah, Lindsay, and Bridgette to pineapple skewers and mango dip, Tdifan and Cody to Citrus-Pineapple Upside-Down Cake Flambé, and Harold and Duncan to ribs. Tdifan still had a little grudge on Heather, so she gathered Noah, Harold, and Cody together and they decided to lock her in the freezer at one point. When Heather went into the freezer to get something, they all shut the door and left her in there. In the end, the Killer Bass won(now we're on a losing streak DX) and Bridgette was voted out.

Who can you trust?

Tdifan was finally let out of her wheelchair and was able to walk again. In the mountain climbing challenge, Harold had to trust Duncan and Gwen had to trust Katie. Harold had a hard time trusting Duncan, and Duncan didn't make it any better. Duncan tied an extra rope on Harold, which gave him a wedgie every time he pulled it. Gwen made it to the top first, so the Bass won the first challenge. Cody had to trust Tdifan and LeShawna had to trust DJ in preparing Fugu Blowfish Sashimi. Tdifan, being a pretty good cook, did well in the challenge. The Gophers won the second challenge. Noah had to trust Lindsay and Trent had to trust Justin in the Blind William Tell. Trent and Justin won the challenge for the Bass, but Lindsay, being her dumb and blindfolded self, kept on pelting Noah with apples(hmmm...seems familiar... XD). In the Blind Trapeze, Tdifan had to trust Heather and Gwen had to trust LeShawna. Since Gwen and LeShawna were friends, it was much easier for them to trust each other than it was for Tdifan and Heather. Heather purposely missed and Tdifan fell into the pool of Jellyfish. LeShawna caught Gwen, giving the Bass another win. In the Blind Toboggan, Justin had to trust DJ and Cody had to trust Harold. Cody and Harold got down the mountain first, but the Bass won the entire challenge, with the score 3-2(Hey! Another Pattern! Gopher, Gopher, Gopher, Bass, Bass, Bass! :-D). The Gophers voted out Lindsay.

Basic Straining

Tdifan did pretty well, making it all the way up to the tree challenge with Duncan, Gwen, and Trent. Duncan lasted the longest, so the Gophers won. The Killer Bass voted out Justin for being a wimp and refusing to do any of the challenges.

X-Treme Torture

Tdifan had to ride the moose for 8 seconds. She failed doing so, lasting for 7.9999999 seconds(robbery! XD). The gohpers lost and voted out Noah.

Brunch of Disgustingness

Teams were disbanded for this challenge, it was girls vs. boys. Tdifan actually liked the grasshopper-jellyfish-anchovie-pizza, which Heather refused to eat. Tdifan ate Heather's piece when Chris and Chef weren't looking. The girls won by one point, which made Tdifan feel guilty. During the cruise, Tdifan kept on thinking about what she did, having no fun on the cruise. No one was voted out since it was a reward challenge.

No Pain, No Game

Teams were permanently disssolved and Eva and Courtney returned. Tdifan was happy about Eva, but pretty upset that preppy, CIT Courtney came back. Tdifan's survived through the challenges, making it to the final two with Eva. Eva won invincibility and the trailer. She joined the alliance with Tdifan, Cody, and Harold. They all decided to vote out Katie since she missed Sadie so much(they sorta thought of this as a

Search and Do Not Destroy

Tdifan's key was attatched to a bear. Cody and Eva helped her out. Cody distracted the bear while Eva beat it up so Tdifan could easily get the key. Tdifan later caught Heather kissing Cody, which she was really angry about. She told Eva, who told everyone else. Heather won invincibility and Cody was voted out(hmm....this story line seems oddly familiar.... XD) but Tdifan found out that Heather tricked Cody and it wasn't his fault. Cody was then taken to the boat of losers.

Hide and Be Sneaky

Tdifan decided to hide in the confessional booth, but before she did, she decided to make the game harder on Heather. She and Eva pulled random pranks on her throughout thehiding portion of the game. Tdifan won invincibility and Gwen was voted out.

That's off the Chain!

Tdifan had very little experience with building a bike. She had help from Duncan, who said that he had a lot of experience in that particular field. In the race, Tdifan raced with Duncan's bike and Geoff rode her's. The bikes in the final race were Heather's bike, Duncan's bike, Tdifan's bike, and Courtney's bike. Duncan was the first to cross the finish line and Courtney was the last, so she was voted off.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

Tdifan and Duncan, both being experts on scary movies volunteered to help keep everyone safe. Of course, no one listened to them, and everyone was gone except for them in the end. Duncan won invincibility and Harold was voted out. Tdifan accepted Duncan into the alliance in place of Harold.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

Tdifan had to catch a chipmunk(one of my fave animals!). She teamed up with Eva(yes, again... XD), who had to catch a beaver. Tdifan got the chipmunk in the cage right after Heather got her duck in. DJ refused to capture an animal. He thought animals should be free, not trapped. DJ was voted out.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathalon

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<poll> And who will be going home this week? Sunshine Anonymos Turnertang Sprinklemist Tdifan1234 </poll>

Nalyd: Turnertang and Tdifan are tied with votes. Which means we need to go to the total votes... Tdifan is definitely out.

Week 13 Chat

Nalyd: Yo, final four!

Turnertang: I can't believe I'm in the final four!

Sunshine: As of now I'm officially further than I thought I'd get!!! Hoorah!!!! I'm pumped!!! Challenge, Nalyd?

Nalyd: Challenge soon!

Turnertang: I'm officially way further than I thought I would get!

Turnertang: I can't write a story this week since I'm going to sleep away camp. Sorry.

Tdifan1234: What?!? Me?!? I do not concede! I DO NOT CONCEDE!...Oh, I'm a little late...Sorry...heh heh...*leaves*

Sunshine: Bye Tdifan!!! *waits for challenge*

Nalyd: *pushes Tdifan onto boat of losers. as boat leaves it starts playing Skipper Dan XD* Challenge soon guys. OH! And I will be deciding the winner in the final week. The final two will write a story, say why the deserve to win, and ALL WEEK there will be a poll. I will also judge the stories, look at the poll results, and decide a winner.

Sprinklemist: When is the deleted scene challenge due?

Nalyd: Friday, however I hope y'all will be done sooner...

Sunshine: ...does it have to be a very long scene? Or can it be somewhat short? (I have a little idea but it's not for something extremely riveting XD)

Nalyd: It should be at least 200 words so it isn't too short. But PLEASE not the Great Canadian Novel.

Sunshine: That I can do! *goes to write* (BTW, *points to old stories* have I ever written anything less than, like, 2-3 pages on MS word? Except for the length-restricting challenge where I was utterly fail XD)

Nalyd: *mutters angrily about having to read* Can't wait for my hosting contract to expire...

Sprinklemist: I think Nonny and Turnertangy are gone for a few weeks... So even less reading. *tries to think of a scene to do*

Nalyd: Okay, guys, Nonny gave me his story and I posted it for him and Turnertang is presumably gone already (no edits in two days) So... JUDGING TIME!

Sprinklemist: Okay... Um... I have nothing against Turnertang, I love his stories, especially lately. But Sunshine has been more consistent, and she's never missed a challenge. I really, really hope she isn't voted out at this stage. :(

Sunshine: Was it really that bad? That was just the first thing that popped into my mind and I figured it would be fun to write... I suppose it wasn't my best work, but I didn't think it was that bad... well, I will not be sad if I'm eliminated. A little disappointed maybe, but I expected to be gone soon. This has been a wonderful competition and I've survived against some amazing authors. In my opinion, everyone here is much better than me and deserves the win more than I do. So, if I go, I go. It's been fun, good luck to the rest, all that good stuff. *waits for vote to end*

Nalyd: Guys, so we can start the next week early voting is closed. *goes to see results, plans to be shocked*

Challenge 13

Nalyd: Welcome to the new deleted scene week! This week you will do a deleted scene from TDI! Just ANYTHING we didn't see! It will be judged on grammar, creativity, and spelling. Also, two people will be safe this week, two other people will fall below... Remember, guys, admin-ship and the title of "Author of the Season" is on the line...

Sunshine's Story

Deleted Scene: Noah Jumping off the Cliff in “Not So Happy Campers – Part 2”

“The Gophers now have eight jumpers and one chicken.” Chris announces as Trent lands safely in the lake below the thousand-foot cliff. The Bass previously completed their turns at nine jumpers and two chickens. Thus, the Gopher’s only hope for winning this part of the challenge and gaining the advantage in part two is for the next two competitors to jump.

However, considering the fact that the Gopher’s last two jumpers are Noah, the lazy cynic, and Owen, the horrendously overweight guy, the chances of victory are slim.

“You can go first, I insist.” Owen chuckles nervously to Noah.

“Whatever,” he replies, rolling his eyes as he walks towards the edge of the cliff. He stares fearfully over the edge at the thousand-foot drop. If he jumps, he will (hopefully) land in the small safe zone in the lake. However, the chances are high that the boy will flop straight into shark-infested waters. “I am not doing this,” he snaps.

The rest of the Gophers all snarl at him.

“All right, all right!” Noah steps up to the very edge of the cliff. “Freaks,” he mutters under his breath before diving off the cliff. He barely resists screaming as he falls through the air. By some miracle, he lands within the marked safe area. He pops out of the water and looks around, slowly taking in the fact that he has not, in fact, died, and furthermore, that he didn’t embarrass himself by screaming like a little girl.

“Ha! Take that!” He laughs, pumping his fist into the air. Suddenly, a shark pops out of the water next to him, teeth barely missing his head. Noah squeals loudly like a scared child, flailing his arms in the water.

“Yeah,” Chris laughs, “all I said was that there PROBABLY weren’t any sharks in the safe zone.” Noah glares at the host as he and the other contestants chuckle at him. “All right campers, there’s only one jumper left.” Noah grins as the humiliation turns its attention from him to Owen, and stares up to watch the spectacle.

End Deleted Scene

Anonymos' Story

What REALLY Happened to Leshawna and Izzy during That's Off the Chain!

“YEE-HAAAAW!!!!” Izzy screamed, as she and Leshawna sped along on Izzy’s bike.

“Get me off of this thing!!!” Leshawna shouted. Just then, Izzy crashed the bike into Chef’s kitchen.

Chef was stirring a pot of some foul smelling gruel, and slowly muttering to himself, “Lousy kids… unappreciative… bratty… can’t eat anything… that’s still alive…” He then noticed the bike that was partway into his kitchen, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY KITCHEN!?!!?!!”

“Well, I built this bike, and then I took Leshawna on it, and we sort of got out of control and- Do you wanna see that thing I can do with my eyelids?” Izzy flipped her eyelids for Chef and Leshawna.

“Stop flippin’ your eyes, crazy girl!” Chef demanded, “And leave!”

“I will!” Leshawna ran to get the bike from out of the wall, “Yo, Chef, you have any butter?”

“Yeah… But you can’t use it!” Chef taunted.

“And why not?” Leshawna asked.

“Cause I don’t wanna give you MY GOOD BUTTER!!” Chef yelled.

“That’s not a reason!” Leshawna retorted.


“Oh, oh, no you di’int!” Leshawna walked right up to Chef and wagged her finger right in front of his face.

“Oh, don’t you wave your fingers in my face!!!” Chef yelled.

“I’ll always wave my fingers in your face!!” Leshawna said.

“No you won’t!” Chef stated, “I’ll see to it that you don’t!!”

“Oh, and how do you plan to do that?” Leshawna asked. Chef smirked, and then took a very little piece of thick rope from off of his counter. He tackled Leshawna and grabbed the tiny rope. Chef took the very tiny rope and tied up Leshawna’s fingers.

“Oh, I know you didn’t just use that tiny rope to tie up my fingers!” Leshawna said.

“Oh, but I did. Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh…” Chef laughed.

“Oh, and now you’re laughin at me with your creepy chef laugh!” Leshawna said, “I’m gonna call it The Chef Chuckle!”

“I will do the Chef Chuckle for as long as I want, sassy girl,” Chef said, “And you need to learn how to respect your father!”

“You ain’t my father!” Leshawna shouted, “There is no way that a crazy chef is gonna be my daddy!”

“Oh, well…” Chef hadn’t realized what he had said, “You need to learn to respect your Master Chief Hatchet!!”

“Well, what if I don’t want to respect a crazy camp chef who fought in a war that I’ve never even heard of!” Leshawna shouted.

“The War of Mars really did happen, sassy girl!” Chef screamed, then sat down to recount upon the War of Mars, “There were Martians all over the battlefield… Their world had gone from a lush paradise… To a barren, red wasteland… It was a ferocious battle… With no winner… Only losers… And as the sun set on the wasteland we call Mars… The first shot of the last battle was fired!!”

“Uh… O… kay…” Leshawna stepped back a couple of steps, “You know, we really, uh, gotta go now…”

“YOU’RE GONNA SIT YOUR BUTT DOWN AND LISTEN TO MY STORY!!!” Chef screamed, and Leshawna obediently sat down, “No where was I… Oh, yeah… Now I was in the kitchen, yelling… At all of the no good… Lousy soldiers… When there was a knock at the door… I told my private to go open it… He went to the door… And there was a Martian there… He shot him with some sort of ray gun… He exploded in a burst of flames… Now, I, being the strong man that I am… I walked up to the Martian… And I punched him… He just stood there… Staring at me… He took out the ray gun… And I… I ran away… Screaming… Screaming… After the battle… There were no survivors… NOT EVEN CHEF!!!”

Chef had been so busy telling the story that he didn’t realize that Leshawna was at the door of the kitchen.

“Excuse me, hey, Leshawna!” Izzy interrupted, “We can’t leave without the bike!”

Chef turned to see Leshawna at the door, “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?!!?!!”

“Uh…” Leshawna thought up a lie, “To the… Bathroom…”

“Well, you can hold it until I tell you that you can go, sassy girl!” Chef ordered. Leshawna sighed, then took her seat, knowing there was no way to successfully argue with Chef.

“Now, then… Let’s get this ugly bike out of my wall,” Chef ordered.

“What are you calling ugly?!!” Izzy exclaimed.

“I was calling your bike ugly, crazy girl!” Chef repeated.

“Well, I’ll have you know, that in the country where grandmother comes from, that calling a bike ugly is the biggest offense you can give, uh-hu, and once my grandmother got her bike called ugly, and she tackled the man who called her bike ugly and started eating his hair,” Izzy recounted.

“Well, you can’t eat my hair!” Chef shouted.

“I think I’m gonna honor my grandma!” Izzy screamed, as she lunged at Chef, and grabbed his hair with her teeth. The hair came right off in Izzy’s mouth.

“Hold up, ya’ll,” Leshawna said, “Chef is wearing a toupee?”

“It’s my secret shame,” Chef sobbed, “I’ll let you have all the butter you need to get your bike out of the wall, if you never tell anyone about my false hair!”

“Umm…” Leshawna thought this over, as Chef cried over his secret shame being revealed, “Alright, you got yourself a deal, crazy cook.”

“Oh, thank you sassy girl,” Chef ran over to her and kissed her hand.

“You gotta promise never to do that again, though,” Leshawna requested. Chef nodded, as he ran over to the fridge, to get out a humungous container of butter.

“That’s so much butter!” Izzy exclaimed, “That’s the second most butter I’ve ever seen in one place, because this one time, I went to the grocery store with my mom, and she said she wanted some butter, and they were all out, and so we drove to the farm to buy some butter, and then we got this enormous tub of butter! It was like this big!” She used her arms to demonstrate how big the tub of butter was.

“Uh, alright, ya’ll… I think we gotta go now…” Leshawna grabbed the butter and rubbed all over the bike. With some proper tugging and pulling she was able to remove the bike.

“All right, bye Chef!” Izzy waved, then grabbed Leshawna by her nose and pulled her onto the bike. They were soon on their way, with Izzy driving, and Leshawna in the back, screaming all the way.

Turnertang's Story

Sprinklemist's Story

Camp Castaways Deleted Scene

Owen, Heather, Duncan, and Gwen are gathered in a treehouse they found on the deserted part of the island. Owen, dressed as a tribesman with a full beard and headdress, addresses Heather, Duncan, and Gwen, "We need to confess our sins."

Heather replies, "Uh, not!"

"Oh no, seriously," Owen says, "I confessed all my sins and felt great. Don't you want to clear you conscience before you die?"

"You're right," Gwen says.

Heather scowls, "No, he's not."

"Come on, Heather," Gwen says, "Don't you have anything you want to get off your chest?"

Heather says, "No. I mean, maybe. If you're all into this 'confess our sins' mumbo jumbo, why don't you go first?"

Owen gazes at Gwen with his eyes widened. Gwen says, "I'm not really goth." The other contestants gasp. Gwen continues, "I have friends that are goth, but it always seemed pretty extreme to me. I dressed this way in order to stand out and get on the show. I kind of lied about my background, a little."

Duncan says, "So basically, the Gwen we know is a fake?"

"It's not like that," Gwen says in her own defense. "I'm the same person, I just dyed my hair and changed my wardrobe. Okay. I went. Now it's Heather's turn."

Heather says, "Why me? Why not, Juvie, over there?"

Gwen says, "We should save the best for last. Now, spill it, Heather."

Heather sighs and says, "Fine. My parents made me audition for the show, because I got into trouble."

Owen says, "What kind of trouble, Heather?"

"Serious trouble," Heather hesitates before she continues. "I had a fake I.D. made." The other teens gasp. "I took my daddy's car without asking." The other teens gasp. "I went to a club and drank alcohol." The other teens gasp. "And I got into a car accident." The other teens gasp. "What? It's not like I injured anybody."

Owen says, "Wow. That was pretty bad, Heather."

Gwen says, "Shouldn't you have been in juvie, like Duncan?"

Heather says, "My parents didn't want their precious daughter to have a record, or they didn't want my behaviour to embarass them. I could never figure out which. So they used their money and influence to conceal my actions. This... experience is my punishment."

Owen says, "That one's going to be pretty tough to beat. Duncan, why were you sent to juvie?"

Duncan says, "Picture a dark and foggy night. A young man, wearing a ski mask, throws a brick through the window of his local music store." Everyone's eyes are wide as they listen to the story. "He walks in, opens the cash register, and takes all of the money out. Before he leaves, he vandalizes a certain cardboard standee with spray paint."

Heather says, "You don't mean?"

"Celine Dion," Owen says.

Duncan nods. Gwen says, "Whoa! So that's what you went to juvie hall for."

"Yeah," Duncan nods and continues, "But at least it's not as bad as what Heather did."

Heather immediately says, "I admit it was a little unorthodox, but it doesn't come close to what Gwen did. If that's even your real name." Gwen looks disappointed in herself.

Owen lies down on a bed, sighs and says, "There. Don't you feel better, now?"


  • Sunshine - Sunshine, this was, unfortunately, not your best work. I felt that it was short and not very creative. I know I said short was okay, but this story wasn't very creative...
  • Anonymos - Great story, Nonny. I think that even as just a scene, you told a story. Its a shame you won't have a story next week.
  • Turnertang - This is an easy one. DEFINITELY up for elimination.
  • Sprinklemist - Great scene, Sprinklemist. Finally I know what happens!

Voting - Final Four

Nalyd: Okay, the two people safe are... Nonny and Sprinklemist. Congrats. I ask that all voters think hard and think about who deserves it and who absolutely does not. (I think after this week it should be clear.)

<poll> Who will be going home? Sunshineandravioli Turnertang </poll>

Nalyd: In a 4-5 vote, Turnertang will take fourth place.

Week 14 Chat

Nalyd: I guessed the final three right!!!! TDI19 owes me ten bucks. XD

Sunshine: I... I made it? I didn't get eliminated? I'm in the final three??? WHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M IN THE FINAL THREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pause* Do we get pancakes now?

Nalyd: They always want pancakes.....*blows up a land mine, revealing a cave full of pancakes*

Sprinklemist: Oh crap... I can be really harsh... I'll try to tone it down.

Nalyd: The main point of this challenge will help me pick the winner. I know Nonny can't do it, but this will help Sunshine and you, Sprinklemist, be decided as winner. I just need to know next season's co-host will be able to handle it.

Nalyd: Excellent reviews, Sprinklemist. That's gonna be hard to beat....

Sprinklemist: Whew. Thanks! It can happen, though.

Nalyd: I'd be pretty confident if I were you. Nonny is gone and Sunshine doesn't have a mean bone in her body. (Do pixies have bones? o.O) But if Sunshine can turn around and be meaner then she has a shot.

Sprinklemist: Okay. Sunshine, I'll cry if you say anything mean about my stories. :( (j/k)

Nalyd: LOL, so glad I am not a contestant. ALSO, I will be away most of next week so the finale might be delayed. (I may post it before I leave.)

Sunshine: *eats pancakes* Sprinkle, Nonnie, please don't kill me for my reviews... I tried to be my usual, positive self in the "Good", then got serious for the "Bad". Here's to hoping it works! (Wanna know something crazy? I really did have pancakes for breakfast today XD)

Sprinklemist: Your reviews weren't that mean. Thanks! I didn't realize about the tense issues in the Scoob Doo one, and the "Hi Janice!" line is a reference to former Top Model judge Janice Dickinson. There were a million ANTM references in that story, and the audition was accurate to ANTM (which it was supposed to be). I so wish that I could have had more words in the 200 word story... I think Nalyd will probably have trouble deciding who's in the bottom...

Nalyd: No it was pretty easy...

Challenge 14

Nalyd: Okay, so this week you will review five past stories written by final three members, other than yourself. You don't have to review the same person's story. Please label whose story, and which week. It will be judged on if the reviews make sense, and if you knew when to stop being mean or nice.

Sunshine's Reviews

Anonymos’ Story Week 2- The Playa des Losers Dance

The Good: Even as one of your first stories, this was great! The concept of a Playa des Losers dance was incredibly creative, and everyone being attracted to “Sado” was hilarous! I loved how you had almost multiple stories going on at once (the Beth-Justin relationship, Heather trying to find a guy, Tyler and LeShawna running the whole thing, etc.) yet they all tied together in the end!

The Bad: There were some slight issues with this. First of all, the first sentence was very much a run-on sentence. There were some other slight grammatical things like that in the rest of the story as well. Also, I don’t quite understand some of the couplings, in particular Gwen-Duncan and Justin-Beth. For Gwen-Duncan, why didn’t they take Trent and Courtney, respectively? And for Justin-Beth, why was Justin attracted to Beth when, in TDI/TDA, he’s been shown to have little to no attraction to her? That confused me a bit.

Sprinklemist’s Story Week 4- Total Drama Cast in “Jeepers! It’s the Creeper!”

The Good: Utterly and completely hilarious! The casting was spot-on, the merging of both TDI and Scooby Doo elements was great, and I loved how they just decided to arrest Heather because they didn’t like her. That, and Owen’s arrest for his public nudity. Overall an awesome story!

The Bad: My one complaint with this story was the tense. As I read, the tense kept randomly changing from past tense to present tense. Also, I noticed you put “so-and-so said…” a lot instead of changing it up. That took away from the story a little.

Sprinklemist’s Story Week 6 (200 word story)

The Good: Even at only 200 words, this story had all the drama and great writing of a famous novel. The use of the characters was great, and the ending was so unexpected, so heartbreaking, that I swear I cried a little. Amazing for something only 200 words long!

The Bad: The ending was extremely depressing… and I wish there had maybe been a little more about Trent falling in love with the princess. That was sweet, but it was only there for a minute.

Anonymos’ Story Week 7- Eva at Anger Management Classes

The Good: This story was hilarious! Eva’s personality was put across quite well, and the other characters fit into the story perfectly. The duels between Eva and Veronica were hilarious, as was poor, abused Chuck being… well, abused. And of course, Miss Marianne kept her cool the entire time. This is easily one of my favorite stories of yours!

The Bad: It was mostly just little things that didn’t make sense in this story. First of all, I don’t really understand how Chuck had an anger management problem. He seemed more of just a nerd for Eva and Veronica to abuse rather than actually being at the class to solve his problem. Secondly, you mentioned Eva and Veronica reaching for a bat and crowbar. Where did those come from? Finally, the ending didn’t really make sense. Why did they get their diplomas, exactly? As I said, mostly just little things that were confusing.

Sprinklemist’s Story Week 9- Justin Auditions for America’s Next Top Model

The Good: You presented the audition in a way that showed you definitely knew what you were talking about, making it seem all the more realistic. The judges’ moments were hilarious, and Justin’s narcissistic personality was put across well. Finally, you wrapped it up perfectly in the end. This was definitely one of the best stories that week.

The Bad: Though sticking to what I assume is the usual audition formula of NTM added a new level of realism to the story, it doesn’t quite make sense to someone like myself who hasn’t seen NTM and is used to, say, the TDI auditions formula. Furthermore, I was confused by Tyra’s line “I can understand that. Hi, Janice!” I assume the ‘Hi, Janice!’ is a NTM reference, but to someone who hasn’t seen the show it doesn’t make sense.

Anonymos' Reviews

Sprinklemist's Reviews

Sunshine's Story Week Two: Justin's Transformation - A Playa Des Author's Tale

The positive: I found this story to be very intriguing. Justin's intent was explained in a way that made his character change on the actual show make sense. Viewing Justin's thought process made the story very unique, and very enjoyable. This story was one of Sunshine's best. Sunshine always does a fantastic job with spelling and grammar.

The negative: The point should have been stressed that he was realizing that he could manipulate people with his looks, rather than realizing that they were attracted to him.

Sunshine's Story Week Four: Duncan Alone, based on an episode of Avatar

The positive: This story was written very well. A lot of effort went into it in order to make it as accurate as possible. To me this story marks the beginning of the quality of Sunshine's writing improving for the better.

The negative: My huge concern with this story was that it didn't follow the guidelines of the challenge. The challenge specifically stated that the contestants were to write a parody of a movie or television show. A parody is supposed to be a writing that follows the style of a work in a comedic way. This story seemed to be a retelling of the exact story, with very little comedy incorporated. A little more creativity and incorporation of Total Drama Island elements would have been appreciated.

Anonymos' Story Week Six: Lindsay at the Book Store

The positive: This was one of the most difficult challenges in the game. A limit on words can really cramp creativity. Anonymos was able to overcome the challenge by writing a story that was very clever, that didn't seem unfinished due to the limit of words. It may seem strange that such a short story, only fifty words, is one of my favorites, but it was like a good joke. Short but effective.

The negative: I was disappointed in the way that this story had nothing negative to say about it.

Anonymos' Story Week Eleven: Extended Ending to: Wawanakwa Gone Wild

The positive: The style of writing was very good in the story, and he didn't stray from the past tense. The grammar and spelling were also good.

The negative: Some very epic things happened in this story. The problem was that these events were too major. There's no way that they wouldn't have actually been shown on an episode of TDI. The story should have been more subtle in its explanations. Also Geoff defended Duncan in this episode, when in the following actual episode he said that he didn't like Gwen and Duncan that much for their gloomy attitudes. Gwen would have been more likely to defend Duncan, as she had bonded with him in Hook, Line, and Screamer.

Anonymos' Story Week Twelve: Nonny's Time on TDI

The positive: Anyone who completed this challenge deserves praise, as it was one of the longest ones to write. Anonymos was able to remain in the past tense for most of the story, slipping up only once or twice.

The negative: I wish that the story gave more explanation. It tells us that Nonny became friends with Duncan or Geoff, but it doesn't say why or how they bonded. Nonny was the main character in the story, but I felt that he lacked a distinctive personality. The story focused more on what he did, then how he felt or why he acted a certain way. I also don't see how Gwen would be eliminated in a challenge that she won in TDI.

The Decision

Nalyd: Okay, there will be no vote. Nonny, this is the end of you. I'm sorry your schedule interfered with the competition, but that's just bad timing.

Week 15 Chat

Nalyd: *all the losers return on a boat* Congrats to our final two, Sprinklemist and Sunshine!!!

Sprinklemist: Aw. Poor Nonny.

Nalyd: Okay, time to announce the winner! The winner of TDA2....

has an S at the beginning of their name! Sorry guys! Not telling yet!

Sunshine: (LOL) I can't believe it! I'm in the final two!!! I seriously can't believe it! Nonny, you're an AMAZING author, you should have been here...

Nalyd: Both of you, stop. This week isn't "Feel Bad for the Eliminated Authors Week," this week is all about you two. This will be the hardest decision EVER. However, this week you will have to write a story, and a reason you should win. On Thursday (when I return from vacation) there will be a poll that everybody will vote in until Saturday night. I will use the poll results, your writing ability, your reason to win, and everything else into consideration when I pick the winner. Any questions? (Tomorrow I leave so I will post the challenge in the morning.)

Sprinklemist: Sorry, I don't like celebrating over someone's elimination. *hugs Sunshine* We made it! No questions.

Nalyd: I don't think we could have gotten a better final two.

Sprinklemist: Thanks! *cries*

Nalyd: The losers can talk here if they want... Any questions on the challenge?

Sunshine: I don't get it... do we create new contestants or have the old ones?

Nalyd: Same characters as TDI, but you make your own version of Not So Happy Campers Part One. You could make it so they all come at the same time, they act differently upon arrival, etc.

Gigi: *Flies in on a shooting star* WHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Congratulations, guys! You two are awesome! Go Sunshine and Sprinkle! *waves pom-poms*

Rocky: *rises from the ground* I ain't happy, feelin' glad, I got sunshine, in a bag, and I'm useless but not for long, cuz the future, is comin on, it's comin' on, it's comin'. Good luck guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nalyd: This will be a finale of epic proportions....

TBTDIF: *smashes in from a catapult* Oh great. *waits for the groaning to begin* No groaning? Okay then! YOU GUYS HAVE HAD AMAZING STORIES!

Tdi: Congrats to Sunshine and Sprinklemist!

Sunshine: Thanks, guys!!!

TBTDIF: Your story rules this week, Sunshine. I mean it.

Sprinklemist: Great job this week, Sunshine. (I hope Nalyd doesn't yell at me for saying this...) But I'd be fine to losing to you. I think that the dialogue could have been better, though, but my story could have used your attention to detail. We should magically merge into some creepy super author.

Sunshine: Thanks, I liked yours too! I'd be perfectly fine losing to you too. You're an amazing author. And, totally, we should, then we could dominate the planet. Combined we would be... Sprinkleshine! Or... Sunmist? Or... you know what, forget it, none of the names are cool enough... we would just be laughed at... XD

Sprinklemist: Raviolimist? Wait... Aren't we laughed at, already?

Gigi: Awww! We're laughing with you, not at you! =D XD

TBTDIF: Sun-shine-le-mist! Sun-shine-le-mist! Go both of you. All in all, I think if nothing had happened, this would be an easy win: Fadingsilverstar16. What would be the trouble would be deciding the runner-up. :)

Gigi: Aww, thanks, but this isn't my contest to win! Sunshine, Sprinkle, best of luck to you both, and let me tell you guys that you certainly deserve this. Take a chance to bask in the glory, guys! You've done it! /cheesy inspirational speech

Sprinklemist: Thanks, you two.

Nalyd: Okay, guys. I will now read the stories, and reasons to win. I will judge the stories. A poll will be put up and a site notice, and on Saturday I will consider the voting, the contestants progress, and everything else and pick the winner. Good luck!!

Nalyd: It's almost time guys! Tonight I will reveal the winner! Keep voting in the poll though.

Sprinklemist: It looks like Sunshine will win. I had a good idea for a completely original story, but I couldn't think up clever dialogue for it. The dialogue is far more important to me than a gimmick.Thanks a lot to the ones who voted for me. :) I was expecting 0 votes.

Nalyd: Sprinklemist, stop worrying... Same with you, Sunshine! The voting is just for me to consider who the people want. But remember, in this game, I have the final say.

Sprinklemist: I guess it won't solely be scored by the final story, so I still have a shot.

Nalyd: Sure... (JK) Sunshine is on I think. If she is I can announce the winner. I am ready I think.

Matt: Why, hello everyone! Look who's here to watch the finale! ME! And isn't it weird, the final two people have S's as first letters? Why yes! YES! (XD)

Sunshine: I'M HERE! ANNOUNCE IT BEFORE MY HEAD EXPLODES FROM ANTICIPATION!!! (LOL, I've been a nervous wreck all day XD)

Final Challenge

Nalyd: This week, you will be writing a new pilot episode of TDI. Here's the scenario; You have created the twenty-two contestants (that are on the real show) and it's time to start writing a pilot episode. It can't be in script form, however. It can be however you want. It will be judged on creativity, spelling, grammar, and if it better explains how a conflict/relationship/friendship starts in the show. Also, you need to explain why you deserve to be an admin, a co-host next season, and be declared the best author EVER.

Sunshine's Final Story

Drifting through the light breeze of a summer afternoon, a large cruise ship cuts through the waters of a lake as it heads to its destination of Muskoka, Ontario. Onboard are twenty-two very different teenagers, though all have one thing in common- over the next eight weeks, they will be staying at a resort and competing for $100,000.

As the boat travels towards the resort in Muskoka, Ontario, the teens hang out onboard, none knowing quite what to expect once the ship docks. However, being sixteen, none of them are really that worried. Especially considering there’s fun to be had, friends to be made, and most importantly, money to be won.

Within the large ship, most of the teens are taking advantage of their free cruise ship ride. A few dine at the buffet, a few hang out at the pool, a few flock to the arcade. There’s something for everyone, no matter how normal or weird they may be.

Six of the twenty-two teenagers have settled in the pool area. Two girls, dressed exactly alike, but physically polar opposites of each other, sit at the edge of the pool. One has black hair, tan skin, and is fairly tall and skinny. The other also has black hair, but is pale and plump.

“I’m sooo glad we got on, Sadie!” The tan one chirps.

“I know, right? I would’ve, like, died if they hadn’t picked both of us, Katie!” The other replies dramatically. The two then clasp each other’s hands and give out a high pitched “EEEEEEEEEEEE!” The sound of it causes a brown-haired young man, wearing a red sweatband around his forehead, to flinch as he attempts to dive into the pool, resulting in a painful-looking belly-flop. He sinks, writhes in pain underwater, then pops back up, looking embarrassed.

“Yaaay! Awesome!!!” A girl cheers, much to his surprise. He looks around and sees a blond girl, with big blue eyes and an amazing body, applauding his jump. He raises an eyebrow, wondering if she was merely mocking him, but shrugs and climbs out of the pool.

“You liked that?” He asks her incredulously.

“Yeah!” She replies, nodding enthusiastically. “It was amazing! I don’t know ANYONE who can do a belly-flop on command like that!”

“Um… sure.” The boy replies, going with it. He smiles and offers a hand for her to shake. “I’m Tyler.”

“Lindsay,” The girl replies, shaking his hand. “It’s sooo nice to meet you!” Tyler walks back to the pool, grinning and giving her a wave goodbye. She gives a sheepish wave back, and then sits down on a nearby beach chair.

“Wow, you’re so cool!” A girl sitting nearby comments, looking at the blond in awe. The girl has huge, black-rimmed glasses, brown hair pulled into a single ponytail, and braces.

“Thanks!” Lindsay giggles. “I’m Lindsay.”

“I’m Beth!” The girl introduces herself, speaking with a thick lisp. The two are silent afterwards, and Beth glances around awkwardly, trying to think up something to talk about. “Um, what do you like to do?”

“Um… look pretty?” Lindsay replies in a ditzy tone. “How about you?”

“Oh, I can twirl fire batons!!!” Beth replies excitedly, pulling a flaming baton out of nowhere. She twirls it around, the embers swirling in a circle as she does so, and then chucks it into the air. It spins in the air like a helicopter for a minute, then comes crashing down to the ground, setting part of the wood on fire. “I kinda never learned how to catch them.” Beth admits.

Out of nowhere, a previously unnoticed young man rushes onto the scene, holding a fire extinguisher. He blasts the foam onto the flames until they are extinguished. Afterwards, he flashes a row of perfect teeth as he smiles, tosses the fire extinguisher aside, and randomly yanks his shirt off.

“Wow,” Lindsay and Beth gasp, staring at his perfectly muscular body, which now seems to be radiating a heavenly aura.

“Wow,” Katie and Sadie also comment, staring blankly at the glorious figure standing there.

Tyler simply glares at the figure, obviously not enjoying the spotlight moving away from him.

“Thanks for putting out that fire,” Beth giggles, blushing as she stares at him.

“No problem,” he replies in a voice as smooth as velvet. “I’m Justin.”

“You should be a model…” Lindsay sighs, unable to take her eyes off of him.

“I am,” Justin laughs, giving the girls a wink. Beth turns several shades of red and passes out, while Katie and Sadie lean so far forward to stare at him that they fall into the pool. “Well, I’m gonna go down to the buffet, get something to eat.” He tells them, walking off to another area of the boat. “See you later, girls.” The three conscious girls sigh happily, and don’t avert their eyes until Justin is well out of sight.

In another area of the boat, a few teens have gathered in the arcade. Most of them are surrounding the machine for “Mega Racers III”, which is currently being played by a girl with long, curly red hair. She clutches the steering wheel controller like it was connected to an actual car, and stares at the screen with intense determination. The spectators surrounding her all shout out their advice, nothing becoming perfectly audible as their cries mix with all the rest.

“Take this!!!” The girl shouts, pushing a button. Onscreen, the computer-controlled player in front of her is hit by a missile that the button triggered, and explodes.

“THAT WAS AWESOME!!! WOOHOO!!!” One of the spectators, an extremely chubby boy with blond hair, screams enthusiastically.

“This chick is unstoppable!” Another spectator, a scrawny boy with brown hair and missing front teeth, adds. He leans towards the redhead and grins in what appears to be an attempt to flirt with her. “So, uh, you doin’ anything later…?”

“NOT NOW!” She snaps at him, causing him to lurch backwards. “I’m about to get a new record!!!” The audience cheers, all shouting some form of congratulations or advice.

After a few more sharp turns and explosions, the game screen becomes covered with a bold message reading “NEW RECORD!” and a prompt for a name to record the score. Grinning at her success, the girl punches in her name- Izzy.

“Well, I’m gonna go to the buffet. Blowing up cars works up an appetite!” Izzy chirps, walking through the wall of spectators and skipping out of the room.

“Good call!” The large blonde boy agrees, following.

“I bet I could pick up some ladies at the buffet!” The scrawny boy comments, joining them, leaving only a tall, awkward looking boy with large glasses still standing at the arcade machine.

“Wait! We’re leaving now?!” He shouts after them in a raspy voice. “But I wanted a turn! GOSH!” With that, he chases after his group.

By the time these four reach the buffet, all twenty-two teens are there. Lindsay, Beth, Katie, and Sadie decided to follow Justin, while Tyler followed Lindsay. The rest had either drifted in from other parts of the boat or had been there already.

“This is heaven on earth!!!” The large boy declares, dashing to the buffet and stuffing his face.

“I see the diet start tomorrow.” A boy, grabbing some food nearby, comments sarcastically. He has dark skin and darker hair, and is wearing a sweater vest.

“Diet? Yeah, right!!!” The large boy laughs, mouth full of food. The other boy rolls his eyes and walks back to a table, only to find the scrawny, brown-haired boy and awkward, glasses-wearing nerd sitting there.

“Hey, I was sitting here!” He snaps.

“Sorry.” The scrawny boy apologizes meekly. “You can sit here if you want.”

“How incredibly generous of you.” The sarcastic boy replies, rolling his eyes. Even so, he sits down and begins eating.

“I’m Cody.” The scrawny boy introduces himself, grinning with his missing teeth.

“And I’m Harold.” The awkward-looking boy adds.

The sarcastic boy stares at them and raises an eyebrow, seeming to say ‘are you seriously trying to be friendly to me?’ When they don’t take the hint, he sighs and mumbles, “I’m Noah.”

“Nice to meet you!” Cody comments.

“Wish I could share the sentiment,” Noah mutters under his breath.

“What was that?”


Meanwhile, a girl with long, dark hair surveys the groups, eyeing each table like a hawk searching for prey. Eventually, she notices Lindsay and Beth sitting together, and grins suspiciously, obviously having found what she wants.

“Hey, guys,” She chirps, standing next to their table. “Mind if I sit here?”

“Sure!” Lindsay replies, not suspecting a thing. The dark-haired girl sits in between Beth and Lindsay as she prepares to play her hand.

“Oh my gosh, did you do that yourself?” She gasps, pretending to have just noticed the blond girl’s nail polish. “That’s sooo pretty!”

“Thanks!” Lindsay giggles.

“And I love your hair!” She tells Beth. “It’s so…” The dark-haired girl briefly struggles for words. “…unique!”

“Really?” She gasps, a huge grin spreading over her face. “Everyone else I know says it looks like the rear end of a horse!”

“Well, I don’t think so.” The dark-haired girl lies. “By the way, my name’s Heather.”

“Hi!” Both girls greet her in unison. While they turn back to their food, Heather gives a mischievous grin, her mission obviously accomplished.

Over at another table, the large blonde boy and Izzy sit together, both stuffing their faces with food. “Wow!” the large boy comments with his mouth full. “Not only are you great at video games, but you’re the only girl I know who can eat three full plates of food without puking!!!”

“Thanks!” Izzy laughs, obviously taking it as a compliment. “You’re pretty cool too! I didn’t catch your name, though.”

“I’m Owen!” He introduces himself, grinning.

“Okay, cool!” The two then continue stuffing their faces.

At a table that is the furthest away from the rest of the teens, one girl eats alone. Her hair is dyed with teal streaks, and she wears mostly shades of black, green, and blue. She is frowning, but does not seem uncomfortable in her solitude. Suddenly, someone taps her on the shoulder. She whirls around, glaring, but her face softens when she sees a young man with black hair and a green shirt with a handprint on it.

“Hey.” He greets her, smiling. “Um, I just noticed you were by yourself, and wanted to know if you’d like to sit with me.”

She stares blankly at him and blinks once. “Seriously?”

“Yeah, seriously.” He laughs. She pauses another moment, then gives a hint of a smile and nods.

“I’m Gwen.” She tells him as they walk to his table.

“I’m Trent.” He replies, smiling at her. She hesitates for a second, then smiles back.

“Whassup, girl?” A large, African-American girl greets her as Trent brings her over. “I’m LeShawna. Glad you decided to come over. No girl is sittin’ alone on my watch!”

“I’m Bridgette.” A blonde girl wearing a blue hoodie states. “Nice to meet you.”

“Same here,” Gwen replies as she sits down next to Trent.

A short ways away, a girl is also eating by herself, though closer to the others. She has brown hair, tan skin, and freckles. She wears a grey sweater over a collared white shirt, and tight green pants. Behind her, a tough-looking boy with black hair, a green mohawk, and several facial piercings walks by, and then slows, eyeing her plate.

“Woah, where’d you get the pizza?!” He asks, eyeing the slice of pizza on her plate jealously.

“They had some earlier, but they ran out.” The girl states simply, not turning to face him.

“You gonna give me some?” He asks, grinning.

“Uh, no…” She replies, raising an eyebrow. The mohawk-sporting boy frowns, and pauses to think.

“OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT???” He screams suddenly, pointing to his right frantically.

“What??? What is it???” The girl shouts, turning around to look for what he’s pointing at. While she is distracted, the boy grabs her pizza and takes a bite out of it. She turns back and notices her missing food, then glares at the boy. “Give that back, you jerk!!!”

“Make me, princess!” The boy laughs, holding the slice of pizza out of her reach.

“PRINCESS?!” She repeats incredulously. “My name is Courtney!!! Now give me my pizza back!” Before the mohawk-sporting boy can retort, they are interrupted by music suddenly blasting through the room. Everyone turns to stare at the DJ booth, which a boy in a cowboy hat and open-chested pink shirt has climbed into.

“Hello out there, dudes!!!” He cheers into the microphone. “Get out of your chairs, and let’s PARTY!!!!!!” He turns the music up even louder and jumps out of the DJ booth. The mohawk-sporting boy grins and walks over to the boy, taking Courtney’s pizza with him.

“Nice pick, dude.” A muscular, Jamaican boy tells the boy in the cowboy hat. “I love this song!”

“Knew it’d be a hit!” He replies, giving the Jamaican boy a thumbs-up.

“Good work, crazy party dude!” The mohawk-sporting boy laughs as he approaches, giving the boy in the cowboy hat a friendly punch on the shoulder. “This place was getting kind of boring.”

“Thanks. I’m Geoff, party dude extraordinaire!” The boy cheers. “And you guys?”

“I’m DJ.” The muscular Jamaican boy greets them.

“And I’m Duncan.” The mohawk-sporting boy adds. “It’s great to finally meet some people who aren’t completely lame.” The three boys laugh amongst themselves and head back to the DJ booth to see what other songs there are.

Meanwhile, the last two teenagers stand by themselves near the buffet. One is a somewhat short boy, looking very out of place with his green sweatshirt, casual jeans, and hat. The other is a strong-looking girl, with black hair pulled back into a ponytail, a unibrow, and a set of dumbbells that she is lifting up and down. The boy looks around awkwardly, obviously feeling ostracized.

“Um… I’m Ezekiel.” He tells the tough girl in a poor attempt to socialize.

“That’s an incredibly weird name.” The girl comments bluntly, not turning to face the boy.

He pauses another moment, then asks, “What’s your name, eh?”

“If I tell you, will you go away?” The girl growls.

“…sure, I guess.” Ezekiel replies in his thick country drawl.

“I’m Eva.” The girl tells him. “Now go away.”


“I said GO AWAY!!!!!” Eva shouts at him. He turns tail and runs away like a scared kitten.

A few minutes later, the boat jostles, slows, and comes to a stop. “Attention teens!” A voice shouts over a megaphone. “You have arrived at Total Drama Island! Please get off the boat, and prepare for the competition of a lifetime!!!”

“We’re here!” Lindsay chirps. The twenty-two teens all dash to the boat’s exit, eager to enter the five-star resort they’ve been promised and begin their quest for the win. However, as they exit the boat, all the teens screech to a halt in shock. They’re not at a five-star resort. No, in front of them is the cruddiest, most run-down excuse for a summer camp any of them have ever seen. Trash litters the beach, the dock they are standing on is old and looks like it will break any second, and there’s no sign of a spa anywhere.

“Maybe this is a stop along the way or something?” Trent comments hopefully. Behind them, the cruise ship suddenly pulls out of the dock and speeds away.

“Somehow, I doubt that.” Gwen sighs.

“THAT’S RIGHT!” A voice shouts from a megaphone again. Everyone turns to see a man with black hair, a blue t-shirt, and khaki pants strolling down the dock with a megaphone. Once he’s in front of the teens, he chucks away the megaphone, which hits an unfortunate seagull. “I’m your host, Chris McClean! Welcome to… TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND!”

“I thought we were supposed to be at a five-star resort!” Heather snaps at him.

“Oh, right…” Chris replies. He laughs suddenly. “Yeah, I lied! I love this show!” The twenty-two teenagers, shocked and annoyed at his trickery, glare at him. “Anyway, here’s how this show is going to work. The twenty-two of you will be split into two teams of eleven. Every few days you’ll have to compete in a challenge. One team wins invincibility; the other team votes someone off. After the vote, there’ll be a campfire ceremony where all but one person will receive one of these.” Chris holds up a marshmallow. Suddenly, Owen leaps forward, grabs the marshmallow, and eats it.

“Delicious.” He sighs, patting his large stomach.

“Okay, anyway,” Chris continues, obviously not happy about being interrupted, “the person who does not receive a marshmallow has received the most votes, and thus, is eliminated from Total Drama Island. They must walk down the Dock of Shame-” he gestures to the dock they are all standing on- “to the Boat of Losers-” he points to a poor excuse for a boat, floating in the water near the dock- “and they can’t come back. EVER. This continues until one person remains, and wins $100,000!”

“I still don’t get it. Where’s the spa?” Lindsay asks, confused.

“There IS no spa!” Courtney snaps.

“Ohh…” Lindsay comments. She pauses a moment. “Why?”

Courtney sighs and rolls her eyes.

“Okay… Anyway, follow me to the campfire pit, campers!” Chris instructs, gesturing for the teens to follow him. “We’re gonna split you into teams!” They reluctantly follow him, a few glancing towards the horizon where the cruise ship had disappeared.

After passing the cabins (which the teens complained smelled like skunks, bears, or both) and the mess hall (where a large, muscular, African-American man Chris referred to as “Chef Hatchet” had burst out the door, chasing what looked like a moving hamburger) the twenty-two teens and Chris arrive at the campfire pit. A fire pit lies ready to be lit towards the center, and a barrel stands off to the side, apparently to be used as a podium of sorts. Twenty-two tree stumps are in front of it all, for the campers to sit on. They slowly do so, already seeming to form groups of sorts, similar to the ones they were in on the cruise ship. Geoff sits near Bridgette, tilts his cowboy hat, and grins at her. She giggles and looks away, blushing.

“Alright!” Chris shouts to get their attention, standing at the barrel-podium and looking at a clipboard. “If I call your name, come stand here.” He instructs them, pointing to his left.

“Gwen… Trent…” The two grin at each other, apparently happy to be on the same team, then walk to the designated area.

“…LeShawna… Noah…” LeShawna joins Gwen and Trent, giving both a high-five. Noah rolls his eyes at them, resulting in a glare from LeShawna.

“…Heather… Katie…” Katie reluctantly leaves Sadie to join her team. Heather walks over and bumps into Gwen.

“Watch where you’re going!” Gwen snaps.

“Oh, be quiet, weird goth girl!” Heather retorts. LeShawna growls and steps between them, glaring at Heather, who rolls her eyes and walks away from them.

“Hello!” Chris snaps, waving his arms. “I’m talking here! Anyway… Lindsay… Beth…” Both girls happily go to the designated area together. Heather plasters on her fake smile again and stands near them.

“…Owen… Cody…” Owen cheers and joins the team. Cody comes over and stands next to Gwen, giving her a poor attempt at a flirtatious grin. She stares at him and backs away, obviously uncomfortable.

“…and, finally… Justin.” All the girls sigh contently as Justin joins their side. However, Katie snaps out of it after a second.

“Wait… what about Sadie?” She gasps, looking towards her friend.

“The rest of you, over here.” Chris instructs the remaining eleven teens, flipping the page on his clipboard and reading the names. “Harold… Duncan…” Harold attempts to give Duncan a friendly smile as they walk to their side, but is met with a threatening fist.

“…Izzy… Sadie…” Izzy does a cartwheel over to her team, while Sadie moves reluctantly, looking longingly towards Katie’s side.

“…Geoff… Bridgette…” Geoff looks pleased to be on the same team as Bridgette, and gives Duncan a fist bump as he comes over.

“…Courtney… DJ…” DJ cheerfully joins Duncan and Geoff, while Courtney glares at Duncan.

“…Eva… Tyler…” Eva joins the team emotionlessly, while Tyler waves at Lindsay on the other team. Courtney notices this, and doesn’t seem pleased about it.

“…and finally… Ezekiel!” Ezekiel waves to his teammates hopefully.

“When did he get here?” Bridgette whispers to Courtney.

“Were you even on the boat, dude?” Tyler asks him. Ezekiel sighs and joins the team.

Chris gestures to the team on his left. “The eleven of you are now… THE SCREAMING GOPHERS!” Fanfare plays out of nowhere, strangely on cue.

“We’re the WHAT?” Heather asks incredulously, though she is ignored by Chris.

“The rest of you are…” Chris continues, turning to the team on his right. “…THE KILLER BASS!” The fanfare plays once again.

“Seriously?!” Eva comments.

“Now, you guys will have your first challenge in half an hour.” Chris explains. “Until then, get settled in your cabins. Bass will be in the east, Gophers in the west. Now, get to it, and meet me at the Dock of Shame in a half-hour!” Chris turns and exits the area, leaving the teens on their own.

“I MISS YOU ALREADY KATIE!!!!” Sadie wails as her team heads off to their cabin.

“I MISS YOU TOO!!!!” Katie replies, being pulled in the opposite direction.

“KATIE!!!!!!!” Sadie cries.

“SADIE!!!!!!!!” Katie cries back.

“OH, SHUT UP!!!” Their respective teams shout to them.

“I wonder what the first challenge will be.” Beth wonders aloud in her lisp.

“It can’t be that hard.” Trent comments. “I mean, it’s the first challenge! It’ll probably be a piece of cake.”

A half hour later, twenty-two teenagers find themselves on the edge of a cliff, dressed in nothing but their swimsuits, staring at the lake a thousand feet below.

“Never mind…” Trent comments meekly.

Sprinklemist's Final Story

"Hi," says a man wearing a turquoise shirt and khaki pants. "I'm Chris McClean. I'll be hosting a hot new reality show with twenty-two very different teens. We'll see friendships begin, relationships blossom, and lots of wicked awesome, death defying challenges. Ha ha! I know I'm excited. I'm standing here on the Dock of Shame, just outside of Camp Wawanakwa. Each week, a camper will be voted out. They will catch the Boat of Losers after walking the Dock of Shame, and they will be taken to an undisclosed location. The campers should be arriving, soon. Each camper will arrive on a separate boat so we can introduce them properly." Chris looks out to see the first arriving boat. "Let's meet our first camper. His name is Noah."

The boat arrives and a short boy with dark hair and a large forehead steps off of the boat carrying his suitcase. "Chris McClean?" Noah says.

"You recognize me?" Chris asks rhetorically. "I'm flattered."

"Don't be," Noah says. "I didn't say I liked your hosting. I won't even mention that awful made for TV movie you did a few years ago." Noah shudders.

Chris shrugs and says, "I didn't like '16 and Angst Ridden', either. I did like the check I got for playing Grandpa, though."

"Whatever," Noah says. "Here comes the next boat."

Chris says, "Yup. Here are Katie and Sadie."

Two girls leap off of the boat and onto the dock. They're each holding a small suitcase, and wearing the same black and white tops, and pink shorts, despite being two completely different sizes. Sadie says, "Oh, yay! We're on a bridge, Katie!"

Noah says, "Um... Einstein? This isn't a bridge."

Katie says, "Who's that guy?"

"Noah," Chris says.

"Thanks," Katie says. "It's obviously a bridge. It's made of wood, and it's over water. Duh!"

Noah rolls his eyes and says, "A bridge leads to somewhere else."

Sadie says, "He's right. This is obviously a bridge since it leads to the water."

Noah slaps his large forehead. He says, "I would normally think that it was unfair for the two of you to already know each other. But since you obviously have a total of one brain between the two of you, I think it's fair."

The next boat pulls up and drops off a cool looking guy with slick black hair, and a half smile. He is carrying a guitar, as well as his luggage. "Hi," he says, "My name is Trent."

Katie says, "That's such a beautiful name." Katie sighs.

Sadie says, "I wonder if he would date me."

"No way," Katie says. "I saw him first."

Sadie says, "Curse you and your superior eyesight."

Chris says, "Next up is Courtney. You're all in for a real treat."

An attractive young woman steps off of the boat dressed in preppy clothing. She has tan skin, and freckles. Courtney says as she drops her luggage down onto the dock, "I wish I could say that it was a pleasure to meet all of you."

Noah raises an eyebrow and says, "I see that Miss Congeniality has arrived."

Courtney smiles and says, "Thank you."

Chris says, "The next boat is pulling up. Meet Duncan."

A boy with many piercings on his face, and a green mohawk steps off of the boat. He drops his duffle bag next to Courtney and says to her, "Hey there, gorgeous."

Courtney raises her hand and says, "Chris? This psychopath just spoke to me."

Chris says, "Yeah? And what would you like me to do about it?"

"Take him back to juvenile hall," Courtney states.

Duncan frowns and says, "I'm insulted. You just judged me based on my appearance. I'll have you know that I'm a nice guy."

Courtney smiles and says, "I'm sorry. That was rude of me. I guess I was wrong about you. You wouldn't look that bad if you took those piercings out of your face, and got a decent haircut."

"No," Duncan says, "You were right. But I'm still insulted."

Courtney frowns and groans. Chris says, "The next boat is on it's way."

A nerdy looking girl with braces steps off of the boat and stands near Noah. "Hey, everyone. My name is Beth." She spits as she talks, hitting Noah with her saliva.

Noah says, "I'm glad to know that this camp has working showers."

Chris says, "The next camper is on his way. His name is Tyler."

A rope is attached to the boat and it leads into the sky. It is attached to a harness that an athletic boy in a red jumpsuit has strapped to his body. He is paragliding. Tyler shouts out, "Woo! This is the life!" The boat comes to a sudden stop and Tyler swings forward and downward. He smashes into the dock. He says, "I'm okay."

Chris says, "That was... Exciting? The next camper is almost here."

A girl with dark hair steps off of the boat with dark sunglasses.

Beth says to herself, "Oh gosh. She is so cool."

The most recent contestant to arrive removes her glasses. "Um," she says, "Can I get a little help here?" She points toward her luggage, still on the boat.

Beth rushes over to the luggage and says, "I'll help. I'm Beth. I love homework, boy bands, and pigs."

"That's really cool, Beth," The taller girl says in a fake tone. "I'm Heather. I can tell that we're going to be great friends."

"The next contestant has arrived," Chris says.

A strong looking young man with a chin beard steps off of the boat. "I'm DJ," the boy says.

Sadie nudges Katie and whispers, "He's pretty cute." Katie smiles and nods. Sadie whispers, again, "You can have him, and I'll take Trent."

Katie shouts, "Trent is mine!" Everyone turns to look at Katie. She puts her head down and blushes.

Trent blushes and says awkwardly, "Oh, look. Here's another contestant."

A boat stops near the dock and a muscular girl with a scowl steps off of the boat. She drops her bag on the dock and it makes a heavy thud noise. She says nothing.

Courtney nudges Duncan and says, "Oh look, your twin sister has arrived." Courtney motions a straight line over her eyebrows with her finger.

Duncan says, "Quit it. Although, she does look like a cellmate I had, once."

Chris says, "Let me introduce you all to Eva, since she doesn't seem that interested in introducing herself to her competition."

Eva says, "This is my competition?" Eva laughs and says, "This will be easier than I thought."

Chris says, "Next up is Owen."

An overweight boy steps off of the boat and says, "Woohoo! It's so awesome to be here! I'm Owen. I can't believe that I even made it on the show."

Heather says, "That makes two of us." She glares at Beth and Beth lets out a nervous laugh.

Beth says, "That was so funny, Heather."

"I know," Heather says.

Chris McClean now announces, "Here comes our next camper."

The next boat pulls up and lets off a red haired girl holding a large turkey leg. She says, "This is delicious. You guys should try this." She takes another bite out of the turkey leg. She holds it up and says, "Who wants a bite?"

Courtney says, "I don't think so."

Owen says, "I'll take a bite." Izzy bites him on the arm.

Chris says, "The next camper's name is Justin."

An attractive young man with smooth, tan skin steps off of the boat with his suitcase. Everyone on the dock gazes at him with wide eyes. Katie and Sadie say to each other at the same time, "You can have Trent." The two girls drool as they gaze at Justin.

Justin stands next to Owen. Owen says to him, "I'm Owen. You're hot." Everyone stares at Owen. He slowly backs away.

Chris points out that the next boat is about to arrive. A somewhat large girl in a T-shirt with apples on it steps off of the boat. "Hey, y'all! Leshawna here." She sets her bag down next to the other campers.

Beth says, "Hi, I'm Beth."

Heather says, "Beth, you don't need to talk to that girl."

"Why not?" Beth asks.

Heather says, "Because she seems loud and pushy."

Leshawna says, "Uh-uh. You did not just disrespect Shawny like that."

Heather says, "Maybe, I did."

Leshawna says, "Well, I hope you're a good swimmer." Leshawna rolls up her sleeves as she approaches Heather.

"Bring it," Heather says.

Chris says, "Girls, girls! Save it for later. Our next camper is arriving."

A young man steps off of the boat. He is wearing a hooded sweatshirt. "I'm Ezekiel, eh." He stands near the other campers and says, "I hope I'm on an all guy team."

Eva says, "Why's that, pipsqueak?"

Ezekiel says, "We would win every challenge. Everyone knows that guys are better than girls at everything. Except child birth. But if guys could do that, they would be way better." Throughout his entire statement, all of the female contestants, especially Eva, look peeved.

Eva says, "It's too bad that I didn't pack a body bag."

The next camper is dropped off by a boat. She is carrying a surfboard. "What's up, everyone? I'm Bridgette, but you can call me 'Bridge'." She walks over to the other campers and turns, hitting Chris in the back with the surfboard. She says, "Oops. Sorry."

"That's alright," Chris says. He starts writing on a piece of paper. He says as he writes, "Note to self. Make sure this girl doesn't win." He looks up and says, "Here comes Cody."

A fairly short, geeky looking, young man steps off of the boat. "Hello, ladies. Your dream guy has just arrived."

"Where?" Courtney says with a smirk.

"Ouch," Cody says as he playfully clenches his heart. "I like 'em feisty." Courtney rolls her eyes.

Chris says, "It's time for us to meet Gwen."

A pale, gothic girl steps off of the boat. She silently walks toward the others and sets her bag next to Cody. Cody says to her, "Hey, gorgeous. Where have you been all of my life?"

"Avoiding you," Gwen says. "I was doing great until this very moment." She picks up her bag and walks toward the futher end of the dock. She sets her bag next to Trent.

Trent says, "Hey."

"Hey," Gwen says. She blushes.

Chris says, "The next camper is here."

"I'm here," He says. "My name is Harold. I've got major skills. I'm about to win this competion." He walks to the far end of the dock, and is tripped by Duncan. "Not cool," Harold says. Sadie helps him back onto his feet.

Chris says, "Be prepared to meet Lindsay."

A tall, pretty, blonde girl steps off of the boat. She is wearing fashionable clothing and has several bags for luggage. She walks toward Chris. She says, "I've seen you somewhere, before." Chris looks flattered. Lindsay says, "That's right! It was on one of those commercials for old people with bladder problems." All of the campers burst into laughter.

Chris says defensively, "That wasn't me! Seriously!" Chris sighs and says, "Here comes the last camper, just in time."

The boat drops off a muscular, blond boy wearing an open shirt and a cowboy hat. He says, "Woohoo! This place is going to be awesome!"

Owen says, "That guy is like my long lost twin."

Heather says, "Can I buy you a mirror after this is over?"

"Haha!" Owen laughs. "That was a good one, Heather."

Heather says, "Ew! Don't talk to me."

Chris says, "This is Geoff with a 'G'. Now that everyone is well acquainted, I'll point you in the direction of where you'll be staying." Chris leads the teens to their cabins.

Lindsay steps into the girls' cabin first. She turns on the light and sees a cockroach. She shrieks, "Ew! Get it away from me!"

Tyler leaps at it and rolls through the cabin and out the window. Duncan stomps on the cockroach, killing it. Lindsay cheers and says, "My hero!"

Courtney says sarcastically, "Good going. You just killed a defenseless insect."

Chris pops his head into the cabin and says, "Get in your bathing suits, it's time for your first challenge." After they change, he leads them to the top of a cliff. "You are all going to be diving off of this cliff into the freshwater shark infested lake.

DJ says, "Oh crap."

Sunshine's Reason to Win

I’ve put a lot of thought into this, and I think I have some solid reasons why I would be the best pick as the ultimate winner of Total Drama Author 2.

As you all know, should I win, I will become an admin. I know a lot of worry has gone into this, as, I’ll admit, I am sometimes kind to a fault and can be somewhat soft. However, I can and will be tough when necessary. I will be a just, kind helper and still be tough on the rule-breakers. My powers would not be abused (as in, say, a friend breaks the rules so I let them slide, then someone points this out so I ban that person) and I will be impartial if arguments occur on the wiki. I have already had experience in mediation and solving arguments- during the famed shipping argument on the TDI wiki, I managed to tame some of the arguing by pointing out the pros and cons to both supporting and not supporting shipping. Later on, when some of the arguments became personal, I managed to make a forum about it and cool down the situation, which eventually resulted in the two users who were fighting settling their differences. Overall, I can balance the nice and strict sides needed to be a good admin as well as dissuading my personal views from affecting my judgement.

There is then the fact that I will co-host the next season of Total Drama Author if I win. My kind personality has once again become an issue with this. I think Nalyd put it best last week while talking to Sprinklemist- "I'd be pretty confident if I were you. Nonny is gone and Sunshine doesn't have a mean bone in her body." Do I think I disproved him with my reviews that week? No. I am not a mean person and never will be, even for a moment. What I think I did do with my reviews is show that I don’t need it. I’m able to give criticism and advice without potentially hurting someone, and still get my point across well. If I were a co-host next season, I think I’d be able to point out exact good points and bad points in an author’s work so they know exactly what they are already good at and exactly what needs to be improved. And when I’m not reviewing, I think I could give some pretty creative ideas for challenges. I constantly have dozens upon dozens of ideas bouncing around my head, waiting to get out. I could give the contestants a chance to really work out of the box and use their creativity in ways they never had before.

Finally, becoming the best author EVER (well, until next season, that is). I feel I’ve truly improved as an author throughout the competition. I’ve been able to experiment with all types of writing, and done well in all of them. My poetry was decent, people laughed at my humorous stories, and you could feel the tension in my dramatic stories. I think, looking back at reviews, stories, and things people said about my writing, that my overall talent in writing is my ability to bring people into the story, make them care about it. I truly hate to toot my own horn, but not a lot of people can do that. There are stories out there, even published writing, that just can’t make you care like that. Furthermore, I care about my stories. Every week I put all I could into my writing, even though a lot of the time, I was working through busy times. Yet I never missed a single story, and even through that, continued to be active in camps and writing some regular fanfiction. And I’m proud of each and every one of the stories I’ve put up during the competition.

Thanks to each and every one of you for supporting me. I’m proud to have made it this far. I hope my reasoning has been enough to convince you that I would be the best pick as the winner of Total Drama Author 2.

Sprinklemist's Reason to Win

I thought up quite a few reasons that I think I should win. From the beginning, I decided that I would try all sorts of writing styles and forms. I really only had written in episodic format, or from the viewer's standpoint. This can be a difficult way to write as I relied heavily on the dialogue to allow the characters thoughts to be apparent, as opposed to relying on what a character was thinking on the inside, something the viewer would not see. I tried to break away from heavily relying on what was comfortable, although I still wrote some stories as an episode from time to time. I tried things ranging from the difference between what we say and what we think, first person perspective, and even diary entries. I always try to be creative in the way I approach writing, thinking outside the box. I tried to make the endings to my stories fairly unpredictable.

Another thing I wanted to try was writing things other than comedy. I feel that comedy is my strong suit, but I wanted to try different things throughout this competition, not relying on what I felt I was best at. I did this by writing tragedy, drama, realistic stories, poetry, and even a darker form of comedy. I feel like I was successful in each genre. I even received praise for my poem, despite thinking I had no poetic bone in my body. A lot of thought went into my stories, and many times this worked against me, as I put almost too much thought into some stories to the point that some didn't understand some aspects. I tried to work against being overly self indulgant and I think I succeeded in making my stories need less explanation. I think this competition helped me fine tune my writing, as opposed to drastically changing it. I remained very consistent throughout the competition, and even when I was in the polls for elimination, I never received a vote against me. I'm always determined to finish my story. This week, for example, my computer crashed, so I wrote a good portion of my story on a palm pilot.

I think I should be an admin, because I have experience with moderating forums. Also, in this camp, I always posted my submissions early, but without leaving out any quality. As an admin, I won't slack off, and I'll put in a lot of effort. I also feel like I was able to give helpful advice throughout this competition. I will try to be as helpful as possible to anyone who needs help. I know that I can be fairly nice, but I can be tough on people who need it, even friends.

As for being a co-host next season, I think I have a lot to bring to the table and this is the prize I would enjoy most. I have a lot of creative ideas, and a lot of knowledge of different kinds of stories. I will try to be as original as possible in thinking up challenge ideas. I also try my hardest to read a story with a discriminating eye, seeing where it could be improved. I won't be unnecessarily harsh, but I would like to point out how a writer can improve. One of my favorite parts of this camp was seeing writers improve. It made me glad that they were serious about this competition, and sincerely wanted to get better. My goal, if I become a co-host, is to help people see where they can improve and give them specific advice as to how they can do so.

I truly think that the effort I put forth throughout this camp shows that I deserve to win, and I would be the best choice. I feel like I am the best writer remaining, and that's what should count in a writing contest.


  • Sunshine - Great story, Sunshine. This makes up for week thirteen. Definitely worthy of being an actual episode. Great way to introduce each character. I thought Eva and Ezekiel were sort of rushed over, but probably because you masterfully summarized their personalities quite quickly. You wonderfully set up friendships and conflicts. I will definitely be tuning in for season two!
  • Sprinklemist -... Sprinklemist, I am very sorry but this was not a very good story... The campers arriving one at a time was very similar to the real episode. The characters' personalities, for the most part, were emphasized much better, however. Pretty good, but I was hoping for more.

The Final Voting

Nalyd: You will now vote for who you want to WIN. Please think long and hard about this. This person will win, host next season, become and admin, and I'm not sure what else for now. Please think carefully. I still have the final decision but this will have A LOT of influence.

<poll> Who do you want to win? Sunshine Sprinklemist </poll>

And The Winner Is...

Blue Door - White Wall

Sunshine's Door

Rue des Ursins

Sprinklemist's Door

Nalyd: Going to be announced, right after these commercials!

  • commercial*

Come watch Total Drama Amazon! Every Thursday on Fox!

Nalyd: Okay, time to announce the winner. *two doors appear in front of Sunshine and Sprinklemist*

(I failed to draw doors)

(Sunshine: Nalyd, you're so mean XD I saw you edited and nearly had a heart attack, then saw the commercial break thing... XD)

Sunshine: What do we do?

Nalyd: When I say so you open the doors... Whichever door successfully opens (I will say which one does) is the winner. On the count of three turn the handles to and push on the door to your future... *dramatic music*



ONE (now type "Sunshine/Sprinklemist: *turns handles and pushes on door*")

Sunshine: *takes deep breath and crosses fingers* *turns handle and pushes on door*

Sprinklemist: *cries* my door is so pretty. *turns handle and pushes door*

Nalyd and All the Eliminated Authors: *watch as....

(nope, keep going)

Sunshine's door opens*

Nalyd: Congratulations to the winner, Sunshine!!!!

Sprinklemist: Yay! Congratulations.

Sunshine: SERIOUSLY??? NO WAY!!!!!!! I WON!!!!!! Thanks, Sprinkle! You were awesome, you will continue to be awesome, and I expect to see you next season!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!!!!! I WON!!!!!! *passes out, eats ravioli, is revived*

Kenzen:*flys in on jetpack*Congrats to Sunshine*hands sunshine jetpack*Enjoy

  • camera shows everybody partying*

Nalyd: *in his epic office* Sunshine was picked to win because she had all the skills I was looking for in an admin. I've seen happy, kind Sunshine, and serious, intelligent Sunshine. She can definitely handle all the new challenges she'll be encountering over the next through months. If she fails, I always know that there is a great runner-up who could replace her... *to camera man* Now get that camera out of my face. And get everyone outta here.

Total Drama Author 2

Hosts: Nalyd Renrut and TDI19

Winner: Sunshine

Runner-up: Sprinklemist


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