A lot of people think that they are great authors. Over half of these people are only okay-good. This is not only a camp where people are getting their writing skills improved but they are competing to be the best author.... Who will prove that they have the skills? Who will crumble under the pressure? Who will rise to the occasion?

This... is... TOTAL DRAMA AUTHOR 3!!!

See the stories here!

Visit our eliminated authors!

How It Works

  1. Two teams of eight people each will be constructed.
  2. The teams will compete in challenges. (i.e. Write a story where Lindsay and Tyler break up OR write a story where Beth suddenly becomes popular)
  3. Sunshine and Sprinklemist will read and judge the stories, and determine which team wins.
  4. The winning team is INVINCIBLE!!!
  5. Fans and competitors will vote for the bottom two of the team via poll.
  6. The bottom two will give reasons to stay in the game.
  7. Sunshine and Sprinklemist will conference and decide on who to eliminate.
  8. Repeat steps 1-8.
  9. Later in the game, there will be a merge, and the two teams will become the Best-Sellers.
  10. More challenges, stories, elimination.
  11. One author will be left and will be declared the best author EVER!!!


Sign Ups Closed


  1. Anonymos- After my relatively unfair elimination last season, due to scheduling, I think I have a huge chance to win this.
  2. Chimchar2356025 - In my opinion, I stink at writing. But if I last more than 1 week, I could pick up great pointers.


  1. Rocky! The one and only, Rocky!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Tdafan123
  3. Tdifan - Ready to rock Season 3 EVEN HARDER!!! \m/
  4. NIzzy - I don't plan on winning but I'll give it a shot.
  5. Dominator (I am an anonymous users. I am Nalyd's real life friend. I will get an account if I make it to the final five.)
  6. Sorrie- THE AH-MAZING SORRIE IS BACK! well she will do better this season
  7. COKEMAN11 - Trying out a new drama!
  8. Tdi- Hope I can make it further than BOTH seasons
  9. Usitgz-I did better in season 2 and could go farther this time.
  10. COKEMAN11 - Trying out a new drama!
  11. Tdiandrockmusic2-(I'm so psyched to do this! I've been told I'm good.
  12. Cards777- I'll give it a shot!
  13. Turnertang - I did pretty well in TDA2 and I think I'm getting better at writing stories.
  14. Oweguy - I'm back with an advantige!
  15. Thebiggesttdifan-This is just about the only reason I come on TDI camp wiki! If I keep a good personality, I might just win!

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
1 Chimchar2356025


2 Anonymos


3 thebiggesttdifan


4/5 Turnertang


4/5 Oweguy


6 Cards777


7 Tdiandrockmusic2




9 Usitgz1


14 Tdifan LOW WIN OUT
15 Tdafan123 WIN OUT
16 Rocky OUT

[User] = Writing Gopher

[User] = Typing Bass

[User] = Best-Seller (merge contestant)

Green * = User was originally on the Writing Gophers

Red * = User was originally on the Typing Bass

WIN = Won that week's challenge

SAFE = Was not eliminated that week

LOW = Was in bottom two but was not eliminated

OUT = Was eliminated

LEFT = Dropped out of TDA3

RETURN = Returned to TDA3 after being eliminated

1 Usitgz was originally on the Typing Bass, but due to the teams being unbalanced, joined the Writing Gophers.

2 COKEMAN11 was eliminated, but was chosen to return at the merge.

3 Week 13 was a double elimination.

Week 1

Sunshine: Welcome one and all... to TOTAL DRAMA AUTHOR 3!!!!! Nalyd decided he was tired of hosting, so this season your beloved host will be none other than EVERYONE'S FAVORITE PIXIE!!!!!! *waits for applause, there is none* Here with me is my lovely co-host, SPRINKLEMIIIIISSSSTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *still no applause* ...oh... right... no one's here yet...

Tdiandrockmusic2:WOOHOO! GO SUNSHINE, GO SPRINKLE!!! (LOL, I shouldn't have had those Cocoa Puffs.)

Tdirm2(Tdiandrockmusic2)-*listens to Coldplay and patiently waits for the other competitors*

TBTDIF: N-Nalyd's not hosting? WHAT!? Is he gonna compete? It's nothing without original Season 1 veterans. So far I'm the only one.

Tdirm2-I could have joined the first two seasons, but I didn't. So it makes me an almost veteran.

TBTDIF: I don't think you were even here first season. Didn't you wanna join second season though?

NIzzy: Hi, it's me NIzzy! *silence* Aw c'mon!

Chimmy: Hey, it's me! Just so I'm not asking this during the challenge, where do we post the stories?

Tdirm2:TBTIF, I had an anoymous account for season one, I considered making an account and signing up. I have no clue why I didn't sign up for TDAuthor 2. I probably would have gotten bowled over by Gigi, Sprinkle, and Sunshine.

Sprinklemist: Chimchar, There will be spaces on this page for each author to put their story after the challenge is announced. Welcome to our first nine signer uppers. *glares at the lovely comment* It's true.

Chimmy: Thanks! (Yeah, n00bish as I'll ever be. XD.)

Owester: I'm back. I hope I'll do better.

Anonymos: I'm BAAAAAAAACK!!! Who missed me?

Chimmy: Wow. I'm so honored to...type..among these great authors...LOL.

CK11: Same...w00t

Usitgz: I'm back and as ready as ever.

Tdifan: Yep, me too! Ready to rock! *plays really long guitar solo*

Sprinklemist: Only one more spot to fill.

NIzzy: I feel hyper! (Thats danger to everybody)


NIzzy: Yay sugar rush!!!! LOL

Chimmy:NIzzy, me too! Let's play Duck-Duck-Snipe! Or Pin-the-tail-on-the-towel! Ooh! Or even Jump-Off-My-Neighbor's-roof-with-my-friend-Mr. Phil Broomy!

NIzzy: Yay! *attacks someone*

Tdifan: and I thought I was strange....o_0

Tdafan:Same here*walks off to the lake*

NIzzy: I'm not stange I'm emotional damged! (LOL)


Chimmy: *Notices Phil battered on the floor.* NIzzy, you attacked Phil. PHIL! Speak to me!

Phil: ...

Chimmy: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! You monster! (JK, by the way. But I think Phil went to the great closet in the sky...XD)

Tdirm2:*turns off Coldplay* Hey everybody!

Chimmy: *Is mourning Mr. Phil Broomy.*

Tdirm2:Is everybody insane except me?

Tdifan: *Points to NinjaIzzy and Chimmy and whispers to Tdirm2* Those two scare me......

Chimmy: I HEARD THAT!! I picked it up through my supersonic hearing. I am NOT crazy! Now excuse me while I mourn my dearly departed broom friend. *Goes back to mourning*

Rocky: *arrives* Don't wanna be some fanfic writing idiot!

Tdifan: Hey, Rocky! *high fives Rocky*

NIzzy: I'm not crazy I'm just depressed and I did'nt kill anyone! He's just KO'd!!!!

Chimmy: ...Could it be? Mr. Broomy?

Mr.Broomy: *Hops up*


NIzzy: I thought I had mental problems...

Tdifan: Oh, don't worry! You still have mental problems! *points to Chimmy* She just has more! XD

NIzzy: Okay I can deal with that...*get out gun that shoots chainsaw's* MWAHA!!!

Tdifan:*runs away*

NIzzy: *laughs* I was'nt gonna shoot anyone why do you think my parents let me have a gun!

Chimmy: Uhh...Tdifan, I'm a she. But even though I have mental problems, no Mental Institution can hold me!

Random nurse: Time to go night-night, Chimmy...

Chimmy: NEVER!! CHIMMY GOES NIGHT-NIGHT WHEN CHIMMY PLEASES!!! *Runs off to Tibet with Mr. Broomy.*

Tdirm2:The first challenge cannot come too early.

Sorrel: *appears as usual* who are these people i mean i reconginze her *points to TDifan* and him *points to Rocky* and you 2 *points to Sunshine and Sprinkle*

Cards: I'm so glad to be here!! I hope I don't get the boot first!!

Sorrel: *acting ditzy like lindasy* who are you???

Chimmy:I don't know how to explain the others to Sorrel, but I'm Chimchar2356025. I'm a newcomer who wants to become a better writer. By the way, does anyone want some Blubber Nuggets I picked up in Tibet? Mmmmmm, they're chewy!

Tdafan:Sorrel,Tdifan,Rocky we need to make sure TBTDIF is the first voted off.You in???

Sorrel: hi chimchar uh 23456

Chimmy:It's 2356025. Oh, and Tdafan, I'd gladly join you if it means not getting kicked off 1st!

Tdafan:Thanks Chimmy Im gonna go out and catch some waves before our challenge

Chimmy:I'll give you a jar to aid in the process! (Bad pun alert!)

Tdafan:ok then...*starts surfing*

Sunshine: Welcome to this season's 16 aspiring authors!!! Sprinklemist and I will determine the teams soon, then the first challenge will start tommorow!

Sorrel: (tomorrows?!? me be busy... ill try to get my entry in) k bye bye sunshine!~

Oweguy: Hey. Rocky joined. I hope he'll do better this season.

Dominator: Hi, I am Nalyd's real life friend. Nalyd told me that I could talk now since we had gotten enough sign-ups... Hi everyone.

Cards: Hi!!! Hey Sunshine when does the first challenge start?

Oweguy: Sunshine just woke up. -__-

Chimmy:I know how that feels. I woke up 20 minutes ago and my brother is already outside...

NIzzy: I woke up a couple of hours ago *eye twichs*

Oweguy: This morning I woke up at around 9:00.

Chimmy: Mr. Broomy woke up at 6:30 and is out taking tap dancing lessons. :D

Oweguy: I'll hate it when I have to wake up for school in the morning. X(

Chimmy: Me too! Especially since they changed the start time to 7:20. Now I have to wake up at 5:30!

NIzzy: I love school! *eye twitches*

Chimmy:Me too, but it's the early wake-up-call that irks me.

Oweguy: WHA?!

Chimmy: Think about it this way: You can't get to where you want to be if you don't have the smarts to do it. Oh, and by the way, BEST FRIEND in MY CLASS! BOO YAH!!

Chimmy:But I get up so late that I usually have no energy when I wake up early...I'm pretty sure I'm nocternal. Am I the only one here who's still wide awake at 11:24 pm?

Tdirm2: When is the first challenge going to be posted? I'm getting anxious.

NIzzy: Umm Why are you getting anxious?

Tdirm2:Because I wanna write!

NIzzy: Yeah I got that but you can't rush camps.

Oweguy: (Sighs) Things won't be the same without Nalyd.

Sunshine: Alright, thanks to Sprinkemist, we have our teams! Anonymos, Tdi, Chimchar, Sorrel, Dominator, Tdifan, Rocky, and Cards777 are the WRITING GOPHERS!!! Turnertang, TBTDIF, NIzzy, Cokeman11, Tdiandrockmusic2, Oweguy, Tdafan123, and Usigtz are the TYPING BASS!!! The competiton has officially begun!!!

Oweguy: I sure hope me and the others will try and make the Typing bass win this season. They didn't win once at all last season.

Dominator: Come on team, let's do this. Don't let Sunshine down. We just gotta keep busting out stories and make sure we win.

Anonymos: Um... I follow the episodes as they are aired on television... I have no idea about eliminations up until episode 14... What should I do instead?

Chimmy:If you want to, you could look on the Total Drama Wiki. If not, then I don't know.

Chimmy:Then again, I did place all the current characters in my story...

Anonymos: I'll just look at the eliminations. It's okay. I'll live.

Tdirm2:I've got my story typed up, just need to copy it to here, that could probably be in an hour or two. Also, Oweguy, WE SHALL BRING GLORY TO THINGS WITH BASS IN IT!!!!!!!!!

Chimmy:I know Bass victory is inevitable, maybe this week, maybe the next, but sometime. For now, let's try to win, Gophers!

Sorrel: ya we will win!

Chimmy: Hey, how come everyone I made friends with is on the other team except Sorrel? 0_o

Cards: I'll be your friend!


Tdirm2: Tdafan, are you trying to butter up Sunshine? If so, niiiice.

Tdafan:I just wanted to add some humor

Tdirm2: Im really nervous that I'll be voted out because nobody knows me except for the hosts and Anonymos. Am I just paranoid?

Tdifan: GO GOPHERS! GO GOPHERS! *does the LeShawna/Noah/Owen dance*

Tdafan:(CONF)I hope we win if we dont i bet ill be voted off

Sorrel: *caramelldansens* waka waka laka!!!!! na na na na na na *goes into insane random mode* who ha who ha na na na na na na na shes my best friend something somthine tickle in my tummy it tastes so yummy LA LA LA LA (dont even ask....)

Oweguy:(CONF) Actually. I think I should lead my team. I was on a winning team last season. I'll try not to get voted off.

Tdi: GO WRITING GOPHERS!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tdafan:I think Oweguy should be team captin

Sorrel: go gophers!!!

Tdafan:keep cheering,as long as TBTDIF gets voted off ill be happy

Tdirm2:(CONF) Oweguy said that he should be leader. I disagree, you don't need a leader when success depends on people he doesn't know in real life.

Cards:(CONF) I really think that the Writing Gophers can win this challenge!

Chimmy:(CONF) What's up with all the confessionals lately? Any way, TDIRM, I don't like what you just said. I don't know your backround or anything, so I'm gonna cut you some slack. But how does Dom's accountlessness affect his writing abillity? And so what about Sorrel's past? Just because she hasn't won anything doesn't mean she won't win this! And just because I'm a newcomer doesn't mean I don't have any potential! If the phrase "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." gets called into play, no offense, but you're gonna be in a world of hurt pretty soon.

Tdafan:*is asleep,waiting for the results*

Tdirm2: Wait, somebody else wrote that, I acually wrote the first two sentences then I left for a minute without saving. Somebody else in my life said the rest. Oh gosh I apologize for that, I deleted the offending part.

Dominator: Way to go team, lets keep up the good work.

(CONF) Dominator: I don't remember Total Drama Author having confessionals... Whatever. I think I might be the best author on the team. I've got potential nobody else knows about. I may just win! Hopefully my IP status will not be used against me.

TBTDIF: Who said I should be voted off? That wasn't cool, Tdafan. This is a writing contest. And do you believe I have good writing or what? Why do you want me out, any fricking way?

Dominator: TBTDIF, calm down. If you get angry chances are even more likely they'll try to vote you off....

Tdafan:To tell you the truth you arent exactly nice

Tdirm2:(CONF) Why is everybody ganging up on TBTDIF? What wrong has he done?

Chimmy:TDIRM, I accept your apology. But if anything like it happens again...Oh, and Dom, if anyone tries to use your IP status against you, you can count on me to stand up for you, my friend.

Sprinklemist: Tdafan, TBTDIF never did anything against you (to my knowledge), try not to stir up trouble. Everyone try to remain civil toward each other, please.

Sorrel: so when does challenge end

Sprinklemist: Whenever Sunshine protects the page and tells me what team I'm reviewing. Lol.

Sunshine: So much drama week one... guys, PLEASE don't gang up on each other. This is a new season, a clean slate, we're all starting over. On a happier note, I'm protecting the page now, the challenge is officially over! Sprinkle and I will do reviews and discuss the winning team, and then the bottom two poll will be put up. Good luck everyone!

Oweguy: We won! We won the first challenge! The Typing Bass actually won for once.

Chimmy:Wait-MY STORY WAS GOOD!? OMG HOLY CRAP!!! *Faints* (Hey, I said Bass victory was inevitible, and it happened. Let's give it our all next time, Gophers! And my problems are pretty easy to correct. Converting from past tense to present is hard in a long story, and I sometimes forget to press enter twice on the wiki. And that was honestly one of my best stories I ever wrote. Next time, I'm going full force!)

Sorrel: ya it was chimmy

Chimmy: *Is still KO'd*

Chimmy:*Wakes up* Wait- someone voted for me in the poll? Is it because I stunk in their opinion, or am I a threat?

Sorrel: prob a threat

Chimmy:Well, that makes me fell a bit better, but if I'm a threat, doesn't it make more sense to keep me to help our team win, then you eliminate me when the merge comes??

Tdafan:(CONF)Its two of my best friends here up for the vote*sigh*either way its gonna suck for me


NIzzy: Holy crap! *randomly puts hand in the TV and pulls Duncan out*

Tdafan:*starts singing its sucks to be me*

NIzzy: *sings with tdafan*

Tdafan:(CONF)i never meant to try to vote out TBTDIF I just wanted people to see that im not an underdog like they think

NIzzy: *smashes head into conf* Aw I don't think your an underdog! your one of the only people who can be as crazy as me without there head going BOOM!!!! *giggles* (LOL)

Chimmy:*rocks out to I Am...All of Me* (XD)

TBTDIF: Guys, stop pretending there's a confessional. There is none, as there has NEVER, EVER, EVER been ANY!!!!!!!!!!

NIzzy: Gee sorry.

Tdafan:Yeesh calm down.Now I might have a reason to vote you out

Dominator: TBTDIF, calm down. Dude, you are getting angry over NOTHING! Please, it makes it unpleasant to do this camp when you keep getting easily annoyed. And Sunshine and Sprinklemist will tell us if there is or isn't a confessional. This isn't your camp. Please, just calm down.

NIzzy: I agree.

Tdafan:Exactly what I was thinking Dominator

TBTDIF: I didn't really mean anger, I just was...well, I guess there's no point in explaining it.

Tdafan:Next time say it calmly ok?(CONF)If he keeps this up he is gonna be next

NIzzy: *sigh*

Cards: What's wrong NIzzy?

Tdafan:You ok?*walks to NIzzy*

NIzzy: Er yeah.

Tdafan:*sigh*I dont know what to do my best friends are the bottom 2!!!Should I quit this thing

Dominator: Listen up, Gophers. I say that when we win we all have to agree on who to vote for in the poll. That way we can decide one person in their bottom two. What do you guys think?

Tdafan:i like that idea

Dominator: Tdafan, you are a Bass. Why would you betray your own team?

Chimmy:Uhhh...I like it!

Tdafan:ohh I got mixed up.So Bass if you want Oweguy as our captain say I. I!!!!

Challenge 1

This week's challenge is to make up episode 14 of Total Drama Action. The challenge, elimination, etc. can be whatever you want. However, please stay in continuity with the other episodes (ie. Don't have Trent there when he's already been eliminated). Other than that, you can do whatever you please! If you need to look at what happened in past TDA episodes, you can look on the Total Drama Wiki. The story is due on Thursday, which, unless stated otherwhise, will always be the due date for stories. Good luck!

Sprinklemist's Reviews (Writing Gophers)

Anonymos - A very good story, and very plausible. I absolutely loved the challenge idea (the mystery genre is my favorite), and your sense of humor fit the tone of the actual show (lol at the evidence that was Chef's). Everyone was perfectly in character. As for the negative, I noticed two grammatical errors toward the beginning, and I thought the start of the story was pretty slow paced. I wish that the challenge came sooner, as that's when the story truly began for me. Overall, the positive outweighs the negative.

Tdi - I really enjoyed the way you began the story with a recap of the previous actual episode. This grounded the story in reality from the beginning. You had a creative and plausible challenge idea. The only thing I noticed that was negative was spelling and tense. You had a few spelling errors, and while you tried to remain in present tense, you slipped up a few times. One instance is the final sentence, which says in part, "Chris said as it ends". Overall, I think you are a strong competitor. If you fix these small mistakes, I think you'll only improve.

Chimchar - I'm impressed. Your story was original, sweet, and pretty funny. I liked the challenge idea, and the way that you actually had Justin do something. To me there were two glaring problems, though. One problem was that you kept switching between present tense and past tense, keep an eye on that. The other problem is that you would write a paragraph and have two characters speak within it. A paragraph never should have two characters speaking in it, unless under specific circumstances. Your writing will be even better if you try to correct these kinds of mistakes.

Sorrel - I love the fact that you wrote in separate paragraphs. It makes the story easier to read, and nicer to look at. Unfortunately, your story is marred by a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes. It made the story fairly confusing. Proofread, proofread, proofread.

Dominator - This story was really good. I enjoyed a lot of things about it. Everyone was in character (Beth was really funny), and the challenge ideas were clever. You are a very good writer. The only thing I can criticize is some fairly minor spelling mistakes. Things like saying "to" instead of "two". "Of" instead of "off". "LeShawa" instead of "LeShawna" (that one made me lol). Proofreading will help there, as those are fairly common mistakes. But overall the story was great. Keep it up.

tdifan - I can honestly say that this was my favorite story. Your grammar and spelling was fantastic. It had my favorite title. I was enjoying everything immensely, until... It ended right in the middle. I'm really sorry that you couldn't finish in time. It's hard to compare your story to the completed ones, but at least you started.

Rocky - I'm really sorry that you were unable to post a story. Especially, when almost everyone else was able to.

Cards777 - Your story was fine. I liked the recap of the previous episode. There were a few grammar problems, though. I could tell that you changed your wording, and forgot to erase what you were replacing. Also, I think that the dialogue could have been spiced up a little. I did like the "Lindsay look it's a mall!" part, although it was missing some punctuation. I thought that the structure of your story was solid, but you made some errors in that regard. You, I assume accidentally, placed two different people talking in the same paragraph.

Sunshine's Reviews (Typing Bass)

Turnertang- Nice work, this was a great challenge idea, and you put across the characters’ personalities very well. You had some very minor grammar issues, though, like forgetting the closing quotation mark in a few sentences, and some sentences could have been two sentences instead of one. Also, you referred to Duncan as a “she” at one point, LOL. Finally, the beginning seemed somewhat abrupt. I think it would have been better if you’d had a recap at the beginning. Overall, if you had fixed those issues, this would have been perfect.

Thebiggesttdifan- This was great! Your spelling and grammar was excellent. The musical challenge was great. And I loved that the monster came back! The characters were all written well, and the ending twist was incredible! Excellent job overall!

NIzzy- This was a good challenge idea, the characters were written well, and it was really funny! But… please don’t use script format. Like, don’t use (Conf) and *At the caves*, use “[person] said in the confessional” and “Later, at the caves, [whatever happens]”. You also had some minor grammar problems, like forgetting commas, and some minor spelling issues. Make sure to fix those next time.

COKEMAN11- This was hilarious, and a great idea for a challenge! Those poor interns! I also loved Izzy’s brief return, though I didn’t understand why she was about to faint. The way you wrote the characters was great as well. However, like NIzzy, please don’t use script format. Except for that, though, it was great!

Tdiandrockmusic2- This was great! Duncan-Heather??? So dramatic!!! The challenge and characters were great as well! The only problem was some minor grammar stuff, like forgetting commas. Also, there was when you wrote part of a sentence, ended it with a comma, then had someone talking in the next paragraph. I’m not sure if that’s grammatically incorrect or not, but it did look odd. Overall, nice work!

Oweguy- Nice job with the challenge idea and characters. You did have some grammar issues, though. There was also something I think was a mistake at the beginning- “Owen did not do anything wrong.” repl. “Owen did not do anything wrong.” replying Beth a bit upset. My guess is that this was an accident either while writing or posting. Also, please don’t clump everything into one paragraph, it makes it much easier to read.

Tdafan123- This was a good challenge idea, and parts of this were funny, like Courtney crashing after seeing Justin with his shirt off and Duncan breaking up with Courtney for Sunshine. However, you had MAJOR spelling and grammar issues throughout the story. Also, like Owe, please don’t stick everything in one paragraph.

Usitgz- Murder mystery! Great!!! This story was hilarious, and your spelling and grammar was great. The characters were written well, it was a great challenge idea, and I loved Detective Lindsay!!! However, it seemed to end rather abruptly, and I would have liked it if, instead of talking about how someone did or said something, have them actually say or do it. Other than that, great!!!


Sunshine: Okay... Sprinklemist and I have made our decision. The winner of this challenge is... The Typing Bass! Congratulations! Gophers... all of you are now susceptible to elimination. A poll will be put up, and the two Gophers with the most votes will be in the bottom two. One of those two will be eliminated from Total Drama Author 3. Good luck to you all.

Sprinklemist: Suspectable. Lol!

Sunshine: ...I used the wrong word again, didn't I? (I can write, but I can't talk, LOL XD)

Sprinklemist: I think you were going for "susceptible". Here I am criticizing the main host. >_<

Sunshine: OH!!! Right!!! XD *changes it* All better! XD

Gophers Vote

<poll> Who should be in the bottom 2 this week? Anonymos Tdi Chimchar Sorrel Dominator Tdifan Rocky Cards777 </poll>

Sunshine: All right, the votes have been cast, and our bottom two is... Rocky and Tdifan. Each of you, please give arguments to stay, and tommorow Sprinklemist and I will decide which one of you is going home.

Rocky's Reason to Stay

Tdifan's Reason to Stay

The Decision

Sunshine: Alright... this was a hard decision. But in the end, the one leaving is... Rocky. I'm sorry you weren't able to finish your story, but in the end we couldn't keep you over someone who'd started their story. Bye, dude.

Week 2

Sunshine: Ready for the next challenge, guys?

Cards: Heck yeah!

Anonymos: You know it, girlfriend! (Snaps fingers.)

Oweguy: Ready to do the second challenge. (Sunshine. Please update the elimination chart.)

TBTDIF: I know I'm leaving if my team loses. But we can't lose. We've guys who are pretty good writers!

Dominator: Gophers, when we win this week we need to all agree who to vote for on the Bass team. I say we pick their best player. With their best player in the bottom two, the other person will automatically go! It's genius! *laughs evilly* (LOL, I guess Nalyd's rubbed off on me)

Oweguy: Bass, we should try and win again like first challenge. Work hard and we'll beat those gophers!

Tdafan:*sighs*(CONF)I dont know if I should quit or not.If Tdifan goes next i probably will

Chimmy:It's okay, Tdafan. Whatever happens, I'll be there to lend a hand. *I'll Be There by the Jackson 5 starts playing*

Tdafan:thanks,Chimmy it means alot.But Im still thinking about it

Chimmy: No problem, dude. You can decide to do whatever you think is right.

Tdafan:(CONF)Chimmy is a great friend.No,I dont think of her in a romantic way though.Shes nice and I might stay.But its my choice*sigh*I dont know what to do

NIzzy: Okay got to win the challenge XD

Tdafan:I vote Oweguy as our captain.If you agree say I

NIzzy: I

Tdafan:(CONF)i think Im gonna quit around week 4.If I dont quit by then,I wont quit.

NIzzy: (CONF) I hope tdafan does'nt quit.

Tdafan:*has a nerd write down a chart saying:Quit:60 % not Quit:39% Take Over Papa johns:1%*(XD)

NIzzy: OMG Nerds!!! *has a mental break down*

Tdafan:*Throws nerd at a tiger*

NIzzy: *throws car at tdafan* Whoops I don't know what going on I'm feeling hyper!!!

Tdafan:*dodges in slow-mo*That was cool*thinks whether to quit or not*

NIzzy: If you do I will kill someone!!!! JK or am I...

Tdafan:If i do quit youll find out by the end of week 4

NIzzy: I need to pick who I'm gonna kill then! XD

Tdafan:Its just depressing seeing one of your best friends leave without saying goodbye

NIzzy: Dude he ain't dead!!!!

Tdafan:I know that*sits down and looks at the sky*oooh that looks like Eva!!!! XD

NIzzy: HOLY SH*T EVA!!!!!!!!! *runs away*

Tdafan:Dont worry it doesnt have the mole XD

NIzzy: *comes out from hiding*

Tdafan:*plays guitar*No,No,No*sigh*

NIzzy: Okie dokie (LOL XD)

Tdafan:I gotta do something else*plays Mario Kart*Much better

NIzzy: Mario scares my little sister...I don't know why! LOL

Tdafan:*turns right and falls off*Dang,97 times in a row XD

NIzzy: *sees a cloud that looks like Harold and Courtney kissing* O.O *mental break down*

Tdafan:*sees a coud that shows Izzy hugging Owen*Grrrrrrrrrr(XD jealousy)

NIzzy: *giggles* Which one are you jealous of? *runs away laughing*

Tdafan:Well i want...HEY!!!!!*chases her*(CONF)Izzy doesnt belong with a retarded fart machine like Owen

NIzzy: *giggles*

Tdafan:forget it,*sits down and keeps playing*

NIzzy: *sigh*


NIzyz: Nothing I'm bored now *sits down*

Tdafan:I hope the next challenge is soon

NIzzy: yeah.

Tdafan:*turns on TV*Cool,Wipeout is on!!!(Im a wipeout fantic)

NIzzy: Me too XD

Tdafan:OUCH!!!!I have to see that again*rewinds over and over and over*

NIzzy: LOL

Tdafan:It sucks that were the only ones on

NIzzy: Nalyd came on but he does'nt go on this camp.


NIzzy: LOL *looks at another Eva cloud with a mole!* OMG!! run away!!!

Tdafan:*hides under tabble*

NIzzy: *shoots fireworks into sky to get ride of Eva* BOOM BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tdafan:Were safe!!!

NIzzy: Yay!! LOL

Tdafan:I just want to start the challenge*starts going insane*

NIzzy: Okay...

Tdafan:*sighs and waits for challenge to sart*

NIzzy: yeah...*sigh*

Tdafan:*changes channel*Look Total Drama Amazon is on!!!

NIzzy: *gets popcorn*


NIzzy: damn were out of popcorn! XD


NIzy: *gets more popcorn*

Tdafan:Look!!!*shows Betty being voted off XD spoilers*

NIzzy: Oh my gawd! LOL XD

Tdafan:*watching TV*

TV:In a world where people say weird stuff


Tdirm2: Hey everybody *pauses TV*. NIzzy, Tdafan, kindly stop giving me edit conflicts. I just had my EIGHTH ONE!

Tdafan:Oops*plays TV*

NIzzy: Sorry I probaly did it again.


TV:he will discover...NOTHING!!!!.ON October 468...take shelter for DANGOLDSOMETHING


Tdafan:Stop what??

Tdirm2: Stop giving me edit conflicts! Let somebody else talk.

Tdafan:Calm down or you could be next

Sorrel: guys calm down i always get edit conflicts and its N O R M A L

Tdafan:*is about to punch Tdirm2*

Sorrel: and we are here to make friends *glares at tdafan* and not be made at each other because of edit conflicts *glares at Tdrim2*

Tdafan:Whatever*walks away*(CONF)Why is everyone here so annoying.If this keeps up I will quit

Sorrel: so sunshine when is our next assigniment

Tdafan:Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*punches tdirm2 but misses*

Sorrel: *grabs his arm* what did i say....

Tdafan:Dont tell me what to do

Sorry Tdafan, it's just that I was frustrated because I got 12 edit conflicts, and when I get edit conflicts it screws up my computer for a moment. So sorry for losing my cool a minute ago, I calmed down then started typing this.

Tdafan:Im sorry too(CONF)Im so quiting next week


Sprinklemist: Guys. Please, calm down. The chat sections don't need to be edited so often. What if someone types up their story and tries to post it and gets an edit conflict and loses everything they typed (it's happened to me before...)? Also, don't make threats, like, "If you do blah blah you'll get voted out next time". This is not a popularity contest and Sunshine and I make the elimination decisions ultimately...

Tdafan:I might not have mine this week (Sprinklemist: This section is for chatting)

Chimmy: (CONF) I really like tdafan. I'd be okay with whatever decision he makes, but I'd prefer he stays. He's a great author and a great pal to have around. I can't make him stay or go, I knew that from the beginning, but whatever he thinks is the best for him, I'll go with it.

Tdafan:Im really close to quitting

Sprinklemist: Stay in the competition and try your hardest. Think about the people that wanted to compete, but missed the sign ups. Your quitting wouldn't be fair to them.

Tdafan:My decison will be made by the end of week 4

Tdirm2: You know what, I've always wanted to be tagged. I don't know why, but I do.

Tdafan:*sits down and watches TV*

TBTDIF: What is up with everyone lately? All these actions, rudeness, and...actions. Where's Nalyd? Where's Gigi? Where's TDI19? Where's Sprinky and Sunny's awesome stories? Where is everyone from last season? Really, where?

Tdafan:(CONF)I am so sick of these people yelling and other crap.I might quit early

Sunshine: Nalyd passed along hosting to us, I won last season, Sprinklemist was runner up and is just plain awesome enough to host, Gigi decided not to enter this season a while ago, TDI19 just kinda disappeared, and I guess most of the season 1 vets missed signups...

Tdafan:*whisper to NIzzy*Now I wanna vote off TBTDIF

TBTDIF: *tries to act as cool and calm as possible* I...uh...heard you, tdafan.

Tdafan:I think you should chill out(CONF)Psycho

TBTDIF: Wow, I thought I was gonna be the main antagonist this season, just like last one.

Tdafan:Yeah yeah yeah

Dominator: I thought with my epic strategy I'd be considered an "antagonist." (Nalyd mentioned how having a strategy will have you pegged for life.) Remember Gophers, if we win we all have to agree on which of there players is the best and vote for them. Then, whoever is the other bottom two member will automatically go home. (Sorry that's in bold, it's just only one person saw it last time...)

Tdirm2: I don't know what people would consider me as. I'd say an anti-hero. Also, Tdafan, don't quit, it's a honor to be here, Zakkeroen was very ticked off by being unable to join.

Sunshine: Wow, almost half the people whose bios are up so far used names that start with J... weird...


CK11: Corn dogs are bad for your colon...OR ARE THEY??? I reccomend we head to the stuffed elephant emporium. Then we can buy lawn mowers. (I'm COKEMAN11, on other wikis, I'm known as CK11 ffor my nickname)


Shadow the Hedgehog: *Appears* Well, might as well do this. CHAOS...CONTROL!!! *Teleports everyone to the stuffed elephant emporioum, including himself, the hosts, and Duncan, who is still out of the television*

Tdirm2:What just happened?

Sunshine: SHADOW!!!!!!! *tacklehugs*

Shadow:GET OFF OF ME!!! *Chaos Blasts, to no avail*

Chimmy:*Picks up Duncan* Sorry, Dunc. *Throws Duncan at Sunshine*

Sunshine: *grabs Duncan as he's thrown at her, without letting go of Shadow* EEEEEE!!!!!! NOW I HAVE BOTH OF THEM!!!!!!! (LOL, just 'cause I'm a host, doesn't mean I have to act like it... right? RIGHT???)

Chimmy:*Grabs crowbar and tries to pry Sunshine off. The crowbar breaks*

Shadow:THAT"S IT!!! *Uses Chaos Emeralds to transform into Super Shadow* CHAOS...CONTROL!! *Teleports Sunshine into space and flies around at the speed of sound*

Sunshine: *randomly falls back to earth, unharmed, sees Shadow gone, cries uncontrollably, notices Duncan, tacklehugs him* (LOL)

Courtney: STAY AWAY FROM MY MAN, SISTER!!! *tackles Sunshine*

Duncan:I love that woman. (Sorry, Sunshine, he means Courtney.)

Sunshine: Oh yeah, well... *randomly transports to Sonic world, grabs Knuckles, comes back, throws Knuckles at Courtney* (LOL)

Chimmy: *Steps in between slap-fighting Knuckles and Courtney* BREAK IT UP!! *Knocks Knuckles, Sunshine, and Courtney out with powerful blast of fire and is randomly transported to ARK*


Shadow: Hey, just wanted to say thanks for trying to break me free. *Notices Chimmy looks a bit like Maria Robotnik, smiles*

Chimmy: No prob. I think I could hook you up with a hot chick. *Shows Shadow photo of black hedgehog with red streaks and purple fishnet gloves*

Shadow: *Eyes turn to black hearts*

Sunshine: *flies past window of ARK* SHADOW-AMY FOREVER!!!!! AND IF THAT DOESN'T WORK OUT, ME-SHADOW FOREVER!!!!!!! (LOL, rabid Shadow-Amy supporter) did SHE get here? Anyways, what's the chick's name?

Chimmy:If you mean the Ravioli Pixie, Sunshine. If you mean the hedgehog, Brittney.

Sunshine: *randomly behind Shadow* I got here 'cause I'm magic. That's my answer when you ask how I got in, too. SHADOW!!!!! *tacklehugs*

Tdafan:*standing next to chimmy*So....

Chimmy:Tdafan, don't tell me you're magic too. BUT I AM!!! *Dissapears into flames, comes back with Brittney*

Shadow: Holy hotness!!! *Breaks free from Sunshine using DA POWA OF LOVE!!!* (XD) *Love Story randomly plays*

Brittney:Do you guys hear that? By the way, what's your name?

Shadow:I'm Shadow. Nice to meet you. *Chaos controls Brittney and him to romantic setting*

Chimmy: Awwwwww...(By the way, when I was typing nice to meet you, I accidentaly typed up nice to MEAT you.)

Tdafan:Chimmy,who do you want out next?

Chimmy:It depends. But TBTDIF hasn't exactly been friendly IMO.

Shadow:*is happy for the first time since Maria died because Brittney is now his girlfriend*♥

Shadow:*sigh*I feel like I could take on the world for Brittney...I'm in love.

Chimmy:Just to there going to be a Playa des Authors 3???

Shadow:*is daydreaming about Brittney*

Chimmy:I seem to be the only one commenting...I'm bored. *lightbulb goes over head* Got it!!! *Whispers in Shadow's ear* (Wait, where ARE his ears?)

Shadow:...Fine, what the heck. I'm so in love, I could even put up with that Ravioli Pixie! (LOL Sunshine nip) *Teleports, brings back Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Blaze, and Silver*

Sonic:*Lends Chimmy pair of no-friction shoes*

Cheese the Chao: *Is refferee, waves checkered flag* (LOL)

Everybody:*Starts race* (By the way, the apocalypse is over and we are back on Earth now! Plus, Shadow helped to fix everything up again.Not only that, he also took the time to stop global warming!!! YAY FOR SHADOW!!! Oh, and Duncan is in the race too, Shadow lent him a pair of his shoes. I just realized that Jamie will have to put up with Yu-gi-oh during TD:TM!)

Sunshine: *randomly shows up with a box of donuts* ...I missed something. What did I miss? o.O

Chimmy:*while running* The Sonic people and I decided to have a race. Whoever makes it to Japan first wins! *Grabs donut from box, turns into Hyper Chimmy, runs even faster, leaving trail of fire behind her*

Shadow:*Crosses finish line milliseconds before Hyper Chimmy and Sonic, who is being chased by Amy. Blaze and Silver are holding hands in LA, Rouge stole the Master Emerald and Knuckles had to stop her so he never finished, Duncan is just behind Amy*

Brittney:*kisses Shadow*

Shadow:*Is so overjoyed that he lets Sunshine tacklehug him*

Hyper Chimmy:*turns back into regular Chimmy* Awwwww...Brittney and Shadow make the perfect couple. (Sorry it took so long. We got tired around Arizona and stopped at a Sonic drive-in. But Blaze and Silver ran strait to Pasedana...)

(Conf.) Usitgz: What the heck is going on here, with all these Sonic characters running around. I'm going to lose it!

Knuckles:*punches through confessional, the blow barely missing Usitgz's head* You'll pay for that, you little creep! *Chases Usitgz* (Sorry if that seemed rude or anything, it's totally intended to be humorous.)

Chimmy:*still has Sonic's shoes, runs over and stops Knuckles from hurting Usitgz* STOP IT!!! *Is not strong enough, until Sunshine trips and a donut flies out of her pocket, landing directly in Chimmy's mouth, transforming her into Hyper Chimmy(LOL). Lets out huge blast of fire at Knuckles, knocking him out, transforms back into normal Chimmy* Oh, NO!!! What have I DONE!!! *takes Knuckles to random burn center across the street*

Chimmy:*at burn center* *yawn*. So...tired...need...pancakes...

Random Nurse Dude(LOL):You said you wanted to see him wake up. He just decided to do it at 3:00 in the morning.

Knuckles: *wakes up* Aw, great, what did Chimmy do to me?

Random Nurse Dude:2nd degree burns all over your body, to be exact. She also brought you the this burn center, and pretty much did all the work the docters were supposed to. How did you even know to do that?

Chimmy: Cousin burned his arm on a grill last week. (Not really guys, that never actually happened. Pure fiction.)

Knuckles:*chuckles*(Hey it rhymes!!!) Well, I'll be. I guess...thanks. *shakes Chimmy's hand*

Chimmy:No prob, dude. *Shakes back*

Dominator: GOPHERS!!! We need to vote off Tdafan, TBTDIF, or Turntertang if we win. Tdanfan is thinking of quitting. It wouldn't be fair for them to beat other people, and then quit. TBTDIF has been rude, and is good at writing. Turnertang is their best author

Tdafan:IVE MADE MY DECISION!!!!!!!! And I will tell you...right after this commercial break!!!!!!!

TBTDIF: Don't be like that, Chimchar2350678. I think we're all pretty equal with our writing.

Tdi: Go Gophers!!!!!

Sunshine: *uses random magic portal to send Sonic characters back to wherever they came from, except for Shadow, who she stuffs in a box and mails back to her place (LOL)* Challenge over, guys! Sprinklemist isn't here to judge, so I'll be the only one doing reviews this week.

Dominator: Gophers! Vote for TBTDIF or Tdafan123!!!


Dominator: *shrugs* So? We'll vote for you for being a threat then.

NIzzy: Excuse me but that’s a little harsh you can’t just pick on people Dominator!

Dominator: I don't pick on people. Besides, Tdafan and TBTDIF are so good Sunshine won't pick either of them for elimination until later on, if even then. I'm just playing the game to my full ability.

Sunshine: I have to side with Dominator here, he's playing a strati... strati... strati... a smart game. (FAIL XD) He's not doing anything against the rules.

Dominator: Sunshine, when does the vote end?

Sunshine: Later today.

Chimmy: I guess all that cheering helped, Gophers! Let's try to bring it home again next time! Oh, and tdafan, hopefully you won't get voted off, cause even though we are on opposite teams, you're still an amazing friend, and nothing can change that.

TBTDIF: I have to say, the Gophers did a nice job.

Chimmy:Thanks!!! Anyone else crazy enough to be awake past midnight where I am? FWEE!!!

CK11: The Gophers did well.

Chimmy:YAY!!! MORE COMPLIMENTS!!! YAY!!! *hops around clapping* RAINBOW DREAMS!!! Wait, huh?

Tdirm2: Question, when will either CK11 or TBTDIF be eliminated and the next challnge announced?

TBTDIF: Wait, how did Tdafan get a part in this?

Sunshine: I didn't feel like you or CK11 deserved to be eliminated, and Tdafan had a large amount of votes, so I decided I needed to hear from... him... her... is Tdafan a guy or a girl?

Tdafan:Im a guy and Im sorry if i dissapointed people

CK11: Bass, if I'm not eliminated, I have a plan if we win the next involves an alliance...

Challenge 2

Female Character

Female Character

Male Character

Male Character

This week's challenge is to come up with a character profile, for either the character on the left, or the character on the right (both drawn by Sunshineandravioli). This profile needs to include a name for the character, biography of the character's background, a glimpse at their personality, and why they are going to appear on the Total Drama series (either by auditioning, or some other method). We would like to see creativity, originality, and believability. Make it clear which character you'll be using. Don't change anything about the character models. This "story" is due Thursday.


Writing Gophers

Anonymos- Excellent! You went deep into the character’s background and personality, and were able to give us a good reason why she was auditioning. I felt that this was extremely creative and original, and personally, I felt the situation she was in was a believable one. Great job!

Tdi- I like this guy’s basic personality. The idea of an insane tough guy is funny! But… you didn’t really flesh him out after that, or give him any background. Also, in the audition, you completely ignored pretty much all rules of grammar- no quotation marks, forgetting a period in one place, and using script format for his actions. Finally, you named your character Jim, but at the beginning of the audition, he said “Hi, I’m Mike!” Overall, this was a good idea that needed a lot of improvement.

Chimchar- This character was HILARIOUS! Her background was extremely detailed and explained a lot of her personality, which you also described well. Her audition was, in my opinion, one of the best, and her reason for auditioning made a lot of sense. It was also extremely funny. “Uh, Chris? I think the wind blew your door shut.” Classic! Excellent work overall!

Sorrel- This was a very creative idea, and your background for the character was great. It really made her reason for auditioning make sense. However, the character herself didn’t have much personality; it just seemed a kind of general label rather than an in-depth look at her personality. Also, please proofread your stories before posting them. You had some grammar issues throughout, especially in the audition; there were some spelling errors (ie. “transplat” instead of “transplant”); and you used script format for actions. In the end, it was a good idea that would have been even better had you fixed these things.

Dominator- Nice job, and extremely creative idea! His background was fairly detailed, and even though you didn’t have a section describing his personality, it still came across well. Having his grandparents do the audition for him was hilarious. “It says on this pamphlet ‘Crazy Kids Wanted’.” That was great! The trivia section was nice as well, seeming to solidify him as an actual character. Keep it up!

Tdifan- This was a very creative character! Though his personality and background wasn’t extremely in-depth, it still described well and made the character seem real. His audition was funny as well! However, please, don’t use script format, which you used during his audition. Other than that, though, nice work!

Cards777- Pyromaniac! Awesome! This was a very original character. His detailed background explains his personality extremely well, his reason for joining TDI is believable, and his audition was hilarious with his parents begging the producers to accept him! Nice work overall!

Typing Bass

Turnertang- Great idea for a character! The audition was hilarious too. However, you didn’t really go too deep into his personality or background, only really giving us a short glimpse at his character. Also, I notice you seem to have run-on sentences in your writing- what could easily be multiple sentences is clumped into one. Make sure to read over your work before you post; if you have more than one or two “and”s in one sentence, it’s a good sign it’s a run-on sentence and you should split it up into multiple sentences.

Thebiggesttdifan- This was probably the most detailed background of anyone’s character. You gave a truly detailed insight to her past and explained how she ended up applying to TDI. However, her personality wasn’t really described at all, just her past. Also, two things didn’t really make sense to me- one, I didn’t understand the line “Before she knew it, Taña was delivered a tasty meal for breakfast, but that didn’t last long because she had to hop into a taxi for various opera performances.” What did breakfast have to do with it? Two, I don’t understand what her uncle’s motivations were in sending her to the orphanage, or how her mother was involved. Other than those points, this was pretty good, I just wish she had been given more of a personality.

NIzzy- This was a fairly good character, and pretty creative. His personality was unique and described pretty well, and though his background wasn’t extremely detailed, it was just detailed enough. His audition was great as well, perfectly displaying his softer side and the pressure put on him by his dad. However, make sure to double check your grammar before you post. You had some grammar issues, forgot some punctuation, etc. Overall, nice work, except for the grammar issues.

COKEMAN11- This was a good idea, and you hit all the requirements. However… it was extremely skimpy in the details department. Though you described everything, you didn’t get very far into it, and it felt like more than a brief summary of a character rather than a real look at them. In particular, her personality was very brief and didn’t give a really good look at what she was like. I really wish you had given more details, as it would have made the biography a lot better.

Tdiandrockmusic2- This was definitely one of the more original characters. Extremely creative with the MPD, and his background is a great explanation of how it happened. His duel personality, as well, seems to almost create a “two-characters-for-the-price-of-one” thing. His audition tape was a perfect way to end it, showing off both ends of his personality and the vast difference between them. The description of his hair made me LOL. Excellent work!

Oweguy- This was a pretty unique character. Though you didn’t describe his personality that well in the personality section, his audition tape made up for it. I wish there had been a little more on his background, though. The “downfall” section was a nice touch as well, and explained why we didn’t see much of this rocker during TDI. It was a nice touch to have his band playing during the audition tape as well. However, be careful about your tense- you switched between past tense (ie. “What is that racket!” shouted someone.) and present tense (ie. “So I think I should be perfect in this show!” he shouts.) Look out for that in the future.

Tdafan123- This was an okay idea, but you didn’t really give him much of a personality… and, he had no background other than skipping three grades because of his PE grade. I really wish you’d put in more details and fleshed him out more. Also, you still had quite a few spelling and grammar issues. You forgot some commas and periods, spelled “I’m” as “Im”, etc. Please double check these sorts of things before you post.

Usitgz- This was a very unique idea! His background explains his, er, “special” personality. I wish there was a little more to his personality other than thinking monsters are real, though. I love how he got onto TD:TM, though. Also, at one point he said “You’ve got to safe me” when it should have been “You’ve got to save me”. Overall, really good job, almost perfect!


Sunshine: All right, I've thought long and hard, and compared the reviews of both teams, and in the end, the winner is... the Writing Gophers! Congrats! Typing Bass, you're all now up for elimination. Cross your fingers, and hope the voters don't target you. Good luck to you all.

Bass Vote

<poll> Who should be in the bottom 2 this week? Turnertang Thebiggesttdifan NIzzy COKEMAN11 Tdiandrockmusic2 Oweguy Tdafan123 Uzitgz </poll>

Sunshine: All right, with six votes apiece, the bottom two is... Thebiggesttdifan and COKEMAN11. Both of you, please give reasons to stay at TDA3.

TBTDIF's Reason to Stay

Honestly, I really believe I deserve to stay. I believe I am an extremely good writer, and the only reason I likely didn't make it further in the past two seasons is either because of a misunderstanding in my reason in the original season, and later because of rude comments.

Ah, yes--my rude comments. This, of course, is likely why people have voted me bottom two today. I can say that the reason behind all my rudeness is that I miss the quiet, peaceful loneliness that this wiki used to be. I will try my best to shape up my rudeness. Plus, I believe this is a writing camp. It's not entirely fair to vote someone off--i.e. get rid of their chances of improving their writing skills--just because they are acting rude. This is a contest, not a competition, at least in what I believe.

Okay, I got way off track, didn't I? But in a one line summary: Please let me stay. I'll try my best to stop acting rude.

COKEMAN11's Reason to Stay

I believe that I deserve to stay, not just because I want to; because I had a few conflicts this week. I've been on vacation at the beach, and really busy. I wasn't in the other 2 seasons of TDA3, and I really want to show my writing skills. Also, this is one of the first camps I've been in.I really am a great writer, and I'm just not very good at designing characters. I'm gonna be able to write my story next week, and I can't wait to see what the topic will be. If all of the Bass voted for me, I understand, my character, July, wasn't very well described. I had thought that I had met the requirements. Please let me stay, and in one statement, I think this camp will allow me to improve my characters.

Overall, I know I've said this a lot, but I am a really good writer, and I hope you think of these reasons when you think who truly deserves to go home this week.

Sunshine: This is an extremely hard decision. Both of you show a lot of promise as authors and give good reasons to stay in the game. Eliminating one of you is an extremly difficult and painful thing to do...

...which is why I'm not doing it just yet.

I need to hear from one more person this week before someone leaves. This person now has the most votes in the poll, and at one point was tied with COKEMAN11. I need to hear from... Tdafan123. You've been voted for in the poll, talked about possibly quitting, and (PLEASE no offense) have had some spelling/grammar issues in your stories so far. I need to hear from you- why should you continue on in TDA3?

Tdafan123's Reason to Stay

I think I should stay because I deserve to have some room to improve on my stories,and Im nice to people.Im not quitting so you wont wory and ill try my best next week.Im sorry if I dissapoint you but I only joined to improve and if I get out early,will I improve at all?

I also dont try to get mean but if you annoy me alot then i will get mad.Im sorry to everyone whos feelings I hurt and I hope you will see a reason to keep me in.I know I have spelling and grammar mistakes but let me improve guys please.

Thanks for your time and please save me.

The Decision

(sorry I took so long, guys, I was going to do this last night but I got off the computer)

Sunshine: All right... Sprinklemist and I have discussed this, and we have made our decision. There are three good authors in front of me, but only two of you will continue on.

The author leaving us today is...

...Tdafan123. I'm sorry we have to eliminate you, but in the end it was the best decision. I hope you'll continue to write and improve outside of the camp. Goodbye.

Week 3

Sunshine: Hello to our remaining fourteen competitors! This week's challenge will be like nothing you've ever seen before! (Sprinkle, you can put up the challenge whenever you want.)

Chimmy: *sigh...* It's too bad that tdafan had to be eliminated. But I'm going to get over it, and be ready for the next challenge!

CK11: That was a close one...on an unrelated note, I just had...EDIT CONFLICT!!! Plus, the elimination table needs to be updated.

Sunshine: Yeah... I'll do that... at least it's only a week behind!

NIzzy: *giggles*

Sunshine: Okay, now that the challenge is over... I can reveal the UBER SECRET ORIGINS OF THE TWO CHALLENGE CHARACATERS if you want. XD

NIzzy: Uber secret!!!! XD

CK11" *hypnotizes Sunshine* YOU SHALL REVEAL THE ORIGINS

Usitgz: O_o

TBTDIF: Yeah, Tdafan was almost like a Kenzen. I honestly hope he returns, because despite his somewhat lacking of good grammar and spelling, his ideas were great.

CK11: I ttly agree with that

Dominator: Gophers, if we can win this week, and the next week, I have a great feeling about this season... We just have to all keep voting together.

Sorrel: ok im not here for winning im here to show of meh skills and see other peoples writing GEEZ

TBTDIF: Why so defensive? We're not attacking you, Sorrel.

Tdirm2: When's challenge three happening? Where's Sprinkle too?

Sprinklemist: I got back from vacation, yesterday. *smiles* I think Sunshine is posting the next challenge. I'm not positive when.

Oweguy: Bass, if we win this week like the first week, I'm sure we won't be the underdogs.

Sorrel: because .. we gotta really chillax and this will be my first camp not being random and insane *in head* must go crazy!

NIzzy: If we win we vote for Domitor in the poll right?

CK11: Actually, I say we target Chimmy. (no offense, plz)

Oweguy: I'd say if we win we'll vote off Tdifan.

CK11: Chimmy's a good author, we'll be eliminating a threat.

NIzzy: I agree she's popular too.

Sorrel: *in head* must resist randomness (lawl)

Chimmy: I was afraid this would happen...come on Gophers, let's try even harder now!

Sorrel: why are we even talkin about voting someone off??

Sprinklemist: You guys seem to forget that Sunshine and I make the ultimate decision as to who to eliminate.

Chimmy: I know, but say I was in the bottom 2 with Dominator. I would probably be going home.

Chimmy:Can I do the fashion collumn?

Sorrel; yea you can im doing advice for GOPHERS!!!!

Usitgz:Can I do the Obituary, bass??

NIzzy: Yeah, I'm doing adivice for Bass.

Anonymos: Do any of the Gophers mind if I take the Where are They Now thing?

Tdirm2:Do you mind if I do Where are they nowfor the Bass.

Anonymos: If there are no objections, then I will take Where are They Now for the Gophers.

TBTDIF: May I do the comic strip for the Bass?

Turnertang: What should I do?

Chimmy: This was definintly out of my comfort zone, so I'm asking the Gopher's opinions on my artice. How is it?

Cards: I would like to do the front page for the Gophers, if that is ok with them.

CK11: I'll do Fashion for the bass.

Turnertang: I'll do the entertainment for the bass.

Dominator: Gophers, what jobs are left?

Sunshine: The challenge is over now, guys! Reviews will be up soon.

Chimmy: Uh-oh. If people carry out their threats, Me-sa in trouble. (LOL Jar-Jar Binks)

Cards: I'm sure you'll be safe! Congrats Typing Bass! You did a very good job!

Tdifan: Hey, guys. I'm sorry I wasn't able to post up an article this week. I just started high school and I had a massive amount of homework (that's what I get for being in Honors LOL) . I'll try my hardest to get a story up there next week. :-)

TBTDIF: Dominator! Your reason to stay was kind of mean. Remember--this is not a competition. It is a contest. It's not to win adminship, or rollbackness, or become a co-host. In my opinion, the whole idea of this camp is to get your writing skills improved. If you're a worse writer but a better strategist then someone who you eliminated directly, is that entirely fair?

Chimmy: For once, I agree a bit with TBTDIF. If you look on the talk page, even Nalyd is worried about your arrogance. I think you are one of the best authors on the team. Just please don't try to brag about it. Oh, an I completley argree that this camp is for getting your writing skills improved, not to win adminship or any stuff like that.

Challenge 3

This week's challenge is fairly different... This one is all about teamwork. Both teams will be coming up with a cohesive newspaper that has to do with the Total Drama series. I'll list the articles that need to be included. This challenge would work best if either everyone decided who writes what article, or one person delegates, as opposed to everyone just picking what they want to do first. Here are the articles that need to be done:

  1. Front Page Story (The main article, most likely about something that happened on one of the latest episodes of Total Drama Action)
  2. Obituary (For Mr. Coconut or the Seagull)
  3. Entertainment Report (A preview of the next episode of Total Drama Action, it shouldn't contain spoilers)
  4. Fashion Analysis (A review of one or more character's clothing)
  5. Where Are They Now? (A story about what one of the non-qualifying characters is doing while not on the show)
  6. Advice Column (A letter to an advice giver, someone from TDI. The advice must be included. you may do more than one letter)
  7. Comic Strip (It must include dialogue. This isn't an art competition, so the pictures aren't required to be perfect, make sure the story in the three panel strip is good. It can be funny, dramatic, or action filled. It can be hand drawn or done with a computer art program)

This is due Friday, unless otherwise stated later on.

Sunshine's Reviews (Writing Gophers)

(Sorry this took so long!)

Anonymos- Hilarious! This seemed very Sadie. I could easily see her doing everything you mentioned in the article. The part about Sadie calling white lipstick “in”, but not wearing it herself, was funny. I also loved the preview for next week’s article. Possibly convicted felon! I was LOL-ing at that! Great job!

Tdi- Pretty nice job. I liked how you mentioned Owen being Mr. Coconut’s friend in the article. However, I think you spelled Muskoka wrong, and I wish you’d gone into a little more detail. Still, nice work.

ChimChar- Awesome! I loved this, and not just because it was about Duncan and I got mentioned. You went into a lot of detail without going too far, and was able to wrap everything up nicely in the end. Also, good job putting next week’s preview at the end, that made it seem like a real article. Overall, amazing, great job!

Sorrel- …so where’s the article?

Dominator- Hahahaha!!!! This was incredibly funny! “I didn’t think a spine could bend like that, eh.” LOL! Also, I know this isn’t an art contest, but it kind of bugged me that you pasted together episode pictures to make the comic. I would have liked it if you’d drawn it yourself. Even so, hilarious, great job!

Tdifan- Nothing? The girl who made final two first season and final five last season gives us NOTHING?

Cards777- Was this an entertainment report or front-page story? I had trouble figuring that out, but either way, this was really good. You described the episode in detail but still didn’t go overboard and mention every little thing that happened. There were some very minor grammar problems, but they weren’t that bad and really weren’t noticeable. Also, 1) Beth used perfume to lure Owen out of the safe, not an elixir (I know that’s not really important, but I just felt like pointing it out…) and 2) the way you said the Grips threw their Gilded Chris Awards at Owen kind of made it sound like they did it because they were mad at him; I think if you’d worded that differently, it wouldn’t have sounded like that. Other than those tiny problems, great job!

Sprinklemist's Reviews (Typing Bass)

tdiandrockmusic2 - Very entertaining, and very realistic from the standpoint of a newspaper article. This story was great, except for some issues with commas being inserted where the sentence should have ended. I also liked the random Cyndi Lauper reference. You were able to combine TDI and rock music... Hmmm.

Turnertang - This article was good, although there are some inaccuracies with the actual episode. I like the last second best, as you did not reveal more than you should have. The surprise (the one I'm thinking of) comes during the challenge, and the elimination is decided by the team, so that line confused me. Also, one of the requirements of this challenge was that it be cohesive. You gave a preview of the same episode that Owenguy wrote a detailed article on. One of you should have seen the other's article, and done something different.

Thebiggesttdifan - I saw the picture as I saw that you uploaded it without being able to post it on this page. I'll count it. The pictures were fairly confusing without the words. I think the story you were going for would have been better if you placed a random head (even the back of one) in the first panel to show that someone else was speaking to Izzy. Overall, I liked the comic strip, a lot. It was a nice idea.

NIzzy - Good solid advice. The grammar and spelling were fantastic. I think the only problem I noticed was the "gotten" line. I'm thinking it should have been "got". Other than that, the article was great.

Cokeman11 - Great job this week. It's a very good review. The introductory paragraph is the only one where I see problems. The very first part of the sentence should be paired with "who has", not "has". Scottish should be capitalized, also. Overall, though, I loved the review. You went into good detail, and matched her clothing to her personality. Great job.

Owenguy - This article was extremely well written. The grammar was really good, and the information accurate. Two problems. One being a comma should have been inserted before "yet again" and "un wired" should be one word. The other problem is that this article is not cohesive with Turnertang's article. You both recapped and previewed the same episode. One of you should have seen the other article and done a different episode.

Usitgz - This article was nice, and funny, as well. I like the fact that you were creative by choosing Bunny instead of Mr. Coconut or the seagull. All the parts of a normal obituary are in here, aside from the unnecessary location of the funeral. The only problem I see is that you said "aten" when you meant "eaten". So, other than that, everything was very well done. Good job.


Sunshine: Sprinkle and I have decided. The winner of this week's challenge is... THE TYPING BASS! Congrats, guys. Gophers... all of you are now at risk. One of you will be going home. Good luck.

Gophers Vote

<poll> Who should be in the bottom two this week? Anonymos Tdi Chimchar Sorrel Dominator Tdifan Cards777 </poll>

Sunshine: With five votes apiece, our bottom two this week is... Tdifan and Dominator. Alright guys, why should you stay?

Dominator's Reason to Stay

I should stay in Total Drama Author 3 because I'm going to win. There are a whole bunch of people who deserve to go way before I do. I'm only up here because I'm a threat to them, I don't know... They think I'm some terrible person for taking charge. Well isn't that what the winner needs to do? The winner gets adminship, and you want somebody who can be a leader; I'm that person! I know I probably sound like an arrogant jerk, but I'm usually just a little on the "full of myself" side. That isn't me all the time. My writing is great and I think that if I am up here for weakness, it's because I can't draw to save my life. I misunderstood the comic directions, and didn't make my own pic; I used real pics from the show. I don't think that's enough to have me eliminated. My writing is already great and I can write circles around most of these other guys. I do my work. I try every week. And I know that I'm going to win this thing. I've got the skill to do it, and I don't think it's fair to eliminate me for being a threat.

Tdifan's Reason to Stay

The Decision

Sunshine: Sprinkle and I have talked... and the decision has been made. The person leaving TDA3 today is...

...Tdifan. It stinks to see such a great author go third, but in the end, missing your story not once but TWICE is what caused your downfall.

But... I would be careful if I were you, Dominator. Even if you do have skill and a good strategy, bragging about it might turn people against you... you have been warned. Goodbye, Tdifan. The rest of you are safe... for now.

Week 4

Sunshine: With that, we're down to 13 authors. You guys feel confident? Also, I realize now I closed the challenge on Thursday when it was due Friday... sorry, guys... ^^;

Anonymos: I usually feel confident.

Anonymos: (CONF) I think that after realizing that 3rd place of last season is not anything bad. I think that that gave me a large confidence boost. I feel more confident in my abilities and I am totally ready for the rest of this season!

Tdirm2: (CONF) I'm really sad to see Tdifan go. I don't care if she didn't turn in her stories twice, she was a veteran from season one. Dominator sounded pretty snobby giving his argument. It's not very polite to say you'll write circles around everybody else. I hope he won't be mad at me. I can't make enemies, especially when the merge hits.

TBTDIF: (CONF) What's with the new phase of roleplay and all? No strategy is needed in the game--this is a contest, not a competition. Dominator's just a bit of a jerk. I hope he gets over it.

Chimmy: (CONF) I'm a bit worried about Dominator. I mean, come on, he's my teamate, and one of our best authors! Though I'm sure you'll achieve your goal, you better watch out for some so-called arrogance. I want to stand up for him so much, but I'm going to need some very good reasons to.

(CONF) Dominator: Okay... Nobody really has a high opinion of me at this point but hey, you do what you gotta do if you end up on that chopping block.

Dominator: Eh, Gophers. I'm sorry about some of the things I said when I was up for elimination. If you guys want to put me up there again, I understand. But, look, if I'm up there against somebody who deserves to go before me, I will fight for it and I won't let them beat me.

Oweguy: Okay Bass. We're winning two challenge wins to one so keep it up.

Chimmy: Gophers, just because we're outnumbered by Bass doesn't mean that we can't win! We need to fight for our right to be here, fight for our honor, dignity, and for our team! If we all give it our all, I'm sure one of us will be the top author! Show no mercy! Now, who's with me! (LOL, Admiral Chimmy, her Gopherness.)

(CONF) Oweguy: Admiral Chimmy? What's next?

Dominator: Okay, Chimmy...

(CONF) Dominator: Okay, I'm sort of bummed out since I got put up for elimination. But, hey, as long as I keep doing my stories, doing my work, and doing it well, I will win!

Dominator: Let's make sure a Gopher wins. And let's make sure we win this week so the Bass don't get the satisfaction of winning two in a row.

Chimmy: Great! Now, who wants to be my second in command? (LOL, JK.)

Chimmy: Ooh, sorta tough challenge , but I don't have any fanfic characters of my own! XP

Dominator: Same here. But my buddy Nalyd has some of the best characters ever! This will be a piece of cake...

NIzzy: Don't be so cocky... *smiles*

Chimmy: Just so you know, I chose Kendall because he's my favorite. Don't think I'm buttering up Sprink or anything.

NIzzy: Nice strategy! XD JK


TBTDIF: Can you do a crossover between two fanfictions?

Chimmy: YAH! GO GOPHERS! *Numa Numa dances* (LOL, When I watch the Sonic Numa Numa dance video, I get up and dance! I am a strange one...

Tdirm2:Hey Sunshine, in case you're wondering, Andrea screwing up names means that she barely has a grip onwhat's going on in the real world. I know she desribes what Han and Izzy do in detail, but how can you ignore them.

TBTDIF: This is completely irrelevant, but I think one of our challenges should be a remembrance of Ricky490 in some way. How I miss Total Drama Daredevil...

Chimmy: LOL, it seems that since I posted my story, everyone is doing something with Total Drama: Boney Island. Yay, I'm a trendsetter! *walks down a random runway in sky blue dress*

CK11: Actually, I was gonna do a TDBI story all along.

(CONF) CK11: I think my story's a little small...but it's good.

Tdirm2:TBTDIF, your story is GREAT! You should post it on the fanfic wiki, it makes mine look horrible.

Chimmy:*stops walking down runway* YAY WEIRD COINCIDENCES! EEEEEEEEEEEE! *jumps up and down, realizes she's still wearing her dress and that her undies are showing*Uh...yay? (XD)

TBTDIF: Haha, at least I didn't go with the crowd...wait a second--I got complimented? I got comp-I got complimented! YAY! Thanks, Tdirm2...and by the way, you can't use TDI characters in your story. That's all.

Tdirm2: Hehe, whoops (Conf) Stupid! *facepalm* If the Bass lose, I'm doomed.

Sprinklemist: Sunshine is reviewing your story this week (I think) so it's up to her whether your penalized, or not, but since her story has the TDI characters, I wouldn't be too worried...

TBTDIF: If the Bass lose, I'll talk us into keeping you. You're a good writer, and one little slip doesn't mean anything.

Sunshine: Sprinkle and I will have the reviews up shortly!

Chimmy:Yay! The Gophers are back on track! Let's give even more of an effort next time!!!

Challenge 4

All right, this week's challenge is a classic from season 1 of Total Drama Author! You'll be writing a story with fanfic characters! BUT! cannot use any of your own characters (or TDI characters, to clarify). You must use characters from someone else's story. You'll be judged on the usual stuff (spelling, grammar, if the story was good in general, etc.), plus if you used the characters well. Sprinkle and I may ask the original authors their opinions on it if necessary. This will be due Friday, unless by some great stroke of luck you all finish on Thursday. (And I won't accidentally close it early this time! XD) Good luck!

Sprinklemist's Reviews (Writing Gophers)

Anonymos - I loved this story, and I approve of how you used my characters. Good job. I loved Lisa and Dirk in this story, especially when Dirk ran into her fist. Lol. You even included a cameo by Stu, from Turnertang's story, for hilarious results. I kind of wish that you left him out so that no one would be confused, but his role as a teacher made it so that anyone unfamiliar with him wouldn't realize it was a cameo.

Tdi - No story. No review.

Chimchar - Really, really, well done. I loved this story. You hinted at future relationships and the underlying reason that Kendall disliked Stevie (and plausibly, Dirk). I also liked the way that you tied his disdain for Fiona with not wanting to be reminded of his mother. It's such a good analysis, that I honestly never thought of. Great, great job.

Sorrel - No story...

Dominator - I really enjoyed this story. I loved the way that you portrayed Ivan. It was funny and I really liked the giant panda link. Lol. My only problem was that you had three different characters from three different realms in the story with no inclusion of any characters from the same story. It made sense with the story, but it might be confusing to people who aren't familiar with all three characters (hence the links, I'm sure).

Cards777 - This story was really sweet. I liked it. My only concern was that you left a few words out, a few commas, and there were a few grammar problems.

Sunshine's Reviews (Typing Bass)

Turnertang- Nice job! The characters’ personalities seemed to be written well. Jakey was hilarious with his nerdiness, and I feel so bad for poor Stan, stuck with him! Your only problem was some minor grammar issues. Good job!

TBTDIF- Personally, I really liked this one. Was having Pauline and Ajax together a reference to Total Fanfiction Crossover? The first time I read this through, I didn’t realize AJ was Ajax, and honestly believed he was just a klutzy Subway worker. So, I was really surprised when he revealed himself! The ending was touching as well. Your spelling and grammar was great, as usual. The characters were written well. And, of course, the story was great. Excellent job!

NIzzy- No story, no review.

COKEMAN11- This was hilarious! “I LIKE YOU TOO, STEVIE!” LOL! I think, personally, that the characters were written pretty well, though I thought Blair would talk more. Is it just me, or does Kendall always seem to fall for the annoying chicks? First Fiona, now Blair… I loved how you switched between both Waterlily and Kendall to give us both their perspectives on the events. Great job!

Tdiandrockmusic2- I loved this!!! Because the “Ex” series used TDI characters, I won’t penalize you for it this time. The characters were amazingly written, especially Andrea. In fact, I sent a link to the story to the person I based Andrea on, and she agreed it sounded just like her! Especially the part about loving sanity, LOL. There weren’t any spelling or grammar problems I noticed, either. Great job!!!

Oweguy- No story, no review.

Usitgz- This seemed to be in Ed’s personality, and Lacey’s, but it was incredibly short. There were also some minor grammar issues. Overall, I wish you had made this longer. If you had gone into a bit more detail, I’m sure this would have been superb.


Sunshine: Okay... the winner of this week's challenge, as decided by Sprinklemist and myself, is... THE WRITING GOPHERS!!! Congrats, guys! Bass... we have a surprise twist for you. NIzzy and Oweguy did not write stories this week. In order to get the challenge schedule back on track, we're going to have you two be the bottom two. Now, why should you stay?

NIzzy's Reason to Stay

Well I was going to do the challenge but I got pulled of my P.C because my mom was in hospital...  anyway enough of that. I’ve enjoyed this camp and it’s been my first writing camp ever, I’ve had my up’s and down’s, I know I’m not the best and I have my weaknesses however if I’m going to be honest I truly think Owenguy101 should stay... I think he deserves Adiminship way more than me. Go Oweguy! So I'm dropping out... (If thats even allowed when you're in the bottom two either way I'm leaving.)

Oweguy's Reason to Stay

Well I did start the story the day before the challenge ended. I just forgot to finished it on time. The reason I forgot to write it was because I was busy with school and I needed to relax. I enjoy the Total Drama Author camps and I hope I'll do well at this. Like NIzzy said, I should deserve Adminship and I should try my best to win. If NIzzy leaves the competition, I'd would say she'd did a good job in the competition. Anyway. I think I should desearve to stay. If I stay, I hope to get my story up on time. Sorry I forgot too.

The Decision

Sunshine: ...well, NIzzy dropped out... so, no further elimination. Bye, NIzzy. You will be missed.

Week 5

Sunshine: Congrats, guys! You've survived four challenges and eliminations! How are ya feeling?

Chimmy: I'm feeling amazing! This is way farther than I thought I'd get. I'd like to thank everyone on my team, cause' I owe you for still being here! And Sunshine and Sprinkle and...*sniffles* THANK YOU!!! *bawls* (XD By the way, I GTG)

Tdirm2: I'm still here, I'm doing better than I thought. *plays Billy Idol and sings along horribly*

Dancing with myself oh-oh-oh, Dancing with myself.

When there's nothing to prove and there's nothing to lose oh-oh Dancing with myself oh-oh-Oh

*Breaks windows and Sunshine's abnormally large glasses* Oops

TBTDIF: Eh, I guess I'm happy. I mean, I don't really find anything special about being in the (Uh...epik fale? Ummm...Ex...deeh?)

Dominator: I'm not sure how big an accomplishment is for five weeks...

(CONF) Dominator: Ooh... I survived four eliminations! What a shocker!... I guess for some people that's a big thing, but I'm not even half way of my goal of final five. Well, I guess my real goal is winning. But if I make it to final five I'll get an account.

Dominator: Way to go, Gophers! If we keep this up, the six of us will be the final six.

(CONF) Dominator: I think I might be low man on the totem pole on my team... I know it's not because of my writing, they just don't like me as a person...

(CONF) CK11: I survived four eliminations! This is way farther than I thought I would go! ... ... Do you think I could actually take this thing to the final FIVE?

(CONF) TBTDIF: Have I ever made it at least three quarters through in this epic trilogy? No. What makes me think I can? Nothing. Honestly, what's with the hype about the final five?

Tdirm:(CONF) If the Gophers lose, Dom could be in big trouble. He still seems somewhat snobby, which is sad, because I think he's a good writer, and seemed polite for the first challenge.

Tdirm: Can't wait for challenge five, wonder what it is.

Sorrel: *notices its week5* WHOA im sooo glad i stayed even though i....... NEVER MInd

Chimmy:I'm loving my story so far, I think it ging to be the most passionate one I've ever written.

Sunshine: Everyone's dying this week... o.O

Chimmy:OMG IT'S ANOTHER APOCOLYPSE!!!! *runs in random circles* (By the way, TDIRM, DUncan's body never able to be found made me cry, and I never cry.)

Sunshine: I was very, very close to crying reading both of your stories... I'm pathetic... XD

Chimmy: I think that if my mom read my story, our house would be flooded within half an hour. (XD)

Tdirm:Chimmy, if that made you cry, read Violet Hill. It's a one-shot I made on the fanfic wiki that made Sunshine, Sprinkle, and Fadingsliverstar16 cry. Wait, it's not Fadingsilverstar16, it's Gigi. I miss you Gigi! That didn't come out right! (She's a girl, I'm a guy)

Sunshine: Yeah... then I read it again the other day, and I almost cried again. XD

TBTDIF: My story is rather abstract in terms of the couple thing, but I think it'll be okay.

(CONF) Dominator: I see all the others hanging out with Sunshine, so I figure since I'm going to be an admin someday, and thus equally powerful as her, I should try to be her friend... And, you know, who is she gonna pick to win? Silent me, or one of her friends?

Dominator: I think I'm gonna do a pairing me and Nalyd love... BridgettexHarold! XD

Chimmy: Yeah, I read Violet Hill today, I cried again...OMG I'M TURNING INTO MY MOM!!!! (XD) (OK< now I really GTG)

Sprinklemist: Tdirm, I totally didn't cry! I only cry at things that aren't supposed to make you cry, for some reason... Man, I wish this challenge existed last season... That's why I did the Lindsay-Noah story on our free week.

Chimmy:Gophers! We only have 2 more days left to do this, so if you cna, please post up a story! We do NOT want to lose again!

Usitgz: C'mon Bass we can do it!

CK11: There's a reference to TBTDIF in my story

Chimmy:Ah, well, ya win some, you lose some. Let's hope luck is on our side next time, Gophers, and put out some awesome stories!

CK11: w00t Bas win *does a dance*

(CONF) CK11: Dominator's going down.

Chimmy:I hope Dom doesn't get eliminated. He's a great writer and teamate. It's weird, this week they win, another, we win, and so on...0__o

Nalyd: *flies in from an airplane* I need to talk to Sprinklemist or Sunshine! This is urgent! Code author! (Either of you on here? I need to talk to one of you in this camp.)

Sprinklemist: I'm here.

Nalyd: Okay. *pulls Sprinklemist and Sunshine (when she gets on) away from the contestants* I'm afraid that due to some medical issues in real life that boy *points to Dominaton* has to withdraw from the contest. I talked to him, this is what he wants to do. I guess I can give you all a minute to say good-bye...

Sunshine: *gasps* Oh no!!! Poor Dom!!! *whispers to Sprinklemist* Does this remind you of someone or is it just me? (Sorry I haven't been on...)

Usitgz: *eaves drops* Bye Dominator, you were a great competitor!

Challenge 5

This week will be another classic challenge from TDA season 1... you will be writing a story with a non-canon TDI couple! For example, Cody-Lindsay or Courtney-Trent. You can check the Total Drama Wiki for canon couples and some non-canon couples. You'll be judged on the usual spelling and grammar stuff, plus if you made the couple seem believable and how good the story was in general. Good luck guys!  

Sunshine's Reviews (Writing Gophers)

Anonymos- I liked this one! Heather-Duncan seems pretty believable. They both seemed to have their personalities, all sarcastic and mean and stuff. I love how, somehow, the title ended up making sense. Excellent!

Tdi- No story, no review.

Chimchar- Ahh, DJ-Katie… brings back memories… This was great! DJ and Katie seem to be a good match. Sadie’s horrible death was so emotional (I’m close to crying as I review this…) And it makes sense that it took the loss of her to get Katie to become her own person and pursue DJ. Overall, amazing! Excellent job!

Sorrie- No story, no review.

Dominator- No story, no review.

Cards777- No story, no- ahh, you get it by now…

Sprinklemist's Reviews (Typing Bass)

tdiandrockmusic2 - O_O It's a good thing that Sunshine didn't have to review this story, she would have cried for sure. I was too tired to cry, however. You write tragedy so extremely well. I also loved Heather in this story, as well. I didn't notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, so good job there. The pairing was interesting and believable as Noah and Courtney have semi-similar interests. Overall, you did fantastic.

Turnertang - No story.

Thebiggesttdifan - The writing was really good here, and the pairing was a good one. I didn't notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, so great job. The only thing I saw as slightly negative was the fact that I got confused twice. In the beginning I thought the story was from Ezekiel's perspective as you said "eh?", and then the next paragraph said "I was the only girl there", so after being confused, I thought you were switching between Ezekiel and Bridgette's perspective, until I read the other paragraphs. Then I was confused by the ending. I have no clue why Ezekiel was talking that way, or why he was in a garage. It could have used more explanation.

Cokeman11 - This story was very sweet. I liked it. I loved the little bit of humor, namely the nine penguins suing Trent's Dad. O_O Anyway, Gwen and Noah are also a good pairing, as they are both sarcastic and a little whiny. I just didn't understand the "It's not my fault he was voted out third!" line. It sounds to me like Gwen's mom remembered Noah better than she claimed. Plus, that line should have a comma in there, I think. But that sentence was the only flaw I noticed, so good job.

Oweguy - Your story was okay. It was riddled with flaws. "Gwen is just feeling sad about not being with Gwen and shouldn’t have broken up with him." is one example... The punctuation was very poor, unfortunately. You should have wrote "Okay, yes." instead of "Okay yes.", "Hi, Gwen." instead of "Hi Gwen.", for example. Another flaw is when you write a sentence in quotation marks, it needs to look like this: "I hear you," said Trent. You didn't put the comma at the end of a quoted sentence, before the 'said whoever' part. Also the ice cream line was a question, and you put a period at the end of it. What I loved about the story most, though, was the part where Owen asked out Eva. Best. Couple. Evah!

Usitgz - This story had some funny moments, but there were a lot of spelling mistakes. You used "were" instead of "where" a few times, "sterted", and "penut". Also, "alot" isn't a word. The story was good overall, though.


Sunshine: I think it's obvious that this week's winner is... THE TYPING BASS!!! Congrats, guys!!! Gophers... another week on the chopping block... good luck, guys.

Gophers Vote

<poll> Who should be in the bottom 2 this week? Anonymos Tdi Chimchar Sorrie Dominator Cards777 </poll>

Dominator's Reason to Stay

Cards777's Reason to Stay

I think I should stay because I am a good author. I have worked hard on all of my stories. I am sorry that I could not get my story in this week, I thought the story was dur on Friday , but if I stay in the game I promise I will get my story in next week. I had a story that was almost half-way finished.  I joined Total Drama Author 3 because I wanted to improve my writing skills. I hope I can stay in the competition.

The Decision

Well, due to unfortunate circumstances, Dominator is dropping out of the competition. I'd like to thank him for giving it a try. He's a good writer and a great strategist. I hope that he gets better, and that he joins next season.

Week 6

Sunshine: With that, it's down to only eleven authors. You guys ready for the next challenge?

Chimmy:Wow, Dom...I never thought he'd be the one to go. It's definetly gonna be harder to win, Gophers, but we have to try! Let's try our best at the next challenge!

TBTDIF: Dominator has m-m-medical issues? Does this, of course he wouldn't die...would he?

Chimmy:OMG, I just realized that when you said that...I'm such a Lindsay. If it is medical issues, I really hope it's not terminal, or something like cancer. I don't know how I'd take that news, but it wouldn't be pretty...

TBTDIF: You're nothing like a Lindsay. I really hope that Dominator doesn't die...and if he does, Nalyd might quit the wiki. Say, what would happen if anyone like Nalyd or Sunshine or Sprinkle or Gigi died? (Okay, shut up, I don't want to cause a tragedy...-TBTDIF's conscience)

Chimmy:Thanks. Anyways, what do you think the challenge will be like?

TBTDIF: Maybe we'll get to write a song explaining some of the details in TDI! *fetches pen and computer*

Chimmy:If that was true, I'd probably get eliminated. I stink at writing songs. I sort of hope it's the parody challenge...

Sunshine: Sprinkle's doing the challenge this week, and personally, I think it's going to result in some awesome stories!

Chimmy:OK. I WILL NOT REST UNTIL I KNOW DOM'S OK!!! *passes out onto the floor, snores* (XD EPIC FAIL!)

Sprinklemist: It didn't sound fatally serious... Only Nalyd can tell us... Anyway should I post the challenge early (tonight)?

Chimmy:I don't care much, as long as I get to write some PWNAGE stories with my team! Gophers, assemble! *tumbleweed rolls by* Aw, COME ON!!! (XD)

Nalyd: *after reading all the comments* Don't worry guys. Dominator, that old son of a gun, is going to live. And he hopes y'all know that if Sunshine opens a Playa Des Authors challenge for somebody to return, you better watch out. *leaves on plane, several Nalyd fans cry that they didn't get to talk to him*

Chimmy:Thank GOODNESS!!!! Dom, if your reading this, I just want you to know that I think you should be here. By the way, when is someone gonna create Playa des Authors 3?

Usitgz: I know this is random, but GO BASS!!!!


Usitgz: Just wanted to lighten the mood!

Tdirm2:Aw man, poor Dom. I wouldn't have called him snobby if he had these medical issues.

Chimmy:I'm pretty sure everybody's feeling bad for him right now.

Tdirm: Yeah, I agree. On a completly different note, am I the only one on this wiki who does not know what Sonic is?

Chimmy:For that, I'd have to survey everybody on the wiki...but I'm guessing yes. Want me to tell you? Of course, you could go to this page, but what fun would that be?

TBTDIF: I consider Nintendo to be better than Sega (characters too). I mean, look! Nintendo's got a system with a motion-control device, and all Sega's got is this skimpy little television named after themselves.

Chimmy:Well, I respect your opinion, but I personally think that the two are just about equal. I mean, Mario is more popular than Sonic in the US, but Sonic is more popular than Mario in the UK. While Mario is very popular, I believe Sonic is equally popular. Again, I respect your opinion, but I have to disagree with it.

Sunshine: Personally, I perfer Sonic to Mario. Yes, this is majorly because the Sonic series has Shadow... but still! I did like Super Mario Sunshine, though. (And I seem to be alone in this opinion, based on reviews it got... XD)

Tdirm2: I'm working on my story right now. It's dark and serious. Again. Why do I write like an emo?

TBTDIF: I'm not sure what to write my story about...Chim, the beginning of your story is hilarious!

Chimmy:Thanks. At first, I wasn't sure who would be the detective. Then I realized that Owen's appetite would be a large source of humor, so that's why. At the end of the story I have planned...well, I doubt anyone would expect it.

TBTDIF: Aha! I've got it! I'll make a prequel to my murder mystery back in Season 2!

CK11: *thinks* *thinks more* *thinks a lot* Ezekiel missing! Detective Bridgette! Suspects Noah, Gwen, Eva, Duncan! *realizes everyone is mourning the elimination of Dominator* ...Oh, and long live Dominator.

Sunshine: From what I've seen of the stories so far, this week is gonna be EPIC.

Chimmy:I think mine is pretty good, but that'll be up to Sun and Sprink to decide. (GTG do homework)

CK11: Mine'll be up by Wednesday.


Sprinklemist: *throws some flaming batons to Chimmy for her to juggle*

Chimmy:Wait-what? *is hit in face by baton* IT BURNS US!! IT BURNS US!!! *flails around randomly* (XD)

Tdirm2: I finished my story, it's horrible. At least I turned one in though.

TBTDIF: My story is so hard to write because every mention of Duncan's mom in it makes me wanna cry...

Chimmy:Wow, Nonny, your story totally PWNS the off chance that we are the final 2, (Which i seriously doubt I'll be there) I think I know who's hosting TDA4.

Anonymos: Thanks!

Chimmy:No prob. Now, where was I...oh yeah! *stares at picture of Shadow* (XD)

TBTDIF: Finally, FINALLY my story is done. Please have reviews be tomorrow...please, please!

Usitgz:Whew, finished on time.


Chimmy:(CONF)I think Nonny and I are the only ones who've posted a story each week...but that's beside the point. Why I came in here is to tell you something. Since the day I've joined, I've known this place was my destiny. And ever since having those grammer issues in Week 1, I made a promise to myself. A promise that I would never again be penalized for grammer mistakes. So far, I've been able to achieve that goal. But right now, I'm thinking about a lot of things. What're the next challenges gonna be? Is there gonna be a free week? I suck at TDI/A writing without inspiration. And what about my buddies on the Writing Gophers? Will one of them be the next to go? And what about the people on the Typing Bass who have been so kind to me despite being on opposite teams? Don't worry, I definatley won't quit because of these reasons. In fact, when I came to this wiki, I made a promise to never quit a camp unless I was in a bad situation. Kinda like my pal, Dom. It's just that I have so many questions, but none of the anwers...

Tdirm:Uh Chimmy, I've turned in a story every week too. I think mine this week is horrendous, but I continuosly turn things in.

TBTDIF: I've also turned in a story every week.

Chimmy:Oh, I forgot to add that I meant on the Gophers, not everybody in the game. My bad, guys.

Challenge 6

This week the challenge will be a tribute to the mystery genre. Take any of the Total Drama characters that we all know and love and use them as the characters for this story. You can either write a story in the noir/hard-boiled style, detective fiction, courtroom drama, or any other style you can think of that would fit into the mystery theme. Don't make the story overly gorey or graphic, please. Have fun! Your entry is due Thursday.

Sprinklemist's Reviews (Writing Gophers)

Anonymos - This story was so good. It was incredibly believable, and all of the characters sounded like themselves. Your sense of humor also shined through. The only thing wrong about it was some grammar issues. You missed "a" twice, you said "asked" in reference to a statement, and one sentence repeated itself. But with a story of this length, it is kind of inevitable to have some minor mistakes. Great job this week.

Tdi - No story. No review.

Chimchar - I loved this story. I think you're a better writer than you realize. It was funny, and the investigation side of the story was really good, too. The "hammer-thingy" lines were hilarious. You do a fantastic job with grammar and spelling, and that is much appreciated. One problem was that to my knowledge, only one person can be tried and punished during a court trial, but other than that your story was really great.

Sorrel - No story this week.

Cards777 - Good job on the story. It was a pretty fun idea, but a little hard to follow at times, honestly. There were a few punctuation errors, and at one point you forgot a quotation mark when Ezekiel was speaking. I liked the twist ending, a lot. I like twist endings. Lol.

Sunshine's Reviews (Typing Bass)

Turnertang- Four teenagers and a dog… no clue who they are. This was really good, and of course, hilarious! Who would have thought Duncan and Beth would team up as detectives? Great job with the mystery story clichés, like the secret passage and unexpected villain, too. Just some minor grammar issues. Overall, great!

TBTDIF- *forces self not to cry* Excellent job. You write tragedy really well. I think you put across the relationship between Duncan and his parents really well. I loved the sea sponge thing, too. Nice work!!!!

COKEMAN11- Is this zebra going to be a regular thing with you? XD Nice work, this was really funny. Loved Chris’s leetspeak! That final twist with Heather and the RCMP was great! Really good job!

Tdiandrockmusic2- I’M NOT A STALKER! XD LOL, this was great! The investigation, to me at least, seemed realistic. The suspects each had a good reason to kill Trent so I had no idea who had done it until that final ending twist!!! And, of course, I loved the little Sunshine bit. Great job!!!

Oweguy- I liked this one! From the McDonalds guy to the encounter with Heather in the sewers, this was just like a mystery novel or an episode of Scooby-Doo! Or… y’know… another one of those mystery things… I loved Duncan as Geoff’s undercover helper. The one problem, at the end you put “All in a days worth” instead of “All in a day’s work” and “If you every have a crime problem” instead of “If you ever have a crime problem”. Other than that, good job!

Usigtz- This was… um… weird. But, not in a bad way. It was funny that it was a dream about a dream, and that BUNNY WAS THE MURDERER!!! A few things I noticed, though… one, whatever Harold called the whale wasn’t shown for some reason, and two, you never said who was killed. Other than that, pretty good!


Sunshine: Okay, looking at the stories each team has submitted this week, Sprinkle and I agree that the winners of this week's challenge are... THE TYPING BASS!!! Congrats again, guys! Gophers... no vote this week (since I took so long with reviews... sorry, guys...) This week our bottom 2 are the two who didn't contribute stories... Tdi and Sorrel.

Tdi's Reason to Stay

I'm sorry I didn't post a story for the past weeks. I have forgotten that I was in. But, that shouldn't completly save me from elimination. I would hate to say names, but Sorrel, that I know've, has posted either no or one story. Im not sure how many I have posted, but I have posted, like, two stories. I will try to post a next story if I stay. I hope you still consider me.

Sorrel's Reason to Stay

The Decision

Sunshine: Sprinklemist and I have made our decision. The author that will be leaving us today is... Sorrel. Sorry, Sorrel, but you've gotta contribute if you want to stay in the game. See you.

Week 7

Sunshine: And that brings us to the FINAL TEN AUTHORS!!! How are you feeling, guys?

Anonymos: Like a bowlful of rainbows!

Sunshine: SKITTLES! TASTE THE RAINBOW! (XD, I couldn't resist...)

CK11: The rainbow tastes delicious! *realizes that it's a SOUR skittle rainbow* SO SOUR (fail)

Chimmy:I...I-*breaks down into tears* I feel better than I ever had in my life! Thank you all! My teamates! Without you, I wouldn't be here! The hosts! Without you, I wouldn't be here either! The Typing Bass! You're amazing authors and great competition! Shadow the Hedgehog! His uber pwnageness has inspired me all the way! (XD) Noah! Just because I feel like it! (XD) Thank you! I'm gonna try my hardest to prove that I belong among these great people and authors!

CK11: I...I... *stops getting emotional, plays a 6Teen parody of the Typing Bass* LIFE BEGINS AT THE WIKI. THAT'S WHERE WE BEND ALL THE...Uh...SOMETHING THAT RHYMES WITH WIKI (epic fail XD)

Chimmy:So...anybody want homemade ANZAC biscuits? *hands out tray* They're some Australina thing I found a recipie of on the web! I tried one, and I nearly passed out from the awesomesauceness! (XD)

Oweguy: Whohoo! The final ten! I've got this game in the bag!

CK11: Every time I think I've got the game in the bag, Nonny edits and it reminds me that I'm against the best STILL COMPETING author from TDA2 that a no on the ANZAC biscuits?

TBTDIF: *sings Eat It in heavy metal and then a soft acoustic ballad* Wow! Final ten! Really, this thing seems to just fly by.

Tdi: It may have taken me three seasons, but I have made it to the final ten! (XD)

cards: I'm very happy!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEE!!!!(Katie and Sadie Monent!)  I made it to the Final Ten!!! I wonder what will happen now? (Beth Moment!)

Chimmy:Oh, well, more ANZAC biscuits for me! *chows down* DID YOU KNOW TODAY IS GOOGLE'S 11th ANNEVERSARY?!?!??! (XD)

Tdi: OMG I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

Chimmy:I'm bored...ooh, I know! *dramatic pause, caramelldanses* (XD)

TBTDIF: *sings Eat It in the style of Bob Dylan*

Chimmy:*caramelldanses to random HSM stuffs* (XD)

Tdirm:Top ten, yeah baby! We should do something until our two admins (Sprinkle was made one today) post the next challenge. We should um...uh...get in a circle and sing Kumbaya? (Ugh, that wasn't an epic fail. That was an UBER FAIL!)

Chimmy:Ooh! How about we make fireworks! I know how, and it doesn't require any equipment!

Tdirm: *realizes that making fireworks without experienced professionals in dangerous and wonders how to distract Chimmy, gets answer* Look Chimmy! Shadow and Duncan are right outside! Go stalk them!

TBTDIF: Got a harmonica, anyone?

Chimmy:OK! *walks outside, brings back Shadow* Thanks! Besides, I needed him for the fireworks!

Tdirm: *pictures Chimmy blowing him up with a homemade firework* What about Duncan?

Chimmy:Today's Sunny's day to stalk him. (XD) Anyways...let's get rolling!

Shadow:*charges up Chaos Blast, Chimmy breathes fire into it, releases Chaos Blast*

Chaos Blast:*explodes in sky, making firework of TDIRM*

Chimmy:Any requests?


Tdirm; Also, Chimmy, how your're making us as Sonic characters, why don't you make Sunshine the Ravioli Hedgehog. That would be epic.

TBTDIF: *grabs hatchet, is about to cut Shadow's head off when--* Hey, kid, got a harmonica?

Chimmy:*quickly hands over harmonica to save Shadow's life, and just in case, grabs hatchet* Phew! :*makes firework, GxT and CxD fans all over the world scream out "NOOOOOOOO!!!"* (XD)

Sunshine: *arrives, mutters under breath "I log off for a few hours and chaos happens..." (XD)* So, Gophers... you may have noticed, your team has two authors less than the Typing Bass... anyone know what that means?

Tdi: We get one of them?????????

Chimmy:We eat pocky? (XD, ULTIMATE FAIL!)

Sunshine: Yup, and what the heck. *gives everyone pocky (XD)* Typing Bass, please vote for a team member to give over to the Writing Gophers.

Nalyd: *flies in on a helicopter again* Guys, I have some news.

Sunshine: *salutes* Renrut, sir! What is the news, sir! (What? I'm below Nalyd in rank. I'm a n00b admin, Nalyd's an EPIC admin. XD) it about Dominator, or is it just some completley random thing you wanted to tell us? *remembers she's allergic to peanuts and that pocky are produced in a place that manufactures peanuts, gives her pocky to Nalyd* (XD)

Nalyd: At eases, Pasti. This is about Dominator... He's all better!


Sunshine: Excellent news, sir! I'll have celebrations ready immediately, sir! *hands out pocky, White Rabbit candy, and ravioli, parties* (XD)

CK11: Does that mean he... COMES BACK AT THE MERGE BY DEFAULT? *votes to send Usitgz over to the Gophers*

Nalyd: I wish. Unfortunately, I'm not in charge of this season, Sunshine is. She and Sprinklemist can decide if they'll let anybody come back. However, come next season, we will be going to a new format, and I'll be back. Okay, bye guys! *gets back on plane, plane lands again* By the way Sunshine, I need to talk to you in my office. *points to magical floating office*

Sunshine: ...where did you... *shrugs, goes into magical floating office*

CK11: Does that mean if I win, I co-host TDA4 with the best user ever? *waits for yelling from Sunshine*

Nalyd: Sit down, Sunshine. *magic chair has Sunshine sit on it* (Don't ask where I got all the magic stuff. I bought it on eBay. XD) The first week of the merge, call me back here and tell me who had the best story. I am gonna be having a meeting with them. Do you understand? (I need to make sure you weren't staring at the Duncan statue I accidentally bought. I tried to get a Beth statue. XD)

TBTDIF: I think Chimmy or Nonny will win. TDIRM will come second, and the remaining of Chimmy and Nonny would finish third. I'd finish fourth, Turnertang would finish fifth, CK11 would finish sixth, Usitgz would finish seventh, Owe would finish eighth, Cards would finish ninth, and Tdi would finish tenth.

Sunshine: Yessir, understood completely. Sprinklemist and I are deciding the date for the merge as we speak. *salutes*

Nalyd: Good, you are doing great as host. Keep it up. And remember one thing... *trapdoor releases under Sunshine, and as Sunshine falls Nalyd shouts* Sorry! I was gonna press that after I gave you the advice! (LOL) *Nalyd disappears*

Tdirm:Yay, Dom 's better. I vote Usitgz. Why? Because I don't know him/her/other, him/her/other never commented in the chat sections. That and I can't prononce his/her's/other's screen name. 

Usitgz: One, I have talked on this page before, two I'm a he, and three it's prononced (Use-it-guh-z)! I'm sorry about that, its just I'm not the calmest dude sometimes. I vote myself, because I want to be on the other team, even though my friends were booted...

TBTDIF: I vote...Oweguy.

Sprinklemist: I eat a box of Pocky a day... I love Pocky. *cries*

What's Pocky? Can I get it in the United States?

Chimmy:You can get Pocky in the US. It's a frosting coated stick thing.

Sunshine: *tosses Sprinklemist a box of pocky* There's a majority vote against Usitgz, so... welcome to the Gophers! *whacks Usitgz with ravioli wand, he magically becomes a Writing Gopher* Now, let's get the challenge started!

Oweguy: Huh? Why Usitgz? Why not TBTDIF?

Chimmy:Usitgz had 2 votes, I think TBTDIF had one.

Tdirm:Chimmy, why did you put your signature there? Anyways, *makes firework of Sunshine tacklehugging Duncan with Shadow*

Chimmy:Oops, sometimes I forget I'm not on talk pages and post my signature. I removed it. Anywho...*makes firework of her making out with Shadow* (XD)

TBTDIF: Chim, your story was phenomenal! Do you like mine? And stop the fireworks, please.

Chimmy:Thanks! I love asking the public opinion, but I like it even better when they just go right up and tell me. I'm gonna try my best to make it to the marge-bleck, the merge, and try my very hardest to have the best story that week! I know I have some exremley worthy competition...*glnaces at everybody* but I'm still gonna give it my all! *realizes that TBTDIF asked to stop the fireworks, pouts* Oh, well...*decides to come up with next CU challenge* (XD, I've actually come up with it...I'm just still LOLing at my merge-marge mistake!)

Tdirm: I posted my story! Instead of doing my math homework! I have to go,for obvious reasons! And sorry TBTDIF, I have to do one more! *makes GO TYPING BASS!!! firework with Shadow, then punts him out the door*

Chimmy:Wawit-didn't TBTDIF say to stop with the fireworks? Oh, well...*makes WRITING GOPHERS FTW firework by herself, get 0___o stares* What? Shad's my boyfriend, I picked up a few things from him...(XD, Merge, come and get Homer!)

Chimmy:Of course, pretty much everyone PWNS me in real life. Escpecially with socializing. But on the internet, I can just let all my worries slip away...gee, I sound like I'm on a television program! *looks around for hidden cameras* (XD)

Tdi: If Cokeman and Oweguy don't post, we will probably win!

Tdirm:I like my story this week. I thought it came out good. Also Chimmy, remember when I din't want to make the fireworks?

Chimmy:Ah...those were the days...I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm wondering when Sunny is gonna protect the page. But to pass the time...*stuffs self on tacos* (XD, I love tacos. NOT THE TROJAN KIND! XD, random Izzy refrence)

Sunshine: *stealthily wheels Trojan Taco out door* (XD) Challenge over, guys! Reviews will be up soon.


Sunshine: *goes with them* (THIRD WHEEL! XD)

Chimmy: *rides Bizarro witih Shadow* AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!

(conf) CK11: *crying* I'm the reason my team lost... But I have a good reason to stay... *cries harder* *takes out paper and starts writing his reason to stay if necessary*

Tdirm: I totally screwed up! I had to finish that story in one day, and look what happens. THere werent any puncuation errors when I used spell check on Microsoft Word. Now, I'm so eliminated. *heads to theme park with Chimmy, Sunshine, and Shadow.* I'll join in the antics one more time before Playa des Authors.

(conf) CK11: *still crying* I'll go to the amusement park and have fun with everyone just one more time before I have to be eliminated.

Chimmy:*while going down water sldie with Shadow* It sucks to have friends in the bottom...then again, that's pretty much everyone for me...But I've gotta keep a positive attitude! Being all gloomy and sad won't get me anywhere! And CK11, even if you are eliminated, you'll still have had an uber time!

Sunshine: *rides merry-go-round eight dozen times* (LOL TWE REFERENCE)

Chimmy:*dances to the six flags theme song with Mr. Six*


Sunshine: *dances with the Ten Flags fat guy* (XD MORE TWE REFERENCE)

Shadow:*randomly teleports everyone to Disney World, goes to Blizzerd beach with Chimmy* (By the way, guess what I just got! SONIC AND THE SECRET RINGS!!!)

Challenge 7

This week's challenge will be to do a character personal life fic. This means you will write about a character's life outside the TDI series. A few good examples of these would be the "Ex" series, Diary of a Quiet Goth., and I'd Like to Thank the Academy. Try to be original and creative, while still sticking to the character's (or characters') personality. This will be due on Friday (due to the late challenge posting). Good luck!

Sunshine's Reviews (Writing Gophers)

Anonymos- Very, very, very creative using Chef instead of one of the contestants. This was, as expected with your work, hilarious!!! Chef was extremely in character, and I loved the description of how he made that, er, “interesting” meal. Chef and Darlene made me LOL. “I LIVE HERE, WOMAN!!!” That was great! I also really liked the epilogue. Great job overall!

Tdi- This was pretty good. It seemed very Courtney. I loved how she scoffed at the idea of a prep and a delinquent getting together. It almost seemed incomplete, though (I’m not sure if you actually didn’t finish or if that was the end). I wish there had been more, as I wanted to see what else would happen to (almost) everyone’s favorite CIT. Still, what you did have written was good.

Chimchar- How can I put this gently… THIS WAS GREAT! This seemed very much in Bridgette’s personality, and Ezekiel’s, and Geoff’s. I felt myself being truly affected by the emotions in the story, which, I’ll tell you now, takes a lot of skill. I felt angry when Bridgette was sabotaged, touched by Geoff’s apology, and amazed by Bridgette’s surf moves. I’m no expert, but the surfing moves sounded like real surfing terminology, which was great. Awesome job overall!!!

Cards777- I liked this one! Lindsay was hilarious, Beth was… well, Beth, and I liked Beth’s mom shouting “What is that awful, horrible noise?” There were just a few words you mixed up, like “there” instead of “they’re”. Also, you misspelled “Monday” as “Manday” at one point. Other than that, nice.

Usitgz- This one was pretty funny. Poor, poor Justin! I can imagine him freaking out like this. However, like Tdi’s story, this felt too short, almost incomplete. I wish you had written more. This would have been funny if Justin had perhaps actually gone to the circus. Also, I’m pretty sure “ated” isn’t a word. Still, it was all right! Nice work!

Sprinklemist's Reviews (Typing Bass)

tdiandrockmusic2 - This story is very sweet, and I like it. It proves to me that you are able to come up with a story idea without some major tragedy befalling a beloved character, just as effectively. I was kind of under the impression, though, that the story was meant to be about the characters after, or before, TDI, while your story was intended as the characters not knowing each other, previously. Unfortunately, and uncharacteristically, the story is marred by punctuation mistakes, and one tiny grammar mistake. The sentence, "Ever since one daring nerd Harold rigged my..." should have been, "Ever since one daring nerd, Harold, rigged my..." The same sentence should have ended at "lamppost" and then the next part should have been a new sentence. "Keri, the girl who sits next to me and is the only friend I have," should have the "is" taken out in the context of the rest of the sentence. You also missed a lot of commas, like the sentence that says, "Trent ma'am." Ma'am becomes his last name, because of the lack of a comma. This sentence needed some punctuation, too, "I left the cafeteria, no scratch that we left the cafeteria." It should have been, "I left the cafeteria. No, scratch that. We left the cafeteria." I only mention that sentence because the effect is lost with the lack of proper punctuation. The grammar mistake was "a" instead of "an", but that's pretty minor. I didn't list all of the punctuation mistakes, but there were a lot of them. I'm a big fan of your work, and you know that. I really hope you make it passed this week. Just work on avoiding these errors, next time. Again, the story aspect was very good.

Turnertang - This story was hilarious. Great job with it. The only issue I had was punctuation and grammar. In the first sentence, the quotes should have ended with commas, not periods, because the sentence was continuing. Also, the very last sentence needed a couple of commas. Also, the sentence in paragraph three should have read this way, "but I crashed our car so we were stuck on the highway for an hour." But other than that the story was great. I loved the idea of saying "I was like," and "my friends were all." Lol.

Thebiggesttdifan - This story was extremely gloomy, but really well written. I didn't notice any grammar or punctuation errors, so good job with that. Overall, I see nothing wrong with the story, so great job.

Cokeman11 - No story this week. No review.

Oweguy - I liked your story a lot this week. One of my favorite genres is slice of life, a genre that seems fairly unnoticed. It basically means a page out of the character's life or lives, even though nothing noteworthy really happens. So, in other words, I liked how realistic your story is. I also liked the straightforwardness of your writing. There were some negative points, however. In one sentence, you wrote "Anyway. Heather..." when you should have wrote "Anyway, Heather..." You missed a few other commas, as well. There were also two sentences that confused me. "Heather still got what she got even though she got puked on." and "It’s not a problem that he and his mom makes good sandwiches but seriously." Overall, the story was good, and I can see your storytelling improving.

The Results

Sunshine: The decision has been made! The winners of this week's challenge are... THE WRITING GOPHERS!!! Congrats, guys! Bass... what happened? You were winning challenges like nobody's business until now. Well, whatever happened, it's time for the vote.

Typing Bass Vote

<poll> Who should be in the bottom two this week? Tdiandrockmusic2 Turnertang Thebiggesttdifan COKEMAN11 Oweguy </poll>

Sunshine: With four and five votes respectively, this week's bottom two is... TBTDIF and COKEMAN11.

TBTDIF's Reason to Stay

I honestly believe I should stay because I am a consistent writer in this competition. I've written a story every single week every time these past seasons, leaving only one half-finished, but that was personal. I've got perenially good grammar for my team, and the basic idea and theme of my story has never been bad to the judges this season. Even my rudeness and anger has died down notably. Another thing I don't get is why everyone is here to become an admin. Sure, being an admin would be sweet, and being a co-host would be rad, but what reason am I here for? To write. If I'm not in TDA3, I don't write very often. There's just nothing to motivate me. So I'm here to write, basically, and to see what results the judges gave me each week.

Oh yeah. Just for the record, if I lost now, this would be my lowest placement (technically got 5 out of 10 in TDA, and technically 8 out of 16 in TDA2, which equals 50% both times) so I don't want to lose right now. I wanna go higher than before.

COKEMAN11's Reason to Stay

Ah, yes. Here today in the bottom two with TBTDIF...again. Now, I've posted a story every week besides this one. I couldn't get to my story because I had to go to this camping thing at my school for three days, and then when I came back I had a little bit more homework than usual. So, I was busy and couldn't post my story. I'm not the trash-talking type, but I'm nice...oh, forget that, TBTDIF is trying to be nice. I think that users like me, Chimmy, and Cards should stay if in the bottom two because people like TBTDIF and Anonymos have been in at least one of the past TDAuthor seasons. Me, Chimmy and others are new to the TDAuthor series...not to mention this wiki itself. Okay, maybe not THAT new, but still. I joined to test my writing skills. And then improve them. I love writing. So, please, let me stay. I'll try to have stories up a lot. I want to live up it was that made a prediction that I'd finish sixth. I want to live up to that. This is my favorite camp that I'm in. Heck, my favorite camp overall. </reasoning>

The Decision

Sunshine: This was an extremely tough choice. Two great authors stand in front of me... and only one will continue on. Sprinklemist and I have made our decision, and the eliminated author this week is... COKEMAN11. Sorry, dude, we truly wish you could have continued on, but in the end your missing story brought your downfall. If you'd had a story this week, this probably wouldn't have happened, but... I hope you keep writing, dude, as you've got talent. Goodbye.

Week 8

Sunshine: *chants* FI-NAL NINE! FI-NAL NINE! You guys ready for your next challenge???

Oweguy: (conf)Yeah! Final nine! If I get to the final five I got this game in the bag! nine...I never thought I'd get this far...YAY!!!!!

CK11: *realizes he hasn't left yet* *leaves, starts to cry, slaps himself*

Tdirm:I really dodged a bullet last week, I'll never try to get a 1200 word story done in an hour again.

Sunshine: I did my final TDA2 story in a day... and it was two days before it was due... XD

Tdi: I think this is the farthest I have ever gotten! :)

TBTDIF: Whoa...I thought I'd be gone for sure. Goodbye, Cokeman! If you don't return, I'm sure you'll make it back next year. Yay! Final nine!

Chimmy:Well...this is the farthest I've ever gotten, but mainly because I haven't competed before. It's funny, it always seems that I have my story, or at least part of it, up first...

Sprinklemist: This is the farthest I've made it... As cohost.

Tdirm:Would a some serious sci-fi story set almost entirely in space fit the criteria?

Sprinklemist: Yes. I forgot to list where everyone's stories go. >_> I'll go do that.

Chimmy:Phew! Just made it! (I love my moral. XD)

Tdirm:Ugh, I hate my story this week.

Chimmy:Really? I think it's WAY better than mine!

TBTDIF: TDIRM, this is a bit belated, but Nirvana is grunge, not classic rock.

Challenge 8

This week's challenge is to use the Total Drama Island characters in a fantasy themed story. Your story can take place in space, in a land of dragons, it can be an original fairy tale, or whatever else you can think of to fit the criteria. We would like to see originality, creativity, believability in the characters, and good grammar and punctuation. Have fun with your story. It's due on Thursday.   

Sprinklemist's Reviews (Writing Gophers)

Anonymos - This story was great. It had a lot of really funny parts in it. My favorite part was probably the two headed beast. The only error I saw was in the very first sentence "cried the a little girl", so good job with grammar and spelling. I have one lingering question, though... How could Duncan and Leshawna dance for an irritable ogre and live?

Tdi - A partially complete story. I like the straightforwardness of what's there. One of the rules of the challenge, though, was originality and creativity. The fairy tale option of the challenge has the word original in front of it. Your story is based on Cinderella, so it doesn't fit the criteria.

Chimchar - O_O The ending of this story was shocking. I loved the way that you immersed two familiar characters in a world not their own. I think this story was really well written, and the moral of the story was... Interesting. O_o One grammar mistake I noticed was, "spend all of their live working..." Only one tiny mistake when you've made none (that I've noticed) in such a long time, is very commendable. Great job with this story.

Cards777 - Your story was sweet, simple, and to the point. I really liked the dialogue between Katie and Geoff. Unfortunately, there were a lot of spelling mistakes. You also repeated a set of sentences twice in a row. I think the story could have been a little more creative.

Usitgz - This story was really good. I like the ideas you went with of having an anti-aging process only the elite could afford. That's pretty cool. I didn't notice any grammar mistakes, either. So, great job this week.

Sunshine's Reviews (Typing Bass)

Turnertang- Well, this was weird. But funny. I loved the beans randomly falling from the sky. Original and creative, and the random cameo by Dorothy, Toto, and the Cowardly Lion was hilarious. You had some minor errors, though, like the first sentence, “Where the heck m I?” instead of “Where the heck am I?”. You also had “your” instead of “you’re” in several places, “were” instead of “where” at one part and “lets” instead of “let’s” at a point. Other than that, good job!

TBTDIF- Another classic TBTDIF tragedy. This was amazing, original, creative, et cetera. Though I do wonder what kind of idiot let Chris pilot a spacecraft. I find myself constantly amazed and impressed at how well you write suspense and tragedy. The one thing that confused me was Chris calling Hatchet “John”. Overall, excellent!

Tdiandrockmusic2- Aliens who quest knowledge… of the music group Nirvana? That definitely lands you big points in the “creative” category. This was very original as well, I love the space-plane concept. The aliens learning English from the internet was hilarious. Heather seemed to be a perfect choice for the story as well. Excellent job overall!

Oweguy- Petrified food… that’s so Owen. This was pretty funny, though the fact that they ate Duncan weirded me out a little… I liked Courtney coming in at the end, though. However, “wolfs” isn’t a word, I don’t think, it’s “wolves”. Also, as with Tdi’s story, this was completely based off “the Three Little Pigs”, so it wasn’t original.

The Results

Sunshine: Sprinklemist and I have decided... the winning team is... THE TYPING BASS!!! Congrats, guys! Gophers... one of you will be going home tonight. Time to vote!

Gophers Vote

<poll> Who should be in the bottom two this week? Anonymos Tdi Chimchar Cards777 Usitgz </poll>

Sunshine: With four votes apiece, this week's bottom two is... Tdi and Usitgz.

Tdi's Reason to Stay

Usitgz's Reason to Stay

I know that Tdi deserve to stay just as much as I do, but at least I posted a story. I also think, that being new to the team, is one of the main reasons I'm in this position. I also think it is from not speaking to much, so I'll try to do that, but I have to say, that I'm grounded from the computer for one month so I'm lucky to be able to post a story. So please don't choose me to go!

The Decision

Sunshine: This was a difficult decision... but in the end, Sprinklemist and I have decided that the person leaving Total Drama Author is... Tdi. Your writing during this contest has been great, but in the end your missing stories brought you down. Goodbye.

Week 9

Sunshine: Welcome, final eight! Or should I say... The Best Sellers! WELCOME TO THE MERGE!!!

Cards777:OMG!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!  I made it to the merge!!!!!

Chimmy:Woah...the merge? I'd never thought I'd make it past week 1, let alone to the merge...I'm gonna have to really go all out! *pins on "I'm a Best Seller!" pin onto shirt* (XD)

Sunshine: I must say, all of you deserve it. You're all incredible authors. It's going to get harder and harder to eliminate one of you each week.

Oweguy: Final eight! I've got to do okay. I don't want to lose now.

TBTDIF: third time in the merge. Something tells me I'll make it even further this time. *suddenly notices criteria* Oh, no! Humor!?

Chimmy:(CONF) So...*sudden realezation* Am I the only girl left in the competition? From what I remember, all the others are guys...oh, and if any of you ARE girls, major sorry!

Sunshine: Something tells me this is going to be a good week. XD

Tdirm:TBTDIF, I find this line somewhat insulting. One by one, the sixteen contestants RockSK8R, Tdafan123, Tdifan1234, NinjaIzzy, Dominator, Sorreltail18, COKEMAN11, Tdi, Tdiandrockmusic2, do Anonymos, Cards777, Thebiggesttdifan, Chimchar, Turnertang, Oweguy, and Usitgz perform on-screen, doing erotic dance moves until they finally form a pyramid, shout “TDA” and collaborate in writing the words “TOTAL DRAMA AUTHOR.” Well, it's probably because you don't know me, but I wouldn't do anything like that. Ever. If that happened, I'd kinda be the one on the side, trying not not to ne noticed, because I can't dance. Especially not like that O_O. Not to go on a total ego trip, but I'll describe me. I'm somewhat nerdy, HUGE Paramore fan, very shy, tends to switch between normal and kinda gloomy and depressed, A.K.A, I'm unique. What, my therapist said to be positive!

Tdirm: *finally realizes he's in the merge* NO INHUMANLY WAY!!! The merge! I didn't think I'd make it this far, due to being a threat (Just Kidding).

Usitgz (Conf.): Sweet, I made it to the merge, I'm lucky I didn't get booted last week!

Chimmy:Tdirm, I think so far, your writing for me is near perfect.

Tdirm: Gracias, Chimchar. Also, on a completely different note, am I the only one who thinks Myanmar sounds like a Pokemon?


TBTDIF: If it helps, you can be the guy performing the ballad, TDIRM...

Tdirm:That would be cool, I acually play guitar. I'm sorry for kinda freaking out, it made me feel icky (XD I do not have potential to be a... I'll just give you a hint 1. They work on the undesirable part of town and 2. We thought Heather would be one after the show XD)

Chimmy:I'm wondering what Nalyd will do to the person with the best story...he made it seem positive, but I'm wondering if he'll eliminate the person who does the best...or something along those lines...

Tdirm: I know I'm portraying Nalyd as being somewhat evil, I'm sorry for that, it was just for comedic reasons, I doubt Nalyd is like that in real life.

Chimmy:I still can't get what Nalyd might do to me if I win off my mind...sorry...

Tdirm: Wait, when's this due? (Either a FAIL for me, or a FAIL for Sunshine/Sprinkle)

Chimmy:I'm pretty sure that unless stated otherwise, it's always due on Thursday...I'm not 100% positive, but I'm pretty sure...

Oweguy: I wonder who's going to be voted off next?

Chimmy:You know what would be freaky? If my prediction for who's eliminated actually comes to be...

TBTDIF: Me drumming? Hmmmm...well, I guess everyone needs a bit of variety sometimes!

Tdirm: The chat section's pretty dead this week, so maybe this'll do something *takes airhorn, blares it 1 inch from Chimmy's ear, waits to be killed* (XD No offence meant Chimmy)

Chimmy:Wait-huh? Sorry, I can't hear right without my Shadow doll. *grabs random Shadow doll* So, what did you say? (XD)

TBTDIF: Hey, I just realized nobody here eliminated me in their story! THANKS GUYS!

Chimmy:*realizes she got immunity*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!--*passes out due to excitement*

Tdirm: Thankks for not voting me guys, I wonder who'll return *crosses fingers and hopes for Tdifan*

TBTDIF: What reason does anyone have for voting for me this time?

Sunshine: It is the merge, around now people start trying to get rid of threats... or something... *shrugs*

TBTDIF: *sighs* What did I tell everyone? This is a CONTEST, not a COMPETITION. YOU DON'T HAVE TO GET RID OF THREATS.

Sunshine: Well, no matter what the reason, you're in the bottom two, I'd write up a reason to stay if I were you.

TBTDIF: Hey, guys, wasn't it kind of weird looking at Sunshine's review of your story, which sounded just like her...and then at Sprinklemist's?


Sunshine: *doesn't get it*

Chimmy:I don't get it much either...but your reviews sounded just like you, but IDK what he means about Sprink...

Sunshine: TBTDIF! AS EPIC PIXIE ADMIN OF EPIC RANDOMNESS, I DEMAND AN EXPLAINATION!!! (XD, JK, though an explaination would be nice...)

Nalyd: *plane lands, walks out* Hey everyone.

Chimmy:Hi, Nalyd!

Sunshine: Geez, Nalyd, you show up, like, every other week now... *whispers to Chimmy* Chimmy, if anything bad happens to you, it's partially my fault... sorry...

Chimmy:It's fine, Sunshine. Knowing him, I predict Cokeman will replace me...

Sunshine: I have no idea what he's planning, which has me very, very worried...

Chimmy:I hear you! For once, I hope I predict wrong...

Nalyd: Okay, I have some unfortunate news. As all of you know Sunshine's been hosting this season, and she just eliminated Usitgz... but people make mistakes so... we're not done yet people! You *points at Tdirm* and you *points at Anonymos* and you *points at Cards777* and you *points atTBTDIF* and you *points at Chimmy* and you *points at Turnertang* and you *points at Owenguy* and, no I didn't forget you! *points at Cokeman* All of you follow me... *walks back onto plane*

Chimmy:*heart pounding, follows Nalyd*

Sunshine: *herds contestants onto plane, also gets on, sits down in the corner and rocks back and forth* (XD)

Nalyd: *to pilot* Once around the Wiki. *all contestants sit down* I think I should point out now that your seats also function as a floatation device if for... some reason... you are forced off the plane... *dramatic music plays*

Chimmy:Uh-Oh...something tells me this is either gonna be really bad, or a Total Drama:The Musical spoiler...(XD, even in fear, I'm insane.)

Sunshine: Nalyd, I feel the need to point out that you're required by your contract to keep the contestants alive throughout the course of the competition...

Nalyd: Details... details... *plane keeps going* On your left, you'll see Playa des Authors. That's where not so good authors go... and unfortunately.... *planes lands back at TDA3* None of you are going there today! *laughs* Never before have I seen such a group of great authors. Sunshine, you know how to pick them. But I'd like to remind you all how close you are to the end, and how quickly that can be taken away... One missed story and... poof. The past ten weeks. For nothing. No pressure though, and good luck all of you!

Sunshine: that's all you wanted to tell them? You kept me freaking out all day for that??? I've been telling them that for the past, like... ten weeks!!! *facepalms, mutters to self about how she shouldn't have signed that contract, and how she has to do this for the next seven weeks as well as next season* (XD)

Nalyd: Also, I'm flattered by all the stories about me. (LOL) Okay, I'm off. Later guys! I hope I didn't scare you all too badly...

Chimmy:...well, that made me feel better, Renrut...

Chimmy:(CONF) Fate has taken me far, up to this point, and I've realized that I'm a good author. From now on, I've gotta give it my all! I now want to make it to the final 5, at least...if I get eliminated before then, though, I'd have realized by then how lucky I was just to compete with these amazing peoples!

Sunshine: *shoves all the lawsuits from TDA3 authors' families over heart attacks and whatnot thanks to the event to Sprink's desk* *shifty eyes* (XD)

Chimmy:*continues to rant about her giving it her all, is eventually thrusted out by Billy the Intern XD* Wait--when did he get here? Anways...Sunshine, do you want a chocolate sundae? *eats her own*

Challenge 9

This week's challenge will be a little different... you'll be writing an episode of Total Drama Author 3! Pretending that this camp is a reality TV show like TDI/A, you'll be writing the episode "Author's Eight- Or Nine". The episode is at the final eight, and thanks to a lawsuit, an unexpected author joins the competition! (Which, by the way, is not actually happening. XD) Everything else in the episode is up to you. You'll be judged on creativity, originality, humor, and how well you translated this camp into a reality show competition. Good luck, Best Sellers! (Big thanks to Nalyd, who unwittingly gave me the idea for this challenge. XD)

Sunshine's Reviews

Tdiandrockmusic2- I really liked this one! The band challenge was great, Nalyd was, well, Nalyd, and I loved that one line about Heather. I really liked the theme song as well. Ravioli’s text was hilarious. “I’m pretty sure the last word’s nitwit.” The only problem was some very, very minor spelling/grammar issues. Great job this week!

Anonymos- Origami? That’s definitely a creative challenge idea. I want to make an origami Duncan now! I loved this story; it was hilarious, as to be expected with you! I loved Courtney’s accidental appearance, and Sunshine’s “I’m allergic to pale skin.” Just some very minor spelling issues. Excellent job!

Cards777- This one was really funny! I liked the idea of having to do a Nalyd Renrut song! The “revolving door” for Nalyd was pretty funny too. There weren’t really any spelling mistakes that I noticed either. However, I kind of wish you had gone into more detail with your story. It just seemed to be the bare essentials. Other than that, nice work!

TBTDIF- *shoves Gary away, shifty eyes* I kind of liked this one. The random references to TDI19 were funny, as well as seeming to say you still sort of have a grudge against him… (of course, that’s just how it came across to me.) The “battle of the bands” was cool, and I don’t care what everyone else thought, I loved tuba Owe. The story didn’t seem very humorous, however. Other than that, good job!

Chimmy- Can you say “full points for humor”? *wonders why Crushcrushcrush randomly played* I loved the random Sunny D cameo, Sunshine “reading” the ravioli, poor, sane Sprinklemist stuck in all this chaos, and psycho killer Nalyd! Sunshine trying to get Nalyd eliminated, the random double elimination, and poor Sunny D getting launched with the rocket was hilarious as well. Just a couple very minor (and obviously accidental) spelling errors. Excellent job!

Turnertang- Parts of this were kind of funny, like the challenge, and Nalyd falling from the sky in a box. Also, there weren’t any spelling or grammar issues that I noticed which is good. However, this story seemed kind of short and rushed. I really wish you had gone into more detail about the authors writing, reactions to Nalyd’s return, et cetera.

Oweguy- This was pretty funny. I loved Chef attacking the camera guy and Sprink being the Chef. The fact that everyone accidentally wrote “Ocean’s Eleven” was funny too. Nice job actually connecting the challenge to the name of the episode, too! However, like Turnertang, I wish you’d gone into just a little more detail during the story. Other than that, nice work!

Usitgz- First of all, let me start off by saying I loved Sunshine’s creepy “Duncan”. TBTDIF going “I’ve done this before, twice!” was funny too. Evil Renrut was great as well. The challenge was wonderfully random. However, there was a decent amount of spelling errors. Make sure to check those before you post!

Sprinklemist's Reviews

Tdiandrockmusic2 - I'm pretty impressed with your story this week. I knew you could write comedy, and you did so effectively. I enjoyed the GoGos jokes. Overall, good job. There were five spelling mistakes, but I don't feel like it's necessary to point them all out, because I think they were honest mistakes. Just keep an eye on that.

Anonymos - Everything about this story was funny, except for me. I loved the challenge idea, and Sunshine in Nalyd's hoodie, among other things. There were only two mistakes that I noticed, one being "Sprinklemist takes it and attempts to pry Sunshine from the Nalyd’s head." which I'm not positive is a mistake, but it's really funny. Really good job, overall.

Cards777 - I really liked your story this week. Great job. Everything made sense, and everyone was in character. The only problem I noticed was that you would put a period after a sentence before "this character said." An example; “It sounds like a jet engine.” Tdirm said. should be, "It sound like a jet engine," Tdirm said. With that being the only thing I can complain about, you did really well.

Thebiggesttdifan - Good story. You actually remembered my real name, and I liked being the brunt of jokes for once. I didn't notice any grammatical or spelling errors, so good job. I liked your references to the users. If there was one very slight complaint it would be that it seemed that some things were slightly negative, but not too bad. Overall good job.

Chimchar - This story was crazy... Extremely. You write Sunshine very well. The story overall was very funny. There were two errors that I noticed. You said "the way. the way." and said "the Writing Gopjers". While both errors were hilarious, they were still errors. Good job, overall.

Turnertang - Your story was pretty good this week. I think, though, that it was hard to follow at some points. You said are instead of our, at one point. You also put periods at the end of certain quoted statements, when a comma was necessary. Overall, I think the story was well done, though.

OwenGuy - Your story had some really funny moments, so good job in the humor department. I can't remember any mistakes with grammar, but you had a problem with punctuation, like some of the other contestants. You put a period at the end of quoted statements before saying 'said the camera guy' or whatever. I can see definite improvement in your writing, so I applaud you for that.

Usitgz - I think your story is even better than usual. There were some very funny moments, especially Sunshine creepily saying "Duncan" before flying away. The only negative I saw was a few spelling mistakes, you wrote "were" instead of "where" several times. I'm happy to see you improve, and I look forward to you continuing to progress.

The Results

Sunshine: The first decision for individual immunity was a tough one. All the stories were great, and keeps me convince that the people in front of me now are truly the right people for the Best Sellers. But, after some thought and discussion, Sprinklemist and I have decided that the first winner of individual immunity... is... CHIMMY!!! Congrats! *awaits inevitable Chimmy EEEE* The rest of you will be susceptable to elimination. Just like before, there will be a bottom two, then Sprink and I will decide who is out. Good luck, everyone!


<poll> Who should be in the bottom 2 this week? Tdiandrockmusic2 Anonymos Cards777 TBTDIF Turnertang Oweguy Usitgz </poll>

Sunshine: With 4 votes apiece, TBTDIF and Usitgz are the bottom two. Usitgz, this is your second time in the bottom two IN A ROW. TBTDIF, this is your third time here just this season. You may post your reasons to stay.

TBTDIF's Reason To Stay

Okay. I think I'm a pretty decent writer, and therefore to be honest, I can't quite understand why anyone voted me here. While I don't think I'll often win invincibility in challenges, I believe I can be good enough to overtake fourth, third, or even second place.

My main reason why I'm all panicky about being in the Bottom Two this week (well, anyone would be, but I'm really panicking) is because I've never gotten any further than halfway, technically. If you don't count the return in the original TDA, I was 5 out of 10th place. If you don't count the return and the three people voted out at the start of TDA2, I was 8th out of 16th place.

Here I am in the final 8 out of 16, encountering the same exact situation. While Usitgz is a good writer, I feel like I just need to move on one more time. Well, at least one more time.

Usitgz's Reason To Stay

The Decision

Sunshine: All right, guys... Sprinklemist and I have talked, and decided which one of these great authors will no longer be competing. TBTDIF... YOU'RE STAYING! Sorry, Usitgz, but ultimately your writing just wasn't enough. I'm impressed by your writing, though, and I truly hope you keep writing and improving. I hope to see you next season! Bye!

A Special Surprise

Sunshine: As some of you may know, this week our eight losers competed to return to the game. The lucky loser who has been chosen to return is none other than... COKEMAN11! Welcome back!!!

Week 10

Sunshine: Welcome, final... *counts* ...eight. Wow, last week was a waste of time... (XD)

Tdirm:(CONF) Wow, no one's used the confessional for a while. Anyway, it was probably Usitgz's time. I was hoping for Tdifan to make her triumphant return, but I'm glad to have Cokeman back.

Chimmy:*suddenly realized someone returned* Hey, Cokeman! Good to have you back! Wait-just to clarify, am I the only female left in the competition? I asked this before in the confessional, but never got an answer...

Sunshine: *not sure whether to assume Chimmy means just competitors or to be insulted that Chimmy doesn't think she's a girl* (XD)

Chimmy:*sudden realization* Oh, I mean competitors! Sorry for any misunderstandings!

CK11: *arrives in Eva format* *stares down TBTDIF* I have a letter from Tdafan for you. *hands letter to TBTDIF*

Sunshine: *grabs fire extinguisher, puts out flames in the background behind CK11*

TBTDIF: *worried* What's that?

Chimmy:*eats a chocolate sundae, oblivious to what is happening around her* (XD)

TBTDIF: Well, what does it say?

Sunshine: *leaves for a few minutes, comes back with Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender* What'd I miss? (XD)

Chimmy:OMG ZUKO LOOK! *epically pyros* Tee-hee!

Sunshine: *holds Zuko protectively away from Chimmy* YOU GET SHADII-KUN OR YOU GET ZU-ZU, BUT YOU DON'T GET BOTH, CHIMMY CHARIFIC!!! (XD) (Actually, ChimmyxZuko would be a pretty epic couple. PyroShipping!!! XD)

Chimmy:(XD...) I choose Shadow! Now if only he were here...

Sunshine: WOOHOO!!! That means I get Zu- *sees that Zuko ran away while she was distracted* ...zu... *shrugs, leaves for a few minutes, comes back with Meta Knight from the Kirby series* (LOL, some people wake up and decide what to wear, I wake up and decide who to obsess over XD)

Oweguy:(CONF) I'm surprised that COKEMAN11 came back. He was eliminated two weeks ago. I really think Rocky should've came back or NIzzy.

Tdirm:Wait, there's something I always wanted to do *arrives on island like Eva with the Carmina Burana playing. There, I'm better. I thhink I'll write my story on Courtney *Psycho violin plays at the very mention of Courtney's name* Okay, I'm a total violin magnet today.

Tdirm:Hey Chim, this should count for something *Gives Chimmy squirming Shadow, who is screaming and trying to escape Sunshine & Chimmy.*

Chimmy:*whispers*Shadow! Quick, I'll hide you from Sunshine!*runs with Shadow to random location, regular voice* Hi, Shadow!

Shadow:Hey. Just want to say you're doing awesome. Win this one for me!

Chimmy:OK, Shad!

CK11: (Conf) It doesn't look like Owe knew what went down at the loser's hotel. I submitted a story. I came back. Whoop-de-do.

CK11: *takes out flame thrower* Hm... Something's missing... *runs away, comes back with Silver form Pokemon and Silver from Sonic* TWINS, TWINS, TWINS, TWINS, TWINS

Chimmy:*bursts out laughing* I never noticed before...*continues breaking down from laughter*

Sunshine: They've got more in common than that! They're both somewhat attractive, and look like they lost a fight with a bottle of hairgel!!! (XD, TSI reference)

Cards: First of all, WELCOME BACK COKEMAN11!!! Second, that is my story under Cards777's Story, I am on a different computer so I am logged in.

Tdirm: Ok, who agrees that Harold is a total snob?

TBTDIF: Ohcrapohcrapoh...I'm in BIIIIIIIIIIIIG trouble if I can't finish my story...

Tdirm: Okay, I take it you're all Harold fans. Why does everybody target TBTDIF?

Sprinklemist: He said something last season that offended some, he apologized, and everyone else can't forgive and forget.

Challenge 10

The challenge is slightly early, but it's practically Sunday (challenges are supposed to be posted on Sundays, right?). Anyway, here is your challenge. Write a story written from the perspective of one of the twenty-two contestants of Total Drama Island. The story needs to be written as if it were a school essay with the theme "How I Spent my Summer Vacation", specifically written about the summer of Total Drama Island. The stories will be judged on how accurately the chosen character is depicted, if it fits in with some of the events of their time on the show (at least from the character's perspective. Unseen aspects can be added as long as they make sense), and the dreaded grammar and spelling. The challenge will be due by Thursday.

Sunshine's Reviews

Tdiandrockmusic2- Well, this definitely sounded like Harold… nice work with this! I loved the “cool people” line, and of course the well-known “mad skills” rants we’ve come to know and love. The part with him not thinking Owen could win was funny too. Nice work!

Anonymos- I really liked this! It was funny that it was really written like something Sadie would say, with all the “like”s and “totally”s and exclamation points. It ended up really sounding like her, too. I wish you’d spent some time talking about her stay at Playa des Losers, though. Good job overall!

Cards777- I loved the beginning and end of this. It seemed very Heather! The rest of it, however, seemed just like a summary of random parts of the show. I wish it had been described in a way that would better show Heather’s personality. There were also a couple spelling and grammar issues, but nothing too major.

Turnertang- Holy… ravioli… this is SO Izzy. The entire story was hilarious!!! I feel sorry for that poor guy she kept accidentally abusing. I loved the part about her blowing up her house to get back at her parents. Unfortunately, your story this week was filled with spelling and grammar mistakes. Make sure to double check for mistakes before you post your story, okay?

TBTDIF- Well, this seemed very Noah… I liked how you explained how he actually ended up getting on TDI, and that one line about nerds having uneventful summers. I thought it was funny how he didn’t even bother to check who was eliminated from the other team, too. Good spelling and grammar as usual. Nice job!

Chimmy- I liked this one a lot! It was nice to see you summarize the entire competition rather than describe single episodes one by one. Heather’s personality really came through too; I liked how she barely bothered to use anyone’s actual names. It seems very Heather to act like none of the things that happened were do to any wrongs done by her, too. The last line, “now give me an A already!”, also cracks me up. I didn’t notice any spelling/grammar issues either. Great job!

Oweguy- I feel like Owen’s personality really came through in this. I love how almost everything came through in a very positive light, as is typical of Owen. However, it was kind of confusing towards the end because you covered the first few challenges in detail, then skipped a bunch of weeks. I feel like it would have been better if you’d described all the challenges equally or summarized everything into a whole.

COKEMAN11- Welcome back! This seemed very Courtney-ish in parts, but in other parts it just seemed like descriptions of the challenges. Also, like Owe, I wish you’d been more equal in describing the challenges. There weren’t any spelling or grammar issues that I noticed, though, so good job with that!

Sprinklemist's Reviews

Tdiandrockmusic2 - This story was too funny. Really good job. You actually wrote Harold well, and everything made sense. Only one missing comma with "Goodnight Harold," but really good job with grammar and spelling.

Anonymos - This story is so funny. The random adjectives inserted after certain things was a nice touch, and your use of hyperbole and exclamation points really fit Sadie. Great job writing for her. Only a couple spelling mistakes, like "the" instead of "they", and one more that I can't remember... Anyway, great job, overall.

Cards777 - You did really well with grammar and punctuation only saying ""he" instead of "he'd". The story described Heather's time on the show, but I wish it was a little more evident that Heather was the one writing the essay. Her personality could have been injected a little more. I really loved the last line about Heather blackmailing her teacher into giving her an A. I wish that kind of Heatherness was throughout the story.

Turnertang - This story was very funny, and very random. I liked the fact that it explained Izzy's time after being chased away by the RCMP. There's no way the one grading the paper would ever believe it... If it did happen. That matches Izzy, really well. There was a problem, though, with spelling and capitalization. Work on checking those, as there were a handful of mistakes.

Thebiggesttdifan - I liked the perspective from Noah, I just wish it was a little more obvious that it was Noah's perspective from the writing. The first paragraph was a little mixed up. In the last sentence in it, you said "spent" when it should have been "was", or the sentence should have been written in a different order. And there was one other spelling mistake, but I don't think the errors were so bad, as you had a longer story. One thing that seemed out of character was Noah calling himself a nerd. Overall, the story was written well and pretty good.

Chimchar - You really wrote from Heather's perspective well. I liked the way you had Heather labeling the characters with her own labels instead of the actual ones, for the most part. I really liked the story, and it was entirely believable. I wish you had put it in more paragraphs, but that's all I can complain about. Great job.

OwenGuy - You described the events in Owen's stay fairly well. You made quite a few grammar mistakes, and the time line was messed up as you mentioned the challenges being every day, when they were actually every three days. I wish that the story felt more like Owen later on in the story, it seemed like there was a disconnect from the first paragraph. An example is Owen talking about the sticky bun. If he mentioned how delicious it was, it would make it sound more like Owen, instead of just a factual statement.

Cokeman11 - I thought you wrote your story well, but there were certain things in the story that Courtney would have had more of an opinion on, like Sadie's elimination. Other things that seemed less important to her storyline on the show, like DJ pushing the canoes back to Total Drama Island got mentioned in detail. Only one spelling mistake that I can remember. The story wasn't bad, but I wish it had more of a Courtney feel throughout the whole story.

The Results

Sunshine: First of all, big thanks to everyone for finishing their stories this week. All of your stories were really good this time around, worthy of the Best Sellers! But only one has earned invincibility, and this one is... ANONYMOS!!! Great job, you derserve it! The rest of you are up for elimination... good luck to you all.


<poll> Who should be in the bottom two this week? Tdiandrockmusic2 Cards777 Turnertang Thebiggesttdifan Chimchar Oweguy COKEMAN11 </poll>

Thebiggesttdifan had five votes, and Cokeman had four votes. They're our bottom two.

Thebiggesttdifan's Reason to Stay

Oh god. Yet another time in the bottom I starting to seem a little antagonistic? I mean, I've burned out everyone when I've been in the bottom two. Something tells me that karma might just get to me...but I really hope it doesn't. Like I've said formerly, I come here to write. Without this, I don't write. Well, barely, anyways. Plus, it's just fun to come and enjoy seeing your review up every time to see what someone thinks of your story.

The last thing I want to say is that if I lose, I won't really give a fuss. I've made it to the second week of the merge. My highest goal. So, therefore, it would be great to continue on, but just fine if I lost.

COKEMAN11's Reason to Stay

Wow. Another time in the bottom two with TBTDIF. I know a lot of people think I shouldn't have returned that fast. That's probably why I'm here. But it would be a big dissapointment if everyone kicked me out right when I returned. Sure, I'm a good author. But that doesn't mean I'm a threat. Some of these people here are better than me. Anonymos, Chimchar... They're both better than me.

I want my name to go down in TDA history. Half of the people here have done well in past seasons. So, please, let me stay. (I feel like I'm giving a somewhat emotional speech...)

The Decision

Sunshine: Seriously, how many times are you two going to be in the bottom two against each other??? This was an extremely, extremely, EXTREMELY difficult decision. I thought. I discussed with Sprinklemist. We even considered nominating a third person for elimination to save the two great authors who stand in front of me now. But in the end, Sprinklemist and I came to the difficult decision. The person eliminated from TDA3 today is... COKEMAN11. I have to say, CK11, it really, really saddens me to see you leaving again so soon. You're a really talented author, and if you weren't up against TBTDIF, you probably would have stayed. Keep writing, and I expect to see you in TDA4! Goodbye!

Week 11

Sunshine: Hello, final seven! Sorry that week took so long... you guys ready to rock?

Tdirm:No not really. I'm having a tough time with this one, I'm not good at funny. And the show I'm doing isn't helping. What, it was TDI:Chuck or TDI:MythBusters!XD

Chimmy:Ditto...I wanted to do this if there was a parody challenge, but I'm having difficulty starting...

Tdirm: In case you don't know, Chuck is a TV show about a nerd working at a Best Buy getting an e-mail from his college roommate containg the secrets of the U.S. government. The data is them totally stored in his head, and the CIA and the NSA send in agents to "help" him, but end up using him for missions around his home of Los Angeles. That's my explanation, you can check it out for yourselves too on like, Wikipedia.

Sunshine: This is due Friday, by the way. Now work, guys! Only five more weeks of this, then we'll have a winner! (Seriously. I just counted. THIS CAMP GOES BY SO FAST WHEN YOU'RE NOT COMPETING! *cries* XD) other words, the winner will be crowned at the beginning of December? would be a nice, somewhat early Christmas Present...

Tdirm:*Is sobbing* I'm not going to be able to post a stroy this week, I've been busy and I have no ideas and I've got a huge school project thing due tomorrow so... I'l pack my things. *Walks away dejected*

Tdirm:Wait, my project is due Friday, I've been so busy I thought it was Thursday, not Wednesday.

Oweguy: Someone stole my idea! No offense Anonymos.

TBTDIF: I'm in TOTAL trouble if I can't finish my story. But hey, if I die, let's just say that my time will have finally come.


TBTDIF: Really, why has EVERYBODY targeted me EVERY WEEK?

Sunshine: Chimmy, congrats!!! TBTDIF, I ask myself that same question every week... v__v;;

Sprinklemist: Me, too. ;;>_>

Chimmy:*sings beautifully to celebrate* Even if I say! It'll be alright! Still I hear you say! You want to end your lllliiiiiffffeeee!

Tdirm:I didn't vote for you TBTDIF. You've been a great friend to me this season, and I'm sorry if we're the bottom two, because this might be when you actually go, and the competiton won't be the same without you. I'm unsure if I want to drop out, I want the prize, and I want to work for it and... I don't know what else to say.

Anonymos: There's no point in crying. I've always been one of those people that believes whatever happens, happens for the best, and if you do get eliminated, then maybe you weren't meant to win this season. There's always next season, and, who knows? Maybe you are meant to win then.

Tdirm: You're right, besides, I'm working on that collab fic and I'm planning a competition fic as we speak. If I get eliminated, I'll have time to work on them sooo...I DROP OUT!!! (But I'll be back.)

Sunshine: Seriously? You drop out??? O_O

Oweguy: You're dropping out? After all you've been through?

Challenge 11

This week, you will be writing a parody of a book, movie, TV show episode, et cetera, using TDI characters. Remember, a parody is supposed to be humerous! Please include a cast list at the beginning of the story. You'll be judged on the usual spelling/grammar, plus creativity, originality, and humor. Good luck, Best-Sellers!

Sunshine's Reviews

Tdiandrockmusic2- It’s too bad you weren’t able to get a story up this week. I wish you good luck in the polls.

Anonymos- I liked this one! And good timing, too, since it’s almost Halloween. It was a very creative and original choice, the casting was good, and as usual, your spelling and grammar was great. However, I kind of wish you had incorporated some more TDI elements and humor into the work. Still, nice work!

Cards777- I assume this is a parody of “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” or “The Suite Life on Deck” or whatever the heck it’s called now… it would’ve been nice if you’d written that to clear things up, though. I felt you could’ve done some good stuff with this, but not only did you not finish, not much happened in what you did write. If you had written even a little bit more, this might’ve been better, but unfortunately, you didn’t. I’m sorry, but this wasn’t your best work.

TBTDIF- I have to say, I really enjoy your humorous stories. This one was pretty funny and creative. The characters seemed to fit their roles (though I wondered what Nancy was randomly doing with a bunch of TDI characters), and your spelling and grammar was great as usual. I liked the controlling narrator as well. *notes narrators resemblance to Chris* I wish it hadn’t ended where it did, though… other than that, good job.

Chimmy- I’m still laughing at this. It was HILARIOUS! This story switched wonderfully from serious to humorous and back again without negatively affecting the mood. The characters were cast well, and you incorporated TDI elements into the Christmas Carol world beautifully… and humorously. I loved the ending with the demonic muffin and Ezekiel speaking to the narrator. My one complaint is that Harold called himself “the nerd of Christmas Present” instead of “the nerd of Thanksgiving Present”. Other than that one thing, excellent!!!

Turnertang- Second season in a row someone did a Scooby Doo parody with Owen as Scooby Doo… this was wonderfully random and hilarious. *pauses to stare at Harold practicing CPR on a tree* The mix of Scooby Doo and TDI seemed a little strange at points, like Harold switching between “Like” and “GOSH!”. There were a few spelling and grammar mistakes as well. Other than this, though, you did a pretty good job.

Owenguy- I must say, the casting was spot on. XD The strange blend of Harold McGrady and Greg Heffley worked surprisingly well for the most part. I wish you’d incorporated a little more TDI, though. This was extremely funny, both in the TDI and Wimpy Kid departments. However, there were some spelling and grammar mistakes, the whole “this isn’t real, it’s just a production” thing was stressed a little too much, and I wish you’d written a little more. Still, pretty good work.

Sprinklemist's Reviews

Tdiandrockmusic2 - No story this week. I'm sorry you couldn't find the time to write one this time.

Anonymos - This story was extremely well written, and it seemed a lot like its inspiration, Charlie Brown. There were some moments that you incorporated the Total Drama series into the story, but I wish you were able to incorporate it a little better. Overall, the story was really good. I only noticed one missing "the" for mistakes, so good job in that department, as well.

Cards777 - Unfortunately, this story is incomplete. What was there was written well, though you had a few quoted sentences that should have ended in a comma before saying who said them. But there was one, huge, glaring problem... I have no idea what this was supposed to be a parody of. You should have posted what it was a parody of before the cast list to avoid confusion.

Turnertang - This story was alright. I think you captured the personalities of the characters really well, on both ends. As for the errors, you forgot quotation marks at one point. Also, I noticed a lot of missing punctuation in sentences. One example being, “Like don’t leave me man!” which should have been, “Like, don’t leave me, man!” Another thing was ending a quoted sentence with a period like here, '“Rat ras rod.” Owen said as he watched Harold.' It should have been '“Rat ras rod,” Owen said as he watched Harold.' The only time a period is necessary is when you don't end the sentence with "so-and-so said". I also wish you didn't list Heather as the villain in the cast list, as that spoiled any suspense.

Thebiggesttdifan - I liked this story. I wish that you switched Nancy's role as a TDI character, though. That seemed slightly random since she was the only non-TDI character that I noticed. I also wish that you didn't stop at a fairly random point. I must give you major credit on something... That would be the fact that I didn't notice any spelling or grammar mistakes. That's great considering the length of this story. Great job with that.

Chimchar - This story, for me, was the funniest this week. I had several laugh out loud moments, and I loved the randomness. You also were able to incorporate the personalities of the TDI characters better than some of the others this week. Everyone felt in character. Unfortunately, there were a couple grammar and spelling mistakes, one being "Calucus" when you meant "Calculus". You also had at least one random sentence in present tense when the rest of the story was in past tense. But overall, the story was just oh, so good. Great job. XD at the demonic muffin.

OwenGuy - I was pretty impressed by your story this week. I found it to be funny, and you also were able to incorporate the characters very well. For errors, you forgot an apostrophe when writing about something that belonged to Owen. I thought the "(actually she’s not really my mom. This is a parody of this book I read so it’s just Katie from Total Drama Island)" bit was funny, but maybe done one or two, too many times. You also had a few grammar and spelling mistakes.

The Results

Sunshine: There were quite a few good stories this week. But the winner of invincibility, as decided by Sprinklemist and myself, is... CHIMMY!!! Congrats on your second week winning individual immunity! The rest of you will not be safe tonight. Good luck to you all.


<poll> Who should be in the bottom two this week? Tdiandrockmusic2 Anonymos Cards777 TBTDIF Turnertang Oweguy </poll>

The Decision

Sunshine: We have been met with an unexpected and unfortunate surprise... Tdiandrockmusic2 has decided to drop out of the competition. I can say with complete honesty that you will be missed by everyone here, TDIRM. If it hadn't been for this, I think you would've gone very far this season. Goodbye. *waves goodbye as TDIRM leaves the show*

Week 12

Sunshine: It's the final six, and the competition is really heating up...

Chimmy:I'll say...*goes to take shower*

Cards: Yeah really! I would have never thought that Tdirm would drop out. *realizes that he's in the final six* Wow! I never thought that I would get this far! Oh, and Tdirm, I hope that you're in TDA4!

cards: I promise to get a story in this week! Last week will be the last time I don't have a story.

Oweguy: Final six! Place at the table! I felt bad for Tdiandrockmusic2. He didn't do his story but dropped out. And what's going to happend with TBTDIF?

Chimmy:*walks out of shower with towel wrapped around herself, goes to change*

Oweguy: *eats halloween candy* This chocolate bar is yummy.

Chimmy:*dresses up as the demonic muffin from her story, scares everyone XD*

Sunshine: MUFFIN!!! *chases muffin* (XD)

Nalyd: *arrives in epic helicopter* Sunshine! I have urgent news! *sees Chimmy dressed as muffin, remembers the Great Muffin Rebellion of 2005* GET AWAY!!! *runs into helicopter and flies away*

Chimmy:*jumps onto Nalyd's helicopter, unzips muffin costume to reveal regular clothes* Can somebody land this thing?

Nalyd: *remembers the Great Girl Dressed as a Muffin Catastrophe of 1776* Wait, that never happened... *drops Chimmy off, leaves*

Chimmy: *caramelldanses* X3

Tdirm:I know I'm probably not supposed to be here, but I forgot to say some things I wanted to say earlier. I dropped out for TBTDIF. I knew we'd be the bottom two, and I'm not trying to brag here, but I thought if I was in the bottom two with TBTDIF, I would be chosen to stay. Personally, I think TBTDIF deserves to win. I wasn't doing it for anything except adminship...Wait, weren't we all? But TBTDIF is trying to redeem himself, and I can't stop that. And before I go, I'd like to thank everybody involved in this, I had a wonderful experience. I'd like to thank Chimmy, for being a great friend and making me LOL continuously. Ditto for Sunshine. I'd also like to thank Nalyd, for his random appearences that probably weren't authorized. And finally, I'd like to thank my grandmother, who wanted me to e-mail all the challenges to her. (I'm serious here folks.) This has been a great time, but now I get to say technically I placed seventh, but never got eliminated. Also, I'll be in TDA4, where I crush Spenstar under my heel. (JK, he'll probably crush me.) To all thge remaining contestants, I wish you luck, and may the best win. *walks out the door while Already Gone plays* Wait, who's doing that? I said I hated Kelly Clarkson's music!

Cards: What just happened?

Sunshine: *cries at Tdirm's speech* What's up, Renrut sir!

Chimmy:I think he was scared away due to my muffin suit...

Sunshine: ...great... DX

Chimmy:Ooh! I'll try to scare him back here! *zips on muffin suit, goes in search of the Renrut, comes back* He's been here. I saw a gray hoodie in the woods by the studio.

Sprinklemist: I'm sure I left some detail out of the challenge... Ask any questions if you need to. *bye tdirm*

Chimmy:Oh god...something tells me this is gonna be my bad week...

Sunshine: Something tells me that y'all will be able to handle it, and that this will be a good week for us judges. XD

Chimmy:*snaps fingers* Why didn't I think of this before? A Halloween party at the McLean Manor! It's perfect!

Cards: I love this challenge, though I was wishing for a freewrite challenge, or write about your fictional time on TDI!!!

Chimmy:Oh my gosh, I won again! I can't believe it!

Anonymos: (CONF) I lost because of an "eh!!" AUGH!!! That's so unfair!!!! (Pauses.) I am so the Courtney of this season...

Sunshine: *bursts into Anonymos' confessional* I still like you!!!!! (LOL, sorry, I just had to do that XD)

Anonymos: (With Sunshine in the confessional.) Gee... I feel so... Happy... (Thanks, though, seriously.)

(Sunshine: No prob. XD *looks at poll* someone really wants TBTDIF gone... o.O)


Sunshine: *also doodles, using Chimmy's back as a desk* (XD)

Chimmy:*Sunshine jabs at the paper repeatedly* Ow...ow...ow...*Sunshine erases*Ah...(XD)

Sunshine: *stares proudly at the Shadow drawing she's now done, sighs contentedly* (XD)

Chimmy:Done! *holds up perfect Shadow drawing with intricate detail and shading and awesomeness* (^^)

Sunshine: ...showoff... *draws the entire cast of Sonic Heroes fighting Metal Madness* (XD, JK)

Challenge 12

Your challenge for today is to see how creative you can be with fairly strict guidelines. Sunshine and I have come up with 10 sentences. Each of the sentences doesn't necessarily have to be in the story, but there is a point system. For each sentence you are able to incorporate into your story (word for word), you get a point... But don't just slap a sentence into the story. If the sentence doesn't fit the context of the story, or just plain makes no sense with the rest of the story. You will have a point deducted. We'll decide who the winner of invincibility is among the top point scorers, based on their story. The story is due Friday.

Here are the sentences:

Noah took his head in his hands and exclaimed, "Anything but the flower pot!"

"It's the chicken man!!!" Lindsay wailed, cowering in fear behind the couch.

"Usually, I'd be laughing at something like this," Duncan admitted, "But right now, it just seems wrong..."

"This is totally not fair!!!" Owen screamed, flailing his arms. "I'll sue all of you! I'll sue you, and you, and you, and ESPECIALLY you!!!"

Harold stared blankly at it for a moment, then screamed, "IT'S GONNA KILL US ALL!!!"

Heather's mom stood up and repeated, "I wish I were a bird?"

Sadie walked to the left, kicked the outhouse, and heard someone inside shout, "What do you think you're doing?!"

Leshawna looked nervous and said, "I really am sixteen, I swear."

Cody looked into the mirror and said, "Why do I look like so much like Chris McClean?"

Ezekiel gently whispered, "I always knew you were the one for me, eh."

Sunshine's Reviews

Anonymos- THAT. WAS. HILARIOUS. Never before have so many random ideas been brought together and made sense. I loved the part where Harold’s dad brought Owen to court. There were some very minor grammar issues, but nothing worth mentioning. You used nine out of ten sentences correctly and made them make sense (with the Ezekiel line, you forgot the “eh”). Good job!

Cards777- I was disappointed that you didn’t have a story up this week. I wish you luck in the polls this week.

Turnertang- …well that was random… extremely funny, but random. I loved the revenge on Chris thing, and that one part with the little Yorkshire Terrier. Oh, and the pie tour part. “Just because they didn’t let you have a free pie doesn’t mean you can sue.” There were some minor spelling and grammar issues, though. You used eight out of ten sentences correctly and made them pretty much make sense, so pretty good job with that.

TBTDIF- Aww, I wish you’d done more with this, as it was so short it seemed almost incomplete. I liked how you twisted and exaggerated the characters’ personalities, and there were a lot of funny bits in this. However, you didn’t use the single sentence you put in correctly, so you get no points for that.

Chimmy- Once again, laugh out loud funny!!! Somehow, you managed to tie all the randomness and chaos together in a hilarious story that actually ended up making sense. I loved the comment about Duncan’s “small stature”, as I’ve always felt alone in my knowledge that Duncan is actually one of the shortest of the TDI guys. LOL at Owen being a “chicken lawyer”. Now I want to dress up as that! And on top of all that, you used ALL TEN SENTENCES correctly, and made them make sense. Awesome job!

Oweguy- Well, you were right… that was random… parts of it were pretty funny, though. Like Tyler hiding from the chicken costume, Courtney going nuts, and Owen asking if he should get the “The End” card. You had some minor grammar issues, though. You managed to use 4 out of 10 sentences correctly and made them make sense, too, so pretty good job overall.

Sprinklemist's Reviews

Anonymos - This story was laugh out loud funny. I think you incorporated the sentences extremely well, I especially loved the combination of the Cody, Chef, and Duncan lines. Also Lindsay and her brother's fate was hilarious. You attempted to use every sentence, so great job. Unfortunately, one of the rules was that you had to use the sentences word for word, and for the Ezekiel line, you accidentally left off the "eh", so that one can't be counted. So you had a total of 9 of the sentences. As for errors, you accidentally left of an "a" when talking about Noah's pet puppy. That's all I noticed, so great job there. Great story as usual.

Cards777 - No story. Obviously, you had 0 sentences incorporated.

Turnertang - This story had some funny moments. My favorite was the line about saying that Cody was goo looking and therefore had to be hurt. XD You made every pre-written sentence you attempted make sense. You were able to successfully incorporate 8 of the sentences, though you left out some exclamation points at some points, that wasn't stated as wrong in the rules. Unfortunately, while this story was funny, it had quite a few punctuation mistakes, such as missing an apostrophe with "it's" early on, and the '"Blah blah." Trent said' instead of '"Blah Blah," Trent said' problems. I think you said "high", when you meant "hi". But overall this was a good entry, though slightly confusing at times.

Thebiggesttdifan - Your story had some funny bits in it. Unfortunately, you only attempted to put in one of the predetermined sentences, and you added words to it, making it not fit with the rules. So for the point system you get a 0 for successfully incorporated sentences. As for grammar and spelling, you did a great job there.

Chimchar - This story was really funny. The part where the brochure fell out of Owen's Whopper made me laugh so hard. You were also able to incorporate the lines very, very well. Great job. You were able to incorporate all 10 lines. Great job, there. One was accidentally put in two sentences, but the wording wasn't changed, so I guess it still works. I notice a couple punctuation problems, though. One being a missed quotation mark, and the other being a quotation mark replaces with a colon(?). really great job with the overall story, though.

OwenGuy - I laughed a few times, here. Good job at making it funny. I think I liked the part about Cody looking like Chris most, as it was random, and I get people telling me I look like someone when I don't see it. For the predetermined sentences you changed the wording of Harold's line from "it" to "her" which was against the keeping it word for word rules. So overall you got 5 out of the ten sentences. You had some more punctuation mistakes, though I don't remember noticing any grammar problems. One example of a punctuation mistake you made was here: '“Sorry Courtney.” said Sadie.' The sentence should have been, '"Sorry, Courtney," said Sadie.' You'll have to work on these problems if you want to win the competition.

The Results

Sunshine: Well, I think it's obvious who's our winner this week... for using all ten sentences well, as well as having an awesome story, the winner of this challenge is... CHIMMY!!! You get invincibility YET AGAIN this week! The rest of you... good luck in the poll this week.


<poll> Who should be in the bottom two this week? Anonymos Cards777 Turnertang Thebiggesttdifan Owenguy </poll>

Sunshine: Cards and TBTDIF, bottom two for you!

Cards777's Reason to Stay

Well, there's not much to say, I'm probably going home. However, I will give a reason for me to stay anyway. I am honored to be in the final six. I didn't think I would make it this far. I've tried my hardest every week, except for the weeks I did not get my story  up. I love to write! I am okay with taking sixth place, however I would like to make it farther, and maybe even win immunity. If I am eliminated, I will try to be in TDA4. I am sorry I couldn't get my story up. I also understand if you decide to keep TBTDIF over me, he's an excellent author. I have well-written stories. I know some of them aren't the best, but I try my hardest. There are only a few reasons to keep me in the game. But, I would like for you to consider those reasons. Thank you for reading my reason to stay.

TBTDIF's Reason to Stay

The Decision

Sunshine: Every week, the decision for elimination gets tougher and tougher... but Sprinklemist and I have decided. The person leaving us this week is... Cards777. If you hadn't missed your story this week, I doubt you would have been eliminated. But, unfortunately, this is the Best-Sellers, and a missing story can truly mean the end of you at this point. Let this be a lesson to our remaining authors as well. Thanks for playing a great game, Cards, and goodbye.

Week 13

Sunshine: Guess what, authors? YOU ARE NOW IN THE FINAL FIVE!!!

Oweguy:(CONF) Yes! Final Five! I've done a big inprovement than last season. So has TBTDIF. But how many times will he be in the bottom two? I just don't know.)


Oweguy: For the challenge do we use the TDI characters or the Total Drama Author characters?

Sunshine: TDI characters.

Sunshine: By the way, guys, this is due Thursday. Don't forget!

Chimmy:BTW, I'm assuming my "The end" counts as words.

Sunshine: Well, it doesn't really matter, since you have less than 600 words with or without the "The end". *gets bored and does the Duncan* (XD)

Oweguy: I actually got my story done early. Yay me. :)


Oweguy:(CONF) What's with TBTDIF? He said something wrong last season and he's been in the bottom two pretty much all season. Is he ever not going to be in the bottom two?

Chimmy:Well, that answers Owe's question...congrats, TBTDIF! You deserve it!

TBTDIF: I almost feel like I cheated in a way, because I have been pretty much the one reason for knocking others out of the competition...I feel a little antagonistic. That's not a very good feeling. *realizes Nalyd's hoodie is hanging on a branch in front of him, grabs it and pulls it over his eyes*

Chimmy:*sings along to Waka Laka*

Oweguy: *crying* I can't be going home. Not now. WAHHH! *blows nose*

Chimmy:Oh gosh...I'm a bit worried...

Anonymos: Don't be worried. Do you really think that Sprink and Sunshine will let you get out?

Chimmy:I'm not sure...*sweats* Maybe the losers were right...I'm doomed.

Chimmy:Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god....*faints from pressure*

Anonymos: Don't be too worried. Think of something happy! Like... (Thinks of something that Chimmy would think is happy.) ... Shadow! And besides, I don't think that you're gonna end up going home in the long run.

Chimmy:You're right...Shadow would want me to be strong...I won't dissapoint him! *stands up*

Chimmy:(CONF) I won't let Shadow down! *begins writing reason to stay*

Oweguy:(CONF) Me and Chimmy can't be leaving. We've tried hard and we're not giving up now. *begins writing reason to stay as well*

Chimmy:*finishes writng WTStay* I"m ready.

Oweguy: Chimmy. Let's work together so we can try and stay.

Chimmy:OK...but what if we're the bottom 2?

Oweguy: I'm not sure. Turnertang has seven votes so far so at least one of us has to be in the bottom two with him.


Sunshine: Remember, guys, in the end the elimination is entirely up to Sprinklemist and I. The vote determines nothing. NOTHING!!!! ...okay, it determines the bottom two, but still, we can override that if needed.

Oweguy: Wha? I have six votes again. And now Anonymos has two. I lost a vote.

Challenge 13

Your challenge this week will not be as strict as previous weeks. All you have to do is have the setting of the story be at Playa des Losers! But, there is a catch- the story must be 600 words or less. Please post the word count with your stories. You'll be judged on spelling and grammar, creativity, originality, whether or not the story was at Playa des Losers, and whether or not you managed to limit it to 600 words. Good luck!

Anonymos' Story

The Girl's Night at Playa Des Losers!

Word Count: 600

“So, what do you guys want to do tonight?” Katie asked. Katie was wearing pajamas, as were some of the eliminated girls from Total Drama Island that were in Katie’s room for a little fun before they went to bed.

“Ooh! Let’s play a board game!” Sadie exclaimed.

“No way!” Courtney interjected, “We should do something more exciting!”

“Like what?” Bridgette asked.

“Oh, I don’t know…” Courtney slumped into her beanbag chair.

“I know! Let’s play truth or dare!” Leshawna exclaimed.

“Yeah!” Izzy laughed, “I bet I could think of some pretty crazy dares!!”

“I bet you’re right,” Courtney scooted her beanbag chair away from Izzy.

“You guys can do that,” Katie said, “Does anyone want to play a board game with me and Sadie?”

“I will!” Lindsay went over to the two girls.

“I think I’d rather play a board game…” Bridgette sided with the three of them.

“Fine,” Courtney sniffed, “Izzy, Leshawna and I can play truth or dare!”

“Have fun!” Sadie said.

“Come on, girls,” Courtney went to go into another room. Leshawna and Izzy followed.

“So,” Leshawna asked, “Who’s going to start?”

“I will!” Izzy volunteered.

“Alright,” Courtney responded, “Truth or dare?”

“Dare!” Izzy squinted her eyes.

“I dare you to… Go wake up Eva!” Courtney glared.

“You’re on!” Izzy sprinted out of the room. Courtney and Leshawna stuck their heads out the door to see what was going to happen. Izzy stood in front of Eva’s room, “OH, EEEEEEEEEEEVAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” The door swung open, hitting Izzy in the face. Izzy laughed.

“IZZY, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!” Eva ran out of her room and started chasing Izzy. Izzy exploded with laughter as she ran.

“You’ll never get me alive!!!” Izzy shouted.

“THAT CAN BE ARRANGED!!” Eva roared. Eva eventually caught up to Izzy, and took her inside a closet. Cries of pain were heard from the inside. Eva walked out, followed by Izzy, who was black and blue,

“It wasn’t my fault!” Izzy exclaimed, “Courtney dared me to do it!”

“COURTNEY!!!” Eva chased after Courtney.

“WHAT?!” Courtney screamed, “It was all Izzy! She’s lying!!”

“Whether she is or she isn’t, I’m going to enjoy it ANYWAY!!!” Eva ran faster, and so did Courtney. She dragged Courtney into another closet. Shouts of pain were heard from inside the closet. Eva walked out again, followed by Courtney, who’s skin looked like Izzy’s.

“But… But this was all Leshawna’s idea!! Playing truth or dare was all her idea!” Courtney pinned it on her.

“Alright, ya’ll, there’s no need to be blamin’ things on Leshawna,” Leshawna started to back up. The three girls grinned at each other, and started to close in on Leshawna. The three girls chased Leshawna into a closet. There were screams from all four girls. They came out, Leshawna unscathed. Izzy, Eva and Courtney were all beaten up.

“Ha! Don’t evah mess with Leshawna!” Leshawna cried.

“Come on, girls…” Courtney sighed, “Let’s go play a board game…”

Eva, Sadie, Katie and Leshawna entered the room, “Oh yeah!” Leshawna shouted, “I won, you lost!”

“Technically you didn’t win,” Courtney glared, “You just beat us up.”

“I sunk your battleship!” Lindsay exclaimed.

“Lindsay, we’re playing Monopoly…” Bridgette sighed.

“I sunk the Boardwalk!” Lindsay corrected. Bridgette sighed.

“EEEEEEE!!!” Katie exclaimed, “I got a monopoly!!”

“EEEEEEE!!!” Sadie copied, “Congratulations, Katie!!”

“I should’ve just gone to bed,” Bridgette shrugged. She turned to the girls who had just entered, “Did you have fun?”

“You bet!” Izzy exclaimed, “First Courtney dared me to-“

“They don’t need to know!” Courtney interrupted.

Moral of the Story: You should always play a board game instead of truth or dare… or… Don’t ever mess with Leshawna!

TBTDIF's Story

Word Count: 542 Words!

“Want any more coffee, sir?”

“No, thank you.” The press reporter took another grape from his fruit salad and chewed it thoroughly. The brown-haired barista shrugged and twirled back to the cash register.

“You know,” the barista remarked, “I actually feel a lot better now that I’ve explained everything to you. I really don’t feel like thrashing that kid with a lamppost anymore.” The reporter nodded attentively as a skinny, red-haired teenager crept past a bush not thirty feet away speaking softly to another teenager. The barista dropped what she was doing and wheeled around. “I hear you, Harold!” She ran over to a nearby telephone pole and charged toward the nerd. The reporter chuckled and moved on to his next interview.

“So, kid, how’s it going?” The African-American teen’s white hat wobbled a bit as he turned to face the reporter.

“Nothing much has been happening,” the teenager, DJ, replied honestly. He pulled his hat down over his eyes. “Well, I lost a pet.”

The reporter inched away from DJ. “You can’t cure depression with sympathy,” he mutters. Next, she approached a kid strumming on a guitar. He sung softly to himself. “You like music, kid?”

The kid stopped in mid-verse and looked up. “Yeah.”

“You write any songs?”


“What kind of songs?”

“Love songs, mostly.” The teenager looked kind of impatient to go back to his playing and get the press to leave him alone. Still, the reporter pestered him.

“About what?”

“Could I…uh…go back to playing?” Yeah. The kid wanted to sing again, all right.

The reporter sighed. “Okay.” He moved on to the next kids in sight, two energetic girls who were squealing madly. “Hey girls!”

“Hey!” one of them screeched.

“How’s your stay here going?”

“Oh, good. Looking at pretty things really makes your stay at resorts real good,” the other one said.

“Okay. That’s all I needed to know.” The reporter laughed and moved onto a tan kid on a diving board. “Hey. Are you liking your stay here?”

In response, the boy jumped off the diving board, soaking the reporter. “My hair!” the reporter exclaimed. The kid looked at him strangely, and the reporter laughed nervously. “I mean, my ear, because that huge splash you made was real loud.” The kid, looking hurt, drifted away.

Looking around, the reporter saw that pretty much everyone who he’d interviewed had ended up feeling negative in one way or another. The barista was still braining the nerd—the black kid’s head was in his hands—and the reporter could see the smashed remains of strings, wood, and tuning buttons not far away from the musician, who was pacing around stiffly. The two girls had stopped squealing, and the swimmer had the door to his room slammed shut. The reporter could see that the others he had interviewed didn’t look so great, either.

That night, the reporter returned to his editing room with the somewhat wet notes to his side. His editor looked up. “Hey, Phil,” he muttered. “What dirt from them do you have for me today? Anything that could help us with some challenge ideas?”

Ignoring the relatively juicy secrets he had learned from his interviews still on the paper in his hand, Phil said, “No.”


Chimchar's Story

Word Count:546 words.

Once upon a time, there was a place of awesomeness, romance, and evil. This place was Playa Des Losers. Now let’s get on to the actual story, shall we?

Duncan had just arrived at the resort. “Hm…nice place. Should’ve gotten myself kicked off earlier.” As the young man explored, he was suddenly bombarded by other losers.

“Duncan, DUDE!! You got booted?” Geoff exclaimed.

“Hey, Duncan! How’s it going?” DJ asked.

“Hey, guys. Where’s Courtney?”

“Oh yeah, we forgot to tell you! It’s horrible! How could he do such a bad thing?” DJ panicked.

“Um…English?” Duncan requested.

“Harold kidnapped Courtney, and sealed her in the Tower of Losers!”

“I said English.” “Harold completely tied Courtney up and stuck her in the lifeguard tower.”

“WHAT?! That little…” The rest of Duncan’s words are censored out.

“Um…so what are you going to do?” DJ asked.

“Duh, I’m gonna kill Harold!” Duncan stormed off in the direction of the tower.

“I swear, once I find him…” Duncan muttered as he wandered towards the tower. He clenched his fist. “He’s dead!” Suddenly, two figures appeared in front of our mohawked hero. “Get out of my way, freaks! I have to save Courtney!”

“Which is exactly what Master Harold wants us to prevent you from doing!” The two ripped the masks covering their faces, revealing Ezekiel and Eva, the one who had been talking. Duncan assumed a fighting stance. Eva did the same. The two dove at each other. Duncan punched Eva in the gut. Eva responded with a kick to the jaw. Duncan slapped Eva across the face numerous times. She thumped him where it hurts. A scream went up from one of them, and it wasn’t Eva who cried out. Duncan fell to the ground, reeling in pain. Eva smirked.

“Come on, doofus!” She yelled, gesturing at Ezekiel. “We need to warn Master Harold!”

“Er…OK, eh!” Ezekiel dashed away, Eva close behind. Duncan was still lying on the ground from the impact.

After a while, the young man stood up, groaning.”Those little…I’m gonna kill Harold once I get the chance.” He shrugged, and continued on the path to the tower. A couple hours into the walk, Duncan finally arrived. He took a deep breath, and ran up the tower. As his feet pounded against the wooden steps, he began to think. What had Harold done to Courtney? Or worse…what had Courtney done to Harold? Either way, he thought, he would have to make things right. For now. As Duncan neared the top of the tower, he heard voices.

“Let me go, Harold!”

“NEVER!!! GOSH!” Just then, Duncan reached the top of the staircase.

“Wanna bet?” Harold whirled around.

“Aha, Duncan…I was expecting you. Prepare to DIE!!!” Harold paused. A look of fear fell over his face. “Hold up!” The young man ran in the direction of the bathroom. Duncan smirked.

“Sucker.” He turned to Courtney.

“What?” Duncan ran over to the girl. He picked up the chair she was tied to, and dashed out. Just as Duncan escaped, Harold returned.

“All right, let’s do this!” Harold looked around. “Aw, GOSH! I walked off-screen for 5 minutes, what the heck did I miss?” Harold shrugged, then held up a chinchilla-like creature. “Oh well, at least I have my Furby!”


Turnertang's Story

599 Words

“Hey Chef, you need to watch the losers and give them some of your slop you call food.” Chris yelled as he boarded the boat back to camp.

“I hate my job.” Chef mumbled angrily as he cut up a brown carrot.

“Also, because of the party we had yesterday, we’re going to take away your paycheck to pay for some people to clean it up.” Chris yelled as the boat started driving away.

“That’s it!” Chef yelled as he dropped some sleeping pills into the soup and brought it out for the contestants.

“Oh look Sadie, its soup!” Katie chirped.

“I just love soup!” Sadie chirped as they grabbed some soup.

“Something’s not right here.” Courtney said to Duncan as she watched everyone take a sip of soup.

“What do you mean?” Duncan asked as he lifted his spoon up to try some.

“Lets go!” Courtney yelled as she knocked the spoon out of Duncan’s hand and took him into the bushes.

“It’s been an hour and nothings happened. I’m going back to grab some food.” Duncan said as he stood up as all the other contestants fainted a Chef grabbed them and threw them in a cage “Never mind.”

“Now while Chris is away I’m going to keep you in here and look threw your hotel rooms for money to make up my paycheck.” Chef announced as he walked into the hotel.

“Duncan, you attack Chef and keep him away from here while I pick the cage lock.” Courtney said as Duncan ran into the hotel.

“Thank goodness you came to help us.” Trent said as Courtney grabbed a paper clip and started to shape it.

“I tried biting the cage but everyone time I bit it I got a shock. Not even my beaver teeth could stand that.” Izzy said as Courtney tried to break the lock.

“I have mad lock picking skills if you need help.” Harold said.

“Shut up!” Courtney yelled as Harold backed into the corner.

“Where’s the money.” Chef mumbled as he looked threw Eva’s room.

“Get out of her drawers.” Duncan said as he threw a lamp out him.

“No one can beat me!” Chef announced as he charged at Duncan and started knocking things over.

“I almost got it.” Courtney said as Duncan and Chef flew threw a hotel window and on top of the cage.

“That wasn’t so ba…” Duncan started, as he got shocked.

“Stupid shock!” Chef yelled, as he got shocked again.

“Get off the cage!” Courtney yelled as they both got off the cage.

“I’m getting tired of waiting to be freed.” Bridgette said as she pushed open the cage door and they all walked out.

“You mean it was unlocked the whole time!?” Courtney yelled.

“No duh, brainiac.” Noah said sarcastically as he opened his book.

“Yeah. I figured they weren’t smart enough to figure out the door was unlocked.” Chef said as Duncan tied him up.

“Now lets party!” Geoff yelled as everyone started partying.

“Welcome to Playa Des Losers, Heather.” Chris said as he walked into the Playa Des Losers “What happened here!?”

“Those crazy maggots tied me up and partied.” Chef said as Chris untied him.

“Whose this loser?” Heather asked as an intern walked up to Chris and whispered something in his ear.

“My paycheck is gone because they need money to hire someone to clean up the place?” Chris asked as the intern nodded and walked away “I’m going to get revenge!”

“I’m hungry.” Heather complained.

“How about some soup?” Chris asked as he gave Heather a bowl of soup.

Owenguy's Story

Word Count: 455 words

It was a quiet day at Playa Des Losers. Harold had recently been booted off for losing the extreme sports challenge and previously had voted off Courtney. That’s the problem with karma. You do something bad and it comes right back at you in the butt. So Harold had gotten to Playa Des Losers and some people welcomed him while some others were just normal.

“Welcome to the resort Harold.” said Cody.

“Thanks. This place is sweet. Much nicer than Camp Wawanakwa.” replied Harold.

“Yeah, we all said the same thing about it.” Cody continued.

“At least this place has pools and hot tubs.” said Harold.

Harold started to look around and saw Justin, Katie and Sadie at the juice bar.

“Hi Harold.” said both Katie and Sadie.

“Hi girls.” replied Harold.

“Hey Harold.” said Justin.

“Wait. I thought you didn’t talk until the second season?” asked Harold who was shocked.

“This is outside the show. It’s just a story for something called Total Drama Author 3.” replied Justin.

“Oh. Wait, what’s Total Drama Author 3?” asked Harold.

“I do not know.” replied Justin.

“I forgot. How did you get eliminated so fast?” asked Harold.

“Heather told other people to vote me off.” replied Justin.

“Darn. That must’ve stunk.” said Harold.

“So how’d you get eliminated?” asked Justin.

“I failed at the extreme sports challenge by seeing Heather’s boobs.” replied Harold.

“Ouch.” said Justin.

“Well it was nice seeing you. I’m going to continue looking around.” said Harold.

“Okay. You get settled.” replied Justin waving goodbye with Katie and Sadie flirting to him.

Harold continued to look around and suddenly saw Courtney who was very angry.

“What’s up Courtney?” he asked.

“I’m just mad because someone voted me off of the competition and now I’m stuck here wallowing and not competing for the thousand dollars.” replied Courtney upset.

“Well it’s not like I rigged the votes to get you voted off the sh…” Harold suddenly covers his mouth.

“What’s did you say?!” asked Courtney with a glare.

“Um, uh.” said Harold who was very nervous.

“Wait a minute. You voted me off the show!” shouted Courtney.

“Uh oh.” Harold said to himself.

Courtney then suddenly leaps on him and they start fighting. They then roll into the pool and jump out near a lamp post. Harold is badly beaten up and Courtney rips out a lamp post and twists it around him. She then leaves laughing.

“This is going to be a long rest of the summer.” Harold said to himself. His cell phone starts ringing and he picks it up with Duncan voice heard on it. “Ha ha.” He said. Harold closes his phone and starts hitting his head on the ground.


Sunshine's Reviews

Anonymos- Yet another hilarious hit for Nonny! I’m amazed that you managed to fit so much hilarity into one little story. Though to be honest, if that were me there, I would have backed out of Truth or Dare the second Izzy decided to play… Eva was hilarious, LeShawna’s victory was unexpected and funny, and I LOLed at Lindsay’s “I sunk the boardwalk!” No spelling or grammar issues that I noticed. You managed 600 words as well. Great job!

TBTDIF- This was actually a really good story, especially considering you didn’t even go to 600 words. I liked that you didn’t really mention anyone’s names within the story, yet you still got a clear idea of who everyone was. I liked that, in true Total Drama spirit, the interviewer left a trail of negativity and hurt feelings in his wake. Your spelling and grammar was great as usual. The one thing I noticed was that you called Phil a she on one occasion, which I assume wasn’t intentional. Other than that, really good job this week!

Chimmy- Well this was random. XD But, I liked this one! Though I wonder why Eva and Ezekiel decided to work with Harold. The fight scene with Eva and Duncan was funny, Duncan’s “victory” over Harold was appropriately simple and random, and the wonderful randomness of the Furby at the end was funny. Two itty-bitty issues, though: one, you put two separate lines of dialogue in one line, and two, I think the line “The rest of Duncan’s words are censored out” should have been written as “The rest of Duncan’s words were censored out” to keep with the past tense. Other than that, nice story!

Turnertang- ...oh, Chef… so desperate for a paycheck… this was so wonderfully random, though I could honestly imagine Chef doing this. I LOLed at the part where they figured out the cage was unlocked the entire time. You just barely managed to keep it under 600 words, so good job with that. There were quite a few minor spelling and grammar mistakes, the occasional usage error (ie. “threw” used instead of “through”), and plenty of punctuation errors. Make sure to keep an eye out for these!

Oweguy- This was a pretty simple storyline compared to the others, but in a good way. I found the fourth wall break funny and liked Harold’s accidental confession about rigging the votes against Courtney. However, you still have some punctuation errors (ie. “‘Hi girls.’ replied Harold”, when it should be “‘Hi, girls,’ replied Harold”), and you randomly changed from past to present tense towards the end. Double check for that in the future!

Sprinklemist's Reviews

Anonymos - Good job, here. Very funny and original idea. I think you missed a few commas, like with the "I'm going to enjoy it ANYWAY!" sentence, but that's the only problem I noticed. Spelling and grammar were good. Great job in using your amount of words to the full.

TBTDIF - I enjoyed your story, a lot. You took this story in a very creative and interesting direction. And the storytelling was well done. I didn't notice any problems with grammar, spelling, or punctuation, either.

Chimchar - Nice story. It was funny, and you definitely covered the originality aspect of the challenge. It wasn't exactly realistic, but that wasn't one of the criteria. There was one line that was accidentally made of two sentences that should have been in separate lines, but I didn't notice any other errors. Good job, overall.

Turnertang - This story was fine, but I had trouble looking passed the punctuation mistakes. Here's a sentence that was majorly messed up because of punctuation mistakes, “It’s been an hour and nothings happened. I’m going back to grab some food.” Duncan said as he stood up as all the other contestants fainted a Chef grabbed them and threw them in a cage “Never mind.” Look very closely at what the sentence should have been: “It’s been an hour and nothings happened. I’m going back to grab some food,” Duncan said as he stood up as all the other contestants fainted. A Chef grabbed them and threw them in a cage. “Never mind.” These sort of mistakes were throughout the story, so they really need to be worked on.

OweGuy - This story was pretty creative, but you had a lot of punctuation errors. Like here: “Hey Harold.” said Justin. This should have been: "Hey, Harold," said Justin. That kind of error was throughout the story. You also randomly switched to present tense at the end of the story. I think you mainly have to focus on improving your punctuation.

The Results

Sunshine: Good stories overall this week, guys, but only one of you gets invincibility. And that one person is... THEBIGGESTTDIFAN!!! Congrats on your first week in forever NOT being in the bottom two! The rest of you, good luck in the poll.


<poll> Who should be in the bottom two this week? Anonymos Chimchar Turnertang Oweguy </poll>

Sunshine: I have two surprises for y'all... first of all, due to a tie in the votes, there will be a bottom three this week- Chimmy, Owe, and Turnertang. Secondly, there is a twist in this week's elimination... TWO authors will be going home!!! Yes, I said TWO!!! It's a double elimination! Good luck, you three...

Chimmy's Reason to Stay

Wow…bottom 3 huh? Well, I think I’m here mainly because I’m a threat. I mean, I’ve won invincibility 3 times! I believe I should stay because I’m a good writer. I’ve had doubts about my writing ability before this, but this competition has changed my outlook on my writing. Heck, this experience has changed my whole life.

Of course, if you want to keep Oweguy or Turnertang, that’s fine with me. I’ve had a good, long, run here, and it pleases me that I was able to make it this far when I thought I would be the first one out. So…please keep me. I may have reached my goal, but I want to go farther.

Owe's Reason to Stay

My second time this season I've been in the bottom two. Or three I should say. Like Chimmy, I think I'm seen as a threat. I haven't won invincibility since the merge and I'm mainly here so I can help out with some writing skills. I really like this competition and I would be a perfect host/co-host and admin if I win. I really want to stay to help out with grammer. I really want an improvement from last season. If I'm eliminated and Chimmy stayed, I'll wish her a good job. If she leaves and I stay, I'll tell her that she did a good job this season and that she'll come back next season. And if Tunertang's eliminated and not me, I'll tell him that he did a good job and didn't get in the bottom two much like last season. I'll definetly be in TDA4 when it comes out. Again, I really want to stay to try to win and help with my grammer. Luckily I did reach my goal so that was an accomplishment but I do want to go farther.

Turnertang's Reason to Stay

I know I haven't been doing good this season but that's because of all the homework and other activities I have to do. I usually get like five minutes on the computer. So if you give me another chance I will take my time and write some great stories. I know Chimmy is a lot better then me but I have posted more stories than Owenguy in the past. SO please let me stay. I would also like to say that I'v never been in the bottom two this season so far.

The Decision

Sunshine: Three great authors stand before me... but only one will move on to the coveted final three. Oweguy, your storywriting has improved greatly since you first joined the Total Drama Author series last season, and always end up quite funny. Turnertang, you, too, have improved a lot during your stay, and your wonderfully random stories are always great. Chimmy, you have exceeded everyone's expectations here, coming out of the blue to become one of the best authors here. But in the end, only one of you will continue on.

The person who will stay at Total Drama Author three is... CHIMMY! Congrats... you've made it to the final three.

Turnertang... Oweguy... as I said, you've both amazed Sprinklemist and I with your skills and improvement. You're both great authors, and deserve to have gotten this far. But, in the end, you just couldn't quite meet the requirements of the best sellers. As Sprinklemist and I have told you week after week, you mainly have your spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues to work on. I expect to see both of you next season, where I'm sure you'll improve even more! Goodbye, you two, and keep writing!!!

Week 14

Sunshine: Anonymos, TBTDIF, and Chimmy... you have made it! You guys are in THE FINAL THREE! Oh, and before anyone asks, yes, we are having pancakes. *gives thumbs up to Nalyd, he dumps pancakes on them from his helicopter of epicness* (XD)


Sunshine: *gets defribulator* CLEAR!!!! *BBBRRRZZZAAAPPP* (XD) Now, who wants pancakes?

Chimmy:I DO!!!!! *grabs pancakes and whipped cream, skips to table*

Sunshine: *eat pancakes with tomato sauce* Kids, don't try this at home. (XD)

Chimmy:*eats pancakes with an incredibly happy smile on her face*

Sunshine: *randomly has Shadow with her* See, Shadii-kun? Be more like Chimmy and turn that frown upside-down! (XD)

Shadow:*smirks*I have to say, she's impressed me beyond belief.


Sunshine: YAY I MADED HIM SMILE!!!!! *takes picture posts on internet* (XD)

Chimmy:*runs over to Shadow, makes out with him*

Anonymos: (CONF) Final three! Again... Except this time it'll be different.

Chimmy:(CONF) I'm gonna have to give it my all!

TBTDIF: *jumps around, gets out of breath, sits down and reads novel* In the words of Weird Al Yankovic, "how did this happen? I don't have a clue."

Sunshine: And also in the words of Wierd Al Yankovic, "I HATE SAUERKRAUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (XD)

Chimmy:Um..also in the words of Weird Al, "I'm going to the HARDWARE STORE!!!!" (XD)

Sunshine: *randomly starts singing* They see me mowin'! My front lawn! I guess they're all thinking I'm so white and nerdy! (XD)

Chimmy:*sings* I wanna roll with! The ganstas!

Sunshine: *sings* But so far they all think I'm too white and nerdy!

Chimmy:...OK, I don't know any more words. (XD)

Sunshine: I!!!! HATE!!!! SAUERKRAUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (XD)

TBTDIF: HE'S GUMP! HE'S GUMP! HE'S GUMP! He's kinda square.

Nalyd: *arrives* Why did I but this stupid RINGTONE!!! I just can't imagine now what IIIIIIIII was thinking at aaaaaalllll!! (Really, what was I thinking!) My friends all stare at meeeeee! Whenever IIIIIIII get a calllllllllllll! *phone rings* I need to take this. *leaves*

Anonymos: Okay, so... What now?

Chimmy:*shrugs* Whatever we feel like until the challenge is up, I guess...*makes out with Shadow*

Anonymos: (XD, that's not what I meant by that, but whatever.) When is the challenge, Sunshine?

Chimmy:*dances to Rokugo out of sheer happiness XD*

Sunshine: The challenge is riiiggghhhttt... NOW! XD

Chimmy:Can the contest be something official, like the Tour de France?

Sunshine: I guess so, as long as it's a contest. I'll ask Sprink when he returns from wherever it is he is right now...

Chimmy:*cries at her own story XD*


Sprinklemist: Something official is fine, Chimmy.

Chimmy:That was, like, my first attempt at writing a tradegy...and I still had some humor...

Sunshine: I cried reading the ending, and then when I review I'm gonna have to read it again, and then I know I'm going to cry again... DX

Chimmy:I had the ending planned out in my head since the beginning...yay, people like it! ^U^

Sprinklemist: I haven't read it, yet, but I look forward to it (when I'm judging).

Sunshine: *cries more* WHY DID I READ IT AGAIN??? WWWHHHYYY????????? (I'm pathetic XD)

Chimmy:*facepalms* Why did I have to write a poor attempt at a tradgedy...

Chimmy:And as usual, Nonny epically pwned me...(XD Negative two)

Anonymos: XD, thanks. But I really liked yours! Tragedy is something far different than comedy, and not just for obvious reasons. Tragedy can either come out horribly or amazing; yours was amazing. Comedy can either be really hilarious, just plain awful, or just kinda good. Mine was just plain awful... XD

Chimmy:Aw...don't be so hard on yourself! My story looks like crap next to yours!

Anonymos: No... Mine looks like sheer badness next to yours! (XD, listen to us. "No, yours is better!" "No, yours is better!"

Chimmy:(LOL)Whatever, let's just say that we both have a good shot at winning, deal?

Anonymos: (Shrugs.) Sure.

Chimmy:OK, then! *randomly listens to ipod*

Challenge 14

For this week's challenge we would like to see you write a story about some of or all of the original Total Drama Island contestants meeting for another kind of competition. It can be a bowling tournament, a pie eating contest, a horse race, whatever you can think of that fits the criteria of a contest. Also, the characters can either know each other already, or just meet at the contest, as if it were an alternate world where they never met before. We look forward to your entries. Keep it original and interesting. Your story for this challenge is due Thursday.

Anonymos' Story

“Omigosh, Sadie, look at this!” Katie held up a flyer.

“Omigosh, Katie! EEEEEE!!” Sadie squealed, “Wait, what is it?”

“It’s a flyer!” Katie exclaimed.

“Oh,” Sadie said, “EEEEEE!!! Wait, what’s it for?”

“For a dance contest, Sadie!” Katie replied, “Will you be my partner, Sadie?”

“Totally!” Sadie answered.

“EEEEEEEEEEE!!” The two girls squeaked.

“Wait, let me see that!” Courtney snatched out of her hand, “It is a dance contest! Oh, Duncan!”

“No way, princess,” Duncan glared, “There’s no way you’re getting me involved with one of those.”

“There’s a prize,” Courtney sang, “Of 10,000 dollars…”

“Fine…” Duncan gave in, “But only for the money!”

“Will you be my partner, Leshawna?” Harold asked.

“You know it, sugar baby!” Leshawna exclaimed.

“Trent, you can dance,” Gwen observed, “Do you want to be my partner?”

“Of course,” Trent replied.

“I think you guys forgot something,” Duncan interjected, “None of us can dance!”

“Speak for yourself, white boy!” Leshawna started dancing.

“Especially you!” Duncan exclaimed.

“My mother owns a dance studio,” Courtney suggested, “We can go there!”

“Fine with me,” Leshawna shrugged. Everyone else shrugged and nodded in agreement.

Later, at the dance studio…

“So, this is the dance studio,” Courtney opened the front door to a large building. It had four large windows that went from ceiling to floor. They shined brightly so that they could see their reflections in the glass.

“OMG, Sadie!” Katie exclaimed, pointing to the her reflection in the window, “There’s another me!! EEEEEE!!!”

“Katie, there’s another me, too!” Sadie exclaimed, “EEEEEEEEE!!!”

“Two times the annoying,” Duncan muttered underneath his breath.

“Well, come, on, ya’ll!” Leshawna ordered, “I’ve been waiting to shake it all day, and I can’t wait no more!”

“I can’t wait to see you dance, Leshawna…” Harold drooled.

“Well, come on, sugar baby!” Leshawna and Harold walked in.

Trent held the door open for Gwen, “After you.”

“Thanks, Trent,” Gwen was about to walk in, but was knocked over by a raging pair of girls that couldn’t wait to dance.

“Sorry, Gwen!” Sadie called.

“It’s cool,” Gwen called back. Trent helped her back up. The two entered the building.

“Mom!” Courtney yelled, “Me and my friends were wondering if you could give us some dance lessons!” Nobody responded, “Huh, I wonder where she is…”

“There’s a note on the counter,” Trent picked up a slip of paper, and started reading it, “Dear, Courtney-kins,”

“Courtney-kins?” Duncan snickered. Soon, he burst out laughing.

“Shut up! It’s not funny!” Courtney protected herself. Duncan only laughed harder, “It’s not! Shut up!”

“Okay, okay,” Duncan stopped, “Whatever, you say, Courtney-kins…” He went off laughing again.

“Anyway,” Trent went on with the letter, “I’m sorry I couldn’t be here today. I had an appointment with my therapist today.”

“Wow, I guess that heredity does exist,” Duncan remarked.

“I do not need to see a therapist! I choose to!” Courtney exclaimed.

“Sure, princess. Whatever you say,” Duncan replied.

Trent continued to read, “I’ve put another dance instructor in charge of the studio for the day. She is just as good as I am, if not better. She was my mentor when I was learning. Love, mom.”

“Well, who is this fabulous dance teacher?” Leshawna asked.

“That would be me,” A sharp voice was heard from inside a dark room in the back. She spoke with a Russian accent. A figure stepped out. She was tall, and wearing all black. Her pitch-black hair was put up in a bun, and she had a large mole on the bottom corner of her face, “My name is Svetlana Astapkovich, but you will call Mrs. Astapkovich.”

“Okay, so Mrs. Aspatula,” Sadie said, “Where’s the bathroom?”

“You get no bathroom now!” Mrs. Astapkovich snapped, “You know when you bathroom?”

“When?” Sadie asked.

“NEVER!” Mrs. Astapkovich yelled, “And my name is Mrs. Astapkovich, not Mrs. Aspatula!!”

“Look, Mrs. Aspagetthi,” Leshawna stepped in, “You ain’t got no right to get all up in her grillz like that!”

“So the fat one has ze backbone?” Mrs. Astapkovich asked, and then looked at Sadie, “Second fattest.”

“Excuse me?” Leshawna stepped in, “I am not fat! I am big boned, and don’t you forget it!”

“No such think! You’re fat and you are a self conscious girl!” Mrs. Astapkovich glared. Leshawna sighed and walked away, “Now, ve dance!” She put on a pair of tap shoes, “Follow me! Vun- Two- Three- Four- Vun- Two- Three- Four!” She completed a series of very complicated moves, “Now you!” Everyone attempted it, except Duncan. Courtney pulled him next to her and forced him to dance. Everyone was stumbling around on the floor, and eventually fell over, “Perhaps we start with something more simple, yes?” Everyone nodded, “Everyvun, partner up!” Everybody stood in pairs, “Now…”

Mrs. Astapkovich instructed all of them to do just as she did. Then it came to the part where the boy, or the Sadie, had to lift up the girl, or the KatieEveryone lifted up their partners with ease, other than Harold.

“On three, Leshawna,” Harold instructed.

“I’m ready, sugar baby!” Leshawna replied.

“One… Two… Three!” Harold attempted to lift up Leshawna. After a couple tries, he got her up, but she crushed him.

“I vas right! You really are the fat one!” Mrs. Astapkovich laughed.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sugar baby!” Leshawna kneeled down next to him.

“It’s okay, Leshawna,” Harold groaned.

“Ha! I didn’t think a leg could bend that way!” Duncan laughed.

“They don’t…” Courtney shuddered, “He’s seriously hurt. I’m going to take him to a hospital. Anyone want to come?” Nobody volunteered, “Come on!” She grabbed Duncan’s ear and dragged him outside.

“Why do I have to come?” Duncan asked.

“Cause I don’t want to be alone with Harold!” Courtney started walking towards the hospital.

“Uh, Courtney?” Duncan said.

“What?” Courtney asked.

“You forgot Harold inside,” Duncan observed. Courtney blushed and went back in, dragging Harold by his injured leg.

“You could at least drag me by my other leg! GOSH!” Harold shouted.

“You should be lucky were getting you medical attention at all!” Courtney snapped. She kept dragging Harold as Duncan followed close behind. The three argued the whole way to the hospital.

“Five of you left?” Mrs. Astapkovich observed, “Already? Usually I get through at least two more steps before three of you are gone.” Gwen and Trent exchanged glances, “Enough of the chit-chat! We wasted too much time when the whiney boy broke his leg! Now ve dance!” She showed everyone the steps. Hours had gone by and everyone had learned at least a couple new steps.

“Mrs. Astapkovich has taught you well,” Mrs. Astapkovich viewed their dancing at the end of the day, “Now be gone! You bore me, and I vant to watch the new episode of Russian Idol!” She shooed them out the door.

“Thank you, Mrs. Astapasta!” Sadie yelled from outside.

“Shut up!” Mrs. Astapkovich yelled from inside. She was sobbing.

“Why are you crying Mrs. Aspacificocean?!!” Katie screamed.

“They just eliminated Stanislav!” Mrs. Astapkovich cried, “And my name is Mrs. Astapkovich!!”

“Wasn’t she charming?” Gwen asked.

“Extremely,” Trent replied.

“She called me fat!” Leshawna exclaimed, “She was the opposite of charming! She was anti-charming! Mmm-hmm!” Leshawna moved her head.

“That was sarcasm,” Gwen stated.

“Oh, well… so was that,” Leshawna said.

“That dance thing starts in half hour anyway,” Trent said, “We should get going.” The five of them made their way to the dance studio.

Later, at the dance studio…

Gwen was dressed in a pink dress, with a large red ribbon tied around her waist, Trent was dressed in a red suit, wearing a pink flower in his lapel, Katie and Sadie were wearing matching showgirl outfits, and Leshawna was wearing spandex and a neon blouse.

“Oh yeah! Leshawna knows all about style!” Leshawna exclaimed.

“Gwen, let’s practice,” Trent took her hand in his, and twirled her around and around. He twirled her around so many times, that she began to look nauseous.

“You okay, girl?” Leshawna asked.

“… I’ll… be fine… I just need a minute,” Gwen stuttered.

“You sure?” Trent questioned. Gwen nodded.

“Attention ladies and gentlemen,” A familiar voice could be heard from onstage, “We have some of the most talented dance contenders here tonight to compete for a prize of 10,000, and it’s all getting hosted by me, Chris McLean!”

“Oh, no!” Everyone backstage cried.

Chris glanced at a cue card, “We have… three whole acts…” Chris looked offstage to a producer. He hissed, “Three?! That’s the best we could get?!” The producer shrugged, “Three acts… Let’s introduce the judges, first, though,” Chris stated, “First, there’s the fabulous, amazing, one-of-a-kind, Chris McLean!” Very sarcastic cheers were heard from the audience, “Oh, shut up! It’s not like you people could do better than me!” He glared at them, “Judge number two is… the never to be counted out… Chef Hatchet!” Chef Hatchet was seated in a large chair behind a table. The audience exploded with cheers, “Oh, come on! You like him more than me?”

“I’m here to serve my duty,” Chef Hatchet saluted. The audience cheered some more.

“I thought you already served your term,” Chris said.

“I did,” Chef replied, “This is the term… OF DANCE!” He ripped off his clothes to reveal a tutu and blouse underneath as he began to pirouette around the table.

“Chef, sit down!” Chris hissed, “You’re scaring the crud out of everyone! Especially me!” Chef growled at him, and sat down.

“The final judge is the not-as-fabulous-as-me… Heidi Klum!” Chris introduced.

“Thank you Chris,” Heidi said, “I hope that we get to see some fabulous dancing tonight.”

“Well, it looks like somebody raised their hopes a little too high,” Chris muttered. Heidi glared at him, “And with that,” Chris said, “Let’s bring out our first dance pair: Katie and Sadie!” The two girls came out onstage, squealing as usual.

“All right ladies, let’s see what you’ve got,” Chef stared at them intently.

“Okay!” Sadie exclaimed. The music started to play as the lights dimmed. Katie and Sadie turned so that their backs faced the audience. They put on a pair of matching top hats and grabbed a pair of matching canes. The music picked up. It was a typical Broadway-style show tune. First they waved their canes around, and started to lift their top hats off of their heads. They did this for about five minutes, and then they formed a kick-line. Sadie and Katie started to kick in the air. Sadie accidentally kicked Katie, and then lowered her leg. She kicked her again, and again, and again, and again. Sadie kicked her one more time, and Katie keeled over, unconscious.

“Oopsie… Sorry, Katie…” Sadie said nervously.

“Well, what do we judges have to say?” Chris asked.

“One,” Heidi stated.

“Zero,” Chris scored.

“Negative two,” Chef said. The other two judges gave him a look, and Chef banged his fist on the table, “I SAID NEGATIVE TWO!”

“That gives you a score of negative one,” Heidi calculated, “So, let’s bring out our next dance pair.”

“That’s my job, Klum!” Chris exclaimed. Heidi rolled her eyes, “Let’s bring out Gwen and Trent!”

They came out onstage. Gwen still looked pale. Trent grabbed her and twirled her like he did backstage. Gwen looked even paler. Trent dipped her, “I need a moment…” Gwen said as she ran to the side of the stage and threw up, “I can’t do this…” She exited the stage. Trent chased after her.

“Judges?” Chris asked.

“Zero,” Heidi said.

“Zero,” Chris stated.

“NEGATIVE TWO!” Chef exploded.

“So that’s a total of negative two…” Chris said, “And let’s bring out the last performance of the night: Leshawna!”

“Hey, ya’ll!” Leshawna walked out onstage. A hip-hop song started to play in the background. Leshawna began dancing. She thrust her hips around and started doing the Macarena. She accidentally smacked herself in the face while doing the Macarena, and went into another spastic move. The song ended abruptly, but she kept dancing.

“Leshawna, you’re done!!” Chris shouted, “So, judges?”

“I have to give a one…” Heidi admitted, “It was bad, but at least no one threw up or got knocked out.”

“One,” Chris stated quickly.

“NEGATIVE TWO!!” Chef roared.

“Why do you keep using negative two?!” Heidi asked.

“It’s my FAVORITE NUMBER!!!” Chef screeched.

“And with a score of zero, our winner is… Leshawna…” Chris sighed, “But we have a surprise. The prize money will be used to refund the money people paid for tickets to this event because it was a letdown to everyone. Especially Heidi.” Heidi was in tears.

“I’m sorry…” Heidi cried, “It’s just all this dancing was so bad…”

The door to the building swung open and Courtney stormed in, followed by Duncan who was dragging him around by his leg. His leg was now in a cast, “What’d I miss?”

“Nothing exciting…” Leshawna sighed.

TBTDIF's Story

(Whoa, I just realized how similar my story is to Anonymos's...)


Dear Sarah,

Oh my gosh! You’ll never believe it. I finally went to that crazy old coffee place and it turned out to be so fun! They were having, like, a talent show there, and I was actually thinking about entering! It looked so awesome!




Dear Mara,

So, here I am, at the coffee house that I told you about, when suddenly I see this really cute boy practicing a guitar! I just stare at him dreamily. Then I remember about that totally awesome talent show, and I actually think about entering it? But nah, it looked too run-down.




Dear Sarah,

So then, like, the talent show begins, and some weird creepo named Melinda (such a stupid name!) starts reading this really cruel, sadistic poetry. She was all, like, “I want pathetic little puppies to die,” and “The Canadian government is really stupid,” which is TOTALLY an insult to our country! Is that, like, mean, or what?




Dear Mara,

After that scary girl was some wannabe rapstar named Mickidee. I don’t want to sound mean, but he was, like, pathetic! He couldn’t even get half the words right to the song, and the other half he was singing too quiet! He was just SO terrible. Then, this freaky band called “The Wikiband” steps up and performs some song called Craig’s List. Who the heck is Craig? And what list does he have?




Dear Sarah,

“The Wikiband” sucked. But after a couple mindless acts with a really emotional drama play, a (sorry, Hillary!) idiotic speech, and another wannabe rapstar, that cute boy from before gets up on stage and starts PLAYING! I think his music is even more beautiful than his hair. At the end, I just felt like I needed to thank him. So I blow him a kiss.




Dear Mara,

So I blow him a kiss, and then I hear ANOTHER kiss! Well, that’s just mean. So I stand up and say, “Hey, he likes the kiss that I blew!” And then this black girl stands up and says, “No, I blew him the kiss he liked.” And so I say, “No, it was ME!” And we just argue and argue! That girl was SO not cool.




Dear Simon,

Yeah, that was just freaky…those two girls started arguing over me? Two syllables—“Awk” and “ward.” Hey, at least I won the talent show.

Your friend,



Dear Sarah,

That girl was SO not cool. But after a while the boy left the stage and I confronted that girl! I was SO totally mad! But then, we realized that we had so much in common, and now we’re friends! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!




Dear Mara,





Dear “Katie and Sadie,”

Who the heck are you guys? And what have we been getting letters from you? Are you stalkers or something? Your femininity is driving us nuts. Kindly refrain in giving us letters. Please.

-Sarah and Mara

Chimmy's Story

After the events of Total Drama Action, the tortured 12 went home, exhausted. Several of them remembered the challenges of TDI. Of all of these, though, there was one that stood out the most: the bike race. Of the nine that were there, 7 made the ultimate decision, the decision to take the challenge that is the Tour de France.

The teenagers blended in with the rest of the contestants, the few who dared to take the challenge. The first of our brave souls, Duncan Lancaster, walked up to his crimson bike. A confident smirk on his face, he knew nothing of the dangers he would face throughout his journey.

The next contestant, Geoff Malibu, had already made it to his turquoise cycle. Geoff also had a smile on his face, but this was one of happiness.

Heather Vice strutted up to her black vehicle. A malicious grin spread across her face, indicating that something bad was going to happen.

Lindsay Hebert never made it. She got on the plane to Hungary instead of the one to France.

Gwen Amadeus marched towards her teal bicycle. A calm smile on her face hid the worry she was feeling inside.

Owen McNugget skipped up to his brown tricycle. The grin he held on his face was one of purity. But would he be able to make it past the starting line?

DJ Benign walked up to his green bike. As he slid his helmet and safety pads on, a look of fear passed onto his face. What if somebody gets hurt?, he thought.

However, this was no time for worry. The race was about to start. A figure looking strangely similar to Chef Hatchet raised his gun into the air. Several seconds later, a large “CRACK!” emerged from the weapon. 12 feet started pedaling as fast as they could.

The sneakers belonging to Duncan were pedaling especially swiftly, as he had taken the lead. However, Heather and Gwen were right behind him. As the narrator predicted, Owen had yet to make it past the starting line. Geoff was right behind Gwen, while DJ was too afraid to move a foot in one minute. As the teens passed the figures that were their fellow TDI competitors, the first obstacle of the race appeared in their path.

“ROOOAAAAARRRR!” The green monster from TDA was back and angrier than ever. It kneeled down, and picked up Duncan. Choking from the monster’s iron grip, one word escaped from Duncan’s lips:


As the monster tightened it’s grip on Duncan’s chest, the teen suddenly went limp. The monster dropped him, and Duncan plummeted to the ground. However, a passing bystander caught him just in time. This onlooker was none other than Courtney. Duncan managed to sputter:


“Dunky, please hold on…”

“I-I-“ Duncan tried to inhale, but clutched his chest in pain. “That thing busted my lungs…I can’t…”

“Dunky, no!” Courtney began to cry. “Don’t leave me!” But the coldness of death was eating away at Duncan, and Courtney could do nothing to stop it.

“I-I can’t…but listen. Be strong. I couldn’t stand to have you be sad and alone…” Duncan’s time was nearly up. “I-I love you…” He could hold on no longer. As Duncan’s eyes closed, he thought he heard:

“I-I love you too…Duncan…”

Courtney burst into tears on the spot. DJ, Owen, Geoff and Gwen mourned the loss of their friend. Even Heather seemed upset. Then, the referee came in on the scene…

“OK…since we have to have a minimum of 6 competitors…the race is called off!”

“No!” Courtney’s head shot up. “I’ll take Duncan’s place!” Everybody gasped. The referee shrugged.

“Fine with me, I’m not gettin’ paid either way.” The man went back to his post, and the race resumed. DJ had hid in a bush, afraid of what would happen to him if he continued. Owen had reached a big milestone in the race: 3 centimeters past the starting line. Heather and Gwen pedaled furiously, each determined to win. Geoff hung back, ready to use his spare energy whenever needed. The one who stood out most, though, was Courtney. Her feet were a blur as she zoomed ahead of everyone else.

“Yes!” For once, Courtney didn’t want to win for herself, or her college fund.

She wanted to win for Duncan.

And it seemed like she was going to. But then, something horrible happened. The wheels on her bike screeched to a stop, and she was nearly flung off. Courtney hastily examined her bike, anxious to get back in the race. But this was serious. One of the spokes of the wheel had snapped, causing the entire wheel to become utterly useless. Courtney nearly screamed. Geoff and Heather had passed her, and Gwen was closely following. It seemed like it was all over.

But it wasn’t.

She thought of Duncan.

Duncan. That name rolled off of her tongue and produced a wonderful feeling on her lips.

Duncan. The one man who would ever love her the way she loved him.


Courtney raised her head. Her eyes went wild, as if possessed. Without warning, she began to run, pushing her bike along.

She ran.

And ran.

And ran.

And crossed the finish line.


Courtney whooped. Everybody, even her competitors, was cheering. The referee hung a medal over Courtney’s neck.

Somewhere up high, a heavenly figure, who appeared to be a young man with a mohawk, looked down on the winner.

And smiled.


Sunshine's Reviews

Anonymos- Yet another hilarious hit for Nonny! This story had me laughing out loud through the entire thing, like Courtney’s “I do not need to see a therapist! I choose to!”, Chef’s “NEGATIVE TWO!!!”, and everything from Mrs. Astapkovich. And, of course, it had a classic Nonny ending, with everyone failing and the only sane person ending up in tears. You had some grammar and punctuation issues, though. Other than that, good job!

TBTDIF- I must say I love it when you write comedy. XD This was so wonderfully hilarious. I love how Katie and Sadie were arguing over Trent, and how you had all the random cameos from fanfic characters. But the best part, for me, was how over the course of the story I actually believed Katie and Sadie were Sarah and Mara’s pen pals, only to find the “Are you stalkers or something? Kindly refrain in giving us letters.” I ended up laughing out loud when I came to that. I noticed you put “what have we been getting letters from you?” instead of “why have we been getting letters from you?”, though. Also, the story wasn’t really about a contest, the talent show was just kind of there… Still, nice job!

Chimmy- We’ve already covered how much this story made me cry, so… you really wrote the tragedy story, a first for you, extremely well. I also must commend you for including some humor without taking away from the power of the tragedy. Sprink mentioned in his review that Courtney’s mourning process seemed too short, but personally, I felt this fit her character- instead of wallowing in her mourning, she turned that sadness into determination to win for Duncan. I didn’t notice any mistakes. Great job overall!

Sprinklemist's Reviews

Anonymos - This story was funny. I liked a lot of moments in the story, like the dance instructor. But Katie and Sadie should have "won". XD You did a good job with grammar and spelling, but the punctuation, unfortunately, had very many mistakes. There was one sentence where "at all" didn't have a comma before it. One where "we're" had no apostrophe. There were quite a few other mistakes like those ones. You missed an "an", as well. Another sentence ended without a period, and another sentence started immediatelyLike this. I think the story and humor overshadow the mistakes, though. It was a very fun story.

TBTDIF - Wow... This was very funny. I had no idea you could write comedy so well. XD The ending was hilarious, and the grammar, spelling, and punctuation was good. I had two problems, though. The fanfiction wiki references were funny, but not everyone would get them, probably. But there wasn't a rule against it. Also, I didn't get why the letters would be dated days apart when they were talking about one evening. Both letters could have been switched back and forth, while being dated from one day. But overall, I really loved this idea.

Chimchar - Wow... I had no idea you could right tragedy, so well. The part where Duncan's lungs were punctured was incredibly powerful. I noticed no mistakes. My only slight problem was that there was no way the race would have went on after the tragedy, and Courtney's grieving process was entirely too short. I really liked seeing you try something different, though.

The Decision

Sunshine: Huuuge apologies for my lateness... now, due to how late reviews are getting up, and since there's only three people left, Sprinklemist and I have decided to go straight into picking someone for elimination.

Three great authors in front of me... only two will go on to the finale. The author leaving this week is...


This was a difficult decision that I wasn't looking forward to. Your a great author, TBTDIF, and I was consistently impressed by your stories each week. But in the end, we just couldn't eliminate Chimmy or Anonymos over you. I truly look forward to seeing you next season, TBTDIF. Goodbye, and thanks for a great season.

Week 15

Sunshine: Nonny... Chimmy... you've done it. You guys are THE FINAL TWO!!!

CK11: *arrives on boat* CHIMMY! CHIMMY! Or Nonny, he's awesome, too.

Chimmy:OMG!! I DID IT!!!! FINAL 2!!! ...wait...I just realized this is the first time that the final two's usernames don't start with the same letter....and isn't Nonny a he?

Sunshine: Yes, Nonny is a guy, and holy ravioli you're right... o___O;; It's also the third time that the final two has been a guy and a girl.


Tdafan:Cool,I haven`t been here in a long time

Chimmy:Ya, interesting....*imagines*

Imaginary Nalyd:And the winner....

has one of the first three letters of the alphabet as the first letter of their name! (XD)

Sunshine: Nalyd gave me a heart attack when he did that last season...

Ck11: Last season, it was...

Imaginary Nalyd: And the winner is...

someone with an S at the beginning of their name!

Anonymos: Whoo! Final two!! This is one step further than last season! If I keep going at this rate, next season I'll win for sure!

Anonymos: (CONF) Actually, if I lose this time, I'm not gonna compete next season.

CK11: (conf) I will dominate next season. If Chimmy wins and Nonny doesn't compete, and I make the signups, I'll win...*deeper voice* For sure. *smirks*

Sunshine: I just realized that all the guys that have ever gotten to the final two in the TDAuthor series were mistaken as a girl at least once... (TDI19, Sprinklemist, and Nonny were all thought to be girls at least once over their time on the wiki... XD)

CK11: O.O

Chimmy:0_________________o...what about the girls?

Tdifan: lol, I've been called "he" before. It's the TDA Final Two Mixed-up Gender CURSE! XD


Sunshine: Chill, we've still got a week until the apocalypse. (XD) I think I'm the only TDAuthor final two competitor who hasn't been confused for the opposite gender at least once...

Egg: *randomly there* *to Sunshine* Who's your girlfriend?

CK11: She jinxed it.

Tdifan: LOL, *to egg* What are you doing here?! I thought I told you to stay in the refridgerator!

Egg: I'm not a real Egg, I'm from The Great American Roadtrip: TDI Camps edition. I'm in CK11's "family", the Losers.

Nalyd: *arrives* I don't feel like writing the whole military helicopter bit.

Anonymos: Nice, Nalyd...

Nalyd: So... *counts all the people left, loses count, counts again* Its the final two?!?!?!? Nonny and Chimmy made final two?!?!?!?!? Who! What! When! Where! Why! How! SUNSHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunshine: That's my name!!! (XD)

Chimmy:What's wrong, Nalyd?

Nalyd: ... Sunshine... In. My. Office. NOW. *points to office that somehow appears there randomly*

Sunshine: *wonders why she didn't notice the magic office until then, shrugs, goes into the office* What's up, Renrut? (I gave up on treating Nalyd like my boss. XD)

CK11: *finds his way into office with blindfold on* Oops... *stays XD*

Nalyd: Sunshine. Sunshine, Sunshine, Sunshine, Squirrel!, Sunshine... Do you see the wall?
Total drama author hall of fame

The Wall

TBTDIF: And now it's time for the freakiest trend ever, that will become part of every TDA finale! *plays Beat It in country style* Hey, anyone got a harmonica?

Turnertang: I gave my last harmonica to Donald Duck.

Sunshine: OMG IT'S ANOTHER ME!!! (XD)

Nalyd: No, its a picture of you... Do you really think Nonny or Chimmy deserves to win?

CK11: *listening in on conversation* *stealthily puts his picture in the "TBA" picture on wall*

Sunshine: *shrugs* Sure. If I deserved to win, they definately do. (A whole season later and I still haven't figured out how I won... XD)

Nalyd: Do you think, looking at the 14 eliminated authors, is this the right final two?

Cards; : Congrats Nonny and Chimmy for making the final 2!!!

Sunshine: Most definately, I've been expecting them as the final two for a while now.

Nalyd: Sunshine... I agree! You made an excellent pick, and I'm sure you'll pick the right winner! Did I scare you again? XD

Oweguy: Nalyd. What are you doing here?
Hall of Eighth Place

The other wall

Turnertang: Do you like waffles? Yes we like waffles!

TBTDIF: *finds harmonica in pocket, catches in teeth and plays the "solo" to Do Ya Like Waffles*

Shadow:*teleports in* Sorry I'm late, my chao reincarnated....

Chimmy:Shadow! *hugs him passionatly*

Shadow:*smiles, says softly* I'm so proud of you. I knew you could win from the beginning. And now you're closer than ever.

Sunshine: *tacklehugs Shadow, ruining the moment* HI SHADII-KUN!!! (XD) (Oh, and Nalyd, I'm used to it now. XD)

Sunshine: ... "I aim to win, or at least get second..." well no duh, Chimmy, you're in the final two. Of course you're gonna win or get second now. XD

Nalyd: But... if I can't scare you.... *cries and hides in a corner* (XD)

Oweguy: I would play harmonica for you guys but a bear ate it. (XD)

Chimmy:Exactly! ^^ *attempts to sooth Nalyd out of the corner XD*

Sunshine: Um, Renny, if it helps, I was slightly worried. (XD)

Sprinklemist: *drinks a juicebox and stares at the final competition* Yay! I don't have to review, anymore... But challenge ideas were fun to do...

Chimmy:I'm doing pretty good, I'm already up to where George arrives!

CK11: *still in office, puts up "hall of eighth place* (XD)

Sunshine: *draws little mustaches on all the pictures, including her own* (Only Sunshine. XD)

Chimmy:And...the world record for pwning goes to...Nonny!

Anonymos: Aw... No you have the world record for pwning! Wait! I don't want to start this again!

Chimmy:Me niether! *continues with her reviews in plan of finishing the story tommorow*

Anonymos: Yeah, I'm gonna try and finish my story tomorrow, too. Hey, Sunshine, if we can finish our stories by tomorrow, then will the results be up sooner?

Chimmy:Yes! 3 reviews done, 2 to go! ^^

Anonymos: (CONF) For the record, my story was a dozen pages long on MS Word, and over 3,000 words.

Anonymos: I can't believe we both finished all three parts in two days... Is the challenge going to be closed early, then?

Chimmy:IDK...but I can say that you have a great shot. Much better than mine...*checks for grammer issues*

Turnertang: I think that you both tried makes you both winners!

Chimmy:Thanks! ^^

Turnertang: YOur welcome! I'm just full of those inspirational sentences.

Tdirm:Hey, sorry I'm exceptionally late. I totally forgot about TDAuthor3. II'm not sure I want to do TDAuthor 4. I want to host, but part of me doesn't really want to do it now that I have a multi-chapter story in the works now. *sighs* I hate making decisions.

Chimmy:You can do it if you want to. If you AND DJ Spenstar are in TDA4, I'll have no change of winning! *thumbs up*

CK11: Same...

CK11 (conf): ...almost, anyway.

Chimmy:(CONF) *is biting nails in suspense*

CK11: YEAH, YOU'D BETTER RUN! *chases rolling pebble* (XD)

CK11: *sits in Chimmy bleachers*

Chimmy:Wait, when did those get there? 0.0

CK11: *shrugs*

Chimmy:OK then!

Shadow:*sits down in Chimmy blachers, smirks*

Oweguy: Can someone do a hall of fame for the runner-ups?

Chimmy:Done! *points to ceiling XD*

Hall of Runner ups

The ceiling

Sprinklemist: Cool. It has my Yotsuba picture on it. XD

Chimmy;Yup. XD

Sunshine: Sprinklemist is Yotsuba??? O.O I can has autograph??? (XD)

Chimmy:*bites nails*

CK11: *bites nails* If Chimmy wins, she hosts TDA4 and Nonny does not compete...if Nonny wins, he hosts TDA4 and Chimmy probably competes...if Chimmy competes, I lose... GO CHIMMY!

NIzzy: LOL IDK how I can stay so happy, random and not serious at this moment. (XD)

CK11: *deviously planning out TDA4* (XD)

Turnertang: (Eats popcorn) I wonder who's going to win?

Tdafan:I voted for Chimmy,you?

Chimmy:Holy crap this is close....

Anonymos: I know, right? But the poll isn't the final choice.

Anonymos: (CONF) I know this might sound weird, but after writing for those fourteen contestants for the challenge, I really want to continue writing the competition on the fanfic wiki...

Sprinkemist: *watches confessional from the editing room* Yeah... Well... I was using some of those models for a future story, but I really did love the story this week. It'd be awesome if it continued, as everything was so funny. As for my vote... I voted for Nonny. I was really impressed by this story, and for me, that's what my choice came down to, as I think both of you are really neck and neck. (I'm not helping with the final decision in case anyone didn't know).

Anonymos: I probably wouldn't make character pages for it. I'd just write the labels and names. And thank you for the complements on my story, and I'm glad you really liked it. I poured my heart into that story. Figuratively, of course.

Sprinklemist: So it wasn't some creepy voodoo ritual? XD Of those character models, I'm only using five of them, so your free to use the rest if you want to, and maybe I'd make you models for your other ones, if it's only a couple.

Anonymos: Well, it would be the ones that you are using, so five. Maybe I'd do it towards the end of Pandemonium. Of course, since they were Sunshine's character ideas, I'd have to ask.

Chimmy:*bites nails* This is too close for comfort...

Tdafan:Chimmy,trust me even if you lose you did great!Isn`t that all that matters?(Uh oh get ready for a riot XD)

Chimmy:I know...but what'll happen if I win? What'll happen if I lose? What'll-

Shadow:*kisses Chimmy* Listen, don't worry about all that.

Anonymos: Chimmy, I wouldn't worry about winning. Next season is all yours, even if you do lose to me, and besides, the poll isn't the final decision.

Chimmy:*smiles*T-thanks, guys...


Tdafan:Good luck to both of you*walks away*

Chimmy:Holy Charifica....this is way close! (Hm...where did I hear that before? XD)

Anonymos: We are close. Too close to call. Well, I could call it, but you know what I mean. (I have no idea where you've heard that before... XD)

Chimmy:*bites nails*

Shadow:*while acting cool on the outside, is nervous on the inside*

Sunshine: The vote is 15 to 15. O_O

Anonymos: If it stays like that, then it's all up to you, Sunshine.

Sunshine: Why do you think I'm so nervous??? (XD)

Anonymos: I would definitely be nervous if I were you. Having this huge decision on your shoulders... Nothing to guide you... All up to you... Wow... Major pressure...

Sunshine: Yeah, and you're not really helping... XD

Anonymos: XD, I know.

Sunshine: If I don't come on and decide the winner tommorow, assume either A) I've had a nervous breakdown, or B) I'm chickening out of deciding and avoiding my computer for a while. XD

Anonymos: How did I know that it would come to that...

Sunshine: Probably because of yesterday when I was ranting to you about how nervous I was about making the decision... XD

Anonymos: That may have been what clued me in. Oh, and please don't spontaneously combust... It won't be as Sunshine her without you... And that wouldn't be good.

Sunshine: I'd ask how you guys survived around here before I showed up, but you weren't around back then, so... yeah. XD

Anonymos: *Imagines Nalyd and Zekie being lost without a third member.*

Shadow:*is meditating to calm himself down*

Chimmy:*runs out of nails, start's biting Shadow's gloves XXD*

Sunshine: *bites Shadow's other glove* (XD) (Nonny, I don't think they ever really talked before I came along... XD)

Shadow:*doesn't seem to notice much*

Chimmy:*spits Shadow's glove out of her mouth* PTOOY!!! This tastes like cotton! (XD)

Sunshine: Actually, it tastes sort of like cranberries. (XD) On a more serious note, when both of the final two are on, I will announce the winner.

Cards: Nonny, Chimmy, please get on!! I'm dying to know who the winner is!!!

Anonymos: First, I'm going to be on and off for the rest of the day, and second, you don't have to wait for me.

Sunshine: Nonny, Chimmy, are you guys on? (I'd prefer it if both of you were on, but if only Chimmy's on right now, I'll just go ahead and post the winner since Nonny gave me the go-ahead.)


Sunshine: *readies defribulator* Chimmy, remember to breathe... XD

Tdafan:*sitting with the other losers*Good luck Chimmy!

Challenge 15

The final challenge has three parts. For the first part of the challenge, you will write a introductory episode for a new season of the Total Drama Series featuring the fourteen characters in the following gallery. You can introduce the characters any way you wish, name the new season whatever you want, and so on. We are looking for creativity, originality, spelling and grammar, et cetera.

For the next part of the challenge, you will explain why you think you deserve to become an admin, a host next season, and the ultimate winner of TDA3. We're looking for some good, solid points in this essay. Remember, you're trying to convince us and everyone else out there that you deserve the win!

Finally, you will create some sample reviews. Take any five stories (NOT YOURS) from this season and review them, explaining what was good and bad about the story. This will provide us an example of what we would see from you should you win and do reviews in the next season of Total Drama Author.

These three stories are due Friday. After this, we will have a vote, then I will decide who is the ultimate winner of TDA3!!! Nonny, Chimmy, good luck!!!

Anonymos' Final Story

“Okay, so here’s the deal,” Chris McLean started, “Last season wasn’t enough for those bloodsucking critics, with only two new contestants. They wanted something new. Something fresh. They are really, really, selfish! So, we had to listen to them, because without them, and by them, I mean their good reviews, we don’t have a show. So now, I’m back with fourteen new teenagers and we’re here to give you the best reality show the world has ever known. And this is all coming to you live, from us here at Total… Tropical… Island!”

Chris anxiously stood at the foot of a lush island paradise. There was a tall, green hill, with four huts. The first boat came by, and a short, rather pudgy girl stepped off. She was wearing a thick layer of white makeup.

“Hello,” She said.

“Nice to see you, Midnight!” Chris greeted, “Do you like this island?”

“As the sun rises,” Midnight recited, “So does the terror that covers this island covered with the doomed teens, soon to become rotting emotional carcasses, after the betrayal, of their friends.”

“…” Chris sort of just stared at her, “I have no idea what that meant, but it is great to have you with us!”

“I wish I could say the same,” Midnight replied. The next boat dropped off a tall boy with a chained vest.

“My name is Ben,” Ben introduced, “I am a misunderstood soul.”

“As am I,” Midnight empathized, “Welcome to an island of death, my poor, tortured brethren.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet someone of the same fate as I,” Ben stared into her eyes.

“Alright,” Chris interrupted, “This has gone from reality show to freak show! Let’s welcome contestant number three: Olivia!” The slightly large, tall, blonde girl stepped off of her boat.

“Is this where we’re staying?” Olivia looked astounded.

“Yeah,” Chris replied, “Nice, ain’t it?”

“Um, no!” Olivia cried, “I cannot work here without a proper trailer!”

“I feel your pain,” Midnight sympathized, “As I am without a place to slumber that is as dark as I.”

“Uh-uh!” Olivia walked over to Chris, “I will not work under these condition!”

“You don’t have to,” Chris reassured.

“Thank you,” Olivia began walking towards where her boat had dropped her up, head held high, eyes closed. She walked off of the dock and fell in the water.

“But… It looks like you don’t have a ride to get back,” Chris snickered.

“I need a proper hair stylist!” Olivia shrieked.

“I could do your hair,” Midnight offered.

“NO!” Olivia screamed.

“But… My hair is as dark as the winter nights,” Midnight protested.

“Yo,” A tall boy jumped over the rail of his ship and landed next to Ben, “This where we’re staying?”

“It sure is, Derek,” Chris replied, “You like?”

“No,” Derek growled.

“I noticed the skull upon your vest,” Ben said, “I was wondering if you share the same fate as Midnight and I?”

“No,” Derek glared.

“Then when our dark leader comes, you will all perish,” Midnight said. Olivia’s hand reached out and grabbed the edge of the dock.

“A little help?” Olivia asked. Chris helped her up, “Thank you. It’s nice to finally get something I want around here.”

“Look, we sprung for an all new island this year!” Chris protested.

“And…?” Olivia said.

“Well, that’s it…” Chris stated.

“And what exactly did you pay for this island?” Olivia interrogated.

“Not much… That’s none of your business!” Chris corrected.

“I rest my case,” Olivia folded her arms, confidently.

“And on that note, we have contestant number five!” Chris interrupted, “Hey, Tom!”

“Wait, who?” Tom asked.

“You,” Ben answered.

“Me?” Tom questioned, “Oh, yeah! Why am I here, again?”

“For the show…” Chris sighed.

“Right!” Tom looked down, “I’m not wearing any pants!”

“Great observation,” Derek rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, you’re not,” Chris repeated, “Mind explaining why?”

“Guess I just forgot again,” Tom shrugged.

“In hindsight,” Chris reminisced, “Picking him was probably a terrible idea.”

“You think?” Derek said.

“Hey, everyone!” A tall girl with her hair in pigtails stepped off a boat, “I’m Stasha!”

“Hey, Stasha!” Chris greeted.

“What, did some cheerleader cough you up?” Derek groans.

“Excuse me?” Stasha stepped closer, “You happen to be looking at the most popular girl at West Toronto!”

“West Toronto what?” Tom asked.

“High school, what did you think, dolt?” Derek glared. Tom shrugged.

“What’s your name?” Stasha asked.

“Ben,” Ben said, coldly.

“Do not speak with her,” Midnight took him away, “She is not one of us!”

“One of what?” Stasha asked. She shrugged and walked away.

“One of the creeps,” Olivia answered, “I’m Olivia.”

“Stasha,” Stasha offered her hand.

“I heard,” Olivia shook her hand, but then wiped her own with a sanitary wipe. Stasha looked at her with a quizzical look and then walked away.

“This place looks amazing, Chris!” Stasha giggled.

“Thank you!” Chris grinned, “Finally, someone who understands how amazing this place is!!”

“You’re welcome!” Stasha walked away.

“Hey, everyone!” A girl stepped off a boat. She had her hair up using a yellow headband, “I’m Lizzy!” She looked around, “Wow, Chris! This place is totally groovy!”

“I know!” Stasha walked over to her, “I’m Stasha!” They shook hands.

“You look familiar. Do you go to West Toronto High?” Lizzy asked.

“Omigosh, yes!” Stasha exclaimed.

“Me too! Far out!” Lizzy laughed, “It’s great to see a familiar face here!”

“I know, right?” Stasha agreed.

“For sure!” Lizzy exclaimed.

“Alright, enough with the lingo!” Derek interjected.

“Just take a chill pill!” Lizzy suggested, “Here!” She took a small bottle of pills out of her pocket. They were labeled “Chill Pills.”

“Uh, no thanks,” Derek stepped back.

“Let’s welcome our next contestants,” Chris gestured to a girl with colorful strands of hair hanging down from her pigtails and a boy with his hair in a mohawk.

“I’m George!” George showed the girl a sketchpad, “I drew you, Ichigo!”

“Really?” Ichigo asked, “Can I see?”

“Of course not!” George scoffed, “I will never unveil the work of a true genius!” He ran away, tucking the sketchbook under his arm.

“Artists,” Ichigo rolled her eyes.

“What’s up, cool cat?” Lizzy walked over.

“What did you call me?” George glared.

“Woah, woah, woah!” Lizzy stepped back, “Chill out! The Liz-meister ain’t cruisin’ for a bruisin’!”

“I’m Ichigo,” Ichigo introduced herself.

“I’m Lizzy!” Lizzy smiled.

“Stasha!” Stasha skipped over. The three girls chatted together for a very long time, ignoring everyone else.

“When are the other contestants gonna get here?” Chris asked impatiently. He glanced at his watch. Just as he said that, a boat pulled up to the dock. A girl wearing matching bracelets on each arm and a blue necklace stepped off.

“My name is Amber,” Amber introduced, “This looks just like where I’m from!”

“Where are you from?” Tom asked.

“Hawaii,” Amber said.

“Where?” Tom repeated.

“Hawaii,” Amber repeated.

“Huh?” Tom looked away.

“Never mind,” Amber walked away.

“What a coincidence!” Chris grinned, “We have another contestant from Hawaii as well!”

“Wonder if I know him,” Amber thought.

“I think you might,” Chris snickered.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Amber steps closer.

“Ask Josh,” Chris introduced a boy with an opened floral shirt that stepped off a boat.

“…” Amber stared, “What are you doing here?

“I was about to ask you the same thing,” Josh stated.

“I mean,” Amber started over, “It’s great that you’re here, but-“

“But what?” Josh interrupted.

“Nothing…” Amber sighed.

“Okay, then,” Josh turned away from her, “Hey, everyone! My name is Josh!” He walked over to Lizzy, Stasha and Ichigo, “Ladies,” He winked at them. Ichigo blushed, and the three girls giggled.

“How do you know him?” George asked Amber.

“We’re twins,” Amber explained.

“Well, then you should be happy to see him,” Olivia stated.

“What’s your deal?” Derek questioned.

“Well…” Amber sighed, “We love each other, but Josh is better than me at everything, and everyone likes him more, and I am nothing like him.”

“But,” Olivia began, “That’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

“Yeah, different doesn’t mean bad,” Derek stated. Olivia and George looked at him with a quizzical look, “Uh, it, uh, means terrible!” Olivia and George dropped their looks. Amber looked at him with a look of sorrow in her eyes. Derek looked away. Amber looked at Josh, laughing with Ichigo, Lizzy and Stasha. She sighed.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Chris gestured to the next contestant, “Jared!” Ichigo, Lizzy and Stasha looked at him adoringly.

“Hello, handsome,” Stasha grinned. She walked over to him, “Hey, I’m Stasha.”

“Jared,” Jared said, “But you probably heard that already.” They both laughed slightly awkwardly.

“I’m Lizzy!” Lizzy ran over to Jared, and pushed Stasha out of the way. Stasha glared at Lizzy.

“Hey, girls!” Josh called, “I thought we were talking!” He turned to Ichigo, “Are you going to run to him, too?”

“Nah, I’ll settle for you,” Ichigo laughed. Josh laughed with her.

“Look!” Amber accused, “Even with Mr. Handsome over there,” She pointed to Jared, “Josh still gets a girl!”

“Speaking of Mr. Handsome,” Olivia slid away, “Bye!” She ran over to Jared.

“Oh, he is Mr. Handsome!” George smiled. Amber and Derek looked at him, “What? You think a guy isn’t allowed to notice?” Amber and Derek nodded. George walked over to him.

Amber sighed and sat down on a bench, “Room for two?” Derek asked. Amber shrugged and offered him the seat.

“Let’s welcome our thirteenth contestant,” Chris interrupted the conversations, “Meet Andrew!”

“Hello,” Andrew said, “I have seen this place before. This looks just like the level seven within the world of the Xenothon Galaxy in my favorite game.”

“How interesting,” Derek said sarcastically.

“Quite,” Andrew agreed.

“That was sarcasm,” Derek informed.

“No such thing exists,” Andrew stated.

“Of course it exists!” Amber exclaimed, “Are you dumb?”

“Quite the contrary,” Andrew said, “I have the highest grade in my class. In all classes, even physical education. I do not understand how, though.”

“You don’t?” Josh asked, “Dude, you’re ripped!”

“Ripped?” Andrew looked at his pants, “Where?” Josh sighed.

“Ripped like the way our worlds will become,” Midnight interrupted, “Ripped it will become when our dark leader arrives.”

“You’re poetry is so… dark,” Ben observed.

“That is what my parents say,” Midnight informed, “They bring to Dr. Stein once a week for it. It is for my own good, they say. When the master comes, Dr. Stein shall be the first to go.”

“Yes, he shall,” Ben nodded.

“My gosh,” Olivia interjected, “It’s like a goth poetry jam.”

“Yes, yes it is, Olivia,” Chris stated, “Let’s welcome our final contestant, Sakaki!”

“Join us, sister,” Ben turned to her. Midnight did, too.

“You kidding?” Sakaki lifted an eyebrow. Ben shook his head. Sakaki looked down at Midnight, ‘Oh. My. Gosh. You are so cute! You’re like a chubby, little doll, but for real!” Sakaki ran over and pinched her cheek.

“You pose as one of us,” Midnight removed Sakaki’s hand, “Yet you act like one of them. You are a double agent of the society.”

“What the heck does that mean?” Sakaki laughed.

“What does what mean?” Tom asked.

“Have you been paying attention to anything that we’ve been saying, Tom?” Olivia asked. Tom gazed past her, “I’m going to take that as a no.”

Chris turned to the cameras, “Now that you’ve met our fourteen, it’s time to break them into teams!” Chris turned to the contestants, “If you guys will all follow me, I’ll get you into teams, and then you guys can unpack.”

“Sounds fun!” Ichigo exclaimed.

“I know, right?” Sakaki giggled. Chris walked away, and thirteen of the teens followed. Tom looked around, saw they left, and ran to catch up. Chris showed them to a hut with the roof covered by palm leaves.

“This is the bonfire pit,” Chris explained, “Each night, the losing team will come here, and we will begin the coconut ceremony. If you do not get a coconut, you will have to go down the Path of Humiliation and get onto the Raft of Losers, and you can never come back. Ever.”

“Where do we go if we don’t a coconut?” Tom asked.

“You’ll figure it out,” Chris reassured, “I’m not going over it again. Now, if I call your name, please come to the right of me,” He took a sheet of paper out of his pocket, “Derek…” Derek walked over, “Amber…”

“Looks like we’re together,” Amber joined him.

“I am full of joy,” Derek said, sarcastically.

“Midnight…” Chris resumed reading, “Sakaki…”

“No!” Midnight exclaimed.

“I’m with the doll!” Sakaki laughed, and skipped over to her.

“Lizzy…” Chris read, “Andrew… and… Ben.”

Ben walked over to Midnight, who was battling Sakaki.

“This is so exciting!” Andrew exclaimed.

“Are you for real, Chris?” Lizzy asked, “I can’t be with Stasha or Ichigo?”

“I am absolutely for real, Lizzy,” Chris stated, “From now of, the seven of you will be referred to as… The Killer Palm Trees!” Chris tossed a flag to Derek, who caught it, “The remaining seven of you, walk to my left… Stasha… Jared… George…”

“Jared, we’re together!” George exclaimed, as he hugged him.

“Yay…” Jared pushed him away, “It’s good that I’m with you, Stasha.”

“I know,” Stasha blushed.

“… Tom…” Chris looked at Tom. He stood still, “Tom!” He remained gazing at the water, “TOM!”

“What?” Tom turned around.

“Come to my left!!” Chris yelled.

“You didn’t have to shout,” Tom walked to his left.

“Where was I… oh, yeah,” Chris gazed at the list, “Olivia… Josh… and Ichigo. The seven of you are now known as… The Screaming Starfish!” He tossed a flag to Tom. The flag hit him in the head, knocking him over, “I’m going to give you guys an hour to unpack, and then come to the food hut for lunch.”

“I’m going to need more than an hour, Chris!” Olivia stated.

“Too bad,” Chris chuckled. The fourteen teenagers groaned, and headed to their cabins.

“So,” Jared stood in the hut for the Killer Starfish’s boys, “Who wants to sleep where?” There were two sets of bunk beds.

“Oh, I call a bed under Jared!” George exclaimed.

“Um, I think I’d rather share with Josh,” Jared said.

“No, no,” Josh snickered, “You can share with George. I insist.”

“Tom, would you like to share a bunk bed with me?” Jared desperately asked.

“I don’t care,” Tom said dreamily.

“Then I get you, Jared!” George exclaimed.

“Dude,” Jared said, “I really don’t want to share a bed with him. Please let me bunk with you.” Jared pleaded to Josh.

“Fine…” Josh sighed, “You can bunk with me.”

“Thank you so much, dude!” Jared exclaimed, “I owe you one!”

“You certainly do,” Josh agreed.

“You don’t understand,” Olivia stated, “I need my own bed, I need the outlet hairdryer, and I need all three of the dressers for my clothes!”

“You don’t need any of those things!” Stasha exclaimed, “We can compromise. You can get your own bed, we can share the outfit, and you can have one and a half dressers. One and the top half of the one in the middle.”

“Fair enough,” Ichigo shrugged.

“Thank you,” Olivia sniffed.

“Aw,” Ichigo gazed out of the window of her hut, and outside. She watched Josh and Jared play Frisbee, “Josh is so cute.”

“Do you like him?” Stasha jeered, as she glanced out the window and saw Jared, “You like him more than you like Jared?”

“Well, yeah,” Ichigo replied, “I mean, Jared is totally hot, but there’s just something about Josh… Jared is kind of bland, but Josh is totally fun.”

“Bland?” Olivia exclaimed, “I know bland, and believe me, Mr. Heartthrob over there isn’t bland.”

“Seriously!” Stasha laughed, “You like Josh more than Jared!”

“That’s really absurd!” Olivia chuckled.

“What?” Ichigo sighed, “I do…”

“Oh, can I share a bed with Midnight?” Sakaki asked. She stood in the middle of her cabin with her three other female teammates standing around her.

“It’s alright with me,” Lizzy shrugged.

“I don’t care who I bunk with,” Amber said.

“Well I do,” Midnight growled, “I will not bunk with the poseur.”

“Fine,” Amber shrugged, “I’ll bunk with you Sakaki.”

“But I wanna bunk with the real live dolly!” Sakaki whined.

“Sakaki,” Amber took her aside, “Please just bunk with me. I have plenty of things to worry about, and I don’t want to have to worry about Midnight getting up to strangle you in the middle of the night, cause I’m sure that she would do that.”

“… Fine…” Sakaki glared, “But that doesn’t mean I have to like it!”

“I’m not saying you do,” Amber agreed.

“I’m bunking with Amber,” Sakaki announced to Midnight and Lizzy.

“Good,” Midnight muttered.

“You don’t have a problem bunking with Midnight, right?” Amber asked.

“Not at all, cool cat,” Lizzy said, “I’m going to get jiggy with it!”

“I have no idea what that means,” Amber stated, “But I think it would be best if you didn’t.”

“Okay…” Lizzy sighed.

“I don’t care what you two dorks say,” Derek growled, “I’m getting bunking alone.”

“This is acceptable with me,” Andrew said.

“I do not care,” Ben stated, “We are all going to die eventually. Where I bunk should not affect anything.”

“Wonderful,” Derek said, “I got stuck with you two. Why couldn’t I be with any of the cool guys?”

“Theoretically,” Andrew began, “Cool-ness is only in the eye of the beholder.”

“I don’t know what you said,” Derek glared, “But I don’t especially care. Now are you two going to unpack my bags or what?” They shrugged and started to unpack.

“Islanders!” Chris’ voice came out over the loudspeaker, “Get your butts to the food hut, pronto! You’re going to learn all about your challenge!”

“What about lunch?” Andrew asked.

“It’s a loudspeaker, doofus,” Derek growled, “It’s not going to answer you.”

The fourteen teenagers made their way to the food hut.

“Where’s lunch, Chris?” Sakaki asked upon their arrival.

“You have to find it,” Chris informed, “Just go find a coconut or a mango or something and eat while I explain the challenge.” They teen spread out.

“Hey, Josh,” Ichigo said, “What do you think they’re going to make us do?”

“Not sure,” Josh replied, “But it’s our first day. They’re not going to make us battle lions or anything.”

The camera cut to Josh and Ichigo, in tattered clothing, surrounded by lions, “You lied!” Ichigo accused.

“What?” Josh asked, “I’ve been wrong before…”

Chimmy's Final Story

Ahh…Wisconsin. The most boring state in all of the U.S. At least, until Chris McLean randomly showed up. This was to be the set of the greatest reality show ever.

The scene? A miniscule island in the middle of Lake Superior. The host? Your very own Christopher Julius McLean. The challenges? Rigorous. And the players, you ask?

Well, they were in for a surprise.

The camera opens up to everyone’s not-so-favorite reality show host. “Welcome to Total Drama Meh!” Chris’s smile falls flat off his face. “OK, which intern came up with THAT?” In the background, a young man with dirty blond hair runs away in fear. An old, African-American man chases him with a frying pan.


“Anyways…” Chris continues. “This time, 14 teens are gonna duke it out for one squillion dollars! This was…acquired for us via Chef.” Chris’s eyes dart back and forth. “But let’s cut to the chase. Our contestants should be arriving soon. I told them this would be a luxury hotel. But, you know, budget cuts…” Chris is cut off by the roar of a motorboat. A pair of khaki boots step off. In the boots, there is a girl with brown hair in ponytails.

“Hi! So…wait, this isn’t the Hotel de Fleur!”

“You’ve got that right, Stasha. Welcome to Lake Superior!”

“Seriously? Oh, well…” Stasha struts to the end of the dock just as the next boat pulls up.

“Lizzy, welcome!” Chris says to the dark skinned teen.

“Hey, is this where we’re staying? ‘Because I don’t see no jukebox.”

“Sorry, um…I lied.” Lizzy sighs, and boogies to the other end of the dock. An extremely scary looking girl in fishnets steps off the newly arrived ship.

“Um…Midnight, um…welcome?”

“Hello. You should know that once you say welcome, there is no need to say farewell. Therefore, I shall stay, and win.” Chris gives her a weird look.

“O…..K?” Chris shudders as Midnight sulks to her competition. The next vessel pulls up, and a boy looking almost as scary as Midnight jumps off. “Derek, welcome!” He whispers to the camera: “I think we’ve found this season’s Duncan.”

“What’d you say, pretty boy?” Derek threatened Chris, holding him up by his shirt collar.


“Hmph. Whatever.” Derek suddenly drops Chris, and leaves him gasping for air.

“OK…our next contestant…George!” A pale teen with a blue mohawk steps onto the dock.

“Hey, Chris. Good to be here.” George mutters while doodling in his sketchbook. He is completely absorbed in his activity, even as he walks to his fellow competitors.

“Pft. Artists.” Chris mutters. He looks back up at the camera. “All right, meet Andrew!” An extremely buff boy in a pink t-shirt skips off of the boat.

“Hey, Chris!”

“What’s up, Andrew?”

“Nothing much. Just figured out how to stop global warming in two easy steps.” Andrew shrugs, and strolls over to Midnight.

“What?” She asks as Andrew stares at her affectionately.

“You…you’re kinda pretty…”

“What is beauty? To one person, another could be a spawn of Adonis, and to another, they could be as ugly as-“

“ALRIGHT! Enough with the poetry-fest already! Our next contestant is Jared!” Chris announces just as a teenage hunk steps off of the boat. Everybody starts staring in admiration, even Andrew. Jared just gives them a blank look.


“You’re hunky…” Stasha says dreamily.

“Remember what I said about Adonis? I take it back. THIS is the spawn of Adonis!” Midnight swoons. Jared shrugs, and takes his place among the crowd.

“OK…let’s move on to Ben!” A gothic looking teenager strides off of the boat, and glares at everybody. Chris gives off the same expression to the cameraman. “Seriously, how many goths are we gonna have this season?” Ben walks over to the strangers with no words at all.

“All righty, then…” Before Chris could finish, the next contestant ambles in.

“Hey, I’m Tom!” There is a pause, and the young man in the sweater vest speaks up. “Wait, why did I come here again?”

“Dude, you signed up for this.” Chris reminds him.

“Oh, right! It must have just slipped my mind.” Tom assures himself as he goes to join his new friends.

“Next up…Ichigo!” A skinny with black hair in ponytails steps off the boat. Her dyed ringlets bounce off her shoulders as she walks over to Chris.

“Hello. It is good to be here.”

“Hey, Ichigo. I heard you like writing.”

“Yes, this is true.” Ichigo makes her way to the other end of the dock, and stands by George.

“All right! Almost done. Next is Olivia!” A blonde girl in fancy looking clothes has just stepped onto the dock.

“Hi, Chris.” She pauses as she takes a look at her location. “Nice place. Looks like the perfect setting for the classic, Hamlet.”

“O…K….” Chris says as he backs away very slowly. Just then, the next player arrives. “Hey, Sakaki! Welcome to Total Drama Meh!” A very scary looking girl stares back at him. “Oh, no…not ANOTHER goth!” Chris mutters. Just then, a butterfly lands on her nose.

“OMG! That is SOOO cute!” Sakaki squeals. She skips to the other end of the dock, and stands by Ben. He glares at first, but takes a second look. He turns his head back to Chris, his lips forming what might be a smile.

“Alright…here comes Josh!” A tan looking teenager wearing a Hawaiian shirt was approaching the island in a boat. Josh took a flying leap off of the vessel, and landed perfectly on the dock. Claps and cheers arose from the crowd.

“Welcome, dude!”

“Hey, man. What’s up?”

“Nothing. Except…we’ve got a surprise for you!”

“Huh? Whaddya mean, man?” Just then, Josh’s luggage begins to flail around. Finally, a Jamaican looking girl pops out of the bag, startling everyone but Chris.

“Amber? What are ya doing here?”

“Well, you see…” Amber explains. “Chris gave me one hundred bucks to come on here!”

“Oh…OK, then!” The other contestants are still confused, however.

“They’re twins.” Chris explains. A chorus of “Ohhhh!”’s, “OK!”’s, and one “Whatever.” spring up from the crowd.

“OK, now that everyone’s here…I can show you where everything is. And by me, I mean Chef!” Chris runs away, leaving Chef Hatchet to lead the group around the island.

“Ya see this?” Chef gestures to a giant fish shaped building. “This’ll be your confessional! In case you wanna spill the beans to the world.”

“Seriously? We have to confess stuff in A GIANT TROUT?!?!” Derek shouts angrily in the confessional.

“And here? This is the mess hall. Come get your chow here.” Chef points to a broken down old shack, just as one of the boards falls off.

George shrugs in the confessional. “Eh, I’m used to it.”

“Here’s where you’ll be staying for the next 8 weeks.” Chef grumbles, pointing to a broken down cabin.

“Um…” Lizzy contemplates. “Isn’t this supposed to be non-co-ed?”

“I SAID, ONE CABIN!!!” Chef yells, making everybody back up a few paces.

“OK, this chef dude, like, REALLY creeps me out.” Lizzy says in the confessional.

“YES! CO-ED!!” Derek cheers in the confessional, pumping his fist up and down.

“Um, excuse me?” Stasha frantically asks, hopping up and down. “Where’s the bathroom?”

“Over there!” Chef gestures to a shrub.

“Thanks!” Stasha sprints over to the bush.

After a commercial break, the contestants are standing in front of Chris.

“All right, it’s time to announce the teams!” Chris announces. “If I call your name, stand to the left of me. Midnight, Derek, George, Ben…”

“Oh, yeah!” Derek shouts, as he fist bumps with George.

“Awesome, dude.” The mohawked teen replies.

“Andrew, Sakaki, and…Ichigo!” Chris finishes.

“YES!!!” Ben and George shout, completely out of character. After realizing what they are doing, they blush, embarrassed.

“I mean…whatever.” Ben corrects himself.

“Yeah…what he said.” George agrees.

“OK…you guys are…” Chris tosses them a banner. Sakaki catches it, and it unfurls in her hands. “The Rotting Fish!”

“Ew. That is SO not cute.” Sakaki recoils.

“Whatever. The rest of you, come to my right.” Stasha, Lizzy, Jared, Tom, Amber, Olivia, and Josh do as they are told. “You guys are…” Chris chucks them a banner, which hits Tom in the face.

“Oh, no! Tom, are you OK?” Stasha worries, dashing to his side.

“Ya, I think I’m fine…what happened again?” Tom asks her. The whole team pauses to look at the fallen banner, which had unfurled once it hit Tom’s head.

“You guys are The Dying Geese!” Chris announces.

“O…K?” Josh says.

“Now get your butts to the mess hall!” Chris orders.

The camera shows the two teams sitting down at rickety tables, attempting to eat what looked like a frog. Stasha was sitting next to Tom, Ichigo next to George, Sakaki next to Ben, and Andrew next to Midnight. Nobody except Midnight seems to mind.

“This food confuses me.” Olivia says, confused. “I have a lot of experience in the arts, so I know when food is fake or not. This is certainly not fake…but at the same time, it isn’t edible!”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it after a while…NOT!” Chris, who had just entered the room, tells her. “Now, it’s time for your first challenge!”

“A challenge, huh?” Sakaki ponders. “What’ll it be like?”

“Don’t worry, Saki.” Ben assures her. “It’s our first challenge. Heck, it’ll probably be a piece of cake.”

The camera cuts to the teams in wrestling gear. They are in front a giant ring filled with death traps.

“I may be far-sighted…” Andrew comments. “But I’m pretty sure that is NOT cake!”

Anonymos' Reason to Win

I'm not going to lie. I'm not going to lie right now and say that I didn't deserve to make it this far, and that the other authors totally deserve it more than me, because that isn't true. I deserve this just as much as any other author, and my writing skill make it very apparent that I deserve it.

Right now I'm probably sounding like a total snob, but I'm just stating the truth.

One of the main reasons that I deserve to win is because receiving adminship would be a huge honor for me. I've been here much longer than Chimmy has and ergo am more deserving of it. Adminship is meant for long time contributers who help out very frequently around the wiki. I was a featured camper earlier which only reinforces the reasons why I should be an admin. I would not abuse my admin rights in any way, and I would try to be as helpful as I can. This can be proved through my services on the fanfiction wiki as I am an active contributer in the admin meetings and I try to reinforce the rules of the wiki as well as I can. Sure, Chimmy might do that too if she were an admin, but my time here greatly outweighs hers.

I would be extremely disappointed if I came this far into the game again, only to lose to authors that are on par with me (in the case of Chimmy), or got lucky because of my scheduling issues (you know who you are! XD, love to our TDA3 hosts!) I only lost because of scheduling last time, and, who knows? I could've come home with the gold. This season, if I don't come home with the gold, I'm done with Total Drama Authors for good. And the only reason is that I'd be co-hosting if I came home with the gold this time. Another reason I would be disappointed was if I lost because we did a poll. I resent the use of polls for major decisions like this. This is because polls turn things like these into popularity contests. We all know that Chimmy is more popular, but that's because I can't be on here all the time. I have tons of homework, and right now am bogged down with the pains of H1N1. Chimmy is usually always on, at least when I come on.

As stated earlier, I have H1N1, so please don't let this week be the reason I lose, if I do lose. This has affected a lot of the things I do, and I'm not sure how much longer I'd have it.

My final reason is that I would honored to win this title. Last season I might've deserved it, but now we'll never know, but this season we can know if I really deserved it. This season no scheduling issues will come between me and that title I desperately want, and possibly deserve.

I'm going to leave you with this, at least for the time being. My head hurts, and we're out of tylenol.

Chimmy's Reason to Win

Oh my god…I never would of believed that I could make it to the final 2. And I certainly have some great competition in the form of Nonny. I believe I should win because I am a pretty good author. I’ve turned in a story each time, and I’ve only been in the bottom two once, and that was most likely because people thought I was a threat. I, on the other hand, think I have made it to the top due to sheer luck. I mean, I’ve only been here for 5 months. Still, against the odds, I have gotten to the top 2, and it’s time to get serious.

First things first. My writing ability, in my opinion, is only so-so. But that’s apparently not the case. According to Nalyd. I’m,”…an epic author. She's also lots of fun and very nice. I actually think she's a lot like Sunshine.” And I think I’m beginning to agree with him. I’ve turned in a good story every week, and I’ve won invincibility 3 times. Now, you guys DO have as much right as you want to oppose me. You even have a good reason. It may be that I’m too new, or that if I win, Nonny won’t be in TDA4. Heck, those reasons could even make me turn against myself. But I won’t. I’m now here to win. Or at least get second place.

Now, if I win, I’ll probably become an admin. I believe that even though I am young in the wiki world, once I learn the ropes, I’d make a great admin. I’m kind, and friendly, and aside from my experience, I’m almost everything you could want in an admin. Of course, all of you out there have as much right as you want to oppose me. And I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking I’m new. You’re thinking that Nonny deserves to be an admin way more than me. But I’m still gonna fight to win, no matter what.

So I think I have a good amount of reasons to win. Thank you all for this amazing experience. This will stay with me for the rest of my life. And hopefully, my luck will preserve, and I will win. Thank you.

Anonymos' Reviews

Chimmy's Week Three Story: Fashion Review

The Good: This article was extremely well written, and there were very few grammatical errors, but they will be addressed later. I especially enjoyed this reference to Sunshine as well as how the mohawk tied the whole outfit together. I also liked how you said that his shirt was punk and stylish. I didn't know that those two words worked together.

The Bad: There were, however, very minor grammatical errors throughout. There were some incorrect capitalization errors, including the capitalization of "juvie," which I'm not positive is incorrect, but I can't vouch for accuracy. There was a sentence fragment that I cannot remember, as well.

Tdiandrockmusic2's Week Four Story: Diary of a Smart Bookworm

The Good: This story expressed the viewpoint of Andrea in some places, and was overall good. I cannot vouch for specific things for this because nothing especially stood out, however, as the piece stood stronger as a whole.

The Bad: This story, while staying in character most of the time, slipped out of Andrea's character at parts, in particular at the beginning with the awkward author's note. That especially felt very, very out of place. Also, while Andrea was guessing names of her friends, it felt sort of like Lindsay. I'm not sure whether or not it was because she was involved in her book, though. I won't penalize you for it too much. You typically underline or italicize the title of a book, but you merely put it in quotes, which was a grammatical error. Also, the spacing with the periods in DJ's name among other places was grammatically incorrect.

Cokeman11's Week Six Story: The Party, the Dream, the Challenge, the Zebra

The Good: This story most certainly met the qualifications of a mystery. I liked the bad grammar at the beginning in the text, especially, and the mentions about that from the contestants. It was bad grammar, but I'll let it slide.

The Bad: The randomness of the story definitely detracted from the overall appeal of it. I wish that it had just ended with the contestants and the solved mystery. Bridgette seemed extremely out of character. She doesn't get especially mad, and Noah doesn't yell. Otherwise, spelling and grammar was good, and the storyline was fine, if not extremely confusing at some points.

Cards777's Week Seven Story: The Wizard of Oz Auditions

The Good: I felt bad for poor Beth, which would be a negative, but not in this case. You did your job, and that's good. Lindsay also had some funny moments with her Lindsay-ness. The cast list was funny, too. Oh, Sadie...

The Bad: There were many, many, many missed commas here. Especially with names. There were some spacing errors with the semicolons as well. One other thing, Galinda was only Galinda in Wicked. She was Glinda in the Wizard of Oz, but I'm not sure how you would find that out, so I won't drill you for it. I would if you were on the same level of theatre knowledge as I am, though.

Turnertang's Week Eleven Story: TDI Parody of Scooby Doo

The Good: This story had a lot of elements of Scooby Doo incorporated, which was a huge part of the challenge. That was very good. I loved Owen in this story, and I liked the usage of the Scooby Doo catchphrases.

The Bad: Similar to my previous review, there were countless missing commas. I think we need to stage an intervention on proper comma usage for you two. There were also some capitalization errors, however those were minimal. One more thing; nun-chucks is a hyphenated word.

Chimmy's Reviews

Nonny’s Week 14 story: Dance Contest:

The Good: This story was incredibly hilarious! I was laughing out loud at Chef’s “NEGATIVE TWO!!”, everything from Mrs. Astapkovich, and the confusion that came with her last name.

The Bad: Unfortunately, you did have some minor grammar issues. For example, you had “They shined brightly…” when the correct past tense is “shone”. The end was also very confusing. It made it seem that Duncan was dragging himself around, instead of Harold.

Dominator’s Week 1 Story: Miracle on Drama Street.

The Good: This story was incredible. I seriously thought it could actually be an episode of TDA. It was also pretty funny as well.

The Bad: Unfortunately, you also had some grammar issues. I’m pretty sure that the 2nd and 3rd sentences should be merged together. There were some missing commas as well.

Tdafan’s Week 2 Story: Mike.

The Good: The character seemed like it had a lot of effort put into it. However, that is the only good thing I have to say.

The Bad: Unfortunately, your grammar was incredibly bad. No offense, but the commas weren’t where they were supposed to be, the same person talked in different paragraphs, (Which I’m not sure if that’s OK or not.) and there was some missing punctuation.

Cokeman’s Week 4 story: Waterlily and Kendall.

The Good: This story is so amazing. Each and every person is the story is extremely in character. In fact, I can’t find any more words to describe this wonderful story.

The Bad: All I can complain about is that you used the word “said” a tad too much for a while.

TDIRM’s Week 5 Story: Courtney and Noah.

The Good: I cried at this story. So. Hard. It depressed me that no one truly cared what happened to Courtney with Duncan except Heather and Noah. In all, the story was incredibly powerful.

The Bad: The only mistake I noticed was that there was a comma at the end of “Really” instead of a question mark.

Sunshine's Final Story Reviews

Anonymos- This was wonderfully hilarious! I loved all of George’s moments, Olivia’s drama queen-ness, the “chill pills”, everything about Tom (“I’m not wearing any pants!” XD), and Sakaki calling Midnight “the real live dolly”. I like how you set up some relationships, conflicts, et cetera. The ending made me LOL (“You lied!!!”). I noticed some minor grammar issues, mostly commas where they shouldn’t be. A great final story overall!

Chimmy- How many dollars in a squillion? XD I have to compliment you on taking the competition out of Canada, and for seeming to go in an opposite direction from Nonny (while the competition in Nonny’s story seemed to be attempting to raise it to a new level, in your story Chris seems to have hit rock bottom, which makes for a hilarious story). I liked Andrew’s appearance (“Just figured out how to stop global warming in two easy steps.”), Midnight’s random bursts of poetry/gothic rants, and Sakaki’s hilarious entrance. Chef showing the campers around was funny too, and I loved Andrew’s comment at the end (“I may be far-sighted… but I’m pretty sure that is NOT cake!” XD). No spelling/grammar issues that I noticed. However, I wish you’d gone into a little bit more detail with the characters’ entrances. Awesome job overall!

Final Poll

Sunshine: Eliminated authors and fans will now vote for who they want to WIN. Remember, the winner of TDA3 will become an admin, a host next season, and be declared the best author EVER. This will not decide the winner, but will help to influence my ultimate decision. The winner will hopefully be decided sometime tomorrow afternoon, unless I panic about the decision and spontaneously combust (which, honestly, isn't too unlikely...). Nonny, Chimmy... good luck, and let the best author win.

<poll> Who should be the winner of TDA3? Anonymos Chimchar </poll>

And the Winner of Total Drama Author 3 Is...

Sunshine: ...going to be announced after a brief commercial break! (Nalyd's gone for the weekend, so the evil bits are up to me XD)

Tdafan:Come on Sunshine!You`ve turned into a Ryan Seacrest!(XD)

Sunshine: No I didn't! I turned into Nalyd! XD

Tdafan:Nalyd,Ryan,What`s the difference,besides one of them is depressing and evil and the other hosts a popular reality show(LOL)

Sunshine: Wait, now you've got me confused... which one is the evil depressing one and which one has the popular reality show? (XD) (Chimmy, are you still on?)

Tdafan:....I`m not sure,anyway,let`s just see who wins!!!

Nalyd: I'm back! Who won? *puts on team Nonny shirt, and team Chimmy foam finger*

Tdafan:*shriek*It`s Nalyd!!!*hides in a bush*(XD)

Sunshine: I was about to announce that before you interrupted me, Nalyd... ROLL COMMERCIAL!!! *insert shameless advertisements for Sunshineandravioli fanfics here* (XD)

Tdafan:I don`t think you`ve worked on one in a while...(LOL)

Oweguy: Finales are always filled with tension. You'll never know who's going to win.

Tdafan:ANNOUNCE THE WINNER!!!*foams from mouth*

Turnertang: Those are some great ads Sunshine!

Anonymos: Please, Sunshine! We've been in suspense long enough!

Sunshine: Tdafan, I'll have you know I posted a chapter yesterday. XD

NOW, back on topic! Nonny, Chimmy, you guys have done it. You've fought your way past 14 other authors to prove yourselves epic among your field. I can honestly say that each of you really deserves to win. Chimmy, you never cease to amaze me with your work, and over the course of the competition I've seen you grow and evolve both as a member of wikia and an author. Nonny, you are truly a dedicated author and never fail to make me laugh out loud at your comedy. I truly wish I could make both of you winners... but unfortunately, only one person can come out on top today. Only one of you will become an admin, a co-host, and have your photograph put on that wall of fame.

Both of you know this has been a difficult decision for me. I thought about this long and hard, thought about your writing, your final stories, your personalities, your dedication, your statuses as users, your reviews, your reasons to win, everything. And after fifteen weeks of watching you compete, and spending the past two days considering who deserves to win, I have made my desicion. I know some people will disagree with me- after all, both of you have a large following of dedicated fans- but in my heart of hearts, I know this person deserves the top spot, and I am confident in my decision.

CK11: I keep having heart attacks when Sunshine edits...XD

Anonymos: You?! What about me?! I keep getting heart attacks!! I'm lucky I'm not in a medically induced comma at this point!!

CK11: -_-'

Tdafan:*rocking back and forth curled in a ball*I...need...RESULTS!(XD)

CK11: I need "reults" too! (XD)

Tdafan:Fixed it

CK11: *deviously plans out TDA4 as if TBTDIF were in it*

Tdafan:We`re ready to hear who wins

CK11: *stares down Sunshine*

Tdafan:Just say the winner so we can 1.Go home and 2.Start TDA4(LOL)

Shadow:*bites nails*

Chimmy:*stares in suspense* (I've been trying to type that for 20 minutes, LOL)

Sunshine: All right... Nonny, Chimmy, you'll notice in front of each of you is a pretty gift box! (I picked them out all by myself!!! XD) One of them contains nothing. The other contains a picture of the author who opens it. The person whose box contains the picture has won TDA3, and gets the honor of putting their picture on the Total Drama Author Wall of Fame. When I tell you to, open your box.
Box 1

Chimmy's Box

Box 2

Anonymos' Box

Tdafan:*watches in suspense*

CK11: *tries to open boxes but trips on twig* (XD)

Chimmy:*cries* My box is so pretty....

CK11: Sprink reference, much? (XD)

(Sunshine: Anyone who's not Nonny, Chimmy, Nalyd, or myself, please cool it with edits for a while. You're causing edit conflicts.)

Chimmy:Can we do this in the next 8 minutes? I have a craving for MySims agents XD.

Anonymos: Can I trade boxes with Chimmy? Hers is so much prettier...

Chimmy:No, yours is prettier! (Uh oh, here we go again. XD)

Anonymos: No, yours is way prettier! (XD, we should really stop before this gets out of hand.)

Chimmy:Can we please hurry? IDK how much longer I can go without Goth Boy selling Turkey on a Fork...(XD)

Sunshine: STOP WITH THE EXCESSIVE NICENESS! (XD) Anonymos... Chimmy... this is it. Open your boxes. (Please type something like "Nonny/Chimmy: *opens box*")

Anonymos: Fine... (Opens box.)

Chimmy:*opens box, gasps*

Sunshine, Sprinklemist, Nalyd, and the Eliminated Authors: *watch as...


...Chimmy removes a picture of herself from the box*

Congratulations and a big round of applause to our newest admin, our future co-host, and the winner of Total Drama Author 3, CHIMMY!!!!!!!!!


Shadow:yeah, baby! *kisses Chimmy*

Anonymos: (Sighs.) Good job, Chimmy. I knew there was a reason your box was prettier.

CK11: YES! YES! YEEES! But good job anyway, Nonny!


Oweguy: Congrats Chimmy!

Turnertang: Good job Nonny! I was rooting for you! Congrats Chimmy!!!

CK11: *hugs Chimmy* Uh... *backs away* (XD)

Tdafan:*puts on shades*See you in TDA4*poofs away*

Turnertang: I'm not sure if I'll be in TDA4.


Sunshine: Go put your picture on the wall, Chimmy! You've earned it! *goes over to Anonymos* Nonny, I feel you should know that this was a really difficult decision, and that you were really deserving as well. I hope you change your mind about not joining TDA4, and that even if you don't, you keep writing. You've got talent, dude. And besides, if I know you, you're going to become an admin here anyways just because you're awesome. *gives Nonny hug*

CK11: When's TDA4?

Turnertang: Can i be an admin for being awesome!

CK11: And me? (JK...or am I?)

Nalyd: I'll make the TDA4 page... tomorrow! *realizes Sunshine and Chimmy probably wanted some time off* Don't worry, it won't start until next week!

Anonymos: (Single *happy/sad* tear forms.) Thank you, Sunshine, and maybe I will change my mind about competing again, but only cause you said so. ;)

Sunshine: *appears in Nalyd's magical floating office* I think, deep down, I always knew Chimmy would be the winner. She's sweet and dedicated and an amazing author. When she first came in, saying "I'm probably going to be eliminated first", I counted her out. Then I saw her write. She pours a hundred and ten percent into everything she does, and I know in spite of her inexperience, she's going to grow and evolve as an admin, as a user, and as a writer in the days to come. *turns to cameraman* Now, bring everyone to Playa des Authors to celebrate, before Nalyd realizes I infiltrated his office. Sayonara!

Nalyd: *once everyone leave* Why do I feel like Sunshine made a dramatic speech in my office... *shrugs and locks everything up*