A lot of people think that they are great authors. Over half of these people are mediocre. This is not only a camp where people are getting their writing skills improved but they are competing to be the best author.... Who will prove that they have the skills? Who will crumble under the pressure? Who will rise to the occasion?

This... is... TOTAL! DRAMA! AUTHOR! 4!!!

How It Works

  1. Two teams of nine people each will be constructed.
  2. The teams will compete in challenges. (i.e. Write a story where Lindsay and Tyler break up OR write a story where Beth suddenly becomes popular OR write a story about the contest itself.)
  3. Sunshine and Chimmy will read and judge the stories, and determine which team wins.
  4. The winning team is invincible!
  5. Sunshine/Chimmy (Whoever judged the losing team) will pick whoever was the best author on the team that week.
  6. The best person on the losing team will pick two of their teammates to be up for elimination.
  7. The bottom two will give reasons to stay in the game.
  8. Nalyd will determine who goes home (The only guarantee that one is safe is if they're on the winning team, or they win an individual challenge).
  9. Repeat the above steps.
  10. Later in the game, there will be a merge, and the two teams will become the Best-Sellers.
  11. More challenges, stories, elimination.
  12. One author will be left and will be declared the best author ever!!


This season eighteen contestants will compete. It is requested that people provide an avatar of themselves on the talk page. The first challenge will be up next Sunday. Sign-ups are closed!


  2. Shane - I want to show you all that I can write!


  1. Anonymos- I've made my decision! I'm competing, so ya'll better watch out, cause nobody's going to stand in my way this time
  3. Tdifan1234-Maybe I'll get farther in this season than last.... XD
  4. Benthegame-Finally in. I'm goin all the way!
  5. Cards777- I did good last season!!!
  6. Kenzen - Bring it on , Wait is that a bull dont bring it on ahh*runs away from the bull*
  7. YoshiPerson (This should be fun! I love writing! All I need is the time to do it... (XD)
  8. NIzzy (NIzzy is back! XD)
  9. GM -(Hopefully I can win adminship)
  10. Tyedye Oh my god! I'm on a TDAuthor! Expect me to fail! (Also expect occasional British English spelling, Britain is just awesome like that XD)
  11. Jason -My first time!
  12. Darkdonpatch (I am here to improve my writing skills)
  13. Tdafan123-I`ve improved my writing, so I`m ready
  14. Weblykinly (i expect to get pass the first couple of eliminations then fail, this is going to be fun!)
  15. KoopaKidJr.- Time to put my writing skills to the test!
  16. Turnertang- Ready to get fourth place again!
  17. DJ Spenstar - Rock on!! =D

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
16th Benthegame SAFE NOMI NOMN OUTN
17th Tdifan1234 NOMI SAFEI OUTN
18th Ezekielguy NOMI OUTI
19th Anonymos OUT1

Color Code:

[User] = Writing Gopher

[User] = Typing Bass

WIN = Won that week's challenge

BOW = Was the best of the worst/nominator that week

SAFE = Was not eliminated that week

NOM = Was in nominated but was not eliminated

OUT = Was eliminated

N No story was submitted by this person this week.

I Incomplete story was submitted by this person this week.

D This person dropped out before a decision was made.

1 Anonymos was on the winning team, but dropped out.

2 Kenzen was on the winning team, but dropped out.

Hall of Authors

Total drama author 4 hall of authors final 3

Week One Chat

* scene opens up to an epic stadium*

Announcer:Welcome to...TOTAL! DRAMA! AUTHOR! 4! *contestants come out of opening in dome to thunderous applause, but the backdrops fall over, revealing a random mess hall, and Sunshine playing a track of applause*

Nalyd: ...I said a big, giant stadium, Chimmy! What did you do?

Chimmy:How would you spend 2 bucks?! (XD)

Nalyd: *brings everyone into a library* You will all be staying here in the library for the next give or take sixteen weeks! FOUR MONTHS OF WRITING! Have fun. *leaves and goes to office*

Anonymos: Fortunately for me, those four months won't be anywhere near the period of time when I have to leave for the annual three weeks.

GM: Well, hi!!

NIzzy: Hiya guys!

GM: Hi NIzzy!!! *goes around and greets himself to everyone* (XD)

Turnertang: I'm back everyone! (Does a handstand)

Chimmy:*hops in* Hey, guys! Hey, I actually recognize most of you this time! (XD)

Shane: Um, hi guys! *starts to read a book*

GM: Hey, Shane!!!

Cards: Hey guys!! I'm ready to write!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! I thought I should do that now! Chimmy, are we going to have to write around Christmas????

Shane: Hey GM! I can't wait to start this. Hopefully, it's not due today.

Dark:*a diffent bus comes in and Dark comes out with his staright jacket and black angel wings* um can someone get my things?

Koops: Oh. My. GOD!!!

Dark: WhaT?

NIzzy: O.o

Dark: Fine i am suppose to be a darker clone of this pixie named um Brightshine Pasta.

Cards: *points at Dark* HI!!!!!!!!! *releases Dark from straight jacket*

Chimmy:Sorry, guys, IDK when the challenge will be up! :(

Dark:Okay oh do you guys know any pixis here because i am suppose to be a clone of one it's called or close to Brightshine Pasta?

Chimmy:Oh, you mean Sunshine! ^^. Yeah, she's co-co-hosting! (XD)

Dark: Sunshine? hmmm no wonder i am the dark angel of here (Dark angel: born at the same time as the pixie is the copy of it but bears no relationship or DNA to each other but the same age as it and hair color(kinda).Did i just gave out the Dark Angel thing?

Chimmy:Yup! (XD)

Dark-Meh,I am already got out of Demon Angel Jail so i am loose out in this place luckily they cant catch me here.

Cards: I have a question Chimmy, on the rules when it says that the only guarantee that you are safe is if you win invincibility or if your team wins, but if you are the best author on the losing team, and you pick 2 authors to be put up for elimination, doesn't that mean that the best author on the losing team is safe too?

Tdafan:*arrives*Hey everyone!Great to be back!

NIzzy: Fan of TDA! Nice to see you!(XD FAIL)


Chimmy:IDK Cards, I don't really know how this thing works yet...but I assume you would be!

Tdafan:Well,hopefully I can get to the merge this season

Chimmy:Well, since I'm a host, I'm not supposed to be picking favorites, but...all of you have a great shot!

Tdafan:I can`t wait for the challenge!

Dark: I hope there is no Harold voting this season *what you think i dont live in the human world well i live in a apartment).

Tdafan:I just realized TBTDIF isn`t here.He should,he`s a great author

Cards: I thought he was signed up, but he missed sign-ups.

Tdafan:*high fives Cards*Whats up dude!Glad you could make it!

Dark: *trying to meditate but cant concentrate* UGH! I thought this was a library why is it so loud?

NIzzy: *pokes Dark* XD

Tdafan:I`m gonna go unpack*goes to wherever they stay*

Cards: *pokes Dark with NIzzy*

Tdafan:*pokes Dark*This is better than cable!(XD)

Cards: *pokes Dark with NIzzy*  Let's play a game!! To play, you first state your username, and a made-up hobby!! I'll go first!! My username is Cards777, and my hobby is poking things with a stick!! (LOL XD!!!!!!) (Wizards of Waverly Place reference)

Tdafan:I`m Tdafan123 and I like to eat computers(LOL)

NIzzy: I'm NIzzy and I like visting mental hospitals. (XD)

GM: I'm GM and I like pie. (XD)

Tdafan:Ummm,now what?

NIzzy: EVA CLOUD! *runs away* (Good times XD)

GM: Let's state our username and say something we don't do.

Dark: I am Dark i Write in the Death Note *Grabs both TDAfan and NIzzy and thorws them*

Cards: I'm Cards777, and I don't jump off cliffs!! I don't push people off cliffs either! Or do I? (XD)

GM: I'm GM and I don't do anything. (XD)

NIzzy: I'm NIzzy and I don't do math homework XD

Shane: I'm Shane and I don't do buttons, I HATE buttons. IDK why but I just do.

Jason: I'm Jason and I get confused easily...wait, huh?

Tdafan:*goes into Nalyds office and does prank calls*Hello,you just won a million dollars*pause*No,this isn`t Tdafan123 this is...321nafadt(XD)*pause*No,I`m not interested in any Christmas ornaments,thank you(LOL)

Sunshine: *bursts out of Nalyd's epic office* FINALLY!!! I've been locked in there since the end of last season!!! (XD)

Dark: Your Sunshine *bursts out laughinh* Your the pixie that i am suppose to be the Demon Angel *Laughs*

Sunshine: OMG DEMON ANGEL THINGY!!! *pokes him/her repeatedly* (IDK, sorry XD)

Dark: ugh your more annoying then i thought and besides do you even know what Dark Angels are there clones of pixie

Tdafan:I made the best prank call!

Chimmy:DUN. DUN. DUUUNNNN! (XD couldn't resist)

Dark: I thought thiws was a libary (WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STAR)

Sunshine: *to Dark*  YOU'RE SO ADORABLE!!! *pinches cheeks XD* I'm gonna call you Iggy!!! (First challenge starts tomorrow.)

Dark: ugh well at least your not and Punk/Emo/Goth fangirl

Tdafan:*spray paints on Nalyds wall 'YoshiPerson Wuz Her'*

Sunshine: Speaking of Punk/Emo/Goth fangirl-ness, Chimmy, is Shadii-kun here???

Turnertang: Who's Shadii-kun?

Tdafan:(CONF)This is my season! I am way better than i was last season,I got this

Anonymos: Shadow, of course! Silly, Turnertang!

Guess who's pwning?

This is Shadii-kun!!!

Sunshine: *pokes pic*

Tdafan:*shakes Nonnys hand*Hey,so sorry you lost last season(I regret mentioning that XD)

Dark: (rules if an Dark angel and Pixie clones meet:The dark angel cant harm the Pixie and the pixie can use the Dark Angel -_-)

Nalyd: Listen up, everyone! Stay out of my office, or you're ELIMINATED. Anyway, ready for... the first challenge?


CK11: *smirks*

Sunshine: *Spongebob voice* I'm ready! I'm ready! Oh, wait, I'm a host...

Chimmy:Ya, Shadow IS here! He's in my room! ^^

GM: I'm working on my story. I'm on the third page! (XD)

Chimmy:*jaw drops*

Shane: My first challenge! I'm so excited! I'll work on it now. I hope my story will be okay.

Jason: Hey NIzzy. Whats up?


The most pwnage you'll ever see.

CK11: 2nd story! YES! (XD)

Chimmy:*o.o's at the image names XD*

Kenzen:I am very nervous

Shane: FINALLY DONE! I hope it's good.

Jason: It's funny how were all doing it tonight, when it's due by thursday.

Dark: I might fix mine but meh.

Kenzen:Hows mine

Chimmy:*does her best not to get involve, but is still failing XD*

YP: Hey, guys! I love writing! I can't wait to get into this camp!

Ezekielguy: How do you guys like mine so far?

Tdafan:Mine`s done!

GM: Mine's done it'll be posted tomorrow my 7 page story.

Tdafan:*watches a movie*

Weblykinly: Hey, sorry I'm late but I'm here.

CK11: *notices the absence of Nonny's story* He's probably writing it.

Cards: Well, it's only Sunday, and it's due Thursday. I'm gonna finish my story tomorrow, that is if I don't have a lot of homework!

CK11: I just write the story the day it is assigned to prevent homework from getting in the way.

Cards: I'm trying to get my stories finished as soon as possible, because last season, I waited til' the last day or two until it was due, and I missed 3 stories last season, and that's what got me eliminated.

CK11 (conf): At the beginning of last season, I counted Chimmy and Cards out. Mostly Cards because I saw Chimmy write. I still counted Cards out, but then he placed sixth. He's a good author overall. That means he'll be tough to beat.

CK11: Same, but I only missed one.

Cards: *goes to finish story*

NIzzy: I usually finish my homework as soon as I get it, so I can spend more time writing my story over a couple of days. :D

GM: My masterpiece is.... uhh *looks at it to choose* (XD)

Tdafan:I personally think my story this week is better than both my stories last season

CK11: Both your stories? *remembers when Tdafan technically saved him from elimination* Oh, yeah... Agreement on that.

Tye: Wow, only 3 people haven't started their stories... and I'm one of them... I feel so special! =D (XD, I have started, but it's just not up here 'cuz I'm actually writing it.)

Tdafan:I can`t wait for results!

NIzzy: Me too. *hi-5's Tdafan*

GM: The results should be soon.

Tdafan:*eats some chips*I`m bored

Dark: Hey TDAFAN theres a bazooka in the hosts lounge

Dark:*concam* I thing i just sent a devil for a bomb

Cards: I'm finished!

GM: (CONF) I hope my team wins.

Dark (CONF): eats a PB and J

Cards: (CONF) I hope the Gophers win! Sorry Bass, but I'm cheering for my team. Last season, my team lost the first challenge, so this season, maybe my team can win the first challenge!

Tdafan:I can tell it`s gonna be a close decision

NIzzy: *nods*

Chimmy:I think I already know which team's losing, but I can't be certain.

Shane: (CONF) I really hope I don't go first. I'll be happy if my story gets a moderate review, though.

Cards: I already know which team is going to win!!!! It's the [put team name here]!!!

Shane: (CONF) I hope we can we please hurry this up. The suspense is killing me! Also, I want to know the results tonight so I can write tommorow. I'm traveling tommorow and I won't be able to go online much, let alone, type for the compitition. *looks around* Now that I think about it, what's the point of a confessional? Everyone's gonna see it anyway.

Shane: Sorry if I'm being rude. I'm so nervous. AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! *runs in circles*

CK11: *runs up to Nalyd's office but rembers remark* Oh, yeah. *gets caught by booby trap* AAGH! A BOOBY TRAP!

Harold (CONF): *somehow in confessional* He said Boobies!

Producer: Wrong tape! Darn it! (XD)

Tdafan:*waits for results*

Tye: Hey! No waiting for results until I'm done with my story! (XD)

Dark:Tye it's fair because you will get an extra day or something because tomorrow is the results.

Tye: I have another couple of hours. I do my best writing after everyone in my house is asleep, anyways. I don't really know why. (XD)

Anonymos: I don't think the Typing Bass need to nominate anyone, as I am dropping out of the contest. The only reason I joined was so that I could win and prove to myself that I am actually a top author. I realize now that I already am, and don't need the title to prove it. And besides, with me in the running, I don't think I would've given the new contestants a fair chance. So, to the other authors, I wish you good luck; you'll need it in this contest.

Tye: *jaw drops*

Anonymos: I figured I'd get a reaction or two like that...

Tye: You don't need to quit! At least stay in a week or two! (XD)

Anonymos: *Shrugs.* I think I made the right decision.

Shane: No you didn't. I want to compete against you. Please don't leave.

Tye: See? No one wants you to leave. Stay in the competition and have fun writing, please?

Chimmy:*sighs* If that's what you want, Nonny...*mutters under breath* There goes my bet with my friend...(XD JK)

Anonymos: (Sighs.) No, I think I should go.

Nalyd: Guys, follow me.

Dark: Well then looks like I have to step it up if i want to say and I didn't know (well then I will have to make it better).

Tdafan:Nonny,don't leave!You deserve it more than me I'll tell you what

NIzzy: Nonny don't leave! :'(

Challenge One

Okay, since this is a new season, your first challenge is to write a new season premier! We've done new Total Drama Island premiers, but this week you need to write a new Total Drama Action premier! It needs to include all fourteen of the original competitors in season two. You can do any movie genre, any prize, any elimination, as long as it makes sense. You will be judged on creativity, originality, spelling, grammar, and how in-character the characters act. (Since the season one finale, not after all of the stuff in season two, so DJ doesn't have an alliance with Chef, Gwen and Trent are still dating, Harold isn't truly epic yet, etc.) The stories are due Thursday. Sunshine will judge the Gophers, Chimmy will judge the Bass.


Nalyd: This week, I will judge the Gophers, and Chimmy will judge the Bass. Judging will be done like last season (Not the score out of ten system.) Sunshine, Chimmy, you don't have to have all the reviews done at once, you could post one or two at a time if you want.

Chimmy's Reviews (Bass)

  • Benthegame:This story was funny in parts. For instance, I absolutely LOVED when Leshawna slapped Heather. However, PLEASE don’t use script format from now on. There were some grammar mistakes as well.
  • Ezekielguy:This story was hilarious! The random Alaskan bald man made me LOL, though it did seem a bit of a side-trip to the actual story. Poor Duncan! Unfortunatly, that’s all I have to say about it. You didn’t complete your story.
  • Jason:This story was pretty cool! Izzy was crazy, Lindsay was dumb, and everyone else seemed to be in character. Katie coming back really surprised me! However, you had some grammar mistakes. You shouldn’t put more than one individual talking in the same paragraph, which you did many times.
  • Kenzen:This was awesome! I absolutely loved everything Lindsay said, and Duncan was as awesome as ever. However, you had a ton of grammer issues. The beginnings of sentences weren’t capitalized, people spoke more than once in a paragraph, and so on and so on.
  • NIzzy:This story was really nice! Izzy smashing her guitar on Heather’s head was too funny! However, I’m subtracting points for eliminating Duncan. XD. JK, BTW, but I did notice that you forgot some commas in places.
  • Shane:This is just an awesome story, though I thought you were calling Harold a nerd-ette for a while XD. You gave me a new nickname for Owen, made me laugh at Lindsay and Beth, and I practically died of laughter at the Ezekiel reference. It’s funny at the rendezvous part, because I always joke with my friends about how it’s spelled. The macaroni part connects to my life as well. However, you were missing some commas, and I think you had some spelling mistakes too, ironically.
  • Tdafan: This is an OK story, but….you still had a lot of grammar mistakes. The commas seemed to be everywhere, the beginnings of sentences weren’t capitalized, and all in all, the story seemed a bit short.
  • Tdifan: From what I can see, it was a funny and good story....just not complete.
  • Tyedye: First of all, let me make something clear: I’m pretty sure you amazed us all by finishing your story at 12:30 in the morning. Duncan’s line about cars made me LOL, and I loved the Survivor reference. I personally liked the new voting system better than the old one. You had some slight grammar and spelling mistake, but that is inevitable when rushing.

Nalyd's Reviews (Gophers)

  • Anonymos - The story started off really great, all the characters being used very well! However, the silent movie, while a unique choice, hurt the story as it really didn't have much potential. The challenge didn't ruin the story, but I don't know how much it really helped you... The story got better near the end, but I think it ended kind of weakly. Overall, everyone stayed in character which is awesome, very original, great grammar, and spelling, and this story was a pleasure to read.
  • Cards777 - The beginning was a lot like the real series, specifically Justin, Beth, and Trent. I liked Lindsay missing Tyler, though. I like the challenge idea. The snowball challenge was a great idea. I wish you'd made up Christmas carols instead of existing ones, but it's fine - This isn't Total Drama Carols. The story was original and creative, but their were problems with spelling and grammar.
  • COKEMAN11 - I liked the recap, very funny! Everything before the theme song was great! A girl named Matt... Awesome! The rest of the chapter's content was great, but the ending seemed a little rushed. I think that if you added some content to it, this story would be one of the best this week.
  • Darkdonpatch - Script stories are not allowed in Total Drama Author, however since I forgot to put that in the challenge, I can't deduct for it...  The grammar wasn't very good and neither was spelling.
  • GM - The plot to this was quite original and creative. I think everyone was in character. Not many notable grammar or spelling problems.
  • KoopaKidJr. - This story started out without the introduction, and I think you needed one. The rest of the story had the characters very in character. I knew you'd be good at standard format instead of script. Very creative and original. But the ending seemed rushed, as the elimination happened right at the end of the challenge.
  • Turnertang - The grammar error you usually have is ending a quote with a period. The story seemed too short and rushed to be finished. I hope you work on grammar and completeness of the story for next time.
  • Weblykinly - Script stories are not allowed in Total Drama Author, however since I forgot to put that in the challenge, I can't deduct for it... There were grammar problems throughout.
  • YoshiPerson - Don't worry about indenting, it isn't necessary. The challenge was very well written, and very creative and very original and I really like it! Well done!

And the Winner is...

Nalyd: Chimmy and Sunshine, who do you think should be the winning team?

Chimmy:I think the Gophers!

Nalyd: I agree, so the Gophers win! (I'd wait for Sunshine, but I don't think she's on...) The best of the worst is... Tyedye! Well done Tyedye, I'll let you and the Bass talk for a while and decide who to nominate.

Tdafan:*is scared*Don`t nominate me

Shane: I'm a tad scared too.

Tye: Alrighty, Bass, let's do this quick, simple, and in a TDI manner. Vote for one person you think should be in the bottom two, and then the two people with the most votes will be my choice. My vote goes for Tdifan. Sorry, but you didn't finish your story.

Shane: Sorry, but my vote goes to Zeke. You didn't complete your story dude. I'm very sorry.

Jason: Zeke.

Tdafan:*sighs*This is hard but Zeke(CONF)It was hard to vote for one of my closest friends

Elimination Ceremony One

The Bass: *walk into the main room of the library and line up in front of Nalyd*

Nalyd: Okay... Tyedye, first nominee and why. (Nonny's quit is not official until the elimination ceremony)

(CONF)Kenzen:I admit i was scared I thought I was a meh author but if i go first i will admit i will be sad but i will admit i thought i did good with my story this week

Tye: Tdifan. She didn't complete her story.

Nalyd: Second nominee and why, please.

Tye: Zeke, he also had an unfinished story.

Nalyd: Okay... Tdifan, Zeke, step forward... Now, Tdifan, why do you deserve to stay?

Tdifan: I think I deserve to stay because even though I don't have much time to finish stories, I still love writing and this competition has improved my writing so much! Take a look at my first couple stories on the first season, and then look at my (fraction of a) story here. Which one's better? XD Seriously. You can see how much I've improved. Also, being the runner-up of the first season and making it to the final 5 in the second season, I might have a shot at getting far this season, too. I'd really like to make it farther than last season (XD That was a fail last season), but if I don't I'll accept it and move on. *takes a bow*

Nalyd: Tdifan, I can't count previous seasons in determining things... Zeke, why do you deserve to stay?

(Kenzen:So everyone else is safe)

(Nalyd: Unless I think somebody else should have gone...)

Zeke: Well, this may not change much...But I had the whole story written down on a pad of paper. I just never had enough time to get it all down. I had schoolwork, family events, blah blah blah.

Nalyd: Thank you... *pull out cell phone* Nonny, get down to the main room, I need to talk to you immediately.

Anonymos: (Bursts in.) Sorry, I'm late.

Nalyd: Nonny... Do you want to stay and compete, or walk out the door there. *Points to door*

Anonymos: I feel it would be best for me to go, but all of my competition urges me to go on competing, I have decided to... go. Sorry to all who wanted me to stay, but I feel that this is the right thing to do.

Nalyd: Well, who am I to stop you? Good-bye, Nonny. You're a good author. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Anonymos: Bus? Oh, no, I don't take the bus. (Gets dragged onto the bus.) Evidently I do... Bye, all!!

Nalyd: Tdifan, Zeke, you're safe... for now...

Week Two Chat

Nalyd: Challenge soon.

NIzzy: Last time on-! Wait I'm not the host... (XD)

Koops: Priceless NIzzy! Priceless!!!

NIzzy: *backs away from Koops*

Chimmy:I can't believe Nonny's gone, but oh well! Good luck to the rest of you!

Weblykinly: After what happened yesterday, I really need to try harder and be as careful as I can.

Koops: I can't believe we lost Nonny, and we won!!!

NIzzy: *sigh* ...

Jason: I'm nervous about the next challenge.

NIzzy: Yeah...


NIzzy: ...

Dark: Whats wrong Nizzy?

YP: We won, and yet lost a player... Ironic, isn't it? Let's win, Gophers!!!!!

Dark: I know YP now I think we are the Screaming Gaffers now

Shane: May we please push the date back until Friday or Saturda? I won't be able to get my story up until then. I understand if you can't, though.

CK11: Done. It's a continuation of a story Sprink describes as "very sweet." I'm thinking of putting the original up on the fanfic wiki as a one-shot. ... *goes to do so*

Tdafan:*sighs*I can't believe Nonny quit,he probably would've won this time

CK11: Yeah, and I'd get 2nd, 3rd, or 4th. Wait, no, save fourth for Turnertang. He's gotten it every time he's competed. So I'd get 2nd, 3rd, or possibly 5th if Nonny didn't quit. But I'm not suggesting I'll win...or am I? (XD)

Tdafan:I know I won't win,but as long as I get to the merge,I'll be fine

Cards: I don't know what I'll  place this season, as long as I get my stories finished, I might do better than last season. Speaking of finishing my story, *starts story*

Kenzen:Can we add a character to it if so like make me Izzy's Husband in the story

CK11: Husband? O.O Anyway, who likes my story?

Tdafan:Haven't read it,Check out mine please

CK11: It's funny.

Tdafan:Mine?Anyway,yours was good.I liked it.LOL his secret gaming clan

CK11: Yeah, yours is funny. I almost forgot to put that in but then I remembered his TDI Interactive Bio...

Kenzen:My story is five years later

CK11: Ah...

Kenzen: And my story is a drama

Shane: I'm finally done with mine! And I was on time!

Cards: Finished! I'm bored! What do we do now? Blah, blah, blah. Pudding! Blah, blah blah. Library. *goes insane* I forgot, Bye Nonny, you were a great author!

Challenge Two

This week you need to write about a TDI character's holiday break! They can celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year's, or Boxing Day! The stories will be judged on grammar, spelling, and creativity! We ask that you do not do a parody of a holiday story. Script stories are strictly prohibited. Stories are due Thursday!


Sunshine's Reviews (Bass)

Chimmy's Reviews (Gophers)

Nalyd's Announcement

Nalyd: Due to lack of reviews, the winners were decided on which team had the most stories missing. The Gophers have 2 missing stories, while the Bass have 3. The Bass lose. You guys can talk in this section to decide which two will be nominated. I suggest you all submit two votes, and whichever two people get the most votes go up. (Just a thought XD)

Tdafan:Zekey and Ben,sorry guys :/

Kenzen:I vote Zekey and Ben Sorry guys (Tdifan is a great author ind i am giving her a chance)

Jason: Zeke and Ben.

(Sunshine: I was just about to finish my reviews. XD Sorry, guys...)

(Chimmy:Ditto with Sunshine XD)

(Kenzen:Put them up still PLEASE)

(Weblykinly:Me too, I want to know what to be improving on)

(Dark:still put them up because most people want to see their results)

Tye: Aww... no Best of the Worst? (XD) Anyways... Ben and...umm... Zeke. Although I dislike following a crowd, it is in my best decision to vote with everyone else. That, and if I vote someone else it won't count because there are already enough votes against Ben and Zeke. (XD)

(Nalyd: Sunshine, Chimmy, next time post the story reviews one at a time instead of all at once, k?)

Elimination Ceremony Two

Typing Bass: *arrive*

Nalyd: Um... *randomly picks somebody* Kenzen, who did your team pick and why? (Both nominees)

Kenzen:*stands up on stage sweating *Umm..*Spotlight flashes on him* Um The Team picked Zeke and Ben we felt that Tdifan deserved a chance and the Zeke and Ben were the best choices That is all*meets team*Good luck you two

Nalyd: So... you picked them because they're the best choices... not much of a reason but okay. *Zeke and Ben step forward* Zeke, why do you deserve to stay?

Kenzen:No i couldn't think okay geez

Zeke: I have NO reason. You should just get on with it and boot me out. I just wasn't cut out to do this because of school and stuff.

Nalyd: Zeke, I agree, and it's your time to go. Remember, whenever I've read your stories where you put lots of effort, I've been amazed and impressed. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Week Three Chat

Nalyd: *goes into office*

Dark: Pressure is now getting to everyone!

Chimmy:*sneaks into Nalyd's office, pops up behind him* Hey, Nalyd! I've got the challenge idea!

Dark: *Is sitting on the bench right by Nayld's office*

Sunshine: *starts singing* Everybody sing, like it's the last time you will ever sing... tell me, tell me, can you feel the pressure now... (That was "Born For This" by Paramore. Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week. XD)

GM: *walks away and gets a pop-tart* MMMM.....strawberry....(XD)

Dark: Hey Sunshine do you know where the cokes are?

Nalyd: Fine, Chimmy, go post the challenge... Remember to include paragraph form, spelling, grammar, due Thursday...

Dark: Nayld can I get off this bench now?

Sunshine: Well, Dark... go straight for 3.5 miles, turn left, go three feet, jump off the waterfall, avoid the raphids, journey through the desert, fight off the giant epic man-eating kangaroo, and in its lair you'll find a fridge, which should have cokes in it unless I forgot to go shopping again. *long pause* Or you could just look in the fridge that's right behind you. (XD)

Dark: Can you get it because Nayld told me to stay on this bench and no Diet

Tye: Can you guys review the stories from last week, even though it doesn't matter anymore? Everyone wants you to.

Dark: Hey Tye can you get me a soda?

Tye: *tosses Dark a Coke*

Dark: Hey it's Smirnoff!

CK11: *comes in with Cherry Coke* mmmm...

Tye: For the challenge, can we write about when they were in kindergarten? I've been thinking of a funny story involving Geoff, Trent, Duncan, and the principal's office for a while now.

Chimmy:Sure, as long as it meets the requirments.

Shane: If it's alright, may I do the kindergarden thingy too?

Chimmy:As long as it's not a copy of Tye's.

Shane: From what I just read, I highly doubt that.

CK11: My story's the only one up. What do you mean? (Why should it be in paragraph form?)

(Chimmy:Cause Nalyd told me to. XD)

Weblykinly: Hey, Chimmy, Sunshine or Nalyd what did you like and dislike about my story, last time! I've been wondering lately.

CK11: Same. (Did I do paragraph form right?)

(Chimmy:I don't think I'm allowed to comment...)

Turnertang: I think my story should be up today or tomorrow!

Shane: Mine should be up tonight.

Kenzen:Hey guys sorry team but i cant get my story up this week i hope i will be safe I will put my story up next week though

Shane: It's alright. I understand.

Kenzen:Thanks well it is Christmas week and i have H1N1 and so on...(Gifts, stress, headaches)

Turnertang: My story is up!!

Kenzen:Wish me luck guys i will need it

Challenge Three

For this week's challenge, you have to write about one or more TDI characters as babies/toddlers! It must be written in paragraph form, have proper spelling and grammar, and at least on TDI baby. The story must be about a typical day (Or not so typical!) in the young character's life. This story is due on Thursday, December 24. Merry Crossmas, everyone! (XD)


Nalyd: Chimmy gets Bass, Sunshine gets Gophers.

Chimmy's Reviews

Benthegame: No story, no review.

Jason: No story, except a title.

Kenzen: Again, only a title.

NIzzy:It sounds like it would have been epic…if you had only finished.

Shane:IMO, this was the best story this week. Everyone was is character, and I had several LOL moments. …why did I feel attracted to Trent after this story? XD, but that's beside the point. Awesome job!

Tdafan:It was funny…from what I could see. You didn’t complete your story.

Tdifan1234: No story, no review.

Tye: Epic XD. Everyone was in character, and the boys seemed to be having a great time! However…the story seemed to end rather abruptly. I would have LOVED to see more!

Sunshine's Reviews

Sunshine: First of all, I would like to give HUGE APOLOGIES both for my lateness this week and my lack of reviews the past two weeks. I'll do my best to be better with reviews from now on!

Cards777- No story, no review.

COKEMAN11- This explains so much. XD Courtney is hilarious in this story, and I love how much you made her act like a real-life little kid, especially in the first paragraph where she's asking all those questions. I didn't notice any spelling or grammar issues either. However, please try to split things into different paragraphs; don't have several people speaking in one paragraph. Other than that, great job!!!

Darkdonpatch- This was a pretty funny story (LOL at Dun-bear XD). Unfortunately, it's overflowing with grammar issues, usage issues, and so forth. To name a few: there were missing commas, quotation marks, periods, and other forms of punctuation in several places. The word "there" was used where it should have been "they're". Finally, things like "-His parents were speechless-" should have simply been "His parents were speechless.", rather than a heading. Keep things like this in mind in the future!

GM- This was pretty cool, if a bit weird... and they didn't really seem like little kids. I like the idea of a little kid detective team/secret agent thingy, but it would have been nice (and funny XD) if you'd made it more obvious that they were little kids somehow, like maybe having their "secret base" be a playhouse made from a cardboard box or something. Also, like CK11, don't have multiple people speaking in a single paragraph. Finally, I think "coldasack" should be written "cul-de-sac". Overall, a pretty good story, except for the aforementioned issues.

KoopaKidJr.- This was actually pretty cute. LOL at the fudgesicle. XD Though short, it was pretty much a complete story, and I noticed no spelling or grammar issues. However, I don't see how Owen could "run away", as you wrote, if he was learning how to walk in the story. XD Nice job overall!

Turnertang- L. O. L. That was pure hilarious insanity. XD I feel so bad for that poor Mary. However, some of the events seemed a little too random, coming out of nowhere. I wish you'd either shown when all the events happened or had transistions. Also, I notice your writing seems to always use the format, "'[Blah Blah Blah],' [person] said/other word meaning said as [actions]." If you were to use different sentence structures in your writing and mix it up a bit, it would be a lot more interesting and a lot more exciting. Keep that in mind, okay?

Weblykinly- What you had up of this was pretty cute. Lindsay was very in character! XD However, you had some punctuation issues. First of all, when putting commas at the end of someone speaking, the comma should be inside the quotation marks. Secondly, make sure that you end someone speaking with some form of punctuation, in particular a comma, question mark, or exclaimation point. I assume the mispelling of Martha as "Marfa" towards the end was intentional. XD I hope you're here next week and finish your story, as I think you can be a really great author with a little improvement.

YoshiPerson- No story, no review.

And the winner is...

Nalyd: It goes without saying that the Bass lose AGAIN and Shane is the best of the worst! Shane, take a moment here to discuss with your team who you will nominate.

Tye: I say you shouldn't pick Kenzen, Jason, NIzzy, or Tdafan. They've had stories all the time except this once. Ben has missed one story, and Tdifan has missed all of them. I say you pick them.

Shane: It's a bit of an honor to be BOW, I guess. About sending someone, I agree with you. I know who I'm sending, please know that this is not easy for me to type. I send, Ben and Tdifan.

Dark: *setting up a prank for Nayld* ahahahahaah this is going to be so good.....*sees a note in Nayld's office and looks at it.....oh my gawd that is so corny *puts note in pocket*

Chimmy:*bursts into Nalyd's office* Hey, Renn-....wait, you aren't Nalyd!

Shane: Should I go get Nalyd? He's in the IRC.

Dark:...................*looks at chimmy in a state of shock and look pale* uhhhhhh *runs out with out her seeing his face*.

Chimmy:...who was that?! *gasps* It might have been....A MURDERER!!! *starts looking for Nalyd's body XD*

Dark: Oh ****, oh man this suck I almost got eliminated man why me and my naiveness!

Chimmy:*continues looking for body, ends up finding a secret picture XD*

Shane: Um, guys? Should I get Nalyd?

Chimmy:Ewww! *chucks picture out window XD*

Dark: *walks around but sees that his ID is gone* Oh no If my ID is there then Chimmy might eliminate me!

Chimmy:*trips into glue just before seeing Dark's ID XD*

Dark: aw man *sees Chimmy stuck in glue and helps and grabs his ID and leaves* close one!


Dark: Oh and Chimmy there is no bloody Murder Nayld just at his Mcdonalds

Chimmy:*gasps* YOU'RE THE MURDERER?! (XD more fail)

Dark: *has hoodie on so Chimmy doesn't know me and my voice is lighter* No I am not the murderer the was none and now you see I am now L....(Death Note refence)

Chimmy:*is confused, tilts head* So WHO IS the murderer? (XD)

Dark: There is none there hasn't been any you can go to your dorm now and relax

Chimmy:Wait, I have a dorm!? I've been sleeping on the floor for the pasr 2 weeks! (XD)

Dark: Thats why I haven't had a roommate!

Elimination Ceremony Three

Nalyd: Shane, nominees and why, please.

Shane: The first one is: Ben. The reason: He missed a story this time and last time. The second one is: Tdifan. The reason: She missed every single story the whole time. Tdifan, I'm so sorry. This isn't easy for me to type.

Nalyd: Okay, Ben and Tdifan, each of you, tell me why you deserve to stay.

Tdifan: Just eliminate me. I don't even have time to do this. With studying for midterms and other big tests, I can't be writing a new story every week. and besides, with my schedule, you can see that I can't even type a paragraph! Good luck remaining contestants and may the best author win. I'm really sad to leave this way since I know that there were people that wanted to enter but missed sign ups (like I always do for nalyd's camps XD). Bye, guys.

Kenzen:Noooo *grabs her leg as she walks to bus*NOOOO (XD)

Nalyd: I completely agree with you, Tdifan. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Week Four Chat

Nalyd: Alright, who went in my office?

GM: I don't know. *walks away*

Chimmy:I don't know, Nalyd! I heard someone in there, so I went to check, but then they left before I could see them! And while searching for evidence, I found their ID but I tripped in glue before I could see it!

Shane: The person was........ YOU! *points to Dark*

Nalyd: Well, well, well, "Listen up, everyone! Stay out of my office, or you're ELIMINATED." Back in week one chat.

Sunshine: Um... does that include me? 'Cause I've been using your filing cabinet as my own apartment for the past four weeks... (XD)

Chimmy:And does that include me, too? Cause I've been in there several times...

Nalyd: I'm referring to the contestants, I.E. Dark. However, I will allow it to pass THIS TIME. Consider this a Kwanzaa miracle.




Dark: Why does everyone blame me *pouts* because I didn't do it as I recalled it I knocked myself outside *flash back: *on skateboard but then skateboard flips and Dark knocks himself out*

Koops: Nobody trusts anybody here Dark.

Kenzen:*hugs sunshine*You remind me of a potato(XD)

Shane: *sighs and is depressed*

Chimmy:What's wrong, Shane?

Shane: It's silly, really, but I had to nominate one of my best friends on the wiki. I know she dropped out, sorta. but it dosn't change anything. I just hope my team wins for once so we don't have to send anybody.

Chimmy:I feel your pain...nearly every week of TDA3 one of my friends was up for elimination.

Shane: Thanks, Chimmy. *hugs Chimmy* You wanna hear something funny? When I was working on my story for last weeks challenge, I accidently erased it. I clicked out and I started over. Then I found out that you should always save before you copy and paste things.

Jason: I'm so quiet. Its wierd around here.

Nalyd: Dark we know it was here, don't let it happen again. :/ *Walks into office*


GM: Ohh...... IT'S A FUN TIME TO LAUGH AND PLAY!!! No wait finish a poem. (XD)

Dark: Oh yeah Nayld I left a little surpise in there *in's the cake prank XD*

Shane: I think I'm done. I'll probably still edit it from time to time.

Kenzen:So much typing

Cards: It's not my best Haiku, but the other one I had didn't fit into the regulations for Haiku.

Shane: Um.... Cards......... I already did one of Katie and Sadie.

CK11: It really doesn't matter, there are a lot of K&S poems here.

Shane: That, wasn't my best week.

Challenge Four

Nalyd: This week you will be writing poetry based on Total Drama! You can do a haiku, a limerick, or a sonnet. Do the poems right, or don't submit one at all. They will be judged on creativity, originality, spelling, and if you did the poem type correctly. (JUDGES - If somebody didn't do a type of poem right, don't tell them until its time to judge)


Nalyd: Chimmy will get gophers, and Sunshine will get Bass.

Nalyd: I'm counting which poems count and which don't.

Cards777 - Well done. COUNTS

COKEMAN11 - Bad news, "They could still be in love" is six syllables. DOESN'T COUNT

Darkdonpatch - Not a haiku. DOESN'T COUNT

GM - Its a limerick. COUNTS


Turnertang - "The show started to end." is six syllables. DOESN'T COUNT

Weblykinly - Not any of the poems. DOESN'T COUNT

YoshiPerson - Not any of the poems. DOESN'T COUNT

The Writing Gophers have 3 poems that count.

Benthegame - No poem. DOESN'T COUNT

Jason - Not a sonnet. DOESN'T COUNT

Kenzen - "The twenty-two arrived." Six syllables. DOESN'T COUNT

NIzzy - No poem. DOESN'T COUNT

Shane - "While one is kind of fat" Six syllables DOESN'T COUNT

Tdafan123 - Incorrectly done limerick. DOESN'T COUNT

Tyedye - Perfect. COUNTS

Nalyd: Sunshine, Chimmy, I hope this helps you decide the winning team and Best of the worst.

Chimmy:I think it's pretty obvious that that the Writing Gophers win, and the BOW is Tye.

Nalyd: I agree completely.

Elimination Ceremony Four

Nalyd: Tye, nominees (both) and why please.

Tye: Ben and NIzzy. Neither of them had poems this week.

Nalyd: Ben, NIzzy, why should you stay?

Nalyd: Okay, I've waited long enough. Ben, time to go.

Week Five Chat

Nalyd: Fourteen are left...

Chimmy:Who's turn is it to think of the challenge?

Dark: I think Sunshine or something *has wine in hand*

CK11: *is writing TDK deleted scene called "R.I.M.D."*

Dark: is there any soda?

YP: Whatever the challenge is, I hope we win!

Tye: Less than 700 words?!?!? Are you insane?!?!?!?

Shane: WHAT!?! Well, if I don't submit one, it'll be my first. *thinks for a moment* I can do this! Time to get creative.

CK11: *thinking out loud* How will I qualify for national chess? Hmm...sounds good. Then insert the RIMD, Rats in my Dress... (XD)

Shane: DONE! I can also tell you how many words are in it if you include the characters and title, 646 words.


Kenzen:I am working on mine now it is ok if i modernize it right

CK11: Mine is modernized.

Shane: Mine too.

Challenge Five

This week, you must write a parody of a fairytale! You must say which fairytale you are using. You do not need to say which TDI character is replacing which fairytale character, but if it isn't clear points will be deducted. The catch; you can only use up to seven-hundred words! It will be judged on if it fit the original without being a copy, spelling, and grammar. If it is over 700 words, don't even submit it.


Nalyd: Sunshine gets Bass, Chimmy gets Gophers. Saturday at 12:00 eastern the elimination ceremony starts...

Chimmy's Reviews

Cards: No story, no review.

Cokeman: Um…how am I supposed to say this….this was an epic story! You captured the characters perfectly, added several twists to the story, and best of all, I didn’t see any spelling or grammar mistakes! Exceptional job!

Dark: Well, it was definetly under 700 words….however, you had lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. You didn’t have any new twists added to the story, so….yeah.

Greenmagic: Well…first of all, I’m sorry that memory thing happened again. The Chris and Chef thing was…interesting, and the story seemed like it would have been very good if you had finished it. On the bright side, I didn’t see any spelling mistakes, though I did notice one or two grammar mistakes.

KoopaKid: Well…THAT was interesting…I loved Lindsay’s comments, especially the last one. I’m not sure if breaking the fourth wall takes points off, though. I didn’t notice any spelling or grammar mistakes, and it was under 700 words, so great job!

Turnertang: There’s really nothing to say…except that this was really good! It was under 700 words, and I didn’t notice spelling or grammar mistakes! However, it seemed to stick to the basic plot of the story. I would have loved it if you had added a twist.

Weblykinly: This was pretty good! I loved the fact the Owen was the giant. However, I noticed some grammar mistakes. And again, I’m not sure if breaking the fourth wall allows me to deduct points.

YoshiPerson: No story, no review.


Nalyd: I read over the stories, and the Gophers win AGAIN. The Gophers, kicking butt and taking names. I can't pick a best person from the Bass, so I want you all to discuss it here for a while.

Shane: Darn it! I thought we could actually win it this time.

Kenzen:It might be to late but NIzzy and Tyedye neither of them had ther story finished

Shane: Sorry dude. It is to late. Tye and Tdafan are being nominated. Sorry guys.

Elimination Ceremony Five

Nalyd: Hm... *randomly picks* Shane, who do you think should be nominated and why?

Shane: I really don't wanna do this, but I have no choice. (Soul Calibur reference FTW) Anyway, first one, is Tdafan. The reason: He hasn't done the best in this compitition. Number Two: Tye. I'm so sorry dude. I didn't have a good reason for the others. The reason: He missed the story this week. I'm so sorry to both of you.

Nalyd: Good picks. Tdafan, Tye, each of you tell me why you should stay.

Tdafan: I deserve to stay because,FYI Shane! I worked hard!Plus,atleast I had SOMETHING for each week!Now,I hate to bring up that stuff,especially since Tye is a great friend of mine,but it's true.I'm ok with getting this place,I guess,but please let me get farther

(Sunshine: I AM SO, SO SORRY!!!! I have been really, really busy this week and haven't had a chance to get online. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE apologies for not being able to do reviews. Hopefully, I will be able to do reviews next week... again, very, very sorry... :( )

(Chimmy:It's OK, Sunshine...if it makes you feel better, I finished my reviews at 11:58 AM XD)

Tye: I have absolutely no excuse for why I shouldn't be here, because I know that I forgot my story. I'm not going to brag about how I've been BOW twice, or how amazing my writing skills are, because, honestly, they aren't that amazing. I understand completely if you decide to keep Tdafan over me, and I'll try my best to come back at the merge. Everyone here is a great author, or could become great. I know everyone slips up sometimes, like now. I do not wish to be eliminated this early, but if you decide to keep Tdafan and eliminate me, I deserved it for not doing my story. I would, however, like you to consider keeping me in, because I personally think I have great potential as an admin and an author, and I would love to keep competing. I hope I didn't bore you, and I shall be preparing for my, almost immenent, elimination.

Nalyd: The person leaving Total Drama Author 4 is... Tdafan. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Week Six Chat

Nalyd: *works on the hall of authors*

Turnertang: *Watches TV* This is a funny show!

Chimmy:I keep forgetting whose turn it is to come up with the challenge....if it's mine, though, I have something planned! ^^

NIzzy: Yay! Challenge! ^^

Nalyd: Your turn, Chimmy.

CK11: Tdafan eliminated fourth instead of second. *looks back to his three times in the bottom two last season with TBTDIF* Tdafan "saved" me that time. Then boom! Elimination. Then right when I came back, Boom! Elimination. But it's a new season! *dances*

Shane: I feel bad. I know I was picked randomly but still. Oh, and when's the merge?

Dark: I am surprise I got this far.

Jason: I can wait until next challenge...

Webly: I would like to see who would be voted out if my team finally lost!

Kenzen:I hear that*cradles sprained wrist*

Tye: Sooo... I'm guessing that there's no challenge this week?

Jason: I think so. Its already Wensday...

Shane: I hope I can do the challenge this week. I currently sick and sad. I'll do my best, though, to get a story up.

Kenzen:Maybe Nalyd and Chimmy and sunshine will pounce with a random challenge tomorrow

Nalyd: Guys, I am so sorry for the lack of challenge. No challenge this week, no elimination, you can have a week off.


NIzzy: YEAH!


Tye: Hey! I just realised (British spelling ftw, XD) something! We didn't lose this week! *dances* (XD)

Kenzen:But we didn't win either

Tye: So? Neither did they! *dances more* (XD)

NIzzy: *Caramelldanses* (FAIL XD)

YP: Hello peeps!!

Nalyd: Chimmy, please post a challenge.

Kenzen:You should do making a character page next challenge that looked fun last season

Chimmy:Oh, it was! I had so many ideas rushing through my head....I REALLY wanted to do the male one, but everyone else was doing I did female, and it was great! *realizes she's ranting XD*

Kenzen: I still want to do this i am going to finish TDF chapter then work on this(I get TDF chapter done first so i can proof read before putting up)

Shane: How long has the challenge been up? Anyway, this could not be at a worser time. If I don't get a story up, I'm sorry.

Shane: Never mind, it's up.

Jason: Bass, I don't think I could write a story this week. I'm sorry.

Challenge Six

Chimmy:This weeks challenge, you will be writing about one or more TDI character on a road trip with their family and friends! It will be judged on spelling, grammar, creativity, the usual stuff. It is due on Friday.


Nalyd: Sunshine, please judge the Bass' stories. Chimmy, please judge the Gophers' stories.

The Decision

Nalyd: I am VERY sorry to say that, once again, there are no reviews. The seven Gophers posted three complete stories. The five Bass posted three stories. The Gophers LOSE! Gophers, discuss who will be eliminated here.

Weblykinly: Sorry but id pick Cards or Dark (dark isn't a strong player, sorry but its very true) and cards didn't post her/his in.

YP: I agree.

(Sunshine: ...sorry... again... DX This week I'll do reviews, I promise!!! I would've done them today but I was offline pretty much all day... again, major sorries...)

(Jason: YES! BASS WIN! XD)

(Chimmy:Super sorry...I was at a movie most of the day, but then we had to get dinner....again, really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really sorry...I know I should have done them yesterday, but I was working on my fanfic...I'm such a lazy *ss...)

(Dark:So at least I posted a story and finshed it!)

CK11: I agree with those picks...won't we have a BoW?

Elimination Ceremony Six

Nalyd: So... Dark. Who did your team nominate and why?

Dark: huh?

Dark: Oh me and Cards77

Nalyd: Okay. Cards, Dark, why do each of you deserve to stay?

Dark: I deserve to stay because, well at least i have been trying to play! and I came here to be a better author, but If I must go then I will, but at least I have been doing the challenges, when though there poor at least you can read it and it's not blank!I think I deserve to stay, but i will go if I must.

Nalyd: The person leaving Total Drama Author 4 is... Cards777. Dark is not the best author here, but he comes every week and writes. That's more than you have done, my friend. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Week Seven Chat

Nalyd: There goes a great author...

Kenzen:I see it as that and there goes a threat XD

Chimmy:Yeah...(It's your turn to post the challenge, right? I don't wanna forget again DX)

Nalyd: I'll post the challenge.

CK11: I see it as "He was a good author, but now, I'm one step closer..."

Tye: I see it as "WE FINALLY WON ONE!" (XD)

Dark: I survived this week

Shane: I'm sorry but, FINALLY! WE FINALLY WON ONE! Sorry for gloating. I'm just so stoked!

Kenzen:Yeah we did XD

Turnertang: Gophers, we must win this time!

Dark: Mokay

NIzzy: Yay! We won a challenge! ^^

Shane: Aw crap! This'll be hard. Can we have an extra week to do this?

GM: Guys, that stupid memory thingy happened again and I can't my story up. That's the same thing that happened last week and someone will come and fix on Sunday.

Challenge Seven

This week, you must write parodies of songs, but turn them into Total Drama! The chorus may be repeated. It will be judged on spelling, and creativity. Due Friday!


Nalyd: I'LL be judging both teams this week.


  • Cokeman - No song, no review. Well that was easy! I wonder why Sunshine and Chimmy always take so long for this...
  • Dark - Can you give me a link to the original song, cause the one I found doesn't have lryics with the same syllable count as yours. Good lyrics though, pretty creative. Terrible comma grammar however.
  • GreenMagic - No song, no review.
  • KoopaKidJr. - I am very glad you changed, because I was going to rate you very lowly for Ugly Face because you had it in a blog post already. I really liked this one, very well done.
  • Turnertang - Well done. Quite a few spelling errors. I liked how this one was about the series, not a character.
  • Weblykinly - Leaving out parts of the song made it difficult to follow, and there really wasn't left when you finished. I am not sure what this song is about honestly...
  • YoshiPerson - Incomplete. Too many of the lyrics were the same as the original.


  • Jason - I have no idea what this is, so I'll mark it as incomplete.
  • Kenzen - I really enjoyed this song, and it was one of my favorites. HOWEVER, you had lots of issues with syllables and such.
  • NIzzy - I'm dissappointed you dropped a verse. My ears hurt from the peppiness (just kidding). I think too many of the lyrics were the same as the original.
  • Shane - This one actually isn't too bad, and its fun to sing along to. Couple syllable problems.
  • Tye - Pretty good, but I believe it repeats itself quite frequently. I like the song you picked.


Nalyd: The Bass win by a long shot. KoopaKidJr. you are the best of the worst. You can talk to your team about it if you want, but it is your final decision who to nominate.

Elimination Ceremony Seven

Nalyd: KKJ, who are you nominating and why? (Both people, please?)

Dark: I am scared!

Koops: I'm deciding to choose GM for not submitting his song and YP for barely doing challenges.

Nalyd: GM, YP, why do you deserve to stay?

Dark: I am safe!

Webly: Yay! So am i


GM: I think I deserve to stay because I have been having memory problems lately, but on Sunday some guy is going to fix it. But, the real reason is that I actually try to do challenges. Please keep me in!

Kenzen:I have to say one thing though...........................I drop out, Why-I dont have time to write for this with one fic and another on the way and i also have school scouts and other stuff i am sorry for just taking a spot to drop out later in the game but i know i have become a better author with this and i would like to say thanks but this is my choice and no one else's. I wish luck to the others have a feeling you all will rock good luck...................Bye

Nalyd: Okay, Kenzen. I respect that. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

CK11: *is confused as to why he wasn't nominated* Oh, well. Sorry, team! At least I survived.

Kenzen:I love buses*runs to bus gets in and yells from window Good luck to you all*throws his autobiography out the window*Read that*falls out bus window and chases bus as it drives off*(XD leavin in style)

Dark: *grabs book*.....*flips through pages* cheap,lame,idiotic and lame * throws book*

Shane: Even when we win we lose a member.

Dark: just like Nonny

Nalyd: *On cell phone* We're going to need the bus back. *Public Bus of Losers returns* YoshiPerson, it's time for you to go. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

CK11: That was unexpected.

Shane: I agree, I wasn't expecting that.

Koops: At least my BOW mark this week didn't go empty-handed. (laughs evilly randomly)

Dark: *blinks* 2 people left at the same time

Week Eight Chat

Nalyd: The merge isn't this week, don't bother asking.

Turnertang: Okay dokay.

Shane: Darn it......... Oh well, our team just needs to win again!

Webly: I get why, not everyone is a best seller here!

Shane: I guess I could see that. Anyway, come on everybody! Let's do something! I'm ready! WOOT!

Koops: We better have a fun challenge this week!!!

Dark: I feel insulted

CK11: Koops said it.

Shane: YAY! I got a story up! It took me three days, but it's finally up!

Shane: Tye, please get a story up. Please. And when are the reviews?

Turnertang: The challenge ends thursday right because Im can get mine up tomorrow.

Challenge Eight

This week you will be going back to fanfic writing. Your job is to write the next episode of Total Drama Action! Duncan has won, Beth's got Brady, Chris has a wig. (Just saying.) You can write for the Duncan ending or the Beth ending. You can write a new Aftermath, or all of them leaving and going home, or something else if you have a better idea. Due Thursday. Please end the story with "The End" or something of the sorts. This will be judged on spelling, creativity, grammar, and originality. (So we don't want a rip-off of one of the other Aftermaths.)


Nalyd: Chimmy will judge Gophers, Sunshine has Bass.

Chimmy's reviews

CK: LOL! This story was so funny. I loved Chris’s line, “Everybody sleeps with a teddy bear!” LOL at Owen!! Every single character was in character, and the episode almost seemed like it could be a real episode! However, it seemed to end rather abruptly, and I feel like you could have extended it by interviewing more of the characters.

Dark: Well…it was definitely original. However, it was absolutely filled with grammar and spelling issues, such as "SPENSE YOUR FIRED!” instead of, “SPENSE, YOU’RE FIRED!” Try to improve these issues in the future, as they are tying down your stories.

GM: No story, no review.

KoopaKidJr.: This was definitely the most original story, in my opinion. Great idea to use just the unqualified contestants instead of the more-focused on characters. I loved Noah and Eva in this, and Tyler was pretty good. However, I wish you had at least incorporated a bit of the hyped up characters, as you only focused on the 7 that didn’t qualify. It didn’t seem like much of a reunion or aftermath, but it wasn’t stated in the rules that it had to be one of those.

Turnertang: This was pretty cool! I liked the randomness of the objects that would fall on the contestants, and good idea using only some of them, though it seemed short. I noticed only one grammar mistake, “Now if you lie then your seat will eject and shoot you in the air…there should be an end quotation there.

Weblykinly: Good story! Nice idea with the dramatic speeches. However, it seemed short, and it had a ton of grammar issues. For example, there was “It's Chris McClean signing in saying that was not the last aftermath this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..not only was there no end quotation, the sentence should have been. “It’s Chris McClean, signing in, saying that this was not the last aftermath, this is!” …Come to think of it, I think that’s a run-on sentence.

Sunshine's Reviews

Sunshine: I actually did my reviews this week! *awaits applause, recieves none* ...moving on...

Jason: This one was all right. I got kind of tired of Beth and Brady's constant lovey-dovey talk, but that's just me. I thought it started and ended kind of abruptly as well, and I would've liked to see a little more of the reuinion (though in all honesty, Chris probably would do an ending like that XD). There were a few minor grammar issues as well, like two people talking in one paragraph and some problems with commas. Other than that, it was pretty good!

NIzzy: This one was funny. I was LOL at Lindsay. "Oh my, is Taylor here?" XD Everyone was very in character. However, there were some minor grammar issues (mostly forgetting commas) and I felt the story started and ended really abruptly; if you'd written a bit more and made the ending seem less rushed, it would have been better. Other than that, not bad!

Shane: This was probably my favorite one of the Bass stories. It was funny, it gave each character some time, all the characters were written realistically, there were emotional moments, there were revelations, all that good stuff. I liked how you introduced Alejandro and Sierra, and made the transition into TD:TM. I think there were some minor grammar issues, but nothing serious. Nice work!

Tye: No story, no review.


Nalyd: Chimmy, Sunshine, looking over the reviews, who do you think won the challenge?

Sunshine: Hmm... I guess I'd say the Gophers should win, and Shane should be BOW. What do you think, Chim-chim?

Chimmy:I agree!

Sunshine: Well, that was easy! XD

Chimmy:Yup! XD

Sunshine: It really goes a lot faster when I actually decide to contribute! (LOL, I really was busy the past... er... month or so... big sorries for the five or six reviews I missed... >.<;;)

Chimmy:It's OK Sunshine, I've missed my fair shair of reviews.

Nalyd: I agree. Bass lose AGAIN and Shane is the BOW. Shane, you can talk with your team here.


Shane: Dark, the Gophers have only lost twice. Anyway, I know the two who I am sending. The first one is Tye: You know, whenever I am BOW, Tye never has a story up. Anywho, Tye didn't get a story up. I'm very sorry Tye. Really, I am. Anyway, the next person in Nizzy. Although Nizzy had a story up, I feel as if Jason has done more or something, as Jason had a better review. Anyway, those are the two I am sending. I am very sorry Tye and Nizzy.

Elimination Ceremony Eight

Nalyd: Shane, who are your nominees and why. (You can copy your above message)

Shane: (Yay copy and pasting!) Anyway, I know the two who I am sending. The first one is Tye: You know, whenever I am BOW, Tye never has a story up. Anywho, Tye didn't get a story up. I'm very sorry Tye. Really, I am. Anyway, the next person in Nizzy. Although Nizzy had a story up, I feel as if Jason has done more or something, as Jason had a better review. Anyway, those are the two I am sending. I am very sorry Tye and Nizzy.

Nalyd: Tye, NIzzy, why do you deserve to stay?

Dark: we all know who is going

Shane: Um, Dark, you can go back to wherever your team is.

Dark:........*runs to his dorm*

Nalyd: The person leaving is... NIzzy. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Week Nine Chat

Jason: Aw, Nizzy's gone! :(

Sunshine: Wow, Tye doesn't get a story up and he still stays... wowzers. Anyhoo, whose turn is it to come up with a challenge, Nalyd? (I assume it's mine since the last time I posted a challenge was week 2 XD)

Nalyd: Tis your turn Sunshine.

Shane: I'm assuming it's not the merge. T_T

Sunshine: Cool, I have an idea. I shall contact you on another wiki with the idea!

Sunshine: *speaking to an invisible Sprinklemist* I'm so glad you came up with this challenge last season. It's such an awesome idea! ^^

Chimmy:The male one is hot XDD

Sunshine: Really? Whoot, I made a hot guy! (Man, I drew those pics forever ago... XD)

Chimmy:Then again, it could be because he's a Noah edit...XD JK

Sunshine: Possibly... Noah has made it onto my Unhealthy Obsessions List! XD

Chimmy:*pumps fist in air XD*

CK11: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Cody has made it onto my random obsessions list. Courtney and Izzy lake up the unhealthyness. XD

Shane: Okay, I have a question about the character. Do we have to make templates? And when is this due? I could do it right now. I just wanna know if we should make a template.

Sunshine: No, you don't have to make a template. It's due Thursday, as always.

Shane: Awesiemo.

CK11: Donezorz.

Shane: Me too! *high fives CK11*

Dark: actually-*sees random floating fish in his face*-What the f-*commercial break* -wait this is a TV show!!!

CK11: I'm kinda hoping we can have early judging since everyone's done...

Challenge Nine

TDA4 Female Character

Female Character

TDA4 Male Character

Male Character

For this week's challenge, you will be creating a character profile for one of the characters shown here. This profile should include the character's name, personality, background, and reason for joining the Total Drama series. You can include an audition tape if you'd like. This will be judged on originality, creativity, believability, and the usual spelling and grammar. Good luck!


Nalyd: Here's my judging... (Sunshine and Chimmy miss it again)

  • COKEMAN11 - Really well done!
  • Darkdonpatch - Lots of grammar mistakes in the Bio section, but otherwise looks okay.
  • GM - This one was good too.
  • KoopaKidJr. - Fabulous! (Sorry, couldn't resist. XD) I thought this was a good one, quite original.
  • Turnertang - Good job. However, you misspelled y'all.
  • Weblykinly - A little on the darker side... Putting "How to Manipulate Retards" in there makes me rank this character really low. That's a terrible thing to say.
  • Jason - Nice job on this.
  • Shane - I like this character. Well done.
  • Tye - You did two, which is cool. I like how you put the most effort in of anybody on your team.

The Decision

Nalyd: No team wins this week. COKEMAN11 and Tye, I want both of you to nominate ONE person for your respective teams. Of the two people nominated, I'll pick one to go. You two can talk to your teams here.

(Chimmy:Oh crap...maybe I should move the date for TDL...)

Webly: I know mine might have sounded mean but Heather was pretty mean. And I knew being the person who taught Heather all of her skills. She had to be a little darker. So, please don't nominate for mine. But I think we need to nominate Dark who has a lot of grammar issues and other problems. I totally understand if you pick me though.

CK11: Sorry, Webly, but I'm nominating you. Forgive me if you're eliminated.

Webly: I know I'm going but I'm still kinda shocked you picked me. The other team is better than me so I'm sure I'm eliminated :(.

Dark: Sorry Webs,....*jkust relized that she tried to nominate me* HEY! AT LEAST I HAVE DILIGENT!

Shane: I really don't have a say in Tye's decision.

Chimmy:Um...aren't Webly and CK both boys?

Shane: That's what I thought.

CK11: If I'm a girl, why am I COKEMAN11? I'm male.

Webly: I'm also male, thank you very much!

Dark: It was a purpose-typo

Tye: Shane hasn't missed a single story yet, so I'm nominating Jason. I think everyone on what remains of the team has great potential, so I hate nominating, especially with only 2 people to choose from. I assume that if Jason does go, the merge is next week. If Webly goes, I don't know.

Elimination Ceremony Nine

Nalyd: CK, your nominee and why. Tye, your nominee and why. (Come on, guys. Don't have all day. XD)

(Sunshine: I woke up this morning realizing I'd completely forgotten to do reviews. ><;; HUGE apologies, guys. I promise next time, I'll get them done the day of!!!)

CK11: I changed my nomination. I nominate Dark, because although he comes every week and tries his best, he has spelling and grammar issues. Now, they have gotten better, but not enough to escape nomination.

Dark: You know what? I quit, I'm going out either way, so I quit! Thanks for having me here, but there is no possible way I can beat Jay in this ceremony, I am just going to quit!

Nalyd: Dark, are you absolutely sure?

Dark: and it's not just that, I think Jay deserves to stay more then me, so yes I am I think I am proud of myself of getting this far, this is also cause Jay is my friend......

CK11: Also, Dark, remember that while you do have grammar and spelling issues, Jay hasn't submitted a story every week like you have.

Dark: Still if you come down to it, Jay is a better author then me

Jason: Dark, please don't quit. You know how many people wanted to be on TDA4 that didnt make it on?

Dark: I am still a little bit iffy on this........

Koops: If Dark doesn't quit, then Nalyd is gonna have a tough decision to make.

Dark: Well then, I'll stay for this, Nalyd I am still in, we can't just waste a dramatic moment,huh (I hope ya'll are happy)

Nalyd: I have an easy decision to make. This person missed three weeks in a row. The person leaving is... GM. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Koops: I didn't see that coming.

Week Ten Chat

Nalyd: Sunshine, Chimmy, I'll post the challenge this week.

Dark: well that was a shocker.....

Koops: Can we PLEASE have a merge?

Jason: That WAS a shocker. I agree with Koops.

CK11: After nominating Dark, I was like..."Why didn't I nominate GM?" I think I just reconsidered because his computer had memory problems.

Dark: Well i am still in this, though

Dark: Wait is the merge this week?

Koops: I hope so.

Webly: I was earlier going to change why I shouldn't be eliminated and tell why not GM. But, I thought everyone knew he was having computer problems. BTW, thank you CK11 for saving me. I'm going to step my game because I know that my team depends on me also! I want a merge too!

Dark: 10 people left, if we have 2 more weeks, then there will only be 6 people who made it to the merge

CK11: Eight people left, and in previous seasons, eight people equals merge.

Dark: I am in here from pure luck, I on't think I am the best author I think I am almost the most mediocre,Which makes me a good author

CK11: ...So no merge and it's poetry week.

Koops: There's 8 people here and we don't have a merge!!!

CK11: *facepalms* Oh, yeah, people return. Two people this season. Next week is the merge, trust me. I know these things. *goes to write poem, does multiple so he is BoW if the Gophers lose XD*

Dark: -_-

Ck11: ...*realizes that he and Turnertang are the only TDAuthor veterans left*

Dark: Here's a limerick I found in an old sheet of paper:

  • The limerick packs laughs anatomical
  • In space that is quite economical,
  • But the good ones I've seen
  • So seldom are clean,
  • And the clean ones so seldom are comical. (Not my competition one)

Turnertang: Go veterans!

Tye: HOLY CRAP! I'm in the final 8! Woot! (also, on a random note, CK, Koops, and I are the only full column left in the hall of authors. XD)

Shane: Ugh, not poetry. Anyway, it's NOT the merge? Crap! Anyway, I really hope it is soon. Anywho, I'm sick you guys. I'll try to get a poem up.

Koops: I think this is coming down to any team's game now.

CK11: More like anyone's game.

Challenge Ten

Nalyd: Since the poetry week was a complete flop, we're doing it again. Everyone has to write a TDI related limerick. Due Thursday.


Nalyd: I'll be doing the judging this week.

  • COKEMAN11 - I like that you went above and beyond by doing so many. However, your syllable count was off and none of the poems flowed very well.
  • Darkdonpatch - You had a syllable count problem, but I liked this poem.
  • KoopaKidJr. - Same as the last two, syllable count issues messed up the flow of the poems. I liked the Courtney one, and I'm glad you did several.
  • Turnertang - I liked your poems but, once again, none of you really paid attention to syllables.
  • Weblykinly - A thousand points off for mentioning Joe. (Just kidding) These were okay poems.
  • Jason - I love the beginning, but the fifth line is supposed to rhyme with the first two, so I can't count this as the correct kind of poem.
  • Shane - I'm glad you did two, but I think you need to work on syllable count.
  • Tyedye - It saddens me that you've been the BOW three times and you wrote nothing...


Nalyd: The Gophers win. Shane, when it's time for the elimination, please pick one person to nominate.

Shane: Okay......Um.........I dunno who to pick. Uh......... Tye has done great, but he hasn't done that many challenges. Jason, on the other hand, has been more diligent. Tye has been doing great when he does write a story. Jason has improved dramatically, though. I......I really don't know. Okay, now I know. Jason. You've done amazing. But I feel as if Tye has done better. Listen Jay, I'm sorry. I really don't wanna do this. But I nominate Jason. I am very sorry.

Elimination Ceremony Ten

Nalyd: Okay, Shane, your nominee and why please.

Shane: Okay......Um.........I dunno who to pick. Uh......... Tye has done great, but he hasn't done that many challenges. Jason, on the other hand, has been more diligent. Tye has been doing great when he does write a story. Jason has improved dramatically, though. I......I really don't know. Okay, now I know. Jason. You've done amazing. But I feel as if Tye has done better. Listen Jay, I'm sorry. I really don't wanna do this. But I nominate Jason. I am very sorry.

Nalyd: Jason, why should you stay instead of Tye?

Jason: Okay- I deserve to stay instead of Tye because I believe that on TDA4 I've grown as a writer. Sure, I may not complete stories or anything, but this competiton really helped me out. From Sunny's critizism, to Chimmy's remarks, I took them all in. I want to become a better writer. With all of the critizisim I'm getting, I learn from my mistakes. I want to be here to learn more. To become a better writer than I already am. That is why I think I should stay instead of Tye.

Nalyd: I agree. Tye, it's time to go. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers. Also, everyone, I have a surprise... *opens doors, revealing DJ Spenstar and Tdafan123* They're ba-ack!


Dark: Spenny was never in the contest.......OH WELL

Tdafan:WAHOO! :D

Dark:..great, week 5 is back

Shane: AWESOME! TDAFAN! *high fives Tdafan*

Tdafan:Shane! Nice to see ya bud!

Koops: I'm guessing you two are on the Bass?

Turnertang: Spenny wasn't here before.

Koops: I know, I'm asking are they both on the Bass?

Tdafan:So, what's up?

Spenny: Hey guys! Ima here at last!

Spenny: At last, I am in! And I might win! Hey that rhymed! xD

Dark: is Tdafan or Spenny wins, that will be the 1st time ever, someone who returns wins, and a Bass will win XD

Spenny: Then it's time I made a few firsts around here! xD

Shane: You don't think I could win? XD

Spenny: You're a bass, so if you win, there will be a first. I still think you can win, Shane

CK11: Spenny's here? Darn, that means all of my chances at winning are gone XD

Shane: Thanks Spenny! I feel much better now!

Spenny: No problem Shane, glad I could help. Cokeman, if you keep that attitude, there's no way you can win. Be confident in yourself. You might surprise yourself! ;)

Spenny: This must be how Sprinklemist feels... xD

Week Eleven Chat

Nalyd: Hello, final nine. And all of you can feel free to use any of my characters. Just sayin'. (XD)

Jason: Can I use Audrey? or Jessica?

Dark: I am using Steve, permission from Spenny!

Tdafan:Nalyd, can I use Brittany???

Spenny: That means I can use Niles and Jocelyn? Awesome! =D

Koops: I'm using Niles and Susan. Wait, can we use same characters?

Nalyd: Yes. And Jason, Tdafan, you can use my character too. XD

Turnertang: Can I use you characters Nalyd?

Shane: Am I the ONLY one not using Nalyd's characters? XD

Spenny: No, Dark and Webz are using mine! =D

Shane: Just to let you guys know, I am working on my story.

Webly: Just to let you guys know, I did get permission from Spenny. BTW, I can't wait untill I'm finished. Her death is more tragic than you think.

Shane: Oh yeah, and I did get permission from Spenny to use his characters.

Spenny: It's more tragic than I think?! And I made her character!! xD, I'm really looking forward to this. Don't let me down! xD last hope for someone to use TDL characters is COKEMAN. xD

CK11: all hope is gone. XD

Shane: IT'S FINALLY UP! Longest entry yet. 14 pages. At least my record remains intact!

Koops: My story's up! :)

Challenge Eleven

This week, you must write a non-canon story using characters from the fanfic wiki. It can be a oneshot, a separate competion, an alternate ending, a deleted scene, whatever you desire. However, you MUST have the author's permission, or you can NOT use their character. You cannot use your own characters. You can use characters from multiple stories. This story will be judged on grammar, spelling, creativity, and if you correctly represented the characters you used. This story is due Thursday.

COKEMAN11's Story

Total Drama Amazon: Alternate Ending to "I'm the king of the amazon!"

(This starts from the middle of the chapter. Note that it's obviously non-canon.)

Hillary walked up to the wheel and spun it.

"Ooh, this is a good one!" Nalyd smirked.

"What? What is it?" Hillary asked, anxiously.

"It's the dare from Elvis - burn your hand!" Nalyd smiled evilly. Hillary gasped.

"That is so distasteful." Susan commented from the side.

"Will you do it, Hillary?" Nalyd asked as Bob the Leprechaun arrived with a bonfire.

"...Well, yeah. It's only yellow fire!" Hillary skipped over to the bonfire and stuck her hand in.

"Is she really going to do that?" Susan gasped.

"Fire's color makes a difference?" Niles did not know this.

"OW!" Hillary pulled her hand away from the fire.

"Well, she did it, so...Jocelyn! Your turn!" Nalyd called.

"Okay..." Jocelyn spun the wheel and got Jess' dare.

"Your dare is to read a chapter from New Moon in fluent French." Nalyd explained.

"I don't even KNOW French!" Jocelyn complained.

"Oh, is that refusal I hear?" Nalyd asked a rhetorical question.

"N-no! I can do it! Ca va mal. Je suis mingnonne. Oui-oui." Jocelyn started saying random French words to try to get everyone to think she was actually reading.

"Okay, I've read New Moon. Nowhere do the characters ever say, 'I am sad. You are cute. Yes-yes.' That's so cheating!" Susan complained in the confessional.

"In-corr-ect! Do you want to try again?" Nalyd asked.

"Who are you, a video game?" Jocelyn asked.

"Do you want to take another shot?" Nalyd asked.

"No way!" Jocelyn stated.

"Then that means Hillary is immune. She wins a one-in-three shot at the cash prize along with two other people. The leftover will be sent home at tonight's Tribal Council. Decide who to vote off, come to Tribal Council, and let the chips fall where they may." Nalyd explained. He then left.

That evening, Hillary was talking to Niles.

"So," Niles asked, "who do we vote off tonight?"

"The obvious choice." Hillary said.

"Okay, but do I have to vote out Susan?" Niles assumed that the "obvious choice" was Susan.

"No, you just vote yourself off." Hillary explained.

"What? No, never!" Niles refused.

"So what? You're already rich, got my boyfriend eliminated, and you have alliances with all of the girls here. You're using us, and Jocelyn is using you. You're in a terrible position; give up." Hillary said.

"You are no help. But I will make sure that you do not make it to the final two." Niles got up and left. Hillary started to smirk.

"What makes him think he'll be in the final three?" Hillary left as well.

Niles then discussed with Jocelyn.

"Who gets the boot tonight?" Niles asked.

"Susan; no duh." Jocelyn told Niles.

"Yeah...but I don't really want to vote for her." Niles explained.

"Then you'll be making a fatal mistake." Jocelyn stated.

"I guess, if I have to..." Niles looked down.

"Which you do." Jocelyn smirked.

Niles was in the confessional. "I'm too confused and depressed to even go to Susan tonight. I can't choose, I just can't!" Niles had his head in his hands.

At Tribal Council, everyone gathered and sat down. Niles sat next to Susan.

"Niles?" Susan whispered. "Why didn't you come and discuss with me?"

"I'm sorry, Susan, it's just that I think I'm being targeted. I was too confused to chat with you." Niles partially lied.

"Quiet, lovebirds." Nalyd stared at Niles and Susan, who bolted back to their regular positions. "Go vote, one at a time."

Hillary voted for Niles. "Adios, traitor."

Susan voted for Jocelyn. "I know what you're trying."

Nalyd went to tally the votes, and came back. "I've tallied the votes. It has been set in stone that someone is eliminated. Here come the jury." The jury came in and sat down.

"Jury, Hillary is the one immune." Nalyd explained. Hillary smiled, and so did James.

"Okay, who wants to play an idol?" Nalyd asked. Nobody answered. "Okay. Vote one; Susan. That's one vote for Susan." Susan gasped. Nalyd took out another vote. "One vote for Niles. That's one for Susan and one for Niles." Nalyd took out another vote. "One vote Jocelyn. One vote for all the vulnerable ones. This is Niles' vote. The tiebreaker." Everyone looked scared. “The twenty-first person voted out of Total Drama Amazon and the eighth member of our jury…"

"Niles." Nalyd declared.

"Niles? You voted yourself off?" Susan asked. Niles just sighed.

“Niles, bring me your torch,” Nalyd said. Niles brought Nalyd his torch. “Niles, the tribe has spoken.” Nalyd snuffed his torch.

"Guys, this is the way it's meant to be. If Hillary makes it to the final two...let's just say I don't see any winning for her." Niles walked away, as Hillary had a gaping mouth.

"Hillary, Susan and Jocelyn. The final three. All of you, go back to camp. You'll need the strength for tomorrow." Nalyd finished as everyone left.


Darkdonpatch's Story

Steve's elimination

I was walking back to my cabin.

“Man,I wonder who is out” I said.

I started getting dizzy,but I ignored it .

Then I went to the cabin, and saw that everyone wasn’t sleeping heavily,so I thought it might be a girl, or me!

I then walked over to the girl cabin, when I felt sick.


I started banging my head on the cabin for craziness.

None of the guys did anything, they were asleep

I was going crazy!

I then tried to puke, nothing.

I then almost fell down.

I tried to get steady.

Then I was starting to get dizzy.

Everything turning into colored bubbles.

Why, what did I do!?!?!?!

I started to fall onto my bed.

I was about to be unconscious.

I tried ,with all of my energy, to stay up.

I then saw a dark and evil figure.

I said ”Justin…..”.

He said nothing, then he shot me with a tranquilizer.

I closed my eyes, and fell away,disappearing from everyone.

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

Niles Reveals the Long-Awaited Truth

It was a moody day at the Amazon. Niles won immunity, leaving him the decider of who he takes with him to the Final 2. Will it be either Susan, the nice girl or Jocelyn, the hot girl? Niles will have to make the choice tonight at Tribal Council.

Niles was walking along a path, until he saw Susan crying by a lake. He went to go comfort her.

"Hey Susan," Niles asked Susan trying to comfort her, "What's the matter?"

"It's nothing Niles; it's just the fact that you still don't get how Jocelyn is just using you to win." Susan explained to Niles, as she wiped the tears off her face.

"She's lucky she's just hot." Niles said to himself.

"But Niles, you still don't get it, do you?" Susan asked Niles.

"What do you mean Susan?" Niles asked back at her.

"I had a crush on you since Day 1 and yet you still can't get past the point that Jocelyn is just plotting against you, even as we speak, she's probably working on her jury speech." Susan replied.

"I didn't know Susan, I'm sorry." Niles told Susan.

"It's not your fault, but the thing that should be on your mind is who will you take to the finals?" Susan said to Niles.

"I still can't decide who; you're both smart, pretty, funny, energetic, etc." Niles said to Susan.

"You know what Niles," Susan told him, "I should've done something I should've done a long time ago."

Susan grabbed Niles and made out with him, Niles became more attracted than he was to her before.

"That was nice Susan, but the truth is, I too have feelings about you." Niles explained to her.

"What feelings?" Susan asked.

"I also had a crush on you, but I didn't want to tell you, because I thought you would be mad at me." Niles explained to her, as he told her his true feelings.

"So you felt that way about me, since Day 1?" Susan asked Niles.

"Always have, I was smitten with you as soon as I saw you. Why do you think I saved you from elimination that day when I tried to get rid of Bozo instead?" Niles asked Susan.

"Because you-," Susan said, as Niles cut her off, "It's because I didn't want to lose you."

"Oh Niles, I can't believe you did that all for me!" Susan shouted overjoyed, as they made out again.

Later that night at Tribal Council, it was time to vote.

"Now bringing in the members of our jury," Nalyd announced, "Nathaniel, Rocky, Ed, Bozo, Lacey, Ace, James, and Hillary; voted out at last night's Tribal Council."

"Alright Niles, you have individual immunity, do you want to give it to someone?" Nalyd asked Niles.

"No, I already made my decision." Niles said, as he winked at Susan.

Jocelyn just looked at them in disgust.

"It is time to vote, Jocelyn you're up." Nalyd told her.

Jocelyn voted for Susan, "Bye bye, Little Miss Nice Girl!"

Susan voted for Jocelyn, "Niles now knows the evil plot you were pulling."

Niles voted for-, "This one is private guys!"

Nalyd went to get the jar of votes and took a piece of paper containing a vote out of the jar and read it, "Jocelyn." He took out another vote. "Susan, 1 vote for Susan and 1 vote for Jocelyn, 1 vote left." He took out the last vote and read it aloud, "Twentieth person voted out and the ninth and final member of our jury............................Jocelyn! You need to bring me your torch"

"How could you Niles, I thought we had something." Jocelyn said to Niles with tears in her eyes.

"Nice try Jocelyn, I now know about your tricks, time to go on the jury where you belong!" Niles shouted to her, as Susan kissed him upon his cheek.

Jocelyn stomped angrily towards Nalyd as he said to her, "Jocelyn, the tribe has spoken."

He snuffed her torch as she shouted to Niles and Susan, "I'll have my revenge tomorrow, just wait!!!"

Niles and Susan made out once again as they enjoyed their last nights in the Amazon and their spots in the Final 2.


Turnertang's Story

The New "iRene"

After the Total Drama Reality “iRene” started going outside again and know she decided it’s time to try something difficult instead of just walking places and going to school…

“Are you sure you want to do this?” “iRene’s” Mom asked as she watched “iRene” pack her gym bag up.

“Now that I can go outside I want to try something fun.” “iRene” explained as she finished packing her bag.

“But it’s only been two months since the finale.” “iRene’s” Mom persuaded as she tried to talk “iRene” out of it.

“I’m going!” “iRene” announced as she walked out the door and started walking to the field.

“It’s so cool you’re doing this!” “iRene’s” new best friend, Jenny chirped as the walked into the gym.

“I know! This is going to be fun!” “iRene” chirped as the put on their gym clothes and headed to the gym.

“Okay ladies! There are only twelve spots and the rest of you girls don’t make it because you stink!” The Coach yelled as she blew her whistle for no reason.

“Was that really necessary?” “iRene” asked as she took her fingers out of her ears.

“Yes it is! That’s going down on my clipboard!” The Coach yelled as she blew her whistle again, “Now drop down and give me twenty!”

“Finally, I get a physical workout.” “iRene” said happily as she got down to do the push ups.

“Yeah, this is a real treat.” Jenny said sarcastically as she did her push-ups, too.

“Now that you did your push ups it’s time to do twenty more push ups!” The Coach yelled as they all got down again.

“Okay, now this is getting annoying.” “iRene” commented as she did her push ups again.

“Coach, can we do some drills?” Jenny asked after she finished her push-ups.

“Asks questions.” The Coach mumbled as she jotted down some notes on her clipboard, “Now get into lay up lines.”

“Finally, some basket ball stuff!” “iRene” cheered as she grabbed a basketball and got into the line. “This should be fun!” Jenny chirped as she got into the other line.

One hour later…

“Time for the second drill!” The Coach yelled as she blew her whistle.

“Can we get a water break?” “iRene” asked.

“No!” The Coach screamed as she jotted down more notes, “Now go take some free throws!”

Three hours later…

“That was the worst practice ever!” Jenny announced as they walked home from the practice.

“We only did two drills.” “iRene” said as she kept walking, “At least I got to do something fun.”

“Yeah, that was a blast.” Jenny said sarcastically as “iRene” trudged into house.

“So how was it?” “iRene’s” Mom asked.

“Yeah, it was great.” “iRene” replied sarcastically as she went into her room.

Epilogue: “iRene” did make the team with Jenny and Coach was fired for making a teacher def with her whistle.

Weblykinly's Story

Alyssa's Death


My life was tragic, especially my death. Before I get on with my story of death here is a recap of my past life. I was once happy, full of joy. Until my parents died. I hate subways and especially Subway! (1) Their food is crap, but on with the story. After my parents died I was depressed and the only person who understood me was a nutjob. Which is hard to believe, because nutjobs aren't the smartest. So, then I decided to audition for a reality show called "Total Drama Infinity". I only joined to get the good feelings back. But, I can't say I did, I mean look where I am now. As you can see, I'm in Heaven but my parents are no where to be seen. I can only have hope that their still alive. But I need to tell you what happenned, not search for my parents, for reality should learn the truth. Now here is the story of how I died:

It was a gloomy day at the camp of "Total Drama Infinity". I was proclaimed missing. You see, the day before their was a challenge. That challenge required to hang on a pole. Whoever, stayed on the longest would win their team immunity. I dropped off of it early and I flew to shore. But it wasn't actually shore. My leg got stuck in a snapping-turtle's mouth. I tried to fight back. The snapping-turtle was relentless. The water turned red, the color of my blood. I thought I was a goner. It was bite after bite, I was at that same spot for hours. The voice of my parents in my head was telling me to never stop. Suddenly, my leg was then free'd. I thought it was a miracle. I punched him in the stomach for the final blow and he was gone.

When I reached a rock by the next day, blood was gushing everywhere and it wouldn't stop. I could barely breathe. I strived for food and water. I was calling out all night for someone to help me. It was no use. The names couldn't get out of my head. Richard, Patricia, Luciana, Xavier, Samuel and more. I needed to get to sleep, but I couldn't. I was too afraid of dying in my sleep. The alligator bite was starting to stop but still hurt bad. I felt sick too my stomach and if I knew I didn't get to the hospital or something quick, I'd die. Like taking a spin for Russian Roulette. Nothing I ever wanted to do, but something I had to face. All of a sudden I heard something creeping in the bushes. I thought it was a bear. But, it wasn't, something I didn't expect to see.

Then, Justin came over to me. I thought I was rescued! I wasn't going to die. But, my last statement wasn't true.

"I have lived 2 season's of a crappy reality show. I don't need you to interfere with anything. For I see in the future, you'll uncover my real identity. I can see through time, and my future isn't bright. So, I have to do this," Justin says while I'm about dead.

He then stabbed me with a stick. I screamed in pain. Then I saw a light, I stood up on a rock. I thought it was the light of heaven. My favorite tv show was "Ghost Whisperer". The first episode was when I started to hear my parent's dead voices. But the light was Richard and Patricia! I knew there was no hope for me. So, I got that stick and I stabbed myself and died. Justin was well away by now.

Richard and Patricia tried to save me. They picked me up and tried for my pulse and they couldn't find anything. Later that night, Richard & Patricia got back and told the awful news. Justin came in and acted like everything was alright. One day I'll get back at him in the future. If his name isn't Charles Manson (2).

The End!!!!

1: Her parents died on a subway near the resturaunt Subway
2: Charles Manson is located on Wikipedia. He is a serial killer![1]

Authors Note:
Justin was originally going to be Hitler but I didn't think that was appropriate

(this was in Alyssa's POV)

DJ Spenstar's Story

Niles' Guilt

It was the final day for the final two. A living nightmare was almost over. Jocelyn was ever so excited to see her loved ones again, and win the million, but her opponent had something else on his mind. Niles walked back to his hut, sat on his bed, and let his mind wander.

"What have I done?" he said to himself, "I'll never forgive myself. Susan deserved the money more than any of us, and I went ahead and denied her that. And I broke her heart. Why did I do this?"

Niles lied down on his bed, closed his eyes, and attempted to sleep, but couldn't. He'd have to face the jury the next morning, something that he knew he could not do. Why had he been so blind? For the first time, Niles hated being alone. He didn't care that nobody else could spread their germs to him; he had to talk to somebody. And so, Niles left his hut to go to the adjacent one.

Jocelyn was still laughing with delight that Niles had been dumb enough to choose her. After all, she could weave her magic at the final tribal council, and make Niles look like a traitor, which he sort of was, and a villain. She'd have the money in no time flat! When she heard footsteps entering her hut though, Jocelyn's happiness was replaced with fear. That is, until she heard his voice.

"Hey Jocelyn," said Niles, "It's just me, Niles."

"What are you doing here?" she asked, annoyed.

"I needed someone to talk to," said Niles, "Someone who will listen. Will you listen?"

"Sure, why not?" said Jocelyn. Niles was good company. He was a sweet kid, Jocelyn had to admit, which made her almost sad that she would betray him the next day. Almost.

"I've been thinking about Susan," Said Niles, "And about how wrong it was for me to have ditched her like that. I was wrong, and I'm worried that you might use that to your advantage."

Jocelyn smirked, but Niles could not see her in the dark.

"Hey Jocelyn," said Niles, "Could you do me a favor? Could you clear my name at tomorrow's tribal council? If you do, I swear, I'll give you all of my winnings if I win. I just want my peers to know that I'm really an okay guy. And I am a man of my word."

Now it was Niles' turn to smirk. Luckily, Jocelyn couldn't see his nose bleed in the dark.

"Sure!" said Jocelyn.

"Thanks so much," said Niles, and left. Jocelyn waited until Niles' footsteps could no longer be heard, then muttered one word.


Jason's Story

Coulda' used a Cheeze Burger! Trixie stood in front of the mirror wearing only her bra and some shorts. She pinched a part of her belly.

"Man, I need to lose weight..." The already-skinny girl said. "See all this? I won't be able to fit into my cheer uniform."

But she was wrong. Suddenly, remembering from her heath coarse she took last year, she got an idea.

"I have to do it..." Trixie calmed herself. Trixie let her loose skin go and ran into the bathroom. She put her head in the toilet and her finger down her throat. As soon as the acid started coming up her throat, she reached farther. Soon, a rush of green liquids came out her mouth and into the toilet. She was on her knees, puking in the toilet.

"Honey?" A knock came at the door. "I'm fine." Trixie managed to say. "I'm coming in..." The woman said.

Trixie's eyes beamed. "Uh, yeah." Trixie kicked the door closed with her right foot and waited for her grand mom to leave.

She got a breeze of relief when she heard her door close. By that time, she felt empty.

Weeks after weeks, she kept her usual routine- Pig out & throw up. She would eat in front of her friends and family but puke it up soon after. Soon. Trixie became very ill due to her psychological problems. Her hair began falling out. Her teeth started rotting due to all the acid that was in her puke.

"I still look fat!" A fustrated Trixie said, looking in the mirror. "I need to lose weight!" Trixie commanded herself.

That night, Trixie looked up online on how to burn calories. First, she read an article about taking cold baths to burn calories, or to make the body fight harder to keep warm.

Second, she learned that working out can also burn calories. Soon enough, she started taking cold baths, working out more and puking more often.

Until one night, she blacked out...for good. Her parents hound her on her bedroom floor...DEAD. The death was ruled out to be of starvation.

The End

Shane's Story

Author: Shane

Title: Total Drama Insanity Alternate Ending

.*Note* This is non-canon to the actual story. All credit goes to Spenny for writing TDIn, and yes, I did get permission from Spenny.

“Bye guys, it’s been real.” Damien says after he’s been eliminated. He walks to the bus and rides away to the hut. Maya and Tyler just stand there, waving to Damien.

“Well, that was exciting.” Tyler says.

“Yeah, and I’m glad he was hit first.” Maya says. Tyler goes to hug Maya but she backs away.

“What?” Tyler asks, sound hurt.

“Before you hug me, could you please wash off that black paintball?” Maya asks, pointing to the stain that the paintball had made on Tyler’s jacket.

“It’s like soap, it won’t do any permanent damage.” Tyler informs Maya.

“Oh, in that case….” Maya says as she hugs Tyler.

“Enough with the lovey-dovey stuff, at camp, there’s a party set up for you guys!” Chris informs the two finalists.

“Awesome!” Tyler says.

“Coolio!” Maya says.

“Oh, and take the scenic route, there will be items that will remind you of the eliminated players. Say something about them to remember them. You’ve outlasted twenty other teens. Remember them. Remember the good times, the bad times, and the down-right ugly times.” Chris says.

“Like when Halle went crazy over Spense?” Tyler asks.

“When Noah gave up his right to be in the game for me?” Maya asks.

“Yeah, just, start walking back to camp using the scenic route.” Chris says. He walks off and Tyler and Maya start walking back to camp.

After a few minutes of walking, they came across a guitar with Matt Tollin engraved on it.

“This must be our Matt reminder. Wasn’t this thrown in the lake?” Maya asks.

“I dunno, either way, he was a cool kid. I was glad when he returned as an assistant.” Tyler says.

“Yeah, even though he seemed to like it when we ate those rats, remember?” Maya asked.

“Oh yeah. Well, he was still cool.” Tyler says.

“Yeah, he was, hey! Isn’t this his guitar?” Maya asks.

“I think it is…..Think he’ll notice if it’s gone?”

The scene switches to the hut where Matt is searching for his guitar.

“Anyone seen my guitar?” Matt asks.

“Nope.” Everyone says.

“Anyone know where it is?”

“I think Chef came here and took it.” Courtney says.

“WHAT!?!” Matt yells. The hut shakes from the vibrations from Matt’s yell.

The scene switches back to Maya and Tyler where the earth is shaking from the vibrations from Matt’s yell.

“I’d say, he did.” Maya says. Tyler laughs as the two continue on their way. They walk for a few more minutes when they come across some nun-chucks with Harold’s name on them.

“Harold was a…….He was um…..He was certainly a special case.” Tyler says.

“You know, my mom always said to me, ‘If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all’. I think that applies here.” Maya says.

“That’s cool, I guess.” Tyler says as he tosses the nun-chucks to the ground. The couple continue on their way.

The two then come across a pile of lawsuits. They have the name, Courtney, written all over them.

“This is definitely our Courtney reminder.” Tyler says.

“Yep.” Maya says.

“I actually have a story about these lawsuits, one time, Courtney tripped while carrying a bunch of papers and the papers fell on me. So………….Many………….Papercuts.” Tyler says.

“Well, Courtney may have been uptight, but she was also a kind, sweet girl when she wasn’t consumed by the game.” Maya says.

“I agree with yo- OW! A papercut!” Tyler yells.

“Oh stop your whining, I thought you were a big jock.” Maya says sarcastically.

“I am!” Tyler says, oblivious to her sarcasm.

“I was being sarcastic.”

“Oh, um, yeah, uh, I knew that.” Tyler says, it’s obvious that he didn’t know that Maya was sarcastic.

“Of course ya did.” Maya says sarcastically.

The two continue their bickering as they keep walking. Pretty soon, they come to a bowl of strawberry ice cream with the name, Sammie, written on it. Maya screams when she sees it.

“GAH! Strawberry ice cream!” Maya screams.

“What’s to fear about strawberry ice cream?” Tyler asks.

“Strawberry……Incident........Must……………..Forget about……………..Strawberry incident.” Maya says while getting in a fetal position.”

“Maya, it’s over. It’s not gonna happen again. Uh, what happened?” Tyler asks. Maya leans over and whispers to him what happened. Tyler’s eyes widen as he learns what happened that night. “Wow, that sounds, traumatic.”

“It was, while she was positively insane, she was also a friend. Even if she never let go of you.”

“She was nice, and kind of funny! One question, though; How does one drop into blue paint make your hair permanently blue?”

“I have no clue.” The happy couple continue on their journey to the party. After a while, they come across a book with the name, Noah, written on it.

“Noah was a heck of guy! He certainly changed since Total Drama Island, too.” Tyler says. He notices Maya’s eye beginning to tear up. “You alright?”

“Yeah, it’s just, he gave up his safety for me. If I don’t win, it’ll all be for nothing.” Maya says.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll do great, Maya, but I won’t let you win!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“You know, how about the loser, has to kiss the winner?”

“I like that idea.”

“Pucker up, then.” Tyler warns.

“Don’t get cocky with me!” Maya warns. The two then start laughing.

“We should hurry up and get back to camp, I’m starved.” Tyler says.

“Okay, let’s get back on the road.” Maya says. They continue walking. After a while, they find a picture of Beth and Brady on the road. Maya picks it up.

“I guess Brady was real.” Tyler says.

“Beth was desperate, but also friendly. She knew how to cheer you up.” Maya says.

“But you have to wonder, how the heck did she get Brady? I mean, he’s way out of her league!”

“You do realize that she’s gonna see this on TV, right?”

“Oh, uh, sorry Beth!” Tyler says while waving to the camera. Maya sighs and rolls her eyes.

“Come on.” She says as the two start walking again. After a while, they find a mirror with Cathy written on the back.

“Cathy was an awesome girl, no doubt about it!” Tyler says.

“She was a beautiful girl, on the inside, and out.” Maya comments.

“Yep!” Tyler says. The two begin to walk again when they see a stuffed Sadie plushie with the name, Katie, sewed on the leg.

“Katie was alright. At least she didn’t EEEEEEEEEE this time.” Maya says.

“She really grew as a person since I saw her last. Also, she didn’t always go EEEEE. It was just a few times.” Tyler says.


“You have a point.” The two started walking again but they had only gone five steps until they saw a gadget with Cody’s name on it.

“Cody and his gadgets. What do you think this does?” Maya asks.

“I don’t know, press that red button.” Tyler says. Maya presses the red button and a pastry pops out. “Awesome!” Tyler says as he eats the pastry.

“So that’s what it does.” Maya comments.

“Cody was really cool this time. Plus, he really put Craig in his place!”

“That was awesome. He and Cathy were so cute together.” Maya adds.

“They were a nice couple.” Tyler says. The two continue walking and they spot a giant shirt with Danny written on it.

“Danny was……Weird, but also friendly.” Maya says.

“Yeah, he always knew what to say to cheer us all up.” Tyler says.

“I wish he stayed around longer.” Maya says. The two begin walking again when they see a black bunny with a white DJ painted on it.

“I’m guessing that’s DJ’s bunny. But why would they paint a bunny?” Tyler asks himself.

“Isn’t DJ’s bunny gray?” Maya asks.

“Oh yeah.” The two look ahead and they see a picture of DJ’s mother.

“I’m guessing the photo was the thing to remember DJ by.” Maya deducts.

“So, why does the black bunny have a white DJ on it?” Tyler asks. The two look behind them and see that the white DJ was really just a bunch of white spots.

“DJ was really cool.”

“Yeah, he was really nice and he cared for everyone.”

“That’s what made him DJ. You know, wee should really get back to camp soon. Let’s go.” Maya says as the two continue their walk. They come across a letter with Amy’s name on it.

“Amy was awesome, a real sweet heart.” Maya says.

“Yeah, think we should open the letter?” Tyler asks.

“I don’t see why not.” Maya says.

Tyler opens the letter and reads it outloud, “Dear Maya and Tyler, congrats for making it this far. I’m glad that’s it’s you guys and not Halle and Craig, best of luck to both of you. Love, Amy.”

“That was beautiful.” Maya says.

“It sure was, babe. It sure was.” Tyler says. He puts his arm around her shoulder and they both smile.

“Let’s save the kissing for when we get back.”

“Agreed.” The two continued on their walk. They come across a diary that says Halle on it.

“I remember that. Julie was so paranoid of the girls taking Spense. She actually suspected me! But when Halle was the one who was after Spense, well, all heck broke loose.” Maya says.

“Yep. She was sure crazy.”

“Again, I can’t think of anything nice to say.”

“Let’s just move along, shall we?”


They continued their walk. They started talking more. Finally, they saw a bunch of dumbbells with Eva’s name on each of them.

“Eva was really something. While she was tough, she was also a very kind, sweet girl.” Tyler says.

“Yeah. She was real friend when you needed one. I was really sad to see her go.” Maya says.

“We all were, except Craig.”

“Yeah. Remember when she almost popped your football?”

“I do. That scared the crap out of me.” The two started walking again. After a few more minutes, they see a bouquet of Daisies.

Maya laughs, “I get it! Her name, Daisy.”

“Oh yeah, that is funny.” Tyler says as he laughs along with Maya.

“You know, she was really nice. She helped change Damien’s view of life.”

“She was definitely one of the nicest girls I ever met.”

“Same here.” The two continue their walk when they see a picture of Spense and Julie.

“The two were a cute couple. I was glad that they both went together. Sad that they went, but happy they went together. Does that make sense?” Tyler asks.

“Yeah, it does.” Maya confirms.

“Awesome. Now let’s get moving. I’m getting really hungry.”

“So am I.” The two continue their walk. They find a hat that has a big Z on it. Tyler laughs.

“Z for Zeke, how fitting.” Tyler comments.

“Zekie was a really cool guy. I’m glad he renounced his sexism.” Maya says.

“Me too. I think if he didn’t, he’d be off first again.” The two laugh.

“We should get going.”

“Agreed.” The two start walking again. They come across Craig’s hat.

“I can’t say a word.” Maya says.

“I can, actually. He had Spense and Julie go out of this game, together, and he tried to keep them together.” Tyler defends.

“That he did. I guess he’s not that bad.”

“He isn’t, I think.” The two continue their walk. They come across a black gothic outfit.

“Damien sure changed a lot during his stay here. We have Daisy to thank for that.” Maya says.

“He’s an inspiration!” Tyler excitingly says.

“Yeah, he is.”

After a moment of awkward silence, Tyler breaks the silence with an excited shout, “We’re here!” The two rush into their camp. There is food everywhere with pizza, buffalo wings, and anything else you can think of.

“It’s…….It’s beautiful!” Maya says.

“I’m not gonna lie to you,” Maya says in the confessional,“I literally cried when I saw all that food.”

“I was like, DUDE!” Tyler says in the confessional, “So much stuff! And it was all Maya’s and mine!”

The two teens continued awing over the plentiful bounty of food when Chris appears right next to them.

“What are you two doing just standing here? Eat!” Chris orders the teens.

“You don’t have to tell me twice!” Tyler says as he shoves a slice of pizza down. Maya eats some buffalo wings.

“This is amazing!” Maya comments.

“You got that right!” Tyler exclaims. As Tyler continues to eat, Maya takes out her sketch book and begins to sketch something. About an hour later, it’s shown that she’s drawing the bunny that she and Tyler saw while walking back to camp. She looks up and sees Tyler still eating.

“Tyler, you might not wanna eat so much.” Maya says.

“Don’t worry, nothing’s gonna happen.” Tyler says. His eyes suddenly widen and he runs to the bathroom. Maya giggles at Tyler’s misfortune.

“I warned him.” Maya says in the confessional.

Tyler walks out of the bathroom and notices Maya giggling.

“What?” He asks.

“It’s just that I warned you.” Maya says.

“Oh, right, you did.” Tyler says. He chuckles nervously.

“You know, it’s getting kinda late. I’m gonna turn in.” Maya says.

“Good idea, I think I’ll crash too.” Tyler says.

“Night.” Tyler and Maya say in unison as they walk into their huts for the night.

The next day, Tyler wakes up to the sound of birds chirping. He smiles as he walks outside. He stretches a little, then walks to the mess hall for breakfast. When he gets to the mess hall, he sees Maya already there napping.

“Morning Maya.” Tyler says.

“Huh? What? Oh, hey Tyler.” Maya says while awaking from her slumber. She yawns for a few seconds before resting her head on the table again. Chris walks into the mess hall.

“Morning final two! I hope you’ve had a good night’s sleep.” Chris says.

“If by good, you mean to excited to get any sleep.” Maya says.

“I was so excited, I couldn’t get to sleep!” Maya says in the confessional.

“I barely got any sleep last night. I was WAY too excited.” Tyler says in the confessional.

“Well, in a few hours, we will be giving one million dollars to one of you two lucky contenders.” Chris says.

“You mean?” Tyler asks before he is cut off by Chris.

“Yes, Tyler, the game will finally be over in just a few hours!” Chris excitingly says.

“Finally.” Maya says.

“I know, we’ve outlasted everyone, it’s pretty cool that we’re the final two.” Tyler says.

“That, and I want to go home really badly.” Maya says.

“That too, can’t wait to see my dad!”

“I really want to see my mom again.”

“Enough with the talking. Come outside with me. I have to show you something.” Chris says as he leads Maya and Tyler outside. Outside, they see two stands. One with a banner with Tyler’s picture over it, and one with a banner with Maya’s picture over it. “This is the peanut gallery. The losers will come out, one at a time, and will sit in the stand with the picture of the person they want to win on it to show their support. So, let’s bring out Matt Tollin.” Matt walks out and looks around.

“Wow, something’s different about this place. Anyway, you both are great, but I have been a huge Tyler fan since I first saw him on Total Drama Island. I’m sorry Maya, but I’m a huge fan of him.” Matt says as he sits in Matt’s support section.

“I understand, completely.” Maya says.

Harold walks out and looks around. “I’m sitting in Maya’s section today. She should win. She’s not some big-shot jock who thinks just because he’s athletic, that he can do whatever he wants.” Harold says as he sits in Tyler’s support section.

“Thank you………..I guess.” Maya says.

“Harold? What did I do to you?” Tyler asks.

“It’s guys like you who bully me!” Harold yells.

“I never bullied you.”

“So, you act just like the guys who do!”

Courtney walks out quite peacefully. She glares at the shouting Harold and Harold stops yelling. When Tyler chuckles, Courtney glares at him and Tyler begins to look uncomfortable.

“Listen, I’m very glad for both of you. But Tyler has grown a lot since Total Drama Island. Plus, I never got to know you Maya. But from stories about you from The Hut, I know you’re a great person.” Courtney says as she sits in Tyler’s support section.

Sammie rushes out and hugs Maya.

“MAYA!” Sammie yells as she hugs Maya.

“You’re………Chocking………….Me……………..Can’t…………..Breathe!” Maya yells.

“Sorry….” Sammie says as she puts Maya down. “I’m just so glad to see you!”

“I’m glad to see you too.” Maya says with a genuine smile. Sammie skips over to Maya’s support section.

Noah walks over to Maya and hugs her. “How’s it going sis?”

“It’s going great.” Maya says through tears of joy. Noah walks over to Maya’s support section silently, smiling all the way.

Beth walks out and says, “I’m sorry Maya, but I never really got to know you, and Tyler has grown a lot since Total Drama Island.” Beth sits in Tyler’s support section.

Cathy and Cody walk in hand in hand. They walk to Maya’s support section.

“Maya was always a great friend to me.” Cathy says, “She never insulted me about my weight.” Cathy says.

“And if Cathy’s happy, I’m happy.” Cody says.

Katie walks into Tyler’s support section saying, “You rock dude. You deserve this!”

Danny walks over to Maya’s support section and says, “Sorry guys, but I never got to know you two. I was flipped a coin.” Danny says.

“But you don’t have a coin.” Tyler says.

“I did in my head!” Danny says.

“Well that seems fair.” Maya says sarcastically.

DJ walks over to Tyler and high fives him. He walks over to Tyler’s support section.

“Actions speak louder than worse.” DJ says, referring to him high-fiving Tyler.

Amy walks to Maya’s support section saying, “You go, girl!”

Halle also walks to Maya’s support section without saying word. In fact, she looks slightly embarrassed. Mainly due to how mean she acted.

Eva runs to Maya and hugs her. “It’s been to long!”

“Can’t……………..Breathe!” Maya gasps.

“Sorry.” Eva says while putting her down.

“It’s fine.” Maya says. Eva runs to Maya’s support section.

Daisy walks over to Maya and Tyler, hugging them both.

“I don’t know who to pick! Um, I guess Tyler. Sorry Maya.”

“It’s fine.” Maya says.

“It was great seeing all of my friends again!” Tyler says in the confessional.

Tyler and Julie walk hand in hand to Tyler’s support section.

“Tyler was one of my best friends. I have to support him.” Spense says.

“Likewise.” Tyler says smiling. Spense smiles at Tyler’s comment.

“And while I’d support Maya, I have to be with Spense. Sorry Maya.” Julie says.

“It’s fine.” Maya says. “Don’t worry about it.”

Zeke walks out and says, “I have seen both of you two grow so much as people. But I feel Tyler has grown more.” Zeke sits in Tyler’s support section.

Craig walks to Tyler’s support section shouting, “GO TYLER!” the entire way.

Damien walks to Tyler and Maya and gives each of them a hug.

“You both are my friends, but I want Maya to win more. Sorry Tyler, but I feel like Maya should win it.” Damien says.

“I understand completely.” Tyler says.

“Alright, enough with the friendship stuff. Anyway, since you both have ten supporters, no backpacks for you. Anyway, you will both have to climb up a rock wall. Once on the other side, you will both find a creek and some stepping stones. You will have to jump from stone to stone to get across. Once you have reached the other side, you will find a dirt road. From that road, you will have to follow it until you reach the finish line. Now, I know I’m ready, but are you guys ready to find out who wins the million?” Chris asks.

“Yeah!” Everyone in unison says.

“Well, on your marks,” Chris begins. Maya and Tyler get prepared. “Get set……GO!” Maya and Tyler take off.

Tyler tackles the rock climb, Maya is right behind him. After a while, Maya suddenly stops.

“What’s wrong?” Tyler asks.

“I….I can’t do it. I’m afraid of heights.” Maya confesses.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you. Climb in front of me.” Tyler suggests. Maya does so and they continue to climb. Once they reach the top, Tyler easily jumps down while Maya just sits there, on the top.

“I’ll catch you.” Tyler promises.

“Just, go on. I’ll catch up.” Maya says.

“No, I’m not doing this without you.” Tyler says. Maya then jumps down and Tyler catches her in his arms.

“Thanks, Tyler.” Maya says.

“Anything for you, my dear, except for throwing this challenge.” The two smile when they start the stepping stones. They both start when Tyler starts struggling.

“Well that is certainly harder than it looks.” Tyler says in the confessional.

“Come on, Tyler!” Maya says, easily stepping from stone to stone.

“Coming from the girl with the fear of heights?” Tyler asks.

“Hey! Everyone has their irrational fears.” Maya says.

“Couldn’t resist.” Tyler smirks. Maya playfully splashes some water at him. “HEY!” Tyler yells in response.

“Sorry, couldn’t resist.” Maya smirks. Tyler laughs as Maya jumps to the other side of the creek. She looks back, waiting for Tyler to finish.

“Just go, I’ll catch up.” Tyler says.

“Alright.” Maya says. She starts running on the course.

“Wow that girl is fast.” Tyler comments to himself. He finally finishes the stepping stones and he goes on his way.

Maya is running with all her might. She looks back and sees Tyler catching up to her. She tries to run faster but to no avail.

“Move legs, move!” Maya says.

Tyler passes Maya as says, “See ya babe! Looking forward to that kiss!” Tyler says. Maya smiles.

“What? I couldn’t help it.” Maya says in the confessional.

Tyler pulls ahead of Maya. He doesn’t look back, all he can think about is the competition.

“When I get competitive, I BRING IT!” Tyler says in the confessional.

Tyler tries to keep on the path, it has lots of twists and turns and Tyler can barely maintain his speed.

Maya is also having problems as, she too, is having a hard time maintaining her speed.

“I HATE running!” Maya says softly to herself. She looks ahead and sees Tyler stopping for a breather. When she catches up to him, she says, “You alright, Ty?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Just taking a small break.” Tyler says. He wipes some sweat off of his forehead, Maya does the same thing.

“Really hard course.” Maya comments.

“Yeah. I wonder why it has so many curves.” Tyler says.

“Easy, to make it harder on us.”

“That’s a good reason. Hey, Maya, you ready?”

“Yeah.” The two begin running again. Thankfully, it’s only a straightaway to the finish line.

Tyler’s speed increases and he gets a huge lead. Maya is still having a fun time. Although her quads are burning up, she’s having the time of her life.

As Tyler nears the finish line, his stomach begins to growl. He shrugs it off, but then it begins to hurt. His stomach begins to feel like it’s in one huge knot! Tyler collapses right before the finish line.

“Crap, CRAMP!” Tyler shouts, “I should not have eaten so much food.” Tyler comments.

“TYLER!” Maya yells as she runs up to Tyler. Both are only inches away from the finish line. “You alright?”

“Yeah, look, Maya, just win it. For me.” Tyler says.

“You sure?” Maya asks.

“CROSS THE LINE ALREADY!” Eva yells. Some people stare at her uncomfortably. “Sorry, I just really want to go home.”

“That is a good reason to hurry this up.” Noah comments.

Maya glares at both of them.

“Sorry.” Eva and Noah say in unison.

“It’s fine.” Maya says.

“Maya, win it.” Tyler says.

“Fine.” Maya says as she wistfully crosses the finish line, making her the winner.

“That was the hardest moment of my life. I really wanted him to win it.” Maya says in the confessional. A single tear falls from her eye.

“I’m glad she won it.” Tyler says.

“Maya, come this way.” Chris says.

“What about Tyler?” Maya asks.

“I’m fine!” Tyler says. He winces in pain because of the cramp.

“He’ll be fine.” Chris says.

“Are you sure?” Maya asks.

“Nope, but I have a tight schedule and I really wanna get this done.” Chris says. He shoves Maya onto a stage.

“You do make a forceful point.” Maya comments, she jumps off of the stage and grabs Tyler. She helps him up onto the stage.

“Owch, watch my stomach.” Tyler says.

“Sorry, Tyler.” Maya says.

“Can we get on with this?” Chris rudely shouts.

“Fine, whatever.” Tyler says.

“Do you have to be so rude?” Maya asks.

“Yes, anyway, I would like to present this final ice cream sandwich to the winner of Total Drama Insanity…………

……….Maya!” Chris says.

“Thanks, Chris, but I’d like to give this to someone important to me. Tyler.” Maya says while giving Tyler her ice cream sandwich.

“Thanks, Maya.” Tyler says while happily eating the sandwich.

“Do you remember our bet?” Maya slyly asks.

“Oh yeah. Pucker up!” Tyler says as he kisses Maya on the lips. Everybody claps and cheers while they kiss.

“Sorry to break up this love-fest, but Maya, what would you like to do now?” Chris asks.

“You know what? I think I’d like to party!” Maya yells.

Everyone cheers at what Maya says. Some music begins to play and everyone begins to dance.

Chris walks to the camera and says, “There you have it! The winner of Total Drama Insanity is a former goth re-formed! And her boyfriend is runner up. What a way to end the season. Well, so long for Total Drama Insanity! Time to move on to next season. See you here! On Total Drama Infinity!” *signs off*

Tdafan's Story

The sun arose over the green hills.

Brittany looked over at the horizon,"Such a beautiful sunrise."

Her big, plump, brown pig, Fran seemed to nod in agreement, and let out a snort.

Brittany sighed, and looked at the sky, thinking of the guy she had met on a reality show.

Bertha saw Brittany was down in the dumps, and suddenly saw a cloud shaped like Brittany's Total Drama sweetheart.

Brittany looked to Bertha, and saw she was looking at the Greg shaped cloud,"Well, that's not normal, but, it's sweet."

Bertha walked away from the fence and went into the barn.

Meanwhile, at a local pool, Greg was sitting in the tall tower and watched over the kids swimming.

He sighed and muttered,"I wish something exciting would happen, nothing ever happens here."

Greg turned and saw another lifeguard wuth long jet black hair and a mean look on his face walk over to him,"Hey, Greg dude, my shift."

Greg rolled his eyes at the tall black haired lifeguard and hopped down.

The lifeguard hopped up and watched over the pool.

Greg looked up, and shockingly saw a cloud the shape of his true love, Brittany.

"That's weird", Greg said, puzzled,"That has to mean something."

At the farm, Brittany sat down next to the giant cow, Sandy,"Morning, girl", she said as she started to milk her.

Sandy was always calm when anyone milked her, and was always happy to see Brittany.

"BRITTANY!" yelled the voice of an angry old man.

"Yeah dad?"

"Get here now!"

"Ok, coming!"

She rushed over and saw her dad was holding the phone.

"Phone for ya."

"Thanks", Brittany replied, confused on wy her dad seemed angry, but ignored it and picked up the phone,"Hello?"

Greg smiled and replied,"Hey Brittany."


"Yeah, well, I missed ya", Greg said, a big grin on his face,"I wish you could see how big I'm smiling now."

"You know what was weird? I saw a cloud shaped JUST like you this morning", Brittany said.

"Really? I saw one of you around noon today."

Then, they were silent.

"So... would it be ok if I came over to the farm and visited you for, I don't know, maybe a little while, if it's no bother."

Brittany blushed,"It won't be any bother, just let me notify my parents."

Brittany saw her dad walking by and asked,"Can Greg come over for a little while?"



"Look, I've been in a bad mood since your mother died..."then, he stopped.


Letting out a sigh, her father put a hand on Brittany's shoulder,"Look, she died last night, she..."

"I know, dad, she's had HIV."

Her dad smiled,"I guess Greg can stay."


The End


Nalyd: Chimmy will judge Bass, Sunshine's got the Gopher.

Chimmy's Reviews

OK, first of all, ALL of you get points deducted for not using my characters…. XD JK. OK, now for the reviews…..

Spenstar: This could have been a real episode, despite the short length…maybe a special? Every single character was perfectly represented, (Which isn’t that hard, since there are only two xD) and I loved the addition of Niles’s nose bleeding. Exceptional work!

Jason: This almost made me feel sorry for Trixie…almost. This was definitely in character, and though dark, was very well done. However, I believe you should space when another character talks, and there was a typo: instead of found, you had hound. But overall, a pretty good story.

Shane: LOL at Eva. xD This was an amazing story….though it must have taken me half an hour to read it. Everyone was in perfectly in character, and I didn’t see grammar issues….to be honest, I can’t think of anything bad to say about this! Incredible job!

Tdafan: Nice! There were still some grammar issues, but this was a big step above your regular work. Brittney and Greg seemed fairly in character, and I liked the mention of Brittney’s animals. I AWWWed at the cloud part. xD Great job.

Sunshine's Reviews

Sorry for the delayed reviews, my life has been very hectic lately and I've barely had a chance to get online, let alone work on my stories and write reviews and check on my camp and talk to people and...

Okay, sorry about that, rant over. XD Let's get to the review-ness!

CK11: This one was excellent. I couldn't tell it apart from a Nalyd-written alternate ending. The part about New Moon made me laugh, since I'm a Twilight fan myself (don't judge me... XD). I feel the characters were written well. I liked the all-female final three (girls FTW!!! XD). The one thing I noticed is, when writing diologue, you write something like "I am talking." said Sunshine, when it should be "I am talking," said Sunshine. Just remember that in the future, and your writing will be flawless!

Dark: Though short, I felt this was a good story. It was extremely dramatic, and Steve's character was written all right (though I think he might have stayed more cheerful in spite of almost dying at the moment... XD). Your grammar has gotten better, I noticed, and there's only a few grammatical issues in this one. Just spaces put in the wrong places, missing commas/punctuation, et cetera, though not nearly as much as in your earlier writing. There was one line in particular that bugged me: "I started banging my head on the cabin for craziness.", which I would have written as something like "I started banging my head on the cabin, feeling as if I were going insane". In spite of these relatively minor issues, I can see definate improvement in your writing, nice work!

KoopaKidJr.: This story was pretty good. I think the characters were written pretty well, and I liked the emotion between Niles and Susan. I felt Jocelyn would have made more of a scene at her elimination, though (as all third-place antagonists seem to... XD). You had some rather minor grammar issues as well, just itty bitty things. For example, you used periods where commas should have been like CK11 (see above), and some of the sentences went on for a little too long, and should have been broken up with the occasional comma, or split into multiple smaller sentences. I also felt you should have written a little more, especially at the end with Jocelyn's elimination (I would have loved to see you write her going into a fit of rage at her elimination XD). Even so, this was pretty good, nice job!

Turnertang: Your story this week was all right. I liked the coach, and the way Jenny and iRene contrasted each other. However, iRene was somewhat out of character. Based on her personality in the TDR finale, I would think she would be just a little bit fearful of going outside and doing all that physical stuff. Also, her name was referred to as Irene in the finale (since she was no longer "virtual"), and thus should have been in this story. Also, she does not have a mom (which you included in your story), her mother died- a MAJOR part of her character that should not have been ignored. Furthermore, you had the same period/comma problem as CK11 and KoopaKidJr. (see above), and you are still almost exclusively using the sentence structure "Blah Blah Blah," [Person] [said/synonym of "said"] as [action occurs]. This leads to making your stories somewhat boring, and occasionally causes run-on sentences. Your stories will be all the more exciting if you mix up the way you write sentences! For example, you could write “Okay, now this is getting annoying.” “iRene” commented as she did her push ups again. as something like “Okay, now this is getting annoying,” Irene commented, panting as she did the instructed push ups yet again. Overall, your story is OK, but could become even better with some slight changes.

Weblykinly: This was quite dramatic, and very well-written. I felt Alyssa's character was written fairly well, and writing it from her perspective made her death all the more tragic. I felt the part where she started talking about liking the show "Ghost Whisperer" was rather random and out of place, though, and detracted from the story. There were some minor grammar issues, as well as some sentences that I thought were worded strangely, but nothing I feel bears mentioning. Overall, this was a really good story, nice job.

The Decision

Nalyd: Gophers win. Shane, you are the best of the worst.

Elimination Ceremony Eleven

Nalyd: Shane, your nominees and why.

Shane: Two things, One: YAY! I'm BOW! That's the fourth time! Secondly: Darn, I have to nominate someone. Let's just get this over with, shall we? My first nominee is Jason. Reason, He didn't have as good of a review as Spenny. My second nominee, Tdafan. Reason, he didn't have as good as a review as Spenny. Either way, it's gonna suck to see who's eliminated, as Jason's my friend and Tdafan just got back. I'm very sorry to both of you.

Nalyd: Okay. The person leaving is... Jason. I'm sorry, Jason. You're a good author, but it's time to go. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Week Twelve Chat

Nalyd: Sunshine, Chimmy, whichever one of you can post a challenge first, go ahead.

Chimmy:Right on it ^^

Tdafan :( I wish Jason was still here

Webly: We'll all miss him!

Shane: I'm so sorry, Jason.

Challenge Twelve

Chimmy:This week, you will write about a day in a character's life...BEFORE TDI! It must be at a influential point in the character's life. (Say, Gwen discovering the color black. You may NOT use that idea.) You can go ahead and add any twists to the character that you want, just be sure to keep it in character. This will be judged on spelling and grammar, creativity, how significant the event was, and how well everyone was in character. This is due Thursday.

COKEMAN11's Story

Harold Becomes the Co-Founder of Inventing Steve's Inventing Camp

I stand at this year's Magic Steve's Magic Camp's graduation.

Only one person will be graduating.

I've graduated from 4 of Steve's camps. Tonight, if I get my fifth, I will gain the chance to co-found a camp. I've always wanted to do one. They get so much popularity. And money.

My name is Harold McGrady. I go to a bunch of camps so that I can pick up mad skills. They all have "Steve" in the name, but I don't care. They're camp. What harm can it do?

Anyway, I've already got mad skills. But I must improve on them. No longer will they see me as "that nerd" or "that dorkface." They'll see me as "Cool Harold." You're automatically cool if you found a summer camp!

I've been to a lock-picking camp, a skateboarding camp, a hole-digging camp, and a statue-building camp. This is my fifth camp. If I graduate, I get to found a camp. And considering this crowd of nerds, I've got some competition!

"Hey, Harold! I bet I'll graduate!" They all say. But did they do the goldfish mutation trick? Didn't think so. I'm still gonna win, no matter how hard I think it'll be.

Competition. Winning. Losing. The three things involved here.

Now, they're announcing the best, and the alumni.

A woman walks up to a mic. "Okay. In my hand, I hold an envelope. Not just any envelope. An envelope that tells me who will be graduating!" I choose cheer with everyone else.

"I will read off the names of the best ones that are NOT graduating. James McKallie, Callie Doulian, Kara Davids, Herman Lockner, and Emelia Johnson," The lady announces. I'm not there....I think I'm graduating! Yes!

"Now, I will take a break to discuss with the judges about who wins." Everyone sighs, including me. But does this mean I'm not the only candidate?

"Hey, Herman." I walk over to Herman.

"Hello, Harold," Herman sighs. "Good luck, and I hope you graduate."

"Hey, it's okay. No big deal...right?" I ask, unsure.

"No..." Herman responds.

"Well, I think that if I don't graduate, you should have graduated instead." I smile.

"Thanks, Harold." Herman wiped some tears away.

"Do you think I'll graduate?" I ask.

"...Yeah," Herman says. "I'm confident in you."

"Thanks, friend." I shake Herman's hand and walk away.

"Hi, Callie." I walk over to Callie.

"Shut up. It should be me who graduates and you know it," She tells me off.

"Someone's edgy." I walk away, only to get tackled. Why do the ladies hate me but love me with a passion?

"Shut. Up," She growls.

"I know you love m-" I am interrupted, and she pushes my elbow onto the ground. "OW! STOP!"

"Fine," Callie says. "But only because the judges are coming back."

"Good..." I go back to my spot.

"Okay! After some discussing, these are the silver medal winners!" The lady announces. "Janette Crispal, Isa Baydin, and Flavar Flov!"

"Is he related to Flava Flav?" I ask to myself.

"And now, the alumni of Magic Steve's Magic Camp..."

"Harold McGrady!"

There are tears in my eyes. Tears of joy. I've graduated.

I've "won."

"Harold. You have 5 certificates. You are now the co-founder of Inventing Steve's Inventing Camp!" The lady announces. "Come on up!"

I run up to receive me certificate.

This is the best day of my life.


Darkdonpatch's Story

How Justin become (Not really) hot

Once upon a time, Justin was ugly.He was as geeky as geeks can be. He was so nerdy, not even the nerds liked him. He had so much acme, he looked like a red field. He had big glasses, so big it might freak you out. Now, Justin is (some what) beautiful. How?

Read this story:

I woked up this morning seeming sick.

“Mom……..” I said.

“Yes Justin?” She said.

“What time is it?” Justin said, while feeling groggy.

“7:00” She said.

“oka-WAIT WHAT!” Justin said as he got up off the bed and put on his glasses..

“I’m going to miss school! Can’t lose my perfect attendance!” Justin said.

Then Justin went out of house, but got hit by a bully, named Duncan. (expect Chimmy and Sushine EEEE!)

“Ouch!” Justin said, while falling down.

“Well look here, my best friend!” Duncan said grinning.

Justin was running from Duncan at the moment.,but Duncan was faster.

“Ha, nerd is going do-“ Duncan said.

“Duncan! Stop that!” Duncan’s girlfriend Lizzie(Original person FTW!) yelled.

“Aw man, and I was going to pound this nerd!” Duncan complained.

“Come on Duncan,” and then she turned to me,”Oh and if I were you, I would run away.”

I high tailed out of there to school.

I saw my best friend,and my only friend, Noah there.

“Hey Noah!” I said

He looked up and said, “Hey Justin!” then he went back to his monotone voice,"what’s up?”

“Almost missed school, Duncan almost pounded me, the usual.” I said

“Makes sense, you really need bully spray.” Noah sarcastically said.

“ Oh ha,ha your so funny, Noah” I replied.

“So are you.” Noah told me.

The last day of school went well, except Mr. Hatchet.

Mr.Hatchet was the meanest teacher ever, he is also the chef.

He will find you and attack you if you don’t eat your food.

He’s the most hated teacher ever! I FORGOT TO EAT,TOO!

“Well, look here, Justin didn’t eat his lunch!!!!!!!!!!” He broke my entire hand!

“OW!” I yelled.

He then threw me out the window, breaking most of my bones.

I was rushed to the hospital right away.

They got my nose fixed, and fixed tons of my bones.

They also sent me to the spa to recover.

They gave me a tan, contacts, and they made all of my acme and freckles were gone!

I went home a few days later.

Only to be ran over by a mob of girls, who glomp me, including Lizzie.

Two days later, I was back in the hospital.

The End

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

How Heather Turned Mean

Heather, a 15-year old girl, was getting ready for her birthday tomorrow.

"I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!!!" Heather shouter to herself.

"Calm down Heather!" Heather's mom told her.

"I'm trying, but I'm just too psyched!" Heather shouted.

"Just go to sleep soon." Heather's mom said.

"Okay mom." Heather replied.

She turned out the lights and went to sleep.

The next day, Heather woke up, as cheerful as ever.

"TODAY'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!!!" Heather shouted with glee.

She rushed downstairs for her birthday cake, as it was always there for her every previous year; however, there was no birthday cake on the table this year.

"Where's my birthday cake?" Heather asked herself.

She started to look around, thinking her parents hid it.

"It must be around here somewhere." Heather thought to herself.

After a few minutes later, she couldn't find her birthday cake.

"Well, maybe they didn't forget my laptop that I wanted." Heather thought positively to herself.

She went to the living room where she would expect to see her new laptop, but it wasn't there either; however, there was a note.

"What's this?" Heather asked herself.

The note said:

  • Dear Heather,
  • Your father and I went to Bermuda with your little brother, Damien.
  • We will back next month.
  • Love, your mother and father

Heather felt devastated.

"You didn't make me a cake, you didn't get me a laptop, but you could've at least taken me to Bermuda!!!" Heather shouted, as she crumpled up the note enraged.

"THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!" Heather shouted, still enraged.

She soon thought to herself, "Why should I be nice anymore? This wouldn't have happened if they at least took me to Bermuda, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was too good for that!!! I don't care, for the rest of my life, I'm going to be as mean as possible!!!"

Heather then went back into her room and tried to fight back the tears. And that is how Heather turned into the She-Devil she is today.


Turnertang's Story

Lindsay First Trip to the Mall

“Where are we going again?” asked Lindsay as her Mom kept driving.

“Well since you’ve gotten straight “A’s” all year you get to go to the mall.” Lindsay’s Mom said as she showed Lindsay her second grade report cards.

“I don’t know about this. What about all the strangers there?” Lindsay asked as she looked out the window, “I got an “A” on stranger danger.”

“That’s great honey, but don’t worry about it.” Lindsay’s Mom reassured her as she stopped the car.

“Wow.” Lindsay said as she stared in aw at the giant building.

“I know, isn’t it huge.” Lindsay’s Mom said as they crossed the parking lot and walked into the mall, “Where do you want to go to first?”

“How about this place called Abercrombie and Finch.” Lindsay suggested as she studied the map.

“That place is one of my favorites.” Lindsay’s Mom said as they walked into the store.

“All these amazing clothes.” Lindsay mumbled as she stared at all the clothes.

“Don’t forget all these high prices.” Lindsay’s Mom said as she watched Lindsay run around the store grabbing all the clothes.

Five Minutes Later…

“Are you ready yet?” Lindsay’s Mom asked as she high held a pile of fifty pieces of clothes.

“Not yet, there are still twenty more pieces of clothes to try on.” Lindsay said as she handed her Mom another piece of clothes.

Ten minutes later…

“What store are we going to next?” Lindsay asked as she skipped around the hallway.

“Well, you did spend about five hundred dollars but we could go to one more store I guess.” Lindsay’s Mom said as she carried all of Lindsay’s bags.

“How about Old Navy?” Lindsay asked as she looked at the map.

“Fine.” Lindsay’s Mom mumbled as Lindsay ran into the store.

Twenty minutes later…

“So I’m about bankrupt but we did have I good time.” Lindsay’s Mom said as she put Lindsay’s bag into the truck.

“I can’t wait to go back tomorrow.” Lindsay chirped.

“That’s funny.” Lindsay’s Mom chuckled.

“What’s funny?” Lindsay asked as she looked out the window.

“Honey. We’re not going to the mall everyday.” Lindsay’s Mom said as the car parked into the driveway.

“Well, maybe you won’t but I will!” Lindsay announced as she ran into the house.

“Oh no.” Lindsay’s Mom mumbled as she carried Lindsay’s bags inside.

Next week…

“I’m back from the mall.” Lindsay announced as she ran into the house with her new clothes.

“You’ve been to the mall everyday this week and you’re costing us a fortune.” Lindsay’s Mom pleaded.

“The mall it my new home and you can’t stop me from going to the mall!” Lindsay yelled as she ran into her room. Next year…

“So we’re practically bankrupt and you’re grades have gone from “As” to “Ds”.” Lindsay’s Mom said as she watched Lindsay put away her new clothes.

“Oh well, at least I have clothes.” Lindsay said as she looked at her giant collection of clothes.

Webly's Story

How Izzy Turned Into a Wacko Person!

Believe it or not, Izzy wasn't always crazy. Right now you may be thinking what the heck is the author trying to say? What I'm trying to say is that Izzy wasn't always a nutjob. She once was a ordinary girl until the accident...

It was in the year 2000 to be exact. It was Izzy's ninth birthday. Izzy would be turning nine and would be the smartest nine year-old in the city. Izzy was very passoinate about schoolwork. She was by far the smartest in her class and she even skipped a grade. Even though it was a happy day, the weather wasn't. A hurricane was striking.

"Happy Birthday!" Izzy's mom said as she walks in the room.

"Today I'm nine and I'll be the smartest of my age in..." Izzy was interrupted by her dresser falling down.


"Mommy, what's happening?" Izzy frantically asks.

"I don't know!" Izzy's mom and her run outside. And, she hears a shrieking noise. It was her little brother.

"LITTLE JOHNNY!" Izzy screamed for her brother.

He runs outside while a tree falls on her house.

"Thank God your safe," Izzy's mom says.

"Let's go to Dad's work," Izzy said while thinking. She then looked behind her and sees the hurricane's water coming from not too far away.

"Let's go inside this 50 story building!" Izzy's mom says.

"You can, but I have to save Daddy," Izzy runs away while her mom screams for her to come back. Her mom decides to run inside with Little Johnny to at least have a chance to be safe.

The hurricane was gaining on Izzy.

"I don't think I'm going to make it to Daddy's work" Izzy thinks while stopping in her trails nearby an electric pole. The hurricane is right behind her now, and unknowingly she touches the pole and is shocked untill it passes.

"AHHHH!" Was all you could hear while it was going by.

Hours later, an ambulance roaming the streets finds her and takes her to the hospital.

"Where is I, though," Izzy says not knowing she doesn't make any sense.

"You're at the hospital, Izzy," One of the unfamiliar faces in the gigantic room said.

"BUT, I was helping Daddy trying to save him and it's my birthday," Izzy says still not making the most sense.

"You've been asleep for 2 days. Your dad is dead," The doctor says.

"AAAHH!" She screams and jumps out of the window. She runs to her house hoping it was a dream to see her house with debris everywhere on it. However it was not a dream it was as real as it could be.

She stops running about 5 miles away from the hospital hoping the doctors didn't follow her.

"I'LL GET REVENGE ON YOU EARTH. YOU *******," Izzy says while releasing her angry feelings.

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Her mom & Little Johnny are saved and are still alive. They visit Izzy everyday who was caught throwing a bomb on her Dad's work. She was residing at a mental hospital for 5 years. Later, she was cast on a show called "Total Drama Island" and I think you know what happened then.

DJ Spenstar's Story

Eva's Transformation

Eva quickly hurried to her next class, PE. It wasn't a class she was particularly good at, or interested in, but she had to attend it. All of the jocks and bullies were in that class with her. Eva sighed. This was going to be a long day, she thought.

A tall, skinny, weak Eva stepped into the gym, clutching an action figure, which was her good luck charm. No sooner did she enter than the three most feared bullies stare her down. A horrified Eva dropped her action figures and ran for her life.

The toughest of the three, nicknamed Salami, crushed the action figure with his foot. Together with the other two bullies, named Beef and Cheese, they ran after the poor Eva. Eva closed her eyes and prayed that the bullies wouldn't get her this time, and that for this one day, she could end up in peace and not pieces.

Note to self, thought Eva later, praying doesn't work.

The bullies caught up to her. Salami gave her the traditional gesture of superiority among bullies: wedgies. Eva yelled in pain, tears jerking from her eyes.

"Please, please stop!" yelled Eva.

"Why are you doing this to me?" asked Eva.

"Because you're weak, and we're strong," taunted Salami. Just then, the bell rang, forcing Salami to let go of Eva, who immediately ran home. On her way home, Eva watched as the school bus passed her.

"The idiots are on that bus," muttered Eva, "It's safer to walk."

When Eva got home, her father was there, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper.

"I can't take it anymore!" cried Eva, "I want to be able to stand up to those bullies! I want to be strong! I—"

"Calm down, Eva," said her father, "How'd you like to take a week off from school? You and I will go to the gym every day until you become strong enough to take Salami and company down!"

"I'd love that!" cried Eva. She ran up to her father and hugged him.

For Every day the next week, Eva and her dad spent the entire day working out at the gym. Each day they spent at least twelve hours there, and Eva became noticeably stronger.

The next week, on one school day, Eva walked into the gymnasium, Salami, Beef, and Cheese getting ready to torture her again. But when they saw the new, muscular Eva, Beef failted and Cheese wet his pants.

"Well, boys," taunted Eva, "What's wrong? Scared of the nerdy girl?"

Nobody ever bullied Eva ever again.

Shane's Story

The Desperado of Beth.

(Author’s note: This takes place when Beth is in Ninth Grade, assuming she was in tenth grade when she went to Total Drama Island. Italics mean Beth’s thoughts.)

The sun rises up, Beth’s alarm clock sounds. She slams her alarm clock to turn it off. She gets out of bed and brushes her teeth. She looks into the mirror.

“Good morning gorgeous.” Beth thinks to herself. She could be no farther from the truth. She walks down-stairs fully dressed and ready for the day. She makes herself some eggs and walks out of the house, full of smiles.

“It’s a beautiful in the neighborhood.” Beth sings to herself. “Why does that sound so familiar?” She asks herself. As she nears the bus stop, she sees some popular looking girls.

“Hey Tiffany! Hey Whitney!” Beth says as dorky as you can imagine.

“Look who decided to show up.” Tiffany says.

“It’s Bethalosuh!” Whitney says, laughing. Tiffany joins Whitney in laughing.

“Haha, great joke, Whitney, hey, you two wanna hand out after school?” Beth laughs.

Whitney has a look of horror on her face. “Sorry, but I don’t hang out with dweebs like you.” She says.

“Okay then, maybe tomorrow?” Beth desperately asks.

“Maybe, when pigs fly!” Tiffany says, laughing. Whitney and Tiffany get on the bus laughing. Beth walks onto the bus, also.

“She totally meant another person. I’m no dweeb, I’m the coolest person I know.” Beth thinks to herself. She takes out a magazine called, Popular Girls, and begins to read it.

The bus stops at her school, she looks around, it’s a warm March day. Beth smells the air, it smells sweet to her. She runs into her school and looks around. She sees this muscular looking guy and runs toward him.

“Hi Justin!” Beth says, extremely nerdy.

“Well, what a pleasant surprise.” Justin says sarcastically. “So…..What’s you name again? Nerdy girl?”

“No, silly, It’s Beth! Don’t you remember me?” Beth asks.

“How could I when you stuff my locker with love notes?” Justin asks.

“Did you read them?” Beth asks.

“I’ll read one, if you do my math homework for me.” Justin says.

“You mean you haven’t done it yet?”

“I forgot all about it. I need you to do it.”

“Okay! I’ll so have it done for you!” Beth says. She walks away to find a quiet place to work.

Justin walks over to his friends and smirks, “Easy way to get amazing grades, my friend. Have that desperate girl do it for you.”

“Wow, Justin, you think she’ll do it for us?” One of his friends asks him.

“Of course, Shane, it’ll always work.” Justin reassures.

Beth runs up to Justin yelling out, “I have it all done!”

“Great!” Justin says, taking the paper from Beth. Justin opens up a love note, like he promises.

“Doesn’t it make you feel so much love?” Beth asks.

“Of…..Of course it does.” Justin says, barely restraining from laughing due to the note. Beth walks away with a smile on her face. When her head is turned, Justin crushes the note.

“He totally digs me!” Beth thinks. She walks over to another popular looking girl who has other girls surrounding her. “Hey girl, HEY!” Beth says extremely nerd-like.

“Oh no, here comes Beth, Heather.” One of the girls says.

“Don’t worry, I know what to do, Britney.” Heather says.

“My name is Tawny!” Tawny says.

“Whatever, Tammy.” Heather replys.

Beth walks up to Heather and says, “Hey Heather!”

“Hi Beth, so great to see you.” Heather says, sarcastically.

“You wanna hang out?” Beth quickly asks. “We popular girls have to stick together!”

“Um…..Yeah. We do.” Heather says, barely able to hold in her laughter.

“Cool! We should, like, totally go to movies!” Beth says.

“Yeah, we should! You know what we should see?”

“No, what?”

“The Lone Dork!” Heather says, she walks away laughing with her group of friends.

“Alright then!” Beth says, oblivious to Heather’s mean joke. “When should we meet up?” Beth asks. When she gets no answer, she calls out, “Okay then! Just call me!”

“Ugh, will that girl EVER realize she’s not popular?” Heather asks.

“I don’t know, but how can she think she’s popular? She’s ugly, fat, and just a loser.” Tawny says. Unknowingly to them, Beth was following them.

“I know, right? Kara is so those things.” Beth says, not knowing they were talking about her.

“We were talking about you!” Tawny snaps. “Oh crap.”

“Tawny! You ruined everything! Now she won’t do our homework!” Heather says. She looks and realizes Beth is looking at them with eyes full of tears. “I mean, you just hurt her feelings! How could you, Tawny?” Heather asks.

“Thanks Heather, you’ll always be my friend!” Beth says as she hugs Heather. Heather is visibly annoyed.

“Yeah, go to class now, Beth.” Heather instructs. Beth walks to her next class.

“Why did you stand up for her?” Tawny asks.

“Easy, so she could continue doing our homework.” Heather admits.

“That’s a good reason.”

Beth walks to her next class, after that one, she walks back to the bus stop. When she gets home, her mother asks her, “How was school today honey?”

“It was awesome! All of my friends were so nice to me! You know, it feels great being in the popular crowd!” Beth says, she could not be any further from the truth.


Tdafan's Story

Trent's First Guitar

Trent was 8 years old.

His father was driving him to his friend's birthday party, when they drove past Mike's Music Shop.

"Hey, dad, stop here."

"What is it?"

"I wanna go in there for a sec", Trent pointed to the music store.

"We can't, you're already gonna be late."

Trent sighed and thought about that guitar he saw in the window.

Whenever they would ride by the music store, Trent would stare at that guitar for as long as he could.

One day, his 14 year old brother and him were walking around,"Hey, kid, I know you wanted that guitar for a while, so I wanted to buy it for ya", his brother said, and they walked in the store.

Trent smiled at the ring of the bell when the walked in.

"Thanks Terrance", Trent said, looking up at his older brother.

"Don't mention it", he replied, handing the money to the cashier.

They walked out of the store, and Trent raced home,"Trent! Trent!" Terrance cried, running towards Trent.

That night, Terrance, who was an expert guitarist, taught Trent all he knew.

Immediately, Trent was amazing, and from that day on, Trent was known around the town for his amazing guitar skills.


Nalyd: Sunshine gets Gophers, Chimmy gets Bass. (let me know if you can't do the review)

Chimmy's Reviews

Spenstar: This was in a word, epic. I loved the inclusion of Salami, Beef and Cheese. XD This also seemed so plausible it was crazy….however, there were some spelling mistakes, such as “failted” instead of “fainted”. Still, amazing work, good job!

Shane: I think this was my favorite story this week. Every single person was beautifully in character…I think I might have cried when I first read this. However, you disregarded a major portion of the challenge: this was not a significant time in Beth’s life. This brings your perfect story down a little in my book. Sorry.

Tdafan: This seemed pretty plausible. There weren’t nearly as many spelling and grammar issues as in your previous stories, though they are still there. I thought Trent was so cute in this. X3 Good job.

Elimination Ceremony Twelve

Nalyd: COKEMAN11, Shane, both of you need to nominate one of your own teammates and tell me why.

Tdafan:*sighs* I bet this is the last of me*packs bags*I'm thinking about quitting, everyone else deserves it more than I do, but I'm still on the edge

Shane: Well, this is an honor again. XD Anyway, I nominate Tdafan. Sorry dude, while you have gotten better, Spenny did have a better review IMO. I'm sorry, Tdafan.

Webly: (i'm a anon XD) *crosses fingers*

Spenny: Thanks Shane. Sorry Tdafan.

Nalyd: The person leaving is... Dark. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Week Thirteen Chat

Nalyd: Final Seven already...

Shane: I can't believe I'm still here.......I just.....Can't.

Spenny: I can! Shane, you're an awesome writer, and you got BoW over me twice in a row! =D

Spenny: So, what's the challenge?

Spenny: does the fairytale have to be a well-known fairytale, using TDI characters instead of the intended characters?

Nalyd: Yeah, Spenny. Exactly.

Spenny: Thanks for clearing that up. *goes to work on it*

Tdafan: I don't deserve to be here, Nalyd, send me away, I'm done for this season

Shane: Thanks Spenny. Nalyd, can we do our own version of the fairy tale? Or does it have to be word for word?

Nalyd: You don't have to do it word for word, but it should be the same plot. Are you sure, Tdafan?

Tdafan:*thinks for a second, then nods*Absolutely.

Turnertang: I remember this from last season!

Shane: Can it be a modern version?

CK11: We did this already, didn't we? And Tdafan, don't go, you can do well! You're good!

Shane: Nalyd, can it be a modern version of a fariy tale?

Nalyd: Yeah, Shane. Tdafan, if you feel that way, you can go. But you have to take the back exit.

Tdafan:*shurgs and leaves in back exit*

Shane: Spenny, we HAVE to win! We have to! Oh, and Nalyd, could this week please be the merge? I mean, we're at the final six!

Spenny: The merge for season 1 was at the final 5, so I suspect that it'll be after this elimination ceremony. Shane, I have every intention of winning, but IDK if we'll get points taken off for us BOTH using Cinderella stories. xD

Shane: I don't think that we'll get points taken, and my Cinderella story's fairly different. I'm just very nervous.

Challenge Thirteen

Nalyd: This week, you've gotta write a fairytale using TDI Characters only! It will be judged on spelling, grammar, and if you were able to tell the story using TDI characters. Due Thursday.

COKEMAN11's Story

The Three Little BFFFLS and the Big Bad Antagonist (Note: I looked it up elsewhere online, it's considered a fairy tale.)

One day, Lindsay, Katie, and Sadie were having a three way conversation via cell phone.

"...So like, yeah, I'm building a house!" Lindsay explained.

"Oh my gosh, me too!" Sadie exclaimed.

"OMG! EEEEEEEE!" Lindsay squealed.

"I'm building one too," Katie chimed in.

"OMG, EPIC! We're all building houses!" After Lindsay said this, all three began to squeal.

"I'll build mine out of straw! Perfect!" Lindsay started to find random stacks of hay to stack on top of each other. "OW! A needle!" Lindsay recoiled. She ran to look for a band-aid. Meanwhile Heather was overlooking things.

"So BFFFLS and dumb-blonde are building houses? Time to start some torture." Heather snuck out and put more needles in the hay. She went to hide in the bushes.

"Okay, found a bandage!" Lindsay went back to work. "OW! Another one!" The process repeated. "When does this stop?" Lindsay asked herself. She then just decided to hurry and not care about blood.

"Sadie, look! Sticks and bricks," Katie pointed out!

"OMG! I call sticks!" Sadie ran over, grabbed a pile of sticks, and started constructing a house.

"I'll use bricks," Katie said to herself. She moved a brick, one by one.

"Hey, Katie!" Sadie exclaimed. "This stick looks like you!"

"OMG! Cool!" Katie exclaimed.

"So sticks and bricks, eh? I'll take care of it." Heather snuck over and placed a matchbox next to Sadie's construction.

"So, like, yeah!" Sadie returned from a trip for more sticks. Heather hid.

"Hm. My house can't be touched!" Katie went into down for some cement. Meanwhile, Heather removed a brick, causing stuff to fall. A few minutes later, Katie returned and Heather hid.

"Oh, darn it, my house practically fell!" Katie complained. She started cementing, though.

"Okay, I've gotten twelve scabs, but I'm done!" Lindsay was covered in bandages and her house was done. ""

"Okay, Lindsay's done. Time to move in for the kill," Heather said as she tip-toed out.

"And I'll put the mirror here..." Lindsay said what she was doing.

"Knock knock!" Heather said.

"Who's there?" Lindsay asked.

"Me." Heather stomped.

"I won't let you in!" Lindsay stuttered.

"Too bad!" Heather started kicking the house until it fell down.

"Meanie! I broke a nail!" Lindsay ran off crying.

"I'll just follow her." Heather ran off.

"Katie, this is so cool!" Sadie was talking on the phone.

"Knock knock! It's me, Lindsay!" Lindsay explained.

"'Kay, come in!" Sadie yelled.

"My house fell down, and I broke a nail!" Lindsay wailed.

"Aww, I'm sorry. You can stay here!" Sadie said.

"Thanks!" Lindsay was soon interrupted.

"Knock knock!" Heather knocked.

"Don't answer!" Lindsay warned.

"But I want to!" Sadie answered the door, and soon, her house was down. She broke a nail, and they all ran to Katie's house.

"Open up, Katie!" Sadie exclaimed.

"'Kay!" Katie let them in.

"Heather's coming! Shh!" Sadie said.

"Knock knock!" Heather knocked. "Oh, forget it!" Heather tried to destroy the house, but she couldn't. "OW! My foot!"

"Ha ha!" Katie laughed.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Heather kept kicking the house.

"It won't work!" Katie exclaimed.

"Fine! Be that way!" Heather stomped off, angrily muttering curse words.

"We're safe! We did it!" Sadie yelled!

"EEEEEEEE!" Lindsay and Katie squealed. Then they always squealed happily ever after.

The End

(Sorry this was rushed, it was late and I had to hurry before my mom yelled DX)

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

Total Drama Wizard of Oz


  • Lindsay is Dorothy
  • Beth is Auntie Em
  • Ezekiel is Uncle Henry
  • Bridgette is Glinda
  • Geoff is the Scarecrow
  • Trent is the Tin Man
  • Tyler is the Cowardly Lion
  • Heather is the Wicked Witch
  • Cody is the Wizard

It was another day in Kansas for Lindsay Gale. She lived in an old house with her Auntie Beth and her Uncle Ezekiel.

"Hey, Auntie Beth, can I have some cereal?" Lindsay asked Auntie Beth.

"They're some Lucky Charms in the cabinet, Lindsay," Auntie Beth told her.

She squealed and got her Lucky Charms; however, before she take a bite, a huge tornado came and Uncle Ezekiel rushed to tell her and Auntie Beth.

"Head to the shelter if you want to live!" Uncle Ezekiel shouted fearfully.

"Ezekiel, this is an adaption from a 1939 film; do you think they invented shelters yet?" Auntie Beth asked him with an annoyed look on her face.

"I guess you're right," Uncle Ezekiel agreed, then said to them, "Then run around and hope the tornado doesn't get you!"

They all ran around, but Lindsay tripped on a tiny piece of wood and was carried away by the tornado.

Moments later, Lindsay woke up.

"Oh Toto, it looks like we're not in Kansas anymore," Lindsay said, despite the fact that she didn't even have a dog.

A big, pink bubble then came down, revealing Bridgette, the Good Witch.

"Who are you?" Lindsay asked Bridgette.

"I'm Bridgette, the Good Witch, and if you were expecting munchkins to come out and celebrate your killing of the Wicked Witch of the East, think again," Bridgette said to her.

"Why is that, Bridgerette?" Lindsay asked her.

"Not only did you kill the Wicked Witch of the East, but you also killed all the muchkins!" Bridgette shouted at her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to, Bridgerette," Lindsay said, apologizing.

Bridgette sighed, then said to her," It's okay, I guess it wasn't entirely your fault."

Suddenly, a huge lightning bolt struck and Heather, the Wicked Witch of the West appeared in front of Lindsay and Bridgette.

"Oh no, it's Jerri Manthey!" Lindsay shouted dimwittedly.

"That's Heather, Lindsay," Bridgette explained.

"Are you sure? She looks a lot like Jerri Manthey," Lindsay said to her.

"Some hero you got, Bridgette," Heather said, taunting Bridgette.

"Shut it Heather!" Bridgette shouted at her.

"I'm just saying," Heather said.

"Your just jealous, because Lindsay may not look like it, but she will be our greatest hero of Oz yet," Bridgette explained to Heather.

They both then looked at Lindsay who slapped her own face, while trying to kill a fly.

Bridgette then asked herself, "I'm doomed, why did I give her the ruby slippers?"

"She has the ruby slippers?" Heather asked excited.

"Unfortunately," Bridgette said.

Lindsay then looked at her suspiciously.

"I mean unfortunately for Heather that she can't take the ruby slippers away from you," Bridgette said guiltily.

"I'll find a way to get those ruby slippers if it's the last thing I'll ever do in my life!" Heather shouted, as she disappeared in red flames.

"I guess that means you need to go on a dangerous quest to Emerald City, Lindsay," Bridgette said to her.

"Is Emerald City a new mall they opened?" Lindsay asked.

"No, it's a city of emeralds," Bridgette said, "You'll find the Wizard there, and he'll tell you how to get back to Kansas."

"Okay, can I get there by limo, because my feet are getting sore wearing these slippers?" Lindsay asked, once again.

"No, you just have to follow the Yellow Brick Road," Bridgette explained, "Only the biggest of idiots can't figure it out!"

"Fine!" Lindsay shouted, as he followed the Yellow Brick Road.

She then came across a Scarecrow named Geoff.

"Hey dudette, sup?" Geoff asked Lindsay.

"Can we just go to Emerald City already?" Lindsay asked annoyingly.

They then came across a Tin Man named Trent.

"Hey are you guys going somewhere?" Trent asked Lindsay and Geoff.

"Yeah, we were just about to-," Geoff said, before Lindsay cut him off.

"Can we just go to Emerald City already?" Lindsay asked annoyingly.

Moments later in the woods, they then came across a lion who wasn't very brave named Tyler.

"You're cute," Lindsay said, flirting with Tyler.

"I just want to be brave," Tyler told her.

"Can we just go to Emerald City already?" Lindsay asked annoyingly.

They later made it to Emerald City.

"Can we just go to Emerald City already?" Lindsay asked annoyingly.

"Um, Lindsay, we're already at Emerald City," Trent told Lindsay.

"Oh," Lindsay responded cluelessly.

Suddenly, Heather came and created a huge gust of wind that swept them away to a creepy forest.

"Tyler, protect me, I'm scared!" Lindsay shouted in fear, as she jumped into Tyler's arms.

"Didn't I just tell you I'm not brave?" Tyler asked with an annoyed look on his face.

"Oh," Lindsay responded cluelessly.

Meanwhile, at Heather's castle.

"My plan is working," Heather said to herself.

A flying Owen came in and shouted, "THANKS FOR GIVING ME WINGS, HEATHER!!! WOOHOO!!!!!"

He flew around and then crashed into a tree, shouting, "OOO, THAT'S SMARTS!!!!!!"

"Alright flying Owen's, bring me the girl!" Heather demanded.

"But we're too good to kidnap people," the flying Owens explained.

"I'll get the Donutcopter to come," Heather said, bribing the flying Owens.

"WE'LL DO IT!!!!!!" the flying Owens shouted.

As Lindsay, Geoff, Trent, and Tyler were walking, they came across a sign.

"What does this sign say?" Geoff asked them.

"It says, 'Beware of Ryans, Badgers, and Glares'!" Lindsay shouted.

Trent rolled his eyes and read the sign.

"It really says, 'Beware of Lions, Tigers, and Bears'!" Trent shouted.

They all cringed in fear and simultaneously said to themselves, "Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My! Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!"

The flying Owens soon came and kidnapped Lindsay and Tyler.

"Help us!" Lindsay shouted.

"We're being kidnapped by the most disturbing evil minion ever!" Tyler shouted.

"Flying Owens, Oh My!" Lindsay and Tyler shouted simultaneously.

"SILENCE!!!!!!" a flying Owen shouted, as he farted in Lindsay and Tyler's faces.

"Don't worry guys, we're coming!" Geoff shouted.

"What do we do?" Geoff then asked Trent.

"You know what, let's go to Emerald City, we can do without Lindsay's stupidity!" Trent shouted.

"Then let's go!" Geoff shouted.

They both left to go to Emerald City, as Lindsay and Tyler had to fend for themselves.

Now at Heather's castle, they were being tortured by Heather's flying Owens.

"It's time to finish this! Once I have the ruby slippers, I'll be powerful!" Heather shouted, as she laughed maniacally.

Lindsay spit at her and a little spit drop caused Heather to start shrinking.

Heather soon started to complain, "I'm melting by one spit drop from Lindsiot's tongue! This is the worst villain demise EVER!!!!!"

Heather soon dissolved into nothingness.

"Can we eat them?" a flying Owen asked.

They all agreed and starting to go after Lindsay.

"Taylor, help me!" Lindsay shouted to him in fear.

"I guess I will," Tyler said reluctantly.

Tyler started to fight and bite all the flying Owens, until they all fled from the castle.

"Taylor, you saved my life," Lindsay said, as she kissed him on his cheek.

"Aww, it was nothing," Tyler denied.

"Wait a minute what's that?" Lindsay asked.

A big, flaming, green bubble then appeared.

"I am the powerful Oz!" the Wizard shouted.

"Are you sure?" Lindsay asked, as she kicked the Wizard and a part of it fell off.

A small geek was inside saying, "Pay no attention to the techno-geek operating the Wizard of Oz machine."

"CODY?!" Lindsay and Tyler both asked.

"Yeah it's me," Cody said guiltily.

"So you're the wizard?" Tyler asked him.

"Yes and I saw both of your heroic actions," Cody said, "Tyler, you get a medal for your bravery."

"Then what do I get?" Lindsay asked.

"You have the power to go back to Kansas," a mysterious voice said.

They looked and saw Bridgette.

"Can you help me? Will you help me?" Lindsay asked.

"Yes, yes I will," Bridgette said gladly.

"So how do I get home?" Lindsay asked.

"Just click your heels three times and say 'There's no place like home, There's no place like home, There's no place like home', and you'll be home in two seconds," Bridgette explained.

Lindsay clicked her heels three times and said, "There's no place like the mall."

Bridgette shook her head and Lindsay tried again.

Lindsay did it again and said, "There's no place like France."

Bridgette shook her head again and Lindsay tried again.

"Okay, I think I got it this time," Lindsay said to herself, "There's no place like home."

Lindsay teleported home where she slept for the next three days.

She lived happily ever after, as Bridgette said to herself, "There's no stupid girl like that."


Turnertang's Story

Heather and the Pea

  • Heather as the Princess
  • Owen as the Butler
  • Duncan as the Butler #2
  • Beth as the Chef
  • Gwen as the Maid

Once upon a time, there was a princess who had trouble sleeping. She tried everything but I’m going to let the story explain itself.

“Butler!” Heather yelled as she turned on the lights.

“What is it your Highness?!” Owen asked excitedly as he rushed into the room.

“Get the other butler!” Heather demanded as Owen left and came back dragging Duncan with him.

“What do you want?” Duncan asked impatiently as he looked for an escape route.

“I can’t sleep! So I want you to dance for me!” Heather demanded as Owen started dancing.

“How does that help you sleep?” Duncan asked as Owen started spinning on the floor.

“Without the attitude!” Heather screamed as Duncan started to walk away.

“Maid! Stop him!” Heather screamed as Gwen walked into the room.

“What do you want?” Gwen asked impatiently.

“Hold him hostage!” Heather demanded.

“No.” Gwen replied as Duncan and her left the room.

“Go away Owen.” Heather said as she turned off the lights again.

“Yes, Princess.” Owen said as he walked out of the room.

“Butler!” Heather yelled two minutes later.

“What now?” Duncan asked as he walked into the room.

“I still can’t sleep so go to the chef and get me some milk.” Heather demanded.

“Oh boy! A trip!” Owen cheered as he followed Duncan out of the room.

“We have an order!” Beth cheered as the kitchen staff started cooking stuff.

“It’s just a glass of milk.” Duncan said as he handed her the order.

“Okay!” Beth chirped as she handed them a glass of milk.

“This milk is awful!’ Heather announced as she spat out the water.

“It’s normal milk!” Duncan yelled as he showed her the box.

“My milk comes from the best cows in France.” Heather said.

“I’ll go get it!” Owen announced as he ran out of the room with a map.

“He’ll be gone for a couple hours.” Heather commented as they watched Owen from the window trip and start rolling down a hill.

“I’m okay!” Owen yelled from outside.

“Maid, get in here!” Heather demanded as Gwen walked into the room, “Fluff my pillow.”

“I don’t want to.” Gwen said as she folded her arms.

“What did you say?” Heather asked as she stared at Gwen.

“The lady said no.” Duncan said as he repeated Gwen’s words.

“Fluff my pillow!” Heather yelled.

“Or we could do this.” Gwen said as her and Duncan both grabbed the mattress.

“Let’s do this.” Duncan said as they pushed the mattress off the bed.

“You toe or going to pay!” Heather screamed as she got off the floor.

“Hey look at this pea.” Gwen said as she took the pea off the bed.

“I knew I felt a lump.” Heather said as she got back onto the bed, “Now go away.”

“It’s about time.” Duncan said as they walked out of the room.

“I’m back with the milk!” Owen announced as he charged into the room.

“The “Princess” is sleeping.” Gwen said sarcastically as they heard Heather snore.

“But I got the milk from France.” Owen said disappointedly said as he drank the milk.

“Owen, I still want my milk!” Heather yelled from the room.

“I’ll be back in a minute.” Owen announced as he ran out of the castle again.

“Poor Owen.” Duncan said as he threw the pea out the window.

“Ouch!” Owen yelled from outside, “Oooohhh. A snack.”

“Wow.” Gwen said as they watched Owen devour the pea.

Weblykinly's Story

Lindsay in Underland


Lindsay as Alice
Izzy as the Mad Hatter
Owen as the Catepillar
Tweedle-Dum- Sadie
Tweedle-Dee- Katie
Chesire Cat- Duncan
Queen of Hearts- Heather
Helvetica (her sister)- Eva
The Hare- Harold

It was a warm, sunny day when I fell in that big hole. My stupid sister Helvetica was sitting on the porch with a bored expression. I decided to go for walk when I saw a small rabbit, holding a small clock. I decided to follow him, (never trust a rabbit) and then I saw him fall in a big hole. Stupidly, I grabbed in to see where he was and fell.

“Ahhhh!” I screamed. I kept on falling and falling, until I broke through a wall and fell on the floor.

I looked around to see where I was. The room was colored coded endlessly with my two least favorite colors, red and white. Beneath my feet, a bottle read, “Drink me”. So, I did exactly what it said and drunk it. All of a sudden, I was lying on the ground. Oddly enough, a door appears in front of my feet.

“A door, how odd,” I murmur to myself still lying on the ground. I opened the door to find a world with peace and relaxation. Clearly as you read, it wasn’t exactly relaxation. It was more like torture. I decided to call it wonderland.

“Wait!” I thought to myself. Don’t forget about the rabbit!

I started walking around when I saw a out of this world caterpillar. It was huge and BLUE!

“Alice, you’ve arrived,” The caterpillar said to me.

“How do you know my name? In addition, why are you talking? Caterpillars don’t talk,” I ask while freaked out at the same time.

“I can see the future. Yours’ is quite adventurous. Especially today, oh and call me Owen!” Owen the caterpillar replies. “Ok, Owen! I think I’m already having an adventure. But you didn’t answer my 2nd question,”

All of a sudden, Owen disappeared.

“Whoa! Where’d you go? Are we playing hide and seek, I love that game!”

She heard something far away singing “Happy Birthday!” She walked in a nearby jungle and found a table in the middle of the woods, with 2 people or animals

One was a person and one was another animal. They both walked up to her.

“HEY, fella. My names Izzy but you can call me the Mad Hatter. Come and sit down at my table it’s almost full,” The Mad Hatter yelled excitingly.

The hare then came up to her and shrieked,

“My names Hare, hehehehehe.”

I walked over to the table. A couple of giggles randomly popped out of my mouth. Then I started laughing.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!” The hatter and the hare screamed as loud as they could. I knew it wasn’t my birthday but I was having so much fun, I didn’t really care.

A cat randomly appeared out of nowhere. Who could talk. I was starting to get use to talking animals. “Lindsay, I see you’ve arrived. My names Duncan but you can call me Cheshire,” Cheshire, the cat purred.

“Again, how do you know who I am?” I quickly asked, but was still too late. The random cat disappeared. And, on went the singing of the song “Happy Birthday”. Sorry Hatter and hare but I have to go find the White Rabbit.

“The White Rabbit!” They shriek.

“What about him?”


“Who’s she?”

They gasp.

“The ruler of Underland. She’s very evil and will kill you if you go their.”

“That’s what it’s called, Underland,” I thought to myself. “I’m sure the White Bunny’s nice. I mean have you seen him! He’s so like adorable. I think he’s under her spell!”

“She doesn’t cast spells; she’s just an evil little pussycat, with a big head. Besides even if you wanted to save, the so-called nice rabbit. There is no way you could pass her top minions.” The Mad Hatter yelled in his crazy voice.

“You know you need to be quieter! I guess I’ll go to the castle. The queen can’t be half as bad as you’ve said,” I yelled back. But I was wrong, she was the evilest person I’d ever had met. I still dread that day I walked to the castle, if I had just stayed at the random table. The walk was hard and long. I finally got a glimpse on hour 3. I was very precise on time. The castle was huge and made of red. Everything was made of red. And, I wouldn’t call it evil minions; I’d call it evil cards.

Two of the evil cards blocked the way. As I swayed up to the big door, I decided I’d act as if I worked for the queen. Weirdly, I found some old dresses of red clothing and put it on. It fit me just right. Not to big, but not to small. However, I see why the queen threw it out it had an awful odor.

I walked up the steps to the Cards. They took some security questions but I said I accidentally got lost and found some of my old clothes on a bear. It was a bad lie but cards are stupid. At least 2 and 3, right?

I decided to go to the queen’s bedroom because that is where the queen was. To see if she’s an awful queen or not I’d have to meet her. It was a long flight of stairs kinda like she didn’t want any visitors.

I entered her room, knocking, and then opening the door. Now, this is where I asked the stupidest question ever and you should never question this to a queen. “Are you nice?” I asked the queen.

“What do you think? Who told you I wasn’t?” The queen angrily replied.

“I think you’re nice but now I’m doubting that and the hatter and the hare told me that,” I said back.

“Thanks for turning the hatter and the hare in, they’ve been pretty bad. I mean they’re mad,”

“Have you even met them? They are actually very nice if I do say so myself,”

“Blah, blah, blah, is all you talk. Security! All of a sudden 2 little pipsqueak girls popped into the room.

“What is it hatter and hare?” They asked.


“Well, I was seeing if someone could ever become my friend. Tweedle-dum and Tweedle-dee you’re fired!” the hatter and the hare replied.

“You guys are mad and insane! I’m escaping this world, once and for good,” I yelled crying my way downstairs not noticing I was only traveling back in time until the moment I fell in the hole. And, then I was lying on the ground.

“Finally, you’ve awakened,” my sister, Helvetica says as I escape from that world.

“I haven’t been asleep, I was in a crazy world where animals talked and people were mad and…” I stopped she probably wouldn’t believe me anyways.

It was the strangest day in my life and my only day in Underland.

DJ Spenstar's Story

Cinderella: A Katie Story

Once upon a time, in a far off kingdom, there lived a sad, beautiful young maiden named Katie. She was poorly mistreated. You see, the poor girl's mother had died, and her father had taken for his new wife, a woman with two beautiful daughters of her own. All three were vile and black of heart.

Katie was sweeping the floor of the kitchen, humming a tune to herself. Music was what kept her happy, despite her stepmother and stepsisters bullying her all the time. What was their problem, she asked to herself. She noticed a calendar on the wall, and her face almost shone with glee.

"Oh my god," she said, "I almost forgot! Tonight's the night that king McLean's throwing the grand ball! If only Nanny Renrut would let me go, I could meet Prince Devon in person! And maybe..."

Her thoughts were cut off by the shrill voice of her stepmother, Nanny Renrut. "GET BACK TO WORK!' she screamed. Katie sighed and continued sweeping the floor, humming another tune to herself.

An hour later, when Katie was finally done, her stepsisters, Heather and Courtney, entered the room. "Hello, Cinderkate," said Heather cruelly.

"I already told you not to call me that," groaned Katie.

"Who's going to stop us?" laughed Courtney, "After all, we're going to the ball tonight to dance before Prince Devon, and you're not!" Heather, Courtney, and Nanny Renrut all laughed as tears streamed down Katie's face. The poor girl ran out of the room and rushed upstairs to her's, crying. She stayed there until the sun set.

Through her window, Katie saw Heather, Nanny Renrut, and Courtney, all in expensive dresses, looking beautiful, getting into a limo. Okay, Nanny Renrut looked uglier than ever, but Courtney and Heather looked gorgeous. Katie cried as they drove off into the night, without her.

Katie ran outside and fell onto the front porch, crying.

"All I wanted was to go with them," she muttered in between sobs, "Why? Why wouldn't they let me?"

Katie felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around, and fount an overweight girl in a ball gown. In her right hand she held a wand. She looked to be about Katie's age.

"Who are you?" asked Katie, rising to her feet.

"My name is Sadie," said the girl with the wand, "Would you believe me if I said that I was your fairy godmother?"

"You look WAY too young to be a fairy godmother," said Katie, "So no."

"How about Fairy God-BFFFL?" asked Sadie.

"I'd believe that!" said Katie.

"Then I am your Fairy God-BFFFL," said Sadie, "And I am here to grant your wish." Sadie waved her magic wand around, and with a flash, Katie was suddenly dressed in a silver and gold ball gown and golden slippers.

"Oh my god!" squealed Katie, "I'm going to the festival!"

Sadie nodded. "Yes, you're going. The ball ends at midnight, so enjoy yourself until then." Sadie waved her magic wand again, and with a flash of light, Katie was at the door to the king's palace. She took a deep breath and walked inside.

Prince Devon, a muscular, Jamaican boy, was dancing by himself when Katie walked in. He smiled immediately upon seeing her. She was beautiful in every way. He knew right then and there that he was in love with her. Katie fell in love with Prince Devon at first sight. The two walked over to each other, as slow dance music started to play.

"May I have this dance?" asked Devon.

"Sure, Devon!" squealed Katie, and fell into his arms.

"Call me DJ," said the Prince. They danced, holding each other close, gazing at each other. Nothing else mattered. Everything else seemed to fade away. Katie's eyes sparkled a beautiful chocolate brown. Her black ponytails swayed in tune to the music. DJ looked stunning in the black tuxedo he was wearing. Neither had ever felt love before, but neither cared. All that mattered to them was each other.

They were interrupted by the chime of midnight.

"It's over," said DJ solemnly, "I didn't think it would end so fast."

"Neither did I," said Katie, "But I had fun." She kissed DJ passionately, and he kissed back.

"Katie," said DJ, "I have never seen you before tonight, and now, I can't imagine life without you. I must know how I can find you."

Katie smiled. "I can't tell you here," she said, after glancing at Heather, Courtney, and Nanny Renrut, who were all glaring enviously at Katie. "People are listening."

"Then at least, I need something to remember you by," said DJ. He thought for a moment, then said, "May I have your slipper, to remember you by?"

Katie took off one of her golden slippers and gave it to DJ. "I'll never forget you," she said, and left.

DJ looked at the slipper. Oddly enough, there was an address engraved in the gold. DJ smirked.

The next day, Nanny Renrut heard a knock on her door. "I'll get it," she said. When she opened the door, she fainted to find DJ standing there, with the golden slipper.

"Ello," said DJ, "I'm looking for a girl named Katie Glee. I was lead here by writing on her golden slipper."

Nanny Renrut got up, and her eyes widened in shock. "Katie?" she asked, "No, there's no Katie here." She laughed nervously.

"Have you any daughters?" asked DJ, "Surely you're hiding something."

Heather and Courtney presented themselves immediately. DJ gave the slipper to Heather.

"If it fits, you'll be his bride," chimed in DJ's little brother, a boy named Matt Tollin. Heather's face beamed. She sat down in a chair, kicked off her heels, and tried on the slipper. Heather winced.

"It's too big," she muttered. It was true; her foot barely was able to contain itself in the golden slipper. Suddenly, it flew off her foot and hit Courtney in the head, knocking her out instantly. DJ's eyes widened in shock, and so did Nanny Renrut's.

"You're hiding someone else," said DJ, "I can feel it."

"I'm right here!" cried Katie. She was in her usual rags. She threw her broom that she was holding at Nanny Renrut, knocking her out cold.

Katie took the slipper and put it on. It fit like a glove! DJ and Katie hugged, and left hand-in-hand.

Courtney woke up and groaned. "What happened?" she asked. Heather shrugged.

The next day, the entire kingdom attended DJ and Katie's wedding, except Nanny Renrut, Heather, and Courtney. They were home sick that day.

And, as these clichéd stories always turn out, DJ and Katie lived happily ever after.

Shane's Story

A Gothic Cinderella Story

Cinderella: Gwen

Fairy godmother: LeShawna

Prince: Trent

Stepsisters: Beth and Lindsay

Cruel Step Mother: Heather

And some other TDI character cameos

(Author’s note: This is a modernized version of Cinderella, also there are a lot of things parallel to the actual fairy tale in this story, if you don’t understand something, ask me and I will tell you.)

Once upon a time, there was a gothic girl named Gwen. Gwen was born to a loving father. Unfortunately, he and his wife divorced and he married a cruel wife with two stupid and desperate children. After a year, Gwen’s father died and Gwen’s step mother became cruel and a tyrant. She began to abuse Gwen and forced her to do everything around the house. However, one day would change everything. Here is how the story goes.

“GWEN! WHERE IS MY BIG BRIGHT ORANGE BOW!?!” A short nerdy girl yells at Gwen.

“Beth! It’s on your bed!” Gwen yells back.

“Right, how do I know you didn’t steal it from me?” Beth accuses Gwen.

“Why would I want your big, ugly bow?” Gwen asks Beth.

“It’s not ugly! It’s pretty! Like me!” Beth yells.

“Yeah, you’re SO pretty.” Gwen sarcastically says.

“I told you!” Beth says, not getting Gwen’s sarcasm. “Unlike you, I’m very pretty!” Beth says.

“Yeah, Greta, even Belle is prettier than you!” A tall, dumb girl says to Gwen.

“Lindsay, my name is Gwen.” Gwen says.

“It is? Oh, I thought it was Greta.” Lindsay says.

“Whatever! Listen, will you two get out of my hair! LITERALLY! Why did you put shaving cream in my hair and try to shave it!?!” Gwen yells at the two.

“We didn’t want to see your ugly hair.” Beth explains.

“Yeah, with all of those unnatural colors in it, that’s really unhealthy for your hair, you know, Gretchen.” Lindsay says.

“It’s, GWEN! It’s not that hard to remember!” Gwen yells at the two.

“It’s Gwen?” Lindsay asks Gwen.

“I JUST TOLD YOU THAT IDIOT!” Gwen shouts. Lindsay begins to cry and a mean looking woman appears at the doorway.

“Gwen! I do not believe this! Lindsay is the smartest girl I’ve ever seen, and Beth is the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. How DARE you call them ugly and stupid!” The woman shouts at Gwen.

“But Mother Heather! They tried to shave my head!” Gwen pleads to Heather.

“So what? They should’ve followed through.” Heather says. “You have the ugliest, unhealthiest, greasiest hair EVER! Also, as your punishment to your meanness to your wonderful, beautiful, smart sisters, you have to clean the bathroom today. Before school!” Heather orders Gwen. Gwen sighs and walks into the bathroom. She begins to clean it. When she is finally done, Heather calls out to Gwen, “TIME FOR SCHOOL! THE BUS IS HERE!”

Gwen tears through the house yelling, “But I didn’t have any breakfast yet!”

“That’s what you get for being mean! But I can’t let you starve, here’s some of that gray paste stuff that you love so much!” Heather says as she gives Gwen some gross looking food.

“Yummy.” Gwen sarcastically says. Gwen runs out of the house and dumps it on the lawn. The grass where Gwen dumped the slop onto dies instantly. Gwen runs onto the bus, barely making it. As she settles in her seat, a girl says to her,

“Why do you have dirty, pajama clothes on?”

“Oh crap! I forgot to change! Well, more like I had no time.” Gwen mutters. One the whole bus ride to school, Gwen is teased non-stop. When she finally gets to school, Gwen runs to her locker. A girl says to her,

“Gwen, are you alright?”

“No, Leshawna, my mother made me clean the bathroom today. I didn’t have time to eat or even change my clothes!” Gwen yells.

“Also, I feel the need to remind you, the prom is tonight. You might wanna ask him!” Leshawna says.

“Yeah, I want to, but he’d never go with someone like me.” Gwen says with tears in her eyes.

“Girl! You’re mighty fine! He’d love to go to the prom with you!” Leshawna says.

“Quit sugarcoating me Leshawna, you know he’d rather go to the prom with someone like my sisters.”

“You mean little Ms. Desperate and Ms. Dummy Blonde?”

“Yep, those two.” Gwen says, she and Leshawna begin to laugh hard at Leshawna’s joke. After they laugh, Gwen says, “I’d love to stay and chat some more, Leshawna, but I gotta go to Chemistry.”

“Hopefully at the prom, there will be some chemistry between you and Trent.” Leshawna says.

Gwen laughs, “Oh, Leshawna, you know how to cheer me up.”

“You do realize that I’m dead serious, right?”

“Um, yeah, see ya Leshawna!” Gwen says as she runs off. The school day for Gwen goes alright. When she gets back on the bus, she sees Trent talking to some friends. Taking in all of her courage, Gwen goes to Trent, she opens her mouth to speak, but no words come out, ashamed of herself, she walks back to her seat, crying the rest of the way.

“I am such a big loser.” Gwen says silently to herself. A tough looking guy walks up to Gwen, and says,

“You’re no loser, you’re a very nice girl. Any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Thanks, Duncan, I needed to hear that.” Gwen softly says. She smiles.

“No prob.” Duncan says, suddenly, they are interrupted by a loud scream.

“DUNCAN! HOW COULD YOU!” An uptight looking girl yells.

“Oh, uh, Courtney, um, Princess! How’s it going?” Duncan nervously says.

“Why are you with that pathetic goth girl? Why were you talking to her?” Courtney demands.

“Um, Courtney, FYI, he was giving me some advice.” Gwen says, defending Duncan.

“Whatever, Duncan, you can no longer be around her, now let’s go.” Courtney says, she grabs Duncan by the ear and returns to her seat. Gwen sadly looks down.

“Why me? I’m a good person! So why me?” Gwen asks the universe. The whole bus ride home, Gwen cries silently to herself. When the bus stops at her house, Gwen gets out and walks to the door, however, Beth and Lindsay tear out of the bus and knock Gwen down to the ground. While they’re walking into the house, Beth and Lindsay stick their tongues out at Gwen.

Gwen mutters to herself, “Immature brats.” However, Beth and Lindsay heard Gwen and they begin to cry loudly.

“MOMMY! GWEN CALLED US IMMATURE BRATS!” Lindsay cries. Heather rushes to Beth and Lindsay and console them.

“How could you Gwen? Calling your generous and hard working sisters immature brats! You deserve a huge punishment.” Heather says.

“Hold on! Can I do this one?” Beth asks Heather.

“Sure, Beth.”

“Alright, Gwen, go clean the attic. NOW!” Beth commands Gwen. Gwen sighs as she goes to the attic with a duster in hand. Once there, she begins to clean.

“Man, there’s so many boxes and stuff, this’ll take forever.” Gwen says. She sees some mice and tries to hit them with her duster. The mice dodge the attacks. They bring run between two boxes, Gwen lifts the boxes in her chase to kill the mice. She squeals in delight, however, when she sees a black cocktail dress and a genuine pearl necklace. She quickly tries them on. She dusts a mirror once she’s done putting on the outfit. She twirls around in it.

“I feel hot.” Gwen says. She takes off the outfit and puts it in a bag, she carries it down stairs. Lindsay spots Gwen carrying the bag containing the outfit and asks Gwen,

“What are you doing with that bag?”

“Oh, um, I’m just putting it in my room!” Gwen answers.

“You are? What’s in it?” Lindsay asks.

“Um, uh, lipstick just for you, Lindsay!” Gwen says.

“EEEEEEEEEEE! When can I have it?”

“Later, Lindsay, later.”

“Okay!” Lindsay skips off to some place. Gwen breathes a breath of relief.

“That was to close.” Gwen says as she hides the bag containing the outfit.

The next day at school, Gwen runs into Trent.

“Oh, hi Trent!” Gwen nervously says.

“Hey Gwen, um, uh, can I ask you something?” Trent asks Gwen.

“Sure! What is it?”

“Well, um, would you, uh, would you go to the prom to me?”

“You know, someone like you wouldn’t normally go with me.”

“Yeah, but I’m not a normal guy.”

“That’s for sure.” Gwen and Trent both blush.

“So, will you?” Trent asks.

“Well………..Of course!” Gwen says as she hugs Trent. Trent looks taken aback at first, but he later accepts the hug. What they don’t see is Beth and Lindsay spying on them.

“Oh look! Gwen’s got a boyfriend! I’m so happy!” Lindsay squeals.

“Lindsay! We don’t want Gwen happy, we want her sad!”

“OOOHHHH! What?”

“Listen, we hate Gwen, not love her.”

“Oh, who’s Gwen?” Beth slaps her forehead at this.

“Look, has Gwen been happy lately?” Beth asks Lindsay.

“Yeah, she was happy yesterday after cleaning the attic. She had a big black bag and said that it was full of lipstick that she’d give to me!” Lindsay says happily.

“What? Lindsay, she hates us, why would she give you a gift? Anyway, I think we should destroy that bag. Also, we should get her in so much trouble so she won’t be able to go to the prom! That would totally crush her!”

“Yeah! But with what should we crush her with? Maybe a big rock, or perhaps a giant spaceship!”

“Lindsay, I don’t mean literally!”

“Oh……Man, I was looking forward to it.”

“Anyway, Lindsay, here’s what we’ll do….” Beth says, she whispers the rest of the plan in Lindsay’s ear.

“That’s an amazing plan! Wait, why isn’t there any magical dancing elves?” Lindsay asks.

“Lindsay, there are no such things as dancing elves or elves in general.”


After school, the girls got Gwen in trouble again by Gwen “calling” Lindsay an idiot. Really, it was Lindsay fake crying and Beth framing Gwen. Gwen’s punishment was to clean the bathrooms. While she was doing that, Lindsay and Beth put their plan into action, after Beth explaining it to Lindsay about five times. They ransack their room, as Gwen, Lindsay, and Beth all share one room. Beth finally finds the package ad burns it with a lighter. Once she lights it, Gwen enters the room. She witnesses the burning of the package and begins to cry.

“Why guys, why!?!” Gwen asks Beth and Lindsay.

“Because you’re stupid!” Lindsay says to Gwen.

“You’re one to talk.” Gwen snaps at Lindsay. Lindsay looks extremely hurt. She begins to cry and Heather walks into the room.

“Gwen Raven, Noir! How could you?” Heather asks.

“But, I didn’t do….You know what? Forget it! You’re never gonna believe me anyway. What’s my punishment?” Gwen asks Heather.

“Easy! You can’t go to the prom! Now, START SCRUBBING THE WINDOWS!” Heather yells to Gwen, Heather turns her attention to Lindsay and Beth, she says to them, “Girls, you two need to get ready for the prom!” Heather says as she leads Lindsay and Beth away. Gwen looks at the floor in sadness and anger.

“Why me? WHY!?!” Gwen yells in agony. All of a sudden, a tapping noise is heard from the window. Gwen opens the window and sees Leshawna throwing gravel at the window.

“Hey, girlfriend, what’cha doing not ready? It’s two hours till prom! You need to get ready!”

“I would, Leshawna, but I can’t go to the prom, even if I could, I’ve got no outfit.”

“I can change everything! Come on out!” Leshawna yells. Gwen then runs out of the house, sneaking by her mother and sisters along the way, and finally gets outside.

“Where are we going?”

“To the mall, silly!” Leshawna says. Gwen and Leshawna get into Leshawna’s car and they drive to the mall. Once there, Leshawna leads Gwen through a maze of clothes, shirts, skirts, pants, and dresses. Suddenly, Leshawna reaches into a random rack and pulls out a midnight blue gown. Gwen gasps when she sees it.

“It’s….It’s beautiful! Is it for me?” Gwen asks, stunned that anyone would do something that nice for her.

“Of course, girl! Don’t worry about money, I can handle anything you want, of course, I know what’s best.” Leshawna continues to pick random stuff like shoes, earings, lipstick shade, and a necklace that matches the gown. “Now go try on this stuff!” Leshawna says as she pushes Gwen into a changing room.

“Why’d you push me?”

“It’s faster than walking, now hurry up and put that stuff on!” Leshawna yells. Gwen then comes out of the changing room in the outfit that Leshawna gave her and Leshawna gasps.

“Was that a bad gasp?” Gwen asks.

“Honey, HECK NO! You look beautiful!” Leshawna says. A random guy walks past Gwen and whistles at her. Gwen blushes. “See! That guy agrees with me!”

“I guess I am a little beautiful.” Gwen admits blushing.

“You’re more than beautiful! You’re hot! Now let’s go buy this stuff!” Leshawna says as Gwen goes back into the changing room. A few seconds later, Gwen walks out in her normal outfit. The two then go to the checkout place and Leshawna buys the outfit for Gwen. The two walk out and get into the car.

“We should go to school to put our outfits on.” Gwen says to Leshawna while they are in the car.

“I agree, buckle up!” Leshawna says as she drives them to the school. Once they get to the school, they get ready from the prom. Once they get dressed, they walk into the prom which is about to start.

“Wow, Gwen, I love your dress!” A random girl says.

“Thanks, Bridgette!”

“Wow! I can’t believe how awesome you look!” says a tan thin girl, “Right, Sadie?”

“OMG, You’re totally right, Katie!” Says Sadie.


Meanwhile, back at the house, Beth and Lindsay are getting a ride from Heather to the prom.

“I can’t believe how gorgeous I am!” Beth says as she applies some more make-up to her face. Beth couldn’t have been farther from the truth, as she has green lipstick all over her face, her make-up is a wreak, and her mascara is everywhere but on her eyelashes. Her dress is horrible too, it’s a brown and hot pink striped dress that is way too tight for Beth

“I know, Beth! If only I was a beautiful as you.” Lindsay says. Lindsay is wearing a very beautiful baby blue gown with a tiara on her head.

“Yeah, Lindsay, I’m sorry you didn’t get the beauty gene like me.” Beth says. She couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“Alright, my beautiful girls, I hope you have fun at the prom.” Heather says as she stops the car at the school so Beth and Lindsay can get out. The two get out and Heather drives away.

“Bye mom! Thanks for the ride!” Beth calls out to Heather.

“Yeah, thanks mom!” Lindsay calls out. The two walk into the prom, which has already started.

Beth slams the door open and says, “Ladies, prepare for me to steal all your boyfriends!” No one responds to Beth.

“Beth, I don’t think anyone’s noticing.” Lindsay says after a little bit.

“Ugh, you don’t know anything, Lindsay. They’re just speechless because of my beauty.”

“No offense, Beth, but you’re not that pretty.” Lindsay says.

“Lindsay, you’re just jealous!” Beth yells at Lindsay.

“Sorry, Beth. I was being stupid.”

“It’s fine……You want some punch?”

“You mean punch someone? Okay.” Lindsay says as she punches a random girl in the face.

“HEY! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT FOR?” the girl yells at Beth.

“Whatever, Cara, Belle told me to punch you.” Lindsay says.

“MY NAME IS COURTNEY!’ Courtney yells.

“Whatever.” Lindsay says.

“Lindsay, look,” Beth says as she pours some punch in a glass. “this is punch.” Beth says, showing Lindsay the liquid, she gives the glass to Lindsay.

“You drink the blood of the people you punch?” Lindsay yells as she throws the liquid far away, it lands on Courtney. Courtney runs out of the room, crying, due to the punch ruining her dress.

“Bye Candy!” Lindsay yells, waving goodbye to Courtney. Beth slaps her forehead. Beth looks away from Lindsay and sees Gwen talking to some girls. Beth gasps.

“It’s Gwen! She’s not supposed to be here!” Beth exclaims.

“Gigi’s here? Where?” Lindsay asks.

“First of all, it’s Gwen, and we hate her!”

“We do?”

“Look, we need to tell mom!”

“Okay, but now? I’m having a fun time.”

“Fine.” Beth says.

Meanwhile, Gwen is having the time of her life. She is hanging out with some girls. Trent walks into the prom with his group of friends.

One of his friends says to him, “Dude, there’s Gwen, go dance with her!”

“I will, Cody. Look, I’m just nervous.” Trent says, he walks over to Gwen and asks her, “Hey, Gwen, would you like to, um, you know, would you like to dance with me?”

“Of course, Trent!” Gwen says. Gwen and Trent begin to dance to some slow music. Leshawna looks at them with tears of joy in her eyes.

“Our little girl is all grown up.” Leshawna says. She glances at the clock and screams, “Not now!” She rushes to Gwen and Trent and says, “Sorry to break up this little dance, but Gwen, it’s eleven thirty! I need to get you home, NOW!” Leshawna says as she grabs Gwen’s hand and runs to her car.

“Wait! Gwen!” Trent yells as he runs after Leshawna and Gwen.

“Trent!” Gwen yells.

“No time, Gwen!” Leshawna yells. While she and Gwen are running to Leshawna’s car, one of Gwen’s shoes falls off of her foot. Gwen and Leshawna finally get to Leshawna’s car.

“Leshawna! Why’d you do that!?!” Gwen yells at Leshawna.

“Look, we NEED to get you home before midnight. If we don’t, your mother will get suspicious!” Leshawna says.

“Oh.” Gwen says. They finally get to Gwen’s house. Gwen gets out of the car and climbs up to her window in her room. Once she’s in, she says, “Leshawna.”

“Yeah, girl?” Leshawna asks Gwen.


“Oh, you’re welcome girl!” Leshawna says, she drives away, Gwen takes off her prom outfit and puts on her normal outfit. She takes a bucket and a sponge and begins to clean her bathroom.

In the living room, Heather is reading a book, she looks at the clock, it reads, eleven fifty six.

“Gwen hasn’t said anything for a while…..I think I’ll go check on that little ungrateful brat.” She walks up to Gwen’s bathroom and sees Gwen cleaning it. Due to Gwen just getting home, practically no progress has been made. “Gwen! You’ve barely even started!”

“I’m sorry, mom.” Gwen says.

“It’s fine, but look, I want this done by six!” Heather demands Gwen.

“Yes mom.” Gwen sighs, she gets back to cleaning the bathroom.

Heather walks back to the living room. She settles in to read her book again. Suddenly, Beth and Lindsay barge in the house.

“MOTHER!” Beth and Lindsay yell in unison.

“What is it, darlings?” Heather asks Beth and Lindsay.

“Gina was at the ball!” Lindsay yells.

“Whose Gina?” Heather asks Lindsay.

“She means, Gwen!” Beth says. She shows Heather her hone, which has pictures of Gwen at the prom.

“That little brat! She will get it!” Heather yells. She walks up to where Gwen’s working. She yells at Gwen, “HOW COULD YOU!?!”

“How could I what?” Gwen asks Heather.

“How could you go to the prom when I told you not to go?” Heather asks Gwen.

“Um, well, uh…..”

“Gwen, as your punishment, you can’t go to school tomorrow.”

“Why not?”

“Because I said so!” Heather says, Heather, Beth, and Lindsay walk away laughing.

“What are we laughing at?” Lindsay ask. Beth and Heather slap their foreheads.

The next day, at school, Trent is searching for Gwen. He walks up to Leshawna and says,

“Hey, Leshawna, where’s Gwen?” Trent asks Leshawna. “She dropped her shoe last night at the prom.”

“Well, she called me last night and said that she got caught going to the prom.” Leshawna says.

“What do you mean?” Trent asks Leshawna.

“You don’t know? Well, honey, I’ll tell you.” Leshawna begins telling Trent the story of how Gwen is mistreated by her mother and siblings. At the end of the story, Trent says,

“That’s just horrible!”

“I know, right?” After school, Trent goes to Gwen’s house, he knocks on the door and Heather comes out saying,

“Who are you?”

“I’m Trent, I’m here to see Gwen.” Trent says.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know a Gwen.” Heather says.

Suddenly, Gwen yells, “TRENT! You’re here!”

“Gwen! I knew Leshawna was telling the truth!” Trent says.

“Um, Gwen, go back inside and scrub something.” Heather asks Gwen.

“Look, lady, I know what you’ve done to Gwen, you deserve to be in jail for all you’ve done to Gwen!” Trent yells at Heather. He takes out his phone and calls the police. The police come and arrest Heather, Beth, and Lindsay.

While being arrested, Lindsay cries, “But I’m innocent! I did nothing!”

“Yeah right, that’s what they all say.” Says the policeman, he tosses Lindsay into the car of the police car. The car drives away.

“Trent, thanks.” Gwen says, blushing.

“Hey, it’s no problem. You wanna get some pizza?” Trent asks.

“Sure, Trent.”

“Oh, and by the way, you can bunk with my family until your family’s out of jail.”

“Again, thanks Trent.” Gwen says. The two walk off into the sunset holding hands.

Epilog: Heather, Beth, and Lindsay remained in jail for the next ten years. Gwen and Trent went on to get married and they had two children named Xavier and Amanda. Like most of these fairy tale endings, they lived happily ever after.


Tdafan123's Story

(He was a contestant this week, leave this here)


Nalyd: Sunshine will judge the Bass, Chimmy gets the Gophers.

Nalyd: Since Tdafan left, nobody else will go this week.

Week Fourteen Chat

Nalyd: Hey, Best-Sellers. Good to see you six.

Webly: Thanks, Nalyd. My overall goal was to make it to the merge, improve my writing and make more friends. Now, I've acheived those goals leading a good start to my day. The bad thing is this may be my last week here.

Koops: MERGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet. (XD)

CK11: lolyaymerge:D

CK11 (conf): I came to win; and since you don't get eliminated for being a threat, winning's exactly what I'll do. (Yay, evil arrogance XD)

Spenny: WOO-HOO! I'M IN THE MERGE! AND IMA GONNA WIN! *blows raspberry at Cokeman*

Shane: (Conf): I'm finally here! I cannot believe it! I have worked so hard to get here and here I am. I have outlasted all of my original teammates! Key word: Original. I consider Spenny a team member. He just wasn't here at the begining. XD Anyway, I feel like I have a shot at winning! I hope I do! (I'm really thinking this IRL)

Shane: Why do I feel like Stephenie LaGrossa?

Spenny: I wonder what the challenge will be. I also wonder if there's anything to eat at this library.

CK11: No, I'll win! *blows raspberry at Spenny* Or at least be runner-up XD

Koops: Are you sure? Because I'm pretty sure it was me who wins!

Turnertang: Cool! I'm in the merge!

Spenny: OMG there's no food! We must eat our own eliminated! xD, JK

CK11: XD, everyone's like "I'll win!" "No, I will!" "No, me!" and then Turnertang's like "Cool, I'm in the merge!" XD

Spenny: xD! *imagines Cokeman as a bottle of Pepsi* Yummy... soda... xD

Shane: Um, I was never like that. XD I just said, I think I have a shot at winning. We all do. Overall, this'll be fun to see who goes when it comes down to the wire.

CK11: OMG Guys! It turns out that Pepsi tastes better than Coke! :O (XDDDDDDDDDD)

Webly: O.o no one has posted yet but FYI mine is coming soon.

Spenny: And now, everyone's is posted, xD

CK11: 'Cept double T's story. XD

Spenny: TT posted his. Yayz!

Challenge Fourteen

This is a classic challenge from TDA2. You need to make an audition tape for a TDI character, if they were going to apply to be on a different show after TDI (you can decide if TDA already happened in your audition tape.) It will be judged on spelling, grammar, creativity, and if you kept the character in character. Due Thursdsay.

COKEMAN11's Story

Lindsay Auditions For Survivor

"Action!" Beth says from behind the camera.

"Thanks, Belle! Okay, well, I'm Lindsay, and I'd like to be on Surviving India!" Lindsay explains.

"It's Survivor: India," Beth whispers.

"Oh...okay! So, I'd like to be on Survivor: India!" Lindsay repeats.

"Tell them why," Beth whispers.

"Okay! I should be chosen because I'm 'bi-languagel.' I can speak Canadaish, Englandish, and Americanish!" Lindsay explains. "Oh, and I competed on Total Drama Island before!"

"And Action," Beth whispers.

"Um, Belle, we already started. You don't need to say action again," Lindsay tells Beth.

"No, Total Drama Action," Beth whispers back.

"Ohhhhhhhh... I placed six-eth on Total Drama Action!" Lindsay explains. "And, to top it off, I'm pretty in everything. I have twelve bikinis, one for each month!" Beth moves the camera to a bunch of pictures of Lindsay in bikinis. "This is my January bikini, 'Febaruary' bikini, March bikini, April bikini...oh, and I can speak Franceish!"

"No, you can't!" Beth whispers as she moves the camera back to Lindsay.

"Yes, I can, Betty," Lindsay whispers. She then goes back to speaking loud. "So, yeah, pick me for Survivor: Indonesia!"

"It's India!" Beth whispers, agitated.

"Pick me for Survivor: India!" Lindsay says quickly. She then rushes to turn the camera off.


Lindsay was accepted, but was the first one voted out. She was blindsided 7-1.

The End

DJ Spenstar's Story

Izzy tries out for survivor

The camera flashes white, then turns on. Izzy is hula dancing at a beach, wearing a green bikini.. The ocean is directly behind her, and there is not a cloud in the sky. Izzy smiles at the camera.

"Izzy says hi!" she chirps. "Izzy want to try out for your show!" she points at the camera. Izzy does a double-back-flip in the air and lands on her feet.

"What's good about Izzy?" she asks, more to herself than to the camera, "Izzy is smart! Izzy has an IQ of 177!" Izzy nods.

"Izzy is also a natural-born survivalist! Yeah, yeah, Izzy was raised by beavers on a deserted island!" An electrical sound is heard, and Izzy's happy expression turns into one of pain.

"Ow," Izzy says, "Izzy forgot about the chip that she got from the aliens." Izzy starts laughing again. "Izzy is also a natural-born gymnast! Watch this!"

Izzy starts jumping huge bounds around the area. The camera tries to keep up, but Izzy is often off screen. Izzy does a few front flips to the camera's right, and then does a few back flips to the camera's left. Suddenly, a thumping sound is heard. The camera pans to the left and sees Izzy sitting down, facing a tree, rubbing her head.

"Ow," said Izzy, "Izzy really has to watch where Izzy goes!" Izzy gets back up and laughs again.

"Izzy has experience with reality shows! Yeah! Izzy competed in Total Drama Island twice, and Total Drama Action once! Izzy is a seasoned veteran with stuff like this!" So, pick IZZY for Survivor! Izzy will not let you down!"

Izzy smiles wide, and just stands there for ten seconds. Her smile drops. "Is this thing still on?" she asks.

"Yeah," said Owen from behind the camera. The camera then goes blank.

KoopaKidJr.'s Story

Katie and Sadie's Survivor Audition

A camera started to record and two preppy girls stood in front of it.

One of the girls shouted, "My name is Katie!"

The other girl shouted, "My name is Sadie!"

They both shouted simultaneously, "And we want to be on Survivor!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"If you pick me, I'll play with honor and integrity and fight as hard as I can to stay in the game," Katie said.

Sadie shoved her out of the way and said, "But if you pick me, I'll give you extremely high ratings."

Katie shoved Sadie out of the way and said, "Don't listen to her, she's lying."

Sadie, again, shoved Katie out of the way and said, "Katie should talk; she lied about everything she said."

Katie shouted off-screen, "That's a lie!!!"

Sadie shouted to her, "Are you sure? Because we're all pretty clear on your lying on-screen!"

Katie shouted to her again, off-screen, "Hey, that's fighting words!"

Sadie turned the camera off and shouted to her, "PILLOW FIGHTING WORDS!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

They began to fight with pillows and after 3 minutes, they turned the camera back on and shouted, "LET US BE ON SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Shane's Story

This is Heather's audition for America's Next Top Model. TDI has not happened yet.

The tape starts to a beauty pageant. Heather walks to the camera and says,

“Lindsay, hold this please.”

“Um, my name is Laura.” Lindsay says.

“Okay, Laura, please hold the camera.”

“Um, my name is Lindsay.” Lindsay says.

“Okay…….Anyway, I think I should be in America’s Next Top Model because I’ll totally shred the competition.” Heather says with a sly smile.

“Like you shredded that one girl’s dress?” Lindsay asks.

“Um, Lindsay, I just meant shredded like, you know, um……….Uh…………Like beating the competition! You know, out doing them.” Heather lies.

Suddenly, a girl in a shredded dress, crying, runs out and slaps Heather on the cheek. She runs away crying.

“Bye-bye Tawny!” Lindsay cheerfully yells, oblivious to Tawny’s sadness.

Tawny runs to the camera and says, “Don’t pick Heather! She’ll destroy the competition! Literally!” Tawny then runs away.

Heather looks nervous as Tawny runs away.

“Um, pick me, and I promise high ratings.” Heather says. She smiles nervously as the tape ends.


Turnertang's Story

Justin's Audition for Wipeout

“Hey, I’m Justin and I’m trying out for Wipeout.” Justin said as he sits down on his couch and looks at the camera, “I know you’ll pick me because I’m so hansom.”

The Scene changes to him at the pool, “I’ll show you how brave I can be.” Justin said as he climbs up the ladder and dives off the board, “You see how brave I am? But I won’t do anything that will risk hurting my gorgeous face or body.”

“Isn’t that the whole point of the show?” the guy holding the camera asked.

“Did I ask your opinion?” Justin asked rudely as he stared angrily at the cameraman, "I can also play people like a chess game."

"Isn't the show bout doing obstacle course?" the cameraman asked.

"Again, did I ask you?" Justin said as he stared at the camera man angrily, "I also need the money to make me beautiful again with some surgery."

The scene changes back to him on the couch, “After TDA and my fateful accidents that made me hideous and lost me my modeling job, I needed a way to get back on T.V. to show everyone my beauty so that’s why you should pick me.” Justin said as he winks at the camera and blows a kiss to it and it shuts off.

Weblykinly's Story

Duncan's Survivor Audition Tape

This is set 5 years after TDA. Duncan got into juvie again and had to spend all the money that he got from TDA to get out of jail. So, Duncan is poor but has definitely matured as the years went by.


"Hey, producers or whoever picks Survivor contestants! My name’s Duncan and I’m auditioning for the hit show, SURVIVOR!" Duncan says as he ends his welcoming.

"Clearly, I was the best player on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. Of course, there is a close second with my girlfriend, Courtney. But, this is not about her."

"I think I can bring a lot of drama to your show. I mean I've been watching every season and I personally think if I enter, I'll be the best Survivor player that will ever be on Survivor."

A creaky sound comes from the background.

"Duncan su tiempo para la clase de español," A voice is heard from the background.

"Not now, Bridgette. I’m auditioning for another reality show where I can torture more nerds & geeks."

"Think of it this way, in Spanish class you’ll learn how to torture people in a different culture and that means torturing Harold in an evil way," Bridgette says.

"Fine, I’ll come. But only to torture people in different cultures. Wait are you trying to trick me, I thought you were Mrs. Nice."

"That changed a while ago."

"Oh, well then, bye, bye reality TV, or should I say me escoge o morir," Duncan leaves with Bridgette to go to Spanish class while the camera is still on.


"Back from Spanish class, now I can finally relax and chill about the whole Survivor thing," Duncan says quietly to himself.

"¡Oh, no la cámara está todavía en! Wow, my Spanish is getting to me. Sorry for the long wait of nothing. See you when I am picked for the show meant for me."



  • I thought it’d be cool to recite some stuff in Spanish. If you’d like to see what their saying go to this site,
  • I’m learning Spanish myself right now! XD!


Nalyd: Chimmy, would you like to do the reviews this week?

Chimmy:No prob, I'll get started right away. :D

Sunshine: I don't have to review this week? *does happy dance* (Any week I don't have to review is a good week for me. XD)

Chimmy's Reviews

COKEMAN:LOL! XD This was hilarious. Poor, poor Beth…anyways, I didn’t notice any grammar or spelling mistakes, so that was good…anywho, I hilarious, amazing, overall epic.

DJ Spenstar: I have a feeling Izzy made it….anyways, it’s good, funny, overall well written, but…it seemed to reminiscent of one of her TDI auditions. IDK if that’s a good thing or not. Nice job incorporating the alien chip thing. Good job.

Koops: O______O…this was definetly…original….seemed a TINY bit similar to their TDI audition. Kinda weird that BFFFL’s would accuse each other of lying…but no spelling or grammar issues, so good, I guess.

Shane:Poor Tawny…this seemed actually likely. XD Though I remember from TDA2 that Sunshine did this…but I don’t think that’s an important factor. No grammar issues from where I can see, so nice job. ^^

Turnertang: Good job not doing one of the really big shows like everyone else, and bonus points for my absolute LOVE of Wipeout! It seems Justin would be the least likely to do a show like that, so that’s really original. IDK, but something about the last paragraph seems off…also, “handsome” is misspelled as “hansom”. Other than that, though, great job. ^^

Webly: NUUU. DUNKY BE POOR. D:…sorry, fangirl moment..oh well, this was an overall OK story. There were a couple places where you forgot commas, and it was kinda hard to picture Duncan in Spanish lessons…with Bridgette…..overall, OK.

Nalyd: So, Chimmy, who was the best this week?

Chimmy:I'd say either Cokeman or Turner...IDK.

Nalyd: COKEMAN wins this week, for better grammar.

Elimination Ceremony Fourteen

Nalyd: COKEMAN, nominate two people, and tell me why.

CK11: Uh... I hate to do this, but Webly and Koops. Koops' story didn't make much sense to me and neither did Webly's. Sorry!

Webly: It's fine. I should've picked a different character to learn Spanish or I just could've improved my recap so it would make sense for Duncan to learn Spanish. But, that story was really fun!

Nalyd: Webly, Koops, tell me why you should stay.

Webly: Being against Koops is hard because he's a great player! But, I think I should stay to improve my writing still. My writing is much better than it was originally! I'm thankful I made it this far, outlasting most of my team. I've opened my eyes to writing. Therefore, if I'm eliminated, I'll walk away with pride. If I make next season I can make sure I'll do even better. Right now, I'm working on Chapter 2 of my fanfic, Total Drama Celebrities. It has really showed me that I can write! If I stay in, I'll try to show you guys my writing. As for Koops, I wish you the best of luck! I love your Total Drama: Heroes vs. Villains.

Spenny: That sounds like you want to go...

Webly: I don't want to go! But, I was talking as if it were my last time. Just to get out everything so I will have a good speech. BUT I DEFINITELY DONT WANT TO GO!

Koops: I think I should stay is because I want to stay in this game. I know my story didn't make much sense, but it's called the creative process to me in my opinion. Also, in my opinion, I feel unrecognized. Most of the time, I'm only remembered for making an overrated character, and I feel like it isn't for my stories. Hopefully, I think this experience can make me more recognized if I keep going, so don't send me home just yet, because I really want to be in this game still, not only for the recognition I need, but because I want to keep going.

Spenny: C'mon Webly, humbleness will get you nowhere! Talk about how your story was better than his this week! Talk about how you're a better author than he is! It doesn't have to be true, but you gotta say something...

Koops: Gee, thanks for your support, Spenny. -.- (XD)

Webly: I do think, Koops could've been better at writing stories here. I mean he has a lot of talent but I think he could use more of it. Even though, I'm a newer writer doesn't mean I'm bad I'm learning. If you compared some of my stories you'd see a big difference. If I stay, I'd love to write a big and great story. We haven't one of those as a group in a while. And, since no one reads my fanfic. You guys could finally see my awesome talent! Keep me in and I promise I'll try very hard! (how's that spenny, XD! No offense, Koops!)

Koops: None taken and is it me or does Spenny really want me to go? XD

Nalyd: The person going is.... Webly. You're a good author, but you aren't up to par with these other 5 authors.Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers. KKJ, you dodged a bullet. You need to step it up. However, starting now, you will all have a clean slate going into the next week.

Koops: When you put it that way Nalyd, I need to hide in my dorm for a bit. (runs up to dorm and hides in closet XD)

Webly: *walks down the long path* Bye Shane, I hope you win!

Shane: Thanks Webly! *runs and hugs Webly goodbye* I wish you were staying. I really do.

Koops: Wow you guys really wanted me gone or what?

Spenny: Bye Webly, sorry you had to go.... T_T

Webly: Bye Guys! *bus leaves with Webly*

Turnertang: We have a clean start!

Week Fifteen Chat

Nalyd: Only five remain...

Shane: What does clean start mean?

Spenny: It means that for all we care, this is week one again.

Shane: I'm guessing my past achievements mean nothing now. XD Anyway, YAY! FINAL FIVE!

Spenny: That would be about right. xD

Shane: Well.........................I guess I can't use that in case I'm nominated. XD

Spenny: You can try to.

Shane: I will! YAY! XD (I was just confused. As normal. XD)

Spenny: Challenge soon?

CK11: Thank goodness I have little-to-no internet acess this week...there's no challenge yet! XD

Spenny: There should be... *grunts* xD

Nalyd: I knew I forgot something... KK, no challenge this week, but somebody is going home. :)

Turnertang: Interesting...

Spenny: Can I be that guy who nominates people? =D xD

Elimination Ceremony Fifteen

Nalyd: I want everyone here to nominate one person and give a reason (more the one person can nominate the same person).

Spenny: Very well. The person I nominate is KoopaKidJr. He is probably the weakest link out of the five of us, and in my opinion, he should have left instead of Webly. No offense to Koops, but I feel that it is your time.

Shane: I also nominate Koops. I feel he is the weekest link and I think he should've gona instead of Koops. I'm very sorry Koops, but I think it's your time. You're a good author, but I think that if you stop focusing so much on one character, I think then you can reach your full potential. No offense to Koops, though.

CK11: I nominate Koops as well. I just think that he is the weakest link and that the rest of us here are more deserving. Sorry, bud.

Nalyd: KKJ, Turnertang, your nominations please.

Koops: Since you all want me out so bad, I'm quitting. I may be weak, but at least I show up for this every week. Who cares? I'm finished anyways so I quit!!!

Spenny: If that's what you want, go ahead.

Nalyd: Okay, KKJ, if thats what you want to do, you can leave. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers. Now, onto you, the final four. There was a challenge this week. I wanted to see who wanted to win the most (which would have been through nominations). The nominees were going to battle it out to show how much they want to win, but KKJ quit, so we skipped that.

Spenny: Clever...

Koops: It was a good time anyway. My internet doesn't work and I'm using my Wii to type this, so either way, I still lost.

Week Sixteen Chat

Nalyd: Only four remain...

CK11: I can't believe I'm here! And I got mine up! EEEEEEE!

Spenny: I will have mine done by the end of the day, I promise.

Spenny: Mine's up! =D

Shane: Mine's up! I hope it's enough to keep me here.

Challenge Sixteen

Nalyd: You need to write a story that will be the next episode of Total Drama Action. it has to explain who is in TDWT. if you need a cast list, check out the TDI wiki. This is due Thurday. It will be judged on grammar, spelling, creativity, originality, and if the characters were in character.

COKEMAN11's Story

The Total Drama Action World Tour (Hint, Hint) Reunion Show

Chris walked onto a stage in a tux. The audience cheered and clapped wildly. He then proceeded to speak.

"Last time on Total Drama Action... When the finale ended up in a tie, we had to do ANOTHER finale. Unfortunately, I was late, and they had time to trash my character! I won't go into detail, since I've got an audience," Chris started. The audience laughed.

"You're bald!" A small boy in the crowd yelled.

"Messy hoagie man!" A small girl jeered.

"Okay, okay, settle down. Anyway, they tried everything...and it all ended in a tie! So what did Duncan and Beth do? They convinced the past cast members that they were deserving of the win. Because they would have to vote for a winner! And, in a close vote, Duncan won! Beth came in second, with Explosivo unofficially placing third. ...It was an 8-6-1 vote. Izzy's vote was the illegal one," Chris explained.

"And you allowed that?" An elderly crowd member yelled.

"I didn't KNOW!" Chris yelled back. "Anyway, here begins our reunion. Every contestant from Total Drama history will come here in about ten minutes, and two lucky audience members will get to meet them! Who will they be? What will be the outcome of this show? And can I redeem myself after everyone showed that video?"

"You tell us!" The entire crowd yelled.

"Okay, then maybe! Is it a yes or a no? ...Wait, don't answer that! Find out on our reunion show of Total...Drama...Action!" Chris started the reunion.

"Okay, the contestants are in the building! We're live from New York City, for the TDA reunion!" Chris explained.

"Hey, Chris!" Beth skipped in.

"Hello, Beth-er-ino," Chris welcomed.

"Hi, Chris..." Trent said, somewhat grimly.

"Um...hi," Chris said back.

After each contestant came in and sat down, Chris walked up to Geoff. "Here, we'll interview everyone. If you weren't in TDA, don't say a peep!"

"Geoff," Chris started.

"Yeah, dude?" Geoff responded.

"How was it being the first out?" Chris asked.

"Um...bad. I didn't expect to be THAT much of a faliure," Geoff responded.

"Hmm, interesting. What was it like knowing that you did the aftermath?" Chris asked.

"Awesome! I'd always wanted my OWN talk show, and guess what happened?" Geoff responded.

"You did horribly, am I right?" Chris joked. Geoff frowned. Chris moved over to Bridgette.

"Hey, Chris," Bridgette greeted. She was in a sparkly cyan gown wearing turquoise eyeliner and red lipstick.

"Hey, Bridgette. So, same question. How did it feel to be out?" Chris asked.

"Horrible! To me, this season was Bridgette's redemption, but I guess not," Bridgette explained.

"And aftermath host?" Chris continued.

"I wasn't THAT psyched, but it was great to still have something to do with the show," Bridgette responded.

"Interesting." Chris took out a notepad and scribbled something. He then approached Trent.

"Hello," Trent said monotonously.

"Uh, hi. What was it like being out, betrayed by Gwen, and most importantly, how do you feel about Gwen voting herself off?" Chris asked.

"It felt horrible, it felt like my heart disintegrated, and I felt stupid for making her do that," Trent explained.

"Sucker," Chris smirked. He took out the notepad and scribbled something. He moved on to Gwen.

"Hey, McLean," Gwen greeted.

"You're more polite than usual today, Gwen...anyway, what was it like going home?" Chris asked.

"Oh, I knew it would happen. Well, actually, not really. I just voted myself off, anticipating to survive in a 4-2 vote. But, no, Leshawna AND Harold voted me off. I felt seriously betrayed by Leshawna, though. And I then decided that hitting Harold over the head was a stupid idea, and I could be the winner if I never did that," Gwen explained.

"Wow, Gwen. You took it better than some..." Chris looked at Trent.

"What, I'm a human! I've got opinions and feelings!" Trent retaliated.

"...Loser," Chris said under his breath. He scribbled stuff on the notepad, and moved on to DJ. He was in a purple blazer jacket.

"Hi, Chris. Nice to see you tonight," DJ greeted.

"Thanks, Deej," Chris responded. "Onto the questioning. What was all that? The random quit? And the alliance with Chef Hatchet? What were you thinking, man?"

"Well, Chef FORCED me into the alliance. He forced me to look tough, he forced me to say all that crap in the confessional, and I feel bad about not standing up to him in the first place. Sorry if I sounded mean, everyone!" DJ explained.

"But why the quit?" Chris asked again.

"I wanted to prove to my mamma that I wasn;t a cheater, and that I was a good guy that would leave with dignity and integrity. Love ya, mamma!" DJ smiled. DJ's mom waved from the audience.

"Okay, nice chat." Chris scribbled on the notepad. He went to Izzy.

"HELLO, CENTRAL!" Izzy yelled.

"Um...hi. So, did you find us? Was the E-Scope thing planned all along? And did you ever try to return as Explosivo or Esquire? Because Chef never tells me about this stuff," Chris asked.

"Well, haha, crazy story. Originally, I wanted to have a cool nickname, and then, after elimination, I got this burst of idea! E-Scope could just be a name, because I remembered that you officially marked Kaleidoscope as the one out. Then, I saw it - I was technically still in the game! There was no E-Scope! And...about Explosivo, I was crazy. But when does that ever not happen? And, yes, I tried many times, but Chef blocked all my secret passages that the gopher family told me about," Izzy explained. Then, she took a deep breath.

"Wow, Izzy, just wow." Chris took some notes in the notepad, and approached Heather.

"Hello, loser." Heather was looking away.

" did it feel getting out?" Chris asked.

"Go away, I don't want to talk to you," Heather retorted.

"I've got twenty dollars," Chris stated.

"It felt really crappy, being voted out like that. After all the effort I put into this game!" Heather explained. "Now gimme the cash."

"Nah, I don't feel like it." Chris moved on.

"I'm next, I guess," Leshawna said.

"Yeah, you are. So, how was is knowing that pale nerd guy voted you out over Duncan?" Chris asked.

"I was SO mad. After making it that far...but it was nice to be able to leave with integrity," Leshawna explained.

"What integrity?" Chris asked. Leshawna was quiet.

"I know, I know, I'm next," Justin interrupted.

"Okay, sheesh," Chris said.

"But I don't want to go, move on," Justin said.

"Um, no. So, how was that trick I pulled on you?" Chris asked.

"I honestly thought you were telling the truth. No one votes out Justin McBieber!" Justin yelled.

"Um...'kay," Chris moved on to Lindsay, who was asleep. Chris just stared, and moved on to Harold.

"I refuse to talk to you," Harold stated.

"Well, your contract stated that you gotta. So speak up about being eliminated over Owen and Courtney!" Chris said.

"Fine, happy? I was shocked about being ousted over Courtney, but even more stunned about going over Owen! Those two are traitors and I'm really glad they weren't in the final two! And Owen won last season, he didn't deserve to place third!" Harold explained.

"Gosh," Chris said. He took notes and moved on. "Courtney..."

"I get it! I hated being voted out, especially by Duncan, and it's good that he won, but I just hate him SO MUCH now! I should have won! I'm a CIT, for Pete's sake!" Courtney ranted.

"O..kay...Owen?" Chris moved on.

"Oh, hi, Chris!" Owen was in a messy tuxedo. It had many food stains.

"So...busted, huh?" Chris started.

"Felt good, but stupid. And you know the rest," Owen stated.

"Okay...then I guess...Beth?" Chris started.

"Ask away!" Beth said happily.

"Second place equals BUMMER! What's your take on it?" Chris asked.

"I was a tad unhappy, but I was fine. Brady's all I need!" Beth responded.

"Interesting," Chris said. He took notes, and went to Duncan. "Hey, Duncan. How'd you spend all that money?" Chris asked.

"I sold your puppy to the military, got out of juvie, and founded two schoolhouses for underprivileged children. And there's still a LOT of cash left," Duncan explained.

"Cool, cool...anyway, we're ALMOST done! We've gotta choose the audience members to meet you guys!" Chris flipped a switch.

"And, the two lucky ones are..." An announcer's voice said as two spotlights went around the audience. Eventually, they both landed on a girl with purple hair and a guy hotter than Justin. "You two! Come on up!"


"Rabid freak girl! Rabid freak girl!" Cody panicked.

"" Heather and Leshawna stared at the guy.

"Hello, ladies," The guy said. He flashed a smile.

After a couple of minutes, Chris spoke up. "Okay, we're going to draw things out of a hat! Because, not only do you two get to meet these guys, you travel along on season THREE!"

"WHAT?!?!?!?!" Duncan yelled out of anger.

"Now, you'll draw a card out of this hat, all of you. If it says F on it, you're in. If it's blank, you're not," Chris explained. "Now line up. Even you guys." Chris pointed to the ones who weren't in TDA.

"Grr..." Heather growled.

Everyone drew.

"YES!" Cody yelled.

"EEE! I'm in with Codesters!" The girl squealed.

"Crud..." Cody sulked.

"Awesome!" Owen yelled.

"Now, you know if you're in or not. Say your name if you're in," Chris explained.

"Cody..." Cody said.

"Owen!" Owen cheered.

"Tyler," Tyler said.

"SIERRA!" The girl yelled.

"Well, that was a given. Oh, and Noah," Noah said.

"Ezekiel, eh?" Ezekiel said.

"Heather..." Heather grumbled.

"Courtney!" Courtney smiled.

"Gwen," Gwen said.

"Leshawna," Leshawna said.

"Harold," Harold said.

"Alejandro," The boy said. He flashed a smile, again.

"Bridgette...?" Bridgette said her name.

"IZZEH!" Izzy said.

"DJ," DJ said his name.

"We're missing one," Chris said. Lindsay had fallen asleep again. but she had an F tab in her hand!

"Lindsay's in, and that finishes it!" Chris announced.

"Uh...I've got an H card," Duncan said.

"And I've got an R card," Eva said.

"That will all be explained in due time. And now, prepare for season three! Total Drama...World...TOUR!" Chris finished. The audience cheered wildly.

The End

DJ Spenstar's Story

Chris stood on the Dock of Shame, holding up some note cards, which he was apparently reading from.

“It was the day after Duncan had won it all in Total Drama Action,” he began, “I had made everybody from the show, including the bunch that didn’t make it past Total Drama Island, come back to Camp Wawanawka to play a little game with some friends of mine. The prize was another million dollars! What happened? Who won and who lost? Find out here, on Total Drama Action!”

The screen went black and the familiar TDA theme song played. When it concluded, the scene shifted to 24 teens getting off a boat and onto the dock of shame. All but two were the campers from TDI and TDA. The other two had name tags on to identify themselves.

“This is a bad idea, buddy,” said Justin to one of the newcomers, a man named Alejandro, “This show made me into a goblin. I don’t want the same to happen to you, my friend.”

“Nonsense,” said Alejandro, his voice think with a Spanish accent, “Everything will go fine, I assure you. Besides, there’s no turning back now.”

“Good point,” said Justin.

“Oh my god!!” chirped the second newcomer, a girl named Sierra, “This is Total Drama Island! I’ve always wanted to be here, and to meet all of you guys!!” Sierra squealed with delight.

“Great to have you here too,” said Noah, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Thank you!” said Sierra. She looked around until she found Cody in the crowd. She ran up to him and hugged him. Cody’s eyes were wide with fear.

“OH MY GOD IT’S CODY!!” yelled Sierra, hugging him tighter, “He’s even cuter in real life!”

Cody’s face became beet red. He squirms, trying in vain to break free of Sierra’s powerful hold. Finally, Trent walked over to him and pulled Cody away from Sierra. Trent grabbed Cody by the wrist and quickly walked away.

“Thanks, Trent, said Cody.

“No problem, pal, said Trent.

Meanwhile, Geoff and Bridgette leaned in to make out, but Duncan accidentally bumped into Geoff, interrupting them. They tried again, but Gwen bumped into Bridgette, interrupting them yet again. They tried a third time, but Owen farted on them, causing both to pass out.

“Sorry,” said Owen nervously.

Tyler was seen leading Lindsay away from the crowd. “Listen,” he said, “I need to talk with you in private.”

“Okay Tyson,” said Lindsay.

“I’ve been really bothered,” said Tyler, “by how you’ve been gushing over Justin last season. I understand that I can’t be overprotective, but I can’t have you latching onto other guys.”

“Sorry Taylor,” said Lindsay, ashamed.

“Do you ever care what my name is?” asked Tyler angrily.

When he got no response, Tyler spoke up again. “This isn’t going to work out,” he said, I‘m sorry, but it’s over.”

Lindsay sighed sadly and walked way. Tyler closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and re-opened them. What he saw was Alejandro flirting with Lindsay, and Lindsay blushing.

“Go figure,” said Tyler. He sat down at the edge of the dock. Ezekiel walked over to him and sat next to him.

“You okay eh?” asked Ezekiel.

“No,” sad Tyler, “I just dumped my girlfriend.”

“You threw her out?” asked Ezekiel.

“No, explained Tyler, “It means I ended my relationship with her.”

“Sorry, eh,” said Ezekiel.

The sound of a megaphone on a loudspeaker startled everyone there. Tyler and Ezekiel fell off the dock and into the water.

“Not cool, Chris!” yelled Tyler.

“Yeah, that wasn’t warm, eh!” yelled Ezekiel. Tyler sighed and shook his head. Sierra walked over to them and reached out her hand. Tyler took it, and she helped him up.

“EEEE!!!” squealed Sierra. She hugged him and ran off. Tyler just stood there, wide-eyed, for a few seconds before helping Ezekiel up as well.

“Attention!” yelled Chris over the loudspeaker, “Everyone, meet me at the campfire ceremony area right now!”

Duncan shrugged and walked off. The others followed him.

Once they arrived there, Chris stood there, waiting for them. He was holding a legal pad, and a pencil.

“Hello again, campers,” said Chris, Today you will be competing for another easy million dollars!”

“OH MY GOD, IT’S CHRIS MCLEAN!” yelled Sierra.

“Please, calm down,” said Chris, “There will be plenty of time to admire me later. Anyway, I hope you all met today’s guests. If not, this is Sierra, and Alejandro.”

“Hello, ladies, said Alejandro, winking.

You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into,” said Justin.

“HI EVERYONE!!” chirped Sierra.

“IZZY SAYS HI!!” yelled Izzy. The two hugged.

“God made two of them!” said Gwen in shock.

“How many of ‘them’ are there?” asked Trent.

“Three, said Duncan, pointing to Sierra, Izzy, and Trent. Gwen and Trent glared at Duncan.

“Anyway,” said Chris, clearly annoyed, “Here’s how this’ll work. You’ll each be competing for another million bucks! I will hand each of you a notecard that has a clue on it. This clue will lead to an object that you must bring to me! Whoever can gets a shot at winning that cash! You have one hour, starting now!”

Chris quickly gave each person a notecard. One by one, they ran off in opposite directions.

“Let’s see,” said Noah, “Where would I find ‘one half of a whole idiot’? I know, I’ll find Justin. The wonder twins are always latching onto him…” Noah chuckled to himself and walked off.

Gwen walked in a different direction. “What’s pointless and humiliating?” she asked herself.

“Hey weird goth girl!” shouted Heather, who ran up to Gwen. Heather had somewhat grown her hair back to a shoulder-length level.

“What do you want?” asked Gwen coldly.

“I’ll help you if you help me,” said Heather, desperately.

“Whatever,” said Gwen, “What’s your clue?”

“’One half of a whole idiot,’” recited Heather.

“Sounds like Katie and Sadie,” said Gwen, “Mine is ‘something pointless and humiliating’.”

“Sounds like your cruddy excuse for a diary,”

“Oh crap!” yelled Gwen, “I must have left it in my cabin!” Gwen ran off to what was formerly the girl’s cabin. Heather walked off in a different direction, smirking. Once Gwen was out of sight, Heather took out a black diary from her back pocket and smirked evilly. She tried to pick the lock that was keeping the diary closed, but to no avail. It appeared that only a key could unlock it.

Duncan walked in circles around a tree, reading his clue over and over again.

“The footwear of something crazy and annoying…” said Duncan to himself, “footwear, crazy, annoying…”

“Hi Duncan!” Izzy hung from the tree Duncan was walking around. Duncan angrily looked up and glared at Izzy.

“What do you want, you crazy little psycho?” asked Duncan, “Don’t you have an object to find?”

“I already found it,” sad Izzy, “The clue was ‘the footwear of something crazy and annoying’, and so I gave Chris one of my shoes!”

“Clever,” said Duncan, clearly impressed, “Can I have the other shoe?”

One of Izzy’s shoes fell from the tree and hit Duncan on the head. The shoe landed in his hands. Duncan smirked and ran off.

“Am I really that annoying?” asked Izzy to herself. Just then, she slipped and fell off the tree she was in.

“Ouch, eh!” shouted Ezekiel. Izzy had fallen on him.

“Sorry Zekie,” said Izzy.

“It’s all right, eh,” said Ezekiel, Now will you get off me?” Izzy got off Ezekiel.

“So, what’s your clue?” asked Izzy.

“A hair from the woman of steel,” recited Ezekiel.

“Good luck with that,” said Izzy, and walked off. Ezekiel walked off in a different direction.

Justin and Alejandro walked side-by-side, inaudibly chatting about their clues.

“Mine is, ‘a hair from the woman of steel’,” said Alejandro.

“Good luck with that!” laughed Justin, “Mine is ‘the prize of the fangirl’.” I think Chris wants one of Cody’s gadgets or something.”

“Has to be,” reasoned Alejandro, “The only fangirl here has her eye on Cody, of all people, and his crazy tech is apparently what he’s known for.”

“EEEEEEEE!!!!!” Sierra ran past Alejandro and Justin, holding one of Cody’s gadgets in her hand. Cody walked up to the two.

“She’s finally gone,” said Cody, taking a sigh of relief. His face was covered in lipstick.

“How’d you get her away from her?” asked Justin.

“Her clue was ‘the prize of the fangirl’,” explained Cody, “So I promised to give her the only gadget I had with me, if she would leave me alone for the rest of the day.”

“Clever,” said Alejandro.

“Oh crap!” said Justin. He walked off, his head held down in shame. Alejandro and Cody both walked off in two separate directions. Cody pulled out hiss notecard and read it aloud.

“’Nun-yos’,” said Cody, “Not much of a riddle.”

Cody bumped into Harold, who was carrying his nun-yos with him. Cody and Harold held their notecards to each other to read.

“I’ll give you my nun-yos,” said Harold, “If you give me a gadget.”

“Pleasure doing business with you,” said Cody, getting out an MP3 player. The two swapped items and walked off, a smile on both their faces.

Gwen ran into what once was the girls’ cabin and started hastily looking around for her diary. Heather walked up to Gwen, holding one of Sadie’s shoes. Heather was exhausted. She held Gwen’s diary in her other hand.

“Here,” Heather said tiredly, throwing Gwen her diary, “I found it on the ground surrounding the cabin,” she lied.

Gwen caught the diary, smiling huge. “Thanks!” she said happily, and ran off. Heather followed.

Eva was sitting on a stump, trying to figure out what her clue meant.

“Hm,” she said aloud, “Where would I find ‘the prize of a former counselor’?”

Ezekiel crept up to Eva and reached for her hair, in an attempt to get a strand. When he pulled one of Eva’s hairs off, she turned around, roared at him, and punched him in the face, knocking him out immediately. Eva snarled and returned to trying to figure out her clue.

Alejandro walked up to Eva. “Hello beautiful,” he said.

“I do not think she’s beautiful at all,” said Alejandro in the confessional, “But I needed to get that hair!”

“Hi Alejandro,” Eva blushed.

“Listen,” said the new villain, “I really want to win this scavenger hunt. I think the winners will compete in another season, so I want to spend more time with you. To do this, I need some of your hair.”

Eva plucked off a few strands of her hair and placed them in Alejandro’s hand. He smiled.

“Thank you,” he said, and ran off.

“That was so gross,” he said in the confessional. He ran past Noah, who was happily bringing a picture of Katie to camp.

Katie and Sadie were walking together in the woods.

“I really hope I get my shoe back,” said Sadie, “It looked so cute on me!”

“Yeah,” said Katie, “We’ll buy another pair. We’re producers now, Sadie.”

“Livin’ the dream,” said Katie sarcastically.

“I know right?” said Katie happily. She squealed.

Meanwhile, Bridgette and Geoff walked together, hand in hand.

“We won’t be interrupted here,” said Geoff, “Wanna make out?”

“Hold on a sec,” said Bridgette. “Where would I find ‘One half of a whole idiot’?”

Katie lied down on the grass. Suddenly a wind picked up and blew one of Katie’s shoes away.

“My shoe! NO!” shouted Katie.

“We’ll get another pair,” said Sadie. Katie sighed.

The shoe landed in Bridgette’s hand. “That was easy,” she said, putting the shoe in her pocked. She smirked at Geoff and the two started making out. Courtney walked past them, rolling her eyes. She was holding Tyler’s sweatband in her hand.

“The clue was a ‘symbol of false arrogance’.” explained Courtney in the confessional, “Tyler’s was ‘the prize of a former counselor’, and so I traded him my old PDA for it. I just got the newest model.”

DJ and Owen walked together, looking around for their objects.

“Mine is,” said DJ, “‘Cause of a rebuilt trust’.”

“Cool!” said Owen, laughing, “Mine is, ‘that bird with the litter around his neck’.”

“Doesn’t sound like much of a clue,” said DJ. Just then, TDI’s signature bird, a fat bird with some sort of pollution around its neck, waddled over to the two.

“I’ll meet you back at camp,” said Owen. He picked up the bird and ran off. DJ was surprised to find a bag of marshmallows on the ground in the distance. He ran over to it and picked the bag up. Just then, LeShawna walked up to him.

“Hey hun,” she said. DJ noticed that she was holding a bunny.

“Hey LeShawna,” said DJ, “Is that a bunny you’re holding? I think I need that for the scavenger hunt.”

“And I need those marshmallows,” said LeShawna, “Wanna trade?”

“Sure,” said DJ. The two exchanged items and walked off to camp.

Just then, Chris’s voice on the loudspeaker was heard. “Time’s up!” he declared, “Get your butts over to the dock of shame with your items!”

Trent and Chris were waiting on the dock of shame.

“Remind me again why you didn’t go on the hunt?” asked Chris.

“And be put through another season of this?” responded Trent, “No way!”

“Good thinking,” said Chris. Just then, the others returned. Only 14 of them had items:

Alejandro had some strands of Eva’s hair, Bridgette had one of Katie’s shoes, Cody had a set of nun-yos, Courtney had Tyler’s headband, DJ had a bunny, Duncan had one of Izzy’s shoes, Izzy had the other shoe, Gwen had her diary, Harold had Cody’s MP3 player, Heather had one of Sadie’s shoes, LeShawna had a bag of marshmallows, Noah had a picture of Katie, Owen had one of Katie’s shoes, Sierra had one of Cody’s gadgets, and Tyler had Courtney’s old PDA.

“Congratulations,” declared Chris, “To: Alejandro, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, DJ, Duncan, Izzy, Gwen, Harold, Heather, LeShawna, Noah, Owen, Sierra, Tyler, and Lindsay! You all will be competing in season three!”

“Season three?!” said all 15 at once, shocked and annoyed.

“Yeah,” said Chris.

“But why is Lindsay in?” asked Duncan, “She didn’t find her item!”

“Lindsay’s clue was ‘something stupid’,” said Chris, “So the answer was, Lindsay! She also gets to compete.”

“Yay!” squealed Lindsay.

“That’s all for now,” Chris addressed the camera, “Tune in next season, to see these 15 winners compete yet again in Total Drama World Tour! McLean out!”

The screen went black.

Shane's Story

Chris appears on a dim stage. He says to the camera, “Why hello there, I’m Chris Mclean! Coming to you live from Camp Wawenakwa! We’re here, for the Total Drama Action reunion! We’re here with all twenty-two contestants from Total Drama Island!”

A random person yells, “I thought Geoff and Bridgette were the ones in charge of stuff like this!”

Chris says, “About that, I fired them. They made me look like a fool, not cool dude and dudette. Not cool.”

Goeff says, “Whatever, we were good and you know it.”

Chris says, “Um hello, I’m the best.”

Gwen says, “In what?”

Chris says, “In everything.” Gwen looks about to say something, but she decides against it. “Anyway, it’s time to interview the fifteen contestants. Let’s start with the first two off. Geoff and Bridgette.”

Geoff angrily says, “Don’t remind us.”

Chris says, “Well I’m about to. Goeff, Bridgette, what was it like to be first out?”

Bridgette says sadly, “It hurt, I thought people liked us. I guess we were wrong.”

Leshawna says, “Aw sweetie, we love you, but it was kinda gross seeing you and cowboy hat make-out all over the place.”

Geoff looks hurt by the statement, “Well, we were madly in love, give us a break!”

After a moment of awkward silence, Chris says, “Well, one last question, what did you see in each other? I mean, Geoff, you’re a jerk and Bridgette, you’re fat. What the heck did you see in each other?”

Bridgette angrily says, “Geoff has gotten nicer, and I am not fat.”

Geoff says, “Yeah, I just let the fame get to my head, and Bridgette is not fat! Maybe she’s a tad pudgy, but definitely not fat!” Bridgette looks offended by Geoff’s comment.

Bridgette angrily says, “Well thanks a lot for saying that in front of the entire viewing audience!”

Chris says, “Look, as awesome as your fighting is for ratings, I need to move on to Izzy-”

Izzy interrupts Chris saying, “Hi Mom and Dad!”

Chris says annoyed, “Izzy, please, I have some questions-“

Once again, Izzy interrupts Chris yelling, “I’LL NEVER TALK!”

Chris asks, “Okay, how about one question, what are your parents names?”

Izzy says, “Oh! My mother’s name is Lauren and my father’s name is Danielle!”

Chris asks, “Your father’s name is Danielle?”

Izzy says, “Yes, yes it is.”

Chris says weirded out, “Okay…………………Anyway………..Moving on. Trent. Why did you go coo-coo after Gwen?”

Trent says, “Well….I though she and Duncan were serious. You know, I thought they were gonna be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

Gwen stands up and yells, “What would make you think that?”

“You and Duncan were getting really close, y’know? I began to feel a little threatened.”

“Trust me, I had no intention of going to him. I had NONE!”

Chris asks, “How about I ask another question? How’s that?” Gwen and Trent stare at him freakishly, “I’ll take that as a yes, Gwen, Trent, are you two thinking about getting gback together?”

Gwen says, “No. We thought about it, but no.”

“Understandable. Oh, and Gwen, have you, Leshawna, and Bridgette reconciled?”

“Of course!”

“What about Courtney?”

“We have, somewhat.”

“Awesome, anyway, DJ, a fan favorite. Do you have any regrets in quitting?”

DJ says with smile, “No. I kept my integrity and that’s what counts.

An overweight woman with black hair rises from the audience saying, “That’s my Devon Joseph!”

DJ says to the woman, “Hi Mama!”

Chris says sarcastically, “Aw! So sweet, but we gotta keep this thing going. Owen, do you have any regrets?”

Owen says, “Yeah, of course! I would like to say I’m sorry for lying and deceiving you guys”

Beth says, “We forgive you! Just never do it again! Okay?”

Owen says, “Oh I’ll never lie again, swearsies!”

Chris asks, “Did you pay off the cheese cellar?”

Owen says, “We did!”

Chris asks, “How?”

“You don’t wanna know.”

“I believe it! Anyway, Heather, queen of mean, how are you and Leshawna doing as friends?”

Heather says sarcastically, “Oh we’re doing great. We totally are still friends, right Leshawna?”

Leshawna sarcastically says, “Oh of course, sweetie.

Chris sarcastically says, “So glad to see you two are friends. It warms my heart!”

Courtney asks concerned, “Really?”

Chris says, “Nope! Heather, I couldn’t help but notice that wig you’re wearing. What’s up with the short hair wig?”

Heather proudly exclaims, “This is my genuine hair!”

Chris says, “Oh, I thought that was a weave.” Heather growls at Chris. “Okay, okay, moving on. Leshawna, are you and Harold getting back together?”

Harold suddenly yells, “YES! YES WE ARE!”

Leshawna says, “Calm down, skinny white boy. We are not getting back together. This booty is not for sale.”

Harold says, “Darn.”

Chris says, “Okay, moving on. Justin. How did it feel to be duped by Courtney?”

Justin answers, “It hurt man, it really, really, hurt. I thought she really liked me. But I should’ve known that she was a jerk.”

Courtney says, “You’re one to talk.”

Justin asks, “What the heck are you talking about?”

Courtney shouts, “You use girls left and right and feel no remorse!”


Chris says, “Although I love these kind of fights, we have to move on.”

Duncan asks, “Wait, wait, wait. We?”

Chris says, “Yes, we. Anyway, Lindsay. I’ve seen your feet on Total Drama Island. They were normal sized. What up with the new feet?”

Lindsay says, “Oh, I was walking on a road and I stubbed my big toes. The swelling spread to my feet. That’s how they got so big.”

Chris says freaked out, “Okay………Do you know where Tyler is?”

Lindsay asks, “Who’s Tyler?”

Chris says, “I mean Tyson.”

Lindsay says pointing at Tyler, “Oh, Tyson’s right there!”

Tyler slaps his face in annoyance. Cody whispers, “Hey, at least she knows where you are.” To Tyler

Tyler whispers, “Yeah, that is nice.” to Cody.

Chris says, “Anyway, to Harold now. Why do you think you’re so awesome?”

Harold says sounding offended, “I take offense to that! I am more awesome than Paris Hilton!”

Leshawna laughs, “Keep thinking that, bucko.”

Harold obliviously says, “I will!”

Chris says, “This is getting to awkward for me. Anyway, Courtney, little miss Stacey.”

Courtney interrupts Chris by saying, “Who’s Stacey?”

“She sued some reality show. Anyway, you were the villain. Got any regrets?”

Courtney says uncomfortably, “I have no clue what you’re talking about.” She begins to laugh nervously.

Chris says slyly, “Riiiiiight, anyway, you and Duncan going good?”

“Of course!” Courtney then kisses Duncan on the lips to prove her point.

Chris says, “Well we don’t need to see that, anyway. Onto Beth.”

Beth yells waving, “HI AMERICA! FALL IN LOVE WITH ME!”

Chris mutters under his breath, “Desperate.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing! Anyway, Beth, what do you regret the most?”

“Easy, distracting Lindsay so that she voted herself out.”

“That’s obvious. How did you feel about losing to Duncan?”

“I was sad, but I had Brady to comfort me.”

“Right……Anyway, Duncan, what have you done with the money?”

Duncan says, “I used it to get myself out of Juvee.”

Chris says, “Well ain’t that obvious.”

Duncan says, “Yeah, it is. To get all the way out, though, took the whole million.”

“So you lost it all?”

“Pretty much.”

“Knowing you, you’ll have at least one week of freedom.”

“You got that right.”

“What if I could offer you, six weeks of freedom?”

“You could do that?”

“Oh yeah I could, and another chance to compete for the million.”

Gwen says with a worried look on her face, “Oh no.”

Leshawna gasps, “You don’t mean?”

Chris says, “Yes I do! You will all be competing for another chance at the million in Total Drama World Tour! You seven who weren’t in TDA, you also have a shot at getting in.”

Ezekiel yells, “YES! REDEMPTION!”

Eva says, “I can finally have that second chance!”

Noah says, “As long as the dolphin twins don’t get it, I’ll do it.”



Tyler yells, “ALRIGHT! I CAN DO THIS!”

Cody says, “Knowing you, you’re probably gonna fail.”

Tyler says, “I rock at stuff! Especially at sports! You know I’ll do awesome!”

Cody says silently to self, “Wow….”

Chris yells, “QUIET!” All twenty-two teens look at Chris. “Follow me.” Chris walks out of the stage with the twenty-two contestants right behind them. He walks to the beach where there are twenty-four wooden stakes lined up in a row. “See these stakes?”

Lindsay cries out, “Stakes? I love stakes, where is it? I’m hungry!”

“Not animal stakes, wooden stakes. Under them are one of two blocks. One of them is red with a huge white X on it. That means you cannot be in Total Drama World Tour. If you uncover a blue one with a huge white O on it, that means that you’re in Total Drama World Tour. Got it?” The twenty-two teens nod.

Beth suddenly says, “Wait a sec, why is there twenty-four stakes when there’s twenty-two of us?”

Chris says, “I was getting to that. You see, there are two new contestants coming along. SIERRA AND ALEJANDRO! GET YOUR BUTTS OVER HERE!”

A tall, slightly over-weight girl with purple hair and a buff, tan guy walk onto the beach. Sierra being the girl and Alejandro being the boy.

Sierra squeals, “OMG! IT’S CODY!” Sierra runs over to Cody and hugs him tightly.

Cody weakly says, “Can’t……..Breathe!”

Alejandro, who is randomly shirtless, says, “Hey girls. Nice to meet you.” He winks at the girls and all but Courtney and Gwen drop their mouths.

Chris says, “Now, Sierra, go to the first stake in the row, and Alejandro, go to the last stake in the row.” The two teens did just that. “Now, dig.” The two do that and they both pull up a large blue board that has a big white circle on it. “You both are now officially in Total Drama World Tour. As for the rest of you, you have to dig under one of the stakes. You better hope it has a blue board under it. Now ready, GO AND DIG!”

The twenty-two teens ran out to the stakes. Eva and Courtney get there first first.

Eva digs up a red board and yells, “DARN IT!” She throws it on the ground and stomps on it.

Courtney instead, digs up a blue board and yells, “ALRIGHT! REDEMPTION!”

Chris says, “Courtney is in, Eva is not.” Some contestants sigh in relief as they hear that Eva isn’t in.

DJ digs up a blue board and rejoices. He high-fives Courtney as they celebrate.

Noah digs up a blue board and sarcastically says, “Whoo-hoo.”

Lindsay digs up a blue board and cries, “Aw darn, I’m out.”

Chris yells, “NO! Lindsay! You’re in! You’re in Total Drama World Tour!”

“I am! YAY!”

Beth digs up a red board and begins to cry. “I’m sorry Linds, I really am.”

Lindsay hugs Beth and says, “It’s okay, Beth. I love you the same.”

Duncan digs up a blue board and shrugs. He then proceeds to light it on fire. He says, “Cool.” At the flames.

Bridgette digs up a blue board and exclaims, “Yes! Another shot for me and……”Bridgette turns around and sees Geoff holding a red board.

Geoff, with tears in his eyes, says, “I’m sorry babe.”

“It’s okay Geoff. I’ll win it for you!”

“I know you will.” They then make-out to everyone’s annoyance.

Harold digs up a blue board. He says, “Oh yeah! My lady fans will rejoice!”

Heather sarcastically says, “He means his mother.”

Cody digs up a blue board and exclaims, “YES!”

Sierra runs over and hugs him tight again, “YAY!” she exclaims.

Cody weakly says, “Again, to tight!”

Sierra lets go and says, “Sorry.”

“It’s cool, I actually kinda liked it.” Cody and Sierra then hug lightly.

Gwen digs up a blue board. She says, “Oh darn it.” She look over at Trent who digs up a red board.

Trent says, “Man, this is bad!”

“Hey, I’m still in it, no matter how much I don’t wanna be.” Gwen glares at Chris.

Chris, holding up a bunch of papers, says, “Hey, don’t blame the handsome host, blame the contract.

Izzy’s head appears on the sand with a blue board balancing on her head. She exclaims, “Awesome! Izzy will strike again!”

Owen, instead of digging, is eating the sand. He burps and a blue board flies out of my mouth and lands in his hands. He yells, “Alright, baby! I’m once again in this!”

Katie and Sadie are digging and both come up with red boards.

Katie says sadly, “Aw man! I really wanted to do this!”

Sadie says, “Hey! We both aren’t in it, so, we won’t get separated!”


Heather digs up a blue board. She smirks. “Alright, time to view my playing options.” As she walks over to the others who are in World Tour.

Leshawna digs up a blue board and yells loudly for joy. “BOO-YA!” She loudly exclaims.

Heather sarcastically says under her breath, “Yay, Big Butt’s in.”

Leshawna hears Heather and says, “Excuse me?”

“Well you’re pretty large!”

“And you’re so skinny!” The two begin a verbal fight, the other contestants sigh.

Noah says, “This’ll be one long season.”

Tyler digs up a blue board and yells, “I…..I did it! OH YEAH BABY!”

Lindsay runs up to Tyler and kisses him on the lips. When she is done, she shouts, “YAY! Tyler! You’re in!”

“You……..You remembered my name!”

“Of course I did silly!” The two walk to the other World Tour contestants, hand-in-hand.

Ezekiel digs up a blue board and yells, “ALRIGHT! I’M IN!”

Justin digs up a red board and lowers his head. He mumbles, “Man, I really wanted to be in this season.”

Chris yells, “ALRIGHT! Challenge is done! Justin, Trent, Katie, Sadie, Eva, Beth, and Geoff, you will not be competing. I’m sorry to say. As for Sierra, Alejandro, Cody, Tyler, Lindsay, Gwen, Duncan, Izzy, Courtney, Bridgette, Noah, Heather, Leshawna, Owen, DJ, and Ezekiel, you guys will be competing.”

Courtney says, “Alright! I’m ready! Bring it on!”

Chris says, “I’m sure you are Courtney. Anyway, America, the next time you’ll see me will be in Total Drama World Tour. Say goodbye to Total Drama Action, and say hello to Total Drama World Tour. Well, good night America, and tune in next time on Total….Drama….World….Tour!” The episode signs off then.

(Author's note: Stacey was on Survivor Borneo, she sued the show because she was unfairly eliminated.)


Turnertang's Story

“Welcome contestants!” Chris announced as he walked in front of the twenty two teenagers, “As you know we made are making a third season.”

“What!” screamed Heather.

“No way!” Gwen yelled as she shook her head.

“You never told us that!” Duncan yelled as he put up his fist.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you!” Chris laughed as he walked over to a big white board, “Now we made this huge and complicated system to pick the people in the next season.”

“Even I don’t understand that and I’m the smartest one here.” Noah said as he studied the board.

“Izzy get’s it! Izzy has an IQ of three hundred sixty!” Izzy announced as she looked at the board.

“Well no one understood it so Chef and I decided to make you do a challenge.” Chris announced as he pushed the board over.

“Oh boy! Another challenge! EEEEEEE!” Katie screeched as she jumped up and down with Sadie.

“EEEEEEEEEE!” Sadie screeched as she jumped up and down with Katie.

“As we speak Chef is flying over the area in a helicopter with some nets and guns.” Chris announced as he started explaining the chapter.

“Did you say guns?” Trent asked as he looked around for the helicopter.

“They’re just filled with paintballs, dude.” Chris said as he pulled out a paintball gun, “No you have to escape me and Chef and get to the safe zone without being shot. First bunch of people there will be in the next season.”

“What if we don’t want to be in the next season?” Gwen asked.

“The winner of next season gets a lot of money.” Chris said as he loaded his paintball gun.

“I love money, Chip!” Lindsay chirped.

“Sure, now go!” Chris yelled as everyone started running away, “This this going to be fun.”

“I can’t go any longer!” Owen yelled as he fell to the ground in exhaust.

“We’ve only ran two feet.” DJ said as he tried to help Owen up.

“Go on without me!” Owen yelled.

“I got this.” Duncan mumbled as he pushed Owen and he started rolling down the hill.

“I think we lost him.” Bridgette said as she stopped running.

“Want to make out?” Geoff asked as they jumped behind a bush.

“This is a piece of cake.” Tyler said as he started running but tripped.

“Good job, Tyler!” Gwen said sarcastically.

“I spot a nerd.” Chef said as he flew the helicopter closer to the ground.

“Do you hear something Lindsay?” Beth asked as they walked around.

“Only that helicopter.” Lindsay replied as they kept walking.

“Okay then.” Beth said, “Wait…”

“Got you, maggot!” Chef screamed as he jumped off the helicopter and shot Beth.

“Oh no!” Lindsay screamed as she ran away screaming.

“Ouch!” Owen yelled as he crashed into a rock.

“Congrats dude, you’re the first person to the finish.” Chris said as he helped Owen up.

“Aren’t you supposed to be chasing us?” Owen asked as he backed away from him.

“I just said that to make Chef happy.” Chris said as he threw the gun away.

“Look out!” Trent said as the gun landed next to him.

“Mine!” Izzy yelled as she grabbed the gun as soon as Chef came out of nowhere.

“You’re going down!” Chef announced as he pulled out his gun.

“You wish!” Izzy yelled as she hit the trigger by accident and hit Trent.

“What was that for?” Trent asked as he looked at Izzy.

“My bad.” Izzy apologized.

“Let me handle this, girl.” Leshawna said as she knocked Chef away with her booty, “Let’s go!”

“Almost there!’ Tyler announced as he started running again but tripped for the eighteenth time.

“If you shoot me I’m going to place a lawsuit!” Courtney announced as Chef shot her with a the paintball gun.

“Good work, Chef!” Harold cheered as he ran past them.

“Congrats you made it!” Chris cheered as Duncan came followed by Gwen.

“Yay.” They both said sarcastically.

“Hey ladies, do you need any help?” Cody asked as he walked up to Lindsay and Leshawna.

“We’re good Crab.” Lindsay replied as they kept walking.

“That’s not even a real name girl.” Leshawna pointed out as she followed Lindsay.

“What about you?”Cody asked.

“Not a chance you big nerd.” Heather replied as she walked away from him.

“We should probably get to the finish.” Bridgette said as they both got up.

“Sure thing.” Geoff said as they kept walking.

“I’m going to shoot you, maggot!” Chef yelled as he pointed the gun at Sadie.

“Take me instead!” Katie screamed as Chef pointed the gun at Katie.

“No take me instead!” Sadie screamed as Chef just shot both of them.

“You two are really annoying.” Chef said as he climbed into his helicopter.

“Welcome to the next season!” Chris cheered as Izzy sprinted into the safe zone followed by Lindsay and Leshawna.

“We did it!” Lindsay chirped.

“I’m going to destroy the competition!” Izzy as she shot the gun in the air.

“Wait, don’t shoot me in the face!” Justin yelled as Chef shot him in the face, “I said not in the face!”

“Do you think I care?” Chef asked as he walked away.

“Aren’t you going to try to make it to the end?” Tyler asked as he walked by Noah.

“I hope I get shot.” Noah replied as he got up and started reading his book as he walked away.

“Bunny take me to the finish.” DJ said as he put Bunny down and followed him as he hopped away.

“Here comes DJ and Tyler. Oh wait, Tyler tripped.” Chris announced as DJ walked up to him followed by Tyler, “Congrats guys!”

“I knew I could do it!” Tyler said as he tripped again.

“Move out of the way!’ Heather yelled as she pushed Courtney down and walked into the safe zone.

“I’m going to sue you for that!” Courtney screamed as she chased her into the safe zone.

“You have a laser gun?” Harold asked in astonishment.

“I have three different kinds of laser guns.” Cody bragged as they walked into the safe zone.

“That’s two more into the next season!’ Chris announced as Cody gave Harold a high five.

“He’s in the next season!” Courtney yelled as she pointed at Harold.

“Gosh!” Harold yelled as he walked away.

“Where am I?” Noah asked as he looked up from his book.

“At the finish!” Chris announced.

“No!” Noah yelled as he fell to the floor.

“I see the finish!” Bridgette cheered as they both sprinted to the finish.

“Not so fast maggots!” Chef yelled as he dropped out of the sky and shot a paintball at them.

“Watch out!” Geoff yelled as he jumped in front of the paintball as Bridgette crossed into the safe zone.

“You saved me!” Bridgette cheered as they started making out.

“Now we have a surprise, two new contestants!” Chris announced as Sierra and Alejandro walked out of nowhere, “Tune in next time for Total Drama World Tour!”

“You said you would help me!” Chef yelled as the camera shut off.


Nalyd: Sunshine, would you care to do judging this week, please?

Chimmy: If she can't, I'd still be happy to do it. :)

Nalyd: Chimmy, wanna do back up reviews to post in case Sunshine can't?

Chimmy:Actually, I had a change of plans. I can't, sorry. ><;;

Spenny: This means that we won't be ready for next week's challenge by tuesday. Can we not have a challenge or anything next week? I'll be in DC from tuesday to friday, and I won't have access to a computer at all during those days.

Nalyd: Yeah, sorry about this guys. I'll try to do reviews today. Next week we'll do the next challenge.

Spenny: Sweet!

CK11: Okay, good...can't get on the comp much these days!

Chimmy's Reviews

Change of plans yet again, thankfully I can do the reviews! :D

COKEMAN: LOL. XDD This was pretty funny…like, TDI-quality funny. I laughed so hard at Justin McBeiber. “Rabid freak! Rabid freak girl!” made me love Cody. I noticed only one mistake: you misspelled Momma as Mamma. And I would have loved to know what the other cards meant. Other than that, though….almost perfect.

DJ Spenstar: Nice. This sounded like it could be a real TDA special. The scavenger hunt idea was quite unique, if I do say so myself. LOL at Lindsay’s clue. XDDD I didn’t notice any spelling or grammer issues, so...just GREAT.

Shane: Cool! Like Spenny’s, this could be the actual reunion episode. I liked the idea of the blocks in the sand, though it seemed based on luck…is that a bad thing? O_O Anyways, I didn’t notice any spelling/grammar mistakes. Awesome job.

Turnertang: You wrote perfectly for Owen. XD Though…it was good story, but had a lot of grammar mistakes that I could see. The story seemed kind of rushed…but everyone was kept in character incredibly well. If you get 4th AGAIN, though, I’m gonna scream.

Spenny: So... who wins BoB today? *hopes it's me xD*

Nalyd: Spenny, you are the BoB.

Elimination Ceremony Sixteen

Nalyd: Spenny, nominate two people, and give a reason, please.

Spenny: Okay, the people I nominate are Cokeman11 and Turnertag. I nominate both because I feel that out of the three that I'm up against, Shane is the best author of the bunch. No offense to CK11 or Turner. I also feel that it's around Turner's time to go. Same with CK11.

Nalyd: Okay, Turnertang, CK, tell me why you deserve to stay.

Turnertang: Well this is my third season of author and I've really improved from last season. I think my stories have been coming out pretty good. I know I have some grammar errors to work out but besides that I'm a good author. I'm not going to complain that I didn't have enough time because I did but if you keep me in I'll have a great story next week.

Spenny: *applauds turner* awesome speech! I think you meant "improved" and not "approved" tho. xD

Turnertang: That's not going to prove that I should stay in. Anyways, thanks.

CK11: I don't want to sound like a jerk, but I don't think it's my time to go at all. The reason is that I've tried my hardest this entire season, and it's my third season. Everyone views me here as "that guy" or something, and I want to show that I'm more than that. That's why I want to win so badly. And I'm also a really good author. I'll come up with a pwnsome story next week, if I stay, and if I make it to the final, I'll try my hardest to win. I'll give you guys a good final couple of rounds...but I do think that Spenstar deserved BoB and Shane didn't deserve nomination, so, to me, Turner and I are here by default. Oh, and please let me say. Again, not wanting to sound like a jerk.

Nalyd: Thank you, both. Well, the decision has been made, and I am sad to say that the person leaving will be... Turnertang. You're a great author, and I'm sure that I'll be seeing you this far again next season. Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Chimmy (Not logged in cause she feels like it :P) : *screams* (I warned you. XD)

Shane: I am stunned......Wow......Well, this is where this thing gets interesting. Time to get my writing face on.

Spenny: What shane said.

Turnertang: Well fourth place again. But you can't make me walk! *FLies over the book check out of shame and into the public bus if losers*

Week Seventeen Chat

Nalyd: Congrats to the final three.

CK11: ...oh, and Shane, I meant to spell February like that. XD

Spenny: I can't believe that I'd make it this far. *sees Shane and Cokeman glaring at him* Okay, I did, but what do you expect? Best of luck to you both, by the way, in the weeks to come. You both deserve this, and you both would easily get it, if I wasn't here. xD, JK You two rock.

CK11: Spenny...that made me feel a bit better about my circumstances here. As of my nomination, I feel like the lowest man on the totem pole. But that short speech made me realize again that I could win this with a bit more effort.

Spenny: Glad I could help, bro. ^_^

Challenge Seventeen

Nalyd: This week, each of you has to write reviews for 3 past stories from this season. The winner of the challenge will be the one that we feel shows the most potential to review stories next season, by seeming fair, not being pointlessly cruel, and not being overly nice.

COKEMAN11's Story

  • DJ Spenstar (Challenge 13) - This was sweet in every single definition. The cute way and the epic way. You catured everyone perfectly, fit every guideline, and did perfect casting. I laud you for this immensely, and it's much better than mine that week. But, comparisons aside, if this was just a one-shot on the fanfic wiki, it'd be popular in a short amount of time, then be forgotten like every epic one-shot on the wiki. Using Katie and DJ worked well, too. I like how they don't actually have a relationship, yet they've got a cute image in every fanfic. Nice one with Sadie being Katie's God-BFFFL. I lol'd at that. I like how you introduced them like we didn't know who they were. However, there were a few minor grammar and spelling issues. And DJ wouldn't open up that easily, and despite being a prince, would not talk that formal. You sort of portrayed him as a formal person who opens up easily. In things like this, you should try more to portray them as the character more, not just use them as a character. But you used very nice descriptive language, so that makes up for a lot of that. Plus, a lot more of the story was great. So, all in all, sweet job. The epic way.
  • Shane (Challenge 13) - Epic. Long. The great qualities combined. Leshawna as Godmother? Hilarious. "GWEN? WHERE IS MY BRIGHT ORANGE BOW!?!" LOL! I love how it says bright orange. I find unnecessarily yet necessarily using a random adjective like that humorous. Although I don't think Beth and Lindsay work well as stepsisters. Still, you stuck with it. "I JUST TOLD YOU THAT IDIOT!” It's missing a comma, and Gwen wouldn't get that angry like that so fast. If it weren't in capitals, it would have worked better. Also, I saw that in multiple other parts of the story. No offense. There were also misspellings and forgotten punctuation marks. Also, there were a few things where you used the wrong homophone (for example, whose instead of who's). It was a nice story, though. Keep it up!
  • Turnertang (Challenge 14) - Justin for WIPEOUT? You did a nice job. Justin's like, "Pick me, I'm hot." Yet he is oblivious to the point of the show. At least, that's how you portrayed it. I like how the cameraman points out that the point of the show isn't what Justin is portraying. There were a few minor grammar errors, and despite being an audition tape, you could have made it longer. For example, you could have added a part where Justin realizes the point of the show and quickly turns the camera off. But overall, funny. If I were to rate it, 1 being good and 5 being great, since I can't decide which to call it, it'd be a 4.2.

DJ Spenstar's Story

Review of Nonny's story at week 1:

  • Anonymous- This was in a word, epic! I loved Heather's line to Beth and Duncan at the end, when they weren't eliminated. I felt that it really sold the idea of Beth and Duncan actually becoming the final 2 later on, but I can't help but think that the implication is a tad too strong. IDK. I also liked the silent movie challenge. Even though it didn't lend itself to much material, it lent itself to funny moments, like ones in desperation from Chris. It also lent itself to character development before and after the challenge, rather than the challenge itself. This is something I always liked about fanfics on the fanfic wikia but doesn't happen in TDI/TDA. Overall, great job!

Review of Dark's story at week 12:

  • Darkdonpatch- I said this about Total Drama High School once in a review, and this is TDHS to a smaller degree: good premise, bad execution. The idea of Justin being ugly before getting a surgery is a good idea, but in practice, this entry is very weak. It's not plausible at all, because if Duncan were in Justin's life before TDI, something would have been mentioned in TDI. Speaking of which, when you first introduced Duncan and an original character, you put author comments in parentheses on the spot. This very much takes away from the story's feel and is a really bad choice on your part to put them in. Overall, sorry man, very weak entry.

Review of Shane's story at week 11:

  • Shane- As much as I absolutely loved it, and how flattered I am that you chose an AE for TDIn, I have a few gripes. Let me get those out of the way now. There was something at the beginning and throughout the chapter that I didn't like, and it was Maya. I know you wanted to have her sabotage Tyler and win that way, but it seemed like a last-minute change, as Maya was kind of a jerk at some points. An example was when she seemed to care more about getting paint on her clothes than about hugging her boyfriend. Another time was when she was being sarcastic and sort of know-it-all during the breakfast with Tyler. But the rest of the time, that wasn't really an issue. My only other gripe is that I much prefer the high-note ending right after Tyler throws a party, than Chris announcing future seasons before concluding, and, he isn't supposed to know about TDinfinity yet. But these are just minor criticisms. The entry was very well written, everyone but Maya was perfectly in character, and Maya was in character at all the parts that I didn't already mention. Thanks for including the bet, BTW, and I loved the part where the final 2 were reminded of all the previous contestants. Overall, great job!

Shane's Story

This is COKEMAN11's story from week 14

COKEMAN11 - Let me just say, LOL! This is a very funny story and both Lindsay and Beth were very much in character. One of the highlights was Lindsay forgetting Beth's name, and the name of the reality show she tried out for. However, this is very similar to an audition tape entry in Total Drama Author 2. I don't remember who, but Lindsay kept forgetting what show she was auditioning for. I don't think that really matters, though. Anyway, there really isn't anything wrong with this entry except a glaring detail, many times when Beth speaks, seem to have a very unnatural feeling to them. It's kind of difficult to realize that Lindsay often stopped talking for a while when Beth first corrects her for the second time. Say something like, Lindsay stopped talking for a while, then Beth corrects her. This makes the story flow so much better. But, there are no real glaring grammar issues, and February is spelled, well, February. But, over all, great entry.

This is Turnertang's story from week 11

Turnertang - Okay, I'll start out by saying that this was alright. You see, "iRene" hasn't been outside for a long time. So naturally, she'd still feel awkward and scared. No where near as happy and outgoing as she was portrayed. Also, the story felt a little....Bland. It gets boring just reading, "[Insert character speaking here]" [insert character's name here] said. However, there are some good points. The coach part was hilarious, and "iRene" kept her usual humor. Over all, this story's good, but it could be better if you spiced it up a bit and used a little more detail.

This is GM's story from week 2

GM - Alright, GM, I'll start with the good things. One, this was pretty funny, and two, Courtney was in character. Onto the not so good parts. You see, GM, you need permission to use another author's character if you're gonna use them in a story, also, this was a pretty confusing story. There were too many characters speaking, not enough break points. Also, if the same person is speaking more than once, keep that in the same paragraph. That confused me as I read the story. Duncan kept having separate paragraphs for his quotations. One last thing, keep a character's quotes on the topic of a story. Unless their a random character, keep the quotes on the same topic. Unless their covering up a lie or trying to start a conversation. This keeps the stories' flow much more natural. Also, use more than just said or asked. Use fancier words like, inquired, lamented, shouted, spoke. There were no glaring grammar or spelling issues. Overall, this was an okay entry at best.

The Decision

Nalyd: I think I've heard you three talk about wanting to stay enough. I know how badly you all want it. You three were the best this season (somebody else would have been here if he hadn't quit, NONNY, hint hint). Unfortunately, one of you has to go... And that person is.... Spenny. I'm sorry man. I think that you have it in you to be in the final two another season. It just didn't work out for you this time... Now you need to walk down the Book Check-Out of Shame, and ride the Public Bus of Losers.

Spenny: It's okay, I understand. I assume this has everything to do with my late arrival, so ya'll can expect to see me next season. Shane, I'm rooting for you all the way. *walks down the book check-out of shame, but does not ride the public bus of losers. Instead, I walk past it and ride my bike home*

Week Eighteen Chat

Nalyd: Alright, all eliminated contestants may now return and root for either Shane or COKEMAN11!

Tdafan:Go Shane! Cokeman is cool too, good luck guys :)

Webly: Sorry Ck11 but I have to go with one of my best friends on wiki and one of the best authors. But, I wish good luck to both of you. LET THE BEST WIKIAN WIN!

Jason: Shane FTW.

Chimmy: Can I vote too? :)

CK11: ...any minute now, someone's gonna come along and support me XD

Spenny: *returns on his bike* Hey guys, I'm back. *smiles, but is clearly sad, has tears in eyes* Go Shane... *sits down in a corner and reads*

Dark: Go CK11 (Sorry Shane....I just can't betray a team member)

Kenzen:This is familiar, Well quiting had its advantage, NO WRITING FOR THIS ANYMORE XD. Lifer took a turn and i would of had to quit soon enough if i didn't. but anyways Go, Shane sorry my CK homie XD.*sits down where Spenny is sitting and bugs him*

Chimmy: ...OK, I've made my decision.... YOU'RE ALL WINNERS! :P

Kenzen:It sadly doesn't work that way :P

Chimmy: It does if I say it does. :P

Dark: Doesn't Nalyd have to tell? (is gonna go to TDA5 if he doesn't do something stupid)

Kenzen:oh Yeah*gets up*

Manly Voice form the sky:Round One

Kenzen:*sits at table with checkers*Bring it on Chimmy :P

Koops: Sorry CK11, but I'm on Shane's side, but you're a cool guy too. GO SHANE!!! And CK11 too!

Tdafan:Good luck Shane! I'm rooting for you dude!

Chimmy: No! Not checkers! That's gonna take forever! D:

Cards: Congratulations to both of you!!! But, I have to support one. The person I support is.......COKEMAN11!! Sorry Shane, but I'm supporting CK11!

Chimmy: Wait...I just realized....since Shane says his first review helped a lot, can I have some credit here? XD

Shane: Of course you can, Chimmy. I give you, Nalyd, and Sunny a lot of the credit for this. Anyway, thanks, guys, for supporting me, it means a lot to me. :)

Final Challenge

Nalyd: This will be your most difficult challenge yet... 3 parts.

  1. You must write a new episode of Total Drama Island. Remove one episode, and replace it with your own (the results may be different). For example, you could do a new episode that would be after The Big Sleep, (so this episode would be replacing Dodgebrawl), and you can have somebody different be eliminated/new couples and conflicts. Remember your spelling, grammar, creativity, originality, and in-character-ality...
  2. You have to write some sort of speech about why you deserve to win (under 500 words).
  3. Come up with two challenges for Total Drama Author 5, remember to put what they'll be judged on.

COKEMAN11's Story

(This replaces After the Dock of Shame/Haut Camp-ture)

Big Time Island

Chris stood on the bridge, where he always did the recap. He started to speak in his recap voice, "Last time on Total Drama Island, there were six. Heather, Geoff, Owen, Gwen, Leshawna, and Duncan. Crazy bunch, huh? Well, I decided to do a crazy triathlon. In pairs. That were handcuffed together. The Tri-Armed Triathlon! I put the opposites together. Duncan and Leshawna, Heather and Owen, and Geoff and Gwen. Gwen hated having Geoff as her partner, and revealed her smoldering hatred against him. Heather and Owen didn't cope very well, but Heather had some tricks up her sleeve. Duncan and Leshawna started out enemies, but bonded over a sweet little story over Duncan's pet dog. Aww! So sweet! Gwen and Geoff bonded...for some odd reason. Heather pulled some tricks that got her and Owen far. Anyway, the score was tied, so everyone was vulnerable. In a shocking blindside, Geoff went home. What will happen next? Find out on Total Drama Island!"


COKEMAN11's Reason to Win

Wow! How am I still here? I don't know.

First, I'm not going to trash-talk anybody. But I think I deserve to be here as much as Shane does. I tried really hard in TDA3, and being here is an honor. I love writing, I love TDI, and both of them together is something I love a lot.

Every time there was a review, it was mostly positive. These reviews fueled me to write even more and write even better. I joined this game as "that guy." Now, if I win, I'll become "the guy who won TDA4, the latest official top author, etc." I'm not saying Nonny's not an official top author. He would have been in my place if he hadn't quit. And Shane is a top author too. Everyone who made it to the merge and some before that are top authors.

I think that I should win because I've come in with integrity, and I'll lose with integrity if I have to. If I win, I'll win with integrity, and everything else. I've tried really hard every single week, except for one week where I had a project due and couldn't do the story. But the slates were wiped clean.

Shane is more popular than I am; and I seem to be a recluse lately. That is because I have scheduling issues. Our computer was recently relocated, and my parents don't really like this site, so I have to go on when they're busy. Yet I still get a story up. That is determination.

Thanks for hearing me out, and I hope you choose me to win.

COKEMAN11's Challenges

  • In this challenge, you have to write a story about a TDI character at a job. It has to include something different than normal, though, like a raise, a promotion, a demotion, new employee, etc. Also, they jobs have to fit the character. For example, Owen as a football coach would not fit. Courtney as a lawyer would. This story will be judged on humor, originality, and creativity, and if the characters were in character.
  • In this challenge, you have to write about...a TDI character meeting a fanfic character! They have to meet each other, and then you can choose your path from there. There can be more than one character. In order to use someone's character, you need their permission. Also, you cannot use your own character. And, if we reach the author of the character you used, we can see how much they were in character. Leading from that, you will be judged on creativity, and if the characters were in character or not.

Shane's Story

(Author’s note: This episode is replacing Who Can You Trust?)

Episode Name: Dough Players

Chris appears on a dock, he says, “Welcome back, O faithful viewers, to Total…..Drama…..Island! Last weak, you witnessed a cooking challenge! The Killer Bass totally rocked that challenge, and the Screaming Gophers lost, big time. Heather found out about Beth’s weird, tiki idol thingy. Beth promised to put it back, but it was all for naught, as Beth was eliminated that very same night. Who will go home? Who will win? Who will win this darn reality show? Find out tonight, on Total…..Drama……Island!”

The scene starts with the sunrise. The sky is lovely, the birds are singing, and even a worm pops out of the ground and begins to sing for few seconds until it is promptly eaten by a bird.

Bridgette and Courtney both walk out of the girl Killer Bass’s cabin.

“Wow, we won, again! How awesome are we?” Courtney confidently asks Bridgette.

“Um, Court, you might not wanna brag like that, anything could happen. You know that, right?” Bridgette tells Courtney.

“Shut up! Don’t jinx us, surfer chick. I can, and will get out voted out if we loose, which we won’t.”

Courtney says as she walks away quite proudly.

Sadie gets out of the cabin and asks Bridgette, “Like, OMG, what was that about?”

“I don’t know, Sadie, I don’t know.” Bridgette says to Sadie.

Sadie shakes her head, “You know, I think it’s time that the evil which is melted.”

“Sadie, we really shouldn’t say stuff like that….”

“You know you’re just as tired of her as I am!”

“Well…..I um…..I guess so.”

“You know,” Bridgette says in the confessional. “I guess I am tired of Courtney’s attitude, but she’s done a good job leading us so far. I kind of just think that Sadie’s tired of Courtney, as no one else seems to care about Courtney’s attitude.”

Meanwhile, at the guys Killer Bass’s cabins, Harold is snoring loudly while DJ, Geoff, and Duncan are looking annoyed with Harold’s snoring.

Duncan throws a pillow onto Harold yelling, “Shut it, Harold!”

Harold’s eyes shoot open, “It’s a medical condition, gosh!” He yells.

“What’s the medical condition, extreme dork disease?” Geoff laughs at Duncan’s joke while DJ looks peeved at Duncan.

“Okay….Okay….I have to admit, that was hilarious!” Geoff laughs.

“I don’t know, Momma told me that kind of stuff is totally wrong.” DJ says.

“Oh, so we’re supposed to take orders from the momma’s boy?” Duncan tauntingly says to DJ.

“Shut up, Duncan!” DJ yells at Duncan, “I’ve had it with the pranks, flirting, and the picking on Harold. That’s just not right. Maybe it is for you, because you’re undisciplined, have no self control, and you have no respect for anyone but yourself! Once you learn how to respect others, then I’ll get back to you!” DJ then leaves the cabin in a state of rage. Harold, Duncan, and Geoff look at each other wide-eyed.

“Okay, that was so unlike Deej.” Duncan says.

“Yeah, what happened to him?” Geoff ponders.

“Maybe he was just fed up with you picking on me!” Harold yells.

“Nah nah, that can’t be it.” Duncan says, “We need a logical answer, not a dorky answer.” Harold simply rolls his eyes.

Meanwhile, in the Screaming Gophers girl’s cabins, it is surprisingly peaceful in there. Lindsay’s brushing her hair while Gwen catches up on some sleep. Leshawna enters the room and reclines onto her bunk. She sighs happily.

“Hey, has anyone seen Helga?” Lindsay asks.

“No, I haven’t seen Helga, but I saw Heather.” Leshawna answers with a confident smile.

“Where’s Hannah?”

“She’s in the…” Leshawna can barely get a few words out before she explodes in laughter. “She’s in the….” Leshawna continues laughing hard, making the rest of her sentence inaudible, suddenly, the door flies open.

“Leshawna…You….Are….Dead!” The person at the door yells.

“Hillary!” Lindsay happily exclaims.

“Lindsay, it’s Heather.” Heather says.

“Oh who cares about names?” Lindsay asks while hugging Heather.

“She obviously doesn’t!” Leshawna says. Gwen laughs and high fives Leshawna.

“Um….Helen, why are you all covered in blue paint?”Lindsay asks, pulling away from Heather, soaked in blue paint.

“Because Leloser put blue paint in the shower valves!” Heather yells, referring to Leshawna.

“Hey! You had it coming after voting out that sweet little girl named Beth!” Leshawna yells.

“Yeah, what’s your damage? Beth was awesome.” Gwen asks.

“Um, her name was, Beatrice, not Beth. Where’d you get that idea?” Lindsay asks, shrugging stupidly.

“Look, she was a threat to all of us.” Heather explains.

“And how was she a threat?” Gwen questions.

“Yeah, Hailey, Bunny was kind of…Fat.” Lindsay says, referring to Beth.

“Ugh, she was a threat, so shut it!” Heather shouts.

“Like, seriously!” Heather exclaims in the confessional. “Beth was a major threat because…..Um because…..Uh….Okay! Beth was not a threat; I just wanted her gone, end of story!”

At the Screaming Gopher guy’s cabin, Owen is eating, as usual, and Trent is strumming on his guitar.

“You know, Owen, we got to win the next challenge.” Trent says, tuning his guitar.

“Oh, uh huh, yeah, we should.” Owen says, cramming his mouth full of food.

“Owen…” Treat says with a disgusted look on his face.

“Yeah?” Owen asks.

“That’s….Disgusting.” Trent says as he gets up and walks outside.

“What? What?” Owen asks, obviously not knowing why Trent left.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Trent says in the confessional. “Owen’s great and all, but he’s disgusting! I mean, he leaves his underwear, in my guitar case. Plus, he burps in his sleep!”

“I don’t get it,” Owen says in the confessional, “why does Trent hate me so much? I’m not that disgusting!” Owen throws his hands up in frustration. “All my life, people have avoided me, and I have no clue why!”

Trent walks over to the dock with guitar in hand, he sits beside the edge and rests his head on his knee, he then proceeds to sigh quite loudly. Gwen walks out of her cabin and spots Trent on the dock.

She walks over to him and asks, “Trent, are you alright?”

“Ugh, not really, it’s Owen! He’s like a pig with all his filth!”

“It can’t be that bad.” Trent simply flips his guitar up-side-down and a pair of Owen’s underwear falls out. “Okay, maybe it is that bad; can’t you just talk to him?”

“Not really, he won’t listen. He just thinks I’m avoiding him for no reason!”

“I guess that’s true…But you don’t know that.”

“I guess…” Trent says. Gwen hugs Trent and smiles at him. Trent returns the smile.

Meanwhile, at the mess hall, Chef is serving some of his “delicious” gruel. Chef just so happens to be in a bad mood, as he serves the food without a trace of emotion.

“Um, Chet, can I have some good food for a change?” Lindsay asks.

“Shut up and eat!” Chef yells at Lindsay.

“Okay.” Lindsay says scared. She runs to her team’s table and cowers under the table.

“Okay, that chef is some kind of crazy!” Leshawna says. Suddenly a knife flies through the air towards Leshawna; she ducks at the last minute with a yelp of fright. Chef looks at Leshawna with a menacing look on his face as he is shown sharpening another steak knife.

“Did that maniac just try to kill me?” Leshawna asks in the confessional.

“Okay, I am so suing the show after this is done! Harassment, horrible food, and an ex-criminal! Okay, I don’t know for sure if Chef is a former criminal, but he sure acts like one!” Courtney yells in the confessional.

Chris walks into the mess hall and every contestant groans, knowing Chris has some form of cruel, inhumane challenge planned for them.

“What’s with all the groans? Negativity does not make good TV people.” Chris says.

“What’s the punishment today, Chris?” Heather says, glaring at Chris.

“Oh, it’s a fun challenge!”

Sadie latches onto Bridgette’s arm and confesses, “I’m scared, Bridgette. He said that today’s challenge was fun!” Sadie cringes at the word, "fun".

“No, really, it is.”

“Okay, Chris, what is it. Capturing wild animals? Water skiing on mud? Log rolling a bear?” Duncan asks sarcastically.

“No, no, and no, but awesome ideas!” Chris exclaims he takes out a notepad and writes down those ideas; Duncan slaps his head in frustration.

“Thanks, Duncan; you just gave Chris ideas, never a good idea.” Harold says.

“Shut it, dork.” Duncan exclaims. Harold cowers in fear as Courtney giggles; Courtney soon catches herself and looks prim and proper as usual with a hint of embarrassment on her face. Duncan notices the embarrassment and smirks.

“She wants me, I know it.” Duncan says in the confessional.

“Me and Duncan, yeah right!” Courtney yells in the confessional.

“Anyway, today’s challenge is good. Let me take you to a room that we constructed over night!” Chris excitingly says.

“That does explain the tired interns.” Bridgette says as a sleepy intern walks by. He faints due to exhaustion. Bridgette and Geoff have a concerned look on their face for the sleeping intern.

“Anyway, follow me!” Chris says as he leads the contestants and Chef out of the mess hall. The scene shifts to a room that’s filled to the brim with doughnuts.

“It’s…Beautiful.” Owen says wiping a tear of joy from his eyes.

“Whoa…Can we eat this stuff?” Geoff asks.

“Yes, yes you can, but not now. I need to explain the challenge people!” Chris says, annoyed.

“Fine, explain the challenge.” Gwen says, eager to eat a doughnut.

“Alright, this is the challenge, in one of these million some doughnuts, there is an immunity ticket. Whoever finds that ticket, their team will win.” Chris explains.

“Isn’t this more of an individual immunity challenge?” Heather asks.

“Yes, yes it is. But Chef made one too many doughnuts, and we needed to get rid of them.”

“Chef made those?” Trent asks.

“Yes, yes he did.” Chris says. Everyone, excluding Owen, looks horrified at the doughnuts as if they were made out of poison.

“Oh come on guys, Chef makes the most delicious food!” Owen says obliviously. Everyone, including Chef himself, stare at Owen, obviously disturbed and afraid for Owen‘s mental stability. “What?” Owen asks.

“Owen, were you dropped on your head as a baby?” Leshawna asks concerned.

“No, why?” Leshawna shakes her head in concern.

“Owen concerns me. I mean, really concerns me.” Leshawna says in the confessional. “The boy will eat anything! I mean everything!”

“Okay, now that you all know the challenge, it begins, now!” Chris exclaims. Immediately, Owen jumps into the doughnuts, eating every single doughnut in his path. Courtney and Heather shrug and grab some doughnuts and crush them, hoping to find the ticket. When they fall short, they call their teams over to help them. Soon, everyone is crushing doughnuts, except Owen, who is eating them.

“Come on come on!” Courtney exclaims as she crushes some doughnuts. Heather too, is looking for the ticket. Out of the blue, a doughnut hits her head. She turns around to see who threw the doughnut and sees Leshawna holding a second doughnut in her hands. She throws the doughnut she is currently holding at Heather and it hits her.

“Oh, you did not just do that!” Heather yells.

“And what if I did?” Leshawna retorts.

“I’ll…I’ll…” Heather says, trying to think of a good comeback. “I’ll do this!” Heather exclaims as she throws a doughnut at Leshawna. Leshawna ducks and the doughnut hits the person right behind Leshawna, Duncan.

“Heather, did you just throw that doughnut at me?” Duncan asks, obviously knowing the answer.

“No.” Heather quickly lies.

“Yes.” Leshawna says even quicker, hoping to get a fight started between Heather and Duncan. Duncan grabs a doughnut and throws it at Heather; Heather does the same thing to Duncan. The two start a doughnut throwing war. Lindsay, unfortunately, walks right in the middle of the battle and is pelted with doughnuts.

“Oh! The doughnuts have wings! I want wings too!” Lindsay stupidly exclaims.

“Um, Linds, you might wanna get out of there.” Trent says.

“Why?” Is all Lindsay has time to say before she is pelted with even more doughnuts. During the doughnut war, Courtney and Sadie are hit with doughnuts, same with Geoff. Those three get in on the war.

“No on, and I mean no one throws doughnuts at me!” Courtney yells as she throws doughnuts at Heather and Leshawna. After a while, everyone starts throwing doughnuts at each other, except DJ, who is still looking for the doughnut with the immunity ticket in it, and Owen, who is still happily eating doughnuts.

“My momma would hate me if I got involved with the fight.” DJ says in the confessional. “I promised her I wouldn’t do anything foolish here, and I want to stand by my word!” DJ proclaims.

The camera shows a montage of the campers throwing doughnuts and getting hit with doughnuts. It also shows Owen eating doughnuts and DJ looking for the immunity ticket. Finally, a yell is heard.

“I found it!” DJ yells, “I found the ticket!” DJ exclaims happily, waving the golden ticket in the air.

“Yay DJ!” Sadie happily yells. She hugs DJ as the rest of the team surrounds DJ, cheering for him while the Gophers look on sadly.

“Awesome job, Leshawna.” Heather says, glaring at Leshawna.

“What’d I do again?” Leshawna asks Heather, confused.

“You started that war! I cannot believe you! You are so gone!” Heather yells, infuriated at Leshawna. She storms out of the doughnut room and back to her cabin. Leshawna shrugs off Heather’s words.

“Alright, the Killer Bass win immunity!” Chris announces.

“Like we didn’t know that already.” Gwen retorts.

“Gophers, I’ll be seeing you at the elimination ceremony.” Chris says. Back at the cabins, Lindsay and Heather are talking about strategy.

“So, Harriet, who are we kicking off?” Lindsay asks.

“For the last time, Lindsay, it’s Heather.” Heather corrects.

“Oh, thanks for correcting me, Henrietta.” Lindsay compliments.

“That’s it! I’ve had it with your stupidity! I cannot believe I made an alliance with you! I thought you’d at least have a brain cell, but you don’t! You’re just a stupid, idiotic, dumb blonde who will get no where in life!” Heather angrily yells at Lindsay. Lindsay looks at Heather with tears in her eyes; she quickly gets up, and runs out of the cabin crying. Realizing her mistake, Heather rushes to the door and calls out, “Come back Lindsay! Come back!” When Lindsay does not come back, Heather sulks back into the cabin.

Gwen and Leshawna see Lindsay in her saddened state. They walk over to her and Gwen asks,

“What’s wrong Linds?”

“It's Heather…She’s so mean!” Lindsay yells.

“Hey! She finally got something right!” Leshawna says in the confessional.

“Don’t worry sweetie, we’ll vote Heather out, tonight. You wanna vote with us?” Leshawna asks Lindsay. Lindsay nods.

“Good,” Gwen says. “I’ll go talk to Trent.” Gwen says as she walks off. The scene shifts to the marshmallow ceremony, Chris walks to the teens with a plate full of marshmallows.

“Campers, you already know the drill, so I’m not gonna bore you. The first marshmallow goes to Lindsay.” Chris says tossing Lindsay her marshmallow.

“Thanks, Christian!” Lindsay excitingly says, eating her marshmallow.

“It’s, Chris. Anyway, two more marshmallows go to Leshawna and Trent.” Chris announces, giving Trent and Leshawna their marshmallows.

“Just hurry up and give me my marshmallow. We all know I’m gonna be in the bottom two and then get saved somehow.” Heather sneers.

“Maybe, but you are right about being in the bottom two, as this goes to Gwen.” Chris says, tossing Gwen her marshmallow. Gwen doesn’t even bother to catch it. Owen, though, does catch it, and greedily eats it, giggling the entire time. “Heather, Owen, this is the final marshmallow, and this baby goes to……

…..Owen.” Chris says, tossing Owen the final marshmallow. Heather looks shocked as Chris tosses Owen the final marshmallow.

“Impossible!” Heather angrily shouts.

“Sorry, Heather, but it was unanimous. Now you have to walk down the dock of shame and board the boat of losers!” Chris says as he pushes Heather down the dock of shame.

“Finally, Heather is gone! Oh yeah!!” Leshawna says, obviously happy that Heather is gone, as with the rest of the Gophers, including Lindsay.

“Ugh, you will all regret this!” Heather yells as she board the Boat of Losers. The Boat of Losers drives away with Heather yelling out random stuff.

“Alright, that includes this weeks exciting episode! I hope you on the couch loved it as much as I did! Come back next week for a new episode of…Total…Drama…Island!” The episode ends there.

Shane's Reason to Win

I’m not gonna lie, I’m not gonna say I don’t deserve it, when I know I do. I have worked so hard in this game. You all know how hard I have worked for this. I was the underdog this season, I was that guy no one really thought could go far, yet I did it. Here I am. I have done very well this season; I have gotten more best of the worst/best than anyone else. Whenever there have been reviews, I have almost always got a good one. I have worked hard, and I was serious about this! I have gotten a story up every single week. Even during Christmas season, I got a full story up, even when I accidentally deleted an entry I had worked really hard on, I just started over and completed it. Never once have I complained. I might have said it was hard, but I was never like,

“ZOMG! THIS IS SO HARD! NALYD, CHOOSE A DIFFERENT CHALLENGE PLEASE!” I never did that. I simply sucked it up, and did the best I could do in the challenge. I tried not to be cocky, but I always gave one-hundred and ten percent in every single week. I tried my best, and the reviews showed that.

Many people, mainly Spenny, know that I’ve had very low confidence. I will admit. I’ve always been surprised every time I had a good review. You should’ve seen my expression when I saw my first review. I was shocked, that very first review helped me, for I knew right then and there, that I really could do it.

Also, this game has really changed me as a person. It showed me that I can be confident in my talents, and I can be confident in what I can do. I’ve always been that one kid who would be in the corner, always afraid to step out and try to do stuff because I was afraid that I would humiliate myself. This game has changed that. I’ve actually gotten more outgoing because of this game. I am not lying, this is for real.

In all, I really want to win, everyone knows that. If I win, great! If I loose, I’m losing to a worthy competitor. Overall, thank you, TDA4, for this awesome experience.

Shane's Challenges

Challenge #1: The contestants have to write a normal day using any canon Total Drama relationship, whether current or broken up, you have to write a day in their lives as a married couple, with or without kids. This will be a comedy story. Anyway, the entry will be judged on comedy, grammar, spelling, and originality.

Challenge #2: In this challenge, the contestants will write about a fight for a canon TDI character's relationship. Whether the break up or get back together is up to you. The story will be judged on how human the characters are. So, if you're doing Courtney and Duncan, don't just make Courtney yell about suing and don't just make Duncan not care about anything. Try to make them as human as possible. The story will also be judged on of course, grammar and spelling.

And The Winner of Total Drama Author 4 Is...

Blue Door - White Wall

COKEMAN11's Door

Rue des Ursins

Shane's Door

Nalyd: Going to be announced, right after these commercials!

  • commercial*

Come watch Total Drama All-Stars! Every Thursday on the Fan-Fic wiki!!

Nalyd: Okay, time to announce the winner. *two doors appear in front of COKEMAN11 and Shane* When I say so you open the doors... Whichever door successfully opens (I will say which one does) is the winner. On the count of three turn the handles to and push on the door to your future... *dramatic music*



ONE (now type "COKEMAN11/Shane: *turns handles and pushes on door*")

Shane: *turns handle and pushes on door*

COKEMAN11: *turns handle and pushes on door* (I did this for you so we don't have to wait)

Nalyd, Sunshine, and Chimmy, and All the Eliminated Authors and All the Other Homies: *watch as....

(nope, keep going)

Shane's door opens*

Nalyd: Congratulations to the winner, Shane!!!!

Spenny: *bear hugs Shane* YOU DID IT!!!! =DD

Shane: I WON! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! *bear hugs Spenny*

Spenny: Somehow, I can. Congrats homie, you deserve this more than anyone. Except maybe me... but there's next season for that!! XDDDD

Chimmy: Of course, I wanted to be as surprised as any of you, but Nalyd managed to spoil me. :P Anyways, congrats Shane! :D

Total drama author hall of fame

The Hall of Winners

Nalyd: *adds Shane's pic to wall*

Shane: Oh man, thank you guys. Can I do a speech or something? XD

Nalyd: Fine...

Shane: YAY! Anyway, WOW! I JUST WON TOTAL DRAMA AUTHOR 4! Okay, now that is done with. Onto the real speech. When I first started this, I though, "Oh, I'll probably make it to the merge, nothing more." Then, I made it to the merge with amazing reviews. I then thought, "Maybe I can get to the final three or something." I got to final three, made it to final two and I was so nervous. But anyway, I really have boosted my confidence with this. It's just, I know I can do anything now. I've had people supporting for me and praying for me every step of the way. I started out as a not so good of an author, but I have ended, as a top author. Thank you Nalyd, Chimmy, and Sunny for making me a better author. I truly appreciate this. But my journey's only begun. I have to judge, YAY! I feel very honored to help other writers to become better authors. I am glad that I will be able to do this. Thank you, TDA4.

TDA4: You're welcome.

Kenzen:I think this had to do with CK never finished XD

Koops: This would've been more 'head on' if CK finished, if you know what I mean.

Dark: Why is it always that door? *shrugs* We'll see the ex-winners(excluding TDI19),the British host,this season's winner and a few of us in the next season T-D-A-5!........why did I even do that?

Webly: I'm so excited for next season. My confidence has been boosted and I finally am working on Word. I'd like to say thanks to this game for showing me you can always improve! And, congrats to Shane one of my good friends on the wiki! :)))))))))

Usitgz: Congrats, Shane! You too CK11. i can't wait until next season!