A lot of people think that they are great authors. This is the ultimate test of an author's ability, drive, and talent in writing. This is not only a camp where people are getting their writing skills improved but they are competing to be the best author.... Who will prove that they have the skills? Who will crumble under the pressure? Who will rise to the occasion?

This... is... TOTAL! DRAMA! AUTHOR! 7!!!

How It Works

  1. Two teams will be constructed.
  2. The teams will compete in challenges. (i.e. Write a story where Lindsay and Tyler break up OR write a story where Beth suddenly becomes popular OR write a story about the contest itself.)
  3. Reddy and BB will read and judge the stories, and determine which team wins.
  4. The winning team is invincible!
  5. Reddy and BB (Whoever judged the losing team) will pick whoever was the best author on the team that week.
  6. The best person on the losing team will pick two of their teammates to be up for elimination.
  7. The bottom two will give reasons to stay in the game.
  8. The judges will determine who goes home (The only guarantee that one is safe is if they're on the winning team, or they win an individual challenge).
  9. Repeat the above steps.
  10. Later in the game, there will be a merge, and the two teams will become the Best-Sellers.
  11. More challenges, stories, elimination.
  12. One author will be left and will be declared the best author ever!


  • You have from the Sunday the challenge is posted until Friday to post it. To give the judges time, we need the stories before 3:00 PM EST every Friday.
  • All eliminations are final, do not start fights with the judges over them.
  • There is too be no cursing (I.E. words not said on Total Drama), gory violence, or sexual content in the stories. (If you have a question about these limitations, please contact Nalyd on Chatango or his talk page.)
  • Being rude to other authors in the camp or in Chatango will result in penalties.
  • Do not make new sections for your stories.
  • The winner will be made an admin on the wiki, and a judge for future seasons of Total Drama Author.


  • Nalyd Renrut - Host, challenge maker, judge, eliminator
  • Sunshine - Second season winner, challenge maker, eliminator, professional chef
  • Chimmy - Third season winner, challenge maker, judge, eliminator, professional professional
  • Shane - Fourth season winner, challenge maker, eliminator, professional person
  • Reddy - Fifth season winner, challenge maker, judge, professional red dude
  • BB - Sixth season winner, challenge maker, judge, professional extraordinare


These are the official fourteen contestants

Writing Gophers

  1. AJ
  2. Cod
  3. LF
  4. MrD
  5. Toad

Typing Bass

  1. CD-TDA
  2. Neko
  3. Plat


  1. TDA15
  2. Jessica
  3. Aimers
  4. MTDM
  5. Sunsummer
  6. Kg

Elimination Chart

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
12th Aimers SAFE SAFE OUTN
13th Jessica SAFE OUTN
14th TDA15 OUTN

Week One Chat

Nalyd: Welcome, Neko, Kg, Cod, Plat, CD-TDA, LF, Toad, Aimers, AJ, Sunsummer, TDA15, MTDM, MrD, and Jessica to Total Drama Author 7! There will be no challenge this week so you guys can cool off after the intense preliminary round. The teams will be decided and the challenge will be posted Friday. Congrats, guys.

AJ: Yay everyone! We made it :)

Kg: Whoo! ^_^

MrD: I... I made it? This calls for a group hug, everyone! =D *extends arms*

LF: Yay! *Hugs Mr. D* Congrats everyone!

TDA15: Wow...I actually made it. ^_^

BB: Congratulations from BB to all competitors that have made it to this point in the competition. *feels like Chris* -w-

Aimers: Oh My god O.o I never thought I would make it D: Thank you so much judges :D And good luck everyione else!!!

Cod: I-I made it? Um, what?! *passes out*

Plat: Yay! ^^ Hope the teams will be up soon.

CD-TDA: I can't believe I made it.

Sunsummer7: Wow, this is...AMAZING!

Jessica: *hugs Reddy* Thank you!

Toad: I MADE IT? Time to wake up. T_T

Neko: Whoa, I made it? With a 10/10? :D Oh, just so you guys know, CD-TDA might be posting stories for me due to me having no computer during the week. I'm typing the story up on my iPod and emailing it to her so she can post for me. Just so there's no confusion. :p

MrD: Do you want me to say an honest opinion about this challenge? It's really unfair, some people got almost no critisim, how are they supposed to improve it based upon that?

Kg: I agree with MrD, I got no real criticism, so I'm not sure how I can improve mine.

LF: This is how I felt when I first found out what the challenge was, but then I realized it's simple. If you didn't get much criticism, just add on. That's what I did. You can't really hurt your score if you're adding on, unless you make a lot of mistakes, or are off topic in the add ons.

Challenge One

Nalyd: Go back to the story you wrote for the pre-game challenge. Edit it based on the judges' criticisms. Add more, take some out, do what you have to to make it better. The story will be judged on its plot, spelling, grammar, creativity, and originality. These stories must be posted prior to next Friday.

AJ's Story

(This Takes place right after Total Drama World Tour)

Despite the shining sun outside, the contestants of Total Drama were sitting gloomily on a Hawaiian beach. Well most of them were.

"Is she....really gone?" Bridgette asked, her voice shaking.

"We're not sure, but we haven't heard anything from the policemen yet." Chris replied.

Owen looked over at Chris sadly, "This...this can't be happening." He said. He then began to cry, but felt a hand on his shoulder.

"It's ok big guy." said the voice. Owen looked up and saw Noah standing there. They both exchanged worried glances as police men pulled up alongside the beach.

"She really wasn't THAT mean, and she didn't deserve this," Sierra wailed, "I actually miss her."

"I never realized what it would be like with her actually gone." Gwen replied sadly. She lie her head down on Trent's shoulder, and felt a tear run down her cheek. Duncan looked over at the two, despite the anguish in the air he felt a ping of jealousy. He looked over at Courtney sitting by herself and decided to go sit with her. This isn't the time. Duncan thought, but she shouldn't be alone during something like this.

Two police men approached, both with sad looks on their faces, "I'm really sorry everyone, but we have some bad news".

The contestants got into DJ's bus, and prepared themselves for a long drive over to the hospital. It was true, Heather was really gone. Most of the contestants just barely escaped the lava flying through the air, but Heather wasn't so lucky. She got hit right in the back. It took the contestants a while to grasp that she was really gone, but now her absence was beginning to hit them. Ezekiel was also nowhere to be seen, but his disappearance was minor compared to what happened to Heather. The contestants chatted over their lost competitor in the back seats of the bus. Leshawna was sitting at the table with Katie, Sadie and DJ.

"Suddenly, i feel bad for slapping Heather." She said, remembering back to what happened in the Alps.

"It's so depressing that she is gone." Katie cried, as she inched closer to Sadie.

"So so depressing." Sadie agreed.

DJ also had a look of sadness on his face, "No one deserves this kind of fate man, no one." He said.

When the contestants arrived at the hospital, they were brought up to a room on the fifth floor that overlooked Hawaii. There they saw her, eyes closed, lying on the hospital bed with an oxygen mask attached to her mouth. Twenty minutes passed, and finally the silence was broken when the doctor walked into the room..

"She isn't dead, but she's in a horrible condition. She should be awake soon." He said, trying to hide the fear in his voice. Heather's eyes slowly blinked open, and she looked around at all of her fellow contestants that stood around her room. She couldn't believe everyone actually cared enough about her enough to visit.

"Hannah, I'm really sorry this happened to you" Lindsay cried. She then tightly hugged Beth and both of them burst into tears. Heather's breaths steadily became heavier and more distanced.

She raised her head as far as she could, looked at everyone, and said weakly, "Thanks Lindsay, thanks everyone, I can't believe you guys came."

"We couldn't leave you my lady" Harold replied with a bow.

"Yeah, no man left behind" Geoff said, tearing up. This was too much, even for easy going Geoff.

After another five minutes, the contestants heard the doctors talking out in the hall.

"Are you sure that would work?" One asked.

"It's worth the risk." The other replied.

The doctor walked in and asked everyone to leave. Alejandro took one long last look at Heather, and sighed as he walked out of the room.

In the waiting room everyone had their own way to pass the time. Some of the contestants were silent, and sat there thinking about the past three seasons of Total Drama. Other contestants chatted with each other about the situation. Finally, after a couple hours, the contestants were brought back up to Heather's room. As they got into the elevator, they didn't know what to expect. When they walked in the room, every contestant was flooded with relief. The doctors had saved Heather! She was sitting up in her hospital bed grinning, her gold tooth gleaming. She looked around at all the contestants with a smile and said, "You can't get rid of me that easily"

Cod's Story


(This takes place after TDWT)


Nuka-Cola: A drink similar to Coca-Cola

Diet Court-Mad: A drink similar to Diet Pepsi

Chimmeh Road: A road in Gwen's neighborhood.

BBeh Avenue: An avenue in Gwen's neighborhood

"Duncan? Duncan, answer me! Duncan!" Gwen shouted.

It was summer. The grass fresh and green. The air, cool and refreshing. The sun, hot and relaxing on an early Saturday morning.

Duncan was back home, his feet raised by the desk in front of him, in his messy, rugged room. He was waiting for a reply to his email from his girlfriend, Gwen. Earlier in the year, Duncan and Gwen had competed in a reality show, where he had hooked up with her. Although he was dating Gwen, he had dated another girl on the show, Courtney. Courtney took a blow from Duncan's choice, as he had been found kissing Gwen, even before he was dating her. As Duncan thought about the past year, he couldn't help a feeling of guilt.

Should I have really broken Courtney's heart? Duncan thought.

No, why do you care, you're the tough guy. Another voice said.

But she understood me. She knew that underneath my appearance, there is someone nice inside.

Mister Goody Two-Shoes, eh? replied the other voice.

Just then, Gwen's email arrived. Duncan opened the virtual message and began to read.


Hey, it's Gwen. I thought about your last email and decided that we should meet up sometime. Maybe get lunch together? There's this great little place called Wawanawkwa Cafe. We should meet there, tomorrow. Anyways, life has sucked lately, as usual: High School's been as grueling as ever. But, when I feel down, I can always think of you to make me feel better. So, hopefully I'll see you soon!

Love, Gwen.

Duncan smiled. Gwen always made him smile.

As Duncan was closing Gwen's email, he noticed a second email, this time from... Courtney.

Courtney hadn't emailed him or even talked to him since the break-up.

Duncan opened the email and began anxiously reading its contents.

To Duncan,

I know that we have been fighting; for example, cheating on me with goth girl, breaking my heart, etc.

Duncan groaned. Will she ever just get over it? Duncan thought.

Now, I feel we can put our differences behind us, just this once, and be able to reconcile. I know the real you, even if you don't express it much. I was wondering, maybe we could go out for lunch tomorrow? Maybe at this great little place called Wawanawkwa Cafe, down the street. Now, as I don't expect you to know where this place is,

Duncan rolled his eyes.

The street address is, 1337 ChesterChester Road. Hope to see you.

Your friend, Courtney.

As Duncan skimmed through the letter, he couldn't help but notice-

Gwen and Courtney are going to be at the same restaurant.

Duncan couldn't help but panic, his hands becoming numb and his head pounding. Who would he go out for lunch with? Gwen or Courtney?

It's obvious I'm picking Gwen, Duncan thought.

She is my girlfriend.

No! What about Courtney? You did hurt her...

As Duncan struggled with his inner thoughts, things weren't going so smoothly for Gwen and Courtney, either...

"Great..." Gwen groaned as she spilled coffee on her new black and red skirt.

Gwen had just finished emailing Duncan, informing him about their plans to meet at the cafe. Gwen covered her eyes with her hands, exhausted from the horror flick marathon from last night.

Gwen grinned as she thought about the spewing blood and guts, the psycho chainsaw killers with hooks, and many other violent and disturbing images from the movies. Gwen yawned and decided to take a walk. As Gwen was taking the left turn down Reddeh Avenue, she saw someone familiar.

"Gwen?" said the familiar voice.

Gwen saw the tall, handsome face of her ex-boyfriend. Trent.

"Oh, um, hey! Uh, what are you doing here?" Gwen asked, not trying to sound frantic.

"Well, I, kinda came down here for vacation... With my family..." Trent said, awkwardly rubbing the back of his head.

"Um, cool, cool... So, I guess I'll see you around... Sometime..."

"Oh, sure, see you later... I guess..." Trent said, walking down BBeh Road.

Gwen hesitated. She began to speak, but no words came out. She decided to keep her mouth shut, and began walking home, feeling awkward emotions about her ex-boyfriend.


As Courtney looked across her spotless, organized room, she couldn't help but feel a sort of emptiness. Her plan to meet with Duncan had given her a sense of hope, but she couldn't shrug off the feeling of imperfections.

Maybe I am too strict... she thought. Maybe I need to loosen my butt... Just as Duncan said...

Courtney looked in the mirror, and saw her reflection. Beautiful brown hair, cute wide eyes, there couldn't be anything wrong with her, appearance-wise.

All of a sudden, Duncan came into her mind, him and his cute little, green mohawk!

I want to rip it off! she thought.

After all the trauma Duncan had put her into, she felt it was impossible to forgive him.

How could he cheat on me with some un-educated, lowlife, jerk face of a weird goth girl!

Courtney jumped on her bed and began to weep, all of her emotions unable to control.

"Why?!" she screamed.

"Why?! Why?! Why?!" she repeated.

As she passed out, exausted from her emotional breakdown, the only image she could see in her mind was Duncan, and her lips coming to his....

It was the day. Sunday. The day Duncan had been dreading. As he got into some nice clothes, he pondered about his dilemma.

I'll just alternate from girl to girl, right?

You're not stupid, you've seen those comedy shows.

Will it work?


"Gah!" Duncan yelled out loud, angrily. "What is with these girls?!"

Duncan sighed and opened his closet. He couldn't decide whether to look educated or cool. Instead, Duncan grabbed his normal clothes.

Screw their opinion...

As Duncan arrived at the restaurant, he noticed Gwen sitting at a table outside while Courtney was sitting inside, in a booth.

At least they didn't notice each other...

Duncan decided to begin with Gwen. As he sat down across from her, she smiled.

"Hey, Mr. Delinquent," Gwen said as she grinned.

"Hey, Mrs. Pasty," Duncan replied, the same grin on his face.

After their greetings, there was an awkward silence until the waiter came.

"Hello!" the waiter welcomed, in a flamboyant tone.

"Welcome to Wawanawkwa Cafe! Have you decided on drinks?"

Duncan waited for Gwen to answer, but there was silence.

Gwen noticed Duncan's pause. "Oh, Duncan, you can order first," she said awkwardly.

"Oh-Um, sure..." Duncan rubbed the back of his head. "I'll have a Nuka-Cola, get it here as fast as you can," he said as he tried to act harsh, putting his feet on the table.

The waiter sneered and looked at Gwen. "And how about you, pretty lady?" he asked in a flirty tone.

"I'll hav-"

Gwen was interrupted by Duncan.

"Hey buddy, who do you think you are to be flirting with my girlfriend?" Duncan said, grabbing the waiter's collar and glaring.

The waiter peed his pants.

"Duncan!" Gwen shouted. "Let him go! He didn't mean it!"

Duncan reluctantly let go of the waiter's collar.

As the waiter stuttered through his question again, Gwen replied, "I'll have a Diet Court-Mad, please."

As Gwen requested her drink, Duncan's stomach dropped.

Crap! I forgot about Courtney!

When will he get here? Courtney thought. He obviously forgot...

Courtney glanced at the entrance to the small cafe.

Unless he ditched me!

Courtney began to panic, when suddenly, she saw the familiar green mohawk.

"Hey," Duncan said confidently, sitting across from Courtney.

Courtney's panic faded.

"Hello, Duncan." Courtney said, a tone in her voice.

"Now," Courtney continued. "Let's get this straight; I do NOT like you. Did you get that? I have absolutely NO feelings for you, what so ever,"

"Sure," Duncan replied, grinning. "I get it, don't strain your uptight butt!"

"Ugh..." Courtney groaned, trying to retain her list on Duncan insults.

While Duncan acted like he was 'macho', Courtney was writing her paper for school over the summer, to show the Law School she was planned to attend that she had completed extra credit.

"Court," Duncan started. "Can't you just relax? Doing a paper over summer is lame... Unless it's Summer School, that crap is crazy..."

When the waiter arrived, Duncan and Courtney ordered their drinks, when Duncan got a text message. It was from Gwen...

Does it rlly take tht long to p? our drinks r here hurry up.

Duncan glanced nervously at Courtney.

"What?" Courtney asked, noticing Duncan's frantic expression.

"I- um, really have to pee... Like right now!" Duncan scurried up from the booth and ran towards the bathroom. When Courtney wasn't looking, he slipped past Courtney's booth, and exited outside, towards Gwen's table.

"Where have you been? The waiter's here for our food!" Gwen said.

"Yeah, yeah, I just had this huge drink before I left," Duncan replied calmly as he sat back in his chair.

As they ordered their food, Duncan noticed Courtney in the window, looking inpatient.

"Uh, I really have to pee... Again, be right back!" Duncan said, heading towards the entrance to the Cafe.

When Duncan sat at Courtney's booth again, she noticed something suspicious.

"Why did you leave so suddenly?" Courtney asked. "The waiter already came by with our drinks... Look, if you're trying to avoid me, that's fine, I have better things to do than waste my time sitting here with a crook who has to pee every five seconds!"

"Ugh, Courtney, you don't understand-" Duncan began.

"And why did you sneak outside? Is there someone there?" Courtney asked, getting up from the table.

Duncan's stomach plopped as he quickly stood up, knocking over some flowers in a vase.

"Nope, no, there's no one out there, just some stupid, uh, relatives! Yes, some relatives of mine are out there!" Duncan said frantically.

Courtney narrowed her eyes. "You're lying, aren't you?"

Duncan tried to act calm. "Look, there's no one out there, I just had a big drink before we came here, now, let's cut the crap and have some lunch, okay?"

"Oh, really?" Courtney asked. "So you're saying no one is out there, hmm? You had to pee outside, eh? Well, let's check to see if 'no one' is out there, shall we?"

And before Duncan could argue, Courtney opened to door, right next to Gwen's table.

Gwen had been worried. Duncan had been gone 6 minutes, and their food had already arrived. As Gwen played around with her Filet Mignon, she noticed someone familiar burst out of the door...

"You!" Courtney screamed.

Gwen couldn't breathe. Out of all places, Courtney, the girl who had almost ruined her life, had to be at the same restaurant as Gwen! While she was on a date with Duncan! And to make things worse, the person who followed Courtney was-

"Duncan!" Gwen yelled, surprised by Courtney's appearance.

Duncan was having a panic attack. The day had not gone well.

Courtney walked up next to Gwen who stood up.

"What are you doing here?!" the girls asked each other simultaneously. "Me?! I was having a date with Duncan!" they continued. "What?! He's dating ME! No way! Duncan!" they yelled.

Everyone at the Cafe was staring at the girls, including the flamboyant waiter.

"Ooh, spicy," The waiter said.

"Duncan, how could you?!" Gwen wailed, tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

"I- uh- Gah! Guys-" Duncan began.

"No! You are going to decide. Me, or weird goth girl?!" Courtney asked, tears forming at her eyes, too.

Duncan looked at the girls.

He couldn't decide.

Similar or Opposite?

Goth or Princess?

New or Original?

Duncan thought, and thought, in the limited time he had, and came to a decision.

Courtney was in shock when suddenly Duncan jumped at her and began to make out with her. She closed her eyes and was absorbed by the kiss.

As much as she was angry with his date with Gwen, she couldn't help but feel warmth, coming from the man she loved. She could forgive him. But only this time. She couldn't believe it. Her boyfriend had come back. Her delinquent.

"Duncan! Duncan, answer me! Duncan!" Gwen shouted. "If you don't reply, we're through!" Gwen screamed, her eyes filling with uncontrollable tears.

While Duncan's kiss continued, Courtney opened her eyes and gave Gwen the finger.

Duncan leaned back from Courtney.

"Sorry, Pasty, but Princess is mine!" Duncan shouted at Gwen.

Gwen stormed away from the Cafe, screaming and crying miserably.

"Glad to have you back, Princess." Duncan said, as he began to kiss Courtney again.

As Courtney backed away, she slapped Duncan, leaving a bright red mark on his cheek. "And that," she puffed, "Is for all the crap you put me through!" She then grabbed Duncan's collar, and felt the feeling, her lips touching his.

The End.


As Gwen ran back to her house, her eyes swimming with tears, she accidentally ran into a man. He was quite tall, and had blackboard-like hair, wearing a green camo shirt.

"Oh!" Gwen exclaimed.

The man turned around to reveal-

"Trent!" Gwen shouted.

Trent jumped, obviously nervous at the sight of Gwen.

"Gwen, what happened? You look like you just finished a sad drama flick!" Trent exclaimed, with an awkward grin on his face.

While Gwen did despise the corny joke and his cheesy smile, she couldn't help but feel a big sigh of relief coming from Trent's appearance.

"You have no idea..." Gwen said, wiping her eyes and blocking out her sobs as she walked with Trent towards her house.


LF's Story

Luscious Leshawna's Humble Beginnings. By: Leshawnafan.


Leshawna- 5 years old to present.

Aunt LaQuisha- LeShawna's Aunt.

LeShawna's Mom and Dad.

Producers- Total Drama Island Producers.

Angie- A little girl at the shelter LeShawna volunteers at.

(As you can tell, this takes place before and during TDI. The epilogue takes place after TDWT has ended.)

The day Leshawna turned five was a stepping stone into the rest of her life. This was the moment Leshawna developed her lovable attitude, and her "special" abilities of dancing.

She recieved a letter in the mail on her 5th Birthday from her Aunt, who she hadn't seen in 2 years. She hardly remembered who see was and had taken the letter to her mom first, just to find out.

"Oh honey, that's from your Aunt! You don't remember her because you were only 3 when you first met her! She's a very busy lady, taking care of LaShaniqua and running her own business. I pray that she can handle all that work," Leshawna's mom had told her.

After that, Leshawna ran to her room and opened the letter. The letter read:

Dear Leshawna,

Within this letter, I have supplied you with 3 tickets to go see the musical at the local Community College. My friend has a son who goes there, and is starring in the musical and gave me free tickets. But sadly, I cannot take off work to see it, so as your Birthday present I'm giving you my tickets. Be sure to take your mom and dad with you, because I'm sure they'll love it as much as you will. Have fun, and Happy Birthday!!


Aunt LaQuisha.

Leshawna ran out of her room and showed the letter and tickets to her mom. The musical was that night, and as soon as Leshawna's dad arrived home, they got ready and left for it.

The musical lasted for and hour and a half, and during the whole performance, Leshawna wondered what it would be like to be a dancer, and dance in front of everyone in the audience. This thought of performing in front of people usually would frighten many, but to Leshawna, she didn't care. Even at the age of 5 she knew that dancing was going to be one of her talents.

As the years went on and on, Leshawna never lost sight of her dream, of one day becoming famous and reaching out to others. She completed the second goal by volunteering and the children's shelter, helping misguided kids, preteens, and teens. Everyone loved her there because of her helping attitude.

Leshawna continued to use her dance "skills" to try to cheer up the kids in the shelter. Everyday, she would call them down to the rec center, and put on a little show for them. The younger ones loved it, while the older ones thought of it more as a joke. Leshawna had always had trouble helping the older ones, but she usually found a way to get through to most of them.

One day, while Leshawna was performing one of her afternoon dance shows, some of the kids were watching TV in the same area. A commercial popped up and showed that there were auditions being held for a reality show called, "Total Drama Island." One of the girls, Angie, turned towards Leshawna after the commercial had ended.

"Leshawna, you need to audition for that! You would be perfect for that show!" Angie told Leshawna.

Leshawna stopped dancing and looked at Angie.

"You know what, that's a great idea Angie! I think that show needs someone like me," Leshawna agreed, hugging Angie before she went home.

As she arrived home, Leshawna couldn't wait to tell her parents. She knew that her mom and dad would be behind her no matter what, and she thanked them for that. The onl thing that worried her was whether or not the producers would accept her. She thought that there couldn't be anyone else like her out there, so why not accept her?

Leshawna had filmed her audition, and sent it to the producers. She was anxious now, unable to wait. Even in her audition she couldn't wait to get a call back from the producers even though they hadn't even seen her audition yet. Days went on, and Leshawna was becoming more and more anxious, wondering if they really would pick her. The one thing that made Leshawna not herself is second guessing.

The days continued to add up, and Leshawna still had not recieved a call from the producers. Then, after a few weeks of anxiously waiting for a call, and almost thinking she wouldn't be chosen, Leshawna recieved a call from the producers saying they would love to have her join the cast.

She immediately told her parents, and began packing. She still had to wait a week to leave for the Island, but she didn't care. All she knew was that she was happy that she made it. She wasn't allowed to tell anyone at the shelter where she was going because of the contract she was under. But she knew that the kids at the shelter would be happy with her no matter how far she made it.

She wasn't really prepared for what happened when she arrived at Total Drama Island. On the way, she was takien to a hotel with the other contestants before they were brought to the actual Island. They were only allowed to look at each other, but not exchange any words or talk to each other. Leshawna took this time to look over her competitors and try to see if she could find things out about them by the way they looked. She was always told to "Not judge a book by its cover," but she knew that something was always shown threw the appearance of a person.

Leshawna was less anxious about starting the competition, then seeing what the actual Island looked like. As she rode the boat over to the Island, she knew that the pamphlet about the Island was a lie. It said that the Island was one of a kind, and that it had beatiful waterfalls, a spa, and that there were many nice hotels on the Island. Leshawna had never believed that this was what it actually looked like, but she didn't think it was this bad. She shrugged off the look of the Island, and was prepared to win the competition.


After 3 seasons of TD, Leshawna was actually happy to be getting a break. With all the stress of the last 2 seasons, it was finally time for her to take a break, and get back to her old self. She knew that she would have trouble because of her crying incident in season 2, and then falling for Alejandro in season 3, but she knew she could get back for her old ways, like in season 1. She knew that once she saw eveyrone back home again, they wouldn't care. They would just be happy for her because of how successful she was.

Winning isn't everything, Leshawna would always think to herself whenever she was eliminated. She was just happy she could be in all 3 seasons, and get a chance not everyone got. She realized she had completed her first goal, to become famous. Even though that was a goal of her's, she didn't seem to care for it that much anymore. She was just happy to have made the friends that she had made, and enjoyed the game. Now, it was time for her to get back to her normal life, and be herself.

Leshawna arrived home to huge hugs from her family, and was actually relieved to not be in another season. Sure, she never won a season so far, but she needed the break because being in 3 straight seasons was tough. Her family was very happy to see her, and threw a huge party for her.

The kids at the shelter were even happier to see Leshawna the day after she had arrived home. They told her that they had watched all 3 seasons just to see her, and were always sad when she got eliminated. Hearing all of this almost made Leshawna cry for the first time in her life, but she stayed strong and kept her composure. She kept her head high, and was ready to embrace her normal life once again.

MrD's Story

Name: The Drama Machine

Author: Mrdaimion

Setting: Almost imedietly after Total Drama World Tour ended.

Main character: Alejandro, in the Drama Machine

I... I can't remember... What happened to me? Something bad... Painful... Heartbreaking... But what was it? I didn't have enough time to figure out this deeply puzzling question before someone shouted near-by.
"He's awake! He's awake!" I turned my head towards the noise, and saw that a scientist, or more likely intern, was the source of it. Chris smiled broadly, the sun-light reflecting off of his teeth.
"Excellent..." He rubbed his hands together and laughed manically, not being able to get any more cliche. He didn't bother to fill me in on anything, and he turned to all of the interns. "The board will come here in a few hours to see if this, er, 'product' is acceptable. Everyone, get yourself presentable." Chris walked off, presumably to follow his own advice, and the interns scrambled across the area. I might have found it humorous if I didn't have so much on my mind. Wh-What product? Are they talking about me? I thought, that being all on my mind as the hours crept by, until the board finally arrived.

Chris hurried to greet them, and he grinned at them.
"Welcome," He started. "to which will be the greatest reality show of all time!" He started walking off, and with his hand, gestured for them all to follow him. They all looked at each other and shrugged, then they followed him. He lead them all right in front of me, and they stared in marvel. "So, long story short, we gather the ex-contestants, and put them all in the body of the drama machine, and they shall be forced to compete together in a new season! What do y'all think?" The board members looked at each other skeptically.
"Hm... Well... I suppose we could do a test run of it, and..." The board member continued, but I wasn't paying attention. I was too busy thinking about what they did to me... Then it struck me that what they did to me was probably bad. And they wanted to do it again. To twenty-four other people. I couldn't let that happen. I did what distinctively sounded like a roar, surprising everyone. I stopped simply standing there and ran at them, causing Chris to jump out of the way, and leaving most of the board members trampled. I stopped, and turned to Chris.
"Woah, dude, you don't want to hurt this handsome devil, do you?" He said, obviously frightened.
"You're right about one thing..." I said, swinging my arm at him. "You are, indeed, a devil..." My arm made contact, giving him a quick and, sadly, merciful end to his life. One of the interns then decided to pull out a remote control thingy.

"Get back! You don't want me to have to make yourself self-destruct, would you?" He asked. He never even got a chance to try it though, for I grabbed a table and threw it at him, hitting the remote high into the air, and his limp, lifeless body against the wall.

I then furiously jumped out of the roof somehow to where it was raining, and heard people screaming. At me. Why me?
"I mean no harm." I said, but that didn't calm any of them down. They just wouldn't understand. Too simple-minded, I supposed, they must be in so much pain because of it. So, I decided to end their suffering. I stepped on as many as possible, getting some sadistic pleasure from it, for some reason.

I then saw some of them wise up, and send the military at me, like a cliche horror movie. The tanks came rolling in and fired at me, causing a tiny dent in my armor. I glared at the tanks, and stepped on some of them, causing them to instantly crumble under my power. Some people held their ground and continued to fire, yet the wiser ones made their tanks turn away, and get away from the scene as fast as possible. I instantly annihilated the ones that stayed, but I let the ones that ran away live. For now. Seeing how their big tanks didn't work, some idiot decided to send solders who looked like toys in my perspective after me. I rolled my eyes, and crushed them all instantly, the few bullets that were actually fired simply bouncing off of me. I continued on, the military not taking the risk of missiles in a highly populated area.

While I was walking through the once powerful city, some idiot people decided "Hey! It'll be an awesome idea to shoot at him with ordinary guns with the military can't defeat them!" A small group of people apparently followed his suggestion, and I looked down at them in pity.

"This is the reason I'm attacking you..." I growled, before stomping on them, adding some more to the death list. The other ones screamed in panic and ran away with a shocked impression, as if they actually expected that to work. I would have rolled my eyes, if I still had some, and I moved my arm in a swift blow, knocking a building over, and crushing some more citizens.

I continued on my journey, crushing everything in my path, until I saw someone important... Close to me... Then it hit me. Heather. She caused this to happen to me. I ran towards her, and she turned her head slightly towards me, then screamed for her life. She ran to no avail, and I picked her up.
"Well, Heather." I roared. "See what you did to me?" She nodded her head slightly. "Well, it's the last thing you'll ever freaking see." I was about to clench my first, crushing her to death, when I looked down. There was water gathering at my feet, and I saw my reflection. ... I was made of metal now, I horrid, horrid beast. I then looked around at all the carnage spread by me... All of the deaths, being my fault... Heather noticed my realization, and whispered two words:
"I'm sorry..." I shook my head, and put her down. I had to end this madness... I started running along, careful to not cause anymore damage, until I came to a cliff. I gulped, or I would have if I still had lungs. I looked up, at the sky, at the birds flying over my head. The world's a much better place without me... I thought to myself. I took a deep breath, and jumped off. Before I hit the floor, I thought one last thought: You did good...

I was still alive. How could this be? I survived the cliff, even if I was in terrible pain. I groaned, and started getting back up, then stumbled.

I can't believe it... I thought. I managed to survive... Why? Why did I have to live? I sighed, greatly saddened by this, and pondering what to do now when I got an idea.

"Wait a second..." I mumbled to myself. "Wasn't there a self destruct button for me in the laboratory?" I remembered that poor, innocent intern who's life I disposed of. It was a shame, and while I was slightly saddened at remembering this, the joy was much greater, for I had a way to save everyone else. I immediately began to climb up the cliff, but found that the fall had taken a-lot out of me, so I stayed there and rested for quite a while.

When I was fully recovered, which was about a week later, I set off on my journey again, and started climbing up the cliff. People on the side that could see me were screaming out of fear, and I would have tried to calm them down, but they'd panic none the less. I finally reached the top, met by more missiles and bullets, but instead of killing the people who fired at me, I simply ran to the laboratory, letting them attack me. They were in confusion about this, but continued attacking me, in order to not let their guard down.

I arrived at the laboratory, dented in many places because of my attacks, but I could still move, so I limped along to the remote. I finally reached it, after many more bullets, and grasped it in my hand for a while.

You know... I started to think. It's weird, parents tell you to grow up, get a job, and have a family. But the real world is so much more then that. Has so much more devastation, so much more pain... I put my finger over the button. And so much better. I pressed the remote control.


MTDM's Story

Neko's Story

Do I really have to write this?

No. But whatever.

Apparently, I have to write my views on all of the other people who competed on Total Drama, due to Chris telling me to, and my contract.

If I ever win Total Drama, the first thing I'm doing is buying myself out of that contract.


So what do I think about the others? Let's see. Well, I'll start with people I actually like.

Owen? He may be a ticking time bomb of noxious fumes, but he's honestly my best friend on this show. World Tour would've sucked even more without him there, and I'm glad I'm his friend. Even if he can clear an entire house- no, mansion in five seconds flat.

Izzy, now she's another story. One, those fansites need to quit pairing us together. Two, she's absolutely, postively insane. She caused a huge explosion on Boney Island just by using a ball of sap and twigs, and was one of the RCMP's Most Wanted. Because of this, I'm glad she's on my side. Even if she's constantly trying to cause situations between Cody and I, I can tell she's got her heart in the right place. I just hope being her friend doesn't mean I get maimed.

Speaking of Cody, let's talk about him. No, I am NOT in love with him. Just because I kissed him in my sleep doesn't mean I'm gay. Continuing on, Cody's a pretty good friend. We used to play video games all the time back at Playa de Losers, and I always beat him, for the record. When he's not being stalked by Sierra or fawning over Gwen, he can hold a pretty decent conversation.

And to finish it off, I'll discuss Eva. The only other sane one in "Team E-Scope", she's a great person when she doesn't want to kill you. Her anger mangement has improved, and I think she'd do well if she compete again. Plus, Total Drama wouldn't be a complete waste of my life with her around.

No, that does not mean I'm in love with her, Cody, or Izzy. Geez.

So that's pretty much the only people I am friends with on Total Drama. I mean, there are others who I'm neither friends nor enemies with, such as DJ, Leshawna, Tyler, and Bridgette. But the others... Yeah, don't get me started. Oh, wait, I have to write about them. Joy.

Well, one of the people who's pretty high on this "hate list" is Justin. God, I can't stand him. He's the definition of Narcissist, always looking in a mirror and thinking he's the hottest thing to walk the planet. It was hilarious to see him fail to be a good antagonist in Action.

Another person I greatly dislike would have to be Alejandro; he's like another Justin, only more evil. He's so full of himself, and he's truly an eel. Yes, I'm still bitter about being eliminated. Wouldn't you be?

Oh, yeah, now that I mentioned people who got me eliminated, there's Duncan. He truly thinks he's the most bad-a-- Oh, yes, PG show. Don't want Chris angry, now would I? Right. Anyway, he thinks he's so cool, being a menace to society. But everyone knows he got DJ a new bunny. Not so bad now, aren't you? I don't understand what Courtney and Gwen are so excited about.

Courtney, ugh. "I was a C.I.T.!" "I was almost class president!" (I was, in case you were wondering.) No one cares, honey. And the only other person who likes you is Bridgette, and she doesn't even like you that much. Heck, Heather has more friends.

Heather. There's only one word to describe her, and I'm not allowed to write it. I do respect her slightly more, though, after what she did to Alejandro in Hawaii. Doesn't change what she did to so many people just to get her way.

Now, onto Heather's rival, Gwen. I almost feel sympathy for her; karma's really come back to bite her in the butt. But she's willing to lose a slight friend for Duncan? I'd take crazy Trent over him.

Which reminds me, what happened to Trent? He was actually a good person back at Wawakanakwa, but there must have been something in the air at the Movie Lot that affected his brain cells. He offered to brand himself with the first letter of his girlfriend's name. If that's not crazy, I don't know what is. And using Lindsay to make Gwen jealous? Predictable.

Lindsay; I actually think she's a good person, not to mention, she's gorgeous. But I think that when the Intelligence Fairy was deciding which babies would be smart, she was in the bathroom. A shovel has a higher IQ than her. It makes me feel bad for her, because I know she really does care about everyone. If she could remember everyone's names. (According to her, my name is Noel.)

Much like her BFF, Beth does care about mostly everyone. Unlike her BFF, her looks are a far cry from gorgeous. At Playa de Losers, every time I spoke to her, I got drenched in spittle. Ew. Plus, she had a huge crush on Justin. Clearly, she doesn't have great taste. She's kind, but irritating.

Speaking of irritating. Ladies and gentlemen, the King of Irritating himself, Harold. "Did you know hippos actually have pink sweat?" "Did you know the liger is an actual animal?" "Did you know Sailor Moon was edited a lot before it could come to America?" Yes, I did know. No, I didn't care. If I had to choose between spending an hour with Harold or getting my molars pulled again, I'd choose the molars. Oh, yeah, I forgot abou--

Oh, you want me to keep writing, Chris? Even though you said we had to write for a half hour and it's been an hour? Well, let's not focus on "The Host With The Most", shall we? He was the worst boss I ever had. I got barely any pay for all the work I did, and not to mention he tortures teenagers daily on his show. He's a bald, two-timing, ego-obsessed, sadistic--

Oh, you say I can stop now? Whatever, I'm glad that's over. Never again, you hear, Chris?

Toad's Story

A Day in the Life of Noah

By: Toadgamer80

Characters: Noah, Ezekiel, Katie and Sadie.

Meh. Hello, I guess. My name's Noah. I'd prefer to not say my last name, due to privacy issues. After all, I've been a bit scared of stalkers ever since London, when that insane Ezekiel, or, whatever he was, caught me. Anyways, my parents decided to invite him over today, since he's now fully recovered. From what, you may ask? Well, over the course of Total Drama World Tour, which I did not win, Zeke managed to get first voted off again, turned into some sort of beast, lost his hair and ability to speak, and then almost died. Luckily, he's back to normal. How, you may ask? Well, Chris was a bit worried about him, so he sent Zeke to a mental facility, and after being in the sun for a while, his skin turned the normal peach color. His lava burns healed eventually, and after being around humans, he remembered how to speak. Unfortunately, he's still bald, but he wears his toque at all times, so you can barely even notice.

"NOAH!" shouts my mom. "He's here!"

I groan. Why do I, out of every contestant, have to see Zeke? Why can't it be, like, Owen or something? I mope down the stairs, and see Ezekiel. Hmm, no rapper bling or sunglasses.

"Hey, bud." says Ezekiel. No gangsta-speak or "yo, yo, yo"s? "Glad to see ya again, eh." he continues. Eh. I'm glad he's saying that again. I walk upstairs, and show him my room.

"Wow, eh." he says. "This is way better than my room at home."

I was tempted to ask, "What's your room at home?"

He responds, "Well, I sleep in the pole barn with th' cows, eh. Sometimes, th' couch." I seemed to be feeling sorry for him. I know that sounds a bit crazy, but he was turned into a zombie, then rejected by a surfer chick, then he almost died. So, I decided to do something nice for him.

"Hang on a sec," I told him, then walked downstairs and picked up my cell phone.

"Hello? Bridgette?" I asked.

Her voice began to pop up. "Yeah?" she said. "I need you to do something nice for Zeke. He's really--"

But, before I could finish, she hung up. Oh, well. I forgot about Geoff. I then decided to call someone else.

"Hey, Lindsay." I said onto the phone. Lindsay called me Tyler, so I hung up.

I needed to find the perfect girl for Ezekiel. Girl after girl, I had no luck. Finally, after a series of utter failures, I reached my last girl, or should I say, girls. Katie and Sadie. I called them, and tried to get it over with quickly. I then learned that they weren't doing anything much that night, and were lonely. So, I suggested a double date. Me with Katie, Zeke with the other schmuck. We decided to go to Micky D's, since that was Sadie's favorite place to go.

At McDonalds, we reserved a table, and ordered from our waiter. Waiter? This sure was a fancy fast-food restaurant that we went to. I am pretty sure it served venison. Anyways, I ordered lobster with broccoli, Katie ordered the venison, Sadie got a cheeseburger, and Zeke ordered Chicken McNuggets. Wow, out of everything you can get at a seemingly fancy restaurant, he picks the cheapest thing on the menu. Way to go, home-school. Not a good move in front of girls.

So, we chatted for a few minutes. Katie seemed to be talking about Nebraska Shore a lot, and Sadie was going on about some cute boys at her school. It seemed like she had no interest in Zeke. Eventually, she left, and stuffed her McNuggets down Ezekiel's shirt. He sadly moped away, out of the restaurant. But, the good news was, Katie was still there. We talked about school work. Seems like she gets straight A's, just like me. She was also making goo-goo eyes at me, which I was quite fond of. Who cares about Zeke? I think I just found my dream girl.

Th' End

Aimers' Story

"And Then There Were Two" by Aimers

NOTE: This story contains mature ideas....While it is not excessively gory, it does have some violence in it...

Setting: Old mansion on a deserted island

It was a dark and cold night. The wind was rustling, the crows were cawing, there was a storm approaching the area. There was a flash of lighting, and suddenly, a shadowy figure appeared at the doorstep of his mansion. His eyes darted back in forth as if worried about some dangerous force. It had been many years since his last "test" and he was ready to see if he could succeed again.

"GOSH! That was my rare stamp collection!" shouted a voice in the distance. The shadowy man shied away into his home, only leaving a small envelope on the doorstep. He was ready to exact his plan.

"Hey nerd. Why don't you get a life! Then we would stop picking on you! I can't believe I spent 5 hours on a plane with you!" shouted another voice. Soon both came into view. It was clear that neither liked each other. One was very skinny, and wore glasses, while the other was better built, and had piercings all over his face. "I don't even understand why I came to this island with you Harold!"

"Because we both got a letter telling us to! And they promised that we would get rare trading cards if we came! Seriously Duncan, stop being a loser!" shouted Harold.

"Yes because I'm totally the loser." Duncan said sarcastically. He dramatically rolled his eyes until he noticed the small letter on the ground. Something compelled him to look up. The mansion he saw had an eerie feel when lightning struck across the sky. Harold decided to look up too and screamed immediately. He jumped in Duncan's arms, unable to look up at the hung man, covered in blood from stab wounds. His neck was bent at an odd angle from being attached to a noose forever, but the blood was a glistening red. "Fresh" mumbled Duncan.

"Wait! It’s not a real body! Its proportions are wrong!!!" shouted Harold after coming back to his senses. "And look! A letter in the body..."

Duncan pulled the letter out of the body. "Wow nerd. Your brains actually were useful for once. Well I'll read the letter now...since I'm better than you...'Welcome Harold and Duncan. This is my private island. Nice isn't it? In front of you is my mansion. Inside is a challenge that will test everything you two have. Failure will result in punishment, while success will reward you with something you need. So enter the mansion now and take on the challeng-"

"I am never going in there!" shouted Harold. He started to run away, but tripped over rocks that were sprawled all over the path. When he stood up, he noticed how the rocks were formed in patterns that looked very familiar. Suddenly, he yelped and ran back to Duncan, cowering in fear. Duncan hated when Harold did this, but realized why he was so fearful.

The rocks were arranged in a pattern of "P.S. your pilot to this island is dead."

"What the Hel-"

"Duncan, we have no time to curse! Go in that mansion!" Harold ran inside like a wild chicken. His arms flapped around like they were tentacles. He never would have stopped moving...if he had not run into a wall.

Duncan rolled his eyes for the one-hundredth time. Ever since his parole officer had forced him to work at nerd conventions, Harold had constantly talked to him about action figures and cards. He wished he had never gone to that convention. It was so obvious that a super-nerd like Harold would be there. Considering their past conflicts in Total Drama, seeing each other again would be a fiasco.

"Ugh. Nerd stop failing and just follow me!" Duncan said exasperatedly. He dragged Harold by the ear into the mansion, thinking of new ways to bully Harold once this was over. Finally, the two reached a sign with words carved on it as if someone was using their fingernails. "Oh great! Looks like our friendly 'host' forgot to mention that we would die if we lose!" he said after letting go of Harold's ear. The sign only had three words on it.

"Climb or Die"

Harold was chilled to the bone, a damp wet mark was appearing in his pants and he started screaming madly. "I'm not staying here!" he screamed while running to the door out of the mansion.

"Wait Har-"


Two axes sliced through the air at top speeds, heading straight at Harold. Harold started to run but tripped over his shoelaces. He screamed in fear as the axes came at him inches from impaling him...

Duncan couldn't watch. No matter how much he hated that nerd, he didn't want to see him after being hit by the axes. He heard the slicing noise but no scream. Something had gone wrong with the trap laid against them. He turned around to see Harold nowhere in sight. But where he stood, there was a piece of paper with writing scrawled in blood.

"If you want to save him, go into the next room."

"Ugh, Why do I have to save that nerd?" Duncan said in frustration. "I only want to bully that annoying kid. Why do I always have to save him?"

Duncan entered the next door, muttering about how he would make Harold's life miserable. He was already thinking of his next idea to hurt Harold. Ideas of stealing all his underwear again popped up. Maybe even taking all of his rare stamps. "Whatever" he thought. "I'll just torture him after this is over..."

In the room was a bottle on a pedestal filled with a green liquid. Around the pedestal were various sized white tiles.

"Oh great, a puzzle" Duncan mumbled. "Now I wish I had a nerd I could bully into doing this for me."

"Well Duncan, maybe if you stopped bullying me all the time, I could help you out!" shouted a voice.

Duncan looked up and almost collapsed at the sight. Harold was suspended in the air by a rope attached to his hands, twenty feet in the air.

"How did you get up there, you dork?!" Duncan asked in pure shock.

"How am I supposed to know?!!" Harold shouted. "Now get me down now!"

Duncan looked around for a way to release Harold, but all he could see was the pedestal and the bottle.

"Ugh. I guess it's worth a shot" Duncan said. He took a step towards the bottle, only to be electrocuted by the floor below. He yelped in pain, jumping away from the tiles. "What is this?!"

"Oh! It's a type 2 level 57 electric floor system!" Harold exclaimed. "All you have to do is step on the correct panels to avoid danger.

"And how am I supposed to do that?!" Duncan exclaimed.

"Well I could help you...but you bully me too much..."

"You’re joking right?"

"Why should I help a criminal who has done nothing but brought me grief? You’re lucky I saved your butt back at home when I covered for your crime. Gosh Duncan I'm done helping you!"

"Well then how will you get down?!"

"I have skills!"

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" said a voice from a speaker on a wall. "That rope is attached to a bomb that will kill everyone if you try to escape on your own. I suggest you do this right." The voice faded away, leaving the two teens in utter silence.

"You hear that Harold? Now help me now or we both die!" shouted Duncan.

"But, but, but, when we get out of this mess, you will just bully me again! Magic Steve told me to never trust your enemy! Promise you will never bully me again!" Harold said.

"That will never happen! I will just find a way out on my own. Enjoy your death Harold." Duncan left the room, slamming the door shut.

Harold, hung from the rope alone. The room suddenly became very quiet except for a faint ticking noise above him. Harold turned his head up towards the noise, spotting a red figure. It kept changing with every second, flashing from one design to the next. Suddenly, Harold realized the truth. The figures were numbers and the thing was a bomb counting down. This bomb, only meant to explode if he tried to escape, was now counting down on its own. His body shook with fear at the thought, and he started screaming for Duncan. He needed him to get here to save them both.

Minutes before this, Duncan had left the room, trying to find a way out of the mansion. The front door was locked so he was searching for another exit. All the windows seemed to be locked and there were no other doors. However, something was bothering Duncan. Everything smelled of oil. It was if someone dropped a massive bucket of oil over the house. He could even see the faint glisten of it on the floor. At this point, he started to hear Harold screaming.

"Big deal, he's screaming. Oh well! I don't care! He's just a nerd who deserves everything he will get!" Duncan said to himself.

The screaming continued. It constantly pierced Duncan's ears, annoying him to no end. Finally, he could take it no longer. He went back to the door and opened it angrily.

"Harold, SHUT UP! You deserve this because you didn't want to help!" Duncan shouted.

"No Duncan! Please! You have to hurry. I will help ju-"

"And why should I help you?"

"Because there is a bomb in the room that was activated when you left!"

"Oh please! Enough with your lies Harold. Just apologize already."

"Duncan, Please. We don't have much time. Just trust me. Just this once."

Duncan was torn. He hated this nerd with all of his heart. Yet something in his tone of voice sounded scared. A true terror.

"Fine. I will help you Harold. Just this once. What do I need to do?"

"Well normally there is a pattern to follow."

"And what would that be?"

"Well, to be honest. I have no ide-"

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!?" Duncan screamed.

"I'M SORRY!" Harold said in his tears. "I JUST DON'T KNOW!"

The timer continued to tick down. It had three minutes left on the timer. Not enough time to do really anything. Duncan realized that they only had one chance to escape this trap. Suddenly his body calmed down and he looked back up to Harold.

"Okay Harold, we only have one shot at this. Now think carefully. Do you see any patterns up there?"

Harold looked around. His tear-filled eyes scanned the tile floor for any pattern.

"It's just a jumble of meaningless squares. There is no wa-" Harold suddenly cut himself off. "That’s it! Squares! The tiles that are squares make a path to the bottle! Quickly Duncan, hurry over there!"

Duncan hesitantly approached the first square. He did not want to get electrocuted. But living was always better than death, even if it involved trusting his biggest enemy. He took the step carefully, clearly unsure about the dangers of the tile.

Nothing happened.

Slowly, he put the rest of his weight on the tile and sighed in relief when he wasn't fried. He followed the squares carefully, making sure he did not make a false turn. Finally, he reached the pedestal with the bottle, and picked the small token up. It was shaped like a canteen of water, but it contained a green acid-like liquid in it. On it, the words etched into the bottle said "drink the contents to release him."

"Well, what are you waiting for? We only have 2 minutes left!" exclaimed Harold.

"What if this stuff kills me though?" I am not sacrificing myself for a nerd!" Duncan replied.

"DUNCAN PLEASE! I WON'T LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU" Harold screamed. Tears began to well up in his eyes again. "Don't do this to us! Revenge isn't the key! Please Duncan. Drink the contents! Do something for me...just this once..."

Ninety-nine percent of Duncan told himself to throw the bottle away and never help Harold. Yet something inside of him, maybe just a small glimmer of kindness, told him to drink the contents. Despite his mind telling himself to not do anything, his body acted on its own, unscrewing the cap of the bottle...


He raised the bottle to his lips, choking on the foul liquid inside. It tasted like rotten battery acid but he kept drinking it anyway.


He was halfway done when he started gagging. He couldn't take anymore but he kept drinking. "Just this once" he thought in his head.


He was starting to get dizzy. Stars spun around in his head. There was only two sips left in the bottle.


And then he finished it. Duncan couldn't see anything properly. Everything was moving around in his head as if someone was shaking the ground. But in the corner of his eye, he did see Harold being lowered down from that twenty foot height.


Harold untied himself and ran over to Duncan, who was now on the ground, unconscious.



Harold started to drag Duncan. Luckily the floor wasn't charged anymore, allowing them to cross to the door.


Harold was dragging Duncan with all of his strength. They were steps away from the door of the mansion.


They reached the door.

"Please don't be locked anymore. Please don't be locked. Please, please, please don't be locked!" Harold pleaded to himself. He reached for the handle and turned it. The door opened and they were outside.


Harold kept dragging Duncan, never giving up. "Just this once" he thought to himself in those last three seconds.


The house exploded with a bang. The oil inside lit the entire building on fire, sending a heat wave at the two teens. A shock wave smashed against them, sending the two flying away from the house. However, Harold and Duncan had escaped just in time and were only bleeding from hitting the ground so hard. They were lucky, and working together had saved their lives.

In Harold's last memory of this dreadful event, he remembered seeing a plane flying towards the island. It was a search and rescue plane. They were safe at last from this dreadful time. Harold started to lose consciousness as the plane came closer. He blacked out, thinking about how he would never insult Duncan again and hopefully, he would never get bullied either.

From a distance, the mysterious figure stood, cursing to himself that his game had not worked. Next time he would have his revenge. "Even if I could not get you two, there are more teens that I will get my revenge on. Ever since the 'incident' I have begun my plan to seek every single one of you and exact revenge for what you did to me."

The figure took off his cloak, revealing a mangled and distorted body. He was no longer the handsome person he used to be. The only thing that stayed with him ever since being trampled was his Hispanic features. Here was Alejandro, determined to get revenge...


CD-TDA's Story

When the EMTs arrived on the scene, he was already dead. Chris McLean was dead. What was once a party filled with drinks, food and music turned out to be the scene of a murder. Chris McLean had invited all the Total Drama contestants and staff for a reunion party five years after the premiere of Total Drama Island.

"Wait here, campers --"
"Ex-campers," Heather interrupted.
Chris rolled his eyes at the interruption, "Right. Well, I have an announcement I'd like to make, but I can't do it without my special little surprise. I'll be right back."
Chris stiffed a chuckle and then left the room.
"I bet it's cake! Or cheese! Or cheesecake! That'd be awesome!" Owen happily chirped.
"Knowing Chris, it probably won't be food. He'll probably mention our contracts, and some new season, and yadda-yadda-yadda," Cody pouted.
"It'll be alright, Codykins! As long as we're together," Sierra laughed, hugging Cody tightly.
All of a sudden, a scream, pertaining to Chris was heard, along with the screech of tires and a motor roaring.
"What was that?" Owen asked, alarmed.
"Probably some nutjob," Izzy laughed, earning glares from several of the ex-contestants.
A few seconds later, Chef Hatchet ran into the room, panting and clearly out of air.
"He... he's dead!" Chef Hatchet yelled, falling down on his knees.
"Chris!! He got ran over by a car in the parking lot!" Chef Hatchet declared, causing DJ to faint.
"Well, that's just great. Now we're not getting our surprise!" Justin protested.
"Who did it, Chef?!" Owen cowered.
"Me? I dunno. I'm just gonna get the heck out of here," Chef declared before running out of Chris' mansion.
"I'm guessing we should probably get out of here, too. Just in case something else happens, y'know?" Geoff suggested.
"Sounds good. Now let's get out," Bridgette panicked, walking towards the door.
When she tried to open the mansion's vast door, it would not budge.
"Uh, guys. I think we're locked in here," Bridgette stated.
"What?!" Heather exclaimed, outraged.
"It was Chef, guys!" Trent proclaimed.
"He wasn't here when Chris was killed, and all of a sudden, when he leaves, the door locks itself? Sounds pretty suspicious to me."
"It doesn't even matter if it was Chef or not! Now we're all going to die. We're going to either get murdered, or we'll eventually die of starvation and dehydration," Courtney said.
"Way to keep everyone's hopes up," Duncan remarked, getting up from the sofa in which he was laying down at.
"Well, I'm trying to be realistic. Plus, it's not like you'd feel remorse. I bet you've gone to juvie for about five times because of murders," Courtney shot back.
"Guys, guys! It's not time to argue. We need to find a way to get out of here," Gwen intervened.
"For once I agree with Gwen," Heather concorded.
"Well, I suppose that we can use Owen as a sort of cannonball and have him bust the door open," Harold spoke up.
"Sounds like a plan to me," Geoff concurred.
"Alright, Owen. We just need you to charge towards that door and dive through it. Alright?" Harold asked Owen, who nodded his head.
"Alright, let's do this!" Owen cheered half halfheartedly.
As soon as Owen took a step back, the lights in Chris' mansion went off.
"Great, did the power go out, too?" Heather sneered.
Two more screams were heard, along with a crash.
After the lights came back on, it was revealed that Owen had been sent crashing through a buffet table and that Cody and Sierra were nowhere to be seen.
"Now purple-hair and Cody are gone too, and Owen's dead, I guess. What are we gonna do now?" Noah desperately sighed, with a hint of fear in his usually snide and sarcastic voice.
"We could have Leshawna try to bust the door open," Heather snickered.
"Yeah, or maybe I'll break the door with your body. How about that?" Leshawna retorted.
"Or maybe --"
All of a sudden, the lights were switched off again. This time, another scream and a metallic noise was heard.
When the lights were switched back on, the Drama Machine was laying on the floor, and Heather was also gone.
"Well, I guess this killer-dude didn't like the third season," Geoff scowled.
Courtney narrowed her eyes at Duncan, "Then he would've already murdered Duncan. If it wasn't for his return, the third season wouldn't have sucked."
"I remind you that you and Gwen were the ones who brought me back," Duncan scoffed.
"Guys, cut it out, or you're gonna be killed!" Bridgette yelled.
"Harold, do you have any more ideas?" Trent asked.
"Well, if DJ wakes up, I think that he's strong enough to open the door. If not, I think we could try to use some sort of furniture or something to break the door open," Harold responded.
"Or we could just climb out a window. If Chris had actually put one in his whole mansion instead of being afraid that it would ruin his tan, that is," Trent rolled his eyes.
The lights switched off again, and this time a maniacal cackle was heard.
When the lights switched back on, it appeared no one had been killed... until Geoff fell face-first on the floor with a bullet on his back.
"Geoff!" Bridgette cried, her eyes beginning to swell up with tears.
The lights then began flickering on and off.
Each time, someone else was a victim. Blaineley, Justin, Harold, an already knocked-out DJ, Trent, Gwen and Izzy had all been assassinated.
"Help, eh! Help me!" Ezekiel shrieked. He was being pulled into a closet, where more screams were heard.
Ezekiel's cries for help were no good, as another gunshot echoed over the mansion.
After a while, the killer walked out of the closet.
He wore a long black robe and had a gun in his hand.
He was none other than Alejandro.
Duncan quietly laughed, "Dude, you just came out of the closet."
Alejandro rolled his eyes, "Very mature, Duncan. Maybe you'll be the one to make a joke after this."
Alejandro then pulled the trigger, sending Duncan into a silent "sleep."
"Now, I wasn't planning on letting the rest of you live. Eva, Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, Bridgette, Leshawna, Courtney, Tyler and Noah.
Ya podéis despediros de vuestras vidas (You can all say goodbye to your lives now.)" Alejandro grimaced.
The lights once again switched off, and several gunshots were heard.
Once Alejandro switched the lights back on, only Noah was left.
"Ah, Noah. I was hoping that you'd be smart enough to figure this mystery out. I guess you weren't. I'll put it in child-like terms for you. Obviously, I was already cured before coming to this party. I didn't need that metallic monster of a machine anymore. I think you can figure the rest out. I also think that if you hadn't revealed my true identity in Total Drama World Tour, I would've won. In life, we win some, and we lose some, but what you're going to lose is your life," Alejandro grinned, pointing his gun at Noah's head.
Suddenly, two policement ran into Chris' mansion and handcuffed Alejandro's hands together.
"RCMP!" one of them proclaimed, shoving Alejandro towards the door.
"You're insane, you know?" a blond male told Alejandro.
"No --"
"You don't have the right to speak," the other male muttered.

And that was how the Total Drama reunion party ended up turning into a real life horror movie.

Jessica's Story

A 25-year-old woman in a blue sweatshirt is sitting beside the ocean, a tan acoustic guitar sitting next to her.

A wave crashes against the large and formidable rocks in front of the dock, directly in front of her.

The woman doesn't flinch, though.

She does get wet from the wave, but it doesn't seem to faze her.

"Geoff," she whispers softly, obviously upset by something.

A man, about the same age, approaches from behind her, slowly.

"Bridgette," he says, "he's gone. You must accept that."

The woman, Bridgette, turns to see a man in a camouflage shirt behind her.

"Trent," she says, "he can't really be gone, can he?"

The man, Trent, looks down. "Yes, he can. It is possible. You have to learn to accept his fate."

She buries her face into her legs as she cries.

A wave hits the rocks in front of her and crashes on top of her head, soaking her from head to toe.

Trent sighs and sits next to her.

"I had to accept that same fact when Gwen died, remember?" Trent reminds Bridgette.

She looks up, tears streaking down her peach skin. "I remember, she was a close friend."

Trent manages to put a smile on his face and says, "Well, you should accept Geoff's fate."

Trent frowns.

Bridgette looks at Trent, now teary-eyed. "Trent, please stop forcing yourself to remember."

Trent wipes his eyes with the edge of his sleeve.

Trent then looks up at Bridgette and grabs the acoustic guitar lying next to Bridgette.

"I miss the way, Gwen said hello," Trent sings, remembering the song Owen sang after he and Izzy broke up, “oh, oh.”

"By hugging me, real tight," Bridgette sings.

The two continue to sing, until tears cover their peach-skinned faces.

“I can’t, I don’t-no more,” Trent stutters.

Trent looks Bridgette directly in the eyes and she does the same.

His green, teary eyes look directly into her beautiful light blue eyes.

The two move closer to each other and hug.

Then, Bridgette releases his warm body and kisses him on the lips.

He looks surprised, but then closes his eyes.

After the kiss ends, Bridgette looks at Trent in the eyes and says, "I will never get over Geoff, and you will never forget Gwen, but I think I can go from party to guitar, if you can go from Goth to surf."

Trent looks down and slightly smiles.

He looks back up and continues to smile larger.

Trent nods and the two hug, tears running down their faces.

“I love you,” Bridgette whispers into Trent’s ear.

“I also do,” Trent agrees.

The two smile as two lime green fish flip out of the bright blue water and into the air.

A tribute to Trent and Bridgette.

KG's Story

Plat's Story

RE: ...

  • Characters
    • Courtney- The "Protagonist"
    • Chris- The Sadistic Host
    • Duncan- The Juvenile Delinquent
    • Owen- The Lovable Goofball
    • Beth- The Underachiever
    • Justin- The Model
    • LeShawna- Ms. Loud and Proud
    • Heather- The Queen Bee
    • Lindsay- The Special One
    • Harold- Lv. 45 in Squirrel Scouts
  • Setting
    • After The Aftermath: II and before Ocean's Eight-or-Nine
    • First person view from Courtney
    • Third person view on remaining Total Drama Action contestants
    • The writing is her thoughts as she types her letter to debut. Quotes are not necessary.

Debuting. That was my only option.

Dear Chris...

I wonder what I shall start out with. Maybe, I could demoralize my competition to validate my presence. The options...

I would like to explain my investi-

Wait. I shouldn't do that.

(Courtney hits the backspace button on her keyboard.)

I should apply to his sadistic side...

Dear Chris, the best and just host,...


(Courtney hits her backspace button in frustration again as well.)

That would make it seem to obvious. I need to justify and make a rational proportion to both his egotistical personality as well as my dignity.

Dear Chris, I would like to come to a mutual agreement that would both please both of our snide personalities.

That's a start. Now, how would I make this sound forceful as well as convincing?

I would like to make a request. You see, in the Total Drama-

No, I shouldn't start out with the contract. That would significantly show that I am an objective person.

I would like to make a request-

Wait. I should include humor into my entry. That would both grasp the attention of the reader and increase my subjectibility!

I would like to make a request. Don't worry, I won't stay outside of your trailer and beg for anything like a crazy person.

Relate to him. That increases likeability. I need to continue this observation until I feel like it's too "stuck-up". After all, I am never the type to be stuck-up.

Anyways, I have a serious proposition to make. You see, my two lawyers and I-

Show you have power. Three people have more enforcement over one.

-have looked over the Total Drama contract. You see, at the end of Total Drama Island last season, I complained to you about unrightful termination of the competition.

How would I make this pleasant and forceful into one statement?

You stated in your email that in section 34 in the Total Drama contract that the person with the most votes gets eliminated from the competition.

Start off with facts. Then, move on to opinions.

However, in section 22.5 which precedes this statement, it states that the person with the most amount of people who voted for them gets eliminated.

Loopholes. You can not reach a concurrence without loopholes.

Therefore, since Harold was the only one who voted-

No. Too sudden. I have to use dramatic irony to build up my conclusion.

(Courtney sighs and starts the paragraph over.)

As you are well aware...

Again, too sudden. I need to be more forceful in my arguments.

Harold was the only one who voted for me during that night. Due to the contract precedence binding, section 22.5 overrides section 34.

Again, there are statistics involved. Loopholes play a huge role in this drama.

Therefore, the rigging of votes clearly goes against the show's contract.

Again, showing power. Persistence and power definitely can intimidate an opponent into guilt and fear. Now, time to proofread. I can't misspell a word in my well-crafted letter.

(Courtney prints out her rough draft and takes a break for a shower.)

Scene shifts to the competitors currently remaining in Total Drama Action

"Ah, what a marvelous day to pick on a nerd," exclaims Duncan.

"That's not very nice," says Harold. "You only pick on me because of your unrequited hatred for the contract and its creator."

"I have no idea what you just said," starts Duncan. "There's a piece missing in me, got it punk?"

"Stop messing with my Harold!" yells LeShawna. "We need to work as one unit, a team!"

"Why do you need to include Duncan in "team"?" whispers Harold.

"He's strong," says LeShawna. "Plus, the numbers are equal so we can't afford losing."

"Anyways, I think that the Screaming Gaffers are fine with our four. The opponent doesn't even have a single intelligent member!" yells Heather.

"You know, for once I agree with her," says Duncan. "I mean, just look at them."

(Justin, Lindsay, Beth, and Owen are seen fighting over a sandwich that was the only surviving one after DJ left the competition. The sandwich breaks, and all four start to bawl.)

"Wow..." says Chris from the background.

Scene shifts back to Courtney

So, let me continue with my second contention.

Organization. It's the second key principle of formulating an argument. Appealing and organization helped me run for student council president in my local high school. The numbering of contentions increases your chance of obtaining your goal.

Everyone left in the competition is either as dumb as a doorknob or are just plain crazy. Let me list the "contestants" one by one and point out their obvious flaws.

This part of the letter is for me, the easiest part. The remaining competitors have so many flaws that no one will pay attention in the challenges. Yes, I know drama is supposed to be the "main point" but I can't emphasize enough in the stupidity.

Duncan will be the fir-

Bad idea. I need to save the goofiest ones for last. I mean, I made a whole 95 page report on Duncan's deformities.

Owen will be the first one I will talk about. You see, he has recently suffered an injured jaw.

How do I know this? Let's just say I have good lawyers...

Aren't you afraid he will sue he show? That type of injury can cause millions of dollars worth of lawsuits!

There we go. Threats, threats and more threats are essential for an intelligent report.

(Courtney is not aware of Chris' deal to Owen that he could eat with the Gaffers if he doesn't sue the show.)

I mean, according to Canadian law, that type of lawsuit can be worth at least two million dollars, more than what you pay the winner of Total Drama Action.

Now that I think about it, why is the prize money worth a million? I mean, statistically it doesn't make any sense, since there are only 14 compe- I mean, soon to be 15 competitors this season while 22 competitors competed for 1/10 the prize money. Maybe Chris is getting nicer.

Therefore, this type of lawsuit, as well as his obesity, can ruin the show for you and your producers.

Great...only 7 more "losers" to go. This might take a long time.

(One by one, Courtney continues to write about each person.)

Beth is an underachiever who produces boring television.

I can't expand much on Beth. She is too boring of a person to obtain relevant information on her. I'll expand on her later when I proofread again.

Lindsay is just plain stupid! I don't even kno-

Wait, did I just use an exclamation point? That is not professional material. Oh, Courtney, you are ruining yourself again.

Lindsiot is incapable of even having a brain. I don't even know how the process inside her head can even comprehend how to complete a challenge.

Three down, only five more to go. The Grips are easy to write about, since they-

Scene shifts back to the remaining contestants in Total Drama Action.

"- don't have an intelligent member?" asks Harold. "I mean, one of the four must have an IQ higher than 60.

"Not everyone can be as smart as you," comforts LeShawna.

(The Grips are discussing at the other trailer.)

"I wish that I had Jesse's girl!" sings Justin. "I wish that I had Dun- what?"

(Luckily for Justin, none of the Grips were paying even the slightest attention to him.)

"Not DJ's last sandwich!" yells Owen. "That's the only reason I wanted to join this show!"

"You didn't even know DJ was making the sandwiches until he admitted it," says Beth.

"Ooh, a sand-witch?" ponders Lindsay. "Is that one of those evil witches who steal the little umbrella out of your cup at the beach?"

"So that's who's been stealing them!" gasps Owen. "I knew there was a logical explanation to this!"

"We need to find the evil sand witch then!" says Justin. "Quick, let's hurry to the beach set!"

"Weren't we here to talk about the Gaffers?" asks Beth.

"No time for that! We need to catch a bus to Camp Wawanakwa, pronto!" yells Justin.

Scene shifts back to Courtney

Ugh, that tape didn't help me. Do the Grips have anything to say about the Gaffers? I mean, at least the other one had the Gaffers talking about how stupid the Grips are. Oh well, I need to continue.

Justin may seem like the type who would convince others with his looks. However, deep inside, he is a stuck-up model who I could easily control.

I promise you now that I will get rid of that stuck-up male model. His unobtrusive behavior will surely be my premise for joining the Gaffers. Not because Duncan is's because of the difference of IQ level...even if Harold is the majority of it. Speaking of which, I need to devaluate the team of which I am going to compete on, only to increase personal welfare, however.

Moving on to the Gaffers...Harold is a nerd: plain and simple. All he does is bore the audience with his smart-y comments of useless trivia which no sane person would care about.

Hopefully, this letter will remain confidential and no one remaining in the competition will read it.

(Courtney scrolls to the beginning of her letter.)

This letter must remain confidential to Chris McClean, and if this is read by anyone else, two million dollars will be at stake.

It's time for me to continue with LeShawna and Heather. They are solid competitors, but I can nitpick at their deformities.

(Courtney scrolls back to the bottom of her letter.)

Heather is a bald freak. The lack of hair is exposing ultraviolet rays to her bare scalp. According to a national research poll, these ultraviolet rays can impend everlasting damage to her brain, which could make her unable to compete and may have to be removed due to injury.

That might be stereotypical, but Heather became bald due to karma. Maybe she deserves bare exposure to her scalp.

Next up is LeShawna. Her attitude and readiness to hurt a human being is too dangerous. Because of her reckless attitude, next thing you know, someone's teeth might be knocked right out of their mouth. It would cost the show a plethora of money, which could easily be prevented by one of my traditional psychology lessons.

Finally, the person I've been waiting for. The one with the most deformities including that mohawk, juvenile attitude, and putrid breath. Now, time to express my true feelings in the form of scripture.

Oh...but Duncan's okay...

Wait, cut that. What was I even thinking when I wrote that? Showing weakness? A good counselor in training would never show weakness in any situation, no matter how diverse.

Oh...but Duncan's fact, he's more than okay. He's ama-

Courtney, what are you thinking? Fine, maybe I do have a sliver of a crush on Duncan. I have to find my inner strength to write a bad report on him. It's time for take three.

If I don't win, Duncan is the only remaining hotti-

I need outside help. I'm going to contact my lawyers to write this part of my essay. For some reason, my brain can not comprehend having the courage to type bad thoughts about Duncan. Oh well, time for the most important part of the email: my third contention. Again, with organization, the last contention must be the most applicable.

Dear Total Drama exectuives, my final contention is similar to the first, because it negotiates my debut in the second season.

Hmm...since I obviously are debuting, I should get something out of it. I mean, I don't want to be on an equal playing ground as the others.

If you don't want to be sued for six mi-

Oh, shoot. I forgot to state in my first contention how much I am suing for. Let me add that in.

(Courtney scrolls back to her first contention and adds in that she is suing for 6 million dollars if she doesn't debut in Total Drama Action.)

Now, back to my third contention. What would I want out of these flimsy cheap producers? Well, I want to be treated like a normal human being instead of a slob, of course.

Because I was cheated out of Total Drama Island, it is only fitting that I obtain additional benefits if you do not wished to be sued for six million dollars.

What would I want? There are only a limited amount of options Total Drama can afford for the luxurious host, but I can add in a few kicks.

These are my conditions once my lawsuit gets won. I will get my own personal bathroom, 5-star gourmet food, and my own use of personalized digital assistant. (PDA)

Now, I need something I can use as a conclusion...hmm, maybe it's not best to end the third contention so abruptly.

Trust me, these advantages will include necessary drama. If the others are on an unequal playing field, jealousy will burn up inside of them.

Elementary. There's no possibility that this can get denied. Not only because of the legal issues, but I bring so much drama on the show that this contention can not get denied. Now, time to write my summarizing conclusion.

So, my three contentions are proven statistically and mentally to bring drama to the otherwise dull competition. With my values, and criterion of integrity and forcefulness, I ensure that my arguement is valid.

Ah, credibility as a leader. That's the most important fact you have to get straight. Reestablishing that will remind Chris how confident I have become.

Losing six million dollars, the boring nature of the other contestants, and my special conditions are three things that you must consider for my debut. Thank you for your time, and I'll see you when I return on Total Drama Action.

There. Finished. Done with. Well, of course proofreading must be accomplished first. Let me look at my letter one last time...



Subject: Courtney's Debut on Total Drama Action

This letter should remain confidential to Chris McClean.

Dear Chris, I would like to come to a mutual agreement that would please both of our personalities. This letter is not meant to waste my invaluable time or yours. I would like to make a significant request that requires full attention. Don't worry, I won't beg outside your trailer like a homeless freak to continuously bother you. My two lawyers and I have carefully examined the Total Drama contract and have three main contentions: my unlawful termination, the drama I will add to the current show, and my conditions for when I debut.

You see, last time, at the end of season one of Total Drama, labeled "Total Drama Island", I statistically filed a complaint for unlawful termination from competition. You stated in your previous email that in section 34 of the Total Drama contract, the person with the most votes will be eliminated from the competition. However, in section 22.5, which definitely precedes section 34, it states that the person with the most amount of people to vote for them gets eliminated, unless the host specifically states otherwise before the elimination (which he did not). Harold was the only one who voted for me during the night of "Basic Straining". Due to contract precedence binding, section 22.5 overrides section 34 so therefore, the rigging of votes would go against the show's contract. My lawyers and I have decided on a six million dollar lawsuit if I am not allowed to debut on "Total Drama Action." I really hope you take that into consideration when you read this email.

So, let me continue with my second contention. I ensure you that I will add drama when I return to the competition. Everyone left in the competition is either as dumb as a doorknob or are just plain crazy. Let me list the contestants (my opposition) one by one and point out their evident flaws. Owen will be the first one I will talk about. You see, I am aware that he has recently suffered an injured jaw. How is it possible that you are not afraid that Owen will sue the show? That type of injury can cause two million dollars worth of lawsuits, more than what you will pay the eventual winner of Total Drama Action (which I ensure is going to be me). Beth is an underachiever who produces boring television. Nobody wants to watch a "wannabe" try to achieve athleticism or intelligence, but ultimately fail. It leaves a feeling of emptiness in the audience. Lindsay, the next contestant on which I will elaborate, lacks IQ and is very unintelligent. "Lindsiot", as I call her, is incapable of even having a brain. I don't even know who the process inside her head can even comprehend the understanding of a challenge. Justin, the male model, may seem like the type who would take the initiative who would convince others with his looks. However, deep inside the outside crust, he is a stuck-up male model who is easily manipulatable. Heather is a bald freak. The lack of hair on her scalp exposes ultraviolet rays. According to a Toronto research poll, these ultraviolet rays can impend everlasting damage to her brain, which could make her unable to compete and may have to be removed due to injury. This sudden removal may impact your challenge structure on which you have worked so diligently on. LeShawna's attitude and readiness to hurt a human being is dangerous. Because of her reckless attitude, someone's teeth might be knocked right out of their mouth. It would cost the show a plethora of money, which could be easily be prevented by one of my top-class traditional psychology lessons. Duncan is the final member I would like to discuss. His constant "bad boy" attitude may seem appealing to the viewers, but he has a soft side, i.e. obtaining a new bunny for DJ after the first one had passed away. There is no need for this bipolar attitude that can lead towards destruction.

This is my third and final contention of this email. Because I was cheated out of Total Drama Island (Basic Straining), it is only fitting that I obtain additional benefits if you and your executive producers do not wish to be sued for six million dollars. These are my conditions once my lawsuit is filed: I will obtain my own person bathroom, 5 star gourmet food provided by Chef Hatchet, and my own use of a personalized digital assistant. Trust me, these advantages will include necessary drama that I will put into the competition. If the others are on an unequal "playing field", jealousy will burn within their tiny hearts, which will cause their emotions to take over their pathetic bodies, which will cause the ratings to skyrocket.

So, my three contentions are proven statistically and mentally to bring drama to this otherwise "dull" competition. With my values and criterions of integrity and forcefulness, I ensure you that my contentions of suing the show, bringing drama, and having advantages will threaten you into letting me into the show. Remember, 6 million dollars will not help you buy that plane you want for that secret third season you are planning. Thank you for your time, and I'll see you when I debut on Total Drama Action.

Courtney obtained an email back 6 hours and 43 seconds later.

RE: Fine…

Courtney opened her email account and smiled. She knew revenge was coming her way...all she had to do was grasp it.


Sunsummer7's Story

I See London...: Alternate Ending

Alejandro was on the plane, watching the rest of the episode, but something Noah said caught his attention.


TDA15's Story

Judging One

Nalyd: Five of you didn't post an entry. This was probably the easiest challenge, and more than a third of you didn't post an entry. Unbelievable. Reddy will judge the Gophers, BB gets the Bass.

Chimmy's Reviews

AJ: This was a good entry. While Reddy may have not liked Heather dying, I thought it was a more powerful ending than last time: you can't please everyone, though. There were still some grammar issues, though, and I would have liked an explamation of what exactly the doctors did. Plot: 8/10, Spelling: 10/10, Grammar: 9/10, Creativity: 8/10, Originality: 8/10 Total Score: 8.6, rounded to 9.

Cod: I quite liked the concept of the story, even if it is overdone a little. The dialouge seemed genuine, and as far as I could see, no spelling or grammar mistakes. As I said, though, the concept is a little overdone... Plot: 9/10, Spelling: 10/10, Grammar: 10/10, Creativity: 8/10 Originality: 7/10 Total Score: 8.8, rounded to 9.

LF: I really liked this! I liked that you kept in in continuity with her TDI bio. There weren't any spelling or grammar issues that I could see, and for future reference to other competitors: I love fleshed out before TDI stories. Plot: 10/10, Spelling: 10/10, Grammar: 10/10 Creativity: 9/10 Originality: 8/10 Total Score: 9.4, rounded to 9.

MrD: I liked this better than the original story. I thought the idea of a self destruction button was great. With this version, though, I wish Heather had a bigger role in it. Something just doesn't seem right: no spelling/grammar issues, though. Plot: 8/10, Spelling: 10/10, Grammar: 10/10, Creativity: 8/10, Originality: 10/10, Total Score: 9.2, rounded to 9.

MTDM: No story, 0/10

Neko: I would have liked a bit more background on exactly WHY Noah had to write this, but overall this was great! It sounded like something Noah would actually write. I'd give you fangirl points, but that wouldn't exactly be fair. :P No S/G issues. Plot: 9/10 Spelling: 10/10 Grammar: 10/10 Creativity: 9/10 Originality: 10/10 Total Score: 9.6, rounded to 10. Congrats :D

Toad: Maybe it's just me, but this seems shorter than before...and I didn't notice much that had changed. No spelling issues to my knowledge, but something in the grammar seems off to me. Nice idea, though. Plot: 9/10 Spelling: 10/10 Grammar: 9/10 Creativity: 8/10 Originality: 10/10 Total Score: 9

BB's Reviews

Challenge One Judging
Judging Criteria:
Plot, Spelling, Grammar, Creativity, and Originality

Plot - Okay. Aimers. I want to commend you on the plot, the story was very interesting and easy to follow. You distinctly got your main ideas and focal points of the story across easily, which I enjoyed.

Spelling - I saw no spelling mistakes anywhere, unless I overlooked something. I do have a complaint and, out of the judging criteria, I feel that this complaint would be best here. One thing I noticed is that you included an excess amount of cut-offs when your characters are talking; it makes the story look so choppy. I love that you used this mechanism of writing, but my advice (from this story on) is to use it... but not as much.

Grammar - I believe this area is where you're going to have the most difficulty in this entire competition. In the most non-sarcastic pose possible, I recommend using Microsoft Word's (or another equivalent program) ABC Spell Check function before posting a story to get rid of many easily-avoided errors. This entry's revisions were a step up from the last story; I don't see nearly as many grammatical errors on this one than the last entry. Granted, I still saw... some, punctuation and sentence formation-wise. You have GOT to work on this, man.

Creativity & Originality - You can kinda re-read my Plot section for the critique of these two areas. The entire basis of this story was very well thought out.


  • Plot - 9
  • Spelling - 8
  • Grammar - 7
  • Creativity - 9
  • Originality - 9
  • Overall (Raw) - 8.4
  • Overall (Rounded) - 8

Plot - Very, very interesting. Intense. There's nothing I can really do towards critiquing your plot here; everything fell into place as I was reading.

Spelling - I saw... a couple spelling errors, but only a couple. One I remember distinctly was a typo of the word "policemen" around the end. I think this will probably be a minimal problem to you for the remainder of the competition, if a problem at all.

Grammar - While reading, again, I saw minimal grammatical mistakes... nothing too major, as well as nothing I can really critique you over since this story was very well put together.

Creativity & Originality - Once again, nowhere to critique you. This story met the requirements in my mind on what a creative and original story would be.


  • Plot - 10
  • Spelling - 9
  • Grammar - 9
  • Creativity - 10
  • Originality - 9
  • Overall (Raw) - 9.4
  • Overall (Rounded) - 9

Plot - I want to say that I truly did enjoy this story, really I did; however... I honestly don't think a thorough plot was developed. It was just... short, I guess.

Spelling - No mistakes.

Grammar - Similar to CD-TDA, the only thing I didn't like about the format of this story is that you started a new line with almost every new thought in this story. Other than that, no critique.

Creativity & Originality - Flawless with originality, but it seems that this story didn't have much creativity to it. I mean... all you can get out of this is "lovers die, remainders come together". I would think that you need to broaden your ideas in your stories, meaning don't limit yourself to one idea and a small one at that.


  • Plot - 7
  • Spelling - 10
  • Grammar - 7
  • Creativity - 8
  • Originality - 10
  • Overall (Raw) - 8.4
  • Overall (Rounded) - 8

Plot, Spelling, Grammar, Creativity, & Originality - No story whatsoever, I'm disappointed.


  • Plot - 0
  • Spelling - 0
  • Grammar - 0
  • Creativity - 0
  • Originality - 0
  • Overall (Raw) - 0
  • Overall (Rounded) - 0

Plot - Just for future reference, Plat, length does not equal success in making stories. Not saying there's nothing wrong with yours, I'm giving you a heads up for the future of your being in this competition. You could have said what you said in a shorter style. Regardless of that, your story's plot was exceptional; everything was easily able to be followed.

Spelling - Well, technically, I didn't see any mistakes within this story, spelling-wise.

Grammar - Here's where you desperately need work. Alright, in my opinion, I would have gone with a better way to set up this story. It would have been so much better had you did use quotes. Like I said with Aimers, I would cut down on the use of vocal cut-offs. I love that you know of this mechanism, but... think of it like sugar, there is a such thing as "too much of a good thing". Along with the cut-off thing is what I was mentioning earlier: this story, in my opinion, is terribly set up. I view(ed) this as a way for a reader to get out of using quotes and all the grammar-rules that come along with them. The parentheses that you used to demonstrate action could be treated as a sub-point, this kind of stuff isn't sub-par in my standards, man. "Loopholes", if you will... won't get you anywhere with me.

Creativity & Originality - Well.... Original, yes. Creative, yes. I don't know what else I can say.


  • Plot - 9
  • Spelling - 10
  • Grammar - 5
  • Creativity - 10
  • Originality - 10
  • Overall (Raw) - 8.8
  • Overall (Rounded) - 9

Plot - There isn't one, but I do give credit for attempts.

Spelling - From what you have, there are technically no spelling mistakes.

Grammar, Creativity, & Originality - Due to the length of the story, I am unable to judge these areas correctly. I do, however, give credit for attempts.


  • Plot - 1
  • Spelling - 10
  • Grammar - 1
  • Creativity - 1
  • Originality - 1
  • Overall (Raw) - 2.8
  • Overall (Rounded) - 3

Plot, Spelling, Grammar, Creativity, & Originality - No story whatsoever, I'm disappointed.


  • Plot - 0
  • Spelling - 0
  • Grammar - 0
  • Creativity - 0
  • Originality - 0
  • Overall (Raw) - 0
  • Overall (Rounded) - 0
If this team loses, my choice for the Best of the Worst is...

First Elimination Ceremony

Nalyd: CD-TDA, please pick two people from your team to be put up for elimination and tell us why.

CD-TDA: First off, I'd like to say that this was not an easy choice. However, my first person that I'd like to be put up for elimination is TDAwesome15. Not only did he not turn in an entry, but apparently he was "too lazy" to do it. The second choice was even harder, since there was another competitor who also didn't turn in an entry. However, ultimately, I chose Sunsummer, because the story wasn't finished. Kg didn't have Internet to turn in his entry, which is why I'm not choosing him. My two picks are Sunsummer & TDAwesome15.

Nalyd: I've heard enough. TDAwesome15, time to go. Do you know how many people wantesd to get in, and you were "too lazy" to copy and paste an entry?

Week Two Chat

Nalyd: Terribly sorry about the extended week, the next challenge will go up Friday.

LF: I'm really surprised at how many people didn't submit something. This was probably the easiest challenge, cause you were just fixing/adding on to a story that we already wrote.

Cod: Agreed. All you had to do was edit your story to what the judges suggested. Unbelievable.

Toad: Oh my gosh, my team won! xD Now, let's just hope this keeps happening...

AJ: Yeah i feel bad for the people who didn't make top 14, because they probably would have submitted

Challenge Two

Nalyd: For this week's challenge, you will write a story about what happens after the TDWT finale "Hawaiian Punch." You may write about a contestant going home, a reunion with the contestants, or something along those lines (If you don't know if your story idea fits the qualifications of this challenge, message me.) This challenge is due this Friday by 3:00 PM EST. It will be judged on spelling, grammar, plot, in-character-ness, and originality.

AJ's Story

Oh No...Not Again

Main Contestant: Bridgette

Bridgette was sitting on the beach watching the waves when her mom walked out of their beach house. "Bridgette, we've got mail for you, it's from Chris McLean." she said. Oh No, Bridgette thought, this cannot be good. It had been about two months since the dramatic season three finale, and she thought that they had dumped the old cast for good. She enjoyed watching Total Drama Revenge of the Island because she liked watching other people endure what she had to go through. She felt bad for them though, because they don't know what they got themselves into. She still kept in touch with some of the old contestants. She and Geoff saw each other a lot, and she still online chatted with LeShawna, Gwen, and Courtney. She wished she could have stayed in the game longer to get to know some more of the contestants.

As Bridgette stepped into the door, her mother handed her a packet. The packet had a picture of Chris McLean on the outside of it. She slowly opened the box, she feared a dead animal or stink bomb was hiding in there. She sifted through the packing peanuts and found a DVD labeled Bridgette. "Mom!" Bridgette yelled, "It's a DVD, do you want to watch it with me?"

"Sure Sweetie." said Bridgette's mom. Bridgette's mom walked in and they put in the DVD. The TV screen flashed on and showed Chris standing at Camp Wawanawkwa. "Hello Bridgette," He said, "Miss me?".

No, Bridgette thought.

"Thought so," continued Chris, "I would like you to meet at the Total Drama Action Craft Service Tent for a contestant reunion, it's in one week! You don't want to miss it!". With that the screen turned black again. She was nervous about seeing everyone again, but her mom eventually convinced her to go so she did.

Bridgette arrived at the Total Drama Action film set. It was eerily quiet, and brought back bad memories. The welcome gate towered over her as she slowly walked into the set. She passed the abandoned sets, each one corresponding with a Total Drama Action episode. I wish I hadn't got distracted by Geoff during this season, I think I could have done well, Bridgette thought. She finally reached the craft services tent, and when she stepped through she saw the faces of her fellow contestants. The only part off was that, there were only 16 former contestants there including herself. She looked around and recognized everyone, she saw Gwen, Leshawna and Lindsay talking at one of the tables, and Heather sitting with Alejandro and Sierra at another. She saw Courtney sitting alone and waved to her, who waved back with a smile. She went on to see who else was there, seeing Noah with Owen, Trent, and Izzy, and Harold sitting alone. Bridgette was filled with relief when she turned to the other side of the tent, because sitting there was Geoff, with DJ and Duncan. "Woo-hoo!" Geoff cried, walking up to hug Bridgette.

"Aww baby I missed you!" Bridgette replied, they hadn't been able to talk in the past week or two due to Geoff's car breaking down.

"Finally!" said a voice from the shadows of the tent, "We can get this started." The figure stepped out of the shadows, and it was revealed to be Chef, holding small cue cards. "While Chris is off hosting Total Drama Revenge of the Island, he told me to inform you all of your required participation in season 5!" Chef said with a grin. A look of shock came upon everyone's faces. "I already won a season, what am I doing here?" said Heather angrily.

"Yeah same here! I don't need this." said Duncan, the spite obvious. Owen nodded his head in agreement. "Well how many of you still have the money you won?" Chef said, already knowing the answer. Owen had given his up, Duncan had spent all of his on lawyers, and Heather had lost hers in a volcano. "Thought so." said Chef triumphantly. He squinted to read the next cue card. "You are going to be competing in season 5, Total Drama the Final season, what! What kind of crappy name is that? Almost as stupid as those dumb musical numbers last season."

"What about Total Drama Revenge of the Island?" asked Harold.

"Well since they only have 11 contestants, it will be over in about half a month," said Chef, "and right after that, you guys have the joy of flying around the world...again, for another...million...dollars!." A collective woo came throughout the tent. Most of the contestants were reminded of when they made it into Total Drama World Tour, the only two newbies being Geoff and Trent.

"Well it looks like Katie and Sadie are out for another season." said Gwen

"Yeah I guess, and I am so glad I don't have to deal that psychotic anger beast Eva." replied Leshawna.

"But...but...where's Tyler?" cried Lindsay. Lindsay was right, Tyler was no where to be seen, along with Cody, and Ezekiel.

" the share... your thoughts about...season…5." said Chef, struggling to read the tiny cue card. All the competitors walked over to the make up confessional.

"I am so ready for another season! Woo hoo!" said Geoff excitedly.

"I guess this is an opportunity to meet some of the other contestants," Sierra wailed, "Cody."

"Hmph, I guess I have to compete, I just have to avoid Alejandro. Yeah this will work" said Noah, rolling his eyes.

"Well I did win last time, so obviously I'm going to win this time too." Heather said with a grin, her gold tooth gleaming.

"You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding Me," Alejandro said angrily, "I could barely handle these losers for one season! There's no way I can go around the world again with them. But since I have to be here I am winning, and no one is going to stop me!"

"If I stay away from animals, I should be fine, I just wish I didn’t have to leave mama again." said DJ.

"Well, I guess I can win this time. I know I can do it, I just have to not focus on Geoff the whole time, and stay away from Alejandro. I am excited I get to meet Leshawna, Gwen, and Courtney more! I may even meet some more competitors. This season is going to be so fun, " said Bridgette with a smile, "and I am definitely going to win!"

Cod's Story

The TDWT Aftermath Reunion Show Special

By Cod


As the has-beens of Total Drama await for the cameras to begin rolling, I can't help but feel some anxiety and guilt when I search for him. Alejandro. I remember the volcano incident. The one where I WON Total Drama World Tour. And then, I remember Alejandro getting trampled by the other idiots. I emit a nervous laugh, and see Cody glance over at me, with a worried look on his face.

"What do you want, geek-a-zoid?" I ask in a tired tone, obviously sick of these freaks.

"Nothing. Just heard you laughing..." Cody says, turning back to Sierra.

I mutter under my breath some curses about Cody having no social life, and begin to ponder about Alejandro again. Last thing I heard from Chris was that he was being used for "special purposes". Coming from the egocentric sadist, I have no idea what "purposes" he mentioned, but I don't think they're very good.

I look down at my wrist. I see the burn from the flaming boulder. I remember holding up my arm to protect me from the pain to my face, and then everything went black. I woke up in the hospital the next day, Chris and the others grinning as to comfort me. But they didn't fool me. They all hate me. And I really could care less. These losers could go die in a hole, for all I care.

Sadie and Katie interrupt my thoughts with their wretched squealing. Over Justin. I feel my face make a gesture of disgust, and then I breathe, and then I envelop myself in thoughts again.

Life at home hadn't been much better. My parents didn't show the least bit of pride in my reality show win. They only cared for the money. Not the safety of her daughter. Not the emotion pain of their daughter. Just the money. I left my house that day, to go find an alley to mourn in, and found a crumpled and dirty magazine. With my face on it. I quickly opened the issue to find a shot of the whole cast, including me. I hold the magazine close to me. They were somewhat friends, right?

An intern tells us to be quiet as the show is about to begin. I look around the set quickly, just to make sure Chris hasn't put an anvil above me. I see the "Total Drama World Tour" logo in huge letters on the wall behind me, just above Geoff's head. I see the Total Drama Jumbo Jet crammed into the set as well. The rusted, old plane looks even worse, due to Sierra's accident with the gasoline. I'm surprised they put it back together, maybe even copied the original.

When none of the cast shuts up, despite the intern's warning, Chef has to come and yell at us to make us close our mouths. More like a barbarian than a Chef. When we don't even emit the slightest peep, we see the cameras light flash on, and the reunion show begins.

From a loud speaker, we hear Chris's voice, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, big and small, young and old, I am pleased to welcome you all to the Total Drama World Tour Reunion Special!"

The curtains open, and we are greeted to tons and tons of fans, screaming out names and quotes from our show.

Chris walks out on stage, and begins to announce us. "And here are our contestants now! Cody, Sierra, Duncan, Courtney, Owen, Gwen, Tyler, Noah, DJ, Izzy, Lindsay, Leshawna, Bridgette, Harold, and our Total Drama World Tour winner, Heather!"

The audience screams with applause, I don't know if it's for me or for the others.

"And don't forget the rest of the people who didn't compete: Please welcome, Sadie, Katie, Eva, Geoff, Trent, Beth and Justin!" Chris continues. "I would also like to announce that we have some very special guests this evening. But above all of them, don't forget me, Chris McClean, the host of Total Drama!"

The crowd goes wild as confetti flies around the stage, and on the big screen behind us, a giant picture of Chris's face with his sadistic grin watches over the audience.

I roll my eyes.


Ugh. Could this day possibly get worse? First off, I woke up late this morning to the smell of my dog. Pooping on my bed. I shooed him away and decided to throw my blanket in the closet. My mom could handle it, I'm kinda busy today. I found my usual set of clothes: red vest, white shirt, shorts pulled down low, and brushed my hair, in its usual long format.

When I sat down for breakfast, I noticed that my little cousins staying for the week had put a whoopie cushion on my chair. I give them applause for using a joke from the 50's. They giggle and run away, while I continue eating away at my "Crunchy Yummy Cheerios", I notice the turned on television.

"Are you ready for the biggest event in reality show history?" the TV announcer asked.

I slowly nodded my head.

"Well, you better be, because the live Total Drama World Tour Reunion Show Special is coming up, today at 4:30 PM! Don't miss it, or you'll be the laughing stock of your whole neighborhood!"

And then, I froze for two reasons. One, is that the announcer was none other than Chris McClean, the guy who's been torturing me this past year. Secondly, I remembered that I was supposed to be at that reunion show. Now.

I ran to my mother and reminded her that I needed to get to the same set that the Total Drama Aftermaths were filmed.

And soon enough, I arrived at this reunion show, just like that. So yeah, it wasn't exciting, but today did suck. So far.

As I open the door, I immediately walk into a giant, white, squishy thing, which turns out to be nothing but-

"Gah! Owen!" I yell.

"Noah! My little buddy!" Owen says as he picks me up with no attempt and squishes me until I can barely breathe.

As I gasp for air, I try my hardest to whisper out some words to the ticking time bomb of noxious fumes, as I like to call him.

"OW-EN... LE-T G-O..." I whisper quietly, without much oxygen.

"Oh, haha, sorry buddy!" Owen lets me go, my face bright red and gasping for air.
We continue down into the set where mostly everyone else from Total Drama World Tour is. Owen and I find a seat next to each other, as well as Cody and Sierra.

I know Owen can be a little stupid... And smelly... But, nevertheless, he is the closest thing to a friend I could have on this show.

And then we see Chris walk out on stage. "And here are our contestants now! Cody, Sierra, Duncan, Courtney, Owen, Gwen, Tyler, Noah, DJ, Izzy, Lindsay, Leshawna, Bridgette, Harold, and our Total Drama World Tour winner, Heather!"

The audience applauds at the announcing of our names.

"And don't forget the rest of the people who didn't compete: Please welcome, Sadie, Katie, Eva, Geoff, Trent, Beth and Justin!" Chris continues. "I would also like to announce that we have some very special guests this evening. But above all of them, don't forget me, Chris McClean, the host of Total Drama!"

Of course, Chris has to be his usual egocentric self, because a picture of his face appears at the screen behind us.

I look over to Heather, who seems to be having a nervous breakdown. Her face is red, and she's shaking like mad. And from this one expression, I know that it's all about one person. Alejandro.


I look in the mirror, only to see the reflection of a monster. A creature. Something without a heart. I sit back down on the couch to watch the reunion show. More crap about Chris. And then, I see her. The anger consumes me, as I see the face of the girl who almost ruined my life. Heather.

Ever since the volcano incident, Heather had broken my heart. Along with a few bones. Chris had gotten an idea from my injuries, and decided to place me in a machine, temporarily. Or so I hope. I had been living with Chris for a while, since he promised me a reward for staying in this machine until the end of the reunion. My family hasn't been worried, they knew where I was and knew how I was gonna get a reward for me familia.

Some interviews for the cast happen, and then Heather's turn is up.

Whatever she talks about better be good, she still owes me an apology.

Burning me alive for a reality show isn't the best way to show love.


(note: The spelling mistakes and name switches are normal)

Hi! I'm Lindsay! I am at a Total Drama reonion show with my boyfriend, Tyker! Wait, is it Noah? DJ? Oh, well! Anyways,

(not finished)

LF's Story

The Reunion From Hell

By: Leshawnafan

Characters: Chris, Chef, Heather, Cody, Sierra, Alejandro, Geoff, Bridgette, Leshawna, Harold, Duncan, Courtney, Gwen, Noah, Izzy, Owen, Tyler, Lindsay

Setting: The TDWT Jumbo Jet.

Takes place a year after the TDWT Finale

It was the end to the craziest finale that the contestants had ever been a part of. No one had any idea that the Volcano would erupt while they were holding the finale. A shock that no one saw coming. Well, they would've if they had read the posters but whatever.

It's been a year since the finale, and everyone was meeting up again for a reunion. It may seem late for one, but many contestants spent the year recovering from injuries from the finale. Each contestant was making their way to have a reunion with Chris and Chef on the Jumbo Jet.

One by one, the contestants began to filter into the Jumbo Jet, while Chris and Chef greeted them as they entered the mess hall. The reunion was not being filmed, so the contestants could say whatever they want. Anything could happen with this reunion, and with these contestants, you know something will happen.

As the contestants took there seats, Chris began to speak.

"Welcome campers! Bet you thought you would never be back on this piece of junk! Well, you thought wrong! With the new cast next season, I thought it would be nice to have one last reunion to see what everyone thought of this season and all the seasons in general!" Chris announced to the awaiting cast.

"Well, I thought that this season was messed up. The only good thing about it was that Heather beat Alejandro in the finale. That worthless piece of--" Leshawna burst out, but Chris quickly stopped her before she said something she may regret.

Harold, who was sitting right next to Leshawna, nodded in agreement with her statement, while Alejandro glared at her.

"And to think I tried to woo you," Alejandro said to Leshawna, who glared back at him.

"You didn't try to woo me, you tricked me and got me out of the game!" Leshawna yelled back at him.

"Ok, ok calm down. We haven't even asked a question yet and you two are fighting! Let's go to Heather, who won the season," Chris told the cast, as he looked over to Heather.

"Well, personally, I think this was the best season. I mean, I won! I think that makes this season the best one in all three of the seasons," Heather stated confidently.

"No, it makes it not a very good season! Sure, you're better than Alejandro, but Cody should've beaten all of you!" Sierra screamed, obviously still obsessed with Cody.

Cody, who happened to be sitting right next to Sierra, tried to scoot away from her, but before he could, Sierra grabbed him and pulled him closer to her.

"Um, would you mind letting go?" Cody asked kindly to Sierra.

"NEVER!" Sierra said, squeezing Cody even harder.

"Ok freak show, hush so I can talk to other people!" Chris ordered Sierra, who immediately fell silent.

"Now, let's talk about the gian elephant in the room. Duncan and Gwen are still dating, and they haven't seen Courtney in over a year. I need to hear from all three of them! This should be FUN!" Chris said excitedly, as Courtney began to speak up.

"Yes Chris, I do have a few things to say to those 'things'," Courtney said, pointing over to Gwen and Duncan.

Gwen whispered something in Duncan's ear, which made him begin to laugh.

Courtney got out of her seat and walked up to Gwen and Duncan. She pulled Gwen away from Duncan, and faced her.

"You know, I used to just think you were weird back in TDI. Then in TDA, you began to quietly steal Duncan away from me. That's when you lost my respect. You stole Duncan away from me when you didn't deserve him! And now you feel like mocking me? That's it!" Courtney trailed off at the end of her story as she jumped at Gwen.

Without a second to react, Gwen was laying on the floor, trying to knock Courtney away from her.

"Uh Chef, I think you need to see this!" Chris called to Chef.

Chef walked over to where Chris was standing, and looked down at the two girls fighting.

"That's not a sight you see everyday," Chef chuckled as Courtney repeatedly smacked Gwen.

"Do you think we should stop them?" Chris asked Chef, seeming to not really want to stop it.

Chris shrugged and said sarcastically, "I guess. Look's like we can't have any fun on this show."

Chef reached down and pulled the two girls apart.

"Get back here you boyfriend stealer!"

"Shut up, Miss I know everything C.I.T!"

"Alright that's enough! It's my turn to talk again," Chris ordered Courtney and Gwen, and chef sat them far away from each other.

"Now, back to the reason why we were here. I want to know what you guys think about having an all new cast next season. Let me assure you, this reunion will not be aired on TV, so say what you want," Chris informed the contestants.

"Well, personally, I'm glad there's going to be a new cast. It gives us time to relax, and instead of us being tortured, we'll get to watch other, new contestants be tortured," Bridgette said, glancing at Geoff who she was sitting right next to.

"Totally dudette. I agree with you 100%," Geoff told Bridgette, as he leaned in and started kissing her.

"Well, I see that's still going on. Didn't really need to know that, though," Chris commented as he tried ignoring Bridgette's and Geoff's make out session.

"Well I'm glad we ain't gonna be in another season. Gives me time to be away from some of the freaks on here. I think 3 seasons with the same cast is enough," Leshawna stated, while she glared at Alejandro.

"What is your problem? It's been a year since I tricked you out of the game! Get over it!" Alejandro shot back at Leshawna.

"No, I will not just 'get over it.' You cheated and got me knocked out of the game before I deserved to go home. It's people like you that I'm glad we have next season off. I have time away from scum like you," Leshawna retorted back to him.

"Alright, enough already! Geez. We should just get you two a reality show or something. Anyway, one of the reasons why I called you all back here was because Heather lost her money in the finale due to Ezekiel taking it and falling into the volcano with it. Sadly, Ezekiel is not with us because HE FELL INTO LAVA," Chris said, while none of the contestants were surprised that he had died.

"Well, we gathered up another million dollars and it's all in this brief case! We're going to repay this to Heather for her loss in the finale," Chris said as he handed the case to Heather.

"Wow, the one in the finale felt heavier than this! But a million dollars is a million dollars," Heather said while shrugging as she took the case.

"Hey! You didn't repay me when I lost all my money after TDI," Owen complained to Chris.

"Well, you made a mistake and lost your money. You had control over your money, and you lost it. Heather on the other hand lost hers by a psychotic maniac who tried to steal it, but ended up falling into a volcano with it. She could not control that, so therefore we are repaying he. Sorry dude, thems the rules," Chris explained back to Owen.

Owen shrugged, then jumped in shock when he heard Heather scream.

"What the heck is this? This isn't a million dollars! It's monopoly money!" Heather shrieked in anger.

"Yeah, about that. See, I lied. The show needed all of our money to get things ready for next season, so I thought you wouldn't notice if I gave you monopoly money," Chris said, not meeting Heather's piercing gaze.

"Who cares about the next season? I want my million!" Heather screamed at Chris, becoming even more agitated.

"Well, see, we've already spent all the money for next season, so you're not getting any real money. Sorry," Chris answered with fake sympathy.

Heather screamed in frustration and sat back down and fiddled with the fake money.

"I'll take the monopoly money if you don't want it," Izzy said, walking over to Heather.

Heather pushed the case over to Izzy, who jumped in excitement when she picked it up.

"Cool! I know someone in Sweden who can turn monopoly money into real money! He wears a monacle, a top hat, walks around with a cane and is super rich!" Izzy explained to the puzzled crowd of contestants.

"Izzy, that's the guy from the actual game. I doubt you know anyone who looks exactly like that. Plus, it's simple logic that monopoly money can not be changed into real money. GOSH!" Harold diminished Izzy's comment, stating that it was false.

"No, I'm pretty sure I know a guy like that in real life. Or maybe he's just one of my imaginary friends. I talk to them all the time! I have too many to count, so I get confused by reality and imaginary sometimes. Maybe all of you are just my imaginary friends and this is real money and I actually won TDWT!" Izzy said, with a glint of hope shining in her eyes.

"I have that same problem too! Maybe we're like long lost sisters! The onloy thing wrong is you have orange hair and no one in my family has orange hair..." Lindsay said hopefully to Izzy.

Izzy shrugged, "Maybe you have orange hair and you dyed it?"

"You know what, you may be right! The other day I totally found an orange thing on my skirt and I was like 'EEEK what's that?' Maybe it was a piece of hair that wasn't properly dyed!" Lindsay squealed, as it was obivous that she was confused.

"I think I see something orange on your skirt," Tyler told Lindsay.

Lindsay hopped up and looked down at her skirt. "OMG! What is it? I totally do not have orange hair! Why is life so cruel to me?" Lindsay screamed, hopping up and down shock.

"Lindsay, calm down. You don't have orange hair. Your hair is blonde. Your skirt is orange. It always has and always will be orange," Noah reassured Lindsay.

Lindsay stopped hopping. "Thanks Nolan! I was totally confused for a second!"

"Yeah, more like 5 minutes," Noah sarcastically muttered to himself.

"Well this has been an unsuccessful Reunion. I learned nothing new about any of you, and all it was was fighting and making out. You people need to get a life! Well, looks like I wont be seeing you all for awhile, so good-bye!" Chris said as he threw a smoke pellet on the floor, and when the smoke was gone, he had dissappeared.

The contestants let the Jumbo Jet, saying good-bye to each other in a sort of bitter sweet moment. A bus took them all home, and that was the end of the first Total Drama cast.

Or is it?

The End

MrD's Story

Chris, or the self-proclaimed "awesomest reality TV host ever" was leaning back in his chair, having his feet massaged by Chef, very bored.

"You know," Chris finally said, shortly after yawning. "Something dreadful has happened. I'm bored." He then stood up, and clapped his hands together. "We need to fix that. Any ideas, slave?" He said, looking at Chef.

Chef responded to this with a glare, and him muttering. "I don't get paid enough for this..." Chris put a hand to his ear.

"I'm sorry, what was that? Host an awesome fantabulous reunion between the contestants? Great idea!" Chef's eye twitched. Chris then whistled, and on this call, and intern came rushing in, panting for breath. "Un-paid intern, go round up all of the Total Drama contestants, and make them come to Wawanakwa for a reunion... Oh yes, you also have to pay for it. I spent all of the flying money on these cool shades." Chris then put on some diamond encrusted shades, as the intern was running off again.

Geoff was leaning back in his chair, with Bridgette on top of him, them doing what they were doing the majority of Total Drama Action.

"Oh Bridgette..." Geoff said, in between breaths. "It's been so long since we've been able to do this, with Total Drama World Tour, Blainley, and that bear... Man I hated that bear. But, we're together now, and that's all that matters..." Bridgette was about to respond, when the phone started ringing.

"I'll get it." Bridgette said in that soothing voice of hers, as she got off of Geoff. "Hello?" She said into the phone.

"Is Geoff there?" The voice rang back.

"Um, yes, but who is this?" She responded, curious. "I'm an intern from that show Total Drama, you know, that show you met your boyfriend, and you and Geoff only did half decent the first season? Anyways, we're hosting a reunion of the show, and you, like all Total Drama contestants, are invited. Congratulations." The intern hung up before Bridgette could respond, and Bridgette turned back to Geoff, and told him the news.

"So, we get to meet all of our friends again?" He paused, then first-bumped. "Awesome!"

Ezekiel sighed, lying on his bed on the farm. He hasn't been able to go out without fear of being ridiculed for being eliminated first twice on a popular reality show. No, there weren't any congratulations on being able to survive in the plane so long, and surviving falling into lava. There was only ridicule. He heard some knocking on his door, so he opened his mouth to speak.

"Who is it, eh?" He asked, curious.

"It's your father..." The voice replied. "There's someone calling, he wants you for something, not sure what..." Ezekiel sighed, and after a few seconds of hesitation, rose from his bed, yawning. He walked out of the door, and went to the phone.

"Yes?" He called into it.

"This is an intern from Total Drama... You know the sh--" The voice was interrupted.

"How could I forget, eh?" Ezekiel asked, sorrowfully. "Ever since I've been eliminated, there's been non-stop teasing at me! 'Hey, look, isn't that the guy who got eliminated on that reality show? Let's make fun of him!' "

"Well, that's very nice, but--" The voice got interrupted again.

"Do you know how it feels to be made fun of every day you go outside? Every frickin' day?"

"I'm sorry for your pain sir, but--" Ezekiel sighed.

"No, you don't... Just, tell me what you were going to say why don't you, eh?"

"Alright." The voice replied, irritated. "There's going to be a reunion of Total Drama, and you, like all other Total Drama contestants, are invited. Congrats." The intern then hung up on Ezekiel, and Ezekiel sighed.

"I'm going to have to remind everyone I was eliminated first on that show? Perfect..." He sorrowfully walked back to his room.

LeShawna was, around the same time, in the movie theater, with Harold right next to her. Now, you may be wondering, "why the heck is LeShawana watching a movie with Harold?" Well, the answer to that is simple: Harold kept asking her to give him another chance so much in the past month, that eventually she gave in, and went on the date with him, right now LeShawna was, surprisingly, enjoying herself, as you could see by the look on her face.

"Oooh, suger-baby I love this movie so far!" LeShawna said, smiling at him.

"Me too... Did you know that it took fifty elephants to make this movie? And that di--" He was interrupted by LeShawna placing a finger on his lips.

"Enough talking..." She said, leaning in. Harold's heart race quickened, and he leaned in to kiss her also, when suddenly both of their phones went off. Everyone boo'd at them, and threw their drinks at them.

"Turn your damn phones off!" Someone yelled, before throwing his popcorn at them. They both ran out of the theater room, covering themselves with their arms.

"Jerks..." Harold muttered, before answering his phone, when simultaneously LeShawna did the same.

"Is this Harold/LeShawna?" Both of their phones asked them, the only difference between them being obvious.

"Yes, what's it to you?" They both retorted.

"You're being invited to a Total Drama reunion. You know, that show you stalked that ghetto chick/you got yourself a nerdy stalker?"

"Hey!" Them both yelled back, not taking kindly with them messing with their lover.

"Woah, back off. Anyways, it will be taking place at Camp Wawanakwa." The intern then hung up, and Harold and LeShawna turned back, informing each other of the news.

The phone rang relentlessly at Alejandro's house, with no-one answering at first. Finally, his dad walked to the phone, and picked it up.

"Hello?" He said gruffly.

"Hey, is your son Alejandro there?"

The dad sighed sadly. "Well..." He started, a note of sadness in his voice.

Eva was lifting weights at the gym, like she always seemed to do.

"One hundred-eighty eight... One-hundred-eighty nine..." She said to herself, keeping track of how much she was lifting, her I-pod roaring in her ear. Then, the gym door open, and as soon as she saw who it was, her face lit up.

"Hello, sweetheart," Noah said as he walked in, smiling at her. Eva instantly put down the weights she was lifting, and ran over to him.

"Noah!" She, despite herself, squealed. She then instantly cleared her throat, and her voice was returned to normal. "So, you still up for dinner?" She asked, her voice returned to normal.

Now, at this point, you're probably wondering, "is this all made up and just an excuse to bring fannon couples to life?" ... Well, you're correct.

"Of cou--" He was interrupted by his phone ringing mid sentence, and he rolled his eyes. "Hold on, let me get this..." Her phone started ringing at the same time also.

"Yea, me too..." They both answered their phones.

You all know full well by this point what was on the phone, so I'm not going to bother describing it.

Gwen and Duncan were both relaxed, watching some cheesy horror movie at Duncan's house. Not for the scares however, they were laughing at it, surprisingly not breaking up after the show.

"Man, can you see how fake that blood is?" Duncan said, inbetween chuckles.

"I know, right?" Gwen replied, clinging to him, laughing as well. A few minutes later, they laughed at ot again.

"Oh, you know," Duncan stated sarcastically. "Don't call the police, try to stop the murderer on your own, that should work out perfectly fine." Gwen laughed at that comment, and they kissed each other. They smiled at each other, then their phone's went off.

"Ugh..." They both said, at the same time. "Let me get this..." The opened their cell-phones, and it made contact with their ears.

"EEEEEE!" This shrill noise was coming from, to the surprise of nobody, the Katie and Sadie residence.

"Like, ohmigosh, that guy is so totally into you!" Katie squealed.

"Thanks!" Sadie replied. "Now, when do you, like, totally think he's going to ask me out?" She asked.

"Immedietly!" Katie answered. Their phone then rang. "That's totally him!"

"EEEEE!" Sadie sqeualed, as she ran to the phone.

Heather sighed as she lied down on her bed, something, even after a full month, still bothering her.

Did I really deserve this money? She thought. After all I did to get it? I led some guy on throughout the entire show, then kicked him in the nuts... I wish I could get some, at least one, chance to apologize... Then, by chance, the phone rang, having the reuinion invitation message. She got up, and picked up the phone.

Courtney was at her house, sighing sadly, looking at a picture of Duncan.

You do not still have feeling for the jerk! She scolded herself. He cheated on you, is a jerk, and he understood me, was hot, and-- She caught herself. No, no, you hate him! Remember that! She then shook her head, and sighed.

"Who am I kidding..." She muttered to herself. "I'd give anything, anything, to have him back..." She sulked sadly, and slid back into her chair, as the phone rang.

Sadly for the viewing audience, the producers couldn't stalk-- I mean film anymore of the clips of them, before the reunion. So, we're going to be forced to, unfortunatly, skip right to before the reuinon, and before we started filming (as far as the contestants know...).

The contestants were all gathered onto Camp Wawanakwa, talking amongst one another.

"How's life been, girl?" LeShawna asked Gwen, curiously.

"Good, good." She stated plainly, clinging to Duncan.

... There was a bunch of other boring chat like that, so we'll only show you the semi-interesting parts:

"Where's Alejandro?" Heather asked, looking around frantically, for being able to apologizing to him was the only reason she bothered showing up.

"Oh, you'll see..." Chris said, showing his gleaming smile, obviously knowing something they didn't. Heather rolled her eyes, but waited.

"Where's Cody?" Sierra asked, for the same reason as Heather, if you replace the Alejandro with Cody. Cody, unknowingly to her, was hiding in a trash can.

"Oh, why did I come here?" He groaned, inside the trash can. Unfortunatly for him however, Sierra heard this, and grabbed him from the trash can.

"Oh, you shouldn't have out in there," Sierra started. "trash cans aren't good for studs like you!" Cody rolled his eyes, and made a failed attempt to get away. He groaned once more, and listened to Sierra ramble on and on about how much she missed him, while meanwhile Courtney was glaring at Gwen and Duncan. Duncan noticed, and turned to her.

"What's wrong 'sweeheart'," He started. "miss me, even after all this time?"

"N- No!" Courtney said, then angrily turned her head away, while Duncan rolled his eyes.

"Come on, acting like that is useless." He said, then turned his head away.

Chris then offically started the reuinion, clapping his hands together.

"Now that you all had time to talk... Let's get started on the real interesting stuff! As Heather, and some others, may have noticed, Alejandro is missing... The reason for that is, well... He killed himself." There were several gasps from the contestants, and Chris took this as his sign to continue. "He lost his lady, the million dollars, got burned severly... So, in the end, he decided he couldn't take it anymore..."

"No- Now I'll never got the chance to apologize..." Heather said, tears forming in the corners of her eyes.

"Let's take a moment of silence..." He waited for about three seconds, then clapped his hands together. "Moment over! Now, we decided to turn his death into a challenge for our amusement, so, what you need to do i--" He was interupted by Heather.

"You're going to make a challenge out of Alejandro suiciding?" She cried.

"Ya..." Geoff started. "I didn't like the dude, but that's a little harsh, dude..." There were murmers of agreement.

"Listen, you don't like it, don't compete," Everyone started walking away. "and miss out on the hundred thousand dollars reward." Everyone suddenly stopped, and pondered over this.

"You can't be serious!" Heather shreiked. "You're going to go along with him making a challenge about Alejandro killing himself? Are you serious?"

"Well... A hundred thousand dollars is a-lot of money..." Eva said, looking guiltily at the ground.

"Well, I for one am taking no part in this!" She stomped away, with, surprisingly, no-one following.

"So, what's the challenge?" Tyler finally asked, breaking the silence.

"Actually..." Chris stated. "Heather just won it. The challenge was to see who would have enough moral to actually stand up for him." He tossed her the brief case carrying the money. Heather's eyes widened, then she sighed.

"... I don't want the money, Chris." She said. She then tossed it behind her back. "I don't want to win any challenge being sadistic like that..." Chris was obviously surprised by this.

"I see... In that case..." He grabbed the brief case. "More money for me!" You could hear Ezekiel sighing, losing out on his only chance at redemption. "Too bad that made the reuinion rather short... Ah well, we can use the clips we gained from stalking you!" Everyone's eyes widened, and Chris turned to the camera. "And that's all for this episode of Total Drama World Tour! Next time, we'll be gathering new contestants, and they'll be battling it out here, on Wawanakwa! Who will win? Find out, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!"

MTDM's Story

(MTDM: Bear with me. I wake up at 6:25 am every morning. It's 2:24 am atm. This ends at 3 pm. I end school today at 1:45 pm. I'll try my hardest to finish this. But, remember, I probably won't.)

  • Setting
    • Takes place straight after the TDWT finale.
    • TDWT reunion.
    • Hawaii.
  • Notes
    • Alejandro is not in this, as he is currently being placed in the Star Wars thingamajiggy.
    • Ezekiel is okay in this story. He didn't fall in the volcano in this world, and is currently not an animal.

Chris was seen somewhere in Hawaii. "See you next season, I guess. Maybe with a whole new cast, 'cause, let's face it, these guys are probably gonna melt." Chris chuckled.

The 25 ex-contestants were swimming as fast as they can, dodging several meteorites.
Heather was mad. "I lost..... my money!"
Gwen and Leshawna snickered.
"Dude," Geoff said. "It'll all be alright. You win some, you lose some."
"But I don't lose some!" Heather shouted.
"Calm, calm..."
A silence was heard.
"I'm... calm......" Heather said, trying to calm herself, just as a meteorite fell on her and she sunk to the bottom of the lake.
"Dudes, we need to get outta here!" Geoff shouted.

Trent and Duncan swam to Geoff, Gwen, and Leshawna.
Leshawna nudged Gwen. "Gurl, they're back."
Trent shouted "Gwen!"
Duncan kept swimming.
What!? Gwen thought.
"Gwen, I really miss you," Trent said. "Please, give me one more chance.
"Trent, I.... I don't know what to say," Gwen said.
"How about 'yes'?" Geoff said.
"Ye-" Gwen was cut off as a meteorite crashed on her and Trent, and they both sank to the bottom of the lake.
"Keep on moving, bro!" Geoff shouted.

Geoff and Leshawna were catching up to Duncan.
Leshawna shouted, "What's with ya'!?"
"Seriously, bro," Geoff said. "Wait up."
Duncan kept swimming, ignoring them, till he found Courtney, who was with Sierra, Noah, and Cody.
"Hiii everyone," Sierra said.
"Help me," Cody whispered.
"Cody, you do know you can just swim away from her, right?" Noah said, annoyed.
"I'm a five-star swimmer," Sierra said.
"She's a five-star swimmer," Cody frowned.
Noah sighed, and swam away from the group.
Courtney sees Duncan, and asks "What are you doing here? And by here, I mean Earth."
Duncan said to Courtney, "Oh, nothing..."
"Are you trying to win me back? You lost," Courtney said.
"Of course not!" Duncan said.
"Okay, maybe I am," Duncan said.
"The answer is still no!" Courtney shouted.
A meteorite fell on Courtney, Duncan and Sierra, and they sunk to the bottom of the lake!
"Duuuuude," Geoff said.
"Yes!" Cody shouted.
The three kept swimming.

Noah caught up to Sadie, Katie, Lindsay, Beth, and Tyler. He sighed.
"Hey, Noah!" Sadie said.
"Sadie, I was about to say the same thing!" Katie shouted.
Noah covered his ears.
"Look Dale, Noah's here!!" Lindsay said.
"Tyler," Tyler sighed. "My name is Tyler."
"Sorry Tyker!!" Lindsay said, and Tyler sighed.
"Lindsay," Beth said. "It's Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Tyler. Ty-"
Beth was cut off as a meteorite hit her an Tyler. The two sunk to the bottom of thr lake.
"Belle! Tyker!" Lindsay frowned.
"Lindsay, we need to get out of here!" Sadie said.
"Like totally!!" Katie said, as Leshawna and Cody caught up to the four.
Noah counted the other group. "...where's Geoff?"
"Gone..." Cody said.
"We have to go!" Noah shouted, as a meteorite hit Katie and Sadie.
"Nooooooo!" Lindsay said.
"Run, gurl!" Leshawna said to Lindsay.

Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, and Cody swam, finding Justin, Blaineley, and Bridgette on the way.
Bridgette said, "Where's Geoff!? I saw him swim with Leshawna!"
"Dead," Blaineley said.
"No. I don't know!"
"Blaineley's correct," Noah said.
"Dude's gone," Leshawna assured.
Bridgette started crying.
"Gurl, it'll all be alright!" Leshawna said.
"R-really?" Bridgette asked.
"No, but we need to try!" Leshawna said.
"You're... right," Bridgette shouted.
"Ahhhhh!" Justin and Blaineley screamed.
"What!?" Bridgette said.
By the team she turned around, Bridgette found out Blaineley and Justin were hit my meteors.
"Swim!!" Leshawna said, but a meteor hit her.
"Noooooo!" Lindsay shouted.
Bridgete swam a fast as she can.

Owen, Harold, and Izzy were found by Bridgette, Lindsay, Noah, and Cody.
Izzy was on Owen's head.
"Come on Big-O!" Izzy shouted. "Faster."
"I......" Owen panted, "can't......"
"Sure you can!" Izzy grinned.
"Actually, Izzy, you blacked him out half an hour ago," Harold said.
"Nooooo, he's still swimming!" Izzy smiled.
Owen fainted, and sunk to the bottom of the lake, right before a meteor hit him.
" he's blacked out," Izzy said.
"Hey, where'd Cody go?" Bridgette asked.
"Where'd... Noah go?" Harold asked.
"Oh no..." the two said.
"They didn't make it," Bridgette said.
"This means we have to swim faster!!" Harold shouted.
"Um, guys..." Izzy said.
Harold and Bridgette looked around them, not knowing where Lindsay was.
"She's also gone!?" Bridgette said.
"SWIIIIIIM!" Harold shouted.

"Homeschool!" Eva shouted.
"What, eh?" Ezekiel said.
Bridgette and Izzy heard this, right after seeing a meteorite hit Harold.
"Guys!!" Bridgette said, as a meteor hit the lake.
"We need to swim!!" Bridgette said.
"Okay, eh?" Ezekiel said. "DJ, eh? DJ, eh!? Where'd DJ go, eh?!"
Izzy shouted as well, "Where'd Eva go!?"
Right after she said that, a meteor hit Izzy.
"It's only us, eh?" Ezekiel said.
Oh, Lord, Bridgette thought.
"Why don't we end our lives with... a kiss?" Ezekiel said, puckering up.
Kill me now, please, Lord. Bridgette thought, I beg you!!
A meteorite hit Bridgette and she sunk to the bottom of the lake.
"Bridgette, eh?" Ezekiel said, concerned.

A helicopter came soaring from above.
"Congratulations, Ezekiel!!" a familiar voice said.
It was Chris. The helicopter went down.
"What'd I win, eh?" Ezekiel said.
"You never died, so you win a chance to be on the next season!" Chris said.
"What about all that pineapple-volcano stuff, eh?" Ezekiel said.
"You really think I'm dumb enough to not know that pineapples affect volcanoes?" Chris said. "It was all part of the show!"
"Okay, eh?" Ezekiel said.
Thirteen people came out of the helicopter.
"These are the people you will be competing with!" Chris said.
"Zeke is in it, to win it!" Ezekiel said.
"He didn't say 'eh'!" a future contestant said.
"You fourteen will be staying on the island we used in season one! Which is probably radioactive, since we ditched it for three years, now that you think about it," Chris said.
The future contestants applauded.
"See you next time on..........."
"Revenge of the Island!!" Chris enthused.

(MTDM: I didn't think I could do it........ but I did........)

Neko's Story

Toad's Story

The Reunion

Takes Place: 5 Hours After TDWT Ends

Characters: Everyone in TD.

"Hello, everyone." says Chris McLean, dressed in a black robe. He is in a dimly lit room with oil candles surrounding him, and an ominous robot looming behind him.

"This is Alejandro." says Chris. "Remember, the lava incident? He's gonna be in this baby for three months."

The contestants murmur. LeShawna begins to whoop for joy, and Heather snickers evilly.

"We've sort of gotten tired of you guys." says Chris. "We're thinking of creating a new season, with thirteen new characters."

"Wait, so I only got to compete in one season? What a rip-off." says Eva.

"Some of you will be returning as interns." says Chris.

"Whoo! Fourth season, baby!" says Owen happily.

"The next season will be taking place at Camp Wawanakwa, but nuclear hazards have made it radioactive. Yep, you heard me right." says Chris.


Aimer's Story

The Mission

Characters: Ezekiel

Setting: On the Island Where the Volcano is Located

Many years had passed since the eruption of the volcano. The Total Drama series had ended a long time ago, and all of the past contestants were long gone from reality television. They lived quiet lives, making money so they could raise families. It seems that any kind of drama from the grown-up teens was over. Until one day, seven years after that Total Drama World Tour finale, a lone person arose from his sleep. His everlasting unconscious sleep was finally terminated after so many years. Ever since he was thrown out of the volcano and smashed into the sea, everyone thought he had died. However, this proved to be wrong when he finally awakened, seven years later. He was lying on the beach, wearing the same clothes he had on before. They were way too small on him but it would be enough to not have to censor on television. Here was Ezekiel, the home-schooled, sheltered boy. When his eyes opened his first words rang clear and strong to the entire viewing population.


The viewers cheered in joy. The show was beginning with a bang. No one even believed he would wake up, but with this, their minds were changed. This wasn't a quiet event. Ever since the Total Drama series was sued for transforming Ezekiel into a monster and then "killing" him, many people had went to jail. Chris McLean spent years fighting jail, using every lawyer and trick in the book he had. However, after six and a half years, he was convicted for his crime and was sentenced to life in prison. Chris would not go down quietly. After a couple weeks, he brought his case to the Supreme Court and claimed that He had never killed Ezekiel. He claimed that the home-schooled guy was still alive somewhere in Hawaii. It seemed that Chris' case would end in him returning to jail, but the impossible happened. Chris was given a week to find Ezekiel, and prove he had not let him die. after another six months, Chris was released from jail with a week to prove his crimes wrong.

Chris had spent three days tracking him down. He went through jungles, climbed over volcanoes, crossed rivers, but found nothing. His results were being televised to the world, and everyone could see the desperation in Chris' face after he had found nothing. All seemed lost, until, on the fourth day, Chris stumbled into an area with a lake.

He quickly went to the water and drank his fill. Traveling in these harsh conditions made water seem like gold. He lapped the water up like a dog, scooping it greedily until his hand brushed against something strange. He quickly jerked his hand back, terrified of the strange thing he had just touched. Chris quickly stood back, but then noticed right away what he had touched. Thirst for water had blinded him from what was right in front of him. It was a man, or what was left of one. His clothes were torn and extremely small as if they were for a teenager.

"What adult wears teenager clothes?" Chris muttered. He thought of how stupid this was and how he should be relaxing in a spa. It reminded him of the spa on the jumbo jet. It was too bad it was destroyed. "Those stupid teenagers" he shouted. "They made my life miserable! And now I have to find one on this stupid island!"

While he was ranting, the camera crew decided to video the body in the water. It was floating face up, allowing whoever it was to breathe. The man was clearly out cold. His skin was a greenish complexion but it seemed as if it used to be pale. All of a sudden a scream loosed from Chris as he realized something important.

"Oh my god! That body! It's Ezekiel! We did it! I can go home now!!" He screamed. "Now I can go back to my spa trips and abusing of teenagers on reality television! Wait, is the video still rolling? No! Stop! Don't air this!" He blocked the camera from capturing any more footage. Minutes later, he received a call from his new producers, telling him some dreadful news.

"What?!" Chris yelled. "Are you saying that finding him was not enough?! I spent three days out here and months in jail! I am not going back to that! I want to run a reality show so I can get paid again!"

The phone call kept going for another fifteen minutes until Chris finally gave up. He was told he was also charged for turning a teenager into a "monster." This crime of torture would also need to be wiped clean in order to be released. He had four more days to bring Ezekiel back to his old self, or life in jail would continue.

After a day of frustrated nurturing for the unconscious Ezekiel, the guy finally awoke and said his first words. The crowd cheered and kept their eyes glued to the screen, wondering if Chris would succeed in turning Ezekiel back into a normal person.

Very little progress was made. After two more days, Ezekiel was learning basic speech and his skin complexion was paling again but he still was not normal. He kept babbling about this "treasure" that he needed, often running away as if he was searching for it. Chris almost gave up on his chances of leaving jail until he stumbled upon a miracle.

Chris had asked for food to give Ezekiel, hoping it would bring him to his senses. A helicopter flew by, dropping a briefcase filled with the supplies. Chris scampered over to the case, and brought it over to Ezekiel. All of a sudden, Ezekiel's eyes beamed and his expression changed completely. He lunged for the case and pulled it out of Chris' arms, cradling it like a baby. However, when the monster opened the case, all he found in it was food and quickly screamed in agony. Ezekiel threw the case at Chris, pounding the ground in anger. Chris stood in awe, confused at what just happened. Surely this must be a clue to why Ezekiel had been transformed into such a monster? Suddenly he realized the answer; the briefcase represented the one filled with money at the end of Total Drama World Tour. Chris whipped out his phone at the speed of light.

"Producers! Give me another briefcase! Filled with money this time pronto!" He shouted. "What? You won't give me any more? You are saying that I blew the budget?! I hate you all! I just want to go home! Give me the money now!"

Ezekiel was getting worse. His skin complexion was already turning a green hue again and all of his English was gone. It was now or never. Chris was losing total control. He felt the pocket change in his pocket and stared at Ezekiel in pain. He wanted to just go home, but he hated giving his money away. Especially to someone who used to be a teenager he abused. He never gave them money in the show, why should he give them some now? He knew what he had to do, no matter how selfish and greedy he wanted to be. He put some money into the briefcase and threw it at Ezekiel. The beast instantly recognized the smell of money and calmed down.

On the last day of Chris' mission, Ezekiel finally became normal again. Well, as normal as you would call a home schooled man who has no social life. But that was enough, Chris was set free and he lived happily ever after.

"Oh my god!" a voice shouted in between laughs. He was staring at the screen along with a few other people around the same age. "That was so much fun to do! We finally got our revenge on Chris McLean!"

"Calm down Noah. Yes that was extremely hilarious, but let’s not gets ahead of ourselves. We still need to reveal to the viewing audience the truth behind this practical joke" a woman said.

"Be quiet Gwen! We deserved this! I lost my hair because of him!" shouted another woman.

"Oh, can it Heather!" said Gwen. "You know you deserved that!"

"Well I for one enjoyed that bit of revenge on Chris" Heather said. I'm glad everyone who competed in that horrible show sponsored this hilarious plan. We made Chris suffer like we did! I only wish we did not have to save that home schooled loser!"

"Oh Heather," Noah said, rolling his eyes. "You always want more to go your way. I'm going to go now, Later losers."

Suddenly, another woman burst in. "What?!" she screamed. "You watched it without me! I was in the bathroom! You jerk! I am calling my lawyer right now!"

"Ugh," Gwen said. "Now I now why I was so glad to leave all of you. Later!"

Everyone left the room in anger. Even plotting revenge on a common enemy still brought bitter emotions from their dark past in Total Drama. "Well tomorrow will be a great day!" they all thought while departing separately. "We will reveal to the world the truth and have fun watching Chris squirm. This will be great!"

And so, the great mission of plotting revenge on Chris was a success. It seemed like all loose ends were now tied. Now, they had the rest of time to live away from the people they hated so much and enjoy their lives.


CD-TDA's Story

“Three, two, one… and we’re on,” a shaggy intern signaled to Chris McLean.
The cast of Total Drama World Tour had been stranded for several days in Hawaii.
After the Total Drama World Tour finale, a dormant volcano - Mt. Lukalukaleli - had erupted after Chris had instructed the final two of the season, Heather & Alejandro, to dump their dummies constructed out of driftwood and pineapples, into the volcano.
Little did Chris know that pineapples and lava were not a good mix.
The whole island then began to tremble, and the contestants of Total Drama World Tour had to run away from the island to the nearby sea.
Alejandro had been trampled by the other contestants, and then covered by an avalanche of lava while Ezekiel & Blaineley’s whereabouts were unknown.

“Way to go, Chef!” Chris whined, as a camera crew member focused the camera on him.
“Thanks to your stupid challenge idea, we’re stranded in the middle of nowhere! And, no, we’re not in Alberta this time,” Chris groaned, pacing around on a formerly sandy beach of Hawaii, which was now filled with gigantic boulders.
"What did I do!?" Chef Hatchet screamed.
After a brief pause, Chris muttered, "Cutlery-fingers."
Chef over-dramatically gasped, "Hairgel-brain!"
"Chintastic Mr. Chin!" Chris retorted.
"Sissy!" Chef shot back.
"Guys, chill out. We're not gonna get anything done unless we work together!" Cody stated, trying to get peace
With a simple backhand slap, Chef sent Cody propelling backwards into a palm tree. Subsequently, a coconut fell off the palm tree onto Cody's head.
Duncan chuckled from afar, earning a glare from Sierra.
"Well, what are we gonna do, dudes? We're stranded here," Geoff frowned.
"There's always coconuts. Mmmmm, coconuts," Owen drooled, before being slapped by Courtney.
"Focus, Owen! We need to think of a way to get out of here!" Courtney snapped.
"Well, how 'bout those speedboats? The ones Cody, Al and Heather used to get here?" Trent suggested.
"Cody's ran out of fuel. Alejandro's blew up, and Heather's is pretty much busted," Duncan sneered.
"This bites," DJ scowled.
"What about Chris' helicopter?" Chef grinned.
Chris' eyes widened, "What!? Keep dreaming! That's just mine. Off-limits to anyone."
"'Kay, then. I guess we'll just be stuck in Hawaii forever. With no money, no cameras and no hair products," Heather beamed.
Chris rolled his eyes, "Alright, fine! I'll let you write in my helicopter, with one condition. No Ezekiel and no Mr. Drama Machine, 'kay?"
"I'm alright with that," Trent shrugged.
"So, where's your helicopter at?" Cody asked.
"Oh, my helicopter? I thought you said highlighter. Yeah, my helicopter, it's in Tijuana. Anyone wanna go there swimming?" Chris chuckled.
Duncan jerked his finger at DJ, "Deej over does. Anyone remember Island? He totally rocked the canoe challenge."
"Uh, thanks. I don't think I'll be doing any more swimming any time soon, though," DJ said, scratching the back of his head.
Courtney started, "Well, this is just great. We're stuck in Hawaii-"
"With coconuts!" Owen interrupted.
"Right. With coconuts. We have no methods of transportation, and we're all gonna die!" Courtney screamed.
"It could be worse. You know, it could be raining," Sierra laughed.
After a brief pause, Sierra added. "See? It's not."

(To be continued. I'm in a storm and my internet connection is about to go out.)

Jessica's Story

KG's Story

NOTE: Alejandro isn't in the Drama Machine, he's just severely burned.

"Is she okay?!" Alejandro shouted from the shoreline.
Heather surfaced and growled, "Oh, what do you care?"
LeShawna swam over to Heather and hugged her. "Ooh, girl, I thought you was dead! Now, I know we ain't tight, but I can't see no one just explode on me like that."
Heather pushed LeShawna away and rolled her eyes. "Well, what do we do now?! My million's gone, we're stuck in Hawaii, Alejandro and Ezekiel are on their deathbeds..."
"Well, when you put it like that, I'd say we're screwed," Duncan stated.
Courtney splashed water at him. "Ugh, you're so optimistic."
Gwen shifted uncomfortably, and bumped into Trent.
The former couple awkwardly stared at each other, and Trent began, "Um... hey."
Gwen began to say something, but Duncan pulled her over and grinned, "See, this is why I chose Gwen over you, Courtney. You yellow my mellow. She reddens my settings."
Courtney shrieked, "That barely makes any sense!"
"It doesn't have to!" Duncan shot back.
Suddenly, the two of them were left alone, as the rest of the group had began swimming back to the shore.
"Oh, way to go, Duncan!" Courtney roared, swimming.
"Don't blame this on me! It was your constant yakking that got us here in the first place!" Duncan said, annoyed.
The argument trailed on as they reached the shore.

There, everyone awkwardly huddled together.
"Is everyone, like, okay?" Lindsay asked, ignoring Alejandro.
"I'm not!" Alejandro shouted, pointing to several burn mars in his body.
Lindsay gasped, "Oh my gosh, if we need to find food, we can use Alejandro as a frying pan!"
Alejandro buried his head in the sand and groaned, as Sierra walked over with several fish in her hands.
"Whoa, Sierra, what have you been up to?" Cody smiled.
Sierra giggled, "I'm a fifth-generation fish expert. The Hawaiian waters usually carry fish six feet below sea level, near the warm climates. I mean, anyone should know that."
"We don't care, just give us the food!" Heather demanded.
"No! This food is for me and Codykins," Sierra frowned, pulling Cody to her side.
Cody chuckled nervously and suggested, "Uh, maybe we can share one or two fish?"
Sierra's eyes began to water. "After all they've done to you?"
A montage of clips showed, recapping every moment that someone has hurt or betrayed Cody in the past.
Cody smiled. "Maybe not."

Plat's Story

She Did Not

  • Characters
    • Heather (The Protagonist/Winner of Total Drama World Tour)
    • Alejandro (Second Place of Total Drama World Tour; Interested in Heather)
    • Chris (The Self-Obsessed host of Total Drama)
    • The Supreme Ruler/Overlord (Rules over life in the afterlife)
    • Gwen (Heather's enemy)
    • Duncan (The Delinquent)
    • Blainely (Blain-Blain-Blain-Blain-Blainerific is her name)
    • Cody (Mentioned once in this entire story)
  • Setting/Important Notes
    • Takes place after "Hawaiian Punch" in which Heather won the game but lost the money, due to it falling into a volcano
    • Revolves around the scene in which Heather was about to be hit be a meteor
    • This is completely fictional. Unrealistic events will occur in this fanfiction.
    • This story makes use of cartoon physics. Like Owen's dream in "Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon" or his swimming up a waterfall in "The Big Sleep", this is an event in which can not happen in reality.

I can't believe it...

Well, first let me introduce myself. My name is Heather Yukimori, the winner of Total Drama World Tour. Even though I was hated for my evil actions in season 1, I fought my way to the top by turning my teammates against each other and used some to my advantage. I am 16 years of age.

Now, have you ever wondered, what is it like after you leave this planet? What is life after death?

I am a victim. I am a victim of what has taken billions of lives.


Now, you might wonder, how would I die at such a young age?

Volcanic rock.

At least it's a cool way to die. Everyone else in the afterlife died by old age. It's good to be young and good-looking because the way you are the moment before you die is your spiritual form in the afterlife.

I've been here for about six months, watching from above. I'm quite interested in this new season Chris is creating: Total Drama Revenge of the Island. It sounds interesting, and I'm glad that they mixed up the cast so I don't have to see Gwen on the television for another season.

In fact, I'll show you the time in place where I died after Total Drama World Tour.

Everything was going well up to this point in time. In fact, I remember it like it was yesterday...

Hawaiian Punch

"A little something called victory!" I yelled, as I kicked Alejandro in the "kiwis".

Alejandro fell onto an ice cube as I smacked him down the mountain.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!" I screamed in victory.

It was the greatest feeling of my life. I finally eliminated the most hus-, I mean, evil, manipulative, slimy, eel-like person in the game, while obtaining the million dollar prize.

However, the local population became involved.

"You know you're not supposed to throw pineapples into the volcano!" yelled one of the Hawaiian natives.

Even worse, a menace appeared: Ezekiel.

He wrestled me for the million dollars.

"Blargh!" he grunted, as he stole my case and my hard earned profit away from me, and fell into the volcano.

"Wow, didn't see that one coming," mocks Chris. "Anyways, run!"

The entire Total Drama cast (including Blainely, who was in a stretcher) started to run from the impending lava. We ran by as Alejandro was still recovering from when I hit him in the kiwis.

"Wow," I thought in my mind. "I have a lot of strength. Go Heather!"

As I continued to run, the lave was about to hit us. Fortunately, we made it to the ocean just in time.

However, I was still frustrated, and became infuriated when I saw Chris and Chef trying to escape in a boat.

"...and probably with a whole new cast, because, let's face it, these guys are probably done for," says Chris.

The irony of that statement. He wouldn't have thought it was funny since I'm now dead because of Total Drama.

Luckily, Ezekiel shot out of the volcano (somehow unharmed) and crashed into the boat. The boat sank, and the entire Total Drama cast laughed.

Well, almost all. It's still unknown what happened to Alejandro and Blainely. I know now that Alejandro survived but had to be put in a robotic suit, while Blainely died along with me, sinking to the bottom of the ocean in a stretcher.

This was my grave mistake coming up here.

For some reason, I was arrogant. I decided to pause for a second, as I still wanted my million dollar prize. If I were to replay that moment, my life was worth much more to me than a million dollars.

"Hello, where's my prize?" I asked, as I looked up.

This giant volcanic rock, blazing with fire was hurling toward me.

That was when it was over. I tried to swim away.

I failed.

Anyways, life in the afterlife is not that bad. I mean, I still can look at how everyone else turned out.

Unsurprisingly, Gwen and Duncan broke up. Cody tried to comfort her, but inevitably failed.

Not much else has happened, as I relax with Blainely, sharing my story. It's rare to see anyone my age here though. Most of the people died of old age or at birth. Even though there are people my age, most of them died due to drunk driving.

If only I could have a second chance.

It's never happened before, but I heard there is a way out of the afterlife.

You had to defy many laws of physics. It was nearly impossible.

I could try.

"If I were to theoretically kill myself, I would go back to the existing world."

That is a common belief in this place, although no one has tried it yet.


Problem is, people are unsure of what will happen. Scientists say, there is a 99% chance that your soul would disappear.

Not even the crazy people would try that. It would be too risky.

Should I do it? Should I be the brave soul willing to take the risk?

How would I kill myself? You can not be hurt in the afterlife: there are special rules here. You have to ask The Supreme Ruler if I wanted to do that since there is nothing you could kill yourself with in heaven. I walked into the palace.

"Hello, my name is Heather Yukimori," I say.

"Why are you requesting a discussion with The Supreme Ruler?" he asks menacingly.

There were a list of requests near his foot. I picked up the scroll, and chose my selection.

"Request 54..." I mutter.

"I forbid you to choose that choice," says The Supreme Overlord. "It would not succeed."

"Can I at least try?" I ask.

"You must defeat me in a duel in order for it to activate," says the supreme overlord.

Well, there was no turning back now. Two swords magically appeared out of thin air. I was shocked at first, but realized that this was heaven.

"Are you ready to duel?" asks the overlord.

"Well, there is one thing you overlooked," I snicker.

I grabbed the sword and plunged it into my chest.

"What? How could you...this is not possible," he says in fear.

My soul left my body...

I panted as I walked up the edge of the volcano. Alejandro was at the top, waiting for me. I was exhausted, and saw the look of win in his eyes. However, I have experienced this before; I know what to do. However, I can't risk it. My arrogance will get to me again.

I'll just stick with an alternate ending.

Sunsummer7's Story

Hawaiian Punch: The Aftermath!

Alejandro, Heather, and Ezekiel are getting some serious medical attention in the hospital. The rest were unharmed, with only minor injuries. Blaineley almost drowned, but Bruno went to rescue her (only to chew on her head again).

A still feral Ezekiel was sent to room thirty-one in the hospital, but Alejandro and Heather were in room thirty, right next to each other.

"See what happend to me because of you?" Alejandro asked Heather, weakly.

"Yeah, but I got injured, too, didn't I?" Heather asked him back.

"Yes, you did. But you just got hit in the head with a rock. I was burnt by lava, and had to get put in a machine." Alejandro responded.

"Which was only for a few minutes, by the way." Heather shot back.

"You know, I'm getting sick of fighting with you. It's starting to get old. So can't we just make up?" Alejandro asked.

"Yeah, I guess." Heather replied.

Meanwhile, in room thirty-one, Ezekiel was still feral.

"BLARGH!" Ezekiel yelled.

"We're going to need five docters to hold him down." said the nurse.

The five docters did so, reluctantly. And Ezekiel was tranquilized.

About two hours later, Ezekiel woke up, as good as new.

"Where am I, eh?" he asked.

But no one was there, so Ezekiel just tried to walk home.

Chris was getting crushed by lawsuits, but before he wasn't able to make a fourth season, the cast healed. So he stopped getting sued.

The cast went on a final get-together dinner at Olive Garden. Chris offered them a fourth season, but the cast heavily rejected.

"Fine. Because I have third-teen newbies!" Chris said.

"Was that just to make us feel worse?" Heather asked.

"Yes. Yes it was." Chris responded.

"What a suprise." Noah said in sarcasm.

Chris turns to the viewers.

"So toon in! For... TOTAL... DRAMA... REVENGE OF THE ISLAND!" Chris said.

Judging Two

BB: I'm callin' the shots this time, mwahahahahahahaha! Heh, no, I'm kidding, Nalyd said I could do this. Reddy will be judging the Gopher team and I will be judging the Bass team (again). Due to circumstances I'm not going to go into, I will have to do my judging either tonight or Sunday afternoon. As for Reddy, I'm not sure. Actually, I just lied. Chimmy will be judging for the Bass. -w-

Reddy's Reviews

Sorry if they’re vague; you try judging seven ungrateful (jk) users who write long stories…

  • AJ – Creative! I liked how it was different from most reunions. I also liked Chris announcing not one, but TWO new season. Though, a bit of a note; speaking and/or thinking parts should have their own paragraphs unless they’re by the same character. 8/10
  • Cod – This seemed long. It had good plot, though. But you didn’t finish! Dx 6/10
  • LF – Nice reunion. I LOL’d at the Monopoly money! XD 9/10
  • MrD – I liked the back stories of the contestants. However, continuity error; Heather lost the money, how could she give it away? :o 8/10
  • MTDM – Interesting. That’s all,sorry… XD 8/10
  • Neko – No story, No review. 0/10
  • Toad – Great story, but incomplete. 5/10

Chimmy's Reviews

Nalyd told me to take over. Sorry, BB, if something came up before you could post.

Aimers: Something tells me if someone was in a coma for 6 years in the middle of nowhere that they would have been eaten, but that's besides the point. This was a good story overall, and it's an interesting concept, but something Maybe it's just me, since it's not the spelling or grammar, but overall it's a good story. Everyone seemed fairly in-character too, so good job overall. Spelling: 10/10, Grammar: 10/10, Plot: 8/10, In-Characterness: 9/10, Originality: 9/10, Total Score: 9.2, rounded to 9.

CD-TDA: It's a shame you didn't finish it, but since it was at the last minute and there was a power outage, it's understandable. I did like what was actually there, and I didn't notice spelling or grammar issues in what I assume was pretty rushed, so kudos. Spelling: 10/10, Grammar: 10/10, Plot: 6/10, In-Characterness: 8/10, Originality: 8/10 Total Score: 8.4, rounded to 8. Jessica: No story. 0/10.

Kg: It didn't say that it was, but this story seems unfinished...I like the concept of it happening right after the camera stops rolling, though. I don't think Alejandro would be quite as lively after getting trampled and being covered with lava, though. XD No offense. Also, you were missing a K in "marks", and Cody seemed a bit OOC...It was a decent story, however. Spelling: 9/10, Grammar: 10/10, Plot: 9/10, In-Characterness: 8/10, Originality: 9/10, Total Score: 9, rounded to 9. :P

Plat: Something doesn't click with me in this, and I don't know why...I love the concept of the alternate ending, but the rest is kinda...meh. I usually like stories like this, but something in this didn't feel right. I won't penalize you too much for that, though, as the rest of the story was fine, but you did spell Blaineley wrong. Spelling: 9/10, Grammar: 10/10, Plot: 8/10, In-Characterness: 9/10, Originality: 10/10, Total Score: 9.2, rounded to 9. o.O

Sunsummer7: This seemed to me more of a reading of what happened after, for the first bit, but after that it was fine. However, this didn't have much of a plot at all, and it was pretty short...also, happened, doctors, surprise, and tune are spelled wrong, but I'm guessing the first one was just a typo. Spelling: 7/10, Grammar: 10/10, Plot: 8/10, In-Characterness: 9/10, Originality: 8/10, Total Score: 8.4, rounded to 8. O__O

Second Elimination Ceremony

Nalyd: Neko, CD, Jessica, none of you posted a story. Why should you stay?

CD-TDA: I think I deserve to stay because I've been the BoW for my team and because I really feel that I could do well in the competition. Both of my stories got a high grade, and I think that I have a lot left to offer. I also love writing and it would be a shame if I was eliminated.

Neko: Well, I feel I deserve to stay because I know I am a very strong writer. Both of my stories got 10/10, the first story being the only one to do so. The second one might have been, but I can't remember at the moment. Also, this entire week, I've been super busy due to me going on a trip to Washington, D.C. with my school. Monday and Tuesday was spent preparing, and we left Wednesday night. I just got back this morning. When I got back to my hotel on Friday, it was 11:30 PM and I had no wifi at all that day. On top of that, I was having a bit difficulty with writer's block, as I had many ideas and didn't know which one to pick. The real reason I'm fighting so hard to stay (and writing a verrrry speech for it xD) is because I've been waiting for TDA7 for a long time now, and it would suck to get eliminated now. I love writing fanfiction, and I really don't want to lose just yet.

Nalyd: Jessica, it's time for you to go.

Week Three Chat

Nalyd: Twelve remain.

Toad: Sorry, I'll get my story in this time. :P

Challenge Three

Nalyd: For this challenge you must write a haiku and a limerick, about something in Total Drama. A haiku is a poem with 5 syllables in the first line, 7 syllables in the second, and 5 syllables in the last. 3 lines, no more, you can't write multiple haikus. A limerick is a poem with a rhyme scheme AABBA. The poems will be judged on spelling, creativity, syllables being correct for the haiku (if the syllable count is off, then the haiku will get no points) and if the limerick has the correct rhyme scheme. The page will be locked Saturday morning, get your poems up before then.

AJ's Story

Bridgette Haiku:

Bridgette rides the waves

A nice but fierce contestant

In the game she braves

Lindsay Limmerick:

Lindsay may lack wit and a brain

But maintains a grin even through rain

Her bright and wide smiles

Gets others through tough trials

Whether Cabin, Trailer or Plane

Cod's Story

Alejandro Haiku

The only girl to,

Decieve him, to make him crack,

May give him migrains.

Noah Limerick

Ugh, all this work for some stupid money?

Sigh, at least I have Owen, he's kinda funny.

Al is evil, like an eel,

And the rest of the team, meh, they remind me of seals,

Then I jump, and notice it's sunny.

LF's Story

Lindsay Haiku

Skinny as a tree

Bright as a dull box of nails

What would you expect?

Leshawna Limerick

She once had it all

Until she let it all fall

She shakes her head in shame

As the thought of it sounds so very lame

The third season was not a ball.

MrD's Story

Heather Haiku

The darkened night hovers

Over her face, the wickedness

Of her shining bright.

Ezekiel Limerick

He was sadly first gone

For he was only a pawn

In the entire game.

Only he was to blame

For he made girls seem like blondes. (No offense to blondes, I was looking for a rhyme. =P)

MTDM's Story

Neko's Story

A Poem For Sierra (I Was Forced To Write This) by Cody Anderson

I hope that one day

She'll leave me alone, but then

I'd miss my stalker.

The Story of Mildred/Blaineley

Mildred was a girl who lived rather plainly

So one day she changed her name to Blaineley

But sooner than not, it went to her head

And she was told by her boss who said:

"You're fired, I finally thought sanely!"

(Oops, sorry. I'm not good with formatting at all. :s)

Toad's Story

Limerick - The Ballad of Ezekiel

There once was a teen named Ezeke.

The girls thought he was a freak.

He said some dumb stuff.

The ladies were rough.

So, they voted out that dumb geek.

'Haiku - 'Noah's (Quite Simple) Thoughts

Alejandro sucks.

Who knew he was such an eel?

Darn, I'm voted out.

Aimers' Story

CD-TDA's Story


Heather is the queen of mean
For she crushed Alejandro like a bean
She makes the perfect queen bee
And wins competitions with glee
Heather is one vicious teen.


My perfect world would
Be filled with marshmallow Codys
That's just my P.O.V.

(Note: POV is actually pronounced as "Pee Ouu Vee.")

KG's Story

Heather x Alejandro

Who saw it coming?

Noah did, but, whatever.

Heath and Al is gross.

LeShawna's Lie

A certain girl of largeness

Took a position of in-charge-ness

With a miniscule lie

Mascara ran down her eyes

And in 9 episodes, received some discharge-ness

Plat's Story

Cody's Haiku Written About His Evolution With Sierra

Squat, astute, nimble

Persevered with reluctance

Matures to adore

Gwen's Haiku Trying to Explain to Courtney Her Feelings After Kissing Duncan

I comprehend that your anger is boiling hot

My integrity low, whilst your logic is not

My doltish crime

Remains infamously prime

In your mind, like a lost battle that was convincingly fought

Sunsummer7's Story

A Heather Limrick

Heather is a drama queen.

Who has a habit of being mean.

She manipulates for no reason.

And won the third season.

Heather is an evil teen.

A Haiku About Chef

Chef tortures the cast,

with his horrible cooking.

Chef is one tough guy.


Reddy: I'll just do all the judging. Now, since I find it really hard to rank poems on the scale I’mnow required to use, so I’ll just rate each with my knowledge of poetry from the poetry unit at my school. I’ll use the scale next challenge, if it permits.

Writing Gophers

  • AJ’s Judging
    • Haiku: Nice haiku. No real complaint, as you described Bridgette pretty well and had 5-7-5. Score: 9
    • Limerick: Nice, dude! :D Really good job; you know your poety. Score: 10
    • AJ’s Overall Score: 9.5
  • Cod’s Judging
    • Haiku: Pretty good. Nothing special, but good. Score: 9
    • Limerick: Hilarious! But, I don’t think Noah would jump at Sunshine.
    • Cod’s Overall Score: 9
  • LF’s Judging
    • Haiku: Really accurate! I like your comparison, too, it made me laugh. XD Score: 10
    • Limerick: Good job. It was a bit more serious, but good. Score: 9
    • LF’s Overall Score: 9.5
  • MrD’s Judging
    • Haiku: I cannot score it, due to the rules. Your syllable count was off on the second line by one. :( Score: 0
    • Limerick: Good job! :) The last line is a bit eh, but it’s okay. Score: 8
    • MrD’s Overall Score: 4
  • MTDM’s Judging
    • Haiku: Nothing. Score: 0
    • Limerick: Nothing. Score: 0
    • MTDM’s Overall Score: 0
  • Neko’s Judging
    • Haiku: Awesome! When I counted its syllables I felt like breaking out into song! XD Score: 10
    • Limerick: I LOL’d at this too! XD great job, again. Score: 10
    • Neko’s Overall Score: 10
  • Toad’s Judging
    • Haiku: Like you said; quite simple. Score: 9
    • Limerick: Good job! I since a hightened love of Ezekiel in this cast… O.o;;; Score: 9
    • Toad’s Overall Score: 9

Typing Bass

  • Aimers’ Judging
    • Haiku: Nothing. Score: 0
    • Limerick: Nothing. Score: 0
    • Aimers’ Overall Score: 0
  • CD-TDA’s Judging
    • Haiku: Your syllable count is off, and due to the rules, I cannot score it. Score: 0
    • Limerick: Nice representation. I like you simile. XD Score: 10
    • CD-TDA’s Overall Score: 5
  • KG’s Judging
    • Haiku: Nicely done, man. I liked it. Score: 8
    • Limerick: Great! :D Bravo, dude! Score: 10
    • KG’s Overall Score: 9
  • Plat’s Judging
    • Haiku: Very well written, and good summary of their relationship. Score: 9
    • Limerick: I loved it! ^_^ It reflects how Gwen felt in the competition after Courtney found out about her and Duncan. Score: 10
    • Plat’s Overall Score: 9.5
  • Sunsummer7’s Judging
    • Haiku: Nice! I like how you did one about Chef, since he’s so ignored. Score: 9
    • Limerick: Huh, good job. That’s all, sorry… Score: 8
    • Sunsummer7’s Overall Judging: 8.5

Reddy: Okay, the percentages each team scored (Out of their possible points): The Gophers received 73% while Bass got 62%. Technically, the Gophers win, but we will not comense to the elimination ceremony without Nalyd's OK.

Elimination Ceremony Three

Nalyd: Plat, please nominate two of your teammates.

Plat: Well, I don't want to have a biased opinion, so I have to nominate based on numerical scores. My two choices for nomination are Aimers and CD-TDA. My reasoning is because they had the two lowest scores on the team. I also would like to point out that the decision is not an easy one, as Aimers told everyone before that he had scheduling conflicts that could not be resolved and that's why he couldn't post a story. CD-TDA, even though she has won BOW before, she also had an incomplete story.

Nalyd: Aimers, CD-TDA, why do you deserve to stay?

MrD: While I'm not Aimers, I don't think he'll be back in time to say this for himself in defense: He was on a 9 day trip and he didn't have internet access, so it was impossible for him to write it, however he'll be back in time for the next challenge.

CD-TDA: Plat pretty much said it all. I've been BoW before and I think I have a lot left to offer. Last week, I had a power outagge, while I don't really have an explanation for this week. If I can stay, great. If I can't, it'll suck, but I'll get over it.

Aimers: Well I'm back now... :( I guess this may be the end for me...I really hope it is not...I work hard every week and I was on vacation for 9 days and I knew this would really hurt my chances :( I was hoping my run would not end this early because I believe I should stay...but if I am not...I will move on.

Nalyd: Alright, my decision is... Aimers. You've been eliminated. CD-TDA, this is your second nomination, and I suggest you take it as a warning. Neko, you're now on the Bass.

Week Four Chat

Nalyd: New challenge up soon.

Neko: Uhhh. I honestly dunno what to say... o_o Hai, new team? -is awkward-

AJ: Aww bye neko :( Lets keep it up Gophers!!!

Plat: Hiya new member :P Sorry Aimies ;(. And...oh yeah, let's go Ulong! ^^

MrD: Aww, we lost Neko? Ah well, let's still pwn!

Toad: Meh, who cares, we can still pwn. xDDD

Challenge Four

Nalyd: Write a story about a fanon relationship. Try to pick a relationship you can make seem believable, don't pick two characters who don't work as a couple. Write about them becoming a couple. You can make it happen during Total Drama, before, or after. The story will be judged on grammar, spelling, quality of content (Is it well-written), and originality (Are you using the cliche fan couples like Eva-Noah, which is fine, but try to be original).

AJ's Story

The Sweet Side (Katie x DJ)

It has been four brutal challenges, with four eliminations, I thought as I walked through the woods to the next challenge, I haven't really gotten to know anyone yet though, and I...I kind of want to. I don't know what Sadie would think though. I looked up and saw DJ staring at me, was he really staring or was I imagining things. I snapped out of my fantasy and realized something, Me and DJ were the only ones around.

"I saw you lost in thought, and thought I'd come back and help you." Said DJ sweetly, he was always so nice.

"Katie EEEEEH." I heard, and saw Sadie run towards me from afar. Normally I would run to see Sadie, but I had hoped I could get some alone time with DJ.

"Sadie! Eeeeh," I faked, pretending to be enthusiastic to see my best friend, "I think were lost, Sadie you should go back and find the group.

DJ looked at me curiously and I tried to brush it off.

"But I came here to see you! Let's get walking!" Sadie said as she grabbed my hand.

Sadie, DJ, and I walked for what seemed like and hour, and it quickly became darker.

"Look! Over There! A cave!" DJ said as he pointed to a nearby cave.

"You guys go, I'll meet you there I have to take a leak." said Sadie, who then turned and walked towards a bush.

Yes! I thought, Some alone time with DJ!

"So Katie, I have through the grapevine that you have a little crush on me?" said Dj, nudging me. "I...I…" my face turned bright red. I had never had this much trouble with a guy before, probably because Sadie isn't here to squeal with me.

"Well...I…" Dj tried to start, but I sensed he was flustered and leaned in for a kiss.

The moment our lips touched, time froze, which didn't help the fact that Sadie was standing shocked at the edge of the cave. I had never had a boyfriend without Sadie analyzing him fully first.

"K-k-katie? We are so no BFFFL's anymore!" said Sadie angrily, running to the cave's corner.

Oh No, I thought, What do I do. I tried to talk to her, but Sadie was much better at the silent treatment than me. I sat on a rock as DJ held my hand.

"What do you think I should do?" I asked DJ, and hoped he had advice for me.

"I think you just need to talk it out, she'll come through." said Dj.

After a silent night I talked to Sadie the next morning who, after much resistance, finally forgave me. She still did not seem fully comfortable with the idea that Dj and I kissed. I was deep in thought thinking about what to do when I snapped out of my trance.

"I see the campsite!" Dj said excitedly. We all started running but realized it was too late. The Bass had lost, and it was obvious it was either Me, Dj or Sadie going home.

When the vote rolled around, I was torn. I couldn't vote Sadie, but if I voted DJ he might have gone home. I sat there at the ballot, and finally wrote a name down. At the campfire ceremony, DJ held my hand. I saw Bridgette wink at me, and Duncan and Geoff gave Dj a thumbs up.

"And the marshmallows go to, Duncan, Courtney, Bridgette, Tyler, Geoff and Harold." said Chris. Me, and DJ looked at each other nervously, and I saw Sadie give DJ a mean glance. "The next marshmallow goes to, Katie!" said Chris enthusiastically. I was shocked, but walked up to get my marshmallow. After I sat back down Chris went back to announcing. "And the last marshmallow goes to…" Chris began. I was so nervous. I saw sweat dripping down DJ's face, I held DJ's hand in my right hand, and Sadie's in my left. I thought about my vote as Chris began to talk again. "DJ!" Chris said, in his annoyingly enthusiastic way. I looked at Sadie and we both bust out crying. I had a feeling this was going to be the result, but it still stunk that Sadie had to go home. After a long goodbye, I walked back to the campfire where the bass were sitting.

"Thanks." DJ said, giving me a quick hug and walking away.

After Bridgette consoled me for a couple minutes, I walked over and sat in the confessional. It was lonely without Sadie.

"I wonder how Dj figured out how I voted. If Sadie found out I voted for her she would freak. I don't like the thought of competing without Sadie, but at least I have DJ, and Bridgette seems nice." I said sitting in the confessional. I then went to sit on the dock when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and saw DJ smiling at me. Just like that, he kissed me.

"I don't know what I'm going to do without Sadie." I said as a tear slid down my face.

"I think we are going to be just fine" said DJ, he grabbed my hand and we walked back to the cabins.

Cod's Story

A Tale Of Two Hosts: ChrisxBlaineley

I wake up to the sound of my own beautiful custom alarm clock.

"Hey, sexy, you gotta show to do!" the clock repeats, over and over again.

I listen closely to the words. I remember when I made this message. When I was the host of Total Drama. But now, that time has gone, and I'm back to my own handsome, but boring life. Chef left for some Japan gig, and he's left me all alone.

After I go through the regular routine, (use teeth whitening strips, shower, use giant fan for wind-blown look), I get a call on my cell phone. It plays the Total Drama theme song that is so familiar to me. I look at the caller ID, and see who it is. And I see the name. Mildred. Or, better known as Blaineley O'Halloran. We've never quite agreed, and when I saw her call, I couldn't help but take the chance to gloat. Or how I like to say it, self-enhancement.

"Finally called about the hosting lessons?" I greet, smirking my beautiful smirk.

"Bleh, who would ever take hosting lessons from you? At least I actually hosted Celebrity Manhunt, which in everyway is better than that Totally Dramatic, whatever the show was..."

My smirk fades a little, but I keep smiling anyway. "Didn't Celebrity Manhunt fire you? And are you still sour about your elimination?"

I hear Blaineley's voice take a more angry tone. "I wasn't 'fired', I was layed-off!" she shouts into my ear. "And, I could care less about that washed-up old show,"

"Anyways, what did you call for? I'm like, really busy," I say.

"Busy? Ha! You? How does a washed-up old host be 'busy'?!" Mildred says.

"You still didn't answer my question. Why did you call?" I ask.

Blaineley pauses. "Well... This may seem like a ridiculous question, but... Will you meet me at the Wawanakwa Cafe, Saturday at 5? And this is NOT a date! I repeat, NOT A DATE,"

I feel shocked, and think about the question. My first instinct is to object, but could this date actually work out? Let me think of the pros and cons. The cons, include that she is a fake-blonde, is hiding her fat-ness, and she is a cynical jerk of a woman. The pros, we both host, and she is pretty, with all of the makeup and fake stuff. I need to come to a decision, now, and I say the first thing on my mind.

"No!" I yell, as I mash the end-call button.

I recover for a moment and then recollect what I have just done. I quickly smash Blaineley's number on my cell phone, and wait for her beautiful- I mean, shrill voice.

"What do you want now?" she asks, angrily.

"Yo. I meant to say yes. Bye." I say, hanging up the phone before she replies.

How could this fake woman get through to my heart?

Today's the big day. Saturday. And yes, I bet my story will end well. Blaineley and I will get to know each other, and fall in love, and kiss. I see her in a booth, wearing a cute shirt and wearing jeans, instead of her usual red dress. I walk over with my flowers in hand, and put on my greatest smile.

"So, what did 'ya call me here for?" I ask, lifting my feet onto the table.

Blaineley looks stern. "Well... I was wondering if we could... You know... Date..."

I pause, but maintain my composure. "We're already on one," I say.

"No, I mean as in... Boyfriend and girlfriend... You see, I like you Chris, I really do. And, this celebrity relationship will do wonders for us," she says, reaching across the table and grabbing my face. "Maybe we can get that washed-up old host period behind you..."

I feel my face get hot, and I look away. I'm kind of annoyed by her statements, but I can't just say no to the pretty thing. "You're saying more fame?" I ask.

"All the fame you can dream of, cowboy." she says, in her seductive voice while winking at me.

All of a sudden the room gets hot, and I think about what we've done here. I've fell in love with a nasty, fake-blond schemer, to satisfy my heart, and my thirst for more fame.

The waiter comes and we order, and then we talk for a while, me talking about me, Mildred talking about Blaineley. Then, the food arrives. And that's where our date begins to go downhill. I begin eating in my normal manners, while Blaineley begins munching down the food like mad, the spaghetti she ordered is splattered around her face, her meatballs falling into her lap. I am horrified, however, and decide that later in our relationship, I have to teach her manners. But by this time, I am quite suspicious, as I've seen this vaguely familiar man walk past our table quite a few times, who keeps looking at Blaineley with a half smile.

When the individual walks by again, I decide to ask her about him.

"Blaineley, who is that guy you keep looking at?" I ask, with much curiousity.

Blaineley grins. "Chris, can I tell you a secret?" she asks.

I look at her with confusion. "Um, sure, I guess..."

Blaineley gestures to someone to come over here. The same man appears, grinning along with Blaineley.

"Blaineley, what's going on?" I ask again.

"Nothing... You just got BLAINE'D!" she shouts, as confetti falls on me, with a big banner saying, "Blaine'd" hanging above me. The man reveals himself to be Blaineley's Celebrity Manhunt co-host, Josh.

They laugh, while I calmly walk out of the restraunt, and drive home.

I'm laying in my bed. The tears streak my eyes. The whole date seemed like a bad dream. I get a call to my cell-phone. The caller is Blaineley. I don't answer, and she repeatedly calls multiple times. When I'm sick of hearing the ringtone, I answer.

"What?" I ask, in a low sad voice, trying to conceal my despair.

"Chris? I'm sorry about earlier. It was the only way to get Celebrity Manhunt to hire me again. You can't expect this pretty face to be jobless," she says.

"Whatever. I thought we had something, but I guess not." I reply.

Blaineley pauses. "But Chris? Maybe we could go out sometime... Like, a real date. I had fun tonight, I mean, the stuff besides the big prank."

I hesitate, but my heart speaks for me. "Sure." I say.

"Alright, I'll see you later. Bye!" she says, hanging up the phone.

While I love Blaineley, I was never sure she loved me back. But, the tone she was using that whole conversation was pure. Maybe we could host a reality show together, combine both of our sadist skills.

But, I still have to prank her back.

The End.

(Author's Note: Yes, I know this was an awful story, but it's the only interesting one I could think up of. I was very busy this week with school, and I'm not sure if I can rewrite this.)

LF's Story

Just A Normal Day at the Gym (TylerxEva)

Eva's POV

Setting: Gym (:P), A small bistro, Eva's House

By: Leshawnafan

It was just another slow, quiet, lonely morning. Eva opened her eyes and blinked to adjust to her room. She sighed and gradually sat up in her bed. She paused for a second and looked around.

"I really need to find something to do now that Total Drama is over," Eva muttered to herself.

Eva slipped out of bed and stumbled out of her room. It's been about 5 years since the Total Drama series had ended, and Eva had yet to find something new to do with her life. Everyday it was the same routine over and over again. Each day she awoke with the same life, the same life she thought was so boring. Until today, that is.

It started off as any other day did. Eva woke up, took a quick shower, ate a quick breakfast, and left her house to head to the gym.

Eva stepped out to her car, threw her gym bag into the back seat, and slammed the door. She drove off and left her empty house by itself. Usually had no trouble getting to the gym since she was going there early in the morning, but today that was not the case.

As Eva approached the gym, she was about to turn into the parking lot when out of nowhere a car slammed into the side of her car. Glass shattered everywhere, and fell to the ground. Luckily Eva was ok, and she was able to get out of her car. She walked over to the person's car who hit her, and started yelling.

"What the heck, man? Do you even have your eyes open? I was clearly turning when you slammed right into me! If you expect for me to take the blame for this then you're a complete moron!" Eva shouted at the man behind the wheel through his window.

Eva took a couple steps away from the care, and pulled out a stress ball. She had recently finished anger management classes, and she didn't want to ruin it again right now. She waited for a minute, then watched as the man stepped out of the car.

Her jaw dropped. Stepping out of the car was Tyler, from the Total Drama series. Eva could not believe her eyes. She didn't think anyone from Total Drama lived near her.

"Tyler? What are you doing here?" Eva questioned.

"Well first of all, hello to you too. Second of all, I just recently moved here because I heard the gym was like... one of the best ones in the country or something..." Tyler said, trailing off at the end.

Eva shrugged and didn't seem to mind that he was uncertain. "Whatever you say. Well, if you want, you can walk with me over to the gym because that's where I'm heading."

"That sounds great, dude!" Tyler agreed.

Eva let him calling her a dude slide, but she would remind him the next time if he does it again. All she cared about now was that she had one of her friends with her, and that this could bring something new into her life which was exactly what she was looking for.

They crossed the street together, catching up on what has happened since Total Drama had officially ended.

"I haven't had much going on in my life. It's been actualy really boring," Eva admitted, but Tyler showed no shock.

"Same with me. I thought Total Drama would be a door for us, but I guess only for a certain few it was," Tyler told Eva who nodded in agreement.

Eva followed Tyler through the door into the gym, and they split up when they went to put their things away in the gym. Eva walked into the ladies locker room and placed her bag in the locker. But, something was wrong. She looked down at her hands, which were all sweaty and shaking. Her heart was racing, and she was nervous to go back out there and see Tyler.

Is this possible? Am I finally finding a guy I actually like? Eva thought to herself. Could it be that I'm falling in love?

Eva slowly made her way out of the locker room, and met up with Tyler who was waiting for her by the free weights.

"Took you long enough, didn't it?" Tyler said, teasing Eva.

Eva blushed, but quickly looked away from Tyler so he didn't notice her blushing.

"So, um... how much do you lift?" Eva asked Tyler.

Tyler picked up a weight that weighed 5 pounds, and pretended to struggle to lift it.

Eva giggled, but quickly shut her mouth shut because she had never giggled at something before.

Tyler dropped the five pound weight and looked Eva right in the eyes.

"I never met a girl like you before," Tyler confessed.

"What do you mean?" Eva asked nervously.

"Well, all the girls I've dated before, like Lindsay, were all dimwits and didn't go to the gym or anything liek you do, you know?" Tyler said, staring right into Eva's eyes.

Hmph, you're not the smartest one either, but I can deal with it, Eva thought to herself.

"Well, that makes perfect sense," Eva said back to Tyler.

"So, I was wondering... would you go on a um... date with me?" Tyler asked, stuttering.

Eva's eyes flew wide open. She had not expected for Tyler to ask her this. She didn't even know he liked her.

Minutes went on, and Eva hadn't even answered yet. An awkward silence had fallen over them.

"So, do you want to answer my question?" Tyler asked, impatiently.

"Yeah, sure... I'll go on a date with you," Eva answered.

"Ok! Meet me at the little town bistro tomorrow at 7," Tyler said as he hugged Eva and walked back to the men's locker room.

Eva stood like a statue for a moment. She had no idea how to react, or what to say. She walked to the locker room, grabbed her stuff, and took the bus back to her house.


The next day, Eva spent her day at home, thinking about her date all day. She was nervous about it, even up to the second when she met up with Tyler at the bistro.

The duo got a table and sat down.

"So, what did you do today?" Tyler asked Eva.

"Not really anything, I was too busy worr---" Eva cut off as she decided it would be better to not tell Tyler about her worrying about tonight.

"You were too busy worrying about what?" Tyler questioned, giving Eva a puzzled look.

"Oh uh, I was too busy worrying about my mom. She was nagging to me all day about things," Eva answered, quickly making up a lie.

"Oh, what a boring day," Tyler said teasingly to Eva.

The two enjoyed their meal, and walked out of the restaurant. Eva was actually smiling and laughing while they stopped in front of the bus stop.

"I really enjoyed tonight," Tyler said, grabbing Eva's hand

"I did too!" Eva said, staring at Tyler's eyes.

Tyler leaned in slowly for a kiss, and met Eva's lips. The two kissed, and slowly pulled away from each other.

"I'll call you tomorrow," Tyler whispered in Eva's ear.

Eva smiled and turned to go onto the bus, happy about what had happened that night. She knew that having Tyler in her life now would be what would make her life so much better.

The End

MrD's Story

Title: All is Not As It Seems

Bridgette's P.O.V.

I was lying down in the lounge of the Total Drama Action, relaxing. For the first time in a while, I was finally able to actually relax. No boyfriend (Geoff was getting ready for the aftermath) always wanting to make o-- No offense to Geoff, of course! He knows I love him, but it can get annoying, I must admit. No annoying Ezekiel wanting to flirt with me. And, best of all, no Chris making us brave the challenges he puts us through with the false hope of money. Why do I call it false? Because it seems like he'll fine some excuse to cheat us out of the money, like he did the first season, Total Drama Island.

As I was relaxing, he came up to me.
"Hello, eh?" He said, probably getting ready to flirt with me.
"I have a boyfriend!" I snapped back, a tad harsher then I meant for it to be. I quickly corrected myself. "So, I'd appreciate you not flirting with me..." Ezekiel looked confused for whatever reason, but I quickly got up and started walking away in an attempt to get away from him, but he ran up.
"Who ever once said I was flirting with you, eh?" He asked, and that made me stop, for just the slightest of seconds, made me stop, giving him the encouragement to continue. "All I wanted to do... All I kept bothering you for... Was the chance to apologize for Total Drama Island..." I sighed.
"Well, why didn't you tell me that earlier?" I asked, irritation and disbelief in my voice.
"You wouldn't let me..."
"I guess I was being a little harsh on you... But, how do I know you're not sexist anymore?"
He chuckled softly. "Do you think I'd still think boys are better then girls after Eva?" I allowed a small laugh to escape my lips.
"I guess not..."
"So, does that mean you forgive me?"
I thought over this for a second. "... Yes..." I finally let out, and Ezekiel let out a sigh of relief.
"Yes, well, there was something I wanted to ask you..."
I sighed, half-expecting him to ask me out on a date. "Ask away..." He opened his mouth, and began to speak.

Beth's P.O.V.

I was walking around the Playa de Losers, still saddened that I didn't make it. Why didn't I make it, you may ask? Let me recap...

"Hey, guys?" Ezekiel started. "Isn't that the case right there?" He asked, but I was too busy talking to Lindsay to notice him.
"So, I was like, I am way hotter then Brittany!" Lindsay continued, going on about a petty fight at her school, me only pretending to care out of kindness.
"Uh-huh..." I said, then looked over to Ezekiel, and saw him pointing to the case. "Hey, Lindsay, the case!" She looked over to him also, and saw it, floating in a river. Ezekiel grabbed the case out of the water, and held it into the air triumphantly... Up until the moment it was eaten by a shark, that is.
"Sharky!" Lindsay cried in dismay. "Give us back our money!" The shark, not surprisingly, swam away with the money instead. However, luckily for us, Duncan tackled the shark and... Wrestled it for the money. While I didn't quite understand why he did something so dangerous for it, it worked, the the suitcase came flying out in our direction. I caught it, and while Duncan seemed angry it didn't go into, as he would say, "Princess's" grasp, Courtney seemed even angrier from across the beach, and started charging at us.

We started running to the dock in order to get the money, when suddenly...
"Hello," Justin said, conveniently shirtless, when he ran right in front of us, eyes on the case. "I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but may I please have the money?" He flashed a grin at us, and I melted.
"S- Sure..." I said, handing it over. Ezekiel tried to grab it, to save it, but Lindsay stopped him. He took it, and smiled at us again. "Thank you for your cooperation." He then ran for it, and Ezekiel started to glare at us.
"What was that about?" He asked, glaring at us. I returned to my senses.
"Wh- What happened?" I said, not fully aware.
"You just gave the money to Justin, hypnotized by his... Shirtless powers!" He said, and he started running after Justin, or more specifically, the case. We followed him, feeling guilty, until we reached the forest.

We were still running along the path, things looking good, when suddenly...

A tree was knocked into the air by an explosive, and into our path, cutting me and Lindsay apart. Oh yes... Ezekiel was also stuck on my side, too.
"Lindsay!" I shrieked in despair, and Lindsay looked at me.
"Get Ezekiel to carry you over the tree or someth--" She was interrupted however by the sound of gears turning, and soon there was a wall, risen out of the ground, in front of me and Lindsay. "I'll split the money with you, I swear!" Lindsay shouted, knowing she was probably the only one with a chance at the money anymore. I could hear the pitter-patter of her feet as she ran off, and I turned to Ezekiel.
"Any ideas?" I asked him, but he just shook his head.
"Except for the obvious of going back and finding a different path, no..."
I sighed. "Guess we'll do that, then..." I started walking down the path, him following close behind.

"So," He finally started while we were walking, wanting to make conversation. "where are you from, eh?"
"Well, I grew up on a farm..."
"Really?" He interrupted. "Me too! What was it like at yours, eh?"
"Well, I had a pig there..." We continued talking like this for hours, him being surprisingly pleasant to talk to, until, finally, we arrived at the dock.

"Ooooh, just a little late!" Chris said, when we both saw a bunch of the contestants floating in the water. "Just a little earlier and you would have qualified for the new season! Too bad, so sad."
"We lost our chance at the million?" I asked, saddened.
"I lost my chance at redemption...?" Ezekiel asked, perhaps even sadder.
"Yep, so sad too bad." Chris replied not seeming to care, as he turned back to the camera. "Who will win the new season? Find out next time on Total...
Drama... Action!"

And... That's it, actually! Anyways, as I was walking, something, er, surprising to say the least happened...

Ezekiel walked up to me, blushing slightly.
"Hey, um, Beth?" He started to ask me. "Would you..." He turned, and saw Bridgette give the thumbs up signal. "... Go out with me sometime, eh?" He looked down at the floor, although I could still see him blushing madly.
I blushed slightly. "S- Sure..." I said. While I didn't really like Ezekiel, I couldn't find it in myself to turn him down.
"C- Cool..." He walked away, hands in his pockets, still blushing as Bridgette congratulated him.
As soon as he was out of earshot, I groaned. "What did I just do...?" I muttered to myself.

Ezekiel's P.O.V.'

"What did I just do?" I moaned to Bridgette.
"You did fine..." Se comforted me, but I shook my head.
"That isn't it... I'm sure she didn't really want to go out, she just couldn't find it in herself to turn me down..." He sighed.
"Trust me, I doubt it..." She said, still trying to comfort me.
I sighed. "You better be right, eh..."

That was a few hours ago. Right now is me, in a car with Beth, driving to a movie theater, more nervous then I thought I'd be.
"So, um..." I started, in an attempt to to start conversation. "Do you watch television, eh?"
She giggled slightly at the question. "Yes..."
"Cool..." We didn't say anything else until we got to the movie theater, and there she got out of the car a little insultingly fast, and lined up where the tickets being handed out were. I soon followed her, and looked up.
"What movie do you want to see, eh?" I asked her, and after staring for a while, she answered.
"You choose..."
"Er, alright..." I pointed to a random movie that was apparently showing. "That one?"
"Sure..." She responded, and we stepped in. I bought the tickets and went over the snack section entirely, heading straight for the movie.

To save us all time, I won't go into detail about that disaster of a movie. Not only was it horrible, but me and Beth had nothing to say during it. So, once we got out, I started apologizing.
"S- Sorry Beth for such a horrible time..."
"Actually, I enjoyed it..." She admitted. "I got to spend it with you, didn't I?" I blushed madly.
"I- I guess..." We continued walking to the car, I stopped her. "Hey, Beth?" She started turning around, and I quickly planted a kiss on her lips. "Th- That was all..." I said, blushing madly. She also blushed, and didn't say a word as we got into the car.

As we drove back to the studio, I looked out the window. I knew that this date was a disaster. I knew we had nothing to talk about. I knew the movie was horrible. And I knew I'd do it again any day.

The End

MTDM's Story

  • Pairing: Lindsay X Duncan.
  • Setting: Around the end of Get a Clue, TDA theater, named Total Drama Action! Cinema.

"So, uh..." Lindsay said.
"Yeah?" Duncan asked.
"Oh, nothing..." Lindsay said.
"This should be good, huh?" Duncan asked
"Yeah," Lindsay agreed.
Lindsay: I really should have brought Beth. At least we'd have something to say to each other! But it was a good stratagistical, logical move... (grins) because it messed with Courtney's head!
Courtney: This is not fair!
Beth: How can I be mad at Lindsay? Watching Courtney be jealous was the best! Especially when she tried to pretend she didn't care.
Courtney: Who cares? Not me! I couldn't care less. Not even if I tried to care less! I. Do. Not. (voice cracks) Care.... NOOOOOOOO!

"Uh...." Lindsay said.
"Yes?" Duncan said.
"Nothing. Sorry!" Lindsay said.
"Okay," Duncan said.
A brief pause was heard.
"Sooo....." Lindsay said.
"Terrible movie, huh?" Duncan asked.
"I guess so," Lindsay said.
"Any movie with Chris in it is terrible," Duncan said.
"Yeah," Lindsay said.
Another brief pause was heard.
Courtney: Lindsay is with my man. I mean, the man. I mean, a man. I mean..... Duncan. I mean..... who cares? Not me! Ha! (mutters under breath) Next thing you know they'll be kissing like Geoff and Bridgette.
Lindsay: Courtney could be like soooo jealous right now. Belle is lucky to have her right now. (record scratch) ...not.
Duncan: Lindsay's freaking me out a bit. Trying to start a conversation, but stops? It's like she thinks I'm a dangerous criminal!
Beth: Courtney's in our trailer crying. I know what has gotten into her, but she just won't admit it!
Harold: Courtney won't stop crying! GOSH!

"Err..." Lindsay said.
"Continue the conversation. This movie bores me," Duncan said.
"OMG!" Lindsay said. "Me too!"
"Yes, I know that," Duncan said.
"Soooooo...." Lindsay tried to restart the conversation.
"Please, say some freakin words!" Duncan said.
"I really don't know what words to say," Lindsay said.
Duncan sighed.
Lindsay: I should've picked Belle!
Duncan: Lindsay's boring me.

"Ahem," Lindsay said.
"Yes, Lindsay?" Duncan said.
"Detective Lindsay," Lindsay corrected.
"Detective Lindsay, Her Hotness," Duncan counter-corrected, winking.
"Gasp!!" Lindsay gasped. "You called me hot!"
Lindsay: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee- (cut off)
"I did?" Duncan asked.
Lindsay nodded slowly.
"I guess I did," Duncan said, awkwardly.
"Don't worry!" Lindsay said.
"About?" Duncan asked.
"I won't tell amyone we are dating," Lindsay said.
"We are..... dating?" Duncan said, his eyes as wide as baseballs.
"I mean, if you want to," Lindsay said.
"Okay then?" Duncan awkwardly said.
"The movie's over," Lindsay stated.
"You know what always happens after a movie finishes?" Duncan said.
"Uhh.... Uhh.... Err.... Emm..... Um....." Lindsay said.
"The couple kisses," Duncan said.
The two kissed pationatley, right after Courtney came to the Total Drama Action! Cinema.
Courtney gasped for air. "Duncan!!"
"......Courtney!?" Duncan asked, moving his lips away from Lindsay's lips.
Lindsay: OMG! My boyfriend was just caught by his crazy ex-girlfriend!!
"I am so suing you!" Courtney said. "You too!" She pointed at Lindsay.
"Me!? Why me!?" Lindsay said.
"You kissed him," Courtney said.
"He kissed me!" Lindsay retorted.
"Even worse! What are you, dating!?" Courtney said.
"Duncan!!" Lindsay scolded. "You promised you wouldn't tell anyone!"
"I didn't," Duncan said matter-of-factly.
"Ugh!!" Courtney said.

The three teens went back to their respective trailers; Duncan going to bed, Courtney grabbing her PDA, and Lindsay telling Beth what happened.
"Lindsay!" Beth said. "What about Tyler!?"
"Who?" Lindsay asked.
Beth sighed, "Tyker."
"........... who?" Lindsay said.
"Michael," Courtney said. "Place a document on Duncan Nelson and Lindsay Mills. They kissed behind my back. What!? What do you mean you quit!? I'm not done with you! I will never be done with you!"
Courtney: (cracked voice) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

The End

Toad's Story

Huh?: A Tribute to Courtney x Tyler

By: Toadgamer80

After the events of Hawaiian Punch, Tyler, bruised like usual, moped into the Aftermath studio and began to watch TV.

A knock is heard on the door.

"Come in." Tyler mumbles.

Courtney walks in the door.

"What's up?" asks Tyler gleefully.

"Hey, Tyler. Just checking in, making sure you're not hurt." says Courtney.

"I've been thinkin' about Lindsay." says Tyler.

"You mean your empty can of peanut-- I mean, girlfriend?" asks Courtney.

"Yep." says Tyler.

"What about her?" asks Courtney.

"I'm thinkin' of breaking up with her." says Tyler.

Courtney giggles. "Do it." she says.

Tyler begins to walk out, and is hesitant.

"What's wrong?" asks Courtney. "Did you get paralyzed?"

"Nah." says Tyler. "I just really love Lindsay..."

"She doesn't even know who you are." says Courtney angrily. "DUMP HER."

Tyler walks out of the room, then comes back in.

"I did it." he says sadly.

"I'm sorry." says Courtney. She pats Tyler on the head softly.

"I just loved having her as a girlfriend..." says Tyler.

"I loved having Duncan as a boyfriend." says Courtney. "But then that sly dog cheated on me. Hey, you saw the kiss, right?"

Tyler nods. "It was kinda funny."

"Hey, Tyler, I was thinking..."

"Thinking what?"

"That we should date... I mean, it's okay if you don't want to..." says Courtney anxiously.

Tyler sheepishly grins.

"Sure." he says.

Courtney hugs Tyler, and they begin to kiss.

Meanwhile, Noah and Ezekiel, fully cured, walk into the room.

"I swear, I left my myPod right here." says Noah.

"I don't know where it went, eh." says Ezekiel cluelessly.

"Come on, I saw you with it while you were-- Hey, wait a sec."

Noah notices Courtney and Tyler kissing.

"I guess the cat's out of th' bag, eh." says Ezekiel.

Noah laughs deviously, and walks away.

CD-TDA's Story

Title: A Musician and a Surfer
Pairing: Trent X Bridgette
Setting: At the aftermath studio, after "Aftermath: For Gwen or Forget?".
Additional Notes: Trent's point of view.

Right after the aftermath show, Bridgette had pulled Geoff - or as he now preferred to be called "Captain Hollywood" - backstage. After various shrieks, yells, sobs and tears, Geoff had stormed off to the make-up room, leaving a crying Bridgette alone. I'm probably not the most relatable person, seeing as how I had screwed up my relationship with Gwen in both the first and second seasons, but, hey, I decided giving consoling Bridgette a shot.
I timidly approached her room, knocking on the door cautiously.
"Come in," Bridgette sobbed.
I opened the wooden door, and apparently, since it's obligatory for all Total Drama-related equipment to have some sort of malfunction, it fell over.
I decided to ignore that and headed right into Bridgette's room.
It was surprisingly nice... for Total Drama standards. No leaks or anything, just a couple mice scurrying around the air vents, making "pitter-patter" sounds with their feet.
"Hey, Bridgette. Are you okay?" I asked.
A second later, I thought about my stupid question. Of course she's not alright, she's crying. I mentally slapped my forehead.
"No, Trent. Of course I'm not alright! Geoff just broke up with me, and... and," Bridgette didn't continue the sentence, for she started crying.
Here come the waterworks, I thought.
I put my arm around Bridgette comfortingly, "It'll be okay. Geoff was a jerk, anyways. I'm sure you can find anyone else out there who'll be perfect for you."
"Really?" she smiled.
"Yep, really," I grinned back.
"I actually think I've found someone already," she smiled, wiping her tears with her sky-blue hoodie.
"That's awesome," I laughed. "Who?"
"He's in this room right now," Bridgette chuckled.
I nervously began to look around, spotting an intern. "Oh, yeah. That intern's pretty handsome."
She chortles, "I'm not talking about him silly."
The intern looked somewhat offended, and then broke down in tears, eventually leaving the room.
"Uh, well, I dunno. Gwen just broke up with me, and I don't know whether I'm ready for another relationship at this point," I said, scratching the back of his head, and beginning to remember my relationship with Gwen.

"Got anything with a G?" I had foolishly asked Chris, after he informed us of the branding symbols.

I cringed at the memory. Another one came to me.

I was preparing to head on out to the aftermath sideshow, when Geoff came on television.
"So, Gwen went behind Trent's back and told his team to vote him off. That doesn't mean-" Geoff was cut off by a loud gasp from the audience.
"Whoah. You mean no one told him?" he asked, aghast.

Bridgette interrupted my painful memories, "Trent? Trent? Are you alright?"
"Huh? Wha'? Yeah. Yeah, my bad. I just remembered something. No biggie," I nervously chuckled.
"But, yeah. You and me. Could work, I guess. It was pretty sweet of you to defend me during the aftermath," I smirked.
I leaned in for a kiss, which Bridgette accepted.
It all happened so fast, but I could feel that this was true love. I could now move on from Gwen onto greater things in my life.
... Right?

KG's Story

Neko's Story

I Want You (He's So Heavy), a Sierra/Trent fic

I want you...

I want you so bad...

I want you...

I want you so bad, it's driving me mad, it's driving me mad...

The lyrics to the Beatles tune filled Sierra's room. Sure, most people pegged her as someone who listened to only pop music, but that wasn't the case. Her father had her listening to the Beatles ever since she could remember. This song was one of her favorites.

She paused her blog writings and decided to refresh her Spacepage home page. A new status update appeared:

Trent Smith is spending the day with Olivia Seeder for her birthday. Love you, babe! :)

Sierra's free hand clenched into a fist. Oh, how irritated that made her. Why?

Because she was in love with Trent.

I want you...

I want you so bad...

I want you...

I want you so bad, it's driving me mad, it's driving me mad...

She had thought she would love Cody, and only Cody, for the rest of her life. But he had made it very clear that they would never be a couple, when Gwen agreed to go out with him. (And she had thought Gwen had made it clear she and Cody would never be together. How wrong she was.)

So, in her own twisted way, she felt it was only fair that she be allowed to get revenge on Gwen and Cody. And how would she do that?

By crushing on Gwen's ex- Trent.

(Duncan was too mean for Sierra, and he was already back with Courtney, anyways.)

She's so...

Heavy! (Heavy!) (Heavy!)

When the Beatles sang that, Sierra knew that they didn't mean she was over-weight. Perhaps they meant that she was heavy on their minds. And that's how she felt about Trent.

After a while, Sierra realized that she didn't just want revenge on Gwen and Cody. Trent was caring, romantic, kind...

In the only way she knew how, she tried to become closer to Trent by learning every detail about him. She soon approached him during season four when they were forced to stay at the Aftermath Studio, but she was greeted with the same, weirded-out face Cody gave her. Although telling him his blood type (which he didn't even know) probably wasn't the best idea.

Sierra pushed her short hair, which had returned to its natural dark brown color, out of her face. She glanced around her room, pictures of Cody replaced by ones of Trent.

I want you...

You know I want you so bad, babe...

I want you...

You know I want you so bad, it's driving me mad, it's driving me mad...

But Total Drama was over, and everyone returned home. By checking Trent's Spacepage profile, she learned he had gotten a new girlfriend not long after his return home: Olivia.

But she didn't care. Olivia may be a one-time thing, but Sierra knew that Trent would always be hers, even if no one else knew it.

It's driving me mad, it's driving me...

Plat's Story

Cry No More, Courtney (An OwenxCourtney Story)

  • Characters
    • Courtney- Recently Broke Up With a Delinquent
    • Owen- The "Fat Tub of Joy"
    • Alejandro- The Male Heather
    • Tyler- The Jock
  • Setting/Notes
    • This is an alternate version of "The Ex-Files"
    • I decided to use a couple that doesn't really exist canonically or fanonically. I wish not to be taken off because of the "weirdness" of the couple.

"Why?" I asked.

That was the only question on my mind. I didn't do anything to him. I remained loyal and faithful throughout the game, and what does he do? Be loyal and faithful back? Actually care about a relationship?


He goes and kisses my new friend behind my back. What a great boyfriend, isn't he the sweetest?

"Hello, Courtney," says Alejandro, obviously sensing that I'm upset.

"Hi...Alejandro," I blush, to try to upset Duncan.

"Are you still upset at that traitor?" asks Alejandro.

"Yes, and I must get back at him! I'll do whatever I can to get him upset," I say.

"Well, yo te daré apoyo, " says Alejandro. "I will help you out in this situation.

"Awww..." I say, lacking word choice. "So, what is your diabolical plan for upsetting Duncan?"

"Well, you know how there are many unfit guys left in the competition?" Alejandro asks, while glaring at his team.

"Oh, are you suggesting that I use jealousy?" I ask with an evil glare in my eye.

"Exactly," says Alejandro. "Using flattery against someone of the opposite gender is an exquisite option."

I look around at the remaining single male members of Total Drama World Tour. Unfortunately, only Cody, Alejandro, and Owen remain. Alejandro and Cody have crushes at the moment., do I have to? The one left has no sense of hygiene, no confidence, and lost 1/10 of a million dollars playing a stupid game to lead up to a second season. Not necessarily my "type of guy", my "forte".

"I know what you're thinking," says Alejandro, almost reading my mind. "You know, the less attractive he is, the more jealous Duncan gets."

Alejandro has a valid point. Duncan will be furious if I flirt with a tube full of fat. This will be an excellent opportunity to seize the day and my control.

My friends have all disappeared. First Izzy, then Noah. I'm afraid I'm going to be next. Being friendless is tough in a game of treachery. I miss the partying of Total Drama Island, even when Heather was around. Maybe it's just Alejandro who's dirtying the atmosphere.

"Hey Tyler," I whisper, still being early in the morning.

In fact, the only two other people up were Alejandro and Courtney, who looked like they were shaka-laka-ing it up. I miss the fun dating days. Breaking up with Izzy was tough but she was too much of a dynamite stick to predict.

"Hey Owen, what's up?" he asks in return.

"Have you noticed anything suspicious between Al and Courtney?" I ask.

"Not really," says Tyler. "I always thought Alejandro was into Heather."

"Maybe he's using deceit, just like what Noah said!" yells Owen. "Poor Courtney. She doesn't deserve the treatment she's receiving."

I am single. Dating is the second thing that I take most seriously after food. Now, Courtney is getting played by Alejandro. I must stop him from manipulating her for his personal use. That is just an evil cauldron ready to boil into flames.

"Hey Owen," said Courtney, after speaking to Alejandro.

This is peculiar, Courtney usually never utters a word to me.

"Oh, hey Courtney," I say. "How's the breakup?"

"It was tough," says Courtney. "I need a big man to help support me," she says, while cuddling against me.

Now, through experience, this is one of two options. She is either playing me or has genuine feelings for me.

"It's okay Courtney," I say. "Breakups are tough."

Courtney heard this, thought of a crafty plan, and solemnly whispered into my ear.

"Want to pretend to go out to make others jealous?" Courtney asks.

At first, I was reluctant to go along with this idea. However, I saw Duncan and Gwen kiss again, and decide to do what's best for Courtney.

Owen and I have been going out for a week now. It first started as a tool to get others jealous, but now I'm starting to respect that large lump of joy. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

"Hey, Courtney, how are you and Owen doing?" asks Alejandro. "How's the fake dating?"

"Well, it's sort of a real date, but the main purpose is to shatter Duncan," I say.

"Ooh, don't lie to yourself chica," says Alejandro. "Love finds you in the strangest of places."

I thought about that quote and smiled. Maybe this relationship instead of manipulation, maybe true emotional feelings can give us mutual love for each other. Owen walks up to me and smiles.

"Don't you feel less evil in you body?" Owen asks.

"I actually do," I say. "Evilness escapes when dating."

Owen hugs me with a warm bear hug and I smile. Who knew that two people in similar pitholes can climb their way back up to joy?

Sunsummer7's Story

Noah and Izzy: A Smart and Crazy Tale

Owen and Izzy had recently broke up, but Owen wanted to give his good buddy, Noah, a chance at romance. But meanwhile, a heartbroken Alejandro tries to break up Noah and Izzy...

Owen was walking through the cake shop, Crazy Cakes, for dessert. He noticed Izzy sitting at the table by herself.

"Do you guys have pie?" asked Owen.

"No, the closest we have to pie is cheesecake." the chef replied.

"That'll do." Owen said, and sat at the table with Izzy, who was eating chocolate cake.

"Hey, Owen. Nice to see you here" Izzy greeted.

"Same to you. You know back in Total Drama World Tour, me and you were jumped out a plane, and I wanted break up with you?" Owen asked.

"Wait, you wanted to break up with me?" asked Izzy.

"Well, yeah. But while this would be a good time to give Noah a chance."

"Okay, I will." Izzy said eagerly.

Izzy went to Noah's house and rang his book-shaped doorbell. Then Noah answered.

"Hi, Izzy. How did you know where I live?" Noah asked.

"I know where a bunch people live. You know me. Want to go for a walk?" Izzy requested.

"Will it involve me bursting into flames?" Noah worriedly asked.

"No, it'll just be a short walk. You in?" Izzy asked.

"Eh, sure." Noah finally said.

Meanwhile, in Alejandro's computer room, he used a hidden camera to spy on Izzy and Noah.

"So, my rival dating the nutjob. Someone has to break those two up." Alejandro said.

He looked at a picture of Heather.

"If I couldn't have my girl, then no one should get theirs." Alejandro added.

He saw in the hidden camera that Izzy and Noah were unknowingly heading toward a cliff.

Back at the new couple's date, they were lost.

"Are you sure this is the way back?" Noah asked.

"As of now, no." said Izzy noticing the cliff.

Alejandro approached Izzy and Noah at the cliff.

"Which one of you should I toss off the cliff first?" Alejandro asked.

"Izzy has a plan!" she whispired into Noah's ear.

"I'm waiting!" Alejandro said impatiently.

"ME! To save Noah." Izzy requested.

Just when Alejandro was going to throw Izzy over the cliff, she kicked him in the face, and pushed him off the cliff.

"There he goes." Izzy said.

"You saved my life." Noah said greatfully.

"It was no problem." Izzy replied.

Izzy and Noah then kissed, and from that day on, the new couple was dating.

The End


Chimmy's Reviews

AJ: I liked the idea for this. I'm not sure if I'd classify DJxKatie under cliche fan couple, but the idea was fairly original. However, what really dragged this story down was the spelling and grammar, as I counted a lot of mistakes. It should be "heard through the grapevine", for example. It is pretty well-written, though, so kudos. Grammar: 6/10, Spelling: 7/10, QOC: 9/10 Originality: 9/10 Total Score: 7.75, rounded to 8.

Cod: I did not expect the end of this, really. The dialouge seemed like something the two would actually exchange! A couple of things are spelled wrong, such as "layed-off", but the majority of it has great grammar. I honestly think these two would be an interesting couple. Grammar: 10/10 Spelling: 8/10 QOC: 9/10 Originality: 10/10 Total Score: 9.25, rounded to 9.

LF: I like the idea of this couple a lot, and it seemed really plausible how they'd meet. The thing is...some paragraphs could have easily been combined with others, and it felt a bit dragged out. Otherwise, the grammar and spelling was decent, and it was really well-written. Grammar: 8/10, Spelling: 9/10 QOC: 10/10, Originality: 9/10 Total Score: 9.25, rounded to 9.

MrD: The idea for this was great! The couple seems pretty original too. I liked what happened during TDDDDDDI as well, plus the grammar and spelling were decent. Your portrayal of Ezekiel was probably what won me over, though, as I like authors going into deeper layers of a character. Grammar: 8/10, Spelling: 8/10, QOC: 9/10, Originality: 10/10 Total Score: 8.75, rounded to 9.

MTDM: I think the confessional scenes would have worked better had they not been in script format, and "Said" was a bit overused, but this was still a pretty good story. I always like when we get to see after cameras stop rolling. The spelling and grammar were good too, but my major pet-peeve with this is that the "Tyler!" "Who?" scene went on WAAAAY too long. Grammar: 9/10, Spelling: 8/10, QOC: 7/10, Originality: 9/10 Total Score: 8.25, rounded to 8.

Toad: I don't know why, but something didn't seem right...maybe it's because everyone was (mostly) fine after a volcanic eruption, or that Tyler easily submitted to Courtney, but other than that it was okay. The grammar and spelling were great, and I really liked how Tyler and Courtney's kiss was spied on the same as Gwen and Duncan's. Grammar: 9/10, Spelling: 9/10, QOC: 8/10 Originality: 8/10 Total Score: 8.5, rounded to 9.

BOW is Cod. Grats! ^^

Nalyd's Reviews

  • CD-TDA - Short story, but enjoyable. The ending felt kind of rushed, however. Trent and Bridgette both seemed in character, well done. Grammar - 10/10, Spelling - 9/10, QOC - 7/10, Originality - 9/10, Total - 9/10
  • KG - No story, no review. Total - 0/10
  • Neko - A very original pairing. I liked this. It was short, and although Trent and Sierra didn't end up together, I liked it. Grammar - 10/10, Spelling - 10/10, QOC - 8/10, Originality - 9/10, Total - 9/10
  • Plat - As soon as I saw the pairing I laughed out loud. I enjoyed this, I just wish there was more explanation to how they ended up together. Grammar - 9/10, Spelling - 9/10, QOC - 7/10, Originality - 10/10, Total - 9/10
  • Sunsummer7 - This is a pairing I ship, so let's see what you did with it. When you end a sentence in quotes with (blank) said, do a quote, i.e. "I like this review," Nalyd said. Grammar - 5/10, Spelling - 9/10, QOC - 5/10, Originality - 3/10, Total - 6/10

Elimination Ceremony Four

Nalyd: Cod, Neko, both of you please nominate one person from your respective teams.

Neko: I will say that this was a very difficult desicion, and in no way is it personal. But I'm going to nominate Sun because although Kg didn't submit a story, Sun's scores haven't been that great overall, and when Kg does submit a story, generally, he does very well. Sorry, Sun. :/

Cod: Along with Neko, this nomination is in NO way personal, and I respect the nominated person, and think he is a great author. I'm sorry, but I nominate MTDM, for he has a few missing entries, and the ones he gets in are usually an 8, while the others are a little bit higher. I'm really sorry, MTDM, and I hope there are no hard feelings :(

Nalyd: Cod, I agree with your decision. MTDM, you are out. Neko, I don't think you made the right choice. Sun, KG, you are spared this week.

Week Five Chat

Nalyd: Final... something.

LF: Final 10 I think :P

Toad: Yippee.

Cod: I feel so bad for eliminating someone :(

Toad: When's the due date? By the way, I hope number 5 was a reference to Gary and/or the meme. XDDD

Kg: It was so hard trying to fit in that Tom Cruise line. o_o

Sunsummer7: Guys, I have something to say. I have been very busy lately, and I don't think I can compete much anymore. So I decided that insted of not having time to due much and others get eliminated, I would resign from the contest. I had a fun ride, and no it's time to end it. I wish you all good luck as I resign Total Drama Author.

Challenge Five

Reddude: This challenge is to see how creative you all can be with some strict guidelines. I have come up with 10 random sentences. For each random sentence of mine you can incorporate into a story (and make it make sense) you will get a point. We’ll decide the winners based on overall average of points on teams. Please bold the random sentences! This is due Saturday, April 23rd!

  1. Tyler slowly turned around, his eyes wide. “What was that?”
  2. Owen turned the door knob and gasped at what was before him. “My old enemy…”
  3. “That’s what she said!” Cody chortled merrily.
  4. “Move it, bub!” Lindsay ordered.
  5. “It’s over nine thousand!” Sadie shrieked.
  6. Noah groaned, “I feel a song coming on…”
  7. “Oh, no!” Courtney exclaimed hysterically. “Tom Cruise!”
  8. “Saddle up!” Beth ordered, mounting her prestigious stead.
  9. “It’s okay, Bridgette,” Trent comforted the surfer. “It’s okay…”
  10. “Yuck,” Justin cringed. “Uneven tans,”

AJ's Story

The Psycho Killer's Revenge

Characters: All but Ezekiel, Blaineley, Josh and Chef Hatchet

Takes Place: Season 5

Quotes used: All

Season 5 had started and they were back at the island. It was the original 22 contestants, with Sierra and Alejandro of course. There has been only one elimination, Ezekiel. He had been furious about his elimination. Camp Wawanakwa looked spooky in the evening, as the contestants were waiting for their next challenge. It was around Halloween, so the contestants knew what was coming. Chris approached, wearing his musical suit. Noah groaned, "I feel a song coming on…".

"You are right my friend," Chris replied. The contestants were then forced to sing Michael Jackson's song Thriller. Chris loved the songs from Season 3 so much, he brought them back for Season 5. After the song was finished, the contestants gathered around the campfire. The island still looked spooky as ever, with the night still creeping down upon them.

"So everyone, as you know in Season 1, the remaining contestants experienced a real psycho killer. That killer is back, and ready to get his revenge. I will be leaving now, Good Luck!". Chris tossed a newspaper at Justin with the headline The Escaped Psycho Killer Returns. The killer was ugly. He had a crooked jaw, and a hook for a hand. He also had an uneven tan.

"Yuck," Justin cringed. "Uneven tans."

"You can't, be serious. That's the first thing you notice Justin?" said Courtney, grabbing the newspaper.

"Oh, no!" Courtney exclaimed hysterically. "Tom Cruise!"

"What happened to Tom?" Lindsay asked.

"He broke up with Angelina!!" said Courtney, looking distressed.

"Focus Courtney! Gah, how am I stuck on this show?" Alejandro cried.

Katie and Sadie grabbed the new paper from Courtney. They flipped to the psycho killer section and began reading.

"What's the kill count?" asked Bridgette, her voice shaking.

"It's over nine thousand!" Sadie shrieked.

"How is that even possible?" Geoff said nervously.

"Chris can't be serious! You can't let loose a psycho killer, that’s just cruel! " Heather said angrily.

"I agree! Were lucky we got away last time," replied Gwen.

The contestants were silent for a moment, when they heard a scream coming from the Mess Hall. Tyler slowly turned around, his eyes wide. "What was that?"

"It's obviously them trying to scare us!" exclaimed Heather.

"Yeah, you guys can't be that dumb!" said Duncan.

Despite everyone's façade of confidence, everyone looked nervous. Owen, DJ, Cody, Lindsay, Tyler, Bridgette, Geoff, and Leshawna decided to go search for food in the Mess Hall, while the others stayed back at the campfire. Once they arrived, they all snuck into the kitchen. They began stuffing food into a sack Leshawna was carrying. While they were putting in the food, they heard a creak. The contestants turned and saw him, the escaped psycho killer, mad as ever.

"I'm back, and you guys are going to pay," said the killer. "It's time to get into action."

“That’s what she said!” Cody chortled merrily.

"Really, Cody, really!" said Leshawna.

"Stop it guys! Run!" Geoff screamed.

Everyone bolted in separate directions, and the psycho killer was swinging wildly. As the contestants were trying to escape, the chainsaw flew towards Geoff, cutting his arm severely. Bridgette kneelt over by him.

"Geoff!" she cried, tears forming.

“It’s okay, Bridgette,” Trent comforted the surfer. “It’s okay…”

"We have to help him!" exclaimed DJ, lifting Geoff onto his back. Geoff hung lifeless over DJ's shoulder . The Killer lurked away. The contestants looked at each other confused, but when they heard another creak they were scared. All the contestants ran for the door.

Owen turned the door knob and gasped at what was before him. “My old enemy…"

"Move it, bub!" Lindsay ordered.

"Lindsay and Owen, don't anger him!" said DJ.

Owen then plowed through the killer, knocking him out cold. All the contestants ran back for the campsite.

The killer woke up, and then, angrier than ever, charged towards the campfire. The contestants tried to fight back. Gwen hit home with a kick to the jaw, but found the killer had a metal jaw now. Duncan threw a chair at him, and Bridgette hit him with her surfboard. After none of the attacks were successful, Beth surprised every by twirling a fire baton and throwing it straight at the killer. This knocked the killer to his hands and knees. She then jumped over and pounced on him.

“Saddle up!” Beth ordered, mounting her prestigious stead.

Everyone cheered, and Beth forcefully rode the killer to the boat of losers.

"I always get my man," said Beth. The contestants lifted Beth up and cheered as they walked back to their cabins.

Cod's Story

The Night Of The Living Chris

By Cod

Narrated by Noah.

When I opened my mailbox to find an invitation sent by the one and only Chris McClean, I knew something was up. As I took the letter inside my house to read it, I sat down on my fluffy couch, knocking over a box of Cheez-Its, and opened the mail.

Greetings, (insert contestant name here),

Wow. That, is some lazy host. As I saw that opening, I was tempted to throw the letter away, and continue watching TV. Of course, Captain Hollywood doesn't bother to insert our names. However, I was curious to see what else was written, so I kept reading.

CongratulatIons! You hAve been selected for a special dinner along with 10 other forMer competitors! The dINner will be hosted by no other than THE man who brought you guys together originally, Chris McClEan!

This confused me. Why would this sadist invite us to a dinner? I thought he hated us. I mean, I thought he did. Unless you call 3 seasons of torturing us, love. I continue reading, suddenly more interested than before.

You wiLL be treAted to a full 3-couRse meal, courtesy of our infamous Chef Hatchet!

I groan. That man's cooking will be there?

But don't stop reading yet! After dinner, we'll all go outside for a game of croquet! Also, there is a special surprise, just waiting for one of you! The address is 1337 Ishvan Road on April 24th, 2011. Be there!


the one and only Chris McClean!

As I re-read the letter, I notice the strange bold and underlined letters. What could this mean? I shrug, and throw the letter on the ground, and continue watching TV. I made a mental note to remind my mother to drive me there. This still seems like an interesting dinner.

When I arrive today, Sunday, I see the other invited contestants. Tyler, Owen, Cody, Lindsay, Sadie, Courtney, Beth, Bridgette, Trent, and the anti-me, Justin, all waiting outside Chris's mansion, mostly everyone conversating, except for Courtney, glaring at the others with disgust.

Beth was drooling all over Justin, literally, as he took off his shirt.

"Yuck," Justin cringes. "Uneven tans,"

Beth's face turns hot and sweaty. "I don't think you look bad, Justin!" she says.

I roll my eyes. She still can't see through his outer beauty?

I look over on the other side of the driveway. I see Trent and Bridgette softly talking, while her eyes are filled with tears.

“It’s okay, Bridgette,” Trent comforts the surfer. “It’s okay…”

"But what if we never get back together?! What if he hates me forever?" Bridgette cries out, most likely talking about Geoff. That guy can never keep Bridgette happy.

All of a sudden, I hear a shout of a female voice, then as, I turn around, I am greeted by Sadie, running wildly over to me.

"Noah! Over here!" she yells, running towards me at a fast pace, her smile wide.

I brace myself as she comes crashing down on me, the weight of the girl crushing my back. I gasp for breath, while she continues to talk.

"Hi, Noah! It's me, Sadie! Remember, from Total Drama?" she stupidly asks.

I answer with the slight words I can whisper, and then she noticed that my face had turned blue. She quickly gets off me.

I breathe, heavily, and barely whisper out a thank you. And then, at the worst time, Owen had appeared.

"Noah! My little buddy!" he cries out, grabbing me in a rib-cracking hug. And then, I fell unconcious.

When I had came back to my senses, Chris was waiting, impatiently.

"Dude, you were blacked out for like, an hour! I didn't invite you to be a slacker. Now, follow me," he said, quickly walking into his house. I rolled my eyes, as we followed him inside. We were greeted by a huge lobby-like area, with stairs leading upstairs, and a door on each horizontal side of the room.

"Um, Chris? When do we get to eat dinner?" Owen asked, anxiously.

"Right now, Owen my man," Chris said. "Follow me into the dining room, where our dinner shall be awaiting us." Chris lead us into the door on the left side of the mansion. Something was very odd about this gathering so far. I couldn't put my finger on it.

Inside the dining hall, a long table stood in the middle of the room, countless pictures were on the wall, a fireplace was at the farthest end of the table, which was placed next to another door. I also noticed that the room seemed very dark, and strange, despite the heat and light from the lit fireplace.

"Now, everyone grab a seat, I have to get our food ready," Chris says, walking out of the room.

I'm not sure if it's me, or my paranoia, but Chris has been acting very strange today. Well, his addiction to sadism was strange, but his behavior seems very different. I shrug off my complex analysis, and take a seat in the middle of the table. Then, I am surrounded by Owen, to my left, and Sadie, to my right. Why do I have the overweight friends, again?

After waiting, for about, 50 minutes . . .? I'm not sure, but anyways, Chris has been gone for a LONG time. The others are starting to get impatient.

"Um, hello? Wasn't Chris supposed to be here now? He said he was prepping the food!" Courtney whines.

"He better get here quick, this beautiful stomach isn't gonna feed itself," Justin complains, pulling up his shirt to reveal his six-pack, and uneven tans.

Owen, seems to have gone mad. "Gah! Owen need food! Owen need food now! Owen have been waiting for nine thousand hours!" he shouts, speaking in the third person.

"Over nine thousand!" Sadie shrieks. "I'm freaking starving!"

"Oh, Tyker, I'm so hungry..." Lindsay says, her head falling on Tyler's shoulder.

"It's OK, Lindsay," Tyler says, stroking her hair.

"Well, we'll never get anywhere if we don't look for him. Let's split up, to try and find Chris," Beth says. "I'll go with... Justin, Lindsay, Trent and... Sadie. Noah, why don't you take Owen, Bridgette, Cody, Tyler, and, unfortunately, Courtney."

"Hey!" Courtney shouts.

"Meh, I guess," I say, taking my group out into the main hall, while Beth takes her group through the door inside the dining room. I decide to take to the stairs, and lead the others along. The stairs lead to another lobby, with two doors on each side of the lobby.

"Well, let's go to the left one first!" Tyler says, sprinting over to the door. As Tyler begins to open the door, a loud, low-pitched growl screams out at us from the behind. Tyler slowly turns around, his eyes wide. "What was that?"

At this point, I have started panicking. "Um, alright, uh, everyone, RUN!"

Everyone seems to scatter, some running downstairs, some running through doors. Owen and Cody are following me, as I run through the door on the right, on the second story. We are greeted by another hallway, this time, dark and safe.

Owen, who has been running about 4 meters, falls on his knees, and breathes heavily. "Can't- gasp- run, -gasp-, much- gasp- longer..." he says.

"What was that sound? And where could it be?" Cody asks.

"I have no idea," I say. "But, we might as well get on the move, and find Chris, and the others."

We keep moving on, Owen behind us, until we eventually stop.

"No, we have to keep going!" Owen says, confident and delusional enough to think that he can keep walking. Owen grabs the door handle and gasps at what is before him. "My old enemy..." I walk over to see what he is talking about, and understands. A long, dark staircase, that seems to go on forever.

"...I think we should head back," Cody says. I nod my head, and we go back the way we came. When we emerged back in the main lobby, we entered the door on the other side of the hall. This time, we came face to face with Beth, her face red like a beet, and Justin, who hasn't broken a sweat.

"Hello, Justin," I say, unenthusiastically.

"Why, hello, Noah, ol' buddy, ol' pal!" Justin says, sarcastically.

"We got seperated from the others, and we were running from... Well, I'm not exactly sure what it was... Here, I'll try and describe it," Beth says.

I listen in horror as Beth describes the thing that made that horrid noise earlier. It was Chris. But, he looked different, somehow. He walked on all fours, and had blood streaking across his mouth. His skin was olive green, and his description reminded me of when Ezekiel had been a passenger on our Total Drama Jumbo Jet.

"And, well, we've been hiding in this closet ever since now. We don't know where anyone else is, and we still haven't figured out if Chris is alive or dead-" Beth was suddenly cut off by the same roar from earlier.

Owen, Cody and I turn around to see the monster, looking exactly like Beth described, and looks almost like it was taken straight out of a horror movie.

"That is Chris?!" Cody asks, his body shaking and his knees knobbling.

"Uh, yes... Now RUN!" Justin replies, grabbing Beth as they run down their hallway. We follow, sprinting like mad, when Owen falls face first, and on the ground. I look behind me long enough to see Owen get dragged away by the monster.

"Noah! My little buddy! Help!" he shouts, getting dragged away, and finally, into the darkness.

My heart is racing. The monster is no longer heard, and neither is Owen. What is going on around here?! Is this a joke, or is this for real? I don't have much time to think, because Justin urges me to continue following him. We stop at a door, underneath some stairs, which leads into a small room, with a shelf filled with medications, and liquids. There is also a bed on the other side of the room, with a huge lump underneath the covers, which we ignore, considering the circumstances.

We catch our breath, while Beth bursts into tears, and falls to the ground. "He got Owen! He got Owen, and we didn't help!" she cries, her teardrops falling outside the rim of her glasses. I dawdle about his cry for help to me. I could have helped him. Cody walks over to Beth, and comforts her.

"It's going to be alright, Beth. Owen is just fine. Shh..." he says, in a soothing voice, patting Beth on the back. He leads her over to the bed, and they sit on the lump, which emits a scream.

Beth and Cody jump off the bed, and we see Lindsay emerge from the covers.

"Back! I know Pho-fighting!" she says, her hands coming up in a Harold-like position.

"Lindsay, calm down!" I say. "It's just me, Noah. Remember? Me, Beth, Justin and Cody."

Lindsay relaxes her hands, and runs over to hug me. "Oh Noah! It was awful! Me and Tykler got seperated, and I'm worried about him!"

I'm not sure how to comfort, so I move on to another idea. "We need to get out, find the others, and get the heck out of here. We have no time to lose, come on!" I say, rushing everyone out of the room, and into another hallway.

"There was this locked door in this hallway. We tried our hardest to open it, but it was tight," Justin says.

"That's what she said!" Cody chortles merrily. We all glare. "Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood, sheesh..."

"Anyways," Justin continues. "Even with my extremely hot body, and Beth's ugly power, we couldn't open it!"

"Well, there's no other choice then to find a back door. We need to get out of here," I say.

Lindsay ponders. "Well, I think I saw another door, in the hall where the dining room door led," she says. "Maybe that's where we can find Tiller!"

Beth and I look confused at Lindsay's sudden intelligence burst, while the others don't seem to care.

"Well, that sounds like a great plan, Lindsay," Beth says, weakly. "Justin, do you mind if I can ride on your back? My legs feel weak, and If I walk any longer, I think I might barf..."

Justin hesitates, then sighs. "Fine."

“Saddle up!” Beth orders, mounting her prestigious stead.

So we walk. And walk. And walk. Somehow, we finally arrive at the dining room. We open the door to be greeted by a girl. She sees us and screams.

“Oh, no!” Courtney exclaims hysterically. “Tom Cruise!”

Courtney looks almost insane, her eyes bloodshot and her hair all ragged. Chris's "joke" must have played a toll on her.

"Courtney, Courtney!" Beth cries. "It's OK! It's just me, Beth!"

Courtney's eyes roll. "Of course It's you, Beth," she says. "I was thinking of a way to scare off Chris if he attacked me here, so I yelled the first thing on my mind."

Was it me, or was everyone yelling out random quotes today? "You know what? We just need to find 'Chris'. Maybe he's a machine or something, I don't really care, I just wanna get outta here," I say.

"There's a front door right there, Noah," Courtney snaps, pointing to the door to the lobby.

We all stare at each other for a few seconds, then everyone rushes to the door. I slip past everyone and arrive at the door to the house. I reach for the handle, and turn it... and it's locked.

Great. Just great. I'm stuck with a bunch of lunatics, and Chris has turned into a freakin' monster. And that's when I heard the growling. Beth, Justin, Cody and Courtney have disappeared, while Lindsay is running around, screaming. By this time, I am famished, and tired, so I decide to examine this "creature".

I walk up to him. "Hey, Chris," I say. "What are you up to? Eating everyone?" I see a gray button on his ripped shirt.

"Naoh! What are you doing! You're going to get kidnapped! What about Tyfer?" Lindsay shouts.

Chris lunges, and I pass out.

When I awake, I see everyone besides Lindsay tied up in the room around me. We're in a dark room, probably a cellar, and a supposed "dead body" is in the middle. The monster Chris is watching us, waiting to strike at the slightest sign of movement.

"Justin," Beth whispers. "I'm scared..."

"Beth," Justin replies softly. "I'm scared of your face... Oh, and the monster..."

Sadie is sobbing on Trent, while Owen is eating some old cheese on the ground. Bridgette is trying to meditate, while Courtney is struggling fiercely to get out of her rope tied around her.

"LET-US-OUT!" she screams, ripping bits of the rope off.

Tyler is biting his lip, frightened for Lindsay, and Cody has peed his pants, looking ashamed at the ground.

We hear bumbling, and shouting, and Lindsay emerges from a door. "Move it, bub!" Lindsay orders. "I want to save my friends! Oh, and Tyler!" she says, finally saying her own boyfriend's name correctly.

We cheer, while she begins kicking the monster with her boots. When her boot hits, a metal clang is heard, and she pulls back her foot with a groan of pain.

"Lindsay, use a pole!" Cody shouts.

"Just kill him!" Courtney orders.

"Lindsay, press the button on his back!" I shout.

Lindsay nods at me, and jumps around the thing. She sees the button and reaches for it, getting scratched by the monster's metal claws. She presses the button, and the monster immediately drops down, dead.

Everyone cheers, while I begin thinking. Chris did this all as a prank?

"Lindsay! You saved us! But, heheh, this was not what the letter said we were gonna do!" Owen cheers.

The letter. The underlined letters. They spelled... I A M I N T H E C E L L A R. I am in the cellar. Chris is in here.

"Guys," I say. They ignore me, still cheering. "GUYS," I shout. They give me their attention. I clear my throat. "Remember the letter? Remember the underlined letters? They spell I am in the cellar, which means Chris is somewhere in here."

Everyone gasps as the body in the middle rises up. "Noah, you've got it right! From the monster, to the letter, you've figured out my plan! And you win... Nothing! It was all for fun! None of you were ever in any danger!" Chris exclaims.

Courtney turns red, and begins advancing on Chris, and the others follow, ready to kick the crap outta him.

"Guys?" Chris says. "Guys, st-stop, really! Guys!" Chris shouts. And then he begins to get attacked.

Meh, this whole day was a waste of my time, and life, but it's kind of worth it to watch Chris get beaten up.

The End.

LF's Story

A Look Into the Future

The story of the contestants lives

By: Leshawnafan

Quotes used: All

It's been a few years since the Total Drama cast had stopped competing in the seasons. Each contestant had moved on from their reality show lives, and gotten jobs, or done nothing with their life. Either way, of course Chris was watching them. He had hidden cameras in their new jobs/houses to see what the old cast was up to.

"Hehehehe, this should be fun," Chris chuckled as he sat down to watch the footage of multiple cameras he had set up.

"Let's see who's up first," Chris said, picking out a random tape. "Oh, our little friend Justin is," Chris said as he put the tape into the the tape player.

The tape started playing, revealing Justin behind a desk in a tanning salon.

"Come on girls, we have more customers waiting to use those two tanning beds!" Justin warned the two teen age girls who were laying in them.

The two girls stepped out of the tanning bed and walked out through the door in front of Justin.

Justin watched the two girls leave. "Yuck," Justin cringed. "Uneven tans," Justin pointed out as he watched the girls walk into another store.

Justin sat down behind his desk and began reading one of the stores magazines. The business was slow, but that was typical because it was the middle of winter.

Justin sighed and looked up as Lindsay, his most valuable customer.

"Ah, hey Lindsay! Nice to see you again," Justing greeted her as she walked into the store.

"Hi Jacob, I'm here for my monthly tan," Lindsay told Justin.

"Uh, it's Justin, and sure, let me just go make sure no one is in any of the tanning beds," Justin said as he turned around and walked into the room with the beds.

"Move it, bub!" Lindsay ordered. "I don't have all day, and if I wait any longer I'm worried I'll be as white as a ghost!"

"Ok, ok! Calm down! You still look fine! Now go ahead in, the bed is ready," Justin informed Lindsay.

Suddenly, the tape scratched, and Chris removed it from the tape player.

"Eh, it was getting boring..." Chris admitted as he filed the tape away. Next he pulled another video out, labeled "Beth."

The video started playing and revealed Beth standing next to a chocolate colored horse, with some other riders near her.

"Alright guys, remember, this is not a competition! It's a fundraiser to help support a wildlife foundation who is protecting wild horses! So, all the money made from tickets will go to the fund, got it?" Beth asked the group who has assembled around her.

The people in the group nodded in agreement.

"Good, I'm glad you guys are up for this!" Beth said, get excited. "Saddle up!" Beth ordered, mounting her prestigious stead. The others in the crowd went to their horses and did the same, and soon the were all out on the obstacle course in front of the semi-big crowd.

Beth was the last one to go around the obstacle course, and it seemed to be going ok, until the reached the hurdle. Her horse ws doing great, but did not approve of the hurdle. Her stead came to a sliding stop, and Beth went flying off of her horse, over the hurdle, and skidded to a stop. The crowd stood up in terror as they watched a motionless Beth.

Chris took out the tape, too horrified to find out the ending. "Ah, that's gonna leave a mark," Chris said as he put the tape away and gringed at the thought of that happening to him.

Next, Chris put in a tape labeled "Bridgette."

The tape turned on and revealed Bridgette standing in a surf shop. The camera revealed Trent standing next to Bridgette as well in the surf shop.

“It’s okay, Bridgette,” Trent comforted the surfer. “It’s okay…”

"How can you say it's ok? We just got robbed!" Bridgette exclaimed franctically.

"Calm down, Bridgette. The police are on the way and it'll all be ok soon," Trent said as he walked over and hugged Bridgette.

The police burst into the surf store, and Bridgette went up and began describing what had happened.

He was about 5'4, brunette hair, freckles, wearing a black sweat shirt with black pants," Bridgette began explaining what the burglar looked like to the police man.

Suddenly, the tape stopped, and Chris was quickly filing it away.

"Yeah, I thought that would be cool because of the whole robbery thing, but really it was boring," Chris said, grabbing another tape labeled "Owen."

The tape began playing, and showed Owen sitting on his couch, eating potato chips and watching T.V.

"Oh, come on! It was obvious the answer was three and a half," Owen shouted, putting another handful of chips in his mouth.

Suddenly, the door bell rang. Owen got up and walked over to the door, only to find Tyler standing at there, waiting.

"Hi Tyler, what brings you to my humble abode?" Owen asked Tyler.

"My powers out, I was wondering if I could come here for the day?"

"Of course! Come on in!" Owen said, welcoming Tyler into his house.

Tyler took a few steps into Owen's house, then suddenly slipped on a chocolate rapper that was laying on the ground.

"Oh, sorry! I kind of forget to clean up sometimes, so make sure you watch your step," Owen warned Tyler.

Out of nowhere, all the lights in Owen's house went dark, and th duo heard a loud crash from coming from Owen's basement.

Tyler slowly turned around, his eyes wide. “What was that?”

Owen turned as well, and stared at Tyler. "I have no idea. Come with me, let's go get some flashlights and go check it out."

The duo rushed into Owen's kitchen and grabbed two flashlights. They turned them on, and silently crept towards the basement door. As they approached the door, the flashlights went off, and had run out of battery. The two stared in terror at each other, and paused for a second.

Then, Owen turned the door knob and gasped at what was before him. “My old enemy…” he paused for a second for dramatic affect. "The infamous shadowman!"

"The what?" Tyler asked, confused.

"There's been a shadow down here recently for the past two weeks everytime I come down here to get more food. I nicknamed him the shadowman!" Owen explained.

The lights suddenly flickered back on, revealing that the shadowman was really Noah.

"You moron, I've been stuc down here for two weeks!" Noah said, glaring at Owen.

Owen stared at Noah in shock. "Hey buddy! How did you get down here?"

Noah rolled his eyes. "You grabbed me from my house and glued me to a chair down here."

Owen laughed nervously. "Yeah, about that... why don't I eplain it to you in another way!" Owen said, running back up stairs, grabbed a radio and returned to the basement.

Noah groaned, “I feel a song coming on…”

Owen turned on the radio. "That's right, time for a song!" Owen began to clear his throat.

Out of no where, Tyler grabbed a bat and destroyed the radio with it. "Sorry dude, I've just had issues with songs since TDWT."

Chris ejected the tape, and shook his head. "Typical geeks."

Chris grabbed the last tape, which was labeled "Courtney."

The camera turned on, revealing Courtney sitting next to Saide on a huge couch.

"Welcome back to The Talk with Courtney and Sadie! Today, we're having a fundraiser, and like OMG we need to raise a lot of money!" Saide said.

"All the money we raise today will go to a fund that helps children with cancer," Courtney explained.

"So, all you lovers and fans and peeps can call in now to help benefit this fund! Courtney and I are standing by."

2 Hours Pass

“It’s over nine thousand!” Sadie shrieked.

"That's right, folks! We're almost near 10,000 dollars! We at the studio never expected to get this much money!" Courtney said, excitedly.

The phone rang, and Courtney answered.

"Thanks for calling The Talk with Courtney and Sadie! We're very happy you decided to donate some money! How much would you like to donate?"

"I would like to donate one million dollars! I mean, come on, I'm Tom Cruise! I think I could spare a million"

"Oh, no!” Courtney exclaimed hysterically. “Tom Cruise!” She quickly wrote his donation down, and hung up.

"What? It's normal for a person to not like Tom Cruise," Courtney said defensively.

"OMG!!!!!!!!! Courtney! We've raised so much money! We've worked so long and hard for this!" Sadie said with enthusiasm.

From the back, Cody, the intern for the show, spoke up.

“That’s what she said!” Cody chortled merrily.

Saide rolled her eyes, and Courtney threw her pen at Cody.

Chris ended this tpe, and sighed in relief.

"Well, I'm glad I don't have to work with all of them anymore. They're all freaks!" Chris exclaimed.

The End.

MrD's Story

Alternate "Celebrity Manhunt Total Drama Reunion Special"

"Blainley here," A middle-aged women announced, standing in front of the camera. "with a very special gift, for tonight, we're hosting, th--" Chris, the host we all know and love (unless you're a Total Drama contestant that is) then stepped out from behind a curtain.
"Booooring!" Chris announced, grinning at the camera. "Lemme cut right to the chase: Celebrity Manhunt. Total Drama. Reunion." He then turned to Blainley. "See how much easier that was?" Blainley forced a smile at Chris.
"Sure do, Chris." She then turned to the camera. "Sadly, my beloved partner couldn't make it tonight, as he had the flu. So, Chris," she started mumbling. "The twit," she then spoke at full volume again. "Has been hired to co-host instead of him." Chris grinned again.
"That's right! And, me being the wonderful host I am, had the epic idea to host a Total Drama reunion! We would explain what happened to them one by one... But think of how long that would take? We wouldn't have enough time for the challenge! So, let's meet the ex-contestants, shall we?" He then turned to a red carpet, with a surprisingly big limo just now pulling up to it, contestants piling out.
"You happy to get to meet each other again?" Chris asked them.
"Ugh, no..." Heather said, crossing her arms.
"I knew you were!" Chris replied enthusiastically, ignoring Heather entirely. Heather rolled her eyes, while Noah raised his hand. "Yes, Noah?"
"Shouldn't you... I don't know... Explain what happened to us since Total Drama?"
"Yes, we will, just all at once instead of taking our valuable time to do it individually... Ready?" Chris took a deep breath. "Ezekiel has been made fun of for getting off a reality show first every-time he goes in public, making going to real school something he can never do." Ezekiel held his head down, while Bridgette, being the angel she is, looked down at the ground.
"I feel so sorry for him..." She whispered, and Trent stood next to her now.
"It's okay, Bridgette..." Trent comforted the surfer. "It's okay..." (Quote 9) Bridgette turned around to face him.
"No, it isn't... He can never live a normal life, he'll always have to be home-schooled..." Now, Ezekiel walked over to her.
"Trust me, it's fine. I'm sure by the time I'll actually need to go out, like to get a job, everyone will have forgot... eh."
Bridgette sighed deeply. "That's not why I'm upset... I'm upset since I was the one who voted you off..."
Ezekiel was about to speak again, but Chris started to speak. "A-hem." Chris glared at them. "This is 'introducing them individually', which we don't have time for, if you'll recall. "Anyways... Eva finally gave up body building, and into the wonders of... Junk-food..." Everyone turned around to face Eva, and noticed her "muscles" weren't muscles, it was fat.
Eva looked down at the ground. "I'm so ashamed..."
Everyone after a while, with some struggle, looked back at Chris, and he continued. "Noah worked for me as an intern, but then he ended up quitting on me. Now I can punish him for that. Do you know what my punishment is, Noah?"
Noah groaned. "I feel a song coming on..." (Quote 6)
Chris clapped his hands together. "Correct! Sing, intern boy!"
Noah rolled his eyes, but started to reluctantly sing.
"This is the song that never ends..."
Chris put his hands up. "Okay, okay, you can stop! Just don't sing that song!" Noah smirked triumphantly, and stopped singing the horrid song. "Anyways... Justin's modeling career has sky-rocketed, due to the fame Total Drama has brought him."
It was at that moment Justin stepped forward, looking as se-- Good as ever. "It's a pleasure to meet all of you again, amigos and amigas."
Lindsay's mouth went wide open. "Wow... You speak French?!"
"That was Spanish, Lindsay." Chris interrupted. "And, now time to move on to... Katie! Sadly, Katie and Sadie had a big fight over who some guy on this show liked instead... Justin probably, and they are now: Ex-BFF's." It would be a shame... If it didn't rake in the ratings!" He chortled. "Ah, anyways... Time for Tyler! Since we gave him that... Boat fulled to the brim with chickens on his ride to Playa de Losers, his fear of chickens has escalated drastically."
"Not tr--" Tyler started, then he heard the pitter-patter of tiny feet and a "ca-caw!" behind him. Tyler slowly turned around, his eyes wide. "What was that?" (Quote 1) He then saw, in all of it's glory... A chicken. He shrieked, and hid behind Chris, while Noah whispered to Katie.
"... Was what Chris told about you and Sadie true?" He asked the girl, who nodded slightly.
"Part of it, although she could more not understand why I liked a guy on the show... But that wasn't even a main reason, one of the more central reasons was the fact that she got this obsession with Dragon Ball Z."
"How so?" Noah asked her, his curiousity activated.
"You'll see soon enough..."

"If I may continue..." Chris stated, finally getting the chicken out of the place, and Tyler's nerves back to normal. "Izzy was able to become a fntastic reality host for some show called 'Are You Crazier Than Izzy? It apparently rakes in the ratings, perhaps even more then Total Drama... Interesting... Cody has finally got over his obsession with Gwen, and managed to get himself a girlfriend... Some chick called 'Sierra'..." He shrugged. "Meh. Can't account for bad taste in names... Anyways, Beth got herself a new boyfriend called 'Brady', who's a model... How, might I ask?" Chris asked,looked up to face Beth.
"Well..." she started, but Chris cut her off.
"Never mind, I don't care. Anyways, up next is Sadie, who apparently... Has an obsession with Dragon Ball Z now... Which causes for her to always say..."
"It's over nine thousand!" Sadie shrieked. (Qoute 5)
"Ya... Um, anyways... Next up is Courtney, who has apparently been going all hard,"
"That's what she said." Cody chortled merrily. (Qoute 3)
"Seriously dude? Anyways, she's been going all mean since her elimination, according to Duncan... They're still dating, miraculously though..."
"... Judge my taste in women and I'll snap your neck." Duncan dared.
"No worries dude, we won't..." Chris cleared his throat. "Anyways, time for a short commercial break!" The area faded to black, and a commercial started airing.

"And we're back!" Chris announced, after the commercial was over. "And, time to explain what happened to Harold... Harold is now... A professional video game designer... Pretty impressive, actually, especially for one so young of age."
Harold bowed humbly. "I try, I try."
"Trent was able to get a record deal, also quite impressive." Unlike Harold's, at this everyone applauded.
"Aw, come on!" Harold said, throwing his glasses to the floor.
"But... Him and Gwen still haven't got together, sadly." He started to mutter under his breath, barely audible by the camera. "They better get together soon, 'Gwent' was great for ratings..." He then spoke at normal volume again. "Anywho, Bridgette..." He blinked, and leaned in closer to make sure she was reading this correctly. "... Broke up with Geoff, as she felt that their relationship was getting too physical... Geoff, how does that make you feel?"
Geoff shifted uncomfortably in his seat. "Could we not talk about it?"
"No. No we couldn't."
Geoff sighed. "Well... I still feel depressed about it, and made out with her so much not because I liked kissing her, although I did, but to show her I loved her..." He laughed softly. "Guess that backfired..."
Bridgette's expression softened. "Geoff, I'm sorry, I didn't know... Perhaps we could give our relationship another try someday..."
Geoff looked at her with hope filled eyes. "You mean it?"
Bridgette's lip made contact with his cheek. "Of course..."

"That was real sweet and all," Chris started to say, interrupting their moment. "But we need to continue with... Lindsay! Since winning Total Drama Action, Lindsay has been able to move to France, in which some hobos all got together and gave her five million dollars, and apparently Lindsay lied about what happened to her since she won... Anyways, Deej has been able to host his own cooking show with his mom, having pretty decent ratings, actually. Geoff, we all know what happened to him thanks to Bridgette. Leshawna here has been competing on multiple reality shows since Total Drama, such as "The Amazing Marathon", "Big Sister", "Canadian Idol", and "Scare Factor"... Very impressive Leshawna. Duncan has finally been able to pay his bail for juvie, since Lindsay felt bad about beating him so she gave him enough for bail... Alright, that about Lindsay I can believe. Duncan since then went to school, and actually did a pretty good job there."
Duncan shrugged. "Meh, not that hard actually..."

"Heather, the 'queen of mean', has been even more popular at her school... However, she actually lost multiple friends, since they figured they couldn't trust her... Ouch. Anyways, Gwen, the goth chick, has been finally accepted into some high-brow art school, and doing pretty well at it." He gave a soft clap for Gwen. "Way to go. Owen, that lovable blob, last but not least, has finally tried to diet... But failed, so he gave up on it. He also... Gets teased on more for winning, since, and I quote: 'He only won since he gains super human speed by smelling food. How frickin' lame is that?' ... You have my sympathy, dude." Chris looked down at his paper. "... That's all? Finally, time to start the challenge!"

"And what is the challenge, oh mighty host?" Noah asked, rolling his eyes.

"Well, there are a few, and the prize for them all will be revealed at the end... Owen can not compete in the first one, but here goes... Y'all have to find Owen's worst enemy, which is hidden somewhere inside the studio. You can form alliances if you chose to, but be warned, you'll earn less money by doing it due to it being divided evenly. Ready? Go!" Some people ran off looking for it, some formed alliances, and Owen sat there eating a brownie.
"Chocolaty goodness..." Owen said to himself, scarfing it down.
"Hey, Zeke?" Bridgette asked the home-school. "Wanna be in an alliance with me and Geoff?"
"S- Sure..." Ezekiel replied, blushing slightly.
Ezekiel: (confessional) So what if I like a girl with a boyfriend, eh? Bridgette is so nice, an--- Where did this confessional come from, eh?
While Ezekiel stepped out of the confessional mystified, Duncan walked up to Gwen and Courtney.
"Whataya say about an alliance?" He asked the two, who both nodded rapidly then glared at the other.
Gwen: (confessional) Alright, so I may like Duncan just a little bit... Wait, why is there a confessional here?
While Gwen walked out with the same expression as Ezekiel, Harold ran over to Leshawna, even jumping over Trent to do so, panting when he arrived.
"You... Me... Alliance?" He asked her, and Leshawna forced a smile.
"Sure, sugerbaby..."
Leshawna: (confessional) I wish Harold would find some other girl already... Wait, how'd I end up in here?
Leshawna also walked out of it. "Weird..." She muttered under her breath.
Katie walked up to Noah. "To ensure that Sadie won't come running back and asking me to be her partner, will you be my alliancee, or alliance member?"
Noah looked at her for a few moments skeptically, then nodded his head. "Sure, why not..." Surprisingly enough, these were all of the alliances, and everyone who stayed behind (excluding Owen) then ran off, looking for Owen's worst enemy.

"What would Owen hate..." Noah pondered aloud to Katie. "An apple? Fruit? Vegetables?"
"Treadmills? Weights? Medicine balls?" Bridgette wondered aloud to Ezekiel and Geoff, on the same track as Noah.
Bad tans? Uneven tans? He then flinched. "Yuck," He cringed at the thought. "Uneven tans..." (Quote 10).
"No make-up?" Lindsay thought aloud, as she walked.
"Not being able to party?" Geoff said, it being his turn to wonder aloud to Ezekiel and Bridgette.
Heather walked along, wondering these things to herself too. No cheese cellar? Having to get off his lazy butt and do something? She then saw a door slightly open, with some light gleaming through it, so she opened it slightly, and looked inside. She grinned at what she saw. "There you are..." She ran off to Owen.

"Ooooh, Owen!" Heather exclaimed, running back smugly. "I found it!"
Owen stood up, licking his fingers for whatever remained from the brownie, and followed her. She led him to the closed door, and stepped aside for him to open it. Owen turned the doorknob and gasped at what was before him. "My old enemy..." (Quote 2) Tyler managed to sneak a peek inside, and stared blankly.
"Um, Owen? You do realize those are diet pills... Right?" Owen walked over to them, glaring.
"Yes, diet pills, never once making me lose weight..." He smacked them and they hit the floor, hard.
"Okaaay then... Heather, you just won the challenge! And you know what else you won? ... guaranteed entry into the next season, Total Drama World Tour!"
"Ugh, another season?" Heather complained, crossing her arms.
"Yep! Everyone else, you get it by a race across the studio! First seventeen to get there win! Ready? Go!" Chris noticed no-one was moving. "... Try or we'll sue." At this everyone started running as fast as they could, team-work not being an option in this.
"Move it, bub!" Lindsay ordered (Quote 4) to Owen, who was sitting down, having trouble getting up.
"I can't!" Owen complained. Lindsay sighed, and ran around him.

Noah and Katie were running side by side, not helping each other, but exchanging friendly conversation while they ran.
"So, who was that boy Sadie didn't understand you liked anyways?" Noah asked her, curious.
"Erm... Justin." She lied through her teeth.
"Doesn't Sadie have a huge crash on Justin though?"
Katie realized her mistake, and sighed. "... Fine, it was you, happy?" Katie ran faster now to get away from Noah, leaving Noah behind, a blushing mess.

At the finish line, Eva, perhaps using steroids or some other similar substance, was already there, perhaps even more miraculous since she gave into the wonders of junk-food, if you'll recall.
"Woah..." Chris said with wonder as soon as she arrived, then whispered into a radio. "... Test Eva for steroids."

Beth however was having difficulty with the challenge, as she kept getting tossed aside by the other competitors. Finally she gave up going the main way, and took a small detour she saw in all of the sets, at the cowboy set to be specific.
She kept on going along this way until she saw the horse from the jumping challenge, a lot healthier now. She, taking advantage of the opportunity, quickly started getting on the horse.
"Saddle up!" Beth ordered, mounting her prestigious stead. (Quote 8) The girl and her steed quickly set off, ready to win the challenge.

To avoid boring running, we're skipping right ahead to the end at who was at the finish line. Courtney, Beth, Eva, Ezekiel, Noah, Katie, Trent, Justin, Cody, DJ, Leshawna, Lindsay, Geoff, Harold, Tyler, Izzy, and Bridgette all lined up, shortly beating all who didn't make it.

"Oooh lala! Perfect cast!" Chris started announcing. "In fact, you might say we rigged it... But we didn't!" He laughed nervously, then continued. "So, there you have it, all of them and Heather shall be competing in the third season! What will the third season have? Drama, me, and," at this point he started to sing. "Sooooongs! Oh yes, we were going to have Tom Cruise as my co-host, but apparently he's too good to host..."
"Oh no!" Courtney exclaimed hysterically. "Tom Cruise! (Quote 7) Why couldn't he have co-hosted?" She started to whine.
"Some reality show called 'The Biggest Fatso' offered him more money to host, okay?!" Chris snapped, then he cleared his throat. "Anyways... Find out what will happen, next time on Total... Drama... World Tour!"

The Total Drama producers were sitting around, sighing.
"Man..." One of them groaned. "That season bombed. And I think I know why..." The producer glanced at the new head script-writer through a window, who was playing with her blond hair. "We. Need. To fire. That idiot." Everyone else nodded their agreement, and he spoke into a microphone. "Miss Lindsay, please report to the main office." The girl leaped up, and ran into the room in a split second. "I'm sorry Lindsay, but due to financial cuts," the producer lied. "We need to fire you..." The girl didn't seem too sad about this however.
"Oh well!" She exclaimed happily. "At least Beth liked that super-model boyfriend Brian I got her!" She skipped out, and the producers all looked at each other.
"You don't suppose she was the Lindsay..." They all shook their heads after a moment. "Nah!"

The End

Toad's Story

Total Drama: A Day At Th' Docks

Plot: The 24 contestants have been invited back to Playa Des Losers for one day, to relax. Alejandro and Ezekiel are fully replenished.

Quotes Used: All

The twenty-four contestants sat on the dock, doing many different things. Ezekiel, for one, was sound asleep, with only his arm hanging out of his blanket, and Justin was staring at himself in a mirror nearby.

Chris comes near Noah and Ezekiel in his music suit.

Noah groaned, “I feel a song coming on…”

"Nope, I just want you to wake up Zeke, he's been asleep for a few weeks." said Chris.

"Why can't Justin do it?" asked Noah.

"Because Justin is more beautiful than you." said Chris.

"All right then, wakey-wakey, Zeke." said Noah, nudging the sleepy Canadian boy.

"What'd I miss, eh?" A groggy Ezekiel stepped onto the ground, and his arm was a golden-yellow tan. Unfortunately, the rest of his body was how it always had been.

“Yuck,” Justin cringed. “Uneven tans.”

"It ain't my fault, eh." said Ezekiel.

Bridgette, Geoff, Gwen, and Trent were at the beach. Bridgette's surfboard was sitting on the sand, while suddenly, a shark came and took a huge bite out of it.

"NUUUUU!" screamed Bridgette. "My surfboard!!!"

“It’s okay, Bridgette,” Trent comforted the surfer. “It’s okay…”

"No it's not, dude." said Duncan, who had suddenly emerged. "Those things cost like 500 bucks, plus tax."

Bridgette angrily stared at Duncan, who laughed and rolled his eyes.

Cody, Sierra, and for some reason Courtney were at the snack bar. Cody was sticking his hand down a suspicious hole on the table.

"Will you quit sticking your finger in that hole?" said Courtney angrily.

“That’s what she said!” Cody chortled merrily.

"Ugh, what freaks." said Courtney, who turned on a TV. “Oh, no!” she exclaimed hysterically. “Tom Cruise!”

"What about him? Because we know he's a Scientologist." said Sierra.

"No, he gained 4 POUNDS yesterday! Look, he's morbidly obese now!" cried Courtney.

"He doesn't look much different." said Sierra.

Courtney angrily left.

"Come again!" said Sierra happily.

Katie and Sadie were chatting in the pool.

"Hey, I'm gonna go ask out Justin." said Sadie.

"Dude, how many times have you done that?" said Katie.

“It’s over nine thousand!” Sadie shrieked.


"Well, it is." said Sadie glumly.

Lindsay was reading a magazine. Heather "accidentally" bumped into her.

"Whoops, my bad." said Heather.

“Move it, bub!” Lindsay ordered.

"Naaah." said Heather. "I'm good." She strutted over to Katie and Sadie.

"Why're you here, meany?" asked Sadie.

"Shut up, knobs." said Heather. "Do not bother me." She crawled into a bush to spy on them.

Soon after, Noah came over to the BFFFLs, and Tyler, who was drinking a smoothie.

"Noah!" screamed Katie, and hugged him tight.

"Meh." said Noah.

"Wanna make out?" asked Katie.

Tyler slowly turned around, his eyes wide. “What was that?”

"Meh." said Noah.

"Is that all you ever say?" asked Sadie.

"Meh." said Noah.

Owen and Izzy were catching fish, until Owen said, "I need to go to the bathroom."

Izzy laughed sneakily.

Owen turned the bathroom door knob and gasped at what was before him. “My old enemy…”

Josh was sitting there, reading "Humans."

"JOSH??" screamed Owen hysterically.

"Oh, hey, Omar." said Josh.

Owen grunted, and threw a roll of toilet paper at Josh, who screamed and ran out the window, naked and partially censored.

Beth and Eva were riding a mechanical bull that they somehow got.

"Your turn." said Eva.

“Saddle up!” Beth ordered, mounting her prestigious stead.

The bull threw Beth across the field.

"Heh, heh, heh..." said Beth, covered in grass.

Chris walked over to the contestants.

"And there ya have it." he said. "You guys will all be competing in another season now! Aren't you excited?"

"No. No, I'm not." said Noah.

Th' End

CD-TDA's Story

"Last time on Total Drama Island! Twenty-two campers arrived and learned that they'll be spending the next eight weeks in a crusty, old summer camp. The campers were faced with their first challenge; jumping off a cliff into shark-infested waters! And while most campers took the plunge, a few were forced to wear the dreaded 'chicken hat'. At the Campfire Ceremony, it all came down to two campers - Courtney has experience as a C.I.T in summer camp, but refused to jump, and Ezekiel managed to tick off every female contestant at the camp with his sexist comments about women. In the end, the first camper voted off Total Drama Island was Ezekiel, proving that home-schooling and reality TV don't really mix. Who will be voted off this week in the most dramatic Campfire Ceremony yet? Find out tonight on Total! Drama! Island!" Chris narrated, summing up the previous episode's happenings in one recap right before the show went into its theme song.

After the show came back from commercial, Chris was standing in front of the campers' cabins, grasping a megaphone with his left hand.
Chris then began to shout hysterically into the megaphone, "Check, check! One two! Does this thing work!?"
A wave of groans came in response from both of the cabins, giving Chris a grin of satisfaction.
"What's up with the early wake-up call, Chris? We just had our first challenge!" Duncan snapped, kicking his cabin's door open.
"Just makin' sure you guys are ready for our rockin' second challenge!" Chris smiled.
Eventually, after all the campers had come out of their cabins, Chris began to speak, "I hope you guys got a good night sleep, because you're gonna need it for this challenge. You guys see those interns over there?"
Subsequently, Chris pointed at two Caucasian interns, which appeared to be twins. One was labeled as "Franco" and the other was labeled as "Lorenzo".
"Our generous interns here have, er, volunteered to participate in this challenge. Your goal? To make them look like me! Then I realized no one would ever reach the grandiosity that is Chris McLean, so your new goal is just to make them look like celebrities, instead of interns," Chris proudly proclaims.
"Wow, could you try to get any less narcissistic?" Leshawna frowned.
"Hmmmm, I'll think about it- nah," Chris grinned.
"Anyways, all the materials you could possibly need are on that table over there. Clothes, make-up, just about anything!" Chris declared.
"The Killer Bass will work in the boys' cabin, and the Screaming Gophers will work in the girls' cabin! G'luck!" Chris enthused. "You'll need it."
"Dibs on the clothes!" Heather exclaimed, rushing over to the table and gathering as much clothes as she could get.
Heather then ran inside the Gophers' cabin as the Killer Bass' jaw dropped.
"Well, we're screwed," Duncan sighed. "I'll be sleeping if you need me."
"What!? No! We still have a chance to win this!" Courtney snapped.
"As much as I hate to say it, I agree with Miss C.I.T, we've still got a chance, dudes," Geoff agreed, walking over to the table.
"I mean, we've got... sunglasses, a scarf, a lab coat and a fedora hat!" Geoff beamed.
Moments later, Owen ran out of the Gophers' cabin, slung the intern labeled as "Franco" over his shoulders and ran back into the cabin.
"Oh, look. We've got, uh, Lorenzo over there, too! He seems alright," Geoff enthused.
Duncan raised his pierced eyebrow, "I'll still be crashing. Peace."
Duncan then turned around and entered the Bass' cabin.
Tyler slowly turned around, his eyes wide. "What was that?"
"Duncan's per-"
Geoff was cut off by Courtney, "Alright, guys! Let's get the intern, the leftover clothes and go into the cabin. We've got a chance, guys! We've got a chance."

Meanwhile, in the Gophers' cabin...

"Move it, bub!" Lindsay ordered.
She then shoved Izzy out of the way, "Alright, we're gonna need some brand new clothes and uh, his hair... combed."
Beth and Leshawna began undressing the intern, as Justin groaned.
"Yuck," Justin cringed. "Uneven tans."
"Stuff it, Justin. We've gotta win this," Heather frowned.
Justin then "zipped his mouth" and threw away the "zipper".
"Much better," Heather smiled.
"Justin!" Beth pouted, getting a vicious glare from Heather.
Beth then gulped and went back to work, combing the intern's hair back.
Chris suddenly appeared at the door, "Five minutes le-"
Chris's cellphone began to ring abruptly, "Uh, what?"
"Wait, huh? Not dramatic enough? Are you (bleep) serious!?" Chris shouted.
"What!? You're cutting this episode from the series once it airs!? That's stupid!" Chris exclaimed.
"Oh, you're leaving something?" Chris smiled.
After a brief pause, Chris shouted, "The recap!?!? Ugh! (bleep) you!"
Chris then threw his cellphone onto the floor, and glared at the camera, obviously peeved.
"Shut the camera off. This episode's over. Campers, you may go back to sleep or whatever. We'll have a challenge later after I consult with the freakin' network," Chris groaned.
"What!?" Heather exclaimed. "We did all this work for nothing?"
"Uhhh, pretty much, yeah," Chris grinned, winking.

Kg's Story

  • Backstory: This is Season 5 of the Total Drama series. It's an All-Star season, with songs. It's every man (or woman) for themselves. So far, Duncan, Izzy, Heather, and Harold have been eliminated. The last person to be eliminated was Heather. Alejandro has a breakdown at her elimination. Right now, the final fourteen is Alejandro, Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney, Gwen, Justin, LeShawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Trent, and Tyler.

The fourteen remaining contestants sat on the edge of the Dock of Shame, in the same position as they were at the end of the previous episode.
"I just don't understand... how?!" Alejandro cried. "How could you idiotas vote out Heather?!"
Gwen sighed, "It's called an All-Stars season for a reason. Heather's manipulative, annoying, pony-haired, and she's already won a season. Cool your jets."
Sadie giggled happily, then clumsily fell off the edge of the dock.
Justin: (confessional) If this is an All-Stars season, why is Sadie in?
Sadie began to try and swim back, then stopped and wailed, "Cramps! Cramps!!"
Owen gasped. "I'm comin', puddin'-cup!"
He removed his shirt, revealing his farmer's tan.
"Yuck," Justin cringed. "Uneven tans."
"Sadie!!" Owen shrieked, and he dove into the water. He returned carrying Sadie in his arms, who smiled, "You're so strong..."
"Look, lovebirds," Courtney snapped, "Just because you two apparently made out last challenge, doesn't mean you have to torture us with your meaningless romance. I'm out of here."
Tyler stood up. "Same. Night, guys!"
The contestants then went into their cabins, and Alejandro sat on the dock, alone, muttering, "I will have my revenge."

The following morning, Noah woke up first, surprised to see that he woke up at 10:00 AM.
Noah: (confessional) 10:00 AM in Total Drama Standard Time means something's wrong. Knowing Chris, we should've been woken up at least five hours ago.
He stood up and unenthusiastically shouted, "Guys, wake up, there's something wrong."
Owen rolled off his top bunk, and Tyler did the same, falling on top of Owen.
Noah rolled his eyes in disgust. "I knew an every-man-for-himself season was a horrible idea. At least we voted off Duncan first."
Cody then fell off of his bed, on top of Noah. "Oof!"
Trent walked back into the cabin from the bathroom. "Hey, guys, have any of you seen--"
He paused and saw Owen, Tyler, Noah, and Cody piled on top of each other, still in their pajamas.
"Never mind," Trent quickly added, exiting.

The girls' cabin was even more hectic.
"Beth, you can't use my makeup without asking me. Even then, I wouldn't let you use it!" Courtney said.
"B-b-but, I need to contour my features!" Beth protested.
Courtney scoffed, "Do you even know what that means?"
Beth stuttered, "No, but, uh, um... it was in a magazine!"
"You can't touch it! Do you know how much this costs?" Courtney frowned.
Sadie grabbed the makeup kit from Courtney and looked at the price tag.
"It’s over nine thousand!" Sadie shrieked.
Courtney snatched it back from Sadie. "Give me that! Hmph."
Suddenly, a loud horn blared from the middle of the campgrounds.

The final fourteen all filed in, and Noah noticed Alejandro.
"Where were you all night?" Noah asked.
"That’s what she said!" Cody chortled merrily.
Alejandro sneered, "Grow up."
Chris walked in with a paper bag over his head.
"Hello, campers," he began, with a muffled tone.
Gwen slyly asked, "Feeling anti-social?"
Chris snapped, "Look, I'm not in the mood for jokes. My hairdresser got stuck in traffic, so now, my hair looks like a bird's nest. I don't even have any challenge ideas. You idiots got rid of Heather, Duncan, Izzy, and Harold, which were ratings gold! Well, maybe not Harold."
"Blame it on the idiot who thought that no teams this season would be a good idea!" Noah argued.
Chris balled his hands up into fists, but sighed. "Alright. Look. We're on the island. We still have some stuff from old Season 1 challenges, so, let's go back to our fear-facing challenge!"
Bridgette pointed out, "Chris, that won't work, most of the people here already faced their worst fear in Season 1. And some of them weren't in the season, or had already gotten eliminated!"
Noah and Justin simultaneously muttered, "Way to rub it in."
Chris covered his ears with his hands and chanted, "La-la-la-la-la! I can't hear you! La-la-la-la-la! Oh, and, Owen's first."
Owen's eyes widened as Tyler snickered, "Good luck, bro!"

The contestants walked over to Owen's challenge, which was a small cabin.
They stood outside as Chris explained, "Owen, your worst fear is right behind that door."
"But, he's afraid of flying," Courtney reminded. "That doesn't make any sense."
"Shut it!" Chris commanded. "Owen, open the door."
Owen turned the door knob and gasped at what was before him. "My old enemy..."
An enormous flight of stairs was right in front of him.
"Your task is to climb the entire flight of stairs without resting!" Chris laughed.
Alejandro taunted, "Don't roll down the stairs, gordo!"
Owen began walking up the first few stairs and collapsed almost instantly. "Gravity isn't my friend, y'know..."
"Owen's out!" Chris announced. "Next up... Beth!"
Beth squirmed in place as the focus switched over to her.

Chris led the contestants back to the campgrounds, where a large knight stood.
Beth shrieked and hid behind LeShawna. "It's him!"
LeShawna's eyebrow raised as she asked, "So, you're sayin' your second-worst fear is a knight in shining armor?"
"Worst fear," Chris corrected.
"But I thought she said her worst fear was bugs," Bridgette remembered. "And she dived into that huge pool!"
Chris glared at Beth as he stated, "Beth actually lied. That's why she completed that challenge so easily. On her application, it says her worst fear is actually a knight with a sword that will kill her in her sleep."
The other thirteen contestants awkwardly glanced at Beth, who cringed.
Chris whistled, and Chef pulled a horse out from the forest. "Beth, you can use that horse and a toy light saber to fight the knight and face your fear. Will you do it?"
Within the blink of an eye, Beth was already over to Chef.
"Saddle up!" Beth ordered, mounting her prestigious stead.
The horse charged over to the knight, who squealed and ran away.
Chris facepalmed himself and groaned. "Stupid interns. Beth's still in. Next to face their fear is Courtney."

As Chris led Courtney to her fear, she claimed, "You can't make me do the Green Jell-O thing again. I technically faced it. Remember the million dollar suitcase free-for-all?"
Chris rolled his eyes and continued, "Yeah, yeah, whatever. It's not your fear, anyways. And even if it was, you'd still have to do it."
"No way," Courtney denied. "My lawyers would--"
Gwen clamped her hand over Courtney's mouth. "Would you shut up about your idiotic lawyers?"
"Amen to that, sister!" LeShawna agreed.
Courtney began to protest, but then saw her fear.
"Oh, no!" Courtney exclaimed hysterically. "Tom Cruise!"
A middle-aged man turned around and sarcastically chuckled, "Oh, ha-ha. I'm actually a lawyer."
Justin said, "Wait, that doesn't make any sense. Lawyers are basically Courtney's BFF's."
Chris corrected, "Only her lawyers are. This lawyer has been in law school for eight years, and he's won over sixteen hundred cases. He's currently texting his defense on the show's side to get our money back from Courtney's budget cuts in Season 2!"
Courtney laughed. "Ha! There's no way he'd out-argue my law--"
"Case closed, we've won," the lawyer nonchalantly interrupted, walking off.
Courtney's jaw dropped. "What? I... I..."
A bell rang in the distance.
'Noah groaned, "I feel a song coming on..."
Chris grinned, "You got that right. Have... fun?"

Courtney: No, no, no, no, this can't be!
Sadie and Bridgette: (Can't be!)
Courtney: My stupid lawyers lost my money!
Lindsay and Gwen: (Money!)
Courtney: Now I've gotta pay these stupid fines!
Beth and LeShawna: (Stupid fines!)
Courtney: Everybody's messed with my mind!
All Girls: (My mind!)
Courtney: 'Cause it's impossible! Nope, no way, not probable! Failure is not optional!
All Guys: (Impossible, impossible...)
Courtney: 'Cause it's impossible! I've hit a huge obstacle! This problem is not solvable!
All except Courtney: Impossible, impossible, no way, no way!
Courtney: This can't be happening, no, no, NO!!!

The song cuts off as Courtney says the last "NO!".
Tyler slowly turned around, his eyes wide. "What was that?"
"Courtney's having a fit," Gwen explained. "She'll cool down in about two hours."
Tyler gasped, "Two hours?"
"Remember what happened when she found out Duncan cheated on her?" Cody reminisced.
Chris, Gwen, Tyler, Cody, and Alejandro all cringed at the remembrance of Courtney's tantrum.
"I suggest we move on before she kills someone," Chris decided. "Lindsay, you're up next."

As the contestants moved on to the next fear, Lindsay shoved through the crowd.
"Move it, bub!" Lindsay ordered.
Alejandro muttered, "What's up with her?"
Chris groaned. "Courtney rubs off on people once she starts whining. It hits the blondes first. Owen and Bridgette should snap in three, two, one..."
Owen scowled, "I'm tired of walking."
He suddenly jumped on Justin's back and ordered, "Take me back to my cabin! Giddy up!"
As Justin fell over, Gwen accidentally stepped on Bridgette's heel.
Bridgette shouted, "Hey! What's your damage?!"
"It’s okay, Bridgette," Trent comforted the surfer. "It’s okay..."
"No, it's not okay! My foot is in pain!" Bridgette growled.
"This is insane," Chris frustratedly determined.
Suddenly, he realized, "Wait a minute... the only reason Courtney was in this season is because she whined to her lawyers, so we had to swap her with Katie."
"WHAT?" Sadie shrieked.
Chris ignored her and continued, "So, now that she was defeated..."
Chris grabbed a megaphone and shouted, "Courtney, if you can hear me, uhh... well, this is awkward, but, you've been eliminated."
Courtney, however, was already taken off the island by interns.
Chris shrugged. "Uh, I guess there's no need for a challenge anymore."
Gwen playfully punched Chris in the arm. "Why didn't you hire that dude three seasons ago?"
"For real, boy," LeShawna chimed, "I probably would've won Total Drama Action if that witch didn't show up!"
"Alright, let's calm down," Chris said, trying to hide his satisfaction. "It looks like we can end this slightly awkward episode of Total Drama All-Stars! See you next week!"

Neko's Story

Plat's Story

Total Drama Action: The Almost Wedding Crashers

  • Teams
    • Screaming Gaffers
      • Cody
      • Noah
      • Beth
      • Courtney
      • Duncan
      • Tyler
    • Killer Grips
      • Justin
      • Lindsay
      • Sadie
      • Owen
      • Bridgette
      • Trent
  • Author's Notes/Setting
    • This story is in an alternate timeline of Total Drama Action, a non-canon episode.
    • This episode would be Episode 16 of the altered season.

"Last time on Total Drama Action…" starts Chris. "…Noah and Cody started to show that their supposed relationship is not as fake as they make it seem as Noah was shown actually making bodily contact with Cody…also known as shaking hands. Bridgette continued her affection towards Trent after he began his "Save the Dolphins" program and…Lindsay and Sadie were brainwashed into becoming video game freaks by Owen. What will happen this week on Total Drama Action!"

"It was the strangest day of reality show history. After Izzy went home, Owen continued her legacy of exploding random objects and avenged her "death" by brainwashing Lindsay and Sadie to become obsessed with video games. Lindsay had replaced Katie as Sadie's new "BFFFL" since Katie cheated with Justin on her best frien," Cody started to write.

Noah walked into the room, and started to sarcastically chuckle.

"You're writing in a diary Cody, really?" laughs Noah.

"So, what's wrong with that?" retorts Cody.

"You're just really…feminine," laughs Noah. "Now, let me listen to my iPod in peace."

"No, Noah, don't put on Hannah Montana!" yells Cody.

Noah groaned. "I feel a song of hers coming on…and you're right, she sucks more than Tom Cruise does at acting."

Courtney bursted into the room, hearing the name of her favorite actor.

"Oh, no!" Courtney exclaimed hysterically. "Tom Cruise! Did someone just insult him?"

"That would be me," says Noah, rolling his eyes.

"If you insult Tom Cruise, you insult me!" yells Courtney, tackling Noah to the ground.

Beth came in and saw the situation, and saddled a horse from the Western set.

"Saddle up!" Beth ordered, mounting her prestigious stead. "We're on the same team, no need for fighting!" she yells, as she lassos both Noah and Courtney.

"Nice thinking Beth!" exclaims Cody. "That ought to calm them down!"

At the Killer Grips, the mood was more melodramatic. Bridgette was trying to show her emotions for Trent, so she pretended to have obtained a cut from surfing.

"Oww, I think I sprained my ankle surfing!" yells Bridgette.

Trent rushed over to see what was going on.

"It's okay Bridgette," Trent comforted the surfer. "It's okay…I'll make that ankle feel better."

Trent grabbed a nearby first aid kit and helped Bridgette out as she smiled. Justin rolled his eyes in the background.

(CONF) "Yuck," Justing cringed. "Those two are as disguising as cheesy as when I get uneven tans, that is not a healthy relationship. Oh well, it looks like those two will be the next to go."

Chris introduces the two teams to the next challenge.

"There are 12 of you left in the competition," says Chris. "First of all, the teams are no more! The merge has approached.Today, two people will team up as a married couple. They must navigate through a church and crash a wedding and take their place as the married couple. The first couple to get "married" wins immunity!"

Noah looked around and gulped. "Um, Chris, there are 7 guys and 5 girls left in the competition," he says.

"Oh well, it looks like two guys will have to be paired together," Chris chuckles.

Bridgette paired up with Trent, Lindsay with Tyler, Owen with Sadie, Courtney with Duncan, and Justin with Beth. Cody and Noah glared at each other and gulped.

"I guess you're my partner in crime," says Noah, rolling his eyes.

"That's what she said!" Cody chortled merrily.

Noah chuckled. "That's good, but remember, this is only for the challenge, kapeesh?"

"Kapeesh," replies Cody as the two prepare for the challenge.

Chris blows his whistle and the teams set off. Owen and Sadie reach the church first and smile.

"This feels like a video game!" yells Sadie, still brainwashed. "There could be tons of soldiers in there! LIke, it's over nine thousand!" Sadie shrieked.

"Well no time to waste," says Owen. Owen turned the door knob and gasped at what was before him. "My old enemy…a wedding buffet. This is terrible! I'm going to eat the entire thing!"

Owen continued eating as Lindsay and Tyler rushed into the door. Lindsay, brainwashed into liking video games, had aggression. She showed this when passing Owen.

"Move it, bub!" Lindsay ordered, as she knocked over Owen.

Tyler, who was ahead of Lindsay, slowly turned around, his eyes wide. "What was that, Lindsay? You're usually a lot nicer than this."

"Well, I'm not now!" she yells, as she crashes the wedding.

Chris enters the scene as Lindsay and Tyler share the kiss of marriage. "Lindsay and Tyler win immunity! The other ten of you could be voted out…tomorrow! Psych! This is a reward challenge!"

"Oh my god, Total Drama Action has way too many reward challenges," says Noah, rolling his eyes. "Unbelievable."

"Well, only 12 remain as the merge appeared. Who will be voted out next time in Total…Drama…Action!" yells Chris, signing off the episode.

Sunsummer7's Story


Chimmy's - Gophers

AJ: I love that the newspaper had a section solely dedicated to people murdered by psycho killers. XD Good job for the creativity of the horse line too. All in all, the quotes made sense, but I would have liked the explanation that the killer was at the door earlier. Still, 10/10.

Cod: It took me a while to understand the Owen one, but it made sense. I'd really like to compliment you on Justin's dialouge, though, as it was great. I think you used your lines the best out of the group, but I would have loved it if you used them all. 8/10

LF: You have no idea how hard I Lol'd at the Shadowman. XD It was completely random, though, so I'm going to have to discredit that line. I LOVED the Courtney and Sadie show, however! 8/10

MrD: It was a little difficult to tell where your quotes were, but they were all used well. However, a few of your sentences were contradictory: Justin cringing and flinching at uneven tans, and stating that Eva might have been on steroids before Chris said it. Overall, though, 8/10.

Toad: Tyler's reaction placement = win. XD I don't get Owen's quote, though, as no evidence was shown for either having a conflict, and no explanation was given otherwise...maybe I'm missing something, but I'm not counting that quote, but the rest of them were used well. 9/10

Total Score: 43/50.

BTW, I'd like to congratulate all of you on the TWSS jokes. You dirty minds. :D

Reddy's - Bass

  • CD-TDA: Very nice, and well written! I’m a little disappointed you only used three of the quotes though. Still very good, but according to judging rules this challenge, not-so hot. 3/10
  • KG: Definitely my favorite entry! I loved how you incorporated the song (which I loved) and the Angry Blonde moment made me laugh out loud! XD All the quotes made since, so good job! 10/10
  • Neko: You have no story, and thus, did not us any quotes. 0/10
  • Plat: I was kind of confused by this. I don’t get how Cody and Noah would’ve been in TDA, either. But, you DID use all of the quotes, so… 10/10
  • Sunsummer: You have no story, and thus, did not us any quotes. 0/10

Total: 23/50.

Good job to submitters!

Elimination Ceremony Five

Nalyd: Due to Sunsummer quitting, nobody else will be eliminated.

Week Six Chat

Challenge Six

For this week's challenge, you will be creating a character profile for one of the two guys seen here. Their profile should include their name, personality, background, and reason for joining the Total Drama series. An audition tape is optional, but it will improve your score. This will be judged on originality, effort, believability, spelling, and grammar. The challenge is due Saturday, so good luck!
TDA7 char 1

Character 1

TDA7 char 2

Character 2

AJ's Story

Cod's Story

Jill is labeled, The Devious Overlooked One.

Jill has been always in the background for almost her entire life, mostly due to her usual personality of being shy, and quiet, and not being the most outgoing person. Her friends always steal the attention from her, and make her feel overlooked. Jill's anger has been built up her life of 16 years, and she has began to think of devious plans to most people who interrupt, or overlook her. Jill wants to sign up for Total Drama because she wants to see if her deviousness can take her to the finals, and maybe win some attention along with the million dollars. In her audition tape, her best friend Macie butts in, and wants to make the audition her own.

Jill's (And Macie's) Audition Tape.

A pretty brunette girl with blue eyes is standing in the middle of a dark-blue painted room. There is a fan above the girl, on the ceiling, which is turned off, and is not spinning. The girl is wearing a blue shirt that matches her eyes and black and white basketball shorts. She looks quite small and young, but is in fact 16. She opens her mouth, only to be interrupted by a medium-sized hispanic girl who jumps in front of the girl and the camera. She is wearing bright pink booty shorts, with a striped, short shirt, with ripped off sleeves on her arms.

"Hi! My name is Macie!" the hispanic girl exclaims, in a high pitched and shrill voice. "I want to audition for Total Drama for a LOT of reasons!"

The girl in the background seems to have taken a rather annoyed expression, and exits the shot of the camera.

"First off, I am like, the PRETTIEST girl at my school! All the guys DROOL over me," she says.

The girl reenters the room, in the background, this time with a large ball and some string. She then proceeds to the bed, and stands on it to reach the fan.

"Secondly, I am kind and caring to all people! Especially my best friend Jill! Right, Jill?" she asks, not bothering to see what her best friend is up to.

Jill looks at the camera and shakes her head, before continuing to work at the fan.

"Thirdly, I can play the game good! I always get a C at P.E., but I still am the toughest girl around!" she says, flexing her "muscles" to the camera.

Jill steps off the bed, and the fan is shown to have the ball hanging off the string which is dangling on the fan blade. Jill then walks off-screen again.

"Fourthly, I... I... Um, I am... Oh-oh! I am like, incredibly smart! I may be in Pre-Alegbra, but I can be REALLY smarticle sometimes!" the girl exclaims.

The fan begins to whirl, and the ball is extremely close to Macie's head.

Jill reappears on-screen. "Hey, Macie!" she says, with a devious grin.

"What?" Macie asks. The ball then slams into Macie's head, who falls back and hits the camera, which then cuts off with a buzz.

LF's Story

Character Bio and Audition Tape

Character used: Character 1

By: Leshawnafan

Roxanne, labeled The Snake in the show she is in.

Roxanna grew up, spoiled and treated like she was royalty by her parents. She was an only child, so her parents did everything they could to make her happy. Roxanne grew up as a sweet innocent daughter, trying to please her parents, and loving life. But when her parents got divorced when she was 14, things changed. She went and lived with her mom for the majority of the time, which meant she needed to change schools, and leave all of her friends behind. She became more self-conscious, but not in a good way. She began to over think things and over react, and she began to not fit in well in school. However, when she turned 16, she began to start seeing the world in a different way. She began putting on an act, as a sweet, innocent girl. But what no one knew was that, she was really just playing them.

Roxanne signed up for Total Drama because she wanted to fool as many people as she can, and make it to the end to win.

Roxanne's Audition Tape

A camera turned on to reveal a pink bed, with dark purple walls. The room was very contrasting, changing from light, girly colors, to dark, somewhat emo colors.

A light brown haired girl was laying on her stomach on her bed.

"Hey there! My names Roxanne! I would love to be on Total Drama!" Roxanne started, sounding excited.

Suddenly, the room turned dark.

"UGH! MOM, WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?" Roxanne shouted out of her room to her mom.

"I don't know, honey! Just wait and I'll try to find out!" Roxanne's mom answered back.

"MOM, I'm kind of filming my audition for Total Drama right now! I don't have time for this!"

"Well, I didn't plan for this! Maybe you should stop and wait till the power comes back on to finish it," Roxanne's mom said back, slamming the front door as she walked out.

"Man, I really hate living here. Every single day something bad happens. I can't stand my mom anymore and no one at school talks to me. I really want to be on this show, and I'll do anything to be on it," Roxanne pleaded to the camera.

Suddenly, a small garden snake slunk its way across Roxanne's bed, and she picked it up.

"Oh, this is Lily, my pet garden snake! She doesn't bite or anything, she's really nice, most of the time, like me! People at my school nick-named me The Snake because I can be nice, but I trick a lot of people," Roxanne said as she shrugged.

"I honestly don't see why I'm called a snake, besides me pretending to be nice to someone then going behind their back and saying things about them," Roxanne smirked.

The lights flickered back on, and Roxanne smiled.

"Well, that's it I guess! It's a good thing my camera runs on batteries too and my curtain was open so you could see me in the sunlight! Hope you call me!" Roxanne said, giving a cute wave at the end.

"No seriously, you better call me or I'll---"

The camera ran out of batteries, and the screen went black.

MrD's Story

Toad's Story

Quincy is labeled as The Hyper Troublemaker in some random story.

Quincy has always been somewhat of a risk-taker. He learned how to ride a bike when he was only two, and was riding around in bike parks by the age of four. One day, he broke his neck when a bike trick went wrong, and was forced to spend a week in the emergency room. Of course, being the daredevil he is, he resumed to riding his bike a day after he got out of the hospital. At school, everyone either hates Quincy or worships him. He puts tacks and whoopee cushions on teachers' seats, spills magic ink on people's shirts, and always uses a joy buzzer while shaking hands. Many people are annoyed by this kid, because they think he's always too hyper. That, in fact, is true. Quincy does not have ADHD, but he almost always acts like he does. He rarely sits still, and loves to run instead of walking. Despite the fact that he's sixteen and reasonably attractive, Quincy has never had a girlfriend because of his nature.

Quincy joined Total Drama so he could do some cool tricks.

Audition Tape

Quincy is on the school playground.

"Hey, I'm Quincy. Watch me do this cool trick." he says, and rushes over to the swingset.

He gets on a swing and begins to pump very fast. "WHOOOO!" he screams. He begins to go so high that he does a 360 degree flip all the way around. He then barfs after that is done, and the barf flies through the air, hitting a pretty girl on the head.

"I'm going to get you..." says the girl, offscreen.

"Gotta make a run for it!" screams the woozy Quincy, and runs away. "Pick me for Total Drama!"

CD-TDA's Story

Character Used: Character #1, a.k.a. the female drawing.

Madison is labeled The International Superstar. Madison was born on 16 April, 1993, which is a day that won't soon be forgotten. In fact, it will probably be celebrated in the small British island that Madison was born in. At the age of fourteen, Madison moved to the Great White North, also known as Canada, and took an interest in hockey. After signing up for hockey as an extracurricular activity, Madison quickly became the star of her team. Madison has led her school's hockey team to three regional championships, two national championships and one international championship. As a result of this, she is now known world-wide. Madison signed up for Total Drama (insert season name here) after she figured that she wanted to be known for something else other than hockey.

Madison's Audition Tape

A short female with icy blue eyes and dirty blonde hair is the first thing seen when a camera switches on.
The female is polishing a trophy. She feigns shock after she sees that the camera is on, "Oh, hey! I didn't see you there."
"My name is Madison," she smiles, adjusting her blue shirt. "You guys probably know me. Famous teen hockey player. Led my school to a couple championships? Well, if you don't know me, you're about to."
"You see, I don't wanna be known just for playing hockey. I want to be a gazillionaire and this is how I'm gonna achieve it. What better thing to do than join Total Drama?" Madison asks herself.
"Not only am I going to bring the drama and the ratings, but I'm going to bring the pain," she frowns, before forcing a smile.
"Well, byeeee!" Madison chirps.
"Alright, is it off?" Madison asks the recorder.
"Oh my Gosh, my audition tape is over. Switch that thing off."
The recorder of the video mumbles something.
"You can't switch it off?" Madison asks.
She then grabs the trophy that she was previously holding and throws it at the camera, sending the audition tape into static.

Kg's Story

Neko's Story

(Using Character #2)

Anthony, labeled "The Caffiene Addict", was a contestant on Total Drama -insert name here-.

Anthony wasn't always as hyper as he is today. In fact he was rather laid back, until age ten, when he took his first sip of Fountain Spew- and never looked back. He's known for bouncing off the walls nonstop, due to his endless supply of energy. That's why he's auditioning for Total Drama- He recently broke his mom's shelf of priceless antiques after a large bottle of Loca-Cola, and she's demanding he pay back every cent. Anthony thinks he'll be able to win Total Drama due to his boundless enthusiam- as long as there's a bottle of Dr. Salt handy.

Audition Tape

Anthony is sitting on a couch, holding a giant bottle of Fountain Spew. "Hi, producer people!"

"Anthony, what happened to my bottle of Fountain Spew? I just bought it yesterday!" A female voice calls from the kitchen.

"I dunno, Mom!" He replies, takes a drink of the pop, and then hides it underneath the couch. "Anyways, I'd like to be on Total Drama because... weeeeell, I accidentally kiiiinda knocked over Mom's shelf." The camera points at a shelf chipped plates and other broken knick knacks. "I need the money to pay for that. And if there's any left after, I can use it to buy a lifetime supply of Dr. Salt!" He grins.

"Anthony... What's this?" Anthony's mom looks under the couch and pulls out the bottle of Fountain Spew.

"I can explain, Mom! Really!" Anthony looks at the camera, and says in one breath, "Soyeahpickmepleaseohgoshhelpme!" while his mom yells in the background, and the camera suddnely turns off.

Plat's Story

  • Blaire
  • The Video-Game Obsessed
  • Blaire like to live life...well, not on the edge. He stays inside, even when it is a perfect day out. What does he do? Does he talk with friends? Does he have a life? No. Blaire sits at his computer/TV and consumes all of the data that his little heart can contain. He's never had a girlfriend and is signing up for Total Drama Indoors: Total Drama's 68th season.

Elimination Ceremony Six

Nalyd: Terribly sorry for no judging. For missing 3 stories, KG is out.

Week Seven Chat

Nalyd: Challenge will be up tonight.

CD-TDA: It pains me to say this since I was really looking forward to this season, but most of the time now, I'm sneaking on the computer and don't have time to type my stories. Really sorry, but I have to quit. :S

LF: Aww, sorry CD!

Challenge Seven

Reddy: Your challenge is to write a story that answers one of the unsolved question of TDWT. For example, how Noah's team lost in London, the Love Triangle thing, stuff like that. This will be judged on in-character behavior, originality, spelling and grammar. This is due Saturday the 14th!

AJ's Story

Cod's Story

MrD's Story

Toad's Story

I See London...: The Lost Scene

Written by: Toadgamer80

Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot, which is just Noah and Owen, is walking through the dark alleyways of London.

"Hey, wanna open the bag, buddy?" asks Owen.

"Nah, there could be some beast behind the Ripper's mask. That thing was scary enough with a mask." says Noah blandly.

"Aw, come on! It could be Izzy! Remember when she dressed up as a mummy in Egypt? Good times, good times." chuckles Owen.

"I don't think they'd bring Izzy back." says Noah.

"It could happen! I mean, it did last two seasons." says Owen.

"A waste of time, that was." says Noah annoyedly.

"Aw, come on, look on the bright side." says Owen cheerfully.

"Bright side?" scoffs Noah. "What bright side? We're in a dark alley, with something evil in a sack, and we've probably lost the challenge."

"All right." says Owen. "Hey, look, there's Chef!"

Chef is whistling and sweeping the street.

"Hey, Mister Hatchet." says Noah. "Has the other team arrived yet?"

"Nah." says Chef.

"Aw, yeah." says Noah.

"I wonder where they are." says Owen happily.

"Close." says Chef. He points to Gwen and Courtney, who are in the distance.

"Aw, man. They're fast, and we're... not." says Owen.

"I know. But if you do community service for me, I'll give ya invincibility." says Chef gruffly.

"Ugh, fine." says Noah.

"What do we have to do?" asks Owen.

"Scratch my back first." says Chef.

"That's not community service." says a skeptical Noah.

"If you don't do this service soon, there will be a whole community of animals living on my back." says Chef.

"Touche." says Noah.

"Come on, let's do it." says a happy Owen.

Chef removes his shirt, and reveals his quite hairy back.

"Wait, put the shirt back on." says Noah.

"Ugh, no." says Chef. "You're doing it military style."

"Forget this, we're out of here." says Noah.

"No, man!" says an angry Chef. "You can do my feet instead!"

"That's gross." says Owen.

"You're one to talk." scoffs Noah.

"Chef, you can have Jack do it." says Owen.

"Jack? Is that one of our interns?" asks Chef.

Noah opens the bag, and Jack the Ripper springs out, beating up Chef.

"That's taken care of." says Noah.

"You guys are gonna lose! No more invincibility for you!" says Chef.

"We're voting Al tonight, then. He's a slippery eel." says Noah.

Chef manages to force the Ripper into the sack, and gives him back to Noah and Owen with an angry expression. "You'll pay. I'm telling Chris."

"Uh-oh." say Noah and Owen simultaneously.

The End


LF's Story

The Thoughts of Leshawna

The truth on why Leshawna slapped Heather

Episode: Slap-Slap Revolution

By: Leshawnafan

Note: I have changed the ending to the previous episode, Broadway, Baby! So that Team Amazon actually came last in the challenge, and therefore in the Economy section.

The glory of editing a show like Total Drama can hide things from our eyes. The viewers do not get to know everything that happens when cameras are off, and an episode has stopped airing. But now, to clear up one of the many questions left from TDWT, we will get to see some of the behind the scenes to see what really caused Leshawna to slap Heather.


Team Victory was sitting in Economy, prepping themselves for the challenge coming up.

"I don't know about y'all, but I'm gettting sick and tired of sitting back here. I need some good food and a nice place to sleep," Leshawna complained to DJ and Lindsay.

"I totally agree with Lafonda! I really need some good food, and it stinks back here!" Lindsay said in agreement with Leshawna.

"Yeah! Come on guys, lets make sure we win this challenge..." DJ chimed in, but sounding half-hearted.

(CONF) "I'm gonna do all I can today so we can win. Plus, I want some privacy in this jet. Being stuck with DJ and Lindsay is cool, but having another team in the Economy section is a pain, especially when it's a whiny team like Heather's. All she does is yell and complain," Leshawna ranted.

At almost the same time Leshawna had delivered her rant, Heather began to complain to Team Amazon about how they lost and how bad economy class is.

"I mean, like seriously, it stinks back here! It smells like something died every day! And sharing it with the most horrible team in TD history? This is a disgrace," Heather complained, recieving glares from all of Team Amazon and Team Victory.

(CONF): "Ohh, that's it! That girl has pushed me over the line. If she tries to mess with me during the challenge, I'ma deal with her once and for all. We may have become semi-friends after last season, but dealing with her for 3 seasons? That's enough torture for one person," Leshawna admitted.

Chris walked back to the economy section.

"Hello, losers! Ready to to grind out this challenge?" Chris said as a smart remark about the challenge.


The challenge went as normal, with Leshawna slapping Heather and knocking her tooth out. Although Heather's complaining was what made Leshawna most mad, in the end, it came down to Alejandro still tricking her into "seizing the moment."

The End

Neko's Story

Title: A Funeral

You roll into the water, struggling to stop. Although the other contestants can swim to safety, you cannot. The bandages restrict your movement, and then you roll under the waves. You can't stop, you can't breathe, the water is too deep and it's not mu...

Suddenly, you black out.


You slowly open your eyes.

You're laying in a casket, and you realize what has happened.

You try to open your mouth; to move and sit up and say, "Hey, I'm not dead yet!"

If you could get up and move, there would be so many riches and fame in store for you. If only you could move your hand, just your hand...

A sound of crying interrupts your silent battle with stillness. You glance over at the source, only being able to somehow move your eyes.

You're shocked to see the tears belong to none other than the host that got you into this mess, Chris McLean. He's the only one in the dark room.

"Chris? You in there?"

The Narcissist quickly wipes off the tears from his cheeks and takes a few deep breath. As the person who called Chris' name, Chef, enters, he laughs. "Guess who's host now, you demon?!"

"Don't even try that on me, fool. You were cryin'!" Chef narrows his eyes.

"Was not!"

"Your eyes are red. Unless you were smokin' something again, you were crying."

You hear a sigh from Chris. "I just don't know, Chef. This might sound crazy, but... I think I loved her. She's nasty and clever and cruel, but that's exactly why! I wanted her to co-host next season with me, but now she's gone."

You want to reply that for the longest time, you secretly loved him.

"We're going to bury the body now, gentlemen. Per request of her family." A man in a suit says.

"... All right." Chris says quietly. Your love and his assistant leave, and you want to shout to him, tell him to stay, you love him.

As they lift the casket, though, you black out for the final time.

Plat's Story

How did Ezekiel survive the lava and hold on to the back of the plane?

Well, he went to a prophet who gave him supernatural powers. (Sorry, someone "stole" my internet :( )

Elimination Ceremony Seven

Nalyd: AJ, Cod, MrD, CD-TDA, you're all eliminated. I am incredibly disappointed. Congrats to our final four; Toad, LF, Neko, and Plat.

Week Eight Chat

Nalyd: Four remain.

LF: :O I'm in the final 4 :D! Congrats everyone!

Toad: Yay!

Neko: Ohmigod, I'm so excited! Congrats, LF, Toad, and Plat! :DDD

AJ: Don't count me out :)

Toad: Wait I thought AJ was out.

Challenge Eight

Reddy: You challenge is a parody. Write a parody of anything piece of mediausing TD characters. Due friday.

AJ's Story

Parody of Hide and Be Sneaky

Last time on Total Drama Island, Trent had gotten eliminated in a shocking twist, when Leshawna allied with everyone to vote Trent off the island. It was time for the next challenge, when Bridgette stepped out of the cabin. She soon learned it was a giant game of find the chef. She was soon followed by Lindsay, Heather, Gwen, Leshawna, and Izzy. They were soon met by Geoff, Duncan, Owen, and DJ. The final 10 made their way to the dock to hear about the challenge from Chris. Chef was hiding somewhere on the island, and the campers had to find him. If they found him, they could either give him up, winning individual immunity, or hide with him, and allowing others to have the chance to gain immunity as well. Only three people could end up winning immunity. Chris blew the horn and the contestants burst off running. Soon, Heather pulled aside Lindsay, Leshawna, Bridgette, and Gwen. She tried to get Izzy, however Izzy was already swinging off on a vine

"We are clearly the five strongest girls left, if we ally together we can dominate the boys." said Heather confidently, "It's time that we show them girl power." The other girls looked uncertain, especially Gwen, who was recently betrayed by Heather. After some thought, everyone agreed. Right after their talk, Lindsay and Heather ran off into the woods, but Leshawna yanked aside Bridgette and Gwen.
"You know we can't trust that cow." said Leshawna.

"I agree completely." said Gwen.

"Ok, I'm with you guys!" agreed Bridgette.

The three then formed their own secret alliance. Once the boys were gone, they were gonna vote off Heather, then Izzy, then Lindsay.

Everyone split up to go look for chef. Bridgette and Gwen headed into the woods, and Leshawna decided to go check the cliff. Duncan was looking in the cave, when he heard the other three guys pass by. Duncan told them they needed to form a guys alliance to stay in the game. They all disagreed at first, saying that they were outnumbered and becoming the lesser power wouldn't be beneficial. Eventually though, Duncan convinced them all to join. They all split up too. After hours passed, Chris finally gave them a hint.

"He is very wet right now" said Chris over the intercom. All the campers raced to the dock. Leshawna spots a tube sticking out of the water and dives in, pulling chef out from below and winning individual immunity.

According to Heather, Duncan was the leader of the guys alliance, and everyone decided that he should be the next to go. Duncan decided it would be Bridgette taking the dock of shame. At the vote, Leshawna, Heather, Lindsay, Gwen, and Bridgette, voted Duncan, Izzy voted for Heather, and Duncan, Geoff, DJ and Owen voted for Bridgette. Eventually, the marshmallows were handed out to everyone but Duncan. He was the one to take the dock of shame.

LF's Story

Total Drama Island: Sucky Outdoors preview commercial

Parody of the Old Spice commercial

Actress: Lindsay

By: Leshawnafan

Lindsay is seen standing in one of the showers at Total Drama Island. She is only wearing a towel.

"Hello Viewers! Look at your phone, then back to me, then your phone, then back to me. Sadly, it isn't time for the next TDI episode. But if you would stop being impatient, you would get to see me!"

Lindsay then walks out of the bathroom and stands by the Dock of Losers. She is wearing her normal clothes now.

"Look down, back up, where are you? You're on your couch, waiting impatiently to see the next episode! What's in your hand? Back to me! I have it! It's a sneak preview of the next TDI episode! Look again! The preview is now the whole episode! Anything is possible when you listen to me and not some other show! I'm on TV!"

  • Note: Lindsay was fired after this commercial by the TD producers for showing the whole episode of Sucky Outdoors before it was supposed to air. Poor Lindsay.

Neko's Story

Plat's Story

Parody of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin

Love "Song" from Trent to Gwen during Total Drama Island

There's a lady who's sure

That the best color isn't gold

And she's going with the midnight blue

When she picks the color from the sky

If the signs don't tell her why

With a word she can get what she came for


And she's going with the midnight blue

There's a sign of danger

And her name is Heather

Cause you know sometimes she has two personalities

In a tree by the camp

There's a songbird who sings

And she sings "Gwen" throughout Wawanakwa

Ooh, makes me wonder 'bout you

Ooh, makes me wonder 'bout the midnight blue

There's a feeling I get

When I look to the Gophers

And my spirit is crying for comfort

In my thoughts I have seen

Rings of marshmallows in the trees

And the voices of those who are voting

Ooh, makes me wonder 'bout you

Ooh, makes me wonder 'bout the midnight blue

And it's whispered that soon

If we call to the moon

Then Chris will keep us together

And a new day will dawn

Over the cabins for long

And those cabins will echo with laughter

Ooh, makes me wonder 'bout you

Ooh, makes me wonder 'bout the midnight blue

If there's someone going behind your back

Planning an attack

I promise I will vote them off the island

Yes, you can turn evil now

But you shouldn't

Cause then you'll lose all personality

Ooh, makes me wonder 'bout you

Ooh, makes me wonder 'bout the midnight blue

Your head is pretty and it does show

In case you don't know

I'm calling you to join me

Dear lady can you hear the wind blow

And did you know

Your future lays safe within my arms

And as we wind on down the days

Our colleagues leaving one by one

There walks m'lady we all know

Who shines her face and wants to show

How midnight blue can beat out gold

And if she listens very hard

Nothing can get in her way

How we are one and one is all

To be a whole and not a part

...and she's going with the midnight blue...

Toad's Story

Baby parody "Crazy'

by Izzy (and Ezekiel rapping)

I know I’m crazy, I know you care

I’m on the wanted list, but I don’t care.

You are my love, you are my heart

And watch me as I make a really giant fart

Are we an item? Boy, quit playing

We’re just fiends, if you know what I’m sayin’.

I won’t kidnap you, or bite you in the eye

My first love broke my heart for the first time

And now I’m so crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

I’m so crazy all of the time, the time

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

I’m so crazy all of the time, the time

When I was 13, I saw my first girl

She was so ridiculously ugly

She made me want to hurl

She had me going crazy

Oh I was disturbed

She kept me up at night

For she was such a perv

She made my heart explode

And I had to flee when I saw her on the street

And at school on the playground

And I’m so glad I don’t see her on the weekend

She had me going crazy

Because she was not amazing

And now my crotch is aching

And I just keep on saying

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

I’m so crazy all of the time, the time

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

crazy, crazy, crazy, aieee!

I’m so crazy all of the time, the time, the time.


Elimination Ceremony Eight

Nalyd: Neko is out. Now, final four, each of you must nominate two other people and tell me why.

Toad: I have to nominate AJ and Plat. Sorry, guys. Even though AJ is a great writer, he hasn't posted stories twice, if I remember correctly. And as for Plat, he's already an admin, I'm pretty sure, and his stories have sometimes been mediocre. Sorry, guys, you two are still my friends, but that's what I have to say. :(

LF: This was a tough decision. My first nominee is AJ because he hasn't posted a story every week, and to me that isn't very reliable. For my second nominee, I will have to nominate Plat. You've posted a story every challenge, but sometimes I feel that they're not complete, or not enough. I'm sorry to both of you, and in no way is this personal. You two are both great writers, don't worry!

Plat: we go with the democratic...anyways, I'm going solely based on stats...since this a statistical sort of contest...well, AJ hasn't posted a story twice and for my second choice, I have to go with Toad since he hasn't won a BoW yet...sorry ;(

AJ: Not that it matters, but im going to have to nominate Plat and Toad, sorry :( Plat is not the strongest writer, and Toad, love ya, but i think LF is an awesome writer! Sorry! Your stories rock, but still LF is such a strong writer. You as well Plat!

Nalyd: AJ is out.

Week Nine Chat

Nalyd: Final three.

Toad: Coolness. -w-

Challenge Nine

Nalyd: Each of you will pick three past stories from this season, and post a review of them. We will decide which two contestants show the best potential to be future judges based on their reviews, and they will move onto the finals. We are looking for a balanced review, don't be overly critical, but don't be afraid to point out problems. Due Saturday.

LF's Reviews

For my reviews, I'll be reviewing a story written by Plat and also one by Toad, and then I'll be reviewing one written by Mr. Daimion. This will be my first time reviewing someone elses writing in a competition, so I'm looking forward to doing this challenge.

Review 1

Challenge 2

Author: Platypus09

Judge's Score: 9/10

LF's Score: 10/10

To me, this was a great story. The concept of Heather actually dying due to the meteor (which I'm sure will not happen in the real show, so this makes this story even more interesting). I also liked how you started off with the actual ending to Hawian Punch, which not all users did for this challenge. It was a nice way to remind us what actually happened in the real version, so we could see how well your new story worked with the ending. The character use was nice, because you stuck with familiar and popular characters. I think adding in the new character "The Ruler of the Afterlife" was nice too, because it changed it up, so that you had an original character as well, and you didn't just use another TD character for the afterlife. One thing I'd like to point out, however, is that although I like the concept of the story and I think it's different and original, some of it seems a little too deep. I liked how Heather found a way back into the real world, but at the same time it was a little too deep with the whole concept of having to kill herself even though she's already dead. Other than that, I really enjoyed this story. It seems like a hit or miss, though. People are either going to really like it, or get confused by it and not like it. But, that's their decision, and I loved it, so that's why I gave it a 10.

Review 2

Challenge 7

Author: Toadgamer80

Judge's Score: N/A

LF's Score: 8/10

This was an interesting take on the challenge. When we were first assigned this challenge, I knew a lot of people would choose to do something with the infamous "I See London" episode. I thought this was a very in character scene, which is always good, because you don't want it to be OOC, which could make it very confusing. I thought that Owen implying that the Ripper that they had captured could be Izzy was funny, because it is true that's she's returned both seasons before TDWT, so it would've been interesting if that had actually happened. Noah's sarcasm and his pessimistic attitude was very in character and good for this story. Some problems I had with it is it seemed a little choppy. There wasn't very much going on in between the speaking parts, so it almost felt more like a script than a story. It's always nice to have some breaks in speaking, that way you can develop the plot, or even just explain in some detail what's going on or where the characters are. That leads me to my next point: description. This story seemed to have a lot of dialogue, but not a lot of description. For example, when you said "Chef took off his shirt to show a quite hairy back," you could've compared it to something, like "Chef took off his shirt to reveal a back as hairy as a dog," or something. Comparisions always help the reader relate to the story more, and it helps paint a picture in their mind of what is happening. Because of those two negatives, I give this story a 8/10, but I still thought it was good.

Review 3

Challenge 4

Author: Mr. Daimion

Judge's Score: 9/10

LF's Score: 9/10

First thing first, this couple is pretty weird to me. But, that just makes me like the story even more. I would've never though of pairing Bridgette and Ezekiel together, which makes the story that much better. Already it's original and interesting to me, and probably a lot of other readers. I liked how you added Beth in even though she didn't have anything to do with the relationship. It gave us another few of the pairing, through Beth's eyes. That's also a negative for me, though, because if I hadn't noticed that it said "Beth's POV," I wouldn't have known who it was, thus making it more confusing. Sticking to just the couple may have been better, but it worked. The grammar was good, and I liked the detail and descriptions you used. Being in a Creative Writing class, I've realized how much writing with detail and description can change a story. You can go from something straight-forward, to something vibrant and interesting, that captures the readers attention and makes them interested. It enhances the story, and makes it so much better. I noticed only one spelling mistake, and the plot was very good and well thought out. You incorporated a lot, which is good. You don't want it to be bland. I liked how you used TDDDDDI. And, I would actually like to correct myself. I just understood why you used Beth, after re-reading it. It seems at first that it would be a Bridgette and Ezekiel pairing, but at the end it was Beth and Ezekiel. I like that pairing even more. To me, that actually seems like it could work. I would actually love to see that pairing now in TD. That makes the story good as well, a interesting beginning. I liked how you made it seem like a Bridgette and Ezekiel pairing at first, but it turned out to be a Beth and Ezekiel pairing. I enjoyed this story a lot.

Plat's Reviews

Dejavu…anyways, I will be reviewing three different stories, two by my fellow competitors…wish you two the best of luck, which are Leshawnafan and Toadgamer80 and one by Aimers, one of the many awe-filled writers that left the competition in its premature stages because of other commitments.

  • Leshawnafan's "A Look Into the Future"
    • Challenge 5 : To incorporate quotes under strict guidelines
    • Judging : Based on the quantity of quotes while still fitting into context
    • Actual Judge Score (Chimmycharific) : 8/10 : " You have no idea how hard I Lol'd at the Shadowman. XD It was completely random, though, so I'm going to have to discredit that line. I LOVED the Courtney and Sadie show, however!"
    • Platypus09's Judge Score: 10/10

Well, the guidelines here are simple: a point is given based on how many quotes are used correctly in context. So, by default, by using all the quotes, this user earns a perfect 10 point score. I will, though, describe some positives and negatives about the piece. I liked the word usage such as "abode", which I later found out is defined as "a dwelling"; and I also liked the plotline: how certain quotes interact with each other and all fit into context, especiallly Sadie's "over nine thousand" quote, which originally has nothing to do with money. The grammar used with quotes was correct, too, as many people use periods (.) instead of commas (,) when ending a quote followed by a phrase similar to "the person said." Lindsay's quote fit well with Justin's, as the two quotes were used correctly in the same scene. There are only two points of "constructive criticism" that I would like to share. Don't shy away from semicolons. Semicolons can be used effectively when there is a compound sentence with two separate thoughts but contains a multitude of commas. Examples such as "Suddenly, the tape stopped; and Chris was quickly filing it away" and Suddenly, the tape scratched; and Chris removed it from the tape player" would be more complete with a semicolon. Also, Owen and Courtney's quotes were a little random, but besides that, the other eight quotes were used well and you are on your way to be a calm and collected writer.

  • Toadgamer80's "Quincy: The Hyper Troublemaker"
    • Challenge 6: Creating a character profile
    • Judging: Originality, effort, believability, spelling, grammar
    • Actual Judge Score: N/A (No judging that week)
    • Platypus09's Judge Score: 8/10

The object of the challenge was a simple one: one had to create a biography about one of two given characters. You chose to describe the red-headed pale-skinned guy. Now, one of the main concepts in judging is believability. I like how you incorporated his smile into a sign of craziness, as the smile could be interpreted in many different ways. Effort was there too, as there clearly was a biography followed by an audition tape although it seems like a "piece" is missing from why Quincy wanted to join Total Drama. However, for originality, although you tried to make it seem original, I couldn't help but get the feeling that I sensed a little of Izzy in there: the hyper mood, the red hair and green shirt, the audition tape having to do with stunts. Maybe it's just me, but I have to deduct a little in that category. Spelling and grammar were good; I did not see any mistakes except for a common one where periods are used after quotations instead of commas. (e.g. "Watch me do this cool trick," he says, rushing over to the swingset.) Also, one more note to point out, it's not very appealing to the eye when you write that he is auditioning for "some random story" but I like the humor that it imposed. Overall, with the effort and originality a little lacking but with great believability, spelling, and grammar, I award an 8/10 on this challenge.

  • Aimer's "The Mission"
    • Challenge 2: Continuing Hawaiian Punch
    • Judging: Spelling, Grammar, In-Character-Ness, Plot, Originality
    • Actual Judge Score: (Chimmycharific): 9/10: "Something tells me if someone was in a coma for 6 years in the middle of nowhere that they would have been eaten, but that's besides the point. This was a good story overall, and it's an interesting concept, but something Maybe it's just me, since it's not the spelling or grammar, but overall it's a good story. Everyone seemed fairly in-character too, so good job overall. Spelling: 10/10, Grammar: 10/10, Plot: 8/10, In-Characterness: 9/10, Originality: 9/10, Total Score: 9.2, rounded to 9."
    • Platypus09's Judge Score: 9/10

The object of the challenge was to make a believable story about an event after the Total Drama World Tour finale episode "Hawaiian Punch". It is judged on writing mechanics as well as the creativity and effort that has to be put into the writing. For the spelling and grammar, there were only minor mistakes, such as missed commas after quotes and also using "had went" instead of "had gone". However, I liked the concept of the plot and there is a unique twist as the role focused on Chris and Ezekiel rather than using Heather or Alejandro, who were the two finalists. I have to agree with Chimmy, though, as the coma could have been more realistic as six years is a long time to wait. The in-character-ness was also good as lines by the satirical Chris fit his character well. For originality, I don't think many people would have thought of the plot of Chris having to find Ezekiel for a game show. So, overall, you did a nice job, and tiny mechanics are the only things that could have gotten you a perfect score. Spelling: 10/10, Grammar: 9/10, Plot: 9/10, In-Character-Ness: 10/10, Originality: 9/10, Total Score: 9.4, rounded down to 9.

Toad's Reviews

Today, I'll be reviewing a story by Jess, a story by LF, and a story by Neko.

Review Uno

Challenge 1

Author: TDALindsayfan1 (Jess)

All right, I remember when I was the host of my own camp, Toad-al Writers Island. I was also the head judge, with Duke and MrD helping out. Jess posted this story on that camp, and ended up winning the whole thing. Anyways, back to TDA7. I thought the story was really amazing, even though it didn't get a great review from the actual reviewers. Even though I'm not a fan of drama, tragedies, or tearjerkers, I liked this story a lot. Gwen and Geoff dying was really unexpected. They're two of my well-liked characters, so that was kind of sad for me. I ship Trent x Bridgette, so I liked the plot. The "Oh Izzy" reference made me tear up and almost cry, even though I never cry while reading. "Oh Izzy" was the only song in Total Drama that made me feel any emotion besides laughter. I cry like an infant any time I hear the song. Back to the story. The grammar and spelling were both decent, but a few mistakes here and there. The end was also bittersweet, and I liked the fish at the end. Anyways, since it was pretty short, and there were mistakes, but it was a good story, I give this an 8/10.

Review Zwei

Challenge 1

Author: Leshawnafan (LF)

For this one, I'm reviewing LF's story from the first challenge, called Luscious Leshawna's Humble Beginnings. This was another story from Toad-al Writers Island, from the very first challenge. Well, obviously, this story was good, because it was used for the pre-games, and LF got in to TDA7. I always liked backstories about characters, so this was a pleasant story for me. It was pretty funny and light-hearted, completely unlike Jessica's story from the aforementioned challenge. I think the plot was a little bit simple, but it was still pretty good. I liked the musical part, and how Leshawna wanted to become a dancer. I also thought it was sweet how Leshawna volunteered to help misguided kids. I liked the reason that she auditioned for Total Drama, and Leshawna was pretty nice in this story. During some parts, she was kind of OOC, but people can change, so I don't blame LF for that really. The spelling and grammar was amazing, and the story itself was really good. I give this story a 9.

Review Trois

Challenge 1

Author: Neko-naito

This is my third review, and you guessed it, it's also from Challenge 1. Noah is my favorite character in the series other than Ezekiel, and this story was a delight. Owen was pretty well-described in this, and I liked how Neko used one of Noah's actual quotes from the show in the story. I agree about Noah and Izzy being a crack relationship, and Neko's description of Izzy was pretty funny and accurate. Cody and Eva were also fun additions to the story, and they were pretty well-described as well. Being a hater of Justin, Duncan, and Al, I identify with this part of the story. I was really mad when Noah was eliminated in I See London, possibly the most infamous episode in the whole Total Drama universe, so I liked this part of the story, and how Noah made it funny just with his dry tone. The three Harold quotes in this story made me laugh really hard, so I'm glad that those were added onto the story. Finally, the end part with Chris was hilarious. This story was completely epic and funny. It made me laugh so much, and I loved Noah's wisecracking tone, so I give this a 9.5/10.

Elimination Ceremony Nine

Nalyd: I've come to the conclusion, Toad, you are eliminated. LF and Plat, you are our final two.

Week Ten Chat

Nalyd: Eliminated people can pick who they want to win.

MrD: Plat! Plat! Plat! :@ We don't need another admin on the wiki. >->

Toad: All right, whatever. I don't need to be an admin anyways... 3rd place is good, right? Anyways, I really like both of the finalists, but I have to agree with MrD... Asian power!!! xDD

Sunsummer7: Then I'd be the first for LF! :D

Challenge Ten

Nalyd: Judges who want can give the contestants a challenge.

Nalyd's Challenge

Nalyd: I just want you to explain to me why you deserve to win, and why you want to win.

LF's Entry

First of all, I'd just like to say I can't believe I've made it this far, and thank you for allowing me too. Why I think I derserve to win is because sure, I never got BoW, but that doesn't mean I didn't have good stories. My team hardly lost, and everyone on my original team were amazing writers, so I was fine without getting BoW. Secondly, I think I deserve to win because I gave it my all every week. I always posted a story, even if I was busy that week, I always got it done. I also always got very high scores for my stories too. I never got a ten, but I stradled between an eight and nine every week.

Why I want to win is because I want to break a little mold people have about admins. Some "people" say that people change when they become admins. They say that they start acting differently and that they don't really talk to "normal" users as much anymore. I'd like to show that that's not true, and basically act the same, but with admin "powers." But, I don't want to win just because of the adminship. If I win Total Drama Author 7, it would give me more confidence as an author. It would show me that yes, I can really write really good stories, and that yes, people will like my stories even if I think they wont. It will give me a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I have won. I'd also love to judge the stories. I feel like I could give great constructive critsicm, and help a lot! I want to wish Plat good luck, and if I do lose, I'm glad it will be to another great author, like Plat. Thank you :)

I'd also like to thank everyone who competed in this season. To those of you who did not make the Top 14, let me tell you one thing, it gets better. Last season, TDA6, I was cut at the same cut. Look where I am now! I'm in the final 2 of TDA7! If you just give it your all, and prepare yourself for any outcome, you'll be happy no matter what. You must also remember that although this is a very popular and big camp, you shouldn't be depressed if you don't make the camp. Just like all other camps, it's just a camp, and life moves on. Just because you didn't make it doesn't mean you're not a good writer. It means you may not have done good enough with that specific prompt. People differ. Some can write about anything and be good, others can write about certian things and be good. No matter what, don't let getting out damper your thoughts on your writing.

I also would like to give a "shout out" to everyone in the Top 14. You were all amazing writers. Especially my team, the Writing Gophers! We mannaged to only lose a few times, and everyone on that team was great. Typing Bass, you were also great as well! It was sad to see you lose so much, even though you had so many good writers! It's always sad to see someone go in a competition like this, since all of them had such great talent. I'd like to say another good luck and congratulations to my final 2 partner, Plat! I'd like to say congratulations to everyone who competed in TDA7, you should feel good about any place you got! Thank you, and may the best writer win!

Plat's Entry

The final two of Total Drama Author 7, it’s a dream come true. Why do I deserve to win? I was against the odds the entire season. My entire team got decimated: six out of the first seven eliminations were from our team. My contributions to the team were substantial, as I was never nominated and won a BoW. Also, since my team was sub-par, I never “coasted” in wins as every time I was vulnerable to elimination while the other team got some slack since they all could rely on each other. In all honesty, since my team were getting zeros, the Writing Gophers were all doing "average" work, as that's all they needed to defeat my team. I think my willingness to continue despite the odds is the main reason why I deserve to win. During one elimination ceremony, where people had to nominate two people to be eliminated, I was the common taget; and people stated that "his writing isn't that good." Well, every single one of them were on the Writing Gophers. Since none of them gave a plausible reason (as I was the only one at that time with a BoW), they discriminated against me just because I wasn't on their team and they obviously bonded together and laughed as my entire team disappeared except for one, whose scores defeated the odds. Also, most of my scores have been nines and tens, always scoring first or second in my team in every challenge: consistency.

Why do I want to win? Total Drama Author was a project I’ve dreamed of winning ever since joining the wiki. I made it to the final three last time, and lost to two very talented writers who have inspired me to move foward with writing. However, I entered this contest despite being an admin. This shows my dedication towards writing and shows that I want to win to improve others on their writing ability and to help the users of the wiki to be more grammar aware and overall help rising users on the wiki, while partaking in a friendly competition. I also spent a lot of effort into this: countless hours I spent writing and organizing stories and I really want encouragement of effort by having people commit to something like this camp that runs on a weekly basis. This really means a lot to me, and this is the one main "camp" that I've always wanted to win, and have been dedicated to it and want people to know that I can write. Also, I think that I am the one who wanted to win this competition more than any of the other 39 that participated. I was discriminated as people actually said it was "unfair of me to join because I was an admin" but I fought through the pain and gave a quality story each week except for one where literally, a burgular stole our gate controller that was connected to our internet which rendered internet unavailable but I still submitted a story even though my internet was literally "stolen".

One more note: you might be thinking, “You’re already an admin. You don’t deserve the prize. Share the wealth.” Well, who said this competition was about becoming an admin? To me, that is not the main focus of this competition. This competition is called “Total Drama Author” not “Total Drama I Wanna Be An Admin”. For Total Drama Author 8, I promise that I will help future young authors as the sole reason for me joining this competition was to judge. Win or lose, since I already have adminship, I want my co-competitor Leshawnafan to win adminship because of the hard work she put into this competition. She is a hard-working competitor that competes at a tough level, as we now face each other in the finals even though we have co-worked on a fanfiction before. Out of all the other authors in the top 12 (sorry everybody especially Toad, MrD, and Aimers), she definetely deserves a spot in the final two. Even with that said, I believe that I am a stronger author than LF and have proved it by staying alive elimination ceremony after elimination ceremony as she still hasn't won a BoW and according to Total Drama Author history, that is not a positive. Anyways, I hope that I win the title and join the ranks of the original “Best Author” TDI19, the gracious and unique Sunshine, the intense writer Chimmy, the deep and profound author Shane, the idea-filled Reddy, and the formatted BB as I hope you consider this speech in choosing a winner for this competition. Again, good luck to Leshawnafan, and thank you for your time. :)

P.S. I would like to apologize to everyone that has lost because of me throughout this series. You know I love you all and I value all of the 40 writers in Total Drama Author 7. Also, I would like to give a shout out to Bbhinton15 and DJSpenstar for inspiring me to become amazing writers. You two were epic last season! Also, I would like to thank the judges (Nalyd, Sunshine, Chimmy, Shane, Reddy, BB) for all the unappreciated time they spend judging all of our stories. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be here today.

Sunshine's Challenge

LF's Entry

Plat's Entry

Chimmy's Challenge

This week, you will be writing the end episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Here's the scenario; Out of the fourteen contestants | here, obviously excluding Chef and the shark it's come down to the final two. Who the final two are, why the other contestants support who they do, the challenge, and the winner are all up to you. It can be however you want. Please, however, give at least a brief summary of how the season went, to make things clearer. It will be judged on creativity, spelling, grammar, and if it seemed plausible (In Total Drama terms, at least.)

LF's Entry

R is for Radioactive

The Finale Episode of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Cast: All members of the season, including Chef, Chris, the Shark, and the mutated beaver seen in the trailer

Written by: Leshawnafan

Note: The following part is some background knowledge of what the season was like, and who the final two are.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island may have seemed sort, but it was packed with action, drama, romance, fights, and ultimately lead us to our final two. Alliances were formed, and eliminations soon followed. In the end, we're left with our final two, Ann Maria and B. Both played different games, but even though that is the case, it was enough for both of them to outlast everyone else. Ann Maria formed an alliance with Zoey and Mike. She lead her alliance to the final 6, where in consecutive eliminations, her two allies were eliminated. This did not seem to worry Ann Maria, however, who teamed up with Lightning after, and took him to the final 3, where he was eliminated. B, on the other hand, played a more under-the-radar game. He never won any of the immunity challenges, and he always voted with the majority. He stayed in the shadows of the game this season, and that's what landed him in the final two. Both are very diverse, but have survived some of the most dangerous challenges in the history of Total Drama. They have not, however, faced their hardest one. This is the Total Drama: Revenge of the Island season finale!


Ann Maria jumped out of bed, and quickly went through her clothes in her drawer. She was ecstatic about being in the final two, which she never thought would happen. She threw on the regular set of clothes she had, and walked over to the mirror. She pulled out her can of hair spray, and soon there was a cloud floating around her head.

(CONF) "I feel like amazing about being in the final two! I totally deserve to be here though. I mean, come on! I played a great game! Plus I could really use the money because I want to go to Italy to see my cousin, Snookie. Yes, I'm actually related to her. You should be jealous!" Ann Maria shared as she sprayed her hair with more hair spray.

Over in the boy's cabin, B was doing the same as Ann Maria. B, however, wasn't as confident as Ann Maria. He quietly shuffled through his clothes, and slowly changed. He was more worried about this challenge because before he didn't really have to do much in the previous challenges since he just wanted to stay under the radar. Now, if he wants to win, he actually has to actually win and do well in the challenge.

(CONF) "I'm a man of few words. So let me just say, I do not see this challenge ending well for me," B admitted solemnly.

Ann Maria and B walked over to what was left of the campfire. Chris popped out from behind one of the seats. Ann Maria jumped behind B and screamed.

"What the heck? Can't you just walk up and greet us like a normal host?" Ann Maria asked, still hiding behind B, who didn't seem to mind.

"Well, I was trying to surprise the final two! But, of course, you had to complain about it after it happened, like usual," Chris stated sourly to Ann Maria.

Ann Maria walked out from behind B's back and shot daggers at Chris.

"Anyways, congrats to you two for being the final two of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island! Before you start your final challenge, I'd like to bring in the people you beat to make it to where you are! They will be coming in in the order that they were voted out, and they will choose a side to sit on. The right is for Team Ann Maria, and the left is Team B! Ok, let's start with the first person voted out!" Chris explained to B and Ann Maria.

Staci walked in, and waved at the final two.

"Hi guys! It's great to be back! I missed you all!" Staci stated with a smile on her face.

(CONF) "No, I haven't missed them actually. My life has been better after being away from this place. The people here are all so annoying!" Staci complained.

Staci went over and sat on the right side, and supported Ann Maria.

"She was a good-ish team leader, even though we lost the first challenge," Staci said, telling them why she was supporting Ann Maria.

Dakota followed Staci in, and sat on B's side. As the contestants kept on filing in, by the time they had chosen their side, it was pretty split, with five on B's side, and six on Ann Maria's side.

On Team B, Jo, Brick, Scott, Dakota and Dawn were sitting together, holding flags that had B's face on them.

On the opposite side, Lightning, Zoey, Mike, Cameron, Staci, and Sam were supporting Ann Maria.

"Well, it looks like the losers prefer Ann Maria over B, but only by one. That should make this an interesting finale!" Chris said happily.

Ann Maria tapped her foot impatiently and pulled out her hair spray bottle. She sprayed her hair again and hugged the bottle. Just then, a wood-pecker flew up and landed on Ann Maria's shoulder. It began pecking at her hair, which seemed as solid as a rock.

"Ugh, not you again! Can't you just leave my hair alone?" Ann Maria asked angrily to the bird. She jerked her shoulder, and the bird hovered in front of her.

Ann Maria put her bottle of hair spray away, and swung a punch at the bird, who easily dodged it and flew away.

"I guess she can punch non-moving targets, but she can't punch moving things," Jo whispered teasinly to Brick, recalling when Ann Maria had punched him.

"Alright, for your final challenge, you'll have to race around the whole island! First one back wins! However, there is a catch. You must race on these mutated wooly beavers!" Chris announced, pointing to the two caged animals.

Chef was standing by the cage, looking unhappy like usual. He opened the cage, and the two beavers ran up to Chris and the final two.

"You might want to get on one of them now so they don't run away," Chris mentioned to Ann Maria and B.

Ann Maria walked over to a mutated beaver and stared at it. "Aw, if it wasn't for those enormous fangs then this beaver wouldn't be so horrifying." Ann maria jumped up onto her beaver and waited for B to do the same.

B walked up to his beaver and began climbing onto it. The beaver began shaking a little bit, but soon regained balance and was ready to race.

"Alright, the first one back here, with their beaver, wins Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Ready? Go!" Chris shouted as the two contestants ran by on their beavers.

Ann Maria and B were neck and neck as they reached the first obstacle: A fallen tree.

"Uh, can you jump?" Ann Maria leaned down and asked her beaver. The beaver said at her, and did nothing.

B, on the other hand, decided to look for a way around the tree instead of just trying to get the beaver to jump. To his success, he found an area that was open, and he was able to squeeze through it.

Ann Maria, who was still having trouble getting past the tree, was getting increasingly frustrated. She hopped down off of her beaver and stood in front of it.

"Look, is it really that hard to jump over a tree? I mean, come on! I can do it myself if I have too," Ann Maria stated, as she walked up to the tree and jumped over it.

After watching this, the beaver copied Ann Maria and jumped over next to her.

"Really? That's all I had to do the whole time? Dang it! Now I'm so far behind!" Ann Maria complained as she climbed back onto her beaver and began running again.

B, who was approaching the next obstacle, was happy to see he was in the lead. It reassured him, showing him that maybe he could actually win this season. As he reached the next obstacle, he noticed it was a huge section of mud. B and his beaver walked into it, and B didn't think it would be hard to get through, but he was wrong. The mud was very deep, and his beaver was going through it very slow.

Once B was halfway through the mud, Ann Maria reached this obstacle.

"Mud? Are you kidding me? UGH! If this show didn't offer a million dollars at the end, I would've never signed up for it," Ann Maria continued complaining as her and her beaver started walking through the mud.

As B reached the end of the mud, and was racing towards the last obstacle, Ann Maria was falling behind once again. It was beginning to look like B may actually win. When he reached the last obstacle, he saw it was crossing a bridge over some water. B thought this would be easy, so he started going across it on his beaver right away. The bridge was sturdy, and held him and his beaver up, but what he didn't know was that there was a shark in the water.

As B was halfway across, a shark jumped out of the water. Due to being mutated like every surviving animal on the island, the shark could now breathe out of water as well. It landed in front of B and his beaver on the bridge, and stared at them. B's beaver got scared, turned around, and started running away. B couldn't stop it, and they both were now going back wards.

As Ann Maria reached the last obstacle, she noticed the shark sitting in the middle of the bridge.

"Of course, nothing can be normal in this crazy place," Ann Maria said while walking towards the shark on her beaver.

As the stopped in front of the shark, Ann Maria got an idea. She pulled out her hair spray and sprayed it in the shark's eyes. The shark was surprised, and fell off the bridge into the water. Ann Maria's began running across the bridge, and soon they were nearing the finish line.

"Hair spray is just as effective as pepper spray," Ann Maria mentioned as she crossed the finish line. Her supporters stood up and cheered, as B's supporters looked disappointed.

"Well, congratulations Ann Maria, you are the official winner of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!" Chris shouted as Ann Maria and her supporters cheered.

Just then, B and his beaver came running up, and his beaver stopped. B went flying off of his beaver, and crashed into the cage that the beavers were kept in.

"Oops..." B said, as he stood up.

Chris handed Ann Maria the check for one million dollars, and Total Drama: Revenge of the Island ended.

The End

Plat's Entry

Episode 13: The Very Last Revenge, Really!

  • Characters
    • Total Drama Revenge of the Island Cast
    • Original Total Drama cast (seasons 1-3)
    • Chris McClean
    • Camera Crew
  • Setting
    • Camp Wawanakwa, Ontario

"Last time on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!" Chris yelled, anxious to start the finale.

"This season was bigger, badder, brutaler, and nastier than any season we had before!" Chris started. "Multiple injuries…"

A flashback reveals Staci mauled by a shark, Brick passing out in the lake after Zoey rejected him, and Scott getting repeatedly injured by coconuts that Chef threw at him due to anger.

"…a whole lot of romance…" Chris continued.

Another flashback appears. It shows a split shot showing Dawn making out with both Sam and Cameron, shows Zoey rejecting Brick, and shows Jo punching Scott square in the nose.

"…and the most brutal eliminations ever!" Chris finished.

A final flashback appears, mainly showing pictures of Chris and eliminated contestants at the Boat of Shame. In order, it shows Mike, Dakota, Staci, Scott, Jo, Cameron, Sam, B, Anne Maria, Lightning, and Brick.

"Finally, are final two remain," says Chris. "First up, Zoey. She was known as this season's 'Heather'. However, she also "friended" it up with all the eliminated castaways. She secretly betrayed her alliance of Brick and Lightning while blaming the votes on the other person so she could go to the finals with the unsocial Dawn. Will her karma finally catch up with her or will she be the most manipulative player to go on Total Drama and win?"

A shot shows Zoey writing down a complicated formula on her notebook.

"What can I say about my game so far?" asked Zoey in the confessional. "Well, all I can say is that I betrayed my friends for a reason. Brick and Lightning were physical threats, so I just flirted with them and blamed the votes on the other. Also, the best part was when we forced Anne Maria to give immunity to Lightning because I promised her a 'boyfriend'. She was winning multiple immunities and she made the most stupid move in Total Drama history."

"Our other contestant in the final two is Dawn," Chris said, chuckling. "She played a rather…unique game…making out with two different guys because of bad vision? Not a good sign. I mean, how does Sam look anything like Cameron? She was known as a 'cheater' throughout her stay on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and never regained her dignity. She's a sweet girl, yes, but will her bad vision cost her a million dollars?"

Another shot shows Dawn sleeping under a tree.

"Nature gives me comfort," starts Dawn in the confessional. "It's the only place…where I get…privacy by myself. This season was a lot more difficult than the ones I watched on tv. Everyone was strategical, and the hidden immunity idols basically gave the producers the right to choose favor-"

Chris quickly rushed through the confessional, obviously embarrassed.

"Well, that's enough from Dawn!" he said. "Anyways, it's final two action right here on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!"

The theme song plays, with the song "I Wanna Be Famous" in the background, with animated pictures showing the crew and the contestants of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

"Welcome back to Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!" yells Chris, in the comfort of shade on a heated island. "It's been exactly two years since the original showdown between Gwen and Owen fought their hardest on the rejected olympics."

Zoey and Dawn yawn and walk solemnly out of their cabins.

"What does that supposed to mean?" asks Zoey, rolling her eyes.

"Is it going to be another death-defying challenge?" moans Dawn.

"No, it's going to be a nice challenge with no physical tasks whatsoever," says Chris.

"Really?!" yells Dawn, hoping that Chris was not fibbing.

"Of course not!" laughs Chris. "You should've seen your facial expression when I said that!"

"Wow," says Zoey. "You're lucky that I dragged you all the way to the finals," she remarks, still shocked by Dawn's naive nature.

"Well, I might not be the favorite to win," whispers Dawn in the confessional. "But Total Drama is all about underdogs and I think I have what it takes!"

"Dawn, Zoey, welcome to the final two!" yells Chris, as he welcomes the final two competitors to an open field.

"Great, another surprise challenge," says Zoey, rather unenthusiastically.

Chris appeared along with the other eliminated contestants from the season.

"Today, there are two teams to root for: Team Zoey and Team Dawn. Since I am such a nice and handsome host, I'll let you guys choose who you root for!" yells Chris.

Anne Maria and Sam joined Dawn's side. Mike, Dakota, Staci, Scott, Jo, Cameron, B, Lightning, and Brick joined Zoey's.

"Why is no one rooting for me?" asks Dawn, frowning.

"Mainly because you cheated on me!" yells Cameron.

Everyone stared at Cameron as he blushes. Scott rolls his eyes and speaks instead.

"Well, the real version of why we aren't voting for you," says Scott, glaring at Cameron, "is because Zoey was the more dominant player in the game."

"Well," said Chris, after everyone had settled. "Each person gets to pick two people on their team to assist in the final challenge."

Zoey chose Scott and Lightning, the two boys whom she made an alliance with and betrayed them behind her back.

"Ummm," starts Dawn. "Let me look at my options."

Anne Maria and Sam wave at Dawn. She sighs and shakes her head.

"Fine, I choose Anne Maria and Sam," says Dawn.

Chris gathers all four contestants and speaks to them privately. He then laughs suspiciously. Dawn and Zoey glare at him.

"Well, I said that they will be assisting in the final challenge," says Chris. "The twist is: they will be helping the other side in the challenge! Isn't this fun?"

Dawn cheers while Zoey screams in anger.

"What?" yells Zoey. "How is this fair?"

"LIfe ain't fair," says Chris, finishing a smoothie. "Anyways, the final challenge is a familiar one. Since we are back on the island, let's do a tribute to the original season one."

"I thought this entire season was a tribute to season one," says Dawn, confused.

Chris blushes and retaliates. "Well, let me just finish my sentence!"

Zoey chuckles while Dawn's face turns red. Chris continues his explanation.

"Well, the olympics, as you know, have had a lot of rejected events, not just the ones from our first season. So, you two will be doing a "Rejected Olympics 2" with your opposition as partners!" announces Chris.

"How can you force them to turn against us? They're our friends," worries Dawn.

"Well, they're not your friends anymore," laughs Chris. "They're under a contract to do whatever I say whenever I say."

"Sorry Zoey," says Scott, as he trots over to Dawn. "He's offering us money to do this."

"Yes, we are that evil," laughs Chris. "These losers will do anything for money. Anyways, the challenge is to- wait, what?" he ponders, as the old Total Drama cast returns to the island.

"We have come for revenge!" yells Heather, leading the way for the old contestants.

The new castaways squeal in joy to see their idols. Chris looks as stunned as ever.

"Why do you guys want to go back to this crappy island?" Chris asks horrifically.

"We want to make sure that no one suffers through this hell ever again," says Duncan, taking out a knife.

Zoey and Dawn glare at the old contestants.

"We don't care about your opinion!" yells Zoey. "I just want to win my million dollars!"

"Well, there isn't any money!" yells Heather, as Chris opens his jaw in astonishment.

"You…you…you broke the contract!" says Chris. "Editors, cut this out of the final tape!"

The editors shake their heads and glare at Chris. All of the Total Drama contestants huddle together in triumphance.

"Yeah, that's right Chris, I broke the number one rule in our "former" contract," announces Heather, gaining energy from the crowd. "It's true viewing world, Owen was forced to give up his "money" for the million dollars, lucky for Chris, Owen went with this absurd deal."

"Heather, are you still being a meanie even though we're on the same side?" asks Owen, waiting for an answer.

Heather doesn't acknowledge Owen's comment. "Duncan had Total Drama turn Courtney against him, as she got angry at him for money. Therefore, Duncan had to waste his million on a lawyer who secretly worked for the Total Drama executives," says Heather.

"Why do you care about this?" asks B, who has never even heard of Total Drama before he signed up for the show.

"He caused me to lose my money to by convincing Ezekiel to become a zombie!" yells Heather, obviously angry.

Chris desperately tried to speak with his editors.

"Guys, you're cutting all of this, right? I'm paying you money!" yells Chris.

"Nah," said the editors simultaneously. "The girl is paying us in nerd equipment that can only be bought at a tech shop in a basement of a secret location."

Chris scratches his head while Harold winks at Heather. Heather rolls her eyes, but looks and the final two contestants, Zoey and Dawn. Duncan and DJ take Chris away while Chris is screaming in the background.

"So, what do we do now?" asks Dawn. "I was really hoping for a finale."

"Well, we can still have one!" yells Bridgette, as she and Geoff enter the stage. "It might not be the Rejected Olympics 2, but it's one of our favorite challenges ever: the Triple Dog Dare Challenge!"

"Not a bad replacement," mutters Zoey. "When are we going to start this?"

"One rule," says Geoff. "There are no freebies and you must do the dare yourself."

The season 4 contestants all "ooh" in astonishment. Gwen, Owen, and Heather remember back in season 1 when they were forced to do this challenge, Heather especially, when her head got shaved.

"Geoff and I will announce who's bet the contestant gets," announces Bridgette, as she pulls out a wheel of 11 other contestants' faces on them.

"Zoey, since you're the more willing one, you can go first," says Geoff.

Zoey shrugs her shoulders and in a melancholy mood, she spins the wheel. The wheel spins for a couple of seconds and lands on Lightning.

"LIghtning's dare," announces Geoff, "is to…spend twenty seconds in Sam's bunk."

Zoey cringed as she heard this dare. It was no surprise, as Sam was the dirtiest contestant of the entire cast by a longshot.

"Well, you have to do it," says Bridgette. "No way avoiding it this time."

Zoey sighs and walks over to the boys' bunk. Even Owen cringes at the sight of Zoey walking toward's Sam's bunk. Zoey eventually does the dare and comes out smelling like a fusion of stink bombs.

"Next up," says Geoff. "Dawn, spin the wheel!"

Dawn spins the wheel and it lands on Cameron.

"Let's see," says Bridgette. "Cameron's dare is to sing a song to him in apology."

Dawn glares at Cameron angrily, even though she made out with another guy, Sam, by accident due to poor eyesight during the season.

"What if Zoey got the dare?" yells Dawn angrily to Cameron.

"Meh, it's worth a 50/50 shot," says Cameron, as Dawn sighs with sorrow.

Dawn eventually ends up singing "I'm Sorry", a song originally sung by Bridgette in Total Drama World Tour.

Cameron nods of approval as Geoff announces the next name.

A montage appears, showing Dawn and Zoey each do disgusting and revolting dares. Finally, the montage stops at Dawn with only two names remaining.

"So," says Geoff. "Only two names remain…Anne Maria and Scott, which name will the wheel land on?"

Dawn spins the wheel and it lands on Anne Maria. Bridgette reads her dare.

"Anne Maria's dare is…oh my…to eliminate yourself from the competition!" yells Bridgette.

Zoey cheers as she realizes what this means for Dawn.

"Is she allowed to do that?" angrily and suspiciously asks Dawn.

"No rule against it," says Geoff, as he gives a check to Zoey. "Congratulations to Zoey for being the winner of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island!"

Zoey collects her check as the camera zooms out and ends the season.


Shane's Challenge

My challenge is simple. Write a summary of why the other person should win. I don't want a, "He should win because he's great" That, my friends, is why I am going make you write at least one full page. I will judge it based on grammar, spelling, but most imprtantly, whether or not you actually mean it. Take some thought into this. You're lobbying for the other person. Again, please think hard about it.

LF's Entry

I walked up to my door, metally preparing myself in my head for anything to happen. This is the moment where I find out if my actions in this competition will lead me to victory, or to disappointment. I don't want to be shocked if I lose, that would make me look unprofessional. So I'm preparing myself for the best and worst, accepting both situations.

"The winner of Total Drama Author 7 is....." Nalyd announced, as I placed my hand onto my door's handle. This is it. This is what I've waited so long to find out. Am I the winner or the runner-up? As much as I've prepared myself for both outcomes, I couldn't fathom losing now. I don't want to have come this far and then lose it all.

Nalyd began counting down from 3, and my heart began racing. In all the competitions I've competed in, this one has been the biggest. This is also one that could change my life.


My heart was beating like crazy.


My hand began shaking as it sat on the door handle.


My nerves heightened as I turned the handle on my door.

"Congratulations.... Plat! You are the winner or Total Drama Author 7!" Nalyd exclaimed as Plat's door opened.

My heart sank as I heard and saw the news. I couldn't let this get to me, though. Being second in a competition like this is something that I should be proud of. I wasn't even sure I would mkae this season to begin with. Now here I am, at the final two, and an amazing writer has just won!

Plat truely is a great writer. During this competition, he became very busy, and hadn't had a lot of time to be on the Camps Wiki. But every single time there was a new challenge, he would make sure he would do it. That shows he has great determination, and he's not taking this competition as a joke.

Plat has the ability to write any type of story. I've seen him write happy ones, sad and darker ones, and even comedic ones. That's something a great writer can do, They can write about anything. They're not held back by any boundaries, and they write what they feel.

I also know Plat is a great writer from personal experiences. Him and I wrote a Fanfic together on the TDIFF wiki. That story, although not very popular, was a great experience for me. It was my first Fanfic, and I got to write with a great writer. I could always rely on him to write his chapter, and every time I read his chapters they were always great!

Although Plat may think he's the underdog, I feel like we're even. Neither of us have really ever recieved any low scores throughout the competition. Plat's team did lose most of the challenges unfortunately, but Plat usually was the one getting the highest score on his team. Plus, he's been through a Total Drama Author before, placing 3rd last season. You can say he has more experience than I do, which is why he's a great choice to win.

He has the attitude of a great writer, and the writing skills to back that up as well. He can do anything that's thrown at him, without any complaints or anything. He's a master at writing, and he's probably been my biggest competition throughout TDA7. I can't think of anyone better to be up against in the final. Plat deserves to be here, and he also deserves to win.

Plat's Entry

"And the winner of Total Drama Author 7 is…." announces Nalyd, as the doors remained closed.

Chimmy stumbled from the sky to interrupt the presentation.

"Not again!" yells Nalyd. "We need to break the suspense!"

I was nervous. I put all my effort into all of my stories, and I hope that I came away with the victory. I was against the much more popular LF, who was friends with all the judges and was on the winning team. It would take a miracle for me to win, even though I believed my stories were better. Oh, well, sometimes talent doesn't win.

The other 12 Total Drama Author 7 contestants were waiting in the sidelines. I look over to see my teammates: the ones who went before me, the ones who got eliminated for not posting a story.

It was a long battle: going to the very end. LF and I have been posting stories every week, and I hoped that my continual effort will win out.

But that's not how the bingo balls roll.

The highly favorited LF was glaring at me, grinning. So what if she was friends with all the admins and teammates and wrote better stories? I still hoped that my story writing would prevail. I mean, the 6 season newcomer winning every season streak had to break sometime, right?


The door opened.

The wrong one.

My dreams were crushed.

Nalyd just announced the winner of Total Drama Author 7, Leshawnafan, as I joined the likes of DJSpenstar and Sprinklemist in the runner-up category as my season comes to an end.

I was disappointed, devastated, demoralized. Even though the rumors were swirling that I came runner-up, it was a shocker. I hugged LF and sat with the other 13 contestants from the season.


Maybe. How I so wanted the coveted award of the Best Writer on the wiki.


Yes. I put my heart into all of my entries, staying up until the early hours of dawn but lose to a more aggresive competitor.

The reaction?

None. Everyone was cheering for LF. No one expected that my talent would win anyways. Not at this level. Not in the modern age.

In fact, she was so confident that she didn't even enter the upcoming admin election as she expected a win. I didn't stand a chance…I guess that confidence payed off when beating me.

The humiliation.

Twice in a row, I tasted victory, but it escaped from me. I will compete in more competitions, I will persevere. Or, the curse can continue.

The winner of Total Drama Author 7, Leshawnafan, came up to me.

"Nice playing with you!" she yells enthusiastically, as she reaches to shake my hand.

I guess I am bitter. I mean, why am I mourning off of a friend's success? I smile and shake her hand.

"I'm glad that you won this competition," I said. "You deserved it."

It was deserved. Even though I was bitter, her talent, ability, and fast-paced writing outshined and outperformed me. I can't battle the truth.

I've been told numerous times before: the past is the past. It can not be changed. I have to learn to let go and accept the fact. I can't do anything against the superior opponent.

Is there a next year? I'm not sure. Real life responsibilities outweigh camp responsibilities. And with three new admins soon, I might lose hope as an author. LF has her wiki life ahead of her golden...after a relatively easy Total Drama Author 7, she has the ability to judge future talent and become an admin of the wiki.




I can't quit. Not now. Not when I'm a favorite for next season after the outstanding performer of LF this season. Not if I have a chance to prove Total Drama Author history. Yes, I'm glad for LF, and I have to accept that the judges perceived her writing as better. I have to learn to get over the loss and accept my opponent as the better writer.

With the above story, I explained my reaction to LF winning Total Drama Author 7 from an realistic perspective. I think LF would be a great winner for this competition. For one, she and her team won multiple victories, solidifying her place in the competition. She also is a talented writer, never getting a bad score on her stories. She also was very active in the competition, and, since I've co-written a story with her before, I know she is a talented writer.

In the story above, I over-stressed LF's relationships with the judges. In reality, however, it is part of the game. She always had a smile on her face, and wrote generally positive stories, and I think likeability is a key part of her game. She also was friendly with her teammates and gained support from her teammates during the merge.

Yes, likeabilty is good, but what is this competition about? Writing. She is an adept writer, sparingly using vocabulary that I have never encountered. She also has a fine sense of grammar, using commas in the correct place, and always uses the criteria that the judges look for. She plays smart, and knows not to overdo a story when she is in a standing position, and conjures a story that can relate to the judge and not bore an audience.

LF is the best talent that I could go up against in the final two in this competition. She has proven time and time again that she has spirit, writing ability, and perseverence that could lead her to the top. Add in likeableness, appealing story structure, and confidence, and she could use those skills to win Total Drama Author 7. I believe I am the underdog in the situation, and LF's favoritism clearly expresses her love of writing and talent looked for by the multiple judges.

Also, in the story above, I mentioned my bitterness if I didn't win the competition. LF's the type of person who doesn't get bitter often, as her upbeat stories and attitude reflect that. Her constant scoring shows consistency, and overall, she seems like a better pick to win Total Drama Author 7. Her impact on her team propelled her to the final two, and all I can say is that she has the overall skillset to win the entire thing and the coveted prizes of winning the camp.

Reddy's Challenge

Reddy: My challenge is a tribute to the both of you two, Plat and LF. You must write a Leshawna somehow finding/meeting a Platypus in the city. What does she do with the Platypus? Is the Platypus a secret agent? Rodeo star? Racecar driver? Famous Musician? NORMAL?! It’s all up to you guys! This will be judged on creativity and grammar stuff.

LF's Entry

The Day I Met a Talking Animal

Characters: Leshawna, Plat the Platypus, Leshawna's Mom and Dad, Dr. Moore

Setting: Leshawna's house, An Alley near Leshawna's house

Written by: Leshawnafan

Leshawna grabbed a three plates and napkins, and set the dinner table. Everything was as normal. Leshawna and her Mom were getting dinner ready, as her Dad arrived home from work. He would always barge in at the last moment, blaming traffic or having a last minute meeting. Leshawna's Mom always played along with it, but Leshawna didn't. She never brought it up, however, because she wasn't positive what the real reason was.

Leshawna sat down at the table, and waited as her Mother finished making the Lasagna.

"Leshawna, could you be a dear and take the trash to the community dumpster?" Leshawna's Mom asked without lifting her head up from the lasagna.

"Fine," Leshawna said evenly, as she got out of her seat and grabbed the trash. She proceeded to walk out the door.

Leshawna mumbled to herself as she walked to the dumpster. "Making me do all the work. I competed in a dang reality and competition show, I shouldn't be taking the darn trash to the dumpster."

Leshawna reached the dumpster, and began to open the lid of it when something flew out of it. Leshawna dropped her trash and stared at the suspicious animal.

"Uh... is that a Platypus?" Leshawna asked, but realized she wouldn't receive an answer since she was all along. But she was wrong.

"How very smart of you. Yes, I am a Platypus. My name is Plat, Plat the Platypus. It's my honor to meet such a beautiful girl," Plat said, turning to Leshawna.

Leshawna stared at Plat blankly. She had no idea what to say. Did that Platypus just talk to me? Or am I just going crazy... I think the latter option is more likely...

"Come on, dear. No need to be afraid. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that you must be going crazy because a Platypus is talking to you. The fact of the matter is, however, that you are not going crazy. I am indeed a real, talking Platypus. You should feel priviledged to meet me," Plat stated.

"Uh, ok then... Hi Plat, I'm Leshawna. Nice to... meet you?" Leshawna introduced herself, still confused.

"Ah, I see you're still confused. Let me explain. There is a whole new species of Platypi that can talk. It's a wonderful, and rare species. We live in northern Canada, but no one has really discovered us yet. It's very peaceful and tranquil. Recently, a scientist had stumbled upon our civilization, and began studying us. Word has not gotten out on our species yet, but I'm sure it will soon. The Scientist, I believe he goes by the name of Dr. Moore, had taken me to his lab took me here as an example and "test subject." Along the way, the back door to his van flew open, and I soon followed it. I wandered to this dumpster in search of food, but when I got in, it closed on me. I've been here for a whole day now. Thank you for releasing me from that crate of hell," Plat informed Leshawna.

"Wait, so there's more of you? I had no idea there was a species of animals that could talk like humans!" Leshawna stated, shockingly.

"Silly girl, don't you know humans are mammals, which therefore makes them a species of animal that can talk? Don't ask me how my species of Platypus learned how to talk, though, because I was born like this, so I have no idea. No one knows. We just can talk," Plat said simply.

"You're really smart... If you're really all that hungry, I can take you to my house and I can feed you. You'll have to get the approval from my parents first, though." Leshawna told Plat.

"I'll do anything for food now. Just lead the way," Plat said in agreement with Leshawna's plan.

Leshawna began walking back to her house, keeping an eye on Plat to make sure he was following her. She approached the door to her house, and turned around to pick Plat up.

"Don't worry, my Mom would just get mad if you got feet prints on the carpet and floor," Leshawna whispered to Plat as she slowly opened the door to her house.

"Honey, where you been? Did you get distracted or something? Taking out the trash only takes a couple of minutes, but you've been gone for twenty!" Leshawna's Mom said worriedly.

"I guess you could say I got distracted..." Leshawna trailed off as she showed her Mom Plat.

Leshawna's Mom stared blankly at Plat just like Leshawna had done.

"I guess staring blankly at new sights runs in your family," Plat whispered jokingly to Leshawna.

"Is that a Platypus?" Leshawna's Mom said, still confused.

"Yes, I found him when I was taking the trash out. He was in the dumpster. His name is Pla---" Leshawna was cut off by Plat beginning to speak.

"My name is Plat, Plat the Platypus. The pleasure is all mine," Plat spoke to Leshawna's Mom directly.

"Did that Platypus just talk? Or is this just a little trick?" Leshawna's Mom asked.

"I swear, Mom, this isn't a trick. Apparently, he's a new species of Platypi that can actually talk," Leshawna told her Mom.

"Well, I guess I can sort-of believe that... I don't know how your Dad will react though. Why don't you come and sit down, both of you. I'm sure you're hungry, Plat," Leshawna's Mom offered as she began putting some lasagna on the plates.

The duo made there way over to seats next to each other, and sat down. Plat looked at the food with hungry eyes, looking like he could devour the whole thing in one bite. Leshawna sat patiently as her mom got ready, and sat down.

"Looks like we're eating with Dad again," Leshawna stated sourly.

Her Mom nodded, and began eating. The dinner was quiet, until Plat spoke up.

"I don't mean to intrude, but I was wondering if I could stay here for awhile. Dr. Moore has left me, and I have no where to go. You can tell, I have a hard life. I can not travel around easily. If you have no space, I understand," Plat asked.

"Well, you shouldn't take up too much space, so I see no harm in that. Any friend of Leshawna's is welcome here," Leshawna's Mom accepted Plat's offer.

The dinner continued on after that, with all three beginning to become more comfortable with the new arrangements. A new friendship, a very unlikely and rare one was born, and it seems like a strong one.

The End



Days turned into weeks, which turned into months, then years. Plat had found a new family that loved him, and took care of him. He was not in trouble, and Dr. Moore never came looking for him. Leshawna's Mom finally found out the truth of why her husband was always late. He was cheating on her, which was what Leshawna had thought the whole time. The two got divorced, and Leshawna went with her Mom. She couldn't even look at her Father the same way ever again. Plat went with them, and even became famous as the moved out to Los Angeles, where he was discovered by some talent scouts at a local fair. He got his own talking show, and poeple were always ecstatic to see it or be interviewed by him. Leshawna's life had been rough, but it was finally becoming good once again.

Plat's Entry

The Unfortunate Drop of Shame

  • Characters
    • Leshawna- The Protagonist, the Tragic Hero
    • The platypus- A semi-aquatic monotreme
    • An intern- Works for the Total Drama company, no rights reserved.
  • Setting
    • Barcelona, Spain
    • Fountain in Barcelona after the events of Slap Slap Revolution
    • This is NOT the actual events of Total Drama World Tour. Instead, think of it as an alternate universe away from the canon events of Total Drama World Tour.

I’m falling down…spiraling towards the depths of this planet that we know of as Earth.

Germany, how I will always dread that place. Don’t miscomprehend me: it’s not because of the people who live there or the lifestyle that is lived.

It was the place.

My mother always said to be a strong woman. She said never to give in, always to believe in yourself and not have anyone else dictate the outcome of your life.

I failed.

Why? Why must it be this way? Why did I allow another competitor trick me? Why did I allow myself to fall under the trap? Why was I the second girl to get eliminated from the competition? Why did I not listen to Harold when he had my back? Why was Heather correct about Alejandro? Why was our team destined to lose? Why did I lose my killer edge from the previous two seasons? Why am I parachuting down into Western Spain after being shoved out of a plane by one I was infatuated with?

It must be fate. I continue falling.

It’s time for me to open my parachute. I see two vibrantly colored chords on the back of my parachute pack. Chris told me: “Red, then blue”.

Obviously, I pull the blue one first.

The altitude is lowering.

I wonder: what will await me when I reach the ground? I saw a Spanish cathedral from the air; it gave me a sense of direction. I am still completely unsure of where to go afterwards. Is there another aftermath studio? Is someone waiting for me when I come down? Will I be alone?

I criticize the rules of this show. Why doesn’t Chris let us bring a cell phone when he knows we’ll be stuck in the middle of nowhere? There must be someone waiting down there for me: I know it.

I finally see a speck of brown amidst all the white of the clouds in the sky. The parachute is gliding me to the ground.

I check my body for belongings that I could barter with when I plummet down to the earth. None. All of my jewelry was gone as they fell off the motorboat in New York.

Earth. Finally.

Where would I go? What would I do? Can I perhaps get a job?

Wait. Stop asking yourself questions, Leshawna. You will get through this. No need to get paranoid. Remember: dictate your own outcome.

I sigh and carry on. The cool summer breeze rushes through my hair.

“Spain is a nice place,” I think, looking around at the beautiful scenery. “I wonder if my friends will traverse these plains during the course of the competition.”

I look around at my landing spot. I don’t see anyone speaking English, or even anyone who looks like they came to retrieve me from my plummet.

Of course. Why did I ever expect Chris to help us? Serves me for thinking someone else will dictate my life. I walk alone.

Days pass. My thirst is not quenched as I found a nearby water fountain near a park in Barcelona. It might not be the cleanest water, but it’ll have to do. I sleep under the stars up in a small tree inside of the park. It’s tall enough to keep me hidden, and I enjoy my stay outdoors.

I still have a problem: my food supply is limited.

I spent hours scouring the different regions of Barcelona. Yes, there were restaurants, but I didn’t have any money. I could beg for money, but that is against my beliefs.

Finally, I spot something out of the corner of my eye.

“What is that?” I wonder. “It looks like some sort of animal…”

I finally get a good view on this mysterious creature. It was turquoise blue with a strange aura coming from it. I realize then that it is a platypus.

The platypus snarled at me. It’s not native to Spain, so I wonder what it would be doing here. My thoughts were quickly flooded with thoughts of hunger, however. I trapped it and drool slithered down my mouth.

However, this catch was better than just regular meat. I recalled a fact from back in elementary school that made my eyes pop out of their sockets.

“Platypi lay eggs!” I scream, yelling at everyone in the park.

One snobby teenager rolled his eyes and glared at me.

“Platypus, not platypi,” he says, as he walks away.

I don’t even have enough energy to make a witty remark back at him. I quickly give the platypus food, and give it shade under my temporary home (the tree) as I waited for it to lay eggs.

Night. The moon rose as an egg finally popped out of the semi-aquatic mammal. I grab two large dry sticks and started a fire. Cooking the egg, I felt complete comfort of the steam emitting from the pot, which I found that I was cooking the egg in.

It cooked, I waited. It finished, I ate. I cleaned up, I made myself done. All in the nature of the human will.

Suddenly, a weird sense fluttered around me.

“Surprise!” yelled a snickering intern, arising from the shadows.

I was angry, nervous, and discombobulated.

“What do you mean by ‘surprise’?” I asked, interrogating him.

“Oh, the Total Drama crew never left you behind,” snickers the intern. “We just wanted to see how you would survive on your own…and let me tell you, it was pretty dang hilarious.”

I yelled in rage, but suddenly, I felt pain in my throat. The sharp, piercing pain flowed throughout my body. Suddenly, the intern’s expression became concerned.

“Of course not to me,” I thought to myself. “The naïve intern only looks concerned because he doesn’t want to lose his worthless job.”

“This looks like some type of food poisoning!” yells the intern. “Have you digested anything peculiar recently?”

“Well, since the Total Drama production almost starved me to death, I had no choice but to eat platypus eggs!” I yelled, still choking.

The intern knew it was too late. Raw egg disease, I presume. However, all he did was take out his camera and recorded my dying words.

“Please…tell my family that this is just an extended…vacation…” I gasped.

I looked over to the side and saw the platypus, grinding his teeth. I, Leshawna, was defeated. It was the last day…the last day, as my story ended to the might of a platypus.


BB's Challenge

BB: So... to get my recognition in winning this challenge, I'm pulling out the big guns. I'm also doing this huge challenge to make up for my incredible inactiveness over the season. :( In my opinion, my challenge is pretty simple, but the fine print is what will kill you. Your challenge from me is to write any type of story that you want using only the staff of Total Drama (Chris [mandatory], the producers [optional], and Chef [optional]) and your four least-favorite characters of the series. Your story must follow Total Drama World Tour (meaning, it has to make sense and could be confused with what really happened following Total Drama World Tour). The remaining contestants and other characters of Total Drama are not to be mentioned at all. You're not done yet! If you remember last season, I was mainly noted on how well I flowed with words and used the wiki to its best extent (i.e. all the flashy stuff). So, I will be judging you on: my exact specifications listed above, grammar, extensive detail, and use of wiki-format and codes (i.e. flashy stuff). Happy Writing from Your Potential Predecessor. :)

Rule of Thumb: Don't overdo any of the judging criteria. Everything should have an equal amount. You should know when you're overdoing one of them.

LF's Entry

The Diary of the Less Fortunate

A look into the life of Sadie

Characters: Chris, Intern #1, Chef, Sadie, Alejandro, Owen and Duncan

Setting: A Hair Salon

Takes Place After Heather's Ending for Total Drama World Tour


Dear Diary,

Today, I had the strangest dream. I dreamt of what it would've been like to have competed in Total Drama Action and World Tour. It was very specific too. I dreamt about everything possible basically. I saw alliances that I formed, my love for Justin blossom into a genuine hate for him, and even my sad elimination. However, this was all just for Total Drama Action. I dreamt about mostly the same things in Total Drama World Tour, except for two major differences. First, I had no love for Justin anymore, and I had moved on to Alejandro, who later I found out was evil and got him eliminated. Second, I actually won Total Drama World Tour! It was me against DJ, who got lost during the challenge, which allowed me to win! Too bad it was just a dream.


Dear Diary,

Today was a slow day at my Hair Salon. I thought doing hair was my dream job, but lately it's been kind of boring. Although, I have been able to see some of my friends from Total Drama since the volcano erupted. A lot of people lost their hair from that, so they've been coming to me. Like today, Chris Mclean came in! He told me I wasn't allowed to tell anyone that he goes to a salon for his wavy hair, but I've already told so many people! Like oh my gosh, I couldn't contain myself! I hope he doesn't find out that I told people though, or he'll be so mad....


Dear Diary,

Today, I got visited by two of my least favorite people: Duncan and Alejandro. Alejandro looked like a complete mess from being burned alive! I actually felt bad for him, but then I remembered all the things he in TDWT, and that made me hate him again. He deserved what happened to him, since he messed up Bridgette's, Leshawna's and Courtney's time in the competition. He became pure evil. Apparently he came to me to ask me if I knew any way for his hair to grow back faster. At firrst I was just going to tell him to get lost, then an idea popped into my mind. I went to the back of the store, and looked through my purse. I found a bottle of itching powder that I carried around. I've found it's more effective than pepper spray. It was in an unlabeled bottle, so I handed it to him and told him to use it twice a day. I told him that the icthing sensation and rash that would break out on his head was normal, and to not stop usage of it. He thanked me, and as he left I couldn't help but almost let out a burst of laughter.

As for Duncan, he came in do that we could dye his mohawk for him. That lazy juvenile freak can't even dye his own hair. Another reason why I don't like him, because he can't do anything good himself. But I think it's probably good he came into professionals because like OMG he'd probably mess up so badly if we didn't do it. He told me that he hasn't talked to anyone from Total Drama for a long time. He sounded happy when he said it. I wonder what happened between him and Gwen after Total Drama World Tour?


Dear Diary,

Today I had yet another encounter with a former castmate. Owen walked into my salon today. I didn't even know Owen took good care of his hair, but dang his hair was nice! I thought he was just a giant walking slob who didn't take care of himself at all! His hair was really nice! He was really talkative, though. He told me that he entered a contest in which whoever ate the most cheese won 100,000 dollars. He said he won, but after he was done he had to go to the hospital. Now apparently he's lactose intolerant because his body began rejecting all the cheese after awhile or something crazy like that. His stories got really boring and unappealing, so I zoned out while I was doing his hair. He didn't want to leave my store either, so we had to get the police to escort him out. They tried carrying him, but they dropped him right away, and now there's a huge dent in my store! Dents are not in-style, people!


Dear Diary,

Today scared me a little bit. Chef and an Intern from the Total Drama series came to my shop today. The Intern said the only reason why he was there was because Chef didn't want to go into a salon by himself. He thought it would make less manly or something. Anyway, shortly after that the Intern disappeared, and he never came back. I guess he doesn't like salons that much either. Then Chef began freaking out, and we had to tranquilize him. Then like an hour later, he woke up and asked us if we had any wigs. Apparently he has no hair, and it doesn't grow back either because of a hereditary gene he got from his father. Of course we have wigs! Every salon has wigs for those without hair that want some! It would be a shame if we didn't have any! The hard one was figuring out which wig fit him best, since we've never seen him with hair before. We found a good one, he paid us, and he quickly ran out like he was in a rush to get somewhere. It was probably just because he wanted to get out of our salon.


Dear Diary,

After these past few days of seeing old contestants and staff members, I've realized one thing: I'm glad I wasn't in TDA or TDWT. I realized just watching them was enough. I forgot about all the challenges that they had to go through and all the drama. I wouldn't have even been able to get through TDI if it wasn't for Katie! Plus, I think that I would've missed out on my opportunity to become a hair dresser and own my own Hair Salon! It's always been my dream to work with hair anyway, and I didn't need the money because I already had it. I think being a hair dresser was my calling, and I'm sticking to it and not regreting anything!

The End.

Plat's Entry

"Nothing. Can. Compare."

  • Characters
    • Chris McClean- The Host of Total Drama
    • A Client- Works for a Magazine Titled Buddies
    • Camera Guy #5- A Cameraman Who Prefers Shooting Angles from the Right
    • Sadie- My Least Favorite Character; Best Friend of Katie
    • Katie- My 2nd Least Favorite Character; Best Friend of Sadie
    • Justin- My 3rd Least Favorite Character; Model
    • Alejandro- My 4th Least Favorite Character; Well-Rounded
  • Setting
    • Modeling Company
    • After the Events of "Hawaiian Punch"

It was a beautiful day outside. The sun was shining, and the breeze was mellow, as Chris McClean, the host of Total Drama, walked into Fashion, the modeling company. Total Drama World Tour had just ended, and time would elapse before the new season of Total Drama Revenge of the Island.

Chris McClean has been modeling and directing for 7 years now, and has invited four friends from his show Total Drama to help model.

It was a new project, with a theme. A magazine called “Buddies” has just been released and the company is utilizing the services of the modeling company and needed four people to model.

Choosing the contestants was a difficult task at hand.

“I have 25 choices to choose from,” thinks Chris. “Twenty-one of them will not be modeling. Who has experience modeling while also could work well together?”

Chris, stumped, decided to look at all the resumes of all the contestants that joined Total Drama.

While going through the contestants, he comes across the names Katie and Sadie.

“Well, they have known each other prior to the event,” ponders Chris. “They could fill in as decent roles for the client.”

Chris hastily grabs the resumes of Katie and Sadie and puts them in an unorganized pile at the corner of his desk.

Surprisingly to Chris, a cameraman, labeled Cameraman #5 walks in.

“Hey, it’s my hour off,” says the nasally cameraman as he relaxes in the trailer.

Chris decided it was best for some advice. “Hey, intern, what two contestants would make for good role models that could model as buddies for a client I’m employed for?”

The cameraman scratched his head for a couple of seconds, and then decided to respond.

“Well, I know Justin and Alejandro have modeled before,” he snorts. “Even if they don’t know each other, they are similar enough to get along well.”

Chris, with no other lead, shrugs his shoulders, and stuffs their resumes in the disorganized pile with Katie and Sadie. He grabs the pile and leaves the trailer, looking for his client.

He eventually arrived at Fashion, and handed the resumes to his clients at “Buddies”. The clients looked at each other and nodded as they accepted the resumes.

“We are thankful for your service,” says one of the clients. “We will call them up immediately.”

Justin woke up in his room, and immediately looked in the mirror.

“Man, do I look handsome today,” he boasts as he sees the reflection of himself in the mirror.”

He decides to continue staring in the mirror. However, the task was short-lived as a phone call interrupted him.

Justin, annoyed, answers the call.

“Hello, Justin here, who is it?”

“Hello, we’re from “Buddies” a magazine looking for models. Are you interested?” answers the client at the other end.

“Another modeling company?” asks Justin, slightly rolling his eyes. “Fine, I’ll come just give me a couple of minutes.”

Justin hung up the phones as he continued to look in the mirror.

Alejandro was at home, finally, after a long season of Total Drama. All relaxed, he didn’t want to leave the house.

“Ah, estoy contento,” says Alejandro smiling. “I feel relaxed and calm right now just staying where I am.”

Alejandro begins meditating, but is cut short by a phone call. Alejandro, slightly annoyed, answers the call.

“Hola,” says Alejandro. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Hello Alejandro, this is “Buddies”, a magazine company scouting for models. You in?”

“I’m not sure,” responds Alejandro. “I just got back from a very long….summer camp…and am not in the mood to model.”

“It will be quick,” says the client. “Please, three of your fellow contestants will be there.”

Alejandro sighs and answers the client. “Fine, sign me up, I’ll be right there.

Katie and Sadie were not as relaxed as Justin or Alejandro were. Instead, they were engaged in a pillow fight, whacking feathered objects at each other.

“I got you!” playfully laughs Katie, hitting Sadie with a pillow.

“No, I got you first!” responds Sadie, as both ladies laugh their way out of sensibility, and collapse and on the ground.

After the fight, the phone started to ring. The girls had a schedule, and Sadie decided to pick up the phone.

“Hello, Sadie and Katie here!” cheerfully responds Sadie.

“Hello, this is Buddie-“ began the client.

“Oh my gosh, Katie and I love Buddies!” Sadie screams, obviously having prior knowledge to the magazine. “We’ll model for you! We’re coming immediately!”

The client, slightly discombobulated, responds positively and hangs up the phone.

Justin, Alejandro, Katie, and Sadie arrive at the company and look at each other. Justin and Alejandro seem unpleased, while the girls start to fawn.

“Oh my gosh Sadie, look,” starts Katie. “It’s both Justin…”

“…and Alejandro!” finishes Sadie. “Let’s double date!”

Justin and Alejandro raise an eyebrow, and respond to this claim.

“No, chicas, we can not accept,” says Alejandro. “We, umm, well…” starts Alejandro, fumbling for an excuse.

“We already have girlfriends in which we are deeply committed to,” says Justin, winking at Alejandro.

The client opens the door and invites the contestants into the magazine company.

“Welcome contestants, this will be your new home for the next 2 weeks,” says the client.

“Wait,” says Justin. “You said this would be a single day affair.”

“Did I?” grins the client. “I don’t think that would be possible.”

Alejandro, sensing something was fishy, runs out of the door. Katie, Sadie, and Justin try to follow, but the door shuts.

“What’s your deal?” yell Katie and Sadie simultaneously.

“Well, we can still work with three,” says the client. “You interns will be forced to work with us for our magazine. We were low on interns, so we had to fake a call pretending you will be models.”

Justin, Katie, and Sadie decide to try to escape. They run to the editing studio, and see and exit. However, two guards blocked the exit.

“Sadie, pillow!” yells Katie, as she takes her pillow and smashes it into one of the guards’ face. Sadie nods and does the same to the other guard.

Eventually, they escape and look at each other and just shrugged as if nothing happened. They all suffered much worse on Total Drama.


Plat's Entry