Welcome to Total Drama Contestant Trivia! Every day, 12 users will each prove that they know the most of their Favorite Total Drama Contestant by either answering easy/hard questions or other activities. Who will be the 11 eliminated losers? Who will win? Find out on Total Drama Contestant trivia! (season 1)


1. There is no returning.

2. You may quit IF you need to.

3. Please be active. If your not for 3 challenges, you will be OUT.

4. If you had a favorite character that someone else chose, and they get eliminated, you may have that character.

5. I will post challenges after each voting ceremony.

6. You will have 2-3 days to complete a challenge.

7. You will have 2-3 days to vote also.

8. Do not get mad if you are voted out. It is just for fun.

9. Have Fun!


  • An automatic open spot in season 2
  • A profile on "Total Drama Contestant Trivia's Winners"
  • Personaly congratulated by me on your talk page
  • A shout-Out on my profile for winning


  • Polls will start to be submitted.

<Poll> Who do you think will win today's challenge? Natedog14 TDSF234 RR44 Henzzy Esther2108 BlazeHead </poll>

<poll> What do you think of today's challenge? It's horrible It's bad It's ok It's great! It's AWESOME!!! </poll>

<Poll> Who do you want to win Total Drama Contestant Trivia? Natedog14 TDSF234 </poll>

Inactivity Srikes

Bubbles ||

George Benard |||

Sonicksb |||


TDSF234 |


Thinking Bass: NateDog14 TDSF234 INDF RR44Phyneo Henzzy

Smart Gophers: George Benard Esther2108 BB33's Mom BlazeHead51 Bubbles Sonicktb

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total Number of votes
2nd NateDog14 WIN IN WIN IN WIN IN IN WIN IN Runner Up 1
3rd Russelrules44 WIN IN WIN IN WIN IN IN IN OUT 1
4th BlazeHead 51 IN WIN IN WIN IN WIN WIN OUT 1
5th Esther2108 IN WIN IN WIN IN IN OUT 3
6th Henzzy WIN IN WIN IN WIN OUT 1
7th Bubbles62681 IN WIN IN WIN OUT 1
8th Phyneo WIN IN WIN OUT 5
9th/10th George Bernard IN WIN OUT 0
9th/10th Sonicktb IN WIN OUT 0
12th Bridgettebarf333's Mom OUT 3


  • Dark Green= Was on Smart Gophers.
  • Red= Was on Thinking Bass.
  • Yellow= Made the Merge
  • White= Username was called at elimination.
  • Dark Red= Was eliminated/and or Quit.
  • Grey= Was Runner Up.
  • Green= won invincibliaty for team or for themselves.
  • Gold= Won Competiton.

Sign Ups (closed)

(After you sign your name, please type which character you want. Please, only one character per user)

1. -Bubbles62681 17:25, February 26, 2012 (UTC) I want DJ

2. Totaldramaseriesfan234 I will be Duncan

3. Henzzy. I'll do Heather!!!

4. George Bernard . I want Noah! :>

5. INDF: I obviously choose Dawn.

6.Bridgettebarf333's Mom: I odviously choose The Eggheads.

7.Esther2108 GWEN!!!

8.Sonicktb I want Ezekiel

9. Russelrules44 15:57, March 17, 2012 (UTC) I pick Lightning

10. BlazeHead 51 - i'll be Alejandro.

11. Phyneo- I will be Cody

12. NateDog14- Sierra

FINAL 3!!!!




Episode 1: Who? And Why? And- Nevermind

Terrance: okay users, welcome to Total Drama Contestant Trivia!

RR44: Cool.

Terrance: Would you guys like to introduce yourselves?

TDSF234: Hey everyone!

Phyneo: WHat's up?

TDSF234: Nothin really...just here to have fun ;)

RR44: I'm Jacob.

Esther2108: Im esther-

Henzzy: Hi peoples!!!!

Terrance: You guys ready to start the challenge?

TDSF234: Yea man, lets do this!

Terrance: Before we can start, I have an announcement to make.

RR44: Ok.

TDSF234: What is it?

Terrance: I felt like 11 contestants was a weird number people so I let 1 more person audition and they got in. So please welcome to the game...... Natedog14!

Natedog14: Hello!

Challenge #1

Terrance: For our first challenge, you will tell me who you chose as your Faveorite contestants, and why. After the challenge, teams will be formed and I'll announce who wins the challenge good luck everybody.

Terrance: You guys will have 2 more days to complete this challenge.

RR44: I wonder what to do now?

Terrance: Alright, the teams have been formed. To see which team your on, look on the teams section. And the winner of this challenge is..... The Thinking Bass! Which means, the Smart Gophers have to vote someone off.


My favorite contestants are:

DJ=I like him because of his nice, gentle additude and he is a very skilled cook.

Lightning=He is wicked awesome because he is really strong and is quite funny XD

Bridgette=I liked her friendly additude towards people and the fact that she left with integrity in TDI :)

Brick=He comes from the military and he is a unique character.

Mike=Such a nice character, and his MPD was a very interesting personality trait.

Geoff=He is my fav. because he knows when to party and his jokes are hilarious :D.



  1. Gwen:- shes so cool and relaxed and i love her gothic-ness and her role in TDI and TDWT
  2. Courtney: Just behind Gwen, i love how she is so up-tight and full of herself and her role in TDA and TDWT
  3. Heather- without heather the seasons would be very boring and lack the evilness that i love
  4. Duncan: hes so cool and bad and he had an awesome role in the G/C/D love triangle and in all 3 seasons and an awesome attitude!
  5. Izzy- who doesnt love Izzys crazyness? (not me) shes so funny and random
  6. Alejandro- he was important for TDWT and hes so funny and evil and manipulative and hes perfect for heather :)



Favorite Characters

  1. Sierra: Shes Crazy. I Like Crazy People.
  2. Cody: Because Sierra Likes Cody.
  3. Izzy: See Number 1.
  4. And Lastly: Staci: I Love Obese People :D
      And Since Everyone Is Doing It, If I made A Total Drama Season, it Would Look Like This:

22. Lightning

21. Heather

20. Justin

19. Brick

18. Scott

17. Dawn

16. Eva

15. Leshawna

14. Lindsay

13. Gwen

12. Duncan

11. Bridgette

  • Merge, Bridgette and Lindsay Return.

10. Ezekiel (Suprisingly)

9. Alejandro

8. Courtney

7. Sadie

6. Katie

5. Cody

4. Bridgette

3. Staci

2. Lindsay (Runner Up)

1. Sierra (Winner)


I chose Courtney, Zeke, Cody, Staci, Zoey, Heather, Gwen, Beth, Cameron, Sierra, Noah, Lindsay, Leshawna, Mike, Scott, Tyler, Izzy, Duncan and Lightning because they are all funny and, they are cool.

If I made a Total Drama Season, Lemme show you the results.

18th: Courtney

17th: Ezekiel

16th: Cody

15th: Staci

14th: Zoey

13th: Heather

12th: Gwen

11th: Beth

10th: Cameron

  • Merge and Cody and Heather come back*

12th: Sierra

11th: Noah

10th: Lindsay

9th: Leshawna

8th: Mike

7th: Cody (again)

6th/5th: Heather (again) and Scott

4th: Tyler

3rd: Izzy

2nd: Duncan

1st: Lightning

(But then a mountain goat burns the million dollar check)

So yep, That's it.


my favourite character?, that's an easy one, Duncan of course. hes just so cool and ruthless in a way. he's kinda like what you would get if you mixed Jeff Hardy, The Miz and Randy Orton together. he's that good.

oh year, here's my very own elimination order. (cast from TDI)

22nd. Sadie

21st. Ezekiel

20th. Eva

19th. Owen

18th. Katie

17th. Cody

16th. Beth

15th. Izzy

14th. Heather

13th. Leshawna

12th. Noah

11th. Lindsay

10th. Bridgette

9th. Trent

8th. Gwen

7th. DJ

6th. Justin

5th. Tyler

4th. Courtney

3rd. Harold

2nd. Duncan (RUNNER UP)

1st. Geoff (WINNER)


All of the contestants that I chose as my favorite are the ones that I can relate to myself! These are the top six that I see the most of myself in them! (from least to greatest)

  1. Duncan- OK... I may not be a delinquent... but I do have that rebellious nature that Duncan shows.
  2. Harold- I pretty much am a nerd... and we all know that Harold is the definition of nerd!
  3. Tyler- I am like Tyler because, like him, I too play a lot of sports... even though I am not the fastest or strongest guy on the field. I tend to screw up a lot... but I always get back up... like Tyler!
  4. Mike- I see myself in Mike because I too have some personalty problems. I don't know my real personality, cause one minute I am shy and quiet, the next... I can't shut up!
  5. Cody- I am like Cody because I too have some problems with the ladies... but I always have a smile!!! Lucky for me though... I don't have a stalker!!!
  6. Noah- This is the character that I feel that I am most like. Noah is smart and sarcastic... same as me! He is one of those "background" characters in the show. In real life, so am I.

George Bernard


Heather because she is the evil girl who is mean and nasty but totaly epic! I find her very interesting and love whatching her and Alejandro fight.

Duncan: He is so cool i really liked his relationship with Courtney, i dont really like it when he kisses gwen because i'm not really a gwen fan.

Mike: I really like his multypersonalitys, its cool to watch. I was mad when scott voted him out!

Bridgette and Geoff: BEST couple ever! in my opoinen. The surfer and the party dude. I hope they never breake up!

Lindsay: Dumb blonds are hilarious, im blond but i wouldnt't call my self dumb. she an idiot but makes it look like its a good thing!

Bridgettebarf333's mom

I Chose Bridgette plus i made my own table

1.The Eggheads(WINNER)















  1. Dawn - She's mysterious, funny, and an adorable character.
  2. Izzy - She is so crazyily awesome! I love her!
  3. Sierra - What's not to love about stalkers?
  4. Noah - "Ooh, Stalkerlicious!" Nuff said.
  5. Lightning - I love how he talks, and is pretty funny overall.

Elimination Ceremony #1 (Smart Gophers)

Terrance: Alright Smart Gophers time to vote!

Blaze: the person i'm voting for is Bridgettebarf 333's mum. basically i don't like her, to put it simply. she's obsessed with The Amazing Adventures of Gumball!!

Bubbles: I'll also vote for Bridgettebarf333.

Esther2108: its hard to vote for anybody when you hardly know i'm going to have to vote for Bridgettebarf333- mainly because i dont know who gumball and egg..whatever are

Terrance: Alright Smart Gophers, the votes have been counted when I call your name you are safe. The people safe are....... Esther2108 Bubbles BlazeHead George and SonicTksb. Sorry BridgetteBarf333's mom, you are eliminated.

Episode 2: Impressions, Impressions

Terrance: Welcome everyone to the 2nd episode of Total Drama Contestant Trivia! Your 2nd challenge today is to make the BEST Impression of the Total Drama contestant you chose when you signed up. The team with the BEST & FUNNIEST impressions Wins! The other team goes to elimination.

Terrance: You guys will have until tomorrow to finish.

Thinking Bass


My Sierra Impression:

Sierra: EEEEEE CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE CODY SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *passes out* Cod... Cody.... Cody!.... CODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Duncan: Meet you by the campfire gorgeous! *winks*



Dawn: I know you only tease people because you were teased as a child. It is heavily displayed in your aura. It must've been a tough time.


Lightning: Lightning waits for no prisioner, SHA GOT IT? Good. I don't need no team, I can win by myself. I'm a team of 1! SHA BAM!


Heather: Sorry, i'm only friends with normal people. Not smelly annoying little maggots like you lot. Also those are the most uglest earings ever! WAHAHAHA.


Smart Gophers

George Benard


Gwen: Partying is just not in my DNA, along with singing, dancing, pink, hair ribbons, shoes, squeling over boy bands, taking 5 hours to decide between 2 dresses and stupid crummy reality shoes where the host is a total jerk and even if you did win a million bucks it still wouldn't be worth it!



my Duncan impression

honestly, i NEED to get away from juvie, i can't stand it there!, and Total Drama Island won't even be any better will it!?, but anyway, i'm kinda famous around my neighbourhood, lots of people taking my picture, they can't stand not looking at me!. (hears guard dogs) well as you can tell, i'm in a bit of a hurry, later losers!!


DJ: I'm doing this for....*cries a little* my momma! She always told me to be nice and polite. I love you momma! :) And don't forget...I've always got...Momma's Spice! Just make sure no animals come near when I am cooking, walking, or even sleeping! I am Devon Jospeph Poopydoo!

Terrance: Alright, the winners of this challenge are....... The Smart Gophers! Which means the Thinking Bass need to vote someone out.

Elimination Ceremony #2 (Thinking Bass)

TDSF234: I vote for INDF, sorry dude.

Phyneo: Gotta vote for Natedog14


Henzzy: INDF, sorry you didn't participate in the challenge, niether did Phyneo but.... anyway sorry.

Terrance: Ok Thinking Bass, When I call your username that means your safe, people safe are: TDSF234, Phyneo, Henzzy, RR44, and Natedog14. Which means, I'm sorry INDF But you have been eliminated from Total Drama Contestant Trivia.

Episode 3: What do YOU know?

Welcome remaing users for your next challenge you will have to give me 5 facts about the Total Drama Contestant you chose.

Thinking Bass


Sierra Facts

  1. She is a self proclaimed Total Drama Uber Fan
  2. She blew up the Total Drama Jet.
  3. She is in love with Cody
  4. Her voice actor is Annick Obonsawin.
  5. Sierra Did not make a cameo in TDRI.


Facts about Duncan:

  • He is the only family member in his Family Tree to not be a cop.
  • He is described a tough guy, but deep down hes nice and shown in TDI.
  • He has been one of the winners of TD.
  • He and his brothers used to take kids bikes and ram it into the school wall when he was younger.
  • He has made the merge at least 3 times.


Lightning has only a few friends

He's the runner up.

Lightning is a new contestant.


Facts about Heather

  • She was the main villain in season 1.
  • She was a lot of eminies such as: Gwen, LeShawna, Alejandro and many others.
  • She is the only total drama contestant to make it to the final 3 more than once.
  • She has had the most differnet hair styles.
  • She is the only person to go thorther than Alejandro, althogh this happend in the alterintive ending of TDWT.


Fact's about Cody!

  1. He was the first contestant to be injured enough to be put into a cast!
  2. Cody is the only contestant whose birthday is revealed!
  3. He was the first person to foreshadow an event via CONF.
  4. In TDWT, Cody made it the farthest without getting a single vote until Episode 23!
  5. Both of Cody's elimination have to do with the number 17!

Smart Gophers

George Benard


Cool facts about Gwen

  1. Gwen has appeared in all 4 seasons and competed in 3.
  2. Gwens favourite food is blueberries,her favourite colour is midnight blue and her favourite band is gothic mind explosion.
  3. Gwen has 2 lizards, named Angus and Vampyra.
  4. Gwen is allergic to eucalyptus.
  5. Gwen's episode count (the number of episodes someone is a contestant in) is the 4th highest, after Heather, Owen and Duncan.



facts about Duncan

1. he's supposed to be tough but has lost many fights

2. he is one of the two contestants who has kissed another contestant while they've been in a relationship.the other being Heather.

3. he's the highest ranking contestant.

4. he's competed in three seasons. and made a cameo in the fourth.

5. he's been in the final five in all the seasons he's competed in.


Terrance: Alright everybody, the challenge is over! First I would like to thank the people who participated. And the winners are....... The thinking Bass! Which means the Smart Gophers are going to elimination. BUT There is a twist for this elimination.

Eleimination Ceremony #3 (Smart Gophers)

Terrance: I'm sorry to say this but, Smart Gophers, since 2 of your members: Sonicktb and George Benard have been inactive for 3 challenges already, they are eliminated.

Esther: so do we still have to vote somebody out?

Terrance: No you guys don't.

Bubbles: Thank goodness! :)

Episode 4: Ep, Ep, Episodes!

Terrance: Welcome remaining 8 contestants to the next episode of Total Drama Contestant Trivia! Your 4th challenge of the season is to tell me how many episodes your favorite Total Drama contestant you chose when you signed up competed in. Good luck!

Thinking Bass


Sierra has competed in 27 episodes, 1 in TDA, and 26 in TDWT


Alejandro has competed in 22 episodes, not counting aftermath specials.


Lightning has been in 11 episodes of TDROTI, But he has been in all 13 episode of TDROTI in France.


Heather has still been in the compotition for 60 episodes. In total drama island she was competing for 25 episodes, but she was seen in them all. In total drama action Heather was in the compition for 13 episodes, this does not include athermaths or specials. In total drama world tour, she was in the compotion for 22 episodes, again not including athermaths. She made an apperence in total drama revenge of the island, but did not compete in this season.


Cody has competed in 31 episodes, in 10 in Total Drama Island and 21 in Total Drama World Tour!

Smart Gophers


Gwen has been a contestant in 49 episodes. (not including specials)


Duncan appeared in every episode of TDI, every episode on TDA.. he left for ten episodes including the aftermaths in TDWT. and he made a single appearance on TDROTI. in Grand Chef Auto.


Not counting the specials or aftermaths, DJ has competed in 39 episodes total. He competed in 19 episodes in TDI, 9 episodes in TDA, and 11 episodes in TDWT.

Terrance: Ok since everyone has submitted an answer, the challenge has ended! And the winners are.... The Smart Gophers! So, the Thinking Bass need to vote someone out.

Elimination ceremony #4 (The Thinking Bass)

TDSF234: I vote for Phyneo.

RR44: I say Phyneo. Sorry.

Phyneo: I gonna save you guys some time... I'd rather focus on some... other camps than this one... I vote for myself!

Natedog14: Phyneo.

Henzzy: I am voting for Phyneo, sorry.

Phyneo: Well since its is so obvious that I am out cause I missed ONE challenge... whatever... *leaves*

Terrance: So Phyneo you probably knew you were gonna get eliminated, and you are. Well... Thanks for playing though!

Phyneo: ya... it the one thing that sucks about this wiki... ya miss one challenge and everyone suddeny "hates" you

Henzzy: I dont hate you

Phyneo: I know... when I meant "hate" I meant 'he missed on challenge... so he is the weak link'... but whatev...

Henzzy: Sorry!:(

Phyneo: Eh... it's alright...

Episode 5:Friends And Frenimes

Welcome remaining users for making it to the final 7! Your next challenge is to tell me all your favorite Total Drama contestant's Friends and Enemies you chose when you signed up.

Thinking Bass


Sierra's Friends: Cody, Izzy.

Sierra's Enemies: Heather, Duncan, Chris, Blaineley, Alejandro, Gwen, Courtney.


{C DJ's Friends: Everyone (Except Enemies)

DJ's Enemies: Alejandro, Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet, Courtney


Lightning has one friend only.......That's sad.

Lightning's Friend: Sam



Heather has very few friends and many enimies.

Friends: Cody and Harold.

Enimies: Everybody except for Cody and Harold, her main enimies are Gwen, LeShawna, Alejandro, Courtney, Lindsay and Beth. She has many more enimies but those are the main one.

Smart Gophers


Gwens enemies- Courtney, Heather, Justin, Sierra and Chris

Freinds- everyone (in particular Leshawna, Bridgette, DJ, Cody, Geoff and Duncan)


Duncan's Friends: Gwen, Owen, Beth, Geoff and DJ,

Duncan's Enemies: EVERYONE ELSE! (Courtney, Chris McLean, Chef and Alejandro in particular.)


DJ is friends with everyone (in particular Geoff, Gwen, Leshawna, Harold, Bridgette, Lindsay, Owen, and Duncan).

He has very few enemies, the only ones being Alejandro, Chef, Chris, and Courtney.

Terrance: Hmmm, Everybody got it correct! So a tibreaker is gonna happen! So, I'm think of a number between 1 and 30! The first user who gets it correct or is the clostest wins immunity for their team good luck!

Esther: 15?

RR44: 8.

Henzzy: 23

Natedog14: 20.

Terrance: With a perfect score..... Natedog14 wins for the Thinking Bass!!! So the Smart Gophers need to vote someone out.

Henzzy: NATEDOG14 YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Elimination Ceremony #5 (Smart Gophers)

Bubbles: I vote Blazehead Cuz idk lol

Esther: Sorry but I have to vote for bubbles. You missed 2 challenges- dont take it personaly ;)

Terrance: Ok, even though Bubbles has 1 vote and BlazeHead has 1 vote, I talked it over with someone who shall be kept secret, and the user who is eliminated is................ Bubbles. I am very sorry.

Bubbles: It's ok. I understand. Good luck Smart Gophers!

Episode 6: In 10 years......

Terrane: Welcome final 6! I have a special announcement before we start.......... It's merge time! Yep teams broken up. Now for your challenge, in a short paragraph, you will tell me what you see your favorite Total Drama contestant you chose when you signed up doing in 10 years.


In ten years, Sierra will be the Excutive Producer of the Total Drama Series. She will also marry Cody 5 years after Total Drama World Tour. She is Also is the President of Total Drama International, or TDI. Furthermore, Sierra will have Black Hair, Not purple. Lastly, Sierra will have a Mansion from making money from Producing Total Drama.



10 years from now Lightning will be in the National Football League playing for the Philadelphia Eagles. He would live in a huge mansion. He would also keep all his sport balls in a closet. He'd visit Sam and occasionaly catch up with his TD Friends.


in 10 years time, Heather is unemployed and single! She as had 7 jobs over the years but has been fierd from each! She can not offord a house so she is living with her mother and father. The reason she is unemployed is becsuse she was agressive to people when she had her job. Her mum told her if she was a little bit nicer she might be able to get a job, but Heather thinks she gets fierd because people a jelouse because she was on Total Drama. She is not in contact with annyboody from total drama apart from Cody and Harold.


In 10 years Gwen would be married to Duncan. They would live in a old mansion in the countryside and keep dogs and lizards. They would spend time exploring the woods and caves around their house and carve their names into heaps of trees. They will visit Geoff and Bridgette sometimes and occasionaly catch up with some of their TD friends. Duncan is less of a criminal now as it was too hard staying in touch with Gwen when he was in prison. (long distance never works). Gwen is also an artist and paints pictures which are all around their mansion.


Duncan started to live with Gwen after she became famous for her works of art witch she started to do back on Total Drama Island. Duncan is only living with Gwen as he is trying to escape from his controlling father while Gwen seems to think Duncan should talk to his father and sort things out. Duncan ends up become involved in dodgy dealings with gangs in the street and soon owes a gang leader a lot of money. when Duncan fails to cough up the whole amount of cash. his father ends up discovering that Duncan was nearly stabbed by the gang leader. Duncan's dad then ends up arresting the gang leader for the dodgy dealings he has done with not only Duncan. but others as well. Duncan started to live a life of a celebrity because of Gwen's popularity and soon became Gwen's agent.

Terrance: Alright, since some people are antic to end this challenge, it is over! The winner is...... BlazeHead! And you get a special reward.... You get to choose who goes home! So, BlazeHead just message me on my talkpage who you want eliminated.

Elimination Ceremony #6

Terrance: Well, BlazeHead has just messaged me, so the person eliminated is......... Henzzy I'm sorry dude.

Henzzy: Well i guess this is the end. I've had fun, and tried hard, so at the end of the day, its been cool and i'm happy. I made it to the final 6 so yeah. Also good luck to Natedog14 and Esther!!!!! Cya's.

Blaze: bye Henzzy...and i'm really sorry!, honestly!

Henzzy: It's cool, your deserving of you spot in the final 5. And you had to pick someone, good luck to you also!

Natedog14: Goodbye!

Henzzy: cya Natedog! :)

Esther: :( bye henzzy

TDSF234: Take care dude! :)

Henzzy: BYE EVERYBODY!!!!!! *leaves*

Episode 7: How bout' them auditions?

Terrance:Congrats for making it to the final 5 users! Your next challenge is: Tell me why you think your favorite Total Drama Contestant you chose when you signed up wanted to audition for TDI. Then tell me why you think Chris chose them to be a contestant.


Sierra did audition for TDI, but did not make it. She wanted to audition because she loved all the Total Drama Contestants.


Alejandro auditioned for TDI, but they didn't accept him, he auditioned again for TDWT and he finally got chosen to be on the show. Alejandro joined because he wanted to win the million dollars. I think Alejandro was chosen because he was manipulative & evil and would start fights & drama.


Lightning auditioned for TDI but didn't make it, Unfortunatly. He tried to audition for TDWT but he failed again. But in TDROTI he FINALLY got in. Chris was probably sorry for Lightning for not for failing twice in a row.


Gwen signed up for TDI as a dare from her bro, and because the prize money would help her mum. I think she was chosen because she really stands out. She has a unique personality and her dress sense also stands out.


i'd say Chris chose Duncan to be on TDI as he would be that guy that breaks all the rules and will cause a lot of drama, witch he clearly has. and i think Duncan auditioned for TDI so he could get away from juvie. and so he could spend summer any kid would.

Terrance: Ok, first off, I've got to say. This is the hardest decision I'd ever had to make when choosing an immunity winner. But I finally made up my mind and the winner is: BlazeHead51! Congrats on winning again dude :) so it's time to vote now users, but you can't vote out BlazeHead51 since he won immunity.

Elimination Ceremony #7

Natedog14: This is the hardest decision i have ever made, I vote for......... Esther. No hard feelings bro.

Blaze: umm..this is a hard decision but the person i'm voting for is Nate. sorry bro.

RR44: Sorry Esther. No hard feelings.

TDSF234: I vote Esther.

Terrance: Well, with 3 votes against her, sorry Esther2108, you have been eliminated from Total Drama Contestant Trivia.

esther: Well- at least I got 5th place.

Episode 8: It's song time! >:D

And then there were 4! Congrats Final 4!!!! Your guy's next challenge is make a song for you fave Total Drama Contestant you chose when you signed up. Even though this might not be suitable for you, you have to do it. It's a challenge The best song wins immunity and gets a spot in the final 3! Good luck!


The Love Story

Remember Last Year, When we had a good time? Yeah, Its Gone Now, But you are Still here with me! I love you so much, but why dont you love me? Oh... Here we are! Still together from the first time! Well here we are I love you! You dont love me! This Used To Be a Love Story! (A Love story, A love story.....)

The End


Duncan's song:

I'm stuck in a mess. Between 2 girls. My heart belonged to 2 but then the most beautiful girl came into my life. People find me a threat. But deep down I'm such a softy. {C I really don't know what to do. So I'm figuring out what I should do.

{C (The End)


Lightning's Song


Lightning: ........*Song ends* .............Sha-See ya! *walks off*


Alejandro's Song

Heather my darling...

Heather my darling...

where have you gone?

where have you gone?

you ripped my heart and threw it away

but now i have this thing to say..

i will never go away...

because you Heather...

you are my darling...

and i'll never go away...

Terrance: Thank you all of you for participating. The winner of this challenge and gets immunity is; Natedog14! So you win immunity dude. So guys, vote someone off EXCEPT Natedog14.

Elimination Ceremony #8

Blaze: the person i'm voting for is Russel. sorry bud.

Natedog14: Blaze, Sorry.

RR44: Blaze.

Blaze: i'm just gonna leave right now since you all think i'm a threat. so later...(walks away)

Terrance: Well, looks like he's gone. So... Good luck to the Final 3! :D

Natedog14; Thank You.

Episode 9: Total Drama Themes!

Terrance:Welcome beck to Total Drama Contestant Trivia! So, how does it feel to be in the final 3 Natedog14 TDSF234 and RR44?

Natedog14: Good!

RR44: Awesome!

Terrance: Nice to hear :) Now, ready for your next challenge?

RR44: Sure.

Terrance: Ok, so your challenge is go on YouTube, and find a song that best describes your favorite Total Drama Contestnt you chose when you signed up. And then upload it right here!


Sierra Theme Song - YouTube


Terrance: So here's the deal, for some reason, YouTube won't let me watch the videos, so your 2nd challenge is to tell me the name of the song so I can search it on YouTube. Good luck. :)


Sierra's Theme Song #1


Bad Boys lyrics.




Terrance: Alright, good job today users. The winner of this challenge is: TDSF234! And you get a special reward, you can choose who to take with you to the final 2! So just message me when you have made your mind up.

Terrance: Alright TDSF234 has made a decision, he chose...... Natedog14! Congrats guys you are in the final 2!!! :D which means, sorry RR44, you have been eliminated.

Natedog14: YES! YES! YES!

RR44: Good Luck you guys.

Episode 10: The Big Finale

Terrance: Welcome, Natedog14 and TDSF234 to the finale!!! It's time for the final challenge of the season. Your guy's final challenge is to tell me why you deserve to be the winner, and everything you know about your favorite Total Drama contestant. Good luck you two.


I deserve To Be The winner beacuse I did Every Challenge, worked hard on every single challenge and I have never won a camp in my one year here. And Here is some info about Sierra.

Sierra was one of three people to make their debut in TDWT. Sierra Has 13 Total Drama Fansites (And One For Cody), and is Labeled The Obsessive Uber Fan. She was first seen In TDA Reunion Special as Insider for Celebrity Manhunt. She was last seen in TD:RI on a Yacht with some of her hair Back.


I think I deserve to win because i tryed my best in all of the challenges and I was a good sport about losing, i want to win this show because I feel that I was a good player in this competition.

Duncan, labeled The Delinquent, He is considered the "Bad Boy" in the show. He is known for making the 1st ever guy alliance in TD history. He dated Courtney after the events of TDI, but then had feelings for Gwen during TDA through TDWT. He quit TDWT after he found out he had to sing in each episode at a random moment and also because Courtney & Gwen kept constantly fighting over him. He is also known for being the winner of TDA.


Terrance: Hello, and who's ready to crown a WINNER?!?!

Natedog14: Me!!!!

INDF: *runs in* Me! I will! (lol, they both copied from the TDI WIKI)

TDSF234: ME!!!!!!!!

Terrance: Well, not to be mean, but INDF made a good point to me,since you guys copied the info from the TD wiki, please start the challenge over again.

INDF: I is goody two shoes.

RR44: I'm ready to see who wins!

Terrance: Alrighty then. The winner of Total Drama Contestant Trivia is:

Terrance: TDSF234!!!!! You worked hard to get this title bud. CONGRATS! and Sorry to our runner up, Natedog14. You played a good game dude.

INDF: *tackles TDSF* I need the profile! :D

Natedog14: NO!!!!!! *Is Sad* WHY!!!

RR44: *tackles INDF* TDSF deserved it. Maybe you'll win it next year.

INDF: *is dragged away* NUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Henzzy: Gongratz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!