Welcome to To Total Drama Contestant Trivia! (Season 2) Here, 16 users will each prove they know the most of their favorite Total Drama Contestant. Who will win? Who will lose? Find out on Total Drama Contestant Trivia! (Season 2)


  • Please be nice to other users.
  • Please be active.
  • If you are inactive for 3 challenges you will be OUT.
  • If you tell me why you will be inactive you will be excused.
  • No Swearing.
  • You will have a maximum of 3 days to complete a challenge and vote.
  • You can only have an excused absent 3 times.
  • Don't get mad if you are voted out. This is just for fun.
  • Have Fun!


  • An automatic spot in Season 3
  • A shout out on my Profile for winning
  • Personally congratulated by me on your talk page
  • A profile on "Total Drama Contestant Trivia's Winners"

Daily Polls

<Poll> Who's your favorite user in Total Drama Contestant Trivia? Phyneo CodyDuncanFan97 Cody&MikeFan1000 Esther2108 BlazeHead51 FlameThrower12 </poll>

<Poll> Who do you want to see win Total Drama Contestant Trivia! (Season 2)? C&MF1000 Esther2108 </Poll>

Elimination Table

Place Contestant 1 2 3 4 51 6 7 8 9 102 11 12 13 14
2nd Esther2108 WIN IN IN IN IN WIN IN IN IN IN IN WIN IN Second
5th Flamethrower12 IN IN WIN IN IND IND IND WIN OUT
9th BlaineleyRox OUT
10th Mypalben81 WIN IN IN LOW AB WIN OUT
11th MaskedEvil WIN WIN OUT
14th TepigDahBomb WIN IN OUT
15th Natedog14 WIN OUT
16th Drama786 OUT


  •      This contestant was on the "Sly Bass".
  •      This contestant was on the "Sneaky Gophers".
  •      This contestant was inactive and was excused.
  •      This contestant was safe in this episode.
  •      This user was in the bottom 2 but was not eliminated.
  •      This user was eliminated/and or quit.
  •      Was disqualified
  •      This contestant was on winning team.
  •      Won immunity for themselves.
  •      Made The Merge
  •      This contestant was the Runner-Up.
  •      This contestant won the competition.

1 - TotalDramaMike13 had 3 excused absences so he was disqualified.

2 - Esther2108 is helping host since I can't go on for a couple of days.


Sly Bass

  • Totaldramaseriesfan234
  • RusselRules44
  • CodyDuncanFan97
  • TotalDramaMike13
  • Drama786
  • Cody&MikeFan1000
  • BlazeHead51
  • MaskedEvil

Sneaky Gophers

  • Natedog14
  • Phyneo
  • Izzyandawnfan
  • MypalBen81
  • TepigDahBobmb
  • Esther2108
  • FlameThrower12
  • BlaineleyRox222

Sign ups (Closed)

(After you put your username put the character you want. Please only one character per user. Thank you. :)

1. Natedog14- Sierra (Returnee)

2. Phyneo - Noah( returnee)

3. Totaldramaseriesfan234- DJ (returnee)

4. RR44- Cody (Returnee)

5. CodyDuncanFan97- Duncan (Newbie)

6. INDF - Dakota - (Returnee)

7. totaldramamike13 - Mike (newbie)

8. Drama786-Micheal(newbie)

9. Cody&MikeFan1000 -Harold(newbie) -Winner!

10. BlazeHead 51 - Alejandro (returnee)

11. Mypalben18- Scott (newbie)

12. TepigDahBomb - Leshawna - (Newbie)

13. Esther2108- Courtney (returnee)

14. MaskedEvil- Justin

15. FlameThrower12- Lightning

16. BlaineleyRox222- Blaineley

Pre Chat

Terrance: welcome users, to another season of Total Drama Contestant Trivia! You may chat here for now. :)

Natedog14: Hey! Runner up of season one here!

INDF: Hehehe, I will win. I will be famous.

CDF: I'm new, but I'll try my hardest to just make the merge!

RR44: 3rd place last year. I hope I win this time.

Mike: ima newbie but is this real trivia on total drama

CDF: Yes, yes it is.

Mike: oh i am going to win i mean good luck to you al

TDSF234: Hey everybody!!!, great to be back :D

Phyneo: what's up everyone!

INDF: Keep dreaming. The ceiling is what's up.

Mike: im so exited my first trivial season im a newbie haha

Natedog14: Returnees!! All Returnees huddle by me!!

Mike: newbies we need to win one of us so lets do it

CDF: You said it Mike *high-fives him*

INDF: Hurry up signups!

Mike: i going to win this game

Terrance: Maybe, Maybe not. :P

Mike: good point i just have watched every episode like 3 times before so you know

CDF: When and what time do challenges start?

Mke: yea when do they start?


RR44: Bad news everyone, TotalDramaFan90 has left the wiki. So there is no host. So yeah.

Esther: If its allowed then i would be happy to host it (as long as somebody is my co-host cause i;ve never hosted a camp) so any takers???

Totaldramamike: can i host i know all about total drama!

Esther2108: Do you want to be my co-host? or the other way round- because i really want to host this with somebody

Blaze: how bout me? i know tons about TDI. tons

CDF: I say we should have an agreement. I would say a contest, but everyone knows that the users will just go on TD wikia. I know stuff on TD too.

Esther: Its not really about knowing stuff though. its about thinking up challenges- then you can use wiki to see if theyre right.

Totaldramamike13: well not exactly

C&M1000: I'll help host if you guys want.

Terrance: Should I try to host again?

Esther; You dont have to come back if you dont want to.

totaldramamike: so whos gonna do it? i will be co host

Esther: I really want to host this- but if somebody else wants to badly then i guess they is anyone desperate to do this?

Terrance: Alright, since I have some free time on my hands, I'll host the first episode is that okay?

Esther: Host it for as long as you want- its your camp :)

Episode 1: Do YOU deserve to be here?

Terrance: Welcome 13 users to Total Drama Contestant Trivia! Season 2. Since I have some free times on my hands I'll host the first episode.Your guy's first challenge is an easy one. Tell me why you deserve to be here. And one fact about your favorite TD contestant you chose when you signed up. The team with the best reasons and facts wins. And the losing team votes someone off. Good luck everybody.

Sly Bass


{C}I think i deserve to be here because im sociable, nice, and very smart. I won the 1st season only because i was nice to other users and kept my integrity intact, if i do get eliminated i will leave with power & happiness.

DJ is labeled as (The Brickhouse With Heart), He is strong and muscular in the outside but on the inside hes a soft marshmellow. The reason why he wanted to win TDI was because he wanted his mom to move back to Jamiaca.


I deserve to be here because, I'm very smart, nice, kind, funny and STILL hasn't won a single camp........EVER! I also made many friends since I joined the wiki and I believe, I will be on the wiki for a long time to come.

Cody has a crush on Gwen.



the reason i deseve to be here is i am the biggest fan and i know all about it all the way i had 2 marathons in 2 months of all episodes and one fact about mike is that he has 5 personalities 1.mike 2.vito 3.svlana 4.chester5. the austrailian dude ( that episodedid not air where i live bu the othes did) and hes in love with zoey



I deserve to be here, not only because I am smart, witty, and a huge fan of Total Drama, I have watched every single episode, I have been watching ever since it started. I was a natural fan from the beginning.

Harold, Labeled The Nerd, is one of the few contestants to wear glasses, and the first male to have red hair, and the only First Generation Cast, to have said colour hair. Harold is one of the few contestants to be shown playing the piano, or having talent in said instrument, the other, to my knowledge, is Cody.


i've been here for a while now... and it seems like i always manage to get far in camps i compete in, but i'm always betrayed by my friends. last season was no exception. Nate changed his vote for me. i personally consider that unfair. and i will do any means necessary to win this camp. Nate changed his vote. and i'll change mine if it comes to it. hopefully you'll make some fair rules whoever his hosting the whole thing.

Alejandro is a very sneaky character. creating friendships with everyone so that he can get to them. he made nice comments to guys and flirted with the girls. witch meant guys wanted to be him and girls wanted him. i'd say he was falling for Heather the most as TDWT continued. but he finally got what he deserved when he was betrayed himself by Heather. witch means good ol Al got what he deserved! XD

Sneaky Gophers


I deserve to be here because i was thr runner up of season one. I also deserve to be here because I do the challenges every time last season, and this season. One fact about Sierra is Thats She was the second person to lose their hair (After Heather).


Why do I deserve to be here? That's a tough one? Well... to put it plainly... I found this to be an enjoyable camp during the first season and I believe that this camp could be my first win! I plan on being an active teammate unlike last season... but I am confident in my abilities to help my team!

Noah is the only contestant in Total Drama World Tour to take the Drop of Shame without facing any difficulties.


Why do I deserve to be here? I don't. I am here because I am. I am here for the win, the challenges and other exciting things. But, I am not sure about the deserving part, because I didn't participate last season. So I will prove how worthy I can be.

PS - Dakota was the first contestant to become an intern.


Why do I deserve to win? Because I feel that my knowledge of TD can carry me all the way to the top! I plan on supporting my team until the very end! I may not win this camp. But, I will try my very hardest to win!

A trivia fact about Scott, my favorite contestant, is that he is the only Main Antagonist to switch teams!


Why do I deserve to be here? You tell me. Have a nice day. :)

Leshawna is the only former Screaming Gopher who competed in three seasons to not have a cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.


I think i deserve to be here cause i am obsessed with TD and love anything to do with it. plus i really like these camps they are fun. i made it far(ish) in the last season so i think that counts for something.

gwen had been a competitor in the 4th most amounts of episode, after heather owen and duncan

Terrance: Alright, thanks most of you for participating, and the winners of this challenge is........ The Sneaky Gophers! Which means the Sly Bass are going to elimination. But this season of Contestant Trivia will be a little bit different what I mean is instead of you guys deciding who goes home I decide who goes home each day! That okay with you guys?

Blaze: hmm...i dunno...i'm not to keen on it.

(I'm sorry if I'm invading on this chat. I just want to speak to Terrance on the Camp Chat: Blaze, you're free to come)

Elimination Ceremony #1 (Sly Bass)

Terrance: Welcome Sly Bass, to your first elimination ceremony.

TDSF234: Hi Terrance. i think our team is really good and im glad that they are on my team.

CDF: I'm so sorry for not being here, but I have to keep studying for the Standarized Tests. Anyway, I know I'll probably get eliminated, but I'm VERY active. Can you just inform me what time challenges start? Thanks. :D (Do we start voting?)

Terrance: Not really, because this season of Contestant Trivia, I choose who goes home each day! Time to start elimination. When I call your username your safe. TDSF234 TDM13 CD&MF1000 BlazeHead and RR44 are safe. Which leads CDF97 and Drama786. The reason you both are in the bottom 2 are you both you were inactive for this challenge. But I think 1 of you can make progress. The last person safe is.......CDF97. Sorry Drama786, you are eliminated.

Episode 2: The same? Or Not really?

Pre Chat

Terrance: Alright users, chat here before the challenge.

CD&MF1000: C'mon Sly Bass! We need to step up our game!

INDF: Yo yo yo dawgs, my team the whatever are awesome!

Nate: Thats Right!!!

CD&MF1000: It was only because you had all active players, the inactives mean nothing, but overcoinfidence is bad for your health.

TDM13: yeah or else we lose we need to really know our total drama next challangeCONF (what makes chris decide who gos home

INDF: It's not overconfidence. It's pride, and seeing le future.

Terrance: Ready for the challenge users?

RR44: Yeah!

Terrance: Alright, you challenge is tell me how you and your fave Total Drama Contestant are alike. But if you guys are completely different, tell me how. Best team wins. Good luck.

CDF: I can't believe I am still here! Thank you, Terrence!

Sly Bass


Me & DJ are alike because we are both kind and friendly people. He likes animals and so do I, me and him both get along with people really well and we are both sociable. We both like being nice to people and are layed back. DJ and i both like to cook and make friends. We both like to be gentle and sweet to other people by helping and solving people's problems.


Cody and I are the same because we both have glasses, We're both cool and very nice. We're also different cause I've never defused a time bomb under pressure before. (And that's just sad)


Me and Duncan are completely different. He is strong, but I am really scrawny and wear glasses. I have never ever had any trouble with the police and do NOT have any tattoos or piercings. I never won a million dollars and do not wear his punk type of clothing. I'll admit I have never kissed a girl. Duncan is a bad boy while I am a goody-two shoes. I think the only thing I have ever did bad is steal a packet of Skittles when I was six. (It's not that bad. :D). The only thing I have similar with Duncan is that we both get mad easily.


So to me i am just like Mike. Why? you may ask? well its because i have multiple personalites as well :I dont believe me well course not my frinds dont even beleive me but here are some examples. 1) my girlfriend (just like zoey :D) and i hang out but sometimes i get outta control and other personalitie pops in like nothing i cant control it but i know im doing it and i'll ack like a goofball and than she will leave (not like ima freak like okay im done bye) well next i am likie mike because i am slightly strong (vito) somrtimes flirty (vito) and really kind (mike) so yeah thats pretty much it


Me and Harold are alike in a sense of complete dorkiness. We are also similar because we are both, totally, and completely scrawny. We have a very simillar sense of fashion, except I probably don't wear a long sleeved shirt under my T-Shirt as much as he does. Other than that, we are completely different. Harold has MANY freckles, I have very few. He wears glasses, I don't. He has red hair, my hair is more of a dirty blonde, or brunette kind of color, but that is all for now.


me and Alejandro aren't exactly similar to each other, as people say i'm more similar to Duncan or Tyler. me and Alejandro are both considered evil. (don't worry, i'm not as evil as he is..hehehe). both of us have the same coloured hair...Al's is black. mine is dark brunette. both of us have green eyes. the big guys seem to think of us as their best buddies. Owen think Al is his best bud. and there's this dude at my school who idolises me. (the feeling isn't really mutual) and both of us hate the smart guy. Al hates Noah and i'm not on good terms with a smart guy in my class. so year...that's our similarities. our differences?...the list is too long to go threw TDF...WAAAAY to long.

Sneaky Gophers



I am both similar and differnt than my favorite contestant Noah! We both are known for our sarcastic remarks and we both have that weird humor that only we could have. Noah fails at physical challenges... a lot... and I tend to play bad in certain sports. Noah is a smart person and while I am no where near as smart as he is... I'm get fairly decent grades! We are both on the short side and we both have that one friend that we can count on (he has Owen and I have my best friend)!


Dakota and I don't have much similarities, but there are some. Number One, fame. We both try as hard as we can to be famous, and will do anything to get onto television. Also, we hate doing work. Number two, Therapists. This isn't a big one, but we both have therapists. Except my therapist is a medical therapist, who I see occasionally with my infections. She wears pink, and I love pink! Now the differences...I am not a girl, I am not blonde, I am not attracted to guys (with the exception of Mike), I am actually smart and yeah...


Scott and I are not very similar at all. He has trouble making friends and I have lots of them. He can be cruel and mean towards the other contestants, while I am only mean to certain people. Now, you be wondering why Scott is my favorite contestant? Well the answer is... I like him because he is an interesting antagonist! Targeting his own team was something that I was not expecting from an antagonist. This made his character more interesting!


Leshawna has only two things in common with me. First, we both have an attitude, and second, we both have this mean rival. But we have major differences. I am not as tough as Leshawna, I don't even look like her, and I am not really interested in people like Harold.


Well, Courtney and i are pretty different. I'm not as uptight and competitive as her, and i like getting into trouble ;), plus my skin is very light unlike hers- shes hispanic and im not. But we also both have good skills at camping and stuff, and we are good at fighting other people. We also both play the violin.

Terrance: Alright, thank you all for participating. And I have to say... This is a very hard choice to make to choose a winner! But the winner of this challenge is.... The Sly Bass! Which means the Sneaky Gophers need to vote someone off.

Elimination ceremony #2 (Sneaky Gophers)

Phyneo: oh! Were voting now? I though Chris chose who was eliminated next? If voting is the case... my vote goes for...Natedog

INDF: Nate, it's time for you to say Sha-Bye-Bye! Hey, can somebody write that down?

TDM13: CONF im still o my gosh we won the challange i am just glad im here

Esther2108: Isnt Chris choosing??? if hes not i vote for natdog i guess.

Terrance: Alright, since nobody has voted in the last couple of hours, it's obvious who's going home..... Sorry Natedog14, you have been eliminated from Total Drama Contestant Trivia.

Episode 3: Any Interactions?

Pre Chat

CDF: Yes, I'm not out yet!

Phyneo: Way to go dude!

CDF: Thanks. I wonder who's going home next.

Phyneo: I don't know... if my team loses I'm probably voting off the weakest member...

CDF: Okay.

Phyneo: and what about you?

Esther: How do you determine the weakest member?

Terrance: Welcome remaining users to Total Drama Contestant Trivia! For your next challenge, you will tell me ALL the interactions your favorite Total Drama Contestant had with others. Best team wins. Good luck. :)



DJ has a lot of friends, but has a few enemies.

Duncan=He & Duncan are close friends and get along well.He joined Duncan's guy alliance in TDI.

Geoff=He is one of DJ's best friends on the show, he helped him conquer his fear of water in TDI, so in return...DJ hooked him up with Bridgette.

Tyler=He is friends with DJ in TDI, and were on the same team together. They teamed up in the TDI reunion special to find the million dollar case.



He's friends with EVERYONE.......Almost.

Everyone- He is a great friend to anybody, Kind, Loyal and all. Here are some interactions

Duncan- Didn't have very many interactions until when Duncan kissed Gwen, He even punched Duncan!

Al- USED to be friends. But when he set him up, They became enimies.

Gwen- He has a MAJOR crush on her, But she just thinks of being friends with Cody.

Sierra- This is the opposite of Cody-Gwen. Sierra has the crush and Cody wants to be just friends.


Duncan has a lot of interactions with his competitors. WARNING: VERY LONG

  1. Alejandro ~ Duncan has a hatred for Alejandro ever since his return. The hatred for each other was proven when Alejandro eliminated him and Duncan supported Cody.
  2. Beth ~ Duncan and Beth never interacted until TDA where they were the final two. Originally, Duncan wanted nothing to do with Beth but they became friends after they helped each other to move on during the competition.
  3. Blaineley ~ Little interaction is shown between the two except that Duncan calls Blaineley horrific.
  4. Bridgette ~ Duncan wanted to vote off Bridgette due to her being a threat and succeeds. He, along with the rest of the TDA competitors, were sick of her and Geoff making out all the time. Bridgette was happy when showing Duncan's injuries in the Total Drama Aftermath Segment: That's Gonna Leave a Mark.
  5. Cody ~ Duncan has little interactions with Cody up until the point where he kissed Gwen. Cody knocked him out with a punch but Duncan states he took a dive. Cody was also bullying Duncan throughout their challenge in Australia going to severe threats with dingos and kangaroos. Despite this, Duncan still rooted for Cody when the latter made the final three, but he did this, because Cody was the only 'nice one left'.
  6. Courtney ~ Courtney and Duncan were in many conflicts with each other, but the two got in a relationship until Courtney was voted off. Duncan was sad and carved their initials behind a wooden carving of Courtney's head. In TDA, Courtney was jealous of Duncan and Gwen's growing friendship and worked hard until finally successfully sueing the show and entering the competition. Duncan and Courtney were then put on different teams causing a rise in tension. They managed to get their relationship back in track despite the many rules she put on him. Duncan eventually voted for Courtney and they broke up, but then they got back together after Duncan won. They broke up again, but got back together while chasing the Total Drama Dirtbags. Courtney was shown missing Duncan, until the latter kissed Gwen. When Courtney found out, she goes psycho breaking her friendship with Gwen and relationship (dumped a bowl of spaghetti on his head and kicked him.) The two then start to be enemies.
  7. DJ ~ DJ is one of Duncan's best friends. He joined him in the Guys' Alliance, but there was a few amount of tension between the two.
  8. Eva ~ There was very few interactions between the two, but Eva vows to get her revenge on everyone, despite not knowing who voted for her. When she returned, Duncan was the only one to NOT vote for Eva, but he did say that he thought Heather had something to do with Courtney being voted off. She was happy when Duncan won TDA
  9. Ezekiel ~ There was hardly any interaction between the two due to Ezekiel always being voted off first. Ezekiel, in his feral form, while in Africa, scratched Duncan causing him to bleed. In Hawaiian Style, Duncan called Ezekiel a cockroach.
  10. Geoff ~ The two are best of friends in TDI, but Duncan voted him out, because he did not vote for Bridgette and was just too nice.
  11. Gwen ~ The two are in a relationship as of TDWT, but Duncan indirectly caused her elimination in TDWT after throwing a dingo at Cody. Gwen used to have a like/hate relationship with Duncan not listing him as one of the sane people on the island.
  12. Harold ~ Duncan pranks Harold a lot throughout TDI and TDA. Because of this, Harold rigged the votes to get Courtney voted off to make Duncan mad, but this just fueled Duncan's anger and caused him to prank him more. They did not interact that much in TDWT.
  13. Heather ~ Duncan used pet names for her, and tried to flirt but this ended when Heather revealed her true nature even saying it wasn't cool to betray Lindsay. They get in an alliance but it falls apart a few episodes later. IN TDA, the two of them were forced to kiss which neither of them liked. In TDWT, Heather tried to use Duncan to get Alejandro jealous which failed. Duncan was mad when Heather secured a spot in the final two along with everyone else.




Harold has many interactions with the contestants of TDI, but I will only list the major ones.

LeShawna- Harold's first relationship, and probably his only girlfriend. Until they broke up, they haven't had much interaction other than that though.

Duncan- In Total Drama Island their conflict wasn't too bad, but it mostly consisted of many pranks; Hand-in-the-warm-water, wedgies, name calling, and a prank where Harold was naked in front of the all the female contestants, was all the pranks Duncan pulled. This conflict became bigger in Tital Drama Action, only because Duncan and Courtney were dating at the time, and Harold rigged the votes. This conflict rarely happened in Total Drama World Tour, because both were eliminated fairly early. (Excluding Duncan's return in said season)

Courtney- Their main conflict is related to Duncan and Harold's conflict, but their conflict is mostly related to Harold rigging the votes, per above. They also have a conflict because Harold is a huge nerd, and Courtney is very strict, put together the pieces.


Alejandro's Interactions

Lindsay - she's to dumb to notice how evil Alejandro really is. and even supported him in Hawaiian Punch!

Courtney - she fancies Alejandro and is trying to get back at Duncan for cheating on her with Gwen.

Tyler - Alejandro was one of the main reasons why Tyler got voted off in TDWT. but he still supported him nontheless in the final. maybe since Lindsay was supporting him as well.

Katie and Sadie - same as Courtney really. but there not trying to get back at anyone.

Owen - Owen thinks Al is his best buddy. the feeling isn't mutual.

Noah - Noah was very suspicious of Al before Noah was eliminated. he might have been the first to realise Al's true intentions.

Heather - i dunno if these guys like each other. Heather was aware of Al's schemes in TDWT. but started to fall for him. but Al ended up falling down a volcano on an ice cube after Heather betrayed him!

Duncan. Harold, Bridgette, Leshawna, Izzy, DJ, Sierra, Cody - all despise him for what he did in TDWT!

Gwen and Ezekiel - these two had little to know interaction with Al at all.

Sneaky Gophers


Noah has some interactions with his fellow competitors.

Owen- Owen and Noah have a strong friendship. Their friendship can be considered to the point of best friends!

Izzy- Noah and Izzy have a stable friendship, dispite being polar opposites!

Eva- Noah is one of a few campers to not fear Eva. Instead he helps her manage her anger issues!

Cody- Noah and Cody are on good terms... even though Noah does tend to have "accidents" with Cody while he is sleeping!

Alejandro: Noah was one of the first contestants to learn about Alejandro's true nature. This causes a conflict between the two, causing Noah's elimination in TDWT!



Dawn - Dakota didn't have much interactions with her. She is slightly annoyed with her, when in episode two, Dawn's animal talking awakens her.

B - The two shared no interactions with eachother.

Staci - Dakota was annoyed, like everyone else, with Staci's fibs, and likely voted her off.

Zoey - They showed many interactions during her mutation. Dakota tries to be Zoey's friend. However, Zoey voted her off because their friendship was hazardous to her health.

Anne Maria - The two shared a conflict together in the first episode, when Dakota shoves her out of the way, so she can get more camera time, only for Anne Maria to spray her.

Lightning - The two shared no interactions with eachother.

Scott - The two didn't have much interactions with eachother.

Cameron - Dakota was shown cheering for him in the finals, and was happy when he won.

Sam - Dakota didn't like Sam as much during the start, but the two later developed a relationship throughout the series.



Scott is unique... he has no friends. Being the antagonist of his season... he made a lot of enemies. I will explain some of his serious issues...

B- Scott and B never were the best of friends. Scott saw B's intelligience as a threat and put all of his efforts into eliminating him!




Duncan- Courtney showed islike towards Duncan throughout most of TDI, then they kissed and became a couple. In TDA Courtney was jealous of Gwen and Duncans friendship and hence they had a love/hate realtionship. in TDWT Courtney and Duncan were together until Duncan returned having quit and kissed Gwen. This caused the 2 to despize each other.

Alejandro- Courtney didnt show like towards him until she and Duncan had split, when Alejandro used her to his advantage and pretended to like her. This caused Courtney to like him back, then get eliminated, however she still likes him and rooted for him in the TDWT finale.

Gwen- Courtney and Gwen didnt have much interaction in TDI, and Courtney went for Owen in the finale. in TDA Courtney and Gwen didnt have alot of face to face interaction however Courtney was jealous of Gwen and Duncans friendship and hence disliked her. In TDWT they were put on the same team, and became friends (sort of). However when Gwen kissed Duncan, Courtney hated her strongly and caused her to be eliminated.

Heather- they were generally neutral in TDI and had a slight confilct in TDA. in TDWT after they were put on the same team they had an envy againstt each other, as they both wanted to be the team leader. Heather agreed with Courtney to vote for Gwen, however lied and voted for Courtney as Courtney was throwing challenges. Heather also disliked Courtney as tshe was flirting With Alejandro, who heather liked, however kept dening it.

Terrance: Ok, since I'll be a little bit busy tomorrow, I have decided to end the challenge. And the winners are yet again..... The Sly Bass! So the Sneaky Gophers must vote out one of their members.

Elimination Ceremony #3 (Sneaky Gophers)

Esther2108: I have to vote for TepigDahBomb because he didnt do the challenge

INDF: Sorry, I vote TepigDahBomb

Terrance: Well, with 2 votes against him..... TepigDahBomb is the 3rd person voted out in Total Drama Contestant Trivia.

Episode 4: Famous Quotes!

Pre Chat

Terrance: Users, I have a special announcement to make!

CDF: Team swapping? Debut? It can't be the merge just yet.

Terrance: That is correct CDF97! Please welcome, to Total Drama Contestant Trivia..... MaskedEvil and Flamthrower12! MaskedEvil will be on Sneaky Gophers and Flamethrower12 will be on Sly Bass!

CDF: Well, okay, then. Hello, Flamethrower12! Terrence, when's the next challenge, because I might be busy.

Terrance: Challenge in 2 days!

RR44: Welcome to the team Flamethrower12!

Flame: Thank you.

Terrance: It's challenge time! For your next challenge, you each will tell me a quote your favorite Total Drama contestant you signed up as mostly says. Good Luck!

Sly Bass


"DJ: That dude is smooth like mamma's gravy."


"Cody: Wow" "Cody: He (Al) set me up!!" "Cody: Gwen-Stealer!"


Duncan: Man, is it nice to be out of this game (Hawaiian Punch)

Duncan: Duncans do not sing (Walk Like an Egyptian, Part 1)

Duncan: Dweeb (Almost Every Episode)



Harold; "GOSH!" "Sweet." "Idiots!" "Bogus." "My mad skillz."


Alejandro - one by one, they'll all...go down.


Do I think that I ride on my good looks? That I use them to my advantage? Do I think that being really, really ridiculously good-looking has given me the upper hand in life? (chuckles) Duh.-Justin

Sneaky Gophers


Noah- To Lindsay in Haute Camp-ture. (sarcastically) Eeeee, Congratulations, you just peaked. It's all downhill from here, honey!!



(CONF) B thinks he's so smart, but, when my plan goes in action, he won't know what hit him!-Scott


( confessional) I just want to say for the record that I was totally asleep and therefore unconscious at the time of the "alleged cuddling" with said Neanderthal, so essentially, it's like it never happened-Courtney


Lightning: "Awwww yeah!" Lightning: "Sha-bam!"

Terrance: Challenge is over! And the winners once again.... Are.... The Sly Bass! Congrats on winning the 3rd time in a row! Now, the Sneaky Gophers must vote one of their members off.

Elimination Ceremony #4 (Sneaky Gophers)

INDF: D'aww, I forgot. :( Well, I am probably going to get voted off, but I must vote for somebody...Mypalben81

Esther: soz INDF, but you did miss the challenge.

Phyneo: INDF... who else?

Terrance: Alright, when I call your username, you are safe. Esther2108, Phyneo, FlameThrower12, and......MypalBen81. Sorry INDF, you have been eliminated from Total Drama Contestant Trivia.

Episode 5: The Inactives

Pre Chat

CDF: (CONF) The Inactives? I'm the only one left that was inactive that hasn't been eliminated. Well, it could be referring to the real Total Drama. Hmm, what a weird pattern. Everyone who was inactive, has been eliminated.

CDF: Yes, I hope we keep this winning streak on! Oh, no hard feelings Gophers.

Phyneo: ehhh... it's allright... we will break it soon!!!

CDF: Good luck with that, because I'm not giving up without a fight!

Phy: Thanks but we don't need your luck? (CONF) Technically... we do...

Terrance: Sly Bass I have an announcement! If TDM13 is absent again, he will be disqualified!

CDF: *cries* That's so sad. (CONF): Well, goodbye TDM13, it's been nice knowing you. I mean he kept bragging about he knew all about Total Drama. If he wouldn't be up for disqualification, the others would have seen him as a threat and voted off. I really will miss you, since you're one of my friends.

Terrance: Challenge time! For today's challenge, tell me how many episodes your favorite Total Drama Contestant has been inactive for. The team to get the most right wins!

Sly Bass



Cody has been inactive for......

TDI- 19 episodes

TDA- The WHOLE season

TDWT- None (Not counting aftermaths)

TDROTI- All but 1.

Total: 58 Episodes


Duncan is has been active in almost every single episode.

TDI: Inactive for 2 Episodes not counting Rundown or Recap. 4 counting them.

TDA: 3 inactive because of Aftermaths.

TDWT: Inactive in Ep. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 so 17 inactive.

TDROTI: He wasn't active at all in this season so 13 inactive not counting cameos.

TOTAL ~ 35 Inactive Episodes not counting cameos or Rundown/Recap.

TOTAL (With Rundown, Recap, and Cameos): 36 Inactive Episodes



Harold has been inactive for; TDI; 12 Episodes, TDA; 3 Episodes (Excluding The Special), TDWT; 23 Episodes, TDROTI; Every episode, with the exception of his cameo, but since he wasn't competing, he missed 12 episodes despite.

Total; 50 Episodes.


Alejandro wasn't in the whole of Total Drama. so he was inactive for 29 episodes, 26 episodes in TDA (excluding the special) and 3 episodes in TDWT witch are the aftermaths, as he wasn't there in person. and he only appeared once in Revenge of the Island with no lines. so 12 episodes in Revenge of the Island he was absent for. so he was inactive for 67 episodes overall.


Sneaky Gophers




Courtneys inactivity

(this is epsiodes she had no lines in- not just not competing, also this includes specials and aftermaths)

TDI- 13

TDA- 10


TDROTI- 13 (although she had a no-lines cameo at the beginning)


Terrance: Alright, challenge is over! But first I have to say, I'm disappointed on how many people who didn't participate. But time to crown the team winners! The team that wins is... The Sly Bass! Again. But, since TotalDramaMike13 was once again inactive, he is disqualified from the competition! Even though the Sneaky Gophers lost, there will be no other elimination tonight.

Esther: yay

CDF97: So we won, but we still lost a do-nothing member. That's fair, I think.

Episode 6: Describe The Design!

Pre Chat

CDF97: Another win, but yet a loss. Well, good luck to everybody.

MaskedEvil:Sorry! For my inactivity. I was studying for a test. Won't happen agian.

Terranc: So how are you guys liking season 2 so far?

Esther: HEAPS

RR44: Pretty good.

CDF97: It's great.

Terrance: Ready for the next challenge?

CDF97: Yes! (I might be gone however)

Terrance: Don't worry, today's challenge will be up for 3 days.

CDF97: Okay, then!

Terrance: Today's challenge is you will describe to me your favorite Total Drama contestants's design. For example, tell me how their clothes look like, how long or what color their hair is etc. Good luck!

Terrance: TDSF234, Phyneo, and MypalBen81 will all have until tomorrow to finish the challenge.

Sly Bass



Cody has a yellow shirt with red and green stripes, his pants are blue, He has brownish green shoes and has brown hair, He has sleeves in his shirt, his arms are long and short while his legs are somewhat skinny, his eyes are blue green and he has eyebrows.


Duncan has a black shirt with a skull over a long-sleeved undershirt. His hair is green, styled like a mohawk. He wears khaki shorts. His arms are long and musculer while his legs are short. He has a unibrow but it sometimes changes to two. He has a piercings on his face.


Harold has an appearance that includes; A Blue T-Shirt with green cuffs around the neck, and the forearms, and hamburger on it, a pink-like color undershirt, Green-like color pants, and a pair of plain looking shoes. He has aurburn hair, a slouch, a goatee, and glasses.


Alejandro has a white vest underneath a darkish purple shirt. he also has a necklace of a bull around his neck. he wears grey trousers with black boots and two wristbands around his..well wrists. he has green eyes and tanned skin and long black hair.


Justin is a tan person, his skin is lightish brown. He has long black hair that is king of shabby. He wears a green tshirt and jeans. He also wears brown sandals. His eyecolor is blue. Justin is also very muscilar.

Sneaky Gophers




Courtney is thin with darkish skin (hispanic), freckles and shoulder-length straight brown hair. she has a purple-grey shirt with a white undershirt (blouse in australia). she has tight 3/4 length pants that are green.she wears shoes (dont know what theyre called) which are the same colour as her top, and have ankle bands (dont know the american word).


Lightning formerly had brown hair, but as of the finale, lightning turned his hair white. He has brown skin, brown eyes and a sporty attitude. Lightning has a blue football jersey with gold and white stripes and a number 1 on the front of it. He has a pierced ear and a lightning necklace. He wears khaki shorts and has blue and white shoes. This is all I know.

Terrance: Alright, your next challenge is over! Thank you to all who participated. And the winners are...... Finally the Sneaky Gophers! And even though only 2 of their members participated, they had very good detailed descriptions. So the Sly Bass must vote someone out.

Elimination Ceremony #5 (Sly Bass)

RR44: Masked Evil has got to go. Sorry.

Terrance: Before anyone else votes... BlazeHead and RR44 have won individual immunity! So you cannot vote for either of them.

CDF97: I would vote for TDSF234 since he was inactive, but I think I'm going to go with RR44 and vote for Masked Evil. Sorry, no hard feelings.

C&MF1000: I'm sorry, I hope this doesn't cause anything, but I vote for MaskedEvil, I'm REALLY sorry, SUPER SORRY, but that's how the game goes, really sorry man. :(

Terrance: Well, looks like MaskedEvil is eliminated. Sorry bro.

Episode 7: Classic Trivia Time!

Pre Chat

CDF97: I can't believe that we lost! Oh well, goodbye MaskedEvil. I hope this streak comes to an end, because win, or lose we will lose TDSF234 if he doesn't show.

Liam: *yawns*

Terrance: Alright, today's challenge is a classic trivia game where I ask you questions about the contestant you chose when you signed up. Sounds easy right?

Liam: Yep.

Terrance: Well here's a twist, I will ask you each 6 trivia questions. BUT if you get any wrong, It counts as a point against you. And the user who gets the most points against them will be ELIMINATED.

CDF97: Let's get started!

Terrance: Alright!

RR44: I just relized something. If TDSF234, Phyneo or MypalBen81 are inactive again, They'll be DQ'ed So there might be a quadruple elimination!

Terrance: Actually, only TDSF234 will be dQ'ed because he has 2 inactivity strikes so far and Phyneo and Myalben81 only Have 1 each.

RR44: Oh......... Oops.

Sly Bass


1) How much episodes has DJ competed in?


2) How many friends does DJ have?

mostly everyone

3) How many enemies does he Have


4) Which episode did DJ get eliminated in TDA?

"The Sand Witch Project"

5) Where is DJ from?


6) Has DJ ever interacted with Noah?

No, Although he was seen enjoying Dj's sandwiches in TDA.


1) Who has Cody been attracted to before?


2) Has Cody ever peed his pants on his time on TD?


3) How many seasons has Cody competed in?


4) In which episode in TDI has Cody gotten severely injured?

Episode 8

5) Why did Cody get eliminated in TDWT?

He lost a tiebreaker.

6) Has Cody had any interactions with the new contestants in TDRI?



1) How many piercings does Duncan have?

~ 2 on his left ear, 1 on his right, and 2 on the left side of his face (on the eyebrow and between the eyes and eyebrows) for a total 5!

2) Who is Duncan's current girlfriend?


3) Who is his ex girlfriend?


4) Which episode in TDI has Duncan shown actual kindness?

~Who Can You Trust? (Gave DJ a new bunny)

5) Tell me all the countries where Duncan won TDA

~United States of America, Canada, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Finland, and Latin America.

6) Who did Duncan root for in TDI and TDWT?

~Owen, before he announced the party & Cody, because he was "the only nice one left"


1) Is it true Harold got injured the most out of all the TD cast?

This is somewhat true, he is injured quite a bit, but Cody is injured in every single episode he appears in, with the exception of Not So Happy Campers, Part 2 and when Cody appears as a commentator in TDA, so Harold has probably been hurt, far less.

2) Who voices Harold?

Brian Froud.

3) Has Harold shown some evil in him in TDI?

When rigging the votes, to get Courtney eliminated.

4) Did Harold quit in TDWT?

Technically, yes, he quit because he felt like he let his team down, since DJ was originally be eliminated, Harold quit in his place.

5) Does Harold try to show love to LeShawna but she always rejects it?

LeShawna embraced it in his elimination in TDI but later told him they were going too fast, so technically, yes.

6) In which episode of TDA did Harold get along with Duncan?

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen Is said episode.


1) How many girls did Alejandro wow? (Blaze : he wooed six girls i believe. including Heather.)

2) In which episode of TD did he make his debut? (Blaze : he first appeared in TDA Celebrity Manhunt)

3) Who first found out about his evilness? (Blaze : i think it was Heather.)

4) What nickname does Owen give him that he hates? (Blaze : Owen kept on calling him Al

5) Did Alejandro win in Canada or USA? (Blaze : he won in Canada)

6) How did Alejandro get injured in the TDWT finale? (Blaze: Heather kicked him in the groin, the cast except Ezekiel and Blaineley all trampled over him and he got burned by the lava from the volcano. Chris placed him in the Drama Machine after that.)

Sneaky Gophers


1) Who did Noah first interact with in TDI?

The first person Noah interacted with on the show was Chris.

2) Who has Noah "Cuddled" with in The Big Sleep?


3) When did Noah start to annoy his teammates in TDI?

In Dodgebrawl for being very... very... sarcastic

4) Who is Noah taller then?

As far as the Old contestants go... I believe he is taller than... no one... but of the newcomers... Noah is taller than Cameron!

5) Has Noah ever ever been in an alliance?

No... unless you count his team up in the TDI special when he joined forces with Izzy and Eva to find the million dollar case.

6) In his audition tape, how many people congratulated him?

One person... Joey, who congrats Noah on winning class president.


1) When did Scott's evil actions come out?

2) Does he have any friends?

3) How did Scott get injured?

4) Who did Scott eliminate in episode 5?

5) What would Scott do if it was the last day on earth?

6) True or False: Scott has 2 brothers


1) What episode did Courtney sing in TDA?

The Princess Pride

2) Who is her Ex Boyfriend?


3) In what episode did she try to flit with Tyler in TDWT?

The Ex-Files

4) When she first got on the island, was she mean, or nice?


5) Did Courtney root for Al in the TDWT finale?


6) How many times did Courtney show weakness?

Depends on what you call weakness- eg when she coundnt do a challenge- 7


1) What is Lightning's goal in life?

To be the best!

2) When did Lightning get white hair?

In the finale, when he got struck by lightning.

3) Was Lightning a threat to some people in TDRI?


4) What did Lightning do or explain in his audition tape?

Lightning was sitting on a football dummy, and he explained that he is better than everyone else.

5) Has Lightning ever been attracted to a girl in TDRI?


6: True or False: Lightning revealed in the finale he was an only child.


Terrance: Wow, everybody actually got the questions right, Well, we'll need to do a tiebreaker challenge!

CDF97: I don't see MyPalBen81's answers. Did he message you?

Terrance: Oh, well, we just have to wait for MypalBen81's answer. He'll have until tomorrow at 6:00 PM Est!

Terrance: Well, it looks like MyPalBen81 is inactive for this challenge. And the winners are..... The Sly Bass!

Elimination Ceremony #6 (Sneaky Gophers)

Terrance: Since MyPalBen81 didn't post answers, it's only fair that he's out.

Episode 8: Weaknesses

Pre Chat

Terrance: Users please Welcome to the Total Drama Contestant Trivia..... BlainelyRox222! She will be put on the Sneaky Gophers.

BlaineleyRox: Hi everyone :) Glad to be here :D

Esther2108: Hello. Welcome to the sneaky gophers!

Terrance: Alright, for your guy's next challenge you will tell me your favorite Total Drama contestant's weaknesses. If all your answers are correct, we will have to do a tiebreaker. Good luck!

Sly Bass


DJ's weaknesses are; Water, Snakes, Scary Movies, losing his bunnies, physco killers.


Cody's weaknesses are: Gwen, Candy, Defusing time bombs under pressure and even Sierra when Sierra's chasing for her Cody.


Duncan's weakness is Courtney, getting hit in the groin, and females in general. He also gets mad easily.


Harold's weaknesses are; Being called "Doris", Duncan, being hit in the groin, LeShawna, Heather, and Gwen, and his allergies.


Al's weaknesses are not flirting, Owen and he isn't exactly fond of disgusting meals, i don't think he has any other weaknesses.

Sneaky Gophers


Despite Noah being one of the smartest contestants on the show, he has a few weaknesses. He is lazy to the point where he basically fails at physical challenges, very very sarcastic, and can annoy his fellow teammates.


Blaineley's weaknesses: No-one likes her, Owen, jumping off aeroplanes (chinese fake out), Heather, and she gets mad easily.


Courtneys weaknesses- green jelly, alejandro, jumping off cliffs, short temper, staying awake, attitude(as in being an over acheiver and having to come first- plus shes up-herself)


Lightning's weaknesses are losing, meat, stupidity

Terrance: While we wait for TDSF234's answer, why don't we play a little guess who challenge?

BlaineleyRox: Sure!

Guess Who Quick Challenge

Terrance: Alright, I am very very tall, but I always wasn't tall. I am orange, and I am in a relationship. Who am I?

Esther: Dakota!

Terrance: Correct! Btw whoever gets the most right will win an advantage for themselves in the next episode. Next, I am blonde, I kinda have a short memory, and I am also in a relationship. Who am I?

Blaze: Lindsay?

Terrance: Correct!

Terrance: Next, I LOVE candy, I have blue eyes, and my birthday is on April Fool's day. Who am I?

Liam: You?

Blaze: Cody?

Terrance: Blaze is correct t once again!

Terrance: These will now start to get tougher. I have black hair, A mole, and was attracted to Justin. Who am I?

Blaze: Eva?

Terrnace: Very impressive, correct!

Terrance: Next, I have long hair, I like dill pickle chips, and I cameoed in TDRI. Who am I?

Liam: Heather?

Terrance: Correct!

Terrance: So far, Esther2108 has gotten 1 correct, BlazeHead51 has gotten 3 correct, and FlameThrower12 has gotten 1 correct. 5 more questions to go!

RR44: kk

CDF97: I'm ready!

Terrance: Next one. I had a full body cast on before, I was in TDWT, and I have been seen in the aftermath before. Who am I?

Phyneo: Blainley?

CDF97: There's two answers. Cody and Blaineley.

Terrance: I will take either Cody or Blaineley. So Phyneo and CDF97 both win!

CDF97: Yes!

Terrance: Next one, I have sneakers, in the end of my audition, I was left in the dark, and I am in a relationship. Who am I?

CDF97: Duncan?

Terrance: Nope.


Terrance: Nope. Here's another hint, I have auburn hair.

Phyneo: Sam

Terrance: Correct!

Terrance: Next one, I am female, I broke up with someone on TD, and I have brown hair. Who am I?

Liam: Courtney?

Terrance: Correct! Nice job Liam!

Terrance: I am obese, I have pink clothing , and I have competed in 1 season of TD. Who am I?

Liam: Staci?

Terrance: Nope.

Liam: Sadie?

Terrance: Correct!

(What THE HECK!!! Terrance look at the page history! I had put the Sadie then Liam changed iT!!!-Phyneo)

(Phyneo- I am sorry. I am just a loser, ok?)

Terrance: Really? Okay Phyneo wins that one.

Terrance: Last question. This one is SUPER tough. I get along kinda well with people, i have black hair, I was seen on all aftermaths, and made the merge twice. Who am I?

Liam: Leshawna?

Terrance: Correct!

Terrance: There is a 3 way tie between Liam, BlazeHead51, and Phyneo. So, first one to say I wins.

Liam: I ( This is Flamethrower12)

Terrance: Liam wins a special prize in the next episode! Great job!

Liam: What if I get booted? (Is the challenge over?)

Terrance: Don't worry, you get immunity.

Terrance: Alright, since now Everyone has posted the answer, the winners are..... The Sly Bass! Again. Which means another one of The Sneaky Gophers will be going home.

Elimination Ceremony #7 (Sneaky Gophers)

Liam: Sorry, Phyneo, but I vote you.

Phyneo: You vote for me... I vote for you... Flamethrower

Terrance: Sorry Phyneo, but Liam has individual immunity.

CDF97: (CONF) I know, I'm not voting, but Liam is a cheater? If he isn't eliminated tonight, he will be soon. I'm so happy that my team won another challenge. (Terrance, I won't be able to compete on Saturday, sorry.)

Phyneo" Fine... I vote for Blainleyrox... she doesent seem that active anymore...

(Ok CDF97)

BlaineleyRox: Sure, vote off the newbie >.> I am awake different times to you >.> I vote off Phyneo for being a jerk.

Esther2108: Soz Blaineleyrox. he had to vote for kinda over reacted.

BlaineleyRox: Fine, I guess so. But I still vote Phyneo.

Phyneo: Now what.... tiebraker?

Liam: Listen, I am just a big loser with no friends. How am I a cheater?

Terrance: Yes! A tiebreaker! The tiebreaker is you both will tell me 10 facts about your favorite contestant. This is only for Phyneo and BlaineleyRox.

TieBreaker Challenge


Some facts about Noah

  1. He was one out of four contestants in TDI that did not have an original prototype in Camp TV.
  2. Noah has never recieved a symbol of immunity in any season.
  3. Noah is the only character who reacts to Ezekiel's plummet in TDWT's opening.
  4. Noah is the only contestant who took the Drop of Shame without any dificulty.
  5. Noah is the only former member of the Screaming Gophers to have never made it to the merge at least once.
  6. Noah is the only contestant outside of TDWT's Final Five to have learned of Alejandro's manipulation while still in game.
  7. Noah is only male on The Screaming Gophers that has never shown any form of nudity.
  8. Noah has the least amount of Participation out of all of the Original Screaming Gophers( only competed in 17 episodes).
  9. Noah is the only contestant eliminated by Alejandro, because he was aware of Alejandro's evil intentions, not by being tricked by him.
  10. Noah got his first job at age six, working as a site moderator for Kosmic Kaos after hacking into the system to make improvements to it.


Blaineley Facts

1. She is one of the three newcomers that debuted in TDWT.

2. She first apperared in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reuinion Special.

3. She first competed in the episode Niagra Brawls.

4.As of her elimination in Chinese Fake-Out, Blaineley currently has the smallest amount of participation out of any veteran contestant in the series, participating in only two episodes.

5. Blaineley is the only competitor in Total Drama history who is not a teenager.

6. Mildred "Blaineley" Stacey Andrews O'Halloran is her full name

7. She wears hair extensions.

8. Blaineley is the only newcomer not to lose her hair at all during the end of Total Drama World Tour.

9. Blaineley is the only contestant to wear a one piece outfit, in her case, a dress. The other characters wear a shirt and pants/skirt.

10. Blaineley is the only contestant to never appear in any of the opening sequences.

Terrance: Since both of you had correct answers, I decided to let the other users choose who should stay. So the user who is eliminated is....... BlaineleyRox. You played a good game. Congrats Phyeno. Your still safe.

Episode 9: A First Impression

Pre Chat

Terrance: Congrats! You all made the merge!

RR44: Cool!

Phyneo: Sweet!!

Liam: Boo yeah! (CONF) I am gone tonight.


Terrance: Today's challenge is to tell me your favorite character's first impression of Chris McLean. The most descriptive and correct one wins.

LIam: What is my reward?

Terrance: You'll see later..


At first I thought this place was a rip-off but then later I made friends and I joined an alliance, I was so happy that my crappy stay changed into a pleasant stay.


When I first saw Chris...I thought this was gonna be a relaxing show. But as it went on, Things got more gruesome, wild and deadly.


Chris Mclean? Meh... I'm not that interested in the celebrity types. He seemed way to happy to greet us. He looked more happy than Owen forced to compete in an all you can eat pancakes contest. Just seeing the fake grin on his face as I asked about my allergies was screaming that this contest was not going to be a fun one.


My first impression of Chris was not a good one. I auditioned to stay in resort, but when I discovered that it was a rundown camp. Getting angry, I told Chris that I didn't like surprises, but he told me that my Parole Officer already informed him. So my first impression of Chris was another adult who will be telling me all the rules, and ordering me around. I don't like being ordered around, so my first impression was instant hate.


My first impression of Chris wasn't exactly the best one, he's like, one of the guys that tries to kick my butt. Like, GOSH, He can just be such a jerk sometimes, I don't try to let it get to me, but he could lighten down on the near-death expierence challenges, we do value our lives.


Chris? He didnt seem that bad. He seemed goofy and weird, like he was hiding something though. I had to be nice to him to get onto his good side. I didnt mind being at a crappy summercamp, after all i have CIT camping experience and can handle anything!


the first impression i got of Chris was that he seemed a nice guy, but as the season went on, he turned into a proper so and so. he looks like he loved torturing others for his own amusement. and did seem like a fun guy at first glance.


My first impression? Well, I knew Chris was gonna pair me up with a bunch of losers. He unleashed wild animals on us! He wouldn't even let me pick my team name! Instead he gave us the name The Toxic Rats. What kind of a name is that? All I know is Lightning's going all the way! SHA-BAM!!!

Terrance: Great job everybody! But I can only choose one to win and that user is, CDF97! And FlameThrower12, your reward is you are also safe and can choose someone else to be immune for this one day.

Elimination Ceremony #8

Terrance: Users, you may vote for anybody except CodyDuncanFan97, FlameThrower12, and the user who FlameThrower12 chooses to be immune is also safe and all the votes against them do NOT count.

Liam: The other person I want to make immune is.....Phyneo.

CDF97: (CONF) So, Liam is safe and wants to make things up with Phyneo. Well, I'm glad that I won immunity. Now, who should I vote for. *thinks*

Phyneo: (CONF) It makes since to get rid of the threats... but then there are the people who gave reallly not well done answers... But who to chose?

LIam: (CONF) My vote goes to....TDSF. He has gotten 2 strikes, I don't want him to go farther.

RR44: (CONF) IDK who to vote.

Blaze: (CONF) TDSF. i like him, but you have to earn a spot in the merge.

CDF97: (CONF) Who should I vote for?

Terrance: Well, you guys had enough time to vote an I'm sorry to say this but, TDSF234, you have been eliminated from Total Drama: Contestant Trivia.

Episode 10: SleepWear

Pre Chat

CDF97: So, I guess the challenge is to describe our character's sleepwear.

Terrance: Correct. You must describe your favorite Total Drama Contestant's sleepwear. Of they have never been seen in their sleepwear, describe how you think it will look like. Also, I will be gone for a couple of days or weeks so Esher2108 will be the new host for now, until I come back. And she dosen't have to do the challenge.

Esther: The challenge finishes on Tuesday- or when everybody has completed it.


We dunno what it is.


Unfortunatly... Noah has never been seen in sleepwear... everytime he was shown sleepin in TDWT, He wore his regular clothes.


Duncan's sleepwear is a simple design. He doesn't wear his shirt, but strangely has on his choker and his bracelet, which is over his right arm. He wears a dark shade of blue boxers as his sleepwear.


Harold's sleep wear consists of a matching outfit that includes sleep pants and a long sleeved shirt. The matching color scheme is basically, a yellow and orange color, with brown-ish orange-ish spots that look similar to stars or explosions. Harold also sleeps in his glasses.


Al has never been seen in his sleepwear so i don't know what he looks like. :(


Lightning's sleepwear consists of a white pajama tank top and light green pajama pants. He wears nothing else. Lightning sleeps with no object of any sort. The design on the PJ's are just solid colors, with no pattern.

Esther: Well done guys. The winner of this challenge is...Cody&MikeFan1000! He had the most descriptive description. Cody&MikeFan1000- you can also choose somebody else to have immunity.

Elimination Ceremony #9

Esther: You can vote for anybody except Cody&MikeFan1000- and the person he choses to be safe. Voting closes in 3 days- on Wednesday.

Blaze: Russel. he got far last season, so he needs to be out soon....

Phyneo: Same reason as Blaze... I'm voting Russel

CDF97: Sorry Russel, but you got to go.

C&MF1000: The other person that is immune is Flamethrower, I felt like he had a pretty descriptive description so he deserves it. I vote for Russel. Sorry dude.

RR44: Oh well. I guess I deserve it anyways.

Liam: I side with everyone, bye Russel.

Terrance: I'm back! Thank you very much for hosting Esther. Well, Russel, I'm sorry but you have been eliminated from Total Drama Contestant Trivia.

Episode 11: Placing

Pre Chat

Terrance: You guys made it to the final 6! By the way, thanks for hosting episode 10 for me Esther! :)

CDF97: Final 6! Good luck to everyone!

Esther: No probs TJ ;)

Terrance: Alright users, your next challenge this week is tell me how far your favorite Total Drama Contestant would make it based on your first impression on them and how others viewed him/her. Best answer wins! Good luck! :)


When I first noticed Noah on Total Drama Island... what can I say... I really wasn't that impressed. He seemed like one of those background characters. Throughout the season, my prediction came true. He didn't have a very large impact on the show and in the episode that he actually had some lines, he was booted from the game. However, at the end of Total Drama Action and into Total Drama World Tour, my respect for Noah increased. He took a larger role in the season, actually competing in the challenges, and his true personality came out. His sarcasm always cracked me up and his friendship with Owen really helped round out his character. Overall, Noah is lazy, but is a really unique individual!


When I first saw Duncan, I noticed he was a bad boy who loved to flirt with girls. Instantly, I had three things in mind about how far he would last. One, (which was the one I was hoping for) was that he had tricks up his sleeve from his experience at Juvy that he would make it far (at least the final ten) in the competition. I was amazed that he made the final four. The second one I had was that his team would see him as a threat and vote him off instantly. My third impression, was that he'll flirt with the girls to get further in the game but that option was quickly ruled out when Heather was in disgust. I think the other contestants saw him as nothing more than a punk who would cheat, lie, and steal just so he can win and be a huge threat and vote him off soon.


My first impression of Harold was a nerd to max. I liked him because I find the eccentric characters more enjoyable, and boy did Harold prove it. The others probably saw him as a big nerd as well, but after proving he is useful, he had some impact on the others' opinion on him. Since he is clumsy, and some people on his team didn't like him, he probably wasn't going to place that far. I thought he would be eliminated after a little time over the merge, he probably wasn't gonna win, the odds were against him a little bit, so basically I thought he'd make it a bit after the merge, sadly, he did not.


My first impression of Courtney was that she would make it around about mid-way. I wouldnt think she would make it far as she wasnt a strong personality to start off with (if that makes sense), but i wouldnt think she would be eliminated early as well because she was nice (to start off with) and friendly, and she wasnt all chirpy and annoying like some of the others were. i also think the other contestants would have also viewed her this way, friendly yet not a prominet player or huge threat.


the first impression i got of Al was that he would be like Justin, and quite frankly, he was just that. the others (the girls in particular) all liked him, popularity was bound to get you far, but i can't actually say that as Duncan and Heather got far in TDA and TDI respectivley, and they weren't the most popular guys around. Al turned into a true jerk as TDWT went on, getting loads of people voted out, but i'm pretty sure TDWT was Al's last season.


My first impression of Lightning was that of course he loved sports. I thought he would last long because he I thought one, he would use his athletic abileties to win challenges, two, he may have been some help, and three, he just seemed like a nice guy. I figured that Lightning would be about the 5th voted out because he may have seemed like a threat to many people. I felt that he wasn't gonna make the merge, but to my suprise, he ended up in the final 2. I think the other contestants viewed him as a big jerk and they wanted to get rid of him early. I also think they thought he wasn't exactly the brightest bulb on the tree and they thought that would get him eliminated early.

Terrance: Great job users! The winner for this challenge is....... FlameThrower12! Congrats! You won immunity.

Elimination Ceremony #10

Terrance: Alright users, you can vote for anybody except FlameThrower12.

Phyneo: I thought long and hard about this... but my vote goes for... Blazehead.

Liam: I will vote for.....Derek. (Blazehead)

CDF97: I narrowed it down to two players, but in the end, my choice had to be Blazehead. Sorry.

C&MF100: I also vote for BlazeHead, sorry dude.

Derek: well, i guess i should have expected it, oh well...

CDF97: So, final five?

Terrance: Sorry for your elimination BlazeHead. And yes, congrats! You guys made the final 5! :D

Episode 12: After The Drama

Pre Chat

Liam: Guys, you are gonna vote me out next, right?

CDF97: You've won an immunity challenge, and got individual immunity three times! However, you are a worthy competitor. It depends on if you win or don't. But, don't think like that. I can't believe that I'm in the Final Five! This is the furthest I've ever gotten in a camp! And there's three newbies, and two returnees. Newbies for the Win!

Terrance: Ready for your guy's next challenge?

Phyneo: Well... I am ready for the challenge to start now... (btw, I got tennis sections tomorrow so if that conflicts with anything)

Terrance: Alright then. Your guy's next challenge is based on the TDWT finale and if they cameoed in TDRI, or after TDRI ended, tell me what your favorite contestant's might be doing right now. Best answer wins.


After Noah realized that he was not competing in season 4, he probably returned home. There he went back to his regular lazy scedule. He probably was off playing his favorite video games online with his friends. And judging by his intelligence and his plans to earn some extra cash (as shown in Celebrity Manhunt), he might be considering looking ahead toward his future towards computer software or as a video game designer. Although whatever he chooses, we all know that he will just be as lazy as ever doing the thing he loves.


Duncan wasn't happy when he was forced to cameo on Total Drama, escaping his contract and contestants. After this, he most likely went back home where he found a way to keep in contact with Gwen. He most likely tried to use his fame to continue to cause mayhem but that all changed when fans kept asking for his autograph that he got annoyed and was about to punch someone. Duncan most likely decided to give up his life of crime but not before one big stunt.


Harold probably went home and practiced his beat boxing skills. He's probably just watching TV and playing with his Num-Yo's and his rubix cube. He's probably studying japanese culture or something, because we all know how much Harold likes Japan. He could possibly be playing video games or LARPING (LARPING is Live Action Role Playing for anyone that doesn't know) because he just seems like a guy that would do that. Or he'd just be hanging out with some of the original cast, or he's probably just doing all mentioned above.


Courtney did not cameo in TDROTI. After realising that Alejandro was with Heather, She went back home.She is studying law at high school. She does alot of interviews on TV shows about her experiece on TD. She decided that after her experiences with Duncan and Alejandro she was going to stay well-away from buys and be independant. She won heaps of money because of her ;lawyers suing the show over Chris's tormenting. She has used that money to start her own buisness which teaches little kids to be CIT's and about law.


After TDRI, Lightning probably returned to his football squad back at home. He was probably interviewed on all the sports channels about his time on TDRI. Also, he is also trying trying to study more in high school because he realized that he can't waste all his time on sports. He holds autograph sessions for the public and talks about how he is the best. He also tries to get lots of sleep, and he is always trying to get as much protien as can. I am guessing he will remember all his friends (if any) and enemies and how they tried to get in his way. If Lightning gets a job, I am guessing he will get it at a meat shop. Lightning will always try and be the best.

Terrance: Alright users, the winner of today's challenge is..... C&MF1000 & Esther2108! Yes, it was tough just to choose one winner so I chose the both of them!

Elimination Ceremony #11

Terrance: You guys can vote for anybody except C&MF1000 or Esther2108.

CDF97: I'm sorry, but I vote for Liam. He's gotten immunity four or three times in a row. No hard feelings, right?

C&MF1000: Same as CDF97. I vote for Liam. Sorry dude.

Phy: As much as I would hate to vote out one of my teammates... I feel that Liam is the biggest threat and as we are nearing the end... sorry man... I vote Liam...

Esther: Liam has gotten the most yeah...liam

Terrance: Well Liam, your time has come on Total Drama Contestant Trivia. It was a pleasure having you in my camp.

Episode 13: The Big Bucks

Pre Chat

Terrance: Final 4! :D

C&MF1000: Yeah! I would just like to say; Whoever voted for me as their favorite contestant; thank you. And I have at least one fan and that's all that matters.

Esther: I have a fan too! yay i feel special;)

Terrance: You guys are gonna have to work extra hard on this next upcoming challenge because not only 1 user will be going home but 2 users will be getting the boot.

C&MF1000: Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???

Terrance: Yes. And if any of you would like to be in season 3, audition here:

C&MF1000: So, what's the challenge?

Terrance: The challenge for today is, if your Favorite Total Drama contestant won the big million, or has won, tell me what you think they'll spend it on. Good luck final 4.

Terrance: I have been informed that Phyneo has to quit. So, we're down to the final 3! CDF97 has till' Monday to finish or he's out too.


Duncan has won the million, but I'm not entirely sure what he would spend on it. I think he would spend the money on buying many different things to prank other people that he couldn't do before. I think he would also spend his money on a new pet since Harold killed his old one. The one other thing I have in mind is if Gwen lives far away, he could buy tickets to go visit her. In TD, he said he would use the money to hire a lawyer which I'm 100% sure he did.


Harold would probably spend his money buying the Master of The Spheres Trilogies. And possibly buying authentic costumes of his favorite characters from Lord of The Speres. He would probably buy a lot of things for LeShawna and attempt to win her over. He might give some money to Medieval Steve's Medieval Camp, or start his own camp; Hero Harold's Hero Camp. As Harold always talks about how "heroic" he is. He'll probably buy a lot of RPG Games having to do with Medieval Times.


If Courtney won the million, she would use it to purchase a big house and start a CIT buisness, as described in the challenge before. She would sue Duncan and Gwen and Chris, and get more money. She would then start a campaign to be elected into parliament.

Terrance: Well, I'll have to say I'm very impressed by the answers you've all provided me with. But I can only choose 1 winner and the user that won this challenge is..... C&MF1000! You made it to the final 2! And your prize is, you can choose who to take with you to the finals!

Elimination Ceremony #12

Terrance: So C&MF1000, who do you choose to take with you to the final 2?

C&MF1000: You both are wonderful competitors, you both deserve a chance to win, but, sadly, I will only choose one to come with me. So I choose...... *suspenseful music* Esther. I'm sorry CDF97.

Terrance: Sorry CDF97. You played a good game. But congrats Esther2108 and C&MF1000! You are the final 2!

Episode 14: It's time, It's here, The Finale!

Pre Chat

Terrance: Esther2108, and C&MF100, how does it feel to be in the final 2?!

C&MF1000: It's awesome!!!

Esther: Totes. even if i come 2nd at least i beat my record from last season

C&MF100: What's the challenge gonna be?

Terrance: Both of your final challenge is, a trivia challenge! This is just the first part of the challenge. I will each ask you a question, and whoever gets 3 wrong first gets a disadvantage in the 2nd part of the challenge. And the other user gets and advantage in the 2nd part of the challenge.

C&MF100's questions and answers

Terrance: C&MF100, you first question is, when did Harold first get badly injured?

Harold was first badly injured in "Not So Happy Campers Part 2" when he jumped off the cliff and landed on his groin.

Terrance: Correct! 1 point for C&MF100. Next question, Who was Harold's first friend?

Harold's first friend was Sadie, as he paired up with her in "Up the Creek" for the canoe challenge.

Terrance: Correct! Next question is, How did Harold do in the first challenge? (Ex: Harold was goofy, or he was hardworking,)

In his first challenge, in "Not So Happy Campers Part 2" Harold was brave enough to jump off cliff, when they had to carry the pieces to the jacuzzi he probably did very weak because of his lack of physical strength, when putting together the jacuzzi he didn't do too well as his team was very unorganized and didn't have very good teamwork, Harold during that challenge was hit many times, and he didn't do so well helping get the jacuzzi together, so, he was "fragile" and "unskilled" during that challenge.

Terrance: Correct! Okay next question, these will start to get tougher. Was Harold self-absorbed through the whole season of TDI?

Harold was somewhat self absorbed, it was mostly because Duncan, DJ, and Geoff kept bullying him, the really only time he was self absorbed was when he rigged the votes to his pleasure, he was also self absorbed in a sense of his self confidence, thinking he's a hero.

Terrance: Correct! Next question, Harold got hurt many times, what was the time he got EXTREMELY hurt?

Over the course of TDI Harold was extremely hurt when he fell out a palm tree, and then Courtney beats him with a light post.

Terrance: Correct! Next question, what did Harold last say GOSH?

Harold last said "GOSH!" during TDWT Episode 26 Hawaiian Punch, during the song, Harold said "Gosh, is this neck thick enough?"

Terrance: Correct! Next question, what was the last remark "Nerdy" remark Harold has made to his fellow competitors?

Harold's last nerdy remark was in the TDWT IV Aftermath, when he talks about "liches" the stuff that lives forever, a tea that calmed the mind, and when he was talking about going to Medievel Steve's camp for training animals.

Terrance: Correct! Alright next question, how many times in TDI has Harold been seen getting hurt?

He was hurt a total of 15 times.

Terrance: Correct! This has gone for too long so, I will explain the 2nd challenge now!

Esther2108's questions and answers

Terrance: Esther2108, your first question is, when did Courtney first take charge?

Esther: She first took charge in Dodgebrawl, by deciding who was needed to play the game and by persuading Duncan to help them win.

Terrance: Ooh, sorry Esther the correct answer was, in Not So Happy Campers Part 2! She told her teammates what to do so they could win the challenge. But dont worry, we still have more questions to go through! Next question, when did Courtney first get attracted to Duncan?

Esther: The sucky Outdoors, when courtney 'cuddled' with duncan

Terrance: Correct! Next question, do you think Courtney's lawyers hate her based on what you have seen on TDA?

Esther: Personally i dont think so, how could you hate Courtney? but more to the point she obviously paid her lawyers and they were succesful in getting back into TDA

Terrance: Good answer. Next question, keep in mind, these will start to get tougher. How many enemies does Courtney have?

Esther: I dont think many of the contestants actually like Courtney, but with 'enemies' is mutual hate, which is mostly Gwen, Duncan, Heather, Beth, Chris and Harold- so 6.

Terrance: Correct! Next question, Courtney likes to win. So, which episode did Courtney win for her team, or win for herself?

Esther: In TDA- she won for her team in One Million Bucks, BC, and herself in Dial M for Meger (along with Lindsay), Super Hero-ID, The Princess Pride and Rock n' Rule, IN TDWT she won for herself in Niagara Brawls (along with Duncan). All other times she lost or it was a team effort win.

Terrance: Correct again! Next question, how many times has Courtney been seen in her swim wear?

Esther: 2 in TDI, none in TDA, once in TDWT. (multiple appereances in one episode count as 1 right?)

Terrance: Correct! Next question, when was the last time has Courtney shown kindness?

Esther: Courtney last showed kindness in I see London... when she forgave Duncan for leaving and said she was not really mad at him.

Terrance: Correct! Next question, how many songs has Courtney sang in TDWT?

Esther: Courtney has sang in 15 songs

Terrance: Correct! This has gone on for too long so, I will explain the 2nd challenge now"'

Terrance: Esther2108, and C&MF100, your 2nd challenge is, give me a 1 paragraph speech on why you should win. Then, I will decide who wins Total Drama Contestant Trivia.

Esther's Speech

Esther: I think that i deserve to win this as i am a mega td fan- mainly of courtney and Gwen- but nethertheless a huge fan, I have seen all the episodes and have a big knowledge when it comes to total drama. Also, i have tried really hard and earnt my place here. i have been very active and a good teammate. I have never missed a challange (except when i was hosting).Can i also say thanks TJ for running such an awesome camp and even if i dont win i came 2nd and had fun.

C&MF1000's Speech

I deserve to win because I played fair, I was active, and I worked hard. I'm one of the biggest Total Drama Island fans out there, a natural fan from the beggining. I watched all the seasons, and I was very knowledgeable of the show. Over the course of this season, despite not talking in the pre-chat so often, I used my grammar and punctuation to the best of my abilities to make whatever I said look pleasant to read. I tried my best to make it far in this season, and my a stroke of luck, I managed to make it this far, so if I get second place I will accept it with honor. My favorite character is Harold because he was an obvious tribute to Napoleon Dynamite, and he was one of the more eccentric, enjoyable characters with "mad skills" that easily amused and amazed me. Duncan I despised for bullying Harold, but it created many humorous, and funny moments, when Harold punched Duncan was the best, mostly because that never would have happened if Duncan didn't conflict with Harold, so Duncan was good and bad. That's all I have to say for now, so, this is the end of my speech.

The Winner

Terrance: Ready to see who wins guys?

C&MF1000: I am very ready, super pumped for this.

Terrance: How do both of you feel right now?

C&MF1000: Pretty nervous, because this is pretty intense.

Terrance: Both of you have worked really hard to get in this posistion. Youv'e both beaten your other competitors and made it to the final 2. I wish both of you could win. But that's not possible. There can only be one winner. The winner, of Total Drama Contestant Trivia is...

Terrance: Cody&MikeFan1000! Congrats! And congrats to you Esther2108, for getting runner-up. :)

C&MF1000: It is a great honor! Thank you for being a great competitor Esther! It is an honor to be the winner of Season 2, I would like to thank everyone for being there for me and supporting me along the way. Thanks a lot!