Season One was a blast. Sixteen Total Drama High School
competitors battled it out and only one was victorious. Our host, Kristina announced that there will be a second season coming some time soon, and it's finally time for it to air. Kristina's picked out a brand new high school for the 18 new competitors and 4 returnees to compete in. This time, they're competiting for two million dollars. The stakes are high: harder challenges, and a larger prize. Who will prove that they have the endurance to overcome everything? Find out in the sequel to the smash-hit camp, Total Drama High School II!

Characters (CLOSED)

Merged Tribe

  1. Quinn, the Cheerleader - EBGRocks

Voting History


Pre Elim.

Tribal Phase Jury Phase Jury Vote
Episode 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Eliminated Pako/S.Cupcake A.Out/Crag Max Silke Zoey Matt Katrina NA Holden Pablo Robert Janelle Kari Brandon Katie Brooke Rain Max NA Kari Luigi Gerard Shandi
Place Voter Votes
1st Quinn S.Cupcake WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN Luigi WIN Kari WIN (NV) WIN Katie Brooke Max Max LOSE (NV) Gerard Gerard Winner
2nd Shandi (NV) WIN Max Silke WIN Matt WIN LOSE WIN Pablo WIN LOSE WIN WIN WIN (NV) (NV) Max LOSE Kari Luigi (NV) R-UP
3rd Gerard Holden Auto Out Returns on Day 9 WIN WIN LOSE WIN (NV) WIN Brooke Luigi Max WIN Kari Luigi (NV) Shandi
4th Luigi Pako WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN Holden WIN Robert WIN Kari WIN Katie Brooke Gerard Max LOSE Kari Gerard Quinn
5th Kari S.Cupcake Crag WIN WIN Zoey WIN Katrina LOSE (NV) WIN Robert WIN (NV) Returns Day 15 Brooke Luigi Max LOSE (NV) Shandi
6th Max Luigi WIN Shandi Returns on Day 15 Brooke Luigi Luigi
7th Rain Pako Crag WIN WIN Zoey WIN Katrina LOSE WIN WIN WIN LOSE WIN Brandon WIN (NV) QUIT Quinn
9th Katie S.Cupcake WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN Holden WIN Robert WIN Kari WIN Quinn
10th Brandon Pako Crag WIN WIN (NV) WIN Katrina LOSE WIN WIN WIN LOSE WIN (NV)
11th Janelle S.Cupcake WIN Max Silke WIN Matt WIN LOSE WIN Pablo WIN QUIT
12th Robert Luigi WIN Max Silke WIN Matt WIN LOSE Holden WIN Kari Shandi
14th Holden Pako WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN Luigi
15th Katrina (NV) 'Crag WIN WIN (NV) WIN (NV)
16th Matt Luigi WIN Max Silke WIN Matt
17th Zoey (NV) (NV) WIN WIN (NV)
18th Silke Quinn WIN (NV) (NV)
19th Crag (NV) (NV) Quinn
20th Harriet S.Cupcake Auto Out
21st S.Cupcake (NV)
22nd Pako Luigi


The Game

Kristina: Welcome to the second season of TDHS!

Janelle: Soo glad to be her! Wow Kristina you look so pretty!

Max:WOOHOO!!! Whats up!!!

Janelle:(CONF) I really need to think of stratejical or is it statejical oh no wait it is trategigal wait that doesn't make any sense?

Luigi: *is analzying everyone* (conf) I know who to make alliances with, but let's wait until the teams are announced.

Janelle: Hi Luigi! (CONF) Act all nice with a random person is totally tratejical!

Holden: I made to the second season....... nice

Janelle: Hi Holden!

Silke: Hi everyone!

Holden: hello

Janelle: Hi Silke (CONF) I need an alliance for stratejiegal matters!

Silke: Hello! (CONF: I can't believe I'm here! I sure will miss Charlie though...but oh well, this is now!)

Janelle: Silke if we are on the same team can we be allies????

Kari: Hello everyone.

Silke: Sure. Oh my gosh, did you know I competed in the first season?

Janelle: Yah Totally!

Silke: Ugh, I wish you did too! You seem like a nice person Janelle!

Janelle: Thanks! (CONF) Yayz I got an alliance that is so trategical or however you say it! I decided m goiing to stay loyal to Silke because she is awesome!

Harriet:I'm back Kristina.

Silke: Hey Harriet.

Janelle: Hi Harriet!

Harriet:Hey Silke. What's up?

Silke: I'm well. Hey, last season, when I returned, I was really surprised that you weren't there! Why were you voted off so early? (CONF: Harriet had the potential to be the winner you know, more potential than me!)

Harriet:I didn't understand the challenge that eliminated me so, I obviously get to be tooken off the show because I misundertood something!(CONF) That makes TOTAL sense!

Janelle: Harriet wanna join forces with me and Silke????

Harriet:I'll think on it.

Silke: Sure, take your time Harriet. (CONF: We need to have an average size alliance, because this season will be really hard with the newbies...well except for Janelle, she's a very good newbie with great potential.)

Harriet:Okay.(CONF) So let me figure this out..... Janelle is the one who couldn't take me out if her life depended on it,and Silke is the one who knows me better. If I join Silke, she'll know how to take me down, Janelle however, looks like she watched the last season of TDHS.So, she knows everything too!Silke might understand. Janelle, I could still play in that alliance!In or out!I'm winning this time and NO ONE is stopping me!Then I'll get Janelle to tell Silke to get out of the alliance so they'll be enemies. Then they'll try to vote me off. And 1 will still believe me. Damn, I'm good.

Silke: (CONF: Harriet scares me sometimes...but I guess that's because she's a good person. Wait, that doesn't make sense...)

Shandi: *comes in* Hi... So... this is where we're staying? *rolls eyes*

Harriet:*walks into a dormroom and outs down my stuff* That's the idea.

Janelle: (CONF) I know Harriet has a tiny dark side but now she has learned from her mistake so I will trust her!

Kari: *Walks in and puts things down* What a....................weird place.

Shandi: I know, right? (CONF) I have to get to know other people.

Harriet:You have no IDEA how unsanitary this place was!

Robert:Hey, Harriet!

Kari: (CONF) I've been known to get mad and shout a lot, so I'm gonna try to control that side of me or I'll be out early.

Harriet:Hi Robert!What did you do with 35 grand?

Robert:380. I am saving it. Can I join your alliance?

Silke: *Sighs*

Harriet:Silke,does Robert remind you of Charlie? You aren't the only one who misses her.

Robert:*is upset*So can we have an alliance?

Harriet:I'm so sorry....* runs off *

Robert:Harriet, I am sorry! Oh, hi, Silke.

Silke: ...Hi Robert... *Walks past him politely*

Harriet:Sorry for what?You cheat on every girlfriend you've ever had!You shouldn't feel sorry. Instead, let's go fall in love with 10 diffrent women! You selfish *******.

Holden: k guys you cna stop fighting now

Robert:When did I cheat?Silke is a friend, you never asked me out!How dare you!

Harriet:You pulled Charlie out of nowhere and just said, "Let's break Harriet's heart! That'll make her turn into a friend" I mean what the hell?

Robert:I never asked you out. You never asked me out. Simlpy put, we never officially dated. And Charlie is not a violent meanie who yells at people!*runs away crying*

Silke: *Bumps into Robert* Robert! Are you okay?

Holden: when does the challenge start

Harriet:*yelling down the hall* He's just trying to pretend that he thinks he's right!

Brooke: *walks in* Hey...(CONF): Yep this is it...I have to be open minded about meeting new people.

Robert:Harriet is still angry about last season!She just won't let it go!*is still crying*

Silke: Oh, well, you should let it go. If you do, ignore Harriet, and you'll be okay!

Harriet:You broke my heart, I didn't do this, you did.....* walks off as slow into my room*

Brooke: (CONF): Maybe Harriet would be a great alliance member...

Brooke: Harriet you okay?

Harriet:I'm just not wrong in this situation *starts to cry too* He hurt me, Not me. He hurt my heart instead.

Robert:Thanks, Silke.*walks over to Harriet*I am sorry. I do not want us fighting to ruin our friendship. I did not know I meant that much to you. We never got a chance to know each other well..

Harriet:Our friendship, hand to hand, had never existed until now, I do see it that way.

Robert:Besides...If I really am a ******, no point in crying over me!*said jokingly*

Harriet:But, that's why I'm not crying...

Silke: Guys, just quit. Just think of the song Robert sang last season and be calm.

Robert:I was inspired to write that from Harriet. She had a beautiful singing voice, and I wanted to make a song dedicated to all of my friends. Silke is right! This season, we will do our best!

Brooke: (CONF): This is gonna be a hard season.

Robert:Brooke, want to join our alliance?

Harriet:*sigh**walks off alone**sings* Hands touch, eyes meet,sudden silence, sudden heat....hearts leap in a giddy world. There's a girl I know, he loves her, so, I'm not...... that girrrrrrl


Brooke: Who's in it? Robert?

Holden: I'll join

Robert:Holden, Silke, Harriet, maybe Janelle, Max, and myself.

Harriet:*sitting in my room watching TV*

Katie: *arrives* Hi everyone! (CONF) Who's stupid idea was it to make a reality show about a high school? Anyways, I think I'll play it nice and slowly at the beginning, maybe until teams are announced, I'll lay low.


Dearest Log,

Being a TV star really doesn'tmake me feel any better. Robert, couldn't be happier now. Which makes me sad and mad at the same time.Sad becasue I still love him, but he has Charlie.Mad because now, I'm in the scene.I can't let people see me this time.

                                                With all my heart, 

Brooke: Robert I'm gonna wait until team are announced, if that's okay?

Harriet:*closes book and locks and puts it on my bedside table*

Katie: (CONF) So far, the only people who look useful are Zoey, Robert and Luigi. Luigi is probably a strong competitor, Robert won last season and I may be able to make Zoey help me. So, what I need is to be on at least one of their teams. Oh yeah, and the others? They're probably a waste of skin.

Brooke: (CONF): I so need to make friends to better my chances of staying.

Katie: Hey Brooke? I have a feeling we can be best friends here!

Harriet:How many people a re left to be coming?

Katie: *sees Harriet* O.M.G! Harriet! From last season!! You were AMAZING! (CONF) *shivers* Ugh. I hate playing like a "Sierrastalker" (lol refrence). Anyways, I would like to keep Harriet here for a while. She is a strong returnee.

Harriet:Me?I did horrible with a capital H.

Brooke: Oh...hey Katie...sure we can be friends you seem like a good competitor.

Katie: Thanks Brooke! And Harriet, I didn't care how far you made it, it was all about the RobertxHarriet stuff, right?

Kari: Hi Katie.

Katie: Hi Kari!! (CONF) Ugh. I really don't have to pull this stupid chick stuff for much longer. Just until the teams are made.

Kari: *Rolls eyes* (CONF) Too much drama already. It's gonna make me snap.

Brooke: (CONF) I need to make sure that I'm on a team with one of the old people they know the game already!

Brandon: Hello, hellooooo...

Brooke: Hey Brandon

Luigi: (conf) Best strategy is to make alliances with the smart people. Brandon, Robert. And then the not so smart, Janelle.

Kari: Hi Brandon!

Brandon: Oh, hai!! How are you guys?

Katie: *to Luigi in a seductive voice* Hey, what do you say we team up? Come on. We could dominate this game. I'll do what-ever- you tell me to. Are you in?

Brooke: (CONF): It so it begins!

Luigi: Sure. I agree. I'll make the cuts and you follow along.

Silke: Luigi, you're really going to listen to a stranger you barely know?

Luigi: If she's willing to vote with me, then yes. Got a problem with that Frency?

Silke: Ugh, well! I say, I must inform you that I learned perfect English in two days after being voted off! (CONF: Luigi is a total bummer to me!)

Quinn: Hi! Sorry I haven't been around. Iv'e been busy! By the way, im Quinn.

Brooke: Nice to meet you Quinn! I'm Brooke

Quinn: Well it's great to meet you Brooke! I have been kinda busy so I haven't got to know anyone that much. What are your interests?

Brooke: Well basically I'm just looking for a friend to get through this game!

Quinn: Same. Coz, the worst thing is being a lonor in a game like this. Coz you will be gone before you know it! And I have a funny feeling that Im gonna be voted off eiether first or second.

Brooke: Well you could probably stay least we can say we were friends right?

Quinn: *hugs her* For sure! As long as we are friends. I promise not to vote you out.

Brooke: Same here.

Quinn: I just have to make some friends so I can stay here. Maybe Katie? That's a nice name. I should make friends with her.

Guys Pre-Elimination Vote

Kristina: Guys, I know you guys don't know anybody, but try and make friends. Tonight, it's a pre-elimination vote. One guy and One girl will be eliminated. Guys, vote out one other guy to leave right now. You can only vote once.

Luigi: Pako.

Holden pako


Brandon: I vote for Pako.

Pablo: Pako


Rain: I afraid of voting. Why doesn't someone make this decision for me? *cringingly writes Pako*

Pako: Luigi. Sorry for not talking but, I was busy.(I get eliminated when I was in the mall but, I am used to it :D)


(Fanny: I had a plan for the next thing so only one person goes)

Kristina: Pako, you've been eliminated. *after he leaves* Tomorrow, expect the unexpected.

Girls Pre-Elimination Vote

Kristina: Girls, I know you guys don't know anybody, but try and make friends. Tonight, it's a pre-elimination vote. Two guys and two girls will be eliminated. Girls, vote out two other girls to leave right now. You can only vote once, not twice though.

Kristina: You can only vote once, girls.

Kari: SuperCupcake.

Silke: Quinn

Quinn: SuperCupcake.

Brooke: SuperCupcake.

Katie: SuperCupcake

Harriet: SuperCupcake

Katie: Guys, give Kari a chance. She seems like a very strong competitor. What about SuperCupcake?

Harriet:You don't have the right to vote me off! (I was at my grandparents house ALL day!They don't let me use thier computer)

Quinn: I don't know anyone so I just voted for her. Maybe if I got to know her?

Brooke: Maybe we should vote for SuperCupcake like Katie said?

Quinn: Yeah. SuperCupcake? What name is that. We should vote with Katie.

Kari: Thank you guys! And thank you Katie for having people change there minds. (CONF) *Sighs* That was close.

Janelle: Super Cupcake

Quinn: No problem. SuperCupcake does sound kinda weird anyway. I didn't even know that's why I voted for you, but I would love to get to know you.

Kari: Aww thanks girl! I would love to get to know you too! Maybe we'll be on the same team?

Quinn: Hopefully!

Janelle: Super Cupcake

Kristina: Super Cupcake, you're gone. *after she leaves* Tomorrow, be ready to expect the unexpected.

Quinn: *After Kristina leaves* This is gonna be fun....

Janelle: (CONF) Quinn sounds evil!

Quinn CONF: If everyone thinks im evil. They are wrong. That is exactly what happened at another camp. I am no threat. And Im definaltly not one of those mean, popular annoying, stuck up cheerleaders.

Janelle: (CONF) But anyway I know nothing of her yet so I could be as wrong as anybody!

Harriet:(conf) Something tells me I shouldn't trust Quinn and Kari

Brooke: (CONF) I got this feeling that all the returning people might be eliminated back to back!

Day One

Kristina: Welcome to the official Day One!

Harriet:That feels good.

Quinn: Day 1! Awesome!


Brooke: Cool

JAnelle: Yay!

Luigi: (conf) I know I was on the list of votes last night. They will pay. But not right away. Focus on the game first. Enemies second. When the merge hits, enemies are part of the game. *shifty eyes*

Holden I cant believe I'm still in The game

Kari: (CONF) It feels nice to have survived the first elimination. No need to freak out yet. I'll try and stay cool, and maybe this wont be so bad.

Janelle: (CONF) Now that I am allied with Silke and maybe Harriet I ned to think of some tregistical or is it trategical no that does not make any sense or is it stragigigal *continues her confusion about saying strategical for a long time*

Silke: It feels good to be in two seasons

Quinn CONF; I am SO glad I survived the first elimination! For a moment I thourght I was gone. I have to watch out for Matt, Silke, Harriet and Robert, now that they were in last season and got so far.

Team Picking

Kristina: Silke, Brandon, and Luigi have been randomly selected to pick teams. They will pick teams of 6 and the two left over will be eliminated. Silke, Brandon, and Luigi, pick your team color: lime, yellow, or deep pink.

Luigi: Lime.

Silke: Deep pink! (CONF: I'm a team captain! Yay!!)

Quinn: CONF: I don't know any of them.

Brandon: Hmm... That means I'm yellow. No, no, wait!................ Gold. ;)

Kristina: K, this is how the picking will go. L - Girl, S - Boy, B - Girl, L - Boy? Got it? Luigi, you're first.

Luigi: Hmmm. Brooke.

Brooke: Thanks.

Silke: Robert...

Brandon: And, I'd like Kari.

Luigi: Pablo.

Kari: Yay Thank you Brandon!

Shandi: *crosses arms*

Quinn: *crosses fingers to be on a team with either Kari or Brooke*

Shandi: *looks at Quinn and rolls eyes*

Quinn: *sees Shandi roll her eyes* What?

Silke: Shandi

Brandon: I'll take Crag.

Shandi: *is like nothing and suddenly opens eyes widely* M- me ... ?

Luigi: Quinn.

Quinn: Yes! Thanks! *hugs Luigi*

Luigi: Whatever. As long as you promise to vote with me.

Silke: Matt

Quinn: Sure!

Max: *is getting nervous*

Brandon: I want Zoey.

Quinn: But you can't make me turn against my friends. Then I won't vote with you.

Luigi: I promise. I choose Holden.

Silke: Janelle!

Quinn: Thanks. You rule! *hugs him then stands next to Brooke*

Brandon: Rain. I want Rain.

Luigi: My final member is Katie.

(Fanny: Teddy, pick Max! Pick Max! XD)

(Mr. E:lol)

Silke: Max (Teddy: Lol. Also, start the challenge tomorrow afternoon...I have school tomorrow D:)

Brandon: I'd like Katrina.

Max:Yay! I didn't fail completely!!!

Kristina: kk. Gerard and Harriet are out. Take your time to talk with your new

Quinn: *talks with Brooke*

Silke: Hello team! (Teddy: Gtg! Sorry...)


Brooke: Hi Quinn...I'm glad we're on the same team.

Holden: I Got picked. *high fives Luigi*

Brooke: Hey Holden!

Quinn: Me too!

Brooke: So if we lose...who do you want gone?

Quinn: Well Luigi's nice, I think Katie could be a good friend. And Holden and Pablo both sound cool. I really don't know.

Brooke: Well hopefully we won't lose.

holden: i don't think it is possible our team rocks

Quinn: Exactly. We have the awesomest team.

Robert:*high fives Silke and Max*Yes!Same team!*high fives Matt*

Janelle: hi all people on my team

Quinn: *lookes over at Silke's team an rolls her eyes* *high fives all of her team*

Robert:(CONF) Last season was great. Kristina is definetly making this one rougher. 4 eliminations in one day, and 3 teams!Harriet is gone already, but Silke, Matt, and I are on one team. A team of experience! To all of my fellow competitors out there, do your best and have fun!

Quinn: (CONF): It's a shame I didn't get to know more people before the game started.

Matt:(CONF)I'm glad I'm on the same team as Robert and Silke but I'm still kinda sad that Symone's not here.

Kari: (CONF) Not being here last season doesn't bother me. And now, I'm on a team with a lot of nice people. Being on a team instead of being one of the first out is awesome. *Laughs* Just wait till they see my real side though.

Holden: (CONF) My team rules

Brooke: (CONF) Quinn's my friend....and so is? I got nothing?

Brooke: When's the challenge.

Matt: that's right when's the challange

Katie: (CONF) Luckily, I was picked by Luigi. So, with my alliance member on my team, we can probably make it far. The rest, are DEAD.

Brooke: This game is getting better and better!

Challenge One

Kristina: Today's challenge is to come up with the best team name. Must be school related. Best team name gets to pick another team that is safe from elimination. Tomorrow we'll start normal challenges. Pick!

Luigi: What should we do?

Kari: School related? Ugh. That's not gonna be a easy thing to do.

Brooke: Hey Luigi what about the Denominators?

holden: how about the eslablishment

Matt:Team Triganomatry?

Katie: Team Algebra? Team Obtuse? Team Lockerz?

Quinn: The Screaming Luigi's? or the Killer Denominators!

Luigi: Epic Failures. And then we prove them wrong.

Matt:THAT"s IT The Epic Combo's

Holden: i kinda like quinns second idea

Brooke: The Killer Denominators sounds cool

Kari: The Screaming choirs? Or The Killer Textbooks?

Matt: The Screaming Jocks

Quinn:: *pulls Brooke aside* I think I know who we can vote off first.

Katie: I agree with Luigi. (CONF) Luigi can think al he wants but NO ONE controls me. Anyways, Robert won already, why would he win again? I think he should be the next one out

Brooke: Who? cause I was thinking Pablo.

Quinn: Well yeah. But Katie seems like the bigger threat. I can't trust her. She seems like Heather. A nasty strategical antagonist.

Katie: (CONF) And Quinn, ugh, she is getting on my nerves. (No one knows that Katie is mean yet, that is unfair EBGR)

(EBGR: No matter, what, when Quinn arrived she knew she couldn't trust her-just sayin)

Luigi: So what is it? Epic Failures or Killer Denominators?

Quinn: I dunno?

Holden: What does epic failures have to do with school though

Janelle: This is hard I can't think of anything

Luigi: Cuz your grades can epically fail. F, dur.

Quinn: But we need a name that makes us stand out. Like, no offence, but Epic Failures know....boring? Plus! We will NEVER fail!

Holden: i kinda like his idea

Luigi: And demoninator is better?

Holden: I like both ideas and since lighi is our team captian he should make the final decsion

Quinn: Yeah, it is. It is actually POSITIVE.

Luigi: Actually, it's the negative part of a fraction.

Matt:Rurry up!

Quinn: Whatever.

Janelle: what about Locker Busterz?

holden: So what is the final desicion

Rain: Maybe we can be the Go Team. I'm not afraid of positive thinking.

Brandon: The names have to be school-related, Rain.

Shandi: What about The Quacks?

Brandon: Kari, have you seen the rest of our team? I like your Killer Textbooks idea, by the way.

Kari: Nope. Only you, Rain and I so far. And thanks, that could be our fall back in case we come up with something else.

Rain: Can we be the Dissecting Frogs?

Brandon: *puts his hand on his chin* That is school-related.... but it's kinda gross. I'm cool with it, though, I guess. Kari, what do you think?

Kari: It's good, but I feel to capture the school idea we should think of something broader, something that can deal with school in general instead of just one subject.

Robert:What about the Killer Pencils?Matt, what do you think?

Shandi: I think The Quacks is great... It's creative, and it represents something in the whole school.

Robert:What, exactly?I like The Killer Pencils!

Shandi: It represents, well, I don't know, the quacks, maybe?! there are always quacks. And The Killer Pencils is 0 creative. To have the best team name, it has to be creative. It's always Killer something, Screaming something. The Quacks IS creative.

Robert:Very good defense! Excellent work. I shall side with you.

Shandi: Hmmph... (CONF) Robert's experience in the game is...

Robert:(CONF)Last season, I learned a lot about winning these challenges. I am here as a mentor. These newcomers will go far if they take advice from us pros. They must defend their beliefs to the last, as Shandi just demonstrated.

Zoey:Oh no,I missed a lot!Didn't I!!!!!!!!?

Quinn: So Luigi? What have we decided?

Zoey:Wait,wait,what did my team decide?(CONF)I can't believe there's teams in High School!!!!!

Luigi: I'm not sure. I overheard The Dissecting Frogs and if that team's not using it, what do you guys think?

Quinn: It sounds kinda gross. We need something that represents School. Something that sounds awesome.

Zoey:*hugs Luigi*Thanks,now where's my team?

Luigi: You're not on my team, Zoey.

Quinn: *looks at Zoey*.....

Zoey:I know,but I don't where my classmates are.

Quinn: *points to the other corner* They're. over.there.

Holden: lets use that idea

Zoey:Okay!*goes to the corner*I don't see anybody.

Brandon: *shouts out* We're over here, Zoey!! *motions Zoey to come to where he's standing*

Zoey:Oh!*goes to where Brandon is*..What's your name..

Kari: We haven't decided yet. What should we do guys?

Zoey:Uhh..The Raging Apples?

Kari: Is that school related?

Zoey:I..don't know.

Brandon: *to Zoey* I'm Brandon, by the way... your team captain. You've missed a lot. And, no, it's not school-related.... which makes "Dissecting Frogs" our "best idea" so far.

Zoey:I got it!The Learning Students..?

Kari: I like that!


Quinn: Maybe, the Killer Sharpeners?

Holden: We need to pick

Katie: I say we should be The Popular Table. Like a lunch table? The one that I am always sitting at?

Zoey:Hey Brandon,Is The Learning Students our Name?

Quinn: Katie! That's a awesome idea!

Brandon: I like the Learning Students! Uhh.... Is that what you guys want? Because, since I'm captain or whatever, the choice is probably gonna have to fall on me. Is that our choice?

Katie: I kno- I mean, thank you Quinn.

Zoey:Yeah Brandon!

Quinn: CONF: Katie isn't so bad....I guess. I just need to make friends with her.

Shnadi: (CONF) I think Robert and I can have something. (NON CONF) Hey, Rob...

Zoey:(CONF:..Wait..what are we suppose to do here?)

Katie: *rolls her eyes* (CONF) Idiot. Anyways, Quinn shouldn't be so bad, I was the cheerleader captain of my high school. I know these girls.

Holden: (CONF) it seems like in my tribe their are two allainces and I'm in the middle of both of them

Zoey:(CONF:So..there's like two people in my class that I know,it's weird..)

Quinn: CONF: I have an awesome idea! Me, Brooke and Katie should form an allinace!

Challenge 1 Judging

Kristina: Team captains, present your names.

Zoey:Oh no,Brandon isn't here!

Katie: The Lime Team's name is, Team Popular Table. Because we are better than the others and strong. Right team?

Shandi: Silke?

Brandon: The Gold Team came up with "The Learning Students".

Holden: When did we come up with popular table

Katie: Me and Quinn agreed on the name. Remember from earlier?

Luigi: Team Popular Table? Nu uh. We're the Dissecting Frogs.

Shandi: If Silke agrees with that, I think that I can say our team name, and, as of what I know, our team name is The Quacks... Is it okay, Silke?

Kristina: The Quacks and The Learning Students. Luigi's team.

Max:The Quacks?

Shandi: As of what I know,w e don't have any better name.

Max:What about something like, "The Teaching Teachers"?

Holden: Luigi already said the disecting frogs

Matt:I still think it should be the Screaming Jocks

Janelle: What about the Locker Busterz?

Matt:What about The Screaming LockBusterz

Shandi: And.. Why always Killer, Screaming, or anything with an -ing ending something. Or Team ... Can't it be something more creative? Also, the Quacks represnt something in all the school, there are quacks all the time, anywhere. And, forget that thing, Janelle...

Brooke: Guys maybe we should keep the name Katie and Quinn came up with.

Quinn: Yeah. Katie's idea of our team name is awesome. It perfectly fits school, we are the awesomest team, we are strong and possibly the strongest team here.

Shandi: *chuckles and then bursts out laughing*

Luigi: How about The In Crowd?

Janelle: Quinn are you sure about that?

Holden: Luigi your the captian so you pick the name

Quinn: Yes. Yes. I am. But Luigi also has to have a say.

Janelle: (CONF) There is no waay that there team is the strongest! I can lift my dad who weighs 94 kilos! I also accidently tranqualized my mum and accidently drove my brother in a river and last year I tried to sue Mario for jumping on turtles. Turtlre yoyu friends! I am also suing Quinn for lying!

Quinn (CONF): *dull* Seriously. That girl Janelle needs to get a life. Our team is the best. If I make it to the merge, she is so the first to go.

Katrina: *Finally walks in* 'Sup Dudes!! *flips hair and winks at a random group of people*

Quinn: *looks at Katrina and laughs*

Matt:*stares's at Katrina*(CONF)*Sighs happily*Katrina. Ugh I have a girlfriend.

Katrina: *Walks over to Quinn and sarcastically says* I'm sorry but there seems to be something wrong with your eyes... they just went in a complete circle. *Grabs her hair and pulls down* Look the next time you want to roll your eyes at someone make sure they're not looking straight into your face! *lets go and sits in a random chair*

Quinn:*looks angry*

Robert:Calm down, people.

Katrina: Sweety if you hold your face like that to long it could get stuck there, well, at least it's an improvement. (I mean no harm i'm just playing my character :b)

Matt:Ok Luigi's team you need a name

Luigi: We're the In Crowd.

Kristina: Okay. The most unique name goes to the Quacks. The Quacks, who would you like to have immnunity also?

Matt:hmm this is tough

Holden: Pick the in Crowd

Kari: No, pick The Learning Students. WE actually got together and came up with a name, unlike the other team who hasn't figured one specific one out yet.

holden: Our team captian did pick a name and we are sticking to it

Brooke: (CONF): I hope we get picked.

Katie: (CONF) See? I came up with the idea of something that has to do with popular people. I am contributing.

Matt:OK I................................Choose........................................

In the Crowd

Kristina: Okay, the Learner Students have to vote out someone.

Katie: Yes!

Learning Students Vote (1)

Kristina: Vote!

Kari: I vote Crag. Sorry but you're the only one who hasn't talked or helped at all.

Brandon: Well, I'm thinking Crag has basically been sleeping or something ever since we started; I haven't heard him say much. Soooo... I'm voting out him. Sorry. :-/

Rain: *quickly writes Crag* I'm afraid of speeches.

Katrina: *votes Crag* I'm sorry buddy

Shandi: (CONF) I told them "The Quacks" was a great name. They did not believe me. We won the challenge thanks to me...

Kristina: Crag. You're the first tribeman voted out. *after he leaves* One person gone leaves you all one person short. Hopefully, you guys can win tomorrow's challenge or be lucky enough to be picked for immunity again. I'll see you all tomorrow!

Day Two

Kristina: It's officially Day Two. Welcome final 17, 16 stand before you and one of those 17 will be going home tonight. Keep that in mind.

The Quacks (2)

Matt:*Singing*We won we won I cant believe we won we did it I cant believe we won

Shandi: Guys... I have an idea. *calls everyone near her and whispers* We need to get along with the other teams, so that if we don't win, we have a possibility that they save us. Get the idea?

Matt:OK you work on in the crowd and I'll work on learner students

Robert:Great work, Matt! I knew Shandi's name would win it for us. If you believe in your work, it will pay out!

Holden: Robert if your team win you need to keep my team safe

Shandi: Okay,..

The Learning Students (2)

Kari: I'm not much of a pep talk girl, but we need to win the next challenge, or make sure the team that wins picks us next time. We can't lose to many people or we'll fall behind.

Matt:hey guy's sorry about yesterday the other team manipulated me into choosing them and if I did'nt they said they'll get my team to vote me off tell you what how about I help you in the next challange OK


Kari: Thanks Matt. (CONF) Do I believe him? Heck no. We'll just see how it plays out next challenge.

Zoey:Kari,do you think me,you,and Brandon can make an alliance?

Kari: Of course! We could dominate and at least make it to the merge. (CONF) Finally a good alliance.

Zoey:Yay!*hugs Kari*(CONF)I really do hope our alliance can make it to the merge.

Kari: *Hugs Zoey* (CONF) Now, I know who to vote for if my team loses again. Someone outside of the alliance. Zoey:Kari,we could get someone who isn't very helpful with the challenges..which is..I don't know who else is in it..

Kari: We don't need another person at the moment. You, Brandon and I are the majority of the team, so if we stick together and vote together, we'll make final 3 on our team if we lose that much. We'll get more people at the merge.

Zoey:Okay!..You're smart.

Brandon: (Confessional) Well, my team lost Crag yesterday since he didn't contribute to anything. *shrugs to the camera in the confessional* Oh, well. Today, *puts his fist in his hands* we have to win. It's imperative. *goes out of the confessional to see Kari and Zoey conversing*

Kari: Thanks Zoey! *To Brandon* Hey Brandon! Wanna be in an alliance with us?


Katrina: (CONF) Well i'm out next... if we don't win one of the next challenges their all going to vote me out because their all going to gang up on me:/ Well if they vote me out they'll loose a very valuble player. I know it may not seem like it but inside i'm a very serious fighter... mentally.

Zoey..What do we do now?

Kari: Focus on winning the next challenge, so we're prepared.

Brandon: *doesn't hear Kari and continues thinking to himself*

The In Crowd (2)

Luigi: Well, we're off to a good start. Let's keep it that way.

Holden: Yeah

Luigi: (conf) We were close last time. I need to get my alliance aware of who'd we vote off if we had the chance. Pablo and Holden are the options and which one do we need more? It's obvious. It's *battery dies*

Shandi: *comes in¨* Hey, people... I wanted to say sorry if I did something mean yesterday. I.. Never liked many people... Just... Sorry.. and, if you need anything, youc an tell me , and I'll se if i can help with anything.

Brooke: Hi Shandi...i'm Brooke, I don't think we ever talked here before.

Shandi: Hi... And no, I think we never did...

Brooke: Well you can consider me a friend.

holden: You know your not on our team

Brooke: She knows she's just making friends

Shandi: yeah, I know that. But I think Brooke and I could get along really well.

Janelle: Hi Quinn..sorry for what I said..I was just over reacting because some people just consider me as a dumb blonde *brings The In Crowd chocolate chip cookies* don't tell the others I gave you guys these!

Holden: *wispers to Janelle and Shandi*- how about if our teams team up and if our team wins immunity we will give your team saety and if your team win you'll give us safety until their is no more learning students*

Brooke: *takes a cookie* I won't tell anyone!

Janelle: Deal

Holden: We could just get rid off all the learning students one by one

Shandi: *thinks it* I guess... *sighs* Deal.. (CONF) Okay, now I won't get rid of Quinn!!

Janelle: Who wants to play truth or dare?

Katrina: (CONF) Well i'm out next... if we don't win one of the next challenges their all going to vote me out because their all going to gang up on me:/ Well if they vote me out they'll loose a very valuble player. I know it may not seem like it but inside i'm a very serious fighter... mentally and physically.

Luigi: Okay why are all of you in our private team classroom? Go back to yours! *to Quinn and Brooke* They're just persuading you. Don't listen to them.

Katie: Great job team! We need to keep this winning streak, okay? (CONF) These losers didn't help at all to the challenge. Luigi made up the name, but I came up with the original idea. I don't hope on losing, and if we do, that freaky surfer girl is gone.

Luigi: *is talking with Katie* We need to vote out Holden next. He's starting to annoy me and all. We vote him, we don't lose much. That's why I picked him for out team. You agree?

Holden: (CONF) It looks like it is Luigi and Katie v. Brooke and Quinn with me and Pablo in the middle

Katie: *talking with Luigi* Sure, but we'll need another vote to get him out. He already has 5, we only have 2.

Luigi: Pablo's with me on this and I'm pretty sure I can get Quinn and Brooke around my finger.

Katie: I think I can get Quinn. I know cheerleaders, especially when I was captain in Elementary and Middle School. But no, not High School, they pick stupid Suzy Burton...

Luigi: It's okay, chillax. I've got this game on a string, spinning on my finger.

holden: hi guys

Katie: *bats her eyes in a seductive voice* Hey Holden.

holden:; whatcha talking about

Luigi: Thongs.

Challenge Two

Kristina: Today's challenge is about science. Yesterday, dissecting frogs was mentioned a lot. Today, we won't be dissecting frogs. You'll be eating already dissected frog parts! Puke, and it's done for your team. Every round we switch players. Try not to puke, or I'm pretty sure you'll be gone from your team if you lose. Ready?

Matt:o o I'm first

JAnelle: I used to eat frogs!

Kari: That's soo messed up.

Shandi: I sure have no problem eating frogs.

Zoey:*looks at her distgusted.*

Kristina: Kari, Shandi, and Katie. Frog legs. Refusal is elimination of team. Eat.

Kari: *Begins eating and gags* Ugh this is soooo gross.

Zoey:Come on Kari!

Shandi: Hmm.. *eats both frog legs* ... Done! *opens her mouth to show she's done*

Kari: *Chokes the last few pieces down and shows toungue* Dang that girl can stomach things.

Kristina: Kari and Shandi are done.

Zoey:*crosses fingers*Please not me.

Katie: *eats frog legs* Yum. (CONF) I am used to this kind of food. I had to survive in the wild for a few weeks and frogs were the only food there. *burps up a frog toe* O.O

Kristina: Janelle, Zoey, and Holden have frog heads. Nasty, but eat!

Shandi: *runs to janelle and whispers on her ear* Just imagine it's a big ball of choclate*runs back away*

Zoey:*starts eating it slowly*Eww.

Kristina: Is Zoey giving up?

Janellle: Yummy I used to eats frogs delicious! *eats it fast*

Holden: I gotta do it for my team *eats frog head slowly but surely*

Kristina: Zoey, do you quit?

Janelle: *finishes the frog head* Delicious!

Holden: *finshes frog head* I think she does

Robert:Poor Zoey! Go Janelle!

Katrina: Come on Zoey you can do it! Pretend it's the most delicious thing in the world. You'll only realize its a frog if you think about it.

Kari: Come one Zoey! If I can eat frog legs, you can eat a frog head! Just do what Katrina said. Pretend it's your favorite food!

Kristina: Zoey's done so The Learning Students are out. Next up eating frog stomachs are Robert, and Quinn.

Brooke: You can do it Quinn!

Kristina: I forgot Quinn isn't here. Brooke, it's you instead

Brooke: *looks at the stomach* Well here goes nothing *swallows the stomach and burps loudly*.

Luigi: Yes!

Kari: This is sooooo gross.

Katrina: Kristina! Um if I go twice will my team be able to get back in?! (CONF) Ugh what i'm I doing! I'm allergic to frogs... well I guess I just have to take one for the team...

Kristina: No, the challenge is over. The In Crowd win. And who do you bring immunity with?

Luigi: The Learning Students.

Kristina: Okay, The Quacks have to vote out.

The Quacks Vote (1)

Kristina: The Quacks, vote off your first player leaving us with the final 16.

Max:(CONF) I vote for um... Shandi i guess. I see that "The In Crowd" didn't help us back.

Matt:(CONF)Max sorry dude

Janelle: (CONF) I vote Max. he hasn't been much use to us!


Shandi: (CONF) Max, totally... He did nothing, but vote.

Kristina: Shandi and Max received votes, but Max received the most. Sorry dude. *after he leaves* We're getting closer to the halfway mark and we're at the exact same total we had when season one started. I'll see you tomorrow.

Day Three

Kristina: Final 16!

The Quacks (3)

The Learning Students (3)

Brandon: (confessional) I owe it big time to Luigi for sparing our team. I was so glad to hear him call our name. Man... I need to pay him back somehow.

Katrina: *walks in and sits on chair* sighhh...

Kari: *Walks over and sits next to Katrina* What's up?

Katrina: I think my allergy to frogs should be kicking right about- *passes out*

Kari: So..........HELP?!?! (CONF) I don't know what to do! I'm not in Med school.

The In Crowd (3)

Holden: (CONF) I can't believe that Luigi did not honor our deal with the quacks. I can't believe he would betray someone that fast

Shandi: *comes in, angry* I can't believe you betrayed us! We were going to save you if you lost! (CONF) Is there any frog left?

Holden: how did I bertray you

Shandi: We accorded to save each other!

Holden: Luigi betrayed you but he said the other team before I got a chance to say anything so be mad with him. But we still need to stick together and take out the other tribe so If I can talk before Luigi i swear on my brothers life that I will save your team.

Shandi: Okay... Sorry for being mad... I was betrayed many times in the past, and I don't want to be betrayed again.

Holden: Well Why would I want to be emimes with you cause if my team gets sent to elimantion I think i might get sent home.

Shandi: *sighs* I think I'll be sent home next time too. All of my incapacities make me unuseful.

Holden: Then our only option is to send the learning students home

Shandi: Yes...

Janelle: (CONF) If they lie to us again the in crowd will go down!

Luigi: Because when both teams have a disadvantage, we have the upperhand. Basic strategic move.

Katie: Guys, calm down. Luigi knows what he is doing. Just sit back and relax, we've got the whole thing planned out.

Janelle: How de we know if he doesn't know what he is doing and how do we know you are just going to backstab us????

Katie: Um, hello? We're on the same team, duh! (CONF) Luigi is controlling the game. And that's great. It gives me less work to do. But, I do have a strange feeling about him..

Challenge Three

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of algebra. You'll be using your algebra skills to the test. I will ask a random algebra question to three random people from each team. Anyone who gets the question wrong, gets their team eliminated. Understand?

Kari: Ew math. Could there be a worse subject?

Kristina: Sex education?

Kari: At least you don't have to do work in that class.

Kristina: Actually, that's Challenge 14.

Kari: O.o Ok then. What could we possibly do for that challenge?

Katie: (COF) Sex education? What sicko made this? I bet it was someone "Fanny"- like. (Reference LOL)

Janelle: Oh No NOT MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holden: I'm going to win this or die trying

Pablo: Algebra? Boring...

Katie: Can we get on with the challenge?!

Holden: looks like everbody on our team but Quinn, Brooke and Luigi are here

Zoey:Oh no..(CONF)I suck at math,I failed it..


Katrina: *Drags self in* My legs are still out from fainting...

Zoey:What happened?

Kari: Are you ok Katrina? You kind of passed out.

Katrina: I'm alright... I probably won't have use of my legs fo another hour


holden: Can we get the challenge started

Kari: *Rolls eyes* Be patient. It'll start when everyones ready.

Katrina: *Rolls to a chair* Can someone help me get up?

Kari: *Helps her into chair* There you go.

Zoey:..I hope the challenge doesn't start.

Katrina: Thank You. I'm neutral about the challenge i'm actually good at math I just hate doing it.

Brandon: (confessional) Math, honestly, is my favorite school subject. Algebra should be a breeze for me. *laughs and goes out of the confessional to see everyone else* The challenge hasn't started yet, has it?

Matt:(CONF) thanks to Robert I am way better at Math's with the money he gave me and I used the extra money on something special for Symone.

Shandi: Ugh! Maths... (CONF) I have the feeling that we'll lose again...

Kristina: The first algebra concept we'll go over is slope. We have five concepts and if contestants get it right, we add more questions to each concept. Please no one speak unless you are one of the three answering the question. For Luigi, Brandon, and Silke. The question about slope is...

Question 1: Find the slope of (3,6) and (4,10).

Luigi: I aced algebra during school. The slope is 4.

Brandon: He's right, it's 4.

Kristina: Correct you two. The Quacks are out for not supporting an answer. Concept 2 is conversion of English to mathematical symbols. Convert these words to an equation. Katie and Rain.

Question 2: The sum of twice r and three times s is identical to 13.

Rain: 2r + 3s = 13?


Katrina: r squared + s cubed = 13

Katrina: The Learning Students win! Who would you like to bring for immunity?

Brandon: *gasps* Awesome! Hmm... Well, I think I speak for my entire team when I say "Luigi's team would be on our backs for not paying them back after they saved us". So, we're going to have to go with The In Crowd.

Kristina: Okay In Crowd.

Holden: Thnaks Brandon

Brandon: No problem... *looks over to The Quacks team* But, I do feel bad for them. :-/

The Quacks Vote (2)

Kristina: Vote out your second member.

Shandi: (CONF) Robert is my friend, so I won't vote him. Matt... *blushes* No... That leaves Janelle and Silke. Silke was in last season, and returned, so I think it's fair that I vote her. Plus, she's the only one who I haven't interacted with.

Robert:This sucks!I say Silke!

Matt:Sha......Sil............Sha................Silke sorry

Janelle: I am really sorry but Silke!

Kristina: Silke, this is your third time eliminated. Funny thing, third time, third day. You just have a whole list don't ya? *after she leaves* 3 might be your unlucky number now. I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Day Four

Kristina: Welcome Final 15. It's been a lot, hasn't it?

The Quacks (4)

Janelle: I think our team will be wiped out befo merge! We have to do something!

The Learning Students (4)

Kari: (CONF) It was nice to finally win a challenge!

Brandon: (confessional) With Silke gone, that leaves that Quacks team captain-less. I wonder what's going to happen...

The In Crowd (4)

Luigi: Three votes, and we haven't had to be one of them, Life is sweet.

Katie: *pulls Luigi into a corner* What's the deal? I want you to tell me how and who is going next, got it?

Holden: (CONF) Our team is great and we are doing so well too

Luigi: Who's going next? Well us and the students have an alliance to make the Quacks vote out everyone. What's your problem, if we lose it's ******, but you know that.

Katie: Well.... fine.

Holden: Hi guys

Brooke: Hey guys what if the other two teams go up against us, since we're the only team that hasn't eliminated someone?

Luigi: I'm pretty sure our alliance won't betray us. *wink*

Holden: Yep, hey luigi do you know where Quinn is

Luigi: No idea...

Holden: whatever we don't need her since we are winning all these challenges

Katie: We have to let the Quacks win with us. Maybe, the Quacks will trust us.

Luigi: Then we betray the Learning Students.

Holden: good

Challenge Four

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of english. You will be assigning one person from your team to rewrite a common fairy tale. I will judge who has the best story based on spelling, grammar, and if the story makes sense. Decide who will write. If it takes too long, I'll decide.

Holden: do not pick me i repeat do not pick me

Matt: Shandi can you write story's

Katie: Who are we going to pick?

Holden: Katie can you write

Katie: Ugh, fine. (CONF) English has always been an easy class for me. Let's just see if I can write a fairy tale.

Holden: Thanks with a great writer like you their is no chance we can lose

Brandon: *hums* Hmmmmm.... Who's going for our team?

Shandi. of course I can! I'll do it! *leave sto write the story*

Kristina: Shandi, Katie, and Brandon are writing. Get to it! No one talk unless you are one of the three.

Katie: Um, shoudn't we get our own space (heading thing) to write in?

Shandi: *hits her head with the table after hearing Katie's story* (CONF) *sighs* I'm out...

Katie: Well excuse me for creative writing!

Shandi: No! I didn't mean that! I meant that... Your story is great... really. We'll lose, and I'm out, believe me..

Katie: Well... thank you. (CONF) Does Shandi deserve to be out? Yes. But she's lucky that we pick another winning team tonight, even though we already have it planned out.

Brandon: Wait.... *crickets chirp, record scratches* I'm making the story for our team!?

Shandi: (CONF) I have no problem with going... But if I leave for a traition, then that's wrong. I have played it good all the time, and I don't want my team to lose again. And I don't want to leave. Holden promised he would talk to his team, but he never did! (NON CONF) Wait! Everything is not lost! The In Crowd didn't have the best grammar, and the Learning Students didn't do anything! *runs to her team* Guys, maybe we can win!

Shandi's Story (For The Quacks)

Once upon a time, there was a princess called Shandassi. She was a very naughty girl, and always did pranks on people. One day, Quinn, the queen, captured her in a tower. Shadassi, since then, started to sing every morning and every night. One night, the prince Matthew heard her singing and walked to the tower. He said he would take her to his town, and save her from the queen. Shandassi quickly agreed, and jumped into Matthew’s arms. They walked until the morning, when they fell asleep near a river. When they woke up, they continued walking. Shandassi learnt lots of things to which she wasn’t used to. After some time, they arrived to prince Matthew’s town, and Shandassi finally declared her love to him. He said that he loved her too, and they married two days after that.

Katie's Story (For The In Crowd)

Once upon a time, in a land Far Far Away, lived a beautiful princess named Katie. Katie was not very liked because of her personality but was still popular. One night, the evil dragon Holden had stolen her into his clutches in his tower. A young knight at the time, Luigi had seen the dragon and Katie and vowed to save her, for, as the moment he saw her, he knew that he was destined with her forever. Along Luigi rode on his noble steed Brooke, chasing the dragon through cold and heat. One day, Luigi had stopped in a village of dwarfs. One dwarf, in particular was named Quinn. Quinn had always been different from the other dwarfs since she wasn't as short. Quinn asked to join Luigi on his quest, after hearing his story. Luigi allowed, only if she would do anything he told her to and sacrificed herself in danger. Quinn reluctantly agreed. On they went, to the vast castle of Wes where the evil dragon Holden slept. As they arrived at the castle, a huge troll blocked the entrance. "What is your name, foul beast?" asked Luigi. "I am Pablo, protecter of the castle Wes and the dragon Holden. None shall pass!" yelled the hideous beast. "Then I shall challenge you in combat, for I am the nobelest in all the land!" yelled Luigi as he drew his sword. Brooke, the cowardly horse ran away. "Have at ye evil creature!" Luigi exclaimed. Pablo drew his weapon of choice, a large wooden club and began to fight Luigi. Meanwhile, Katie had awoken from her unconciousness, after being snatched by the dragon. She appeared to be in a tower. She tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge. "Ugh! Why won't this stupid door open?" she said. Katie heard a large clash coming outside the tower window and went to look. "Let's see... a stupid ugly ogre... a handsome but kniveing knight.. and a tall girl in dwarf clothes. Well, I'm getting out of here." she said. Katie took a large backward step and ran at the door with all of her might. Meanwhile, back outside the castle, Luigi had slayed the foul disgusting beast. He ran through the door that the troll was guarding and stopped, dead in his tracks. He was an inch close to the sleeping dragon Holden. "That was close!" yelled Quinn loudly as Luigi glared at her. The dragon awoke. "Who goes there!?" yelled the dragon in an Irish accent. "It is I, Sir Luigi of Fannington, here to rescue thy Princess Katie and sly thy beast Holden!" said Luigi, boldly. Holden chuckled. "Then I shall stop you!" he said in a booming voice. "Oh shut up!" yelled Katie, appearing behind the dragon. "Get back in your tower slave!" yelled Holden, angrily. "Uh, no way. Now get out of my way, so I can go HOME." said the fair princess Katie. Katie took off her glass slipper and jabbed it into the dragon's eye. "Yow!!" screamed the dragon, his eye pouring out blood. Katie walked to Luigi. "You know, I really didn't need your help." said Katie. "A thank you would have been nice..." said Luigi. "Oh shut up and take me home," complained Katie as her, Quinn, Brooke and Luigi walked into the sunset. The End

Kristina: The Learning Students lose by default for not submitting an entry.

The Learning Students Vote (2)

Kristina: Vote!

Rain: (conf) Oh my god, my fear of writing a 'Z' has come true. AAAAHHHHH! *leaves voting table and only wrote "Zo"* (Zoey)

Kari: (CONF) I know you're in my alliance, but I have tovote Zoey. Sorry girl, but you haven't helped lately, and we need people who do challenges. Sorry!

Kristina: Zoey, you have been eliminated. *after she leaves* Two votes it took to vote her out. All it could take is one vote to get rid of any of you. Welcome to the final 14.

Day Five

Kristina: Final 14. We're far in, aren't we?

The Quacks (5)

Shandi: guys, we MUST win this challenge, and choose the Learning Students! Please!

The Learning Students (5)

Kari: (CONF) I feel bad about voting out Zoey, but she wasn't doing anything and we need a strong team.

Shandi: Guys, we need to talk. We must make an alliance to get rid of The In Crowd. if we win, we'll choose you, and if you win, you'll have to choose us, okay? Please, we both need it, and those In Crowd backstabbed us.

Kari: Sounds good to me. If we win, I'll make sure we choose you guys.

Shandi: Remember.. The Quacks... And PLEASE do not backstabb us... Promise?

Kari: Promise! (CONF) The In Crowd are over confident and huge threats, so of course The Quacks and The Learning Students should team up

Shandi: *hugs her and quickly stops, ashamed* uuhh... sorry, I'm not usually like this... thanks...

Kari: It's ok, I understand your predicament. I'll make sure we save The Quacks if we win.

Katrina: (Conf) Wow...I can't believe we lost the know what else I can't believe? How Brandon was just there and didn't submit a story...and you know what else?! I can't believe the Quacks want to make an alliance with this is getting exciting!

Kari: Katrina, can I talk to you?

Katrina: Sure, whats up

Shandi: Thanks, kari.. *leaves*

Kari: No problem Shandi! *To Katrina* Would you like to join Brrandon and I in an alliance?

Katrina: Ya that'd be great

Kari: Ok cool! (CONF) With Zoey gone, we needed another member in our alliance. Katrina's really cool and nice, so she fits in with us perfectly.

The In Crowd (5)

Holden: Katie that was a REALLY good story you wrote

Katie: Why thank you Holden.

Holden: We need to win this challenge cause I over heard that the other two teams are going to double team on us. Really only You, me and luigi and Brooke compete anyways so we nedd to win

Luigi: (conf) The other two teams are ganging up on us. I picked a bad set of people to be with, but if we lose like 4 times, I got the elimination planned in my head. Nothing will stop me.

Katie: See. You guys need me. I am your strongest competitor. Just trust me and we can defeat these losers.

(TDISF: hey, that's not fair, they can't hear other people's coversations! >=( )

Challenge Five

Kristina: Today's challenge is based on history. I'll be asking trivia questions to three members of each team. First one to answer a question correct based on the first season of TDHS wins. Team with the most points after seven questions wins.

Holden: Okay

Katie: Team, if we screw this up, we're done for.

Kristina: Shandi, Kari, and Katie. How tall is Alexander from Season I?

Shandi: he's 7 ft. tall.

Kari: 7 ft. Tall

Katie: 7 ft.

Shandi: *walks to Holden* you are such a backstabber b***h!

Holden: Your crazy

Kristna: Shandi was right so a point for her team. Brandon, Janelle, Luigi: In day ten, who did Eliza want Symone to vote for?

Luigi: Originally, Matt. Later, Silke. I know my trivia.

Shandi: But at least I didn't backstabb anyone. I trusted on you.

Holden: Yell at me later I'm doing the challenge now

Shandi: I yell at you when I want... I thought I could trust on you!

Kristina: Luigi's correct! Matt, Katrina, and Holden: who did Ryan give his jury vote to?

Holden: Robert

Robert:I am an answer!Teehee.

Kristina: Holden's correct. Robert, Rain, and Pablo: What number did Harriet pick in challenge five that led to her elimination?

Quinn: Im Back! (Me: I was on a holiday)

holden: Good because you might get the next question

Quinn: Ok. Im ready!


Shandi: Holden! I want an explanation...

Kristina: Two points for Quacks and In Crowd. Janelle, Brandon, and Quinn: In challenge fourteen, what was the name of Charlie's made up element.

Quinn: Octoparisium

Holden: shandi leave me alone

Kristina: In Crowd has 3 points. Two more questions. Matt, Katrina, and Brooke: Who was the first female voted out?

Shandi: Ugh! I got enough! *to Kristina* It's Harriet, BTW, *jumps to holden and starts beating him up*

Kristina: Answering when it's not your turn and answering it wrong. Makes your team unable to answer this round. Katrina or Brooke.

Holden: *throws off shandi* Your going home

Shandi: You do not tell me what to do... And I'm not going home... Not because of you...

Holden: Can I answer kristina cause the other two aren't

Quinn: *laughs at Shandi*

Janelle: Shut it Quinn!

Holden: don't tell her to shut up

Janelle: Once we team up with The Learning Students you will go down Holden

Quinn: Janelle! You're the one going down!

Janelle: Shandi a moment?

Holden: can i please answer so that one of them can go home

(Bbhinton15 [Brandon]: I'd like to thoroughly apologize for my inactivity. We had computer problems over here today. I was online for about 2 minutes today on my mom's desktop so I could update my own stuff but I couldn't get on this camp or any others I'm in... which is the reason why I couldn't post anything for last night's challenge. :/ I'm back now, though!!)

Kristina: The Students get the point since Holden got in a fight. Now, Quinn, Robert, and Rain. In challenge six, which girl posted a pic of herself with brown hair?

Rain: Symone

Janelle: Hey learning students. don't team up with the in crowd because they are a bunch of back stabbing jerks! If you are going to team up with a team choose us because we where loyal to them but they blew it! If you team up with them they will backstab you guys!

Holden: My team won

Quinn: Symone? Im not too sure.

Kristina: The Students get the point since Holden got in a fight. Now, Quinn, Robert, and Rain. In challenge six, which girl posted a pic of herself with brown hair?

Holden: didn't you just say that

Quinn: Yeah.

Brandon: *thinks Kristina may be a robot now* Interesting...

Kari: Yeah, interesting.

(Fanny: Sorry, posted the wrong thing)

Kristina: The In Crowd wins! By 3-2-2. Who do you guys pick?

Janelle: Great

Holden: I think we will give safety to the learning students

Luigi: I'll pick ya! to vote. The Quacks have to vote.

Kristina: Okay, looks like revenge is settling in.

The Quacks Vote (3)

Kristina: Vote out your third member.

Robert: Tell Luigi to go die. Matt did not do the challenge.

Shandi: *upset*I might regret this later, but... I vote... My-. Matt! I vote Matt...

Janelle: Matt you are not much help!

Matt:I cant do this anymore *votes himself*

Shandi: matt... if you leave tonight, I want to tell you that you are really.. Handsome..

Matt: thanks but I'm leaving tonight it's to much trouble i think I'm falling for a girl and Symone's my girlfriend so I must show her my surprise maybe i'll return maybe.

Shandi. It's okay... could it be a.. friendly hug? Nothing else...

Kristina: But we're outta time! Sorry Matt. *after he leaves* You guys are down to 3. Can you still trust your alliance with the LS though?

Day Six

Kristina: The teams are 6 to 4 to 3.

The Quacks (6)

Shandi. This is stupid. I don't get why we are here. we are going to lose, it's obvious. The competition is rigged to that. The In Crowd will win, and I bet that Luigi will make it far. Like th final 3.

Janelle: Shandi the soloution is to turn the Learning Students against The In Crowd then Learning Students will save our butts from elimination!

Robert:We have to win!

Janelle: Does anyone else agree?

Holden: Hey guys

Robert:Hey, Holden.

Holden: Guys I'm sorry that I chose your team to go to elimantion but you guys have to see it where that during the challenge I was being verbally attacked by Jannelle and Shandi and I made a a irrational choice because you guys made me feel so bad. I'm sorry that Matt is gone. I hope you can forgive me Robert and that For Shandi and Jannele you can go die in a hole.

Janelle: Get lost holden!

Holden: Technalcy speaking we are the last four in our original allaince

Robert:What alliance is that, exactly?

Holden: We made it on the first day with Me, you, Shandi, Siilke and Harriet. but i think it is londg dead since those two hate my guts.

Janelle: Our alliance can stay but you owe us an elimination!

Holden: lets let the challeg occur and see what mood luigi is in and I'll try to work my magic

The Learning Students (6)

Brandon (confessional): So, there's 13 of us left. I can't believe I've made it this far. Also, I'm learning bits and pieces about the fact that I'm in some sort of alliance. This is news to me. Maybe my teammates can clear that up for me today.

Kari: (CONF) I have the sense that Brandon is kind of confused about our little alliance with Katrina. I should clear that up! *Out of confessional* Hey Brandon, can I have a word with you?

Brandon: Of course.

The In Crowd

Holden: This team is AWSOME

Robert; :Do not make us lose next time!

Holden: It depends if you those girls are mean to me again

Robert:Do not worry about them. They are just angry and afraid they are next. We have lost enough.

Holden: I'm hoping that the teams will soon becoame ierher merged or two instead of three. just to mix it up a bit

Quinn: Our team is awesome! We always win! And Janelle thourght we sucked! *laughs*

Challenge Six

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of French Class. There are pieces to make up an Eifel Tower spread around your room. Get all nine pieces, build the tower, then each team member must eat a crossainant for your team to win. They're are many different advantages for this challenge. GO!

Kari: *Begins searching for pieces* This is gonna take awhile.

Brandon: *also begins his search* Hmm....

Pablo: *finds a piece in the fan* Wow, that was obvious.

Luigi: Come on team, 8 pieces to go! We can win this challenge!

Kari: *Looks through a textbook and finds a piece* Yes!

Holden: *looks around for pieces*

Luigi: Leave it to them to try and hide some in hard spots *opens the teacher's desk and pulls out a piece*

Kristina: 2-1-0. Quacks behind.

Holden: *finds a piece in the box of chalk*

Quinn: *walks around* Hey! I found a box! *looks inside* Yes! Guys! I have found one of our pieces!

Kristina: 4-1-0. Quacks and Students behind, as usual.

Luigi: Come on guys! Split up into the room. I think there's one hid in the map of France.

Kari: *Opens teacher's cabinet and finds a piece* Yay!

Quinn: *looks behind the map of France* Score! Luigi! I have found our 5th piece!

Kristina: 5-2-0. The In Crowd is ahead.

Luigi: Huh. The floorboard's able to open. *lifts it up and finds a piece* Heh.

Kristina: 6-2-0.

Holden: *finds a piece in the gerbil cage*

Kari: I could use some help! *Looks and finds a piece in a left behind backpack*

Pablo: *finds another piece in the bookshelf* (CONF) Do they honestly think we can't find these pieces? Lame.

Luigi: Hmmm. The last piece? Where could it be?

Quinn: Maybe in one of the students desks?

Holden: Well lets look

Quinn: *looks in 2 of the desks* Nope, nothing.

Brooke: Hey guys what about in that air vent!

Holden: *checks air vent and finds the last piece*

Luigi: Let's build it!

Kristina: The In Crowd is building their tower.

Luigi: *finishes the base*

holden: *finshes level one*

Brooke: *takes care of level two* let's go guys!

Holden: *finshes level three* Somebody complete the top

Luigi: *places on the top* Okay! Croissants!

Holden: *eats the croissnat*

Pablo: *eats a croissant*

Luigi: To the French. *eats a croissant*

Holden: Come on Quinn and Brooke

Katie: *eats crossiant*

Shandi: *in a chair, sitting relaxed* hmm... *eats a croissant*

Robert:*eats a croissant*

Shandi: *looks at Robert* We won't win anyways, right?

Rain: I found a piece, Kari! That's 3! Oh my god, I'm afraid of European cultures!

Quinn: *grabs a croissont and eats it* Mmmm.

Brandon: *picks up a similar object* I think this is one, too! That should make 4... We're so behind.

Rain: Found another piece. *quickly throws it at Brandon*

Janelle: This challenge is weird (sorry I missed the challenge..In a different time zone)

Quinn: C'mon Brooke!

Kari: *Find a piece in a drawer* That's 5! Only 4 more...

Brandon: *finds two more similar pieces under a dresser in the room and holds them up* Do these count?

holden: Kristna are we allowed to shove the crosiant down her throat

Kari: *Finds a piece on the teachers chair* Yes! We have 8! Only one more!

Robert:*finds a piece*

Holden: Brooke! Eat the Crissoant.

Luigi: Brooke, you were just here like a half hour ago!

Holden: Can we forsce her to eat it

Robert:*gets two more pieces*Holden, help me look and I will save you from elimination!

Kristina: Nice try. The In Crowd wins for being the closest to win. Who do you guys pick?

Luigi: I promised The Quacks we'd pick em, so the Quacks get immunity.

Kristina: Okay, Students are voting.

The Learning Students Vote (3)

Kristina: Vote off another member and be tied with the Quacks.

Rain: (conf) *quickly writes Katrina* I don't know why but you didn't help in the challenge. Sorry, Katrina. Oh my god, my fear of hurricanes strikes again!

Kari: (CONF) Once again, I'm sorry to say but I must vote out an alliance mate. I vote Katrina. I'm really sorry, but Rain helped with the challenge, and to be strong we need people who help. I'm so sorry.

Brandon (confessional): *quickly and sadly writes down Katrina* I hate voting people off.... unless they deserve it. Oh, well, right? *laughs nervously*

Kristina: I know this was a hard vote for you all, but the eliminated is Katrina. *after she leaves* You guys are tied with The Quacks. I'll see you guys tomorrow!

Day Seven

Kristina: Final twelve, today is a reward challenge!

The Quacks (7)

Robert:(CONF)I feel like the leader of the team. Or trio, as it were. Silke was, then Matt was, sort of. Now I am the last returnee. Dumb irony.

The Learning Students (7)

Brandon (confessional): *looks around in the confessional* It's like I live in here. I'm always in here, now. Well, now I kinda understand that I'm in this alliance with Kari.... but that doesn't matter for today, I don't think. It's a reward challenge!

Kari: (CONF) Ugh that is the second time I've had to vote someone out that was in my alliance. What are we supposed to do with 3 people? I guess I'll stick with Brandon, because he seems cool, but a little clueless about the situation. *Shrugs* Whatever.

The In Crowd (7)

Luigi: Okay team, while winning has it's perks, it's not going to last forever. We need a game plan to get picked when we don't win. Thoughts?

Quinn: Well if we had to vote some one off, I would have to vote Pablo, from our team, coz personally, I don't think he has done much.

Holden: Well the quacks are on are side again so if we win we need to send the learning students to elimantion and hopefully they will do the same

Quinn: Well. I really don't trust Janelle. She hates me and our team. I think we are better of with The Learning Students.

Katie: *rolls her eyes* We shouldn't trust anyone. After the merge, you can't trust anyone, especially with alliances. You'll just get backstabbed and eliminated, duh.

Holden: so should us six stick together then

Katie: I don't think so, especially when.. *looks at Luigi* Pablo! Pablo, is around, heheh... *awkwardly walks away*

Holden: Okay then (CONF) That was really weird

Quinn: I think that if we can trust everyone on our team 100% we should stick together after the merge.

Holden: Yes

Quinn: Awesome! *smiles*

Challenge Seven

Kristina: The next two challenges will be based on gym class. This is the reward challenge. Your team must dive into this pool swim to the end, come back tag a person on your team. Students and Quacks will have to do it twice to be fair to the In Crowd. Once all 6 turns have been completed, you have to pick up a canoe, row yourself to the end of the pool and you win. You'll be playing for a very big advantage, an advantage that could turn the game around, entirely. Go!

Luigi: I'll go last. Someone, now.

Holden: *jumps in and starts swimming*

Robert:*starts swimming*

Holden: *makes it to the other side and turns around*

Robert:*reaches the other side and starts heading back*

Quinn: *tags holden*

holden: *gets back and tags Quinn*

Robert:*gets back and tags Shandi*

Quinn: *starts swimming and then reaches the other end* (To herself) Must keep going! *reaches the other end and tags Brooke*

Shandi: *swims and makes it to the end then starts going back*

Brandon: (Couldn't get online until just now) *gets into the water and begins swimming*

Kari: Go Brandon!

Brandon: *banks around and reaches the other end to tag Kari*

Katie: Brooke! Hurry up! Ugh, do I have to do everything?! *jumps in water, grabs Brooke and takes her to shore, then makes Brooke tag her, while Kristina isn't looking* My turn! *starts swimming* (CONF) Just to say, I'm not the strongest swimmer. I almost drowned in there!

Kari: *Dives in and begins swimming*

Quinn: Go Katie!

Luigi: Ugh, this challenge is taking forever.

Katie: *tags other end and starts swimming back*

Luigi: Come on Katie!

Kari: *Reaches other end and starts swimming back*

Katie: *arrives at end* Let's go Luigi!

Luigi: *cannonballs in* It's Luigi time. *starts swimming*

Katie: (CONF) Yeah, we've had a, what 6 day winning streak. And we are NOT losing this challenge. Luckily, we all know who's leaving. ******. The choice is obvious. *rolls eyes*

Luigi: *rounds the end and starts swimming back* Okay, we got this game in the bag!

Kari: *Swims back and tags Rain*

Katie: Come on Luigi! FASTER!!

Rain: Uh, I'm afraid of pools that are deeper than my knees. *falls in* WA!

Luigi: *gets up* Let's canoe!

Katie: *picks up canoe with amazing strength*

Kari: Don't worry Rain, it's just water!

Rain: I'M AFRAID OF WATER! *head submerges underwater and magically appears on the other side* Huh? I DID IT! I SWAM!

Kari: Yes! Now all you gotta do is swim back to me, and tag me or Brandon!

Rain: *tags Kari* So canoe now?

Kari: Not yet, we still gotta do it 3 more times. *Dives in and begins swimming*

Holden: *puts the canoe in the water and starts paddling*

Kari: *Reaches the end and tags Brandon*

Holden: *continues paddling*

Brandon: *dives in the water once again*

Holden: *continues paddling* Guys if you don't help me its going to take forever to reach the other side

Quinn: *helps Holden paddle* Woah, we're almost half way! Keep it up!

Holden: *continues paddling* We are almost their

Quinn: Guys! We need help paddling! *continues paddleing* Yes! So close!

Luigi: *strokes again* Like 17 feet away!

Holden; *paddles and gets the canoe to the other side* WE WIN

Quinn: *high fives Luigi and Holden*

Kristina: The In Crowd pulls off another victory. Here, we could majorly affect the team phase part of the game. You guys can choose to switch two players around and give them to different teams, maybe put a threat with a horrible team, or you guys can choose to have an advantage in every challenge from now to the rest of team phase. What's your decision?

Holden: I say we take Kari and Robert and give the students Brooke and the Quacks Pablo

Quinn: I would also like Kari and Robert to join our team and I would like to give the students Brooke..sorry and The quacks Pablo. :)

Holden: Kristina those are our choices

Quinn CONF: It's like Hoden and I are the only ones working for our team....

Luigi: Hey, maybe I don't want to give anyone up. Maybe I like winning every challenge.

Holden: Well it will make our team stonger by getting rid of our two weakest players and taking the other teams strongest players

Quinn: Exactly.

Brandon: *finally comes out of the water*... (confessional) This is humiliating.

Holden: Kristina our desicion is made we want Kari and Robert and want to get rid of Pablo and Brooke

Kristina: Okay.

Day Eight

Kristina: Welcome new teams. It's not opposite day.

The Quacks (8)

Pablo: What a team I had...all I can say is that no one in the In Crowd is getting my jury vote.

Janelle: I miss Robert!

Luigi: Pablo, I'd like to point out I wanted to win the challenges. Quinn and Holden switched you. >_> I'm pissed at them too.

Pablo: I know, it wasn't your guys fault. I just dislike the In Crowd.

(TDISF: I'm sorry, but I have connection problems and therefore won't be able to do some future challenges. Luckily, someone called Puffles Rules asked me to play Shandi for this time, so, I'm really sorry)

Shandi: Pablo, I think you only hate them because they haven't lost one challenge...

The Learning Students (8)

Brooke: (CONF): This is just great...I'm on a team that is good at losing, I'm gonna be outta here soon, well I hope Quinn wins because she's a great person and she's my best friend. Anyway if there's anything I'd like to say about my former team mates it would be Luigi he's cool, Quinn's great, Holden's amazing, Pablo was nice, oh yeah and Katie...well I'm still thinking about the nice thing she did.

The In Crowd (8)

Luigi: Holden, you're going home tonight. >_>

Holden: First we are going to win and second you don't even have the votes to back that up

Luigi: Hmmm, Luigi, Katie, Kari, Robert. I can get all of those votes, I think you might as well call it quits.

Holden: You're being extremly cocky and when you get overconfident, you lose.

Janelle: Unless Holden can convince Luigi is the bad guy!

Holden: He's Evil. He has lied to everybody on the old Learning Students and Quacks by promising both teams that he was going to systamatically eliminate the other. He has told me that 5 different people were going home. Plus at the pre-vote he should have been elimanted because he had was one of the top 2 vote getters for the guys. He has lied to everybody in this game except Katie, so he is PURE EVIL!

Luigi: Me, evil? What are you talking about!

Janelle: What he said what he was talking about (CONF: Well during this competition I have got way smarter by the challenges and by learning from other people!)

Kari: Hi guys! Thank you for picking me to switch to your team! (CONF) Yeah, I'm gonna miss my old team, but there were only 3 people left, and I don't like losing. I just need a strong alliance now.

Holden: Hey Kari and Robert. Welcome to our team.

Katie: (CONF) Obviously the team switch was stupid. Even without... What were their names again? Oh well, who cares, but they were still important to our team. Watch us lose this challenge. Just WATCH.

Robert:Hello, everybody.

Holden: Robert, you need to help me get rid of Luigi!

Luigi: I already told you, it's not possible.

Holden: well they will vote you out becuase when throw the challenge they will not keep you\

Luigi: And Holden, who said I was throwing the challenge?

Holden: You did say I was going home TONIGHT and the only way I can go home is that you vote me out and you can only vote me out if we lose the challenge and not get picked and the only way you'll know that is if you throw the challenge.

Luigi: A figure of speech, meaning you're gone next time we lose, capiche?

Holden: Our team is not going to lose first of all and whenever somebody gets cocky they usually ennd up going next

Quinn: Or team will not lose! We, like have the stongest team here!

Challenge Eight

Kristina: It's another gym related challenge. It's dodgeball. Quacks and Students will be playing with each other. If they win, In Crowd has to vote. Got it? It's all or nothing! GO!

Luigi: *picks up a dodgeball*

Holden: I'm confused how is the In crowd supposed to win *picks up a ball*

Kari: *Picks up a ball* The other teams both only have 3 or 4 people left, and we have 6, so it's pretty even. Putting them together makes it equal how many people are left on our team, so they're just like one big team.

Holden: that makes a lot more sense *throws the ball and nails rain in the leg*

Robert:*picks up a ball and hurls it at Pablo*

Holden: *picks up another ball*

Robert:*throws another ball at Pablo and hits him*

Holden: *throws the ball at Janelle and hits her*

Robert:*picks up a ball and aims at Brooke*

Pablo: Ouch...that's unfair. *punches Robert out of anger*

Robert:*holds his arm briefly*Oww...*Throws a ball at Brooke and hits her*

Quinn: *throws another ball at Janelle and hits her in the guts*

Holden: *picks up another ball*

Robert:*Picks up a ball and aims at Brandon*He is mine!

Luigi: *is in the way when Robert's ball hits him* Woops.

Holden * throws ball and nails Brandon* Luigi is trying to throw the challenge

Quinn: *picks up another ball* Really?

Holden:: Why would he jump in front of a bvall mean tfor the other team

Robert:*pikcs up a ball and hurls it at Shandi*

Quinn: True. Well? He should be next.

Holden: *picks up another ball*

Robert:* throws another ball at Shandi and hits her*

Holden: We Win

Quinn: *jumps up*\

Holden: *high fives the in crowd*

Luigi: *rejects high five*

Kristina: Wait! Did no one listen to the memo for the day? It's not opposite day, meaning whoever wins, actually loses!

Luigi: WHAT

Quinn: *angry* What!? You didn't say that at all!

Holden: WHAT

Kristina: Go check.

Quinn: I HATE you Kristina!

Robert:Who to vote for....(CONF)Luigi and Holden are rivals, and want each other gone.

Quinn (CONF): Luigi is a goner!

Holden: (CONF) Luigi was so cocky that he threw the challenge excepcting to me to go home but no one like a person who throws a challenge

Luigi: Okay Holden. What the hell, how did I throw the challenge? So I was in the way of one ball, we still won but since it was opposite day we lost.

Holden: because you did (Wes: Also I went and looked at some of the thing that you changed like Win to Lose in the previous edits so you rigged us to lose)

The In Crowd (1)

Kristina: In Crowd, it's time for your first vote as a team.

Luigi: (conf) Holden, get off this show!

Holden: Luigi you threw the challenge and then made sure we would lose by having krisitina change the challenge so that we WOULD lose. PLEASE go home

Quinn (CONF): Luigi. You the challenge. We can't have someone like that on our team. Sorry.

Robert:(CONF)Hard decision.(NONCONF) I asked myself who to vote for. I wanted a good decision. I did not think of alliances, or winning. I thought deeper...I vote for.....Holden.

Quinn (CONF): I really need to form an alliance.....

Katie: What are you guys DOING?! Don't you know Luigi is the one who causes us to win?! Just because we lose once doesn't mean we should vote off our strongest player! I vote Holden.

Quinn: Katie. HE THREW THE CHALLENGE! He stepped in front and purposly wanted to get hit by a ball to make us lose!

Holden: Please vote for luigi becuase he did throw the challenge (wes: and fanny is rigging the camp)

Quinn: *bored*

Kristina: Sorry, Holden you have been eliminated. *after he leaves* Everyone keeps saying Luigi rigged the challenge. Do you agree with Holden or side with Luigi? It's pretty unamious on this team.

( Wes: Your rigging this Camp fanny and its not fair that you are doing it. LF hasn't voted yet so I can still stay until she votes STOP RIGGING THE CAMP BEFORE I REPORT you becuase you rigged it do that you wouldn't be voted off on day 1 and your rigging it again so that i go home)

(Fanny: Go, report me. You're just upset you were eliminated. Jeesh, it's just a camp.)

(Wes: I did and its not fair thatyour RIGGING the camp I saw that you changed worda around so that we would lose on purpose now let me back in the game because you cheated me out)

Day Nine

Kristina: Today, someone will return to the game...

The Quacks (9)

Pablo: Haiii.... (No one's getting banned -.-)

Robert:*walks up*How does it feel to be a Quack?

Pablo: It feels good.

Shandi: *stares at Robert* Would you leave?!

Robert:So I cannot say hi to my former teammates? Ithought we were friends, Shandi.

The Learning Students (9)

Rain: Hmm. Well it looks like our team is falling apart. I'm afraid of falling!

The In Crowd (9)

Katie: Who's returning? (CONF) I've got a bad feeling about this....

Quinn(CONF): No that I didn't side with Luigi, I think im next...*looks worried*

Robert:Quinn, if we lose, Kari goes, right?

Quinn: Im not sure who I am voting for yet. Kari is,like my only friend on our team. So...I will think about

Katie: *rolls her eyes* Just do whatever you want...

Robert:I am not your friend?Well....Either way, one of you is leaving if we lose.

Quinn: Sure, but I hardly know you, being on different teams at the start and all.

Kari: Say whatever you want Robert, but you have no control over anyone on this team. Anyone can go the next time we vote.

Luigi: I'm just glad we got Holden out, I'm usually never nervous but it came close. (conf) And now my true evil can unleash.

Katie: (CONF) That was close. I mean the hott- I mean, strongest competitor, almost got out. We cannot let our team lose again.

Quinn: Luigi. I promise next elimination, I will side with you. Ok?

Robert:(CONF)I do not wanna lose ever again....Matt....Silke.....Max.....Holden....This sucks!

Kari: (CONF) I need an alliance. One with Luigi would be good, and Quinn. They both seem strong and smart. Katie can be annoying, but we need the numbers for the merge, so she could possibly be in. But no one knows, what'll happen next.

Katie: (CONF) Kari, meh. Luigi, stays. Quinn, useful. Robert, winner. So, who do you think will go next?

Robert:Hi, Katie.*whipspers*You like Luigi, don't you?

Katie: *blushes and yells* NO I DON'T. Now leave me alone, before I STRANGLE YOU TO DEATH.

Luigi: Yeah, I mean her liking me? I mean, I'd be flattered but please. (conf) Okay, maybe I have a small crush on her, but Katie's evil too so I need to be careful.

Robert:(CONF)They look at each other like I used to with-........ Charlie. Do not bring that up. Do not bring that up. I was talking about Charlie, okay?

Quinn (CONF): I wonder when the teams merge.

Challenge Nine

Kristina: Before our computer challenge, it's time for....Gerard to return!

Gerard: *smirks* Enchante, my fellow contestants.

Kristina: Gerard, you get to choose either The Quacks or The Learning Students to join onto since they have the least amount of people. That team will win immunity. Which do you choose?

Gerard: The Learning Students of course!

Quinn: *smirks at Gerard*

Gerard: *winks at Quinn, and then grins* Nice to meet you.

Katie: *rolls eyes*

Shandi: You got to be kidding me.

Quinn: *rolls eyes and walks away*

Gerard: And to think, I could have changed my mind and gave you immunity Shandi! *rolls eyes* Oh well!

Quinn: Gerard, Shandi is a worthless punk. She only cares about herself.

Kristina: HARSH! Okay, the challenge for only The Quacks and The In Crowd is to do this: google up my brother Chris McLean and tell me one interesting fact he did in the TDWT episode, Rapa-Phooey. Then you take your computer, smash it, and then take this flashdrive and download it into a computer, open up the file marked KristinaLuvsYou.png and send it to someone random. First team to do that, wins invincibility. You can even do it in turns and have one person do one part. GO!

Quinn: Um...He told the contestants that the female condor is bigger then the male...i dunno?

Robert:He said female condors had a twelve-foot wingspan.

Shandi: (to Quinn) Shut it, peppy cheerleader. (to Gerard) Suit yourself! (to Kristina) Um, he said protection calms condors, but he might be lying... *gives picture to Kari* Quacks win!

Quinn: *pulls Shandi's hair* Shut it!

Shandi: Ow! (CONF) She's so elimanated when we merge.

Quinn: (CONF) Shandi is a ***** she is so annoying! She is so gone when we merge, if she makes it!

Shandi: *pushes Quinn onto Gerard* (CONF) I hate Quinn. She could be so annoying. Gerard has a weird name...

Quinn: *pulls her self off Gerard* Shandi is so going to get it!

Shandi: Um... *hides in laidies room*

Quinn: That's right! You stay in their!

Janelle: *smacks Quinn on the back of her head with Janells's high heels* uh oh! *locks her in a locker*


Janelle: Nobody dis's my BFF!

Quinn: *from inside the locker* Luigi?, Katie? , Gerard?, Robert?, Kari?, Brooke? anybody?

Janelle: Oh them..pfft.....They won't help you!

Quinn: They're my friends! Of course they will!

Luigi: Heh, *smashes the computer*

Kari: *Helps Quinn out of the locker* (CONF) Those girls are gonna pay when we get to the merge.

Janelle: (CONF) Who ever attacks my bff Shandi before the merge will be locked up like Quinn! Sorry If I am acting eally mean about this though...It is because some people just think I am a dumb blone! *cries loudly for ages*

Gerard: (CONF) Isn't Quinn supposed to be a cheerleader? Because I'm sensing some major depression coming from her. (NON-CONF) *helps Quinn out of the locker*

Katie: Uh, hello? We have a challenge! Now MOVE it! *grabs flashdrive and shoves it into computer*

Shandi: *comes out of ladies room* (to Katie) We already won. (to Janelle) Thanks, for the help!

Quinn: *to Kari and Gerard* Thanks for your help! *hugs them* *runs over to Katie* Ok. Now we just have to down load the file and open it! *turns to Janelle* P.S: You HAVEN'T won already!

Gerard: Sigh... (CONF) Should I help Quinn? I really want to see Shandi go home, so maybe.

Quinn: (CONF): I REALLY want Shandi and Janelle GONE! So I think my team and the leasrning stundents should team up and take out all of the quacks!....That would just be awesome!

Luigi: Where's the file! WHAT FOLDER DID YOU SAVE IT UNDER?

Kristina: I'll never tell.

Luigi: Fine, search threw them, Kari.

Janelle: *to Shandi* If we lose we vote Pablo!

Kari: Ok. *Begins searching through folders* Ok there are a lot, can I have some help?

Quinn: Sure! *helps Kari search through the folders* Geez, there is so many!

Kari: *Continues looking* I know! But I have a feeling we're getting close!

Shandi: Speaking of Pablo, where is he? Nevermind that, let's go! *pushes Luigi off the computer, and searches for file* What was the file name...? Wait, found it. *emails it to boyfriend* Ta-da.

Quinn: Shandi? Your team's computer is over there! *points to the other corner*

Shandi: I just felt like using yours!

Quinn: *pushes Shandi off the chair, pulls her shoe off and throws it into her face, yanks Shandi's eyebrow piersing and sprays silly spray all over her*

Shandi: *is about to slap Quinn, but doesnt* At least I won.

Quinn (CONF): It felt good to get revenge on Shandi. But, I acted like a crazy retard. Which, I am not.

Kristina: Shandi helped The In Crowd win! It was on their computPabloe,er!


Kristina: Eh. you're fault.

The Quacks Vote (4)

Kristina: After tonight, two are left.

Katie: Ugh, vote someone already...

Quinn: Yeah...

Janelle: I vote Pablo

Shandi: I vote for Pablo.

Robert:The two remaining Quacks are both originals.

Shandi. So... YOU want US to play in a two-people team? You are crazy... *rolls eyes*

JAelle: Now that Holden is gone only one IN Crowd member will even think of giving us immuity which won't happen! Please Robert!

Kristina: I guess Pablo is gone. *after he leaves* Duo Quacks. Interesting, but will it last till the merge?

Day Ten

Kristina: So, we have a team of 5, 4, and 2.

The Quacks (10)

Shandi: Jan... If we have to go to elimination today, which will happen... Vote for me... It's stupid to say this, but, well, you will have to vote for me anyway. Oh, god... Please, Robert... PLEASE...

Robert:Shandi, Janelle. I will try my best.

Janelle: I know.... I will miss you Shandi! (CONF: After today there will probably be only 1 Quack left. *cries* And it won't be Shandi!

Robert:Great news. I think you two are safe tonight! But could you be a little nicer to Quinn?

Janelle: Fine then!

Robert:Thank you.

Janelle: Alright go bring her here so she can lock me in a locker!

Shandi: I WON'T be nice to Quinn. But I promise not to be mean... Just to win...

The Learning Students (10)

The In Crowd (10)

Robert:(CONF) The Quacks are no longer a threat. The Learning Students are. So I hope Luigi saves the Quacks next.

Kari: (CONF) At this point, I'm not nervous. Even if my team loses, I know I wont go. Now, it's just up to the Quacks and The Learning Students.

Quinn (CONF) I am definatly not nervous at this point. I have the best team EVER! If we lose, I know I won't be eliminated thanks to my friendshps with most of my team members. I just hope Shandi and Janelle are both gone before the merge!

Katie: (CONF) Now that there are only 2 Quacks, should we eliminate them? Should we work with them? I don't know. I just need something to come up with these remaining teams. Oh, and that Gerard, ugh. What a loser. (out of CONF) Hey guys, we need to come up with a plan for us and the Quacks. I nominate that we should work with them. Besides, the Students are a much bigger threat. Now who's with me?

Robert:Agreed with Katie. The Learning Students are too strong,

Kari: Yeah, we need to have some sort of alliance or something with them, I guess. (CONF) Ugh. I like the people on the Learning students cause I was originally with them, and Janelle and Shandi, but my team wants to do something with The Quacks so I guess I have to go along. Plus the Learning Students are our only threats now.

Quinn: Welll *looks concerned* If we team up with The Quacks they a guarnteend to vote me out, they hate me. But what ever you guys want, I will go with the flow.

Kari: Either way we need to team up with one team, and The Quacks are weaker.

Quinn: True. You have a point.

Kari: Plus we can just get rid of them when we need to, since we have the numbers.


Quinn: Same.

Challenge Ten

Kristina: This challenge is based on art. Post a picture of yourself. I will judge picks and decide top two winning teams.

Quinn: See? I am pretty!

Luigi: *sarcastically* Yeah.

Rain: Made it! I think, I'm afraid of watches.

Kristina: Well since all the entries were submitted, I need to judge. These are honest judging just to help you improve your art skills! The In Crowd: Quinn, yours was very good, although a few things could be done to make it better, but still good. 8/10. Robert, this was definelty a step down from Quinn's. White lines everywhere around the image. You could've used a blank to paint yourself and your glasses are off too. 3/10. Luigi, very good like Quinn but you could've dethickened the line on your sweatshirt and I can see some orange lines throughout the pic. 7/10. Kari, white spots in your nose, on your shirt, but still better than Robert's. 5/10. Katie, your eyes are uncentered a little bit, but not bad. The colors blend nicely together. 6/10. Altogether this team gets 39/50. The Quacks: Janelle, the face is messed up in a lot of places, but I love the triangular skirt and the colors blend wonderfully together. 7/10. Shandi, the best out of anyone by far! No flaws, this is magnifique! 10/10! The pulls for a grand total of 42.5/50 giving them the lead! The Learning Students: Gerard, yours is mainly good. Your right off is slightly off balanced and out of shape, though. 7/10. Brooke, this is oddly done with the head, but the rest all looks good. 6/10. Brandon, this was a really good image like Shandi's and the best male pic by far. 10/10. Lastly, Rain. I was very impressed with this and it looks really good, plus the 5 in the corner was a nice touch. 9/10. This gives them a whole total of 40/50 points! The In Crowd loses by one point. Sorry guys. Voting will be up after I take a little dinner.

The In Crowd Vote (2)

Kristina: Vote!

Kari: Robert, you got the lowest score and you've won already.

Luigi: (conf) Robert, I may have promised you but villains always go back on their word.

Robert:I try in every challenge. Just because I won does not mean I deserve to lose. I vote Kari because she is mean to me!

Katie: To go with the simplest answer, I vote Robert. Sorry. *rolls her eyes*

Quinn: Um......I vote.....Kari...sorry.

Kristina: Our last previous player and our previous winner has been voted out. Bye Robert. *after he leaves* See ya'll tomorrow.

Charlie: *appears when he's about to walk out of the school* Robert!

Robert:*runs up and hugs Charlie*Thank goodness you are here.

???:Robert? I finally found you!

Charlie: *hugs him back* Wait, who's this?

Robert:I thought you were dead....Sarah...

Sarah:Yeah, your uncle is a total creep. But now we are reunited!

Robert:Sarah...I am....Uh......(CONF)Why did that happen!

Charlie: You really did cheat on me. Symone and Silke said so, but I didn't believe it. *begins to storm off*

Robert:*holds her back*No. Sarah and I met 6 months before TDHS. We fell in love, but then my uncle attacked the island where the reality show was held. I thought she was dead. Then I met you, and fell in love.

Sarah:What did you say???

Robert:What do I do????

Charlie: Yeah, I bet you thought she was dead. Oh, why did I let myself get sucked into a fairy tale happily ever after? *is walking away again*

Robert:I am many things, but I am not a cheater. I love you, Charlie!*kisses her passionately*

Sarah:I did not come here to watch you kiss her, you traitor. Your uncle is on the move. Come on, the helicopter is running!

Robert:Charlie, I have to go stop my evil uncle. But I will come back for you, I promise! Will you wait for me? I may not come back.

Charlie: Um, okay?

Kristina: This was interesting.

Robert:I will do my best.*runs onto the helicopter and drops a golden locket*

Sarah:I will win you back.

Robert:Just pilot this thing. I had fun at Survivor:Season 4, and TDHS2, so I will not miss the reality show life for a while.*sighs*Charlie....

Sarah:(CONF)I will break him!

Day Eleven

Kristina: Final ten. Four more days till merge.

The Quacks (11)

Janelle: Wow we actually won!

Shandi: I promised not to be mean with Quinn... Ugh! Anyway... We won! We need to make sure The In Crowd chooses us... I'm coming back *leaves*

The Learning Students (11)

(Bbhinton15: Wow, I've been neglecting this camp. Sorry. :-/ I'm trying to be active...)

Brandon: (confessional) Final Ten... Wow.

The In Crowd (11)

Luigi: (conf) Okay so suddenly we're tied with the Learning Students? Not possible for long.

Quinn: (CONF): I have a feeling I am gonna be gone soon....

Kari: Ok guys we need to win the next challenge. We're tied with the Learning Students which means we're losing our numbers advantage. We can't risk losing another person.

Shandi: *comes in* Guys... Do you really think we are a threat? This is nothing personal with the Students, but THEY are the rea threats. If we ever win again, we'll choose you, but only if you promise to choose us if you win, until the merge, okay?

Quinn: *to Shandi* I don't think you are a theret that much now. You guys only have 2 people. So. Im ok with that. As long as you promise NOT to backstab me by voting me off.

Katie: Deal. *shakes Shandi's hand* (CONF) *laughing*

Shandi: *to Quinn* O- Oka- Okay... (CONF) WOW! That HURT! Anyway... I don't trust Katie THAT much...

Challenge Eleven

Kristina: Today is a special elective class that I'm being paid to advertise, so it's a new challenge. This challenge is based off of Twilight 101, a new class after school on Thursdays from 2:30 to 4:00 in the eleventh grade Mrs. Herrera's room for only 11 dollars! The challenge is to find an apple, a flower, a ribbon, and a King chess piece inside a classroom. Then feed the apple to a werewolf *points to a gray spraypainted dog with fake fangs*, drop a chess piece on a weight, releases a fire of flames. Drop the flower in and tie the ribbon at this pole. First team to do that, wins.

Quinn: Awesome! I know twilight like......well i dunno!

Shandi: Oh... Twilight... *takes out of bag the four books* I love it.. *puts them back and takes an apple* I always bring one... Just in case of... Something... *feeds the werewolf*

Quinn: *to Shandi* You read Twililght!? So do I. Team Edward all the way!

Shandi: He's cute... So is Jacob... But I am on Team Edward... *sees a chess table and picks the king piece*

Quinn: *sees a mini flowerbush being grown in a pot in the classroom and picks one off the plant*

Shandi: *puts the chess piece on a weight and sees Quinn haves a flower* W-- Where did you take that from?!

Luigi: *takes an apple from the teacher's desk*

Quinn: *points to where the flower plant is* There. *then sees a ribbon hanging out of a desk and grabs it*

Katie: *can't help but look at the dog* (CONF) Ugh! I have to admit, that animals are my weakness. When I see an animal, I just want to love it, and hold it. No dog should be tied up, spraypainted and stuck with fangs! .....

Kari: *Begins searching through the room*

Quinn: *walks over to the chess board, grabs a piece and places it on a weight.*

Shandi: *looks under the desks and findsw a red ribbon* Cool! *ties the ribbon to the pole* Now... Where was that bush?... Janelle? I could use some help you know?

Luigi: *drops the bush in the fire* Good luck getting a blossom!

Katie: *is looking*

Quinn: *ties the ribbon around a pole* Luigi! We need to feed the apple to the werewolf! Shandi: *surprised* B-blossom? *bluses* My boyfriend… I miss him so much… *takes blossom her boyfriend gave her and drops it*

Quinn: Hurry up! Stuff it! *taks the apple from Luigi and feeds it to the were wolf* Yes! We win! We win!

Shandi: Wait! I won!

Katie: Wait, what happened?

Quinn: You didn't find the blossom in the classroom! You already had it!

Shandi: Tachnically, it was in the room, since I was in it... I found it there...

Quinn: (CONF): *swearing* (Me: I have to go.)

Gerard: Go team Bella! *rolls eyes* I prefer normal, boring people! Anyway, who lost?

Janelle: Sorry Shndi i twisted my ankle! *watches with pain* Im a fast healer though! But anyway Shandi won!

Luigi: Technically, you yourself had to find and burn the flower. >:D

Kristina: Correct. The In Crowd wins. But Janelle quits apparently, so she's out! Sorry Shandi, team of one!

(Fanny: Sorry, izzysierrafan12 quit, so Janelle is out)

Kristina: *to Shandi* Being a team of one, people might now target you to get you out of the way. Goodbye.

Day Twelve

Kristina: 9 players left.

The Quack (12)

(TDISF: THis is real crap, you knwo?? -.- xD)

The Learning Students (12)

The In Crowd (12)

Kari: (CONF) If we win the next challenge, we have to pick Shandi to win with us. A team of 1 isn't nearly as big of a threat than a team of 3.

Luigi: (conf) Most people would try and get Shandi out as soon as they can, I'm gonna keep her around for as long as I can. She could be very useful.

Quinn: (CONF): Now that Shandi is by herself, we have to get her to vote with us!

Katie: (CONF) What we need to do is keep Shandi around, give her a break. The Students better watch out... And, hopefully, the Students won't do anything smart, which I doubt, considering none of them have brains...

Quinn: *bored* When is the next challenge.

Challenge Twelve

Kristina: OLE! It's Spanish day. You gotta feed nachos till the Dora doll is all full with nachos and then throw it over the boarder (sorry, a little racist but I could resist) *points to the line at the end of the hallway* and then burn Dora for a Day of the Dead offering. Got it?

Quinn: *starts feeding her Team's Dora with Nachos*

Katie: *harshly stuffs nachos in the Dora doll* Why-won't-you-go- IN!?

Kari: *Helps Katie feed the doll nachos* Because you're being to harsh.

Gerard: *is shoving nachos into Dora' mouth* Andale! Andale! (xD) Vamanos!

Luigi: Dora The Exploder! WE GOT AN OVERFILL! *Dora doll explodes*

Kristina: *hands them another one* Here ya go.

Quinn: *feeds the Dora doll nachos*

Rain: *is stuffing the doll* Oh, no I can't stand internation food. AAAHHHH!

Rain: (conf) I gotta get over my fears for my team. I gotta!

Rain: *starts stuffing the doll fast*

Luigi: *scoops more Nachos into Dora's mouth* We're getting there!

Rain: Eh...*scoops the doll, making it full* Yes! I overcame my fear of international food! Now, I got to overcome my fear of child cartoon characters crosses lines.

Quinn: *scoops more nachos into Dora's mouth* Almost there!

Rain: *throws the Dora doll and shields his eyes* Eh? *runs to go get it to try again*

Luigi: *scoops the last one in* Done!

Kari: Woot! Good job Luigi!

Rain: *chucks the doll across the line* Yes! I overcame my fear! Now, fire stands in the way.

Katie: Yes! *throws doll hard over the line* (CONF) People think I suck at sports since I'm a girl. Tell that to my trophy case. *pulls out case with 145 trophies in it* Yep.

Rain: *drops it in the fire and starts screaming*

Katie: Ugh! No way!! *throws Dora in the fire*

Rain: YES WAY! We pick The In Crowd to vote! I came over my fears! I'm not afraid anymore. *passes out*

Katie: *turns bright red* It's all the stupid little coward's fault...

Kristina: The In Crowd will be voting!

In Crowd Vote (3)

Kristina: Vote off another member!

Katie: I vote Kari. And before you vote me, let me remind you that I helped in the challenge.

Luigi: It's either Kari or Quinn and Quinn helped in the challenge.

Kristina: Kari, you have been eliminated. *after she leaves* A team of three. You guys have now taken the route known as The Underdogs.

Day Thirteen

Kristina: Two more days till merge!

The Quack (13)

Shandi: *sits back* Oh.. What's the first thing I'm going to do when I'm eliminated? I know! I'm gonna go meet Tom... I miss him so much... (CONF) Oh, Tom... I'm sorry about Matt... I let myself go... but nothing happened! He has a girlfriend.

The Learning Students (13)

The In Crowd (13)

Quinn: (CONF)That was a close one! But I think I might be next! I really don't know who to vote off. None of the members on my team left are my friends.... yet anyway. (Me: I have been very busy since I am going back to school that is why I have been inactive.)

Luigi: (conf) I feel bad about voting out Kari. But, a villain shouldn't care and I have one more big stunt to pull before the merge.

Katie: (CONF) Kari was definatly strong... But, now the Students are the threat, and we only have 3 people... What to do?

Quinn: Guys, we need to win the next challenge!

Katie: *rolls her eyes* Yeah, like we didn't know that...

Challenge Thirteen

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of Band. You'll be playing Instumental Darts! Take an instrument and throw it at the dartboard. The points are 0, 10, 25, 50, and 100. First team to 300 wins! First up, Katie, Shandi, and Gerard.

Katie: *throws a flute at the dartboard*

Kristina: Katie scores a 50 for the In Crowd! Shandi or Gerard?

Gerard: *throws a trombone at the dartboard* (xD)

Kristina: Gerard scores a 10 for The Learning Students. Better than zero! Shandi fails to get points. Next up, Luigi, Rain, and Shandi. (XD)

Luigi: Here goes nothing. *throws a cymbal at the dartboard*

Kristina: Another 50 points for In Crowd!

Katie: *is smiling at Luigi but then looks away embarassed*

Quinn: Go Katie!

Luigi: *smiles nervously, looking away as well*

Shandi: Aw... *picks a triangle and throws it at the dartboard*

Kristina: 50 as well. The score is 100-50-10. Next, Brooke, Shandi, and Quinn.

Quinn: *throws a guitar at the dartboard*

Shandi: Ugh! *Picks a keyboard and throws it at the dashboard*

Kristina: 25 for In Crowd. 50 for Quacks. Next, Katie, Shandi, and Brandon.

Katie: *throws a grand piano at the dartboard* (xD)

Shandi: *throws a pipe organ at the dashboard*

Kristina: Katie epically failed with that piano which gives her 0 points while Shandi had one of the pipes on the 100 so she gets 100 points! Quinn, Shandi, and Gerard.

Quinn: *throws a clarinet at the dartboard*

Shandi: I... *throws a banjo at the dashboard*

Kristina: Well, 1. Quinn got 10 points. 2. Shandi threw hers at a dashboard XD. And 3. The Learning Students aren't even competing so they have to vote.

Learning Students Vote (4)

Kristina: Vote!

Rain: Well, it comes down to Brandon and Brooke. But since Brandon is our captain, I'll have to vote him for doing a sucky job so far.

Katie: *gasps* (CONF) I may say that everyone here is an idiot, but Brandon was the only guy I didn't hate that much.... I- I actually am gonna miss him..

Kristina: Too bad. Brandon's gone. Bye dude.

Day Fourteen

Kristina: Tomorrow's merge day. Today is based on semester split. Just chillax, and socialize--everyone!

Katie: *is eyeing everyone suspiciously* (CONF) I can't help but show my feelin- I mean, hate for Luigi! he is just so hot- I mean, evil!

Shandi: (CONF) Socialize?! Ugh! (NON CONF) Hi, everyone! *fake smiles*

Katie: Hi...

Quinn: (CONF): Who cares about socializing... (NOn conf) *listens to ipod*

Katie: Well, today is pretty useless.... Hey, where's Luigi? Not that I care..

Luigi: I'm right here, not that I care what you have to say.

Luigi: (conf) I can't show my feeling for Katie. It'd throw me off guard and get me eliminated.

Katie: You make me sick... (CONF) Ugh...

Shandi: *careless to Katie* You like him.

Quinn: *looks up at Luigi and Katie* (CONF): They should just quit it and make out already!

Katie: *to Shandi* Are you CRACKED? Why would I ever go for a jerk like him? (CONF) *is twiddling her thumbs*

Quinn: (CONF): She so wants Luigi!

Shandi: It's obvious. I can see it in your eyes. And your confessionals...

Quinn: *takes ear phones out* *looks at Katie and Luigi* For once, Shandi is actually right. It is obvious.

Katie: I don't like him- Wait... YOU were spying on my confessionals? *turns bright red*

Quinn: *giggles*

Katie: *grabs Shandi by her collar* Listen here you little FREAK. You better stop messing with me before I BREAK YOUR HEAD. So, what did you say again?

Shandi: You see, I'm really bored with nobody to talk with all the time, so I go into the confessional, say some stupid thing and check the tapes. it's pretty fun!

Quinn: (CONF): How dare that little freak look at my confessionals! *ties to open the camera to get the tape*

Katie: (CONF) *is attacking the camera* Give me the tape! How do I open this thing?

Shandi: (CONF) *does some things and puts the tape out* (NONCONF) Oh... Noobs...

Katie: (CONF) Kristina is really pulling my nerves for this so called, "socialize", time. This is a competition, not Gossip Girl >.>

Quinn: *listens to her ipod*

Luigi: This is kinda awkward.

Katie: No duh Major Obvious. *rolls her eyes*

Luigi: Well, I mean, it's not like I didn't like you. *is all embarrassed*

Gerard: (CONF) Relationship for them? No. That just means an alliance, a stronger alliance for them! (He was out, so he knows about the alliance >.>)

Katie: Well, I like you Luigi- I mean, I don't LIKE like you I just- Ugh, I just like you as a friend and fellow competitor. (CONF) Who is this Gerard kid? He shouldn't even be here! He was out, fair and square!

Luigi: Oh...I was so sure of it that you liked me. (conf) Damnit

Katie: *puts her hand on Luigi's arm* We're just friends. M'kay? (CONF) .... *sighs* Luigi....

Luigi: K. (conf)_...

Katie: Well, Kristina, can we move on please? I think we are done "socializing", so GET A MOVE ON!

Luigi: Yeah, we're definetly done. *glares at Katie*

Quinn: (conf): Now that Luigi and Katie are all like in love, and apart from that my only sort-of...kinda friend Gerard. I really need to get him to join forces with me!

Katie: *is asleep* Zzzzz....

Kristina: There's supposed to be a vote today. Since this is drama, I pick the In Crowd to vote since that would be very dramatic. So, vote!

The In Crowd Vote (4)

Kristina: I'm a loving host, really!

Quinn: (CONF): I don't wanna vote anyone out! But, I came here to win. So I vote, Katie...Sorry girl.

Katie: (CONF) I... Vote... Quinn... Hopefully Luigi will side with me....

Luigi: (conf) A real villains betrays his own friends. A real villain has no friends. And to Katie, it was all a strategic game and now, it's your time to go. Bye bye!

Kristina: Katie, you have been blinsided! Care to comment?

Katie: *slaps Luigi in the face, kicks him in the groin and gives him the middle finger* You are a lying, cheating, scumbag little, ***** ** ** ****** ** ** ***** ** **** ** ******. *blows up the school with gasoline and fire* Seeya! *walks away calmly towards the exit*

Luigi: Whatever.

Kristina: Good thing our school is flame-retardant. Merge is tomorrow!

Day Fifteen

Kristina: Blindsides, returnees, and merge day! Congrats! Let's also welcome back Max and Kari to the competition!

Kari: Hey guys!

Luigi: Why did they return, I must ask?

Gerard: Yeah, why Max?

Kristina: Let's just say...*flashback to when she got sued by Max seven times* I had a feeling he'd be interesting.

Luigi: Explains why he's said so much already. :|

Kari: Isn't anyone happy to see me?

Max: What Gerard and Luigi? I was eliminated before I could do anything.

Luigi: Oh hello, Kari. You missed me blindside Katie last night. And to Max, if you're so strong, then join forces with me. Alliance.

Max: Sure. (CONF) I obviously can't trust Luigi, but I'll try to get on his good side.

Kari: (CONF) Luigi's a strong competitor and a big threat. But, it's probably best to keep him around for a little bit. He would be a great ally.

Quinn: Kari! *hugs her* I am so sorry for voting you out!

Kari: *Hugs Quinn* It's ok, I understand!

Max: (CONF) I noticed that Myself and Shandi are the only original Quacks left, I should try to make an alliance with her.

Quinn: (CONF): That new guy Max could be useful....

Challenge Fifteen

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of lunch. It's dodgeball, but with food. FOOD FIGHT! And, it's impossible to catch anything unless it's a solid, but we have a lot of messy food, so that shouldn't be a problemo. Last two standing go to the box choice, one box has reward and the other has immunity. GO!

Luigi: (conf) Quinn knows my secret now, and soon everyone else will.

Luigi: *picks up a plate of spaghetti, eyeing to chuck it at someone*

Rain: *nails Gerard in the stomach with an apple* Haha!

Kari: *Picks up a piece of pizza and throws it at Rain*

Luigi: *chucks it at Kari* Sorry, I just really like immunity.

Rain: *gets hit* Aw, damnit.

Rain: (conf) I'm starting to get over my fears now. I think this reality show has really helped me.

Luigi: Rain, Gerard, and Kari leaves 4 left. *throws a cupcake at Brooke who's just standing there* Sucker!

Max: *Throws drink at Quinn*

Kristina: Rain, Gerard, Kari, Brooke, and Quinn are gone. Luigi, Max, and Shandi are left.

Luigi: Not for very long. *picks up a whipped cream dispense and corners Max* I won't vote you when I win immunity.

Quinn: *looks dispointed* Crap! (CONF): I REALLY could have used immunity. (Me: Sorry for the inactiveness. I have been busy with homework and school. I hope everyone understands. So please don't eliminate Quinn becuase of this.)

Luigi: *lathers whipped cream on Max, making him out* So, it's just Shandi left. They might as well already hand me the million.

Max: *Throws pie at Luigi before he is out* (It can miss if you want)

Luigi: *gets his by the pie* Dude, what the crap!

Kristina: Shandi and Luigi are the two box pickers, even though Luigi got out. Okay, we have Box A and Box B. One contains immunity and one contains a certificate to Red Lobster to have dinner with one of your friends. Choose carefully.

Luigi: Box A.

Kristina: Luigi wins the first ever immunity for this season! Congratulations.

Merged Vote (15)

Kristina: Vote and Luigi is immune.

Luigi: (conf) Brooke, you haven't been very active lately.

Gerard: (CONF) Brooke. You have done barely anything lately.

Kari: (CONF) I vote Brooke. Sorry!!!!

Max: (CONF) I wish I could vote that moron Luigi, but he is immune, so I vote Brooke.

Quinn: (CONF): It hurts me to do this but I haven't seen Brooke in a I have to vote for her..

Kristina: Brooke, you're out!

Day 16

Kristina: Special challenge today!

Quinn: *rolls eyes* Great.

Gerard: *singing in rock voice* Whatever it takes, I know I can make it through! If I hold out, I know I can make it through!

Quinn: That's off Degrassi! I watch that show! (Me: I love it xD)

Challenge Sixteen

This camp/challenge is rated TV-14.
There is some language that would not be apporpriate for teens under 14. Unless you are in this camp, it is advised not to read if underage.

Kristina: It's the sex-ed challenge! Excited?

Luigi:*sarcastic* Overjoyed.

Quinn: *rolls eyes sarcastically* Great.

Kristina: It's trivia, and the first two to get three points go to immunity round. Time for the questions! What is the male reproductive organ?

Quinn: Uh...I don't know...?

Rain: The penis, dur.

Kristina: Correct. And the female?

Quinn: Vagina..duh.

Kristina: 1 for Quinn, 1 for Rain. Next question, what is the main form of lesbian sex?

Rain: Scissoring.

Kristina: 2 points for Rain. One more point and he's in the finals. Now, name a sex toy.

Kari: A dildo.

Kristina: 1 point for Kari! Next question, name a state that gay marriage is allowed.

Rain: Iowa,

Kristina: Rain is in the challenge finals. Next question, what is the official name for when someone sucks a male's penis.

Luigi: Fellatio.

Kristina: 1 for Luigi, 1 for Quinn, and 1 for Kari. Next question, what is vanilla sex?

Kari: Coventional sex. An example is the missionary position.

Kristina: 2 for Kari. If she wins this next one, she'll go to the challenge finals with Rain. The next question is: What is frotting?

Kari: Dry Humping.

Kristina: Kari and Rain are the challenge finalists! Now, pick either Box A or B, one contains immunity and the other contains a golfish.

Rain: Box B.

Kari: Well, that means I choose Box A.

Kristina: Box A contains immunity so Kari has immunity! Rain, have a goldfish.

Merged Vote (16)

Kristina: Vote!

Quinn: Hmmm...I have to vote...Max.

Luigi: I vote Gerard.

Max: I'll vote for Luigi (Mr. E: I'm kinda glad I missed that challenge XD)

Kari: I vote Luigi.

Gerard: I vote Luigi...

Rain: I have something to say. I'm quitting the game. This game has taught me a lot of things and I've gotten over most of my fears and I thank The Learning Students for that, but now it's my turn to go. I'm done and I don't want to win. I hope you can accept that and remember me for it.

(5 Gum: Well, I was planning to quit later in the game, but since Fanny hasn't won a camp yet, I feel like we should give him a closer shot to it. Good luck dude.)

(Sun: Fanny has WON a camp though! You haven't dont quit dude/ette!)

(5 Gum: Tying doesn't really count, Sun. Btw, I'm a dudeette. XD)

Kristina: Well it looks like Rain sacrifices himself for Luigi! Sorry dude, you're out and cannot return for All-Stars. It's not like you were going to return anyways.

Day Seventeen

Kristina: Final 6.

Luigi: (conf) Well now, everyone's targeting me so I need to win today's challenge.

Gerard: (CONF) Luigi is soooo getting out next. *smirks*

(TDISF: Sorry I haven't been active, but I was out of town. I'm back again, so I'll be active)

Shandi: (CONF) Well... If I want to win this, I'l have to work hard... But I'm Lucky I'm still here. Being a one-person team is hard...

Kari: (CONF) It's getting really close to the end. I need to get rid of the threats now if I want to make it to the end.

Max: (CONF) *sigh* Man, When we finally target Luigi, and Rain has to quit, and Luigi is safe, Luigi is going down.

Quinn: (CONF): Personally, I don't see Luigi as a threat. I see him as my friend. He has helped me get to where I am now. So I shall help him along with Kari when she needs my help.

Shandi: (CONF) Whatever... I miss my boyfriend... The confessional is like my room now... No people that bother breathing, laughing, making alliances... Talking about alliances... Who should I vote for next? I have nothing personal with Gerard, Kari is my friend, if Luigi finds out I voted for him he will magically make me eliminated, Max is nothing here, Quinn is a stupid and popular cheerleader-kind of girl that has two brain cells that have never met each other, but did nothing to me... That only leaves... *gasps* Me?! Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no... Maybe...

Max: (CONF) I personally think I'm in a good position in the game right now, I think that it will be, Luigi, Shandi, or Gerard out next, but, who knows?

(TDISF: When is the challenge coming? This camp is kinda starting to die and I don't want it to T_T)

(Fanny: Hey, I've been grounded and found some time at school to go on. I'll get the challenge up soon!)

Luigi: (conf) They better watch out, cuz I'm gonna win this.

Quinn: (CONF): Look out everybody! The full force of hurricane Quinn is about to come loose!

Challenge Seventeen

Kristina: Today's challenge is a partner challenge. Quinn and Gerard will be partnered, Luigi and Shandi, and Kari and Max. The subject relating to today's challenge is Cooking. You and your partner will create a three course meal for me, with appetizer, main course, and dessert. The team that gives it to me first, no matter how disgusting wins!

Luigi: Let's go Shandi.

Shandi: So... What do we cook?! Let's start by the apetizer.

Luigi: How about nachos? We could make like a Mexican Meal?

Shandi. Great idea! And for the main course? Chiles rellenos? It sound tasty...

Luigi: And for dessert, flan. I just went to a Mexican resturant for my mom's birthday on Sunday and that was her dessert. (No joke, it was :D)

Shandi: Great! Now, you start making the nachos, and I'll start with the chile.

Luigi: *mixes hot cheese with some tortilla chips* Well that was easy.

Easy Button: THAT WAS EASY.

Shandi: *starts preparing the chile* Well... Start preparing the meat to fill the chili's.

Luigi: Okay. *starts preparing the meat*

Luigi: (conf) Another immunity, here I come.

Shandi: (CONF) *waiting for chili to finish cooking* So... If Luigi and I win Immunity... Then Quinn's so out!

Luigi: Meats done. I'll start frying up the ice cream.

Shandi: (CONF) But maybe... *ding* Oh! The chili's done! (NONCONF) *takes the chili out of the over and fills it with the meat*

Luigi: *pours a syrup over the fried ice cream* Whipped cream left and we are done!

Shandi: Great! *prepares whipped cream* It's incredible that we are the only ones that even started the challenge!

Luigi: *sprays whipped cream and adds shaved chocolate* Kristina, we're done!

Kristina: Well, it looks like Luigi and Shandi win immunity! And, it looks pretty dang good. Congrats to them!

Merged Vote (17)

Kristina: Vote!

Luigi: (conf) I'd vote Gerard because he's targeting me, but since Max returned and declined my alliance request and is targeting me, bye bye.

shandi: (CONF) I'm not feeling confident about this. anyways, I'm voting Max..

Kari: (CONF) Max and I both returned, so I know that puts a target on both of our backs, but if a returnee is gonna make it far, it's gonna be me. I vote Max.

Quinn: (CONF): I will ahve to vote Max. Not only has he been inactive, but he is quite annoying too.

Gerard: (CONF) Max... doesn't really do much... (xD Sorry again for missing the challenge... I was studying for a huge history mid-term/final)

Max: (CONF) I vote for Luigi. (Sorry, I was at a funeral, and I didn't even know this camp had started back up.)

Kristina: Max is eliminated, and one vote against Luigi with immunity does something else, which will be revealed tomorrow. Congrats to the final five!

Day Eighteen

Kristina: Welcome to a reward challenge day, and find out what votes against someone immune does to you. Chat till challenge!

Luigi: I do hope it's something good. Good thing we got rid of that idiot last night.

Kari: (CONF) I want to know what this vote against someone immune does. It could change the game...

Quinn: *to Luigi* Yeah, Max was an idiot.

Shandi: *to Luigi and Quinn* Guys, we must get past this challenge together... Alliance? This will be until next challenge. Then, the alliance is OVER.

Quinn: Maybe....

Gerard: *to Quinn only* Hey, Quin... I was wondering, could we vote off Luigi? He really wants me gone, and I know you don't want that. *winks*

Quinn: Maybe...Luigi is my friend, and he helped me to get where I am now.

Gerard: But he betrayed Katie, he could easily betray you.

Quinn: Really!? He did..but she loved him...and he loved her...

Gerard: Exactly, and he'll betray you in an instant.

Quinn: I'll think about it...

Luigi: (conf) You don't know any of my plans *eyes narrow* Gerard.

Quinn: (CONF): I will win..and I will make sure of it...*smirks*

Kari: (CONF) Am I the only sane one here now? These people are like freaking out!

Gerard: (CONF) Luigi is so out. (Fanny... tell me how Luigi knows what Gerard said when I typed "to Quinn ONLY", tell me how, please!)

Shandi: (CONF) Maybe... Gerard is nice... Kari, you are my friend, but you returned. I'm thinking you are out next (NONCONF) Gerard... DO you want to make an alliance? You and I until the final 3.

Quinn: (CONF): Luigi wouldn't betray me. Would he?

Gerard: *whispering so NO ONE can hear* Okay Shandi, but first we have to get out Luigi.

Luigi: (conf) I know people are plotting behind my back. Quinn is currently the only one I trust. We both got eachother this far, with everything. She helped me vote out Katie, the thing that really proved my villainy. I can only owe her as to never vote for her at all. Gerard is the main target here. I was gonna vote him last time, but why is it hard to trust that Kari won't vote me out?

Challenge Eighteen

Kristina; Okay, you've all waited. The truth is that voting against someone immune zeroes out the voter's jury vote. The can choose to give their vote to anyone not in the jury to vote for someone else, but they lose their opportunity to vote. So, that can change the game, whoever Max chooses to give his jury vote power to. Anyways, this challenge is based on Greek Mythology. You will all be given a Greek god/goddess to dress up as, and then we play a game of Elements, where we can put our godgiven talents to the test. Reward is to bring the winner and a person of their choice to stay in Mount Olmypus resorts for a night. Sound good enough to play for? The five god/goddesses to choose for are: Zeus, Poseidon, Hermes, Aphrodite, and Nemesis. First come first serve.

Luigi: Poseidon. Called it.

Gerard: I call Nemesis!

Kari: I call Aphrodite!

Shandi: Zeus... ?

Quinn: Hermes!

Kristina: Kay, here are your costumes. Now, you will be put into a battle arena, with supplies that you would need to survive. You can use your powers against eachother, losing themselves HP. Once HP is gone, they are out.

Gerard: *dressed in angel costume with a hammer* Wow... *swings hammer* Time for revenge! >:D

Quinn: *looks un-impressed*

Luigi: Whatever. *blasts Gerard with a water pulse*

Kristina: Gerard has 15 HP!

Shandi: *throws a giant thunder to Quin* Take that, you b*tch!

Kristina: Quinn has 15 HP!

Luigi: *water pulses Kari*

Kristina: Gerard, Quinn, and Kari have 15 HP!

Quinn: *shoots a fire beam at Shandi*

Luigi: *sends a whirlpool at Kari*

Kristina: Kari has 10 HP! Shandi, Quinn, and Gerard have 15! Luigi has all 20!

Quinn: *fires a pulse of electricity at Gerard*

Gerard: *reflects electricity to Luigi* MUST HAVE BALANCE!!! :D

Luigi: Dude, not cool. *shocks Gerard with static electricity*

Kristina: Kari has 10 HP! Gerard has 12.5 HP! Shandi, Quinn, and Luigi have 15 HP!

Quinn: *shoots a beam of water at Shandi* Take that!

Shandi: Hmm... *throws a giant thunder at Quinn* I so hate you!

Quinn: *fires a beam of fire at Shandi* This challenge is MINE!

Shandi: Ugh! I'm DONE! *runs to Quin and start hitting her with numerous thunders* (P.D.: Count it as one attack only)

Quinn: *falls asleep*

Gerard: Uhh... *hits Quinn with his hammer* (2 things Fanny... since Nemesis is goddess of retribution, any damage done to Gerard should be done to attacker... AND.... how are half of these people using lightning? ONLY SHANDI IS ZEUS!!!!)

Quinn: *wakes up* What happened? *runs over to the corner*

Luigi: *is watching the girls fight* That's so sad. *tsunamis over Kari*

Kristina: Good point Gerard. Kari and Quinn are out. Shandi has 5, Luigi has 10, and Gerard has 12.5

Quinn: *crosses arms and sits down*

Shandi: So, Uh... If I hit Gerard... Well... Sorry, Luigi... *throws him a super hyper mega giant thunder :P*

Gerard: *hits Shandi in the head with his hammer*

Kristina: Shandi's out and Gerard wins reward since Luigi can't make damage without getting himself out. Gerard can bring whoever he'd like on his Mount Olympus stay.

Quinn: (CONF): He better pick me!

Kristina: Nvm, Gerard gets to go on his own! Have a nice night!

Day Nineteen

Kristina: After tonight, we will have the final four.

Luigi: Finally! This game has been taking forever.

Shandi: (CONF)I'm ready at last... Being here, I think it will be easier to win! But there's just ONE big obstacle... Luigi -.-

Luigi: (conf) Out of the remaining contestants, I only trust Quinn. Shandi is the biggest threat now, but Kari does absolutely nothing. And Gerard, he's just a pawn currently. But, I'm saving him. I'm voting Kari when the time comes.

Quinn: (CONF): Ok. So, next time when we have to vote, I do not know who I am voting for. Either Shandi or Kari. Shandi is the bigger threat, and she is awfully annoying. Kari, I haven't seen her in ages. Gerard, her could be useful. Luigi, I don't see him as a threat, he is my friend so he is good to still have around.

Kari: (CONF) *Rolls eyes* So I miss one challenge, big woop. Honestly, I see everyone left as a threar. Luigi could easily win. He's got Quinn following his every move, too. Shandi is a physical threat, and could win immunity. Gerard doesn't seem that liked, but he could easily win in the end.

Challenge Nineteen

Kristina: Today's challenge is based off of meteorology. You all will be trapped in a plexiglas dome where a number of weather patterns will happen, and even some tornados or tsunamis might show up. Your job is to correctly analyze these patterns and broadcast them live. I will give you all points on how well you score with your broadcasts. First one to thirty points wins.

Sun: *beams rays down in the plexiglass dome*

Luigi: Hello Ontario. Currently, it is a bright and sunny afternoon with the current temperature being 69 degrees.

Shandi: Meh, I don't know how to do this...

Kristina: Luigi gets 9 points, Shandi has 1.

Rain: *pours down in the dome, soaking everyone*

Luigi: Welcome back Ontario! Currently, we have heavy rain streaming down from the clouds above. Our temperature has dropped from 69 to 58 and expect some more rain till tonight.

Luigi: (conf) I took meterology in ninth grade and this was one of our acting excersises.

Kari: (CONF) Pshh why waste my time with this? If I wanted to do something with meteorology, I would've beomce a weatherman or something.

Shandi: I'm gonna say it so that everybody understands it. We're in Ontario, it's raining like it never did before, temperatures went down, and the estimated time for the rains to finish is near the night.

Kristina: Luigi now has 14 points and Shandi has 6.

Thundercloud: *lightning strikes the ground*

Luigi: Ontario, lightning has been spotted. It'd be best to *gets electrocuted by lightning*

Kristina; Well Shandi wins immunity because Luigi has been electrocuted.

Merged Vote (19)

Kristina: Vote! And Shandi is immune. Don't vote for her unless you wanna give your jury vote up.

Luigi: (conf) Kari, it's your time to go.

Shandi: (CONF) ... I don't LIKE returnees. But you are my friend, Kari. *votes Kari*

Gerard: (CONF) Umm... *votes Kari* Sorry...

Kristina: Kari is out. Sorry girl. *after she leaves* We now have the final four. What will become of this?

Day Twenty

Kristina: Congrats to Quinn, Gerard, Shandi, and Luigi for making it to day twenty, the day of the final four.

Luigi: (conf) Oh come on, like we weren't surprised I got this far?

Shandi: (CONF) I'm actually surprised I made it this far...

Quinn: (CONF): Yes! Final 4!

Challenge Twenty

Kristina: Today's challenge is an escape from detention. All four of you are locked in different rooms. You must break out and run out of the school to win. But there are hall monitors and teachers lurking everywhere. First one to make it out, wins immunity!

Quinn: *pulls out a bobby pin from her hair and starts picking the lock*

Gerard: *pulls out hammer from last challenge* (CONF) What? She never took it away! (NON-CONF) Hey, teacher, say goodnight! *whacks teacher in the head and knocks him/her out*

Teacher: What are you doing Quinn?

Luigi: *slips through an open window to the next classroom*

Shandi: *feeling bad* Miss/Sir [Name of the teacher]... I feel really bad... C-can I go to the bathroom? I... I think I have to puke... Seriously *almost vomits*

Teacher: No.

Kristina: (conf) She's good.

Gerard: *smashes the door handle and pulls it open* Siyonara, suckers! *runs out of the door and into the bathroom*

Teacher: *walks out of the stall* Hey, weren't you supposed to be in detention?

Luigi: *dives from the window into a classroom where teachers are having a bunch of meetings* Oh crap.

Gerard: Umm... no... *whacks teacher in the head with hammer and knocks him out* Sorry! *begins climbing into a vent*

Kristina: (conf) So it looks like Shandi's fake pukeact backfired, Quinn's still working on picking a lock, Luigi's stumbled into a room full of teachers, and Gerard is climbing through the weak vents. Let's see what happens next.

Gerard: *climbing in vents* Hmm, I wonder where I am...

Vents: *collapse, trapping Gerard in a locked sound proof practice room*

Gerard: Damnit! *takes out hammer and begins slamming glass*

Luigi: *runs out of classroom*

Teachers: GET HIM!

Luigi: *is hiding inside a locker*

Janitor: *slams locker door shut*

Luigi: Aw crap!

Quinn: *to the teacher acting innocently* Well, I tried to open the door but it wouldn't budge so I thought it is locked and I really need the toilet! Im busting!

Teacher: Fine. *accompanies her to the bathroom*

Random Teacher: *opens the locker that Luigi's in*

Luigi: Yes!

Janitor: *slams it shut*

Luigi: Nu!

Shandi: *almost puking* Sir/Miss... Please... Oh... Ugh! *runs to the window and seriously pukes* Please... There's more!

Teacher: I guess.

Luigi: *is working on picking the lock in the locker* Heh heh heh.

Shandi: Ugh... Ugh..UGH! Thanks a lot! *runs to the girls bathroom and pukes*

(TDISF. She seriously needed to puke 0_0)

Teacher: *is waiting for Shandi*

Luigi: *opens the locker* Yes! Peace out suckas! *runs down a hallway to find the only exit*

Gerard: *smashes the glass and climbs out* Luigi! Crap! *pulls fire alarm* Uhh... she did it! *points at first grader girl*

Shandi: Ugh... *gets out of the bathroom* Oh! *runs to the exit and whispers* yeah!

Luigi: *runs into an elevator and sees Gerard heading into it*

Gerard: *dives into the elevator*

Luigi: Dude, what the heck! *backs into the emergency button and the elevator gets stuck* Oh come on, seriously?

Gerard: This is your fault! How do you back up into an emergency button?

Luigi; *shoves Gerard against a wall* On accident.

Shandi: *crosses the exit door* Uuhh... Does that mean I win? (CONF) I was always good at scaping from deten- Hey! Why's Kristina here?!

Gerard: *hits wall and gets knocked out*

Elevator: *slowly comes on and opens up on bottom floor*

Luigi: See ya sucka! *heads for the exit, sure to beat Shandi*

Kristina: Shandi wins immunity to the final three!

Shandi: Take that, suckers!

Merged Vote (20)

Kristina: Shandi cannot be voted for.

Luigi: (conf) Gerard, this will be another addition to my blindside list. Heh heh. (Fanny: BIGGEST VILLAIN THIS GAME HAS EVA SEEN!)

Gerard: (CONF) Goodbye Luigi, you're not making the final two... (TDISF, please, he's already made F2 in his camp before, and you've seen how he's betrayed)

Shandi: (CONF) So, I've come to my decision... My vote is fro Luigi

Quinn: Im voting Gerard. I see him as a threat. Sorry....*frowns*

Kristina: Well. it looks like we've hit a tiebreaker, so it's time for a tiebreaker challenge. The challenge is to find Mrs. Torske's pet hamster who is hidden around the school. Go!

Luigi: *goes to search for the hamster*

Gerard: *runs to Mrs. Torske's room*

Kristina: The hamster isn't in Mrs. Torske's room.

Luigi: *runs into the cafeteria* Where are you, you little demon.

Gerard: That's it! *runs to the cafeteria and snatches a carrot* Come here, little guy. I won't hurt you! I got you a carrot! *holds out carrot close to the ground*

Luigi: I see it! *points to the hamster stuck in the ceiling* I'm gonna get it first, sucka! *takes a cage from the cafeteria*

Gerard: Oh no you won't! *grabs a char and puts it on a table* Come on! *climbs up the table, and then the chair* Yes! *reaches for the hamster*

Luigi: *pushes Gerard off the chair and grabs the hamster* Now to find Kristina!

Gerard: *trips Luigi and grabs the hamster* Uhhh! *begins to run away*

Luigi: *stops him in front of the exit* No so fast. *grabs the hamster and begins to run towards the elimination room, Gerard on his tail*

Gerard: No! *dives forward and snatches the hamster* I HAVE TO WIN! *rolls into the room and gets knocked out with the hamster in his hand*

Quinn: *gets tripped over by Gerard* Hey!

Gerard: *glares* Hi.

Quinn: You could at least watch where you are going. *glares and smirks*

Gerard: Don't worry, I will. Besides, you should watch your back. *walks over to Shandi and smirks*

Quinn: Well, you should watch your back. *walks over to Luigi* (CONF): It is on!

Gerard: *facepalms* Luigi is out! (CONF) And I thought she was smart...

LuigI: No! I'm not out yet.

Kristina: We could do a counting of all previous votes, but you'd still be out.

Luigi: I'M NOT OUT!

Kristina: *walks him out the doorway* Well, our final three! What will become of it! Find out tomorrow!

Day Twenty-One

Kristina: Congrats to the final three for making it this far, and voting out the biggest villain this game has seen.

Shandi: (CONF) Okay, now Quinn will be the easy target, and then let's see how it goes in the finale against Gerard...

Quinn: *to Gerard* Im really sorry for being a b***h to you. I am never usually like that. Sorry. *Hugs him*

Gerard: *hugging Quinn* I forgive you. (CONF) Though...

Quinn: *smiles* Thanks! *skips away*

Challenge Twenty-One

Kristina:This is the last challenge! You all should be excited for that! Our theme today is "End of the Year Field Trip". We've decided to go to Valley Fair, an amusement & water park! Your task, to find me hidden somewhere in this gigantic theme park. Good luck! *goes and runs into a Subway, and then out the back door*

Gerard: *runs into the Subway* Hello, counter lady? Did you see a girl about yeh-high, running through here? *listens to lady* Thank you! *runs through back door*

Quinn: *runs into the Subway* Hi checkout lady? Did you see a chick about average height, short black hair running by? *listens to lady* Thanks loads! *smiles and runs though a door*

Gerard: *rushes to the Lazy River and grabs a tube* Can't be lazy here! *jumps in*

Quinn: *searching* Where is she!?

Gerard: Wait! *swims back to the start of the Lazy River* ... Hmmm! Maybe in the Mirror House! *begins to run there*

Quinn: *runs over to a candy stand* *looks over the counter* Ugh!

Gerard: *runs into the Mirror House* Umm.. *takes the left path* Ugh! *sees a glimpse of a girl* Hey! Wait! *runs after the girl, but it turns out to be a man with long hair* (xD)

Quinn: *runs into the mirror house* *takes the right path*

Shandi: *walks to a cotton candy stand and sees the lady, who's ID card says "Kristina"* Gosh! Are you the host of TDHS?!

Lady: *turns around* Uh?

Shandi: Uh... Nevermind... Have you seen a girl with short black hair and a shirt... Meh, just like a girl version of Chris McLean.

Lady: Yeah, over there! *points to a random place* Do you want cotton candy?

Shandi: Uh, no, thanks, I'm on a diet, but thanks! *runs to where the lady pointed*

Lady: Hehe... Stupid girl... *shout for people to come and buy cotton candy* COTTON CANDY!!! COME AND BUY COTON CANDY!!!

Shandi: *already in another place* Where can she be?

Gerard: I got it now! *runs out of the Mirror House* To the Ferris Wheel! *runs to the ferris wheel conductor* Have you seen a girl with black hair... and looks like a girl version of Chris Mclean?

Conductor: Eye, lad! Forgot where she went though!

Gerard: *sighs*

Quinn: *runs into a mirror* Woah! *sees a girl that looks like Kristina behind her* Kristina? Is that you. *turns around*

Lady: Nope. *keeps walking*

Kristina: *walks off of a rollercoaster and runs up the waterslide stairs*

Quinn: *walks out of the mirror room* *looks around and then sees a lady at the waterslide stairs* *runs* Kristina? *taps her on the shoulder*

Kristina: Quinn! Congrats, you found me! You made the finals! And you reward, you get to budge in front of me to go on this waterslide. *there's a long silence* Yeah, we both knew I was kidding. But, you get to make the decision of bringing either Shandi or Gerard to the finals with you! *zips down the waterslide*

Merged Vote (21)

Kristina: Quinn makes the finals. Who will join her?

Quinn: (CONF): As much as I hate Shandi. She has actually worked hard to get here. There fore, I am voting Gerard out. He has had his chance, and he blew it.

Kristina: Well, it looks like Quinn and Shandi are our two finalists!

Day Twenty-Two

Kristina: Congrats to our finalists. Shandi our "Lovable" Punk and Quinn our "Smart" Cheerleader.

Quinn: *smiles* Yay! :D

Kristina: This just in, Max has given his jury vote to Robert. Speaking of jury, let's welcome our six jury members! *the six start filing in* Robert, Brooke, Rain who quit, Kari, Luigi, and Gerard voted out yesterday.

Luigi: *fistbumps Quinn on the way by*

Kristina: You guys can chat before the vote starts!

Shandi: Oh... My... God! I'm in the finale!!! Yay!!! *realises she's way too happy* Uh, I mean... Whatever...

Quinn: *waves and smiles* Hey Guys! (CONF): I will be so happy if I win! I will give evryone candy! :D Candy for everyone! (NON CONF): *hugs everyone*

Shandi: Kari! Gerard! Robert! *hugs them*

Quinn: *hugs Brooke & Kari* I missed you guys!

Shandi: What...?! Brooke?! Where?! Brooke?! Brooke?! *finds Brooke* BROOKE! *hugs her*

Robert:Hey, you guys!*glares at Luigi*

Quinn: (CONF): Shandi is just trying to score extra votes. I know it. *winks* (NON CONF): Have I said hi to everyone!? Oh! Rain & Luigi! *hugs them both*

Shandi: ROB! *hugs him* (CONF)At least my hugs are really because I love this people...

Quinn: (CONF): Ok. I think I have Luigi on my side, and Brooke...possibly Kari and maybe Robert. This game is MINE!

Kari: Shandi!!! *Hugs her*

Katie: *arrives and sees Luigi, then looks away* (CONF) Why do I keep having these strange feelings whenever I see him?! ...Gah!

Gerard: Shandi! *hugs her* Quinn... *glares*

Quinn: *to Gerard* Look, Im sorry. Really. Shandi did work to get here, not as much as me of course. But you returned. And I thought It would be un fair to have a returnee to get so close to winning. *to Katie* Im sorry about what happed with you and Luigi. You really didn't deserve that.

Gerard: Hmph... *walks away to talk to Robert* (EBGR, just so you know, don't try and convince me/Gerard to vote you/Quinn, because I/he is/am not voting you because of something Fanny did)

(EBGR: What did he do?)

(Evil: If your not in the jury are you still there?)

Quinn: (CONF): Ok, Listen. All of these guys should know that I have been more active than Shandi. I have contributed in more challenges, voted more and blah blah blah. The point is that I SHOULD win. *smiles*

Luigi: *walks past Shandi and Gerard* *goes to Quinn* Quinn, you've got to win. And I'm not sure how great of a chance you have.

Kari: *To Shandi* Girl you got this in the bag!

Rain: Sup peeps! I'm like no longer afraid of anything anymore. *sees a spider and his eyes widen*

Jury Vote

Kristina: It's time for the jury vote. Here, the members on the jury can place their vote for anyone they'd like, who is in the final two. Those votes will be tallied and the person with the most votes, wins the million dollars! Let's vote.

Luigi: (conf) I vote Quinn, obviously. This game is retarded, everyone was retarded. Except for Quinn.

Katie: (CONF) Although I don't have a vote, I still can influence these retards votes...

Rain: (conf) I vote for Quinn. Shandi may be a little bit scary.

Kari: (CONF) I vote for Shandi! She's my home girl!

Gerard: (CONF) I vote Shandi! She was a good friend. *glares through confessional at Quinn*

Quinn: *waiting nervously* Did anyone

Brooke: (CONF) I vote for the one who has been my friend since day one...Quinn!

Robert:(CONF) Luigi is a little *beep*. He is voting Quinn, so I vote Shandi.

Kristina: Well, it looks like it's a tie between Quinn and Shandi. This was not my intention, but oh well. This means, there will be one more jury vote. This person will be someone who was on the Learning Students and did not get a jury vote. Their vote will decide everything. After a world-wide vote (or Chatango vote :P), Crag was chosen to give the deciding vote. Crag, who will our winner be?

Crag:(CONF)Wooo, first out in temas, anyway, neither where on my team I don'ts think, some I will flip a coin*flips coin*Ah, 3 people will be happy. I vote Quinn

Kristina: This means that Quinn is the winner of Total Drama High School II!

Winner Chat

Kristina: Congrats to Quinn!

Luigi: Yes! Suck it Shandi!

Shandi: *sighs* It was too perfect to be true...

Luigi: Yes, yes it was.

Rain: Congrats both of you! I would probably be there if I never quit.

Quinn: Oh my god! *jumps up and hugs everyone* Congrats Shandi...for making it this far...(Me: *screaming with happiness* xD)

Luigi: Yes!

Shandi: *kicks Luigi in the groin* Now I can dod everything I wanted to! NO punishment, no eliminations! Great! You know what, Luigi, you can go and get a life, because it was thanks to Quinn, me, and all of your other allies that you are here, because otherwise we would've all voted you off! *to Rain* rain, seriously, you should've never quit! You could've won! *to Quinn* Even though I hate you, you did nothing wrong. But still, I hate you, and you are a sl*t. *to everyone who supported her* Guys, thanks for sticking to me till the end *hugs them*

Quinn: *rolls eyes* Whatever...*runs back over to the people who supported her* I love you guys!

Luigi: *to Shandi* Where'd you get that remark? The back cover of an emo book as always b*tch?

Shandi: *rolls eyes* I'm an emo, and I'm proud of that. *leaves the high school but turns around* But this is NOT the end... *turns around and leaves*

Luigi: I'm so scared.

Kristina: You should be! But Shandi was correct, this is not the end. Because in two weeks, the premiere of Total Drama High School III will be starting up, at a new highschool in Australia with 17 new contestants and 2 memorable ones. Stay tuned for that, I'm Kristina McLean!

Luigi: Still not scared.

Kristina: You know what? *stabs Luigi*

Luigi: *is in hospital seven hours later* Damn that show!

Quinn: *sees Luigi in the hospital* That *****