When Chris brings together 14 of Total Drama's previous contestants and throws them into an old castle from medieval times, things get out of hand! Dangerous! Deadly! And everything in between! There will be complete chaos, and it will be amazing and life-threatening! *Laughs demonically*


Killer Knights

  1. Gwen - Dianted
  2. Izzy (Leader) - Loenev
  3. Duncan - Xaypay Voted Out In "Around The Castle"
  4. Zoey - Markyy123 Eliminated In "Around The Castle"
  5. Mike - Markyy123 Voted Out In "Rocky Roads"
  6. Dawn - Dawntdrotifan Eliminated In "Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest"
  7. Heather - TDIAlejandroFan Voted Out In "Clash Of The Competitors"

Screaming Swords

  1. B (Leader) - Usitgz
  2. Noah - Dianted
  3. Lindsay - Loenev
  4. Trent - Xaypay
  5. Tyler - Usitgz
  6. Courtney - Dawntdrotifan Voted Out In "The Mad Mad Mad Mad Chef Hatchet"
  7. Alejandro - TDIAlejandroFan Voted Out In "Clash Of The Competitors"


  1. Gwen - Dianted (Me) Won In "Pick A Winner!"
  2. B - Usitgz  Eliminated In "Pick A Winner!"
  3. Noah - Dianted (Me) Eliminated In "Tidal Brave"
  4. Lindsay - Loenev Eliminated In "Collect Your Booty"
  5. Trent - Xaypay Eliminated In "The Merge," Returns In "Crates Of Crap," Voted Out Again In "Forest Grinch"
  6. Tyler - Usitgz Voted Out In "May The Fear Be With You"
  7. Izzy - Loenev Voted Out In "Crates Of Crap"

Stone Victims

There was a cursed stone located inside one of the castle corridors and Courtney picked it up thinking it was filled with luck, but she was wrong. It was a cursed stone and the curse is now on her, and anyone who touches it. The following characters are the ones who have had or touched the rock and will receive some kind of unfortunate fate. The marked ones are the ones who already received their punishment.

  • Duncan (He caused his team to lose one of the challenges and later was eliminated)
  • Courtney  (She was eliminated and then covered in poison ivy)
  • Squirrel  (Was crushed by Tyler and taken away by a hawk)
  • Dawn  (She was attacked by angry animals on Boney Island and eliminated by B)
  • Tyler (He was injured numerous times throughout the season and he was eliminated)
  • B (He was attacked by animals twice on Boney Island and he was eliminated in the finale)
  • Bird (Crashed into the dock and was eaten by a shark)
  • Shark (Was taken down by an octopus)


  1. Clash Of The Competitors                                                                                                                      
  1. A Mad Mad Mad Mad Chef Hatchet                                                                                                              
  1. Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest
  1. Rocky Roads                                                                                                                                         
  1. Scarved For Life                                                                                                                                          
  1. Around The Castle                                                                                                                      
  1. The Merge!
  1. Crates Of Crap
  1. May The Fear Be With You
  1. Forest Grinch
  1. Collect Your Booty
  1. Tidal Brave
  1. Pick A Winner!


Total Drama Medieval War Eliminations
Contestant Gender Team Rank Episode Reason for elimination
Heather Female Killer Knights 14th Clash Of The Competitors Her teammates voted her out because she's mean and she didn't help in the challenge.
Alejandro Male Screaming Swords 13th Clash Of The Competitors His teammates voted him out because he's mean and he didn't help in the challenge.
Courtney Female Screaming Swords 12th A Mad Mad Mad Mad Chef Hatchet Due to her curse, she didn't do so well in the challenge and was mean to her fellow teammates, so they voted her out.
Dawn Female Killer Knights 11th Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest B decided to eliminate her.
Mike Male Killer Knights 10th Rocky Roads His teammates voted him off because he was acting strange.
Zoey Female Killer Knights 9th Around The Castle B decided to eliminate her.
Duncan Male Killer Knights 8th Around The Castle His teammates decided to randomly vote him off.
Trent Male Screaming Swords Returns The Merge! He was the last one to cross the finish line, so he was automatically eliminated.
Izzy Female Killer Knights 7th Crates Of Crap She got sprayed by a skunk and stunk really bad, so they voted her off.
Tyler Male Screaming Swords 6th May The Fear Be With You He didn't participate in the challenge, so they decided to eliminate him.
Trent Male Screaming Swords 5th Forest Grinch His fellow competitors all voted him out for various reasons.
Lindsay Female Screaming Swords 4th Collect Yo Booty She was the last one to collect her treasure, so she was automatically eliminated.
Noah Male Screaming Swords 3rd Tidal Brave B decided to eliminate him.
B Male Screaming Swords 2nd Pick A Winner! Gwen got more votes then him.
Gwen Female Killer Knights 1st Pick A Winner! Gwen got the most votes.

Elimination Table

Place Name Team Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7M 8 9 10 11 12 13
1st Gwen Knights Low Win In In Win In Win In Win Win Win In Winner
2nd B Swords Exiled In Win Win In Win Win Low Exiled Low Win Win Runner-Up
3rd Noah Swords In Win In In Win Exiled Win In In In Win Out
4th Lindsay Swords Win In Win Exiled Low Win Win Exiled In Win Out
5th Trent Swords In In Exiled Win In Win Out Win Low Out
6th Tyler Swords Low Low Win Win Exiled Win Low Win Out
7th Izzy Knights Win Win In In Win Low Exiled Out
8th Duncan Knights In In Win Win Low Out
9th Zoey Knights In Win In In Win Out
10th Mike Knights In Win In Out
11th Dawn Knights In Exiled Out
12th Courtney Swords In Out
13th Alejandro Swords Out
14th Heather Knights Out

Voting Table

Name Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Gwen Heather Won No Vote Mike Won Duncan No Vote Izzy Tyler Trent No Vote No Vote No Vote
B Alejandro Courtney Dawn Won Duncan Zoey No Vote Izzy Trent Trent No Vote Noah No Vote
Noah Heather Won No Vote Mike Won Won No Vote Izzy Tyler Trent No Vote No Vote Gwen
Lindsay Alejandro Courtney No Vote Won Herself Won No Vote B Tyler Trent No Vote N/A Gwen
Trent Alejandro Courtney No Vote Won Lindsay Won No Vote Izzy Tyler B N/A N/A Gwen
Tyler Alejandro Courtney No Vote Won Duncan Won No Vote Izzy Trent N/A N/A N/A B
Izzy Heather Won No Vote Mike Won Duncan No Vote B N/A N/A N/A N/A Gwen
Duncan Alejandro Courtney No Vote Won Lindsay Izzy N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Gwen
Zoey Heather Won No Vote Mike Won No Vote N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Gwen
Mike Heather Won No Vote Himself N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Gwen
Dawn Heather Won No Vote N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A B
Courtney Tyler Tyler N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Gwen
Alejandro Tyler N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A B
Heather Gwen N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A B

Character Appearance Table

Fourteen contestants, plus the host, Chris, and Chef Hatchet, the camp's cook and the co-host of the show.

Voice Actor Role Episode count
Dianted (Me) Chef Hatchet 13/13 episodes
Dianted (Me) Chris 13/13 episodes
Dianted (Me) Gwen 13/13 episodes
Usitgz B 13/13 episodes
Dianted (Me) Noah 13/13 episodes
Loenev Lindsay 12/13 episodes
Xaypay Trent 11/13 episodes
Usitgz Tyler 10/13 episodes
Loenev Izzy 10/13 episodes
Xaypay Duncan 7/13 episodes
Markyy123 Zoey 7/13 episodes
Markyy123 Mike 5/13 episodes
Dawn (tdrotifan) Dawn 4/13 episodes
Dawn (tdrotifan) Courtney 3/13 episodes
TDIAlejandroFan Alejandro 2/13 episodes
TDIAlejandroFan Heather 2/13 episodes

Episode 1 - Clash Of The Competitors


Chris: The very first challenge will be a clash, or a battle. You must use these weapons to battle each other, and the last two standing will get to choose the teams and have immunity. It takes three hits to defeat someone, and it must be three seperate lines! Also, no dodging! All of you suck to much to dodge! *Laughs* And no double posting! None at all! Now, go! *Runs off*

B: *shrugs* *grabs a weapon* *hits Mike*

Tyler: Woohoo! *grabs a weapon* *hits Mike*

Gwen: *Grabs a weapon and hits Mike*

Chris: And Mike is out!

Noah: *Grabs a weapon and hits Alejandro* I guess, whatever.

B: *hits Alejandro*

Tyler: Yeah! *hits Alejandro*

Chris: And Alejandro is out! Join Mike with Chef!

Chef: I still don't get paid enough for this.

Gwen: *Shoots Heather and laughs* Take that!

Noah: Let me get in on that. *Shoots Heather*

Lindsay: *Grabs a weapon* *hits Tyler* Sorry Noah!

Izzy: *Grabs weapon* *shoots around her* EXPLOSIVO RETURNS!

Tyler: Lindsay! I'm not Noah! *hits Heather*

B: *hits Duncan*

Chris: And Heather is out! You know where to go!

Lindsay: *hits Duncan*

Izzy: *hits Duncan*

Chris: Strike three! And Duncan is out!

Lindsay: *hits Tyler*

Izzy: *hits Tyler*

Tyler: What was that for? *walks over to Chef* (CONF) *sighs*

B: *hits Zoey*

Lindsay: Sorry Noah! Ehh .. Ezekiel! *hits B*

Izzy: *hits B*

B: /: *builds a wall inbetween him and Izzy/Lindsay* *smiles*

Izzy: Darn. *hits Gwen*

Lindsay: A wall, yay! *hits Gwen* (CONF) This is so fun, shooting on the other players.

B: *hits Zoey*

Izzy: *hits Gwen* OUT!

Lindsay: Hmm .. *hits Dawn*

Noah: *Shoots Courtney*

Chris: That means Gwen and Tyler are out! *Laughs*

B: *hits Zoey*

Chris: And Zoey is out of here!

Izzy: You get Courtney, Linds! I take Noah. *looks at him and hits Noah*

Lindsay: *hits Noah* Oops! Wrong, Tyler! Sorry!

​B: *hits Trent*

Izzy: *hits Noah*

Lindsay: *hits Courtney*

​B: *hits Trent*

Izzy: *climbs on the wall and hits B* HA! OUT!

Lindsay: *hits Courtney*

B: *frowns* *slump over and walks towards chef*

Izzy: *looks to Trent and hits him*

Lindsay: *hits Trent and looks scared to Izzy*

Chris: B, Courtney, Trent, and Noah are all down for the count!

Tyler: Go Lindsay, you only have to take out Dawn and Izzy, babe!

Izzy: *hits Dawn*

Lindsay: Thankyouuu! *hits Dawn* (CONF) I love Noah, Ezekail .. no his name is eh ..

Chris: Dawn! Out!

Izzy: Sorry girl, *hits Lindsay*

Lindsay: Outch! *hits Izzy*

Izzy: *hits Lindsay*

Lindsay: And i lose .. *hits Izzy* By the way, what is 1 + 1?

Izzy: A winner Izzy! *hits Lindsay* I WON!

Chris: Lindsay your out! Which means Izzy won! And since both Lindsay and Izzy were the last two standing, they both have immunity, and they get to choose their teams! Congrats! But, since Izzy came first, she gets to choose who to exile and, she gets the first pick for teams! I told you guys it would be awesome to win this challenge, or did I? Who cares!

Izzy: Ghehehe! Nice. To exile is .. B! Random, sorry boy. And i want in my team ... NOAH BOY!

Lindsay: Immunity sounds as a lightning thing. I want Noah in my team!

Izzy: I have him allready.

Lindsay: No you got Ty- OH WAIT! He's Tyler! Finally, i take Tyler.

Izzy: Bad - Heather.

Lindsay: Duncan!

Izzy: Gwen.

Lindsay: Courtney.

Izzy: Dawn.

Lindsay: Alejandro!

Izzy: Mike, i think.

Lindsay: I'll take Trent.

Izzy: And as last i take Zoey.

Lindsay: I'll take B!

Chris: Alright! Izzy's team, you will be called the Killer Knights! Lindsay's team, will be the Screaming Swords! But there isn't a complete bonus to this! Both teams will have to vote someone out tonight! So, for right now, figure that out! McLean out!

Izzy: (CONF) Ofcourse, i felt this. In every show there is THAT moment, what everyone knows. But who will we voted out. I'm safe, but yeah ..

Tyler: Does Alejandro sound like a good person to vote out? Cause he's like an evil jerk bag! (CONF) YES! YES! YES! She remembered my name! She remembered my name! That's one step for Tyler. And one leap for... uh... Tyler!

B: *shrugs* 

Lindsay: Hmm. I think I vote for Chris!

Chris: Chris McLean back in for a second! Izzy and Lindsay you are the leaders for your teams! Which means you'll have to make some drastic choices for your team, just to let you know! McLean back out!

Izzy: Hard game, hmm. So .. who will I vote out?

Tyler: Yeah! Let's vote out Chris! Wait, Lindsay, which one is Chris?

B: *facepalms*

Gwen: Wow. Anyways... why not Heather? She's so annoying,

Noah: I second that. I hate her.

Tyler: But Heather's on your team, not Lindsay's! So, let's vote out that jerk, Alejandro!

Noah: I was talkin' about my team, smart one.

Tyler: Uhh... Yeah! I knew that!

Noah: Whatever.


Chris: So teams, go ahead and vote. Do to us being in an old castle, we thought this would would be fun! To vote someone off, you have to shove a small sword into the doll of the person you want to send home. And remember! Izzy and Lindsay have immunity!

Killer Knights Voting

Gwen: I wish I could do this to the real Heather. *Stabs Heather doll*

Noah: I hate her. *Stabs Heather doll*

Izzy: Hmm *Stabs Heather doll*

Heather: *stabs Gwen doll*

Dawn: *While meditating, a squirrel climbs up on her shoulder and whispers in her ear, then she gasps, then stabs Heather's doll*

Zoey: *Stabs Heather doll* Sorry... not really.

Mike: *Stabs Heather doll*

Screaming Swords Voting

Tyler: *stabs Alejandro doll* Take that, Jerk!

B: *stabs Alejandro doll* *shrugs*

Duncan: *stabs Alejandro doll*

Trent: *stabs Alejandro doll*

Lindsay: *stabs Alejandro doll*

Alejandro: The jerk is actually you, Tyler! *stabs Tyler doll*

Courtney: *Stabs Tyler doll* I don't want this idiot on our team. Making us lose all the time... I don't think so!

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: Looking over the votes... I'm not surprised. We'll do Killer Knights elimination first. Izzy has immunity. *Throws her a fake diamond* That's what represents another week here, just to let you know. Anyways... *Throws Noah, Mike, Zoey, and Dawn a fake diamond* Gwen and Heather, you're both in the bottom, but... *Throws Gwen a fake diamond* Congrats! Heather, you will be going home tonight. Now, for the Screaming Swords... *Throws Lindsay, Courtney, Trent, Duncan, and B a fake diamond* Tyler and Al... Tyler and Al... Tyler! *Throws him a fake diamond* Looky here! Al and Heather! The love bunnies getting launched together!

Gwen: Launched!?

Chris: Yes Gwen, launched. *Takes the contestants to a random piece of ground* Here it is, now, you two get on it! *Heather and Alejandro get on it relunctlantly* This is how it works! *Presses a button and they both shoot upwards at an angle then Chris laughs* Hilarious! *Laughs* Anyways, Chef take B to Boney Island. *Chef takes B to Boney Island and gets back* Alright, so, next episode, will I get more amazing? Will these teens still have all their bones? And will Chef ever think he gets payed enough for this?

Chef: Nope.

Chris: Find out next on Total... Drama... Medieval War!

Episode 2 - A Mad Mad Mad Mad Chef Hatchet


Chris: Welcome back B from exile! Now that's over... today's challenge, you will have you touring this castle, while trying to avoid being caught. Chef is pretty angry that he doesn't get payed enough, as you guys know. And I told him if he would participate in this challenge, he would get a little extra dough. Of course, I'm lying, but surprisingly he doesn't know! So, Chef is in that castle! All of you will go in it, and the team to have the last member standing wins immunity and a sweet prize! *Blows whistle* Gooooooo! *Contestants enter castle* *Chris presses a button and the gate shuts so they can't get back outside* Good luck! And be careful! I may have angered Chef a bit! *Laughs then runs off*

Izzy: *walks around and runs behind a wall*

Lindsay: *walks around*

Duncan: *walks around*

Trent: *walks around*

Gwen: *Walks around*

Noah: *Walks around*

Chef: *Bumps into Dawn and captures her* 

Izzy: Okay team, we need stay with each other.

Gwen: You really think that's a smart idea?

Noah: Yeah, then we'd all just get caught together.

Izzy: No, when you are alone you can grab by Chef. If we are together, he cant grab us.

Gwen: Maybe, but we need to make smaller groups than all of us together.

Izzy: Hmm, groups from 3? Noah, you & I?

Gwen: Sure, why not?

Noah: Because she's a loon, but I really don't want to be carried around by Chef, so I'll go. *Noah, Gwen, and Izzy walk off*

Izzy: So ... where will Chef hanging out?

Gwen: I have no--. *Gwen is disrupted by a scream* What was that!?

Chef: *Captured Zoey* I'm comin' to get the rest of you little brats!

Izzy: I don't know who that is.

Gwen: Who cares? We gotta hide.

Mike : Ahh someone help me uh Gwen, Izzy come on guys this psycho mainiac chef will kill me (CONF) ok so im starnded alone with a psycho killer hunting me down and no one will help me what to do in this situation ( END CONF )

Noah: This is crazy! Why couldn't he just give us the money?

Gwen: This is insane, I know.

Mike : Well I'd say if he did the just give us the money it would be covered in poision ivy

Gwen: Woah! Where'd you come from!? You scared me! Don't do that! 

Mike : I just spotted you walking so I decided to team up * on a serious note Zoey and Mike could not partcicpate early this challenge and the last because of a faulty internet very sorry please don't vote out for that if you have another reason ok * So can we team up

Gwen: Okay. Since their's now four of us, we might wanna keep on the go. If we stay in one place that's four down to-- *Low pitched scream*

Noah: What was that!?

Chef: *Captured Trent* *Laughs* Another one down!

Mike ; I think Someone's out and if we heard the scream he must be close lets keep moving

Gwen: He's right! *Starts running with Mike, Izzy, and Noah*

Noah: There has to be a room or something we can hide in.

Mike : Be careful if you do though chef could be waiting in one for us or lock us in

Gwen: True, there's just no winning with Chris is there!?

Mike : Mabye if we try to get to the top of the castle or mabye we could tr * falls down trap door * AHHHHHHHH

Gwen: Mike!? Oh no!

Chef: What was that? *Hears a crash* Forget it, I'll find out in a little bit, I got another idiot to capture. *Runs and finds B and Tyler and captures them both then laughs* Now, to find out who made that other sound! *Runs to find out where he heard the scream*

Noah: We've gotta hurry, or he's gonna get us!

Gwen: Alright! *Runs with Noah and Izzy*

Noah: I'm tired of running! Let's take a break!

Gwen: Alright! *The three stop then Gwen sighs and leans against a wall* Augh! *Wall spins and Gwen dissapears* 

Noah: What the--! Let's go! *Noah and Izzy continue running*

Duncan: *starts running*

Gwen: *Pops in a different room* What the--? *Sees Duncan run by* Wait! I wanna come with! *Starts running with Duncan*

Duncan: *starts running with Gwen* Hey, Gwen I think this relationship is going well! *smiles at Gwen* *keeps running with Gwen*

Chef: *Finds Mike and captures him* That's right! *Laughs* What was that? *Runs to the sound* Izzy! *Captures Izzy with a fight* I'm ruling this game!

Noah: (CONF) Yeah, I ditched Izzy, she wanted to throw me around so she could capture Chef, I don't think so. (END CONF)

Gwen: (CONF) Has Chris gotten more insane, definitely. I don't really have any allies, I'm just glad I got rid of Heather before she could eliminate me. I don't know... I'll just play the game and hope for the best or the worst,, which ever one finds me first. (END CONF)

Duncan (CONF) I'm trying to make allies Gwen seems fine and she's pretty also, I can't wait until she wins! *smiles into the sky* (CONF ENDS)

Gwen: We gotta-- *Duncan and Gwen run into Noah* Noah! Where's Izzy?

Noah: Ditched her! She tried to use me as bait. 

Gwen: What's that! *Points at a light green rock*

Noah: Looks cool!

Duncan: *runs along with Gwen* Yes! I think were close! Come on guys let's go check it out! *smiles at Gwen* 

Gwen: Okay... *Noah, Gwen, and Duncan surround the rock* Looks awesome.

Duncan: *touches rock* Cool! This is Bada**! *laughs*

Gwen: Why don't we take it with us? It would be--. *High pitched scream* 

Noah: Woah! See ya!

Chef: *Captured Lindsay*

Duncan: Okay, that's it where is this Chef i'll give him a piece of my mind!

Courtney: Cool rock, my luck. *Picks up rock and puts it in his pocket* What are you guys doing? *Chef appears behind her and captures her*

Gwen: There he is!

Duncan: Now Chef stay away from Gwen and Me! *throws objects at Chef* Dude you weren't going to get a paycheck anyway! *laughs* *protects Gwen* (CONF) I will not get captured! (CONF ENDS)

Chef: I already caught that scrawny boy, Noah! And now it's your turn! *Launches at Duncan*

Gwen: See ya! *Runs away*

Duncan: *pushes Chef away and runs away* Bye, stupid Chef!

Chef: I don't think so! *Speeds up and tackles Duncan* Ha, pretty boy! 

Chris: And Gwen won the challenge for her team! I'll see the Screaming Swords in elimination tonight!

Duncan: I should get imunity for my team! I was 2nd and 1st I think for my team!

Tyler: Yeah, what he said! And I should, too!

Chris: Yeah right! I said, the team with the last standing member! Not the second, or the whatever Tyler ranked! So Gwen won! Now, Swords go vote!

Zoey : Well done guys soo sorry I didn't do anything next challenge I will ok

Gwen: It's alright Zoey.

Zoey: You did great 

Gwen: Thanks. *Smiles* (CONF) Zoey's kinda cool, probably the only sane one here. (END CONF)

Zoey : (CONF) Gwens really cool I hope we can be good freinds (END CONF)

Screaming Swords Voting

Chris: Go ahead and vote losers! *Laughs*

Tyler: *Stabs Courtney's doll* She's even worse then me!

B: *Stabs Courtney's doll* *shrugs*

Duncan: *stabs Courtney doll*

Trent: *stabs Courtney doll*

Lindsay: *stabs Courtney doll*

Courtney: *Stabs Tyler doll* Why is he still here?

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: You guys got a lot of hate! Anyways........... Lindsay, Duncan, Trent, B, and........... Tyler! *When he says their names he throws them a fake diamond* Courtney. you're 'bout to get flung! *Laughs*

Courtney: What!? I'm a C.I.T.! You couldn't vote me off! I had this rock for luck. *Pulls out cursed stone then a squirrel takes it and gives it to Dawn* Hey! *Chef grabs her, but Courtney tries to jump out and she lands on poison ivy* Ouch! *She starts itching all around and after a while she lands on top of the platform to get flung*

Chris: We don't want your poison ivy Courtney! *Flings her*

Courtney: Itchy! ItchyyyyYyyyyyyyyy!

Chris: Well, now that she's gone, and since Gwen won the challenge for her team, who do you choose to exile?

Gwen: I choose Dawn, sorry.

Chris: Alright, Chef take her to exile! *Chef takes Dawn to Boney Island* Anyways, next time, will these idiots survive? Will the Killer Knights win again? And will Courtney ever shut up about being a C.I.T. ? Find out next time on Total... Drama... Medieval War!

Duncan: Well, since i'm cursed I guess i'll try to break the curse *breaks curse with touching the rock again* Yes! The curse is finished but not for Courtney *laughs*

Chris: I bet that's what you believe, it's a curse, not a turn in tag, due to you touching the rock again, you have even worse luck! *Laughs* Hilarious!

Duncan: Whatever screw the curse! *laughs* Well, I was born a curse! *glares at Chris*

Chris: Trust me... I know.

Episode 3 - Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest


Chris: Look, Dawn's back from exile. *Dawn is covered by scratches and bruises* Anyway's... Today's challenge will have you answering trivia questions from previous seasons! (Seasons 1-5) So, the first one to answer correctly will receive a fake diamond! And the one at the end will get big prizes! And the last ones to give me the correct answer or not answer at all, will be eliminated! When I'm finished, the team with the most members and diamonds will receive immunity and the other team will be saying bye bye to someone! 

Duncan: Bring it on Chris!

Trent: Yeah we got this thing in the bag!

Chris: So, first question: What are the things Mal broke, in the correct order, and who did they belong to? *Laughs* This is gonna be good! And by good, I mean hilarious! *Laughs* I'm amazing!

Tyler: Ummm.... Al's wrist, Zoey's heart, and Harold's red ant farm!

B: *shakes head in dissapointment*

Duncan: Sam's game thing, Sierra's phone, Cameron's glasses, Al's wrist!

Trent: Same thing what Duncan said!

B: *points to Duncan's broken knife*

Lindsay: Chickens!

Duncan: (CONF) Dumb blonde! (CONF ENDS)

Chris: Who cares? Just take the thing! Trent! *Throws him a diamond* Everyone else?

Noah: Sam's game thingy, Sierra's cell-thingy, Cameron's glasses, and Al's wrist. *Smirks*

Gwen: Same thing Noah said! I do not feel like doing this.

Chris: Well, correct, I guess, I have an appointment and I need to hurry this up! *Throws Duncan, Noah, and Gwen diamonds* 

Duncan: Yeah, Another not cursed thing!

Tyler: Chickens? AHHHHHHHHHH!!! *starts running about in fear*

B: *shakes head in dissapointment*

Lindsay: I want a diamond to !

Chris: Hey B! *Throws him a board and a marker* Just write your answer down!

B: *writes down Okay, then erases it* *writes down Sam's game guy, Sierra's phone, Cameron's glasses, Duncan's knife, and Al's wrist.*

Chris: Since B's the only one that got the whole thing right, he gets two diamonds! *Throws B two diamonds*

B: *erases the answer, then fist pumps* (CONF) *smiles*

Tyler: AHHHHHHHHHH! *slams into Lindsay* Lindsay! Are you okay?

Chris: Since the rest of you are... uuhhh, idiots! I'll give you an easy question! Who was just eliminated?

Lindsay: Courtney?

B: *writes down Courtney*

Tyler: I'm not an idiot! Uhhh... divide by six, multiply by seven, carry the one.... uhhh... Gwen!

Duncan: Coutney


Lindsay: It's Courtney, Noah! I know her, she's a witch.

Chris: B and you two buffoons are correct, but you don't have to answer this, and Lindsay... surprisingly, you're correct! *Throws her a diamond* Tyler, seriously? 

Tyler: What? I'm smart, I'm just not good under pressure!

Duncan: Face it dude your going to cost us the game! Stop acting dumb!

Lindsay: *huggs the diamond* Yeah!

Chris: You know what TYLER, what is your name, TYLER? (Izzy hasn't answered)

Duncan: His names Tyler *laughs*

Trent: Tyler!


B: *erases previous answer, then writes Tyler and puts the board in Tyler's face*

Tyler: I'm not dumb! My name is... uhh... (CONF) Lindsay called me Noah, again! Noah?!?! What did I do to deserve this? *cries* (END CONF) Noah! I mean Ezekiel! No! I mean Dave! Shoot... T... T...Ty...

Chris: That was Tyler's question! But since Izzy hasn't answered yet! *Throws her a diamond* And You know what? *Throws Tyler a diamond* Dawn, Mike, and Zoey... you're all out of here! 2 minutes before next question, I need some moisturizer! 

Tyler: Yes! I knew I could do it! *holds up Diamond, but drops it and it shatters* Nooooo! (CONF) Could this day get any worse?

*Squirrel takes Dawn's cursed stone and takes it to Tyler*

Duncan: Hey, it's a squirrel *laughs*

Tyler: *sees Squirrel and thinks its a chicken* AHHHHHH! *rocks back and forth on the floor in the fetal posistion*

B: *erases board, then writes Seriously?*

*Squirrel jumps on Tyler's shoulder*

Tyler: *notices the squirrel on his shoulder* AHHHHHHHHHH! *faints*

Trent: Is Tyler okay?!

Duncan: Who cares! *laughs*

*The stone lands on Tyler and bounces off* *When Tyler fainted he landed on the squirrel, then the squirrel climbed out under him and a hawk came down and grabbed him and left*

Lindsay: Oh my gosh! Noah, wake up!

Trent: His name's not Noah!

Chris: I'm back, and if Tyler's still unconsious, he's out!

Duncan: *slaps Tyler* Nope, he's not waking!

Tyler: *comes to and sees Duncan and thinks he's Lindsay* Lindsay? Lindsay! I'm alive! *tries to kiss Duncan thinking he's Lindsay* (CONF) That was close, I almost got eaten by a chicken! 

Duncan: *punches tyler and makes him unconsious again* Never try to kiss me i'm not gay!

Chris: Shut up! You're next question: Which episode (Name and season) did Lindsay finally remember Tyler? And Chef!

Chef: *Sighs then drags Tyler away* This sucks.

Duncan: Total Drama World Tour?

Trent: Total Drama world tour slap slap reviloution!

B: *looks scared* *erases board, then writes Season 3: Total Drama World Tour Episode 7:Slap Slap Revolution*

Tyler: (CONF) *with ice pack on his head* Just to clarify, I like girls! I was totally in it to win it, until Duncan socked me in the face!

Chris: Anyone else?

Gwen: World Tour, Slap Slap Reve-whatever!

Noah: World Tour, Slap Slap Revolution!

Chris: Correct! *Throws Trent, B, Gwen, and Noah diamonds*

Trent: Is that the last question?!

Chris: No! But since everyone else is not answering or too stupid to answer, Trent, Gwen, Noah, and B are the last ones standing! Duncan and everyone else go with Tyler and the rest of the losers! Now, final question! The first to get it ALL correct wins for their team and gets a prize! Name everyone who has ranked 4th in order, Now hurry!

B: *erases board, then writes Duncan, Courtney, Sierra, Scott, and Gwen* *smiles*

Trent: Duncan, Courtney, Sierra, and Gwen!

Chris: B got it correct! During the elimination ceremony I'll give you you're prize! Congrats dude! And Killer Knights, I'll see you at elimination tonight!

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: Alright, I told you guys that winning this challenge would be very special. B, due to winning this challenge, you are now the leader of your team, and you get to choose who to eliminate tonight, and who to send to exile. Write it down.

Trent: Pick me B! Exile me!

Chris: He'll choose!

B: *thinks* *shrugs* *erases board, then writes exile - Trent* *thinks again*

Chris: Chef! *Chef appears, and sighs, and then takes Trent to Boney Island* 

B: *starts sweating* *looks nervous* *slowly erases board, then writes eliminate - Dawn* *sighs in relief*

Chris: Dawn, you're eliminated! You should of actually done something. *Leads Dawn to the platform, then flings her* Awesome work B! Next time, will the drama get more exciting? Will Tyler get more injuries? And will my hair get more wavy? Find out next time, on Total... Drama... Medieval War! Now, I'm late for my appointment! *Runs off*

Episode 4 - Rocky Roads


Chris: Welcome back Trent from Boney Island! So what? Any-who... Today's challenge will be on Boney Island!

Chef: *Pushes Trent back on boat* Get back in for the ride, pretty boy.

Chris: Let's go! *Contestants get on boat and it drives them to Boney Island and they get off* Now, your challenge today, will have you searching for that cursed rock! If you grab it, you and your team have immunity, but at a deadly cost and some other things. *Laughs* Anyways you must look for the rock (NO DOUBLE POSTING) and hope you find it! But, be careful! Some are fake! *Laughs* Now, go! (It takes 5 lines for one character to find a rock, but it may not be the correct one!)

Trent: I found the idol! *runs into cave* (1)

Duncan: *runs into cave with Trent* Let's go check that cursed rock out! (1)

B: *follows Trent and Duncan and looks for rocks in a cave* (1)

Tyler: *still has an ice pack on his head* C'mon Lindsay, I think B, Trent, and Duncan know what they are doing! *runs into cave and starts looking for rocks* (1)

Trent: *gives B idol* It's for you buddy. *smiles at B*

Chris: Yeah, that's one of the fake ones! *Laughs*

Gwen: *Searches for rock* This is too much. (1)

Noah: *Searches for rock* I know right. (1)

B: *erases board, then writes thanks* *hears what Chris said, then frowns* *looks for rocks in the cave* (2)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (2)

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (2)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (2)

Duncan: It's not here, wait I know where it is! *races to where Tyler was punched* The rock was here! (2)

B: *rolls eyes* *looks for rocks in the cave* (3)

Tyler: *Looks for rocks in the cave* (3)

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (3)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (3)

B: *looks for rocks in the cave* (4)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (4)

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (4)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (4)

B: *finds a rock in the cave* (5)

Tyler: *finds a rock in the cave* Yes!!! Wait... this isn't a rock! *rock is actually a bat* Oh no! *the bat attacks Tyler* AHHHHHH! (5)

Chris: *Takes rocks and inspects them* Sorry, but no!

Gwen: *Finds rock*

Noah: *Finds rock*

Chris: Wrong rocks also!

Duncan: *searches for rock* (3)

Trent: *searches for rock* (3)

B: *looks for rocks in the cave* (1)

Tyler: *still running away from bat* *runs into the wall of the cave* I'm okay!

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (1)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (1)

B: *looks for rocks in the cave* (2)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (1)

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (2)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (2)

B: *looks for rocks in the cave* (3)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (2)

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (3)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (3)

B: *looks for rocks in the cave* (4)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (3)

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (4)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (4)

B: *finds a rock in the cave* *smiles weakly* (5)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (4)

Chris: Let's see that! *Grabs B's rock* Oh my goodness! It's the wrong rock! *Laughs*

Gwen: *Finds rock* (5)

Noah: *Finds rock* (5)

Chris: Wrong rocks you two!

B: *looks for rocks in the cave* (1)

Tyler: *finds a rock in the cave* I found a rock! Wait...  gross! *throws the "rock" to the ground* (CONF) Finding rocks is a lot tougher in real life then on TV.

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (1)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (1)

B: *looks for rocks in the cave* (2)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (1)

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (2)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (2)

B: *looks for rocks in the cave* (3)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (2)

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (3)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (3)

B: *looks for rocks in the cave* (4)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (3)

Gwen: *Searches for rock* (4)

Noah: *Searches for rock* (4)

B: *finds a rock in the cave* *smiles* (5)

Tyler: *looks for rocks in the cave* (4)

Chris: *Inspects rock* Congratulations! It's the correct rock! But now you have a curse, but you did win for your team. Any-who.. uh, Augh! *A bird swoops down and eats the rock then flies away* Well, that's the end of that rock. Alright, Killer Knights, I'll see you guys in elimination... again.

Killer Knights Voting

Gwen: *Votes Mike* Weird guy he is.

Noah: *Votes Mike* He has something up with him.

Izzy: *Votes Mike* You are kind of weird..

Zoey : There some thing not right about mike now * Votes Mike *

Mike : Easy I'm voting for *turns to Mal* Bye Bye Mike * Stabs Mike doll

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: Tonight, were going to get straight to the point. Let's see... Gwen, Izzy, Noah, and Zoey! *Throws them diamonds* Sorry Mike or whatever your name is, but it's launchin' time! *Leads Mike to the platform and launches him then laughs* It just gets better every time. So, since Lindsay did the least in the challenge... you're getting exiled! *Laughs* Anyways, will Zoey be able to manage with her boyfriend gone? Will Izzy become more insane? And will Chef ever get me my coffee!? *Chef walks up and splashes it on him* I should of seen that coming, but anyways... find out next time on Total... Drama... Medieval War!

Episode 5 ~ Scarved For Life 


Chris: Lindsay, your back! Congrats for being alive, don't know how you did it, but I don't care! *The bird that swallowed the rock flies down, but a shark comes up and eats, then comes back up and spits the rock on the dock in two pieces* Eeewwww! *The shark then gets taken down by an octopus* You know what! I'm tired of this curse! Today's challenge we'll be getting rid of that cursed rock, everyone that already has the curse, still will have it, but destroying it will mean no more curse for anybody else!  I don't want a curse on my back! Now, for the challenge we'll be going to a different island. All aboard! *Everyone gets on boat and they arrive to the island* For the challenge, you'll have to make a scarf long enough to reach up all the way up there (10 LINES) ! *Points to the top of the volcano* Then someone will have to somehow take the rock up there and throw it inside the volcano! (4 LINES) Then you'll have to go back down, (4 LINES) and race to the finish line! (6 LINES) Now, start! (AND NO DOUBLE POSTING!!)

B: *starts sewing scarf* (1)

Tyler: *tries to help* Uhhh... I don't know how to sew....

Gwen: *Starts sewing scarf* I hate this! (1)

Noah: *Sews scarf* I didn't even know I could sew... (2)

B: *sews scarf* (2)

Tyler: Lindsay? Duncan!?! Trent!?!?! Does anyone else on this team know how to sew besides this dude? *points to B*

Gwen: *Continues to sew* (3)

Noah: *Continues to sew* (4)

B: *sews scarf* (3)

Gwen: *Continues to sew* (5)

Noah: *Continues to sew* (6)

B: *sews scarf* (4)

Gwen: *Continues to sew* (7)

Noah: *Continues to sew* (8)

B: *sews scarf* (5)

Duncan: *sews scarf* (6)

Trent: *sews scarf* (7)

B: *sews scarf* (8)

Trent: *sews scarf* (9)

Duncan: *sews scarf* (10)

Gwen: *Sews scarf* (9)

Noah: *Finishes scarf* (10) Yes, were done!

Gwen: Finally!

Tyler: *takes both pieces of the rock and starts climbing the knight's scarf* X-treme!!!

B: *Erases board, then writes Is he allowed to do that?*

Tyler: *falls then Gwen grabs the scarf and swings it on top of the volcano* 

Gwen: Yes, it's up there! *Grabs half of the rock with a towel*

Gwen: Let's do this! *Grabs scarf and starts to climb* (1)

Trent: *sews scarf* Yes! *starts to climb* (1)

Gwen: *Continues to climb* (2)

Tyler: *crashed on the ground* Uhhhhhh......

B: *rolls eyes* *erases board, then writes Go Trent!*

Trent: *passes Gwen* (2)

Tyler: *gets back up* Go, dude! You got this!

Gwen: *Continues climbing* (3) You're gonna have to climb faster than that Trent! *Laughs* 

Trent: *countinues climbing And passes Gwen again* Yeah, that's what you should try! *laughs* (3)

Gwen: *Reaches top* Yes! *Throws rock and towel in volcano* Yahoo!

Trent: *throws rock and towel in volcano* No!

Gwen: Who cares!? *Starts climbing back down* (1)

Trent: *climbs back down faster* (1)

Gwen: *Continues climbing down* (2)

Trent: *continues to climb down* (2)

Gwen: *Continues climbing down* (3)

Trent: *countinues to climb* (3)

Gwen: *continues to climb down* (4) Yes, I'm finally down!

Tyler: Hurry, dude!

Trent: *continues to climb down* (4) *starts running and passes Gwen* (1)

Gwen: Nope! *Passes Trent* (1)

Tyler: Do we all get to run? Cause I feel x-treme!!!!!

Trent: *conutues to run passed Gwen* (2)

Gwen: *Continues to run* (2)

Trent: *passes Gwen again* (3) HAHA in your face!

Gwen: *Continues to run* What!? (3)

Trent: Victory is at head! *continues to run* (4)

Gwen: *Continues to run* (4)

Trent: *continues running* (5)

Gwen: *Continues running* (5)

Trent: *continues running* (6) Yes!

Gwen: *Passed line* Darn!

Chris: And Trent won the challenge for his team! Killer Knights... you guys suck! Seriously, what's the point of making challenges, for the same team to win them all the time!? *Sighs* Killer Knights, elimination... again! 

Elimination Ceremony/ Voting/ Elimination

Chris: While I was looking over the challenge, I noticed Duncan breaking several rules during the challenge! He kept climbing the volcano yet I told him not to! So, your team loses! *Laughs* Now, all of you guys are going to come up to me, and tell me your votes, Screaming Swords, and remember, all Duncan's fault! *Laughs*

Duncan: *votes Lindsay* Ugh!

Trent: *votes Lindsay* Ugh!

Chris: Lindsay has two votes against her, more than she can count! *Laughs*

Tyler: I can't vote for Lindsay! Uhhh... Duncan punched me in the face! And he lost the challenge, so I'm voting for him! *stabs Duncan's doll*

Duncan: Really at least I was part of the CHALLENGE! I want to switch teams!

Chris: B? What's your vote?

Duncan: Why is it always me!

Tyler: Well, at least, Lindsay didn't punch me in the face or make us lose the challenge!

B: *Smiles nervously* *thinks*(CONF) *Sweats nervously* 

Chris: That's why I did this. *Smiles* To make drama! *Laughs*

Duncan: I hope it's not me!

B: *gulps* *erases board, then writes Why shouldn't I vote for you, Duncan?*

Xaypay: Really my character is gone now. :(

Duncan: I guess someone is going?!

B: *frowns in dissapointment* *stabs Duncan's doll* *erases board, then writes sorry*

Lindsay: Ooh, she's pretty, why don't we vote for her?

Chris: Really!? Well actually it doesn't matter, Duncan you're on the Killer Knights, and Noah is over here, and Lindsay, you're staying there. But be careful next time, okay? Now ... let's see........ who wants to be exiled? *Long silence* Well, since nobody answered me... Tyler! You're going! Chef! *Chef takes him*

Chef: I can't believe I gotta do this.

Tyler: X-treme!!!!!!!

Chris: Next time, will these switches change things? Will I change things? And will Chef change his food to make it taste even worse? Probably! Find out next time on Total... Drama... Medieval War!

Episode 6 ~ Around The Castle


Chris: Welcome back Tyler from exile! *Tyler has cuts, bruises, and everything* You... you suck! Anyways, today's challenge... you will have to build a bike (6 LINES), then race it around the castle (4 LINES)! The first one to do so will win for their team! So build! *Laughs*

B: *builds his bike* (1)

Tyler: I don't suck! *starts building a bicycle with square wheels* (1)

Noah: *Sees Tyler's bike* You... are so smart. *Starts to build bike* (1)

Gwen: *Starts to build bike* This is annoying! (1)

B: *builds his bike* (2)

Tyler:Yeah, dude, I know! *tries to high-five Noah, but falls over instead* 

Noah: *Sighs then continues to build bike* (2)

Gwen: *Continues to build bike* (2)

B: *builds his bike* (3)

Tyler: *gets back up* *continues building a bicycle with square wheels* (2)

Noah: *Continues building bike* (3)

Gwen: *Continues building bike* (3)

B: *builds his bike* (4)

Tyler: *continues building a bicycle with square wheels* (3)

Noah: *Continues building bike* (4)

Gwen: *Continues building bike* (4)

B: *builds his bike* (5)

Tyler: *continues building a bicycle with square wheels* (4)

Noah: *Continues building bike* (5)

Gwen: *Continues building bike* (5)

B: *finishes his bike* (6) *smiles*

Tyler: *continues building a bicycle with square wheels* (5)

Noah: *Finishes bike* (6) There we go.

Gwen: *Finishes bike* (6) Finally!

B: *starts racing around the castle* (1)

Tyler: *finishes building a bicycle with square wheels* (6) Yeah, baby! Time to rock and roll!

Gwen: *Starts to race around the castle* (1)

Noah: *Starts to race around the castle* (1)

B: *races around the castle* (2)

Tyler: *tries to race on his bicycle* Wait... why won't my bike go!?!?!

Gwen: *Continues to race* (2)

Noah: *Continues to race* (2)

B: *races around the castle* (3)

Tyler: *tries to race on his bicycle* Stupid bike, go!!!! *tries to pedal, but the bike falls over and breaks* Owwww.....

Gwen: *Continues to race* (3)

Noah: *Continues to race* (3)

B: *finishes the race* (4) *smiles*

Gwen: *Passes line* Shoot!

Noah: *Passes line* Whatever.

Chris: I may not have mentioned this earlier, but tonight, is a double elimination! Yes, you heard me correctly! One of the eliminate-ees will be the majority vote, while the other will be chosen by my man, B! So, Killer Knights, get voting, agaaaaiiiiiinnnnnn! But, before you do that... B, you get to eliminate someone right now! Who will it be?

B: *thinks* (CONF) *erases board, then writes Not this, again.* (END CONF) *erases board, then writes Zoey :(*

Chris: Zoey, you'll be going home later, but first, Killer Knights vote! Now, Chef! *Chef comes out and takes her away*

Killer Knights Voting

Duncan: *votes Izzy*

Izzy: *votes Duncan* (CONF) Gwen, please dont vote for me ! :(

Gwen: *Votes Duncan* Sorry dude.

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: Alright... Gwen! *Throws her a diamond* And... Izzy! *Throws her a diamond* Sorry, Duncan! Not really! *Laughs* Anyways, Chef! Again!

Chef: *Comes out and grabs Duncan and takes him to the platform* I better get a raise after this season. *Pushes Duncan and Zoey on the platform*

Chris: Alright, any last words? Too late! *Launches the two then laughs* So, who wants to get exiled?

Noah: I do.

Chris: Really?

Noah: Sure,why not? (CONF) The only reason I went is because I don't want "Miss Dumb Princess" to "accidentally" choke me again, it's a long story. (END CONF)

Chris: Anyways, next time... who will get exiled? Who will get eliminated? And who will win? Find out on Total... Drama... Medieval War! Now Chef!

Chef: *Comes out and takes Noah to exile then sighs before so*

Episode 7 ~ The Merge!


Chris: Welcome back Noah! Blah blah blah! Today is the merge! Congrats campers for reaching it! Anyways, today's next challenge, you'll have to race to the finish line! It takes 10 lines and the last person to do so will be eliminated! Good luck... just kidding! *Laughs* I'm amazing! Let's go... chop chop!

Gwen: *Starts running* (1)

Noah: *Starts running* (1)

Trent: *starts running* (1)

Gwen: *Continues running* (2)

Noah: *Continues running* (2)

Trent: *continues running* (2) Got to do better than that Chris! (CONF) Good that Duncan's gone now I can have sometime with Gwen. (CONF ENDS)

Gwen: *Continues running* (3)

Noah: *Continues running* (3)

Trent: *continues running* (3)

Gwen: *Continues running* (4)

Noah: *Continues running* (4)

Trent: *continues running* (4)

Gwen: *Continues running* (5)

Noah: *Continues running* (5)

B: *starts running* (1)

Tyler: I'm a pro at running! *starts jogging* (1)

Gwen: *Continues running* (6)

Noah: *Continues running* (6)

B: *runs* (2)

Tyler: *jogs* (2)

Gwen: *Continues running* (7)

Noah: *Continues running* (7)

B: *runs* (3)

Tyler: *jogs* (3)

Gwen: *Continues running* (8)

Noah: *Continues running* (8)

B: *runs* (4)

Tyler: *jogs* (4)

Gwen: *Continues running* (9)

Noah: *Continues running* (9)

B: *runs* (5)

Tyler: *jogs* (5)

Gwen: *Continues running* (10)

Noah: *Continues running* (10)

Chris: And Noah and Gwen are the first ones to cross the finish line! They are 100% safe! Or are they? *Laughs* Who will be next to cross?

B: *runs* (6)

Tyler: *jogs* C'mon, Lindsay! You can do this! (6)

Chris: Can she? Can any of you? *Laughs*

B: *runs* (7)

Tyler: *jogs* (7)

Gwen: Go B!

B: *gives Gwen a thumbs up* *runs* (8)

Tyler: *jogs* Hey, I think I can almost see the finish line! (8)

Noah: My bet... Tyler will trip on air the next minute.

Lindsay: *Starts running* (1)

Izzy: *Starts running* (1)

B: *runs* (9)

Tyler: *trips and falls over* Owww.... stupid air, it always messes my game up!

Chris: And B is almost there!

Lindsay: *Continues running* (2)

Izzy: *Continues running* (2)

B: *finishes* *fist pumps* (10)

Tyler: *gets up and starts jogging* (9)

Lindsay: *Continues running* (3)

Izzy: *Continues running* (3)

Chris: And B is completely safe!

Lindsay: *Continues running* (4)

Izzy: *Continues running* (4)

Chris: Who will be next!?

Lindsay: *Continues running* (5)

Izzy: *Continues running* (5)

Chris: *Laughs* Is anybody gonna get hurt? I guess not... that sucks!

Lindsay: *Continues running* (6)

Izzy: *Continues running* (6)

Chris: Well, Lindsay and Izzy are catching up!

Lindsay: *Continues running* (7)

Izzy: *Continues running* (7) (CONF) I cant lose this, i cant!

Chris: So, Chef wanna do something after this? Wait... can they hear me!?

Lindsay: *Continues running* (8)

Izzy: *Continues running* (8) HOW LONG TILL THE END, CHRIS?

Chris: You'll be there soon! I hope not.

Lindsay: *Continues running* (9)

Izzy: *Continues running* (9) NOT CHRIS? (CONF) I'm there .. it's so ... so ... close. Ex-pl-o-si-voooo returnssss

Chris: There both almost there!

Lindsay: *Continues running* (10)

Izzy: *Continues running* (10)

Chris: And Lindsay and Izzyare safe! But Izzy, since you were the 5th to cross the line... you're gonna be exiled later!

Tyler: *out of breath, crawling across the line* I... I.. made it. *passes out*

Chris: And Tyler's the last one to cross the line! Trent, you're going home dude! 

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: *At the platform* See ya Trent! I guess you didn't get you're time with Gwen you wanted! *Laughs then flings him* Now--!

Chef: I know, I know! *Takes Izzy to exile* 

Chris: Well, then! Next time, will the final six survive? Who will make it to the final five? And will I have a super surprise twist for the contestants? You bet I will! *Laughs* Find out on Total... Drama... Medieval War!

Episode 8 ~ Crates Of Crap

Chris: Today, since you guys made it to the final six, you guys get to choose from these 6 boxes! *Shows boxes* Each of them have a prize, or a not-so happy thing-a-majig! *Laughs* So, choose a number and at the end you can open it and see what you have!

B: *thinks* *picks up box 4*

Tyler: Box 1! Wait... no... Box 2! Wait Box 1 & 2! Well 1+2=5 so I pick  Box 3! *picks up box 3*

Trent: *in the water* I will not go home! (CONF) I miss home, but I need to see Gwen! (CONF ENDS) *watches contestants open boxes* Cool, wish I was in the game though. *walks up to Chris* Hey, Chris can I be an intern?! I fell off the sling out this after you lauched me and I jumped back into the water and came back to see Gwen so can I please be an intern!

Chris: An intern, huh? How about you just return to the game!? Trent's back in! But, when you lose you're an intern for the rest of the season. Now, go pick a box. And don't make me regret it! 

Trent: *picks up box 2?* Really what should I get! (CONF) It's good to be back now to see Gwen! (CONF ENDS) Hey, Gwen pick a box *smiles* (CONF) What! I got to make some move! (CONF ENDS)

Gwen: Alright, I guess. *Picks box 7*

Noah: *Picks box 6* Why not?

Trent: Cool! *kisses Gwen* I always loved you!

Gwen: *Laughs* How... cute.

Trent: Yeah. It would be nice if... will you go out with me again?

Gwen: Huh!? I--uhhhhh... Yeah, I will, I'd love to. *Smiles*

Tyler: *sees Trent and Gwen* Lindsay! Why don't we ever get romantic?

Trent: G-G-Girlfriend! *passes out*

Gwen: Trent!? Are you okay? *Kneels down beside Trent* Oh my gosh!

B: *checks to see if Trents is breathing*

Trent: *wakes up smiling at gwen* Girlfriend! *smiles*

Gwen: Yeah, but this time... please stay consious.

Trent: Whatever you say Girlfriend! *smiles* Now can we open these boxes now Chris?!

Chris: Wait a minute...

Lindsay: *Picks box 5*

Izzy: *Picks box 1*

Chris: Now you may open them!

Gwen: *Opens box and there's nothing* Too bad!

Noah: *Opens box and a boxing glove punches him in the place* Ouch! Ugh!

Lindsay: *Opens box and snapping turtles jump out and bite her*

Izzy: *Opens box and a skunk sprays her*

Trent: *Opens box and nothing is in it*

Gwen: Eeewwww!

B: *Opens box and gets sprayed with slime*

Tyler: *Opens box and he gets an immunity ticket*

Chris: I guess Tyler was the one to get it: The Immunity Pass!

Trent: I got nothing no fair! *Glares at Chris*

Chris: Should've chose a different box Trent! *Laughs*

Trent: You piece of-- Nevermind! *glares at chris*

Chris: Hilarious! Since Tyler has immunity, he doesn't have to participate in the challenge, but you can if you want.

Trent: Let's get this challenge started!

Tyler: Bring it on!

Trent: What's the challenge anyway?!

Chris: *Points to a bunch of crates* You have to carry them, *Points to mountain* up there! It takes 12 lines, and the first one to do so will win immunity alongside Tyler! Now, see ya!

Trent: *starts carrying bunch of crates up mountain* Holy crap this is heavy! (1)

B: *lifts crates up and starts carrying them up the mountain* (1)

Tyler: *tries to lift crates, but can't* What are these made of?

Trent: *still carrying crates* (2)

Gwen: *Grabs crate and takes it up mountain* Ugh! I hate Chris! (1)

Noah:*Grabs crate and takes it up mountain* Who doesn't!? (1)

B: *still carrying crates up the mountain* (2)

Trent: *still carrying crates and picks up Gwen's crates also* (3)

Gwen: *Carries crate* I think I can do this! *Laughs* (2)

Noah: *Carries crate* (2)

B: *still carrying crates up the mountain* (3)

Trent: *carrying crates still* (4)

B: *still carrying crates up the mountain* (4)

Gwen: *Carries crates* (3)

Noah: *Carries crates* (3)

Trent: *still carrying crates* (5)

B: *still carrying crates up the mountain* (5)

Trent: *carrying crates* (6)

Gwen: *Carries crates* (4)

Noah: *Carries crates* (4)

Trent: *carries crates* (7)

B: *still carrying crates up the mountain* (6)

Trent: *carries crates* (8)

Gwen: *Carries crates* (5)

Noah: *Carries crates* (5)

Trent: *carries crates* (9)

B: *still carrying crates up the mountain* (7)

Gwen: *Carries crates* (6)

Noah: *Carries crates* (6)

B: *still carrying crates up the mountain* (8)

Trent: *carries crates* (10)

B: *still carrying crates up the mountain* (9)

Trent: *carries crates* (11)

B: *still carrying crates up the mountain* (10)

Trent: *carries cartes* (12) Yes!

B: *gives Trent a congradulatory slap on the back* *thumbs up*

Trent: Thanks B. *hugs B and Gwen* Good job guys!

Chris: And Trent wins immunity! You and Tyler will be safe in tonight's vote! Now, vote!

Merged Voting

Gwen: *Votes Izzy* She smells!

Noah: *Votes Izzy* She's crazy and stinks... not a good combination.

Trent: *votes Izzy* She didn't even try this time!

Tyler: *votes Izzy* Well, better than voting out Lindsay!

B: *votes Izzy*

Izzy: *Votes B* No talky! No likey!

Lindsay: *Votes B* I don't know what he says?

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: Trent and Tyler have immunity. *Throws them diamonds* And... Gwen, Lindsay, and Noah! *Throws them diamonds* What the heck, B! *Throws him a diamond* Izzy, you're outta here!

Izzy: Who cares!? *Runs off into the woods*

Chris: Okay... Since Lindsay didn't participate at all, she'll get exiled. Next time--!

Chef: Shut it Chris! We know! We understand! Now, shut it! 

Chris: Don't have to be so touchy... On Total Drama Medieval War! Haaa!

Chef: *Punches Chris* Ha.

Episode 9 ~ May The Fear Be With You


Chris: Welcome back... Lindsay! Alright, now... Today's challenge... you'll be touring a haunted house! Not really touring, but you'll be searching for enough evidence to see who this place used to belong to. It takes 6 Lines to reach the top of the stairs, and then... it takes at least 4 Lines to find a clue! At the end, I will judge on the most creative and sensible place where the clue was and what it says, and also how many you have! (But be prepared to tell me what the picture has or the letters/ notes say!) This one's gonna be difficult! *Laughs* Go! But, before you do so! You might wanna avoid certain things up in there! *Laughs* Now you may go!

Lindsay: *reach the top* (1)

Gwen: *Reach the top* (1)

Noah: *Reach the top* (1)

Lindsay: *reach the top* (2)

Gwen: *Reach the top* (2)

Noah: *Reach the top* (2)

Lindsay: *reach the top* (3)

Gwen: *Reach the top* (3)

Noah: *Reach the top* (3)

Trent: *Reach the top* (1)

Gwen: *Reach the top* (4)

Noah: *Reach the top* (4)

Trent: *Reach the top* (2)

Gwen: *Reach the top* (5)

Noah: *Reach the top* (5)

Trent: *Reach the top* (3)

Gwen: *Reach the top* (6) Finally! I hate stairs!

Noah: *Reach the top* (6) Ugh! Such... work!

Trent: *reach top* Ugh! So hard! (4)

Gwen: You can do it Trent!

Trent: reach top* (5)

Gwen: Go!

Trent: Thanks babe! *smiles at Gwen* *reach top* (6)

Gwen: *Laughs* Let's start searching! *Starts searching* (1)

Noah: Whatever. *Starts searching* (1)

Trent: *starts searching* Gwen and Noah alliance?! (1)

Gwen: Maybe. *Laughs* *Continues search* (2)

Noah: I don't know, I don't care. *Continues search* (2)

Trent: *continues search* Gwen I love you *laughs* (2)

Lindsay: *reach the top* (4)

Gwen: I love you too. *Continues search* (3)

Noah: Ugh! Love. *Continues search* (3)

Trent: *continues search* (3) *starts singing to Gwen*

Lindsay: *reach the top* (5)

Trent: *continues search* (4) I found a clue baby! *hugs Gwen*

Gwen: Awww, how cute. *Continues search* (4) Yes, found one! Who would've thought they would've hid one in a cookie jar!

Noah: Stop the singing! *Continues search* (4) Me too! And who would've thought a can of butter. *Wipes hand on shirt* Ew.

Lindsay: *reach the top* (6)

Trent: Now what do we do? It was only just a dream *starts singing again*

Noah: Augh! *Giant spider pops out and kidnaps Noah*

Gwen: Oh, it's probably a fake!

Chris: No, it isn't Gwen! Chef's missing and--

Gwen: How do we know your not lying?

Chris: Because... I'm in here! Plus, even if it what fake who cares!? It's money! Help meeeeeeeeee!

Gwen: Maybe, we should.

Noah: I don't think so.

Gwen: It's money, and plus... Look! *Spider stands there with Chris, Chef, and Noah in a spider web, then it runs back a hallway*

Chris: Help! Whoever things of the most creative way to save me, and everyone agrees to it, and does it, wins immunittyyyyyy! *Spider drags them away*

Trent: *picks up Gwen and starts carrying her while he runs towards the hallway* We got to save them!

Gwen: And you gotta put me down! *Hops off Trent's shoulder* I think we should---. *Gwen stops after she hears screams and then they see the spider drag Tyler and B by* Ahhh! I'm glad I'm not them!

Trent: Yeah me too, now let's go and save Chris, Chef, Tyler, and my friend B! *hides behind door*

Gwen: *Rolls eyes* That's gonna help. The spider went that way! So, we need to go a different route, but it needs to lead us to the same place. *Points to a hallway* Let's go! *Gwen, Lindsay, and Trent run through hallway*

Trent: *follows Gwen* Okay, you can lead the way (CONF) I love that girl! *laughs* (CONF ENDS) *still following* Let's go!

Gwen: Ummmm, uh-! *Spider captures Lindsay* What the!? I'm getting really tired of this spider!

Trent: *walks towards Spider* Hey, spider over here! *distacts the spider*

Gwen: I'm gonna go save them! *Runs to the web in the corner and frees everyone*

Chris: Thanks, you win immunity, but who's that!?

Spider: *Takes head off* It's me! *Shakes head*

Izzy: It's me, Izzy! *Laughs* Some people were saying I wasn't crazy enough, so I needed to show them that they were wrong! *Laughs* Now, this time... can I please get launched? I don't care... I am! *Laughs*

Chris: Ugh! You win Gwen! No votes for Gwen! Now, once we all get out of here, you can vote, and I gotta take a shower! 

Chef: Me too. Ugh! *Walks off with Chris and the contestants follow*

Merged Voting

Trent: *votes Tyler* Better than B my friend!

Gwen: *Votes Tyler* He couldn't even climb the stairs!

Noah: *Votes Tyler* If he stays any longer, he's going to kill us all!

B: *Votes Trent* *Shrugs*

Tyler: *Votes Trent*

Lindsay: *Votes Tyler by accident*

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: Well, soon were gonna find out who will make the final five. Gwen has immunity, and... Lindsay, Noah, and B! *Throws them all diamonds* Sorry, dude... but... Trent! *Throws him a diamond* Sorry Tyler! *Leads Tyler and Izzy to the platform* Bye bye! *Flings them then laughs* Anyways... B! You exiled! You haven't gone yet and you were one of the first few caught! So, see ya! *Chef appears and takes away B* Next time, will we give these teens a break, will we give them decent food, and will we let them be happy? Nope to all of those questions, but still, next time on Total... Drama... Medieval War!

Trent: That was fast!

Episode 10 ~ Forest Grinch


Chris: Last's night exile, B! Today's challenge, your gonna be living in the forest! You can team up or go alone! It takes 6 Lines to prepare camp, and 4 Lines to catch food, and in the end, the first one to get back to camp when I announce times up, and the one to catch the most food, will both win immunity for tonight's vote! Now go!

B: *erases board, then writes Team?* *shows it to Gwen and Trent* 

Gwen: Sure! Let's go and prepare camp! *Starts to prepare camp* (1)

B: *helps prepare camp* (2)

Gwen: *Continues to prepare camp* (3)

Noah: I'm gonna go with... I guess Lindsay! *Starts to prepare camp* (1)

B: *helps prepare camp* (4)

Gwen: *Continues to prepare camp* (5) Yes, were almost done!

B: *finishes preparing camp* (6) *fist pumps*

Gwen: Yahoo! But we do need something to eat. *Tries to catch food* (1)

Noah: *Continues to prepare camp* (2)

B: *makes three fishing rods* *gives one to Trent and one to Gwen*

Gwen: Thanks, that may help a bit better than just running around. *Laughs then sends rod out* (2)

Noah: *Prepares camp* (3) (CONF) I should've teamed up with them three, I'm preparing the camp by myself, I barely even like to work! (END CONF)

B: *smiles* *casts rod out and almost immediately lands a fish* *shrugs* (3) 

Noah: *Prepares camp* (4)

Gwen: *Smiles then catches a fish* (4) Yes, I'm gonna go cook this fish! *Runs off*

Noah: *Prepares camp* (5)

B: *erases board, then writes Now what?*

Gwen: *Cooking fish* I don't know, I guess... just sleep after this is done.

Noah: *Finishes camp* (6) Finally! Ugh! Gee!

B: *nods*

Noah: Ugh! Forget about it! I'm sleeping! Food can wait!

B: * is bored* *erases board, then writes Who are thinking of voting off?*

Gwen: Right now, I guess Trent, or Lindsay. Both of them haven't done anything, I know Trent's my boyfriend, but if you're not gonna help at all, you know, you don't deserve to win a million bucks. *Sighs* I guess.

B: *ponders* *erases board, then writes How long until the food is ready?*

Gwen: I think... *Takes fish off of fire* It's done! *Splits it in to three then gives B a piece and keeps one for her* I'll save this extra piece for Trent, whenever he wakes up. Cheers, I guess! *Starts to eat fish*

B: *cheers* *eats fish, then instantaneously falls asleep*

Gwen: It's just me... I guess... sadly. Everyone's asleep. *Sighs, then finishes off fish and goes to sleep*

Chris: *Wakes up campers through megaphones everywhere* Time to head back! Time to head back! *Laughs* I'm amazing! Now come on! It takes 5 Lines to get to where I am, and the first one to do so will win immunity!

Lindsay: *gets where Chris is* (1)

Gwen: *Gets where Chris is* (1)

Noah: *Gets where Chris is* (1)

Lindsay: *gets where Chris is* (2)

Gwen: *Gets where Chris is* (2)

Noah: *Gets where Chris is* (2)

Lindsay: *gets where Chris is* (3)

Gwen: *Gets where Chris is* (3)

Noah: *Gets where Chris is* (3)

Lindsay: *gets where Chris is* (4)

Gwen: *Gets where Chris is* (4)

Noah: *Gets where Chris is* (4)

Chris: I see Lindsay, Gwen and Noah! Trent and B are still sleeping!? *Laughs* Sucks to be them! *Laughs*

Lindsay: *gets where Chris is* (5) Get Ya! Yay *hugs Chris*

Chris: And Lindsay wins immunity! But, Gwen also wins it since she caught the most food, it was only one fish, but it was something! So, everyone go vote! No Gwen or Lindsay though!

Merged Voting

Lindsay: It's really weird for me, but i vote for someone that previous is be eliminated. I want a far game, and not someone is eliminated and came back. *Votes Trent* I'm sorry, friend! But i must to do this, Bradd! No it was .. Terri .. Troy!

Gwen: *Votes Trent* Sorry, but you didn't help me, and somtimes, I feel like you don't even think I can help myself. I can't keep you in because you're my boyfriend, I'm sorry.

Noah: *Votes Trent* He's stuck up Gwen's butt... bye bye!

B: *Votes Trent* *shrugs*

Trent: *Votes B*

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: Let's get to it... Gwen and Lindsay, and then Noah! *Throws them diamonds* B! *Throws him a diamond* Sorry Trent, again, not really... again! *Leads him to the platform and launches him* And that's for good! Next time, will--!

Chef: Let me do it! Next time, will Chris shut up? With these idiots shut up? And will I shut up!? Of course not! Find out... on Total Drama Medieval War! 

Episode 11 ~ Collect Your Booty


Chris: Today's challenge, you'll have to collect a random piece of treausre you have been assigned. Lindsay: Golden Sword, Gwen: Golden Helmet, Noah: Golden Boot, and B: Golden Shield. It takes 15 Lines to collect your treasure, and the last one to do so will be automatically eliminated! Gooooooooooooooooooo!

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (1)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (1)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (1) 

Lindsay: *Looks for Golden Sword* (1)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (2)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (2) 

Lindsay: *Looks for Golden Sword.* (2)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (3)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (3) 

Lindsay: *Looks for Golden Sword* (3)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (4)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (4) 

Lindsay: *Looks for Golden Sword* (4)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (5)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (5) 

Lindsay: *Looks for Golden Sword* (5)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (6)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (6) 

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (2)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (7)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (7) 

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (3)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (8)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (8) 

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (4)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (9)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (9) 

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (5)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (10)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (10) 

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (6)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (11)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (11) 

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (7)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (12)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (12) 

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (8)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (13)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (13) 

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (9)

Gwen: *Looks for Golden Helmet* (14)

Noah: *Looks for Golden Boot* (14) 

B: *looks for Golden Shield* (10)

Gwen: *Finds Golden Helmet* Yes!

Noah: *Finds Golden Boot* Whatever.

B: *looks extra hard for Golden Shield* (11 & 12)

Chris: Gwen and Noah have their items! And B is so close to finding his!

B: *looks extra hard for Golden Shield* (13 & 14)

Chris: He's so close! By a nose!

B: *finds Golden Shield* (15) *raises it above his head in triumph*

Chris: B found his item, and Lindsay is eliminated! We have our final three!

Elimination Ceremony/ Elimination

Chris: *Lindsay's on platform* Oh, you have something to say? Too bad! *Launches her* Who will make it to the final two? Who will win? Who will puke next? Find out on Total... Drama... 

Chef: Medieval War! Now, shut off the camera!

Episode 12 ~ Tidal Brave


Chris: We're gonna be finding out who will be going to the final two! Your challenge, you will have to choose a boat (Pick something random), and race around the island twice! It takes 20 Lines! The first person to do so will choose who will go to the finals with them. *Shoots cork gun* Now go finalists go!

B: *chooses an Airboat* *hops in* *starts racing* (1)

Gwen: *Chooses a motorboat and hops in then starts racing* (1)

Noah: *Gets stuck with a pattleboat and then hops on and starts racing* (1) This sucks.

B: *continues racing* (2)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (2)

Noah: *Continues racing* (2)

B: *continues racing* (3)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (3)

Noah: *Continues racing* (3)

B: *continues racing* (4)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (4)

Noah: *Continues racing* (4)

B: *continues racing* (5)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (5)

Noah: *Continues racing* (5)

B: *continues racing* (6)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (6)

Noah: *Continues racing* (6)

B: *continues racing* (7)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (7)

Noah: *Continues racing* (7)

B: *continues racing* (8)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (8)

Noah: *Continues racing* (8)

B: *continues racing* (9)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (9)

Noah: *Continues racing* (9)

B: *continues racing* (10)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (10)

Noah: *Continues racing* (10)

B: *continues racing* (11)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (11)

Noah: *Continues racing* (11)

B: *continues racing* (12)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (12)

Noah: *Continues racing* (12)

B: *continues racing* (13)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (13)

Noah: *Continues racing* (13)

B: *continues racing* (14)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (14)

Noah: *Continues racing* (14)

B: *continues racing* (15)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (15)

Noah: *Continues racing* (15)

B: *continues racing* (16)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (16)

Noah: *Continues racing* (16)

B: *continues racing* (17)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (17)

Noah: *Continues racing* (17)

B: *continues racing* (18)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (18)

Noah: *Continues racing* (18)

B: *continues racing* (19)

Gwen: *Continues racing* (19)

Noah: *Continues racing* (19)

B: *finishes the race* (20) *erases board, then writes That went quicker than expected* *throws up board in celebration*

Chris: Congratulations, B! So who will it be? Who do you wanna send home?

B: *thinks* *frowns* *points to Noah*

Chris: Sorry, Noah but your eliminated and won't win $1,000,000 dollars! Chef!

Chef: Let's go scrawny boy! *Picks up Noah and throws him on the platform* 

Noah: I--.

Chris: *Launches him* Haha! Who will win? Who will take the money? Who will lose the money? Find out on Total Drama Medieval War!

Episode 13 ~ Pick A Winner!

Chris: Welcome back all the losers! *Shows everyone who has been eliminated* And our finalists! *Shows Gwen and B* Congratulations to you two! So, vote for the person you want TO WIN! I CAN NOT STRESS THAT ENOUGH! So, get voting, and finalists can't vote! *Laughs* Go!

Tyler: Hmmm.... I vote for B, He helped my team win, a lot, and he didn't vote me off, and, to top it all off, she isn't controlled by Usitgz! Wait, that last one didn't make any sense! So I vote for Lindsay instead, because she's so perfect! Wait... no! Lindsay isn't in the game, so I change my vote back to B or something like that! *votes B*

Noah: I like B, but Gwen has held her own. She's won challenges for herself and her team, and she's pretty cool. *Shrugs* What can I say? *Votes Gwen*

Trent: I am voting for the winner! *votes Gwen*

Duncan: Voting for the winner of my life too. *votes Gwen*

Izzy: I vote for a nice friend. *Votes Gwen*

Lindsay: I vote for Tyler, i love him so much! *Votes Tyler which is actually Gwen*

Heather: No way Gwen should win! *Votes B*

Alejandro: Neither of these two imbeciles should have made it to the finale, but I guess... *Votes B*

Courtney: *Votes Gwen* I guess.... even though that should've been me!

Dawn: *Votes B* He has a nice aura.... that is always good.

Mike: *Votes Gwen* I barely know B, plus he doesn't talk.

Zoey: *Votes Gwen* I'm closer to Gwen... sorry B!

Chris: Alright.... were gonna find out our Medieval War winner! *Pulls two votes out of a helmet* Two votes B! *Pulls out two more* Gwen, two votes! *Pulls out one more* One Gwen! *Pulls out one* Gwen! *Pulls out another* B! *Pulls out another* B! *Pulls out two more* Gwen! *Pulls out the last two votes* And the Total Drama Medieval War winner is....................................................Gwen! Congratulations! *Confetti and balloons fly down*

Gwen: *Laughs* Cool! Sorry, B. I'm really sorry. 

Chris: Congratulations, Gwen! Woohoo! You rock! *Everyone continues to either congratulate Gwen, hang around B, or just sit there* This was a awesome season. And by awesome, I mean awesome, and painful! *Laughs* Well see ya everyone! We had fun, and I bet you had fun, well reading and participating in this! So, peace out!