Remember Total Drama Neighborhood, or the second season, or that season with so many themes it just sucked. Well the series has been revived for a fourth season. Join Chris and a brand new host on this ride in the Neighborhood! (They don't pay me enough to do a fourth season....).


1. No godplaying, unless allowed.

2. Don't complain about eliminations, unless you have a reason to why it's unfair.

3. Don't use other people's characters.

4. No cussing.


Breaking any of these rules could possibly lead to elimination.


Chris(Co-Host) - TrentFan

Frank(Co-Host) - XrosHearts

Total Drama(CLOSED)

1. Sierra - XrosHearts

2. Noah - NZ Man123 20:19, June 1, 2012 (UTC)

3. Duncan - SinsMakePeople

4. Alejandro- Youre2490

5. Trent- Zoom.

6. Harold - TrentFan

7. Geoff - Henzzy

8. Ezekiel- Roy49

9. (DEBUTER) Izzy - Zannabanna


1. Nathan - The Strategist - XrosHearts

2. Josh - Total Dramas Ozzy Lusth - NZ Man123 20:20, June 1, 2012 (UTC)

3. Katelyn- The One Who Is At Least Almost Normal- SinsMakePeople

4. Gramps-The Strong Old Spy- Youre2490

5. Carrie- The Cutest

6. Lily- The Shy Girl (Remember me from the other seasons?) Zoomer

7. Sally - the smart sporty girl - Henzzy

8. Samuel - The Nice Team Player - TrentFan

Elimination Table

Izzy WIN WIN OUT 8th
Nathan WIN WIN IN WIN OUT 12th
Sierra WIN SAFE OUT 14th/15th
Trent IN WIN OUT 15th/14th
Katelyn WIN OUT 16th
Carrie OUT 17th

Blue=Team Mahatma

Lime=Team Excelsior

Purple=(Merged Team) Purple Banditos(credit to NZ Man)

SAFE=This person was safe this episode

IN=This person didn't win but wasn't eliminated/bottom two.

IND=This person won immunity for themselves, but didn't technically win

WIN=This team/person won the challenge

OUT=This person was eliminated this episode.

Day One

Chris: Welcome to the Neighborhood! Feel right at home and take your keys at the table. Nathan, Josh, Noah, and Sierra are here!

Katelyn: Chris, how about me, at least?

Chris: And Katelyn and Duncan. Hope you enjoy your temporary houses.

Noah: Right. Well if I'm here I may as well win.

Josh: If you have seen Survivor you are scared of me.

Chris: But I haven't so....just grab your keys and hang around.

Katelyn: *Grabs Keys* Adios, amigos.

Duncan: With her here, this'll suck.

Chris: Well, you might not be on the same team, but that's a 50/50 chance, so good luck with that.

Duncan: No a 90/1 chance, so get your facts right

Chris: Well, whatever. Just enjoy your stay, Duncan, you'll have to get used to it, unless you are voted off first. Now we also have Gramps and Alejandro!

Duncan: Thanks.

Alejandro: Hey, ladies!

Duncan: WE AREN'T LADIES! Unless you count Katelyn.

(Youre: That wasn't me that talked as Alejandro; so who was it?)

(SIns: TrentFan? But I don't blame him/her. Shes doing a nice job.)

(TrentFan: I didn't talk as Alejandro, by the way I'm a him.)

(Youre: Then who did?)

(TrentFan: I don't know, let me check the history. I saw a Wikia Contributor, maybe it was the WC?)

(Sins: Maybe. BUT NOBODY EDITS DUNCAN AND KATELYN! I freak out, and you do not want that.)

(TrentFan: I understand that it makes people angry, that's why its a rule.)

Gramps: Hello

Trent: Hey there everyone. It's great to be back.

Lily: Oh, hi there, Trent.

Chris: We have Trent here. and returnee, Lily, I think...*on phone* It's correct, okay *hangs up* Yeah, it's Lily.

Duncan: My memory si blurry, so I don't really remember her. Or really know her at all.

Lily: I... um... kind of won a season. Hehehe...

Alejandro: Her, win a season?

Chris: Yes, you haven't been in a Neighborhood season, I got bored of some of you and didn't invite you, but hey you're here now, that's what matters.

Duncan: When and why did you invite him? *Points To Alejandro*

Chris: Well, the only Total Drama contestants I invited were Cody, Tyler, and Zeke, I think. He's only been in this season, besides he brings good drama.

Duncan: Oh ho ho, you are so blind.

Chris: I also brought you since your rivalry with Al, will bring good ratings.

Duncan: That. Sucks.

Alejandro: The feeling is mutual.

Chris: May I remind both of you, I still have contracts. They last for quite a while.

Alejandro: And you didn't bring us back for Revenge of the Island.

Chris: Well you were injured, not much use could come from you.

Duncan: You got pwned, Al.

Alejandro: So why weren't you able to come back?

Chris: He was getting too bland.

Duncan: Wow, Katelyn's luckier than I thought.

Alejandro: Lucky she never met you until today.

Duncan: Where's your shut up button? You have it?

Gramps: Calm down both of you.

Duncan: Who the heck are you?

Gramps: Gramps

Duncan: Well, Gramps. Who are you to budge in people's conversations?

Chris: *sips lemonade* Yeah, just join me in watching these two argue, it's fun and not dangerous....for me anyway.

Duncan: Someone, please kill me.

Chris: Yeah, good luck with that...anyways, we also have a co-host this season, who will appear sometime soon.

Duncan: What's his name?

Chris: Uh, Frank, or something. Yeah, I think it's Frank.

Duncan: Jeffery, it is.

Chris: Yeah, something like that.

Duncan: Nah, it's Frank. I just want to call him that.

Chris: *shrugs* Frank, Jeffery, they're sorta like the same thing.

Duncan: I'mma call you Sheldon, Sheldon.

Chris: *Sipping more lemonade* Huh?

Duncan: Where'd you get the lemonade, Sheldon?

Chris: Not important, because you won't be getting any, this camp doesn't always have the best feasts.

Duncan: *Rolls Eyes*

Chris: That's better, *finishes lemonade*

Duncan: Not serious. Just kill me. Anything. I'll do anything.

(Isn't there any other people online?)

(I don't think so, but more people should come on tomorrow or something xD)

Josh: Well I am fit and ready to destroy everyone here.

Noah: Good luck with that.

Josh: Yo Duncan. If we are on the same team we should totally ally. I already have with Noah.

Chris: Oh yeah, for the food issue, since Chef quit and Zeke had to go away, we have a food budget, so we bought some food for you guys, the winning team will always get the better food, the losing team will get cheap/stale food.

Duncan: Sure, Josh.

Harold: I am here to win with my mad skills!

Chris: Please welcome Harold!

Duncan: Him again? Seriously? Harold, you have zero skills.

Harold: Duncan is here? GOSH! I do have mad skills!

Duncan: Thanks for the greeting, may i say.

Harold: Chris, never said anything about you being here.

Chris: It would spoil the fun!

Duncan: You already spoiled the fun.

Harold: I agree.

Chris: Hey, it's for the ratings. That is what keeps this show floating.

Duncan: You should be floating in the ocean if you think of putting another season.

Chris: Easy there Duncan, there is a chance at the million....maybe.

Duncan: *Gives Death Stare*

Harold: This is so BOGUS! Well, whatever, another chance to win the million.

Chris: Yeah, look at the bright side and you'll be fine.

Duncan: Name 5 times I looekd at the "bright side."

Chris: Good point.

Duncan: My case is closed.

Frank: Nice to see you Chris.

Sierra: Is that who I think it is?

Duncan: Hi, Jeffery.

Frank: I'm Frank McLean

Duncan: No, you're Jeffery Mclean.

Sierra: You shouldn't do that I heard that Frank is worse than Chris.

Chris: This is true, but we're still good cousins.

Duncan: I thought Chris was worse than him.

Chris: Uh, no....

Duncan: I seriously thought that.

Chris: His suggestion for elimination, was much more cruel than leaving humiliated.

Duncan: Thanks for the compliment.

Harold: Wait, so two McLean's?

Chris: Yeah isn't that amazing?

Duncan: No, no it isn't.

Harold: I agree, this will be even more dangerous than before.

Duncan: No denying that.

Chris: Looks like you two finally agree on something.

Duncan: *Shrugs* Whatever.

Harold: Yeah, we're just worried about the fact we might die on this show.

Chris: Welcome Sally and Geoff!

Geoff: hi all!

Sally: hello!

Chris: Hi, well only two people left before this season starts!

Ezekiel: Hey, guys, how is it going, eh?

Chris: And the final people, Ezekiel and Samuel!

Samuel: Hey Chris.

Chris: Noah is the captain for one team for talking first, Samuel is one for talking last. So Samuel and Noah get to pick castmates to be on their team!

Ezekiel: You're so lucky, eh! *Pats Noah and Samuel on the back*

Noah: I pick Sally

Samuel: I pick, Ezekiel.

Sally: thanks Noah

Ezekiel: Thanks, man. *Pats Samuel on the back* You are officially awesome in my book, eh. (CONF) Is it sad to say that was the first time someone had picked me first on a team?

Chris: Okay, next?

Katelyn: hey, guys. I'm back.

Duncan: Don't put me with Harold, pelase.

Noah: I pick Josh

Samuel: I pick Katelyn.

Katelyn: Yes!

Naah: Come on over here Geoff.

Geoff: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duncan: *Crosses Fingers*

Samuel: Sierra.

Noah: Duncan can come here.

Samuel: And I pick Harold.

Duncan: Cool! I'm not with you. *Death Stares At Harold*

Noah: Lets get Trent.

Samuel: Lily.

(Guys, I have to go. Bye Bye! SinsMakePeople 05:55, June 3, 2012 (UTC))

Chris: I'll pick the rest so we're ready for tomorrow, Carrie and Alejandro are on Noah's Team, Gramps and Nathan are on Samuel's Team.

Sally: GO TEAM NOAH!!!

Geoff: YEAH!!!!!!

Chris: Well, good luck to both teams. You'll need it.

Geoff: yeah, we will, coz ur the host Chris!

Sally: hahaha

Ezekiel: I cannot wait for the next challenge, eh.

Challenge One - What's your Team Name?

Chris: Welcome "campers", to your first challenge, picking your team name, best name wins! Team Captain has final say.

Ezekiel: How about our team name be, Team Excelsior, eh?

Samuel: Good idea, Zeke, anyone else have a different idea?

Harold: I like Zeke's idea.

Nathan: How about Team Drama

Harold: That's okay, I guess.....

Samuel: Anyone else got anything?

Ezekiel: Oh, I hope my name wins the challenge, eh. That'll be so lucky.

Harold: Yeah, but don't worry I think you're doing okay, Zeke, so you might not go home first.

Samuel: Okay, so far we have Zeke's idea, Team Excelsior.

Chris: Are you staying on that Team Name?

Samuel: What do you guys think should we keep Team Excelsior?

Ezekiel: I think it's awesome enough for a victory, eh.

Samuel: Yes, I feel like that too.

Ezekiel: Does every Total Drama competition have to have either Screaming or Killer in their team name, eh?

Chris: No, it's fine, so Samuel's Team is Team Excelsior! Would you also like a different team color?

Samuel: What do you guys think, should we change from Lime to something else?

Ezekiel: I don't mind the lime.

Harold: Yeah, but maybe something that will match better with our Team Name? Like yellow?

Ezekiel: Maybe, blue. (CONF) I like blue, eh.

Samuel: Okay, so are we picking yellow, blue, or sticking with Lime?

Ezekiel: I vote blue, eh.

Alejandro: How about Team Mahatma. (CONF) A mahatma is a person revered for their knowledge.

Harold: Well, I vote yellow, sorry Zeke.

Samuel: They're both good colors....could you two settle this?

Ezekiel: How about we comprimise by choosing green, the combination of blue and yellow, eh?

Gramps: So in short we just stick with our current color?

Harold: No lime and green are two different colors, Gramps. Anyways, maybe we should do won't be so bad.

Ezekiel: It's just a simple color, eh. I don't mind, either way.

Gramps: But lime is a shade of green.

Harold: But if you look at colors like I do, lime is a different color.

Samuel: Could you guys, please pick? I don't mind either of them.

Gramps: Lets just stick with lime.

Ezekiel: Yeah, I agree with Gramps, eh.

Samuel: Alright, Chris, we're sticking with lime.

Chris: Alright, now Noah's Team, please step up your game, the only one who has come up with an idea is Alejandro.

Noah: The team is in favour of Alejandros name. (I have been trying to say it for the past half hour but people are always editing)

Noah: From now on we are team Mahatma.

Alejandro: And the color?

Chris: Yes, would Team Mahatma like to change the color.

Alejandro: How about blue?

Chris: Noah has just informed me that he won't be here for a while and gives Co-Captainship to Alejandro. So the color is now blue. I will start judging soon.

Ezekiel: This is going to be so suspenseful, eh.

Chris: Okay, let's start with Team Mahatma, it has a nice ring to it and stuff. But I don't think blue matches with it too much, so I'll dock some Points. Now, Team Excelsior, decent name! Lime is okay with the name, but I would have prefered something like Yellow or Blue. Now...the winner is Team Excelsior for the okay pairing of the name and color, plus participation, having Gramps, Samuel, Harold, and Zeke speak. Team Mahatma it's time to vote!

Team Mahatma Elimination #1

Chris: Team Mahatma, kind of disappointed in your lack of participation. One of you is going today, please vote in the Confessional, right before the ceremony I will erase your votes for suspense, got it? Now vote! Voting ends in two hours(MAX).

Chris: Alright, and just to warn you this might or might not have been a double elimination. But first I'll need one volunteer from each team, really quickly.

Alejandro: I guess I'll volunteer.

Gramps: I'll vounteer for my team.

Chris: Hold on, Gramps, this won't work so well, if two from the same user volunteer, so I'll take Alejandro since he answered first, and I'll take, uh.....Nathan from the other team. You two are now on switched teams! *throws Al his marshmellow* You're safe too. Now who wants the elimination results?

Geoff: ME!!!

Sally: and me!

Chris: Alright, the first marshmellows are for Geoff, Sally, and Noah. Trent and Nathan. Now, Josh, Duncan, and Carrie there are only two marshmellows left on this plate.............................the next one is for Josh! Now the last symbol of safety and taste, is for...................................Duncan! Carrie, I'm sorry but you're gone! *snatches keys*

Day 2

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Neighborhood 4, the teams had to come up with a team name, where Zeke's idea won it for the Excelsior. The Mahatma went to elimination and sent Carrie home for not really doing anything, only fifteen remain, but who will come out on top on Total Drama Neighborhood 4!

Excelsior Chat(Lunch)

Chris: Here you go! *brings Hot Wings, Pizza, Soda, and Celery Stalks*

Alejandro: We get celery, why celery.

Gramps: Celery is healthy for a person plus it tastes good.

Chris: Yeah, that's why, hope you enjoy, if you lose you get cheaper food that isn't as good.

Ezekiel: This is so sweet. *Starts devouring the food* I am loving this.

Alejandro: (CONF) Él es un cerdo.

Gramps: Leave food for everyone else.

Samuel: Well, he's a little overjoyed at staying in a round, so just let him have his moment *eats a pizza slice*

Sierra: Fine *eats pizza*

Mahatma Chat(Cheap Lunch)

Sally: we need to win the next challenge

Geoff: true that!

Chris: *brings lunch* Here you go! Some cheap food, *brings stale crackers, juice boxes, and a cheese sandwiches(not grilled)*

sally: er thanks Chris.

Geoff: get use to it!

sally: i will

Chris: The winning team gets better food than the losing team, so if you win a challenge you can have Soda and Hot Wings like the winning team.

Sally: (CONF) i need to win a challenge! i cant eat this stuff the whole compition!

Geoff: ok, team, next challenge we will win!

sally: im with you on that!

Geoff: (conf) so we are one down, but we can still win this compition!

Chris: Good luck with that.

sally: *sarcasticly* thanks christofer

Chris: Whatever, I'll leave you to eat *leaves*

Geoff: well im hungry so ill eat something *takes baite from sandwitch* its not that bad!

Sally: *looks at geoff* really?

Challenge Two - Escape from the City

Chris: Alright, so the original challenge was Fantastic Trivia! but that is being saved for later. We were informed a gorilla escaped from the city and if you catch it I will be rewarded, so winning team will get immunity. Catch that gorilla!

Alejandro: A gorilla really?

Noah: Don't be dawdling/

Josh: I've foought a bear the size of a gorilla

Samuel: Come on guys! *begins to run*

Harold: I question our safety but fine! *begins to run*

Sierra: I'll call it Cody jr. *Runs* come here Cody jr.

Harold: *running* So this is our challenge just so Chris can get a reward?

Samuel: *running* I guess so.

(Once you reach the number of lines needed to catch the gorrila, I will tell you but for now it's a secret, it's more than six/six though.)

Noah: I knew I shouldn't have followed you Josh.

Josh: Well I see the gorilla

Gorilla: *pops out and takes Noah and Alejandro and runs away*

Samuel: Uh, what? *starts slowing down*

Harold: Don't stop running, it might come back and grab you! *continues to run*

Josh: *Tackles Gorilla* Leave the captain alone!

Noah: Get me out of here blunder brain!

Lily: *runs to help her team mates* Let's get that gorilla!

Trent: No way, my team is obviously going to get it first. >.>

Gorilla: *kicks Josh off and runs away*

Harold: Chase that gorilla, GOSH! *runs after the gorilla*

Samuel: Come on guys, they got Noah and Al *runs*

Josh: *gets Noah out and leaves Al* Muttiners are the first to die man.

Noah: *attempts to drag gorrillaz*

(Josh and Harold can now catch the gorilla)

Harold: *runs* Oh no! *saves Al* Now come on and help, guys! *tries to get the gorilla*

Samuel: *runs* Coming!

Josh: *Is dragging the gorrila back and is making progress*

Noah: Where is Chris?

Harold: Sorry but, I need to do this, my mad skillz, don't fail me now *uses num-yos to tie up Josh and tries to take the gorilla*

Josh: *uses adrenilin to give gorilaa to Chris and win*

Chris: Good job, Josh you win your team immunity and since only a select few did the challenge, Lily, Harold, Samuel, Sierra, and Alejandro have individual immunity, but someone is still going home!

Team Excelsior Elimination

Chris: Well you know what to do, vote in the confessional for who you want to go home, can't be Lily, Harold, Samuel, Sierra, or Alejandro. Votes will be erased before the elimination.

Chris: Alright let's start this ceremony since the majority voted for this person. The first five marshmellows are for Harold, Samuel, Sierra, Lily, and Alejandro! Next it's for Gramps. Zeke, of you has spent your last day here and it's not.................Zeke! Sorry, Katelyn but you're eliminated from Total Drama Neighborhood 4! *snatches keys*

Day 3

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Neighborhood 4, the teams went to catch a gorilla which escaped from the city zoo, which captured Noah and Alejandro. In the end it was a race between Harold and Josh, but Josh, thanks to experience, still managed to give it to me still losing circulation and tied up in Num-Yos and Katelyn went home for not participating, making Zeke beat his record of days in the competition. 14 left, but who will win TOTAL. DRAMA. NEIGHBORHOOD 4!

Mahatma Chat(Lunch)

Chris: *walks in with Chips, Pizza, Soda, and Carrot Slices* Eat up! It's your lunch!

Nathan: This is the life. *Eats Pizza and drinks soda*

Josh: Woo Hoo!!!!! *starts eating carrot slices and waater*

Noah: *rolls eyes*

Josh: I love immunity.

Noah: I'm gonna save some food in case we lose.

Josh: Why? The other food is just as good.

Excelsior Chat(Cheap Lunch)

Sierra: Oh great.

Chris: *brings in lima beans, kid juice boxes, and cold hamburgers*

Ezekiel: *Looks at his lunch* Aww... this kind of sucks, eh. (CONF) I was SO nervous, yesterday, eh. I was THIS close to being eliminated. I'm almost thankful for this incredibly cheap lunch, eh... almost. (Sorry, I wasn't on. I was at school.)

Sierra: (CONF) I promised I'd win this for Cody.

Harold: Zeke, you were almost eliminated yesterday, are you okay? *drinks from juice box* At least it's better than Chef's.....

Alejandro: Can this even be called lunch?

Ezekiel: I was nervous as a cow that was about to be made into a hamburger. *Stares at his actual hamburger* I hope this is edible.

Harold: I think it is edible. Well, no worries at least you made it here.

Samuel: *stares at food* We should try to win next challenge.

Ezekiel: Yeah, I want to go back to the pizza and soda.

Samuel: Yeah....

Harold: *eats lima beans* Ugh....we NEED the pizza and soda.

Gramps: *pulls out soda* I kept one from yesterday.

Samuel: Maybe that's what we should do whenever we win. Everyone agree?

Alejandro: Save our drinks for the next day?

Samuel: Well, unless you want juice boxes.

Gramps: I have a second one if anyone wants it...but it is grape soda.

Harold: (CONF) The food in Cheap Lunch kind of sucks, but at least it's edible.

Ezekiel: This is so sweet. By the way, does anyone know what challenge Chris has planned for us?

Sierra: It's better than nothing *Takes Alejandro apart from the rest* We need an alliance (CONF) I'm doing this for Cody.

Samuel: *sitting next to Ezekiel and Harold, whispers* Alliance?

Lily: *sits quietly*

Ezekiel: Sure, why not, eh? *Takes and drinks Gramps's grape soda* I love this stuff, eh.

Samuel: Alright! What about you Harold?

Harold: Sure, power in numbers, right?

Ezekiel: *Whispers to Samuel* Let's include Gramps in the alliance, too.

Samuel: Sure, I'll ask him soon. Uh, so what do we do with our lunch?

Ezekiel: *Pinches his nose while shoving his entire lunch in his month and then, washing it down with the grape soda* Well, I'm done with mine, eh. *Burps* Excuse me.

Samuel: That's one way to eat.

Harold: *finishes lima beans* I don't think I'm touching the burger, though.

Ezekiel: *Whispers to Samuel* Hey, Sam, I think our little alliance should eliminated Sierra from our team in the double elimination, eh.

Samuel: *to Zeke, whispering* Sure, Zeke, she hasn't been doing very much....*to Harold* We're voting off Sierra.

Ezekiel: I wonder where Gramps is?

Samuel: *shrugs* I tried asking him but I don't think hey heard me.

Ezekiel: I think his's (and possibly Alejandro's) vote will help us when it comes to going against You-Know-Who, eh.

Samuel: I hope so, she hasn't done much for the team....

Challenge 3 - Minigame Mania!


Chris: Look at we got here cousin of mine, it's the same in every town- wait wrong intro, well whatever, after me and Frank spent hours playing Mario Party and Pac Man Party, we decided to make a challenge dedicated to minigames. Four players will play in each minigame and the winners will win individual immunity because today is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION! So, yeah Frank tell them the Minigames!

Ezekiel: (CONF) This looks like it could be interesting, eh.

Frank: The First minigame would have a bunch of keys open doors 1 less doors than players each round there are a bunch of keys but only one kind opens the door and there are only one of those for each door.

Ezekiel: So, what do we have to pick a random key or something, eh?

Chris: Ezekiel, Nathan, Alejandro, and Duncan will compete in this. Now grab a key that matches a door *shows a blue door, a red door, a yellow door, an orange door, an orange key, a blue key, and a yellow key*

Nathan: *Grabs a blue key*

Ezekiel: *Grabs the orange key*

Nathan: *Opens blue door*

Ezekiel: *Opens the orange door* (CONF) I hope I made the right decision, eh.

Chris: Alright so I flipped a coin and Alejandro is out. Now Duncan, Nathan, and Zeke, good luck *shows orange door, blue door, and yellow door and yellow key and blue key*

Ezekiel: *Grabs the yellow key and opens the yellow door*

Samuel: *to Alejandro and Gramps, really quietly* Want to join me, Zeke's, and Harold's alliance?

Chris: Alright, Duncan is out since he didn't even compete in the first one. Nathan versus Zeke, let's see who wins, heh. *shows blue door and blue key only*

Ezekiel: (CONF) This immunity is mine! (NON-CONF) *Runs towards the blue key*

Chris: Ezekiel, just run towards the door now, if Nathan won't stop you, I guess you win immunity.

Ezekiel: Let's do this, eh. *Runs towards the blue door to unlock it*

Ezekiel: *Unlocks the blue door and enters the door* I won immunity, sweet. (CONF) This is so awesome, eh.

Chris: And Zeke wins immunity, good job, Zeke.

Ezekiel: Thanks, Chris. (CONF) I was kind of suprised by this. I mean I was fighting off against some very tough opponents, eh. But I managed to stick it out through the end and I am DEFINETELY not getting eliminated this time.

Chris: Alright, Josh, Noah, Trent, and Sierra, you must go through an avalanche ice slide on butter, credit to Survivor321, now go!

Noah: *slides on butter like it is a surfboard*

Josh: Woo Hoo!!!!!!! (slides on butter using one foot.)

Ezekiel: Go Sierra! Win this challenge for Team Excelsior.

Samuel: Or well for herself.

Noah: *falls off of mountain* I'm ok. Not gonna be medvaced.

Chris: Someone take Noah to the infirmary, alright now Josh, Trent, and Sierra remain.

Josh: Just give it to me. I can almost taste immunity.

Chris: Less talk, more action.

Josh: *avoids landmine* What the heck?

Chris: Besides falling icicles there are also landmines, what? we needed more drama.

Josh: *dodges mor mines and icicles*

Ezekiel: Come on, Sierra, win this, eh.

Joah: I am so in this. WOO HOOO!!!!

Chris: Josh is near the finish line, while Trent and Sierra are having trouble getting on the butter.

Josh: *cross's finish line*

Noah: *with sprained arm* Good job Josh.

Ezekiel: Come on, Sierra! (CONF) If she doesn't get off her butt and start sliding in butter, I might be voting her off the island.

Chris: Josh wins individual immunity, alright, well originally Lily, Gramps, Geoff, and Sally were going to compete but I think they aren't able to right now and since Harold and Samuel haven't competed I just decided for you to vote if Harold or Samuel gets immunity, while we wait on the others. If they don't come we'll do a vote for that too, and save the other challenges for later, so let's just go. First to four, wins.

Josh: I vote Harold.

Noah: I vote Harold.

Chris: Alright, two for Harold, two more and he gets immunity.

Lily: Harold?

Trent: Harold.

Chris: Harold wins immunity, alright now Lily, Gramps, Geoff, and Sally, who votes on a vote or a challenge?

Noah: Vote.

Josh: Vote

Chris: What a waste of perfect ideas, we'll save some for another challenge, right Frank? Now vote to give who immunity.

Noah: Sally.

Josh: Sally.

Sally: thanks guys, i vote Noah

Geoff: Sally

Chris: Sally, you may not vote for yourself but you have to vote Geoff, Gramps, or Lily, you're the other option, so vote one of them.

Sally: oh, sorry i vote Geoff then

Samuel: I vote Gramps.

Harold: I vote Sally.

Chris: And Sally wins immunity, but now it's time for elimination, or should I say DOUBLE!

Excelsior Elimination

Chris: You know what to do, vote in the confessional, Harold and Zeke are immune.

Chris: Alright let's start this ceremony. First marshmellows are for Harold and Zeke! Next is for Lily! Gramps gets the next one. And Alejandro! Samuel, Sierra both of you got votes, one of you got one the other got the most, the person with one vote is.....................Samuel! Sierra, it's time for you to go *snatches keys*

Mahatma Elimination

Chris: You know what to do, vote in the CONF, Sally and Josh are immune.

Chris: Wow we already have a majority, well marshmellow's for Josh and Sally. Next for Geoff and Nathan. Trent.....Noah.....only one marshmellow and two campers and one of you is going today and it's not *dramatic music*.....................................Noah! Sorry, Trent, majority rules dude, you're gone! *snatches keys*

Day 4

Chris: Last time on Total Drama, we had a Minigame Mania, in which Harold, Zeke, Sally, and Josh won immunity, and a double elimination! Trent and Sierra went home that day, but now who will win, who will lose on Total Drama Neighborhood 4?!

Excelsior Chat(Cheap Lunch)

Samuel: *to Zeke* I was almost eliminated, I was shocked. Anyways, when do you think the merge is?

Mahatma Chat(Cheap Lunch)

Josh: I love this stuff!

Noah: *shocked*

Nathan: You actually like this

Josh: Compared to being in the jungle with nothing for 20 months this is golden.

Challenge 4 - There's no I in Total Drama

Chris: First to say I wins for their team.

Noah: I

Nathan: I

Chris: Well if you look back at Total Drama Neighborhood's I had at least one, just vote but I needed to pick a team, sorry Excelsiors, looks like you're voting!

Ezekiel: What the-(CONF) I'm sorry I need a minute...

Excelsior Elimination

Chris: Vote in the confessional, first to 3-4 is out.

Ezekiel: (CONF) I guess I vote off Lily... I haven't even seen her in the competition.

Harold: (CONF) I vote Lily, she has only competed in one challenge I think.

Samuel: (CONF) I vote Lily, she hasn't done her fair share of teamwork.

Lily: (CONF) Awks... I quit, because I was totally inactive. I did best the first season. (NON-CONF) Bye guys, good luck. (Zoom: Sorry, I completely forgot about this camp and barely did anything, XD Other people deserve to be in it more than I do)

(TrentFan: It's alright, xD, well you made it to a good place I think.)

Chris: Well it looks like Lily quits/is voted out, sorry Lily *snatches keys* You were a good competitor, thanks for competing.

Day 5

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Neighborhood 4 we did an I soring challenge, in which at the end Lily was voted out/ quit, you could count it either ways, now who will remain after today on TDN4!

Mahatma Lunch

Noah: We gotta keep raking up the wins.

Josh: *scarfing down carrots and water* Yeah I guess elimination is terrible.

Noah: I meant the food.

Josh: Huh?

Noah: *facepalm*

Chris: Mahatma, currently you have more players than Excelsior, how do you feel about that?

Noah: Good. Very good.

Chris: Well, hope your streak keeps up or you'll be equal.

Josh: I don;t mind either way.

Chris: Alright then, good luck "campers".

Sally: this rocks! i love winning!

Geoff: same!

Excelsior Cheap Lunch

Chris: Excelsior how do you feel about only having five of you left?

Ezekiel: I'm just happy that I'm not eliminated yet... *Looks at his lunch* but we SERIOUSLY need to win the next challenge.

Gramps: So whats for lunch this time.

(Youre: Starting tomorrow I'm going to be out of town for four or five days and have will be unable to do anything here.)

Ezekiel: (CONF) You know I'm on a really good winning streak so far, eh. If I keep it up, I could make it to the merge... and maybe, even win this thing... *Makes a large smile on his face* eh.

Challenge 5 - Camping Campers

Chris: I forgot the intro but Lily was voted off/quit, so there, happy viewers? Alright then today's challenge is like the one where Chef left the final four in TDI in the woods, Duncan should remember this. Since, Ezekiel, Harold, and Samuel are at a MAJOR disadvantage they get two extra camp items, we left you in the woods, try to make it to the neighborhood!

Josh: Wow. Does no one remember that I am a wilderness exppert?

Noah: Well then you should be fine.

Chris: Well, the challenge begins NOW!

Ezekiel: Oh, sweet. I'm very good at navigating through forests. My daddy loves to play "Trap Your Son In The Woods" all the time, eh.

Samuel: That's great....Well, come on Harold, Zeke let's get a move on! *Begins to run*

Harold: Wait! *runs behind Samuel*

Ezekiel: Oh, right, eh. *Runs after Samuel and Harold*

Samuel: So, where should we go?

Josh: Let's get started.

Noah: So we have a map, two energy bars, a bag of chips, a pile of sticks, and a blanket.

Ezekiel: Let's see... *Stares up into the sky and sees some birds flying to the south of Ezekiel* I have always noticed that these birds always fly into the direction of the Neighborhood. So, if we follow these birds we may make it to the Neighborhood, eh.

Samuel: Nice observation Ezekiel. Anyways, we have two sleeping bags, three water bottles, a compass, and a pile of rocks.

Josh: (uses stick to draw four lines) The sun sets here so we go this way to get to camp. (starts going south)

Noah: Ok M. Wilderness.

Ezekiel: We should probably follow the direction where those birds were flying *Looks at compass* which is South. Let's go. *Runs in a southern direction*

Samuel: Let's go, then *follows Ezekiel*

Harold: We can do this! *follows after*

Noah: *see's some berries* Can I have them Josh.

Josh: Those are called NightShade and are etremey poisinus so I would say no. *keeps going south*

Harold: *walking south* We'll be there in no time, hopefully we won't lose anyone else.

Samuel: Yeah....*continues walking south*

Ezekiel: We should be doing fine as long as nothing bad happens to u-*Bumps into a bear as it looks angrily at Ezekiel* (CONF) I shouldn't have opened my mouth.

Samuel: They didn't give us anything we could do to a bear, just run around it! *runs around the bear* Hurry!

Harold: *follows Samuel* Come on Zeke!

Ezekiel: Umm... nice bear, nice bear. *The bear roars in Ezekiel's face* Umm... *Grabs some berries* want some berries, bear? *The bear looks in interest as Ezekiel feeds it some berries... and then, the bear just drops dead as Ezekiel continues running south* (CONF) Thank you, Nightshades! They saved me from being bear-chow.

Samuel: Yes! We have the lead, come on guys! *continues running*

Harold: Yeah, our mad skills will get us through *follows*

Josh: *runs past Harold while carrying Noah* He fainted during the hike.

Ezekiel: Oh my, competition, eh.

Harold: Sorry but *throws a rock at Josh's head and continues running* (CONF) I learned to defend myself in Magical Steve's Camp after Total Drama Action, I'm a bit proud.

Samuel: *running ahead* Come on guys!

Ezekiel: Oh my! *Stops as he reaches a raging river* This doesn't look safe to cross, eh.

Samuel: It's small though, maybe we could jump?

Harold: Hmm, should we try it?

Josh: *see's a raging river and a vine* Well if Tarzan can do it. *swings on vine and makes it across*

Harold: *jumps across but then trips* Agh, it's safe *gets up and runs*

Samuel: *jumps across and begins to run* Come on, Zeke, jump!

Ezekiel: I'm coming... *Ezekiel starts running across the ground, jumps, and barely gets across the river as he falls on his face* Ow.

Harold: I see it! *runs and sees the neighborhood*

Samuel: *running ahead of Harold* Almost there!

Ezekiel: Argh! *Ezekiel's eyes turn red as he starts running faster than regularly* WE WILL WIN THIS!

Harold: Come on Samuel, you're the most ahead!

Samuel: *arrives at the neighborhood*

Chris: Samuel get to the totem pole, Harold, Josh, and Zeke are right behind you!

Josh: hits Totem pole.

Samuel: *hits it at the same time*

Ezekiel: *Runs very rapid as hits hard against the totem pole*

Chris: A draw? Well, that's no fun....hmm.....I'll need some tiebreaker....I'll count participation points. Noah and Josh competed from the Mahatma's, while Samuel, Harold, and Zeke competed from the Excelsior's so, the Excelsior's win.

Mahatma Elimination

Chris: Vote in the confessional and stuff, you know the drill!

Chris: Alright, this team really screwed up. Noah, fainting seriously? Duncan, Sally, and Geoff, you didn't do much but eat energy bars, Nathan, you haven't helped your team too much lately, but that could be said about Duncan too. Josh, your skills failed you in winning, well marshmellow time! Geoff, Noah the first marshmellows are for you! Next it's for Duncan. Sally, gets the next marshmellow. Josh.....Nathan, one of you will be going home today and it's *Josh and Nathan look at the marshmellow, nervously*...........Nathan! Sorry Nathan, but you have been voted off *snatches keys* 11th isn't too shabby, though.

Day 6

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Neighborhood, the campers went on a camping trip, where Harold, Zeke, and Samuel worked as a team to get there, while Josh, the Wilderness Survivor ended up winning but leaving his team behind and Excelsiors won, in elimination the Majority Alliance voted out Nathan and now ten remain and who will win on Total Drama Neighborhood 4?

Final Ten Chat

Josh: FINAL TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *backflips*

Noah: Wow. This is further then I have ever got.

Chris: Over the course, we've had Carrie, Katelyn, Trent, Sierra, Lily, and Nathan been kicked off the neighborhood. Only ten remain, you must all feel good to be here?

Josh: In my first season with new timers as well so yes.

Noah: Third times the charm.

Harold: The final ten, GOSH! It's a huge achievement!

Samuel: Feels good to be here.

Josh: I hope I can be Cook Islands Ozzy.

Noah: Who?

Chris: Well my banditos, one of you will be leaving again today and it will be the final nine.

Harold: (CONF) Being in the final ten is great, surviving challenges such as camping and such. I'm winning this for Leshawna.

Samuel: (CONF) Being in the final ten is amazing! I'm glad to have some friends in the final ten, it feels good.

Josh: (CONF) OMG he referenced PurpleRodri!

Chris: So, campers what do you think of the rest of the final 10?

Josh: Does Duncan deserve to be here?

Noah: *shrugs*

Chris: I don't know, he hasn't done anything but managed to hitch a ride to the final ten.

Noah: I feel safe today/

Josh: I hope so,

Samuel: I feel a little nervous.

Harold: (CONF) I hope I don't go today, I really want to win it for Leshawna.

Josh: (CONF) Just relised it is 4 newbs vs 6 favs

Ezekiel: (CONF) OH MY GOSH, EH! I made it to the Final 10! This is so awesome, eh.


Chris: Good news, after this it's the merge and you will all be Purple Banditos, but the bad news is that we will vote one person out, EVERYONE, one person is going home! So, who will it be? Vote in the confessionals. First to 5 is out, no vote changes, please.

Chris: Let's get started, Ezekiel, Harold, Geoff, and Josh get the first marshmellows. Next is Samuel! Noah gets the next one. Now Duncan, Sally one of you will be leaving today it's not..........Sally. Sorry Duncan, but you're out *snatches keys and kicks Duncan out* Everyone left is in the Purple Banditos!

Day 7

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Neighborhood, it was a plain old vote and opinions on being in the final ten, at the end the one who hitched a ride but didn't contribute AKA Duncan, the deliquent was sent home, now it's the merge, will these Purple Banditos make it, on TDN4!

Purple Banditos Feast

Chris: *brings in a lot of mouthwatering food* Today, you final nine are in the merge, as a reward you get a feast, Purple Banditos!

Ezekiel: *Stares at the food with awe* Am I in heaven? *Starts biting on a turkey drumstick*

Harold: GOSH, it looks so good! *Grabs Orange Chicken and forks and begins to eat* It's worth it coming all this way for this feast!

Samuel: Don't forget about the ultimate prize of all *eats a pizza slice*

Chris: Anyways, Ezekiel, how do you feel about making it this far?

Ezekiel: I honestly feel like I could win this man. *Starts eating some sweet potatos* This feast is like a very awesome Thanksgiving dinner.

Harold: *eating chow mein* But better! Who knew this would be in store for us in the final nine?

Samuel: *drinks orange juice* Yeah, and don't forget *tosses water bottle to Ezekiel and Harold* we still got some water from the challenge.

Ezekiel: *Catches the water bottle* Thanks. *Looks over at a bowl of stuffing and stuffs his face in it*

Harold: Chinese food is the best! *eats Kung Pao chicken* Yum! *catches water bottle*

Samuel: *continues drinking orange juice* Alright then.

Ezekiel: *Gets his head out of the stuffing* Oh, btw. *Inches over to Samuel and whispers* Maybe, since we made it to the merge, we should include some new people into the alliance... like Noah and Josh.

Samuel: *whispering back* Alright, I'll ask them. (CONF) The Merge and a Feast? More than I expected from Chris.

Ezekiel: You know this feast and merge seems to be a little "too nice" for Chris... *Eyes widen up* what kind of challenge does Chris have planned for us? (CONF) I don't know why but I'm having this bad feeling that I might be eliminated right at the merge. I'm seriously scared, eh.

Chris: Actually, it's not a physical challenge, it's a speech! So you may keep eating :D

Ezekiel: Oh, I am great with speeches, eh. *Eats a hamburger*

Chris: Well, Zeke, are you pretty confident about your speech?

Ezekiel: I'm pretty confindent with it, eh. Don't underestimate the homeschooled, Chris! *Slurps up some tomato soup with his hands*

Chris: Yeah.........right. Samuel how do you feel about your pretty good speech?

Samuel: I meant everything on there and feel it was good.

Chris: Well, Harold your's was good too, how do you feel about it?

Harold: Everything is a 100% true! Felt good to say the Duncan part.

Noah: *eating hot dogs*

Josh: *eating carrots and coconuts* Speechs aren;t my strong suit.

Ezekiel: I hope my speech won the challenge. I worked very hard on it.

Challenge 7 - Speeches

Chris: As you aware, you each did what 7 others couldn't make it to the merge, now right a speech about everyone who was eliminated and a small section to everyone left, once you finish you may go back to the feast.


Ezekiel: OK, I got a little speech for all of you. I hope you enjoy it because I worked really hard on it.

Ahem, Ahem… oh, what a great competition this has been for me. I have made to the Merge and have gained a lot of friends, here. It’s been one of the funniest experiences I have ever had with any Total Drama competition. I am grateful to be this high up in the competition. However, I should probably thank all of those who were eliminated for still being here, today. For all your sacrifices, I will give an ode to each and every one of you.

Oh, Carrie, how I hardly know thee? I mean we REALLY didn’t really see that much of you. You were immediately eliminated before we could see the true cute side of your personality. Hopefully, you end up gaining the ultra special popularity that surrounds the people that are eliminated first from these kinds of competitions. *Winks at the audience*

Katelyn, you were apparently the one who was supposed to be the most normal of the bunch. However, you didn’t really do anything to clarify yourself in any way. Maybe, it was because you thought that being normal in comparison to people would make enemies. However, it didn’t seem to work as you disappeared from us at an early date. I hope you get to be the chance to be the only sane one in other groups of weirdos.

Trent is a classic veteran amongst the Total Drama community. Using his great singing and guitar-playing, Trent was a man that managed to win the hearts of many people. However, that was unfortunately never showcased and instead you just come off as just another normal guy with no interesting qualities. You could have made it much further in this game, but you just didn’t get the chance.

Sierra is a girl that is always filled with energy. Immediately, not one of my favorite people to be around, she still showed how much determination a person could give. She was able to showcase how loyal and worthy the Total Drama fandom could be. However, she managed to showcase another quality of the Total Drama fandom that wasn’t as great: being completely annoying (This is a joke. Don’t kill me) and thus made a lot of enemies that ended up getting you eliminated. Farewell, freaky fangirl.

Lily, you were the uncomfortably shy girl, which might explain where you weren’t really that outgoing in challenges and confrontations. However, it seemed to have been cured when you voluntarily quit the competition and explained your complete regret for your nonexistence. That was a pretty gutsy maneuver and I have never seen such a sign of bravery since when Owen decided to jump over the cliff. You get my praise, little one.

Nathan, you were quite the little strategist, you. You seemed to have been a worthy member of Team Excelsior (Awesome name, btw). However, Chris had other plans for you as you ended up switching places with Alejandro and ended up on Team Mahatma. However, unlike the last team, it seemed this new team didn’t like having some new roots into their old tree. Thus, gaining a conflict with his team that seemed to have ended when the team lost a little hiking challenge, removing poor Nathan from the competition. You were a contestant with great potential. However, it looks like your little strategy had failed. *Giggles*

Lastly, it was the rebellious delinquent that was Duncan that ended up leaving before the merge. Nobody seemed to like the tattooed bad boy from the beginning as he was making much conflict with everybody he saw. He didn’t even seem to want to be in the competition. Also, the lack of participation made his elimination almost inevitable. In spite of this… actually, I honestly have nothing nice to say about him… he was a big jerk. Still he got eliminated before he made it to the merge which is always nice. I’m glad I didn’t have to share the feast with that beast.

Still, I am very glad that I was able to make to this competition with all of you. All of you have shown great qualities that made you’re surviving to the merge a much sweeter victory.

  • Samuel, with his great leadership and nice personality
  • Noah, with his incredible smarts and funny snarks
  • Sally, with her incredible athleticism
  • Geoff, with his wild free-spirit and amazing energy
  • Alejandro, with his incredibly cunning personality
  • Harold, with his incredible skills
  • Gramps, with his wonderful loyalty and experience
  • and Josh, for just being awesome

You all deserve making it to the merge and I hope we all experience the glory in the end. Thank you… eh. *A single tears goes down Ezekiel's cheek*

Chris: O_O', Well Zeke has taken a very comfortable lead....FIRST PLACE! You still got docked points for the giggle.


Samuel: While I can't compare to Zeke's I'll try.

Carrie you were known as The Cutest, and I may have caught someone eyeing on you shortly. However we never heard you say anything or do anything, so Mahatma voted you out, I'm sorry, I bet you would have been a good competitor if you had talked. Maybe it was an act? It was nice meeting you for the short time frame.

Katelyn, you were pretty normal and stuff, you were also independent. Duncan talked about you a few times too, so we got to know you from that. However, you didn't do much for the team besides sit there watching, I praise you for trying to diss Chris, but you also cost us the lose, so we voted you, I'm sorry.

Trent, boy were you one nice guy. You played the guitar well and you did your best to stay in the game. You may have also formed a rivalry with Lily during the day you were eliminated. You did do at least one challenge and try to help your team but it was too late. They decided you would be the next victim of elimination and not get to the merge.

Sierra, you knew everything about the vets, but did you know anything about the game? I'm sorry but you freaked me out. If you were more sane, you may have made it further. You also barely helped the team and just tried to remember Cody, who doesn't like you. I'm sorry but you were freaky. Sorry you were voted out though.

Lily, I can't believe you quit. You were always the shy and scaredy cat from last season. Maybe it was also because you tried to remember Cody(TDN, TDN2) to keep your cool and try to be active, however you didn't leave empty handed. You were brave to quit. You were being voted off for not participating, but you took the blow. You are now braver I hope, and left with bravery!

Nathan, you were a nice guy. A little quiet though. You did great on our team and I would have kept you in, but Chris wanted you on the Mahatma's and they didn't like you, they thought you were a spy. On that tearful day, they eliminated you for being a spy from the other side, but you weren't. Your strategy may have brought you to the merge if Chris hadn't switched you over. You were a good guy.

Duncan, to almost being eliminated at the first episode, to making it to the episode before the merge, impressive. I'm sorry we voted you off but you did nothing to make it this far. You were a good guy and participated in the Pre Chat and all, but you also didn't deserve the spot. I'm sorry, Duncan but you didn't earn the prize. You still were great and if you only had competed maybe you would have still been here. Maybe, just maybe you would have gone with us to the feast. But, you chose not to.

Now my friends that are still competing. Ezekiel, you are a nice guy and try your best to win it for your team. You are my friend and I'm glad you're here with me. Now that you have stopped being cocky or sexist it has proven you are a worthy competitor and even made it to the merge. You may have less manners than the rest of us, but that doesn't take away from your personality. You are a great friend and thanks for being my friend *drops a tear*, thank you, Zeke.

Josh, you wilderness survivor. Is your idol Ozzy Lusth from Survivor? You seem a lot like him, you are good at challenges and try to make up some strategies. You are a great guy but we haven't interacted much. You also carried Noah when he was knocked out instead of leaving him with the bear. I respect that. You are a great competitor and you have earned your slice of merged pie.

Geoff, I haven't seen much of you but when I do you're a party animal! You try your best when you compete and put friends before you as you voted Sally for IND instead of yourself. It's no surprise you're still here with us in this final nine time we call "The Purple Banditos". You're a good guy and I'm glad you're still here.

Alejandro, you manipulater. This season you've been more nicer and just been playing the game by small strategies and participating. Like Geoff, you haven't participated too much but enough to earn your part in the merge. You played the game fairly good, and it's nice to be competing with you.

Harold, my good friend and someone I consider as my closest like Zeke. You are a nice guy and trying to help the team and have definitely earned your part. You even proved to the others you can defend yourself when you threw a rock at Josh. You even ate the lima beans, Chris gave us on that disgusting lunch day. You have proven you have skills and I'm proud to be your friend *another tear drops*, it's just the sun!

Sally, you are very athletic. You may have not known what to do from time to time but at least you have competed. You supported your team and without you, your team may have had a worse performance. You also have proved to have some plans as you were one of the parts of the team that voted out some "threats". It's good to be competing with someone who plays the game like you.

Noah, you intelligent and unlucky guy. You may not have the best of luck like when you fell off the mountain or were knocked out during the camper challenge, but you have the intelligent charm. You are the brains of your team and was the team captain of the Mahatma. You planned your team out well and you probably still have planned ahead for a little further. You earned your part.

Gramps, you proved to be stronger than you look and stronger than most folk your age, but that's not a bad thing. You helped us decide a team color in the first challenge and have been of good help to the team. You're a good guy, I bet! You made it pretty far. You have rightfully earned your spot in this merged timing.

and who could forget Chris and Frank? Our hosts. You guys have done good challenges and stuff. You may give us dangerous challenges and put our life in trouble but you do it for a living. While it's kind of sadistic, you still are good hosts. Your feast was great. I thank you for being our hosts.

Thank you all, everyone gone, lost, or the hosts! You have all given me great experience and I'm happy to have been on Total Drama.

Chris: You and Zeke have long speeches and pretty good points. Also no problem for being your hosts, it's nothing :D You placed second!


Harold: It's awesome being in the final nine, and this is what I think of everyone!

Carrie, you were very cute, but nothing like my Leshawna. You seemed like a cool gal, but you never showed the chance to be one. Your cuteness act was too silent to get you through, but hey you may have earned some popularity points through the crazy TV world!

Katelyn, you seemed normal, unlike the rest of us. You may have thought we were freaks, yeah....but you didn't talk a whole bunch either. It seemed like you were almost mute. You probably were a nice, normal girl, who Duncan was probably eyeing on, seeing as how he talked about you. It was nice competing with you and good luck with your normal life!

Trent, thanks for handing me that steak in TDI! But we're talking about this season, so I'll try to say it. You were a nice, cool guy, Trent, you tried to help your team, however your help was rejected leaving you eliminated. I'm sorry that happen, Trent. You're an awesome guy and I know that, but you were also not as helping as the others. Not saying you didn't help, you tried to help and even though it wasn't much, every little bit of help counts. If you were on my team, we would have tried to keep you. Sorry you were voted out.

Sierra, GOSH! You are sort of freaky. You are nice and all that, but you barely helped us, the Excelsior. You were competing to get the money for Cody, and that's kind, but you also never let anyone but yourself hang around him. But enough about that, you were kind of like dead weight you see? And I'm sorry you were probably busy as a bee. But we needed you and you didn't help. If you did I bet you would have made it further.

Lily, I did not see that coming! From being a season 1 winner to a quitter! That was brave of you, your shyness dropped to level zero. You were a nice person too, and didn't seem as much as a scaredy cat as the other seasons, but hey you made it pretty good! Nice competing with you!

Nathan, whoa! You were a strategist, you can't deny that, but you were also a quiet one. A quiet strategist suits it! You were a nice guy and tried to help your team. However they found you as an outside and gave you the boot! You were a great part of our team and we would have kept you through. But Chris had other plans for you and now you were given the boot! Sorry Nathan, it would have been nice competing with you!

Duncan, GOSH! Now, you only hitched a ride from hiding. You didn't even contribute to anything! You don't deserve that spot, you should have been lower! But that's because I hate you, but hey look at that one bright thing, I finally made it farther than you. You're finally gone! YES! Sorry about making this bad, but this is my revenge!

Samuel, my good friend, you are a natural leader and a team player, you deserve to make it this far.

Zeke, my boy, you finally showed out your true potential and made it to the Purple Banditos!

Josh, GOSH! You are a major competitor. You do your best to try and be the very best!

Sally, wow! You are athletic and try to lift your team to victory!

Gramps, you showed everyone what an old guy can do!

Noah, you are smart and witty. No wonder you made it far!

Alejandro, you have been nicer and using small strategies, as you can easily pop up as a threat.

Geoff, you are a true party dude, you may have been mean to me before but now you are true nice dude!

Chris, what a host! He puts our lives at danger but doesn't show concern!

Frank, you may not talk much, but hey!!!!!!!!!! You're still as wacky but "fun" as Chris!

Thank you, for listening to my speech, this isn't BOGUS! This is how I feel with a little more rhythm!

Chris: These speeches are getting good O_O', nice work Harold!


Well. ill get this done with

Carrie, it sucked to lose the first challenge, and to vote you out, but our team need to do it, if you tryed just a little better you might be here. I think you are a great person and would be a great friend.

Katlyn, well girl, i never got to no you :( but i think i were on your team i would have liked you. You seam pretty cool. I think that you deserved to make it a while longer but things didnt work out for you.

Trent, trent, im not a huge fan of you, i like you in season 1, but in season 2, not su much, it wasnt that hard for me to vote you out, but i am sorry that i did.

Sierra: you have played this game before, so i sorta excpected you to have more experence then us newer player. However you didn't play a good of a game as you could have. I think you do better when around Cody.

Lily, like Katyln i never got to know you, honestly i think your weekness was your shyness, i think you need to get to know people a bit better, but im sure your a great person.

Nathen, i think when you joined my team, we sort of wanted you out, because you might have had friendships on the other team. im sorry if it hurt when you were voted out, but this game leave emotional scares.

Duncan, i hated voting you out! im a massive D-man fan! i felt horrible after i voted you out, but it needed to be done, sorry and i will foreever be a duncan fan!

Noah, your my friend and i will never vote you out!

Geoff, ok your awesome and i trust you, but do you trust me?

Ozzy, i mean josh, dude you a great friend and your are total dramas Ozzy!

Alejandro, we need to watch out for you! But i dont think you are as bad as you were!

Zeak, congratulations, this is your best game and you are doing well, an i hope you continue to do so.

Harold: i think your doing well, but will your luck last?

Gramps, well i havnt had much to do with you, but i hope i will

Samuel, you are a huge treat and you could win this thing, if you did it would be well deserevd


Chris: Wasn't the best, but hey it's still good.


Carrie, well your nice and sweet, but not a total drama winner, im sorry you went first but this game is for the best and the best only.

Katlyn, well i dont know you too well, so im going to say that if you were on my tribe i would have gotten to know you because i think i might have liked you as a friend.

Trent, you were a frined but i voted you out because i feel you were not playing as good as you could. sorry dude, were still friends. Right?

Sierra, well this was the first time i ever played the game with you. Your the kind of player that is a bit odd, but still great, it was fun getting to know you.

Lily, well im not sure what you did in this game, but obviously not enough to become a TD winner.

Nathen. ok you were on both tribes, so i think if you hadnt swaped you might still be here, however your not and im sorry that you left earlier than you should have.

Duncan: well, i didnt want to vote you out, yet i did, and im a jerk for that, but im sorry and i just wanna make sure that ill still be your friends becasue i really think you are one of the GREATEST players total drama will ever see and it killed me voting you out!

Josh. You are fantatic, you can run, swim and do anything, your smart and deserve the money.

Noah, this is the first time youve made the merge and you deserved too!

Sally: a part from Bridgette, your my favourite total drama girl, your awesome

Zeak, congrats on not be voted out first!

Harold, people have bullied you, but now you are kicking butt!

Gramps: you might be older but you are equaly as deserving, if not more!

Samuel: playing a good game!

Alejandro, your not the villain you use to be?

Chris: Decent speech.


Wow. Nomally no matter how far I go I am the first voted of my team. Even if it isn;t first eliminated from my team it is stll first voted out. Now I'm a PurpleBandito.

Carie. The inactive one who I thought deserved to be voted out.

Katlyn. Duncan digs you but who knows what goes through that little wierdos head. Good job not being first eliminated. Trent. Duncan should have been gone by that point but we were to blind. Sorry man.

Sierra. If your head was in the game you would be here.

Lily. I thought winners never quit. Obviously you weren't a real winner.

Nathan. Other team means enourmas problem means bye bye brother.

Duncan. We were going to have an alliance but you did nothing.

Now the ones who are still here.

Gramps. The old strong one who is epic.

Alejandro. An eel diped in grease swimming in motor oil.

Ezekial. You and me are the same in a way and we both need to be here.

Samuel. A true leader. Good luck

Harold. I have no words to describe you except mad skills.

Sally. My friend to the end.

Geoff. I think you need to be here.

Josh. If you are anything like your idol I am in trouble.

Thanks for listening.

Chris: This was short and sweet while pretty good, nice job Noah. You placed third!






Where do I begin? Well I want to thank everyone who has helped me come this far. Carie. You were the frst fallen and I was so sad to see that you had to go. I hope you aren't mad at me for eliminating you.

Katlyn. You were the first from the opposing team to fall and I think that it would only be because of other alliances. If you were on my team you would still be here today. You were mute but you were like a good friend.

Trent. My man. I am so sorry you had to go. I have always been a fan of you and you helped us out but we decided Nathan and Duncan were better. BIG mistake. If I could change one elimination it would be yours.

Sierra. You were Cody obsessed. Tried hard but your head wasn;t in the game and for that I reckon you deserved to go.

Lilly. Talk about a Hero to Zero moment. I can;t beleive you left. You were a threat though. I recon for that you were my biggest competition and I was glad to see you go.

Nathan. All I can say is in you vs Duncan you were from the other team so I had to eliminate you.

Duncan. You didn't even help our alliance and you are dead to me for that.

Now for the remaining contestants.

Noah. The one who is the brain to my brawn.

Sally. The Sundra to my Ozzy except your better.

Geoff. If I could be in this with anyone I'm glad it is you.

Samuel. The leader of the pack is the leader of the merge.

Harold. GOSH you are awesome.

Ezekial. Man you had to get here eh.

Gramps. I don;t know you much. an finally

Al. Muttiners are the first to die man.

Chris: Nice speech, feels like you let your feelings out.

Purple Banditos Elimination

Chris: Samuel and Noah have Individual Immunity. Alright, now Zeke gets to pick who goes home besides himself, Samuel, and Noah! Everyone's safety is on Zeke's hands.

Ezekiel: *Excited* Oh my gosh. *Worried* Oh my gosh. (CONF) Who do I vote off the neighborhood? I do not have any real conflicts with anyone. This is such a tough decision.

Chris: Alright Zeke, hurry up and vote in the confessional, good luck.\

Ezekiel: (CONF) If I had to choose I would have to decide between eliminating either Sally or Gramps? But if I had to choose... I would eliminate... Gramps. I'm sorry, Gramps, but you just didn't seem to support us when we really needed you. Plus, I think you should go before something bad happens to your health, eh. You made a good place, anyway.

Chris: Gramps, sorry, but you were voted out! *snatches key* Sorry, dude, now we remain will 8 but the number 9 will soon pop back up! Noah, Samuel, and Zeke win the good lunch. Everyone else gets cheap lunch.

Day 8

Chris: Last time on Total Drama Neighborhood 4, our competitors wrote speeches where we found out a certain homeschool has a gift, In the end it came down to Sally and Gramps on who to eliminate and the old Gramps was sent home, who will go next time on TOTAL DRAMA NEIGHBORHOOD 4!

Good Lunch

(Noah, Samuel, and Zeke)

Noah: Man I can't beleive this. *starts eating*

Ezekiel: I hope I made the right decision in who I eliminated, eh. *Eats his turkey leg slowly*

Chris: Announcing IZZY IS DEBUTING THE COMPETITION! She will have lunch with you guys.

Ezekiel: Wait, what?

Chris: Izzy is back for this exciting season.

Ezekiel: (CONF) This competition just got a lot more interesting... and dangerous.

Chris: Yeah, well Frank is going to interview you three about your speeches.

Frank: *Mumbles* So why?

Izzy *swings in on a vine and flips onto the table* Hey Guys! *jumps into seat and starts eating* Yummmmmm!

Ezekiel: Hey, leave some food for the rest of us, eh. *Slowly inches over and whispers to Noah* Hey, Noah... want to be a part of a little alliance that contains me, Harold, and Samuel?

Noah: *whispering* Shall we add Josh?

Chris: Just interview, Frank, anyways I'm off to watch The Hunger Games in a theater so Frank will be your host, I better see the interviews printed Frank *leaves*

Izzy: *looks at Zeke* what's that? An alliance? Can I join? *continues eating*

Noah: How the heck did she hear that?

Ezekiel: YOU HEARD NOTHING... eh. *Whispers to Noah* Yeah, we can include Josh in it. We will probably need him, eh. (CONF) Seriously, I think Izzy has some freaky superhuman powers, eh.

Noah: (CONF) Izzy is crazy.

Ezekiel: Seriously, the Hunger Games? That movie was SO last weekend. Today, it's all about the Avengers. (CONF) Although, I'm probably not the one that should be critiquizing other people's views on popular culture... *Looks at himself* I'm wearing an ugly green jacket.

Samuel: True, but I guess it was a good movie for its time.

Noah: My only problem with the Hunger Games is Peeta. I've read the books and Gale is way better.

Samuel: Yeah, that's true.

Noah: Katniss is the girl on fire. Peeta is the boy with the bread. Together they are burned toast.

Ezekiel: *Giggles* That is silly.

Noah: Well at least it isn;t twilight with team this vs team that.

Samuel: True, Twilight Fans always annoy me when they shout "TEAM JACOB!'".

Ezekiel: Can we stop talking about literacy fandoms, eh?

Noah: OK

Noah: When the heck is the challenge?

Ezekiel: I don't know, eh. What is taking Frank so long to announce the challenge?

Noah: We've been sitting here for like 3 hours.

Ezekiel: Hello... Frank? This is causing me to be impatient. *Eats more of his drumstick*

Cheap Lunch

(Everyone else)

Josh: This is delicious

Harold: If you say so.....

Josh: Whats not to love? Cheese. Bread. Carrots. Juice. Everything you need. Carbs, protien, vitamins and liquid.

Harold: Rotten cheese, moldy bread, well plain carrots, and a kid's juice box, I think I'll stick with the carrot and juice...... *eats*

Josh: Spoil sport. *starts eating everything*

sally: yum yum

Josh: Was that sarcasm?

sally: yes

Geoff: *eats*

Johs: I don't see why it's delicous.

sally: maybe for you.

Geoff: dont complain it aint that bad!

Josh: Exactly Geoff. You gitta eat to be at your best.

Sally: ok *eats*

Geoff: thats better

Josh: When do you think the challenge will be?

Sally: soon i hope

Josh: Same.

Challenge 8 - Clowning Around with the Bears

Frank: Since Chris is gone, I'll host the challenge. The challenge will be that you have to dress up a sleeping bear as a clown. You must put a rainbow wig, a red nose, and white makeup on it without waking the bear up and getting mauled (Credit to Roy49). The winner will get a special surprise in the end.

Ezekiel: *Sees the sleeping bear and whispers* Oh my... (CONF) I am starting to not like bears, right now, eh.

Izzy: *sees bear* I just love bears *runs towards bear but trips* Ouch *gets up and tip-toes towards bear*

Ezekiel: *Whispers* I wonder what this surprise is... I better win this challenge to find out, eh. *Inches over to put the clown nose on the bear*

Izzy: I'm good with bears *lightly pets it, but not enough to wake it* That's a good boy, that's a good boy *slowly drops the rainbow wig on the bear's head*

Ezekiel: Well, that doesn't look too hard, eh. *Puts the red nose on the bear as the bear to puts it's arm around Ezekiel and unknowningly hugs him* Oh no... *The bear starts licking it, while still asleep*

Izzy: Here let me help *she slowly lifts the bear's arms off of Ezekiel* Welcome *she runs back to the bear and slowly puts the red nose on the bear's nose*

Ezekiel: Oh thanks, Izzy. *Inches over to the bear to put the white makeup on the bear*

Izzy: *while finishing the nose on the bear* Hey Ezekiel, could I be in an alliance with you? *she pulls out the white make-up and starts applying it to the bear*

Ezekiel: *Finishes putting the makeup on the bear* I might have to think about it, eh... but if I do, you promise you will not reveal the alliance to anyone.

Izzy: I promise *finishes putting the white makeup on the bear*

Ezekiel: I gotta think about it with my group but... *About to put the rainbow wig on the bear but stops when realizing...* you won the challenge.

Izzy: I did? I did! Yay *jumps up and down and hugs Ezekiel*

Frank: Izzy you won!

Izzy: Yay *hugs Frank*

Ezekiel: So what is this little surprise that she got for winning the challenge, eh?

Frank: Izzy pick 2 other contestants.

Izzy: For what?

Frank: To share a prize.

Izzy: Ezekiel and Sally


Ezekiel: Oh my god! This is sweet, eh. *Smiles*

Izzy: Awesome! Are we safe from elimination?

Ezekiel: Maybe, this was just a reward challenge, eh.

Josh: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was my challenge!!!!!!!!! (I was asleep)

Noah: Get over it.

(Youre: I'm back.)

Harold: Good job guys(Me too.)

Samuel: Have fun at......Disneyland?

Chris: *returns* Well, Frank were are those speeche- *looks around* Frank >.>

Disneyland Chat

(Izzy, Zeke, and Sally)

Ezekiel: Hey, gals, want to go on Stitch's Great Escape? *Eats some cotton candy*

Izzy: Sure! *runs to Stitch's Great Escape after getting a giant bucket of drink and popcorn and candy*

Ezekiel: (Using a public restroom stall as an confession) This is a very fun experience so far and I am really glad that Izzy decided to pick me to spend this awesome time with her... but I am still not sure, if I will put her in my alliance or not?

???: All Total Drama Contestants, I repeat all TD Contestants, we will be leaving back to the Neighborhood, soon, get on the bus!

Ezekiel: *Walks over to Izzy* Look, Izzy, I have had an incredible fun time, here and I do truly thank you for allowing to have this fun experience. Because of this, I will allow you to be a part of our little alliance, eh.

Izzy: Okay, let's get back to the bus *cart-wheels to the bus*

???: *Drives off* HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLO MY PURPLE BANDITOS! :D, Well we will be driving off and near the neighborhood soon!

Izzy: *spills popcorn* o well *starts eating off the floor*

???: Well we're here, go join the others in cheap lunch, since you already had lunch anyway *steps off*

Cheap Lunch

(Everyone else)

Samuel: Well, Chris is back.

Harold: GOSH! I don't even know if that's good or bad *drinks juice box* Ugh....lucky Izzy.

Ezekiel: Hey guys, we're back from that awesome trip to Disneyland. *Whispers to Samuel, Harold, Noah, and Josh* I added Izzy to the alliance, we could need her for future challenges.

Harold: *whispers back* Are you sure?

Noah: *whispering* I don;t really trust her.

Josh: *whispering* Neither.

Ezekiel: *whispers* Trust me. When we all reach the alliance, we can all get rid of her.

Noah: Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Ezekiel: But I really like these eggs. *Eats one of them raw*

Harold: *whispers* Fine, but we won't promise that she'll stay with us too long.

Challenge 9 - Talents for Hire!

Chris: Heya campers, guess what? We'll be going back to teams in this challenge. It's a talent show! Each team pick one campers to compete with their talent! Team 1 is Noah, Izzy, Sally, and Alejandro. Team 2 is Ezekiel, Josh, Samuel, and Harold. Geoff, serving us sandwiches for immunity! Now pick your people, people!

Harold: I do too!

Chris: Good, now Team 1 choose your member!

Noah: I am doing it.

Chris: Alright, well Noah, you go first, you'll be graded by your talent,so GO!

Noah: Well i am a human calculator 3789 times 84567 equals 320 424 363 and 111 111 111 times 111 111 111 equals 1234567898765432 other than that not much. Also *lasers come up* I can dodge lasers *doding lasers like a pro and doing dancing while doing so* so top that.

Harold: Oh yeah! *uses num-yos as nunchuks and goes in fighting pose then jumps and springs an attack at a dummy* Now, for the best! *beatboxes* Boo yah! Awesome! GOSH! Idiots! BOGUS! Awesome! Boo yah! Okay, I accept defeat....

PurpleRodri: Well, Chris told me to take over, while he has a talk with Frank about the speeches, and well Harold did nicely, but it couldn't beat the laser dodging of Noah, nice work, buddy, Team 1 wins! Now Chris said, that Geoff is safe because it's his birthday, so you four will be going to elimination!

Harold, Samuel, Ezekiel, and Josh Elimination

PurpleRodri: Vote in the confessional! Good luck, my Purple Banditos!

PurpleRodri: Well, today I'm giving away autographs! The loser will get the Toxic Autograph of Loserdom. Well, the first one goes to Samuel! Josh gets the next one! Zeke, Harold one of you won't be getting the safe autograph, and the one with the Toxic Autograph is..................Zeke! Sorry my purple bandito, Zeke, but your time is up! Everyone can say a quick good bye to this homeschool!

Josh: Next time don' add Izzy.

Harold: You played a good game, but next time consult the alliance, GOSH!

Samuel: Sorry should've asked us about Izzy.

Ezekiel: *Looks at Josh, Harold, and Samuel* I'm sorry, guys. I clearly made a huge mistake with adding Izzy in the alliance. I think I have had a great time in this camp, anyway. I made it to the merge and survived a lot longer than I actually thought I did, eh. I have shown the world that you shouldn't underestimate a homeschool. And although, I am eliminated because of you guys. I will hold no grudge. Please, live on my legacy by winning this competition for the homeschooled, eh.

Harold: It's okay, Zeke, you did okay, 9th isn't too bad, at least you finally outranked other people in the competition.

Samuel: Sorry were a good guy, you played the game well.

PurpleRodri: Well, Zeke, good bye *snatches keys and drives himself and Zeke out of neighborhood*

Good Lunch(Everyone but Josh, Samuel, and Harold)

Harold: Well, it's the final 8!

Josh: Why iis everyone here?

Noah: No idea.

Chris: i decided to be nice and let you all hang around in good lunch, for TODAY only. So enjoy.

Noah: When did you get nice?

Chris: Well I decided since it's finally the final 8, I'll let everyone relax. Unless you all want Cheap Lunch.

Josh: Is it an option ton go there by yourself?

Chris: Well since you aren't enjoying it, Josh, Samuel, and Harold go to Cheap Lunch for losing the challenge.

Izzy: *thinks to herself* I can't believe Zeke's gone. Oh, my. *shrugs then cartwheels to the table and eats*

Cheap Lunch(Josh, Harold, and Samuel)

Harold: So close to getting good lunch!

Josh: For Pete's sake Chris I wanted to be here by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samuel: least we have some food *looks at tray* Hmmm.....*Eats*

Harold: You eating it?

Samuel: Well, we do need the energy so.....*eats slowly*

Josh: *eating happiy* Yeah

Samuel: After you eat it for a while it doesn't taste so bad. *continues eating*

Harold: *takes a bite* UGH, THIS SUCKS!

Josh: *still eting* Whatever you say.

Bubble Buddy, Voting Buddy, Elimination Buddy - Purple Banditos Elimination

Chris: Last time we had PurpleRodri join us, but today I'm back and today we're just having a vote til 4! Then we'll be at the final 7.

Chris: Alright, the ceremony begins? Fast, well the first marshmellow is for Samuel and Josh! Noah! Geoff! and Alejandro! Sally, Izzy one of you is going home and it's.......................................Izzy! Sorry Izzy but you've been eliminated! At least you outranked Ezekiel, but that's not saying much *snatches keys and kicks her off the neighborhood*

Harold: Sorry Izzy, but you're too crazy and too much of a threat to keep! GOSH!

Josh: Exactly

Samuel: Sorry Izzy. You did good.

Izzy: oh well *cartwheels out*

Normal Lunch(Everyone)

Harold: Final 7, wow!

Noah: Never thought I;d come this far. Let's face it I'm no TV star.

Josh: I see what you did there.

Samuel: Well, it's been a fun road, hasn't guys?

Josh: Yep.

Noah: I hope I can go further,

Harold: We all do....but we can only hope from Chris's crazy schemes.

Josh: *muttering to himself* I need to win this.

Chris A La Mode

Chris: Bake me a sandwich before ten minutes run out and you win immunity.

Josh: *gives him a roast chicken sandwhich* Here you go

Noah: *Penut Butter sandwhich is given to Chris* Take it.

Samuel: *bakes him a ham and cheese sandwich*

Harold: *makes him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich*

Chris: Mmm, you each win immunity!

Purple Banditos Elimination

Chris: Vote in the confessional!

Chris: Alright, marshmellows go to everyone! *throws one to everyone but Alejandro* Except Alejandro, Final 6! Now vote again, no one is safe for this one! (I already know who everyone voted)

Chris: Wow, really, this is a shocker! *passes marshmellow to Noah*, so are you *passes to Sally and Geoff* and you *passes to Samuel* Harold, Josh one of you is going home and it's..............Harold! Sorry dude, but betrayal rises among you!

Harold: GOSH! Well, whatever, back to Magical Steve's Camp, but you two *points to Noah and Josh* are in no ways my friends! *gives Chris his keys and leaves* 6th, yeah! Good luck Sally, Geoff, and Samuel!

Good Lunch

Samuel: Wait, I'm the last Excelsior, that doesn't make sense.....hold on, give me a minute.

Josh: Sorry bro.

Noah: Yeah man but we needed to do this.

Samuel: Well, now I'm probably next. (CONF) 5th won't be so bad, right?

Joah: (CONF) I have no idea if I did the right thing. (NONCONF) Samuel, can you promise me one thing?

Samuel: What?

Josh: If you are voted out by me and I make it to the final then please vote with your mind instead of your heart. Vote for the one who played better. Please.

Samuel: Well, I might, but, I can't completely promise, you understand, right?

Josh: I understand (CONF) Am I Yul Kwon as well as Ozzy Lusth?

Chris: *walks back* Okay the losers voted for the loser and it's.................Josh. Dude, any last words?

Samuel: *to Noah* That poor guy.

Noah: Poor man.

Samuel: Well, we're the final 4.

Noah: Yeah.

sally: final 4! :D

geoff: my best score ever!

Sally: i feel sad for Josh

Geoff: yeah same :(

Final Four Challenge - Super NASCAR Racing

Chris: Congrats, final four! We're to the final challenge, a NASCAR race! It will take seven lines to finish! As agreed by me and (Roy49), last one to finish, is ELIMINATED. Now go!

Samuel: *starts driving*

Sally: *starts driving*

Geoff: *starts driving*

Samuel: *continues driving*

Noah: *starts driving*

Samuel: *drives faster* Come on!

Noah: *keeps driving*

Samuel: *continues driving* Yes, I'm in the lead!

Noah: *continues driving*

Samuel: *keeps driving*

Noah: *keeps driving*

Samuel: *continues driving, sees the finish line* Almost there!

Noah: *sees samuel* Right behind

Samuel: *finishes* Yes! I'm still in!

Noah: *keeps driving* Almost!

Chris: Good job, Samuel, you're in the final three! Now Noah is close!

Noah: *finishs* DONE!

Chris: Alright, well Noah and Samuel, you're in the final three! Now do we wait for Geoff and Sally or vote one of them out, right now?

Noah: Vote.

Chris: Voting it is! Noah and Samuel, you are auto-safe, so no one can vote for you, it's either Geoff or Sally.

Final Purple Bandito Elimination

Chris: Vote Geoff or Sally. First to 2 is out.

Chris: Okay, well then.....first marshmellow's for Samuel, then Noah, now one more marshmellow, Geoff and Sally and it's for........Sally! Geoff, you're out! You placed 4th, sorry dude. Any last words?

Final 3 Feast

Chris: You three made it to the finale, you get one last feast before you go!

Noah: If only Josh were here. *sighs*

Samuel: Well.....he would be proud of you.....I think. Final 3, great, isn't it?

Noah: Now I need to hope people vote for me.

Samuel: But if they don't you did good Noah, you outlasted all the vets.

Noah: Yeah.

Samuel: *eats slowly* Well, better enjoy this feast.

sally: well done guys! :D *eats*

Noah: I am in the final 3.

Sally: good luck to the both of you! :D (CONF) there is no way i can beat these guys!

Noah: (CONF) I hope people son't vote for the nicest and vote for the strategist. If not I am screwed.

Sally: (CONF) honestly Josh deserves to be here! But hes not! I think Noah is the most deserving

Isla des Losers - Finale of the Fittest

Chris: Hey viewers, this is where the campers go when they're eliminated, like TDI. Let's catch up with them.

Harold: *flipping burgers* When I was eliminated the week before, I felt betrayed, but hey this place is nice!

Ezekiel: Yeah, it is, eh. Grill me a burger would you, bud.

Harold: Sure, *passes a burger to Ezekiel*

Chris: Harold, Zeke, how do you feel about the final 5?

Ezekiel: I think the Final 5 is fine, eh. *Starts eating and enjoying his burger*

Harold: Maybe.....except Noah and Josh, they don't care about anyone but the money! But that's just my opinion *starts eating his burger*

Ezekiel: I got nothing against them, eh.

Chris: Alright, well, I can't keep waiting, time restraints, you know? So the losers get to vote a loser out of the final 5!

Harold: Well, that's easy I vote Josh.

Ezekiel: Umm... (CONF) I am not good with these instant elimination votes.

Chris: Okay, well, Ezekiel, tick tock.

Ezekiel: OK, I'll pick a random name out of a hat. However, I pick gets the vote. (Takes off his hat and takes a random name out of it) OK, I vote off... Josh.

Izzy: *cartwheels over to Ezekiel and pulls out a name. She puts on glasses and squints* Josh I guess

Chris: Well since I doubt anyone else will vote, Josh is out, thanks losers, you can still hang around here, I guess.

Ezekiel: That's nice, eh.

Josh: *breaks down crying* I am coming back. I need to. I am not done playing this game. Next season watch out.

Chris: Wow, Josh, you must be really sad, not what I was expecting. Well, you placed 5th, not too bad.

Ezekiel: Don't worry, Josh... you're in a better place, eh.

Josh: I am coming back. I am.

Ezekiel: Sure, and I did well on Total Drama Island.

Josh: Do not doubt me.

Harold: GOSH! You got what you had coming to you! But, hey your karma finished its deed!

Josh: *pulls out knife*

Chris: No killing Josh, *takes away Josh's knife*

Josh: I wasn't going to kill anyone. *walks off into dark corner*

Harold: I guess he doesn't want a burger *shrugs*

Josh: Of course I don't want a burger. *starts eating a carrot*

Ezekiel: (CONF) *Sarcasm* Someone is certainly overjoyed about his elimination... also, I'm kind of afraid of sleeping now... knowing that Josh might still be carrying his knife around... *Worried* eh.

Josh: (CONF) I still have my knife. (NONCONF) I am goin to bed.

sally: bye josh! :(

Harold: *watching the final four challenge inside* Come on Samuel! Do it for the Excelsior!

Ezekiel: *Watching with Harold* Oh, this is going to be good, eh. Go, Samuel!

Harold: I hope Samuel, can pull it off.

Ezekiel: It looks like he's in the lead.

Harold: Samuel did it! He won!

Josh: *flatly* Oh well who cares?

Harold: Noah made it too.

Josh: And?

Harold: I thought you still liked Noah.

Josh: I don't dislike him. That doesn't mean I like him.

Harold: Okay then. *watches the elimination ceremony*

Ezekiel: Looks like Geoff is out... Oh well... we now got the party dude at this place... things are going to be pretty riled up, now.

Josh: *shrugs*

Geoff: hi guys!

Josh: Hello.

Geoff: hi Josh!

Josh: It seems the party has arrived.

geoff: yep! PARTY TIME!

Josh: *chuckles*

geoff: well i hope Noah wins, what about you Josh?

Josh: I just don't want Samuel to win.

geoff: i like Sally but Noah has done better

Josh: *shrugs* Noa played best. Therefore he must win.

goefff: yeah, but Sam is popular so he might win

Josh: *sigh* Yeah.

Geoff: well Noah might be able to do it

Ezekiel: I think Samuel has proven himself to be the most deserving of the win. I mean he is probably the nicest person in this competition. He has proven himself to be a great leader on multiple occasions and while, Sally has her athelticism and Noah has his brains. Samuel didn't have either advantage and had to rely on his own luck and abilities in order to make it her. I believe he has worked the hardest out of all of us, here. I will be rooting for Sam to win this competition all the way. GO SAMUEL!!!

Chris: Well, Zeke, today you losers get to vote the winner! Put your vote under the name. You may each present your cases.

Samuel: Well, I guess, I'll go first? Look guys, I know I may not have had much strategy like Noah, but I participated in every challenge and helped the Excelsior's. I have played the game well, making few enemies, participating in almost every challenge, making friends, and being the last Excelsior. If I lose, well, Mahatma proves to be the superior team, which I don't want to let happen. I'll share the money with my friends like Ezekiel and Harold.

I also haven't backstabbed a lot of people, unlike Noah, despite being a strategy. I wanted to keep my game plain, so I don't make any enemies, which I don't think I have. I would have gone in the final five or four if it wasn't for the challenge and thanks to my friends and all, I made it here, to the finale. I made it this far, because I didn't make enemies and my ability to keep on trying. While, I didn't play a strategy like Noah or had much luck like Sally, I still think I'm qualified for being a winner, but if I'm not, it's fine, I played a good game. I'd like to thank my team the Excelsior's, all of you guys, Nathan you too, even if you were in the Mahatma's are great guys. Thank you, Excelsior, thank you, Chris, and thank you all.

Noah: Wow. Well today I am in the finals. And I beleive I deserve to be here. I actually had a real strategy to get here. When my strategy got shaken I still kept my head in the game. I think I deserve it.

I backstabbed way to many people but it was nothing personal. Sorry but it was all part of strategy and allinaces.

Alejandro. If you hadn't switched you would be here but that isn't your fault.

Gramps. You are the strongest and samrtest here.

Ezekail. Sorry about the blindside but Izzy waas a threat. Don't take it perosonaly.

Gusy. I just want you to vote for the strategist instead of the nice guy.

Chris: Well, you're both doing good with votes, currently Noah is in the lead, followed by Samuel, and then Sally. Good luck guys.

Geoff: Well my vote is between Noah and Sally....

Sally: noah deserves it more

Geoff: ok, ill vote Nioah

Josh: Same.

Chris: Sally has been eliminated for having no votes, so Samuel and Noah remai-

Samuel: Actually, I quit, Noah has played strategically....I don't want the win anymore, as long as I made it to the finale, it's been great! A long, bumpy ride, but all I did was be nice, while Noah played the game with plans. I'm sorry, Chris, but now you have to crown Noah as the winner.

Chris: Alright, fine then. NOAH, YOU JUST WON TOTAL DRAMA NEIGHBORHOOD 4!!!!! *Hands a suitcase of cheese* CONGRATS, DUDE, YOU'RE A CHEESE MILLIONAIRE!

Harold: Wait, we were fighting for cheese?

Chris: What? I need a lot of money to keep this face beautiful.

Samuel: Well, enjoy your cheese, Noah..........

Chris: This has been a heck of a season, Noah won, Samuel quits, and more! Tune in next season for TDN5! With some of the older contestants, some of these contestants, and maybe a few newcomers!

Noah: I won cheese?

Chris: A lifetime supply of cheese!

Noah: Fine. *starts eating^

Izzy: Good Job Noah! *steals a few things of cheese from his suitcase and does a cart-wheel out*