Morgan Freeman: While Chris is hosting the current contest, I will be taking over. We have relocated to a new neighborhood. We will now have cake to celebra- too nice? Aw........

Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

1. Kyle - The Nice Gentleman - TrentFan (New) Sparro - Guardian of Heroes - TrentFan (Technically a Vet)

2. Henry - Twisted Mind - TrentFan (Vet) Avery - The Serious Cyborg from a Bad Future - TrentFan (New)

3. Jacques - The "Sidekick" - TrentFan (New) Vashyron - Carefree Playboy - TrentFan (New)

4. Desiree - The Def of B**** - Luckybrandon100 (Vet)

5. Drew - The Quiet Athlete - Luckybrandon100 (Vet)

6. Brooke - The Girly Girl - Luckybrandon100 (New)

6. Johnny - The Strategic Mind - XrosHearts (New)

7. Ren - The Clumsy Hero - XrosHeats (New)

8. Georgia - The Country Sweety - XrosHearts (New)

9. Nathan - The Blonde.Wise Father - LinsdayxJustin (New)

10. Lily - The Sweet Girl - LinsdayxJustin (Vet) 

11. Lara - The Ex-Girlfriend - LinsdayxJustin (Vet)

12. Jamie - The Blonde Brute - No-P (New)

13. Lydia - The Technical Master - No-P (Vet)

14. Tommy Dreamer- The Innovator of Hardcore- RR44 (New) 

15. Kenneth- The Monster Hunter- RR44 (Vet) 

16. Taco- The Absolutely Randome One- RR44 (Vet) 

17. "The Drama" - The Stategist - No-P (New)

18. Aversa - Dark Flier - DRL (Vet) Cliff - The Lonely Boy - DRL (Vet)

19. Zephyr - Bored Guy - DRL (New)

20. Leanne - Sweet girl, Bored guy's best friend - DRL (New)

21. SpongeBob- The Cheese Head- Creaotr (New)

22. Patrick- The Dumb Starfish- Creator (New)

23. Squidward- The Mean, Green Squid, Creaotr (New)

Final 5







1. Brucetta - The Non-Henry Dark Knight - Phyneo (after first elimination, Vet)

2. Nissan - Miss I-Am-Best - MRace2010 (i didn't got the opportunity of joining this.....MEH I WANT TO D:) (new) (after first elimination)

3. Kansas - The Quixotic and Delusional Wayward Son - ParaGoomba348 (after first elimination, new)

4. Mike - The Multi-Personality Disorder - SkullKidX (At merge)


MF: Hello everyone.

Kyle: Hello Morgan Freeman, nice to meet you.

Lara: i'm back....FOR WIN !! 

Nathan: Hello Guys ^-^

Kyle: Hello you two, glad to make your aquaintance.

Zephyr: *arrives with leanne* this better be worth my time.

Leanne: Dont worry, you'll like it, as long you dont go too early.

Dreamer: *With a litter of weapons, chairs, trashcans, kendo sticks, stop signs and even a shopping cart* WOOOOOOOOO!

Jamie: Oh my... shut up already!

Lydia: Hey, Nathan want to be in an alliance

The Drama: Hey guys! (CONF) The big bucks are mine!

Ren: Hi *trips*

Georgia: Hey Y'all

Kyle: Hello everyone who just came.

Nathan: Nice to meet you Kyle,Hi guys

Lara: How many stupid there are here *Laughs*

Taco: *on Charlie the Unicorn* YEE HAW!

Charlie: Oh god! Get off of me!......I swear to god you're more annoying than those blue and pink unicorns!

Taco: Oh be quiet Canny!

Jacques: Um, hi guys.

Lydia: Hey person, want to be in an alliance?

Jacques: Huh?

MF: Time for the teams. (DON'T POST)

The Dancing Deer: Kyle, Jacques, Brooke, Georgia, Lara, Kenneth, Zephyr, Leanne

The Fishing Flamingos: Henry (when he arrives), Drew, Ren, Lily (when she arrives), Taco, Aversa (when she arrives), SpongeBob, Jamie

The Plunging Ponies: Desiree, Johnny, Nathan, Lydia, Dreamer, The Drama, Patrick, Squidward

Deer Chat

Zephyr: *sigh* Well, this sucks. At least we're on the same team, Leanne.

Leanne: yeah, this way we can watch our backs!

Lara: aww this is moving....pfff...

Kyle: Hello everyone, I look forward to being in a team with you all.


Kyle: What?

Leanne: Hi Lara, I remember you when I saw last season. You did well.

Georgia: Hey teamys.

Kyle: Hey.

Jacques: Hi.

Lara: WHAT ?! are you Fuc***g me ?? I WAS 24TH !!!! THEY ELIMINATED ME !!! AHH !!!

Leanne: yes, but that was the Panthers, they saw you as the biggest threat on the Sharks.

Lara: ah..ahaha thanks *Smile at Leanne* 

Georgia: Don't worry guys.

Lara: (CONF) it's a long time that someone did a compliment to me *Blushes* emm...yes Leanne is n-ni..ce...

Georgia: I hope we can be buddies.

Kyle: Well everyone, it's been lovely. It's a pleasure to have met you all.

Lara: ..........i don't think.....

Jamie: *walks over* *deep inhale* ..................................hey...

Leanne: *whispers to lara* So um, do you wanna make an alliance with me and my friend Zephyr?

Kyle: *to Jamie* Hey, from one of the other teams, I assume? I'm Kyle, nice to meet you.

Lara: *to leanne* sure ;)

Leanne: *To Lara* Great! Im sure Zephyr will be know, when he finds out I put him in an alliance ^-^ (XD)

Lara: *To Leanne* okay :) (CONF) i like this girl he is strategy !

Leanne: hey Zephyr guess what?

Zephyr: What?

leanne: I put us in an alliance with lara.

Zephyr: Leanne! Whyd you do that? You know I dont care for our team.

Leanne: So? We cant just rely on eachother you know. What if I leave first before merge? You'll be hopeless. Right now we need to buddy with someone with experience, and Lara is the only vet on the team.

Zephyr: *sighs* I guess you have a point.

Lara: *Walks to Leanne* so ? Zephyr want ?

Leanne: he agrees.

Flamingos Chat

Jamie: Okay everyone, don't talk to me, don't get you face pummeled.

Ren: Um Hey I'm Ren.

SpongeBob: Hi guys, I'm SpongeBob!

Aversa: *flies in on dark pegasus* Hmph, so this is the team Ive been assigned to? Well, I see some familiar faces.

Taco: Oooooooooh! Pretty unicorn! *gets on dark pegasus* CAN I RIDE HIM? PLEEEEEEEEEASE?

Aversa: NO! MY PEGA PONY PRINCESS- I mean........Just be careful with it >.>

Henry: *appears* Hey guys! Just got here from the last season. Taco: YAY! THANKS AVERSA! :D *goes off on a joyride with the dark pegasus* 

Kenneth: *pops in* Well THAT was embrassing.

Aversa: *Sees henry* (CONF) Great, my target is back in this season, and is even on my team! This is just too easy!

Henry: What's up guys? Nya ha ha!

Aversa: *checks watch* Ok, times up! *uses hex which teleports Taco and her dark pegasus back* Hope you had fun! *Pushes Taco off and rides dark pegasus*

Lily: *Arrives from the Dark Neighborhood with many monyes* Hai guys, i won the previous SEASON ! YEAHH !!! Hey Aversa,Henry,Taco and Kenneth you are here !! i'm so happy to see you guys !! it will be a great season how the previous i hope....oh do you know me and Drew will ger married after this season *Smile*

Kenneth: *pops in again* That's wonderful!

Taco: You ARE?.......Oh thank god! *hugs Lily*

Lily: Yay ! *Hugs Taco*

Ponies Chat

Nathan: Good we are the ponies ^-^ i think we can be all firends and be a nice team :)

Lydia: Want to be in an alliance Nathan?

Nathan: yes but not an evil alliance !?

Johnny: Hey you two wanna be in an aliance?

Lydia: *to Nathan* Of course not *maniacal laugh* HAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- *cough* *cough*

Dreamer: *bangs himself on a kendo stick* WHOEVER THE H*** MADE US PONIES IS A IDIOT!

Lydia: That was Johnny.

Nathan: emm...okay cause i'm not evil i have a son that is watching ^-^ emm okay Johnny you aren't evil right ?

Lydia: He is. I've watched him.

Johnny: I'm not evil unless you are mean to me.

Nathan: ...emm....on TV i meant....yes i was talking with you ^-^ 

Lydia: *whispers to Nathan* He is EEEVVIILL!

Nathan: !!! Really !!?

Lydia: He's got to go!

Nathan: emm...Johnny...never mind *Smile*

Lydia: *points at Johnny doing something not evil that looks evil* Look at him!

Johnny: DO you believe the person with the evil laugh. And how has Lydia watched me before? Besides I'm just reading a book.


Nathan: (CONF) Lydia think that i'm stupid....but she don't know that i have many experience in my life...i know who is Johnny and who is Lydia...

Lydia: *runs over to Johnny* *takes book* LOOK IT'S- eh, it's, it's A Series of Unfortunate Events, oh. Okay, well, Johnny isn't the target there is much more to accomplish, I can get you to the final 3!

Johnny: Its just a book. And wrong title its a book on oragami. Anyways what do you do for fun Nathan?

Lydia: Hey Johnny, want to be in an alliance.?

Nathan: my life isn't very funny, i work,and pass my time with my son and with my wife but i like drink bere with my friend for fun ^

Lydia: O_ o (CONF) How old is he? He isn't a teenager...

Nathan: oh Sorry now you are thinking that i'm an old i'm 19 years old

Lydia: You drink beer and your only 19? The legal age is 21...

Natahn: *Coughs*......*Walks away*

Patrick: I'm Patrick!

Squidward: They know who you are, Patrick.

Dreamer: I'm Dreamer! Tommy Dreamer!

Episode 1 - Strings of Trust (later today)

Chris: I'M BACK BABY AND BETTER THAN EVER NOW THAT I KICKED RIN OUT OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD! So we all gotta trust each other or not for dem ratings and stuff. SO HERE'S WHAT WE'RE GONNA DO! We're gonna start with a pair challenge! Team with the most people who complete the challenge win! Anyways, the pairs will be posted as well as their chat, you will talk there for 20-30 minutes and junk. So yeah, see ya!

Leanne and Lara Chat

Leanne: Cool, Just you and me! I hope Zephyr doesnt kill whoever hes paired with.

Lara: Yeah Leanne ! but what we have to do ?

Leanne: IDK, I guess we wait for Chris to give us instructions or something.

Lara: Good so....we can know each other better right ? you have a best friend ?

Leanne: yes, Zephyr is my best friend.

Lara: Zephyr is a boy ?

Leanne: Yeah.

Lara: Good *Smile* so do you have a boyfriend ?

Leanne: No.

Lara: too xD what do you like to do for fun or something else ?

Chris: YO SUCKAS, WELCOME DAW- Nah, I can't be a rapper..........anyways, FOR DA CHALLENGE, WE MUST TRUST- Hold on, phone call. Okay back. ANYWAYS, *Pushes Leanne off a cliff* LARA, YOU MUST RUN DOWN AND CATCH HER! (5 lines, Leanne can post as she's falling to help out) GOOD LUCK!

Lara: are you jk ? -.- i hate run ! but she is my firend so...*Runs*


Lara: *Runs for saving Leanne*

Leanne: ...............still waiting.

Lara: *Runs for saving Leanne* 

leanne: *still falling* aw

Lara: *Runs for saving Leanne* (4)


Lara: *Cathes Leanne* Yay ! are you okay ?

Leanne: Im fine, thank you.


Kyle and Georgia Chat

Kyle: Greetings, it's a pleasure to be teamed with you.

Georgia: Hey Kyle.

Kyle: Yeah, we can be basic with brother has infected my way of wordings. Though I don't know wher- sorry to ramble on about that.

Chris: KYLE, GEORGIA, I'M RUNNING OUT OF STEREOTYPES SO *Pushes Georgia off a cliff* Why not go save her? (5 lines to catch her, Georgia can post something as she's falling)

Kyle: This is sort of cruel, don't you think? But fine.........Georgia, don't worry! I'll catch you! *runs to go catch Georgia* (1)

Georgia: Help!

Kyle: *running* Stay calm, everything will be alright! (2)

Georgia: I'm falling how can I stay clam!?!!?!?!?!?!

Kyle: *running* Because I'll catch you! Though, we did just meet a day ago, so I'll understand if you don't trust me and think you'll fall to your death, but I'll still assure you it won't happen. (3)

Georgia: Kyle!

Kyle: *running* Almost there........she's almost near the ground, I have to make this catch quick...........

*Georgia falls into Kyle's arms, it now takes 4 posts because this challenge had too many inactives*

Kyle: Got you! *lets Georgia down* You alright?

Zephyr and Brooke Chat

Zephyr: *sighs* Good luck to us both, dont slow me down, etc, etc.

Chris: YOU SUCKERS, IT IS LE TIME FOR LE- Nah, I can't be french either...........what a problem that is. Anyways *pushes Brooke off a cliff* GO SAVE HER ZEPHYR- or else you lose and will be without Leanne for like five years. >.> (5 lines to go catch her, Brooke can post her screaming to help out)

Zephyr: *Runs to save Brooke* Ugh...

Brooke: Help!

Zephyr: What do you think Im doing? >.> *runs to save Brooke*

Brooke: A little faster please...

Zephyr: Shut up and wait! >.> *runs to save Brooke*

Brooke: Then I'm not talking to you!

Zephyr: *Sighs, runs to save Brooke*

Brooke: *mimicing Zephyr* My name is Zephyr. Na na na na na!

Zephyr: *catches Brooke* THERE! HAPPY! *drops her and walks away*

Brooke: YES! I AM!

Jacques and Kenneth Chat

Jacques: Erm, hey Kenne-

Chris: *pushes Jacques off a cliff* HEY SUCKERS- Yeah this is getting boring, save him Kenneth. >.> (5 lines to catch Jacques, he can help out as he's falling by screaming)

Jacques: *falling* ZUTS ALORS!

Kenneth: *catching Jacques* (1)

Jacques: ......Help, please!

Kenenth: *catching Jadques* (2)

Jacques: *still falling, now used to it*

Kenneth: *catching Jacques* (3)

Jacques: *falling*

Kenneth: *sets up a net at the end of the cliff* (4)

*Jacques falls onto the net, which then sends him flying into Kenneth's arms, since you guys got 4 posts*

Jacques: Is it over.....?

Henry and Aversa Chat

Henry: Hey! What's up?

Aversa: Not much. (CONF) Might as well use him for the challenge, then kill him when we're done.

Henry: That's cool, I hope this challenge involves swimming in blood..............getting blood...........blood's all I really gotta say, nya ha ha!

Aversa: You have an interesting way of amusing people...

Henry: Thanks! Even if it was an insult, fine by me! Nya ha ha!

Chris: *cuts off Aversa's Dark Pegasus' wings* It'll grow back eventually, ANYWAYS *Pushes Aversa off a cliff* HENRY GO SAVE HER! THIS HAS BEEN THE MOST FUN I'VE HAD IN AGES! AGE-

Henry: Are you old-

Chris: Shut up. >.> (5 lines to catch her, Aversa can scream and help out by doing that to make it quicker)

Henry: *runs to catch Aversa* I wonder if there are spikes that will activate if I fail...........blood.........nya ha ha!

Aversa: Well this sucks.

Henry: *running to catch Aversa* ............Dang speed, I need a speedwing later, nya ha ha! (bad speed in-game reference)

Aversa: *Waiting, falling*

Henry: Oh wait, I have a horse. *rides horse to Aversa, barely quicker* Oh right, its leg got stabbed..........I'M COMING AVERSA, DON'T THINK ABOUT A BLOODY DEATH, YET- though if it did happe- nevermind, nya ha ha!

Aversa: Ugh.....

Henry: *riding horse* Almost there!


Henry: *finds speedwing and rides super fast* YAY! *hits wall* Ow. *dizzily gets off the horse and catches Aversa* Gotcha, nya ha ha! Now excuse me while I go count some stars. *disappears*


Aversa: Thank you for saving me, I'll let you live for the rest of the evening.

Lily and Taco Chat

Lily: Yess !! TACO !! *-*

Taco: HAI! <3

Lily: *Hugs Taco*

Taco: *hugs Lily*

Chris: *pushes Lily off a cliff* TACO, GO SAVE HER FOR DEM HUGS! (5 lines to catch her, Lily can help out by screaming so things get done quicker)

Lily: emm...Taco ? HURRY UP !!

Taco: *cathcing Lily* (1)

Lily: TAco !!

Taco: I'M COMING! *catchnig Lily* (2)

Lily: *Cries*...i'm afriad to die !

Taco: *catches Lily thanks to her legs* (3)

Lily: Taco you grabs my leg ! 

Taco: Wait for it..........*gets some arms and catches Lily* Here we go! (4)

Lily: YAY ! c'mon Taco ! 

Taco: *puts Lily back to safety* (5) SOURCREAM!

Lily: *Hugs Taco* Finally ! thanks Dear *Kisses Taco on the cheek*

Taco: You're welcome! :3


SpongeBob and Ren Chat

SpongeBob: Hi, Ren! I'm SpongeBob! I hope we can be great friends! :D

Ren: Um, sure.

Chris: *pushes SpongeBob off a cliff* Save him, Clumsy Smurf. >.> (5 lines to catch him, SB can help out by screaming)

Ren: *runs*


*Ren misses by tripping and SpongeBob falls to the ground on his face*

Drew and Jamie Chat

Jamie: .....Hi

Drew: Hey!

Jamie: ....Hi, what's up?

Chris: *pushes Jamie off a cliff* DREW, BE A MAN! (5 lines to go catch her, Jamie can help by screaming or something to make things quicker)

Jamie: *while falling* .....meh....

Drew: *catches Jamie* (1)

Jamie: Thanks....

(the poster has to post 5 times, the faller just lets the poster post again.)

Drew: *catches Jamie*

Jamie: ...

Drew: *catches Jamie* (3)

Jamie: ...

Drew: *catches* (4)

Jamie: ...

*Jamie falls onto Drew's arms because you guys got 4 posts*

Lydia and Johnny Chat

Lydia: Hi Johnny.

Johnny: Hi Lydia.

Lydia: How is your day?

Chris: *pushes Lydia off a cliff* ............**** this, figure out what to do. >.> (5 lines to catch Lydia who can help by screaming)


Johnny: *runs* I'm coming!


Johnny: *runs*

Lydia: Hurry!

*Lydia falls onto the ground on her face because Johnny missed*

Dreamer and Squidward Chat

Dreamer: *bangs himself on the chair 2 times* That's ECW talk for Hey!

Squidward: Uh...Hi. I'm Squidward. Nice to meet you!

Chris: *pushes Dreamer off a cliff* SQUIDWARD, DO BE A HERO! (5 lines to catch Dreamer, Dreamer can help by screaming)


Squidward: *Tries to help him* (1)

(Don't double post please)

Dreamer: *bangs himself on the chair*

*Squidward misses and Dreamer falls onto the ground on his face*

Nathan and Patrick Chat

Nathan Hey Patrick i'm with you good thing i hope ^-^

Patrick: I like burritos...

Nathan: ahah xD good 

Patrick: Do you like burritos?

Nathan: em no thanks i prefer don't eat burritos

Chris: *pushes Patrick off a cliff* ...................Figure out what to do on your own *****. *runs away* (5 lines to save Patrick, Patrick can help by screaming)

Nathan: i can not save him ? i'm joking xD *tries to save Patrick*

Patrick: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nathan: oh Patrcik ?! *Tries to save Patrick* 

*Nathan misses and Patrick falls to the ground on his face*

Nathan: are you ok patrick ?

Desiree and The Drama Chat

The Drama: Hey!

Desiree: What's up?

The Drama: Nothin' much.

Chris: *pushes The Drama off a cliff* DESIREE- Nah, you won't do it. (5 lines to go catch the Drama, Drama can help by screaming)

The Drama: AAAAAH! *pulls out makeup* Okay, not to much blush, take two. *puts makeup away* AAAAAAAH!

Desiree: *catches Drama* (1)

The Drama: Thanks!

(The screamer doesn't count, it's just to let the poser post again.)

Desiree: *catches* (2)

The Drama: :D

Desiree: *catches* (3)

The Drama: :D

Desiree: *catches* (4)

The Drama: :D

*Drama falls onto Desiree's arms because you guys got 4 posts*


Chris: Only:

Leanne & Lara

Zephyr & Brooke

Kyle & Georgia

Jacques & Kenneth

Henry & Aversa

Lily & Taco


Desiree & The Drama

finished the challenge! That's 4 points Deer, 3 points Flamingos, and............1 point Ponies, so PONIES ONE OF YOU WILL BE GOIN' HOME, HOMEBOY- WHY AM I STILL DOING THESE IMPRESSIONS? >.>

Elimination Ceremony - Ponies

Chris: Okay only NATHAN has voted. That's very, people from other teams can vote for the next 10 minutes.........SO HURRY AND VOTE THREATS OR INACTIVES GUYS >.>......Nathan's immune for voting. :D

Chris: ONLY NATHAN, DESIREE, AND PATRICK GOT VOTES AGAINST THEM! Nathan's immune though, so he's safe. an ALMOST SHUT-OUT have been E-L-I-MINATED!

Deer Chat

Leanne: Oh, we won, cool!

Zephyr: (CONF) Brooke was a pain in the a**....

Chris: *announces the sneak peek on speaker* SO NOW WE'LL SPLIT YOU UP INTO THE TRIOS! Also, welcome........................KANSAS TO THE TEAM! *Closes chat*

Kyle, Georgia, & Zephyr Chat

Zephyr: Aw damn it! 

Kyle: You alright?

Zephyr: Ugh, Im fine. Just stay away from me until the challenge starts, got it?

Kyle: You're obviously seem way too hostile to be fine. Did something happen?

Zephyr: What? No. GO AWAY! GEEZUS! 

Kyle: ....................Fascinat- I'm turning into my brother...............yeah, I'll leave you be while I go erase his words from my vocabulary real quick. Do you happen to know a Lione- oh whoops, stupid question..........I'll leave you be before I do anything I reveal too much..........farewell, Zephyr. *disappears*

Zephyr: *shooting bullets through the ceiling for no apparant reason*

*Suddenly a black and green flash appears through the sky*

Chris: YUP, YOU'VE BEEN DIGITALIZED TO FIGHT DEM BATTLES! I know it's sorta unfair since Zephyr has some experience and Kyle has a secret sword I shouldn't have told you about- OH WELL- but yeah. Anyways there are boss fights. So yup................Zephyr's boss is up first: CARDINAL ROWEN, y'know that guy who almost killed Leanne back in that thing with that orb and thin- I'll shut up.

Rowen: *grabs gun and begins to aim for Zephyr*

(Battle System for Non-Final Boss Battles:

10 HP for the boss

5 HP for Zephyr

Supports which will be Kyle and Georgia for now, can block attacks for you in exchange for not attack but they have no health. They can NOW attack whenever since the challenge would die without it and they block on their own.

The two supports can now team up and do a special worth 9 damage if they get a good coin flip but the last blow must be for the character who's boss it is. Also the monster will then do 3 damage the next attack. Go to chat to tell me heads or tails and PM me if you want to try.

Criticals in a 1 out of 20 chance will be accounted for and do 5 damage, boss can crit too but for 3.)

Zephyr: DIE YOU FAT B******! >.> *shoots Rowan with shotgun*

Rowen: *shoots at Zephyr's arm*


Kyle: On it, have to find a weak point! *dashes quickly at Rowen, throws him into the air and repeatedly slices at him making a wind cyclone, shooting him into a wall* Swift blows were always a favorite of mine. Good luck Zephyr. *jumps back*

Rowen: God dang his speed. >.> *shoots bazooka at Zephyr*

Zephyr: *shoots Rowen back into the wall with shotgun*

Rowen: *shoots rifle at Zephyr*

Kyle: *pushes Zephyr out of the way as a block* Please be more careful. *Jumps back*

Zephyr: Yeah, thanks.....whatever *shoots Rowen*

Rowen: WHY WON'T MY GUN AIM FOR THAT OTHER GUY SO THIS BATTLE'S EASIER? >.> WHATEVER! *throws grenade at Zephyr's face, which explodes*

Zephyr: *Hurt, but face is still adorable* MY FACE IS TOO CUTE TO BE BLOWN UP! >.> *shoots Rowen*

Rowen: *stabs Zephyr with pocket knife*

Zephyr: KYLE! NOW! >.> *Shoots Rowen*

Kyle: On it! *dashes at Rowen so fast, he cuts right through him, splitting him into two only for Rowen to regenerate due to being in a virtual world but has him lose an arm* Blast. Well my work's done for now. *jumps back*

Rowen: *stabs Zephyr*

Kyle: *blocks* Zephyr, stay careful, you're almost out of this. *jumps back not being able to be called on this turn*

Zephyr: yeah, ok, you dont have to say something witty every time you block >.> (XD) *Shoots Rowen*

Rowen: *about to slit Zephyr's head off*

Kyle: *blocks* Zephyr, now's your chance! *runs back quickly*

Zephyr: I KNOW! SHUT UP! >.> *Throws grenade at Rowen*

Rowen: *dodges some random rock thinking it's a grenade* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- TROLOLOLOLO- *Hit by grenade, it explodes, he dies* NOOOOOOO

*real life*'

Chris: Nice work Zephyr, you also did good Kyle- DO SOMETHING GEORGIA >.>, GOD DANG IT- Okay so take a small break.


Kyle: Don't forget to call on Zephyr and me later. We'll help the best we can.

Zephyr: You should just let me take on all of them.

Bull: *charges and bonks Georgia in the head with horns*


Kyle: *dashes sonic speed at bull and kicks him into the air* I must find a weak point......*kicks and continously slashes Bull in the air, creating a tornado, then stabs the bull with a dagger and sends tornado towards Zephyr which dies down and leaves the bull falling from the air* ZEPHYR! DON'T MISS THIS SHOT!*falls down on feet gracefully*

Zephyr: *doesnt miss the shot*

Bull: *falls injured with only 1 HP left*

Kyle: Georgia, it's up to you! *jumps back*

Bull: *weakly charges at Georgia but manages to stab her with his horns on her arm for 3 damage leaving her to 1 HP*

Georgia: No! *Charges at bull with a knife*

Bull: *dies*

Kyle: Nicely done, Georgia.

Chris: Well, good job guys, you guys are almost the second team done. ALMOST. *Lionel comes in, in real life*

Lionel: *blasts Chris out* KYLE! JOIN ME!

Kyle: I beg your pardon?


Kyle: I'm not sure, I want destruction......

Lionel: DO IT NOW B**** *Blasts beams at Zephyr and Georgia, stunning them*

Kyle: That is not my brother! He'd only hurt them for science! En garde.

Chris: *heals Zephyr and Georgia*


Lionel has 15 HP

Kyle has 9 HP

that's all that's changed

Oh and random battle theme:

Kyle: *slashes Lionel*

*SUPPORT SPECIAL - Zephyr and Georgia*

Zephyr: Dont dissapoint me! *Shoots Lionel numerous times in the.....yeah.....then kicks him into the air* NOW GO! >.>

Georgia: *Kicks Lionel back to the ground* Yay!

Lionel: ME! *Punches Kyle* (Remember, while you can't attack, you can still block attacks from reaching Kyle)

Kyle: *slashes at Lionel, kicks him up into the air, and sword uppercuts him until he falls*


Kyle: I'll still find a way! I won't fail now.

Current HP:

Lionel - 5 HP, Kyle - 5 HP

Kyle: *slices at Lionel*

Lionel: *charges for Kyle to punch him in the.......yeah*

Georgia: *blocks and defends Kyle*

Kyle: You have my thanks, Georgia. *kicks Lionel into a wall and stabs him*

Lionel: *swift jabs Kyle*


Kyle - 4 (if Georgia or Zephyr block again it'll be 5) HP

Lionel - 3 HP


Kyle: Alright, fine. *charges at Lionel then goes sonic speed, going right through him, cutting of his arm*

Lionel: SCIENCE WILL FINE A CURE, KYLE! IT WON'T FIND A CURE FOR NO LOYALTY! *Uses orbs powers to shoot dark spears at Kyle*

Zephyr:........Thats not much better >.> *throws grenade at Lionel*


Kyle: *kicks Lionel up, dashes up, slashes Lionel multiple times, then throws him to a wall* That is not the final blow! *dashes before Lionel hits the wall* Brother, I understand the meaning of our bonds now............and if you don't........I'm afraid I have no choice. *grabs a custom sword* May the power of this sword assist me with such a loathsome task........*stabs Lionel's gut, then kicks him onto the ground*

Lionel: KYLE, THIS ISN'T OVER...........*Coughing*'s too late for you three now. I will come back with the orb's powers ready to murder you all............*disappears*

Kyle: ..........

Chris: YOU GUYS WIN A POINT FOR YOUR TEAM! Congrats Kyle, Zephyr, and Georgia!

Kyle: .........Thanks.

Leanne, Lara, & Kansas Chat

Leanne: Hi Lara, Hi new person! (CONF) Oh geez, I hope Zephyr does alright with the others in his trio......Oh god........what if he kills them all? I knew we shouldnt have brought a suitcase full of shotguns, handguns, and grenades!

Lara: Hai Leanne ^-^ *Galres the new person*...>.>

Leanne: So....Your Kansas right? Im Leanne ^-^

*Black and green flash appears*

Chris: Virtual World. Boss fights. First boss is Leanne's some researcher named Sullivan............look at Kyle, Georgia, and Zephyr's chat for the battle system and blah.

Leanne: Aw poo. *Shoots Sullivan with handgun*

Sullivan: *throws rock at Leanne*

Leanne: RUDE! *throws grenade at Sullivan*

Sullivan: ME AND MY ROCKS WILL RULE THE WORLD! *Throws two pebbles into Leanne's eyes*

Leanne: Gosh your lame. *Shoots Sullivan*

Sullivan: YOU MAY SAY LAME, BUT I'LL BE LAUGHING WHEN I WIN! *Throws boulder at Leanne*

Leanne: No.....You'll still be lame. *shoots Sullivan*

Sullivan: ........I know. *cries and throws rock at Leanne's head*

Leanne: Ok, that hurt. *Shoots Sullivan*

Sullivan: *throws pebble at Leanne, "killing her"*


Chris: You guys a pebble. You can chat here but you get no chance at redemption and just..........failed. Don't talk to me. You guys suck. YOU FAILED ME. >.> *runs away*

Jacques Owain, Kenneth, & Brooke Chat

Jacques: *coughing* I knew I shouldn't have eaten Henry's sandwi- *dies*

Chris: OH COME ON, STOP DYING ON THE NEIGHBORHOOD PEOPLE >.>.........luckily, we have the perfect replacement for him............MEET OWAIN!

Owain: SWORD HAND, TWITCHES! Hello people and the host who's wicked beyond despai-

Chris: Another freak show, just great. *turns Owain into a Sage* Have fun. *leaves*

Owain: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Black and green flash*

Chris: We be in a virtual world. Boss battles. First boss is Kenneth's..................A GIANT MONSTER WHO ATE HIS MOM AT A YOUNG AGE! Look at Kyle, Georgia, and Zephyr's chat for the battle system.

Kenneth: *slays the monster*

Owain: Remember to call on me and Brooke, when you'll be needing help. You're looking good though, DESPAIR FACE THIS MAN'S MIGHT!

Monster: *spits Kenneth's dead mom out at Kenneth's face*

Kenneth: *kicks Monster* I'LL AVENGE YOU MA!

Monster: *throws Kenneth's dead mom's head at Kenneth's face*

Kenneth: *slays Monster so hard*

Monster: *mimics Kenneth's mom screaming and then chomps at Kenneth's legs*

Owain: *blocks* Stay down! Best be ready evildoer monster! *runs back*

Kenneth: AGH! YOU ASKED FOR IT! *Stabs monster*

Monster: *kicks Kenneth*

Kenneth: Uh, Owain? A little help here?

Owain: Very well! *grabs tome book and uses Micaiah's Pyre on Monster* I wish my sword hand was still active........*runs back*

Monster: GRAAAAH! *Confused*

Kenneth: Well, I do know a little hex magic so maybe if we win, I'll give your sword hands back. *slays Monster*

Owain: Alright! Call on me again when you need some assistance, friend!

Monster: *eats Kenneth*


Flamingos Chat

Chris: *announces sneak peek on speaker* ANYWAYS, WELCOME BRUCE TO THE TEAM! *Closes chat*

Henry, Aversa, & Lily Chat

Aversa: ......henry, why havent you died yet? I know I put the poison in your sandwhich........who else could have eaten it?

Henry: Oh Jacques stole it, I think, nya ha ha! Hey could you please kill me in a bloody way instead or try to? .........No ouchies if possible, please.

Aversa: Wait what?........s*** >.>

Henry: Oh well! Nya ha ha! If you want I can give you some suggestions for my death?


Henry: *one long list, providing awesome, bloody, but not too painful deaths* Like my ideas? Nya ha ha!

Aversa: O_O ok.......I'll keep you alive until we finish our fights, cuz you can be useful...........sometimes....

Henry: Yay! Nya ha ha! Oh but be very careful with your spells because I can accidentally fling them back and kill you. Just a warning. Nya ha ha!

Aversa: I'll try. (CONF)..........WTF

Henry: Okay, good! Nya ha ha!

Chris: Boss battle. Yeah. *black and green flash* First up is Lily's...............her secret fat stalker. See battle system at Kyle, Georgia, and Zephyr's chat.


Lily: ahh !!!! god !!!! *Shoots SFS* F**k you !!! I'M TOO NICE FOR YOU !!

SFS: BUT I JUST WANNA BE FRIE- *Throws up on Lily's shoes then falls on ehr*

Lily: AHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha !!! oh my god !!!!!!!!!!!.......HOW YOU DARE ?!!! I'M LILY THE MOST NICE GIRL OF THE WORLD !!!!!! *Shoots SFS with Bazooka*

SFS: *Dagger falls out of pocket accidentally and stabs Lily in the heart*


Taco, Ren, & SpongeBob Chat

*Black and green flash appears*

Chris: Boss battles. Ren's boss...............Evil Ren Clone. See Kyle, Georgia, and Zephyr's chat for the battle system.

Ren: *punches Evil Ren*

Evil Ren: *pushes Ren off a cliff*


Drew, Jamie, & Bruce Chat

Chris: Just received intel telling me Jamie and Bruce will be gone, so they're excused. DREW, IT'S UP TO YOU! TO SOLO..........................THAT GUY WHO STOLE DESIREE FROM YOU THAT ONE TIME!

(DIfferent Battle System:


Drew - 8 HP

Drew has a more likely chance of criticals, no supports.

Criticals do less damage.)

Drew: *attacks monster*


Drew: *finds a critical* (You didn't get one, I call them out when they happen, so it's still one damage)

TG: *Kicks Drew in the........yeah*

Drew: *runs into him*

TG: *Kicks Drew's guts then drowns him*


Ponies Chat


Desiree, Drama, and Patrick Chat

Chris: Drama and Patrick, you guys will be a duo, SO YA- nah, you'll fail. Anyways Drama is excused so PATRICK SOLO EVERYTHING AND FIGHT....................PLANKTON!

(Look at Drew's Chat for YOUR Battle System)

Plankton. Boo. *has Karen fling Patrick into jellyfish*


Johnny, Nathan, and Squidward Chat

*Black and green flash*

Chris: First up is Nathan's boss...............his teacher. :O- WHO MADE THAT EMOTE? >.>

(See Kyle, Georgia, and Zephyr's chat for the battle system)

Nathan: O.O ! oh god.....em..okay....keep calm....*Faints*

Chris: ...........So does he lose?

Nathan: *Wakes up* aww.....okay,*Shoots His Teacher*

Teacher: YOU ALWAYS WERE A BRAT NATHAN *Throws homework at Nathan*

Nathan: D: !!.....HEY ! Bridle your toungue !! maybe you don't know but now i have a work i don't need your stupid homework !! *Shoots Teacher*

Johnny: *helps Nathan Attack*

Natahn: *Shoots his Teacher*

Teacher: *drowns Nathan with homework*


Lydia, Dreamer, and Nissan (debuter) Chat

Chris: Lydia is excused, oh and Nissan's your debuter, yay.

*green and black flash*

Chris: Boss fights. Dreamer's boss. John Cena. Battle system at Kyle, Zephyr, and Georgia's chat.

Nissan: Oh my gosh you're doo- GO DREAMER!

Tommy Dreamer: This should be easy. *chair shots John Cena*


Tommy Dreamer: Yeah, About that. *The Sandman and Sabu show up.......well, almost*

John Cena: *begins to choke Dreamer*

Dreamer: *breaks free and powerslams John Cena*

John Cena: *grabs gun and shoots Dreamer* WHO CARES ABOUT WRESTLING ANYMORE!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Dreamer: Uhhhh, Just about EVERYONE. Well, Everyone except TNA, They're going bankrupt soon. *grabs a knife and stabs Cena with it* A little help here Nissan?

Nissan: Um sorry got lazy. GO DREAMER!

Dreamer: Allright. *kicks Cena multiple times*

Nissan: K-I-C-K-H-I-M!

John Cena: *slaps Dreamer*

Dreamer: *has enough of Cena and goes on a rampage, doing his own of a SuperCena Comeback*

Nissan: *throws a Ferrari F10 at Cena*

John Cena: I'LL GET YOU! *About to charge at Dreamer*

Nissan: *throws a Fiat 500 at Cena* Die already z.z

Dreamer: *trips Cena and does an STF on him*

Cena: *about to KO Dreamer with a punch and WILL if no one blocks*

Nissan: *blocks Cena with a truck, LOLYEAH!*

Dreamer: Nice! *Dreamer finishes him off with a Dreamer DDT*

John Cena: (Works for me I guess.) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- *Fades away*

Nissan: WE DEFEATED YOUR A**. Now i don't have to worry about a name that reminds me a car brand....-_-

Chris: Language. >.> Anyways, since Lydia's excused and Nissan's a debuter and doesn't have a boss, YOU GUYS WIN A POINT FOR YOUR TEAM :D

Dreamer: NOW THIS! IS! WRESTLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING! (CONF) But still TNA's REALLY going bankrupt this year. You can bet on it.

Episode 2 - Trio of Bosses

Chris: So only Kyle, Georgia, Zephyr, Nissan, and Dreamer finished the challenge within two days? At least one boss? It's sad................Kyle, Georgia, Zephyr, you give your team immunity. Nissan, Dreamer, you give your team immunity. Which means, Flamingos get to vote someone off.

Elimination Ceremony 2 - The Flamingos

Chris: Bruce and Jamie are excused but can also not vote. VOTE!

Chris: Majority have voted for one of you, so voting has ended. Everyone's safe BUT...............ONE! THE LOSER IS............................*Everyone looks nervously at each other*............SPONGEBOB! Sorry spongy buddy, your time is up.

Deer Chat

Leanne: So Zephyr, hows your fight go?

Zephyr: I won, with little help from the others >.> (XD) how was yours?

Leanne: I got killed by a pebble ^-^

Zephyr: *teary eyed* Im so proud of you (CONF) WT*Shot*

Kyle: *sitting on a tree stump, thinking*

Owain: *passing by Kyle* DOWN SWORD HAND.........I miss my sword hand. *cries* OH- CIVILIAN! Sorry you had to see that. I AM OWAIN DARK SON OF- nah, that's too long an intro. I'm your new teammate, Jacques died. Nice to meet you civilian, but NOW I AM OFF! *Jumps, thinking he can fly* HIY- Oh wait. *hits a tree and falls*

Leanne: *Sees owain* OMG, this man is insane! We must put him out of his misery! Quik, Zephyr FILL HIM WITH LEAD!!!! 

Owain: Woah there, civilian. Before you do anything you might regret.........if it means to save my life, I'll say I'm just acting and act this way to scare off foes. I'm not really insane.

Leanne: HES GOING TO GREAT LENTGH TO HIDE HIS INSANITY!!! *Throws a grenade at Owain*

Kyle: *sees Leanne and Owain* Woah! What are you guys doing? This isn't safe.......

Zephyr: *Not really paying attention* leanne, stop doing whatever the f*** it is your doing.

Owain: THANK YOU TEAMMA- Actually, I'll talk normally around her and keep my distance........*backs up*

Kyle: ..........*Sees grenade explode* ..............I won't ask. I'm sure the reason was well.

Leanne: Ok, I got that out of my system.

Owain: *still backing away*

Kyle: Is it really necessary to avoid Leanne because she threw a grenade at yo- that sounded better in my head.....


Zephyr:......Are you high or something?

Owain: Did no one listen to what I said to Leanne? >.>

Zephyr and leanne: No ^-^

Owain: >.>

Kyle: Erm, if it makes you feel any better...........I got nothing. Sorry.

Leanne: Its ok insane person, I think your cool no matter how you are! *hugs*

Kenneth: I'll help you out. *gives Owain back his sword hands by using hex magic* There you go, You've got sword hands again!

Owain: Thank you Kenneth! I'll prove to you guys I'm not insane! (CONF) But my sword hand twitches. D:

Kenneth: You're very welcome Owain.

Kyle: Well............most of the team is here. So how is everyone?

Owain: Fine. Normal. Perfectly normal.

Lara: *Wakes up* ah.....Hey

Kyle: Hello Lara.

Owain: Hey Lara, I'm your new teammate! I'm normal! :D

Lara: you aren't normal you disgust me...Hey Kyle ^-^

Kyle: Hey.

Owain: ..............Aw...............Why does no one think I'm normal? >.>

Lara: i hate new temmates <.< 

leanne: Come on lara, lest try and get to know him.

Lara: Leanne !! How are my new best firend ? ...and never <.< i hate all new entries 


Owain: Can I be considered normal now? :D

Leanne: No, and I think your better off being insane.


Kyle: Hello Kansas, my name's Kyle. Glad to meet you.

Kansas: GLAD TO FIND OUT HOW WAYWARD YOU ARE! HERE CATCH! (Throws his stick at Kyle)

Nissan: *gets hit from the stick instead* Hey, watch out! I'm a normal dudette here! >:(


Nissan: I don't even know why I landed there but....ok. (CONF) Amazing. I was thinking about making a little alliance with a member of another team, and now here we got Kansas! I need to plan something now, .z.)

Ponies Chat

Nissan: *walks there from Deer Chat* FIRST TO PO- i mean we were safe guys, woohoo!

Dreamer: *bangs chair on Dreamer's own face* WOOOOOOOOOOO!

Episode 3 - Rescue



Chris: This would have been better for Dark Neighborhood but fine. Whatever. Just don't hurt me.

???: wHAT? Fine...........

Deer Challenge Chat

Monsters: *come through Deer Chat*

(Escape the monsters to win the first part of the challenge, 4 lines to escape. If the monster grabs you, you're out of the challenge. There's an active monster and an inactive monster who will grab people of those qualities 2 lines, so escape. >.>)

Chris: *through announcer* Yeah, run............whatever. It's the challenge. Sure.

Zephyr: *Runs

Leanne: *Runs*

Kyle: *runs*

Owain: *taking a nap*

Active Monster: *chases Zephyr*

Inactive Monster: *chases Kansas*

Zephyr: Aw, come on guy! >.> *Runs*

Leanne: *runs*

Kyle: *runs*

Monster: *grabs Zephyr and makes him disappear*

Inactive Monster: *grabs Kansas and makes him disappear*


Kyle: Dang. *runs*

Monster: *stalks Owain*

Inactive Monster: *chases Lara*

Lara: F*** you *Runs*

Kyle: *escapes*

Leanne: *Runs*

Monster: *grabs Owain and makes him disappear*

Inactive Monster: *chases Kenneth instead*

Leanne: *escapes*

Lara: *Runs*

Monster: *disappears, allowing Lara to escape*

Inactive Monster: *grabs Kenneth and makes him disappear, then disappears allowing Brooke and Georgia to escape*

Lara: *Runs*

Flamingo Challenge Chat

Monsters: *come through Flamingo Chat*

(read Deer Challenge chat)

Chris: Run, it's your challenge........blah.

Aversa:.....I guess using my dark pegasus wont count, will it? *runs*

Henry: *runs* YAY!

Active Monster: *chases Henry*

Inactive Monster: *chases Ren*

Aversa: *runs* DAMN THESE HIGH HEELS! >.>

Lily: What ?! *RUns*

Henry: *running* WEEEEE! In memory of Nowi- I don't know, just needed a reason to say her catchphrase. Nya ha ha!

Monster: *grabs Henry and makes him disappear*

Inactive Monster: *grabs Ren and makes him disappear*

Aversa: You guys suck >.> *Runs*

Monster: *chases Aversa*

Inactive Monster: *chases Drew*

Aversa: NO! STAHP! >.> *Runs*

Monster: *grabs Aversa for not escaping when she could have and makes her disappear*

Inactive Monster: *grabs Drew and makes him disappear*

Monsters: *disappear allowing Lily, Taco, and the excused Bruce and Jamie to escape*

Lily: YAY !! *Runs*

Pony Challenge Chat

Monsters: *come through Pony Chat*

(read Deer Challenge chat)

Chris: Run. Challenge. *takes a nap*

Dreamer: *throws kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire for the Monsters to play with.....and then tries to escape*

Inactive Monster: *chases Nissan*

Nathan: i hate monster :( *RUns*

Monster: *chases Dreamer*

Inactive Monster: *grabs Nissan and makes her disappear*


Monster: *grabs Dreamer and makes him disappear*

Nathan: O.O ! *Runs*

Deer Escapees Chat (Kyle, Leanne, Lara, Brooke, Georgia)

Kyle: Phew.........that was close.........

Leanne: Oh god.....He's going to be ok....will he? Damn it, Vashyron will not be happy about this!


Vashyron: *taking a nap on some tree stump in the forest* (Ally later)


Leanne: *Panicking*

Kyle: I doubt Chris would let anyone get hurt if it was a challenge.............right?


Kyle: .................Okay, so let's just not panic. We'll find all of our lost teammates soon.


Kyle: Keep calm, we'll all be fine.

Chris: *through announcer* Okay so you guys lost a couple of teammates, you'll have to split up and find them. There should be an ally in the forest who knows where at least one of your lost teammies is, so be on the look-out for him. Here are the locations you can look at (takes two combined lines to get to each area):

-The Forest

-Neighborhood Houses


-Middle of the Creepy Woods

-Sesame Street


-My office

-Deer Neighborhood Area

-Dead Man's Pond

-Flamingo Neighborhood Area

-Pony Neighborhood Area

-The Giant Tree

-The Mess Hall

-The Cave

-Monster Arena

Chris: If you find someone, they'll automatically help, save for the ally. HURRY AND FIND YOUR TEAMMATES BEFORE THE OTHERS CATCH UP! But remember, split into groups. I'll leave group assigning to Leanne. Also beware of monsters.

Leanne: Oh, um, ok. Uhhhh Kyle you go with me to the forest. Lara and Georgia can go to the Lake, and Brooke, you go to Sesame Street. OK KYLE LETS MOVE! *Walks to forest*

Kyle: *walks to the forest and sees Vashyron* Who is that guy...........and why is he napping on a tree stump.........those are uncomfortable.

Vashyron: *sleeping*

Leanne: Huh, reminds me of that g** boy from last seaso-OMG ITS VASH! 

Vashyron: *is awaken by the "OMG IT'S VASH!" scream* My ears........I was just dreaming of some fun stuff with a woman with hug- Wait Leanne? YOU DIDN'T HEAR ANYTHING..........I'M NOT DREAMING OF ANYTHING INAPPROPRIATE AGAIN TO UPSET YOU LIKE LAST TIME............heh heh. Wait, where am I?

Kite, Blackrose, and Aura: *trollface*

Lara: *Walks to the Monster Arena*

Leanne: Um, your in the Bold textforest by TDNA, remember? me and Zephyr joined the show to win the money for more supplies and weapons for the squad.

Vashyron: I remembered that last part. I just don't know how I got here. Where's Zephyr? I thought I heard him around here by that Giant Tree.

Leanne: He's alive? NAGA BE PRAISED! Ok Kyle lets go! *Drags Kyle by the ear to the Great tree*

Kyle: I'm perfectly able to walk myself, you know.....*being dragged by ear*

*You find Zephyr tied up, his weapons have been taken away*

Zephyr: Oh, hi Leanne, thank god your here.....with HIM >.> *Intense music* so um, untie me please.

Leanne: Sure! *Unties Zephyr* Where are your weapons? Dont tell me you lost them, we're so low on stuff in general >.>

Zephyr: IDK, monsters must have stolen them. Those b*****

Kyle: Hmm..........I see. Anyways, let's head back to Vashyron..........maybe he has an idea on where more of our teammates are?

Leanne: Good idea. Lets go! *Drags Zephyr and Kyle by their ears back to the forest*

Vashyron: *randomly shooting a tree* Maybe I could get enough tree stumps to make a tree stump bed. Oh hey Leanne, Zephyr, other guy.

Kyle: Have you by chance heard anything else besides Zephyr's voice in the Giant Tree?

Vashyron: No. I still hear my dream though.........why did I have to be woken up?

Kyle: Alright, thanks Vashyron. So where to next?

Leanne: Lets go to the cave, caves are scary and full of monsters, theres gotta be a teammate there as hostage! Im so smart! ^-^

Zephyr: Yeah, ok. Lets go. *Walks to Cave*

Kyle: *follows*

*You find a monster ready to chase you. Run to the next spot quickly*

Leanne: I was kinda right.......*Runs to next spot*

Zephyr: *follows*

Kyle: *follows* Okay, so where are we?

leanne: The middle of the creepy woods, cuz why not?

*You find Owain...............on the ground, dead, with blood coming out of his mouth and a monster laughing*


Zephyr: We should bury him,but im lazy. *throws a grenade at Owain's dead body*

Kyle: That was disturbing and an odd method, but it many teammates do we have left?

Zephyr: Hm, IDK, and dont care.

Leanne: Hmmm, I cant remember anyone else by name except for Kansas.

Kyle: I also remember Kenneth being captured. So just two left, I'm guessing?

Leanne: Yeah I think so. LETS GO TO SESAME STREET! *drags Zephyr and Kyle to Sesame Street*

Kyle: *being dragged by Leanne*

*You found nothing of importance*

Leanne: AW POO *Drags Zephyr and Kyle to the Treetops *

Kyle: *still being dragged by Leanne*

*You find Kansas screaming at a monkey in the treetops, tied up*

Zephyr: Ugh, *Grabs shotgun and shoots monkey until it dies* Ooops, wrong target *aims for Kansas*

Leanne: *Swats Zephyr's shotgun out of his hands* well, we found him, thats good.

Kyle: Just Kenneth left.

Kenneth: *walking his way to the exit* Eh, these monsters love me.

Monsters: *kidnap Kenneth again for saying "love"*

Kenneth: -_-. Allright then, I guess we got to do this the hard way then. *slays all the monsters and then runs off*

Monsters: *tie up Kenneth and hide him somewhere, DON'T TRY TO RUN AWAY THIS TIME >.>*

Leanne: I think I heard him *Drags Zephyr and Kyle to Chris's office*

Kyle: *being dragged*

*You found nothing of importance*

Leanne: ......Chris has nothing of importance? well thats a shock. *Drags Kyle and Zephyr to Dead Man's Pond*

Kyle: *still being dragged*

*You find Kenneth, slaying his way through monster, tied up, just kicking*

Kyle: *unties Kenneth* Alright, ther- and we're trapped.

Monsters: *begin to close in on Zephyr, Kyle, Leanne, and Kenneth*

Vashyron: *starts shooting monsters* I'm getting paid extra for this, right?

Zephyr: Your the one that pays us. Oh BTW, Im still expecting my pay day last month, and the 3 months before >.> *Shoots monsters*

leanne: This job never gets old! *Shoots monsters*

Kyle: I guess I'll be the only one who fights with a sword......*slices at monsters*

Vashyron: Dang it.......whatever. *shoots monsters, finishing them off* Wait, I gave you your pay day last month at least, I told Leanne to send it to you.

Zephyr: Wait what?

Leanne: I saw some eyeshadow I wanted and my pay day wasnt enough, so I uh...borrowed yours.

Zephyr: .......Whatever. *Continues to shoot*

Chris: Well done Leanne, Kyle, and Zephyr. YOU GUYS WIN! Anyways............they killed Owain so...........EVERYONE STOP DYING ON NEIGHBORHOOD PROPERTY **************************************************! I'm running out of suckers to join. >.>

Zephyr: There's Vash. I really need another familiar face around here BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE HERE SU-

Leanne: Ahem.

Zephyr: Except you.

Leanne: ^-^

Kenneth: *Sarcastic* Here's my solution, bring in Gina from TDV. We could create another Lara and have some fun. (CONF) Like i'd help Chris.

Chris: ............I'll take Vash. WELCOME TO THE DEER!

Vashyron: Wait wha- eh, I was getting bored anyways.

Leanne: YAY! Now our odds of getting the money for supplies and weapons are even higher than before.

Zephyr: I thought we were using it on a hot tu-

Leanne: Weapons. and. supplies.

Zephyr: ok.......

Kyle: Anyways, no one was hurt in the monster assault, right?

Leanne: Aside from owain dying, I think we're good.

Vashyron: Yeah.

Zephyr: wow, we finished way faster than the other teams O_O. Hopefully this means we are the Alpha team that always wins. Hey does anyone remember last season where that one team lost all its people? *laughs*

Leanne: Yeah. That was funny ^-^

Vashyron: Sounds like they were losers. Or just plain unlucky b******s.

Flamingo Escapees Chat (Taco, Lily, Jamie, Bruce)


Ricken: Henry never returned my tomebook...........I guess I'll have to find it these scary woods...........alone. (Ally Later)


Chris: *through announcer* Okay so you guys lost a couple of teammates, you'll have to split up and find them. There should be an ally in the forest who knows where at least one of your lost teammies is, so be on the look-out for him. Here are the locations you can look at (2 lines combined to get to each area):

-The Forest

-Neighborhood Houses


-Middle of the Creepy Woods

-Sesame Street


-My office

-Deer Neighborhood Area

-Dead Man's Pond

-Flamingo Neighborhood Area

-Pony Neighborhood Area

-The Giant Tree

-The Mess Hall

-The Cave

-Monster Arena

Chris: If you find someone, they'll automatically help, save for the ally. HURRY AND FIND YOUR TEAMMATES BEFORE THE OTHERS CATCH UP! But remember, split into groups..........well actually no. Bruce and Jamie are excused so Lily and Taco it's up to you. Also beware of monsters.


Chris: That's a run righ- just hurry up and get there. Maybe you'll find someone......

Taco: YAYZ! C'MON LILY! LET'S GO KILL US SOME BIRD! *goes off to Sesame Street with Lila*

*You find Henry tied up, laughing at Elmo being killed NNNNNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!...............Meh.

Henry: Nya ha ha! So can you untie me?


Henry has joined you. One teammate found.

Henry: .........*kills Big Bird with tomes* YAY! NYA HA HA! Anyways, where to next Taco?


Lily: *Walks to Lake*

Henry: *follows* OH WELL, NO TREEHOUSE APPARENTLY! Nya ha ha!

*You find nothing of importance to you*

Lily: umm...*walks to Office of chirs*

Henry: *follows* After this can we go to the forest?

*You find Ren, tied up*

Taco: Sidney? *sees Ren tied up* WHAT THE H**L?......What are you doing?!

Henry: Those monsters probably tied him up............OH WELL, *unties Ren* LET'S LOOK IN THE FOREST OR SOMETHING! NYA HA HA!

Taco: *goes to the Forest, singing* I wish I was in Dixie, Hooray! Hooray! In Dixie Land we take our stand and.....................damn that's a racist song.

Henry: *arrives at forest with Taco and Lily* Nya ha ha!

Ricken: Henry! Could I have my tomebook back? *Henry hands him his tomebook* Thanks! Anyways, did you guys hear that dark pegasus screaming in the Pony Area? It's really loud.

Taco: OH NOEZ! CHARLIE! *runs to the pony area*

Henry: *follows*

*You find Aversa about to be killed by the monsters and her dark pegasus screaming in agony*

Taco: Charlie? *gasp* WHAT THE F**K?! *tapped Monster's shoulder* What is this? What is this?, What the f**k is this? *slaps Monster around* What is this? What is you? What is you? Who ARE you?! *this confuses the monster*



Henry: So where should we look for Drew, Taco?

Aversa: *Runs* Hey, wait! I wanna help too >.<

Henry: Okay! So seriously, where do we go?

Aversa: Perhaps we should try the mess hall?

Henry: Okay! *runs to Mess Hall*

Aversa: *walks to mess hall*

*You find nothing of importance to you*

Henry: Where now?

Aversa: Um....Treetops? *walks there*

Henry: *follows Aversa*

*You find Drew tied up, being flung with bananas by monkeys*

Aversa: Ugh, poor boy..... *Kills monkey with dark magic* Ooops, I hit the wrong one *hurls dark magic at Drew*

Henry: THAT'S NOT HOW YOU KILL PEOPLE! THIS IS! NYA HA HA!*Grabs sword and tomes and is about to recite a blood spell*

Chris: AVERSA, HENRY, STOP >.> guys take second. Good job, I guess.

Elimination Ceremony 3 - Ponies

Chris: You don't deserve to vote as punishment for not getting past the FIRST PART! So the Deer are voting you out.

Chris: EVERYONE IS SAFE BUT................................SQUIDWARD! Sorry man but you're outta here!

Deer Chat (After Pony Elimination Ceremony)

leanne: Its a good thing we won! Zephyr, you wrent hurt badly by the monsters were you?

Zephyr: Nah, I should be fine. We've been through worse.

Vashyron: *making tree stump bed*

Leanne: Hey Vash, your making a bed out of tree stumps, cool ^-^. But wont that be uncomfortable? 

Vashyron: Yeah. Oh well. The old bed of Owain's disappeared. So why not?

Leanne: Yeah, I guess.

Vashyron: ............*sees Owain's bed outside a random neighborhood home* Yeah. *shoots tree stumps and walks to Owain's old bed* Much better.

Leanne: Yay ^-^

Zephyr: about them ponies?

leanne: .......They need improvement. Their performance is worse than me fighting without my makeup on.

Vashyron: *looking at bed* ..........He stabbed the pillow..........who stabs the pillow? Dang it Owain. Oh well, at least I still got my gun. I don't know how that makes up for it. It just does.

Zephyr: because guns give you a significant advantage in range and are down right awesomer? (XD)

Vashyron: Sure. But it doesn't help me Still worth it. *puts gun away* Love that gun.

Zephyr and Leanne: YAY GUNS!......AND GRENADES, CUZ WHY NOT?

Vashyron: Precisely. What? It sounded fancy and it seemed like a good timing, so why not?

Zephyr: YA-wait what am I doing? O_o

Vashyron: Is Leanne rubbing off on you?

Zephyr: I hope not, I can only stand her for so long.

Leanne: Love you too.

Vashyron: Isn't bonding fun?

Zephyr: I think we bonded enough when we were falling to our deaths a year and a half ago 

Vashyron: Oh well.

Leanne: *sighs* So, what do you think the next challenge will be?

Zephyr: Hopefull something that invloves me using my weapons.

Leanne: But your weapons were stolen.

Zephyr: LET ME DREAM! >.>

Vashyron: I want a weapon-involving challenge too. I like using my gun........

leanne: I admit I also enjoy using my handgun, even though its not ladylike...

Zephyr: Your not good at much else, and the lady-thing aint for you gurrrrrllllllll

Vashyron: Don't be ashamed of liking your handgun, Leanne. Be proud. Now.

Leanne: Ok, you guys are awesome! *Group hugs Zephyr and Vash*


Flamingos Chat

Aversa: *Afar from henry, preparing a killing hex*

Henry: *randomly spinning around* Nya ha ha!

Aversa:........the f****? Hmph, guess its easier. *Fires hex*

Henry: *accidentally reflects hex on Aversa*

Aversa: OW! oh wait, Im still alive, how odd. 

  • Snipers surround Aversa*


Aversa:.......Well this is ironic....

Snipers: *fire numerous arrows at Aversa*

Aversa: ..............f****.........*Dies*

Henry: .............*saw what happen* That was bloody! Nya ha ha!

Chris: STOP DYING *Kicks Snipers out* GOD DANG IT!

Neneko: *Randomly appears, singing* It is, really, it is, really, it is, really, really, it is. ^-^

Chris: ****..............god dang it. WHOEVER YOU ARE, LITTLE KID, JOIN THIS SHOW OR I'LL.........I'LL DO SOMETHING!

Neneko: Ok, Neneko will stay to solve mysteries, really! 

Chris: I hate you. *leaves*

Neneko: AW, Neneko just wants to be patted on the head, you know!

Henry: Welcome to the team, nya ha ha!

neneko: Hello Mage boy, Neneko wonders what your name is. Its a mystery to neneko, really!

Henry: I'm Henry! Nice to meet ya, nya ha ha!

Neneko: Yay, Neneko solved one mystery, you know.

Henry: YAY!

Neneko: Yay, it is!

Henry: Nya ha ha!

Neneko: *Skipping around the chat*

Henry: *rides on dark knight horse* YAY! Nya ha ha!

Ponies Chat (After Pony Elimination Ceremony)

Nissan: I hate not being avaiable for challenges, and also these stupid kidnappers D:<

Episode 4 - Sugary Redemption

Chris: So last season, everyone but Henry and Bill ruined my birthday with a Chris-flavored cake. NOW YOU GET TO REDEEM THEM DEPENDING ON HOW I (TF) LIKES THEM! Vashyron, Kyle, and Henry can't suggest any flavors, just help bake. (takes 3 lines to decide what to bake and 10 lines to bake and 1 line to show it to Chris, best flavor wins)

Deer Bakery

Kyle: Any ideas?

Zephyr: I know, we should pur grenades in the ca-

Leanne: *slaps Zephyr* NO! BAD! 

Vashyron: But I liked that idea too..........

Kyle: Leanne? Do you have any ideas?


Vashyron: THAT SHOW, WHY'D YOU HAVE TO- I mean............sure.

Kyle: Alright, let's get baking then.

Leanne: YAY! *Starts baking*

Vashyron: *recluntantly helps bake*

Leanne: *singing baking*


Kyle: *helps bake*

Vashyron: .............Are you sure we can't shoot this cake? *helps bake*

Zephyr: Can we like, set off a grenade in the microwave when we're done at least? *Bakes*

Leanne: .....Sounds tempting, but dont cause too much damage. *Bakes*

Kyle: *bakes*

Vashyron: *finishes baking cake* There. It took a lot of not throw a grenade in the microwave with the cake in it. But we did it.

Zephyr:......We should probably run out before the cake gets hurt in the explosion *Runs*

Leanne: *follows*

Vashyron: *follows*

Kyle: Wait, you guys actually threw a grenade in there? *follows*

Zephyr: Ok Chris, here you go! *Explosion is heard outside the kitchen*.................You didnt just hear that.

Leanne: -.-

Vashyron: .............Worth it.

Chris: Strawberry Shortcake, scarring name but...........let's see if it's good. *takes a bite* Mmm, it's good. 8/10.

Zephyr: YA-ahem.....glad you like it...........*Runs to the kicthen, its practically all ashes at this point* 

leanne:........again. -.-

Vashyron: Still worth it.

leanne: I dont think Lara and Kansas made it out O_o


Vashyron: Next time let's throw two in.............what? We'll make sure the cake is ou- I mean our team is out first. Yeah.

Zephyr: awwwwww >.<

Flamingo Bakery

Neneko: Neneko wonders what kind of cake we're making, Its a mystery to Neneko, you know.

Henry: What do you think Chris would like? I can't help because I suggested a blood cake before this started. Nya ha ha!

Neneko: Neneko suggests we bake a Smores flavored cake, with marshmallows like season 1, really.

Henry: Okay! Nya ha ha!

Neneko: Yay, really! *starts baking*

Henry: *helps bake* YAY!

Neneko: *Bakes* neneko wonders if Chris will like it, its a mystery, you know!

Henry: *bakes* He'll probably like it better than the Blood Cake. Nya ha ha!

neneko: yay, it is! *Bakes*

Henry: *bakes*

Neneko: *bakes*

Henry: *bakes*

Neneko: *Bakes*

Henry: *finishes baking* THANKS GUYS! Aha!

neneko: We finished, really! Time for Neneko to show Chris the cake, you know! *leaves kithcen*

Henry: *follows*

neneko: Neneko and the team are finished, really! *hands Chris cake*

Chris: How the **** is this even a cake? Whatever. *takes a bite* SMORES :D...........8.5/10.

Pony Bakery

Nissan: I was thinking about Paradise Cake :D

Dreamer: Yeah, sure, great, whatever.

Chris: Okay you take forever. *cake is baked* Okay, but I'll cut you down a point for being so late. *takes bite* 7/10 so it's a 6/10, YOU GUYS LOSE.........anyways............the point didn't really matter.

Elimination Ceremony 4 - Ponies.........and Deer

Chris: SURPRISE! DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Only the best team was not going to vote. Henry and Neneko pat yourselves on the back for having the Flamingos be immune. Anyways, the Deer will vote first. Good luck.

Chris: AND THAT'S MAJORITY! Everyone is safe and gets a Scooby Snack except.....................Leanne and Georgia. Leanne, you suggested the losing cake. Georgia, you rarely do challenges. But..........the final Scooby Snack..............goes to...................Leanne! GEORGIA, YOU'VE BEEN ELIMINATED! Anyways.......Ponies, you can now vote. VOTING ENDS IN AN HOUR AND A HALF!

Chris: OKAY SCOOBY SNACKS FOR EVERYONE BUT.....................................JOHNNY! Sorry dude you're gone in the saddest elimination ceremony voter within the time limit, seriously.

Flamingos Chat

Neneko: YAY! Neneko and fellow team won, we did.

Henry: Yay! Nya ha ha!

Taco: I sorry I wasn't here for the challenge....... :c

Deer Chat

Zephyr: Well, I guess 2nd is ok........PEOPLE DO BETTER! >.>

Leanne: As long we're good enough to get 2nd, we're fine. Its not like we're having double eliminations every day.

Vashyron: Yeah, I doubt it will happen. If it does.................then it does. Simple as that. And that is as simple as simple. So- the point is, we should do fine. Sure. Yeah, I wasn't just going off-topic.

Zephyr:.....That is the most smartest thing you haver said. ever. 

Leanne: ........How on Earth am I agreeing with you?

Team Swap

Chris: Yup. Ponies made me have to do this. Anyways, here are the new teams:













-The Drama













Chris: So, whaddya think?

Zephyr: I dont really care as long as Leanne and Vashyron are with me.

New Deer Chat

Neneko: neneko is now on the Deers, really!

Kansas: Welcome... to the waywardness.

Kyle: That sounds like a nice greeting. So yeah. Welcome.

Henry: YAY, DEER! All bloody from hunting seaso- I no I meant that. Nya ha ha!

New Flamingos Chat

Ren: Um.

New Ponies Chat

Leanne: *Hugging Zephyr and Vashyron*

Zephyr: Yes, we're one the same can let go now....

Vashyron: have a strong grip. It hurts...........

Leanne: *Lets go* Sorry guys, Im just so releived we arent with total strangers or have to become mortal enemies.

Zephyr: You kinda hug like that one g** kid from last season........Ow...........

Vashyron: Oh yeah, that one kid.

Leanne: he was my favorite!

Zephyr: My favorite was the evil lady who loved Chris.

Leanne: O.o she scared me.

Nissan: Don't even try to hug me then D:

Leanne: Your big mouth just got you in trouble! *Hugs Nissan*


Zephyr: Leanne! Thats not how you kill! We taught you better! >.> *Shoots Nissan in the head*

Nissan: *doesn't die* I'm made of metal :D

Zephyr: Huh, your the only other I person I know who's survived a bullet in the head besides myself......Vashyron >.> (XD) YOU HAVE GAINED MY RESPECT! *Bows down to Nissan*

Leanne: WTH?

Vashyron: I agree with Leanne, what's wrong with you now? No I'm being serious, not a lot of people gain your's creepy now.

Leanne: Yeah....unless hes actually starting to be nice to people other than us.......*laughs*

Vashyron: Please don't tell me he's baking everyone cupcakes now.............*looks at kitchen* Oh. Nope. Just some random stalker sneaking into the kitchen. *Shoots stalker* Alright, Zephyr's good. Hopefully. YOU BETTER NOT GO BAKE CUPCAKES JUST TO SPITE ME. >.>

Leanne: Aw, I thought I was the that cooks. Ok, we must not let him because too nice. That would just be creepy, and what if he doesnt need us anymore? *gasps* O_O 

Vashyron: So how about you drag him away and then we spank him, I hear it works wel- no? Fine. >.> Any ideas? That was all I got.

Leanne: No, we doing that, the shinra agent did well at that with the fox lady. *Drags Zephyr away from Nissan*

Vashyron: Alright, this will be fun........So where should we spank him?

Leanne: On the rump, where else?

Vashyron: No I mean do we lay him on my old tree stump bed or something? Even though it's now uneven due to gun shots..........if he falls off it won't be a big fall? Please? I don't want to have worked seriously for would suck.

Leanne: Um.....IDK.....maybe in the CONF or something?

Vashyron: Aw, fine. Let's drag him to the confessional! And by let us I mean you, because you have the better grip. Your grip hurts sometimes.

Leanne: Fine *Drags Zephyr to the CONF*

Zephyr: *Panicking* wait guys, what are you doing? O_O

Vashyron: It's for your own good. And ours too. So it works. *begins to spank Zephyr*

Leanne: *Spanks Zephyr* (CONF) This is fun! I FEEL SO ALIIIIIIIIIVEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! 

Zephyr: *Crying* >.<

Vashyron: *still spanking Zephyr* IT'S FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! REMEMBER THAT! IT'S ALSO FOR OUR OWN GOOD...........remember that if you want.

Zephyr: WHY!?

Leanne: We just said why -.- *still spanking Zephyr*

Vashyron: *still spanks Zephyr*

Leanne: Ok I think we made our point clear. Zephyr, I'll take care of your bruises when the challenge is over.

Zephyr:............WTF........just happened...... >.<

Vashyron: *To Leanne* Yeah...........but it was fun.......*to Zephyr* NEVER RESPECT ANYONE BUT US AGAIN. >.>

Zephyr: W-what? Um.....ok..........

Leanne: YAY! *Hugs Zephyr*

Vashyron: Now we're proud of you. Good job. I think. Eh...........sure. We're proud.

Zephyr:.......Good. I think.

Vashyron: Yes. It's good. If it was bad, we'd have to spank you again until you said good.

Zephyr: U-um yeah it was good *nervous* 

Leanne: YAY AGAIN! Now, what should we do now?

Episode 5 - Loyalty is Key

Chris: This challenge wasn't too popular back in the day, so time to bring it back. You have to pick a bribe or your team.........first up is Vashyron. I'm offering you............immunity, if you decide to make your team lose? Oh and off-topic but Patrick has quit. So yeah.

Vashyron: *looks back at Leanne and Zephyr* No way- now they know about spanking. I'm pretty sure Leanne did most of the damage when we spanked Zephyr- so no thanks. *jumps back, shooting a random tree, carving a NO sign*

Chris: Kyle, I offer you, the same thing I offered Vashyron. Do you accept?

Kyle: No. I stand by my team.

Chris: Kenneth. Same thing I offered Vashyron and Kyle. Do you accept?

Kenneth: Immunity?.....Why the h*** would I need that cr**?

Chris: Okay, Leanne. I'll offer immunity idol (not saying when it expires, it'll at least last this episode) if you lose for your team. Yes or no?

Leanne: I need no more Idols aside from Zephyr and Vashyron.

Chris: .........Cheesiest thing I ever heard. NENEKO! I'll offer you the same thing I offered Leanne?

Neneko: I dont need it, I do.........Wait.........Hang on let me fix that *Ahem* Neneko doesnt need an idol, really!

Chris: Lily, same thing I offered Leanne and Neneko?

Lily: thanks 

Chris: Zephyr............I'll spank you for an hour if you don't give up for your team. Give up or no?

Zephyr: O_O EEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!!! DONT DO IT! >.< *Runs away*

Chris: AND WITH THAT, THE PONIES ARE LOSERS! Zephyr's now a real ma- boy. A real kid boy. :D

Elimination Ceremony - New Ponies

Chris: .........I was actually looking forward to spanking Zephyr, but whatever.

Dreamer: *spanks Zephyr with a chair 21 times in a row* NOW YOU'RE A MAN! NOW YOU'RE A MOTHER F**KING MAN HOMEBOY! *gets some gasoline and a lit match and puts the chair on fire and spanks him with the on fire chair* YOU LIKE THAT HOMEBOY? YOU LIKE IT MOTHERF**KER?....HUH?.....NOW LET'S SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GET SPANKED BY A 2X4 IN BARBED WIRE!

Leanne: ^ O_o was that even a vote? anyways, I vote Nissan, hes active, but not during challenges.

Zephyr: * In pain* Nissan.....Get the f*** outta here >.>

Vashyron: Normally, I'd vote or shoot Dreamer for hurting Zephyr but it was actually kind of funn- *sees Zephyr* I mean. Nissan deserves to go more. She gave him the fear of spanking. Yeah. (CONF) Is only she had bigger bunker busters.........oh well.

Dreamer: *crazy* THAT'S RIGHT ZEPHYR, NOW YOU'RE A BOY........A REAL MAN BOY!...........I vote Zephyr* <.>.........What the f**k was that all about?......meh. *spanks Zephyr for the rest of this elimination with a flaming chair and a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire*

Bruce:  I once had a fear of spankings...until I became Batman! Anyway I vote for Nissan. Has anyone seen Mr. Fox? I need him to get my new suit prepared?

Chris: For the first time ever, due to this hilarious stuff. I'm NOT deleting the votes. So Zephyr got one vote and Nissan got 4.............Nissan, I'm sorry but that's majority against you. You have been eliminated. Zephyr, you're safe..........for now.

(Race: I couldn't do the challenge.......................*cries and runs away like a pony :P*)

N. Flamingos Chat

Lara: Really here is so silence -.-

Lily: i know :(

Nathan: *reads a book and Yawns*

Lara: Hey B**ch i'm not talking with you >.>

Lily: B**CH WHO !!!!!!!! A**H*LE !!!!!!!!! *Slaps Lara*

Lara: HOW YOU DARE STUPID B**CH !!! *Slaps Lily*

Lily: F*** you !!! 

Nathan: Hey Girls stop arguing we are all firend !

Lily: yes we are...BUT NOT LARA !!

Lara: ah good....*Walks away*

Lily: Yay she is gone ! :)

Nathan: wow you really hate her....

Lily: did you see..? she is devil !!! uh and Hai i'm Lily the previous Winner you are new i never talked with you ^-^

Nathan: Nice to meet you Lily, i'm nathan and yes i saw the all episodes good job 

Lily: Thanks ^-^ 

Nathan: (CONF) our team need be attached or we will lose the all challenge :/

Lily: so you have a girlfriend ?

Nathan: umm no a wife

Lily: WOW !! *-* but you are aren't ?

Nathan: yes i am...i'm 19 years old soo...oh and i have a beautiful son xD

Lily: *__* ! wow...! i would like to see him

Nathan: yes he is fantastic :)

Lily: Wow, i will marry Drew when this season will be finsh ^-^

Nathan: wow i'm happy for you good luck then :) !

Lily: Thanks ! i'm so ecxited !! so...what are you doing ?

Nathan: i'm reading a book about a story of love

Lily: uhhhh wow !! Can i read it with you ?

Nathan: um sure ! 

Lily: YAYY !! :) *Sitting by Nathan and reads the book with him*

Nathan: ...*Reads the book and yawns*

N. Deer Chat

Neneko: Neneko is bored, you know.

Kyle: Yeah, our team isn't that talkative.......

Henry: Yup! Nya ha ha!

N. Ponies Chat

Zephyr: >.< 

Leanne: There there, You'll be fine. Just dont piss anyone off again, you are naturally skilled at that. (CONF) I think we broke Zephyr. -.-



Zephyr: *Whole demanor changes* DREAMER! GET OUT OF HERE! YOUR NOT IN THIS CONVERSATION! >.> *Kicks Dreamer away from him*


Vashyron: Much better.

Bruce: Too much conflict for one hero to handle!!! *Vanishes into the shadows*

Dreamer: Hey, It's your funeral. *to Zephyr* Too bad sucka. *stabs him with a flaming sharp knife*

Leanne: Im afraid you cant really do much, he is ina  way immortal. He survived when Vash shot 2 bullets into his head 2 years ago. 

Zephyr: *Sticks handgun into Dreamer's mouth and shoots*

Vashyron: ........Can I shoot too?

Leanne: *Grabs handgun* Whenever you're ready!

Vashyron: *shoots Dreamer in the gut*

Leanne: *Shoots dreamer in both knees*

Zephyr: *Shoots Dreamer in the.......yeah......*

Leanne: OK, thats enough.

Zephyr: I though Vashyron gave the commands.

Leanne: *whacks Zephyr in the back of the head* WE ARENT KILLING TEAMMATES, NO MATTER HOW MUCH THEY SUCK! 

Zephyr: Ok, geez.

Vashyron: Maybe after the show, Zephyr. For now we need them...........even though most don't do much.

Zephyr: promises.....

Leanne: *whacks him in the head again* 

Vashyron: Good enough for me at least.

Lara: *walks to Leanne* Hey Leanne ! How are u ? :)

Leanne: Good, just injuring people. Whats up?

Lara: my team is so stupid ! they are all...useless..pff

Zephyr: So is ours. Me, Leanne, and Vashyron are the only ones who dont f*** s*** up.

Dreamer: *shoots Zephyr in the gut* THERE WE GO!

Zephyr: *perfectly fine* WTF DID WE JUST TELL YOU!? >.>

Leanne: Let it go, Zephyr. Our teammates may not be very good, but we cant go on without them.

Zephyr: *sighs* Your lucky I care about her so much, youd be dead by now..... *walks away*

Bruce: *sighs* I miss Mr. Fox...and Alfred...and Alfred's muffins.


Bruce: What do you mean wannabe? And that girl Amy smelled so evil that it was tough to be near her! Anyways...*pulls out a Bat-Pen* Here is my autograph *gives autograph to Leanne* Be good citizen!

Leanne: YAY! Now can we have a fight to the death? *pulls out handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers, and grenades* please?

Bruce: O_o Sorry I don't battle to the death with just anyone...*throws a smoke pellet, and sneaks out the door*

leanne: Aw, your no fun. *gets handgun* ZEPHYR! come with me, we're gonna kill someone!

Zephyr: What? I thought you sai-

Leanne: But Bruce is different! he actually has sorta fighting experience!

Zephyr: Oh, alright...... *grabs shotgun, follows her*

Bruce: *pulls out a Bat-Phone* Alfred! Send someone to help me!....WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'DO IT YOURSELF?'

Zephyr: I heard a voice! *Starts shooting in random directions*

Bruce: *in a french accent* Oh its it just know...that one french chick...leave me...and that handsome young man Bruce alone.

Zephyr: Liar! *shoots Bruce numerous times in the head*

Bruce: *pulls out Bat-Bullet Removal Kit* It's okay! I'm prepared for this!

Leanne: Alright! *shoots Bruce a face*

Vashyron: So he's letting us shoot him? Best day ever. *begins to shoot Bruce in the gut*

Zephyr and Leanne: *throws grenades at bruce*

Vashyron: He only has a bullet removal kit guys- eh, *throws grenade at Bruce* If we get arrested, it'll be worth it.

Zephyr: HELL yiss! *Kicks grenades at Bruce LIKE A BOSS*

Bruce: *wincing as he pulls out Emergency Bat-Manhole Escape Kit* It looks like its time for Batman to disappear! *vanishes in the manhole*

Zephyr: *sighs* Well, that wasnt very satisfying, its no fun if they dont put up a fight.

Leanne: Our team is boring. At least we have eachother though!

Vashyron: Aw, it's already ove- I mean, yeah, we have each other. Sure.

Zephyr: OK, that couldnt have been any cheesie-

Leanne: *whacks Zephyr in the head*

Vashyron: ...........So who wants cake?

Leanne and Zephyr: I DO I DO I DO!!!!

Vashyron: Well I don't have any, it was just an ice breaker. I have some pie I stole from Chris' office while you guys were talking with Lara?


Leanne: Gosh, Zephyr, youve been pretty emotional lately. He did offer pie.

Zephyr: *sorta calms down* Oh, pie? fine....

Vashyron: Since when did you like cake that much? I think the spanking scarred him for life. Oh, and so you don't rage *hands the only perfect slice of pie to Zephyr* The rest was crushed while Zephyr strangled me.......*drops tear*

Zephyr: *eats his slice*

Leanne: Well that shut him up *eats her slice*

Vashyron: *eating slice* It would have tasted better if it wasn't crumpled. *drops another tear* THIS IS JUST SWEAT OF VENGEANCE! OF THE EYES! ..............Eh. *continues eating pie no longer sad*

Leanne: You boys have been crying more than I have....... weird. *continues eating her pie*

Vashyron: Sweat of Vengeance of the Eyes. >.>

Leanne: Vashyron, Im the girl who's makeup is running all the time because of my tears, I know crying when I see it.

Zephyr: Uh-uh....sure....

Leanne: *hits Zephyr on the head.....again* 

Vashyron: It was only because he crushed the pie. You know how hard it was to get that? ..........No, it was easy. But I was looking forward to a perfect slice.......I'll be fine. It's still good. *continues eating pie*

Zephyr: *Gets bored and falls asleep*

Episode 6 - Versus

Chris: *sleeping*

???: *teleporting using Hero's Sword around Chris*

Chris: Huh?

???: You will pay for your sins with the Dark Side..........

Chris: YOU KNOW ABOUT THAT?! But I went through Dark Neighborhood without getting that exposed! And I was obviously supposed to be?

???: Well, it looks like it's time for you to be exposed.

Chris: Who.........are you? You sound familiar.

Sparro: I go by the name Sparro. I'm the guardian of the Hero Sword........*mumbling* though I don't remember how I became it *stops mumbling* I'm very sorry, but this is strict business! I must eliminate you now.......

Chris: WAIT, HOLD ON..................I got an idea. *runs for his life in the middle of the night*

Sparro: I can't see...........I'll find him soon.


Sparro has 18 HP

Each teammate has 5 HP

Take him down as quickly as possible, he's only one person. Beware of his special attack which does 5 damage when he's below 5 HP.)

N. Ponies Challenge


Sparro: ..............*teleports around everyone and grabs sword* Getting innocents to do your dirty work? Very well. En garde!

Leanne: This man looks oddly familar.......what do you think Zephyr?

Zephyr: I agree.

Leanne: Well whatever. Lets just kill him n junk. *gets handgun and starts shooting*

Vashyron: HEY IT'S...............I got nothing. *shoots at Sparro*

Sparro: *teleports behind Leanne and stabs her in the back, then gets sword out and teleports back*

Zephyr: *snaps* DONT YOU DARE TOUCH HER!!!! *Grabs machine gun and shoots Sparro*

Leanne: Zephyr, wa-actually that will help *shoots Sparro*

Sparro: *uppercuts Leanne and brings her down using Hero's Sword*

Zephyr: *Rage builds substantially* GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! *Jumps and Sparro and claws his face* 

Leanne: Since when do you fight hand to hand? *gets up and shoots Sparro*

Vashyron: If you want, I'll just leave it to you guy- no? Fine by me. *shoots Sparro*

Sparro: *continously teleports around Leanne and then stabs her in the gut*

Leanne: Um, RUDE! *Kicks a grenade at Sparro*

Zephyr: GRRR *continues to claw Sparro*

Sparro: You're gonna tear off my mask..........*gets Zephyr off him and then stabs his........yeah......*

Zephyr: *Crying* SERIOSULY!? OF ALL PLACES! GOD! *Grabs flamethrower and sets Sparro on fire*

Leanne: *leaps in the air and shoots Sparro*

Sparro: *kicks Leanne into the air and brings her down similar to an Aether*

Zephyr: Leanne, please tell me your okay!

Leanne: Um, Im okay.

Zephyr: WHY MUST YOU LIE TO ME!? *Strangles Sparro*

Leanne: *falcon kicks Sparro in the......yeah*

Bruce: *throws a batarang at Sparro*

Sparro: *brings Leanne up to the sky, and makes Hero Sword push her into a wall, "killing" her*

Vashyron: ............Dang. *shoots at Sparro*

Sparro: *sweep kicks Vashyron*

Bruce: *Shoots Sparro in the face with Bat-Darts*

Sparro: *stabs Bruce*

Zephyr: LEANNE NO! *Cries* THATS IT! *Kicks grenade and Sparro*

Sparro: Alright, time to get drastic! *special moves Bruce, "killing him"*

Vashyron: *shoots at Sparro's guts, KOing him* No one makes a member of my squad cry, but me!

Sparro: I have to retreat, they've proven their willpower............that'll spare the remaining's lives. *retreats to N. Deer's chat*

Dreamer: *stabs Sparro with a chair* GOOD LUCK........SUCKA!

Vashyron: Dreamer, he's gone, you stabbed a tree with Sparro's face painted on it- DID HE REALLY THINK THAT WAS A GOOD DECOY? .................WHY AM I SCREAMING?

N. Deer Challenge

  • takes place after N. Ponies challenge but can still happen now*

Sparro: Where is he.......? *sees everyone* More innocents? Fine. En garde!

Neneko: Weird man is mysterious,really. But nothing mysterious about neneko, you know!

Kyle: Erm, he looks familiar. Well I guess we have to fight?

Henry: Yup! *shoots tome at Sparro*

Sparro: *kicks Henry*

neneko: *Hits Sparro in the head with a hammer*

Kyle: *sword cyclones Sparro*

Sparro: *stabs Henry*

Neneko: Really, it is, really, it is, time to kill, it is! *hits Sparro again with her hammer*

Kyle: *slashes at Sparro*

Henry: *throws a book at Sparro*

Sparro: *uppercuts Henry*

Neneko: *swings hammer in Sparro's........yeah*

Kyle: *stabs Sparro*

Henry: *throws bronze sword at Sparro*

Sparro: *stabs Henry with Hero's Sword then throws him up into the air*

Neneko: Neneko doesnt think your a nice guy, you know! *Hits Sparro with her hammer again*

Sparro: I'm not, but I'm not evil either.........*kicks Henry into a wall and then impales him on the Hero's Sword, "killing him"*

Kyle: Yikes................wait, I know I recognize that technique from watching the previous season to see my brother compete is that- no time to think. *sword cyclones Sparro*

Neneko: Neneko didnt watch show, really. *hits Sparro with her hammer*

Kenneth: Sorry guys, I can't stay, I have to go home to my moms....APPARENTLY, her feet need rubbing again. *ugh* Bye guys. *Poofs off* 

Kyle: So he quit? Aw. *stabs Sparro*

neneko: Quitting is no fun, you know! *HIts Sparro with hammer*

Sparro: *special moves Drew, "Killing him"*

Neneko: Full of power, you know! *Hits Sparro with hammer*

Kyle: *slashes at Sparro*

Sparro: *stabs Kyle*

Neneko: *Hits Sparro with hammer*

Kyle: *sword cyclones Sparro, then kicks him onto the ground, KOing him* No hard feelings.

Sparro: Your willpower is strong. I'll let you live.....*retreats*

N. Flamingo Challenge

  • Takes place after N. Deer Challenge but can still happen now*

Sparro: This is pathetic...........more people? Alright. En garde!

Taco: *barfs 20,000 lemons at Sparro*

Sparro: *stabs Taco*

Taco: What a weirdo. *barfs a anvil on Sparro*

(NOTE: TF has given me permission to be Sparro for this chat on his behalf because he wont be back for 50 minutes-DRL)

Sparro: *stabs Taco*


Sparro: *after 4 hours of the Flamingos doing nothing, teleports and stabs them all "killing them"* Forgive me, but you shouldn't have sided with the dark one.........

Chris: DON'T HURT M-

Sparro: Time's running out, I must go. We will settle the score later. *mask falls off, revealing a face similar to Bill's as he teleports away*

Chris: Woah............anyways thank the remaining Ponies and Deer for saving me. **** you Flamingos.

Kyle: Erm, sorry to interrupt, but how do we revive our teammates?

Chris: *looking at mask, note behind it*

"These innocents don't deserve to die, so I have revived them, though they may be a little sore."


Leanne: Whew, glad thats over.

Zephyr: *Hugs Leanne* Dont you dare get yourself in that kind of danger again, you hear me? >.>

Leanne: Sure I guess. 

Vashyron: Yeah. He actually cried. So, next time, how about we just sit back and let the rest of the team die for less competitio- no? Fine.

Elimination Ceremony - N. Flamingos

Chris: 1 & 15 minute time limit on voting. GOOD LUCK!


Taco; Aw, Screw you ***hole!.....loljk, OH WELL, SCREW ALL Y'ALL!.........loljk again.....SOURCREAM! :D *goes on Charlie the Unicorn* NOW LET'S RIDE OFF IN THE SUNSET CHARLIE! :D

Charlie: Okay!...Get off me.


N. Deer Chat

Neneko: *singing* Really, it is, really, it is, really, really, it is.

N. Ponies Chat


Zephyr: Wait, your cooking now? Is it safe to eas-

Leanne: *whacks Zephyr on the head*

Zephyr: I mean- looks good :D 

Vashyron: I'm starving, I'l eat anything........*looks at tofu* .................You're gonna hold me to my word, aren't you?

Leanne: Of course I read a whole recipe and everything.

Zephyr: Ok, I'll try it. *takes a piece and eats it* O_O how am I not dead yet?

Leanne: BECAUSE ITS GOOD! *Whacks Zephyr on the head again*

Vashyron: *takes a piece and eats it* ..................6/10. Leanne, you need to add uniqueness to the flavor. A good chef always tries to find a way to make their tofu their own. This tastes like one of those you can get from a microwave. Leanne, this must be YOUR OWN TOFU. YOUR OWN! On a side note, I watched a cooking channel when I was stealing Chris' pie because it was on his TV. So yeah.

Leanne:....Thats gotta be the most smartest thing youve ever said. ever. 

Zephyr: Longest line in TDN history.


Zephyr: *shoots the cameraman* WILL YOU F***ING SHUT UP!? NO ONE CARES!

Vashyron: *just randomly shoots cameraman too* Anyways, Leanne, WE ARE GONNA HELP YOU MAKE YOUR OWN UNIQUE TOFU, RIGHT ZEPHYR?

Zephyr: No wa-

Leanne: *whacks Zephyr on the head* YAY THANKS!

Zephyr:......Y-yeah, sure.

Vashyron: Anyways, Leanne, I need to see that recipe book you had.

Leanne: Ok *hands the recipe book to Vashyron*

Vashyron: *rips up recipe book* WE WILL DO THIS BY MEMORY! That's how a true chef does it!

Leanne: Aw what?

Zephyr: Vashyron, have you ever cooked before? 


Zephyr: Oh yeah, but sti-

Leanne: *raises hand*

Zephyr: can continue.

Vashyron: Alright, TIME TO COOK! *Cooking montage*

Leanne: Ok, done. 

Zephyr: What just happened? 

Leanne: Cooking montage.

Zephyr: But I thought that only happens in cartoons, this is a camp

Cameraman: WHAT DID I SAY?

Zephyr: Excuse me for a second. *Breaks the cameramans neck and bashes his skull* Ok, what were we doing?

Vashyron: WE FINISHED THE TOFU! Wait, these are brownies. Whoops...........but we made them as a trio-..........okay, how about we just consider it dessert?

Zephyr: Ok. *Tries a brownie* HOLY S*** THESE ARE AWESOME! 

leanne: *Tries a brownie* Woah.

Vashyron: See? COOKING CHANNELS DO PAY OFF! We should all be proud of ourselves for making this....PAT YOURSELVES ON THE BACK, NOW! >.>

Zephyr and Leanne: *Pat themselves on the back*

Vashyron: eat your brownies.

Zephyr: *eats brownies* So good......

Leanne: *eats brownies* (CONF) Zephyr seems to be in a better mood today, lets just hope it lasts.

Vashyron: *eats brownies* Delicious. Nice work guys. Yeah, nothing else to say.....(CONF) I'm glad these brownies didn't turn out horrible. Thanks again cooking shows! I TAKE MY COOKING PASSIONATELY AND SERIOUSLY OR WILL FROM NOW ON!

Leanne: At least we are no longer worthless in the kitchen. Does this I no longer have to cook for you guys?


Leanne: Well?

Zephyr: Im too scared to answer. 


Zephyr Awwwwwww- I mean, YAY!

Leanne: Damn right yay.

Vashyron: So what should we make for breakfas- too carried away? Fine. >.>

Leanne: We should plan that out tomorrow.

Zephyr: No one else on the team gets our food. They dont deserve it >.>

Leanne: Amen.

Vashyron: Agreed.

Zephyr: So what do we do now?

Leanne: Wanna plant a grenade under everyone's beds?

Vashyron: You guys go do that, I'm gonna go sneak into Chris' office and watching the cooking channel. *steathily leaves*

Dreamer: I made some Zephyr Cake! Made out of real Zephyrs! (CONF) .......Nobody calls me the Innovator of Violence for nothing..........So if you don't like it, Then kiss my ***.

Zephyr: *Later* Ok, Leanne, thats everybody's bed except ours and Vashyron's. 

Leanne: Good, wait when do they g-*every room explodes except fo Zephyr and Leanne's, and Vashyron's* ah.

Vashyron: *comes back* So they made a chocolate fountai- oh you actually blew up everyone's beds but ours? I approve.

Leanne: Yay! 

Zephyr: *notices how much damage the grenades caused*.....We're going to jail arent we?

Police Man: YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL! *points at Zephyr*

Zephyr: But she was part of it too!

Leanne: Ive never seen this boy in my life!

Vashyron: (CONF) I have to bail them out, don't I?

Police Man: *walks past Zephyr and grabs Cameraman by the neck* YOU! YOU SOLD ILLEGAL STUFF! YOU ARE BEING ARRESTED! *Looks at Zephyr and Leanne* ...............Good work on being upstanding citizens of the community. I'm proud of you both for being well-behaved. *looks at Vashyron* Thank you for just standing there and being a good citizen who doesn't sneak into homes to watch their TV and steal their pastries. *Leaves*

Vashyron: ..................No comment.

Leanne: That was a relief!

Zephyr: Did you really just try to blame me for all of that?

Leanne: But-

Zephyr: *walks away*

Vashyron: ............Still no comment. YOU HAVE SHAMED ZEPHYR , LEANNE! YOU MUST DO THE CHICKEN DANCE WHILE SERVING HIM TEA SAYING SORRY FOR YOUR SHAME TO BE LIFTED! Actually, no, I don't know what you have to do, I just wanted to test my creativity.

Leanne: Nah I no, I shouldnt have done that. He has been acting out a bit more than usual lately.

Vashyron: Yeah. But that was still wrong, Leanne. You should probably say sorry before he goes a bit more crazy and puts grenades under OUR beds. I worked hard to get mine......

Leanne: I was going to before he left, and now I have no clue where he is.

Vashyron: Why don't we track him down? At least this time you're not looking for him cautious in the case of monsters. Good times.........heh.

Leanne: It stinks that thats exactly what we'll be doing when this game is over, alright lets look for him.

Vashyron: Alright. Where should we look first?

Leanne: IDK, I wonder if he'd go to our room....or if hes packed and went into a different room.

Vashyron: .............Maybe the first option? I don't know.

Leanne: I guess I'll check. *Goes in her and Zephyr's room* Hes not in there, but the rooms inact, thats good....sorta............Ok Im getting worried O_O

Vashyron: Hmm.........that's odd. Maybe he's in another room?

Leanne: Yeah but where? Its kinda weird for him to just wander off.......and most of the camp grounds have kinda blown up....

Vashyron: Dreamer's room? My room? The cameraman's roo- wait, he doesn't have a room.

Leanne: Pretty sure  Dreamer's room exploded, lets check your room.

Vashyron: Alright. *walks into his room* Zephyr? You in here?

Leanne: *Follows, looks around* Hmmm, doesnt look like it.....

Vashyron: Maybe he's at Chris' office watching some soap operas or something?

Leanne:....Now thats weird even for him.......oh wait, did I put a grenade under his bed too? S*** im in so much trouble. Anyways, Maybe I can go look in the sewers while you go check Chris's office?

Vashyron: Fine, but if I don't find him, I'll just watch Chef. Cheesy's Cake Bake on TV as a break. *Jumps into the shadows, heading into Chris' office*

Leanne: *in the sewers, looking around for any sign of Zephyr* Zephyr? Are you in here?

Zephyr: *Sitting nearby*

Leanne: Oh, Zephyr. There you are. You had me worried sick. Have you been crying?

Zephyr: What the f*** does it look like? 

Leanne: Listen to me. I'm so-

Zephyr: *points gun* Get out.

Leanne: (CONF) The one time Im unarmed....(END CONF) Zephyr please.

Zephyr: *Shoots at the ground* GET OUT!

Leanne: Ok I can see you need a moment alone, how about we talk later? No? Maybe? Please? ok cya! *Ryns out*

Vashyron: *finishes watching Chef. Cheesy's Cake Bake* Crud, Chris is coming. No more episodes for me.....*breaks window and jumps out of it, despite the back door being un-blocked and open*

Leanne: Oh hi Vash.....I found Zephyr..........

Vashyron: That's great. Why the pauses? Did he shoot you in the lungs?

Leanne: He tried. He's been crying in the sewers. 

Vashyron: Alright, so let's go get him?

Leanne: Alright. lets go.*quietly enters the sewers*

Vashyron: *enters sewers*

Leanne: Zephyr are you in here?

Zephyr: * Still sitting where he was before, teary eyed*

Vashyron: Zephyr, are you alright?

Zephyr: No >.>

Vashyron: Aw. So this won't be easy. Okay, Zephyr, why are you upset- is it still the Leanne thing? Because if so, I'll give you permission to steal her dessert tomorrow as vengeance?

Zephyr: Just leave me alone alright?

Leanne: Im sorry Zephyr. I panicked when I saw the police man. BTW, why are you in a sewer? I get that we blew up most of the camp but....sewers are smelly, and full of alligators and mutant fish >.<

Vashyron: Yeah, she's sorry and she will do whatever punishment you deem fit. Right, Leanne? >.>

Leanne: Aw wha-*whacks herself in the head* Um, yeah...

Zephyr: Not good enough >.>

Leanne: Ok, This isnt going anywhere. PLAN B! *Ties up Zephyr's hands* quick Vash grab his legs! We gotta get him here and in a place normal people inhabit!

Zephyr: Hey! >.>

Vashyron: We have a Plan B? Fine by me! *grabs Zephyr's legs* YOU WILL RECOVER, OR WE'LL GIVE YOU A SPANKING, MISTER >.>

Zephyr: aw, dont you think youve been doing that too much lately?

Leanne: *Carries him into their room* Ok, now we're gonna get through this, you hear me?

Zephyr: Fine....

Leanne: Good. *kisses Zephyr on the cheek*

Zephyr: .....O_O

Vashyron: By that reaction, it seems like you think you're getting proposed to. Heh. That'd be kind of funny. But seriously. Lighten up.

Zephyr: ........... O_O

Leanne: Geez, its not like I kissed him on the lips. 

Vashyron: C'mon buddy, calm down. It's just a kiss on the cheek that was meant to calm you down.

Zephyr:......... O_O

Leanne: Not sure if he enjoyed it or not......oh well, at least hes better.....sorta.

Vashyron: Yeah. Hey, do you think a whack on the head could fix him?

Leanne: Worth a shot. *whacks Zephyr on the head*

Zephyr: Ow.....

Leanne: Oh, good. *grabs a plush doll of a giraffe out of her purse* Here, take this *Hands it to Zephyr* You can play with it, or squeeze it if you get mad so you can avoid going on a killing spree like that time 2 years ago......and uh.....Its name is Gizmo......and it can fly, see? *moves it with her hand* whooosh........(CONF) Im doomed......

Zephyr: *Holding Gizmo, staring at it*

Leanne: Do you like it?

Zephyr: Somehow, I do.

Leanne: YAY!

Vashyron: Alright, glad that's settled. So how about we all sneak into Chris' office and watch Chef. Cheesy's Cake Bake?

Leanne: I suppose I could watch it. Zephyr, you in?

Zephyr: *cuddling with Gizmo*

Leanne: Zephyr? -.-

Zephyr: what? oh, sure *follows*

Vashyron: *Breaks into Chris' office again and turns on TV to watch Chef. Cheesy's Cake Bake*

Episode 7 - Lopez

Chris: The name of this episode, is extremely irrelevant to the title. So warning, viewers, don't think we're including George Lopez, or Lopez the Deer. NO LOPEZ IS COMING HERE >.>

Zephyr: Okay, so what are we doing?

Vashyron: And why did you even name this Lopez?

Chris: You two smart alecks, shut up. >.> IT'S MY SHOW, DANG IT! Anyways, we will be doing a FIGHT SCAVENGER HUNT, in a little bit! Each team has to pick a team of four within 30 minutes. So yeah, pick your four hunters.

Zephyr: Fighting and scavenging is our line of work, so Leanne and Vash and me should be in team.

Leanne: But we still need a fourth.

Zephyr: Dammit....

Vashyron: How about Bruce? That Batman Fanboy should have some experience with weapons?

Zephyr: But.....we're a trio.

Leanne: We cant do it without a fourth, for this challenge only we'll need another to enter the flock.


Vashyron: Fine by me.


neneko: neneko,henry,Kyle and Kansas, really?


Chris: It's been too long so Nathan, Lara, Lily, and Ren will go for the Flamingos, SO LET'S GO! LAST TEAM TO FINISH LOSES!

Ponies Challenge

Vashyron: *looking at the list* There are only symbols for red eyes, a top hat, a book, and the number 20..........oh, I see where this is going.

(3 lines to find an enemy, don't specify, it'll just happen)

Zephyr: I dont....whatever *Searches*

Leanne: *searches*

Vashyron: *searches*

Penguin wearing a top hat: *glares at Bruce* 

(Penguin has 13 HP

You each have 9 HP

Bruce must land the finishing hit)

Vashyron: See? Penguin? Bruce Batman Fan Guy? Made sense.

Zephyr: Well, its nothing like what we've faced. Leanne, you ready?

Leanne: Hold up! I have to put on my makeup. 

Zephyr: *Sighs* *shoots Penguin*

Leanne: Ok ready! *Shoots Penguin*

Vashyron: This'll be easy. *shoots Penguin*

Penguin: *slaps Zephyr*

Zephyr: Um, ow. *Throws a grenade at the penguin*

Leanne: hey, you cant hurt him, only I can! *Shoots penguin*

Penguin: *slaps Zephyr again*

Vashyron: C'mon, everyone knows only whack in the heads and spanks work on Zephyr. *shoots Penguin*

Zephyr: STAHP! *Shoots Penguin*

Leanne: Zephyr, try and keep your rage from building this fight, you have a habit of getting out of hand. *Shoots Penguin*

Penguin: *slaps Zephyr*

Vashyron: This is kind of pathetic..........*shoots Penguin*

Leanne: At least its hard to miss! *Throws a grenade at Penguin*

Zephyr: Your right about that. *Shoots penguin*

Penguin: *still slaps Zephyr*

Vashyron: *shoots Penguin* ..............No comment on this.

Penguin: *turns into a giant and grabs hold of Zephyr and Leanne and begins to choke them while kicking Vashyron into a tree, 1 damage each, Bruce must finish this*

Bruce: PENGUIN!!! *Performs advanced Bat-Karate on Penguin*

Penguin: *dies and turns to idol, dropping Zephyr and Leanne onto Vashyron but with no damage*

Vashyron: Ow. *sees Bruce* Hey, the fanboy actually did something pretty cool. Looks like one enemy's down. Three to go. If this happens again though.......I want to live to see the next episode of Chef. Cheesy's Cake Bake.

Bruce: *Begins to cry* Its against my code to kill! Even if he is my enemy! PENGUIN....I'M SORRY!!!

Vashyron: Zephyr, Leanne, you can get off me now......

Zephyr: But your comfortable >.>

Leanne: *gets up and whacks Zephyr on the head*

Zephyr: Ok fine! *searches*

Leanne: *searches*

Vashyron: *searches*

Lagerfield: *Looks at Zephyr* YOU! .........WHY SHOULD YOU LIVE WHILE THEY DIE! *Takes out book*



Leanne: He's still alive!? Zephyr, dont let your feelings overcome you, and ESPECIALLY DONT LET HIM KILL YOU! 

Zephyr:......Ok.......*Shoots Lagerfield*

Leanne: *shoots Lagerfield*

Bruce: *Still crying <.<*

Vashyron: Dang it Bruce, DO SOMETHING IF YOU'RE REALLY A HERO! >.> In other cases, is he really attacking us with books? Well, I guess he's just an unlucky b******. *shoots Lagerfield*

Lagerfield: *throws one book at Bruce*

Leanne: *shoots Lagerfield*

Zephyr: *throws a grenade at Lagerfield*

Vashyron: *kick combos Lagerfield and then throws a grenade*

Lagerfield: *hits Leanne with staff*

Zephyr: You can kill me, but you CANNOT HURT HER! *Grabs flamethrower and sets Lagerfield on fire*

Leanne: *Leaps into the air and shoots Lagerfield*

Vashyron: *throws grenade at Lagerfield* I'm lacking inspiration for a creative attack.

Lagerfield: *hits Vashyron with staff*

Leanne: *shoots Lagerfield*

Zephyr: *kicks grenade at Lagerfield*

Vashyron: *gets up in the air and shoots Lagerfield then jumps backward* Zephyr, HURRY BEFORE HE-

Lagerfield: *uses staff to hit Leanne, Vashyron, and Bruce, and then uses a random lasso to tie them up and begins to set up to choke them*

Zephyr: Well, I was actually going to let you kill me, but not now! *Rips Lagerfield's heat out* O_o well that was completley on accident.....

Lagerfield: *dies, then turns into an idol and lands on Zephyr's hand*

Vashyron: Nice job Zephyr. You're on your way to becoming a man.

Bruce: *keeps crying* I'm a failure! I couldn't prevent another innocent life form dying!


Leanne: Zephyr, you dying will not make up for the sins you committed.


Vashyron: *searches*

Leanne: *Searches*

Sullivan: *Sees Leanne* I remember you, #20............ (Leanne must finish this one off, 2 HP has been restored to everyone)

Leanne: What the? I thought Rowen killed you! 

Zephyr: You destroy her quartz and I'll have your head! *Shoots Sullivan*

Leanne: *shoots Sullivan*

Vashyron: *shoots Sullivan*

Sullivan: *falcon kicks Leanne*

Zephyr: *Rage builds after seeing leanne get kicked*GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR *Shoots Sullivan*

Leanne: I can do that too! *falcon kicks Sullivan*

Vashyron: *throws grenade at Sullivan* Keeping it plain.

Sullivan: *throws pebble at Zephyr* Need to recharge my leg.........

leanne: *falcon kicks Sullivan* This is fun!

Zephyr: *shoots Sullivan*

Sullivan: *Falcon kicks Zephyr*

Vashyron: *punches Sullivan in the face* Don't wanna waste ammo on you. Sorry.


Leanne: *shoots Sullivan*

Sullivan: *throws rock at Zephyr*

Vashyron: *sweep kicks Sullivan* Hurry and just kill him Leanne. Or else I'm giving your brownies away to Zephyr. >.>

Sullivan: *grabs Zephyr, Sullivan, and Bruce and pours a pile of rocks onto their heads* (Leanne must finish this)

Leanne: Damn it, my makeup is running! Hang on a sec! 

(30 minutes later)

Leanne: Dum dem dum de doo.....Oh yeah. *falcon kicks Sullivan*

Sullivan: *dies.......not because of the falcon kick, he just tripped and fell face flat into the bucket of rocks which were so sharped they stabbed and killed him, then turns into an idol and lands on Leanne's hand*

Vashyron: Death by rocks. Is it me or is that kind of pathetic, even for someone like him?

Zephyr: I dont care, as long as he's dead!

Leanne: I guess so. *searches*

Zephyr: *searches*

Vashyron: *searches*

Rebecca: *just there, sees Vashyron and others*

Vashyron: *sees Rebecca* Oh come on.

(Vashyron must finish this one)

Leanne: This doesnt feel right, shes just a girl.

Zephyr: SHE MUST DIE! *shoots at Rebecca*

Leanne: *sighs and shoots Rebecca*

Vashyron: You don't know what she's capable of.....*shoots Rebecca*

Rebecca: *grabs Zephyr and begins to choke him* (Zephyr has one HP left)

Zephyr: Ugh...

Leanne: Are you ok?

Zephyr: Just a scratch...*Shoots Rebecca*

Leanne: I can see you limping....*shoots Rebecca*

Vashyron: *throws grenade at Rebecca* Hang in there Zephyr. We know you're in pain, you're not that good of a liar when it comes to pain, you know.

Rebecca: *grabs Zephyr and throws him on the ground, KOing him* (Zephyr's out of the challenge)

Leanne: NO! *Cries* Now your gonna get it, you brat! *shoots Rebecca*

Vashyron: Dang. Alright, let's kill her before she tries to actually kill Zephyr! *sweep kicks Rebecca, then shoves her onto the ground*

Rebecca: *kicks Vashyron in the stomach*

Leanne: *shoves a grenade down Rebecca's throat*

Vashyron: *shoots Rebecca in the gut*

Rebecca: *rips Leanne's sleeve and twists her arm*

Leanne: Um, RUDE! *Whacks Rebecca on the head*

Vashyron: *shoots at Rebecca and then punches her*

Rebecca: *grabs hold of Bruce and Leanne and is about to have them sufficate* (Vashyron needs to finish it but someone needs to post first for no double posting)

Leanne: Vashyron.....finish this....

Vashyron: That's all you could think of? Seriously? Fine. *sweeps kicks Rebecca, then throws a grenade at her which sends her rocketing into the sky, then grabs gun* I don't owe you guys anything. I owe it to myself. *shoots Rebecca and jumps back* What an unlucky b******.

Rebecca: *dies and turns into an idol in Vashyron's hands*


Leanne: Man, that was close!

Zephyr: *wakes up*

Leanne: *Hugs Zephyr* YAY YOUR OK! *whacks him on the head* Now you need to rest, you took a beating.

Zephyr: *KO'd*

Chris: Alright, guys, which other team will be safe?

Zephyr: Flamingos, they're the most pathetic, so itd be wiser to have the threat go to elimination.

Vashyron: Agreed.

Leanne: Yup.

Deer Challenge

Kyle: *looking at list* There are symbols for a Ball, The Ylissean Flag with an X on it, a Red Orb, and a Laughing Face.......

(Look at Ponies' Challenge)

Neneko: It is a mystery, really! *Searches*

Kyle: *searches*

Henry: *searches* MYSTERYS, YAY! Nya ha ha!

Feydoom: *randomly there, sees Neneko*

(13 HP - Feydoom

9 HP - You guys, each

Neneko must land the finishing hit)

neneko: Feydooms? Why are they here? Its a mystery, you know! *Swings hammer and Feydoom*

Kyle: *sword cyclones Feydoom* I don't know. Chris probably gathered all of this for laughs......

Henry: Blood will be spilled, RIGHT? *Shoots tomes at Feydoom*

Feydoom: *rolls into Kyle*

Neneko: Full of power, you know! *Hits Feydoom with hammer*

Kyle: *slashes at Feydoom* We need to find a weak point.......

Henry: *throws sword at Feydoom*

neneko: *Hits Feydoom with hammer*

Feydoom: *bounces onto Neneko and then gets off*

Neneko: Ouchies, really! *Hits Feydoom with hammer*

Kyle: *sword cyclones Feydoom*

Henry: *throws another sword at Feydoom* Blood............come on. >.>

Neneko: Feydooms have no blood, really! *hits feydoom with hammer*

Henry: *tries not to cry*

Kyle: I'm sure more enemies, will have blood soon! Keep fighting! *sword cyclones Feydoom*

Feydoom: *crushes Kyle, Henry, and Kansas under it, making them take one damage each, Neneko must end it*

Neneko: Neneko's finishing move, really! *shoots a beam of light at the Feydoom*

Feydoom: *dies and turns into an idol*

Kyle: The enemy was turned into an idol. A Feydoom Idol. I guess that means, one enemy's down. Let's keep looking. *searches*

Henry: Okay! There will be blood eventually! Nya ha ha! *searches*

Neneko: Yay, more mysteries, really! *searches*

Validar: *shows up out of nowhere* will die. Your friends too.

Henry: Do I know you? Did I accidentally kill a family member for laughs? Nya ha ha!

Validar: Wh-what no- I'm the current ruler of Plegia, you betrayed me. DIE.

Neneko: Evil man scares neneko, you know. *Swings hammer at validar*

Kyle: *sword spins Validar*

Henry: I just did it for the blood........oh well, worth it if I die! Nya ha ha! *uses tome against Validar*

neneko: *Hits validar with hammer*

Validar: *shoots tome at Neneko*

(Forgot to say, health carries over, when this battle's over 2 HP will be recovered)

neneko: Ouchies you know! *Hits Validar with hammer*

Flamingos Challenge

*List has number 13, Sunshine, an S, and an Ogre*

Elimination Ceremony - Deer

Chris: The Ponies have chosen you to lose. You have until 12 PM EST time to vote. Maybe a little later.

Chris: WITH 30 EXTRA MINUTES, NO ONE BUT NENEKO, HENRY, AND KYLE VOTED! Anyways Drew, you're leaving us tonight. No Scooby Snacks for you. >.>

Ponies Chat

Zephyr: *wakes up*

Leanne: Felling any better?

Zephyr: Im ok-ish....what happened?

leanne: The little girl choked you and slammed you to the ground. 

Zephyr: Thats humilating, I MUST GET REVENGE!

Leanne: No, shes dead. And you need to take it easy until the challenge starts. No leaving the bed.

Zephyr: Boooooooriiiiiiiiiingggggg

Leanne: here, play with Gizmo or something *hands Gizmo to Zephyr*

Zephyr: GIZMO! *cuddles Gizmo*

Leanne: (CONF) I was not expecting Zephyr to actually get attatched to the toy giraffe. At least hes happy ^-^

Vashyron: *walks in* Zephyr, you alright? I got you something to help with your recovery...........of being choked by that menace. >.>

Zephyr: What is it?

Vashyron: *hands Zephyr a card with a brownie inside and a trollface cover* What? The trollface thing was the cheapest card there, so I had to get it. >.>

Zephyr: YA-um thanks! *Group hugs Leanne and Vashyron* you guys are the best.

Leanne: awwwwwww <3 (CONF)  Must not ruin his happiness this time.......That would be bad.......Very, very bad........

Vashyron: Thanks. (CONF) It was just a brownie I made, WHEN I WAS INSPIRED BY CHEF CHEESY! He's probably being emotional again, but I don't want him to rage so I'll let him have the group hug. I'm not the biggest fan though.

Leanne: Thank you for the group hug Zephyr, but your kinda hurting me......

Zephyr: Oh, sorry *lets go*

Dreamer: .......(conf) Must......not.........ruin..........happiness.............DAMN IT WHY IS IT SO HARD?!

Leanne (CONF) Maybe the camp is kinda taking its toll on him, these mood swings never happened this much at home...hmmmm

Lydia: Hey, Dreamer, how is your day?

Dreamer: BORING! Where's the violence in this show?

Lydia: I'm pretty violent, if we work together we can see the most violence, what do you say? We work together to vote people off.

Dreamer: ....I'm in.

Lydia: Okay! You and me all the way!

Jamie: *walks by*

Lydia: *hits Jamie with a trash can* See?

Jamie: *gets up* Oh, you're so DEAD! *punches Lydia in her face knocking her front tooth out*

Lydia: Ow.... *sees tooth* Oh no! MY TOOTH!

Jamie: Mess with me again and I'll make your life a living nightmare! *walks away*

Dreamer: You hurt my friend.............*hits Jamie with the trash can* NOW YOU GET PAIN AS A RESULT OF YOUR ACTIONS MS. JAMIE!

Jamie: *turns around* Oh you're so DEAD LYDIA! *runs at lydia and punches her in the face*

2 hours later

Lydia: *comes back from the hospital wearing an eyepatch* Hi, Dreamer.

Leanne: Hm, sounds like a lot of stuff is going on outside.....meh. 

Bruce: *takes a nap*

The Drama: Hey, Leanne, Zephyr said your fat.

Leanne: Im been with him for the past 3 days straight. And Zephyr hates everyone else here. LIAR!

Bruce: *wakes up* Wheres the Liar....liars are EVIL!!!

Leanne: *Points at The Drama*

Bruce: *growls and throws at batarang at The Drama* Take that!

The Drama: Ow! Hey! *slips them both $50* I never said any of that *runs away*

Vashyron: *sitting in Zephyr and Leanne's room* I'd invite you and Leanne to watch some TV with me, Zephyr, but Chris is watching it. So you'll have to stay in bed for a while. Yeah.

Zephyr: *Cries*

Leanne: Geezus. Your being more hormonal than me, go back to playing with Gizmo.

Zephyr: GIZMO! YAYZ! 

Vashyron: Gizmo usually makes everything better. *to Leanne* But we must make sure he doesn't outlive that thing. For his and our sakes...........and the brownies.

Leanne: *to Vashyron* What do you mean?

Lydia: Hmm... *going through names*

Vashyron: *to Leanne* What if he ends up getting bored of Gizmo and has his mood swings again? I think I'm being paranoid.............but together with Gizmo he makes better brownies.

Leanne: Its his only support besides us. And besides, he looks adorbale when he plays with it <3 didnt just hear me say that.

Vashyron: Alright, I didn't hear it. So you think he'll be good with Gizmo? I want to keep the brownies............

Lydia: *walking down a random set of stairs* *falls up stairs and breaks leg* AAAAH! *gets pulled away ot a hospital*

Chris: ***** ************************* ************************** STOP GETTING INJURED OR DYING! *Cries*

Vin: *walks in* I'm Vin Diesel, Lydia's replacement.

Leanne: WTF? *To Vashyron* Anyways, I think Zephyr will be fine with the giraffe. Heck, its practically a fourth member of the squad now.

Vashyron: Oh good. We get to keep the brownies.

Vin: *gives everyone a copy of FF5* Check out that movie, it's pretty great, I'm in it.

Leanne: What is this? We dont have these things in Basel.

Vin: You've never heard of The Fast and the Furious! WHAT?!

Leanne: Sorry, Vash, Zephyr and I dont have a TV.

Vin: Oh, well go to my private theatre named The Fast and Furious theatre. *gets them a limo*

Leanne: Um.....I'll pass, I have to take care of Zephyr.

Vin: *gets them an ambulance* There.

Leanne: No, hes not injured, he just needs rest. *Slams door to their room* Geez....

Vin: *jumps in window* *gets them a 6 star hotel* How about this?

Leanne: NO! GO AWAY! *throws him out the window*

Vashyron: Sheesh this guy won't give up.........

Vin: *gives them a stack of $65,000 out of charity*

Leanne: GOD DAMMIT! LETS GET HIM! *Pulls out gun*

Zephyr: Sweet!

Leanne: Zephyr. stay in bed.

Zephyr: Awwwwwwww.....NO! >.<

Leanne: *Whacks him on the head*

Zephyr: *KO'd*

Vashyron: *pulls out gun* Sorry Zephyr, maybe next time.

Leanne: *Shoots Vin*

Vashyron: *puts gun away and throws grenade at Vin* Works even better.

Leanne: Oh, I dont have much experience with grenades....Hand guns are my preference! *Shoots Vin*


Leanne: Then um......WE'LL JUST KILL YOU AGAIN! *Kills Vin* :D

Vin: *gets revived again this time invincible* Yay. Watch FF5.

Vashyron: Leanne, we can't kill teammates...........yet. Let's just tell him to shut up and leave us alone or we'll shoot him again, alright? We can kill him after the show or something. WE'LL FIND A WAY!


Zephyr: *Crying in the corner*

Vashyron: *throws Gizmo into Zephyr's hands* It's okay. The big, tall, weird stranger will be taken care of.

Vin: Hi.

Vashyron: *kicks Vin out* GET OUT, YOU'RE MAKING ZEPHYR CRY! >.>

Vin: ....

Lydia: *comes back from Hospital* I'm okay!

Chris: OKAY! *Kicks Vin out*

Lydia: I hate that guy.

Vashyron: There, there, Zephyr. The mean man is gone.

Lydia: Can we go grt DonaldsMc? I'm hungry

Zephyr: *still crying*

Leanne: *Hugs Zephyr* There, there, your going to be fine. (CONF) He fights monsters for a living, and freaks out when he meets a stranger. I guess the mood swings are affecting him a lot more than I thought.

Lydia: Alright, I'm going to DonaldsMc who wants what?

Vashyron: *to Zephyr* You'll be fine. You can kill him after the show's over.

Lydia: I don't think they have that on the menu...

Leanne and Zephyr: Chicken nuggets.

Lydia: Okay, I'll be back: *goes to DonaldsMc*

Vashyron: Meanwhile, I'll eat *holds salad* this salad I made earlier out of boredom and inspiration. Yay..........

Lydia: *comes back* *gives Chicken Nuggets to Leanne and Zephyr* *gets and eats a burger*

Zephyr: *Eats*

Leanne: *Eats*

Vashyron: *eating salad* Well, time to go break into Chris' office. Leanne, take care of Zephyr. I'll be back. *disappears*

Lydia: How is it? *takes a bite*

Leanne: Good.

Lydia: *takes a bite* Mff, that's my uncle. (RTAA reference XD)

Flamingos Chat

Jamie: *walks over to Chris* Hey, Chris, can I switch teams? My team is.... you know... *whispers so only Chris can hear* Inactive.

Chris: *gasps* AFTER HEARING THAT...........No. *walks away*

Jamie: *holds fist up* *deep inhale* *scratches head and walks away*

Team Swap 2 (in a little bit)

Chris: Team swap. Jazz hands. Yeah.

Team Headlight Fluid: Kyle, Henry, Neneko, Lydia, Bruce, The Drama, Dreamer, Lara, Lily

Team Tron Bonne: Vashyron, Zephyr, Leanne, Jamie, Kansas, Brooke, Nathan, Ren

Chris: Yeah one team has one less member than the other so Team Tron Bonne gets an advantage next challenge. If you're wondering why it's Team Tron Bonne, Tron paid me 100 bucks to make one team named after her. :D

Team Headlight Fluid Chat

Neneko: Really, it is, really, it is, Im on a new team, it is!

Team Tron Bonne Chat

Jamie: ....*sarcastically* yay.

Vashyron: *comes back from Chris' office* Alright so- new teams, right? I saw it in a giant card with a 100 dollars strapped on to it with Tron Bonne's name.

Jamie: You're on this team...

Vashyron: Oh good, I was hoping I didn't have to be with Henry- that guy creeps me out.

Jamie: Okay...

Zephyr: *Still in bed*....

Leanne: Are you alright, Zephyr?

Zephyr: IDK, my mood keeps changing.

Leanne: Ive noticed.

Zephyr: *Breaks down* Whats happening to me?

Leanne: *Hugs Zephyr* Im sure your stressed out from the camp and your past. When we win, we'll be right back in Basel, doing our hunting jobs.


Leanne: Promise.

The Drama: *walks in* He's gonna' die :\

Vashyron: *joins in on Zephyr and Leanne* You guys doing alright?

Leanne: Zephyr should be fine.....I hope.....

Jamie: What happened to him again?

The Drama: He is going to die. Just saying.

Leanne: What the hell do you know?

The Drama: 7 years in high school of medical intelligence, thank you.

Vashyron: *to Zephyr* Don't listen to them. Just stay calm and hug Gizmo.

Zephyr: *Breathing heavily, holding Gizmo*

The Drama: I can just make this painless for him now...

Vashyron: *adds a little top hat he stole from Chris onto Gizmo's head* There, he's now fancier. You better? Still don't listen to The Drama. (CONF) Chris has a creepy plush collection....

The Drama: *creepy stare* *shakes head* Just let me end him, make it as easy for him as possible.

Leanne: No! *shields Zephyr* Your not hurting him! *Grabs heer handgun*

The Drama: I wasn't going to do it, just recommending it.

Vashyron: Just go back to your team, you creep, before you end up enraging or scaring him. *pulls out gun*

The Drama: Weirdos... *walks away*

Jamie: Can I like give him some medicine, I carry some with me.

Leanne: Um....Fine...But if you try anything I will kill you >.>

Jamie: *throws bottle to Leanne* Here. 

Leanne: Here Zephyr.

Zephyr:... *drinks bottle*

Jamie: Oh, wait, that was some random sleeping tonic I picked up. *throws bottle of pills to Leanne*

Leanne: >.> whatever *Hands Zephyr the pills*

Zephyr: *eats pills*

Jamie: ...Can I have my bottle back?

Leanne: *Hands Jamie the bottle*

Jamie: Thanks,

Zephyr: *Falls asleep*

Leanne: *sighs and puts a blanket on him*

Vashyron: *puts Gizmo in Zephyr's arm* .............We won't have to do this every day, right?

Leanne: IDK, all I know is that he looks damn cute when hes asleep.......n stuff.

The Drama: *looking from afar* Too much drama I'm not causing! *pulls out sniper rifle and shoots Zephyr in the stomach* Yes! Those bullets were posion he'll die very soon, either from blood loss or poison.

Leanne: Well this day isnt very fun >.>

The Drama: *shoots Vashyron in the face*

Vashyron: *dodges* No. *shoots Drama in the face* Try me again and you'll be killed. Like an unlucky b******.

The Drama: *dodges WOAYUH. (I can godplay too XD)

Vashyron: Dang it- *hit by some random bullet*

Chris: *shows up with shades holding gun then high fives Drama* No one watches my TV. >.> (Whoops, didn't realize it meant it hit. XD)

The Drama: *high fives Chris* *shoots at Vash and misses* Wah- *shoots and misses* WHAT?! *shoots and misses and richochets off and hits Chris's hair* Oops.

Chris: ..............*grabs Drama by the neck* DON'T YOU EVER SHOOT MY HAIR...........I'D KICK YOU OFF THE SHOW IF I WASN'T GOING TO THE SALON AFTER SHOOTING VASHYRON. *Drops Drama lightly and walks away, signaling "I got my eye on you"*

The Drama: My lawyers can pay for picture perfect hair... anyhow... *shoots Leanne in the leg*

Leanne: Um, RUDE! *Shoots Drama in the head*

Episode 8 - Split Up (in a little bit)

Chris: *talking to guy*

Guy: *talking to Chris, both nod in succession*

*The Next Day*


Chris: *over announcer* HEY GUYS! HERE'S THE CHALLENGE, REUNITE WITH YOUR TEAM (Run to go find them with 15 lines altogether.), BUT AT THE 7TH LINE YOU MUST STOP, AS SOMEONE'S LOOKING FOR YOU........*Laughs evily* FIRST TEAM TO REUNITE WINS (To reunite both parts of the split team must finish)

The Drama, Henry, Neneko, and Dreamer Chat

Neneko: Really, it is, really, it is, The teams have split up, it is!

Henry: YAY, NYA HA HA! So who thinks the rest are dead, besides me? No. Aw- I mean, yay?

The Drama: :|

Neneko: Neneko doesnt think anyone else is dead, really.

Dreamer: Chris, This idea sucks monkey balls. (CONF) Yeah, That's right, I have the balls to say what anyone else doesn't have the balls to say.


Neneko: Neneko wants to find our team members, really! *runs*

Henry: *runs*

The Drama: *runs*

Neneko: *Runs*

The Drama: *runs*

Henry: *runs*

The Drama: *runs* (7)

Lionel: *stops the four* Hmph. Seems like you're all doing very well........but not for long. *a clone of Kyle, Lydia, Lily, Lara, and Bruce appear* If I manage to keep you at least one team separate, Chris will pay me FIGHT! *Disappears*

(Each clone has 5 HP

You each have 3 HP

Good luck.)

Neneko: Neneko is creeped out, you know! *Swings hammer at Bruce*

The Drama: *calls in hitman*

Hitman: *shoots Bruce*

C. Bruce: *throws batarang at Drama*

C. Lara: *shoves Henry*

Neneko: Neneko wishes you could fight and not rely on others. *Swings hammer at Lara*

Hitman: *shoots Bruce*

C. Kyle: *sword cyclones Drama*

Hitman: *shoots Kyle*

Neneko: *Hits Bruce with hammer*

Hitman: *shoots Kyle*

C. Kyle: *sword cyclones Drama, defeating her*

C. Lydia: *stabs Henry*

Neneko: *Hits Bruce with hammer*

Henry: *shoots tome at Kyle*

C. Bruce: *dies*

C. Kyle: *sword cyclones Neneko*

Neneko: Ouchies, you know! *Hits Lara with hammer*

Henry: *uses dark magic on Kyle*

C. Lara: *throws high heel at Dreamer*

Neneko: *Hits Lara with hammer*

Henry: *throws sword at Kyle, killing him*

C. Kyle: *dies*

C. Lydia: *stabs Dreamer*

Neneko: *Hits Lara wih hammer*

Henry: *throws sword at Lara, killing her*

C. Lara: *dies*

C. Lily: *throws book at Dreamer, defeating him*

Neneko: *Hits Lily with hammer*

Henry: *throws other sword at Lily*

(Due to miscalculations, 1 HP will all of you, so Drama, and Dreamer are revived. :D)

The Drama: Yay! :D *shoots Lily*

Neneko: *Hits Lily with hammer*

The Drama: *shoots Lily's head off*

C. Lydia: *stabs Henry*

Lily: *shoots Lydia*

C. Lydia: *stabs the Drama, defeating her again*

Neneko: *Hits Lydia with hammer*

Henry: *throws sword at Lydia*

C. Lydia: *stabs Neneko*

Neneko: You hurt neneko, you know......*Hits Lydia with Hammer*

C. Lydia: *stabs Henry, defeating him*

neneko: Oh no! Not albino wizard man, really! *Hits Lydia with hammer*

C. Lydia: *dies*

*Skipping the 7 line thing, since this challenge sucks, you are reunited with your team, everyone not defeated can help the other part of the team out (Neneko, Dreamer)*

Kyle, Lydia, Lara, Lily, and Bruce Chat

Kyle: *hearing announcement* I see. So *looks around* we have 5. That's good.

Lydia: Hi! :D

Kyle: Hey.

Lydia: Wanna' play go fish? :D

Kyle: Sure.

Lydia: Yea, me too. *walks away*

Kyle: Bye. *thinking* (CONF) How did Chris do that? It's a mystery.



Lydia: Yay! I hope it isn't deadly >.>

Kyle: I hope so too......*walks, searching for teammates*

Lydia: *runs*

Kyle: Well, I guess running's an option. *follows Lydia*

Lydia: *runs*

Kyle: *follows*

Lydia: (Conf) If I lose my plan will be ruined! (End) Hey this way! *runs wrong way* (Is that minus 1 line? XD)

Kyle: What are you doing? That's the way back. (no, but it can stall Kyle for about one line until he goes on without you. XD)

Lydia: I got a call from my lawyers that this is the right way- oh whatever. *shoots Kyle with a tranquilizer dart*

Chris: *revives Kyle because you can't stop the challenge from going >.> XD*

Kyle: .............Alright then. *continues walking*

Lydia: *yelling* Hey Kyle!

Kyle: *walking, to Lydia* Yeah? (7)

Lionel: *same speech, clone of the other part of the team show up*

Lydia: Uh.... distraction!

Kyle: Okay, can you distract me after, my brother's trying to kill us.

C. Neneko: *whacks Lydia with a hammer*

C. The Drama: *calls hitman to shoot Kyle*

Lydia: *kicks Kyle* *sarcastically* Oops, sorry.

(Due to miscalculation one HP will be added to everyone. Also talked the kick over with Leon, it doesn't count, no friendly fire as much as I love it in Super Smash Bros Brawl. Why Meta Knight, why? :D)

Lydia: *kicks The Drama*

Kyle: *stabs The Drama*

C. The Drama: *shoots Lily*

Lydia: *kicks The Drama*

Kyle: *stabs The Drama*

Neneko: Really, it is, really, it is, Time to help, it is! * Hits The Drama with hammer*

C. The Drama: *dies, but takes out mirror to take one last look at herself*

Kyle: *stabs Henry*

Neneko: *Hits Henry with hammer*

Kyle: *sword cyclones Henry*

C. Henry: *throws sword at Bruce*

Lydia: *kicks Henry*

Neneko: Neneko is going to kill you, fake albino wizard man, really! *Hits Henry with hammer*

Lydia: Thanks guys! :D *hugs everyone*

Zephyr, Vashyron, Nathan, and Ren Chat

Zephyr: *looks around frantically* Where's Leanne? Who are you people? Did we just get split up again? WHY DO U DO THIS TO ME!? >.<

Vashyron: I don't know, Chris just said we all got split up. At least. *grabs Gizmo* Gizmo's still here.........

Zephyr: GIZMO! :D

Vashyron: Yeah, Gizm-

*Gizmo is teleported away to Leanne*

Vashyron: .............You're going to freak out, aren't you? WHERE'S LEANNE WHEN YOU NEED HER? >.>

Zephyr: Where'd Gizmo go? Whats goin on? WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! D:

Vashyron: Keep calm and............shoot our teammates. Sure. I give you permission. NOW GO SHOOT THEM LIKE A GOOD BOY!

Zephyr: OKAY! *shooting everyone else on the team*

Vashyron: That's a good boy, you get a reward later after we reunite with Leanne.

Zephyr: YAY! :D


Zephyr: *Runs*

Vashyron: *follows*

Zephyr: *Runs*

Vashyron: *runs*

Zephyr: *Runs*

Vashyron: *runs*

Zephyr: *Runs* (7)

Lionel: *same speech as before, summons clones of Jamie, Leanne, Kansas, and Brooke to fight them*

Zephyr: Leanne? Why are you fighting me? Have I been bad? Do I need get spanked? >.< *shoots Jamie*

Vashyron: I think these are clones. Not sure. *shoots Jamie*

C. Jamie: *kicks Nathan*

Zephyr: *Shoots Jamie*

Vashyron: *shoots Jamie*

C. Jamie: *kicks Ren*

C. Leanne: *shoots Zephyr*

Zephyr: *Breathing heavily* *shoots Jamie*

C. Jamie: *dies the most dramatic death ever, trying to scream but can't because she's a clone*

Vashyron: That was the stupidest thing I ever saw. *shoots Brooke*

C. Leanne: *shoots Ren*

Zephyr: *Shoots Brooke*

Vashyron: *shoots Brooke*

C. Brooke: *kicks Nathan*

C. Leanne: *shoots Vashyron*

Zephyr: *Shoots brooke*

Vashyron: *shoots Brooke, killing her*

C. Brooke: *dies*

C. Kansas: *punches Nathan, defeating him*

Zephyr: *shoots Kansas*

(Due to miscalculations, everyone is getting 1 more HP, so Nathan has been revived. :D)

Zephyr: *shoots Kansas*

Vashyron: *shoots Kansas*

C. Kansas: *punches Ren*

Zephyr: *shoots Kansas*

Vashyron: *throws grenade at Kansas, making him explode*

C. Leanne: *shoots Ren, defeating him*

Zephyr: *breathing heavily, shoots Leanne*

Vashyron: It's just a clone, this isn't the real Leanne, calm down. I'll let you shoot people later if you do. *shoots Leanne*

C. Leanne: *shoots Nathan, defeating him*

Zephyr: *shoots Leanne*

Vashyron: *shoots Leanne*

C. Leanne: *grabs Vashyron by the neck and drops him onto the ground*

Zephyr: ............... *Shoots Leanne, killing her*

C. Leanne: *dies, glaring at Zephyr*

(Skipping the 7 more posts, you're now reunited with your team. Everyone not defeated which is Zephyr and Vashyron may go help the other part of the team.)

Leanne, Brooke, Jamie, and Kansas Chat

Jamie: Great, I'm on a team with strangers, and Leanne is seperated from her hurt one. Great, gotta' deal with this now.

Leanne:......Other people.......great. (CONF) I bet Zephyr's freaking out.

Jamie: I'm not a complete strange. *groan* Ugh, so many losers. Apart from you.

Leanne: Really? yay! wait what? :/

Jamie: You're not a loser. Congrats. *reads a book*

Leanne: :D *Sees Gizmo* Wait...if this isnt with Zephyr..... oh f***.

Jamie: Who's Gizom again? *flips page*

Leanne: Zephyr's plush giraffe.

Jamie: ...Giraffes are cool. *keeps reading*


Jamie: Oh boy, a challenge. *keeps reading* *runs*

Leanne: *Runs*

Jamie: *runs*

Leanne: *Runs*

Jamie: *runs*

Leanne: *Runs*

Jamie: *runs* (7)

Lionel: You are doing very well, but I must keep you away from your team! *summons a clone of Nathan, Ren, Vashyron, and Zephyr, same battle system as the other one*

Leanne: GAH! MUST.APPLY.MAKEUP. *puts on makeup* Ok, done! *Shoots Nathan*

Jamie: *punches Nathan*

C. Zephyr: *shoots Leanne*

C. Vashyron: *shoots Jamie*

Jamie: *punches Nathan*

Leanne: *Throws grenade at Nathan*

Jamie: *punches Nathan*

C. Nathan: *punches Kansas*

C. Zephyr: *shoots Brooke*

Jamie: *K.O.s Nathan*

Leanne: *Shoots Zephyr*

Jamie: *punches Zephyr*

C. Zephyr: *shoots Leanne*

C. Vashyron: *shoots Brooke*

Leanne: Um, OW. *Shoots Zephyr*

Jamie: *punches Zephyr*

C. Zephyr: *shoots Kansas*

C. Ren: *grabs a sword and stabs Jamie*

Jamie: *K.O.s Zephyr*

Leanne: *Shoots Ren*

C. Zephyr: *dies, hugging C. Gizmo*

Jamie: *punches Ren*

Leanne: *sees C.Zephyr dying* He's cute, even when in death <3..........n stuff....SHUT UP! *Shoots Ren*

C. Vashyron: *gets angry after seeing C. Zephyr die and shoots Leanne, defeating her*

Jamie: You and me Vash! *motions for Vashyron to fight her* Let's fight.

C. Ren: *feels forgotten and cries*

Jamie: *runs at Vash and drop kicks him*

C. Vashyron: *shoots Jamie*

(Due to miscalculation, one HP will be added to everyone. Jamie won't die this turn and Leanne has been revived. :D)

Leanne: *shoots Ren*

C. Vashyron: *shoots Jamie, defeating her*

Jamie: ....Meh. *reads book*

Leanne:.....>.> *Shoots Ren*

Lydia: Booker, take this! *throws Devil's Kiss vigor to Leanne* (Bioshock Infinite reference XD)

Leanne: Why the hell are you here? *Shoots Lydia, then shoots Ren*

C. Ren: *dies*

C. Vashyron: *shoots Leanne, defeating her*

Jamie: Great job. *flips page*

Zephyr: Leanne, im ba- AGH! *cries* *shoots Vashyron*

Vashyron: *sees Jamie and Leanne defeated, then himself* Why hello, handsome. Sorry but we have to cut you down. *shoots C. Vashyron*

Zephyr: *Shoots Vashyron*

Vashyron: *points gun at C. Vashyron's head* Unlike me, you're an unlucky b****** to have defeated one member of my group and made another one cry. Any last words- *C. Vashyron raises his hand* No, you suck. *headshots C. Vashyron*


Chris: Okay, thanks to Zephyr and Vashyron, TEAM TRON BONNE WINS! We're also hiring a co-host, because alone, my challenges suck. It's that one guy, who'll post here when he/she knows who he/she is and it's played by DaRealXiaomu. :D

Lydia: Yes! I mean- oh man.

Jamie: ...meh.... *reads book*

Dreamer: RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! *snaps, throwing a chair at well everyone* THOSE MOTHERF***ERS DIDN'T GIVE ME A DAMN CHANCE!, Chris.....F**K YOU! I CAN VERY DAMN WELL SHOOT YOUR *** YOU *****************************!!!!!!! *Gets out a REAL GUN?!* Have H*** CHRISSY! HARDCORE H*** THAT IS! *No wait, false alarm, that's just a flaming kendo stick wrapped in barbed wire*

The Drama: *coughs*

Jamie: *walks over to Dreamer and punches and K.O.s him*

Morrigan: *Flies in* This place is a lot better than the Makai Realm. Oh yeah, im the co-host. Pleased to make your acuantences.....especially you Chris :)

Lydia: *cough* Loser *cough*

Vashyron: (CONF) Man, just look at those bunker busters.....*slaps himself*

Chris: So yeah, she's here. She can talk in bold.

Lydia: When is elimination?

Chris: Right about now.

Elimination Ceremony - Headlight Fluid

(1 hour time limit)

Chris: Scooby Snacks for everyone but: Neneko, Lily, and The Drama. Next Scooby Snack goes to Neneko. The final scooby snack is for..............................LILY! The Drama, sorry but not some wise choices you made. You have been eliminated.

Team Tron Bonne Chat

Zephyr: *still crying from the challenge*

Leanne: I appreciate you caring me about me so much Zephyr, but im fine. Or is it because you had to fight a clone of myself?

Zephyr: Both...

Leanne: Well, its over now. *Hands Zephyr Gizmo*

Vashyron: *comes in* Hey, is Zephyr doing better?

The Drama: Shut up! *slaps Zephyr* *teleports to Cuba*



Leanne: Oh hey Vash. If anything, hes gotten worse......

Vashyron: think giving him a bowtie I stole from Chris' plush collection will help him?

Leanne: Since when does he-*whacks herself in the head* im willing to try anything at this point.

Vashyron: *adds bowtie to Gizmo* You feeling better now, Zephyr?

Zephyr: A little.....

Leanne: Its a start :D

Jamie: No offense, but how old is this kid, like 11?

Leanne: Close......17. Hes actually a lot stronger than this, but hes ill right now, so.....yeah......

Jamie: ...Cool giraffe.

Leanne: Its like the TDN equivalent to Mr.Coconut.

Zephyr: *Cuddles Gizmo*

Jamie: Do you want a twizzler? I hate them.

Zephyr: Um...Im not a fan either.

Morrigan: *Flies in* Why hello there!

Leanne: Oh god, someone keep Vashyron occupied before he realizes that shes here.

Vashyron: *reading a recipe book*

Morrigan: Hi Vashyron!

Zephyr: Who's the bat lady?

Leanne: The new co-host.....just keep playing with Gizmo, this might get weird.

Zephyr: *cuddles Gizmo*


Morrigan: Geez, since when were the men so pushy around here? I'll go see what Chris is up to! *flies into Chris's office*

Zephyr: Did you feel that too?

Leanne: Yeah, that lady kinda rubbed me the wrong way.

Vashyron: *reading recipe book* I have no idea what you guys are talking about, but I'll keep reading this book. It's Chef Cheesy's, so it's automatically good, even if there's a recipe for failed cake.

Zephyr: We should bake failed cake :D

Leanne: With the food they serve here, I would KILL for failed cake.

Jamie: Psst, guys come here.

Leanne: What do you need?

Jamie: *whispering* I have a secret stash of food over there in that bush. *points to a bush* It's got good food in there, it's not a real bush though, it's metal.

Leanne: Why the f*** do you have a meta-.........nvm, im starving. Zephyr, do you trust him.

Zephyr: I just want food.

Leanne: I'll take that as a yes. *eats*

Zephyr: *Eats*

Vashyron: *stops reading book* That's the fourth time I finished that book. The failed cake recipe owns all.

Zephyr: Ok, im full *falls asleep*

Leanne: Why is he-oh yeah, I gave him the sleeping pills. *Carries him his bed, puts Gizmo in his arms* ^-^

Vashyron: When this is over and he's finally better, Gizmo's still going to stay, right? I didn't steal a  mini top hat from Chris for nothing. >.>

Leanne: Um, sure I guess. He seems to really like that thing. 

Vashyron: Yeah. That giraffe has helped him a lot.

Leanne: ......I think Im in love with him.....

Vashyron: Well, that came out of nowhere.

Leanne: I had to tell it someone, and I dont really like anyone else here.....

Vashyron: I see. If this won't effect any of you or Zephyr's fighting abilities, cooking abilities, and you don't suddenly get married in two minutes, I approve of this. *epic thumbs up*

Leanne: YAY! And dont worry, there should be a while before any of that happens. I mean, not that I know if he has the same feelings.

Vashyron: If you want, I'll try to help and see if he has the same feelings somehow? As long as you're both happy............but I'm not promising anything happy. I just said try.

Leanne: You'd do that? YAY! *Hugs Vashyron*  

Vashyron: Just don't get your hopes too up. There's still that 50% chance...........

Leanne: Yeah, yeah. I know.

Vashyron: Tell me when he wakes up, so I could go do something about it. I'm gonna read Chef. Cheesy's book again. *grabs book and starts reading it again* Best book ever.

Leanne: Ok, I'll let you know. *Walks back into Zephyr and her room*

Zephyr: *awake* Oh, hey Leanne, whats up?

Leanne: Hi, wait, your talking normal, what happened?

Zephyr: IDK, I guess im getting better. *Cuddling Gizmo*

Leanne: Thats good to know *Signals Vashyron from the window* Um, I just dry cleaning.

Zephyr: Since when do yo-

Leanne: Since right now, BYE! *Leaves*

Vashyron: Oh, hey, Zephyr, I'm taking you out to ice cream. So put on your shoes, grab your gun, and be ready to shoot any security guards along the way so we can break out for thirty minutes.

Zephyr: OKAY! *puts on shoes and gets gun, follows*

Vashyron: *shooting multiple security guards* Okay, the exit. RUN! DO IT FOR THE ICE CREAM! *Runs and escapes camp*

Zephyr: *Follows*

Vashyron: *makes it to the ice cream place* We made it..........what do you want Zephyr? I'm buying.

Zephyr: Vanilla :D

Vashyron: Alright. One vanilla please. *Ice Cream Guy hands Vashyron a vanilla ice cream and signals wanting his money* Oh. *shoots Zephyr* I guess it's on the house. *hand Zephyr his ice cream* So anyways, Zephy- *hears ICG screaming in pain* SHUT UP ICE CREAM GUY >.> *Shoots ICG, killing him* Zephyr. I've been wondering. How do you feel about Leanne?

Zephyr: Shes cool, I kinda like her.......Why do you ask?

Vashyron: Secret reasons, Zephyr. I can't tell you unless I hear something. Anyways, define what you mean by "like".

Zephyr: Ummmmmm IDK, like like I guess.

Vashyron: I see...........well what if I told you, I can play matchmaker, and get you together with Leanne?

Zephyr: Really? YAY! *Hugs Vashyron* Uhhhhhhhh, sorry.

Vashyron: It's fine........what if I told you, Leanne told me, that she likes you, while you were sleeping and was hoping you liked her too?

Zephyr: Is this one of those hypotheticals, because if it is, it would be nice if it was real. 

Vashyron: It's real. She did say that and I will play matchmaker.

Zephyr: Oh I see-WAIT WHAT!? *Cries in joy*

Vashyron: Anyways, finish up that ice cream and let's head back so I can tell Leanne. Grab your gun, though, I think the security guards called in reinforcements.

Zephyr: Im already done. lets go. *Starts heading back*

Vashyron: *follows, headshotting some reinforcements*

Zephyr: *Breaks the necks off all cameramen* STOP B****ING AT PEOPLE ABOUT THE FOURTH WALL! >.> *Makes it back*

Vashyron: *makes it back and finds Leanne* Zephyr likes you too. I think I did a pretty good job as matchmaker.

Leanne: HOLY S***! REALLY? YES! *Hugs Vashyron*

Vashyron: No problem. But for this, I don't owe you guys anything involving the pays I forgot to give you the previous months. What? I had to throw in a catch or people would think I'm going soft.

Leanne: Worth it! ^-^

Vashyron: Anyways go hug Zephyr or whatever, I'm going to bed, it's pretty late. Well not that late, but I don't want to let Ren take the good bed today. Owain's bed is creaky..........bye. Have fun, lovebirds. THE VIEWERS HAVE BEEN WAITING FOREVER! *walks away thumbs upping*

Leanne: OK, I can do this. How bad can it be? I should apply my makeup first.

(half an hour later)

Leanne: Ok, im ready! *walks into her and Zephyr's room* 

Zephyr: *Hiding in the closet*

Leanne: *Opens the closet* Zephyr......why are you crying the closet?

Zephyr: Nervous.....

Leanne: Why? Oh yeah, right. *Hugs Zephyr*

Zephyr:......Do you still keep your promise, from before? 

Leanne: Of course. *kisses Zephyr on the lips* 

Vashyron: *walks in* Ren won the good bed again. I hate him. Anything happen?


Vashyron: You see? I'm Master Matchmaker. By the way, Zephyr, some cameraman reinforcements are looking for you.

Jamie: *reading a book* ...Meh. *flips page*

Zephyr: Dammit. hold on. *kills all the cameraman reinforcements with grenades*

Jamie: *flips page* Woah, it was the Butler's Butler. I knew it. *flips page*

Leanne: Good job! *Hands Zephyr Gizmo*

Zephyr: GIZMO! *cuddles Gizmo*

Leanne: (CONF) He really loves that thing.....would it be weird if I said I was jealous?

Cameraman: Yes.

Leanne: (CONF) WHO ASKED YOU!? >.>

Vashyron: Alright, so, Chef Cheesy's is on hiatus, so I won't be going back to Chris' office anytime soon. >.> So how are you two, Zephyr, Leanne?

Zephyr: ITS ON HIATUS!? D: *Cries*

Leanne: Calm down, Vashyron is the fan of the show, not you. Your going to be fine,

Zephyr: Oh yeah. *Hugs Leanne*


Leanne and Zephyr: *Cheers*

Vashyron: So..........who wants to sneak out for pizza?

Zephyr: PIZZA!

Leanne: Sure, why not?

Zephyr: Can Gizmo come? ;-;


Zephyr: *cuddles Gizmo* YAY!

Leanne: *Holds Zephyr's hand, follows Vashyron*

Vashyron: *running away, headshotting many cameramen and security guards*

Leanne: *Shoots remaining guards, follows Vashyron*

Zephyr: *Follows Leanne, holding Gizmo*

Vashyron: *escapes and manages to get to Pizza Hut* Alright, we're here. What pizza do you guys want? I'm paying.

Leanne: Zephyr, what do you want?

Zephyr: Cheese and Pepperoni B)

Leanne: Ok, we'll have that.

Vashyron: One Cheese and Pepperoni pizza with breadsticks and large drinks please. *Pizza Hut Guy gives them the stuff and says it'll be 19.80* Oh.........uh..........*shoots PHG and then makes PHG's head hit a rock* I hope he gets amnesia......anyways let's eat. This place is deserted, so we should be good.

Leanne: *eats*

Zephyr: *eats* 

Gizmo: *being held by Zephyr, not eating because hes a f***ing inaminate object*

Vashyron: *eats* This is good. If only Gizmo could somehow eat some and enjoy it.......

Leanne: *finishes*

Zephyr: *Finishes* 

Vashyron: *finishes* Don't forget your drinks and breadsticks. I DIDN'T POSSIBLY GET US IN LEGAL TROUBLE JUST FOR YOU TO NOT ENJOY YOUR MEAL! >.>

Leanne: Oh yeah *eats her breadstick*

Zephyr: *eats his breadstick*

Vashyron: *drinks some of his soda*

Leanne: *sees some reinforcements* God f***ing dammit! PEOPLE ARE TRYIN TO EAT! >.>

Vashyron: .............Let's just try ignoring the- *camera is thrown through the window and lands on Vashyron's breadsticks, crushing them* Those monsters. >.>

Zephyr: *Crying* I was going to steal his breadsticks >.<

Leanne: Thats it! Its one thing to crush breadsticks, but upset my man and I'll rip your f***ing eyes out.....WITH GUNS! 

Vashyron: LET'S GET THEM- Oh and Zephyr, if you wan tafter this I can order us all some more breadsticks after we pickpocket their dead bodies for their wallets?

Zephyr: Nah I'm full. LETS DO THIS! *Shoots reinforcements*

Leanne: *Shoots reinforcements*

Vashyron: *throws grenade at reinforcements* Monsters. >.>

Zephyr: *shoots reinforcements*

Leanne: *Shoots reinforcements*

Headlight Fluid Chat

Bruce: I wonder how Mr. Fox is doing?

Neneko: *dancing and singing* Really, it is, really, it is, really, really, it is!

Lydia: *cracks knuckles*

Episode 9 - Sing or Get a Spanking

Chris: HEY-O EVERYONE.........So last challenge received some mixed reception so we'll make things simple. Submit songs and Morrigan and I will judge them. Vashyron, Zephyr, Leanne, Henry, Kyle, and Neneko are out gathering fish so they won't compete. Anyways, whenever you're ready Morrigan.

Morrigan: I like teaching strange things to children :D

Chris: Okay then. Anyways, start submitting songs, you have an hour to do so. If less than 5 people submit, an additional half hour will be given. Go! Oh and we officially judge every link so: Say Bruce posts something, you guys all pause so we can judge. So yeah. GO!

Lily :[http:// Want U Back - Cher Lloyd]

Chris: *judging* I'm not the biggest fan of Cher Lloyd............needless to say I'm not a fan of this song but it isn't the worst thing ever. It's just not that good. Lily, you get a 5.5/10. Cher Lloyd just isn't that me. I respect everyone's opinions out loud but in my mind I laugh at you. Morrigan, what's your rating for this?

Morrigan: *Dancing to it* I SHALL NOW SEDUCE ALL MEN BY SINGING THIS SONG! 7/10.

Chris: 12.5/20. Next?

Nathan: Best Song Ever - 1D

Chris: *crying* Oh god.........Nathan, why do you do this to me? Just, no. No. 3/10.

Morrigan: Its not awful, but Its not good either, 4/10. Also, if I gave you the prize money would you hook me up with.....all of them? 

Chris: That's a 7/20. Next?

Brooke: My fave, fave, fave song! It has creepers just like me! Hehehehe

Morrigan: *screams* GET OUT! 2/10 >.>



Morrigan: *Tears in eyes* 9/10, just......BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Chris: Ellie Goulding is fantastic. The song isn't bad either. 8/10. 17/20, HIGHEST SCORE SO FAR BY A LANDSLIDE!

Bruce: My theme...yeah XD

Morrigan: BATS! JUST LIKE WHAT MY OUTFIT IS MADE OUT OF! 8/10. We should hang out later....

Chris: Don't listen to her. Anyways. Corny but decent. 7/10.

Bruce: Thank you...I dedicated that song to my wonderfull Alfred!


Chris: And with that Lara wins for Team Headlight Fluid! YAY! ALSO, TEAM TRON BONNE WILL HAVE A DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Whenever the 6 arrive, we'll head over to chats and elimination ceremonies.

Dreamer: WAIT!.... My fave song.

Leanne: *Comes back with the rest* We're should really get a better security system. Lionel showed up and attacked us.

Morgan: Oh, I let him in.......Was that not cool?

Chris: We caught it on camera and got better ratings so, it's cool. *high fives Morrigan* ANYWAYS, TO ELIMINATION!

Morrigan: YAY! 

The Other 6 Fish Chat

Neneko: Really, it is, really, it is, time to cath fish, it is!

Zephyr: *Holding Gizmo*

Leanne: *Fishing* Ive never done this before, this is fun! ^-^

Vashyron: *fishing* If you say so............I prefer shooting stuff by a mile.

Henry: *fishing* YAY! Nya ha ha!

Kyle: Something doesn't feel right......

Leanne: Huh? What do you mean?

Neneko: Neneko feels it too, you know. Its a mystery, really!

Leanne: I dont get it. >.<


Kyle: Why?


Kyle: No, I only have that orb I picked up when I was on that self-discovery journey..........


Kyle: That's insane.


Kyle: Ugh..........Lionel, stop.


Vashyron: How the h*** did that "Matter Sword" merge with his hand?

Henry: ALGOL- *Cameraman punches Henry in the face*, I MEAN, THAT'S COOL! Nya ha ha! *to Cameraman* After this, how would you like your death? *smiles*

Lionel: *charges at the other 5*

Vashyron: Someone untie Kyle. I'll go distract Lionel. If I don't make it back, someone promise'll leave my gun at my grave. It's like a member of my family now to me.

Zephyr: Arent we? ;-;

Leanne: Course we are, now lets hurry! *Runs to untie Kyle*

Neneko: Neneko is ready to fight, really! *Helps untie Kyle*

Vashyron: *runs past Lionel* What's the matter? Scared of me? *shooting Lionel for only little harm* Come and fight me, unless you're chicken.

Lionel: I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR SUCH GAMES! *Tries shooting dark matter beams at Vashyron*

Kyle: *almost untied* Vashyron's going to get himself killed............


Neneko: Does this mean Neneko can fight now, really?

Vashyron: *hears Leanne but doesn't reply*

Lionel: *sees Kyle is free and is about to destroy Leanne with a blast for freeing Kyle*

Vashyron: C'mon tough guy, shoot me with that. You said you'd hit me and you still haven't. *in mind* Zephyr, Leanne......stay safe.

Lionel: WHAT? FINE! *Blasts Vashyron, knocking him into a tree and knocking him out, bleeding*

Kyle: Vashyron! *grabs Magic Sword* Zephyr, Leanne, can you guys make sure Vashyron doesn't take one more blow? He's surprisingly not dead but one more blast will kill him.

Zephyr: Vashyron, whyd you have to be so cocky? *cries*

Leanne: Because....IDK. Lets just do what Kyle says.

Neneko: Neneko kicks butt, you know!

Henry: I'm ready to kill people for the heck of it!

Kyle: Alright guys, let's go. How did he merge that sword with his hand?

Lionel: NO! *Goes onto the ground and stabs Kyle* YOU WILL NOT BE ONE WITH THE SWORD!

Kyle: Ow. *Sword cyclones Lionel* I may not become one yet, but I can still deal damage.

Henry: I CAN TOO! *Tries to use Mire but realizes he's a Dark Knight* Aw.

Neneko: *Hits Lionel with her hammer* Your a meanie, you know!

Lionel: *blasts Henry and Neneko away* IT'S JUST MEANT TO BE YOU AND I WHO SPAR TO DEATH BROTHER!

Kyle: *quickly stabs Lionel with Magic Sword* Don't hurt my comrades. No matter who you are............erm, sorry-

Lionel: THE PAIN- But real Lionel talking for one minute while the evil spirit allows me, your manners in battle are fascinating. I'm afraid you'll have to be more crude in this. Anyways, when you kill me, put my grave next to father's please, okay bye.- YOU WILL DIE NOW!

Kyle: ..............What just- what?

Leanne: He must be mentally ill, like Zephyr.

Kyle: I think he's breaking out of the corruptio- *sees Lionel about to swing his sword at Kyle* Nope, the evil spirit's back. *counters Lionel*


Leanne: *screams and runs, dragging Vashyron*

Zephyr: *runs, accidentally dropping Gizmo*

*Blast hits Gizmo, destroying it*

Kyle: That won't make Zephyr happy.........*stabs Lionel in the back*


Kyle: Sure.........? Anyways, this wasn't really your A-Game, so *sword spins Lionel onto the ground then has sword merge with him* Woah. Well, brother............there's no other way. I still see the bonds you always saw in us........forgive me. *stabs Lionel in the heart, killing him, dropping the dark orb and a note*

Henry: Woah, I'm dizzy......nya ha ha!

Kyle: *reads note* Only the purest of hearts may make this orb disappear. Kyle, with your ability to possess the light can destroy it. Farewell, brother, may you live a wonderful life. Shame I won't be buried next to father, but I can die with it..... *grabs light sword* Here it goes...........*destroys dark orb, making Lionel's body disappear* .........Brother...........

Neneko: That was kinda sad, really.

Zephyr: Why do I feel like I for-*sees Gizmo's ashes* GIZMO! NOOOOOOOOO!!!! *Breaks down*

Leanne: *Hugs Zephyr, trying to calm him down*

Vashyron: *barely opens an eye and sees Zephyr and Leanne, quietly* They're safe........but I couldn't save.........Gizmo.........ugh. *faints again*

Henry: Aw.

Neneko: Really, it is, really, it is, this is really sad, it is.........really!

Kyle: .......Let's head back. Chris might be worrying about us- wait, no. Our teams might be worrying about us. That's better........

Zephyr: *Still crying*

Leanne: Zephyr, Im sorry......We need to get back though, ok?

Zephyr: *Solemnly follows Leanne back*

Neneko: Really, it is, really, it is, time to get back, it is! *Heads back*

Henry: Nya ha ha! *heads back on horse*

Kyle: *drags Vashyron and heads back*

Elimination Ceremony - Tron Bonnes

Chris: One hour to vote, double elimination, go. Vote TWO people. :D


Headlight Fluid Chat - Batsu

Neneko: Neneko is becoming very bored, you know. Neneko will sneak off and find other fun things to do, really! *Vanishes*

Chris: Dang it, where will I get ANOTHER GOD DARN REPLACEMENT *Rage*

Morrigan: I'd recommend My father, Demitri, but.....hes a weirdo. I know, I'll just summon someone random from the past! 

Cliff: *Instantly appears*........W-what.....?

Chris: .............Oh ****. DEMITRI, WHERE ARE YOU?

Morrigan: Give the sweet g** boy a chance, that attraction with Bill got a lot of ratings!

Chris: And where is Bill exactly?

Sparro: *randomly readjusting mask*

Chris: Hmm...........fine. CLIFF, YOU'RE IN NOW.

Cliff: O-oh.......ok..........*Sees Sparro and gasps*.......N-no......I-is that.......him......?

Sparro: *uses hero sword to teleport away to fix mask which was damaged by the last battle he was in*

Cliff: B-Bill......y-yay........w-wait......why do you......have a sword.....and a mask.......?

Sparro: *Sees Cliff* Huh? Who are you and why did you follow me? *covers face* I must cover my identity.

Cliff: W-wait........oh no........d-dont tell lost your......m-memory again.....?

Sparro: Seriously.........who are you? And why are you asking me this?

Cliff: B-because.....I know you.....we friends.....but went......M-MIA........

Sparro: That sounds unlikely. Sorry civilian, but I won't believe you when it comes to my past.

Cliff: *teary eyed* N-no please.......a-ask anything......I can answer it........

Sparro: How did I get this scar on my arm? *rolls up sleeve*

Cliff: O-oh.....That was from....The Battle of Woodacre.......You were stabbed......In the arm.......And then in the gut...........and was defeated......................

Sparro: The Battle of Woodacre?

Cliff: ......Y-yeah...............*shows Sparro a picture of Woodacre* You were.....thought to be dead.........So they made......a your memory........ *Shows Sparro a picture of the statue of Bill*

Sparro: Why does the statue look like me? And why does that explain everything?

Cliff: .....T-the statue looks like you......because it is you........You were loved.....throuought your country.........which is why......they made a statue...............

Sparro: ............

Cliff: .......D-do you.....believe me now......? 

Sparro: There's still one question.......why would I travel with a civilian if I'm cursed with this hero's sword? If he could handle himself against me that'd be fine but that wouldn't seem likely.

Cliff: *Teary eyed* Ok....that wounded me.......I am now wounded...........*Grabs his axe*

Sparro: Alright. *about to go attack Cliff but trips* Do you have some sort of tripping power or is this cape too long?

Cliff: ............Probably......b-both................*Hits Sparro with his axe*

Sparro: *teleports behind Cliff and trips him* For some reason, I don't want to fight you............

Cliff: I..............*Gets up and swings his axe at Sparro*

Sparro: *teleports behind Cliff* I'll stop fighting if you do? I take back what I said. If I was apparently your best friend it takes guts to whack at me just so I believe you.

Cliff: *Teary eyed, hugs  Sparro*

Sparro: You'

Cliff: O-oh......s-sorry.....*Lets go, blushes* you remember......anything.....?

Sparro: No. I remember an apparent fake past stored to me by a man with a red orb?

Cliff: (CONF) H-huh.............I didnt have....a red orb..........He must mean....someone else....... (END-CONF)  U-um.....I know nothing......about that......M-must have been........after.......your memory....was lost.....

Sparro: *thinking* I remember.........being put in a TV show and having some guy who needs to build more character giving me.........another fake past. I only remember the two fake pasts.

Cliff: *cries* T-thats something.......I dont remember...................

Sparro: Oh. Sorry if I went too far with that. But yes, that's all I can recall.

Cliff: N-no......I can tell you......that was lost your memory....before......and I was I lied.....that we were best friends.........Eventually......I told you the truth.....Thinking......That you would leave me.....But you didnt.......*Blushes for a second*.......After that.....we  were best friends............

Sparro: Oh.

Cliff: you need...anything else....answerered....?

Sparro: Do I perhaps know anyone here?

Cliff: U-um......theres a dark mage........who you were acquainted.......w-with........*Points*

Henry: Hi Bill! *disappears*

Sparro: Anyone else?

Cliff: ................There's Lily......she made us....kiss....this one time.......

Sparro: Sounds like a strange person............that's it?

Cliff: ........I-I think so.......(CONF).....That kiss.....was epic....... >.>

Sparro: I see, well thanks..............I don't know your name, so I'll come up with a nickname for you. How about Shy Guy- yeah? Okay, Shy Guy. Thanks.

Cliff: U-um......Its Cliff......

Sparro: That sounds cool, Shy Guy.

Cliff:...........Y-yeah.......? (CONF) I guess.........I'll just....get his new.....personality.......

Sparro: Anyways, Shy Guy, thanks for telling me all of this. I was wondering why something felt missing, I now know what that was.............a companion.

Cliff: *Blushes* O-oh.......G-glad I

Sparro: *handshakes with Henry* Thanks Henry, for being a true companion and pal.

Cliff: *Heartbroken* ..............O_O.................

Henry: Wait what's going on?

Sparro: Oh and you too Shy Guy. Together we can form a band of Hero Knights and fight for justice! The two pals and Shy Guy!

Cliff: *Clenched teeth* Y-yeah.......That would be.........g-great. (CONF) *Crying*

Sparro: Maybe we should change the title to the Three Musketeers- we have time to think, right?

Cliff:......W-whatever you want.......(CONF) Henry......Must.....Die.....

Henry: What's going on.........I'M CONFUSED! I only like it when the enemy's confused because their blood's spilling..........

Sparro: Exactly, my friends. 


Henry: Can we slap him and see if that'll do anything?


Henry: Want to do the honors?

Cliff:......If he ends up......hating me.........Its your fault.........*Slaps Sparro*..............D-did

Sparro: Ow.............hey Cliff. Hey Henry.

Cliff: *Gasps* Y-you......remember me.....? *Teary eyed, hugs Sparro, but a lot lighter this time*

Sparro: Yeah, of course I do. You made me promise to vote out Rin last episode, remember? How could I not remember that without you?

Cliff: Y-yeah........wait..........w-what....? That happened..........months ago...............

Sparro: was a day or week ago. I don't really remember.

Cliff: ..............H-hang on........ *B**** slaps Sparro*.............

Sparro: Ow. Why are you slapping me? I have feelings too you know........

Cliff: O-oh......Im sorry...... *Teary eyed* (CONF) .........I think.....I lost him......

Sparro: It's you still want Rin out?

Cliff: .......Y-yeah........

Henry: I'm gonna go find a spell that will get Bill back his memory...........I need a teardrop from a human- hey Cliff can you cry please? It's either that or I have to sacrifice you. :D

Cliff: Um....S-sure...... *Kicks himself in the head and cries*

Henry: *grabs teardrop* Now I need the blood of a huma- Hey Cliff, can you whack yourself with your axe please? I can't do it because the caster or the castee can't and you're the only one near here. Nya ha ha!

Cliff: ...........O-okay.....*Whacks himself with his axe, gets a huge flesh wound*

Henry: *collects blood* Okay. *reading spell book* Hey Cliff...........I need you to cut half your hair for this.

Cliff: ................*Shaves half his hair* At least......Im full of.....Playdo........*Hair regrows*

Henry: *reading spell book* Hey Cliff............I need your right thumb.

Cliff: .........A-aw.......*Cuts off his thumb*

Henry: Hey Cliff I need your- *sees spell book* O_O I'll use the subsitute...............I need someone to shout GUUUUUUUUTS like Batsu while I chant the spell.

Cliff: .......M-my speech pattern.......might make it.........difficult............B-but I'll try.............*Takes a deep breath* GUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTS

Henry: *chanting spell* This was fake, all you had to do was say fake in the sentence, haha I fooled yo- NO ONE FOOLS ME AND GETS AWAY ALIVE! I ALWAYS LITERALLY GET THE LAST LAUGH >.> *Sparro regains his memory* Sorry about all of this Cliff.

Cliff:....*Teary eyed*

Henry: .................Who needs a thumb anyways? You'll live. Even if you're bleeding massively from that axe whack.


Henry: You're a war cleric though, can't you heal yourself?

Cliff:......O-others........N-not myself........

Henry: Oh well.

Sparro: Hey Henry, hey Cliff, thanks for getting me back my memory. I'm stuck with the Hero Sword though.

Cliff: .....I-it worked.....?.........Y-yay! *Hugs Sparro, LIGHTLY* 

Sparro: Yea- what happened to your thumb?

Cliff:.....I-I had to......cut it off.....for the spell.........

Sparro: ..............Oh. Um. Sorry you had to do that. By the way, we should probably get you to a hospital after that............axe whack?


Henry: Yeah.


Henry: We probably should, huh?

Cliff: .....P-please.........?

Henry: Maybe. Just kidding, nya ha ha! If only I had a phone...........

Cliff: .......A-awwwwww......

Morrigan: Its alright, my magic can heal the poor boy! *Instantly heals Cliff*


Sparro: Does that include his missing thumb or no?

Morrigan: Yes, it regrew like a starfish!


Tron Bonnes Chat

Vashyron: *in a coma, near death*

Zephyr: *Crying*

Leanne: *Comforting him* Its alright...

Zephyr: No it isn't. I just lost my girrafe and the man who took me in is near death  >.<

Leanne: Im starting to question why people even say these things when everything is not alright.....society >.>

Zephyr: *Cries*

Kyle: *comes in* Hey, you guys doing alright?

Leanne: Oh, hi......that guy. Im just calming down Zephyr.......He's been through a lot these past few days.

Kyle: I see. Well, is Vashyron getting any better?

Leanne: Sadly, no. He's in a coma and is unlikely to recover.

Zephyr: *shivers*

Kyle: I know what I must do......*walks up to Vashyron* This will make me vanish and disappear into another part of the world with no memory of my past. I guess I'll find life easier that way............farewell everyone. *grabs sword and raises it up to the sky repeating the world "Revive" and slowly disappears until he's gone*

Vashyron: *opens an eye* ............Ugh................


Zephyr: I believe his name was.......Clark........ *Hugs Vashyron*

Vashyron: You're both hugging too ribs. I'm still in pain you know..........


Sparro: I'll replace him................I'll keep a closer eye on you.

Chris: I'm desperate, go on ahead and go to the other team's chat. Whatever.

Leanne: Oh, sorry Vash, we're just excited.


Leanne: Maybe I could buy you a new plush giraffe?

Zephyr: It wont be the same! *Cries*

Leanne: I tried. *Hugs Zephyr*

Vashyron: ........When I get can throw him a funeral........I want to attend too.

Leanne: I think your growing soft, Vashyron.

Zephyr: *Cuddles an imaginary Gizmo*

Vashyron: I'm gonna.............take away your pay this month now...........Leanne. He was like a member of our group.........heartless. >.>

Leanne: :O

Zephyr: *Still cuddling an imiginary Gizmo*

Vashyron: ...........Zephyr, let go...............Gizmo would have wanted you to move on. Someone bring in a healer please............because I would never say something that cheesy.............

Leanne: I'll go hire Morrigan for Vashyron, as I heard she can heal people. Zephyr, you need to see a psychiatrist. *Leaves to find Morrigan*

Morrigan: *Swoops in* Hi there! a little bird told me that one of your teammates is in bad shape.

Bird: *flies in* Did you tell me I told you? >.>

Morrigan: Yes.

Bird: Im the one who told her >.> *leaves*

Morrigan: Anyways, I'll cast a spell and perk your hunter friend right up! *Heals Vashyron*

Vashyron: I can talk without pauses now. Thanks bunker buster lady- I'll do something about that later. Right now Zephyr's scaring me....

Zephyr: *putting giraffe food into a food bowl* Here you Gizmo.....its dont have to eat it now, your just sleeping......You'll it it later.........*Cries*

Morrigan: Oh boy, it seems the poor boy's out of it. I can probably help!

Leanne: *Comes back* So, howd that go? *sees Morrigan* Dont you DARE try to seduce him >.>

Morrigan: Oh dont worry, I wont be too rough!

Leanne: I'd like it more if you werent rough at all........

Vashyron: *comforting Zephyr* He's in a better please let him move on. If you died, Gizmo would let you go on- not because he's a plush thing, but because you're his friend. Yeah. Sure.

Gizmo: *randomly appears* Thats right!


Gizmo: No, im still dead. Youve gone insane to the point that your hallucinating. Anyways, you have to let me go n stuff......and maybe spend more time with Leanne n stuff, you share a bed with her, you know.

Zephyr: Ok, thanks!

Gizmo: Oh and you should probably get yourself checked.....hallucinating about destroyed inaminate objects isnt normal.

Leanne:.....Morrigan what did you do?

Morrigan: I swear to god, I have no clue what hes doing.

Vashyron: He's scaring me.........and I'm not easily scared.

Ken: *to Vashyron* You should at least be able to shoot a sonic boom from your hands-

Vashyron: Stop following me, I told you no normal soldier does that. This isn't even the time for you lecturing me about that.

Morrigan: Okay, um.....I can probably cure his mind to his more a**hole self with a spell *cures Zephyr*

Leanne: Zephyr, how do you feel?

Zephyr: HATRED!

Leanne: YAYZ! *Makes out with Zephyr*

Vashyron: Finally, everything's normal again and I can-

Ken: Shoot a sonic boom from your hands?

Vashyron: NO. >.>

Zephyr: LETS GET HIM! *Shoots Ken*

Ken: *chased off*

Chris: Morrigan, I'm going on vacation and since you're my co-host..............I hired a temporary host because I don't trust you enough to come back and expect the males of this camp back.

Morrigan: I dont blame you! *giggles*

Peewee from Animal Crossing: YO LIL'DUDES! How many bells am I getting paid again?

Chris: What? All I had to pay him was bells in a bag. He's a sucker.

Morrigan: Dont expcect him back when you get back!

Leanne: He's a gorilla? Have you no boundries? O_o

Peewee: .......*steals bells and leaves*

Chris: Aw. MORRIGAN STOP SCARING CO-HOSTS OFF >.>, Okay I gotta call another one.

Morrigan: Do you really not trust me? Whats the worst that could happen?

Chris: All the males but Sparro and Cliff disappearing.

Morrigan: .........Yeah, good point. What are the other options?

Chris: We could get........let me think...........nah, he was our cheapest, best option. Why, Morrigan, why? >.>

Morrigan: Its too hard to resist....and its my line of work.

Chris: I GOT IT!

*One hour later*

Duke: Chris, you wanted to see me?

Chris: Duke, I need you to take over this show for a while with Morriga- *signals Morrigan to shut up until Duke officially says yes* Morrigan. She's an unique person. Yeah..........Morgan Freeman's out, starring in a movie and the other hire, Peewee, was scared off by...........a squirrel. Yeah.

Duke: Um, sure?

Chris: OKAY BYE, NO TAKE BACKS! *Leaves*

Duke: ...........

Morrigan: HAI DUKE! <3

Duke: Oh, I see now..........dang it Chris. I really should look more into things before I accept.

Morrigan: You get to enjoy as me you get to know me!

Duke: We'll have a while to test that theory out........because Chris had a one-way ticket..........

Morrigan: Dont worry, you could have gotten Saya as a co-host.

Duke: I guess.

Leanne: Oh, its that guy. He's like the main protagonist along with that one guy......or girl......I dont know.

Vashyron: Yeah.

Final Team Swap

Duke: Alright, so Morrigan and I decided to change the teams up for effectiveness, I'll post the first team, Morrigan will post the second. The first team, called the X Zoners are: Sparro, Cliff, Zephyr, Nathan, Lara, Dreamer, and Lydia.

Morrigan: The second team, called the Iron Fist are: Vashyron, Henry, Leanne, Bruce, Brooke,  Lily, and Jamie.

Duke: And in Chris' last request on the show and I'm very sorry about this, but, you will not be able to speak in other team chats. If you're an X Zoner, you're stuck there, if you're an Iron Fist, you're stuck there. Sorry.

Hosts Chat (Because why not?)

Morrigan: I think we made good teams. I think. Yeah.

Duke: I hope so. So how was Chris before he left?

Morrigan: Smexy, but sassy.

Duke: I see.......yeah, I don't know how I'm going to respond to that so, I'm going to go do something's been nice talking to you, I guess.

Morrigan: Really? :D 

Duke: Sure.

Morrigan: WOOT WOOT!

Duke: ..........What?

Morrigan: So far you are the only one whos appreciated my prescense. Everyone else here thinks im a weirdo. Thats crazy, right? 

Duke: Yeah, I guess? I've only known you for a day, so I'm not right to judge.

Morrigan: And Ive only been here for 3, so we're both new, YAY!

Duke: Yeah. Even though I thought this was originally temporary..........I hope we don't turn evil like Chris. *shivers*

Morrigan: Aw, hes really sweet when you get to know him.....ok no he's not. but....yeah....

Duke: .......Exactly. I do know him and he's still a jerk. He calls me just for favors and forgets my name half the time.

Morrigan: Yes. I KNOW! We should kill him >:)

Duke: No, I'd feel guilty, even though I dislike him.

Morrigan: Aw dang. *grabs cell phone* Leo, the plan is off! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU ALREADY PLANTED THE BOMB!? >.> *Hangs up phone and throws it away*

Duke: ................Oh well. So how long do you expect until he dies from the planted bomb?

Morrigan: Um.......Judging by the cops chasing Leo over there, Id say he just died.

Leo: *Running past* RUN! RUN FR YOUR LIVES!

Duke: I see. I'm not visiting his funeral.

Leo: *Gets arrested* Damn it! There goes my exhibition match with La Cazadora.....*Driven away in a police car*

Duke: ...........So how's life, Morrigan?

Morrigan: Fascinating.

Duke: That's good, that's should we bail out Leo?

Morrigan: Let me see how much it i- 277 million my a**! O_O

Duke: ..........We'll visit her in jail later and pretend we forgot or something. Sound good?

Morrigan: Yesh.

Duke: Alright, be prepared if she rages at us later. Have some headphones for it. *hands headphones for later*

Morrigan: Alright.

Duke: I'll get some shields for when she breaks the glass with her fists out of rage. *walks away to go get shields*

Chops the Stupid Smug Pig from Animal Crossing: *walks in* Hello there.

Morrigan: Hello trespasser! I'm Morrigan! Whats your name?

Chops: Chops. I have a gun. Because my hair is terrible I'm going to take up my rage on everyone else.

Duke: *comes back in* Oh hey, I remember you. Chops. The guy who got a bad haircut one week ago...........look, we can't all be as fabulous as Beardo.

Chops: *cries* I WILL SHOW YOU *Shoots Duke in the leg and Morrigan in the arm and runs off* TROLOLOLOL- *Trips and gets back up* >.> *Runs*

Morrigan: Ok then. So, how about we play Checkers? ^-^

Duke: Hold on, I just got shot in the leg..........we could play later?

Morrigan: You're no fun.......

Duke: Alright fine, we'll play, but if I bleed to death don't be surprised.

Morrigan: Trust me, I wont. I CALL DIBS ON RED!

Duke: Black, then, I guess. Your move.

Sparro: Duke, Morrigan, Cliff just got beat up by Chops. Beat up meaning his hand was cut off, almost forced to stab his...........yes............. , he got shot in the gut, and had his own hand punch his face. Could you heal his gun shot wound, Morrigan? Duke, could you give me a robotic hand part?

Duke: Sure, bad memories with this thing. Stupid scammer. I paid one extra dollar than I should have....*hands robot hand*

Morrigan: .......I was GOING to stop him, but then DUKE forced me to play Checkers with him! >.>

Duke: .....................No comment. It'd be useless against you.

Sparro: It's fine, he's dead, just help me heal the wound?

Morrigan: No problem hot stuff! BTW, you are aware that Cliff lo-


Morrigan: *Kills Cameraman* Lets just go. *Flies to X Zoners Chat*

X Zoners Chat

Zephyr: *Breathing heavily* Im alone again? *Slowly becomes ill again*

Sparro: *teleporting around, trying to time his teleporting*

Cliff:......W-what......are you.....d-doing.....?

Sparro: Training. I may now know my past, but I'm stuck guardian of the Hero Sword.........

Cliff: O-oh.........o-okay..........

Sparro: Say Cliff, mind if you don't call me Bill again?

Cliff: .........I-I.......dont mind.......B-but.......why........?

Sparro: The Hero Sword is what keeps balance between good and evil in the world and Sparro has been the name to every guardian who has wield the sword. I'm Sparro IV. If my name were to be known as Bill the sword would no longer be able to be wielded by me and would disappear causing evil to rise and heroes to fall to shame as well as me disappearing.

Cliff: O-oh............yay..........

Sparro: So how are the others at Woodwyn?

Cliff: .......U-um........They're........f-fine........yeah.........

Sparro: That's good.

Cliff: *Randomly hugs Sparro*

Sparro: What's the hug for?

Cliff:.........I-I.......Just havent.....s-seen a........while......

Sparro: How long has it been?

Cliff:.......A-at least........a year..........

Sparro: Oh, it has been long.....


Sparro: Are you still a trusted war cleric?

Cliff:........Y-yes........I axe and staff......a-along........

Sparro: That's great, would you like to train with me?

Cliff: ......S-sure.........

Sparro: Alright, try to keep at your own pace. Let's start with a trick practice. For example, my trick is teleporting. *teleports all around Cliff and then back to his original position* Any tricks you have up your sleeve?

Cliff: .......I-I..........fake cry........then w-whack...........

Sparro: That's cool.

Cliff:*blushes* .........y-yeah........? 

Sparro: Yeah. Anyways, now let's try sparring with our shadows for training?

Cliff: ........U-um......okay.......s-sure.........

Sparro: Okay so just pretend to attack your shadow as if it were an enemy. I have no idea where this idea came from it was just from a book.

Cliff: .......O-okay.........*Attacks shadow*

Sparro: Now good, keep attacking at full power, it'll increase stamina.

Cliff: *Gets a little out of hand at accidentally whacks Sparro*

Sparro: Agh! My arm! *clutches arm* You're good..............but it still hurts.

Cliff: *Cries* O-oh......I'm sorry..........A-are you.....gonna be......o-okay....?

Sparro: I'll be fin- *faints from blood loss*

Cliff: *Cries*.........D-dammit.........*Uses his staff in an attempt to heal Sparro*

Sparro: *healed*

Cliff: *Hugs Sparro*......T-thank......god.........

Sparro: I'm fine. Thanks for the heal.

Cliff: *Still hugging Sparro* walk.....?

Sparro: Yeah. You did heal me after all.

Cliff: *still hugging Sparro........* O-oh.......good.........

Sparro: Yeah.

Cliff:........y-yay.......*falls asleep, still hugging Sparro*

Sparro: So..........I'll be stuck here a while..............yup...........a while.

Zephyr: Leanne.gone.losing.mind.Gizmo.hallucination.pointless.............................*Cries*

Cliff: *whimpering in sleep, cuz he does that....yeah*

Sparro: ..........This will feel like a long time.

Cliff: *wakes up*...........O_O..........H-how long........have I......b-been out.......?

Sparro: 30 minutes.

Cliff: O-oh.........s-sorry..............

Sparro: It's fine.

Cliff: *Falls asleep again, not on Sparro this time*

Chops: *shoots Cliff in the gut while he's sleeping* TROLOLOLOL!

Cliff: *is somehow still asleep, whimpers*

Chops: ...........*pours cold water on Cliff and then uses knife to cut off Cliff's hand* TROLOLOL!

Cliff: *Freezing, wakes up*.......H-huh.......?

Chops: I SHOT YOU IN THE GUT AND CUT OFF YOUR HAND! :D *Uses Cliff's cut-off hand to punch Cliff in the face repeatedly*

Cliff: *Cries, in pain*

Chops: *makes Cliff's cut-off, bloody hand go inside Cliff's mouth* FEEL THE BLOOD, FEEL THE BURN, TROLOLOL!

Sparro: I only teleported away for five minutes..........and this happens? Don't worry Cliff, I'll save you!

Cliff: .............*Cant speak cuz his own hand is lodged in his throat*

Chops: YOU CAN'T BEAT THE CHOPSMEISTER! *Uses Cliff's hand to punch Cliff in the.........yeah.......repeatedly*

Sparro: Alright, you've gone way too far. *teleports behind Chops and stabs him* So how's up for some Pork Chops after I kill him?

Cliff: *all bloody and in pain, crying*.............S-sure...........

Chops: *uses Cliff's hand and gives it a knife and begins to lower the hand, resisting from screaming from the stab*

Sparro: Woah.........YOU BETTER NOT >.>, I FIGHT FOR MY FRIENDS! *Ike theme plays for a minute while Chops is slowly lowering Cliff's hand* Oh, um, right. *teleports in multiple directions making Chops dizzy* Okay, time for the finisher, *kicks Chops in the face and then stabs him in the chest, making the hand and knife accidentally fall hard onto Cliff's.........yeah but on their side, not stabbing it*

Cliff: *still crying*

Sparro: Are you alright, Cliff? I can get you a robot hand like Luke Skywalker somehow and some Pork Chops?

Cliff: *Nods slowly, hugs Sparro, still crying*

Sparro: It's alright, everything will be okay. Look at the bright'll be able to recover.

Cliff:.......W-war clerics.......cant heal......t-themselves.........

Sparro: I didn't mean it like that. We can call Morrigan to heal your wound, Duke to give you a robot hand, and mouthwash to get the taste of your own hand and blood out of your mouth?

Cliff:........O-okay..........t-thanks......*blushes for a second*

Sparro: I'll go get Morrigan and Duke and the mouthwash. I'll be right back. *teleports to Host's Chat*

Cliff: *Kinda scared of being alone after that ordeal*

Velma the Stupid Goat from Animal Crossing: *hiding behind a tree* I'll be waiting to kill you, little man-boy. *echo*

Cliff: *shivers*

Sparro: *teleports back* Came as fast as I could. *Hands robot hand to Cliff* Hold this while Morrigan heals you, really quick.........for good luck. Yeah.

Cliff: *Holds the robot hand and cuddles it for............good luck*

Morrigan: Ok! *uses magic*

Cliff: *sets on fire*

Morrigan: Oopsie! *tries another spell*

Cliff: *is healed, mostly*

Morrigan: Good enough!

Sparro: Okay, now, hold out your arm so I can put this robot hand in. *takes robot hand away from Cliff gently*

Cliff: *Holds out arm*

Sparro: This might hurt so..............*hands pillow* squish this while I do this. *forcefully forces in robot hand into Cliff's arm*

Cliff: *in pain, squishes pillow*

Sparro: *successfully places the robot hand in* There, all done!

Cliff: *Hugs Sparro*

Morrigan: (In head) KISS! KISS! KISS! (not in head) Ok glad your all better..........BAI! *Flies back to Host chat*

Sparro: Um, bye? Okay then.

Cliff: *Still hugging Sparro*

Sparro: Tell me when you're done so I can make the Pork Chops......

Cliff: *lets go*...........

Sparro: Alright. *Makes Pork Chops*

Cliff: *patiently waits*

Sparro: *finishes Pork Chops and puts them on a plate* Here ya go Cliff. *hands plate to Cliff*

Cliff:.......T-thanks..........*starts eating pork chops*

Sparro: Are they good?

Cliff: *smiles* ..........Y-yeah.........

Sparro: That's great. Glad you liked them.

Cliff: *blushes for a moment* S-so............hows your day...............? :D

Sparro: Good, you?

Cliff:............Aside from.........almost being a crazed pig............Its been.....nice.........

Lily: O.O............ummm...........................Why Cliff is here ? i lost something ?!

Zephyr: *Banging his head against a wall* He's here because Neneko quit.

Sparro: You missed a bit of stuff. But, um, yeah.

Cliff: *Falls asleep*

Zephyr: Im bored of hurting myself >.> IM GONNA GO SNOOP IN PEOPLE'S ROOMS! *Goes in Cliff's room* Oh, there's his book where he drew pictures of stuff! *looks inside* Hmmmm, lots of pictures of Sparro in here. Oh cool, some photographs! Why are they all pics of Sparro nude while he's asl-*closes book* Talk about being obsessed O_O *Slowly backs away from Cliff's room*

Iron Fist Chat

Vashyron: Dang it Zephyr isn't here.

Leanne: This is terrible, we are his only supports. Hes gonna go insane! WHY CRUEL WORLD!?

Vashyron: Yeah...........if only one of us could have been with him.

Leanne: *Cries* Whats he gonna do without us? Hes gonna kill them all......or at least Sparro for that one time...BUT STILL!

Vashyron: He could go ill instead and cuddle with imaginary Gizmo again- okay there are no good

Leanne: I would go see him, but all those reinforcements make it impossible....

Vashyron: Yeah, and......Ken's there too. He creeps me out.

Leanne: Same.

Vashyron: On the bright side, we might catch a glimpse of him in the challenge?

Leanne: Yeah.....but during the challenge, we'd be enemies. 

Vashyron: I doubt he'd shoot us though........right?

Leanne: I wouldnt shoot him, I dont think hed want to.

Vashyron: Okay good. I won't shoot either- I'll shoot everyone else on that team trigger happily, but not him.

Leanne: YAY!

Vashyron: Yep.

Bruce: *eats a cake*

Leanne: You have cake? :O

Bruce: This isn't just any cake...its a Bat-Cake! *continues to eat*

Vashyron: ............

Leanne: Is it really made fr- Yeah I no longer want to know.

Bruce: *finishes cake* You are right! It was made with love and compassion...from my dear friend and butler...Alfred!

Leanne: Thats not what I meant, but whatever.

Bruce: *eats a hotdog like this*

Leanne: O_o

Episode 10 - Vengeance with a Side of Pork Chops

Velma: *while everyone is sleeping, kidnaps Duke and Morrigan and ties them up tightly and runs away, leaving a note by Sparro's bed*

"Dear Bil- Sparro,


Also, we don't have fries.


Velma: *does the same to Vashyron, Cliff, and Leanne*

Sparro: Velma? Hmm...........*teleports over to the beach*

Vashyron: Why did I get this letter? >.> Whatever, a showdown sounds good right now.

X Zoners Challenge


Cliff: *Looks for Velma* .........W-wait......where's everyone......e-else.....?

Sparro: I'm guessing they didn't get the note. I hope they show up soon. *looks for Velma*

Cliff: *Looks for Velma*....................

Sparro: *teleports around looking for Velma*

Cliff: *Looking for Velma* (CONF) First.........that pig......trying to torture me........then.....some goat.....kidnapping the hosts..........what's happening....?


Joey: *shows up with a lance*

Biskit: *shows up with a sword*

Jeremiah: *shows up with an axe*

Lucha: *shows up with his fists*

Axel: *shows up with his smile*

*Everyone else shows up*

Duke: Oh good, they got the text I managed to send. Maybe we do have some hope......

(3 HP for Joey, Biskit, Jeremiah, Lucha, and Axel

6 HP for Velma

3 HP for you all)

(After defeating everyone, you can go run to the hosts which are 2 lines and untie each of them with 1 line each. Good luck.

Cliff or Sparro must land the finishing hit on Velma if this team finishes first.)

Cliff: *Immediately recognizes Velma's voice*...........U-ugh...........*Swings axe at Joey*

Zephyr: *shoots Joey*

Sparro: *stabs Joey*


Axel: *kicks Cliff in the chin*

Cliff:........O-ow.......*Swings axe at Axel*

Zephyr: *Shoots Axel*

Axel: *sweep kicks Zephyr*

Sparro: What's up with that smile? Excited for your death? *impales Axel on his Hero's Sword then throws him off a cliff*

Axel: WHY- *Dies*

Jeremiah: *stabs Lara*

Lucha: *punches Cliff*

Zephyr: I better get paid for this! *Shoots Lucha*

Cliff: *limping, hits Lucha with axe*

Lucha: *uppercuts Cliff and whacks him with his own axe KOing him*

Sparro: Cliff! Dang it.....*teleports behind Lucha and kicks him onto the ground*


Zephyr: *shoots Jeremiah*

Jeremiah: *stabs Lara*

Zephyr: *shoots Jeremiah*

Jeremiah: *stabs Sparro*

Sparro: *sweeps kicks Jeremiah, killing him*

Jeremiah: NUUUUUUU- *dies*

Zephyr: *shoots Biskit*

Sparro: *teleports to Biskit and stabs him*

Biskit: *slaps Lara, KOing her*

Zephyr: What a pain....*Rips Biskit's throat out*

Biskit: Y U DO DIS- *Dies*

Velma: *whacks at Zephyr with Cliff's axe*

Zephyr: Geez, dont you have your own weapon? *Shoots Velma*

Sparro: *teleports and kicks Velma from behind*

Velma: Yeah, but this one's sharper. :D *Whacks Lydia*

Zephyr: *Shoots Velma*

Sparro: *kicks Velma*

Velma: *whacks Zephyr into a tree with a baseball bat, KOing him*

Sparro: *stabs Velma*

Velma: *Whacks Nathan with baseball bat*

Sparro: *teleports behind Velma and kicks her up to the sky, and continiously teleports around her, while stabbing her, and finishes off, by stabbing her in the chest and kicks her to the ground, killing her*


Sparro: *revives Cliff* Alright then..........

Cliff: *revived n junk*.........w-what......happened.....?

Sparro: Lucha KOed you and I just revived you. Anyways let's go look for Morrigan. *teleports, looking for Morrigan*

Iron Fists Chat


Leanne: *Looks for Velma* Stupid hosts, getting kidnapped. You'd think the bat girl would at least have some fight in her......

Vashyron: The element of surprise, Leanne. It always works. ALWAYS. >.> *looks for Velma*

Leanne: Whatever you say. *looks for Velma*

Vashyron: *looks for Velma* I just want to go back to sleep, stupid host kidnappings at 3 A.M. >.>

Leanne: I'm just hoping we find Zephyr, im sure he's looking for Velma too, right? Of course he his.....yeah.......>.< *looks for Velma*


Joey: *shows up*

Jeremiah: *shows up*

Lucha: *shows up*

Axel: *shows up*

Biskit: *shows up*

*everyone else from Iron Fists show up*

Duke: Oh, they also got my text too. Well, I think we have a shot of being rescued before she eats us.


(6 HP - Velma

3 HP - Everyone else including you guys

It will take 2 lines after all are defeated to reach the hosts and 1 line to untie Duke and then Morrigan or vice versa)

Leanne: oh ok......This sucks.....*shoots Joey*

Vashyron: Eh............*shoots Joey*

Lucha: *punches Vashyron in the face*

Leanne: *Kills Joey*


Jeremiah: *stabs Leanne*

Biskit: *throws pie at Bruce*

Henry: *uses tome on Biskit*

Vashyron: *shoots Biskit*

Leanne: *throws grenade at Biskit*

Biskit: MY PIZZA.........YOU MONSTERS- *Dies*

Jeremiah: *slaps Vashyron*

Lucha: *spin punches Leanne*

Bruce: *slaps Jeremiah*

Leanne: *Shoots Jeremiah*

Jeremiah: *stabs Vashyron KOing him*

Leanne: VASH! DAMMIT! *shoots Jeremiah*

Henry: YAY! Nya ha ha!


Velma: *whacks axe at Bruce*

Leanne: *shoots Axel*

Henry: *throws sword at Axel*

Axel: *trips Bruce KOing him*

Leanne: *Shoots Axel, killing him*

Axel: *smiles and dies*

Velma: *whacks Henry*

Leanne: *shoots Lucha*

Lucha: *sweep kicks Henry*

Henry: *uses tome on Lucha*

Leanne: *throws grenade at Lucha*

Lucha: Nice weapon grip- *dies*

Henry: *stabs Velma*

Velma: *uses Cliff's axe and whacks Lily*

Leanne: *Throws grenade at Velma*

Henry: *uses side of sword to whack Velma*

Velma: *whacks Henry KOing him*

Leanne: *shoots Velma*

Velma: *whacks Lily*

Leanne: *shoots Velma*

Velma: *whacks Lily, KOing her*

Leanne: *Shoots Velma*

Velma: THIS ISN'T POSSIBLE........*Dies, dropping a revive orb*

(Revive one fallen comrade before going to save Duke and Morrigan)

Leanne: Whew, glad thats over. *revives Vashyron and runs to Duke*

Vashyron: *follows* Stupid Jeremiah.

Leanne: *Unties Duke*

Duke: Thanks for untying me. We should probably get to Morrigan-

Tangy: NOT SO, LIKE, FAST *Punches Vashyron and Leanne in the face*

Duke: *uses bow and arrow to shoot at Tangy in the face which kills her* I sense a whole animal militia coming, so I'll deal with them. You two just go untie Morrigan.

Leanne: Um, ok. *Runs to Morrigan*

Vashyron: *follows while walking backwards, shooting some of the animal militia too* What? It's fun.

Leanne: Just dont let any of them shoot me >.> *unties Morrigan*

Duke: *comes to Vashyron, Leanne, and Morrigan* Alright, they're all dead. Bullseye. Anyways, thanks for coming to the rescue. Your team gets immunity.

Elimination Ceremony 10 - X Zoners

Morrigan: Wow, you guys sucked. Like, really, really, sucked. >.> You guys are lucky my powers werent drained or else I WOULD HAVE KILLED YOU ALL! anyways, vote n junk. It ends in about 40 minutes.

Morrigan: Okay, kisses on the forehead to Cliff, Sparro, Zephyr, Nathan, and Lydia! Dreamer, Lara one of you is out an- Okay I hate this really dramatic s***! *Throws Lara off a cliff* Bai!

Duke: Also Dreamer has informed us he's quitting to see his family (it was on chat), so he's gone too. You can throw him off a cliff if you want Morrigan.

Morrigan: *throws Dreamer off a cliff* YAYZ!

Iron Fists Chat - Chun-Li

Leanne: Shoot, we didnt get a chance to see Zephyr.....>.<

Vashyron: I blame............Harvest Moon. Yeah, whatever that is.

Leanne: *sighs*

Vashyron: We'll see him eventually. I guarantee it.

Leanne: If you really think so....*randomly shoots Ken* WHY DO YOU KEEP COMING HERE!? >.>


Leanne: Ok......well Vashyron? DO IT SO HE CAN GET OUT OF OUR LIVES! 

Ken: Now that I think about it, you also rely too much on guns. YOU MUST ALSO SHOOT A SONIC BOOM FROM YOUR HANDS!

Leanne: Ok.....*shoots a sonic boom fom her hands* ^-^

Vashyron: *looks like he's about to shoot a sonic boom out of his hands but just shoots Ken* was "sonic speed" and it was a "boom". Get out. >.>


Leanne: Well, that worked! :D

Jamie: ....*reads book* Bye.

Bruce: *Training*

Jamie: *looks at Bruce* What are you doing?

Bruce: I have to be prepared! This next challenge might be a brutal one! *does some push-ups*

X Zoners Chat - Bahn

Cliff: *in his room, too scared to go outside*

Sparro: *walks into Cliff's room* Cliff, you alright?

Cliff: *very quickly puts his book under his mattress* .......I-I.......dont want....another crazed talking animal.....try to .......k-kill me again........

Punchy: IT'S TOO LATE FOR THAT *walks into the room and pokes Cliff with a fork* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Cliff: *Teary eyed*........S-see.....what I mean......?

Punchy: *poking Cliff with a fork* COME ON, DIE ALREADY!

Cliff: *crying* STAHP IT!!!! >.<

Punchy: *poking Cliff with fork* DIE! >.>

Cliff: *Pulls his racy picturebook out of his mattress and whacks Punchy in the head with it*

Punchy: OWIE! >.< *Grabs pocket knife and stabs Cliff, takes pocket knife out, and then pokes him with a fork* A FORK IS MIGHTIER THAN A GUN!

Cliff: *KO'd*

Punchy: MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA- *Stabbed by Sparro* Aw- *dies*

Sparro: ............

Cliff: *unconscious, but whimpering*

Sparro: He'll get better.........hopefully. Once he wakes up. Unless Punchy's fork was sharp.

Cliff: *eventually wakes up*.............

Sparro: You alright?

Cliff: *slowly nods* ...................*vomits*

Sparro: I'll take that as a contradiction to your nod so, I'll go get a medic or something. Hang in there. *teleports away to find a medic*

Cliff:.............(CONF) Some random gonna 3..........2.........1.........

Monique: *holding gun right behind Cliff*

Cliff: *Doesnt notice Monique  yet*

Monique: *shoots Cliff in the back*

Cliff: *Falls to the ground*

Monique: MUAHAHAH- *Shot by an arrow and dies*

Duke: *holding bow and arrow* Perfect shot. Anyways, Sparro, um, the medic should be here in 10 minutes, I just called to make sure. If you need me, I'll be somewhere wondering what has happened to my life.


Sparro: The medic should be here soon Cliff, you'll be fine.

Cliff:*Trying not to cry*.............O-okay........................

Medic: *comes in eating a cheeseburger and examines Cliff*

Cliff:*waits while Medic examines him*................

Medic: ...............He's a paranoid guy who now has a fear of animals, needs therapy, needs some friends, and needs someone to treat a gun shot wound. Oh well. *leaves*

Cliff: ............*Breaks down*

Lydia: DUDE! Chill! *gives Cliff a lollipop*

Cliff: *Kicks Lydia out of his room*

Lydia: ...Why...? *walks away sadly*

Cliff: *Crying in a corner*

Sparro: ............Should I be sad too?

Lydia: I DON'T KNOW! *hugs Sparro* They just don't understand! *cries*

Cliff: *Sees Lydia hug Sparro*..........>.>.........

Sparro: I'm kind of lost to what's, um. Yeah.

Lydia: I just want to be liked. *cries*

Zephyr: *Banging his head against a wall*

Sparro: *to Lydia* If it's any consolation, I don't hate you, at least.

Lydia: *smiles* Thanks! :D *walks away* (CONF) *pulls out Sparro's wallet* I took it from him while I was hugging him. He's nice though,

Cliff: *asleep, whimpering*

Sparro: *tip toes out hoping to not accidentally awaken Cliff*

Lydia: *trips Sparro on accident* Oops.

Sparro: *trips* Ow. *gets up* ..........I'll just teleport out. *teleports away from Lydia and Cliff*

Cliff: *whimpering in sleep still*

Lydia: You can do that? *shrugs* *turns MP3 on* And I rock out hard! Da an an an! Way hard! (On my phone XD)

Cliff: *wakes up from Lydia's music*....................>.>...................

Lydia: *headbanging* YEAAAAAH!


Lydia: *choking* Stop. Strangling. Me.

Cliff: *Throws Lydia out of his room* 

Lydia: *takes deep breaths* Thanks.

Cliff: ..............U-um.........d-dont come back.......p-please.......? *locks door*..............*Looks through his racy picturebook of Sparro*

Lydia: Hey, I have Sparro's wallet if you want it, but it'll cost you.

Cliff: *drops his book, takes the wallet, and pushes her out*.........g-geez........

Lydia: I knew you would do that and I took out the pictures if him I will give it to you for a favor. it......?

Lydia: I need you to get everyone you know to vote for someone of my choice.


Lydia: Nathan.

Cliff:.......U-um...........maybe......c-can I........have those

Lydia: *gives 1 of the pictures to Cliff* you get the rest once Nathan is gone.

Cliff:........C-can I please........have the rest....n-now......? 

Lydia: *checks watch* Dude, it's been like 5 seconds (I have to go soon my phone is about to die)

Cliff:.......B-but........your show him.....I know you will...........>.>............

Lydia: No, I won't.


Lydia: Promise. I'm not a mean person.... sometimes.


Lydia: What?


Lydia: You need help, don't you? I'll help you out, if you want.

Cliff:.......h-help.........w-what do you........mean.........?

Lydia: Like help you out with you're... problem?

Cliff: U-um.......s-sure........

Lydia: So do you have a problem with your stuttering?


Lydia: *stabs Cliff with a needle, that fixes his stuttering* Okay, that's taken care of, what next?


Lydia: Maybe that isn't taken care of...


Lydia: *stabs Cliff with another needle* Did that work?

Episode 11 - An Unbeatable Love

Duke: *randomly running errands* Morrigan's really good at checkers..........

Fangirl: :D, DUKE!

Duke: Hi? Do I by chance know you?


Duke: That's nice. *shakes her hand* Nice to meet you.


Duke: thanks? Sorry if that didn't sound kind.


Duke: ..............


Duke: I barely just met you- how is that love? >.>


Duke: ..............This is my punishment for trying to live a normal life. *sighs*

-2 hours later, the Neighborhood-

Flare: ...............Wow. He actually has a fanbase. What a chump. >.>

Vashyron: Did you just bring me in to rant about your brother and his disappearance?

Flare: Pretty much.

Vashyron: You promised me Ms. Bunker Buster would be here. >.>

Flare: ...........Oh, right, Morrigan............She couldn't make it.

Vashyron: ..........*jumps out window*

Flare: >.>..........Oh right, I should probably tell Morrigan, Duke's missing. Meh. *conscience begins to speak to him* ............Okay fine. >.> Not sure what they could do anyway. Everyone here seems pathetic. *looks for Morrigan*

Morrigan: Hello Duke's sexier looking brother! Why are you here?

Flare: Duke got kidnapped by some fangirls. That idiot went in unarmed. IT'S A CRAZY WORLD OVER HERE! >.> Anyways, you and your contestants are going to rescue him. Why should you? This is your fault for winning some stupid checker match my brother was never good at. If you don't feel guilt, then.........I'll figure out something.............hold on a second. I'm thinking.

Morrigan: I dont feel guilt, but I suppose I could amuse myself by watching the contestants fight some fangirls. I could probably summon them with the little power I have left.

Flare: Good because the honest reason I need him to be rescued is because the cops are looking for him and we're the number one suspects for his kidnapping. BOTH of us as accomplices so...........let's get to rescuing? Just summon everyone already.

Vashyron: *jumps back through window* Wait, forgot my wallet. *jumps back out*

Morrigan: Oh........thats no good......*summons all the remaining contestants* Ok kids,  your all going to rescue Duke from a bunch of fangirls so me and my sexy friend dont go to um, yeah.........GO!


(You must run to the underground location, which is 10 lines altogether, then you must run to Duke who's tied up underground which is 5 lines altogether while dodging fangirl arrows within one post which won't count as a run post. If you don't dodge you take damage and you only have 2 HP each. Then you must go fight the fangirl who has 13 HP. First team to finish this wins. Overall this may be over 28 lines.)

X Zoners Rescue

Cliff: *Runs* (1)

Zephyr: *Runs* (2)

Sparro: *runs* (3)

Cliff: *Runs* (4)

Zephyr: *Runs* (5)

Sparro: *runs* (6)

Cliff: *Runs*(7)

Zephyr: *Runs*(8)

Sparro: *runs* (9)

Cliff: *Runs* (10)

Sparro: *starts running underground* (1)

Cliff: *Runs underground* (2)

Zephyr: *Runs underground* (3)

*Arrow is fired at Lydia*

Sparro: *runs* (4)

*Arrow hits Lydia, injuring her but not defeating her*

Cliff: *Runs* (5)


Sparro: This is crazy. I won't let you get away with these sins. *pulls out hero's sword from it's sheath*

Zephyr: Whatever, Anything to make me less bored I guess......*shoots Fangirl*

Cliff: U-um.......I.......dont have.....m-my axe.........*sees a dread scroll* ............ :D ............*touches it and becomes a dread fighter*......y-yay..........*cuts Fangirl*

Fangirl: *whacks hammer at Zephyr's.....yeah*

Zephyr: Ok.....ow......>.> *throws a grenade at Fangirl*

Sparro: *sweep kicks Fangirl*

Fangirl: *whacks Zephyr in.........yeah........and defeats him*

Cliff: ........A-aw..............*Cuts Fangirl with silver sword*

Sparro: *teleports behind Fangirl and stabs her*

Fangirl: *kicks Sparro in the gut*

Cliff: *Cuts Fangirl with silver sword*...........I-im.....not very good......with swords................

Sparro: Just believe you can deal damage! *uses sword to "uppercut" Fangirl*

Fangirl: *whacks Sparro in the face with her hammer, defeating him*

Cliff:......S-Sparro......n-no.........NOW YOUR GONNA GET IT! YOU LITTLE S***!!! >.> *Cuts Fangirl with silver sword*

Fangirl: *uses Zephyr's gun to shoot CLiff in the shoulder*

Cliff: WHY DONT YOU USE YOUR OWN F***ING WEAPONS YOU S**Y A** F***!? *Cuts Fangirl with sword*

Iron Fists Rescue

Bruce: Time to put my training to use! *starts running* (1)

Henry: *rides on horse* (2)

Vashyron: *runs* (3)

Leanne: *Runs* (4)

Bruce: *does backflips instead of running...cause he's "Batman"* (5)

Vashyron: *runs* (6)

Henry: *rides on horse* (7)

Bruce: *gets tired of backflips so he runs* (8)

Henry: *rides on horse* (9)

Vashyron: *makes it underground* (10)

Bruce: *also arrives* Onward to the captive popular guy! *runs underground* (1)

Vashyron: *follows* (2)

Henry: Wait up, this horse is injured, nya ha ha! *follows* (3)

*arrow is fired at Leanne by a fangirl*

Leanne: *Dodges*

Henry: *rides on horse* (4)

Vashyron: *makes it to fangirl* (5)


Vashyron: Calm down, it's just Duke, he's not that special.....unlike m- I mean....okay fine we'll kill you.

Leanne: I feel a little bad.....but that doesnt matter now! *shoots fangirl*

Henry: YAY! Blood bath time! *stabs Fangirl*

Fangirl: *swings hammer at Henry*

Leanne: *shoots Fangirl*

Vashyron: *shoots Fangirl*

Fangirl: *swings hammer at Henry defeating him*

Leanne: *Shoots Fangirl*

Vashyron: *shoots Fangirl*

Fangirl: *swings hammer at Vashyron*

Leanne: *shoots Fangirl*

Bruce: *shoots Fangirl*

Fangirl: *whacks Leanne with her hammer*

Bruce: *throws Batarang at Fangirl*

Vashyron: *shoots Fangirl*

Fangirl: *whacks Leanne up to the sky with her hammer and then smacks her down, defeating her*

Bruce: *throws a Bat-Gernade at Fangirl*

Fangirl: *kicks Bruce in the.......yeah........*

Bruce: That wasn't nice! *punches Fangirl in the face*

Vashyron: *jumps up into the sky* I'm charging Morrigan and Flare extra! *Repeatedly shoots Fangirl until she is headshot, defeating her, then lands beside Duke* Phew. *unties Duke*


Fangirl: *falls to the ground dead*

Flare: *comes in with Morrigan* Okay, you guys take too long, but were faster than the team with the stupid teleporter so..........uh, thanks?

REAL Fangirl: NOT SO FAST! *Ties up the remaining live contestants on this team and Flare and Morrigan* HA, WHO'S THE LOSER NOW?

Flare: What- but you're dead, DON'T DEFY THE LAWS OF LIFE SUCKO >.>

REAL Fangirl: That was just a clone. The real me was in hiding, hoping to tie you up. NOW NO ONE CAN STAND BETWEEN OUR MARRIAGE, DUKE IS MEANT FOR ME! You're all losers, Batman Wannabe, Gun Show-Off, Lady Revealing, Anger Issues. TIME TO FINISH YOU OFF ONCE AND FOR ALL! *Gathers fangirls to point guns at each of their heads* Any last words?

Duke: I have some. *grabs bow and arrow and nails the shot, hitting Fangirl in the head repeatedly, killing her* Bullseye. Guess she forgot about me. Thanks for untying me Vashyron. And thanks for actually coming for me, I thought Flare would be thrilled to have me die. >.>

Flare: Well me and Morrigan were suspects and didn't want to get arrested so-

Duke: Thanks for caring you two. Means a lot........but I'm not one to hold grudges to your death and leave you both here until you die of starvation, so consider you guys lucky. *unties Flare and Morrigan and then Vashyron and Bruce* Well, I guess you guys earned immunity. Congrats guys. I hope the other team's doing fine.

Elimination Ceremony 11 - X Zoners

Morrigan: If the other team beat her, you guys would have made me and that other guy go to jail! ITS ALL YOUR FAULT! WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH!? Anyways, please vote below. Voting ends in 20 minutes.

Morrigan: Okay, kisses on the forehead to Cliff, Sparro, Zephyr, and......Lydia, Sorry Nathan. *Throws Nathan off a cliff*

Iron Fists Chat

Leanne: *Staring at picture of Zephyr, sighs*

Vashyron: Leanne, still missing Zephyr?

Leanne: Every second of every day.

Vashyron: Well the merge should be soon.......we'll see him again as long as he doesn't go home today, hopefully.

Leanne: I guess.....

Bruce: *does a backflip* So...silent... Batman approves!

X Zoners Chat - Beardo

Cliff: *In room* Hmmmmm.........*finds a second seal and becomes a sage*......M-much.....better........HEY BIL-SPARRO IM A SAGE NOW! :D

Zephyr: Damn it, wheres my gun? Oh crap, did I leave it underground when that fangirl took it?

Sparro: *to Cliff* That's great! *to Zephyr* You can always sneak out to the underground? Security is more tiled to the halfway mark between the teams.

Zephyr: I'll be back.....*Goes into the underground, immediatley gets back out* Ok found it*

Cliff: *Blushes at Sparro's earlier comment*......Y-yay......

Sparro: *to Zephyr* That's good. *to Cliff* Glad you're happy.

Cliff: *still blushing* heheh.........heh.......heh........

Sparro: So what's up?

Cliff:......N-not much.......U-um..........A-are you ok..........since that one......F-fangirl.....KO'd you....?

Lydia: Cliff, over here!

Cliff:*Walks over to Lydia*...........Y-yeah.........?

Lydia: *gives pictures to Cliff* *pats Cliff on the shoulder* *walks away*

Cliff:......... :D .....................

Lydia: (CONF) *writes on checklist* (END) *walks over to Sparro* Hey, do you need help with anything?

Cliff: *Falls asleep*


Zephyr: *Banging his head against a wall*

Lydia: *reading a book* Hey, Cliff. *wakes Cliff up* What do you think about the Dereportagy Theory?


Lydia: *shows Cliff book* It's some science-y stuff. What do you think?

Lydia: That's what I said. :D


Lydia: Want some chips? *hands bag of chips*

Cliff:......U-um........n-no thanks........

Lydia: K. Want some soda? *hands can of soda*

Hosts Chat

Flare: So glad you're better Duke, AND WE'RE NOT GOING TO JAIL! *High fives Morrigan* Priorities, bro.

Morrigan: WOOT! 

Duke: Uh-huh, I see..........

Flare: What's the matter, you're saved aren't you?

Duke: Nothing........I just noticed you haven't changed a bit.

Flare: Same with you.

Duke: Yeah, I know that.

Flare: Then shut up. >.>

Morrigan: Girls, your both very pretty. Im just gonna go over there. *goes over there*

Flare: What the f-

Duke: Don't ask. Morrigan's just...........Morrigan.

Flare: Truth be told, that comment made me hate her more than you. >.>

Duke: How?


Duke: It's just some sarcasm or joke or whatever.

Flare: NO, IT'S NOT WORTH IT TO BELIEVE >.> *Throws book at Morrigan and leaves, stomping loudly*

Duke: *catches the book before it actually hits Morrigan*..........Eh, not his best throw.....Hey, where'd he get this? Chef. Cheesy's Cook Book? What- oh. *opens book* This book is huge............but most of the recipes are failed cake.


Duke: I could make you some, I guess?

Morrigan: Sure!

Duke: Alright. *starts baking failed cake*

Morrigan: *waits*

Duke: *hands Morrigan failed cake* Done.


???: *teleports in* Huh? Where am I? And why do I see...........trees?

???2: *through watch* That teleporter needs some fixing.........

???: Then where am I?

???2: It appears to be the past..............before it happened.

???: Wait what events have happened thus far. Currently scanning perimeter. *scans* Kyle's sacrifice and Chris' death............somethings are too late to be changed...........

???2: It's too late to stop Morrigan from killing Chris but you can still change what you can.

???: I suppose so. Mission acquired.

???2: Be careful out there. What you change in the past WILL affect our future. So don't do much. Also: look for Sparro, Cliff, and Vashyron the first moment you can, as well as the hosts.

???: Roger that. I won't fail. *Turns off watch and wanders around the forest*

Episode 12 - Get Ready!

Henry: ............Nya ha ha! *randomly leaves*

Duke: Oh so............that's what Chris dealt with. Yeah, but we're out of debuters. No one else wants to be on the show........and if we don't get a replacement, the producers will cut us off the show and hold us hostage with the other hosts that failed in the network. The producers are creepy too.

Producer: *randomly comes in, slaps Morrigan, and leaves*

Duke: See?

Lydia: Okay...

Jamie: Meh.

Duke: Oh, uh, hi guys. You're not allowed in. This is a host situation room. *pushes Jamie and Lydia out* We'll have the challenge soon.

Morrigan: Ouch. So uh.......we could just randomly look around and find someone? Thats what Chris usually did. Other times someone would just pop out of nowhere, like neneko.

Duke: I guess so. *sees ??? outside* Hey, do you think he'd want to join? We'll ask why he's here later.

Morrigan: Lydia. GTFO. Anyways, yeah, sure. 

Duke: *walks outside with Morrigan to ???* Hey, would you like to join this show?

???: *notices Duke and Morrigan* .........*glares at Morrigan* Fine. It will be easier to complete my mission this way.

Duke: Alright, you're taking Henry's spot so you go to the Iron Fists. Anyways, we need to know your name.

???: Avery. There. I'll head over to my team. *walks away*

Duke: Alright, so that's been dealt with. Anyways, any ideas for the challenge Morrigan?

Morrigan: Lets have the teams kill eachother! We'll help the X Zoners since they are totally outclassed.

Duke: Alright, I'll go create the battle system for the virtual world.


(Battle system:

3 HP per character.

Once one team's whole team is defeated it's game over.

Duke and Morrigan will participate on the X Zoners.



X Zoners vs. Iron Fist

Computerized Voice: Okay so I am your referee. May the odds be ever in your favor and may someone shoot my core in the head for saying that when this is over. Go.

Lydia: *punches Bruce*

Jamie: *throws chair at Zephyr*

Cliff: *Hurls magic at Bruce*

Zephyr: *shoots Bruce*

-Bruce is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Leanne: *shoots Lydia*

Morrigan: *Punches Jamie*

Duke: *shoots arrow at Jamie*

Avery: *uses saber-like weapon to uppercut Zephyr*

Sparro: *stabs Jamie*

-Jamie is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Vashyron: *shoots Morrigan*

Lydia: *punches Bruce*

Leanne:*Shoots Lydia*

Zephyr: *shoots Brooke*

Cliff: *uses thunder magic at Brooke*

Morrigan: *punches Brooke*

-Brooke is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Lydia: *punches Leanne*

Duke: *shoots arrow at Leanne*

Vashyron: *shoots Lydia*

-Lydia is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Avery: *uppercuts Zephyr*

-Zephyr is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Morrigan: *kisses Vashyron, which is somehow an attack* ^-^

Leanne: -.- *Sparro*

Cliff: *Hurls Valflame at Vashyron*

Duke: *shoots Leanne with an arrow*

-Leanne is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Sparro: *stabs Lily*

Vashyron: *shoots Sparro*

Avery: *uppercuts Sparro*

-Sparro is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Cliff: *hurls Book of Naga at Lily*

Morrigan: *Kicks Lily in the face*

-Lily is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Avery: *uppercuts Morrigan*

Vashyron: *shoots Morrigan*

-Morrigan is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-


Fists - Avery, Vashyron

Zoners - Duke, Cliff)

Cliff: *Shoots Bolganone at Vashyron*

-Vashyron is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Avery: *uppercuts Cliff*

Cliff: *Hurls RexCalibur at Avery*

Avery: *uses saber-like weapon to stab Cliff*

Cliff: *Slaps Avery across the face*

Avery: *uses saber-like weapon to stab Cliff in the gut, then kicks up to the sky and uses a small gun-type weapon to shoot Cliff, then punches him down to the surface in a combo* Piece of cake.

-Cliff is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

Avery: *notices Duke* There is no way I can win now with this health. If only my team took care of him. *to Duke, recluntantly* I accept defeat.

Duke: Oh, well, um. Okay. *shoots 10 arrows at Avery* Sorry. Good game *shakes Avery's hand before he teleports away*

-Avery is defeated and teleported out of the virtual world-

-Duke has won for the X Zoners and is teleported out of the virtual world with a gold medal-

Duke: Alright, good game Iron Fists, but you're going to elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 12 - Iron Fists

Duke: Well, yeah, in a battle being under the radar will get you targeted less and stuff. Good game guys, especially Avery, anyways vote. You have a 40 minute time limit or when someone gets majority votes. Good luck.

Duke: Scooby Snacks for: Avery, Vashyron, Leanne, Lily, and....................Jamie! Sorry Brooke, you've been eliminated.

X Zoners Chat - Victory


Zephyr: *banging his head on a wall*

Lydia: Dude, why are you doing that?

ZEPHYR: BECAUSE I AM DOING IT!!! *continues to bang his head on the wall*

Lydia: *grabs Zephyr's head and holds it* Stop.

Zephyr: *punches Lydia* NO! >.<

Hosts Chat - Junk

REAL Final Team Swap

Duke: Okay so after the next challenge, we're merging the teams, but until then we're switching teams up for the one episode. Morrigan and I will inform you of the teams in a bit. Don't post here.

Duke: Okay the teams are:

The Kittens: Sparro, Cliff, Avery

The Pups: Zephyr, Vashyron, Jamie

The Gerbils: Leanne, Lydia, Bruce

Since Lily's excused until the merge, she won't participate.

Duke: Have fun!

Kittens Chat

Cliff:.......YAY SPARRO........a-and......that guy..........

Sparro: Hey Cliff, hey.............Avery, right?

Avery: Correct. (CONF) *to ???2 in watch* I have found 2 out of 3. I'll help them train. Roger that. Avery out.

Cliff: .....H-hi......

Avery: You two. How well do you think you can spar?

Cliff: U-um..............I started.....using magic..........r-recently.......

Avery: Doesn't matter. I used the term "spar" loosely. What I mean is what do you think of your abilities and chances in a fight?

Cliff: U-um...................d-decent.............

Avery: Then prove it. I don't trust your words unless actually proven.

Sparro: Um, if I may ask, why are you asking like this and treating us semi-coldly.

Avery: That is none of your concern.

Sparro: But-

Avery: If I told you, you would be too freaked out to actually train, so just train. Prove me wrong about me thinking you're weak.

Cliff: *teary eyed* U-um.........

Avery: ..........I'm waiting.

Cliff: *Uses the same shadowgift attack Aversa used on Lionel last season, on Avery*

Avery: *takes hit, stands up almost unscratched* Shameful. Sparro, how about you?

Sparro: Alright. *teleports behind Avery only to be immediately uppercutted into the sky and fall on his back*

Avery: Predictable. Majority of the times in battle when you teleport, you teleport behind them and stab them. Pathetic. You two need training or else the same fate that cursed me will affect us all.........again.


Avery: Just better yourselves before you expect me to explain anything. Think of it as a reward from going from pathetic to average. When you actually become average.

Cliff: *breaks down*

Avery: Oh right. Forgot this one was sensitive. Fine. You're below average. You happy now?

Cliff: *sniff*.............U-um..............

Avery: What?


Avery: Alright, go train then.

Cliff: *trains*

Sparro: *trains*

Avery: *watches* Hmm.........

Cliff: *training*

Avery: Alright, that's enough, if you want to quit now.

Cliff: *stops, exhausted*..........................*falls asleep*

Avery: ...........If that's the best he can do and if he gets exhausted that quickly what good will this do. The world will be doomed once more. I should just give up on you both and accept the future...........stupid Morrigan. *walks away*

Sparro: ...........What was he talking about? *stealthily follows Avery*

Cliff:*wakes up* ..............h-huh............? *follows Sparro*

Avery: *walking, talking to watch* It's no use. Cliff won't take his training seriously and will just drag Sparro down with him when the time comes. If only this teleporter teleported me before Morrigan came so I could stop her from joining and not have to rely on those two. I'll just teleport and see where it takes me, I'm done.

Sparro: Avery, wait!

Avery: *turns around* .............Seems you got stealth down, what is it?

Sparro: What are you talking about?

Cliff: *catches up*...........

Avery: Fine. But I won't sugarcoat anything. Alright, I come from a long future where all of the contestants previous and current as well as Morrigan are dead with the exception of one who doesn't wish to be named. Lionel faked his death only to get rid of Kyle for if Sparro and Kyle teamed up they would defeat Lionel no contest. But now only Sparro remained against Lionel. However as Lionel ordered a zombified bulked-up Chris to ally with him, he began to kill a few contestants. In your last stand Sparro, you fought back the best you could but when Cliff came to assist he was quickly injured and you gave up your life to save his by taking a blast from Lionel. Cliff and the un-named would later live on to be the only two survivors, as well as Neneko and Henry who disappeared. Cliff would then commit suicide just to join his beloved friend and not carry out Sparro's last wishes. None of this would have happened if Morrigan and Leo hadn't killed Chris as Lionel would have been easier to defeat, but Cliff, you take the third most blame out of all of this, which is why I've been so harsh on you. You're weak, a nobody.......just like I was. So you better toughen up, because the world will depend on you too!

Cliff: *teary eyed*.......Y-you.........dont be so......m-mean.....about it..........

Avery: You two wanted the truth and I didn't sugarcoat it. Cliff, you need to toughen up. Half of the world depends on you to be strong. Not cry over harshness. Don't make us repeat the same future because you're too weak. You have the ability to be as strong as Sparro if you actually try.


Avery: *scanning location* We have a day until the event. Don't worry, I'll have your back when Lionel comes, it's my mission to prevent the outcome from my future. But you both still need training to do.


Avery: Cliff, I'm not a specialist in magic, but do you happen to know and light tomes? It will be effective against Chris.


Avery: Practice that. Make it your primary tome element for now.

Cliff:...........O-okay........*practices light tomes*

Avery: Good. Sorry about being so harsh before but the world is at stake.

Cliff: I-it's okay............*hugs Avery*

Avery: Alright. Get back to training. We can't relax yet.

Cliff: *lets go* ...........U-um......okay..........*practices light magic*

Avery: *goes to check on Sparro*

Sparro: *practicing moves other than Back-Stab*

Cliff: *still practicing light magic*

???: GRUH

Avery: *hears voice* ................No. It can't be...........not this soon.

Cliff: *hears voice*...........

Sparro: *hears voice*

Future Zombie Chris: *jumps onto Cliff and tries to bite him to turn him into a zombie*

Future Lionel: So we've finally managed to find the second last member of the rebellion. Avery, long time no see, hasn't it? You haven't changed a bit.

Avery: I'm a cyborg now, though............okay enough small talk, let's get this over with! *notices this Lionel has better technology and magic but less speed* The future Lionel.................if we defeat him and his minion we can secure safety for the other survivors in the future now. We can wipe off the past later, but for now let's do everything we can to keep them safe. Cliff, don't let the zombie bite you! Ready yourselves.

Cliff: *Blasts the zombie off of him*

Future Zombie Chris: GRAGH! *Slaps Cliff*

Future Lionel: *uses dark sword to stab Sparro* Come on and FIGHT!

Avery: His power is coming from the core inside of him! I'll shrink down and fight the core, you guys fight Zombie Chris and Lionel. Until then Sparro, you can't defeat Lionel but don't be defeated or it's game over before it's even really started! *shrinks and successfully teleports inside Lionel*

Future Core Man: HEHEHEHEHE!

Avery: You will die where you stand, core.


Sparro: Ugh..........*sweep kicks Lionel*

Cliff: *kinda hurt by the slap*........o-ow.........*teary eyed, blasts Zomie with Light magic*

Future Zombie Chris: *hurt* GRAGH! *Jumps at Cliff and bites him, but barely*

Future Lionel: *punches Sparro in the face*

Sparro: *flinches* Ugh.........can't go on much more. Avery.............Cliff..........hurry............

Future Core Man: HEHEHEHAHA!

Avery: Hidden Technique! *uppercuts Future Core with saber-like object, then jumps up top, punches Core in the face, and whacks him down with a touch from the finger which signals a missle and shoots Core as it falls*

Future Core: AGH! *Whacks hammer at Avery*

Cliff: .........S-sparro.........*cries*: THATS IT! DIE MOTHAF***AS! >.> *blasts both Lionel and zombie at once*

Future Zombie Chris: *stunned*


Avery: *uppercuts future core and uses cannon arm to blast the core upwards*

Future Core Man: GAH *Punches Avery*

Cliff:.......A-aw........*cries* *weakly hurls light magic at zombie Chris*

Future Lionel: *laughs evily*

Future Zombie Chris: *injured*

Future Core Man: *weakly attacks Avery with remaining power*

Avery: *notices Core is weak* Time to prove my training! I will avenge my comrades and everyone who died! THIS IS OVER! *blasts giant deadly beam at core, destroying it*

Future Lionel: *begins to weaken and become paler* WHAT'S HAPPENING?! ........*Loses sword* WHAT? NO, HE COULDN'T HAVE WON!

Cliff:................*Blasts light magic at Lionel*

Future Lionel: *still stands, barely*

Avery: *teleports out of Lionel's body and unshrinks* I saw the battle from outside! Catch! *throws antidote at Cliff* Cliff, end the zombie! Sparro, end Lionel!

Sparro: *with remaining energy* Fine..........*sees Cliff and Avery obviously slightly hurt* HERO ASSAULT! *grabs Lionel and teleports into the sky, quickly dashing at him from all angles with Hero's Sword, slicing him in half, only for him to regenerate weakly, and teleports down, allowing Lionel to fall to the ground* ............*with remaining energy stabs Lionel in the heart with Hero's Sword then falls to the ground, near death from injuries and exhaustion*

Future Lionel: *last words* YOU MAY HAVE WON...............BUT......................Ugh..................the future will still be overrun by zombies................I have won..........................*dies*

Cliff: *quickly drinks antidote* .............U-um.................*Hurls light magic at the zombie*

Future Zombie Chris: *dodges* HAHEHA *Is quickly hit by more light magic and vanishes like dust*

Cliff:.................*Breaks down*

Avery: We won...........but that was a hard battle. We need to take you two to a hospital.

Cliff: *still crying*........U-um.............o-okay..............

Avery: I'd teleport but teleporting long distances might not work and the hosptial is far away. Unless you want to risk it? We might end up somewhere else in time or somewhere else in general though. Willing to risk it?

Cliff:......O-oh......wait........I have a staff........*uses staff to heal the 3* 

Avery: .........You can't heal yourself.

Cliff:..................*breaks down*

Sparro: Well, I'm a good teleporter, so just hang on to me and we can go to a hospital for Cliff?


Sparro: *teleports the three of them into a hospital and checks Cliff into a room*

Cliff: *in a hospital bed*

Avery: You'll be fine. Your injuries don't appear to be life-threatening.

Cliff:..............o-okay............*falls asleep, starts whimpering almost immediatley*

Sparro: I wonder why he always whimpers in his sleep...............

Cliff: *still whimpering, also kinda crying*.......................*wakes up, fighting off sleepiness*

Sparro: Hmm...........

Cliff:*slightly more awake* U-um........what......h-happened......?

Pups Chat

Zephyr: WOOT VASHYRON! Wait....YOUR NOT LEANNE! F*** YOU! >.> *shoots Lily*

Vashyron: *randomly joins in on shooting Lily*

Zephyr: *breaks Lily's neck* So, whats up Vash?

Vashyron: Not much. Want to go kill some cameramen and sneak out to get food?


Vashyron: Let's go, then. *starts running away from camp, shooting cameramen*

Zephyr: *follows, shooting cameramen*

Jamie: Is that necessary?

Gerbils Chat

Leanne: Aw, Vash and Zephyr and together and im with YOU TWO! >.>

Lydia: Listen, I'm not that bad, okay?


Lydia: What? Why?

Bruce: I am not nothing... I am Batman!

Leanne: Yeah, nothing. (XD)

Lydia: You're kinda mean to me. Why are you so mean?

Bruce: You fool! Batman is important, not nothing!

Lydia: ...I bet you couldn't beat Jamie in a fight.


Duke: Okay so, in Chris' will he wanted a confessions challenge, so Morrigan and I have decided to do it for him......anyways, this isn't the complete challenge, it's just a mini-challenge, for an advantage in the next part. You can only say ONE confession per person and you get point on each of them after everyone has posted. We'll add up the points and the team with the highest points wins. Also, the confessions must be juicy and about YOU not anyone else or you're automatically disqualified and will have one vote against you in the Elimination CEremony. Anyways, go!

Lydia: (Conf) I secretly ate toe jam for a quarter.

Jamie: (Conf) I do stuff.

Leanne: (CONF) My natural hair color is brown, THIS SMEXY BLONDE HAIR IS A FAKE!!!!

Zephyr:(CONF) 2 years ago I killed a few dozen people in a fit of rage.

Cliff: (CONF)..............I like Sparro..................

Bruce: (CONF) I wish I was a female...then I could be Batwoman!

Vashyron: (CONF) I'm scared of Chuck E. Cheese.........the new one...........he looks too creepy...........*shivers*

Avery: (CONF) I hate my abilities and wish to grow stronger physically like Ryu or Ken............if I had non-cyborg/robot hands. Whatever. As long as I can fight back..............

Sparro: (CONF) .........I have no idea where the name Sparro comes from.

-JUDGING (No one is allowed to post until Judging's over. You will ALL see the confessions though.)-

Duke: Okay, first up is Lydia's. *Lydia's confession shows on the TV screen* How many points out of 10 do you think it deserves, Morrigan?

Morrigan: she ate toe jam.....FOR JUST A QUARTER! Nice, 7.

Duke: Not really juicy, just gross, but um, a 5, I guess.  That means overall Lydia's score is:


Duke: Anyways, next up is Jamie's. *Jamie's confession shows up on the TV Screen* 1.

Morrigan: *shots* Oh........uh, 1.

Duke: Which means Jamie's overall score is:


Duke: Yikes. Next up is Leanne. *Leanne's confession shows up on the TV Screen* Uh.............5.

Morrigan: 6..7.8.*shots* 6.

Duke: Which means Leanne's overall score is:


Duke: Next up is Zephyr. *Zephyr's confession shows up on the screen* Predictable but still sort of surprising. 7.

Morrigan: He's a bad boy. 8.

Duke: Which means Zephyr's overall score is:


Duke: Next up is Cliff's. *Cliff's confession shows up on the screen* ................Wow. I knew it, but I never thought he'd confess it. 8.5/10.

Morrigan: Thats sweet. Seriously, how does Sparro not know? >.> (XD) 8.

Duke: I don't know. Anyways Cliff's overall score is:


Duke: Next up is Bruce............with a rather interesting but disturbing one. Um. 7?

Morrigan: I could maybe use my magic to make that wish come true.............8.5

Duke: Weren't your powers drained, though? Anyways, Bruce's overall score is:


Duke: Next up is Vashyron! Yeah, I agree about the Chuck E. Cheese thing. 8.

Morrigan: 6, its predictable because everyone is freaked out about it. Its a known fact.

Duke: Which means, Vashyron's total score is:


Duke: Next up is Avery..............predictable but not Jamie-bad. 5.5.

Morrigan: 6. 

Duke: Which mean's Avery's overall score is:


Duke: Next up is Sparro! ................3.

Morrigan: HIS WAS THE BEST! 3.

Duke: Which means Sparro got a...........


Duke: Still better than Jamie..........

Duke: Okay, adding up all the scores, Kittens got:

34 Points

Duke: The puppies got:

31 Points

Duke: And the Gerbils got:


Duke: Surprise, since Morrigan and I can't think of a next part, this was the challenge! Puppies, sorry, you're going to elimination. Puppies are: Zephyr, Vashyron, and Jamie.

Puppies Elimination

Morrigan: Ok sexy boys, get voting! You should know what to do by now.....

Morrigan: Alright Jamie, your out. Hey Vashyron, mind if I borrow thi-THANK YOU! *takes gun and shoots Jamie in the head* OK, bai! 

Duke: Vashyron, Zephyr, congrats, you two have made the merge barely. HOWEVER, it won't officially be the merge until the challenge starts.

Gerbils Chat (Leanne, Lydia, Bruce)

Bruce: *eating another hot dog*

Morrigan: Oh, hey Bruce. *turns Bruce into a women* Have fun! *flies away*

Bruce: *starts crying tears of joy* YES! My dream came true! From this day forth I shall be known as...Brucetta or better yet...BATWOMAN! *insert epic music*

Lily: emm...............what the F**ck is happened here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god !!!!! keep calm Lily,Keep calm.......CHIRS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????

Kittens Chat (Avery, Sparro, Cliff)

Cliff: *looking at his racy picturebook of Sparro*

Avery: *scanning area*

Sparro: What's wrong, Avery?

Avery: ..............The past- or well present Lionel and Chris are coming. But why so quick.....?

Cliff: *quickly puts book away* .................

Avery: Same battle formation as last time! Ready yourselves!

Zombie Chris: *jumps onto Cliff*


Sparro: ......Wait, you've seen him?


Avery: Doesn't matter, we'll still take you on!

Cliff:.................*Blasts Zombie Chris with light magic*

Zombie Chris: *takes almost no damage, due to the strengthening of the dark core inside Lionel and bites Cliff's neck quickly*

Avery: What?! But- The Dark Core...........*shrinks and teleports inside Lionel* So much isn't human any more! It's too late to save him.......

Lionel: GAH! I WASN'T WARN ABOUT THAT! NO MATTER *Blast Sparro with a dark orb blast*

Cliff: *in pain* U-ugh............*transfusions make him temporarily a zombie* .............*tackles Sparro*

Avery: *watching from the outside* No! That weak willpower of his! *uppercuts core and then uses beam to shoot Core in the eye*

Core Man: GAGH! *Zaps Avery*

Sparro: *pushes Cliff off him gently and then stabs Lionel*

Aversa: *as a spirit* Sorry im late, Lionel. The demon world is way to hard to navigate. Now, who's body shall I take over? *sees Cliff* Perfect! He's the only person in existence to have Shadowgift! Wait....wouldnt that make us related......creepy......*Jumps inside Cliff*

Cliff: *controlled by Aversa* Wow, this body is a lot better than my own! So many hormones. Now I just have to finish you brutes and continue to wreak havoc for my master! *uses the powerful Shaodwgift attack on Sparro*

Avery: *uppercuts core and then uses cannon arm to shoot at core's eyes and then uses saber-like weapon to stab core in the heart*

Core: *zaps Avery weakly, starting to lose power*

Sparro: *hit, gets on one knee* Ugh............Avery, hurry.............

Cliff: *laughing manaically* There's no use, boy! The core doesnt power me! And with me and the boy's combines powers, Im pretty much unstoppable! *Grabs a Goetia tome and blasts Sparro with it*

Sparro: *gets hit and barely stands*

Core: *zaps Avery*

Avery: ...........*punches Core in the face, defeating it*

Core: *disappears*

Avery: I got used to it after the second zap. *grabs antidote and teleports out*

Cliff: Huh? No matter, you may as well defeat the man anyway. Soon my power will exceed even his anyway!

Avery: Doubt it. You're getting too cocky.

Lionel: *getting extremely pale, stunned*

Sparro: *Uses remaining power to Hero Assault Lionel as Lionel is weaken*

Lionel: NOOOOOOOOOOO..............THIS ISN'T OVER! CHRIS, AVERSA.............AVENGE ME- *Turns into dust*

Cliff: *laughs* Lionel, you were a fool. I had been waiting for you to to be vanquished so that I could take the core for myself, with me and man-boy's shadowgift abilities! *absorbs all the dark magic from both Lionel and the core* YEAH! *Transforms into a slightly taller, more powerful version of Cliff* YOU CANT DEFEAT ME NOW! MOTHAF***AS! *Uses Goetia tome and blasts Sparro with overwhelming strentgh, laughing*

Sparro: *hit by the Goetia tome and has all remaining life energy sucked out, dying* ..............Cliff..........I couldn't save you...............Avery..............finish it...................

Avery: ...............*uses weapon shooter to shoot the antidote into Cliff-Aversa's mouth while he/she's laughing*

Cliff: *swallows it, power fades* H-huh? NO! IMPOSSIBLE! THIS FORM CANNOT BE DEFEATED! ITS STRONGER THAN GRIMA ITSELF! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-*back in Cliff's original form* I'll be back! I swear it! *Aversa is destroyed, Cliff is full control ofhis body again* 

Cliff: *Unconscious*

Avery: Too cocky. How boring..........*to watch* Mission complete. I'll return to base as soon as I know at least one of them survived...........*uses scanner to see heart rates* Cliff's still alive................but Sparro's dead...........

Cliff: *slowly opens eyes, sits up*...............U-um........what happened...........w-wheres Sparro.......?

Avery: I'm afraid.........he's dead. After Zombie Chris bit you, Aversa gained control of you and used Lionel's defeated self's core to destroy Sparro. TECHNICALLY killed Sparro, however you are aren't to blame.

Cliff:.......Y-you mean........I-I.............*sees Sparro's body*............................*breaks down*

Zombie Chris: *sneaks behind Cliff and tries to bite him but is killed by an arrow*

Duke: *puts bow and arrows away, as he comes in to see Sparro dead* ................We're out of replacements. I guess I should be used to this. Looks like no one will replace him. *leaves to other chat*

Cliff: *still crying*

Brucetta: *Appears, seeing Sparro's body* NOOOOO! I was to late to prevent a murder! WHY CRUEL WORLD WHY?!?

Avery: .............I'd teleport back to base, but without anyone that poor lose- I mean guy will be in denial or something for too long.

Cliff: *still crying*

Brucetta: *also crying*

Avery: *walks over to Cliff* Look. If it makes you feel any better............Sparro didn't die with a grudge towards you.  He knew you were innocent.......

Cliff: ..........*Hugs Avery, still crying*

Avery: I'm not good with words so just accept fate and live on. He died in hopes you would be safe and you are. Don't mourn over that.

Cliff:*still hugging Avery*.......I-I..........I guess..........

Avery: Anyways, if you could be so kind as to let go of me, I need to make plans for when I return to base. Try not to cry in the mean while?

Cliff: *lets go*.......Y-your.....your leaving........?

Avery: Eventually. I don't belong in this time.

Cliff: *teary eyed*.......O-oh........thats love just died and everything............It's cool......Ive grown being alone........due to being an asylum..........

Avery: That's not healthy, but.........I think you can manage. (CONF) *Talking to watch* Mission complete. Returning to base in 5 days. Wait...............everything's disappearing? The future HAS been changed? ..........So I'm going to disappear to?

Watch ???: No. Since you have made history in that part, you will stay alive but you are trapped there. That is your new home...........good bye Avery..............tell them I said hi...........*disappears leaving the watch communications to bad connection, cutting the conversation off*

Avery: *Walks outside* Well, Cliff, I'm stuck here, got me, if that makes you feel better?

Cliff: *Hugs Avery*

Avery: *sighs*

Cliff:.........S-sorry........*Lets go*

Avery: It's not the hug. It's just my whole future has been erased. While that's good, I lost the last friend I had left. I'm just thinking that it was my last time talking to him. Anyways, feel free to hug, I can take hard hugs well due to being a cyborg.

Cliff: o-oh.....okay.................*hugs Avery again, crying*

Avery: Stop crying, everything will be alright. Sparro would want you to stop crying too.

Cliff: I-I...........I know............*shedding tears*

Avery: Just calm down. Do it for Sparro.

Cliff: *calms down* ..........I-im sorry.......Its just that.......u-um............

Avery: I know, you'll miss him. I will too, but we have to be strong.


Avery: No problem.

Cliff: .............*manages a smile*........y-yay......

Avery: That's good.

Cliff:.................*blushes, gasps, and quickly stops*.......................

Avery: Anyways, I'm heading to go fine a new base area for me to concentrate in. Try not to cry. *Leaves*

Brucetta: *scratches belly*

Cliff:*waits patiently for Avery*....................*trying not to cry*........

Brucetta: *waits for Avery while eating a pizza* Hey want a slice?


Brucetta: Your loss....*finishes eating the pizza*

Avery: *looking around* good core base around here.

Cliff: *still waiting, trying not to cry*

Avery: *finds a spot* Perfect. *builds a base because he's a cyborg and is from the future and junk* Done.

Cliff: *sees the base*.................. :D ..............

Puppies Chat (Zephyr, Vashyron)


Mike: *Appears out of no where* HIIII I am back BABY

Morrigan: Oh, who is this? I like him.

Mike: Previous winner on this series DUH (CONF) 5 seconds in and already makeing impressions... Smoothe!

Duke: Wrong chat. (XD) But, sure. Come on in, if you want.

Morrigan: *laughs* Well, later! <3 *flies away*'

Mike: Da Fuuuu? (CONF Is it just me or has this show gotten weirder?)

Duke: ...........Don't mind her...........she's just being Morrigan. See you for the challenge Mike. *walks away*

Mike: Okay, What is the challenge?

Duke: *from afar* You'll find out tomorrow or the day after!

Mike: Okay! *Begins running*

Episode 14 - Soul-less Copies (Later)

Duke: Okay so Zombie Chris accidentally got a hold of the core and made evil clones of all of you. It's the merge, so pair up with someone for this challenge really quick and we'll get started. 30 minute time limit. Also, no one who plays the same characters may team up (for example Avery and Vashyron can't team with each other). Now get to asking!


Leanne: Bruce?

Cliff:......A-Avery......pair with....m-me?

Vashyron: *To Zephyr* Sure, get ready to shoot yourself- no not you, the clone, before you actually do.

Avery: *to Cliff* Alright.

Brucetta: *to Leanne* Very well...we females have to stick together!

(Am I still in or not? If not that's okay XD I'm ony phone by the way Disco Party Game Store Owner!)

(Lydia can return after the challenge, to keep the current pairs even XD Effort, talent, they are meanlingless...DaRealLeon 03:37, August 21, 2013 (UTC))

(Okay, thanks. Lets just forget that ever happened. XD Disco Party Game Store Owner!)

Duke: Okay, so: Zephyr & Vashyron, Leanne & Brucetta, Cliff & Avery, Lily & Mike are the pairs. OH! Also, since LxJ returned, Lily is no longer excused.


Zephyr & Vashyron

Vashyron: Where are the clone b******s?

Clone Zephyr: ..........*Breaks picture of Leanne*

Clone Vashyron: .........*stomps on Chef Cheesy's cook book*

(Battle System:

6 HP for all

Depending on you may stun the opponent, do double damage, or do no damage, a will be made every third attack.


Zephyr: *sighs* Well, we're used to this by now! *shoots Clone Zephyr*

Vashyron: MY COOKBOOK! .............Good thing I have two more of those books. Anyways, this should be a piece of cake. *shoots Clone Zephyr*

Clone Vashyron: *double kicks Zephyr..........FOR NO DAMAGE*

Clone Zephyr* shoots Vashyron*

Zephyr: woot! *shoots Clone Zephyr*

Vashyron: *shoots Clone Zephyr*

Clone Vashyron: *throws grenade at Zephyr...........DOUBLE DAMAGE*

Clone Zephyr: *shoots Vashyron*

Zephyr: OWIE! >.< *Throws grenade at Zephyr*

Vashyron: *double kicks Zephyr*

Clone Zephyr: *dies, holding a picture of Clone Gizmo, hugging it*

Clone Vashyron: *shoots Vashyron..............FOR NO DAMAGE*

Zephyr: Gizmo.........*cries* U-um.......You didnt see that *shoots Clone Vashyron*

Vashyron: ........*sees the picture of Clone Gizmo, sheds a manly tear, and throws grenade at Clone Vashyron*

Clone Vashyron: *shoots Zephyr...............STUNNING HIM*

Zephyr: *stunned*

Vashyron: *shoots Clone Vashyron*

Clone Vashyron: *shoots Zephyr...............FOR NO DAMAGE*

Zephyr: *throws a grenade at Clone Vashyron*

Vashyron: *shoots Clone Vashyron*

Clone Vashyron: *shoots Vashyron.................DOUBLE DAMAGE*

Zephyr: *shoots Clone Vashyron*

Clone Vashyron: *dies*


Leanne & Brucetta

Clone Brucetta: ............*disapproves of Brucetta*

Clone Leanne: ...........*punches a picture of Zephyr randomly*

(Same battle system as Zephyr/Vashyron)

Leanne: HOW DARE YOU! >.> *shoots Clone leanne*

Clone Leanne: *shoots Leanne*

Clone Brucetta: *throws batarang at Brucetta.......FOR DOUBLE DAMAGE*

Leanne: *throws grenade at Clone Leanne*

Clone Leanne: *shoots Brucetta*

Clone Brucetta: *throws another batarang at Leanne............STUN*

Leanne: *stunned*

Clone Leanne: *shoots Leanne*

Clone Brucetta: *throws batarang at Brucetta..............NO DAMAGE*

Leanne: *shoots Clone Leanne*

Clone Leanne: *shoots Brucetta*

Clone Brucetta: *kicks Leanne in the gut..............FOR DOUBLE DAMAGE*

Leanne: >.> *shoots Clone Leanne*

Brucetta: *Throws batarang at Clone Brucetta*

Clone Leanne: *shoots Leanne, KOing her, STUN BUT SHE'S DEAD SO YEAH*

Brucetta: NOOOO! Nobody defeats my teammate! *Punches Clone Leanne in the face!*

Clone Brucetta: *punches Brucetta in the face!*

Brucetta: NOOO!!! My make up! *throws a batarang at Clone Brucetta*

Clone Leanne: *pokes Brucetta in the shoulder, KOing her*


Cliff & Avery

Clone Cliff: ...........*eyes turn red*

Clone Avery: ...........*gets cannon arm ready*

(Same system as Zephyr/Vashyron)

Cliff.......I-its kinda weird......not fighting with.........h-him........*teary eyed, blasts Goetia at Clone Cliff*

Avery: Look, it's not the time to cry unless you want to die! Save the tears for after the battle's outcome......and I'll somehow get you an ice cream if it makes a difference. *blasts beam at Clone Cliff*

Clone Cliff: *whacks axe at Avery............DOUBLE DAMAGE*

Clone Avery: *punches Cliff in the face*

Cliff: *Trying his best not to cry, blasts Clone Cliff with Aversa's Night*

Avery: *uppercuts Clone Cliff*

Clone Cliff: *throws tomahauk at Cliff.............STUNNING HIM*

Clone Avery: *uppercuts Avery*

Cliff: *stunned*

Avery: *uses cannon arm to shoot Clone Cliff*

Clone Cliff: *whacks axe at Clif...............DOUBLE DAMAGE*

Clone Avery: *shoots beam at Avery*

Cliff: *cries for a moment*......N-nngh.........*Blasts magic at Clone Cliff with Nosferatu*

Clone Cliff: *dies, hugging a dead clone Sparro*

Avery: *uppercuts Clone Avery*

Clone Avery: *sweep kicks Avery...............STUNNING HIM*

Cliff: *Hurls magic at Clone Avery with Book of Naga*

Avery: *stunned*

Clone Avery: *kicks Cliff.................DOUBLE DAMAGE*

Cliff: ................*Crying, hits Clone Avery with Flux tome*

Lily & Mike

Clone Lily: .........*wearing a different outfit*

Clone Mike: ..........*turns into Manitoba Smith*

(Same battle system as Zephyr/Vashyron)


Duke: AND ZEPHYR AND VASHYRON WIN! *Kills all the other clones with bow and arrows* I need to buy more arrows...............anyways, shout out to Leanne and Brucetta for..............getting KOed? Um, sure? Anyways, Zephyr and Vashyron have immunity. But there's a twist. The chat will be before the vote today. So yeah. Everyone but Zephyr and Vashyron is on the block.

Merged Chat

Brucetta: *Thinks about who to vote off*

Zephyr and Leanne: FINALLY! *making out*

Hosts Chat

Morrigan: *bored* Lets see, who shall I seduce today?

Jedah Dohma: *flies in* Morrigan, there you are! *punches her repeatedly*

Morrigan: Okay, that was rude. What are you doing here?

Jedah Dohma: Ive come to defeat you once and for all! Oh....can we do this in the Makai Realm? Its kinda cramped here.

Morrigan: Sure, BYE DUKE! IM LEAVING! *Flies with Jedah Dohma to the Makai Realm*

Duke: Bye........? I guess I'll just go to Chris' office to see any other co-host applicants. *walks into Chris' office*

KOS-MOS: *In a sleeping chamber nearby*

Duke: *finds sleeping chamber as soon as he walks in* ..............Is there a dead body in there? I don't trust Chris enough to assure myself there isn't. *opens chamber*

KOS-MOS: *system awakens* System startup. Systems green. Scanning for Chris McLean. Chris McLean's status: DEAD. Scanning memory for new host. *scans* Host identified as Duke, recurring competitor alongside Leo, a current prisoner. Hello Duke, I am yours to command.

Duke: Is that all I'm really known for.........? Anyways, who are you?

KOS-MOS: I am a battle android, KOS-MOS. I was programmed to serve and protect the Total Drama Neighborhood Host, and only the host, unless instructured otherwise. I was built to serve Chris McLean, but was shut down after his passing........NYAAAAAAAAA................Voice malfunction confirmed..........

Duke: Yeah..........he's a zombie if you want to somehow have tea with him, whenever we catch him or something? Also............are you sure you didn't catch the Nya part from Henry?

KOS-MOS: Chris McLean is no longer the host, I only serve the host. I cannot drink tea.....or make contact with any liquid, or I would die. Scanning memory of Henry. *scans* Henry, dark mage, participant of Total Drama Dark Neighborhood and Neighborhood Anew. No known confrontation of Henry-Nya.

Duke: ............When did my life get so weird?

KOS-MOS: Ever since you became a host. My intelligence in memory banks support that a host's life gets 75% weirder after accepting the occupation. Awaiting furthur instructions.

Duke: ................Just keep doing what you're doing. I'm going to go put up th e elimination. Nice to meet you, I guess? *walks away*

Elimination Ceremony 14 - Mergers

Duke: Okay, so some news: Morrigan has left as co-host to get beat up by some guy in the Makai Realm so............KOS-MOS the Battle Android is be here? I didn't have time to chat with her and drink tea which would then kill her............but yeah. Anyways, Zephyr, Vashyron, you two are safe. Everyone else is fair game. Time limit is 45 minutes on voting. Good luck.

Duke: Okay so it's been a majority vote already anyways no votes for anyone but Avery and Lily............and the last one safe is................Avery. Sorry Lily, but you got votes in a landslide, better luck next time?

KOS-MOS: Elimination complete. Now initiating kick-out phase. *Grabs Lily and chucks her* Kick out phase......complete.......

Zephyr and Leanne: *Making out*

KOS-MOS: *scans the two* Couple identified as Zephyr and Leanne, a couple from a video game called Resonance of Fate, which made positive to mixed reviews. Couple is known for killing numerous Neighborhood staff. You two must be punished....

Zephyr: Huh? what?

KOS-MOS: initiating extermination mode. *sprouts chainsaws from arms*

Leanne: Oh s***! *runs away with Zephyr*

KOS-MOS: I will complete my mission......*Chases the two*

Zephyr and Leanne: *get on a random helicopter that flies away*


Brucetta: *comes out of bathroom* O.0 What happened while I away?

Vashyron: ................Oh what the- why haven't I been chased off? 

Duke: I think you were forgotten...............anyways, I'll let you slide for now? I wasn't even aiming to get them out but...................thanks KOS-MOS? Anyways, you can stop with the chainsaws.

KOS-MOS:  *chainsaws go back in arms* As you commans. My apologies, I was unseuccessful in my mission.

Duke: ......................That was never your mission, I told you to lecture them and Vashyron, not chase them off and forget about Vashyron- but it's fine.

Brucetta: O_O....*returns to the bathroom*

KOS-MOS: Understood. Entering standby mode, awaiting furthur instructions.

Episode 15 - The Masked "Magician"

???: *Running through forest* Is he gone?

Zombie Chris: *chasing ???*

???: Alright, I've had it! Better now or never. My magic..........never fails...........anyways...........*shoots wand at Zombie Chris, accidentally releasing a rabbit* Oh why do you do this Leonbunny? Why?

Zombie Chris: *eats Leonbunny*

???: LEONBUNNY! Alright, that's the last straw..........


Duke: Okay, so who's ready for the challenge?

Cliff:............I-I ..........g-guess.........

Duke: Okay so, there's a Masked Magician in the forest having a showdown with Zombie Chris. You guys have to find your way to him. Here are the rules:

Pick left or right.

You have 10 minutes or else your direction will be

The righ- CORRECT direction will be chosen by

Last two standing get to the Masked Magician and assist him in his battle.

Also on an unrelated note, Lydia's back.

Duke: KOS-MOS will come save you if you get lost, so yeah. Anyways, go!

KOS-MOS: Understood.

Cliff:.............*goes right*

Brucetta: *leaves Bathroo and heads Left*

Vashyron: *heads left*

Avery: *goes right*

*Lydia goes right*

*Mike goes left*

*Everyone who went to the right got lost*

Duke: Okay, only Brucetta, Vashyron, and Mike left. Good luck.

Brucetta: *Goes Left*

Vashyron: *goes left*

*Mike goes right*

*Everyone who went right got lost*

*Brucetta and Vashyron reach ??? and Zombie Chris only for ??? to be gone and Zombie Chris to be slain*

Vashyron: Woah.......

Brucetta: Is it too late to the bathroom?

Vashyron: ........How do we even get back anyways?

Brucetta: *pulls out a Bat-GPS* With my GPS, we will never be lost!

Vulture: *steals Bat-GPS*


Vashyron: ........

???: Need a way back?

Brucetta: *nods*

???: Behold, with this cape shoved aside gently, you will be back with the rest. *shoves cape aside and accidentally gets himself back to camp with them* Oh wait. Stupid cape. I WILL MASTER MY TRICKS SOME DAY!*disappears*

Brucetta: Thank you!

Vashyron: Thanks.

Duke: Okay, Vashyron and Brucetta win! Everyone else...........up for elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 15 - Mergers

KOS-MOS: Beginning elimination green. memory shows you all know how voting works. Awaiting votes.

KOS-MOS: Majority of the contestants have voted. Voting complete. Scanning votes.......scanning complete. Deleting votes from page.....deletion complete. Eliminated contestant identified as Mike-NYAAAAAAAA.......Beginning elimination.........*Takes off her head and puts it in Mike's hands, as it explodes* *head instantly regenerates back on her shoulders* Elimination complete. Systems green-NYAAA

Final 5 Chat

Duke: Okay, so final 5. Congrats: Brucetta, Vashyron, Avery, Lydia, and Cliff. Anyways, we have people who have come to see you, so yeah.

Brucetta and Alfred Reunion

Brucetta: ALFReD!!! Guess what...I'M A WOMAN!!! *hugs Alfred*

Alfred Cardboard Cut-Out: *stands there smiling*

Brucetta: If only Mr. Fox could be with us! Alfred...make me some cookies!

Alfred Cardboard Cut-Out: *stands there smiling*

Brucetta:.....Playing hard too get huh....fine! I'll give you a pay raise...if you make me cookies...NOW!

Alfred Cardboard Cut-Out: *stands there smiling*

Brucetta: Enough with the silent treatment...thats my job!

Howard DonaldMc and Lydia Reunion

Lydia: Hi. Don't stare at me.

Howard DonaldMc: *fat clown, crying* Y U DO DIS? Y U HATE ME? *Bans Lydia from DonaldsMc for life and runs away, stomping and crying*

Lydia: Geez, dude, chill. LITERALLY. *pulls out freeze ray and shoots Howard DonaldMc*

Howard DonaldMc: *godplays and keeps running because the reason we all hate him is because he godplays :D*

Lydia: Great. *chases Howard McFatty* Hey SLOW DOWN! LITERALLY... AGAIN! *shoots syrup gun at McFatty*

Howard DonaldMc: *uses his face to shoot it back at Lydia* TROLOLOLOLOL!

Lydia: Ow! *eats syrup* *throws water grenade*

Howard DonaldMc: *summons Chuck Norris*


Lydia: I need something better than your ERP of history lines. 

Gizmo's Ghost and Vashyron Reunion


Gizmo's Ghost: KOS-MOS used a device to get me out of Zephyr's head based on the past. I like potatoes. *smiles creepily*

Vashyron: ...............Good enough.

Gizmo's Ghost: ............Zephyr's a dirty boy.

Vashyron: What?

Gizmo's Ghost: NOTHING.

Sparro's Ghost and Cliff Reunion

Cliff: *Bursts into tears of joy by Sparro's presence*

Kid in a Ghost Costume: I'm Sparro. WOOT. Those are my lines right?

Cliff:........>.>....................*Grabs an axe*..........GET OUT YOU LITTLE- *2 hours of creepy insults later* 

Kid in a Ghost Costume: I'm Sparro. WOOT. I think I'm getting this down pretty good. Also don't curse, my mommy thinks that isn't nice. :(

Cliff: I'LL SHOW YOU SOMETHING THAT ISNT NICE YOU LITTLE A** WIPE! >.> *blasts the kid way with a Goetia tome*

Kid in a Ghost Costume: I'M TELLING MOMMY! *Runs around in circles, sobbing*

Cliff:......*Teary eyed*.........I-im......s-sorry.....*hugs the boy*

Kid in a Ghost Costume's Mom: THAT'S IT RANDOM BOY I HAVE NEVER MET, YOU'RE GETTING A SPANKING! *Spanks Cliff with spiked on the bottom gloves*

Cliff: *crying* (CONF) Being spanked......f-feels my dreams........O-only then........Sparoo was spanking me..................DONT JUDGE ME! >.>

Kid in a Ghost Costume's Mom: *stops* .........*slaps Cliff repeatedly, then goes back to spanking him*

Cliff: *still crying* 

Kid in a Ghost Costume's Mom: *grabs spiked climbing boots and throws them at Cliff's...........yeah........for a bullseye*

Cliff: *still crying, voice slightly higher than normal*

KiaGCM: *grabs spiked climbing boots and DIRECTLY hits Cliff's........yeah.........with them*

Cliff: *Unconscious, whimpering*

KiaGCM: *Pants Cliff and continously hits him in the.......yeah..........with the spiked climbing boots as hard as she can*

Cliff: *wakes up, crying*

KiaGCM: *Stabs Cliff with a knife directly in the........yeah*

Cliff: *crying* STAHP IT! *Voice is a lot more high pitched than usual*

KiaGCM: *stabs him even harder in the......yeah*

Avery: *walks in* .................*Uses cannon arm to shoot KiaGCM stunning her* .................What's happening?

Cliff:.........L-lady.....assaulted me......both front and back is sore.........*crying*

Avery: ............I'll go call a hospital.


Weenie Hut Jr. Hospital People: *automatically arrive before Avery has a chance to call, put a bandaid on his........yeah, randomly stab his.........yeah............., and leave*

Avery: ............Did it work?

Cliff: *crying*......n-no........>.>........

Kid in a Ghost Costume: *randomly grabs a chainsaw, turns it on and throws it right onto Cliff's yeah..........with a bullseye hit*

Cliff: *crying*

???: *Randomly shoots wand at Kid in a Ghost Costume and his mom and accidentally kills them in a flash* NO, WHY! I MEANT TO MAKE THEM DISAPPEAR! ..............Ta-da? *runs away*


Avery: Yeah, I'm not trusting hospitals. We'll have to hope you recover by yourself...........even though you probably won't, it's better than getting another band-aid and getting stabbed again.

Cliff:........I-I guess.........*cries*

Avery: Okay, I'll scan your condition and tell you what will happen, no sugar coating.


Avery: *scans Cliff* ............ *Looks into the future by going into a temporary coma*

Cliff: *patiently waits*............

-The Future-

*images of a corrupted body killing thousands as Cliff tries to run, carrying his heavy pump for his.......yeah.......*

Avery: *in mind* This is like the future but without zombies......and Cliff's heavy pump. I need to see further........but.............I can't, I'm waking up. *wakes up from coma*

Cliff: ...........S-so...........w-what did you......s-see.....?

Avery: *knowing Cliff's pain, decides to not tell him about the events yet* ......I'll only say, you'll build more muscular endurance.

Cliff:........I-Is that......a good thing....?

Avery: *decides to only tell him about.........yeah......* No. know what, never recovers and you have to use a heavy pump.


Avery: On the bright build muscular endurance?

Cliff: ........N-not......worth it.........

Avery: If only I had tools from the future, I could find some other replacement that won't slow you down.

Cliff: *Hugs Avery, still crying*

Avery: Just tell me when you're done so I can go think..........

Cliff: *sighs, lets go*

Avery: You can hug me when I'm done, but I need to take a look at something........


That One Kid Paid By Duke to Be Here and Avery Reunion

One Kid: ................HAHAHAHAHA CYBOR- *Shot*

Avery: Okay, it actually wasn't me. I'll just leave.......*leaves*

Episode 15 - So You Want to be the Master?

Duke: Okay, so, hello final 5. Good job on making it this far.

Brucetta: Alfred wouldn't talk to me...or make me cookies... *starts crying*

Cliff: ............................s-still better........t-than

Vashyron: My day was creepy. Gizmo now officially creeps me out.

Avery: I have no idea what happened.

KOS-MOS: Gizmo is an inaminate object. Knowledge suggests you are slowly losing sanity.

Vashyron: ........You're the one who took him out of Zephyr's head. And he talks creepily there too.

Duke: Okay, I only hired the kids. KOS-MOS got the other people. I'm pretty sure we both equally creeped you out. Which is great for this challenge.

KOS-MOS: I do not recall such a command given me, Vashyron. Continue, Duke.

Vashyron: Alright, so who's lying the robot or the ghost?

Duke: Um.............we scheduled for Zephyr or Leanne to be there, I actually have no idea why Gizmo's ghost showed up.

Vashyron: ..................Wait what?

Duke: you all know, freaky stuff has been happening in the Neighborhood. Well, now some random guy is hunting you all as bounty as well as KOS-MOS and me so your job is to stop him.

Cliff: ..........T-there are other bounties.........Besides

KOS-MOS: Correct.


Vashyron: Which reminds me................

Duke: Yeah?

Vashyron: I have a solo job I'm being asked to do, which is very good money and seeing as how I'm starting to hate KOS-MOS and no longer have Zephyr or Leanne here, I'll just be leaving. You can keep the Chef. Cheesy Cookbooks, I've moved on to Henry Dazzle Magazines where Henry shows fun ways to use weapons. So see ya. *jumps into a manhole and is gone in an instant*

KOS-MOS: Vashyron, the carefree playboy, has quit. 

Duke: You know, you don't have to state what was just stated..........anyways, he probably just escaped the Killer's wrath but you 4 and KOS-MOS and I haven't. Okay so the first part of the challenge is to escape the killer's wrath. (5 lines) The last person to escape is eliminated. TWIST. You see, not so ordinary now? Extraordinar- I have no idea how people made that joke work back where I'm from..........anyways, RUN!

Brucetta: *runs from the Killer! (1)

Avery: *runs from killer* (1)

Brucetta: *runs from the Killer! (2)

Cliff: *runs* (1)

Avery: *runs* (2)

Cliff: *runs* (2)

Avery: *runs* (3)

Cliff: *Runs* (3)

Brucetta: *runs from the Killer! (3)

Cliff: *runs* (4)

Avery: *runs* (4)

Cliff: *escapes*

Avery: *escapes by teleporting away*

Brucetta: *runs from the Killer! (4)

Killer: *closesn in on Brucetta and Lydia*

Brucetta: *escapes by hiding in the bathrrom*

KOS-MOS: Challenge, over, Lydia is the last to complete the challenge. 

Killer: *grabs Lydia and disappears, dropping bounty list*

Bounty List:


Vashyron - Missing

Duke - Alive

KOS-MOS - Alive

Cliff - Alive

Avery - Alive

Brucetta - Alive

Lydia - Captured

Duke: Okay so.........Lydia is out. And we have our finalists! Congrats guys!

Brucetta: *uses Bat-Phone* Hey Alfred...guess what? I'M A FINALIST!!!

Cliff:.........A-again.......? ..........Y-yay........*Hugs Avery*

Avery: Phew.

Brucetta: *starts dancing* (CONF) Wow...being turned into a woman...certainly has been a weird experiance...

Finalist Chat

Avery: ............

Cliff:........H-hey.............I-is something.........wrong......?

Avery: Well, in the future...........practically nothing was changed.............only dead flesh scents fill the air instead of zombies. A corrupted body kills many and I didn't see myself there to stop it.


Avery: No, it's because you killed him this must have happened for the Hero Sword would have fought off any corruption.........

Cliff:........*breaks down*

Avery: Cliff, I know you've been in pain for these last days, but this is no time to cry, we must find a solution.


Brucetta: *sips tea*

Avery: Try to think, what could have caused this.


Brucetta: *takes a nap*

Avery: It couldn't be him. Hmm, I have to look into this. Until then I quit the competition......

Cliff:.........................*b**** slaps Avery hard across the face, then runs away, crying*

Avery: It's a matter of life and death and he's just worried about being alone. I'm doing this to protect him too, that idiot.........

Duke: Oh, well Avery has quit, but you can't leave since the finale voting is up.

Vote Cliff or Brucetta - MERGERS ONLY

Duke: Yep, we'll go in order of latest elimination to first elimination of the merge. Avery?

Avery: I vote Cliff.

Duke: Lydia?

Lydia: Brucetta.

Duke: Vashyron?

Vashyron: ...............I don't really care, but Cliff because he took stabs to the nuts and that takes guts.

Duke: Mike?

Mike: Cliff

Duke: Leanne?

Leanne: Brucetta.

Duke: Zephyr?

Zephyr: Brucetta

Duke: Sparro's Ghost?

(Counting this vote as Sparro since I played as him)

Kid in a Ghost Costume: Brucetta! CLIFF'S A MEANIE! D:

Duke: I'd ask Lily to vote but we don't have that time, we have another season to start and a few people waiting so in a 4-3 vote, the winner is...................


Duke: Congrats Brucetta! If we had actually gotten Sparro's Ghost you would have lost but we didn't so, congrats! Any words you'd like to say to your fans?

Brucetta: *tears form around his/her eyes* Thank you I have one thing to say...



Random Guy: *steals million dollars*


Brucetta: Thank you!!! *grabs suitcase* I wish Alfred could see this!

Mike: I WON??? I WON IM THE NEW FAMILY WIZARD!!!..... Wrong game...... my bad.....