Chris: I KNEW, I KNEW, I COULDN'T TRUST DANTE TO CARRY A BARF BAG! SERIOUSLY! HE DROPPED A BARF BAG OF OOZE! IT WAS AS HEAVY AS 1 POUND! COME ON! Well, um, we have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ooze, kind of like toxic, infecting the area. ANOTHER REVENGE OF THE STUPID ISLAND! Thanks Dante......thanks a lot. Luckily we've managed to remove some of it but my hot forever gone. *cries*

Re-Re-Sign-Ups (CLOSED)

1. Amy - The Impatient Malfested Girl - DaRealLeon

2. La Cazadora - The Female Luchadore - DaRealLeon

3. Nina - The Secret Assassin - DaRealLeon

4. Miles - The Laidback Guy who's too cool for school - TrentFan

5. (Debuter) Ike - The Semi-Dark Swordsman - TrentFan - WINNER

6. Kobe - The Pushover The Artistic Sketcher- TrentFan

7. Inca - The Eco Lover - Liamliamliam

8. Justin-Jake - The "Normal" One - Liamliamliam

9. My - The First Bro - MRace2010

10. Name - The Second Bro - MRace2010

11. Is - The Third Bro - MRace2010

12. Radia - The Gleaming Beauty - ParaGoomba348

13. Davy Jones - The Pirate - ParaGoomba348

14. Eddie - The Kinda Cool Guy - ParaGoomba348

15. Gia - The Perfectionist - Stars&Straps20

16. Billy - The Annoying Nerd - Stars&Straps20

17. Brendan-The Calculating Guy-Phyneo

18. Jessica-The Sports Chick-Phyneo

19. Bruce-The Guy who loves Batman-Phyneo

20. Lily-The Sexy girl- LxJ

21. Lara-The Sweet girl- LxJ

22. Marshall Lee- The Vampire King- Berryleaf

23. Mark - The Bad Boy - Sunsummer7

24. Dorothy - The Sweet, Adventurous Girl - Sunsummer7

25. (Debuter) Link - The Hyrulian Hero - CaptainSparklez13

26. (Debuter) Mike - The Multi-Personalities - CaptainSparklez13 - WINNER

Elimination Table

Rank Character Team Played By:
28th Lara Purple Puppies LxJ
27th Lily Purple Puppies LxJ
26th My Mishima Assassins MRace
25th Justin-Jake Mishima Assassins Liamliamliam
24th Name Sky Strikers MRace
23rd Is Sky Strikers MRace
22nd Mark Mishima Assassins Sunsummer
20th Dorothy Purple Puppies Sunsummer
19th Radia Violet Seahorses ParaGoomba
18th Nina Violet Seahorses DaRealLeon
16th Brendan Violet Seahorses Phyneo
15th Cazadora Aqua Dolphins DaRealLeon
14th Billy Aqua Dolphins Stars&Straps
13th Miles Orange Lobsters TrentFan
12th Eddie Somebodies ParaGoomba
11th Gia Rockers Stars&Straps
10th Davy Jones Mergers ParaGoomba
9th Jessica Mergers Phyneo
8th Bruce Mergers Phyneo
21st/7th Marshall Lee Mergers Berryleaf
6th Amy Mergers DaRealLeon
5th/4th Link Mergers CaptainSparklez
4th/5th Kobe Mergers TrentFan
17th/3rd Inca Mergers Liamliamliam
1st Mike Mergers CaptainSparklez
1st Ike Mergers TrentFan

Episode 1 - Them Colors


Cazadora: YAY, WOOHOO!!!

Nina: I dont need you tell me what to watch out for >.>


Brendan: Someone certainly is excited.

Jessica: Yeah! Total Drama this season is mine!

Bruce: *dressed like Batman* Hi I'm I'm Batman!

Chris: Okay then.........

Drake: Hi, I hope you don't mind if I brought this pie. *holds up random pie* What? I needed a rhyme. Hopefully I'm not judged for it this time.


Gia: *Arrives* hello world! Gia has arriv- *sees that Nina's shoes is untied* oh, that's not perfect. *ties her shoe* All better!

Billy: *arrives* Hello humans. The name is Billy. But if you would like you can call me by my pen name that I will use when I write my physics book. Dr. Bill.

My: Hi

Name: To

Is: Everyone

Nina *to Gia* MY SHOES DONT HAVE TIES! Cant you see that this is an assassin suit?

Miles:, what's up? *to anyone*

Bruce: This camp...Is full of good people...ready to compete!

Kobe: Yeah, I bet. (CONF) Hopefully I manage to assert myself sometime when I'm here......

Miles: Yeah, everyone looks cool so far.

Gia: *to Nina* Oh, then you really need shoelaces, gurl. Oh your hair is a little messed up let me get that for you. *fixes her hair*

Nina: >.>

Billy: Wow, this toxic neighborhood is scientifically impossible. And awesome!

Drake: It is? Well, now I know this.

Cazadora: YAY! wait, is competeing in toxic safe?

Miles: Probably not.

Cazadora: Oh, as long as my mask doesnt get vaporized I'll be fine ^-^

Miles: Alright, cool.

Drake: This toxic is really weird. I guess it's better than a Neighborhood run by Blackbeard.

Billy: Actually, competing with toxic is quite dangerous. The slightest of smell and touch of it can be a hazard to the nasal passages and to the skin. The skin will become one bubbly mess and rip off in the blink of the eye and the nose airways can become swollen and suffocate unless you are an experienced mouth breather but if you are you will still die in a matter of seconds.

Chris: Okay. TEAM TIME! The team captains will be: Cazadora the Explorer, Drake the Random, and Justin-Jake the freak, in that order (some random people who came to mind). Okay Cazadora, you're up first. (USERS, YOU CAN NOT PICK YOUR OTHER CHARACTERS UNTIL THE SECOND TURN)

Cazadora: Miles, come on down and you can be my ally!

Drake: Nina, I choose you. I think a rhyme was overdue.

JJ: i pick name

Cazadora: Amy, you seem nice.

Drake: My, you are on my team. You're the second one, it seems.

JJ: Inca.

Cazadora: Kobe.

Drake: Mark. As long as you don't bark.

JJ: Billy.

Cazadora: Gia...........I guess.

Drake: Batman (Bruce) seems nice. I pick him, hoping he's not as cold as ice.

JJ: Brendan.

Cazadora: Dorothy.

Drake: Radia doesn't seem bad. I choose you, no need to be sad.

JJ: Is.

Cazadora: Lara

Drake: Marshall Lee, you get to be on this team made by me.

JJ: Jessica.

Cazadora: Lily.

Drake: Davy Jones, you can come with us, by the way, does your locker really have bones?

JJ: Eddie.

Chris: AND THE TEAMS ARE SET! You guys have ten minutes to chat before something else happens.

Brendan: Hey team! I'm Brendan!

Chris: Okay since only Brendan is talking let's move on. Today's challenge...............TEAM NAMES AND COLORS! The captains will have to approve, but since Justin-Jake is currently asleep *points at JJ sleeping* Brendan will be the one to approve for his team. The Captain may not come up with a team name, their team must think of one. The captain picks the colors though. MAKE IT MATCH YOUR NAME!

Mark: I was thinking the Vicious Vipers.

Dorothy: The Purple Puppies.  

Cazadora: Nice one Dorothy, anyone else?

Kobe: The Amazing Astros?

Drake: *to Mark* Nice I like it, anymore ideas before the cannon's lit?

Jessica: How about the Sky Strikers?

Cazadora: hmmmmm..... Im going with Purple Puppies ^-^

Nina: Mishima Assassins

Bruce: The Batman Brawlers?

Drake: Alright, I like the Mishima Assassins, it's really good. It matches the spirit of the Neighborhood. The color is red. Enough said.

Brendan: we aren't getting any other suggestions... and out captain is sleeping... I guess we will go with Sky Strikers and the color is green. Cause green represents wind and whatnot.

Chris: Alright! Nice names, they're all fierce.......except the Purple Puppies. I like the colors they all match their name, Brendan explained his, Purple Puppies is self-explanitory, Mishima Assassins is red for blood. However, Purple Puppies doesn't really fit in, so you guys lose and THE OTHER TEAMS WIN! Purple Puppies, I'll see you at elimination.

Cazadora: Oh well, nice effort team.

Gia: The Purple Puppies really? I would've gone with the Perfect Perfectionists. *looks at her team* Oh, you guys do not look perfect.

Miles: Well, I guess it could be worse. I could be uncool.

Elimination Ceremony 1 - Purple Puppies

Chris: Alright a bunch of newbies..........and MIles. Anyways, the voting system is: you vote in the confessional and when majority votes against someone is cast, I'll delete the votes and stuff. Alright vote!

Chris: Alright, today we will be giving tacos to the people safe. Alright, the people safe are: Miles! *throws* Amy! *throws* Kobe! *throws* Lily! *throws* Gia! *throws* and Dorothy! *throws* Lara, Cazadora there is only one taco left and it goes to *both look nervously at the taco* ............................Cazadora! *throws* Lara, you're gone! Sorry gal.

Purple Puppies Lunch Chat

Chris: For losing we serve...........stale crackers, chunky milk, and the tacos you got yesterday. Enjoy!

Amy: :/

Cazadora: Usually my road crew provides better.....oh well

Miles: Aw. This food is uncool.

Dorothy: *to Miles* I'll trade you my milk for your crackers.

Gia: This lunch is so not good for my perfect skin...

Amy: Can I not eat at all?

Chris: Sure. Okay, we'll have a giveaway for Amy's food. WHO WANTS HER CRACKERS, RAISE YOUR HAND?

Dorothy: *raises hand*

Chris: *throws stale crackers in a bag to Dorothy* ALRIGHT, WHO WANTS HER CHUNKY MILK, RAISE YOUR HAND? No one? Then I'll pick.......Cazadora. *throws chunky milk at Cazadora* Dare do any wrestling move against me and you're removed and sued. I'll keep the taco. Have a nice day. :)

Cazadora: Good thing I have OVER 9000 other luchadore suits ^-^ *Puts another one on*

Miles: Cool. *looking at lunch*'t say the same about the food.

Mishima Assassins Lunch Chat

Chris: For winning we serve........Steak, Orange Juice, and Salads. Enjoy!

Mark: *eats steak and salad, sips OJ*

Drake: *eats steak* Mmmm!

Bruce: *eats steak* You wanna know... why I eat steaks? Salads are eaten too fast, you can't savour all the little juiciness.

Nina: *Grabs salad*

My: *grabs orange juice and steak* Oh no

Marshall Lee: Sweet stuff. *eats*

Davy Jones: Arrgh! This be much better than what I be eatin' on me ship! (Eats very quickly)

Radia: I can't believe I won! (Smiles) Eddie's probably happy I won.

Davy Jones: (Mouth is full) You be likin' Eddie?

Radia: (Smiles) No, not really, but I think he likes me.

Bruce: (CONF) The team name assassins concerns me...They are a symbol of there must be great evil within this neighborhood!

Radia: I hope not.

Davy Jones: Evil? That reminds me of when I be fightin' The Kraken! Me mates and I be fightin' it for days! I finally killed it with a stab of me sword! Like a real pirate! Arrgh!

Sky Strikers Lunch Chat

Chris: For winning we serve.........Hot Wings, Apple Juice, and Chow Mein. Enjoy!

Brendan: Yes! Nice job team! *digs in*

Billy: Did you know back in the "Golden Age" as people called it, Cave mean and women eat rocks and leaves?

Brendan:....No I did not know that. Thanks for that...information.

Name: *grabs hotwings and apple juice* I am

Is: *grabs chow mein and apple juice* Lonely

Justin-Jake: Sorry for not being there guys. But at least we won! Great job Brendan!

Eddie: Man, this is great! We won! Wonder what we're doing tomorrow? (Eats) Anyway, I hope either our team or Radia's team wins.

Jessica: Why do you care about Radia's team? Do you have a thing for her or something?

Eddie: What? No, no. It's just... she's a friend, you know. A really really good friend. (CONF: No one can know...)

Brendan: A good friend? Like someone that you would do anything to help keep her in the game?

Eddie: (He sounds like he's lying) Well... we kind of had an agreement to keep each other in the game, it's sorta like an alliance. Yeah, lik-like an alliance! Yeah!

Brendan: *raises eyebrows* alliance. Well as long as you support your team first, then there shouldn't be any problems. So I take it that you want to target the purple puppies?

Eddie: Oh no, I don't play the target game. I just agree to keep Radia in the game. You know, cause she's my friend and I don't think of her as anything besides a friend so don't worry about it!

Brendan: All right. *returns to the food*

Episode 2 - Everybody's a Critic


Bruce: Hello Citizen... I mean Chris!

Chris: Okay, I know it's late and I bet many of you are wondering- those who actually showed up- why are we here Chris? Well I'm about to answer that.

Brendan: Alright.

Chris: Alright for your challenge you will be critiquing a MOVIE OR VIDEO GAME that isn't something like Fruit Ninja or Angry Birds please (as it's hardly anything worthy of critiquing). The team with the most points wins.. So choose a video game that's easy to critique for you like Sonic '06, Bubsy 3D for the bad games, and Kid Icarus: Uprising and Sonic Generations for good games (if you like/hate these games, I'm just giving my own examples). So you may begin. (Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, and all other iPad games aren't recommended, nor is the main series Pokemon games, when you're editing please post that you're editing first. Thank you)

(ParaGoomba348's editing)

Eddie: Okay, I'm going to be critiquing the game EarthBound. It is a great game that I definitely recommend, especially if you like humor and RPG's. It is incredibly funny, because you fight enemies like New Age Retro Hippies and Unassuming Local Guys and the game talks to you as well during some segments of it. It is chock-full of novelties and things that don't matter, though. If you play through it without talking to anyone, you miss out on a lot of the humor. Even without the hidden stuff, you go from riding in a Yellow Submarine to fighting a Diamond Dog and a whole bunch of stuff like that. But what about the actual gameplay? Well, that's easy. There's a bunch of great Pokemon-like fights, and the HP system is so much different from any other game. It rolls down and up as the round progresses, you could technically win a battle after taking a hit that KO'ed you. The graphics are vibrant and fun, and the characters are enjoyable. It is the best game I've ever played and I want you all to try it out.

Chris: Nice, very descriptive, sounds like a good game, you've persuaded me to want it, rich in detail. 10/10

Davy Jones: I be tellin' ye about Pirates of The Caribbean, the first one. I be hatin' it! Pirates ain't be handsome! We be ugly scurvy dogs! It be a disgrace to all pirates! They be makin' a movie about me life and that be a good pirate movie!

Chris: It's funny, I'll give it that. 4/10

Radia: ...I don't watch movies or play video games. I'll let Davy Jones handle this one.

(TrentFan is now editing)

Kobe: Alright, I'm going to be critiquing Mario Kart 7. This game is great, great courses, lovable kart customizations, and great online racings. This game has brought back many lovable courses such as Waluigi Pinball, Coconut Mall, and the SNES Rainbow Road, which is the first Rainbow Road EVER to return from an old game. The long-awaited kart customizing was great as you can make some original karts and call it your very own customization and share the secret with others, plus it's just a lot more freedom. You can also drive in 1st person which is a blast. The only thing that came as a good and bad surprise was the character roster. There were some good and well-liked characters added in like Wiggler and Shy Guy, while some were stupidly added in like Metal Mario, who most claim is just a palette swap and Honey Queen who has had no impact on the Mario series. They also removed a fan-favorite character, Waluigi, which many people hated, like me, claiming adding in Waluigi Pinball without Waluigi was a slap in the face. However, all the other lovable content in this game make up for it and make this game great. I highly recommend this game-as long as your favorite wasn't Waluigi-, it's worth your time.

Chris: (Graded by ParaGoomba348) 10/10 because Waluigi is awesome. (quote)

Drake: My review would take for days, so hopefully my team will amaze.

Miles: I am reviewing Sonic '06. This game was false advertising and was a pile of trash. It was rushed, Sonic was slow, the enemies were like, designed for Silver, in fact this STORY and GAME was designed for Silver, this was a let-down, this started the bad Sonic era. Shadow was also stupid in this game and needed an automobile for EVERYTHING while the others didn't and Princess Elise was un-needed and just ruined Sonic's storyline. The only thing good about this game is the music and graphics. Everything else sucks and is uncool. Also the boss fights against Silver (with Sonic or Shadow) are annoying and hard, while the boss fights when Silver (against Sonic or Shadow) are also annoying and hard. This game should have just been named Silver and Shadow should have just been cut out as they could have made the story without him.

Chris: (Graded by ParaGoomba348) 8/10 I kinda liked that game, but the review put the perspective to me. (quote)

Marshall Lee: I will review Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.  It is a fun game, but not exactly how you may first think of it.  It is not like Smash Bros., because in that game you can kill your opponent with any sort of hit.  In PS All-Stars however, you need to charge up your supers to be able to kill your opponents. (All though Supers can miss). It doesn't have unlockable characters unless you count those you buy in the PS store.  Instead it has many custimization features to customize your profile and characters as you level you characters up.  It is fun to play with your friends, but if you're online it is annoying.  Most people are better than you, and if they're not they'll disconnect at the last 10 seconds and you don't get any credit for it.  Overall, I give the game an 8.5.

Chris: You made this game sound fun but not perfect like it probably is and pointed out precise details. Nice job. 10/10

My: Alright! I'll critic Need For Speed Underground. This game was the first of the second era, which was possibly the best one of the Need For Speed series. This game is actually feature clandestine races, obviously. The game features a quite low number of cars and a set of car modifies, which is not huge like the sequel. The story of this game (which haves 111 or so challenges), is very good, despite not very big (it takes at least 8 hours to complete the game......ok it's big) and the gameplay is good too. There are 4 types of races. Circuits (which also feature the elimination mode and the time attack mode), Sprints (also time attack is here), Drag and Drift. The music is real and it's a mix of rock and rap, just like that guys who clandestine races. The game is good, and it features a better gameplay than the sequel (TRUST ME)! The best is still Most Wanted because of the gameplay and story, but this game is the start of the best era! (Ok, i suck at reviewing, and I may do Name and Is' reviews later, know)

Chris: A little too much for switching sides for if this game is good, but still some good descriptions. 8.5/10

Brendan: The game that I will review is Kingdom Hearts. KH is an interesting hybrid game featuring the characters of Final Fantasy and the whimsical wonders of Disney. It was an odd combination and most people 'thought that there was no way this could work.' Thankfully, they were 100% wrong. The game was fun, epic, and funny. You would travel from disney world to disney world looking for Sora's (The main protagonist) friends Kairi and Riku. You are accomanied by Donald and Goofy, who are looking for their king (Take a wild guess). However, no journey goes easy as the trio is opposed by famous Disney villians like Maleficient and Jafar who control the Heartless (the game's generic enemies). The villians are looking for '7 hearts of pure light' which are needed to open Kingdom Hearts, the placewere all hearts are born. Overall the game is fun, but is it the perfect The camera is a little annoying and although this is a personal nitpick... after the game spawned seven sequels...AND STILL NO KINGDOM HEARTS III! But if your ever looking for a fun and addicitve game, look no futher than this title.

Chris: Pros and cons, nice. This seems like a fun game and you're very persuasive to making me believe this game is a fun title. 10/10

Jessica: I guess I can do a quick review of Minecraft. Basically, you are in a open world filled with mountains, forests, oceans, and jungles. And you get to do whatever you want. If you want to build a house, go chop down a tree and get building! Want to go fishing, punch a pig, or dig dirt? You can do all that! But all the fun stops when the sun goes down. Monsters come out at night ranging of zombies to the infamous...Creeper. Overall the game is funa and with several updates, the fun is almost never ending!

Chris: You have like one or two pros and no cons. It's basically a summary of the game, not a review. 6/10

Cazadora: Well, I guess I'll critic Dead or Alive 5. The game is simpler than most games, there's only 4 buttons to use, punch kick hold and throw. The game offers good ways for combos and the fighters are pretty well balanced. Unfortinatley, the game suffers from not really explaining how to play the game, and some people may find the large amount of sex appeal unsuitable.

Chris: Bland and short, but it's descriptive to say the most. 7.5/10

Nina: I'll critic Shadow The hedgehog. The game is probably the most intense of all Sonic games, and it stars Shadow other than Sonic. In each level you can attaempt to do 1 out of 3 goals, which will affect Shadow's alignment and future levels. The game is also known to be very hard and has a lot more crudeness than other Sonic games. You can use weapons like guns, and some partial profanity is used (WHERE IS THAT DAMN 4TH CHAOS EMERALD!?) overall, its fun for an assasin like me.

Chris: It's descriptive and it seems accurate. Not too many pros and cons but I guess it's short and sweet. 10/10

Chris: ALRIGHT, TIME TO ADD UP THE SCORES NO MORE REVIEWS! Everyone who got a 10/10 but their team loses gets individual immunity. ALRIGHT HERE ARE THE RESULTS:

Purple Puppies: 25.5 points!

Mishima Assassins: 32.5 points!


Sky Strikers: 26 points

THE MISHIMA ASSASSINS BARELY WIN! Sky Strikers you guys, by .5 points, barely escape elimination. Purple Puppies, you're up for elimination.........again. Kobe you have individual immunity, so you're safe too.

Kobe: Oh well.....

Elimination Ceremony 2 - Purple Puppies

Chris: 2nd time, huh? Well, I'd just like to say good job Kobe, the rest of you step it up. >.> Anyways, vote in the confessional, when majority votes are against someone, I'll delete them and say the results, and blah. Go vote.

Chris: Thanks Eddie for voting. Anyways, after this we're swapping around some members :D. So let's get started! The first tacos go to Kobe *throws* Cazadora *throws* Miles *throws* and Gia. *throws* Amy, Lily one of you is leaving tonight. Amy, you were obviously at the challenge and did NOTHING, Lily you haven't spoke a word since you arrived. Alright, the final taco goes to.............*everyone stares at the taco*................Amy. *throws* Sorry Lily. You have been ELIMINATED FROM THE ISLAND- NEIGHBORHOOD! Good bye!

Mishima Assassins Breakfast Chat

Chris: For winning, today you get French Toast, Orange Juice, and Hash Browns. Enjoy.

Bruce: (CONF) This the one we deserve...and the one I need!

Drake: *drinking Orange Juice* This is delicious! And as an added bonus, this is nutricious.

Bruce: *nods in aprovement* Good choice citizen! A little nutrician will always go a long ways. Batman aproves.

Davy Jones: Arrgh! I be winnin', even though I not be givin' a good review!

Radia: And I didn't even do anything!


Davy Jones: Radia not be on the team anymore! I be relieved.

Chris: Please welcome Amy and Justin-Jake.

Sky Strikers Breakfast Chat

Chris: For coming in 2nd we have, Scrambled Eggs, Water, and Apple Slices. Enjoy.

Eddie: Well, at least Radia won.

Jessica: Yes...good for her. *eats scrambled eggs*

Eddie: Yeah... she's probably not even thinking about me though.

Jessica: Well...have you talked to her?

Eddie: I always do. We're really good friends.


Eddie: Darn, Radia didn't join the team.

Chris: Please welcome Kobe and Nina.

Kobe: Um, hi guys.

Billy: Welcome, humans.

Kobe: um.........what's up guys?

Eddie: Hey, Kobe. What's up with you?

Kobe: Hey. Oh, um, nothing. I was just starting to adjust to my team and I changed. Well, I guess I should be looking at the brightside, this team seems great. Hopefully I can actually make a friend.

Jessica: Welcome to the the Kobe! Here have Apple Slices!

Kobe: Thanks. *grabs an apple slice and eats it* (CONF) This is probably one of the first times in my life I feel sort of welcomed.

Purple Puppies Breakfast Chat

Chris: For losing, today you get Rotten Cheese, Chunky Milk, and Bruised Banana Slices. Also, please welcome Brendan and Radia.

Radia: (Sighs) I'm here without Davy Jones or Eddie. I feel so alone.

Miles: Welcome to the team.

Gia: *Puts makeup on Radia and a tie on Brendan* There! All Perfect looking!

Radia: What the- what have you done to my face?!

Gia: I made it perfect! With my makeup and none of yours, you don't look like a clown anymore!

Brendan: Why thank you Gia! This tie does help get rid of my imperfections!

Campfire - Team Swap

Chris: Alright guys, TODAY WE'RE SWAPPING SOME MEMBERS! Okay! Brendan and Kobe, you guys are switching teams. Justin-Jake and Nina, you guys are switching teams.............and finally, Radia and Amy you're switching teams. So Kobe you are now on the Sky Strikers, Brendan you're on the Purple Puppies, Justin-Jake you're now on the Mishima Assassins, Nina you're now on the Sky Strikers, Radia you're now on the Purple Puppies, and Amy you're now on the Mishima Assassins.

Radia: I'm on the Purple Puppies?

Eddie: Uh, can she be on the Sky Strikers?

Radia: Isn't that your team, Eddie?

Eddie: Well...

Drake: Hmm, no change for me, I see.

Chris: No more changes, Eddie, sorry. You may all head back to your old or new team chats.

Episode 3 - Pairs & Pears

Chris: Hey guys, enjoying your new teams/teammates?

Bruce: It's going great! The scent of evil vanished as our old teammates left!

Kobe: Yeah, I like my new team.

Chris: That's cool. So any guesses on the challenge?

Bruce: Er... a guessing contest?

Chris: That is epicly...........wrong. THIS EPISODE WILL BE ABOUT PAIRS! 1 pair per team. That pair will have to do the challenge and win for their team. If they won't look good for them. The winning pair also gets a prize. The pairs are: Kobe & Jessica! (Sky Strikers) Amy & My! (Mishima Assassins) and finally.........Gia & Radia! (Purple Puppies) You guys can step up here! The rest of you go to the Mess Hall and watch the challenge it'll be on camera. *shoves them in* :)

Jessica: Alright Kobe We got this!

Kobe: Alright......right?

Chris: Nice to see the Strikers have excitement. Anyways the challenge is a partner challenge. *handcuffs each to their partners* You have to either go to the forest and bring me back a mutated bird's feather. (20 lines together) But first devise a plan and talk you got 10 minutes.

Purple Puppies Partner Chat

Chris: Alright you can either take the rock toxic river pond or the risky land journey. Your pick. Anyways, READY SET GO! (There may be hazards that will stop you for a while)

Gia: Let's take the Risky Land Journey! It'll be awesome! *walks to the risky land journey* I just hope we don't encounter any other mutant creatures... (1)

Chris: *walks up to Gia randomly as she's walking* If you don't win, your performance won't be perfect. *Chuckles and leaves back*

Gia: Oh no! *starts to run really fast* (2)

Chris: Heh......knew that would work.

Gia: *To her partner* Come on! We have to make it to the Risky Land Journey! *Yells and walks fast* Faster! (3)

Chris: *drinking coffee watching from laptop* Is she trying to be like Indiana Jones? I just don't know any more.

Gia: *Walks Fast* Man where is this locat- Hey! Are you going fast or what?! (4)

Chris: *in hot tub watching from laptop* Still doing better than the Mishimas I'll give them that.

Gia: *Walks fast* I've got this! I hope. (5)

Chris: *playing Playstation All-Stars, pauses and looks at laptop* ..........This is actually interesting. *turns Playstation off and goes get popcorn*

Gia: *Stops* WAIT! I've got to trust my instincts! *Closes eyes and turns to the left* I need to run left! With my partner, of course. *Runs* (6)

Chris: *watching on laptop* Well the Strikers are in trouble and the Puppies are starting to catch up. The Mishimas aren't doing anything. >.>

Gia: *runs* I've got this! (7)

Chris: If she took out the ve from I've, she could have been the next George Lopez.

Gia: *runs and is incredibly tired* SO tired.... But my team needs to win! Or not come in last place at least. (8)

Chris: I'm surprised Ms. Perfect tired out so quickly. Though.........maybe she could have just walked.

Gia: *Is running slowly* Gotta pace myself! Wow, 10 minutes in and no mutant animal! (9)

Chuck Norris: I SPLIT EVERYTHING IN A ROUNDHOUSE KICK *Chases Gia and Radia*

Gia: *Runs* Can't chase me! *Stops and kicks him multiple times* (10)

Chuck Norris: NO! *Roundhouse kicks Gia*

Gia: OW! *gets back up and uses Radia to slam into Chuck*

Chuck Norris: *gets back up, not even hurt* YOU CAN'T STOP ME- Oh wait my time of being here is up. *walks away*


Gia: Second place?! You know what I say when I get second place? The person in second place is always the first one in the loser line! *Cries*

Chris: and good job to Kobe and Jessica for winning. And um...........Gia and Radia for trying. Mostly RADIA.

Brendan: *glares at Chris* It;s alright Gia... you did your best!

Gia: *Hyperventilates and faints*

Brendan: *jumps back in surprise* Chris we need a medic over here!

Chris: *pushes Brendan and Radia to the mess hall* GO TO THE MESS HALL NOW, I'LL SEE WHAT I CAN DO LATER >.>

Mishima Assassins Partner Chat

Chris: Alright you can take either the rock toxic river pond thing or the risky land journey. Your pick. Anyways, READY SET GO! (There may be hazards that will stop you for a while)

Sky Strikers Partner Chat

Jessica: Any plan of action Kobe?

Kobe: Well.....there are two ways to travel in the forest.....we could either hop over some rocks in the toxic river or.....we could run and risk encountering animals......I don't know which to take. (CONF) How do I know this? Well Chris sent me to go do a dangerous errand and I couldn't say no, because I just can't say no. It's not a very bright place.

Jessica: *thinks about it* I say we tackle through the forest... I'd rather not lift the rest of my days mutated...

Kobe: Alright, that sounds good. Let's just hope there are no bears........

Chris: Alright I heard Kobe explain. So anyways, READY SET GO! (There may be hazards that will stop you for a while)

Jessica: Let's go Kobe!

Kobe: Okay. *heads into forest with Jessica* (1)

Jessica: *walks with Kobe in the forest* (2)

Kobe: *walking and looking around* It's still as dangerous as ever. (3)

Jessica: *walking and also looks* I don't see anything that harmful (4)

Kobe: *Walking* Well, I'm looking at the trees. They seem to have radioactive worms and squirrels up there. And from what I've seen in Revenge of the Island...........they aren't so nice. (5)

Jessica: *walking* oh... well it's a good that you know a thing or two about radioactive creatures. (6)

Kobe: *walking* Yeah, I guess. are you liking the competition so far? (7)

Jessica: *walking* It's going fine I guess... I wish Chris gave me a better score for my review... that came from the heart (8) 

Kobe: *walking* Oh, I see. Well I didn't think your review was bad. I liked it. (9)

Jessica: *walking* Ah thanks Kobe that's sweet! (10)

Kobe: No problem. (11)

Jessica: *walking* You think were nearing the end? (12)

Kobe: Yeah, I think. In a little bit there should be birds and then there should be feathers. (13)

Jessica: Did the birds lose their feathers or something? (14)

Kobe: Well-

Bear: *Gets in their path and growls at the two* ........*Grabs the two and knocks them on the ground until the handcuff breaks and then slams Kobe in the ground hard and holds Jessica by her legs and gets ready to slash his claws at her face*

Jessica: *screams* Kobe! Help!

Kobe: *gets up* Uh oh.......Um.........Hold on, I have an idea! *kicks bear repeatedly in like a combo, which is sort of effective* Let her go! Yeah I couldn't think of any punchline.

Bear: *hurt* TAKE IT EASY MAN I'M A BRUISER! *Drops Jessica and runs away crying*

Kobe: What was that? (CONF) Poor bear, I kind of feel sad for him or her.

Jessica: Thanks Kobe... Did that Bear just talk? And where did you learn all those moves?

Kobe: Yeah.....the bear talked. I'm confused too. And my mentor, also known as my dad, taught me. He also tried to not make me a pushover, but that didn't work....


Jessica: *oblivious to Chris* Well shall we continue?

Kobe: Yeah I guess. (CONF) To the mess hall, I'll go........*sighs* well it's not as dangerous as the forest, I'm just going to say that.

Jessica: *walks* (15)

Kobe: *walking* Oh! And to answer your question, the birds have lost a lot of feathers after they were effected by the toxic. (16)

Jessica: *walking* Okay that makes sense! So your dad trained you to fight? (17)

Kobe: *walking* Yeah. (18)

Jessica: *walking* Well I say he did a good job training you. (19)

Kobe: Thanks. Wait. *stops* We're here. *bends down and grabs a bird feather* We did it! (20)

Chris: *over announcer* THE SKY STRIKERS WIN!

Jessica: Yeah we did it! *hugs Kobe*

Kobe: Yes! We won!

Chris: *over announcer* And Kobe don't forget to get me my soda.

Kobe: And that ruined my moment of victory or whatever.

Mess Hall

Billy: This will be very interesting to watch indeed.

Brendan: I agree.

Miles: Yeah, same. *watching*

Brendan: And it looks like the Strikers take the got this Gia

Bruce: *sighs* and this is why Superman works can't count on anyone...

Billy: Kobe and Jessica are almost there!

Miles: Yeah and Gia's doing good too. The Assassins aren't doing so good though.

Bruce: *again sighs*

Drake: Don't worry Bruce, they should be fine, as long as they don't sit around like a goose.

Billy: Uh-oh. Look's like a bear is in the way! Oh! they should put their arms up and look bigger! *laughs* The oldest trick in the book.

Bruce: Or they should play dead! that works sometimes too.

Billy: Yeah! That's what my dad taught me! But I'm sure Kobe's gonna want to save Jessica first.

Brendan: Did that bear just talk?

Miles: Yeah- why are we the only 5 talking?

Billy: Come to think of it... You're right. Maybe the other's vocal cords were pulled out?

Bruce: It must be me! The Dark Knight has that kind of effect on people...look that way. *the others look the other away and Bruce slips out the window*

Miles: Um, bye?

Billy: *confused*

Brendan: *shrugs* (CONF) I heard Chris's announcement... I wonder what's between him and Kobe! I should get to the bottom of this...

Drake: Well that was a worthy exit. I certainly didn't expect it.

Brendan: Wow is that Chuck Norris? Love to see a fight between him and "Batman"

Brendan: Well.. we didn't lose so that's good.

Billy: It looks like Gia is taking this pretty seriously.

Chris: *brings back all the pairs* Alright. Kobe, Jessica for winning, I promised you'd get a prize. So I am fulfilling the promise. Care to guess first though?

Jessica: Uh... the prize money?

Chris: NO! IT'S A COUPLE'S TRIP TO A CHEESE FACTORY- just kidding, IT'S THE BEAR- just kidding again IT'S SIMON COWELL- just kidding once more. There are so many jokes I can pull with this pair.

Bruce: *enters the mess hall* Is it autographs from...THE BATMAN?

Chris: NO IT'S TO MEET BATMAN- just kidding IT'S TO LEAVE THE GAME- just kidding IT'S TO-

Kobe: Um, could you please tell us the real prize?

Chris: ................WHAT DID YOU JUST TELL ME?!

Kobe: .............Um, nothing, sorry for asking.

Chris: Yeah, that's right. That's what I should have heard, you pushover. >.>

Bruce: Are you antagonizing that young citizen? Because if you are, Batman will put a stop to it!

Chris: Don't make me eliminate you. This is between me and Kobe. He does what I say and he obeys me. That's just how it works. Like this, KOBE GO GET ME ANOTHER FEATHER NOW!

Kobe: ...............Um yes sir.............*begins to walk to the door*

Chris: HURRY UP! >.>, the Mishima Assassins can go vote while that, the rest of you can stay here.

Bruce:  Uh...who wants to see a magic trick... I'm gonna make Batman disapear... *he runs out the door*

Miles: Wait no. You shouldn't be able to push Kobe around like that. You're not even cool.

Chris: I AM COOL! I was cool.........before it was invented!

Miles: A real cool person doesn't bully someone like that. Cool people are just cool. You know what I'm saying? Just cool.

Jessica: Exactly. Besides don't you have interns who can do all that stuff for you?

Chris: Why don't I just kick you two out of the game? KOBE WHERE'S THAT FEATHER? AREN'T YOU GOING TO GET IT?

Kobe: *standing right in front of the door*..............No. I don't think I will. Not this time.

Jessica: *dramactic gasps*

Miles: Yeah, go Kobe!

Chris: WHAT!?! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON'T AGREE WITH ME? DON'T YOU KNOW WHO YOU'RE DEALING WITH!?! *Has a seizure and is then evacuated*

Morgan Freeman: Hello. I'm back from last season as your new host. Anyways, good job Kobe. Time to reveal the prizes.

Bruce: *gasps* Mr. Fox! When did you get here?

Morgan F.: A minute ago. Anyways Jessica, Kobe you guys win tickets to the amusement park, I recommend going on that love-date thing- only kidding of course. Instead of going to lunch with your team, you will be at the park.

Jessica: Yay! Let's go Kobe!

Kobe: Alright!

Bruce: Mr. Fox did you bring me my new suit I requested?

Morgan F.: *Brings a tuxedo* Did you mean this random tuxedo "suit"?

Bruce: Yes! It's even better than what I ordered! *puts on the suit*

Morgan F.: That's great.

Eddie: Morgan Freeman?! This is, like, an honor meeting you in person!

Radia: I can't believe it! I remember when Eddie and I went to go see one of your movies!

Eddie: Yeah... That was great.

Radia: I remember you carried everything.

Davy Jones: I not be havin' time for this. Who be this Morgan Freeman?

Eddie: What?! Davy Jones, just get out of here.

Radia: I don't even know you anymore!

Davy Jones: (CONF) I be too piratey for this.

Elimination Ceremony 3 - Mishima Assassins

Chris: Alright, tacos for: DRAKE *Throws* BRUCE *throws* DAVY JONES *throws* JUSTIN-JAKE *Throws* MARSHALL LEE *throws* and.............MARK *Throws* Amy, My, only one taco left and two of you. The last taco of the night goes to....................................*both look nervously at the taco*........................Amy. *throws* Sorry My, but you're OUT!

Amusement Park Chat

Jessica: Where do you want to go Kobe?

Kobe: I don't know. There are a lot of rides, like the-oh wait a minute. This is a love park. All the rides are loved-themed.


Kobe: ..........

Jessica: ........

*Rick Astley music plays, while the decorations of hearts are everywhere*

Chris: HAHAHAHAHAHA! *Dancing Gangnam Style*

Kobe: I really............just really don't know how to respond to this.

Jessica: You want to go somewhere else?


Kobe: ........*facepalms*

Jessica: Show us the contract!

Chris: *shows Jessica's contract* All prizes must be used. MUAHAHAHAHA SUCKER!

Jessica: *sighs* You want to go on the rollercoaster? It be over fast!

Kobe: Sure.


Kobe: Sorry but no.


Kobe: The contract never said you'd have to pick.....

Chris: DANG IT!

Jessica: nice catch Kobe

Kobe: Thanks. Anyways, let's go I guess.

Jessica: *hops on the rollercoaster*

Kobe: *gets on rollercoaster*

Rollercoaster Seats: *scoot the two together tightly*

Kobe: Really?

Chris: *laughs*

Jessica: O put a cork in it Mclean!

Kobe: Yeah....

Rollercoaster: *starts going slow*

Kobe: Aw what?

Jessica: Really? Just Really?

Rollercoaster goes around the BIG park slowly, still going

Kobe: ....I think we're almost there.

Jessica: I hope so... not that I'm not enjoying spending time with you... it's just Chris.

Kobe: Same, you're a cool person, Chris is just being really annoying...

*Rollercoaster goes even slower and takes a longer detour*

Jessica: *facepalms* Who spends this much time and money making a slow rollercoaster?

Kobe: I don't know....

*Couples behind them start kissing*

Random Guy seeing the rollercoaster pass by: KISS YOU TWO!

Kobe: No, we're just friends-


Kobe: I'm never coming back here again.

Jessica: Agreed

*Rollercoaster finally arrives........only to go for a 2nd lap*

Kobe: Oh come on. *facepalms*

Jessica: *sighs* Is there any way to get this to go faster?

*Rollercoaster Speaker: WE WILL GO FASTER WHEN YOU KISS

Everyone including Random Guy: YEAH!

Kobe: Hey at this speed, do you think we can jump off safely?

Jessica: I think so...

*Rollercoaster goes fast up into a really high position and stops, so if they jump out they may die*

Speaker and Everyone: KISS! KISS!

Kobe: .......I hate Chris. I hate Chris so much right now. I think the slow love ride would have been better. Hey I have an idea! Let's just jump off and risk it! (CONF) Chris is responsible for us, right?

Jessica: That's right! *yells out* Chris were going to jump and if we get hurt in any way... were suing!


Kobe: Oh right....

Jessica: Well...what now?

Kobe: I got it! A speech! Look guys, me and Jessica are just friends. Nothing more. Besides, a crush or love needs time to develop, so we may end up having crushes on each other later, but not now. So please let us go?

Speaker: NO!

Kobe: Plan B: Jump?

Jessica: I guess.

Kobe: *about to jump but-*

Rollercoaster starts moving again

Kobe: These guys are just cruel. Oh wait we're almost to the starting point! They can't take us for a 3rd lap, so we can take off and sue this place or something!

Jessica: agreed

Speaker: *hears this and stops the roller coaster*

Kobe: Okay, I hate this place- not that it I hate spending time with you, but I think this is a little too far.

Jessica: Yes they have.

Speaker: You know what? You guys are just CHICKENS AND ARE NOT WORTH MY TIME. *Speeds up rollercoaster so it finishes*

Kobe: Finally. That roller coaster was like over an hour long.

Jessica: Probably the longest one in the world!

Kobe: Now we can finally leave. We can go to Taco Bell? It's on me.

Jessica: Cool thats sweet of you.

Kobe: Alright, let's get out of here.

Chris: *Still laughing* That was the best laugh I've had in a while. *leaves*

Taco Bell Chat (Jessica & Kobe)

Kobe: *drawing a picture* Hmm, it's nice I can finally draw with no errands to do that take up most of my time.

Jessica: What are you drawing?

Kobe: Nothing really just an open field, with flowers and grass and stuff. *shows Jessica the picture*

Jessica: That is really good! Your a talented artist.

Kobe: Thanks.

Purple Puppies Lunch Chat

Morgan F.: For coming in 2nd we have Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Water, and French Fries. Enjoy!

Gia: Thank goodness a good meal for once.

Brendan: Agreed... much better than the food Chris offered us. Thanks Mr. Freeman!

Miles: Yeah this lunch is cool.

Morgan F.: No problem at all.

Mishima Assassins Lunch Chat

Chris: For coming in last we have, Spaghetti & Meatballs that were on the ground and stepped on for about 2 days, Dish Water, and Banana Peels! Enjoy! *is then taken away where Morgan F. shrugs*

Bruce: I can not eat this stuff... Alfred! Alfred bring us something better to eat!

Morgan Freeman: Well, Alfred isn't here but I can give you some better food. Spaghetti & Meatballs, Carrots, and Sparkling Water. Is that any better, guys?

Bruce: Yes it is. Thank you Mr. Fox!

Morgan F.: It was no trouble at all. *leaves*

???: *Grabs Bruce and takes him away*

Marshall Lee: Did anybody just see that?

Drake: It was masked person, I saw. Now what do we do, chase it and hit it in the jaw?

Sky Strikers Lunch Chat

Morgan F.: For winning we have, Hamburgers, Apple Juice, and Mashed Potatoes. Enjoy.

Name: Oh no!

Is: My is

(MR: Hey, would like to say a thing. If the challenge starts but it ends quickly, or better, ends before i even manage to discover that the next elimination already occured, can you please excuse me? I live in italy [DARN TIMES], school makes me get here later and i don't have to chance to stay here while asleep. Thanks. Still, if i post, you can not excuse me)

(Sure but in the merge there are no excused stuff and stuff. And to be fair if the Sky Strikers lose twice or thrice I will not be able to save Name and Is anymore. I GOTTA BELIEVE! (talk))

Episode 4 - The Dark Night of the Superfriends

*Kobe & Jessica's bus arrive*

Morgan Freeman: Alright everyone is here.

Jessica: Hey Guys! We had an... interesting time.

Kobe: Yeah...I'm just going to say Chris takes things way too far....

Brendan: What do you mean by too far?

Kobe: Love Park tickets as revenge.

The Flash: *runs in* Hey, um, Freeman. The Superfriends need you again. Morgan F.: Ah, Flash. What do you need?

The Flash: Batman has disappeared five days ago and then we got a note one day ago that he was kidnapped by a fellow Superfriend.

Morgan F.: Hmm.....I can offer help from the contestants. Alright, everyone the challenge will be to find out who took Bruce/Batman or..........I honestly have no idea. Okay, so everyone will look for clues- but TWO from each team who will question the Superfriends. Whoever can figure out who it is wins. Any volunteers to question the Superfriends?'

Kobe: I guess I'll volunteer for the Sky Strikers.

Gia: I'll volunteer for The Purple Puppies!

Brendan: I will also volunteer for the Puppies!

Morgan F.: Anyone else? No? Okay then Amy and Mark will be the Mishima Questioners. Name will help out Kobe for the Sky Strikers (PLEASE NOTE I CONTROL THE SUPERFRIENDS)

Clue Searching (Mishima Lunch Chat)

(I will tell you if you found a clue)

Drake: *looks under the table*

(Since no one else is posting here I'll just give a clue to Drake)

*Drake has found the Long, black hair and some water foot steps underneath the table*

Jessica: What did you find Drake?

Drake: A long black hair and some water foot steps that lie there.

Jessica: Water footprints? That could be Aquaman!

Drake: The long black hair could be Wonder Woman or Superman. Of this challenge, I'm not really a big fan. *Looks under table sheets*

*Drake finds the Lasso of Truth, part of Superman's cape, and a paper in the hand-writing of Robin*

Jessica: *looks through a cupboard*

*One of Apache Chief's headband feathers and some water were found*

Jessica: (CONF) Man a lot of these "superheroes" need to keep better track of their stuff!

*A green ring is found on the floor*

Jessica: *picks up the ring* Why would the GL just leave his ring lying around?

Miles: *looking at Lasso of Truth* Hmm....

Sky Striker Questioning

Currently questioning: DONE

Kobe: Hey Flash, I'm going to ask you some questions, and you need to tell the truth. Okay? Alright first question, when did you find out about the kidnapping?

The Flash: Yesterday Afternoon.

Kobe: Why didn't you report to Freeman sooner?

The Flash: Well I tried looking for him with Robin but we didn't find him.

Kobe: Do the fellow Superfriends know about this?

The Flash: No, they think we went out for Pizza or something.

Kobe: Why didn't you tell them.

The Flash: Ol' Super didn't want us looking for him yet.

Kobe: Why?

The Flash: I don't know.

Kobe: Can you tell me some stuff you do know?

The Flash: Yeah, I think the handwriting is similar to Apache Chief's.

Kobe: Alright, thanks. Hmm.....can you send in Superman?

The Flash: Sure thing! *leaves and Superman comes in*

Superman: You wanted to see me?

Kobe: Ah, yes, yes I did. So.......what do you know about everyone's locations yesterday?

Superman: I know the Black Vulcan and Green Lantern went to go save the Wonder Twins and came back without them, claiming they dropped them at their homes. The Flash and Robin went out for pizza and then groceries or something. Aquaman and Wonder Woman split up looking for Flash and Robin during the time they were out for pizza after the note was posted.

Kobe: Hmm, I see. Why did you not wanting anyone to look for Batman?

Superman: Well, I feel this is a trap. I feel like this whole thing is a trap.

Kobe: Why?

Superman: Well there have been many villains who we've defeated before and planned to get revenge on us and this may have been their opportunity.

Kobe: What else do you know?

Superman: I think Aquaman and Batman got in a fight the day before Batman's capture.

Kobe: Hmm........interesting. Anything else you'd like to add?

Superman: No. Sorry.

Kobe: Hmm..........alright, could you bring in the Green Lantern?

Superman: Sure. *flies out and shortly after Green Lantern comes in*

Green Lantern: Yes?

Kobe: Hello Green Lantern. I've been a fan of yours for ages. And while it's an honor to meet you, I have to ask you a few questions.

GL: Go on ahead.

Kobe: Okay......where were you yesterday?

GL: I was with the Black Vulcan saving the Wonder Twins from the Joker.

Kobe: Word says you didn't bring back the Wonder Twins. Why?

GL: We dropped them at their home. They claimed the Joker told them something scary and confusing and they didn't want to go with us.

Kobe: Strange. What was it about?

GL: They told me it was about Batman and some other Superfriend they didn't know. Apparently a Superfriend is working with the Joker to capture Batman and I believe it worked.

Kobe: Then why did the Joker capture the Wonder Twins?

GL: It was supposed to be a warning, they'd tell us, the Joker told me as we arrested him, but they were too scared and feared they would be captured as well and their powers would be taken away.

Kobe: Hmm, I see. What do you know about Apache Chief's whereabouts?

GL: Apache Chief was angry that day but I don't know why. Flash also says that the note looks like his handwriting.

Kobe: Hmm.........okay, thanks. Could you bring in Apache Chief?

GL: Sure thing. And thanks for being a fan. *leaves and Apache Chief comes in*

Kobe: Hello there. I'd like to ask you a few questions.

Apache Chief: Yes? What is it you'd like?

Kobe: Why were you mad yesterday?

AC: I was having a bad day, first coffee burned my lip- I'm never trying any again, Batman coughed on me repeatedly, and again I tried drinking coffee and it burned my lip.

Kobe: Hmm. Did you notice any strange behavior?

AC: I walked in to Aquaman's room the night before and it was full of papers and it seemed like he was planning something. True, he does have to go on a mission to save the Queen Dolphin tomorrow, though.

Kobe: Who do you think would do this?

AC: Batman denied Wonder Woman's date request and she was mad for a while. Robin seemed to want to be a solo hero. Black Vulcan, I don't know I just don't trust him. And Aquaman was insulted by Batman the day before.

Kobe: All right, we're done. Thanks for the help Apache Chief. *Leaves*

Mishima Assassins Questioning

Currently questioning: DONE

Amy:  Where were you?

Aquaman: Well, first I was at the pool, but then after I was sent to look for The Flash and Robin with Wonder Woman as they left shortly after.

Amy: Did you find them?

Aquaman: No, but they returned before we got back. I also know Wonder Woman went on ahead of me.

Amy: What were her actions?

Aquaman: She seemed concerned.

Amy: Ok, your done. *leaves*

Purple Puppies Questioning

Currently questioning: DONE

Brendan: So Black Vulcan tell us what you know about Bruce and his recent kidnapping!

Gia: And tell the truth!

Black Vulcan: I don't know much. Green Lantern and I were on a mission.

Brendan: What mission?

Black Vulcan: The Wonder Twins were kidnapped by the Joker and without Batman there, me and Green Lantern went to save them.

Gia: Interesting... Did you know why the Joker did it?

Black Vulcan: Well the Joker has been wanting to capture the Batman for a while, so he got the W. Twins thinking he lured Batman into a trap, but we came instead.

Brendan: Al said that you don't know much, but can you tell us what you know?

Black Vulcan: I know the Flash and Robin left yesterday morning and returned yesterday afternoon and left again soon after. The note was placed at a similar time.

Gia: Hmm...

Brendan: Say Gia, maybe we should investigate Robin and hear his side of the story.

Gia: Good idea! Vulcan, where is Robin now?

Black Vulcan: In the Superfriend Meeting Room, I'll go get him *Black Vulcan leaves and shortly after Robin comes in*

Brendan: So Robin...the boy wonder... what do you know about your trainer... Batman's disaperance?

Robin: I know he was kidnapped around yesterday afternoon.

Brendan: And what were you doing around that time?

Robin: Well before Batman's capture, me and Flash were out for groceries for the Superfriends. Then after we returned we heard he was gone and went to look for him, but we didn't have much luck. I think the others think we went out for pizza or something.

Brendan: Okay... and did you see anyone acting suspicous?

Gia: Or possibly... Not like them selves?

Robin: Superman didn't want us to go look for Batman, which is strange.

Brendan: Interesting...and where is Superman now?

Robin: Being investigated by Nina and Kobe.

Brendan: Darn... well what do you think Gia? And Is there anything else you know Robin?

Gia: Like before you found out about Batman being missing, did Superman disappear for a while?

Robin: Superman didn't disappear, but I know Hawkman was the last one to be near Batman before his capture.

Gia: Thanks for the info. We should bring in Hawkman.

Brendan: Good idea... we should

Robin: I'll go get him. *Robin leaves and a little after Hawkman comes in*

Hawkman: Hello?

Gia: Hawkman, word's going around you were the last one to be with Batman. So, did you notice anything different when you were with him?

Hawkman: Batman had a slight cough, so I got him some water. 10 minutes later I heard he was gone. And at the same time, Morgan told me a Batman fan was captured too.

Gia: Did you hear anything or see anything while getting water?

Hawkman: I heard a scream in the hallway. It sounded like Wonder Woman.

Gia: After hearing her scream, did you bother to see what she was screaming about?

Hawkman: I checked in the hallway like 5 seconds after and no one was there.

Gia: So either Wonder Woman was captured as well, she saw what happened to Batman and ran away, or she WAS the one to kidnap him and created a diversion. What do you think Brendan?

Brendan: Well there is a possibility of both... but we should ask her side of the story.

Hawkman: I know Wonder Woman is still here. She's in the meeting room. Want me to go get her?

Gia: Yes please.

Hawkman: *leaves and Wonder Woman comes shortly*

Wonder Woman: You wanted me here?

Brendan: Yes we are wondering what you know about the Batman disapearance.

Wonder Woman: I know he disappeared somewhere in the Afternoon. I also believe Black Vulcan was the first to see the note.

Gia: Do you know what the note said?

Wonder Woman: It said something like: "Your beloved Caped Crusader has been captured. And this is where it stings, by a Superfriend. You can thank what he did."

Brendan: We were told that there was a scream coming from the hallway that Batman disappeared from. Do you know anything about it?

Wonder Woman: A scream from the hallway? Interesting, but no. I heard a loud thump about one minute before Vulcan went to go check on Batman.

Gia: Did you happen to hear anything else?

Wonder Woman: No. Well, 10 minutes before the capture I heard a praise from the hallway, joyful and cheerful like "YES" sounded like Aquaman.

Brendan: Who do think has the motive to do this?

Wonder Woman: Apache Chief was mad with Batman coughing on him. Superman didn't want anyone looking for Batman. Aquaman got in a fight with Batman. Robin was getting pushed around by Batman. I believe it's one of those four.

Gia: I'm stumped.

Brendan: Maybe someone from our team found clues?

Wonder Woman: Do you need anything else?

Brendan: I think that is all, what do you think Gia?

Gia: Yeah... You can go. Who is the criminal in this?

Guessing Time

MF: Go talk to your team about this. (YOU CAN ONLY USE THE INFO YOUR TEAM GOT, ANY EVIDENCE MAY BE USED) First up the Assassins will talk about this because they finished first. Then they'll say who they think it is and then Strikers and then Puppies. Okay go. (Only Mishimas can talk)

Amy: Flash and Robin.

Drake: Wait before you go, I got no evidence for Flash, yeah, so...........

Amy: Ok then Robin >.>

MF: Okay, the Assassins choose Robin as the prime suspect. Strikers, you're up.

Kobe: Okay what evidence did you guys gather?

Jessica: Well there were a lot of water footprints and I found the GL's ring on the floor.

Kobe: From my information Superman, Apache Chief, and Aquaman are the most likely candidates. Aquaman got in a fight with Batman the day before, Apache Chief was angry with Batman that day, and Superman had a weird way of handling things to look for Batman. Who do you think it is? (I'm the host so I won't be the one guessing)

Jessica: If I had to guess... I say Apache Chief just because he may be jealous of Batman's fame!

Kobe: That wasn't the reason Chief was mad-

MF: Okay Purple Puppies you're up!

Miles: I saw the Lasso of Truth at the crime scene. That's like Wonder Woman's lasso.

Brendan: Alright... and what we found out...other stuff...what do you think Gia?

Gia: Well I think it's Superman. He didn't want anybody to look for Batman.

MF: Okay! Everything is now done. *Uses truth potions on Robin, Apache Chief, and Superman* Did any of you kidnap Batman and/or Bruce?

Robin: No.

AC: No.

Superman: No.

MF: Alright, we'll start again in the same order. Because Amy is now sleeping, I'll take her second answer which was Flash. Strikers, you're up.

Kobe: Jessica, it's up to you to guess, because Mr. Freeman told me I couldn't guess. You can do it.

Jessica:....well I found The Green Lantern's ring lying around and that seems to important for him to lose... so that's our guess.

MF: Gia?


Gia: Well... Black hair was found under the table, and so was water, but Aqua man has blonde hair, so I think it was.... Aqua man?

MF: *Truth potions Flash, Green Lantern, and Aquaman* Did you kidnap Batman or Bruce?

Flash: No.

GL: No.

Aquaman: YES YOU WON'T TAKE ME ALIVE! *runs*

MF: *Calls 911*

Aquaman: *runs but is tripped by Kobe* DANG IT! WELL YOU'LL NEVER FIND BRUCE OR BATMAN!

Kobe: Look, I don't want to have to be mean, but- *Aquaman attempts to kick Kobe, so Kobe kick combos Aquaman*

Aquaman: AGH! *Falls on the ground* Alright FINE! They're both in my room's closet......

Flash: I knew I shouldn't have trusted you.


Superman: You should have just reported it to me.


Cops: *come and grab Aquaman, taking him away*

MF: *comes back with Bruce* Okay. Purple Puppies win thanks to Gia for getting the right guess. Sky Strikers are safe because their guesses were ACTUALLY close. Assassins sorry to say but you lose.

Bruce: I'm sorry team. Aquaman had the jump on me otherwise I couldve taken him!

Elimination Ceremony 4 - Mishima Assassins

Morgan F.: Because Marshall Lee (Berry) told me he was leaving before the challenge, he's safe but can't vote. So go on and the confessional.

MF: Tacos for: Davy Jones *throws* Drake *throws* Marshall Lee *throws* Bruce *throws* and Mark *throws* Amy, Justin-Jake only one taco left and two of you. The last taco is for................................*both look nervously at the taco*.............Amy. *throws* Sorry Justin-Jake, you're eliminated.

Purple Puppies Breakfast Chat

Morgan F.: For breakfast, we are serving Pancakes with Syrup, Hash Browns, and Milk.

Brendan: Yum favorite *eats pancakes*

Cazadora: YAY pancakes!

Miles: Cool.

Radia: I like Pancakes. (Puts pancakes in a bag) I know they're Eddie's favorite!

Gia: I love hash browns! I know this isn't good for my diet but... *devours 6 hash browns*

Radia: I kinda like hash browns. Man... I miss Eddie.

Gia: Girl, if you have a crush on him you should go after him! Oh, but not with that makeup on.

Brendan: Eh... I think she looks fine the way she is.

Miles: *eating pancakes*

Radia: Oh no, I don't have a crush on him. I think he has a crush on me, though. I just miss having him around. I get lonely, you know. He's a good friend.

Sky Strikers Breakfast Chat


Morgan F.: .............Creep. For breakfast we have Waffles with Jam, Fruit Bowl, and Orange Juice.

Kobe: Um.....thanks Mr. Freeman.

Morgan F.: No problem. Sorry about Chris by the way, I know what he did. *leaves*

Jessica: Geez Chris needs to get a grip!

Kobe: And why does he keep trying to mention love?

MF: *comes back* Maybe he thinks you two would make a good couple?

Nina: *Mumbling to herself* Hm, I was hired to assasinate a veteran contestant, but it doesnt seem like they're competing this time.......

MF: *to Kobe and Jessica* I don't blame him for thinking that. But then again he is crazy. I don't know anymore. *leaves*

Eddie: All right! (Eats waffles) I love waffles! I just like pancakes more. Man, I think this might be Radia's favorite. Anyone here got a bag?

Kobe: I got one. *hands Eddie a bag*

Eddie: Thanks! (Takes Kobe's bag and puts waffles in it) Radia will appreciate this! Maybe after this she'll be my girlfr- oops, I mean GREAT friend. Great friend.

Jessica: *eats some waffles*

Kobe: *begins to draw a pair of dice*

Name: *eats*

Is: *waffles and* (part missing)

Mishima Assassins Breakfast Chat

MF: Blueberry Muffins, Apple Juice, and Fruit Snacks for you guys.

Bruce: *eats Muffins* I have to keep Batman's strength up!

Marshall Lee: *wakes up* Aw dang, these challenges go too fast.

Episiode 5 - Animal Crossing

MF: Hello there everyone.

Bruce: Hello Mr. Fox! What task do you have for us today?

MF: Today we will be performing plays.

Jessica: Great plays...couldnt we do something a bit more athletic?

Billy: I do find plays quite satisfying.

MF: Ah, well, Jessica. Maybe we will soon enough.

Marshall Lee: We should have a play with drama, action, comedy, romance, intrigue, complex plots, and tragedy.

Jessica: Good enough for me!

MF: I have been motivated to change the challenge. The challenge is help 10 animals cross the river with a raft you will build (5 lines together to build the raft, 1 line to help 1 animal cross, 1 animal per team that will fight you). So good luck. (ALSO A NOTE: DAREALLEON HAS LEFT ON VACATION AND HAS ASKED ME TO PLAY HIS CHARACTERS.)

Purple Puppies Challenge Chat

Brendan: *gathers some logs* Okay guys! Let's roll!

Miles: *grabs some string* We can tie stuff together with this.

Brendan: Sounds good to me!

Miles: Cool.

Cazadora: So what now?

Gia: I'll get more logs! *collects logs*

Brendan: *starts tying logs together* (1)

Miles: *helps Brendan* (2)

Gia: *Comes back and helps* (3)

Cazadora: *helps* WOOHOO! (4)

Gia: *helps* (5)

MF: You may now start helping animals across. (animals in order: Pig, Sheep, Goat, 2nd Sheep, 3rd Sheep, Chipmunk, Rabbit, Kangaroo, 4th Sheep, Squirrel)

Gia: *Helps a Pig* (1)

Brendan: *helps a sheep* (2)

Miles: *sells goat across* (3)

Cazadora: *helps sheep* (4)

Brendan: *sails Sheep across* (5)

Gia: *Sails Chipmunk across* (6)

Brendan: *sais Rabbit across* (7)

Kangaroo: *views the Purple Puppies as a threat and puts on boxing gloves, ready to fight*

Gia: Hey Kangaroo, I've got a surprise for you! *Punches the Kangaroo*

Kangaroo: *becomes furious and punches Gia in the face repeatedly then kicks her into the sky only for her to land in the river* (Gia is out of the challenge)

Brendan: Well...there goes Gia.

Miles: Another one bites the dust- she's probably not dead but it sounded cool.

Brendan: True...but what shall we do about him *points at the kangaroo*

Miles: *walks up to the Kangaroo* ............Want a taco?

Kangaroo: *nods*

Miles: *throws taco on the raft*

Kangaroo: *gets on raft and picks up taco but then Miles pushes the Kangaroo away, helping it cross* (8)

Brendan: Nice one Miles. *sails sheep across* (9)

Miles: Alright, last one. *sails squirrel across* (10)

MF: Nice job. You guys got 2nd. I still don't know where Gia is though.

Miles: I don't know why but I miss her trying to get us to be perfect already. *Finds Note*

Note: If you want your friend, Gia, back come to the forest at midnight alone. COME WITH ANYONE AND SHE'S DEAD. SHOW THIS TO ANYONE AND YOU'RE DEAD.

Miles: Hmm........*puts note in pocket*

Mishima Assassins Challenge Chat

Amy: *just there not doing anything*

Bruce: *starts gathering supplies* Teammate you may procede to assit...THE BATMAN!

Drake: *grabs some logs*

Bruce: *grabs some rope*

Amy: *just there*

Bruce: *starts building the raft* (1)

Drake: *helps build raft* (2)

Bruce: We will prevail! *works faster on the raft! (3)

Drake: *works faster on raft* (4)

Bruce: *finishes raft* (5)

MF: You may proceed. (animals in order: Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel, Squirrel, Skunk, Maggot, Pig)

Bruce: *sails Squirrel* (1)

Drake: *sails Squirrel* (2)

Bruce: *sails another Squirrel* (3)

Drake: *sails squirrel* (4)

Amy: *randomly watching behind a tree*

Bruce: *sails another Squirrel* (5)

Drake: *sails another squirrel* (6)

Bruce: *sails another squirrel* (7)

Skunk: *scared and sprays smell on Amy who ends off running in circles until she falls and rolls into the river* (Amy is out of the challenge)

Bruce: There goes someone that I couldn't save... *puts on a Bat-Mask, sails skunk across* (8)

Drake: *sails Maggot across* (9)

Bruce: *sails pig across* (10)

MF: And the Mishimas win, mostly thanks to Drake and Bruce. Now we wait for either the Strikers or Puppies to finish.

Bruce: I will have to use all of my skillz as a detective to find Amy! *searches for clues*

Note: If you want your friend Amy back, come alone to the forest at midnight. Come with anyone and she's dead. DON'T SHOW THIS TO ANYBODY OR YOU'RE DEAD TOO

Bruce: It seems that I found a clue! *picks up note*

Sky Strikers Challenge Chat

Kobe: *grabs some logs*

Nina: *grabs some rope*

Jessica: *finds a cloth* This will make a good sail!

Kobe: Okay, so let's start putting building the raft?

Nina: *starts building raft* (1)

Kobe: Okay. *helps Nina* (2)

Jessica: *helps building raft* (3)

Kobe: *Helping build raft* (4)

Nina: *finishes raft* (5)

MF: You may now start helping animals (animals in order: Goat, Pig, Sheep, Squirrel, Maggot, Chipmunk, Another Pig, Bear, 3rd Pig, 4th Pig)

Kobe: *sails Goat across* (1)

Nina: *sails Pig across* (2)

Jessica: *sails sheep across* (3)

Kobe; *sails Squirrel across* (4)

Nina: *sails Maggot across* (5)

Jessica: *sails Chipmunk across* (6)

Kobe: *sails Pig across* (7)

Bear: *remembers Kobe and Jessica and growls at them, then charges for the whole team*

Jessica: *screams* Not you again!

Bear: *pushes Kobe and Billy out of the way and goes for the rest of the team*

Nina: Yeah I'm a..........fighter and I can't take on a bear. Deal with it. Kobe, you go risk your life. >.>

Kobe: Um. *taps bear's shoulder*

Bear: *slashes at Kobe and an intense fight continues, until the bear grabs Jessica, uses her as a bat to swing Kobe in the river, who then disappears* (Kobe is out of the challenge)

Billy: That bear sure had a good grip.

Jessica: NOO NOt Kobe! That bear will pay!

Nina: Whatever, it's not like I was thrown out. I'm much more important than Kobe. (CONF) That came out snobbier than it was in my head.

Jessica: Well if you are more important, then how about you deal with the bear!

Nina: ..............*runs into the river and disappears* (Nina is out of the challenge)

Jessica: Fine! I will deal with the bear myself *walks up to the bear* This is for Kobe! *smacks the bear in the head*

Bear: TAKE IT EASY I'M A BRUISER! *Hurt* And why do you care about that guy? It's not like he was you. >.>

Jessica: That one was for Kobe...and this was for attempting to slash at my face! *shoves the bear into the raft*

Bear: Well, whatever, at least that Kobe guy is probably dead. *is pushed away, crossing the river* (8)

Jessica: *sails pig across* (9)

MF: And you guys lose...........good news is that I found one of your friends. *pushes Nina in* I have no idea where Kobe is though.

Note: *blown by the wind to hit Jessica's face* "You want your friend, Kobe, back? Come to the forest at midnight alone. DON'T SHOW THIS TO ANYONE OR HE'S DEAD. DON'T COME WITH ANYONE OR YOU'RE DEAD.

Jessica: Oh no! Not Kobe!

Forest - Midnight (Only Jessica, Bruce & Miles allowed here)

Miles: *walking through forest*

Bruce: *jumps from tree branch to tree branch Batman style*

Jessica: *walks through forest*

Miles: *bumps into Jessica* Ow.

Jessica: *screams*'s just you Miles! The note said for me to come alone!

Miles: What?

Jessica: You know this note! *shows Miles the note*

Bruce: *jumps down from a tree* It's seems that we all got notes filled with the same fonts of evil!

Miles: *grabs out note* why do you thinks we were the ones given the notes?

Bruce: Becuase I'm the hero, your a bystander, and she is Kobe's special girl!

Jessica: Know hold on a minute! Kobe and I are just friends!

Miles: Oh really? That's like the most common excuse people use.

Jessica: Fine! We are good teammates that work well together!

Bruce: Did you guys hear that? *slips into the shadows*

Miles: Still a WEAK excuse but whatever I guess not everybody can admit-

???: *laughing is heard*

Jessica: Who's there?

Chris: It's me, Chris. I'm the one who has all your friends captive. And I sent the notes to you all for specific reasons. Bruce I KNEW you would come no matter who was taken away, Miles you seem to always do the right thing, and Jessica, it's obvious you love Kobe. I think I chose my choices well.

Jessica: I do not! What do we have to prove that we don't have feelings for each other!

Chris: Your reaction was the strongest I saw. *mockingly* "NOOO not Kobe". *laughs*

Bruce: Enough of this love fest. WHERE ARE THEY?

Chris: Oh, I don't know...........well I do know. But they come at a price.

Bruce: Were not going to play your game! WHERE ARE THEY?

Chris: Either your friends die, or you agree to take the price.

Bruce: *pulls out cardboard batarang*

Jessica: Wait Bru...Batman, let's see what the price is.

Chris: I'm going to ask you each questions, AND YOU MUST ANSWER WITH TRUTH, OR MY COHORT WILL KILL THE THREE! Bruce, we'll start with you...........why did you become "Batman"?

Bruce:...To purge the streets of Gotham from Evil!

Chris: This has been uninteresting...........>.>, Bruce, Amy is located in the middle of the forest. Be on a look out for Slenderman >:) Anyways, Jessica, why the big reaction to Kobe's kidnapping? Bruce and MIles didn't react as heavily as you did.

Bruce: Nothing scares me...I'm the Dark Knight! *heads deeper into the forest*

Jessica: UMM...hello! Your threatening to kill someone! That's not cool! You could have threatend to kill anyone in this game and I would have felt the same!

Chris: Well, that seems unlikely. You have interacted with almost no one on your team but Kobe. You said "UMM......" If you had a real reason you won't have said "UMM...."  so I'm going have to say...........OBJECTION!

Jessica: That's not true! I interacted with Eddie! And Kobe is a good person who doesen't deserve to be bullied around by you!

Chris: That's still like little interaction. And I found another lame excuse, this isn't even bullying, this is a crime, you're making my epicness lower. >.>


Chris: Yeah, *calling partner* Hey. Get ready to kill the boy. Why? SHE SNAPPED AT ME >.> AND SHE HAS LIKE THE WORST EXCUSES IN THE WORLD. NOW KILL HIM, BYE *Hangs up* There you can go/

Jessica: Fine I like Kobe!


Miles: Wait, what about- *Chris already left* I never liked that guy >.>

Bruce: *reappears* Okay! I will go save Kobe and you guys go find Amy and... the other chick *disappears again*

(Bruce's search)

Superman Clone: *standing guard*

Bruce: Hmm...I have to use all of my skillz that I learned in the mountains to get past him... *sneaks behind the clone*

GL Clone: *soaring through the sky, spots Bruce and shoots him down with ring*

Bruce: Oh... *growls and throws a batarang at GL*

Wonder Woman Clone: *uses lasso of truth to tie up Bruce and the two disappear*

(Miles & Jessica's search)

Jessica: Gia...Amy where are you?

Miles: Hmm.........I'd say we should search for clues but it's too dark out.

Apache Chief Clone: *stands as still as a statue*

Jessica: Why do I have the feeling were being watched?

Miles: Don't know. I have a feeling we're close.

APC: *spots Jessica & Miles and turns into a giant*

Jessica: Well this sucks... I'm hungry and tired... let's find them and get this over with. *keeps walking and ignores the giant*

APC: *Grabs Jessica & Miles and disappears*

(The Captives)

???: Alright, I just received word Kobe and Gia are to be executed. So I scooted the three of you captives together so you can spend your final moments with someone, not forever alone. Shame, the hero, the lover, and that other guy couldn't save you three. (Kobe, Gia, Amy, Jessica, Miles, and Bruce are here)

Bruce: Don't worry guys! Mr. Fox will save us!

Jessica: Uh...Batman aren't you a professional escape artist?

Bruce: ....That is correct!

???: Not so fast. *grabs sword and stabs Bruce in the arm* ANY OTHER IDEAS?

Bruce: Not cool! Mr. Fox speffically made this suit for me!

Gia: My life was so perfect until this day! *cries*

Jessica: *whispers to Gia* Good idea! Maybe someone will hear your crying and rescue us!

Chris: HOLD ON A SECOND! *Brings laptop and puts video on of Jessica saying she likes Kobe on repeat, full volume* NOW JESSICA'S LIFE IS RUINED! MUAHAHAHA!


Miles: I wonder who's crazier.

Gia: *Cries louder*

Jessica: *ignores Chris* Keep at it Gia!

MF: *Comes* Oh no. It's him............Aquaman.

Gia: *cries even louder*

Bruce: Mr. Fox! You came! Save me, Find Alfred to heal my wound, and save these guys!

Chris: NO MY BEAUTIFUL PLAN! *Runs and shows laptop footage of Jessica saying she likes Kobe to Kobe but is then stuck down by Morgan Freeman*

Bruce: *In awe* Would you like to be my new 'Robin' Mr. Fox?

Kobe: *has a headache* Okay I don't know what's going on anymore........I got lost after..........Mr. Fox beat up Chris.

Jessica: It' alright everyone! Morgan is here to save us!

Amy's Rapier: *on the ground*

MF: *grabs rapier and uses it to cut Kobe, Amy, and Bruce free only to be captured by Aquaman and the Superfriend Clones*

Amy: *runs away leaving everyone else behind*

Bruce: *pulls at the rope binding the other contestants*

All the clones: *tackle Bruce*

Kobe: *grabs rapier from the ground* Hold on Bruce, we're coming! *uses rapier to cut Jessica, Gia, Miles, and MF's ropes*

Bruce: *groaning* Any day now would be fine! There tearing my suit!

Aquaman: *controling the clones with a controller*

Kobe: Hold on, I have an idea. *runs at Aquaman and stabs him with rapier repeatedly*

Aquaman: OW! AGH! *Drops controller and falls to the ground in pain*

Kobe: *grabs controller and makes the clones stop* Everyone alright?

Bruce: My suit... its ruined! Mr. Fox make me a new one immediatly!

MF: *Hands Bruce a tuxedo shirt (like that shirt that looks like a fake tuxedo)*


Bruce: Thank's Mr. Fox. *puts on new Tuxedo* Now do something about the bleeding...Batman dosen't like bleeding!

Miles: Band-Aid?


Bruce: *takes and places band-aid* Thank you...I dub you the new hero Mediboy!

Miles: ......Okay.


Jessica: *kicks Chris in the face* Shut up Chris! No one likes you anymore!

Kobe: Yeah, what you did was messed up.

MF: *Calls 911 and the police soon come and arrest Chris and Aquaman*

Bruce: Justice has been served! *disappears into the shadows*

Miles: *leaves, having to carry Gia to the Purple Puppies chat*

Jessica: *starts to leave*

Kobe: *catches up to Jessica* Hey, thanks for coming to save me.

Jessica: Your'e welcome Kobe! I mean it would suck that you died cause we be a team member down!

Kobe: *stuck not knowing what to say* Oh, um, sorry about the video and recordings though.....I can't believe Chris stooped so low.

Jessica: It's fine.. knew what I had to say to save your life...cause for some reason Chris just likes picking on us!

Kobe: *noticing the ""* Okay. Why the hesitation in that sentence, though?

Jessica: *yawns* It's after midnight and I'm tired! Let's head back!

Kobe: *still knowing the excuses* Alright, let's go.

Jessica: *walks to camp*

Bruce: *emerges from the shadows behind them* Interesting! I found my batarang!

Kobe: Hey.........well, um.........see ya at camp? *walks to camp*

Bruce: *nods and walks to camp* 

Purple Puppies Dinner Chat

MF: Today we have Steak, Cranberry Juice, and Cheese Sticks.

Chris: *runs in the room and turns on the TV there* It's been forever since I used it. *puts in tape of Jessica saying she likes Kobe* MUAHAHAHAHA!

Brendan: Yay unplanned dinner entertainment! Thanks Chris *eats steak as he watches TV*

Miles: *comes in* What did I miss?

Brendan: Not much...the rest of the team are just not eating...

Miles: Hmm. I see. That's weird. *eats cheese sticks*

Brendan: But I'm sure that you noticed...were the only two guys on the team...

Miles: Yeah.

Brendan: So we gotta work together to survive!

Miles: What do you mean?

Brendan: The girls outnumber us and should they decide to be an all girls team...we would be in trouble to be voted off!

Miles: Oh.

Gia: *sits down* That... Was crazy.

Mishima Assassins Dinner Chat

MF: Today, we have for you: Lobster with Melted Cheese, Soda, and a Fruit Bowl.

Chris: *rushes in and puts the Jessica saying she likes Kobe tape on the TV* MUAHAHAHA!

Bruce: Finally! Batman gets to eat!

Drake: *begins to eat lobster* This is good! The food has gotten better since Chris left the Neighborhood.

Elimination Ceremony 5 - Sky Strikers

MF: Alright vote in the confessional. Name and Is are excused but may not vote. The rest of you may now vote.

Name and Is: We quit, we always never manged to do the challenge (i never manage to do one. I don't care if i'll get a low placement, but it's because i don't manage to do a bit of them. Hope you can understand :|)

Chris: OKAY NAME AND IS ARE OUT *Shoves them in Dinner Chat and shows on TV the tape of Jessica saying she likes Kobe* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Sky Strikers Dinner Chat

MF: Today we have Sushi, Chips & Salsa, and Sparkling Water. Enjoy.

Jessica: Urgh...Sushi...not thanks.

Nina: *eats sushi*

Kobe: Thanks Mr. Freeman.

Jessica: so what do you guys think about Name and Is quiting?

Nina: ..........*just randomly laughs remembering the video Chris put in*

Jessica: What's so funny Nina?

Nina: *Laughing* You- Kobe- *laughs more*

Jessica: *rolls eyes and drinks some water*

Kobe: is that funny, though?

Nina: *still laughing* (CONF) That has been my first laugh since............*silence*

Episode 6 - Trust is a Must........

MF: Welcome to the challenge. It's a trust challenge.........oh and Kobe phone call for you.

Kobe: *grabs phone* Yes?

Chris: *over phone* Hey Kobe, just checking up on you. How's the competition- JESSICA LIKES YOU *Hangs up*

Kobe: ........Okay then.

Brendan: Who was that Kobe?

Kobe: Chris.

Brendan: What did he want?

Kobe: Well-

MF: Phone call for Bruce.

Bruce: It's Batman! *takes phone* Hello this is Batman.

Aquaman: *over phone* Hello Batman, just checking up on you. How's life- YOU SUCK AND GO DIE, I HATE YOU I HATE EVERYTHING, GAHHH- *Some noise* NO DON'T TAKE AWAY MY PHONE- NO! *Hung up*

Bruce:....someone should really give that guy meds. What a strange man the Joker is.

MF: Anyways the pairs-

Superman Clone: NO! *Stabs Jessica's arm hard and then himself* Oh wait I didn't mean to do that- *is taken away*

MF: ............

Jessica: UMMM? HELP I've been stabbed!

Kobe: *really concerned* Oh woah! Are you alright? Are you okay? Are you-

MF: This show is so violent nowadays.

Jessica: Oh you know I'm fine...I'm fin.. DO I LOOK OKAY? Morgan do something!

MF: I don't get paid enough, sorry. *leaves*

Kobe: *calling 911* I need some help, Superman just stabbed- no I'm not crazy. Hurry please! We're at the Total Drama Neighborhood.............thanks.

Miles: What did they say?

Kobe: They'll be here when Plastic Man joins the Air Force.......

Bruce: Don't worry I know medical stuff!

Brendan: You do?

Bruce: Yes I do. *bends next to Jessica* Oh that's a lot of blood... *faints*

Kobe: *grabs a large bandage wrap and wraps it around Jessica's arm* This is all I got.......please work, please work!

Miles: You're taking this well.

Jessica: Oww...Ohh..the pain. Thanks for trying Kobe.

Kobe: *Thinking, trying not to panic*

Miles: Well......we could like..............amputate?

Jessica: NOOOO!! Not that! Call 911 and just say I'm bleeding! Don't mention Superman!

Kobe: *calls 911* Hello? WE NEED HELP, SOMEONE IS DYING OVER HERE FROM MASSIVE BLEEDING! Total Drama Neighborhood. You just found out there was a Wonder Woman outside your window? Aren't you 911? You can handle it right? Wait, so now I'm not crazy? ............*Finds controller and breaks it* There, now can you come, THERE'S A LIFE AT STAKE. Okay thank you. Bye *ends call*

Brendan: How soon will they be here?

Wizard: NOT TO FEAR, I AM HERE! Oh hey Kobe.

Kobe: Hey Scott, do you have like ANY healing potions? 911 isn't doing anything and Jessica may die....

Scott (not TD): I am the Wizard >.>, but yes I do big bro. *Tosses* I'M GOING BACK TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF OZ *Disappears*

Kobe: Wait how does this work- *he already left* Okay, I think I pour this on the wound. *holds potion and drops it on Jessica's wound* Please work, please work.

Billy: Ouch...

Jessica: I think its working...

Bruce: *wakes up and sees the blood* Ohhh... *faints again*

Kobe: *finishes pouring potion* Did it work?

Brendan: I don't know...

Drake: *randomly grabs a drum and makes a drum roll*

Jessica: *stands up* I think it worked!

Kobe: Phew..........

Miles: That was a big reaction Kobe. (CONF) Reactions these days. They're like everywhere.

Brendan: I'm glad your okay Jess!

Jessica: Aww... Thanks Brendan!

MF: *comes back* Yeah, I'm still not paid enough to come back. 'Anyways.......*Phone rings* ............Oh hey this time it is for me. *on phone* Yes? Yes? I see........alright then. Okay. *ends call* Well, we can't have the Olympic Challenge any more. With the hurdles and hammer throw and also some great art galleries-

Kobe: Why?

MF: Well, apparently Jessica almost dying made us have to have a safe challenge. But the olympics are safe......

Bruce: *wakes up* So what kind of challenge are we doing? Please tell me it's one that I cant rip the new suit you made me!

MF: A trust challenge. A pair will go for the team again. Batman & Amy, Kobe & Jessica, and Gia & Miles, I think you know what team you're representing. Anyways, each team will have a different trust challenge and we'll see how it goes. First up you guys get to ask questions about each other. The rest, you get to go to the Mess Hall.

Brendan: *Goes to the mess hall*

Bruce: So are you doing?

MF: I meant with your partner..........I'm going to go watch from the dojo and beat up some ninjas.

Kobe: Mr. Freeman sure is powerful.

Jessica: He sure is!

MF: *over announcer to all teams* The challenge is to catch your partner before they fall into a pit of spikes. You catch them you move on to the next round. We'll keep going until one team loses. (Amy catches Bruce, Gia catches Miles, Kobe catches Jessica)

Purple Puppies Challenge

Miles:'s up?

Gia: Eh... Not much. You?

Miles: Same.

Gia: Lets start asking questions so we can start this dang challenge already. Hmm... Have you ever had a friend who you though you could trust but 9 months into the friendship you find out that they're dating your boyfriend so you go to their house and dump chili on their head and you go to you now ex-boyfriend's house and dump stale milk on them and steal their dog and sell it on Ebay?

Miles: No......

Gia: Oh. Do you like nachos?

Miles: Yeah.

Gia: Cool. I think I'll start making banners for Jessica and Kobe. What should there couple name be? Jobe? Kessica?

Miles: I don't know. Which one do you like best?

Gia: Maybe Jobe. I love Arts and Crafts. How about you?

Miles: I like them, but they're not my favorite hobby.

Gia: Ah. So, what do you like to do? I'm guessing something sporty?

Miles: No. I prefer music. Like playing the guitar and stuff.

Gia: Really? Cool. My Uncle plays the guitar too. He plays it for money. But he only gets like, 2 dollars a week since he plays rock tunes outside fancy resturants.

Miles: That's cool, well not the poor pay, but it's cool that he plays the guitar.

Gia: Yeah. I also like action movies. You know, like the one with car chases. You?

Miles: Same, they're pretty cool.

GIa: I really don't like horror movies though. They give me bad dreams and make me paranoid. *shivers*

Miles: Yeah, I don't like horror movies. I think they're overrated.

Gia: What do you think about Mr. Freeman? He's a much better host then Chris.

Miles: I like Morgan Freeman, he doesn't pull troll stuff on us. Like last season, Chris kept making us do troll challenges as jokes and I kept dying.

Gia: I wasn't in last season, but I did watch it. And the challenges were hilarious- I mean, it was terrible to watch.

Miles: Well yeah, I guess it would have been funny to others.

Gia: What do you think the challenge is? I hope it doesn't involve Chuck Norris or kangaroos.

Miles: Yeah, you weren't really lucky there...........but I doubt Chuck Norris would be a part of a trust challenge.

Gia: You never know in this show.

Miles: Yeah...........

Gia: Oh I LOVE Chinese food! I like eating Chinese food with broccoli so I can pretend they're trees and I'm a giant.

Miles: Chinese Food is awesome!

Gia: Totally! I also love the fortune cookies.

Miles: Yeah. *hears announcer and gets into the falling position*

Gia: Don't worry! I'll catch you! *whispers to herself* Hopefully...

Miles: Okay.........*jumps*

Gia: Woah! *Catches Miles but almost falls in herself* That was too close for comfort. *Puts Miles down*

Mishima Assassins Challenge

Bruce: So...Amy how are you?

Amy: *looks at ceiling*

Bruce: *annoyed* What's your favorite color?

Amy: *looking at the ceiling like a boss*

Bruce: *stands up* ANSWER ME!!!

Amy: *looks like she's about to say something but then just sneezes*

Bruce: *eye twitches* Do you have a boyfriend?

Amy: *takes a nap*

Bruce: I didn't want to do this... WHERE'S THE TRIGGER!!! *punches the ground next to Amy*

Amy: *wakes up and walks away from Bruce but still in the same area*

Bruce: Do you have a life?

Amy: *looking at the ceiling*

Bruce: What is so interesting about the ceiling?

Amy: It's not you.

Bruce: *cheers* You talked! What else can you do?

Amy: *stares at ceiling again*

Bruce: Crap... what's your favorite hobby?

Amy: *takes a nap again*

Bruce: What's your favorite sport?

Amy: *asleep*

Bruce: *pulls out batarang and prepare to throw it at Amy* Must resist...temptation...remember you code, Batman... *struggles but puts the batarang away*

Amy: *sleeping*

Bruce: *shrugs* If you can't beat the competition...join em. *sleeps*

Bruce: *hear's MF's scream* MR. FOX! *runs off*

Bruce: *returns* I'm Back Amy!

Amy: Get in position >.>

Bruce: Okay Amy... one the count of three... I'm going to jump! one, two, three. *jumps*

Amy: *takes a nap, letting Bruce fall into the spikes*

Bruce: AMMMMMY! *somehow avoids the spikes..because he's Batman*

MF: *Over announcer to all teams* The Assassins lose, but the other teams win. Great job to everyone- *cough* Kobe ask Jessica out *cough*

Sky Strikers Challenge

Jessica: So...what are we suppose to question each other about?

Kobe: I don't know-


Kobe: I wonder how he snuck another phone call.

Jessica: I don't know


Jessica: Er...What's your favorite animal?

Kobe: I like dolphins. They're really nice.

Jessica: I know right. There like the cutest things! I like beavers!

Kobe: Beavers are cool animals.

MF: *Watching from afar, facepalms*

Jessica: Um...what's your favorite color?

Kobe: Well, I really like all bright colors, they make drawings and paintings feel alive.

Jessica: That's right your an artist! What's the best thing you ever drew?

Kobe: The best thing I ever drew...........well I don't really like judging my own work.

Jessica: Oh...well what have other people say about your work?

Kobe: Well a lot of people are impressed by my work, then after staring at it for five minutes in awe, they told me to get them a snack.

Jessica: Oh...are you in any sports?

Kobe: Well, I like soccer a lot.

Jessica: Cool! I like soccer too!

Kobe: That's awesome.


Jessica: Soooooooo...what do you think about our competition?

Kobe: It's cool, I finally stopped being a pushover and I made some friends, like you and Miles.

Jessica: That's good. Brendan was nice to me espically when I got stabbed!

Kobe: That's cool. Well not when you got stabbed.

Jessica: *laughs* Yeah that did suck.

Kobe: Yeah.......

MF: *Watching from office* ........Those two.........*facepalms* I don't approve.

Jessica: I love...the food since Chris left!

MF: This is so painful.........*walks over to the two* Okay. This has been too awkward. One of you two..........seriously. Just ask already, the fans can't take it anymore, I can't take it anymore and I'm patient.....

Jessica: Your right... Morgan are you going to be our permanent host?

MF: Yes..........but that's not the question. Look, we all know Jessica's confession. We know how Kobe feels after that reaction and now you're both standing awkwardly here. I think you know where I'm going.

Jessica: Okay? Kobe...if I ever get stabbed again...will you be there to help me?

Kobe: I will.

MF: .....I tried to be subtle. I tried to be nice. Now I will scream for one of the first times in my life. ASK EACH OTHER OUT!

Bruce: *runs by* Mr. Fox! Is something troubling you?

MF: Those two need to ask each other out, this is too awkward for them and the fans are waiting, and the awkwardness for both of them is painful.........

Bruce: YOU Wanna know painful? I was alone with AMY for far too long! I was thinking of breaking my one rule! Not even the Joker has come that close to breaking me!

MF: Is it as painful as that? *points at Kobe and Jessica just standing there awkwardly*

Bruce: Yes it was! *points to Amy* Look at her! She is a symbol of evil!

MF: Just go back to her, I'm going to start the challenge. You can handle it, right Batman?

Bruce: *clings to Morgan* NOOOOO! Mr. Fox DONT SEND ME BACK THERE! I'LL DO ANYTHING!

MF: But then the Assassins lose the challenge.

Bruce: Fine...I'll do it *returns to Amy*

MF: As for you won't be able to keep the question in forever. *leaves*

Jessica: *sighs* About time...but he is right... Kobe... there is one question that I have been meaning to ask you...

Kobe: .....Yes?

Jessica: Do you...have anymore of that potion? Cause my wound is starting to hurt again!

Kobe: Yeah. My brother has a lot. *grabs one and hands to Jessica, then hears the announcer* Oh we have to do the challenge.

Jessica: Thanks. *applies potion to wound* That's better! Well...I better get into better catch me!

Kobe: I will. I'm not a butterfingers.........I think.

Jessica: *gets into position* You ready Kobe?

Kobe: Ready.

Jessica: *jumps*

Kobe: *catches Jessica*

Jessica: Thanks Kobe.

Kobe: No problem.

Jessica: You can let me down now...

Kobe: Oh right sorry. *puts Jessica down then hears MF announce* Yes we won- (CONF) Morgan Freeman's probably right.........

Brendan: *runs out to them* Congrats on winning guys.

Jessica: Aww thanks Brendan!

Kobe: Yeah thanks, that's nice of you.

Brendan: Don't mention it.

Mess Hall

Brendan: I sure hope that we win today's challenge! Why am I the only one talking?

Billy: Maybe the others aren't felling like talking. I wonder what the trust challenges could be?

Brendan: I don't know.

Elimination Ceremony 6 - Mishima Assassins

Bruce: Is there anything we should know before we vote of someone?

MF: Vote in the confessional, when majority have voted the results will be revealed. Now you may all vote. Okay tacos for..........Marshall Lee *throws* Drake *throws*, Davy Jones *throws*, and.............Amy *throws* Bru- Batman, Mark it's down to you two................with only one taco left, safety goes to..................*both stare at the taco, scared*...........Batman. *throws* Mark, your time is up.

Bruce: *eats taco*

Purple Puppies Talk Chat

MF: Well the Chris thing cut out budget so today we can only offer tacos. Sorry.

Cazadora: Tacos.......Mexico's heavenly food *Eats*

Brendan: Eh...there fine... *eats taco*

MF: Cazadora, your luchadore status is being challenged in Art City. You need to go now or lose your title and reputation. You must bring someone along.

Brendan: Well that stinks... Cazadora may you pass me another taco?

Cazadora: Sure *Hands Brendan a taco*

Brendan: Thank you *takes taco and eats*

Cazadora: I bet it's Leo >.> Miles, your coolness will compliment my fighting prowess.

Miles: Okay.

MF: I got you train tickets. Here *hands tickets to Cazadora and Miles and they leave* You can watch Miles & Cazadora on the TV.

Brendan: (CONF) I swear...easiest competition ever!

Mishima Assassins Talk Chat

MF: Well the Chris thing cut our budget so today we can only offer burritos. Sorry.

Bruce: *eats burrito*

MF: Batman, Gotham needs you. The Penguin is about to turn everyone into Penguins. You need to depart during challenge time. Also, you have to take one teammate with you.

Amy: ....

Bruce: *thinks about it* Can I finish me burrito first?

MF: Sure. You depart at challenge time anyways.

Bruce: I am ready to depart! Mr. Fox inform Alfred of my return!

MF: Noted. So who's coming with you?

Bruce:...Batman works alone...but since Amy is evil and should not be trusted...I will take her along to keep an eye on her!

Amy: .....

Bruce: Okay Amy! Let's ride into the night *ready to go*

MF: *They leave* You can watch Batman and Amy on the TV.

Sky Strikers Talk Chat

MF: Well the Chris thing cut our budget so today we can only offer enchiladas. Sorry.

Kobe: *drawing*

Nina: *mumbling to someone with a mic in her ear*

Jessica: *eats*

MF: Oh, Kobe, here's a letter for you from Art City. *hands to Kobe*

Kobe: *opens it*

Dear Kobe.

Didn't expect to see this did you? Well, without you here to overshadow my work, I HAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR THE BEST ARTIST AWARD BY THE MAYOR! FINALLY NOT YOU! But I'll be fair. This is the ONLY thing to your name back in town, so I'll let you come and DUEL ME. You MUST Bring a supporter. NOW HEAD BACK, PRONTO, I HAVE THE AIRPLANE TICKETS HERE! THE TITLE IS MINE! YOUR ONLY HOBBY WILL FALL!

Sincerely, You know who I am.

Kobe: Oh no....Um, could anyone come with me to Art City?

Jessica: *eats*

Kobe: (CONF) This is bad........I need a supporter but I doubt anyone would be interested in arts.......

Jessica: *leaves for the bathroom*

Kobe: Hmm...........hey Nina, want to go to Art City? You can take a break from the game?

Nina: Well, It would be silly of me to go against my mission..........ok. fine.

Kobe: Thanks, okay let's go, I got the airplane tickets. *They leaves*

MF: You can watch your teammates (you can watch Kobe & Nina) on the TV.

Scott: I AM THE GREAT WIZARD- Oh Kobe left. Oh well! *teleports away*

Jessica: Did Nina just kill a child and his mom?

Batmobile Ride (Bruce & Amy)

Bruce: Awsome an actual...I mean this is my ride!

Amy: *Head against the window*

Bruce: *plays music*


Bruce: *eye twitches* (CONF) The sooner we get to the Penguin the better! At least he can talk!

Amy: There's something with your eye. *Pokes Bruce in the eye with her rapier* ^-^

Bruce: *howls in pain* You don't do that to Batman! Save it for the Penguin!

Amy: ......

Bruce:......*hums Batman theme song*

Amy: *Pokes Bruce's eye out with her rapier*

Batmobile (MF's voice): We're nearing our destination, Batman.

Bruce: Stop doing that! Okay thank you Batmobile! Brace yourself Amy!

Amy: ......

Bruce: *gathers equipment*

Amy: *Wields rapier*

Bruce: *keeps his eyes on the rapier* Now Amy... remember the one rule! We musn't kill anyone, so use that sparingly!

Amy: O_O

Bruce: I belive we are almost there!

Batmobile (MF's voice): We're here.

Bruce: *get's out of batmobile* Let's roll Amy! *runs off*

Bruce: *turns around* I said let's roll Amy!

Amy: No.

Bruce: *sighs* Very well then... *picks Amy up and carries her*

Bruce: *still carrying Amy* Come on out Penguin!

Penguin: *waddling around*

Bruce: Penguin! We found you! *throws Amy at Penguin*

Penguin: *dies*

The Penguin: O_O


Cop: *arrests Bruce and Amy*

Bruce: *drops smoke pellet*


Bruce: *runs away*

Cop: *still has Amy, takes her away*


Bruce: I better find this man... *hides in the shadows*

Amy: Idiot. >.>

Bruce: I must find my way to Wayne Manor! Perhaps Alfred knows something about this elusive murderer!

Bruce: *reaches Wayne Manor and knocks on the door*

Hobo: *Opens door* Hello?

Bruce: Hello... I'm looking for Alfred. Is he here?


Bruce: Alfred! *hugs Alfred* Have you seen any strange penguin murderers around here?

Hobo Alfred: Well, erm..........not really.

Bruce: Well do you have any leads?

Hobo Alfred: I heard a shot in Art City.

Bruce: Thank you. *hugs Alfred and heads toward Art City*

Hobo Alfred: *plays banjo*

Kobe: *falls in an alternate Gotham City*

Kobe's Shadow: *laughing*

Kobe: *is handed a sword*

Kobe's Shadow: *begins to spar against Kobe*

Airplane Chat (Kobe & Nina)

Kobe: Well, I guess being away from the game is alright.....

Nina: .............................

Kobe: So you know what a supporter does right?

Nina: Not at all. (CONF) Is she is who challenged Cazadora, I may be able to complete my mission. I'll have to find her as soon as I get to the city.

Kobe: Well, a supporter presents the art and cheers on who they present.

Nina: Sounds easy enough (ugh.................)

Kobe: Yeah.

Kid from behind Nina's seat: *on top of her seat and spitting at her*

Nina: >:( *Kicks the kid off the plane*

Kid's Mother: JOEY! *Jumps after the kid*

Nina: This is what I do every day.

Kobe: Um, are you alright- why did you do that?

Nina: Stuff annoys me. I only care for my missions.

Kobe: ...........Okay.

Plane Director: The plane will be landing shortly.

Nina: Good, then my mission can continue.

Plane Director: We're here.

Kobe: Okay.........*nervous* Let's go. *leaves*

Nina: *follows*

After they get to the Town Hall

???: I didn't think you'd show up Kobe.

Kobe: Well, I did......

Nina: *already abandoned Kobe*

Kobe: ..........Oh no.............well, now I have no supporter.

???: *pushes Kobe on the floor* Guess now you have to quit.

Kobe: No, just give me some time to get a supporter, please!

???: 20 minutes is all I'll give. BE BACK OR ELSE!

Kobe: Um........yes, sir. *leaves to the museum*

Duke: *visiting the museum*

Kobe: *bumps into Duke* Oh, sorry....

Duke: It's fine, it's my fault.

Kobe: Woah, wait aren't you the season 5 winner?

Duke: Yeah. I'm looking for my brother.........again. He ran off.

Kobe: Oh, do you need help?

Duke: I'm fine. Oh hey, you're competing in the current Neighborhood season right?

Kobe: Yeah.

Duke: That's cool, good luck.

Kobe: Hey could you be my supporter for the art competition? Mine snuck away from me.........and threw a kid off a plane.

Duke: Um, sure.

Kobe: Alright, let's go.

Duke: Okay.

The two arrive at Town Hall at 19 minutes (1 minute early)

???: Alright, so you brought a Neighborhood winner. IT DOESN'T SCARE ME, I WILL DESTROY YOU!


Kobe: *begins to paint a picture of a city*

???: *begins to paint a hot dog picture*

They finish

Mayor: Alright, finish up painters.

Duke: *looks at the painting* That's an amazing painting, Kobe!

Kobe: Thanks Duke.

Jessica's painted rock and Kobe's painting switch

Kobe: *looks back at painting only to see it's a rock* Wait what?

Duke: Ladies & Gentleman, I present you Kobe's painting: "The City".

  • Painted rock on the table*

Audience: *gasp*

Duke: Kobe what happened?

Kobe: I don't know it just appeared on my hand.

Mayor: 0/10! THAT IS HIDEOUS! Jon?

Jon: Well I PRESENT THIS! *Picture of hot dog*

Mayor: 4/10! YOU WIN!

Jon: YES, NOW I CAN DO THIS! *Grabs Kobe*

Kobe: Wait, Jon what are you doing?

Jon: I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST YOU NOW, YOU HAVE NOTHING LEFT IN YOUR LIFE. Get with it, Kobe. *grabs a heavy blast gun and shoots Kobe with it*

Kobe: *is shot and falls to the ground*

Jon: And now. *shoots Kobe again*

Kobe: *is shot and disappears*

Duke: This is bad........*calls Morgan Freeman*

Bruce: *emerges from the shadows* WHERE IS HE?

Duke: Kobe? Gone.


Duke: The guy who murdered the penguin? That's you.

Bruce: What that? It was Amy! She was the one who stabbed the poor thing!

Duke: You threw her at it.

Bruce: She was asking for it! She poked me in the eye! You said Kobe's name. WHERE IS HE?

Duke: Gone.

Bruce: What do you mean gone? And where is Nina?

Duke: Dead, and as for Nina, I don't know.

Bruce: Well we gotta find her! *looks for Nina*

Train Chat (Cazadora & Miles)

Miles: Trains are cool.

Cazadora: I personally prefer limos, but this is ok too.

Miles: Yeah. So, what's up?

Cazadora: Im just waiting to pound leo's face in, im sure she is the one I'll be fighting.

Miles: I see. Well, that'

Cazadora: It is. 

Miles: Cool.

Cazadora: YAY!!!! WE FUNNY BROWNIE FRIENDS!!! ^-^ 

Miles: That reminds me of Cheesy. She was did you watch Total Drama Back to the Neighborhood?

Cazadora: Of course I did, I was there.

Miles: You were?

Cazadora: *Realizes what she just said*

Miles: You just said you were and I'm not that gullible. Being gullible isn't that cool.

Cazadora: Um.........I was watching from the sidelines?

Miles: .............Okay then. So what's your favorite color?

Cazadora: Red.

Miles: Cool.

Train Guy: We are arriving at Art City soon.

Cazadora: YAY

Miles: That's cool. So, why do you think your challenge is here?

Cazadora: Dude, look at the heading below >.>

Miles: Unlucky Number Seven? That doesn't do with anything.

Cazadora: The challenge is art related. We are going to art city. Must I draw you a picture?

Miles: You do realize we're not doing something art-related? We're just probably going there for some plot, not for art.

Cazadora: Shut up >.>

Episode 7 - Unlucky Number Seven

MF: While they're doing that, we'll have the challenge. You will still be able to see what your TEAMMATES that are gone are doing though. Anyways the challenge is art-related.

Jessica: Okay

MF: Unluckily for the Strikers, their artistic ace has left. However, everyone who left, left something for their team. Assassins, Bruce has left you some Batman Fan Masks and Team Batman shirts. Cazadora left you her taco, and Kobe left you some clean art tools (paintbrush, pencil, paper).

Brendan: *takes the taco* and what are we suppose to do with a taco?

Drake: *puts on Batman Fan Mask* This looks cool. Cooler than an icy pool.

MF: Well I can only offer a canvas and paint, you'll have to figure out what to do with what you have.

Brendan: So what we have to design something to impress you?

MF: *nods* Good luck, I'll be back in half an hour. Remember you can see what your away teammates are doing on the TV. *Leaves*

Sky Strikers Art

Jessica: *sighs as she gathers Kobe's art supplies*

Scott: *pops in* Oh you're the girl who need the potion right? Just wanted to drop another one just in case. *drops potion* Now I gotta go see Kobe in his art competition. See ya. *tries to locate wand* Where did I put it?

Brendan: *walks by* Is this it? *holds out a wand*

Scott: No that's not it, that's like a Harry Potter wand. Mine is more unique! Wait, I know you! You're that guy who asked about the taco stuff! How do I know? Well I'm a wizard. If you find my wand, I will give you an art supply from Kobe's supplies. He won't know!

Brendan: Eh...right. So Jess...why are you sad?

Jessica: I just watched Nina throw a kid and his mom out of a plan.

Brendan: Wow.... that is harsh and its kind of sad that that the kind of person Kobe trust to assist him in a challenge...

Scott: Hmm.........*looks for a potion* Oh no! It's missing too! Where could it be! *runs and looks in Mishima Chat*

Jessica: Yeah...who knew Kobe was into that stuff...

Brendan: I know your pain...and could we borrow some art supplies?

Jessica: Sure... *gives Brendan some supplies*

Scott: *returns after seeing that the potion landed on Drake* So, um..........I'll be taking the wand your friend suggested.........*teleports away after taking the wand*

Jessica: *sighs* Better get started. *paints a rock*


Jessica: Okay cool! Can you show me what will impress Morgan Freeman!

Rock: No, not really. He scares me. I CAN TALK ABOUT SOMEONE LIKE DUKE :D

Jessica: Duke? I don't know any Duke...but what about Nina?

Rock: Nina planned on using Kobe, knowing records stating he's easy to gain trust from, to get to Art City so she can murder someone or find out more about them. Why? Well I can't tell you that, but I can safely say she's a cold-hearted person. And as for Toby- I mean Kobe........well, yeah it was probably easy to get a ride, seeing how he needed someone at that time. Also another COOL FACT about Nina. She has a sister named Anna and the two have a BIG rivalry!

Jessica: 0.o

Rock: SOME MORE COOL FACTS! The person going against Kobe is his old bully who plans on killing him after the match! Bruce just got arrested! Drake now can't talk in rhyme! I am lactose intolerant! Care to know any more?

Jessica: No...I am just going to finish painting. *paints another rock*

'Rock: MY BROTHER!' OKAY FINE HERE THIS WILL PROBABLY WIN! *Switches another randomly painted rock that isn't his brother with Kobe's painting back in Art City* THERE!

Jessica: Oh I'm sorry! *tosses the rock on the ground* Okay thank you!

*Kobe's painting lies on the floor*

Rock: You have your painting, stop painting rocks you heartless human!

Jessica:Okay sheesh calm down! *picks up the painting*

Rock: *looks at the TV* Oh that's who I got the painting from. Oh well, he lost. A PAINTED ROCK IS WORSE THAN A REGULAR ROCK. OH THAT GUY IS GRABBING HIM AND SHOOTING HIM! Kobe's dead, ANOTHER FUN FACT!

Jessica:*sets the painting up*

The Rock: Nice workin' with ya cold-heart. But now I must help caring humans. *hops away*

Jessica: (CONF) Like I am going to believe every word a rock says!

MF: *Comes in* I have some tragic news.......about a teammate.

Jessica: Is Nina out?

MF: No. Kobe has been killed. Apparently a painted rock teleported in place of his painting.

Eddie: I think I might be able to help. It's weird that a rock is talking, though.

Jessica: Yeah I agree with Eddie.

MF: Oh, well since you're taking it good, that's good. Anyways I'll judge your painting now. *looks at painting* This is incredible. This is *turns it around to see Kobe's signature on it* Kobe's painting.

Jessica: *gasps*

MF: So that probably means someone here took it.

Jessica: How could someone take it?

MF: If you were watching the TV, they both teleported.

Jessica: So it was someone with teleporting powers...

Eddie: That's weird. Well, we're gonna have to think of something. If only Radia were on this team... she'd know what to do. (CONF) I don't like her! Why would you think that? I mean, that's ridiculous.

MF: Well I find it a bit suspicious, that you had the painting, Jessica.

Jessica: Yeah it just magically appeared after a rock tld me not to paint on its brother.

Eddie: Wait a minute... She had the painting the whole time! This is weird... blows my mind!

MF: For now Jessica is the prime suspect.

Jessica: Stupid rock... *kicks at a rock*

Eddie: Jessica, what are you doing? You don't know if that rock had feelings or not.

Mishima Assassins Art

Marshall Lee: *makes statue* Wait. This isn't art. *puts squidward nose on statue* Now that is art.

Drake: *claps* We should also add..........something so the statue doesn't feel sad? Perhaps a hat? Or a welcome mat?

Marshall Lee: Yeah, that would be great for ratings! Let's give him a strawberry-colored fedora. *puts fedora on statue*

Drake: Yeah, that seems gre- *A random potion from Scott lands on Drake* Woah what was that? Hey, I didn't rhyme!

Davy Jones: Arrgh! Why not we dress him up like a Pirate?

Drake: *puts pirate hat on the statue right alongside the fedora* Is that good Davy Jones?

MF: *Comes through here quickly* strange. A pirate Squidward who also has a fedora? It's creative. 7/10

Purple Puppies Art

Brendan: *returns with supplies* All right! Time to get to work!

Brendan: *starts making a statue*Add some paint. *makes a statue replica of MF*

MF: You seem to be alone.

Brendan: Unfortunatly... yet I'm making this sweet statue!

MF: Kissing up gets you nowhere in life, Brendan.

Brendan:...I'm not kissing up Mr. Fox. I'm maing myself feeli good about this stute that I worked so hard to make!

MF: Alright then Brendan.

Brendan: *paints on the statue to make it better*

MF: *Receives call; on speaker* Yes?

Duke: Hey Morgan Freeman. Um......Kobe just died, so what do we do?

MF: What?

Duke: Kobe's painting disappeared and got replaced by a painted rock. Then after losing his title, Kobe was shot and disappeared.....

Brendan: *thinking*

MF: Well, how do you think this happened?

Duke: I have no idea. And if you don't believe me, I got proof from the town hall cam tape.

MF: Hmm..........I see, I will go alert the Strikers. *ends call and leaves, but then comes back* It's nice. 8/10


MF: We all managed to fool you viewers, this was just a play. None of this really happened, except for the art created backstage by Kobe, Brendan, and Marshall Lee. Special thanks to our guest Duke for coming, and now I will give the real grades to everything. Nice to see you're not dead, though Kobe, and that you're not wanted, Bruce.

Duke: No problem Morgan Freeman, it was nice coming back. That was a complex plot.

Bruce: *sighs with relief*

Kobe: That was a nice play Mr. Freeman.

MF: Anyways now let's look at this art. Puppies: 9/10, Assassins: 7/10, Strikers: 9/10. They were all creative, from Kobe's painting to Marshall Lee's Squidward Statue. So sorry but the Assassins lose. Anyways before we go to elimination, any comments on this play?

Jessica: I have no comment...

Kobe: I um, kind of liked it.

Drake: *still kind of freaking out*

MF: Yeah everything but the art products and Drake losing his way of rhyme was fake. Anyways........I'm gonna stick to writing my own plays. This was a Chris McLean production....

Jessica: Oh no...

MF: Anyways......did any of you guys believe the play was real for at least one second?

Bruce: I though Alfred looked a little wierd... and the fact the police weren't chasing the Penguin was a lilttle odd.

Radia: I thought it looked real.

Eddie: I did too! Seriously.

Davy Jones: Arrgh! Ye not be knowin' real if it be hittin ye with a sword!

Kobe: I thought Jon shooting me with blasters was a bit odd, he'd probably beat me with his fists.

Davy Jones: So I be goin' up for elimination?

MF: Yes come with me.

Elimination Ceremony 7 - Mishima Assassins

MF: You know the drill. Okay, I'm ending voting early because an exciting event will happen soon, so sorry to cut you I'm betting the low person would probably vote the eliminated person. Anyways tacos for: Drake *throws* Davy Jones *throws* and Bruce *throws* Amy, Marshall Lee, one of you is leaving tonight and that person is....................Marshall Lee. Sorry. *throws Taco at Amy*

ENTIRE Team Swap

MF: Good news we're having three entirely new teams. However as you can tell that means one person won't be chosen and will leave. The team captains are Kobe, Gia, and Brendan. In order the team names are: The Aqua Dolphins, The Orange Lobsters, and the Violet Seahorses. You may begin. (the process goes in order)

Kobe: Hmm, Jessica's my friend, I choose her.

Jessica: *nervous then says* Cool...

Gia: Hmm.... Miles.

Brendan: Hmm, Drake

Kobe: Davy Jones, seems cool.

Gia: I choose.... Bruce.

Brendan: How about...Radia

Kobe: Cazadora.

Gia: Amy.

Bruce: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *backs into a corner* Anyone but her!

Brendan: Uh...Nina

Kobe: Billy seems nice.

Gia: Next I choose..... Eddie.

Brendan: Er...Inca

MF: Dorothy you have been eliminated.

Drake: I AM TOO! *Jumps away like Mario*

MF: I knew he would quit because of the loss of rhyme. Anyways we have three debuters, one to replace Drake, and two just because. We have: Link, the Hyrulian Hero, Mike, the.....Unique Guy, and Ike, the Semi-Dark Swordsman. Mike will go to the Violet Seahorses, Ike will go to the Orange Lobsters, and Link will go to the Aqua Dolphins. Anyways, you can now go off to chat.

Aqua Dolphins Chat

MF: Today we have water and sandwiches.

Davy Jones: Water and Sandwiches? We be Dolphins? What be with that?

Kobe: I don't um, hi Davy Jones.

Jessica: Hey um Hi.

Kobe: And welcome to the Neighborhood, Link.

Davy Jones: Aye, ye be new to the Neighborhood? This be the worst place I ever been! I be babysittin' so many kids!

Random Kid: *walks up to Davy Jones* Daddy? :D

Davy Jones: What?! Who ye be?

Charlie: Charlie, daddy.

Jessica: So...glad your not dead Kobe!

Kobe: Thanks. Did you like Mr. Freeman's play?

Jessica: was wierd talking to a rock. But it was... yeah it was wierd.

Davy Jones: (To Charlie) I not be knowin' who ye be. I be no one's daddy. Jessica, you be lovin' Kobe or somethin'?

Jessica: Davy...were just talking... you better take care of your son.

Davy Jones: He not be me son!

Charlie: Daddy :D *Stares at Davy Jones admirably*

Jessica: See!

Davy Jones: I not be carin' what ye say. He not be me son! I not be havin' a son! I be livin' on the seas me whole life!

Charlie: Daddy. *looks at Davy Jones*

MF: Davy Jones I need you to sign this. *holds out paper*

Davy Jones: What?! I not be signin' that!

Billy: *Sits back and sees what's going to happen next*

Jessica: You know what Kobe? It's been relaxing since Chris stopped harassing us!

Kobe: Yeah.

MF: *To Davy Jones* I'll throw in a one-day assistant and an eyepatch?

Billy: Ooh can I have an assistant? I had a couple, but they all said my smart mind annoys them.

MF: I guess you can have a thirty minute one?

Jessica: I wonder where Chef is? I mean I figured Chris wouldve set him on us by now.

MF: Chef has never been in the Neighborhood, he stayed behind at the Island.

Billy: That's not at all superb... But okay I'll have a half an hour assistant!

Jessica: Okay that's good to hear!

Kobe: Yeah, otherwise Chris might have gotten his revenge..........again.

MF: *Shows the assistant to Billy*

Jessica: *laughs*

Billy: Hello assistant! What is your name?

Hobo: MR. HOBO!

Kobe: *to Jessica* Yeah.

Billy: Uh... Are you sure that "Mr. Hobo" is an fake Name or something? Because that is not a proper name for a human being to have.

Jessica: Oh sorry! I was just remembering a funny joke!

Kobe: I see, that's cool.


Billy: Well... Okay then. Could you order me some 10th grade math books?

Mr. Hobo: *orders 2nd grade Science books and they arrive and fall on Billy's head* IS MY JOB EXCELLENT, BOSS?

Billy: Ouch! *Rubs head* Uh... Thanks.....

Orange Lobsters Chat

MF: Today we have water and subs.

Eddie: New teams huh? I guess as is the case in all Total Drama Neighborhood seasons. Well, the least she could have done is put Radia and I on the same team.

Ike: *remains silent*

Eddie: You're the quiet one, huh? You seem pretty cool.

Ike: Thanks, I guess. (CONF) I don't mind neutrals, but *raises sword* I will slay all heroes, for what they did to my family.

Bruce: *eats subs in the shadows*

Eddie: No prob! (CONF) This guy's kinda mysterious. At least he's not like Davy Jones, who seems to reject every compliment I give him.

Bruce: (CONF) I don't trust Amy...and I don't trust the new guy...he seems...wierd

Ike: I'm..........gonna go outside. *walks outside and begins to train with his sword*

Radia: (Comes into Orange Lobsters Chat) Eddie... You around here?

Eddie: Radia! Man, it's been forever!

Radia: ...I've missed you, Eddie. I was worried that you missed me too.

Eddie: I did miss you. I mean, I'm on this team without any friends of mine, and here you come.

Bruce: haven't said anything since you were arrested... how are you?

Gia: *Eats sub* This is good.

Miles: *drinks water*

Bruce: *eats sub*

Gia: (CONF): Maybe I should've chosen my team more carefully. With Bruce, Amy, and that Ike kid, I just hope we can win a challenge. I also almost forgot Ike was here for a sec. O_O

Eddie: So Radia... there's something I've never told you.

Radia: That you like me and you want me to be your girlfriend?

Eddie: What? No! ...Maybe. ...Okay, you guessed it.

Radia: Eddie, you've made it obvious since day one. But you know, maybe one of these days it'll happen.

Eddie: Yeah... alright...

Bruce: *drinks water*

Ike: *training outside*

Gia: *To Eddie* Sorry I didn't put Radia on the team. I forgot that you had a crush on her.

Violet Seahorses Chat

MF: Today we have water and toast.

Brendan: *eats toast*

Radia: I'm kind of worried about Eddie. I don't think he could handle the thought of me not being around.

Brendan: Well why don't you go talk to him?

Radia: Well, I could, but I'm just not sure how the rest of the team would react.

Brendan: Belive me Radia... I'm sure they will let you talk to Eddie.

Radia: Okay. I hope he doesn't get too insane... (Leaves to go see Orange Lobsters)

Brendan: *smiles and eats toast* So Mike, How are you?

Nina: (CONF) I guess finding my target will be harder than I thought. What good is competing here if my target isnt competing? Staying here will only complete half of my mission.

Episode 8 - The Return of the Dark One

MF: Hello everyo-

Chris: NO I'M BACK!

Bruce: *dramatically gasps*

Kobe: I had a feeling this day would come.....

Amy: hmph!

Brendan: What do you want Chris?

Chris: THIS! *Turns Brendan, Cazadora, and Bruce into shadows* (Shadows are like the shadows of the character except now the character is stuck inside the shadow who now controls the body and infects others, no matter what the action)

Jessica: WHOA! What did you just do?

Amy: *Feels nostalgic*

Nina: heavens to Betsy!

Gia: More like HOW did he do it?

Chris: *turns out to be malfested (video game refs. FTW)*

MF: NO! *Turns Kobe, Mike, and Amy into healers* (Healers can cure any shadow by connecting into the person's insides and helping them defeat the shadow within them)

Amy: *Feeling REALLY nostalgic*

Bruce: What is going on? Batman dosen't like things that he dosen't understand!

Chris: BATMAN YOU'RE EVIL NOW *grabs Batman by the neck and turns him into an eviler shadow so he stays evil, and then follows with Brendan and Cazadora*


Brendan: *silently walks forward*

Bruce: *pulls out batarang and moves toward the contestnats*

Jessica: *backs away* Morgan! What do we do?

Kobe: Y-yeah?


(The challenge: the shadows must shadow......cate their whole team (only their team). It takes them two lines to shadowcate a normal, and four to "kill" a healer. Healers may only heal shadows after 2 have been shadowcated. Healers will always be the last one in their team. Healers take one line to heal, but also have to run to the shadow which is another line. The normals just run away or fight back, fighting back will make a shadow retreat and go after another person. If the normals & healer win, their team gets immunity (if they all win, then they just have the shadows go to elimination), if the shadows win, they will have individual immunity and the team who did the worst goes to elimination. Anyways, you may begin. NOTE: SHADOWS MAY NOT GO AFTER HEALERS FIRST, HEALERS MUST BE LAST.)

MF: We have to fight back.

Aqua Dolphins Shadows vs. N & H

Kobe: Well.......this is a twist.

Jessica: Yeah. Well we better hide!

Kobe: about some bushes?

Jessica: Sure. *hides in a bush*

Kobe: *hides in bush*

Cazadora: *Finds Jessica and Kobe in a bush*

Kobe: Oh no.......let's run.

Jessica: Good idea! *runs from Cazadora*

Kobe: *runs*

Cazadora: *Does one of her famous leap holds, trapping Jessica in her legs*

Kobe: Oh no. *tries to get Cazadora off Jessica but is pushed to the side hard*

Cazadora: *Breaks jessica's neck with her legs, shadowfying her*

Kobe: Dang it...........I feel like I've already failed the team by not being able to protect her.....

Jessica: *gets up* KOOOOOOOBBBBBEEEE

Kobe: Um...........*looks a little sad, then retreats*

Jessica: *sees Davy Jones*

Charlie: *clinging on to Davy Jones* Daddy.

Jessica: *grabs Charlie and Davy*

Charlie: Daddy D:

Jessica: *shadowify Davy and Charlie*

Kobe: *spots Jessica and begins to stealthily walk to her*

Jessica: *sniffs the air* KOOOOOOOBBBBBBEEEEE

Kobe: *runs and gets to Jessica then heals her*

Jessica: *comes to her senses* OH Thank you Kobe! *hugs Kobe*

Kobe: No problem. Anyways..........I got to go save the others to before Chris wins. Could you please hide so the shadows don't take you again?

Jessica: Deal *hides in some bushes*

Kobe: *walks away and spots Cazadora and then walks silently to her*

Jessica: *watches from bush*

Kobe: *gets to Cazadora and heals her* Just the father and son left..........

Jessica: *still watching from the bush*

Kobe: *runs to Davy Jones & Charlie*

Jessica: *leaves bush to go to the bathroom*

Kobe: *heals Davy Jones & Charlie*


Jessica: *leaves the bathroom and notices the light* Does this mean we won?

Kobe: Yeah......I wonder about the others though.

Jessica: What about Charlie? That kid is so cute!

Kobe: Don't worry, I healed him and Davy Jones. They should be fine.

Jessica: That's good to hear!

Kobe: Yeah.

Jessica: Yeah.

Chris: *saddened by his defeat, walks, looking at the ground when he bumps into Kobe making him kiss Jessica* Huh? *looks at them* OH! THIS JUST MADE MY DAY!

Jessica: *pulls away from Kobe* Oh... uh... sorry...Kobe!

Kobe: Yeah.....uh......sorry!

Chris: OH! OHHHHHHHHH! *Runs around screaming OH!*

Jessica: Shut up Chris! *face reddens*

Chris: Why you blushing huh? Maybe I should do it again, now Kobe is really a pushover. *pushes Kobe into kissing Jessica again and then laughs*

Jessica: *pulls away from Kobe* Stop it Chris!

Kobe: Yeah!

Chris: Why should I? Besides admit you enjoyed it! I KNOW YOU BOTH LOVE EACH OTHER!

Jessica: *walks up and knees Chris in the kiwis*

Chris: OW! *Falls to the ground* Admit it.......everyone already knows.........

Jessica: *walks away*

Kobe: Chris.........that's just cruel...........*walks away*

Orange Lobsters Shadows vs. N & H

Bruce: *chases*


Bruce: *grabs Eddie*

Miles: *runs away*

Bruce: *shadowifies Eddie*

Chris: YES!

Bruce: *starts looking for other team members*

Chris: I SPOT HIM AND HER! *Points at Miles and then Gia*

Bruce: *dives at Miles*

Miles: Eh..........whatever, I'm probably doomed, and it's cooler to go out awesomely than a fail so, go ahead.

Bruce: *nods, and shadowifies Miles*

Miles: *silently puts on shades then chases after Gia, eventually catching up*

Amy: *Approaches Miles*

Miles: *shadowfies Gia*

Bruce: *chases Ike*

Ike: *fights back*

Amy: *Heals Miles*

Miles: Cool.

Bruce: *hits Ike with a batarang*

Ike: *fights back against Bruce*

Bruce: *disapears into the night*

Amy: *Follows Bruce*

Miles: *just stands idly in search for any shadows*

Bruce: *notices Amy and backs away in terror*

Amy: *Grabs Bruce's head* You called me a symbol of evil, but look at what you have become.

Bruce: *pushes Amy away* I am a symbol of the night! I am justice! *runs away*

Amy: *leaps on top of Bruce*

Bruce: *tries to shake Amy loose*

(I'm pretty sure DRL left and since then nothing else would happen Chris and MF will help)

MF: NO! *Has Amy hold Bruce in place and heals Bruce*

Bruce: I'm fine! Thanks Mr. Fox!

MF: No problem. Now.....*gathers Amy's healing ability and hands it to Bruce* I feel Amy is a bit tired. Can you help me save the neighborhood?

Bruce: *yawns* Very well... I never can take a break...

MF: *Leaves but then Chris enters*

Chris: I WILL SHADOWIFY YOU ALL! *Charges at Miles*

Bruce: *punches Chris* No!

Chris: *punches Bruce but then realizes Bruce is now a healer* DANG IT!


Bruce: But... my duty...fine *punches Chris, then runs to Gia*

Chris: *tries to charge at Miles again*

Bruce: *heals Gia and heads toward Eddie*

Chris: *about to grab Miles but Ike slashes at him*

Ike: NO! *Slashes Chris with his sword*

Bruce: *heals Eddie*

Chris: NO! *Runs away*


Bruce: ....

MF: Good job you two.

Bruce: Thank you sir.

Violet Seahorses Shadows vs. N & H

Brendan: *chases team*


Brendan: *grabs Radia*


Brendan: *shadowify Radia*

Chris: YES! YES!

Brendan: *searches for Inca*


Brendan: *grabs Inca*

Brendan: *shadowify Inca*


Brendan: *searches for Nina*


Brendan: *tackles Nina*

Chris: GO!

Brendan: *shadowify Nina*


Brendan: *grabs Mike*


Brendan: *starts to shadowify Mike*

Chris: HURRY!

Brendan: *almost finished with shadowifing Mike*


Brendan: *shadowify Mike*

Chris: YES!!!!!


Brendan: *cheers*

Nina: To think I was caught off guard......

MF: *Enters with power from Kobe, Bruce, and Amy's lights and begins to charge a heal beam*

Chris: NO!

Brendan: *stares*

MF: *Releases beam on everyone healing everyone but weakening Morgan Freeman who falls to the ground*

Brendan: Morgan? Are you hurt?

MF: I'll be fine in a little......until then I need your whole team to stand right in front of me.

Brendan: You heard him guys! Line up!

MF: ......*Gets up in two minutes* Okay, I'm sorry but you guys lose..........Brendan you put up a good fight though. If you were on my side, I'd be proud of you.

Brendan: *sighs* Yeah it was a good fight...

Elimination Ceremony 8 - Violet Seahorses

MF: Well, since Brendan technically won for his cause, he gets to choose who goes. It can't be Mike, though, as he informed me he left during the challenge.

Brendan: Well Morgan I have to think about this... *thinks* eenie meenie miney mo... whos is ready to go... It's Radia!

MF: Radia..........I'm sorry, but it's your time to go. *hands tacos to everyone else but Radia*

Aqua Dolphins Chat

MF: I'm sorry but I'm still wounded so all that is here is water.

Kobe: Hey Jessica, sorry about what happened before.

Jessica: I was Chris fault not yours.

Kobe: Yeah I guess........well, um.........what's up?

Jessica: Not much...who won that challenge anyways?

Billy: I do miss Mr. Hobo even though he wasn't a good assistant.

Kobe: *to Jessica* Us and the Lobsters......

Mr. Hobo: *to Billy* I'm back!

Billy: Gee wilekers! Hey Mr. Hobo!

Mr. Hobo: Hey Billy! *reunion music*

Kobe: Hey Jessica, I have a question I'd like to ask you....

Jessica: Yes Kobe...

Kobe: I have this strange feeling about this thing, I think Chris became a shadow on purpose and planned out the whole thing. Do you think it's possible?

Billy: Mr. Hobo, do you mind looking for my math book? I lost it somewhere.

Jessica: I's possible.

Mr. Hobo: *looks for math book like a boss*

Kobe: Well the team looks happy, including Mr. Hobo.

Jessica: Maybe Morgan will let him join the team!

MF: No, but Mr. Hobo can remain Billy's assistant until Billy is eliminated.

Jessica: Okay fair enough!

Billy: Cool!

Orange Lobsters Chat

MF: I'm sorry but I'm still wounded so all that is here is water.

Gia: *drinks water* Sorry I didn't compete in the challenge, guys.

Miles: It's cool. Congrats to.........Amy and Ike, I think, for never becoming shadows.

Bruce: *drinks water*

Miles: Oh Bruce, cool job on saving some people.

Bruce: Thank you citzen!

Ike: *drinks water*

Bruce: *drinks water* We must keep our strength up to win!

Violet Seahorses Chat

MF: I'm sorry but I'm still wounded so all that is here is water.

Brendan: *drinks water*

Episode 8 - Sir Nightmare

Jack Skellington: Evening, I will be taking over for Morgan Freeman while he's at the doctor. ME, JACK THE PUMPKIN KING!

Gia: Okay then...

Brendan: Hi Jack!


Jack Skellington: The challenge? Simple. You will have to face your nightmares in this nightmare simulator in a pair. Half a point if one of the pair succeeds and one point if the pair together succeeds. The points will add up for the teams and we'll see who wins. The pairs are as followed: Brendan and Mike! Inca and Nina! Gia and MIles! Amy and Bruce! Ike and Eddie! Kobe and Jessica! Davy Jones and Cazadora! and finally........Billy and Link! Good luck to you all! Oh and before you begin, you get five minutes of bonding time. ALSO REMEMBER YOUR PARTNER WILL TRY TO HELP YOU THROUGH!

Brendan and Mike Nightmares

(Brendan's is a Fire-Breathing Pelco, Mike is having his Multiple Personalities revealed to the world, Brendan will go first.)

Brendan: You ready for this Mike? We have this challenge in the bag!

J. Skellington: Alright time to go in. *puts them both in a nightmare simulator* Brendan, you're first, remember to guide him through Mike!

Brendan: Oh crap! Not those things! *backs away from the fish*

Pelco: *breathes fire all over Brendan*

Brendan: Crap *stop, drops, and rolls*

Mike: Come on Brendan TAKE HIM On you can do this WOO

Brendan: Uh... Mike...this is hard... and I"M ON  FIRE!

Mike: *Dumps Water on him*

Brendan: *spits water* Thanks...fine let's end this! *touches the fish* OWW This thing is hot!

Mike: *Kisses it better* (CONF) How else am i suppoesed to "Guide him"

Brendan: Ehh... thanks...your turn.

J. Skellington: Nice support Mike, anyways Mike's nightmare time!

Zoey: *Pointning and Laughing*

Mike: *Close to crying* Noooo!!!! how did you get to know *Curls Up in a ball* 

Mike's old friends: HAHAHAHA! DORK!

Brendan: Ignore them Mike! It's just an illusion!


J. Skellington: Alright, you guys did it! Good job!

Nina and Inca Nightmares

(Inca's is that everyone stops recycling, Nina's is that she fails her mission and is sent to be beheaded, Nina will go first.)

JS: *puts them in a nightmare simulator* Nina you're going first, Inca remember to guide her through!

Gia and Miles Nightmares

(Gia's is that she stops being perfect and Miles is that he stops being cool. Gia will go first.)

Gia: *Shaking* This challenge better be over quick.

Miles: Don't worry I'll help you.

JS: *Puts them in nightmare simulator* Gia is going first, remember to help her through it Miles!

Gia: My hair! My hair is not perfect! And my body!

Miles: Well.........appearance doesn't necessarily matter. Personality is what does, and that can't change from this nightmare, you're still perfect as you were before.

Gia: Are you sure? That's not what my head is saying!

Miles: You're worrying way too much. I think you're still perfect and I bet many others do too.

Gia: Yeah, maybe your right.... But what if I'm NOT perfect and people just say I'm perfect to not make me mad? Oh and my shoelaces are not perfect either!

Miles: I doubt it. Most people are bad liars and you'd be able to spot them, and either ways they'd just be jealous. You're one of the most perfect people I know.

Gia: Really? Thanks. *Tries to fix her bad hair but stops herself*

Miles: you think you conquered this?

Gia: Yeah... I think so!

J. Skellington: That's good! Now Miles, you're up! *takes away all coolness from Miles*

Miles: What? O_O

Gia: This isn't too bad. Like you said to me, I think your cool still and maybe so does everybody else.

Miles: I guess you're right-


Giaa: I'll take care of this. *Walks up to the kid and punches him in the stomach* *Comes back* Also, coolness isn't really important. What's important is who you are inside. (CONF): I've read that on a billboard somewhere but I forgot where. I think I played it off pretty good. Maybe I could be an actress!

J. Skellington: Just for fun. *takes away the perfection in Gia* Now try to get him through when you're still in your fear.


Miles: I never really liked that guy.....

Gia: I know perfect people would say- Oh that sentence did not turn out as perfect as I wanted it to be! *Glares at the kid and J Skellington* And that glare wasn't perfect either!

Miles: Yeah, I don't care if I'm not cool. I don't need to be cool to do this. *punches Random Kid and walks away*

J. Skellington: Well Gia you got lucky you already finished your fear, Miles you just did too! Good job guys! *accidentally makes Gia cool and Miles perfect* Oh wait I mixed it up!

Gia: I need a much new cooler wardrobe. Not these kinds of clothes. *Walks away*

Miles: Wait it's possible to glare perfectly? *glares at Kid perfectly* Oh yeah, you can.

Amy and Bruce Nightmares

(Amy's is that her adoption father, Raphael, is killed. Bruce's is Amy. Amy will go first.)

Bruce: Are you ready for this...Amy! I am the night! I fear nothing!

Bruce: I can do this! ...and you too Amy!

JS: *Puts them in the nightmare simulator* Alright, Amy you're going first, remember to guide her through Bruce!

Bruce: Okay Amy you can do this! You gotta believe that you can achieve good!

Ike and Eddie Nightmares

(Ike's is the scene where a hero murdered his father. Eddie's is that Radia and Davy Jones shun him forever. Ike will go first.)

JS: *Puts them in nightmare simulator* Alright, Ike will go first! Try to guide him through, Eddie!

Ike: *watching not being able to move as a hero murders his father* NO!



Ike: *drops a tear* There's nothing I can do and nothing I could have done.

Hero: WELL WE'LL SEE *Rips out I. Father's heart*

Ike's Father: *dies*

ike's Mother: NO! *Is then shot*

Ike: No........NO! ..........There's nothing I can do...........this is just a true nightmare............but that is what made me me, this is what happened...........I have to move on............

'J. Skellington: Right you are, Ike! Anyways time for Eddie's nightmare!'

Eddie: (Sees Radia and Davy Jones shunning him) Hey guys... guys? GUYS! No... It can't be! No! The girl I love... the pirate I idolize... they act like I don't exist!

Ike: Eddie, I don't know you much, but, if there's one thing I can even if they do shun you, I think you're cool enough to find new friends, to find another fish in the sea- and besides for Davy Jones.........I don't think he really likes people.

Eddie: But Radia's been my friend as long as I can remember! And Davy Jones... okay, you're right, the guy doesn't like anyone.

Ike: Look Eddie, if you can get past Radia's elimination, you can get past this. So.........can you do it?

Eddie: DID I EVER SAY I GOT PAST HER ELIMINATION?! I don't know if I can! She's always wanted me around! She's never shunned me before! Even when she had a boyfriend!

Ike: Eddie, you got to be strong. Look, this, this shouldn't even be a problem. Look, she's basically been using you a little as a friend- though I hate to say this- but she still does. You can't hide that fact. I know she's your crush and you're her friend, but you got to get past this. If you can you're one step closer to getting Radia's attention. Maybe that's why she doesn't like you the way you like her.

Eddie: I have to do this... I have to do this... I have to do this... Okay. I don't need those two anyway. I'll find someone else.

Ike: Exactly.

J. Skellington: Good job you two! You both have succeeded and Ike has said a lot of words!

Jessica and Kobe Nightmares

(Kobe's is that he is pushed around by Jessica and Miles, Jessica's is a frog and spider apocalypse, Jessica will go first.)

Kobe: Well............this will be interesting.

Jessica: Yeah (CONF) Hopefully this isn't some elaborate trick of Chris to get Kobe and me together!

Kobe: Alright, so we have to help each other get rid of our nightmares. In a way this is a good but scary challenge.

Jessica: Yeah! Let's just hope that this isn't to horrifying!

Kobe: Agreed.

Jessica: When do you think our fears are coming?

Kobe: Don't know.

Jessica: We can do this! Right Kobe?

Kobe: Right!

J. Skellington: AND LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN! *Puts Jessica and Kobe in the nightmare simulator with Jessica's nightmare first* Remember Kobe try to guide her through!

Jessica: Oh this isn't too bad! *notices the frogs and spiders and screams*

Kobe: *in nightmare right next to Jessica* Come on you can do this! They're smaller than you, they can't harm you as much as you can harm them.

Jessica: But their slimy and gross and poisonous and.. *she rambles on*

Kobe: Look Jessica, I believe that you can conquer this. You have the potential to, you're one of the strongest people I know.

Jessica: *tries to move toward a frog and heisitantly reaches out toward it*

Kobe: Good job, Jessica, I knew you could do it!

Jessica: I did it! Yay! *hugs Kobe* Thanks Kobe! Your turn!

J. Skellington: That was quick! Kobe you're up! *turns Jessica into a talking dog and the dream changes*

Nightmare Jessica: KOBE! GET HERE NOW!

Kobe: ..........What?


Jessica: *scratches her ears* Um...what is going on?

N. Miles and Jessica: *continously order Kobe around and push him around literally* GET OVER HERE SLAVE!

Kobe: ............Yes, sir and ma'am........

Jessica: *bites Kobe in the leg* Kobe! These things are just illusions of your mind! Ignore them!

J. Skellington: Adding one more touch *turns Jessica into a talking mouse*

Kobe: *was about to listen but then sees Jessica as a mouse* A mouse? My grandpa was killed by a group of mice! *Runs away*

Jessica: Curse you Jack Skellington! *chases Kobe*

Kobe: *runs only to be chased by N. Miles and N. Jessica too*

Jessica: Ignore them! Listen to the talking mouse! It's me Jessica!

Kobe: *is chased into a dead end and then hears the words* What? How?

Jessica: Oh it probably had something to do with the walking talking skeleton! Now I believe that you can conquer this. You have the potential to, you're one of the strongest people I know.

Kobe: No..........I'm not. That's the reason I'm scared of this. I'm probably not good enough to be your's or Miles' friend. You're brave, you're strong. Miles' is cool and he has a lot of talents. What am I? Just some pushover artist.....

Jessica: You are more than some pushover! You proved that when you stood up to Chris! You stood up to a bear to project me! You are strong! You just have to believe in yourself!

PaRappa: You gotta believe! *disappears*

Kobe: I guess you're right......


Kobe: No, no I'm not.....I just learned that. In fact.......*pushes the two over*

J. Skellington: *gets them out of the nightmare simulator* Alright good job you two, you have conquered your fears! This challenge was designed for that

Kobe: Jessica, thanks for helping me back there. Those words really meant something to me.

Jessica: Don't mention it! How do you think the others are doing?

J. Skellington: I'll answer that you lovebirds. None of the others have finished, you're the first to have faced your fears entirely as a pair. I have watched this show before and I guess I have to say maybe Chris was right about you two but was going about it the wrong way. You two seem like a cute couple.

Jessica:Eh... thanks

Kobe: .........Yeah.

J. Skellington: In fact, some people do call me a love doctor. I even have a degree *pulls out cheap 5 dollar one* Anyways. You have both showed MAJOR signs for liking each other and it seems very true you both like each other- not as friends, you know the other way! I'm not forcing you, like Chris, but I'm just telling you, don't be afraid to admit it! I recommend one of you two get some backbone and ask the other out. Of course I'm not forcing you, but you two make it kind of obvious.


Kobe: ..........

JS: Speechless? Yeah those are many of my results. There are a lot of happy couples now thanks to my love.........doctoring. So come on guys, don't hide in your shell forever.

Jessica: Yeah uh... thanks for the tips Jack.

Kobe: Yeah...........

Cazadora and Davy Jones Nightmares

(Cazadora's is that Leo gets her champion status and Davy Jones' is that Eddie and Radia join his pirate crew and Charlie grows up to be hateful towards him, Cazadora will go first.)

JS: *Puts them in nightmare simulator* Alright Cazadora is going first, remember to guide her through Davy Jones!

Davy Jones: Arrgh, ye just act like ye never be losin' ye championship.

JS: Okay Cazadora's probably not going, but Davy Jones! You're up!

'DJ's right hand man: 'Ey captain! I found us some new recruits!'

Davy Jones: We be havin' new recruits? Who they be?

DJ's right hand man: PIRATE RADIA AND PIRATE EDDIE! *Eddie trips and causes the sail to fall off while Radia distracts all the pirates*

Davy Jones: What?! I be havin' those two?! Make 'em walk th' plank!

*Eddie and Radia take over the ship, while Charlie walks on board*

Charlie: Hello father. It's a shame I must say pirates are done. Including you. Now I must capture your ship and take you to a retirement home. *handcuffs Davy Jones*

Davy Jones: What ye be doin'? You not be me son! And I never be quittin' piratin'! I be sailin' th' Seven Seas! And ye kids, ye be givin' me back me ship!

Charlie: Yes, but you never got rid of me, so I was stuck with you. IF YOU RAISED ME RIGHT I WOULD HAVE AVENGED YOU AFTER YOUR SOON-TO-BE-DEATH, BUT YOU TREATED ME LIKE GARBAGE! But you kept me around for no reason and now I'm stuck with you being my father.......I will not give you back your ship. You should have treated others right. Now you lost your ship, your crew, and everyone's respect. *Eddie and Radia make all off DJ's crew members walk the plank then laugh at Davy Jones*

Davy Jones: What ye be doin' to me ship!? Charlie, I be thinkin' ye be kiddin'! I not be knowin' ye be thinkin' ye actually be me son! I be tellin' ye! I not be havin' a son! But I be sorry I be treatin' ye like rottin' fish! If I be knowin' ye would be wreckin' me ship, I be nicer to ye! I be sorry!

Charlie: Only one thing will change my mind. Sign this paper so I actually have a reason to leave. *hands adoption paper*

Davy Jones: I be havin' to sign that?! (Looks around at wrecked ship) Arrgh, fine. I be signin' this. (Signs adoption paper, winces)

J. Skellington: Good job Davy Jones! You did it! OH! By the way turns out that adoption paper was Charlie is now your And also Cazadora's up! *runs away*

Davy Jones: So he actually be me son?! I be hatin' everything!

Charlie: Daddy, you okay?

Billy and Link Nightmares

(Billy's is that he becomes stupid and Mr. Hobo leaves him as an assistant, while Link's is that he is defeated by Ganondorf, Link will go first.)

JS: *Puts them in nightmare simulator* Alright, Link will go first! Remember to guide him through Billy!

Link: I cant belive i Failed Hyrule..... HOw am i supposed to save everyone Hyrule is gonna go down and its all my fault.... NO I GOTTA STAY Strong.. *game over sing begins appearsing* NO GET BACK INTO THE SCREEN YOU DEVIL WORDS! *They Disappear*

Ganon: *laughing with a dead Zelda and Navi on the floor*

Link: okay Navis death isint so bad that just makes my stress go away by 70% But Zelda Your IN FOR A REAL FIGHT *Stands His Gaurd and Pulls Out Sword*


Link: NO YOU"LL NEVER WIN *Tears coming out of face* NO STUPID TEARS GET BACK IN THERE *Sucks tears back up* *Game over words appear again* *I DONT THINK SO* Stikes At ganon with Sword.... One thing u dont know is i bring bottles of FAIRIES!

Ganon: *laughs* WHAT A FOO- *Stabbed in the heart* IT BURNS!

Link: Never again will i go down. Not in this era! 

Ganon: *falls to the ground* I will get my............reveng-*dies*

J. Skellington: Way to go Link, you have succeeded! Now on to Billy's nightmare!

Billy: Dang it! I can't remember what is the square root of 49! Mr. Hobo, look it up please. Mr. Hobo? He' s gone! Noooooo!

Checker Club Member: Billy you are too dumb to play checkers and as such you have been kicked from the Checkers Club.

Billy: Oh no, I've never been kicked off in a club I was good in before! This is bad!

*More Club Members come and kick Billy out of a lot of clubs*

Billy: NO! Math club? Science club? History club?! *Hyperventilates*


Billy: But, but, *Hyperventilates even more*


Billy: *Becomes enraged* NO! I will not go back to kindergarten! Because I am smart and I know it!

J. Skellington: That's all I wanted to hear! Good job you guys!



J. Skellington: Here are the results of this whole thing!

In last place............Violet Seahorses with 1 point!

In 2nd place.........Orange Lobsters with 2 points!

In first............Aqua Dolphins with 2 and a half points!

Good job anyways to you all! So the Violet Seahorses will go to elimination........but Mike and Brendan are safe. It will be between Inca and Nina.........You know what since I'm a swell guy, I will let one of you two eliminate someone.......whoever answers first from Mike and Brendan can eliminate Nina or Inca in a snap of the fingers for a great twist!

Mike: I vote off Nina Sorry!!

J. Skellington: AND NINA IS GONE!

Aqua Dolphins Chat

JS: I have provided cookies and milk.

Charlie: Daddy *hugs Davy Jones*

Jessica: Aww... that's so cute!

Billy: I know right? Who doesn't love the bond between a young kid with their parent?

Kobe: Yeah, I agree with you guys.

Orange Lobsters Chat

JS: I have provided cookies and milk-Miles and Gia I will work on changing you back into your old selves!

Gia: Take your time...

JS: It seems you're enjoying being cool.

Gia: I sure am...

Violet Seahorses Chat

JS: I have provided cookies and milk.

Brendan: Cookies! *eats Cookies*

JS: Brendan, quick question, how does it feel being on Team Victory- erm I mean the Violet Seahorses.

Brendan: Eh I can feel that our luck will turn around after this next challenge!

JS: Well if you lose, I will warn your team, THIS WILL BE A DOUBLE ELIMINATION! We'll see if you guys truly are Team Victory.......*disappears*

Episode 9 - The Juicy Juicebox Confessions

JS: Welcome to the challenge! The losers will have to go to a double elimination, as a warning! This challenge will be juicy for the audience...........CONFESSIONS! The team with the best confession wins, WE'LL KEEP GOING UNTIL I STOP IT AND FIND A JUICY CONFESSION! Good luck to you all, especially Team Victory- I mean the Violet Seahorses, you guys need it. THESE CONFESSIONS MUST BE YOUR OWN!

Brendan: *to Inca and Mike* So...who wants to go first!

JS: *Interrupts them* You can go in any order whenever you'd like- BUT I recommend you do tell at least one confession.

Bruce: I have a confession...the secret identity of Batman is...BRUCE!!!

Gia: This is so uncool of me to say but.... Once in kindergarten I had to use the bathroom really bad but it was too crowded and I accidently went in my pants....

JS: Not juicy enough so far! You guys can do better!

Billy: Well... In 8th grade I failed Science just because I didn't know how the Sun was made so I.... Hacked into the school's computer and changed my grade to an A. Wow... Boy does that feel good to get off my chest!

Brendan: Well...there was one time when my brother was learning to swim...and he ticked me off earlier that day...I pushed him in the deep end of a pool and I just watched as he struggled to swim. A lifeguard eventually got him out...but still.

JS: This............wasn't what I expected. So far none of this surprises me. MAKE IT JUICY!

Bruce: Okay I admit it...I am not Batman... I am just an insanly attached fanboy who loves Batman so much that I dress similar to him and had my name illegaly change to Bruce Wayne...

Miles: This isn't perfect but once.......I had one hair out of place..........

Jessica: *gasps*

JS: So far in the lead is............somehow Bruce, but it's still not that high.

Jessica: I can't think of anything...give me a minute guys...

Ike: I have a hatred towards hero and joined to eliminate any that stand in my way.

Bruce: *gulps*

Brendan: *pats Bruce on the back* Nice knowing you bud!

Billy: For my finals in 6th grade... I got... A 79 percent! *Gasps*

Cazadora: *Takes off her mask, revealing to be Leo*

JS: Leo is in the lead! Will she keep it up?

Jessica: I have a confession... I have an unhealthy obsession with the TV show... Teletubbies!

Eddie: Okay, I admit it. I love Radia! I always have!

Davy Jones: Arrgh! I... be losin' me eye to a seagull dropping. It be me first day with me hook.

Amy: Im a malfested vampire, which is kinda obvious due to the red eyes and pale skin.........ugh, my user >.>

Kobe: Hmm........well, I'm not really a big fan of the Mona Lisa.

Gia: In the 9th grade... I got stood up by the cutest guy in school at the prom.

Brendan: I burned down my house once when I got angry at my parents and blamed my nieghbor. He is still in prison I belive!

JS: are the best confession places:

3rd.............Brendan's burning down the house for the Violet Seahorses.

2nd.....................Gia's getting stood up by a cute guy- guess you aren't so perfect or cool. This is for the Orange Lobsters.

1st..................Cazadora being Leo for the Aqua Dolphins!

Sadly.............Violet Seahorses will have to go to elimination.............double elimination.

Bruce: (CONF) I knew Amy was evil! And know she admits she's a vampire! I must remove her from the competition the first chance I get!

Jessica: *to Kobe* So not a big fan of the Mona Lisa?

Kobe: No not really.........I think the painting is kind of bland.

Jessica: *laughs* Yeah it kinda does look bland after looking at it for a while.

Kobe: Yeah. I prefer paintings that feel like they have energy.

Jessica: So what is one of your "prefered" paintings?

Kobe: I like Scream- you know the painting of that guy screaming in the middle of nowhere?

Jessica: Oh I know that one! We had a coloring book with that picture in kindergarten!

Kobe: That's cool. So any other paintings you know?

Jessica: *stares at him blankly*

Kobe: I'm going to guess that you don't know any let's get on to a topic you know?

Jessica: Well...I do like your paintings.

Kobe: Thanks, that's nice of you to say.

Jessica: Thanks!

Kobe: you like archery?

Jessica: Oh I love archery...until I was banned for shooting the principal! How is it my fault when he just decided to walk across the field in the middle of gym class?

Kobe: I guess not. My brother loved archery when he was younger......but then he got into magic.

Jessica: Oh yeah I remember him! *to Ike* Hi Ike!

Ike: *sees Jessica and walks away with sword in hand* (CONF) She seems like she has the potential to be a hero. People like that make me sick.

Brendan: *to Jessica* Geez you try to be friendly toward people and they just give you the cold shoulder...not cool.

Jessica: Yeah... I just said hi...

J. Skellington: I like that Ike guy. He seems more my style. Hating any goody-two shoes and such. No offense to you...........guys.

Brendan: But still... he is making himself a target by not being friendly to anyone!

Jessica: That is true...

Bruce: He is scary! But, I am the Fear! I am The Batman!

'J. Skellington: You should have seen his nightmare! That Ike actually had a bad childhood. And Bruce- you said you weren't Batman.'

Brendan: Now Jack...let...Batman have his way!

Bruce: That's right citizen! I am Batman! *hugs Brendan*

Elimination Ceremony 9 - Violet Seahorses

JS: DOUBLE ELIMINATION! Hmm...........only one can stay. How will this be decided? MUSIC! Post a music video (basically a song) and the best one is safe. You have as long as it takes to get at least two entries in. Good luck!

Brendan: War by Poets of the Falls


JS: OKAY LET'S SEE WHO WINS! ............Brendan your entry was nice *Mike look sad*.......but I love Mike's song. Mike you're the last Seahorse. Brendan, Inca..........good bye. *hands Mike taco* Brendan, you have been active I will allow you some last words to Mike.

Brendan: NOOOOOO!!! The prize was to be mine! *runs away into the woods*

Aqua Dolphins Chat

JS: We have candy and chocolate milk!

Davy Jones: Arrgh, where be the rum?!

Billy: Thanks for winning the challenge for us Cazadora! Or should I say Leo?

Davy Jones: Aye, Cazadora be we winner.

Charlie: *hugging Davy Jones* Daddy :)

Davy Jones: I be stuck with ye. I be hatin' me life.

Charlie: *finds pirate hat on the ground and puts it on* I want to be just like you daddy :D

Link: *Eats*

JS: *Walks in with Duke* Duke, I need you to do something for me............something really important.

Duke: Yes?

JS: You have to host the challenge, my citizens are currently in a crisis!

Duke: Why me?

JS: You have been on here before, you're a friend of Morgan Freeman, you won Total Drama Neighborhood 5, and all that makes me trust you.

Duke: Really?

JS: No I just needed someone. GOOD BYE! *Disappears*

Duke: Bye?

Orange Lobsters Chat

JS: Today we're serving candy and chocolate milk!

Gia: *Eats the candy in a cool way*

Bruce: *drinks milk*

Eddie: Cool! (eats candy and drinks milk)

Miles: *eats candy perfectly*

Duke: Okay to even things out..........Ike you will be joining the Violet Seahorses.

Ike: Fine by me. *leaves*

Team Mike & Ike Chat

JS: Hello Mike, today we have for you candy and chocolate milk.

Mike: *Eats* (CONF) The last member of the team eh? Well than thats.... shocking.... how am i supposed to win now? Merge? Me going onto one pf the teams? Only time will tell

Ike: *arrives* Hmph.

Duke: Hey Mike, meet your new teammate, Ike. *receives a call* Yeah? Oh hey Jack. Oh alright. *ends call* Okay you guys will from now on be known as Team Mike & Ike. You know, like the candy?

Episode 10 - The Duke's Auction

Duke: Hey welcome to the challenge. I'm Duke I'll be hosting this episode.

Bruce: We meet again Duke!

Duke: Yeah. Hey Bruce, hey Kobe, hey everyone else. Anyways, the challenge will be kind of nice, I hope. I will be giving out prizes but some prizes are secretly traps and lose for your please be alert. Anyways first prize............a dinner at Applebee's?

Kobe: I'll take it I guess.

Duke: *receives a call from JS* Huh? Oh alright. Okay *ends call* Kobe you will go with Jessica apparently. Anyways next autograph from PaRappa the Rapper?

Jessica: (CONF) It's not like I don't like hanging out with Kobe...its just that were forced to hang with each other and we cant act normal around each other!

Duke: *silence* I guess I'll keep the autograph for myself? Anyways next up for whenever you're up for elimination...........immunity? Anyone want it?

Bruce: It's a trap! There is nothing free about immumity!

Ike: I'll take it?

Duke: Okay immunity goes to up is............some Pizza from Pizza Hut. Anyone want it?

Jessica: That sounds good! I'll take it!

Duke: Oh sorry......that was the trigger, looks like you guys are going to elimination.........but out of niceness I will give others some prizes too. Davy Jones you get some clothes for Charlie, Mike your team gets a party, Miles you get some better holding hair gel, Gia you get candy, Link you get some new shoes and a bling necklace, Eddie you get a picture of Radia, Cazadora you get a new wrestling mask, Amy you get something to polish your rapier, Billy you get an Overachievers Monthly Magazine Subscription, and Bruce you get an autograph from........Jack Skellington? Also Ike, your immunity will come to play in the merge if you make it there.

Bruce: *sighs*

Jessica: What is wrong Bruce?

Bruce: It just... with Cazadora keeping her identity hidden...what other secrets she might have? Like ones that could deeply impact the game!

Miles: *reading a book perfectly*

Elimination Ceremony 8 - Aqua Dolphins

Duke: Alright 3 votes is all I need. Okay.......we're switching to onion rings since we ran out of tacos. Onion rings for............Kobe *throws* Billy *throws* Davy Jones *throws* and Link *throws*. Jessica, Cazadora one of you will be leaving and that not.......................Jessica. *throws* Sorry Cazadora, but apparently something you did upset the others.


Nina: *Jumps in* Aha! SHE WAS MY TARGET!!! *Throws a knife at leo*

Leo: *Dodges* You'll never get me alive! *Runs away*

Nina: *Chases*

Duke: Oh hi Leo..........oh bye Leo. Oh wait. She was Leo? O_O

Jessica: *nods*

Duke: Hold on this is an issue. Apparently, all hosts will be responsible if Leo gets killed so I have to go after them. *gets on a random hoverboard and takes off after the two*

Bruce: Aww... Batman wants a hoverboard! *chases Duke*

Nina: Damn! *Leaps over Duke and breaks his neck, then pulls out her bazooka and fires at Bruce*

Leo: *escapes*

Duke: *regenerates* You know, now I'm glad I got this hoverboard from some video game and now am stuck with so many lives. *looks at life bar*

Bruce: *ducks and throws batarang at Nina*

Duke: Anyways hate to do this. *uses electric net to capture Nina* I know this won't hold forever but it will buy Leo some time.

Nina: *easily walks out of it*

(a helicopter appears)

Lili: *In helicopter* I dont pay you enough for this! GET IN HERE NOW!!!! Forget Leo, you will take the money when the time comes!

Nina: Understood. *Gets in helicopter, then it flies off*

Bruce: *throws another batarang at the helicopter, but it misses and hits Ike*

Ike: *dashes at Bruce and continuously knocks him in the air with his sword*

Jessica: *pushes Ike* Dude! What's your problem! He tried to stop Nina from escaping, but missed! Take a chill pill!

Ike: Yeah sure he missed. A hero who killed my father missed. Though, I doubt you'd know what it's like to have lived alone, you've probably had a good life. Still see the light of people. Sorry if I'm wrong, but I doubt he missed. Anyways come complain to me when you had to get food for your own, princess. *disappears*

Jessica: *helps Bruce up* Are you okay Bruce? That guy is a jerk!

Bruce: I'll be fine! Just...remember what he did! *limps away heroically*

Amy: Ugh......

Kobe: *was watching* Hmm.........(CONF) I don't think Ike did the right thing, but I feel bad for him. He never saw the good in people after his tragic moment. I'll try to make it a finished goal to help Ike see the good in some people.

Bruce: (CONF) *sighs* What does Ike have against me anyway...All I did was throw a batarang at h...the helicopter but it missed!

Kobe: Hey Jessica, quick question, what do you think of Ike?

Jessica: Well we just saw him brutally beat up Bruce for acidentally hitting him...I don't like him that much...

Amy: I like him....

Kobe: *to both* Hmm, I see. I feel Ike just doesn't see the good in people.

Bruce: *collapses*

Amy: *Giggles* idiot.

Duke: *helps Bruce up on his hoverboard* Want a ride to the neighborhood on my hoverboard?

Bruce: *weakly talking* Yes...I think i'm starting to bleed internally! Tell Ike I say thanks!

Jessica: *to Amy* I think this is the first time we heard you laugh Amy.

Amy: ......

Kobe: *to self* Maybe I should try now before Ike injures anyone else. *runs to find Ike*

Amy: *For some reason follows*

Ike: *in the middle of the forest training*

Kobe: *finds Ike* Hey Ike.

Amy: *Watching from afar due to boredom*

Ike: What do you want?

Kobe: Listen, I know what happened to you and I'm sorry about it. But maybe you shouldn't take it out on others.

Ike: Bruce is the one who hit me first. It was a strike of self-defense.

Kobe: Yeah but did the batarang hurt you as much as it hurt Bruce?

Ike: No, but I don't trust heroes.

Kobe: I see.............maybe there could be something I can do to help you see in another way?

Ike: I doubt it.

Amy: *Walks towards them*

Kobe: Oh hey Amy.

Amy: Hai...

Ike: Hi.

Kobe: So what's the thing you hate?

Ike: Heroes. I want my revenge.

Kobe: Well........maybe that isn't what you really want. What if you just want closure with your dead family?

Amy: Maybe we should kill Bruce's family ^-^

Ike: I like her idea.

Kobe: Let's not do that...........maybe we could hold like a funeral?

Ike: Maybe.

Amy: ok.

Narrator-Man: One funeral later.

Ike: Hmm..........huh, what's this? *looks at father's will*


Forgive me for saying this, but there was a reason I got killed.

...........I was a villain and I murdered many people for fun, but I then realized.........

This wasn't right. I'm writing this as the hero sent a death threat and I have a feeling he will come.

I don't know how he's a hero for killing me so be it.

I know you will survive somehow. Don't live in anger, son. Live happily, however you can't.

I want you to not make the same mistake I did. Please use your sword in honor.

Love........your father.

Ike: *staring at the paper with his father's will*

Duke: *arrives on hoverboard* Hey guys, come on, let's go to the neighborhood.

Ike: ........Alright.

Brendan: *secretly graffiti's Ike's dad's funeral area and places a...batarang nearby. He then runs into the forest* *To Chris* The deed is done!

Aqua Dolphins Chat

Duke: Um, today we have pizzas from Pizza Hut like Jessica wanted- too bad she's not here though. We also have soda.

Link: *eats*

Davy Jones: I be eatin' this?! I be eatin' ye landlubber food?!

Billy You don't like pizza? Everybody craves pizza! *Eats a pizza slice*

Davy Jones: I not be likin' this what ye landlubbers be callin' pizza.

Duke: *hoverboards in* I got a plate of Sea Salt Crackers if you want them, Davy Jones.

Orange Lobsters Chat

Duke: Um, today we have water and sandwiches. Hope you enjoy.

Bruce: *is shown heavily bandaged and drinks water*

Ike: *walks in* Hey Bruce. We got off on the wrong foot so I wanted to say........*hesitatingly* Sorry.

Bruce: It is okay. *winces* I will live. *eats a sandwhich*

Ike: Alright, bye. *leaves*

Eddie: (Eats) I will get as far as possible! I know it!

Gia: *Eats a sandwich*

Bruce: You just gotta belive Eddie!

Eddie: Yes! I will believe! I will get far!


Bruce: *high fives PaRappa*

PaRappa: *high fives Bruce* Well I gotta get to the party and put up a show! Later *skateboards away*

Team Mike & Ike Chat

Duke: Mike won a party for you guys, so we have: Cold Stone Ice Cream, PaRappa the Rapper, Hot Dogs, Soda, a Disco Ball, hamburgers, and stuff. Have fun!

Mike: Sweet *Eats Hotdogs*

Ike: Yeah, I guess. *eats a hamburger* So what's up?

Mike: Not much How bout you kinda Depressing life huh?

Ike: whole family died except me when I was like 5. I had to support myself for a while, I still live on my own.

Mike: Sometimes i feel that way... because of my MPD

Ike: Oh..........don't worry, it will probably go away one day. Until then you just gotta stick through.

Mike: Yea i geuss *Whole conversation while Parappa is singing in the background* Yeah shouldent we clap xD

Ike: Yeah. *claps*


Mike: *Claps* (CONF) Well my first encounter with Ike was pretty good i hope we can take the Challange again!

Ike: *claps* Yeah this party isn't too bad. (CONF) Mike isn't that bad of a guy. The only problem with this team is if we lose, it'll be down to another one man team.

Mike: (CONF) and chances are that i will lose if we do lose 

Ike: *grabs an ice cream*

Brendan: * runs out of the forest, shirt riped to shreds* FOOD! *grabs hot dogs and soda and runs back into the forest*

Applebees Chat (Jessica & Kobe)

Waiter: *hands menu to Jessica and Kobe* So what would you like?

Jessica: I'll just have a water please.

Kobe: *looking at menu* Um...........I'll take..........hmm...........yeah I guess just some water too. I don't want the bill to go too heavily back to Jack and Mr. Freeman and Duke.

Jessica: Hopefully this isn't a trick by Chris...

Kobe: Yeah.

Jessica: So... I saw you at that funeral thing for Ike...

Kobe: Yeah, I feel bad for Ike, he's had a tough life. It probably still is tough for him.

Jessica: But I still don't trust him though... tough life or not, he dosen't have the right to attack other people.

Kobe: I guess you're right he did do wrong there, but I still trust him. I think he was just overly cautious about Bruce for the fact a hero killed his family.

Brendan: *sees them and walks over* Hey guys! Hows it going?

Kobe: Hey Brendan. Nice to see you around. Want to join us for dinner?

Brendan: don't you mean for a drink since all you guys ordered was water?

Kobe: You can order food, just as long as you don't get too much. I just got water because I'm not really hungry.

Brendan: *orders some food* So...what's going on between you too? This a date?

Kobe: No we're just eating- or well in this case drinking water- here.

Brendan: I see...*makes note in his cell phone* So hows the competition?

Kobe: I guess, it's going good. Duke's our new host.

Brendan: What happend to the skelleton?

Kobe: There was a crisis in Halloween Town.

Brendan: I see..*takes a drink*

Kobe: has life been after elimination?

Brendan: Sucks...* gets up* well...I gots to go...see you guys *leaves*

Kobe: Bye.

Chris: *through walky-talky to Brendan* Did you get anything?

Brendan: Not much...the skeleton left! Duke is the new host...and they still won't admit their feelings! What shall my next move be?

Chris: Either convince Kobe or Jessica to ask the other out or go find a new couple or something........we need to ruin someone's life.

Brendan: Don't worry Chris...I intend too. *turns walky-talky off and heads back to the neighborhood*

Waiter: *arrives with water for Kobe and Jessica* Here you go. *Hands them to both of them*

Jessica: Excuse me Kobe! I have to use the restroom. *heads to the bathroom*

Kobe: Okay.

Episode 10 - Are you Smarter than a Neighborhooder?

Duke: Hey-

Jack Skellington: *comes grabs Duke* Sorry about this, but I need your help! *they disappear*

PaRappa: Well it looks like I'm left. Whatever, let's jam! Anyways the challenge is-

Kobe, Bruce, and Mike Clones: *enter*

PaRappa: Hmm, looks like we have company- *sees Kobe, Bruce, and Mike and their clones, then the clones attack and mix up the order not allowing anyone to see who's on top and bottom and who's the clone and real* Alright, scratch the rap. Looks like we gotta believe we find the fake sap. Alright the challenge is to find out who's the real, Kobe, Bruce, and Mike. Ya got three questions, then you gotta defeat them and see if you made the right decision. Alright guys, remember to believe!

Aqua Dolphins (Questioning Kobe 1 and Kobe 2)

Jessica: Okay...this is wierd...two many Kobes!

PaRappa: *Skatesboards by* Hey Jessica, would you mind questioning them, since no one else seems up for it?

Jessica: Fine...Does the real Kobe have a crush on a certain someone?

Kobe 1: No......

Kobe 2: Um, no......not really......

Jessica:....*runs away into the bathroom* (CONF) Brendan was right about Kobe...*sighs*

Jessica: *returns from the bathroom* Okay...what is Kobe's least favorite painting?

Kobe 1: The Mona Lisa.

Kobe 2: Any painting without energy.

Jessica: Okay...where were we when Kobe and I first talked?

Kobe 1: In the challenge, at the forest.

Kobe 2: I think........the forest land journey.

Jessica: Let me think...Kobe #...*thinks* Kobe 2!

PaRappa: *skateboards by again* Alright, Jessica you have to defeat who you think is the impostor.

Jessica: *punches Kobe 2*

Kobe 2: *disappears*

Kobe 1: Heh.......*grabs swords and stabs Jessica and continues slashing* Nice shot, you're wrong. I guess your brain must have gone south.

Jessica: *faints*

PaRappa: Alright, that's it. Time to jam!

Kobe 1: Am I supposed to be intimidated by some pesky dog? I AM THE CLONE OF KOBE WITH GENETICS OF A SAMURAI!

PaRappa: Sorry but soon you'll be the dead clone of Kobe with genetics of a Samurai. Nothing personal, but I can't let you kill people.

*One battle later*

PaRappa: Alright the clone's gone! Now.........*drops potion on Jessica* You should be a little careful picking clones, it could have been a lot worse. how do I regenerate Kobe? Hmm...........I GOTTA BELIEVE!

Jessica: *groans*

PaRappa: Yeah clones aren't nice. They're as cold as ice.

Jessica: *gets up* Do you have to rhyme after every sentence?

PaRappa: Hey it's what I do, no need to be rude about it. And I don't do it all the time.

Jessica: Okay...and where is the real Kobe?

PaRappa: I'll try to regenerate him here, but he may be a little hurt.

Jessica: Okay! Good luck!

PaRappa: Wait- oh now I know how. I GOTTA BELIEVE! *Kobe just falls through a portal*

Jessica: Kobe! Your...okay!

Kobe: I was in a galaxy filled with giant Nyan wasn't fun.

PaRappa: Hmm, well it seems you guys are alright.

Jessica: 0.o That must have been horible!

Kobe: It what happened while I was there?

Jessica: Oh...nothing much. I was stabbed, PaRappa fought your clone, and healed me. Then we talked.

Kobe: Oh okay.

PaRappa: Oh and guys if Team Mike & Ike succeeds you will go to elimination.

Jessica: Oh yeah...forgot about that...

Kobe: Yeah......

Jessica: (CONF) I don't know who to vote for if we have to vote someone off...

Orange Lobsters (Questioning Bruce 1 and Bruce 2)

Eddie: Who is your favorite Superhero?

Bruce1: Batman

Bruce2: Myself

Miles: What is your biggest fear?

Bruce1: Failing to achive justice!

Bruce2: The Joker winning!

Miles: Hmm...........who's the most evil person here?

Bruce1: Amy

Bruce2: Ike

Miles: I believe Bruce 1 is the real Bruce so........*punches Bruce 2*

Bruce1: Yay! *hugs Miles*

Bruce2: Cruses! *throws batarang at Miles*

Miles: *grabs batarang after being hit by it and throws it at Bruce 2 making Bruce 2 disappear* So wait was I right?

Bruce: I guess! Cause I'm Bruce!

PaRappa: Alright good job Miles and Eddie, you guys are safe!

Team Mike & Ike (Questioning Mike 1 and Mike 2)

Ike: Mike, what disorder, and I use that lightly since you seem to have overcome it, do you have?

Mike 1: MPD

Mike 2: Bi Poler disorder

Ike: Question 2, did you eat a Cold Stone Ice Cream during the party?

Mike: Nope

Mike 2: Yes

Ike: Did you like PaRappa's performance?

PaRappa: *skateboards here* Alright guys, I know you still have to answer one more question but this has been going on for a while. Ike it's time to place your guess.

Ike: Mike 1 is the real Mike. *stabs Mike 2*

Mike1 : i am the real mike

PaRappa: Alright, sweet! You guys win too! Congrats!

Elimination Ceremony 10 - The Aqua Dolphins

PaRappa: Alright time to jam! You guys know what to do right? *everyone nods* Alright, good luck voting.

Jessica: (CONF) ....uh...who do I vote for?

PaRappa: Hmm.......I decided to try a twist, hopefully it'll be alright. The Orange Lobsters get to vote you out, try to hold on with your might. *Orange Lobsters enter*

Amy: *Votes Billy*

Miles: *Votes Billy* You remind me of Dante and he hated me so.........yeah, sorry.

Eddie: (Votes Billy) I'm sorry... I just never found you active.

Gia: *Votes for Billy* I don't really like geeks. No offense.

PaRappa: Sorry Billy but you have been eliminated. You can take Mr. Hobo as your assistant, though.

Jessica: Bye Billy!

Kobe: Bye. Good luck in life! You were a good teammate.

Aqua Dolphins Chat

PaRappa: Today we got Subs and Apple Juice! Enjoy! *skateboards away*

Jessica: *drinks Apple Juice*

Orange Lobsters Chat

PaRappa: Today we got Subs and Apple Juice! Enjoy! *skateboards away but then comes back* Oh wait, hold on. I gotta switch you guys back. I GOTTA BELIEVE! *Turns Miles and Gia back into their old personalities of cool and perfect, respectively* Alright, cool! Believing gets you far in life! Alright later. *skateboards away*

Team Mike & Ike Chat

PaRappa: Today we got Subs and Apple Juice! Enjoy! *skateboards away*

Ike: *eats sub*

Episode 11 - Competition Meltdown

PaRappa: *cardboard dances* Alright time for the challenge! According to this list you have to say your feeling of the competition and your fellow competitiors so far.

(When you're posting do this)

(PaRappa is posting, but with your username)

(Darealleon is posting)

Amy: I like trains

(ParaGoomba348 is posting)

Eddie: I can say, this has been an exiting game. I've made some new friends in Kobe, Jessica, and Ike, and I've enjoyed the challenges. I like how the host has changed several times, and I especially love the randomness going on. Even though I had to say goodbye to Radia several episodes ago, I'm getting over it... slowly, and I think this will turn out just right. Whether I win or lose, I'm having fun. I could be eliminated today and I wouldn't regret it. As long as I've got friends, I'm up for anything.

Davy Jones: How I be feelin' about the competition? I be hatin' it! Everyone here be insane! They be immature landlubbers who never be sailin'! A pirate without the ocean! Do ye know how I be?! I be goin' insane from all the scalawags who not be knowin' how to swab decks or keel-haul. I not believin' I be stayin' here. Oh, and this kid not even be me son! Yet he be treatin' me like his dad! I be tired of this game and I just be wantin' to go back on a ship and sail away!

Mike: well i say i feel welcomed being a debuter adn stuff i really feel that the other competetors are nice.... Not that i got to meet more than 2 since i was put on the team with 3 people on them. But everyone seems unique. and this game is fun being on another total drama hasnt been much more fun than ever! And i hope i can stay longer in the game

(Stars is posting.)

Gia: Well from my time here, I can easily say most people here are sane. Most. And who are the non sane? Davy Jones. I can't really make out what he says most of the time. And I think all that time out in the ocean made him like different types of food than what we eat. And that Cazadora person, that person was just insane to me. The food here is pretty good actually, And the challenges aren't as much insane as I thought. Until I was held captive!

(TF is posting.)

Miles: Well.........I got to say this competition's been cool. Mostly everyone has been cool. Some examples I can name are all the hosts but Chris, Gia, Kobe, and Bruce. Not many people have been uncool or mean. The competition has been alright, but it's kind of darker than last season. I think everything has been overall........alright.

Ike: Well at first I came here and hated everyone. Sure I may have been cold, but it was because.........of something else. I did meet some good people like Mike and Eddie, but I won't name who I hate. I have had closure with my past, met some pretty good people, and participated in challenges that put me to the test. Sure I have people who hate me, but that doesn't matter, I think everyone is at least okay. This competition has been good too.

Kobe: I guess, I'll go next. In this competition, I began as a pushover and only joined because I was kind of forced to do so by my parents to toughen up......but now I'm happy I joined. I made some great friends like Jessica, Eddie, and Miles. This competition has been fun, the only complaint I have Chris since I feel he's been targeting me and Jessica because I didn't do what he wanted, which sucks, but I like the rest of the competition a lot and I'm glad I'm here.

PaRappa: Alright, it seems Bruce, Link, and Jessica don't want to say anything so I'll go ahead and say I liked Ike's speech, Mike's speech, Davy's speech, and Gia's speech the most. All of Team Mike & Ike were in this list so they win! Okay so I guess it'll go down to Davy Jones and Gia. I got to say........hmm......this is a tough decision. Hey Link or Jessica and Bruce could you guys submit one for your team, this will determine if your team is safe or not. So Jessica/Link (whoever goes first) for the Aqua Dolphins and Bruce for the Orange Lobsters. Good luck.

(Phyneo's posting)

Jessica: The Competition has been going great! I met some great people and hosts...except for Chris. Yeah I agree with Kobe about Chris being the one complaint of the season. The challenges...have been wierd. I mean getting stabbed, mauled by a bear, and watching Kobe "die" have really made this season to be wierd...but this has been ultimatly been a good experiance.

Bruce: I'm Batman and this is my message. The people here are ready to belive in good...except for Amy! She is pure evil! The challenges have really tested my skills. By biggest complaint...Amy but other than that the competition have been going great!

PaRappa: Alright, they were both good speeches but I think Jessica's was a bit better, sorry Orange Lobsters but you guys are going to elimination.

Elimination Ceremony 11 - Orange Lobsters

PaRappa: You guys know what to do right-

Miles: ...........Wait, I volunteer myself to be eliminated. Or I quit. Whichever one sounds cooler.

PaRappa: Huh? You sure Miles?

Miles: Yeah, they all deserve to go further. Well bye guys.

PaRappa: Alright then, bye Miles, you were a good guy. Anyways, congrats to the rest of you for making it this far.

Aqua Dolphins Chat

Jessica: So how is everyone?

Kobe: I'm good, how about you?

Jessica: I'm fine.

Davy Jones: Aye, I not be doin' so good.

Jessica: Why is that Davy?

Davy Jones: I be stuck with a kid who not be me own. I also not be likin' this game too much.

Jessica: Well look at the positives! Your kid is sooooo Cute!

Davy Jones: I be a pirate! Cute not be somethin' we like. What be cute to me be killin' cursed whales and piratin' treasure.

Orange Lobsters Chat

Gia: I'm so glad I'm still here! How about you guys?

Bruce: It is an honor to be here...not an reward!

Amy: *Giggles*

Bruce: 0.0 (CONF) Amy's giggling....frightens me!

Amy: *Gives Bruce the evil eye* >.>

Bruce: *backs away in fear*

Gia: What's up with those two?

Bruce: *whispers* She is evil...look at her!

Amy: :3

Bruce: EVIL!!!

Amy: ^-^

Bruce: *shivers*

Amy: *Gives Bruce a hug*

Bruce: *gives a high-pitched scream and runs away*

Amy:........... :(

Bruce: (CONF) Compared to her...The Joker is sane!

Amy:*Breaks into the CONF and jabs Bruce repeatedly with her rapier*

Bruce: *takes a picture and runs away, injured*

Gia: Okay then...

Bruce: *returns to team* Man that girl is crazy...she was stabbing me!

Eddie: That was weird. You know, I'm surprised I made it to the Final 10. I'm even more surprised Davy Jones made it and Radia didn't. Surprises me.

Gia: Same here. If I win, I'm going to open up my own Salon Shop!

Team Mike & Ike Chat

Mike: Hey Ike!

Ike: Hi Mike.

Episode 12 - Team Theme Machine

PaRappa: Hmm..........I'm currently debating on the challenge. In the meanwhile feel free to talk.

Bruce: Fear not teammates...Together under my leadership and skillz we will win today's challenge!

Amy: ......

PaRappa: Alright here's the challenge, you guys will make team themes songs! I'll split you guys into pairs and the last place pair will go to elimination alone with everyone else deciding their fate. The pairs will be different than the usual ones. Anyways.........Pair 1: Mike and Ike..........Pair 2: Kobe and Bruce.........Pair 3: Amy and Eddie.........Pair 4: Jessica and Gia..........and finally Pair 5: Davy Jones and Link. If the partner takes too long to agree (30 minutes) just submit your theme by yourself and hope for the best. Good luck!

Pair One Chat

Ike: How about to make us seem intense?


Pair Two Chat

Bruce: how about...

Kobe: Yeah, that's a good theme song.


Pair Three Chat


Eddie: I approve. It's a good song.


Pair Four Chat

Gia: What should be our song?

Jessica: I have a suggestion Gia!

Gia: I love it! It's a perfect song!


Pair Five Chat

Davy Jones: Arrgh, I not be likin' or knowin' too much music, but I be knowin' this song! It be good for sailors n' pirates.


PaRappa: Time to jam! Okay the results are:

1st - Pair Five............(I love this song, I just forgot what the song was named and it fits for a theme song)

2nd - Pair Two...........(This song is a great theme song and is a classic)

3rd - Pair One...........(I know I chose this song but it fits as a theme song and is great.)

Pair Three and Pair Four one of you will be going to elimination. (Pair Four's was basically kind of a rip off of Pair Two's and Pair Four's didn't fit as a theme song at all)...........anyone care to guess who will be safe?

Bruce: Pair Three because Amy choose the song so it must be evil!

Eddie: Pair Four because hey, at least we tried.

PaRappa: And the final pair safe is............4th - Pair Four - Sorry Pair Three, but Somebody that I Used to Know doesn't work as a theme song. This may be a rip-off but it works.

Elimination Ceremony 12 - Pair Three (Amy & Eddie)

PaRappa: As a prize for coming in first and second Davy, Link, Kobe, and Bruce get to decide who goes home.

PaRappa: Man sorry Eddie, but you've been eliminated. Anyways here's a twist- Davy, Link you guys can leave you guys will get an additional prize. Pair Four is also up for elimination! And this time Pair Two and Pair One will vote. (Ike, Mike, Kobe, Bruce) But first unlike the last one Pair Four (Jessica & Gia) can plead their cases.

Jessica: I liked our song that we chose!

PaRappa: That's your speech?

Jessica:Yeah! We worked hard to pick it and we had no idea what the others were going to pick! We are sorry that our song was similar to another teams!

PaRappa: Okay, well good luck guys. I guess I'll cut the speeches out. You all can vote now.

PaRappa: Alright with one vote Jessica is safe! Sorry Gia but you're gone. Anyways.......everyone left has made the merge!

Bruce: Yes! This is how The Batman works....independently!

Amy: >.> yeah right......

Jessica: Awsome the merge!

Episode 13 - Contestants vs. The World

PaRappa: Oh hey, Jessica, Kobe, both of your soccer coaches wanted to talk to you. *Coach 1 from........Moon Valley Monkeys comes to Jessica, Coach 2 from Art City........Anteaters comes to Kobe* Oh and Raphael has come to see Amy.........Hobo-Alfred has come to Bruce..........Davy Jones' right hand man has come to Davy Jones. Zoey has come to Mike. Navi has come to Link. Um, Ike...........we

Ike: It's fine, I know I have no one here.

PaRappa: Okay, well you can stay with me. The rest of you go talk with your visitors. (I'll control the visitors)

Ike: Okay then.

PaRappa: Hey Ike.........I'm looking at the footage for everyone's chat and Davy Jones' right hand man is kind of insulting you.



Jessica: Hey coach! What are you doing here?

Coach 1: Well we need a new player........I hear that in one more loss the Art City Anteaters are going to shut down. So we're going to challenge them right now and make sure they lose. You know that Kobe kid, right? After they lose I need you to convince him to join the team.

Jessica: Okay!

Coach 1: Good, we brought the team. Anyways you need to win this for the team. No matter what.

Jessica: Yes sir! I will not fail you!


Kobe: Hey coach!

Coach 2: Hey Kobe.........I have some bad news..........ever since you left the Anteaters have lost 9 more and we shut down.

Kobe: What? Is there anything we can do to stop this?

Coach 2: The Monkeys have challenged us right now on the spot. We need to win if not........this may be the end of the team- WILL be the end of the team. Kobe you have to win this. No matter what.

Kobe: Got it!


Amy: Wait who are you? O_O

Raphael: I am your father......

Amy: Adoptive...........hi ^-^

Raphael: Hi. :)..............NOW GO BEAT UP MIKE FOR YOUR......ADOPTIVE........FATHER!

Amy: actually there's this stupid pansy guy who thinks hes a superhero that thinks Im satanic, can I kill him?

Raphael: After Mike.

Amy: ok.


Bruce: ALFRED! *hugs Alfred*


Bruce: That is not very nice...but The Batman shall ignore petty insults for I am above them!

Alfred: He called you a Wannabe. IS THAT BUMBLEBEE'S SIDEKICK? :D

Bruce: Alfred...are your feeling okay? Because you are mumbling strange words? Do you want me to bring you to Mr. Fox?

Alfred: He insulted Mr. Fox.........


Davy Jones

Right-Hand Man: Argh! Ike be a threat to ye! SHOW HIM A LESSON!


Zoey: Hey Mike! Um.......Amy kind of wants to kill you.....


Navi: HEY LISTEN! Bruce called you a disgrace to Hyrule!

Kobe vs. Jessica

PaRappa: Alright it seems like this needs to be settled. 4 Players will be on the field (Kobe/Jessica and 3 teammates), Kobe and Jessica will be offenders. The rest you guys know your roles. Any last sportsmanship words?

Jessica: Good luck Kobe!

Kobe: Same to you!

PaRappa: Okay first to 3 goals win. NO TACKLING! Alright let's start! (teammates may interfere, 1 point to get to the goal, 1 to score, 1 extra if you're being marked, 2 to intercept, interception lines restart if ball is passed) You can begin!

Kobe: *gets ball and starts running toward Moon Valley's goal*

Jessica: *chases after Kobe*

Kobe: *passes ball to teammate*

K.Teammate: *gets to goal post and gets ready to shoot*

Jessica: *tries to intercept the ball*

K.Teammate: *manages to keep hold of the ball and scores*

PaRappa: Point 1 for Art City! Moon Valley you guys get the ball this time.

Jessica: *kicks the ball to her teammate*

J.Teammate: *runs to goal*

Kobe: *chases J.Teammate*

Jessica: *is open* Hey I'm open!

JT: *Passes ball to Jessica*

Jessica: *kicks the ball toward the goal*

PaRappa: And it scores! Ball goes to Art City now.

Kobe: *runs towards the goal*

Jessica: *chases Kobe*

Kobe: *passes ball to teammate*

KT: *Gets ball and gets ready to shoot*

Jessica: *throws herself in front of KT*

KT: *Passes ball to Kobe*

Kobe: *scores*

PaRappa: Point two Art City. Moon Valley gets the ball this time.

Jessica: *kicks the ball up the field*

Kobe: *chases after Jessica*

Jessica: *passes to a teammate*

JT: *Is hit in the face by the ball* MY FACE! MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!

JT2: *Gets ball and scores* YOU'RE A DISGRACE! Heh, see what I did there- No? Okay.

PaRappa: Alright point for Moon Valley, Art City gets the ball!

Kobe: *gets ball and runs to goal*

PaRappa: Hold on a minute, go to go check on something. *leaves real quick*


Jessica:...No! I belive in fair play and I will not tackle Kobe! *chases after Kobe*


Kobe: *gets ready to shoot*

Jessica: *thinks about it* (CONF) We soccer was never my favorite sport...besides I'm in too many sports anyways!


Kobe: *scores*

PaRappa: *skatesboards back right when Kobe scores* Alright Art City wins! Also Kobe wins this rivalry match! Sorry Moon Valley and Jessica.

JT: *Still crying*

JT2: What's up with you?


JT2: ........Dude, we lost.


JT2: You sure you're not in Drama?

JT: Shut up.

Jessica: But we had fun! :3


Coach 2: ..........That guy isn't right.

JT: No he's awesome!

JT2: No he isn't.

JT: Shut up.


Jessica: -_- their acting like little babies!

Kobe: offence guys.

Bruce vs. Link

PaRappa: Seems like Bruce wants to fight, Link. Alright no weapons, just punching, right? I guess I'll allow it. Before we start any sportsmanship words?

Bruce: No one insults Mr. Fox!

PaRappa: All right, good luck! Punching and Kicking ONLY! (5 lines to knock the other out, if they take 3 minutes you can punch again)

Bruce: *punches Link*

Bruce: *kicks Link*

Link: *Upper Cuts Bruce*

Bruce: Oww...that hurt! *Roundhouse kicks Link*

Link: *Slaps Bruces Thieghs*

Bruce: Not the thighs! *pushes Link to the ground*

Link: *KO ed*

Bruce: I guess I KO him! *stands in triumphant over Link*

Amy vs. Mike

PaRappa: Seems Amy wants to fence against you Mike. No foul play alright? Any last sportsmanship words?

Amy: *has an extremely long speech that DRL will not type because it is too long and will probably ruin Amy's character* XD

PaRappa: Okay then. Let the fencing begin (first to 5 wins, 1 line to hit, 2 if parried, if they take 3 minutes you can hit again)

Amy: *Hits*

Amy: *Hits again*

Amy: *Hits again* >.>

PaRappa: Amy's in the lead!

Amy: *Hits Mike once more*

Mike: *Hit Amy*

Amy: *Hits Mike*

PaRappa: And Amy wins! Sorry Mike.

Amy: NOW I SHALL CONSUME YOUR SOUL!!!! *Bites Mike neck and eats him*

Davy Jones vs. Ike

PaRappa: Um........I'm too afraid of Ike to stop this so.........a swords fight until someone loses their sword. Any last sportsmanship words?

Ike: No.

PaRappa: May the duel begin! (5 lines to make someone lose their sword, 6 if blocked. Post again if in three minutes no one responds)

Ike: *fights DJ (Davy Jones)*

Ike: *fights DJ*

Ike: *fights DJ*

Ike: *fights DJ*

Ike: *fights DJ and makes him drop his sword* Pathetic, old man.

PaRappa: Ike wins! Sorry Davy Jones.

Elimination Ceremony 13 - Mergers

PaRappa: Alright Bruce, Amy, Kobe, and Ike are safe, so Davy Jones, Jessica, Link, and Mike are up for elimination. Good luck guys! OH! And there may be a watch out.......

PaRappa: Okay sandwiches for..............the four safe! *throws sandwiches to Bruce, Amy, Kobe, and Ike*........Link! *throws* and..........Mike! *throws* Which leaves Jessica and Davy Jones.........and the final sandwich goes to................Jessica. *throws* Davy Jones you have been eliminated..........BUT If you respond by get to bring someone with you, but it can only be Jessica, Link, or Mike. Which means Amy, Bruce, Kobe, and Ike are pretty much safe and can go to the merged chat. *they leave* Hey just in case, any one have some last words? No? Okay........well Davy Jones isn't saying we brought back......Inca! She will determine who it'll be! Inca, who do you choose?

Inca: I choose Jessica, sorry.

PaRappa: *throws sandwiches at Link and Mike* Sorry Jessica you have been eliminated. You both can go back and say good bye to someone if you want. Or have last words. If not, you guys can just get in the........wait what are we using this season? *informed by Intern* Oh, the walk of shame. So you don't really get in it. Oh also Inca and Marshall Lee have returned to the game!

Merger Chat

Amy: >.>

Ike: *slashing at a punching bag*

Bruce: *practices throwing a batarang*

Amy: *Shashes that air repeatedly with her rapier*

Kobe: *a little nervous*

Ike: What's up?

Kobe: Oh, um, nothing.....

PaRappa: Hey guys.........Inca and Marshall Lee have returned! Also so you guys know Jessica was eliminated.

Jessica: Bye Guys!

Inca: Sorry Jess...

Kobe: *sad* Bye.

Marshall Lee: I'M BACK!!! I'm going to eat your....strawberry juice. *Drinks strawberry juice*

Episode 14 - World Tour Logic

Kobe: *sad, looking at the ground*

PaRappa: Hey guys, I'm not gonna be able to host any more. I gotta go back with my friends. Later. *skateboards away*

Morgan Freeman: I'm back.

Amy: I see.

MF: Anyways for the challenge, we're bringing back some Total Drama World Tour aspects in, so you'll have to sing. If you're on and you don't, you'll be given a harsh penalty. Anyways, that will be later in the episode.

Bruce: MR. FOX!!!! *hugs MF*

MF: Good to be back. Anyways, today's challenge will have two parts. First we have one trivia question for each of you. Answer it right and you move on. There's a time limit of 10 minutes to answer. First question is for Amy..........

Throughout World Tour, who did Owen try to avenge?

Amy: Noah.

MF: Right. Batman, who won World Tour in Canada?

Bruce: Alejandro!

MF: Correct. Ike, who returned after quitting in World Tour?

Ike: I never saw World Tour, so I'll say.............Tyler?

MF: Sorry Ike, you're wrong. Kobe, who was it?

Kobe: Duncan, unwillingly........

MF: Correct. Marshall Lee, who blew up Chris' plane? Sorry out of time. Inca, who was it? Also out of time. Mike who blew up Chris' plane? Out of time. Link, who was it?

Inca: (Sorry, i was sleeping when it was my turn, could i answer it now?)

(If you're still awake, you can. You have until either Link answers or 20 minutes)

MF: Okay, so only Kobe, Bruce, and Amy answered correctly. But everyone will move on to the next part in a group. The people who got it right and the people who didn't. The challenge is to receive the boat we gave you, carved out by Chris- yeah, him........and get it across this ocean. This is why we're at the icy river. So anyways Kobe, Bruce, and Amy you get-


MF: Chris can you get out of here?

Chris: Fine. *leaves, crying*

MF: And the rest of you get the one from World Tour shaped like Gwen's head. So Gwen vs. Jessica. But first you have to sing a song to the melody of Gwen's face. Go.

Bruce: I'm way ahead and I gots too go!

MF: Oh and also, Jessica and Gwen will be here to watch the event, as well as Duncan because he wanted to see his "girl" beat Jessica somehow. Continue singing!

Marshall Lee: We didn't build Gwen's face!

Ike: We were given Gwen's face!

Marshall Lee: Look its an iceberg!

*Team Gwen crashes into an iceberg and everyone falls off except Ike, Inca, and Marshall Lee and the Gwen Head floats away before any of the others can get on*

Inca: We floating in Gwen's Face! Its such a disgrace. *Facepalms*

Ike: We lost a lot in this face! We just lost first place!

Kobe: We might take first place!

*Team Jessica crashes into an iceberg and Amy falls off, but before she can get back on the Jessica Head floats away*

Inca: We could still win the race! Let's pick up the pace!

Jessica, Duncan, Gwen, and Ones who Fell off Place

MF: *Returns with Mike, Link, and Amy* Okay well, they're out of the challenge. You guys can all view the challenge on the TV.

Duncan: Heh, dorks! Team Gwen will win. Team Jessica only has some Art Fail and a Batman Stalker left!

Drake: *running away* I'M BACK AS A CAMEO EVERYONE! I STILL CAN'T RHYME! *Disappears*

Duncan: ..........Dweeb.

MF: *Comes in with Bruce* Just Kobe left for Team Jessica.

MF: *Comes in with Marshall Lee*

Marshall Lee: THAT INCA WHY I OUGHTA! *turns into icy* REVENGE!

Bruce: *takes a nap*


MF: *comes out on an actual boat* Okay singing's over......just you guys remain. I'll tell you the challenge soon. Let me just check on something. *grabs phone and calls the other hosts to see where they are*

Kobe: *Looking at water as he waits*

Bruce: *Takes a nap*

MF: Okay so the challenge is a race to the finish. 14 lines to get to the a team. As an advantage for doing the first part, Kobe and Bruce get only 12 lines. You can knock someone from the other team (specify who) down with one lines unless they dodge within a line. At least one has to remain though. (so say I shoot Ike and Marshall Lee down, Inca can't be shot down). First a captain will be picked. The captain is the only one who can shoot some one down. The captains are Ike and Bruce. Ready, set, go. (Each line, you can either just dodge. Or row. Or shoot.)


Inca: *Rows* (1)

Ike: *shoots to Bruce*

Bruce: *dodges like a boss*

Ike: Dang! *shoots to Kobe*

Kobe: *dodges*


Inca: *Rows*

Ike: *shoots to Bruce*

Marshall Lee: *rows* (3)


Kobe: *rows* (1)

Inca: *Rows*

Kobe: *rows* (2)

Inca: *Rows*

Kobe: *rows* (3)

Inca: *Rows*

Marshall Lee: *rows* Hahaha.

Kobe: *rows* (4)

MF: Okay, you guys now get Duncan to help you. Also *announces* Kobe is a captain now that Bruce is out. Good luck.

Kobe: *shoots Inca*

Inca: *Dodges*

Kobe: *shoots Marshall Lee*

Inca: *Rows*


Duncan: *rows* (Helpers rows are 1/2 a row)

Kobe: *rows* (5)

Inca: *Rows*

Ike: *manning station, to Inca* So did you want to rejoin this show or were you forced?

Kobe: *rows* (6)

MF: You made it half-way Kobe so you get Jessica to help you out. (Another advantage Team Jess gets is the helper rows are 1 row then 1/2 a row, then it repeats in a cycle)

Inca: *Rows* No one signs up to a deadly TV Show. I was forced to answer your question.

Kobe: *shoots at Inca*

Inca: *Dodges*

Kobe: *shoots at Ike*

Ike: Hmm....I see. Well I did. But that's because I need the money. I have raised myself and I'm poor so yeah. I had to. Oh and- *uses sword to deflect shot at him*

Inca: *Rows* Woah...

Ike: What?

Duncan: *asleep* You guys........are boring.........zzz.......

Kobe: *shoots at Inca*

Inca: *Dodges*

Jessica: *rows* (7)

Kobe: *rows* (8)

Ike: *looks at Duncan* You make me sick.

Inca: *Rows* (12)

Kobe: *rows* (9)

Duncan: *wakes up* Oh what? Dang it I'm stuck with you dorks........

Jessica: *Rows* (9 1/2)

Kobe: *rows* (10 1/2)

Inca: *Rows*

Kobe: *shoots at Inca*

Inca: *Dodges*

Jessica: *Rows*

Inca: *Rows* (14) I win!!

Jessica: *Rows*

Duncan: No. *pushes Inca off the boat* I win.

Ike: Yeah, I've had enough with you. *shoots Duncan who falls off screaming in pain* Now who's the dork? Idiot.

Inca: YOU LITTLE **** *Throws Duncan over her shoulder and stamps on his back* You ever do that again i will CRUSH YOU!!

[Everyone stares]

Inca: ...

Ike: Nice attack.

MF: Good effort Kobe and Jessica but Team Gwen wins. Except Mike and Link for not doing anything.

Jessica: *Goes to the Restroom*

Kobe: Well, I'm probably eliminated now.

Bruce: *Sleeping*

Elimination Ceremony 14

MF: Inca, Marshall Lee, and Ike are safe. Everyone else is up for elimination. Duncan, Gwen, and Jessica will watch too.

Inca: (CONF) I am sorry but Link, You don't do the challenges at the most crucial times

Ike: (CONF) Link, you didn't do anything. Mike didn't either but he's my friend.

Kobe: (CONF) Sorry Link, no hard feelings but I vote you.

Amy: (CONF) Mike.

Bruce: (CONF) *Shown sleeping*

Icy(Marshall Lee): Normally I would want REVENGE. But since Inca won the challenge I vote for Bruce.

Link: (CONF) Bruce

Mike: (CONF) Bruce

Bruce: I quit. *Leaves for Gotham City*

MF: And Bruce is out.

Episode 15 - The Dreaded Challenge

MF: First three to say hi win immunity. (one per user)

Mike: hi

Amy: hi

Kobe: hi

MF: Well you caught on to the trick. Mike, Amy, and Kobe win immunity.

Elimination Ceremony 15

MF: Vote everyone but Mike, Amy, and Kobe.

MF: Sandwiches for.......Mike, Amy, and Kobe *throws sandwiches at them*. Link and Ike. *throws* Inca, Marshall Lee, the two of you is leaving the game and it's.............................Marshall Lee, I'm sorry. *throws sandwich at Inca*

( Sorry for inactivity, i was sleeping :/ - LLL )

Episode 16 - Visit the Candy Land

MF: Another episode with no interactions. We're somehow in Candy Land.

Mike: *Eats Lolipops and accidently eats Princess Lolipop*

'MF: The challenge is to gather a partner and come up with a team name relating to candy. Good luck.'

Mike: hey Ike be my partner

Link: Hey Inca Be my partner

Inca: Sure!

Link: Soo what should we come up with? 

Ike: Sure Mike.

Kobe: *to Amy* I guess we're partners. *Amy looks at him creepily* .........

Mike: How bout *Snaps Fingers* Mike and Ike!

Ike: That's genius. Even though we had that team name before he wasn't the host so he shouldn't know.

Mike: Okay We are Mike and Ike than

Link: Hmm

Link: Linksicles and Incacorn?

Inca: YES! *High Fives*

Kobe: *to Amy* How about.......The Hershey Controversy?

MF: The audience voted. Linksicles and Incacorn are safe and so are Mike & Ike. We'd like to call out Liamliamliam for not knowing what Mike & Ike is. Anyways Hershey Controversy is going to elimination. These teams were just a one time thing.

Elimination 16 - Hershey Controversy

MF: Okay Amy, Kobe only one of you will get to stay and it's...................................................................Kobe. Sorry Amy you have been eliminated.

Link: I Quit Hyrule is in danger and i must help IM COMING PRINCESS ZELDA!

Kobe: *gets a call and is told he must get a Legend of Zelda painting in, so it will go in his city's Art Museum* Oh hey Link! I'm coming with you! *Link and Kobe leave*

MF: And we're down to three..........Ike, Inca, and Mike.

Episode 17 - Achieve.

MF: Tell me what you achieved here so far by being here in a speech. The worst one is eliminated. This will be graded by an anonymous judge. You may begin.


MIke: I enjoy my time on this camp. Less drama, More excitemeant and fun ive never had a  more fun camp... Debuting in this camp was really cool I mean like really and look at me now Final 3 and no one has targeted me this whole time. Plus i was stratigic friendly no one hated me. I made it to the final 3! For goodness Sakes. I dont think i had anyone who hated me and i sure hope not. When i got on this camp it was as if no one cared! So iwas good i joined the team and helped them win! I Outlasted alot of good players Such as Amy Brendan, Marshall lee, Link, Kobe! And im still here. If i won i would use the money to cure my Mult........ Problems. And i would take my family on vacation. great Job to Ike and inca. Ike for being my only partner as i was the last one on my team untill Ike came along and i felt like i had a friend for once. And inca for being fun and winning a challange together so ihope i move on to final 2 and win it for everyone!

MF: The Judge scores your speech a 6.9. He says your biggest flaw was grammar and the fact your team only won one challenge and you only did one challenge with them and that wasn't the challenge where you won.


Inca: Well, Where do i start! first i made great friends with everyone, i don't think i ever had an enemy. Then my team voted me off and i was shocked, Then i swore revenge on them and sure enough my wish come true, I returned to the neighbourhood. Then i knew i just had to take them all down one by one. And then i made the merge without my past team which made me so happy! But then i had to send home someone, That someone was Jessica. Suprisingly Kobe never reacted to me sending her home that i expected. Then i made the final 8. And i was in the bottom 2 with Marshell Lee. He was voted out and i survived. I then made final 6, Still overjoyed. Then i won the challenge with Link and get a place in the final 5! Then him and Kobe quitted making the final 3. I am still glad i beat my past team for voting me off. I would spend the money on something everyone can enjoy, A Rocking Party and a Nature Preserve since there are many animals out there but i won't go into too much detail, I hope i can survive until the very end. Good luck to Mike and Ike. By The way, I tried the candy and it was awesome :D

MF: The Judge scores your speech a 7.5, claiming it was a good speech, but it kept saying what happened as if it were a recap basically.


Ike: Well, since everyone began with well, why not use it? I may have made my enemies.......namely Jessica, but that was before I changed. This competition has given me something other than money IF I succeed. Closure with my dead parents as well as some respect for some heroes. I know I've been a jerk to some, but, I was just trying to block out the world. That's not what I want any more. This show has helped me regain my old self. The true swordsman, not the Semi-Dark Swordsman. I also made some friends during my time here, mainly Mike and Kobe, whom I'd like to thank. All in all this show has been a great experience for me and if I win, I guess I'll split with my friend, Mike. Thanks Morgan Freeman, PaRappa, Jack Skellington, and Duke for being great hosts. Thanks Inca for being a good person, and thank you Mike for being my friend.

MF: The Judge gives your speech an 8.5, saying that this speech shows off your development and made the speech effective.


MF: And Ike wins an advantage later........Mike you've been eliminated, sorry.

My: Oh

Name: Man

Is: No!

My: How we got

Name: Here? Well cause

Is:Of magic, boy

Episode 18 - Awards Show

PaRappa: Alright, I'm here with the eliminated contestants, and we're about to put on a show! Three cool things about this episode! This will be a NONELIMINATION episode. There will be awards! And we will get to see who roots for who! Anyways, Ike and Inca are on their way, but in the meanwhile, I'll get up the awards and the nominees. Characters post under the support or oppose column please. (Idea comes from Liamliamliam)

Best Protagonist

Inca: Then this happened.....


My: We

Name: So

Is: Support

My, Name, Is: It

Justin-Jake: Yeah.


Marshall Lee: No.

Mike: How about Team Mike & Ike?



Bruce: I must leave for Gotham City.


Kobe: You're a great hero, you deserve this!

Leo: ^

Miles: Yeah, you're a good guy.

Brendan: Yeah

Jessica: ^


Best Antagonist



Leo, amy, Nina: *Support*

Miles: No contest, you win this one.




Marshall Lee: OK.


Nina: Target acquired.


Kobe: While Chris may be messed up, you kicked a baby off a plane and while that's cruel, that wins your vote...

Justin-Jake: Yeah.


Best Host

PaRappa: Time to put on a show!


My: Yay

Name: We

Is: Support

Miles: You got my support.

Justin-Jake: Yeah.

Kobe: You were awesome. Mr. Freeman comes in a close second though.

Marshall Lee: Yeah.


Morgan Freeman: Chris is coming....


Bruce: Mr. Fox for the win!

Nina and Amy: eh, sure.

Marshall Lee: Yeah.


Jack Skellington: It is I, Jack the Pumpkin King!


Marshall Lee: Yeah.


Best Development

Ike: Prepare yourself.


Miles: You were cool.

Marshall Lee: Yeah.


Cazadora: .......I am Leo.





My: Yeah

Name: Sure we

Is: Do

Justin-Jake: Yeah.

Kobe: You're awesome.


Best Moment

Kobe & Jessica Accidental Kiss Scene:


Miles: Yeah, sorry guys, but I got to support this moment.


Ike and Inca's Double Team on Duncan:


Kobe: This moment was cool.

Justin-Jake: Yeah.


Davy Jones adopts Charlie:



Awkward Moment

Kobe & Jessica's Trip to the Love Park:


Miles: Definitely.


Justin-Jake dozing off in Team Picking:


Justin-Jake: Yeah.


Eddie being rejected by Radia in front of the whole team:


Leo,Nina,Amy: *Support* (Im so lazy XD)

Kobe: This was awkward, so I'll support.


Best Underdog

Kobe: You're athletic, Miles is cool, I'm just some pushover artist.......


Leo: I support

Nina: I support, but you do make me sick >.>

Amy: *supports* ...........

Miles: Support.


Marshall Lee: I am drink your strawberry juice.


Kobe: You were a cool guy.

Marshall Lee: Of course I vote for myself.


Eddie: Waffles are Radia's favorite.


Justin-Jake: Yeah.


Marshall Lee: Sorry don't know you well.

RESULTS (Please don't support/oppose any more)

Duke: Okay everyone, I'm hosting this part and it's time to give out the awards! First up........the Best Protagonist! The nominees for this are.........Bruce............Mike........and............Inca! And the winner is........BRUCE! Come on down and get your award and make a speech if you want. *Bruce comes to pick up his award* (You can edit in your line right after this one later)

Duke: The award for best antagonist! The nominees are..........Chris............Nina........and.......Aquaman! And the winner is............Chris! Come on down and get your award.

Chris: *gets award* I'd like to thank Kobe and Jessica for sucking and- *taken away*

Duke: Okay then........the next award is...........Best Host! The nominees are..........Morgan Freeman.......Jack Skellington.....and........PaRappa! The winner is........PaRappa! *everyone who supported him carry him up to the stage yelling "PARAPPA!" in praise and drop him down to get his award*

PaRappa: Wow, thanks guys! I'm surprised I won, I thought you guys like the other two better. But thanks for liking me! Remember to believe! *grabs award and goes back with the rest of the audience*

Duke: The next award is...........Best Development! The nominees are..........Link..........Ike..........and.........Leo! The winner is.............Link! Come on up here and get your award! Speech? (You can edit in your line right after this one later)

Duke: The next award is............Best Moment! The nominees are Kobe and Jessica's Accidental Kiss, Ike and Inca's Double Team on Duncan, and Davy Jones adopts Charlie! The winner is.............Ike and Inca's Double Team! They can come get their award when they get here.

Duke: The next award is........Most Awkward Moment! Nominees are Kobe and Jessica's Trip to the Love Park, Justin-Jake dozing off in team picking, and Eddie being rejected by Radia in front of the whole team and the winner is..............Eddie being rejected by Radia in front of the whole team! Congrats Eddie and Radia *they come and get their award*

Duke: The final award tonight is..........Best Underdog! Nominees are............Marshall Lee............Kobe..........and............Eddie! And the winner is.............Kobe! Come up here and get your award! Speech?

Kobe: *goes up and gets award* Wow thanks guys, I'm actually surprised I got this and not Eddie or Marshall Lee. I guess I really was an underdog when I came to camp but I stayed in this game for a while. I'd like to thank my friends in Art City and my friends here. Thanks guys!

Duke: And that's it for these awards. Tune in next episode for the rest of the finale.

Episode 19 - Kentucky Fried Countdown

Duke: Okay guys Ike and Inca have arrived and surprise............Mike is back in the game! I have decided to give the winner and loser of the speech advantages and disadvantages. So Ike will get an advantage, Inca won't get anything bad or good, and Mike will get a disadvantage.

Duke: Okay guys.........IT'S TIME TO VOTE! However the voting is limited to everyone who placed before Leo and Leo herself. No one after Leo's placing may vote. Sorry. The advantage for Ike is one vote at the beginning, while Mike will have -1 votes. Okay let's begin. Eddie, Billy, Gia, and Davy Jones, sadly, might not join us also. So Leo, you're the first vote. Who do you vote? Ike, Mike, or Inca?

Leo: I vote Ike.

Duke: Actually, I'll switch up the order now. Amy, you're the second vote now.

Amy: .........Ike.

Duke: Marshall Lee, you're up.

Marshall Lee: Inca, is my enemy. Mike, he's too lucky. Who do should win this kingdom? How about the guy from Fire Emblem.

Duke: Okay, so so far three votes for Ike plus the one vote, so Ike has four. Inca has zero. Mike has -1. Maybe Miles, our fourth voter, will change it?

Miles: Nah, I'll sheep and vote Ike.

Duke: Five points Ike, zero points Inca, -1 points Mike. Link?

Link: Mike

Duke: Five Ike, Zero Inca, Zero Mike. Kobe?

Kobe: Ike and Mike you guys are both great guys and both deserve to win, but I vote Mike since he has the least amount of votes from you. Sorry Ike.

Ike: It's fine.

Duke: Five Ike, One Mike, Zero Inca. Majority have voted and there's no way for a comeback from Inca's part. Which means......Inca takes third place. Mike and Ike you are the final two. You can either share the victory or keep going.

Ike: Mike want to share the victory?

Mike: Well we did this whole game togther Lets say MIKE AND IKE WINS ;)