Season Two of Total Pokemon Action!



Zoroark -TheEvilOctorock








Empoleon-Alfan3000(Till he debuts)(<WTH?)






Pikachu-Morg tdi

Gallade-Morg tdi

Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard(evolved during in the aftermath)-Ex-Cat








Host Substitution-Torterra-NegimaLover


Emboar: Whee! Hi guys!

Lucario:I guess Cynaquil didn't qualify he is probably on a roller coaster.

Butterfree:Sup guys!

Pidgeotto:Hi I guess...

Emboar: even if you was a pidgeot, you would not be a bully! (CONF: I'm just asking?)

Lazor:sense arceus hasnt sent either me or Razor back were stuck here just to mess with all of you ^^ were not competing so we can mess with you outside of challenges lol

-Roller Coaster-



Lucario:I think I was correct.

Pidgeotto:*To Emboar*:No...

-roller caster-


Dusknoir:*barfs*why did you 2 talk me into this?*barfs again*

-at TPA2-

Emboar: *to pidgeotto* have you been thinkin' about evolving?

Krokorok: *sarcasm* That's a first!

Porygon-Z: (CONF: What is he talkin' about? I don't know about this!)

Krokorok: (CONF: i'm only teasing!)

-Roller Coaster-



Lucario:I have a feeling I was correct.

Emboar: what was?

Ex-Cat:pre chat was cut off

Lucario:The Cyndaquil Roller Coaster.

Emboar: *to pidgeotto* have you been thinkin' about evolving?

Pidgeotto:No not really.

-Roller Coaster-


-At TPA2-

Dusknoir:urg... I need a barf bag*barfs*(CONF)*barfs*

Charmander:when i win im going back for a victory party!>=D

Lucario:Charmander lets just hope you aren't an Ezekiel.

Emboar: *to pidgeotto* will you plan to evolve someday?

Charmander:no im not but empoleon was. oh hey a peliper!

Pidgeotto:*To Emboar*Probably not*To Charmander*Lets hope he isn't being too tortured.

Grotle: me too!

Porygon-Z: *gulps*

Haxorus: who is?

Empoleon's letter:because I'm the sultan of russia, anyone who pisses me off will get pwnd.

Krokorok:*reading the letter* What does he mean by that, pidgeotto & Butterfree?

Empoleon's letter:PS it means what it means.

Krokorok: eeep! *hide in a bush*

Razor:*is in bush* FALCON! PAWNCH!*sends waruvile flying halfway across camp*

Arceus:*destoys Razor and Lazor, and daikenki by accident(since liam has too many)

Ex-Cat did you not see the 5 times i said they were waiting for arceus to send them back to there own dimension?


Krokorok: *is Ko'ed* Urk....Urrrrggh....Urrrff!

Samurott: I've had enough of Razor & Lazor! I QUIT *goes to TPA: AFTERMATH 2*

Zoroark:Hi guys

Emboar: (CONF: That was quick, and there wasn't an elimination, how wierd?)

Wailmer: hi zoroark!

Zoroark:(CONF)I hope I get further this time

Wailmer: *sighs* (CONF: When wonders never sees)


Blaze: Vote!

Wailmer: what 4?

(Liam, could you lose somebody to even it up?)

Blaze: No teams this season!Ha!

Porygon-Z: Haxorus!

Ononokus: Porygon-Z

Emboar: Porygon-Z

Togepi: Porygon-Z

Wailmer: Porygon-Z

Waruvile: Porygon-Z, i'm afraid!

Grotle: Hasta La Vista, Porygon-Z

Pidgeotto:Porygon Z made it to the merge last season now he is a threat to all of us.

Lucario:Porygon Z sorry.

Butterfree:Porygon Z.

Blaze: Porygon-Z gets invincibility! NOW vote for eliminaton. Psyche.

Porygon-Z: Huh?

Emboar: (CONF: Urf..What just happened?)

Haxorus: Don't you mean Porygon-Z is out! Cuz he was a threat to us all!

Grotle: Yeah!

Blaze: This season is about surprises.

Porygon-Z: i quit!

Emboar: what the....?

(No more quitters! Quit, and all of your characters lose!)

Blaze: I do not think so.

Porygon-Z: *returns* sorry guys i'm not just myself today!

Blaze: Vote.

Porygon-Z: Haxorus!

Ononokus: Togepi

Emboar: Wailmer

Togepi: Wailmer

Wailmer: Haxorus!

Waruvile: Wailmer, i'm afraid!

Grotle: Emboar!

Blaze: wailmer is out!

Challenge 1#

Blaze:Last two to sign in are out!



















Blaze: Empoleon and Zoroark are out, but Emp may return, if he gets out of jail.


Vote 1#

Blaze: You know the drill. Vote!

Shaymin, Buneary, and Sneasel: Porygon-Z is a threat!

Ursaring:Shaymin kinda ticked me off last season and hes a threat.

Porygon-Z: Haxorus!

Ononokus: Porygon-Z

Emboar: Porygon-Z

Togepi: Porygon-Z

Wailmer: Porygon-Z

Waruvile: Porygon-Z, i'm afraid!

Grotle: Hasta La Vista, Porygon-Z

Blaze: Porygon-Z is out!

Grotle: *to porygon-z* heh heh heh sucker!

Challenge 2#

Blaze: List Empoleon's titles, in order.

Ursaring:Empoleon,king of england,king of france, sultan of russia, empoleon again, empoleon(prisoner)

Emboar: i guessing king of england & france, sultain of russia Empoleon again & empoleon as a prisoner

Togepi: Me too

Krokorok: me three

Grotle: me four!

Krokorok: (CONF: I didn't know what to agree on? But what the heck!)

Shaymin: King of England, President of France, Emperor of Russia.

Blaze: You win!

Vote 2#

Blaze: Pick another for invincibility.

Shaymin: Sneasel.

Emboar: I vote Charmander

Krokorok:*Glows, evolves into Krookodile* Charmanderl!

Togepi: Charmander

Grotle: Charmander




Emboar: *confused* Did you vote for Togepi cuz he's cute?

Pidgeotto:No he seems like a threat.

Togepi: *Glows* Wha...Huh?

Krookodile: *acts like elvis presley* What's this? uh huh!

Emboar: Could it be?

Ursaring:its sultan of russia. i vote pigeotto

Charmander:pigeotto*starts glowing*finally!

Togetic:*evolves into Togetic* I bring joy to everyone, also happiness. I vote the newly evolved Charmeleon!

Lucario:We changed our votes.

Togetic: Ours too!

Ex-Cat:no you dont do that what did charmeleon even do? thats just f'd up

NegimaLover: its ok, this is for invisibility

E-Cat:u mean invincibility? and i though dis was elimination

First123:Same but Charmeleon is a cool Pokemon its the best fire pokemon only second to Cyndaquil but he is a threat.

Liam is great: Urk!

Ex-Cat:hes ment to be the little guy whos there to make everything funnier.

First123:Oh I though he was the Izzy guy.

Ex-Cat:after he evolved sorta half and half

LIAM IS GREAT: if pidgeotto evolved. then it can fly up to twice the speed of sound & goes upto nearly 1 mile!

Shaymin and Sneasel are safe. This is elimination.

Empoleon:*is hit by a meteor fro the planet of failure*


Blaze: Charmeleon is out!

Haxorus: No plz, vote me off! (CONF: i tried to save him, but it failed, sorry guys *starts to cry*)

Lucario:I would sacrifice myself but then me,Caterpie,and Pidgeotto would lose sorry.

Pidgeotto:Sorry but I voted Ursaing.

Butterfree:Good luck Party Dude.

Haxorus, you can co-host the new aftermath with Charmeleon, if you want.

Haxorus: *sarcasm* It was just a figure of speech

Ursaring:no il take charmeleons place in getting voted off.

Char is E-LIM-I-NA-TED!!!!!!!!!!He may come back if he startsa new aftermath.

Ursaring:*sigh* very well.

Togetic: Urk....*snivel, sob* It's all my fault *cries, then steps on a shiny stone* oops!

Grotle: Doesn't that mean....?

Emboar: Yep, Togetic is evolving!

Togekiss:*evolves into Togekiss* Huh?

Chat 2#

Togekiss: we felt kinda silly voting charmeleon off (CONF: Everyone makes mistakes. Don't they?)

Emboar: *sadly* Yeah!


Torterra:*evolves into Torterra* I feel silly! (CONF: It's sad for us & the team to see charmeleon eliminated so quickly)

Ursaring:that was just a messed up elimination.


Haxorus: *finds an egg* Look what i found?

Emboar: *gasps* a pokemon egg, cool!

Torterra: looks blue & red & its in water to me!

Ursaring:if alfan wouldnt get ticked off i would hyperbeam blaze

???:*egg hatches*.............Mana Manna!

Delcatty:omg! a manaphy!

Manaphy: What? huh? where am I?


Delcatty:*slaps ursaring* Total pokemon action 2

Manaphy: Oh, I see *uses heart swap on Ursaring & Torterra, which swaps their bodies*

Torterra:*in ursaring's body**confused* what the! What's this?

Ursaring:WTF?!?*tries to explode but instead used leaf storm*

Torterra:*in ursaring's body, then uses close combat, but it fails* plz change us back manaphy?

Manaphy:*uses heart swap again & ursaring & torterra are back in their rightful bodies*

Torterra: Phew!

Ursaring:thank you

Torterra: (CONF: that manaphy sure knows decent attacks!)

Ursaring:(CONF)thus furthing this place being hell to me. but manaphy is pretty strong.

Manaphy:*sniffle..sob**cries WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

Torterra: Urrrrk! Why is she crying?

Manaphy:*cries* I'M SORRY, TORTERRA & URSARING *cries even more*

Ursaring:*gives blue gummi*there there... calm down.

Manaphy:*stops crying, then eats blue gummi* Anyways, my apologies, i can't help myself with that attack. also you can know hammer arm & close combat too!

Ursaring:rly? il try that out later.

Manaphy:*smiles*(CONF: I love helping out people, even Ursaring!)

Arceus:*destoys Manaphy*


Mr Rude:*in bushes* I'll give you unfair! *farts*

Manaphy, Emboar & Torterra: *angrily* MR RUDE

Challenge 3#

Blaze:Cliff dive, go!

Ursaring:*to arceus*what did manaphy do?*jumps off cliff and does a flip*

Butterfree:WOOHOO!*Jumps and lands perfectly*

Lucario and Pidgeotto:*Jumps and lands*

Manaphy: *does an amazing spin & flip while falling, then uses bubble to land safely on her feet!

Emboar: *jumps & lands*

Krookodile: *jumps & lands**elvis presley's voice* Yeah baby, uh huh!

Togekiss: *jumps & lands*

Haxorus: *jumps & lands*

Torterra: *jumps & lands*

Crobat:*flies down to the bottom* ya

Emboar:(CONF: Butterfree, Pidgeotto & Lucario did an awesome job, i'd give them a rare candy.)

Delcatty:*jumps & lands*

Dusknoir:*teleports to bottom*lol

Manaphy: What the...!

Torterra: *sees dusknoir* You evolved!

Dusknoir:ya I no iv been a dusknoir for a while. and I can do this :D*blows up a difrent cliff with shadow ball*

Manaphy cannot play! No newcomers!

Dusknoir:il teleport manaphy to the aftermath.*teleports manaphy to the aftermath*


Sneasel and Buneary:*Jump*

Blaze: Gallade and Pikachu are out.

Vote 2#

Blaze: Vote for who you want to lose.

Emboar: Dusknoir

Waruvial: Sneasel

Togekiss: Sneasel

Haxorus: Sneasel

Torterra: Sneasel

Good news! Shaymin and company quit. Liam is great, I give the camp to you because I am too busy. New Host manaphy!(I may return to host!)

Haxorus: wha!

Dusknoir:what did i miss?

Manaphy: nothing, i'm being host until blaze returns!

Haxorus: What the.....! :-O

Emboar: Your kidding!

Krookodile: Manaphy, the host?

Manaphy: Yep! anyways. since sneasel had the most votes! Sneasel is out!

Dusknoir:I figured out a new trick. someone come stand about 3 ft. in front of me. and it has to be someone who won't get KOed from heavy attacks

Blaze: One last thing. Since I had all of my characters quit, I am taking Dusknoir to the Aftermath. He just lost. Goodbye!


Blaze: My characters quit. Dusknoir got the last vote that counts.

Dusknoir:can I talk to you real quick behind that cliff?

Manaphy&Blaze: No!

Dusknoir:fine*teleports to TPAA2

Oh, Buneary is out and Empoleon is back!

Ursaring:i thought he was dead.

Manaphy: oh empoleon, you're back!

Haxorus: *to ursaring* i thought he was too!

Chat 3#

Emboar: Hi guys, hi empoleon, you're alive!

Haxorus: how did you survive?

Ursaring:empoleon are you a figment of our weird imaginations?

Empoleon:I have control over the planet of fail. Fail and be destroyed!

Ursaring:*to haxorus and emboar*can i slash him?

Krookodile: i guess! *uses hyper beam on empoleon*

Ursaring:HAMMER ARM!*hammer arms Empoleon*

Empoleon: I QUIT!

Emboar: *to ursaring* Pokemon don't die, they faint!

Pidgeotto:*Flying*How did he die?

Team Rocket killed a Marowak. Pokemon can die.

Ursaring:you shouldn't have used hyperbeam.

Dora attacks!

Krookodile: Outrage!

Emboar: *to pidgeotto* ursaring ko'ed empoleon!

Ursaring:HYPERBEAM!KAH MEH... HA MEH... HAAAA!!!!!*KOs Dora*

(NegimaLover: bad idea, it's going to set a bad example for the other campers, you know!)

(Ex-Cat:what i cant use dbz refrences? or ko dora? or do both?)

(NegimaLover: sadly yes, otherwise ursaring may get disqualified/eliminated for it!)

Ex-Cat:well ive been waiting for a good time to use dbz refrence and your using dora. kinda makes me have to do it.

Krookodile: (CONF) *sighs* it's going to cauz difficulties! NOT!

Challenge 4#

Manaphy: its going to be dodgeball!

Ursaring:I was born for this >:D*picks up all of the dodge balls then jugles them* we startin now?

Manaphy: yep!

Emboar: *rolls behind ursaring, hitting him!*

Haxorus: *dodges the hit by Togekiss*

Ursaring:*dodges then throws a 30mph dodge ball right at emboar*(Ex-Cat:he was juggeling the dodge balls, so how did any1 get 1?)

Emboar: *dodges the hit, then hits Togekiss* Ha!

Ursaring:*throws all dodge balls in every direction infront of him*(lets call it a rap for today. i gtg now*

liam is great: we'll finish the game 2morrow!

Butterfree: *Throws ball at Ursaring*I am an excellent dodger.

Emboar: *hands a ball to butterfree* here you go!

Haxorus: *hits Krookodile*

Butterfree: So basically only me,Lucario,Pidgeotto, and who else are in?

Pidgeotto: Oh what?

Emboar: Krookodile, me, Haxorus, togekiss & Torterra. plus empoleon quitted, ursaring is still in, delcatty, crobat!

Lucario: I am a weak thrower but I'll give it a shot*Throws it at Krookodile*Oh sorry.

Waruvial: *dodges it* no sweat! *hits togekiss & ursaring*

Pidgeotto: *Hits Krookodile*

Ononokus: *throws one at butterfree, but emboar shields him, hitting emboar instead*

Ex-Cat:guys i was really busy. so no pummling people who aren't there during dodge ball challenges or there will be no more aftermaths.

TrentFan: I am not voting you out.

Butterfree:*Throws one at Haxorus*

Delcatty:*launches a dodgeball at Butterfree using iron tail*

Pidgeotto:*Shields Butterfree and takes the hit*

Crobat:*drops a dodgeball on butterfree's head from about5 ft. above him* how did no one see me?*flies higher out of throwing range*

Ononokus: *hits crobat & delcatty*

Torterra: *hits Haxorus*

Butterfree:I am out so who is left?

Torterra: I am!

Crobat:*catches the dodge ball then throws it at Torterra*

Butterfree:So its Crobat and who else?

Crobat:just me and emboar.*throws a dodgeball at emboar*

Lucario:Hey!You forgot abouy me!

Pidgeotto:And Lucario.

Emboar: *uses protect, dodges the ball*

Torterra: *uses Leaf storm and the dodge ball is sent right back at crobat*

Crobat:1. torterra. i caught the ball your out. 2.*uses smog and flies high in the air and hurls a dodge ball at lucario*

Lucario:*Catches the ball*Am I out?HEY I CAUGHT IT!

Pidgeotto:(CONF)Didn't see that coming.

Crobat:well its you and emboar now.

Lucario: he protected Butterfree and so Emboar was already out.

Emboar: I'm a BOY!

(meteor from planet fail kills lucario) Lucario:*Avoids meteor*Good with senses and sorry Emboar it ws a typo.Now what Manaphy?

Emboar: Huh?

Deoxys:Dang it! i'l get them next time*goes back to space*

Lucario: What happens now?

Manaphy: Lucario gets invincibility!

Vote 4#

Manaphy: Vote!




Emboar: Buneary, for being inactive!

Waruvial: Ursaring!

Togekiss: ursaring!

Ononokus: Buneary

Torterra: Buneary


Butterfree and Pidgeotto:Ursaring.

Manaphy: Ursaring is out! I'm also saying sayonara to Buneary for being inactive!

Butterfree:Good night guys*Goes to sleep*

Pidgeotto:*Goes to sleep*

Lucario:See ya guys in the morning*Goes to sleep*

Buneary lost already! Liam, you have way too many characters!

Ursaring:wth guys? well then. IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!*kills everyone who voted him off*(never vote off someone when they lost while way to busy and got cheaply beaten and while there still venting guys just not ok)

Manaphy: *sarcasm* don't push it! Also Togekiss is out!

Lucario,Butterfree,Pidgeotto:*Are still alive but asleep*

(TrentFan:I voted you because you voted me. (still dude. not ok. i was to busy when you just pummled me. and then i get kicked out. just freakin not cool im pissed off and can't vent at the moment)

(TrentFan:Uh my hit didn't count though if you see above you were still in when I hit you)

Manaphy is fired!Blaze: Ursaring stays!

Manaphy: I quitted being host anyway, blaze! *runs away crying*

Ursaring:*CONF* i have a feeling im out next challenge for that(Ex-Cat:*CONF still* ****ing not cool to kick me off when im pissed and can't vent!)

(TrentFan: Can we just forget about this? no. i was pissed and then ursaring lost while i was busy and then he lost really cheaply.)

(NegimaLover: please? no. like i said to first. i was pissed. and i can't vent for the rest of the ****ing month)

(Alfan3000:Sorry, Liam, but Manaphy went a little overboard.)

Manaphy: *still running, crying* what did i *snivel* do? *sits down, feeling sorry for herself*

NegimaLover: can torterra do hosting instead?

Alfan3000: Only if I am not on for a couple of days, then sure!

NegimaLover: are you?

Alfan3000: For about 3 days I will be very much less active so you can keep going. When I return, I may return somebody.

Chat 4#

  • random explosion comes from the direction of te aftermath*

Ash:*Lands in TPA2*GO CHIMCHAR!

Chimchar:*Slaps Ash like Pikachu did*

Ex-Cat:ok enough 4 today. cya tomorrow.


Emboar: *groans* (CONF: I don't know why i had to do this, cuz my little brother Tepig said so, after he was hatched, Sheesh!)

Ursaring:HAMMER ARM!*sends ash flying*

Emboar: *impressed* Amazing!

Ursaring:thank you.

Ash:*Comes back and throws a Pokeball at everybody*Wait I just wasted all my Pokeballs!NO!

Ursaring:*dodges them all really epicly then destroys them all with hyperbeam*

Ash: Oh yeah!*Uses Master Ball to catch Ursaring*Naw its not worth it*Releases Ursaring and leaves*

Pidgetotto: Wierd...

Ursaring:can i kill him?

Emboar: go ahead! *uses fire blast on ash, roasting him* finish hime off NOW URSARING!

Ursaring:HAMMER ARM!*hamers ash into the ground*SLASH!*slashs ash across the face*STOMP!*stomps the ground forcing ash out**grabs ash by the hair and ligns up his heart with his ring*HYPER BEAM! IMMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR!*generally anhialates ash leaving a smouldering pile of ash*

Emboar: we'll call it roast ash, huh ursaring?

Ursaring:well i got all that rage out of my system. and i think it was overkill

Emboar: (CONF: Me and my big mouth)

Torterra: i'm being host for now (CONF: ever since manaphy was fired/eliminated. I had to replace over for her)

Ursaring:*goes to bed*


Torterra: Vote 2 people!

Emboar: Crobat & Lucario

Krookodile: Crobat & Lucario

Haxorus: Crobat & Lucario

Chat 5#

Krookodile: Who's left, gang?

Emboar: I am!

Haxorus: me too!

Emboar, Butterfree, Pidgeotto: We quit! *they leave*

Shaymin: I quit also! *leaves*

Haxorus: Same here, i quit too!

Torterra: I'm done for the day, i'm out too, i quit. And this means that krookodile is our winner! Thanks for everyones cooperation! Peace out!


25th: Wailmer

24th: Zoroark

23rd: Porygon-Z

22nd: Charmeleon

21st: Pikachu

20th: Gallade

19th: Sneasel

18th: Shaymin(quit)

17th: Dusknoir

16th: Buneary

15th: Empoleon(quit)

14th: Togekiss

13th: Manaphy(aka. sub host: decided to quit)

12th: Crobat

11th: Lucario

10th: Delcatty(quit)

9th: Ursaring(quit)

8th: Wailmer(Again, but evolved soon after, then quits)

7th: Shaymin(quit)

6th: Pidgeotto(quit)

5th: Emboar(quit)

4th: Butterfree(quit)

3rd: Haxorus(quit)

2nd (Runner-Up): Torterra(quit)

1st: (WINNER): Krookodile(by default)