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  • I live in North America
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is being a cat!
  • I am a cat :3
  • Sorreltail18

    IM BACK!!!!

    July 18, 2009 by Sorreltail18

    Im finally back! I probably missed a whole chunk of what happened! Its been hot up here and today was VERY COLD brr..... LOL

    Caramelldansen update!!!

    While I was gone I drew 6 people so far and I revised the pairs! (i decided to do a 3 some thingy and the rest pairs) THESE ARE IT!!! I read the comments on my other blogs (40 comments!!!! eeeee!!!)

    I know this may and may not satisfiy you but hey? I was gone for a week (probably voted out in many camps XP XP XP XP)

    Matt and Sunshine

    Nalyd and Tdifan

    Codaa, Sorrel, Rocky

    NIzzy and D-Scope

    TDI19 and Redflare

    Cara and Owester

    T-tang and Webkinz Mania

    umm..... if you want to change pairs or if you dont want to be in it PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TELL ME!!! ON MY TALK PAGE!!!!!!!!!!

    ok ummmm thats it BYE


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  • Sorreltail18

    Friday, July 10th

    July 10, 2009 by Sorreltail18

    Happy Friday!!!!!

    I wanna say HAPPY belated B-DAY to owenguy101 (sorry buddy)

    Its been a short week because its already FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

    A reminder to myself and you guys, I wont be here monday-sunday (well ill try to get on this sunday).

    And for my ultimate CARMELLDANSEN drawings i got pairs (and some tripletes) HAVE ANY QUESTIONS about these pair (or triplets)


    Love, Sorrie

    p.s. if you are a guy paired with a guy IM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!


    1. Nalyd and TDIfan

    2. Sunshine and Matt

    3. Sorrie , Codaa, Rocky

    4. TDI19 and Redflare (sorry)

    5. Nonny and T-tang (sorry)

    6. Caramella and Owester

    this is it so far

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  • Sorreltail18

    Grande Picture

    July 9, 2009 by Sorreltail18

    HEY again (ive wonder do people read this). I need ideas for my grande picture. So far I got cats as a version (see my user page) Cute right? LOL So if you guys have ANY ideas jsut tell me k?

    I also wanted to say Happy Thrusday (weird huh?) I cant belive its almost the middle of July (oh yes up here we are gonna have a drought XP) Anywho thanks for the ideas so far (Sprinklemist like the caramelldansen medevil cats) LOL

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  • Sorreltail18


    July 8, 2009 by Sorreltail18

    Soz to lazy to start a new one called september XP, lawl hehehehehe!

    Oh yea... wanted to see if you guys would take this mini survey....

    [ ]You have read Twilight

    [ ]You are/were a vegetarian

    [ ]You have drove before

    [ ]You have tackled someone before

    [ ]You have cried in a movie

    [ ]You have a tree in your backyard (random...)

    [ ]You have a pet

    yep that was the little random survey.... right,.,,

    well take this survey and good day


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